Really Cruel Male Chastity Device (RCMCD)
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Design goals:

  • Drive the wearer insane with lust

  • Never allow him release unless the Keyholder (or KH) allows so

  • Force the wearer to receive uninterrupted stimulation at the discretion of the KH.

  • Force the wearer to receive uninterrupted punishment at the discretion of the KH.

  • Be wearable indefinitely

  • Be able to punish the wearer severely for breakout attempts

  • Be escape proof

Design considerations:

  • All materials can be cut and all locks can be picked. The belt is therefore able to defend itself against tampering. To achieve this, the belt is equipped with a tamper sensor system. Should one or more of the sensors detect tampering, the belt will automatically enter self defense mode. During the design phase, several options for self defense were considered:

    • Spring loaded sharp edges that simply cut away parts that males don’t want to part with. Bleeding is a consideration for this mechanism.

    • Flash wires (magnesium wires that once electrified burns in a flash emitting extreme amounts of heat). Net result is almost the same as option 1a, except that there will be significantly less bleeding (if any at all).

    • Crushing rolls.

    • Electrical punishment.

  • Based on the above considerations, some minor considerations for the wellbeing of the wearer and socially acceptable norms for retaliation, a mixed solution of ball crushers and electrical punishment was chosen as main active mechanisms for self defense.

  • This requires an in-belt electrical power supply. Li-ion batteries are perfect. As they come in many sizes, they have be integrated at various points in the RCMCD, allowing significant fault tolerance.

  • A system for charging has been established. This system is designed to be foolproof as the wearer is unlikely to recharge batteries of his free will. The ball crushers are therefore designed to go to their maximum closed position (no room for any balls) when they (gradually) loose power. This is most likely a sufficient motivator for the wearer to initiate proper recharging procedures. When batteries start getting low, the wearer will feel a gradually increasing pressure on his balls, a pressure only recharging can remove.

  • The belt has room for an integrated electrical unit that through various delivery points (electrodes) can deliver electrical signals of varying strength and frequency to various sensitive parts of the body.

  • A GSM unit able to receive SMS messages has been integrated into the belt, allowing for full remote control worldwide through appropriately crafted SMS messages (syntax described in appendix). The belt therefore has a slot for a SIM card of the KH’s choice. The SIM card slot is not accessible once the belt is closed.

  • Because of the severity of the belt’s capabilities, both the balls and the penis are fully covered so that the wearer can not bring any body parts out of harms way.

  • Because of the need for long term wear, it is possible to rinse all body parts covered by the belt.

  • The belt does not contain any skin irritating parts. Surgical grade titanium alloy is used whenever possible.

  • As some men can receive quite some pleasure from a rear penetration, an optional rear shield has been included. This shield is able to open sufficiently to let “number 2” business pass, after receiving a properly crafted SMS.

  • To handle security, the belt has a central processor. The central processor controls all active parts of the belt through a series of embedded wires and connections inside the belt, inaccessible from the outside. If any of these wires are broken, the ball crushers will auto-engage.

  • The central processors handles decryption of received SMS messages (it would be pointless to send the command SMS messages in plaintext as they could be intercepted, modified or played back).

  • There is no need for sophisticated sensors, as the male anatomy is quite simple. A pair of auto shocking electrodes has been put in towards the end of the penis tube to discourage erections. This functionality can be turned off with the right format SMS message should the KH ever decide that the wearer needs some uninterrupted sleep.

  • To further exert control over the wearer, the belt has been equipped with a three dimensional mercury switch that will change state should any movement occur.

  • This switch can also be used to enforce special body positions through properly crafted SMS messages and punish other body positions.

  • To further exert control over the wearer, the belt has been equipped with a sensitive microphone to encourage the wearer to seek out solitude and calmness (and not watch TV or engage in conversations).

  • With an optional GPS chip installed, the belt can be used to limit the wearer’s movements to certain areas or buildings, and to require that the wearer present himself at certain locations at certain times or else…

  • If any attempt is made at opening the lock before the appropriate SMS message is received, the belt will go into self defense mode and virtually glue itself to (whatever is left of) the wearer’s balls.

These are draft specifications for the prototypes only. The final specifications are patent pending and will later be sent to our legal department for development of the contractual materials that the Wearer will obviously have to sign before the belt is put on. Appropriate handbooks will be developed. Each belt will be given a unique encryption key that will prevent all forms of tampering by sending false SMS messages to the RCMCD.

Appendix A, Command syntax

All SMS messages must follow a standard syntax: Incorrect messages will be seen as a sign of tampering, and will trigger random punishments. Messages must be passed through the Keyholder’s encryption module before they are sent.
{COMMAND GROUP} {SUBSYSTEM} {Silent, Random or Notify} {RESET or KEEP} {Level} {Duration}

COMMAND GROUP is one of the following:

The allowable subsystems vary depending on the COMMAND GROUP given, see appendix 2.

If “Silent” is chosen, the wearer is given no warning. If “Notify” is chosen, the wearer will be given a 5 second warning of the forthcoming action of the belt. The warnings come in form of small chocks to the back of the ball sack. This area is ONLY used in conjunction with notifications. If “Random” is chosen, the wearer will be given a random notification message, probably not at all related to the upcoming action. The wearer should memorize these sequences. For training purposes the Random function should not be used until the wearer has memorized all notification messages.

RESET clears all previous commands (only commands using the same verb), KEEP adds the current command to the stack of already executing commands.

Level denotes the level of the action. Note that if a command from the TORMENT group is given, higher level means more pleasure, while if a command from the PUNISH group is given, higher level means more pain. Levels are denoted from 1 to 99 inclusive. DO NOT USE LEVELS ABOVE 52, these levels are for testing ONLY and not meant to be applied to a human beings.

