Love and Suffering - Tom's Tale
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The following is a story which started off a long time ago, then was slowly added to, until recently when the other 80% was added to make it complete. I hope you enjoy it. The codes below are accurate, as it is a lengthy multi-part tale as well.

Kylie Escapes

She was just 15 when she was rescued from the clutches of the gang she was hanging about with. Young and impressionable, she was unaware of the potential outcome of things had she not been rescued on that fateful night so many years ago. She thought that the members of the gang she was mixing with appreciated her for something other than her rapidly maturing body. They were not so bad, nor was she, it was more a case of like the Suzi Quatro song, “I may be too young, to fall in love, but I'll still hang around” - with the usual negative outcome which accompanies such associations.

Kylie was a curious combination of rebellious tomboy with a bean stalk rakish build as she went through school – the kind of girl whom boys sort of let hang around and the girls thought too boyish to allow into their inner sanctums. The kind of duckling who ends up sprouting upwards first, then adding the curves at just the time when she is leaving her teens, ending up in the sort of woman modeling agencies the world over try to acquire JUST before they are ready to flourish.

Unfortunately she came from that rebellious background and so she never caught the eye of the modeling agencies as she matured. The maturing came on fast (as did her sexuality) and by that time she was so totally enamored with Tom, the man who rescued her that she found it difficult being apart from him even for an instant.

The night of her rescue Kylie discovered that there was another sort of a life, one outside of the path her rebellious streak was leading her down. That night would live forever with her as the night she truly came of age, received true enlightenment and as she would later discover, empower her in ways many others would never, ever truly realize.

The fact that rescue brought her nearly 3 years of pure, unadulterated sexual torment is something she would never forget. The torment came in the manner of denial of sex. She could not understand why her rescuer would not avail himself of her almost daily maturing charms. Why he would insist that he knew how she cared for him but that it was important for her to grow more inside, before he would consider availing himself of her sexually. He spoke of the benefits of chastity and refraining from impulsive behavior. He told her how this disciplined lifestyle would help her to become a very confident woman who would grow emotionally stronger once she was not driven to follow her impulses. How this maturity would lay the foundations for a much more solid relationship between them in the years to come. He even showed her examples of chastity belts which were available should she be too weak to deal with her temptations.

Kylie pointed out that she was now 16, which was the legal age in their country and that it was wrong that they were not sleeping together, after all, everyone of her friends was sleeping with their boyfriends. But no, he insisted they wait until he deemed they were ready. Thus, she lived in a world of torment, free from the lifestyle which would have led to destruction but now in one of abstinence which frustrated her beyond belief. Every morning she awoke, she longed for the moment when they could truly be together, totally and without any reservations. She would touch herself while thinking these thoughts in rapturous and passionate moments of lust which burned at her with an intensity beyond reason.

A Dream Reality

The night her dreams became a reality would fall on her 18th Birthday, when she was told they would be heading down the coast for a weekend of intimacy which she would always remember. Her preparations were complete, hair, nails, clothes, everything was in readiness for her weekend of pleasure. Tom arrived and came to the door to greet her parents before they departed. Over the past few years they had grown to respect him greatly for the manner in which he had helped to transform their previously rebellious daughter and they obviously knew that this was to be THAT special weekend. Something they were of course a little unsure about, yet trusted Tom enough that they gave the young couple their blessing, even though he was some years her senior.

They waved as the couple drove off although it wasn't long before Tom stopped the car and gave Kylie a wicked smile, telling her he had a surprise or two in store for her this weekend, beginning right now. He asked if she trusted him to which she told him of course she did. It was then that he produced two pairs of cuffs, both triple hinged and double locking. One pair went on her wrists which now rested in her lap, the other on her ankles, forcing her to sit quite still in the seat of the car. She was about to say something when he 'Shhhhdd' her and smiled at her in a way which gave her the courage to go along with his plan. Off they drove, with him reaching over to caress her thighs, her breasts and even occasionally just between her thighs. By the time they arrived she was looking dreamily at him with desire.

He quickly checked them in before darting back to the car and parking it undercover behind their beach front bungalow. Opening the door, he came back to the car smiling, opened her door and with her still cuffed hand and foot, he carried her over the threshold and straight into the awaiting bedroom. Placing her down he rolled her over and quickly snapped another pair of slightly longer cuffs from each existing pair to each end of the bed, so she now lay stretched out on her tummy, arms at the foot end of the bed and ankles to the head end. He smiled at her and told her he would be right back and not to go anywhere.

Having played some of these games before, she knew that this time it would be for real and they wouldn't end after a session of tying and teasing, but continue on to climax in something she had been desiring for almost three years.

Tom returned and cleverly replaced the harshness of the cuffs with softer yet unyielding leather wrist and ankle restraints while at the same time partially removing her shirt and shorts, leaving her in her newly acquired almost see through underwear. By the time he was done she was still stretched out, face down on the bed and he soon added a sleep-mask styled blindfold so that everything for her would be a tiny escalation and surprise. He used his hands, mouth, chillingly cool ice which sent shivers throughout her body as well as other things she couldn't describe, lost in her ever growing anticipation of what was soon to come. Every time his hands roamed over her legs she tried to part her thighs yet still he took his time before he even approached her nether regions.

Soon he rolled her over onto her back before loosening one ankle at a time and parting them wide before re-affixing them to the corners of the bed. With her bra now above her lovely pert breasts and the ice touching her nipples, he watched her entire body go taught. He sucked in the air across her chilled and aroused buds and she let loose a small whimper, not knowing how much more she could stand. As he untied her special, sexy little panties at the sides and removed them, his breath caressed her engorged and swollen lips. He kissed her gently down below and she began to cry ever so softly with desire as she begged him to make love to her. Reaching up, he slid the blindfold from her eyes as he lowered himself upon her.

After being released from her bonds, the way she held onto him, wrapping herself about him, clinging to him and smiling, told him everything he needed to know.

Granting Kylie's Birthday Wish

Later they once again enjoyed each other intimately in the huge spa bath overlooking the ocean, after which they needed a rest. Waking at sunset, they showered and headed out to dinner at one of the finest restaurants along the coast. Tom noticed others looking at him with envy as he and Kylie walked along the crowded boulevards towards their destination. Although he cut a fine figure and was 6'3, the woman on his arm was almost as tall as him tonight, wearing 4 inch heels while gracefully keeping step with him, her long legs enhanced by the effect the shoes.

Of course, the rest of her outfit only added to this vision of beauty who even now clung to his arm. She wore expensive stove pipe black leather pants, partially covering a waist hugging mini corset, which itself covered the lower half of her custom made shimmering white silk blouse which she must have purchased just for this occasion. The effect of it all was almost too much for many of the men who couldn't help but stare as they passed by. Some almost did back flips as her willowy long blond hair seemed to float behind her as she walked. Kylie too was enjoying herself as some of the men's partners almost hissed at her or slapped their men for so blatantly staring at her as she captivated their attention. It was the same when they arrived at the restaurant, seemingly every head in the place turned as they were led to their table overlooking the ocean.

Over desert, Tom looked into her entrancingly beautiful velvet brown eyes and told her he wanted to grant her one special Birthday wish. He added that he only hoped she would wish for something he could deliver on such short notice. Kylie sat back in her chair, tilted her head while raising a thoughtful fingernail to her lips, whereby she mouthed to him silently, “Anything?”

He nodded slowly and a smile formed on her lips before she leaned forwards towards him, beckoning him with towards her with one sinfully long red nail. “You mean besides getting to keep you forever and having you make love to me frequently from this day forwards?” As Tom blushed, she smiled and then said, “Besides that my Birthday wish is to do to you what you did to me this afternoon. To tie you to the bed and have my way with you, to release the years of frustration and torment and to take it out upon your helpless body while you writhe about beneath me helpless to stop the onslaught – that is my wish”.

Tom swallowed slowly and with difficulty as his jeans got tighter at the thought of what this could possibly lead to, but he dutifully nodded his head and whispered, “Your wish is my command, fair Princess”.

To Tom, it seemed that the young lady with whom he went to dinner had changed into a someone very different by the time they departed. This woman now seemed to take control of things and caressed him almost openly as they made their way back to the bungalow. At one point as a group of young men walked towards them, their mouths half open at the sight of her as she approached, she took Tom's hand from about her waist, raised it higher and wrapped it atop her breast, causing the oncoming youths to almost walk into a light pole!

They made it safely home and Tom was about to comment, but she Shhhhhd him and told him that it was her Birthday wish for him to be silent, to undress and lay himself upon the bed, strap his ankles to the baseboard and to lock the leather cuffs about his wrists while she prepared herself for playtime.

He heard her returning from getting dressed for sex, rather than saw her coming. First he heard the click of her heels on the marble tiled bathroom floor, next it was her instruction to close his eyes while she adjusted tightened and secured his cuffs to ensure he was just the way she wanted him. Dutifully his eyes closed and she stepped into the bedroom where he lay waiting. Firstly she covered his eyes with a sleep mask telling him that that would do the job for now, before threading the rope through the cuff on his left wrist, pulling it out to the corner of the bedpost and then repeating the same on his right.

Once she was satisfied that he was positioned correctly, Kylie went about the task of tightening each rope with a level of tension which went beyond simple rope skills. By the time she was finished, Tom was glad that there were leather cuffs about his wrists as surely the tautness of the ropes would have been damaging without them. Next she slid something long and thin under his lower back, at right angles to his spine. He would later discover it was the handle of a broom. Rope from the broom handle was then tied over his stomach and to the other side, then repeated a few times until the rope cut into his waist and held the broom handle closely across his lower back. Tom wondered where she learned this additional security measure as he had never tied her using this simple trick. One thing was for sure it certainly stopped him from trying to roll about a bit and added to the effectiveness of the other bonds.

Satisfied with her work to date, she told him she would remove the blindfold but he was to keep his eyes closed until she told him to open them. Removing the blindfold, Kylie stepped back from the bed and went to the doorway so when Tom lifted his head, he would be able to take in the full effect of her outfit.

When she told him to raise his head, then open his eyes, she waited and watched for the expression on his face. Opening his eyes, Tom's body went rigid at the sight which he beheld. Standing in the doorway was the most incredible sight he couldn't even begin to imagine.

From her hair in a long braided ponytail to the red 5 inch heels on her feet, Kylie was transformed into the most erotic vision imaginable. Bare legs stretched on forever until they entered a pair of the briefest imaginable, lace up red leather hot pants. Next the flatness of her tummy led to another incredible use of red leather. This time in a corseted bustier which hugged her perfectly and only just covered her magnificent small yet firm breasts. Hands on her hips she stood there as he also noticed the open fingered gloves, also in red. He was literally speechless as he drank in the vision before him. He struggled to recall it clearly, but obviously she had remembered a conversation from a long time ago about his dream outfit which wasn't suitable for public viewing and this vision just about matched it perfectly.

Kylie smiled and began to walk towards him, picking up a matching red crop on her way, tapping it on her hand and asking not so innocently if Tom had been a bad boy.... A grin came across his face and he replied that he thought he'd been pretty good. What happened next took him by surprise as she stopped halfway up beside the bed, then lowered the crop to flick it back and forwards slapping the head of his cock and telling him, “now now, if you haven't been a bad boy, how am I supposed to punish you?”

With his pulsing cock getting a taste of the crop, he winced and recanted his earlier statement, instead saying that yes, he had been a bad boy and needed to be punished. At this, she stopped the flicking of his cock and said, “That's better, lying isn't good and needs to be punished as well”. She came to the head of the bed, then sat down beside him and put the eye mask over his vision once more. Next came the tape which she used to wrap around over the eye mask and the back of his head a number of times until there was no way he was getting his sight back until she was ready.

Birthday Present Becomes Birthday Punishment

From this point on, the only way Tom would ever really be able to recall or repeat everything which would follow, was by watching the video of the night, recorded from their new digital video camera which Kylie had placed in a suitable spot when she first entered the room and Tom was initially blindfolded. This was because in the hours which followed, Kylie had Tom in such a state, both from erotic denial and also a number of punishing torments, that one event rolled over another until he felt like he was caught in massive surf with breakers crashing over him one after the other until he thought he would drown, only to be pulled up for a brief period of air before another set came crashing down again.

With her Birthday present now ready for the next stage, Kylie lay on the bed beside him, before rolling atop him and over to the other side of their spacious bed so the camera had an unobstructed view of the action. She ran her insanely long index fingernail over his still pulsing cock, admiring it the way she had done many times before. She knew this cock so well, loved it, from the circumcised head to his large always clean shaved balls and pubic region, as being hairless down there was something they both took care of. Kissing the tip of it, her hand wrapping about it, she asked him once again if he had been bad, to which he replied that he had. Caressing the shaft, she asked him to tell her all the bad things he had done, or thought of for which he would need to be punished.

He started off slowly, as he knew he hadn't done many things wrong, but she kept teasing him, then letting go of his cock to watch it lay erect against his lower stomach, pulsing every so often in anticipation. When he would run out of things to be punished for, she would hint at other things, such as, had he ever admired another woman's breasts, or a short skirt, then probe for details. This continued for some time until she had enough things to punish him for and he took a moment to ask her for some water. At this she smiled and took the bottle of Champers from its bucket of ice, then raised the ice bucket above his lips, dripping some into his parched mouth. Next she took a towel and draped it over his stomach before scooping a fair bit of the ice into the towel, causing him to tense up against the chill. Wrapping the ice in the towel she cooled his erection off, telling him he needed to be shrunken down to size as the first stage of his punishments, saying so with a little bit of a giggle in her 18 year old voice.

For the rest of his living days he would always wonder where she learned the things she did to him over the coming hours, beginning with the application of not so much a cock-ring, but an inch long, inch and three eights steel ring which she slid down his shaft, right to the base of his cock. He would later discover this item was meant as a napkin holder and was made of nice strong stainless steel, decorative normally, but when he would become erect, his very girthy cock would be well and truly pained by the application of this simple inch wide too tight ring. Before any real hint of an erection could flourish, she added another item which at the time he had never seen, not heard of. He later discovered it to be a tip ring, which she placed behind the head of his rapidly swelling cock. The difference with this one though, was evident when she licked the eye of his cock before applying it, as this one not only captured the head of his cock, but had a forward reaching U shaped attachment with a ball on the end. This 1/4 inch ball was to go into the eye of his cock, sliding down inside with the U shaped part going under the head, back to the ring which encircled the head of it. Being only 1 1/4 inches in diameter, combined with the insertion and ball inside his urethra, it would be quite effective in minimizing any attempt at gushing forth the results of an orgasm, making any experience most unpleasant. But for now, he began to protest until she told him to be quiet, as he felt the very uncomfortable feeling of having something go into the eye of his cock, something he didn't enjoy at all.

Once this task was complete, she once again began to use her hands, nails and now her mouth, to bring him to a full state of arousal. With his cock responding to the current treatment and attention, she turned to his cleanly shaved balls. Picking up the roll of electrical tape, she methodically wrapped his balls in tape, starting near the base of his cock and working outwards. It took some feet of tape but in the end his balls lay encased in tape, causing deep throbbing pains with every pulsating throb of his cock. Never before had she felt so much power over him, to see him writhing there unable to do anything about her domination over him. She became emboldened by her success thus far, so that once again she picked up the crop and tapped it against his tightly wrapped balls, causing him to plead for her to stop.

She knelt on the bed between his widespread knees, leaned forwards and wrapped her gloved hand about his cock, before sliding her open mouth down over him, licking, sucking and using her tongue on him as she went. She spoke to him, asking him if he really thought he deserved relief tonight, seeing as he had made he wait nearly three years before he finally gave her what she desired... As his body went stiff at the thought of this, she said to him that things like that were for another time, as right now she desired that he worship his princess by licking and sucking her toes, while of course she spent time using her immaculate fingernails to tease and torment his pulsating cock.

Over the coming hours, Tom endured more torments than most men could cope with. After worshiping her toes, Kylie swapped positions and lay herself atop him, her back against his front, his cock positioned to be vertical, between her leather clad ass cheeks and poking up in front of her red leather covered pussy. While she spoke to the ceiling about the things to come, her fingernails tormented the tip of his cock, feeling their way about the protruding inwards tip ring, which now punished his swollen cock head. She would writhe about, her hands exploring down his sides, or above her head she would stretch them out atop his wide spread ones, her nails raking his forearms and other places. Sometimes she would swap positions so her toes teased his cock or worse still, manipulate and crush his tightly wrapped balls, all the while denying him the chance to obtain relief, or release.

When she finally removed the rest of her clothes while voicing to him what was to come next, her actions weren't ending up in pleasure as he had hoped. For when she finally put her mouth upon his cock, while teasing her clit to get herself moist enough, the further swelling of his cock caused him nothing but pain from the twin rings encircling him at the head and base of his now purple, blood engorged member. Even when she slid down upon him, her pussy eating him up hungrily, all he could do was wince as she lowered herself fully, ending in her weight upon his tightly taped balls. His pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears for a while, until she decided to give him a taste of what his cock was experiencing. A taste that is, via his tongue. Kylie knelt above him, lowering herself towards his mouth in the 69 position. This left him to do the best he could in pleasuring her, while she went back to using her long red nails on his cock, or her hands to grip his already painful balls.

After she had received a plentiful reward from his tongue, Kylie told him that as soon as he had orgasmed as well, the session of teasing and torments could be considered done. When he heard this, he began to plead with her that as aroused as he was, the effects of the two constraints on his cock made it impossible for him to come. “Pity abut that”, was all she had to say, adding that in that case it looked like it would be lot longer for him to enjoy his predicament than she had bargained on. She added to it by suggesting that she herself was possibly to blame and that henceforth she would try harder to make him come.

As he began to sob, she went to work on his blood engorged cock, which was almost insensitive to anything but pain after almost 2 hours without much blood flow. In the end after trying for another 20 minutes, she began to sense he was almost ready to orgasm himself. After all, she had been sucking his dick for almost 2 years, wanting it inside her yet being limited to nothing but oral attentions until this very day, so she sure knew how to manipulate him well, mentally as well as physically. As he neared the point of no return, she thought about stopping, but knew that it was time to end his lesson for now, so she put her pussy back to his mouth and told him to suckle her like the sweetest nectar that she was, or else she would stop her attentions on him and crush his balls, making him go without. Instantly his mouth hungrily searched out her sweet spot while she herself began to use her hands as well as her mouth upon him.

Moments later she felt him stiffen as he let loose a guttural moan into her pussy as his own cock began to pulse in her mouth. As this happened she grasped his tightly wound balls and manipulated them as he tried in vain to let loose what was trapped within. The twin circulation restrictions and hole plugging effect of the tip ring did their jobs just as she had read they would. He tried to orgasm but instead nothing happened except a dry orgasm which left him worse off than before it began as his cock throbbed, surged and pumped to absolutely no avail.

After she recovered from the licking, she reached over and pulled out a tube of cream called deep heat, used for very sore muscles and not something you would use on your private regions. Beginning with his cock she massaged some into it, knowing that only half the extremely nasty burning sensation would be felt now, with his cock so lacking in feeling and circulation, but later, he would certainly know about the after effects. As he began to experience the pains from the cream, she started to unravel the tape from his balls. Each wrap which came off sent surges of pain through his balls until he was trying to keep his voice down as he begged her to be more gentle. Her response to this was - “Only if you promise to let me tie you and do this again”. “YES”, he cried in the hope of some form of instant relief.

Changed Woman

Over the coming weeks and months, Kylie did extract the follow-on promise and once more gave Tom a punishing time during the sessions when he was tied. Each time he was tied, she would repeat the motions of having him tell her any and all reasons why he should be punished. It was as if she was searching for him to tell her things which simply weren't true, in an effort to pursue deeper levels of punishment for his fictitious indiscretions. Kylie grew wilder and wilder when it came to their bedroom escapades until it reached a point where she convinced Tom to get a piercing which would show his commitment to her, as well as provide additional stimulation during their lovemaking. This piercing was a Prince Albert style and once healed, she did seem to be happier overall, for a while.

Things improved for Tom as well, when Kylie surprised him on their 3rd Anniversary with a large and a small box, each containing presents. The large box he was encouraged to open first and when revealed, it was a gift he had been wanting for quite some time. Even, better, it matched that super sexy red outfit Kylie had revealed to him the night of her 18th Birthday, yet this time, it was really for his benefit. The present was a made to order red leather single glove, which Kylie had made by a friend of hers in the fetish industry and which he couldn't wait to try on her for size and effect!

Kylie knew how aroused and eager he would be to get her into the outfit and play with her for an extended period of time. Once again though, she proved herself to be a recreated woman when he opened the 2nd box to see what was inside. This one had an item they had seen while reading things on-line. His present was a Chastity device called a Mistress Lori's tube (with a couple of customizations), and when combined with the PA securing device, it would prove to be quite an effective method of helping to keep his erections her only to enjoy. It would even effectively keeping her in control on the nights when she let him tie and tease her like the one she knew was coming up tonight.

Over the next weeks and months, their lives settled into one of a new balance, with him still having his chances to tie, tease and please her, but with an ever increasing bias leaning her way, especially as he was now remaining locked into the chastity device for ever increasing periods of time.

They both noticed the difference in his attitudes and behavior when locked away, especially the times she added her newest toy, a little bell which was sealed at the bottom with some criss-crossed wires, so that it was not possible to block the chime from ringing. This addition locked onto a small ring under the tip of his chastity tube and was only used at home, but it made certain that he couldn't play with himself for whenever he did, the tinkling noises were a certain give away in regards to his actions.

Then came the night which changed their lives forever. Tom was working late and didn't make it home until nearly 9-00PM. When he arrived, Kylie was sitting in their lounge room, drowning her sorrows in Gin, whilst the tears still rolled from her eyes with ever increasing difficulty, as she'd almost cried her tear ducts dry.

Racing to her, he knelt there and hugged her, asking her what was wrong. Looking into his eyes, she fell forwards off the lounge and with her head upon his shoulder told him what she had learned earlier that evening when over at her parents place.

He listened as she told him that her parents were not really her parents and that after years of trying to have children, they had entered into an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) program. This effectively meant that her biological parents, weren't really her complete family, as some donor was included in the mix which was used to create her. To make things worse, when her parents had checked into things, they discovered that records were sketchy at best and that now they didn't really know who her true father was. Kylie added that it was now her mission in life to find her true father and that the best that records her parents showed could indicate, was that he now lived in the USA with only some sketchy leads there to follow through on, yet it was something she absolutely must do in order to discover her true self.

There are times when certain emotional issues over-ride all logical thought and to Tom, this seemed like one of them now that Kylie was going through. He knew there was nothing he could do to dissuade her from this venture so he simply told her that he would be here for her, as well as with her, if the time arose when she needed him.

In due course, Kylie had made arrangements for Leave of Absence from her work and had packed up to head to the USA in search of her real father. At the time, neither of them thought this would be something which consumed her in the way that it did, where their relationship arrived at a point where Kylie ended up telling Tom that it was probably best if they took a break as the trip and the journey of self discovery had become the only thing in her life.

Devastated, Tom told her he would wait for her, to which she sort of hinted that there may be a chance when she returned, but that she would rather he didn't hold out hope, considering the changes she was going through. She never really talked of these changes and no matter how hard he tried to find out more, it only served to distance them further.

In the end, Kylie sent a final goodbye letter, asking him to box up any of the remaining small personal items at his place and that he should move on with his life and that she was sorry things worked out the way that they had, yet she still had to continue her path down this road to self discovery.

For Tom, it was not so easy, as while she had a mission in life, a reason to go on each and every day, he had a piercing and either a lock, a decorative piece of jewelery and or the chastity belt (to which he now held the keys) on his cock which reminded him daily of how great his life had been, before that single bit of information changed their lives forever. To make it worse, Tom couldn't find it in his heart to forget her and punished himself by reviewing some of their own home movies with either he, or she tied while they both had the time of their lives.

