PETS, Inc.
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Chapter 1

Swirling images. Dark.
Daytime? Nighttime?
Should I be somewhere?

Eyes, opening. Darkness still.

It must still be early morning, she thought to herself. Plenty of time to sleep, to rest, to ...

That dream! She could only recall bits of it, fragments of memory as if it took place eons ago, the way dream memories usually are. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the images that floated behind her closed lids and drift back to the sleep from which she had awoken.

But the visions insisted, nagging.

Streetlights, glaringly bright. Then the dark pavement coming up to meet her. Did she trip? She must have, those silly stiletto heels that she had worn ...

But if it was a dream, why did she remember arguing with her roommate Linda about wearing those shoes?

And why was she suddenly aware of the distant sting in her palms, scraped as she reached out to catch herself on the rough, dirty pavement?

She opened her eyes to the blackness, stared around realizing that even the usual, dim outline of her bedroom window, which faced the alley, was black. She sat up slowly; wincing as her tender hands slid across the hard, rough bed.

The vague realization that her bed should be neither hard nor rough and the soft sound of metal broke through her foggy consciousness simultaneously. As she twisted her head around, seeking some source of light, some bearing of direction, she felt the hard collar at her throat. Her hands reached up to feel what was resting on her neck and found a smooth band of metal. It was snug, but not tight. It had warmed to her skin temperature, but felt cold nonetheless.

Still groggy and not yet panicked, she ran her hands around the collar seeking some method of removing it. Toward the back, a little to one side, she felt a protruding ring, and her fingers discovered what must be a chain attached to the ring. She fumbled to find the catch, pulling and twisting, trying in vein to open the band. Unsuccessful, she gave up for the moment and instead took hold of the chain. She turned the collar on her neck so that the chain was at her front. She had to shift her body somewhat to accomplish this, since the chain was apparently stuck on something close by. She tugged, but couldn't get it loose.

A chain on a collar around her neck? Realization was starting to creep through her confusion, but panic hadn't yet arrived. Her rational mind was doing its best to maintain that this all was a dream.

The motion of turning her body made her again aware of the surface she sat upon. She let go of the chain and with her fingertips tenderly felt around the area where she sat. The surface was hard, but not cold. Concrete. Not bare -- covered with some kind of material. It was rough and thin, just the lightest of barriers between her naked body and the hard cement.

Naked body? !!

Her hands moved from the rough fabric to the slightly cool skin of her thighs, then slid up to her hips and belly, and then on to her bare breasts. From there her hands once again found the metal collar that encircled her throat. She tugged at the unyielding band with one hand, while her other found the chain and pulled. She turned over onto her knees and crawled toward whatever it was stuck on. She walked one hand along the chain, using it as a guide in the blackness. She didn't have far to go. In just a few feet the chain ended abruptly against a cool cement wall. There was another ring attached to the wall where the chain ended. It was low, close to where the wall met the floor. She pulled once more, still confused, but somehow accepting the logical conclusion that she was no match for cold steel.

Her fingers, inquisitive seemingly of their own accord, felt outward in all directions from the ring on the wall. Lines. Squares. It was a brick wall. No, a cinder-block wall. Moving as far as she could to both the right and to the left, she felt no other break on the surface aside from the regular lines of the mortared bricks. She got up, her knees crackling as they straightened. The chain was just long enough to allow her to stand. Stretching up as far as her fingertips could reach she again encountered nothing but the even surface of the cement cinder blocks.

She turned her back to the wall, leaned against it, and slowly slid down to a squatting position. Her rear and shoulders were abraded by the slightly rough cement surface, but she didn't take notice. Despite the blackness, her hands moved to cover her breasts and her knees were pressed together, modestly hiding her sex.

Eyes wide, still unseeing, she peered hard into the darkness. Waving a hand in front of her face and seeing nothing, she wondered if she was blind. She didn't think so. Although she couldn't see anything, she somehow knew she was seeing the darkness.

"Hello?" she said very quietly. The softly spoken word sounded loud in the thick silence. Her voice was somewhat rough. She cleared her throat and again asked, "hello?"

There was no answer. There was no echo. The surrounding space and thick blackness seemed to absorb the sound like a sponge as soon as it passed her lips.

A tear welled from one eye and fell down her cheek and onto her thigh. She realized she was terrified. Confused. Scared and alone.

She sat all the way down and brought her knees up to her chest, clasping both arms around her shins, hugging her legs. The collar was a noticeable weight on her neck now, and the chain lay cold on her shoulder. She propped her chin on her knees and stared into the darkness, crying silently.

Out with her roommate for a Friday night breather after the grueling week of surveys at work, she'd let Linda convince her to dress in something other than her usual yoga pants and sweatshirt.

"You've got a hot body, girlfriend," Linda insisted, "you need to let those boys SEE what they're missing!"

Toni (Antoinette by birth, thanks to a father in love with mid-eon history) had never thought that a solid relationship could begin with physical attraction. She certainly wasn't completely indiscriminate about how her dates looked, but she believed that there needed to be some degree of intellectual connection in addition to the looks.

It'd been about eighteen months since she'd broken up with her fiancé, something that had saddened her, but that she didn't regret. She'd been out on a few double dates with Linda, but nothing that ever lasted past the restaurant or bar where the evening took place. Although it was almost always her choice, coming home alone every night was getting to be a little depressing.

So Friday night she found herself in her rarely worn but perfectly fit Little Black Dress with strikingly red 4-inch stiletto heels. She had to admit that the dress, ending several inches above her knees, flattered her well-toned, athletic body. The thin straps and scooped neckline accented her full, natural breasts, showing just a tease of cleavage. And her legs, clad in sheer black stockings, looked fantastic set off by the shiny red shoes.

Dinner with a few other girls from the office proved to be pleasantly relaxing. Several glasses of wine and more than several appreciative glances from male patrons (some of whom received swift kicks in the shin from their dates!) had her feeling rather optimistic about herself and the evening.

After dinner and a short march down the street to their favorite bar, they were soon all laughing and teasing each other. The hours flew by as they all took stock of the guys in the place and took turns making up fantasies about who wanted what from whom. While she enjoyed the fun conversation, she didn't contribute much of substance. The fantasies she was coming up with made her blush by even just thinking them!

She and Linda eventually found themselves off to one end of the bar, in relative privacy, with two tall, very attractive men. She'd seen them a few times before, but had never really had the inclination to chat it up. Tonight the men had approached the two girls, buying them each a drink, and engaged them in -- Toni had to admit -- very intelligent conversation.

The taller of the two had grabbed Toni's attention when he began a discussion of the recent special exhibit at the art museum. He spoke with enthusiasm, and a heart-melting Scottish brogue, about the artist, and it wasn't long at all before she was noticing more than his opinions. His deep blue eyes were beautiful! Thick, dark hair matched his olive complexion, and the casual, snug-fitting cotton-knit shirt did little to hide the fact that he paid attention to his physique.

Linda tugged at her elbow. "I'm going to catch a cab home," she said. "Let's go."

Toni glanced over at her new friend, Mark, who was talking with his buddy. He caught her glance and smiled warmly. He walked over and said to Linda, "You're not taking my new best friend away from me already, are you?"

Toni looked imploringly at Linda. For the first time in a very long time she felt that she did not want the evening to end.

"I'll make sure she gets home in one piece," he said sincerely to Linda. Seeing that she wasn't convinced, he pulled out his wallet and produced a cream-colored embossed business card. "Here's my work information, including my cell. If Toni isn't home before the carriage turns into a pumpkin, you can bring the S.W.A.T. team to my office."

Looking at the heavyweight, expensive business card and finally giving in, Linda hugged Toni goodbye. Toni accepted the stern warnings from Linda about being careful, then winked as Linda told her to have a good time.

Shortly after Linda left, Mark's buddy also said his goodbyes, leaving the two new acquaintances alone in the almost-empty bar.

Noticing for the first time that they were indeed almost the last patrons in the place, Toni asked what time it was. She was stunned to learn that it was after two in the morning!

Mark suggested that they go to a nearby 24-hour diner for a light snack and a little more conversation before he got her a cab home. Realizing how ravenous she was, Toni quickly agreed.

Walking down the sidewalk, Mark's arm comfortably - and modestly - around her shoulder, Toni couldn't help but smile. She was happy. Giddy, even. And maybe a little dizzy ... but no wonder after the several martinis that she had enjoyed at the bar!

At a narrow junction in the sidewalk, where a raised plot of mulched earth was home to one of the old elms that lined the road, Mark slowed to let her pass ahead of him through the one-person wide section. She vaguely remembered his hand on her shoulder, and a feeling of vertigo. A dark shape separating itself from the nearby doorway, then her hands in front of her, reaching out toward the sidewalk that was coming up to meet her ...

Then the silence and utter blackness to which she had recently awoke.

It seemed like hours had passed since she woke up, but in the featureless darkness it was impossible to judge time. She was aware, however of a growing thirst and, more alarmingly, an imperative need to pee.

Not much later that need was urgent. She was squatting, her hand between her legs, her bladder about ready to burst. "Hello!" she called out. "Anyone, whoever you are, I need to use the bathroom!"

She was answered with continued silence.

She knew she couldn't hold out much longer. Moving off to one side as far as the chain would reach, she scrunched up some of the fabric that lay on the floor. She squatted over the bunched material and relaxed her muscles, allowing her bladder to empty, the urine soaking into the fabric. She cried as she relieved herself, humiliated at the necessity of what she was doing.

After what seemed to be a very long time (she must have been asleep for a while!), the stream finally stopped. She carefully felt for the dry edge of fabric and wiped herself, then moved back to the other end of her chain's reach. The concrete floor was now bare, but at least it was dry.

Sitting down and leaning against the wall again, hugging her legs, she rested her chin on her knees and, despite her discomfort and fear, drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

The silent, infrared camera mounted in the corner of the room, well out of reach of the chained girl, captured everything that she did. Turning away from the monitor, the man who had been watching spoke to his colleague. "She's remarkably calm -- one of the best I've seen so far. And giving up the relative comfort of her blanket to maintain some dignity? Pretty smart."

'Mark' -- although that wasn't really his name -- smiled, looking over his friend's shoulder at the monitor, seeing the girl sleeping. "Aye, I figured she'd be special when we first tagged her. I think she'll come along quickly."

"What about her friend, the one who she was with at the bar?" the first man asked.

Mark absently scratched the back of his neck and leaned against a nearby wall, crossing his arms over his chest he said, "The card I gave her will lead any search in the wrong direction until we're able to move this one out. I don't think she'll be a problem, but if you want we can pick her up. She's acceptable."

The first man thought for a moment, then shook his head and picked up a clipboard from the nearby counter. He flipped over the first page. "Antoinette?" he asked incredulously, looking up at Mark. Receiving only a shrug in response, he looked back at the page. "Twenty three. Five foot seven, 140 pounds." He looked up again. "You wouldn't know it by looking at her, would you. She's fit! Must be all muscle." Looking back down at his clipboard he continued reading, "Brown hair, brown eyes. No augmentation. Graduate of ... blah blah blah. Yup, she'll do. In fact, I can think of several orders she'll fit."

Mark nodded in agreement and turned back to the monitor. He watched the sleeping girl in thoughtful silence for a moment, and then said, "I think it's time to start Part 2."

Chapter 2

Finishing the last of his mid-morning coffee, Mark crumpled the paper cup and tossed it into the nearby trashcan. He brushed a few muffin crumbs from his lap and reached for the clipboard that held today's assignments.

Mark's primary role in PETS, Inc. was to monitor the progress of the trainees. His involvement in the locating and acquiring of Toni had been due to one of the usual 'suppliers' being out with a broken leg. This morning he only had one review on his schedule, and then was going to visit her. Again, he usually wasn't involved in the early stages of the training, but wanted to have a hand in Toni's progress. After watching her initial reactions earlier this morning, he was sure she was going to be an exceptional subject.

First things first, however. Keys in hand, Mark walked down one of the long corridors and stopped at a sturdy steel door. After first looking through the small peep-hole, he inserted a key into the lock, turning it to release the latch. He opened the door and stepped in, then shut and locked it behind him.

Once inside the room Mark took stock of the situation. It was identical to Toni's room in size, but was outfitted in a quite different manner. The floor and walls were black. The ceiling, also black, was equipped with assorted pulleys and hard-points for attachment. Indirect lighting from recessed sconces in the corners illuminated the room with a pale blue glow. One of the walls was lined with shelves and racks holding a seemingly unending assortment of straps, cuffs and rope, as well as other, less easily identified items.

From a sturdy overhead pulley hung one of the company's other relatively recent acquisitions. Karen had been with the company now for about two months, and this morning Mark was to inspect and assess her progress thus far.

Karen had been picked up at a motel just outside of Detroit. She and her boyfriend had rented a room for a few hours. When he went to the lobby to get some ice, the PETS, Inc. team quickly overtook the young woman and left, taking her with them, before the boyfriend got back.

Since that fateful night Karen had been learning techniques that her boyfriend would certainly appreciate, even if -she- was less than excited about her new skills.

Mark moved over to where she stood, appraising her situation. Her feet, clad in severely pointed boots with six-inch heels, were spread about two feet apart. Cuffs on each ankle were secured to a metal bar insuring that she couldn't bring her feet together. The middle of the bar was chained by a few short links to a bolt in the floor. The boots, made of a very stiff, shiny patent leather, reached up to the tops of her thighs. They were laced tightly, making it nearly impossible for her to bend her knees.

Not that bending her knees was really an option. Her wrists also wore cuffs and were attached to either end of another two-foot metal bar. A hook on the middle of the bar secured Karen to a cable that ran through one of the overhead pulleys. The slack had been pulled up until she was stretched taught as a bowstring, leaving her arms and legs quivering with the tension of her situation!

Mark appreciated the effect her position had on her sleek, naked torso. Her belly was flat, muscles tight, and her respectably sized breasts were almost pointing up at the ceiling! He reached out with both hands and pinched her nipples between his index fingers and thumbs, gradually increasing the pressure until the pink nubs were almost flattened in his grasp. He heard a faint moan when he added a twist to the mix, then let go.

He stroked a hand along the smooth surface of her cheek. Covered as it was in a tight, thick layer of rubber, he doubted that she felt the gentle caress. The hood was laced in the back to form it to her face and skull, and the only openings were two small holes aligned with her nostrils. The outline of a ball could be seen where her mouth would be, obviously very large and certainly painful to endure. Her jaw was pulled firmly closed around the ball by the pressure of the tightly laced hood, preventing her from opening her mouth even the slightest bit.

Even if the hood hadn't been holding her mouth shut, Mark was pretty sure she wouldn't have been able to open it anyway. A very tall, very strict posture collar had been fastened around her slender neck. It closely resembled a corset in the way it flared at her shoulders, tapered in the middle of her throat, then flared out again as it reached up - and beyond - her normal jaw line. The angle of the rigid collar forced her chin up while at the same time pressing the back of her head down against the stiff edge of the collar in the rear. It had been buckled tightly, forcing her to concentrate on relaxing her throat so that she could maintain her breathing.

Mark walked around Karen taking note of the bright red marks still blazing on her thighs and buttocks from an early-morning exercise. He stroked her firm, round ass with the palm of his hand. He was gentle, caressing the warm skin. The raised welts from the cane bumped under his touch, and her muscles clenched as the raw marks were irritated by his light stroking. Giving her tender rear a smack as he turned to the equipment wall, he smiled with satisfaction when the girl yelped and quivered in response to his slap on her sensitive skin.

Mark pondered what next to inflict upon the girl.

