Oh, What a Weekend!
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  • Post Date - 7/30/2008

Part 1: The Girls and the Plan

Sara was a “sexy, but cute” blue eyed blonde. Beth was tall, buxom, had brown hair and was aggressive. Gina was a hot but somewhat bossy red head. Lifelong friends, the three young women shared a love of bondage and BDSM. For years they tied and “enslaved” each other, then bought in others, both female and male, to play with them. But the one thing they wanted to do was kidnap someone, hold them captive, and make them into their sex slave, whether she or he liked it or not. Beth often talked of literally whipping them into shape with a dreamy look in her eyes. But for all their talk, they were never able to carry out this plan. There was so much planning and work in capturing someone and holding them prisoner that something always happened to foil the would-be kidnappers. Then Delia came to their school.

She was just over eighteen, with black hair, dark blue eyes that were almost black themselves, and wasn’t quite pale but had light colored skin. Her parents had just moved to town and she was eager to make some new friends. As soon as Sara, Gina and Beth saw her, they all started picturing her bound and struggling. And her inexperience and ignorance of bondage made them want to take her captive even more. They befriended her and gained her trust, waiting for the moment to strike. It came quicker than any of them had expected.

There was going to be a school holiday, which meant a four day weekend. Which meant there would be an extra day to break Delia. Beth, Sara and Gina got together and made what sounded like a foolproof plan: they would go to the lake house that their families owned and shared and make her their slave over a very busy, long weekend. It was miles away from town, and no one should be at the other houses near the lake this time of year, and they were spread apart by a fair distance anyway. Unless someone else DID decide to stay at one of those houses or some hikers or campers came along, they would have complete privacy.

Since Delia liked Sara best, it was the blonde who invited her to join them and she leapt at the chance. The day soon came. Sara would pick Delia up while Gina and Beth gathered the trio’s large collection of BDSM gear and supplies and went to the lake house to get everything ready.

“Thanks for doing this,” Delia’s mother smiled at Sara when she arrived. “It’s so nice that Deliah made friends so quickly. It’s hard to fit in win you’re the new girl. And this will give me and her father some time to get settled in.”

“No problem,” Sara responded, shuffling with some discomfort. There was something about hearing kind words from the mother of her future slave than unnerved her some. On the drive to the house, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the younger girl with her. But thrill of enslaving her was just too much to turn down. She silently vowed be a good Mistress who would take care of her group’s poor slave.

When they got there that night, Sara saw Beth’s big, king cab pickup truck, which told her that a lot BDSM supplies had been bought to be used. As soon as they entered the house, the plan went into motion.

“Hey, Dee,” Beth asked shortly after their arrival, “wanna go for a night swim?”

“Sure!” Delia couldn’t wait to get in that cool, clear water.

When they went to change, she couldn’t help but stare at Beth’s large breasts and her thick patch of pubic hair. Beth caught her and gave her a grin.

“Like what ya see?” she asked, striking a pose that made them stick out.

Delia blushed and looked away, “S-S-Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I take pride in what God gave me. These are all natural, thank you. I developed early.” She studied Delia, her gaze making the little brunette uncomfortable. “You’ll have a nice pair too. You’re barely legal and they already look good. In a few years every boy and man who sees them will wanna touch them. I’m so glad I get to first.”

“Huh?!” Delia barely had time to react before Beth tackled her and pinned down. Stunned, she wasn’t even aware of Beth reaching into her pants pocket and pulling out a pair of hand cuffs until she heard the loud clicking and felt the cold, hard metal biting into her wrists. As if broken out of a trance, she started to struggle and shout.

Sara and Gina came through the door. Gina grabbed Delia’s kicking legs and went to work binding her ankles with soft rope. Sara crammed the black ball gag into Delia’s mouth and secured its strap. Their work done, the three of them got up to examine their prize. The naked Delia wriggled around the floor in a vain attempt to free her limbs, her muffled shouts filling the air.

“Well done, Beth,” Gina exchanged a triumphant smile with her big friend, “that went better than I could’ve hoped.”

“Thanks. But it was your plan. I just can’t believe it was so easy! Makes me wonder why we were never able to do this before.”

“We had to make sure there would no complications this time,” Gina sighed over loud “MMPH!”s and “MMURGH!!”s.

When it was apparent Delia wasn’t going to get out of her bonds, her three Mistresses got some more supplies to secure her better. Gina used some more rope on her knees while Beth tied her elbows, then removed the handcuffs to replace them with rope. Sara added the finishing touch: a bejeweled dog collar and a short leash. They got up to admire their handiwork and watch their victim struggle and moan while Gina and Sara stripped. If all went well, all four of them would be naked the entire time.

Delia started to tire. She couldn’t loosen the ropes on her arms and legs and her throat was getting a little sore. Her struggles became smaller and her shouts faded to groans. Gina leaned down and pulled her by her leash, sending a sharp pain through her neck from the tight collar. Delia gave her a begging look, moaning through the gag for sympathy. Gina slapped her, sending a painful stinging sensation through her cheek and face and silencing her.

“Quiet,” her red headed capturer stated, “and listen well. You are now our slave for the next four days. You are ours to do with as we please. You can struggle and protest all you want, we aren’t letting you go. Your body is our plaything. You will be somehow restrained and gagged the whole time, unless you show us you can be trusted to be quiet without the gag, and that will take much work from you. Do EXACTLY as you’re told and you won’t be hurt anymore than necessary. Displease us enough and you will be punished. And you won’t want that. The sooner you accept your fate, the less unpleasant this experience will have to be. Understand, slave?”

Delia just stared at her, tears running from her face. This had to be a prank, a sick jo--.


Gina’s palm told her otherwise. “Do you understand, slave?!” she asked with louder, meaner voice.

Crying, Delia nodded.

“Very good, my pretty little doll Delia.”

“Delia the Doll…” Sara mused, “Dolly Delia…I know! Let’s call her ‘Doll’ or ‘Dolly’.”

“I like it,” Beth nodded.

“Do you hear that,” Gina leered at Del—Doll, “you’ve been given a name already. You’re lucky. Many slaves have to earn a name, but yours was given quickly. Now to play with the pretty doll…”

Taking Doll’s head in her hands, she started to kiss and lick her all over her face. Her captive shivered and moaned at this new, strange sensation. Gina then started to fondle Doll’s breasts. “Not bad,” she commented, “not very big, but a good enough size. And they’re soft and jiggly.”


The groan became a muffled yelp when Gina started to play with her nipples, which got hard and pointy as they were rolled and pressed. It was soon followed by a muffled shout at the feeling of her tongue and mouth as she sucked one. Doll continued to shudder and whine for the next few minutes as Gina continued the assault while Beth and Sara played with themselves while watching.


Doll gave a little scream and blushed as Gina’s hand entered her womanhood, her fingers probing around. She stopped and a curious look appeared on her face. Then it was replaced by a smile.

“Ladies,” she told her friends, “it’s just as we thought. She’s a virgin.”

Sara and Beth both gasped, but for different reasons. “I’ll break out the strap-ons!” Beth declared.

“No!” Sara yelled, “…uh, l-let’s wait.”

“Yes,” Gina nodded in agreement. She looked Doll in the eye, “you ARE a very lucky slave. We were going to fuck you early and often. But virgins are a rare find in our kind of fun and should be greatly enjoyed. So your purity has been spared…for the time being anyway. Whether you leave this lake house a virgin or not remains to be seen, but at least you’ll remain pure for the next day or two. Now where was I?”