But now, that was all gone and Kylie wasn't even answering his emails, nor did he have her current address. In the end, he packed away the movies of their escapades, placed them in the box of the other items she had left there and stored them in the spare bedroom's closet, as he couldn't yet convince himself to throw the lot, or for that matter, throw the memories of Kylie away.

With this part of his life partially tucked away, Tom made a very concerted effort to try to move on. He reverted to some of the things he enjoyed from years gone by, including his love of motorcycling. The weeks turned into months with no contact and by now, it was bikes which consumed the vastness of the spare time he had on his hands. It was during one of his week long rides that a chance encounter would once again turn his life in another direction.

A Life To Be Continued'

This story is the 2nd in a series, the first having what seemed to be a conclusive ending, only for one of the characters to continue their adventures here in this episode.

In the weeks, then months following Kylie's departure, Tom slowly came out of his depressed state, even doing as he promised himself and once again taking to the roads to pursue his old passion, motorbikes.

It was on one of his week long holiday journeys when life once again handed him a new twist to deal with. He had been planning this trip away for some time, a nice round trip of over 700 miles, taking in some of the gorgeous hill country before riding out to the coastline, then back up the scenic coastal highway. But his trip meant lots of detours and scenic rides, making at least twice that long, nearly 1,500 miles or so in all. It also took him into another state, which always made the trip seem a little bit more adventurous than other weekend rides.

His goal this night was to reach a nice little country pub in one of the towns atop the range. He'd seen the place advertised and had booked a room for the first two nights of his long week away. The pub itself had a nice open fire and an area where maybe he'd shoot a few games of pool after a decent country styled roast dinner. He planned to then awaken when he felt like it, then spend the rest of the weekend riding through the various mountain ranges. Early the next week, he'd ride on down to the coastal beaches, or near them, before touring the week away and arriving home in time to clean the bike and relax before the next weeks' work.

He must have been thinking too much about what was ahead of him that evening and not on what was ahead of him on the road, for he ran straight through a nice little country speed trap doing a good deal over the speed limit. It wasn't until he heard the siren that he even realized his mistake. Noticing that this car had the tell tale mobile radar (and maybe video camera too), as well as knowing he couldn't outrun the radio in the car, he duly pulled over off the side of the road at a handy little picnic area come rest stop adjoining the highway.

Instead of some overweight country cop climbing from the car, he was stunned to see an athletic, truly beautiful police woman stepping out into the afternoon sunlight. It was even more stunning for him, when he noticed the gun in her hand, pointing dangerously in his direction.

“Okay Speedy Gonzales, step away from the bike, over to the front of my car, empty your pockets then put your license and keys on the hood, you got that clear”, she said. Tom nodded, said a quick yes Ma'am, then did as instructed.

Once that was done, gun still ominously pointing in his direction, she pulled a pair of cuffs from her belt and tossed them to him, telling him to put them on behind his back, after which she said she'd play nice too and put her gun away.

With the final ratcheting of the sturdy hinged cuffs, the feelings and thoughts of other times he'd worn them, like with Kylie, came crashing back to him, causing another familiar reaction, one of acute arousal. Tom's only problem here was his adventurous nature and over confidence had meant that this day, he had chosen to wear the chastity device, complete with the punishment spikes and all, which at that moment caused him to wince in pain and to bend over sideways, almost falling towards the police woman.

Quick as a flash her gun was out as she took two steps backwards, aiming it right at him as she watched him once again cross his legs and nearly collapse onto the car bonnet. With his wrists secured behind him, he couldn't even try to adjust the device at all either, so there was no way to stop the rapidly hardening cock which even now was being assaulted by the additional punishment fixtures inside his custom made chastity tube.

Noticing his obvious distress, the police woman called out to him, asking what was the matter. He replied that it was nothing, just a medical condition and that it should subside soon enough. She didn't buy this excuse and told him so, adding that it seemed like a ploy to get out of the cuffs and that he had another thing coming, starting with another bigger pair for his ankles...

Tom was forced to kneel at the front of the car while she warily stepped behind him, bending down to slip the said pair of cuffs onto his close together ankles. Captive both hand and foot with the breeze carrying her womanly scent all around him, his erection throbbed once more, causing him to moan and almost hump the bumper of the car.

Next thing he realized, was that she was going to the car, lifting the mouthpiece to call to someone else for backup assistance. “NO”, he almost yelled.. “Please don't”, he added.

She looked at him, sensing something in his eyes, an honesty, almost a pleading look which told her he wouldn't be any trouble. She put the mic back on its hook, stepped to the side of the car, then told him one word, “Talk”.

As embarrassing as it would be to tell her the truth, he couldn't stand the thought of her calling for backup or the like, then having his secret exposed to others as well, so he talked. He told of his ex, how she left, the games they used to play, the way in which he had gotten a piercing to show his devotion to her, the ordering of the custom made chastity device, buying the bike, taking this trip and the reason for his speeding being simply a lapse in concentration, thinking about the night ahead.

When he was done, she stood there a moment before speaking. She finally told him that she wasn't sure if what he was wearing broke the laws of their state and that she would have to find out, as they had very strict guidelines when it came to owning any forms of restraint devices, something which his obviously was, adding that if it punished people too, then it may also be considered a device for inflicting torture on others. She added that seeing as he was doing more than 30 miles an hour over the posted limit, that was normally an offence which meant an overnight stay in the jail, before going directly to court the next day.

He was about to say something, but the look in her eye made him close his mouth and continue to listen to whatever it was she was about to say. After what seemed like minutes, she looked him in the eye and asked him if he had the keys to this so called chastity device with him, to which he nodded that he did, telling her the key was the complex looking one on his bike keys.

After another short delay, she told him she had decided what to do with him. He would receive a warning for the speeding offence, with the option to convert it to a court appearance and license losing offence if she so chose, the reason for the warning being that he was speeding due to a medical situation, which didn't make it okay, but maybe, just maybe it would be converted to a lesser penalty after she spoke with her boss about it. She told him it didn't stop there. She motioned for him to stand up, which he managed to do with her help, then he was turned around, his legs against the front of the car, him facing her.

She added that she would have to inspect the chastity device, take digital photo's and such, in case this device of his was deemed to be an illegal item in that state.

Crushed, he said nothing as she pulled on a pair of latex gloves and began to undo his belt. Before she went any further, she opened another part of her utility belt, lifting out a nasty looking zapper device, which she told him was a mini stun gun, which would not be very pleasant and which she would use if he made any sexual moves while she examined his genital region.

Fearing the worst, he spoke up, saying that he would do his best, but that one of the side effects of the situation meant that he would probably not be able to help becoming aroused, try as he might to limit this. She didn't respond, but he did sense some slight change in her demeanor as his pants were tugged down over his hips, to mid thigh.

He truly blushed at her comment about the fact that at least he shaved and took good care of himself down below. He stood still as she went about the business of inspecting the device, before taking her cell phone and snapping a number of very compromising images which she said she would use as reference materials in her search regarding the legality of his little pecker protector, as she took to calling it.

This task complete, she went about pulling his jeans back up, taking rather more time than necessary, he thought, to 'manhandle' his captive cock back into a comfortable position before pulling his jeans up, but not buckling them closed.

Next she removed the key to the his bike from the rest of them, before pocketing all of them, leaving him only the ignition key to his ride. Insurance, she called it, as she asked him one final question, this time with a slight twinkle in her eye. “Were there any other keys to unlock his pecker protector”, was what she wanted to know. She reminded him that if she ever discovered he was lying to her, then she would ensure that the embarrassment he felt at the moment would be a drop in the ocean to how he felt when she had finished with him.

Tom told her, Officer McLean, he noticed, that there were two additional keys. One with a complete spare set of keys hidden on his bike (in case he lost his main set), and another set which he had kept safe at a friends house, his off site backups in case he ever lost his other sets. Much to his surprise, she asked for the phone number for these people, which he gave, then she pulled out her phone, punching in the number he gave, before holding the phone to the side of his head, instructing him to tell them to send the emergency keys to the address on the card she now held before his eyes. It was the address of the police station in the town he was intending to stop at...

With both sets of keys (for his house, car and chastity device), in her possession, bar the one key for his bike, the traffic offence warning notice written out, his emergency set of keys being posted to her police station and his address in town also written down for her, Officer McLean smiled at him, before un-cuffing his ankles and wrists. As he stood there doing his jeans up, she snapped another couple of pics before telling him that she would be keeping an eye on him and that he should come to the police station in the morning, before 10-00am to find out if there were any additional charges, or, if he was supremely lucky, he would be given his items back and let go with only a fine and a reduced traffic offence notice.

While she drove off to presumably fulfill other duties, Tom sat back and lit a smoke while pondering the events of the past half hour. He was a very sombre person as he put his helmet and gloves back on, before riding off to his destination for the next couple of nights.

Night of Contemplation

By the time he arrived at his first stopover, Tom needed more than a shower to cool off. First of all, he had to deal with tomorrow morning and Officer McLean. What made it all worse was something he didn't really feel like explaining to her which was, when someone else held the keys to your cock, it means more than the fact that it is simply no longer yours to enjoy. There is something hugely different when locked, between having the freedom to choose and holding the keys yourself, versus someone else having the keys to your chastity device. The feelings and emotions this invoked had already cased him quite a fair bit of difficulty on the ride to town, with his cock often deciding to attempt to become erect, thus feeling the effects of the punishment spikes and more which were the special options included in his device.

Making it all the more difficult, was Officer McLean herself. Standing about 5'10 tall with an almost Amazonian physique, similar to a Lara Croft / Angelina Jolie type look, she was not only an imposing woman, but also an absolute stunner. Apart from her intense emerald eyes, her glistening light honey colored hair, he vividly recalled how her chest had filled the uniform in a manner which would distract even the most dedicated monk, while her legs and ass could turn even a drab pair of McDonald's restaurant pants into something stunning on any fashion catwalk – and to be able do that meant she certainly was something special. Officer McLean was not simply a woman in uniform, she was a spectacular, statuesque Goddess no matter how you looked at her. Now she not only knew his secret, but also held him captive, not just because she held his keys either, but because she was someone who would be ever so easy to fall for, and fall for very hard indeed.

Once checked in, he headed straight for a cold shower to try to end the arousal he was feeling, as the other option, relief was now out of the question without the keys to his device. Once cooled off, he followed up with a nice warm one to wash the aches from the days' travel away. After this ritual, he decided it was time to experience a bit of the establishment for himself, the main one being a few beers and maybe some sport on the telly before seeing what there was for dinner. The beers and sport had the desired effect, because time flew by and before he knew it, more of the weekend country crowd of locals were arriving and some were already chomping at the bit for either drinks, dinner or – as he noticed when he hopped up and looked around, to try to find their favorite person of the opposite sex.

While Tom was contemplating dinner, Officer Emily McLean lay on her bed, eyes glued to her laptop and the things she'd discovered after searching for more information on-line, regarding chastity devices and their uses. What she had discovered didn't just astound her or amaze her, it excited her beyond belief!

Emily had grown up in a strict household with two older brothers and a father whom she knew loved her, but also who had raised her more like a son than a daughter. Her mother had died when Emily was only 4 and although her father had done his best to raise them, she still realized that she had been raised differently than most of the girls her age had been. Her father had raised them almost as if their entire early lives had been part of a continual boot camp training period and a heavily disciplined one at that, which did much for them all, she realized, compared to the other children their age, yet still it left a lot to be desired. For Emily could beat just about any man who crossed her path in hand to hand combat, yet this very same confidence and self reliance meant that almost every man within 200 miles of where she lived had avoided her for fear of either Emily, or one of her two brothers beating the crap out of them should they misbehave. Emily had grown up living a healthy outdoors lifestyle, interspersed with having to deal with two older brothers who liked to play Cowboys and Indians, then torture her after they'd captured her.

These sorts of games formed her early years and it wasn't until she finally discovered boys and did the same to them as she had experienced herself, that she realized her life was going to be different. For when she lassoed other young men, tied them and tormented them until they would agree to be her slave, only to have them break down and cry, then never play with her again, that she realized she wasn't very 'girly' - like her few female friends. Emily would dress up, go out in town just like all the other ladies, but it was more than the fact she carried a badge which kept the men away and this troubled her.

It wasn't until only a couple of hours ago, that she realized the intense arousal she derived from the her upbringing had steered her towards a certain direction in life. That direction was one of the woman being in charge of the man's penis and the man doing what she wanted, when she wanted it and how she wanted it. This was so unlike every other woman she had met or known, growing up in the country areas like she had. Now she had a new mission, one which stimulated an electric type of activity deep down inside of her, way down inside as well as between her thighs. For the more she read information regarding female superiority, chastity devices for control and having males worshiping the females, the deeper the desire to experience this became. Squeezing her thighs together once more, she looked at the clock and decided that she would refrain from pleasuring herself for the 4th time since beginning her research into chastity, this time she would carry her arousal with her as she went to town in order to surprise this stranger whom she thought may be the key to changing her life.

Officer McLean looked at herself in the mirror before leaving, talking to herself as she took a deep breath, asking herself if she was sure she wanted to do this or not, but the feelings she had between her thighs and in the pit of her stomach told her that this was the night and to hell with what anyone may think or say.

Hopping out of the taxi, Emily took one final stock of herself before pulling the belt on her jeans one notch tighter. These weren't the latest fashion ones, but ones which suited her shape perfectly. Her minuscule waist being cinched a little tighter by the belt, her absolutely flat tummy exposed above them, the jeans hugging her slender hips, her heart shaped ass parted by the seam at the back of the jeans before the jeans gripped her long legs all the way down to the boots she now wore for the first time ever in public. The button up shirt was tied off under her firm breasts. Sleeves folded back once only and the neck of the shirt open, this added to the image of her long legs and short body. With high-set perfect breasts, additional cleavage on display as a result of the half-cup push-up bra underneath, she flicked her long willowy hair back, took a deep breath and strode towards the local country pub she knew Mr. Thomas Dean was staying at.

With his songs playing on the jukebox, Tom sat back with his cold beer in hand and even before opening his eyes, he had felt the entire atmosphere in the place shift. Opening his eyes, he froze as he watched Officer McLean glide into the room, perch herself on a seat by the bar as she swung her handbag over the back of her chair. He looked at her open mouthed. Barely seated upon the chair, one leg stretched on seemingly forever before ending in a black boot with 4 inch heels which seemed SO out of place in this country pub environment. He realized he wasn't the only one staring, as nearly every guy in the place was too. As Officer McLean ordered herself a quartet of Chilled Vodka shots, he looked at his beer and suddenly thought of it as unmanly compared to what she was having.

Already, Tom was acutely aware of his position in things, having had ALL ability to remove his chastity device taken away less than 8 hours ago, he was in that incredible first period of time when the loss of freedom is often the most intense. So seeing Officer McLean now, dressed to thrill, only doubled the already intense predicament he was in.

He watched as she downed the four shots rapidly, then picked up a cloth to dab her luscious red painted lips. She promptly arose, then headed directly towards him, on her way to the ladies room to powder her nose. She swung her shoulder bag over her head, onto her shoulder, then walked the few steps towards him before stopping right beside his bar chair, legs parted and hands on hips. She looked around the room, then said loudly enough for all to hear, “Well well. What DO we have here, a trespasser, a transient, or a tourist?”.

His cock rapidly expanding and filling the tube of the chastity device, he once again grimaced as the punishment extras inflicted their torment on his dick as he tried to look into the eyes of the woman who had only hours ago learned his dirty little secret. “Tourist, Ma'am”, he gamely responded.

“A tourist, or some dude from the big city who drops into town in search of some easy womenfolk, which one is it?”, she had added.

Stunned, he didn't know what to say in reply, after all, this woman could make his life hell, ALL with the simple stroke of a pen, so to say.

In the end, his words came out quietly, telling her that he was not that sort of a man..

She smiled at him, then stuck her hand out to shake his, introducing herself to him by her first name and telling him to enjoy his time in town. As he shook hands with her, she palmed a note to him which he managed to conceal as she left to go to the ladies room.

Turning back to his drink, he waited a minute before heading to the men's room to read the palmed secretive note in private.

Opening the note, he read;

I spent hours this afternoon reading and researching on-line information regarding the photos I took and what it means to those who practice it. I discovered a lot, but would like to know a whole lot more, privately more-so than professionally. So if you happen to find me attractive and believe that I truly want to know more of your insights, I would suggest that tonight is your night. So play the songs listed below, on the jukebox should you want me to get to know you better. After the 2nd song has played, you will come to me and respectfully ask me for a dance.
Tom returned and sat at the bar, his cock and his mind seeming to thrum in time with the music being played on the jukebox. Pained by the punishment spikes in the device, he slowly stood and went to the jukebox, his mind made up.

Emily sat at the bar, now sipping a Martini instead of knocking back the shots which she used to calm her nerves. When the songs she requested came on the jukebox, she looked over towards Tom, who was facing the bar, looking inwards towards himself, she thought. Hearing the end of the second tune, she felt, more than heard him approach. She heard his deep masculine voice as he addressed her, but when she turned, he seemed to be gone...

Until she looked downwards slightly, to see him beside her on one knee. He looked into her sparkling Emerald eyes with his hand out-stretched towards her. She heard the end of his request for her to have this dance with him. She knew at this point all eyes were upon them. Spinning on her bar chair, her wide spread legs now on either side of him, she lifted his hand until he stood right before her. Next she spun him around and half pushed, half followed him to the dance floor.

In the years they spent together following this moment, each would recollect differently their own versions of what had come out of that first dance until the end of the evening, yet none of it mattered. All that which was important was that she felt an enormous difference as she let herself go, being her true self, taking control of this man, while he experienced the effect of a being led by a statuesque headstrong woman with whom he was fast becoming enraptured.

When they returned to her seat, he acted the true gentleman, holding her chair for her, then he stood in a protective position, or a waiting one, behind her chair. When he excused himself to go and grab his drink from just down the bar, he asked her permission first. Although they reasoned that what they were doing was just two people enjoying each others company, others knew differently, they could sense things differently. For they had known Emily since she was young and had never seen her interested in a man the way she was with this, this, stranger...

Tom stood there behind and to the side of Emily, always ready to light her cigarette, call for a fresh drink, or just to generally stand protective guard, something as the local Police she certainly didn't need among friends, yet still there he stood. On occasions she would turn towards him and whisper something, immediately he would take to providing her with a neck, shoulder or head massage while trying to do so inconspicuously and failing miserably.

Later, they retreated to the lounge bar in front of the huge open fireplace. He sat on the couch, while she lay back, her booted feet upon his lap, her long hair draped over the end of the wrapped around lovers armchair. Emily smiled as she swore she could feel his locked cock throbbing as she moved her feet about in his lap. She also made sure his view of her chest was just enough to torment any red blooded male. With her legs slightly parted she also knew this would arouse anyone who looked, but especially the man she now knew would be hers to control if she could only learn a little more about his weaknesses and desires.

They sat for some time, talking about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, things they had in common, things they didn't, just two people finding out more about each other. The one thing which probably made the whole of this easier, was the manner in which they met and the depth of secrets uncovered in that first half hour back off the roadside only a handful of hours ago.

She looked into his eyes as she spoke to him, asking him if he liked her or not and if he would forgive her for the treatment she gave him earlier that day. For Tom, the events of the day up until now had been overwhelming, he simply told her that he was only one of 50 men who desired her this fine evening, but the difference was that he was the one who would adore and treasure her, whereas the others simply lusted after her.

She smiled at him and wriggled her boots about in his lap, causing his trapped cock to expand even further in its confines. He closed his eyes as his mind thought about the 'pecker protector' and what could be, if only she didn't hold the key. The spikes inside pained him so much that he sat upright a bit and looked into her eyes, as if pleading for some relief from the torment.

He noticed the playful, yet wicked smile on her face. She told him that there was only one thing she really wanted to know – for the moment at least... That being, how long had he worn his chastity device, going without freedom - before meeting her today. She felt his breath catch in his chest, before he replied, 12 days... Next she asked him what was his record, he replied that it was 15 days, while he had been the one holding the key.

She looked up at him, then asked one final question – what was the longest, when someone else held the key.. 40 days, he had replied... Tom swallowed hard as he heard her reply that she was very much into breaking records, so that was at least another month, including the 12 he'd already worn it, she reasoned, before the record would be broken.

Emily turned about, so her head lay in his lap, once again ensuring she made certain it stimulated him, before looking into his eyes and telling him that – from the stories and recommendations she had read on a certain website, 40 odd days wasn't very long.... And that the initial period of incarceration should be at least eight to twelve weeks, in order to ensure the man truly understood his place in the relationship, so he should consider himself lucky.

By this time, Tom had noticed something else about Emily – whenever she spoke to you, it was as if you were the only person who existed on the planet. She made you feel so very important, that the moment she even looked at anyone else, you would feel left out, lonely, wanting her attention once more. She was addictive, like a drug but only far more dangerous, as it seemed he couldn't get enough of her, no matter what.

Before he had the opportunity to respond, protest or the like, Emily sat up, grabbed his arm and dragged him off, telling him it was time they had dinner, as tomorrow was going to be a big day. He was about to ask what she meant by this, but noticed the look in her eye and so he smiled and added that it looked like he had no say in the matter, so he'd just go along for the ride. She looked into his eyes and told him that it would be the other way around and that he'd be the one taking her for the ride – on his bike.

Night Games

Just before desert was due to arrive, they had a rare treat delivered to their table. A bottle of DeBortolli Sauternes, 8 years old and a rare treat at that. As they sat in contemplation of the special gift, a tall familiarly handsome man joined them by standing behind Emily at the table, then grabbing Emily around the shoulders and planting a decent kiss on her cheek. Tom went to stand, but before he could fully react to what was going on, Emily shrieked a bit, then slapped the man, playfully, before laughing and introducing him as her brother.

Jim leaned over and shook hands with Tom, before politely asking (a little belatedly Tom thought), asking if he could join them. As he sat, he smiled a huge, broad grin and said, “So sis, how'd you get a fine looking man like this one, you have to arrest and cuff him, or did you simply bribe him to go on a date with you?”.

Emily laughed, while Tom blushed. She replied by saying she did have to cuff him, didn't arrest him - yet, but that if she did, she may just get carried away and want to keep him. Jim towered over the both of them in size, and by the looks of him, in the ability to handle himself, yet when he next spoke, he looked directly at Tom and said, “Well, I know I took him by surprise, yet he was still getting out of his seat looking like he was ready to take a swing at me – anyone who is prepared to go toe to toe with me over my wayward little sister is OK in my books”, once again offering his hand to Tom, this time with a slight nod of the head, almost like it was a nod of approval, so to speak.

Tom smiled, then kind of sealed the deal by adding that if she did cuff him and try to kidnap him, at least he now knew where to run to for help. This cracked Jim up, his laughter still booming throughout the dining room as he patted Emily on the back as he took his leave.

As he left, Emily smiled and said, “Don't worry, if I have to cuff you, that will only be the beginning of it and there's no way you'll be going anywhere, of that you can be certain”. Something in her eye told him she had just those very intentions for him, sometime soon too. He grinned at her and then told her that he thought her bark was much worse than her bite... Emily didn't take the bait, but she seemed to be circling it, contemplating it, while smiling in a way which excited him in a way he hadn't felt in a long, long time.

After dinner, they found themselves on the dance floor, with the night coming to a close. During the slow dance tunes, Emily leanrd into him, whispering in his ear about the things she intended to do to him, teasing him until the pains in his captive cock made it difficult to stand. On occasions she would turn in his arms, her back towards him, his trapped cock nestled between her heart shaped ass. The scent of her arousal, as well as her light musk perfume mingled and assaulted his senses.

