Jumana - Silver Pearl
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Chapter 1 - A Chance Meeting

After some frustrating years of marriage, I was pleased to be free of any ties. Free to do as I pleased, I had time on my side. Having married young, I still kept myself fit and trim, which made sure I attracted the glances of many potential suitors. None of which were right for me, including my husband. But when you are young, you don’t realise these things at the time. Luckily for me I did now. Still in my Twenties, I was ripe for the picking, and now single, I was going to do many of the things I could not do before.

I had taken up the offer to go and visit my school friends, some of whom invited me to stay with them while I decided what to do with my life. They knew what I was like, and knew that having me around wouldn’t hurt their freedom at all. I thought they could introduce me to some hot men, of whom I’d been starved of for some time when married. By the time the fateful party night arrived, I was really ready for some action. My idea was to go without sex for a bit, then be radiating sexual pheromones which were screaming out to the guys at the party… secretly telling them I needed to be screwed. Not too pleasant a way to describe it, but I wanted the very best, and would do almost anything to get it. Little did I realise how much I was going to get.

The party got underway, and after helping set everything up, I’d bathed and dressed for the occasion. It was a summer party, with a cool and pleasant evening predicted, so I dressed exactly right for the occasion. My dress was a simple one, very pale blue, long and clingy. Not tight, just fitted. It was also partially see through, so my bra-less breasts were almost visible, as was the shape of my ass, more so due to the deep V shaped back in the dress. My long legs on top of flat shoes made it seem like a beach going outfit. I knew I was stunning – very casual, but alluring at the same time. Just perfect..

The party got underway around 4-00p.m., with guests arriving for the BBQ around the pool. My friend Sandy grabbed me and made sure the guys knew I was an old friend of hers, and that I was available. I felt a little strange about this, but she just winked, letting me know I’d be sure to find a suitable guy – at least for the night. After enjoying the attention of various handsome men, I heard my name called, it was Sandy, our hostess. Sandy called me over, and I excused myself to go and see what she wanted. She told me that she was having a very special male guest over soon, and that I should be wary, as I may fall under his spell. I laughed it off, then asked her if he was taken and if that was why I should stay away. She said he wasn’t, but to be careful, as he would not take kindly to being played with. Little did she know, that that was as good as a dare to me, so I watched and waited for this stranger to arrive.

I didn’t have to wait long, nor did I have any trouble in knowing it was he that Sandy was talking about. He arrived quite suddenly and grabbed Sandy around the waist, lifting her up and swinging her around, only to set her down in front of him, there to kiss her gently on the lips. He was really my sort of guy, the sort I’d been longing for almost for as long as I remember.. Handsome, that’s for sure, but it was the confidence and happiness he exuded that drew my attention to him. Plus the fact he was at least 6’3 and quite well built as well – not to mention the very noticeable bulge in his pants. That alone had my mind racing..

A minute or two later Sandy appeared in front of me with her special guest. She took her time and introduced me to the man I knew I would have to get to know much better. I found myself blushing, as I knew my nipples went hard, he had the good courtesy to look into my eyes as he took my hand and kissed it, acting like a true gentleman of old. His name was Brandon – a title befitting his stature.

As he released my hand, he turned to Sandy and said something that really made me blush. His words were simple – he said, “Sandy, I wish you had of told me that this was an underwear optional party’. I nearly died! He just looked into my eyes, with a broad grin on his face, and for some reason I instantly forgave him. This time he did look down, to see my already erect nipples almost poking holes in my dress! I blushed even further as he winked at me and left, looking over his shoulder as Sandy dragged him off to meet another group of guests. I immediately headed for the makeshift bar and grabbed myself a very strong drink.

I don’t know if it was the party, my new found freedom, the alcohol or just the fact I was horny as hell, but I made my mind up I was going to be the one to take this guy home from the party. I sipped on my drink and watched him move about, deciding how to make my approach. I didn’t have long to wait anyway, as he came over to the bar, and grabbed a drink, then turned and spoke to me. He told me he hoped he didn’t embarrass me with the earlier comment and then asked me a bit about myself. He told me Sandy had told him a bit already, but that he just wanted to listen to my lovely soft, sensual voice. I told him what I wanted him to know, then asked him a bit about himself.

He told me he was an Author, although not widely known, he was happy with his work and the rewards. I asked him what sort of books he wrote, and was almost floored by his reply. He told me he wrote erotic stories, mainly about Bondage and Fetishism. Any reply I had was lost, my words caught in my throat. I stammered a little bit, and he rescued me by asking me if that bothered me. I told him it didn’t, wondering why I’d just said that, when he immediately followed that with another, even more stunning revelation. He said that was good, as he intended to whisk me away and use me for inspiration for his upcoming story. Before I could reply, he winked at me and dashed off to mingle again, leaving me standing there open mouthed and for some reason, trying to hide the fact my nipples were once more drilling holes in the front of my dress.

I composed myself and went in search of Sandy, needing to know more about this stranger who had just proposed that he take me away and do kinky things with me – things I had long fantasised about, but never dared actually doing. I needed to know whether I should run, or maybe consider suffering at his hands in an attempt to win this no doubt resourceful man over.

I found Sandy chatting away, and finally managed to drag her off to the side to talk to her, when I felt his eyes on me. I suddenly felt like a chicken and couldn’t let him think I was asking Sandy’s advice or opinion. So instead of doing a little research, I blurted out to Sandy that it was my intention to leave early, and to take her star attraction with me. She chuckled a bit, and asked if I knew what I was in for, to which I replied I did. I gave her a hug, and then immediately dragged her back to the fray of things, knowing I was under the gaze of Brandon all the while. I then grabbed another drink, and slipped through the crowds in search of him.

I found him on his way over to the bar and set out on an intercept course. He stopped in front of me, and smiled a wicked smile which made me blush once again. He asked me if Sandy approved, once more catching me with no real reply, just a kind of shocked expression which made me blush even more. He then asked me if I had ever played around with Bondage, to which I casually replied, “of course”. He then asked me if I liked it, as he was a experienced and loved to play with beautiful women like myself. For some reason, I said I’d liked that type of thing very much. He just looked at me and raised an eyebrow – for some reason the word just came to me, I added, “Yes, I’d like that very much – Master”.

At that he smiled, and said good. He then asked me if I had my own car here. I told him I didn’t, as I was just visiting. He asked me if I would be able to get away for the weekend, as it was only Friday night now. I told him I would. He simply told me to meet him outside in 10 minutes, and to only bring what I was wearing and a little bag of my toiletries. He saw I was a bit scared, so he leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips, drawing me into him and holding the kiss. Any fears I had just seemed to melt away at his kiss. I now trusted him for some reason.

Journey into the Hills

I quickly made my way to my room to get my things, and then thought I’d better tell Sandy what was going on. She just looked at me and shook her head, then laughed and asked me if I knew what I was in for… I told her I didn’t, but was willing to find out. She then said the words I needed to hear, telling me that I would either love it, or hate it, but that either way she knew I’d be safe. I kissed her goodbye and raced outside to meet the man whom I was for some reason putting my trust in.

I arrived out front just in time, as he pulled his ride up to the curb. He swung his door open and came around to open mine for me. His ride was a near new top of the line BMW 4 wheel drive SUV, with all the trimmings to boot. He helped me in, then closed the door and went around to hop in himself. I was really getting to like this guy’s style. He hopped in and told me to buckle up, then handed me a case of CD’s. He asked me to look through them and choose the sorts of music I liked, and told me we’d talk a bit and he’d get to know me better. I was searching through his music, liking what I saw, sorting out the ones I liked the best while we chatted. He told me a bit about himself, then asked me if I was scared.

Once again he caught me out, and I was lost for words. He kept driving, then told me I had a decision to make. He asked me if I really knew what I was getting myself into or not, and told me that if I chose to come along, he would take care of me, but that I would spend a fair bit of time tied up or wearing some form of expensive kinky clothing. We would also most likely have lots of passionate sexual experiences and a really good time. He said if this was OK, we could continue, if not, he’d let me out before we left town. He said that he’d leave me to make my own way back, as punishment for lying to him about my previous bondage experiences.

I told him I was sorry, and that although I wasn’t experienced, like most girls I had dreamed about being dominated. He asked me once more, if I wanted to continue or not, and that if I said yes, then I was his for the weekend, if not, he would let me out at the next taxi rank. Once more I found myself mad at him, but there was no way I was going to be called a chicken, so I told him I was his for the weekend. He smiled at me and told me that I would remember this weekend for the rest of my life. Then he once more turned his attention to driving. He told me to put on the CD of my choice, which I did. He reached in between the seats and grabbed a drink which he handed to me. I drank it a bit quicker than I should have – I needed to drink it quick to calm my nerves.

