Such a Deal
  • Author - Stan Lee
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  • Post Date - 5/7/2008

Got back home from another long night at the job to find Wifey and BGF at home giggling in the living like a couple of school girls. Popped a top and went in to see what was so funny -cock and ball harness still on, per Wife’s instructions- and was greeted by the sight of two smiling faces on either side of the couch with the coffee table between them. After exchanging pleasantries, me still standing there, sucking down that cold one, Darling Wife asked if I wouldn't mind showing off her new toy. I started getting a little red in the face, and started stammering, when she abruptly got up walked over to where I was standing and started unbuckling my trou! I had the beer in my hand, so I guzzled it and gently flung the can to her pal, just in time for Darling to pull down my pants to my knees.

If you ever have had the pleasure to wear one of those things, you know that you can get soft, but never flaccid, so as my face got dark red, so did the end of my cock.

Both girls hunkered down and examined my newly hard erection, now tightly constrained by the leather straps. The condition of my swollen balls separated in the sack by another leather strap, was another point of interest. Wifey suggested that I might get some relief if I stroked it, and by this time, feeling positively slutty, I started tenderly petting my hard shaft, but soon started squeezing it hard with every pump. I came in my hand a short time later, pulled up my pants, and hobbled off to the bathroom to clean up.

Upon my return with another beer I sat down between them and we started to chat. Best GF wanted to hear the full story from my lips about almost getting caught petting hawk at work after the Wife gave her the abbreviated version. So I gave it my best shot and told it with full orchestration. We all had a good laugh, when she gingerly touched my crotch and determined that I still had the harness on! The look in her eye indicated that I had been a slutty boy indeed, and gradually she increased the pressure on my sack. Darling suggested that I might be of further use to the both of them naked, so I obediently stripped, folding my clothes and placing them on the back of the couch. By this time BGF had stood up, and stepped behind me to admire my straining cock and balls, held tightly by the leather straps from the rear.

It was no surprise that she took my sack in her hand and started gently squeezing. What was a surprise was how hard she pulled my sack backwards, the speed in which she made me cry out, and just how fast the Wife clipped a long leash to the little ring attached to the leather strap between my balls, quickly jerking it up between my cheeks. In two shakes of a lambs tail it was looped around my waist, and cinched up tightly in the small of my back rendering my sack stretched to what felt to be asshole high with my now swollen cock pointed almost backward.

I had unconsciously spread my legs a bit to accommodate the different position of my package, and noticing this BGF moved them slightly closer with her feet. I shivered in anticipation at the touch of her track shoe, but was caught off guard again by the fast movement of her mouth to my nipple. She tongued it like a little tentatively at first, but bit down hard about the same time as Wife’s slipper hit my sack. Moving around in front of me she pinched and pulled my nipples with her fingernails until Wife threw her our Crown Royal bag full of nipple toys.

My sack had been well reddened by this time, but out side of a few tears I hadn’t done so much as mummer, as the Wife hates a crybaby. The two of them decided that I should be trussed up before I serviced either of them. BGF wondered aloud if she could torture my nips for a bit, as she had always been in awe of my chest anytime she saw me without my shirt on. I about volunteered that I would be awestruck if she removed her shirt, but thankfully thought the better of it. She has a great rack.

It really is amazing how married couples can read each other, even without seeing the others face, because Darling proffered that the only way She was letting BGF torment my tits was if she showed me hers. I was asked to remove her blouse and bra, which I did to the tune of several drips from my cock to the nearest leg. I made sure that I didn’t look her in the eye though. She wasn’t the one with the tied sack!

We were nose to nose at that point and the first thing she did was pick-up a tit and display the underside to me. It glistened, wet with her dew, so I breathed in a deeply through my nose to catch the pleasant aroma, and Wife laid three fast slaps with her slipper on my sack. I almost fainted from the pain, but BGF steadied my shoulders and held me solidly. When I steadied, Wife commanded me to have a tit bath, and BGF picked up the other tit so I could service her. I dried the dew off the underside of both globes with my cheeks, inhaling the delightful aroma as I ran them along the separation of her tits from chest. It was heavenly, believe me.