Duration means duration in seconds. 0 seconds means “continue until a RESET command is received.”

Command syntax example

Engage belt lock until further notice. Do not notify user. This is the most appropriate start command for the belt once the physical lock has been locked. It will activate all belt security functions and the electrodes at the end of the (appropriately fitted) penis tube, but nothing else. The rear string hole will be in the closed position.

Apply tormenting pulses throughout the penis tube at level 35, but give the wearer a random notification. Continue until further notice. Do not cancel any other TORMENT functions.

Cancel all current punishment commands. Do not warn wearer but deliver punishment through all available channels at level 50 for 60 minutes. Please note that this is a very severe command that probably will render the wearer unconscious within 4-7 minutes. Use with care. Note that TORMENT commands are NOT canceled by this command, and should the two preceding commands be given in sequence, the belt will alternately (random intervals) deliver punishment and stimulation until either or both commands reach their time limit (which will not happen in the first command).

As you can see, a keyholder’s options are limitless. Work will now progress on documenting the implemented commands and their effects. Our four prototypes are already locked on four (willing???) testers, and they will be given the opportunity to try all commands under different circumstances and at most levels over the next 10 months (give or take a few)

Test Subject 1, RCMCD

(The Really Cruel Male Chastity Device, Beta Testing Program)

Preface, agreement

According to normal procedure, both the wearer and the keyholder were questioned separately. To protect their identities their names have been changed to Lynn and Stan.

21st of August, 09:15, question session with Stan:

Question: Why do you want to allow Lynn to lock you into a chastity device?
Answer: It sounds like a lot of fun, besides she is so horny, she will unlock me in the evening.

Question: Are you sure that you are doing this on your own free will and that you understand the consequences of your choice?
Answer: What kind of question is that? Do you see a gun held to my head? Of course I understand what this is about, I’m not stupid or something. Now where is this famous toy, I’m sure that I can get out of it in a second or so if I really want to – I’m a skilled lock pick you know!

Question: Is there anything else you would like to ask before we proceed?
Answer: No, I don’t think so. Together we seem to have all options covered. Go get the hardware! This is going to be really fun.

21st of August, 09:35, question session with Lynn:

Question: Why do you want to lock Stan into a chastity device?
Answer: That cheating bastard has been screwing around with all my friends, and he is so smug that he really believes that none of them would tell. He is lying about business trips, he has charged some pretty expensive jewelry to his AMEX card, but I’ve seen none of those gems. I’m going to make him feel so sorry that he will regret the day he first cheated on me for the rest of his life. Then I’m going to make him hurt.

Question: Are you aware of the consequences of your choice?
Answer: You bet. Get the device on him, hand me the remote and watch him dance the “please forgive me dance” for the rest of his living days!

Question: While we fully appreciate your point of view, we feel obliged to point out to you that the trial period is just 3 months, and that in order to keep him under lock and key beyond this period will require him to sign another contract. Do you understand this?
Answer: Yes, you told me that much. But believe me: If he knows what is good for him, he will sign. In fact: He will probably be begging to sign!


After this brief interview, Stan was prepped and locked down. The only existing key was handed to Lynn who excused herself and left the room for about 20 minutes. During her absence Stan was given the opportunity to review her answers, at which point he started turning pretty pale. By the time she returned, he was screaming and yelling words that are unsuitable for print, and he had to be restrained and gagged to stop the verbal abuse.

When Lynn returned and learned about his rather rude behavior, she programmed a 12 hour punishment cycle and asked that Stan be kept in restraints until the punishment cycle was completed.

The following morning Lynn and Stan had some time together in a private room. When they finally emerged, Stan was extremely quiet, kept his head turned down and even thanked Lynn for taking such firm control over his manhood. He then proceeded to thank us for giving him the opportunity to try out this great chastity device. He went on to indicate that he wanted to extend the test period beyond the initial 3 months, and signed the required paperwork.

Final approval of this extension will be pending results from a second medical checkup, scheduled to take place in two months time. Our head medical examiner voiced some concern over Stan’s lack of physical stamina, and indicated that this was problem that could potentially cause Stan to drop out of the test. Lynn made a promise that there would be no problems whatsoever with Stan’s (lack of) stamina in two months time.

Closing Notes

Our first couple in the program seem very happy with the device. Although Stan had a strong initial reaction (panic-like according to our psychiatrist), he now seem to have settled nicely in, and has even adapted a worship-like attitude towards Lynn, a change in attitude that really seems to please her.

As Lynn has found out that Stan had been spending a small fortune on hormones and Viagra to keep up his sexual activities, she has generously allowed him to continue taking the same doses of medicaments while locked down in order not to diminish his sexual drive and response. In fact, she has even indicated that he may increase the dosage while he locked down, even if he will have no practical use for the effects of the medication. This shows her strong dedication to his well-being and health. She has also invested a lot of her time working on his lackluster stamina, and he already shows some major improvement in this area.

At their one week checkup, there was a minor problem as Lynn seemed to have misplaced the key to the belt. This was no major problem though as the belt seemed to be working just fine when all functionality was tested, and there seemed to be no bruising or chaffing caused by the belt.

Stan did seem a bit surprised about the requirements for full weekly functionality testing, but we calmed him down by explaining to him that this would no longer be required once Lynn found the key. Although full functionality testing can be a bit overwhelming on the senses, Stan took it nicely after we restrained him properly (the first set of restraints broke, but this may have been due to a production error in the cuffs), although he must learn to restrict his language, or Lynn may choose to purchase our electric tongue gag to help him become less vocal.

To conclude, couple 1 seems like a pair of happy customers. Hopefully they will recommend our company to many of their friends, allowing us to extend our test group.

Head of testing department (OOUCH – THAT HURT! What level was that?)

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