Undersea Abduction
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  • Post Date - 12/24/2007

Part I

Georgia had been more than happy to accept when Vincent, a wealthy young surgeon, invited her on a sailing and diving vacation on his boat.

Today, he had gone ashore to visit a doctor friend at a hospital near where they were anchored. The brown-haired young nurse had the sailboat, out on the sunlit bay, to herself. Wearing only sunglasses and a pale blue bikini bottom, she had dozed off while working on her tan.

A sound awakened her. She screamed, and threw her arm over her bare breasts. A large man was standing on the deck, dripping water. He wore swim trunks and scuba gear, and in his hand was a spear gun. It was pointing at Georgia.

“Shut up,” he barked. “Do like I say and you won’t get hurt.”

Before she could ask him what he wanted, he demanded, “Where’s your diving gear?” She and Vincent had been diving that morning, and he must have seen them.

“In-in the cabin,” the girl managed to reply.

“Show me,” he said. Georgia got to her feet, trying to keep her breasts covered.

Her gear was in a locker. “Put it on,” the intruder ordered. “We’re not going deep enough to need wetsuits.” They were in the tropics, and the surface water was bathtub warm.

“I’m not going with you,” Georgia cried. She started to scream for help.

“Shut up,” he said. He pushed her against a bulkhead, clamped a hand over her mouth, and drew a wicked-looking diving knife. He ran the side of the blade across her bare nipples. The young nurse trembled at the touch of the cold steel.

“You going to give me any more trouble?” he asked.

Georgia managed to shake her head. He released her.

She put on her scuba gear. The man tied her wrists in front of her with one end of a length of nylon line, the other end of which he wrapped around his left hand. He picked her up and lowered her over the side of the boat, then jumped into the water beside her.

Georgia managed to adjust her mask and regulator with her bound hands. He took her arm and pulled her down about twenty feet below the surface. Then he started swimming, pulling her along at the end of the line.

She had no choice except to paddle after him. Whenever she got too far behind, or veered to one side or the other, a sharp jerk on the line made it cut painfully into her wrists. She was afraid of his knife and spear gun, which she had no doubt he would use should she try to get away.

They passed several boats, but Georgia knew that there was no way she could attract anyone’s attention. She couldn’t scream underwater, and if she spit out her mouthpiece she’d drown anyway. In effect, she was gagged. Her abductor finally pulled her to the surface. They were next to a cabin cruiser with a diving ladder hanging over the side, anchored a good distance from the other boats. He climbed on board, keeping the nurse’s tether in his hand. He grabbed her under her arms, and lifted her on board.

The man freed her wrists, so she could remove her diving gear and dry off with a towel he gave her. He pulled her into the cabin.

“Could you loan me some clothes?” pleaded the almost naked girl.

“You don’t need any,” her captor told her. He tied her hands, behind her this time, and clamped his hand over her mouth while he pulled off her bikini bottom. He gagged her with the skimpy garment.

Georgia’s nightmare was only beginning.

Part II

The man turned Georgia around, and made her kneel with her face on the banquette in the boat’s cabin. He’s going to sodomize me, she thought. She had never had anal sex, but she knew it would hurt much worse than the rape she had resigned herself to.

Instead, she felt the coldness of an alcohol wipe on the right cheek of her derrière. It was followed by the sting of a hypodermic needle. Before he withdrew it, she was slipping away into darkness.

Georgia slowly regained consciousness, to find herself apparently blind and paralyzed. She experienced a horrible moment before she realized that her eyes were taped shut, and she was lying on her back on a bed, tightly bound with leather straps. She realized that they were hospital restraints, normally used to secure deranged patients.

She also realized that there was a rubber-covered bit gag in her mouth, held in place by a kind of harness that fastened under her chin and on top of her head, as well as behind her neck. It allowed her to breathe normally, but kept her from talking or crying out.

The straps held Georgia’s arms at her sides, but her legs were held wide apart. She was naked, except for a pair of “adult incontinence pants”. They had been cut away to expose her vagina, and a catheter had been inserted in her urethra.

She wasn’t very comfortable. It was exactly as if she was a patient in a hospital intensive care unit.

The young nurse panicked. She started fighting against the unyielding straps, even as she knew that it was useless. She tried to scream past the gag in her mouth.

Cold metal touched Georgia’s bare left nipple, and an electric charge surged through her body. It seemed to go on forever. When it stopped at last, she was barely conscious.

When her brain began to function again, the girl realized that something like a cattle prod had been used on her. She knew that she must never loose control of herself again, no matter what was done to her.

She had no way of knowing how long it was before she felt the woman’s hands. She sensed right away that it was a woman, and she soon realized that it must be a trained nurse like herself.

The unknown nurse removed Georgia’s incontinence pants, and pulled out the catheter. In a gentle but somehow impersonal matter, she cleaned her helpless patient. She said not a word the whole time.

Then, she bent over the girl, and kissed each of her nipples in turn. Georgia felt the woman’s own bare breasts brush against her stomach.

Revulsion swept through her. She had never had anything to do sexually with another female, and never wanted to. But she had already learned the consequences of any kind of resistance, and knew that she had no choice except to submit. She forced herself to remain totally passive as she was gently abused.