With the evening's entertainment over and last drinks being served, she took him upstairs to the room he had for the night. While he had a quick shower and such, she readied things for his first night as her prisoner.

He came from the shower, wearing only his chastity device and a pair of silk boxer shorts. She told him to place his wrists together in front of him, then she quickly locked them there in a pair of double locking triple hinged police cuffs. Looking into his eyes, she smiled and then lifted two of the heavy duty choking style dog leash/chained collars. These went over his head, around his neck, with the tightness adjusted so they couldn't be removed. Each chain received a little padlock to ensure it could only get tighter, not looser.

She rotated one so it trailed behind his neck, the other in front. The one in front then wrapped around the hinged cuffs, before being locked in place, keeping his wrists now right up nearly under his chin. She had him lay down, face up on the bed before locking the loose end of the second chain to the bed head. Lastly, another pair of these dog chains were used to affix and secure his ankles to the lower end of the bed, escape now something not possible without her assistance.

As he lay there, she lit a small tea candle before turning out the light and undoing the belt of her jeans, lowering them down to her calf high lace-up, stiletto heeled boots. She then sat on the bed, shifting about so they were in the 69 position, her G-String covered private parts rested just above his lips, her thighs close together due to the position of her jeans at her knees.

She soon had his silk boxers down around his locked ankles. In her hand she took his captive cock, her other one cupping his swollen balls. His breath was hot upon her as she closed her eyes and whispered only loud enough for him to hear, that he should kiss her gently on her butt cheeks, before doing the same all the way underneath until he could kiss her excited pussy through her thinnest of thin panties.

He kissed and worshiped her gorgeous butt for some minutes, lost in the bliss of her cool, tanned skin, before slowly, kissing his way under her until her moistness was upon his lips. With his hands up near his chin and under her, he ran a fingernail under the elastic of her panties, teasing her even further. He SO wanted to pull them to one side and plunge his tongue into her, yet she had not given him permission and also, he considered himself too much of a gentleman to move too fast with this most precious specimen of a woman who seemed to know just what to do, to torment his captive cock, almost as much as she had stimulated and aroused his mind.

As he kissed her, he knew she was nearing the point where it would have been easy to take her over the edge, Emily must have realized this too, for she abruptly moved herself about until she sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her jeans up to once again stand beside the bed, looking into his eyes in the light of a small tea candle. She smiled, then placed the keys to the chains and cuffs out of his reach on a nearby table. Next she pulled from her bag some electrical tape and a small bag. The bag held a pocket rocket vibrator which she taped under the front of his chastity device, touching both the tip of the chastity cage and his swollen, aching and needy balls. Finally she wrapped everything in tape which would ensure it wasn't going to come free. Turning it on, the vibes radiated through his entire painfully captured manhood, his balls aching already, but now thrumming in time with the relentless vibrator.

Satisfied with the results of her confinement and torment, Emily reminded him that the keys were over on the night stand, yet if he wished to be free, it was easy. Tossing the phone on the bed near his neck, she said, all he had to do was press the button for calling and talking, as she had already programmed it to call Jim, her brother, in case of an emergency. She didn't have to say any more about the resulting questions if in fact Tom did call her brother, who lived only a few doors down on the same floor, but the thought alone meant he would probably only do so if the hotel caught on fire!

With Tom already moaning in pain, yet not sufficient pleasure to get off, Emily bent down to his lips, where they shared their first really, truly wonderful passionate kiss. Smiling, she tightened her belt, lifted her bag and blew him a kiss goodnight, telling him she would be back to see how he was going, sometime about 6-30 in the morning.

Emily made sure her booted footsteps could be heard descending the stairs, before removing her boots and creeping back up and into the room next door to Tom's. What Tom didn't know was that the number she gave him, was her own private cell phone number and that even now, as she changed into her casual clothes, she had it right by her side, just in case he did need to call and be set free.

As her hand reached down and cupped her smoldering sex, she wondered what it must be like to be locked away, without the ability to set yourself free, floating in your own non-orgasmic torment. It didn't take but a few circles about her clit before she felt herself once more approaching the point of need overcoming resistance and self control. With her other hand joining the first, she lay back, legs raised and parted, her fingers thrust inside while still circling her love button with the other. Still thinking about chastity she simply lost her self control, biting her lip to stop herself making noise as she tripped over the edge and into the orgasmic abyss which soon exploded throughout her. colors and sensations, scents of Tom's strong manly odor still exciting her, the thoughts of his lips and tongue teasing and worshiping her while she held him captive and totally, inescapably under her control made this the most incredibly orgasmic moment of her life so far.

Showering and once more dressed casually, she crept out of her room, to stand outside Tom's door. There she heard low moans coming from within, the little pocket rocket vibrator surely still tormenting him unrelentingly. Smiling, she padded her way down the hall, there to knock on her brother's door. Jim and his wife had been expecting her not to turn up, for Jim had noticed the look in her Emily's eyes when she was with this stranger and had told Trish, his wife about it. He told her about this stranger who seemingly in one brief encounter out on the road had so enraptured Emily, that he wondered if in fact she hadn't been drugged, or maybe even she had lost her marbles, so to speak.

Jim's wife Trish, opened the door, a wide grin on her face as she dragged Emily inside, telling hubby to go get himself a drink, while they did the girl talk thing for a while. Trish had heard from Jim about what happened both before and after the dinner, but Trish herself had been out of town until only minutes ago, so now she wanted to hear it all. Emily was forced to tell more about this guy, whom neither of them knew about, until earlier tonight when she had called her brother, ensuring they had a decent table for a late dinner.

Emily related the story about their meeting, their getting to know each other quickly, about how he had seemed such a decent, honest guy, plus, well, dammit, she thought he was quite fine looking too! Of course, she left out the part about the chastity device and other juicy little private bits, but overall, she thought she related the story well.

Trish still found it hard to believe that calm, cool, hard to fool and harder to get to know Emily, had seemingly fallen for this man SO quickly, but she had to admit, her sister in law did look very radiant, happy and well, in love? Something had changed, that was for sure. It seemed she had really come alive for the first time in – well, for the first time in years, in fact.

Trish added that she was surprised that Emily had left him alone and even made it for the visit, as the way Jim had put it, it looked like she wasn't going to let him out of her sight. Emily smiled and said that she wasn't worried and that Tom wasn't going anywhere, as she had him cuffed and chained to the bed, so he'd be right where she left him when she got back.

Trish laughed at that, then put her hands to her mouth in mock shock, before questioning if that were really true or not. Emily just smiled a wicked smile and nodded, which made Trish laugh even harder, adding that she didn't realize that she played with her cuffs and restraints outside of business hours without having someone truly under arrest. Em just told her quietly that there were a lot of things which she did in private, or only thought about doing, that looked like they might now become a reality. Trish took that opportunity to call out to Jim, telling him they'd had their girl talk and it was time for the drinks now.

When Jim arrived with drinks, they talked more about how they were glad that Em had found someone and that they hoped he was good enough to deserve her and all that sort of thing. Sometime later, they talked about the reality of the situation, with Tom living so far away, how they would manage that, plus, could she be certain that he wouldn't, well, forget about his commitment to her, when there were times they couldn't meet regularly as would certainly be the case.

Emily smiled and said that she may have to buy another pair of cuffs, locking one around Tom's, well, private bits with a note attached, ensuring that anyone who looked, knew that he was definitely spoken for. Jim frowned at that thought, but Trish laughed and said that an idea like that one, may just take off big time and that if the results went well, she may get Em to get her a set, for when Jim went away on business. Jim took that opportunity to tell them that something like that wasn't going to happen to him, of that he was certain, then he took off to get another round of drinks.

With Jim gone again, Em told Trish about the cuffs, the choker chain to keep Tom's hands away from himself, or her, which meant even if he was damned excited after she had teased and tormented him crazily, there wasn't much hope of him getting any relief, until she herself let that happen. Trish laughed again, telling Em that it seemed there were a lot of things which Emily had been keeping a secret, then smiling and saying that she wasn't sure how Jim would react if she did that to him, but it sure sounded like she was having fun. Em smiled and told her it wasn't just fun, but a transforming experience, as when the guy got really horny, with not being able to get relief, he became very, very amorous, respectful and attentive to the woman's needs. Hearing that, Trish really did smile and made Emily promise to tell her more, as that really did sound like it could be useful to know about.

Jim came back with the drinks and noticed the girls sitting there, quite a flushed look on their faces. All he did was give them their drinks, then shake his head and mutter something about bloody randy women and the crazy sex talk. Trish replied, “If only you knew, honey, if only you knew”. That made a nice closing statement for that chapter of their talk, which then focused on their plans for tomorrow and Emily wanting to borrow some of Trish's riding gear, which was soon gathered together for Trish to take back to her room.

After Emily left, Jim and Trish spoke more about Emily and how happy they were for her, hoping that things did work out, as she deserved to be happy, after the bad luck of the past few years. Emily's father had died after a long battle with Cancer, leaving her as Acting Police chief for their little region, with the added responsibilities of still keeping their farm going. Her older brothers each had things to do too, with Jim running their hotels and rental properties, while the middle one, Terry was married and overseas with his career, unable to pack up his family there, to leave and help them out.

On top of that, there was the fact that as a stunning woman and in the Police force, she had found it difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who didn't want something from her, be it favors for themselves and or mates, or worse still, they wanted her for bragging rights, because of how she looked. With these things in mind, Jim and Trish hoped that this new man whom she'd met, truly could make her happy.

Daytime Discipline and The Bet of A Lifetime

When Emily unlocked Tom's door and strode into his room, she didn't know what exactly to expect. She hoped he wouldn't be too mad at her though. What she found was Tom awake, moaning slightly, with a pleading look in his eyes. She rushed to his side and he pleaded with her to quickly unlock him, as he desperately needed to go to the gents. She had his ankles freed in seconds, then unlocked the lock on his cuffs. Before she could do more, off he dashed, chains still rattling, cuffs still locked in place, heading to the loo. He didn't look too worse for wear, she thought. So while he was busy there, she went downstairs, coming back with fresh coffee for them both. She returned to find him sitting there, trying to get free from the special double locking cuffs and not being able to. She smiled at him and went to help. As she worked to get him free, she asked if he slept well or not. The groan of a reply she received made her smile. “You don't hate me already, do you my darling”, she inquired.

She decided a little bit of information would go a long way, so she told him that she had looked in on him a few times during the night and that the phone number she gave him, was for her cell phone, plus, that she had stayed right next door, “Soooo”, she coooed, “I didn't really leave you all alone to suffer, did I”.

Tom took in the sight before him, she looked absolutely stunning, plus, her wickedly playful, smiling eyes seemed to be saying sorry, for overdoing it. He smiled and told her that he really was alright, but that it was a long, arousing night of sufferance which he hoped not to go through again for some time, if ever.

Em looked at him and smiled, telling him she was sorry, but there was a lot to do today, so, they should kiss and make up. As she did so, she bent over at the waist, her butt covered in delicious leather, to which she pointed. He looked at her, smiled, then hopped down on his knees, his arms behind his back, while he puckered up and kissed each of her leather clad ass cheeks. She turned around, then pulled his face to her crotch, holding him there too, telling him to kiss her a dozen times with passion, while he kept his arms away behind him.

By the fifth kiss, his cock was erect again, being tormented not only by it's captivity, but the inbuilt spikes and punishment devices. Once he had kissed her the full dozen times, she bent forward, kissed him gently on the forehead and told him to hurry up and shower, as breakfast was being served in 10 minutes downstairs.

At breakfast, Tom met Trish for the first time, but things didn't go exactly to plan. Emily decided to rustle up some refreshments for when they were on their motorbike riding excursion that day, leaving Tom and Trish alone over coffee. With a twinkle in her eye, Trish told Tom that she couldn't believe how happy Emily looked since meeting him only yesterday. She added that there must be something to it all, because last night, Emily probably set a new record for kinkiness by chaining him to the bed like she did

Tom nearly sprayed his coffee all over the place! He looked at Trish and said, “She told you that?” “Yep, she told me everything, in fact – but what I really want to see are photos”, she added, with a cheeky giggle.

“The ph-ph-photos”. Tom stammered. Trish just kept smiling and nodded. “How could she”, he said. “We'd only JUST met, I was already cuffed, vulnerable, I didn't know what else to say or do, but no-one is meant to know about my chastity belt, especially not to be shown the photos. Dammit, how could she”, he almost cried out. Shock evident on his face, disappointment too – a look of broken trust.

Trish's mouth dropped open, she looked at him almost quizzically, then said... “Tom, honest, she didn't say anything, or show me the photos, I was just kind of fishing... I'm so sorry. Please, don't hate me, or Em, honest, it's all a huge mistake, please”.

Tom looked at her and realized it was true, he didn't know what to say, or do, as now there were two people who knew his secret.. Plus, what would the most gorgeous Emily do when she found out that Tom himself had divulged the secret of their new found kinkiness together.

Trish got up to leave, the beginnings of tears in her eyes, she'd uncovered something, by going fishing, which was something very private, and also very, very kinky. He reached out for her hand, grabbed it and told her to sit, quickly, and not to feel bad and that they'd find a way to either keep it their secret now too, or to tell Emily about the mistake. Trish looked into his eyes, saw the concern, the honesty, sincerity and vulnerability in them, then she sat and thought of the funniest thing she could, making herself laugh, while undoing the lid on the sugar dispenser, then upending it into his coffee while winking at him and telling him it would be alright.

Emily returned to find Trish with tears in her eyes and Tom with a dumbfounded look on his face. She wondered what had happened, then saw the overflowing cup of coffee with sugar all about the place and she too began to smile, trying not to laugh.

After Em rejoined them, Trish stood and went to arrange fresh coffees and a functioning sugar dispenser. Quickly, they got to the talk of where to go and what to do on their ride today, with him squiring about a fair bit in his seat. Emily asked what was the matter and he replied that she was, with a gentle laugh. She sat back and asked what was wrong – with her? HE simply replied that she was, well, that she was too damned gorgeous, smelled fantastic, muddled his thoughts every time he looked at her and made his damned cock erect with frustrating, maddening desire. Which only meant he was being punished for his lustful thoughts – that was what was wrong. With relief in her smile, she laughed and said that thoughts like he was most likely having, were probably immoral, if not downright illegal and well, frankly, he probably deserved to be punished. This sort of comment caused him to groan once again, before turning the conversation back to their ride today.

Which of course, started off slowly, with each of them getting used to one another on the same bike. Tom's ride of choice was a near new sports bike, more suited to the racetrack and challenging sweeping roads, than the cruiser style more suited to open flat highways. It was Emily who made the first move, once she felt comfortable with their interaction while riding. Leaning forward, she rested her leather clad chest against his back, wrapping her arms about his chest and hugging him tightly. She felt his chest and back muscles flex as he enjoyed that wonderful feeling of leather clad breasts pressing upon his back.

Lunch break was special, Emily directed him to a remote road, which led to a dirt track, luckily graded, past a lookout area. They ended up walking the last 300 yards or so to a crows nest lookout, used for fire spotting in the mountains. They climbed the ladder to the top, with Emily using her keys to unlock the access. Once there, they spent 5 minutes looking about before she removed some cuffs and other items, telling him to stand on the veranda, looking inwards, but with his arms behind the sturdy upright post. Cuffs went on his wrists, his elbows, with a final pair on his ankles. She next dropped his pants to his ankles, exposing him bar the chastity device, before raising his t-shirt up over his head behind his neck.

Throughout the next hour or so of lunch, she fed him, gave him drinks and teased his captive cock. At one point, she knelt before him, taking his stainless steel encased cock in her mouth, talking to him about what it could feel like, if it weren't for his chastity tube.

By the time they were done with lunch, he could hardly walk. All she could do was smile, realizing how much she was enjoying the ability to torment him beyond any sexual experience he had previously ever encountered. For her, this was heaven, for him, it was a tormented bliss – things were looking very good, overall, she thought.

On the rest of their ride, she teased him whenever she could, telling him of the things they could do, if only it weren't for him being locked up like he was. Arriving back at the hotel / pub that evening, he headed right for a cold shower while she went to the bar to catch up with her brother and his wife. Emily sat there at the bar, being questioned by Jim and Trish about the day's events, when she told them that she may want to keep this one, because never before had she felt so alive and able to be herself without the usual fears and worries of this one wanting her because of her position in the Police Dept.

When Tom returned, Emily said that she needed to freshen up also. Trish told her not to worry about Tom while she was gone, as she intended to snaffle him away and find out more about the man who had managed to put a huge smile on her favorite police woman's face again. Tom took Emily's hand, bent over and kissed the back of it gently, smiling and telling her he would be anxiously awaiting her return and that he knew she would come back, looking alluring, ravishing and incredibly exciting, making him feel grateful to be in the presence of one so magnificent.

Trish looked over at Emily, then at Jim, before saying, “Husband of mine, why don't you talk to me like that! You know that if you did, you may get lucky a whole lot more often”, she laughed. Emily laughed too, before saying, “Trish darling, there's a key to it all, one simple key in fact. Maybe if you slow danced and sweet talked Tom, he'll give in and tell you the secret as to why he treats me so magnificently – or maybe he won't. It's up to him as to whether or not he shares the secret of the key to it all with you”, Emily said as she almost imperceptibly nodded to Tom, letting him know that if he wanted to share his secret, he was among friends and had her OK to do so.

For her part, Trish grabbed Tom by the hand, dragging him to the dance floor while telling hubby that if he tried to interrupt the slow dancing, flirting and near outright molestation which was about to occur, in order to obtain this secret key thing, there'd be hell to pay and he wouldn't be getting to play wheelbarrows with her for at least a month! ** Wheelbarrows implying the game of sex with him holding her from behind, her legs like the handles of a wheelbarrow ** This made his eyes pop and he said, “You wouldn't dare!” To which she only smiled at him as she dragged Tom to the dance floor.

Out on the dance floor, the dancing wasn't that close, but for privacy reasons, the conversation was held down low. Immediately, Trish asked Tom if it was this so called chastity device which made him talk so beautifully to his woman, or if it was simply his nature to do so. Tom told her it was a bit of both. He explained as briefly, yet completely as he could, that men are not so much selfish, but that they simply don't show or verbalize, the love and affection they may feel. Plus, when left out of chastity, they masturbate frequently, obtaining that wonderful feeling which goes with it. So when the ability to achieve orgasm, or with some devices, like his, even the ability to gain an erection was taken away, men will very quickly focus more on their partners needs, wants and desires in an effort to obtain freedom. In essence, they become romantic all over again, plus, they enjoy it! Trish simply listened, astounded by all these revelations.

She asked him if he thought it would make a difference if Jim was wearing one or not. Tom told her that it was not for everyone, but that there were a lot of websites and resources on-line, which she could explore, many of which gave advice on how to gradually introduce a partner to this particular fetish and or way or life. Trish looked around his shoulder, to ensure no-one was watching, before she smiled at him and drew closer, her upper thigh nestling into his crotch. Not once, but twice, then three times she ground herself into him, before quickly stepping back, enjoying the raw sexuality of the moment as she felt his hard, steel encased crotch rubbing against her. She opened her eyes, smiled and said, “Thanks – I needed to feel that it was for real, I hope you won't tell”.

Both smiling, they made their way back to the table to continue their getting to know you talk. Soon Jim returned from his rounds and Emily joined them once more, with Tom standing, offering her a seat and seating himself, while looking at her with ever increasing adoration.

Trish was the first to speak, telling Em that she and Tom had been on the dance floor and had managed to connect in more ways than one, but with him teasing her by not kissing and telling, saying that “anything else I wanted to know, I should drag you aside for more girl talk”, which she reasoned, should happen at the earliest possible opportunity.

Emily looked at Tom, who nodded and added that he was far from home, amongst new friends, whereas this was their town and in his experience, unless things could be guaranteed to remain private, well, things could get troublesome, with rumors or worse as a result. He finished by saying that he trusted Emily's judgment and hoped that whatever was said, wouldn't make him feel overly embarrassed. Emily looked at Tom and told him that no matter what, he was more of a man than any she had encountered in her past, right up there with her late father and her brothers in her eyes, which she said, was truly a compliment. Emily added that within this family, confidences were sacred as well as safe and that she thanked him for his wisdom and insights.

Looking at Tom, Emily said that ever since he had arrived, she had observed him looking over at the pool tables and she wondered if he played or not.

Tom smiled and told her that he could hold his own in a game and why did she ask? If it was because she needed a lesson in humility, he promised to go easy on her and not make her look too incompetent, he said with a smile.

Emily laughed and sat upright, telling him that she would be the one teaching him the lesson and that if he would like a game – it would have to be one with strings attached. His eyes smiled at her and he made the exact comment she had hoped to hear, that of course he would, adding that he hoped he wouldn't have to play badly, to let her win so he didn't hurt her feelings. She laughed at this and said, tell you what, if you can beat me in pool, or think you can, why not go for broke. That being, she said, “If you win, you get to have me, now, tonight, to do with as you please for the rest of your holiday week. However, if I win, you're my slave for the next 60 days.... So what's it to be?”

Tom smiled, then added, “You'd be mine to do anything I want to do with you, right?”

“Sure big boy”, she smiled at him. “But remember, you lose and you're my slave for 60 days”.

With the stakes settled, Emily asked her brother Jim, if he could unlock the room with the full sized competition table, as this was a high stakes game which probably required a bit of privacy.. This he agreed to do and promptly went off to open the private games room. Meanwhile, she asked Tom if he could fetch another round of drinks while Trish and herself enjoyed a quick bit of girl talk.

With fresh drinks on the tray, he called for Emily and Trish to enter the games room. As they entered, he noticed that Trish was walking a little strangely and had quite a flush on her face, which extended down her neck and at least some ways further down, as her nipples were straining to escape the confines of her bra. He guessed that Emily had told her everything and that she too, seemed to enjoy the thought of having the power to deny erections and orgasms to her man, at least he thought so, judging by the dreamy, far away look on her face.

Emily went to the chalk board near the table. There she wrote the best of 3 challenge and the prizes up for grabs.. Smiling, she noticed that a couple of locals were already taking interest in the activity in the competition room. Seeing as they were going to “take over” the private games room, Emily had Trish lock the door, so the locals wouldn't get to find out the stakes of the game. She wrote – 'Best of 3 games, Prizes, the loser becomes the other's slave. He for 60 days, Her for 7'.

By the time the game was about to begin, Jim had organized things out in the hotel and had decided that he would look in on the game, as he knew what the stakes were. Emily was grateful at this point that no-one had informed Tom that she had once been ranked 12th in the nation for this style of bar-room pool and the following game of pool went exactly as planned, for one of them. It ended up 3-0 in favour of Emily.

Emily said that she knew this was a sucker bet, because she knew he couldn't win, but, she would give him, the city slicker, one final chance to back out... However, if he did chicken out of the bet, if he came back into town to try to visit her, well, the family would ALWAYS remember him as the guy who wasn't good at his word. So, what was it to be, was he going to be her slave for the next couple of months, or was he going to chicken out of the bet?

Standing tall, he announced that he wasn't one to wimp out of a bet and that he would accept the fact that as of now, he was her slave for the next two months.

That having been said, Emily walked over to him, then spoke, “No regrets, no chickening out, you're mine for two months, to do with as I please, agreed”. “Yes Ma'am”, he replied.

“Good, so follow me back to our booth, where you can begin by eating dinner with the family, after which, I am going to take you home to my place and decide what to do with my first ever, slave boy”, she said while smiling.

