Unreal Torture
  • Author - Plastix
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  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, bondage, breathplay, extreme, humiliation, mummification, plasticwrap
  • Post Date - 8/11/2008

Steve and Monica met each other in a local bar. They talked for a couple of hours, getting to really know each other. After a while they felt their own urges building up inside them. Wanting a release, Steve made the first move, "Would you like to go back to my place for a while, maybe kick back and watch a movie?" Steve, feeling he had finally conquered a rejection problem he had for a while, got a very unexpected answer.

"Sure why not? but only if it is a hard core sex flick," she said, a very naughty gleam in her eye. "I usually get real horny when I have had a little to drink!" This immediately made Steve blush three shades of red, but he forged on, "I have a few highly erotic fetish films, something I’m into but I don't know if you would like them, pretty freaky actually."

Monica replied "You have no idea how bad I am (a wicked little laugh escaped her lips), I think I might possibly be able to surprise you Steve." Monica followed Steve to his house. They pulled into the driveway and got out, "One sec Steve, I need to get something out of my trunk."

Monica pulled a duffle bag out of her car. "I always keep a spare change of clothes in the car just in case. And..... extra things..." Steve's ears perked up hearing that, knowing he was definitely gonna get some tonight, with a little visual foreplay before hand. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Sure, anything you have would be nice"

They both went into the living room and Steve put in one of his favorite tapes, one really showing his fetishes on video.

"One last chance, this is strange stuff, sure you wanna see?"

"Of course, what is the name of it?"

"This one is called 'Plastic Dungeon', the title alone gives away my fetish...(muffled laugh)."

"Ohh really? hmmm, seems like we already have one thing in common stevie.."

Steve popped in the tape and hit play.

The movie starts out with a tall muscular man with a young brunette who seems to be snuggly tied tight in plastic wrap, being used like rope. The man stuffs a large amount of wadded plastic wrap into the woman’s mouth, then plastic wrap is wrapped around the woman’s mouth, holding it in place. The scene shows the woman next to a long flat table, on top lays a thin soft mattress inside a really large soft, thin, but unusually strong clear plastic bag. The man takes a roll of plastic wrap and begins wrapping her hands and ankles together tight, so she can't use her limbs to struggle. Then the man lifts the woman and places her inside the plastic bag on top of the mattress, the man closes the end of the bag off with a cable tie, as anyone can see, he doesn't plan on reopening the bag from that end ever again. The man makes a small hole in the bag next to the side of the mattress and places a vacuum hose into the opening, slipping a rubber band over the nozzle, sealing the hole with the bag wrapped around the end. The man flips the vacuum switch and watches as the soft plastic begins to constrict around the woman, sealing her in tight against the mattress. (Meanwhile Steve catches Monica rubbing her nipples, She seems to be really loving this video.)

After a few moments the woman in the vacuum-sealed plastic bag begins to jerk and thrash around, wanting air as she so desperately tries to move, but the mattress limits all of her movements. After a minute, the man shuts off the vacuum and lets the woman have some air, but only if she can pull air in through the vacuum hose with her movements in the bag.

The woman gasps as she frantically inhales air through her nose, her only means of receiving air, her mouth sealed closed with plastic. The man takes a piece of duct tape and puts it aside, using it later. He then pulls down his pants and takes some lube, applies it to his cock and begins to rub it on with a finger, lubing up his cock, letting the woman watch through the plastic.

After he gets it all covered, he wipes his finger off, then he flips on the vacuum again, watching as the woman, unprepared, trys to take a breath before the plastic bag takes all the air away. Sealed tight in her plastic prison, no air in her lungs or the bag, the man removes the vacuum nozzle and grabs the hole, keeping any air from leaking, then he twirls the plastic in his hands then takes another cable tie and pulls it tight over the vacuum hole, he then shuts off the vacuum. The woman, sealed tight with the plastic gripping and hugging every inch of her face and body, holding her down to the mattress, the man stands next to the head of the bed watching her, and starts jerking himself off. He watches her struggle in her plastic confines, with no possible way for her to escape without his help, he strokes his cock in a nice rhythm, watching the woman suffer as he gets off on her plastic entrapment. The plastic, such a thin layer between the woman and precious life giving air.

The man pulls his cock close to her sealed head as his strokes become faster, pumping his cock, all the while the woman bucking and jerking, her lungs begging for the precious life giving air she so desperately wants, but the plastic is stubborn, not giving her any, ever. The woman, clear fear in her eyes, screams the suffocator’s scream, as she has no air to make a sound.

