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Chapter 1

Walking down the mall corridor, Lisa Ballard felt a steady gaze upon her, but it wasn’t the kind that she was used to. It didn’t come from your average voyeur. She could sense a dangerous presence nearby. It scared her, but intrigued her at the same time. She could actually feel her body tingling deep inside. The blood raced red hot through her veins as her pulse quickened. There was a tightening in her nipples and she bit softly on her lower lip in response.

Lisa couldn’t believe she was doing this! Her breasts rubbed seductively against the half-unbuttoned blue denim shirt that barely kept them covered. She tried to covertly look around to see her pursuer, all the while still trying to pretend that she was not affected by the insanity of the situation she was placing herself into.

Suddenly she stopped. Could that be him? She noticed a tall black man not twenty feet away. He glanced back, smiled, ran his eyes over every last curve of her mostly revealed body – but then turned in the other direction and moved on. She took a long, deep breath, not knowing if she was truly relieved that he was not the one, or intensely disappointed. She decided it was a bit of both. So she began to move again, her round hips naturally swaying as the high heeled boots clicked on the worn tile. The jean miniskirt showed off her shapely legs, bare, but well tanned. She passed a store window and admired the entire outfit that they had chosen together for her to wear. The cowboy hat topped off the ensemble perfectly. Everyone seemed to notice her, the sexy country cowgirl.

But that was also the problem. There were so many people noticing her that she couldn’t find the one who had come to take her. She looked around nervously, feeling more and more like helpless, stalked prey, with him as the predator, but not knowing when he would strike.

Aaron Miller sat in the dark van outside the mall and watched for the woman he had spent countless weeks getting to know online. Lisa had responded to some of the erotic stories he had posted on an internet porn site and an e-mail friendship began. As the messages grew more intimate by the day, Lisa eventually let slip an admission of her long kindling kidnap and rape fantasy. Aaron, of course, pounced. Letting his next story play on the girl’s desires and emotions, he finally invited her to allow her fantasy to become a reality, with him as her magic genie. It took a while for the seed to germinate and grow inside of her, but here he was tonight, ready to meet his victim, one who was actually ready to deliver herself directly into his clutches. Could it get any easier than that?

They had agreed upon the signal. She would come dressed as the kinky cowgirl, her dark hair flowing down from the western hat, her legs accentuated in high heeled boots. When Aaron saw the rest of her attire – or more specifically, the rest of the skin that it revealed – he licked his lips in anticipation.

The woman was a true knockout by any standard, her body beautifully toned and tan. She looked to be almost six feet tall, although her boots’ extreme heels must have added four or five inches of that height. Her legs were long and muscular – he wasn’t wrong in assuming that she was a dancer – and her bare belly was slim and tight. But her hips and breasts were round and ample, giving her an hour glass figure made even more alluring by the hot pants and tied top that molded to her womanly shape.

Aaron didn’t notice a hint of nervousness in her step. She seemed to have casually entered the mall, and now she was casually coming back toward the door right next to where he had been waiting for her. As planned, she had no bags or purse. After all, she herself was tonight’s only purchase, the most expensive item on display in the mall. And Aaron was now prepared to get out of the van and do his shopping.

In keeping with the agreed upon schedule, Lisa had made her appearance at the mall shortly before it closed. Now she headed to the exit for the even more anticipated trip home. Six or seven blocks, eight at the most. That’s all it was. But this was going to be the most exciting journey she had ever taken. It wasn’t long before she again felt like she was being followed, but, looking behind her, she could see no one. Yet she was sure it was him, that dangerous and malevolent presence once again. Had he waited for her here? And if so, why wait any longer? Why not just come up and take her now? Lisa quickened her steps, feeling her pulse racing once again. This time, however, there was a bit more fear laced in her senses. Maybe it was the loneliness of the street. There was now no one left to rescue her, if she were to have a sudden change of heart, which apparently she was currently having. And just what was this predator going to do with her, if in fact she was taken. Suddenly Lisa wasn’t sure she wanted to go through with this little game after all.

She decided to cross the street, trying to put some distance between them. Yet she felt his presence even stronger than before. She knew that he was gaining on her. She was now walking so fast that others would say she was it running. Her breasts bounced wildly up and down with no bra to hold them in place. How foolish of her! Her ankles struggled to maintain their balance in the four inch heels. What had she been thinking to wear them! She turned her neck from one side to the other, looking in panic for her potential kidnapper.

Aaron Miller was that kidnapper, and he acted like one. He was fast – faster than the woman was prepared for. At first walking past his victim in the opposite direction, smiling and nodding as he went by, he then immediately turned and rushed at her. Throwing one hand over her mouth and wrapping his other arm around her torso, he directed the off balance cowgirl into the back of the open van, which he quickly managed to close before her screams drew any attention in the empty mall parking lot.

The girl was a fighter, playing the part of damsel-in-distress to the extreme. But Aaron was bigger and stronger. Forcing her on her stomach, he straddled her and pulled her arms up toward her shoulder blades. Holding them there with his legs, he grabbed a wad of cloth and forced it into her mouth, cutting off the cries for help. He then duct taped the gag in place, wrapping the sticky grey material completely around her head three or four times for good measure. Tearing that portion of the tape from the roll, he then turned his attention to Lisa’s wrists, and then her elbows. Finally he added additional strips to her ankles and knees, before he bent her legs together and affixed them that way with the tape as well, leaving the woman to writhe on the floor of the van in a vain attempt to free herself.

Aaron loved the terror in her eyes. She looked genuinely shocked that the scenario had played out so well. If only she knew what he had in store for his new bondage playmate. Then the terror would be real, not just an act. With one last glance at the curvaceous body that he now owned, he slid himself back into the front seat of the vehicle and headed for his cabin. There the two of them would get to know one another for a while, before his real plans for little Miss Lisa were revealed. Behind him, he could hear her protests behind the gag, and the seductive whimpers kept him both alert and erect during the entire two hour trip.

Meanwhile, Lisa Ballard looked ahead of her and realized that her apartment was now within reach. It was less than a block away, although that block seemed to go on for an eternity. Finally she reached the front door. She anxiously searched for the key in her pocket and nearly fumbled it. As she did, she became aware of the figure just a few feet behind her. She forced the key into its slot and turned it. She pushed the door open and rushed inside. Her heart was pounding uncontrollably as she slammed the door behind her – right in the face of Luella Grey, the 70 year old black woman from down the hall, who had just returned from walking Skippy, her ferocious white poodle.

Lisa started laughing hysterically as she considered what she had just done. She opened the door again for Mrs. Grey and apologized for her behavior. The woman responded with an audible “tsk, tsk,” as a review of Lisa’s clothing choice. Then, as the lock clicked for the second time in the matter of a minute, and as the little woman with the even littler dog waddled together to their apartment, relief came over the half-naked brunette remaining at the entryway. She struggled to catch her breath, while bracing herself with both hands against the door to keep herself from falling. She listened intently, her heart still beating erratically, trying to discover one last time if any footsteps were approaching from outside the complex. But there was nothing. Lisa Ballard’s long awaited adventure seemed to have been nothing but a dream.

For KC Masters, however, the adventure was anything but. KC, or Kennedy Cheryl, was now bound and gagged in the back or Aaron Miller’s van, the victim of a cruel series of coincidences. For starters, both Lisa Ballard and KC were similar in body type, at least similar enough that Aaron hadn’t noticed their various differences. That was mainly because of coincidence number two – the cowboy hat, boots, and costume. Lisa wore hers as a signal for Aaron to find her; KC wore hers as an outfit she loved to dance in for the weekend competitions downtown. And finally, coincidence number three. Lisa went out the wrong entrance of the mall that night, while KC went out the right one, which ultimately proved to be the wrong one for her, too.

By the time the three characters in this major mix-up discovered that those coincidences had happened, it was too late to simply undo the damage. But it wasn’t too late for Aaron to come up with an outrageous Plan B, one in which both KC and Lisa would play important roles.

Chapter Two

KC was dressed like a cowgirl when she was abducted, but in reality she had never once ridden a single horse – until that night. And when she finally did, it was an experience she prayed that she would never have again.

As Aaron pulled into the lower level garage at his backwoods cabin, he was met by his girlfriend Violet, dressed, as always, in the kinkiest outfit she could put together. Tonight she wore a purple bustiere with matching leather thong, along with a black spiked collar and thigh high black stiletto boots. Her hair, appropriately colored per her nickname, was tied at the back of her head and then flowed back down over her bare shoulders.

“Got the merchandise?” she shouted anxiously, before Aaron even had the chance to pay homage to her amazing appearance. “And is the bitch hot?”

“Oh yeah,” the kidnapper answered slowly, drawing out each of the vowels, the sneer of his lips letting Violet know that this woman was truly going to be worth the wait. “Now help me get her upstairs, okay? I’ve been keeping something important waiting for her in my pants for way too long now.”

“I want to play, too, ya know,” the purple haired girl whimpered, as she sashayed to the side of the van, overemphasizing the swaying of her slim hips in the process. “You can’t have all of her for yourself, big guy.”

Aaron smiled and slid open the side door of the van to reveal their prize to Violet. “You see, sweetie – there’s lots and lots to go around.”

On cue, KC rolled away from the door, but as she did, she put herself in an even more vulnerable position, one that clearly displayed her many assets. With her arms taped together behind her back at both wrist and elbow, her breasts were bulging out from her chest even more than in their normal eye popping way. Violet whistled in approval. The tied up package’s cowboy hat had fallen off at the very beginning of the journey, but to complete the picture, Aaron carefully picked it up from her side and pulled it back down over her now sweat covered brown locks, even as he lifted her to her knees.

“C’mon, Vi, give me a hand,” he grunted, more serious now, and the two of them grabbed KC under her armpits and hoisted her clumsily out of the van. As they did, the bound woman’s protests grew much louder and intense, but with no more appreciable results. In fact, Violet meanly pinched her victim’s nostrils shut and calmly ordered her to “Shut up, little Lisa. Aaron tells me you’ve been wanting this your whole life.” KC’s eyes immediately grew wide in panic and confusion. Violet thought it was simply in response to the brief suffocation she was forcing her to experience, but it was just as much from the strange name Violet had given her. “Who the hell was Lisa?” she wondered. “And why the hell are they doing this to her? To me!”

The panic and confusion therefore remained in KC’s dark brown eyes long after Violet took away her fingers and allowed her to breathe in some air again. It continued the entire time that she was being carried up the stairs from the garage into the huge dark wooden cabin. It continued as she was dragged past the main living areas and into the playroom in the back. And it especially continued when she proceeded to have both her hot pants and her denim shirt literally sliced off of her body with a hunting knife that Violet wielded way too professionally for her victim’s taste. When the crazy bitch was done, KC found herself nearly stark naked, with only her cowboy hat and boots left to cover her – unless, that is, you also counted the yards of duct tape still constricting her movements.

Adding to poor woman’s panic and confusion was also the sight of the “interesting” device now fully in view before her eyes, a type of wooden saw horse connected to a round swivel base in the middle of the floor. Attached everywhere, from the crossbar to the four legs to the base itself, were a series of steel O-rings, and laid out neatly in a row next to the sinister looking contraption was a seemingly endless supply of black leather belts of all widths and lengths, along with a pile of double ended steel clasps.

When KC managed to put two and two together, realizing that the equipment was all meant for her, she began shaking her head back and forth steadily, while redoubling her futile attempts to free herself from the sticky tape that surrounded her limbs.

She needn’t have bothered. Violet had already planned to remove it anyway. Taking the long dangerous looking knife she had just used on KC’s clothes, she first held it directly before the woman’s wide eyes and warned her, “Don’t do anything stupid, Lisa, or I may accidentally draw blood – or worse.” Those cold words were enough to make KC voluntarily stop her violent movements and lay relatively still, while her female abductor proceeded to slice open the tape that held her legs folded together.

Aaron then attached two of the shortest belts individually around her still booted and taped ankles. He also did the same with her wrists. A clasp was connected to each of the four straps as well, before KC was roughly lifted up once again and laid directly over the middle of the saw horse at her midsection, leaving her head and shoulders pointing down on the one side of the wood and her long sexy legs on the other.

“Let me help you out there, sweetie,” Violet purred, as she cut through the tape at KC’s ankles and knees. Holding just one of the now freed extremities, she let Aaron grab the other, and the two of them pulled the shapely legs into a wide V. Before KC knew what was happening to her, her ankles had been affixed to two of the O-rings in the round base below her. Her muffled screams indicated the uncomfortableness she was just now beginning to feel, especially in her thigh and calf muscles, as well as in her belly, as it stretched painfully over the inch and a half wide top of the wooden crossbar.

Soon her arms were removed from each others company as well, and her wrists were likewise pulled down and far apart in front of her, before being clicked in permanent position on the opposite side of the wood from her legs. KC was suddenly spreadeagle in a 90 degree angle over the horse, her fingers and toes temptingly close to the circular base below them, but still inches away, meaning that her weight was borne entirely by her midsection. It wasn’t impossible to maintain this torturous position, but it was close.

Almost as unbearable was the fact that her nude torso was now fully open and on display before these two maniacs, one male and one female, with nothing that she could do to cover herself from them, a fact that would prove to be even more of a problem within minutes.

First, however, Violet took care of the last remnants of the duct tape that had held her new acquaintance over the last few hours. She unwound the material from KC’s head, ultimately revealing the thick packing stuffed in the woman’s mouth behind it. As soon as it came out, KC started to babble, “There’s been a mistake. I’m not this Lisa person. I’m….” Her pathetic cries suddenly stopped as Violet slapped her hard across the cheek.

“Shut up, bitch, or I’ll put a gag in your mouth so huge that your jaw will break.”

KC was so shocked by the slap and the resulting threat that she went silent, her mouth agape, tears forming in her eyes, and running down her cheeks. Violet feigned empathy and started to stroke the woman’s face. “Oh, poor baby. Was the nasty girl too hard on her?” She then roughly grabbed KC at her mouth and sternly went on, “Well, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, babe. So get used to it. And I don’t want to hear another sound out of you either, except for some sexy moaning and groaning. In fact, you might actually find yourself enjoying yourself after a while, it you let yourself go a little bit. Show her, Aaron.”

At that very moment, the since forgotten male member of the torture twins drove his own long member into KC’s unsuspecting cunt. She couldn’t help but scream as she was forcefully penetrated, causing Violet to slap her face once again, this time on the opposite side.

“What’s wrong, Lisa? No time to get ready for your first fucking in bondage? Men, right?” She then turned to Aaron and said, “She’s right, you know. You need to warm her up a bit first, my dear. Finger her clit for a while before you bang her.”

Aaron wasn’t sure he could wait any longer, but he reluctantly pulled his rock solid cock aside and started rubbing KC’s pussy with all his might, pinching her clitoris, and sliding first one, then two, and finally three fingers inside of her. KC didn’t want to give in, but soon she felt her body betraying her, lubricating itself for what she knew was the rape to come.

“That’s better, sweetie,” Violet interjected, complimenting her partner softly, even as she went to work doing something just out of KC’s line of sight. When she reappeared, the brunette’s eyes popped wide open one more time. Strapped to Violet’s hips was a huge purple dildo. KC estimated that it had to be a foot long and two inches wide. “No way!” she cried in fear.

“Just for practice, Lisa. After all, we wouldn’t want your mouth feeling left out while your twat gets all the attention.” With that, she took hold of KC’s hair – miraculously still topped by the cowboy hat, pulled the woman’s head back, and slid the end of the dildo past her parted lips and behind her teeth. “No biting, okay? We need to learn how to give head the right way.”
KC looked up submissively and tried to do what she was told. The hard rubber penetrated inch by inch until it reached her throat. It was only then that she started to gag. Violet generously pulled back for a second, but then nodded to Aaron, who had positioned his cock once again between the woman’s other wet lips, and the two of them thrust together in unison. KC thought she was going to explode. The twin raping sent shock waves throughout her body and mind. She choked on the dildo at her throat, but at the same time couldn’t help but thrust willingly back at the penis pounding in her pussy.

Aaron exploded inside of her within a few moments, no where near long enough to satisfy her. Violet could sense the woman’s unfulfilled sexual desires, so she quickly switched places with a slumping Aaron. His dripping cock was placed before KC’s mouth for her to lick clean, while Violet forced the entire rubber phallus she was wearing into KC’s still gaping cunt. Her resulting scream and soon renewed panting served to get Aaron erect once again, and another double rape ensued, this time resulting in both Aaron and KC orgasming almost together. Violet was in awe of the whole operation.

“You were right, A,” she said. “This is going to be a real blast. And Lisa, you make a nice little slave. Now let’s see how well your jaw handles one of my ball gags.”

The purple haired princess brought out a huge rubber monster of the same color and pried KC’s teeth apart to force it behind them. The exhausted woman tried once more to explain that she was not Lisa, but the two inches of intruding rubber made any more attempts worthless. She simply drooped her head and hung draped over the saw horse as her rapists started to leave the room.

As they did, Aaron noticed the computer screen indicating that he had an email waiting for him. At first thinking he would let it wait until tomorrow, he then decided to give it a quick read, and when he did, he couldn’t believe what it said.

“Where were you last night. Did you get cold feet? I still have a hot fantasy. Let me know if you’re still willing to fulfill it. Hugs, Lisa.”

“Holy shit,” he whispered, suddenly looking back at the brunette hanging ten feet away from him. “Who the hell did we just take?”

Chapter Three

Aaron Miller had never had the privilege of topping two women at once, but the unusual circumstances of this surreal evening allowed him his first opportunity. He began by dialing up Lisa Ballard on the internet. Luckily she was online, just as he had expected. The girl was as regular as clockwork when it came to her porno needs, and midnight was the scheduled time for her daily dose of and its accompanying chat room. Lisa’a moniker was shadow, and Aaron’s was AMaster. Within seconds they were in a very private conversation all their own, which Lisa assumed was a pure fantasy role playing game. Little did she know that, as they typed, KC Masters was playing her role in real life.

Are you ready to ride the horse, Lisa?

Yes, Master – but please be gentle to my poor pussy

How dare you ask for mercy, slave! You will accept whatever you are given

KC was doing more than whimpering, however. She was downright screaming into her drool covered purple ball gag. That’s because, as Aaron was mindfucking with Lisa, Violet was personally overseeing the torture of her unfortunate stand in. The exhausted cowgirl had been removed from her spreadeagle stretch over the stark wooden sawhorse, only to be repositioned in a much more delicate bondage position astride it.

First, her arms had been released from their connections to the floor and were folded once again behind her back; only this time Violet strapped them into a strict reverse prayer, which left her victim’s fingers pointing directly up between her own shoulder blades, while her forearms met and were strapped tightly together at both wrist and elbow. KC had no idea her body was so flexible and hated Violet all the more for revealing that quirky quality to her.

Next came the release of one of her ankles. The clasp that went from her left ankle strap was unclipped from its matching O-ring in the floor. This allowed Violet and Aaron to maneuver KC’s one free leg up and over the crossbar, while her body slid down and onto the thin wooden top. Trying to balance herself as best she could, the bound brunette lifted her upper body up in the air just enough so that her left breast flopped over the top of the wood and joined her right one in hanging down below the very bottom of the heavy horizontal plank. Meanwhile, Violet was busy pulling her momentarily free ankle out to the other side of the horse and down to the O-ring that mirrored the one her right ankle already joined. KC immediately realized that she wasn’t getting off the horse at all – she was quite literally going to be riding it between her splayed legs.

This time Lisa actually had it right. KC both squealed and squirmed as the thick rubber phallus was driven past her puckered hole and deep inside of her belly. At first she didn’t see the wire extending out from the end of the plug, but she would soon feel the strong and steady vibration it afforded her insides, once Violet flipped the battery powered switch to the on position. Taking her counterpart by the elbows, Violet pulled KC’s torso up off the crossbar so that she ended up sitting vertically astride it, her legs pointing straight down and out in opposite directions. Unbelievably this drove the butt plug deeper than ever into her rectum and, even worse, left the top edge of the wood slicing directly between the lips of her open crotch.

“Uh-uh! Uh-uh!” KC repeated over and over, but Violet paid little attention to the guttural protests. She was too busy making a ponytail braid of KC’s long hair and pulling it up high toward the ceiling with wire in order to hold the girl taut in her now overexposed position. When that was finally accomplished, she began taping something called an eroscillator to the wood in front of KC’s exposed clitoris.

Does the slut want the vibrator on?

Yes, Master. Please, yes!

If KC had a it would have been “HELL, NO!!!!” and she would have, of course, been scolded for talking in capitals. Instead, she was punished with a double vibration of the butt plug in her ass and the eroscillator against her clit. Her entire body began to shake and squirm in rhythm, her huge breasts flopping up and down and sideways, and her breaths coming in quick gasps and pants.

Violet stepped back to review her work and began fingering herself as KC’s volume steadily increased until she reached a violent forced orgasm. Coming that one time didn’t slow down the constant attention her lower openings received however, so the next orgasm soon followed on its heels, as did the third. KC’s eyes began to roll up into her head as the torture continued relentlessly, and Aaron told Violet that she had better stop before she killed the poor girl. He then went back to his role playing conversation with Lisa, who was at the same time stroking her own clitoris into ecstasy, not having the faintest idea what KC was going through in her place.

When the game was over, Aaron put out the bait once again.

So when are we going to really do this, sweetie?

Do what?

Do what we’ve just been talking about

I don’t know, luv. Last night I ran away from you

No, you ran away from what you thought was me. If it had been me, you wouldn’t have been so lucky.

Lisa felt a rush at the thought. He was probably right. If she had been where she was supposed to be, she never would have escaped, and the tingling between her legs told her that she wanted that scenario to play out.

Okay, but…

But what?

But I want to meet you first.


Let’s have dinner somewhere safe.

k – you pick the time and place.

Lisa did – 7 pm the next night at the Italian Garden – and Aaron marked down the directions. As he did, another scream came from behind him as KC Masters continued her dance on the horse. “Time for some fun with that one myself,” Aaron thought, “and I’ll deal with shadow tomorrow.” Signing off, he turned his attention to the luscious lady stretched out on the sawhorse.

Grabbing a long thin stick, he asked, “Ever had those breasts caned, sweets?” And as KC’s eyes grew even wider in terror at the thought, Aaron brought the first swing of his instrument whistling downward through the air.

Chapter Four

Lisa glanced at her watch for the umpteenth time. She had arrived unfashionably early this time, just to make sure that she wouldn’t wimp out on this next heart pounding moment of her life. All eyes in the restaurant were upon her, and why not? She was clearly the most provocative woman in the room.

For her meeting with Aaron, she had chosen a black on black theme for her attire, with a heavy dose of in your face sexuality. Her dress was a skin tight black miniskirt, so short that she was afraid her shaven pubic mound might be actually showing below the hemline. Her tanned legs were bare, but her feet were strapped into open-toed four inch black pumps, which further accentuated her already appealing lower extremities. Her hair was tied up off of her shoulders, which themselves were completely uncovered, save for the thin straps somehow being asked to hold the top of the dress up over the two huge breasts which threatened to pour out of it at any moment. Lisa also chose to wear an inch wide swatch of black leather around her long neck, something that gave the appearance of a collar. She hoped Aaron would catch the meaning, and accept her offer to be his possession for the night.

Aaron had, in fact, already seen the collar and made the connection; only his plan called for a much longer time of possession. Of course, he clearly made no such intentions known when he approached his willing prey at 7:15; the extra fifteen minutes just to intensify Lisa’s emotional turmoil. When he finally came up behind her and softly touched the skin behind her neck, he thought she was going to explode out of her body in response. She leaped up from her chair and almost lost her balance in the process, her heels a bit higher than she was used to wearing.

Aaron quickly reached out and caught her, his strong arms at the same time balancing her body and calming her mind. It was the perfect icebreaker, or so she thought.

“I’m so sorry,” the woman whispered shyly. “Are you…?”

“I’m Aaron. And there’s no need to apologize. I shouldn’t have been so sneaky.”

“Oh yes, you should have,” Lisa blushed. “I like surprises. Especially when they look like you.”

“Here, let me help you back to your seat,” Aaron offered, and the evening began, even more smoothly than either of them had hoped.

Lisa was shocked at how easy it was for her to talk to her long awaited date, and Aaron was happy that his lovely partner was willing to drink so much of the wine, which he readily made available to her each time her glass started to grow even a little bit empty. Both facts led to a very open conversation, and an unending exchange of ideas about everything from politics to sports to – and Lisa couldn’t believe she was talking about this in person – bondage.

“I guess I’m open to everything,” she eventually started giggling. “I mean, with the right partner.” She sipped once more at her wine and boldly went on, “My biggest turn on is breast play and nipple torture. I like predicament bondage, too. Oh, and the more immobile, the hotter it sounds.

“Someday we’ll have to see about that,” Aaron teased back. “But you’d better be careful what you wish for.”

“I am ALWAYS careful in what I wish for,” she smiled. “And can I help it if I have quite a few kidnap fantasies lurking inside me? Or forced sex or rape fantasies?” She looked deep into Aaron’s blue eyes, and softly confessed, “Danger is almost always sexy and alluring. That's why so many people are tempted by the dark side.”

Aaron tried to look back without visibly responding, but the deep breath he took gave away his growing excitement.

“You know, we do have to do something about all this,” he finally said, playing feverishly with his own glass.

“Any time,” Lisa answered, her voice indicating absolute seriousness, despite the quite tipsy appearance of the rest of her.

“Are you willing to take me to your apartment then, shadow?” Aaron bluntly asked, and Lisa hardly hesitated, barely giving her date the opportunity to pay the bill before she hurriedly led him home.

How surprised she was then when, after she brought him to her place and took him to her second floor flat, he soon thanked her for a lovely evening, kissed her sensually on the lips…and left. Still, his parting words caused her heart to beat fast the entire rest of the night – and the next day.

“I’ll be seeing you, shadow. Be ready. Oh, and I’ll be sending you something in the meantime.”

Two days later came the delivery Lisa had been waiting for, and that she would never forget. It came in the form of a huge wooden crate and a small wooden box sitting together on a dolly outside the front door of her apartment complex.

When Lisa answered the doorbell and saw the brown uniformed delivery person waving on the monitor, her pulse began to race in anticipation. She had masturbated so many times the last two nights, wondering what Aaron had in store for her that the sight of the ominous containers at the entryway almost caused her to faint on the spot. She buzzed the door open and called down, “The elevator’s on the right.” Opening her apartment door, she waited for her surprise gifts to arrive.

When the elevator door slid open, she got a clearer appraisal of what Aaron had sent. The first box was almost a perfect three foot cube, while the second container was a third that size. Both looked like something out of the 18th century, heavy old wooden crates with lots of simple strength and dark foreboding. Lisa immediately wondered what could possibly be locked up inside.

“Ma’am, you have to sign for these here,” the woman said who had been pushing the dolly. Drawing Lisa back into reality, she placed the ledger on the top of the bigger container and handed her customer the pen. Taking it, Lisa leaned over and wrote her name on the empty line at the bottom. As she did, the other woman moved behind her, pulled out what looked like another pen from her pocket, and shoved it directly into Lisa’s thigh.

“What the hell?” was all the brunette could sputter before she felt her entire body go lifeless. She would have immediately collapsed against the crates if the purple haired woman behind her hadn’t quickly reached out and caught her. She carefully laid her on the floor and knelt down over her.

Lisa’s eyes remained open and her brain was fully aware of what was going on around her. She could feel everything perfectly, but she had absolutely no control over her muscles. She seemed to be like a mannequin, a doll; no, a puppet! And she was about to be introduced to her puppeteer.

“Hi there, Lisa,” the ominous figure over her began. “I’m Violet. Aaron sent me to pick you up. I understand you have some fantasies that we’re supposed to help you with. Well, let’s see if we can do something about that, okay?”

Chapter Five

One minute Lisa Ballard was wearing a pinstriped suit, perfectly tailored for work; the next she was wearing nothing but her birthday suit, leaving her much more ready for play. And the crazy person, who had taken care of dramatically changing her attire, was currently busy opening the boxes she had earlier wheeled into Lisa’s apartment on the dolly that was now propped up against the wall.

“Nice bod, Lisa,” the woman said. “I always wanted curves like that. They should wear rope and leather quite nicely, I would suppose.” And with that, she put her theory to the test. That’s because inside the little crate, about which Lisa had been so inquisitive, was an abundant supply of half inch white nylon rope, coiled and cut into various and sundry lengths, as well as a huge helping of black leather straps of all widths and sizes. Lisa of course knew exactly what and who the materials were intended for; she was just uncertain about how the purple haired witch was going to arrange them.

As it turned out, the first cords were intended for Lisa’s ample breasts. Violet managed to wind a full six loops around the base of each, causing the poor woman’s tits to literally explode from the constriction and stand out like two luscious melons a full three inches away from her chest. As her bound breasts took on a purplish hue, the freckles below her neck also grew more noticeable. Violet then framed her handiwork in a series of further ties that extended from breast to breast both in front, around Lisa’s neck, and behind her back. When she was done, it looked like the busty woman was wearing a rope bra, which covered little of anything and accentuated almost everything.

A similar design was soon encasing Lisa’s lower regions as well. Violet first wrapped a lengthy amount of rope around her waist and pulled it taut, in the process instantly reducing Lisa from a size 26 to a size 22. She then knotted the cord in back and ran it down deep between the woman’s butt cheeks and then up through her labia. Sliding it over the lowest cord around her waist, she proceeded to bring the rope back down and then repeated its journey in reverse. A couple of readjustments, pulls, tightenings and tugs later, and Lisa’s groin area was cut into two delectable and equal halves. Not yet content, however, Violet finally ran the rope diagonally from either side of the woman’s waist down between her legs and then back up to the opposite side, until the nylon cord bit deep enough into her flesh to cause her labia to bulge up and over the center length of rope that split them.

“A bondage bikini!” Violet proclaimed when she was done. From her position on the floor, Lisa couldn’t see this obvious work of art, but she could certainly feel it, the cords cutting into her flesh and reshaping her body.

And speaking of reshaping Lisa’s body, Violet soon turned her complete attention toward that end as she made her victim even more ready for the long journey to come inside the very containers that she had brought to the apartment for just such a purpose.

To Lisa’s surprise, while the smaller crate had been full of the bondage tools for Violet to use on her, the larger crate was basically empty. That’s because it was actually made just for her. Aaron and Violet had used KC’s body to help them prepare the container perfectly for Lisa’s, and the process was a rousing success. But first the new “kidnapee” had to be properly packaged herself.

After wrapping yards of rope around still limp Lisa’s arms, sealing them together as one from elbow to wrist to the fingers themselves, Violet continued her bondage play by bending each of the other woman’s legs together as well and securing them that way with the last of the white nylon. When she was done, Lisa was shaped into a huge Y, with her knees pointing out from her torso and her heels jutting up into her thighs.

Violet then added the cou de gras, a mouth watering two and a half inch purple ballgag that she had to painstakingly force behind Lisa’s teeth before buckling it tightly in place under her hair. The rubber intruder was incapable of being removed without plenty of outside help, but that didn’t keep Violet from pulling it even deeper into the back of Lisa’s mouth before fastening it there with the very last notch on the leather strap connected to the monstrous ball.

Sitting back cross-legged on the floor next to her victim, Violet paused to survey her handiwork. With her hands first softly petting and then casually pinching Lisa’s severely bound breasts, she mewed like a cat toying with its captured mouse.

“You are going to be a pleasure to play with, little Lisa,” she said. “And to think, we get two of you!”

Of course, Lisa had no idea what she meant. What she did know was that being kidnapped might not have been the best idea she had ever come up with. As if to second that emotion, Violet pulled out a cell phone and called Aaron, who apparently had been close at hand outside while everything else was going down in the apartment.

“We’re ready for you, sweetie,” was all the purple-haired girl had to say, and a moment later the doorbell was ringing and her accomplice was being buzzed into the building. When he opened the door and got a glimpse of Lisa stretched out taut and naked on the floor, he took a moment to whistle and rub his brow. “Wow, Violet! What a piece of ass!”

“And just what am I, chopped liver?”

“Oh no!” he interjected, trying to back-peddle. “You’re still the best, babe. But look at her, V! Her body looks ready to pop, you tied her so tight!” Then he added, “Can she feel it?”

“Oh yeah, she’s feeling it alright. That shot I gave her affected her central nervous system for a while, but she should soon be coming out of it. It’ll be kind of interesting in fact. In a few minutes she’ll finally be able to move again. Only…she won’t be able to.” Violet smiled at the irony of Lisa’s situation.

The two attackers didn’t say any more, but instead went to work on the large crate next to their victim. The hinges on two sides were released and the front and top panels opened wide like an ominous mouth. Inside Lisa could see a thick layer of Styrofoam covering the bottom of the crate with two long indentations cut into it, while up above was what looked to be a shelf that divided the box into two equal sized compartments, a top and a bottom. The thin wooden divider had a hole in its middle, a little over a foot wide. Aaron immediately reached for the shelf and pulled it apart at its halfway point, right in the middle of the circle. He slid the front part out along the matching grooves in the right and left walls. It reminded Lisa of a horizontal version of a French guillotine, with the hole made for a person’s head to stick through. She wasn’t too far off. In this case, as it turned out, the hole was made for her waist instead.

Together, Aaron and Violet hoisted Lisa’s body up and into the crate. They adjusted her bent legs until they fit almost magically into the two long pre-cut openings in the floor, her knees extending down a few inches into the Styrofoam below her feet. When her torso was then pulled back against the half of the guillotine hole still in the crate, Lisa was left in a permanent kneeling position, with her breasts left pouring out in front of her. Aaron had to also pull her wrists up over the top of the shelf behind her in order to get her back to make contact with the wood, and when it did, Violet slid the other half of the shelf back into place and locked it there. Lisa was veritably cut in half in the process. She tried to lean forward to alleviate the pressure on her shoulders, but her captors wouldn’t allow it. Instead, they found a way to actually increase the strain on her posture.

