Housepet Audition
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Crystall called to me from the basement so I went to see what she wanted. I opened the door to her "playroom" - as she called it and I saw her sitting on her big chair at the far side of the room. The chair was more like a throne as it was set on a raised platform. She beckoned for me to kneel at her feet and I closed the heavy door and rushed to obey.

Mistress Crystall looked very much like a Dominatrix - Ballerina. This was a lady who knew how to use sex as a weapon. I had met her about a year ago and became a regular visitor to her dungeon. I was excited that she'd chosen me as a candidate to become her personal slave and yet terrified that she had.

Her auburn hair was done up in a neat bun and her make-up around her brown eyes was dramatic, dark & smoky, heavy blush on her cheeks and her lips were the same shade of red as the vintage long sleeve wrap leotard she wore. Shiny black spandex tights accented her well muscled legs. She was in her stocking feet as usual for her when she wanted to get serious about torturing me.

Mistress Crystall was a true female sadist and a lifestyle Dominatrix. When Crystall wanted to terrorize me things got intimate and painful.

I knelt before her and kissed the tops of her feet and sat back on my heels as she had taught me to await her commands.

Mistress Crystall leaned forward to address me. "Itís your lucky day today slave. Did you know you're my favorite slave? You submit without question or hesitation to my most humiliating and painful tortures."

I blushed and opened my mouth to speak but Crystall put a finger over both lips to silence me. She cupped my face with both hands and leaned forward. "A Mistress needs to torture her slave, and a slave needs to be tortured." She was whispering to me. "You respond with genuine passion as I torture you. Accept what I do to you this day and be my pet." Crystall leaned back in her chair. "Well ?" She asked.

I suspected she was going to be especially rough with me today and yet I was very excited. "I wish to please my Mistress." I answered.

My heart was pounding. I felt a thrill every time she touched me. I would do anything for her.

"Good" Crystall said. Rising from her seat she padded past me and stalked over to the leather covered spanking horse. "Take off your clothes and get over here." Her voice was even and matter of fact.

As she went past, I watched the seams on her tights curl up over her heels and climb over her ankles, up the curves of her calves and tuck into the space behind her knees before ascending up her sweet thighs where they almost disappeared under her red leotard where I could just barely see them ghosting over the nicest, firmest ass which I knew would be smothering me shortly.

I breathed in the scent of her perfume and my mind went deep into sub-space, where I existed only to please her.

I stripped off my clothes and crawled over to the apparatus and straddled it as I was directed to. Crystall fastened a wide leather belt around my hips and locked my wrists and ankles so my legs were spread wide and my torso was stretched out along the length of the horse.

Crystall ran her fingernails lightly up and down my spine while musing, "What to do, what to do... " Her voice trailed off. "oooooOOOOOoooooo, I know, something you've responded well to before, yet something very ...special... to me."

Crystall padded off behind me where I couldn't see what she was doing but I heard her moving things around as searched for whatever it was she was going to use on me.

When she came back I knew I was screwed. She put a jar of lube down in front of my face and started pulling on a pair of latex exam gloves.

"Oh yeah, you're going To get it now." She was laughing. Crystall dipped her index finger into the jar and said. "Hold still."

I felt a slim finger slide easily up inside my rectum. The finger wiggled a bit then withdrew slowly. "Oooooo, I believe you like this." I heard Mistress Crystall say. Feminine giggling filled my ears as the finger slid up my ass again. A second finger attempted to pry its way in and I tensed up but, too late, there were now two fingers wiggling inside me. I tried to move and get away... but I was shackled securely in place.

"C'mon, now slave, ease up. Lets not make things difficult than they need to be." She whispered into my ear while pressing her body against mine. "I just need to get you lubed up a bit so I can insert the electrode."

Aw shit ! Crystall was gonna torture me with electricity again. Yeah, it was special alright. She could make me squirt cum just by giving me electrical shocks. She'd done this to me before and it terrified me.

Crystall laughed. "I think you'll enjoy this." From the tone of Crystall' s voice she was the one enjoying this.