Having been pleasured to the point of drooling, my cock was in a state of high anxiety, matched mightily by the glow from my sack, but to no deterrence. Thoughtful Wife placed a pony tail tie around my cock, just behind the head to help keep him from having his way too soon, and cinched it tight. She always asks if it’s too tight before tightening it some more regardless of my response. I felt her breath behind my ear, and her tongue found my earlobe. “Look at those nice big titties!” she whispered, “wouldn’t you like to have a set just like that bra boy?”

I’ll admit that if I was a girl, I’d have been damn proud to have them. I’d swear that BGF stood a little straighter just to show them off before she stood on tiptoes to rub my nips with hers. My nipples quivered as they stiffened, and I shivered a little bit, as I descended into heat. I must have a little slutty bitch buried inside me somewhere; really.

It was a good thing that she was that close, because Wife chose that moment to apply three hard slaps to my sack, causing me to immediately suck in a deep breath and clench my teeth. She’s got a jealous streak in her, that one. One again, BGF steadied me with her gentle grip to both my shoulders. I saw stars, but as I focused on her breasts rubbing my chest, I made a point to inhale and enjoy her scent a second time.

I was allowed to compose my self during which time they made ready the coffee table with our complete collection of nipple “jewelry”. Wife went out to the laundry and came back with a unopened bag of new wooden clothes pins fresh from the store. “Just in case” she giggled walking quickly in to the room. I love the sound of her shoes on the wooden floor in the hall, and I smiled weakly. “Wouldn’t want to run out!” she said looking straight at me, showing me a bag of plastic clothes pins that had been concealed by her other hand behind her back.

“No Ma’am” I replied.

I was instructed to kneel on the couch and lean my belly on the backrest so my chest was in plain view. BGF had sat down next to me, and was stroking my sack watching my cock drool all over my leg. She wiped her fingers up my thigh, and came around the back of the couch to face me with a smile; her hand rose to my lips. “Wouldn’t want to stain the upholstery would we?” she cooed as I licked my jiz from her fingers. She probed my mouth with them, and forced my jaw open a little more with her fingers. “Would you like to taste a little of my sauce on a cock gag?” she inquired sweetly. “or just my fingers?” I opted for her fingers, and savored them, smiling as much a I could with three fingers in my mouth. She moistened them again and wiped the sauce on her nipples. Holding her breasts up with her hands she motioned me to suckle with her eyes and a nod of her head, and I started gently at first, slowly building suction, while fanning her nips with my tongue. She licked the edge of my ear, and when the suction was too much fro her to bear she nipped me a little just to let me know who was in charge.

By this time Wife had the coffee table arranged to her liking, and I was directed to stand facing it, and kneel down on my clothes, which had been thoughtfully provided to help cushion my knees.

The sight of those two women with glazed eyes, and slightly parted lips only gave me a slightest hint of what I was going to endure. It’s a dangerous look that one; unfortunately my cock took no heed and continued to ooze, my mind by that time not in control.

BGF pushed the table up against the couch cushion and sat on the edge right in front of me. I was unaware that she had any knowledge of the array of devices arranged, let alone how to employ them, but between snippets of conversation, I became aware that the two of them were intimate beyond my wildest dreams. It was made plain to me when the first set of clover clamps was attached to the base of my nips. “I love it when she clips me” murmured BGF “and I know you do too.” She rubbed her chest on my chin for effect, letting go of each clip suddenly so I got full effect of the power of each as they bit my nipples. Wife started ministering to my sack with her slipper. Gently this time.