She went back to fingering Doll’s pussy, using two fingers, then three. Doll writhed and moaned in her bonds as a heat she’d never felt before filled her entire body, then felt like it went into her soul. She started to move her hips to match the movements of Gina’s hand in a way that felt good and she let her mind go blank as this new, strange yet wonderful feeling took her away from the horrible situation she was in until--


It was the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had, better than any she’d had from masturbating. When it was done, the good feeling she’d felt faded away and she now felt both tired and ashamed.

Meanwhile, Gina took a whiff of the stuff on her fingers then licked it.

“How is it?” Sara asked, trying to hide her great curiosity.

“It’s just as we’ve heard,” her red headed friend replied with a smile. “It smells and taste very good, not like what we’ve had from people with experience. Oh yes, we should definitely leave her a virgin for as long as possible.”

“We’ll just have to see about that,” Beth put in. She walked over to Doll and picked her up.

“W-What are you doing?” Sara asked with some surprise.

“Now that our doll has had some pleasure, she needs to feel some pain to know her place.”

She carried her to the dining room and put her on the table face down.
“Okay, Doll,” she whispered in her captive’s ear. “This is just a little something to let you know what will happen if you disobey or displease us.”

Beth raised her hand high and spanked Doll’s ass as hard as she could.







Beth’s hand slapped Doll’s cheeks ten times before she thought it was enough. When she was done, the ass before her was considerably redder and throbbing. Fresh tears were streaming down the captive’s face, as well as drool that had worked its way between her gag and lips from her shouts and screams. Beth flipped her over, giving her an evil leer that made her slave shake with fear. She took her breasts in her hands and squeezed. Very hard.


She let them go and took a nipple in each hand’s thumb and forefinger. She pinched them, making Doll scream loudly through her gag. She screamed louder as they were pulled, twisted, then twisted and pulled at the same time.

“And that’s only the tip of the iceberg,” Beth glowered at her. “So do you understand what will happen if you make your mistresses angry, slave?”

Doll bobbed her head, “YAPH! OPH YAPH!”

“Very good,” Beth sighed with a smug, satisfied smile.

By now it gotten late and Sara suggested she put their slave to bed. “She’ll have a long day tomorrow,” she pointed out. “And the day after that. And the day after that one.”

“True,” Gina nodded. “I think she’s been through enough tonight and we’ll need her well rested for the rest of the holiday. And maybe she’ll be in a more compliant mood after she’s had a night to think about it.”

“Ahh,” Beth whined, “but we’re just getting started. I already need to come, dammit!”

A smiling Gina stepped forward and put a hand on one of her friend’s large boobs, “we don’t need Doll for that. Do you still want to break out the strap-ons?”

“With you, Gina? Hell yeah!”

Sara picked up Doll and carried her to a bedroom before the two of them could get started. She laid her down and kissed her on the cheek, which made her moan and turn her head away.

“Now, now,” Sara told her in a soothing voice as she stroked her, “don’t be like that. We aren’t doing this to hurt you. We’re doing it for our own pleasure. Just roll with it and everything will be fine. Here, I’ll even help get to sleep.”

She proceeded to get a thick, black cloth and used it to blindfold Doll. She whispered, “Goodnight, pretty Doll,” before putting in the ear plugs. She ran her hand over her pallid slave and kissed her on the forehead, then left, locking the door behind her.

But Doll wasn’t able to sleep. She’d come to this lake house hoping to have a fun weekend with three new friends, and was now an unwilling captive of three perverted women, unable to move, shout, heard or see. Exhausted from her orgasm and torture, she just lay in the bed and cried until consciousness left her sometime in the night.

Part 2: Breaking the Doll

The first thing Doll (formerly Delia) felt when she regained consciousness was a pair of soft hands rubbing her naked body. She moaned and tried to get away. But the feel of rope on her elbows, wrists, knees and ankles reminded her she wasn’t going anywhere. Whoever it was took their hands away. The next thing Doll felt was a kiss on her forehead, then the plugs being taken from her ears.

“Good morning, Dolly,” Sara’s voice greeted her sweetly.

The blindfold was removed and Doll was greeted by the smiling face of a naked blue eyed blonde. The fear and sadness she’d been feeling since she was first bound was quickly replaced by anger. How dare Sara look at her like that? She’s liked her the most and trusted her, and now she was a prisoner. And now she was hovering right above her smiling like they were still good friends. It was then and there Doll made up her mind to escape. If she could get away from these three women, she could find help and these bitches would get what they deserved.

Sara’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “I know you have to be hungry. I’m going to untie your legs and take you to the kitchen for a late breakfast, okay?”

Her mockingly casual, friendly tone infuriated Doll, but it was the perfect opportunity. She nodded. As soon as the ropes were gone, she kicked Sara as hard as she could, sending her blonde capturer toppling backwards. She leapt from the bed, ran out of the room and down the hall. Near the stairs, she saw Gina. But before the nude redhead could even react, Doll rammed into to her with her shoulder and slammed her against the wall. She ran down the stairs and went to the nearest door. She turned and fumbled with it using her fingers in a desperate attempt to unlock it. She even came close a few times, but it would lock back in place.

“You little bitch!”

Doll looked up to see Beth looking at her with furious expression. In a last effort to get out, she started to slam herself against the door, hoping it would break open. All she did was hurt her shoulder and side while Beth came at her. She ran at Beth to knock her down like she had Gina, but the brown haired, buxom young woman merely stepped to the side and grabbed her by the hair. She used her free hand to punch her in the stomach. She was about to hit her again when Gina intervened.

“That’s enough Beth.”

“But this bitch hurt you and Sara!” She snarled at Doll, “I should kill you for that, you—”

“I said that’s enough,” Gina repeated with a more commanding tone. “I don’t like our new slave having big bruises, thank you. But this does call for a punishment. A severe one.”

“Oh. Okay. Should I get out my best whip or flogger?”

“No,” Gina shook her head. “It would do for the escape, but not for attacking us.”

“Clothespins?” Beth suggested eagerly, “or drip candle wax on her?”

“Hmm…tempting, but this requires something particularly painful…I know!” She gave Beth a wicked smile, “it looks like you’ll be able to use your electric toys after all.”

Beth gasped with excitement. Sara, who’d just arrived, gasped in shock.

“Y-You bought the electrical stuff?”

“Well, Beth wanted to bring it along ‘just in case’.” Gina explained. “I for one didn’t think they’d be used, but it looks like I was wrong.”

Sara gulped nervously, “i-isn’t that a little extreme?”

Gina glared at her, “can’t the same be said for being kicked in the stomach? I’m just glad Doll isn’t very strong or her attacks on us would’ve hurt more and left worse bruises.”

Beth pulled Doll along by her hair, making her captive shriek with each pull. The four of them went to the basement where a table with some straps and some machines had been set up. Doll’s arms were unbound and she was thrown on the table. Her escape attempt, the punch and the hair pulling had taken most of what energy sleep had given her and her limbs were secured by the straps before she could make a move. She struggled weakly against her new bonds, which were harder and tougher than the rope.

“Oh yes,” Beth gloated as she picked up some wires with things on them, “you are fucked now, Doll.” The wires had little clips on them. Doll squealed loudly as they bit her nipples, breasts, and pussy.

“I was so sure you’d learned you lesson last night,” Beth continued, referring to a hard spanking and nipple torture, “but you had to go and do something stupid like this. I told you that was the tip of the iceberg. Now here’s something close to the top.”

She walked over the device the wires ran from and pushed a button.


Doll screamed as loud as her gag would let her as electricity coursed through the most sensitive parts of her body. It was the most painful thing she’d ever felt in her fairly short life. It was like having being stung by dozens of bees. After the longest seconds ever, the pain stopped as suddenly as it had started. Doll went limp in her bonds, gasping and crying.

“Do it again,” Gina’s voice ordered. “Use a higher setting.”

