Ashley's Internet Performance
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Author’s note: First of all thank you for taking the time to read my story. I liked the idea that the author ‘Erica’ had by writing a little author's note, giving people a taste of what is to come (no pun intended) to avoid disappointment. This is a story of a girl who is taken from her perfect life and dropped into are area that she thought she loved, only to find that it is a lot tougher and more painful then it looks on the internet. The story may be boring at times, with little use of restraints and torture but then at other times it really picks up. I tried to incorporate elements of suspense to make it more interesting and in depth. I tried to make the story free of errors (e.g. spelling and grammar or contradictions in the plot), if you find errors, please ignore them as it takes a while to write this, even editing takes time. All comments or suggestions are taken to heart and are appreciated. I have most of the story written but am waiting to see what everyone thinks of it before posting the rest. Once again, thanks for reading and enjoy Ashley Robert’s ride.

Part 1

She flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder. It had been a long day at her office. Ashley Roberts was a high ranking employee at the construction firm. She was the manager of several sites around the country and was always traveling. She had several fast and expensive cars and she lived a very luxurious life in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the area.

She had perfect hair, a perfect body, a perfect face and a perfect life. Except all was not perfect, she did something in her home that she herself thought was weird, she loved to be tied up. She had never been tied up by anyone before and no one else knew about her kinky obsession. She was the member of a pay-per view website, ‘Hidden Kidnap’ in which real, unsuspecting people were taken off the street and plunged into deep intense bondage.

“Ash. Ashley!” questioned one of her co-workers. Ashley was always day dreaming about being tied up and gagged by someone, anyone. She was going crazy doing it to herself all the time.

“Yeah. Oh, sorry Mike. What’s up?” Ashley woke up from her bondage day dream.

“Are you okay? You seem a little… distracted.” Asked Mike.

“No I’m fine, I’m just… tired, so what is it?” said Ashley

“Can you get a copy of file 298 to me by tomorrow? Asked Mike.

“Uhh… what? Oh yeah, sure Mike.” She started to day dream again but she snapped out of it.

“Ashley, it’s late, go home and get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ashley nodded and Mike walked away with a smile. Should I invite him to my house and we can have some fun? Mike is cute, I am sure he would love to tie me up. Those were the thoughts running through her mind. She walked down the hallway and into his office.

“Yes, what is it Ashley.” Asked Mike with a smile.

“Um, uhh, nothing, sorry. Good night.” She chickened out.

“Good night” he replied. She quickly left his office, her heart beating. She wondered why she didn’t just ask him, oh well, maybe tomorrow. She said that everyday for a year now. Every day after work she would always do the same thing, but she never got the courage to ask him to tie her up or even get up the courage to ask him on a date.

She rode the long elevator down to the parking level. She left the elevator and walked through the empty garage. She was always busy and was always one of the last to leave the building. She walked towards her black Audi S5. She fumbled with her keys, opened the door and got in. It was maybe an hour drive back to her house, an hour and a half if you went the speed limit. She always drove too fast and always got pulled over by the cops. But with her good looks and charm she never had to pay a cent.

She pulled out of the garage and onto the street. She drove towards the highway on ramp and merged onto the highway. She picked up speed and in no time she was going 30km/h over the limit, when she saw those all too familiar flashing blue and red LED lights in her rear view mirror. She slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road. She pulled down the sun visor and fixed her hair and make-up. She flipped it up just as the police office started towards her car. She rolled down the window.

“Good evening officer.” She said politely.

“Good evening ma’am, Ontario Provincial Police. Can I see your drivers license and proof of insurance please?” She handed him her license and insurance card.

“Beautiful night isn’t it?” She attempted to flirt with him.

“I’ll be right back Miss Roberts.” She wondered why he didn’t flirt back like all the other officers that had pulled her over before, not only that, but she also wondered why he made emphasis on Miss. Within a few minutes he got out of his car and walked towards hers.

“Miss Roberts, would you please step out of the car for a moment?” Questioned the officer. Ashley’s heart started to beat, this had never happened to her before. She opened the door and pulled her legs outside of the car letting her stiletto heels touch the road. She lifted her legs to get herself off of the red leather of her car seat.

“What’s going on officer?” She questioned.

“Just shut up and walk towards the hood of my car.” She was so confused and scared. She really started to turn on her charm now.

“I am sure you must be pretty bored out here, all by yourself.” She said quietly. “I am sure you would love to have a break.” She started gently rubbing his arm. They were walking alongside each other slowly and they were now at the front of his cruiser. The blue and red lights lit up her pretty face and hair… and the officers bald head. She was still gently rubbing his arm as they awkwardly stood there. He quickly grabbed her arm, twisted it behind her back and shoved her up against the hood of the cruiser, all in one fluid motion.

“Ouuuch, stoop! Ouuuchh, please, what are you doing!” She was so shocked and confused, she didn’t know what to do. The officer pulled a pair of shiny hinged handcuffs out of his back pouch and tightly cuffed her one wrist then he cuffed the other.

“Ouch, not so tight, please officer!” He didn’t say anything, he did not show any sign of emotion on his face.

“Miss Roberts will you please lean forward on the hood and spread your legs. She did what he said in fear that he will hurt her more. He slowly patted her down starting at her pantyhoe covered legs. He was going so slow it was almost as if he was feeling her long legs. She was feeling extremely uncomfortable, she was standing in front of a police car, tightly handcuffed. Cars were driving by honking at her, they must have liked what they saw.

