Tri Lambda's Halloween Revenge
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  • Post Date - 10/30/2007

Chapter 1

The combined efforts of Tri-Lambda and Omega-Mu fraternity and sorority houses had defeated and embarrassed their counterparts of Alpha Beta and Pi-Delta-Pi houses on many occasions.

The natural enmity between the Adams College houses went further than jocks/cheerleaders and geeks/nerds. It grew into a feud that rivaled the Hatfields and McCoys.

Therefore, when Spectral Enterprises Incorporated announced a contest between all the houses for a $50,000 prize for the most unique and imaginative Halloween display, the feud escalated to new heights.

The first shot was fired by the combination of Alpha Betas and Pi Delta Pis at Adams College library on Sunday, just 3 days before Halloween and the judging. They chose the rear area of the reference section for their attack. Primarily for privacy reasons, very few students ever ventured back there. As a matter of fact, Judy Morris, Omega-Mu sorority President and their target, in the 3 years she worked as a library assistant had only came into this section once to shelve a book.

Secondly, the unused fire emergency door and stairwell in the back corner was only a few steps away and perfect to hide their escape. The alarm on the door had not worked in years and the exit door at the foot of the stairs was virtually invisible due to the untrimmed dense foliage surrounding it.

Lastly, the security lights were not working on that side of the parking lot so they could disguise their kidnap victim to look inconspicuous as they made their get away.

All they had to do was to select a book from a bottom shelf in that section and slip it unnoticed into the library return cart Judy used. Then, just wait until she was in position and pounce.

"MMMMEEEELLLLMMMM!!!!!!!" Judy screamed for help, as she was grabbed from behind.

The library assistant wildly kicked her legs at her assailants. Her arms were held uselessly to her sides by a muscular arm wrapped around her. And, the hand clamped over her lower face refused to allow nothing but incoherent mumbles to escape.

Judy felt something tighten around her throat, cutting off her air supply. "You can do as I say, willingly." Betty Childs, President of Pi-Delta-Pi sorority, said, as she stepped into Judy's line of sight. "Or, I keep tightening this belt around your throat until you pass out and we take you that way..... Of course, there is no guarantee of your reviving...... It's your choice, but, either way you are coming with us, you... you.... Omega-Cow, you....." Judy glared at her blonde nemesis, but, after several agonizing moments going with out air, she reluctantly agreed to willingly comply. She gulped in several lung fulls of much needed air as soon as Betty loosened the belt and Fredrick "The Ogre" Palowakski removed his oversized paw from her mouth.

Stan Gable, President of the Greek Counsel and Alpha Beta house, and two other Pi-Deltas joined Betty and Ogre in the capture.

Within minutes their combined efforts had Judy's arms twisted and bound together in a reverse prayer with leather straps at her wrists and elbows. An oversized knee-length leather trenchcoat buttoned up to her neck, hugging her like a body sheath, hiding her bound arms as well as keeping them forced against her back.

The arms of the coat had been stuffed with cotton and made to look as if her hands were in the coat pockets. With the 6-inch-wide waist belt fastened to its tightest notch, Judy was barely able to draw a breath, let alone take a deep enough one to scream for help.

"We can't have anyone recognizing you, can we?" Betty grinned, evilly, holding a latex full head mask in front of her. "I even did the make-up so you'd look like a Pi-Delta, instead of an Omega-heifer.... You really need to thank me, you cow....." "I SAID, 'THANK ME'" Betty stomped her foot and Stan with help from Ogre forced Judy to her knees. "Thanmmmmmpppphhhhh!!!!!" Judy sputtered, and tried to pull her head away, as Betty stuffed a ball of white cloth through Judy's lips, filling her mouth. "If you're wondering," Betty sneered. "Those are a pair of my old panties. I wore them this afternoon while I masturbated four times.... Don't you think I taste just divine.....hahahaha...."

"MMMMMOOOOOO!!!!" Judy shook her head, drool beginning to form at the corners of her mouth.

Betty placed 2 strips of white duct tape in an X over Judy's lips to hold the wad in, before, smoothing 4 more strips across her lower face from cheek to cheek. Then, she took a cream colored satin scarf from her pocket and folded it into a 6-inch wide band.

"Just making sure the cow doesn't spit out her cud," She laughed, pulling the band over the tape and Judy's cheeks before knotting it tightly behind her head.

Satisfied, Betty pulled the snug latex mask over Judy's head and one of her sister Pis carefully put a blonde wig on the bald mask. Then, the other Pi sister tightly pulled a large black scarf over the wig and tied it under Judy's chin to hold the wig and mask securely in place.

Keeping watchful eyes out for any witnesses to their act, the fiendish five quickly exited through the emergency fire door and crept out of the building with their helplessly bundled captive.

They silently crossed the darkened parking lot and dropped the kidnapped Omega-Mu in the trunk of Stan's car after tying her legs together with strapping cords at her ankles and knees. Then, they drove off, victorious in the first skirmish.

Four hours later in the basement of the Alpha Beta fraternity house, Judy Morris swayed back and forth, precariously balancing on her toes. Her legs savagely tied together in a cocoon of rope from her ankles to mid thighs. There were 6 breaks in the flow of rope where the evil group had tied cinching ropes to tighten the cocoon.

Only, the rope running through the pulley above her head and tied to the hand crank on the far wall aided in her desperate fight to remain upright. For her arms also had been mercilessly cocooned together from her wrists to elbows. Three cinching ropes had been used to tighten it, with the last one being the rope that ran up through the pulley.

Stan gable stood with his hand on the crank, grinning as he watched his girlfriend operate.

"I...pant.....don't.....pant...know....pant....what....pant.... they're....pant....planning...." Judy moaned, her brown hair glued to her forehead with sweat.

Red welts covered her ass, upper thighs, and tightly bound balloon shaped breasts. Her large nipples were pinched flat by clover clamps and the weights dangling from each swung back and forth with each breath she took. Tears flowed down her cheeks and rivers of sweat trickled down her nude body.


"IIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE......" Judy squalled, as Betty wildly let loose again on her ass with the Alpha's hazing paddle.

"WHAT ARE THOSE NERD'S PLANS FOR THEIR HALLOWEEN DISPLAY?" Stan bellowed, frustration filled his voice.

"Please....please... no ...more..." Judy cried.

"Just tell us what we want to know and this will end," Betty said, concern flooding her voice and face. "I'll even make sure your recovery is more pleasurable than ever....."

"O....o...okay....I'll tell.... you...." Judy cried, her voice raspy and weak. "They're... going.... to use.... the old... haunted Ost Mansion.... A big yard display..... and party inside.... They've.... been... working on it ... in the evenings ... and sometimes all night. They are nearly ... finished..."

"Good," Betty smiled, lifting Judy's chin with her fingers. She pressed her lips tightly onto Judy's. Holding the struggling girl's head, Betty forced her tongue deep into her mouth, letting it lift and toy with Judy's. The sound of jeering hoots and howls filled the room. Her lips lingered in a passionate kiss for several minutes, before, Betty grasp a handful of Judy's hair and pulled her lips away.

"At least now you can brag to the other cows that you've been kissed.....hahaha..." Betty snickered. "That, wasn't so bad was it... I think you enjoyed it, actually..... Perhaps after we return from our visit to the Ost mansion I'll let you taste more than my tongue.... and, my panties......"

She forced her sopping wet panties back into Judy's mouth, then, wrapped red duct tape around Judy's lower face 5 times.

"That, will let you enjoy me and keep you quiet." Betty turned toward Stan. "We need to go see what those nerds have done."

"Yeah," Stan grinned. "To make sure everything is in compliance with Greek Council standards......hahahaha.... If they aren't we'll just have to make them so......"

"mmmmmmpppphhhhh!" Judy protested.

"Take this cow to the exercise room in our house, I think her lower body needs some work." Betty ordered, nodding at Danny, Kristin, Ogre, and Jackie. "The rest of us are going to inspect the mansion... Oh, and Kristin, dear, do save a piece of her for me to enjoy...."

Kristin grinned and acknowledged her understanding, while, the others closed in around the bound girl.

"But, first, we need to keep the nerds busy while we're there...." Stan added. "I think a private televised show will keep them busy searching for their missing..."

"Heifer..." Betty chimed in.

Danny and Kristin laughed and nodded their understanding.

Thirty minutes later at the Tri-Lambda fraternity house an unfamiliar image with a very familiar face appeared on the big screen television in common room.

"OH, MY GOD! THAT'S JUDY!!!!!!" Gilbert Lowell, Judy's boyfriend and President of the Tri-Lambdas, blurted out. "WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO HER!!!!!!"

He stared in disbelief at the screen. The image of a nude female strapped to a thigh exercising machine filled the screen.

She was bound sitting upright, her arms spread strapped to the cross bar in a T. They had removed the thin cords circling her breasts and put a thick black rubber bra on her. Holes in the cups allowed her nipples to poke through and the clover clips had been replaced with alligator clamps.

Her legs were slightly separated, sticking straight forward tightly strapped at her ankles, knees, and thighs to metal extensions protruding from the seat. Her lips were forced to be wrapped around a large bright red ballgag by a thick leather harness buckled securely around her head.

Parallel padded rods were bolted to each extension making indentations into her inner thighs.

They were all able to see her legs trembling as she tried to hold the rods together. "NO!...NO....Noooo...." Patsy Posey cried. "If she lets her legs relax those rods will spread her legs wide open for the camera."

"What's that box below her." Gilbert said, peering harder at the screen. "OH GOD!!....." Stacy Pew gasped, putting her finger to the screen. "There!..... Above the box .... This end is connected by those rods to that box...But, the other end... Looks, looks like... Like a big metal penis...."

An 18-inch-long, 3-inch-diameter stainless steel dildo had been slid through a silver tube connected by a rod to the middle of the box. Pneumatic cylinders were fighting Judy's efforts by being connected on each side of the box and to the rods.

All the viewers immediately realized if Judy lost her battle, the the rod with the dildo attached to it would be lifted toward her. And, the dildo was positioned so it would be inserted into Judy's most private area. They could also see a layer of thick clear lubricant smeared all over the dildo. "THOSE BASTARDS!" Gilbert yelled at the screen. "We've got to help her..... Get everyone, NOW!" "Wait!" Louis Skolnick, Gilbert's best friend and fellow TriLamb, said. "We have to wait....."

"I know...." Gilbert sighed. "But, we can have Booger and Poindexter in position."

At that moment Judy's legs slowly gave out. The rods slowly parted, spreading Judy's legs wider and wider. And the object, laying in wait beneath her, casually eased its way past her labia until the rods fully separated and two thirds of the dildos 18-inch length had disappeared into her.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Judy screamed, her eyes grew wider and wider, as she watched inch after inch of the metallic demon slither into her.

Suddenly, a loud click sounded from the box.

Muffled screams filled the Tri-Lambda living room, then, changed into soft moans that began growing in intensity. Judy's head fell back against the padded backrest and she closed her eyes as the metal intruder between her legs began moving. "!" Patsy whispered, glaring at the screen. "That thing is..... is..... fucking her......."

The dildo was being slowly slid back and forth through the tube. Pulling the devilish device out to its tip, then, methodically ramming it back in. Slowly at first, but, after a dozen such thrusts its speed increased.

Judy's muffled moans grew louder with each thrust and before any of the viewers could remove their eyes from the screen, her body arched against her bonds and quivered in an uncontrollable spasm of orgasmic pleasure. It was the first of many to come, as, the machine continued its ghastly assault.

"What's that noise," Stacy asked. "That odd humming... or buzzing...."

Above Judy's moans they could hear the sound of the vibrators attached to the alligator clamps come to life.

"MMMMMMMAAAAHHHMMMM!!!!" Judy screamed as the dildo also began to vibrate as well. "Booger.....Poindexter....." Gilbert spoke rapidly into a cell phone. "Prepare to move in... Repeat, prepare to move in immediately on my signal."

Gilbert's eyes remained on his girlfriend's image on the screen.

"Here," Louis said, handing Gilbert another cell phone. "I'll make sure we're ready. You call me as soon as you get the signal."

Gilbert nodded and looked back up at the screen.

"Hold on, Judy!" He whispered. "Help will be there soon."

The chiming of a door bell sounded, followed by another loud muffled moan of pleasure from Judy.

Gilbert and Patsy watched as a rubber clad female enter the image.

She wore a bright red full body rubber catsuit with knee high black rubber boots, shoulder length black rubber gloves, a tight black rubber corset, and a bright red dominatrix hood that hid her identity.

She waved a thin leather riding crop in front of the Judy's face before moving her bright red lipstick covered lips close to Judy's ear and whispered something that sent Judy into a full blown panic.

Shaking her head from side to side, Judy pleaded through her gagged lips. But, the rubber clad vixen showed no signs of pity and ignored her pleas.

SWAT....... SWAT.....SWAT.....SWAT.....

She let the crop fall twice onto each of Judy's tormented breasts.

She whispered again into the ears of her tearing captive.

More muffled pleas filled the Tri-Lambda common room. Followed by sounds that resembled that of a rapid fire machine gun, as the rubber clad woman quickly flapped the crop back and forth between the poor girl's breasts as fast as her hand could fly.

Gilbert began to weep for his girlfriend, but, Patsy noticed Judy's body quiver and the doorbell chimes ring once more as another huge climax raced through her.

Judy's rubber clad assailant continued tormenting the muted girl's breasts with the crop, until, she forced another orgasm as the doorbell chimed

Then, the rubber gloves of the evil bitch mercilessly squeezed both of the girl's breasts bringing another horrible gagged scream from her. The dildo continued to increase its pace and brought still another climax as the doorbell chimes rang out.

Judy barely got her breath back when the rubber wearing she- devil began a renewed assault with the crop. But, this time, she turned its attention lower to Judy's dildo tormented pussy.

Again, the combination of the dildo and the woman's expertise sent Judy over the edge. Her loud gagged moans nearly drowning out the sound of the doorbell chimes.

The woman didn't slow the pace of her torment, except to remove the sopping wet panty gag and replace it with a 3-inch- diameter rubber ring gag and harness.

She poked one, then two, then three rubber covered fingers through the ring, making Judy's tongue taste and lick the smooth material as she twisted and abused her breasts more.

She brought Judy to another forced climax. But, this time as the doorbell chime sounded and Judy's body tensed, the woman leapt onto Judy's thighs digging the 4-inch pencil thin heels into her skin as she lowered and rubbed her rubber covered pussy against Judy's gagged mouth.

This caused Gilbert to turn his head. But, Patsy's eyes widen as she watched the scene and her mind started wishing just once to be tormented like that.

"They're going to pay." Gilbert said gritting his teeth. "I swear they're going to pay."

Chapter 2

Meanwhile, just off campus at the old haunted Ost Mansion the Alpha Betas and Pi-Deltas quietly sneak along the hedge just inside the tall stone border wall.

"What's the deal with this place?" Jason asked, Stan.

"Back in the 1890s Mr. Adams, who started the school, needed the land connected to his." Stan explained. "George Henry Ost owned the land and was also the richest guy in the area. He hated Mr. Adams and refused to give or even sell the land for Adams' school. However, Mr. Ost had 4 sons......"

"All real losers, uncouth, no style whatsoever." Betty added. "So, my grandmother told me her grandmother told her. She lived here then. Grandmother told me to think of them as the first nerds in the city...."

"Well, Mr. Adams had 4 daughters." Stan continued.

"All beautiful and elegant, great, great Grandmother had been friends with them." Betty again interrupted. "They were true Pi-Deltas, had there been sororities back then, just like their great, great granddaughters, right Lisa."

"Yeah, my great, great grandmother was Elisa Louis Adams." Lisa nodded. "I'm named after her."

"Well, old man Ost finally agreed to sell the land to Adams, but, only if Adams' 4 daughters married his sons." Stan glared at Betty, who was acting as if she was about to retch. "Adams agreed, but, only to 1 wedding service. So, all 4 couples were married on the same day, at the same time, October 31, 1890."

"You've got to be kidding me," Marie, one of the few dark haired Pis, said. "How dreadful."

"Yes, well, unknown to Ost or any of his sons, Adams had arranged for all his daughter's eligible suitors in the city to hide in the Ost mansion during the ceremony." Stan paused. "Then, after all the guests left, they ambushed the couples after they came in the house for the wedding night."

"So they never...uh..." Jason snickered.

"I guess not, because Adams gave instructions that his daughters be bound, gagged, and taken away before they killed the sons." Stan shrugged. "They waited for the old man too and killed him, but, not before they told him it was Adams' plan to make his daughters the only beneficiaries to the Ost estate." "But, not before Mr. Ost put a curse on my great, great, great grandfather's family." Lisa said, staring at the ground. "Only girls were born to the 4 daughters and to their daughters and so on including my mother."

"There had to be an inquest," Jason said.

"No, there wasn't." Stan explained. "Mr. Adams happened to be the local magistrate as well at the time, so everything was covered up by blaming a farm hand, named Tom, who lived with the Osts, for the murders. The daughters never accused anyone else and Tom disappeared never to be seen again." "We don't know if the daughters knew about the plan," Lisa added."

"Adams got the land he needed as well as a major portion of the wealth. His daughters all married other more suitable men and were wealthy and happy." Stan stopped, then, grinned. "Somehow, this mansion never fell into Adams' hands... And, supposedly, all 4 brother's spirits roam it daily looking for their brides and old man Ost's spirit is seeking revenge."

"I've heard rumors that everyone who has stepped foot in there never returned...." Brad said, swallowing hard.

"Yeah," Stan laughed. "And, any females who enter are stripped, bound and ravaged by the brothers. Then, they're turned into maids to keep the place spotless.... So the legend goes.... bwhabwhabwha.." "FFFFTTTT!!!!! I wish," Betty said, rolling her eyes and hitting his shoulder with her open palm.

"Look, those nerds are finally leaving....." Laurel said, pointing at the 6 people getting into a car.

"I knew they'd use everyone to try to find her," Stan smiled. "All clear let's go!"

Alphas Brad and Jason and Pis Marie, Laurel, Kitty, Celia, Donna, and Lisa followed Stan and Betty from the hedge through the yard to the front door.

They had to pass several elaborate Halloween displays.

The first was a very eerie graveyard with 3 partially buried open coffins.

Next, they walked by a cave with a large cauldron and several sets of shackles dangling from the cave walls.

The last displays were an ornate Egyptian tomb with 4 unopened sarcophaguses, followed by a reconstructed mad scientist's laboratory with 2 operating tables and several strange looking machines.

They could see intricate lighting systems in each display and very elaborate workmanship. "Those are wild," Celia said. "It's going to be tough to beat this." "Let's see what they've done in the house, before, we do any rearranging. " Betty suggested. "There could be a lot more in there." "They left in a hurry and left some of the lights on." Stan laughed.

"All the better for us. Seeing as someone forgot to bring the flashlights," Betty said, giving Stan a look as they climbed the porch steps and opened the front door.

"I really don't want to go in," Lisa said, hesitating at the door.

"There's nothing to worry about," Brad laughed, pushing her through the door. "At least for us, any ghosts will go after you first and give us time to get away..."

"Bite me, Brad...." Lisa spit back. "I've just have a weird feeling ever since we got here."

"Ewwww, look at this dust, it's covering everything." Celia said, ignoring Lisa and wiping her hand across the table under the mirror in the entranceway. "I can't believe they haven't clean in here by now."

"I'm glad they didn't. It'll be easier to follow their footprints to find out were they went." Stan said. "Looks like they went in 3 different directions. We'll need to split up.

"Split up! The first rule of ghost hunting according to the Scooby Do Detective Agency is NEVER SPLIT UP." Brad grinned.

"And, they always followed that rule, didn't they." Marie laughed. "Didn't Daphne always wind up bound and gagged right after they split up....."

"Let's just check this place out as fast as we can," Lisa said, anxiously. "I don't want to spend a minute longer in here than I need to."

"I agree. Betty, Marie, and I will check the upstairs." Stan said. "Jason, you, Kitty and Laurel take that door on the right and check that side of the place."

"That'll leave Celia, Lisa, Donna, and me that door and the left side of the mansion." Bran added. "Who ever finishes can join the others."

"If any of you find something give a yell..." Stan added, as he started up the staircase.

"You won't have to worry about that," Lisa whispered taking Celia's hand as she and her Pi Delta sister followed Brad toward the door on the left. Jason had already opened the door to the right and entered followed closely by Kitty and Laurel.

They were met by a small waiting room with an entrance to the large dining room on the wall to their left. Heavy high back captains chairs lined the wall on either side of the door and along the wall to their right. The wall across from them was solid wood with an ornate carving of a large vineyard covering it. "Nothing in here," Jason said, heading into the dining room with Kitty holding his hand tightly.

"The detail on this is awesome and the leaves feel almost real." Laurel whispered, tracing some of the vines and leaves with her fingers as she studied the wall. "I'd like to get a better look sometimmmmmmmmnnnppphhh!" A wooden grapeleaf leapt from the wall and wrapped itself around her lower face and chin silencing her cry of shock. While, a vine quickly coiled around her waist and spun her so her back was against the wall.

Before she could react more vines had looped around her wrists and ankles and spread her limbs wide apart. More and more of the ornate vines sprang from the wall coiling around her arms, legs, and torso. Laurel uselessly fought against the vines, until her movements became unnoticeable. She screamed into the leaf gagging her as she felt herself being absorbed into the wall.

"Laur?" Jason called out stepping back through the doorway. "Where'd she go?" "Probably, ran looking for Celia. Laurel is so jealous and I know she saw scared little Lisa take Celia's hand." Kitty sheepishly grinned. "They have a little thing... And, this place could make Celia jumpy enough to grab hold of the nearest girl. I know it makes me want to hold you tight, too."

"Really......" Jason smiled, running his hands along Kitty's arms and down to her ass. "This is as good a place as any........"

He leaned over and she lifted her face. But, as their lips met vines flew out from the wall knocking each of them backward.

Jason landed in a chair and before he could spring from it the velvet material covering the chair back wrapped around his chest and arms locking him securely to it. He tried to kick his legs to get some leverage, but, the front leg support bar split in half and wrapped around his ankles locking them to the chair legs.

"JASON, HELP MEMMMMMMPPPHHH!!!" Kitty screamed, as one of the ornate leaves wrapped tightly around her mouth gagging her.

She had landed near the wall and the vines had already looped around her wrists. They pulled them behind her back forcing her palms together as they slithered up and around her forearms making Kitty's elbow move closer and closer together, until they touched.

"MMMMMRRRRRMMMM!!!!" Kitty moaned from the pressure on her shoulders.

The vines began to circle her chest lifting and shaping her 34C cup breasts like a corset. She tried to struggle, but, her arms were useless and the vines had looped around her legs and squeezed them together beneath her.

Jason tried to yell to her, but, the material had oozed up over his chin and mouth silencing his voice. He felt the material move up the back of his neck and head and slowly make its way over his forehead.

The last thing he saw, before the material covered his face completely, was Kitty wrapped in vines, kneeling before the shape of a vine covered Laurel stuck to the wall. Kitty's head was being moved so her mouth was against Laurel's crotch. And, the vines covering it melted away, taking her jeans with them, leaving her pink fleshy lower lips feeling Kitty's hot breath.

Across the entranceway, Brad and the three girls opened the door to the mansion's study. Shelves of books lined the walls and a ladder attached to the shelves could be rolled around the room. A leather sofa was in the middle of the room with a matching chair and ottoman to the right of it. A large wooden coffee table rested in front of the sofa. At the far end of the room was a large oak desk and a 9 foot long polar bear hide lay on the floor between desk and the sofa.

An odd light emanated from a computer screen on the desk giving the room a soft green glow.

"Wow! I didn't expect that." Brad said, pointing at the computer. "Celia, how about checking that out to see if it shows what they've been up to...."

"Where... is... all... the... dust..." Lisa said, wiping her hand long the sofa as she followed the other girls.

"They probably cleaned in here," Brad answered, heading toward the opposite end of the room. Celia and Donna walked across the room and looked at the computer screen. "What the HELL!" Celia gasp. There on the screen, Laurel writhed naked spread eagled against a wall. Vines covered her arms and legs holding her taunt while a bound Kitty knelt between her legs, with her face buried in Laurel's bush.

Kitty's arms were tied together behind her back with vines running from her wrists to elbows. It appeared as if the vines circled her bent legs keeping her upright in a kneeling hog-tie. Something flat and large covered Laurel's mouth, but, could not stop the sounds of her moans of pleasure and Kitty's greedy slurping from filling the speakers.

Along the bottom of the screen words suddenly appeared:



"LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE SHITS, YOUR ASSES ARE MINE!" Laurel screamed, her eyes bulging and fists clenched tight.


"WHAT THE HELMMMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!!" Celia started to reply. A stream of red silk flooded into her mouth.

Neither she nor Donna noticed the 6 rolls of red silk ribbon stacked in a pyramid on the desk. Until, now, as the top one floated in midair unwinding quickly into Celia's mouth.

She started to reach up, but, the next 2 joined the first. Except, they started to loop around her arms and upper body. One starting at her shoulders and the other at her chest just below her breasts.

As soon as the first had filled her mouth, making her cheeks puff out, it began to tightly wrap around her lower face, sealing the packing in. Around and around her head it flew forcing her chin up as it locked her lips closed.

"MMMELLMM, MMELLMM!" Celia's screams became mumbles, as the silk raced around her lower face.

She twisted, reaching out a hand toward Donna, who was still mesmerized by the image of Kitty and Laurel on the screen. But, the second and third rolls of silk quickly looped around pulling her arms back to her sides.

Over her eyes the first possessed roll of silk darted, blinding her to the sight of the other 3 rolls joining in and quickly wrapping her lower body and legs.

"MMMMOOMMMOOO!!!!" Celia tried to scream.

Her muffled outbursts finally drew Donna's notice. She turned her head and stared at the bright red mummy standing next to her.

Celia, blind and muted, felt her legs being forced together and her arms being drawn together behind her back as the ribbon continued wrapping her tightly.

Donna's eyes widen as it dawned on her that is was Celia being cocooned in the ribbon and she made a lunge at the floating silk weaving around her friend, hoping to stop their continued travels.

But, Celia managed to twist just then, bumping into Donna with enough force to cause her to lose her balance.

Donna awkwardly stumbled backward attempting to gain her balance, but, the leather covered ottoman darted across the floor into Donna's path.

Tumbling over the ottoman, she fell head first onto the bearskin rug. It immediately wrapped itself around her, locking her arms to her sides and her legs together, sealing her in fur. The bear head began wiggling itself over and form fitting itself to Donna's head. The bear's stuffed tongue forced itself past her lips and into her mouth filling it. Donna felt the bear head lift its chin forcing Donna's mouth closed. Then, the bear's teeth and lips melted together sealing Donna' lips together also, effectively gagging her.

"LISA, HELP THEM!" Jason yelled, sprinting across the room, his eyes locked on the odd scene that had just unfolded.

He hurdled past the sofa and was nearly to Donna when several thick books exploded off the shelves and smashed into him, knocking him off his feet and backward onto the leather sofa. He rolled over and lifted himself up to all fours. As he tried to shake the cobwebs from his head from the books hitting him, he felt his hands and knees slowly start to sink into the padded leather.

It was as if he were in leather quicksand. He continued to sink, unable to pull either hand out of the sofa.

"LISA, HELP ME!" He pleaded as his elbows and mid-thighs sank into the black leather. "HELP ME... LISA..."

His chest felt the suction of the leather and he lifted his chin trying to keep his head out of the black ooze.

"LIS....." He tried to scream as his head disappeared into the leather cushions and the study floor opened swallowing the sofa. Lisa stood motionless, fear filling her face. She watched in horror the floor sealed itself and to her right the ends of the ribbons melt together around Celia's struggling body.

She noticed the ribbon was so tight she could make out Celia's facial features and curvaceous figure. Even, Celia's 36D cup breasts and long pert nipples, which Lisa had often admired, were unbelievably shaped and defined.

She tried to scream, but, all that came out was a soft peep. The sight and sound of Jason being sucked into the sofa, filled her mind. The frightful wale of his voice and the horrible sucking sound replayed over and over in her ears.

She wanted to run, but, her legs were weak with fear. So, she leaned against the desk to keep from falling to the floor.

Movement to her left startled her. She slowly turned her head afraid of what may happen next.

The bearskin stood on its hind legs.

Lisa could see Donna struggling in her fur body wrap and the horror in her eyes behind the bear head. Donna's muffled pleas for help grew louder as the bear walked around the desk and over to the bright red silk form of Celia.

Her body trembled with fear, as a thick leather collar and leash materialized on the desk and the bear picked them up and buckled the collar around Celia's silk covered neck.

Lisa's mouth dropped wide open as the bear turned toward the door and walked out of the study with Donna secured tightly inside its fur and Celia quick hopping after them to keep up.

She was dumbfounded and didn't know what to do.

The monitor screen flashed drawing her attention.

Lisa's eyes widen as she stared at the image and heard the voices coming from the speakers.

"Damn! Look footprints go to every door in each hallway. There must be at least 20 of them." Bettie Childs said loudly. "We can either take all night checking them together or we can split up, each take a few and hope the others get finished to help."

"We'll split up," Stan said, pulling his cell phone out.

"That'd be breaking the first rule of ghost hunting, remember." Marie laughed.

"Yeah, but, I'm texting Ogre to get Scott and Steve and to get their butts over here now to help." Stan said.

"Tell them to get Kay, Lori, and Angela while they're at it." Bettie added. "The others can keep the nerds busy."

"While you're doing that I'll start with the doors down that hallway." Marie said, turning to go down the hallway on the left.

"I start with the ones down this way," Bettie winked at Stan, then, silently mouthed, as she slowly backed toward the first door down the hallway on the right. "Follow me! I'm so horny, I want you..NOW!"

The screen suddenly split 4 ways. Three of them followed Marie, Bettie, and Stan, while the other remained blurry.

"OH GOD NO!" Lisa cried out, realizing cameras were following her friends.

Lisa saw Stan put his phone in his pocket and start to follow Bettie, but, he stopped.

"Lisa?" He said, looking down the middle hallway. "Lisa where are you?"

"He can hear me," she thought, then, yelled as loudly as she could. "STAN, YOU'RE BEING WATCHED!"

"Lisa?" Stan said again turning toward the sound of her voice. "How'd you get up here without us seeing you?"

"OH GOD NO!" Lisa heard her voice coming through the speakers, and watched Stan quickly run and open the door her voice came from behind.

The camera changed and she watched from inside the bedroom Stan burst through the door.

"LISA," He screamed, wildly looking around the darkened room. "ARE YOU OKAY?"

An old-time long white sleepshirt sat up in the bed, then, floated toward him.

Stan watched the thing get closer and closer to within arms distance.

He tried to see the wires controlling it. Suddenly, the right arm swung at him, hitting him firmly on the chin. Stan staggered backward bumping into the wall behind him.

"YOU, DAMN NERDS, WILL PAY FOR THAT, WHEN, I GET MY HANDS ON YOU." Stan bellowed, reaching for the sleepshirt.

It hit him again with its right arm, then, its left. Alternating arms as it pummeled Stan, until, he fell again against the wall.

"AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!" Stan screamed lunging forward.

The sleepshirt deftly turned to the side avoiding Stan's attack and as he passed it shoved him into the opposite wall.

Lisa watched spellbound as the thing outmaneuvered Stan 3 more times sending him crashing into a wall.

Finally, the sleepshirt held its arms forward, turned the cuffs up and gestured to Stan to come again.

Stan gave a loud battle cry, pushing off from the wall, he ran with his arms spread wide at full speed toward the jeering piece of sleepwear.

It didn't turn or twist, as Stan had expected, instead, it rolled itself up like a window shade letting Stan run full tilt under it and smash face first into the wall.

Stan staggered backward his arms limply hanging at his sides.

"noooooooo...." Lisa whimpered, as she watched a hole open in the floor behind him.

Stan teetered for a moment on the precipice, before, toppling backward and disappearing from view into the hole.

Tears formed in Lisa's eyes as the floor returned and that part of the screen turned black. Her legs gave way and she fell back landing on the soft plush leather cushion of the chair.

"Stan!" Marie's voice immediately, pulled Lisa's attention to the screen and the camera following her into the third door on the hallway she was checking. "Stan, are you in here?"

She had heard Stan's voice, but, it sounded as if it had come from every room.

She had found a light switch next to the doors in the other 2 rooms, so, she reached to her right and flipped the switch.

Light flooded the room revealing the master bedroom.

A larger than king size bed was in the middle of the wall to her right, surrounded by a 4 post canopy. Beautiful velveteen and satin curtains hung from the cross ties and the 4 corner supports were thick mahogany and had intricate decorations carved into them.

A large matching mirrored dresser and chest of drawers were on her right. Two large captains chairs were on either side of the window opposite her. They contained carvings matching those on the canopy supports.

An open door on the wall to her left led to the master bathroom. The entire wall, on either side of that door, had been covered from floor to ceiling with the largest mirrors Marie had ever seen.

Lisa wanted to scream to Marie to run, but, knew it was useless. So, she wrapped her arms around herself, sat back in the thickly padded chair and kept her eyes glued to the screen.

Marie walked over to the foot of the bed and drew open the curtains. The top railing of the footboard was about a foot above the mattress and the headboard looked like a very thick trellis running from below the mattress to the top of the canopy. They both contained the same intricate carvings, which, looked to Marie very much like coils of rope looping around the wood. They reminded Marie of the soft Japanese silk cord they had in the playroom back at the sorority house.

A sound came from the bathroom, so, she turned and quietly crept toward it.

A flash of snow white silk cloth flew through the door and latched itself around her lower face, tightening as it sealed itself together behind her head. Her cheeks quickly bulged over the silk.

"MMMMMMPPPHHH!!!" She gasped, reaching, trying to find an end to remove the gag from her face.

Her fingers fumbled around unable to find a seam.

Lisa sat upright in the chair and watched the canopy curtains, at the foot of the bed whip out from behind and wrap themselves around her flailing wrists.

"MMMMMOOOOOO!!!!" Marie 's screams filled the speakers as the curtain pulled her arms out lifting her from the floor.

Her feet dangled and kick as another larger snow white silk cloth slithered like a snake along the floor from the bathroom.

"MMMMAAAMMMOOO!!!" She whimpered, as the bed sheet stood in front of her.

Her eyes flew open wide as she helpless watched the corners of the sheet unbuckled the belt and snap of her shorts and pulled them and her panties down her struggling legs to her ankles.

"MMMMOOOOO!!!" She screamed as she felt her sneakers and anklet socks fall off her feet and her shorts and panties dropped to the floor.

Lisa watched horrified as the curtain loosened and released her friend's wrists long enough for the sheet to remove her blouse and bra.

The huge sheet flatten out, blocking Marie's view of her image in the mirrors. Then, it began to move along her body, sensually rubbing against her, focusing on her pert mounds.

Marie softly cooed as the soft silky material force her nipples to betray her.

She closed her eyes trying to fight the pleasure she was feeling and didn't notice the cords, until they had wrapped around her wrists, ankles, thighs, elbows, waist, and above and below her now heaving 38D breasts.

The curtain let loose of her wrists, but, she remained aloft. Then, as she slowly floated toward the bed her feet rose, leveling her body, as they were spread wide. She slowly floated over the footboard just beneath the top of the canopy. Her hard erect nipples lightly rubbed along the embroidered canopy cover.

"mmmmooooo!" She cooed, the touch of the fabric heightening her sense of arousal.

She opened her eyes and focused on the embroidery.

The features of a young woman with long strawberry blond hair and deep blue eyes stared back at her over a snow white silk cloth wrapped tightly over her lower face. She was spread eagled on the cloth with soft silk ropes holding her at her wrists, elbows, ankles, thighs, waist, and above and below her firm well rounded breasts.

"mmmmmaaahhhh!" Marie sighed as she felt herself being lowered against a silky soft covering on a very firm mattress.

And, she drank in her embroidered reflection.

She tried to move her arms and legs, but, they were held tight. Turning her head she watched the soft silk cords slide under the mattress, pulling her even tighter against it. Turning her head at a flapping noise above and she watched her beautiful embroidered image disappear behind the snow white silk sheet tautly spread flat above her.

"MMMMMOOOOooooo!" Her cries became more muffled as the sheet lowered over her, covering her and the mattress completely.

It tightened around her as if it had been vacuumed sealed. She had been very immobilized before, but, now she couldn't even move a finger or wiggle a toe.

Lisa watched the canopy curtain close around the bed hiding the shrouded form of her tightly bound and gagged friend from her view.

The screen changed again.

Now, there were only a single split screen. The one on the right remained blurry.

The one on the left brought a gasp from Lisa's lips.

Bettie had removed her clothing and was standing behind the door, obviously waiting to surprise Stan.

Lisa let a sigh escape from her lips. She had always admired and drooled over Celia and Marie's voluptuous bodies, but, Bettie's athletic body had always brought deep dark hidden lesbian desires out in her.

Now, here she was, watching intently as her nude sorority sister pranced about. Knowing full well that Bettie was moments away from some strange type of distress.

Lisa tried to turn away from the screen and thoughts of making a mad dash for the study door.

It was then that she looked from the doorway around the room and realized the large leather chair had disappeared.

Her hands felt the soft smooth leather fabric. She casually looked out of the corner of her eyes and realized she was sitting in it.

Nonchalantly, she eased forward, staring at the computer screen. The blurry right side began to clear and a horrible feeling swept over her.

She saw 10 large leather hands stretch out from the chair.

Counting to herself, one, two, three, she tried to bolt from the chair. But, the hands were quicker.

Two wrapped around her arms to her chest, each one clamping firmly onto a breast. Two more each came out of the arms of the chair, tightly grabbing her arms and pinning them to the chair arms. Four more came from the chair legs grabbing her legs at the ankles and shins then pulled them apart locking them to the outside of the chair legs.

She pulled against the leather, but, it didn't budge. Then, she saw 2 more large black leather hands wiggle out of the padding on either side of her head. The one on the right clamped around her lower face first, followed immediately by the left. They forced her head back against the soft cushion, gagging any outcry she tried to make.

More hands sprang from the leather, 2 locking onto her thighs and pulling them as far apart as possible. Two longer and thinner ones wrapped around her waist below the ones fondling her breasts, holding her tightly against the back of the seat.

She not only saw on the screen, but, felt how securely held she was to the chair. All she could now do was watch and hope against hope, that, Bettie could escape whatever fate was in store for her and rescue everyone.

Lisa silently watched frustration grow in Bettie. Twice she opened the door and softly called for Stan.

The overly large armoire against the wall next to the door thumped, startling Bettie.

She slipped between the bed and the armoire, slowly opened the right side door and peered in.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Bettie gasped, her eyes widening, as she stepped back with a look of total puzzlement on her face.

She opened the left side door and the camera angle changed.

It was as if the camera were placed on Bettie's head.

Lisa's eyes widen, too.

The entire armoire was full of leather straps, gags, corsets. sheaths, all kinds of restraints, and bondage toys of every nature.

She opened the top drawer and gasped at the assortment of sexual toys, stimulators and plugs.

"OH MY GOD! YES...." Bettie said loudly, opening the bottom drawer. "I've always wanted one of these."

She lifted a combination leather mouth and neck corset. Her eyes beamed with glee.

"It even has a head harness attached...And, a built in gag." She cooed, turning the leather item over in her hands.

"OH WOW!!!" She gasped. "You nerds are losers, but, I do like your taste in toys."

The gag was black hard rubber and in the shape of a 3-inch- thick penis and as long as it was thick.

She cautiously looked back and forth, making sure no one would see her. Then, smiling, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and lifted the hard rubber penis gag to her lips.

Lisa watched Bettie slide the huge phallus through her gaping lips completely until they touched the leather mouth corset.

Bettie pulled the sides of the corset around her cheeks and neck, holding them together with her hands, the gag went deeper into her mouth. She had to open her jaw even further.

"mmmpphhmmpphhh!" She tried to speak.

It was barely audible and completely unintelligible.

She stepped in front of the full length mirror on the other side of the armoire.

Lisa would have laughed watching Bettie twist her head back and forth admiring her reflection, but, she was busy trying to rub her chest against the leather hands holding her breasts. The more Bettie paraded nude, the hornier Lisa became.

Bettie stepped toward the door, planning to open it enough to yell for Stan, but, only made it as far as the armoire. She tried to pull the leather apart at the back, but, felt the laces being drawn through the eyelet's.

"What the hell," she mumbled through the gag, trying to dig a finger between the leather and her skin.

The mouth corset wouldn't give and the laces continued to weave through the eyelet's down the back of her head and neck.

"mmmmmooooo!" She silently screamed, desperately pulling on the leather and trying to grab the leather lacing.

The mouth corset tightened around her cheeks and neck. She reached back over her shoulders with both hands trying to untie the the knot at the bottom of the neck, when, she felt the harness wrap and buckle itself over the top her head.

"mmmmmooooo..." She screamed, her fingers unable to release the buckles.

Movement in the armoire caught her attention and before she could bring her arms down from the top of her head a leather corset leapt from the still open drawer and wrapped around her torso.

Lisa watched in awe as the corset quickly laced itself and began tightening turning Bettie's shapely 35/23/36 inch form into one of a more defined hourglass. Her 23-inch waist quickly thinned to 20 inches.

Bettie gasped through her nose, reaching behind her back with her hands trying desperately to find the corset's lacing.

Three small leather straps sailed out form the armoire and wrapped around her arms at her wrists, forearms, and elbows, forcing her arms together behind her back.

"MMMMAAAAAMMMMHHH!!!" Bettie squealed, spinning around in an attempt to free herself.

She bent over and lifted her arms from her back hoping to get a view of them, when, another leather item burst from the armoire.

It slid up her arms all the way to her shoulders. Then, she felt straps loops over her shoulders and connect to the sides of the body corset next to her breasts. Two more strap wiggled their way under her arms and across her chest over her breasts and buckled together.

"OH GOD, AN ARMBINDER!" Lisa shouted into the leather hands gagging her.

The buckles along the sheath of the armbinder began, from her wrists, to lock together, tightening the leather around her arms. Another strap looped around her waist from the armbinder pulling her arms against her back, tightening the restraint even more.

Normally, Bettie would have screamed or lashed out, something to show her displeasure. Even, a spiteful glare at the offending party would have been normal, but, her eyes and mind were now focused on the strap that had lifted itself in front of her from between her legs.

One end connected to the armbinder, but, the other, the free end, had opened the drawer that contained all the dildos, buttplugs, and toys. It seemed to be searching for something.

It dove in and out of the drawer 4 times. On the last plunge it returned sliding a buttplug and dildo along it toward Bettie.

"OH GOD, NOOOOOO!!!" Bettie's mind sang out in time with Lisa's muffled cry.

Both items had been thoroughly dipped in a lubricant. And, after a bit of effort the strap forced the buttplug through Bettie's rosebud, drawing a muffled scream and a deep moan from her.

By this time, Bettie had become so aroused that the dildo, though large, slid into her love box with ease.

The strap ran itself through a buckle on the waist strap and tightened, bringing a loud and distinct moan of pleasure from the bound girl.

Bettie hadn't gotten her breath yet, when 5 more leather straps flew from the armoire wrapping around her legs at her ankles, shins, above and below her knees, and thighs. They quickly buckled pulling her legs tightly together.

"Oh God, what now!" Bettie mumbled into her gag, as she saw a large piece of leather begin to flap against the inside of the armoire.

Her eyes widened as a leather full body sheath joined all the other items holding her. Wrapping around her from her ankles to shoulders, Bettie could feel it tighten as it laced itself closed.

Lisa watched, still unable to believe all that was happening on the screen. She saw Bettie teeter, then, fall backward onto the bed.

The camera angle changed again and it was as if she were watching through Bettie's eyes.

Her feet were in the air. She could see her toes wiggling. Then, a flash of black leather and she watched in shock as a thigh high black leather mono boot slid over her feet and up her leather sheath encased legs. Once her feet were into the shoe, the shaft began lacing itself tightly closed.

Bettie didn't know how she did it, but, she managed to get off the bed and stand. All the leather was extremely tight, but, for some reason it was not as warm in it as it should have been.

And, she was able to maintain her balance much better than she thought she could.

She heard more flapping and thought what else. When the door burst open.

It was difficult with the neck corset. but, she managed to glimpse that way and her heart hoped it would be Stan coming to rescue her.

"MMMMAAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAA!!!!!" She screamed at the sight of a 9-foot tall polar bear skin.

The head bent down and looked deeply into her eyes.

"momma... memme?" Bettie and Donna both mumbled respectively behind their gags.

The bear head turned and watched a leather hood fly from the armoire and wiggle its way over Bettie's head, before it laced itself tightly to the struggling girl's head.

Only Bettie's nose was visible under the leather.

Lisa watched the bear snap a leash to the D-ring on the neck corset around Bettie. Then, she watched the bear with Donna still sealed inside it leave the room with Bettie being forced to hop behind.

The camera angle shifted to the hallway and Lisa through tear-filled eyes sadly watched the bear casually stroll down the hall, enter another doorway and disappear through it, forcing a black leather cocooned Bettie and a red silk ribbon cocooned Celia to hop in after it.

Lisa watched that part of the screen go black, then, fill with her image firmly gagged and securely held in a leather chair by more leather hands than she cared to count.

"Oh no!" She gasped, as a final hand slowly oozed from the leather chair between her thighs.

She took her eyes from the screen and it waved at her almost as if gloating.

Then, it methodically rubbed along her right thigh reaching her private area. It turned as if looking up at her before beginning to massage and stimulate her, driving her to orgasm.

Lisa closed her eyes as the feelings overwhelmed her. Moaning loudly, then, screaming in pure ecstasy into the leather covering her mouth.

She came twice, before the last leather hand stopped its sensual massage and just lay against her.

Several minutes passes before Lisa realized the chair was moving. It took her out into the entranceway and climbed the stairs never losing its firm grip her.

Chapter 3

"Are you sure Bettie told you to get all of us," Kay Winston asked Ogre, as the 3 Alphas and 3 Pis got into Steve's car and drove toward to the Ost Mansion. "That'll leave Kristen all alone with that Omega and Bettie said she wanted to have the pleasure of breaking her."

"Yeah, I can show you the text if you want.. Wait, he's sending another one..." Ogre answered, lifting his phone. "See... He wants us to go directly into the mansion, then, split up to help search. You and I meet he and Bettie in the kitchen, Steve and Angela go to the cellar, and Scott and Lori upstairs....See, I told ya!"

"It is odd, Bettie letting Kristen loose unsupervised," Lori added. "Last time she did that you weren't the same for a week, Angela." "I still start rubbing my thighs together every time I hear a damn door bell ring," Angela said through gritted teeth. "Just because she's a Psyche major, Kristen thinks she can do whatever she pleases."

"Well, she did a good job of turning you into Pavlov's pussy that weekend." Kay laughed. "God, I thought you were a loony nympho, having an orgasm every time the door bell rang...."

The 3 Alphas shared a wickedly evil smirk back and forth.

"Look, she only had me in that thing for a day. She's planning on having that Omega in her clutches for a lot longer." Angela said, anger rising in her voice. "Not that I care what happens to that cow, but, if she succeeds in this, there'll be no living in the house with her. Any time she gets a notion and wants to experiment, WE'LL be the guinea pigs."

"True, but, if she turns that Omega into an overly horny sex machine, then all we'll have to do is just rent that heifer out for parties and stuff," Lori laughed. "We'd make more money like that and won't need to win this stupid Halloween thingy."

"It's not about money or winning," Scott broke in. "It's about getting even with those damn nerds and running them out of school. Step on it Steve, sounds as if Stan needs us a.s.a.p."

Back at the Tri Lambda house, Gilbert's pacing is driving Patsy up a wall. She knows he's terribly concerned for Judy, as she is too. But, the image on the screen, though upsetting to him, is very arousing to her.

The rubber clad woman had added an electric TENS device to the mix and upped Judy orgasm count tremendously. All the woman has to do now is touch one of Judy's thighs with her heel and Judy's tongue darts out of the ring instinctively hunting for the woman's now exposed pussy.

Patsy, as well as Stacy and Miranda, have been glued to the screen and showing signs of their own sexual excitement.

BEEP.... BEEP... BEEP... BEEP.... The second phone in Gilbert's hand beeps with a text message and he quickly checks it.


"LOUIS, IT'S A GO... REPEAT, IT'S A GO!" He quickly screams into the other phone. "MOVE IN, REPEAT, MOVE IN... WILL BE THERE IN 5 MINUTES... GO GET HER!"

Gilbert was halfway out the door, followed by all the other Tri Lambs and Omegas still in the house, with the exceptions of the 3 girls lost in the image on the screen.

At the Pi-Delta-Pi house, Booger and Poindexter had slipped unnoticed through the same outside panel they discovered their freshman year as a secret entrance. Then, they used it to put their hidden spy cameras into all the different rooms, now, it served a more noble purpose. . In the bushes along the front yard, Louis had joined Lamar and Toshiro as they waited for Gilbert's orders. They watched Coach Harris approach the front of the house where the 2 Alphas, Danny and Bill, stood on the porch, semi guarding the door.

"Where the hell is Stan and Ogre? We've got a game this Saturday and I haven't seen them today!" Coach Harris asked the two. "They're... uh... on a mission....Coach..." Bill answered, hesitantly.

"I hope it's about getting rid of those damn nerds, so the athletic department can take their house." Coach Harris grinned. "Tell me what's going on...."

"We've got one of those Omega Mu cows tied up in the basement and giving the campus a show. Stan and the others are.." Lucy Bentley said, coming out of the door at hearing the Coach's voice. "At the Ost Mansion destroying any hope those nerds have of winning the contest.... What are those?"

Three small glowing light blue spheres, each about the size of a baseball, had flown through the air from the bushes and landed on the edge of the porch, skipped across it, and rolled to a stop at Coach Harris' feet.

"I don't know," he said, picking up one of the round objects. "Doesn't matter thooooooooo......"

The sphere burst sending a thick blue gas into the air. The Coach sniffed the sweet smelling odor and fell to the floor, knocked unconscious by the concentrated ether Harold Wormser had concocted.

The other 2 spheres burst and after a couple of whiffs the other 3 people standing on the porch quickly joined the Coach.

"Move in!" Louis ordered.

The three Tri Lambs tugged the sleeping forms into the entrance way of the Pi house after making sure it was clear. Soon they were joined by Gilbert and 10 other Tri Lambs and Omegas. A few more of the spheres, tossed into rooms where the few remaining Alphas and Pi Deltas Pis were relaxing, left them free to roam the house unhindered. "We just got the go ahead," Booger nodded to Arnold Poindexter. "Do it!"

Poindexter closed his right eye and peered through the bottle thick glass of his glasses with his left. He trained the sight of the dart pistol on the perfectly shaped round bright red rubber rump swaying sensually. Its owner, lost in the pleasure Judy's tongue was bringing, did not notice the 2 Tri Lambdas silently slip through the vent cover or hear the commotion in the rooms above her. "NOW!" Judy's mind screamed. "SHOOT HER NOW!" She could not take another forced orgasm or the idea of Dudley 'Booger' Dawson watching it happen to her, in person.

She had seen the 2 Tri Lambdas slip into the room and did all she could to keep her tormentor occupied while they positioned themselves. Little could she help herself though, every time she felt the woman's touch her tongue sprang through the rubber ring and searched for the girl's fragrant pussy. And once it found it, there was no stopping it from completing its duty. And, within seconds of that, her own body would respond to her stimulation's.

So, she dallied, purposely slowly toying with her rubber clad tormentor's pleasure box to keep her distracted just long enough to hide her rescuers' entrance.


"OOOOWWWWW!!!!" The rubber dominatrix gasped feeling a sting in her left buttocks and her body tingle as it instantly grew numb. "OOOOOOoooooohhhh!...." The dart penetrated the rubber covering the round ass cheek and the nerve toxin quickly went to work paralyzing its target.

"Good shot!" Booger grinned, wrapping a congratulatory hug around Poindexter's shoulders. "I was worried you may hit Judy or my foot by mistake. Lets get her."

By the time Gilbert made it to the basement, Booger and Poindexter had released Judy from her bonds and laid the paralyzed Pi on the floor.

Judy managed a smile at the puzzled expression behind the red rubber mask. It was the last piece of clothing left for Booger to remove from her former tormentor.