It turned out that the top of the crate was also in two parts, and it also contained a hole in the middle, albeit a much smaller one. When the front part of the wooden was removed and the rear section brought down behind Lisa’s head, she sadly discovered that her neck was almost perfectly aligned with the top of the crate. And much to her chagrin, when the front section of wood was reattached and her upper body was pulled up as straight as possible, her head was left sticking out of the top of the box.

“Magnifique!” Violet exclaimed. “Lisa, you should see yourself!” And it was true. If the brunette could have looked at herself from the front of her confinement, she would have been amazed. Her body was perfectly divided, with each segment equally arrayed in tight bondage. From legs and crotch roped in compartment number one, to her arms and breasts bound in compartment number two, to her mouth drooling over her ballgag up above, Lisa was a true piece of art.

“It almost seems a shame to have to seal her up,” Violet pouted, “but I guess we wouldn’t want just anybody seeing her like this.”
“I bet KC might enjoy the view though,” Aaron interjected. Violet winked at him in agreement as she carefully replaced the front panel of the crate, leaving Lisa’s beautifully displayed body hidden from view. And before the girl could wonder how they were going to deal with her exposed head, Aaron took care of that, too. The smaller crate that had brought in the bondage supplies was simply placed over her last visible body part, draping her in darkness. The last thing Aaron and Violet saw were Lisa’s eyes growing wide as she realized what was about to take place. The one foot cubic wooden container fit perfectly around her head and, when strapped down to the other crate, it left just enough natural cracks along the wood to allow for concentrated breathing.

Loading her Lisa-in-the-box on to the dolly, Violet placed a battery powered radio next to the top crate and turned it on loudly enough to drown out any grunts and groans coming from just behind the wood. She needn’t have bothered. There was absolutely no one else around when the three of them left the apartment together and boarded Aaron’s van for the long ride home. Aaron and Violet sat stretched out comfortably in the front; Lisa knelt uncomfortably in the back, stretched out in an entirely different way.

Chapter Six

KC Masters had spent the better part of the day locked in her new kinky bedroom. A heavy chain with one end bolted to an iron receptacle in the middle of the floor extended from there to the locked metal collar around her neck. On the one hand, it allowed KC to move freely throughout the room and its accompanying bath area; on the other, it constantly reminded her that she was a complete prisoner of Aaron and Violet, and she shouldn’t even think of escaping. However, the intricate bondage devices left throughout the ten foot by ten foot cell, some of which she had already personally experienced, kept the idea of escape constantly percolating in her increasingly exhausted brain.

KC had been left untied, but stark naked for over a day now, and she would have begun to think that she was never going to be dressed again, except for the fact that Violet seemed to have a never-ending supply of kinky fetish wear at her disposal, and the purple haired beauty loved to dress KC in it. Yet Vi had been conspicuously absent for this entire day, as had Aaron, so after showering and shaving – as ordered – KC simply went about twiddled her unbound thumbs and crossing her unbound legs on the floor, while nervously waiting for the next shoe – high heeled or otherwise – to drop.

When it did, it turned out to be in the form of a huge wooden crate, rolled clumsily into the matching room down the hall from her own. When the heavy container was removed from the dolly that had carried it in, Aaron came quickly in to get KC ready to be introduced to her new playmate. Violet, meanwhile, went to her own room to finally change out of the ugly brown UPS outfit, the color of which had nearly made her vomit, and to return to a much more suitable attire; in this case, a plaid preppie micro-miniskirt, topped by a half-unbuttoned white cotton shirt, with knee-highs and flat black and white penny loafers as her only accessories. It didn’t take much of an examination to determine that she wore no bra or panties underneath. Completing her ensemble, her hair was cutely tied in two pigtails. She looked like a teenybopper from the dark side.

By the time the four inhabitants of Aaron’s cabin were all together in the same room, KC had been released from her metal collar, which was now exchanged for an even sexier alternative – a wide posture collar of hard black rubber, which forced its wearer’s chin to stretch unnaturally up and away from her neck. Her arms had also been strapped tightly together behind her back both above and below her elbows and at her wrists. The combination of the leather encircling her arms and the rubber encasing her neck served to strictly force her breasts up and out as well, just like Aaron liked them. KC’s freshly washed hair hung in natural curls just over the collar and accentuated it, leading Violet to lick her lips at the sight when she finally entered the room.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred. “Mama likes.” After pausing a few seconds while she moved quickly across the floor, she eventually went on, “And I think you’re gonna like this, too.” Gliding past KC, she went straight to the big crate standing next to her and unlocked its front. Violet let go of the heavy wooden panel, allowing it to crash loudly to the floor. KC jumped back at the sound, and then jumped back once again at the sight. Inside was what appeared to be a headless corpse cut into two parts, each still bound grotesquely with rope.

“My God, what did you do to her?” KC cried softly. Then she screamed, as the body began to move. The terrified woman would have run right out of the room if Aaron hadn’t grabbed hold of her waist and literally lifted her off the floor. KC’s legs continued to cycle in midair until she soon realized that she wasn’t going anywhere this way.

“Let me go, let me go, let me go!” she yelled, all the while looked wide-eyed at the body roped so tightly inside the crate. “You people are crazy!”

Violet walked toward the panicking woman and, without warning, slapped her hard across the cheek. KC’s legs immediately stopped, her jaw dropped, and tears began to well up in her eyes.

“That’s so much better,” Violet whispered. “Now can we keep it quiet for a while? We just wanted to introduce you to your new friend, you little wimp. And no, she hasn’t been decapitated. Aaron, show Miss Masters your pretty computer slut.”

On cue Aaron let go of KC and unstrapped the smaller crate sitting on top of the larger one. Carefully lifting it up, he revealed the sweat-soaked head of Lisa Ballard. Her hair literally was plastered all over her face, but KC could still make out the huge ball gag rammed inside of the poor woman’s stretched mouth.

Aaron brushed the matted hair aside and pulled it roughly back behind the disembodied head sticking out of the crate. Tying it into a knot, he then ran a cord through it and secured the resulting package to the rear of the container. Lisa’s skull was bent back as far as it could go, and the painful stretch it caused permitted only a few gurgles of protest behind the wide rubber between her cheeks.

“That’s a girl,” Aaron said, stroking those same bulging cheeks. “We just want you to be well positioned for your little initiation into our club.” Lisa, already feeling as bent as a pretzel, certainly didn’t like the sound of those words either.

At the same time, Violet was taking charge of their other prisoner, physically directing KC to the side of Lisa’s crate. She slid a stool next to it and told the standing brunette to climb up on it. KC immediately started to comprehend where this whole thing was going and began protesting.

“Please, Violet, let us go. Don’t make me do anything to her.”

“What?” Violet answered sweetly, touching her own chest in mock surprise. “Do anything to her? Moi? You make it sound like I have some kind of torture in store for you girls. I was thinking more about some pleasure.” She then turned to Aaron and called for Lisa’s ballgag, which her partner proceeded to roughly pull out of the other woman’s mouth with an audible pop. Lisa groaned as her mouth tried unsuccessfully to close for the first time in hours. The dripping rubber ball and strap combination was then handed over to Violet, who held it up before KC’s wide eyes to consider.
“Let’s see if you’ve got as big a mouth as it seems, bitch,” she commanded, and despite KC’s best efforts at violently shaking her head no, Violet soon had the purple monster deep behind the teeth of its second victim of the evening.

“Anything else you have to say now, Masters?” Violet asked, not really looking for an answer. But KC slowly shook her head once more, this time with her eyes lowered in full submission. Then, as directed, she carefully lifted her legs first on to the stool and then to the top of the crate itself. As she had expected, Violet then pulled her body down into a full kneeling position, with her knees straddling Lisa Ballard’s face.

Taking two lengths of rope, Violet tied KC’s ankles tightly to her thighs, leaving her unable to pull away from her embarrassing encounter with the woman’s head, which was now mere inches away from her own crotch. Never completely satisfied, however, Violet slid KC’s kneeling body ahead those few extra inches until her shaved pussy was slightly invaded by the other woman’s nose.

“Time for dinner, Ballard,” Violet commented. “And look what I got for you to eat! Some nice fresh pussy! Ever had any?”

In reality, Lisa never had. She was as straight as anyone she knew, with not a single lesbian experience on her slate…until this night…when everything would change.

“C’mon, Ballard, KC wants a nice orgasm for once. She’s probably tired of forced ones. Right, KC?” Lisa couldn’t see it, of course, but the woman above her nodded her head rapidly, both agreeing with Violet’s assessment and beginning to respond to the female flesh now exploring her own sensitive lower lips. Within minutes KC was moaning into her ball gag and thrusting her hips against Lisa’s face. Lisa herself was having more and more trouble breathing as KC left her so little space for air. She licked and kissed and sucked and bit, and then pulled back as far as she could to get the smallest bit of oxygen.

Just then her chest exploded.

While Aaron was enjoying the sight of the one busty brunette riding the face of the other, Violet had moved to the front of the crate and knelt herself next to Lisa’s bound and exposed body. Pulling a pair of nipple clamps out of her pocket, she positioned the steel jaws of each little devise with either hand and simultaneously let them bite down together on Lisa’s stiff little nubs. The woman’s violent reaction sent shivers into KC’s already throbbing pussy and her initial scream, followed by a deep, mindless humming through her lips, brought the woman above to a long, blissful orgasm. Lisa nearly fainted herself.

In fact, she probably would have lost consciousness of Violet hadn’t turned her attention to the lower half of the crate containing Lisa’s roped crotch and folded, but wide-open legs. Sliding a powerful vibrator, called an eroscillator, through the ropes that split the woman’s labia, she positioned it against Lisa’s clitoris and turned on the power. Even at the lowest setting, the shock nearly blew her mind, and when the switch was turned to high, Lisa’s screams reached similar levels. KC had no idea what was going on with the girl eating her pussy, only that she seemed to be taking her work more than seriously. Minutes later, KC was experiencing orgasm number two, while Lisa was exploding through a violent number one.

And neither was anywhere close to being done.

Chapter Seven

Lisa spent her first night in confinement manacled spreadeagle to her bed frame. Not to her bed, but to its frame. The mattress had been tossed up against the wall, leaving only the steel frame with its various coiled springs to stand naked in the corner. Lisa was still naked, too, unless you considered the rope that continued to tightly encircle her breasts and crotch. Her arms had finally been freed, however, from their long and painful union with one another, and her legs had also been untied, which is what made it possible for those extremities to be pulled wide apart in four different directions, where they were secured at wrist and ankle to the aforementioned manacles attached to the corners of the steel frame.

Since Lisa’s mouth was done being used sexually for the time being, having brought both KC and then Violet to multiple orgasms before Aaron finished the festivities by cumming deep down her throat, she was therefore refitted with another ball gag, this one a slightly more tolerable two inches of red rubber, which actually seemed like a midget to her, at least compared to the purple one that had been rammed behind her teeth before.

But one new addition to her bondage was anything but a midget. Violet had introduced her to what she called “Dongzilla,” a gigantic black dildo that she somehow managed to slide all the way into Lisa’s willing cunt despite the vast array of rope that framed it, before moving that same white cord over the yet visible flat end of the rubber in order to hold it firmly in place deep within its victim.

“Oh. And there’s one more little touch you might want to be aware of,” Violet whispered into Lisa’s ear. “That cock and a half has a wireless control unit. If you want a little extra enjoyment before morning, just flip this switch.” She then slipped a four inch remote device into the stretched woman’s right hand. “But use it wisely. It can be a little more powerful than you think.” The devilish grin on her face warned Lisa to refuse the invitation at all costs, which she did…at least for a while.

In the meantime, her attention had been drawn to the color TV monitor hanging from the far wall. Violet had nonchalantly flipped it on earlier, revealing nothing but a blank screen. “No soap operas for you,” she laughed. “In fact, there’s no outside reception on this particular television. But you might like the little closed circuit program we have planned for you in a little while. It’s called ‘The KC Masters Show.’ Get used to it, Lisa. Sooner or later you’ll be one of the co-stars.” At that, she left the room. Lisa heard the lock click and thought, “How ridiculous. It’s not like I’m going anywhere.” But just to make sure, she tested her manacles once more and adjusted her body on the uncomfortable springs. Nope. There was not going to be any escape from this particular predicament.

Nor would there be any for the rubber clad woman elsewhere in the cabin. KC’s relatively easy role in Lisa’s welcoming party was about to be replaced with an extremely strenuous experience on one of Aaron’s homemade torture machines. He had gotten most of his ideas from websites like House of Gord, and this was no exception.

As for the machine itself, KC thought it looked like a thin vertical ironing board hanging from a pole lined with leather straps. She never would have guessed what the strange contraption was capable of doing to her.

Before finding out, she was first dressed from head to toe in skin-tight black latex rubber by Violet, who obviously enjoyed every ounce of effort it took to manipulate the pliable material over KC’s hourglass curves. When she was done, every inch of the brunette’s womanhood was emphasized and almost every inch of her flesh was covered. There was a section of her face, including her nose and eyes, that the rubber revealed, as well as the thin width of her crotch, which was clearly left open for easy access.

“Don’t you just love the smell of this stuff?” Violet asked her less than enthusiastic model. “It makes me wet just to get a whiff of it. And does it ever look good on you, sweets. Damn, I wish I had a body like that. What is it, 40-24-38 or something like that?”

KC would have explained that the guess was quite a bit off, but the penis plug in her mouth made any discussion impossible. Actually, when the hard rubber gag had first been inserted, it could have easily been spit out, but when the tight latex hood had been added, it not only kept the plug deep in KC’s mouth, but also forced her to bite down hard on the ridges strategically located at her teeth. She could now feel the oversized head of the fake phallus tickling the back of her throat and, what was worse, she knew that it wasn’t going to stop until Violet said so.

The next part of KC’s extreme fetish outfit was a pair of black toeboots that added a good five inches to her frame. She had never worn such impossible heels before, but luckily – or unluckily for her, she wasn’t going to be asked to walk in them anyway. They were purely for esthetic purposes.

Not so with the black leather sheathe that took each of her already rubberized arms and molded them together as one behind her back from the elbows down to the fingers. The single sleeve not only removed KC’s arms from use, it also caused her ample chest to again jut out provocatively, and with the elastic material surrounding it, she looked like she could have been wearing two huge balloons in front of her torso.

The tension was then amped up a notch when KC was forced to stand on a horizontal steel rod at the bottom of the “ironing board” which hung in front of her, while the rest of her body was strapped tightly to it. The top of the board ended running up between her breasts to just inches below her neck, while the bottom touched the front of her legs mid-calf. The rod that held her off the floor sat directly up between her pointed and booted toes and the stiletto heels that hung almost parallel only two inches behind them. Her own weight kept the rod securely in place. The rest of her was kept in place by means of eight straps, each an inch or so wide, that together molded her to the “posture board,” as Aaron would call it.

By this time, he had entered the room himself and was taking charge of the proceedings. Since it was his machine to begin with, Violet was happy to sit back and watch the fun. So Aaron was the one who buckled the leather belts around KC’s shoulders, her upper and lower arms, and her wrists and waist, in addition to her upper and lower thighs, her calves, and her ankles. It was only then that he explained what was ultimately going to happen to the unsuspecting woman.

“Okay, this is going to be really cool,” he began. “This whole system is set up to a compressor. You see the little pistons on the other side of the posture board where each of the straps is connected?”

KC’s widening, yet confused eyes indicated that she didn’t, but that just the description itself was enough to terrify her with the thought of what was coming next. Aaron smiled fiendishly and went on.

“You see, what’s going to happen is that the compressor is going to force each piston to expand at least a few inches against the board. That will cause each strap to tighten up on you about the same distance. Thus the posture board will equal out the compression and you’ll get, let’s say, very attached to it. I’m sure breathing will be impossible when that happens, but don’t worry; each compression will only last ten seconds or so – as long as we program it to last.”

KC, beginning to understand the insane procedure that was being described to her, started shaking her head in protest, but Aaron put a quick end to that as he connected a wire from the part of the torture device which hung over her head to an almost imperceptible hook at the very top of KC’s rubber hood. It forced her to stretch her neck up and back immediately, but Aaron added rather darkly, “This will keep you from breaking your neck during the compressions.” KC screamed in terror into her penis plug, but by then Aaron had turned on the compressor and her sounds were drowned out by the motor.

“Don’t forget to turn on the camera,” Violet interjected. “We don’t want Ballard to miss the show.”

“Right,” Aaron nodded and flicked the switch which sent the indescribable broadcast of KC Masters’ torture session directly to Lisa Ballard’s cell for her personal viewing pleasure.

The sound of the compressor already running quickly drew Lisa’s attention to the monitor, so as soon as Aaron set the pistons into motion, she witnessed the very first contraction of the straps and the posture board on KC’s rubber encased body. Lisa at first was confused by what she was watching on TV, not realizing that the victim of this sick torture was experiencing it right down the hall. As the light dawned on her, she loudly gasped, both cringing at what she was looking at with her own eyes, and yet not being able to take those eyes off of the perverted sight.

KC, meanwhile, was trying to adjust to her intense torture. Each time the pistons kicked in, her body was pulled tighter and tighter against the board that ran vertically in front of her. The straps that surrounded her body at eight different spots dug deeply into her rubber clad flesh and her back arched like a bow. As it did, her head was pulled upward and her neck forced to stretch back by the wire extending down to her hood. Her feet actually extended slightly off the rod below her, although not near enough to slide either her booted toes or stilettos away from it entirely before the pistons released her and she returned to her original position.

The most terrifying part of each ten second ride was the absolute impossibility of breathing for its duration. The second most terrifying part was knowing that, within a few moments, another ten second torture was going to follow! During those moments, KC would first noisily gasp for air through her nose, then try to convince her tormentors to stop the insanity with wild whimpers and begging cries for mercy. She lost count of how many automatic compressions had taken place – it had to be at least twenty – when Violet, of all people, asked Aaron to turn off the machine. KC could have kissed her…until she heard the reason why.

“I want to add a little sexual tension to all the rest of the tension, okay? I was thinking about the little extension for her cunt.”

“You mean the jack-hammer?” Aaron asked with a smile. “Of course. I should have thought of that to begin with.”

As KC continued to gasp for air from her current turmoil, her torturers added icing to the cake via a long steel bullet shaped rod that was attached on an angle up through the only hole in the posture bar; of course, right between KC’s thighs. Aaron let Violet make sure that the rod was properly lubricated so that it could be slid directly up into the woman’s vagina. Violet then extended the steel a few inches past KC’s engorged labia, but allowing the rest of the rod plenty of room to find its way even deeper inside of her when the pistons were turned on once again.

When that happened, KC bucked and spasmed even more than before. Aaron squeezed her breasts when they were fully constricted and told Violet to do the same. “Can you imagine her tits any tighter than this?”

Violet said, “We should try sticking a couple of needles in them to see if they’d explode.” KC screamed in protest at the next decompression, not realizing that it was only meant as a joke. But there was nothing funny when the next ten second breathing test came seemingly faster than ever before. And KC really couldn’t believe it when her two companions suddenly decided to go and get something to eat, casually closing the door behind them and locking all her alone in her nightmare, unsure just how long she would be asked to endure it.

By that time, Lisa – embarrassing as it felt - was totally turned on by what she had been witnessing from the other room. When Aaron and Violet left KC alone, she continued to watch, mesmerized by her fellow prisoner’s plight. She could tell that her own pussy was now dripping with desire, while KC’s was being “jack-hammered” in the other room.

It was then that she decided to go against her better judgment and turn on the gigantic dildo already positioned deep inside of her. Feeling for the controls in her right hand, she made sure that the switch, with its numerous power levels, would only be flipped to the lowest one. She took a deep breath and slowly slid the lever ever so slightly.

An immediate jolt went through her entire body. Lisa felt herself tingling from head to toe, even as the dildo in her cunt began to dance powerfully in rhythm. The double shock caused her to lose control of the switch in her hand and it fell to the floor and shattered. She screamed behind her gag and squirmed on the bed frame in panic, realizing that the switch had not only set the vibrator inside of her into motion, but also turned on an electrical current to the entire steel frame on which she was lying. The voltage was low, but enough to keep her extremely uncomfortable, an alternate feeling to the passionate tingling that was building up between her legs.

She felt like a slut already, watching her fellow prisoner being tortured. She felt even more like one grinding away on a vibrator while her own body was being electrified. And then, to add insult to injury, she really felt like one when the door was suddenly unlocked and Aaron came in to check on her.

“Couldn’t resist, could you?” he laughed. “That’s okay. We knew you wouldn’t. KC’s torture is just too sexy to be believed, isn’t it. I bet that you would last a little longer than you did, but Violet assured me you’d be getting off by now, and who’s to argue with Vi?”

“Oh,” he added. “She wanted me to give you an extra gift for letting her win the bet.” At that he showed Lisa the rubber gloves he was wearing and reached below the bed frame, pulling out dual wires running to two alligator teeth clamps.

“Uh-ung! Uh-ung!” Lisa pleaded, but the clamps were soon affixed to her nipples, which felt not only the sudden bite of steel, but the steady flow of electricity coursing directly through them. Lisa danced uncontrollably on the hot springs, whimpering into her gag.

And overhead on the TV, KC’s body also tightened in agony once more, not being electrocuted, but worse, strangled as by a python.

And so the long night continued for the two of them, while Aaron and Violet had slow, luxurious sex in the only normal bedroom of the house; normal, that is, except for the two TV monitors revealing the outrageous things being done to the two screaming females being tortured down the opposite ends of the hall.

Chapter Eight

If it had been left up to Aaron, both Lisa Ballard and KC Masters might never have made it through the night. Acting like any other red blooded American male would have, he enjoyed sensual sex with his hot girlfriend, all the while watching the previously mentioned pair of prisoners writhing in complete agony on the monitors overhead. He pawed at Violet’s nipples as she rode him like a bucking bronco, but constantly alternated his thoughts, as well as his glances, to the left and right of her bouncing purplish hair. He first oogled the naked Lisa, stretched out and electrified on her bed frame; then directed his attention to the rubber encased KC enduring another ten seconds of hell on the posture board. The symphony of their screams and whimpers mixed together with Violet’s ever increasing groaning soon had him on the edge of an explosion such as he had never experienced before. When the orgasm finally hit, it hit hard, and Violet’s eyes widened as her lover’s sperm shot deep inside of her belly, causing her to come a mere moment later. When finally finished, she carefully rolled off of him and started to let her breathing gradually slow down.

“That was pretty amazing, A,” she smiled, waited for a reaction. When none came, she turned her head sideways and saw that Aaron had already fallen asleep.

“Shit,” she groaned, getting up in disgust and heading for the bathroom. “What a man.”

She hit the shower and prepared herself for a good night’s sleep, before eventually remembering what the other girls were still going through. After a few moments of actually debating whether she should leave them in their mind blowing torture or not, she graciously went to KC’s room and turned off the compressor. The brunette’s eyes looked over her half hood with a combination of absolute appreciation and utter exhaustion. The hatred and desire for revenge would come later, after she regained some semblance of strength and composure. For now she was just satisfied to no longer hear the horror of the compressor kicking on for the umpteenth time, warning her that she was going to be constricted and suffocated again a few seconds later. She would never tolerate either a dehumidifier or air conditioner in her house again.

As for Lisa, by the time Violet entered to unplug the poor woman’s personal electric chair – or electric bed as it were, her body felt as if it were literally on fire. Even when she had somehow managed to lift most of her back off of the hot springs, which were attempting to pour ever more juice into her body from behind, she could do nothing at all to avoid the stabbing jolts reserved for her tender nipples in front, nor would the vibrator below stop its relentless torture of her cunt and clitoris. Only Violet could actually allow that to happen, and when she finally did, Lisa collapsed like a used dishrag on the bed, just as limp and just as damp.

Sleep came almost immediately, along with an unwanted series of sick and twisted nightmares, which were nearly as perverse as the very real ones that Violet and Aaron had put their two prisoners through for the past several days. And unbelievably, the next day they managed to think up still another one.

This time it was KC’s turn to take center stage once again. It didn’t seem fair at first, but Lisa’s nipples were so bruised from their electric shock that even Violet felt the need to give her the day off…”the day off” simply meaning being strung up in front of her room’s TV monitor, watching another torture session for KC. This time Lisa did so stark naked, with only her toes touching the cold floor, and with her ankles pulled wide and strapped to the two ends of a spreader bar, while her wrists and elbows were strapped completely together behind her back and then pulled up to the ceiling beam with rope. The never ending supply of purple ball gags continued. This time a medium sized harness variety was the Mistress’ choice, and it was also attached to the top to the other end of the ceiling rope, thus pulling her head up high in order to watch the monitor and her arms up even higher in a strict stappado. The rest of the harness gag was buckled in so many places around her head that Lisa wasn’t sure if her captor would ever stop weaving this particular bondage web. When she did, however, Lisa couldn’t help but watch with interest as Aaron was already in the process of dragging KC in front of the camera in the other room and introduced his victim to her new exercise equipment for the afternoon.

The long legged brunette looked particularly stunning in heels, garter belt, and hose…and nothing else. The stockings and garters were of the black fishnet variety, accentuating the tan in KC’s legs, while the five inch black heels strapped to her accentuated their tone, developed over years on the dance floor. On this occasion though, the floor would be the least of KC’s problems, especially since she wouldn’t be touching it for hours.

Instead, Aaron led her to a tall and wide wooden device that could have passed for an extra large door, except for one tiny detail. It was cut completely full of holes. In fact, it looked like a huge wooden slice of Swiss cheese. The “door” leaned against the wall at about a 45 degree angle and was propped that way on the floor.

“Lay up against the wood, my dear,” Aaron ordered softly, but seriously, “and slide your arms through the holes on either side of you.”

By now KC had learned not to disobey, lest she suffer an even worse fate, so she leaned forward on the same angle as the wood and found the holes that Aaron was talking about. They were far enough apart that her upper arms were stretched up and out from her shoulders. Her lower arms, meanwhile, hung out on the other side of the frame. KC could see them because another hole sat directly in front of her face. Just as she was beginning to consider some awful possibilities, Aaron tied her elbows in place with two lengths of plastic coated wire, the kind used to attach speakers to an electronics unit, but that now encircled her flesh and then connected it to the smaller holes on either side of her arms. KC wasn’t going anywhere for a while. She had never before been tied with such unforgiving bonds; the clear plastic material didn’t give even a millimeter.

Aaron next pulled almost the entire head of his victim through the large holes in front of it and then bent it down at the neck, before using the coated wire to seal shut the remaining part of the hole left behind. KC was left looking straight down at her arms and hands poking out in front of her, as well as the rest of the hole-covered board, but with no real ability to use them, or to pull her head either up or back.

She could also do little to resist when Aaron proceeded to pull her mouth open and insert a thick, wide wad of cloth that was forced back behind her teeth and down against her tongue. He then wrapped what must have been a few yards of sticky black tape around and around her head, holding the packing firmly in place. When he was done, the lower half of KC’s face, from her flared nostrils to the point of her chin, was completed covered. Her cheeks bulged out over the material, and her eyes looked ready to pop out of her suddenly pounding head.

And then things got worse.

At this point, KC was standing on her tiptoes, trying to keep her body balanced while leaning forward against the board. That would soon become unnecessary, however, because Aaron’s plan all along was to literally connect her body to the wood with the rest of the speaker wire. Using the myriad of holes at his disposal, he started with KC’s waist and worked his way up and down her entire torso, pulling each part of her naked flesh tighter and tighter against the board. When he was finished, there was wire encircling her tummy, her hips, her thighs, her upper and lower chest, and her shoulders.

In the process, Aaron had also managed to maneuver KC’s large breasts through two more of the holes, making it possible to tie the rest of her body more tightly to the wooden frame. When he was finished with her torso, he then greedily returned to those protruding tits. As it turned out, they were now perfectly available for more of the speaker wire to be wound strictly at the base of each, and Aaron wasn’t conservative in applying plenty of the quarter inch wrapping. He tied the first circle of wire as tight as he could around her tender flesh and as close as he could to the wood from which they stuck out, before eventually wrapping more and more of the mean plastic down and away from the base. KC alternated high pitched squeals and whimpers behind her gag as she helplessly watched her breasts turn into two huge purplish melons right before her eyes. She also came to the conclusion that if she were somehow able to pull the rest of her body off of its bondage board, her breasts would no longer be able to fit through the holes that they had previously journeyed through. They were now much bigger and harder, with little to no flexibility. KC thought for a moment of what it would be like to be left hanging only by her breasts, and then prayed that Aaron – and especially his sadist of a partner – wouldn’t think of such a scenario.

Luckily for her, neither of them did, but that didn’t save her from some similar agony. That occurred when Violet finally joined Aaron and the two of them immediately took two ropes that were tied to the uppermost holes on the board and pulled them up to the ceiling and down to a pair of heavy rings connected to the opposite walls of the room. As KC screamed in protest, her torture device was slowly repositioned perpendicular to the floor, seeming to further tighten in the process each section of wire that already strangled her flesh in so many places.

“I like her legs in the fishnets, Aaron,” Violet nodded, “Good job. But I think they need a little bondage, too. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Absolutely,” Aaron smiled. “That’s why I tied her body so tight. I wasn’t planning on leaving her with a leg to stand on, so to speak.”

“To coin a phrase,” Violet laughed.

KC couldn’t see what they proceeded to do next. All she could see were her bulging breasts below, as well as her own hands on either side, unable to quite reach them or release them from their severe bondage. It didn’t take a rocket scientist, however, to determine what was happening on the other side of the board. She could feel each of her ankles being wrapped with wire – she assumed correctly one by Aaron and the other by Violet – and when they were properly encircled, they were lifted off the floor in a joint yank upward and tied to their respective thighs. With her legs thus bent in half, KC hung entirely by her bound torso, and once again the wire around her flesh grew still tighter, if that were actually possible.

“I worry a little bit about her neck,” Aaron casually remarked, obviously noticing KC’s own more terrifying fear of strangling. “I mean, I don’t want her to kill herself. That’d be a waste.”

“Here,” Violet responded. “Let’s take some of her body weight off of her throat.” What sounded appealing at first was anything but. In fact, Violet’s solution simply involved tying KC’s hair into a braid and pulling it up to the top of the wooden frame. It did relieve some of the pressure from her throat, but actually added even more pain to her neck and scalp. It also made it next to impossible for the poor woman to make any audible sounds behind her gag. She had to entirely concentrate her efforts on just enduring this impossible position.

Meanwhile, Violet made matters worse when she feigned awe and amazement at what she called KC’s “artistic abilities,” and then pulled out a camera. “I think she’ll want a few Polaroids of this, don’t you?” Moving around her victim like a professional photographer, she snapped shots from every conceivable angle; then ordered impossible suggestions like, “Turn to the right a bit, Masters,” “Stick out your tits a little more,” and “C’mon. Smile for the camera!”

Adding injury to insult, she also handed Aaron a small box of decorations for their little bondage toy – a box full of clamps and weights. She continued snapping even more pictures as her partner attached two monstrous steel clamps to KC’s rock hard nipples, eliciting the loudest screams of the entire session. They continued when weight after weight was added to the clamps, taking the already abused mammaries to new levels of pain.

“That’s all of them,” Aaron finally said, almost sounding disappointed at the thought, even though the resulting two sets of weights each hung nearly a foot down from their connection points at KC’s nipples.

“I guess that just leaves one thing left to do,” Violet purred. “You did leave a nice sized hole by her twat, right, my dear?”

“Yes, just for you,” Aaron answered.

“Good. Time to bring out the heavy machinery.”

Chapter Nine

Lisa Ballard couldn’t believe what she was seeing. But even worse, she couldn’t believe what she was feeling. While standing tied in her own little cell, she witnessed every little detail of torture being inflicted on the other helpless woman in the color TV monitor in front of her. She watched the busty brunette being bound to the panel of holes. She observed each of her breasts being pulled through the wood, tied off, and then painfully clamped and weighted down with God only knew how many ounces of steel. She gazed at the agonized expression on the woman’s face as she was forced to endure the brutality of it all.

And she wondered what it would be like to trade places with her!

Lisa had always enjoyed a pedestrian interest in BDSM, but till now it was only through her computer screen. However, watching this particular 25 inch monitor and knowing that the victim was actually only a few rooms away, and that it could have been her – and still might be – now that was an entirely different matter. What once seemed like a kinky game suddenly became a matter of reality, and she wasn’t sure what her mind and body were telling her about how to respond.

She knew for a fact she was dripping wet between her legs. She also knew that, if her hands weren’t bound together behind her back and pulled up to the ceiling, they would right now be fondling her nipples and fingering her clit. And the thought both disgusted her – and turned her on even more.

Her arousal grew even greater when she watched Violet move some kind of fucking machine up to the last unused hole in the wooden frame, carefully adjust its angle of entry, and then slide it straight into the other woman’s cunt. When switched on, the piston-like rod looked like a long bullet which extended out from, and then back into its rubberized sheath, with each effort forcing its way a full six inches into its quivering target. In addition, taped to the top of the sheath was another unmoving device. Lisa assumed it was a heavy duty vibrator positioned right against the other woman’s clitoris, and judging by the immediate guttural sounds coming from the throat of its victim, she knew she had judged correctly. As the twin intruders maintained their attack on the bound woman in the other room, Lisa wriggled her hips in response and waited for Violet or Aaron to return to her and bring her to some kind of sexual eruption. She knew it wouldn’t take much. Violet’s finger. Aaron’s cock. “Oh my God,” she thought. “Aaron’s cock!”