He selected a few leather items and some lengths of chain, and then returned to Karen's side. He dropped the items on the floor next to her and removed her collar and hood. The large ball had been jammed behind her teeth and even if her jaw hadn't been cramped from its long stretch and confinement was too large for her to expel by herself. He reached in to her mouth with thumb and forefinger and grasped the ball, pulling outward as he instructed her to push with her tongue. After a bit of struggle, the wet rubber ball popped out, a trail of drool following.

Finally free of the stringent collar, vicious ball and claustrophobic hood, Karen's head dropped forward and she breathed in huge gulps of unrestricted air. Mark let her be for the moment as he went back to the wall and got a towel and a squirt-bottle of water. Letting her drink her fill, he then used the rest of the water to rinse her face. He toweled her dry.

"Thank you, Sir," she whispered in a hoarse voice.

Mark acknowledged her well-trained response, "You're welcome, slave," and then reached down and selected one of the items he had brought from the wall. It was a tangle of straps and buckles, and it took him a moment to get them straightened out. His experienced fingers soon had the harness aligned properly and he slipped the multiple straps over her head and face. It took some time to adjust all of the buckles to fit. Soon enough, however, there was a wide leather strap wrapped around her forehead and another across the top of her head. A 2-inch (inside diameter) ring had been wedged behind her teeth and pulled tightly back in her mouth by another of the harness' straps. Finally, a wide leather band cinched against her jaw forcing her to bite down on the large ring gag.

Karen had endured the application of the trainer harness with no more than a grunt escaping her mouth when Mark would roughly cinch the straps tight. He was pleased that she was able to show such restraint despite how exhausted she must certainly be after the punishments she'd already endured today. Mark made a mental note to notify her buyer that his purchase might be ready for delivery sooner than expected.

Mark wrapped another posture collar around Karen's throat, buckling it snuggly, but not restricting her in any way. This collar, like the last, was quite rigid and came even higher up under her chin, forcing her head back until she was looking almost straight up at the ceiling. The rear of the collar scooped low, allowing her head room to tilt backward.

Next Mark reached up and, using a universal key, unlocked the wrist cuffs from the bar, freeing them from the overhead tether. Karen groaned as her arms were allowed to fall to her side, her shoulders painfully adjusting to the new position. No sooner had her hands touched her side, however, Mark connected them together once again, but this time behind her back.

Taking a fifteen-foot length of raw, hemp rope he expertly wrapped her elbows, gradually pulling them closer and closer together until they almost touched. Karen gasped softly as he made the last few tugs on the rope. He finished off the wraps by cinching between her elbows and knotting it all neatly. The effect was spectacular - her shoulders were straining backward and her breasts thrust proudly out in front of her.

The last item left on the floor was a set of clover clamps. Squeezing one of the clamps to open the jaws, he worked her dark red nipple with his other hand until it stood out proudly, blissfully unaware in its own little world of the trauma soon to come. The clamp bit down on the tender flesh, eliciting a squealing gasp by Karen as she worked through the inescapable pain.

Again she moaned as her other nipple was treated in the same fashion - and now a 12-inch chain that ran between the two vicious clamps joined her sensitive peaks. Using a length of twine, which he tied to the center of the chain, Mark forced Karen to bend forward by pulling downward. When her torso was just past horizontal with the floor, he tied the other end of the twine off to the center of the spreader between her ankles. She bent further forward of her own accord to avoid any tugging on her nipples.

Mark pulled down the cable that had previously held her arms overhead and attached it to her wrists. Moving to the wall, he began to slowly crank the winch, lifting her arms. With her hands now secured -behind- her back, the upward pull created an unnatural and very uncomfortable position. The pull put a painful tension on her already straining shoulders, and she tried to adjust her body to accommodate the new stress. Her options were very limited, however, as she was forced to keep her body horizontal to the floor by the nipple clamps that were attached to the spreader bar between her ankles!

Clover clamps are designed to tighten when pulled, increasing the discomfort and encouraging Karen to keep slack in the twine. After a few moments Karen was finally able to find a happy balance (relatively speaking, of course!) between the strain on her arms and the pull on her nipples. As an afterthought, Mark placed several ounces of weights on a short chain and proceeded to hang them from the center of the chain connecting the nipple clamps, leaving the weights to swing freely.

Satisfied with Karen's predicament, Mark locked off the winch and moved behind the trembling girl. To her credit, she was silent - enduring the pain and strain on her body well. Standing directly behind her, he grasped her by the hips and pulled her sharply back against his own hips. His crotch was level with her ass, and had he wanted he could have released his hard cock and reamed her in whichever hole he chose. He rhythmically pulled her against him several times, knowing that each time she moved the weights on the nipple chain would swing and jerk, tugging on her tender, clamped buds!

He moved to the front of his captive and presented his still-clothed crotch to her face. With the posture collar forcing her head up and her body now horizontal, she was in a perfect position to accommodate any cock that was presented to her. The attitude of her neck made it especially easy for her to take the larger men down her throat.

Mark unzipped his fly, took out his rigid member and held it a few inches in front of Karen's mouth. Knowing what she was expected to do, she stuck out her tongue reaching to caress his dick. Mark pulled a bit farther away. Since her ankles were fixed to the floor via the spreader bar, she had to lean forward to reach him. Forward movement had the effect of pulling harder on her arms and tugging on the tether that was attached to the clover clamps. She whimpered as she finally reached his cock and maneuvered the tip through the ring gag in her mouth. Her tongue immediately began to work around his shaft, enthusiastically caressing him.

Mark enjoyed her attention for a few minutes, closing his eyes and letting the sensation of her moist, warm tongue wash through his body. Sighing, knowing he had other tasks awaiting him, he took hold of the rings that conveniently adorned the sides of her collar and thrust his hips forward, driving his cock deep into her mouth and throat. He stopped, holding her head against his pelvis, feeling her tongue push against him and her throat convulse and squeeze his dick. She struggled not to gag, and her chest heaved, longing for a breath of air. He held her there until her moans became desperate pleas, then released his hold on her collar and pulled backwards. He popped out of her mouth, tucked his cock carefully back into his pants and zipped up. Karen sighed in relief as she was allowed to return to her 'neutral' position, the tension on her nipples lessening. He turned indifferently away, satisfied with the utility of her position.

Done with Karen for now, Mark didn't spare a backward glance as he left the room. Removing a phone from his hip pocket, he pressed the talk-feature button and spoke into the receiver, "Karen is ready for her afternoon session. I think 5 trainers will do for today, but tell them to stretch it out and only cum in her mouth. Then send in a Jane for her to take care of." He'd watch the videos in the morning. It'd be interesting to see how well she did with the relatively difficult task of pleasuring a woman with her tongue after having been forced to take care of five cocks.

Now his thoughts turned to Toni, the beautiful woman waiting for him in the entry cell.

Chapter 3

When she awoke this time there was no disorientation beyond that which would be expected in an absolutely dark space. The weight of the metal collar around her throat immediately answered the hopeful question of 'maybe it was all a dream?' Lifting her chin off of her knees she realized that she was alert, not sleepy, and her heart was pounding in her chest.

What had awakened her? There had been a sound, metal on metal. Yes! There it was again!

"Hello!" she said loudly. "Help me, I'm in here! Hello!?"

Then the sound stopped, followed almost immediately by the distinct sound of a bolt-lock being turned and opened. Feeling like an idiot, she realized that calling for help to someone who had a key to her prison probably wouldn't do her much good. Curling herself tighter and pressing against the wall, she waited, eyes wide staring into the darkness.

A searing bolt of pain flashed through her head as the door directly in front of her was suddenly opened. In the instant it took for her to squeeze her eyes shut the bright light stabbed her like a knife. She buried her head down against her legs, a bright rectangle of light burned onto the inside of her eyelids. She felt wetness on her cheeks and thighs as her eyes immediately began to tear.

Heavy footsteps approached her quickly and a thick, cloth sack was pulled firmly, but not too roughly, over her head. Alarmed by the action she flailed out at the person in the room with her. Her right hand knocked into a leg and she turned toward it, both fists flailing, aiming slightly upwards toward what she hoped was a more vulnerable spot.

Strong hands grabbed her wrists, squeezing tightly and easily overpowering her attempts at breaking free. She twisted and pulled and heard herself yelling at the unknown captor. "Let me go! What are you doing? What is happening? What are you doing to me?"

She was still on the ground, trying to fight him off, but having no success. Suddenly he twisted her arms so that she was forced to lie flat, her front pressed onto the cold concrete floor. One wrist was released, but he was behind her and on the other side of the free arm. He still had one arm locked and forcing her to lie flat; there was nothing she could do. Then she felt his weight settle on her back. He was straddling her body and sitting on her!

She reached behind her and flailed at him pointlessly. The few times she did make contact were with no force at all. She felt something wrap around her wrist and tighten. Her free wrist was re-captured as the other was released. Again, something was wrapped around that wrist. He now easily snared both arms and pulled them behind her back. She heard a soft 'click', then he got off of her and moved to one side.

Toni tried to bring her hands to her front, but - as she expected - they were bound together behind her. She wiggled and squirmed on the floor until she was able to roll over onto her side and work her way into a sitting position. Still sightless because of the hood, she did at least have the light from the bottom opening seeping up to let her know she was not blind. But light that –she- could see also meant that her naked body was exposed completely for the man to see. And aside from bringing her knees up (which was quite uncomfortable with her hands trapped behind her) she had no way to cover herself.

Again the footsteps made their way toward where she sat. Knowing it would be useless and so not bothering to kick out at him, she scooted herself back until she ran into the wall. She wasn't yelling at the man anymore, but her frightened sobs were clear from under the hood.

She felt the man's hand on her head, pushing it forward. He did something behind her head, then carefully removed the metal collar from her neck. The skin where it had been felt strangely naked and cold, but now she wasn't chained to the wall!

Before she could take advantage of the realization of this bit of freedom, the man took a firm grasp of one elbow and pulled her to her feet. With an attitude that said he wouldn't put up with her fighting back nor would she win, he pulled her away from the wall and forced her to walk toward, as best as she could figure, the door where he had come into the room. She stumbled after him, resisting slightly, but also knowing she really didn't have a choice. She bumped her shoulder on the doorway as they passed through, and the light shining through the bottom of her hood got noticeably brighter.

She was led for quite a while along a maze of what she assumed were hallways, until finally being pulled to a stop. She heard the man open a door and she was led through it. Her elbow was released and she was left standing on her own, still feeling the imprint of his strong grasp on her skin. Afraid to move, not knowing what she would run into (or off of), she slumped her shoulders and dropped her head, trying to curl into herself. She squeezed her legs together, slightly crossing her knees, but it was impossible for her to hide any part of her nakedness. She felt like there was a thousand pair of eyes staring at her!

The door behind her shut, and the turn of a key in the lock made it clear that she wouldn't be escaping easily. The hand grasped her elbow again, this time more gently, and urged - rather than forced - her forward, further into the room. The man stopped her and turned her around.

"Sit," he said. She sobbed quietly, afraid to run, afraid to walk, even afraid to sit, not knowing what was around her.

"It's ok, there is a bench right behind you. Sit," he repeated.

Her head shot up, staring in the direction of the voice with disbelief. That Scottish brogue ... it was Mark! As pieces fell into place she immediately started berating herself for being so stupid, letting a stranger take her, late at night, down a dark, lonely street. Now she needed to sit down!

Legs trembling, she slowly bent her knees, her bound hands seeking something solid behind her. Her fingertips found the bench and she explored the new surface. It was smooth - cool but not cold - wood.

Confident of at least her seat, her legs dropped her onto the bench. She slumped forward, head down, knees pressed together. A touch at her left leg made her jump and she whimpered, then sobbed quietly as she felt another restraint wrapped around her ankle. The 'snick' of a padlock secured it in place. Feeling utterly defeated, she didn't even think about kicking out.

"Close your eyes, I'm going to take the hood off," the man said sternly, but not unkindly. She complied, the pain of her last exposure to bright light too fresh in her memory.
She felt the hood slide off of her head and a muted brightness filtered through her tightly closed eyes.

Nothing was done or said for several minutes, and eventually she felt herself getting more comfortable with the light and was finally able to open her eyes. The tears had crusted around the edges of her eyelids, making them itch, and she squinted at the floor in front of her. She immediately noticed the leather cuff that was locked to her ankle, and the plastic-covered metal cable, like a dog lead!, that led from the cuff to the wall underneath the wooden bench upon which she sat.

Gradually shifting her gaze to take in the room, she found her surroundings to be quite plain. The floor was tiled with large squares of cream-colored ceramic. The walls were also cream colored, although a slightly darker shade. The door through which they came was very sturdy looking. Looking to her left she saw her captor leaning against a wall, arms crossed and watching her intently. The black, cloth sack that had been her blindfold was grasped in one hand.

Instantly her eyes started to well up with more tears, but this time not from fear or pain. No, it was sheer anger! She was infuriated with him, of course, but angry with herself as well for being duped by the good looks and smooth talk of this monster!

Without realizing it, she had stood and, now oblivious to her nakedness, was pulling at the cable that tethered her closely to the wall. Her teeth were clenched together and bared - she was almost growling at him as she tried to get to him to ... to ... what? Her hands were bound behind her and he had already proved that he could physically control her with ease.

Teeth still clenched, her breathing fast and noisy through her nose, she sat back down on the bench, eyes never leaving 'Mark'. "What are you?" She hissed this question at him, asking in one simple sentence how he could do this to her as well as what was being done to her.

"Call me a personal trainer," he said casually, flashing that winning smile at her. "YOUR personal trainer. I requested you. I'm not usually involved in this part of the business these days, but you're something special, I can tell."

"What the hell do you mean, 'this part of the business,'" she spit at him with venom. "And I don't want any friggin' personal trainer, least of all YOU!"

He chuckled. "Of course you feel that way, I wouldn't expect anything else. But if it's any consolation, having me choose you is a spectacular stroke of luck for you. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be stuck with one of the other guys."

She cursed at him with explicatives that made her own ears burn, ordering that she let him go, tell her what was going on, give her a phone and other ridiculous and obviously futile demands.

"Now Toni, if you continue to act like that I might just change my mind," he said calmly. "I know you're confused and scared, but there's not much you can do. Trust me when I tell you you're not going anywhere. Make it easier on yourself and try to adapt to your new life here."

She spit at him, the wet glob falling several feet short onto the ceramic tile.

He chuckled again. "Ok, I'll let you be for a while. Just remember what I've told you. Try to believe me, you are something special and I'm going to take care of you."

He walked over to a door on the far side of the room and unlocked it with one of the keys on his ring. He removed a few items then walked back toward her. Cautious of her anger, however, he remained well out of reach of her teeth and free foot.

"Here's a bucket. I know it's not much, but if you need it, it'll be better than the floor. And if you'll stay calm, I'll give you some water." He stepped slowly toward her and placed a gray, plastic bucket just within reach of her tether. He held out a sport bottle, showing her what it was, and squirted some of the contents from the straw-like nozzle into his own mouth and swallowed. He then motioned that he was going to put it down on the bench.

Toni thought briefly of jumping at him as he moved within her reach, but rationally concluded that in her present situation there was nothing of any effect that she would accomplish other than making him mad. She moved to the far end of the bench and sat quietly, showing him she wasn't going to fight.

Mark placed the water bottle on the bench and moved away toward the door that they had entered by. Getting his keys out, he spoke to her, "I'll be back later. These are the things that you know so far, and you should think carefully about them. You cannot escape. You will not be rescued. You need to adapt to what we will be teaching you, and most of all, I can be your friend. But only if you cooperate. If you don't cooperate, you will certainly not think of me as your friend."

She stared at him. Silent, still fuming, but absorbing what he had said. She watched him unlock the door and pull it open, revealing a bare hallway beyond.