"I'm fine!" Judy said to Gilbert as he entered the room, then mouthed. "Is every thing else going along as planned?"

"Ye....Yes, we've kept our part of the deal....Are you sure you're okay?" He said, his voice full of concern. "That looked..... dreadful!"

"Actually...." She grinned. "It became quite pleasant.... But, I'm glad to be free of it....."

"Here..." Booger said, holding out the red rubber catsuit and enjoying the view of both girl's nude bodies. "She won't be needing it for a while... You know, I think she liked watching me stripping it off her.... She didn't try to stop me, anyway..." "Kristen Powers!" Judy glared down at the now nude Pi Delta. "So you want to play, DO YOU!"

Kristen had been a real pain to Judy for 3 years.

"What are we going to do with her?" Gilbert asked.

"I say we take her and this lovely toy of hers with us," Patsy said entering the room with Stacy and Miranda right behind her, nodding their heads in agreement. "What do you say Judy."

"So do I!" Judy grinned. "We've got a nice large basement, as well, in the Omega house. And, I'd like to see if the experiment she kept whispering in my ear about works. I've got a strong feeling it will...."

Kristen Powers was unable to move her head or do anything else to protest Booger's gleeful fondling her body while he helped Patsy and Stacy bind her tightly with the ropes they gathered from a corner closet.

With her arms tightly bound together behind her back leaving her chest fully exposed to his lustful stares, Kristen's eyes pleaded for help, but, none was or was going to be given. "They've got a nice assortment of toys in here," Patsy grinned, helping herself to several items that caught her eye. "I don't think they'll miss it, besides Kristen can model them for us...."

"We had the others put 4 of the Pis into the van," Lamar said as he and Toshiro entered the basement. "Tos and I put Coach Harris, Bill, and Danny to bed...."

"The timer is set to go off in about 45 minutes, giving the whole campus a glimpse of the three of them snuggle cuddled together in a nice threesome." Toshiro added, with a huge grin.

"HHHEEEYUCKK, HHHEEEYUCKK, HHHEEEYUCKK..." Louis loudly laughed. "You did get pictures for the yearbook, too, didn't you?"

Toshiro held up his digital camera and nodded, his grin running from ear to ear. "What are you going to do with that?" Lamar said, pointing at the ball gag and harness Judy let dangle from her hand.

It was the same one she had worn earlier. "We can take a chance on her calling out for help, can we?" She laughed, knowing the darts toxin paralyzed her vocal cords as well.

She turned and stared deeply into Kristen's wild fearful eyes.

"I didn't really enjoy the taste of this ball gag, perhaps you will....." Judy snickered, pulling the straps tightly around Kristen's cheeks. "My doesn't it bring out the blue of your eyes....."

"After we get her and the other Pi Deltas secured, we need to take the truck out to the mansion and get the displays." Gilbert said to Louis. "He said to come get them anytime, but, to stay out of the mansion.... I figure the sooner we do the more time we'll have to set up the maze and all at our house."

Louis nodded his agreement and then reached for Kristen's shoulders.

Gilbert, Louis, and Booger lifted the immobile bound girl by her shoulders and ankles, then, headed for the stairs.

"We'll put her in the van and then come back down for the exercise machine and whatever other goodies you want to take," Gilbert smiled to Judy.

Kristen continued to try to plead for mercy with her eyes at the 3 Tri Lambs carrying her. "Trust me," Louis said, looking into her fear filled eyes. "You're much better off with us, than being with your friends at the Ost Mansion...."

Chapter 4

The leather chair creaked loudly as it topped the stairs, the leather hands' never easing their grips on the struggling girl.

"MMMMEEEMMMMMM!!" She screamed into the leather hands covering her mouth gagging her, as the door on her right opens.

Her eyes widen and lock onto Donna's baby blues peering out at her from behind the polar bear head.

"MIMA!" Donna attempted to call out to her sorority sister.

Trying again, Donna is unable to move. The soft white fur holds her arms tightly to her sides and her legs together as one.

"MEMIM ME!" She mmpphhs, as the bear body holding her in it emerges from the door.

The two leather leashes held in its right paw are still attached to Bettie and Celia's collars. The two cocoon figures hopped through the door immediately after the bear.

Lisa's glance flashes from Donna to the two bound girls and back. And, she recognizes the despair flooding into Donna's eyes.

Lisa can tell by that look the sight of seeing her also caught has removed any hope for a chance of escape.

The bear turns and slowly makes its way down the hallway on the right, forcing its 2 bundles to hop along after.

Lisa tries to turn her head to watch the bear, but, the hands holding her refuse to allow it. Donna's futile mumbles slowly dissolve and Lisa renews her frantic struggles as the chair moves down the hallway on the left.

The chair suddenly stops in front of a door and it opens, the hinges eerily creaking.

Lisa feel the chair become thinner as it squeezed through the door, then, returns to its normal shape after entering.

It slowly makes its way towards the captain chair across the room and Lisa's eyes widen when she sees her reflection in the large mirror's on the wall to her left. Loud female muffled moans of sexual pleasure come from behind the bed curtains surrounding the large bed on her right. She quickly recognized the room and Marie's moans. Halfway across the room, the chair arches backward, then spews Lisa from it with the sound of clothing being shredded to pieces. "OUCH!" Lisa yells, landing with a thud naked on the hard wooden bedroom floor a few feet from the captains chair. She rolls onto her side and rubs her bruised ass as she watches the chair disappear into the hallway through the open door. The door slams shut, but, the noise of it and her groans of pain do not interrupt or slow the loud moans coming from the bed. Lisa hesitates for a moment before she crawls to the foot of the bed and pulls herself to her feet using one of the canopy posts. Slowly, she reaches for the ornate curtain. Taking a deep breath, she pulls it wide open. "OH MY GOD!" She screams at the sight before her eyes.

Marie lay tautly spread eagled on the bed. Mahogany colored soft silk cords looped around her wrists and ankles pull them toward the four bed posts. The white cloth gag, Lisa had watched attach itself to Marie, remained tightly wrapped around her mouth muffling her moans. Sweat poured down Marie's face and her chest heaved with each deep breath she drew through her nostrils. Two pillows had been slipped under her hips, lifting them high off the mattress. And between them, the same night shirt, that had fought and beaten Stan, was wildly humping away. Lisa stared at the scene, unable to react until Marie arched her back and fiercely pulled on her bonds. Closing her eyes, Marie screamed into the gag, her chest heaving and her body trembling, as another tremendous orgasm ravaged her.

"STOP!" Lisa screamed, grabbing the night shirt, pulling it off of her friend and throwing it behind her onto the floor.

"It'll be fine, give me a minute to untie you." Lisa said, reaching for the cord to untie Marie's right ankle.

"MEMIM MU!" Marie moaned, her eyes looking past Lisa.

Lisa sensed movement and slowly turned her head. A pair of red cotton long johns was helping the night shirt up.

The two articles of clothing stood behind her. The night shirt's collar motioning from side to side as if saying no, no, no. Then, the cloth duo flew at her.

Lisa put her arms up to block their attacks and felt her forearms being griped tightly. The night shirt held her right arm and the long johns her left as they force her to stretch her arms out and turned her back toward the captains chair.

"MMMOOO!" Marie screamed, as she watched the same kind of cords holding her spring from the chair arms and loop around Lisa's wrists.

"WHAT THE HELlllll....." Lisa yelled as more cord sprang from the chair legs, looped around her ankles and begin to pull her backward into the chair.

The night shirt let go of her forearm and began squeezing and fondling her breasts pushing her into the chair. The long johns moved from her arm to between her legs, rubbing her twat and ass sensually. "NOOOOO...OOOOHHHH!" Lisa screamed and moaned, her body beginning to enjoy the odd sensations.

As her legs touched the chair legs, cords sprang from the back and seat of the chair. Carefully avoiding the 2 clothing items, they looped around her waist and thighs and pulled her into the chair. Her back landed firmly against the back of the chair and her thighs forced wide apart. Her tormentors continued as Lisa fought, but, was unable to stop the cords from forcing her arms onto the chair arms. More cord looped around her arms locking them to the chair arm from her wrists to elbows. Her legs and the rest of her were soon entwined to the chair in mahogany cord. Only her head, neck, heaving breasts and quickly moistening pussy were left uncovered. "Stop, pleaseee.... Let us go, please..." She begged.

The pair of long johns walked over to the night stand next to the bed and after toying with Marie's wet pussy and hard nipples pulled a ring gag from its drawer.

"NO, NO, NOMMMMMPPPHHH!" Lisa pleaded as it forced the gag past her lips and buckled it tightly behind her head.

The night shirt floated up. Its sleeves holding Lisa's head between them as it moved closer to her face. She watched its bottom hem roll itself slowly up until it revealed a white cotton diaper looking 10-inch wide sash undergarment.

A thick white penis shape protruded from the sash saturated with Marie's juices to the point of them dripping freely from it. "MO, MO, MOOOMMMMPPPPHHH!!!!" Lisa pleaded as the bulging object forced its way through the ring into her mouth.

The night shirt began to thrust the cloth in and out of Lisa's mouth holding her head tightly with its sleeves, while the long johns renewed its assault on her love box.

Lisa, being not unaccustomed to orally satisfying several of the Alphas, felt the cloth object begin to get harder and grow unbelievably thicker with each thrust. She could also feel her body also growing closer and closer to an unwanted orgasm.

"MMMMMAAAAAOOOO!" She screamed, when she felt it seem to ejaculate as her body trembled and strained against her bonds in a monstrous climax.

"MO, MO, MO....!" Marie screamed at the sight.

The orgasm seemed to last forever to Lisa. It was only when the night shirts release its grip on her and floated backward that she came back to herself.

The thick hard shape remained in the ring and she felt the ends of the cotton cloth wrap around her lower face. It pulled itself tight forcing the penis shape deeper into her mouth before sealing itself together.

"MMMUU...MMMOO!" Lisa yelled unable to remove the gag or intruder as she wildly shook her head.

The long johns moved in front of Lisa and behind them she saw the night shirt float into the bathroom only to return shortly with another sash beneath it.

But, what caught Lisa's eyes was the huge penis shape poking out from the long johns, stretching the material in the front.

She thought the one held in her mouth was large, but, this was even thicker and longer.

The long johns slowly turned and headed over to the end of the bed, followed by the night shirt.

"MMMMOOO! MMMMOOO!" Marie screamed into her gag, her eyes pleading with Lisa as the long johns moved between her wide open legs and the night shirt closed the bed curtains.

Downstairs in the dining room's waiting area, Kitty felt the vines holding her slowly relax their grip. She was able to remove her face from Laurel and with a great amount of effort soon freed herself from her bindings.

She rolled to her side and stared into Laurel's eyes, which were slightly glazed over due to the number of orgasm Kitty had provided.

A soft mumble from the side drew her attention.

"JASON!" She yelled, seeing what had happened to her lover for the first time. "Hold on, I'm coming...."

But, before she could reach him, the floor beneath the chair that held him turned muddy black and he sank into its dark depths.

"JASON, JASON, JASON...." She wildly screamed in horror, before collapsing onto the floor crying hysterically. "MMMEEELLLMMM... MMMEEELLLMMM!" Laurel yelled at Kitty after a few moments. "MELM ME!"

The sounds of Laurel's gagged pleas finally reached Kitty.

Sniffling loudly, Kitty moved in front of Laurel, but, hesitated to attempt to free her friend.

Each time Kitty reached to try to free her the vines next to Laurel would move defensively causing Kitty to jump and stop. "MUM! MUM! MUM!" Laurel began screaming into her gag at Kitty.

Looking up, Kitty saw Laurel's gaze was not at her, but, at the doorway leading to the dining room.

Kitty's mouth opened wide without a sound as she turned her head and saw what Laurel was yelling about.

Coming through the doorway heading straight toward them, was a huge animal. The closer it came the higher the fear level in Kitty rose.

It stood like a human on its hind legs making it at least 8-feet tall. Its legs and arms were extremely toned and muscular, covered with gray fur as was the rest of its body. A huge elongated wolf shaped head rested on its muscular shoulders and neck. Drool flowed from its mouth and it bare its huge yellow fangs and teeth.

"MMMAAAAMMMMM!" Laurel screamed as it towered over a fear induced petrified Kitty.

It raised itself to its fullest in front of Kitty.

Kitty trembled and her mouth dropped even further as she lowered her head and stared at the fully erect gray fur covered 5-inch thick 2-foot long penis aimed at her.

"GGGGRRRRRRRRR!" It snarled, curling its lips showing its full set of yellow fangs. "GGGGRRRRRRRRR!"

Kitty felt the vibrations of the werewolf's deep base growl and immediately fainted, falling toward the floor.

But, the creature caught her before she hit it.

"MEEM MEM MAMOME!" Laurel screamed at the werewolf, knowing it was about to rip her friend, then most likely her, to shreds in mere moments.

Instead the monster used its 3-inch long sharp claws to gently remove all of Kitty's clothing.

With all that had transpired, Laurel was stunned as she watched the werewolf go into and come back from the dining room with several coils of rope.

She didn't know what to expect, so, she continued to attempt, through her gag, to plead with him to leave Kitty alone. Which he ignored while he bound Kitty's arms tightly behind her back and her legs together.

Laurel stopped her protesting and watched in disbelief when the creature worked a ring gag between Kitty's lips and buckled the head harness it was attached to around her head.

Lifting Kitty's unconscious body and turning her so the tip of his penis touched the ring gag, he looked at Laurel and his snarl turned into a smile.

"OH GOD NO!" Laurel thought, and she instinctively began uselessly fighting her bonds.

"THOMAS!" A sharp cackling voice shouted from the door leading to the entranceway. "You know you can't do that until dawn!"

Laurel saw 3 shapes enter the room and as they drew closer she had to close her eyes to stop from vomiting. They were the most hideous looking so called women she had ever seen. The werewolf was more beautiful to her in comparison.

Their voices were shrieking cackles and their faces and hands were covered with warts and growths. Their eyes were nearly transparent and all three had long crooked pointed noses and chins.

"You're early! And, I know the rules!" The werewolf growled. "I wasn't going to do anything, just a little sneak peek for her companion was all."

The werewolf nodded his head at Laurel.

"We were going to go by the cave to make the potions, but, thought we needed to come by here first, fortunately." The tallest of the three said, looking at Kitty, but, drawing close to Laurel as she sniffed the air. "This one is tempting and I'm sure will please Nakesha, but, I think I'd prefer the one you're holding...."

"She WILL ENJOY MY COMPANY!" The werewolf growled at the woman. "Besides, you will be provided, as you always seemed to enjoy more in the past, with males. And, not all the gifts have arrived as of yet..."

"Excellent! As you wish, then. We'll return shortly..." The three said in unison and disappeared in a mist.

"Don't worry my little one," he whispered in a growl into Kitty's ear. "No one but I will have you..."

"MMMAM MAMMEM...MMMOOO..MOOO!" Kitty screamed awaking and suddenly understanding her serious plight.

She struggled against her bonds as the werewolf lifted her from the floor and draped her over his shoulder.

He turned to leave but stopped and loudly sniffed the air.

Then, he reach a clawed finger down and gently stroked Laurel's still very wet pussy.

His soft touch surprised the bound girl and she immediately responded.

He held the struggling Kitty easily on his shoulder as he continued until Laurel climaxed. Lifting the claw to his long furry nose, he sniffed again.

"YYYEEESSSSS!" He growled and grinned. "Nakesha will enjoy you very much... Nearly, as much as I will enjoy this tender morsel."

Laurel cried as she watched him leave through the dining room, Kitty pleading and screaming through her gag helplessly bound and gagged over his massive shoulder.

Chapter 5

The sound of Marie's loud moans changed to ones of unconscious muffled whimpers to Lisa. She was worried about her friend, but, more concerned about herself. The cords holding her had not loosened any, despite her torrent of struggles.

"OH NO!" Lisa thought to herself, when the bed curtains parted and she saw the vacant stare in Marie's eyes. "What have they done to her?"

The night shirt and long johns stood on the bed as if they were gloating. And, Lisa could see huge erections poking out from them.

'MMMOOOOOO!!" She screamed, shaking her head back and forth, when both leapt from the bed and landed on either side of her.

The night shirt pulled the sash from beneath it and lay one end on the chair seat between her legs. The erect penis remained thick and full, and, pointed directly up at her.

Lisa stared down at it and felt the cloth slowly work its way between her moist pussy and the seat cushion. Bound as she was to the chair, her 36B cup breasts soon blocked the sight of the hard penis shape cotton cloth as it closed in on her still very stimulated pussy.

"MMMOOO!" She whimpered, feeling the intruder rub against her clit as it slid along her slit before squeezing under her.

Then, she felt it begin to slid between her labia and wiggle its way into her.

As soon as it fully inserted itself into her the matching shape in her mouth began to pulsate in rhythm with its brother.

"MMMMMMAAAAAAAA!!!!!" She screamed louder as she felt another bulge in the material begin to grow and wiggle its way past her virgin sphincter.

She closed her eyes and tried to fight its entry, but, could feel she was failing badly.

"OH GOD NOOOOOOO!" Her mind screamed, when she opened her eyes and saw the pair of red long johns standing in front of her.

Its long thick hard penis shape slowly faded away. And, as it shrank, the invader in her rear grew.

Soon, the red bulge protruding from the long johns disappeared from in front of her, but, filled her rear orifice. It quickly joined the other 2 vibrating objects filling her openings in causing her moans and muffled pleas for mercy to match those she had been hearing coming from Marie earlier.

The cords circling her chest moved and tightened around her breasts reshaping them into more rounded masses.


"MMMMAAAAAAA!!!!" She screamed, as both items of clothing began using their limp sleeves to snap whip her enlarging nipples.

Tears formed in her eyes, but, she also felt herself becoming more and more aroused with each sleeve slap and pulse of the items filling her.

"MMMMAAAAAAHHHH, MMMMOOOO!" She loudly screamed into her gag when the first orgasm hit her and the second followed.

She came a third time and was about to come a fourth when everything suddenly stopped and she realized there were footsteps along with voices coming from outside the room.

"MMELMM, MMELMM!" She began to scream, but, the cloth penis gagging her enlarged silencing any sound, but as it did, the other 2 also increased in girth and vibration returning her focus to them.


With the 3 intruders continuing to grow and distract she faintly heard Ogre's booming voice calling out in the distance for Stan. And, she thought she heard Steve and Lori's voices growing closer as they also called out for the others. But, each time she tried to concentrate on the voices her assailants would increase their attack. Besides, she knew that she nor any of the others could reply or warn them.

Downstairs the new arrivals were diligently searching for their comrades.
"Here's the cellar door," Scott said, opening a door under the large stair case. "And, there's a light switch that works, too."

"I smell grilled meat," Ogre grinned at Kay as he pasted the door Scott and Angela had just entered. "This way to the kitchen... SNIFF... SNIFF ... SNIFF...MMMMM...STAN, BETTIE, ARE YOU THERE?"

"I don't smell anything, except dust." Kay sneered.

"IF YOU FIND ANYONE CALL OUT!" Steve yelled, from the top of the stairs before returning to help Lori, who had already began trying to open several doors along the hallway to the left.

Above her muffled moans, Lisa heard the door handle jiggle, but, it didn't open. The night shirt and long johns quickly moved across the room and flattened against the wall on either side of the door.

"All these doors are locked," Lori yelled back to Steve. "Now what?"

"I don't know..." Steve replied. "Try pulling on these hallway lamps and see it they trigger a door lock release or something. That worked in a movie I watched once."

They both began pulling on the brass hall lamps between the doors.

"Hey, this one is moving!" Lori smiled, pulling the lamp down toward her an inch.

There was a loud 'CLICK' and the door next to her popped slightly open.

"It worked," she said, triumphantly, and looked back to were Steve had been standing, but, was now gone. "Did you hear me...Where'd you go?"

She started to go look for him, but, the sound of Lisa's muffled voice coming from behind the open door caught her attention.

"Lisa? Is that you?" Lori said sticking her head through the door. "LISA! WHAT IN THE WORLD!"

She pushed the door wide open and hurried across the room.

"MMMMUMM, MMUUMM!" Lisa tried to warn her.

Lori stopped just in front of her bound friend and slowly turned her head to her right.

"Marie? Oh my God! What happened here?" Lori gasp at the sight of the other bound coed. "What have those damn nerds done to you?"

The sound of the door slamming shut made her jump and spin around.

"What the hell!" She whispered at the sight of the night shirt and long johns walking toward her. "How are they doing thaaaa..."

The long johns looped its right sleeve around her right wrist and used its left to begin unbuttoning her red silk blouse. The night shirt looped its left sleeve around her left wrist and wrapped its right around her lower face silencing her as they pulled her against the bed's foot board.

As soon as the long johns had unbuttoned and removed her blouse from her the ornate mahogany cords carved into the canopy posts unwrapped from the wood and looped around her wrists spreading her arms wide apart over her head.

"MMMMOOOO, MMMOOO!" She protested as her animated assailants removed her metallic looking jeans and silver colored satin thong. Then, after removing her ankle boots, they held her legs apart as more of the cord wrapped around her ankles and pulled them further apart.

"MELM! MELM, MEME! MELM!" She screamed as the cords pulled her into a standing spread eagle.

"NOOOOMMMMPPPPHHH!" She pleaded as the night shirt unwrapped its sleeve, but, immediately, pulled a thick white cotton cloth between her teeth and tied it tightly around her neck.

As the night shirt wrapped a longer white satin cloth around and around her mouth and lower face, the long johns began fondling her pert heaving breasts.
The night shirt joined in by firmly slapping her pussy several times, then, massaging it sensually until the hysterical girl suddenly screamed into the gag with her first of many orgasms.

Lisa silently watched the events and would have liked to try to calm Lori, but, her invaders began again and from the corner of her eye she saw 2 bulges in the bedcover rise and move toward Marie.

After a few minutes had any of the others been upstairs, they would have been privy to a concert of orgasmic induced pleasure groans and moans by a talented trio of bound and gagged sorority sisters.

Meanwhile, Scott and Angela had made their way down the cellar stairs and through the only door they could see. The room they entered contained row after row of vintage wines in racks. The only way Angela could get Scott to keep moving was for her to promised to come back after they found everyone and give him one of her famous blowjobs while he drank several of the bottles.
They move down a narrow hallway. But, just as they opened the door at the end, Steve fell from the ceiling on top of them knocking Scott to the floor and Angela through the doorway.

"WHAT THE HELL! WHERE'D YOU COME FROM?" Scott screamed at Steve, pushing him off from him.

"I don't know, man!" Steve stuttered. "I was upstairs with Lori looking for Stan, when all of a sudden I felt myself falling through a dark black mist. It seemed like I fell for hours, then, WHAM, I landed on you.. That was weird!"

"You okay, Angela?" Scott said, after shaking the cobwebs from his head and getting to his feet. "Angela? Angela? Where are you?"

He turned and quickly burst through the open door.

The room was full of old wood crates spread out on the floor and 3 old wooden tables with dirty old clay jars laying on them.

"ANGELA!" He yelled louder, but, did not get a response. "Where in the hell did she go?"

"She's not back this way," Steve said, entering the room. "She may have ran through that door over there."

The thick metal door was slightly ajar. It was heavier than a normal door and took a bit of effort from both of them to force it wide open.

"Damn, look at these!" Steve said, pointing to claw marks on the inside of the door. "I wonder what made them."

Ample light filtered in through an open door across the room that allowed them to make out the furnishings. A small table and chair against the wall on their right and an over sized cot protruded from the wall to their left.

"MMEEMMMM!!!" A muffled voice from above screamed at them.

"OH MY GOD!" Scott gasped, looking up toward the voice. "KITTY?"

Six feet above the cot, Kitty dangled naked from chains attached to the ends of 2 sets of 4-foot long wooden stocks. Her neck was held in the middle and her wrists held wide apart near the ends in padded holes of one set,. While, her legs were held wide apart by her ankles, which, were locked into similar padded holes near the ends of the other set.

Her mouth looked to be forced wide open by a large ring and a steady trickle of drool slipped between her neck and the hole's padding making its way down her body.

In the middle of her leg stocks 2 poles extended up connecting the 2 sets of stocks and holding her between them. Ropes looped around her chest kept her back and spine firmly against one, while, forcing the other pole against her chest between breasts. A thin twine was tied to that pole and looped around the base of each breast securing them to the pole as well as shaping them.

"OH MAN!" Scott stammered, mesmerized by the sight as he slowly walked toward her. "Are those vacuum clamps?"

On the ends of a T shaped rod, attached to the front pole, were glass vials. One end of each vial was plugged with one of Kitty's engorged nipples and areola. The other end had a rubber tube that was connected to a small air compressor attached between the poles just below Kitty's knees.

"HOLY SHIT!" Steve blurted out, seeing another small motor attached between the poles above the compressor. "IT'S ONE OF THOSE FUCKING MACHINES!"
Two rods rose from opposite sides of the motor and on the end of each rod were long thick dildos. The one between her legs was fully inserted into her pussy, but, only the tip of the other found its way into her asshole.


The motor and compressor jumped to life, scaring years of precious life from both young men and sending frantic convulsions of fear and loud moans of dread and pleasure from Kitty.

They knew should have been looking for a way to free her from her plight, but, were unable to remove their eyes from the scene above them. As one dildo slowly retreated, without ever completely exiting from its assigned hole, the other made it way in until it disappeared. Then, the cycle reversed and repeated itself.

As the compressor increased its output, they watched her nipples stretch until they touched, what looked like, a thin electrode in the vial.. Kitty's chest flinched and they could see a small bluish spark leap from the electrode. Then, the compressor stopped momentarily.

"Damn those nerds are devious," Scott mumbled, unable to remove his eyes from Kitty's torments.

"We need to find someway of getting her down," Steve finally whispered, after the compressor had stopped for the third time.

"Yeah, yeah, see if you can find a switch or something to lower the chains." Scott nodded, still staring up at the sight.

"MOOM MOUM, MEMIM MU!" Kitty screamed, trying desperately to warn them.
But, it was to late. Neither of her would be rescuers heard the large creature come up behind them, through the secret door that opened. Its sound hidden by the sound of the compressor,. Nor did either see the club in its paw before being knocked unconscious by a blow to the back of their heads.

With 2 quick and firm swings of his mighty arm, both male students became crumbled unconscious heaps on the floor at its feet.

"I knew you'd be a delightful distraction to any visitors," It grinned up at her, clicking a button on the remote control it had in its other paw. "Can't let my toys push you so far you go over the edge, now can I..."

The compressor and motor stopped leaving the dildo in her butt fully inserted and the tip of the other just out of the reach of her swelling clit.

"MMMOOO, MMMOOO, mmoo, mmoo, mo..." Kitty whimpered, as she watched the werewolf drag the 2 unconscious forms by their ankles through the secret door across from her.

She sighed into the gag and wondered if it was the failed rescue or not being allowed to orgasm that depressed her more.

"Mamom,? Man?" She gasped, seeing Jason and next to him Stan chained spread eagle to the wall across from the secret door to the hidden chamber.

"Don't worry about them," the creature said returning to the doorway and nodding his large head at the 2 chained young men. "Plans have been made for them."

He raised and aimed the remote in her direction.

"And, I've plans for you, also." He grinned, clicking the remote and snickering evilly as the machines turned back on.

"Only a few hours longer, then, I'll not need to keep you stimulated like this." His yellow teeth reflected the light from the room as he grinned. "I just hope for your sake, they've relaxed and stretched you enough so you can enjoy me..."

"OH MY GOD! NO!" Kitty thought looking again at the size of the cock aimed at her, as he stepped back letting the secret door close between them. "That thing will rip me in half!"

Little did Kitty know below her in another very secret underground room another of her sorority sisters reappeared.

"OOOOOOFFFFF!!!" Angela gasped for breath, landing hard on her back. "What the...."

She watched the black mist she had just fallen through disappear into the ceiling.

"Oohh, where am I?" She mumbled as she forced herself to a sitting position. "Scott? Scott , do you hear me? SCOTT... WHERE ARE YOU? HELP! HELP! HELP!"

She looked around, but, couldn't see or hear him and was puzzled as to what had happened. All she could remember was being pushed through the door and falling into and through darkness until landing hard on this table.

There were nearly a dozen torch lights spread about the room giving her enough light to see clearly.

Two sarcophagi stood upright in the corners to her right one closed and the other open. In the middle of the wall to her left there was a massive door. The room was fairly large, at least 40-feet square. Small tables with various sized ornately decorated clay jars on them were against the other 3 walls and rolls of cloth were stacked in neat pyramids about head high around the room.

The table she had landed on seemed to be in the center of the room and by the way the light reflected from it looked to be made of smooth polished gold,. It was 8-foot long and 4-foot wide with what looked like a human forearm and hand protruding from each corner. The hands were open palm up and the fingers semi clenched as if allowing something to slide through it. They also looked to be made from gold.

She had went on a vacation to Egypt with her family a couple of years ago and had visited several tombs and ancient burial chambers. This room looked so much like one of those it sent an eerie chill over her.

Angela suddenly felt an urgent need to get off from the table.

She was fairly certain that there would be little help coming soon, so she walked over to the door, but, quickly realized there was no way she could open it.

"There has to be a release mechanism," she whispered to herself, remembering their Egyptian guide's words about how the doorways were made with elaborate locks to keep thieves out or trap them in, so she began studying the carvings around the door and the walls. "They look like the Egyptian hieroglyphics she remembered seeing on those tomb walls."

She traced her finger around one of the symbols that seemed familiar and was repeated over and over, trying to recall what the guide had said about it.

"Yes, this one, if I remember correctly means..." She whispered louder, remembering their guide pointing to it many times as they entered and left several of the tombs that were open to tourists. "CURSED!"

She looked around the room and realized it looked to be a combination mummification area and tomb. They had visited both on their vacation.

Stepping over to one of the cloth stacks, she gently ran her hand along the cloth feeling the smooth exotic texture of Egyptian silk and she remembered how soft and erotic it felt on her skin when she wore it while there. But, looking closer at the cloth it didn't seem to have a manmade texture to it.

A torch light flickered across the room and a set of symbols near it caught her eye.

It was the curse symbol followed by a series of pictures depicting a young man being wrapped in the cloth by priests and placed in a sarcophagus alive. After that series, another began showing a woman being wrapped in bandages by the same young man. And, after that, a series depicting him binding her to the table as a sacrifice, followed by him sexual assaulting the woman in various ways.

"An ancient sexual predator caught in the act and punished," Angela mused. "Forced to remain as one of his victims I suppose... What's this?"

Angela looked at another wall panel.

Again, there was the cursed symbol, but, this time it was followed by a series of pictures depicting a very tall woman leading a bound and gagged women down a flight of stairs and into a room similar to this one.

She laid the woman on the table in the middle of the room, which was very similar to the one she had landed on, and rebound her to it with the cloth that flowed from the open hands in the corners. Once finished, she climbed atop the woman, place her face between the woman's legs and the woman's face between hers.

"Oh my God!" Angela giggled. "Lesbian love making Egyptian style."

But, the pictures continued and showed the tall woman opening the sarcophagus and letting the mummy wrapped young man out. Then more pictures depicted him pleasuring himself with the bound woman on the table while the tall woman watched.

A symbol showing the sun rising, then, falling was above these symbols. The last picture in this series was one that looked like the tall woman fleeing from the same priests who had punished the young man.

"Interesting," Angela sighed. "But, how do I get out of here?"

She sensed motion behind her and turned.

"AAAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!!" Angela screamed at the sight of a spider the size of a Volkswagen automobile unfolding from under one of the tables and quickly scampering toward her.

Her body went numb as she slowly backed away, staring at the huge advancing thing, until her back became flush with the door.

"SHOO! GO AWAY!" She screamed at it. "GO AWAY! AAAIIIIEEEMMMPPhhhh!"

It reared onto its 4 back legs and sprayed a stream of fine liquid from what looked liked utters near the top of its chest directly into Angela's mouth.

Her mouth filled with the liquid before she could close it and the creature began weaving a thick silky threading from its 2 front legs around and around and around Angela's lower face and mouth.

Instinctively, Angela lifted her hands in an attempt to remove the silk threads. But, the creature's final set of legs snagged her fingers with even thicker silk threads and began looping them together in front of her just below her neck.

Angela's hands were quickly covered with the threads, locking them palm to palm between her ample breasts. Her arms soon followed and were bound to her chest and sides.

The creature's front legs had completely covered Angela's lower face and neck and had started weaving its thread around the top of her head and chin, forcing Angela's lips to close even tighter.

Angela knew she had to do something, so, she kicked her leg up at the creature and connected sending it backward and making it stop its attack.

She pushed herself from the wall and began to run away toward the open sarcophagus.

Suddenly, she stumbled and she fell toward the floor.

She closed her eyes and prepared to hit the floor head first, but, never did. Instead she felt herself flip upside down and her ankles forced together.

Her body swung forward and she tried to kick her feet to spread them apart, but, they remained together.

What's more as she swung backward she saw a second spider stretched upward sealing the webbing holding her ankles to the ceiling. The first spider then joined the second and both used their 4 front legs to web her body completely in the silky threading. Her eyes were the last things covered.

Angela felt herself swing slowly back and forth unable to pull her arms free or even scream out for help. It was then she realized the liquid sprayed into her mouth had solidified. Her mouth was now packed full of silk. It felt the same as that one time when Bettie had stuffed her mouth full with her silk panties and wrapped several silk scarves over her head. But, this time the silk covering was sticking to her face like tape.

Suddenly, she felt herself gently falling onto her back on something hard and being forced to remain still. She tried to twist, but, could feel more pressure on her legs and body to keep her from moving.

A heavy weight pressed onto her body adding to her immobility. Then, pressure was applied to her lower face and she felt something burst through the silk filling her mouth.

It was pointed and round. And, as soon as it pushed its way through the packing filling her mouth it stopped.

"NNNNNOOOOO!!!" Angela's mind screamed at her, as she felt the intruding item begin to pulse and throb.

Fluid spurt onto the back of her throat and she had to fight the urge to gag as she began swallowing the thick fluid.

The intruder stopped pulsing and as it reversed itself it secreted more fluid sealing the silk pack that filled Angela's mouth.

"AAIIEE!" She screamed into the gagging, feeling a sharp stab into her left buttocks. "What was thaaaa"

Angela quickly drifted off into a forced slumber.

Meanwhile, Ogre had grabbed Kay's arm and had dragged her behind him toward the kitchen. He was starving and quickly followed the aroma of grilled food, ignoring Kay's ranting.

"What do you mean you smell food. I don't smell anything." She raved. "You idiot, we're supposed to find Stan and Bettie, not go running after an imaginary meal. You're a pathetic goon. I don't see why Stan and them put up with you. LET GO OF ME, YOU MORON!"

He pulled her into the dust covered kitchen, not letting her go until he had dragged her around the table on the far side of the room.

"Listen to me you pathetic oaf, THERE IS NO FOOD, THERE IS NOTHING IN HERE..." she screamed at him.

"What do you call that?" Ogre said, pointing to the dust covered kitchen table. "Look at that! That's got to be the biggest steak I've ever seen. And that baked potato is the size of a football.... And, this, you don't want a sip of this...."

He lifted his empty fingers up, as if he were holding a large glass, and pressed them to his lips as if taking a drink.

"Oh, man! That has to be the best tasting beer I've ever had." He grin and pulled a chair to the table and sat down. "Sure you don't want some?"

Kay watched him pick up imaginary utensils and begin to devour nothing.

"Either you or I are delirious," she said, turning toward a door on her right. "And, I vote you. I'm going to look for Bettie and Stan. You, you big moron, can just sit there and waste time enjoying your imaginary tea party or whatever it is...."

She stomped off through the door after opening it.

Kay never could nor ever would stand Ogre, or most men for that matter, him in particular. Mostly due to the fact that Bettie and Stan always forced her to be with him, pushing them together. She couldn't stand the thought of that Neanderthal holding her, let alone, wanting to touch his penis or let it into her.

She never had or ever would let a man have her. Not that she didn't want to have passionate love made to her. She had many dreams at night where she would give herself to other women, some she knew, others were just figments of her imagination. Dominate, powerful women who were able to satisfy her submissive lesbian lusts and longings for days on end.

From early on she knew she enjoyed other girls company more than boy or men. Then, when she become a Pi Delta Pi and met some of the other sisters she knew what she wanted, but, hadn't been able to connected in a sexual way to any of them. She had hopes to join Lauren and Celia, but, they were both to jealous to share with another. Then, someone spread the word that she was Ogre's woman and that ended her searching for the present.

"God, how I hate that idiot...." She mumbled to herself as she reached for the chain dangling from the light.

"He's so gross. If I ever wanted to do it with a guy, he'd be my last choice. I'd rather give myself to one of those Omega heifers before I let him have me...."
Light filled the small 6-foot by 6-foot pantry. Shelf after shelf of canned goods were on the walls to her left and right. But, it was the shelves on the wall in front of her that grabbed her attention.

There were 5 shelves from floor to ceiling and all of them contained the same thing. Nearly twenty boxes of the same self sealing plastic wrap were stacked on each.

Kay pulled a box off one of the middle shelves and opened it. It was the same kind they used at the sorority house, very stretchy and sticky. She put it back and turned to leave, when, all of the plastic wrap boxes began to wobble and fall from their shelves. But, none hit the floor.

"WHAT THE HELL! HELMMMMMPPPPHHHHHH!!" Kay screamed as the rolls of plastic wrap flew from their boxes and began circling her entire body.

Loop after loop around her face several flew, silencing her cries for help while others looped around her chest and legs forcing her arms to her sides and her legs together.

She tried to hop away towards the open door, but, the rolls of wrap continued their mission. The closer she got to the door the blurrier her vision grew with each layer of wrap looping around her eyes. The sight of the blurry kitchen filled her as she passed through the doorway and she turned to where she had left Ogre.

He was still eating from an imaginary plate.

"MMELLMM!!" She screamed at him through the plastic that covered her mouth. "MMELLMM MMMEEE!"

He looked up at her and all she could see was a blank stare in his eyes and a goofy shit eating grin on his face.

"Kay? That you? Sorry, if you change your mind and want some, but, I couldn't stop eating it until I ate it all." He said, seeming to not notice her plight. "How'd you get all that stuff wrapped around you... You look silly... Man, that looks tight. How are those things doing that by themselves... Was Stan or Bettie in there?"

"What is the matter with that fool?" Her mind screamed at her. "Why isn't he trying to help!"

The rolls of plastic wrap continued to circle her, getting tighter and tighter with each loop. Her arms were uselessly held to her sides and the thickness of the wrap on her legs made it extremely more difficult to hop.

When the last of plastic wrap on the last roll had finished Kay could not see a thing or make a sound. But, somehow she had no trouble breathing through her nose, the plastic had not covered it at all. She stood at the end of the table her mind racing wondering what had happened and how. She heard Ogre grunt and speak , but, was unable clearly understand what he said.

"OH, MY GOD!" Ogre screamed, staring a the 9-foot tall polar bear as it entered the kitchen.

He was unable to move. Fear and the huge meal he had just eaten held him in his seat. So all he could do was watch as the bear locked a leather collar around Kay's neck, attach a leash to it, then, pulling on the leash, forced her to hop along after him out of the room.

He sat there watching a plastic wrapped Kay join 2 other female figures, one covered in black leather and the other wrapped in red silk ribbon, hopping behind the huge white furry creature down the hallway.

"That's something you don't see every day," He grinned lifting the glass of beer to his lips and draining it. "What, whoa, hey what, stoppppp....."

Ogre felt the chair, with him unable to get out of it, slowly sink and disappear into a black ooze on the floor.

Chapter 6

The headlights burst through the window illuminating, for a brief moment, Laurel and the room. Hope, that she would be seen and rescued, again welled up inside her. But, deep down she knew the decorative vines holding her would never allow it.

A few hours earlier she had seen the lights from several other vehicles pulling into the mansion's driveway and had the same desperate hope.

Only, it was a large group of the nerds she and the others had enjoyed taunting over the years at Adams College.

Even though she loathed them, if they were to rescue her, she may have been able to tolerate their existence. However, hearing their conversations, as they removed the displays from the yard, quickly and utterly destroyed her hope for rescue by them.

"Careful taking these displays apart. We have to be able to put them back together to use in the maze at our house." She overheard the goofy one, the others called, Lewis say. "Setting them up here was just a decoy to lure the Alphas and Pis. HEY! DON'T GO NEAR THE BUILDINGS! HE SAID TO NOT GO NEAR OR IN THE MANSION!"

"Lure? What do you mean by that?" A feminine sounding male voice asked.

"Yes, a lure. We knew they'd want to destroy anything we did for the contest. So, we agreed, with a man who lives here, to use the contest as a ploy to trick them into coming here so we can get some revenge." Lewis answered.

"Revenge?" Another voice chimed in.

"Yes, to get revenge. Revenge for not only ransacking our house so many times, but, for the years they've taken great pleasure tormenting us. For all the times they used our help to get what they want, then, all they'd do was insult us. Or, set us up, betraying us, and leaving us to be mercilessly beaten."

Laurel heard him get choked up before he continued.

"Not to mention, the people residing here had a vengeful motive as well."

"I thought no one lived here..." Several voices said as one.

"So did I!" Lewis added. "Until, that night!"

"We only treated them as they deserved." Laurel had thought to herself at the time. "And him, thinking he was worthy to date a Pi Delta Pi. We certainly showed him. Though, he had made it very difficult for us to return Bettie back to her real self and help set him up. But, we did it."

His next statement, not only brought her back from her thoughts, but, sent chills down her back.

"And, be assured this building has plans to also get its revenge on them." He said, icily.

The sudden sound of heels clicking on the porch as they approached the front door refocused her attention. She had assumed it was more of the nerds coming back again. Perhaps her luck and chance for rescue had changed.

"MMMMEEEMMMPP!!!" She tried to scream through the leaf gag covering her mouth, as she heard the front door open and footsteps get louder.

They stopped on the other side of the doorway and were replaced by a loud sniffing noise

"MMMMEEEMMMPPP!!!" She screamed, as the door to the room opened and its framework filled by an extremely shapely female form.

The chandelier in the center of the room began to give a soft glow. Is intensity increased the closer the form moved across the room toward Laurel.

The figure was a woman. An extremely tall woman, easily over 6 feet. She wore a deep dark blood red floor length leather cape, that wrapped around her like a second skin, defining her impressive figure. Around her waist, a 4-inch wide dark black leather belt was tightly buckled. And, matching black leather shoulder-length gloves adorned her long sensual arms that protruded from slits in the cape at her shoulders.

Her hair, the darkest richest black Laurel had ever seen, curled around and around on top of her head rising nearly a foot in the air. In the middle of the dark hive, setting majestically, a gold tiara held her hair regally in place.

From her shoulders the cape's crown shaped red collar stood semi-circling her head. Its long prongs rose as high as her hair and each had a golden sphere on its end. The light from the chandelier reflected from the tiara to the spheres giving an illusion of immense power radiating from her.

That should have kept Laurel's attention, but, it didn't. She was drawn past that and the woman's olive colored skin to her deep dark brown teardrop shaped eyes. They reminded Laurel of creamy dark rich chocolate and all she wanted was to get lost in them.

"aaaahhhh!" Laurel sighed, contentment filling her.

But, then, her nostrils were filled with a delectable aroma. It was sweeter than musk and more delightful than jasmine. A combination of every wonderful flowery scent she had ever enjoyed.

As the woman came closer, the more overpowering the aroma became, until, Laurel had to close her eyes and shut down her other senses just to focus on the blessed fragrance filling her.

Time seemed endless to her, as her entire bound body drifted, swaying back and forth in a heavenly breeze.

The sound of another soft sensuous sniff caused her to slowly open her eyes.

All she could see were the dark eyes of the woman staring intently into hers.

"mmmmmmm...." The woman's sultry voice cooed from her throat.

Laurel felt the vines shift and move and she began rising up along the wall.

She stopped rising as soon as her chest came level with the woman's face. The leaf covering her left breast trembled, then opened in an invitation to the woman. Which, after giving Laurel an evil smirk, her tongue accepted.

"MMMMMAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Laurel screamed into the leaf gagging her, as soon as the tip of the woman's tongue touched her nipple.

"OH, MY GOD! THAT IS SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!" Her mind bellowed, as a huge orgasm swept over her when the woman sucked the nipple into her mouth.

The woman looked at her, sniffed the air again, and grinned.

The leaf covering Laurel's right breast opened and the woman turned her attention to it.

"MMMMMMMMAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Laurel screamed, as another huge wave of sexual delight crashed over her.

Laurel could feel the flames of desire burning deep within her. The pleasure juices in her were building and wanting to flow, but, couldn't.

She felt herself being slid even higher on the wall.

Glancing down when she stopped, the top of the woman's head was all she could see, but, she felt the woman's wonderful breath gently blowing across her thick bush and labia.

The pungent aroma intensified as it rose in the air to Laurel's nostrils. And, the wonderful fragrance sent Laurel's pleasure threshold to an even higher level.

Laurel felt the woman's luscious full lips press against her labia in a passionate kiss. Then, she felt the woman's tongue slipping through them and slowly wiggling itself between her lower lips.

"AAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!" Laurel screamed in delight, as the woman's tongue pierced into her, flicked her clit, then drew it into the woman's mouth.

Laurel's body trembled, shaking the entire wall. Her muffled wails of pleasure echoed throughout the mansion. Her breath left her as eternal bliss filled every molecule of her body.

It continued forever and ever.

The sound of loud slurps eventually released Laurel from the deep intense throes of divine pleasure.

Slowly she returned and she noticed her body felt rejuvenated and invigorated. Her bound limbs no longer felt stiff or sore. Every nerve in her body became energized. She could feel each tingle as the woman's precious tongue carefully lapped every drop of her love juice as it ran down her thigh.

Laurel opened her eyes when the woman finished and watched her take 2 steps back. She glanced up into Laurel's eyes and nodded.

As Laurel slowly slid down the wall, she could not remove her eyes from the woman's. She felt her feet touch the floor, but, she could not remove her gaze. She felt the vines release her, but, she could not remove her gaze.
She felt herself drop to her knees and she could not remove her gaze.

The woman reached down and pulled back the lower part of her cape.

Black leather thigh-high boots hugged her muscular legs, but, Laurel didn't notice them.

The intoxicating aroma emanated from the woman's love box and exploded into Laurel's face.

With pure bliss filling her body, Laurel dove her face and tongue into the epicenter of the aroma.

White light filled her mind as the woman's taste sent her into an even deeper euphoria. Like an unquenchable thirst sweeping over her, Laurel lapped up and swallowed more and more of the woman's love juice. While off in the distance, she thought she could hear the sound of a banshee howling in pleasure.

The woman finally forced herself to gently remove Laurel's face and tongue from their delightful duty. She looked down at the blank expression on the girl's face and a smiled formed on hers.

"Who are you?" The woman said, her voice sensual and sultry.

"I... I... I am one who only wishes to please you, Mistress." The kneeling girl robotically answered. "I will be whoever Mistress wishes."

"Excellent!" The woman cooed. "And, what were you call previously, before you met me?"

"My name was Laurel, Mistress..." The girl responded.

"Laurel? Not an ugly name... I shall let you keep it for the time being." The woman grinned, and stroked the kneeling girl's cheek. "I am, Lady Nakesha Desvontaire, your Mistress. You have been a worthy meal and shall continue to remain as my sustenance. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress..." Laurel answered, her eyes beaming up at her new mistress.

"Ahem!" A male voice came from the doorway. "It is getting close to time, Milady."

An immense male figure filled the doorway. He was even taller than Lady Nakesha and dressed in a valet's tuxedo.

"Yes, Jefferson, thank you. Come, stand Laurel, my new pet, I have to visit my brother before 'the gathering'." Nakesha grinned, lifting Laurel by the chin. "I must bind your wrists behind you and gag you... Rules of the mansion, but, don't fret, we shall be dining on each other again very shortly."

She had Laurel turn around. From hidden pockets in her cape, Nakesha pulled a 2-inch wide red leather strap, with which she secure Laurel's wrists, and a matching leather 2-inch ring gag. After, buckling the gag tightly around her new pets face she smiled admiring her.

"Ah, one more thing..." She said, pulling a red leather slave collar and leash from another pocket, she buckled it around Laurel's neck. "There now all will know you are mine."

"Mhamk mu, Mimemm." Laurel cooed.

Taking the leash in her right hand, Nakesha followed Jefferson out of the room, down the hallway past the stairs, and through the door leading to the cellar.

Meanwhile, upstairs Lisa rolled onto her side.

"mmmmooooaammm..." She moaned.

Slowly her eyes flittered open. Her head was swimming. She waited for her senses to revive.

Cautiously, she took attendance of her situation.

Her arms were secured tightly behind her and her legs were bound together and severely bent at the knees. She thought she was in a hogtie, because she could feel heels with her fingers and as she pulled on them her legs felt the pressure.

The taste of rubber filled her mouth. It took little exploration with her tongue to know the intruder's all to familiar shape. The same as had been in her mouth earlier, only then it was cloth.

"Another, penis gag!" She thought to herself.

And, judging from the pressure on her lower face and head, she was wearing a hood of some sort.

Looking around she recognized the room as the one Bettie had her unpleasant experience in. The armoire and its drawers were still open. The large dresser and mirror to the left of it. And, the closed door to the right.

"How the hell did I get in here?" She asked herself. "Ooooohhhh, my head!"

Images of a white nightshirt and red long johns sprang to her mind.

"Oh God! I remember!" She thought.

The two items of clothing had been tormenting Marie, Lori, and herself.

She remembered the look on Marie's face and knew her friend's mind had seemed to have given in to their sexual tortures. And, judging by the growing blank expression in Lori's eyes, she seemed to be close behind.

Suddenly, the nightshirt stopped its assault on them and disappeared. Lisa almost didn't notice it due to all the concentration she had to muster to not give in to the duo's barrage of sexual attacks on her.

Lori's muffled warnings gave her just enough time to see the nightshirt return with a brown bottle of liquid held in its cuff. It turned the bottle so she could see the word CHLOROFORM on the label.

It tipped the bottle, pouring some of the bottle's contents onto its cuff.

Lisa shook her head back and forth as violently as her bonds allowed, but, the evil shirt wrapped the chloroformed soaked cuff around her lower face and held it there.

She remembered attempting to hold her breath, but, succumbing shortly and taking a deep breath.

The room grew blurry and Lori's frantic muffled noises drifted slowly further and further away. Until, only silence and darkness remained.

How, or better yet, who brought her here and bound her like this was another mystery.

Putting that aside, she told herself she needed to try to position herself to see in the mirror if there were a way to escape this new peril. She rocked back and forth trying to flip around.

"What are you trying to do?" A male voice echoed in her head.

"Mo mim merm?" She asked aloud.

"Who's here? Why it's just me, Samuel Ost." The voice answered. "I repeat, what are you trying to do?"

Lisa stopped and looked around the room as best she could. There was no one in there.

"Where are you?" Lisa thought to herself.

"You're wearing me." The voice answered, giddily. "Don't I feel good, tight, sensual, secure. I have to say you look very good in me."

"What the fuck is going on!" Lisa thought.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, such language coming from a proper young lady." He said. "We'll not be having any more of that!"

Lisa felt the material covering her rear pull taunt and stretch away from her, then, snap back.


"AAAIIIEEE!" She screamed in her mind and aloud.

"Now no more of such language or I'll have to swat you again." He giggled. "You're not bound, just gagged. Go ahead move your arms and legs, sit up look in the mirror. That was what you were wanting to do anyway, wasn't it?"

Lisa moved her arms and rolled over. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked in the mirror.

The image nearly took her breath away.

She was wearing a full body black rubber catsuit. There were no seams to be seen. Black rubber covered her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Even her hands and individual fingers were covered in the sensual material. She really enjoyed the way the material hugged and accentuated her cheerleader figure.

It was true she wasn't bound, but, she was right about the hood. It covered everything from her neck up, except for her eyes and nose. She couldn't see a bulge on the section across her lower face for the penis gag and had to assume it was part of the hood.

The feel of the rubber, as she slipped off the bed to stand on her feet, was enjoyably exciting. But, it startled her when the sleek rubber leggings of the cat suit morphed into thigh high boots with 5-inch stiletto heels as soon as her feet touched the floor. Still, she couldn't help but to twist and turn this way and that admiring her reflection in the mirror.