Doll barely had time to panic at the word “higher” when the electricity started again, hotter, more intense, more painful. She screamed and convulsed in the straps holding her until it stopped. Her vision blurred by tears, she looked from Beth to Gina, mewling and whimpering through her gag for forgiveness and mercy.

“Oh, you’re sorry?” Gina asked.

Doll nodded and shouted.

“Too bad. One more time Beth, on the highest setting without killing her.”

It now felt like and entire hive of wasps were stinging and biting Doll’s nipples, breasts and vagina. She felt like she was about to explode or catch fire. When it stopped, she went limp in her bonds, sobbing. A warm, wet sensation and feeling she was being drained signaled she was pissing.

“That should so nicely,” Gina stepped forward and removed the black ball gag.

“What are you?” she aked.

“A-A-A s-s-s-slave,” the defeated Doll sobbed, “i’m a-a s-s-slave.”

“What is your name?”

“D-D-Doll. I-I-I’m my m-m-mistresses p-p-pretty d-d-doll.”

“And do you have something to say to us?”

“I-I-I’m sorry.”

“For what? And say it louder.”


She slumped in her bonds again, out of breath.

“Very good.” Gina turned to her partners in crime, “Sara, take Doll and clean her. Beth, you clean the mess down here. I’ll go fix lunch.”

“Ah damn,” Beth frowned as she removed the clips from Doll. “She got piss all over some my electrodes!”

“Well,” Sara told her as she picked up Doll, “since you’re the one who made her to it, it’s only fair you should clean it up.”

She carried Doll to the bathroom, filled the tub halfway, and put her in. Her slave gave a loud sigh of relief and pleasure, the warm water feeling wonderful to her tired, wracked body. Sara gave her a few minutes to soak, then told her to sit up. The first order of business was to wash off the urine from her pubic area and legs. Then Sara proceeded to wash her back, chest and hair. Doll found her touch and voice were surprisingly gentle and almost caring. She realized that the smile and voice Sara had used earlier were not because she was gloating, but because she cared for her. Or at least she was the least evil of her three mistresses.

“There we go,” Sara declared after she finished toweling Doll off, “nice and clean.” She studied Doll for a minute as she thought of how to bind her again. Taking her by the leash, she went to where the supplies were kept. She got a pair of leather cuffs with a foot long chain for Doll’s legs, which were enable her to walk but in short, hobbling steps that would prevent her from trying to get away. Her arms were dealt with using an armbinder that had her upper appendages encased in a leather sheathe. When she was done, Sara gave Doll a look that combined love and lust.

“My God, Doll,” she gasped, “you are so beautiful.”

Doll blushed at this, “t-thank you, Mistress. A-And I-I’m sorry I kic—”

“I forgive you,” Sara smiled at her. “It hurt, but I don’t have the heart to be mad at you.”
She also didn’t have the heart to tell Doll she was the first person who’d been tied against her will. She led her down to the kitchen and tied her to a chair for lunch which was soon done.

There was some discussion on how to feed Doll. Beth wanted to make her eat out of a dog bowl while Sara volunteered to cut her food and feed it to her as they ate. Gina liked Sara’s method best and thus Doll’s food was held out to her a fork or spoon for her to eat it off of and she drank from the cup held to her. Gina felt a little turned on watching their black haired, pallid slave eat like a sullen small child as Sara cooed at her as she fed her.

When lunch was over and Doll was untied from the chair, a ring gag was put in her mouth.

“Now that you’ve been punished,” Gina told her, “it’s time you started redeeming yourself.”

She led Doll to the living room and made her get down on her knees in front of the couch. Gina sat in front her with her legs spread.

“Do you know what I want you to do?” she asked.

Doll thought about, then nodded. Sticking her tongue out of her mouth, she started to lick Gina’s pussy. Short red hair tickled her face as she slowly licked up and down the length of Gina’s nether lips.


The back of Gina’s hand hit her on the head.

“Use your mouth like you mean it, slave. And stick your tongue in as far as it will go.”

With a shudder and a nod, Doll tried to improve her virgin technique. The strange musky smell coming from the vagina in front of her slowly started to turn her on and the juices from it had an unusual taste that was both sweet and sour at the same time. She started to move her tongue around in every way she could, hoping it would please Mistress Gina this time.

“Ah, that’s better,” the redhead sighed.

“And maybe this will help,” Sara got down behind them, put her fingers in Doll’s opening, and started to move them. This made their slave gasp and moaned, her mouth movements matching the feelings arising inside her.

“AHH!” Gina yelped, “oh yes, that is helping. Beth, get a vibrator. A big one!”

The vibrator in question was gotten out and put in Doll, much to Sara’s dismay. But it did the trick as Doll’s efforts became more enthusiastic as she was loosened up.
“Just remember,” Gina told her, “don’t come until we let you. Otherwise you’ll be punished again. And you don’t want that do you?”

“Noaf Mithrif.”

Between the smell and taste of Mistress Gina’s vagina and the buzzing intruder inside her, Doll was the most turned on she’d ever been in her life. But she had to struggle to control herself, afraid of what might happen if she gave in to her body’s desire to succumb to her feelings and climax without permission.

After a little over twenty minutes, Gina’s moans filled the air as her new slave’s mouth did its task.


Her cum spurted all in Doll’s mouth and on her face as she orgasmed, then relaxed.

“Ahh, that was good, Dolly. In time you might be a great pussy licker.”

“My turn!” Beth announced, beating Sara to it. She and Gina switched places.

Mistress Beth’s pussy didn’t smell or taste as good as Mistress Gina’s but Doll found herself liking how her long, brown pubic hairs brushed against her face.

“Yeah,” Beth smirked, “how do you like working through a real woman’s vagina, unshaved like it ought to be?”

Doll couldn’t answer, but she tried her best to please her most evil Mistress or else.

“Mmm, not bad,” Beth commented. “But you’ll have to better than that for me.”

She put her hand on the back of Doll’s head and shoved her face in as far as it would go.

“And put some more force into it,” she commanded, “and move your tongue faster. And see if you can’t suck a little.”

The smell and taste was overwhelming. And when Beth’s hand started to roughly fondle and squeeze a breast, Doll had to struggle to keep from coming herself. It took a longer than it had for Gina, but Doll finally made Beth come too.

“Ah,” the buxom young woman sighed, “that felt good.”

“Me next!” Sara chirped.

Her pussy tasted and smelled the best. Doll had no trouble pleasing her blonde Mistress, who’s moans were music to her ears. She even rubbed her head.

“Oh, Dolly!” Sara gasped. “You’re wonderful! You-you-you—YYAAAUUGGHHH!”

“Looks like someone was excited,” Beth commented on how quickly Sara came.

“Considering how long she’d been waiting, I’m not surprised,” Gina added. “And it looked to me like Doll was particularly enthusiastic pleasing her.”


Doll swiveled her hips around, mewling and whimpering loudly.

“Does the dolly want to come?” Gina asked.


“I don’t know, do ladies think she deserves it.”

“Yes,” Sara said immediately.

“Wouldn’t hurt,” Beth shrugged.

“Okay. But how?”

“Ooh!” Sara held her arm up, “let me please!”

“Since you’re so eager.”

Sara turned the vibrator off and carefully took it out of the moaning, shivering Doll. She put her on her back and made her spread her legs as far as she could.

“Oh wow!” she gasped as what she saw.

“She’s so wet!” Beth gawked.

Doll’s crotch and legs were shining and slick with pussy juice. There was even a spot on the floor where she’d been kneeling.

“Since you did such a wonderful job,” Sara smiled at her, “I’m going to return the favor. But don’t come until I tell you, okay?”