Now, the woman’s mouth was on her vagina, her tongue seeking Georgia’s clitoris. It found its target, and began to play with it. The helpless girl felt a strange excitement, which she fought down. I’m not queer! she thought. I have to endure it, but I’ll never enjoy it!

She heard a man’s voice, and the silent woman was thrust aside. Masculine fingers were handling her breasts, kneading them, hurting them. Then he was on top of her, entering her. His member seemed immense, and he thrust it deeply into her, again and again.

Georgia had never been promiscuous, and she had only had a few lovers. None of them had prepared her for the brutality with which this man claimed her.

He spoke no more than the woman had, but Georgia was almost sure that he was not the man who had kidnapped her. Had she been sold, like so much meat?

The rapist finished with her at last, and seemed to disappear. Then, the woman’s hands were cleaning her again, and replacing the humiliating pants with a fresh pair. She clamped her teeth on the bit gag to keep from whimpering as the catheter was reinserted.

Then, the woman was gone. Georgia broke down and began to cry softly, struggling not to make enough noise to bring another electric shock.

Part III

During the interminable hours that followed, Georgia gradually subsided into a kind of stupor. The silent woman’s hands brought her back to awareness.

This time, her gag was removed. It had been designed to be as comfortable as possible, but it had finally begun to make her jaw ache. It was a blessing to be relieved of it, although she knew it would probably be replaced all too soon.

She tried to speak, but the woman clamped a hand tightly over her mouth, and held it there for several seconds. Georgia understood that she was being warned to keep silent.

Then, the woman pushed something soft against her lips. Georgia realized that it was the rubber nipple of a baby bottle. She had been given nothing to drink since she had been abducted, and she realized that she was desperately thirsty. She sucked greedily at the bottle, which proved to be filled with water. The woman held the bottle with one hand, playing with the captive girl’s breasts with the other.

When the bottle was empty, the silent caregiver withdrew it. Georgia wanted to ask for more water, but knew that she dared not.

A moment later, she felt something else softly pressed against her mouth. She realized with a shock that it was one of the woman’s own nipples. She immediately realized that she was meant to suck it, and reluctantly opened her mouth. The caregiver had been relatively gentle with her, and she knew that she dared do nothing to upset her. If she likes me, Georgia thought, maybe I can get her to help me.

Vincent, her boyfriend, had a way of gently manipulating her nipples with his tongue. It turned Georgia on, and she decided to try it on the woman, despite her own revulsion.

It seemed to please the caregiver, who presently switched her other nipple into the captive’s mouth. Georgia had come to sense that the woman was young, perhaps no older than herself. She seemed slender, and her breasts were smaller than Georgia’s.

The woman relinquished her place to the man. From the way he seemed to dominate her, Georgia suddenly realized that the woman might be another captive of his. Maybe she was being forced to perform sexual acts on Georgia, although she seemed to enjoy it.

The blindfolded girl knew what she would be made to do next. She felt the tip of the man’s penis against her lips. She opened her mouth to him, and performed fellatio as well as she could. She had enjoyed doing it with a man she cared for, but with this brutal stranger it was disgusting. But she could not afford to anger him.

He was manipulating her breasts with one hand, but was considerably rougher about it than the woman. As he pinched each of her nipples, hard, she realized that he was enjoying hurting her. She was in the hands of a sadist.

He came at last, and she forced herself to swallow it. She had heard that was what rapists always wanted.

Satisfied, he withdrew his organ, and said something to the woman in a low voice. The tape that sealed Georgia’s eyes was ripped away. The adhesive pulled painfully at her eyelids, but the shock of the light when she had been blind for so long hurt her eyes even more. It was a couple of minutes before she could see.

Now, only the woman was in the small, bare room. She was a slender, freckled redhead, nude except for pink panties. Georgia looked at her face, and gasped. It was Ursula!

Ursula was her friend and fellow nurse, who had disappeared without a trace more than six months ago. The police had suspected foul play, and after this much time she was thought to be dead.

Ursula had been an outspoken, self-confident girl, who was something of a feminist although she liked men. She was still as pretty as she had been, but now her face was completely expressionless. There was an empty stare in her blue eyes, as if she had endured more than her mind could withstand.

Desperately, Georgia forced her abused lips to form words. “Ursula,” she begged in a low voice, “can you help me get loose? We’ve got to get out of here!”

The redhead simply continued to stare at her, seemingly not even recognizing her friend. She almost imperceptively shook her head.

The door opened, and two men entered the room. Georgia recognized the big man who had kidnapped her, but it was the older man with him who gave her a shock. It was Doctor Blake, the head surgeon at the hospital where she worked!

Grinning maliciously, the surgeon put his arm around Ursula, and fondled her bare breasts. The one-time feminist raised her face to his, and kissed him.

“You’ll have to excuse Ursula for not speaking to you,” he said. “She hasn’t said a word for months. She was quite a fighter at first, the redhead temperament, you know. But when she broke, she broke completely. As you will.”