Just outside of town, he pulled over into a rest area, and told me that this was where the fun would begin. I was too naive to know exactly what that meant, but I correctly thought that this meant it was time for him to tie me up. I told him I needed to use the restroom, which he agreed to, and when I returned, I found him standing by the back of the SUV with the back open. He called me over, and told me that even though I had lied to him, he was going to let me stay with him anyway, and that he would talk me through things before they happened. I apologised for the lies, telling him I didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t want to seem inexperienced, as even though I had been married, my husband was very inexperienced and shy. He told me that was okay, and that he would now show me a whole new world, one that would make my pussy tingle with the need for more.

He told me to turn around, facing my back to him. This I did. He appeared in front of me, holding up a strange looking leather harness type of thing, and told me it was called a Single Glove or Armbinder. He told me this was going on my arms, and would clasp them tightly together behind me, and that it would make me a bit uncomfortable, but would make him horny as hell. He asked me if I was ready, I told him yes, to which he grinned and lent forward and kissed me once more.

He told me to put my arms together behind me, palms together, which I did. Almost before I had a chance to think, I felt the glove going up my arms, then felt leather straps being poked around under my arms, crossed over my chest, then draped over my shoulders, to hang down behind my back. Next I felt these being buckled to the glove holding my arms behind me, then tightened to pull the glove up higher over my arms till my hands were caught together in the bottom of this device. Strangely, I was scared only for a few seconds, then although I felt helpless, I could feel my nipples getting very hard. Once more I blushed and hoped he couldn’t see this, but there was nothing I could do about it anyway.

I felt him tightening something behind me, and the glove got tighter on my arms. I realised he had zipped it up and was now lacing it up even tighter, not unlike a corset, but one for my arms. Tighter and tighter it got, as the laces drew my arms closer together, I heard him whistle as I sort of moaned a bit as I felt my elbows touching inside their leather prison. Next he tensioned the straps holding it over my shoulders, then I felt him do a couple of buckles up over the laces, realising that there was now no escape until he let me free. Next I heard a click, which I was to later discover was a couple of padlocks, truly sealing me into this Single Sleeve until he decided otherwise.

He appeared in front of me, catching me blushing once more as he stood there in front of me, his hands on my shoulders. He was smiling and grinning like a Cheshire cat, which made me blush even more. Then he kissed me and held me close. My breasts now standing from my chest due to my arms being cinched behind me touched his chest, and I let out a soft moan. I pushed myself further into him, wanting him to fuck me right then and there. If this was Bondage, I wished I’d tried it along time ago. But he wasn’t finished with me yet. He grabbed some lengths of soft rope from the back of the SUV, then guided me around and opened the passenger side door. He told me to stand still, as he was going to tie my legs together. He then told me that I was to remain silent, or else he would have to gag me. I nodded my head, as he began to make my legs as if they were just one. First he lifted my dress out of the way, bunching it up around my waist.

Immediately I remembered that I was naked underneath, but he didn’t even stare, he just bent down and got started on tying my legs. He wrapped the ropes around my legs, just above the knees. A few turns of this, then he stopped and wrapped the rope through the centre, between my legs. He told me this was called Cinching, and it would pull the other ropes more secure and make it impossible to escape. I didn’t doubt it. Seconds later he’d finished there, and my knees were together. Next he did the same below my knees, then down around my ankles. Lastly he did the same up around my thighs, then stood up to kiss me once again. By now I was horny as hell, and really needed to feel him inside me, but this was obviously not going to happen with me tied the way I was.

After he kissed me, he told me it was time to get moving again, and that he’d lift me into the car. He told me I looked absolutely beautiful, and that he was glad I had decided to come for the weekend. Next thing I know I’m being lifted, and placed into the passenger seat of the car. He put me there, and for the first time I really felt my bondage. My arms, already forced together uncomfortably behind my back, rested against the seat back. I also jumped a bit at the realisation my dress was still up around my waist when my ass touched the cool leather seats. He did nothing to cover me up either. He reached up and grabbed the seatbelt, further restraining me by simply buckling me into the car.

My first hint of panic came when he put a type of collar around my neck, strapping my head to the headrest of the seat. I felt him lean over me inside the car and I felt him doing something down near my feet. Next thing I know, he’s somehow secured them at the front of the foot-well and it hit me that I was now well and truly stuck. Another strap went over my thighs (I had no idea where he got that from – but it looked like a permanent fixture), then one last strap went around my waist, belting my tightly in place, and putting more pressure on my already aching arms. As if he knew already, he told me to relax, and that he knew it was uncomfortable, but that I’d survive.

He jumped out of the car, went around back and I heard him putting some stuff away. He returned and jumped into his side of the car. It was then that I saw the expensive video camera he held in his hand – the type that captures images even in very low light. He told me he had set it up as I had gone to relieve myself and already it had captured my acquiescence into the first stage of my captivity. My mouth flew open in shock – and if I could have hit him I would have. Instead I just let fly and abused him for daring to take advantage of me like that. He just put his finger to his lips, then put the camera on the dash facing me, setting it upon a padded dampening fixture, ensuring a crisp, clean image. He calmly told me that he had warned me. Warned me about what I thought?

Next he held up a collection of straps and buckles, with some kind of a ball attached. He leaned over and told me to open my mouth, and that if I didn’t, I would get my first taste of the discipline that goes with the bondage. I clamped my mouth shut, only to feel his fingers move over my left breast and settle on my nipple. He closed his door and then squeezed down on my sensitive nipple. I screamed out, and felt the ball get jammed into my mouth. In seconds it seemed, the straps went on, firstly around my head, then others over the top of my head, and more down under my chin. Every time I struggled, he pinched my nipple, which made me stop thrashing my head, and also hurt like hell. Within a minute after that – I heard the click of little padlocks, and sat there glaring at him, feeling pissed off, but strangely not scared. His smile and grin were not the type to make me fear for my life, but they did make me pissed off – especially now that I realised I was being caught on tape.. The last thing I remember seeing, was the camera on the dash, facing right at me, as he reached across and covered my eyes with one of those sleeping masks, for blocking out the light during the day.

He then secured the camera in place, checking the image was focused correctly and reached over to massage my now tender nipples, giving me a good feel while he was at it. To make matters worse, I could feel myself starting to drool from around the huge ball jammed into my mouth. I think this was the worst part about it so far, especially as he reached over and wiped my mouth dry with a cloth.

As I heard the car start up and we moved off, he began to talk to me, once more telling me how beautiful I looked, and that he couldn’t wait to get me to his home – which was about another hour or so drive away, he added flippantly. As we drove, he would reach over and play with my nipples and occasionally touch me on the stomach and between my tightly bound thighs, driving me wild with desire whilst being unable to move at all. Somehow my mind started to wander, maybe it was the soft tunes of my favorite music, maybe it was the car ride, but somehow I almost drifted off to sleep.

I came to life with a start as the car started to ride over bumpy terrain, he heard my moans, and told me we were almost there. That was good, as having ones arms crushed together for some period of time, quickly loses its novelty, and I was now experiencing a dull pain in my shoulders. As if he could read my mind, he reached over and once again toyed with my breasts, which didn’t relieve the pain, but it did feel mighty good. A few minutes later, the car stopped, and I heard his door open. He leaned over and kissed me on the bare shoulder, then told me he’d be right back. All of a sudden I had a horrible thought, ‘what if he doesn’t live alone’?

He returned soon after and then proceeded to release me from the restraints holding me to the car seat and headrest. Then he lifted me up and carried me to his house. I knew we entered the house as I felt the air change, it was warmer inside than out, and he sat me in a chair and told me he’d be back in a minute.

I heard him return and felt his presence near me. I felt his hands on me, and he lifted me to a standing position. I felt his hands moving my hair away from my neck, before he removed the slender collar which had been there. Then holding my hair in one hand, I felt something close around my neck. He was buckling a a taller, or wider 4 inch collar around my long slender neck. It tightened just enough to constrict movement and also seemed to hold me head in one position. This was then was locked in place. He then once more wiped the drool away from my lips, then kissed me around the huge ball in my lips. His hands wandered south, over my shoulders and then to my breasts.

His Story

While I am writing this journal now, Jumana is currently standing in the lounge room, about to experience another orgasm, for which she pays a hefty price. We have returned to my place after only having recently met her at a mutual friend’s party. She was by far the most alluring woman there and I decided she needed some punishment as she had lied to me about some very important issues, such as her previous experience with being tied and tormented to orgasm for example. Also she was just such a turn on for me, that I had a raging hard-on since speaking with her, and pre-cum had made an embarrassing wet spot on the front of my jeans. This was partly the reason for inviting her back to my place for the weekend and our early exit from Sandy’s place.