Sharp fingernails teased my nipples as her gloved fingers probed my rectum. I could feel my penis growing. "Awwww, see ? You're having fun already. Nice & easy, you've got enough lube, let's get you wired up for this."

Something cool and smooth pressed insistently against my rectum. I tried to relax, but I knew she was going to shove that electrode up my ass no matter what so I didn't even try resisting. Mistress Crystall whispered in my ear as she kept pushing with a steady pressure. "C'mon baby, you can take this for me" I felt the tip nose its way in. "Just relax, let it slide up inside you." She pushed again and my rectum began to fill... "You just relax, ...c'mon now, ...relax. " This thing kept feeling bigger and bigger as it slid up my ass !

I tried to relax but this fucking thing felt like it was gonna split me open !

Damm ! This was a big buttplug !

"Almost all the way in, this is the wide part. C'mon take it for me !" Crystall's voice encouraged.

Crystall gave the buttplug-electrode one hard shove and it slipped in past the tapered wide spot on its shaft and my sphincter pulled it all the way at once. I couldn't help but start humping. The dam thing was that big.

"Whoa ! Lookit you go !" Crystall was enjoying herself. "C'mon let's get this strapped in" Crystall was threading the crotch strap of the chastity belt between my legs. "I don't want that coming out once we get going."

Her hands threaded the "Y" shaped strap between my legs and l felt
her hand cup my balls and position them right at the "Y" part. First the front straps were pulled tight then she pulled the back of the crotch strap up then down through the buckle as hard a she could as she fastened me into the chastity belt.

Mistress Crystall released my ankles next went in front of me to unlock my wrist shackles from the horse . She unbuckled the leather cuffs from my ankles and said "Stand up.".

I continued to pump my hips slightly because of the buttplug as I leaned on the horse for support.

I felt the current deep in my rectum and wiggled a bit. Mistress Crystall giggled "Well now we know the buttplug's working". She placed a collar around my neck to hold the wires leading to the buttplug electrode and snapped a padlock on it.

Crystall tossed a soft looking pile of pink at me saying "Put these on - and you better do it sexy."

I very carefully sat down on the edge of the torture table to pull on a pair of opaque white support pantyhose. The voltage to the buttplug spiked and I jumped in surprise. Crystalís voice was sharp. "I said do it sexy ! Point your toes when you pull up your hose, and I wanna see you wiggle your butt when you pull them up !" So I put on a little show and found out it easier to pull pantyhose over your hips if you wiggle a bit.

She wanted me to wear a pair of pink seamed tights also and I didn't know why until I felt them sliding over the pantyhose my legs. What an incredibly erotic feeling !

Mistress Crystall picked up pair of tights and cut the crotch out with a scissors as she said, "You've tried to escape before so you have to wear sissy mittens. "C'mon, arms in." I did as I was told and she pulled the hose up my arms and over my head, and smoothed the panty portion over my torso.

Crystall had me step into a pink long sleeved spandex leotard and I had to wiggle quite a bit to get stuffed into that but the feeling was incredible as the tight spandex see-sawed through my crotch as I moved !

The sleeves of the leotard pulled at the legs of the tights covering my arms & hands and bound them, scrunching my fingers and effectively keeping me from using them.

While l was standing there, Mistress Crystall took the scissors and while pinching the fabric over my nipples, cut holes in the upside-down tights with a gleeful look. "Aww hey we hafta be able to get to your nipples you know."
She picked up the scissors again and cut little holes in the fabric directly over my nipples and another through the leotard, tights and pantyhose over the base of my penis. Crystall poked two fingers inside and pinching the tip of my penis, pulled it out.
My balls were pulled out through the hole next, one at a time.

I had a huge hard-on and my dick was bobbing up & down.

Crystall grabbed my shaft and stroked it firmly. "Thatís it, grow me a big one... I wanna play !" Then, " Sit down and lean back."

Crystall held a condom electrode in her hand and placed the copper disc of the electrode directly on the tip of my dick and deftly unrolled the sheath down the length of my shaft. She stopped unrolling an inch from the end and wrapped several inches of waterproof first aid tape tightly around the end of the condom and my dick, insuring that the condom electrode would not fall off even if I went soft and lost my erection.

