The Unfortunate Orphan
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  • Post Date - 5/6/2008

The following is the first story of erotica which I ever penned. After sharing with friends, they wanted more. So the original ending was altered and more added. This happened a total of 6 times. This started off a long time ago, then was added to.

I hope you enjoy it. The codes listed are accurate, as it is a lengthy multi-part tale as well. It needs some editing as originally the paragraphs were way to long, so expect updates to follow soon.

Chapter 1

I was telling him that I had enough bad luck before this happened to me, but, true to form, things just went from bad to worse. You see, I had just been arrested by some small town country cop - for of all things, trespassing and illegal camping. All I was doing was having a nap under a tree and I was in my own car! I tried to explain to him that I was on an across country trip and just needed a rest so I was awake enough to continue. But, he said “the law is the law”, and he would have to arrest me! Well, there was no way I was going to stand for that. Then, before I know it, he has my hands behind my back and is hand-cuffing me, telling me he is going to have add resisting arrest to the trespassing and illegal camping charge.

I didn’t know it at the time, but it was then when I made my big mistake. I told him my sad story in the hope that he would take pity on me and let me go. I told him that I was an orphan and I had just recently lost both my parents in an auto accident and had taken a year off college to get myself together before resuming studies next year. At first, it seemed to be working, for he told me he was very sorry about my parents and he asked me more about myself, and how my brothers and sisters were taking the loss as well. I told him that I was an only child and that there was no one else to lean on as my relatives lived overseas in Australia. He then asked me if I thought it was wise to be traveling around the countryside on my own, camping in parks and such. I told him I was fine as I had enough money (from the inheritance and insurance my parents had left me), and I had grown up in the country and was able to look after myself in the bush. By this stage he had seen my drivers license and had believed my story so I thought it looked good for my release. Boy, was I ever wrong about that.

I noticed a strange look in his eye, as he looked me up and down, obviously appraising the situation I was in. I think it was at this moment he made his decision. Maybe it was the fact he already had me in the handcuffs. Maybe it was the tiny cutoff denim shorts and small white halter top I was wearing on my firm 5 foot six inch body. Maybe it was my long blond hair, big brown eyes and size 34D breasts now visible under the halter top, which was beginning to show too much of me as I started to struggle when I noticed that look in his eye. One thing is for sure, and I realize it now, but it had to be the fact that I was out here alone, with no relatives to miss me, and I was already handcuffed and under arrest for these bullshit charges.

All of a sudden, he grabbed me and said that he now thought I was a devious young woman, who would obviously say or do anything to try to get off the charges, but that he was beyond this temptation and would make me regret trying to make him feel sorry for me. Foolish as it seems, it was now when I really tried to get myself free. I kicked at him and made a break for it. I ran towards the tree line in the hope I could get away. Before I knew it he was on me. He didn’t tackle me or anything like that, he simply reached forward and grabbed handful of my long blond hair and stopped running. Immediately I was yanked to a stop. He said that I was really going to pay for that and he would now add assaulting an officer to the other charges and that I was now going to jail. He asked me if I wanted to stay in jail for one year or two, and that if I co-operated it might be the former. I co-operated all too well.

He told me to sit down on the ground, which I did. He then gave me a second pair of handcuffs. I looked at him and he told me to put them on my ankles. I asked him how I was supposed to do this with my hands already cuffed behind my back. He asked me if I wanted any more trouble or not. I did as he asked, finding that if I hunched down I could get my hands under my cheeks and then down to my ankles. He told me that was far enough and to put the cuffs on from behind my legs. This I did. He then told me to put my hands back behind my back. I was about to complain but I saw something evil in his eye and so once again I struggled and got my hands back where he wanted them. He told me to hobble over to the tree, which was beside him, it was about as far as I could go with my feet locked together as they were. He turned me around and in an instant had the cuff off one wrist, then pulled my arms behind the tree and had me locked to the tree not able to go anywhere. He told me if I wanted to make things worse for myself, all I had to do was scream. In that case he would make me walk all the way back to the police car, but if I stayed quiet he would be back in a minute with the car. So, not wanting to make things worse, I stayed quiet, and of course, stayed locked to the tree. As he walked away I thought to myself that it couldn’t be all that bad, I mean it’s not like I am really in that much trouble, especially if I ever end up in court. How wrong that thought turned out to be.

Minutes later, he was back with the police car, which he drove right up to where I was joined to the tree. He came over to me and released my arms from the tree, then quickly cuffed them behind me again. It was now when I first became really scared, because he produced a third pair of cuffs and put them on my arms, just above my elbows! I had just opened my mouth to protest when he put a large ball into my mouth and pushed it behind my teeth. It had straps on it, which went around the back of my head, as well as under my chin and over my face. He called this thing a training harness and said that I should get used to it and then he locked it onto me with tiny padlocks! He laughed at my worried form and then opened the trunk of the car and picked me up and put me on my stomach in the boot, on top of all my suitcases and clothes, which he had loaded from my car. I felt his hands on my legs as he bent me in two and then with a padlock or something, locked my hands to my feet by the handcuffs. He said to get comfortable as it was going to be an hour or more till I reached the detention center. I screamed as loud as I could into my gag at him and mad as I was, I cried as I realized I was in some serious trouble.

Chapter 2

When we arrived at the detention center, it was dark outside. He reached into the trunk and placed a collar around my neck. This he locked in place with another of those dreadful padlocks. In a few more seconds, he had unlocked my feet from my hands, and had me out of the trunk. I could hardly stand after being doubled over for so long, so he leaned me face down on the back of the car. He then unlocked my ankles and redid them with a longer pair of ankle cuffs, which he said would let me hobble along better. He then turned me around and snapped a chain to my collar and said, ”welcome to your new life”. I could tell by the surroundings we were on some sort of prison farm, with tall fences and barbed wire on the walls. He then pulled me roughly by the chain to my collar towards a solid looking brick building.

He must have called ahead because there were people waiting for us as we approached the door. He dragged me inside and took me to one of four cells and when inside, he pulled me to the center of the room and tautly attached the chain on my collar to a hook that hung from the ceiling. He said that I was to stay put and that even if I wanted to hang myself, I couldn’t because the chain was from the front of the collar. He added that people would come for me soon to ‘check me in’ and that my every move was being watched on the security CCTV monitors. As he left me in the cell, with tears in my eyes, I couldn’t decide whether I should be scared or mad, because surely he couldn’t get away with all this, surely this couldn’t be for real.

It must have been an hour or more before they came for me. Two of them this time, women prison officers by the look of them. Both in there mid thirties, fit and quite attractive by the look of them. I thought to myself, “I should be able to reason with them, get myself out of this predicament for sure, as it must be all a big mistake”. They never gave me a chance. First of all the red headed one told me that I was now in serious trouble, that drugs had been found in my car and that in this state, that was a mandatory 10 year sentence. Then, the dark haired one slapped me on the face and told me how she despised drug dealers like me. At this I was stunned, here I was, chained up, gagged, being slapped and being framed for dealing drugs! I tried making sense through the gag, to tell them it was all a mistake. Then, the dark haired one reached out and silenced me by grabbing my left nipple between her fingernails and pinching it very hard. I squealed loudly and then shut up as I was told. Still pinching my nipple, but a bit gentler than seconds ago, she told me that if they were ever to take the gag off my face, I was to address them only as Ma'am, or Mistress, and was that clear. I tried to nod my head as best as I could and she released my now tender nipple from her grasp.

Next I was told that due to the drugs being found, I was to undergo a strip search and full body cavity search for any further drugs I may have. With that said, they both started to undress me. The redhead produced a pair of scissors and started cutting my halter top from my body, while the dark haired one was loosening my belt. Then my shorts were pulled down my legs. As my top was cut from me, I felt my panties disappear down my legs to my cuffed ankles. At this, I screamed into the gag, for which I received a slap on the face. The scissors then cut my breasts free from my bra and I was chained up, naked, hanging from the ceiling. I tried to protest my innocence through the gag at which point the redhead grabbed my right breast with her left hand, squeezed it so the nipple protruded, and placed the nipple in the blades of the scissors. With a bit of pressure applied, I went silent immediately. She said that it was wise for me to stay silent and do exactly as I was told or else much worse things would happen to me. I was scared of these women and my thoughts now turned towards not being injured instead of how to get free. I was sure these women would hurt me if I gave them the slightest reason to do so. It was about now when I became resigned to being here for a fair while and that I may be in serious trouble.

Chapter 3

I have never been in trouble before but I knew from others what a full body cavity search entailed, or at least I thought I did. This one was different for I was gagged, chained to the ceiling and naked with my arms locked behind me with cuffs at the ankles, wrists and above the elbows. For a second, I thought I was being released because Mistress dark hair released my ankles from their prison. This was only for a moment as Mistress red head fetched a long pole with straps at each end from a cupboard in the corner of the cell. In seconds I found out what this was for. Mistress dark hair pinched both my nipples and told me to spread my feet as far apart as they would go. As I did this, I was stretched even further by the collar and chain at my throat. I felt a strap go around my left ankle, as Mistress redhead tightened it I became halfway immobile. Next I felt my right leg get reefed outwards till I thought I would be hanging by the collar and immediately a strap went around that leg as well. I nearly wet myself with fear. Here I was, stretched taut at the neck, spread wide at the feet, nipples pinched and in pain, hanging naked before two angry, supposed prison officers, when only hours ago I was peacefully asleep under a tree.

Mistress Red, as I now thought of her, raked her fingernails up my leg, over my hips, then up my chest just for starters. Then, she said that because I wouldn’t hold still, “she would help me to do as I was told”. With these parting words, she went once again to the corner cabinet and returned with a pair of large clips for holding paper to clipboards. Silly me just looked at her as she approached, wondering what she wanted the clips for, until Mistress Dark said they will pinch much better than fingernails. Once again I screamed into my gag and tried to struggle in vain, for I had nowhere to go. Mistress Dark stopped my struggling by picking up the scissors, showing them to me, and then touching them to my back. I realized if I struggled, all that would happen is a nasty jab in my back, not enough to maim, but certainly enough to make me hold still for the assault from the front which was to come. Sure enough, my nipples were still up from their last bit of attention, which made it easy for the bitch to open the clips over my nipples, position them perfectly horizontal and close them so they bit me just at the back of my nips. I stayed still and screamed as the first one bit like a bull ant and an aching fire went through my chest. With the scissors still at my back, I held still as the second clip tortured my other nipple as well. With this done, they stood back to admire their handiwork. I tried telling them that the pain was too much and that I thought I would faint, but all that I achieved were silly sounds such as a girl makes when her mouth is jammed open with a giant immovable ball.

Hearing this, Bitch Red said to Bitch Dark, “I think the little druggy wants some water before we really hurt her”. Even with the pain in my tits, I shut up when I heard this, then, realizing how thirsty I had become, I nodded my head what little I could, thinking wrongly they would un-gag me. Instead, they guided the tube from a squeeze bottle into the corner of my mouth and gave a few squeezes of water into my mouth. Gagged as I was, only a bit went down my throat, most of it dribbled out and down my chest. Still, I was grateful for what little I did swallow. It was then when they seemed to have a great idea. Dark said to Red, “let’s stick a tube in each side of her mouth, then wrap her head in tape, so we can stick any fluid we want down her neck, and she will have no choice but to swallow it or die”. Red said, “great idea, but lets make sure she doesn’t try to move around while we do it”.

Had I known what they had in mind, I might have tried to kill myself on those scissors when they first stuck them in front of my eyes to cut my top off. What the bitch’s plan to further immobilize me entailed was downright painful in the least, torturous at the worst. While one bitch help the clip on my nipple, ready to tighten it with finger pressure if required, the other one tied a piece of fishing line to the center of it, knotting it off well so it wouldn’t slip. This procedure was repeated for the other, with verbal warnings to hold still and shut up. This being completed, Red then gathered the lines together, fed them into the chain above my head, brought them back down to just above my head, and spliced them into one twine. To this, she tied a two-pound exercise barbell and knotted it so the weight was taken up evenly.

My eyes were wide with fear at the sight just above my head and I was warned to stay silent or the weight would be doubled. With tears in my eyes from the pain I was about to experience, Red let my nipples take up the slack until they were being pulled skyward. Then she let it drop the last inch or so. For someone who was gagged I sure made a scream-for a second or so until I remembered the warning to shut up. This I somehow managed and was rewarded by hearing the words, “very good, you can do as you are told”. Then they stuck the tubes in each side of my mouth, and proceeded to do the unthinkable. They actually fetched a roll of cling wrap, and wound the clingy film around and around my head. When it covered my nose I almost screamed, thinking I would die, but I realized I could breathe through the tubes out of my mouth. At some point I must have had the sense to close my eyes because as they were making sure they got every part of my head bar the two tubes out of my mouth, I realized my eyes were shut and I was now effectively blind.

I managed to stand still for this horrible treatment because every small move was rewarded with an extremely painful tug on my nipples from the suspended weight pulling them together and upwards. Then it got bad. I heard a noise which turned out to be cloth sticky tape being pulled from the roll. This tape was wound around my head, over the top of the cling wrap. I was being encased in a horrible, ever tightening prison of tape, which scared me half to death, and seemed to crush the last ray of hope from my brain. I was now blind, almost deaf, had restricted breathing and was still chained to the ceiling with my arms behind me and my legs spread very wide with my nipples clamped and stretched skyward. I was in Hell. Then they left me…

Chapter 4

Through my impaired hearing I heard someone enter into my hell, or cell if you weren’t me. I was in pain; there is no other way to describe what I was feeling. My jaws were aching from the big gag, my head felt crushed, I was stretched at the neck, my legs were shaking from being spread so far apart, my back and shoulders were sore, my arms cried out to be free and my nipples and breasts had taken on a torturous existence of their own. I was crying silently but could not sob, because of the strain it placed on my clamped breasts. Then I felt a gloved hand start the dreaded cavity search. It probed into my most private parts, stretching me, exploring me, making me feel so horrible inside that I felt ill. Then I realized there was something touching me near my anus, and I instinctively clenched my cheeks together. This earned me a searing pain in my rear as a belt was whipped on my ass. I jumped forwards from the pain, causing the clamps on my nipples to inflict even worse pain in my breasts. When would this end. It was then when I again noticed the intrusion into my anus, pushing, probing, then entering me and shaming me. I thought I could take no more. Then it stopped.

It was when he said that the girls would be back that I nearly died. I am sure that muted as I was, he would have heard me scream to myself when I realized it was that bastard cop who had just searched my insides. I felt wrecked, destroyed, beaten. When my tormentors returned, they took up right where they left off, but worse. First they gave me a drink by attaching a bottle to one of the tubes in my mouth, which almost choked me, then when I was done they closed off the tubes and I struggled for air, which was not available. I jerked around, nearly ripping the clips from my nipples, which would have happened if I wasn’t so restricted in movement, and then nearly passed out before they let me live again. My life was in their hands, I was done for. Then I heard one of them say, “just a bit more, while we prepare you for transport, then we will make you more comfortable, you hear”? I did, and I nodded my head what little I could in compliance.

The little bit more they spoke of entailed a belt tightened around my waist till I had trouble breathing, then a very large dildo was inserted into my pussy, and a smaller one invaded my ass. These were rammed home and secured with another belt which went from the front of the waist cincher, threaded through the plugs and was locked on at the back of the cincher to ensure I was mighty uncomfortable. It was then that I first experienced the pain of having clamps removed from my nipples. I screamed and jerked as the circulation returned, which must have amused the bitches for through my tape covered head, I could hear them laughing at my situation.

When they released my ankles from the spreader bar, I could hardly stand but was very grateful all the same. Then they unlocked the cuffs on my elbows and I realized how much pain they had caused, for I felt another relief. As the tape started coming off my head, I felt the ankle cuffs going back on but didn’t mind at all, as long as I could breathe, see, and get the ball out from between my jaws. When this finally happened, I found myself unable to speak, but was silently weeping at the freedom I had after being tortured before. As they lowered the chain, which was holding me up, I sank into the arms of Mistress Red, glad to be feeling someone touch me, without causing pain. She looked down at me and said, “relax honey, it’s only been three hours”. I looked up at the person, who had been torturing me just before, and was about to say thank you for letting me down, but instead, I told her, “one day I’ll kill you both”. She replied, “not if we kill you first honey”.