She glanced at the door and impetuously decided to make a run for it.

As she reached for the door handle, her arm stopped midway. She could not force or will it to move any further.

"No, no, no, it's not time to leave just yet." The voice rang in her ears. "I see it's time to teach you who truly is in control here."


The material stretched out 5 times and snapped back giving her 5 sharp painful slaps to her round bottom.

"MMMAAAAARRRGGGGMMM!" She screamed out, tears forming in her eyes.

"LEGS TOGETHER!" The voice commanded.

Lisa's legs immediately snapped together.

She frantically tried, but, was unsuccessful in forcing them apart .

"ARMS TO THE SIDES!" He gave his next command.

Immediately, her arms snapped immovably to her sides.

"MMMMAA MMMMAA!" She grunted, trying desperately to move them.

"HOP TO THE MIRROR!" He commanded.

She began hopping back toward the mirror, jumping higher and higher with each command to do so.

"Do you understand that I am in control of your body now?" He whispered in her head.

She stood in front of the mirror and shaking her head no, refusing to give up.

"Well, then, I'll obviously have to prove it beyond any reasonable doubt." The voice said, menacingly.

She saw the rubber recede from her breasts and tighten around their bases. It stiffened, shaping her fleshy mounds into larger round orbs and lifting them pertly.

Her eyes widen as she saw the rubber retract from her groin area, showing her blonde bush and pink lips.

Her right arm suddenly slid sensually up her abdomen to her right breast, fondling it with her right hand. Her left hand joined in, squeezing her left breast and rolling her rapidly aroused left nipple between her fingers on his command.

Lisa uselessly fought to stop them, but, in moments both nipples were fully erect and she was moaning loudly into her gag.

"Lets see how long it takes now to convince you," his voice echoed in her ears.

She tried to stop her right arm, but, couldn't.

It eased down her abdomen and began to massage her mons. Her fingers, taking on a will of their own, were soon slipping in and out of her pussy. Teasing her clit as she worked one, then, two, and finally a third into her pussy. In and out they slipped. Faster and faster they finger fucked her, while her left hand twisted and pulled her nipples.

"OH GOD! I'M GONNA CUM!" Lisa thought to herself.

"No you're not!" The voice cackled, victoriously, as the sensation stopped building, but, continued to torment her.

"NNNOOOOO!!!" She cried out, unable to stop watching her own hands torment herself.

"How about I feel some pleasure, too." The voice echoed in her head.

In the mirror she watched the puzzled look in her eyes change, widening in horror as she felt a slight pressure on her sphincter grow into the massive shape of a huge erect penis forcing its way deep inside her.

"MMMMMMMAAAAAARRRGGGGGMMMM!!!!" She screamed into the gag.

The rod began thrusting in and out of her ass, matching the fingers in her pussy.

Faster and faster in and out they went.

She wanted to climax. She needed to climax.

"Do you accept I'm in control?" The voice asked.

"Y... ye... yes..." Lisa's mind answered.

"Then, beg me, beg me to allow you to cum." It said, callously.


"You may cum!" He replied.

With that Lisa's body quivered in uncontrollable pleasure, but, her eyes remained open and she watched herself orgasm in the mirror.

"You are much more sexual than your mother or your great grandmother." He said, as her panting slowed to normal. "Your grandmother, however, she made me want to and wanted me do things to her that would, well, perhaps you and I will eventually get around to all of them later on."

"My, my mother???" Lisa's mind mumbled.

In the mirror she watched her eyes filling with questions.

"Ah yes, your mother... Didn't you think it strange that she would leave you and your father the day before Halloween and not return until the day after. True, she is a rather self-obsessed woman, full of herself and unconcerned for anyone or anything around her, unless, it is centered on her. That's why she never told you of our yearly trysts. That or the fact that part of the curse is not being able to remember it happening..." He continued. "Anyway, after having the pleasure of your grandmother Estelle's company for 30 Halloweens, your mother, Irene, was quite distasteful. Although, I did actually enjoy the feelings of revenge by treating her as nothing more than a useless serving wench."

Lisa tried to remember any Halloween where her mother was home, as she suddenly turned and started walking toward the door.

She tried to stop her limbs from moving, but, could do nothing.

"Which is somewhat why you and your friends are here now. But, I'll explain as we walk. I must attend 'the gathering', but, I have some packages that need to be taken care of prior to it." He said, as Lisa was forced to walk out into the hallway and came face to face with a large polar bear holding the leashes of 3 cocoon bound women hopping behind it.

"MIMA?" Donna screamed through the bear head.

Lisa looked up into Donna's tear-filled eyes.

"Hello! Donna, is it!" She heard her voice speaking aloud.

The penis gag was still in her mouth and the rubber hood still tightly hugged her lower face.

"Please do me a favor and deliver Miss Kay, the one in the plastic wrappings, to the fourth bedroom on the left." Lisa's left arm pointed back down the hallway. "Then, take the betrayer, Miss Bettie, the one covered in leather, to my father's trophy room. After that, you and Miss Celia need to continue your cleaning."

"MHAM MA MEMM MRM MU MOIMM, MIMA!" Donna screamed at Lisa.

Stepping back out of the way, Lisa could hear Donna's gagged pleas continue as she watched her friends hop by. Kay, being the only one of the 3 cocooned girls able to barely see, looked through the plastic wrap and stared at Lisa with a 'deer in the headlights' look on her face as she hopped past.

"Don't feel sad for your friends. They are only receiving their just rewards. After all, they treat others as nothing more than slime to be wiped from their feet. But, I must admit I do like the way their chests bounce as they hop. Why don't you do that also." His voice sounded giddy, as her arms suddenly sprang together behind her.

The sound of rubber slapping together filled the hallway. And, from her elbows to wrist, Lisa's arms melded together, forcing her to roll her shoulders and thrust out her chest. Her still uncovered breasts seemed to grow larger as the rubber tightened around them defining their shape even more.

Her legs had also snapped together as if having been called to attention and Lisa began hopping toward the stairway.

"Oh, my, very nice! Your lovely breasts are putting on quite a demonstration and I do enjoy the feeling of you bouncing up and down on my, well, my representative in your ass as you hop. Now where was I, oh yes, your mother. Samuel's voice continued. "I felt a bit satisfied with that feeling of revenge, but, it didn't come close to equalizing what your great, great, great grandmother Elisa took from me. That being my life!"

With each up hop her ass slid up the shaft in her rear. As she landed, she would slide back down it, causing her to lose the concentration she needed to not fall. And, fear of falling filled Lisa as she began hopping down the main stairs.

"You see we were to wed. Actually, all of my brothers and I were to wed on that fateful All Hallows Eve evening. I to her and my brothers, Perceval, Jackson, and Jonathan to her 3 sisters." His tone became somber. "We were wed in the village church and had a marvelous celebration afterward. My father paid for the entire affair. Mr. Adams, the ole skinflint refused to pay for any. Even though the marriages were suggested and arranged by him. That evening after the wedding celebration we returned to Ost Manor."

Lisa suddenly felt the rubber tighten, constricting on her.

"Father had went ahead to make sure the manor was in order. When we arrived we found him hanging from the tree in the front yard. As we attempted to cut him down, we were set upon by our now wives' former suitors and their friends."

Lisa choked as the hood squeezed her face and neck. She tried to reach up to pull the constricting rubber from her throat, but, her arms remained held fast behind her. When she reached the cellar door, it opened on its own and she was forced to hop through the door and down the stairs.

"The battle was short and bloody. Our lifeless bodies tossed into the mansion's main hallway and a story conceived blaming our uncle Thomas for the murders." He realized his anger was choking Lisa and the rubber slowly eased. "Our blushing brides told of seeing him attack us and our father. The local magistrate, their father Mr. Adams, issued the arrest of our uncle, who was never found. All of our family lands fell into our brides' father waiting hands, except for the mansion."

Lisa reached the bottom of the stairs.

"With the aide of 3 witch sisters, who my great, great, great grandfather and grandmother saved from being burned at the stake in Salem, my father's spirit resides in and controls the mansion and grounds inside the fence." The voice's tone mellowed. "And, my and my brothers' spirits are destined to roam the mansion forever seeking the joy denied on our wedding night."

Lisa hopped down the passageway past the rows of wine, unable to stop, her mind listening to the story, but, also fearful of what was ahead for her.

"When my father was younger Gypsies placed a curse on him. He and any future sons would never live to find happiness nor leave his beloved home."
Samuel's voice rang loudly in her head. "Having seen and experienced first hand full well how powerful curses are. With his dying breath he placed one on my wife's father and family. That on your mother's side of your family, only females would be born, no males to carry on the Adams family name. That was the curse set against the author of our deaths. But, as for the brides, all the future generations of Adams' women were also cursed. To come on All Hallows Day to the mansion and serve the sons as their brides."

Lisa hopped through a room filled with crates and tables.

"Your grandmother was the only heir of the curse of her generation to have a child, the others were unable or refused to. Your mother was the only Adam's female of her generation, so her close friends were chosen at 'the gathering' as surrogates for the others. As your friends are now to be, because you are also the only one of this generation." His voice stopped as she reached a huge thick metal door. "Hopefully, you will choose to have many daughters. We are here."

As this door opened, also by itself, Lisa saw long deep claw marks on the inside. She tried to not enter, but, had no choice and hopped through the doorway.

In a passageway below the cellar Lady Nakesha handed Laurel's leash to Jefferson.

"I will not risk her becoming defiled." She said, looking sternly at the large man. "My brother's guards will assume she is just another offering and will attack and violate her. Take her to the meeting place and be warned should anything befall her, YOU WILL FEEL MY WRATH!"

"Yes, Milady... I will guard her with my life." He replied taking the red leather leash.

"Do not let the witches or any others distract you." She added, pulling a hidden lever on the wall as she turned back toward the large man. "Not even Perceval!"

"You have my word." Jefferson nodded, watching the huge 6-foot wide stone doorway lift from the dirt floor. "I will not allow Perceval entrance until you arrive."

Nakesha turned and walked through the 3-foot thick entranceway. The torchlight flickered as air rushed into the hidden chamber. Three giant spiders climbed from beneath 3 of the tables around the large room. A wave of Nakesha's hand sent them clambering back to their posts.

The tall woman surveyed the ancient tomb.

An expression of love and sympathy crossed her face as she gazed at the large sarcophagus in the left hand corner. The expression changed and a sinister smile crossed her lips when she spied the cocooned figure laying on the altar. She slowly stepped over to the alter in the middle of the tomb.

Helplessly, bound and drugged by the guard spiders' silk and semen, lay Angela, unaware that her fate and future were about to be sealed.

"Phewwww!" Nakesha grimaced, wrinkling her nose as if an ungodly stench had just been sprayed into her face.

"You wreak of man!" She whispered, lifting a ceremonial blade from the side of the altar and sliced through the spider webbing wrapping Laurel's body.

After removing the webbing holding Angela's legs together, the olive skinned woman methodically began wrapping Angela's left leg in silken bandages.

Pulling the cloth through the open palm of the ornate hand decorating the closest corner she began with the toes, wrapping the material around and around. Over the foot and ankle, then, up the shin she expertly looped the silky 3-inch wide bands. Tightly pulling the cloth around and around the knee she looped the material to make sure Angela would not be able to bend it. Up she wove the cloth over her thigh to the hip and then back down to the ankle.

She repeated the process and when satisfied with her job, she placed the ankle in the open golden palm of the decorative hand and touched a release on its wrist.

The hand quickly closed around Angela's ankle holding it secure.

Nakesha repeated the process with Angela's right leg, then, began on her left arm.

Starting with her fingers she slowly wrapped the silky bandages around and around. Over the hand and wrist, up the forearm and around the elbow, Nakesha wove the material. Around Angela's bicep and up to her shoulder she methodically wrapped the silk. Then, she began reversing her path going back down the arm to the fingers. She repeated the process twice more before locking the golden palm around Angela's left wrist.

Angela's right arm soon found itself bandaged tightly and held securely in the grip of a golden hand.

Reaching under the alter, Nakesha turned a hand crank and the arms rose as one, lifting the unconscious girl off the altar. Angela's web covered head dangled backward inches from the altar's top.

Nakesha removed the webbing from it and forced the girls' mouth open. Opening a hidden drawer on the altar, she pulled a white pliable glob from it.

She rolled it in her fingers molding it into a perfect one and a half inch diameter sphere.

Grinning she plopped the sphere into the Angela's mouth, then, slowly wrapped silk bandages around and around the girl's head. Starting with her neck and working her way up and over until only her nose and closed eyes were visible.

Lifting Angela's head up, Nakesha slid the golden hand from the end of the altar so the open palm rested under Angela's head.

"mmmmmooohhh!" Angela moaned, slowly beginning to revive.

"Excellent, you are waking. You have the vile stench of men all over you. Useless to me, but, you will make a perfect bride for my brother." Nakesha said, as she tightly wove the silk bandages around Angela's lower abdomen.

"mmmmaaahhhooommm..." Angela moan louder.

Not from fear, which, she should have been filled with. But, from a burning in her throat as the glob dissolved in her mouth and seeped unabated into her system.

The tightness of the bands around her chest, just below her breasts, were making it harder for her to draw in deep breaths.

"Mham mim mammemminm?" She asked, opening her eyes and seeing Nakesha's grinning face as she wrapped the last of the bands around Angela's upper body.

"If you were a true sacrifice, you would be a virgin. And, we would pleasure each other, before, I give you to my brother, Nakesurmon." Nakesha leaned closer to Angela as she crinkled her nose. "But, you are not! However, I can see that you will please my brother immensely. You are one of the most beautiful brides I have offered him in 3000 years."

Angela's mind tried to comprehend what was being said, but, her body began getting hot and horny, screaming out in desire, wanting to be taken.

"It is the Equitius Spiders' kiss that you feel. The male's semen and female's poison. Both have been know to kill most creatures, but, in humans, particularly female humans, it is a powerful aphrodisiac. Nothing will quench the lust you feel, until, both have dissipated from your body." Nakesha slowly dragged her fingernail around Angela's left breast. "It was given by the High Priest of Ra to each sacrifice prior to placing her on this altar."

Angela could feel the burning desire of sexual lust like she had never known before increase in her as the woman's right hand toyed with her breast.

Nakesha continued to titillate the bound girl with her right hand as she reached for a long white staff with her left.

Made from one solid piece of ivory, the staff was 5-feet long and at least 3-inches thick. The last 2 feet were by far the thickest and shaped to resemble an enormous penis.

"This is Ra's shaft." She said, lifting the ivory shaft up so Angela could see it clearly. "The High Priest would tease the sacrifice's body toward her first ever orgasm and just as she reached the height of her first ecstasy... He would plunge Ra's shaft deep into her sex. Forcing its full length into her. That way Ra would take the life of his new bride at her most pleasurable moment."

Angela's eyes stare at the white rod, Nakesha aimed at her most intimate of areas. Her mind feared its entry, but, her body begged for it.

"My brother, Nakesurmon, was Ra's High Priest. He officiated the weddings of over a hundred of beautiful virgins to Ra." Nakesha leaned in closer to Angela. "But, before they felt Ra's shaft, they enjoyed my brothers. He couldn't help himself, he had, shall we say, a fondness for virgin flesh."

She winked at the girl, who was now panting through her nose, her body craving nothing but to be fucked hard and long.

"This blasphemy wasn't discovered for years." Nakesha continued, ignoring Angela's pleading eyes. "However, a young priest found out and my brother was taken, wrapped in cursed bandages and imprisoned here in this tomb. Sealed in so no one could enter nor could he escape."

She pointed to the plain undecorated sarcophagus leaning in the left hand corner.

"Imprisoned forever were he committed this blasphemy and cursed with an unending ability and desire to copulate." Her voice trembled. "His mind and body intact, but, unable to remove the cursed bandages. Which left him to suffer a punishment of unquenched sexual need for all eternity."

She slid her finger down along Angela's bandaged torso.

"This wasn't the only payment Ra demanded." She sighed, grinning at how Angela's body writhed under her sensual touch. "Our mother, one of Ra's lower level priestesses, was to atone for her giving birth to such a blasphemer by being impregnated by the new High Priest and forced to give birth to another child. This child was to be taken after birth to serve Ra for their entire life. And, after my mother gave birth to me, before I was allowed to even take my first sup from her breast, she was taken and forced without the aid of the spider's poison to enjoy Ra's shaft."

Nakesha spoke more to herself than to Angela.

"I studied, learned, worked hard, and obeyed every command given me by Ra through his priests. After 20 years I became High Priestess." She snickered. "My main duty was to choose and teach the virgins who were to become Ra's wives. I prepared them for their weddings, and, due to my brother's misdeeds, remained as a witness in the wedding chamber. A very high honor. A few years into this part of my service I unexpectedly learned of my brother and his fate."

She circled Angela's mons and labia with her fingertip.

"After a few years I discovered the tomb and the secret leaver to open it. My poor brother's mind had left him, making him nothing more than a sex starved zombie." She sighed, again. "Well, I couldn't just leave him alone. So, I would bind one of the least missed virgins and bring her just before dawn to the tomb and prepare her for him. The only way he could be called forth was by her muffled screams of sexual fulfillment. Which, I would provide. Then, from sun up to sun up he would enjoy his bride."

She leaned over and ran her tongue around and around Angela's hardening nipples.

"Eewww! The disgusting putrid taste of man is still on them." She grimaced, continuing to tantalize the nipple, but, nearly gagging in doing so. "Early on as High Priestess, I did learn my brother and I were similar in one aspect. I, too, have a distinct fondness for female virgins."

She flicked Angela's clit with her finger tip eliciting a long deep guttural moan from the bound girl.

"So as part of the process I required of them to become a bride of Ra, all of the hopeful brides had to learn how to give and receive cunnilingus to and from me." She grinned, as she continued toying with Angela's clit. "The few who had a natural love or showed a remarkable talent for it became my inner circle and were placed at the bottom of the brides list. I would take turns sharing long passion filled nights in my bedchamber with them. The others were sacrificed, first to my brother, then, to Ra."

Nakesha leaned closer to Angela's moistening pussy and softly blew on it.

"MMMMMMMMMMM....MMMEEESSSEEE....!" Angela loudly moaned and begged, her body aflame with lust and need.

"I must confess to you, I am quite the expert. I could send you into a realm of pleasure you have never visited before..." She whispered. "Unfortunately, I too have been cursed. The priests found out about my unique methods of preparing their sacrificial brides and put a curse on me as well. The only sustenance my body could enjoy would be the feminine fluids released by a woman untouched by man as I brought her to orgasm. Then, I was to be wrapped in similar bandages as my brother and placed in the same tomb with him."

She slowly began to insert her finger past Angela's labia.

"They nearly had my entire body wrapped with those cursed bandages, when, my inner circle forced their way in and freed me. I escaped, they were not as fortunate. The priests desecrated them in every vile way imaginable, before, burning them alive." A tear formed in her eye and she sniffed it away. "I still hear their screams... But, I managed to hide and have survived three millennia taking the sustenance I needed where and when I could. I cannot age nor can I die. Neither, can I enjoy the taste of food or wine. Only the aroma and taste of a undefiled woman can satisfy my body's hunger and cravings."

Angela's moans grew louder and more intense as Nakesha slipped a second finger into her.

"You smell of men and are of no use to me. But, to my brother you will be my gift to him." Nakesha's eyes widened. "Now call out to your LOVE!"

Nakesha thrust 4 fingers deep into Angela, sending her over the edge.

"MMMMMMAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" Angela screamed, as electric sparks of orgasmic fury sent her body into a convulsion.

Angela jerked her arms and legs, lifting her body higher into the air. Her chest heaved as every muscle in her being tightened and released and tightened and released. Then, they tightened to the point of tearing apart.

The sound of stone scraping against stone added to the sounds of Angela's muffled screams.

So caught up in the rapture she felt, Angela didn't hear the lid covering the sarcophagus slide open. Nor, did she see the heavily bandaged body of Nakesurmon slowly work its way out of its eternal prison and lumber over to
the altar.

"Yes, come my brother... Come and see what I, your sister, have prepared for you..." Nakesha called to him, watching the large mummy approach. "She is your bride, to enjoy over and over until the new dawn."

Nakesha backed away and watched as her brother ran his bandaged wrapped hands along Angela's bandaged cheeks. Then, down her shoulders to her uncovered breasts.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM!" Angela moaned loudly, staring at the huge creature.

Her eyes were drawn to the only part of his body left unwrapped as he moved around to the end of the altar.

His thick erect penis was long and pointed at her. Fear should have been filling her. Or, she should have had a strong sense of extreme repulsion at his sight.

However, it may have been the spider aphrodisiac or Nakesha's touch. Possibly, even her own sexual desire that drove her to overcome her fear and disgust as she lustfully gazed at the large figure leering at her from its bandaged face to engorged cock.

She thought she saw a hint of a smile breaking through the old worn wrappings covering his lower face.

Unable to control herself, Angela tried to thrust her hips toward him, as much as the golden hands tightly holding her would allow.

He reach under the end of the altar and pulled a lever. With a loud rusty sounding, CREEEAAKK, the golden arms fell backward toward the mummy. And, with a loud thud, Angel landed flat onto the altar top.

Her wrists and ankles were still held in the golden grip of the hands and her arms were now perpendicular to her body. But, her legs, though still spread wide, were now sticking out off the altar on either side of the mummy. This left her ass perilously dangling on the edge of the altar.

Angela raised her head higher. A wave of unexpected glee rushed over her as she saw and felt the head of the mummy's long thick penis slowly spread her labia. She held her breath in anticipation.

"OOOOHHH GODDDDD, YESSSSSSS!" She screamed into the silk wrapping her lower face, with his first hard thrust. "OH, YESSSSS!"

The mummy thrust fanatically in and out, pushing his enormous cock deep and hard into the bound woman. Angela's gagged screams of pleasure drove him onward. He tightly held her hips as he pulled himself deeper into her.

Her first orgasm hit within the first 10 thrusts. The second came minutes later. Her third not much longer after that.

"MORE, MORE, MORE!" She screamed, pulling against the golden arms with all her might to push him even deeper into her.

Each orgasm she enjoyed only increased her need and desire for another.

Neither, Angela nor her new mate heard or paid heed to the huge stone doorway as it closed.

Chapter 7

"MMMMAAAHHHHMMMM!!!" Kitty moaned, loudly.

She had just recently learned 2 things.

One, the wolfman's name was Thomas Samuel Ost. And, the other is the reason for her loud moans. He had intensified her tormentors. Now, instead of their occasional alternating slow purposeful rhythmic thrusting, it was a constant jack-hammering pounding into both lower openings at the same time. Not to mention that both of the inserts were increasing in length and thickness.

All of that combined to make Kitty feel as if she were in a continual orgasm, unaware of when one ended and another began. The only sure secessions in her orgasmic torture came when the sparks of static electricity zapped her nipples stopping the machine long enough for it to reboot. Which was of little help, but, any reprieve in a storm is welcomed.

She also got several short reprieves, when, Thomas used the remote to turn the machine off as the others, he had been expecting, entered the room.

There weren't many, but, all stopped to enjoy her predicament and stare at her, in all her naked glory.

A huge tuxedoed man was the first one to enter. Three steps behind him, being led by the leash in his hand, Laurel stepped lively. Her wrists were bound behind her back and she wore a large red ring gag. Drool flowed down her chin and neck, eventually, onto her chest. Even though Kitty screamed, as much as her own gag would allow, at her and the man stared up at her as Thomas pointed out how the machine tormenting her worked, Laurel not even once glanced in her direction.

They were followed by an extremely tall beautiful woman with olive skin, dressed in red leather, who immediately took the leash from the large man upon arrival. A sweet aroma immediately filled the musty smelling room with her entrance. Kitty suddenly felt a deep longing lust for the woman as she watched Laurel drop to her knees with a look of desire in her eyes.

The woman nodded her head and pulled the cape back from her nether region. Laurel's head lunged forward. The sound of loud slurps and moans of delight caused Kitty to feel envious of both women and drew Kitty's attention away from her own torment. That was, until Thomas clicked the remote again. And, she soon quickly added her moans of pleasure to the other women's sounds.

Just as the woman threw her head back, howling in orgasmic fulfillment, 3 horribly hideous women, if you could call them women, stepped out of a cloud of smoke near the wall to Kitty's right.

"I told you, Thomas, that Nakesha would enjoy that one, didn't I?" The ugliest, if one could distinguish ugliest, of them cackled. "Ah, I see you've been busy preparing the other one for yourself. Very interesting use of modern technology... But, where are our gifts? We only have 24 hours to enjoy them."

Thomas pulled a lever and the hidden door opened. The 5 visitors and Laurel walked through the room and Kitty heard all 3 ugly women cackling happily at the sight in the alcove.

"Perfectly handsome... Such wonderful gifts... They look stout enough to last the entire time..." She heard the 3 women say.

But, her attention was quickly drawn to the next visitors. A white nightshirt and pair of red long johns floated through the doorway. Thomas greeted them with a wave of welcome and an open invitation by pointing a hairy finger in her direction. After what looked to Kitty like they were glancing back and forth at each other, both items of clothing floated up to make a very close-up and personal inspection of her plight.

Panting heavily from Thomas turning her tormentors on again while the 2 pieces of clothing inspected her, Kitty saw the final visitor hop through the door and into the room.

She was covered from head to toe in black rubber. Except for her large bosom, which, bounced up and down as she hopped into the room, and her nose and eyes.

It took Kitty a few seconds before she recognized her Pi Delta sister.

"MIMA!" Kitty screamed in horror. "MO, MO, Mom mu mo..."

The rubber clad woman hopped over to Thomas, pulled her right arm from behind her back and slapped the huge wolf on the back.

The night shirt and long johns floated back down from their inspection and flanked the newest visitor. Each began fondling an exposed breast giving their approval of her attire.

"MMMM... What a pleasurable greeting... Thomas, I like what you've done with your play pretty. Would you mind terribly if I were to borrow that gizmo at some time in the future?" Kitty heard Lisa's voice speaking. "I would really like to see what that feels like."

In her ear, Lisa heard the same words and an extra whisper.

"Think you'd last very long like that, love? Perhaps, we'll give it a go. If not this night, on another."

Lisa saw the bewilderment in Kitty's eyes and tried to scream an answer, but, was unable to. Nor could she do anything, except take the controller Thomas handed her and aim it at Kitty.

"MMMMMMMAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Kitty screamed anew, as her tormentors again increased in size and returned to their duty.

Kitty's eyes begged Lisa to stop. And, Lisa, filled with pity, tried to prevent it, but, her thumb slid the intensity level controller even higher.

"Shall I leave it on while we have 'the gathering'?" Lisa's voice asked Thomas.

"Yes, most definitely... We will not be long, nephew, she will enjoy it." He answered.

Thomas, Lisa, the night shirt, and the long johns joined the others in the alcove.

"MMMMMMMAAAAHH, MMMMAAAAHHHH!!!" Kitty screamed, watching the hidden door close as the tormentors in her began to immediately push her again toward the edge.

Upstairs, two of the bedrooms in the main manor were occupied.

In one, Kay Winston stood cocooned in plastic. The leash attached to the collar around her neck had been tied securely to one of the foot posts of the canopy bed by the large polar bear skin rug. She thought she heard Donna's muffled voice crying out the entire time. And at one point, she thought she heard Lisa chatting with Donna. She was also positive she had seen Lisa wearing a full rubber body suit as she was forced to hop down a hallway, before being put in here.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" Her mind screamed, as she uselessly tried to look around the darkened room. "How are those nerds doing this..."

Oddly, she actually was beginning to enjoy the feel of being wrapped in her plastic body prison. She had been bound in the playroom of their sorority house a few times, by several of the other Pis, during her time at Adams, but, never like this. She didn't know how those nerds did it, but, she would have to reluctantly give them kudos for a job well done.

She had never been turned on by being bound. Although presently for some unknown reason, she was feeling a very strong urge and need for sexual release. But, with her arms tightly pinioned to her sides, she wasn't going to be the one to accomplish the task.

All she could do was wait.

Wait, for someone else to come to her rescue and aid. Or, for them to create another circumstance, that she was sure, wouldn't be for her pleasure.

In the master bedroom, a hallway away from Kay, Marie and Lori were in one of the circumstances Kay was worrying about. The night shirt and long johns had changed their bindings before leaving the room.

Neither young woman had given any resistance, their spirits broken by the duos relentless assaults. Although, Marie's curiosity was piqued, before they were rebound, when the night shirt slice a wide strip of cloth from its hem and wrapped it around over the silk gagging her. Her curiosity was even more intrigued when the long johns did the same. Cutting a long wide piece of itself from its loin and waist area, then, wrapping it over Lori's gagged mouth.

Her curiosity was cured, when, both strips of material began to form into large phallus' protruding from their gagged lips, as the 2 garments began to change their bindings.

The sorority sisters soon found themselves now floating in midair halfway between the bed below them and the ornately embroidered canopy above them. Lori lay atop of Marie in a 69 position. Bound together at their waists and limbs. The cord tightly held Lori's wrists to Marie's ankles, her elbows to Marie's knees, her upper arms to Marie's thighs, and vise versa.

With her back to the bed, Marie was able to see the embroidery on the canopy change before her eyes. It now depicted their new bondage scene.

The full frontal view of her body had been replaced with Lori's backside. Only Marie's facial features from her nose up were now visible and although her eyes were still looking down at her, it was now from between Lori's legs. Her arms and legs were still stretched out taunt and held by the cords. But, now so were Lori's.

The embroidery showed the red cloth wrapped around the back of Lori's head, which lay conveniently at the Y between Marie's spread legs and the cord holding their waists and limbs together.

From the muffled moans coming from her bondage mate, Marie assumed Lori, too, was still well gagged just as she was.

"MMMMMAAAHHH, MMMOOOO, MMMOOMMM!!!" Marie's loud moans joined those of Lori.

Both were bobbing their heads up and down, sliding the cloth penis shapes in and out of the other's very moist and abused pussy. Neither girl had the strength or willpower to resist the clothing's control. So, soon, both were moaning loudly in more orgasmic torture. And, neither knew when their tormentors would return.

Meanwhile, on the mansion's first floor, just behind the door at the far end of the library/study, was the trophy room. George Ost had kept the trophies from all of his exotic animal hunts there. Most were just the heads mounted on wall plaques around the room.

In the center of the wall to the left of the large fire place a huge bison head stared across the room at an enormous moose head on the opposite wall. Several specimens of elk, gazelle, and deer shared the walls. On the wall across from the fireplace an elephant took center with a water buffalo and a rhinoceros to its left and right.

In each corner, displayed showing their more ominous side, were more carnivorous animals. A black panther in the left hand corner, beneath the water buffalo, and in the right, beneath the rhino, a spotted leopard. Both stood poised awaiting their prey.

With its huge paws raised ready to strike, a large grizzly bear stood in the corner to the right of the fireplace. While, in the final corner its not as large cousin, a ferocious black bear, stood in the same menacing pose.

On the left side of the large fireplace crouched a beautiful, but, deadly tiger ready to pounce. And, on the right side a huge lion stood regally on all fours, its massive head raised in a long and loud roar.

Above the fireplace, illuminated by the soft glow of a chandelier hanging in the center of the room, hung a life size portrait of the man who was responsible for each trophy in the room, George Henry Ost. An impressive looking man of large stature and dignity. His impeccable clothing hugged his muscular frame. From his perfectly quaffed rich dark black hair and steely eyes down to the commanding stance in his black leather riding boots, his image surveyed the sacred serenity of the trophy room it ruled.

Only now the sacred and serene quiet that filled this room for over a hundred years had been displaced by the muffled whimpering of one fear filled Adams College Pi Delta Pi sorority president.

Bettie Childs trembled as she tried to glanced around the room. Her head, locked securely around her neck in its own trophy wall plaque, was unable to swivel or turn to look anywhere but straight ahead. The black leather mouth corset and collar remained and added to her head's inability to move. Her arms were still strapped together and tightly held behind her back in the leather armbinder. The corset felt tighter around her chest below her breasts due to the leather padded cross bar she found herself bent over.

As soon as she and the bear skin had entered the room the leather hood removed itself from her head. Her eyes refocused from the dark of the hood to the soft light from a ceiling chandelier and she had glanced quickly around the room. Fear rose in her from the sight of the bear skin walking in front of her to all the other creatures staring at her.

The single boot leapt of her on the next hop and the leather body sleeve followed the boot by removing itself on the next. However, her legs remained strapped together and she still had to hop behind the huge bear skin holding the leash.

It was then she saw what looked like a set of uneven parallel bars in the middle of the room. Except the bars were not as long and covered with black padded leather. A large egg shaped wall plaque made of polished cherry wood was secured in the middle of the taller bar.

The bear skin pulled the leash through the opening of the wall plaque and forced Bettie to slide her head through the opening and lean over the lower cross bar. The straps holding her legs loosened, then, forced her legs apart and secured them to the uprights holding the cross bar.

Bettie felt the strap holding her waist to the armbinder release and quickly rewrapped around Bettie's waist and the cross bar.

"MMMMAAAAMMM!!!" Bettie moaned, as the strap tightened to its fullest pressing the cross bar even deeper into her, the corset giving her no protection.

She tried to move her legs; they wouldn't budge.

The top strap on the mouth corset's head harness loosened and slipped through a slot in the wall plaque. It buckled itself back forcing Bettie to keep the back of her head against the wall plaque, so all she could now do was stare up at the portrait above the fireplace.

"MMMMOOOO!!!" Bettie screamed into her gag.

The eyes on the portrait shifted and seemed to be glaring at her, piercing into her mind.

"So, the betrayer feels fear, or, is it guilt hiding in the depths of your soul? We shall find out... " A deep male voice boomed through the room. "Where are your friends? The ones you chose to please over the one who showed you unconditional love. The one who gave you his deep heartfelt love and, for some unknown reason, still loves you. The one, who's love let him overlook your past mistreatments. The one you betrayed by luring him here, then, leaving him alone and defenseless to the merciless whims of those so called friends."

Bettie stared up at the image and felt the sharp pain of guilt in the pit of her stomach. It was something she had learned to avoid by never looking at Lewis or thinking of that night.

But, now that memory rushed to the forefront of her mind.

It was nearly a year ago. Stan had conceived a plan that began with her conniving Lewis into taking her shopping and then to the most expensive restaurant in the city, spending nearly every penny he had on him. Doing so was no trouble for her, using his love for her and implying that she would have something special for him for desert. He gladly did so not knowing that the special desert would consist of knuckles and heels from Stan and the other Alpha Beta's.

Instead of listening to her heart, she allowed her parents and 'friends' to convince her that a nerd was a nerd and would never be good enough for any Pi Delta Pi, let alone her. So she decided to follow Stan's plan ending with her having Lewis drive them in her car to the secluded Ost mansion to receive his desert. Lisa recommended they do it there, because she knew no one would come near enough to the place to interfere.

As soon as they entered the grounds, she made a silly excuse to go back to the car and told Lewis to spread the blanket out for them. She jumped in the car and started the engine, then, drove back to the sorority house, arguing with herself the entire way.

Later Lisa, Kitty, Marie and the others, who went to watch 'the fun', told her all the details of how the guys pummeled, humiliated, and left Lewis all alone helpless and battered. It was after that that the sickening feeling in her stomach began.

She couldn't and hasn't been able to look Lewis in the eyes ever since. So, to ease those horrid feelings, she turned her ire toward Judy and the other Omegas.

"MMMMMAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!" Bettie screamed, as the image on the portrait stepped off the canvas and floated gently to the floor in front of her, bringing her back to her present situation.

"Knowingly betraying your true love is a vile offense. One that merits the punishment be just as vile and offensive." George Ost's image continued, bending over, his face just inches away from Bettie's. "Your accomplices' punishments are about to begin. As, is yours."

He slowly stepped around the trembling coed.


The sound of 2 loud smacks, one on each ass cheek, followed by muffled screams of pain coming from Bettie filled the room.

"MMMMMAAAAIIIEEE!!!" Bettie screamed louder when the image unceremoniously pulled the butt plug from her rectum.

"That was to let you know, I may not be flesh and blood, but, I am as solid as you are." He said, with the sound of a bit of pleasure coming through in his voice. "Now, let me see what else is solid and hard, shall we!"

She heard the buttons on his trousers clatter on the floor.

Bettie's whimpers turned to muffled pleas for mercy. But, feeling a distinct pressure being exerted on her sphincter told her those pleas were useless.

"MMMMAAAAHHHHHIIII!!!" Bettie screamed as she felt his thickness entering her.

"The sex toy in your other opening will remain, for now..." He said, as he forced his full-length completely into her. "You will soon learn to enjoy this, when, my friends here in this room have their turns at you."

"MMMMOOOO!!! MMMOOOO!!!" Bettie pleaded, as realization of his words set in.

"There is one way, and only one way, to avoid them." He continued, as he slowly thrust in and out of her ass. "That is you must choose to follow your heart and be faithful to it by staying true to your love. I give you this opportunity, a reprieve from your punishment, to repay a large debt owed to the grandfather of the man who loves you. Years ago he put his own life in danger to save my brother, Thomas. Afterward, he never asked anything in return. He and his heirs have shown what real honor is."

"AAAAARRRRGGGG!!!" With a loud bellow of release and a massive thrust, the image of George Henry Ost buried himself up to his hips into Bettie.

Confusion filled her mind as his word echoed in her ears and she felt strong distinct pulsations against the muscles in her rear. Then, she felt fluids spew and spurt into her.

"How could he..." Her mind asked.

"Endoplasmic sperm, betrayer! It will not harm you, but, it will make you secrete a scent that will call out to my trophies." He laughed as he step back around to a terrified Bettie. "I assume you will choose to return to the one you betrayed, but, know this. My trophies will be able to sense your true feelings and if you will be faithful to him. If they sense you will not, you will not enjoy what they do to your rear. And, they will be your fate for the rest of your life."

The image rose from the floor and slowly faded into the portrait frame.

Bettie whimpered into her gag and watched it disappear, leaving an empty frame, when, the roar of a lion suddenly exploded into her ears.

She sensed movement all around her.

"MMMMMMMOOOOOMMMMAAAAIIII!!!" Bettie screamed as she watched the lion, tiger and other stuffed animals come to life.

The heads, mounted on the wall plaques, were rejoined with their bodies and stepped through the walls to begin circling her. As each on passed by her it would linger, sniff her rear, and slide its tongue in and out of her unprotected opening.

"Save me, Lewis, please save me!" Her mind called out.

Chapter 8

"MMMMAAARRRGGGHHHMMM!!!" Stan Gable grunted, as he tried for the umpteenth time to free one of his wrists form the shackles holding him against the wall.

He looked to his right at Brad, then, to Jason on his left. Both of his Alpha Beta brothers were trying to escape from their shackles as well.

All three were naked, ring gagged, and shackled with their arms spread wide and lifted high enough above their heads so they had to stand on their tip toes. Their ankles were spread wider apart than their wrists and also held by leg irons, the strain in their leg muscles beginning to show.

Against the side wall, just beyond Brad, their three other Alpha brothers, Ogre, Steve, and Scott, shared the same predicament. None of them remembered how they ended up here, but, all six feared if they didn't somehow escape soon, they never would.

And, escape was very doubtful, due not only to the chains holding them, but, because of the monster guarding them. He was a large and menacing werewolf, who made it a point to viciously snarl and snap his long yellow teeth close to each of their necks every time he passed by checking their bonds. Stan doubted all of their athletic training would be much use in defeating it.

The beast kept opening and closing the hidden opening to another room. On more than one of these times both Stan and Jason caught glimpses of Kitty, bound in stocks and dangling from the ceiling in that room. They even thought she saw them, when, the monster dragged Steve and Scott's unconscious bodies through the opening. They were sure they heard her scream Jason's name, although, it was muffled and distorted.

Seeing Kitty, Scott, and Steve had diminished Stan's hope. He thought perhaps at least one of their group had been able to get away to call for help. But, when the black mist filled the ceiling and Ogre's unconscious body fell through it, he gave up on that.

A deep sense of dread and a fear that more was going on here than just the nerds' attempt at winning the Halloween contest. He hated to admit it, but, those Lambda nerds and Omega cows were clever and had an inventiveness when it came to these kinds of contests. He had to wonder if even they were capable of pulling off such an elaborate scheme.

The more he thought about it, the more he knew they may have dreamed up that shirt that nearly knocked him out cold, but, not this werewolf. Nor, could they be responsible for the other strange oddity moving about the room with them.

A nearly transparent mist, humanoid at times in appearance, circled the room. It would hover in front of each of them, then, gently slip against them for a moment. Its cold damp touch sent chills down Stan's back, but, his cock grew harder each time it passed. It was as if something were stroking it, fondling it carefully.

The problem for Stan was his cock was enjoying it. And, his wasn't the only one showing enjoyment. He could see all the others were having similar responses as the mist passed by them.

He felt it wouldn't take many more passes to forced him to climax, when the door opened and three of the most hideous looking females walked through and paraded over to them.

Their voices were high pitched cackles, grating in his ears, like fingernails on a blackboard. They cooed and cackled as they ran their withered fingers over and around Jason' chest and face. Their wart covered faces and long crooked noses were just inches away from Stan as they closely examined him next, before moving on to Brad.

The transparent mist seemed to hesitate in front of them, blocking their pathway to Ogre, Steve, and Scott.

"Out of the way, Percival!," One of them hissed and the mist reluctantly rose to the ceiling.

"These are nice," the smallest of the three cackled at the werewolf, pointing back toward Ogre, Scott, and Steve after examining them. "But, I think we prefer those other three. They wear their smug arrogance like a cologne. I can smell the stench from over here. It will be very pleasurable to turn their exceptional bodies into docile submissive sex slaves, while their minds try to resist us. Can't you see the repulsion in their eyes, dear sisters."

The tallest moved closer to Stan and slowly removed the dark black robe covering her body. Her two sisters joined her in disrobing. Their long oily matted hair looked like it hadn't ever been washed. Their extremely wrinkled anorexic looking bodies were barely more than skin covering skeleton. Except for their breasts, which, drooped and sagged, hanging down to their stomachs.

"BLECH! BLECH! BLECH!" Stan, Brad, and Jason began vomiting through the ring gags held in their mouths.

"Awe! What's the matter my precious. Is my body to much for a young viral man as yourself?" She hissed inches from Stan's lips, as her boney fingers tightened around his stiff member. "This isn't quite as hard as I prefer, but, we'll take care of that. Soon, very soon you'll be begging me to allow you to slide this deep into my pussy and let you suck and nibble on my tits."

She lifted her right breast from its sagging position against her stomach to the ring gag.

"Stick out that tongue and give us a lick," she laughed, as she pushed the wrinkled mound of flesh through the ring.

A trio of high pitched cackles of laughter filled the room, as a large handsomely dressed man and tall beautiful woman, wearing a full length red leather wrap entered the room.

All three hags turned to watch the new arrivals.

The man slowed his pace and stared lustfully at each of the shackled men as he sauntered across the room. Immediately, the mist dropped from the ceiling and encircled him. He grinned and began softly laughing, nodding his head and pointing a large thick finger at Ogre. The woman, on the other hand, marched in totally ignoring the bound men, but, nodded an acknowledgement of greeting to the three old hags, before leading her new nourishment source over to a table on the left side of the open doorway.

"MAUMAM!" Stan and Jason tried to call out to Laurel, but, received no response, she just continued to stare longingly at the woman in red.

The bound men watched the woman lay Laurel on her back with her hips barely on the edge of the table and her legs spread wide. She began tying Laurel's legs to the table legs completely ignoring the others in the room.

"Nakesha has what she wants," the ugly hag said turning her attention back to Stan. "Now, so shall I... HERE!"

She forced a bittersweet wad of goo through the ring gag. Stan could do nothing to prevent its entry. She clamped her boney withered left hand over his mouth stopping any chance of his tongue forcing the wad back out. With her right hand she continued to fondle and stroke his hardening member. Stan tried to push the dissolving plug back out, but, was unable as he felt it completely dissolved and begin to seep down his throat.

The smaller of the witches handed the man some of the goo, then, she and the other witch followed the first's lead. The man also jammed some of the goo through Ogre, Steve, and Scott's gags.

Soon the other two hags were cackling hysterically as they stroked their new bound toys growing cocks.

"Oh, my... Are you part snake, or just glad to see me..." The smaller of the three cackled into Brad's ear after looking at his cock thicken and lengthen nearly 4 inches suddenly.

Stan felt strange. Every nerve in his body seemed to come alive and focus itself onto his throbbing cock. It was getting thicker and longer by the second and it could feel every touch to its fullest. The wicked hag bend down and blew softly through her sore covered lips onto the tip of Stan's cock.

"MMMMMMMMMAAAAAHHH!!!" Stan cooed, as the wisp of air flowed over his cock sending a deep pleasurable warmth over him.

His cock was continuing to grow and growing so fast it became painful. He feared it couldn't get much larger or it would be in danger of exploding.

"I like and want them huge. Yours will be no exception." The ugly hag hissed, stepping back and admiring his newly enlarged manhood. "Just two more ingredients to finish this potion that will make it and you mine forever."

She held a small vial half full of a dark muddy liquid in her hand.

The others held similar ones and all three began squeezing their right tits as if milking a cow.

Stan's mind worried about what the three hags were up to, when, his attention was drawn back to the entranceway.

The huge werewolf returned to the room. Behind him a shapely young woman clad in black rubber walked briskly in. On her left a pair of red long johns and on her right a familiar white night shirt floated along in stride with her. Both seemed to be enjoying her uncovered breasts bouncing with each step.

"MIMA!" The three men shackled to the wall in front of her mumbled as one.

Lisa walked into the hidden room. She had wanted to turn her head and glance back to give a look of apology to Kitty, but, Samuel wouldn't allow it. He even turned her head to the left so she couldn't return a hopeful glance at any of the shackled Alphas. It was as if he knew what she thought. So, instead, he had her march proudly in, her exposed breasts bouncing merrily, and, using her voice, offered a warm greeting to all the others.

The night shirt and long johns floated immediately over to the table Laurel was bound on. Both reached toward one of the girl's heaving breasts with their sleeves.

The sharp sound of a female growl rose from between Laurel's legs.

"Jackson! Jonathan! You know better than that. Don't tease her!" Lisa heard her voice castigated the two items of clothing.

Both eased back from the table, but, remained close enough to annoy the woman.

"Nakesha, my dear, you look divine... Heavens no! Don't stop on my account. I can see she is perfect for you." Lisa's voice chimed. "Please continue your meal."

The red leather clad olive skinned woman lifted her face from between Laurel's open legs and glared at the two hovering pieces of clothing, before giving an obliging nod toward Lisa. Then, sniffing the air and looking deeply into Lisa's eyes, she sneered.

"She stinks with the odor of men!" The woman said, curtly, ignoring Laurel's muffled pleas for her to continue. "You will be well pleased with her I'm sure, Samuel."

The woman's fragrant aroma filled Lisa's nostrils, creating a deep desire inside her to replace Laurel on the table and let the woman have her way.

"She will not have you. You are tainted." Samuel whispered into her ear, again knowing her thoughts. "But, I on the other hand intent to have you indefinitely."

Lisa felt the rubber growth in her rear resume its pulsations, as she turned to face 3 of the ugliest women she had ever seen in her life.

"Eudora, Eldora, and Endora, how wonderful to see you again. You sisters look as lovely as always." Her voice said, as she stepped over to the three. "How do you like your gifts?"

Behind the three sisters Lisa stared into the eyes of Stan, Jason, and Brad. They were naked and mumbling incoherent phrases through ring gags that had been buckled and locked securely behind their teeth and lips.

Lisa couldn't help but notice their erections and how much larger than normal they looked. She, as well as most of the other Pi Deltas, had at one time or another provided some sort of sexual release for all of the Alphas. She even agreed to pleasure that Neanderthal Ogre several times, at Coach Harris' insistence, to persuade him to return to the Alpha Betas and denounce his becoming a Tri Lambda.

Jason in particular enjoyed spending his time with her, whenever Kitty was away. So, she knew his erection very well.

"Viagra is just a piece of useless candy compared to the sister's potion." Samuel whispered in her ear as she stared at the growing erections. "When the potion reaches max, they'll make Uncle Thomas' log look like a tiny stick."

She tried to keep her eyes focused on her shackled friends, but, Samuel turned her head so she could get a good eyeful of the werewolf's enormous erection.

"The werewolf is my Uncle and he's very much looking forward to enjoying your friend, Kitty." Samuel whispered in Lisa's ear as her eyes widen at the girth of the creature's penis. And, a feeling of dread for Kitty passed through her.

He had her turn back around and Lisa wanted to wretch as Samuel forced her arms to wrap a warm hug around each of the horrid looking women. She wanted to push away from each and flee, but, Samuel forced her to sensually rub her uncovered breasts tightly against each.

"MMMMMMM, if there were no male gifts here we would enjoy you as well... But, there are so you'll just have to get your pleasure from helping us, dearie." The tallest one, Samuel called Eudora, cackled at her. "We only need 11 drops."

Lisa couldn't stop her hands from going to work milking each witch's right tit and in short time the muddy color in each vial had change to opaque.

Even though the rubber gloves of the catsuit covered her hands, Lisa felt diseased and wanted to scrub them with a strong anti-bacterial disinfectant. She was repulsed by the three and her revulsion was very visible in her eyes, giving away her thoughts as each of the witches stared at her with an evil glare.

Without warning, Eudora reached a hand between Lisa's legs. The rubber on the catsuit parted, giving her long thin boney finger a free path deep into Lisa's vulva.

Lisa's arms snapped together behind her back preventing any attempt to stop the woman. She also suddenly spread her legs wide giving the hag even more unhindered access to her opening. Eudora wiggled a second, then, a third finger in next to the first as she rubbed her other hand around and around on Lisa's abdomen.

"MMMMMMmmm!" Lisa moaned as the woman's rough touch sent an unexpected spark of pleasure through her.

"Ah!" The horrid looking hag cackled. "This bitch is very fertile, unlike her whore of a mother. She will produce many litters, providing more heirs than could be hoped for."

Lisa tried to move away from her, but, Samuel wouldn't let her.

"Eudora is never wrong," his voice whispered in her ear. "Your future offspring will enjoy our hospitality, as you and your friends are now."

"Samuel, we need to add our juices to the potion and collar," Eudora hissed, glaring whimsically into Lisa's eyes as she slowly dragged her fingers over Lisa's clit. "She is repulsed by my sisters and myself. So, I think her tongue should give us a hand retrieving it."

"It will be my pleasure to gladly assist you and your sisters, sweet lady." Lisa's voice cheerfully responded.

Unable to resist, Lisa dropped to her knees and she felt the rubber penis gag in mouth morph into a large hard ring gag.

"Use your tongue to bring each to climax on your own," Samuel's voice whispered in her ear. "Or, I will see to it that you do and afterward my rubber plug filling your rear will be replaced by Uncle Thomas' log..."

He forced Lisa to turn her head and look again at the huge creature and his enormous erect penis. The thought of being impaled on that thing filled her with dread, so with little hesitation, she took a deep breath and leaned forward.

As her face drew closer to Eudora, from the corner of her left eye she saw the witch held a piece of cloth. The material was 3-inches by 5-inches and reminded Lisa of a piece of old dead skin.

A horrid aroma, reminding her of a rotting animal on the side of the road, smothered Lisa as she parted the old witch's labia with her tongue. The taste on her tongue made the smell seem like a basket of fresh potpourri. It took everything in her to continue.

Fortunately for Lisa, it took very little time before Eudora's cackles turned to ear splitting climatic screeches. Vaginal juices spewed from the hag,. Some hit Lisa in the face, but, she collected most in a pool on the piece of material. The hag had deftly slipped it between Lisa and her slit, just as she climaxed.

Eudora swirled the liquid pool around until the entire piece of material had some of the liquid covering it. Then, she let the excess fluid drip into the vial, nearly filling it. She covered the top with her thumb and shook the vial mixing it until the mixture turned clear.

Grinning, she chanted some strange indiscernible words as she stepped over and stood in front of Stan.

"My skin becomes your skin... My life source becomes your life source... My will becomes your will..." She loudly cackled and repeated over and over as she stretched the piece of skin around Stan neck.