Doll nodded. Sara took a good long whiff of her cool, clean scented pussy, then lashed at it with her tongue and fingers. Doll squealed at the feeling of a more experienced girl using her hands and mouth on her and was soon thrashing around the floor in her bounds and screams coming from out of the ring gag. After what felt like an eternity, Mistress Sara’s voice finally said “come.” The orgasm that followed was unlike anything Doll had ever felt in her whole life as it coursed through her body. When it was finally over she lay on the floor exhausted. She was barely aware of being picked up and put the couch.

“That will do for now,” she heard Gina tell her. “Now rest, slave. You will need you energy when we’re ready for you.”

Part 3: the Ultimate Tip and the Ultimate Desert

While Doll rested, her three mistresses talked of what to do with her next. After much discussion, an idea came to Gina. She told it to Sara and Beth and there was a long pause as they stared at her in shock. But as they thought it about, it excited them a little and they decided to try it. And there’d be a nice bonus.

While Gina made a phone call, Doll was roused from the couch and once again made to kneel and the ring gag was taken out of her mouth. She was given a minute to work her jaw before she was presented with her new challenge. She was to be educated in how to perform fellatio, thanks to the strap-on dildo Sara was had put on. Doll shivered with disgust at it, but knew better than to protest. With great reluctance, she put her lips around its head and proceeded to take the thing into her mouth. But next thing she knew, she was chocking. She spat the strap on out and coughed.

“See what happens when you’re too eager?” Beth smirked.

“B-But—” the confused Doll tried to explain.

“Shh,” Sara put a hand on her head and stroked her, “you took in too much too fast. Try that again, but this time go at a pace your comfortable with. And don’t try to take it all in at once. Just take as much as you can.”

Doll tried it. When she’s taken as much of the dildo into her mouth as she thought she could, she stopped.

“See, isn’t that better?” Sara smiled. “And you’re able to hold more than I thought you would. Now, move your head back and forth along its length, sucking and licking as you do. Again, go with a pace that works for you.”
Doll did as she was told, going very slowly at first, then gradually building up speed until she found a pace she was “comfortable” with. She wondered if a real penis would taste this bad and feel this strange. After a few minutes, Sara started to “mouth fuck” her, moving her pelvis and the strap-on in a rhythm to match the movements of Doll’s head and mouth.

“Oh Doll,” she sighed, “I wish this was a real penis so I could feel your breath, tongue and those pretty lips. Maybe even shot my load in your mouth and on your face.”

Doll shuddered and moaned with revulsion.

“It feel’s a lot better than it sounds,” Beth added. “And with some practice, you’ll make a good cock sucker, Dolly.”

Doll didn’t appreciate the compliment. She continued to blow job for somewhere between fifteen to twenty minutes, Sara rubbing her head, fondling a breast, and complimenting her on what a good job she was doing. Some drool had worked its way past her lips and was dribbling down her chin and her lips and cheek were getting sore. She could feel tears of humiliation and some exhaustion forming in the corners of her eye when Gina’s voice announced, “okay girls, time to get dressed. Except you, Doll.”

Sara begrudgingly took the strap on dildo out of Doll’s mouth, “already?”

“He’ll be here soon. I know the three of us wanted to stay naked this whole time, but this calls for some clothes. Now you ladies get dressed while I explain things to our Doll.”

Beth and Sara left while Gina took Doll’s head between her hands and looked her in the eye with a glower, “listen, and listen very well. We have a guest coming; a pizza delivery boy. Your time sucking on that strap on was practice for the real thing, which you’ll experience soon. You are to play the role of a kinky, submissive slut hungry for some cock. Don’t you dare say or do anything to make him think you’re a captive. If you do, we’ll have to take him prisoner too and we don’t to arouse suspicions about a missing person last known coming here. And we’ll have to punish you severely. How does having candle wax dripped on you sound?”

“N-N-NO!” Doll yelped, shaking with fear. “I-I-I’ll be good. I promise!”

“Very good, Dolly,” Gina smiled triumphantly as she took her hands off her slave’s head. “Put on a good enough show and we may even let you have a slice or two of pizza.”

Gina got dressed too and soon the pizza arrived. Doll was put out of sight, so she couldn’t see the pizza guy. But she could hear him. He actually sounded like a nice guy.

“Hope your pizza isn’t too cold,” he was telling one of the other women. “It’s just that you guys are kinda far out, aren’t you?”

“We wanted to enjoy our four day weekend at our beloved lake house,” Gina answered. “And we don’t blame you. We just got in the mood for pizza. We’re sure that pack’s kept it nice and warm. We even have a nice tip to make up for making you come out so far.”


“This way.”

The pizza guy gave a yelp when he saw Doll. She imagined she must sight: a light skinned, black haired girl naked and collared with her arms bound in a leather sheathe and ankle cuffs on her legs. She forced herself to smile at the male in front of her. He was fairly young and not too bad looking.

“W-W-W-Wha-Wha—” he stammered.

“Like I said, we have a very special tip for you,” Gina smiled. “And while the rest of us wanted some pizza, our bondage crazy friend wanted a nice cock in her mouth more.”

The pizza boy looked hesitant, “i-is she—”

“I assure you, she’s that way by her own design. She’s just a kinky bondage babe. Don’t tell me you don’t want a blow job from a cute girl who’s gift wrapped for you?”

A thoughtful look came over the pizza guy’s face, then he upzipped his fly and dropped his pants to free his dick. Doll took a breath, then took the penis before in her mouth. It wasn’t as big or as hard as the dildo, which made her job easier. While it had an unusual taste, it wasn’t as bad as the strap on. It even felt better. The delivery boy’s groans of pleasure told her she was doing a good job. After a few minutes, he put his hands on her head and started to mouth his penis around in her mouth to match the movements of her lips and tongue. Doll thought the situation wasn’t too bad. She was even starting to get turned on. Under different circumstances, she might’ve enjoyed herself. After fifteen minutes or so, the delivery boy’s thrusts became faster and harder and his groans became loud grunts and gasps. The cock in Doll’s mouth pulsed and a glob of sperm shot into it. It was hot and sticky with a thick, creamy texture. It had a salty, somewhat waxy taste. But for some reason, the part of Doll that was disgusted by this was slightly out matched a part of her that liked it. She started to swallow it, and the next thing she knew she’s swallowed ever drop in her mouth. The delivery boy pulled his cock out just in time for it to pulse again and splatter Doll’s face with more of his cum. A third pulse sent more on her chest and upper stomach.

“What do we say, Dolly?” Gina asked from the table where she, Beth, and Sara had been eating their pizzas while watching.

“T-Thank you,” she smiled at the pizza man.

“No,” he said with a tired voice. “Thank you. I only thought this kind of thing could happen in porn flicks. That…that was the best tip ever!”

“You’re more than welcome,” Gina told him.

He put his pants back on, and Gina led him outside to pay him and persuade him to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Sara undressed and went to clean Doll. With her mouth. The captive moaned and shook at her blonde Mistress’s tongue on her skin and her firm but gentle grip.

“You’re lucky, Doll,” Sara told her between licks. “Your first blow job was with a penis that was just the right size. Not too big to be trouble, but not to small to be a boring chore. And this is some pretty good cum.”

“Toldcha it felt better than it sounded,” the now nude Beth smirked.

Gina came in with a relieved look on her face.

“Well,” Beth asked, “will he keep his mouth shut or do I have to rough him up?”

“He’ll be quiet,” Gina smiled as she disrobed, “I told him we didn’t want his made public and he understood. Besides, even he admitted no one will ever believe him.”

“W-Will he be back?” Doll asked.