He continued the search up to the waist then up to the upper chest. He started searching the area around her breasts… several times. Over and over again he kept feeling her breasts through the overcoat. Finally he finished the search.

“Watch the traffic hun” he said as he started leading her around to the side of the car. He tightened her cuffs some more.

“Ouch! That really hurts! Please stop.” He didn’t care; he shoved her into the backseat and slammed the door closed. He got in, turned off his flashing lights, pulled off the shoulder and back onto the highway.

“Officer what are you doing? What did I do? Aren’t you supposed to read me my rights?” She asked with a quiver.

“You don’t need to know what you did and your rights are that you should shut up.” He said sternly.

They have been driving for 20 minutes in silence and they were off of the highway by now and were on some country road that she has never been down before. The officer went to turn the radio on.

“This is 680 News. Drivers are being asked by the police to be on the lookout for people posing as police officers-” He turned off the radio. Ashley was now in a panic. She didn’t ask for I.D., he didn’t read her rights nor did he say why she was being arrested.

“Ummm, sir. Ouch, uhh, where are we going?” The cuffs felt like they were burning her wrists they were on so tight. She was struggling in a vain attempt to get the cuffs off. She tried not to think about it but this was the first time she was cuffed by another person and she could tell she was starting to get wet. Suddenly and without warning the man pulled over to the side of the road, got out of the car and opened the back door, he had a blindfold in his hand.

“Miss Roberts, please come here.” He said calmly. Ashley didn’t know what to do so she did what he asked, still believing he was a real police officer. She slid over to the left side of the car, her cuffs caught the seatbelt and a burst of pain ran through her wrists.

“Ouchh!” The man grabbed her arm and pulled her over and buckled the blindfold to her head. The man slammed the door shut and got back into the driver’s seat. He once again pulled off the shoulder and began to drive.

Ashley was shifting in her seat and was terrified and excited at the same time. “Where are you taking me?” The man wasn’t saying anything he just kept driving. It felt like they were never going to stop until she felt the car starting to break, then she could tell that they turned onto a gravel road. The bumps and ruts in the road were making Ashley bounce and roll in the back seat.

“Please, slow down, I’m scared.” She was now officially terrified, she was afraid she was never going to see her office, her house or even Mike again.

After what felt like hours later, the car began to stop. The man got out, a creak and a few rattling chains could be heard could be heard. He got back in and started to slowly drive. Then finally he stopped and Ashley’s door opened. There was a few seconds of silence then finally she felt someone gently grab her arm and help her out of the car. She didn’t know if her wrists were actually bleeding as the cuffs were on so tight.

“Hello? Who are you? Where am I?” She had no idea where she was and was scared for her life. She was led into a building then her blindfold was removed. Her eyes were blurry and red as she had been crying into the blindfold. A tear started to trickle down her cheek. A man in a black suit was leaning around her unlocking her cuffs.

“There you go sweetie, sorry that dick put them on so tight.” Finally after what felt like hours, her wrists were free. The man stood in front of her, he was about 6’1” with black hair, a black suit and black sunglasses.

“Um, thanks. Where am I?” She was too confused and had no idea where she was. She took a break from rubbing the marks on her wrists and wiped a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Please don’t try to run, believe me you will not escape.” The man said quietly.

“Am I under arrest?” She asked quietly.

“No, you are not under arrest.” He replied.

“Then let me go, why the hell am I here?” She was getting angry now and rubbed another tear that began to form. He grabbed her arm gently and attempted to lead her forward down the hallway. She didn’t move her feet. He tightened his grip and started to pull harder, finally she started to move.

They entered a room and the man locked the door behind them. There were a few benches with D-rings attached to the walls behind them as well as a few plain white dressers.

“You deserve to know why you’re here. You are not under arrest and you are not going to jail. That was not a real police officer that brought you in and-” he was interrupted.

“You can’t hold me against my will, that is illegal!” The man didn’t pay any attention to her defiance, he opened a drawer on a dresser and pulled out a big pink ball gag. Immediately she stopped protesting and kept her mouth shut.

“I know that pink is one of your favorite colours. I also know-” He was once again interrupted.

“How the hell do you know that, you pervert, you -” The man grabbed her bottom jaw and held it open. He shoved the pink ball past her perfect white teeth and locked it tightly into place. Instantly she began protesting.

“HMPHHH! HMMM! AHHHPHMM!” he looked at her with a calm face.

“Please be quiet Miss Roberts.” She stopped screaming into her gag as he held out a pair of black handcuffs.

“As I was saying, I also know that your other favorite colour is black. Hmm, what else do you like?” He was reading from a few sheets of paper.

“Ah! Hm, it also says you like rap and hi-hop music, wow, that’s different for a girl of your stature. Another thing that I know that you try not to let other people know is that you have a love for bondage. This was all in your profile on our website. I am not sure if you have put the pieces together yet but my name is Ron and I am the owner of the website ‘Hidden Kidnap’ and you are the shows next slave. Everything you do will be filmed and eventually turned into a 2, 3 or even 4 hour video.” The shock of this news was too much for her. Never had she thought that, as she watched and masturbated to these online shows that she would be the next slave. The website said that it was real people, taken off the street and put into a bondage situation. But she thought that that was a lie. She panicked; she jumped out of her seat and ran for the door, not remembering that it had been locked minutes ago. She ran into the door and attempted to open it while screaming into her gag. That didn’t work so she tried pulling the gag out of her mouth. It didn’t work it was too tight. Both eyes started to tear up and tears once again began to trickle down her perfect cheek. The man began walking towards her, she started to run towards the other door in the corner of the room. As she ran past him he grabbed her arm and spun her around, she slapped him across the face. He pushed her away from him and she tripped and fell to the ground due to her stiletto heels. He bent down, flipped her on her stomach and cuffed her hands behind her back as she screamed and protested.