"Now, you just stay there while I strap your legs together." Crystall said to me. She buckled the leather cuffs around my ankles again, then taking four buckling straps she fastened one above my ankle cuffs, just below & above my knees, and at the top of my thighs. She said the last one would make me feel the buttplug more.

"Legs up ! " Crystall commanded. I swung my legs up. Crystall padlocked my ankles to eyebolts at the end of the torture table. "You just sit there, don't move." She said.

Crystall helped me lay down (Thatís when I found out she was right about the thigh strap & the buttplug.) and then pulled my arms up to the other end of the torture table and padlocked my wrist cuffs to eyebolts.

"Ah, almost all set." Sharp fingernails traced lazy circles around my nipples.
Crystall busied herself with some equipment on a cart next to the torture table. She turned back to face me and stuck adhesive TENS electrodes onto my balls and then put my balls into a homemade ballbinder.

(Basically a cut off leg from a pair of tights with the leg cut lengthwise so you have a four inch pouch with two long ties.)

Crystall pulled the spandex pouch over my electrode covered balls and began wrapping the ties snugly first around the base of both my cock & balls and then around just my balls, stretching them out.

"Know what you need ? " She asked.

"Some nice nipple electrodes !" Crystall had a sadistically playfull grin on her face as she spoke.

"Donít go 'way !" She called over her shoulder as she padded across the room on her stocking feet.

Crystall pranced back holding a long white wire "T" out in front of her. I knew the "T"part had a pair of good sized alligator clamps attached to each end. "You're gonna get it, you're really gonna get it !" She sang in a sing-song little girl voice.

I could feel myself going soft. I knew these dam things were gonna hurt.

Crystall stopped when she saw my softening dick and gave me a sad, pouty look. "Awwww, are you scared ?" I nodded and replied "Yes Mistress, Those things scare the hell out of me." "Oh, C'mon, I'm not going to injure you !" Crystall reassured me, giving my softening cock a quick stroke. "But I dam sure am gonna hut you !" She said in her little girl voice.

I saw Crystall holding an alligator clamp attached to a wire. Crystall grinned as she pinched the clamp so it opened and closed. She pinched my right nipple with her left hand and rolled it between her fingers as it stiffened. She put the cold steel clamp sideways on the tip of my nipple and ever so s-l-o-w-l-y released the clamp so the teeth bit into my flesh.

I inhaled sharply as Crystall removed her fingers as the alligator clamp settled into my nipple. " I knew you'd like that." Crystall said, racking her fingernails down the sides of my chest. Actually, I didn't. It hurt like hell but I knew better than to object. Crystall reached for the other clamp and pinched my other nipple hard. several times and then eased the other alligator clamp onto my nipple.

I pulled at my restraints and moaned. "Aaaaawwwwww, poor baby. Did that hurt ?" Crystall traced around the clamps with her fingernails.

"Now, about your little problem. I have the perfect solution..." Crystall connected several wires to a control box and took her seat at the side of the torture table.

I squirmed as a pulsing, throbbing sensation coursed suddenly through my genitals . "Ha ! Gotcha' didn't I ?" She smiled and laughed.. That's the TENS unit. "Nice, huh ?" She was having fun now.

Crystall gave a quick couple of back-and-forth twists to a dial on another control box causing me to buck on the table.

"That's the more traditional straight voltage. That was a couple of quick jolts up to about 9volts."

"Ok , Now the fun begins !" Crystall said.

Mistress Crystall gave a twist to a dial on the control box and I felt the familiar twinge of the voltage from the buttplug electrode. She calmly watched as I squirmed. After a few seconds she flipped a switch and the voltage turned off. I had almost settled down when felt a stronger twinge. This one made me squirm more, and this time it was on a bit longer.

Crystall giggled as she toyed with me, cycling the voltage on and off.
I could feel an erection growing. "Thatís it, grow me a nice big boner to play with." She said as she held my cock in one hand to keep the copper disc inside the condom electrode directly on the tip of my dick. "You won't feel much from this one until you drip a lil'bit of cum..." She said to me as she worked.