Chapter 5

The rest of my preparation entailed a shower under a hose, a rough drying off and the replacement of my chains, with ropes, wood and leather. So that I could not see or speak to complain about my treatment, I was fixed up with what bitch Dark called, “a pump gag and discipline hood”. After the ball, tape and tubes, it didn’t seem all that bad. Until it was laced tight and inflated. My protesting struggles were cut short with a severe pinching of my tender nips. Once again, I was breathing through tubes, only this time from my nose. Then, still handcuffed wrist and ankle, I was led to another room, or cell. The gag was deflated and a tube inserted so I could breathe easier, then I was chained to the bed for a few hours of rest. In the morning (I knew it was morning from the Sun warming the cell), I had the plugs removed so I could go to the toilet, have another hosing down and toweling off. Then the plugs and belt were locked onto and into me again and I was led away for breakfast. Breakfast was a liquid fed down the tube. I was once again led away to another room.

It was here that my next ordeal was to begin, one which I am sure must have amused my tormentors, but which I would never wish on anyone, except maybe them. I was dragged to a low table or bench, and made to sit down on it, told not to move or my nipples would suffer a fate much worse than before. So sit I did. I sat there while they arranged my legs into the position they wanted. Which turned out to be feet facing each other, close to my pussy, with my knees far apart. They then used a padlock to shorten the ankle chain and lock this chain to my chastity belt that was holding my twin plugs inside of me. They then put straps around my legs, above my knees. These they pulled on, spreading my legs apart my knees almost touched the board I was sitting on. I ended up with my feet facing each other, heels near my ass, legs spread painfully apart, almost level with the board I was sitting on. Then they started on my arms. Firstly they wrapped some rope from the back of my neck, down under my armpits, then around my back and tied it off. Then they looped some longer coils of rope above each elbow and left it there. With a warning not to move (where was I going anyway), they released the cuffs from my wrists. One on each side, they looped some rope around my wrists, then with a heave, yanked my wrists up the center of my back where they ended up crossed over each other, together in between my shoulders. Seconds later, they were cinched together, then pulled even higher and roped to the rope behind my neck. I knew once again I going to experience pain.

Being far from finished with my preparations, they then took hold of the ropes above the elbows. The rope from the right elbow went to the left, the one from the left, to the right. Then, with a fair amount of tension, each went around the front of my body. Pulling the elbows towards the center of my back whilst welding them to my body. I was now in a fair amount of discomfort. The ropes when they met in front of my body were tied off and then went back around my body as the bitches started to form an elaborate harness encircling my breasts. The end result was to capture my size D breasts, squeezing them, making them stand out, and become very sensitive. Every wrap also further restricted my movements and breathing. When finished, although in discomfort, I was not yet in serious pain and I wondered why they did not make the ropes any tighter, although I was glad they did not.

With this done, they told me I was going to love what was to happen next. I did. The bitches each took a nipple in her mouth, and teased them until they were so swollen, I thought they were about to explode. My pleasure didn’t last long though, because they once again set to work further restraining me. A thick collar was tightened around my neck and locked in place. Then, I felt one of them in front of me, and one behind. The one in front of me pushed me backwards until my elbows hit the board I was sitting on. With my elbows under my back, wrists up between my shoulders, my legs still secured to the board, feet near my pussy and legs spread wide, now I once again felt pain. My collar was locked to the board from behind my neck, which was only inches from the board. I moaned loudly into my gag under the leather hood. They laughed.

I felt a wide belt being tightened over my hips, another at my already cinched waist, another one below my breasts, and the last one above my breasts. Then they tightened them all down, including the ones at my knees, which stretched me and spread me painfully apart. They told me through my discipline hood that this restraint was for my own good and that I needed to be kept still for what was to come. This scared me and I once again moaned loudly under the hood, another mistake. One of them said that I was too noisy and it must be because the gag is too small. A few more pumps into the inflatable gag and I was silent for sure this time, and regretting the last moan in silence. Then, they put a strap from the back of my hood to the board and pulled my head down to the board, it was the loss of the last bit of freedom I had. I was now a very miserable girl.

Chapter 6

I felt my mobile prison being lifted up and carried away. I knew we were outside, because the Sun was beating down on me. I thought to myself, “my god, they can’t leave me out here, I’ll die”. Then a smell, which everyone would recognize, assaulted my nostrils; it was the smell of cattle. One of my captors leaned close to me and said, “you’re taking a little trip for the day, in a cattle truck, with all the cattle on the way to the slaughterhouse, hope you enjoy the ride”. Then another one laughed and said, “I hope you remembered the fly spray before you got yourself all fixed up and open like that”. They all laughed at that and in seconds, I realized exactly what they meant. Mongrels, they weren’t even treating me like the cattle, because at least they could move to get away from the flies. They were treating me like cow shit! I knew then that I would survive, I had to if I was ever going to get away and kill them all for what they were doing to me.

With a bit of a heave, I was up on the trailer, then maneuvered into place in the middle of the floor, then the board I was on was locked into place. Suddenly another thought hit me, what if the cattle trample me. But then I realized they wouldn’t let that happen, not after all the trouble they had gone to so far. As a final indignity, I felt something thrown onto my chest, then more on crotch, and again on my legs, doubled up and spread beside me. I knew at once what it was, then it was rubbed onto me, over the ropes, into my breasts, around the chastity belt and plugs, all over my legs, even in between my toes, it was fresh cattle dung. The excess was then wiped off, leaving me just another bit of dung on the floor for the flies to attack.

I heard the cattle all around me, then I heard the mongrels say, “have a nice trip”. Then another one said, “you don’t think we would leave you at the mercy of the flies do you”? With that I almost gagged as he sprayed some fly spray around my face so the flies wouldn’t go near my breathing tubes from my nose. Then they were gone and the truck started up.

Chapter 7

Within seconds it started, first I felt them at my breasts, buzzing over me and tickling my nipples. Then more of them, all over my breasts, which were trapped in rope and sticking up proud. Then on my stomach, I tried to wriggle, but couldn’t move an inch. Now they were everywhere, my legs, my feet and my toes. I hoped the cow shit would dry, but the strain in my body and the sun made me sweat. More seemed to gather on me. I felt them everywhere, taking off, landing, and tickling me all over. Bastards, get away from me I screamed to myself. Then we were mobile, the truck moved off down the track and for a few seconds, the flies disappeared. Then once underway, they returned with a ferocity worse than before.

Maybe it was because the cattle were now moving and jostling, and I was the only tasty morsel staying still. Whatever the reason, the next few hours were the worst I can remember in my life. I could not move, my arms were roped together high on my back, my legs are spread wide and locked down. My head encased in a leather hood, an inflatable gag fills my mouth, my neck is locked down, and my head is roped and held still. I can’t even scream. My pussy and anus are filled with huge plugs, a chastity belt is locked onto me. My breasts are roped and my entire body is strapped to this board. Now the flies are gathering out of the wind, right where I am most sensitive, just inside my thighs and around my jam-packed pussy and anus. “Just get away, piss off and leave me alone”, I screamed in my head. They are fighting over me, probably mating on me. They are insistent, tickling, they make me muscles spasm, which is doing things it shouldn’t to the huge dildos' filling me. The plugs filling me are as if they are alive. Every twitch of my muscle, causes them to move inside me, causes me to contract around them.

My toes are ticklish, my legs are covered in flies, no, my entire body is covered with them. My breasts are bulging between the ropes, the flies are driving me crazy, and they are starting to make me itch now. I can’t move to do anything about them. I start crying inside my hooded head, I can’t cry out loud, the gag stops that. Aarrggh, my crotch seemed to be on fire, itching, tickling, I can’t stop what's happening to me. The sensations are maddening, I hate what is causing it, but the orgasm is welling up inside of me. In my mind I'm thinking that I can’t, I can’t, I can’t let it happen this way, I would never forgive myself. But the itching, the tickling is getting worse, the muscle contractions are going to put me over the edge. Then it happened, the strongest orgasm ever by far welled over me like a tidal wave, and then kept on happening for what seemed like an eternity.

When I came to, I realized that I needed a drink and that there was none to be had. I also realized that I had orgasmed so powerfully, that my come was all around the plugs in my pussy and ass, and that the flies were attacking me more than ever before. It was itching worse, they were trying to lay their eggs under my skin, in my juices, and they would not stop, and I could do nothing about it at all. I could feel them, trying to get inside of me, and with each rising orgasm I was opening up more a more for them. I do not know how I will survive, how I will live, how I will face up to the reality of just how much pleasure, and pain this is causing me.

Chapter 8

It was one very sore, sorry, half-alive girl they lifted off the trailer at the other end of the journey. When they finally released me of all my bonds, helmet and gag, I could do nothing but cry. I could not move, I could not even scratch all the parts that itched so badly. I knew that when I regained movement I would probably scratch myself to pieces, but, as usual, they secured me again so this would not occur.

They washed me, dried me, put me in a cell and chained me to a bed. This time only by the collar around my neck with my arms secured at my sides to a belt around my waist. In the morning they took me to the toilet, then to a room where I was washed, dried, then given a medical exam during which many measurements were taken. The purpose for many of these measurements was not evident straight away, but it would all be made clear in the very near future. After this, naked as I had been since this ordeal began, I was given food and told not to do anything stupid, then one hand was freed so I could eat. I was told that if I asked questions, I would be gagged and put back in the discipline hood. I asked no questions for I was glad to be free, relatively speaking.

After lunch, I was re-united with my captors and tormentors. They smiled at me and asked me how many orgasms I had on the way here. I told them all to go to hell. Mistress Red Bitch spoke calmly to me, saying, “Obviously you have not learned anything yet and it is about time you did so”. With my words hardly out of my mouth, I regretted them already for together, Red and Dark grabbed me, securing my free hand once more to my side as Dark said to the bastard cop, “With such big firm tits, let’s introduce her to the tit room”. I didn’t know what the ‘tit room’ was, but I was sure it was going to be unpleasant. I was right about that. Having said my piece and earning a trip to the ‘tit room’, I decided I was going to stay silent on the way there.

We entered the tit room and I was told that as there were three of them and only one of me, any struggling on my part would only earn a more painful punishment. From my first look inside, I thought that this was going to be a very painful time. Still bound with only my collar and arms at my sides, I was told to back up to a post. The post was about five inches in diameter and went from floor to ceiling. When I was backed up against the post, my hands were freed and then instantly pulled behind the post. From behind the post, a rope was quickly looped around my wrists, binding them palm to palm. Another rope was thrown around my ankles, just in case I decided to do something as foolish as kick at my captors. My waist cincher belt was removed and replaced with a doubled up rope. I knew I was in trouble because every rope was thin, ready to bite into me when pulled tight, and pulled tight it was.

With my ankles looped to the pole, my hands behind, my waist with rope around it, Mistress Red did her favorite trick of pinching my nipples while giving instructions on how to hurt myself further. This time it was, “breathe in and suck your stomach in as far as you can go, so we can make you nice and secure for what is to come”. With the pressure being applied to my nips, I foolishly did as instructed. Then arsehole country cop reefed the rope tightly into my gut. Instantly, the wind went out of me and I doubled over forwards. Bitch Red slapped me and said, “back up straight” and gave my nipple a real tweak. Before I know it, cop has a few winds around my waist and sees the pain in my eyes. He then says, “that’ll do her for now”. Then he starts on my legs. Firstly fixing the initial job on my ankles, then he works on above and below the knees. Each is tied to the pole, then cinched tightly until it hurts. From the front of me, Red loops some rope from behind my neck, down under my armpits and hands it to Bitch Dark behind me. Bitch Dark then crosses the ropes over at the back of the pole, then feeds the left end of the rope up under the rope behind my neck on the right side, and the right end of the rope under the rope on the left of my neck. Bitch Red then says to me, “honey, you’re going to love this bit”, and pushes me back to the pole. It hurt already when I was leaning forward, but when I was stood up straight, the rope at my waist seemed to cut me in two. Immediately I had my back to the pole, Bitch Dark pulls the ends of the rope, effectively welding my shoulders to the pole. Then, she feeds the rope back under my armpits towards the front of me, where Red hands the rope back over my shoulders (not going behind my neck this time), to where Bitch Dark pulls them tight and then wraps them around the pole to cinch them at the ropes behind my neck. Thus, I am now neatly tied to the pole at the shoulders, waist, above and below the knees and at the ankles. I am stuck.

Chapter 9

It was then I that realized my bondage was far from finished, for country cop chimed in with, “I think she needs some of my very tight ropework to complete the first stage of her lesson”. Did I hear that right? Here I am, almost in tears, and he says I need tight ropes, to complete the first part of my lesson. I found out soon enough. Immediately I begged them, “oh please, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again”. He said, “you’re damn right it won’t bitch, of that I’m gonna make sure”.

He then went behind me and I felt him wrap some rope around my bound wrists. He then tied it off and using a fair bit of strength, pulled my bound wrists straight up towards my shoulders. Satisfied he had done enough to cause discomfort, he tied the rope off to the one behind my neck. My wrists, still bound palm to palm, were now four or five inches above my waist, my elbows were pointing up and out. Picking up a long piece of rope, he doubled it over and then went back behind me. I panicked and started to sob when I felt it looped around my left elbow. He called the bitches to give him a hand. He said, “push them elbows together so I can tie ‘em real tight”. I screamed when they did so, while he simply took up the slack and in the end they were almost touching, a very difficult position when wrapped around the pole and up so high in the air. He whispered in my ear from behind, “I love ‘em like this, makes tying the titties so much easier without arms in the way”.

He then said, “I’ll let you ladies tie the titties, while I have a smoke”. This they did with a skill which I never knew existed, until now. First they manipulated my flesh and one of them held it in two hands and pulled it away from my body, the other went to work with fine twine about three times as thick as string. Starting at the base of my breast, she wrapped it tightly and then carefully worked her way out. Halfway through the first one I was crying and begging them to stop. All they said was that “if I didn’t shut up, they would do the same to my nipples with thin wire”. I decided they would do it anyway, so I let fly with a torrent of abuse. They smiled at this and wondered aloud at what point I would pass out when they did my nipples in wire? They decided to shut me up with a gag because they were sick of hearing me whinge. They argued over which gag to use and whether or not to use the discipline hood or not. They decided on the not, because they said they wanted to see the pain in my eyes. All the while, they kept tying my titty until I thought it would burst. My size D was squeezed to half it’s normal size and was bulging out the end of its bondage like a balloon being squashed out of shape.

It was then that country cop chimed in and suggested an inflatable penis gag which they could tape in place like the first night they had me. With all in agreement, I was told to open my mouth. I felt Bitch Reds fingernails on my now very sore nipple and opened my mouth to accept the gag. With the gag strapped into my mouth, I felt it inflating and filling my cheeks. I knew immediately this one was different, it also inflated lengthways, and started to fill me to the back of my mouth as well. I shook my head and started to gag. They let a bit of the pressure out and said they would pump it up again later. The thought of this terrified me. The girls then started on my other breast while asshole cop produced a role cling wrap and evil looking cloth sticky tape then proceed to painfully seal off any gaps around my lips and also to wrap the tape tightly around my cheeks, all the way around and around my head, again and again he did this. He said this would also make sure the gag filled the inside of my mouth and the pressure of the tape from the outside would ensure the gag went deeper into my mouth instead of spreading outwards. He is a very cruel man who may end up killing me, if I am not careful.

Chapter 10

With my gag sealed in place, cheeks squashed from inside and out, and both breasts now suffering, I did not think I could take any more. It was then that the bastard said, “can I finish off the serious part of her lesson now”? What… The serious part.. I shook my head and made as much noise as I could, surely there isn’t any more they can do to me? What else is there of me to tie. He seemed to understand and he said, “well there’s that head of yours we’ve got to stop from moving for starters. He asked the girls if they would mind doing that while he got to the best parts. The best parts? What could they be?