“I didn’t want it this way.” He then began to whisper into her ear.

”But this is making great TV, keep it up kid.” She looked up into the corner of room right above the other door and saw a small camera with a little red light on. He helped her up and led her towards the other door with the camera above it.

The man led her down the long hallway pointing out different rooms as they went along. “To your left now is the filming room, to your right is the meal room and to your left is another filming room and now to your right are the cells.” Cells? What kind of place is this? Why am I here? She was confused and more tears ran down her cheek. The man unlocked the door to the cell hallway. There were cameras all over the place, she didn’t know if she was being filmed. The man led her past a few steel doors with little holes and windows on them. They past a few when he stopped in front of one. He unlocked and then opened it. He led her to the bed and gently pushed her down.

“Here at ‘Hidden Kidnap’ we treat our slaves with respect, that is if we receive respect. If you are a good girl we will reward you when we are not filming. For example, since you were a very good girl on the way here, we have some clothes in these drawers for you. If you are a good girl tomorrow we will give you the remote for the TV. If you are bad, we will start taking things away and we will make your stay very uncomfortable. We will lock you up at night, we will take away your clothes, and the list goes on and on.” He picked her up off the bed and got close to her and looked her into her eyes.

“Heres a little advice, if you ever see an open door somewhere, don’t try to escape, chances are we are trying to trick you. Remember that.” As he finished his sentence he unlocked her cuffs and gag. Drool began running down her face. He wiped it off for her.

“Get comfortable. Oh and by the way, you have beautiful eyes.” He left the room and locked the door behind himself.

“Thanks.” She said quietly.

She was in a very nice room, she was impressed. There was a nice soft bed, a TV built into the wall behind a piece of glass, a few dressers, a desk and a big window although it had a cage across it. She made her way towards the dresser. She opened it and was surprised how it was full of clothes; all of them were her style too. There was a bunch of jeans, tank tops, sweaters, bras, thongs and panties. The bras, thongs and panties were pink of course. The first thing she did was kick off her heels and she pulled out a pair of pink skateboarding shoes, a pair of jeans, a tank top and a sweater. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. There was a nice big mirror and make-up for her to use. There was a big bathtub and shower. She took off her skirt and panty hoes first and changed her panties for a pink thong. Then she put on her jeans and buttoned them, they were her size. She took off her work coat and blouse and put on a tank top and sweater. Finally she put on her shoes that she picked from the dresser. She looked at herself in the mirror.

“I look good.” She ignored her red eyes and wiped them clear of any remaining tears. She heard the cell door open and then close. She left the bathroom and looked toward the door, there was a tray with some sandwiches, salad and a drink. She walked over suspiciously and picked it up. She walked over to the desk and put it down, she sat down and began to eat. After a few minutes of eating she felt a little light headed. She lied down and quickly fell asleep.

She must have slept all night because the sun was now out. She got up out of bed and walked over to her cell door and tried to look out the tiny window. She was so bored and worried. She wanted to be let go and did not want to be a bondage porn star. She didn’t want to start freaking out as she knew this would only make the situation worse. Her thoughts and day dreams were interrupted by the sound of the door latch opening. She jumped up to her feet to see who it was. It was the same man that was nice to her the day before.

“What the hell am I still doing here? I demand you let me free!” She was obviously still mad but didn’t let her real emotions go in fear that she would be punished.

“Miss Roberts, according to this document that you signed last night, you want to be here and you gave us permission to film you.” The man waived a document which did indeed have Ashley’s signature. How did he get my signature? Why would she sign a document saying that she wanted to be there when she really didn’t?

“Last night we put a highly modified drug, kind of like a date rape drug in your drink. That allowed us to get you to do anything, so we got you to sign this document saying that you consent to being our slave.” She was disgusted and disturbed that they would do something like that too her.

“Now, let me introduce you to your newest friend.” He gestured towards the door as a woman wearing a leather cat suit entered the room. She was maybe as tall as Ashley and she had long, dirty blonde hair. She was beautiful but she looked tough and mean. Ashley’s heart once again started to pound rapidly, she knew this was going to be a bad day.

Back at Ashley’s work, Mike sat at his chair as he looked at the empty corner of his desk. He wondered where ‘file 298’ was that he had asked for yesterday. Ashley had never been late for work and had always done what she was told. As her boss, he was disappointed but as a friend, he was worried. He walked down the hall to her office and was shocked to see that she wasn’t even in yet. It was almost 11:00 am which would mean that she was almost 3 hours late. This was not like her, he knew something was up.

Ashley was on here knees looking up at this dominating looking women. “I’ll let you to get more acquainted.” Mike said as he left the room, leaving the door open behind him. Ashley remained on the floor, looking up towards her new captor, he eyes looked towards the open door. The cat suit wearing women bent down to her level and gently grabbed a hold of Ashley lower jaw and made Ashley look into her eyes.

“So you’re the new chick eh. Your pretty, I bet you will have a boyfriend looking for you, is that true.” Ashley shook he head slightly.