He took a step through then turned. As he reached to shut the door he paused and said, "Toni, I'd much rather be your friend."

After shutting the door to Toni's room, Mark stood quietly for a moment and was surprised to find himself smiling. She was a spitfire, that was for sure. But he got the impression that as willful as she was, she was also quite realistic. Her pragmatism should make her training relatively easy.

Chapter 4

The door shut with a solid 'thunk'. Toni sat unmoving, staring at the doorknob, willing it to turn.

It didn't, of course, and after a few minutes of sitting silently her eyes slowly strayed across the adjacent wall and began surveying the room. There was nothing of note. The room was about 15 foot square. There was the locked door on the other side of the room from which Mark had retrieved her bucket and water, and there was the bench upon which she now sat. Nothing else. The fluorescent lights in the ceiling were recessed and their glass or plastic covering panels were flush. There wasn't even a switch for them that she could see, nor any outlets or jacks on the walls. There were, of course, no windows.

The ceiling was a typical office-building style drop ceiling, with white panels of perforated fiberboard.

She briefly considered removing a panel and crawling to another room, but then looked down at her tethered ankle and 'hmph'd' to herself.

The plastic water bottle caught her eye and her she suddenly realized her thirst. She scooted closer to the bottle and, leaning forward, grasped the plastic straw between her lips. She took a small sip, letting the liquid wash over her tongue, searching for any off flavors that might indicate that it was drugged. Her thirst won out over her caution and she sucked in several large mouthfuls, letting the tepid water rinse away the dryness of her mouth.

Sitting up straight, wetting her lips with her now-moist tongue, she again looked hopelessly at her shackled ankle.

What had he said? 'You cannot escape. You will not be rescued.'

The first statement seemed quite apparent at the moment. The cuffs on her wrists felt like the one on her ankle, and a quick exploration with her fingers assured her that they were locked on as well. She felt a moment's gratitude that they were so comfortable. Having experienced a set of handcuffs last year during a charity fund raising "Bail for The Cause", she knew how painful the metal restraints could be.

She blinked in disbelief! Wait, she was –glad- that he had used leather cuffs instead of handcuffs? No!! She was pissed that he had used anything at all! Her anger returned in all of its fury. She stood, struggled with the cuffs on her wrists and yanked with her foot on the metal cable that secured her to the wall. One particularly vicious tug caused her to lose her balance, and with her arms out of commission, she couldn't regain it. She fell hard onto the floor, landing with a 'thump' on her rear.

The impact shocked her out of her tantrum and she sat, bare butt on the cold tile floor, blinking.

The monitor in the control room was now taking a feed from the camera hidden behind the light panel of Toni's new room. Presently it showed her back and her arms hanging together bound by the cuffs, fingers resting on the tile floor.

Mark had winced as her butt thumped down when she fell, but he knew she hadn't hurt herself. He watched as her shoulders started to gently quiver. Her head dropped so that she must have been looking at the floor, her hair falling down around her face. He reached forward to a knob on the control panel and turned up the volume. Toni continued to sob softly for a few minutes, then quieted and lifted her head, shaking it to flip her hair back out of her face. Her head bent sideways and her shoulder shrugged up as she wiped her cheek against it. Mark heard her sniff wetly - rather unladylike, he mused with a grin.

Her shoulders straightened and she rolled sideways so that she could stand up. He watched her smooth, toned body move gracefully as she got to her feet, and smiled to himself as she overcame her bout of fear and distress. He stood for a few moments longer, gazing at her face, now visible and, while red and somewhat puffy from crying, quite composed.

There was a sound of footsteps outside the door to the control room, and Mark jumped guiltily, quickly reaching to turn the volume down. The door opened; his partner walked in and started complaining about the coffee maker being on the fritz again. Mark listened distractedly, but his eyes strayed back to the monitor, to Toni.

Mark's partner, Alex, having stopped his tirade a few breaths ago, cleared his throat.

Mark's eyes darted to his partner's face and saw the amused accusation in his eyes.

"I think I'm going to bring another handler in on this, let them have a go with her," he said, head motioning toward the monitor.

Mark knew what Alex thought, and couldn't deny it. Toni was beautiful. He'd been the first to notice her during their 'window shopping' expeditions to the area bars and clubs, and found himself somewhat regretful that they had marked and taken her.

Alex spoke again, "you can step back in later. Think of it as Good Cop-Bad Cop, ok?"

Mark knew that Alex himself had succumbed to the beauty of one of their victims when they were first starting their business. But this was the first time Mark had even been tempted by any of the beautiful women he helped to snare, and was surprised at the strength of the attraction that he felt.

"Sure," Mark replied, nodding his head and smiling guiltily. "I'm sure it's just a thing today, maybe I need to get laid, eh?"

Both men laughed at the irony of this statement and headed toward the door. Mark glanced back at the monitor, catching a last glimpse of Toni sitting quietly on the bench once again, and his laugh faded to silence.

Toni had almost finished the bottle of water. She hoped Mark wouldn't leave her so long that she would need to use the bucket, but after her ordeal in the dark room while chained to the wall, she figured using the bucket wouldn't be so bad.

Finding herself still scared and confused, but at the same time a little bored, she began to work through the previous evening's events. She thought hopefully about Linda. Linda had seen Mark! She had spoken to him, and had one of his business cards. Logic told her that the card was bogus, but there was hope. Finger prints on the paper, maybe? A trace back to the printer where they were made?

Toni chuckled to herself, shaking her head dismally. She'd been watching way too much CSI lately!

But the chuckle was short lived. Thoughts of Linda, and of the overstuffed couch where she would curl to watch the CSI episodes, brought her back to the reality of her situation. Tears again welled in her eyes.

What did Mark want? What would happen to her? What did he mean when he said, "... adapt to your new life here?" And the bit about a personal trainer?

She knew so little. Mark was the only other person she had any knowledge of in this place. How many of 'them' were there? How many people like her? Where WAS she? How long had she been here?

Based on her toilet episode earlier, she was pretty sure that it had only been a matter of several hours, maybe half a day at most, since she left the bar with Mark. She realized that he must have somehow drugged her drink, that asshole! How long was she out? Then she had fallen asleep again after peeing, but she was pretty sure that it hadn't been for very long.

Toni took a deep breath in an effort to control the anger that threatened to resurface at the thought of her capture. She knew anger would do her no good, and staying clear and objective would be easier if the remained calm.

Part of her felt that she should be screaming and struggling and fighting her restraints. Isn't that what the typical damsel-in-distress would be doing in a romance novel or TV mystery? Wasn't remaining calm the same thing as giving up?

No. She shook her head. Giving up would be accepting her fate and not feeling the anger or not resenting her imprisonment. She told herself that she was NOT accepting, she just knew there was just nothing of any consequence that she could do -at this time-. In the romance novel there was guaranteed to be a hero waiting for his cue to come rescue the damsel. She didn't even know if anyone was aware she was missing yet, let alone saddling the white stallion for the hero to come riding in on!

She blinked back the tears that were ready to overflow from her eyes. Crying would get her nowhere. Cooperate. That's what she would do. It was obvious that Mark wasn't likely to give her a chance to slip away, and there was no way she could overpower his greater strength. If she cooperated and lulled him into thinking she could be trusted, she might get a chance to run.

She just hoped she'd be able to deal with whatever it was they were going to expect her to do in the meantime!

Leaning her back against the wall and bringing her one free foot up onto the bench, Toni maneuvered as best she could to rest against the wall. With her arms behind her this wasn't very comfortable no matter what she tried. She tugged in frustration at the locked cuffs, then sighed and let her head fall back to lay against the wall and she stared blankly up at the ceiling.

With thoughts of Linda and her lonely - but safe! - bedroom in their apartment, Toni let her eyes close again and she rested.

After what felt like hours, Toni again felt the urge to pee. She considered calling out to see if Mark would return and let her use a bathroom, but discounted the chance of that and looked bleakly at the plastic bucket he had left for her. Sighing and resigning herself to the indignity, she unfolded herself from her seat and used the bucket to relieve herself.

Just as she finished and was still squatting, letting things air dry a bit, there was the sound of keys in the lock. Fear took hold of her and she got up, moving to the far reach of her ankle tether, and pressed herself against the wall. She squatted, leaning one shoulder against the cool, smooth drywall and twisted her body trying to hide her nakedness.

The door opened and Mark walked in. Wait, no, this wasn't Mark! This man was about as tall as Mark, but not nearly as well toned. In fact, his belly preceded him as he moved into the room.

The man stopped and looked at Toni with cruel, hungry eyes that made her breath catch in her throat. Tears again began to well in her eyes despite her attempts to remain brave!

The man turned and locked the door, putting the keys back into one of his deep, front pockets. "'Ello," he said in a gruff voice, heavy with English accent, "Toni is it? Well Toni, you and me is goin' t'have a bit of fun."

"Where's Mark?" Toni asked in a squeaky, scared whine. Why she felt to call on his name as her protector, she could hardly guess. It was he who had put her in this situation to begin with! But she did know for certain that this man chilled her to the bone.

"Well Mark's busy for now, 'e is. And I'm the lucky bloke as who gets to take 'is place. I'm Jeff, but all the ladies aroun' 'ere call me Master." Again that cruel stare accompanied by a sinister smile. A smile that didn't touch his eyes.

Jeff, the new handler who was in charge of Toni for the time being, ran his thick tongue over his skinny upper lip. The sight of it made Toni shiver with revulsion. Was this what Mark had meant when he talked about 'the other guys?'

"Wha..." Toni stammered, her voice shaking. She swallowed and tried again, "What do you want with me?"

"Oh honey, didn'a Marky tell ya? You're the newest addition to our kennel!" said Jeff, who then laughed as he watched Toni try to make sense of what he had just said. "You're what they call a 'Sex Slave' now, sweetie. And ol' Jeff 'ere is goin'ta start teachin' you how to behave!"

Toni couldn't believe her ears! She supposed that deep down this is what she had to have figured was happening, but hearing it spoken out loud was a different story! This didn't happen in this day and age! This didn't happen in the United States! And most of all, this didn't happen to HER! She tried desperately to find some explanation, to think of some friend who might have planned this as an elaborate, if sick, joke. But nothing was forthcoming. And in her heart she knew she was in trouble - serious trouble.

Her earlier conviction to cooperate vanished. This man terrified her, and facing his claim that she was to be a -sex slave- was a nightmare! She started to sob deeply now, begging the man to let her go. She made all the usual promises -- she wouldn't tell anyone, she wouldn't press charges, she would just go away, they could have anything they wanted. But the only thing her begging did was to make the large, terrifying bulge in Jeff's pants get even larger!

Jeff moved over to the closet (that's what Toni had come to think of the other tiny room) and unlocked the door. He moved halfway inside and Toni could hear things being moved around. He looked back at her, as if sizing her up, and then nodded to himself and reached for another item. Everything was placed into a gray plastic tote. He walked toward Toni and stopped a few feet outside of her reach, placing the tote on the floor. He returned to the closet to shut and lock the door.

Toni couldn't make out what most of the items in the tote were, but she saw rope and leather and even chain! What was he going to do with all of this? Her arms were already tied, and she was tethered to the wall! What did he need all of this stuff for?

"Now be a good girl and this'll all be easy for ya, missy, 'tho it won't be nearly as fun for me, will it?" the man said to her with a sneer.

Toni shook her head, still pleading with whimpers and incomprehensible murmurings for him to just go away and leave her alone. Her eyes grew wide with fear when she made sense of the first item he picked up from the pile on the floor. It was a large handful of shapeless, black leather, but she knew its purpose -- it was a hood! Like in that movie Pulp Fiction! And it was meant for her!

She twisted into the wall, whimpering and sobbing as Jeff moved closer. It was easy for him to pin her against the wall and bench with his massive size, especially since three of her four limbs were incapacitated. The feel of her tight, warm body against his own almost caused Jeff to unload his nuts right then and there. He truly loved his job! Breaking in the new ones was what he was best at. He fed off of the terror he caused the bitches, sucking it from them like it was the elixir of life!

He regained his composure, telling himself there was plenty of time for play later. Right now his job was to give this one a taste of the comforts (he chuckled) PETS, Inc. could provide.

The hood was open in the back. Jeff worked it into place despite Toni's squirming and tossing of her head. Once he had it more-or-less where it needed to be, he forced Toni onto her knees in front of the bench facing the wall. Crushing her between his body and the bench and thereby trapping her bound arms. He tucked her hair into the hood and pulled the zipper down, closing the leather sack around her head.

Toni's eyes were red and wet with tears. She realized how ineffective her struggles were against Jeff's bulk, but she just couldn't make herself stop fighting against him. She tried to block out the feeling of Jeff's body pressed against hers, but it was impossible. She could feel his chest heave with his heavy breathing. Her feet kicked against the hard, tile floor, and she wrenched her arms with all her strength, but they barely budged. She could hear him smiling and knew he was enjoying her struggle. Her wiggling arms were rubbing against his bulging excitement and, realizing this, her stomach lurched and she fought back the urge to vomit.

Thoroughly enjoying himself, Jeff leaned forward and placed his face very close to Toni's and leered at her. She could smell the stale coffee and cigarettes on his breath. Not able to bear him so close, she suddenly lunged and snapped her teeth together where his nose should have been.

Used to the unpredictable behavior of the new bitches, Jeff moved out of the way with unexpected quickness. He immediately rewarded her self-defense initiative by reaching around with his right hand and grabbing the corresponding nipple between his thick fingers. He squeezed-twisted-pulled all at once, and Toni wailed in surprise and pain! Grinning and through clenched teeth Jeff said, "One o' yer new rules is t'never fight back. Y'll be wantin' t' get that through your pretty 'ead right quick now, y'ear?"

Toni was mewing in agony, her eyes squeezed shut. She was sure he was about to rip her nipple right off! She nodded her head frantically in agreement, desperate for him to release her tender breast from his vicious grasp.

"I don't 'ear ya," Jeff taunted.

Toni nodded even more vigorously and hissed, "Yes, YES!"

"'Es what?" Jeff said devilishly.

Toni's mind whirled, her breast screaming for relief. "Yes," she paused, panting, then finally, "Master."

Immediately Jeff released her nipple from his grasp. "Goooood giiiirl," he said as if she were a child. He then reached with his other hand and gave the unabused left nipple a hard squeeze. Toni screamed as he pinched, but Jeff let go almost immediately. "That was just so as it did'na feel left out." He laughed hilariously at his own joke while Toni sobbed, her right nipple still on fire from his wicked treatment.

Getting back to business, sure that Toni would be a bit more cooperative now, Jeff placed a large hand on either side of her head and shifted the hood until the three large holes - one for her mouth and one for each eye - lined up perfectly with her features. He then began to thread a leather lace through the holes of two flaps that lay on the back of the hood and would, once closed, cover the zipper.

Her head rocked back and forth as Jeff, now having threaded the leather lace through all of the holes in the flaps, began to tug and tighten it, drawing the hood closer around her head. By the time he was through and had tied off the lace, the heavy leather felt like it was crushing her skull and had become one with her flesh!

She felt the man lean away from her for a moment, but quickly return, wrapping a heavy leather collar around her throat. It was very wide and completely covered the base of the hood, which extended down onto her neck. It hid the zipper and the tied ends of the laces. Once the collar was snugged around her neck, Jeff placed a small padlock through the special buckle and snicked it closed, insuring that neither it nor the hood could be removed or loosened.

The closing of the lock, muted though it was through the leather hood, brought the reality of her situation home to Toni. Between that and Jeff's example of how easily he could control and punish her, she lost her rebellious attitude - at least for the moment.