Yet this entire afternoon she remained the forgotten one, left to fantasize a rape, to dream about an orgasm, but nothing more. KC, on the other hand, went through an endless plethora of sexual explosions, as Violet kept the fucking machine and its attached vibrator exploring the fixed sexual target before them for a full hour.

When she had finally had enough voyeuristic pleasure, Violet whispered something into Aaron’s ear that neither KC nor Lisa could hear. Aaron’s smile could only mean one thing though. KC’s torture wasn’t over just yet.

Instead, Lisa watched the two creeps untie the other woman’s body from the panel, releasing every bit of speaker wire except the generous amount encircling her breasts. While her torso and legs were then freed, in their place the brunette’s arms were pulled out of their matching holes and her wrists – unfettered until now – were crossed behind her back and lashed together with the previously used wire. Other than her breasts, her wrists were thus the only part of her body left tied, although the tape encircling her face still held the padded wad of cloth in the back of her mouth. But her hair was cut loose and her neck allowed to return to the other side of the frame.

So there she stood, still balancing precariously in her high heels, her entire body on that side of the wood…with her enormous tied tits on the other side, hanging through their two holes, wearing their matching clamps and weights, and bulging out to such a degree that it was impossible for their owner to pull them back through.

And that’s the way she was left; left to consider how long her legs would allow her to stand in such a simple, yet strenuous position; left to wonder how long her breasts could tolerate the combined tension of the wire and the holes; and left to pray that she didn’t have to stay this way all night long.

Violet suddenly peaked back into the room and silently flipped off the light. KC screeched in panic, and then her soft whimpers became the only sounds making their way through the thick darkness. Lisa also moaned in disappointment, knowing that the show was over. She could now only imagine the other woman’s torture in her mind. And, closing her eyes, she did her best to accomplish that very thing. She also couldn’t believe how she hoped that the purple haired vixen and her male friend were on their way to take care of her next.

But neither would eventually come that day. And, of course, that meant that neither did she.

Chapter Ten

It was officially the next morning when Lisa lost her hands. Not literally, mind you. They remained attached to her arms. Sometimes they were even slightly visible to her eyes. But they were taken completely away from her body nonetheless. Violet’s reasoning for their dismissal?

“You seem to be enjoying your torture too much, Ballard…and KC’s. Always ready to play with yourself. Very commendable, of course. Very sensual to watch. But…”

There was always a big but with Violet.

“…but we thought it would be even more fun to watch you handle a little sexual abstinence. No orgasms, let’s say, um, for maybe a week? By then you should be ready to pop, especially with all that we have planned for you and your sexy look-alike in the meantime. So, anyway, Ballard, these handcuffs are for you to wear 24/7, unless we exchange them for some other temporary replacements.”

At that Violet held out a pair of shiny steel cuffs, which were soon clicked tightly to Lisa’s wrists behind her back. She added another set to her ankles, but those were given a foot long chain in between as a hobble

“There, now you won’t be going anywhere while I take care of you. What’s that look for, huh? Somebody has to clean you up now, Ballard, if you can’t do it yourself, and I drew the short straw.”

At that Lisa’s daily bathroom routine took on an entirely different twist. Violet hardly left her side in the little cubicle each a.m., even as she sat nervously on the toilet. Lisa’s embarrassment in that regard at first kept her from going at all, but an accident later the first day forced her to quickly get over her naďve sensitivity after that.

Actually Violet was quite attentive to Lisa’s physical needs – all, but one, of course. She washed her body, shaved her underarms, legs, and pussy, shampooed, blow dried and brushed her hair. She even removed Lisa’s almost permanent purple ballgag and fed her, before brushing her teeth and – to her victim’s disappointment – buckling the huge rubber ball back in place behind those freshly brushed teeth once again.

That part of each day became routine after a while, although Lisa would never call it “routine” to have Violet’s hands and soapy washcloth rubbing her itching crotch each morning. The sensitivity down there grew ever wilder as each additional 24 hours passed. Of course, Violet fully understood the situation, too, and thus made sure to make her regular trips between Lisa’s legs as luxurious as possible, but without allowing for the natural conclusion that the bound woman was so desperately desiring.

Yes, the mornings became routine in that way all right. But as for the rest of each day, it was usually a separate story unto itself, and the story always centered on KC Masters.

If Lisa was practicing sexual abstinence, then KC was going through Fulltime Fucking 101. If there was a new way for her body to be penetrated, Aaron and Violet would find it. If there was a new position that left her more open for rape and humiliation, then they would discover it. And if there wasn’t? Then they would make one up.

While Lisa had a penchant for BDSM to begin with, KC was being introduced to the genre right here in Aaron’s little cabin in the woods. And she was diving into the experience headfirst.

In her room each night KC was given much more freedom than Lisa, but during the day she was seldom free at all, either from the wardrobe of fetish wear that Violet used to dress her, or from the endless suitcase full of ropes and straps and wires and clamps that were then applied to her body.

KC was stretched, bent, encased, wrapped, boxed, hung, twisted and turned in every which way imaginable…, as long, that is, as it allowed something (whether battery powered, electrically operated, or manually controlled) to be crammed into her cunt and the juice turned on. She soon concluded that she must have had more orgasms in her first week at the cabin alone as she did during the first quarter century of her life!

As an example...

…today she was wearing a sexy red outfit – ballgag, corset, heels, and hose, which together covered absolutely nothing that needed covering. Her huge breasts poured over the top of the corset, while the bottom of the pseudo-leather piece of lingerie ended well above her shaved crotch in front and at the top crack of her round bottom behind. She teetered on what must have been six inch heels, which were made to feel even more severe by the toes being pointed directly at the ground. She had worn such “toeboots” only once before, while riding the hellish posture board that she hoped she would never see again, although on that occasion she had never actually walked in them more than a few feet. Today she was led all the way from her room down the steep stairs to the basement utility area. To make matters worse, her arms were strapped tightly together behind her in a strict single sleeve – also red – leaving her to maneuver the ten dangerous steps with her legs balancing alone. She assumed Violet would catch her if she fell, but when she lost her balance even once, there was no hint of help from her captor. She therefore took the last few steps even more carefully than the first. Still, the sight waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs was almost enough to cause her to fall flat on her face in shock.

When Lisa first saw the bondage frame obviously meant for her, she thought of an elongated shoeshine box, but with no sides running along the length of it. The whole thing sat no more than a foot off of the ground and parallel to it, except for one end, which dipped down at about a 45 degree angle from the platform of the long wooden contraption.

Aaron had led her to the basement in her now almost permanent wardrobe – her birthday suit. And, as was the norm, she jingled all the way, her wrist and ankle cuffs still attached. Once she carefully made her way down the steps, she was brought to the flat end of the long box and made to kneel with her face away from the wood behind her. Aaron then removed the cuffs; the ankle ones first, and then the wrist. He laid her body down against the wood and then retied her wrists together under the flat top of the platform, using ľ inch white cord, crisscrossing the rope a number of times before cinching it. He then added a similar binding to her elbows, which amazingly he was still able to get to touch together below the platform as well.

Lisa’s body was then slightly adjusted so that her head hung back over the angled end of the platform, and she was secured that way with more rope encircling her waist and chest. Aaron strategically ran the rope three times just below her breasts, and then three more time just above them, before making sure that the last two trips cut straight across her round female flesh, with the nipples left peaking out of the cord from in between. A few cinches under her arms and at her sides, and Lisa’s well endowed figure was again fully on display.

Next came her legs. They were each folded in half and tied tightly ankle to thigh. Another rope encircled each leg at the knee as well, drawing them together more securely, too. The strict cinching that followed forced Lisa to spread her knees as far apart as she could, and when they then also dipped down toward the floor, her entire body jutted out in a bent position that said, “Fuck me! Fuck me now!” The extremity of her bondage was made even more severe when another length of rope was wrapped around her wrists and the two ends pulled down toward her feet. Each piece of rope was tied to one of her big toes, making for a strange variation on a hogtie. Finally the last cord that Aaron pulled out – at least for the moment – was wrapped around Lisa’s neck and the angled end of the platform like a noose. Before tightening it, however, he had one more key addition to the woman’s bondage gear.

The purple ball gag was removed with an audible pop, giving Lisa about five seconds to run her tongue across the sore sides of her mouth before the previous gag was replaced with a thick wide wooden ring that was wedged perfectly between – and not behind – Lisa’s teeth. When it reached its proper location, the woman had no choice but to bite down into the two pre-cut ridges along the wood. And once she did so, there was no way to pull her jaw back apart far enough in order to dislodge the ring by herself. Aaron still buckled the straps on either side of the device behind her head, whether they were truly needed or not. He then completed the tightening of the noose pulling Lisa’s neck back to the wood below her. The wooden O-ring immediately produced a waterfall of drool pouring out of its victim’s mouth and down her throat, just as Violet would have wanted. After all, it was still another evil toy that the purple haired beauty had conceived all by herself. Or at least it was a part of her invention.

The other part Aaron pulled out next and held before Lisa’s widening eyes. It was an extra-long two-ended rubber penis with slots extending out slightly more in the middle. The slots were perfectly matched to those unseen on the inside of Lisa’s ring gag.

“You’ll get a kick out of this, shadow,” Aaron smiled. “Now try not to choke.”

He then began to push the hard, yet pliable rubber through the ring gag and into Lisa’s wide open mouth. She felt the fake phallus’ head first tickle the roof of her mouth, then twist against her cheeks and tongue as it was screwed slowly into place. Aaron kept turning and turning the rubber, and with each turn the head inched its way toward her waiting throat. It was only when Lisa finally started to gag that Aaron stopped his constant twisting, not wanting her to be faking, but judging from her bulging eyes that she wasn’t.

Her eyes also bulged because of what was now protruding in front of them. It must have been ten inches of more hard rubber, the end of it looking like the mirror image of what was tickling the back of her own throat.

She looked like a bow with an “arrow” ready to be shot from it. All she needed was a target. And Violet soon brought one down the stairs.

Violet not only enjoyed making KC wear a kinky new outfit every day; she usually wore one of her own as well. Today’s was a full leather corset, with a set of twelve garters extending down to the sheer black nylons below, six connected to each of the stockings that then stretched down to the five inch high open toed heels that capped off the stunning attire. The all black ensemble made Violet’s violet locks look even more kinky than usual. But that wasn’t the best of it. In addition, she had strapped around her hips a huge black dildo, completely lifelike in every way. For a second, Lisa thought the bitch was actually a transgender, but the buckles of the strap-on soon became apparent. That still didn’t detract from the sexual heat Violet was obviously packing.

Lisa immediately thought that she was finally going to be serviced after days of frustration, and even if she would have preferred Aaron, at this point Violet at least looked like a nice alternative choice. The plan seemed to involve her being fucked with the strap-on, while returning the favor with the mouth piece she was wearing. Her cunt juices thus began flowing in earnest, even before Violet’s high heels began to click on the concrete floor of the basement.

But then right behind her on the stairs stumbled the other woman – was it Casey or something like that? What the hell was she doing here? Lisa’s eyes must have shown her confusion, because Aaron popped in:

“What’s wrong, shadow? Think three’s a crowd? Well, how ‘bout four? Violet thought you might like to help us fuck Miss Masters today. After all, it’s been a few hours since she’s been taken care of.” He then covered his mouth and went on, “Oops. Forgot that you’re trying to cut back on getting screwed yourself – at least between your legs. But that’s okay. You can enjoy KC’s adventure vicariously, if nothing else.”

“Besides,” Violet chirped in, “we haven’t done anything all together since your first night here. And you liked licking KC’s cunt so much back then that we thought you just might want to ream it out again today, sans tongue this time though.”

The look in Lisa’s eyes was like daggers; the one in KC’s was like panic. Aaron and Violet glanced at each other and laughed, almost in unison.

“Yeah, babe,” Aaron said, “this is gonna be fun.”

For them it was. Aaron took his spot in front of KC, while Violet grabbed her firmly around the waist from behind. Together they lifted her legs and positioned her toeboots on the floor on either side of Lisa’s chest. They then forced her down to her knees, which brought her engorged labia right next to Lisa’s special “mouth organ.” Bending her slightly and lifting her on to the rubber cock, they quickly had the erect penis deep inside of her. KC’s tender flesh shot a combination of pain and pleasure to her brain, and she began to groan accordingly.

Next Violet pushed the brunette’s kneeling body down toward Aaron, who was now sitting on a chair naked, directly in front of KC. He caught the brunette by the shoulders and laid her head gently in his lap. His rock hard penis stood at attention next to her nose as he began to unbuckle the red ballgag currently strapped into her mouth. When he had done so, he lifted her head with his hands and spoke directly into her face.

“Don’t bite, bitch, or you’ll regret it forever.”

He then lowered her back down over his cock, held her hair in one hand and pinched her nose in the other, waiting patiently for her mouth to open and take the full length of his manhood. 50 seconds later it did.

At the same time, Violet had her strap-on dildo ready to complete the triple rape scene. She rubbed oil on the black rubber in front of her and then poured a little more into KC’s puckered anus. Some of it dripped down onto Lisa, who couldn’t see what was about to happen two inches away from her mouth, but who comprehended it nonetheless. Violet slid the entire length of the rubber into KC’s rear entrance. The timing couldn’t have been better, or worse. All three cocks, two rubber and one human, penetrated the woman at once. KC felt like she was being torn apart. But there was nothing she could do to escape. She assumed that her best bet was to completely give in and submissively take whatever the women were going to do to her, while concentrating her own efforts on bringing Aaron to a quick and complete orgasm. She therefore used her tongue and throat as best she could to do just that.

But Aaron wasn’t going to let her get off so easily. He stayed hard for over twenty minutes before shooting his semen halfway down KC’s throat. By then she had orgasmed another half dozen times from the unrelenting double attack on her cunt and anal openings.

Completely exhausted, she rolled her eyes in disbelief as the red ballgag was again forced into her dripping mouth and buckled firmly into place, even before she was pulled up off of Lisa’s face. Aaron’s cum streaked her cheeks as she knelt next to her bondage partner for a few moments more. The woman on the floor looked just as exhausted as she was, but unlike her, was also completely unfulfilled. KC knew what the poor thing wanted – somebody, anybody to simply get her off. But she wasn’t going to be the one to get the chance, for Violet was already nudging her toward the stairs. And Aaron soon followed on their heels. No one would come back for Lisa until a few hours had passed.

By then she was on the edge of madness, and still no closer to what now consumed her every thought.

Chapter Eleven

“Good morning, sunshine.” Violet’s chipper voice made Lisa want to puke, but at least it was better than Violet’s angry voice that marked every fourth day or so and made her want to cower in fear. That low, darker version usually meant another fight with Aaron, and extra suffering for their cabin mates. Hopefully today would not be one of those days. And judging by Violet’s tone and appearance, things were looking up.

She was obviously in a playful mood, dressed in her best Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time” garb. And she was in full temptress mode, sitting provacitively astride Lisa’s face as she unfastened her handcuffs from the top bar of her bed and then sliding her slim body down the brunette’s curvier version as she moved toward her splayed ankles tied to the two posts at the lower end.

“Are you ready for some more fun today, sweets?”

Lisa looked down and shook her head, the ballgag she wore keeping from saying what she really wanted to.

“How about if I told you we’re finally going to fill your gaping cunt hole today? Would that make you more interested?”

Lisa’s eyes half closed in dreamlike desire. She looked for a moment like a starving prisoner considering the possibility of a gourmet meal for the first time in days. Violet could even detect a soft humming from behind the gag.

“Yes, my dear. It will be mmmm-mmmm good. But first we need to get you all cleaned up, before we light that fire within you.”

If Violet was seductive every day with her attention to Lisa’s bound body, today her actions were more like full foreplay. She lathered her breasts, then squeezed and pinched them, all the while mumbling things like, “Such big dirty tits you have!” and “We’d better clean these mothers up before we tie them up.”

Then she went to work on Lisa’s crotch, first shaving her and later rubbing a rough soap filled sponge not only up between her legs, but intentionally up between her pussy lips. Lisa immediately began moaning and groaning and thrusting her pelvis in response, but Violet responded with a sharp slap to her bare bottom and ordered her to stop.

“Mama will tell you when you can come, Ballard, and it won’t be for a while yet.”

Lisa whimpered loudly, but eventually managed to get control over herself, letting Violet finish with her bathroom duties and the other physical preparations for the day.

“Come, my dear,” the dominant woman finally ordered, and her submissive counterpart, with both wrists and ankles cuffed, willingly obeyed and walked out of her little room and into the larger living area, on her tiptoes, of course – just as she had been well trained to do whenever her feet were free of their high heels.

There Aaron and KC were already waiting. He was in jeans and t-shirt; she was in…well, in belts and buckles. There was no way else to describe it. Four sections of jet black material were strategically molded to the woman, each form fitting and extremely tight. A blindfold and a gag sat so close to each other across her face that they could have been mistaken for one item. Each kept nearly half of KC’s lovely features covered, the blindfold reaching across her visage with a swath of leather that went from ear to ear, while the straps that held it in place continued past the ears, both above and below them, to be buckled behind her head. A slight V cut for her nose was the only break in the material from her forehead down to her cheeks. There the gag took over. It, too, completely covered the lower half of KC’s face with leather, while the double straps again wound behind her to be buckled in the back. There was obviously something hidden beneath the leather, judging from the rather elongated appearance of KC’s encased face, but there was no way for Lisa to know that the “something” was a two inch wide and three inch long rubber penis prod that was crammed between and then behind the other woman’s teeth. KC’s jaw ached as she endured the double pressure of the prod stretching her mouth open and the gag tightening around it. The constant sensation almost made her forget about what Aaron had done to her chest.

There another combination of leather and straps had been applied, this one similar to, but much wider than the two encircling her head. The leather sheath wrapped around her entire upper body was about eight inches wide and, when it was buckled tightly into place, it caused both of her breasts to disappear underneath in the process, squished painfully up against her ribs; no small feat by any means. There were four straps over the sheath in all, each one circumventing KC’s body about an inch away from its partners.

Suddenly Lisa realized that KC’s arms must have been contained by the sheath as well, since neither extremity was visible below it. In fact, as Aaron turned his victim slightly for a moment, Lisa could see that KC’s arms were pinned together behind her back, her elbows almost touching underneath the leather sheath. And the woman’s wrists were in much the same predicament a few inches below. That’s where the fourth and final piece of snug material was found. It wasn’t as wide as the sheath at KC’s chest, but it was sufficient to hold her lower arms glued against the small of her back. Only her long fingers stuck out unfettered below, and they weren’t going to do any damage from there. KC thus stood tall and straight, her dark brown hair bunching up over the top of her secured head. Her muscle toned legs were free for the moment, and that situation wouldn’t last long.

“Guess who’s here, KC?” Aaron asked happily. “It’s your favorite fuck toy. I know you can’t see her, but you’ve seen all of her important parts before anyway. Not that I’m complaining. Shadow still looks pretty good, wouldn’t you say, V?”

“Yes, A,” she answered, overemphasizing the one letter response to let him know how she hated it when he called her that. “But I do think she would look better with a few matching straps, like your girl has.”

“Be our guest, Violet,” he smiled. “KC left you all that you need.”

“Hmmmmmm, I think I’d like to go with the thin, biting kind, if you don’t mind, like those.” She pointed to a huge pile of inch wide black straps, each with silver studs decorating the length of the leather. Lisa figured that they were originally intended to be dog collars, but now they were going to be her entire outfit for the day.

In what seemed like mere minutes after taking off both Lisa’s hand and ankle cuffs, Violet had affixed a full dozen of the black bonds to her naked body, one to each of her ankles, another around her crossed wrists, and then additional straps at her forearms and elbows. Two more were buckled at the base of each jutting breast and another around both, holding the two giant globes somewhat together. With her arms now pinned tightly together behind her once again – how many times had they been that way in the last week, she thought – Violet went to work also securing them to her body as well. Longer straps were buckled around her shoulders, and above and below her breasts, while one last strip of leather was reserved for her waist. When she was done, Lisa’s arms ran in a straight line up and down her spine. Like KC, all she had left free of her upper extremities were her fingers, which could reach out and touch nothing except the place where her bare naked bottom started its shapely departure from her strap reduced waist.

“What do you think, AMaster?” she asked, using Aaron’s screen name intentionally, in order to remind Lisa what she had gotten herself into.

“I don’t know. I still like KC better. Unless we can add just a few more bells and whistles to shadow.”

The already sexually frustrated Lisa glared at her ex online friend with sad puppy dog eyes, actually feeling hurt that he hadn’t chosen her bondage scenario over the other woman’s. However, when she saw what bells and whistles the two had in store for her, she would have gladly granted KC the crown with no contest. For in her hands Violet held a short chain dangling between a pair of nasty looking nipple clamps. Each of the steel monsters had matching steel jaws, which could be tightened together by means of the littlest of screws which extended through the middle of the teeth.

Violet asked Aaron to hold Lisa firmly as she slid the woman’s left nipple between the pried open teeth and then let them close shut on the trapped flesh. Lisa screamed so loud that the blindfolded KC jumped away in terror and almost lost her balance before steadying herself against the wall. In the meantime, Violet began screwing the clamp firmly in place, assuring that it wouldn’t come off of its target without taking Lisa’s flesh right along with it. She had made sure to attach the clamp horizontally with the teeth biting sideways because the chain gave her so little room to work with. In fact, Aaron had to push Lisa’s breasts together as he held her around the chest so that Violet could properly affix clamp number two on Lisa’s right nipple, an action which brought about another agonizing scream.

KC now began to sob behind her blindfold and gag, not knowing what was happening on the other side of the room, and fearful of what might be in store for her next. Instead, she should have been fearful for Lisa, for it was Lisa who still had the worst in store for her. For example, when both of her nipple clamps were applied and screwed tight, Aaron let go of her breasts, which naturally tried to pull themselves back apart. Only the tension of the chain attached between them prevented that from happening. Lisa’s bitten nipples faced each other in 90 degree angles from her breasts and the chain remained standing taut in a straight line in between.

Violet especially seemed to be enjoying this particular scenario. “You know what’s even better?” she laughed. Every time those babies jiggle, she’s gonna get another titty twister. And we all know how Ballard jiggles.”

Lisa would have killed her on the spot, and then used her dead body to slowly beat Aaron to death, too, if the two of them hadn’t already been in the process of laying her on her back and stretching her legs apart. The previously unused straps around her ankles were then connected to the ends of a three foot spreader bar, leaving her crotch wide open. Aaron next climbed on to a chair and pulled down from the ceiling a heavy chain that was actually divided into two separate sets of links at the bottom. The ends of the resulting two chains clipped on to the ends of the spreader bar, which Violet lifted up off of the ground to meet its attachments.

Lisa still wasn’t entirely sure what she was getting into until she saw Aaron go to the back wall and engage a machine that slowly began cranking the chain up to the ceiling once again, only this time dragging the spreader bar – and Lisa – up with it. Still trying to deal with the scorching pain in her nipples, she now had to also endure the torturous stretch of her calves and thighs, as her own body weighted them down in their attempt to maintain such an unnatural position.

At last the infernal cranking came to and end and Lisa hung in midair, her head over a foot off the floor. Her body was now in a strict Y and every inch of it screamed for immediate release. What she got instead was another close up view of KC’s shaved pussy.

Aaron and Violet led their other victim stumbling across the room and laid her back over a long stool. Bending her legs and pulling them down toward her sides, they roped them to the stool’s front legs. That was all the added bondage necessary to keep KC completely immobilized, her hips thrust up and out, her legs spread wide, and her womanhood at full attention. Sliding the stool a few feet forward, the two hosts brought their two guests together, KC’s crotch up against Lisa’s face.

Aaron was kind enough to unstrap the ballgag, the only thing that separated them, while Violet gave the orders as to what was to come next.

“Eat her out real nice, Ballard, and maybe we’ll let her do the same for you later. Tongue, lips, nose, whatever you want. Just don’t bite. Not that you would do that to poor old KC. But just to make sure you keep at it…”

Aaron slid a noose around Lisa’s neck, tightened it in back, and pulled the other end down through the stool legs, securing the hanging woman’s face exactly where it was, ready to service her bound acquaintance. Lisa breathed slowly through her nose in exasperation, but really had no choice but to comply with Violet directive. She stretched her tongue out and began to run it up and down KC’s clitoris, causing the other woman to shudder in response.

Unbelievably, it was then, at that very unexpected moment, that Violet chose to offer Lisa what she had been begging for the whole week long.

“By the way, Ballard, time for that unused cunt of yours to finally get some action, too. Let’s see if it needs a lube job first.”

Standing with her head just about at Lisa’s crotch level, Violet went to work massaging the hanging girl’s labia. Even with her body in extreme torment, it was only seconds before she was as wet as a river.

“Aaron found this little item ‘specially for you, ‘shadow,’” the standing girl announced proudly. “We thought you deserved more than those rubber dildos Masters keeps going through, so we got you a nice, big wax one instead.” At that she placed before Lisa’s face a cheap party store version of a gag gift – a foot high red candle in the shape of a giant penis. Lisa’s eyes grew almost as wide as the candle when she saw it and she quickly began shaking her head and gyrating her body when Violet lifted the ghastly thing up between her legs.

“No, no, please, Violet, not that!” she shouted. However, Aaron simply stepped around her and held her steady as Violet slid the bulbous head of the candle between Lisa’s engorged lower lips and slowly – very, very slowly – dipped the wax monster deeper and deeper inside of her. The sounds from the back of Lisa’s throat ran the gamut of screaming, moaning, grunting, and groaning, but no matter what she did or said, Violet continued the penis’ progressive plunge. She only stopped after the oversized caricature of a male sex organ was nearly completely inside of its victim. With two strips of sticky tape applied parallel to Lisa’s widely stretched labia, she secured it there.

Then, as Lisa went back to work on KC’s cunt, she was unable to see what Violet continued to do above her. The purple haired beauty, having already dug a small hole into the flat bottom of the wax candle, used her finger nails to pull out the end of the wick, flicked her Bic, and lit it on fire.

Chapter Twelve

It was business as usual on the riverfront. Hookers bantered with potential customers. Drug dealers worked the alleys. Various lowlifes lurked in the shadows. It was the end of town where all of the ongoing activities were frowned upon by the law. It was also the end of town where more money was exchanged than in all of the downtown businesses combined.

Tonight through this middle of the city’s armpit walked four dark figures. Two were clearly male, the others obviously not. The two men were huge hulking characters, both easily over six and a half feet tall, which made the women walking between and behind them seem almost like little rag dolls in comparison. The contrast was especially noticeable with the first female being ushered along by the behemoths on either side of her. She wore an oversized red raincoat with the arms tucked limply into its pockets. The coat covered her from the middle of her face down to the top of her calves. Since it wasn’t raining and the temperature was still in the 70’s despite the cool breeze off of the water, the outfit just didn’t seem to be what the situation called for, at least at first glance.

More fittingly attired was the woman walking a few steps to the rear. Her lithe body was poured into a tight, strapless purple micro-miniskirt, accented by four inch heels of the exact same color. As her shapely bottom swayed back and forth in the latex molded to it, her untied hair flowed softly in the breeze, showing off even more of the purple hue that marked her entire appearance.

With a sly grin she intently watched every single step of the woman being escorted directly in front of her. Those steps were being taken rather precariously in thigh high black leather boots, most of which were hidden beneath the raincoat. The heels were over an inch higher than her own, but that wasn’t the only reason for the difficulty in wearing them. Violet’s devilish smile came from knowing that the inside soles of those heels had been filled with tiny pellets of deicing salt, which surely were making every step that KC Masters took anything but comfortable. However, with the men steadily urging her on, the raincoat clad beauty had no choice but to continue her torturous walk down the street, the clicking of her heels keeping time with the squeals and whimpers from the back of her throat.

When the foursome finally reached their destination, a rather dull looking three story building near the water, the men nudged KC through the door and toward the elevator on her right. Violet quickly objected though, suggesting that they go up the stairs instead, causing KC to look back causticly over her shoulder at her in both disbelief and despair, before beginning the arduous trek.

“What’s wrong, little lady,” one of the men asked. “Haven’t you ever walked in high heels before?”

KC’s eyes rolled back and their lids fluttered, as if to say, “You have no idea.” And Violet piped in, “Not like these, she hasn’t.”

A number of grunts and groans later and the four reached the top floor and the door that read, “V. BERTUZZI SHIPPING.” Knocking five times and then three more after a short pause, the men waited for the lock to click open, and then pushed KC into the dark room. Violet followed at a distance and closed the door behind her.

“Lock it, please,” a deep voice echoed from across the room, and Violet immediately did.

“We’ve got her boss,” one of the hulks said.

“That’s quite obvious, Animal,” came the sarcastic reply. “Now, shall we see the entire package?”

A quiet click accompanied a single light bulb being turned on, and KC Masters stood directly on display in front of it.

“I think you’ll like her, Vinnie,” Violet commented, unzipping the raincoat and slowly pulling it off of the other woman’s shoulders. The two men standing next to her gasped, but the man sitting behind his desk offered no reaction whatsoever to what was now fully revealed to them.

KC was nearly nude underneath, and if you didn’t count the leather boots, she actually was. In addition, what the plastic oversized coat had covered was a stunning version of rope bondage, which Violet had prepared especially for Mr. Bertuzzi’s eyes.

The half inch cord itself was dyed black and acted as a sort of string bikini for KC to wear. The top consisted of the stark rope wound generously around each of her heaving breasts, keeping them pulled toward each other, while at the same time pushing them out from KC’s chest. They looked like firm melons ready to be fondled. A single loop then went around her body and connected the outer edges of the rope bindings, completing a circle of bondage. Another rope was tied to the top of KC’s right breast cord, from which it traveled straight up over her shoulder, around her neck, and down to the side knot of her left globe. A similar line was drawn between the matching set of points on the opposite sides. When everything had been fully tightened, the resulting bondage bra kept KC’s tits standing almost straight out in front of her, quite an achievement, considering the fullness of the flesh being confined there.

As icing on the cake, so to speak, Violet had affixed to the already rock hard and pointed ends of KC’s tits a pair of inch and a half long steel clips with nasty looking alligator teeth. The men all assumed that they must have been painful to endure, and the brunette would have told them just how right they were, if it hadn’t been for the huge ball of black rubber held unmovable in her mouth by a wooden dowel screwed through the rubber and then tied off on either side of her face and behind her head. The raincoat had kept the gag invisible to any onlookers in the street, just as it had covered the rest of KC’s bound body, which included still again her arms tied tightly together behind her back at elbow and wrist.

The bondage also included her round bottom, which was wrapped in even more of the sexy black nylon. The rope first encircled her waist a half dozen times and was cinched so tight that her belly seemed to disappear for a few inches above her hips. A loop in the back allowed the other end of the cord to take a sharp turn down and run straight between KC’s ass cheeks. It didn’t reappear until it reached the top of her similarly split labia, from which it shot up and over the lowest length of cord encircling the lovely woman’s waist, only to do a complete return trip down through her lower regions once again. More of the rope extended due south from her sides and around the very tops of her inner thighs, causing the female flesh in between to stretch taut and forcing her labia to literally bulge out on either side of the ropes that cut through them. The two pocket rocket vibrators that were kept in place deep within KC’s vagina and rectum by the strict rope bondage could neither be seen nor heard by the other occupants of the third floor room, but Violet of course knew that they were there, turned on full blast, and that their victim must have been dealing with a extra heavy dose of sexual arousal between her legs at this very moment. However, Mr. Bertuzzi was more interested in another of her openings.

“How good is she at giving head?” he asked coldly. KC’s eyes grew wide in shock, and even wider when Violet casually answered, “Why not see for yourself?”

After a few moments of contemplation, the dark man said, “Maybe later,” allowing KC to take a deep sigh of relief, but then he added, “We’ll let the boys fuck her face first for a bit, while we take care of the other details of her sale.”

KC did the proverbial double take, and then her naked body stumbled backward as if jolted by a set of combination punches to her midsection. First there was the immediate realization that she was going to be forced to service the two monsters on either side of her, apparently with her mouth and throat, and then there was the most shocking word of all – SOLD! What? How could this be happening to her? Who were these people? And why were they doing all of this?

She watched in stunned silence as Violet paraded across the room to Mr. Bertuzzi’s desk and leaned over it, brazenly revealing her panty-free ass to his pair of henchmen. On cue, as if awakened by the unexpected free peak, Animal – as Bertuzzi called him – turned toward KC with a leering glance and grabbed her shoulders to push her down to the ground.

“On your knees, bitch,” he ordered.

Shaking her head powerfully in protest, KC tried to stay on her aching feet and back away, but the other creep took a firm hold of her bound elbows and added even more encouragement to his partner’s “suggestion” that she drop to her knees as told. There was no way she could continue to disobey. A second later she was staring at two fully erect penises, each one well sized and obviously awaiting her complete attention.

“Hey guys,” Violet said, glancing over her shoulder at the potential double rape that was about to happen, “this might keep her more willing to submit.” She tossed Animal a click on lighter. “Hold the flame up to the nipple clamps if she gives you any trouble and see if she changes her tune as the temperature rises.”

KC mmmppphhhed and then mmmppphhhed some more, only louder, her eyes all the while pleading for Animal to forget about that sick offer and just give her his cock instead – right now. She would gladly take it to avoid the painful alternative. Of course, the thought of what Violet suggested now had Mr. Tall, Dark, and Ugly extremely intrigued, so he just had to try out the theory for himself. Clicking the lighter, he got the flame he wanted and held it right up to KC’s right nipple clamp. It immediately began to glow a light red and the woman yelled out in pain. Her jaw opened so wide with the screech that the ball would have plopped right out of her mouth if the dowel and black straps hadn’t held it in place.

Animal suddenly realized just how hot the burning steel must have felt on her flesh, but he was also dumb enough to reach down with his other hand and try to physically remove the clamp.