“Wow, I am impressed; I bet you had to fight them off with sticks.” This got a slight grin out of Ashley. She once again looked toward the open door.
“My name is Nicole, but you will never need to use that name, you are to call me mistress and you will obey me.” She said this with a slight grin and held out a pair of leather cuffs. Ashley jumped to her feet and ran towards the open door, pushing Nicole out of her way and onto the floor on her way to the door. She quickly turned the corner and ran towards the end of the hallway. She ran into the door and to her surprise, it was unlocked. She turned right down the next hallway, when she turned the next hallway she was knocked to the ground by the strange man in the black suit, Ron. He kept Ashley on the ground as Nicole came around the corner.

“I see you want to play it the hard way, I like playing it that way.” Ashley felt she was being treated like trash and did not like it at all.

“You bitch!” Ashley screamed out to her female captor.

“When I get free I will find out where you both live and there will be severe consequences for whatever you do to me.” Ron and Nicole both looked at each other and smirked.

“Honey, you are not going anywhere.” Nicole brought the leather cuffs towards Ashley’s wrists and wrapped them around. She then decided to add a locking ring gag. Ashley began screaming and struggling again. Ron let Nicole drag Ashley, kicking and screaming, into the film room.

The room was full of bright lights and cameras. It was a very ‘dark themed’ room and had a large wooden chair with straps on the arms and legs, there was also a bed with D-rings all over it and there were several rings spread over the floor and walls. Nicole forced Ashley to her knees, she released one cuff and reattached it in front of Ashley. She hooked a chain to the cuffs and locked it to a D-ring on the floor. Nicole stood up and walked and stood back, Ashley began attempting to remove the tight, secure cuffs. It was no use, so she decided to use her next tactic, sympathy. She started crying and drooling uncontrollably. Nicole walked over to her pathetic slave holding another pair of leather cuffs. Ashley squirmed away from her dominating mistress. Nicole easily grabbed her squirming legs and attached a cuff to one then she caught the other and locked them both together, tightly. She took another chain, attached it to the ankle cuffs and drew the chain up to the D-ring that her wrist cuffs were attached too, making her but stick up in the air. Ashley was still wearing the clothes that she put on the other night, this had to change. Nicole picked up a knife and walked towards Ashley, immediately she stopped squirming but she started to cry some more.

“Hold still babe” Nicole whispered into Ashley’s ear. She took the knife and cut her jeans down the seams and pulled them off her trembling slave’s body.

“Hm, pink thong eh?” Nicole said with a smile. She now took the knife and cut off her sweater then she cut off her tank top.

“Pink bra too! Wow, you are a co-coordinated slave aren’t ya?” She slowly moved the knife toward Ashley’s thong.

“Mpphnoo” Ashley screamed with a little struggle.

“Yes” Nicole replied. She cut off the thong and shoved it through the empty hole in the ring gag.

“Stay.” Ashley disobeyed by spitting it out. Nicole replied by slapping her across the face. She put the thong into her mouth again and talked more sternly.

“Stay!” The thong stayed in Ashley’s mouth.

“Good girl” Nicole said with a perky smile.

“My little slave has been a bad girl today; bad girls need to be corrected with stern discipline.” Nicole held out a dildo shaped object which appeared to be made out of steel.

“This is an electric dildo. It will give you an electric shock whenever I press this remote.” She moved toward the helpless, crying girl tied to the floor and bent down beside her vulnerable ass and pussy. Ashley tried to move away but there was no hope of that happening. Nicole went to insert the dildo but stopped, she decided to have some fun with her slave. She put down the dildo and stuck two fingers into Ashley’s wet pussy. She began to feel around and began to rub the clit, Ashley moaned and groaned with pleasure. Nicole continued on, pleasuring her slave. She knew how to pleasure a women and has no doubt had lots of practice. Just as Ashley was at her climax and was groaning and shaking more then ever, Nicole stopped.

“Hpmhh! Pleamhppsse.” Ashley definitely wanted to finish what had been started.

“Sorry my little blonde princess, not today. Nicole inserted the steel dildo and then picked up the chastity belt and locked it on.

“You liked that didn’t you babe? Okay, you may spit out that thong now.” Ashley spit it out of her mouth and drool became to pour out. She started to cry some more. Nicole smelled her two fingers then she rubbed it right under Ashley’s nose, she squirmed some more.

“Don’t worry hun, I’ll be right back” said Nicole in a perky tone. She got up and left the room.

Back at Ashley’s office, Mike was sitting at his desk looking at the clock “12:57”. He had tried calling her call phone and her house but there was no answer, just her happy little voice on the answering machine. He knew that she would have called if she wasn’t going to show up, he had had enough, he picked up the phone and dialed ‘911’.

Ashley had now been in her current position for about 2 hours but for her, it seemed like 10. Nicole gingerly walked back into the room with a perky smile. For her, Ashley’s situation was just a fun game for her. Nicole walked over to her drooling little package and began fixing her hair with a brush. Without warning, when she seemed to have gained Ashley’s trust, she smacked her ass with the brush. Ashley let out a scream through her ring gag. Nicole continued to brush her hair and she would on occasion, spray some hair formula into Ashley’s hair.

“There, you now look like your pretty princess self again!” Nicole said with a slight laugh. Nicole moved her hand towards the back of Ashley’s head, Ashley jerked her head away from the incoming threat with a little whimper.

“Shhh, its okay.” Nicole unlocked the lock on Ashley’s ring gag and removed it.

“What do you say?” Nicole said to Ashley with a stare.