As BGF added clips to my nips, and areolas, she kneaded my boy tits in preparation for the addition of more clips there. Wife put several ponytail ties around the base of my cock and released my sack from the harness. That was a rush, let me tell you; despite her gentle kneading, my poor plums started burning from within. BGF’s ministrations to my chest distracted me though, each clip biting a little more of my flesh every few seconds. She delighted in letting them snap shut every now and again, just to hear me gasp, I suppose. Having managed to apply a set of clovers to each nip, topped by a small plastic clip on each she effectively clipped the entire nipple. Taking great care to stretch each one to full height before she released the clips and let them bite. The chain from the clovers had been tightened so my little boy tits pointed straight ahead. She couldn’t help but point out to the wife that she was creating a painful rendition of a training bra. “My little bra boy” said the Wife as she stroked my back, all the way down to my crack. More wooden close pins were applied to my tits themselves in an elliptical pattern reminiscent of the shape of her on breasts. Any time I would gasp she would present her own nipple, which I gently licked or sucked. Wife’s iron grip on my plums gave me ample clue when I overstayed my welcome; more than a few times, in her eyes anyway. She likes taking my breath away, and squeezing my by then very tender plums got me unlatched quick

When I was appropriately fitted BGF got up and inspected her job. Wife came around for a look and I was commanded to stand and face them. This proved to be a formidable task, as I knew from past experience that smart boys didn’t allow any of the clips to fall off, not to mention that my legs were a little bound up from all that kneeling. Arms behind me, I raised myself best as I could, knowing that I would get no help from either of them. A command is just that, and smart boys obey as well as circumstances allow. As I rose up I kept my back as straight as possible to prevent any of the clips from falling off, and managed it well enough to present my self to them, decorated chest, swollen boner and all. A discussion ensued, whereas BGF pleaded to be able to use the long slapper to remove the clips, but Wife had other plans. I was lowered to the top of the coffee table on my back, and positioned with my neck over the narrow edge. As she tied my arms to the legs, Wife asked BGF to remove the rest of her clothes. She was about to kick her panties off, when she daintily pulled them over her feet, found the damp panel, and inserted it in my mouth.

Wife stood over me and advised me that BGF was in heat and needed the benefit of my tongue. Further she was in heat of another sort and wanted to start clipping my sack with the rest of the close pins. When BGF was ready for a stiff one, she would ride me, while I tended to Wife with my mouth. When they were both satisfied, I would be my turn to cum, as many times as I liked-immediately after the clips were removed. In my highly agitated state I shook my head in agreement, savoring the taste of BGF’s panties. Such a Deal.

BGF mounted me carefully, placing her ass cheeks between the clips on my chest, and my chin; spreading herself wide. She held my head in her hands and guided me to her puss. Grinding me into her wet slit I tried to lick as best as I could, and zeroed in on her clit as soon as I cleaned up her labs. As painful as Wife made the application of the clips to my plums I kept my concentration to BGF’s puss. When I felt her start to tense up I would stop and lightly graze her nub; when she relaxed I would start tending her clit, until the squeezing of her thighs got to be too much of a signal to ignore. Jamming my head into her sex with a powerful pull of her arms, she exploded as I blew lightly on her clit. The blast of her juices, started me coughing, as there was so much to swallow, and it took me a while to clear my throat, and start breathing normally. Standing up, she immediately slid down my pole, while Wife made sure that the close pins didn’t foul her bottom when it hit my groin and my four-alarm sack. She was fully clothed and presented her jeans to my face so I could see how wet she had become. I just wanted to find my home between her thighs with my tongue, but she had other plans. Her clothes flew off, and her asshole was presented for my enjoyment. By this time the heady aroma was a mixture of cunt sauce and her bottom, and I greedily lapped it up, making sure to get my tongue up past the rim. By the time she started grinding her puss down upon my jaw, I knew that my Princess was close. Her enlarged labs were no longer able to conceal her clitty, and I started alternately sucking and gently biting her. More sucking than biting really, because of the violence in which she directed my head with my ears to her sweet spots. Places I knew from experience just how to work. I concentrated mightily on my tongue, and tried to forget about my cock as BGF rode his hardness. Having to piss helped a little.

After what seemed like an eternity we worked her to an orgasm, as she is quite deft at deflecting my parries in her quest for a big squish (in her words). Again I was soaked and was released from the grip of her thighs only when I started to sputter from the blast of cunt sauce she blew in my mouth. BGF had taken to sitting on my manhood, savoring the feel of it throbbing, and the two of them swapped places. Wife probed my pole with her puss and sank down. She continued that time and time again, because she knows how close it gets me. She had trussed me well though, and as many times as I felt my balls try to spasm, I had managed not to cum as much by virtue of her binding job as my self control. My chest and sack were on fire, my cock ached, I was partially immobilized, and I was servicing two hot pussies. Could a slutty boy get any better treatment than that?