“YEOW!” he screamed, dropping the little device to the floor. The others in the room couldn’t help but laugh, all except KC of course, who was now sobbing hysterically behind her gag as she curled up as best she could below her attackers. Her tender nipple throbbed from the burning it had taken, as well as from the blood suddenly returning to it.

“Come here, little girl,” the other man chuckled, “I’ll give you what you really want.”

Pulling her back up to her knees, he undid the straps that held the ballgag in her mouth and then removed the black rubber entirely. KC licked her lips for the few seconds of freedom that she had, but soon found herself sucking on a different kind of gag – consisting of long, wide, and hard human flesh. The man ramming it into her mouth held her by the hair and forced his cock all the way into her throat. KC had performed fellatio on her boyfriends many times before, but never while tied up and certainly never as she was being physically attacked. She choked and gagged and coughed and sputtered, but at the same time she still tried to do her best to satisfy her jackhammering customer, fearing what would happen if she didn’t.

After sliding her head up and down over the man’s thrusting erection for a minute or two, KC suddenly noticed a similar piece of meat rubbing against the side of her face. Animal apparently wanted to get back in on the action he had started. Not quite knowing what to do, KC slid her lips off of the other man and went to work on his partner. She tried to give them equal time, and thankfully saw them obliging her, jacking themselves off with their own hands whenever she was too busy with the other rock hard cock in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Violet and Vinnie continued their quiet conversation on the other side of the room, seemingly unaware of the heavy action going on a few feet away. However, when the men began fast approaching the time for their twin climaxes, the moans and groans drew the full attention of the two bystanders.

“Wanna bet on who comes first?” Violet whispered, but before Mr. Bertuzzi could answer, Animal blew the bet, shooting his wad straight into KC’s face. He then thrust his penis back into her mouth and added a second dose of semen just for good measure. KC swallowed what she could before the other cock was thrust back into her as well and exploded down her throat. She then was forced to lick each man clean, before being allowed to finally collapse on the floor in exhaustion.

“Wow! What a show!” Violet cheered, applauding with her hands. At the same time, KC was left lying on her side with her eyes closed, her breaths coming heavily as the excess fluid dripped slowly out of her mouth.

“Okay, men,” Mr. Bertussi said, “now it’s my turn. Bring her over here behind the desk.”

KC’s eyes flew open once again and she groaned in agony as the two men grabbed her under her arms and dragged her between the legs of her third hard assignment of this long night. Her booted ankles were tied to her thighs, removing any chance for her to use her legs to escape. Violet and the two henchmen were then ordered outside by their boss, who then proceeded to unzip his pants. When he did, the bound brunette at his feet nearly fainted at what she saw. She looked up at his face in fear, but also in forced submission, and then closed her eyes and opened her dripping mouth wide to accommodate the largest male member she had ever seen. If she could take this, she thought, she could take anything.

Chapter Thirteen

“I’ll take her from here,” Violet assured the two men, who had personally delivered KC back to Aaron’s cabin for safe keeping. The red raincoat that the brunette had worn once again during the car ride was still over her shoulders, but by now it barely covered any of her bound nudity, since Animal had been hard at work pawing at her tits and pussy during the entire trip. KC had also been forced to provide still another blowjob along the way, so the gag had been necessarily removed from her mouth, and this time she was actually permitted to finish the ride without it, as long as she “kept her mouth shut for once.” She was still licking her lips in simple pleasure as they reached their final destination for the night and she stumbled from the car up to the cabin door.

On the way across the lawn she heard muffled cries and what sounded like jingling bells, which grew louder as Violet pushed her hurriedly toward the door. In the darkness, she nearly tripped over a large object lying in front of her.

“Pick up your feet, Masters,” Violet instructed her a few seconds too late. “You don’t want to step on Ballard, do you?”

Sure enough, glancing down more intently at the ground, KC saw that the obstruction in her path was her bondage partner Lisa, who was staked out in an extremely strict X on the lawn. KC knew that it was her fellow brunette captive solely by the shape of her body – the large breasts and curvaceous hips. She never would have been able to tell by the woman’s face, however, because her entire head was enclosed in a full leather hood. Upon further inspection, which KC wasn’t permitted anyway, she might have been able to figure out that, behind the black leather, Lisa had first been fitted with another of Aaron and Violet’s endless supply of mouth watering gags. This particular pliable rubber ball that stretched her jaw to its limit was easier to bite down on than any of the other ones that she had worn over the last few weeks, but once the wearer’s concentration wavered, the rubber seemed to push back even twice as hard, making it also seem about twice as big as its actual two and a half inch size.

Turning her attention back toward Lisa’s fully revealed body, KC suddenly noticed two unusual items adorning the spread eagle woman’s nipples. Miniature cow bells had been tied to a pair of steel clamps, and the clamps were then affixed, probably quite painfully, to the bottoms of Lisa’s large areolas. Two more bell and clamp combinations were also in place, although invisible to KC, since they were positioned between Lisa’s legs, biting down on her twin labia.

“Why was Ballard ringing so loudly when we arrived?” Violet asked Aaron, who had opened the door to greet them. He laughed and motioned them inside the cabin before answering. Once the door was closed behind them, he continued to smile and explained, “I told her that there were all kinds of animals that would be attracted to her because she was having her period and that the only way to keep them at bay would be to make as much noise as possible. Guess she felt like the bell ringing was worth the effort – and the pain – to keep herself otherwise unoccupied. She made so much damn noise I decided I didn’t even have to stay outside to protect her. Besides, there can’t be an animal within ten miles of here anyway.”

“So now you’ve spoiled the fun for Masters here,” Violet sighed. “What are we gonna do to torment her when it’s her time of the month?”

“Geez, Violet, do I have to think of everything?” After a brief pause, Aaron went on, “So what’s the verdict from Bertuzzi? Will he take them both?”

“Masters must have convinced him that she was worth the extra dollar. It’s pretty much a matter of buy one, get one free. By the way, you should have seen her go down on every cock in the room, Aaron. You must have trained her well.”

“I only did what I was told,” KC whispered softly from behind them.

“WHAT?” Violet nearly jumped right into the other woman’s skin. “Did we give you permission to speak, slave?”

“N-n-n-no, Mistress,” KC answered, even more quietly than before.

“That’s right, Masters! Your mouth is only good for two fucking things! Eating and sucking cock! If you can’t learn that soon, I’ll cut that damn tongue right out of you and you won’t be able to talk at all, with or without a ball gag!”

“Speaking of which,” Aaron added, tossing his partner a full harness variety.

“Thanks, sweets,” Violet said, with a suddenly much calmer voice, and she began maneuvering the huge ball part of the gag between and behind KC’s teeth before strapping it tightly in place with a series of straps that covered the woman’s skull in every possible direction.

“You’re lucky that Mr. Bertuzzi wants your body unmarked until your new owner takes possession of it. Otherwise I’d have a few extra items reserved for it tonight. As it is, I think I’ll just go play with Ballard for a while.”

Lisa had been listening intently for any other nocturnal visitors after Violet and KC had gone inside. She had spent the last three nights staked outside, awaiting the end of her period and praying that the blood between her legs wouldn’t draw any unwanted guests. Her terror was doubled by the blindness she was forced to experience behind the leather hood, and it was tripled – even quadrupled – as she went hour after hour without sleep, hearing every sound in the night and constantly feeling what she was sure was a ravenous animal only inches away from her unprotected female flesh. Every time she imagined an upcoming attack she would scream as loud as she could behind the gag and twist her body wildly, trying to make the bells on her nipples and pussy lips ring as loudly as possible. When too exhausted to go on, she would lay still once again, her chest heaving and her most tender spots aching, but with her ears still tricking her into thinking that she was not alone.

And then she wasn’t.

It was between her legs!

She felt it touch the inside of her thigh!

Lisa began her insane dance once again, but this time her attacker didn’t stop and run away!

She felt someone – something – exploring her crotch!

She screamed at the top of her lungs!

And she was suddenly entered! Only…she recognized the object. It wasn’t an animal. It was a finger. Then two fingers. Finally three of them, exploring her dripping cunt, pushing aside the clamps and concentrating on her clitoris. Lisa went from dread panic to sudden longing.

The only time she had been sexually satisfied in ages was with the huge wax candle that had tickled her insides for a little while, but then went on to pour ounces of hot wax both inside and outside of her open crotch. It had taken days to remove the remnants of the hard red wax, and the flame that it had held nearly made it all the way to her skin before it luckily burned itself out.

However now, magically, glorious, her pussy was being stroked by real human flesh, and Lisa rightly assumed it was female. Moaning into her gag behind the hood, she began to writhe in perfect harmony with the hand that was teasing her.

Suddenly she heard a voice at her ear. “Is little Lisa aching for a little fucking?”

Lisa hated herself for being so quick to answer, but she immediately nodded her head and groaned into the rubber and leather, “uh-huh, uh-huh, un-huh.”

“Okay, baby doll, I’ll fuck you then,” Violet purred, “but let’s do it inside.”

That offer sounded almost too good to be true, for Lisa wanted to be away from the dark infested woods just as much as she wanted to have a real honest to goodness orgasm once again, even if was from Violet. So, as she felt her ankles and then her wrists being released from the stakes that had held them to the ground for so long, Lisa thanked God for getting her through the ordeal. A short while later, she was praying to God again, with a completely different ordeal about which to petition him.

Violet first sat her up and forced her to her knees. The hood prevented her from seeing what was being done, but Violet had a brand new device ready for her. When open, it stretched over six feet in length, with six half circle indentations along the wrought iron frame. Halfway down the tool, however, was a thick hinge, which allowed the two ends to be folded together, and which was exactly what Violet was busy doing right now, making sure that Lisa’s neck and wrists were positioned in the three resulting holes. When she was done and had padlocked the iron shut, Lisa looked like she was in a pillory, although she was able to freely move the rest of her body – or, as in this case, to have her body freely moved wherever and however Violet so desired.

The Mistress’ desire for the moment happened to be KC’s cell, where she planned to give its other occupant a little show. KC herself was still decked out in her black rope bikini and harness gag, and her arms still tied behind her back had lost feeling hours earlier. She was straddling a saw horse, continuing to wear the thigh high boots on her legs, but with her ankles now pulled wide, strapped, and anchored to the floor on either side with double ended steel hooks. This left her already tender crotch resting – if you could call it that – on the inch wide top of the horse. Meanwhile, the strap at the very top of her harness gag had a rope tied to it and pulled up to the ceiling, keeping KC’s body in a strict upside down Y. She was the perfect captive audience for whom Violet could perform.

Leading Lisa into the room, the brunette’s hooded head and helpless wrists secured in the iron stocks, Violet made her rest her hips on the edge of a small table and then laid her body back on the wooden top. The two ends of a thick belt came up from below the table to be buckled at her waist, and another held her down below her breasts. Her head was intentionally left dangling over the edge of the furniture, so that Lisa had to use a certain amount of effort to hold it up. Her legs also dangled over the other edge, but Violet did nothing to deal with them – not yet at least.

She was too busy setting up a little shop of horrors next to Lisa’s body. A spray bottle, some long lead weights, a spool of thin wire, and three dangerous looking needles were laid out in a row between the taut straps that held Violet’s victim down before her.

“We can’t have pleasure without pain, Lisa. Isn’t that true?” Violet walked around the top of the table, stroking Lisa’s breasts as she went, and then slowly unbuckled and removed the hood from her head so that the other woman could finally see for the first time in hours. But as her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room, the first thing they saw was Violet’s hand holding up before her a pointed thin needle that could have been four inches long. Lisa squealed and shuddered when she saw the shiny wire instrument, having no idea what the crazy bitch stalking her was going to do with it. As Violet moved, Lisa’s ever growing eyes kept their attention on the needle she fondled with her fingers.

“Wondering what this is for, are you? Well, I haven’t noticed any piercings on your body, Lisa, so I thought you might like to experiment with a few. Nipple piercings are always the best, I say.”

Lisa stretched her neck and looked down at her unprotected nipples, hoping that they would magically pull themselves back into her breasts, but instead they seemed to be standing at attention like good little soldiers, just asking to be tormented.

“Don’t worry, Lis, I’ve got a special spray here that will disinfect everything and also freeze up your flesh just perfectly. It might even dull your senses – a little. Let’s give it a try, huh?”

At that, Violet pointed the bottle at Lisa’s left tit and sprayed. The biting cold compressed air tightened the flesh immediately and it made the nipple seem to grow in both height and width. Lisa couldn’t take her eyes off of Violet’s fingers as they brought the long needle directly up to her rock hard little nub. Pinching the flesh and pulling it tightly away from the breast, Violet slid the needle through from the outside in. Lisa screamed loud and long into her gag, more from the shock of what she saw than from the pain of the piercing. The disinfecting spray also kept any blood to the minimum. No muss, no fuss, and Lisa had a long needle protruding out of her one nipple. Thirty seconds later it had a partner on the other.

“There. That will keep you from trying to quit on me tonight,” Violet said, but Lisa had no idea what she meant; only that it couldn’t mean anything good for her.

Picking up two of the lead weights on the table, Violet moved them to Lisa’s first piercing and lined up the long quarter inch lead pieces with the wire needle itself. She then wrapped some of the wire from the spool around the three parallel mini-rods until they were pulled together as tight as possible. When she was done, Lisa’s nipple was crushed between the lead, with the needle holding the resulting clamp from being removed without ripping her flesh apart along with it. A matching lead/needle/lead clamp was soon hanging from her right nipple as well.

Then Violet walked to the other end of the table and stood between Lisa’s legs.

“NO, NO, NO!” the bound girl suddenly screamed behind her harness gag, but Violet laughed and answered, “Yes, yes, yes!” Knowing that Lisa wouldn’t open her legs voluntarily, her purple haired torturer simply buckled straps to her ankles and then attached a spreader bar between them, slowly pulling Lisa’s legs wide and revealing Violet’s next target – an already erect clitoris that bulged out even more, almost like a little penis, when jolted with a spray of the cold compressed air.

Lisa continued to protest loudly with screams and yelps, and KC, witnessing all of this from a few feet away, turned her head in disbelief – but still peaked through one eye – as Violet cleanly pierced the poor woman’s clit with a third needle and added the last two lead weights as well.

“Okay, babe,” Violet smiled, “Now comes the fun part.” Leaving the room for a second, she returned with a huge strap on dildo, which she was already buckling in place around her waist and crotch. Lisa’s eyes caught KC’s for a moment, and the two of them shook their heads in unison, as if to say, “She’s not really gonna use that on me/you, is she?” But that was exactly Violet’s plan, after she finished preparing Lisa for her long awaited fucking.

She first tied another piece of wire around the lead and needle protruding to the one side of Lisa’s right nipple, and then added a similar noose to the end of the combination on the other side of it. Tossing the ends of the two dangling wires down over the woman’s crotch, Violet then walked back between her spread legs. Pulling the bar that kept them that way up over the top of the table and toward the ceiling, she grabbed the wires and threaded them through an eyelet in the direct center of the bar. Tying the wires off, she left Lisa concentrating on holding her legs in that position to avoid pulling on her pierced nipple. By the time the bent woman knew what was happening, it was too late. There was then nothing she could do as Violet proceeded to add her other nipple to the torturous bondage, wiring it as well to the middle of the spreader bar. Finally she connected Lisa’s pierced clitoris for good measure.

“See, Ballard, if you try to pull away – ouchie! So, of course, you won’t want to do that. Of course, your thigh and calf muscles are gonna be screaming in a few minutes, too. So maybe we’d better get started with your fucking, while you still can enjoy it a little.”

Lisa’s eyes shot daggers at Violet, but the bitch was right. There was absolutely nothing she could do but try to maintain her position. Her arms and body were useless, so her legs had to do all the work. She was thankful for all the workouts she had gone through in life, but she had a feeling it wouldn’t really matter in the long run. Violet was going to leave her this way until she gave in to the pain anyway. It was a no win situation…

…except for the sudden tingling making its way inside of her. Violet’s eight inch rubber dildo was sliding into her cunt – sliding all the way in! Lisa let out a long, high pitched squeal as Violet seemed to rip her in half. Then came the rapid fire thrusts. Lisa tried to wrap her legs around her sex partner, forgetting about the bondage that had just been applied, and she got a sharp yank on both nipples in return. She had to relearn what she could and couldn’t do while being fucked, but it was hard to concentrate as an orgasm was quickly building inside of her.

KC watched with longing as Violet drove her cock over and over and over into Lisa’s gaping pussy. She wondered what the piercings must have felt like and what the pain must have been. She involuntarily started grinding her own hips and rubbing her cunt on the horse, wishing the dead batteries in her vibrators would suddenly come back to life. Then she saw Lisa’s whole body spasm, stretch, and then spasm again. The force of the orgasm and the guttural scream it produced nearly shook the room.

It certainly got Aaron’s attention, and he immediately entered the room, ready to join the fun. Obviously it was going to be a long night.

Chapter Fourteen

Lisa finally had gotten what she wanted, and plenty more besides. Tied to the table with her ankles anchored to her nipples and clitoris, she had endured Violet’s first violent fucking, and then Aaron’s more “normal” rape, but then came the worst of her sexual encounters of the night. When Violet went at her again, she started using the spreader bar for leverage, almost yanking Lisa’s nipples right off of her breasts each time she thrust the hard rubber dildo deep inside of her cunt. Lisa had never felt such an extreme, but equal balance of both pleasure and pain shooting through her at one and the same time, so much so that, by the very moment her hour long torture was done, she had absolutely no strength whatsoever left inside of her, which made it all the more alarming when Violet left her secured to the table exactly as before. Her leg muscles soon began to spasm as she tried to keep her sensitive nipples and clit from any more pain, but after a while the cramps were nearly as bad as the bite of the needles. She constantly looked over to KC for help, but the other bound girl could do nothing but empathize with her.

Finally, some time after midnight, Aaron sauntered into the room and undid Lisa’s ankles from the bar, allowing her to drop her legs back down over the table bottom once again. Lisa’s loud reaction almost sounded like another orgasm to KC, and in fact, the ability to stretch out her legs without ripping herself apart was almost as enjoyable for Lisa as the half dozen sexual explosions in her cunt that she had felt earlier in the night.

The two women were thus left on their alternative foundations until morning, Lisa on the torture table and KC riding the sawhorse. Each slept fitfully, but enough to gain some semblance of strength for the next day’s adventures, which would turn out to be their last chance to hang around at Aaron’s cabin – literally.

When Lisa awoke, KC was already gone. Violet, or Aaron, or the two of them together, had apparently removed her from her overnight bondage without a peep. Lisa wasn’t sure if she was going to be so quiet herself, not when her release was probably going to involve the painful needles being pulled out of her nipples and clit, all of which were now throbbing in agony. That didn’t even address the subject of her stiff neck and aching arm and leg muscles.

Still, Lisa couldn’t help but wonder what the torture twins had in store for their victims today. Was she going to be fucked again? Was she going to watch KC get it this time? Or would they be doing it to each other? That hadn’t happened for a while.

“Well, well, well,” Violet shouted, bringing Lisa back to reality. “The satisfied customer is finally awake! We thought you were going to sleep all day after all the fun and games last night.”

She walked to the end of the table and forced her body between Lisa’s legs. Fingering the brunette’s pussy, she went on, “So how are the piercings today? A bit tender, I would imagine. I suggested to Aaron that we make them permanent, but he said your new owner might not want his slave girls wearing bells and whistles, so we’ll let him deal with that issue later. Personally, I’d shave you bald and put in a big nose ring, but that’s just me.”

Lisa couldn’t believe what she was hearing at first, but then considered the source once again and suddenly believed every word of it, especially noting the part that she was somehow being “sold” to another party. And from what she remembered hearing earlier, KC was a part of the bargain, too. Two for the price of one, or something like that.

A second later, and that problem was replaced by another more immediate one. Violet had begun removing the lead weights from her trapped clitoris and was about to extricate the needle from her tender flesh as well.

“Ready, honey?” Violet asked, as if she were really interested in the answer. Lisa took a deep breath and bit down on her gag as hard as she could. Still, a gut wrenching scream made its way from the bottom of her lungs right past the monstrous rubber ball, as the needle was slowly slid through her female flesh and out of it.

Violet stuck her nose right between Lisa’s trembling legs and observed the results.

“I don’t think there’ll be any permanent damage. That hole should heal up in a day or two. If you want something more permanent, have your doctor take care of it today, okay? Thanks. Bubbye.”

Lisa again decided that she had to kill this bitch, the sooner the better. And if the sooner could have been before she went to work on her nipples, then that would have been even better still. As it was, Violet casually went on to remove both nipple needles to another cacophony of screams, before unbuckling Lisa from the table and guiding her back to her feet.

“Let’s take a little walk downstairs and see if we can find KC.”

Lisa was more interested in how they were going to find KC, but went without a struggle exactly the way that Violet led her. After a few minutes, most of which involved adjusting Lisa’s arm and neck bindings down the stair well, they came to another room of the house previously unused for torture these past several weeks. To Lisa, it looked like a workout room. That’s because hanging directly in front of the stair well was a fitness bag, or punching bag, as they used to be called. The heavy vinyl covered bag was stretched tightly between the ceiling and the floor with a series of hooks and pulleys. Lisa wondered if Aaron or Violet was the boxer, and quickly came up with her choice between the two. But then she took two steps out of the stair well and immediately forgot what she was thinking. For there, hanging exactly like the fitness bag, was KC Masters!

She wore a kinky outfit directly out of Aaron’s House of Gord instruction video. Her entire body was encased in a stretch PVC cat suit from head to toe. The red material showed off every inch of KC’s fantastic figure, which was accentuated even more by a number of other items, starting with a black boned corset compressed around her waist and a matching arm binder behind her back. The hanging woman’s feet were poured into toe boots way too severe to ever walk in, but that wasn’t a problem on this occasion, since KC hung upside down with her boots pointing straight at the pulley, hook, and wire that secured her to the ceiling.

Lisa then realized that this was only half of the bondage, because KC’s head was also stretched taut toward the floor of the room. Her hair had been braided and pulled through the top of a red PVC Sweet Gwen hood, which molded itself to KC’s beautiful face, leaving an opening only for her forehead, eyes and nose. The hood was laced tight in back and was further held in place next to the top of the cat suit with a black posture collar. Lisa wasn’t sure, but she assumed that KC’s mouth was also filled with a gag of some sort. Of course, she was right. A two inch rubber ball sat between and behind the woman’s teeth, pushed even deeper than it should have been by the clinging PVC. Meanwhile, KC’s hair braid had been tied off with rope and pulled down to the floor via the second pulley and hook contraption. She apparently couldn’t move a muscle, even though her muscles were clearly hard at work dealing with her unbelievable bondage.

Other than KC’s upper face, the only part of her flesh that was visible was an inch wide swath between her legs revealing her freshly shaved pussy, left readily available for anything her torturers might want to insert inside of their unwilling victim.

“Doesn’t she look awesome?” Violet blurted, breaking the stunned silence. “It only took us about an hour to get her dressed and hung like that. The last girl we did that to put up such a fight that it took half the day. But Masters is such a good little girl. And she’ll be getting rewarded for that, too.” Violet’s nasty smile betrayed her.

“But first we have another slut to hang, don’t we?” Aaron’s voice came from the opposite corner. Until he spoke, Lisa hadn’t even been aware of his presence in the room. When he revealed himself, she felt herself turning red all over, even though she had been naked in front of him more often than not during her cabin confinement. She blushed even more when he walked straight up to her and kissed the ball of her gag and whatever parts of her lips that stretched over it.

“How are we doing, shadow? Ready for some new fun?”

Lisa looked into his dark chocolate brown eyes and actually felt herself nodding yes.

“Good girl! Then let’s get to it.” Turning to Violet, he asked, “Did you bring the keys to unlock the pillory?”

“Got ‘em right here,” she answered, and quickly released Lisa’s neck and wrists from their all night bondage position. Lisa groaned loudly as a result; then awaited Violet’s punishment for her audacity. Thankfully, at least on this occasion, it never came. For Violet was too busy repositioning Lisa’s wrists at either end of another spreader bar, which, when fully extended, stretched a full four feet across. Another such monster was then adjusted between Lisa’s ankles and buckled in place there as well.

At that point she was left lying on the floor, while Aaron and Violet went to work removing the fitness bag from its connecters, which were now going to hold a naked female body instead.

First, Lisa’s leg spreader was hoisted up into the air by the two accomplices and clipped to the upper hook near the ceiling. Two additional chains were added, one stretching down and out to each end of the bar where her ankles were likewise attached. This not only kept KC’s legs stretched wide, but also kept the bar itself almost perfectly parallel to the floor and ceiling at all times. The tautness of the position was multiplied when KC’s arm spreader was also pulled down in the other direction and affixed to the second hook normally reserved for the fitness bag. Matching chains for the two ends of the bar held it firmly in place, too, and then some further tightening of the matching pulley systems stretched Lisa into an extremely strict upside down X.

Because the upper and lower hooks which held her between floor and ceiling were individually attached, Lisa began to twirl slowly around in a circle, which was not aesthetically pleasing to Violet. Ever the perfectionist, she chose to keep her second victim firmly in place and able to constantly view her first by attaching a pair of nipple clamps to Lisa’s already tender nubs and then pulling the chain running between them down and toward a convenient little O-ring in the concrete floor. A snap of a hook later and lovely Lisa was left staring at PVC covered KC. KC was then similarly positioned with a chain from the same floor ring reaching out to connect with a D-ring in her posture collar. Now the two women were stretched out, face to face, and inverted; one totally encased in fetishwear; the other completely naked.

It was then that Violet chose to tell them a little horror story, with them as the main characters. It was a very real story, detailing what was in store for the two of them next – at least after Violet and Aaron had finished with them for the day.

Chapter Fifteen

After hanging around for way too long, serving every last whim and wish that Violet had for them, Lisa and KC spent their last hours at Aaron’s cabin in relative freedom. Yet all they could think of was the information they had been given by their Mistress the night before – the fact that they had actually been sold as sex slaves on the black market. Lisa, after years of internet browsing, was more aware of the existence of such extreme businesses, while KC was more naďve, yet both had a difficult time accepting that, within the next 24 hours, if Violet was telling the truth, they were to be shipped to an island in the Caribbean, where their owner would be a billionaire drug dealer, whose tastes in sex were as illicit as his way of making a living.

Jack Turner was basically king of the little island that served as the home base of his cocaine dealership. The islanders did most of the grunt work, his hand picked army of henchmen took care of the distribution in the southeastern states of America, especially Florida, and he ran the show. The show included a white slavery ring that regularly made available to Jack and his associates the tastiest of female flesh – and even a few males – for acts so degrading that most victims only survived a few weeks on the island before being shipped on to other ports, where they would simply be used as prostitutes, or worse, for the rest of their lives.

Turner had specifically ordered from Vinnie Bertuzzi a woman of Lisa Ballard’s description for his own personal use – dark skinned, long, curvaceous body, wide mouth, with an inclination toward submissiveness, yet without a masochistic bent. In short, he wanted a playboy model whom he could torture.

When Bertuzzi informed him that there was just such perfect woman on sale at the moment, but that she had a partner whose personal profile made her a little more trouble to get rid of, he laughed off the risk and gladly took her, too. He had never heard about KC Masters in the news and wouldn’t have cared if he had. No one was going to find her on his little island anyway, not unless he wanted them to.

So on this particular day, a Tuesday in September, he sent two of his staff to oversee the shipping of two new slaves to the island of Bornidello, or, as his men liked to call it, Bordello.

The door to Lisa’s room flew open without warning. Violet had never been one to bother with knocking.

“Here she is, Thing Two as it were,” the evil one said by way of introduction. Looking past her least favorite woman in the whole wide world, Lisa saw KC – obviously “Thing One” on this occasion, standing stark naked, too, her entire body blushing, between two strangers.

“The goons are from Bornidello,” Violet went on. “They’ll be transporting you to your new owner, the Mr. Turner I was telling you about. Make him happy and your reward will be a decent existence on a Caribbean island. Disappoint him and who knows where you’ll end up next.”

Lisa stared into the expressionless faces of the men who had come to take her away from one hell and into another. For all they seemed to care, she and KC could have been dogs or sheep. Still, she did what came natural and held her arms over her breasts and pussy, trying to save herself from any embarrassment that she could in this completely humiliating scenario.

“Have they been taught yet to obey?” the one visitor asked.

“Well, let’s say that they’ve come a long way,” Violet responded with a grin. “But, then again, Aaron and I always like it when the merchandise put up a fight.”

“Mr. Turner would agree,” the man answered, “but we’re not interested in a fight right now. It’s gonna take long enough to get them ready as it is.”

“Hear that, ladies?” Violet warned. “Don’t give us any trouble, or you’ll pay for it in spades.”

Lisa nodded, but KC just looked to be in a state of shock. Lisa thought the other woman was ready to bolt right then and there. She noticed her eyes darting back and forth across the room, and her body, which was now tense and sweaty. The others noticed the very same thing.

“Don’t think about it, bitch,” one of the men suddenly ordered. “There’s four of us and one of you. And besides, there’s no where to run anyway. Your boyfriend’s cabin must be ten miles from the nearest neighbor. Ain’t that right, Miller?”

“Aaron shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “More like eight, but who’s counting?”

Three of the others in the room laughed, but KC and Lisa remained standing quietly and trembling.

“Let’s do Masters first,” Violet suggested. “She makes me nervous running around naked with no bondage to cover her.”

Taking their cue accordingly, the two men from Bornidello took KC by the arms and led her into the living room. Violet and Aaron directed Lisa along behind them, fittingly enough, like a shadow. When they reached their destination, they pushed her down on the love seat and tied her hands and feet with rope. When they ran a cord between her bound wrists and ankles, it was sufficient to keep their victim from going anywhere, even though the bondage itself was quite elementary.

More advanced was what was being done to KC at the same time.

The dazed dancer was being forced to her knees before a complicated looking device in the middle of the floor. It started with a square wooden base on which KC actually knelt. Directly in the middle of the square was a little steel tower that extended up from the base about three feet. At the bottom of the tower was a pair of motorized machines on either side, with pistons extending up and out from each. Along the sides of the tower were a series of leather straps dangling in pairs every few inches, as well as a slightly curved layer of hard rubber that sat against the length of the steel on both sides as well.

When the men began to slide KC’s body up against the rubber, it was too much for her. She began to buck and twist in their arms, making it next to impossible for them to strap her into place, which, of course, is exactly whet they were trying to do. One of the men turned in disgust to Violet, who immediately headed out of the room for a few moments, before returning with a long needle in her hand.

“This will calm her down,” she said, and injected a small dose of her favorite tranquilizing drug into KC’s round ass. Ten seconds later and the woman was nothing more than a long legged lump of clay ready to be molded however her captors wanted.

What they wanted was her torso strapped tightly against the immoveable tower. So soon thereafter her body was held firmly facing against it via straps at her upper and lower chest, at her waist and at her hips. KC’s knees were then slid into place in two previously prepared openings a few inches apart below her and her upper thighs were likewise strapped tightly to the steel legs that extended down from the main tower above. For the moment, her arms hung loose at her sides, although at the moment that meant absolutely nothing, since she had no feeling in her extremities whatsoever.

Lisa watched in horror at what transpired next. The long shaft coming out of the little engine perfectly positioned between KC’s knees was then adjusted upward, pointing dangerously at the woman’s cunt. Then, impossible as it seemed, a large rubber dildo was connected to it. It was first slid a few inches into KC’s vagina and then screwed on to the shaft below it. Lubricating the hard rubber with oil, the men in charge carefully checked the connections and then turned on the motor. The piston began pumping, and KC’s cunt was forced to take the full length of the dildo in and out, in and out, with each turn of the motor. At the same time, the rubber phallus literally screwed her as well, turning continuously as it maintained her rape.

Satisfied with their work on KC, the men turned the fucking machine back off and next turned their attention to Lisa. Her eyes grew wide in anticipation of what they were now going to do to her, but not wanting the shot that KC had been given, she nervously allowed herself be strapped to the remaining side of the tower opposite the woman in front of her.

Lisa hadn’t realized just how severe the straps were that held KC in place, and that soon would hold her so tightly, too. Each inch wide strip of leather was buckled once, and then, after her entire body was properly adjusted, was buckled a second time, usually at least two notches and some times three or four tighter than before. When finished, the men left her and KC kneeling mere inches away from each other, with only the material of the tower between them, and with their breasts actually crushed together on either side of it. Violet suggested a couple of extra straps around the bases of the four matching globes in order to make them bulge even more, and the men happily complied. Lisa waited for the suggestion of nipple clamps, but surprisingly that never came. Perhaps Vi was mellowing in her old age, or maybe it was a going away present. At any rate, it was the only thing the women were lacking in a total bondage package, including a special mouth watering gag.

Aaron supplied that item. They had never been asked to wear it before, and Lisa was surprised at that, once she saw the double rubber ball monster he brought out. At first looked like a mini dumbbell, only with a set of two-inch wide balls at either end and a short half inch long dowel barely jutting out in between, but obviously holding the balls close to one another. Four straps also poured out of the rubber, each pair set at about a 45 degree angle from the other. Lisa thought she understood the significance right away, and as KC began to regain consciousness, she was made aware of the purpose also.

Violet was given the honor of forcing ball one into Lisa’s mouth, but wasn’t completely satisfied with the result.

“Two inches is for sissies, Aaron,” she protested. “You should have gone with the extra half inch.”

In order to compensate, she went into her bedroom and came back with a handful of panties from the hamper.

“I don’t wear them too often, so I can’t guarantee how fresh they are, but these should still be tasty enough.” Lisa tried to turn her head, but with little success, as her tormentor wadded up two of the pieces of underwear and shoved them almost into her throat. She then reinserted the ball gag and buckled it firmly in place.