Currently she is proving to be a very capable lady who despite her lack of experience seems to be able to cope with everything I have tested her with over the past 3 hours since first lacing the armbinder tightly and securing her arms as one behind her. She is very flexible and is as desperate for an orgasm as any woman I have ever met. I had released her from the confines of the armbinder and without giving her any chance to escape, used the more extreme posture collar around her neck to secure her to a high backed chair. She was instructed to undress herself while I readied some small refreshments and then talked to her about what I felt was necessary to correct her errant ways and especially the fact that she lied.

After talking for some time, I led her to the bathroom where she was allowed to relieve herself and then freshen up for her punishment and rewards if she was able to cope. She took this all in her stride and almost seemed to welcome the armbinder once more as I stood behind her lacing it up once again. The collar of course has remained, as have her shoes, the rest of her is gloriously naked and indeed she is a superb specimen. Once more her outfit is completed with a harness gag and this time a more robust covering for her eyes so her vision is totally removed from her. It is time for her to be put to her first test, one which I told her something of, but left out a few little surprises which I am she will realise are the punishment for her earlier lies.

This brings us to the present. Sitting here in front of the computer, I had messaged my friends and told them to hop online as there was a surprise in store for them at 10-00pm local time. These are my close friends and we often share experiences via our own unlisted video chatroom. As they start to gather, I have some great music playing and am about to switch from the webcam to the higher quality camera which will soon reveal the beginnings of what is shaping up to be a most incredible weekend.

As the camera switches from the one near my monitor to the one now focused on the play area in the lounge room, I turn the volume off on the computer and watch the comments from my friends. The camera focuses in and they see the lovely Jumana. She is presently wearing a tightly laced single glove, standing on tip toes with a collar around her neck, a very short chain keeps her close to the wall and unable to fall. Her legs are spread wide apart and tied off to the wall behind her. A belt around her waist holds her gloved arms tight to her back. But that is just the easy part. She is perched atop a pole, which has a very life like dildo attached, which is sitting neatly inside her very damp pussy. Added to this pole is a device which holds the eroscillator positioned so that when she is flat footed it is perfectly aligned to stimulate her clit. Her nipples are also clamped with nasty little butterfly clips with bells attached.

Currently she is trying to remain on tiptoes though, which means her orgasm is just out of reach. The problem is the butt plug she is wearing. It is attached to a small TENS unit which is triggered by the pressure pads under her feet which are still in her nearly flat soled strappy shoes. If she comes down off tippy-toes, her weight hits the pads, and a shock is transmitted to the butt plug filling her rear, similar to the classic Bishop images, yet not as severe. Luckily she is gagged and blindfolded.

The best part is this – she doesn’t know about the small pressure pads. Jumana thinks that I am nearby, shocking her every time she cannot hold her weight on her trembling legs or if she lowers herself to have the eroscillator perform its own magic on her clit. She has been there now just long enough to be really straining. The shocks in her rear are not damaging, but she sure knows about it when she rests her now shaking calf and leg muscles. She also desperately requires the orgasm. Which means giving in to the pain in her legs, accepting the shocks to her rear and letting the dildo and the eroscillator do their jobs.

Just now she’s screamed at me from behind her gag, thinking I’m right there beside her as she received another hearty shock. I know she’ll be mad at me when she discovers I’m 30 feet away, sitting at the computer writing this in the live website journal. I watch as her need to orgasm overcomes both the fear of the electric current, and the now immense aches in her legs as she lowers herself down, and then shakes her head and screams as the eroscillator does it’s thing while the TENS unit shocks her ass. She struggles and debates about raising herself, but she will not – her need for release is simply too great.

She is now about to orgasm, and I go to her as I watch her ass cheeks clenching as the butt plug sends the current into her rear. It is time to act, I move in front of her, and just as she is about to cum, I quickly remove the clamps on her now pain wracked nipples. She howls at this as the blood flow returns to them, and I give each nipple a little flick just to heighten her torment. Her head is thrown back as far as the posture collar allows and her stomach and leg muscles twitch as her incredible orgasm overcomes her.

I turn off the electric current from the TENS unit and hold her and tell her how proud I am of her. As the orgasm subsides, I kiss her ball gagged lips and then kiss her nipples while my arms are around her. I mercifully turn the eroscillator off and lower the pole which holds the dildo inside her.

As I hold her, I reach down and undo the quick release knots on each ankle, then help her to stand upright with her legs together for the first time in a while. The chain on her collar is removed and I brush her hair from her sweaty forehead. I stroke her face and tell her how proud she makes me and how much I love to see her cum. I take the blindfold from her eyes, and kiss each eyelid in turn, then I tell her to stand still as I reach down and fit a pair of stainless steel cuffs about her ankles. Lifting her into my arms and carrying her off to the nearby office where I stand her behind my chair and tell her to remain quiet and not to say a word. It is then that I plug the digital video camera (which I used to capture her bound journey to my house), into the computer and press the play button, switching from the one which captured her glorious struggle with pleasure and pain in the lounge room. This will now feed into the chatroom while we attend to other pursuits.

I tell her she is so beautiful that I intend to keep her much longer than just the weekend if she wishes, and that she is a true star, as the others watching her show also agreed. She stood there bewildered for a moment, then I lifted her closer so she could see the comments written in what I had called the “Jumana - Silver Pearl of Perfection” website feed.

As she struggled with what she was now realising had happened, a wave of emotions swept over her face and I saw looks of anger, fury and then finally one of acceptance and pride as she read the adoring comments my friends had typed. I told her that like her, I had also told a little lie in that not only did I want her to practice on for an upcoming story, but that I also wanted her to be the star of much more. I wanted her to be the star of my life.

This being said, she smiled a wicked grin from behind her gag and once more I lifted her, with her head now affectionately nuzzled into my shoulder and carried her to the bathroom, where I had already run a nice hot tub. As I stand her there in the bathroom near the steaming tub, I tell her that she is to remain quiet and that we shall discuss her experiences like adults and that any infraction of these rules will result in harsh punishments and not the rewards she will receive for good behavior.

She really is the most incredible girl I have ever met, and I am so glad that fate allowed us to come together. Maybe later after her bath I will inform her of her need to be spanked for not asking permission to orgasm. If not that, I am sure she will do something which will have me in mock anger at her so she knows her gorgeous butt will be warmed up with the palm of my hand. Later there can be much more strenuous punishments, but for a woman of her upbringing, a little bare assed spanking is something which is a good beginning, as well as severely embarrassing. A nice way to begin her training. But first of all I must remove the single glove, collar, gag and her shoes so she can hop into the tub.

As she stands here naked bar the stainless steel ankle cuffs, ready to hop into the bath, I tell her to bend over and grab her ankles as I need to spank her butt for not thanking me for her orgasm. I knew I would think of some reason to run my hands over that lovely ass of hers and slap it a few times to warm it up so she had a nice little sting when she lowered herself into the steaming hot water.

It is a hard task – but someone has to do it. Luckily it is me.

Chapter 2 - Chance Meeting?

The story continues, with a slight recount of things from Brandon's perspective, before the action continues.

I met her at a party a friend of mine, Sandy, had put on. Sandy had at one time been the one to introduce me to the wonderful world of bondage. Deep down she had the desire to be dominated and had asked me to tie her up and dominate her. I found the experience to be just what I had been looking for and for three years we went through college and experimented with various bdsm games. Sandy had moved away to pursue her career and had recently moved back to the area. Although we were no longer practicing together, we both still lived with bondage as part of our lives. The day had been predicable and most of the people there were not into the same things as we were. They were married or close enough to it, and held normal jobs and did normal things. I was there at the request of a Sandy so I could promote my growing business and expand my list of clients, or so I thought.

Of all the people there, only one caught my attention, and it wasn’t for business reasons. Jumana was introduced to me by Sandy and immediately we hit it off. Jumana she stood out from the crowd despite her small stature. A little over five feet tall, she was slim with long wavy brown hair and was wearing a very sexy, almost see through, light colored summer dress. She told me a bit about herself and let me in on some of the reasons she had left her last relationship. Her last man had not been able to handle her, letting her get away with almost anything. This raised my interest and I asked her what sort of things her man had to do in order to keep her in line. She told me that he had to have some special talents, because she tended to misbehave quite badly on occasions. I looked her in the eyes and told her I knew exactly how to treat a woman, especially if they misbehaved on purpose. She lowered her eyes and told me that she had already been a bad girl, as our mutual friend had told her that we liked similar things, and so she had led me on to see if I was interested in her on not. I thought about this for all of a second before telling her that behavior like that required correcting, and that she should make her excuses to the other guests as she needed to be taught the error of her ways - immediately. She looked me in the eyes, smiled a cheeky smile and said, ‘yes sir’.

That was some hours ago now and as I wait for her to finish her bath time, my mind is already on what we will talk about, as well as seeing how far we can push the envelope, so to speak.