The girls proceeded to secure my head by wrapping rope around my forehead and to the pole, then cinching it between my head and the pole to tighten it up so I couldn’t move my head. Then they repeated this procedure just above and below the gag, cinching behind my neck. When they started wrapping rope around my neck, I tried to tell them it was too much. They did this anyway. Meanwhile, the asshole cop went to work on my midsection. He started wrapping the rope around the waist cincher, slowly, methodically working his way up. With his strength, it was not hard to create a corset that seemed to cut me in two. Luckily he stopped just under my ribs, but breathing was difficult and the pain was growing. Then, he started to do the same, but working his way down to my hips and then a few turns more for good measure. It felt my innards being moved around inside me. Some upwards, others downwards. He then picked up some very fine twine, held it up for me to see, then disappeared down out of view. I felt him at my toes, and thought, “well, he was right, there was more of me to tie”. But not like this! He tied my big toes together, tight. Then, when he finished doing that, he cinched them and pulled the twine up to my ankle bondage and tied it off tight. Ouch, it hurt. Just another reminder of how much they could do to me.

The he re-appeared before my eyes and said, “just a few more bits and then we can start punishing you”. Punishing me, what the hell does he think this is now! Once again, I realized why they wanted to see my eyes. He looked at me and read the looks and said, “That’s why we’re tying you so tight, that way you can’t struggle and hurt yourself when the pain begins”. He saw the tears in my eyes and said, “save them for later baby, your gonna need all the tears you got for then”.

With this said, he gathered up some more ropes, then bound me further to the post above and below my tortured breasts. He then said, “now for the last few good bits”. He then wrapped the rope around my crushed waist, looped it through itself, then poked, prodded and pushed it down between my legs. He then made sure it went between my pussy lips, and trapped my clit between the two stands. He then took up the tension and made sure I was captured, before going around back and pulling it so tight I almost fainted. This done, he cinched it over the waist rope and tied it off tight.

He then called the girls around front and said to them, “just watch her eyes when I do this last one”. I then felt him tying another rope to the cinched ropes at my elbows and wondered what he could be doing there. Then, I heard him behind me and saw his shadow above me and thought, “oh shit, he isn’t tying them up any higher is he”. I was almost right. I heard the Dark haired Bitch say, “I think she’s got the idea, so go ahead and give it to her”. Which he did. He had run the rope up to a pulley and down the other side. He brought in a trolley on which there sat a number of weights. He tied this rope to a 40lb weight, then lifted it off the table and told the girls to watch my eyes. I was silently screaming, as I now knew that they could do anything they wanted and all I could do was suffer. He let the rope take up the slack, I wriggled my fingers frantically, as if to say no. He just laughed as he let the weight go and my elbows were dragged upwards a few more inches. I screamed into the gag, Bitch red just gave it a few more pumps and I nearly gagged as it filled my throat. If I could have lowered my head and moaned, I would have. Instead, I pleaded with my eyes and wriggled my fingers as they looked at me and said, “we’ll see you in an hour, when we come to teach you your lesson so you will not to answer back”. Just as they were leaving, Bitch Dark turned to me and said, ‘you didn’t think I would forget about these, did you’? She held them up for me to see, two nasty looking clamps which she screwed down tight onto my nipples. As she left, she gave each one a playful flick, before hanging a weight to each one, adding immensely to my existing world of hurt.

Chapter 11

Twice while they were gone, the doctor who examined me came by and checked how I was going. This in itself was an ordeal as he checked my pulse, poked pins in me to gauge reactions to see if feeling had gone, or just to make life difficult for me. When my tormentors returned, they found me nearly collapsed from the pain and willing to do anything to be free from this torment. It was then when they dropped the bombshell on me. I had a choice. I could continue with the lesson now, or we could start it all over again tomorrow and continue it without a break. What was it to be.. My choice. Blink my eyes once to continue now and be done with it, twice to start again tomorrow.

I didn’t think I could handle this again so I blinked Once.. They told me that the next step of the lesson was conductivity. I wondered what they meant by that until they wheeled in a cart with wires and clips hanging from its sides. Without a fuss, the Bitches removed my weighted nipple clamps, causing a searing burn as the blood returned to where I am most sensitive. Then, new clips were attached to my very swollen, blood engorged nipples…After they had wound them tight with thin wire. I then felt the crotch rope being loosened and thought, “my god, they can’t”. But somehow they did. A flexible coil about half an inch thick was manipulated up my rectum, and another found it’s way inside my pussy. The crotch rope was tightened once again, but now I was wired for the conductivity lesson.

It was one I never wish to repeat. The electricity passed through my tortured nipples and made me pass out twice. Each time as I came to there was a gentle current flowing through my pussy. Just as I was becoming very aroused, the one in my ass would ignite with enough power to knock me out again. When there was no more real benefit to be had from this, they gave me one last shock on every contact, then disconnected me and untied me while I was knocked out.

When I came to, I was back in my cell, chained to the bed with my hands cuffed to my cincher waistbelt, collar chained to the wall. It was hours before I stopped crying and went to sleep.

Chapter 12

The following day when I awoke, I found some additional furnishings in my cell. The additions consisted of a table, three chairs and a video camera, with a monitor on a stand nearby. Also a video player with monitor, plus some note pads on the table. Although still in agony from the last assaults, my natural curiosity started me thinking. After all that I had been through, I wondered if this might be used for some sort of recorded confession to my trumped up charges. Something for them to take to a judge and have me put away for years without ever getting the chance to tell the world the horrors that had been inflicted on me. I wondered if they could get away with it? They seemed to have done so much to me already, what would I be able to do about it anyway if they did. I decided that no matter what, I would not confess to something I did not do. After all, sooner or later I would have to get a fair hearing, wouldn’t I?

As it was, I didn’t have to wait long, for no sooner had I started this train of thought, two of my captors entered the cell. It was the two bitches, Red and Dark. Just as if nothing had happened, they asked me how I was feeling this morning, and added to make sure I was polite in my reply. Thinking of what pain they could cause, I answered, “just fine Ma'ams”. Bitch Red said, “smart reply honey”, then added, “let’s get down to business now will we”. She then added that from now on, I was to address her by her proper title of Mistress Pain, and Bitch Dark was to be addressed as Mistress Suffering. She said this was because Pain and Suffering were to a part of my life from this day forward, and were almost inseparable.

Mistress Pain then told me that the doctor would be around to check on me straight after my new morning routine, which was to administered by the attending orderlies. Presently, two very well built orderlies entered the cell. One male, one female. They were husband and wife and Mistress Suffering said that they were extremely jealous and if I tried to flirt or get to friendly with either one of them, the other would make my life hell. I didn’t doubt it for one second and it was not without a bit of fear that I let them unchain me from the bed, to take me for my new morning routine.

This turned out to be a trip to the toilet, for which I was allowed one free hand, then a trip to the shower which I had to do myself, one handed (which hurt my private parts immensely after the recent abuse they received), followed by a toweling off. My free hand was secured back to my waist belt, and I was once again led by the collar to have my breakfast. Real food this time, not soup through a tube. I never knew how much I could appreciate real food until this moment, it seemed to be the only link to humanity I had left. After breakfast, I was led back to my cell, this time to be seated in a hardback wooden chair, to await whatever my captors had planned for me next. I was told by the orderlies, as they locked my cell door, to “stay seated until the mistresses arrive, and not to move because I was on camera and would regret moving very much indeed”. So, I waited, and looked around the cell for any possible means of escape. There was none to be seen.

Moments later, the doctor arrived, and gave me another look over, then pronounced me fit for the next stage of my interrogation. This he reported to the Mistresses as they arrived for what was sure to be an unpleasant experience. I was informed by my captors that there were two ways to handle the next stage of my interrogation, the easy way, and the hard way. The easy way was for me to answer all their questions honestly and truthfully, or the hard way was with a truth serum and lots of pain. I was asked which way it was to be and I answered, “the easy way please”. Mistress Suffering lunged at me, grabbed my long hair and reefed it backwards, saying, “stupid bitch, that just earned you 2 hours of torment, you forgot to address us by our proper titles, you idiot”. Then, before I could say anymore, Mistress Pain warned me, “too late to apologise now, if you do, it will be 4 hours, got it”. I whimpered, “yes Mistress Pain and Mistress Suffering, I’ve got it, can I do things the easy way please”? Pain said, “that’s better, OK, we’ll try it the easy way first”.

With this settled on, I was told to sit upright in the chair, which I did. I was then secured where I sat with straps around my hips, waist, above and below my breasts, and yet again at my ankles with my knees strapped together. My arms were freed from the waist belt and my chair was moved closer to the table. When they were happy with my position, my breasts were laying on the tabletop. I was then instructed to put my hands out palms together on the table. Pain then bound me wrists in rope, cinched the knot, then handed the free ends to Suffering. Suffering then went behind me and pulled the rope up so that my hands went above my head. She then pulled the rope so my hands went over my head and down behind my neck. The rope was then pulled taut and tied off to my waist belt. I was once again ready to receive pain. However, this time it was not to be. Instead, the bitches started playing a video tape which was displayed on the monitor in front of my eyes. It was a video of me. Right from when I was first taken to the cell from the police car. They told me to be quiet and watch they video. They played it in fast forward mode, slowing on occasions for the most graphic scenes of torture, which I now saw, and in my head, experienced again in instant replay. Before long I was sobbing, I couldn’t help it. Especially when I saw what pleasure they were experiencing from my pain. Three times they changed the tape. At the end of it, I was a wreck of a girl.

Then they told me the truth of the situation. I was to be a slave. A slave for as long as they wished. I would do anything and everything they requested of me. They would not kill me, but they may come close. If I became too much trouble, they would sell me at a slave auction to some people who could inflict more pain on my being than they would ever consider. This would happen to me if I did not do as I was told. The reason for this was simple, they liked to treat girls like me this way, and I was a likely prospect for their attentions. The policeman who brought me to them realized this when I said I had no one to miss me being gone, and already my car was scrapped and much of my movements had been traced. I was now going to give them the rest of what they wanted to know, or else my punishments would reach new levels of pain, and they would find out what they wanted without my co-operation. Would I co-operate freely, or was it on towards new levels of pain, this was my choice.

I co-operated. My hands were freed from bondage and I was made to write down the answers to many questions. They wanted to know about my family, relatives, friends in college, boyfriends, anything they may find useful in erasing me from the face of the Earth. They warned me that they already knew a fair bit from my drivers license and credit cards, and not to lie or else it would be punished severely. They asked me about my inheritance, investments and how much I was worth. When they learned that I was actually worth many millions of dollars, I saw them smile and I knew that they were pleased with their catch. By the end of this I had once again resigned myself to a long and painful stay, but I had the hope in my head that I would one day be free. Then, I would plan my revenge on these monsters. At the end of this, they had me sign some documents, one of which was my confession to all the charges laid by the officer. This I did, knowing they would make me do it anyway, but with a lot more pain than without. Besides, a 10 year stint in jail looked quite easy compared to what I had in store for me from Mistress Pain and Mistress Suffering.

Chapter 13

With all the formalities taken care of, I was released from the chair and my hands once again were bound to my waist cincher, only this time it was with the addition of a chastity belt from front to back. To make things worse, I had very large vaginal and anal plugs inserted. Both required lubrication and a fair bit of effort to be fully inserted, and when they were I was almost ill with the feelings they produced inside of me. When they hooked the chain on my collar to lead me away, I was almost dizzy and had trouble walking. They told me this was necessary as I was going to have my final measurements and fittings for my training plugs and other harnesses when we arrived at the doctors rooms.

Arriving at the doctors rooms brought home the realization of how serious these people were, as the rooms looked more like an engineering workshop than a surgery. My measuring required no real participation from me, so to ensure I did not cause any trouble, I was made to stand still. This was achieved with greater ease than I would ever have thought possible. The doctor simply spliced rope into my long blond hair, (the rope dangling from a ring bolt above my head), and pulled until I stood up straight, then tied it off at the wall. Mistress pain said she would be nearby and showed me a cattle prod, she told me if I did not do as I was told, I would be further restrained and the cattle prod would be used on places the sun doesn’t shine.

My simple bondage completed, the waist cincher, plugs and hand restraints removed, I was free except for my hair bondage. The doctor then started taking measurements for the second time, only now, he was measuring me on the inside. “Open your mouth as far as you can”, he would say, then he would try different gags. Next would be, “raise your left leg to the side”, then he would probe my pussy and anus with painfully large dildos. He measured my neck, my head around my forehead, around at chin level and on and on would he go. He measured my breasts, from all sides and angles, my hands and my feet, even my toes. He measured the contours of my front, back and sides by shaping some flexible wire to suit. He checked how far together my elbows would go, how far up my back my crossed wrists would go, then the height or length of my neck. Although at this time I didn’t know what all of this was for, I knew it was going to be unpleasant to say the least. Designed to give me no chance of escape, and certainly a great deal of pain in some way.

Then the orderlies entered the room, and I was warned not to resist in any way, or I would spend the next 24 hours in more pain than I ever thought possible. I was released for the first time since I was first handcuffed by that hick, redneck cop three days ago. I was told to lie face down on the floor, where they held me spreadeagled while measurements where taken. I was to be tested for flexibility and I was to do exactly as instructed, or pay the price. I could feel their anticipation of me trying to escape, but I would not give them this pleasure, I did as I was told. I had to be tested for ‘hogtie’ flexibility, then the ‘balltie’ with my elbows close together, this with the help of the orderlies, then, for my ability to do the splits, in both directions, sideways and back to front. At the end of this, I was told that I was to try out the first of the items they had made especially for me since my first measuring the other day. Once again my freedom ended.

This first item was a real treat, designed to keep my arms, body and head immobile while letting me still have the ability to be led around. While I was ‘trying it on for size’, a couple of metal workers went to work making the rest of the attachments for which I was just measured. Obviously it was near completed because by the time I was immobilized in the brace, other bits were ready to be added. It was basically a shiny steel collar, with a square bar running down my back, with lockable restraints above my elbows, on the forearms (not really needed of course), and at the wrists. Also welded to this bar was a waist clamp that reduced my already tiny 22 inch waist, down to 18 inches! It almost cut me in two and made sure I was not running anywhere in a hurry, I could hardly breathe. I looked at my Mistresses and they gave me a look which implied, “one complaint and you’re history”, so I silently endured my torment.

Next to be fitted was a breast harness which also metal and consisted of two hinged ‘straps’, if you could call them that, which went around my body from the bar at the back, to just beside my breasts. Attached to these were a series of three round steel rings, designed to capture my breasts from near my ribs, out to near my nipples. They had the effect of making my breasts cone shaped and when fitted, were not painful, yet quite uncomfortable. In the end, my nipples protruded obscenely and I knew this was not good news for me. About this time, one of the workers approached and handed the doctor more components for my contraption. It was a head restraint that fitted inside the square tube to my neck. It had a curved back which fitted my neck and could be adjusted back or forwards, depending on how they wanted my eyes to face, skyward or down towards my chest to see the indignities happening to me there. When fitted, it also had attachments for a restraint around my forehead, as well as around my neck and at the chin and mouth area. To this they tested several gags and mouth spreader devices, none of which were pleasant. When they taped up my nostrils, and went to fit a discipline hood on me, even gagged with the breathing tube device I squawked my anger. It was a big mistake. Immediately, I noticed Mistress Suffering had a big smile on her face, and Mistress Pain declared for all to hear, “they never can shut up, can they”. Then the good doctor asked, “how do you want her restrained for her punishment Mistress Pain”? To which she replied, “finish the session first, then we’ll have her any way you decide doctor”. The discipline hood was fitted, then laced up very tightly as I once again experienced the terrible life one endures when left in one of these. Tighter and tighter, the doctor pulled the laces, going over them again, just to make my time restrained a living hell.