“Much better,” she said approvingly, while Lisa quickly decided that this “gag” literally served that purpose. She had to use her tongue and every muscle in her neck and throat to try and keep the panties from choking her, for to vomit now, while so completely gagged, would be like committing suicide.

Meanwhile, KC’s eyes were fluttering open just about the same time her jaws were being packed with two more pairs of Violet’s panties. She suddenly came awake to the view of Lisa’s face exploring her own. She then felt her head being physically turned sideways and saw Lisa’s also manually adjusted in the opposite direction as the other twin ball gag was pushed behind her teeth and buckled into place behind her head. The two women now appeared to be kissing each other over the rubber, their lips touching both above and below the red gag, but their heads turned so that their noses failed to come in contact. Only this “kiss” would last longer than all the other kisses they had ever experienced put together!

The second to last piece of the bondage puzzle involved securing each woman’s arms around her partner’s body and lashing them together with leather straps in just such a permanent embrace. Their arms were then encircled with two more extremely long straps that buckled around their united bodies near their elbows and just under their shoulders. They now looked like lovers in a warm embrace.

And then came the coups de grace. Leather bracelets were added to each of the kneeling women’s ankles and the four co-workers took a leg apiece and bent theirs up and next to its adjoining thigh. A double hooked turnbuckle was clipped between Lisa’s right ankle and KC’s left, while a similar device secured the other ankles as well. The turnbuckles started out as wide apart as possible and even that left the two women’s legs stretched beyond their capabilities. But when the metal center screws began to be turned and the tension increased, Lisa and KC could do nothing but groan in protest, looking painfully into the eyes of a partner who knew exactly what the other was going through, because they were going through it, too.

Violet finally prowled around the two agonized victims, looking for any last minute adjustments to the unbelievable bondage art on display before them, but actually couldn’t find any way to make things any tighter.

“I think your boss is going to drop his drawers and jerk off the minute he sees that,” she said in a bit of self awe.

“They do look good,” one of the men agreed, obviously a master of understatement. “Now can we turn on the fucking machines?”

Lisa saw KC’s eyes open wide in confusion, while her own responded with a more serious look of apprehension. After all, KC had been unconscious during her experimental ride on the rubber dildo. And Lisa had yet to be fitted with her own. A few minutes later that situation had been rectified. Her labia were stretched apart by a monster that felt a whole lot bigger than the one she had earlier seen slipped into her partner. And when the machine below her began to pump and spin the oiled and ready mega penis, her insides began to spasm in combination of shock and delight, and of pain and pleasure

Then she heard a second engine kick in and, looking at KC’s reaction, immediately knew that she was now getting machine fucked, too. In fact, the motors were set so that the thrusts from the matching shafts came in opposite rhythms. As the one dildo was entering KC, its partner was pulling out of Lisa, and vice versa.

“Okay, girls, here’s how it works,” Aaron began to explain expertly. “The settings are going to be changing every few minutes. Sometimes you’ll get a nice little thrust every few seconds, then you’ll get double the pleasure for a while, or triple, or quadruple, and eventually a real pounding, and so forth. Hopefully you can get off every once in a while, or at least enjoy watching the other one get off. After all, you’ll have the best view in the world, once your eyes adjust to the darkness. Sadly, it’ll also be your only view for a while, too.”

“By the way,” Violet interrupted, having to speak a little loader than before to be heard over the sound of the two machines pounding away and the increasing groans of the two victims being pounded, “it’s been a pleasure having you here at Camp Violet. We do hope you come back again soon. And don’t forget to pay your bill!”

At that, the top of the container that would enclose both Lisa and KC in their own little torture world was lifted up and over their stretched and tightly tied bodies, and when it then hit the floor, to be firmly strapped into place with the base below their knees, much of what was happening inside immediately disappeared to the outside world – the sounds of the machines pounding away inside their victims, the louder and louder groans and moans coming from the women themselves, and the amazing bondage picture that would next be seen by a man named Jack Turner a number of hours later.

The oxygen tanks that would supply the bound women with much needed air were made to last the entire long journey by cargo plane. Sadly for them, the fucking machines were also capable of lasting the entire journey as well. The only question remaining – were Lisa and KC?

Chapter Sixteen

From cabin to van to plane to truck to mansion, all Lisa Ballard and KC Masters knew about their journey was agony. They had no idea about their various methods of transportation; only their constant method of torture. They couldn’t see the bright afternoon sun gradually turn into a reddish ball on the western horizon; they only experienced darkness, each with the shadowy shape of the other’s face locked inches away from their own in a continuous kiss around the matching red balls of rubber strapped between their teeth. And they couldn’t appreciate the warm island paradise that they would now be calling home, because they were at the same time dripping in sweat and overcome by exhaustion from the unbearable bondage that they had endured together for hours in the hellish crate, their bodies repeatedly penetrated and – well, screwed! – second after second, minute after minute, and hour after hour along the way.

Lisa had been able to enter some kind of mental sub space during the seemingly neverending journey out of the country, but KC was growing more and more insane with each passing moment. The more she struggled against her bonds, the more she realized that she had become nothing more than a permanent fixture on the dual fucking machine that filled her every thought, as well as every inch of her throbbing cunt, and her partner’s.

“One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand thirty-six,” she thought to herself, as another wave of pleasure and pain erupted inside of her. Was it even possible to have thirty-six consecutive orgasms? Were they, in fact, orgasms? Or were they unavoidable explosions of sexual energy? And could she somehow stop feeling them by simply taking her mind elsewhere? To the dance floor? To the mall where she was first abducted? To the – OH MY GOD! One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand fifty one….

And so it went, until suddenly the top of the crate was lifted up from its base and the first light in hours blasted into her eyes. She quickly shut them tight, and then slowly blinked repeatedly trying to adjust. As she did she was reacquainted with the beautiful, but tortured face of her bound partner. Lisa seemed to be asleep – something KC couldn’t even begin to imagine in their current condition – but moments later started moaning madly into her gag, with a growing frown forming on her brow, indicating she, too, was experiencing still another arousing message from her crotch. KC couldn’t help but think, one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand forty eight, or was it ninety-six between the two of them?

“Look at the sluts!” a man’s voice suddenly shouted. “They look like they’re in love.”

“And they certainly must love being fucked,” another one added. “At least I hope they do, after being reamed out like that for how many hours.”

“At least three,” the first one answered. “And that doesn’t include the ride over from the airstrip.”

“Should I turn off the machine?” voice number two asked.

KC immediately pleaded as loud as she could behind her gag and as desperately as she could with her eyes that the answer to that question just had to be in the affirmative.

But the only words she heard were, “No, not yet. Better let Mr. Turner decide.” Thankfully Mr. Turner strode into the room only a few minutes later and began the immediate inspection of his newest slaves, who had now been reduced to quivering female jello figures by the fucking machines they continued to ride.

He fondled each of their heaving breasts and then tested the tightness of their severely strapped bottoms. Looking closely into the anguished faces of both women, his first words were, “They could be twins, you know. Maybe we’ll have to keep them that way for a while.”

KC’s panicked reaction made him laugh out loud.

“No, dear, not that way. I mean, as partners. I always say, the only thing better than a bound and gagged hottie are two bound and gagged hotties.”

Then he added, “Okay, get them off those machines and have the girls clean them up. We need to introduce them to the troops.”

Removing the two perspiration drenched bodies from their confinement almost provoked more moaning and groaning than their hours of motorized rape. As each muscle was released and as each extremity was allowed a normal flow of blood once more, the resulting pain was nearly as extreme as the exaltation of at last being given movement. Both Lisa and KC couldn’t help but look deeply into each other’s eyes as they were slowly freed and saw themselves run the gamut of facial expressions during the long process. Finally the double ball gag was un-strapped and they were totally disconnected from their partner for the first time in almost a quarter of a day.

Movement remained a problem, however, as their bodies slowly adjusted to their lack of bindings, so Turner’s guards not only escorted them to the special shower room in the dungeon, they nearly carried them there. KC and Lisa’s toes barely touched the floor as they were held by their elbows and under their armpits by men who, on the average, stood over half a foot taller than either one of them. It wasn’t hard to feel submissive when your body was being handled like a rag doll, and submission was obviously going to play a key role in their time here. They both understood that immediately. All they had to do was look at the top of the shower stall to get the full picture.

There above them hung the kind of water fixture neither KC nor Lisa had ever imagined. It consisted of yards of green garden hose, the flat kind that wraps easily into a reel. Only instead of being on a reel, this vinyl snake was wound around a curvaceous female body suspended from the ceiling! Her legs were stretched out and strapped to a long pole that kept them impossibly straight and in right angles to her body. It looked like she was doing the splits in mid-air – an upside down T – while, adding to the severity of her position, her arms were no where to be seen, but obviously pulled completely together behind her back Her face was also invisible, laced into a full leather hood that kept the basic shape of a human head intact, but with only two slight openings along its otherwise complete enclosure – those being for the woman’s nostrils. A hook was somehow connected to her body binding right between her shoulder blades and it held her halfway between the floor and ceiling, rotating ever so slightly above the women who were now being moved directly below her.

On closer examination by Lisa and KC, there were actually two hoses wrapped in unison around the amazing female shower fixture. They came up from the pipes in the wall and extended over her shoulders before beginning a steady circular trip first above and then below her large breasts. The circles of vinyl grew increasingly smaller as they approached her waist and then the flat hoses separated and surrounded the very tops of her thighs before ending at a pair of nozzles which pointed straight down on either side of her gaping pussy. Rammed inside of her there was a third piece of hose, much, much shorter in length, but that that had been inflated to such a degree that it not only completely filled her female opening, but also stayed put exactly where it was with absolutely no bondage to actually hold it in place. As a little bit of frosting on the cake, a nozzle had been screwed on to the end of the dildo hose and it pointed out and down from the poor girl’s stretched labia in between and parallel to the other two nozzles.

“Lilly’s going to give you a nice shower,” one of the guards explained. “But don’t take too long. You see, when the water’s turned on and the hose expands, the bondage naturally intensifies. I would imagine it feels like being squeezed by a boa constrictor. But then again, I wouldn’t know. Maybe someday down the road you will.”

At that, KC and Lisa looked at each other, and then once again at the woman up above them. As they did, still somewhat in a state of shock, they didn’t notice four other women quietly entering the room and taking the place of the men. Each was black and bald. Each wore a matching set of fatigues. And each looked capable of holding their own against any NFL linebacker. Together they would take care of cleaning their leader’s new slaves – and torturing one of his older ones.

When they turned on the overhead shower, the reaction of the hanging woman was immediate. Her entire body seemed to stiffen even more and bulge around the hoses. Behind the hood, a ghastly scream could be heard for a few seconds, followed by dead silence, as the victim was left with no more air to muster any more audible complaints until the water was again turned off. Luckily, she was only so constricted for about twenty seconds at a time, as the cleaning women below took turns washing KC and Lisa, and pinching and poking at “Lilly.” Unluckily, for her the shower session lasted for much longer that it needed to – for more than an hour. By the time they were done, KC and Lisa were so wet and clean that their fingers and toes were wrinkling. Lilly, on the other hand, was at the point of complete exhaustion, her own sweat dripping steadily down along with the water from the hoses that bound her so painfully.

She was the first example of forniphilia that KC and Lisa would witness on the island, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last. As it turned out, Mr. Turner loved to use his women as furniture, as decorations, and as anything else that he decided. And that would be true for his newest additions as well.

Chapter Seventeen

After their shower, KC and Lisa were permitted bathroom privileges and their first taste of island cooking – although hardly the gourmet version that their owner regularly enjoyed. They were told that they would be fed first thing in the morning on a typical day, and then late in the afternoon. They should also learn to relieve themselves at those times, because the rest of the day their bodies would be in the sole possession of Mr. Turner, who would determine how they were to be used.

“Today,” they were told by one of the black servant girls, “they would enjoy eating and drinking with the men.” She referred to it as “dining together at a table for two.” Little did the women who listened to her explanation realize that they would not only be serving at that table, but also serving AS the table!

Before being taken to what was called the dining room, however, both Lisa and KC were dressed in matching fetishware. After their hair had been tied up in tight buns, they were laced into a kinky array of leather accessories that left them doubly breathless, first of all from the sexy view with which they were rewarded when they were looking at each other, and then also from the lack of air that they were able to draw into their lungs as the result of their outfits.

The latter problem was due to the half corsets that were wrapped around their midsections and then laced in the back until they were even beyond the hourglass display of their figures. The black leather extended from their waists up to the midpoints of their large tits, which were each half cupped and overflowing. A one inch wide belt was then added at the base of each breast to keep them firm and bulging, with each nipple jutting out at full attention and availability.

Another long leather binding held each woman’s arms together behind their backs. The long sheath started above their elbows and ended at the wrists, allowing for their hands to pop out down below. A thin belt buckled the wrist end of the single sleeve in place and a set of straps went up over the shoulders to keep it from slipping down the arms. Then the black women paired up in order to lace the leather tightly together the rest of the way up KC and Lisa’s arms, which, when done, were in complete contact all the way to their elbows.

Finally, an unusual pair of boots were brought in and slid on to the long legs of the leather laced ladies as they sat together on a couch. The boots definitely weren’t made for walking. In fact, they were so severely boned that they hardly gave an inch once they were laced in place. Each woman’s feet had to be pointed straight down as well in order to fit into the strict six inch heels. Their toes, therefore, were left en pointe within their leather encasement, and when the women were made to stand up once again, this time wearing the thigh high monsters, they were totally unable to maintain their stance. The only way they could make their way, like awkward robots, into the next room was by being maneuvered there by the other women, who laughed repeatedly at the sight.

KC and Lisa probably would have laughed, too, if they could have fully seen themselves, but their attention was currently being diverted by what now stood before them in the dining room, and it was no laughing matter.

The previously mentioned “table for two” was nothing more than a few pieces of wood molded together into a short, narrow platform with a few simple extensions added for good measure. The platform itself was slightly angled so that it was horizontal to the ground, though closer to it at one end than the other. The lower end was perhaps a foot and a half off the floor, while the other end was maybe a foot higher. A crossbar was positioned about a foot from the lower end as well, and from the two sides of the crossbar two additional vertical legs extended up, gradually growing closer to each other as they went. The result looked like a cockeyed football goalpost that was broken in two and bent at a 90 degree angle, but with the crossbar on the field instead of above it. If this was indeed a table, it was certainly not the kind you would eat at, or so the women at first thought.

“Put the one on the right on her back,” one of the black women ordered, referring to Lisa. The others immediately responded, indicating that they were the ones under her command. Lisa was quickly positioned on the lower platform, her head on the end of the wood closer to the ground. She had to be slid farther down and actually off the platform for a moment in order to get her arm binder over and around the crossbar. She was then slid back into place, but with her arms now below the platform and her body above it. The crossbar eventually ended up at her shoulder blades and upper arms. Lisa squealed when the wood began to bend her arms beyond their breaking point, but the only response she got was a cold stare from the woman in charge. “We know what we’re doing, sweetie. So keep your mouth shut or we’ll hobble your tongue.” Not wanting to find out what the hell that meant, Lisa kept her groans and whimpers to a minimum, and at the lowest volume she could possibly produce, as her upper body was strapped tightly into position on the platform, with her arms directly behind her back only the width of the wood away. Straps were also buckled into place at her neck and forehead, cementing her to the long wooden platform from the round bun in her hair to the round bum of her body

In the meantime, it was KC’s turn to be affixed to the table in an entirely different manner. She first discovered what the uprights on either side of Lisa’s head were for. They were harboring points for her stiff legs. Straps held them against the unforgiving wood at her thighs, above and below her knees, and at her ankles. One last set of straps was lashed around the front part of her toeboots and buckled in between the extreme stiletto heels. Lisa now looked straight up at KC’s open pussy and was beginning to understand at least some the game plan being carried out by the four black women.

Sure enough, KC was then forced to bend at the waist and the two women were slightly adjusted so that the standing one’s mouth could actually make contact with the laying one’s crotch if she stretched herself enough. And in order to encourage such stretching, KC’s wrists were connected to a chain which pulled them up and away from her back. She could bend further forward if she so chose, but standing up straight had now become an outright impossibility.

Adding one last tie to the proceedings, Lisa’s legs, which till now had been left unbound in their stiff toeboots, were lifted up toward the ceiling and then pulled back down toward her strapped body. She screamed in pain as her stomach protested, but took an immediate double slap to the face for the noise.

“Shut up, bitch,” the head woman yelled. “You’re only asking them to make it worse.”

Lisa closed her eyes tight and bit her lip as little straps were buckled around her ankles, and ropes were slid through them and tied below the platform and around her arm bindings, keeping her legs pulled up and wide apart as they tried unsuccessfully to tolerate the taut stretch that they were now locked into.

The two women looked like lesbians in a potential 69 position, which was just the effect the servants were looking for. Lisa’s lower openings were literally gaping due to the unbelievable bend of her legs, and KC’s ass stuck up invitingly into the air as well. Neither could see the other’s predicament in full, but each was given a glorious view of their partner’s womanhood. KC’s was open, but unresponsive. At the same time, however, she herself was amazed to find Lisa’s pussy to be dripping wet. The woman lying below her seemed to be getting off on this strange bondage scene, and she wasn’t sure how to respond. Should she be excited, too, or just embarrassed and terrified. She certainly had those last two emotions down pat at the moment, but she couldn’t allow herself the first one – not just yet.

“Okay,” the black women bluntly told her co-workers, “go ahead and bring in the troops.” Then, turning to the white women painfully stretched out before her, she explained the rest of the afternoon’s proceedings.

“You two sluts are now going to service Mr. Turner’s men – all of them that want it. You will take each one of them in whichever way they choose to enter you. They may want your mouth, your cunt, or your ass, and you will let them have all three – or should I say, all six.”

Both KC and Lisa began shaking their heads and pleading for an end to such a scenario, but the woman simply went on: “Save your words, slaves. There is nothing I can do to stop this. It is Mr. Turner’s way of initiating you to the island. And he has an added warning. You are not to allow one drop of cum to touch the floor.”

Four eyes grew impossibly wide at one and the same time.

“That means you,” the woman said, pointing at Lisa, and looking directly into her face, “will catch anything that drips from her. But don’t worry. We have put your mouth in just the right place. You can watch her fucking, and then you can eat and drink the results.”

Lisa closed her eyes in shock, trying to picture in her mind for a moment what she would actually be experiencing in reality in just a few minutes.

“And you,” she went on, pointing now to KC, “you will clean the other slut’s pussy every time one of the men is done with it, which should be couple dozen times or more today. It’ll be a cream pie smorgasbord. Understood?”

KC started to argue, but the woman yelled again, much louder, “UNDERSTOOD?”

“Yes, ma’am,” both Lisa and KC whispered. Tears began to run down KC’s face, but the woman leaving the room simply laughed and said, “Don’t worry, my dear, they may all make it easy on you and just ask for a blow job. You won’t drop any cum when they just shoot it down your throat.”

At that she walked out the door, leaving it ajar and awaiting the entrance of the first rapist.

Lisa tried to prepare the woman stretched over her for what was going to happen to both of them by saying, “Try not to think about it too much, KC. Just pretend you’re having sex with your boyfriend – all one hundred of him at the same time.”

KC tried to laugh, but couldn’t. She was too scared, and became even more so when guard number one walked into the room, already unzipping his pants.

Chapter Eighteen

“Such round American women,” the man drooled as he circled the two bound slave girls stretched so wide open before his eyes. His dark skin seemed even darker when contrasted to the white meat of the females attached to the table in front of him, ready for him to indulge however he wanted. KC’s head turned and followed the man’s every move, and she snivled and whimpered at the thought of what was about to happen. Lisa’s head didn’t have the luxury of movement, having been strapped to the platform, so her eyes rolled back and forth instead, trying to get a better glance at the first customer that she and Masters would have to satisfy together.

Suddenly from directly overhead Lisa saw a huge black penis come into view. It was pointed like a missile with KC as its primary target, her cunt still tender and aching from the hours spent riding the fucking machine during their transport to the island. Lisa cringed as she imagined how her less prepared partner was going to react to being rudely raped by eight thick inches of erect manhood, and so she unwittingly decided to try and intervene.

“Sir, may I please suck your cock?’ she whispered clearly, her eyes closed, and her body quivering.

The man suddenly stopped his movement above her and bent back to look down into Lisa’s face.

“Ah, a hungry one,” he said. “I’d love to stick this down your throat, girl, but only after I ream out the bitch above you, okay.”

Can I at least have a taste now,” Lisa pretended to beg, “It looks soooooo good!”

The man couldn’t resist the sexual compliment and brought his shaft down to Lisa’s lips. She began to run her tongue along the rock hard flesh, making sure to get as much lubrication as possible on the man’s soon to be weapon, with which he would pierce and penetrate KC. The kissing and sucking and licking lasted for about five minutes before the guard knew that he had to have more. He suddenly straightened his legs and stood up, leaving his cock at the same level as the other woman’s unprotected pussy. Lisa watched in awe as he thrust it in with one forceful attack. KC screamed as she was so immediately and so completely filled. She didn’t realize how much more pain Lisa had saved her, however, with her brief but focused blowjob.

The man then began a grinding motion that kept his member fully immersed inside of his victim, but that also began to unlock some of the woman’s pent up sexual emotions. Soon KC was actually softly groaning with a small semblance of pleasure, and she began to ride the throbbing cock more earnestly with each passing second. Yet before she could reach a full state of ecstasy, the man stiffened against her and exploded inside of her.

Watching all of this with vested interest, Lisa soon found her own body squirming hungrily underneath the rape going on above. She tried to close her legs and wriggle her hips to answer the call for attention being made by her own juicy pussy, but all she could do was watch KC’s being ripped apart by the black cock six inches in front of her face. When it finally made its last forceful thrust, paused momentarily, and withdrew, it left a remnant of pale whitish fluid pooled at the entrance of KC’s cunt. Lisa remembered what they had been told and quickly prepared herself for what was to “cum” next. As KC continued to grind her round ass, even though her attacker was long since gone, Lisa kept her eyes on his deposited semen. She wanted to yell out for KC to “stop moving, dammit,” but instead she concentrated and waited for the first drop of the man’s fluid to fall. When it finally did, she opened her mouth wide, closed her eyes in disgust, and received a direct hit on her tongue of the unique tasting liquid. She let it run to the front of her throat and then swallowed it all in one purposeful attempt.

Not realizing that all of this was being closely watched, she was embarrassed to hear her efforts being critiqued.

“Very nice, U.S.,” the man approved, standing over Lisa with a still half erect member. “Shall we try your cunt now?”

“Yes, please,” she murmured deeply in humility and servitude. She didn’t tell him that she was going to cum herself the moment he entered her.

Sure enough, as the man repositioned himself at the other end of the table for two and split his second victim’s engorged labia with his penis’ head, Lisa’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she began a long, sensuous moan that let him know she was already beginning a category five orgasm. He felt her cunt seem to grab hold of him like a fist, and he grew as erect as before as the two of them began to fuck. Meanwhile, the man also took full advantage of the second beauty on display in front of him and grabbed KC by the shoulders, pulling her body back so that her mouth was available for kissing. He drove his tongue deep between her lips at the same time that he was driving his prick between Lisa’s lower ones. His hands then went exploring and found KC’s bulging breasts and hard nipples. He pinched and fondled and squeezed them as his pounding continued. When he approached another orgasm, he began to bite at KC’s lips and tongue and used his fingernails to bite down on her thick nipples. The poor woman screamed in agony at the same time that Lisa was beginning a similar song, only of pleasure, down below. The man filled his second victim with sperm a few moments later. As he pulled away and started to redress himself, he reminded KC what she was supposed to do next.

“Don’t forget the cleanup on aisle two,” he laughed.

KC looked down at Lisa’s dripping cunt and shuddered at what she was being asked to do, but, closing her eyes, she bent down and licked her twin captive clean. She apparently did a wonderful job, too, based on the continuous groaning that came from Lisa’s throat and the constant thrusting attempts of her pelvis, both of which remained strapped tightly to the platform, preventing any further sexual fulfillment.

The tall black man adjusted his grey uniform to perfection and then headed for the door. As he went through it, the two women he left behind on the table heard him merrily say, “Next.”

Chapter Nineteen

Turner’s men kept coming and coming. They came alone. They came in pairs. Once they even came in a group of four, with a plan concocted by the women servants to rape the Ballard bitch and the Masters woman all at the same time, two orally and the others vaginally. They were disappointed, however, because of the strict way in which their targets were bound, that they could actually only rape them in pairs, although each did manage to ram his own organ into the opening, and the victim, originally desired.

And yes, Turner’s men also kept coming and cumming. Some orgasmed in Lisa’ mouth, although, logistically speaking, it was the most difficult orifice to enter properly, what with KC’s round ass positioned directly above it. Not that it mattered much, since even though Ms. Master’s inviting pussy was therefore filled quite regularly with sperm for the next few hours, the majority of it made its way past Lisa’s lips anyway, as it dripped and dropped out of KC. At the same time as she was catching and licking up her latest batch of protein, Lisa was also busy as a beaver between her legs. Her inviting cunt was also being abused repeatedly, leaving KC the difficult and back bending job of alternating between being an oral sex provider to Lisa’s cunt cleaner. Yet each woman did their job as directed. There was hardly a drop of semen on the table or on the floor below it. Considering the amount of ejaculate that was spent there that day, it was quite an accomplishment.

Eventually it was KC that faded first. Her bondage position, bent uncomfortably forward with her arms in a severe strappado, had made her stomach muscles burn from the very beginning. Then came the constant exercise, leaning even farther forward to bring her tongue down to Lisa’s crotch time and time again. And finally there was the god awful amount of cum that she swallowed over the course of their twin rape session. When it finally neared completion, she began to feel the desperate urge to throw up. As one of the finished customers left, and the women awaited their replacements, she told Lisa of her predicament.

“I don’t think I can do this any longer,” she cried, tears flowing steadily once again. “I’m so sick to my stomach.”

“You have to keep going, KC,” Lisa answered, trying to encourage her as best she could, even though she was feeling just about as nauseous. In addition, because of her position, lying with her back on the platform, she was even a worse sight to behold. Her face and hair were thoroughly caked and crusted with cum, and she felt somewhat like an adult bookstore backroom floor. Yet she still persevered, and she needed KC to do the same, if they were going to finish this hellish initiation and move on. So she lied and said, “I think the last guy said there was only one or two more left to service. You can do that, honey, can’t you? Two isn’t anything. Not after the dozen or more that have already been in here. Right?”

KC closed her eyes and nodded, which, of course, Lisa couldn’t see anyway. But then she weakly added, “I’ll try – for you,” which caused her partner to actually feel a few goose bumps rise on whatever part of her skin was available for them. She, too, apparently began to understand that they were in this thing together, so that if one succeeded, they both did. Sadly, that also meant that if one failed, they would both pay the consequences.

In this case, success involved not two more Turner guards, but five. Yet, working together, Lisa and KC managed to satisfy them, too, and swallow the disgusting results. Thankfully, this meant Lisa taking three more doses of sperm, while KC only had to handle the other two.

And then the door remained open.

No one entered for at least fifteen minutes.

Lisa looked down her body as best she could with her head strapped against the platform and watched KC’s head hanging. The poor thing must have finally passed out. But she did so only after completing their assignment. She somehow felt proud, kind of like a mother hen, because this particular chick had proved herself admirably. They had actually lost count, but, in all, twenty-three men had taken them that day; some more than once. Yet they were still alive to tell the story.

That ability would soon change.

Since the men were indeed finished with their fun, Turner’s black servants later returned to take Lisa and KC back to their new home, a cramped cell that they would share together during most of their stay on the island. Before leading them there, however, they had a special treat in store for their latest slaves. One of the handlers explained in a rough display of English.

“Sir Turner want the gag. He make machine to gag. You open.” At that she held out a short metaltube with some kind of heavy duty pump on one end. Apparently she intended to stick the other end into KC’s mouth. But KC was either asleep or unconscious. So Lisa protested.

“Can’t you see the poor girl is passed out?” It was not the best choice of attitude she could have chosen.

The black woman’s eyes narrowed and she walked closer to Lisa’s strapped head.

“Then you gag now,” she smiled and lowered the hard silver tube toward the woman stretched out below her. As Lisa looked into the opening that was fast approaching her face, she saw something red inside. It looked like rubber, but couldn’t really tell. Yet her assumption was correct. It was actually a three inch wide rubber ball gag, at least half an inch wider than anything that she had ever been forced to tolerate until now. What the tube did was allow the adjoining pump to amazingly suck the ball into it, at the same time shrinking it down to a size that would permit the tube to place it directly behind a victim’s teeth before the pressure of the pump was reversed and the ball was forced back out of the tube, only to regain its full size inside of its new container. In this case, the container was going to be Lisa Ballard.

Not yet fully aware of all the aforementioned details, Lisa at least knew something was going to happen that wouldn’t be pleasant, so she fought as best she could the women who were now trying to slide the metal into her mouth. Once they forced her jaw slightly open, however, and got the end of tube behind her teeth, she had no remaining hope. Even though she put her tongue against the opening, the effort was as useless as trying to stop a bowling ball with a feather.

When the pump was turned on, Lisa could feel the pressure building up inside of her. She heard the rubber slowly sliding through the tube and then expanding outside of it. With a hug POP, the ball fully escaped its previous confinement and became a three inch wide giant once again. Lisa thought her eyes must have grown to about that size as well, as she reacted to the impossible mass of rubber exploding within her mouth. Her teeth tried to bite down on it, but there was almost no way to maintain such a tension for long. Therefore, unlike any other ball gag she had worn since her captivity had begun – and there must have been dozens – this one needed no straps to hold it in place. She wasn’t sure if any human hands could remove it, let alone her tongue, not without the help of the pressure tube that had installed it.

The women immediately left her to get used to the unforgiving rubber intruder and went back to KC, who was now coming to once again, apparently in response to all the activity taking place around her. With hardly a moment to process what was happening, she opened her eyes just as another tube was being brought up to her mouth. She made the natural mistake of parting her lips and saying, “Wha….?” which also left her teeth open wide enough for the metal instrument to penetrate them. The pump was turned on and the second bound slave soon had her mouth fully inflated with rubber, too.

One of the black women made the scary suggestion that Lisa and KC had better not vomit or else they might choke themselves to death. Of course, from that moment on, it was all that either of them could think about, especially since their stomachs were already dancing, due to their dreadful diet for the day.

Things did get better, however, as the rest of their bonds were quickly removed and they were taken to their cell. Their kinky outfits were stripped from them as well and they were even allowed to remain free of such constrictions for the rest of the day and that night. On the other hand, they were given no clothing or bedding with which to cover themselves either. So they showered together and they took turns using the toilet. Then they slept naked in each other’s arms in order to stay warm until morning. All the while they endured the three inch rubber balls stretching their jaws to the point of breaking.

The rubber wouldn’t come out until their next bondage adventure was ready to begin.

Chapter Twenty

“Aren’t they sweet little lesbians?” was the first thing that Lisa and KC heard the next morning as they opened their eyes. KC would have vehemently argued the point and Lisa would have retaliated with a slew of four letter words, if both of them hadn’t still worn a three inch red ball gag between and behind their teeth.

Sleep had come fitfully for each of them due to the painful rubber that stretched their jaws, and due as well to the cold concrete floor on which they slept, finding warmth only in each other’s body heat. Lisa was looking for nothing more than that, but started wondering about KC’s intentions when her cellmate’s free fingers seemed to magically find their way to her nipples in the middle of the night and later made their way down her belly. They never actually reached between her legs, but appeared ready to do so, if there had been even the slightest hint of encouragement. But Lisa’s sex organs had been too completely worn out from the previous day’s gang rape for her to consider even the softest of petting.

Still, their naked embrace at dawn must have implied to the other women that they had done much more throughout the night, and those who had now arrived to prepare them for the day ahead were left with the full impression that these two, like them, went both ways. Lisa in particular figured that they would soon pay the price for such false implications. Yet the last thing she was interested in was to be sharing a bed with any of the bald black servant girls. Sharing one with KC on the other hand – well, that she wouldn’t necessarily fight against, under the right circumstances.

But those circumstances would not have included what “the girls” were about to put them through on this morning.

“Mr. Turner has a business meeting planned for noon, and you two are going to be his decorations poolside,” they were told. The look coming from their eyes indicated both their confusion and their concern about this, so the woman went on: “Don’t worry. You’ll see what we mean. And besides, it should be a piece of cake compared to your fuck fest yesterday.”

KC immediately lowered her head and turned a deep shade of red. Lisa’s look was more deviant, but with the rubber gag making her mouth virtually unusable, there was nothing she could do or say to retaliate.

When the cell was unlocked, the two women returned to the bathroom for their morning clean up. From there they were led to the feeding room, where they gratefully saw the gag pump waiting for them. KC almost started crying just at the sight of the pressure tube and immediately started begging for it to be used to free her for good from the rubber monster.

“Sit down, Masters,” the head bitch responded. “You’ll get yours out when we say so.” Then, just to spite her, she turned instead to Lisa and said, “Ballard, are you ready for your mouth to be available to us again?” Even though she caught the full implication of the question, Lisa nodded her head violently and folded her hands as in prayer.

“See, Masters, that’s how you do it. Now get down on your knees, and we’ll consider taking out yours, too.” As KC submitted to the order, Lisa’s rubber gag was already being disengaged. The women doing so had to be extremely careful not to let the pump accidentally come in contact with the tongue or it would have literally suctioned it right out of Lisa’s mouth. Instead, however, the rubber ball was soon removed and the process of reworking her jaw before breakfast became Lisa’s primary concern. Minutes later KC was free as well, and the two of them were fed – and then re-cleaned, since a large portion of their morning meal came drooling out of their mouths before their jaws began to work properly once again. The other women laughed at their predicament, and Lisa only wished she could get all their names right now for proper repayment later.

