For Her
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  • Post Date - 10/5/2007

All hell broke loose just moments after I was back from my two week business trip. We had a ritual: As soon as the door locked behind me, I was to drop my trousers and underwear and present the unbroken seal of the CB 3000 to my wife, only this time the seal was broken, and I had absolutely now idea how that had happened.

She focused entirely on the visible fact, totally uninterested in any explanations.

”Shut the fuck up your cheating bastard!” was all she said before heading for the ”tool shop” in the basement.

Minutes later she was back carrying an assorted pile of equipment. I tried to speak again, but she would not listen.


I removed the rest of my clothes immediately.

“On your knees!”

I got down quickly.

“Now listen and listen carefully. You have agreed to wear my chastity device. You have agreed that any tampering will have severe consequences. You have agreed that…”

“But I…”

“Shut up right NOW! I don’t want to hear another word from you, and to ensure this, I have made this nice little gag for you while you were out wanking off on your business trip. Most gags are ineffective as the wearer can manage to make at least some sound with the gag in place. This one is almost 100% effective. See here: This tongue plate has electrodes; the penis plug has batteries and a microphone. If the wearer speaks, he gets shocked. Plain and simple. And the tissues inside the mouth are extremely sensitive to anything electric. Now open wide!”

Stunned, I opened my mouth and got a penis plug stuck between my teeth. It was secured in place with a full head harness, complete with a chin strap. The base of the penis was flat and thin, allowing my teeth to come almost completely together. The tip of the penis almost touched the back of my throat, and a flat plate covered the top of my tongue. All buckles locked.

“See this remote? Here I can adjust the intensity level as well as initiate shocks even if you keep stumm.” She walked behind me. I heard a swoosh through the air before her thin cane landed on my buttocks delivering a soaring, stinging pain.

I just could withhold a grunt. This caused a flashing pain in my mouth, something between a bad experience at the dentist and somebody driving hundreds of needles into my tongue. I desperately pulled at the gag, trying to get the infernal device out of my mouth, but nothing moved.

“This was level 5. I can increase intensity up to level 99. You will learn to appreciate silence. The microphone is at the fifth highest sensitivity level. That means that you can breathe carefully, but not heavily. Any words will cause pain. Am I clear?”

She took my chin, looked me in the eyes and saw that I was crying. I wanted nothing more than to get the instrument of torture out of my mouth, but I dared not utter a single word.

“Now let us see if you have learned.” She walked behind me, took careful aim and delivered another mind-scattering blow to my buttocks. This time I did not utter a single sound.

“Good, now for the rest of your punishment. Get out of that pathetic CB-3000 and put on the Carrera. Put the spikes in and the butt plug as well!”

I obeyed and removed the CB3000. I briefly looked at the broken plastic seal and noticed that it had been cut halfway through by something sharp. No wonder why it broke by itself. She had set all this up, but I could say nothing about it.

Fearing another shock, I locked myself into the chastity belt. Getting the butt plug in is always a struggle, I claim it is too large for me but she says it is a little on the small side. When it finally went in, I grunted and all hell broke loose.

First there was a tingling sensation in sides my tongue. This quickly increased in intensity until it felt like a thousand needles were driven into the soft tissue. I screamed and was rewarded with an intense shock, one that felt like a forceful kick in my mouth. I managed to keep still, and eventually the pain stopped. I almost did not dare to breathe.

She had left steel cuffs, a steel waist belt and a collar on the floor in front of me. The hardware was specially made for a frame that allowed me to tie myself up. I assumed that the frame itself was downstairs in the basement, and locked the hardware in place before I reluctantly started my long journey down the stairs.

The frame was in the middle of the floor, lit by a single spotlight. No room for mistakes. I knelt and slid the eyelets of the ankle cuffs into their respective slots in the frame. Now I was kneeling with my legs spread far apart. Next item on the agenda was the waist belt. Two eyelets slid into slots in the frame and clicked shut. Then my collar was locked likewise. I was now kneeling, legs spread, knees bent, body parallel to the ground. My hands were still free, but that had no practical implications as there were no way I could release the other hardware. Still, I locked my wrist shackles into their respective slots.

When the final click sounded, she appeared: I had somewhat expected leather outfit and high heels, but she was wearing her normal cardigan and slacks. She noticed my confusion and spoke:

“Oh, this is not play. This is punishment. I want you to understand how badly you have behaved, and I want you to regret it deeply. You are home for the weekend. You will suffer until Monday morning at least. If you have not suffered enough by then, I will call your boss on Monday and tell him that you are sick and them make sure that you are really sick. Now listen up you cheating, pathetic man. You will be fed and watered. Any waste materials from your body will stay where they drop. You will stay in the frame but I will not bother to punish you myself because I want a relaxing weekend.

This is the deal: You will make yourself suffer. At least twice each hour you must scream into your gag and trigger the response mechanism. You will do this for at least 24 hours. Every hour when you scream at least twice will count down the remaining time by one hour. Each hour you fail to scream twice, will stop the clock for one hour and then move it back one hour and increase the punishment level by five. So you better make absolutely sure you scream at least twice – I’d be screaming a lot more to be on the safe side if I was in your position – would be bad to be stuck in there forever. And about the butt plug: It stays in for the duration of your punishment – I would not want to get shit all over the basement floor. Hope you went for some number two business before you left the airport.”