Feeling the fight go out of her, Jeff was admittedly more than a little disappointed. He liked the struggle. But it would make things easier if she didn't fight, and he had other girls to work on before lunch. Figuring he'd take advantage of her cooperation while it lasted, he hurried to finish Toni's outfitting.

"'At's a girl, be nice for ol' Jeff now," he said gruffly, then "Open up."

Something pressed against Toni's lips and she instinctively clamped her jaw shut, pressing her lips tightly together. Jeff sighed loudly and again reached forward and grabbed a nipple. She quickly relaxed her jaw, opening her lips as she let go another scream.

Taking advantage of this opportunity and not waiting to see if she was going to keep it open or again close her mouth, Jeff roughly pushed the large rubber object deep into Toni's mouth. She squealed at the intrusion as much as for the surprise as for the pain caused as he forced it past her lips, wedging her mouth wide open. A flat plate of flexible leather pressed against her lips, signaling that the intruder was completely seated. Straps were pulled behind her head and buckled tightly, driving the plug a bit further into her mouth and causing Toni to gag.

Her tongue explored the object, her face grimacing under the hood at the sharp, raw taste of rubber. 'Oh my God!' she thought to herself, eyes wide. It was a dildo! A stubby one, but more than long and wide enough to completely fill her mouth! Her tongue pushed against it in a futile effort to expel it from her mouth. It was no use.

An instant later she began to panic, realizing she couldn't draw a breath past the intruder or the leather that was now sealed against her lips! Then she got hold of herself and took a shallow breath through her nose. Small, grommetted holes positioned precisely under each nostril allowed her the precious oxygen her body demanded, and she relaxed slightly.

Done with her head for the moment, Jeff roughly pulled Toni onto the floor, laying her on her stomach, smashing her breasts beneath her. He pushed each cuff as far up on her wrist as he could then pulled a mitten over each hand. Her fingers were forced close together, and her thumb had nowhere to go except to fold in against the palm of her hand - there was no thumbhole. A stiff board or plate had been worked into the palm of each mitten, keeping her hands rigid. The cuff of each mitten extended several inches up each arm.

Once the mittens were snug on each hand, Jeff loosened each of the leather wrist cuffs and re-secured them over the edges of each mitten. Once he had relocked the cuffs, the mittens were there to stay as well.

He then turned around and straddled her, sitting unceremoniously on her ass. He was incredibly heavy! Toni grunted under his weight, but he didn't move. She felt him remove the ankle cuff and toss it aside, still attached to the cable.

He bent one leg back toward him and began to work a shoe onto that foot. It was incredibly tight, and Toni was certain it must have been at least two sizes too small! Her toes were squished and not moving easily into the end of the shoe, but Jeff was persistent and eventually Toni's heel popped into the correct position in the footwear. A cramp immediately started to form in her calf and she whimpered as it blossomed into pain.

Ignoring her suffering, Jeff finished up by lacing the shoe - actually a boot - tightly up her lower leg, tying a knot at the top near her knee. He repeated the process on her other leg, then got up and stood back to observe the results.

Toni, relieved to have Jeff's bulk off of her body, rolled over and moved as if to stand up. Her feet slipped on the floor, her movements awkward. She looked down at her feet and couldn't believe what she saw! Her toes were forced into an en-point position like ballet toe shoes! There wasn't even a heel on the shoe, just a bump where the heel of her foot must be sitting inside the awful boots. A narrow band of rigid metal ran up either side of the laces on each boot, forcing her toes down and preventing her from flexing her foot at all!

No wonder he had removed the cuff, she thought to herself. There was no way she even could walk, let alone run, while wearing these boots!

She looked up at the man who was glowering at her and pleaded with her tearing eyes to give her some relief, to let her free of these awful restraining devices. But there was no pity in his face. In fact, the excitement and pleasure that she saw there made her realize just how bad a situation she was in!

The big man moved to the gray plastic tote and removed the last few items. He locked cuffs onto each ankle and clipped them together with a hook of some sort, then rolled Toni back onto her stomach. The feel of his rough hands on her body as he maneuvered her made her shiver.

He attached a chain to the hook connecting her ankles, and then bent her legs at the knees. The next thing Toni felt was Jeff's hand under her chin pushing her head backwards. He tugged on the ankle chain, pulling her feet toward her head. The hood must have had some kind of ring on the top for when she was arched enough to make Jeff happy, she heard a 'snick' and realized that the ankle chain was now attached to the top of her head!

Toni squealed at the discomfort this severe position was causing! With her hands trapped in the stiff, thumbless mittens, she could do nothing to try to loosen the ties. All she could do was attempt to keep her legs bent to relieve the pull on her head and neck!

Her attention was drawn back to Jeff, who now was squatting in front of her and holding up two objects for her to see. Pinchy things ... he was squeezing them with his thumbs and forefingers, causing them to open and close. Suddenly she realized what they were -- nipple clamps! Nasty, wicked looking metal clips with teeth on the inside edges. Alligator clips, that's what she had heard them called. She screamed into the gag and shook her head violently as much as the hog tie position would allow.

"Toni, because you 'ere such a good girl t'day, I'm not goin't' use these little beauties on you." Toni almost sighed with relief. "You can thank me later." Jeff added with a sinister grin. "Just so as y'don't get bored, I'll leave y'with this, instead ."

Dropping the clamps and putting a latex glove on one hand, Jeff picked up a jar that Toni hadn't noticed before and opened it. A strong medicinal smell made her eyes water. Jeff scooped up a generous glob of the ointment that was in the jar. Reaching under her and pulling her breasts forward so the nipples were exposed, he rubbed the ointment onto each of her still-tender buds. He spent a few minutes massaging the salve into her skin, and by the time he stopped and removed the glove Toni could feel a heat growing on her breast.

She watched as Jeff picked up the miscellaneous items left around on the floor and return them all to the closet. He came back to Toni and briefly let her see one last item - it was a blindfold – before he quickly buckled it tightly over the eyeholes in the hood, plunging her once again into darkness.

Toni again began to sob and whimper. Her legs were already fatigued from trying to relieve the pull on her neck, her neck was screaming with the strain of her legs pulling on the chain and her calves were cramping from their stringently forced position in the boots!

She was somewhat distracted from these unpleasantries, however, by the persistent tingle and burn that was developing and intensifying on her nipples! In the muffled darkness caused by the hood and blindfold, she could focus only on the sensations that were accosting her body.

Her hands flapped uselessly behind her. She rocked on her belly, trying to roll onto her side in hopes of relieving the pain in her legs and neck and back. Her nipples rubbed on the floor as she rocked forward and she gasped! They had been super sensitized by the ointment, and the brush against the cold tile floor sent an electrical current through her body, culminating in her pussy! She whimpered, recognizing the signs that her body was responding to her situation not, as her mind wanted, with revulsion, but with excitement!

For the moment she had almost forgotten about Jeff, but his laughter at her situation brought her back to the moment. He was pleased with her obvious discomfort and struggle.

Toni froze as she felt Jeff lean close to her, speaking into to her covered ear. "This'll keep y'busy 'till we have a chance t'play a little later, sweety!" And with that Toni felt his hand roughly force itself up between her almost immobile legs. She felt a fat finger push unerringly into her pussy. It twisted inside of her, then was withdrawn as quickly as it had entered.

It happened so fast she didn't even have a chance to feel the disgust and shame of the intrusion until it was over! But it wasn't over, not nearly. A split second later the moist, tender folds of her most private area erupted in a searing pain! Jeff had just coated her pussy with the same heat gel that he had applied to her nipples, but its effects on the tender, moist flesh of her pussy was magnified a hundred fold!

The pain took her breath away. She could only manage a gasping whimper, barely heard through her gag. Her body was rigid, legs pulling on her neck, arms stiff and tugging uselessly against the locked cuffs. Her body rocked slowly from side to side, but there was no relief from the fiery burn.

Incredibly excited by the effects that the bondage and pain were having on the new slave, Jeff unzipped his pants and took his thick, purplish cock in his hand. He had several slaves to work with today, but working with a new slave was like popping a cherry – he could never resist.

Watching Toni writhe on the floor and hearing her whimpers from inside the hood, it didn't take long at all for Jeff's practiced hand to bring himself to completion. Letting loose a deep wail of satisfaction as he came, Jeff spurted his thick, white jiz over Toni's bare back.

She vaguely acknowledged the splat of the warm globs on her skin, but didn't have the emotional energy to spare to truly feel or recognize the full extent of her disgust.

Completely unnoticed by Toni, Jeff pushed himself back into his pants and left the room, locking her in and leaving her alone to suffer through the rest of the afternoon.

Chapter 5

For the millionth time Toni struggled to arch her back and flex her legs enough to take some of the strain off of her burning neck. The way her legs had been joined to her head via the ring on the top of the hood forced her neck to bend backward at an alarmingly painful angle. She was sure that if she relaxed her legs her neck would just snap! It wasn't going to be long, though, before she had no choice. Already her hamstrings were starting to cramp, and a dull ache in her lower back was signaling the impending fatigue of those muscles as well.

As if the agony in her neck and legs wasn't enough, her breasts felt like there was a hot, softly prickling brush tapping against them, her nipples were warm and tingling in a distractingly and not entirely unpleasant manner. The air conditioning or fan in the room would cycle on from time to time, causing the currents of air to swirl past her sensitive buds and refresh the fading heat. In her mind's eye her nipples were swollen to the size of thimbles, and popping stiffly out seeking touch. Her imagination wasn't far from the truth, as they were indeed engorged with excitement and rosy red in color.

The screaming agony of fire that Jeff had left in her pussy was fading now to a simmering tingle. The air currents couldn't get to her most private parts, thanks to being able to squeeze her thighs together, so there wasn't the periodic blossom of renewed heat. But the tingle on her moist, tender folds and the inner passage of her pussy - which had been rudely invaded by Jeff's probing finger - was causing the excitable tissue to swell and throb. She could feel each beat of her heart in her hot tunnel.

More than once she caught herself rolling her hips slightly from side to side, causing her slick lips to rub ever so slightly against each other. She'd force herself to stop the motion, disgusted that she was finding pleasure in her situation. But a few minutes later, as her mind was drawn back to the issue of her straining neck, she would realize her hips had started rocking once more.

It took her a while to recognize that the sounds she was hearing within her hood were moans that she herself was making. Her mittened hands waved uselessly against empty air, desperate to find some escape to her torment and the conflicting messages that her body was sending her.

From the hall outside of Toni's room, peering through the small observation peep-hole, Jeff watched the tiny, tell-tale movements of his newest captive. She'd been in that strenuous position for only half an hour, but he was sure that to her it felt like an eternity. His leering smile belied the pleasure he was gleening from Toni's struggles, and he let a few more agonizing moments tick by before unlocking the door to Toni's room.

Outside sounds were muffled inside the thick leather hood, but the moans that she was making were loud in her own, stifled ears. Still, the distant sound of the door shutting wormed past her distractions and she momentarily froze, silent. There were muted footsteps moving across the room, away from her, and she renewed her struggles in a frenzied attempt to persuade the visitor to ease her bonds.

But who was it? She had no way to tell. It could be Mark, or Jeff, or maybe yet another sadistic employee of this so called company. But frankly, Toni didn't care. All she wanted was for the horrendous strain on her body to be relieved, and for the opportunity to caress her nipples and pussy in hopes of relieving their frustrated, ghostly sensations.

For his part, Jeff was in no hurry. He knew that the longer Toni suffered in her predicament, the better lesson she would learn, even if only subconsciously, from this round in her training. If it were up to him, they would terrify the bitches into submission with one painful predicament after another. But the company had rules, and most of the customers wanted their Pets to be at least somewhat willingly compliant. Thus, a blend of pain and pleasure. Punishment and reward.

Returning to the closet where the supplies were kept, Jeff selected a few items and returned to Toni's side. Kneeling next to her, he cupped her chin in one hand while unclipping the chain from her hood that connected to her ankles. He slowly let her head drop down, her loud whimper attesting to both the relief of having her head freed and the pain of her muscles adjusting to their natural position.

Keeping tension on her ankles, Jeff adjusted the clip several links shorter on the chain and attached it to her wrist cuffs, causing her arms to stretch straight back to meet her stringently booted feet. Her hands fluttered blindly, knocking against her own feet but unable to do anything the way they were trapped in the stiff, thumbless mittens. The new position did, however, allow Toni to relax her legs somewhat. The pull on her shoulders wasn't too great, and she was able to rest her upper legs flat on the floor rather than straining to push them back toward her head.

She jumped as she felt rough hands working something around her knees. She knew by the touch that it was Jeff, and her heart sank realizing that whatever this evil man was up to it wasn't going to be good. She felt a set of cuffs being tightly secured around each leg just above her knees. Suddenly strong hands pushed her knees apart! Her ankles were still held closely together by their cuffs, but her legs were open from the knees all the way to her crotch. The rush of cool air against her now-exposed pussy caused a flare of heat on the very moist, sensitive area, and she moaned as the sensation momentarily took over.

She struggled to close her legs. She wasn't able to overpower Jeff's strength, but was surprised when a moment later his hands were gone. She hurried to close her legs, to again protect her private area from his sight and his hands, but found that she was stuck in this open, vulnerable position! A spreader bar had been locked between the cuffs now wrapped around her legs, keeping her open to the air and to the whims of Jeff.

Jeff smiled broadly once more, the heady aroma of Toni's unwilling excitement, overpowering the now faint smell of the balm, wafting up and surrounding them both. He took a moment to roughly knead the tight, toned, sensative flesh of the backs of her thighs, then moved forward with another of the items he had retrieved from the closet.

This was simply a short length of rope. He threaded a bite of it through the clasp holding her wrists to her ankles, then cinched it off by looping it through itself. The other end he once again threaded through the loop on Toni's helmet, making her shake her head wildly in a futile effort to prevent returning to that terrible position.

Jeff was not even slowed by her efforts, and soon Toni felt the pull of the rope on her head. She struggled to keep her head down, but it was hopeless. Jeff pulled the rope tighter and tighter until, once again, her neck was bent severely back. It was maybe a tiny bit less stringent than before, but it was none-the-less very painful on her still aching muscles.

Once he was happy with the tension, Jeff tied the rope off and picked up the last two items in his inventory. One of the items he aimed at Toni's pussy, guiding it between her widely spread legs and toward the unprotected, pink, glistening folds. Toni screamed into her gag as the cool dildo made contact with her warm, still-tingling pussy, and she sobbed as she felt Jeff rub it back and forth through the moisture that had accumulated, against her will, around her slit.

Satisfied with it's lubrication, Jeff positioned the fat head at the entrance to her hole and slowly pushed it inside of her. She rocked her hips in an effort to escape. She moaned and sobbed and screamed unintelligable things, but nothing mattered. The thick phallus slowly invaded her, stretching her engorged pussy walls. Jeff went slowly, letting Toni feel every millimeter of advancement, until finally the base of the dildo was flush with her pussy lips. He held it there with his thumb, pushing slightly in a rhythmic motion, making it move in and out the slightest bit.

Then he brought forth the item held in his other hand. Flicking a switch on the side of the long, bullet-shaped item, he started the powerful buzzing vibrations. He worked it into position underneath her hips, sliding it back and forth to either side of her pussy, and finally moving it against her clit. She screamed and bucked her hips! Her legs pulled harshly against the tether to her head, but she hardly noticed the increased strain on her neck.

Jeff was now holding the buzzing vibe firmly against her clit, letting it work its magic on her sensitive nub. Toni's screams turned to moans. Her struggles slowed, but her body visibly tensed. Her attentions were unwillingly drawn inward. She fought to deny the blossoming heat that was leading to its inevitable climax in her groin. Her breathing was loud, her nostrils flared trying to get more air in through the limiting holes of the hood. Every exhalation was a moan, and behind the thick leather her eyes were squeezed tightly shut.