“Uhm, thank... you?” Ashley replied quietly, trying not to look into her captors eyes. Nicole unlocked the chains attaching her slave’s body to the floor and helped her up. She walked over to the corner of the room and picked up a collar for her slave. She wrapped it around Ashley’s neck, the cool chill of the solid steel collar made Ashley shiver. She then attached a chain to the collar and attached it to the wall.

“When I take off your cuffs, I want you to be completely still, do you understand me?” Ashley, although being able to talk, decided to nod. Nicole uncuffed the wrist cuffs then the ankle ones, Ashley stood still throughout the entire process aside from her quivering.

“Now, sit.” Ashley reluctantly obeyed this order and slowly set herself to the ground. Nicole bent towards Ashley’s ear and began to whisper.

“I will be back in a while, don’t move” she said this with a smile as she strode out of the room.

Ashley jumped when Nicole swung open the door, smacking it against the concrete wall.

“Up slave!” Ashley tried to bring herself to get up but was too tired.

“I’ll help” Nicole took the remote for the dildo and pressed the button, sending an electric shock into Ashley’s pussy.

“AHHHHH!” Ashley jumped to her feet and brought her hands down to the chastity belt in an attempt to remove the steel intruder. Nicole released the button, ending Ashley’s temporary torment.

“We’re going for a walk you little slut.” Nicole said with a snap. She was holding a pair of black hinged handcuffs and leg irons.

“Hold out your wrists!” Ashley complied and Nicole snapped the cool cuffs to her captive’s wrists. Ashley let out a slight cry.

“Shut up bitch, I don’t want to hear a word out of you, understand?” Ashley just nodded her head.

“I said, do you understand?” Ashley nodded again.

“You just don’t learn do you?” Nicole pressed the button on the remote once again, causing Ashley instant pain.

“OUCHH! OHWAAAA!” Ashley let out with a combination of screams and tears. She brought her cuffed hands down to the chastity belt and attempted to push it out of the way enough to remove the dildo. After holding the button for 10 seconds Nicole finally released it which sent Ashley to her knees in exhaustion. Nicole continued restraining Ashley by adding the leg irons to her ankles.

“Lunch time!” Nicole brought over some water and an apple for her slave. Ashley bit into the apple and ate it right down to the core. She went for the water, picked it up and took a big drink only to spit it out with a disgusted look on her face.

“What the fuck, what is this shit! Vinegar?” Ashley was confused and surprised.

“Naughty mouth, You were a bad girl so far, you don’t deserve water. Now, drink it or you’ll hurt my feelings and you wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings.” Nicole waived the remote around. Ashley took another drink with that same disgusted look on her face and finished the fake water. Nicole helped her tired slave to her feet and led her towards and then out the door.

They took a left and walked down the hallway then into the same room that Ashley had been brought into last night. They continued towards the door leading to outside, it was locked by two separate padlocks and a deadbolt. Nicole unlocked all 3 and opened the door with her slave in a tight grip. The air was cool on Ashley’s bare skin. The area was fenced off by a chain link fence and seemed inescapable. Forest surrounded all 4 sides of the building. The fenced off area appeared to be fairly large in size, it started at the building and went across the road with a gate then partway into the beginning of the forest, it then came back towards and connected to the building. The 2 women began walking towards the forest. They suddenly stopped when Nicole spotted something.

“Wait. What’s that in your mouth babe?” Ashley’s cheeks were slightly bulging.

“What is it?” Nicole was confused and released her grip on Ashley’s arm and moved in front of her to get a view from the front.

“Open!” Ashley sprayed the clear liquid right into her captor’s face causing her to scream and fall to the ground. It was the vinegar that they had for lunch. Ashley took the opportunity and moved towards what appeared to be a small hole at the bottom of the fence. Due to the leg irons, she could not move very fast but she was putting some distance between herself and her mistress. She was within 5 feet of touching the fence till she fell to her knees from the sharp pain in her pussy once again. She was being electrified again.

Through her pain she saw Nicole walking towards her wiping her eyes. A sound that the captors dreaded to hear but Ashley longed to hear broke the tense air, the wail of a police siren. Nicole dove onto her slave and covered her mouth with her hand. She released the button to stop her slave from screaming and squirming. They lay on their stomachs slightly covered by small bushes and tress. Ashley’s heart was beating, she knew this could be her ticket out of here but Nicole kept a very firm grip on her cuffs and mouth. They lay about 10 feet from the little dirt driveway and about 15 feet from the incoming police car. The police cruiser continued to drive towards the locked gate. The man in the suit exited the, approached the gate, unlocked it and opened it for his guests. The police car drove in and stopped in front of the door to the building. The two officers exited the car with their hands posed over their weapons. Ashley attempted to scream for their attention but Nicole griped even tighter on her mouth and pulled the hinge on the cuffs causing her slave pain.

There was silence and the 2 girls lying in the forest could hear the conversation. Ashley continued to scream but it was getting muffled too much by Nicole’s hand to be heard.

“Good afternoon sir, I am Sam Weston and this is my partner David Westcock, we are with the Ontario Provincial Police.” Ron politely responded by shaking each officer’s hand.

“Certainly officers, what may I do for you?”

“Sir as you may already be aware of, a woman, Ashley Roberts did not arrive to her work this morning. As a result we searched her house and we found no sign of her. She is presumed missing.

“How may I be of assistance?”

“Sir we would like to inspect your property for any sign of Miss Roberts.”

“Well gentlemen, as much as I’d like to help I can’t allow you to enter my home.”