The Taming and Training of Tom

On arrival at the farm, instead of going to the house, Emily directed him to a large barn. Once inside, she had him park his motorbike over in a corner, then come back to her. She looked him in the eye and asked him sincerely if he was certain he wanted to go through with his promise – he interrupted her and said that of course he did. She told him he could still back out of it, as if he really did go through with it, things would be very, very tough. Tougher than anything he could possibly imagine. She would keep him locked, chained, roped, working hard and serving her, every minute of their time together. She added that of course he had to go back to his home before too long, but that even there, his life would not be his own and that she expected him back here, as her slave every weekend. Finally she told him that in case he hadn't already guessed, she had fallen for him quite quickly and didn't want him to resent her or hate her for the torments, punishments and debasements she would be inflicting on him, should he wish to go ahead.

He dropped to his knees in front of her, lowered his head and told her that to be her slave, to serve her, to simply be in her company was more than he could ever have wished for in his life. Emily leaned forwards, lifted his chin and pressed her lips ever so gently to his, lingering there for what seemed like eternity, as he became dizzy with desire.

Minutes later, Tom was experiencing what Emily called one of her father's finest inventions. He had stripped naked and been instructed to assist in his own restraint. Standing on a stool, he had to put one foot at a time, toes pointing downwards through a round pair of round metal hoops, which when he had his feet flat on the metal base plate, captured him at the upper thigh. The base plate was of heavy steel and upwards from this ran a metal pole. With his thighs captured, Emily closed the hinged restraints about his ankles, holding them almost together to the centre upright pole.

Just above the thigh hoops, the frame jutted backwards, under his crotch, before once again running vertically up behind his back, some 4 inches away from his spine. A flat piece protruded forwards and rested horizontally in the small of his back, keeping him standing nice and erect. At the very top, the pole once again curved forwards until the back of his neck rested ominously in a half moon shaped piece of steel. With considerable flexing he managed to slip his hands and forearms down through another pair of circular hoops (attached to the vertical pole behind his spine), which held his arms closely together high up against the pole behind his back. Another set of hinged clasps soon locked shut about his wrists, just above his waist. He was now quiet well captured, his forearms almost painfully close behind him, elbows close together with zero chance of escape.

Emily came round in front of him, smiling, before selecting a 3 inch wide multi-hinged piece of metal which he soon felt being placed around his waist. By the time she had this one adjusted to his size, tightened and locked on each side, his only real movement was above the shoulders. The half moon shaped front piece of the metal collar soon locked shut with the other half, firmly affixed behind his neck at the very top of the pole, rendering him fully immobilized. This meant he was now experiencing her late fathers ingenious, “dangerous prisoner transport restraint system”.

He stood naked, circled in steel at the neck, elbows, wrists, waist, thighs and ankles, truly vulnerable to anything she wished to do to him, the first of which was to smile at him in a manner which meant that she was enjoying herself immensely.

His chastised cock ached from the constraint of his device, coupled with the three punishment spikes fitted along the top of it, as well as the 5 spikes pointing inwards from the ring around the A-ring at the base of his cock and balls. As bad as it pained now, it soon became worse as he watched the gorgeous Emily slowly removing her clothes, until she stood naked as the day she was born, right there in front of him.

Here, bathed only in the light of a lantern in the barn, she looked even more impossibly beautiful than he could ever have believed. Her feet parted beyond shoulder width, impossibly long legs, leading to athletic hips, very slender waist, her stomach showing the results of plenty of exercise, C-cup breasts perched high on her chest, well toned arms which even now held clenched fists, resting on her hips. He wondered how this miracle of creation had escaped a life of gracing the pages of vogue, cosmo or other magazines, let alone playboy or penthouse whose owners would have sold their souls for the chance to have her gracing the pages of their magazines.

He whimpered and pleaded with her, “Emily, please, the sight of you is paining me beyond what I feel I can take. Please, please remove the chastity device before the spikes puncture me and do real damage, he begged. Instead, she stepped forwards, tweaked his nipples, then took each one in her mouth, wetting them before sucking the cool night air over each. Her hand went to his trapped cock before she knelt before him, taking the stainless steel tube in her mouth, asking him to imagine how good it would feel, if only he wasn't all locked up the way he was. As he closed his eyes and groaned in pain, she stood, turning about, her ass now against his groin while she looked back over her shoulder at him, her free hand grasping between her legs and onto his balls. Rubbing his tube against her, she told him how much she wanted to feel him inside her and how he may get the chance to orgasm with her, on one condition.

It was a simple choice, she would remove his chastity device and give him the chance to be joined with her, his erect erect cock joined to her slick, warm, waiting pussy, if she was permitted to modify his device so it better suited her ideas plans for his future. Standing in front of him again, she moved to him, his steel cage between her thighs, her breasts against his chest as she held him close to her, savoring the moment.

Of course he readily agreed with her proposal, his head nodding and his words racing as he consented to this fantastic offer. “Not so fast”, she added. She told him there was another condition as well. That being, if she were to set him free of his device and they were to be joined as one, instead of a mere 60 days as her slave, he would be hers for an entire year. He looked at her nakedness in the light of the lantern, thinking to himself how fortunate he was to be able to belong to one so beautiful as she was – for him it was an easy decision, fed by his insane desire to be joined with her. Once again he readily agreed to this condition.

“One final thing”, she said, as she bent down and raised up a bundle of straps and harnesses. In her other hand, she held her panties, which she rubbed up and down her crotch, before pulling the tiny briefs over the top of his head, the crotch over his nose and mouth. He was made to open his mouth wide while the ballgag part of the harness stopped his speech, before a vast array of straps harnessed his entire head, locking the gag in tighter, the taste of her still on the panties, his nose taking in her scent too, while the final straps were adjusted under his chin, at the back of his head, around his neck and of course around his nose up to the ring placed at the top. Soon his head was fully strapped, gagged and encased in the very tight leather training harness.

Satisfied with his level of restraint, Emily removed that sacred item, which she had taken from him only days earlier – the key to his chastity device. The small key clicked freshly into the lock holding the tube part which captured his PA fixing. Next she went to the part of the device which connected to the ring around his scrotum. With a simple turn, it snapped open. Almost immediately that she removed the lock, his erection was straining to push the tube free from the locking pin. She helped the process by slowly removing the tube from his now expanding member. The end slipped free, leaving his cock straining and much larger in girth than when it was confined in it's tube only seconds ago. Last to be removed was the locking ring about his scrotum. Soon, his cock was totally freed for the first time in almost two weeks

Tears of relief flooded his eyes and streamed down his face, visible through the maze of straps and such of his training harness gag. Emily stayed there, bent over, carefully taking in the sight of his now unhindered penis. After being trapped and pained for so long, she couldn't believe the size it had now grown to. She leaned closer, her hand wrapping about his cock, as she kissed the head of it, her tongue instinctively probing the eye as he writhed in his upright steel prison of restraints.

Noticing the red marks from the spikes which had been tormenting him, she went and filled a small bucket with warm soothing water, before returning to slowly tease his cock while washing and cleansing it.

Tom looked on as Emily went and retrieved a short stool, placing it in front of him. She sat there, before leaning forwards and kissing the head of his throbbing, circumcised knob. He felt her lips over the head of it, her tongue working him over, then she would sit back, looking up at him as he tried to thrust towards her without any chance of success, as the prisoner restraint stand held him rock still, upright and without the ability to do anything but cry out in frustration.

Emily leaned back on the stool, hands caressing her breasts, roaming her body as she became hornier, glistening with sweat despite the coolness of the night. Tom bent his head to watch as her fingers probed her waxed nether region, sliding along, around and inside as she brought herself closer to a climax. She would bring herself ever so close to orgasm, then stop abruptly, before reaching out and taking his cock in her hand, plunging her mouth over him, deep throating him once pr twice, before sitting back to watch his cock bounce, throb and jerk about as if in the midst of some bizarre final death throes.

After what seemed like an eternity, she stood, looked him in the eye and told him that she was being unfair and that they should be linked together to experience a mind blowing orgasm. His eyes told her all she needed to know and she said that yes, it was time to be linked in orgasmic bliss.

With the touch of a remote control, music began to fill the barn. The type of music which is often heard in strip clubs and the like. Seductively, she circled the sturdy steel pole structure to which he was rigidly secured, before using him as if she were a pole dancing expert and he was the pole. With her legs wrapping about him, hands roaming every inch of his body, soon every part of him was as rigid as his throbbing cock, which she now looked at between her legs, as she bent forwards inches in front of him, her legs apart and ready for him to take her from behind. If only he were free to move, that was.

She inched her way backwards, swaying her upper body and hips as she neared the cock which now stood almost vertically against his lower abdomen. Reaching between her thighs, she took his cock and slid the head of it up and down the slickness between her thighs, before closing her legs, standing totally still with his cock trapped between her slick thighs.

He could feel the contours of her slick, waxed lips, her tanned and muscular thighs as he struggled and thrashed about in his steel entrapment, unable to move his cock enough to gain anything except extreme frustration. So close but yet ever so far. Once more her hand went between her thighs, her long red nails dragging along the underside of his cock, his face contorted and he went rigid, moments before he would finally achieve his orgasm. She parted her legs, freeing his cock as she squeezed his balls and heard him howl in pain and frustration from behind the supremely effective mouth filling gag. As he stood there crying in ultimate torment and frustration, she disappeared for a couple of minutes before returning to him from behind, where she quickly snapped a blindfold to the head harness he was wearing.

With a skill he never imagined she possessed, he quickly felt that terrible device called The Parachute, being snapped into place on his balls. Soon the added torment of some weight tugged them downwards, trapped in the awful embrace of what he knew was a studded leather parachute, something painfully new to him.

Next came something even stranger to his sensations. Emily took a length of 3 mm wide elastic type string, carefully threading it through Tom's Prince Albert piercing, slowly, tormentingly dragging it through until a full two feet of it dangled from each end of his PA piercing. She playfully tugged on this, watching his reactions, before lifting the real item of torment, which she would now tie in place using the long loose ends of elastic string.

The item was one of the newest, rotating, spiraling, thrusting, pulsating vibrators, with the end filled with the little plastic balls. Emily moved her stool closer to him, then reached for the vibrator, switching it on, then letting it swing and dangle from the tip of his penis.

This strange sensation of vibrations and movement being transferred up the stretchy string, right to his PA piercing had him writhing about in a strange ecstasy. It was enough of a pleasure trip to have him right on the edge of orgasm, almost enough to take him all the way over the edge. Almost, that was, until Emily took more of the thin elastic and began to wrap it around the base of his erect, throbbing cock. Soon the lack of blood flow was constricting enough to rob him of some sensation, just enough, she hoped, so it would prevent him orgasming.

Emily sat on the stool, mere inches away from his throbbing knob, watching him writhe about in a valiant effort to achieve his orgasm. Whenever it seemed like he was about to go over the precipice, she would reach out, turn off the vibrator so there wasn't any vibrating tension on the elastic string, thus depriving him of the few extra seconds of thrills he needed. She loved the gurgling, moaning, threatening noises this produced from his well sealed mouth.

With the vibrator off, she lit a cigarette and enjoyed the sensation of power and control she loved so much, yet had never before experienced at this intensity. Holding the cigarette out, she placed it underneath Tom's still throbbing cock, leaving enough distance to make certain the effect of the heat would be severe enough, yet not direct enough to do real harm.

His wail of shock and surprise told her it was working and before long, the erection subsided just enough for what she next had in mind. But first she tightened the elastic twine at the base of his cock just a little further, just to be certain it would lessen the feelings and sensation in his cock a little more. She watched as his cock turned a darker color, before continuing with the next part of her torments.

Taking the vibrator in hand, she sat back, legs apart and slid the once again pulsating, rotating monster into her hungry pussy. Never before had she known that a pussy could take on a life of it's own as hers did this time. It almost seemed to swallow the vibrator, drawing it deeper inside of her, gripping it and crushing it as if it held the keys to her life.

This new position meant that once again, the tension was on the string which linked the vibrator to Tom's PA piercing. Quickly rising, she tore off his blindfold, sat back down and told him that she had promised they would be linked in an explosive orgasm – which was just about to happen.

She thrust the orgasmic tool in and out of herself, the elastic tugging on Tom's tormented cock at the same time. She closed her eyes as with teeth clenched, legs splayed wide apart, her stomach quivered as the most euphoric of all orgasms began to overtake her.

Completely drained, she switched the tormenting tool off and let go of the vibrator, which slipped from her pussy to once more dangle down from the end of Tom's cock, which by now had been on the edge of orgasm for ages, yet still lacked the final five percent of stimulation required to achieve the release he so desperately sought.

As Emily regained her senses, she smiled at Tom and thanked him for joining with her to give her the best orgasm she had ever had and that she hoped it was just as good for him.

He shook his head in a desperate pleading manner, trying to let her know that for him it had only been pure torment – the vibrations through the elastic string were maddeningly pleasing, yet not stimulating enough to get him off.

Emily stood closer to him, kissed his gagged lips, before apologizing to him for not giving him that orgasm, then asking him if he really wanted one. This brought forth an almost violent nodding of the head in the affirmative.

She smiled and told him that she wasn't mean and that of course he could have his orgasm, in fact, he could have as many as he wanted in the time she was gone. He looked at her quizzically as she once more turned the vibrator on, sending its little torments up the string to the end of his cock.

She told him to have as many orgasms as he wanted, while she went over to the house and organized a couple of important things. She once more snapped the blinding pad over his eyes, leaving him in utter darkness, before adding extra weight to the parachute which already pained his aching balls.

She reached down, took her hand and wiped her slick, scented wetness over it, before lifting her hand and smearing her scents under his nostrils. This only added to the already the maddening vibrations which had him at about 95% of the way to an orgasm, yet with the constricting elastic at the base of his cock, he knew that even if it went on almost forever, it wouldn't be enough to take him over the edge.

He wailed into his gag as she spoke to him over her shoulder as she left him alone – still locked absolutely securely and inescapably in his maddening torment, worsened by the words which she said, which had shocked him to utter embarrassment.

The words which had so shocked him were simple. She told him that Trish mentioned that he'd let it slip about the chastity device and seeing as this was supposed to be their private secret, Emily had called a friend whom she felt safe around, for help in modifying his chastity device - plus that she was due to arrive any minute. She also added that seeing as she had done as she had promised, setting him free of the device and linking them for a mind blowing orgasm, she was really looking forward to owning him as her slave for an entire year, instead of just a brief 60 days.

Shilpah Enters the Scene

The crunching sound of tires on gravel announced Shilpah's arrival, as soon as Tom heard this, he tried struggling to get free even harder, as by this time his predicament had him on total overload.

Tom's first recollection of Shilpah, would be of her voice, which hinted at some distant part Asian accent. Given his current situation, it was probably best that he was blindfolded, as the mere sight of this Goddess alongside his stunning new keyholding woman, would most likely have been enough to send him over the abyss.

If Shilpah were a canine, she would have been called a bitsa, seeing as she had so many different bloodlines. These began with her Great Grandfather, and English tea merchant who married well, lived in India, yet had an affair from which Shilpah's Grandmother's life began. Being fine looking herself, she managed to marry a traveling spice trader from Spain, who provided her with lovely children to raise. One of the sons, married a beauty queen from Thailand, who bore Shilpah, who seemed to have inherited the finest of the entire collection of the gene pool, dating back centuries. Shilpah stood a slender, yet athletic 5'7, had that wonderfully tanned all year round look, coming from her heritage, which looked superb, when combined with almost waist length jet black hair.

She strode into the barn area, in her overalls and work boots – ready for some fabrication, metalwork and the like. Shilpah and Emily shared a long hug, each with a knowing smile on their faces, holding each other a little longer and a little closer than what would be normally considered a greeting. Both were flushed and aroused as they stood there, holding hands and looking at Emily's new prize.

Shilpah looked into Emily's eyes and Em gave her a consenting nod. Soon Shilpah was walking around the captive Tom, her nails occasionally brushing over certain areas of his skin, driving him wild with desire. Soon she bent to inspect the twine and the tormenting monster of a vibrator, which was hanging, threaded through Tom's PA piercing. Her first words to Em were how impressive the concept was and she was glad to always learn something new each day. She did say that of course, soon it would have to be removed, so she could measure some areas for the modifications to the device which Emily had sent her the images of.

When the vibrator was switched off and the twine through his PA removed, tears of pleasure and pain, from his extended period of near orgasm dampened his leather blindfold. Still erect and in need, aided by the thin twine wrapped tightly about the base of his cock, Shilpah gently took hold of his cock and inserted a kind of measuring device into the underside of his PA piercing.

Within what seemed like only seconds, she knew what modifications she would make in order to provide an even more painfully secure device for Emily's new man. Before she began, she asked Emily if she would like some late night entertainment while they worked. With a knowing smile, she readily agreed. The entertainment ended up being a decent thickness and length candle, custom made by Shilpah and sold at outlets around the world, which was designed to be tied atop and just behind the crown of a man's erect penis. The candle was molded with sturdy twine through the base of it, about half an inch up. This was used to wrap around the man's cock, fixing the candle in place, vertically above his knob. Once lit, it would slowly fill the cradle with wax, until the first dribbles slid down the side of the candle until they touched his sensitive glans. At this point, the resulting jerk would send a pool of hot wax, splashing over other parts of his cock. The candles were designed to give a full two hours of entertainment, or torment, depending on which side you were experiencing it from.

Candle tied in place behind the crown of his circumcised cock and set alight, the girls poured themselves a drink while they waited for the first reaction from Tom as the tormenting device began it's unceasing work. With the weighted parachute still affixed to his balls, his cock was now slanting slightly below horizontal. The girls moved in as they watched the first droplet approach the head of his cock. He jerked wildly as the heat and shock of the sensation reached his brain, then suddenly the entire pool of wax in the top of the candle added more fiery heat to his ramrod stiff cock. The girls laughed, then told him about what he could expect and that it would be best for him to stay absolutely still for at least the next couple of hours while they modified his chastity device for his added discomfort.

Over the next hour, Shilpah worked at what seemed like an incredible pace. She had constructed two separate PA securing devices. One to be used in conjunction with a punishing internal penis plus which she made to go with the Lori's Tube device, the other to be used on it's own, as Shilpah said that long term use of the open ended penis plug fixing could possibly lead to some hygiene problems.

The first PA fixing was designed to fit into the newly drilled hole under the front underside of the device, lining up perfectly with the the location of Tom's PA piercing, which she had earlier measured. This was a more standard type, which entered from underneath, was blocked off there and was drilled and open to permit urination without too much of a problem.

The second one, was pure magic, made like the first, to enter and be locked in place from underneath, it went upwards into his PA and had a very thin walled open tube atop the vertically curved piece. It would be through this thin circular ring which the longer penis plug fixing would slide into when inserted into his cock. This brilliance of this item was that it could be fitted first, along with the penis plug fixing, then once in place above the drilled hole for the underside PA fixing, a joining piece was used. This screwed into the one already in his PA and when tightened correctly, would line up perfectly to be locked from the outside, on the underside of his device. Either item would make the device much more secure and at the same time be a constant reminder to Tom about his predicament.

In the next 20 minutes, Shilpah also modified the internal penis plug fixing, so it now had a kind of cage which covered the head of Tom's cock, ensuring he was even further reminded that he was not in control of his manhood. This however, was not the worst part about the cage which bracketed the head of his knob. Shilpah had one more surprise up her sleeve, which would rest near the ring on the internal penis plug and was made of hollow surgical tube, like the kind used for catheters and such. On the side which would encircle his cock head, there was a row of tiny, super thin needles which would pierce the skin, yet hardly be felt, almost like a mosquito bite, before the sting. They were diabolical not because of what they were, but for what they delivered. For when he became erect inside the penis tube, these finest of fine needles would inject small amounts of fluid from the now expanded and compressed surgical tube. This fluid was natural and felt almost as bad as a bee sting.

Thus, every time he became erect, a dozen super fine needles would inject this deadly painful blend into the area behind the crown of his circumcised penis. Shilpah's Asian heritage had given her the idea to use natural products, which when combined delivered a very painful experience, which lasted for up to an hour. There was enough of this deadly painful concoction to last up to two weeks, as after the first couple of erections, the wearer of one of her inventions tried very hard not to go through the experience very often. The tube itself was only a bit more than an inch in diameter and fitted securely behind the head of his cock, but once it was expanded inside the confines of the penis tube, the pressure would force the painful concoction through the needles and into his cock.

With her fabrication work completed, the girls sat down to watch the rest of the show, being the continuing melting of the candle which was fast covering Tom's still erect penis. The only thing which changed was Shilpah, who now sat beside Emily, she too as naked as the day she was born. Champagne was poured in celebration, before Emily went and removed Tom's blindfold, thus giving him another shock as he at once noticed the incredible beauty of this Goddess, whose name of course, meant Jade Queen and she seemed to be every bit as beautiful as this description.

Shilpah walked over to him, raked her fingernail along the underside of his tormented cock and watched as he shuddered at her touch. Once again the girls went and sat in comfort with their drinks, while Tom stood firmly erect in his prisoner transport system, suffering as the candle melted away.

The Longest Night and the Improved Device.

As the candle burned down, the ladies decided it was time for bed. Soon they had the candle out, then it was none too gently removed from Tom's cock and they were releasing him from his bondage, almost. He would still be wearing cuffs behind his back, a choker chain collar and ankle cuffs with limited movement.

In no time at all, they'd had him showered, cleaned up and ready for bed, with one addition. A cock-ring and half a dozen layers of condoms on, just so they could be certain he wouldn't be getting off that night. Soon he was taken to a huge bed, where he ended up spread-eagled and chained in place on his back. He got the shock of his life when the girls joined him in bed and told him he had better not be a snorer, or else worse punishments than tonight's would be in store. Tom was very grateful he wasn't a snorer, as he didn't think he could handle much more than what he had gone through over the past few hours.

As bad as that experience had been, suddenly being tied down in bed, with two of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes upon, curled up on each side of him, he wasn't sure which punishment was worse. He had so many questions to ask, yet instead he lay there, as one or the other of the girls would occasionally brush against his throbbing cock which was almost devoid of feeling inside the six rubber sheaths. That night he knew he managed some sleep, but whether it was more than an hour or not, he couldn't tell.

When morning came, they awoke and all shared a hug. Tom needed to use the bathroom and Emily extracted from him a promise. He would be free to use the bathroom, however he was to promise her that he would not masturbate, as she was very good at detecting lies and a lying, cheating man was something she could not stand. Promises given, Tom was set loose to go through his morning routine, which had been given a time limit of 15 minutes.

When he came back to the bedroom, he was told to follow the now dressed ladies, once more to the barn, for the fitting once more of his improved chastity device. This time, Shilpah did the honors of restraining him, with him being tied to a pole in the barn, seemingly at every possible movable joint on his body, plus more. His arms behind the pole, ropes around his stomach, chest, shoulders, legs and ankles, he was well and truly trapped.

Already erect, ice was used to shrink his own pole back down to size for the fitting, plus some special creme was used to minimize any feelings and sensations while he was manipulated once more into his improved device.

First up was the surgical rubber circular tubing, with the tiny needles protruding. This went over his shrunken penis crown without difficulty. Things were explained to him as they went, with him being instructed to remain silent. Next came the penis plug with it's over 2 inch long catheter styled plug and newly attached stainless steel framework covering the head of his cock. When the fitting went up into the underside of his PA piercing, linking with the internal penis plug, he became a little concerned. The A-Ring was next, the adjustable spikes set to about two thirds the punishment limit. The actual tube went next, with his cock having been coated in some nice slippery lubricant for ease of fitting. This was slid over his cock, until the end of the catheter styled internal plug protruded from the pee hole in the front of his tube. Finally, with much care, Shilpah showed Emily how to line up the external fitting, which would screw into the internal PA fixture, after which it would be covered by a hinged plate and locked shut, thus ensuring his cock was well and truly secured.