When she emerged on time from her bath, two things were needed. The first, was a pair of thumbcuffs and a chain wrapped around them meaning she would follow wherever I led her. The second was some coffee. I took her back through the lounge, then to the kitchen, seating her on a stool, then put extra steel cuffs onto each of her ankles, clasping them to the legs of the stool. I poured the coffee, and then told her we would have a talk about what had happened so far, and that she should remember to address me with respect because she was still in the role of submissive. I asked her if she thought she was ready for another period in bondage, or if she wanted to quit and I would take her back to her home. She told me she was ready for more, and also thought she would like to be tied with more ropes and that she thought she could take it tighter. I raised my eyebrows and told her that was exactly what I had in mind.

She finished her coffee and waited for what was to happen next. Grabbing the chain attached to her thumbcuffs, I lifted it so her hands went over her head. Soon her hands were way over behind her head and down behind her neck. The chain was pulled tight and locked down to the back of the stool. Next she was introduced to a harnessed ring gag. Her eyes went wide at the possible implications of this wonderful device, but to her credit she kept her promise of being a willing subject.

I then reached up to untie the dress from around her neck and as the dress fell forward and uncovered her beautiful breasts. As I caressed her pert titties, I whispered in her ear, "I don’t remember giving you permission to get dressed or to cover your breasts, do you?". The shocked expression on her face said it all, she had been disobedient by re-dressing herself after bathing, and would now pay the price. It began with a nice collar, to let her know her position and role in things.

Immediately I set to removing her dress the rest of the way. She was sitting on the chair, hands bent over her head and her breasts were totally exposed. Her dress had been pulled down to her bound apart ankles. It was time to make sure she was not going to move while I bound her in the manner I chose. After roping her slim thighs to the seat of the stool, she was now bound sufficiently so she couldn’t escape. It was time to put her flexible body to the test of endurance she had asked about.

I looped some rope on each of her upper arms above the elbows, and looped some more around her wrists, leaving long lengths free for what I next planned for her. The cuffs were then removed and her hands were brought down and then crossed over behind her back and tied up between her shoulder blades. She winced as the ropes tightened. The free ends then went under her arms, then over her shoulders and back around under her arms to be tied behind her back, pulling her arms higher up closer to the shoulder ropes. The ropes around her upper arms went to opposite sides of her body to be pulled tight and wrapped around the front of her body and then around her back to hold her elbows close together as well as tight to her back. I repeated this process over and over, with ropes framing her pert little tits. Judging by the sounds coming from her mouth, I knew that as strict as this was, she was getting very turned on by the effects of the ropes. It was time to take her to the next level.

I looped some ropes around her thighs, just above the knees. I did the same at her ankles. Then I released her from the cuffs and ropes holding her to the stool, and stood her up for the short walk to the lounge room coffee table. I helped her onto the low coffee table, so she sat there with her legs doubled with her feet beside her thighs, ass cheeks touching the table. She looked down to discover what I had planned, the center piece of the coffee table had been removed, leaving a eight inch gap where her pussy and ass were resting, with them both exposed for what ever devious torment I had in mind. She even managed a wicked smile around the enormous ring gag clamped in her mouth.

Next I gave her a taste of what was to come. I lifted her left thigh as I wrapped the rope from her ankle over the top of her thigh, then under to secure her ankle to the outside of her thigh. Then I roped them both to the table, taking advantage of the gap in the table to tie her leg and ankle so she wouldn’t be able to move an inch to stop any further treatment I chose. Over and over I repeated this until I cinched it off to hold her leg where I wanted it, toes out to the side, ankle against thigh, both held tight to the table. The same happened to her right leg. With this done, I took the ropes from above her knees, and tied them around the front legs of the table, spreading her legs apart.

With her lower body and arms now fully restrained, I decided to give her a sample of just how stringent her future bondage would be. I spliced some rope into her lovely long hair. She knew that things were going to get serious and tried to make things difficult by shaking her head around. Even though I love a girl with a fighting spirit, it was time to let her know who was boss. I grabbed a handful of hair, held her head still and told her sternly that if she didn’t hold still, I would put some fishing line onto her nipples.

The sharp intake of breath and the stillness of her neck meant I had won this round. I finished the splicing job and then things got worse for her. I pulled on the rope so her head bent backwards. Then I really tightened it so she was looking straight up at the ceiling. I tied this rope down under the table to a lengthways brace. Because it went straight down, she couldn’t even lean backwards to ease the very uncomfortable position she was in. I heard a long low moan of discomfort as I tightened this rope in place. To make sure she knew she was trapped, a rope from the front of her collar, was tied to the front of the table, and a similar one going backwards made sure she wasn’t moving around at all. A long low moan escaped her lips, telling me how much this position hurt, but her eyes told me she was really enjoying the mental stimulation this strict bondage provided. To let her know that I was still a gentleman and that she was in no real danger, I took her face in my hands and gave her a delicate kiss on the forehead before leaving the room for a while.

I came back with some extra equipment and set things up in front of her. Of course, being tied with her head held back, she couldn’t see what was going on. I could tell things were going well because the muscles on her body were covered with sweat from the strain in her body. I decided to get some wicked devices attached to her private parts to see just how much torment she was willing to take. My next device should be patented, but, for the sake of research and development, which was about to be performed very soon. Before fitting the device to her, she needed a little stimulation first. I toyed with her pussy until her clit was plainly in need of attention. Once I had her sex bud at the desired level of stimulation, I attached a large alligator clip to it, the type which will hold an inch or more of paper without problems. Once in place, a decent vibrator was placed in the V shaped back of the clip. This was taped in place, ready to be activated in the coming minutes.

She would have jumped if she could have when the cold lubricating jelly was squeezed at the opening of her anus. It was a joy to hear the desperate sounds of protest when the inflatable plug went into her virgin ass. It was even better to look into her eyes as I inflated the device, which was rapidly expanding inside her. Before I initiated the final devious stage of her tormented pleasure trip, I had her two beautiful nipples to attend to. These I gently rolled between my fingers until her moans were almost constant, then I nibbled and sucked them until she was pleading for sexual release. It was then that I clipped a couple of angry serrated toothed clamps onto them. This cooled her passion slightly due to the severity of their bite.

With a blindfold placed over her eyes to further confuse her before turning the vibrator on, everything was set and ready. Once activated, the vibe would give all it's energy into the nasty clip which held her clit a prisoner of it's jaws. It was now time for the show. Switching the vibrator on, I left the line of sight of the multiple cameras which were recording the event for future references. As I went to pour myself a long, strong Jack Daniels, her cries or torment and pleasure could be heard reverberating throughout the house. With a big smile on my face, I settled in to wait until the cries of tormented pleasure became cries of distress and mercy.

Chapter 3 - Sex, Hot Wax and The Straight Jacket

By the time her cries had alerted me to the need to reduce her level of treatments, I myself had a growing need for relief. I quietly entered her presence and whipped off the blindfold to be greeted with cries for mercy and eyes which showed the need was real. She was truly in discomfort and had earned a temporary reprieve. I turned the vibrator off and undid the tape holding it in place. Then I unclipped the nasty clip from her clit, which earned a cry as the pleasure stopped and the pain of returning bloodflow hit her like a hammer. The clips came off her tormented nipples as well. I loosened the ropes holding her hair back and swapped the direction of restraint, so her head was now held forwards, chin almost on chest. Although this brought pain in itself, I wanted to see the look in her eyes for what was about to happen. I stood the table up vertically, so her back was horizontal in mid-air. Now the table was vertical, her back horizontal, her pussy at the right height and available for me to enter without any difficulty.

I unzipped my pants and stood in front of her, waiting for her eyes to approve of what I wanted to do. Her eyes told me yes, but to be sure I asked her verbally, ‘moan once for yes, two for no’. It was an emphatic yes.

With her approval, I went around behind the table, her pussy available due to the wide slot in the centre of the furniture. I entered her hard and fast with thoughts only for my own pleasure. It was absolutely wonderful. Just before I came, I made sure I did something to give her something in return, I pumped her butt plug up a bit more, ensuring she was filled quite fully front and rear…

Putting the table back horizontal I untied her hair from the front of the table, so she could lift her head from her chest. She didn’t expect what happened to her next. I released her from the rope at the front of her collar and used the hair rope to pull her backwards so she was being bent backwards until she was almost flat on the table. With her legs tied the way they were, it was an awful position to be in. She was still spread with her legs doubled and her arms crossed up behind her. The strain was visible in her muscles, and audible from her throat. I ignored her cries of distress and set about fixing her more securely to the table. The eight inch wide gap down the middle of the table allowed her bound arms to be lower than the tabletop. Bending her backwards like this also made the inflatable butt plug seem larger.