“I’ll do ANYTHING,” Georgia heard herself tell him. “You don’t have to force me. I’ll do anything you want!” Ursula had fought, and had lost her mind, even her power of speech. By submitting completely from the beginning, perhaps Georgia could escape the worst of the abuse her friend had experienced. And if she kept her sanity, a chance to get away might come, someday.

“I THOUGHT you were a slut, Georgia,” the surgeon said. “Throwing yourself at every young doctor in sight.”

He turned to the big man. “Jed, you did a great job snatching the little whore. And keeping your cock in your pants until I had a chance to try her out. As a reward, I think I’ll give you the use of her for a few days. I’m going to watch, of course.”

Jed grinned. “Thanks, Doc,” he said. “Mind if I have Ursula prep her for me?”

“Be my guest,” Doctor Blake said. “Fuck Ursula too, if you like. I’m in a generous mood.”

Part IV

“Could I have some water?” Georgia asked Ursula. “I’m very thirsty.”

“Get it yourself,” said Jed harshly. “Ursula’s got better things to do. The bathroom’s just down the hall.”

Georgia started to get out of bed. Her legs were very stiff from being bound for so long, and she found that she could not stand.

“I don’t think I can walk,” she said plaintively.

“You don’t have permission to walk anyway, bitch,” said Jed. “Crawl!”

Her face red with humiliation, Georgia managed to lower herself from the bed to the floor. On her hands and knees, she painfully made her way to the bathroom. She tried to raise herself to the washbasin, but Jed seized her by the back of the neck, and pushed her face into the toilet.

“This is where you drink, slut,” he said.

For a second, Georgia almost rebelled. But then she remembered that she must be totally compliant. She must have water if she was to live, and she knew that if she refused to drink here, she would not be permitted to drink anywhere else.

At least the toilet looked clean. Her stomach churning, she forced herself to drink. Her thirst was so great that she found herself greedily lapping the water up. Like a dog, she realized.

“Next time, someone may forget to flush it,” Jed taunted her.

He ordered her to follow him, still on her hands and knees. It was all she could do to keep up with him, and she was panting when they entered another room. Although the floor was carpeted, her knees were sore.

There were two beds in the room, and on one of them Dr. Blake was having sex with Ursula. Jed ordered Georgia to lie on her back on the other bed, and split her legs. Without ceremony, he raped her.

By the time the big man had satisfied himself with her, Dr. Blake had finished with the redhead. Ursula and Georgia were then ordered to do “69”, with Georgia on the bottom. “I want both of those pussies licked clean as a whistle,” the doctor ordered. Georgia had no choice except to lick his semen from her friend’s clean-shaven cleft. The girls were made to lick each other’s rectums, as well.

“Hey Doc, what say we watch ‘em wrestle?” asked Jed. The doctor agreed.

To ensure against biting, a ball gag was strapped in each girl’s mouth. Jed checked to see that their fingernails were too short to scratch each other. He produced a pair of clippers, and cut Georgia’s nails down to the quick.

“The winner gets to whip the loser,” said Jed by way of incentive.

The struggle was fierce. Georgia was athletic and in good shape, but she quickly discovered that Ursula was very strong. The effects of having been drugged, bound for hours, and raped twice quickly told on the dark-haired girl, and it wasn’t long before the redhead had her pinned to the floor.

Still gagged, Georgia was ordered to lie facedown on one of the beds to await her punishment. Jed went out of the room, and came back with a peeled willow switch. He handed it to Ursula.

“Any time you move or make a sound, you’ll get another stroke added to the total,” Dr. Blake told Georgia.

Ursula brought the switch down on the backs of Georgia’s knees. It felt like it was on fire, but she clamped her teeth on the rubber ball in her mouth, and kept motionless. After five strokes, all on the tender backs of her legs, she could keep still no longer.

Georgia lost track of the number of strokes she had received before she mercifully fainted, but the respite didn’t last long. She was quickly brought back to consciousness by the stinging fumes from a bottle of smelling salts Jed held under her nose.

She feared that the whipping would resume, but the big man was ready for another game. As sore as she was, Georgia was made to crawl to another room, which was furnished like a doctor’s examining room. She was told to stand at the foot of an examining table, and bed forward so that her upper body rested on the table. This made her rectum readily accessible, and Ursula was ordered to lubricate it. The redheaded nurse penetrated her fellow captive’s bottom with three of her fingers in the process.

Jed had taken off his pants, and his penis was erect. Ursula lubricated it as well, and guided it into the dark-haired girl’s delicate orifice. Georgia had never had anal intercourse before, and the pain was worse than she had imagined. In addition, the man leaned his body against the backs of her legs, which were raw from the whipping she had just received.

Jed seemed to enjoy sodomizing her even more than he had ravishing her in the “normal” way, and it seemed like he went on forever. She almost fainted again before he was through.

At that point, the two men tired of their sport for the day. Georgia was again blindfolded, catheterized, and strapped to the same bed as before. The single mercy she was given was not being gagged. She had learned well enough to keep quiet.

Lying there in total helplessness, the young nurse realized that her strategy of total submission would not save her from Ursula’s fate. Her captors would continue their program of physical and mental abuse until her mind and spirit were completely broken, and there was no way she could save herself.

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