The rest of the session continued with a variety of devices being fitted and tried, then I was prepared with the attachments the doctor decided most ready for use. This consisted of my immobility harness, waist cinched to the minimum thus far of 17 inches, the breast vice, which squeezed my breasts at the base and made them very tender elsewhere, and hurt with every breath. The head harness tilted back to its furthest, with a discipline hood with a breathing tube in the mouth, and no nose holes to speak of as my nose was also taped shut. I had a very stiff posture collar over the top of my neck restraints, which made me very nervous. My hands had been taped to the extension which now protruded downwards from the box tube and went to just below my anus. Running off this at right angles was another piece of tube, which went under my ass and to just in front of my pussy. Attached to this were two of the largest plugs they could fit inside of me. These were made of metal and had ridges on them and almost touched each other inside of me. The one in my pussy must have been ten inches long, with around eight of it inside me, and was nearly three and a half inches across! The one in my ass felt the same but I knew it was not, and could not be. Three leather straps went from the front of this piece and went up each side of my groin to the waist cincher, with one up the front, just to remind me of my plight. As a final humiliation, I had my pussy shaved bald prior to these inserts being fitted. Small bells adorned my nipples, held in place with nasty clamps, which were tightened down until all could hear my cries from the tube beneath the hood. I now hated the doctor and added him to my death list for when I would finally be free from this life. A hobble chain was added to my ankles, with my leash being attached to that instead of my posture collar. Mistress Pain leaned in close and spoke to me through my hood, “I hope you haven’t forgotten about the other two hours of torment for not addressing us properly during your questioning, because we haven’t. With a tug on my leash, I was led off to experience my punishment for this and for protesting the good doctor.

Chapter 14

When I had stopped moving, I knew that pain was close at hand. I was not to be disappointed, for the bitches had a real treat lined up for themselves with my next form of punishment. Standing where I was, I felt a tug on my nipple bells and was compelled to lean forward. This exerted considerable pressure on my pussy and ass plugs and matched the pain in my nipples. I had straps applied above and below my knees. I felt something being attached to my brace at the neck and crotch extensions. Next thing I know, I am being lifted horizontally from the floor. I screamed to anyone that this really hurt, but nobody cared. Although I was welded to the frame, my legs and ass were effectively hanging from the plugs inside of me. As my feet left the floor, I felt something being hooked to the hobble chain, mercifully, this also was attached to the chains pulling me from the floor. Although this stopped the pain in my pussy and ass, it now bent me into a suspended hogtie and hurt my legs and ankles. This pain was soon to forgotten as weights were attached to my nipples bells and clamps, which caused me to wince with real suffering. There was even worse to come.

I was then fitted with some electrodes that plugged into the twin plugs which filled me front and back. I did not know what they were at the time, only that someone was doing something in that area. I was to find out what in a short while. Just as soon as they tied my big toes together so I could not escape the whipping of my feet, which was part of my punishment for protesting. Once this was accomplished, I was ready for their fullest attentions. I was hogtied in a frame, head held back, posture collar fitted, breasts in a vice, nipples weighted, plugged front and rear and wired for pain. Then they whipped my breasts with a riding crop. Every stroke hurt in itself, but the lightning bolts of pain it sent through my weighted and clamped nipples was excruciating. They turned on the electricity and whipped my feet. I could do nothing except scream inside my hood.

After five strokes on each breast, I was gently rocking in mid air, moaning loudly inside my hell. They gave me a respite from punishment. It had seemed like minutes, yet it had only been seconds. I did not know why they needed to do this to me. I could think of nothing except how to ensure it would never happen to me again. And then they clamped off my breathing pipe. I could not even struggle to let them know I was suffocating. I would die. Then I could breathe again. I did not know how much more of this I could take, only that they could do whatever they wanted and I could not even tell them how much it hurt. I could only suffer in silence and try to stay alive to one day extract my revenge for this treatment.

Then they lowered me closer to the floor until I felt the pull on my nipples reduce. I was lowered a bit further and then I was pushed forward from behind and they started to swing me backwards and forwards. This meant that at the bottom of the swinging motion, my nipple weights would make contact with the floor, reducing the tug for a split second, then pulling much harder as they dragged across the floor until they once again swung into the air with me, changing the amount of pain all the time. The noises I made as I screamed through the breathing tube must have made them happy, for they then started swinging me in all directions. How terrible the pain, changing all the time, but always feeling like it was about to rip my nipples clear from my chest. After a few minutes of this, they raised the chain until the weights were not touching the ground, gave me a few hard swings, and left me to slowly stop swinging on my own. At the bottom of each swing, as well as at the front and back, the pull on the weights was at its worst. Then one of the sadistic butchers turned on the electricity in my plugs. I let out a guttural moan of torment through my tube. When I finally stopped moving, I was weeping inside my tortured existence, with the electricity still ripping through my pussy and ass every ten seconds or so.

They decided that that was enough of this for now and as I still had my two hours of punishment coming for not addressing them properly I should spend it learning another sort of restraint. They released my nipples from their clamps, which brought forth a cry of anguish from my lips as the blood returned to them. Then they lowered me all the way to the floor and released me from the hogtie. After freeing my legs from the straps, they untaped my hands from the bar, then helped me to stand and held me there, as I could not do so on my own. My hood was removed, as were the remainder of my restraints. As I stood there moaning, they informed me that all this could be avoided if only I could learn to do as I am told and to not complain. I was in no shape to answer, so I just nodded my head slightly and in a voice which could hardly be heard, said, “could I have some water please mistress”? Mistress Pain said, “soon my pet, very soon”.

When I could stand on my own, I was given some water and had my hands cuffed behind me, my collar and chain attached and was led away for my next punishment. I was told that as I had suffered so much, this would only be a mild lesson and would show me they could be kind to me if I earned it. The rest of my two hours were to be spent in what they called a relief posture, meaning the opposite of what I had experienced before. I was positioned on a rectangular rack or frame, then had my hands and feet locked into leather cuffs, and was stretched to the point of not being able to move an inch. As much as it was uncomfortable, it was nowhere near as bad as a suspended hogtie or any other the other positions I had been in. When they were satisfied with my immobility, they inserted a vibrating plug in my pussy, and secured it there with my chastity belt harness. It fitted snuggly and there was no escaping it. So, stretched spreadeagle in my frame, I felt the rack lifted at my feet and then something being pulled over my legs and the frame. I lifted my head to observe what was happening and Mistress Pain said, “curious hey love”? I answered, “Yes Mistress Pain”. She replied that, “some rewards are punishments and some punishments are rewards”. She then added that, “this is a vacuum bed, and I would be able to tell her all about it later, when my two hours was over”. I was about to ask another question when she added, “it will be lovely for you, you will experience the joys which your new life can bring, but, just so you don’t enjoy it too much, we are going to add a bit of itching powder to your lovely little body”. This they did by sprinkling something like powder from my thighs to my neck. It wasn’t too bad at first, but then as the large rubber sheet, like a sleeping bag was pulled over the frame, I started to become itchy. By the time it was near my face, I was about to protest but thought better of it. Mistress Pain then maneuvered a large ball gag and breathing tube (which was part of the sheet), into my mouth, and told me to, “hold onto this or else you will die”. So I held the ball with the tube through the center of it tight as the head end of the frame was lifted and the bag was fitted over the rest of the frame. I felt them doing something near my hands at the end of the frame, and then I felt the whole bag get smaller as the vacuum was applied.

Immediately the bag contracted over my body, I felt the rubber grip me as nothing had ever done before. It squeezed me from all directions and as I was already stretched taught, there was nothing I could do to ease this feeling. At first it was scary, then it became a bit difficult to breathe. The rubber had molded itself to me and had me in an erotic embrace. I then felt the effect of the itching powder and tried to squirm to relieve the itch. I could not move at all. The only thing I could do was to breathe and try to think of something else. I felt myself being lifted upright, and then I was stood against a wall. No sooner than this had been done, than I heard a voice beside me say, “you didn’t think we would forget about this did you”. Then I felt a hand near my pussy, touching me up and feeling for something. My body was totally alive from the itching powder now driving me crazy when the hand found the switch and the vibrator buzzed in my pussy.

Spread like I was, itching unbearably, my inner thigh muscles twitching and my pussy contracting around the vibrator, I knew I would orgasm in seconds. Then I felt hands on my body, roughly grabbing my ass, my legs, my titties. Working the flesh behind they dark rubber prison, which I was in. With this attention my body itched all the more, the orgasm building like a volcano, it seemed to come from my toes as it rushed over me, exploding in my legs as they trembled yet did not move an inch, my pussy felt like it would suck the vibrator up inside of me before spitting it out with incredible force. It then went through my stomach and my breasts felt like they were twice their normal size. When all these senses hit my brain, just at the peak of my orgasm when I was in ecstasy, I felt my legs, ass, back and titties get whipped with a force which sent me into the most intense emotional ride in my life. Just before I passed out, I realised what Mistress meant when she said that some punishments were rewards, and some rewards were punishments. I had been given pleasure and pain at the same time, and for some reason I still wanted more.

Chapter 15

I was led from the room of the vacuum bed, once again in handcuffs. This time my hands were in front of me and the chain was attached to my restraints. I did not ask questions of my captors, for I was almost too drained to speak. My emotions were all mixed up. I had in the last few days experienced more pleasure, more pain, more humiliation than I knew existed, yet all I could think of was the last orgasm I experienced. I did not know where I was going, did not know what was to happen next. I only knew that something inside of me had changed. I had to have more of those intense orgasms, but preferable without the absolute pain of my torture. How could I achieve this, what would I have to do? My thoughts were interrupted by Mistress Suffering, who told me I was being given a chance to earn some favor, I was going to be allowed a bath. She asked me if I would behave myself, to which I answered, “yes Mistress I will”. I was first led to the toilets, then to the bath which was hot and soapy. I was told I was not to touch myself in order to achieve pleasure, but was allowed to soak my bones for twenty minutes. I was given some shampoo and conditioner and told to make myself beautiful for my mistresses. This I did, not for them but for myself. It was wonderful to experience these luxuries which used to be a part of everyday life. After my beautification, I was allowed to dry off and was once again led to my cell for some dinner, which was wonderful after my rigorous day without food. I was then put to bed for the night, with my collar once again attached by a chain to the wall.

The morning found me remarkably refreshed considering what I had been through in the past twenty-four hours. The orderlies came for me and led me through my morning routine. When I arrived back in my cell, my tormentors were once again waiting for me. Seeing the cop there made my heart sink, for I really didn’t like the way he looked at me. I became especially worried when he said to me, “is the little filly ready for some more training today”? When I did not answer him, he reached forward and grabbed me behind my neck by my hair. He fair yelled at me, “answer me when I speak to your you piece of shit”. I looked at Mistress Pain and said, “Sorry Mistress Pain, but I cannot answer him as I have not been instructed on how I must address him”. She barked at him, “let her go”! This he did immediately, but not before giving me a look which scared me as I could see he was going to make me pay for embarrassing him like that.

Mistress Pain came over to me and caressed my cheek, wiped a tear from my eye and said, “my dear pet, I am going to love spending more time with you, but from now on, you must address all men as Master, do you understand”? “Yes Mistress, I understand”. She then told me to hand her my leash, and follow her for my next day of training. I picked up the leash which was hanging to my thighs, and with my cuffed hands I handed the end to my Mistress. She gave it a tug and said, “come”.

I was led to another room with many different types of costumes for restraint. I was told that I was here to be fitted for some very beautiful outfits, which if I were to buy would cost thousands of dollars each. I was asked if I would like to look beautiful for my mistresses, to which I replied that I would. The leash from my collar was locked to a chain, I was told to bend forward at the waist, the chain was pulled upwards to the ceiling so that my movements were restricted, but I could still bend over if required. Mistress Pain then told me that she would give me instructions on what and how to fix my self into the costumes, and that where required, she would help. I was warned not to speak except when spoken to, and told that if I tried anything silly, I would spend the day in a new and most horrible manner of restraint. I nodded my head slightly to let her know that I understood, then she released my hands from the cuffs.

The first of the outfits consisted of a latex rubber body suit, which covered me from ankle to neck. It took a couple of fittings until we found the exact fit, but then all seemed satisfied and for some reason I was pleased too. Maybe it was because this was the first time I wasn’t naked for some days on end. The suit had zippers in strategic places, which could give access to my breasts and private areas. Next up came the shoes, which were unlike any I have seen before. These were fully five inches at the heel and had a broader base like a horse’s hoof. I wondered why this was so, but didn’t ask for fear of the punishment I would receive. Then there came the waist belt, which was shaped to fit my waist. It required the help of Mistress to tighten it up in back, and when fitted reduced my slender form considerably. It had extensions that fitted the contours of my lower abdomen and fitted all the way down to my pubic bone in front, neatly shaping around the front of my hips, down the line of my groin. At the back, a narrow piece shaped like a g-string, went to just between my ass cheeks. The front of the waist belt shaped under my ribs and acted like a corset. The whole thing had buckles and other rings for attachments and although it looked beautiful, made me think what it could all be for.

The fitting continued with a breast and shoulder harness which buckled around my chest and back area, but which was shaped to leave my breasts themselves free of covering. For the next part, I had ankle, wrist and elbow cuffs attached, they were of shiny steel and must have been made to fit, because they fitted without any give, and were then padlocked shut. A short chain was applied to my ankles and then my collar was removed from my throat. Mistress Suffering then said to me, “don’t be afraid of the next part my pet, for in time you will grow to love your new look”. At this, I felt my arms disappear behind me, and felt them being padlocked together leaving a chain hanging down between my legs in back. This was then fed through a ring in my harness at the back, through to the front of my pussy, then fed through a ring in the front, to be pulled tight and padlocked in place. Next up, my elbows were pulled together and somehow locked to the chest restraint in back. This now had the effect of immobilizing my arms and upper body, yet was comfortable enough not to cause much pain. Next up came the unpleasant part, which was a variety of neck, head and gag restraints. These ranged from simple ‘bit gags’, through to almost discipline hoods which had immobilizing straps to hold my head erect and at various angles backwards and forwards. In the end I ended up wearing a very tall posture collar, with a bit gag which made me drool and embarrassed me for doing so. To finish off my attire, a pair of bondage mittens were laced onto my hands. They were stitched together at the palms, and when laced up, were designed to keep your hands welded together palm to palm.

My leash was fixed to my posture collar, my ankles were then redone with an eighteen inch hobble chain and I was led away to watch a video. The video consisted of what they called ‘pony girls’, and showed me what I was in for in my next level of training. Never in all my years of being around farms and animals, had I ever imagined anything like this. There were girls dressed like me, girls naked, girls with all sorts of things attached to their bodies, some even had head harnesses with pony shaped helmets covering their whole heads! In the video, they showed me how I was expected to ‘prance’, the pony step as it was called. Knees lifted up each step, legs level with my waist, then down again and repeated every step. They showed me what the commands were and how to behave around other ponies. They told me that from tomorrow on I would have my own tail, which was being made for me at present, a Blond one to match my hair. They told me how it was fitted by securing it via a hook shaped plug, which went up my ass and locked in place. They told me if I were a good pony I would have a vaginal plug inserted so I could orgasm if they so felt I deserved it. On and on it went, and compared to the torture thus far, I almost looked forward to my new life as a ponygirl. At the end of the videos, they said it was time for my afternoon pony rest, and that I would be taken to my stable to get used to it. This is when the trouble started.

Fixed up as I was, I could not run anywhere to escape, so when the cop offered to settle me in, the Mistresses asked what he had in mind. He replied, “Oh, I thought a little hogtie with feet and knees together would keep her in her stable until you arrive to feed her later”. Seeing that there was not much he could do to harm me, the Mistresses agreed but said to him, “not too tight the way she is, do not do her feet to elbows, OK”. “No worries”, he replied, I won’t do that, I’ll just fix her up so she can’t go anywhere”.

With that he gave my leash a tug, then led me off to what I knew was going to be a payback for not answering him this morning. I expected something serious, but never did I imagine what he had in mind.