More ropes were added across her chest, above and below her breasts, capturing her so she was unable to move at all. Next I filled the ring-gagged mouth with a pump gag, so I could muffle her cries from what I had planned for her next. I wanted to see the look in her eyes when the wax from the large candle I had just lit hit her small but pert breasts. Her titties were captured by the ropes and looked like oval mounds of firm reddened jelly. They sat high on her chest and by the look of them they were crying out for some attention. When the candle entered her field of vision, she tensed and I heard a sharp intake of breath through her nose, followed by a muffled cry as the first hot drops hit her exposed tits. She spasmed as the wax hit and splashed on her tightly captured breasts.

The candle was about ten inches long and over two inches thick. I planned to make good use of it to cover her bound form with the hot licks of fire that spilled from the large wick in the candle. Her nipples were spared for a while, then I let the wax pool before tipping a liberal amount on each of her nipples. Her eyes went wide and she howled from behind her gag. I then worked on her stomach and then her thighs. To finish off her session of wax play, I upended the tabled so she was tied upside down, then over her cries of horror, I inserted the thick candle into her available pussy and waited for the wax to spill down the side of the candle onto her slit. She stayed as still as possible, hoping against hope that the inevitable wouldn’t happen. She was doing a good job until I picked up the thin single strand whip made from a long leather bootlace and lashed the inside of her exposed left thigh. She tensed, the wax fell and covered her open pussy. She howled in protest as I waited once more for the right time to repeat the process with the right thigh. A couple of more times of this and I decided to add one more candle to her torment. The inflatable butt plug was removed and replaced with a second yet thinner burning candle. I used the whip and watched her responses. After a few more minutes she was getting quite red in the face and I knew it was time to end this part of her torment. I whipped her a few last times, then blew the candles out and let her back down horizontal.

I untied all the ropes from the upper parts of her body, leaving only the rope spliced into her hair. Before I removed both the inflatable and harnessed ring-gag, I warned her to stay silent unless spoken to. It didn’t matter, as she was by now in almost no state to speak anyway. I left her there for a minute or two while she recovered, then told her it was her job to remove all the wax which still adorned her lovely body.

This gave her extra time to recover as well as to have a nice glass of water, plus a wine before the next part of her ordeal. This began as I helped her arms into the straight jacket, telling her it would be a period of rest for her. Once belted her into the jacket, I made sure it was nice and secure. I gave her another sip or two of water before undoing the collar around her neck and producing my favorite leather discipline helmet for her to wear. This hood was ideal as it had allowance for her tied hair to be pulled through a hole in the crown of the hood, for use to tie her with later. I heard some moans from her as the hood was laced tighter and tighter onto her head.

When the candles came out and the twin anal and pussy plugs went into her, I heard a long single moan from within the tightly laced hood. The crotch part of the jacket was then buckled up tightly, and the plugs were then sealed into her until I chose to free her. Next she was untied from the seated, doubled up position she had been in for the past two and a bit hours, and I helped her to stand for the first time since being tied awkwardly to the table. I led her to the big rug in the middle of the room and then helped her down to the floor on her back. A long spreader bar was buckled to her ankles, holding her spread wide while she lay there on the floor.

After fetching another drink, I returned and put on some of my favorite music. As she lay there, I gently stroked her open thighs, once more stimulating her as she lay there unable to reciprocate my attentions physically. She was soon becoming aroused and I decided that if I wanted to slowly increase her levels of pain, I must also balance them with levels of pleasure. Soon I had my hand pressed against the crotch of her straight jacket bound body, and was playing with the plugs filling her behind the leather covering of the jacket. She was pressing back for all she was worth, looking for orgasm once more. Who knows what was going on in her head underneath the tightly laced hood, but whatever it was, she was sure starting to warm to this new form of stimulation. Her body shook as her orgasm hit. She writhed around on the floor, twisting this way and that, until in the end she just lay there, waiting for the next form of torment to be delivered to her.

Chapter 4 - She Continues to Amaze

She had asked for some severe treatment, and now she was going to get it. The best part of my next position was that it she herself who would be inflicting the pain. My mountain retreat has many rooms, and in each room there are means to restrain and torment my willing subjects. The lounge room is no different. I lowered a chain from a partially hidden pulley in the ceiling and attached it to the spreader bar between her legs. At the press of a button, the electric winch took up the call and raised her legs from the floor. She struggled a bit as the pulley raised the rest of her body into the air. Once her head was a couple of feet off the ground and her open thighs were at the right height to flick with a whip, or crop, I stopped the winch and decided to play with her for a while before preparing her for her own self induced punishments.

I picked up the free end of the rope that was still spliced into her hair, and gave a long slow pull to set her swinging upside down in the air. She protested at this disorienting practice, until I used a crop to mark her ass cheeks as she swung towards me upside down. A bit of variation in both the direction of the motion, as well as the placement of the crop produced some very interesting responses from her, both in physical movements and noises from under the hood. Tiring of this, I set to completing the original idea I had for her period of upside down suspension. I took the rope from her hair, and running it behind her back, looped it around the attachment at the center middle of the spreader bar. My arm went around her waist, and with little effort I gave her a lift, her legs bent and I used the rope to take up the slack before tying it off one handed.

When I lowered her, she immediately got the purpose of her bondage. If she straightened her legs, her head would bend backwards with her upended bodyweight being taken by the rope joining her head to her wide spread legs. The only way she could ease this pain, was to keep her legs bent, holding her weight with her legs. Of course this caused a constant buildup of pain in her calf and hamstring muscles, which could only be relieved by taking more weight, not less. It was quite interesting to watch her try to figure out some way to avoid this while hanging upside down, but of course there was no way around this problem. Every so often she would lower herself, her head would bend backwards, her neck would stretch and she would cry out in frustration. I had made sure that even the full weight would not permanently damage her neck, but that if she did drop, she would know about it for days to come. To make the session a bit more interesting, I gave her another push, setting her swinging once again as I readied the last of her torments for this particular punishment.

I loosened the wide crotch straps of her straight jacket and slipped a vibrator under the coverings, then buckled up the panty like covering once more. With the vibrator held where it was, it made contact with both the pussy and butt plugs at once. After about a minute of this, combined with the effect her tensioned muscles in her legs had been causing in her groin region, she started making funny noises from under the hood. I watched in amusement as she swung around, trying to avoid what was soon to be inevitable.

I think she feared that if she orgasmed, she wouldn’t be able to hold the weight with her legs, causing immense distress to her neck. I decided she had to find out, and so I picked up the riding crop, and waited for just the right moment. I caught her perfectly on the inside of the thigh as she wriggled around in her upside down world. For a second her leg twisted and straightened, only to reef her head backwards as it took the weight of her body. She squealed in agony and shock inside her hood, so I did it again. This time she was better prepared and did not straighten her leg.

Over and over I did this, until she was twisting in mid air, being buzzed from the inside by the vibrated plugs, and being whacked on the outside by the crop. With all of the attention being centered within inches of her wide spread pussy, she was soon being driven to new heights of pleasure. The more it hurt, the more she needed the ultimate release, now only seconds away. When it finally happened, she screamed inside the hood and as she went still, I watched her leg muscles shake and quiver as the orgasm took over her mind and body.

I grabbed her before she straightened and with one arm holding her around the waist, the other loosened the rope holding her head to the spreader bar. I pushed the button and lowered her to the floor, with the vibrator still causing spasms in her wide spread legs as she lay breathless in the center of the room. As I undid the hood from her head, she pleaded with tears in her eyes for me to turn off the monster between her legs. Instead, I raised her body from the floor, picked her up and carried her to a nearby table and lay her on it on her back. With her hips at the edge of the table, I lifted her wide spread legs so the spreader bar was high in the air. I stepped under it, resting the bar at the back of my neck. Next I loosened the crotch piece of the straight jacket, removed the vibrator and her pussy plug, then buried my throbbing penis into her moist pussy. It seemed like seconds before she was screaming again, this time with pleasure as I joined her with some interesting sounds of my own.

As the sex ended, and the recovery began, we looked into the others eyes and realized that this could be the beginning of something wonderful. I loosened myself from her, sitting her up on the table, then unlocked her wide spread ankles and replaced the bar ankle cuffs and a twelve-inch hobble chain. Next I removed the straight jacket from her damp sweaty body and helped her to the bathroom for a brief respite while we both cleaned up and refreshed ourselves.

Chapter 5 - No Rest for the Tormented Subject

By this time it was nearly three-thirty in morning and I decided that I needed some rest. I also had some idea of how my pet was going to spend her period of ‘rest’. Once we had both freshened up, I put her hands behind her and kept them in place with two pairs of cuffs. Each cuff linked one elbow to the opposite wrist, with her arms folded across the small of her back. A collar and leash completed her temporary control measures as I led her to my bedroom. My bed is a sturdy unit, custom made with four stout posts, plus a horizontal top beam and additional vertical slats at each end which make very good framework for restraining my visitors. Tonight would be no different and any hopes she had of securing worthwhile rest went out the door when I unlocked the ankle cuffs, picked her up and had her kneel on the mattress with her back to the footboard. Her cuffed wrists and arms hung over the end of the horizontal top beam. Now most of her weight was carried by her arms and shoulders, with only some weight being taken by her knees. This position was worse for her due to her small frame, which as it was, consisted mostly of her long legs.

