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  • Post Date - 7/28/2007

“I can take anything that you can dish out.” I drunkenly and mistakenly blurted out to my wife.

“We’ll see, we’ll see.” She repeated with a knowing smile on her face.

Skip to twenty-four hours later and my lovely wife is leading me into the bedroom. First things first she has me strip completely naked. She covers my eyes with a leather blindfold and jams a pair of her panties into my mouth.

“I’ve been wearing those since last night, wanted to make sure you could get a good taste of me. Probably the only taste of me you’ll get tonight.” She cooed into my ear. Then I heard the familiar sound of duct tape and then the familiar feeling of it on my face. Three strips and all I could do was make a low moan. Nothing too bad so far, and she was right, her panties were very dirty and I was loving it.

“Make a fist, bitch” she ordered and I wisely complied. She then took the duct tape out and completely wrapped both of my hands into useless balls. She must have used up most of the tape because I could not move any of my fingers.

She then slipped the leather bondage mittens over my duct-taped fists and secured them with a lock, not that I would have gotten out of them with my hands in the position they were, but she liked to be thorough.

“You’re gonna love this part, bend over and grab your ankles.” She demanded and I happily obliged her. I felt some lube being drizzled onto my asshole and the feeling of a butt plug being run up and down against it. “You always get so hard when I do this, you’ve been dreaming about being in prison again, haven’t you? You dirty little cock slut.” The taunting was driving me nuts. She slammed the plug home, a little bit bigger than I was used to, but not uncomfortable yet.

She had me stand up and I felt her working some lube onto my already enlarged member, and then something cold, very cold being worked over the top and down the shaft. She worked a cock-ring on began to fiddle with straps that went around my waste and through my legs. Apparently the plug was not going anywhere.

A quick slap on my ass and her cooing into my ear again “On the bed, on your back slut.”

I complied and she fastened leather ankle cuffs onto both of my legs. Spread eagle was my position for the night, and within a minute she had me spread out taut. Not the most uncomfortable I’d been, but still tough.

I was definitely stuck though. She was handy with the restraints and very seldom did I ever get out without her help. I felt her fiddling with the duct tape over my mouth, and surprisingly she pulled it off and removed her now sopping wet panties. My reprieve was short as she replaced the panties with a cock shaped pump gag. A few precursory pumps and it was back to moaning and grunting for me.

“Here’s how tonight is going to go” my loving and caring wife started. “You’re mine for the next three hours. No safety words, I’m not going to feel sorry for you in an hour and release you, three hours on the dot. Every five minutes I’m going to pump the gag in your mouth and the plug in your ass once and add one clothespin anywhere on your body that I want. It won’t seem too bad at first, but in a couple of hours you’re going to be one hurting fool. Maybe this will teach you to do sober what you say you’ll do when you’re drunk, but probably not. And in between my filling up your holes, I’m going to be adding a few more surprises.”

I felt her reach between my legs and she grabbed the pump hanging from my mouth and gave them both a solid squeeze. She then added a clothes pin on my nose, making breathing difficult but not impossible.

She got something out of the drawer and she started to separate my balls with some leather shoe laces. Immediately after she tied the last knot, I heard a ding and felt her pump me up again. This time the clothespin was added to my left nipple.

“One other thing, and just so you know, you have two hours and fifty-five minutes to go. I’m also going to do this to you.” She then grabbed my dick and poured some more lube on it and very slowly and softly began to stroke it. “And just so we’re clear, if you come before the three hours is up without my permission, we’re going to start the three hours over again.”

Ding! That bell went off again, two more pumps and a clothespin on my right nipple. This was beginning to get a bit more rough than anything we’d done before. My ass was already feeling fuller than it ever had before and my mouth was starting to hurt from the huge cock in it.

“From the way your dick is bobbing around, I can tell that you really want nothing more in life than huge black dicks invading your ass and mouth. You really are the filthiest little cock slut I’ve ever seen.”

And then her hand went back to my cock and even slower than the last time began stroking it. I heard her moan which I figured meant that she began playing with herself. When the bell went off again, she pumped up the plug and gag and added another clothespin onto my left nipple. And she wiped her dripping fingers right under my nose.