The mild torture continued for a little while longer. About fifteen minutes into this I felt the first drop of pre-cum sell up in my cock and slowly ooze out into the condom electrode.

Crystall felt it happening and that's what she was waiting for. Now cum, or even pre-cum is mostly salty water and salty water is an excellent conductor of electricity.

She gave a big twist to the dial and squeezed my cock from the base to the tip to get the pre-cum out where it would wet the electrode. I yelped as the current bit the tip of my dick and I thrashed around even though I knew I couldn't get free.

"Time to get up close and personal."

Crystall said with a smirk as she climbed up on the torture table and stretched out full length on top of me. She propped herself up with her elbows on my chest and wiggled a bit to settle down. This was one of her favorite techniques. Full body teasing.

"How you doin'? Think you can handle a few more volts ? You're not even sweaty yet. " I felt the voltage ramp up and my breathing labored a bit. With a wry smile Crystal grasped my rock hard dick and raising her hips carefully placed my cock in between her tights covered thighs and squeezed her legs together. The contrast of the slick nylon/spandex with the heat of her body coming through the thin fabric was incredible.

"Does it hurt yet ? I want you to suffer." Her voice was even as she spoke. Crystal was looking directly into my eyes as she said this.

Crystall's body weight was focused on my pelvis so she was smooshing me into the buttplug electrode making me want to pump my hips. But of course I couldn't move much so this made my rectum throb and feel like it was trying to push the buttplug electrode out which it could not do because it was held in by the chastity belt. My rectum would go into convulsions and all that physical stimulation would trick my prostate into ejaculating.

The physical sensation of Crystall stretched out on top of me was almost too much. The feeling of cool spandex sliding against spandex, the warmth of her body and the scent of her perfume were driving me out of my mind.

Crystall lay down on my chest with her face against the side of my head and she nibbled on my ear as she reached across turning up the voltage some more when I felt my rectum begin convulsing. As I started ejaculating Crystall raised her hips as her hands found the base of my cock and squeezed as hard as she could. "Ah, ah, ahaaaahhhaa ! Not yet you don't ! Just one squirt for now !" She had her chin on my collarbone with her cute little ass way up in the air as she reached under her hips squeezing my dick. I felt my ejaculation die off but Crystall held fast for a few more seconds. When she was positive I had stopped ejaculating she released her grip and pulled up my dick against my belly. I was breathing hard as she cut the power. I felt a large gob of cum ooze slowly out of my cock as Crystall lowered her hips and lay back down on my dick. "Very good." She said. I had you up to about 9volts there." Crystal wiggled her hips as she pinched and pulled at my nipples. She nuzzled her lips against my neck and whispered "Ready ?" I nodded - not that it would have made any difference and she reached to twist the dial and the electricity flowed once again.

Mistress Crystall held me as I trembled from the effects of the shock. I felt the condom electrode bite more sharply now there was a little cum inside. Beads of sweat broke out on my forehead as I squirmed underneath Crystall's body.

Crystall straddled my hips and arched over my body, grinding her pussy into my genitals. "Yeah, it hurts, don't it ? But as much as it hurts you'll take it for me. Isn't that right slave ? " She was rubbing and grinding her pussy into my tightly bound genitals, masturbating and the more I suffered for her the more she would cum. Crystall was a rare bird, a true female sadist and she was very comfortable with who she was and what she did.

Crystall reached for the controls and flipped a switch then twisted some dials again.

"AHHHH !, AHHHHH !, AHHHHHH !" I cried. "Mistress, please!" " Mistress please what ?" Crystall looked over at me. "Please, not so much... AHHHH AHHHHHH " I begged. She had twisted the dial up about half way and left it there while she was grinding on top of me again. "Not so much ? Why ? Does it hurt ? C'mon, you can tell me. It should hurt. I want it to hurt. Don't you want it to hurt ? C'mon, answer me. Tell me how much it hurts."