It got worse still when I spread her knees apart and then with her feet through the slatted foot-board of the bed. I attached a leather cuff to each ankle, then bent her legs up so they were almost doubled, and locked each cuff to the corresponding leather cuff on her bound elbows. She was about to protest when I told her that seeing as she had been a very good slave so far, this was how she would spend the night, and that she was only ask for more severe conditions is she liked.

She stayed silent as I turned her head sideways, then lightly kissed her on the lips before holding up a huge red ballgag with harness for her to see. Her eyes widened as I gave her the instructions to kiss the gag, then open wide to accept it. She did as she was told, and kissed the gag, then with her eyes closed, she opened her mouth as wide as she could to accept the gag. Even so, I had to wriggle it around before it went behind her teeth, all the while there were small sounds of distress as the gag slowly parted her jaws. The ballgag did have one safety feature, being the hollow breathing tube in case she needed to alert me to any problems she was experiencing, or in case she became ill. However, once in place, I set about fixing the harness around her head and face. As a reward, I caressed her breasts until her nipples stood up proud, then I stood back behind her to take in her current predicament. She twisted and squirmed around, her body craving even more of the touches which made her feel so alive.

I approached her from behind, and tightly belted her waist with a three inch wide strap. A crotch strap went down under her pussy and buckled up in the back. Before this was tightened, I inserted a butt plug into her rear, making her squeal as I popped it in place. When the strap went in place, my slave found out that this strap had a little variation on anything else I had used on her so far. This one had a split down the center of it where it went through her pussy lips. The purpose of the slit was to allow her sensitive little clit to be held captive while protruding through the center of the strap.

As I maneuvered things so her clit was held captive, my pet made small noises of pleasure, which would change as soon as the strap was tightened up and her clit was pressured by the slit closing tightly as it went through her pussy. Those noises started as soon as I tightened the strap, making sure the butt plug was pressured as well. I reached around under her spread legs, and pinched her clit and pulled hard on it, making it protrude even further in its captivity. Her legs tensed and her protests were real as I slapped her on the butt to let her know that I was still in charge in this game. I came around and jumped onto the bed, and showed her two small but strong clothes pegs, which duly went onto her aroused nipples. This produced a sigh from behind her gagged face. By this time she knew she was getting what she wanted, plus a little bit more for my benefit. I gave each peg a flick, which sent a shiver throughout her chained body, then hopped off the bed to go behind her to increase her torment with another surprise restraint.

When the plastic bag was quickly pulled over her head, she squealed in surprise. When I quickly wrapped the heavy tape around her neck, sealing off her air she struggled and shook with fear. I jumped onto the bed in front of her to watch the expressions on her face as she fought without hope of gaining fresh air. At some point she stopped, looking into my eyes as the bag clouded over, viewing me with a mixture of rage and yet at the same time seeming to plead for release. I whipped out a knife and slit a hole in the bag, so once more she could breathe fresh air. Once she settled, I told her to stay still and then with the knife in hand I made a decent enough hole in front of her nose. Then I started to wrap her head in tape, sealing her into a plastic and cloth tape cocoon which would get worse as time went on. I kept wrapping her head with tape until the only sounds I could hear were the sound of her breath through the holes in front of her nostrils and a loan moan from the breathing tube in the gag.

With that task completed, I had but one more thing to do. I picked up the digital camera, snapped a few select shots, then I went to my office and fired up the computer. With the best of the pics uploaded, converted to JPGS and compressed, I attached them to a standard email document I have, then sent them to some of my friends. Basically the email requested their presence at a party I was giving, and asked them to bring their own partners / subs / slaves along. The email and the pics showed the newest subject of my attentions, and that she was going to be introduced to them at the party. With the dates and times altered on the standard email, it was sent to them asking for a phone or email confirmation by early afternoon that Saturday. Pleased with my efforts so far, I went back to my room and went to bed.

I awoke in the morning at around eight, to find my captive still exactly where I left her, still awake and still in torment. Being blinded and deafened as she was, she had no idea of how long she had been like that, nor how long she would stay like that. This made the conditions of her restraint all the more severe. So, it was no surprise that when I touched her for the first time this day, she shook her head in protest, urgently signaling her protests at this evil form of bondage she was experiencing. My response to this was to remove the pegs from her tortured nipples, then immediately sucking on them as the bloodflow returned to them, which made her shake and scream out under her tape and plastic confined head.

Next I toyed with her captured clit, whilst playing with her sensitive titties. In order to make her position as a potential slave well and truly clear, I grabbed a vibrator and pulling the strap clear of her stomach, I slipped the vibrator under the strap only inches from her now very sensitive clit. All of a sudden she went still as the vibrator was turning the strap into something alive. The buzzing through the strap was not only working on her clit, but also her pussy lips and the butt plug as well. The final torturous thing I did to her consisted of two long pieces of string. Non-slip knots at each end went over her erect nipples, tightened so they would not come free, yet not get any tighter. The long pieces of string were pulled down and wrapped twice around the vibrator stuck under her pussy strap. To make sure this was a real torment, the long ends then went down under her crotch, this time right over the middle of her captured clit, before coming out behind her where they were tied tightly to her big toes. With a tight pull at that end, the entire rigging became taught as a bow string, with the vibrations being felt in her nipples and on her clit, as well as in her toes! Every movement made the entire situation worse. With a slap on her butt, I left the room to freshen up and prepare some breakfast for us both, as well as her morning bondage equipment.

When I returned to the room to check on her, I knew right away that I wanted to keep this one for a long time. She was bent even further, increasing the viscous pull on the string so her nipples were being torn at as the vibrating strings did their work. Her titties were being pulled south as the string on her nipples wretched at them, bringing with it a combination of pleasure and pain which she was discovering all on her own. Even through her well sealed off head, I could hear her moans of pleasure. Likewise her toes were tugging on the strings as they passed down under her body and around the vibrator under her pussy belt. I decided to help her along a bit by toying with her captured clit. She jumped at the first touch as I slid my finger over her damp pussy lips to concentrate on her protruding sex bud. The noises became more urgent as she struggled to obtain the orgasm her tired and worn out body desired.

Her toes were pulling the string taught as she feverishly wriggled around, searching for the orgasm she desperately needed. She was getting closer to this all the time and just before she reached her orgasm I had a final ace up my sleeve which I wanted to play. I found the roll of tape and with one hand working on her clit, I used the other and my teeth to peel off a length of tape. Just as her body tensed in anticipation of the orgasm, I sealed off the holes at her nose and with it her oxygen as the orgasm hit her full force. She jerked in her bonds as she struggled for air at the same time her orgasm threw her over the abyss, into the pit of the most intense and dangerous feelings she had ever experienced. I waited another couple of seconds and as she thrashed around struggling for air, I ripped the tape off and stood back to watch as her body shook and finally relaxed as the post orgasm sensations raced through her brain.

I untied the strings and removed the vibrator before unlocking the cuffs holding her ankles up behind her. Then I lifted her free of the footboard, and carried her from the room. As I held her in my arms, her body against mine, she laid her bound head on my shoulder, and nuzzled against me. I knew for sure at this point, that I was becoming very attached to this one, and would have to watch my step.

Chapter 6 - The Restrained Rest Period

She sat quietly in the bathroom as I slowly unwrapped her tape covered head. When she could finally see the light of day, she looked totally worn out. When the gag finally came off her face, she could hardly move her jaws. She cried silently as I wiped her sweaty, drool soaked face with a damp towel. I had run a hot bath and when she was freed, I left her only with some new stainless steel shackles on her ankles, hands free for her to enjoy the bath and soak her pain wracked muscles. I told her to enjoy the bath, and that I would come for her in thirty minutes to bring her out for some breakfast. She looked up at me and managed to say thank you before collapsing into the hot bath to soak and try to recover. Before I left the room, I had one final instruction for her to carry out. I told her she was expected to be clean shaven when I returned. I told her she had to have a bald pussy or there would be hell to pay.

After thirty minutes, I came back to find her looking remarkably refreshed. I was pleased to see she had carried out my wishes and was indeed as hairless as the day she entered this world. I told her that she should address me as Sir, and that I would treat her with respect if she managed to behave in the right way. I put some handcuffs on her, and with the lead attached to them, I led as she shuffled with the ankle chains to the table for breakfast. We sat down and enjoyed some fruit and cereals, before sitting back with a brewed coffee and a cigarette. I could see that the past night was taking its toll and that she was starting to fade, even after the bath. I asked her if she would like to have a rest, as she was going to need her strength for what I had planned for her later. She admitted that she was quite tired, and that a sleep would allow her to be refreshed for any games later on.