“I’m a bit wet right now just from looking at you, and now you can at least smell what you’re missing.” I needed to come in the worst way, but she was moving her hand so slowly and with so little pressure. The steel cock ring digging in wasn’t helping matters any; I didn’t think I was going to make it.

Ding! Two more pumps and a second clothespin on my right nipple. And now my nipples were starting to ache and pulse and my ass was hurting, my jaw aching and her voice saying two hours and forty minutes to go. I was trying to hump her hand as best I could, but I was chained down so well I really had no where to move.

Skip to one hour to go and I’ve got more clothespins than I can count hanging off my balls, three each on my nipples and a couple on my toes. The pins on my toes didn’t do anything to excite me, more of an annoyance, but she kept laughing at the sight of them. After the last round of pumping and clamping, she changed things up by not pumping my dick in her hand. Instead she sat in between my legs and played with herself until climax.

“That was a pretty good one, but next time could you moan for me a bit more, it helps if I can hear you while I’m fingerfucking myself.” I tried to moan the best I could, but all that came out was a tiny little hmmm.

Ding! More pumps and clothespins, this time on the frenulum, and I jumped. My ass was screaming, my jaw screaming, and that little imp just put a clothespin on the most sensitive part of my body. Fifty five minutes to go and I was starting to think that I was going to make it. She went back to slowly rubbing my dick and taking the utmost delight in bumping into the clothes pin at the end, watching the uncomfortable squirming it brought with it and giggling.

“Are you starting to regret running you mouth yet, you horrible, horrible little slut?” I really didn’t know if I was loving this or hating it, but my damn member kept straining towards the heavens so it certainly looked to be the former.

With the limited oxygen I’m getting, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll make it the rest of the way. My dick has never felt bigger, and unfortunately I was getting so close to orgasming that I was pretty sure I would burst if my wife even looked at it the right way. Thanks to her wiping her fingers under my nose every ten minutes or so I could smell just how worked up she was too by all of this.

“Ten minutes to go my little slut. You think you can stand it?” She had stopped caressing my penis at this point, knowing that the slightest touch would send me over the edge. My balls felt like a porcupine, having taken the brunt of the clothespins, but my nipples were on fire and my ass was crying for relief. My mouth was completely full of black, rubber cock and I had never been harder in all of my life. I heard my wife moaning again, and she must have taken care of herself yet again, God, how many was that, I couldn’t even keep track.

Ding! Two more pumps and another clothespin, this one on my frenulum also, and all I had to do was make it five more minutes. I heard my wife rummaging through some of our toy boxes and couldn’t figure out for the life of me what she was doing. Eventually she came back over to me and whispered in my ear “Only a little more time, are you sure you’re ready?” And I let out the biggest grunt I could and she just laughed at me in my helpless, attentive state.

The final bell tolled and she pumped me up again and added another clothespin onto my nose, this time sealing off all of my air. She took my cock in her hand and within seconds I had exploded, all over her hand, myself and the bed. It was the longest orgasm I had ever had; my body was still rigid for minutes after words. I was speechless and not just because of what was in my mouth. She had removed the clothespins from my nose and end of my penis, but she hadn’t yet began to untie me.

After about ten minutes she decided to let me in on the secret. “I never said you’d be let go after three hours. I still want to have a little bit of fun with you. No matter how much I try, I just really want to ride that cock of yours for a bit. It’s been fun watching how hard you got with two cocks in you, I figured it’s my turn now.”

That’s when I felt her drizzle some lube onto my still mostly hard penis. After a minimum of coaxing, I was at attention.

She lowered herself onto me and fucked the living hell out of me. I felt her contract and then she was screaming. Hearing her come pushed me over the edge and for the second time in ten minutes I had another earth-shattering orgasm. This time when I felt her get off the bed, she began to let me free.

Later, when we were outside enjoying a few cigarettes, she winked at me and said I’ll bet you’re going to watch what you say now.

I wasn’t so sure, and I had already began calculating another way of getting into trouble.

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