For Tom, this vastly modified device represented a new high. He had never before felt so vulnerable and unable to gain access to his manhood. Emily next took the special tool and then wound the five punishment spikes fitted to his penis tube, all the way in, to their fullest punishment level.

Standing there, bound to the pole, Shilpah next told him that before too long, the creme she had used to take away much of the feeling would stop working. At that point, should he gain an erection, he would surely discover the painful effects of her special erection prevention device which encircled his cock, right behind the circumcised crown of it. She told him it would feel as if he was stung by a half a dozen bees, yet would cause no ill effects other than extreme pain. She told him that this was her special gift to him, for his dedication to Emily, whom had saved her from a bad situation many years ago. She added that she hoped he wouldn't hate her for it, as it was only for his own good that he should experience this pain and be reminded of Emily, who cared enough about him to ensure his thoughts and loyalties remained solely with her. This way, whenever he became aroused by another woman, his thoughts would trigger a painful reminder of whom he truly should be devoted to.

Tom nodded, then spoke for the first time in ages, thanking them both for their efforts and energies, as well as their trust in him, that he should remain silent about their agreement and that they cared enough to spend the time to ensure he remained totally focused on Emily, the woman for whom he had fallen for so very quickly as well as hard.

Soon the ladies set Tom free, after which he gave them both a caring hug and told them that he hoped he could withstand the severity of the punishing devices on his now modified Lori's chastity tube and that he hoped he could only improve over the course of the newly agreed to 12 month contract period.

The First Painful Reminder

With the morning now quickly vanishing, it was time for breakfast, which they decided would be taken near the pool, before enjoying a swim. With the girls only wearing their bikini bottoms and thongs at that, Tom began to get aroused at the sights before him. As his cock expanded, the rubber tube forced the cocktail of toxins into the tiny needles around the head of his cock and he suddenly reached for his crotch, before falling to the ground, his face contorted.

Emily rushed to see what was wrong, but Shilpah grabbed her and smiled, telling her it was just the punishment cocktail teaching him not to look upon women and get aroused. Emily asked Tom if this was what had occurred and he nodded in consent, while writhing about and holding his crotch.

It took a full five minutes before he could continue with breakfast, but still experiencing immense discomfort down below. Tom commented that of all the things he had experienced, this one thing would be the one to alter the way he looked at women forever, as that the intense agony from it was not something he wished to experience often.

Shilpah simply smiled and reminded Em of who held the key and that she should really restrain him, then remove the punishment device and save it only for the times when she wished to punish Tom for some wrongdoings. She added that although it didn't cause any physical harm, over time the mind would get to the point where erections would become less and less frequent, as well as more difficult to achieve. Shilpah also told them that besides, the rest of the device held plenty of punishment spikes and the PA fixing made certain that Tom was always reminded of his plight. Also, full erections were not the only thing which was impossible, as escape from the device was just as impossible as was any chance of an unauthorized orgasm.

With breakfast over, Tom was briefly restrained in a heavy timber outdoor chair, while the device was partially removed, to allow for the punishment ring to be removed and saved for another date and time. The look of relief on his face was evidence enough for Emily that it sure must be something to be used sparingly, only for the times when she really wanted to let him know who was boss. Soon after, he was once again locked away, with the addition of the lockable PA fixing keeping him constantly aware of his absolute helplessness while in this device.

Before he was set free from his bondage, Emily took Shilpah aside and had a quiet word with her. Every since her childhood, when her brothers would capture her, tie her up and torment their captive, Emily had longed to occasionally experience an intense bondage experience on certain rare occasions. She wasn't going to be doing this with Tom any time soon, but with Shilpah here, with whom she had played bondage games and more with in the past, she asked if there was any chance of Shilpah tying her into one of her incredibly stringent hogties. Shilpah smiled at the thought of this and readily agreed, one one condition, that being that they put Tom into the full body transport sack, like a sleep-sack but more restrictive, leaving only his privates exposed, so she could make one final modification to his chastity device.

Emily was about to say something, when Shilpah assured her that it was only going to enhance the effectiveness of the device and that she promised she wouldn't permit Tom any chance at an orgasm while the work was carried out. In addition, she promised, she had just thought of a way to further torment Emily whilst in her hogtie, which would drive her wild with desire and leave her craving for Tom's cock, but seeing as it would then be even more secure than ever, she would have to make do with a vibrator or his tongue. Emily trusted her friend enough to know that this would not only be a harsh session, but one which left her horny and craving for more, which was just the reason why she occasionally, secretly visited Shilpah, or had Shilpah come and visit her.

While Shilpah went to ready things out in the workshop area, Emily went back to Tom and sat her semi naked self upon him, teasing and tormenting him in every way she knew how. Out in the barn come workshop area, way down the back on one side was a small sort of tool shed, what very few people knew about, was the secret elevator platform which dropped down to a complete lower level, filled with the scent of old timbers, leather and other items, which all remained in tip top condition, lovingly maintained for the rare times they were needed.

When Shilpah returned to the upper level, her attire had changed and she was wearing a skin tight catsuit, corset, 4 inch heeled lace-up knee boots and she was pushing a trolley full of gear which would drive even the most enthusiastic total deprivation, mummification fanatic wild. Added to this was enough rope to ensure Emily would not only be hogtied like never before, but also have a few surprises for the period she would be kept totally immobile.

They heard, rather than saw Shilpah approaching them, for her arrival was announced by the sound of stiletto heels upon hard outdoor tiles. The snap of the riding crop upon Emily's butt had her off Tom's lap and kneeling before Shilpah, her head submissively bowed, her hands behind her back. Tom would have said something, if he wasn't too stunned at the image Shilpah presented in her current outfit.

Shilpah then admonished Emily for not being able to keep her hands off her plaything and that something had to be done about this. She told Emily to nod her head in consent, if she agreed that further modifications to her slave's chastity device would help prevent her from tormenting him the way she was. Emily consented and next Shilpah addressed Tom. She told him that they were going once more to the workshop area, where a further modification would be made to his device, during which time he would be suitably restrained, as would Emily, as punishment for tormenting him the way she had.

Finally, she told Emily to inform Tom that this was all part of the plan and that he should be obedient in every way, or else the ring of rubber and needles would once again be placed around the crown behind the head of his cock. As she spoke the words, he realized that this was all part of a consensual situation, so he nodded his head too and spoke up, saying he would do as instructed.

Soon they both stood before the gorgeous Eurasian Goddess called Shilpah, whereby Emily was given a collar and told to put it on, next came a pair of cuffs, one end of which went around Tom's scrotum, capturing his already chastised cock and balls, the other end hung free. Next another pair of cuffs was given to Emily, these went on her wrists, behind her back. Shilpah snapped another pair of hinged cuffs above Emily's elbows, pulling them close together. Next she moved Emily in front of Tom, the loose end of the cuff around his scrotum clicking shut around the ones on Emily's wrists. The final pair were tossed to Tom, with instruction to lock his wrists behind his back. This complete, Shilpah snapped a leash to Emily's collar and began to lead them over to the barn area in a bizarre type of camel train. Halfway there, Shilpah had them stop, before she removed Emily's bikini briefs, instructing her to spread her legs for inspection. With her legs parted, the crop was the only thing which did the inspecting, rubbing along Emily's slit until her eyes closed and she almost closed her legs to avoid the torrent of lust she was experiencing. Soon they were on their way once again, headed to the dreaded barn and what lay in store for them.

On arrival at the barn, another pair of cuffs were added to Emily's ankles, limiting her movement. Soon both her and Tom were freed of their other restraints and the luscious Shilpah asked each of them one final time if they were certain they trusted her enough to proceed with both Emily's bondage session and the additional modification to Tom's chastity device. They looked into each others eyes and announced that yes, they would trust Shilpah in whatever she had planned for them.

Emily's Bondage and Tom's Chastity Device Modifications

With the multiple video cameras already set in place, Tom was the first one to experience his restraint, as Shilpah enlisted Emily's help to have Tom snugly tucked away inside the full leather body sack. There was one final thing to do before this could proceed however, and it gave a hint as to what some of his immediate future would hold in store. He was told to bend forwards as they were going to insert a nasty little device where the sun doesn't shine. Tom recognized the device as he had seen them used in movies and such. Only three inches or so long, with metal exposed on each end and a wire trailing from one end which would activate the electrical current up inside his rear end. He almost protested, but in the end he permitted the intrusion to go ahead. With that completed, it was onto the table, legs first down into the restraint sack. Next it was time to place his arms into the built-in bondage sleeves, before laying fully back as the ladies began the process of zipping, lacing and buckling him into total seclusion and submission.

In what seemed like seconds, he was already unable to wriggle, let alone escape and he could feel his genitals as the only part of him exposed to the air. The gag they used had a breathing tube and the hood and collar which followed ensured he was in a world of no escape without outside assistance.

However, if he thought they were done with him already, he had another thing coming. Soon, belts were attached to the buckles along the sides of the sturdy leather full body restraint system, which went to the sides of the huge table he was laying upon. These were tightened down until he had not even the ability to move an inch. He had trusted the ladies when they had affixed sticky tabs they called monitoring devices to many parts of his chest, including ones over his nipples – for monitoring his heartbeat, breathing and other things they had said. So he lay there, not knowing what to expect, except more trouble, that was for certain.

For the modification process, Emily was still free of bondage bar for her ankle cuffs, which restricted her movements to only a 12 inch stride. She watched as Shilpah pulled from her toolbox, a brand new, old fashioned Tea strainer. The type which was made of two haves of stainless steel, into which the tea was placed into one side, then the other side closed and locked shut. This could then be laid into the cup, or pot of tea, leaving it free of any tea leaves. Shilpah explained this device came in handy for things other than tea straining, as each half was usually just large enough to cover most of a man's balls. Thus, with a few simple additions like a carefully cut and bent piece of stainless steel, you could add to the current device, making it even more frustrating as it wouldn't permit him to even touch his balls, let alone his cock. Additionally, Shilpah added, the holes in the half moon shaped strainers made for adequate ventilation and hygiene.

Emily thought this would be a welcome addition and smiled broadly at the thought of the additional torment poor Tom would be going through once this was added.

For Tom, all he could do was breathe, as the ladies went about the task of pressing the stainless steel half moons onto each of his testicles, then made measurements and adjustments as they went. He could feel some additional pressure and such, but not the torment he was expecting. Little did he know that this was only the planning stages, such as measure twice, cut once, being the old rule. Neither did he know that the modifications to his device were to take place on his spare A ring, the slightly smaller diameter one without the punishment spikes.

With all the measurements taken, Shilpah pulled on her overalls and thanked the Gods the day wasn't a very hot one, for she was already sweating inside her latex outfit. The spare A ring was laid on the other workbench, the cut pieces tacked into place along the front of the A-Ring, before the twin half moon pieces which would capture and partially crush his balls were added and tacked there as well. Seeing as it was a hinged A-ring, the centre part where the two halves would meet had a rolled edge welded in place on each side, so as not to cut into his skin and pinch it during fitting. The final addition came at the area through which his captive cock would enter the chastity tube, here, two halves of a smaller stainless steel ring had been added, so as to further restrict his cock, making certain that everything was in place would mean pulling the head through this reduced opening, which would also act as a further cock-ring should any attempted erection occur, making it last longer and be harder to reduce back to normal size due to the restricted blood flow.

With everything finally ready for a fitting, once again Tom felt something happening down below. This time, it was the removal of his chastity device and instantly it was removed his cock sprang free and stood to full attention, twitching as it lay back against his body sheath. The bag of ice placed upon it took longer than expected to do the trick but soon he was wiped clean and ready for the initial testing of his new device's addition. He felt the familiar lifting of his balls as the A ring was being pulled up from below, but then felt something strange as it edged into place and began to close. Something was ensnaring his balls, sort of separating them and slightly crushing them at the same time!

He tried to protest through his gagged and hooded head, yet only muffled sounds came from the breathing tube and soon these stopped as Shilpah held her thumb over the end of the tube and covered his nose holes, cutting off all of the air which Tom needed to breathe. Next he felt a tugging on his cock as it went through a smaller than usual opening and was finally wriggled about until once more his cock stood fully erect, this time pointing directly upwards and twitching at this entirely new sensation.

Shilpah kept an eye on the monitor which was keeping track of Toms vitals and noted that apart from a slightly elevated heart rate, there were no signs of distress. Once again the ice was applied and the ladies shared a drink to their good work thus far. All that was needed now was to refit the chastity device with and without the internal penis plug, to make sure the entire device worked and fitted exactly as planned.

Soon this task too was completed with the only protests coming from Tom's breathing tube. Though by monitoring his health they knew these were simply protests and not pleas for his life. This task done, the device and A-ring were removed, once again setting the captive cock free, so to speak. This time, ice was once again used to cool him off, so to speak, before Shilpah slid a cock-ring down over his penis, till she had it settled tightly around the base. Next she lifted from her table of tricks, a penis pump, which soon slid over Tom's cock and with plenty of vacuum applied, soon had Tom's cock as erect more swollen than it had ever been.

What happened next was a surprise for Tom, as Shilpah unclipped the covering pads over his eyes and spoke to him. She told him that for being such a good slave, he was going to receive a reward. Laying on his back and tightly strapped down, he noticed that overhead a large mirror was being adjusted so he could see what was going on beside the table he was affixed to. Shilpah told him to relax and enjoy the show.

The show turned out to be the binding of the woman he so dearly adored, Emily. He lay there and watched as Emily stood still as Shilpah anchored ropes above her elbows, leaving them to dangle, then then same with her wrists. Next a rope was looped across her back, under her armpit, around the back of her neck, down the other side, under the other armpit and back to the centre of her back.

This simple tie was the beginning of the most amazing bondage Tom had ever seen, as soon, Emily's wrists were crossed high up between her shoulder blades in the reverse prayer style, then tied and tightened. Then the original loop harness was tightened and her wrists tied to this up behind her neck. Soon it all came together and Emily's fingers were way up almost above her shoulders. And this was only the beginning of what was to follow. Soon the ropes above each elbow were used, the one from the right elbow being taken left around her body, pulling her elbow almost to the centre of Emily's back. The opposite way with her left elbow, until they were almost together and soon roped tightly together. Never had Tom seen such a tie, nor the flexibility to be able to handle something such as this.

Next up came more ropes, securing her further and forming a breast harness. It was then that Shilpah turned Emily around and Tom could see the look of pain, but also pleasure on her face. With a newly gloved hand, Shilpah lubed and inserted the same type of electrical stim device which nestled inside of Tom's butt, into Emily's as well. Next came an item Tom recognized all too well, that huge, rotating, pulsing and vibrating tormentor which had gotten Emily off while only giving him immense hardship.

Emily opened her legs wider as this too slowly slid into the place it was meant for, her now visibly wet pussy. More rope quickly went around her waist as Shilpah then set about forming a crotch rope to hold both the vibrator and the stim securely where they were meant to remain.

In what seemed like record time, Shilpah also had ropes at Emily's thighs, above and below her knees and with the ankle cuffs off, had her ankles roped securely as well. With Emily leaning against the bench for stability, soon the real torments began as Shilpah lifted strands of wetted rawhide leather which she used to wrap around the base of each of Emily's breasts, tightening them until her magical breasts were tied off and bulging like over inflated balloons. The ends of each long piece of rawhide then ended up being tied off to the breast harness for ease of release when they shrank as the leather dried.

The mirror was adjusted again so Tom could watch what was happening next. From this view, he could see down to near his feet, so he finally got a look at the manner in which he was secured. He watched as Shilpah leaned Emily against the side of the bench, then rolled her onto her side. A heavy belt was laid under Emily's legs and soon they were bent double into a hogtie position, the belt tightened to hold them in place. Soon rope was added from her ankle tie, up under her waist rope, then up to the rope behind her neck, which when pulled tight made the tie all the more stringent.

A few further ropes were added to form something of a harnessing point for what could be a suspended hogtie. Tom was right about this as soon, he watched as Emily rose about a foot in the air. Shilpah used the same stick on type patches as with tom, to affix what he recognized as the working end of a TENS or PSG unit to Emily's nipples. The wires controlling her anal stim, her vibrator and the nipple stims were soon gathered together and hung about Emily's neck.

Shilpah disappeared from view for a moment and as she returned Tom heard a sort of ripping sound. This sound he soon noticed came from a roll of shrink wrap, about a foot wide which was quickly yet methodically being wrapped all about his suspended, stringently hogtied girlfriend. Tom noticed how special attention was paid to Emily's already tied and tormented tits. When Shilpah had finished her task, the only parts not wrapped were Emily's feet and her head. Even a layer or two was about poor Emily's neck.

Leaving Emily suspended over Tom's lower legs, she next turned her attentions to Tom. This meant that now Emily too could see what was in store for her would be lover. After she removed the vacuum penis pump, exposing Tom's super swollen member, she quickly set to work. First up was a weighted ball stretcher, which now had Tom's balls taught and protruding. Next came two more of the stick on TENS unit pads, one on each the top and bottom of his rigid cock. Soon she had lubed up and was inserting a special electrical sound down the eye of his cock. Once in place, she secured it via his PA piercing and quickly rolled a condom down over her handiwork, the wires of the work now laying together off to the side of his cock.

After another three condoms had been added, next was a layer or three of black electrical tape, ensuring there wouldn't be much, if any sensations available to Tom from the outside. Reaching over to her table of torments, Shilpah lifted a much narrower roll of shrink wrap, this one only a couple of inches wide. A few layers of this about his cock, then, shockingly for Tom, he felt it going around his already tautly stretched balls. One final condom later, he watched as Shilpah lubed up a ring gag and slid it onto the head of his cock, slowly wriggling and forcing it down his fully erect cock. When it was two-thirds of the way down, she smiled and looked satisfied.

“Almost done”, she said, before picking up the industrial heat gun and applying it firstly to Toms private regions, watching as it shrank quickly until she could hear his wild protestations via the breathing tube and see the look of pain in his eyes.

As he struggled with the crushing effect on his cock and balls, he watched in horror as Shilpah began the task of applying the heat-gun all over poor Emily's totally cocooned body. What was already the most stringent hogtie he had ever witnessed became something altogether more evil, as the suspended girls flesh soon became visibly squashed by the constricting plastic wrapping. With special attention paid to her already punished chest region, Emily finally began to shake her head and plead for some mercy.

“Just what I was waiting to hear”, was all Shilpah said, before putting down the heat gun, then maneuvering Emily into position above Tom's rigid cock. “Open wide”, she said as she lowered Emily so her mouth was lined up over Tom's cock. With a little guidance from Shilpah, soon his cock entered Emily's wide spread mouth. Already large in size and girth, her mouth was forced to it's limit as Shilpah helped by forcing her head further onto his cock.

When her teeth hit the ring gag, Shilpah wriggled her about a little until the gag seated itself behind Emily's teeth. Seconds later, the straps were tightened and the two lovers became one.

Shilpah quickly lowered Emily all the way down, until she lay upon Toms leather encased legs, her mouth over his wrapped and strapped cock, held firmly in place by the ring gag harness. Shilpah pulled Emily a little further towards Tom's feet, so his cock stood straight up in the air and Emily could see just enough to look up towards his tightly strapped down head. Seconds later, straps were added which held Emily in place and the suspension rope unhooked so she now lay affixed in place.

Next came the wiring of the duo, to the awaiting TENS unit with some special additions. Emily watched in horror as a small microphone was taped in place just below her mouth, at the base of Tom's cock and another taped in place along the side of his leather clad cheek, close to his mouth.

Both Tom and Emily were now wired for sound, and pain. There was only one real thing left to do, which was to exchange his current gag, for one with a nice lifelike cock which would stand straight up in the air, ready for Shilpah to sit upon and enjoy. But first, on went his eye covers again, taking away his sight.

As she unzipped his mouth area and removed his current gag, he began to speak, only to feel the effect of the TENS unit not only in his rear end, but also from the wired electric sound, down the eye of his cock. This also sent a shock to Emily's nipples, causing her to squeal as well, which the other microphone picked up and then sent shock to the various other areas. In seconds, there was silence as the pair realized their plight.

Smiling, Shilpah strapped the gag into place, some inside, the largest part protruding, ready for her pleasure. She listened to his breathing through the limited holes over his nostrils and smiled to herself at her inventiveness.

With her coveralls removed, Shilpah unzipped the crotch of her skintight catsuit as she climbed upon the table, her face towards the tortured Emily, kneeling with her pussy just above the cock protruding from Tom's mouth.

Looking into Emily's eyes, she said, “This is one ride none of us will ever forget”. With that, she flicked a switch which activated the monstrous vibrator with clitoral stim which lay tightly secured within Emily's pussy, at the same time lowering herself onto the lifelike cock which would now give her the pleasure she so rightly deserved.

As she lowered herself, she heard the two distinct protestations which had occurred when the pussy invader kicked into life and began to pleasure Emily, causing her to moan in delight. Shilpah herself let out a sigh as her own fingers reached down to pleasure her clit.

The Bonding Experience for Shilpah

After she had orgasmed many times, Shilpah, who had been clock watching, quickly set about the process of freeing the very much tormented Emily. Once completely freed, she sat limply in a nearby chair, barely able to lift her bottle of water to her lips.

Meanwhile, Tom was having his tormenting devices removed until he too lay still in his cocoon of leather, his cock now shrunken down by the application of much ice.

While Emily recuperated, Shilpah went to the table and began the process of once more placing Tom into the newly made additions to the device. Because of her neatness and skills with the TIG welder, sanding and polishing the work of art had only taken minutes. Soon he was locked up again, this time with the additional security and frustration of not even being able to touch his balls. As an added bonus, Shilpah had added a valve type of device, which would let Tom flush soapy water, rinse water, or air into the device near the base, which would permit longer periods of wear due to improved hygiene.

Before freeing Tom, Emily had one request of Shilpah, some private time alone, so she too could use Tom for some additional pleasure. Shilpah smiled and readily agreed, saying that she needed to freshen up anyway, after the events of the day.

With Shilpah gone, Emily removed the gag and spoke to Tom, telling him that he was going to be in for a special treat, he would be permitted to pleasure her with his tongue, until she had orgasmed twice, after which he would finally be freed.

With Shilpah now headed over to the house to freshen up, Emily settled herself atop her laced up and locked down lover, then lowered herself for what she hoped would be a decent tongue lashing, so to speak. She wasn't disappointed as the mixture of Tom's tonguing and the feeling of absolute power over him made for a very erotic and heady mix. Her first orgasm was almost instantaneous, her second seemingly only minutes later.

The newest modifications to his device weren't fully apparent to him until Emily helped him free from his bondage sack so that soon he too, sat limply in a chair, struggling even to lift his arms to drink from his own bottle of water.

Once back at the house, they all decided that a refreshing dip in the pool, followed by some food would be required, before they set about the task of cleaning up and putting away all the items which had been used during their session. By the time this was all completed, darkness was upon them and they had mutually agreed that they were too worn out to do much of anything tonight, other than to relax and get to know each other even better.

Tom had earlier volunteered his services to handle the evening meal, yet told them it would only be a simple affair, due to the stresses of the day. Dinner turned out to be steaks on the grill, with a bit of flair being added via the other items being cooked. Slices of mango, pineapple and onions made a nice flavorsome addition, as did the banana's, which were simply slit down the middle length ways, then laid on the middle heat range of the grill and cooked until the skin began to peel back. This made them sweeter than you could imagine and made a nice addition to the other flavors to savor. A simple garden salad was also on hand to top off what was a simple, yet very healthy, tasty meal.