“Sir we have come with a court order.”

Ashley was crying again and the tears were running over Nicole’s hand. Nicole was lying ontop of Ashley so she let her grip go off the cuffs and began patting her crying slave’s head. Ron was reading the court order that was given to him by the officers. He then gestered the officers into the building.

“Sir will you go first please?”

“Certainly.” He replied.

The 3 men disappeared into the building leaving Ashley and Nicole outside. Nicole began to whisper into Ashley’s ear.

“You fucking bitch. There will be a severe punishment if these two fat assed cops leave.” Nicole pressed the button on the remote and the muffled, quiet screams from Ashley could now be heard. Ashley was now crying and squirming intensely, a last desperate attempt to get free. After 20 minutes the officers and Ron emerged from the building and Nicole released the button. Ashley was now shivering from the cold evening air and the exhaustion of being shocked for 20 minutes.

“You have a strange house sir but nothing illegal.” The officers were about to enter their cruiser when they spotted something.

“Sir, is that a police car over there behind the corner of the building?” The partner put his had on Ron’s shoulder and began walking towards the car that only had a visible front hood. Both officers once again had their hands poised over their weapons.

“Yes it is officers, I am quite the fan of your new squad cars so I had a buddy of mine make an exact working replica of one. They were now at the car and the officers made a quick inspection, looking around, under and in the car. They were now too far away for the girls to hear what they were saying but Ashley was crying more then she had ever cried in her life. The officers entered their cruisers and drove out of the compound. Ron locked the gate as they drove out then he went back inside. Nicole released her grip on Ashley’s mouth and slapped her. She stood up then continued to shock her some more. This caused Ashley to scream out loud and squirm in the dirt.

“Fucking blonde little slut. No one loves you; you don’t even have a boyfriend.” Nicole’s words were like venom and definitely increased the intensity of Ashley’s crying. Nicole released the button.

“No one loves me? You’re the one who’s tying helpless women up!” Ashley choked her tears back just long enough to get those words out.

“You won’t survive the night.” Nicole’s chilling death threat sent a shiver up Ashley’s spine and made her cry uncontrollably once again. Nicole didn’t help Ashley to her feet but instead dragged her body along the dirt.

Once inside and at Ashley’s cell Nicole threw her on the bed. The room had been changed around since Ashley was in there last. The dresser was gone, the desk was gone and the bed was replaced by an all steel bed. Nicole brought Ashley’s hands up over her head and locked it to the wall. She then took her kicking legs and also locked them down. She took a ball gag that was resting on the floor beside the bed. She went to put it in but Ashley stopped screaming and shut her mouth tight. Nicole knew how to deal with this pathetic attempt; she held her captive’s nose. In no time Ashley opened her mouth for air and Nicole shoved the gag in and tightened it. Before leaving the room Nicole reminded her slave that she would not survive the night.

Ashley had been awake for what in her mind seemed like 5 hours. She opened her eyes when she heard the sound of the door latch then the door being kicked open. A men wearing jeans, blue sweater and a ski mask came walking in. He approached her bed and pulled out a gun from the back of his belt and stuck it towards her face. He continued to hold the gun at her face when she started to cry and say incoherent things. The man unlocked the gag and removed it. Instantly Ashley began begging for mercy.

“Please! Don’t, I am too young, PLEASEEE!” The man remained standing there.

“Tell me about your love and sex life!” The man yelled at her.

“When I was in – in grade seeeseeven I ripped up all my valentine cards cause I thought they were out of pity and I thought no.. no one liliiked me.” She had a quiver in her voice and her speaking could barley be understood.

“In high school I began going out with random gu-guys then dumping them to get my revenge for beinbeeing shunned in grade school. Please sir, don’t!” The man still stood there with his finger over the black trigger.

“More!” he snapped at her.

“In grade 12, I had a boyfriend and I thought he was, cheating on meameee.” She stopped only to sniffle, the desperation in her voice could be heard.

“so on prom I ditched him in front of all his friends, I didddnt knowww that that would cause him to run awayyy!” The man began to talk once more.

“What’s you name beautiful?” Ashley responded quickly,

“Ashley Roberts.” The man shifted forward, pressing the gun to her head.

“Well then Ashley Roberts, any last words-” He stopped in mid sentence, at this point tears were pouring out of Ashley’s eyes like a water park ride, her eyes were closed but tears still managed to be squeezed out.

“Ashley Roberts?.” He removed the gun from her forehead. Ashley opened one eye to see what was going on then she opened the other when she saw he no longer had the gun pointed at her head.

“Ashley Roberts?!” Her crying began to slow and she managed to say a few words.

“yeahha.” She said quietly, making it barley audible. The man removed the ski mask, Ashley’s red eyes widened.

“John!” It was her boyfriend from the 12th grade, the one that took her to the prom only to be dumped in front of all his friends.

“Oh my god, Ash, what’s going on?” His voice softened.

“John, please, don’t kill me, I’m sorry for humiliating you in front of your friends, I was just scared that you were cheating on me!” The man lowered his legs and sat on the ground in amazement.

“but, your- you – you still look beautiful, considering your current situation.” Suddenly the man was overcome by anger and once again got up and began pointing the gun at his former girlfriend’s head.

“You humiliated me! But - I cant do this, I loved you - I still do. Goodbye Ash.” He put his gun away and left the room, closing and locking the door behind him. Ashley was shaken but pissed that he didn’t free her.

“John! Stop, let me go! HELP!” He did not come back and just let Ashley shivering and shaking on the steel bed.