They swapped on and off until I passed out from exhaustion, my tongue a wounded war vet, my will to lick spent. I woke up on the couch though when the clips started coming off. The blood flow to my formerly pinched flesh made sure that I didn’t sleep through that ordeal. If they burned while they were being attached, you feel like you’ve been branded when they are removed after being in place for a long while. But it passes. I was sent off to the bathroom for a piss, feeling my sack swing free for the first time in a while. Stopped off at the fridge for a cold one, and downed it while I pissed. And did I piss.

The two of them crept up behind me and relieved me of what was left of the beer. BGF sat down on the potty and looked at my wife as she started to pee. Wife instructed me to kneel down between her thighs, which I did with a big grin. Once again BGF lifted her bosom for me to bathe my cheeks. I started stroking my sore -really sore- cock as her bladder gradually emptied. Wife untwined us, and she was instructed not to pat off; just to get up. I moved aside, and she complied, standing up slowly. I had already tilted my head back and opened up, and BGF soon found out why Wife prefers my tongue to toilet tissue. Next I kneeled in front of my Princes’s legs spread wide on her throne. I looked into her loving eyes and stuck out my chest, as I knew she wanted to torment my nips with her fingernails. She obliged me, and asked me to cry out, as she pinched and pulled my now very tender nipple flesh. Our gaze met, she shook her head in permission, and I slowly pumped the full length of my cock, stealing a glimpse of BGF’s busy fingers behind me after I heard her gasp when she pinched her own nip. That rated me a face slap and I was commanded to stop my hands. BGF was commanded to stop as well, and all was silent, while Wife pondered. She alighted from her perch, ignoring my tilt back head, and proffered mouth, and went out of the room, commanding the two of us to remain in place. Moments later she returned swinging two sets of clover clamps. Back on the potty she sat, with legs spread, beckoning the two of us to kneel down and position ourselves facing each other on either side of both of her knees. This accomplished she closed her legs and lowered her head to our level. Commanded to place the tips of our nips between the jaws of the clamps, we complied, taking great care to intertwine the chains as She directed so that we became attached to each other. Soon we were commanded to masturbate, and as we started she slowly moved her knees outward, stretching the chain, and in turn our tits. Boy tits stretch relatively easy, but coaxing a heavy set of girl tits to stretch without blowing the clamps off took a fair amount of skill. I didn’t have too much time to consider the notion before the perversity of the scene got to my cock and he started to stir.

Wife knew what the effect would be, and whispered hoarsely that she would prefer us to come together. I gazed into BGFs eyes, and started moaning so she might be able to comply. When my blazing hot cock could no longer stand it, I started pumping into my hand, moans at full crescendo. Thankfully BGF exploded on cue just as Wife pushed us apart with her knees with frightful force. The clips popped off, and fell on Wife’s knees. She made us share a kiss, and then my cum. I stayed kneeled, with head tilted back and mouth open for clean up, and once that chore was completed, we were both clipped again, this time by the base of our nips and led out into the hall.

I wasn’t sure where this new development was going to take us. Both Wife and BGF we co-conspirators in my mind, so I was intrigued by this sudden twist of events. We made it out the door by facing each other and moving sideways at great haste, as Wife had our tits on the short leash of her hand. Once in the kitchen we she dropped our chains, and took a seat at the table. I thought it prudent to remain standing, but BGF took a seat along side Wife. This action was met by a wide eyed look from my Darling, but she smiled sweetly and told bgf to remain where she was. That said she got up and went over to the counter returning with a wooden spoon we use for pasta water. Coming from the counter to behind bgf’s chair, she remarked that my cock was going to suffer a bit before the hour was out. This got a giggle out of bgf that turned into a shriek as Wife hauled up on the chain connecting the clovers and took the spoon to the underside of her large breasts. As much as I wanted to handle my newly invigorated but still super sore cock, I just stood there and watched her suffer, knowing full well that my turn would be coming soon. Wife handled her girth with apparent ease, and soon both of those beautiful melons were colored on the red side of pink. Wife asked me to come and inspect her handiwork and as we looked them over soon bgf’s shrieks turned to sobs, which turned to snivels. I was commanded to find a box of rubber bands she kept in her amoire and I trotted off up stairs to our playroom. Back down stairs in a flash, I opened the box at Her request and was amazed how rubbery the whole pack smelled. By this time the clover clips on bgf’s tits had been removed, and Wife had provided her with a glass of water and a paper towel to wipe away her tears. I assumed that the rubber bands were to be part of my punishment and stood still waiting for Darling to tell me her preference. But it was not my turn yet.