Jeff leaned forward so that his mouth was next to Toni's head, "Y'wanna come now, don' ya?"

Her only response was a deep throated whimper from behind the thick phallus-shaped gag. Toni shook her head from slowly from side to side.

"No? Well now, it sure seems as yer enjoyin' yerself t'me," Jeff crooned in a falsley sweet voice. He was answered with another whimper and slow shake of her head.

Toni couldn't believe what was happening to her! Her body was aching in every imaginable way, she was naked and vulnerable to these cruel strangers, and her most private parts were being rudely invaded! But the growing warmth in her belly assured her of the impending explosion.

She tried to deny what was happening. Surely she wasn't actually going to -orgasm- from the ministrations of this monster! She tensed her body, tried to ignore the thick dildo and gyrating vibe that were tormenting her pussy, but it was impossible. No matter how hard she fought it, she knew it was inevitable.

Jeff could tell her denial was becoming more and more half-hearted. Her hips were rocking in time with his shallow thrusts with the dildo. He was sure she didn't even realized it! Still leaning close to her ear, he spoke again in that saccherine voice, "C'mon darlin', i know y'want t'cum. Don' ya! There's not a bit y'can do 'bout it, so just let it go!"

This time Toni couldn't deny it. The starburst in her belly was radiating out and on the edge of exploding. She whimpered and nodded her head ever so slightly (it was still tied tightly to her feet!).

"And when yer finished with yer li'l bit of happy time, y'can make MY cock just as happy!" Jeff croaked, finishing with a hearty chuckle.

Toni was horrified! NO! She couldn't cum, she couldn't let this awful man control her like this! But she was past the point, if ever that point existed, of having any say in the matter. She felt Jeff intensify the pistoning motion of the thick plastic cock in her pussy, and he rocked the vibe against her clit expertly. Moments later her tightly shut eyes were seeing bright flashes and her entire body was rigid with the intensity of the forced orgasm!

Her whimpers became high pitched squeals as her body worked through the climax. Her legs trembled and pulled on her arms and head, her cords on her neck stood out, her pulse beating madly on the sides of her throat.

Jeff slowed the motion of the dildo, and eventually moved the vibrator away from her clit. Toni visibly relaxed, her breathing heavy and labored through the small nose-holes in the hood. Her legs went limp, her head held up only by the pull of the tether. Her hands flopped lifelessly.

Guaging her reactions well, his expertise won at the expense of dozens of women before Toni, he again thrust the dildo hard into her pussy and moved the vibrator back against her clit, pressing hard against the swollen nub of still-throbbing tissue!

Toni wailed into her gag, her body immediately rocketing back into another orgasm! She could feel the muscles in her belly tighten and contract with the intensity of the sensations. She struggled to move her hips away from the tormenting toys, but again was helpless to stop the assault.

It seemed to Toni that she was kept at the peak of her climax for endless minutes! Of course it wasn't nearly that long before Jeff released her from her forced ecstasy. This time he abruptly removed the vibe and pulled the dildo from her gaping pussy, leaving Toni feeling abandoned in a twisted way.

Tossing the dripping toys to the side, Jeff set about the business of acquainting Toni with the variety of positions that being an employee of PETS, Inc. could afford her.

Toni was sobbing, her body heaving with each labored breath and tensing against its bonds. She was almost numb to the sensation of Jeff's rough hands untying her head and hands from her ankles. Her head lay on the cool tile floor, although she couldn't feel it through the thick leather hood. Her feet fell to the floor, finally relieved of the strain they'd been under for the past hour, although still aching in their strict, booted prison.

Letting Toni rest only for as long as it took him to assemble an overhead pulley arrangement, Jeff whistled to himself anticipating the fun he was about to have. His cock throbbed, already rigid but still trapped inside his pants.

Moving to the still-prostrate girl on the floor, Jeff took a firm hold of both her shoulders and raised her to a kneeling position, her knees still forced apart by the spreader bar. Toni grunted and wobbled a bit, but managed to keep her balance.

Jeff reached up to the overhead fixture he had just worked out and brought down one of the two cables. The hook on the end clipped around the center of the link binding Toni's hands together behind her back. Moving to the wall, Jeff turned a crank that began to raise the cable and, thus, Toni's hands.

This strapado position was Jeff's favorite. The awkward angle of the arms was satisfyingly uncomfortable for the girls, and the stress on the shoulders prevented too much struggle. Presently he was concentrating on putting just the right amount of tension on Toni's pretty shoulders.

She already had bent forward at the waist to try to relieve the pull on her shoulders, her hands high behind her back. Soft whimpers told Jeff that she was at her limit. He gave the crank one more half-turn for good measure, then set the mechanism so that it wouldn't slip.

Toni's head hung down, her arms high behind her back and her ass presented perfectly to Jeff. Being a tall girl, the fact that she was still kneeling wasn't a problem for him. He moved behind her and kicked her feet apart, matching the width between her knees. He dropped heavily to his knees and unfastened his trousers, letting them and the well-worn underwear underneath drop in a puddle to the floor. He reached into a pocket on his chest and removed a condom, tore the wrapping and unrolled it into place.

Looking down past his belly to admire his stiff, sheathed cock, Jeff placed both hands on Toni's ass cheeks and squeezed her soft flesh - hard. She squealed, but was unable to do any more than that thanks to the position she was in. He knew it would take some time for him to finish, having just jacked off to her bound form a half hour earlier, but duration, in this case, was going to be a very good thing.

Leaving one hand to cruelly pull one ass cheek to the side, Jeff used the other to grasp his shaft. He moved forward slightly and rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the slit between Toni's pussy and ass, lubricating himself generously. Realizing what was about to happen, Toni mewed and shook her head from side to side. Beneath the blindfold her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, tears leaking from both.

Jeff was relishing the feel of Toni's soft slit against the head of his cock. The moist warmth caressed him, and he grinned, looking down at the contrast between his purplish cock held tightly in his hand and the pink silk of Toni's flesh. He drew his cock up along her crack until his tip rested at her puckered ass, and smiled an evil smile as she tensed even more.

Not wanting to wait any longer, he guided his cock back down toward her waiting pussy, angled himself and drew his hips back slightly in preparation, then, almost comically, uttered a startled gasp as a soft chime sounded in the room. He looked up to see the door crack open and Mark's face appear in the opening, his hand making a one-fingered 'come hither' gesture to Jeff.

He momentarily debated plunging into Toni's waiting hole anyway - he was so close, his dick rimming her pussy and throbbing with anticipation! One short motion of his hips would have him buried up to his crinkled pubic hair in her tight warmth ...

Jeff swallowed. Aggravated by the highly unusual interruption, he pulled back and let go of his cock. For good measure he gave Toni's ass a vicious smack with both hands, then awkwardly moved out from behind her and stood, gathering his trousers back up to his waist, carefully zipping up around the tent caused by his still erect dick.

Still, professional that he was, Jeff attended to Toni's position before leaving her alone in the room. Taking the second cable that hung from overhead, he attached the ring atop her hood to the link and winched it up as he had with her arms. The tension on her head caused her to have to lift her body up, thus putting more strain on her shoulders. Jeff stopped the winch when he saw her body tremble with the conflict between the discomfort of her neck and that of her shoulders. While uncomfortable, the additional point of attachment would help give her some stability.

Because he was at present a thoroughly disgruntled employee, he took out his frustration by winching Toni's arms one more crank. The muffled squeal at this punishment could be heard even from where he stood.

Jeff walked to the door, still cracked, stopping to administer several wicked, open-handed slaps to Toni's red rump as he passed her shaking body. He pushed the door open wide enough to exit and walked past Mark, not looking at him or saying a word.

For his part, Mark was playing the calm and collected supervisor to a tee. Inside, however, he was trembling as much as the tortured girl inside the room. He'd been watching Toni's workout on the monitors in the control room. When it became apparent that Jeff was planning on moving to the penetration stage, he'd felt his heart begin to race and his palms got sweaty. What the hell was that about?

Looking in at her now, Mark felt an uncharacteristic wave of relief that he had managed to stop Jeff before the act had been completed. Penetration was certainly a normal part of the routine, and Toni was definitely at the stage for introducing it. Having her taken by Jeff, however, just didn't sit right with Mark.

The fact that he'd developed his own personal trouser tent didn't escape Mark's notice. Moving into the room and shutting the door, he stood and watched Toni struggle with her demanding position for a few moments.

He moved to the wall and simultaneously started to lower the cables that held her head and arms in their tortuous positions. Inside the hood, fresh tears sprung from Toni's eyes as she realized she was being given some relief.

Once her arms and head were fully relieved of the tension, Mark walked to her and removed the spreader bar from between her thighs. He looked over her body, running a hand seductively along the tight, smooth, glossy finish of the rigidly laced ballet boots, his fingers lingering on the stressed instep.

Mark removed the cable attached to Toni's helmet, then held her shoulders and helped her to stand. Toni could tell that this wasn't Jeff - the touch was too tender. 'Was it Mark,' she wondered? As her weight came to rest on the tips of her enforced en-pointe toes, her ability to consider such mundane matters disappeared. Her calves and feet screamed their rejection of the position, and she minced from foot to foot trying to relieve the ache caused by the murderous boots.

Mark chuckled. He loved boots. Especially ballet boots. It invariably took some time for the girls to become accustomed to the position and the stress, but eventually they all came around. He smacked her ass with a moderate effort until she stopped her prancing and stood still, legs trembling.

Her arms were still attached to the cable, although at the present she was allowed to stand straight. Mark quickly moved to the wall and cranked the winch, lifting her arms once again into the dreaded strapado and forcing Toni to bend forward.

She mewed loudly in complaint, but concentrated on not losing her balance on the toe-point boots. If she fell with her arms in this position ... she didn't even want to contemplate the pain!

Moving back to Toni in case she did lose her balance, Mark placed both hands on either side of her smooth, tone hips, holding her until he felt her stabilize herself. He left her head unhooked - as a beginner she was sure to have enough trouble with the stress he had already introduced.

Picking up the rope that had been used to bind Toni's thighs together, he tied one end to the cable half-way between the winch and the overhead pulley. The free end he tied into a large loop and casually draped it around his shoulder.

Being somewhat more refined than Jeff, Mark calmly unfastened his belt and zipper and stepped out of his pants and shorts. He casually folded them and lay them on the floor nearby. Moving back to Toni he proceeded to explore her soft skin with his hands, gently tracing the curves of her fit body.

As one hand crested the rise of a buttock, he swiftly pulled back and smacked her hard. Toni squealed in surprise and bucked forward, almost losing her balance. Mark waited until she calmed down and got her balance back, then continued his exploration. He avoided her breasts for now - that would come later. He focused on her thighs and hips and gorgeous ass, interspersing his gentle strokes with swift, fierce spanks that never failed to catch Toni off guard.

Finally, grinning at the glowing pink skin of the beautiful curves in front of him, Mark stepped back for a moment and retrieved a condom from his folded pants. After placing it onto himself, he grasped his cock with one hand and guided it between Toni's legs. His grin turned into a smile as he felt the copious moisture there, and for a moment he proceeded as Jeff had before him, stroking the head of his dick along the wet folds of Toni's sex.

He then placed the head of his cock at the opening to her hot pussy. He guided himself just inside her and held steady, letting himself feel Toni's tremors and tightening. Then slowly he pushed forward, his cock sliding easily into her tight but well-lubricated passage. Toni bore down on her muscles, trying to keep him out, but it was useless. The only thing her efforts accomplished was to make it even more pleasurable for Mark!

Having reached full depth, his own pelvis pressing tightly against her ass, he stopped and again savored the feel of the internal commotion of Toni's pussy. Her skin was hot from being spanked, and that sensation added to his pleasure.

Unwilling to wait any longer, Mark began to slowly pull out and push back in using a leisurely rhythm. Gradually he increased his pace, noting that as he did so Toni's whimpers turned to moans, and eventually he felt her push back against him. This pleased him, and he began to fuck her in earnest.

Soon he felt himself reaching climax, and just before he peaked he took the loop of rope that had hung slack over his shoulder and pulled it down. Attached to the cable as it was, his tugging pulled the cable further through the pulley and increased the strain on Toni's arms. She moaned deeply, conflicted between the imminent orgasm and the pain in her shoulders. The additional pain caused her pussy to clench tightly around Mark's pulsing cock. Finally giving in, she pushed herself back against her captor and shuddered as her second involuntary orgasm ripped through her body.

Mark, finished, pulled back and stared for a moment at the glistening folds he had just violated. Toni's attitude certainly didn't seem offended, but he was sure that her mind was in turmoil right now. If so, his purpose had been achieved.

He retrieved his pants and dressed, then slowly released the cable, letting Toni's arms lower. As the tension was released, she sunk slowly to the floor, first on her knees, then sitting on her hips, and finally laying on her side, curled around herself, arms still bound behind her. Her breath wheezed furiously through the nose-holes of the leather hood.

Blind and bound, still attached to the overhead pulley via the slack cable and all but hobbled by the cruel boots, she wouldn't be going anywhere.

Mark silently left the room, not giving in to the urge to look back at Toni from the doorway.

Chapter 6 (added: 06/02/2009)

Minutes pass. Toni lay still on the floor, the only sound a soft sobbing barely audible through the thick, phallic-shaped gag. She assumes she is alone, since nobody has touched her or spoken since Mark let her down from the horrible strapado position, but she can't be sure. Between the muffling encasement of the leather hood and her own inner turmoil, she didn't hear the door close.

The barest hint of a tingle still glows on her nipples, only faintly noticeable as she moves herself about. The heat in her pussy, however, is demanding quite a bit of her attention! Unbelievably, she had actually climaxed when Mark had taken her! She had found herself moving against him, trying to take him deeper, move him harder into her as a natural response to his stimulating thrusts. Struggling to reach the edge of that precipice, to cum with him ...

Her sobbing increased as she thought guiltily about how she responded to his abuse. But no ... NO ... it wasn't abuse. Jeff, that horrific scum who had put her into her predicament in the first place, HAD abused her. HE had terrified her ... hurt her ... thrilled from her fear. Mark had been right, Jeff was beyond awful! She didn't want the other men to ... to ... train her. She was grateful that Jeff hadn't had the chance to rape her, that it had been Mark, instead, who had ... had ...

OH GOD what was she thinking!? She screamed into the gag, ineffectual as the effort was. Her arms strained, pulling against the unbreakable link that joined her mittened hands. Her feet flailed out in front of her, the rigid, pointed toes of the ballet boots sliding against the slick tile floor, unable to find purchase. Instead she ponderously rolled over so that she sat on her knees, bent forward, forehead on the cool floor, her shoulders heaving as she cried in desperation. She could fee the wetness of her tears trapped under the tight, unforgiving hood and blindfold.

It was the small nostril holes that limited her breathing that finally forced her to calm down. Her tears and runny nose threatening to block her one source of oxygen, she forced herself to stop crying. She sniffed loudly, cleared her nose, and swallowed (with some difficulty) the excess spit that kept accumulating around the thick rubber gag.

Her bravado earlier seemed so foolish. Cooperate, look for a chance to escape, don't give them reason to make things worse? Ha! A futile tug at her useless arms showed her what her chances were of realizing an escape. Not for a moment since she woke up in the first, black cell had she been free of some inescapable restraint. And her strength, while respectable for a woman of her size, was no match for a man.