After dinner, Shilpah made her confession. She had used the computer and the cameras, to record their session, which she hoped they could all sit down some time and enjoy watching. She hoped they didn't mind and said she would erase the file on the computer if they did. All were agreeable that what they had experienced should remain private, yet the recording should be kept, as after all, it was one heck of an afternoon!

Although the night was still young, they had by now enjoyed a few drinks and their time together was becoming one of sharing stories, tales and vivid descriptions of their past experiences. Somewhere along the line, Shilpah almost complained that she had been the one who had done all the hard work, while Emily and Tom had been the ones to benefit from her years of expertise, while she herself had to settle for a ride upon a fake cock, protruding from Tom's mouth gag.

She said that she would like to switch roles while they still had time together, so that she may be the one who was at the mercy of not just Emily, but Tom also, whom she had discovered had an extensive history of being the Dom, both before and while becoming locked away in chastity.

Shilpah wanted to have an experience as wild as theirs had been and would like to go through this with not only her dearest friend Emily, but also at the hands of a talented Dom whom she believed she could trust.

Tom looked into Emily's eyes and received a nod of approval, so he told Shilpah that later this very evening, her wishes would come true.

While the girls enjoyed a glass of wine, Tom went in search of the things he would need to make Shilpah's experience as intense as theirs had been. He found what he was looking for in a combination of items he had managed to discover both within the house, as well as the secret underground barn area – to which he had now been made privy. Soon he managed to ready things for Shilpah's period of torment at the hands of the duo – and for beyond.

While the ladies enjoyed a glass of wine lazing around the pool, Tom was busy with the items he had discovered, making sure he could adequately repay the favours which Shilpah had dished out to both he and Emily earlier that afternoon. He was certain that as he had been given permission, well, his creativeness was not going to be wasted.

The things which had dictated Tom's direction and choice of punishments were Shilpah's nipples. They had caused him a fair deal of pain earlier that day just due to being able to see them, when she was topless by the pool. They were outstanding, in more ways than one. Almost three quarters of an inch long as well as being very thick, they stood out like two chocolate brown bullets, waiting to be adoringly loved. He had also noticed the heavy guaged piercings, holding golden barbells in each. He knew at once that these nipples would be receiving more than just basic torments – they would be the main focus of his attentions this evening.

Tom found exactly what would do the trick too, sitting on the floor beneath a sturdy table. Someone with a mind even more diabolical than his had made a device for exactly the purpose of either pleasuring, or punishing a woman's breasts and nipples.

The machine beneath the table was not unlike an old movie projector. The difference being that this one had spools which instead of taking film, carried a 200 foot roll of silk. Positioned in the right place, you took the loose end of silk from the spool, positioning it so it went over the body, then fed into the spool on the other side of the table. When the tension was taken up, the four inch wide spool of silk would be running right over her exposed breasts. The machine was set to run in one direction until almost out of silk, then wait for a minute before reversing direction and going the other way. It meant that for five solid minutes the silk would steadily rub over her nipples and tits, then a minute of respite before another five minute period of non-stop stimulation began. Combined with the total immobility he had planned for her, plus inflated plugs or vibrators in all her orifices and some pain in her feet from a pair of ballet boots he had found, Tom figured her senses would be overloaded to the point of driving her almost insane. The perfect payback for what she had done to them earlier that day.

So as to avoid alerting her to his real intentions, Tom took the ballet boots, the smaller full leather sleep sack with cutouts to leave the breasts exposed, plus some straps and toys upstairs to the same table he had been affixed to earlier that day. He then went to tell his “victim”, that things were ready and waiting for her over in the barn. He told the ladies that he would make himself a drink and meet them over there in no more than 10 minutes.

Tom had no time to relax as Shilpah seemed eager to begin. Firstly, he had her begin her own bondage by putting the ballet boots on herself and lacing them as securely as she could. Next she was to tighten a belt very securely about her waist. Her eyes went wide at the sight of the inflatable butt plug, but she dutifully lubricated it and soon it was firmly where it was intended to go. Next came the monstrous vibrator with clitoral stim. To keep these in place another split sectioned belt went from front to rear and was checked to ensure it held both tormenting tools where they were meant to stay.

With a little help she was soon being laced up in the same styled super secure full body sleep sack as Tom was in earlier, but this one had lace on, removable patches over the breast region, which weren't in place, so Shilpah had a fair idea of what region would be receiving the attention.

With Emily's help, soon Shilpah was laced up with her breasts exposed and the inflatable bulb for the butt plug, as well as the on / off switch for the vibrator being the only items visible. With the inflatable butterfly gag (with breathing tube), in her mouth, the hood was laced tightly too, before a heavy leather collar completed the first stage of her restraint. Tom smiled as he noted that Shilpah had done her very long hair into a braid, which now hung free, protruding from the laces at the top of the hood.

With this part complete, he manhandled Shilpah off the table, carried her over to the corner where the lift would take them down below. Emily followed, wondering what else Tom had in mind, it wouldn't be long before she too would be smiling at what he had planned for the poor helpless Shilpah.

Soon she was laid out on the table, being strapped and tied down until she couldn't move an inch. Tom was certain that by now, the ballet boots would be causing her some distress, but they sure looked good on, and even better when neatly laced away inside the punishing body bag.

Emily had known about the secret room her late father had kept down under the barn, but it wasn't until after his death that she ever got to see what a collection of dungeon and tormenting equipment her father had managed to acquire. Shilpah knew more about the room, as she had assisted in creating some of the more intricate items which Emily's father had ordered.

Both Emily and Shilpah had tried out the device Tom was about to employ, but never for a sustained period, not with the one extra trick Tom had planned for Shilpah. Tom began by asking Emily to remove the piercings from Shilpah's nipples, while he went to fetch their drinks (plus the extra little item he would use in her torment).

Upon his return, he set the drinks down, then from his pocket pulled a folded sheet of very fine 600 grit wet and dry sandpaper. Emily looked on as Tom told her that everything would be OK and that all this would do, would be to make Shilpah's skin much more sensitive. Tom began slowly, buffing her nipples lightly, watching her squirm at the light abrasiveness she was feeling. Soon he moved to her surrounding areas, until he had lightly buffed her breasts so that now they were super sensitive to any touch. Tom demonstrated this by simply sucking some air in as he bent down close to Shilpah's left nipple. He was rewarded with a low moan from behind her gagged and hooded face.

Smiling, he then took the loose end of the 4 inch wide silk from the roll on one side, dragging enough free so that he could affix it to the spool on the other side under the table, all the while, ensuring that it only touched the leather of the totally immobilized Shilpah. Looping her braided hair over, he tied it double with a length of thin leather, forming a loop which he then tied off behind her to keep Shilpah's head fairly still. Lastly, he took the twin belts on her posture collar in one notch tighter, making it slightly difficult for her to breathe freely. He knew that she could cope with this by simply staying calm and breathing slowly, which he soon intended to make it very difficult to do.

Just before starting the machine to go to work on her, he leaned over close to her and told her that he hoped she enjoyed her rest, and that they would be back to free her in about four hours. Then Tom lifted the silk sashing in place over Shilpah's now very sensitive breasts, before hitting the button and watching her response to the silk stimulator machine. Immediately the silk started rubbing over her nipples she squealed in surprise. Then she moaned and tried shaking her head to alert them to her predicament. She had no idea what was happening except that something awfully good was happening to her titties and nipples, but that it wouldn’t let up at all.

After about a minute of this constant incredible stimulation, she moaned loud enough for Emily to be surprised. Another thirty seconds of the relentless attack of the silk and she was fairly howling out of the tube in her mouth. All this earned her was a couple of extra pumps of the inflatable butterfly gag which already filled her mouth.

Tom lit up a cigarette and waited until the first run of silk had finished. Her breathing was labored and she was moaning constantly out of the tube. Knowing that she had no idea how or what was to happen next, he decided to play a little game with her mind. He put the cigarette close to her left nipple, so the heat went right through the silk and heated her nipple enough to give pain, but not to cause any harm. The response was immediate. She screamed out in shock, and a bit of pain. Tom then did the same to her right nipple and received the same response. Soon the machine started its mechanical stimulations once more, and she moaned in ecstasy as the silk caressed her immobile form for the second time. Once again, after about 20 percent of the way through its cycle, the ecstasy became more of a punishment than a pleasure.

To ensure Shilpah was coping OK, Tom unclipped the eye covers so they could look into her eyes and see how she was holding up. The look they received was one of sheer frustration, mixed in with one of pure rage. Both Emily and Tom smiled which only made the look they got seem even more pleasing. They knew that Shilpah was getting just what she had asked for, plus maybe a little bit more.

With Shilpah once again groaning as the silk worked relentlessly upon her sensitized titties, Tom reached down, flicked the vibrator on and watched as Shilpah shrieked as now her pussy too was being pleasured. Next it was a few decent pumps to the inflatable butt plug which had Shilpah eying them with that special look a Dominant is rewarded with when they have totally trumped their subject.

Tom whispered something to Emily, who smiled and nodded as she stared into Shilpah's eyes. By the time the silk was on its third 5 minute run, combined with the vibrator working over Shilpah's pussy and clit, her breathing changed and her eyes began to glaze as the moment of orgasm approached.

Tom switched the machine off and Emily turned the vibrator off at the same time, denying the much needed orgasm for Shilpah. She fairly howled at them, her eyes you could swear were a burning red as she glared at them. Her reward was a smile from them both and an extra pump of the inflatables in both her mouth and her rear. This silenced her quickly and they covered her eyes with the pads again, then waited another few minutes before switching both the silk machine and the vibrator again.

When they caught her out and switched the toys off a second time, just before she orgasmed, this time they could hear her whimpering in need from behind her gag. This time, they came to an agreement which meant that only the silk titty stimulator would be used, denying her the much needed orgasm until later.

As the silk once again began its journey over her nipples and breasts, Shilpah whimpered slightly and accepted her fate. Tom looked at her in sympathy, for he too had been denied an orgasm since meeting the beautiful Emily, which though only days, now seemed like a lifetime ago.

Tom left Em to take care of Shilpah, giving her free reign to do with her as she wished, while he went in search of something special which he had in mind for tormenting Shilpah later on.

Tom found what he was looking for after only about 5 minutes of rummaging through the various cupboards of toys and tormenting devices. He came back over to Emily, who was about to turn the vibrator back on to give the suffering Shilpah her very much needed orgasm. Tom arrived just in time to prevent that, showing Emily the toys he had found, then whispering to her that he would like to offer Shilpah a choice. Her orgasm, if he got to fit her with the little devices he had found.

In her desperation for an orgasm, Shilpah, once her eye covers were removed and she was shown the items, readily agreed to the deal. With that part covered, Tom told her he would be modifying them somewhat, in order to repay her for the modification she had made to his chastity device. She still agreed and so the eye covers went back on, the vibrator was switched on and both he and Em sat back to watch and hear the resulting sounds of Shilpah orgasming.

Nipple Chastity for Shilpah

The items Tom had discovered were the nipple stretching type of items you can buy off the shelf. These were ideal for what he had in mind, modification wise, for Shilpah. With her already very long, thick, dark nipples, he thought that a slightly added stretch would be perfectly suited, yet the best part was the addition of other items he had found. His search had turned up some old fashioned thimbles, as used by women to protect them when sewing by hand. These small thimbles fitted perfectly over the nipple stretching devices, so all Tom had to do was to drill some small ventilation holes for hygiene, then silver solder them in place, drilling further holes where the barbell or other styled nipple rings would normally go.

With this task completed and everything else he needed already downstairs, Tom returned to Emily and a very worn out and suffering Shilpah. They finally turned off the devices tormenting her, then uncovered her eyes, before unzipping the area over her gag, removing it and giving the poor girl a drink of water. This done, they gagged her once more, covered her eyes and told her it wouldn't be long now before they would set her free.

Firstly, Tom used something else he had found, to prepare Shilpah's nipples for the fitting of his invention. Suction was used with the test tube like cups which the vacuum sucked her nipples far into, causing her to protest from behind her gag. The same was done on her other nipple and soon they both looked on in wonder at the sheer size of her now distended chocolate brown nipples.

For the next part, her eyepads were removed and Emily talked sweetly to her, telling her how special she was and how much they appreciated this rare opportunity to play with her.

With her head still restrained by her braided hair, Shilpah couldn't lift her head to see what was about to transpire, but she felt a relief as the vacuum tube over one nipple was removed. Her relief was brief though, as Tom soon lined up his creation and pushed it down over her nipple. Being so swollen and stretched from their time under vacuum, meant that her piercings lined up just about perfectly with the holes through which Tom now carefully slid the open end of the small, stainless steel padlocks he had also discovered.

For Shilpah, it was a strange sensation, feeling what she thought was her normal barbell like piercing being re-inserted so soon after her nipple was free from the suction. Soon the other one was done as well and they set about freeing her from the confines of her bondage.

It wasn't until halfway through this, when they had removed the posture collar, undid the lacings and she looked down, did Shilpah realize that she could no longer see her lovely huge brown nipples!

Instead, she could see the thimbles, with padlocks through the ends of them... Upon closer inspection as she struggled to get her hands free from the inbuilt armsleeves of the bondage sack, she could also see the little punishment spikes of the nipple stretchers over which the thimbles were now silver soldered solidly into place. This, combined with the padlocks meant that now, not only were her nipples in chastity, but the damned thimbles stood out almost an inch from her boobs!

She already had to wear padded bras to try to stop both men and women staring at her huge, perfect nipples, but with the thimble covered nipple stretchers atop them, how the hell would she be able to disguise them now, she thought.

Once she was finally free from the the sack, she tried to stand in the ballet boots and walk over to a mirror to get a better look. This proved difficult as she still had the twin tormentors belted firmly inside her pussy and ass.

Soon they helped her to the mirror and removed the rest of her restraints as she looked on in shock at the nipple chastity things Tom had locked upon her. To add to her woes, the effect of the vacuum was wearing off, so now her nipples were being slightly stretched inside their new full coverage homes.

It was Emily who really brought Shilpah back to reality when she told her that maybe she would unlock her from them, the same time she unlocked Tom from his device – in about 40 days or so...

Tom added to her plight when he said, “Well, that sounds like a fair enough deal, plus, it seems there is a bright side to the arrangement as well – now I won't get punished by an erection like before, as the mere sight of your nipples was causing me to become overly aroused”.

Emily soon fixed Tom up for that comment by telling him that his adoration of Shilpah's nipples just cost him another 2 weeks before she'd let him free of his device! That altered his demeanor very quickly and he was about to say something, but held his tongue, knowing that just about anything he could say, would only worsen his plight.

By the time they had cleaned things up and made it back to the house, Shilpah was now admiring her new nipple chastity devices. She openly told them that what they did wasn't fair, but that now that she was thinking about it, she may even agree to letting Emily hold the keys to the padlocks keeping her from seeing, or touching her nipples. She also added that the feeling of them being slightly stretched and locked away also made her hornier than she could have imagined. She added that besides, if there was any emergency, she could always call upon Emily to release her. Also, at least she didn't have to travel hundreds of miles for the keys, like Tom did...

That night, as they went to bed, Tom was still in the bad books for his comments about Shilpah's nipples. So instead of being in the bed, Emily held true to her promise of keeping him chained and slave like. Tom ended up under the bed, chained spread eagle, listening to girl noises coming from on top of the bed. The girls were having a good time by the sound of it too.

Emily Heads Back To Work – Tom Takes Shilpah for a Ride

While Tom still had time off from work, Emily needed to get back on duty and keeping him locked up while she attended to official business seemed overly harsh at this early stage of their relationship, especially after the modifications already made to his chastity device, as well as all the pains inflicted upon him. So, knowing that Shilpah also enjoyed going for rides on the back of bikes, she arranged for Tom and Shilpah to spend some time together out riding.

When Tom mentioned that he would really have liked to have seen some of the coast, as had been planned prior to meeting Emily, Shilpah had an idea. She herself had to go down to the coast both to get some supplies for a special project she had coming up, plus she wanted to visit a couple of her clients, who ordered things from her regularly. She knew this trip would require an overnight stay and so she asked Emily as nicely as she could, saying that she felt bad for taking Emily's slave away from her, but that it would solve a few problems for all of them. Tom would get to see some of the coast, Shilpah could get some business done and Em could catch up on some of her workload.

If it had been anyone other than Shilpah, Emily would have flatly denied the request, yet it did make sense, plus, well, they'd damned near shared a threesome already and Emily would be holding both sets of their keys to their locked bits, so, she smiled and thought that the idea was sound, sensible and had merit. The only condition she placed on things (after taking Shilpah aside for a private chat), was that while Tom was with Shilpah, he was to do whatever he was told, whenever he was told, plus that Shilpah would be reporting back on his behavior.

Tom hugged Emily, then told her that although he would miss her terribly on their first night apart, he was also grateful for being able to complete at least some additional parts of his holiday plans. Emily for her part would miss having him around as well, but knew that she had a huge workload to get through and catch up on, so she told him not to worry and that they would talk on the phone later anyway.

With things arranged, They all got busy preparing things, two for a sort of working holiday, one for work. Tom was to follow Shilpah back to her place, so she could gather together the things she required while Emily went off in the other direction, once again as Officer McLean. And Officer McLean had a special surprise in mind whilst they were away...

Arriving at Shilpah's place, Tom removed the gearsack bag from the rack on the back of the bike, giving it to Shilpah for her gear, while his had fitted neatly into the magnetic tank-bag on the bike. While Tom made them both a cup of tea, Shilpah got ready in what seemed like record time, returning in a pair of jeans which looked like they'd been spray painted on, they were that form fitting. She was also wearing a long sleeved button up shirt, tied off at the waist and partially unbuttoned in a very fashionable way. She was also carrying her own jacket, helmet and gloves. The other thing which he of course noticed, was that Shilpah's breast cup size seemed to have grown. She noticed him looking and added that thanks to his nipple stretcher modifications, it had taken two of her pairs of her best padded bras to try to conceal the huge protrusions poking out from her chest!

Tom commented that he hoped she would wear them for some time, just so she could have a small taste of the torments her modifications to his chastity belt were causing him. That earned him a smile, with a slightly wicked grin behind it.

Soon they were dressed and on their way to the coast, Shilpah assuring Tom they'd take the nice winding roads best suited to his sports based motorcycle, which would allow them to both enjoy the ride. This time, instead of the incredible feeling of having Emily's breasts pressed close against his back, it was still a great feeling for Tom, as he could feel the twin protrusions of Shilpah's nipple covers as she lent against him. He also realized that she was squirming about a little, which made him smile under his helmet. He thought to himself that at least he had to be the one concentrating on the riding duties, so for him he had just about enough distractions to keep his own arousal at bay, while Shilpah would be almost fully focused on the twin tormentors covering and slightly stretching her overly sensitive nipples.

Once down off the mountain ranges, the roads opened up and with Shilpah feeling confident in his riding skills, he too took a chance and wound the pace up a little, only in short busts, but enough to get the adrenalin pumping. A tap on the shoulder and some pointing at a small roadside caffe was enough for Tom to get the hint.

Soon they were seated out the back, in the shaded area, awaiting a light, early lunch. In this relative privacy, they talked about the ride, their earlier years and more about Tom and Emily. When Tom excused himself to use the gents, Shilpah quickly used her cell phone to call Emily. She made contact and spoke quietly and quickly, telling Em that she thought this one was a keeper too, as whenever he spoke of her he seemed to change slightly, becoming more animated and definitely with a smile on his face. That having been said, Emily thanked Shilpah and promised to talk again soon.

Back on the road after lunch, the traffic began to build as they neared their first port of call. Tom said he'd grab a cool drink and wait across the road, which ran alongside the beach, while Shilpah visited with one of her clients. Shilpah said that he could come in if he wanted, but he declined, saying he had been waiting to see this area for a while, plus, it also gave him time to reflect. Shilpah took the bulky gearsack bag in with her, while Tim took the tankbag and went in search of a cool drink and a place to then sit near the beach, the soothing sounds of the ocean being music to his ears.

Sitting there, Tom suddenly felt the atmosphere change, as if it became energized with negative ions, like before a thunderstorm. He felt, rather than heard Shilpah's presence. He turned around to look and almost spilled his drink!

For gone was the Shilpah he had ridden down here with, the one which stood in front of him now was wearing tiny, super short cut-off denim shorts, her long legs continuing down until they disappeared into more than ankle high laced up 4 inch heeled boots. Gone too was the double coverings of her padded bras, in their place was a bright red bikini top, with the twin metal nipple stretchers and padlocks threatening to poke holes in them. This was still covered with the same 'tied at the waist' red button up long sleeved shirt, sleeves rolled up, of course. Although this time, anyone who could manage to take their eyes off the entire image of her, would definitely notice the twin protrusions, especially if she were sitting somewhere and you could see down inside the red shirt – for atop her small yet firm breasts, the effect was magnified many times over.

Tom's reaction was almost instant, he sat there, his mouth open as if he was like a fish out of water, it was moving, but no sound was coming out. Before he could speak, his hands moved down to his crotch region, for he had become instantly and ferociously erect. The multitude of punishing spikes began doing exactly what they were made to do, torturing his throbbing and trapped cock.

Shilpah laughed and said, “Well, at least one thing is for certain, the change of outfit works exactly as intended”.

Tom finally managed to speak and told Shilpah that she couldn't possibly be intending to wander about the rest of the day dressed as she was, as he wasn't sure he'd be able to fight off the hordes of men who would doubtlessly feel the need to get close to her.

Shilpah laughed and told him not to worry, as she knew how to deal with them and wouldn't let things get out of hand.

“Come on”, she said. “We still have a couple of stops to make, before arriving at our destination for the night, which we should manage to do by mid to late afternoon if we hurry”

When they hopped back on the bike, Shilpah went without the leather jacket this time, as their ride would be slower and take them along the beach front roads for the most part. With the red shirt buttoned up a little higher, Shilpah felt safer from prying eyes, but still leaned up against Tom's back whenever she felt someone staring at her chest region. This of course, only made it harder for him to concentrate on riding, but somehow they made it through their stops and arrived at the main holiday beach area by 4-00PM.

A Surprise For Tom

While stopped at a set of traffic lights, turning a little to talk with Shilpah, Tom said that they should try to look for somewhere to stay for the night. She just laughed and told him that it was already organized and that he shouldn't worry.

Without saying anything extra, she gave him directions until they ended up riding down a lane way behind one of the beach front hotel clubs. At the secured carpark, Emily hopped off the bike and went to the little video-link where she spoke for a few seconds, before hopping back on as the carpark garage door raised.

Still kind of speechless, Tom followed her directions until they were parked beside the lifts in a nice bike parking area. Following her lead, he locked the disc-lock on the bike, removed their gear and went into the elevator with Shilpah. It stopped at the top floor and Shilpah exited the lift and walked off to the left. With Tom carrying their gear, he followed her to an open doorway, which led into a deluxe type of suite, directly overlooking the beach. By this time, he was just about lost for words but did as he was told when she instructed him to make them both a drink from the bar. Hers was to be a Long Island Iced Tea (a potent blend of 4 white spirits and a dash of coke), while his was a very decent nip of Jack Daniels with a dash of water over some ice.

As Shilpah disappeared into the main bedroom and began putting things away, Tom went to the balcony, still in a partial state of shock. Minutes later, she reappeared, still wearing the same almost obscene outfit, except now she looked even better, as her hair was no longer braided, but now cascaded down her back, almost to her waist. Finishing off her outfit was a nice black leather cap. It was of the sort you see in many glam films about leather, latex and the like – except that, worn at the slight tilt as she had hers at, with the fashionable sunnies under the peak, Shilpah now looked like even better. Everything she wore seemed to work, perfectly.