"MMMMAAAAAAARRRRGGGGG, MMMMAAAAAARRRGGGG!!!" Stan screamed as the skin burned itself into his, becoming one. "MMMMAAAARRGGGG!!!"

With his head tipped back screaming in pain, the hag emptied the vial into his mouth pouring the potion down his throat.

"AAACCCKKK!!! CCCOUGH!!! AAACCCKKK!!!" Stan choked as the vile liquid flowed down his throat adding to the intense pain he felt.

Lisa watched the small piece skin turn bright red, then, within a minute change to a fleshy color. After another minute the skin around Stan's neck looked normal, but, Stan's blue eyes faded to white and his face took on the blank stare of a zombie.

"Me next," Endora ordered, moving in front of the still kneeling Lisa with Eldora waiting her turn.

Ten minutes and two more loud male screams later, Lisa sadly watched Brad and Jason joined Stan in Zombieland.

Lisa felt the ring gag morph and once again the rubber tasting penis was filling her mouth and pressing down her tongue as she looked over at the large man standing next to Scott.

"Jefferson, I see you've been busy as well. I apologize for not speaking earlier, but, Lisa was a bit preoccupied." Lisa's voice spoke as her body turned and approached the large man who was busy fondling Scott's growing cock. "At least this year we have extra toys for you and Percival to enjoy, that is, if they suit you."

"Yes, they will do." Jefferson's deep base voice reverberated. "As much as I enjoy Percival's communion in me, it will be especially wonderful to get to gaze into his eyes and feel his touch again."

In her ear Lisa heard Samuel whisper again.

"Jefferson was an Adams' student in the early 1920s, a loner, very naïve, somewhat slow mentally, and confused about life as well as his own sexuality. His parents had passed away when he was a child. So, he was raised by a much older spinster aunt, who didn't help give him a clear view of life or himself. She passed a year before he entered Adams and he received a very handsome inheritance. Being such a large young man, unsure of his feelings, and unprepared for wealth, made him somewhat popular with the other students, one in particular."

Samuel continued his tale and Lisa watched Jefferson gaze longingly at the transparent mist as it wafted up and down Ogre's body.

"Thurston Andrews was an older student, also a loner and a rogue as well. He had enough life experience to recognize an opportunity for a very large prize. So, he moved quickly. Taking Jefferson aside, tutoring his class work, and helping him to invest his money. Within a month, the two became lovers and a few weeks later, Jefferson authorized Thurston to be added to all of his accounts. Of course then, Thurston stole all of Jefferson's funds and left."

Lisa watched Jefferson step over to Ogre and lovingly move his large hand back and forth through the mist.

"Jefferson, distraught lonely, and penniless, came here to end his life, but, Percival was drawn to him. It was All Hallows Eve so Percival was able to possess Jefferson's body and stop him. That commune together greatly pleasured them both. For the next 3 years he stayed here helping Uncle Thomas. With the help of Nakesha's Egyptian knowledge and the sister's magic, Jefferson traded his normal mortal life for one of near immortality. He lives with and works for Nakesha as a personal body guard for her and any of her charges. He comes here every Halloween and whenever Nakesha does to be with Percival."

A feeling of pity for the large man entered Lisa.

"Don't feel sorry for him. He is very happy. And, as for Thurston, well, he is presently wrapped in mummification bandages and entombed in Egypt. He unwittingly used Jefferson's funds to help rescue Nakesha's brother from his cursed tomb as well as replaced him there so he could be removed and brought here."

A black thick mist poured from the corner between Ogre and Brad. All eyes turned to stare and watched it transform into a large 19th century well dressed man.

"Father," Lisa's voice rang out loudly ahead of the rest, her eyes widening at the sight.

Sensing the beginning of something very horrible about to happen, Lisa felt more fear rise in her.

"George," The werewolf growled.

"About time," Eudora hissed. "We've been waiting!"

"Welcome George, you've done well." Nakesha smiled, standing and curtseying toward the man.

"Thank you my friends... Yes, I'm a bit late, but, I do hope your gifts have made up for that." George Henry Ost's deep baritone voice boomed. "If everyone is satisfied, then, we shall proceed."

"Father, what about the unclaimed ones," Lisa's voice hesitated as Jackson, the night shirt, and Jonathan, the long johns, prodded her sides. "What will be done with them?"

"The betrayer is being punished as we speak. She is mine to deal with. Her future will be determined by her victim. The other two will be left to chance. What happens to them, will happen." He answered. "Dawn is upon us, you may retire to your rooms, enjoy the day and your gifts. Thomas, I need to speak with you."

"What can I do for you, brother?" The werewolf growled.

Lisa turned her head and saw a young man standing where the werewolf had been. But, suddenly, her body turned toward the opening doorway and she strode out of the room.

"Time for us to have some fun!" Samuel's voice cooed in her ear.

An exhausted Kitty watched the hidden door open. She lost count of the number of climaxes her tormentors had forced upon her. They had continued to enlarge and felt as if they were splitting her in half.

She wasn't sure if she could physically take any more, when, Lisa stepped lively through the door and across the room. She was flanked by the night shirt and long johns. Kitty caught a quick glance from Lisa before she exited through the open metal door and in her terror filled eyes saw all loss of hope for escape.

After a few minutes the olive skinned woman came through the door holding a leash connected to the collar around Laurel's neck. Laurel's arms were still bound behind her and she remained gagged as she followed 2 steps behind the gorgeous woman.

One of the old hags came out next with Stan following puppy like behind her. He was naked and she couldn't help but notice his huge erection. It was much larger than she had ever seen on him before. A second smaller hag came out moments later. She was followed by Brad, who, like Stan, had an enormous erection and blankly stared ahead at the woman.

"MAMOM! MAMOM! MAMOM!" Kitty screamed into her gag as Jason followed the third witch through the door.

He, too, had a blank look in his eyes and an erection that matched the werewolf's, which, she had been thinking about with some trepidation and anticipation.

Ignoring her, he kept his eyes glued on the witch before him, who stopped and turned toward the screaming bound girl.

"It this one yours?" She cackled. "Or, should I say was yours. For he is mine now and forever... Carry me my lover to our bed to consummate our union..."

She turned to face him, pulled her robes from around her waist and legs, reached around his neck, and leapt into his arms.

"MMMMMMOOOOOO!!!" Kitty wailed, watching the hag slowly lower herself onto his enormous member.

She closed her eyes, but, still had to listen to the hag's howls of joy echo out of the room and into the next as she slid up and down Jason's long fleshy pole.

Tears of sadness flowed down Kitty's cheeks, but, her whimpers of pain were drowned out by Ogre's loud booming voice of cheer coming through the doorway.

"I like this body, it is as strong as yours my love." He giggled. "You and I will need to find the sturdiest bed in the manor for the day. Perhaps we'll even share it with our slaves!"

"Perhaps, but, not until I have first feasted on you until I get my fill," the large well dressed man said, looking deeply into Ogre's eyes. "I have waited for this moment to happen again for many years. Let me savor the beauty of your eyes, before we worry about them."

Stepping through the door behind the two were Scott and Steve. Leashes connected to collars around their necks forced them to walk behind their new masters. Their arms were chained behind them and leg irons around their ankles slowed their steps as well. They were naked and ring gagged. And, they, too, had larger cocks than Kitty recalled.

Both looked up at her with pleading eyes. She had never seen either ever show any signs of fear as long as she had known them. But, now, she watched them trembling in it as they stumbled past her out of the room.

"I sent him your message and he sent back his gratitude for your show of mercy and understanding. He will come by to retrieve her before dusk as you requested." Kitty heard a young man's voice coming from the open door. "Would you like me to prepare her for him? It would be no trouble and I would enjoy it as well."

"No, No, I'll see to it... I want to reinforce the consequences of her actions should she not remain loyal this time to her love." A larger oddly dressed man spoke to a much younger looking man as they stepped through the doorway.

Kitty tried to listen carefully to their conversation, all the while, keeping a watchful eye out for the creature who controlled her tormentors.

"Binding and watching the female form as she struggles, as you have said many times over the years, Thomas, is something all in our family, even surprisingly Percival, seem to greatly enjoy. You, the twins, and Samuel certainly enjoy it. Even, their mother, Audra, enjoyed both sides of the ropes." The older man grinned, reminiscing in his mind the pleasure he and his wife enjoyed the many times he bound her over their relationship. "And, I am no exception... I shall enjoy myself with the betrayer and at the same time pay a long owed debt."

The eerie grin on his face sent chills down Kitty's back. She suddenly felt much better off in the bindings of the large creature.

"Besides, you need to tend to your own frail pet. I believe she will eventually be very receptive to you." They both looked up at Kitty and smiled. "It is good to see you through these eyes again, older brother. As it is every All Hallows Eve."

The older man lifted the younger man in a bear hug, laughed a loud deep laugh that reverberated throughout the mansion, then, disappeared in a black mist.

"MEMM ME MEEME!" Kitty screamed, begging the young man to help her as he walked over, while, looking up at her. "MEEME MEMM ME!"

Her fear filled eyes kept shifting from the young man back to the doorway.

He was just under 6-feet tall and a bit thin and emaciated looking in the tattered white silk shirt and ragged torn knee length trousers he wore. However, his deep blue eyes melted Kitty's fear and had it not been for the odd shaped scaring crisscrossing his face, she would have considered him extremely handsome.

"MMEE ME, MEEME!" She begged, forcing herself to keep an eye on the still open doorway, as he lowered her so her feet were inches from the floor.

He noticed her continued glances in the hidden door's direction.

"Don't worry about the creature," he whispered. "He is under my control, now."

Kitty sighed, a bit of apprehension filling her tearful eyes as she again begged him to help her.

"What about your friends? Are you not worried about them?" He suddenly asked, able to understand her pleas even with her being gagged. "Or is the only rescue you care about your own!"

Embarrassed, Kitty began mumbling about freeing the others after she escaped. His loud guffaw answered her muffled rambling.

"You want nothing else except your own freedom. You are a selfish and self centered girl. Compassion is foreign to you. The only things that matter are the things that matter to you. Anyone else's troubles or problems are of no interest or concern to you. Unless, they somehow will reach you or you can use them to advance your own pleasure." He spoke to her with reproach in his voice. "You are a pathetic excuse for a woman or a human being."

He reached a hand around the back of her head and pulled her face close to his.

"I can say all that, because, I am very familiar with what and who you are." He said, through gritted white teeth. "You see at one time I was as you are. But, that was a very long time ago."

He slowly began to disconnect her tormentors from the machine.

"When I was 22 years old," he continued.

"WHEN HE WAS 22..." Kitty thought to herself. "He didn't even look that old to her, now."

"I believed the world revolved around me. I was its center, not my family nor any of my friends, just me. And, I lived as I believed. Anything I wanted, I was to have, damn the consequences. My family was, if not the wealthiest, one of the wealthiest in the land and I was the most handsome man in the entire region. Every man was jealous of my looks and confidence. Every woman wanted to be with me. And, I wanted every woman that I took a shine too. You overheard my brother, I'm sure. What he said is true, the members of my family do rather enjoy binding females, to which you can attest."

"MMMMMMAAAAAA!!!" Kitty moaned, pulling on the stocks holding her wrists, as he slowly removed the enlarged dildo from her over stimulated pussy.

"I could and did bind and pleasure myself with any woman I set my mind upon, even if they were married. And, all enjoyed being used while entwined in my bonds. That was until she arrived." He hesitated for a moment. "She was the oldest of two daughters of a traveling band of Gypsies. She was 19 and her younger sister 18."

"MMMMMAAAAAA!!!" Kitty moaned when he slid his fingers over her slit, letting a finger tip toy with her clit.

"Both had long dark as night black hair that cascaded over their shoulders to their round plump asses. The youngest had beautiful blue eyes that called out to me with wanton lust, while, the elder's were dark brown screaming of innocence and totally ignoring me." He grinned, thinking of the two. "From the second they jumped from the wagon as their parents asked my father if they could stay awhile on our land, I knew I wanted them. But, I didn't just know I wanted them, I knew I had to have them both."

"MMMMMAAAAAARRRRGGGGMMMMAAAA!!!" Kitty screamed, as he pulled the inflated plug from her rear without deflating it and an unexpected orgasm hit her. "MMMAAAAAAHHH!!!"

"They were both, virgins. The younger one, Miranda, practically leapt into my ropes. She had a deep hidden passion to be bound and gagged, so, I indulged myself with her. And, before the end of their first week, I had her suspended, naked, and trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey in one of our private horse stalls." He ignored Kitty's orgasmic pants. "I kept her bound and gagged most of everyday for the next 2 weeks and took her many times. She quickly began begging me to take her more and more, to tie her more severely. Which, I did. But, I grew tired of her and my desires were moving on to her sister."

He ran another finger into her slit and within moments had Kitty panting even louder on the verge of another orgasm.

"You see, I do have a touch women cannot resist, except for her. By the month's end, their fifth week on our land began, the older daughter, Yolanda, who had resisted my charms, found herself naked and tightly webbed in my ropes to a railing in the tack room. She had come looking for her sister, who was hogtied and gagged in the corner of the room as bait." He hesitated a moment. "I had slipped up behind her as she was trying uselessly to free Miranda. And, before she knew it, I had her bent over and held to the railing at her waist with thick leather cords looped around her. Using more of the thick leather cords, I tightly wrapped them around her chest to serve as a makeshift corset that helped support her larger than her sister's breasts. But, to shape them in a more pleasing way to me, I used thin leather thongs to encircle each ones base 5 times."

He studied Kitty's vacuum-tube covered breasts.

"How they felt in my hands truly did please me. She had begged me to stop as I spread her arms out and secured them to ropes I had tied from the ceiling beams to her wrists, forearms, elbows, and upper arms. It removed any chance of her stopping me." He sighed. "I remember her glaring at her sister as I pulled and tied her legs wide apart at the ankles, knees, and thighs to uprights holding the railing. We both knew this would gave me more than ample room to enjoy her."

"MMMMMAAAAAARRRGGG!!!" Kitty screamed as he pulled the vacuum tubes from her breasts, sending incredible pain and pleasure waves over her.

He softly massaged Kitty's breasts eliciting another deep pleasure filled moan from the bound woman.

"She pleaded with me to not take her virginity, something about losing her ability if she were defiled before marrying her betrothed. So, I lied and agreed not to if she used her mouth to pleasure me." He smiled and ran his finger around Kitty's ring gagged lips. "Three times, I used her mouth. But, her continued pleadings only increased my desire to take what I wanted. She tried to warn me of the horrible future that would befall my family if I didn't stop. I ignored her warnings, eventually stuffing a rag into her mouth and tying another large banded piece of cloth around her mouth to quiet her."

A look of deep sorrow crossed his face.

"Miranda began pleading through her bit gag to not take her sister's virginity. I ignored her pleas as well." Kitty watched his eyes turn red as he continued. "The combination of their muffled protests added to my wants and desire pushed me on until a fell into a animalistic sexual rage. I took her, not once or twice, but, over and over. Then, I took her sister several times, before returning to Yolanda. Over and over I used her again and again, until, exhausted, I passed out on the floor between them."

He stopped his tale, turning his head in shame.

"I awoke staring up into the face of their mother. She was chanting in some strange language. I was laying on my back unable to move, 5 lit black candles surrounded me. One at my head and one each at my outstretched hands and feet. I felt her slicing my chest with a very odd shaped knife. The cuts weren't deep, barely scratching the skin, but, the pain was tremendous. Each cut burned into my body reaching into my very soul." He trembled, taking deep breaths as he spoke. "My face, hands, feet, and cock burned with the same pain. When she finished all I could do was just lay there on the ground and watch them pack their wagon and leave. For a day I lay unable to move, until, my younger brother, George, found me. After I told him what all had happened, he helped me get back to the manor."

He unbuttoned the tattered shirt and showed Kitty the pentagram scar on his chest, which, matched the ones his face, the back of each of his hands, and the top of his feet. Then, he unbuckled his trousers. Kitty's eyes widened at the sight of the same symbol etched into the flesh of his large penis.

"Two days later, Nakesha came by on an unplanned visit to introduce us to her new companion, a very lovely young lady. Previously, any time Nakesha visited, as soon as I saw her I would grow so hard I couldn't stand it. But, that day I remained as soft and pliable as a prepubescent child. But, when her companion entered the room, an uncontrollable craving to take her rose in me and as my desire for her increased, the pain from the cuts increased and I began getting an erection. As it grew, the pain increased and I changed into the creature you've been watching the door for." He stared into her eyes and saw the her understanding in them. "The creature immediately forced itself on the girl before anyone could react. Nakesha with the help of George and my parents were able to eventually stop the attack and chain me, but, not soon enough."

He stopped and took a deep breath.

"The girl physically survived my ravaging, even possibly enjoying it. But, her mind was never the same. And, she was no longer useful as nourishment for Nakesha. It wasn't until after, I changed back into myself I saw what I had done." He sighed again before he continued. "Nakesha recognized I had been cursed and George recounted my tale to them. She told us that only the Gypsies could remove this curse, but, it had to be done before the next new moon. George immediately left to find them."

He returned a hand between Kitty's thighs and began massaging her moist pleasure box again.

"Of course George found them and asked them to remove the curse. The mother refused, explaining that by taking Yolanda's virginity before her time, I had destroyed her ability to perceive their future. And, ended any chance of passing the gift to future generations. George implored them even more, offering them land and a house if they would reconsider. They refused." His eyes filled with guilt. "Everything George offered was refused. He lost his temper, drew his pistol and threatened to force them to remove it."

He stare into Kitty's eyes as he continued the story as he fondled her sensually.

"The battle was short and quick. The father, 14 year old son and both daughters died quickly. But, as the mother lay at his feet dying, she began chanting and with her last breath put a curse on my loving brother, that, he and his immediate heirs would die on their happiest day for his crime." His voice quivered. "Due to my deplorable behavior, on my four nephew's wedding day, my brother and his four sons were betrayed and murdered."

Thomas looked down and stifled a tear.

"My parents and brother kept me hidden, locking me safely away here in this room every time I became aroused by a woman. I couldn't escape the chains or it. When George married I could only see his bride through that metal door. She was a good woman and mother, as were her sons. They helped to keep all the women of the village safe by keeping me secured here in my room.' His eyes flared with anger as he spoke. "On their wedding day as the horde of murderers killed them above, I was locked away in here. I could hear and see what was happening, but, could do nothing. My screams were somehow heard by the Steinson sister's, 3 witches my great grandfather saved from death. They couldn't counter either curse, but, did append the one on George and his sons, so their spirits would remain together here in the mansion, instead of each wandering the world aimlessly alone."

"MMMMAAAAAAHHHH, MMMMMMAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Kitty screamed as another orgasm rushed over her.

"You enjoy my touch more than any of the others I ever had bound. I knew you would the moment I saw you with your comrades awaiting to ambush that young man. I would have stopped it, but, the sight of you put me into the thralls of the curse, so, my brother and his son's spirits had to lock me away in here." He smiled at her. "I had to have you, but, only on All Hallow's Eve do I get a modicum of control over the curse inside of me. You see I cannot have an erection in human form, but, on this day I can control the creature. So, I can enjoy all the pleasures I remember of having a woman."

He lowered her feet to the floor and turned her around. After removing the poles connecting the stocks that held her, he bent her at the waist over the bedrail and tightly looped several leather thongs around her waist and the rail, tying them securely. He tied the stocks, holding her ankles wide apart, to the bed's footboard and pulled the stocks, holding her neck and wrists, toward the headboard. With it tied tightly to the head of the bed, all Kitty could do was stare downward at the dusty mattress.

Thomas slid between Kitty and the mattress, lifting her chin as he spoke.

"The others are going to enjoy the next 24 hours with your friends. You, on the other hand, will get to enjoy the next 24 hours with me." He grinned from ear to ear and his eyes began to glow red. "You have been prepared for me. After this day is through, you will crave my caress and lust for my ravaging."

"MMMMAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!" Kitty screamed into the ring gag, as the young man transformed into the huge behemoth, positioning itself so the tip of its enormous cock as it became fully erect forced its way through the ring.

"Let's have some fun, shall we..." The creature growled.

Chapter 9

The late morning sunlight warmed the cool October air above the quiet of fraternity row. The previous night's noise silenced and carried away by the nighttime breezes, leaving the only clue to its presence ever being there sitting silently in the front yard of the Tri Lambda frat house. The confusing corridors of hay bales stacked atop each other forming walls to a giant maze. And placed in specified areas, the displays, once resting in front of the Ost Mansion, sat as entertainment goals for this evenings Halloween visitors to LE LABYRINTHE DE LA MAISON DE TRI LAMBDA.

All on fraternity row seemed to be sleeping late so as to be well rested for the evenings festivities. However, an occasional squeak from Dudley 'Booger' Dawson's large, paint faded, 10 year old Ford Econoline Van would break the morning's deafening silence. Also, faint muffled female moans and deep male grunts could be heard coming from the interior of the van, should anyone be standing next to it. Of course the hay walls of the maze more than hid the van's presence.

"Oh yes! MOMMA! You are so good... Take care of the Boogerman... Take all of him...OH YESSS! DARLIN', YOU ARE SOOOO GOOD!" Booger grunted as he slammed himself against the perfectly rounded ass of the gagged female kneeling naked on all fours and bound to the foot ottoman in the middle of the van's cargo bay. "You put those other Pi Deltas to shame. None of them could last this long!"

His sweat soaked dark brown curls stuck to his forehead and a satisfied devilish smirk filled his face.

"MMMMUUUMMMM!" The bound blonde woman moaned over the 3-inch diameter red ball gag tightly buckled deep in her mouth. "MMMMMAAAAAHHHHHMMMM!!!"

She pushed her body backward to match his forward thrust, driving his hard pulsing member deep into her wet hot vagina. Tightening her muscles, she held him there to enjoy the explosion of his ejaculation, which, sent her into another multi-orgasmic barrage of quivers and quakes.

Drool flowed over her pert lips and chin as sweat trickled down her sides and over her large dangling bound breasts onto the blanket and thin mattress covering the van's metal floor.

"Oh, yes, these are so big and natural... I love the way the rope shapes them into large squeezable balloons. I could play with them forever..." Booger whispered into her ear as he reached around and cupped both hands to a tightly rope bound breast. Now, I want you to come again for the Boogerman, mommy!"

He sensually squeezed each breast as he pulled her back and pushed himself in even deeper.

"MMMMMAAAAAMMMMMEEEMMM!!!" The buxom bound blonde screamed as she happily quivered violently against him.

If someone had told her yesterday she would be bound in the back of a van getting her brains fucked out by a nerd, and loving every second of it, she'd have told them they were completely insane.

The main reason Jennifer Childs came to visit Adams College this weekend was to check on her daughter. She had to make sure Bettie hadn't gone back to that nerd, Lewis. It took the entire summer for her, most of Bettie's friends, Philip Childs, her Ex and Bettie's father, and his young trophy bride, to convince their daughter to dump that loser. She hated having to be around them for that long. But, it was a sacrifice she felt compelled to make.

Now, here she was completely overwhelmed and enthralled by the sexual expertise of her own nerd.

He had bound and rebound, gagged and regagged her in so many ways in such a short period of time her head was swimming. Legs open, legs closed, arms behind, arms above, knees bent, suspended spread eagle from the van's ceiling, hung against the van's wall, and of course hogtied, each tight and inescapable. But, the final result in each different tie was the same. He brought her to a huge wondrous climax in each position.

Her body had never responded to any other man like it was to him. Whether it was his finger, tongue, cock, or combination of the three, he put her in orbit.

She had debated on coming to check on her daughter, but, now was very glad she did.

Oh! She also did have another reason for coming. It was more private and of a sexual nature.

She had planned on arranging some extremely intimate time with Coach Harris. After all, she hadn't been in a serious relationship in the 6 years since her divorce. While they were students here at Adams and at every alumni meeting they attended, Coach Harris always gave her strong signals he was very interested. Not to mention, the last time she actually had intercourse with a man had been nearly a year ago after the office Halloween party.

A year of going without was enough.

She desperately needed a good fuck. Sure, she had done a bit of self-binding and wore out several vibrators during that time. But, it never truly satisfied her. She needed a man and planned on making damn sure 2 people were going to be very satisfied tonight.

Therefore to get herself started in the right direction, when Coach Harris arrived, she had to be naked and bound.

She had placed all her clothing neatly folded in a pile near the bed before she locked the 2-inch wide zip ties around her ankles, shins, and thighs. She had called Coach Harris just prior to this and told him Bettie and her sorority sisters were completely occupied with those nerds and Omega cows for the night. So, she'd be alone in Bettie's bedroom and it was all hers for the duration.

"Just come up the stairs, third door on the right. The door will be open and so will I!" She giggled into the phone.

"I'm on my way!" He had answered gulping hard.

She remembered laughing at the quiver in his voice.

Once Coach Harris opened the bedroom door, he would get the prize he had been longing for since their days as students here. That is after she had given him the best blow job he ever had in his life. She was extremely good at it. After all, it was her second favorite thing to do with a man.

Of course she would have to be blindfolded as well, if she was going to make sure he wasn't the only one going to enjoy it. She loved to be bound when she had sex and blindfolded as well when she gave head. Something that stemmed from her days here at Adams. Most of the guys seemed to enjoy it, even though Philip, the fool, couldn't understand or appreciate it. And, as far as she was concerned right now, she didn't care if it mattered to Coach Harris or not, either.

The handcuffs were firmly held against her back above her ass by the tight 3-inch wide black leather belt. Once she buckled the thick padded leather blindfold around her eyes and slipped her wrists into the cuffs, she'd be ready for him.

Unfortunately, she didn't count on the nerds retaliating during Judy's rescue by gassing anyone in the house and outside it. Nor, did she figure on them doing a room by room search. And, she definitely didn't anticipate the person entering Bettie's supposedly empty room to be Booger.

His drawers hit the floor just behind his gaping jaw at the sight of the bodacious nude bound and blindfolded blonde with her wide open mouth ready and available to him.

Her expertise amazed and pleased him immensely. So, he reciprocated by sensually caressing her chest with a touch that caught her by surprise and motivated her to do even more. He was also fairly certain by her pleasurable sounding moans and the orgasmic tremors of her bound body, his actions pleased her as well.

The calls from the other Tri Lambdas and Omegas for him to join them were ignored. He wanted to enjoy this found treasure's mouth and the feel of her body in his hands for as long as he could.

He was curious just how far he could take advantage of this circumstance.

His father had always told him "Never look a gift blow job in the mouth". And, "If a beautiful woman presents herself as a present, tap it fast before she has a change of heart".

Of course his father wasn't great at wooing women. He was just a blackjack dealer in Vegas and did gigs as a part-time amateur magician. It was only through an act of pure luck that he met and convinced his mother to work with him and eventually married her.

His mother, on the other hand, was a much wiser and gifted person. An alluring and charming woman, who had been a Vegas showgirl and was very popular with many of the visiting magicians, assisting them in their shows.

She also had several sayings she would repeat hoping to pound them into his memory.

"First and foremost," she'd say over and over to him, "if you want to keep the woman, you have to please the woman" and "her needs must come before your own".

Unfortunately, on this occasion, the sight of this beautiful woman bound and blindfolded gave his father's bits of wisdom prevalence.

However, fortunately for him, his mother also told him "You got your father's looks and character flaws, but, my smarts. I'll teach you everything you need to know to please a woman". And, those lessons stuck and stayed with him.

The battle within him wasn't whether or not to take advantage of this situation. That battle was over as soon as he opened the door.

The real fight raging in his mind was whether or not to remove the blindfold and when. To remove it immediately or wait to do it while she was in the middle of the blow job or just as he came or just after he came. The shock on her face would have been priceless, but, would he get the actual result he wanted.

So, he waited until she was finished and he bound her elbows and wrists better. He used some scarves he found in the room to tie them together behind her back leaving the handcuffs on.

"Oh my! You do know how to make a girl feel helpless, Coach Harris..." Jennifer purred as Booger looped and tightly tied 2 longer scarves around her elbows and chest, above and below her breasts, and another one around her wrists and waist.

Yes, his mother was an excellent teacher and he did learn those lessons well. He just never had as many opportunities as he'd have liked to put those skills to use.

So, he decided this would be one of them. He just had to take her with him. That shouldn't be a problem, she'd just look like another Pi Delta, but, he needed to get her to his van first.

"OOHHMMMMMPPPPHHHGGGGHHH!!!" Jennifer giddily mumbled when he started gagging her with a triple scarf wrap. "mmmmmppphhh..."

He lustfully stared at her as he retightened the knots.

Grinning devilishly he gave in and unbuckled the blindfold.

The sight of him sent her mind rolling, she uselessly screamed into the tight and sensual feeling material filling and wrapped around her mouth. She shook her head and desperately pulled on her bonds. But, she and he had done to good of a job and bound as she was little could be done to prevent him from replacing the blindfold and carrying her out to his van.

He locked her in the secret compartment beneath the floor in the cargo area, where he had successfully hid many times from officers of the law. She was to well bound, but, she still uselessly attempted to alert someone of her presence while Booger and the others loaded the unconscious bound Pis and delivered them to the Omega house.

She couldn't see where she was or what was going on. All she could do was lay securely bound and hidden with only her thoughts to keep her occupied. And those thoughts began with "What was going to happen to her?" But, kept ending with how much she enjoyed the feeling of his hands on her.

She didn't know that he was using his van to help pick up the displays at the Ost Mansion and take them to the Tri Lambda house. As time dragged on, she just hoped it wouldn't be much longer. Her curiosity growing with each passing mile.

After he delivered and helped set up the last display, Booger parked the van and retrieved the bound and blindfolded woman from the compartment. For the next 8 hours he changed enjoyed her, changing her bonds, tying and retying her this way and that as he played her bound body like a master musician, sending her to sexual heights she had never, ever come close to reaching before.

And now, she was gloriously gagged with a huge ball and bound on all fours, as this incredibly talented young man forced her to leapt off another orgasmic precipice.

Her pants slowed as she returned from her most resent orgasmic high. She watched him slowly moved around in front of her. His mouth curled into a Cheshire cat grin and she could actually see the wheels in his brain turning.

"I have a few things I must take care of," Booger smiled. "You just stay put and maybe I'll make you a star..."

He laced a rubber half mask hood over her head, forcing the large red ball even deeper into her mouth.

"mmmmmppphhhh!" Jennifer shook her head and protested, uselessly.

"Now, now, don't act like a spoiled princess..." He laughed as he replaced the thick leather blindfold. "Don't go anywhere!"

She felt his hand rub her bottom and a finger gently slip between her labia.

"mmmmmaaahh" She moaned as he sexually toyed with her clit pushing her to the edge.

"Don't want you to forget me, darlin'..." He whispered in her ear. "I'll be back!"

The sound of the van's side door sliding close filled her ears.

"Meame, meame, meame..." Her voice screamed into the gag and her mind bellowed out to him. "Don't stop... Keep me and use me forever..."

Over on sorority row the stir of activity was different. Most of the houses had a few members coming and going. Except for the Pi Delta house. No one was there to move about, except in Kristen Powers room on her fluffy comforter covered bed.

The small web cam Toshiro placed in the ceiling kept a faithful eye on the 3 figures on the bed.

Coach Harris lay on his back, a black leather corset hugging his chest and a matching garter belt held the black fishnet stockings covering his hairy legs. His arms stretched out circling two of his players. Danny, wearing a pink satin and lace teddy, lay on the Coach's left with his left hand comfortably holding the Coach's hardening cock. While, Bill lay on the Coach's right arm, wearing a yellow silky lace bra and panty combination. His right hand gently folded around Danny's.

The sound of their loud snores filled the air.

The television screen on the desk across from the bed filled with the image of the three. It showed movement on the bed, as a sleeping Danny lifted his left leg and lay it gently over Coach Harris' leg, waking the older man.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Coach screamed, as he tried to raise his arms and rolled both players onto his chest.

He saw the image of the 3 oddly clad male figures filling the television screen. As his eyes focused they widen in disbelief.

The camera caught the flurry of the 3 attempting to hide their identities as they searched uselessly for their clothing. With no luck, they finally settled on covering themselves with blankets and ran from the house down sorority row.

The students strolling along sorority row all stopped to stare and enjoy the show.

However, if Coach Harris and the boys or any of the other observers had been able to stop at the Omega house, 4 houses from the Pi Delta house, they may have been able to hear Kristen Powers screaming into the ring gag for what seemed to her like the millionth time. The sadistic exercise machine mercilessly continued through the night and morning to strip away any of her resolve.

Being paralyzed by drugged dart, she was unable to prevent her enemies from binding her onto the exercise machine. Nor, could she prevent that damn nerd, Skolnick, from fiddling with the motor controlling the stimulators and increasing the resistance on the spring controlling the exercise machine.

She cursed him over and over, because now, the dildo pounded away at her more like a jackhammer, giving her even less rest between orgasms. And. it was nearly impossible for her to force her legs together.

As soon as the drug's effects wore off, they turned the machine on. Within minutes her legs were spread wide and the dildo hammered away at her, forcing her first of hundreds of orgasms with its nonstop attack.

And, then that damn door chime sang out! No matter how hard she fights it. As soon as she hears it her body begins craving another orgasm and her tits become so aroused they feel like they are on fire. Making her beg for them to be quenched by that Omega cow's devious tongue and lips.

Kristen remembered breaking the will of several of her sorority sisters with the device. And, she was well on her way to turning Judy Morris into a sex needy addict when the tables were turned.

Now, she was the one to have fallen victim to her own demonic device and more.

She recognized the way her mind and body were responding to the torment. It was the same way all of the women she strapped to this machine responded.

Some, like Judy, fought hard and long for hours. While others, like her sorority sisters Angela and Susan succumbed in less than 30 minutes.

"How long have I been strapped into this thing?" Her mind asked, knowing there was only one thing to do if she had any hope of not becoming the machine's next victim .

She tried, with all her strength and what was left of her will, to force her legs together to make the enormous dildo retreat from her, giving her a reprieve. Slowly her wide spread legs began to draw closer together and the 18-inch long dildo began easing out of her very wet pussy. Only, it had to steadily slide against her over stimulated clit in the process.

"YES!" Her mind screamed in victory as her legs grew closer and closer.

Her body quivered from the stress on her leg muscles, but, also from the struggle within her to give into the stimulations caused by the dildos retraction.

"Just a bit further and the tip of that thing will be out." She thought, excitedly.


Two loud whacks echoed across the room as the riding crop slapped across her pert 36B cup breasts, breaking her concentration.

"MMMMMAAAARRRRMMMGGMMMM!!!" She screamed, as her legs zoomed back apart and the huge dildo dove back into her, sending her once more over the edge. "MMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

The sound of a door chime filled the room and Kristen's tongue automatically burst through the ring seeking Judy's moist pussy to lick.

"MMMMAAAAAHH, MMMMMAAAAMMMGGGG!" She screamed as her nipples quickly grew and hardened, burning for attention.

During the day before, in her attempt to break and train Judy, Kristen would dig the heels of her boots into Judy's thighs as a signal to lick her. Judy knew it was beginning to work very well, too, but, doing the same thing wasn't enough revenge for her. She had a more maniacal plan in store. And, thanks to that nearsighted chemical genius Poindexter's arousal compound, Judy added a bit of a twist to Kristen's training.

With Kristen blindfolded and unable to prepare herself, Judy would put a drop of the compound on each of Kristen's nipples as she climaxed sending a torrent of forced over stimulation into each. The extreme quickness of the arousal would cause a seemingly painful burning. The only relief coming from having each nipple sensually licked and sucked until the compound wore off.

And, that would send poor Kristen into over drive toward her next climax.

Having to rely on that Omega bitch to relieve her of the pain was a humiliating insult added to torture. But, that devilish Omega Mu added even more torment by explaining after the first application of the compound that the only way she would help remove the pain would be if Kristen licked her to orgasm first.

It didn't take very many applications of the compound to train the bound blonde Pi Delta's tongue to quickly respond after the door chime rang.

To add to Kristen's humiliation, Judy would occasionally turn around and instead of Kristen licking her pussy, she would have her clean her asshole. Which, Kristen quickly learned to do very well, after getting past the initial repulsion.

And, Judy was not satisfied with just a little lick. Oh no, before she'd turn around and let Kristen lick her to orgasm she had to feel Kristen's tongue inserted to its fullest. Which, she learned to do very quickly.

Due to the blindfold, Kristen never could be sure which hole she would be getting, but, soon learned it didn't matter. Judy's satisfaction was key. And, that led to, at least a dozen times that she was aware of, having to lick and clean both before receiving her relief.

Not only would Judy use the riding crop to keep Kristen distracted, but, the same TENS wand, Kristen used on her, Judy occasionally used to return the pleasure. Even that was not enough to satisfy Judy's quest for revenge. She also enjoyed running a long feather around Kristen's ticklish feet and skin, keeping the bound tormented weakening girl guessing and on the edge.

Then, to make matters worse, when Judy began to tire and needed a break, she turned Kristen's training over to Patsy after instructing her on how and what she wanted done.

Patsy had went to sleep after spending a couple of hours preparing Lucy Bentley, a Pi Delta who had notoriously chosen to make Patsy's life pure hell, for her role this evening as Spiderwoman Patsy's web victim.

Using white athletic tape, she had bound Lucy's arms wrist to elbow behind her back and taped her legs together before meticulously wrapped thin white cotton cord around and around Lucy's unconscious body until it was tightly cocooned from the bottom of her feet up to he neck. A thick leather plug gag buckled into her mouth and around her lower face kept her silent after she awoke. That would be replaced later, Patsy told the wide eyed mumbling girl.

To Kristen's dismay and all the Omegas delight watching, Patsy seemed to be as much a natural in the realm of Domination as Judy. For the 5 hours Judy slept and rested, Patsy feverishly continued Kristen's training. Eventually getting all of the Omegas watching involved.

By the time Judy returned, every Omega Mu sister had had her ass licked and her pussy pleasured several times by Kristen. Patsy had even used all of the other 6 Pi Deltas, they had captured in Judy's rescue, to relieve Kristen's nipples after she had completed her task.

The only one not used was Lucy. Patsy just moved her close enough to get a good view of Kristen's torment.

Last year Lucy didn't stop at just enjoying teasing Patsy. She had destroyed the project Patsy had worked on for the entire semester. The loss of time and money to build it was not the worst result. An incomplete for the project dropped her grade point average costing her to lose part of her scholarship as well as having to retake the class.

The anger over the incident had grown inside Patsy over the year and as she tightly held Pi Delta's head in the palms of her hands, she told her to take a very up close and personal look at what was happening to her sorority sister.

"You're the next one to be trained," Patsy whispered through clenched teeth. "Kristen will become a sex slave to our entire sorority. But, you, you my sweet bitch, will become my personal sex slave. Gladly sucking, licking, fucking, or doing whatever and whoever I say, whenever I say. You cost me a lot of money and a shot at an internship I craved. I'm going to rent you out to who ever will pay. You WILL earn me back 100 times as much as I lost."

Judy returned to the Omega basement and smiled. She was very much pleased at the marvelous progress Patsy had made with Kristen. She then told her and the other Omegas present that they needed to get all the Pi Deltas ready for the displays because Gilbert and the Tri Lambdas would be coming by in 2 hours to pick them up.

"They're nearly ready now. We wrapped Trisha, Carrie, and Sasha as the mummies for the Egyptian display. The vibrators and butt plugs are sealed in, as well as the ear plugs and thick gags. No one will know that they are real dummies on display." Mona answered. "Oh, Booger did call to let us know he had someone else in mind to use for his PHANTOM OF THE OPERA scene, so we decided to use Doris in the Salem witch burning instead."

"mmmmmaaaaaahhhhh!" Trisha moaned into the thick padding gagging her, as Mandy turned the vibrator and plug on and set them to their highest level.

"See I can barely hear her and I'm right next to her." Mandy grinned. "The other 2 are just as well gagged. No one will hear their moans of pleasure and pleas for help."

"Connie is ready as Frankenstein's bride, with hidden leather straps holding her arms to her sides and legs together." Trina added. "The latex mask has a built in gag that works even better than these. Once she's strapped to the table, she'll look like a display mannequin. Oh, I did make her drink that vial of liquid Poindexter wanted us to give her before I put the mask on her."

"And, as you can see, Doris is dressed as the witch to be burned at the stake." Mona said, twisting one of Doris' nipples firmly eliciting a muffled scream. "Her robes hide all the ropes holding her arms together behind her back and her legs together. And, you see her hideous latex mask also has a functional gag built in. All the guys will have to do is wrap a few pieces of rope around her waist and the stake, she can't go anywhere. Also, all of them do have electrically powered toys placed in key spots to keep them occupied while on display."

"Lucy will be ready as soon as I change her gag, put the discipline hood on her, and wrap the cord around the discipline hood to match her body. Once we tie her into the large rope spider web in the cave display and cover her with that fake spider webbing she'll be unrecognizable." Patsy grinned. "She and I will be all alone to enjoy ourselves... bwha, bwha, bwha..."

Lucy looked pleadingly around the room, then, caught the evil glare in Patsy's eyes and began crying hopelessly.

"You don't have a reason to cry yet, slut..." Patsy sneered at her. "But, by midnight, you will."

"Good! All the guys will have to do is connect their toys up to the power and as soon as a guest pushes one of the buttons..." Judy giggled. "Our little display dummies come to life..."

"What about Kristen, you going to leave her down here, alone?" Patsy asked.

"Oh, no! I'll keep her like this right up until the last minute. With no sleep and what she's been through, she'll break. She's very close now. Then, I'm going to have her be the witch at the candy pot." Judy snickered. "Tied and gagged nice and tight, dressed in costume right next to the door, so she'll hear every little 'trick or treater' ring the door bell. The kids will get what they want, a handful of candy. And, Kristen gets what I want. Each time that door bell rings she'll be pushed deeper and deeper into a state of extreme arousal."

Judy leaned closer to Kristen and began to sensually massage the girl's heaving breasts.

"She'll be bound in a way so she'll be unable to satisfy her overwhelming need to orgasm." Judy smiled. "By the time the last guest has rang the door bell, she'll be so horny she'll do anything I tell her to do to be allowed to climax. She will become exactly what she wanted me to be, a cheap whore slut and sex addict."

"What about the others when this is over?" Stacy asked.

"A couple more doses of Wormser's sleeping gas and they won't remember any of this." Judy grinned and laughed. "Or we could keep them and turn them into Omega MuMaids, offering them out for a small fee to clean the other houses."

"Now, I like that!" Several of the Omegas said in unison.

"After the guys come and get these volunteers, we have to get ready." Judy said, picking up the feather in her left hand and beginning to softly run it up and down Kristen's left side. "Having them, frees us up to roam the maze in costume to help any visitors and watch our dummies perform."

She picked up the TENS wand in her other hand and used it to send sparks of pleasurable pain along Kristen's breasts and hardening nipples, pushing the exhausted Pi Delta over the edge another time.

"OH, MY, I hear the door bell chime." Judy giggled turning around and placing her ass in front of Kristen's searching tongue.

Chapter 10

At the Ost Mansion the noontime sun brightly filtered through each window. Laurel would have appreciated the warmth it brought to the room and her nude body on this crisp fall day. But, her struggles with the ropes, circling and crisscrossing her body in an elaborate web that kept her in a taut spread eagle between the bed's foot rail and canopy uprights, worked much better.

As did the heat her Mistress, Nakesha Desvontaire's tongue and mouth drew from her.

No! Freedom from her bonds is not what she sought. What her body craved was the freedom to reciprocate each and every touch her Mistress bestowed upon her.

The thick red leather gag strap, her Mistress produced from the leather cape, was tightly sealed around her lower face and added to the frustration building in Laurel. If only she could plead with her Mistress to allow her to swap places with her plastic wrap cocooned sorority sister, who lay beneath their Mistress. It would be her tongue darting in and out of that wondrous twat and she would be drinking in her Mistress' sweet nectar. For it is that which Laurel truly yearns.

Laurel lost count of the number of orgasms with which she had fed her Mistress. The amount did not matter to her. Only, that her Mistress had chosen her to fulfill this need and she was more than pleased to do so.

She looked down at the perfectly coifed jet black hair between her legs and felt her Mistress' regal lips and tongue expertly manipulating her body once again. She knew another powerful orgasm was seconds away. So she let her thoughts dissipate and willingly opened herself totally to the approaching eruption.

"MMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAMMMMAAAAAA!!!" Laurel screamed into the leather strip across her mouth.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Lady Nakesha Desvontaire also loudly screamed, pulling her head from between Laurel's tightly bound and quivering thighs. "RA BE PRAISED! AAAHHHHH, YYEESSSSS!"

This virgin's tongue and lips were even more than Nakesha expected. Only one other tongue had made her body respond in such a way. And, that was nearly 3 millennia ago.

Nakesha felt the massive flood of vaginal fluid flow from her and into the awaiting open mouth of her newest gift.

"It was wise to resist the temptation of feasting on her first...l" She thought, savoring the intoxicating aroma of the virgin beneath her.

Kay Winston gulped down the liquid. It was delicious and each mouthful sent her into a deeper nirvana. She couldn't swallow it fast enough, so, she stretched her tongue as far as it could reach to lap up every drop of the woman's delicious cum.

She didn't know or care how many mouthfuls she had already swallowed. All that mattered to her was the more she drank, the more she needed, the more she needed, the more she wanted. And, the more she wanted the more she felt compelled to give herself over to this wondrous woman.

From the moment the woman's euphoric scent wafted into her nostrils, through the plastic wrap, all Kay's mind and body could contemplate was desire for her. Even wrapped, immobilized in plastic as she was, her only thought was to kneel and offer herself and her unwavering obedience to the Goddess that was standing before her.

Nakesha was also quite pleasantly surprised when she entered the bedroom.

She had planned on spending the entire 24 hours engrossed with her newly acquired meal source. Through the many years, she had a habit of becoming emotionally attached to the ones she planned on keeping as permanent nourishment. And, this one had already seemed to prove capable of delightfully pleasuring her with her tongue and mouth.

The discovery of another gift, tightly cocooned in plastic as if to keep her fresh, was a surprise. She had always enjoyed getting gifts. But, even through the many layers of plastic this gift's fragrant aroma became increasingly overwhelming to Nakesha. Her sensitive nostrils immediately filled with lustful hunger. This gift wasn't just an ordinary virgin.

It took a vast amount of control to ignore the natural instincts instilled in her over the last 3000 years and wait to savor the taste of this gift.

With a gleam of anticipation in her eyes, she sliced the plastic and peeled it free from Kay's lower face with a fingernail. Wiggling her long sleek finger between Kay's lips, she pried the plastic filling it free with a loud 'POP'.

As Kay took a deep gasp of fresh air, Nakesha bent down letting her lips hover for just a second, allowing her pheromones to breakdown any resistance. Then, before Kay could utter a sound, she pressed them to Kay's. And in a very passionate kiss, she explored her new gift's mouth with her tongue which was received with joyous acceptance.

Nakesha left Kay gift wrapped in the plastic and lay her length wise on the bed. She straddled the plastic wrapped girl's lower face, letting her own moist sex box hover within a tongue's length of the girl's open mouth as she lifted Laurel between the canopy uprights for the bed bindings to secure her in position.

Kay's tongue immediately began searching and found Nakesha's most sensitive spot. The surprised woman had just enough time to wrap and seal the leather gag around Laurel's mouth when what seemed like the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced ravaged her body.

Her body quivered and tensed as howls of pleasure escaped from her lips. As her body slowly returned to normal she realized a flood of juice flowed from her like never before. Fear for Kay's safety rose in her. But, the sound of Kay's loud gulps and slurps, followed by her deep passionate sighs of pleasure eased Nakesha's worries.

That was over 5 hours and dozen's of orgasms ago.

"Do you want to replace your new sister, my pet?" Nakesha panted, looking deeply into Laurel's eyes. "I think it is time for me to feast on her essence now."

Behind the other three doors on this hallway Eudora, Endora, and Eldora were very much enjoying the effects of the potions on their male slaves. The loud cackles and moans of pure pleasure and delight filtered through the doors and up and down the hallway.

There was absolutely nothing any of the three Alphas could do to stop themselves from vigorously slamming their magically enlarged cocks non-stop into whatever orifice the sisters ordered them to. Their minds screaming at them to stop run away as they kissed and fondled the hags' putrid bodies. But, Stan, Jason, and Brad continued hour after hour, their eyes wide open in zombie-like stares and their mouths twisted in gleeful grins. The invisible magic collars sealed around their necks compelled them to obey and pleasure their hideous owners.

For the three sisters giving up all manor of sexual release and pleasure was one of the unexpected drawbacks of gaining their near immortality. Another one, which was a side effect of the spell they cast to gain that longevity of life, enhanced their normal libidos a hundred fold. Something none of the three had foreseen or prepared for. They also unfortunately learned later, a genetic trait in the female side of their family caused their normal libidos to not lessen as the years went by. As a matter of fact, in their family it actually increased.

The discovery of having to live a long life with no possible chance of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment could easily make one a bit testy, to say the least. And, after a hundred years of such torment, it did.

Then, all three were saved from a fiery death at the stake by the Ost family, who introduced them to another family friend, a woman of Egyptian decent. Nakesha told them of the one day of the year when the stars are aligned and increased the magical aura of the world. And, on that day, 'All Hollow's Eve', they would be able to overcome those pesky drawbacks.

So, from this sunrise to sunset Stan, Jason, and Brad would be kept very busy pleasuring the three sisters over and over. And, their only concerns were to enjoy the day and care nothing about anything else.

But, even if they did care, the three sisters and their young studs would have ignored the loud creaking sounds followed by jubilant deep male voices coming from the last door on the next hallway.

The spacious room contained a set of opulent captains chairs, a large dresser, full length mirror, and in the middle of the far wall a king size bed.

"This body is so perfect..." Ogre grinned, gently lifting Jefferson's head from his crotch to gaze deeply into his eyes, "And, you can do with it as you wish, my love..."

"It fits you so well, Percy. And, the witch's potion has made you even more irresistible." Jefferson beamed, pressing his lips to Ogre's in a deep passionate kiss.

He slowly and sensually stroked the engorged cock, his lips had just left, as the two large men embraced and lay back on the bed .

"Oh, my it's getting even larger," Jefferson giggled, as he slowly kissed his way back along Ogre's chest down to his groin and along the enormous shaft. "We need to find a proper sheath for such a wondrous sword..."

Ogre grinned and nodded toward the foot rail.

Jefferson spun around on all fours and resting his upper chest across the top of the foot rail, braced his upper arms against the railing.

"OH YESSSS!" He moaned as Perceval wrapped Ogre's muscular arms around Jefferson's chest and slowly inserted the huge thick fleshy log into his anal opening. "OH! MY! GOD!!! It feels so wonderful!"

Both huge men were lost in the moment and totally ignoring Scott and Steve on the floor at the foot of the bed.

They had bound the two Alpha Betas together in a nice tight hogtie and wrapped together by the waist to upper chest with rope in a face to crotch package. Their arms are useless to them tied wrist to elbow behind their backs. And, their legs bound together at the knees and ankles, with their ankles pulled up against their ass and the ankle rope tightly tied to their arms.

The 4-inch diameter ring gags, buckled tightly behind their teeth, keep their mouths wide open and available for the others thick hard cock. Neither was able to prevent either cock from entering the ring. And, once they entered, they refused to leave.

The witch's potion hadn't just increased the length and girth of their cocks, but, had also increased their need to cum. So, both had little choice in taking advantage of the other's mouth. But, neither realized that for the next 24 hours neither hard-on would be eased by any amount of ejaculations.

The sounds of Scott and Steve's protests and gulps continued to go unnoticed by Perceval and Jefferson, as the afternoon progressed.

Two rooms down the hall Lori and Marie wiggled their way across the room toward each other. The nightshirt and long johns had returned just after the sun rose and began changing their bonds over and over, tying them this way and that for hours on end.

Both Pi Deltas had given in to the constant sexual torments and accepted their fates to the point of actually enjoying the torments.

This didn't seem to please either article of clothing, so, they changed tactics.

First Marie was bound in a frog tied with her legs wide apart and suspended by one lone rope from the middle of the canopy. Her moans muffled by the white cotton cloth gag filling her mouth and tightly tied around her lower face. Each movement and struggle caused her to slowly swing back and forth.