Chapter 16

All the way to ‘the stables’, he never said a word. When we arrived at what looked to be real stables, he led me to one which he selected then went around behind me, bent down and told me to put me feet together. Knowing how much he wanted to hurt me, I instantly obeyed. He put a padlock through the links in the chain joining my steel ankle cuffs and I lost all freedom from my feet. He then went to a locker in a nearby room and came back with some rope, leather straps and a leather blindfold, which he put on me first and buckled it around the top part of my head. He then lowered me face down to the ground, which was dirt covered in straw. Next he ran a strap through the chain joining my ankles and pulled this up to my waist cincher. He then pulled it very tight and buckled it in place. I thought to myself, ‘at least he didn’t do it to my elbows like the Mistresses warned him not to’. Then he rolled me over so I was on my back. With my pony hoof shoes on, this had the effect of raising my hips in the air and ever so slightly spreading my legs, making me very uncomfortable. I heard him say, “don’t go away now, cause I’ll be back real soon to make you uncomfortable”. With his words ringing in my ears, I moaned loudly in protest through my bit gag.

When he returned, he had someone new with him. I heard him telling them I was the new addition and that I had caused a fair bit of trouble so he was going to teach me a lesson. The other person was a male and seemed to be a bit unsure if to help or not. I heard him say, “are you sure about this, it seems a bit severe for a new pony”. The cop just told him to, “shut up and don’t let on what was going to happen, and to do as he was told”. Although he was reluctant, he followed the cops lead. After some time, I heard the cop say that, “that should be enough, then to hold my legs still while he did the rest”.

What happened next was that I felt hands on my legs, holding me on my back, while the cops hands pulled the chain at my pussy aside and unzipped my latex bodysuit at the crotch and at the breasts, leaving me exposed for what I assumed would be a repeat of the incident with the flies. It was much, much worse than that indeed. I felt the bodysuit being opened up and pulled away from my body as far as it could, and then I felt something being poured onto the region and the suit immediately being zipped up. Seconds later I felt them crawling on my skin under the suit around my pussy and ass. Then they bit me inflicting pain, which made it difficult for the farmhand to hold me still. Immediately I felt the straps being applied to my knees and cinched off. I could no longer move and was then at the mercy of the ants which were biting me trying to get free from under the latex prison which they too, were now part of.

As I started screaming, the cop hit me and told me to shut up, or he would put them under my blindfold as well. I did my best but was still whimpering when I felt him pull wider open the unzipped areas of my breasts, and dump the angry ants in there as well. As these too were zipped closed, he massaged the breasts and my pussy and ass, just to make sure the ants were well and truly mad. As the pain erupted in my breasts and nipples, he turned me over onto my stomach and then placed me in the one piece of bondage which was the cruelest yet inflicted on me. He put a nose hook up my nostrils, which he threaded through the ring atop my head, then back down to my waist belt, and tied it off tight. Lying on my stomach, in a hogtie, arms and hands welded to my back, ants biting me inside my bodysuit, I couldn’t even wriggle because of the pain it caused in my nose. I screamed, and screamed and screamed, hoping someone would hear me. He said to me, ‘if only you could tell someone about the ants, because even if they do come, you are not in any real serious bondage”. “As far as they can see, you are just making a fuss for nothing, which means you will be punished again for that later”. He added, “when the girls find you in a couple of hours, I will just tell them that you had a go at me so I decided to increase your torment”. With that, he reached around the sides of my body to my breasts, gave them a few squeezes to further irritate the ants, then left me there to suffer the attack of what felt like hundreds of nails digging into me.

Chapter 17

When the Mistresses found me some time later, they saw my anguish and wondered what the fuss was about. When they were releasing me I managed to make them understand the word ‘ants’; they hurriedly released me from my agony. They were seething when they asked me what had happened and without malice, I managed to convey the events of the afternoon. I was distressed when they told me that sometimes a girl may require such treatment, but what had them angry was that they had planned to introduce me to some people this evening but with my private parts all marked up as they were, it would now not be ideal. I wondered what a girl may do to require such treatment, and also whom it was they wanted to introduce me to. They told me that at any rate I was going to be in for an unpleasant night the way I was all bitten up by the ants, so they might as well make a lesson of it, which would help me for later on. What this lesson turned out to be was a very uncomfortable night, spent spreadeagled in the vacuum bed. It meant that all I could do was suffer the diminishing aches of the ant bites, being replaced by an irresistible urge to scratch. But, being trapped in the vacuum bed meant this was just not possible. By the time morning came around, the urge had decreased but I was so strung out from the sleepless night that they decided to postpone my pony training for one day. Instead, they said they would move my piercing forward to today. I was almost too dazed to grasp what they said, but when it sank in I became worried and almost protested their plans. All too quickly, I realized this would be a mistake so I accepted my fate and awaited the next chapter in my painful new life.

Once my morning routine was completed, I was once again led by the collar to the doctors’ rooms. I knew that piercing parts of the body had become almost fashionable, but unlike real life, everything here had to have some form of ceremony. So, for this, I was to be bound to an X- shaped frame. By the time they were finished immobilizing me, I could only move my head. I was roped to the frame at the feet and ankles, knees, at the groin, which had the effect of spreading me wide open and exposing my pussy totally. I was roped at the hips, waist, above and below my breasts, again at the armpits, elbows and wrists. I was stuck to the frame and could only move my head, which was soon to be immobilized as well. This was done by splicing a rope into my long blond hair, then pulling the rope down my back, so my head was tilted back and I was looking up at the ceiling. When satisfied I could not move my head, they tied the rope off to the one around my waist. A very large ring gag completed my attire. We were ready to begin.

First of all I was warned that although I was able to make noise if it hurt, I was not allowed to make noise as a form of protest. They told me I would really regret any form of protest I may make. With that said, they told me they would do my nose first and to stay still while they worked. The doctor used a small ladder to position himself high enough and in front of me. He used an oversized piercing tool to insert a ring into my nose. The purpose of this I was told, is to make it easy to restrain me in a simple manner. Also lead me around by when they had the rest of me covered. It hurt a fair deal, but seconds later, I had the first of my rings inserted. Next up were my nipples. I was told that these were going to hurt a bit, as they were quite sizable. This was to ensure I could be controlled by the rings, and that they would make certain my breasts would be able to be weighted with a fair deal of weight, but still not rip the rings from my nipples. The thought of this did nothing to make me feel any better about what was about to be done to me, or the future uses they be put to. They next used ice to make my nipples stand very erect, then ensured this was so by teasing them until I was very excited. Then they used a pen to mark were they wanted to pierce me. They informed me (how kind of them to give a running commentary), this was because they wanted to make sure the rings were level when my nipples were erect. They told me sometimes nipples rotated a bit when they became erect, so they would mark them so as to ensure everything was perfect for me. Seeing as they were so kind, they sprayed me nipples with a combination local anesthetic, disinfectant, it still hurt like hell and I screamed through my ring gag and tears streamed from my eyes. The rings were exactly as they said, large, thick and polished steel, which clamped shut with a tool.

Then, they told me they would pierce my pussy lips as well, plus maybe my clit. After what I had just been through, I screamed in protest, and realised my error even as I was shutting my scream off, hoping it was not too late. It was.. Mistress Pain told me it was bound to happen and that they will be sure to think of some wonderful new way to punish me for my protests, maybe more ants as well as some itching powder. It didn’t make any difference to what happened next, which was the piercing of my pussy lips. This time, they used a better local anesthetic, but the process still hurt immensely and in the end when they released my hair bondage, I tried to put my head forward to see my piercings and found that I could hardly move my head at all. When I looked at my nipples, I could not believe that I was really pierced and now adorned with these rings which were now a part of me. I couldn’t see the rings in my pussy, but I sure felt them when Mistress Suffering put a big padlock through them, just to add to their pull and let me know for sure that I was in their control.

They told me not to go anywhere, and that as part of my punishment, they would let me sleep in my bondage until my afternoon punishment session, spread wide and roped painfully tight to my frame. They told me to remain quite or things would get worse, then they turned my frame upside down and left me there in my misery. Some time later, the doctor came by and with his attendants, righted me and checked on my piercings. He treated me with some more disinfectant for my wounds, then went on his way whilst I spent a miserable few hours without much sleep.

Chapter 18

When they came for me, I was so glad to be getting free from my bondage, that I would have thanked them, if it were possible being gagged as I was. They undid my hands first, then put my bondage bracelets on, so that I would not be tempted to touch my newly installed bondage rings. They undid the rest of my bondage and freed me from the frame. Once again, I was standing before them in the nude, hands behind me and now having my ankles locked in their cuffs as well. Then they extracted the oversize ring gag from my mouth. There was nothing for me to do except moan in pain from the hours of torture my jaws had suffered. With a hobble chain on my ankles, they snapped a leash to my nose ring and gave a slight tug, which made me lurch forward and follow them to my next appointment with pain.

They led me outside to an area near the stables, and I immediately thought they would take me to the ants’ nest and leave me there to be eaten as before. Instead, they led me to a large barn near the stables. They told me that should I misbehave in here, I would only just live to regret it. As I was led inside, I heard other voices and realised they were taking me to a group of strangers. When we arrived, I was led to the center of the barn, and had my ankles locked together, and my leash attached to a rope hanging from the crossbeams above my head. There must have been 10 or more men in there, all of which were looking at me in ways I did not like at all. I managed to stay quiet as my Mistress announced that I had misbehaved during my piercing, and was now going to punished for this. She added that I should also be punished for being bitten by ants yesterday and that was why I was not there for them last night. At being told I would be punished for being bitten by ants, I made another mistake and spoke out saying it was not my fault. Immediately the barn fell silent. I knew then I that had made a big mistake. I was not wrong in thinking that.

I was told by mistress Pain that I still had much to learn, and that if they wanted to blame me for things I did not do, they were entitled to do that because as I was about to learn, I no longer have any rights, and am no better than any other farm animal or cow. Next they all gathered around me and I was released from my bondage entirely, except for the nose ring keeping me in one place. I didn’t know what to do, and was sure that any resistance would be severely dealt with, so I just stood there and waited for what was to come.

The mistress instructed some of them to bring over two large crates which were in the corner of the barn. I was told to put my hands together in front of me. One of them was allowed to gather some rope and I was bound very securely palm to palm. This having been done, my nose ring was released from the leash, and the rope from the rafters tied to my cinched wrists. A couple of them pulled on the rope and my arms went upwards until my weight was taken by them, and I was raised a foot or so from the ground. I was told to open my mouth for the inflatable gag with a breathing tube through the center, which I did. When this was secured, one of them gave it a few good pumps until it had filled my mouth and had my cheeks bulging. I then became the center of discussion about what they would do to me and when. They were allowed to let their thoughts run wild and the Mistress told them that they were not to damage me or my newly inserted rings. I have never felt so helpless in all my life. Here I was, hanging naked in front of strangers, pierced all over and them talking about the great fun they were going to have with me. They were saying that maybe they would let a horse have its way with me, or maybe a donkey or even a pig. Some of the ways they wanted to tie me also made me reel. They wanted to hang me by my tits, my thumbs, even hanging by my hands, bound behind my back and suspended from a tree!

Before long a consensus was reached and they then were allowed to start on my bondage, humiliation and punishment. What happened next was the fitting of a very heavy discipline helmet, which was laced onto me and tightened a few times over with all the strength a man can muster. Luckily it had some nose holes and little tubes to breathe through, as I was sure the gag in my mouth would be inflated till I could hardly breather through that. Next a heavy collar was locked over the hood. While this was happening, I was told to spread my legs as far apart as I could. I felt the padlock being taken off my pussy rings. I tried to console my self with the Mistress’s words that my rings were to be left alone and that they wouldn’t do anything with the very tender flesh just yet. I was almost right. I felt a hand on each ankle and they pulled me into a very wide spread and attached a bar between my ankles. This was roped into place by people who were obviously experts with ropes. So, here I am, suspended by my roped wrists, spread wide and locked into a discipline helmet. Next I felt hands around my pussy and anus, then I felt the intrusion into my ass of a plug. It was some consolation that it was much smaller than other ones they had used and didn’t feel metallic so I felt that at least it wasn’t another conductivity lesson. Then I felt hands gently pulling my pussy lips apart by the rings and felt an intrusion into my pussy. This one felt like a tube and it went, oh shit, they are putting something up into my bladder!! A plug followed the tube and once again it didn’t feel that big. As this was happening, I felt a corset being laced onto my waist. This was no ordinary corset and I could tell it would be very unpleasant by the way they positioned it and then one held me while the other laced it up until I could hardly breathe. Then they went over the laces again until it was painful and made me take shallow breaths. Then a belt was placed from front to back, forming a chastity belt which held the plugs inside of me.

Satisfied with their progress so far, they then progressed to the next stage of my punishment. This was when they inflated the plugs in my pussy and anus, filling me and definitely stopping them from coming out. They attached the leash to the top of my helmet and stretched it to the rafters as well, keeping my head immobilized for what was to happen next. A tube was passed down the center of my inflatable mouth gag. It went down the back of my throat and caused me to gag as it did so. It also further restricted my breathing, causing me to remain calm or I would require too much air for the small tube and little nose tubes. Next I felt a breast press being fitted. This attached to my collar in front, and was strapped tightly onto me before they all took turns at giving the screws a few turns until my breasts were painfully crushed in the vice like grip of the press. Then I heard the Mistress say, ‘you can have a good feel of her now, but don’t you dare hurt her nipples and such because I want her in good condition for years to come’. Then I felt the hands all over me, squeezing my breasts, my legs, ass and anywhere else they could grab some flesh. It disgusted me, but before long, my nerves were doing their thing and I was becoming aroused. Not mentally, but certainly physically. I didn’t know what to think. Here I was hanging in my spreadeagled prison, horny as hell, but wondering if the bad part was coming next. I was soon to find out that as well.

I felt something starting to fill my pussy and ass and realised they were further inflating my plugs. The same happened in my mouth, causing me to become very scared. Then, something warm was filling my ass, and my pussy, but going right up inside of me and causing me some deal of pain as the pressure built. The corset was becoming unbearable as from front and back, I was being filled with liters of something warm. I heard a voice say something out very loud, he told everyone this was the part they were waiting for, the big surprise was coming next and maybe they would have to do it again without the hood to see the look in my eyes. I felt my some of my air get cutoff as something filled the tube I was breathing through. A thick liquid was being squirted down the tube into the back of my mouth, as this happened, I heard one of them say, ‘enjoy it, it is prime quality sperm from one of our bulls’. They all laughed at this and then I almost choked. I was trying to scream, but my mouth was blocked, thick gooey stuff was being forced down my neck, my nose holes were not supplying enough air, then they forced more liquid into my pussy and anus. Suddenly the thick bull sperm was being washed down with something else, much more like water but with my rapidly filling bowels and bladder, it was now filling my stomach as well. Just as I thought I could take no more, they clamped off my nose tubes, then a number of them whipped me with various whips, crops and such, all over my back, legs, inner thighs and armpits. Seconds before I would have passed out, I was allowed to breathe again.

I was left to hang there for a while longer, with instructions that I was not allowed to die, and that in 30 minutes they could let me down, take me outside and let the fluids out of me. After this was all done, I was hosed down, the hood taken from my head, and the gag taken from my mouth. My hands, still roped together in front of me, were roped behind my head at the neck, with the rope attached to a ring at the back of the corset, which was still gripping me like a vice. I didn’t say a word to anyone when they led me back to my cell and put me down for the night.

Chapter 19

The next day, I was told I would be allowed to rest, which was good, and gave me time to think. After all that I had been through, I didn’t know if I would have the resolve to ever make it through this alive, as my mouth kept getting me in strife. The recent humiliations had just about broken me. I was sure if this kept up, I would be no good to anyone. In fact, I don’t know how I hadn’t had a total breakdown already. As it does at times like these, my day of rest was over all too soon, and the following day, I was told I would learn that this life could be enjoyable – if I could learn to do as I am told. So I slept that night, wondering what could be good about being tied up and tortured, pierced and humiliated in front of strangers. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, let alone anyone else, but when I was being whipped, choked and filled from three directions with liquids, my body had an intense orgasm. Deep down inside I hated it, but at the same time, these orgasms were the most intense, prolonged and draining I had ever had. But how could this be so? I couldn’t really be liking it, could I? With these thoughts in my head, I went to sleep and tried to think of my life as it had been, barely a week ago. Strangely, it seemed to be someone else’s life, not mine.