The man, on the brink of orgasm, looks directly into her eyes, then pokes a small hole at her face, hardly letting even a gulp of air in before sticking his cock into the hole, and jerking off onto the woman’s face. He begins to ejaculate, load after massive load pouring onto the woman's sealed face, the pressure of the vacuum spreads the man's semen all over, into her eyes, down into her hair and ears. Her nose, her only means of breathing, which is fighting for sweet air, sucks his cum into her nostrils, the poor woman with no air to even cough. The man grabs the piece of duct tape, pulls his cock out and covers the hole, leaving the poor plastic sealed woman to drown in his sperm.

He finally rips a small hole and lets the woman have air, she wildly inhales all she can, then she starts hacking and coughing up his cum, but she has no way to spit it out so she is forced to swallow it. Monica shuts off the VCR and turned to Steve, "THAT made me so hot Steve you have no idea, there is NOTHING like getting off from watching someone suffering from my own hands, but that was rather tame compared to me."

Steve, rock solid cock pressing against his jeans said "I am willing to try anything at least once."

Monica replied, "I feel exactly the same way. Shall we get started stevie? I brought much more in my bag than just my clothes." And she gave him a wicked grin, letting him think he had hit the jackpot, pay dirt, and one step down from the lottery.

Monica took Steve by the hand and led him into his family room. Monica noticed Steve had a pool and suddenly decided what she was going to do with him first but didn't tell him.

"Ok Stevie, first I want you to take off all your clothes." Steve removed all his clothes, standing there butt naked in front of her. "Ok Monica, your turn."

"Not yet Stevie, I am going to have some fun with you first."

Monica opened her large travel bag and pulled out a roll of duct tape and a roll of U-haul all purpose plastic wrap, made from the same stuff as pallet wrap. It was 6 inches wide and had an easy grip handle, perfect for what she wanted to do. She took Steve's arms and placed them behind his back to his forearms sat next to each other.

Monica then took the wrap and started wrapping his arms together with the plastic, wrapping from elbow to elbow, making sure his forearms were wrapped tight in the plastic so he couldn't break free. After about 6 or 7 layers, she broke the wrap and taped it so it wouldn't come undone. Next she reached into her bag and pulled out an unusual gag, one side was rounded off with a little hole, but the other side was shaped just like an erect penis, about 4 inches long. Steve could see that the hole in the gag was for breathing, but he wasn't sure about wanting the penis in his mouth, even if it wasn't real. "I can tell that you are unsure Steve, don't worry, trust me."

She inserted the penis end into Steve's mouth and pushed it in till he had the entire rubber cock in his mouth, she then hooked the straps around his head and buckled them snuggly in place. "I hope you don't have a gag reflex Steve cause I am not removing it for a while." She then reached into her bag again and came up with nose plugs that swimmers wear. She attached the plug to Steve's nose and pulled the elastic band over his head so it stayed in place. Steve could now only breath through the hole in the gag.

Monica again reached into her bag and this time pulled out something that made Steve's erection harder, she had pulled out a large clear bag similar to the one in that video they watched, Steve thought this was so cool. Monica looked at Steve, noticed his erection about to burst and suddenly slapped Steve very hard across the face. "Hope you like pain Stevie cause I just LOVE to do it!!" The sting on his face was a combination of agonizing pain and sheer erotic pleasure.

Monica made sure Steve was watching as she let the folded bag drop to the floor, grabbed parts of the opened end and gave the bag several quick hard snaps, opening the bag to it's fullest, it must have been 12 feet long. Steve couldn't believe his eyes; the plastic bag was as soft looking and clear as actual plastic wrap!! Monica was getting even more turned on as she deeply inhaled the sweet fresh smell of the plastic bag. There was nothing like it to her in the world than the smell of a fresh plastic bag or a plastic sheet.

Monica led Steve to the pool where she placed him right next to it and then wrapped his ankles together with the plastic wrap. Monica put a condom over his cock and then slipped the plastic bag over him. She grabbed his cock through the plastic and jerked him off for about 30 seconds, getting him real excited. She then sat Steve down right next to the pool, she pulled at the plastic to extend it to its fullest, it must have been almost 6 feet past Steves feet. She closed the end and wound it in her hand, and then she made a light knot in it so she could untie it again, but tight enough so it wouldn't come undone.