Finally the morning routine was over and it was time for what they were told was their day’s work. It started with them being dressed in green PVC bodysuits that extended from their necks down to the tops of their thighs. Two smallish holes allowed their breasts to be maneuvered by hand through the material so that they bulged out provocatively at their chests. A slit between their legs also left their cunts completely available, if needed, and they of course assumed that they would be. A similar colored pvc hood was then pulled down over their heads to meet the body suit at the neck. There were holes in the flexible hood for eyes, nose and mouth in front and an additional hole in the top back through which their braided hair poured up and out.

A more traditional set of ballgags – compared to last night version, that is – was then buckled into place in their mouths and around the PVC that was now molded even more firmly in place over their cheeks. A second layer of PVC for their face would be added later, which would completely encase their heads, except for their nostrils. But first they were going to be allowed to see the rest of the bondage that they would be experiencing that day, as they watched and witnessed the mirror image of their own plight in their partner’s.

Each woman first had a thin, but flexible quarter inch steel cable wrapped around their waist. A loop at the end rested at the small of the back and allowed the other end of the cable to run through it, before turning due south and splitting its victim’s ass and her crotch on one side of the exposed labia. After coming back over the top of the cable below the navel in front, a return trip between the legs on the other side of the labia allowed the steel to run through the loop in back once more, before one last journey, this time through the labia. This left the loose end of the cable dangling from the wire in front of each woman. Their pussies now bulged out a full inch from the slit in their PVC bodysuits.

Lisa next saw KC’s arms strapped tightly together behind her back, so that not only her wrists and forearms touched, but her elbows as well. A PVC arm sheath, also green in color, was then slid up and over what now looked like a single upper extremity and zippered into place, before two long straps at the top of the sheath circled her shoulders and then buckled underneath to keep the material from losing its firm and constant grip.

KC then took her turn watching a similar binding attached to Lisa’s arms, before a second sheath was brought out for her legs. After straps were attached to her ankles and below and above her knees, Lisa’s long bound legs were slipped into the shiny PVC as well. When zipped shut, the sheath reached up to mid thigh and left only a few inches of skin to be seen above it, before the body suit continued the tight green containment of Lisa’s flesh. A few minutes later and KC was similarly covered.

Since it was impossible for the two now plastic dolls to do anything but balance themselves at this point, the black women literally picked their bodies up and carried them outside to the pool area, where they saw two huge urns awaiting them, sitting next to each other underneath a long horizontal pole about six feet above the ground. Instead of sitting Lisa and KC on the ground, however, the servants lowered them feet first right into the urns. At the inside bottom, the pottery base was molded into a sharp V, so that when each woman’s feet reached their destination, their toes were automatically forced to enter the small end of the V. They were left basically standing on tiptoe.

The position would have been impossible to maintain if they weren’t held there for the next several minutes, while wheelbarrows were rolled in from the beach with load after load of wet brown sand, which was then shoveled around their legs, holding them firmly in place. When the procedure was done, Lisa and KC looked like the sexiest of potted green plants emerging from the pair of two foot high urns. The pots were slightly adjusted so that the two women inside of them were left facing each other once again, about four feet apart. Their braids were then wound with cable similar to that which invaded their aching cunts, and the hair was then pulled up and tied to the pole right above them. Soon a matching set of moans coming from behind the PVC hoods indicated that both women were starting to get a bit uncomfortable in this scenario, their bodies stretched taut between the pole and the urns. Yet the severity of the situation was just beginning.

Each then saw the other’s arms pulled up in back and away from their bodies to also be attached to the pole above them. This was once again accomplished with the same damnable cable as before, which this time was looped through a ring at the finger end of the arm sheath and then hoisted up over two hooks on the pole a few feet on either side of where their taut braids were previously hung. Because their hair was holding them so straight and tall, all Lisa and KC could do when the next part of their torture began was let their arms be bent farther and farther back until they were almost ready to be separated from their screaming shoulders. Literal screams also came from behind the ball gags, but they did little to prevent the black servants from tying off the cable wire only when and where they wanted to, which was at least a foot higher than Lisa and KC would have suggested. When finished, the arms of the two alarmed victims were well beyond perpendicular to their backs, and the rapid breathing of their PVC encased chests made it clear just how intense this bondage was quickly becoming.

And yet, to this point, the purpose behind the bondage had yet to be revealed. So far, Lisa and KC were simply having their bodies tormented by being stretched beyond reason in a painful strappado. But next they would learn just what they were going to become for Mr. Turner and his guests.

The revelation began when one of the servants brought out a circular plant holder with rope braided all around it, so that the various ends of the nylon were gathered together on either side. Two long hooks extended out from those gathering places, but there seemed to be nothing from which they could be hung. That was when two of the other servants reached down and took the looped ends of the crotch cables, which had been dangling from Lisa and KC’s waists, and pulled them forward until they could be attached to the two hooks. The process pulled the cable more stringently through their bulging labia and brought forth a new round of squeals up above. KC thought that she was being cut in half, while Lisa only wished for the normally added plugs to be inserted in her lower openings; plugs that would have at least kept some of the pressure off of her tender clitoris. Soon their splayed pussies would be an afterthought though, once they found out what was in store for their breasts.

Apparently Mr. Turner’s private torturers had developed a new kind of nipple clamp. It looked like an elongated metal cone, but it was so much more. The wide end of the cone was made up of numerous little steel teeth that fit together perfectly when closed. It also contained a series of springs holding the bottom together that way. However, when the springs were pushed apart, the teeth opened, too, allowing just enough room for a nice little nipple to be inserted. In this case, there were four such items of female flesh available and minutes later each was being harshly bitten by the teeth of the cone clamps. Both women howled in pain and rocked perilously in their urns, bringing an endless amount of laughing and mockery from the servants, who knew that – hell, this was nothing yet.

The real torture came when another hollow round plant holder similar to the first one was revealed. It had two wires attached to either side, each a fourth of the way around the circle. With one woman holding the circle parallel to the ground between Lisa and KC’s breasts, the others went to work winding the ends of the wires through the top of the nipple cone clamps jutting out in front of them. Tightening the wires so that each bore an equal amount of pressure, the second plant holder was soon hanging between the two bound women’s chests a foot and a half above the other holder between their thighs.

“Now let’s show Miss Ballard and Miss Masters what they will be displaying for the afternoon, shall we,” the leader of the servants said smugly.

Immediately brought out one by one was a series of huge garden plants in heavy brown pottery. They were absolutely lovely, and KC and Lisa were absolutely terrified at the thought of where they were going. Sure enough, the largest arrangement was set into the circular container between their thighs. It immediately added an additional twelve pounds of weight to the cable running up to their waists and down through their legs. Each woman tried to arch forward, but neither their legs nor their arms allowed it. By now it was like they were standing in cement, with their upper bodies as tight as a bow string, so the plant came to rest hanging a good six or seven inches above the ground.

Next came the medium sized version. It fit nicely into the circle container wired to the women’s nipples. The additional weight was about eight pounds in this case, and it equally pulled at each nipple, forcing every single nasty little steel tooth to bite deeper and deeper into its particular portion of tender female flesh. As a result, the cones also stretched out a few extra inches away from each woman’s chest, and their heavy breasts were actually left pointing straight out and away from them for once. What started as screams gradually turned to loud moans and groans, and then to soft humming as both women tried to adjust to the strenuous position. The last two hanging plants were clipped to the ends of the cables at their gloved hands. They added no extra weight to the bondage, but made for a nice addition to the pool side arrangement.

“Can you see how pretty you are?” Lisa and KC were asked in turn. KC shook her head no, while Lisa simply stared ahead in retaliation, not wanting to give any more indication than she already had at just how awful and humiliating this situation was. She and KC were nothing more than poolside decorations, on display with no purpose at all but to entertain the troops over lunch with their own personal torment

And apparently the entertainment was about to begin, as a group of men suddenly came from around the house and made their way to the patio. As they did, two final additions were made to Lisa and KC’s bondage. A second PVC hood was pulled down over the first and laced up in the back. It left no openings for their eyes or mouth, thus forcing their ballgags even more firmly behind their teeth, and allowing only for the air that could be managed through the small holes at the nostrils. Each woman had to suddenly begin concentrating on every single difficult breath, and trying to eliminate from their minds the agony in their shoulders, their crotch, and especially their breasts. They could barely make out the conversation going on around them through the double latex covering, but they certainly knew that every eye, male or female, was going to be drawn repeatedly to their stretched figures and the extreme bondage that engulfed them.

It was hot inside the PVC to begin with, and it grew even hotter as the sun began to bake them. But the hottest thing of all was how these two tall curvaceous beauties appeared to Mr. Turner’s son Johnny. It was all he could do to keep his attention focused on the company plans that were being discussed. His mind, however, was set on seeing for himself what those two heavenly creatures looked like underneath the green material that was molded to them, and without the plants that hung from them. As for the rest of the bondage…well, he could live with that, if they could.

Chapter Twenty One

After an afternoon spent in agony as poolside decorations, Lisa and KC were more than ready to return to their cell and let the pain throughout their bodies subside. It was absolutely unfathomable how hard it could be to stand in one position for over four hours, especially stretched like pretzels, with their most private parts bearing the added load of two heavy potted plants.

As the result, when the twin green PVC body suits and sheaths were removed, steam could literally be seen rising from their perspiration drenched flesh, and the marks from the cable wire and from the teeth of the cone shaped nipple clamps would last not for hours, but for days. After showering, KC curled up naked like a little ball in one corner of the cell, while Lisa bent and stretched in front of her, trying to regain some feeling in certain parts of her abused body.

“It could be worse,” she said to her roommate, not knowing if she was actually alert enough to hear. “At least they’ve limited the time that we’re being tortured. Plus we’re getting to eat and sleep. It’s not like when Violet had us slaving away 24/7.”

“I can’t do it any more,” KC whimpered softly, her face hidden behind her elbows. “I can’t. I mean, I’m not a piece of meat, and that what they’ve made us into.”

“Hey listen,” Lisa said, crawling closer to her, “I’d rather be USDA choice than whatever those black bitches are. KC, you are being drooled over by every male on this island. You are like a goddess to them. The only difference is that they like to hang their goddesses spreadeagle and upside down from a pole before worshiping them.”
KC actually smiled and started wiping away some of the tears staining her face.

“How do you do it?” she asked. “I mean, how can you keep going through all of this?”

Lisa thought for a moment, and then admitted, “Maybe it’s because a part of me wanted something like this. Not everything, mind you. But I wanted to know what it was like to be owned like a slave and raped regularly at my master’s whim.” Looking down at the floor, she went on, “I even set up my own capture, if you can believe that. I’m only sorry that I got you involved. Why the hell did you have to look something like I do anyway?”

“You wanted this?” KC said in amazement.

“Well, maybe some of it. I mean, I wanted a man who acts as my master. I want to service him and his cock. And I want to be tied up so fucking tight while I’m doing it. Just the thought of it makes me wet.”

KC’s look of shock made Lisa more than a little embarrassed, but she continued anyway.

“I used to go to websites and read stories about kidnap and rape, and bondage and torture, and I’d play with myself while reading until I came. The sicker the story, the harder I came. Somehow it seems right for me to be here in a place like this.”

“How nice to hear you say that.” The low voice came from outside the cell window.

“Who the hell are you?” KC asked.

“Careful there, Missy,” the man answered back. “You don’t want to get on my bad side. I’m Johnny Turner and I can be your friend, if you play your cards right. My father owns this island – and you – and perhaps he can let me help you fulfill all your sick little fantasies.”

The man had apparently been listening to Lisa’s private confessions long enough to know that she was any man’s wet dream.

The women instinctively cowered together and covered their nudity as best they could, but the junior Mr. Turner would have none of it.

“Stand up and show yourselves, ladies. I’ve seen you covered in plastic coating. Now I’d like to see the real thing.”

Lisa glanced at KC with a devilish grin and then did exactly as she was told. She performed a little dance for the stunningly handsome looking face on the other side of the locked door. She swayed her hips as she walked toward him and then away again, and she cupped her huge breasts in her hands and rubbed her nipples softly between her fingers and thumbs.

“mmmm-mmmmm,” he said, licking his lips. “And how about you, Missy?”

KC turned away before Lisa gave her a playful kick with her foot.

“C’mon, Masters, strut your stuff. God gave it to you, so flaunt it, why don’t you.”

KC finally stood up and did the worst amateur night version of a nude dancer that either Lisa or Johnny Turner had ever seen, but the attempt was somehow endearing nonetheless. It even brought a round of applause from her two person audience, causing her to cover her face with her hands and run into a corner of the cell unable to be seen from the outside.

“Hey, don’t hide from me, Missy. I came to see you.”

KC submissively stepped back into the middle of the room once again, and Turner added, “And by the way, I do like what I see.” His eyes ran up and down KC’s body, exploring every luscious inch, and she again felt herself turning beet red under his scrutiny.

“I think I’m going to suggest some naked bondage for tomorrow, ladies. In fact, I can’t imagine why anyone here would allow either one of you to ever wear clothes again.”

Walking away from the cell door, he suddenly stopped and came back. “By the way, I’d suggest a good night’s sleep. We’re going for a long drive in the morning.”

As he disappeared again, this time for good, the two women looked wide-eyed at each other. Lisa took a deep breath and KC fanned herself, like a college girl experiencing hot flashes.

“Okay, was he hot or what?” she said, suddenly forgetting that he was also part of the slavery ring that owned them.

Lisa was more concerned with the cryptic message he had left with them. “We’re going for a long drive tomorrow. What in the world could that mean?”

First thing in the morning they found out.

After being fed and cleaned, the two were brought stark naked – just as Johnny had wanted – to the garage area behind the island mansion. There, towering over a number of other vehicles, was parked a royal blue Dodge Ram monster truck. The added suspension left the base of the vehicle almost at the same level as the tops of the huge oversized tires. The driver or passengers must have required a ladder to get inside, Lisa thought, although she and KC on this occasion wouldn’t personally find out, since they were instead going to be buckled into place in an entirely different way, on the outside of the gigantic thing. That’s because, attached to the front bumper of the truck, pointing straight up from the ground, were two steel X-frames, clearly designed to hold a pair of human bodies. And there was little doubt which bodies were intended to be held today.

Lisa and KC were each handed a pair of black two inch ball gags to buckle behind their teeth and, when they did, they were rewarded with a pair of black six inch toe boots to lace on to their feet. Once they were tied tight, they not only kept Lisa and KC en pointe for as long as they wore the kinky foot ware, but they also allowed for a connecting point to the bottom of the X-frame that awaited them.

Johnny himself oversaw their bondage on this day. “Make sure it’s good and tight, especially on the Masters woman,” he told his black servants. They immediately responded by forcing both of their prisoners to step up on the pair of three foot poles that extended horizontal to the ground directly between the bottom ends of the two matching X-frames. Their toe boots were then slid over the poles, which were left running precisely between the soles and the heels of their severely shaped shoes, so that each woman’s own weight kept her standing on the steel below her.

Next began the long process of strapping each of the women’s arms and legs to the X’s behind them. The binders spared no effort in making sure that each victim was secured tightly in place. Black nylon straps were buckled up and down each of their extremities, as well as at the hips, waist, and below their big breasts. Another set of poles that connected the top ends of the two X-frames was then used to extend and tie off their hair, once again tightly braided for just such a purpose.

As Johnny Turner walked around and carefully perused his two latest priceless pieces of property, he couldn’t help but feel a steady stiffening in his jeans. Both KC and Lisa were absolutely stunning as they stood suspended from the front of the monster truck, with their feet pointing about a foot above the ground and their butts pressed against the hot metal chrome just about at the level of the headlights. Their nude bodies were stretched out invitingly in front of his eyes, and they squirmed on the poles in unison as each tried to find the most comfortable position that they could tolerate. Not entirely satisfied that they could still manage such movement, as insignificant as it was, the man climbed carefully up behind them and added an extra ratchet of tension to each of the straps; sometimes an extra two or three in the case of KC, especially around her torso, which he molded into an extreme hourglass. Lisa found herself feeling a bit of disappointment that such attention was being paid to her counterpart, although her own bondage was plenty severe as well.

She needn’t have been so concerned though, for both of them still had an additional device waiting in the wings, that would keep them well enough occupied on their own without having to be concerned about the woman next to her. More specifically, out of the trunk were carried a pair of mechanical attachments that were fitted under the bumper via screw driver and wrench. The mini motorized piston pumps were left positioned exactly between each spreadeagle woman’s thighs. An oversized dildo was then oiled up and plunged into KC’s freshly shaved cunt, before the shaft coming out of the little engine was screwed into the end of the hard rubber penis that now extended out of Miss Masters. Her squeals became louder as each step of the procedure was taken. And when the electrical plug, that would provide the necessary juice for the machine to run, was placed into the socket wired to the truck’s engine, it was almost time to hear her screaming reach its highest level of volume. First, however, Lisa had to be similarly filled and connected to her own personal fucking machine, which ultimately allowed her a sense of importance, too, in this rather perverted BDSM scene.

At last two pair of wired nipple clamps were tightened on to the now whimpering and very wet females, and they were ready for the wild ride promised them the night before. Johnny managed to pull himself up into the driver’s seat without the ladder that Lisa expected, and he turned on the engine. The power of the huge vehicle sent vibrations shivering into its two human hood ornaments, but more importantly it also started sending the long dildos in and out of their bodies. Strapped so severely to the X-frames, neither KC nor Lisa could move even an inch of any part of their bodies, except their fingers, which stretched and clawed at nothing but air, while the rest of them spasmed continuously in response to the hard rubber ramming into them again and again from the base of the Dodge Ram Truck so perfectly named.

Before pulling out of the driveway, Johnny honked twice to announce his departure to the inhabitants of the mansion – and to give his twin hood ornaments the chance to find out that their nipple clamps were electrically connected to the horn. Each blast of noise sent a low dose of voltage straight into their chests; not enough to do any permanent damage, but certainly a sufficient amount to produce screams that could even be heard over the loud engine of the vehicle.

The senior Mr. Turner popped his head out of the third story bedroom window to see what was going on. He smiled broadly when he saw what his son had in store for the two latest female slaves, knowing how physically demanding their ride was going to be, even if it would only last for a few minutes. He doubted that would actually be the time frame, however, and indeed was led to shake his head in amazement when his son yelled out at the top of his lungs, “We’ll be back tonight for dinner, Pops. I want to take the girls around the whole island a few times. That way all the people will get the chance to meet them and see how lovely they are.”

At that, the truck started down the driveway, with KC and Lisa’s spreadeagled and invaded bodies leading the way. Their eyes nearly grew wide enough to fall right out of their sockets as they moved progressively faster down the road with nothing in front of them to protect them from injury, other than an absolute trust in the driver of this torture vehicle. Not yet possessing much of that trust, their screams grew louder and louder. In fact, it was hard for Turner to tell when the noise was caused by abject terror, and when it was due to the object plowing steadily away at their cunts.

And even when the screams subsided, even for a moment, he would simply give the horn another long honk, and laugh loudly at the immediate results.

Chapter Twenty Two

The ride was unlike anything either Lisa Ballard or KC Masters had ever experienced. While their chauffeur actually never drove faster than 25 miles an hour during the entire day’s journey, the two women strapped spreadeagle to the front of the vehicle felt like they were speeding down a racetrack, ready to have their bodies slammed into the next car on the side of the road, or the next tree, or building, or whatever else was awaiting them around the corner.

And if that mind-blowing experience wasn’t enough, the relentless attack of the fucking machines between their legs and the electrical shocks quite regularly sent into their nipples left them emotionally and physically fried as well. While both women would have just loved to close their eyes and make it all go away, in reality neither could do anything but stare wide-eyed in utter amazement as they traversed the small island from one end to the other not only once, but twice, their bound nudity on full display for anyone who cared to enjoy it. And there were plenty who did!

The most embarrassing moments came when the truck was parked, first when Johnny Turner went into a restaurant for lunch, and later when he stopped for gas. While on each occasion Lisa and KC were initially thankful that their terrifying ride was being put on hold for at least a few minutes, they soon were praying to be back on the move again, as dozens and men and women came to get a closer view of the sexy hood ornaments on Mr. Turner’s vehicle and then proceeded to watch eagerly as Lisa and KC’s spread legs framed the intense double raping that the huge rubber dildos were exacting on their now dripping cunts. Some of the audience members were bold enough to actually fondle and squeeze the two women for themselves, at least when Mr. Turner wasn’t there to prevent such audacity. Others knew, however, that these two luscious bodies were now being reserved for his personal attention, so they watched, but didn’t dare touch.

By the time the afternoon was over, there were very few individuals on Bornidello who had failed to see Lisa and KC in all their glory, and those that missed the show did so only because they themselves were “tied up,” so to speak, most as helpless fixtures elsewhere in the Turner mansion.

Just before dinnertime, Johnny wheeled his monster truck back into the same driveway from which they had started. He gave one long last blast of the horn, sending both KC and Lisa into sexual spasms, then jumped down to the ground, leaving the truck running of course, and made his way back in front of his exhausted slave girls. Each was covered in dust and dirt from head to toe boot, which somehow made them look even more sexually arousing to him than they already had been just in their bondage and nakedness.

Grabbing KC’s ass cheeks with both hands, he looked up at her and said, “Good job, little lady. That was one enjoyable ride. The only one I could imagine being better will be the one I give you later. I only hope that tender pussy of yours is ready for it. Of course, if it isn’t, I’m sure you’ve got a nice tight ass to fuck, too.”

KC’s eyes fluttered a bit, but she had little strength left in her entire body to offer any more of a reaction than that. She simply hung limp and unmoving, waiting weakly for her master to turn off the damnable fucking machine and remove her from this current painful predicament. Only then would she begin to worry about the next one.

Lisa had a bit more fire left in her eyes, but not much. When Turner moved in front of her and began to casually finger her clitoris, which was also still being repeatedly massaged by the huge dildo driving itself into her, she groaned in pain. “OOOOOOOOO,” was the soft moan that came from behind her ballgag, and Johnny knew it meant “no.”

“Are you denying me your sex?” he asked with a sly smile. “Not a wise choice, bitch. Remember I own you. And I determine when and how to use you.”

Lisa looked into his handsome face and closed her eyes submissively.

“Good girl,” he said, and pinched her clit tightly with his thumb and forefinger. The moan Lisa now offered was louder than the last one, but this time she offered no protest, realizing that it would do her absolutely no good anyway.

A few moments later Turner graciously had one of his servants turn off the motor of the monster truck and both women’s bodies immediately slumped in front of it, as if their motors had been turned off, too.

“Take Ballard away,” the man then said to the black women, who suddenly just happened to be there again. “You know what to do with her.” They laughed, quickly unfastened her, and left. Turner then looked for a moment at KC, before going on, “I think Masters will spend the night with me. After all, I did promise her another ride.”

Two hours later KC found herself in brand new territory. She was in Johnny Turner’s sitting room, and she was actually – well, sitting! She had been bathed, fed a rather tasteful dinner, and then elaborately prepared for the evening’s adventures. Her hair was left untied for once, falling in dark brown curls over her shoulders. Her body was also left untied, for which she was ever so grateful, but it was not free of other decorations.

A leather collar was laced behind her neck, with the silver letters P-E-T attached as studs in the front. A few inches below, KC’s breasts poured over the top of a half cupped push up bra. Her nipples stood up and out, with the red remnants of their afternoon electrical torture still visible on her areolas.

KC’s legs were pulled up underneath her as she sat nervously on a soft loveseat in the middle of the room, but the material that covered them was still quite evident. Long black hosiery made a shiny journey down the long curves of her thighs and calves, and her feet were buckled into a pair of open toed high heels, which would hoist her up an additional four inches off the ground, if and when she stood on them. A black and red garter belt completed the ensemble and held up the tops of her nylons. She wore no panties, meaning, although not naked, she was anything but dressed, with her most private parts totally open and framed in black lingerie for anyone to see and admire when entering the room.

That night though, only one other person entered the room – Johnny Turner. When he did, KC gasped shyly and pulled herself back against the loveseat. The man was so hot and dangerous! He must have stood close to six and a half feet tall, and he was dressed to kill. An all white suit hung perfectly on his body, and a white shirt and tie completed the outfit. KC simply hoped that she wasn’t drooling when suddenly he began to speak.

“So, Missy, have you recovered from the trip we made today?”

“Ye….yes…sir,” she answered hesitatingly, not exactly knowing what to say or how to say it. Then, nodding at her sexy outfit, she added, “Th….thank you for all of this. It’s very nice.”

“Nice?” he said loudly, scaring KC back into the fetal position once again. Then he laughed and went on, “Nice isn’t the word I would use, anymore than what I did to you this afternoon was ‘nice.’ Kinky. Now that would be a more proper term. Or sexy. Or…well, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just not say, ‘Nice.’”

“Yes, Mister….I mean, Master….I mean, Sir.”

Johnny laughed again and suggested she call him whatever she wanted to as they were getting to know each. “After all,” he said, “I’m not here to discipline you tonight. My plans call for much more fun than that.”

“Yes sir,” KC answered, obviously still quite a bit nervous about what those plans might be.

“C’mon, Ms. Masters,” Johnny smiled. “Let me take you into the bedroom and show you a few things of mine.”

KC had to admit that she was looking forward to finally seeing at least one of Johnny’s things, but that would come later. First she was treated to a couple of unexpected sights.

The huge bedroom contained an entertainment center, a sofa, a bar, and a king sized bed, as well as quite a few other eccentricities. But what stood out the most were the matching tables on either side of the bed. And what stood out from the tables were the very round bottoms of two otherwise unseen females. The women were apparently bent in half at the waist and then tied over a circular bar at the top of each table. This would have to mean that their heads were somehow now next to their knees, if that were possible. But KC had begun to assume that anything was possible here, if you had enough rope and found a flexible enough slave around which to wrap it. Apparently Johnny had found two.

But being bent in half was not the worst thing that the two poor women were being asked to endure. That spot was reserved for the steel poles literally screwed deep into their jutting rear ends. By means of a tripod of sorts, the top of which sat a few inches above their bare bottoms, the long adjustable poles were slid inside of their targets and then screwed tight within the three legged stands. On top of the tripods sat a flat plate, which then held a lamp and shade. The women themselves thus became the lampstands.

“Oh my God,” was all that KC could say when she figured out the full scenario.

“Yeah, pretty daring, huh?” Johnny responded. “Takes quite the asshole to handle being a bedside lamp, wouldn’t you say?”

“Do the lamp thingies really work?” KC inquired.

“Sure they do. Do you want to turn one on?”

The half naked women blushed and said, “If you don’t mind.”

“Oh, I won’t mind. I don’t know if they will though. Their butt cheeks can get pretty hot under those bulbs after a while. Here, let’s turn on this one.”

At that he took KC by the hand and led her to the female lampstand on the right. KC pulled the chain and the lovely ass in front of her was illuminated with light from above.

Pulling open a small drawer on the side of the table, Johnny grabbed a long gold vibrator and handed it to KC. “Here, Missy. This is called an eroscillator. I’ll plug this baby in and you can really turn this lovely lady on.”

When Turner did what he said and flipped the switch on the adult toy, KC felt the tool shiver into action. The vibration tickled her hand, so she was sure it would have a much greater impact on the labia and clitoris that were so boldly staring her in the face from the top of the table. Not wanting to disappoint her host, she placed the head of the machine on the unseen woman’s clit and began to rub it softly.

Lisa Ballard screamed. There was no audible sound that escaped the compartment in which she was secured, but she screamed nonetheless. Her body had been screaming for some time now, ever since she was so roughly bent in half. As she remembered, she had been forced to sit on the floor as first her legs in front of her and then her arms behind her were secured together with inch wide straps. Her arms themselves were bent into a nasty back prayer, leaving her fingers together between her shoulder blades. But then the black women had gone too far. They held her legs flat against the floor and bent her whole upper body down toward them. Lisa’s screams of protest had not stopped them from pulling additional straps from below the back of her legs and buckling them over her arms and around her back, so that, even when she was eventually released from the weight of the women’s bodies holding her down, her own body stayed bent in half nonetheless.

A long hollow pipe was slid through the small gap at her hips and she was picked up and carried that way, like a captured hunter by African natives in the old Tarzan movies, only she was Jane and wasn’t sure if there was a Tarzan out there anywhere on Bornidello to save her.

When they brought her into the mansion and carried her up to the Master Bedroom – how much irony was there in that name – a clothes hamper was pulled out and a search begun for the dirtiest panties and underthings that could be found. The women took a great deal of pleasure inserting them one by one into Lisa’s mouth, to the point that her cheeks bulged out almost twice their normal size. Duct tape – yards of it – was then wrapped around her lower face before she was lifted up and into an open-topped container. The ends of the pole sat in two slots on either side, so that her head, hands and feet all pointed straight down at the bottom of the box. Her toes barely touched the base, but at least she was not left totally hanging from above. She saw darkness take over the insides of the container as two matching pieces of wood were slid into place up above, one approaching, then surrounding her thighs and the other her back. When they were fitted together and locked in place, her ass alone stuck up and out of the makeshift piece of furniture. She couldn’t see what happened next, but certainly felt it. A cold lubricated piece of steel was slid past her anus and into her rectum. Even as she continued screaming, it traveled deeper and deeper inside of her before finally coming to rest. She then felt it rotate a number of times within, not realizing that it was actually being screwed into place above her.

And that’s how she was left, her body in agony, desperately needing to be released immediately – that very instant. Instead, however, she endured the same dreadful position while yet another slave was brought in and similarly bound on the other side of the bed. She endured it while KC was being more gently prepared for the evening’s activities by Johnny Turner and his servants. And she endured it while her cell mate and their master made casual small talk standing right next to her personal torture chamber.

Then suddenly her world exploded, as her still tender sex was brought fully alive once again with a powerful vibrator. She screamed into the wad of cloth packing her mouth. Her eyes bulged out of their sockets. She fought with every ounce of strength left within her. And the result was...

... ”I thought I saw her move a little,” KC smiled. “I think she likes it. What’s it called again? An erostar?”

“An eroscillator, Missy,” Johnny answered. “And if you wait a few minutes, I’ll let you see for yourself just how much fun it can be.”

Chapter Twenty Three

As Lisa Ballard endured the agonizing combination of having her body bent unnaturally in half, while at the same time being penetrated deeply up her ass and vibrated to near exhaustion at her clitoris, KC Masters was actually beginning to find a certain amount of pleasure in the opportunity she was being given to torment one of the female table decorations in Johnny Turner’s bedroom. Not realizing that it was Lisa she was torturing, she adhered to almost all of the instructions she was given by her host, who found numerous ways to drive the woman bound painfully inside the box to near madness.

Lisa could barely breathe to begin with, due first of all to the wad of material packed and taped tightly within her mouth, and secondly to the severe bondage position that left her nose nearly touching her knees. And when KC continued to mount a never ending attack on her unprotected clit, the resulting need for heavier and heavier breathing came close to causing her to pass out. Unluckily for her, Lisa’s brain refused to do so, meaning her body went on to face a marathon of orgasms and an endless evening of sexual arousal.

Then things began to get worse.

Johnny’s bed was, or course, a four poster. It seemed logical that someone with this much interest in rope had to have just such a piece of furniture, which allowed both for a good night’s sleep and for a nice spread eagle bondage tie. But as it turned out, Johnny’s particular four poster offered some additional possibilities, which both Lisa and KC would soon discover together, along with the other female whose ass was currently on display in the middle of the matching nightstand opposite Lisa’s. Her name was Melody, and she was singing a loud one at the moment, too, trying to deal with much the same scenario as her unseen partner. While KC maintained her eroscillator attack on Lisa, Johnny was sitting up against the headboard of the bed and vibrating Melody at the same time. However, he grew tired of this particular sex game first.

“How about I show you another way to feed some pussy?” he asked KC.

“Do you mean mine or theirs?” she answered playfully.

“Well,” he said with a smile, “let’s start with theirs and then I’ll take care of yours, okay?”

“Sounds like a plan,” she giggled back.

At that, Johnny went to the closet and returned with two steel poles. Connected to the middle of each was a balled up length of chain. Standing on the end of the bed, he reached up to the rafters and clipped the ends of the chains to a pair of hooks that had previously gone unnoticed next to the light wood. The chains thus dangled a couple of feet down from above and the poles they held danced back and forth above the two posts at the bottom of the bed.

It was at that moment that KC took a closer look at the wooden bed posts and began to imagine what could be happening next. The tops of each post looked like a long bullet shooting straight up to the ceiling, but the carved heads of the bullets gave the impression of a thick male sex organ, and each of the two at the foot of the bed were soon to find a juicy female partner to fill.

Melody was first. Johnny went to work removing her from her bondage table, in the process finally giving KC an opportunity to see for a few seconds the unbelievable position that the platinum blonde had been forced to endure for well over an hour. Her short hair was plastered to her face with perspiration, but her stunning natural beauty was still quite easy to see. And when she was released from her backbreaking head to knees fold over the table bar, the girl’s large breasts could be seen as well.

“Do you only like women with big bosoms?” KC asked, surprising herself with her own words.

“Hey, if I get a choice, I’m sure going to go with big tits like those. After all, there’s so much more you can do with them. In fact, I think Melody here once set some kind of record for rubber bands or clothes pins. Or maybe it was both at the same time.”

The look on the blonde’s face didn’t reveal which record she won, but it clearly indicated her displeasure with having won it. That look also showed how uncomfortable she still was with her jaw stretched to capacity over whatever material it was that Johnny had determined she should have taped behind and between her teeth. Sadly for her, the gag remained firmly in place, even as her bondage predicament drastically changed.