“No,” Gina shook her head. “We won’t be needing him for the rest of the holiday. We just wanted some pizza and make you perform fellatio. But I did give him our phone numbers. We might get him in on our fun later. Now Doll, I believe you’ve earned a good meal.”

Doll’s share of pizza was cut up and put in a dog bowl. She tried her best to enjoy the taste of it to ignore the humiliating position she was in and how difficult it was to eat like this, leaning over to pick up a piece of pizza with her mouth and sit back up to chew and swallow it, her drink being held to her in a cup for her to drink from.

After she was finished, Gina announced it was time for desert. Doll was pulled to her feet and the ankle cuff and arm-binder were removed only to be laid out on the table, her arms and legs bound its legs. A ball gag was put in her mouth. She saw the chocolate sauce, strawberry syrup and whip cream her Mistresses were holding and groaned and shuddered in disgust again. What kind of sickos were these women?

At the warm, gooey sensation of having the chocolate sauce poured on her, Doll screamed and leapt in her bounds. Muffled shouts, squeals, yelps, moans and groans filled the air and the table moved with her as the sauce, syrup and cream were poured on her body and licked or sucked off with her Mistresses using, their mouths on her breasts, nipples and pussy. Soon, Doll’s body betrayed her and she got hot and turned on as her pussy juice started to flow, which her Mistresses lapped up too.

“Remember,” Gina warned her, “cum too soon and it’s a whipping.”

Doll thought she’d go insane id she didn’t come. A big part of her wanted to let her mind go blank so she wouldn’t have to suffer this humiliation, fear and pain, but she was too scared of what would happen if she lost control. So she endured her body’s scream for release and the burning between her legs until she felt three tongues enter and a voice said “come”. The orgasm was so powerful she thought she’d die. Even before she was fully done, her mind went blank, her body went limp and everything went black.

“Whoa,” Sara gulped, “she fainted. T-That hasn’t happened in a while.”

“Though that was damn tasty,” Beth sighed as she licked her fingers.

“Very,” Gina agreed. She checked the clock. “Hmm…it’ll be a while before she regains consciousness and it’s late, so I guess our best option would be to clean her up and put her to bed for the night.”

“I’ll do it!” Sara chirped.

“Very well,” Gina shrugged. “In the meantime, Beth and I will find others ways to pass the night,” she winked at her buxom friend.

Sara sighed heavily as she untied Doll from the table and carried her to the bathroom while her two friends started to grope and fondle each other. She washed Doll off, then tied her to a bed, once again blindfolding her and plugging her ears. She lightly ran a finger over Doll’s body, making her slave moan and turn in her bound sleep. Sara kissed her on the forehead.

“Sleep well, Dolly. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day.”

Part 4: Horsing Around

It was sometime early that morning when Doll woke up. The feel of the ropes on her wrists and ankles and the gag, blindfold and earplugs surprised her at first and she struggled some, then stopped when she remembered the living nightmare she was in. She just lay in bed, trying her best to enjoy the feel of the nice soft bed, knowing that when someone came to get her, she’d be dragged out of it to have something humiliating or/and painful happen to her against her will.

She must’ve dozed off, because the nest thing she knew, someone was shaking her awake. Before she could stir, she was slapped and she cried out. Whoever was there pulled the plugs from her ears.

“Alright, Sleeping Beauty,” Beth gloated, “time to get up. We let you sleep a little late because today’s a big day for all of us, but now it’s time to get that cute li’l ass of yours up.”

She untied and dragged her to the dining room, sat her in a chair where she then removed the gag and blindfold. Doll thought about leaping out of the chair and making a break for it, but Beth’s presence took what courage she had away and soon ropes were holding her legs and waist to the chair and her hand were in long cuffs. She quickly saw that Sara and Gina were finishing breakfast and realized her Mistresses were letting her eat at the table. Allowed to have as much as she wanted, Doll ate slowly at first, grateful for the food and that she was able to eat with some freedom, then ate quicker when Gina told her to hurry up.

“Was it good, Dolly?”

“Yes…Thank you very much, Mistress Gina.”

“You’re welcome. See what happens when slaves are good? You were given that because you’ll really need the energy today.”

“W-What are you going to do?”

“It’s a surprise,” Sara chirped.

The smile on her blonde Mistress’s cute face took away some of Doll’s fear. After all, Sara had been rather kind to her. But the seeing the same look of excitement on Gina and Beth’s faces let her know this couldn’t be good.

Doll was untied from the chair, her cuffs removed and she was told to stand in the middle of room and stay perfectly still. Her Mistresses went to work what ended up being the most elaborate bondage yet. First, they made her put her arms on her sides and a long piece of rope was wrapped around her waist with her wrist in loops beside it. A harness made of a leather straps was put on her chest and it made her boobs stick and bulge. She realized that when she moved, they’d jiggle and bounce more than they usually would. She was made to step into some knee length boots. A wooden bit with some rubber on it was used to gag her and strapped in place. Clamps with little bells on them were applied to her nipples to ring and jingle with her breasts movements. Her black hair was tied into a ponytail and a feathered harness of some kind was put on her head: it had two squares on either side of her eyes, meaning she couldn’t see anything except what was right in front of her and she’d have to turn her head to see anything else. Doll knew she’d seen something like this before in different circumstances, but couldn’t quite remember. She was trying to think of it when Gina held something out in front of her. It was a piece of plastic with long hair on it that looked like some kind of tail.

“I wanted you to see this because you won’t see it otherwise,” she told her slave. “Look, it’s even the same color as your hair! Isn’t that wonderful?”

She got behind Doll and the next thing the captive knew, Beth’s hands were pulling her ass cheeks apart and something hard was being pushed up her rectum. She groaned and yelped through her gag until it went in with a plop. She groaned at this bizarre, somewhat painful sensation. Her Mistresses stepped back to admire their handiwork.

“Oh yes,” Gina sighed with a look that combined pride and lust. “Have you ever seen a prettier pony?”

“Can’t say I have,” Beth replied with a hungry look.

“She’s beautiful…” Sara smiled with longing look.

Doll jumped and yelped through her gag. She now realized where she’d seen the harness on her head before: it was the kind horses wore so they’d go where they were supposed to and not wander off course. She was to be used as a horse, or as her Mistresses put it, “pony”. She wailed and dropped to her knees, sobbing in humiliation, shame and sorrow. She’d experienced more fear and pain in a few days than in her whole life or ever thought she would, and now she was to be dehumanized.

Before Beth or Gina could make a move, Sara went to Doll and hugged and rubbed her until she was almost done, then wiped the tears off her face, “please don’t be sad, Doll. It’s just that we hardly ever get to do pony play. And you make such a beautiful pony girl. And when we’re done, I’ll do my best to make it up to you.” The sympathetic look on Sara’s face gave Doll some comfort. Sara helped her stand back up and the four of them went outside.

Waiting for them was a rickshaw like carriage that made Doll moan loudly. She did not look forward to pulling it around.

“Well,” Beth asked, “are we ready to hook her to the chariot?”

“…I-I’m not,” Sara spoke up. “I-I want to ride her. I-if that’s okay.”

“I don’t see a problem with it,” Gina smiled.

Doll was quickly untied and retied. She was on all fours, long cuffs on her wrists and ankles and Sara sitting on her back. She was a little grateful that her blonde mistress was about the same size as her and not even as heavy as she’d thought she’d be.

“Riding crop?” Beth offered.

“No thanks,” Sara shook her head. She pulled Doll’s leash and patted her side, “giddy up, Dolly!”