Little tendrils of electricity danced over my nipples as the buttplug throbbed up my ass. My cock swelled as a reaction from the voltage.

"Yes Mistress, it hurts ! Please make it stop ! I twisted under her but I was securely restrained and could hardly move. "Thatís it you little bitch, its gonna hurt. Its gonna hurt because I want it to hurt. "

As Crystall settled her body down onto my genitals she shussed me with a finger across my lips and lying down on top of me, she folded her arms on my chest and cupped my face with both hands. Crystall leaned over until were almost touching noses. "Oooooo, have I got you now ! You'll be one sore little ballerina bitch when I'm done with you !" She giggled a bit and nudged the dial a bit more. "Lookit you all strapped down so cute in your pretty pink leotard and tights !"

Crystall twisted the dial back and forth, raising the lowering the voltage, causing me to twist, pump my hips and pull against the restraints holding me on her torture table. "Dance for me ballerina, point those toes and dance ! C'mon I put you in a leotard and tights for a reason, lemme see you dance !" Crystall was laughing as I wiggled, pulled and twisted in pain.

"AhhhhhHHHHHAAAaaaaaaoooo !" I moaned as I pulled at the cuffs restraining me . Crystall held me and cooed "C'mon baby, arch your back. Let the buttplug slide all the way up your ass, take it for me !" She sat up straddling my hips and resumed grinding her pussy against my cock and balls. "Mmmffph, Ahh, ahhhh ooooOOOOHHH !" was all I could manage. Her pussy felt red hot under her leotard and tights as she was grinding away on top of my tied up ballsack.

I was sweating now and she was too. Crystall cycled the voltage up and down. Every time she cycled the voltage down I felt a trickle of cum ooze out of my dick.

Then she started leaving it on a little bit longer before she'd turn it down.

She was breathing harder now.

So was I. Crystalls body was arched over mine and she was pumping rhythmically. Dark crescents of sweat soaked her leotard under her breasts. She brushed her erect nipples over my lips, teasing me as she rocked back and forth on top of me.

"Don't you dare cum !" Crystall growled. "Not yet !" Sweat was dripping off her forehead. My rectum was going into spasms causing me to buck and arch my back. My nipples felt like sharp fingers of electricity were pinching them.

Crystall gave the dial one more twist and I was practically screaming. She tightened her grip on my hips with her thighs and grabbed the alligator clamp electrodes on my nipples. Crystall sat bolt upright, and started cumming just as my rectum went spastic from the shocks and triggered an ejaculation. Thankfully Crystall didn't try to squeeze his one off and I erupted in big spurts of cum. Of course all this cum went into the condom electrode and filled it with a very conductive fluid. This amplified the effects of the electrode so I felt the shocks all along my dick.

Crystall collapsed on top of me panting heavily. I was sobbing and begging her "Turn it off ! Please Mistress ! Turn it off ! " I cried.

I felt the voltage cut off but it took awhile for the throbbing in my ass to calm down. Crystal lay on top of me, her breasts pushing into the alligator clamps on my nipples. She nuzzled against the side of my neck and cooed into my ear about what a good slave was for taking so much torture from her. I could still feel the cum draining from my cock as she shifted on top of me causing the buttplug to bump into my prostate and release.

Easing up with her elbows, her fingers squeezed the nipple clamps, releasing them slowly. So slowly, that I didn't notice they were off until I looked.

"Thank you Mistress ! " I panted as I tried to catch my breath. My rectum was still throbbing and every time I moved I felt a brief thrill as cum oozed out of my sore cock.

"Mmmm, that was pretty good. "Crystall purred. "You're what I call a natural slave. You give yourself freely to the pain and respond with true passion."

Crystall turned on her side and propped herself up on one elbow as she brought one tights covered leg up to rest on my softening dick. Her right arm rested on my chest and she absently played with my left nipple, sending tiny shivers of pleasure across my body. "Know what sissy boy? Crystall whispered. "What Mistress ?" I asked, turning my head towards hers. "You've passed the audition." She bit my nipple and I gasped. "I want you as my personal pet." Crystall said. "Quit your job and get your ass moved in."

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