“Here, love, let’s stretch you out a bit,” he said. “You’ve been bent over for so long, I’m sure your back is killing you.”

The reaction Melody gave showed that Johnny was right in his assessment, but the new position he had in store for her was no better. She was forced to stand on tiptoe and grab hold of the bar hanging over one of the bed posts. Johnny then added cuffs to her wrists and chained them to the bar for good measure. With KC’s help, he then took each of her legs and pulled them up individually to be folded in half and tied off with rope. Each of Melody’s heels was molded to its accompanying thigh, leaving the blonde beauty hanging from the bar by her hands. She could have been a trapeze artist, if not for the gag, the bondage, and the nudity. As it was, however, she was quite the sight, her eyes bulging over the duct tape and her breasts heaving over the bed post pointing up at them.

Johnny then grabbed Melody around the waist and lifted her up directly over the post. Instructing a more and more interested KC to help him find the right entry point, he maneuvered his hanging victim on to the large penis shaped head and let her slide down on the plug, which quickly eased a few inches inside of her.

Melody immediately protested by pulling herself off the dildo post once again, so Johnny added two additional encouragements to stay put. He first ran a rope behind her knees and down below the bed frame, keeping her lower body pulled down toward the floor. Then, for good measure, he added a pair of steel alligator clips to the girl’s nipples with a chain running in between, tied a string to the post of the bed below where her labia now extended over it, and then attached the string to the nipple chain. Any movement up and away from the post would be met with a painful bite on each tit.

Even more terrifying for Melody was what might happen if she released her grip on the trapeze. Not knowing how much slack Johnny had given to the chains on her wrists, she had no idea how much more of the damnable bed post would plunge into her if she let go of the bar. She had seen enough “accidents” on the island to know that she had no guarantee of safety, especially when it came to playing games with Mr. Turner. Melody therefore hung on for dear life – literally – as her Master and his new Mistress turned their attention to the other woman in the room.

Lisa wondered what was going on. It had seemed quite a while now since her clitoris had been cruelly vibrated with the industrial strength sex machine that the bastards outside of the box had been using on her. She heard movement around the room in the meantime, but her current state of packaging made it impossible to decipher what was going on.

Then suddenly the sliding wood planks above her were removed and light poured over her and into the small compartment. She felt the intruding plug being pulled out of her ass and, as it did, she squealed in relief, which brought laughter from at least two people in the room, one surprisingly enough a woman. Lisa hadn’t been expecting that. But what truly shocked her was who the woman turned out to be.

When the straps holding her body bent painfully together were unbuckled, and she was then pulled back up into a standing position once again, the first thing she saw was the face of KC Masters. KC was kneeling on the bed right next to her, wearing a push up bra and nylons, and nearly nothing else. She also wore a look of enjoyment, meaning that she wasn’t on the receiving end of this torture scenario in any way; rather she was one of the torturers. Lisa’s eyes grew wide in surprise and disappointment, and it was at that moment that KC recognized her.

“My God. Lisa?”

Lisa responded with a series of rambling sentences behind the gag that were completely unintelligible, but loud and clear nonetheless. KC’s look immediately changed from energetic to apologetic, and she quickly turned her face toward Johnny Turner, looking for some kind of help. But none arrived.

“Oh,” he said, “did I fail to tell you who you’ve been playing with all this time, Missy? Sorry about that. But I didn’t want to hinder your growth as a dominatrix. Besides, I’m sure Lisa got a real charge out of your antics.”

Lisa glared at him as he spoke, and KC would have crawled in a hole if there had been one available to her at the moment. Instead, all that was available was a second trapeze bar that Johnny Turner obviously intended for Lisa, as well as another waiting bed post eager to fill her cunt.

“I’m gonna let you take care of introducing your friend to the other half of our special bedtime arrangement, okay, Missy?”

KC panicked and shook her head wildly. “No, I can’t do that to her. I won’t.”

But her Master took her chin between his fingers and said forcefully, “It’s either her or you, and if it’s you, then I’ll find something a whole lot worse for her.”

KC knew he was telling the truth, and while she couldn’t think of anything worse at the moment, she was sure that there was something on this God forsaken island that was. So, turning to Lisa and begging for forgiveness with her most emotional facial expressions, she began to bind her ex-cellmate in a tie exactly like Melody’s.

She needed help with Lisa’s legs, since the brunette put up such a serious struggle, having seen the intended results just a few feet to her left, and Mr. Turner himself buckled the wrist cuffs on to their second victim and chained them to the steel rod which her fingers held so tightly, but otherwise KC was fully in charge of giving Lisa the latest “ride of her life,” which now seemed to be a daily occurrence for the unlucky slave girl.

When her friend was done with her, Lisa, like Melody, hung precariously from the ceiling, with the very top of the bed post pushing deeply into her from below, her labia stretched wide over its penis shaped head. Her knees grabbed the lower part of the post, pulled down by rope, but also holding on tight, just in case her fingers lost their grip up above. And her nipples were also strictly yanked down, first by clamps, then by the chain that traversed them, and finally by as the string that connected the painful device to the same post that she was also mounted upon.

“Nice job, Missy,” Johnny told KC with gusto. They look like matching gargoyles hanging from the ends of our little altar. Now we just need something, or someone, for them to watch being sacrificed.”

KC knew that she was it, but wasn’t sure how she was to be offered. What playful pleasure she had begun the evening with was slowly turning into fear and trembling once again. But what Johnny had in mind for her was actually going to be much more difficult for the other two women in the room that it would be for KC. She would be bound alright, and spreadeagle on the bed as she expected. But while her wrists were roped wide to the otherwise empty posts connected to the headboard, down below Johnny tied only her big toes with string, allowing them to poke playfully out of her high heels, still sporting the shiny black hosiery that adorned her long, shapely legs. However, he then ran the other end of the dual strings to Lisa and Melody’s nipple chains, pulling KC’s lower legs off the mattress and into the air. Her toes pointed straight out at the other women’s chests, and even when she adjusted her rear end to make the position more tolerable, it became clear that she wouldn’t be able to hold her legs up for long. Eventually they would pull tightly on the nipple chain and then painfully on the alligator clamps biting on each woman’s taut tits.

“I believe this is what they call predicament bondage. Can you maintain your leg stretching? Can they keep their fingers on the poles? Or will you rip open their nipples? And will they rupture their insides? Tune in tomorrow for the answer.”

At that remark each of the three women began pleading loudly and in earnest, Melody and Lisa into their mouth watering gags and KC with words that Johnny could actually understand.

“Hush, hush, my dear,” he answered tenderly. “I’m not going anywhere – yet. Remember, I promised you a chance to experience the eroscillator. And now is the perfect time to do so.”

As he sat down next to his spread victim, he added, “Now keep your legs straight and your friends will be so thankful.” But as he turned on the little monster and touched it to KC’s clitoris, she couldn’t help but pull her knees sharply together, starting a stereophonic display of screaming from all around the room.

It would last for quite some time.

Chapter Twenty Four

When Lisa and KC were returned to the cell that they had previously shared on a number of other occasions, things were now quite a bit different. Lisa was still a pure Bornidello sex slave in every sense of the word, but KC had seemingly changed – gone over to the dark side so to speak. Was she in fact Lisa’s fellow prisoner, as her presence in the cell would indicate, or was she now one of Turner’s newest accomplices, here to heap additional abuse on the woman that she had come to the island with in the first place?

Adding to the conundrum was a pile of bondage materials the guards had left sitting in the corner of the cell. There were ropes and straps of every size and length, ball gags and nipple clamps, dildos and butt plugs; everything a horny slave or demanding mistress could ask for. But who was going to be the beneficiary of such a treasure trove of devices, and who was going to be their victim?

Neither woman said a word as they contemplated the possibilities, but the expressions on their faces, as well as their body language, indicated the total tension that existed in the cell. It was now well after midnight and both Lisa and KC were completely exhausted from their intense play session earlier in Johnny Turner’s bedroom, but neither was willing to go to sleep and leave themselves open to the whims and wishes of the other.

So there they sat, naked and cold, their sexual parts tender and abused, but with their brains still running a mile a minute, trying to determine their next course of action.

It was Lisa that collapsed first. While in her mind she was still alert and planning how she would use the tools at her disposal to pay back KC for her own humiliating torture, in reality she was only doing so in her dreams. Her body had given in to the hours of enduring unnatural positions and constant rape. She lay curled up sound asleep in the corner where the sex toys were piled.

KC wasn’t sure if Lisa’s soft snoring was a trick or a trap, but she definitely wasn’t going to let the sly thing get the better of her. So, fearful of her own fate if she did nothing, she crept across the room and found a pair of steel handcuffs, which she carefully clicked on to Lisa’s wrists. The sleeping beauty didn’t respond in the slightest way, so KC finally relaxed and, moving to the opposite corner of the cell, went soundly to sleep herself. The two nude women hardly moved a muscle until morning.

When KC awoke, she quickly perused the floor around her and, to her shock and surprise, saw nothing. There were no bondage items, no sex toys, and most interestingly, no Lisa Ballard, handcuffed or not. Instead, for the next few hours she was left totally alone with her thoughts. Strangely, those thoughts more and more started to involve tying up and torturing her cellmate.

And speaking of Lisa, she had been quietly removed from the dungeon at dawn and quickly prepared for another unusual day on the island. This one looked more promising, however, as she was slipped into a black cat suit and led to Mr. Turner’s sitting room, where she balanced herself on a pair of six inch black stiletto heels, waiting for him to arrive.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before “Johnny,” as he asked her to call him that day, entered the room and permitted her take a seat at his desk.

“You’ve been here long enough to fill out a little questionnaire, my dear,” he said to her, his eyes following the long curves of her body.

“You have got to be kidding,” Lisa answered in disbelief.
“Hardly,” Turner responded. “We are always tuned in the interests and capabilities of our ‘guests.’” The way he said guests made Lisa roll her eyes in disgust, but what her host told her next actually got her full attention.

“I would like you to tell us what you would like us to do with Ms. Masters. I know you must have some devilish ideas rolling around your head, and we’d like to hear them. After all, she certainly came up with some doozies for you, didn’t she?”

“You mean KC planned all of that stuff?” Lisa asked in shock. “I didn’t think she knew a nipple clamp from a butt plug!”

“She’s a quick learner, that Ms. Masters,” Johnny answered, with obvious affection in his voice. “She might not have your experience, Ballard, but I do enjoy molding her innocent young mind. Kind of like starting from scratch with an unsculpted ball of clay. Who knows what we can produce from such luscious material. But we digress, my dear. I wanted to know if you had any suggestions for her.”

Lisa thought for a few moments before going on.

“I was just thinking about an idea I had after listening to a Montel show one day. There was a story of a woman who was kidnapped by two men and chained to a closet floor. It got me thinking of another way to um… 'store' a woman in a closet. Arms and elbows bound behind her, standing. A clothes hanger with those clothes clips on her nipples, and the hanger hung on the bar. I've heard those clothes clips can hurt rather a lot. And I wonder.... how she would deal once she started getting tired. Would she be able to sleep standing up with only her nipples achoring her in a standing position? Would her legs get weak and her knees start to buckle?”

“Uh-huh” was all that Johnny could get out before Lisa continued.

“And I had this one idea once and it came to me again last night. It's good to have two um... human play toys for this situation. One female is tied face down, parallel to the floor and about six to six and half feet up off the ground. Nipple clamps and a clit clamp with chains dangling maybe six inches from her. Maybe a vibrator strapped into her pussy so she doesn't get too bored. The other is tied standing beneath her with ankles anchored to the floor, so she can't push up on her toes, preferably wide open for fun and easy access. Her arms however are pulled up, bound to the chains connected to the girl over head. Not quite all the way straight though. I have this thought that it's more difficult to keep ones arms raised over head if they are somewhat bent. Uses more muscles or something. Now whenever her arms get tired, she tugs at the nipples and clit of the poor girl over head. Obviously, if she is a nice person, she won't want her fellow, um, playmate to hurt, so she'd want to keep those arms raised. One might wonder how long she could hold them up to ease her friend's potential discomfort. Especially, if there is incentive not to, such as clamps on her nipples with chains pulled extra tight to her arms as well.”

“So very evil, Ballard!” Coming from Johnny, this sounded like a compliment. “I’ll file those thoughts away and see what we can do to make them happen. Anything else?”

“No sir,” Lisa said, with a bit of a smile on her lips. She couldn’t wait to have KC get her just desserts and was only hopeful to be able to witness it when she did. “Oh, and thanks for the chance to say what’s on my mind.”

“No problem,” Turner answered. “I thought I owed that to you after what I have in store for you today.”

Lisa’s smile turned into a frown, and it stayed that way as Turner pushed a button on his desk, signaling for two of his henchmen to enter and remove Lisa from the premises. As they did, they happily yanked the high heels off of her feet and pealed the rubber catsuit from her body, leaving her stark naked once again. Battling against her loud protests, they then rammed a huge two and a half inch rubber ball into her mouth and then affixed it there using yards of sticky black medical tape that was wrapped around the lower half of her face. They used more of the material to bind her wrists together behind her back and then finished her bondage by wrapping the last of the medtape over her knees. The last bit of work allowed her to waddle in between the two men, who towered over her, but also made it impossible for her to escape from them, even when they weren’t holding tightly to her elbows as they left the mansion and approached the beach.

Once they reached the white sand on the seashore, Lisa found herself surrounded by five other bound and naked women, as well as each one’s personal pair of guards. It could have been some kind of kinky convention, if it wasn’t for the task that all the slaves were immediately ordered to undertake. Their wrists were freed so that they could be handed a long shovel. Then they were moved to six separate locations on the beach, three of which produced a little semicircle in the sand, with the other three did the same thing a few dozen yards away.

“See the iron bars at ground level?” one of the guards yelled. Each of the women did. “You’ll dig down under yours until you’re told to stop. And don’t waste our time taking breaks. You’ll have the rest of the day for that.”

Lisa didn’t like the sound of the warning, but went immediately to work doing what she was told. The sand was relatively easy to move, but it was still difficult to dig, especially without any shoes on her bare feet. In addition, it would spill back into the hole almost as quickly as it was shoveled out. It must have taken close to an hour before each hole was sufficiently hollowed out, revealing what looked like clothesline T’s that had previously been buried deep in the white sand. The six sweating women who had unearthed the iron poles now feared what purpose they were going to have for them.

“Hop in, bitches,” the head guard ordered.

Lisa and four of the others did exactly as they were told, but the last woman, a short but well-built and freckled face brunette, stood shivering in terror above her hole.

“What’s wrong, Lacey? Too deep for you?” the man asked.

“Please, sir,” she answered, “I don’t want to be buried again. I almost went crazy the last time.”

“Get in right now, bitch, or I’ll have Mona cut off every last strand of hair from your head. You know she will, right? Bald is beautiful. That’s her favorite saying, you know.”

“Please,” Lacey pleaded one more time, but what happened next not only got her complete attention, but everyone else’s as well. One of the other guards fired a shot from his pistol into the air and the sound echoed loudly down the beach, sending seagulls flying noisily up into the sky. Lacey screamed and jumped straight into the bottom of her hole, joining the other women who were similarly cowering in theirs.

“Now don’t give us any trouble, or you’ll pay for it,” the guard commanded. First put your backs up next to the poles and bend your arms over the top. Some of the women apparently had done this before and acted accordingly. Lisa and a few others had to watch what the others were doing to fully grasp the significance of what was being asked of them. Once they did and unhappily followed suit, each woman had her wrists tied off behind her and then to the pole itself, leaving them with their breasts jutting out alluringly in front of them, and with the ground level horizontal poles separating their backs and elbows painfully.

Another guard then came near and tossed a series of smaller poles to the ground next to the three girls across from Lisa’s group and then another batch just feet in front of hers. Some of the poles had round grooves on either end, while others were perfectly straight, but had attached to them very long and very wide rubber dildos. Lisa closed her eyes in despair when she started to put two and two together. Sure enough, one pole was meant to be a spreader bar attached between each woman’s ankles, and then the second pole was fitted and screwed into the first, but only after the attached dildo was plunged up and all the way into the wide open vagina of its waiting victim. The screams and moans came sporadically from the beach as the six women were, one after the other, stretched wide and then filled with the huge unyielding rubber. Those that had been privileged to have their mouths available to them until now were finally gagged like all the rest, dulling the noise that continued, but certainly not stopping it.

A few extra yards of hemp rope was then wrapped tightly around the six waists and hips found a few feet below ground level, leaving each woman severely attached to her own personal anchor in the sand.

And then the guards began to shovel that sand back in.

Chapter Twenty Five

KC walked with Johnny Turner in a group of about fifteen men and women, all of them wearing bathing suits. Along with most of the women, she was dressed in the skimpiest of bikinis, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. But, considering her previous exposure on the island, she felt almost overdressed on this occasion, and anything but the center of attention.

“Ever go to a beach volleyball tournament before?” one of the other women asked, clearly a playboy bunny type.

“I can’t say that I have,” she answered honestly, “although I’ve watched some at the Olympics. I always wondered how the women could play in those tiny outfits.”

“Because they don’t have tits like yours,” the woman’s male partner interjected.

KC turned red, but smiled anyway, knowing that those two double D’s in her bikini top were worth their weight in gold on this particular piece of property. Johnny Turner certainly wouldn’t have had any use for her, she thought, if she was some flat chested librarian.

When the handful of personal VIP’s that Johnny brought with him reached the beach, they had a special spot waiting for them at center court. There they could see all the action of the afternoon tournament that he had arranged for them and for anyone else from the island that cared to attend. KC would never have been interested in such an event on her own, but was more than happy to come along today, especially if it meant a few hours away from the continual craziness going on inside the Turner mansion.

And then she took a closer look at the volleyball pit.

The lines were carefully marked out in the sand as at any other locale. The net seemed to be at regulation height. In fact, everything seemed perfectly normal, until you saw the stakes which held the net ropes in place. On either side of the court, protruding out of the sand, were three female heads, each with medical tape wrapped tightly around the lower half of their face from nose to chin. It was quite obvious to tell by the stretch of their jaws that each mouth was packed to the brim with some kind of huge gag. KC wasn’t sure, however, if the pained expression on each of the women’s faces was from what their mouths were enduring, or from something else – God only knew what – that they were being forced to experience underground.

Another possibility for their discomfort could have been the rope that disappeared right before their expressive and disbelieving eyes. The nether end of each rope was connected to the top of the volleyball net, three on one end and three on the other. Each rope was then pulled taut toward the bodies secured in the sand and tied off to a turnbuckle, which looked like it was attached to the throats of the six poor victims. In reality, a rope wrapped around the T shaped bar to which they were each tied actually took the full weight of the net, but for the spectators it looked precisely as if the six women were being strangled in the process. Of course, the slight movements that each head would eventually make, as well as the constant movement of their eyes, revealed that the female volleyball stakes in the ground were very much alive, albeit very much in agony.

Although the rest of the fans around the court were separated by a fence from the six torture victims in front of them, Johnny purposely brought his special guests closer for a more intimate view. It was then that KC discovered one of the women to be Lisa Ballard.

When Lisa saw her ex-cellmate bending over her, she pleaded as best she could for mercy. Knowing how Johnny had seemed to adopt Masters as his personal playmate, she realized that she needed to go through her if she was ever going to escape this madness.

KC responded by saying to Johnny, “Is that Lisa?”

“Hard to tell, isn’t it, with her big curves all buried in the sand. But you’re right. It is sweet little Miss Ballard.” Then he knelt down next to Lisa and added, “You’ve got a front row seat for the afternoon’s festivities, Lisa. And then we’ll top off your day with some of the suggestions you gave me earlier. Only you’ll be on the receiving end.”

Lisa groaned behind the ball gag that the medtape held deep in her mouth, and she cursed herself for believing that Turner had ever planned to let her torture KC in the first place. No, it was she who was going to be the one experimenting with her curious fantasies herself. And that, only after who knew how many hours on the beach, riding the dildo buried inside of her cunt, just as her body was buried helplessly under the ground. If only the sun would stay behind the clouds. Otherwise, her face at the end of the day would be as red from sunburn as it was already red from embarrassment, anger, and humiliation.

Soon thereafter the games began, and teams of two repeatedly took their turns playing in the heat of the afternoon. But nobody replaced the six women who held their positions securing the net for them to use. For those six, this was no game, and certainly no fun. It was a test of their endurance, and only the preliminaries for what would come later.

Chapter Twenty Six

As the day’s outdoor events concluded and the spectators went their separate ways, Lisa Ballard and her five aching companions were finally unburied and untied. As the ropes and straps were removed from them and they were led like horses to the water, they collapsed in complete exhaustion on the beach, moaning behind their gags as the cool water swept over their naked sand-covered bodies. It was like being given a brief reprieve from hell, but one that didn’t last anywhere near long enough.
That was because Johnny Turner had promised each of the six women to a number of his anxious guests for an evening of further depravity. Each slave’s torture would be determined by the men or women that she was sold to overnight, and then she would be returned to her real Master in the morning.

Lisa watched as each of her companions was taken away by groups of three or four extremely excited guests, some of whom included the volleyball players that had been competing in the tournament. It turned out that the winners had received, as part of their prize, a chance to enjoy one of the female stakes of their choice. Judging by the lustful leers of those groups, it was going to be a long night of agony for any of the women who were subjected to their personal whims and wishes.

As for her, Lisa remained alone when all the other women were carted off. She wondered for a moment if she had somehow been forgotten, or if she was going to be excused from this particular night of suffering, but then any such hopes were dashed as none other than Mr. Turner himself came back to the beach for her, with KC striding along behind him, nearly bursting out of her string bikini.

“Lisa, Lisa, Lisa,” Johnny began, “what an amazing object you make. That body of yours can be molded into anything, it seems.”

“Mmmpphhh, MMMPPHHHH!” Lisa responded, the ball between her teeth and the medtape wrapped around the lower half of her face making her curses indecipherable, yet their intent quite clear.

Johnny laughed and said, “I have some more fun planned for you tonight, my dear, and I think KC would like come and play this time, too. Or play and come, depending on your point of view.” KC almost cowered behind him, and Lisa’s eyes shot darts at her, but Johnny wasn’t yet ready to have them interact beyond that. So he whistled loudly and two of the black servant girls came running, a mass of nylon cord in tow, and before she could bat an eyelash, Lisa was swiftly and securely hogtied and then carried back to the mansion, hanging like a puppet between the two Amazons on either side of her.

All of this was new to KC Masters. She had never been one to experiment with what she thought of as kinky sex until Aaron Miller and the Violet bitch had kidnapped her and started her on the BDSM road that led to Bornidello. Yet here she was on this night, standing outside a dark dungeon cell, knowing that Lisa Ballard was, probably in some diabolically inventive way, strung up and waiting for her inside. She looked down at her feet, which teetered on top of five inch heels and inside of thigh high boots, and couldn’t believe the sight, or what she saw in between. Her hips were hugged by a black girdle that offered a garter every two or three inches to hold up the sheer black hosiery barely visible above the boots of the same color. Her breasts spilled over the top of a similarly tight bustierre, which extended down almost to the top of the girdle, leaving only a few inches of her flat tummy peaking through. Her hair was piled up on the top of her head. And while her eyes couldn’t see it, a third swath of black leather encircled her as well, a three inch wide collar that tugged at her neck. Inch long spikes jutted out from the center of the material like spokes from the center of a wheel. Johnny had told her this made her look like Emma Peel at her sexiest, but she had no idea what that analogy referred to.

In one hand she held the key to the cell, while in the other she held a long, black whip. She wasn’t sure she wanted to insert the first item; she definitely had no interest in applying the second; yet she knew that both would have to be used before the night was over, if she was going to carry out her Master’s wishes. So she took a deep breath and unlocked the cell door. Opening it, she took another deep breath, this time in response to what she saw.

Lisa was strung up alright, bent into what KC figured just had to be an unbearable position, hanging a yard above the floor. Her waist and hips were wrapped in endless circles of rope, and the uppermost cords were cinched with more rope and pulled together a few inches up above her freshly shaved pussy. The guards had obviously been hard at work since bringing Lisa in from the beach.

While her midsection was thus thrust up toward the ceiling, where it was connected by another rope that held her aloft, both her head and feet were pointed directly at the floor, although none of her extremities were actually tied to it. Instead, her dangling feet were crossed, tied, and cinched, and then pulled back via another rope, which stretched horizontally the one short foot it took to meet Lisa’s braided hair. While it should have been a much longer journey, the fact that her head was pulled down and back, just like her feet, made it possible, though painful, to complete the upside down hogtie with the least amount of cord needed.

Of course, that left plenty more of the half-inch white nylon to encircle Lisa’s arms at both the elbow and wrist, so that they could then be pulled tightly together as one. A final length of rope was woven through her wrist bindings at one end and tied a few yards away from her knees on the other end, stretching her hands unnaturally all the way through the opening between her calves in the process. The rope was tied to a ring in the back wall of the cell, and that single connection, as well as the other one holding her midsection to the ceiling, was the only thing holding Lisa in her inverted aerial position. Nothing else was needed, since her entire body was unable to move as much as an inch in its current state.

That also made it impossible for Lisa to push out, or pull off of, an enormous dildo that filled her exposed cunt. The eight inch long and two inch wide monster was first screwed on to the end of a pole and then screwed into Lisa. The other end of the pole was then slid down along the wall until it reached the same ring that held Lisa’s wrists back so severely. A quick twist of rope around the pole and the ring made the long length of wood and its attached dildo a permanent fixture in the hanging woman’s crotch until someone other than she was generous enough to remove it.

KC also assumed that, if anyone did free her friend from the dildo invading her pussy, they would also remove the one that plunged just as deeply into her mouth and throat. It, too, sat on the end of a pole, and that pole was positioned firmly in place between Lisa’s face and the floor. All she would have needed to do to escape its rape of her throat was to pull her head slightly forward, but such a simple option was made a mute point by the rope pulling her braided hair straight back to her crossed ankles. Nor could she bend her body any more in the other direction without breaking her back. The only option left was to bite down on the hard rubber tickling her tonsils and try to prevent it from choking her any more than it already was.

As the final decoration for Lisa’s torturous backward fold, whoever had roped her into the impossible position had made sure to wrap a few extra feet of rope around each her breasts, which now were thrust out of her chest like missiles. A clamp was added to each nipple and from each set of matching steel jaws were hung a pair of weighted spheres about the size of golf balls. For once, because of her inverted hang, her nipples were being yanked up instead of down, although the resulting pain that ran through her chest was no different than what she had been experiencing sporadically for almost a month now.

Still, with the dildos doubly fucking her face and cunt, and with the ropes continually testing almost every muscle in her bent body, there was little time to concentrate on the biting pain at the tips of her tits. She had to equally divide up the time she spent concentrating on the pain in her arms, her legs, her neck, her shoulders, and her nipples. Each of those body parts kept calling for immediate attention, but she could offer none of it to any of them.

And then, from the corner of her eye, she saw a dominatrix enter the room.

Chapter Twenty Seven

“My God, Lisa, they really did it to you this time, didn’t they?”

Lisa wasn’t sure just how to answer KC’s idiotic question. Should she attempt to nod her head in the affirmative, thus giving the brunette bimbo the satisfaction of thinking she had made some great discovery, like some kind of female Sherlock Holmes? Or should she attempt to tell Miss Masters what she REALLY thought of her, standing there dressed all in black fetishwear, Johnny Turner’s new sex buddy and boy toy? It would be hard to get the words out from around the thick rubber dildo in her mouth, but Lisa was pretty sure that she could get KC to perfectly understand her message nonetheless. Of course, if she chose the latter route, she would certainly risk the possible wrath with which the other woman might choose to respond, and bound as she was, that could have spelled serious trouble. So Lisa went with option number one and kept her mouth shut – so to speak – and instead let her eyes do her communicating for her.

Even from upside down, it was evident to KC that Lisa was in pure agony. Her body was bent in every conceivable direction, with absolutely no chance for relief. Obviously the plug that disappeared between the lips of her mouth extended far enough into her – maybe even into her throat – to keep the poor thing from speaking. KC was filled with such pity for her, but not just because of the situation Lisa was currently enduring; it was also because she knew that it was going to get much worse for her.

Johnny had given KC orders to add insult to injury, especially by means of the long whip she now held tightly in the palm of her right hand. The seven feet of thin black leather lay piled up mostly between her boot heels at the moment, but just as frightening was the handle of the whip, which took the shape of a very large male penis, not unlike the pair of dildos that currently plunged past Lisa’s upper lips, as well as her lower ones, and filled her aching body so deeply in both places. Batteries in the whip handle also allowed it to be used as a vibrator, and KC had every intention of getting Lisa off on it numerous times that night. However, she wasn’t sure if she could use the other end of the torture instrument as she had been instructed to. It just didn’t seem right for her to mark Lisa’s glorious body with lines of blood from the dangerous looking leather.

“Does it really hurt, sweetie?” she asked, again forcing Lisa to bite her tongue in response.

“UH-HUH!” she groaned past the rubber. “EEZ HEL EEE!”

“Please help you?”


“But how?”

Lisa rolled her eyes. Was this woman real? “UH-EYE EE.”

“Untie you? But I can’t! Johnny would kill me, and you, too, I guess. In fact, he’s the one that sent me here to torture you.


“I’m here to torture you.” Holding up the whip, she added, “I’m supposed to use this thing on you.”

Lisa didn’t have much leeway with the use of her head, but she violently shook it as best she could anyway. “UH-UH! EEZ!”

“Damn it, Ballard, I have to.” Suddenly KC’s demeanor changed. And, with little warning, she lifted the whip into the air and let it fly. The leather cracked against Lisa’s stretched stomach, just inches above the rope that hung her from the ceiling.

“EEEOOOWWW!!” she screamed, and her entire body bucked in midair. As her jaw widened to respond to the sudden additional pain, the dildo took advantage of the momentary lowering of her guard and forced its way even deeper down her throat. Lisa began to violently gag and choke, trying her best to pull herself off of the intruding hard rubber.

Even as she did, another crack of leather announced a second painful attack of her midsection, this time closer to her bound breasts. Lisa screamed again, but this time a more guttural sound, as she successfully kept her teeth firmly biting down on the dildo gag. Her body jerked desperately above the floor, but the strictness of its bondage allowed for surprisingly little movement, even though the pain itself was intolerable.

She tried to yell, “STOP,” but there was no way to make that word in her current gagged state, so she ended up just screaming in agony and hoping that KC would respond to it with some kind of pity.

She didn’t.

Instead, she seemed to now be getting off on the whipping herself. She stepped to the other side of the hanging woman before her and aimed the whip at her flanks. Lisa screamed again, even louder than before, if that were possible. And she added a few extra swear words for KC when the next series of stripes were added up and down her thighs and to within inches of her clitoris. KC then changed sides and marked Lisa similarly there. By the time she was done, Lisa had sweat pouring from every inch her body, which only made her look even more appealing to her attacker.

“My God, Lisa,” KC purred. “You are so fucking sexy. I can see what Johnny means when he drools over you so.”

Lisa’s only sounds in response were the moans coming from deep down her throat and the rapid breathing from her nose. Her eyes were now closed tightly, and her fingers were clinched, as she tried to survive in whatever way she could the excruciating pain searing the front of her body.

Then a bolt of lightning hit. KC applied the handle of the whip directly against her victim’s clit and turned on the juice full blast. Another inhuman scream erupted from Lisa’s throat and her body began to spasm and jerk. However, KC wouldn’t let anything keep her from maintaining the vibrator against its target, and Lisa’s screams soon began to take on a rhythm that indicated, despite the pain, an orgasm was building up inside of her. A few seconds later, and her body tensed in absolute silence. The only sound or movement came from the whip handle buzzing softly against her crotch. And then Lisa Ballard exploded. Liquid squirted out of her sexual opening and shot against KC’s face. A long, continuous groan filled the room and drool poured down to the floor from Lisa’s forced open mouth. And then it was over. A minute later and the hanging girl slumped from her ropes as if dead.

At first KC giggled at what she saw. “That might have been a powerful enough explosion to wake the dead,” she laughed. But then she took a closer look at her partner and began to wonder if she had somehow taken her too far.

“Lisa. Lisa!” she screamed. “Are you all right?”

But there was no response. The plug thrust into Lisa’s mouth met no resistance and slid all the way into her throat. She wasn’t breathing! KC immediately moved below her and pulled the dildo and its accompanying rod from their unprotesting victim. Even more drool poured out of Lisa’s mouth and pooled on the floor below her. KC then managed to untie Lisa’s hair from her ankles in order to remove the tension of the backbreaking bondage. For the first time since KC entered the dungeon, Lisa was no longer stretched as tight as a bow.

Next KC slid the other rod and dildo out of Lisa’s vagina and released her arms from behind her, and then she went to work trying to figure out how to bring her down from the ceiling. It turned out that the rope from above was simply controlled by a crank against the wall, and once she had determined how to use it, KC was able to lower Lisa all the way to the floor in a flash. She put her head against her chest to determine if she was even still breathing, and when she detected that she was, she uttered a sigh of relief and looked up to her face once again.

She did so just in time to see Lisa’s eyes staring at her in stark raving madness. KC didn’t even have the chance to make a sound of surprise before the other woman applied a quick and powerful head butt against her noggin, knocking her almost instantly unconscious. In fact, as darkness began to swirl around her, the last thing she saw was Lisa Ballard, still naked, but now untied, kneeling over her, a strange sadistic smile on her face. And the last thing she heard was two simple words: “Your turn.”

Chapter Twenty Eight

Lisa Ballard was a submissive, a bottom, she could even see herself being referred to as a pain slut. She was potentially the perfect slave to any man. To any MAN. But things changed dramatically when another woman entered the equation. Not that she found female flesh distasteful, as long as she was the one in control of it.