Doll went forward as best as she could. At first she crawled like a giant infant, then gained some speed as she got used to how she was restrained. Thanks to the chest harness, her boobs moved swayed and swung around, the bells clamped to her nipples jingling quietly. She moaned at the pain in her poor tits and the feeling of the plug in her ass. She could soon feel moisture on her back and realized it was Sara’s pussy juice. It was all so disgusting, but she knew things would be much worse if it were Gina or Beth riding her. Sara would spur her on or make her turn with little tugs of her leash or firem but soft pats on her sides, which made Doll feel like she was getting off fairly easy. She knew if it was one of her other Mistresses, it would be harder tugs, hard swats to her more sensitive places, and maybe a riding crop or some other whip. Plus, Mistress Sara let her go at her own pace and kept cooing and complimenting Doll while constantly rubbing her back or reaching back or forward to gently grope her ass or a breast. Doll was ridden for a little over forty minutes before Gina called them back.

The cuffs were removed and Doll was once again made to stand with her arms bound to her waist. She was led to the carriage and put her hands on the long handle bars on it and some short pieces of rope was used to tie them together, making it impossible for her to let go. A long piece of rope was tied to the rope on her waist and tied to a ring on the chariot. Finally, the short leash on her collar was replaced by a much longer one.

“Oh yes,” Gina sighed, “she makes such lovely pony. I go first.”

The red head got in and pulled out a long, thin whip on a handle, like the kind wagon drivers used. With a loud, “giddy up!” she cracked forward to hit Doll’s back, making her slave shout through her gag and start trotting forward.

Luckily for Doll, the carriage wasn’t as hard to pull as she thought it would be. At least it wasn’t so heavy that it hurt to pull it. Mistress Gina also seemed to be mostly satisfied with Doll’s pace. She’d use the whip when she thought her slave was going too slow, though she only had to do it three time. The sound of jingling filled the air as Doll’s bound breasts bounced more than they normally would. Doll just hoped that no one was around to see them or they’d run into anyone. After roughly twenty minutes, they went back to the house.

It was Beth’s turn now. Doll shivered at the sight of her buxom, brown haired Mistresse’s smile as she went to the carriage and got in. She didn’t even say, ‘giddy up’. Doll felt the whip on her back first, followed by a cry of “YA!”

Just as poor Doll had feared, Beth’s ride was the most painful. She made Doll run as fast as she could, which hurt enough. But she kept using the whip and hit Doll everywhere she could on the back, legs, arms and sides. The whip even went far enough to curl around and hit Doll on the shoulders and chest.

“Move it!” Beth shouted. “I want my ponies fast! And move those boobs so we can hear those pretty bells!”

By the time they were finally done and had pulled back up to the house, Doll was exhausted, with red whelps on her pale body like strips and tear tracks on her face. EVERY part of her was sore, aching or numb. When she was untied from the carriage, terror over took her and she tried to run. But she hadn’t taken her fifth step before she fell. Too weak to get up, she lay there crying.

“Well, well,” Beth commented, “looks like someone forgot her place and needs punishing.”

“No she doesn’t!” Sara said. “I-I’m sure she just wasn’t thinking straight when she did. She’s looks like she exhausted.”

“Agreed,” Gina nodded. “Sara, you take her inside and tend to her. I think I’ll do some skinny dipping. Care to join me, Beth?”

“Hell yeah!”

Sara shook her head as she half carried, half dragged the weak Doll inside. She was starting to feel a little annoyed she was the only taking care of their captive while Beth and Gina fucked like rabbits. One the other hand, it allowed her to show her slave how much she cared about her and it was probably a bad idea to leave her alone with one of the other two anyway.

She took off all Doll’s restraints and ungagged her. The poor thing gave a sigh of great relief as the chest harness was removed and her breasts fell back into their natural size and shape, followed by a loud grunt and another sigh when her “tail” was taken out of her rectum.

“Brace yourself,” Sara warned her, “this next part’s going to hurt.”

The belled clamps were taken off Doll’s nipples and she screamed as the blood rushed back into them. Sara gently took them between her thumb and forefinger and rolled them around in an attempt to get the flow back to normal as well as ease her slave’s pain. She got some salve and rubbed it on the red welts that crossed Doll’s pale body. Finally, she made her sit down, took off the boots, and got out the electric foot tub, grateful and surprised Gina had thought of it. Doll’s gave a moan of pleasure as the warm, bubbling water massaged her weary feet. Sara bought her a glass of water and she drank the whole things down in a few big gulps.

“T-T-Thank…you…Mistress…” she gasped.

“You’re very welcome. Now just sit there for a while and rest until we need, okay?”

Doll simply nodded. Even though she was completely unbound, she was too exhausted to try to escape. Even if she did, it would only mean another punishment and she couldn’t escape one after such a narrow miss. She just lay in the chair, enjoying the foot tub as it worked its magic on her poor feet and the salve taking away the pain caused by the whip.

After an hour, Beth and Gina came in. Handcuffs were put on Doll’s wrist to where her hand were in front of her and she was “allowed” to use her tem to pleasure her Mistresses. So for the rest of the night, she and her three capturers made each other come again and again with their mouths, fingers, dildos and vibrators. Doll might’ve enjoyed it if it wasn’t for the fact she was an unwilling captive and that Gina and Beth were so demanding and rough with her. She was very glad when Gina finally said it was time for bed. Sara silk bound her and tucked her in again, but this time she didn’t break out the blindfold or ear plugs.

“M-Mistress Sara?” Doll asked as she turned to leave, “…c-could you please sleep with me tonight.”


Sara got into bed with Doll and held her in a tight but gentle embrace that made Doll feel strangely much more comfortable. It even felt good when her blonde Mistress kissed her on the cheek.

“Just hang in there as long as you can,” her sweet voice whispered in her ear. “After tomorrow, we’ll have to let you go and then it will all be over.”

“…W-Will I still be a virgin when I’m released?”

“…I don’t know. I really don’t know. All we can do is hope for the best.”

Part 5: The Final Torments

It was sometime the next morning when Mistress Beth shook Doll awake and slapped her.

“Wake up, slave!” she said loudly. “It’s the last day of the holiday, so that means we’ve got to get busy!”

Doll was taken to the bathroom to use the toilet, then back to a bedroom just as Sara came in with breakfast. Doll was unbound so she could eat and told to stay in the room while her Mistresses discussed and debated what to with her downstairs. She thought about trying to escape, but the fear of failing to and being severely punished took made her just stay in the bed, grateful that she was completely unbound for the first time in days save her collar. It was over an hour before Gina came in to announce her fate.

“We’re going to take turns with you,” she told the captive. “We are each going to bring in some supplies and enjoy you our own way. I get to have you first. I’ll get the things I need and be back shortly.”

Doll swallowed nervously. Her red headed Mistress was beautiful, but domineering and somewhat cold and cruel. She’d hurt her a few times, but it didn’t take too much to satisfy her. She wasn’t even through thinking it out when Gina returned with a little bag.

“Hands behind your back,” she ordered. Doll’s wrists were tightly bound and her legs were put in the long cuffs. She wasn’t gagged, which signaled she’d be using her mouth to please Gina. She gave a gasp of horror when Gina pulled a plastic strap on dildo from the bag. Was she to finally be deflowered?

But instead of putting it on, Gina put it down. “We decided to go ahead and bring this up here in case. I for one prefer the taste and smell of virgin puss, so I won’t be using it…as far as I know. Whether your hymen survives Beth and Sara is another matter.

Gina made her lie on the bed and got started. Doll moaned and squirmed as her redheaded Mistress proceeded to kiss, lick, suck, grope, fondle, stroke and smack her all over. Gina’s touch wasn’t gentle and loving like Sara or hard and painful like Beth, making her a strange medium between the two. Doll soon found herself hot and turned on by Gina’s care and felt a now familiar warmth and moisture at her crotch.