With an undeniable feeling of helplessness and unable to stop her mind from imagining what else may be in store for her, she again started sobbing, gently this time, trying to convince herself that it was probably just shock that made her confusion feel like gratitude, excitement and anticipation, rather than the anger, fear and dread that she logically should be experiencing.

Watching the monitor from the control room, volume turned up to hear the delicious, muffled sobs from behind the anonymous mask, Alex tapped a thoughtful finger against his lip.

Mark's interruption of Jeff's session was unprecedented. Not ineffective, he thought, for certainly Jeff's treatment had her terrified, and Mark's less brutal (but no less intrusive or aggressive) treatment would have left her very confused - vulnerable to suggestions and receptive to what would seem to her now as kindness, trust.

Classic good-cop bad-cop.

Alex watched as she settled herself against the wall. Her defensive position, such as it was, a pitiful attempt at retaining what was left of her modesty, if not her dignity. She seemed to be calming down a bit, not in immediate danger of suffocating herself with her own snot. He really needed a cup of coffee, but thought it best to keep an eye on her for a bit longer.

A warmth was spreading through her - that familiar sunburst of expectation that radiated through her body as her orgasm approached ...

Then the warmth began to recede. She struggled to hold on to it, reaching for the invisible strands of sensuallity as they pulled away. She realized dimly that the acute focus on her sexual excitement was part of a dream. Struggling to either return to sleep or bring the dream with her into consciousness, she pressed her thighs tightly together as if to trap the erotic heat. Her hips slowly moved back and forth, and she imagined she could feel the slick wetness of her swollen lips sliding against each other ...

Losing the battle to return to sleep, she begins to regain awareness of herself. She tries to swallow, the effort failing because of the giant rubber dick locked into her mouth. ( !!! ) This jolts her to full consciousness!

She becomes aware that her pussy really is warm and tingling with excitement! Moving her hips slightly, she feels the slickness in the moist folds and vaguely wishes that she, or someone, could touch that spot, bringing her to the climax she was denied in her dream.

Blind, helpless, frustrated and still more than a little scared, Toni sighs silently and lets her head fall to the floor. She thinks guiltily of the wicked fantasies she used to have of scarves and cuffs and gentle spankings and sensual restraint. She wonders if karma has some twisted sense of humor.

The scent of tear-moistened leather had been so predominant since the hood had been secured to her head, it took her a minute to recognize the new odor that she now breathed in. Spicy, fresh ...

Her body went rigid, her eyes wide underneath the blindfold, as if she would suddenly be able to see. There was someone here with her. A man. Mark?

She jumped, startled, as a warm hand rested on her bare shoulder then gently stroked down her arm until it reached the edge of the mitten. The hand stroked back up her arm, then again rested on her shoulder. It squeezed firmly, almost in reassurance, she thought, then was removed.

Toni felt the person - Mark, it had to be! - sit next to her on the floor. Something cool was wrapped first around one thigh, then the other. The bands were fastened snuggly onto each leg, a few inches above each knee. When he took his hands away she moved her legs tentatively, and realized that the two bands were connected by what felt like a -very- short chain. She could shift her knees slightly, but not move them apart any appreciable distance.

He then scooched very close to her, lifted one of her legs and draped it across his lap. She felt a vague pressure as he did something else, but her legs had long since lost the ability to feel much other than the deep, cramping strain on her muscles. After a few minutes the delicious draft of fresh, cool air met her calf and shin as he peeled the leather away from her skin! She mmmm'd in appreciation! She felt him tug at the shoe portion, easing it from her tortured foot. Immediately pins and needles assaulted the cramped limb, but his hands quickly began to squeeze and knead and rub the starved flesh.

The other leg was freed of the horrendous boot as well, and again he tended to the foot with effective massage.

Once her feet were back among the living, he helped her to sit up. She felt his fingers at the back of he head. For a brief moment the gag in her mouth was pulled even deeper as he worked the buckle loose, then suddenly the pressure was gone! She felt the stubby rubber dildo being pulled slowly from her mouth. Oddly, she felt a twinge of regret as she relinquished it ... wrapping her lips around it as it was pulled away, her tongue trailing along the bottom side of the phallus ...

Her mouth felt like it would never close properly again! She wiggled her lower jaw back and forth to help dispel the cramping that had settled in her muscles.

"Drink this," he said, his Scottish brogue barely heard through the still-secure hood. It IS Mark, she thought with an undeniable feeling of relief.

Toni felt something touch her lips, and exploring it with her tongue realized it was a straw - probably another sports bottle. Parched from the activities of the past few hours and the horrible, lingering taste of rubber still fresh in her mouth, she didn't waste time wondering if it was spiked. She immediately sucked strongly on the proffered straw and soon had emptied the bottle.

"Now," he began, "not a sound or a bigger gag goes back in. Do you understand?"
She nodded, terrified of having something even bigger than the penis gag locked in her mouth!

She felt his hand at her neck again, and was relieved to think that the collar and hood would be coming off next. Instead, however, she felt a tug at her neck and Mark's voice say from somewhere above her, "Stand up."

Toni hesitated, and the tug was repeated, more firmly this time. She worked to get her feet underneath her and stand. Mark continued to jerk and pull on her neck, and she realized that he must have attached some kind of a leash to her collar!

Well, at least he isn't making me crawl, she thought bemusedly, surprising herself with her ability to make even this feeble joke.

Not giving her a chance to find her balance, Mark jerked the leash forward, urging her to follow him. Blind as she was, she was scared of tripping over or running into something. With her arms still bound behind her back, however, there was nothing she could do to stop him. He continued to jerk and pull, keeping her moving and off balance. The cuffs that had been fastened around her thighs prevented her from moving them more than an inch apart, so she was forced to take awkward, mincing steps, able to only move her legs from the knees down!

No running away from this situation, she thought.

He led her across the room. She could tell that they went through the door, even though he skillfully led her so as not to let her bump into the jamb. They continued on like this for a little distance, her stumbling along behind him blindly. A sudden jerk of the leash straight up brought her to a halt, her chin straining upward to relieve the pull on her neck.

Another door was unlocked and she was led through it. It slammed behind her and, she assumed, locked once more.

This room had a different feel to it. It smelled clean, almost antiseptic. A jerk on her leash had her moving forward once more. A half-dozen steps brought her to a jerking halt. The leash was pulled upward and a bit forward. She moved forward, but almost immediately bumped into a wall. She vaguely heard Mark's footsteps moving away from her, but the pressure on her collar didn't go away. He had tethered her to the wall!
Infuriated by this treatment, she pulled backward against the leash and collar, but to no avail.

"Stand still!" came an impatient command from nearby. She did.

A few minutes went by in silence. She was grateful that the boots had been removed, having just remembered how horrible it had been to be forced to stand in them earlier. She wiggled her bare toes, spreading them flat against the cool, tile floor in appreciation of their freedom.

Just then Mark returned and unlocked the cuffs on her wrists, then removed the confining mittens. Not thinking immediately about how her arms were now free, she instead brought them in front of her, luxuriating in the feel of stretching her shoulders and rubbing her hands together - flexing her fingers and popping her elbows.

The leash pulled momentarily on her neck, then relaxed. A quick tug had her moving with Mark once more, but only across the room. With a warning from Mark, she stepped down a few inches.

The leash was dropped; she felt it fall against her bare chest, a cool strip of leather. It tickled he thigh where it ended, swinging gently.

"Present your wrists," Mark said.

Toni hesitated, unwilling to let herself be bound again.

"NOW!" he said, much more loudly.

Toni squeaked, realizing suddenly that the relative pleasantness of the past several minutes was only a brief respite in the unbelievable situation she somehow had gotten herself into. She quickly presented both arms out toward Mark's voice.

His hands grasped both wrists, turning them so that her palms faced each other and were about 4 inches apart. "This is how you will present your hands when told to do so. Do you understand?" Mark asked with no room for dissent.

As Toni nodded she felt the cool embrace of a metal band on her left wrist. Immediately her right wrist was encircled with the matching band and it was closed. Mark dropped her wrists and her arms fell. Unlike the narrow bite of normal handcuffs, these bands were very wide, and rather than a short chain running between them, they were fused rigidly together, not allowing her to move her hands closer or further apart at all.

Mark pulled her arms over her head and attached something to the central point between her wrists. When he let go, her arms dropped only an inch or so before being caught up short by whatever they had been attached to. He took a few steps over to the ever-present winch to raise Toni's arms until she began to utter delightful (at least to Mark) squeals of anguish and was forced to lift herself up onto her toes.

She struggled to keep as much weight off of her shoulders as was possible and avoid hanging painfully from her metal-bound wrists. Still remembering the threat of another gag, she tried to remain mostly silent, only a soft whimper escaping from time to time as she danced in place on her toes.

Mark walked back to her and stood quietly for a moment, appreciating her tone body - her muscles tight and defined as she stretched skyward. He walked around her, taking in her quivering buttocks, her tight thighs, still banded with the hobbling cuffs, her pert breasts, erect nipples almost pointing to the ceiling. A beautiful woman, as were they all ... so why did this one seem so different?

Shaking himself out of his reverie, he leaned forward and stroked both of her hips, gliding his hands down her soft, gently trembling skin to the cuffs on her thighs. His fingers traced the edges of each, then continued down as he knelt in front of her. The thigh bands would prevent all but the feeblest of kicks, even if she could determine exactly where he was.

He attached a wide, leather cuff to each ankle. Pulling her left foot off to the side as far as it would go considering the thigh bands, he used a short length of light, but strong, chain to attach the cuff to a recessed, metal anchor in the floor. He reached up and unbuckled each of her thigh cuffs, removing them and tossing them aside. Her right foot was soon attached to a matching anchor opposite the left. Mark stood up and grinned, watching Toni's performance.

With her feet now stretched almost three feet apart, the strain on her shoulders and wrists was almost unbearable. Toni gritted her teeth, struggling to bear some of her weight on her reaching toes. She was moaning, unable to help herself, and was terrified that a rubber monstrosity would soon be jammed back into her mouth.

Instead, she felt the collar around her neck unlocked and removed, the blindfold peeled away, then the laces on the leather hood were tugged and untied. Slowly, Mark undid the underlying zipper - careful not to catch Toni's hair in it's teeth.

Her eyes were still closed, squeezed shut, actually, since the bright light of the room preventing her from opening them immediately. Mark slowly eased the mask away from her face. Her skin was red and wet underneath, and her hair was sweat-soaked and plastered to her head. She was beautiful!

Giving her time to adjust to the light in the room, Mark picked up the thigh cuffs and took them, along with the collar, blindfold and hood, over to a side counter and dropped the sweaty implements into a plastic tote. The cleaning staff would come later, after he was finished, to take care of the room and the equipment.

Turning to face Toni, he leaned against the counter, crossed his arms across his chest, placed one foot casually over the other and simply watched her continue to struggle against the new and strenuous position. Soon her eyes cracked open. She blinked many times and shook her head to try to move the wet strands of hair away from her mouth and eyes. This failing, she rubbed her face against her arm, clumsily pushing the irritating hair aside.

Finally, her eyes fell on him. He struggled not to laugh aloud! Her face went from intense anger to mingled pain and fear to shocked awe and surprise, switching between the different emotions as if trying to decide which was the more overwhelming feeling at the moment.

Eventually, the shock and surprise, touched with what he flattered himself to be a bit of appreciation, won out. She gaped at him as he stood casually, butt naked, just a few feet away from her! Her eyes focused on the indication of his obvious arousal. Abruptly Mark walked purposefully behind Toni to where she couldn't see him, but only because he could no longer keep a straight face and still had a job to do!

He paused for a moment to compose himself before gathering a few necessary items. Putting everything in an ordinary household bucket, he walked back to Toni. He placed the bucket on the floor in front of her. She looked down with trepidation to see what new unpleasantness was in store for her, and was more than a little surprised at what she saw.

Meanwhile, Mark had moved to the wall. Toni watched him, taking in the room for the first time. It was essentially a large shower! Rather like a locker-room community shower, but furnished in a somewhat unorthodox manner. Looking up she saw a very large, rain-shower type shower head fixed to the ceiling next to the chain that secured her wrists. Mark stood at a deep-sink against one wall and held a long hose, at the end of which was a multi-setting hand-held shower head, almost like the one she had at home!

He was adjusting knobs above a large sink against the wall, testing the temperature of the water that began to flow from the nozzle at the end of the long hose. Satisfied, he moved back toward her bringing the hose with him, the nozzle now on a pause setting. Toni's eyes were wide with surprise and confusion. Her face was framed by her lean, tan, straining arms, and he stopped a moment to admire the lovely picture she made. She blushed suddenly, realizing he was examining her, and dropped her eyes to the ground.
'Nice reaction,' Mark thought to himself.

Moving to stand close behind her, he let his body just barely touch hers. She whimpered once, very quietly, as he made contact. A visible shudder went through her and she struggled to turn her head past her arms to see what he was doing. Mark made a short sound of warning, making her immediately look forward once again.

Mark thumbed the control lever on the shower nozzle that he held and adjusted the spray to a wide, gentle, steady shower. He brought the head up to Toni's shoulder height and let the water cascade over her back. As the stream of water first touched her skin she flinched, but a few moments later she had visibly relaxed - at least as much as her position would allow - her head dropping forward, exposing her neck to the liquid heat.

While she wasn't sure what she had expected, it surely wasn't this! The mere grazing of Mark's body against hers had caused her to shiver, a rather pleasant chill shooting through her body. She jumped when he first directed the water at her back, subconsciously having assumed it would be ice cold. Realizing it was deliciously steamy, however, she couldn't help but to close her eyes in bliss and enjoy the feel of it on her skin. It felt like a week since she'd last taken a shower!

Mark spent several minutes letting the hot water massage Toni's body, moving the nozzle to spray over her neck, back, hips, then bent down to rinse over her thighs and calves. Standing up once again, he reached around to let the water spray over her breasts and belly. He moved to press himself against her and felt her tense at his contact. Ignoring this, he continued to move the spray of water slowly in a large circle, first over her breasts, then along her side and down to her navel then up again to retrace the path until he felt her once again relax.

He took a step back and reached around with one hand, gently lifting her chin. Once her head was tilted back he began to let the water saturate her hair. Gently he pulled the stray strands of hair that were stuck to her forehead and face, smoothing them back on her head with the stream of water.

Satisfied that he had relaxed her a bit, he reached to the supplies in the bucket on the floor - high-end bath and shower gels and sponges! - and poured a generous amount of lavender shampoo into his palm. He worked this into a thick lather, massaging her scalp as he cleaned her hair. Once finished and rinsed, he reached back to the bucket. This time he applied a sweet-smelling gel body wash to a large, soft, natural sponge.
The next several minutes were spent moving the sponge gently over her entire body, from neck to toes. When he started on her front, he again pressed his own body against hers, noticing that she didn't flinch this time.

He explored her chest with both his free hand and the sponge. His hand cupped one breast, then softly traced soapy circles around the soft mound with the sponge. Letting the sponge trail down to her belly, his hand squeezed the breast he had been cupping, then reach with his thumb to gently flick at her nipple. The pink bud sprang to attention at his touch, and Toni moaned softly as her head fell back. After teasing one nipple for a few moments, he switched sides and repeated the treatment on the other breast.

With her chest and belly *very* clean, he moved his attentions lower. As one hand stroked down one lean side and followed the contour of her firm, feminine hips, the other hand moved the water spray straight down past her navel to the neatly trimmed patch of soft, downy hair between he legs. The soft spray caressed her, and he played it over her mound and along the tops of each thigh.

Her hips pressed forward in obvious arousal. He directed the spray at her lips, holding it in one place. Then, grinning, he thumbed the selection lever making the gentle spray change suddenly to a single thick, pulsing jet! A quick adjustment in aim and she was crying out as the water sprayed a direct hit on her clit!