Wife had rolled bgf’s chair out into the center of the kitchen with her on it, despite her protestations, and whirled her around very slowly. “You know how he reacts to those tits of yours” she scolded. “You just can’t resist trying to get his attention even when I’m attending to him” “You fat uddered cow, we’re going to see just how big a set of milkers you’ve got” “Unless you want to go home” “Do you want to stay or shall I turn you out?” she said quite emphatically.

I was amazed, and I did my best to hide my surprise, but Wife knows me too well. “Over here bra boy. Kneel down and cow-tow at our feet” she smiled. I kneeled down between them, folded my arms in back of me and pressed my nose to the floor. “Lick her feet” she suggested in a nice voice, “tenderly.” “separate her toes and lick.” “Use your hands and seduce her feet with your tongue.” I was only too anxious to comply and I attended to the poor girls feet with vigor of a thousand lovers. After a few minutes of attention Darling once again proffered the question. “Do you want to leave sweetie?” “We’ve had so much fun; it would be a shame to end things on a quarrelsome note.” she continued “Accept your punishment with as much grace as you accept your rewards I always say.” I kept my attention to her feet, taking great care to spend a lot of tongue time between her toes, licking in little fast swipes, then changing to long wide ones that traveled the length of her foot up to her ankles. Looking up I could see their eyes meet for a moment; just in time for Wife to snag the chain hanging between my tits with her toe and jerk it down. I continued with my tongue work in time to hear some sobs and then the admission of guilt and the request to be punished. “You both will be” was the stern reply. Once again she tugged on the chain between my tits with her toe. “bra boy, get your ass up here!”

I stroked bgf’s feet longingly one last time with my hands, gave them a kiss and arose to Wife’s smile. “you did good!” she exclaimed, giving the kitchen chair with bgf in it one last whirl. “Lets get to work; I’m in a mood to hear the both of you scream.” Standing there, I looked down at bgf and she smiled weakly, a mirror of my own expression I’m sure.

Wife found the box of rubber bands, and opened them right under bgf’s nose. “Yuck” she said “smells like old galoshes doesn’t it?” “Yup said Wife, I want you to remember that smell” So we started off banding bgf’s breasts, one rubber band at a time. The first ones were pushed all the way to the base of her breast, and each successive one overlapped the last just a little bit until the whole of each breast was lengthened substantially by the bite of the bands to constrict each successive bit. The ends of each breast so constricted, were capped by her once pink areolas now purple as the head of my two hour ago bound cock and for the same reason. “All bound up with no place to go” mused Wife; “you make such a delightful picture sweetie, and such firm tittes, not a sag to ‘em anymore.” Wife wasn’t kidding either. The entire bountiful bosom was standing out straight as an engorged cock as bgf’s chest heaved one breath after another. “They feel soooo heavy”, she wined “Yes quite” offered Wife matter of factly, “and they’ll get heavier.” “I assure you.” Another sob left bgf’s poutty continence, as Wife suckled the heavy nipple. She stepped back to admire your work. Looking at me she wondered aloud if the pump might be employed to suction the nips out a bit more. I ran up stairs, just in time to hear the start of yet another sob from bgf.