“Ooh,” Gina commented as she slid some fingers into Doll. “Look how hot and sticky you are. Either I’m pretty good, or you’re turning into a proper slutty slave.”

Doll wanted to say a little of both, but knew better than to speak out of turn. Instead she just moaned and groaned as Gina worked her magic on her with her fingers. She stopped to pull out what looked like a small plastic egg on a cord attached to a control. The little egg was put in Doll’s pussy and Gina pressed a button on the control. Doll shouted as the egg started to vibrate within her, sending ripples of pleasure throughout her pelvis and through the rest of her body. Gina switched the power settings from low to medium to high and back a few times to make her slave writhe and shout.

“Oh-oh-oh Gaawwd!” Doll finally yelled, giving Gina a pleading look “Please Mistress! Please let me cuu-uuuhhm! I feel like I’m about to di-aaaiieee!!”

“But first you must earn it.”

Gina put the egg vibrator on low and sat Doll up. She put her slave’s head on her breasts. Before Gina could tell her, Doll took a nipple in her mouth and started to suck and lick it.
She thought about the ways her Mistresses had used their tongues on her nipples and tried to imitate what she’d experienced. It did the trick, as Gina groaned and grunted with pleasure.

“Oh! That’s it! You’re a fast learner Do-AHH!”

Doll pleased one nipple, then the other. When Gina was satisfied, she made Doll lay back on her back and put her crotch on her mouth. Gina’s reaction to Doll’s tongue told the captive she’d gotten a lot better at performing oral sex.

“Oh god, yes!” Gina shouted as she moved her pelvis in rhythm with Doll’s mouth. “You’ve gotten so good alrea—DDDEEE!!”

When Gina was ready, she turned the egg vibrator on high and told Doll to come just in time for both of them to climax at the same time. Doll’s bounds were removed, the vibrator taken out of her, and she was given a short break before the next Mistress.

It was a little over twenty minutes when the next one came in. Doll saw Beth and started the shake with fear. Since her capture she’d learned all too well that her brown haired, buxom Mistress was a cruel sadist who’d hurt her in every way she could. Doll would just have to bear the pain and hope for the best.

Beth put Doll’s arms in the arm binder and secured it particularly tight. She gagged her with a big ball gag that hurt Doll’s jaw and made breathing hard and put a thick leather blindfold over her eyes. Doll let out a moan of fear at the realization she wouldn’t see what was coming.

“Is the pretty dolly scared?” Beth asked.

Doll nodded with a whimper.


Doll was thrown on the bed and her legs folded, rope wrapped tightly around her ankles and thighs in a way that forced them wide opened and left her pussy completely vulnerable. She expected to feel Beth go for her breast, nipples, ass or pussy, but was taken by complete shock and horror when she felt a thumb and forefinger clamp her nose. She yelped her trough her gag as she realized she couldn’t breathe. She struggled to pull her nose free, but Beth’s grip didn’t loosen any and all Doll accomplished was sending flares of pain through her nose and face. She started to cry as her body screamed for air, something that was beyond her control. She felt like she was about to pass out or die when Beth let go of her nose and she took as much air as her nostrils could take, trying to control her breathing in an attempt to get it back to normal.

Doll had just gotten her breath back when she felt a pair of hands take her breasts and mash them. She cried out at as her poor tits were squeezed so hard it felt like they might pop. Her boobs were let go and she felt them fall back into shape, something she hadn’t been experienced much of until three nights ago and couldn’t get used to. She was starting to cry when felt something cold and smooth rub against her nipple, forcing it to harden. Whatever it was could open and close and had small teeth for gripping. She gasped in horror as she realized what it was: a pair of pliers. They went over to her other nipple, the cold metal making it go stiff despite Doll’s terror. She shook her head and mewled and whimpered through her gag in an attempt to beg Beth for mercy as the pliers were rubbed against her nipples, which were hard and hurting from the cold metal. Doll felt them move away from her sensitive buds. She relaxed and gave a big sigh of great relief. The sigh of replaced by a scream as the pliers bit down on her right nipple and were twisted. For a moment it felt like it was going to be torn off. The pliers let go and the captive nipple seemed to snap back into place. Doll lay on the bed sobbing loudly, delirious from the pain and big ball gag that forced her to use only her nose to get air, which was removed.

“Please, Mistress—” she started to plead with Beth only to get slapped.

“Quiet, slave. I just need to switch gags before you faint on me. I’m not done with you yet.”

Another ball gag, smaller and somewhat softer was used to gag Doll. She gave a moan as two fingers entered her. Soon it was three, then four, something she hadn’t experienced yet. But unlike Gina and Sara, Beth somehow lacked what it took to turn Doll on. True, she’d fingered her before, but that was when one of the other two had been playing her too. Now that Doll was feeling Gina’s fingers inside her without Sara or Beth around, it hurt. Especially with a forth one involved.

Beth fingered Doll’s pussy for a few minutes, though she failed to get her wet. She paused. Then Doll shouted in surprise and pain as she felt a fist work its way into her.

“Don’t worry,” Beth gloated. “I won’t rip it. But I just had to feel your tightness this way.”

Doll groaned and writhed as Beth fist fucked her, terrified she’d rupture her hymen. She felt somewhat relieved (and very tired) when the fist finally left her.

“So that’s it?” Beth said angrily. “You like when Gina and Sara play with you, but Mistress Beth doesn’t get much, does she?”

Doll shook her head, moaning. Sara was gentle and loving and Gina knew how to manipulate her young body, but how could she be turned in she was in such pain?

“Be that way, bitch,” Beth snorted. “I don’t care if you like it or not. It would just make things easier on you.”

She put her thumb and forefinger on Doll’s nose again and pulled it. She didn’t hold on as long as last time, but that didn’t stop the terror and pain her slave endured at experiencing almost suffocating.

There was a pause as Doll caught her breath, and then she was flipped over. She heard straps being buckled and whined as she realized Beth was putting on the strap on dildo. She tensed up and shook as she felt her buxom Mistress get into bed, get on top of her, and the tip of the dildo slowly rubbed her vagina.

“Tell you what?” Beth whispered in her ear, “I really, want to fuck you, but I’ll give you a choice. I can fuck you in the puss or I can fuck you in the ass. Isn’t that generous of me?”

“APH!” Doll shouted.



“You want it in the ass?”

Doll nodded, fresh tears coming form her eyes to stick to her face and stain the blindfold. She knew it would hurt greatly, but if would spare her virginity she’d take it.

“Fine by me. Good thing you had that tail in you yesterday to stretch it some, huh?”

Doll braced herself as Beth moved and the dildo’s head was pointed at her rectum, its tip at the entrance. There was a pause, as though Beth was preparing herself or savoring the moment. Then Doll screamed as the big, hard, long mass of plastic went into her with a fevered thrust. For what felt like an eternity it went on, Beth’s hands clasping Doll’s waist and fucking her hard while her dark haired slave yelled and cried at the feeling of the dildo quickly going in and out of her ass hole. The pressure from the strap on worked its magic on Beth’s crotch, making her feel the pounding too and keeping her turned on until she finally came.

“Not bad, Dolly,” she said as she kissed her captive on the cheek and took the blindfold off. It had forced Doll’s tears to spread out and now two large stains darkened either side of her pale face, as well as a lot drool that had made its way past the gags. She gave one last grunt as the strap was taken out of her. The arm binder was removed and her legs unbound. She curled up, crying and bleeding a little, exhausted and sore. She didn’t hear Beth leave and wasn’t even aware of what was happening until she felt a soft hand on her shoulder, making her flinch and whimper.

“Oh, Delia…” a sad voice said.