Taking the drink from his hand before he dropped it, she nuzzled up close to him, kissed him gently and in the friendly way, on his cheek. She added, “Don't worry, it will all make perfect sense very soon”.

With that, they sat back, looking out over the ocean, sipping their drinks. With his jacket hanging over the back of the chair, Tom reached into a pocket and pulled out his pouch of tobacco. Having a hand rolled ciggy, with quality tobacco was something he had long enjoyed, especially at contemplative times such as these. As the breeze carried the aromatic scent towards Shilpah, she asked if she could have one too. So, soon the pair were sitting back, enjoying a drink and a smoke, looking out over the ocean on what was the last day of a 4 day long weekend, with a national holiday on the Friday, this Monday being a State holiday.

Finishing her ciggy and drink, Shilpah took the initiative and told her bewildered guest that it was time to head downstairs to the main bar, before thinking about showers, dinner and the night ahead of them. She added that Emily would be expecting to hear from them in a couple of hours, so it gave them time enough to enjoy the rest of the afternoon before the sun went down over the mountains behind them.

Tom soon discovered that the hotel was divided into 4 main areas. The ground floor catered to those in beach wear and such, the second floor had a decent kitchen at the rear, with the front beach-side being more like a private members club, for regulars and locals mainly. The third level became a nightclub of higher standards in the evenings, with the fourth and fifth levels being accommodation – mainly for special guests.

They got off at level two and Shilpah stopped in front of two closed, darkly tinted doors, a security guard on duty greeted them.

“Miss Shilpah, a pleasure to see you again, as always. You are expected, please go on in, you have a reserved booth near the front left, so you can see the ocean without obstruction”.

Even with her boots on, Shilpah had to stand on tiptoes to smile and give “Jason”, the security guard a friendly peck on the cheek.

Before they went in, Shilpah looked into Tom's eyes, then asked him, “Do you trust me?” He nodded in the affirmative. “Wear these”, she said as she pulled a second pair of glasses from her handbag. As soon as he put them on, he realised that they were spray painted black on the inside, so effectively he was now blinded. “Take my hand and follow me, ok”, she told him.

Soon the doors opened and through they went, Tom still in some sort of a daze as she led him to their reserved booth at the front right of the room, overlooking the street corner below and the beach opposite. As they walked towards their booth, Shilpah reminded Tom of Emily's direct order, to do whatever he was told to do by Shilpah, without hesitation or question. He told her that yes, he remembered it well and would abide her wishes.

They stopped at the booth, Shilpah helping him to the place where she wanted him seated, then, instead of sitting beside him, she sat firmly and squarely upon his lap, wriggling about to get comfortable. Soon, a hostess brought them their drinks, Tom still sitting there, his hands now on Shilpah's waist, trying to get her to stay still, as every time she wriggled about to get more comfortable, it only made him more aroused and pained by the modifications to his chastity belt.

Soon, Shilpah said, “Sit still, a very dear friend is coming over our way, I shall hop up to greet her, but you shall remain silent until being addressed”. Shilpah hopped up, then hugged their hostess, tightly. As their embrace ended, Shilpah smiled wickedly at their hostess, whispering, “I'll show you later, adding, “he did them”, while pointing at Tom.

Moments later, Tom heard Shilpah telling him to remove his glasses and greet their hostess.

Tom reached up, removed his glasses and found he was staring at Shilpah, who was again in a hugging embrace with Trish, Emily's sister in law!

They both laughed as they saw the expression on his face and once more his mouth opening and closing as if trying to find the words, yet none would come forth.

Moments later his brain registered something Trish was saying, while watching her fingers roam over Shilpah's chest. The next thing he recalled was both ladies sitting down, one on either side of him and Shilpah's hand, placing Trish's hand over Tom's now totally chastised cock and balls. “I made some modifications,”, Shilpah said.

Finally regaining his senses, his grabbed both their wrists, lifting their hands from his crotch, while he looked both left and right at them, telling them that they were lucky they didn't have to call the paramedics because he damned near had a heart attack!

That got a laugh from the ladies as Trish took pity on him and lifted the drink from the table, into his hand. Seconds later, one triple JD on the rocks burned it's way down his throat.

Although he was still speechless and trying to find the words, he had an admonishing, waggling finger up in the air, like an adult does with children when scolding them for something bad they've done. Finally, he found a few words, informing them that now it was becoming clearer to him and that he couldn't wait to talk to Emily, as he was now certain that she was the orchestrator of this extravagant ploy to kill him through outright shock!

Another laugh, a call for a refill for all of them while they settled into conversation. Tom learned that this hotel which was now worth millions, was one of their late fathers early investments when they used to come to this town before it became the touristy mecca it was today.

Over time, he had acquired other real estate which later was worth nearly 100 times what he had paid for it way back when... Thus, when Trish was late coming back on the evening when Emily and Tom had met, it was because she was down here, checking on things for the beginnings of the lucrative 4 day long weekend. “Plus”, she had added, “I am here again because I now want to hear more about the amazing weekend, which Emily had only brushed over when she called to ensure we had a room ready for you pair”.

At the end of their explanations, Tom had commented that he would have to get to know Jim much better, as it seemed that all the females around were ganging up against him.

It was Trish who spoke next, saying, “I can only say one thing. I have not seen Emily so happy in a very long time. I don't yet know all the details of what has transpired so far, but all I can say is that I hope that in time to come, you are both still as happy as you look now”.

Tom sat back in the booth, rested his head back, smiling upon hearing those words. He then told them both that although the weekend had sort of taken him to places he never thought he would go, he was very happy to be here now, with the two of them, but that he ached to get back again to be with Emily. He hoped they would take that the right way and they did, for the three of them shared a look for a second, before both ladies leaned in closer, hugged him tightly, then kissed him gently on his cheeks.

Even though in chastity, Tom once again entered his former Alpha Male persona and said, “Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, when can I call my Em and also find out what have you lot got planned for the coming evening”.

“Well, Em is due to call anytime soon, so why don't we discuss a little more about what you've done to poor Shilpah's nipples, while we wait for Em to call”, said Trish.

They hadn't gotten very far into their conversation, when Trish was notified that Emily was calling and was on the video-phone, up in the office. With this notification, all three took their drinks and followed Trish to the plush office, well hidden away on the fifth and top floor.

Tom had lots in his mind he wanted to say to Emily about this elaborate set-up of hers, but any harsh words melted away the instant he saw her face on the video-link. Instead, he became almost teary as he told her how much he loved her and trusted her to take good care of him for the duration of their agreement. He also told her how he thought of himself as the luckiest man in the world to have not only have gone through what he had with her, but that she trusted him enough to do the things which he was now doing and experiencing.

Emily smiled and said, “Don't get to smug there mister, as remember your orders, you are under Shilpah's control now” – plus seeing as Trish too now knew their secrets, he was to obey her as well.

Tom looked into the video-phone link and simply told Emily that he was happier now, that he could ever recall being, all of it due to her and that her wish, was his command.

After this, they each took about 5 minutes talking with Emily alone. Tom enjoyed his time with her, but still wondered what the girls could have been discussing, seeing as he was the last to speak with Em, who reminded him that he was to do whatever either of the ladies requested, without questioning or hesitation.

As he rejoined the ladies outside the office, all three linked arms and headed back down to the second floor private members area, to once more continue their talks of the weekend's events.

A New Adventure Begins

It wasn't until another half an hour of conversation went by, that Tom discovered how challenging his night would be. Trish and Shilpah were soon going upstairs to shower and dress for the night, meanwhile, he was to go to the downstairs bar area and meet a woman. Not just ANY woman, but one whom he would invite to the upstairs private members bar to meet the girls. He was also to tell her that he would be their servant and slave for the night. Plus, he was to let her know that he wasn't chasing after pussy, because he was unable to do have sex, as he was fitted with a very secure, totally stainless steel chastity device.

If he failed to have his choice of woman meet them to prepare for dinner, between the hours of 7 and 8, he would be severely punished, of that he could be sure. Seeing as it was 6-00 PM now, that gave him time to find his woman and them time to shower and get dressed for the night ahead. There was one final catch, they had to agree on her as a suitable choice as well.

Trish said that she had already set up an account for him and drinks were on the house, so everything was in order for him to go on his quest. She reminded him of the 8-00 PM deadline and told him he had better get a hurry on, as time flies when you are having fun.

Shilpah slid out her side of the booth, so Tom could exit and head off on his quest, however she had one last thing to do before he went, which was to pull him close, lean her steel covered nipples into his chest and tell him to have fun, or else. That was enough to get him fully erect inside his chastity device, causing the spikes to press against his tormented cock, even before his quest began. The problem he faced now, was that with the alterations and additions Shilpah had made to his device, the smaller entry hole into the tube meant that it was much harder to lose an erection once he had become aroused. The girls smiled as he walked, rather awkwardly from the members area, to the lift which would begin his adventure.

Downstairs in the main beach bar, Tom wasn't going to get any respite from the torments of his spiked prison, as everywhere he turned, there were tanned, taught beach bodies in bikinis. The mere sight of scantily clad women was by now, after all he had been through and denied, enough to sorely pain him. He spent the first hour without any success, trying being lucky enough to strike up conversations with a few women, but not finding any signals, sufficiently strong enough to consider them as real prospects for his quest.

With only an hour remaining, he headed back to the bar for another drink, then took up a position where he could take in the view of the entire room, looking for signs of what he hoped would be, 'the right woman' for the adventure.

He spotted her 30 minutes later. Nearly all eyes turned towards her when she had entered the bar, then headed over to 'luckily' find a vacant seat at a table for two in the corner. Since then, a steady stream of guys had ventured her way, only to crash and burn in a big way.

He drank in the sight of her. She looked like a taller version of Halle Berry. Longer in leg, slightly more slender about the hips and almost impossibly firm, full, larger breasts, all barely contained in an incredible bikini. This incredible bikini was covered on the lower part with a sarong and flip-flops, or thongs as they're called downunder. She was unlike any woman he had ever seen before and he knew he couldn't resist this opportunity as beyond the incredible looks, there was a little something extra about her in the way she moved, with such confidence, some added extra inner strength and grace.

Looking at his watch, he knew that time was running out, yet he also knew that he had to play this chance right, or else he may never complete his task. He swallowed the rest of his drink in one go, before heading out the door and down the mall, in search of what he would need. He found the florist and selected two lovely red roses, plus a selection of chocolates wrapped in cellophane. To this he added an elegant card. Trying not to work up a sweat, he headed back to the beach front bar, where he asked for a pen while he composed the introduction in his mind.

“The sender of these tokens of appreciation and admiration, humbly requests an audience with the most spectacular, radiant and self assured woman he has witnessed during his time in this establishment. He also promises not to be mundane or to be offensive in any way. Simply stated, he remains in awe of your radiance and beauty and would forever regret not taking the opportunity to request being seated in your presence”.

Signed, “Your Awestruck Servant”.

PS: If you accept this offering, I shall be over on bended knee, in 3 minutes.
He figured this was sufficient time for her to consider his offer and compose herself for his arrival.

The single red rose, the chocolates, the fresh drink of her choice and the card must have done the trick, as she accepted them, reading the card, before smiling and nodding to the waiter who delivered them, signaling that he could go on his way.

In the time between her accepting the offering and him making his way over to her, the impossible happened. Another man approached her, having brought her another drink, spoke with her and she offered him a seat beside her.

Tom, sweating now, considered his words wisely, as well as his position should others be watching, as they were every time someone approached this luscious feline character.

He stood, wiped his brow, then walked the 30 paces to where she and this interloper now sat talking. With the spare single red rose in his hand, he knelt before her, before speaking. “May your humble servant please have an audience with you, as arranged”.

Still with head bowed and hand outstretched, he felt the rose removed from his fingertips, while hearing the words, “Thanks for your company, but my real guest has just arrived, so if you would depart now, my true guest can take his rightful place”.

The next thing he felt, was hands upon his shirt as he was lifted to his feet by the interloper, “What do you mean leave, for this fucking piece of shit, you want a kneeling wimp to take my place? Never!”

The blow seemed to come from nowhere, the fingers tightly together and outstretched, quickly striking the interloper just under the ribs, right into his solar plexus, dropping him to the ground, totally out of breath and gasping for air.

“It is not wise to use such foul and base language as that in the presence of such beauty as this Princess”, Tom said.

By now, two burly security guards were on their way over. Constance, as Tom soon discovered her name to be, stood, holding her hand up, letting security know that the one writhing about on the ground, was the instigator, threatening them both while swearing at the same time. The one who floored him was simply the defender of her honor and well being. That having been said, the still breathless interloper was escorted from the premises, while a small round of applause actually broke out for Tom's actions.

Constance, or Lady C as Tom was soon to address her, sat back, her magnificent body on display which aroused Tom to the point of total pain and distraction.

Connie had said, “you look constipated, what's your problem?”.

Tom had replied, “I feel that shall take a lot longer to explain – if M'lady has the time”.

He had instantly recognized her British accent and had done his best to not be aroused but it, but alas, there was no mistaking the fact that the combination of her looks and her accent had him once again almost bent double with the pains from his modified chastity belt.

He sat down beside her, trying to hide his discomfort, but she was aware and alert to his look, so she asked him forthrightly what his problem was...

Knowing his time was running out, yet also feeling that Constance was the woman he had been tasked to discover, he took a chance.

Tom simply invited Constance up to the second floor to meet the owners of the establishment. He assured her everything was fine and even offered to have security escort her, ahead of him, in order to have her meet with Trish and Shilpah.

Connie laughed, but ended up agreeing, quoting an old saying, 'In for a penny, in for a pound'...

Before calling for their security escort, Tom said his words....

He looked deep into Connie's beautiful brown eyes, before saying, “There is one other thing you need to be aware of, before going upstairs”. Constance looked at him and tensed slightly, as he continued. “When you arrive upstairs, it will be for dinner, as a guest of the owner of the establishment, and her friend. The thing is, I have been tasked, ordered you could say, to find a suitable, beautiful, elegant woman to join them, as, for the rest of the evening, I will be acting as your servant, slave even, for anything your heart should desire”.

Constance looked at him and said nothing, as he continued, “I cannot expect you to understand everything immediately, however you are in no danger, either from myself or from your hostesses, this shall soon become clear, for not only am I to be your servant for the evening, I am also chaste, as I am beholden to another by means of a very strict and secure chastity belt”.

“So now the choice is yours, an evening of whatever your heart desires upstairs, or take your chances with the pack down here. As for myself, all I can say is that I hope you choose to accompany myself and your security guard to the private members level one floor up. Additionally, I can assure you that your attire is totally appropriate and if you desire, you will have the opportunity to change before re-joining us for dinner with myself as your servant”.

Constance raised an eyebrow upon hearing this, before stretching out her hand, which Tom gently bowed to, taking the offered hand by the fingertips and helping her to her feet. He then beckoned for the security guard, who approached.

Talking with the security guard, Tom requested he notify Trish and Shilpah that Lady Constance would be joining them soon, and could he escort the very fine Lady to the second level private members area, while he followed, bringing the fine Lady's personal effects.

Tom accompanied them, walking in his now almost continuously pained manner, as his eyes strayed to Constance's string bikini, visible under her sarong. Her firm heart shaped ass seemed to magnetically attract his eyes to it. Tom groaned under his breath as they entered the lift to the second floor, his cock now trying to become erect and punished by the spikes and the alterations which also trapped his swollen balls.

When they stepped from the lift, they found Trish and Shilpah waiting to greet them. Smiles and introductions were exchanged and Lady Constance greeted them both with a hug and a European styled kiss to each cheek. Dismissing her security guard, Trish led them into the empty second floor members area, which was now theirs alone – for the time being.

Tom was dismissed as well, instructed to go upstairs and clean himself up and that he had 20 minutes to do so, before they would come up to the room. Meanwhile, the girls were going to get to know each other and discuss the evening's pleasures, while he readied himself for servitude. Tom bowed, thanked the ladies then departed for the fifth floor room, keys now in hand.

On arrival upstairs, he found a note, telling him to shower, shave and wear the outfit provided and to bring out the bag of other items, placing it in the entryway. The outfit, if you could call it that was a pair of leather shorts, which he knew were going to be obscenely tight fitting, brief and seeing as they laced up in front, he wondered how long he would get to keep them on..

It turned out he needn't have worried about them coming off, but getting them on. They were obviously far too small to accommodate him properly. Worse still, when he checked the lacings, he found they only started halfway up, with an opening below, which meant of course that his stainless steel encased cock and balls would be on display, once the shorts were laced tight.

Twenty minutes can either seem like an eternity, or a few seconds, depending on what is going on at the time. This time, it seemed like only seconds as he'd no sooner finished lacing himself up, than he heard the ladies opening the door and entering.

As fast as he could, he stepped out into the main living room before placing the bag on the floor in the entryway. But not fast enough, it seemed. Lady C looked him over, then smiled and said, “My my, what a slothful, slow and ungrateful slave, no wonder his owner agreed to enrolling him in my training school”.

Trish added, “That's right, Emily and Lady C have just spoken over the video-link. It seems your choice of woman was perfect, as Lady C is here on holidays just like you and it seems that her farm is not far from where you live. She maintains a perfectly functioning, slave training school. Lady C is a trainer of slaves and pony boys. On top of that, it seems that you have now been enrolled in her school, so that each time you come to visit Emily, you will be more and more advanced in your training. In fact, soon you shall be well on the way to becoming her chaste, frustrated and obedient pony boy”.

Lady C instructed him to turn around, hands behind his back. He felt a rope being tied about his left wrist, before he was told to kneel. Soon this arm was bent up between his shoulder-blades and then the right one, also tied, joined it there soon after. The ropes then went over his shoulders, under his armpits and back up and around his shoulders in a figure eight a number of times, ensuring his wrists were not only cinched, but tied together right up high, anchored to the ropes which criss-crossed behind his neck. When more ropes went around his torso, high on his chest, these brought his elbows closer together as well as closer to his body. Lady C then cinched the entire restraint, ensuring he was very securely tied and entirely without the use of his arms.

“When a slave boy is restrained like this, there is not a whole lot he can do, apart from whatever he is told”, Lady C said. “Plus, kneeling as he is, his face is set to worship the precious area of perfection, which he adores, that resides between his owner's thighs. His function in life is to worship his Mistress and obey her every command. If he is obedient – he may get to kiss, lick and get close to her glorious pussy. If he is very well behaved, he may even get to kiss and lick her gorgeous rear end too”, she said.

Soon he was ordered to stand, while Lady C bent over and thoroughly inspected the craftsmanship of not only his chastity device, but the additions and modifications Shilpah had made to it. By now, Tom was fully aroused and wincing as the inspection went on. Lady C commented to Shilpah that she thought she may have a dozen or so of these custom made for her other slaves in training and wondered if Shilpah wouldn't mind coming up to her facility to make the suitable modifications to each and every one of them. Well paid, of course, by either the slaves, or their owners, if their owners had taken full control of the slave's finances.

Constance added that there was nothing like a full styled belt for security, but items like this device would make a secure alternative and could be made to contain a shrunken cock, thus humiliating the wearer by showing off a small, steel covered useless cock for all to see. The fun would come from teasing them about their tiny, useless little male bits, whilst still keeping them secure as well as punishing them at every attempted arousal.

It seemed another deal had been done, while Tom stood there, helpless and in great sufferance as well. Needless to say, the rest of his night was one to remember, as it involved torments, training as well as moments of pure bliss, as all three ladies teased him within an inch of an impossible orgasm which he would have enjoyed immensely, if not for the pain it caused to his cock.

The events of the past few days had him totally overwhelmed. He had gone from a man on holidays, to a locked up Chastity slave. Worse still, not to not just one, but seemingly every woman he now came to meet. Whilst his heart longed to be with Emily alone, right now he had seemingly been left at the mercy of her family and friends.

That night and then the following day Tom lived through serving the three beautiful women in many different ways. In the early afternoon, goodbyes were said and arrangements were made for him to begin training with Lady Constance upon her return after the holidays. It was then time to head back to the farm and his beloved, Emily.

Shilpah was to be dropped off at her place and then it would be just Tom and Emily alone at the ranch.

Over drinks, he talked about the time away and how things had gone with Constance. He talked to Emily about his commitment to enter part time training at Connie's hands. He also told Emily about his feelings towards Constance, how she looked very much like an ex girlfriend of his, except many times more beautiful and talented, with breasts which could almost rival any magnificent pair on planet earth. He also added that he wasn't sure he could cope, as just seeing her brought back fantasies of days gone by. He wondered if there was any way he could ease out of the program, as he didn't want his mind on anyone else, other than Emily, as Connie was very, very distracting.

Emily listened, then told him not to worry, as she trusted him and on top of that, she was certain that Constance would know how to handle him should she notice him becoming attached to her. If only he had known what she had in mind, he would have kept silent about it, instead of telling his darling Emily the truth.

The ride back home, earlier than he had planned it, was something which he would never forget, as he was not only leaving behind some intense, incredible memories, but he was at the same time expanding upon them, entering into a new chapter in his life.

Meanwhile, Emily, Shilpah and Trish had gotten together and were discussing the events of the past few days. Emily didn't want Tom to go, but her friends told her it was for the best, as she truly deserved a man such as Tom and if he could come through the training with the very skilled and competent Connie, well, then she would know that he was the one man for her. The one who would love her, protect her and obey her for all the days of her life.

The one thing they didn't yet know about Tom and which he had kept secret, was his own secret wealth. He had always been creative and inventive, even as a young boy. Yet in his early twenties, he'd written a simple letter to his local paper, telling them about ways to save water, which was in short supply in the country he lived in, being the vast continental island of Australia. He'd noticed how he and many others, wasted water whilst waiting for hot water to arrive at the tap heads, whilst the water in the line went down the drain. Together with a mate of his, he'd invented a simple thermostatic device which diverted water back into a tank, until the water temperature reached a certain point. Then, the water would suddenly flow, nice and hot, without wasting the cold water before that – which previously would have simply gone down the drain, so to speak.

It had been picked up by a plumbing company and the rest as they say, is history. Tom's simple invention / innovation now came standard in almost every new home, earning him millions over time. This would prove to be something which made him very fortunate in a financial way, whilst in another way it meant that he'd be available 24/7 to be trained as a Chastity Belted Ponyboy slave to his new love, Emily.

Lady Constance's Ranch – Day 3

In the days leading up to his arrival, he'd been given much literature, as well as DVDs and more to watch and learn from. By the time he arrived at Lady C's Ranch, he already had a fair idea of what would be required of him during his training. He was then measured and outfitted with his own personal Pony Tack, as it was adjusted and made to fit him and of course restrain him, perfectly. The next day would be the beginnings of his training, for real.

It was Tom's first time as a real leather and steel, chastity belted, ballet boot styled horse hoofed slave-boy. His cock throbbed and was punished by the spikes and nasty devices, designed to inflict pain upon him for every unauthorized erection. To make things worse, what could only be described as his worst nightmare would soon be taking place after he was gagged, as well as hooded, with even his eyes covered and with all the recent events, he had no way to recognize the semi-hooded Martin nor would he realize the real problem he would soon face.

For not only was the sumptuous Lady Constance standing in front of him, but also was the leather clad, huge and imposing form of the one most deadly men Tom may ever encounter, Martin. For it was from Martin and his associates, that Tom had rescued the young and beautiful Kylie, all those years before.

Tom was one of almost a dozen Pony Slaves there that day with most of them graduating their courses, or parts thereof and due to return to their owners, whilst there were two new recruits, so to speak. It didn't take long before Martin had put things together in his mind and had recognized Tom. Soon, he would be singled out for special treatments. The dossiers of the two new arrivals had been enough to prove to Martin that the chance for revenge lay within his grasp. Lady Constance had no idea that her very talented part time offsider, Martin, who normally helped train the PonyGirls and made much of the leather, timber and steel items in use around the ranch, had previous interactions with the new PonyBoy, Tom. Even though Tom couldn't know it, he would occasionally be under the control of a disguised, often half-hooded man who hated him for stealing away the beautiful young Kylie and preventing him from turning her into one of his personal sex slaves.