A morning turned into a night and a night turned into a morning, Ashley was still strapped to the bed and wall. Ashley was sleeping when she heard footsteps and the door being unlatched and opened. Nicole strolled in and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her slave, still alive, looking right at her.

“What the fuck! How the – how!” Nicole was definitely disappointed and really wanted Ashley dead.

“You slut! I bet you slept with him to save your pathetic life!” She let her anger out by pressing the button on her remote causing Ashley’s pussy to be electrified. Nicole left and came back with a whip in hand, still pressing the button.

“All right you whore, I really wanted you dead, but I will spare you. You will crack!” She began whipping and continued holding the button all the while Ashley screamed out in pain.

20 minutes after it had all began, and 20 minutes of solid shocking and whipping, Nicole stopped and unlocked the chastity. She removed the dildo and replaced the batteries. Before reinserting the dildo she ran her fingers around the lips of Ashley’s pussy. The surface was clean and smooth, very well lubricated with Ashley’s juices.

“You do love bondage don’t you?” Nicole’s voice was much quieter and calmer then before. Nicole shoved her fingers deep into Ashley sex, starting with 2, then 3, then finally she squeezed a 4th finger in. Ashley was groaning in pain and pleasure, she had actually gotten used to having the dildo in her pussy, it felt weird to have it removed. Right when Ashley was at her climax, right when she was about to have an explosive orgasm, Nicole stopped fingering. She wiped her wet fingers all over her slaves face paying special attention to wiping it around her mouth.

“You like your own juices don’t you?” She said to her slave.

“Yes – Miimistress.” Ashley responded to her mistress with a quiver.

“What was that, slave?” Nicole was shocked to hear this level of submission from her slave.

“Yes, Mistress.” Ashley copied what she had just said but with a little more confidence, Nicole just smiled when she heard the words again.

“Lets go my little slave slut.” She did not reapply the chastity or the dildo and unlocked her cuffs from the wall then unlocked the leg irons from the bed.

“Stand.” Ashley brought herself to her feet. She had been on a bed for so long standing was difficult for her.

“Hands behind your head.” Ashley complied by bringing her cuffed hands behind her head as best she could. Nicole gripped a wrist and unlocked a cuff with the other hand. She brought Ashley’s hands behind her back and re-cuffed them in place.

“Good girl!” Ashley looked into her mistresses eyes and replied.

“Thank you mistress” Nicole was impressed with her slave’s new found obedience. This was not a trick that Ashley was trying to pull, she now knew that if she disobeyed, she could wind up dead.

“Do you want to say anything slave?” She started into Ashley’s blue eyes.

“Mistress, can I please be fed?” Nicole did not say anything but led her slave out of the cell and into another room just down the hall.

It was an all white room and had a few tables in the middle. There was a TV sitting in the far corner of the room.

“I’ll turn on the TV while I get you something.” She said softly.

“Thank you –“ She stopped to sniffle and attempt to clear her eyes, “mistress.” She finished speaking and Nicole left the room, turning on the TV on her way out. Ashley sat cuffed at the bench, she noticed that there was an open window, big enough for her to fit through but she didn’t dare try to escape again. Finally the commercials were over and the news came on. It started with its normal starting intro then with the 2 anchors sitting at a table with a picture of Ashley behind them. Ashley’s eyes focused on the TV and she got up from the table.

“Today’s top story, the search for 25 year old Ashley Roberts has entered its 3rd day with no sign of the missing woman. Police are beginning to setup road checkpoints to search for the missing woman. Ashley was last seen on Monday night leaving work. She drives a black Audi S5 and was last seen wearing high heels, black skirt and black dress jacket. She is 5’7” has blue eyes and long blonde hair reaching down past her shoulders. If you have seen her you are asked to call police or Crime Stoppers.” The news stopped talking about her and began talking about something else; at this point Ashley was standing right in front of the TV with her mouth wide open. She now knew that she could be found at any moment but she did not allow herself to attempt to escape through the open window. Nicole returned and stopped when she saw Ashley standing right in front of the TV. She walked over and put the tray of food down on the table then walked over and began rubbing her slaves back. Ashley pressed her face into the cool leather of her mistress attire and began to cry. Nicole helped her over to the table and helped her to sit. She walked over to the open window and closed it.

“I am glad to see that you didn’t try to escape. You really are changing, now eat up so we can get changed, I have a little job for you.” Nicole uncuffed Ashley’s hands. Ashley began eating, trying not to think about what this ‘little job’ could be.

Nicole was holding Ashley’s long blonde hair making sure she didn’t get away, her hands had been re-cuffed but this time they were in the front.

“Sit you bitch.” Ashley sat and waited further instructions.

“Put this on, I will be right back.” She threw what appeared to be a maid uniform onto the ground and uncuffed her wrists, Nicole left the room, leaving Ashley to her thoughts once again. She picked up the white and black outfit and looked at it with wide eyes. She hated being a slave and hated being told what to do. Once they realized that she was going to do everything they told her, she would be let go. Ashley was putting on the uniform when something hit the floor with a little jingle. She looked down and could see 3 tiny keys on a ring. She bent down and picked them up, they were handcuff and padlock keys! She could uncuff her legs, she could unlock the padlocked window and she could make a break for it. She stood there with the keys in her hand, Nicole had come back. She could have hid them and saved it for a better time but she decided not to.

“Mistress.” Ashley said in a squeaky voice.