Doll looked in surprise at hearing her old name and saw Sara standing beside the bed, crying.

“I’m sorry,” the blonde continued. “I’m so sorry. I-It’s—”

“Don’t talk,” Doll cut her off. “Please. Just hold me.”

Sara got into bed with her and put her arms around her in a loving embrace. She stroked Doll’s black hair and her slave gave a contented sigh at the feel of her favorite Mistress’s touch and the feel of her skin on hers. She sat up some and leaned to Sara’s cute face. She parted her lips and kissed her. The kind of long, passionate one she’d seen in the movies, moving her tongue around in the shocked blonde’s mouth. But Sara’s surprise quickly faded and she returned the kiss, her lips and tongue movements matching Doll’s.

“Whoa,” Sara said when they were finally done. “W-Was that your first kiss?”

Doll shook her head. “No. I had a couple of boyfriends back home. But I wanted to make it as good as I could for you, Mistress.”

“Please, call me Sara.”

“B-But I like calling you Mistress. I…I want to call you Mistress. Since my capture, you’re the only one who’s been kind to me. You’ve taken care of me. Great care. And the things you’ve done to me were the hurt the least. Some of it has even felt good.” She lay on the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. “I-I-If…if you want to, you can fuck me. I know I don’t have a choice anyway, but…I’ll be glad that my first time will be with you, Mistress Sara.”

“No it won’t,” Sara said with kind smile as she closed Doll’s legs. “I don’t want to. And I want you to want it too. Not because you feel like you have to, because you truly want it.”

Doll sat up and put her arms around Sara. “T-T-T-Thank you, Mistress. Thank you so much.”

“You’re very welcome.”

“S-Shall we get started.”

“Yes. But with no bondage. No orders. No doing strange things to your poor, tender young body.” Sara gently took a breast and fondled it in a way that made Doll moan with pleasure. “Now we’re just going to enjoy each other the way two girls normally would. In fact…” she took Doll’s collar off.

Do—Deliah, put a hand on her neck. The collar had been on her so long it now felt strange to have it off. She stared at Sara in both surprise and gratitude. Unable to think of anything to say, she wrapped her arms around Sara and gave the biggest, most powerful kiss she’d ever given anyone. The two of them spent the next twenty or so minutes playing with each other’s bodies in a normal, “vanilla” way, though it felt wonderful to Delia. Certainly far better than what she’d been through. The both climaxed at the same time and even though Delia had had several bigger, more powerful orgasms over the past few days, this felt the best. The best one she’d ever had in her whole life.

She was enjoying the afterglow, snuggled securely in Sara’s arms when Gina came in.

“Alright, Doll—”

“It’s Delia,” Sara corrected her. “I just freed her.”

“…it was almost time anyway. Well, Delia, take a shower and get dressed. It’s almost time to go home.”

The shower felt so wonderful to Delia’s body, which had been through more than she ever thought it would be put trough. The warm water seemed to wash away the pain and fear she’d experienced. She even felt as though some of the shame and humiliation were going down the drain with the dirt, sweat and maybe even some residue of cum and pussy juice. It felt a little strange to be wearing clothes after spending a weekend naked, though she felt relieved to finally be covered up. A silk scarf had even been given to her to cover the red mark on her neck left by the collar.

She was getting excited to return to her old life, to get back to normal. But there was one last thing she’s have to endure: to her great surprise, it was Gina and Beth who’d be taking her home. Sara looked as uncomfortable about it as Delia felt, but it was obvious by the defeated look on her face she’d been outvoted or out argued or whatever. Delia hugged and kissed her goodbye and got in Beth’s king cab truck. She and Gina sat in the back seat, the red head holding her wrist tightly.

“You are not to tell anyone of this, understand?” she asked with a glared. “If you tried, we’d deny everything and turn it around to make you look bad. Our families can afford the best lawyers in town, who could easily make you look like a lying slut and ruin your reputation for life. Besides, do you really want everyone to know about the awful things you went through and have it exploited in court and on television?”


Gina tightened her grip on Delia’s arm. “No, what?” she asked threateningly.

“No, Mistress Gina!”

“Very good.”

She let go of Delia’s and her hand went under her shirt to play with a breast. Her other hand went under Delia’s skirt and pulled her panties out of the way to finger her.

Doll started to shake. “P-P-Please M-Mistress…I-I thought--”

“You thought you were free?” Gina squeezed the boob in her hand hard, making her slave hiss with pain. “Oh no. Once a slave, always a slave. We don’t know when, but we’ll want to play with you again, whether individually or in a group. We will signal you be calling you Doll when we’re ready, and then you are to come to us as soon as possible. Got it?”

“Y-Y-Yes M-M-Mistress.”

“Very good.”

Gina, then Beth, used Delia to “pass the time” until just before they reached her neighborhood. Gina even went in Delia’s house with her to tell her parents that they had a great time. She left just time for Delia to have supper, which the pale brunette ate with much gratitude. She down played questions about the weekend, having neither cover stories about it or wanting to give it much thought.

Late that night, she lay in her bed, enjoying its softness and that she was sleeping unbound. Thoughts of what she’d been through played in her head and she suddenly got hot. A hand snaked downward and some fingers entered her wet opening. She put a hand over her mouth as thoughts of the feel of the rope on her skin, Gina groping her, Beth spanking her, sucking the pizza guy’s cock, pulling the carriage and everything Sara did to her made her finger herself in a way that felt better than ever before. The climax that came of it wasn’t nearly as powerful as what she’d experienced the past four days, but it felt good.

“Once a slave, always a slave,” Gina had said.

Tears slowly ran down Delia’s face. She realized that as much as she wanted to, as much as she wished it, she would never truly be free. Even without ropes, gags and other restraints, she was a prisoner to body’s new desires. She cried silently until she started to drift off to sleep, the image of a cute blue eyed face taking some of her sorrow away.

“Sara…” she sighed as she started dream of her gentle Mistress’s loving touch.


Over time, Sara, Gina and Beth’s friendship started to weaken as they pursued their own interests in bondage and they drifted apart. They contact each other from time to time, but they are no longer the friends they once were.

Gina married a handsome but not so smart man and slowly took over. She played bondage games with him, until the time was right and she made her move and spring her trap. One night she took him to the basement and made him strip naked, bound and gagged him and put him in a cage. She told him he was her slave, his body was her plaything to do with as she wished and his fate was in her hands. At first he thought it was a game, but found out all too well his wife…no, his Mistress, wasn’t playing. He isn’t fully broken yet, but Gina enjoys being in complete control just the same. She even took charge of his business and has made it very profitable. She now has a good amount of money and a man completely at her mercy. Would could ask for anything more?

Beth became a dominatrix, a job that suits her well. She sometimes chases away customers and doesn’t get repeat business, but those who can take it say she’s a “wonderfully cruel” Mistress. She’s doing what she love and loves what she’s doing. She couldn’t be happier, being paid to inflict pain on submissives and even a few masochists who enjoy it almost as much as she does. It’s even helped her mellow out a little!

Sara settled down and enjoys a simple life…which just happens to include tying people up and playing with them. That includes Delia. She came to Sara to satisfy her urge to be tied and used, and then moved in with her. The pizza delivery guy from that fateful weekend joined them, sometimes tying Delia up, sometimes being tied himself. Over time he and Delia fell in love (he’d had feelings for her since he’s seen her) and after some time they married. Their marriage is admired by almost everyone in town, though few know that behind closed doors they play kinky bondage games with each other and/or with Sara. Sara’s both happy and greatly relieved to see the scared, humiliated girl she helped enslaved got the happy ending she deserved after all she’d been trough.

And they all lived happily ever after (except Gina’s husband/slave).

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