Lori was retied spread eagled to the uprights of the canopy between the head board and canopy cross bar. Her legs pulled as far apart as possible and her hips thrust forward. Her moans were muffle as well by the cloth gag wrapped tightly around her head.

Neither girl understood what was happening, until, a 16-inch long, 3-inch thick hard rubber dildo bounced across the room and onto the bed, where it attached itself to a 4-inch wide leather strap. Silently the combination rose into the air toward Marie.

"MMMMMOOOOO, MMMMMOOOO, MMMMMOOOO..." Marie screamed as the dildo pumped itself in and out of her wet pussy a dozen times.

It slid from the wet moist hole and the leather strap slowly slipped along Marie's torso, over her panting chest and wrapped itself around her gagged mouth, with the dildo poking straight out.

"MMMMMMOOOOO!!!" Lori screamed, her eyes widening as she watched in horror the two pieces of clothing pull Marie's bound body toward the end of the bed with the large thick dildo tip aimed directly at the opening between her legs.

"MMMMMMOOOOOOO!!!" Both coed's screamed into their gags as both pieces of clothing let go of Marie and her bound body swung in a perfectly aimed arc.


The dildo completely buried itself into Lori, forcing a loud exhale of air through her nose.

Marie protruding from Lori's legs tried to remain motionless. The dildo, embedded deep in her sorority sister's vagina, transferred any quiver or tremble Marie made into a gentle vibration. Then, Marie's body slowly began its back swing and a deep loud moan escaped through Lori's well gagged lips as the dildo vibrated against Lori's clit as it also slowly retreated.

"OH MY GOD, NOOOO!" Marie's mind screamed as Jackson and Jonathan pulled her back and swung her once more spearing her sorority sister again with the large phallus.

This continued until Lori climaxed three times.

Then, the leather strap removed itself from Marie. It purposely floated between the two teasingly, before wafting over to Lori and wrapping itself around her hips.

The dildo's tip pointed menacingly at Marie, who felt her hips being pulled wider apart into a full split by her bindings. The clothing duo pulled her again over the foot of the bed, but, this time spun her so her head was now facing them.

"OH GOD, NOOOO!" Marie's mind screamed as they let go of her and she felt the air rushed by her as she arced along the length of the bed.


The tight ropes held Lori's hips refusing to allow them to move so she could do nothing but watch in awe as the dildo disappeared into Marie's sopping wet love box. Then, slowly it reappeared an inch at a time as she slowly began her return swung.

The duo continued this erotic game of pinning the dildo into the swing pussy for several hours. Lori could see the exhaustion in Marie's face and felt nearly the same, for each time the dildo move it vibrated the leather strap that was purposely positioned over her very stimulated clit. Therefore, she also was forced to a climax along with Marie.

Time seemed to creep along, but, eventually the devilish duo grew bored.

Through blurry eyes Lori watched the night shirt and long johns remove Marie from her swing rope and retie her on the floor in a hogtie next to the wall beneath a window. At first she thought her tired eyes deceived her. It wasn't until they removed her from the bed frame and bound her as they had Marie that she was sure.

Perhaps, they had over estimated their success in breaking the girl's spirits or had just gotten lazy. It didn't matter to Lori, because, they had foolishly used only a single rope to hogtie her wrists and ankles. No chest rope or elbow rope or knee rope, nothing else, other than the omnipresent gag, was used to help secure her.

She lay near the bathroom door and watched the door to the hallway close behind the two articles of clothing. Turning her body she slowly inched her way toward Marie. Who it seemed had also realized the mistake the two had made and was wiggling her pretty body slowly toward Lori.

Four doors away Lisa half-heartedly pulled on the ropes that held her in a taut spread eagle on the bed. But, she kept her eyes firmly glued on the black rubber catsuit standing perfectly balanced on the bed's foot board.

It had remained there motionless for hours. Its arms folded across its chest and the rubber half-mask hood leaning forward and down as if returning her glare. It seemed to be studying her, waiting for her to end her useless resistance and give in to the craving her body was longing for.

Yes, it was becoming a very powerful craving now.

Lisa had never, ever been this horny. By now she would have used a sex toy on herself or had one of her sorority sister's, normally Donna, use one on her to satisfy this need. But, neither of those options were present.

At first she fought desperately to loosen the ropes on her ankles, that kept her legs far enough apart to prevent her from rubbing her thighs together. Then, her attempts to free either of her wrists, to allow herself to masturbate, failed miserably as well.

She tried to recall any and all of the scenarios that led to an enjoyable orgasm over the years, hoping the thoughts would trigger a solution. None of them worked, either. Even the ones that she had experienced since entering the mansion were a complete bust.

In the past, when all else failed, she would visualize her deepest darkest fantasies and they would succeed. So, hoping they would come through for her again and push her over the edge, she closed her eyes and thought deep and hard.

Nothing! And, what was worse, the yearnings were growing stronger and changing. She no longer desired just to climax, now, she had an overwhelming need to feel a man's penis ejaculate deep into her.

She opened her eyes and saw the rubber catsuit still standing there. But now it seemed to be smiling down at her as if gloating, as well.

In a final desperate move to stop or at least halt the growing sensations in her body, she sucked in a deep calming breath through her nose and tried to recalled this events of this morning.

Samuel forced her to walk quickly through the hidden door of the room and past Kitty without allowing her to even give her friend a glance. Through the metal door and up the stairs her rubber catsuited body strode.

Her mind raced over any option or plan of action. But, all she could think of was the terror she saw in her friends eyes.


Her body froze at the bottom of the main staircase, remaining rigid for several minutes. Then, it spun around and marched to the front door, opened it and stepped out onto the porch.

"WHAT RIGHT DO I HAVE!!!" Samuel's deep voice echoed into her ears.

Her head turned downward and her right arm lifted, her forefinger pointing just off the porch steps.


Lisa's head lifted and her finger pointed to three other areas of the lawn.

"JONATHAN DIED THERE! JACKSON DIED THERE!" His voice bellowed, then, softened. "And, my sweet older brother, who only agreed to married the eldest Adam's sister so I could wed the youngest, died... Died there attempting to come to my rescue. He could have beaten the three who attacked him first. But, he turned his back on them to prevent the cowardly attack on me. The three shredded his back, but he still ran toward me. Four others attacked him from the sides finishing his murder."

Lisa's finger then pointed to the large oak tree in the yard.

"My father dangled there gasping for breath as he watched all of his sons die a gruesome death." Samuel's voice quivered with emotion. "And, you think we have no right to do what we do!"

He forced her body to turn around and return to the stairway.

"All but one of your friends are directly descended from that murderous mob. Each one carries the stain of blood, including you." His voice calmed. "The sins of the father are passed down from generation to generation. This is the first time since that blood-filled day, that, a descendent of each murderer has set foot on this ground at the same time. The curse on my father and family cannot be removed, nor can the death curse my father put upon your family. And, the cry for revenge uttered that day can not be ignored."

Lisa began bounding up the stairs 2, then, 3 at a time.

"You may want to rethink your threat to not have sex ever again!" Samuel said as they burst through the bedroom door and sprinted toward the end of the bed.

He forced Lisa's body to leap into the air, diving over the foot board.

As her body sailed over the ornate bed frame, it spun so she was facing up toward the canopy. Her arms and legs suddenly spread out in an 'X' as it hovered 3-feet above the mattress. Then, Lisa felt all the pressure of the rubber catsuit leave her body and she fell.

Her body felt the air blow momentarily by as soon as it passed through what felt like a thick rubber liquid. Before she could gulp in enough air to scream, she landed on the firm mattress, but, was bounced back into the air.

Like 4 coiled snakes striking in unison, the ornate rope-like carvings on the 4 bedposts sprang to life and curled around each of her wrists and ankles. Then, in unison they retreated back toward the bedposts pulling Lisa forcibly back onto the mattress.

"OOOOOFFFFF!" Lisa gasp.

All the remaining air in her lungs forcibly exhaled as she landed more firmly on the mattress a second time.

The catsuit dropped from the air and knelt above her, placing a knee on each side of her chest and its smooth rubber ass sitting just below her breasts.

Lisa opened her mouth gasping for air as the catsuit lifted its right hand toward the open armoire. A flash of red and black flew from it landing in the catsuit's open hand. With one quick smooth motion the rubber catsuit stuffed the red ball deep behind Lisa's lips and teeth and tightly buckled the black straps of the head harness.

"mmmoo, mmmoo..." Lisa's muffled protests were weak.

The catsuit seemed to study her bonds. Then, as if very satisfied with them, stood and floated up and back coming to rest on the bed's footboard, where it has remained.

Lisa moaned desperately into the ball gag. Why her body was reacting this way was a mystery to her. She was sure Samuel had something to do with it, but, she had not heard his voice or felt his thoughts again since they entered the bedroom. If somehow he was making her body feel this way, she could not figure out how. All she knew was there would be no way in hell that she could not have sex ever again.

"I'll probably rape the first guy I see," she thought. "Yep! I'll ride him over and over until he spews out every drop of cum in his body into me."

She looked up at the catsuit and grinned, insanely laughing to herself.

"The way things have been going so far, the first person I see will most likely be that miniature nerd." She giggled into the gag. "And, he won't be able to get it up and I'll still end up hornier than hell..."

Looking up at the catsuit, Lisa sucked in a deep breath through her nose and yelled at the piece of black rubber above her.

"YOU WIN, YOU WIN! You win..." Her mind confessed.

The catsuit returned to live and moved.

"Now what!" Lisa thought, as she watched the thing dive from the foot board and do a a half spin above her.

The black rubber dropped over her. She felt it ooze along her skin and around her body, sealing itself to her. The ball gag and straps and ropes disappeared into the black goop, but, soon popped back out of it as sealed itself to Lisa's skin.

"Now you understand, you have no choice," Samuel's voice returned to her ears. "You will conceive a new generation for us."

The ropes loosened, slinking back into the wood from which they were carved.

"Now, sit up!" Samuel ordered. "We must fetch your slave to help you with our future progeny."

Lisa bolted upright, turned, and sat on the side of the bed. She reached into the armoire and pulled out a familiar looking brown bottle and a white cotton cloth.

"Oh no! No more of that shit... Please!" Lisa thought, as she was forced to pour some of the liquid onto the cloth. "Please! I'll do whatever you want..."

"What? You don't like being chloroformed! Amazing, you seemed to revel in it last time. Your body did anyway, I could tell." Samuel seemed to be snickering.

"I don't think so!" Lisa thought.

"Well then, how about a contest. I'll control your right arm and you your left. If I can get the cloth over your nose and mouth and keep it there long enough, I win. And, you go to sleep while I redress you." His voice seemed cheery now. "If you can prevent it with your left arm, then, you'll get to dress yourself. Deal?"

"What choice do I have!" Lisa muttered into the gag.

"On your mark, get set, GO!" Samuel giggled, as Lisa's right hand moved quickly toward her face.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Her mind screamed as she blocked the motion with her left arm and pushed her right away. "You must have thought I was right handed! You were wrong!"

Lisa's let arm forced her right even further away. She grinned behind the ball, even a small victory like this would give her some pleasure. Suddenly, she felt something crawling onto her left breast.

She looked down at the sensation.

"OH MY GOD! A SPIDER!" Her mind screamed, as she instinctively swatted at it with her left hand.

"MMMMMPPPPHHH, MMMMMPPPHHHH!" She mumbled into the gag and chloroform soaked cloth covering her lower face.

She tried to force her right arm away again with her left, but, it didn't give any. Slowly her eyes drew heavy and her left arm sank to her side. Her right hand held the cloth firmly to her face as her world fell into the blackness again.

Unaware of any of her friend's plights, Bettie Childs watched through tear-filled eyes the vast array of stuffed animal return to their designated homes in the trophy room. Her bottom felt raw from the number of tongues tasting her over the past few hours, which seemed more like days to her. She couldn't help but wonder to herself in the event she failed to live up to her love for Lewis, would her place be in here with the other trophies.

"No!" Her mind screamed at her. "YOU WILL NOT FAIL! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE TRUE TO HIM!"

The door to the room opened, letting light from the hallway to creep in. Bettie could not see who it was, but, began mumbling through the gag for help, hoping beyond hope it was Lewis coming to her rescue.

The door closed and Bettie sensed movement behind her.

"MMOME MMEME, MEMM ME!" She screamed.

There was no verbal reply.

Only the sound of several swishes followed by the loud sonic pops of air being quickly moved aside.


"MMMMAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEMMMM!!!" Bettie screamed, as electric sparks of pain shot through her ass.

Then the same loud sounds and more pain filled her dangling breasts.

Tears flowed from her eyes, but, through her blurry vision she thought she saw a white night shirt and pair of red long johns standing before her.

They removed the binding on her legs and pulled her head from the wall plaque.

Her eyes widened with fear when she realized neither object had a head or feet and hands.

They turned her around and retied her ankles to the uprights, spreading her legs further apart than before. Her arms were freed from the straps holding them together behind her back, momentarily. They pulled her up as high as her legs bonds allowed and bent her backward over the padded bar. Her arms were stretched outward around the bar. The leather straps were wrapped around her wrists and tied to the bar keeping her pulled taut with her hips thrust forward.

"mmmmooo! Mmom, mmeame!" She begged, uselessly.

The remaining dildo was slowly and deliberately removed to cause as much sexual anguish as possible. Then, both stood on either side giving Bettie a clear dramatic view of the large bulges protruding from each.

"MMMOOOO!!!" Bettie screamed as the night shirt moved between her legs and slid its bulge deep into her.

Taking turns, one after the other, they toyed with Bettie for an hour. Finally stopping after a noise came from outside and the room. It appeared to Bettie like the two turned and looked at each other.

Each article of clothing then moved to a side of the contraption Bettie was bound to and spun the entire thing around so now she was again facing the fireplace.

She forced herself to look up in time to see the night shirt hop aboard the lion and the long johns straddle the tiger. With a loud roar from each beast, they leapt from their podiums and strode past Bettie with their bodiless riders aboard out the door.

Meanwhile in Thomas' room in the cellar, Kitty stared down at the creature laying on the bed with his enormous fur covered rod aimed up at her already over abused pussy.

"OH MY GOD!" She thought staring wide eyed at the thing.

She remained naked and had doubts about ever being allowed any clothing ever again. Her arms were bound together at the wrists and elbows above her head. A cinch rope tightened as well as connected both ties and dangled her above the bed from one of the many ceiling pulleys. Her ankles were tied to her thighs, giving her little strength to resist them being pulled apart as she was lowered onto the creature's incredibly long thick shaft.

"MMMMMAAAAARRRGGGGMMMM, MMMMMMMAAAAAAA!" She screamed into the ring gag keeping her mouth open and available, as she was slowly impaled again.

She hoped and prayed her body could endure it and not be ripped apart.

The unnatural size of the werewolf's cock, as he rammed it in and out of her time after time this morning, was more than she felt it could withstand. Thomas had made sure that each different binding gave him access to her every opening. And, the creature made sure to use each several times over.

His sexual appetite seemed to be unending, even with Thomas in control of it. She shivered to think what it would be like if he weren't and if her fate were to be kept here after he lost control and finding out.

Kitty quickly put those thoughts out of her head. It was hard enough not to go insane as it were. She'd rather just remain in a full blown panic mode.

She did manage to get some rest whenever her bonds were changed. And, having Thomas being in control of the creature gave her more chances to rest as he changed her bonds quite often. His human side seemed to get more enjoyment from doing that.

Surprisingly, Kitty did as well. She was one of the many Pi Delta Pis that enjoyed being on the receiving end while playing in their basement "dungeon". So much so, she was capable of having her arms and legs kept in stringent bondage over long periods of time. Which had proved to be very useful so far during her visit to the Ost Mansion.

However, even Kristen's unique abilities and devices she had used on Kitty hadn't prepared her what she had been through so far. Nor what, she feared, was yet to come.

Chapter 11


The sound seemed to echo throughout the mansion.

Lisa had never fired a gun before in her life, so the loud discharge of an antiquated musket jolted her shoulder and left a ringing in her ears. Which she quickly ignored at the sight before her.

Through the musket's black powder smoke, Lisa saw the polar bear rug, that had held Donna tightly enveloped with in it, quickly make its escape by scampering down the stairway, leaving Donna naked and barely able to stand. She trembled in fear looking to see if she had been hit by the blast.

Tears flowed down her cheeks and she gasped for breath, her eyes wide in shock as she watched Lisa lower the large musket. Unable to utter a word, she silently asked, "What the hell happened?"

Behind the trembling girl, Celia, whose clothing had also magically vaporized, stood knee deep in a pile of red satin ribbon. She was bent over and used both her hands to quickly pull the last yard of the ribbon from her mouth.

Celia glanced up and saw Lisa, dressed rather oddly, lean the musket against the wall. She had to blink twice to make sure her eyes weren't playing tricks on her.

Lisa had on a safari outfit of khaki colored leather short shorts and long sleeve hunters jacket. Both hugged her body like a second skin. The matching bandana, that appeared to hide her lower face, over-the-knee boots, with a 5-inch stiletto heel, and oversized pith helmet were a bit much to Celia, but, she didn't really care what Lisa wore. Just as long as she could help her find Laurel and get them the hell out of this mad house.

She watched Lisa stiffly move to Donna and wrap her arms around the hysterical girl in a comforting hug. Celia couldn't wait to give Laurel a more affectionate hug and attempted to get Lisa's attention to ask about Laurel. However, before she could speak, Lisa shouted to her.

"Laurel is down the far hall, fourth door on the left! Hurry, I'm sure she's in danger, too!"

Lisa cocked her head and nodded in the direction of the hallway.

"I'll get her and meet you here!," Celia said, her face filled with worry. "We've got to get out of here!"

"Just hurry! We'll be ready." Lisa's voice calmly said, from behind the leather bandana tightly sealed over her lower face, chin, and neck.

Celia darted by like a bolt of lightning.

"That takes care of that. Now, shall we go about getting your nanny/slave trained." Samuel's voice whispered in Lisa's ear.

He forced her to turn the terrified girl around to face them, then, had Lisa wrap her in another soothing hug.

"There, there, everything's fine...Hush now... Stop your worries, you're with me, now." Lisa's voice said, cheerfully. "We need to get you prepared."

"Wh... wha... what's happening here?" Donna stammered.

"Don't fret, I'll explain it all to you." Lisa's voice said, but, the angst in her eyes betrayed the sweetness in her voice.

Lisa turned Donna around and led her toward the first door on the right.

"Something's not right... I thought you said we'd wait for Celia and Laurel here," Donna said, suddenly stopping and looking up and down Lisa's outfit. "And, what the hell are you wearing? And, when did you learn to shoot a gun? And, where did you get it? And, wha... mmmmmppppphhhhh!!!"

A large leather khaki colored bandana, matching the one Lisa wore, and four long khaki colored leather thongs leapt from Lisa's jacket pockets. The bandana folded itself into a 6-inch wide band and wrapped itself tightly around Donna's mouth, silencing her.

Lisa grabbed Donna's wrists and quickly pulled them behind her back as the four thongs set upon the stunned girl. Very efficiently, they wrapped and tied themselves tightly around Donna's wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. Then, the seemingly endless leather lengths continued to loop around and around and around her, until from ankles to shoulders she was covered in the khaki leather coils.

"Tut, tut... Can't have you yelling loudly and bothering the others, can I?" Lisa's voice cooed in Donna's ear. "And, I don't want you hurting yourself or trying to run off. So this should keep you quiet and cooperative, while I get everything prepared for your training..."

"MMRAMINM??" Donna repeated, her eyes now wider and more confused than before.

Lisa picked up the collar and leash, that had been around Celia's neck, and buckled it around Donna's.

It was then Donna noticed a similar bandana around Lisa's face and realized she never saw Lisa's lips move while she spoke.

"I think the band Aerosmith had a song titled... HOP THIS WAY... or something like that..." Lisa's voice giggled, as she pulled on the leash and forced Donna to hop after her through the door and into Samuel's bedroom.

Around the corner on the next hallway, Celia burst through the fourth bedroom door on the left.

"WHAT THE HELL!!! GET OFF OF HER YOU BITCH!!!" Celia screamed, as she entered the room and turned toward the bed, at the dark haired vixen straddling Laurel's face.

Just the sight of this beautiful olive skinned woman would have triggered Celia's lust mode. But, seeing her, with her knees spread on either side of Laurel's face, then, add in the loud delightful moans and slurping sounds coming from her lover, pushed Celia into a heated rage.

She lunged at the woman, whose face was buried deeply between Kay's bound thighs. Kay, tightly webbed above the headboard by the ornately carved ropes of the bed's uprights, was so lost in euphoria she didn't notice Celia's arrival. Neither did Laurel, who jubilantly continued her task of pleasing her mistress.

"I'LL KILL AAACCCKKK!!!" Celia screamed, but her threat was cut short.

Nakesha's right arm whipped out and her hand closed with a vice-like grip around Celia's throat, stopping the rampaging coed in mid air. The grip tightened and Celia's arms, that had instinctively reached up to try to pry the fingers loose from her throat, slowly dropped and fell to her sides.

It wasn't the lack of precious air that caused this. But, the hypnotic scent of the olive skinned woman's sex filling Celia's nostrils, overcoming her rage. Turning the fire of anger in her into an uncontrollable desire for this woman's touch.

"MMMMMMMAAAAAMMMM!!!" Kay screamed as another orgasm washed over her, sending a flood of nourishment to her mistress.

Celia remained frozen in the woman's iron grip. Nakesha never moved her head, until, she lapped up every drop of the sweet nectar her new gift offered. Then, Celia's eyes widen in terror as the woman turned toward her.

"I AM NEVER TO BE DISTURBED WHILE FEASTING!" She hissed in a voice that sent shivers of fear up and down the three Pi Delta's backs.

The woman's eyes glowed bright red and the fear in Celia's face grew, as the woman pulled her closer and closer. Celia's nose was barely an inch from the woman's.


The woman's sternly curled lips turned into a smile.

"George, my dear friend, you have found another untouched by man!" She said aloud, looking up at the ceiling. "Three lovelies to enjoy and keep me nourished. Well done!"

She pulled Celia's lips to hers and kissed her deeply.

Celia unable to reject the woman lips felt compelled to returned the kiss with unbridled passion. And, her thoughts of Laurel faded with each passing moment their lips remained pressed together.

"Wrap your legs around my head and let me feed off your passion, my new pet!" Nakesha sensually ordered.

The decorative cords dropped from the crossbar and looped around Celia's arms and upper chest lifting her high enough to easily wrap her long muscular legs around Nakesha's head. Never removing her gaze from Nakesha's, Celia gently pulled the woman's head and awaiting mouth to her vaginal lips.

Within moments Celia screamed in orgasmic pleasure and joined Laurel and Kay as Nakesha's newest slave.

A door down the hallway creaked open.

"That was weird!" Lori whispered. "I know that looked like Lisa and sounded like Lisa, but, I don't think it was Lisa."

"THIS WHOLE PLACE IS WEIRD!" Marie whispered back emphatically. "Let's get out of here before those things come back. I don't think I could take another climax."

"Me either! So, okay, just be quiet and we'll sneak down the stairs and out the door." Lori nodded. "We'll call the police after we get back to campus."

Marie nodded and the duo quietly slunk arm in arm along the wall to the top of the stairs.

"Did you hear that?" Lori whispered. "Sounded like Stan. He grunts like that when he's really pumping away."

"Yeah, I know..." Marie giggled. "You think he and Bettie are doing it, HERE AND NOW! You wanna look?"

"Go ahead if you want! I'm getting the hell out of here!" Lori answered, as she began slowly going down the stairs.

"Right behind you," Marie answered, nearly pushing Lori over.

"What was that?" Marie asked, as the two stepped off the last stair and began the next leg of their escape toward the front door. "It came from over there!"

Marie pointed to the right.

"No, it came from behind that door." Lori replied, pointing to the door leading to the dining room. "We need to hurry!"

The girls bolted for the front door, but, before they could reach it the roar of a lion exploded from their left sending them both tumbling uncontrollably.

"OH MY GOD! RUN!" Lori screamed, the first of the duo to get to her feet

Confused, she turned and bounded the away from the front door and down the hallway toward the kitchen.

Before Marie could get to her feet to follow her friend, she saw a red, orange and black blur flash across the hallway in front of Lori.

"AAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!!!" Lori screamed as she skidded to a stop a half a meter away from the large head of a tiger.

She froze momentarily and stared up at the pair of red long john sitting atop the beast. In its sleeve a lasso twirled around and around.

Spinning quickly, Lori made a mad dash back toward Marie, who now stood motionless as a statue, her eyes filled with horror as she stared at the spectacle behind her friend.

Just as Lori reached Marie, she felt something tighten around her ankles and pull her from her feet.

Lori crashed forward onto Marie, but, then felt herself being pulled back toward the tiger. She turned her head and saw the long johns leap from the tiger's back and land next to her. In seconds it had pulled her wrists behind her back and bound them together. A half a heartbeat later, it had bound her ankles together, pulled them up to her ass, and tightly tied them to her wrists.

Stepping back it quickly slapped its thighs and threw its sleeves up in the air.

"HELP! HELP! HELP!" Lori began screaming, pulling frantically at the cords holding her in an extremely secure hogtie.

Marie took one step toward her, but, saw the long johns waving an empty sleeve, no, as it bent over and replaced the thick cloth gag Lori had been wearing in the bedroom upstairs around the girl's lower face.

In a panic, Marie turned and made a quick run for the front door.

She turned the doorknob, opened the door, and jumped out onto the porch.

As she leapt from the porch over the steps toward the ground, she felt something circle her waist and tighten.

"OOOOOOFFFFF!!!" Marie gasped as the inch and a half thick rodeo rope forced the air from her lungs and she was forcibly pulled back landing with a loud thud on her ass onto the porch.

Another sharp tug on the rope and Marie tumbled backward through the door and back into the mansion.

Seconds later, Marie was hogtied and gagged, just like Lori and the articles of clothing were high-sleeving each other. Then, each lifted their securely bound rodeo prize onto the back of their respective steed and bounded up the stairs with both of the girls screaming incoherently into their gags, knowing there was now no chance of escape. But, also knowing, most assuredly, each would be on the receiving end of many more forced unwelcome powerful orgasms.

The bound pair's muffled screams and the thunderous sounds of the large beasts' paws hitting the floor as they stampeded down the hallway were completely ignored by the two Pi Deltas in Samuel's bedroom.

Donna wiggled uselessly in her full body rope cocoon. Each wiggle or movement seemed to give the ropes a chance to tighten. She pleaded through her gag with Lisa to release her, but, Lisa only stood there with her hands on her hips watching, almost savoring the sight.

"You don't think this is a proper outfit for big game hunting?" Lisa's voice finally spoke aloud.

"Well, first off, I don't think 5 inch stiletto heels, no matter the color, are quite appropriate for safari travel. And, short shorts that are tight enough to show the outline of my twat, as well as a hunting jacket that basically not much more than a corset, even if made of leather, doesn't really fit in either." Lisa thought, as a reply to her voice. "However, I must admit they do feel amazing on me and look awesome."

"So you weren't fooled by the change of attire?" Donna heard Lisa's voice say and was more confused now, wondering who she was speaking to.

"You had me thinking I was free for a moment, when, I first awoke." Lisa thought in reply. "By the way, I'm not a big fan of chloroform, just so you know. Anyway, I was able to lift my arms and stand on my own. But, the second I felt this bandana, I knew. The total ensemble is cute, but, a bit theatric don't you think!"

"So you want to be awake from now on when you're redressed, do you! THEATRIC! HURUMPH!! Well then, perhaps you'll prefer this!" Her voice sang out indignantly.

"MMMMMOOO, MMMMOOOO!" Donna screamed.

She watched in horror, as the pith helmet turn black, then, it began to slowly melt covering Lisa's face in a thick black goo.

The black goo ran down forcing Lisa to close her eyes as it covered them.

"MMMMMPPPPHHHHH!!!" Lisa instinctively began screaming into the tight bandana covering her mouth as she felt her nose being covered and clogged with the black tar-like substance.

Donna kept uselessly screaming into her gag as she watched more of the black goo poured out of the helmet as it shrunk and slowly ooze down over Lisa's face, neck, arms and torso.

Lisa's arms were forced to drop to her sides as the black liquid covered them completely, sealing them to her body. Even each and every finger separately was covered then absorbed into the struggling female shaped black blob.

Over her hips and thighs, it slowly flowed to her knees and shins. After it had covered her ankles, feet, and the heels of her boots, turning her into a mono-legged blob, the black goo ran onto the floor, but, didn't puddle around her. Instead, it flowed under the soles of her boots creating what one could call a full-sized female tar baby.

"MMMMOOO!!! MMMOOO!!!" Donna cried, fearing her friend wouldn't be able to breath.

Donna struggled feverishly, trying to free herself of the leather coils. But, all her desperate attempts to free herself and save Lisa were in vain. They only gave the ropes more chances to tighten around her and make her more a prisoner.

"MMMMMMAAAAAAAMMMMMOOOOO!!!" Donna screamed, not just from the tightening cords, but, from the sight before her.

Lisa's shimmering black gooey form wiggled wildly as it stood. The black goo defining her shapely breast even more as her chest heaved in search of air. Suddenly, after a final shudder and lurch for freedom, Lisa's black female blob shape stood still, looking like a mummy in a sarcophagus, then, collapse face first onto the floor.

A minute went by, then, another, then another. It seemed like an eternity to Donna, but, only five minutes had passed.

The goo on the mummy lying on the floor began to bubble.

Through tear-filled eyes Donna watched Lisa's left arm pull away from the blob. Then, her right separated from it. Two legs formed from the mono legged blob as it rose to all fours.

Finally with a noticeable effort the shiny black form stood and lifted its head.

A gleam of joy filled Donna's eyes as she stare into the blue eyes of her friend Lisa. The black goo had parted and returned to its previous black rubber catsuit shape, with one noticeable exception.

Lisa lifted her hands to her hips, the black rubber glistened in the waning evening light that came through the bedroom window. Donna couldn't help but be impressed and intrigued by the aura the outfit added to Lisa's dominate posture. Her beauty was multiplied several fold and Donna felt a warm lust begin to grow inside her for the figure standing before her.

She knew Lisa's body quite well. She had, on several occasions, aided her friend in times of frustration to reach a very pleasurable ending. However, now she could feel this body standing before her calling out to her, beckoning her to respond.

It was then, Donna saw it.

Protruding from between Lisa's black rubber covered groin a huge phallus aimed directly at her.

It was over a foot long and at least 4-inches thick. Shiny and black with what looked like a coat of lubricant sticking to it.

"Your ancestor, Winthorp Duggins, was a lackey to Lisa's ancestor," Lisa voice spoke, but, sounded different almost ethereal. "He did as he was commanded. Good or evil it did not matter. He just blindly obeyed. You will follow in his footprints. You will find your only true delight in unquestioningly obeying your Mistress. And, your only desire in life will be nothing other than giving pleasure to her."

Lisa stepped closer and Donna saw apprehension in her eyes, but, swallowed hard and returned a look of acceptance to her.

She saw the phallus protruding from Lisa begin to grow even larger.

"OH MY GOD!" Donna's mind gasped, knowing full well what was about to befall her very shortly.

Her body spun around on its own and bent over the bed's footboard forcing her to lift her ass high into the air. Donna felt the ropes covering her rear slide away. She could feel the cool late afternoon air on her skin and she could sense more than hear Lisa's approach.

"NO, PLEASE! NO! DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS! PLEASE!!!" Lisa begged, as she stepped closer and closer to her friend. "I BEG YOU, STOP!"

"She must know you are Mistress and she is slave!" Samuel's voice echoed in her ear. "You have no choice in the matter. But, I will give you this boon."

Lisa whimpered around the penis shaped rubber plug filling her mouth. It had reformed and wiggled its way into her mouth from the bandana while she was prone on the floor and her catsuit reformed.

Not to mention the penis shaped gag wasn't the only phallus from the catsuit that returned. Her whimper changed to a groan as a hard rubber familiar shape began firmly pressing on her sphincter and its brother let her know how much it eagerly awaited to slide into her vagina.

"You will enjoy each thrust along with her. This pleasure you will remember, so you will want to continue it with her everyday. And, she will remember the joy you bring her in doing so." Samuel's voice continued. "When the morning comes she will know you are her Mistress. The only one she is to obey. She will gladly become nanny to your daughters and be a comfort to you, providing companionship and sexual pleasure for the rest of your lives."

Lisa understood what he meant as the tip of the huge phallus slowly slipped into Donna's rectum. Both Pi Deltas moaned as they felt the pain of entry subside into a wondrous rhythmic delight with each purposeful thrust of Lisa's hips. They knew the pleasure each other felt and that this was only the beginning.

In the trophy room, Bettie didn't have a clue as to the plights of her fellow Adams students. She only knew her entire body ached everywhere. But, the guilt she felt made her ache even more. Her only thought was 'if she survived the only thing she wished for was to hear Lewis say, "I forgive you.". That hope was the only thing that gave her the strength she needed to endure.

"You're hope is in his love, betrayer!" George Ost's booming voice reverberated through the room. "Not in yours!"

A black mist slowly drifted down from the empty portrait above the fireplace.

"He will be coming for you," the voice continued speaking from the mist. "He will be here at dusk. And, you will be going with him."

Bettie's eyes perked up.

"But, will you lay aside your own personal pains and needs to take care of his." The mist swirled around and took the shape of a large man properly dressed for the early 19th century. "That is the question that will determine if you stay true to the decisions you have made while in my care."

He lifted his large hand and a large vibrating muscle wand massager appeared in it before her.

"A family friend told me this was capable of driving a woman to orgasm over and over and over, if place in the proper position." He grinned and knelt down. "I think, together, we shall see if that is correct."

He place the massager head against Bettie's thrust out pussy and stood.

The massager floated in the air, but, remained securely against her, pressed teasingly against her clitoris.

"MMMMMMMAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Bettie deeply moaned as it turned itself on.

"That seems to be the proper position, to me. What do you think?" He grinned, hearing it hum diligently and her moan softly.

"MMMMYYYEEEEEEMMMM!!!" Bettie moaned louder, nodding her head in agreement.

"From now until you lover comes. You will be forced to, what is the term, ah, yes.... Cum over and over and over." He leaned his face next to hers. "You will cum so much, you may never what to again. Meaning you will not want to give yourself to your lover, for him to give you pleasure. But, I can assure you, he WILL want you to!"

He waved his hand and the power control on the massager increased to full.

"Will your feelings for him be truly strong enough to overcome your own selfishness! You think you will be able to be faithful to his love now." George Ost's eyebrows furrowed as he spoke. "Perhaps, you may. But, if this proves to be untrue, then, this will be your home and serving me will be your fate. Your duty will be pleasuring me and all of the residents of my home for the rest of your life. Think about that betrayer, while you wait for your love."

"MMMMMAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Bettie screamed as the first of many orgasms racked her tightly bound body.

Over on sorority and fraternity rows at Adams College campus, coeds were busying themselves in preparations for this evenings contest and festivities.

Most were putting the final decorations on their houses. However, after just catching a small glimpse of the huge maze in the yard at the Tri Lambda house, they knew they had to try to add anything extra to give them any hope of winning.

Upstairs at the Omega Mu house, Pasty was working herself into the tight black latex bodysuit attached to the giant bulb shaped body of a black widow spider. Her latex covered legs and arms would be the upper legs of the spider and her body the upper torso of the spider. The other four legs were attached to the spider's bulb shaped lower body. On her chest a bright red hourglass shape beamed from the black latex and highlighted her own corseted hourglass shape.

She pulled the black latex hood over her head, adjusting it so the eye, nose, and mouth holes were in place. She lifted her right hand and tested the small hidden microphone sewn into the glove.

"You are my slut and will do what I say!" She practiced, knowing once she was within 10 feet of the receivers in Lucy's ears, all that would fill them would be Patsy's voice. "After tonight, your training begins, grasshopper..."

She giggled aloud in anticipation of the torments she would gleefully perpetrate on Lucy, while cocooned in the webbing of the display and later in the basement.

She touched the switch sewn into the red hourglass and felt the transmitter inside the bulking bulb of her costume quietly hum to life. It vibrated slowly methodically and she counted to 30. Then, it automatically turned off.

"For a while we will both enjoy that part of your torment, Lucy." She cooed.

The others girls, who hadn't already left to help the Tri Lambdas prepare, were busy putting on their costumes. All of them were on pins and needles as they waited to watch their revenge come to fruition on the Pi Deltas bound in each display along the maze. They looked forward to moving about the crowd making sure everyone knew the right switches to push to make each display operate, then, stand back and watch the 'display dummies' enjoy their torments.

But, in the basement, Kristen Powers didn't know or care what anyone else on the campus or in the rest of the world was doing, now or tonight. She didn't even realize the straps holding her arms and legs had been released. She did feel the black shoulder length spandex gloves being slid up her arms, as well as the matching leggings' being put on her legs.

Her will and body had been broken, she no longer existed for her own pleasures.

Judy kept Kristen's arms to her sides as she tightly buckled three wide leather straps around them and her upper body. One each above and below her breasts, and the widest one around her waist. Even if Kristen wanted, she wouldn't be able to move her arms.

The discipline hood and gag were left on the exhausted Pi Delta, while, Miranda helped Judy pull an oversized armless black witch's robe over the helpless girl.

"This will hide the seat and the plugs, once we put her next to the candy cauldron." Judy told Miranda. "The false arms holding the stirring stick will attach here and here with Velcro. Her legs will be spread wide and strapped to the tripod holding the fake fire and to the base of the seat. She won't be able to do anything to make herself cum."

They unlaced the hood and pulled it off Kristen's sweat covered head. Her long blond hair stuck like glue to her forehead and neck. A soft 'PLOOP' could be heard when they pried the ring gag from her very dried out mouth.

"Drink!" Judy ordered, tipping a bottle of water mixed with some of Poindexter's special elixir to Kristen's lips. 'Drink all of it, you'll not get any more until you've proven yourself worthy."

Even as mind numbed as she was, Kristen's body gulped down the delicious tasting liquid.

Judy forced a round sponge the size of a softball into Kristen's mouth and laced a thick leather half mask hood onto her. It held the sponge in and with strips of Velcro place in various spots guaranteed the witch mask, she put on her after, would not slip. The nose of the mask allowed Kristen to breath, but, the mouth and eyes were sealed shut. Red colored oval pieces of glass were glued in place of eyeholes and a large wart covered growth containing a small speaker, filled the space from her neck to chin, which forced her, like a posture collar, to keep her chin lifted.

"That will be connected to a CD player with witch cackles," Judy smiled. "When someone reaches for some candy a sensor will kick on triggering the doorbell and the CD player. The speaker will cackle and Kristen's training will kick in. She'll do everything she can to masturbate to orgasm, but, will be unsuccessful."

"And, by the end of the night, she'll be..." Miranda smiled.

"A very obedient slave, but, also a very miserable nymphomaniac... Ready to please me in any way I want." Judy giggled. "Revenge will be served hot, wet, and horny tonight..."

At the Tri Lambda frat house, Gilbert and Lewis were doing a final check on each display and found everything working as it should, even better. Each of the living mannequins were properly and securely held in place. No sounds escaped from any of their gags. And, each torment was working to its fullest capacity.

"I don't know how Harold got it, but, we have more power than we need." Lewis grinned. "We could keep our 'mannequins' juiced for days.... HEEYUCK, HEEYUCK, HEEYUCK..."

"I think after just tonight, they'll think twice about how they treat us and the Omegas." Gilbert replied. "Besides, with what's happening to the others at the mansion, things are going to change around here."

"Speaking of that, I've got to find Booger. I need to use his van to go get Bettie. It's getting close to time." Lewis said with a sigh. "You think I'm a fool for still loving her, don't you?"

"No, I don't!" Gilbert softly answered. "I, I just don't want my best friend getting his heart broken again is all. If what goes on up there changes her for the good, then, I'm all for it and you."

"Thanks Gilbert, you are my best friend..." Lewis wrapped an arm around Gilbert. "I still owe you for that night, you and Judy saved my life. Hey, is Booger's van rocking or is it my eyes?"

"Don't mention it! And, yeah, I think it is." Gilbert answered with a puzzled look on his face. "I wonder if he's getting dressed in there!"

They went over to the van and heard some very unexpected voices and sounds coming from it .

"OH GOD, YES! BABY YOU ARE FANTASTIC!" They heard Booger's voice screaming gleefully. "DON'T THEY EVER QUIT, MY GOD IT'S LASTING FOREVER!"

"MMMMMAAAAAAAAHHHH, MMMMMMAAAAAAHHHHH, MMMMMAAAAAHHHH!" A woman's muffled screams of delight flowed from the van. "MMMMMMAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

Gilbert and Lewis hesitated, but, the sound of a woman's muffled voice, pushed their curiosity to best them and they opened the back cargo door.

"HOLY CRAP!" Gilbert yelled at the sight of Booger's backside wildly slamming his hips into the spread legs of a blond woman hanging by her wrists and ankles in a spread eagle from the van's ceiling.

Her orgasmic screams of pleasure were unable to be silenced by the nerf ball stuffed in her mouth and the multiple scarf and tape gag wrapped around her mouth and lower face.

At the sound of Gilbert's voice Booger ceased, but, the woman using her arms and legs for leverage, continued to swing herself back and forth along his long hard shaft until her delights were fulfilled.

"Uh, Um, Uh..." Booger stammered. "Everything's cool here. Don't worry, she is cool with this... And, she's FUCKIN' AWESOME! She's..."

"Mrs. Childs?" Lewis gasped.

"MRS. CHILDS!!!" Gilbert and Booger said in unison.

"Yes! Mrs. Childs," Lewis repeated, unable to believe his eyes. "Bettie's mother..."

Chapter 12

Lewis Skolnick stared at the long rectangular wooden box standing in the corner of his room. He had, unexpectedly, been able to get it there unseen. The small rollers on the bottom and leather handle on the top made moving it by himself across the yard to the van at the Ost Mansion and from the van up to his room so easy.

In it his true love waited 'patiently' for her release.

That was what his heart told him. His mind, however, knew she was in there securely bound and gagged and most likely cursing him for not getting her the hell out of there immediately.

So, the argument of whether to free her now or after midnight, as he had promised George H. Ost, raged within him.

"Take her with you, but, you must promise me to not open the box and free her until after the stroke of midnight. The bonds holding her will not work properly to your benefit if you even attempt to release her before then." The large man, dressed as a 19th century aristocrat, warned, standing in the front doorway of Ost Mansion. "Your future happiness together most assuredly depends upon it."

"Yes, Sir, I'll wait. I promise." Lewis responded, reaching his hand out and guaranteeing his word by accepting the man's firm handshake.

He had repeatedly begged his grandfather and father to tell him about their rumored dealings with the unsubstantiated occupants at the Ost mansion. But, after explaining the contact he had with Thomas and George Ost, all he could get either of them to say was to not worry he could trust those two. Provided, they added, when he dealt with them, he had to be completely truthful and honest. Then, he would have no need to fear them.

So far that had proven true. However, their only interactions had been limited to a dozen text messages and slightly more email correspondences over the past several months. There were no physical one on one meeting. And, most of the messages concerned only the contest or tricking specific Alpha Betas and Pi Deltas to visit the mansion of their own accord.

Lewis had been understandably unnerved by the man's sudden appearance behind the screen door. He thought he just hadn't noticed the man due to his curiosity of the long box standing next to the door. But, when a deep male voice suddenly spoke from the empty doorway, Lewis nearly leapt out of his skin.

"She is in there," he had said, nodding toward the box. "Well bound and silenced. She seems to enjoy being bound and gagged, so, you may keep the bindings as a gift."

"Th, thank you..." Lewis finally stuttered a reply, after regaining his normal nerdish composure. "Is, is she okay?"

"She is presently." The man answered, then smiling added. "But, it will be up to her more than you, as to whether she remains as such."

Lewis didn't understand his meaning, but, decided against questioning the man about it. He didn't want to miss an opportunity to be considered a hero to Bettie. It was as he turned to leave, when, the man asked for his promise not to open the box before midnight.

"You and your family have my enduring gratitude for all of your kindnesses. I know this small act will not repay the debt my family owes, but, I hope you will accept it as a beginning." The man added, as Lewis eased the box from the porch. "If at anytime I may be of service do not hesitate to ask. And, remember, make sure to wait until after midnight to release her."

"I will. And, if there is anything I can do for you, just ask. Huh!" Lewis started to answer, then stopped, losing his voice.

A black mist engulf the man and suddenly, the doorway was suddenly empty.

"I don't know if you can hear me or not, Bettie..." Lewis said, finally getting his voice back as he rolled the box toward the van. "But, believe me, I have to do as he asked."

Lewis rose from his bed and moved over to the nearly 6-foot long box. Its was 2-feet wide and a foot and a half deep.

"It would be no trouble to unhook the four clasps and just take a peak inside to make sure Bettie is safe." His heart told him.

But, Mr. Ost's words, "do not even attempt", rang in his ears. And, his mind told him he may need to worry about what else may be in there with Bettie. As he rolled it up the stairs to his room he knew it definitely felt heavier than Bettie's 116 pounds.

"And, warning me to wait until after midnight was important enough for him to actually appear to me, even mentioning it several times" His mind argued, as he gently run his hand along the box, toying with each clasp as he did.

His curiosity of what else he'd find in there, other than his love, added to his heart's yearnings. Not to mention the elation he felt after he received the message to come retrieve Bettie. His heart reminded him of his feelings about her. She was all he thought about, even after the incident.

But, his mind asked, how would she react to him after learning about the major hand he had in arranging her recent fate and that of her friends. And don't forget to add to that, the newest little tidbit of news about her mother, he had personally experienced.

Yeah, his mind won, waiting a few more hours to free her would be wiser.

"Then, how do I tell her about her mother?" He asked himself making sure the clasp, he had teased open, was securely closed.

"Jennifer Childs and Booger Dawson, that is the last thing I would ever have expected tonight." He chuckled, then sighed, realizing there were many others who must have had those same thoughts about he and Bettie. "I guess it isn't to far fetched. And, they both seem to be enjoying each other."

His mind drifted back to earlier this afternoon.

He still couldn't believe Bettie's mother had confessed to him how much she thoroughly enjoyed being bound, gagged, and used by Booger. That was right after her breath returned from the huge orgasm he watched her enjoy with Booger's help. Also, once Booger removed the 2 scarves and layers of tape around her lower face and after he pried the large softball size sponge from her mouth.

He thought it was strange how during the beginnings of their relationship, Bettie revealed to him her secret guilty pleasure of being bound and gagged. And, in return he admitted having many bondage fantasies involving her.

Some of the orgasms she had while bound in his ropes surpassed the one he just witnessed her mother enjoy.

He always thought this obsession Bettie had with bondage had to come from somewhere. It was just seeing its origin, first hand in the back of Booger's van, that left him somewhat shell shocked, but, more determined to win Bettie back.

He was taken by surprise even further by this woman, who had threatened to have his manhood removed if he didn't leave her daughter alone, when she, in her own special way, apologized for all the hell she caused him. That apology showed him Bettie's enjoyment of bondage wasn't the only enjoyment she inherited from her mother. He hadn't had many women pleasure him orally, so based on his very limited experience, he considered both, mother and daughter, to be expert. And, felt embarrassingly unsure which one was the better.

However, having Booger pumping away at the woman's rear while offering his personal point of view as she "apologized" was something Lewis was not accustomed to nor very sure about either.

After all that, Jennifer Childs baffled him even more and had him thinking he was in an alternate universe, when she not only agreed to be publicly bound and gagged as Christine, the damsel in distress, for their maze display musical of "Booger Presley's Phantom Of Graceland Opera", but, insisted he and Gilbert get her ready while Booger put his costume on.

As if moving in slow motion, they started first putting the purple leather corset and thigh boots on her, then, the matching arm binder, legs straps, and penis gag. It was as though he were in a dream world as they retightened all the leather bindings. Gilbert sealed the nipple tubes over her hardening mounds as he buckled the front of a crotch strap to the corset and pulled the end between her legs, careful to slip the dildo and butt plug into their respective homes.

After buckling the back of the crotch strap to the armbinder the two nerds carefully arranged the floor length purple evening dress over her to hide the bonds. The dress hugged the curves of her taunt shapely body making her look more like a barely older sister, than, Bettie's mother.

Neither he nor Gilbert were able to speak. Only Booger's voice, whispering tantalizing words of the future pleasures he would enjoy using her for, could be heard as the trio carried the bound woman to the prepared stage in the maze. False arms, that had already been shackled to the stage wall, fit perfectly to the dress. So now Mrs. Jennifer Childs looked like a loosely chained damsel instead of a tightly bound and gagged bondagette.

He assumed it was also part of her apology when she asked him, before they added the penis gag, to connect the control wires from Booger's guitar amplifier to the dildo, butt plug, and nipple tubes. Lewis was in such a state of awe that he nearly forgot to ask about using the van to get Bettie.

He was sure he having a waking dream, until, he saw the look in Mrs. Childs' eyes when Booger buckled the phantom mask over her face, hiding the leather panel gag. It was the same look of complete adoration he saw in Bettie' eyes after their first romantic tryst in the moon tent at the Greek council carnival.

The clock chiming eleven times snapped him from his daze.

"I've got to go see how everyone is doing on the yard display! I'll be back." He yelled, toward the box, hoping Bettie could hear him as he opened his bedroom door.

He knew if he stayed, he would break his promise.

Inside the box Bettie screamed into the leather plug connected to the mouth corset. The leather discipline helmet silence what the plug couldn't. She heard his conversation with Mr. Ost as well as his many arguments with himself.

A sighed of relief had escaped her when she first heard his voice at the mansion. She honestly wasn't sure if he would come.

It had been hours since the black mist had returned to the trophy room and crated her for travel. Well, crated after all of the leather items she had worn previously returned to their proper places on her. The leather straps, armbinder, mouth corset, waist corset, discipline helmet, single boot, and full body sleeve leapt from the floor and rebound her. Not to mention the butt plug and that wondrous dildo, that was now still vibrating away with a life of its own.

Had Mr. Ost just put her in the crate like that it would have been fine. But, no, he had to show her he was adding a little something else before the helmet ended her vision. It was if he knew that extra piece was more humiliating to her than anything else. But, at the same time, would also be an enormous turn on to her.

She lost count of the number of orgasms she had before he crated her. And, he was right, she had had more than enough to make her not desire another. Yet, even crated as she was, the dildo continued to forced her to cum over and over. Even the thought of having sex was becoming repulsive to her and Mr. Ost's words rang in her ears.

"Can you overcome your pain and wants to please your love..."

She desperately wanted out of the crate and to rest and let her mind renew. However, hearing Lewis leave the room made her heart sink and more tears welled up in her eyes, but, they had no place to flow due to the layers of leather covering her head. Tightly bound and being continually aroused by the inserts, her mind was forced to drifted to thoughts of how she would react when Lewis finally released her.

Outside, as he traversed the Tri Lambda and Omega Mu fantastic yard maze, Lewis noticed the crowd had not seemed to have slowed a bit. From an hour before sundown, when he left to go get Bettie, until now a continual flow of people from the city and surrounding area were still making their way through the maze.

Many were searching through the maze for the 4 Halloween symbols. Others were strolling through it taking in and enjoying each display. But, all were talking about how lifelike and real the mannequins looked and acted. They couldn't help themselves and had to pushed each display's start button a second or third time to watch the dummies come to life over and over again.

After entering through the makeshift gate the crowd could venture on their own, hoping to find their way to the Tri Lambda's front porch to receive a gift, then, find the exit. Or, they could go to the welcome booth to get a map of the maze.

However, if they were very adventurous, they could get a special ticket with a monetary donation or giving a toy to 'Toys for Tots'. On each of these tickets pictures of a black bat, an orange jack-o-lantern pumpkin, a hissing black cat, and a witch's long pointed hat were drawn. Each guest with one of these tickets were to search through the maze to find each item and use the hole punch, located beneath each, to punch the ticket to show they had found it. When a visitor with a completed ticket reached the maze exit, they would receive an extra prize.

As he moved along the maze, avoiding the many dead end pathways, he saw and heard many in the crowd using cell phones to take pictures and excitedly calling their friends telling them how amazing it was and to make sure they did not miss it.