When my rest was over, I had to go through the new morning routine. This completed, I was once again fitted with the restraining harness which locked around my waist, with the bar up my back and my arms locked to it palm to palm. Once I was immobilized from the waist up, I was fitted with the hobble chain on my ankles. This done, they decided to test my nipple rings. I found out how easy it is to control a girl when you clip a chain to her nipple rings, and give it a pull. I followed as close as I could. I was taken to the doctors’ rooms where I was to be fitted with some additional pony tack. This specifically was my tail. To call this incredible monstrosity a tail, is a gross understatement. It was described to me as one of their crowning achievements, a device which would make me look truly magnificent, yet totally under the control of my handlers, all through this wonderful adornment. Before it was fitted to me, or should I say, inside of me, I was told to stand where they wanted me. This turned out to be with my legs spread and with a spreader bar fitted. This required the hobble chain to be removed. Once done, I was secured for immobility with ease. A chain was lowered from above and attached to my nipple and nose restraints, once the slack was taken up, I was not moving anywhere.

My mistresses ensured it would not be easy to remain still. They did this simply by showing me a vibrator, which they went to work with on my pussy. First of all from the outside, then slowly in and out of me and concentrating on my clit. This of course produced the desired results, and soon I was craving release from the orgasm building from within. Every time they would withdraw the object of my pleasure, I would try to stay positioned so the pleasure would continue, but the pull on my nipples and nose ensured they had me right where they wanted me. While this was going on, I was shown the tail I was soon to be wearing. It was shaped like a fishing hook with a very large penis shaped dildo attached. I was told it would fit up my anus, and would slide up the inside of my back restraints. I felt the doctor behind me and felt something at the entry to my anus. Seconds later, with the vibrator once again working on my clit, and an orgasm approaching, the doctor inserted my tail. I felt a brief amount of pain as the plug on the end of the hook shaped tail entered my rear. Just as I was about to come, the vibrator was removed and the rest of the tail was rammed home. This time I screamed as the rest of the massive plug entered me and I was filled with seven inches of broad, thick butt plug. At this very moment of pain and pleasure, my orgasm overcame me and I almost collapsed as my knees went weak the pull on my nipples and nose increased and I tried to stand still.

The restraints holding me still were then removed and I was to be led outside to experience some more pony training. With the tail inserted, I was so filled that I couldn’t keep my legs together to walk. When we arrived at the barn, the rest of my tack was fitted. This consisted of the pony hoof shoes, the head and neck brace which held my head and neck in any position they chose, this time bolt upright, plus a bit gag, to control which way they wanted me to move. All in all, I was well and truly controlled and you would think that they would leave it at that, but, as usual, there was more to come. They wanted something for my breasts. I ended up in the horrible cone shaped three ringed breast shaper, which progressively narrowed until my breasts were truly standing out with my nipples ready for torment. My predicament was this; I was locked into my steel upper body harness, which locked onto me at the waist and neck. It locked my arms close to my back at the elbows and wrists. My neck and head extension locked my head still. My breasts were forced into a painful cone shape, my nipples protruded and were soon to be adorned with little bells which locked to my nipple rings. A horrible bit gag had me drooling over my chin and chest. A tail with a horribly thick, long butt plug filled my rear. I was almost ready for pony training.

They told me to stand still and spread my legs, what choice did I have. As their crowning glory (and mine later), they filled my pussy with an inflatable plug, which they inflated till I felt I would faint. They then felt I was ready to be attached to my rickshaw like buggy and continue my pony training. The buggy attached by the poles to my waist cinching steel harness. Just to ensure I knew how helpless I was, they further reduced the diameter of my harness until it was a painful 17 inches, making breathing an exercise in itself. The poles from the buggy were attached to my belt in some secure way that I couldn’t see because of my neck brace. I felt one of the mistresses climb aboard the buggy, it was Mistress Pain, because Mistress Suffering came around to the front of me and with an evil smile, attached a weight to the protruding part of my inflatable pussy plug. This had the effect of pulling the pussy-filling plug towards the opening of my pussy. I was told that in the event I came back from my training session without the plug, I would be punished severely. Great, now they had another chance to punish me if for some reason I stuff up. Then they hooked the reigns onto my bit gag and I was ready, or was I? Just when I thought I was finally prepared, there was one more thing. I felt something being done at my rear. Another reign was being hooked to me. It was attached to my Butt Plug come tail. I was then given my instructions. I felt a tug on the reign at my left, although my head was immobilized, I knew it meant left. I heard Mistress Pain go through my instructions, she said, ‘that means left, this is right’. As I heard, ‘this means stop!’, I screamed into my bit gag, because the butt plug tail had been reefed on from behind and had jammed another couple of inches up my rear. I heard them laugh and say, ‘just so you know what it means, here it is again’. Again I felt the pain and this time I tried to relax a bit. It didn’t matter because the plug must have been about an inch wider at the base, because I felt it filling me until the pressure hurt the inflatable pussy plug, trying to push it back inside me as I was filled front and rear. I whimpered and tears filled my eyes, they laughed and said, ‘you are only beginning your journey my dear, there is much more good things for you to learn yet’. They were right. It felt like someone sliced my right ass cheek open with a knife. It was a nasty whip, which I presumed, meant I was to go. They said, ‘that’s right, that means go, and the next time you feel it, off you will go’. I felt it again in my left cheek, and we were off.

First up I was to walk slowly and gracefully, which is incredibly difficult when you are in my predicament. Picture it if you could. I am locked bolt upright in a steel harness clamping my arms to my back, locked at my neck and waist, with a head and neck brace holding my head still. A three-ringed cone shaped harness is locked around my chest, capturing my breasts cruelly, with weighted bells on my nipples. The humiliating thing about it all, was that obscene butt plug tail and the pumped up pussy plug, which was weighted and had to be held in by my muscles, or I was in for some serious pain and suffering. As I walked, this became increasingly difficult. Trying to hold it in, meant I had to clamp my pussy muscles around it. This also effected the butt plug and tail. Before long, I was feeling the effect of these twin intruders as they put pressure on areas which have an effect on women. I was starting to become extremely aroused, which made it even more difficult to concentrate on what I was doing. A few sharp cracks of the whip had me concentrating once again. I was now supposed to move quicker. This made the weights on my nipples bounce around, causing some real discomfort in this region. The rings made my nipples sensitive, and all in all, I was one messed up girl at the moment. By now we had gone about half a mile, following a circuit around the farm. The quicker I went, the more everything jiggled, the more the plugs filling me stimulated, hurt me, and made my juices run. This made it all the harder to keep the pumped up and weighted plug in my vagina. With my arms welded to my back, elbows together, I found I was vulnerable in other areas. Mistress pain cracked the whip and it snaked around my chest to explode on my right breast. I yelped into the bit gag and almost stumbled. Again I felt the whip, this time down lower as it snaked around my waist to bite me on the lower abdomen. Then again on the other side. The final straw was a stinging bite on my bum, followed by a yank on the tail reign, which reefed the butt plug up into me, signaling me to stop. The recent assault had me all messed up and as I did my best to stop, I forgot about holding the vaginal plug in place. With all the muscles being used to stop, the plug somehow managed to work its way right to the very point of falling to the ground. I only just managed to hold it in. I feared the punishment I would receive if I lost it. Somehow, it was just still inside me, part in, part out. Mistress Pain must have planned it all and have done it all before because I heard her say, ‘lost something have we? I kind of whined an answer to which I heard her say, ‘very good, now you only have to make it back without loosing it, or else you will suffer greatly’. Once more I whined, then squealed as I felt the sting of the whip on my flank once more.

I don’t know how I made it as far as I did, but when the barn was in sight, and all were awaiting my return, once more I felt the sting of the whip, urging me on quicker than before, to the point where I was almost falling over. I was only just managing to keep a grip on the weighted pussy plug, which had another effect and I was nearing orgasm from the twin plugs and action of them on my entire private regions. Even when I felt the inevitable yank on my tail plug, which hurt like hell and almost made me loose my grip on the pussy plug, I still kept it in. As we stopped in front of the onlookers, I felt the whip snake out and curl around my right ankle. This was yanked upon and all of a sudden I was standing on one leg, then, as the leg went backwards and my legs came apart, it became difficult to contain the plug in my pussy. The final straw was when Mistress Pain yanked upon the tail reign, causing me to scream. The pain caused my muscles to relax and the weighted, inflated pussy plug came free and fell on the ground, just as my orgasm overcame me and my remaining leg collapsed under me and I went to the ground. When they picked me up, I was whimpering and pleading that I nearly managed to complete their instructions and that I was sorry for failing them. Not that I was making much sense, gagged with the bit gag as I was, but I think they understood. Once again I could not understand how I could be so aroused from the horrible things they were doing to me, it didn’t make any sense, yet once again I had an amazing orgasm. I was brought back to reality when I heard then say that they would have to be creative in their punishment of me for loosing the plug, as I was soon to be packed up for shipment to my new owner. Hearing this, I cried out and tried to beg for a reprieve, saying it was unfair to treat me this way. It didn’t matter at all, as I was soon released from the buggy and herded off to receive my punishment.

Chapter 20

The steel breast shaping cones, bells and weights were removed, as was the cruel pony tail, but everything else was left in place. Still wearing my pony hoof shoes, I had a hobble chain attached and then they re-arranged my head restraint so my head was tilted back till I was looking up at the sky. The leash was hooked to my nipple rings and I was led away for a quick hosing down. After this, I was led away to suffer my punishments. I did not have to wait long to find out what was in store for me. We entered a room which was of fair size. I knew this because of the mirrors on the ceiling, which gave me a reflected view of my punishment arena. I was led to a stage in the center of the room. I was told to wait here. Soon I heard the voices of others entering the room, men and women alike. I knew I was the main attraction for the evening and this made me very nervous. I was told to get to my knees, which I managed to do without falling over in my pony hoof shoes. I was then lowered to the floor to be on my stomach and breasts. With my back brace on, this was quite a strict position and it hurt me to lie like this. I felt my pony hoof shoes being removed, then my hobble chain as well. My feet were soon encased in very stiff, form fitting ballet shoes with an impossible heel. As they were laced onto me, my feet arched inside of them till I thought I would faint from the cramps forming in my arches. The lacing continued up the boots to where they stopped at the top of my calves, just below the knee. Small padlocks held them closed at several buckles along the way. A spreader bar of about two feet length was then fitted to my ankles. Once again, it must have been made for me because it fitted around my legs, with no slack at all and in fact was quite tight.

I can’t tell you how glad I was when I felt my arms being released from their position welded to my back brace elbows together. I was soon to be bound again, but at least this new position was nowhere near as strict. They fitted a cross brace to the brace running up my spine. It fitted into my brace at shoulder height and was designed to hold my arms straight out from my sides, so I was held in a t-shaped cross. My arms were then locked into the brace at the wrists, elbows and upper arms. When they stood me up, I was spread a couple of feet by the spreader bar, but the top of my body was held in a t-shape with my arms straight out from my shoulders and secured with only my hands able to move. Immediately I felt the strain in my ankles and feet from the ballet boots, but it had the effect of making me stand totally erect. Then I had my bit gag removed and was given a drink of water before having a ring gag worked into my mouth. I say worked into, because that is what it took to get it fitted. When it was tightened, I made sure they knew how much it hurt, because I screamed as much as I could and almost collapsed from the agony it caused in my jaws. I was told to relax, and it would get better, but it pained with an ache which I could not stop. They said it would be better once a bit of the pressure was off. I was soon to discover this was kind of true, but the releases of pressure in one area, brought pressure in another. They achieved this result by splicing some leather strips (which had been soaked in water), into my hair, then loosening off my head restraint and pulling my head back by the hair. They then tied the leather strips off to my back brace at the waist, then re-tightened my neck brace into this position. This had the effect of reducing the load on my jaw muscles, but replaced it with a great strain in my neck. When I came back to reality, I heard the crowd getting restless. By the sounds of them, there must have been thirty or forty people there now. I was told that my punishment was about to begin, and simply moaned into my gag.

The next stage of my punishment was to be endured in immobility and silence. With my head pulled right back, I couldn’t see, but could feel my breasts being wrapped tightly from the base on them outwards, in the same damp, clammy leather strips which held my head immobile. They didn’t miss a trick and soon I was in considerable discomfort as the winding of my breasts continued. I then felt more of this leather being tied tightly from my waist cincher in front, then being cruelly passed under my crotch, right through my pussy lips, on either side of my clit. Once fed through the cincher in back, it was once again fed through my legs, this time on either side of my pussy lips, then tied off at the front again. By this time, the wrapping of my breasts was complete. I then felt them tying some long thin strips to my nipple rings, and to cap this off, I had an inflatable gag inserted into my mouth through the ring gag. Once this was buckled on, I was silenced for sure. The crowd was called to order to watch me suffer my fate. A chain was attached to my back brace at shoulder height, and the slack taken up just enough so I couldn’t fall over. The leather strips hanging from my nipple rings was then tied down to my waist cincher, pulling on my nipples till my breasts were slightly stretched. A couple more pumps on the inflatable gag, then the crowd gathered around, and I was left to suffer my fate.

I didn’t have long to wait to discover that this was going to be an interactive punishment session. I heard the Mistresses telling people they were free to fondle me for the next fifteen minutes until the natural effects of the leather started to work. Coming from a life which saw me spend some time on a farm, I knew that wet leather would shrink as it dried, but I was yet to experience the dramatic results this provided when it was tied around various sensitive parts of the body. Within moments, I felt hands on various parts of my body, inspecting the custom made steel restraints, the boots and the tightly tied wet leather. Soon after, the stimulation of all this attention had my body betraying me again, as I heated up all over. This had the effect of drying the leather and as it shrank, I felt the first effects of its ever tightening embrace. Firstly in the length tying my head back. The pull slowly increased, causing my head to be pulled even further back. The windings around my breasts started to shrink, causing a burning sensation which caused me to cry into the gag. As my breasts were further compressed and squashed, they pushed out even further, then the wicked knots holding them down to my waist cincher started to shorten as well. I was now being stretched backwards from the neck, and downwards by the nipples. This paled into insignificance with what was happening to my pussy when the wet leather shrank and started to cut into me with a viciousness I could not imagine. My pussy lips were crushed together from the outside, whilst my clit was being crushed in a vice like grip by the leather shrinking there as well.

I heard Mistress Suffering say that they were now to gather around, to witness my plight. They were to remain silent so they could hear my pitiful whimpering and witness the tears stream from my eyes. Mistress Pain then said the punishment must be having an effect, because judging by my hands, which were waving frantically, I must be getting some of the desired results of my punishment. I was then instructed that I was going to be allowed to come, and must do so, but only after I had enjoyed the whipping of my body by my kind Mistresses and some of those present. If anything could have put me over the edge, hearing this was it. I waved frantically and made as much whimpering noises as possible to let them know this was too much. It didn’t make any difference. I was whipped.