I picked up the lead from her handcuffs and led her to a room she had not yet visited. My basement. As I led her down the stairs, she looked around and wondered why she was being taken down here to get some rest. If what she had encountered so far was wild for her, I knew she was going to be amazed at the sight that greeted her when we entered. She stopped in place as the door opened to view the place where almost anything can be done to a slave in very authentic surroundings. I heard a sharp intake of breath and she stopped frozen in place as she took in the sights in front of her eyes. She saw stocks, cages, stretching racks and all manner of other things with which to confine or contort the human body. I tugged on the lead which pulled her forward by her wrists and I was sure she would protest being led down here to ‘rest’, but she didn’t.

I told her to wait as I readied her restraints so she could be put to rest for a while. I asked her if she would obey, or if I had to force her to be restrained. She said she would do as instructed and so I told she would have to help me with her preparations. I gave her two inflatable plugs as well as some lubricant. I told her which one was to fill her pussy, and which was to go into her anus. I told her she had one minute to comply. With her hands cuffed it was awkward, but she managed to insert them within the minute. Next I told her to inflate them until she could take no more. Once she had done this, I said, ‘good, now give each one two more pumps’. Her eyes went wide, but she did as she was told.

Next I told her to walk over to a table I was pointing to. She managed to waddle over to it, eyes wide as she went. Next I told her to undo her ankle cuffs and threw her the keys to do so. I asked for the keys back and she placed them in my hands. Then I gave her some rope and instructed her how I wanted her to tie her ankles, plus above and below her knees. She was truly amazing as she tied the ropes quite tightly, fearful but enjoying the sensation of binding herself before me. Next I told her to loop some ropes around her thighs, showing her on myself how to do it before handing her the ropes. With her legs roped together it was done a bit slower than my demonstration, but achieved in under thirty seconds anyway. I told her to put her hands by her sides whilst I roped them in place. This I did quickly and then cinched them tightly in place. Next I roped her arms at her sides, cinching them also. Then I picked her up and lay her face down on the table, into the full body restraint jacket I had open on the table.

The jacket was then closed around her body and zipped up. Now it was time to tighten all the laces and buckles so it fitted her slight form like a glove. Starting at her feet, I slowly tightened the laces. When I had tightened it up to the level of her thighs, I made sure the pumps for the inflatable plugs in her pussy and ass were safely protruding from the back of the body glove. I continued lacing her up until I got to the top of her back. All this time she had been silent and at this point I rolled her over so I could see her face. Already it was flushed and although she looked weary, her expression also contained excitement and anticipation. Maybe it was just the restraints, or maybe it was because the only holes in this body glove were over her breasts, leaving her as nothing more than two titties to be played with by whoever found her sealed inside the restraints. I told her she should try to sleep as I had lots of things to plan for her next sessions.

I held her face in my hands and gave her a kiss on the lips. She responded with eagerness and was about to say something when I held an inflatable gag in front of her and told her to, ‘open’. She hesitated a second or two, then opened her mouth as I inserted the gag into her mouth and buckled it around her head. This gag had a breathing tube in it and once it was in place, I then pulled the hood of her body jacket over her head and rolled her over onto her stomach so I could continue the final lacing up of her restraints. Once completed, I rolled her onto her back, then used the many straps attached to the tables sides to lock her down to the table. Straps went all over her, until she could hardly move an inch, then it was time to secure her head as well. Straps went over her neck, chin and forehead. It was then that I inflated the gag in her mouth. Through the breathing tube I heard her protests as the gag grew steadily in size. In the end the sounds were growing smaller as she realized she needed her mouth to breathe, not yell. Finally she settled, until I ensured the two bulbs for inflating the devices in her lower holes were just out by her sides. I gave the inflatable devices in her pussy and ass a final pump for good measure. A squeal came from her mouth, and her feet wiggled. It was time to add some punishment to her restraints.

I went over all the straps holding her to the table one last time. These were the types of nylon straps used on trucks, so they could be tightened with thousands of pound of pressure if desired. A final turn on all of them resulted in her movements being virtually nil. I was careful to add extra tension to the ones over her waist, but less on the ones over her chest, so as not to restrict her breathing too much. I took extra care to tighten the straps over her lower legs and ankles. The final strap went over her feet, just behind her toes. As I tightened this, her feet were arched down towards the table and I was sure I heard her howl in protest from behind the inflatable tube gag in her cheeks. I knew she would be feeling that last strap not only in her instep, but all the way up the front of her shins as the muscles and tendons were stretched in a way they were definitely not used to.

I had one last surprise for her which has never failed to drive a woman almost insane by overloading their senses. Beneath the table there was a machine not unlike an old movie projector. The difference being that this one had spools which instead of taking film, carried a 200 foot roll of silk. I positioned the machine in the right place, then took the loose end of silk from the spool, positioned it so it went over her body, then fed it into the spool on the other side of the table. When the tension was taken up, the four inch wide spool of silk was running right over her exposed breasts. The machine was set to run in one direction until almost out of silk, then wait for two minutes before reversing direction and going the other way. It meant that for five solid minutes the silk would steadily rub over her nipples and tits, then a two minute respite before another five minute period of non-stop stimulation began. Combined with the total immobility, the inflated plugs in all her orifices and the pain in her feet, her senses would be overloaded to the point of driving her almost insane.

Just before leaving the machine to go to work on her, I leaned over close to her and told her that I hoped she enjoyed her rest. Then I hit the button and waited for her response to the silk stimulator machine to have its effect. Immediately the silk started rubbing over her nipples she squealed in surprise. Then she moaned and tried shaking her head to alert me to her predicament. She had no idea what was happening except that something awfully good was happening to her titties and nipples, but that it wouldn’t let up at all.

After about a minute of this constant incredible stimulation, she moaned loud enough for me to be surprised myself. Another thirty seconds of the relentless attack of the silk and she was fairly howling out of the tube in her mouth. I lit up a cigarette and waited until the first run of silk had finished. Her breathing was labored and she was moaning constantly out of the tube. Knowing that she had no idea how or what was to happen next, I decided to play a little game with her mind. I put the cigarette close to her left nipple, so the heat went right through the silk and burnt her nipple enough to give pain, but no lasting damage. The response was immediate. She screamed out in shock, and a bit of pain. I did the same to her right nipple and received the same response. Then the machine started its methodical stimulations once more, and she moaned in ecstasy as the silk caressed her immobile form once more.

I leaned in close to her a spoke loudly for her to hear. I told her that I would be going into town to pick up some things for later, and that I would be back to free her in four hours or so. I told her to get some sleep if she could, as she would be very busy later when I got back and started her training for real. I told her not to worry about the effects of the stimulations, as after her third or fourth orgasm, she would merely be wracked with muscle spasms from the relentless activities of the machine. She moaned loudly in protest but I paid no attention and patted her on the head as I left the basement and slammed the door closed.

Chapter 7 - Outfitted for Fun

When I supposedly returned to the house after doing my shopping, I went to the basement to check on my new trainee. In truth, I'd never left and had been busy readying things for that evening's short notice party. But she wasn't to know that and I wasn't about to tell her.

I turned off the silk stimulation machine and started undoing her restraints. As the belts holding her down came off, I could see she’d been overloaded by the effects of her treatment. Her body was quivering and spasming non stop. I had been watching the build-up on the video via the closed circuit cameras most of the time, as well as sneaking in every so often to check on her for real. I smiled to myself and thought of what she would look like when the hood came off. Just before turning her over to undo the full body glove, I bent down and suckled on her chocolate brown nipples. A low moan emerged from the breathing tube and her body shuddered inside the bag. I flipped her over onto her front and started to loosen the laces on the bag. When they were all undone, I removed the hood, then unzipped the bag and lifted her up to a sitting position. She squealed as the weight of her body was placed on the inflated plugs inside her. I deflated them a bit to make her more comfortable. Next I deflated the one in her mouth and loosened the straps around her head. She was totally drained. Her eyes were a pool swimming of spent lust.

I spoke to her with an evil grin on my face and asked her how her rest had been. All she could manage was a weak smile and to ask for some water. I gave her a drink and slowly she recalled for me the events of the afternoon while I was supposedly away. She told me she had been at the point of orgasm more than thirty times, and had managed to come more than 10! She told me she thought she would pass out every time her titties were stimulated. I gave her a wicked smile and told her she did very well, and that as a reward she would get to have another bath before I put her in some very special restraints for the rest of the day. She was too worn out to respond and so I carried her upstairs to the bathroom and put her in the bath without any restraints for the first time, warning her to behave and not play with herself. I told her to be ready in thirty minutes or else she would be bound even tighter for the rest of the day. Before I left the room, I showed her a pair of thumb and toe cuffs, telling her she should be wearing them when I returned. Locking the door behind me, I readied the next part of the program for her.