Each display entertained and perplexed ever visitor. All were guessing and theorizing about the mannequins. Most assumed they were dummies. Yet, there were a few who thought they were real, but, none knew for sure.

Lewis reached the welcome booth to relieve Gilbert. He hoped manning the booth would take his mind off Bettie and the box. And, it would also give him a reason to remain out here instead of in his room.

"How's it going?" He asked, as Gilbert turned toward him after handing several special tickets to a group of couples who had just entered the gate.

"Great!" Gilbert smiled, but, frowned after seeing the frustrated look on his friend's face. "Everything okay? Was she there? Did she come back with you?"

"Yeah, but, it's not as I hoped. She's in a crate and I have to wait to open it..." Lewis sighed. "I got to get my mind off it."

"Well, as busy as we've been, that'll be no problem..." Gilbert glanced at the pile of toys off to the side. "Almost everyone has given a donation of some kind."

Lewis' mouth dropped open at the wad of cash Gilbert showed him.

"There's got to be thousands of dollars," Gilbert added. "If you'll take over here, I'll put this in the safe."

Lewis nodded his head and watched Gilbert carefully hide the cash and swiftly move along the path that would get him to the house the quickest. Then, turning his attention to the next group of visitors, he answered their questions before pointing them to the beginning of the maze.

Just past the welcome booth the guests had a choice of 3 pathways. The path to the right curved out of sight. However, the other two paths moved along two sides of the first display.

Along the walls opening this display Egyptian hieroglyphics with translations beneath saying: BEWARE VIOLATORS A DEATH CURSE BE UPON THOSE WHO ENTER.

Loud woeful groans coming from three sarcophagi filled the air each time a visitor pushed the start button on the front of the display. Most in the unsuspecting crowd jumped in surprise when they found themselves staring at the lifelike mummies suddenly springing to life and sitting up.

Archeologists Harold Wormser and Miranda Lemon would jump in fear and turned their flashlights at the dust covered sarcophagi to reveal the mummies existence. The mummies upper bodies would rise to sitting positions, due to hydraulic rods behind them. They would eerily groan loudly and their bodies would tremble and convulse for a minute, then, lay back down.

Each time the button was pushed it activated one or more of the rods, but also triggered to life the devious toys, slipped inside each of the Pi Delta mummies' private areas. Also there were several electrodes placed in strategic places to make the bound girls' muscles contract and add to the scary mummy spasms, also bringing some unwanted discomfort to the ladies.

The loud moans were amplified by microphones in their wrappings and sent out over speakers along the walls of the tomb. Also, mummy wrapped robotic arms would suddenly reach out at the crowd from the darkened corners near the front of the display. More than one spectator nervously turned around, as they moved on, to look over their shoulder a second or third time to make sure they weren't being followed.

Those who choose the pathway to the left, that led along the front of the Egyptian tomb, were quickly met with loud howls.

These howls came from a 7-foot tall 3-foot by 3-foot cage hanging above the pathway. A shapely female werewolf stood in the middle of the cage with its loud howls echoing out. Securely gagged, with her mouth filled and taped beneath the wolf head, Pi Delta, Cindy Anderson moaned loudly. No one could hear her muffled cries, nor, see that her own arms were bound and taped to her body in a tight self hug inside the werewolf costume. Her legs were held motionless by tight leather thigh high boot shafts, also hidden by the fur costume, and shackles, locked around her ankles, bolted to the cage floor that kept her feet stationary.

A leather body harness inside the costume was connected to a thick 3-inch wide leather collar around her neck. The collar kept the wolf head securely on. Two chains attached to the top of the cage were also connected to the collar to support her upper body and help to keep her standing upright. Fur covered muscular robotic arms were attached at the shoulders to the costume. While large blood stained claw hands at the ends of each of the beast's arms tightly gripped the bars of the cage.

So, each time this display's button was activated the beast's arms wildly shook the cage and a menacing howl echoed from the hidden speaker in her fur covered chest. Inside the werewolf costume the huge dildo filling Cindy's love channel gave her more reason to uselessly screamed into her gag and toss her head around and around adding to the frightening image.

The pathway that led to the right came to a cave where 2 witches straddled broomsticks. Softly muttered spells could be faintly heard by the crowd.

When someone pushed this display's button the witches cackled loudly and their brooms would lift from the ground, float up to the top of the cave and circle it four times before slowly returning to their previous positions.

The two Pi Deltas, inside the witch costumes, were strapped into hidden harnesses, beneath the costumes, attached to ceiling mounts, by nearly undetectable cables, which gave them the appearance of flight. The broomsticks had inserts attached to them which were slipped into the witch's lower openings as well as having their hands, arms, hips, and thighs held to the broomstick by hidden harnesses. Neither the girl's loud moans or pleas were able to be heard over the loud high pitched cackles coming from the speakers in their long black hats due to their mouth filling gags. As soon as they returned to the cave floor and their tormentors ceased, another visitor would push the button sending them back up and renewing their torment.

Those who followed the third path which went straight ahead and ran along the side of the Egyptian tomb were soon met by a large sign that read:

Welcome to Salem

Off to the side behind the sign on a raised platform 3 horrid looking hags screamed in loud nasally high pitched voices at the visitors.


They were each bound to a large upright one foot diameter shaft by thick coarse rope from below their breasts to their thighs. Piles of wood, with red glowing embers beneath them were stacked around the base of each witch.

Each time someone pushed this display button, a fan under the wood pile would turn on and the embers of one of the piles would grow brighter and brighter. Light metallic streamers on top of the pile would lift and sway in the fan's breeze reflecting the red and orange colors, giving the illusion of a roaring fire engulfing the witch.

With their arms bound to their sides and their legs strapped together beneath their costumes, none of the three could escape or prevent the control button from turning on the unseen vibrators held in each by a crotch strap. Nor could they stop the electrodes under their bare feet from giving each a light short static spark, which kept each girl shifting back and forth as much as their bonds allowed to keep their feet off the floor. The popping noise as each foot touched gave the added illusion of the fire crackling, adding more of a realistic feel. Each time the control button was pushed the power level rose on the vibrators, increasing their struggles giving the crowd a wonderful show.

Eventually, the three paths would meet again in the middle of the maze. At this crossroad another cave display sat.

In it a huge black widow spider strode around victoriously playing with one of the two human size cocoons held in the huge web filling most of the cave. She would jeer and hiss at the crowd as they gathered to stare at the intricate web. The white cotton rope crisscrossing perfectly to allow the black light give an eerie glow to it.

Most of the crowd assumed that the actions of the huge black widow spider and the 2 struggling forms, it triumphantly loomed over, as well as the black light effect were controlled by the display's button when they pushed it. Little did they know it only controlled the torments of one of the web occupants and the black light.

Spider Patsy completely controlled her own actions, as well as the torments of the other web occupant, Lucy.

Beneath the webbing covering her head, earplugs with receptors filled Lucy's ears so Patsy's voice was the only thing Lucy could hear.

Using the spider costume for cover, Patsy would robotically stride over to Lucy's webbed form and make it look as if she were feeding. She would squeeze and twisted Lucy's very sensitive breasts, massaging them sensually at times. She had carefully soaked the webbing with some of Poindexter's formula, so Lucy's body by now was screaming to be allowed to orgasm. As she teased Lucy's breasts, she would send short quick vibrating pulses to the dildo and butt plug. To Lucy's chagrin, they never lasted long enough to be of help and only added to her torment.

Patsy would remind the terrified girl about what awaited her in the basement of the Omega house. And, how soon she would be nothing but a sluttish sex slave to her. Patsy would turn and play for the audience, letting them see her soon to be slave writhe deliriously in futile attempts for freedom as she spoke to her, letting the visitors think they were in control.

From the three pathways two emerged, each running along the opposite side of a dark and spooky graveyard that surrounded a private family mausoleum.

Several coffins were bursting through the ground and there were three laying on top of the ground.

This display had a start button on either pathway and when pushed the coffins partially out of the ground would rise higher while the three laying on the ground would begin shaking as if trying to open. Ghostly shadows would suddenly appear and disappear beside the tombstones and near the crowds. Others would appear and float toward the mausoleum. These apparitions were just projections of some of the Tri Lambs and Omega Mus in costume. But, from behind the coffins other Tri Lambdas, dressed as vampires, would leap out to startle the crowd.

However, hidden inside the rattling coffins tightly cocooned in ancient Egyptian silk wrappings were three sorority sisters from the Rho Rho sorority house. Tonya West, Sue Edmonds, and Caitlyn Smithfield had involuntarily volunteered to be a part of the maze, by snooping on the Tri Lambs and Omegas for the Adams College newspaper in hopes of getting both houses expelled.

No one had noticed their disappearance 4 days ago. For days at a time the three wouldn't be seen in their house while researching a story. Their Rho sisters had just assumed they were working on another project that kept them out of touch when Professor Loocha, the administration's liaison to the newspaper, questioned them about their sister's whereabouts.

The silk bandages that held them very securely also filled their mouths completely not allowing any noise to escape and alert anyone to their plight. But, it also gave a very strange sensual tingle where it touched their skin, leaving each girl only their thoughts of how they ended up here to keep them occupied.

Tonya had deftly slipped Lewis' cell phone into her purse at the library and she easily found the text messages from and to George and Thomas Ost. She naturally told Sue and Caitlyn and the three felt sure there was more than just a story here.

The three followed the nerds to the Ost Mansion three days prior to Judy's kidnapping. They waited until the nerds left the Ost mansion grounds and went inside hoping to find more evidence. The discovery of emails, about the contest and a complete description of the maze and all the displays in it, back and forth, to and from the nerds and the Osts on the computer in the mansion library was just what they needed.

The contest appeared to be an elaborate front for something involving not just the nerds and Omega heifers, but also, members of Alpha Beta and Pi Delta Pi as well. Deeper and deeper they delved into this new information unconcerned of the amount of time that had passed.

So engrossed in their findings, the three failed to notice the pair of red long johns and a white night shirt slip silently through the secret door that had opened behind them next to the fireplace.

Caitlyn stepped back away from the desk and the light coming from the
computer screen to concentrate on sending a text to Professor Loocha. She had just finished it when her blue eyes widened and a soft inaudible "peep" slipped from her lips as the left sleeve of the long johns quickly circled her lower face three times and tightened. Its right arm wrapped around and around her upper body unendingly, until, both her arms were held motionless to her sides from her shoulders to her fingers.

The cell phone fell to softly the floor unnoticed by the other two, as the leggings of the long johns lifted and wrapped around Caitlyn's slender hips. Around and around the leggings stretched forcing her thighs, then, her knees, and finally her ankles tightly together.

She tried to scream, but, felt something soft wiggle between her lips and expand filling her mouth.

Her eyes widened even more as she silently watched the white nightshirt slip past her and move up behind Sue. She could smell a pungent odor coming from the contents of a bottle it poured onto its sleeve as it passed her. She struggled uselessly in Jonathan Ost's tightening embrace attempting to warn her friends.

Neither Tonya nor Sue, with their eyes glued to the monitor saw the flash of white cloth when it made its attack. Its left sleeve quickly looped around Sue's chest, just below her breasts, trapping both of her upper arms to her sides. Pulling her backward at the same moment, it wrapped its chloroform soaked right sleeve around her lower face sealing the sleeve over her nose and mouth.

Sue gasped and drew in a deep breath, as the cloth seeped between her lips and expanded filling her mouth. She tried to scream, but, only a soft mumble escaped from the cloth filling and covering her mouth.

The room slowly began to get fuzzy. She panicked and took another deep breath. Her lower arms, which were flailing wildly around, began to get a numb heaviness to them. A third lungful of drugged air caused her eyelids to feel heavy and flutter and her legs to get the same numb feeling as her arms, which, slowly stopped moving and dropped to her sides. With her fourth attempt to take a breath and scream, Tonya and the computer became blurry and Sue had to force her eyelids to remain open. The fifth wasn't much more than a normal breath as her eyes slowly closed and she felt herself being lowered to the floor.

With a final conscious intake of the drugged air, the last thing Sue saw through closing eyes was Tonya's form turning around with a look of horror flashing across her face.

Tonya opened her mouth to scream, but, no sound escaped. She watched the white nightshirt tighten its grip on Sue's limp form forcing a final gulp of the drug into her. The light from the computer monitor gave a greenish haze to the attacker as it slowly and methodically unwrap its sleeves from Sue and she slumped to the floor.

Instinctively, Tonya turned to make a run for the open door they had entered, but, from the darkness a red cotton cocoon hopped into her path blocking her way to the door. Caitlyn's eyes peered helplessly at her from the top of the cocoon. Turning Tonya saw the nightshirt slowly advancing toward her with its arms waving menacingly.

From the corner of her eye she spotted an opening next to the fireplace and bolted through it.


With a loud slam the secret door closed behind her upon her entrance and Tonya found herself in a slightly smaller room. Light from the chandelier hanging in the middle of the ceiling reflected in the eyes of the many animals mounted on the walls. A large fireplace with a huge life-size portrait of an oddly dressed man hung above it in front of her. The golden frame surrounding the portrait beamed in the soft radiant light.

Tonya was mesmerized by the man's deep blue eyes staring down at her, she couldn't stop from staring back up into them.

Unnoticed by Tonya, the long leather doily on the mantle flopped and flapped, then, flew at her. It wrapped itself around her lower face from just below her nose to under her chin. She reached up and tried to pull it loose, but, it refused to budge, actually tightening, forcing her chin and jaw to lift jamming her upper and lower teeth tightly together.

Four streams of gold spurt out at her from the corners of the portrait's frame, sticking like glue to her ankles and wrists. Slowly the streams returned to the frame, lifting Tonya into the air in a spread eagle and drawing her closer and closer to the portrait

Her panting chest touched the canvas and she stopped, her nose an inch from the portrait.

"MMMMMMAAAAAAAMMMMAA!!!" She screamed into the leather as the man's blue eyes turned downward.

"So you think you can steal from me!" His booming voice rang out. "You shall see what happens to thieves in this house!"

She felt his hands move from the portrait to methodically caress her body. And, everywhere he touched she felt her clothing melt away. A look of pleasure filled his face and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Moments later she was completely naked.

He grinned at her as his hands roamed her naked flesh, toying playfully with the soft mounds on her chest. She felt his hands slide down her sides to cup and squeeze her ass, then, something very large and hard pushed on her vaginal lips.

With a soft pop and deep feminine moan they opened to him.

"MMMMOOOO, MMMMMOOOO!!!" She screamed as he began teaching her there was a heavy price for snooping.

The three coeds spent over three days with Mr. Ost and the twins before they were wrapped in the Egyptian silk bandages from the tomb beneath the mansion. Often they found themselves dressed in maid uniforms, bound and gagged in many different ways while forced to clean the mansion. However, the majority of their time they were put through intense pony training.

Bound in leather collars and harnesses, with their arms strapped together behind them, and thick hard rubber bit gags pulled tightly into their mouths, they practiced strutting. Tethered by a long rein from their collars to a large maypole in the mansion's ball room around and around they strode. A pole from their waist belts extend out with a bell dangling from each. If their knees did not ring the bell on each stride, they felt the sting of a whip on their ass cheeks or across their bare breasts.

It took little time, but many whip welts, for the continual chime of bells to fill the air. Eventually, even blindfolded, they learned to high step properly and kept the bells ringing continually.

This led to them to the next phase of being harnessed together. It was as if they were born to be ponies, for the three with very little effort learned to move as one.

After, what felt like a two day long training session, they were led, still harness bound but now ring gagged, into a glimmering pool of luxuriously fragrant bath water.

The wondrous aroma filled their nostrils as they slowly stepped deeper and deeper into the pool. The soothing crystal clear water slowly covered them, rising higher and higher on their bodies. Pass their hips and chests up to their chins where they tried uselessly to not let the sweet tasting liquid from splashing over their forced wide open lips.

Surprisingly, their skin began to tingle as each dark red welt from the whip disappeared and every sore aching muscle and joint felt refreshed and invigorated.

But, the soothing feeling morphed after 30 minutes of luxuriating in the delightful liquid into an intense burning desire and need for sexual release. The sexually charged sensations enveloped their minds, slowly filling their thoughts of nothing else but their overwhelming desire for sexual satisfaction.

Being bound they were unable to satisfy those desires. And, as an added torment, the red long johns entered the pool and purposely teased each girl separately to near climax just as the night shirt wrapped its chloroform soaked sleeve over the girl's gagged mouth and nose making them drift off into unconsciousness at the moment of fulfillment.

When they awoke, they were wrapped in their present plight, bound, gagged, blindfolded, and left to an unknown fate.

It was when the Tri Lambdas and Omegas retrieved the graveyard display they discovered their newest volunteers. Deaf, muted, blind, and well bound by their wrappings, Gilbert thought they should leave the three as they were in the coffins. However, Judy noticed their aroused state and suggested Lewis add electrodes to their nipples and clitoral area to continue to stimulate them each time the coffin rattled.

Everyone agreed, but, as they were doing the final test on the graveyard display Professor Lucinda Loocha confronted them about the three missing reporters. It seems they sent her a text about something strange going on with the nerds, the contest, and the Ost Mansion.

Lucinda Loocha, an alumni and former Pi Delta Pi, taught several English courses as well as Journalism, so most of the Tri Lambs and Omegas had been in one of her classes. Each quickly learned they had to do exceptional work just to receive a 'C' in her class, while all the other students barely had to put an effort in to get an 'A'. This put each Tri Lamb and Omega on a scholarship in jeopardy. She was also coach of the women's volleyball team and everyone was fully aware that she shared Coach Harris' desire to rid the campus of both groups so their houses could be turned over to the teachers for use.

So, in her over zealous enthusiasm, she threatened to not only call for an investigation by the college, but, also by the police.

One thing led to another and to another. Voices were raised. Threats and accusations made. Until, the sound of air being forced from a dart pistol and a woman's soft murmured whine, ended the confrontation. A small dart stuck out from the young Professor's firm round shapely rear. The drugged needle of which pierced the leather skirt covering the woman's shapely ass and added Professor Lucinda Loocha to the growing list of involuntary volunteers to the maze.

"Good shot!" Booger grinned slapping Poindexter on the back.

Poindexter smiled, pushing his thick framed glasses back into place, accepting his praise.

After making sure the Professor hadn't been seen by anyone else, they took little time to decide what the next course of action to be.

"She can have a go at the exercise machine after Lucy," Patsy smiled, thinking about how much shit she had to take from the bitch just to end up with a lousy 'C'. "But, as for tonight..."

She nodded down the pathway on the left of the graveyard and the others shook their heads in agreement.

The left pathway, instead of curving and meeting the right pathway at Booger's stage, turned left then curved and came to a dead-end.

At the dead-end, a huge 14-foot tall orange jack-o-lantern pumpkin sat displayed for the crowd to enjoy. It was 16-foot in diameter and had a typical jack-o-lantern face of 2 large triangular eyes, a similar triangular nose, and a long wide crooked smile. Through the eyes, nose or smile the visitors could see that the pumpkin was hollow. In the middle of the hollowed out pumpkin an orange colored 4-foot cube sat. On top of the cube a 3-foot tall wax-looking candle stood.

A soft flickering light would emanate from the candle, when anyone pushed the start button. Mirrors placed around the inside of the pumpkin would reflect the light and produce eerie looking light show for the crowd.

Inside the cube a naked Professor Loocha knelt straddling a small A-frame. Her thighs were secured with straps to the A-frame and her knees and ankles were strapped to the bottom of the box. Her arms were lifted perpendicular to her body with her elbows, forearms, and wrists secured with similar straps to the side of the box. A rubber discipline helmet tightly covered her head, keeping her blind as well as securely holding ear plugs and a mouth filling gag. A D-ring attached to the top of the helmet was padlocked to an eyebolt in the top of the box, keeping her head upright.

Protruding from the A-frame the tip of a large rubber vibrating dildo split her labia. Inside the A-frame a hydraulic pump when activated would lift and lower the 12-inch dildo. Vibrating nipple clamps, tightly clamped on the Professors thick nipples, were also wired through the A-frame.

Unknown to Professor Loocha, the drug that compromised her also contained a potent aphrodisiac. So each push of the start button not only lit the candle, but, doomed another "thorn-in-the-side" of the Tri Lambs and Omegas to an extremely frustrating night of sexual torment.

Of course little did any of the visitors know that each time a child or adult pushed any of the buttons to turn on the display they were the source of erotic stimulations of revenge.

This was true to all of the displays, except two.

The first being Booger's small production of "The Phantom of the Opera", which is were the two pathways met again.

As the crowd moved along either path toward the stage, Booger's voice could be heard singing and playing some of Elvis' tunes. He actually looked very professional in his tight leather Elvis jumpsuit and hairdo. He sounded and gyrated very much like 'The King', which kept Jennifer Child's eyes glued on his crotch. In her mind she saw his hips thrusting against her pushing his wondrous hard cock deep into her wanting pussy. The dildo, buried deep between her legs, vibrated to the music and added to the image filling her mind's eye.

With her false arms chained to the stage wall, Jennifer sensually wiggled and swayed to the music, her shapely form enhanced by the skin tight dress. Many, mostly the men, in each crowd, as they stood there watching, were very impressed with how mesmerizing her body was as she twisted and contorted to the music while remaining chained to the wall.

Little did any of them, or even herself, realize how much exhilaration she felt from being bound, gagged, and sexually teased in public. Nor, did any know how much the dildo, butt plug, and nipple clamps, attached to his amplifier, aided in her seductive dance. Also, depending on the chords he strummed, some of the tunes gave her much more pleasure than the crowds could imagine.

The pathways circled the stage giving the crowds a longer chance to listen to the music and view of the bound woman.

Both pathways came together at the last entertainment display.

A set of black curtains hung above a raised platform stage. Several costumed Omegas and Tri Lambdas assisted the gathering crowd to find positions for an unhindered view of the stage.

The squeaking sound of the curtains being opened filled the hushed air. And, a bright spot light lit up the dark stage.

The white lab coat of Dr. Poindexter Frankenstein reflected the bright light. His wild fly away hair and trademark large black framed glasses with coke bottle size lens reinforced the image of a mad scientist. He laughed evilly as he ran his hand over the lovely body strapped to his operating table. The familiar shaped head and streaked hair of Frankenstein's bride lay above the white cotton sheets that covered the rest of her body. No matter how much he prodded and poked her she remained motionless like a dead slab on the table.

"IGOR!" Dr. Poindexter called out. "SHE'S READY! I need your help to make my machine work."

A humpbacked Toshiro, dressed as Igor, stepped from the darkness into the lighted stage, his good leg clumping loudly as he dragged his crippled leg behind.

"You bellowed, Master!" Toshiro Igor groaned, slurring his tongue and rolling his head back and forth.

"Perhaps you can get someone to be kind enough to pull the switch and turn my machine on." The mad doctor said, pointing to the long lever sticking out from the power box at the center of the stage.

"Yes, right away, Master!" Toshiro answered and pointed to a young visitor standing at the front of the stage with his family. "Would you help my Master, young man. I'd hate for him to have to beat me again. Yes, yes, that's it, just pull that lever in front of you."

A grinning wide eyed young boy reached for the switch and pulled it down.

Sparks of electricity filled the air and the stage, jumping from piece of equipment to another. It continued for several minutes, giving the spectators a lovely laser light show. Finally, it ran through the box and the wires that connected it to the bolts in Frankenstein's bride's neck.

Unseen the entire time Poindexter spoke into a secret microphone near his mouth.

"Don't you wish you could scream out or somehow signal for help from one or all of those people watching you being tormented. That thick sponge and leather mask gagging you is very effective. I can barely hear your moans and I'm inches away from you." Poindexter grinned at her. "You still haven't climaxed have you. And, its been nearly 7 hours since this devilish table has started tormenting you... That's so terrible..."

His enraptured blue eyes, enlarged by the thick lens, told his true feelings.

Connie Newman needed to cum so badly it was driving her mad. She had been on the verge for hours, but, unable to go over the edge. Her mind searched for the reason, but, all she could recalled were his comments to her during their very first performance, which felt like a lifetime ago.

"Since our freshman year, you used me." He said, as the sparks of electricity flew above them.

His eyes beamed with anger.

"You chose me to be your lab partner so you could get by without doing the work. It was my tutoring you in every class that kept your grades high enough to keep your cheerleading scholarship." Poindexter looked down into the girl's wide blue eyes. "Yet, every time I asked you out on a date, you turned me down in an embarrassing way. And, usually you made sure some of your friends were there to enjoy the show. You thought my simple demeanor ugly and inadequate for such a lofty woman as yourself. Well, you'll so learn there's a bit more to me than my mind."

He turned a knob on the table under the sheet next to her .

"MOOO, MMMMY, MMMMOOOMMM!!!" Connie loudly cooed unseen and unheard into the gag filling her mouth. "MMMMMMAAAAHHHHH!!!"

The oversized phallus filling her vagina erupted in a wave of passion that sent her into an upheaval. She had never felt a vibrator or dildo or any other sexual stimulating toy do what this thing was doing to her. It sent shockwave after shockwave of immediate pleasure through her. She didn't want it to end.

"You like that I see," Poindexter grinned and laughed, evilly. "That dildo is an exact replica of my erect penis. Can you feel how large it is? Yes, you can, I see it in your eyes..."

He laughed under his breath.

"Can you feel it pleasuring you? Pushing you deeper and deeper toward a huge climax." He smiled. "How long do you think it will take before you become addicted to that sensation?"

He turned the knob to a slightly higher level.

"MMMAMMMAAAMMAAMM!!!" She cooed even louder.

She didn't know how many straps held her, but, she knew she was unable to move her body. All she could do was lay there and feel this wonderful sensation tingle through her.

"Feels wondrous, doesn't it!" He snickered. "The liquid, in that small vial they made you drink before gagging and dressing you, was a little chemical concoction I mixed to heighten your sexual senses. It works differently on each individual. But, I had already tested it on you during one of our labs."

He turned the knob higher.

"You don't remember it." He grinned. "After just one drop, you ripped my pants off and gave me a blow job that straightened my hair. Then, gave me a dirty as mud lap dance that led to you riding me for nearly 3 hours."

He turned the knob up higher.

"MMMMMMAAAAAHHHHH!!!" This time it was more of a scream.

"What's the matter can't cum?" He whispered. "A small side effect of the amount of the mixture I had them give you. You can't be pushed over the edge until I give you a second dose. And, I'll only give that to you after you beg and plead with me to make you my sex slave."

Her eyes widen even more as his words stuck in her mind.

"We're about to do a switch. Mandi Owens, the Omega Mu you accused and framed of plagiarism nearly getting her expelled, is dressed just as you are and on a table like this. As soon as the lights go out she and her table will replace you and yours." He moved closer to her. "But, you will be behind the curtain and continue feeling this pleasure over and over for the rest of the performance. Then, we'll do it all over again and again and again until we are finished for the night."

He turned the knob higher.

"MMMMMMAAAAMMMMOOOO!!!" Connie screamed.

"By then you will gladly follow me to my room to become my sex slave whose only goal will be to please me." He grinned.

The bolts on her neck began to glow brighter. Even the cotton sheet began to glow. Brighter and brighter the display became until the onlookers had to shade their eyes. Then, with a loud click the stage went dark.

Seconds passed before the light returned and sitting up on the table next to Dr. Poindexter was the bride. He had her slowly get off the table and walk stiffly around the stage. Then, after her motor skills increased, they did a short song and dance routine followed by the bride joined with Igor, walking out into the crowd and passing out treats.

Dr. Poindexter had unnoticeably slipped behind the curtain to check on his true bride and turn the knob back down to its lowest setting.

After several minutes the three actors returned to the stage and announced the next show would be in 15 minutes for those who came late and invited the others to continue their journey along the maze.

Loud applause filled the area and the three students humbly bowed before closing the stage's main curtain.

Toshiro, remaining in costume, left to mingle with the crowd while Poindexter and Mandi circled the table watching Connie's expression of tormented painful pleasure fill her blue eyes.

"Only about 6 hours to go," Mandi laughed, reaching under the sheet and cupping a handful of Connie's firm right breast. "I envy you, not having to worry about your future. All you'll need to worry about is just pleasing him. With his knowledge of chemical aphrodisiacs you'll stay in an erotic utopia."

Mandi's cynical laugh was all Connie heard as Mandi reset her table for the next performance.

"MMMMMAAAAAAAMMMMOOOO!!!" Connie screamed into the mask gag, as Dr. Poindexter turned the intensity of her torment higher, drawing her back to the present performance.

"You're losing more of yourself with each performance." He grinned.

They were once more hidden behind the curtain.

"The crowds don't seem to be slowing, so there'll be more performances than I thought." He continued. "You already look like you're ready to beg me to take you as my sex slave. What will another two hours do?"

"Moooo, mooo!" Connie cried and softly mumbled, knowing he was right and gave up on any chance for escape.

This sound of the crowd's applause as they moved around the right side of the stage heading toward the last display was ignored by Connie as she knew there was nothing else she could do but accepted her fate.

The pathway turned left and right until it reached the Hansel and Gretel looking ginger bread decorated Tri Lambda frat house. The large porch had been covered with small gift bags of candies. Welcome signs along the end of the pathway led to the porch steps and at the top of the four steps double front door. A well lit doorbell on the right of the doors had a special sign over it.


To the right was a large black cauldron filled with candies. A bubbling noise and eerie orange light came from inside it. While behind it, the most horrid looking wart covered witch stood unmoving, holding a large stirring spoon in her gloved hands and long floor length robes hid her body. Her eyes had an evil red glow and recorded high pitched cackles emanated from her.

Everyone was positive this was not a real person. Only a mannequin dressed as a witch and a not very convincing one at that.

But, beneath the robes, the long pointed black witch hat, and ridiculously phony hag mask, Kirsten Powers moan silently into the mouth filling sponge and thickly padded leather discipline helmet. The leather protected her eyes from the red bulb in the mask as well as keeping her blinded. The cackles helped to hide any chance of her moans being heard. Her arms were held to her sides and like her body were unable to move or even wiggle due to 2-inch wide leather straps that were buckled around her and an unmovable metal post at 4 inch intervals from her ankles to neck.

The metal post, also hidden beneath the robes, was attached to the metal base of the heavy cauldron and bolted to the porch flooring. A large metal scoop, used to get the candy from the cauldron, hung from the cauldron's side and any time it swung against the cauldron it caused a vibration which transferred from the cauldron along the base to the post and then to Kristen.

Sitting quietly behind Kristen, Judy, dressed in a form fitting black mini skirted witch robe, long pointed hat, and black leather thigh boots, waited for the next group of visitors to climb the steps and ring the doorbell. She was getting much pleasure from knowing the sexual torment inflicted upon Kristen each time the doorbell rang. How her desire for sexual satisfaction was building more and more in her as each moment passed. But, she couldn't allow herself to orgasm until she had first brought her Mistress to climax.

Judy could sense Kristen falling deeper and deeper under her control each time the doorbell rang. So, she would wait to make sure someone from the group rang the bell before she would stand and slowly step around Kristen. Then, she would make sure to rub her own body against the body of the bound girl, as she offered the visitors a choice of either taking a treat bag from the porch or getting a scoop of candy from the cauldron.

Getting children to ring the bell was not a problem. Most of the children wanted to each ring the doorbell and Judy was very happy to allow them to ring it as many times as they pleased.

By the time the final visitors had received their treats it was nearly 3 AM and all of the non-volunteer volunteers' wills were completely pliable. All of the Pi Deltas and Professor Loocha had been moved and were now in the basement of the Omega house, awaiting their turn on Kristen's exercise machine.

The three Rho sister, Tonya, Caitlyn, and Sue, had been unbound and dressed. Then, as suggested by Mr. Ost., returned to Tonya's car off campus. Inside the car empty beer cans and wine bottles filled the floorboard, left there to give the impression the three girls had just been out partying the entire time, with no clue of the real story.

Patsy grinned her approval as she watched Lewis, Gilbert, and Judy strap a still blindfolded Lucinda Loocha into the exercise machine. Patsy had wanted Lucy to be first, but, knew having the Professor under their control would be a wiser move. Besides, everyone agree Lucy would be next. They also agreed to keep the rest of the bound coeds hidden in the basement of the Omega house, bound, gagged, and given doses of Poindexter's serum until their turn arrived.

All, that is, except Connie, who was on the second floor of the Tri Lambda frat house, and Jennifer Childs. Jennifer was already suspended in a spread eagle from the ceiling of Boogers van, ring gagged and enjoying Booger's undivided attention.

Both houses were amazed that they had raised over $8,000 cash and had hundreds of toys donated for their charity. Lewis was so stunned at their success his thoughts about the box in his room had left him. It wasn't until he returned from depositing the three reporters in their car that he remembered about Bettie and the box.

Lewis madly sprinted across the quad and bounded up the stairs of the Tri Lambda house in a wild rush to get back to Bettie. But, he couldn't help stopping as he passed Poindexter's room.

He knew he shouldn't stop, but, when he saw Connie Newman kneeling at his frat brother's feet, licking and kissing them hungrily as she begged him to make her his sex slave. He watched Poindexter sitting back, enjoying the vision of her squirming as she waited for his answer.

"Prove to me you really want to be my slave forever, that you're not just saying it to get what you want." Poindexter finally said, looking into her eyes after lifting Connie's face by her chin.

Lewis had to fight back a loud guffaw as he watched Poindexter glanced from the kneeling girl's eyes to his crotch.

The sounds of Poindexter's pants zipper and coo of a excitedly surprised Pi Delta reminded Lewis he too had a bound Pi Delta waiting on him.

"Take it all, if you truly want to be my sex slave," Lewis heard Poindexter's voice fade away as he turned and ran to his room.

Lewis burst through his door.

The box hadn't moved since he left, but, he could now hear deep sensual moans coming from inside the box.

He slowly closed and double locked the door, before turning his attention to the locking clasps holding the box closed. He undid the first, then, the second.

His breathing became forced as he undid the third and the fourth.

"OH MY GOD!" Lewis gasped at the sight inside the box.

Bettie, covered and tightly bound in black leather, forcibly stood inside a perfectly form fitting Bettie-shaped metal cage. The bars of which made soft indentations into the leather arm binder, corset, mono-thigh boot, and body sleeve that hugged her body. The bars curved over her shoulders a hairs breath from her naked skin. The cage curved with her natural feminine curvature and even incorporated the shape of the arm binder.

The bars of the head and neck part of the cage prevented her from moving her head in any direction. They also made soft indentation into the leather discipline hooded covering her head. But, across the mouth area a wide metal band was tightly secured in place forcing a much deeper indent in the leather. Even without the mouth corset or hood Bettie would have had trouble communicating. But, the addition of the band forced the penis gag even deeper making it more effective.

Her heaving uncovered breasts, enlarged and deliciously shaped by the corset, poked through openings in the metal bars. And, with each breath they beckoned greedily to Lewis.

A thick 3-inch oval connector, connected the D-ring on the top of the cage to a second D-ring secured beneath the top of the box, kept the cage from moving around. The bottom of the cage was attached to a nine inch tall round podium. Five leather straps attached to the sides of the cage at the ankles, knees, thighs, waist, and chest kept the cage pulled against the back of the box.

Lewis slowly unbuckled the straps, then, reached up and unscrewed the oval connector. Carefully, he eased Bettie and the cage from the box.

As he studied the cage and the erotic form inside, an enormous growth began building in his pants, he noticed a knob in the middle of the podium. It was 4-inches in diameter and had what looked like minute marking on a watch surrounding it.

Lewis squatted and tried to turn the knob, but, it wouldn't move. Pausing for a moment to think, he pulled the knob, then, tried to turn it.

It turned to the right and he gave it a quarter turn.

Nothing happened!

Sighing, he pushed on the knob.

The soft sound of Beethoven's Dream Waltz filled the room and the cage holding Bettie slowly began to rotate on the podium.

Lewis fell back on his ass, his eyes locked Bettie's displayed leather and cage covered body slowly turn in time with the soft music. He watched the show for the 15 minutes it lasted, then, quickly went to work freeing Bettie.

Chapter 13

"MMMMMAAAAAHHH, MMMMMAAAAAHHHH!!!" Angela screamed into the tight silk wrappings covering her lower face, her loud moans echoing throughout the tomb beneath the Ost Mansion.

She had always had an unending lust for sex. But, she had never had a sexual experience as this. Even the night she did Adams College entire defensive team she had to stop to rest and replenish several times.

Yet now, after coming and coming, time after time, for hour after hour, with no rest whatsoever, she still wanted and needed more.

She uselessly tried to wiggle her ankles free of the golden hands holding them. Her desire to wrap her legs tightly around this wonderful lover and pull his enormous cock deeper into her filled her being. His cock hadn't left her from the moment he slipped it in. He never slowed, nor, had he ever come.

But, Angela, on the other hand, she seemed to have never stop coming. One long enormous unending climax with only the size of the waves of pleasure varying.

Nakesurman drove his hips firmly forward, lustfully continuing to pummel her pussy as he sensually massaged her breasts and nipples. Angela was amazed that she could still feel the tingles his hands sent through her body as he toyed with her breasts. She didn't want it to end.

Hell, she didn't want any of it to ever end. If he were to wrap her in his mummy bandages and carry her to his sarcophagus to remain forever planted on his amazing pole she'd be ecstatic.

"GGGRRRRAAARRRRGGGG!!!" He shrieked and loudly roared, thrusting his hips forward, sending his suddenly throbbing cock deep into Angela.

"MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAA!!!" She screamed, as the most humongous wave of pleasure smashed upon her, pulling her thoughts to that precise moment.

This was different, awesome, but, different.

"OH MY GOD!" Angela's mind screamed, feeling the warm explosion of fluid bursting into her as if someone had turned a fire hose on full force. "That hadn't happened before!"

She wantonly stared into the eyes of her silk bandage wrapped lover and she watched them suddenly transform before her. Where there was once the determined lustful leer of a wild love starved madman, a look she had not feared from the onset and had even come to savor, now had changed to just a simple completely vacant doll eyed emptiness.

"NNNNOOOOO!!!" Angela screamed, feeling him pull completely out of her for the first time and back away. "MMMMOOO, MMEEME, MAMAIN... mmmooo... mmmooo..."

He walked zombie-like around the table, slowly lifting his arms to cross his chest. Angela stared at the amazing shaft that had kept her in constant orgasm. It was now soft and sagging, dangling between his legs like a deflated balloon as he walked out of her line of sight.

"MMMMMOOOO! MOME MACM, MOME MACM..." She whimpered into the silk gag, hearing the sound of stone scraping on stone as his sarcophagus closed.

Suddenly the hands holding her limbs released.

Angela quickly looked around and turned to slide off the altar. Her body ached. Her legs slightly gave way. But, she caught herself and through sheer determination managed to stumble over to the corner where the large sarcophagus rested.

She tried desperately to force the lid open, digging her silk wrapped fingers along the sealed edge of the sarcophagus. But, after many tries, she slid to the dusty floor in a heap, with tears of sadness flowing from her eyes. With a final sigh of despair and loss, she slowly unwound the silk from her head. She was so tired and distraught she left her arms, torso, and legs covered in the silk bandages.

After several minutes she looked around the tomb anew and realized she had to find a way out, but, her heart begged her to stay.

She reached for the hidden leaver to open the massive stone door. How she knew its location, she didn't know, nor, did she care. Looking down at the dust covered floor she listened to it open and could feel the rush of fresh air flow through it. Her heart asked her to turn and take a final glance back for her lover. But, her mind told her to flee and find the others.

Her right foot lifted from the floor and moved toward the open portal. But, it never reached its destination.

A thick wet web of silk stuck to her right ankle and pulled it backward as more webbings attached to her left ankle, both wrists, and a very large splotch hit and covered nearly her entire back. With one quick motion, Angela was pulled back into the tomb, her arms pulled and sealed together behind her back, and her ankles tightly forced together.

The guardian spiders had left their posts to make sure their prey didn't leave.

"NO! STOP! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Angela screamed as she was lifted from the floor and ended up dangling in mid air. "LET ME GO YOU FUCKING FREAKS!"

Her arms were lifted so her webbed hands became apart of the huge thick mass of webbing that held her to the ceiling. Her web bound legs dangled beneath her as she watched one of the spiders spreading more of the webbing from her feet to her thighs.

She felt movement in front of her and looked up in time to see a second spider's web hit her forehead and spread around her head above her ears. Suddenly, her head was forced back and up as the spider connected this new web to the thick mass holding her aloft.

"AAARRRGGGG!!!" Angela screamed from the pressure applied to her neck. "LET ME GO YOU BASTARDS! IF I GET OUT OF HERE YOU"RE DE..."

Angela stopped in mid threat. The spider, who had webbed her head, slowly slipped down in front of her and spun itself around. A large thick rod shaped appendage popped from between its third set of legs and aimed at Angela's open mouth.

"OH, NO YOU DON'T! THAT ISN'T GOINMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!" Angela said through gritted tightly clenched teeth.

Angela tried to close her mouth, but, the first spider had skillfully climbed onto her rear and unknown to Angela positioned itself to force a similar appendage into her uncovered rosebud.

The sudden incredible pressure and pain from this surprise attack made her open her mouth to scream giving the spider at her head all the opening it needed to plunge its thick probe into her mouth. Both spiders began forcing their respective probes in and out of Angela's openings.

The third spider, whose webbing held her arms and ran from her back to ceiling, had dropped to the floor beneath her and was now stretched upward using two of its legs to titillate Angela's breasts and another to tease the remaining opening between her legs.

Angela wasn't sure what was happening, only, that within moments she had become a trembling mass of orgasmic fury. She felt both spider's probes spray a large amount of unknown fluid into her as she climaxed a second time. The third spider continued its torment of her as the other two removed their probes, sealing each opening as it did.

"mmmmmaaaaaa!" Angela weakly mumbled knowing she was well gagged and unable to call for any help or free herself.

She assumed and accepted the fact that she was used by her mummified lover and now left to be a meal for his guardians.


The spiders leapt from her and scurried away, not stopping to look back or even chance a glimpse after arriving at their posts under the tables. Angela heard the loud bellowing command of a female voice. It sounded angry and irritated. She was grateful to hear it, but, the sound of it made more fear arise in her than the entire time she had been in here.

The tall olive skinned woman stepped over to Angela, cupping her web covered chin in her hand.

"It was fortunate for you I had finished, or I may not have heard my brother's call." She looked deep into Angela's eyes. "I have no use for such a putrid thing as you. But, my brother, as I knew he would, does. Personally, I would just leave you as a feast for his guardians. However, I know it would please him for me to bring you back for him to enjoy on these yearly visits."

Nakesha had been laying on the large bed in the master bedroom enjoying the attentions of her three new slaves. She had feasted on Laurel, Kay, and Celia to the point of complete satisfaction and gluttonous enjoyment.

A feeling of euphoria had swept over her, as it always did after such a feast. It also always led to her normal perfectly shaped 40DD breasts swelling to nearly triple before beginning to lactate to ease the engorgement. This was a ritual she looked forward to after consuming such a delectable feast.

She, to keep the rules of the manor, had made sure to keep her slaves arms bound together behind them with their ankles shackled and mouths ring gagged, as she allowed them to take turns greedily lapping up the green colored nectar that freely flowed from her engorged nipples. She watched each girl carefully lap up the thick sweet fluid that flowed from her, knowing that with each drop they enjoyed they would be pushed deeper and deeper into her total control.

Only the love she felt for her brother could make her prematurely end this pleasure and come to Angela's rescue.

"I shall leave the spider's webs on you. They will keep you well bound and gagged. And, as for the fresh sperm they just secreted in you, it to shall remain. It will help to blur your memory of this night." She grinned at Angela as she cut the webbing that held her to the ceiling. "But, do not worry, you will unconsciously remember to readily return when I summon you back to pleasure my brother."

She hoisted the bound girl over her shoulder and stepped through the open portal. After pulling the hidden leaver, both women sadly watched the opening close with a loud crash.

Upstairs, Perceval and Jefferson continued to enjoy each other.

"STOP! WHAT'S HE GOING TO DO? HEY, DON'T YOU... AAAAARRRRGGGG!!!" Ogre screamed in his mind at Perceval. "NO! STOP, OOOOHHH, GOD... NNNOOOO, OH MY AHHHHH!!!"

"Oh, you know you love the feel of him in you," Perceval whispered to Ogre. "I know I do. He's so big and thick. And his touch, it's so sensual. I can feel the tingles run all over your skin. Deep down you enjoy this as much as I do, I can tell."

Jefferson panted heavily from behind Ogre's body. Ogre was kneeling on all fours with his shoulders against the footboard, pushing backward in time with Jefferson's massive thrusts.

A huge grin crossed Ogre's face as deep satisfied moans slipped from his lips. Jefferson, with a final huge thrust, had his tenth and largest orgasm since the morning. They had both used Ogre's body to its fullest in pleasuring each other, ignoring Ogre's futile attempts to persuade them to stop.

They had also decided, after 6 hours of keeping Scott and Steve bound in ways to make them pleasure each other, to spent the rest of the short time they had left together concentrating only on each other. So, with no fanfare, they gave the two now broken and submissive frat brothers to the three witch sisters to use in whatever way they pleased.

Although, Ogre couldn't do anything to help his two bound frat brothers, with them there in the room he at least didn't feel all alone. After they were delivered to the witches, he could do nothing but become a part of Jefferson and Perceval's love fest.

Meanwhile, Eudora, upon reception of the two new studs, was the first to take action and immediately put Scott to work on her. She enjoyed him using his thick manhood to push her to a quick climax. While at the same time, she had her slave, Stan, begrudgingly working over Scott ass thoroughly.

Both young men appeared to be enjoying themselves, but, their minds were remained in conflicted horror.

"Look at how good he is at satisfying me," Eudora cackled teasingly at Stan, who glared at the back of Scott's head and angrily slammed his potion engorged cock harder and deeper into Scott's ass. "Don't you want to please me as well as he is?"

"What are you doing, idiot," Stan screamed at himself. "She's the ugliest thing you've ever seen. You should be glad you're fucking Scott instead. But, why, God, why is my every thought and desire to ravish and please her."

A room away Endora lay on the bed using Steve in a similar way. As Steve madly fucked her, she had her slave, Brad, standing above her with his cock deep into Steve's ring gagged mouth. Occasional giggles would rise from the bed when she saw Steve's eyes grimace as he gave Brad's enlarged shaft a long enduring kiss and blow job.

"If you try harder to please me, slave..." She cackled at Brad. "I'll let you trade places with him... Ohhhh, isn't he sooooo goood...."

Eudora and Endora used Scott and Steve, along with their slaves, for hours before they gave, their sister, Eldora, a chance with both new slaves at the same time.

She cackled loudly in glee, standing between the two as they were forced to double penetrate her. Scott, stood in front of her pumping away as he nibbled on her left nipple then the right. Steve stood behind her thrusting his hips to match Scott's rhythm. His arms were chained around her so he could sensually knead each withered breast as he lifted them to Scott's waiting lips.

Behind the trio, the sound of loud clanks filled the air. Jason pulled against the shackles holding him to the wall. His rock hard cock aimed at the woman he desired, who was before him giving herself to others. He screamed into the gag, consisting of pieces of her cum soaked robes stuffed into his mouth with more strips of the robe tied around to keep them in. She had put it on him to add to his torment. She stared into his eyes filled with jealous rage and laughed. The sight of his torment added to the pleasure of each orgasm washing over her again and again.

He couldn't understand why he fought so hard with the chains to get free to her. She was putrid and ugly, yet, his body jealously desired to pleasure her even more as he watched his frat brothers.

In the ballroom a floor below, Marie and Lori were racing around a elaborate obstacle course. Both wore black leather body and head harnesses with bit gags. The leather straps of the harnesses circled their breasts adding support and rounding their definition. All of the harness' side straps were connected to a center strap. This ran from the front of their collars down their chests between their legs and up to their backs to connect to the back of the collars. Precisely attached to it were a dildo and butt plug that filled each girl's lower openings and caused a distinct distraction to them with each stride.

Plumes of feathers, red and yellow for Marie, purple and orange for Lori, adorned the sides of the head harness. The thick bit gags pulled at the corners of their mouths, muffling their pants and voices. Their arms were strapped behind their backs to the body harness with their wrists held to their elbows and a hard leather saddle attached to each.

Both were high stepping around the course with black leather heelless thigh boots laced tightly over their legs. Sitting in the saddle on Marie's back, Jackson Ost, in his red long johns, used the riding crop on Marie's ass to quicken her pace. Three strides ahead Jonathan Ost, in the white night shirt also prodded his steedette on. Long blonde tails protruding from each pony girl's ass flipped back and forth with each stride.

Two victory laurels hung around Marie's neck, while, only one swung from Lori's.

Both Pi Deltas were panting heavily. They were exhausted. With all they had been put through prior to this, pony training and running four races were almost to much to take.

A loud sigh came from the ornate double door ballroom entranceway. Lisa leaned against the doorframe moaning deeply. The black rubber catsuit glistened from the reflection of the soft lighting from the ballroom's magnificent overhead chandelier.

Lisa's legs straddle Donna's kneeling form. She wore a rubber arm binder, corset, thighbooties, mouth corset, and collar, that matched her mistress' attire. Her head bobbed back and forth from between Lisa's legs. A large thick black rubber penis extension attached to the mouth corset slipped easily in and out of its target.

The sight of her two sorority sisters as sexy well trained pony girls had went unnoticed to her. But, it had sent a wave of pure lust through her new mistress, who had to have it answer.

Samuel Ost hummed gleefully in Lisa's ear and took advantage of the situation to add his own little aid, well, not so little. The now familiar pressure Lisa felt exerted on her sphincter, followed by the entrance of a large phallus, assisted Donna's effort and quickly brought moans of pleasure out of Lisa.

Samuel had thought it would be fairly easy to turn Donna into a very submissive slave. Which, he did. However, Lisa's quick, whole hearted acceptance and grasp of the dominate role over Donna nearly overwhelmed him. At first he had to force her to dominate her friend. But in no time, Lisa was taking it upon herself to control, reward, and punish the girl. As well as accepting her new position as sole provider of future generations for their use.

Lisa took several deep breaths to calm her post orgasm tremors and regain control of her faculties. She looked up in time to see both ponies being turned and prodded toward her.

"Excellent, very impressive..." Lisa heard her voice, but, knew it was Samuel speaking. "You both have done an amazing job with them in such a short time."

Marie and Lori stopped less than a foot away from Lisa and Donna.

"My brothers were the best horse trainers in the area. People, from over a hundred miles away, begged them to come to their homes to break and train their mounts." Samuel whispered in Lisa's ear. "It became a competition as to which one was the best. And, as you can see they're still at it and they are still the best. They've only changed to a different breed of filly."

The riders had their mounts slowly prance around properly lifting their legs and holding their heads highs.

"Don't worry about them forgetting their lessons. Both, as well as three others you have no knowledge of, will be compelled to come back for more training each month." Samuel cooed in her ear.

"Really! Every month!" Lisa mumbled through the gag as she studied the two ponies with a lustful gaze.

"I wonder if your brothers would consider taking on another?" She thought, turning her head and looking at Donna, picturing her new slave dressed as a pony girl.

"Actually, they're telling me they'd enjoy taking on another," Samuel whispered. "or even two."

The words slowly sank in and in her mind she saw a picture of herself dressed as such. Lisa stared up at the two riders.

"Oh my..." She gasped, thinking she momentarily saw faint transparent faces with wide grins appear above each rider nodding approvingly.

In the trophy room, Kitty twisted her head. It was difficult due to the wall plaque locked around her neck. At least the thick leather collar and leash, Thomas had put on her to lead her here, helped protect her neck from being scraped or chaffed by the polished wood. She desperately wanted to hear what Thomas and his brother were saying, but, it was very hard to concentrate.

Little did she know she wasn't the first Pi Delta Pi tonight to be bound as she was in this room. But, she did know there was nothing she could do to prevent what was about to happen.

She was bent over a padded bar at her waist with her head locked through the attached wall plaque. Her arms bound, wrist to elbow, together behind her back and her legs spread wide and strapped to the uprights holding the padded bar. This left her unprotected openings lifted high and extremely available to be mounted and used by each animal that stepped from its trophy display to joined the herd circling her.