When I returned Wife had poured herself a sherry and was sharing a little with her new girl toy. I brought the box containing the cupping set she had won at a bdsm party a few years before. Up until that time my privates had seen the bulk of the usage, as stretched my nips or cock head. I didn’t recall it being too painful, but I was dying to see her use it on someone else. We unpacked it, and slowly assembled it to cups of the correct size. I held the cups to the exposed ends of her sausage shaped breasts, and wife started pumping. After a few good strokes to seat the suction cups on the exposed flesh, Wife started in slowly pumping away. “Lick her puss” said Wife pushing the chair out to where I could kneel comfortably, “and stroke her feet.” I did both, looking up from time to time at the tits defying gravity above my head. I heard W walk away after a few moments. I stole a glance up between her breasts at bwfs face. She was in a different place, caught between pleasure and pain; a quixotic look created by her parted lips, panting slowly. I gently bit her clit, and she gasped, so I licked and alternately bit just to hear the show above me.

Wife returned with a step ladder and an empty spackle bucket, some string, my cock and ball harness with the denim strap still attached, some close pins, and her crown Royal bag. No telling what she had in there. My curiosity was piqued until she yanked on the chain between my tits with her toe. “You’ll find out my plans soon enough mister, best attend to your task unless you’d like to volunteer for an early fitting.” Her toe continued to pull my chest down. “Best keep on licking bra boy.” I shook my head best as I could as bgf’s thighs started to tense. “Don’t let her cum yet.” suggested Wife who punctuated it with a deft slap to my ass as soon as her toe slipped my chain. She stroked bgf’s hair away from her eyes, and tucked behind her ears. “How do those udders feel now sweetie; shall we try to milk them, or take the spoon to them?” bgf shook her head emphatically, and Wife caught her nose in between her fingers and gave it a tweak, stopping her head in mid shake. “There there, not your decision sweetie, let Mommy take care of your suffering.”

She put the step ladder in place in the middle of the kitchen floor, and bid me to stop licking and attend to pushing the kitchen table and chairs to the side. I took the chance to squeeze bgf’s feet as I got up, and as I rose noticed the pre cum spots on the floor. “You know what to do bra boy.” said Wife, be a darling and save a towel. I didn’t realize she had such devotion for the environment, so I licked it up in new found admiration.

After I moved the table and chairs it was time to push bgf’s chair under the step-ladder. Darling had taken the time to duct tape her wrists together and tape her widely spread thighs and ankles to the arms of the chairs. She tilted the spring seat backward so bgf was comfortably reclined and locked the seat back. Her twin cannons were pointed toward the ceiling. Nipples wonderfully distended inside the cups. After making some observations we rolled bgf out from under the ladder. “Lets cup her clit” whispered Wife with a giggle “we have two pumps.” I spread bgf’s labs with my hands and pushed the inner lips together, folded them back and gripping both inner and outer labs spread her wide. Wife knew right where that clit was hiding and coaxed it out with her fingers, neatly covered it with the cup and started pumping. She stopped when bgf’s thighs started to struggle, and we rolled her back in place under the step-ladder.

While I stood there contemplating the spectacle of bgf’s sudden change of fortune, Wife was off to the garage. She returned with a seat cushion from the chaise lounge, and threw it over the top of the step-ladder like a saddle on a horse. “Now get up there and lay on your belly she commanded.” Something about my look made her roll bgf back out from under the ladder, and I made my first attempt. I just laid over the cushion, but that wasn’t what the Wife had in mind. I tried to spin ninety degrees and fell off pretty quick, so I tried again, and about got it. With a little help I was in place and she started to duct tape my limbs in place “For safety.” she giggled. I noticed that my groin and chest was quite accessible. She rolled bgf back under the ladder and left us to contemplate our fate, one prisoner gazing down on the other.

The Wife remembered something and dashed off the garage. “Are you OK?” I whispered, “Now I know how your tits felt” she replied. “No you don’t” said the Wife as she stepped through the door, “but you will sweetie” I’ll see to it” “Enjoy your cupping while you can” she said, and pumped both pumps a stroke and a little bit. bgf winced a little, and Wife stroked her head simpatheticly.