When I came for her, she was sitting on the floor, struggling to get around with just the thumb and toe cuffs on. I asked her to stand up, and told her how beautiful she looked. She seemed to be holding up quite well for her first day of bondage, and things were about to get very serious for her once again. I told her to stand still while I put a blindfold on her. This was not necessary, but I just wanted her to wear it so she couldn’t tell exactly what the end result of her apparel was to be. Next up I fitted her with a tight corset, which laced up at the back and was designed to be able to reduce her already small waist to a miniature 17 inches. I laced it up, but not too tight as to give away the potential of the corset just yet. Next up, I unlocked the toe cuffs and powdered her legs, ready for the next items, latex stockings which would cover her legs to her ankles. I told her what was happening as I did this, also telling her how beautiful she would look when I had finished dressing her. With toe cuffs off, she stood proud as the stockings were rolled up her legs.

I told her to balance while I fitted her with a pair of shoes. She did a good job of balancing while I put a pair of ballet boots onto her feet, one at a time. As she stood in them, I laced them up tight and locked them onto her feet. I could tell she wanted to say something in protest but she managed to hold her tongue. I stood up and attached her stockings to her corset with the garter straps. A sturdy posture collar went around her neck. The collar made her chin sit up high and limited the movement of her head. Still to come were the restraints for her arms. These I had made for me specially, and I was sure she would do them justice. I told her to put her arms out in front of her while I fitted her arm restraints. With her thumbs still cuffed, I fitted the stainless steel armsnares to each forearm. Basically they consist of a steel plate which lies along the inside of each forearm, and had five handcuff like ratchet bands which closed around her wrist and all the way to just above the elbow.

The only difference being that each band was over half an inch wide, so it could be clasped up tight without causing circulation problems. Each of the bands was welded to the inside forearm plate, except the one which closes around the arm above the elbow. This was so the armsnare would not move at all, but would still allow the slaves’ arms to bend. The armsnares could be locked together top and bottom, so there was no slack available to the slave. Once fitted, I locked her arms together in front of her, then set to tightening her corset so her waist was reduced to under 19 inches. She did her best to remain silent, with only a few gasps escaping her lips. I have always been amazed at what a few kind words of praise can do for a girl's attitude when they are being restrained painfully. Today was no different. When she should have been asking for mercy, she instead said, ‘Thank you Sir, I like to look beautiful for you’.

Once the corset had miniaturized her waist, I buckled a two inch wide stiff leather belt around her waist, over the corset. Next I surprised her by releasing her from the armsnares, then pulling her arms behind her and locking her arms together at the wrist and above the elbows. To add to her wardrobe, I chose a tight leather micro-miniskirt, which laced up at each side. I put it on her one ballet-booted foot at a time so she remained standing, then lifted it up her legs and over her hips. The laces were tightened, and the micro-mini completed the look. It really only covered her hips, allowing glimpses of her pussy in front, and her gorgeous butt cheeks just exposed at the rear. The final touch to her costume was a pair of nipple clamps with bells and tassels on them. She gasped as the jaws closed on each nipple, but managed to stay silent other than that.

I asked her if she would like to see herself in the mirror before I took her out to the living room. She said, “Yes please Sir, I would like to see how pretty you have made me”. So I removed the blindfold and let her look at herself. A big grin came over her face and she had to lean forwards to see her full reflection due to the tall posture collar around her neck. Once she had completed her look over herself, I told her it was time to come outside. I put a leash onto her collar and led her out to the lounge room so we could relax, well, so I could relax.

I led her to the living room, and directed her to a seat in the middle of the room. It was a low seat made of steel, and she sat down as directed, with her arms over the back of the chair. I locked the armsnare to the back of her corset belt, holding her back to the frame. Next a pair of cuffs went around her ankles, over the ballet boots. I put a chain on these and then pulled her feet back under the chair and then tightly locked the chain from her ankles to the wrists of the armsnare. Next came some new white ropes for her knees, which looked great over the shiny black latex stockings. More ropes went over her thighs, holding her to the chair and further restricting her ability to move. Once completed, she was a tightly bound bundle of beauty. I told her I had a real surprise for her and that she was to remain silent throughout the rest of the afternoon, only to speak if she was spoken to. If she failed this task, she would wear the largest gag I could find, for the rest of the afternoon and night. I asked her if she would comply, to which she replied, “Yes Sir, I will”. I said, “good, we will proceed shortly”. I put some good music on the stereo and settled down on the lounge with a drink and a smoke to wait for what I had planned.

She stiffened visibly when the car pulled up outside. I warned her once again against speaking as I went to open the door. I had a word with the person at the door and then came back inside followed by a beautiful young girl with a carry case. I brought her into the lounge room, and told her that her subject was seated in the chair, and had instructions only to speak if spoken to. Her eyes went a little wide as she took in the leather and latex covered beauty bound to the chair in front of her. I addressed Jumana as she sat bolt upright in the chair. I told her the visitor’s name was Samantha, and she was here to do her hair and her make-up, so she would look beautiful for the party tonight. At hearing this, Jumana’s eyes went wide. Her mind raced as she took in the words I just spoke. Party tonight? Luckily for her she held her tongue and managed to stammer out the words, “Yes Sir”.

I asked Sam if she wanted a drink before she started work on the subject, to relax her a bit. She said that would be good. I found out what she wanted and went to the bar to fix her a drink. I also brought another drink and asked her if she would mind helping the subject to drink her drink. This was done to relax them both and to show that I am really a great guy at heart. She said she would love to help in anyway she could. When she looked at me to take the drink, I noticed a certain look in her eye. A certain look that told me she was enjoying this situation much more than she let on.

I had used Samantha's services a few times, but this time, I could tell she was in a kind of sexy mood herself and the sight of Jumana really added to her own excitement.

The session began as Sam opened her case and took out all her goodies. Sam had a drink and also helped her bound subject to drink her drink, holding it to her lips and looking into Jumana’s eyes with something more than just professional interest. Once they both finished a drink, Sam set to work on her subjects hair. Before long she was getting right into it. Working away as if nothing was different than any normal home beauty appointment. Sam had long ago been recommended to me by a friend who had used her in the past, and I was always happy to use her services whenever needed myself.

After Jumana’s hair was done, Sam set to work on her make-up. I interrupted to offer them both another drink, to which Sam replied for the both of them, saying, ‘Yes sir, the slave and her hairdresser would very much appreciate another drink’. It entered my head as I fetched the drinks, that I might ask if Sam would like to stay for the party, bound and gagged of course. My mind came back to reality as I brought the drinks over and set them on the table near Sam’s work gear. I moved off and took my seat and lit a smoke.

I was interrupted by Sam, who approached me and said, ‘may I speak to sir about his preferences for his pet's make-up?’ I replied, “sit down here and talk to me and let me know what you have in mind for the slave”. She sat down and asked me if I wanted her to look like a prim and proper lady, who had been made to wear these rubber maid clothes, or if I wanted her to look like a trashy woman of loose morals?

I asked her what she thought would be best. She told me she would have to know the full plan for the program before she could make an accurate assessment of the best make-up requirements.

I decided to take a chance and I told her that tonight was a special gathering, and that if I let her in on the events of the evening, she would have to stay as a participant, just like Jumana over there.

She took this in for a second or two before answering. She looked into my eyes and all she said was, “no sex without permission”. I told her that if that was her condition, it would be obeyed. She told me we had a deal, but that she would have to call her flatmate to let her know she would be late home. I countered that by adding, “you won’t be home – at least not until tomorrow and will have decent accommodations here”. She considered that before adding, “You’re on, now tell me the plan”.

I told her not to worry about the plan, but to do Jumana’s make-up in a classy form, not trashy, as she was too beautiful to tart up. She agreed and hopped up to continue her work. I addressed her with the term, “subject 2, put these on your ankles before you continue”, and held up a pair of cuffs with a twelve inch hobble chain. Subject 2 turned and obediently placed the cuffs on her ankles. I looked over at Jumana and caught a look of anger in her eyes. ‘Good’, I thought to myself. Just what I had hoped for, my pet was getting jealous of her competition. I watched as the work continued, as I thought of what to outfit the newest addition in for the nights party.

I looked over to see my Jumana getting more than she had bargained for, and my newest servant trying her best to raise the heart rate of the captured girl. Sam was now doing some make-up work on Jumana’s nipples, highlighting them and making life very uncomfortable for Jumana. I decided that things were becoming a bit too much fun, so I stepped in and told Sam that she had 30 minutes to complete her work, then she had another thirty to be readied herself.

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