The sight of the animals sent a quick jolt of fear through her. But, after all she had witnessed and experienced lately, curiosity quickly supplanted most of the fear.

Although she had willingly agreed to come with him to his brother's trophy room, Thomas had kept her bound and gagged the entire way here, as well as while he bound her in this contraption.

"You understand I must take her first, before, my trophies can satisfy themselves with her." The older man was saying to Thomas, after he stepped from the portrait and floated to the floor. "You will have to agree to leave her to us until dawn. Therefore, you will not be able to use her again this year!"

"I understand and agree." Thomas answered. "Only, because I also know it is necessary, for me to move on to the next level."

"Does she understand this will change her life forever? The temptations and desires she'll face will not be easy for her to handle on her own!" George Ost asked him. "And, any failure by her to comply with or fulfill all of the agreements will result in a very unpleasant future for her."

"I've explained it to her thoroughly. She understands and agrees completely." Thomas said, giving Kitty a reassuring glance over his shoulder.
"She is yours to do with as you please for the rest of the gathering. I shall go and make sure the preparations are ready for our other guests to be returned to their lives."

Thomas turned and lovingly gazed into Kitty's eyes as he gently stroked her cheek with the palm of his hand before walking toward the door and leaving the room. George Ost moved through the herd of animals and nodded toward his brother as he left the room. Then, he slowly stepped around behind Kitty.

A few moments later, the sound of his trouser buttons hitting the hard wood floor added to the sound of padding paws on the same floor.

"MMMMMMAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Kitty screamed into the ring gag holding her mouth wide open, as she felt intense pressure on her sphincter.

She knew dawn was only a couple of hours away. And, she hoped beyond hope she would be strong enough to last until then.

Chapter 14

"Good morning, Gilbert. Ready for the big Greek Council meeting? What you're planning will lock in your presidency." Bettie Childs smiled and stepped through the Tri Lambda frat house open front door. "I'm just going to pop up to Lewis' room. Hope you don't mind."

"Uh, ummm, no I don't mind. Uh, Lewis isn't up there or here. We're going to meet him at the Greek Council Hall." Gilbert answered, watching his best friend's fiancé walk to the stairs and begin climbing them. "Oh, congratulations on your engagement. Aren't you going to join us?"

"Thank you! I'm sure you had a hand in him asking me. Thank you for that as well. And, no, regrettably I've other priorities to attend to. Please, just tell him I've got a surprise waiting for him in his room, will you!" Bettie replied, not slowing her climb. "Oh, good morning, Booger..."

She noticeably looked around behind him.

"I assume my mother won't be going to the council meeting either..." Bettie snorted, then, straightening his tie added. "Lovely suit, looks good on you... Although, it appears like she kept you busy during the night. I do hope you have left her well gagged. I'd hate for her to bother anyone's studies with her dreadful loud moaning orgasms."

Booger Dawson uneasily smiled as he hesitantly resumed his trek down the stairway.

His immaculately tailored suit, which had been very seldom removed from his wardrobe, did little to hide the fact, from either Bettie or Gilbert, that he had enjoyed another all night bondage and sex session with Bettie's mother. His unshaven face and rumpled, unkempt hair were just small clues compared to his very weary looking bloodshot eyes. Which, he tried to cover with a pair of sunglasses as he stepped from the bottom step. They told the whole story.

"Uhhhh, well, no... I guess... She, um, uh, has other plans for this morning. And, yes, they're going to pretty much, um, keep her all tied up most of the day." Booger answered, with a quick glance at Bettie, then, turning back to Gilbert with his normal goofy 'hope I got away with that' guilty grin filling his face. "She, um, kept me hopping all night like the energizer bunny. She's got a wild imagination. I'm not sure, that may be why, I don't know, but, she definitely brings the deviant out in me... Gilbert! Look at the time! If we're going to go by the Omega house to get Poindexter and Judy, we've got to get moving! Bye Bettie..."

"I think you meant SHE KEPT YOU HUMPING LIKE A RABBIT!" Bettie retorted as the two Tri Lambdas turned toward the door and she continued up the stairway.

Booger wrapped an arm around Gilbert while hustling him out the door.

"Whoa, I sensed a bit of hostility there! And, Lewis can't get any sleep around here for the same reason I can't... Like mother, like daughter! You know I don't think Bettie has accepted her mother's apology, yet." Booger grinned. "At least not as well as Lewis did..."

"That may be the problem," Gilbert added. "I told Lewis to just tell her that her mother apologized and leave the details out. But, he said if he expected Bettie to be truthful with him, he had to do the same. Lewis told me her reaction wasn't very pleasant. By the way, with Bettie roaming around up there alone, I hope her mother isn't in your room?"

"Well," Booger grimaced. "Uhm, actually, yes she is! But, she is very well gagged and tied, at her own request. Bettie won't be able to hear her, even if she were standing with her ear against my door."

Gilbert rolled his eyes as he shook his head and gave a soft painful chuckle.

"Jennifer wanted to test out, well, enjoy a couple of new toys she had her company develop." Booger explained. "She borrowed one of Lewis' computer control systems. Even had him modify it, while Bettie was busy, by adding a couple of small adjustments to it last night. She really wanted to see how helpful those additions would be and didn't want to wait. Besides, if I didn't keep her bound and gagged most of the time, I'd never get any studying done. Not to mention getting any rest or sleep."

"Man, I can't believe you're complaining! I haven't had any time alone with Judy for the last two weeks." Gilbert sighed. "You don't think Bettie will try to get into your room to see if she's there, do you?"

"Hey, I'm not complaining! The sex is great! And, now I know why Lewis was always so exhausted when he and Bettie were together before. Especially if she was anything like her mother. She's insatiable. I've never had it so readily available like this before. But, even THE BOOGERMAN needs his rest." Booger laughed. "I sure hope Bettie doesn't. But, I'm not worried, I know the door is locked."

Gilbert gave Booger a hope so look as they hurried toward the Omega house.

But, behind them, back in the Tri Lambda house, Bettie stood at Booger's door listening and was met with silence. Deep down, she knew her mother was in there. Curiosity as well as anger gripped her.

Bettie slipped the copy of Lewis' room key into the door. Fortunately, she had learned Lewis' was one of three master keys that could open any door lock in the house.

"SU r p r i s e..." She stammered as she threw the door open. "Oh, wow!"

Jennifer Childs was suspended from the ceiling, waist high, by six 5-foot long thick leather tethers.

Four of the tethers were connected from eyebolts in the ceiling to the leather half sleeve binders strapped around her four folded limbs. Each limb had been folded, so either her calves touched her thighs or her forearms touched her upper arms, then, slid into the binder that was tightly laced and strapped. Her bare feet protruded from the leg sleeves, but, from the arm sleeves, bondage mittens covered her hands, making them useless to aid her in any attempt to escape.

The other 2 tethers were split into two separate pairs. The first pair were attached to side D-rings on an 8-inch wide leather bondage belt at her waist. The other pair were connected to O-rings on the sides of the upper body harness attached to the bondage belt.

Beneath the belt and harness, a skin tight rubber corset style upper body suit hugged her mother from her hips to the top of her head. It had been specifically tailored to whittle her waist as it protected her skin from the body harness. Also, two small openings, that allowed her breasts to escape the confining rubber, tightly circled the base of each of her teardrop shaped dangling breasts.

Bettie stooped down to get a closer look.

An adjustable spring nipple clamp evilly tormented each dark brown nipple. A short chain connected the two clamps to a triple chain combination that held a large 3-inch deep round sliver serving tray a foot off the floor. Inside the tray a dozen metal half inch diameter ball bearings rolled freely around on the tray.

"mmmppphhh!" Bettie's mother moaned through the leather gag and head harness buckled tightly over the rubber hood of the body suit. "mmmmooo!"

The sound of a metal ball rolling down a metal tracking grabbed Bettie's attention. She watched a small half inch diameter metal ball roll down the spiral shaped track in front of her mother's face before landing, with a dull clunk onto the serving tray. Three more metal balls quickly followed adding their loud clunks and weight to the tray.

Bettie looked up to see where the balls came from.

What she saw was the largest beer bong, she had ever seen, securely held to the wall over the spiral track. It was a clear plastic and filled to capacity with hundreds of the metal balls. The bong's clear drinking tube was connected to the beginning of the track, but, the on/off valve had been replaced with a small leaver where the tube and funnel connect. This leaver was the only thing keeping the metal balls from entering the tube.

It was then that Bettie noticed the taut metal wire attached to the leaver.

The wire stretched unhindered down through the tracks and clipped to a D-ring on the forehead strap of the head harness. Whenever her mother's head pulled backward the leaver opened, letting one or more of the metal balls, depending on how long her head was pulled backward, into the tube and onto the track, until ultimately ending in the serving tray.

"mmmppphhh!" Bettie's mother moaned again, attempting to not move her head.

"Oh, now that's not right..." Bettie said, reaching behind her mother's head to touch a stretched bungee cord running from another D-ring attached to the top of the head harness down toward her mother's rear.

A thick stainless steel anal hook had been inserted in her ass. The other end of the bungee chord had been clipped through the eyehole of the hook forcing her to strain to keep her head from being pulled back and releasing more of the balls. Also, with her head pulled back, she had to watch the balls exit the beer bong and roll down the track to fill the tray, thus adding weight to the nipple clamps.

The hook wasn't the only thing filling one of her two lower openings.

An upright pole was braced between the floor and ceiling between Jennifer's spread folded legs. Attached to the pole, a pneumatic pump and rod held a stainless steel dildo, which slowly slipped in and out of her vagina. A computer cord connected the control box of the pump to a laptop on the desk.

"Interesting" Bettie thought as she studied the scene before her.

"MMMMMAAAAAHHHH, MMMMMMEEEEMMMM!!!" Jennifer screamed and her body trembled in orgasm.

Her head pulled painfully back and the rat-a-tat-tat of 10 more metal balls landing on the serving tray resounded in the room.

"Looks like you've put yourself in an interesting predicament, Mother." Bettie said stepping into Jennifer's view. "Now, I know this is your idea and you're enjoying the hell out of it. You've really out done yourself with this. But, I must admit I'm pretty positive I would enjoy it as well. As long as it was Lewis, and no one else, who put me in it."

She gave the taut chord a few gentle strums sending several vibrations through the stretched chord and into the stainless steel hook.

"MMMMMMMMM!!!" Her mother moaned.

"It must be very hard to concentrate on fighting the bungee cord when you climax. I'd say most of those balls are in the tray as a result of at least one other one." She grinned and gave the chord a more concrete twang. "I wonder how many it will take to empty the bong..."

She laughed and turned to study the laptop's monitor.

"Hmmm... If I understand this correctly, this laptop controls that delicious invader fucking you. You know it looks like the same laptop and program Lewis had used to control a similar insert in me once, before. That is before you convinced me a nerd, like Lewis, wasn't good enough for me." She said this with irritation rising in her voice. "It looks like you've used Lewis, without my knowledge or permission, to help you with this. That is unacceptable to me, Mother!"

She began tapping on the keys.

"You know, Lewis has begged me to forgive you over and over... What you said about him was unforgivable... And, what you did to him to ask his forgiveness was, even for you, very whorish... But, he is a better man than you could ever know... So, for him, I'll forgive you... And, in time, I'm sure you and I will return to a good loving relationship..." Bettie moved to where she could look deep in her mother's eyes. "So, I'll let this be our, his and my, revenge for your actions as well as my peace offering to you..."

She picked up a large black satin scarf from the dresser and folded it into a 6-inch wide band.

"I've learned anticipation is a wondrous aphrodisiac," Bettie as if lecturing someone. "Being unable to see what is happening will increase that anticipation level... Don't you think, Mother!"

She carefully pulled the scarf over her mother's eyes and tied it tightly behind her head.

"There, that should keep you guessing as to how much leeway you have in allowing your head to move." Bettie grinned, knowing it would torment her mother at the same time increase the level of her orgasms.

She then moved back to the laptop and tapped a few more keys.

"Booger had the fuck machine set on low and for it to increase a level every 30 minutes, until it reached the highest safe level." Bettie grinned. "I've reset it to start at that high level and removed all the safeties so it can reach to a level Lewis once referred to as 'jackhammer'. Then, if you've not passed out or released, and time permits, it will exceed that to a level I learned to call simply: 'OH WOW'. And, when you survive the experience of that level, Mother, you'll truly appreciate the meaning of 'Nerd Power'."

She stood and ran a finger along the bottom of her mother's right foot, tickling it before opening the door.

"Oh, just FYI, I also reset the time intervals, so it will now increase a level every 15 minutes... I give you about 5 orgasms before the bong is empty, your tits are stretched to their limits, your nipples are squeezed flat, and you'll be completely and hopelessly lost in love with a nerd..." Bettie cooed. "Have a nice time, Mother, I'm off to enjoy some bound and gagged display time of my own in Lewis' room."

"MEMMEE MOME MAMM, MOMM MO!" Jennifer Childs screamed toward the door, being careful to not move her head.

"There's no need to thank me... You're my mother." Bettie giggled. "You know I love you... Ta ta..."

Bettie smiled at the sound of the pneumatics increasing as she closed and locked the door, then, slipped quickly over to Lewis' room.


"OOOOOOHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHH!" A familiar female voice moaned from behind the Omega Mu house front door.

Gilbert snickered and glanced at Booger, who had reached toward the door bell buzzer and pressed it a second and third time.


"OOOOOOHHHHH, GOD, AAAAAHHHHH" Kristen Powers moaned even louder as she opened the door and greeted the Tri Lamb duo with a lust filled leer.

Gilbert nodded as he entered, but, Booger quickly rang the doorbell four more times before he entered.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, SHITTTTT, OOOOOOOHHHHHH!" Kristen screamed as her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. "Would, ahhh, you want me, ooohhh, to pleasure you, Masters?"

"You are just a slut whore, not capable of pleasuring either of them!" Mandi Green spoke harshly to the former Pi Delta. "Let alone worthy enough to speak to them."

She tossed a ring gag to the cowering girl, who immediately slipped it behind her teeth and buckled it tightly around her head.

"Judy had to wait in the basement for you. Professor Loocha showed up, with Dean McConnor just over an hour ago, wanting to spend the rest of the day on the A-frame. All those hours she spent bound on it in the pumpkin only fueled her fire and she's in need of another ride. Seems she told Dean McConnor about the exercise machine and brought her along to have a turn on it." Mandi said, smiling at Kristen's quick obedience, as she stepped over to the door and snapped a leash to the collar around Kristen's neck. "It appears to me the two are closer than just colleagues. I, myself, think the Prof is addicted to pain and torment. And, I believe, she's not the only faculty member that is either. Dr. Anderson, the head of the Psych Department, came by 4 hours before them. She's in the basement as well."

"Oh, man!" Gilbert mumbled, slapping his forehead.

"Don't worry, it's being handled." Mandi grinned. "Up, pet... Oh, Poindexter told me to tell you he and Connie would meet you at the Council Hall. They were going to the chemistry lab to 'play' for a bit before the meeting."

Mandi tugged on the leash to force Kristen to her knees and pulled the blonde girl's arms behind her back. Then, with a devious wink and grin at Gilbert and Booger, Mandi locked a pair of handcuffs on Kristen's wrists.

"Beg to lick my ass and pussy, slave!" Mandi ordered.

"Meeme, meeme, meeme, Mimmemm, meeme ma mis momimm mome mim mam meem mi Mimmemm' mamm mam mummi. " Kristen immediately began begging through the ring in her mouth. "Meeme... Mimmemm, Meeme..."

"Judy has turned this slut's continued training and needs over to me. She has, so far, proven to be barely tolerable." Mandi sighed, disappointedly. "I'll take her to my room so you don't have to see how pathetic her ability to make me cum is... You know the way to the basement... Come slave! Perhaps if you actually do better than a half ass job, I'll get out my strap-on and let you worship it as well."

"Mamk mu, Mimmemm..." Kristen softly spoke as Mandi turned and led her down the hallway toward Mandi's bedroom in the back of the house.

"Oh, my God... I wouldn't mind see her do that! I never would have picked Mandi as such a strict Domme... I saw how good Kristen was with her tongue. If Mandi's expectations are that high, I hope she never decides to go after men." Booger whispered as he and Gilbert headed down to the basement. "I know I wouldn't want her coming after me. Especially with that machine down there, if they adjusted it for guys. With their help that thing broke each one of the girls they used it on faster than snot."

Gilbert nodded in agreement. He didn't think they were in the wrong to use the machine to take revenge. Actually, he agreed with using it on each and every one they did. Every Tri Lambda and Omega deserved every bit of revenge they could get. However, in the back of his mind there was this question of 'was it too much'.

"Yeah, I told Judy, I understood why they were doing it, but, I thought they went a little overboard using it on Professor Loocha. However, once the dominoes started to fall..." Gilbert sighed. "to stop them would have been worse... Now, it looks like they'll have 3 teachers to have to constantly deal with sexually deal. At least Lamar only blackmailed Coach Harris!"

"Blackmailed?" Booger asked.

"Yeah! Lamar went to Coach Harris' house and showed him the pictures and video of him in that leather corset and garter." Gilbert snickered. "Lamar told him anymore trouble from him or the athletic department and copies of the pictures and video will be sent to each parent, administrator, and alumni of the college as well as to every national media sports outlet."

"You're kidding!" Booger blurted out.

"Oh, that isn't the worst of it all. He also told Coach Harris he would take copies of the pictures to that biker bar he likes to go to, The Golden Scorpion, I think it's called... Anyway, he threatened to post the pictures on the SEARCH AND TORPEDO board in the back area of the bar." Gilbert grinned.

"Search and torpedo?" Booger repeated, unfamiliar with the term.

"Yeah, Lamar said a group of the bikers would take the picture from the wall and search out the person in the picture." Gilbert grinned. "And, once they find that person... They take turns torpedoing his ass until he sinks and needs to be salvaged... Seems once Lamar explained that procedure to him, Coach Harris guarranteed him that would never be necessary. And, he also agreed to make sure the football team leaves us alone as well."

"That's good, but, I still wonder what happened at the mansion to Stan and the others." Booger nodded. "None of those guys seem interested in any of the ladies on campus anymore. Which has left a lot of babes being very lonely and their pent up hormones going wild. If I didn't have Jennifer, it'd be like a smorgasbord of pussy around here."

"Yeah, you know it's weird, when I have 3 or 4 different girls every day wanting me to 'tutor' them in biology..." Gilbert grinned. "It's hard not to give in, but, I do... What was that?"


The sound of a leather riding crop against bare skin greeted them as they entered the basement doorway, as well as a familiar female voice.

"Come on, you think you can get those legs together bitch. You love being fucked by that huge piece of rubber... Don't you!... I said, DON'T YOU!" Patsy screamed into a microphone that was connected to the headphones sealed over the ears of the older platinum haired woman struggling to force her legs together. "Or, is it you can't wait to kiss and lick my ass and pussy!"

The young coed zapped the woman's right breast with the TENS wand in her other hand.

"MMMMMAAAAAAAA!!!" Dr. Lilith Anderson screamed through the ring gag, as the oversized rubber dildo slammed deep in and out of her. "MOOOO MOMMMMM!"

The black rubber blindfold covering the woman's eyes prevented her from seeing the two Tri Lambdas entering the room or Patsy step onto the machine and place her ass inches from Dr. Anderson's lips. The woman's tongue darted out through the ring and began fervently seeking a target.

Judy stood off to the side with Professor Loocha on her left. The Professor was naked, bound, hooded, and panting loudly as she straddled the familiar A-frame. On Judy's right a silk bandaged mummy wrapped form knelt quietly.

The silk bandages tightly hugged and displayed a well endowed female figure. Her entire body, other than her large heaving breasts and wide opened eyes were covered with the sensual silk.

Gilbert and Booger quickly recognized Assistant Dean of Admissions Colleen McConnor as the lovely figure under the wrappings.

She was unable to move, mostly due to the Egyptian silk bandages. The same ones that had previously secured the three Rho-Rho sorority sisters during the Halloween contest. But also, she was unable to move because her eyes were transfixed on the amazing scene unfolding in front of her. The sight of a young woman, who she knew and thought of to be extremely shy, geeky, and nerdish, easily breaking the will of a much more confident, mentally strong, well educated older woman was terribly mesmerizing.

It was also extremely frightening, knowing she would soon be taking Dr. Anderson's place on the machine. And, added to that, as she watched, the fact that she was feeling a surprising warmth and a sexual anticipation for that coming moment growing deep within her, worried her even more.

Every Tri Lambda and Omega Mu knew Professor Loocha, Coach Harris, Dr. Anderson, Ms. Nola Hagel from the business department, and Assistant Dean Colleen McConnor were the main faculty and administration members insistent on doing everything possible to take possession of both houses for their own use. As well as being hell bent on getting every member of each house expelled from the college.

So, Judy approvingly watched Patsy's continued tormenting and training of Dr. Anderson as she softly stroked, with her left hand, the leather discipline hood tightly laced over Professor Loocha's head. She had enjoyed the woman's tongue many times over the past two weeks. Lucinda Loocha had been a bit more difficult to break than Kristen, but, once broken, she was surprisingly much more pleasurable to command.

Gilbert couldn't help but stare at the Professor's tightly leather harness bound naked body. Her shapely chest heaved between the leather straps as she fought the oncoming orgasm being urged on by the vibrating dildo and clit stimulator ramming in and out of her through the A-frame. With her legs tightly strapped to the sides of the A-frame she had no leeway of movement to ease her sexual torment.

"If you cum without permission, slut, your friend will take your place on it forever and you'll never feel its pleasure again..." Judy said to her as she sensually reached around with her left hand and tweaked the Professor's left nipple. "You know you are not allowed to cum until you have pleasured me, remember..."

Professor Loocha's moans changed from those of hopeful pleasure to ones of dread as her tongue, as she had been trained, immediately darted through the ring gag, built into the hood, in search of her Mistress. Putting her own pleasure out of her mind, the Professor's only desire now was to pleasure her Mistress.

Judy nodded toward Soonie Yang, a first year Omega.

Gilbert and Booger had recently grown accustomed to the Omegas, while in the basement, parading around in the nude. And, the younger Asian coed was no exception. With her lithe slender body, she quickly stepped onto the frame, turned, and positioned her ass to be cleaned by the very submissive Professor.

"Very good, slave... You will treat her as if she were I..." Judy whispered into the hood covered ear as the woman's tongue hungrily went to work on Soonie's ass. "You may continue riding your toy, for now. But, do not cum until I allow it... You will not like what happens if you disobey me!"

"Nice suit, Booger... Looks like Bettie's mother kept you up all night though." Judy turning said to Booger, before smiling at Gilbert as the two walked over.

She greedily grabbed Gilbert in a loving hug and gave him a deep long kiss.

"What's up with Dr. Anderson?" Gilbert asked after a second kiss.

"She's the one that had authorized Kristen's experiment on me and was curious about how it was doing. She went by The Pi Delta house and was told Kristen was over here. So, she came by to find out. She was stunned to learn Kristen had become an Omega. She hesitated a bit to long after she realized that the experiment had backfired. It gave us the opportunity to use Poindexter's dart gun to subdue her, then, I decided to bring her down here and give her a chance to participate." Judy grinned. "So, with Patsy's help, we're giving her a first hand look. As you can see it seems she is very excited about by the results."

"And, Dean McConnor?" Gilbert asked looking at the mummy wrapped form that was beginning to softly moan.

"My lovely Lucinda, here, with some encouragement from me, informed us the reason she and Dean McConnor wanted our house was to turn it into an on campus love nest for themselves..." Judy said, reaching over to this time softly stroke the hooded woman's right cheek. "I allowed her to tell Dean McConnor about her experience here on Halloween. Not everything... Just enough to get her curious enough to want to experience it for herself. Which, she did."

Judy reached down and tweaked Colleen McConnor's left nipple, rolling the hardening dark flesh between her fingers.

"Oh my! You are really getting into this, aren't you, slut?" Judy spoke looking into the woman's dark green eyes. "Beg me to allow you to be next!"

"MEEME, MIMMEMM, MEM ME ME MEMM?" Colleen began begging, ignoring the tickle on the back of her throat by the silk packing filling her mouth.

"We need to get going, Judy!" Gilbert softly interrupted his girlfriend's play. "And, you and I have to be there..."

"I know!" Judy replied, then, turned to Soonie. "Make sure she doesn't cum until I return. She can get you to, as many times as you want. Or, as many of the others who would enjoy it. But, she doesn't! Understand! However, should she disobey me and does so, remove her from the frame and tightly retie her in the corner using a spreader bar to keep her legs apart so she can use nothing to aid her in doing so again."

"Don't... pant... worry... pant... I'll...pant... see... pant... to it..." Soonie panted her chest rising with excitement, having turned around and feeling Lucinda's tongue deeply buried inside her wet hungry pussy. "Oh, GOD! SHE EEEES SOOO GOOD!"

"Once I've finished with this slut, I'll begin on the other. If you want, that is..." Patsy grinned, enjoying Dr. Anderson's tongue herself as she glanced at the mummy wrapped Dean. "It looks to me like she's craving to have a go on it."

"I should be back before you are finished with the Doctor. But, if not just get Dean McConnor prepared for me. I want to break her personally." Judy turned and answered, adding curtly. "She and I have a history... And, I plan on settling our account in full..."

Kristen Power's experiment to turn Judy into a sex slave had not been the first attempt on this college campus to do so. When Judy was a high school senior and came to visit Adams College, her escort for the week had nearly accomplished that task before she even became a student. And, that escort was a graduate student named Colleen McConnor.

Colleen worked in the admissions office during her entire time at Adams and had already laid the foundation to get the Assistant Dean position. By sealing good connections with the faculty and administration personnel, the position was going to be hers as soon as it became available.

Judy's high school grades, extracurricular educational tests and activities had made her a sure in for a significant number of large, one time only, philanthropic donations. These would be given directly to whichever college she decided to attend. Thus, she was being sought after by many colleges.

Dr. Anderson had discovered, while conducting a home interview with Judy, that the shy, unsure girl had an inquisitiveness toward self bondage and submissiveness. The Doctor quickly informed Colleen of it once she learned of Judy's impending visit and suggested Colleen use that knowledge to make sure Judy attended Adams.

As soon as the one time only donations were given, Judy's presence at Adams wouldn't be required further.

So, Colleen had contacted Judy many times prior to her visit and chatted about things, always being supportive and ending up with references to Judy's natural curiosities. Colleen even insisted she stay with her in an on campus private apartment for the week. Which, Judy gladly accepted.

During the daytime, whenever they had a spare moment Judy would find herself in the apartment hopelessly bound and gagged either in a hogtie on the floor or bound to a chair. Always being sexually stimulated, but, never allowed to climax by Colleen. Only at night, with Judy bound, normally in a wide spread eagle to the four poster bed they shared, would Colleen allow her that blessed release.

But, even then, it wasn't until after Judy had committed to attend Adams and gleefully pledged herself to Colleen, that she was allowed to climax.

They continued to chat on the phone and computer. Even spending Judy's first week at Adams together as they had during her visit. Then, after all the donations had been received, Judy was openly embarrassed and then ostracized by Colleen which left her to traumatized to speak of their affair to anyone.

Now, with Colleen securely mummy wrapped, kneeling beside her, Judy promised herself the pleasure of revenge. And, felt great pleasure in seeing a worried look of fear in the bound woman eyes when she informed Colleen that she had found and was honing her dominate side.

"She is mine!" Judy said, emphatically, as she joined Gilbert and Booger heading out of the basement.

Over at the Greek Council Hall, Lewis Skolnick waved a welcome to Poindexter and Connie. They had just arrived and he watched her straighten his shirt and tie as well as zip his pants up. Then, he saw her slightly blush as she wiped the reminisce of their playtime from around her mouth, chin, and cheeks.

Lewis grinned thinking of the things that had happened since Halloween as he walked toward Toshiro, who had just entered the Hall with an entourage of female coeds around him.

He and Bettie getting engaged, as well as Poindexter and Connie.

Kristen Powers and Lucy Bentley becoming dutiful and obedient slaves to the Omegas.

The strange attitude change of Stan Gable and the rest of the Alpha Betas. They still were the jocks, but, now they sought tutoring help from the Tri Lambdas to become serious students.

The professors, who had done everything in their power to make life difficult for the nerds, were now actually giving them the grades they deserved.

And, lest he forget them, the other six Pi Deltas having been drugged by Poindexter's mixture and restrained in the Omega basement. They were right now surrounding Toshiro and fussing with each other to be closest to the nerd they had previously taunted and reviled. The six Pi Delta sisters had quickly succumbed to the Omega Mus' training and were now gladly a part of the Omega MuMaids, the full service house cleaning group the sorority offered out for a price.

Lewis smiled as he stepped up and held his hand out to Toshiro, who had not only been involved with their training, he actually was an intricate part. Not only do they consider him their Master, but, each also found him to be a very exceptional lover. The six had been surprised by his knowledge of how to make a woman's body come alive and how gifted he was at doing so. Not to mention, how well physically endowed they found him to be.

As He and Lewis stood there talking, Toshiro rotated wrapping his arms around the maids two at a time, grinning as he groped a handful of firm round ass from each. He was very amused with himself as he heard the silly giggles coming from the lips of each as he did so.

"I hate to bother you Lewis, but, may I speak to you privately, please..." Kitty Wilson gently touched Lewis on his shoulder. "It's pretty important to me..."

"Sure, excuse me, Toshiro..." Lewis said, turning and stepping away with Kitty from the increasing crowd of curious females gathering around Toshiro and 3 other Tri Lambdas joining him. "What can I do for you, Kitty?"

"I know, I haven't been kind or anything even remotely close to hospitable to you. And, I know I don't deserve it. But..." She bit her lower lip as her eyes filled with hope as she spoke. "Bettie and I have been best friends since elementary school. I've been there and seen her at the saddest and her happiest times. And, you were the catalyst of each."

She took a deep breath, but, did not look away from him.

"I never saw her sadder than after the night she betrayed you, nor happier than the other day when she told me you asked her to marry you. I had never seen her so elated..." Kitty said, with her lips pursed in a grin. "She told me you were planning a December wedding, and, um... well, you see... We had promised each other, when we were kids, to be the Maid of Honor at each other's wedding..."

A hopeful expression slowly crossed her face.

"After, Bettie told me about it, she also said I'd have to ask your permission to have that honor..." She sighed and added. "And, that we both would accept your decision..."

Lewis looked at her with a scowl forming on his face, causing her eyes to begin tearing up.

"Bettie knows I love her and would do anything to make her happy," he said, gritting his teeth. "She told me the things you said about our relationship and about me."

Kitty fought to not turn and run away, heartbroken.

"She also told me something happened to you on Halloween, as it had to her..." He let a grin slowly begin to form on his face. "So, with everything I've heard and seen. If Bettie wants you to be her Maid of Honor, I have no problem with it. Her happiness is all that matters to m... OOOOOFF!"

Kitty grabbed him in a long hard bear hug, nearly squeezing all the breath from him.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much... You won't regret this and I'll never forget how hard it was for you..." Kitty giggled with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.

"Whoa, what is that about?" Gilbert said, somewhat taken aback at the sight of a Pi Delta, who had more than once in a classroom verbally eviscerated Lewis' manhood, hugging him gleefully.

Booger and Judy both had puzzled expressions on their faces as well. As did Nola Hagel, Dean Ulich, and Mayor Marlene Feldman, all three had just walked to the front of the Hall for the ceremony.

"Kitty has just agreed to be Bettie's Maid of Honor is all," Lewis sheepishly answered, peeling the weeping girls arms from him. "Madam Mayor, we didn't know you were going to be here!"

The elegant woman with short platinum blonde colored hair and deep blue eyes, smiled, stepped forwarded and offered her hand. Even in her late 50's, she was still very capable of turning heads and enjoyed doing so.

"Your fraternity and sister sorority raised nearly $15,000 for the City's toys-for-tots program. I'll not miss a chance to thank and shake the hands of those responsible for that. As well as making time to pose for a few pictures... I did do some modeling. That is before I became this State's leading realtor. It's still hard to resist stopping for a photo..." Mayor Feldman answered, then, after shaking their hands followed Dean Ulich onto the stage.

Behind Mayor Feldman, a short somewhat full figured woman in her mid to late thirties, walking with more of a waddle than stride, stepped over to them. Her shoulder length red hair framed her plump face and her green eyes glared with pure hatred.

She wasn't ugly, nor, was she model pretty, but, that voice. From the moment she open her mouth to speak it was like fingernails on a blackboard, irritatingly sugary, then topped off with an elitist tone.

Rumors around Adams College were that she had never been able to land a man or even get a date for that matter, because her voice would drive all men loony before an hour was up.

"Dean Ulich let the cat out of the bag, so to say, regarding your decision to give your winnings to the Greek Council. That will no doubt give you the council presidency and bring yourselves a short reprieve" Nola Hagel hissed under her breath just loud enough for Judy, Gilbert, and Lewis to hear. "But, mark my words, the faculty will have your houses soon enough. And, I'll have all of your asses expelled, as well..."

She turned to follow the Dean and Mayor.

"What a bitch!" Judy said, before either of the other two could speak. "OHHHHH, what I wouldn't give to have her strapped into that exercise machine..."

"Yeah! What the...." Gilbert began to agree, but, was hushed by the loud shouts of a wave of rushing students running toward the Hall's glass outer doors.

The curious students, who could, poured out through the doors of the Greek Council Hall and lined the sidewalk leading to the parking area next to the building. Every passing head turned wondering which celebrity who may be in the long black stretch limousine pulling up next to the Hall.

It was the second time in two weeks that students had a chance to gawk at the sight of it on campus. The first was when its owner went into the administration building to deliver the completed intern permit authorization forms that allowed three female students to immediately begin internship positions at The Desvontaire Corporation. Rumors about the regal woman, who owned the company, and jealously of the fortunate trio who won the intern spots still abounded on the campus.

Everyone passing by slowed to stare at the huge man sliding out from the driver's door. But, one student, Fredrick 'The Ogre' Palowakski, stood dumbfounded. His eyes locked together with the deep blue eyes of the huge man. Ogre didn't know why. He couldn't recall who the man was. Nor, could he shake the feelings churning up deep inside him.

He didn't hear Stan calling him or feel the four students bump into him as they passed by. It was as if no one else, but, he and this big fellow existed. And, only one question seemed to leap into his mind. Why? Why did he feel such a strange and strong attraction to him.

It wasn't until after Jefferson winked at him and smiled, just before turning away, that the odd spell that had come over him dissipated and he stumbled clumsily after Stan into the Council Hall.

With just a hint of a grin on his face, Jefferson opened the rear passenger door. All movement within view of the impressive vehicle stopped as every eye turned and mouth gaped open at the appearance of the magnificent, tall, red leather clothed, dark haired goddess. From every direction all turned and began slowly moving, zombie-like, toward the limousine their eyes transfixed on the woman.

She looked up and grinned, pleased with the worshipful response. But, she knew a bizarre scene now would not be of benefit to her or her plans.

Due to her uncontrollable lust filled engorging on her slaves, her pheromone level had passed overload. As soon as Jefferson opened his door her sensuous aromas escaped and, like an unseen fog, immediately filled the air affecting all in the vicinity. Even a few of the people just inside the door to the Hall began to slowly make their way toward her.

"There wasn't time for me to feed my slaves to lower my levels," she whispered to the hulking man holding the limo door open. "It will take me a moment to get them under control."

"Do as you need, Milady. I will take care of the throng." Jefferson bowed, then, turned toward the crowd and bellowed. "BE GONE!"

Jefferson's voice boomed like a sonic wave through the gathering horde, braking them from their hypnotic trance. After a few seconds they began dispersing.

"You will be unhindered, now, Milady..." Jefferson smiled at Nakesha.

"Very good, thank you... Although, I detect the delectable scent of one or two possible entrées... " Nakesha said, sniffing the air and running her tongue wantonly over her luscious red lips.

"I'm sorry Milady, but, you've haven't time to go on a hunt..." Jefferson said, interrupting her thoughts.

"Pity!..." She sighed, then, turning back to look into the limo at her three young interns suspended in leather bondage swings and straps from the limo ceiling with their legs spread wide apart. "Sadly, you are correct. However, I still have my delicious trio though, haven't I..."

She deeply sniffed the air in the limo and let out a lustful purr.

"I shall return shortly, my pets, to continue my feasting and to let you drink of my nectar..." She cooed.

Kay Winston, Laurel Conrad, and Celia Miller regretfully mumbled and moaned in silence beneath the thick leather hoods covering their heads. Their arms had been put in arm binders behind their backs to prevent them from interfering with Nakesha's feasting as they drove from her home to the college. The binders were also there to keep their hands and nimble fingers from attempting to remove the chastity belts Nakesha had locked on them before leaving the limo.

The belts served their normal protective purposes of keeping them pure for her dining pleasures. But, they had also been modified to kept all three young women in a state of constant arousal without allowing orgasm. A small flask had been attached to the belt to collect any of their juices that did escape, for their Mistress' consumption at a later time.

Nakesha had had a continued feast on the three, bringing each to orgasm more times than they could count in the previous two weeks. She also let them enjoy her juices over and over. So now they were ultimately and wholeheartedly in Nakesha's control forever.

She kept them naked, bound, and gagged in her home. Not to prevent their escape, but, rather just for her pleasure. The vision of a well bound and gagged female form had always had a way of stimulating her arousal senses. So now having three around her at all times, kept her constantly in near euphoria.

However, when they needed to venture out, such as now, she made sure to keep them also hooded and even better gagged, for two reason. The first was somewhat obvious, to keep them completely silent and make sure they didn't accidentally draw attention to themselves. The second, and more important, was to prevent them from possibly being identified by any unexpected passerby with an unhindered view. It had been centuries since she had more than one slave to feast upon at a time and she did not want to take any chances on losing even one of the three.

Nakesha drew in a long deep breath before closing the limo door. The sensual aroma of her bound slaves filled her nostrils and sent erotic tingles through her body arousing the hunger in her once more.

"Phone, Milady..." Jefferson said, interrupting her enjoyment as he held out a cell phone. "It is Mr. Jenkins from Spectral Productions' Marketing Department."

"Thank you," she smiled, collecting herself as she took the phone. "Mr. Jenkins, do you have the figures?"

"Ms. Desvontaire... um... ah... Yes, I have the numbers you were interested in." Donald Jenkins fought to regain control of his thoughts after hearing the woman's sensually hypnotic voice. "They're unbelievable! So, I ran them three times to make sure they were correct. They will easily exceed the profits from REAL ESTATE DUO'S PERIL. And, that was our most profitable video to date."

"And, the dollar amount?" Nakesha said with much anticipation in her voice.

"With just over a week's sales, profits have gone through the roof. Your suggestion of breaking it into a set of 5 DVDs was genius. The total dollar profits for the sale of whole sets, separate DVD sales, the online download sales, and sales from the token sites is just over $1 million already." Donald Jenkins sounded giddy. "And, we haven't even started the heavy advertising for the movie, yet. Once that happens the total profits from HALLOWEEN ADVENTURES AT BONDAGE MANSION will easily exceed fifty times that amount. We are already getting calls world wide asking about a sequel. And, every special effects company I know of are calling with questions, wondering how it was done. With all this hype already, once the Holiday gift season starts who knows how high profits will go."

"Excellent, that is good news... I had hoped as much... And, our special effects secrets are our secret. You nor anyone else in the company have no knowledge of them and will it will remain as such. I do hope you understand our desires to keep them to ourselves..." Nakesha grinned. "So, you think we need to think about a sequel, I take it..."

"Oh, absolutely!" He answered. "There's no telling what a sequel would bring in..."

"We'll think about it...Good-bye, Mr. Jenkins." She said cutting him off, then turning to Jefferson, laughed. "Would you like to make a sequel, Jefferson?"

The huge man just grinned and took the phone.

"The profits from that movie will keep the mansion and business as well as our household well taken care of for years." She grinned. "But, that cast is already in place and on contract, so to say, I will discuss it with George. Yet, I do believe the twins, especially, would enjoy making another video with those girls..."

"Lady Desvontaire," Kitty curtseyed after stepping to the limo.

She had managed to wiggle her way through the crowd at the doorway and walk to the limo.

"Everything is prepared, Ma'am. They are ready for your entrance, if you'll follow me, please." She smiled adoringly, feeling extremely aroused once more, at the sight of the tall goddess-like woman. "However, be it far from me to say anything, but, your wardrobe... um... as magnificent as it is... may be a bit to much for this ceremony..."

"You still have a vile stench about you," Nakesha replied, acknowledging the pretty blonde coed and turned to follow her. "I desire to get this over with quickly, I have other matters to deal with. Have you heard from George?"

"Yes, Ma'am... Thomas sent me an e-mail with his brother's instructions." Kitty nodded, getting control of her trembling knees before she began leading the lovely lady toward the Hall door. "I have already had the requested food for your... um... intern's sustenance delivered to the mansion. And, he told me to tell you, your room has been prepared for the night."

"Excellent... George always knows what pleases me." Nakesha answered.

"Also, I've done as Mr. Ost asked and put in motion the plan to list the mansion and surrounding property on the Historical Protections List. Also, I secured a small office in a very private building, should you wish or need to use it. It's already fully operational. I've had the mail, including any bills, for the mansion forwarded there. We've even had four different paranormal groups contact us about allowing an investigation of The Ost Mansion." Kitty said. "You will not have to personally deal with any of the day to day details anymore as you wished. I assumed that is what my duties are to be."

"I seriously doubt I'll have the time or need to use your office. But, I will speak with George about whether or not he wants to allow any of those groups into his home. And, yes, aiding Thomas in overseeing the daily upkeep of the mansion will be your primary duty." Nakesha nodded, then, turned and striking a sensual pose, she modeled her new outfit. "Is this appropriate enough?"

Before Kitty's eyes, the woman's bright red leather cape, corset, gloves, and thigh boots morphed into business attire. A red leather knee-length skirt with a 3-inch wide black leather belt and matching red leather jacket with white silk blouse beneath now adorned her exquisite body. A pair of sleek nude colored silk stockings hugged her extremely long muscular legs. And, finishing off her attire, on her feet, a pair of red leather open toed pumps with 4-inch coned heels and 2-inch wide ankle straps.

"Oh, my, yes! Very beautiful, Ma'am..." Kitty stammered, amazed at the change. "You look absolutely stunning."

She entered the Hall door and led the way toward the Greek Council meeting.

Lewis and Booger sat with Toshiro as Gilbert and Judy joined the other members of the Greek Council on the stage.

As Stan Gable called the meeting to order a deafening silence beginning at the back of the Hall moved forward toward the stage until it ultimately filled the large room. All eyes turned to stare at the olive skinned beauty following Kitty down the aisle to the stage.

Even the people on the stage were dumbstruck, until Kitty gently prodded Stan back to his seat. Then she took the microphone and introduced the world traveling, former top archeologist of Ancient Egyptology, founder of numerous philanthropic organizations, and CEO of Desvontaire Corporation to the crowd.

"Mayor Feldman, Dean Ulich it is a pleasure to see you both again. I have been told that two of your student groups have earned quite a large sum of money for one of the city's charities." Nakesha turned and looked deeply into the Mayor's eyes. "I am proud to say we at Desvontaire Corporation respect such an effort and would like to reward their selflessness by tripling that amount." Nakesha smiled and turned, handed the check to the Mayor and grasped her other outstretched hand.

The Mayor took the woman's hand and felt her head begin to spin. Deep dark memories flashed in her mind as a yearning lust for this lovely lady began to build within her.

"Your visits at the mansion have been missed. I do hope you will come by soon to renew old acquaintances." Nakesha whispered in the Mayor's ear and pressed her luscious lips to the Mayor's cheek. "You're not in real estate anymore, I take it... That's a pity!"

Then, she pulled back and released her hold on the one time real estate agent turned mayor, who years earlier had been one of the starring cast members of REAL ESTATE DUO'S PERIL . And, in her normal tone added.

"I do hope that will help such a good and deserving cause."

The older woman blushed crimson, in stark contrast to her platinum colored hair, and stammered a thank you, all the while, trying to maintain her composure while fighting the incredible urge to remove all her clothing, fall to her knees, and offer herself to the olive skinned woman.

Turning back to the room. Nakesha resumed her speech.

"It is also my understanding, Dean Ulich, that the winners of the $50,000 prize have chosen, rather than keeping it for their houses to use, to give the entire amount to the Greek Council for all the houses to use. So, to whom do I give this check?"

Dean Ulich stood to his feet and carefully stepped forward. He to was having trouble keeping his thoughts in this gorgeous woman's presence.

"Um... yes, Mr. Lowell and Miss Morris have both said their respective houses voted to give their winnings to the whole council." He said, adding his applause to the thunderous hand clapping of the crowded room. "You may hand the check over to Miss Hagel, she will make sure it is used for the good of the houses."

The red haired woman stood and marched over to the much taller woman and reached for the check.

The low soft growl of a predator seeing its prey for the first time filled the room, startling everyone there. Nakesha glared deeply into Nola Hagel's green eyes. For the flash of a micro-second Nakesha's dark brown tear shaped eyes turned blood red. She clasp Nola's right hand in hers and pulled her close. No one in the room saw her do this, for they were searching the room with their eyes trying to find where that horrible growl came from.

That is, no one except Kitty.

She watched the olive skinned woman pull Nola even closer.

"You have never been with a man...." Nakesha whispered into Nola's ear.

A pungently strong sweet aroma quickly permeated the room. It grew more distinct and overpowering the longer Nakesha stared into Nola's eyes.

The Mayor and Dean Ulich were the first to pass out. Quickly followed by all the others on the stage. As if a morning mist seeped through the room beginning at the stage and flowing to the back everyone succumbed to the scent and fell to the floor unconscious.

Within a minute Kitty, Lady Desvontaire, and Nola Hagel were the only ones remaining upright.

"We shall go now!" Nakesha commanded, turning to Kitty. "This one will be mine, also!"

Kitty saw and recognized the blank expression on Nola Hagel's face.

Nakesha easily lifted the smaller red headed woman from the floor and pressed her lips to Nola's in a deep passionate kiss. Nola responded immediately, letting Nakesha's tongue dance with hers as it explore her mouth.

Nola instinctively began loudly sucking on the invading tongue, willfully accepted its secretions. She curled her tongue around it to let every drop of the sweet tasting nectar flow down her throat.

Nakesha removed her mouth from Nola's only long enough to give Kitty an order.

"Run ahead and tell Jefferson to prepare another swing! We must leave immediately, I cannot control my hunger any longer, my body will not allow it!" Nakesha roared. "I shall have this one as well... She'll be a delicious addition to my quartet of savory morsels to keep me sustained and satisfied for years to come."

Obediently, Kitty turned and sprinted as fast as she could through the door and toward the limo, giving Jefferson his orders.

Just as he finished rigging the leather swing to the ceiling, Nakesha appeared at the door. She was carrying Nola's dazed body in her arms.

Together she and Jefferson stripped Nola's clothing, strapped her naked body in the swing with her arms together behind her back and her legs splayed wide and held to the ceiling at the ankles by more leather straps.

"Take these and make sure you give them to the proper people," Nakesha ordered Kitty, who stood watching them through the open door. "Jefferson will meet you tomorrow at your office..."

Kitty was forced to step back as Jefferson exited the limo and she saw Nola Hagel open her mouth to scream, her eyes wide with shock as her mind returned.

The last thing Kitty saw before the door closed and the limo drive off was Nakesha forcing a ring gag into Nola's lips and tightening the leather strap around her cheeks. The sounds of loud muffled moans and long deep slurps of pleasure slowly disappeared from Kitty's ears as the limo faded from view.

She went back into the Hall to do what ever kind of damage control she could.

Meanwhile, in Lewis Skolnick's room on the second floor of the Tri Lambda frat house, Bettie Childs sat naked on Lewis bed staring at the body cage and display platform.

Nearly half and hour after she entered his room and removed her clothing, she willed up just enough courage to pull it from inside the long rectangular box filling the corner of the room. Moving slowly and trembling with trepidation, she unlocked the clasps on the right side of the cage. Hoping no one could hear the creaking sound of the metal, she fully opened it.

She hesitated, before opening the closet and pulling the large trunk from deep in the back. The creak of the trunk lid as she opened it startled her and she returned to the safety of the bed.

Was it her mind and her memories or the items in the trunk calling out to her, begging her to continue. Egging her on to take the next leap.

"It's now or never," she whispered to herself through gritted teeth, after taking a deep breath. "I'll try the mouth corset first."

Before she could reach into the trunk, actually, just barely after the words left her lips. The leather mouth corset flew from the trunk, wrapped itself around her lower face and neck, and tightly laced itself together.

"MMMMMPPPPHHH!!!" She instinctively called out, swaying back and forth from the surprise force of the corset.

But, she couldn't hear her own screams.

She tugged on the front and pulled on the laces. Neither gave any.

"OH WOW!" She thought. "What next? The waist corset, yes, that should be next."

No sooner had she thought it, when the leather article flew from the trunk and sealed itself tightly around her, taking her breath. It was so tight she couldn't even wiggle a finger between the leather and her skin. The laces on it also refused to let loose.

Having to breath just through her nose and being able to only take only short tiny breaths made it much more difficult to concentrate on her task.

She decided after several changes of mind, that, the waist corset needed to be followed by the arm binder complete with crotch strap, dildo and butt plug.

Which, they were. But, the dildo and butt plug weren't inserted as gently as before. Nor, did she preset their speeds. Her moanings from them slipping inside her was loud. However, she grew even louder due to them vibrating on full speed.

She fell back landing on the bed, thankfully, when her thoughts jumped, for some strange reason, to the single shaft mono thigh boot.

"OH NO!" She thought as it flew from the trunk and shimmied up her legs, binding them tightly together as one.

"Get to your feet!" She told herself as she inched off the bed into a sort of standing position.

Bettie looked at her reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door and felt a deep warmth rise from inside her.

Each item had taken its proper place quickly and efficiently as soon as she thought of them.

"So this is how I looked Halloween night," she thought. "Very sexy, if I do think so myself. And, thinking back on how Lewis reacted, I must be right."

As soon as he freed her from the cage and her leather bonds, he made long, passionate love to her over and over. The rest of the night and morning, right into late afternoon, he pleasured her and she him.

"I hope we can go longer this time," she laughed to herself. "Now, to get into the cage."

She tried to hop, but, began to wobble, nearly falling over before the boot, on its own, seemed to regained her balance for her.

"How am I going to get into the cage without falling!" She fussed at herself.

Without hesitation, the boot forced her to take three giant hops across the room. Then, after taking a deep breath through her nose, she took a fourth hop and then a final one into the cage.

The cage itself seemed to expand to give enough room for her to easily fit into it. The creak of metal followed.

With a deep sigh escaping her as the cage closed and locked itself behind her, Bettie grinned behind the mouth corset.

"DAMN!" I forgot to set the control knob!" She again thought to herself. "Oh well, Lewis will just have to do it when he gets here."

The sound of the knob popping out and turning caught her ear. She couldn't move her head to see what was happening at her feet. She saw no one enter the room and hoped no one had unnoticed by her.


The sound of a soft waltz filled the room and the cage, with Bettie in it, slowly began turning on the platform.

"I don't know how this has happened, but, I'm going to enjoy it until Lewis gets here." She thought as she saw her image pass by the mirror for the first time. "OH MY!"

As she saw her reflection for the fourth time, a thought dawned on her.

"How long was the knob set for?"

Kitty waited for the others in the council hall to revive. She wondered to herself why she and Nola Hagel hadn't been affected by Lady Desvontaire as everyone else had.

Just the few details Thomas had given her about the lady let her know she could do just about anything she wanted. So obviously, she did want the two of them to be affected as the others in the room. She had to have had a good reason and Kitty wouldn't dare question her.

She assumed she was expected to cover Lady Desvontaire's leaving and Nola Hagel's disappearance. So, she played several storylines out in her mind.

While she thought, Kitty looked at the various people sprawled on the floor. Several were her friends and sorority sisters who had been acting as unusual as she since Halloween.

Angela, who had change her major from business to Egyptology, lay bedside other Pi Deltas Lisa and Donna. The two of them were, now, not even trying to hide the fact of their lesbian relationship. Lisa was obviously in control. Kitty had seen Donna fall all over herself to please every whim Lisa had. But, questions remained in Kitty's mind after seeing more than one guy slip quietly from the two lovebirds' bedroom in the early morning hours while both were still in the room.