In the years since Tom had rescued Kylie from the nasty, mean streaked trainer, Martin had gone on to new levels of violence and tormenting behavior. He now not only had many women as PonyGirls to torment, but he also had the chance to truly make life hell for the occasional males to whom he took a disliking. Tom instantly took pride of place at the very top of the list for almost unmentionable punishments.

Martin had to go about this carefully, staying in the background and always disguised, lest he be recognized. Even though he had changed greatly over the past few years, he still didn't want to risk being discovered. But he had other ways to ensure Tom suffered greatly.

Lucy was her name and she would form the basis of Martin's revenge. Lucy stood barely 5ft tall. She was of Asian decent, tiny, slender and yet beautifully proportioned in every way with larger than normal breasts for her tiny frame. Plus, when it came to men who had mistreated women, she had a mean streak a mile wide.

Martin had soon ensured that Lucy knew some extra special details about Tom, none of which were true, yet they would ensure Lucy singled Tom out for her very special brand of torment. Lucy was told how years before, Tom had taken advantage of a number of under-aged girls. Using his money, his flash bikes and his false promises to lure them into things they should never have been tricked into doing.

He reminded her that none of this could be proved, yet it was simply known by a number of people. He told her that he couldn't dish out all the punishments himself, for Tom may make the connection and would most likely complain and possibly cause trouble. However, if for example, Lucy was to decide that she wished to train him and he continually fell short of her expectations, then revenge for his despicable acts could be delivered without anyone being the wiser.

Lucy understood and promised that she would do her best to get this abuser of young women into her charge, whereby she could then meter out the justice he deserved, even belated as it was. Martin only asked one thing, that he be able to offer suggestions, as well as get to record these sessions so he could at some later date, possibly show these videos to the women whom Tom had used – demonstrating how justice was finally served and delivered to their former tormentor. Deals were sealed and Martin went away smiling, thinking of the best ways to offer his assistance and advice in this, his fantastic plan for revenge.

Day 4 at Lady Constance's ranch

Day 4 began with something different. Today, the two new trainees would have their principal trainers assigned. What Lady Constance didn't know, was that Lucy had pulled some strings, asked for favors and now she knew she had her two new trainee slaves already guaranteed. It had cost her dearly in favors, but it was worth it. She had been due for a break from the farm, yet for some reason, she had decided to stay on and had obviously done some deals to ensure she could.

Lady Constance simply assumed she wanted the extra money for some special treat or the like, so she hadn't objected when Lucy had changed places with another, who could do with some time off and relaxation of her own.

However this was not the way things really were, for now Lucy not only had the despicable man, Tom, but also the most beautiful female PonyGirl, Susie who would continuously arouse and therefore torment Tom. Everything was looking perfect in regards to her making his tenure at the farm a living hell.

Martin, who had told her about the actions of the despicable Tom, had also managed to slightly doctor the paperwork. A couple of drops of ink, now meant that instead of his treatment and training being shown as Level 3, the 3 now looked more like an 8. Level 8 was the maximum level of restraint, punishment and torment for a new trainee, with 9 and 10 only being reserved for hardened disobedient repeat offenders. She smiled as she looked at the sheet and began to make her plans even more severe.

With her plans already in place, Lucy led her two new human ponies over to one of the large barns on the ranch. Susie was placed into an upright cage, the base of which was height adjustable, so that once the door was closed, her two, large, yet firm breasts poked out through two rounded openings in the front door of the cage as it closed tightly upon her. Her wrists were at her sides and as embarrassing as it was to be stuck in a cage, her tits poking out for anyone to abuse, or pleasure, her position was heaven compared to what Tom was about to endure.

His wrists in suspension straps, he was soon hoisted until his pony booted feet just left the ground. It was then, that a video camera was set up by a huge, heavily tattooed man wearing a half mask, much like an executioners one from the movies. He spoke not a word as he followed the tiny, diminutive trainer's instructions and placed a spreader bar between Tom's knees. The inflatable harness gag which followed was brutally applied and tightened, before being inflated with a cruelty which Tom never knew existed.

Next, one pony boot was half removed, before sharp little pebbles were dropped down inside it. Next it went onto his foot again, the heavy straps which locked over the laced up boot ensuring it wouldn't come off. The same happened with the other boot before Tom was lowered just enough to stand in his boots once more. This time, the sharp little pebbles pained the undersides and tops of his toes as well as the lower parts under and over the balls of his feet.

Next up, the huge, still silent man was handed a key. The key to Tom's Chastity device. With the two beautiful women, one a ponygirl, with her breasts proudly on display, the other in a tight, latex catsuit and corset to look at, Tom's cock soon stood fully erect.

A huge, very strong hand soon reached out and took hold of his balls. The slowly increasing pressure made Tom wince as his erection quickly subsided, replaced by the sort of pain which is difficult to describe.

New instructions were given as the imposing figure pulled a large cart into view. In this cart were dozens and dozens of components. All the various bits and pieces needed to put together a full styled Chastity belt. The one difference here being that penis tube. For this was about to be customized.

Waist belt, chains from the rear, the front plate were all selected, with the penis tube being the thing which received special attention.

Whilst Tom hung by his wrists, his feet only just on the ground, he heard machines come to life as the tube was being modified somewhere off behind him. Small holes were being drilled and short, sharp spikes were being added, especially at the very end of the tube near the drain area. The area where the head of his circumcised cock would reside.

The tube was also vented with tiny perforations, meaning longer term wear would be possible and cleaning would be easier. It was also quite drastically curved, meaning a partial erection was all that could be achieved at the very best. The real cruelty however, lay in the narrow end which would be near the base of his cock. This part had an extended outer tube, making the device LOOK as if it was all of the same decent size, yet underneath, there was a narrow part through which his cock would soon be forced.

When the work was finally completed, the beautiful Asian Dominatrix slipped on a glove, before lubricating his cock, then ensuring it was limp by giving another squeeze to his already pained balls.

The huge, imposing figure approached him with the tube and a very strong vacuum machine. Soon, most of the belt already in place, the cock tube with the strong vacuum attached had the head of his cock deep down inside the tube and upon the short sharp needle like protrusions before his Prince Albert piercing was used to lock him in the tube and ensure his cock stayed there. The vacuum was needed because the font opening of the tube was so narrow, but it widened further down, allowing a semi-erection, which would take a long time to subside. Minutes later, he was secured into his first, full styled Chastity Belt. One designed with additions and secure restraints in mind, as well as constant pain from the narrow base opening and wider area near the head of his cock, which contained the spiked part of the tube that now held him prisoner.

The front plate of the belt held even more evilness for the wearer. For it had twin, slightly protruding egg shaped parts which held his balls captive in one place. This front cover plate pressed firmly against an unmoving region of his body, along each side his cock. Steel trapped his balls against his bones, meaning every movement would cause more pain to build upon his already trapped and pained nuts. Life in this belt was not going to be pleasurable, especially when he discovered the additional torments which could be added when the rear part of the belt would later be used upon him.

Meanwhile, the evil Martin was over with the ponygirl, Susie. Currently he was snapping dozens upon dozens of nasty elastic bands about each of her huge tits. Her protestations could be heard even from behind her hooded and very well gagged mouth. Larger bands then began to snap about the both of her tits, pulling them tightly together, with the flesh bulging about the layers of criss-crossed bands which already held each mammoth mammon painfully in their grasp.

When this task was done, he used a special spreader tool to hold in place a small, very nasty castration band which was destined for her now protruding left nipple. When both nipples were painfully captive of these bands, he spoke very quietly to her.

“This is just the beginning of what I can do to you”, he began to tell her. “Life here can be easy, or tough. This is just a little bit of the middle area you are now experiencing – on one part of you body. However, I am prepared to make things easier for you, if you were to do me a favor”, which he went on to explain in something barely above a whisper. Her eyes looked right into his as she nodded that she understood.

His request was that she use her great looks and all of her sensuality and sexuality to get close to the ponyboy she was being trained with, in order to ensure he was almost continually aroused. If she did this, her time in training would go much easier – as long as she stayed silent about their arrangement, he had added as a warning.

“Normally these bands would stay on for an hour, but because of our agreement, Mistress Lucy will be over to take them off in only ten minutes, understand”, he had added, to sweeten the deal and show he was already holding up his side of the bargain. Susie nodded quickly in understanding and gratefulness, already planning how to arouse the ponyboy in order to lessen her own sufferance.

Later that day, Tom was restrained upon a harsh, splintered old wooden torture seat. The stunning Lucy set up a video and began to ask him questions. They were all centered on his love and devotion to his new owner and what levels of punishments and treatments he would be prepared to accept so that he could become the perfect male ponyboy and Chastity Slave for her.

Without knowing what it entailed, he had quickly said that he would accept anything, do anything to please the woman he had come to Love so deeply. If it was for the benefit of Emily, he was prepared to go through whatever they thought was best, to prepare him for a new life with her.

Little did he know what this would mean, but now both Lucy and Martin felt safe, as their charge had admitted on camera that he would suffer through anything in order to better learn to serve the love of his life. And suffer he soon would. Beginning almost immediately.

Alone With Terrors and Torments

Lady Constance came around the next morning, whilst Tom was hooded and gagged. Mistress Lucy explained that it was a testing of his balance in his new Pony Boots and that so far, he seemed to be coping quite well, if not a little testy which may need a little correcting, but other than that, all was fine.

She went on to explain how his partner in training, susie, was obedient and looked like being the star of the season.

Satisfied, Lady Constance left the farm, as arranged, to continue her holiday, but this time with work involved as well. For she was off to see Shilpah and Emily and to find out more about the modified Chastity Tubes which may be more suitable for some of her clients.

This gave Martin and Lucy one whole week in which to do almost whatever they wished to the soon to be suffering Tom.

The torments began with non visible things such as electricity and other means. Breath play to the extreme and severe punishment bondages continued almost without a rest. Food was taken away and he was only on juices and water rations as well. Colonic cleanses and enemas were given to add to his humiliation as well.

It was two days later that he experienced what would be the worst thing he could ever have imagined. His Chastity belt was removed, the front part at least, before his cock was unlocked from the tube. He was gagged in the most severe manner possible. Plastic coated wire wrapped about his head, pulled way back into his mouth. Panties from both his ponygirl partner and his trainer Lucy were then methodically fingered and forced into every crevice of his mouth until it was packed full.

The stocking went over his head and then the rolls of tape began to squash his mouth closed upon the gag. His entire head was covered in many directions. Beginning about his gagged mouth, then running under his chin and over his head until his wire, panty and tape gag was as serious as anything either trainer had ever applied. The wrapping continued, leaving only small openings for his eyes and holes over his nostrils for him to breath through.

Around his neck was a wide, thick leather collar. The three straps pulled tightly until his breathing was restricted. Small locks ensured this collar was not coming off in a hurry, whilst it also limited any movement being an under chin posture styled collar.

A period of CBT followed, as well as nasty clamps on his nipples and just about everything else which could be done to him was, before the real torture began.

He was tied, strapped and wrapped to a vertical post and unable to move an inch with an electrical dildo already having been secured into his rear.

Without his full range of sight or hearing, he could barely see his tormentors Lucy and Martin, who soon entered the area. The tiny, yet super talented Asian soon had his cock locked in a KTB type of device, whilst she teased him to arousal until the pain was almost inhuman. The dosing of his drinking water with the Viagra helped to ensure his erection would remain for quite some time.

Next up it was time to wrap his balls painfully in wire, electrical tape and shrink-wrap. Between these three items, his balls would feel like they were in an unrelenting vice, the pain growing minute by minute without reprieve. It would soon be time for their ultimate surprise.

Level 10 Punishment Begins

From a nearby icebox, came a thick type of hollow drinking straw. A minute after it had been in her hands, the frozen water inside slid free. She now held a perfectly formed round length of ice. A sound, as such, made from frozen water and a mix of a substance like icy-not, or deep heat.

A pair of latex surgeons gloves covered her hands as she quickly applied the white stuff to his cock. Like Icy-hot or deep-heat, it soon burned his skin beyond belief.

With the long ice sound in hand, she took hold of his burning cock, the KTB device still in place and punishing him, whilst the other gloved hand held the length of ice mixed with the burning creme. Soon, she positioned it in place and began to slide the ice cold, yet mixed with burning stuff - ice sound down the inside of his erect cock.

If he wasn't underground in the dungeon, alone with his tormentors and un-gagged, his screams would have been heard all over the farm. But gagged and restrained as he was, only his eyes and his rapid breathing and rigid body told the tale of the agony he was now experiencing.

Once the torturous item was all the way down his cock, Lucy rolled a condom over the tormented cock, ensuring the ice sound wouldn't come out until it did so as melted water, leaving behind the burning creme which by now also coated the insides of the pained cock.

The best part though, was that there were another few of these ice filled straws ready for use, including one with a nice copper wire right down the middle of it. This would be saved for later and when the ice melted on that one, it would leave a nice copper wire down the inside of his cock ready to have some electrical impulses sent down there as well.

His balls had already copped a wrapping of the wire before they were taped and shrink wrapped and the thought of his ass, his balls and the inside of his cock all being wired for pain made the evil little Mistress wet with desire.

With the supposed abuser of your girls now in absolute agony, it was time to switch on the electrical systems which would torment the other regions of his body. His ponyboots had wires attached and this was standard for all boots at the farm, as simple electrical shocks could be used to train unwilling students to walk exactly the way they were trained to do. Yet this time, the shocks would be longer and stronger.

Earlier, his nipples had been suctioned until they stood way out proud, before being clamped with a pair of nasty, serrated toothed clamps with wires leading to these as well.

By the time the fourth and final ice sound was put in place, Mistress Lucy this time covered Tom's cock with the condom once more, before using the electrical tape to wrap a couple of layers of tape over his tormented rod. Next came another two condoms, ensuring he wasn't going to be able to gain any real pleasurable sensations from what she next planned.

With his vision limited, he noticed the other trainee, susie, being led into the dungeon. She was covered head to toe, with the exception of her breasts and her pussy region, in latex, heavy rubber and leather.

She was unable to see, due to the full hood she wore, nor speak because of the full harness gag she wore. It wasn't long before at least part of the plan became obvious to Tom. For she was brought over to where he was still wrapped and strapped to the stout pole, her back facing him as her single gloved arms were soon in a strappado position and she was slowly backed up against him, until his cock slid into her already lubricated pussy.

Once there, her booted feet were locked together and back towards his, as another strap held her lower legs close to his. A belt tightened about her hips then had a rope tied from the back of it, to one of the straps about his waist. This meant she couldn't remove herself from the cock which now impaled her from the rear, whilst she herself was bent at the waist, her arms tied off above her.

She too was wired for pain, yet only in her rear and at her nipples. What her task would be was simple. Move back and forwards on the cock which filled her pussy and receive pleasure, stop and she would receive painful shocks to her ass and her nipples. For her, the choice would be easy.

The only thing was, she did not realise that when she was effectively pleasuring herself, this was when the shocks would punish the totally immobile Tom, who had been bound even tighter to the pole with layer upon layer of shrink wrap, which was then heated until he could barely breath, let alone move.

This done, the video cameras captured the action as Martin lay Lucy down upon an X shaped rack, horizontal to the floor. For Lucy, she would very rarely switch roles and let herself be dominated, yet on rare occasions, like this, when she had set up and incredible scene, she herself would allow herself to be tied and fucked by someone she trusted. In this case, her co-worker, Martin. Soon she was strapped to the X shaped makeshift bed and before long he began to pound her pussy with a vigor she only allowed when she knew she had someone else in absolute agony.

As the pair of tormentors orgasmed together, Tom suffered whilst being unable to move a muscle. The other trainee, susie had stopped her fucking motions upon his cock once or twice, only to receive the nasty shocks, meaning she instantly began her steady back and forwards thrusts, which at the same time, sent waves of pain to the bound, strapped and wrapped Tom. His mind cried out for relief, yet none was forthcoming from the dastardly duo. Things only got worse when the ice sound with the wire down the middle melted and the current began to flow into the insides of his cock as well.

Unbeknownst to anyone at the ranch, let alone the traitorous pair, Lady Constance was already back at the farm days early, with both Shilpah and Emily expected as her guests the following day.

With most of the trainers on a break, she wondered where Martin, Lucy and their two trainees were. Using her computer systems and video monitoring systems, she soon found them.

Because the duo had wanted a record of their torments and had the ranch's own video cameras recording the sessions, lady Constance soon had them on screen. Tom in some form of torment and restraint way beyond what was prescribed and two of her best trainers fucking their brains out whilst he was obviously in extreme sufferance – as well as out of his Chastity Device and being fucked by the other trainee ponygirl, susie.

Something was terribly wrong at Lady Constance's ranch and she needed to know exactly what and why.


With Tom still in absolute torment, Lady Constance stormed into the underground dungeons, assuming her role and ownership of the ranch would give her the control she needed.

Her stern words instantly alerted Martin that the game was up and before the truth could come out, he'd knocked Lady Constance into oblivion.

With her taken care of and the other three already bound and unable to escape, this only made things much easier to accomplish for Martin.

It was time to depart for the traitor and he knew he needed time. His parting performance would be one of absolute mastery. Soon, he would complete a bondage and discipline scene worthy of the best awards, all captured on video and sent out live to a special back-up server. His security and safety net should it be needed, for not only could it close down the farm, but it could also make him a small fortune.

Years of giving pleasure and pain culminated in this performance. Each of the parties would be hooded, bound, tied, tormented and teased until they could do nothing but reciprocate for the pleasures they were receiving.

His nemesis Tom was seated upon a very sturdy, open based punishment chair, his already taped and shrink wrapped balls covered with a studded parachute, which was weighted heavily. His butt was still plugged with a painful steel plug set to deliver extreme shocks to that region. He was bound to this chair to the extent that he could hardly move a finger. Of all of them, his hood and breathing restraints and collar set-up was the most severe. He wanted this man to truly suffer.

His system filled with more viagra, his cock, still almost punctured by the KTB device now filled Lady Constance's pussy, who was seated, restrained upon his lap.

Her body was bound, arms behind in a reverse prayer style with straps holding them even tighter to her body. Her large tits were bound as well, as she sat upon his lap, his cock deep inside her. Her tits were standing out proud on either side of Tom's head. Each had been bound severely, before the horrid heat creme had been smeared and rubbed into each of them. Straps, ropes and more ensured neither could move, yet this was only the beginning.

Her ass was filled with a huge metal plug, whilst a semi-chastity belt went about her waist and hips. On the underside, was a rounded two piece device held Tom's KTB device in place, keeping his cock deep within her and the dildo deep inside her butt.

TENS unit pads were placed to ensure her pussy would pulse and grip his pained cock, tormenting them both at regularly timed intense levels.

Her fully gagged mouth had a huge cock on the inside, whilst on the outside, a vibrating huge cock was deep inside the previous Mistress Lucy's pussy, who hung in a suspended hogtie, her pussy filled with dildo and her ass upon lady Constance's nose.

With Connie seated on his lap, her tits tied about his face, her head over the top over his, the suspended and tightly hogtied Lucy had her legs spread, her pussy filled with the vibrating cock which extended from Connie's mouth. Her legs were then tied at thighs and knees, securing them about Connie's neck, ensuring the vibrating toy which was set to go on and off regularly would ensure Lucy came close to orgasm, yet never received her release. To make things worse, Lucy's nipples were weighted and attached to a TENS unit. Life was not going to be fun for her. To ensure this threesome stayed together, ropes from about Lucy's waist also went about Tom's neck, linking the three of them in a way which meant any movement from one, caused trouble for the others.

To further ensure the two ladies were kept in close contact, so to speak, sturdy lengths of wetted rawhide leather had been tied from the top of each of their hoods, one to the other. Meaning Constance's face was buried deep into Lucy's crotch, the dildo filling her pussy, whilst Lucy's head was bent back, secured to Connie's head, keeping the vibrator deep inside her and painfully ensuring neither could alter their positions.

The fourth of the group was possibly suffering more than the rest, for she was suspended and roped at the legs to the arms of the chair to which Tom was tied, her body bent forwards at an angle and held aloft only by her arms which were tied off to the rafters above. Meanwhile, Connie was still restrained upon Tom's lap with Lucy suspended above.

Yet for susie, the last of the foursome to be placed in this group bondage session, it was time for her to suffer some real pain, Martin had thought. Her lower legs tied about the upper back legs of the chair, her body bent forwards, her arms in a strappado whilst her ass was filled with the dildo gag which protruded from the horizontally suspended and hogtied Lucy. Whilst still tied to the chair, a huge vibrating toy was stuffed inside her pussy. It too was set on a timer, meaning she would always come close to, yet never achieve her orgasm. Just like Lucy, her nipples too were clamped, weighted and hooked to the TENS unit, causing her agonies with every move she made.

Before he left them to suffer until they died, or someone discovered them, Martin used his imagination one last time. Anal hooks went into place from the hoods of the girls who didn't already have something filling their butts before being tied off with whetted strips of rawhide leather, which had also been used for the other bonds, meaning everything would shrink and tighten as it dried.

All in all, this masterpiece of bondage with the victims all writhing and struggling was worth more than could be imagined to watch, yet it was meant to be seen by no-one, bar the now escaping Martin and his foursome if they lived. His ability to bribe them now assured, the live video was transmitted to a remote server and encrypted along the way. It was his safety net, his bargaining chip, so to speak, along with one extra detail.

Two Ladies To The Rescue

Martin had been well trusted and as such, had previously sneaked a look at the banking codes for Lady Constance's accounts. With monies transferred, he intended to leave the country and never return, taking her fortunes with him.

What he didn't count on was the 24 hour period to transfer the funds, seeing as his transfers of this size normally happened after business hours. This meant that by the time Emily and Shilpah arrived at lady Constance's ranch, his money hadn't gone through.

With the doors still open, it took a scant 15 minutes for them to spot the visions on the security cameras. Then, they simply had to locate the dungeon areas to discover the near death, totally worn out foursome who had been left to die at the hands of the evil Martin.

Hours later, most were unrestrained except for a simply wrist and ankle cuffed Lucy, sitting around with Lady Constance, Emily and Shilpah, whilst the entire truth was out in the open. Tom also was free, whilst susie the ponygirl was dressed, less formally whilst they also talked about what punishments she should suffer for her part in the original scheme.

New bonds were formed, whilst with Mistress Lucy, trusts would need to be restored but soon, there was one common mission in mind – to seek and destroy the man who had left the foursome to die.

It would take some time, but with the money transfer stopped and Martin now without many financial resources, they knew they had considerable talents and advantages with which to undertake this very quiet, private and secretive mission.

Already, Lady Constance and Shilpah were almost inseparable, much as Emily and Tom were at the beginnings of their relationship, a few scant weeks ago. Although the Dominant one, Connie lay back against Shilpah, as her aching body was caressed and caroused back to not only top form, but arousal.

For her part, Lucy would end up as the lowest ranked of them all at the farm, whilst a final decision was made about her future role in things. Her initial role would be that of servant to both Shilpah and Lady Constance whilst Emily and Tom, the secret about his wealth now out in the open, returned to her farm to begin their new life together.

Meanwhile, the ranch would be temporarily closed for business, whilst it was decided that susie would complete her training later and the foursome of Emily, Shilpah, Lady Constance and Tom would become very much closer as lovers and friends, as well as people on a mission. One which when complete, would see Martin in more hot water than a boiling lobster.

It was time for the hunt to begin.

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