So when KC Masters was given the assignment of topping her, Lisa considered it the challenge of her life to turn the tables on the pseudo-domme – a challenge she had met with one well-placed connection between her forehead and KC’s. The brunette, who had just moments before been balancing on the heels of her thigh high boots, crumbled to floor right next to Lisa, who had feigned feinting in order to get the upper hand on her now unconscious partner.

Not knowing how long she would have to carry out the plans that had been germinating inside of her head for the better part of the day, Lisa went quickly to work stripping KC of every item she wore over her perfect body. The boots and the sheer stockings beneath them, the girdle with each of its myriad of garters, the bustierre, even the spike covered collar were all removed – and then transferred to Lisa’s almost matching form. Other than a couple of red stripes that showed at her upper thigh and immediately below her breasts, there was little indication that it was Lisa who had been the one hung and whipped in the dungeon that night. However, if she was left to finish her plan in its entirety, there would be no doubt in a few hours that KC’s body – from head to toe – had received a much more severe dose of the same.

The replacement dominatrix first scoured the dungeon for any other toys that might be available to her and she soon hit the jackpot. A chest in the corner offered every conceivable bondage device known to man – or slave. After examining the treasure trove, she nodded her head and began to pull out the items that would find their way on, around, and in KC Masters.

The central focus of Lisa’s plan was a wooden beam near the back of the room. A few feet in front of it, and hanging from the ceiling, was the pulley system that had left her hanging in midair just a few minutes earlier. Lisa now ran a long rope through the same device and then wound the one end of the cord five times around KC’s bare ankles, before cinching the tie. Next she began the arduous task of hauling her victim, feet first, off the floor. While the pulley made the job somewhat easier, it was still a complicated maneuver to get KC’s body totally in the air and then keep it that way while winding the other end of the rope around a steel T-shaped hook hanging from the wall behind her. By the time she later saw the crank that had previously been used on her, she had already finished her more manual work on KC.

“Shit,” she said to herself, but then began to admire the end results of her hard labor. KC’s arms lay on the floor and her long hair was draped over it, but the rest of her hung upside down in front of and parallel to the beam behind her. There was about two and a half feet of distance between wood and flesh, but Lisa quickly took care of that.

Encircling KC’s waist with yards of the half inch white nylon at her disposal, she pulled the inverted body right next to the beam and then kept it there with even more generous loops of the rope. Yanking tightly on the bondage after every trip around KC’s stomach in order to remove any possible slack, Lisa forced the front of the six inch beam into the small of KC’s back, leaving not a millimeter of space in between, and in the process she probably also removed several inches of Miss Masters’ middle measurement. “Could a waist get any smaller,” she thought, “and could someone still breathe if it did?” Then she smiled and added, “I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?” since she still had much more in store for the one whose waist had already so severely shrunk.

It started with the woman’s hands, which were lifted off the floor and folded together behind both KC’s back and the beam. At first Lisa planned to tie her elbows together as well, but try as she might, there was just no way to make them meet. The wood was just too thick. Her attempts, however, did serve a purpose. As she pushed and pulled KC’s arms together, her unconscious female puppet began to softly moan and groan beneath her.

“Kay-Seeeeeee,” Lisa sang. “Wake up and play with me.”

The hanging brunette’s eyes fluttered open and her lips parted, too, as she began to ask what was happening to her. The only sound that came out though was a brief, “Whaaa,” before Lisa took advantage of the tiny opening and forced a gigantic rubber ball behind her victim’s teeth. Without enough time to properly react, KC immediately found her jaw stretched to its zenith, with no way to force the two and a half inch intruder from its resting place deep inside her mouth. Just to make sure, Lisa took hold of the strap that ran through the ball and buckled it firmly in place behind KC’s head, for once not having to worry about her hair, which gravity had caused to pour off of the neck and down toward the ground below her.

KC’s eyes shot open as her mouth was so totally taken from her. The world had been completely turned upside down, as had her control of the situation in the dungeon. She was now the one hanging from the ceiling; only vertically, instead of being bent like a pretzel. For that small circumstance she was thankful at the moment, but as it would turn out, it would only be for a few moments.

In the meantime, Lisa had gone back to work roping KC’s torso securely to the beam behind her. The white nylon soon covered her chest both above and below her breasts, and then, for good measure, was wound repeatedly at the base of each of the double D globes as well, strangling them into two light purple melons which seemed to stand inches apart from the rest of her flesh. KC’s squeals were muffled behind the huge ball gag, but were still quite noticeable to Lisa, and brought added encouragement for her to continue her work.

“Okay, ‘Missy,’” she said, imitating Johnny’s term of endearment, “now it gets tougher. Let me know if you can’t breathe, okay?” After a few seconds, she went on, “Not that it’ll matter much – but I would like to know.”

With that, Lisa loosened from the wall the rope that held KC’s legs in the air. As she hoped, even though those long legs began to drop to the floor, KC’s body remained firmly molded to the vertical wooden beam to which it had been tied. The guttural sounds from KC’s throat grew louder and more panic driven as she realized her predicament, but even she had no idea what Lisa was planning next.

The words, “Time for a little spreader bar,” gave her the first hint, and the added aside, “Check that – time for a big spreader bar,” made the thought even more terrifying. Lisa showed her prize exactly what she was talking about, a long adjustable bar with straps slipped through each end. One strap was immediately attached to KC’s right ankle before Lisa untied the rope that had previously held her feet in unison above the ground. Then she did the impossible. She pulled KC’s ankles down toward the floor – and toward her head, which sat tightly against the unforgiving beam. With her waist, as well as her chest, already roped into submission in a straight vertical pose, the added force of her legs being bent so unnaturally toward her face left her literally folded in half. But Lisa wasn’t content with that.

Taking out her animal instincts of revenge for what had happened to her at KC’s hands over the last several days, she maneuvered the spreader bar, which currently entrapped only one of KC’s feet, behind the beam and pulled it forward once again like a crowbar in order to meet her other ankle. That could only be accomplished by Lisa kneeling next to KC’s left leg and leaning into it, even as she pulled with all of her might on the strap at the end of the spreader bar. KC’s attempts at loud and uncontrollable protests were deflated by her inability to simply breathe in her current bondage position. Her heels were now actually behind her head, something that she never considered humanly possible, and to make matters worse, she wasn’t even standing on them. Her body hung in such a tight fold entirely by means of the rope securing her torso to the wooden beam behind it. While she might have expected to slide slowly down the beam as her weight and her perspiration took over, Lisa’s ropes were just too tight. KC didn’t move one iota.

Always one to dot every “I” and cross every “T,” Lisa finished the masterpiece which was “KC Masters in Bondage” by circling her body a few more times with rope, this time at her hips and upper legs, drawing that part of her body even more tightly to the beam, if that were possible – and sadly, it was. The rope not only bit deeply into her flesh, but it also framed her ever widening labia and the unprotected cunt to which they offered free and easy entry.

Before taking them up on their offer, however, Lisa made sure to find the most painful looking nipple clamps available to her from the bondage chest and hung them on KC’s chest instead. She even broke off the outer ends of the steel clamps as she applied them so that there was no place for anyone else’s fingers to get a grip on them for removal.

“They’re going to need a pair of pliers to get these babies off,” she sneered, paying no heed to the tears welling up in KC’s eyes as she dealt with getting accustomed to her nipples each being bitten in half.

Finally Lisa stepped back and took a long look at the woman who had been given charge of torturing her in this dungeon cell this night. She nodded in approval at what she had done to her in return, although she was still not sure if it was enough. “It’ll do though,” she thought to herself, and smiled as KC continued to struggle to try and adjust her body in any way, shape, or form to its current impossible torture. She couldn’t talk, she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t move. All she could do was feel and see.

She felt pain like she had never felt before.

And she saw Lisa Ballard coming back toward her, holding in her hand two machines that she knew were soon going to make her situation grow even worse.

Chapter Twenty Nine

With KC nastily folded into a strict little package and hanging almost a foot off the ground, Lisa had nothing left to do to her, except give her a few mind-blowing orgasms with which to remember her, and their month long love/hate relationship once she was gone. To do the trick she took hold of two very different looking electric toys from the bondage box, as well as a roll of black electrical tape and an extension cord. She plugged the cord into the wall socket and draped the other end over KC’s protruding round ass, which pointed straight up to the ceiling. She then took the huge inflatable double prod and began maneuvering the C-shaped contraption into the gaping holes available to her between KC’s thighs. The penis shaped plug went easily into the stretched woman’s cunt, but it took a little bit more work to slide the butt plug into her rectum. KC’s protests were heard, but the poor girl was almost too exhausted by this time to bring out any real volume to her grunts and screams. She did turn it up a few decibels when Lisa inflated the bladders inside of the connected plugs, which was understandable, since the resulting sensation felt as though she was being ripped apart from the inside out. KC only wished she had never seen “Alien,” which made the nightmare even more terrifying in her mind.

Of course, no good sex toy came without the ability to be turned on, and this one was definitely a good sex toy. So Lisa plugged it into the extension cord and a powerful humming began to reverberate from deep within KC. Her body also began to quiver and shake, but her tight bondage made most of the movement unnoticeable. Only KC knew how aroused she was being forced to become.

Yet that was nothing, compared to the wallop she got when Lisa took the second vibrator in her hand, a smaller one with but a single head, yet one that could be made to attack the clitoris and the clitoris alone. Lisa made sure that it was perfectly positioned and glued to that spot with electrical tape, before she then plugged in the second vibrator and, with her thumb, slipped it into first gear. A second whirring immediately began, and this time KC did make some noise.

“Finally,” Lisa responded with a smile. “I thought you were dead or something.” Then she slid the power switch from level one to level four, and KC’s whole body nearly exploded. Lisa figured that this would be the true test of strength for the rope that held her body to the beam, but there wasn’t even the slightest give in the nylon cord. Even though KC’s muscles bulged and her body fought with every ounce of strength it still could muster, she remained firmly attached to the wood at her back and hanging in a perfect fold above the floor. In fact, the only difference from her predicament a few moments earlier was a constant torturous tingling inside of her sex, as well as an occasional longer explosion of pleasure and pain when, despite her unwillingness to do so, she would sporadically give in to her body’s orgasmic submission to the vibrators to their work both inside and outside of her.

“I hope for your sake that Johnny was planning to check in on us sometime tonight,” Lisa said, although KC could barely make out the words in her current crazed state of arousal. “And if he does, you’d better hope he recognizes his poor baby, cuz if he thinks its me hanging there like that, he may just leave me – uh, you – in agony until tomorrow. And to be honest, honey, I don’t know if you’ve got that in you.” Then she smiled and snickered, “Not with all the other stuff you’ve got in you.”

With that, Lisa clicked out of the room, wearing KC’s outfit, and looking – she hoped – like the same woman who waltzed into the room earlier in the evening. Her first test came only fifteen feet from the cell door.

“Ms. Masters,” one of the guards on duty in the dungeon called, “are you done with her for the night?”

Lowering her voice slightly in an attempt to emulate KC’s sexy alto, she answered, “Absolutely. And don’t you let anyone in there either. She’s been a bad, bad girl, and she needs her punishment.”

“You’ve got it,” the guard smiled, although he was anxious to take a closer look for himself as soon as KC was gone.

On the other hand, Lisa wasn’t totally sure if she was being too sadistic, setting her victim up for an entire night of such torture. But then, remembering her owns experiences of late, she thought, “Naahhhh!” and sauntered down the hall, taking her first steps toward freedom. She wasn’t sure how she was getting out of there, but she planned to be back in the States very soon, and she figured there was no better time than in the dark of night to make her escape.

As she reached the main level of the building, she ran into another pair of Turner’s guards. Trying to act as casually as you can when you are wearing the outfit of a kinky dominatrix, she walked right up to them and smiled, hoping that their eyes would be more on her alluring body than on her face.

“Ev’ning, Ma’am,” one of them said, somewhat in awe of the sight he was seeing walk past him. Then, as she continued to walk away from them, accentuating the swaying of her hips with every step, the other guard seemed to have a light bulb go off in his head.

“Wait a second,” he shouted. Lisa stopped dead in her tracks and debated what to do next. Had she been recognized? Had she been caught? If, so, she wasn’t going to go back to the dungeon quietly, certainly not to take the place of the helpless bitch that she had just left there. Her brain told her feet to run, but her instincts took over and led her to simply stand there, still facing away from the two men behind her.

“Yes?” she said sternly, implying that she had little time for chit-chat with the servants.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am, but are you Ms. Masters?”

“Well, I’m certainly not her slave girl Lisa,” she answered angrily.

“No, Ma’am. I just wasn’t sure if you were the one who had asked for the two new residents.”

“Residents?” Lisa thought. “Does he mean party guests or torture victims?” Then out loud she replied, “Of course. Are they here?”

“Yes, ma’am. The man is in your room, and the woman is right down here, if you want to see her.”

Lisa’s curiosity got the better of her, and she said, “Yes, I would, but I don’t want her to see me, all right?”

“Oh, that won’t be a problem, ma’am. She can’t see anything at the moment.”

This sounded more interesting by the minute, so Lisa allowed the young guard to lead her to another room on the floor, taking note of any possible later escape routes along the way.

“Here you go, Ms. Masters,” the guard said, standing at a padded door. “Do you want the key?”

“Of course I do, you idiot,” she yelled back, forcing him to lower his face in humility, and making sure that he kept it lowered by forcing her breasts out provocatively over the black bustierre that covered so little of them to begin with. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out the aforementioned key and placed it into Lisa’s waiting hand. He then muttered, “Sorry, ma’am,” and headed back to his companion around the corner.

Lisa slipped the key into the door and slowly pushed it open. “What the hell am I doing?” she asked herself, now ready to also kick herself for taking this risky business. Then suddenly her body tingled and she said out loud, “My God!” What she saw was that remarkable and unexpected.

The room was much smaller than the dungeon she had just left, more the size of a good sized bathroom than anything else, but with absolutely no furniture of any kind. In fact, the room only contained one thing, a woman hanging in the very center space of the cell. She was held equidistant from the floor and the ceiling by means of three thick ropes, two of which were connected to her ankles and pulled them wide apart before being tied off to the opposite walls. Her legs were almost fully parallel to the ground as they stretched unmercifully against the pull of the taut cords.

Worse were the girl’s arms. They were lashed together behind her, her opposite extremities touching from her fingers to her elbows, but with those molded elbows pointing back and up to the ceiling; in fact hanging from it via the third rope that kept her in midair. At first Lisa wondered why the girl’s shoulders hadn’t been pulled out of their sockets by the unnatural bondage position, but then she noted that another rope pulled her wrists down just as firmly as the ceiling rope pulled her elbows up, the matching force keeping her in a painful strappado, but in such a way that she didn’t literally break in half. The rope from her wrists extended down through her ass cheeks and then up the front side of her body between her labia. It ran between her small breasts and then made its way around her neck like a noose.

A leather hood was laced around her head, so tight that Lisa could make out almost every feature of the face wrapped underneath. The wide stretch of the lower face clearly indicated that something very large and very firm had been rammed inside the hanging girl’s mouth. It must have been a chore just to maintain that bondage position, let alone deal with the mouth watering gag and the mid-air flight.

Other than the ropes and hood, the woman wore absolutely nothing at all, although her lithe body was covered in sweat and glistened in the soft light of the cell.

But what Lisa noticed first, and that kept her attention every single second, even as she examined from head to toe the gorgeous figure on display before her, was the ponytail poking out from the back of the hood. It was tied as tight as the nude body below it. It ran down to the area between the girl’s shoulder blades and her painfully bent elbows. And it was dyed a bright shade of purple.

Chapter Thirty

The grin on Lisa Ballard’s face was almost as wide as the spread legs of the helpless girl hanging before her in the little cell.

“Violet?” she said softly, but apparently not softly enough, for the body of the torture victim immediately tensed upon hearing her name. Her futile attempts at communicating behind the gag also added to Lisa’s assumption that some kind of huge gag was firmly in place behind the tight leather hood. If this was indeed Violet, Lisa and KC’s nemesis from the mainland, she appeared to be getting in spades exactly what she had dished out to them on several occasions in the past. And Lisa couldn’t be any happier to see it with her own eyes.

Peeking back out of the cell for a moment and noticing that the coast still seemed to be clear, she couldn’t help but return and approach the petite sexy tanned minx in front of her and begin to run her fingers up and down her unprotected torso. Suddenly twisting both of her nipples between her fingers, Lisa heard a slight squeal from inside the leather headgear and knew that she was getting the kind of attention that she wanted. “If only there was more time,” she thought. Then she whispered into the place in the hood where Violet’s right ear must have been, “You deserve so much worse, and I pray that you’ll find every last bit of it here – just like we did, you bitch.” At that, she let the nails of her thumbs and forefingers come together in the middle of Violet’s brownish nipples and she squeezed as hard as she could. A long, muffled scream filled the room, and Lisa smiled one last time, before letting go and leaving the hanging body to endure its torment alone after the door swung shut and locked behind her.

Still not content, however, she next returned to KC’s room, just to see if Aaron Miller was indeed also present on the island. Had he actually sold Violet to the Turners, and if so, what price could he have gotten in return?

Her heels clicked on the hard wood floor as she approached the bedroom, so she walked more slowly and carefully, trying to reach the door without being noticed by anyone inside. When she got there, she heard nothing, but she waited outside nonetheless, figuring that sooner or later the room’s occupant would reveal himself. Yet no sound was forthcoming, so after what must have been a good ten minutes, Lisa took hold of the knob and slowly turned it. Pushing the door open ever so slightly, she saw Aaron Miller on KC’s four poster bed, naked and tie spread eagle between the posts. A monstrous purple ballgag was strapped into his mouth and his cock and balls were wound into a tight little package, strangled by some kind of rubber coated wire.

“Oh my God,” Lisa muttered, never expecting to see her other former master also on the other end of a bondage tie. Aaron’s head immediately popped up off of the mattress and the look in his eyes was priceless.

“Yee-ah?” he said into the rubber, surprised to see one of the last slaves that he had sold to the Turners now walking around like some kind of Domme.

“Yes, Aaron, it’s Lisa all right. Or shadow. Or should we say your worst nightmare?”

Aaron’s eyes grew a little larger and a little more terrified.

“And what do we have here?” Lisa went on, moving to the foot of the bed. There, between Aaron’s bound ankles, was a pile of utensils that would have made anyone in his position terrified. Knives, saws, screwdrivers, and pliers were just some of the things that Lisa recognized, but the nameless items looked even more ominous.

“Are these things for you, my dear?” Lisa asked, pretending to show Aaron some pity. She then started stroking his erect penis with one hand, while squeezing his bulging balls in the other. “What did you do to deserve all this?” she asked, as sweat began to cover his body.

“Oh, he did plenty,” came the reply from the darkness behind the door.

Lisa spun around in shock and for the first time saw the third person in the room, the elder Mr. Turner, sitting quietly in an easy chair. As she made a slight move toward the door, he kicked it shut with his foot.

“You don’t want to do that, Miss Ballard.”

“And why not,” Lisa answered.

“Because I think you could have a great deal more fun in here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I believe Mr. Miller needs to be taught a lesson for stealing so much money from our operations, and for keeping for himself and his lovely female friend a few of the women he had been paid good money to kidnap for us. Besides, as one of those previously kidnapped victims, you would make an excellent helper in his punishment.”

“You’ve got to be kidding, right?” Lisa replied. “You’re planning on tying me up, too, aren’t you?”

“On the contrary, Miss Ballard. While you make a wonderful slave, and a very alluring sex object, it’s obvious that you also have a bit of talent when it comes to doing unto others as you would have them do unto you as well.”

Lisa stared at him in confusion, so Turner went on to explain. “You don’t think that what you did to Ms. Masters tonight went unwatched, do you? Or that we didn’t see you checking in on Miss Violet, too? The walls all have eyes, Lisa.”

“Damn,” Lisa thought to herself, but before she could say anything out loud, Turner added, “And the walls like what they saw. You have a special appeal to you, Miss Ballard. If I was younger, I’d consider making you my personal piece of property – and I don’t mean that in a bad way. You and I could have a great deal of fun. Lisa the slave – then Lisa the Domme. I could play with you, then watch as you play with the others. But alas, the only problem is that my heart probably couldn’t take it all. But my son, on the other hand….”

Again Lisa had to try to recalculate everything that she was hearing.

“I believe he has truly taken to your friend, the one thinking she is going to die by orgasm in the dungeon right now. Fabulous bondage, by the way.”

“Thanks,” Lisa said quietly.

“But Ms. Masters is not the kind of woman to do the work that Aaron and Violet were taking care of. She will make a nice trophy piece around the mansion while she lasts, but I think that there are much bigger and better things ahead for you, Lisa. That is, if you’re interested?”

“What in the world are you talking about?”

I need someone to return to the mainland and continue my white slavery operation. Johnny can handle Mr. Miller’s end of the bargain, I’m sure. But I need a new “Violet,” if you will. Are you up to it?”

Lisa suddenly sat down on the bed between Aaron’s legs, her mind exploding with the plethora of information that was coming at her. “I’m on Candid Camera, right? I mean, this can’t really be happening.”

“It can be, if you want it to, my dear. It will take some time to work out the details, but then again, we’ve got all the time in the world, and I have a feeling that, in the meantime, you can think of some useful ways to deal with my two new prisoners while we work things out.”

Lisa’s smirk started small and then widened as she thought of the possibilities. Time on the island, enjoying some of her old submissive inklings whenever she wanted. Then time in the States, working undercover for the Turners and exploring her new found interest in capturing and tormenting beautiful female flesh. Plus the added bonus of dealing with Aaron and Violet in between.

“And what do I get out of all this?”

“You mean financially, of course?”

“Of course.”

Mr. Turner looked at Aaron and said, “What did we pay the two of you, Aaron?”

Aaron tried to say something into the gag as tears welled up in his eyes, but his answer was undecipherable. “How about this?” Turner then said, handing to Lisa a slip of paper with a figure written on it. She saw more zeros than she had even seen before and actually choked for a second, before croaking back, “You’ve got a deal.”

“Very good, my dear. I’ll tell Johnny. He might be a bit surprised at the evening’s turn of events, but I think he will enjoy working with you in the long run. In the meantime, Mr. Miller and his girlfriend are in your capable hands. You may do with them as you wish.” He started out of the room, before turning and saying, “We’ll talk more about your new position tomorrow. Good night, Miss Ballard. Oh, and my sympathies, Mr. Miller.”

The door closed and Lisa quietly yelled, “Yes!” while thrusting her arm in the air in triumph. Then she turned to Aaron, her eyes growing darker, and she said, “How about if we celebrate?”

Chapter Thirty One

“So, Aaron, my love, how does it feel to be the pet instead of the pet-owner?”

Lisa Ballard’s trussed up ex-kidnapper shook his head in reply and mumbled something nonsensical, but the dominatrix now kneeling between his thighs wasn’t really interested in his answer anyway. All of her attention was on his rock solid penis and the strictly wired balls that hung separately beneath it. Whoever had done the wiring certainly knew what they had been doing; that is, so long as what they were doing was trying to make Aaron Miller’s sexual organs as painful and as aroused as possible at one and the same time.

Running her middle finger slowly up and down the shaft of the tied up cock, Lisa saw the purplish member throbbing with every stroke. But instead of grabbing it firmly in her palm and bringing it to the orgasm that was certainly only seconds away, she would then take hold of one or both of the accompanying testicles and give them a firm squeeze in its place, bringing a sharp yelp from Aaron’s mouth and a futile attempt from his knees to pull themselves together. The alternating tickling and torturing went on and on and on, and Aaron thus remained in a state of built up agony and ecstasy.

“If the resulting erection lasts for more than four hours, please consult a physician,” Lisa chuckled, “or else call your friends and brag to them about the woman who could do such amazing things to you.” At that, she slid her finger farther down below and into her victim’s rectum. Aaron’s eyes closed and his neck arched back. A low “uh-huh” slipped past the rubber ball in his mouth as she did a quick prostate exam. Almost immediately, however, it was replaced with a loud, “UH-UH, UH-UH!!!” as his balls were again attacked, this time with a hand that grabbed the both of them at once and squished them together like a pair walnuts ready to be cracked. Aaron’s whole body almost left the mattress on that occasion, before Lisa brought him back down once again, this time sensuously licking his manhood with her tongue.

Finally, after walking to the bathroom to find a glass, Lisa returned and gave Aaron exactly what he was waiting for. Taking his cock in her hand, she jerked it up and down, wetting her fingers so that they slid sexily and easily over the lines of veins popping up all along the bulging member.

“Remember,” she said, as Aaron’s breathing indicated his approaching climax, “don’t come unless Lisa says so.”

“AY I UNG?” he immediately replied loudly.

“May I come, what?”

“AY I UNG EEETH?” By now there wasn’t going to be anything to stop him from coming anyway, so Lisa answered, “Just make sure to get it all in the cup, but….”

Before she could finish giving permission, Aaron shot a load of semen so powerfully, that it might have poked someone’s eye out, if there hadn’t been a glass directly in front of his penis to collect the whitish liquid. Lisa adjusted the container to catch every last drop and then showed the amazing amount of cum to the one who had just supplied it.

“Not bad, Aaron. But this time, let’s not be such a wimp. A little more pain always brings about even more pleasure. Isn’t that what you always tried to teach me and KC?”

Throwing one of her still booted legs over his waist, Lisa straddled Aaron’s body, her girdled ass as big as life in front of his face. And if that wasn’t enough to renew a full erection between his legs, in spite of the exploding orgasm he had just experienced moments earlier, when Lisa began to suck hungrily on his cock, Aaron was back in heaven once again. Yet hell was right behind, its fire coming from the matches that Lisa began to spark and hold right below the poor man’s now dark purple balls. The flames made little crackling sounds as strands of pubic hair began to quickly burn away, and then louder sounds ensued from behind the gag, when the fire literally touched Aaron’s flesh. All the while keeping her eyes focused on this torturous attack, Lisa also continued to lick, suck, and bite on the thrusting penis in her mouth.

Aaron was soon once again experiencing undeniable insanity. The pain and pleasure were both well beyond his brain’s ability to cope. And then he felt a second onrush of semen beginning to build. Not wanting any further punishment, he tried to warn Lisa of what was about to happen, and in the process ask for her permission to come, but it was too late. He exploded a second time, this orgasm coming in her mouth.

Yet Lisa didn’t pull away. She took every drop of semen, just as she had learned to do so often during her month long trials as a slave. Only this time, instead of swallowing, she simply spit it back into the glass that also held Aaron’s first load.

“Mmmm-mmmm good,” she sang. “Do you want to try some, too?”

Aaron again shook his head no, praying that it was the right response.

“Too bad, sweets,” Lisa frowned. “Then we’ll just have to find another use for it. And, believe it or not, I think I’ve got one.”

Crawling off the bed, she took the glass back into the bathroom and then, after a few minutes alone and out of sight, she quickly left the room in silence. Aaron was now alone to consider what would be in store for him next. He looked down at his abused penis and saw that it had finally begun to shrivel up after the two devastating rapes it had endured. Despite the wire that still kept his testicles firm and red, the member above them had shrunk from the size of an erect missile to a wrinkled pile of flesh. It stayed that way until Lisa returned.

This time, however, she was not alone.

“Look who came to visit us, KC?”

Strolling into the room came Lisa’s near twin. She was wrapped in a bathrobe and clearly unsteady on her feet. Aaron noticed a series or marks wherever her skin was visible. Obviously she had herself been tightly tied up only a few moments earlier.

“Aaron Miller, you bastard,” KC said softly.

“Now, now, KC,” Lisa answered. “There’s no room for animosity here – especially when there is so much room for revenge. Remember what I was telling you?”

“You’re damn right, I do.”

“Then have a few minutes of fun, and I’ll be right back.”

Lisa again left the room, leaving KC to now stand over the spread eagle figure of man who had gotten her into this whole mess to begin with.

“Do you realize what you did to me?” she asked, anger and hatred shooting from her eyes. “One little misidentification, one little mistake – YOUR MISTAKE - and I’ve been a sex slave ever since!”

Slapping Aaron twice across the face as hard as she could, once with each palm, KC yelled, “Damn you, you bastard,” and then, like Lisa – in fact, as suggested by Lisa – she, too, went to work on his privates. Twisting and pulling with all of her might, she woke up his penis once again. Also realizing that a man’s nipples are often just as sensitive as a woman’s, she added a bit of painful torture there as well, starting with her fingers, and then applying a pair of nasty steel clamps that had conveniently been left on the nightstand next to the bed. Aaron shrieked and yelped in response, and he soon felt his aching cock grow long and hard one more time, only to be squeezed like a piece of grocery store fruit and slapped around like a boxing bag. The sensitivity in that specific six inches of his body was now so multiplied that he felt as though he himself was a giant penis and the rest of his members had disappeared.

“Oh, I forgot something,” KC suddenly interjected, while watching Aaron’s cock start to throb powerfully in her hands. She went to the bathroom and returned with the same half-full glass that Lisa had left there for her.

“Shall we try to fill it up completely this time?” KC asked, and she immediately went back to work trying to bring her victim to his third mind bending orgasm within the last hour. This one proved to be more painful than the other two, and less pleasurable, but sure enough, Aaron did come again, and KC caught most of the results in the glass, which was now filled much fuller than Aaron ever would have thought possible from just three loads of semen.

It wasn’t long afterwards when Lisa returned again, and once again with a companion in tow.

“Done with him yet?”

“I just gathered his last contribution to the potion,” KC answered. “It should be all mixed together nicely by now.”

“Wonderful,” said Lisa. “And here’s who’s going to get to enjoy it.”

At that she bent down and with both arms slid the body of Aaron’s long time accomplice into the room. Violet was truly a sight to see. Her glorious naked body was bent into a severe hogtie and she was covered by what could have been fifteen or twenty black straps that kept her that way. The series of inch wide belts encircled her arms, pulled her elbows together not only below but even above the joints, and molded her wrists and forearms to each other as well. Her legs were also bent and belted individually, ankles to upper thighs and calves to lower thighs. Another belt went through her ankle straps, first pulling them together and then stretching them to make contact with her wrists’ belt. More straps were buckled above and below her perky breasts and at various places up and down her torso, keeping her bound arms pressed tightly into the small of her back. Topping off the black strap ensemble was a four inch hard rubber posture collar of the same color, which kept her neck stretched straight as an arrow, even as she was being slid along the floor and into the room. A ball gag – Lisa had even found a thick purple one – pried her lips apart.

“Violet, too?” KC asked surprised.

“Yeah, we hit the jackpot this time, I guess. I’ll explain later, or Johnny can tell you. For now, help me get her on the bed.”

Together Lisa and KC picked up the smaller woman and carefully laid her between Aaron’s legs, her face looking directly at his crotch.

“I thought you might like something to nibble on after we leave you, Violet,” Lisa laughed, “and Aaron contributed so much to the meal that you just have to try some.”

At that she poured back on to Aaron’s groin the full contents of the glass that he had helped fill. The whitish fluid completely covered his cock and balls in a mass of goo, and Violet wrinkled her nose at the smell coming from inches in front of it. Unbuckling the ball gag from behind her head, Lisa popped the purple ball out of her mouth and then reached behind her teeth to pull out a wadded pair of panties that had been hidden behind the rubber gag. Violet immediately tried to lick her lips, but had no saliva at her disposal, which was exactly what Lisa had wanted.

“Help me, KC,” she said, and the two of them worked together to reposition Violet’s lips over and then on to Aaron’s currently flaccid and sticky cock. With the posture collar keeping her from much movement of her own, Violet had no choice but to allow Aaron’s shrunken manhood to fill the front of her mouth. When the two women let go, her lips were left making contact with the bottom of the shaft and the tops of the two testicles that framed it.

The look on Violet’s face was priceless. Her eyes rolled as if to say, “Is this all you’ve got?” But then Lisa explained the full scenario.

“Just so you know; we’ve been milking Aaron for about an hour now. There’s three loads of his cum that we just dumped back on him. But that’s only about half of what was in the glass. I mixed it with a whole tube of crazy glue, which should be hardening right now, even as we speak.”

Violet’s eyes bulged and she began to try and pull her head back, but the posture collar would have none of it, the resulting weight of her own head keeping her mouth firmly over Aaron’s penis. As for her lips, when she tried to open them, she found that Lisa was right. They had begun to seal themselves completely to Aaron’s flesh as well.

“So here’s what you can’t do, you two,” Lisa went on. “Aaron, don’t you dare get an erection or your penis is going to rip itself apart as it grows, which I don’t think will be too enjoyable – although I could be wrong. And Violet, when he does get one – and you know he will,” she grinned, “what with you lying on top of him in all of your glory, trussed up like a sexy little Thanksgiving turkey – be sure not to choke on him. If I judged right, his cock will go about halfway down your throat when he’s really hard, and I think a pro like you can just about handle that, right? What do you think, KC?”

“I guess we’ll find out, won’t we, Lisa?”

“Um-hmm. Oh, and shall he give Aaron something to think about before we go?”

“Sure. What do you mean?”

Lisa reached over and slowly pulled KC’s bathrobe off of her shoulders, revealing her rope marked naked flesh underneath. The two long and luscious brunettes then began to run their hands over each others bodies, as well as Aaron’s and Violet’s. Aaron tried not to look, or feel, but couldn’t help but start to react to the show that he was being treated to. He felt his penis tingle, and he groaned in agony over what was surely coming next.

“Gotcha,” Lisa responded to the vocal signal, and she took KC by the hand to lead her out of the room. Then she peeked her head back in and whispered one last thing to Violet. A loud scream, and then a terrible combination of them, filled the hallway as the two women walked to their freedom.

“What did you say to her?” KC asked.

"I said, 'Or you could bite.'”

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