She looked over at Stan, Brad, Scott, Steve, and her former lover, Jason. The five of them were totally out of character, seeming to chose to ignore all women. Even the ones they had used many times over just a month ago. Of course, remembering how they acted in the presence of those ugly witch sisters, Kitty had a fairly good idea of what happened to them.

Then, there were the nerds.

Kitty honestly didn't understand or care for them, before, Halloween. But now, she knew and accepted that they were no different than she or anyone else.

She looked at Lewis and felt happy for her best friend, Bettie. Finding someone, who was your true soul mate, was a wonderful thing.

Then, there was Judy Morris. She had been in competition with her for several scholarships. So, it was most likely the jealousy she felt that caused her ill feelings toward her, more than her being a nerd.

But, having been tormented by Kristen once herself, Kitty had a new respect for the Omega Mu President. Not only did Judy look as sexy as any of them while being tortured, she had beaten the odds and over came it.

Kitty watched the people rouse from their forced slumber. She shook her head in disbelief that upon full revival none of them had any memory of passing out.

"Dean Ulich, Lady Desvontaire had another meeting to attend, so, she asked me to beg your forgiveness for her abrupt departure..." Kitty lied. "She also asked Miss Hagel to accompany her. She wanted to discuss her leaving the college and coming to work for her. Which, I think, if I know Lady Desvontaire's ability to persuade, she will."

The Dean looked a little surprised and vexed.

"Miss Hagel gave me the check to give you. And, Lady Desvontaire gave me a matching one for the two generous houses that gave the first away to split." Kitty smiled and winked at Gilbert and Judy. "She said she was very impressed with them."

"I appreciate that Kitty," Dean Ulich replied. "Now, where were we with our meeting?"

Back in the limo, Nola Hagel swung back and forth in the leather bindings. She had been brought to climax three times already. And, unfortunately for her, fear had kept Nakesha from taking control of her mind. So, she pulled and struggled with her bonds trying to escape from the olive skinned temptress' tongue darting in and out of her over sensitized pussy.

"MMOO, MMOOMM, MMMEEME, MEM ME MOO..." She begged and whimpered through the ring gag. "Mam mam mu moomm mo mo mim me?"

"Let you go... I don't think so..." Nakesha cooed from between Nola's legs. "You will be joining my other slaves..."

Nakesha twisted her head and nodded at the three hood covered women swing from the ceiling behind her.

"Each of them are delicious as well and quickly gave in to my desires. You on the other hand are a much older virgin. Your juices are much more nutritious and satisfying." Nakesha ran her long thick tongue around her luscious fluid covered lips, enjoying the flavor of her new slave. "I am not going to let you drink of my fluids for many days, maybe even weeks."

She dove her tongue deep into Nola's warm wet love box again and cooed at the delightful moans coming from the frantic red head.

"It's been over a thousand years since I last tasted such virgin sustenance." She giggled. "The enjoyment I'll get from you will last me for another thousand years. So, I'm going to take as much time as possible in turning you."

She returned to her feasting, loudly slurping up the freely flowing juices pouring from the struggling woman.

With her body trembling in orgasmic bliss, Nola screamed into her gag knowing this torment would be lasting a very long time. She wanted to give into her desires and to this woman. But, she couldn't. The fear inside her wouldn't allow it.

So, Nola Hagel whimpered and pleaded through her gag for the woman tormenting her to cease and free her, or at least let her become as one of her other slave. For Nola knew she couldn't take this torment for long.

From between the struggling red head's legs, Nakesha grinned. She sensed her newest slave's thoughts and resolved that much more to not allow this slave to feast on her. She would not turn this one for a long time nor allow her to loose her mind. Due to her fear this one's unique sustenance was much more tastee and powerful than any Nakesha had ever had in her long, long life.

As the limo drove toward the Ost Mansion, Booger and Lewis arrived back at the Tri Lambda house.

"I'm going to check on Jennifer," Booger said, slapping Lewis on the back as they climbed the stairs in the Tri Lambda frat house. "I hope Judy and Gilbert celebrate his presidency right."

"So do I," Lewis snorted as Booger open his door. "Oh, my God! It looks like it worked! And, very well at that."

Jennifer Childs was panting wildly. The loud hum and pneumatics of the vibrator nearly drowned out her moans. It looked like it was pumping in and out of her over a hundred times a minute. The bong was empty and the serving tray full of ball bearings. Her breasts were elongated and her nipples pinched to paper thin.

Booger quickly tapped the keys on the laptop and turned the pneumatics off.

"Are you okay?" He asked, his voice quivering with worry, but, his body showed his distinct pleasure in the sight before him. "Let me get you free!"

"MMMOOO! MMMOOO!" Jennifer screamed, shaking her head. "MUMK ME MIMSM!"

"Um.. I'm going to see the surprise Bettie has for me..." Lewis said, amazed at the sight of his future mother-in-law and the fact she wanted Booger to fuck her before he released her. "Come by the room when you're through, okay?"

"Yeah, we will..." Booger answered, having already removed the vibrating dildo, dropped his pants to the floor, and slipped between her legs. "Close the door as you go, will you!"

Lewis quietly closed the door and stepped over to his room.

"WHOA! OH MY GOD!" He gasp at the sight of his love tightly bound in leather and in the cage. "Wow the hell!"

He slowly stumbled into the room and sat down on the bed, rubbing his eyes as if it would remove the sight before him.

"How, how did you do that without help?" He asked himself more than her, now totally perplexed.

"Ma mim mi my mimmemm..." She tried to explain from behind the mouth corset. "mimm mamim!"

Even if the leather of the stiff leather of the mouth corset had allowed her chin any movement, the curve of the metal cage around her lower face wouldn't have. Also, the hinged metal gag panel locked across her mouth helped to muffle any explanation she attempted.

"I guess it really doesn't matter. The only thing that does is how magnificent you look like that. Very sexy and very helpless, just the way I like you..." He grinned, laying back against the foot of his bed and enjoying the view. "You know I could stare at you like this all night. This really is a wonderful surprise."

Ignoring the heated glare form her eyes with each rotation and her continuing muffled pleas, Lewis folded his arms behind his head and crossed his legs on the bed to make himself as comfortable as he could. He planned to take as much time as he wanted to enjoy his surprise.

And, Bettie irritated, by his refusal to release her, and extremely horny, from the dildo, butt plug, and whole circumstance of her bondage, could do nothing but become more irritated and overwhelmingly horny. The fact that she couldn't help but notice his increasing arousal, with each revolution on the platform, did nothing to ease her growing desire to feel him thrusting deeply in and out of her as well.

Moments turned into minutes and the minutes added up. Forty five had passed by to be exact, when, from Lewis' open bedroom door came a loud:


"Holy Shit, Batman! What have we here..."

It was Booger and Bettie's mother, Jennifer, standing in the doorway. Their jaws resting uncomfortably on the floor. Booger had pulled his pants back up, but, Jennifer was still totally naked, thinking she would surprise her daughter.

"I know you said you were going to do some display time in Lewis' room," Jennifer said, teasingly as soon as the shock wore off. "But, this is a touch more truthful than I had imagined. Or could have imagined..."

She strode over to the still rotating cage and let it pluck against her finger as she continued to tease her daughter.

"You been holding out on 'mommy'..." She said in a mock scolding tone, shaking a finger at her bound daughter, before placing her hands on her waist. "Not telling 'mommy' her future son-in-law was so gifted at inventing devious devices like this... Same on you little lady... Hiding such a pretty thing as this... And, not offering to give your mommy a turn... That's just selfish!"

She ran her hands on either side of the cage, carefully stepping side to side to keep in rhythm with its rotation.

"You know it has been years since I spent quality time in a cage... It was so blissful... Not as unique or enthralling as this one, though... I imagine even without the playthings buzzing away inside you, you'd have reached many delicious climaxes just from being in it..." She drew a deep breath before continuing. And, that, leather... It smells so exquisite... I've got to borrow it sometime... You will let 'mommy' borrow your leather playwear sometime won't you sweetie?"

Booger stepped over to Lewis his mouth and eyes still wide open. He was listening to the mother but unable to remove his gaze from the bound daughter as she continued another slow cycle on the platform.

"DUDE!" Booger finally said, grinning as he grabbed Lewis by the shoulders and shaking him in disbelief. "Way to go... God, you out did anything I could have dreamed up... Now, that is a music box!"

"I, I, I didn't... do any of this..." Lewis quietly stammered and pointed to the trunk. "The cage, box, and all the leather stuff in there came from the Ost Mansion with Bettie..."

The inquisitive looks from Booger and Jennifer forced him to hesitantly and reluctantly explained how he had found Bettie bound in the cage in all this leather on Halloween night.

"You didn't make or buy any of this?" Jennifer asked, admiring the fine leather tightly securing her daughter. "She was wearing this in the cage when you opened the box?"

"Yes, everything she has on," Lewis answered, then, taking a closer look at the leather items on Bettie. "Wait, she had more on than that..."

"More! Like what?" Booger chimed in.

"There was a leather hood... and... I think, a full leather body sleeve... Yeah, yeah there was..." Lewis nodded, then, looked up at Bettie. "They must still be in the trunk."

"MMMMOOOO! MMMMOOOO!" Bettie began mewing loudly, but, was unable to grab their attention.

"A leather full body sleeve..." Jennifer cooed, her eyes getting gleeful as she turned and looked into the trunk. "I'd love to try on that body sleeve and the hood as well....AAAARRRGGG!!!"

No sooner had she began speaking, a flapping noise came from the trunk, followed by a large piece of leather.

It turned upright and quickly wrapped around the startled woman, forcing her arms to her sides and her legs to snap together. The laces began weaving in and out of the eyelets in a blur. And, as they did, the leather sleeve tightened and tightened. Within a minute, Jennifer Childs was held in tight black leather from her shoulders to ankles.

The guys watched the leather tighten around her legs even more as it lengthened and oozed over her feet covering them as well. So now from her neck down it was if she were in a leather cocoon.

Jennifer swayed back and forth, as she instinctively began struggling to free herself from the leather encasement.

"Uh oh," Booger and Lewis whispered in unison, both diverting their eyes from Jennifer's struggles to the space just above Jennifer's head.

Another piece of soft leather hovered noiselessly above the struggling woman. None of them had seen it follow the body sleeve from the trunk. It seemed to be waiting patiently for the proper moment. Then, it opened revealing its true shape and the stubby 4-inch thick hard penis protruding from within.

"Oh no, no, NNNNOOOOOMMMMMpppphhh!!!" She screamed.

She had looked up, following the direction of Booger and Lewis' gaze, in time to see the leather discipline hood take shape before it dropped over her face, neck, and shoulders forcing the attached penis gag into her open mouth. "MEMM, MEMM, memm..."

Neither Tri Lamb could move. Both could only stand immobile, in a stunned paralysis, and watch as the laces from the body sleeve began quickly weaving the back of the hood together, from her neck to the top of her head. Then, the leather hood and the body sleeve sealed together at her shoulders becoming one.

"mmmeeemmm, mmmmeeemmm..."Jennifer screamed into the silencing gag as it all tightened.

The leather covering her cheeks bulged from the presence of the thick penis gag. The hood began taking on the shape of her head and outline of her face. The body sleeve as well began molding itself to her form. The shape of her arms and legs were clearly visible. As were her hands and fingers, which were crushed against her thighs. The details were incredible, Booger swore he could even make out her fingernails.

It was as if the air between her skin and the leather had been sucked out.

It also sculpted itself to her breasts in minute detail, becoming like a second skin of leather that rose and fell with each gasp of air. Even accentuating her thick nipples showing them become engorged and hardened as she became more and more aroused.

"mmmmmpppphhhh!" She continued to scream, as it drew tighter and tighter.

Only her cute little nose visible as it wildly flared with each exhale. Through the open eye slits, Booger could see her eyes were wide open in shock and delight. They were locked onto his, pleading for help, but, also betraying a hint of enjoyment in them.

"So that's what he meant, when he said it wouldn't work properly, if I didn't wait till after midnight..." Lewis whispered, almost reverently, turning his head and looking into Bettie's eyes. "You asked for them and they came..."

She was unable to nod her head, yes, but, her eyes told him everything.

"Huh? What did you say..." Booger mumbled, "Anything else in that trunk to worry about?"

""That's it, except for..." Lewis hesitated. "the blindfold..."

"THE BLINDFOLD!" Booger said, aloud, and Jennifer mumbled and thought.

A blur of black leather shot from the trunk and made a beeline for Jennifer.

She tried to twist and turn to dodge its attack, but, was unsuccessful. Within seconds she was bound, mute, and blind, as the padded leather covered her eyes and buckled itself to the hood.

Booger had made a lung for it, but, wound up grasping only air. He turned to step toward the wiggling and wavering leather form of his lover, but, stopped when an odd sound came from behind him.

The loud sound of creaking metal coming from Bettie's direction grabbed their attention.

The cage had stopped revolving with Bettie facing away from them, and, the back had opened.

Jennifer felt herself squat and then with a mighty thrust of her bound legs, she soared into the air and spun 180 degrees.

Inside the dark leather cocoon, she had no idea of why or what she was doing. But, as her leather bound feet landed she felt her back slam into something soft and heard her daughter's moans coming from immediately behind her.

"Oh, God..." She thought to herself, waiting for the crush of hard steel against her.

She heard the sound of creaking metal next to her and felt the cage bars push her back even further against her daughter.

Lewis and Booger had watched Jennifer's flight and landing with awe. Both, upon realizing the cage was closing, wondered to themselves how it could hold both women. But, were even more mesmerized and dumbfounded as they watched the cage twist and reshape itself to match the leather bound mother and daughter within.

The soft waltz began to play again and the cage slowly began a new rotation.

The two Tri Lambs stood there for many minutes, lost in the perplexity of the moment, but, enjoying the sight before them.

"You know Lewis," Booger final spoke. "I thought I knew things... I'd been told about a lot of strange shit by my parents. But, nothing... I mean nothing, they or anyone else ever told me... prepared me for this..."

"I know what you mean, Booger..." Lewis nodded, both still staring at the cage display. "Science is all I believed in, until, now..."

"Oh, no, no, that's not what I'm talking about. Odd shit happening like this , I've come to expect..." Booger turned and looked at him. "I thought I knew what great sex was, until, I met her. Then, a while ago, before we came over here to see you and Bettie, I learned what awesome sex was. You see, just as I was about to cum, I reached down and took off her nipple clamps. My God, she screamed and bucked in orgasm like nothing I had ever seen before. Now, as I stand here, having seen what happened, staring at her, knowing how turned on this is making her, I can't help but wonder, what the sex will be like when she's been freed."

Lewis snorted and laughed his goofy laugh.

"HHHEEEUCK, HHHEEEUCK, HHHEEEUCK... Speaking from experience, my friend, don't make plans for a couple of days... HHEEEUCK, HHEEEYUCK, HHEEEYUCK... And, seeing what I've seen of Bettie's mother... You may not need to make any plans for at least a week..."

"Think so! Sounds good to me..." Booger laughed, then, confessed. "This has been one hell of a weird couple of weeks."

Lewis turned back to stare once more at his love as she rotated by and smiled.

"We've seen nearly everyone who hated us, or done us wrong, or wanted to do us harm get their just comeuppance." Lewis said. "We've got to savor the cold taste of revenge, and, the sweet yummy taste of love. And, this... This, my good man, is only the beginning..."

Chapter 15

As the dawn's morning light broke through the tree line surrounding the garden area far behind the mansion, Lewis Skolnick stared at the magnificent view and nervously shifted back and forth on his feet. He was trying to wait patiently for the arrival of the golden carriage containing the bride. But, he could still hear three of the wedding guests complaining about time being wasted.

Their loud screeching voices made the hair on the back of his neck curl and sent quivers of pain up and down his spine. However, the ear piercing cackles could not come close to the gut wrenching effect that the horrid appearances, of the ones making them, had on him. It had taken and is taking everything within him not to immediately vomit from the stench coming from their black robes and unwashed matted hair.

The sight their wart infested wrinkled faces and scab covered bodies, which, they left uncovered as they greedily mauled at the enormous sexual organs of their companions added to his sickening feeling.

The vision of Stan, Jason, Brad, Scott, and Steve fawning all over the three putrid women, groping and kissing each deeply made his whole body retch. And, will, without a doubt be added to the collection of 'nightmares yet to come' file in his brain.

He was thankful Bettie was waiting with Lisa out of sight of the disgusting scene. Although, he was sure everyone could hear their yelps and screeches.

However, he was curious and debated with himself about asking Bettie about Stan and the others' gigantic appendages. He was positive he had never seen such large penises in real life nor on the web. Not even in any of Booger's extensive collection of porn was there anything close.

There was that one National Geographic on whale reproduction he once watched on television, but, he was sure that didn't apply.

He looked back toward the Ost mansion desperately hoping the carriage was insight.

It had been explained to him last night, by George Ost himself, that their family had a wedding tradition dating back centuries.

First, the bride was to be brought naked, bound and gagged to her future husband, as a symbol of her obedient submission, in a golden carriage pulled by perfectly trained ponies.

Second, any females involved in the wedding party would, to honor the bride, also present themselves in such a manner. And, all would remain as such until after the ceremony.

Final the third part of the tradition was for the groom to carry his new bound and gagged wife back to the carriage to be taken away to begin their honeymoon.

Lewis didn't completely understand the rational of it all, however, he was not one to buck traditions, specially one important to this family.

Besides, he had to admit having been with Bettie for a year, he had come to enjoy and appreciate the sight of a bound and gagged woman. So being part of a wedding party, even if it was only to give the bride away, where all of the females participants are naked, bound and gagged, had put an extra spring in his hitch. And, his helping bind and gag Bettie to get her ready as Maid of Honor put a bulge in his twitch. Which, he planned on getting rid of soon after the ceremony.

As he thought of this, his mind drifted to the number of times, over of the past year, he had either bound Bettie or come in to find her bound, gagged, and ready for him.

Most of the times the leather items in the trunk and the cage were involved.

Yet, sometimes she'd just greet him at the door wearing only her lace apron and a gag holding out some white coils of cotton rope for him to use on her. Other times Booger and her mother would aid in her preparations. Just as he and she had done for them numerous occasions.

He had to laugh to himself, thinking about the leather items in the trunk. It was a wonder they were still in such good condition. For nearly a year now, at least once or twice a week, they were being worn by either Bettie or her mother.

It had been a year, since he retrieved Bettie from the front porch of the mansion. And, it seemed much shorter as more of the events that happened since then swirled through his mind. Shorter, yes, and very strange, but, at the same time this year had been so very wondrous.

Just having reunited with Bettie would have made it so, but, their wedding, followed by them both graduating early, and the unplanned, yet, joyous birth of their son, Gilbert Lewis, two months ago, added immeasurably to the mix.

And, his father's insistence they begin to transfer the family electrical business over to them so he could retire to enjoy his grandson was somewhat unexpected.

As was Arnold Poindexter's wedding to Connie and the birth of their daughter, Olivia. Not to mention, Booger Dawson setting down roots and working in the Research and Development department of Bettie's mother's company. That was one of the last things Lewis had expected to happen.

His best friend, Gilbert, working in the Administration Office at Adams, while he and Judy continued their educations working toward their Masters. As well as Judy taking the opening left in the Adam's business office with the departure of Nola Hagel. And, her continued efforts to keep control of the Omega Mu sorority. Which, had turned into a full time job on its own, with Patsy and Mandi becoming full fledged leather clad Dominatrices and using the Omega house basement as their dungeon.

Of course, the fact that numerous professors, students, mothers, and even several city officials, all female, have, after spending some quality hours in the dungeon, professed their unconditional devotion to one or both of the leather covered vixens hasn't helped Judy in anyway.

Then again, nor has her giving in to her own deep dark passions with occasional ventures into the foray as Madam Judy, Mistress to Mistresses. Colleen McConnor was only the first of Judy's former scholarship competitors, who then used Judy's naiveté to beat her, to now discover Judy's unique hidden talents.

During those periods, Lewis hears from Gilbert quite often.

Then, there's Kitty. Bettie's lifelong best friend and Maid of Honor at their wedding. She hired him to install and upgrade the new computer and lines at the Ost Mansion and in her office. She has been their primary babysitter, when his parents or Bettie's mother couldn't, since Gilbert's birth. As well as becoming an unexpected friend to him and an extra sounding board for Bettie over the year.

She is also the reason he is standing here on the edge of the Ost Mansion garden.

"My parents are off somewhere enjoying themselves, unworried about me or my life..." Kitty smiled at Lewis 3 months ago. "Would you please walk me down the aisle and give me away?"

Of course he agreed. Only to have a few second thoughts after he learned everything about the groom's extra ordinary condition.

But, here he was.


The tinkling of the bells on the ponies' harnesses brought him out of his thoughts and he smiled, knowing the bride was nearing.

Behind his glasses, his eyes widen in amazement.

He had been warned what to expect. But, the actual sight of the pony drawn carriage took his breath.

The small carriage, inlayed in gold with intricate hand carved decorations along the sides and the bold Ost family crest on each door, was stunning.

But, the carriage wasn't what caught his eyes.

It was the six remarkable ponies pulling the carriage that took his breath.

They were beautiful with colored ostrich and peacock plumes adorning their head harnesses and the tacking that connected them to the carriage. They were harnessed together in three sets of two. Tonya and Caitlyn were the middle set with Donna and Sue behind them, leaving the lead set of Marie and Lori.

All were completely nude, except for the leather harness belts wrapped around their waists, thigh high hoof style boots, and shoulder length gloves. Their legs were free, but, their arms were pulled behind their backs and secured to their harness belts by their wrists.

Moving as one in perfect choreography, each hop type stride matched the next with their right thighs, in unison, rising parallel to the ground at the highest point of their lift, while their left hoofs remained on the ground, then, reversed. Even their breaths came as one, with their chests rising and falling together.

In their mouths, thick rubber bits, attached to the bridles, would prevent any outcries for help, that is, had they wanted any. The six ponies stared purposely forward, unembarrassed, ignoring Lewis' gawking as they dutifully passed by him, stopping only when the carriage door was in proper alignment.

Lewis hesitated opening the carriage door, his eyes mesmerized by the six round firm asses with long, flowing to nearly the ground, elegantly brushed and teased tails. Which swayed back and forth from the thick butt plugs lodged deep within each pony's rear. Little did he know the tails were real hair and came from each girl so they matched their owners pony tail jetting out from the head harnesses.

Only after a soft mumble moan from the bride awoke him from his trance, did he gather himself and hold his hand out to the blushing bride.

Kitty also was completely naked, except for the veil over her face, which, did little to hide the white leather panel gag over her mouth. She held a large bridal bouquet of red roses in front of her at her waist. A pair of white leather pumps with 4-inch heels and a 2-inch wide ankle strap, that matched the panel gag, adorned her feet. A 4-inch long silver chain connected the two ankle straps.

She was unable to accept his offered hand, for her wrists were secured to her waist beneath the bouquet by a set of silver chains wrapped around her and locked to 2-inch wide white leather bands around her wrists. Nor was she able to step from the carriage due to the hobble chain.

Instead she floated, as if lifted by the wind, from the carriage and gently landed next to him.

"Well, this it is..." He smiled, after swallowing hard. "You look beautiful..."

He stared through the veil into the pretty blonde woman's eyes, trying to get a reading on her emotions.

The sparkle in them told him everything. She still felt the way she did three nights ago at the kitchen table.

"Are you sure?" Bettie had repeatedly asked her. "Do you truly loved him? Will it be worth the price a few years from now?"

"Yes, I do... And, you, of all people, should know it will be worth it... No sacrifice is too much for true love...You two have been an inspiration to me. I know it will work, because we love each other as much as you two love each other... " Kitty smiled. "I love him. And, he loves me... It isn't normal, I'll admit. But, I'll take having only 24 hours a year with my true love, over what most people have in this world, anytime."

"But, not being able to be with him, except for one day a year..." Bettie said, her voice filled with angst.

"Thanks to, Lewis, and his friends, I get to hear the love in Thomas' voice any day I want." Kitty answered, looking up at them with the same sparkle in her eyes. "He can and does use his voice to let me know how much I mean to him. With it he has the power to turn me on and get me off. But, mostly all I need to hear is his love in it and my day is made... I know I've made the right choice... "

"But, not being able to have him touch you," Bettie sighed. "That would drive me crazy..."

"Yes, it is hard at times and he worries about me because of that. But, it's tougher on him than on me..." Kitty added. "All he gets is my cold, unfeeling synthesized voice to hear. And, he can't even allow himself to dream or even think about our time together or he'll change. Which, doesn't help make it easy for him."

Her next statement he didn't understand or want to, but, he it still brings a chuckle to him.

"Besides, once you go werewolf, you can never go back..." Kitty had winked at them and laughed.

Lewis slipped his hand around her elbow to supported her as they made their way along the short path toward the garden entrance archway. Even easing his stride, Lewis had to wait for her to take 3 steps to his one.

At the archway they were met by Bettie, the Maid of Honor, and Lisa, the best man.

Bettie was dressed as Lewis had left her, the same as the bride, only her panel gag and pumps were an autumn orange. And, the bouquet, hiding her wrist bondage, contained orange Asiatic lilies.

Lisa, however, was dressed differently.

The black rubber catsuit, she normally wore while at the mansion, had changed into a black rubber tuxedo dress. It was a one piece skintight jacket and long skirt combination that pulled her arms together behind her back and came seamlessly together in the front from just below her breasts to her ankles. The corset styled cummerbund wrapped around her waist lifted and appeared to be fondling her naked perky breasts. Which, judging by the growing firmness of her thick nipples, seemed to enjoy the feeling of the moving material.

The jacket collar sealed together above her breasts and covered her neck and chin as well as her lower face. From her nose down to her ankles, other than her breasts, the rubber material tightly covered her.

Below the cummerbund the skirt hugged her from waist to ankles, but, did give her just enough play to match Bettie and Kitty's hobbled steps. It was quite revealing as it molded itself to Lisa's lovely shaped ass, sexy legs, and her baby bump. From the look she appeared to be at least six months along.

"The music is starting and as 'The Best Man' I have to keep things flowing..." Lisa's voice broke the silence as well as Lewis' awkward stare at the three sorority sisters. "Bettie, you're on my right... Lewis and the bride will follow as soon as we reach the front..."

Both Lewis and Bettie wondered how Lisa spoke because the tight rubber over her chin and mouth had to prevent her from speaking.

"Don't worry, I'm Samuel Ost, the groom's youngest nephew and best man..." Lisa's voice said in response to the stunned looks on their faces. "I've taken possession of Lisa's attire so I can use her voice to communicate. She and Kitty are used to it by now. Go ahead Lisa dear, show them you are as well gagged as they are..."

"Mamumel, momm mam!" Lisa tried to scream as the rubber began to sensual ooze into both of her lower openings.

A soft mewing was all Lewis and Bettie were able to hear.

"God, stop it Samuel, please don't make me orgasm now... It wouldn't be right." Lisa thought to herself, knowing Samuel could hear her. "Besides, this dress is a bit to tight, Samuel!"

"Sorry, " Samuel Ost's voice whispered in Lisa's ear. "Is that better..."

The black rubber dress stretched around Lisa's tummy giving a bit more comfort to her pregnant body.

She wasn't due to give birth for another 4 months, but, being pregnant with twin girls made her look further along.

For the last year, she and Donna as well as Marie, Lori, and the three RHO sisters, Caitlyn, Tonya, and Sue, were compelled to return to the mansion 2 weekends of every month. Samuel would make sure that Lisa wore the same catsuit that hugged her body like a second skin, while, he escorted and tormented her around the mansion.

In the meantime, his brothers, Jackson and Jonathan, would put the other six coeds through intensive pony training practice. Only taking occasional short breaks to fondle and torment each girl to orgasm. This wasn't only to keep the women broken and under control, but, the twins truly enjoyed the pleasured of doing so.

The rubber from Lisa's jacket touched Bettie's right arm and from her shoulder to elbow she was stuck to Lisa. Their steps were small and several times Bettie was grateful for the stability Lisa provided. Had they not been connected, she would have fallen for sure.

As they walked into the garden she saw the small group of people in attendance and she was stunned.

On the right an orgy looked to be going on.

Three of the most hideous looking hags, she had ever seen, howled in fits of lust. They straddled three men, who were seated in the chairs, bounding up and down deliriously riding the men's long thick tools while two more men scampered between the three greedily sucking a nipple from a sagging withered beast into their lips as they massaged and fondled another sagging sac of skin in each hand.

"OH, MY GOD!" Bettie tried to scream out through the gag, suddenly seeing who the unfortunate men were.

Stan, Jason, and Brad were enthusiastically pumping away at the hags sitting on them. While, Scott and Steve devoured and gleefully pleasured themselves with the hags breasts, only stopping long enough to steal a deep passionate kiss from one of the hags.

"Ignore them," Lisa's voice spoke to her. "They can only reach orgasm one day a year, so they use every minute they have to do so... My father will put a halt to it from when the bride enters until the end of the ceremony..."

Bettie couldn't stop staring at scene as they slowly made their way past them. Even though it matter little to her now, she couldn't remember a time of Stan ever being so intense while making love to her.

Lewis, on the other hand, was every time. And it was those thoughts that started a warm feeling to grow inside her. She pulled at her wrists bonds and moaned softly into the gag hugging her cheeks. Not wanting escape from them, but, taking in the added pleasure she felt from wearing them. She looked at Lisa and suddenly felt jealous of her attire. She was becoming very much aroused and knew it may be hours before time would allow Lewis to satisfy her yearnings.

The images of the people on her left didn't help to ease her growing desires.

Two large men were locked tightly together in a passionate embrace.

One she didn't know, but, had seen him once or twice at Kitty's office. He was handsome and looked quite debonair getting out of a huge limousine. He picked up and delivered some packages at Kitty's office on occasion. And, she thought she saw him pick Kitty up a time or two to take her to a meeting.

The other man caught her as much by surprise as Stan and the others.

"Ogre?" She quietly mumbled into the leather panel gag across her lips. "I had no clue he was gay..."

Bettie had no way of knowing Ogre had been summoned this Halloween to the mansion. Perceval Ost had enjoyed how his body made love to Jefferson and responded in return. So, he had every intension of this to be a yearly ritual as well.

When the two men weren't locked together in a kiss, they stared deeply into one another's eyes silently communing in love.

The passionate heat the two men were producing was spilling over onto the other 5 guests seated nearby.

Even though she hadn't seen them in a year, Bettie recognized three of them immediately. Kay, Laurel, and Celia were seated around a magnificent looking olive skinned beauty. They were bound with their arms behind them in white leather arm binders and matching single leg sleeves. Each wore a white leather head harness attached to a 4-inch wide posture collar that kept their chins lifted. Behind their bright red lips 3-inch diameter ring gags held their mouths open.

The olive skinned woman, unbound and not gagged, sneered at Bettie as they passed, turning her nose up as if smelling a rancid odor. But, even after seeing the distasteful look on her face, Bettie still had a strong urge and desire begin to overcome her. She wanted, no needed, to beg this woman to take her and use her body as she willed.

And, had it not been for her connection to Lisa forcing her to keep moving forward, Bettie would have dropped to her knees in front of the woman.

It was only after the woman broke eye contact that Bettie recognized the fifth woman. She was older than the others and redheaded, but, bound in a similar way. Only her head harness didn't contain a ring gag. Her lips were wrapped tightly around a 4-inch diameter white ball gag. It filled her mouth and forced her jaws wide.

And, unlike the other three, who's eyes filled with adoration as they gazed unwaveringly at the olive skinned woman, her green eyes were darting around pleading with anyone they found for help.

Her gaze found Bettie and called out to her, begging for assistance. But, deep inside the gaze, Bettie could see the redheaded woman knew there was none coming and in truth didn't want any to come.

Nola Hagel sat on the immediate left of the olive skinned woman. Kay sat on her left while Laurel and Celia were on the woman's right. The woman had nodded an acknowledgement to Lisa, then, turned back to Nola and wrapped her left arm around the struggling redhead's shoulder to fondle her beast by teasing a nipple between her fingers. The woman's right hand slipped between Nola's bound thighs and wormed a finger into her hot wet pussy.

"mmmmmmm!" Nola moaned as a second and then third finger joined the first. "MMMMMMMMM!!!"

Bettie heard muffled moans of bliss as she reached the end of the aisle between the chairs. She turned to her left, as the rubber peeled from her upper arm, and she carefully took her place.

The moans increased in volume, naturally, causing Bettie to look toward the sound. Her eyes widened with a touch of envy as she saw Nola Hagel's bound body tremble in orgasmic ecstasy. Then, unable to remove her eyes from the scene, she watched the olive skinned woman slowly pull her wet glistening fingers from between Nola's thighs.

Slowly she lifted the vaginal juice covered digits to her nose and took in the aroma with a deep long lasting breath. Bettie saw a smile of contentment washed over the woman's face. The woman looked up at Bettie, ignoring her awestruck gaze, she methodically sucked each finger, one at a time, past her lips into her mouth. Bettie could see the woman was savoring the taste and juices on each as she did so.

Lastly, when she had finished with each finger, she ran her long tongue sensuously around her full lips making sure to get every possible drop. Bettie saw the look of extreme satisfaction cross her face, then, the woman leaned over and whisper in Nola's ear.

"That is why I put myself and you through nearly a year of the torment. I have had to bury the desire I have to feel your lips on my nipples and your tongue on my clitoris..." Nakesha whispered, circling Nola's hardening right nipple with a long pointed fingernail. "Your will is still your own, because I have not let you enjoy my juices as I had the others. That makes you special. Keeping you pure is and will be difficult. Not succumbing to my urges, to keep you special, is not easy. But, as your sister slaves here have found, to me it has become a most powerful aphrodisiac..."

Bettie watched the woman lean down and suck the hard nipple into her lips.

Nola's head arched backward and her struggles increase. However, they were not ones of escape, but, struggles of delight.

Bettie saw Nola orgasm again and the woman's head dove to Nola's lap. Loud slurps filled the air along with muffled incoherent pleas from the 3 other bound women.

When the woman finished she lifted her head. Ignoring the begging of the other three, she returned her lips to Nola's ear.

"The others were weak. They could not have lasted many days. Your mind is strong and has remained solid. That is good, for me, but, not as much for you. The anxiety of the battle within you, the desire to be my love slave and the hope for freedom, provides such a powerful flow of nutriment, I would need just a single feeding from you a week to survive." Nakesha grinned. "But, the fear you have of giving yourself over to me adds an intoxicating flavor that I crave as well. The others, though they cannot provide that, fulfill my other needs. So, we shall continue on as such for many more years. I resisting the urge. And, you, you providing such a delectable bounty..."

Bettie turned at hearing Lisa's moaning and saw her quivering in her own orgasmic bliss. Which, would have had a domino effect and pushed Bettie over the edge as well, had it not been for the dark black mist suddenly flowing above them. It came from the mansion and filled the wedding arch between she and Lisa.

Two male figures, followed by two bodiless tuxedos, emerged from the mist.

The older well dressed aristocratic looking man, whose image was embedded permanently in Bettie's memory, stood in the middle of the wedding arch. The other, a gangly younger man with a horribly scarred face, Bettie recognized from Kitty's computer images as Thomas Ost, stepped to the side next to Lisa.

Bettie was surprised to see he wore a very modern dark tuxedo. Which matched the two bodiless tuxedos that were taking their places on either side of Lisa and Bettie. But, not before both took an opportunity to fondle and grope each of the two women's breasts with their sleeves.

Bettie was appalled, then, grew angry with her body for responding with a wave of pleasure passing over her at its touch.

The wedding march suddenly filled the air causing all to stop their personal playful endeavors to stand and turn to face the bride and her escort as they slowly made their way to the front.

Lewis kept his eyes focused on Bettie and the tuxedo that was rubbing itself all over her, but, kept his temper and carefully led Kitty up to the two men standing beneath the wedding arch.

"Who gives this woman to be wed?" George Ost asked, looking at Lewis.

"With great pleasure and joy, her friends, my wife, and I do." Lewis answered.

He helped Kitty ease over to stand next to Thomas and then quickly stepped over to stand next to Bettie. After first having to muscle his way between her and the bodiless tuxedo of Jackson Ost, who had as soon as he had taken his place began nuzzling tightly against Bettie's bound naked body.

Because the wedding was to begin at dawn, Lewis and Bettie had been asked, actually, expected to spend the evening and night at the mansion. And, for Kitty's sake they agreed. So, even though Jackson and his twin brother Jonathan had five other beauties at their disposal to torment, toy with, and enjoy, Jackson chose to spend most of the time, to Lewis' chagrin and increasing anger, snatching, tormenting, and harassing Bettie.

As soon as Lewis would leave the room or just turned his back, or have his attention momentarily taken by one of the bevy of bound beauties or another guest, Jackson would snatch Bettie and have her either tied to a chair or hogtied on the floor or bound and gagged suspended from the ceiling in another room.

Always with her arms tied together, from her elbows to wrists, behind her back making her breasts more defined and easily accessible, and, her legs tightly tied together at her ankles, above and below her knees, and her thighs. The latter would always be tied with a white cotton cloth. The loose ends of which would lengthen and wiggle their way unhindered and unseen between her tightly bound thighs and into her two lower openings.

A 5-inch wide over the mouth gag, from the same white cotton cloth, would quickly wrapped around her mouth as she was being snatched at the same time her bonds would magically begin. And, once the gag cloth was sealed over her mouth, part of it would ooze between her lips and amazingly assume the shape of a very large and thick penis. Thus, muffling any noise she could make to alert Lewis to her plight, or, after Jackson had left her bound in a different room, let her signal Lewis as to her location and what was going on between her legs.

It wasn't until after Lewis' eighteenth hunt for his wife, that George Ost finally put an end to Jackson's inappropriate, but, arousing to Bettie, behavior.

This lasted long enough for Lewis to take Bettie to bed and relieve his own frustrations over the evenings events as he extinguished the sexual fire Jackson's torments had aroused in Bettie.

Lewis woke, after passing out from exhaustion after his third climax and her sixth, and opened his eyes to see Bettie, bound spread eagled, high above him, her back against the bed's canopy, gagged with the white cotton cloth and an old-time white sleep shirt humping her like a jackrabbit.

"GET THE HELL OFF HER!" Lewis raged, his voice shaking the walls.

He jumped up, grabbed the night shirt with both hands, pulled it off from his wife, and leapt toward the door.

"LEAVE HER ALONE AND STAY OUT!" He screamed, even louder, throwing the night shirt out of the door, across the hall, and against the wall.

His nose flared in angrily huffs as he turned and saw Bettie, now, bound spread eagled on the mattress. From above the white cloth gag he could see her deep blue eyes opened wide in bewilderment.

At the foot of the bed, pulling the last knot tight on the rope holding her right ankle taut to the bedpost, stood a pair of red long johns. Jonathan Ost had decided to join his twin and had been hidden between Bettie and the canopy, out of Lewis' line of sight. He had been enjoying tormenting Bettie's tight ass while his brother enjoyed her other lower opening, that is until Lewis awoke.

Jonathan turned and faced Lewis. He snapped to attention and lifted his right arm to where his forehead would be in a salute. Then, before Lewis could react from the shock, Jonathan floated past him and out the door.

"What the hel..." Lewis began, but, recognized Bettie's moans of being near bliss and even though he was angry about what had happened, he wanted to be the hero and not let her miss out on some pleasure at the same time.

He thought, after spending so much time at the mansion while working on the computer lines, he would have become accustomed to the ghostly goings on here. But, that hadn't proved to be true.

"That's what we get for staying here tonight..." He grinned at Bettie as he watched her eyes light up again. "I doubt if we'd still be awake at home."

Actually, everyone involved with the wedding, as part of the wedding party or as a guest, had spent the evening and night in the mansion.

As a matter of fact, Lisa, Angela, and the six sexy ponies had arrived two days earlier. Angela and Lisa immediately began the duties of housemaids by dusting and cleaning the bedrooms. Angela wore a somewhat normal maid uniform, black and white bodice and tight black silk mini-skirt, fishnet stockings and black patent pumps with sky-high heels. A black leather panel gag to keep her silent with a matching leather collar along with lightweight shackles running from a waist belt to her wrists and ankles completed her ensemble.

Lisa, as always, wore the black rubber catsuit, possessed by Samuel Ost.

Only, now he had morphed it into a rubber maid costume similar to Angela's in appearance. The primary differences being the half mask hood gag, gloves, and thigh boots. Of course, there was no need for shackles, Samuel kept her securely under control.

Donna, Lori, Marie, Tonya, Caitlyn, and Sue, after many hours of pony training, would join the duo as cleaning maids. Their tight black and white silky maid corsets did nothing to cover their bosoms or their bottoms. Mostly, all their uniforms were good for was to just whittle their waists and give some support to their perky breasts. They had to continue wearing their black hoof-style thigh boots so walking in them would become second nature.

Kitty had arrived with Bettie and Lewis, but, after the appropriate introductions and greetings, she was whisked away to the cellar. There she was once again suspended naked, bound, and gagged in the stocks with the enlarging dildo and butt plug inserted into her. She had to be prepared for her wedding night. And, the dependable inserts had done well last year, she only hoped they would work as well this.

Held tight in her wonderful bonds and over the rhythmic sounds of the pneumatic pumps pushing her deeper and deeper into euphoria, Kitty had heard the sound of Lewis' rage.

She wasn't the only one, it was heard by everyone in the house.

In a bedroom around the hall from Lewis and Bettie, Nakesha Desvontaire's four bound slaves wiggled against the ankle to shoulder ropes holding each of them to one of the four bedposts on the four poster bed. Their moans of protest at their Mistress' absence, muffled by the ring gags held in three of their mouths and a large ball gag in the fourth's, slowed as they listened to Lewis' bellow and to the buzzing of their chastity belts keeping each fully aroused and prepared for Nakesha's imminent feast.

A room away Lisa too heard his rage and tried to stop her hips from thrusting the two long thick rubber penises, protruding from her catsuit, in and out of Donna's hungry vagina and sensitive anus. She also had similar inserts sliding in and out of her lower openings and welcomed the distraction of noise to slow her oncoming orgasm. However, Donna didn't pay any attention to it.

She was bent over the foot rail at her waist, giving ample access to both openings, with her arms extended toward and held taut and secure at the wrists by decorative vines coming from the headboard. Her feet were lifted from the floor and her legs were spread wide, held to the foot posts by similar vines. After spending so much of the day away from Lisa, pony training and cleaning, she wanted nothing less than this attention from her mistress.

Her begging for more and Lisa's pleas to stop were silenced, and not by Lewis' noise.

In both of their mouths, a rubber penis gag pulsed in rhythm to the two thrusting in and out of each of them. Samuel giggled in Lisa's ear about no man ever had two women at the same time like this. And, Donna had never had such a sensation as this before and was completely enraptured by it.

Even, Lisa, though she had been taken in so many ways by Samuel previously, found this to be unique and allowed herself to eventually enjoy it as well.

Samuel enjoyed the results and began increasing the rhythms, sending both women into a series of long and powerful orgasms.

Deep beneath the mansion in the Egyptian tomb, Angela, who had just awoken to Nakesha's ceremonial wrapping of the bandages around her, was startled by the noise. It brought her out of the catatonic drugged state of the spiders toxic bites.

She had been compelled, by year old commands that lay hidden deep inside her, along with Lori, Marie, and the others to return to the mansion. And, after two days of cleaning, she made her way to the cellar and fell through the black mist once more.

The spiders immediately chased her down and prepared her.

Only, she would not be attending Kitty's wedding as the others would. In the next 24 hours, she would willingly become officially Nakesurmun's bride, destined to return to him every year to be his wrapped mate.

"It is nothing. Just the bellowing of a useless man... " Nakesha comforted her as she sealed the last of the exquisite Egyptian silk around her head and let her hand slip to Angela's already moistening pussy. "The Master of the Mansion will see to it you and my brother, your new husband, will not be disturbed. When this day is over your husband will wrap you in his bandages and place you in your own sarcophagus... Then, I will come to free you so you can live your mundane life until you are called to return."

Nakesha's fingers worked their magic and Angela felt the building orgasm rising to a crescendo.

"Now, now call out to your betrothed!" Nakesha ordered, loudly.

The sound of Lewis' rage was replaced by Angela's screams of euphoria from the fever pitched orgasm Nakesha forced upon her to finished the ceremony and call her brother to come and take his bride.

With a final hip check Lewis forced Jackson backward and wrapped his arms around his wife to enjoy the rest of the wedding ceremony.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," George Ost finally announced, to cheers and applause from the guests.

Thomas lifted the veil and removed the panel gag long enough to give Kitty a long deep passionate kiss. Then, in a sweeping move lifted her in his arms and ran down the aisle and leapt into the carriage, followed closely behind by everyone except Lewis and Bettie.

Lewis freed her wrists and unhooked the chain hobble and they walked arm in arm to their car.

Waiting for them at their car holding a large, beautifully wrapped gift was George Ost.

"I'm sorry the others couldn't wait. Time is of the essence." He smiled. "If you will, take this as a wedding present from me. And, please be sure to return at dawn, my new sister in law will need a ride and a shoulder to cry on. I want to thank you both and your families again for everything you have done. I'll be in contact in the future. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll take my leave. I've have some unfinished business with some thieves. I've put it off for over a year and it is now, as they say, time for them to pay the piper."

With that he stepped into the black mist forming behind him and disappeared leaving Lewis and Bettie standing alone in front of the large mansion.

Ten hours later, Lewis yawned as he stood patiently at the foot of the circular stairwell.

It was the second time today he wore this tuxedo and waited the arrival of the bride.

After leaving the Ost Mansion, he and Bettie decided instead of going home to just came to her mother's house and get some rest. After all, they only had hours until the next major event of this Halloween season.

The problem for them was, after the previous night and morning's strange events, their desire and passion, not to mention libidos, had not only been inflamed, they had been stoked to volcanic levels. So, they were only able to catch a couple of hours of sleep in the six hours since their arrival.

Lewis looked around the vestibule and stairwell, they were immaculate, as was the rest of the house. Due to Kitty's nuptials and her mother's condition, Bettie had turned the preparations over to Gilbert, Judy and the rest of the Tri Lambs and Omegas.

Gilbert and the guys had taken care of the yard work as well as building a wedding chapel and reception tent.

Judy and Patsy, with the willing aid of their bound slaves, prepared the food and were taking care of the serving duties.

Toshiro and the Omega Mumaids had done a spectacular job with the house.

They had spent only two days cleaning the entire house from top to bottom and one decorating it for the festivities. It was no wonder they were in such great demand.

However, Lewis did have to admit that Booger had a point, two days ago, when he mentioned to Toshiro that he felt most of that demand was due to the tight fitting spandex and lace maid costumes along with the specially designed leather bondage gear, not just their cleaning abilities.

To which, Toshiro replied, "It doesn't matter what they wear...The others wear what they want, my girls wear what I want... Our results are very professional."

"The retractable elastic connections to the wrist, ankle, and waist restraints do give a professional presentation," Booger agreed. "But, having them suck on penis gags that are exact copies of your own, that, my friend, is what sets them apart, above and beyond all the other house cleaning service companies world wide."

"Well, there isn't a frat or sorority house on campus they haven't cleaned," Toshiro laughed. "Nor a single bachelor pad for that matter. And, the Mayor, herself, has them clean her offices and home twice a month... As well as the Dean Ulich's office and home."

They all had a good laugh while the eight maids lined up for inspection before leaving for the night. Even, Jennifer, after slowly and methodically inspecting each maid, had to admire how well they looked in her company's new design of practical bondage wear.

She and Booger had spent many hours of personal involvement in the research and development of each restraint. Upstairs, in their private playroom, the prototype of each, along with the master molds for Toshiro's and Booger's penis shaped gags resided, ready to be put to use at a moments notice.

After, Jennifer had finished her inspection, Toshiro clipped the maid's collars together in a slave line and led them out to his van.

"We'll be back in the morning to finish. Then, on the morning of the wedding day, we'll do a touch up and help get things set for the wedding." He said, waving as he drove off.

"Oh, my!" Lewis smiled, his attention drawn to the sound of footsteps on the stairway.

He looked up and watched his mother in law carefully, but, extremely elegantly come down the stairs.

"You look radiant, glowing from head to toe.." He grinned.

Her shoulder-length blonde hair was pulled up into a perfect bun with the white lace veil pinned to it. The white satin and chiffon dress swirled around her majestically, but, was unable to hide her about to give birth pregnant form. Even with the long train sliding gently over the carpet behind her, Lewis couldn't help but glance at her ballooned tummy.

"How did Kitty's wedding go, ooohhhh, aaarrgggg..." She asked, trying to get his eyes to refocus on hers, but then, she grimaced.

"whew.... whew.... whew.... whew.... whew.... whew," Jennifer Childs panted, deeply inhaling and slowly exhaling, as she stepped from the bottom stair to the floor. "whew.... whew.... whew.... whew.... whew..."

"Nerves?" Lewis asked, a worried expression crossed his face. "Are you okay? It looks like you're in pai... OH MY GOD! IT'S A CONTRACTION, IT'S TIME..."

"No! whew.... whew.... whew.... whew... I'm getting married!" She said, through gritted teeth, grasping Lewis' arm in a vice like grip and nearly ripping it our of its socket. "Get me down the aisle, NOW!"

They turned and stepped quickly, well stepped as quickly as a forty something woman having contractions could step, toward the open patio door leading to the backyard.

The sound of Lewis, joining his mother in law in her breathing technique, paved the way ahead of them. It also signaled to Bettie what was happening.

"OH MY GOD MOTHER!" She screamed, grabbing Jennifer's upper arm and prying it loose form Lewis'. "We've got to get you to the hospital!"

"I'M GETTING MARRIED, NOW! UNDERSTAND!" Jennifer growled, as another contraction hit. "GET ME TO THE ALTER!"

Bettie quickly grabbed Gilbert's arm, who had been standing there in a panic once he realized what was happening, and dragged him down the aisle. She pushed him to Booger's side and mouthed a warning to the groom and Minister.

"She's in labor. We need to hurry. No frills, just vows... You're going to become a husband and daddy on the same day!"

The stunned look on Booger's face told Jennifer and Lewis everything.

"Tell me about Kitty's wedding," Jennifer begged. "Keep my mind off the pain, aarrgg..."

"It was strange... But, so is this..." Lewis began, his mind leaping in near hysteria as well. "Bettie looked great and so did Kitty... um... ah... Oh, George Ost sent you a wedding gift. There's no cage, but, I don't think you'll be needing Bettie's leather items anymore."

A strange look filled Jennifer's eyes and her lips curled into a devious grin.

"Lets get this wedding over and me to the hospital." She whispered to him. "I want to open that gift in private as soon as possible."


A leather wrapped female form struggled uselessly against the tight bindings holding her upright.

The corset, arm binder, mono-shaft thigh-high boot, discipline hood, and body sleeve hugged her form like a second skin.

The buzzing of the two inserts, filling her lower openings, were a soft melodious backdrop to the sight before the young man sitting in the rocking chair holding the two young toddlers.

"Hush now, don't worry, mommy is fine... She's just getting rid of a little overly pent up anxiety. After all, daddy had to be out of town for a few days and she had to take care of you all by herself." Lewis Skolnick whispered.

He kissed his son Gilbert, whom he held in his right arm, on the fore head and turned to the younger child he held in his left.

"By now, I'm sure your mommy is dressed the same. Only, she's standing in a cage, she borrowed from your sister, that is rotating around and around, driving your daddy crazy..." He whispered. "But, don't fret. Tomorrow they'll be here and we'll all go to visit aunt Kitty and take her to see uncle Thomas. Then, Olivia and her parents will come by as well as all our friends from the college. And, we'll have your first Halloween/birthday party of many yet to come..."

He looked up and saw a twinkle come from the deep blue eyes of the woman he loves. Her body quivered as another orgasm washed over her. But, this time is wasn't from the inserts or the tight delicious leather. It was from the pure delight she felt at the sight of her family.

And, from deep inside her she sent a message of appreciation to the beings and spirits residing in the Ost Mansion.

"Thank you so much, for allowing the members of the Tri Lambda fraternity to get their revenge..."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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