First of all I had to endure a riding crop being used on the inside of my thighs, and the back of my legs. Every hit made me jerk a bit, making the ever increasing pull on my nipples almost unbearable. Next came a different whip like a cat-o-nine tails for my back. Then, a cruel whip with only one or two strands which was used on my breasts. This caused me to make much noise behind my gag, and had tears streaming down my cheeks. For the finale, I was in for a real treat. As the whipping continued, the lights were turned down and I saw a heap of flickering lights through my tear streaked eyes. I heard mistress Pain say, ‘You will come before the minute is out, or you will pay a very severe price for failure’. I then felt hands over my body, squeezing my ass, my thighs, playing with my captured clit, my boobs, then I felt pain all over. The guests had been given big candles with huge, thick wicks, which created a great volume of wax, which was emptied onto my body, just as my Mistress used the whip in an underarm action directly onto my tightly corded pussy. I screamed into my gag, both in agony and ecstasy, then I collapsed to be held up by the chain at my back. In a state of semi-consciousness, I felt the inflatable gag being removed, leaving my moans to be heard through the ring gag underneath. The next ten minutes or so were spent in the after effects of an orgasm, but still in the ever tightening grip of the shrinking leather. By the time I was fully aware of my predicament, my mistresses let the guests have a go at whipping me before the leather was cut from my body. This caused so much pain, that I passed out as the circulation returned to my tortured, contorted breasts.

Chapter 21

When I came to, I was still locked into my posture frame, but this time my body was hanging horizontally in mid-air. My legs were pointing to the floor and I felt them tying ropes around my legs, just above the knees. My legs were then pulled up underneath me, so my knees were coming up beside my breasts, my feet under my pussy. A rope, which was tied to the center of my spreader bar, was being pulled tightly through the front of my waist cincher. When they finished, my knees were up beside my breasts, and my feet were spread by the bar and were right up under my hips. To ensure I was immobile in my horizontal hanging prison, they pulled on the ropes above my knees and tied them off to the bar holding my arms out beside my shoulders. They tied this rope forward and up to the bar at the center of my back. I was now in a crunched up position in mid air, similar to as if I was on the ground with my legs underneath me, spread by the spreader bar. Being like this in mid air presented many interesting possibilities for someone wanting access to my pussy and ass, a fact of which I was becoming very aware. A fact to remember is my head was also bent backwards by the neck brace, leaving me with my mouth open and spread painfully by a massive ring gag, giving access to another unwilling part of me. As worrying as this was, I knew it was going to get worse when they brought out the cart with the electrical torment equipment on it. I winced in pain as the clips bit into my nipples, then were screwed shut to ensure they stayed in place. It was when the attachment was inserted into my ass, and fixed in place that I really moaned in fear and anticipation of the torment which was to come.

Mistress Pain leaned in close to me and told me I had a real treat coming, and that I should put on a good show for the guests. God knows, hadn’t they had enough already? Mistress Pain told me, ‘I would probably get to come again this session and that by the looks of the position I was in, so would lots of the guests as well’. While this was being told to me, I felt the crush of my breast press as it was fitted around my chest and progressively made tighter until my breasts bulged out each side of the 3 inch wide timber jaws of the vice. When they were satisfied it was tight enough, signaled by my prolonged howl of torment, they left me to hang in mid-air as they told me what was to happen to me.

I was told that I was to be used for pleasure by as many as wished to use me, for the rest of the night. I would be used in any way they wished, and at the same time, I was to give pleasure to all who desired, man and woman alike. As this was being told to me, I was approached from the front and told to close my eyes, which I did. I was told I was to be blindfolded with tape, which happened immediately, and was cruelly applied and wrapped around and around my head and the brace as they continued with there tale of the woe which was to come upon me. I would be used orally, in my pussy and if I was good, the electrical probe in my ass would be removed and I would be used anally as well. My hands were free because they would be used to give pleasure as well, and if I was failing to give adequate pleasure from any of these areas, the person who was being pleasured, would press a controller they were holding, and I would receive some electrical shocks to help me take more care of my duties. I was sure that even if I was doing my best, and a good job at that, many of those present would press the buzzer just for fun. I was in for a hell of a time.

My lesson was to start at once and in my current state of blind, immobile suspension, I felt a penis be placed in each hand. They were lubricated with something and I slowly took hold of each member as I felt them growing harder in my hands. A finger went into my pussy and I shrieked and momentarily let go of the penis in my left hand. A torrent of energy surged through my breasts and ass as the first of many shocks sent a scream of pain left my lips. Moments later I desperately waved my hands around in search of the missing penis and was rewarded with the electricity stopping its torment of my body. I did my best with the restricted movement in my hands to stroke each penis so that each owner would reach climax and I may escape more shocks. For a little while I was doing OK, then the finger at my rear was replaced with a massive penis, which filled my rapidly moisturizing pussy to the limit. It was when he started pumping in and out of me that I must have thought a bit too much about my own pleasure and forgotten about the members in my hands. It took but milliseconds for the pain to explode once again in my nipples and ass. I let out a scream and reached once more to attend to the rods in each hand. Just in the middle of my tormented scream, a penis filled my mouth and immediately started pumping in and out of my only free hole left. This left me short of breath and once again as my concentration lapsed, I felt the shocks from the electricity send me into spasms within my suspended prison. I felt my tortured breasts being fondled gently, then squeezed with concerted effort in an attempt to make me forget my duties to the four penises I was to service. I felt the one in my pussy explode into orgasm as he drove home a few strong final pumps, not long afterwards, the one in my left hand disappeared to replace the one in my pussy. Another immediately replaced it in my hand.

Not long afterwards, the one in my mouth hit the buzzer and my world became electrified again, as he said, ‘more tongue bitch, give it a good licking you slut’. I would like to have seen how well he could have done, pulling two guys to orgasm with limited movement, being fucked doggy style whilst doubled over in mid air, plus having someone pumping your mouth with your jaws pried open with a massive ring gag. Sure, ‘do it better bitch my ass’, who was he kidding. Which was exactly where I felt the next bite of the electricity as once again I was given a taste of the spark. By the time a few more had had their fun with me, including many unnecessary shocks of the spark, I felt a plastic penis being strapped into my ring gag. I was soon to realize it was the same, except bigger on the outside as I soon heard a woman’s voice saying, ‘that’s right honey, I’m going to love this’. Then to continue saying, ‘I normally like the girl to do her bit in this game, you had better move it for me or else you’re going to get a lot of shocks for poor servicing’. Was she kidding, I couldn’t move my head at all, how was I supposed to give her any pleasure except by being the holder of a plastic penis she was going to fuck! I didn’t matter in the end, for this cruel bitch just wanted to hurt me, and hurt me she did. I can just see her in my minds eye, bent over in front of me, her pussy impaled on the prick protruding from my mouth, looking back through her spread legs at me, hanging there in mid air, then pressing the buzzer and feeling the blocked off screams as they vibrated the penis she was impaled on. How I wished I knew who she was, so if I ever saw her again I could kill her. The penis in my right hand disappeared to be replaced by a pussy, which was wet and ready for play. I tried my best, but with all my movement restricted as it was, I soon felt the bite of the electricity once more. Up to this point, every time I was about to orgasm myself, the pure hell of the electricity stopped me short. I knew though, that very soon it would do the opposite and as painfully shocking as it was, it would strike at the moment when I would convulse into a prolonged ecstasy from which there may be no return. That happened soon. I felt the dildo being removed from my mouth, to be replaced by a penis which filled my mouth just perfectly, I then felt the electric probe being removed from my ass. When that was free, I felt a mans hands grab me at the waist cincher, and I felt a gigantic penis fill my pussy, at the same time as another filled my ass! He must have been wearing a belt with the penis attached for they both moved in unison. They pussy at my hand was replaced by another and so I was filled front and back, as well as having my hands filled. It didn’t take long for me to realize I would be coming very soon. Just as it happened, my breasts were whipped from the sides, the electricity was turned on, and my throat was filled with cum, my pussy was pumped full as I came myself in a torrent. Pleasure and pain, the effect of it all was like a narcotic. When they withdrew from me, I was leaking front and rear, and could only moan as the tears streamed down from under my taped closed eyes.

When they let me down and freed me totally from my bonds, I just lay there on the floor and sobbed quietly where I was first put. I could not move to save myself, and stayed there until they gathered me up to be cleaned up and put to rest for the night. I was put to rest on a bed, chained only at the neck. I could not believe how soundly I slept, considering what I had been through in the past day.

The next day went well as it was a day of rest. At lunch time, Mistress Pain came to me and told me it had been really fun so far, but tonight I was going to be leaving them, as I had been bought by someone who wanted me as soon as possible. This had a twofold effect on me. I was terrified of all the pain they could inflict on me here, but to go elsewhere, would it be worse, and if so, how would I handle it? Besides, as crazy as it seemed, I was starting to accept my place here and was becoming familiar with my ownership by Mistress’ Pain and Suffering. I cried to her that I didn’t want to go. She said, ‘relax pet, I am sure your next owner will enjoy using you as much as I have’. I asked Mistress if she knew who my buyer was, to which she replied, ‘yes, but that doesn’t concern you my pet’. Then she said, ‘the only thing that concerns you now, is surviving the trip to your new owners, then doing exactly as they wish, so as you avoid their displeasure’. With that she was off, leaving me to worry about, ‘surviving the trip to my new owners, and not to displease them’.

Chapter 22

I did not have long to wait as the afternoon went quite quickly. When they came for me, I cried out that I didn’t want to go. They told me to stay quiet, or else they would make me pay for it during the trip. I was taken away to the doctors’ rooms to be prepared for my trip to my new owners. I was led quite easily, once my arms were cuffed behind my back and a leash attached to my nose ring, I was theirs to command. I was told that everything was to be for the long term good and that I should do as I was told or it would be much worse. My ordeal started with a trip to the bathroom which included an enema to clean me out, followed by a good scrubbing down. Then it was out to the barn area where I was to be prepared for the first stage of my journey.

There was no mucking around this time, it was simply get me fixed up and shipped out. I was told to stand still while they tied me so I could be packed in the way they desired. I was roped at the ankles, knees, above and below.. plus my arms at the wrists, above and below the elbows. I was wondering what horrible form of disguise they would have figured out for my trip, when it was shown to me. A great hollow log was wheeled in on a trolley, the hole in the middle of it around about the size needed to slide me up inside and make me invisible. While my attention was focussed on this, a discipline helmet was pulled over my head, one with a breathing tube and was laced tightly onto my head. If this wasn’t bad enough, two of them made sure I would not forget about being female. They wound a rope around my waist, one on each end, and then played their game of see how tightly we can wind the rope around the slave. By the time they were finished, the narrowest part was less than 16 inches and I was really in some distress. It was after this treatment, when I felt the rope being passed through my legs to do me a crotch rope, that I shook my head and struggled. I felt hands on my neck and then I was struggling for breath, when one of them yelled at me to stay still or things would get much worse. As hard as it was, I stopped struggling and awaited my fate with dread, fearing just how badly they would hurt me.

By this time, the hood was nearly laced up completely, and a wide collar was being buckled tightly onto me, immobilizing my neck and limiting any head movement. I felt my pussy lips being held open as the crotch rope was placed either side of my clit, then they took up the slack. From the back of me they worked the rope until it felt like it was cutting me in two. Once it was tied to the back of my waist rope, they decided they could do a little extra to make me very uncomfortable. My breasts were next to feel the bite of twine. ‘Thin and tight, just the way I like’, I heard one of them say. And so it was. They wound the rope around my captured breasts, until I was moaning loudly through the breathing tube. To make things worse, once each of my size D’s was encircled to their satisfaction, they then used a heavier twine to rope them closer together. This made me try to escape the pain by falling to the ground. Something they easily remedied by hooking a chain to my heavy collar and raising it till I was standing tall. By the time they had my breasts fixed up, I must have looked a real treat. All they had to do then, was to lash my arms to my body. This they did in a manner which is painful at first, torture for the duration after that. Tightly above and below my tormented breasts, plus at the waist and then from the cinched rope at my wrists, down through my legs to the rope around my waist. I thought that was all, but the best, or worst, was yet to come.

I was let down from the chain about my neck, and then manhandled by all and picked up until I was horizontal in their arms. I was slid on my back and arms, inside the hollow log, which had been smoothed out somewhat inside, until I must have been in the center of the 8 foot log. I felt them tying my roped ankles to something inside the log. Next I felt them tying my big toes together and cinching them. In this position, my arms were very sore and my weight was on them and my elbows. What happened next was tantamount to torture. I felt hands on my tightly wound breasts, then I felt thin twine being tied to my nipple rings. This was drawn up each side of my head, and then hands each side of my head pulled me taught. The twine from my nipple rings was then tied to something beyond my head. Any effort to relieve the tight stretch I was in would now result in my nipples taking the strain. The last tie was the cruelest. My cinched toes were tied to something in the log, pulling my toes down towards the bottom of the log, making me arch my feet till they cramped. I tried to bend my knees to relieve the pain, which immediately resulted in immense pain in my nipples, which were roped in the opposite direction. Any movement now would result in terrific pain and maybe even my nipple rings being pulled from my nipples. The ends of the hollowed out log were then fixed in place, and I was loaded onto a logging truck for the trip to my next stop over. The worst thing then happened to me, when loading me onto the truck, the log rolled and ended up upside down from the way it was before. I don’t know if it was on purpose or not, but my entire weight was on my bound and tied breasts and nipples. I experienced a searing pain in my tortured breasts, and this was to continue for the whole trip. Every bump felt like a searing fire to my breasts and nipples. I cried and screamed to myself for the entire journey, with no idea when it would end.

When I arrived at the next transfer point, I was unloaded from the truck, then taken to another barn where I was to be prepared for the next leg of my journey. When finally extracted from the log, I was almost unconscious from the pain of the trip. They laid me on a table and proceeded to untie me from my painful position. The burning sensation produced when the bindings were removed brought me to tears. If this was to be my new life, I didn’t want any part of it and thought of ways to do myself in, just to escape from this living hell. When all of my bonds were removed, including the posture collar, they cuffed my hands together behind me, leaving me in only the handcuffs and hood. They tried to get me to stand up, I could not do so without their support. I was then helped to another place and led to the center of the room where my hood was finally removed. I had my face wiped and cleaned, something I was glad for but was too drained to even say thank you for. I was then provided with my attire for the trip. It consisted of tight fitting rubber clothing that covered me from neck to ankle, and included gloves as well. After a good powdering, I was helped into my suit. It was made to measure and was dull black in color. Next up was the serious stage.

The doctor went to work by inserting inflatable plugs into my pussy and ass. I was given a drink of some thick liquid, washed down with water, which would quench my thirst, give me sustenance to last, and would also stop me from going to the toilet during my trip. When they inflated the plugs, I was sure nothing would have escaped from either orifice. Next came a very strict corset, which when finally laced into place, had me plunging in at the waist, and then flaring to my hips. Although I was able to breathe, it was not without some difficulty. I was then fitted into the first of my immobilizing equipment, starting with an immobilizing back and neck brace made of hard plastic. It fitted perfectly and fitted the shape of the corset and extended up my neck. By the time this was done, I was standing there with my posture erect, cinched to the 17 inches of the corset. They then attacked me with rolls of heavy black cloth tape, winding it around me at the waist, above and below the breasts, and at the neck. It was time for my arms, instead of being locked behind me, they were taped with heavy tape at wrist, elbow and upper arm to form fitting, molded hard plastic braces which had me positioned with my hands on my hips, elbows out wide in a models pose. This position had me puzzled, as it was not strenuous, as was usual. . Next up for the treatment were my legs, which were positioned where they wanted them by form fitting hard plastic moldings. These, like the others, once again must have been made to fit from my previous measurements, because they were slim, strong, and fitted perfectly. When they were happy with the position of my legs, they used black cloth masking tape to secure me in this position. I did end up striking a pose like a model. It was now when they told me the reason for this method of fixing me. I was to be fixed up like a mannequin, then transported to my new owner.

