My Dog Boy
  • Author - Ryan Harrison
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  • Story Codes - M-m, reluctant, bondage, cbt, extreme, humiliation, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 3/17/2008

Standing in front of me was a handsome young man. He was no taller than I but very well built. He had his eyes cast to the floor and would dare not look at me unless spoken to.

“What a good boy” I find myself thinking as I look over him. His bubbly ass was bright red from his daily punishment and his nipples were standing hard at attention from being clamped for so long. I tell him to kneel and he does so without hesitation. I have trained him well. The light from the fire seems to dance on his bald head I gently rub it and whisper” Do you love your master?” he gazes up into my eyes and replies “Yes master” I force him on all fours and have him walk with me to the table where I have already laid out the toys for tonight’s session. First taking the dog tail butt plug I shove it into his mouth and say to him “Make that nice and wet, unless you want me to shove it in dry” I watch as he uses his own saliva to make his familiar ass toy as slick as possible. After some time has passed and I remove the toy from his mouth tell him to take a deep breath and I shove it in listening to him let out a deep sigh as it sits in place, then taking the dog mask I cover that beautiful face of his with the mask and secure it almost too tight around his head.

Once fully masked I have him stand for me and taking the black electrical tape from the table I force his right hand to his shoulder and began to wrap it into a smaller limb once finished I proceed to wrap his left arm in the same fashion. After I am done wrapping his arms I have him lay on his stomach as I pull his right leg back to his thigh and I wrap it as I did his arms and when I am done with both legs he almost resembles a real dog. To complete the look I attach a leash to the O-ring on his hood, staring down at my dog boy I smile to myself thinking about the fun I am about to have with him. I lead him over to the two bowls with the words “Bitch” and “Slut” on them. I move to the front of him unzipping the eyelets of the mask and tell him to watch, I stand behind the bowls and I unzip my pants and pull out my precumming member and proceed to urinate into his slut bowl laughing sadistically as he winces as some of my piss splashes him. I move over to the bitch bowl pulling my pants to my knees I squat over it and shit into it. Even through the tiny eyelets I see his eyes widening “Oh yes your going to be feasting on this tonight.” His eyes look at me pleading me to not make him but he knows it won’t do him any good.

Unzipping his mouth hole he instinctively sticks his tongue out to lap up his golden drink but before his tongue touches the liquid I quickly jerk his head to the shit, the bowl he wanted to get to last. His body jerks as his tongue plunges deep into it and he laps up a decent sized piece into his mouth and swallows and he repeats this act over and over until he has emptied the bowl and I force him to lick it clean. To reward him for such a job done well I allow him to get the taste out of his mouth by drinking from his other bowl which he does not seem to despise as much. Now that he has been well nourished I lead him to the center of the room where the real fun can begin.

I place him in front of my chair and sitting in it I place my feet upon him like a human foot rest and I begin to read a book. Thirty minutes passed and he began to whimper from being on his elbows and knees for so long. Looking down at him I feel rather disappointed in the disturbance and he seems to feel the on coming punishment and he shifts his weight a little. Standing up I walk over to the table and remove a three tailed flogger and step behind him. Without warning I flick the tails at his exposed ass and almost instantly red lines appeared on it and I strike him again even harder this time and he lets out a grunt “Is my punishment to much for you to bear?” He replies to me “No master, I am sorry” I flick the tails at his ass again and this time there was total silence from him, after a few more flick I feel he has learned his lesson. I then force him to lie on his back, exposing his rock hard cock.

I return to the table and retrieve a handful of zip ties. I apply the first zip tie around his entire cock and then proceed to apply them up his hard and throbbing dick until the final one is applied to his head sealing the hole tightly shut. It is an amazing site, his cock bound so that little fold of skin seems to bubble up between the ties. Taking the rest of the zip ties I separate his balls then I proceed to apply another zip tie around his testicles. Tears are welling in his eyes I can’t help but smile at him he just looks so sexy like that and I tell him this. He whimpers a little and I step on his cock and tears seem to pour even more out of his eyes. I remove my boot and turn him on his stomach where I remove his plug and I shove my cock deep into his ass ramming it hard he starts to cry so I stop and pull out I get up and go to the table and retrieve the ball gag and pull it hard around his hood and fasten the buckle behind his head and I return my cock to his anus and he returns to crying. I laugh as he try’s to wiggle away from me. I keep thinking to myself “I love my dog boy”.

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