His free hand moved between her legs, the middle finger sliding deftly into her hot pussy and pulling her back against his own body, holding her firmly in place and preventing her from squirming away from the pleasurably tormenting water jet. In just moments her cries changed to a single, high-pitched squeal and her body went rigid in his grasp as he forced the orgasm from her.

Eventually feeling the spasms of her pleasure begin to fade, he moved the water jet to play over her swollen lips, tracing circles along the tops of her thighs, playing with her as she recovered. She was breathing heavily, her head once again fallen forward, and she was hanging almost limp from her wrist cuffs. He still held her against him, supporting some of her weight with his grasp on her pussy. Rather like a bowling ball, he though bemusedly.

The thumb of his supporting hand moved to press firmly on her still-sensitive clit. She squealed, but pressed her hips firmly against his hand. Smiling at her reactions, he suddenly moved the pulsing jet of water back to focus where he thumb had been, letting the water take over. She immediately began to whimper and struggle in a futile effort to move away from the stream. A second later her whimper was silenced as he literally took her breath away with the pleasure of a second forced orgasm.

Several minutes later, the water off, Mark spoke to Toni, bringing her back to him from the semi-conscious state his ministrations had put her in. "Stand up. Come on, stand up."

Vaguely realizing that her wrists and shoulders were bearing the majority of her weight, and the rest of it born by Mark's hand in her pussy, she struggled to regain her balance on her toes. Feeling her take her own weight, albeit a little unsteadily, Mark's hand released her and she felt the cold emptiness between her legs and on her back as he moved his warm body away.

Returning a moment later, Mark began to dry her body quickly and efficiently, although gently, with a large, soft towel. He rubbed it briskly over her head, then tossed it to the side. She was left standing alone for a few moments as he dried himself, then returned with a brush to quickly run the tangles out of her tussled hair.

Toni's mind was reeling. The orgasms she had just experienced had been the strongest she could ever remember! The undeniable evidence of Mark's excitement had pressed urgently at her back, and she had found herself wishing he'd put it to good use. At the same time she was horrified at her reactions, and her acceptance of her situation - actually enjoying what was being done even as she was helpless to stop it!

Her wrists were really sore by now. Her calves were cramping. As much as she tried, she was unable to sufficiently support herself on her toes for very long and ended up hanging from the cuffs. The discomfort seemed distant, however, as she tried to make sense of her feelings.

Mark returned, now dressed, and turned the winch to lower her arms. Toni moaned loudly as the tension was taken off of her wrists and her calves were finally allowed to relax! Mark unhooked the overhead chain from her cuffs and supported her weakened arms, allowing them to slowly fall in front of her.

He stepped in front of her. Her head was bowed, eyes closed. He lifted her chin with an index finger until she was facing up at him. "Open your eyes," he commanded.
She did, and he could clearly read the questions and confusion that lay behind them.
He held her gaze for a few moments, but said nothing.

He knelt then, suddenly, and unhooked each ankle cuff from it's recessed hook in the floor. He prodded her to move her legs together so she could stand more easily. He took her still-cuffed wrists and led her out of the shower area to a table against one wall. She tried not to look at the pile of equipment that was waiting on the table, obviously destined to be used on her body, and worked hard to suppress the knot that suddenly started to writhe in her belly.

Immediately selecting an item from the table, he reached up to place it around her neck. It was a collar. A very wide, stiff collar. It was shaped in front to cup her chin, and rose at least four inches from where the bottom edge pressed on her shoulder. There were three buckles in the back, all of which Mark fastened tightly. The snick of three locks assured Toni that it wouldn't be coming off without his cooperation. The knot in her belly tightened!

Her head was held high and erect. The collar was so stiff that her effort to press her chin down was completely in vain. The tightness and fitted shape prevented all but the slightest movement sideways, and the upward curve in the back kept her from tilting her head more than an inch or so in that direction either. She swallowed nervously and felt her throat move against the snug leather. It didn't restrict her breathing in the slightest, but she certainly could feel its presence.

A moment later a leash was clipped onto the middle of three rings that were set into the front and sides of the collar. Mark tugged on the leash, causing Toni to turn around and face the wall. She watched as he secured the leash to a ring on the wall, leaving her closely tethered.

As she stood there fuming at being once again leashed like a horse, a wide, sturdy leather cincher was placed around her waist. Mark began lacing the item together in the back. Once closed tightly enough to keep it in place, there was about 5 inches of skin left showing between the two sides. Beginning at the top and working down, Mark gradually pulled on the laces and drew the sides closer and closer together. Breathy gasps escaped Toni as he jerked at each pair of eyelets, and she mewed softly when he finally tied them off, the edges of the cincher completely closed!

Stepping back for a moment, Mark admired this beautiful image of femininity. Toni's posture, forced erect by the severe collar, was enhanced by the nipped waist he had just created. Where the cincher ended her hips flared out in a soft, lustful curve, making her ass round nicely below its edges.

Licking his lips, he got back to work. He reached around and unfastened the cuffs on her wrists. Keeping hold of one hand as he set the cuffs on the table, he pulled it behind her. She felt a one-inch wide leather strap snake its way under her arm just above the elbow. He moved her other arm behind her and the strap completed it's circle by passing under that arm as well. The clink of the buckle sounded behind her as Mark threaded the strap, then the tension started to bring her arms closer as he tightened it.

Mark smiled to himself as he set the buckle temporarily. With very little effort, he had brought Toni's elbows to within inches of each other. He let her adjust to the position for a moment, then took the end of the strap once again. Placing one hand against her elbow, he pulled the strap in a short, quick tug - urging another inch from the space between her elbow. He repeated this, again reducing the distance and drawing a short grunt from Toni. One more good pull and voila! her elbows pressed firmly against each other!

Toni whimpered, her eyes wide and her shoulders straining backward to accommodate the position. She heard Mark fasten the buckle and release her arms, but wasn't surprised when her arms didn't move. She flapped her hands and twisted her body at the waist but was unable to relieve the stress from her bound elbows.

Mark captured her flailing hands and brought them together. Holding them easily with one hand, he used the other to wrap a second, shorter strap around her wrists and buckle it snuggly, causing her forearms to weld together from elbows to palm. To finish off the package, he slipped a single pouch-like leather mitten up over both of her hands. He fastened the integral buckle around her wrists, then tightened the corset-like laces up the middle. When he was finished, the flat pouch enveloped Toni's hands, squeezing them together tightly palm-to-palm and rendering them completely useless!

Again she twisted, pulling against the unbreakable leather straps. She gasped as her movements caused her breasts, now jutting far out in front of her due to the extreme way her shoulders were pulled back, to rub against the cold, tile wall! She could only imagine the lewd image she was presenting!

Mark rummaged on the table for his next piece of equipment. Because the collar didn't allow her to turn or bend her neck, and the leash held her facing the wall, she couldn't see what he was using. She did, however, feel his hand reach around to her front and once again explore her pussy. One finger found its way into her surprisingly moist slit. The slickness was undeniable proof that her body was excited by the situation, even if her mind was still struggling to rebel against being captive.

Toni sighed as a second finger joined the first, and began moving in and out in a somewhat careless manner. Suddenly they were gone, but another object pressed against the opening to her sex. Assuming it to be a dildo, she was surprised when the item shouldered past her tight opening then disappeared inside!

Without pause Mark's fingers were back, but this time in a much less desirable location! Toni whimpered as Mark's finger, cool and wet with some kind of lubricant, possibly her own, teased around her virgin opening, then slowly began prodding into her rear. She squirmed and twisted and whined in protest, but his other arm had wrapped around her body and held her firmly. She struggled even harder as a second finger was painfully added to the mix!

Once again, the fingers were suddenly removed and another object pressed against her resisting sphincter. Fighting valiently but losing none-the-less, Toni felt it slip past her lubed rim and again pop inside, her ass closing tightly around a narrow, short stem!

Next, Mark knelt on the ground next to Toni. He lifted her left foot and eased it into the boot that he held in his hand. He felt her resist strongly, thinking, he was sure, that it was the ballet boot once again. While he would have loved to keep her in those beautiful items always, he had selected a somewhat more tolerable and functional fashion this time.

Fighting her, he eventually eased her foot into the boot. Certainly it was a high heel, but nowhere near as strenuous as the ballet boot. Toni relaxed somewhat when she realized this, and Mark proceeded to tightly lace the shiny patent-leather boot to its top, which came to just within a few inches of her pussy! The second boot went on much more easily with no struggle from Toni.

The boots had a towering six-inch heel, and Toni's feet were arched to their max to accomodate the height. Although she was still balanced precariously on the balls of her feet, she was relieved to not be in the tortuous ballet boots again. She minced back and forth from one foot to the other, trying to get used to the shoes.

Mark's hand reached around Toni's face, a tangle of black straps in his hand. Her eyes crossed comically as she tried to see what he was holding in front of her face. "Open." he said sternly, holding something in front of her mouth.

Not wanting to have a rubber penis jammed down her throat again, Toni clamped her mouth shut - momentarily forgetting her situation. Two of Marks fingers suddenly took hold gently of one of her nipples. "I remember this worked well for Jeff," he said, pausing for effect.

And effect it had! She opened her mouth instantly and braced herself for the gag. Instead of anything being forced down her throat, however, her mouth was prised wide by the placement of something behind her teeth. Her head was pushed to the limit of her collar's confinement as her jaw was forced open, and she grunted at the opposing pressures created by the position.

As straps were untangled and arranged around her face, Toni tentatively explored the new item with her tongue. A rigid, hollow ring was propped behind her upper and lower teeth, effectively wedging her mouth wide open! The straps being tightened around her head ran under her chin, up alongside her nose to join between her eyes, over the top of her head, and around the side of her head to all be fastened together securely in the back.

Mark adjusted and buckled everything tightly, causing the narrow leather straps to press into the soft skin of Toni's face. The ring was pulled firmly into her mouth, and he was sure she wouldn't be dislodging it. A few locks were put into place, and the arrangement became permanent!

Toni hmmph'd, her voice now sounding hollow and breathy. Her eyes swiveled around in a bit of panic - she didn't like the obvious implications of her new oral situation!

Ignoring her protest, Mark unfastened the leash from the wall and tugged Toni around to face him, admiring the wide-eyed look of fearful anticipation on her gagged and strapped face. She teetered a bit in her new shoes, but regained her balance in short order. Once she was steady, Mark unclipped the leash and set it on the table - which was almost empty at this point.

Now even less able to see down thanks to the addition of the gag, Toni couldn't tell what Mark was doing next. It became blatently obvious when his thumbs and index fingers gently pinched her nipples. His touch startled her at first, but as he rolled the pink buds between his fingers, she closed her eyes and focused on the sensual charge that his attentions were generating. He pulled gently, always keeping pressure, squeezing a little harder, then softer, or tugging out in a circle - always teasing - always stimulating. She began to whimper, feeling her body give in and her sex moisten once again.

Her eyes sprang open, then, as the eggs buried inside her ass and pussy buzzed to life! Still teasing a nipple with one hand, the other had retrieved a small remote from his pants pocket and turned on the wireless vibrators! He pressed once, twice ... and again ... each time making the buzzing increase in intensity! He watched her closely, his face close to hers, and as her eyes closed in contemplation of the blossoming effects of the vibrators, he pressed the buttons again, making them settle to a gentle rattle. This speed would keep her at a simmer for hours. He smiled mischieviously as her eyes opened and registered this fact, as well.

Her nipples, popping stiffly out from her excitement, made perfect targets for his last bit of fun. Small loops fitted neatly over each nipple. Mark carefully tightened the miniature nooses so that they squeezed the base of each nipple. Toni squeaked, but Mark hadn't tightened them too far - enough to squeeze, enough to prevent them from coming off, but not enought to be terribly painful.

The loops were connected to each other by a fine chain. There was a metal ring at the center of the chain, and picking up the leash once again, Mark clipped it to the ring! The weight of the leash fell on the chain - and thus on Toni's sensative nipples -when Mark let go and she again squeaked in protest. Not affected by her complaint, Mark instead tugged gently and watched, amused, as Toni looked both unbelieving and infuriated at his method of control. He wondered how she'd feel if he added a third, even more sensative attachment point!

Leading her across the room toward the door Mark was careful to go slowly. He knew that it took a bit of getting used to, not being able to easily see where she was going and not having her arms for balance. He wanted to train her, but not damage her.

Toni minced along slowly, her chest thrust out in front of her, desperately following the pull of the lead and trying to alleviate the tugging sensations on her nipples. While her feet were not en-pointe, she was still on her toes, and the tightly laced boots made it slightly more difficult to bend at the knees. The useless bundle that was her hands bounced against her ass as she walked. Added to everything, the constant buzz tucked away inside her pussy and ass kept her effectively distracted! She glared at the top of Mark's, which, with her head tilted up as it was, was all she could see at the moment.

Once they reached the door, Toni having navigated the room fairly well (all things considered) Mark stopped tugging on the leash, bringing Toni to a halt. "Good job," he said, not altogether sarcastically. Still infuriated at her situation, Toni never-the-less felt satisfaction at his complement.

Mark reached into a pocket. "Now to make things just a wee bit more difficult ..." he trailed off, bringing the blindfold up to Toni's incredulous eyes.

Chapter 7 (added: 06/30/2009)

A short while later, Mark stepped out into the night and headed for his car. He took a handkerchief out of a pocket and dabbed distractedly at the slight dampness on the back of his neck. As he walked past the few other cars parked along the street he began to whistle softly to himself.

It had been a long and thoroughly enjoyable day. A hot shower and dinner was going to be just the thing before crawling into bed. Tomorrow, he hoped, would be even more exciting!

Not really in the mood to whistle even had her lips been able to do so, Toni was trying unsuccessfully to find a neutral focus point to help distract her from the events of the past hour or so. She tried to comprehend how she could be in this situation, being TRAINED for ... what, sex? slavery? And worse, the way she had reacted to what they had done to her! How could she have gotten excited by being bound, beaten, taken, forced to perform for them? And why was the thought of Mark's cock forcing its way down her throat making her pussy clench with desire even now?!

Her tongue contracted reflexively at the thought of taking him in her mouth, and the pain from that tiny motion snapped her attention back from its wanderings and forced her to relax the rebelling muscle.

What had he said before he left? Good night? Surely he couldn't expect her to sleep! And was he really leaving her here all night? For about the dozenth time she pulled at the bonds holding her, straining her rapidly exhausting muscles against the immovable ties. Accomplishing absolutely nothing, she slumped in defeat, letting her body go limp. For about the HUNDREDTH time she regretted her earlier actions. Unbidden, the memories of what had happened returned to her thoughts.

After patiently guiding Toni down the hall from the showers, Mark got to work securing her for her last training session of the day. The respite he'd given her in the showers had been very pleasant, as well as extremely arousing for him. Time to see how much Toni appreciated his attention.

This was one of his favorite training rooms, as it was for most of the other training staff members as well. It usually was in use most of the day, and in fact the cleaning crew was just finishing up from the last subject as he towed Toni through the door.

Leaving her blindfolded, Mark led her to the central fixture in the room. It was a pillory of sorts, with two adjustable horizontal beams on sturdy supports, parallel to each other, and stocks on the floor for securing legs. He immediately positioned Toni behind the pillory and guided her feet into the empty spaces in the stocks. He pressed her ankles forward against the half-circle openings, urging her legs into a wide stance. Once the back half of the stocks were positioned and her leather-clad ankles snugly embraced by the thick wooden boards, he latched the pieces in place.