I thankfully did just that, but my bladder was bursting full – too much to drink on the plane. And that darn butt plug was massaging my prostate and bladder with every move.

“To make it slightly more challenging for you, there are no clocks in here, you just have to estimate time. The computer will keep track of your activities, and announce when you have missed your hourly screams, but then it will be too late – won’t it? By the end of your ordeal you will have learnt that nobody messes with my chastity devices and nobody talks back to me. And should you get up to 30 hours, punishments will self activate. Self activated punishments do not count against the clock.”

She moved behind me and did something, then she turned off the lights and left. I was scared shitless. It was dark and cold but I was sweating like a pig. I tried and tried, but I could not make myself make a single sound, the pain from the electric gag was just too horrible.

“You missed an hour, new time is 26 hours, increasing punishment level to 10,” a computerized voice announced from the darkness.

“Whatthefu…” I started before a breathtaking shock hit my balls. That was totally unexpected and I let out some sounds, causing the gag to activate. Again, it felt like needles were driven into my tongue. I threw myself against my restraints, but nothing gave.

I must have passed out or something, because I woke from the computer voice again: “You missed an hour. New punishment time is 27 hours, increasing punishment level to 15.” I must have been out for more than one hour. It had counted down one, but then added two. This was going very fast in the wrong direction. I started screaming.

My balls were on fire, and my mouth felt like I had a needle cushion in there. But I screamed again and again, unstoppable. Pain was everywhere. There was no relief. I was drenched in sweat. I was cursing. I was begging. My legs were cramping. I was into total sensory overload. Then it all stopped. My wife appeared in front of me:

“Look at you, what a pitiful sight. Drenched in sweat, pee all over you, precum dripping from your chastity belt – you are a mess. But you are loosing fluids and they must be replenished so I am deactivating your gag so that you can drink through the feeder tube. By the way, you have now done 6 counted hours. That means that you have 21 hours to go. It is going to be tough, but you may make it with your mind still intact, just keep on screaming.”

After feeding me a generous portion of sports drink, she disconnected the feeder tube and left without a word. The lights went out, and I restarted my journey down pain ally.

Given the slight break, I was able to figure out that I could count to three thousand five hundred before starting to scream again, so I did. As the one hour mark approached, I dreaded the moment when I had to start screaming, but on exactly three thousand five hundred, I screamed and was rewarded by a strong shock deep in my belly. She had connected that darn butt plug to the circuits. I so hated those gut-wrenching deep shocks that would cause my stomach to cramp up. Then my penis was due for some high intensity treatment that made me long for the deep belly shocks.

This time I made it through the next six hours in six hours, simply by screaming a lot and suffering even more. I could feel my penis strain against the spikes in the penis tube, but that pain was small compared to my other pains.

I was fed and hosed down with ice cold water. 15 hours to go, she said. I was doing great, she said, but I was so messy so I needed a cleaning. I was just holding on to the edge of sanity, trying to make it through the punishment. I did not care how I looked. And I certainly did not appreciate the cold water.

With three ours left to go, I somewhat lost it. When she next hosed me down and gave me a drink, I was up to seven hours again. I just could not take any more pain, I could not bring it upon myself. The worst part of the punishment was that I had to punish myself as the lesser of two evils. That required a lot of willpower, but for two full hours there had been no willpower left in me.

I really went for it then. The next six hours went away in six hours and when I was hosed down and watered, I had just one easy hour to go. I would just scream twice, and I would be home free. Then she changed the rules.

“Two screams and it is over – that is just too easy. You were quite lucky to have a break with only one hour left to go. I fear that you haven’t quite learned your lesson. I will therefore change the programming for the remaining hour and put some new rules in place: You will scream once every ten minutes. Failing will add twenty minutes. And now you really have to scream at the top of your lungs, or the meter will not trigger. Enjoy!”

I tried to protest, but she was gone. Then I tried to trigger the punisher, but I really had to scream like a madman before it activated, and my throat was getting sore and I was so exhausted. In between the pain I fell asleep out of exhaustion. At one point I was up to three hours before I got a grip and started working myself down again. Then it was finally over.

She unlocked my restraints, helped me to my feet and up the stairs to the shower. “The gag stays in until Monday,” she informed me. “But you can take out the butt plug and clean yourself up. Make yourself presentable. I want you naked except for the chastity belt. Then I want a nice, long massage. Be downstairs in half an hour or else…”

As I slowly nodded my acknowledgment, I opened my left hand and gave her the black pearl I had been keeping there throughout my ordeal. Had I dropped it, she would have stopped the torture there and then. But I had clenched on to it so hard that there was a dark red spot in my palm. Even when I was out, my hand had remained shut. Because what she did to me pleased her and I wanted to please her. Because I love her more than anyone in the entire world.

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