Thoughts were running through Steve's mind, 'what does she plan to do?' Monica took off her shirt and bra and let Steve finally see her plump soft breasts, Steve was getting even MORE excited. Monica walked around Steve and stepped into the pool. Standing behind Steve, she put her mouth to his ear and whispered "From this day on Stevie, you belong to me, to do to you as I wish, do you like that idea?" Steve nodded yes and she said "Good, I'm glad you agree to be my eternal plastic slave."

She then wrapped her arms around him from behind, giving him a nice hug, pressing her breasts against his back. Monica then slowly pulled Steve backwards and lowered him into the pool back first. The look on his face was sudden confusion as she lowered him into the water. Steve began to ubmerge against his will as the water began to put pressure against the plastic, forcing the air upward. She let go and backed off as Steve sank, the water forcing every bit of air to the other end of the bag.

Steve was starting to panic, struggling in a situation he couldn't control. The air at the other end kept him from sinking all the way. Monica grabbed his cock and started jerking it again, this time real fast while Steve suffocated in his sealed plastic water tomb. Steve knew in his mind that she wasn't gonna pull him back up till he came, so he felt the suffocation, combined with his sealed body arouse him to heights he had never experienced before. As Steve struggled violently for air, he kept pumping his hips to her stroking rhythm.

From nowhere, Steve felt the electrical surge of orgasm explode through his entire body, his shaft pumping his seed into the plastic pocket in Monica's hand containing his latex wrapped shaft. She lifted him up to the surface and rolled him out of the pool, then forced the air in the bag to his end so he could breath. She finally opened the bag and removed the nose plug so he could take some deep breaths. She grabbed his cock again and carefully pulled off the condom, saving all of his sperm inside. She pulled the bag off Steve and lay next to his head. She took the condom and tilted the open end and poured his cum right into the hole. Cause the penis gag kept Steve from closing his mouth, he was forced to swallow his own cum. Monica stood him up and dried him off, but leaving his limbs bound.

She carefully helped him back into the house and took the roll of plastic wrap in hand and started wrapping his legs from ankle to hips, leaving his cock exposed, hard again from the soft plastic wrap hugging his skin. From there she continued wrapping his torso and chest, leaving his arms behind his back. She wrapped the plastic all the way up to his shoulders, criss crossing and wrapping him up tight like a real wrapping professional who loves her plastic fetish with a passion.

Monica then laid Steve down on his living room table and began wrapping him to it, wrapping around the underside and over, wrapping him to the table, from one end to the other, the table becoming part of Steve under the shiny clear plastic.

Monica then took the penis gag out of Steve’s mouth, Steve stretching his jaw muscles. "Baby, that pool thing was real intense, I thought you was going to kill me, and it made my orgasm feel like a taser being pulsed through my body!" "Well Stevie, I am about to reveal my big surprise to you, but first I must prepare you..."

Monica pulled out a mouth brace from her 'grab bag' and inserted it into Steve’s mouth, it was a simple device with a soft rubbery hole in the middle, but the outside conformed to the teeth to keep anyone from biting down. Steve couldn't see Monica at the moment, wondering what she had planned. Out of Steve's vision, Monica began to take off all her clothes, peeling off her bra to let her plump breasts bounce free. She then slipped of her panties and Steve could immediately smell her musky delicious wet pussy. Monica walked over to Steve and placed herself over his head so he could get a good look.

What Steve saw was Monica's pussy, accompanied by a plump set of balls and a hard pulsing cock at least 6 inches long. Steve started to mumble something, which sounded like protest, but Monica mounted Steve's head and slid her cock into the opening in Steve's mouth. She slid it all in, pushing it into Steve's throat, waiting a couple seconds, and then pulling it back out again.

Monica began pumping her cock in and out of his mouth; her pussy and balls covering his nose when she comes down, using them for breath play and feeling Steve squirm under her. Monica took Steve's cock into her mouth and began sucking on Steve's rod, taking it all the way in as hers went all the way into his throat and back out again, faster and faster.

Monica was sucking hard on Steve as he picked up her own speed, ramming her cock into Steve's mouth faster and faster, feeling Steve getting harder as he approached orgasm again. Monica's body tensed as Steve's throat was making her cock feel so good, she could feel her orgasm climbing inside her at the same time as Steve. In a moments notice, Monica began spilling her female seed into Steve's mouth, Steve forced to swallow once again more cum. Steve felt deep inside how much he actually like that, and that brought Steve to his second orgasm of the evening, pumping his sperm into Monica's soft powerful mouth, Monica, drinking up everything Steve can give her.......

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