Smiling a wicked smile, Mark took the remote from his pocket and clicked until he could hear the remote vibrators buzz at about medium speed. Toni's knees bent slightly and Mark could imagine her pussy and ass clenching around the raucous invaders buried inside of her. She whimpered ever so softly, but he forgave her this small transgression.

The long front beam ran parallel with the line of Toni's spread legs. He unclasped the leash from her nipple chain, then placed his hand on the back of her neck and forced her to bend forward at the waist. He continued to push until her upper chest met the beam, and then adjusted her position slightly so that her collared neck and chin were cupped in the specially shaped center section of the beam. A handy leather strap already attached to the beam was brought over the back of Toni's neck and buckled securely, then locked, holding her down against the hard wood.

Mark quickly undid the mitten around her hands, then released her straining arms from the grasp of the leather straps. She groaned in appreciation as her shoulders returned to their natural position, and Mark gave her bare ass a sharp smack with one of the straps he had just removed from her arms. This made her squeal in painful surprise, but also delivered the message that she should be quiet.

Taking one free arm he stretched it straight out to the side and held it against the beam. More leather straps were pulled snugly around the limb, welding it to the wooden fixture at four places, progressing from her wrist to her shoulder. The other arm received similar treatment, and Toni's upper body was now one with the pillory's beam.

Moving in front of Toni, Mark loosened an adjustment knob and raised the beam - and Toni's front half - until her rigidly collared neck, head and (most importantly) mouth were held at the perfect angle. He could see Toni's tongue wiggling inside her prised open mouth, and his own mouth watered as he anticipated the pleasure he would soon be taking.

After locking the front beam in place, he then raised the rear beam. It was on a support that was angled back, away from the front beam, and the smooth, rounded edge, just wide enough to span the hips of a woman, met Toni's body at the bend of her torso and pelvis. Mark pushed it against her and extended it until her legs were stretched tall and her round, bare ass was pushed high into the air.

Toni's new position left no room for doubt as to what was in store for her. Her bare ass was grandly presented, the center of her lower regions clearly visible and glistening from the moisture of her vibrator-induced excitement. Her breasts, still adorned with the swaying chain that connected her nipples, hung beneath her, available to anyone. Her head was perfectly packaged, mouth held open and waiting, full lips stretched and inviting ...

It was obvious that Toni knew what her position meant as well. Her body was quivering to the fullest extent her rigid bondage would allow. Of course, this wasn't much, and only someone paying close attention would have noticed.

Behind the blindfold Toni was again in intense deliberation with herself. Mark, her captor and yet also her rescuer, had treated her with the wicked, sadistic attention that she had so long fantasized about in her daydreams. He also had treated her with tenderness and showed concern, if not caring. But now, positioned for what could only be sex - and all of the variables of sex - she was frightened and angry. To say she was confused was a dramatic understatement! Her lust fanned by the non-stop stimulation of the vibrators, she knew she would GIVE him what he wanted if he would just ask; why did he have to force it from her in this way?

Her questions would have to wait. Both vibrators suddenly stopped their rumblings, leaving her feeling vacant. A moment later Mark's hand began exploring the passage between her legs. His fingers found her well-lubricated opening and continued to probe. She felt a firm pressure inside of her pussy ... and the dripping vibe popped out into Mark's waiting hand. Toni's involuntary clenched her rear hole as Mark grasped the short base of the other plug, but he withdrew the small vibe easily.

Toni heard water running, and the distinctive tear of paper towels from a dispenser. Hygienic, wasn't he.

Walking back to Toni, Mark couldn't help but admire the beautiful lines of her body - the curve of her ass, the sway of her back, the swell of her tone thighs under the hugging leather of the boots. He approached her from behind and stopped a half arm's length behind her ass. He reached both hands out to caress the upper curve of each butt cheek, then stroked down around the outer softness of her hip and then further, to cup the firm lower bulge of her rear.

One hand returned to the top of her ass, resting at the base of her spine in the center of her back, while the other aimed for the very moist and pouting cleft between her legs. Mark's experienced fingers slid between her lips, playing between the outer and inner folds and teasing the rim of her pussy. He maneuvered his hand so that his index and ring finger continued to stroke the delicate folds while his middle finger moved slowly from the opening to her pussy upward to her already swollen clit.

She gasped when he first touched it, then began to moan as he pressed against it, rubbing tiny, firm circles right on her pleasure nub! Toni's back arched every so slightly, as much as she could manage, raising her ass a fraction of an inch. Her efforts to increase her exposure to him spoke volumes of her acceptance of her situation thus far, and he continued to tease her, working the circle into a rapid back-and-forth motion over her clit and bringing her closer and closer to the edge.

Then he stopped. Abruptly. Her hips barely wiggled as she struggled to bring herself back to him. Instead, he raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her round ass, the crack of his palm meeting her soft skin like a gunshot in the enclosed room. She whimpered, surprised, and he struck her again, this time on the other cheek. Another whimper, another smack. Soon both cheeks were a delicious deep pink and were quite warm to the touch.

One more smack, this time keeping his hand on her ass, softly caressing the heated skin and sliding back between her legs, immediately taking up an aggressive rythym on her clit once more. She squealed in frustrated pleasure, and Mark could feel the wetness from her pussy as it dripped from her ... so ready for him!

Now his other hand came down hard on her already primed ass, but he hadn't stopped working his magic on her clit. He kept rubbing, slowing sometimes to keep her on edge, sometimes intensifying his efforts to bring her close to going over ... all the while keeping her guessing with hard, random smacks on her rear.

Her whimpers and squeals had turned to pleading moans, punctuated by little screams when he landed a particularly well-aimed slap against her butt. Finally he stopped both actions and stepped away from her, taking away all contact. She continued to moan and struggle in her bonds, and he watched her seductive efforts as he stepped out of his shoes, socks, slacks and shorts.

Silently, Mark reached toward the chain swinging between her captive nipples. In his hand was a smalllish lead ball that he had removed from his pocket before taking off his pants. This was soon hooked through the center ring on the chain. When he dropped the weight - just an inch or so - it pulled on Toni's swollen and trapped buds! She uttered a high-pitched squeal, obviously surprised. Mark tapped the weight to set it in motion and was satisfied with the effect as the chain tugged on both stretched nipples, following the path of the swinging weight.

Returning to stand behind her, he grasped her narrow waist with one hand while holding his sheathed, stiff cock in the other. He guided himself between her legs and slammed his dick home, burying himself in her hot pussy. He felt her clench around him, and he knew she was close to cumming. He held still inside of her, not giving her the additional stimulation she needed so desperately, waiting until he felt her inner walls relax.

He suddenly pulled back and out completely, then moved around to her front. She whimpered, feeling him there, and able to smell her own excitement as he held his cock - coated in her juices - close to her face, aiming it at the wide-open mouth that he'd been waiting for all day.

He first traced the tip of his cock around her lips, leaving behind a shining coating of her own moisture. Then he guided his head through the ring, just far enough to where he felt her tongue encounter him then retract. He pushed in farther, again meeting her tongue, but now she couldn't avoid him. She was forced to taste the salty sweetness of her own pussy mixed with the bitter taste of the rubber condom.

He pulled back a little, then pushed in again - still gently, still slowly - allowing her a chance to accept him. He could feel her resisting, trying to avoid him, so he pushed forward until he felt his cock press against the back of her throat, forcing her tongue flat underneath his girth. He could feel her throat convulse as if trying to swallow and the vibration of her stifled whimpering pleas! He savored the sensations for a few moments, then withdrew completely, allowing her to gasp and cough and breathe, struggling not to choke.

Again he pushed through the ring and gave her the chance to accept him. Again she resisted and again he punished her by trying to force himself down her throat. The tremors in her body as she struggled to draw breath past his swollen cock were exciting, and with regret he pulled back once again allowing her to recover.

The third time he placed his cock in her mouth, pausing to allow her to take him ... and he felt her tongue tentatively reach to touch him. He moved in and out slowly, shallowly, and with each gentle thrust her attentions became more and more confident until she was doing as much as she could to please him without the use of her lips to caress his cock.

He pulled out - he smiled when she whimpered softly - and removed the condom. "Do you want me?" he asked he, speaking for the first time since before her shower.

'Do i want you?' she thought to herself. Her body flushed at the thought of taking his rigid cock in her mouth again, being able to feel him stiffen even further, then swell and begin to pulse as he unloaded his seed into her mouth. But her brain, still aghast and rebelling at the way he was able to so easily control her both with the unyielding restraints and by playing with her natural, erotic responses, denied what her body was so strongly yearning for.

His hands stroked her hair, smoothing over the blindfold, then moved to the back of her head. The buckles were unlocked and the gag harness brusquely removed from her head. The straps dislodged the blindfold, but by the time she thought to try to open her squinting eyes, it had been replaced and settled into place. Her jaw closed with grateful anguish, her tongue reaching out to moisten her dry lips.

"Here, take me," he said. She could hear the musky tone of his voice, his excitement, his need to finish. Then she felt the head of his rubber-sheathed cock tease against her lips.

She opened her newly ungagged mouth slowly, hesitating, still not able to accept that she wanted him, that she wanted him to do this to her.

He pulled back, giving her the briefest moment to decide, and she did. She opened her mouth wide and lay her tongue over her lower teeth, inviting him in.

Then he was in her mouth fully, deeply, pressing at the back of her throat once more ... and she bit down as hard as her stressed jaw could manage!

His laugh registered at the same time as she realized that her teeth were doing little, if any, damage to a stiff, rubber dildo.

"Not quite ready for that, i see," he said, chuckling around his words. Then his laughter stopped and he went on, "It's the spirit in you that i like, that wee bit of rebellion. But you'll soon realize that i now control your spirit. I can cause you pain," and he punctuated this statement by reaching down and pulling on the weighted nipple chain. "I can bring you to heights of pleasure," again demonstrating by expertly rolling one highly excited nipple between thumb and forefinger.

"I hold the key to your light, your dark, your hunger and thirst," he continued. "Like I told you earlier, I want to be your friend, to give you what you need, but you have to accept not only me but also the darker needs inside of you that I will fulfill."

He paused, and she heard a jangle of buckles just before he roughly wedged the ring gag back between her resisting teeth. As he adjusted the straps and tightened then locked the buckles he said, almost as if to himself, "And you will, one way or another."

Mark stepped behind her once again and fucked her. Hard. He groaned as he felt his balls swing forward with every deep stroke into her sopping pussy, then he tightened, thrust even harder to bury himself completely within her, and released with unparalleled pleasure.

She was released from the pillory then, her limbs complaining as they realigned and her nipples appreciative after the removal of the lead weight. Her wrists were pulled harshly back and secured with a quick, effective wrap of a strap. Her feet were released from the stocks and left unfettered, but she remained helpless without use of her hands and the blindfold securely in place underneath the gag harness.

Taking a firm hold of one upper arm, squeezing a bit harder than necessary, Mark pulled her over to the wall where a large, X-shaped wooden cross was anchored. It leaned at about a 15 degree angle, and was accented with a multitude of buckling leather straps.

Her hands were again released, but she was roughly pushed against the cross, back to the cool wood, and held there with his still half-naked body pressing hard against her. One wrist, then the other, was pulled high to either side of the frame and buckled tightly in place. Once her wrists were secured, Mark moved back and began pulling strap after strap around her body, welding her to the giant X.

A final, particularly vicious yank that tightened a wide strap across her middle signaled that he was done. He left her for a moment, and Toni tested the bonds that shaped her body into a taught X shape. There was no give, and no chance of escaping from the position. Her wet pussy, spread wide and exposed, reacted to the air currents of the room.

For good measure, and honestly just because he wanted to, Mark retrieved a roll of self-adhesive elastic bandage and wrapped it around each of Toni's hands and the upright beam, sealing her fingers flat against the wood.

Mark returned. "Drink this," he said in a businesslike manner.

She felt a cold metal can brush against her lips before it rested against her bottom teeth and a small amount of a cool, sweet, thick liquid pour into her mouth - she recognized it as one of those nutrition shakes sold in grocery and drug stores. . He stopped and allowed her to swallow it. He carefully poured tiny amounts until the can was gone, then followed this with sips of water.

Once finished feeding Toni her dinner, Mark contemplated the options he had for leaving her entertained for the night. Coming to a decision, he retrieved the few items necessary to complete her arrangement.

Toni's only freedom of movement, the ability to move her head slightly forward, was taken away as Mark pulled yet another leather strap across her forehead. Fastening it snug, but not too tightly, he locked her head against the wooden cross.

"Stick out your tongue," he said casually, as if asking her to pass the salt.

After the briefest hesitation, Toni complied, tentatively poking her pink tongue out through the forced opening of the ring gag.

"Farther," Mark said.

She stuck it out as far as she could, and was startled when Mark grasped it with his fingers! A moment later it was being squeezed - gently at first, but increasingly tighter.

Mark was screwing down the wing-nut on the wide, rubber-coated clamp now trapping Toni's tongue! He continued tightening until her whimpers began to sound with alarm and he was sure that the clamp was securely in place. A thin cord was tied to the free end of the clamp, and Mark threaded this through one of the nearby chains hanging in wait from the ceiling. He pulled the cord taught and was rewarded with pleading whimpers as Toni realized what was happening! Satisfied, Mark tied off the end of the cord.

Toni's appraisal of her tongue's situation was cut short when she felt something cool, smooth and hard nudge aside her labia and slowly push inside of her. It was thick and filled her completely! She could feel Mark's hand holding it fully buried in her pussy, then the edges of a wide leather strap replaced his hand. The strap, attached to the frame behind her rear, was pulled up and tight, then somehow fastened to the wide band around her belly.

If nothing else, Toni was grateful that her rear passage had been left vacant!

Toni jerked when Mark's warm fingers began playing with her nipples ... then she squealed as the constricting loops were removed, one at a time, from each swollen nub! The intense pain caused by their release was only momentary, but Mark found her squeal so pleasant that he pinched each nipple again, hard, eliciting a replay of her sound effects!

Letting her go, he studied Toni's predicament for a moment and decided it was satisfactory. He grasped both breasts with his hands, said, "Good night," and gave her one last squeeze as a farewell gesture.

Relieved that Mark was no longer tormenting her nipples, Toni could concentrate on finding a less-stressful position for her stretched tongue! If she stuck it out to relieve the pull, she tired quickly. If she relaxed too much, the squeeze and tug became quite uncomfortable!

Then she squealed again, this time in a mixture of surprise and pain. She had retracted her tongue in reflex as the invader trapped in her pussy buzzed to life! She forced herself to stick her tongue back out, but had an increasingly hard time concentrating as the buzzing slowly intensified!

Soon she was approaching a climax. Between the vibrations inside her pussy, and the insidious tickle on her mons and clit that were transferred along from where the leather strap pressed against the vibrator, she could feel the heat building between her legs.

Unable to move anything more than a useless clenching of muscles, she prepared to endure the orgasm she knew was approaching.

But then everything stopped! The invader fell silent, and she groaned in questioning disappointment! If she had had the freedom to do so, she would have been pressing her hips forward, searching for the stimulation that had just abandoned her.

It was useless, however, and she was left to her own thoughts again, forced to concentrate on her mashed tongue.

Until it all started again! Several minutes later, the vibrator came back to life ... this time at a low buzz ... and continued for several minutes, but never strong enough to do more than make her yearn for more! She was whimpering in frustration until it stopped once again, leaving her feeling empty.

The vibrator, plugged into the wall and outfitted with a setting for random intensity and duration, wasn't going to run out of juice, much to Toni's eventual dismay. As the night wore on it would sometimes allow her to cum, sometimes leave her frustrated, but always left her guessing!

'Oh God,' she thought to herself, 'Did Mark just say Good Night!? How long is this going to go on?!'

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