My sack found itself snapped into a parachute, after she stuffed my flaccid cock through the rings of a harness I hadn’t seen yet. The final ring fit the narrow spot, just below the knob. A small tarp strap connected the ring on the end of the parachute to the five gallon spackle bucket. Then She removed one of the clover clamps attached to the base of my nips attaching another before the blood started to flow. The loose clamps on the other end dangled in front of bgf’s newly shaped breasts.

Wife carefully rolled bgf out and released the suction on the cups; tits first then her clit. “Party time sweeties” announced Wife to the tune of bgf’s shrieks as the blood began to flow back to her nipples. “It’s gonna get worse dear,” she insisted, “so try to make the best of it.” “Now lets find that clitty you like to play with so much” she teased as she stroked bgf’s mound “it’s still pretty big” she advised no one in particular. I watched her roll it between her thumb and her index finger not believing how engorged the suction had allowed it to become. She gently eased a clover clip closed right on the base of it, while keeping the tension on the chain. BGF rocked around in her chair pretty violently, but Wife kept her composure and rolled her back under the ladder clipping the other end of the clover attached to bgf’s clit to my sack. Next she snapped the hanging clover clamps from my nips to the still swollen nipples on the end of bgf’s tit sausages. We were now connected tit to tit, and clit to sack. Only she was bucking so violently I thought she was going to tear my parts off but the Wife’s tape job held and slowly the bucking woman beneath me adjusted to her predicament.

I was figuring that I had gotten off pretty easy until the Wife lowered a gallon can of paint into the spackle bucket. She let it drop about a half inch to the bottom for effect, but I saw stars and she knew it. Now as she started to tension the clip chains to perfect the torment she coo’d to us how full she was going to stuff our remaining holes. Slowly, ever so slowly I started to sweat. I tried to breathe evenly, but the pressure on my tits kept me panting shallowly. The pain in my balls began to build and my cock started to soften. It occurred to me that bgf was having an easier time; how was I to know that thoughtful Wife had buried a vibrating egg in her puss, until I got one in my bum and another taped to my sack. “Can’t have you getting soft ducks, she coo’d” stroking my cock through the rings. I started to moan a little as she stroked a little more. “Look how hot you’ve made me” she whispered as she scooped a little moisture out from between her legs, and dabbed it under my nose. Stepping back she raised her sweatshirt “Look at these bra boy”
“can you lick the tips for me and not the sides?” Just the tips and I’ll let you come, but if your tongue strays I’ll put a little more weight in the bucket to make you concentrate harder.” “You feeling lucky bra boy?” “Don’t do it!” blurted out bgf “My clitty hurts soooo baddddddddd!”

I was amazed that bgf didn’t rate a face slap for back talking, but on some level I wanted her to be punished right along with me so I begged for more weight before my chance to lick my Princess. She added a quart can to the spackle bucket gingerly this time. Both bgf and I started to moan as my princess raised her shirt and proffered her erect nipple. “Just the tips baby, lick just the tips she whispered as I strained my neck to get in place. “Just a little bit closer” she wheedled. The tip of my tongue connected with her nip, so swollen with excitement that they looked to be an inch long. I touched the tip, pulled back and touched again. “Again” she said as her hand massaged her clit. “do it again.” My balls were on fire now; oddly my cock began to swell up against the rings that bound it. I realized that She was pumping it hard, so I stretched again and just managed to hit the tip with my tongue. Wife pressed her tit into my mouth as she started to shudder, both hands clutched her puss as she leaned into my mouth filling it with her breast.

When she recovered enough that her hands didn’t shake Darling released me from my bonds, and removed the clips from bgf. Then she sat on one of the kitchen chairs leaned back and spread herself. “Come to Mommy bra boy she coo’d” “and make sure she can see us” so I rolled bgf over to where Wife could stroke her puss and got to work. After one good one she allowed that it was bgf’s turn so I licked her while the Wife removed the rubber bands from her tits with a first aid scissors a few at a time. Three orgasms later they had kissed and made up. On unsteady legs I was led into the bathroom and had a nice pee. BGF was next, and finally Wifey. I told them to pat off their own pusses, and went upstairs to our bed. An hour later I was still having a hard time getting to sleep, if you catch my drift! Such a deal eh?

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