Things moved quickly from this point on. The zips at my breasts were undone, and the familiar electrodes stuck onto my nipples. I was told if I was good, they wouldn’t need to be used, but if I made any wrong moves, I would feel them with great severity and longevity. I stayed still while they fixed them onto me and fed the wiring up to my neck and left some over my shoulders to hang there. The zips were done up and I was ready for the exiting part. This entailed the further inflating of the already enormous plugs in my pussy and ass, then the pumps were removed and the evidence disappeared. I was then zipped up tight, and the real work began. From neck to ankle I was wrapped in fiberglass and then the resign was painted onto the fiberglass, which immediately became very hot and uncomfortable as it started to go off and get hard. The smell was terrible and the fumes sent me high. A second layer was later added and I was well and truly fixed up like a mannequin. A mouthpiece was given to me to bite down onto. It contained two breathing tubes. Nose tubes were fitted as well. All the tubes were gathered up to the top of my head. As a parting gesture, both my Mistresses kissed me on the lips and wished me well. With that said, they told me not to panic as they had done this many times before, and then everything went dark. Which is what happens when a discipline hood is fitted over one’s head. The only difference this time was that all my hair was carefully fitted inside my hood. The breathing tubes and the wires to the electrodes were poked out of the top of the hood and it was then tightened and tightened until it was one with me. Then this too, was fiberglassed as well, all the way down over my neck and shoulders, securing my head in the position they chose. It was during this that I would have fallen over if they hadn’t roped me upright by my elbows. By now I was beginning to panic, as never had I been so helpless in the event of something going wrong. What if I couldn’t breathe, or had some other problem from which I needed rescuing. What if there was an accident in transit, who is going to rescue a mannequin? While I was busy worrying about all this, I was spray painted in skin tones and left to dry.

When they were happy with the way everything had set, they picked me up in my fiberglass bondage, and laid me on a tabletop so they could put some shoes on me. This was cruel, as they chose a pair of ballet boots, which fitted my feet and up to just below my knees. These were very uncomfortable and I feel I did well not to complain, not that anyone could have heard. Next they started on my makeup and details, like fingernails and the like. Face, eyes and the rest were completed before they stood me back up, and put some clothes and glued a wig on me. I was ready for transport. Just before they packed me off, they decided to see if I was truly immobilized. They did this by plugging the electrodes in, getting very close to my breathing tubes, then giving me a good amount of voltage. My entire body spasmed and a very slight sound escaped my tubes from under the wig. They were happy with their work.

Not knowing how long I was to be kept like this was bad enough, but to be immobilized and be filled with the inflatable plugs made things almost unbearable. The crushing of the corset made it difficult to breathe, not to mention being encased in a rock hard fiberglass helmet over my head and neck, breathing shallow through tubes from under my wig. I felt myself being picked up and moved, to where I didn’t know. Time had no meaning except for an endurance test of my suffering. Soon I was mobile in a vehicle. Sometime later, we stopped and I was unloaded. By now, the heat had started to build up inside my fiberglass prison, making me even more uncomfortable and I hoped I would be free soon. Even thought I was totally cut off from what was happening outside of my prison, I still had some ability to comprehend what was being done to me. I felt my world tilt and start to move as I was loaded onto some kind of trolley. I heard voices outside of me, but not enough to understand what they were saying. It wasn’t until some time later when I realized I had been placed into a position they were happy with. When I heard the noise of the jet engines, that was when I really became scared. How long would I be left like this! Where was I going to end up, who was going to own me from here on? I was sure to find out all these things soon enough. How wrong I was in thinking this..

Chapter 23

Just making it through the hours or days while I was entombed in the solid prison encasing me, was almost enough to send me out of my mind. All kinds of thoughts of what was going to happen to me were running through my mind. I had visions of horrors exceeding all the things which had been inflicted on my body over the recent weeks. I had visions of more piercings in my body, of whippings and other horrors. Of being suspended by my beautiful breasts. Being gang raped by men, being used in so many horrific ways. The mean ropes, chains and contraptions I was fixed up and into, the positions I had been in, and could be made to fold into in the future. The hoods, electrodes and dildos' they could use on me. Before long I was getting turned on. This really bothered me for two reasons. The first that being I could do nothing about it, the second in that it was weird that I was getting turned on. All these things that were so foreign to me, unimaginable to me, were being done to me without any control over it at all. It was difficult enough to breathe in this fiberglass shell and corset, but it became worse when I got turned on. Time became torment. Immobility became hell. My insides were packed with inflatable plugs which made me extremely uncomfortable in the least, frustrated and in torment at the worst. If only they would vibrate, allow me an orgasm. I screamed into my hood, yelled to keep sane. Did anything to try to get noticed. Then we were touching down, and all my fears became very real to me. Would I be raped, whipped, branded, broken by my new owner? Who knows, not me.

Some time later I was unloaded and put onto another trolley or cart, and taken to another place. I was here for a very long time, how long I cannot say, but it must have been hours, or even a day. The next time I was moved, I knew I was with my new owners, because they tested the nipple electrodes to see how alert I was, and were rewarded with my screams of pain only just escaping the breathing tubes. Satisfied with my alertness, they packed me up and loaded me into the vehicle for the next leg of my journey. Arriving at another stop, they removing the fiberglass cast from my body. It was such a relief to be free from this hell, you have no idea how terrifying it was, how hot it was. The ballet boots, the corset, the rubber, the electrodes and everything was removed until all that remained was my hood. My arms were then tied behind me, palm to palm, at the wrist and elbow. Even this seemed kind compared to the immobility of the cast. I was then taken to a room to have my bowels freed up and rinsed clean from the trip. This took some time and when satisfied, I was cleaned up and returned to another room. Before they removed my hood, I was warned to stay absolutely silent, and that any requests or questions would be rewarded with instant and serious punishment. As the hood came off, the light blinded me and was painful to look at. My captors wore balaclavas so I couldn’t see what they looked like. I was given some water and then prepared for the next leg of my journey. Only one of them spoke, the others were silent and it was this man who told me to drink, as I would need it.

After being standing erect for the last day or two, the elbows together hogtie was cruel, strict and made worse by the way they tied my feet to my elbows, forcing me into a most painful position. I was ball gagged with a harness gag, and had my eyes covered with some black painted swimming goggles. I was loaded into some kind of box, tied down in it with straps over my legs, arms and back. The lid was closed and I was once again hidden away from prying eyes. Once again I was mobile and immobile at the same time, if you know what I mean. I was delivered to some new people some hours later, once again on some sort of a farm, in a barn. It was here where I was to experience my most inescapable bondage yet. Enough that besides being a most strenuous of positions, I was to be fixed in this position with no possible means of ever escaping. I was free of bonds except for the gag and goggles which I was warned not to touch. When I could walk properly, I was led to some sort of table. I then had the goggles removed so I could see what wonderful form of restraint they would put me in next. I didn’t like what I saw. Lying on top of a table was a chromed steel frame, shaped like an H. Immediately I knew that somehow I was going to become one with that frame, and didn’t like the possible outcome of the position it would leave me in. How wrong I was, I would hate it!

They lifted me up and laid me on the frame. The position I was in would have my arms out from my shoulders, and somehow they were intending to make my legs do likewise in a most horrible form of the splits. Once they had me positioned, they went to work on fixing me there. This was to be done with heavy cloth sticky tape. As they fixed me there, I thought to myself, ‘they aren’t wrapping it very tightly’. This meant that there was going to be more to come later, and that worried me. Starting with my arms, they taped me to the frame at the wrists, leaving my hands free, the elbows and upper arms. To make sure I was fixed to the frame, they crossed the tape over my shoulders, across my chest and over the other shoulder, pinning me to the frame. Then they taped me at the waist. Tightly. It wasn’t pleasant, but I had suffered worse. Around and around until my waist was once again very narrow and breathing became labored. While this was happening, they started on my legs. Two on each ankle, they started to spread me wide until I was doing the splits. Then they really spread me, until I was squealing through the gag, as my legs were parted and laid flat down to the frame, straight out from my sides. Before I could do anything much, the tape was wrapping me to the frame at the ankle, above and below the knees and at the thighs. Finally, right near my groin so I was spread wide and stuck to the frame. I was shaking my head and screaming into the gag, trying to tell them if I got a cramp like this, it would be too much to cope with. They ignored me and then layered the next step of my bondage onto me. This turned out to be cling wrap. They covered me in it from neck to ankle. It really is an effective way to immobilize a girl, and is not painful unless the prisoner is fixed in a bad position by the tape underneath like I was.

Next up, they attached a chain to the back of the frame between my shoulders, and at the touch of a button I was being lifted upright. When I was raised clear of the table, it was removed and I was lowered slightly until I was about eye level with my tormentors. To ensure my head remained still, they fixed a chain from the top of the harness gag, to the chain holding me in midair, thus keeping my head erect and still. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was going to be re-united with my old friend, the fiberglass cast. When they finished with me, I was wrapped in the rapidly hardening fiberglass from my ankles, to my crotch, leaving my pussy and ass free except for the cling wrap. I was also fiberglassed around my waist, making a nasty inescapable corset, and at the arms, from my wrists, to right over my shoulders, lower neck and to under my armpits, making me one with the frame. Then they left me hanging there to harden, in this awfully strict position, with no chance of relief.

When they returned, they put the goggles back on me, and I heard others entering as well. There was a lot of laughter, as well as a few whistles and wows, oohs and ahhs. I was not sure whether they were for me, or the way I was displayed by job the others did on me. All I know is that what happened next was very embarrassing, even for someone who had been through as much as what I had been recently. One or two of them had started touching me up, feeling my pussy through it’s clear plastic wrapper of the saran wrap, the same with my breasts. It was normal for the human body to respond to this activity, and when I started to heat up, the only one who would speak to me said, ‘look, see how she’s opening up like an oyster, waiting to be had, her clit is almost pulsing, see how funny it looks under the plastic’. Then they all had to get a look, and poke me and prod me to see what effect it had on me. What made it worse was they were all trying to think of things in nature which my plastic wrapped pussy lips reminded them of. All the while they were poking and prodding, turning me on and not letting me get the relief my body was craving for. It was then when I heard my captor’s bright idea. I heard him say, ‘let’s see if buster can get her off’. There were lots of murmured agreements. Not knowing who buster was had me concerned, until I heard him Bark! Then I was petrified! I felt someone wipe something onto my plastic wrapped pussy and then I felt the tongue of a big dog, lapping at my crotch. I was screaming ‘No’, into my gag, but all I heard was laughter. The tongue was doing all sorts of things to my pussy and ass, as it licked at whatever they had put there. I was in ecstasy in my body, and hell in my mind. There was no way I could let this beast lick me to orgasm, yet my body was craving release. When I finally came, I shook all over and screamed into my gag. Afterwards, I just hung there unable to move, crying to myself in shame of what had happened. Sometime later, I realized I was alone, with only my shame of what had taken place, and the suffering forced upon my by my strict, spread position. I was truly a slave, with no say in anything they did to me, and no hope of escape in sight. I thought to myself, ‘even if I did escape, how could I go back to my old life, who could I relate to after what I had been through’. I was brought back to reality by the voice of my tormentor.

Chapter 24

For the next few hours, I was left in the goggles, but had the gag taken off. I was warned that any noise on my behalf would be most severely punished. I nodded my head in acknowledgement of this fact. I was fed, given water and juices, and told if I wanted to go to the toilet, I may do so. So I could do this, they tore away the cling wrap from whatever parts of my tormented body were not encased in fiberglass. I was made to go to the toilet whilst hanging in mid air. I was then prepared for what I was told would be the last stage of my journey, where I would meet my new owners.

To ensure I had a good idea of what my future life was to hold, they fixed me up real well for my journey. Although I was totally helpless already, they decided to make a point of showing me just how much control they had over me. This was accomplished by gagging me with a big rubber ball which had a breathing tube through the center of it, and was large enough that it had to be forced behind my teeth. Satisfied with this, they placed additional tubes in my nostrils and taped these in place. They taped them to the outside of the mouth breathing tube. The tubes were about a foot long and stuck straight out from my mouth. Next they put earphones in my ears and taped them in place. The wires from these went out with the breathing tube as well. When they wrapped my head and neck in the cling wrap, I became worried again, thinking I was going to have my head fiberglassed again. How much worse it was, the thing they had in mind.

They brought it out for me to see, the object which if I lived to be a hundred, I would never be able to forget. It was very simple, it had two halves and was round, a bit bigger than a basketball, and a bit smaller than a beach ball. They put it on my head and joined the two halves. My breathing tubes stuck out a hole in the front of it. From near the base of my neck, it covered my head and was open at the top. They told me to remain still and calm, or they would put so much electricity through my tits and arse, I would wish death instead. Then, they lowered a couple of chains down in front of my eyes, inside the dome around my head. Next they poured a type of plaster into the opening at the top of the round prison on my head, and the plaster goop started to fill the space around my neck. Up and up it came, till my breathing tube was being covered. For some perverse reason, I kept my eyes open as the plaster plunged me into darkness. More went in and I felt someone smoothing it out at the top. I felt it getting hot as the plaster went off, but not as hot as it should have, being some special blend I suppose. Soon, it was on its way to setting rock hard. I was in pain from being spread wide and fiberglassed to the frame, and by now as helpless as any person in the history of the world.

I felt them taking the outer shell of the large round plaster ball capturing my head and neck. Then, I felt myself being moved. I was picked free of the chains holding me in mid air, and carried to my means of transport. I could neither see nor hear, but assumed I was being taken to a truck of some sorts. I was once again hooked onto a chain, where I could swing freely in mid air. Once I was secured, they filled my two holes. Both pussy and ass were lubed up with something, and I heard a voice in my earphones (the same one since I arrived here), telling me that I would have a rigorous journey in front of me, and that they had a couple of things to do yet, to make sure I didn’t fall asleep during the trip. I was told that my company for the trip was two large fish hook dildos’ which they would make sure I would enjoy. They were wrong. I felt the giant hooks fill me front and rear. They were lifted up into me until they were all the way home. Then they made use of the chains they had fixed into my big plastered head. They hooked them on, front and rear. If I let my very heavy, weighed down head drop forward or backwards, the chain would pull the attached dildo further up into me, and they had a sharp spike attached somewhere which dug into me and made sure my head stayed erect. Next they fixed the breast press onto me, and wound the screws down really tight. I waved my hands around and tried to make noises through the tube to let them know it was too much, and was rewarded with someone giving my head a bit of a push forwards, which reefed the hook further into my bum. This caused immense pain and I was quickly silent. Then, someone put one end of a thumb cuff on one of my thumbs, the same was done on the other. Next I felt something being tied onto one of my nipple rings, then the same with the other. This string or fishing line from my left breast was then pulled through the spare end of thumb cuff on my left thumb, and then pulled tight so my nipple was pulled out towards my outstretched arm. The same was done to the other. Then, these free ends were tied to the chains at the top of my plaster encased head. My hands had to bend inwards till they couldn’t go any more, thumbs facing inwards to my breasts. Now, if I moved my head back or forwards, it pulled the hooks in my pussy and ass, and if I tried to move my head sideways, it would rip at the twine which linked my head, thumbs and nipples.

As a parting gesture of torment, the familiar voice came through my earphones and said, ‘just one last thing to do before you get on your way, I hope you enjoy it as it is my way of saying, goodbye’. With that, I felt more string being tied to my nipple rings. Then I felt then being tied to each other and I thought to myself, ‘Oh god, please don’t pull them together’. He didn’t, he hooked the walkman onto the string, meaning every bump on the road would not only torment me from the pussy and arse, but on the tits and nipples from all directions as well. Bastard. With a slap on the butt, he was gone, the doors closed and I was off to my new owners. Then the tape started. A new voice said, ‘Hi Kathy, I trust you are truly uncomfortable, and now you are mine, you shall stay like this or worse for the rest of your life’. Immediately I felt a chill go up and down my spine. Something cracked inside of my mind, I knew I would never be free. The voice continued, ‘I guess that up until now you had no idea where you were, but I think you shall figure it out for yourself in a jiffy’. Something was truly amiss, I knew the voice, the accent, then at the same time the voice continued, it hit me and I screamed in my mind and knew all hope was lost. He said, ‘By now you should have guessed, you see, when my brother, your father, robbed me of my share of the business all those years ago, I vowed to extract my revenge. Now he is dead, in an unfortunate car accident, all his fortune he left to you is now mine, as are you from now on. That’s right, it is your good old uncle Rick in outback Australia, and you are mine to play with for all eternity, and I have many wonderful new experiences for you to enjoy’.

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