“Yes my little blonde package.” She began walking over to Ashley dressed in the maid outfit.

“I found this.” She held out her hand to show her mistress the keys, Nicole held out hers and accepted the keys, a tear began to trickle down Ashley’s cheek. She kissed her slave on the head,

“Good girl! You know, I didn’t plan that, you may have actually gotten away .” They both stood there in silence, neither one knowing what to do until Ashley began to kiss Nicole. Her tongue buried deep inside the other girls mouth, Nicole began kissing back. They were both rubbing each others back and kissing passionately. They slunk to the ground. Nicole put her hands inside Ashley’s uniform and began rubbing her tits, feeling the hard nipples on her fingertips. She undid the uniform just enough to fit her head inside and began sucking on the heard nipples. Ashley moaned and groaned in pleasure. Nicole stopped only for a moment to slide over and to retrieve a vibrator wand from a table. She turned it on and pressed it on her slave’s moist pussy while simultaneously sucking on the hard nipples. Ashley began shaking and moaning, she could feel that she was getting close to her climax until…. she came. She began to rock and buck violently, unable to control the orgasm that had overcome her. After she had calmed down and all her juices had flown out, Nicole got up and threw Ashley a towel.

“Thank you – mistress.” Ashley could hardly catch her breath but managed to say thanks to her mistress.

Nicole helped her shaking slave to her feet and they both walked over to a door in the corner of the room. Nicole opened it and Ashley squinted from the harsh lighting that was inside the room. They both walked in and Nicole led her exhausted slave to a table in front of a large mirror.

“Look pretty.” That is all Nicole said to her before leaving the room. Ashley looked down and was amazed at all the make-up and hair products that lay on the table, waiting to be used. Ashley took her time putting lipstick and eyeliner on, to name a few. She finished cleaning up her face and then went to her hair. She used the various hair sprays and products at her disposal then brushed it repeatedly. She was satisfied with how she looked and she took a seat in the chair.

Ashley had been sitting for about 10 minutes now and was letting her thoughts get the better of her. She began thinking about what would happen if she was never let go. Her eyes began to tear up and eventually a tear rolled out of her eye and down her cheek. She wiped it off and spotted a pair of handcuffs lying on another table in the room. She got up and retrieved them. She held the shiny silver handcuffs in the light, the metal was cool to her touch, she began swinging the jaw in and out. She put on cuff on her wrist and tightened it, the ratcheting sound gave her a shiver. She brought her hands behind her back and ratcheted the next jaw to her other wrist, cuffing her hands behind her back. She wants to show that she can be trusted and will not try to escape again. Hopefully this trust will eventually lead to her release.

Nicole strides in 15 minutes later. She had changed from what she normally wears and now looked like a normal person. She was wearing a plaid skirt with black pantyhose, she wore a beige blouse and black overcoat and to finish the look, she was wearing stiletto heeled boots. She walked over to her now handcuffed slave, with her heels clicking on the floor. She inspected the cuffs to make sure they were on securely then patted her slave on her now perfectly straight hair.

“You look beautiful, well, now you do, before you looked like an ugly bitch!” Ashley knew what she was trying to do, she was trying to get Ashley pissed off and freak out.

“Thank you mistress. You look amazing, you aren’t so scary now.” Nicole grabbed hold of the cuff chain and yanked on it, causing the metal to dig into Ashley’s soft wrists.

“Come on lets go.” She led her maid out the door and towards the exit door. She had to unlock 3 locks in order to exit the building. The cold air kissed Ashley’s bare legs, giving her goosebumps. They turned the corner and approached the fence, Nicole unlocked the small door in the fence and exited first then she pulled the cuff chain, forcing her captive to follow. They began walking into the forest, it was dark outside so Ashley was frightened and had no idea where she was. Finally a dim light could be seen. Ashley began dragging her feet not knowing what was in store for her. Nicole yanked on the chain again which forced Ashley to pick up the pace. Before entering the garage, Nicole stopped.

“I didn’t think you were using your car so I replaced the license plate.” Ashley’s eyes widened.

“My car?” They entered the garage and Ashley’s mouth dropped. It was her car.

“I see you got the model with extra trunk space.” Nicole picked up a ball gag and a strange white pill from a table. She plopped the pill into Ashley’s mouth then immediately shoved the gag in. She opened the trunk and gestured for Ashley to climb in, she obeyed and slowly climbed into the trunk of her own car. She opened the garage door and drove out onto the small road leading through the forest.

Ashley’s eyes were tired and it took effort to hold them open. Nicole was continuing along the dirt road and Ashley could tell when she hit the pavement. Nicole must not know that the police have set-up road checkpoints in an attempt to find Ashley. Ashley could hear Nicole cursing, even though she was in the trunk. Something must really be wrong for her to be cursing that loud.

She could feel the car begin to slow and then muffled, but still audible voices could be heard.

“Good evening ma’am. This is an Ontario Provincial Police checkpoint. Have you seen this woman?” It was the police! This was Ashley’s chance to escape. She attempted to scream but she did not create any noise, just more drool. She tried to scream but there was absolutely no noise coming from her vocal cords, it was like they were frozen.

“No I haven’t officer” replied Nicole to the question.

“I am sorry but you look like this women, may I see your drivers license?” There were a few moments of silence and then the officer spoke again.

“Alright, thank you Miss Williams. You have a nice eve-“ He stopped himself in mid sentence and Ashley could hear the click of a flashlight.

“What’s that ma’am?... Yeah, that picture right there.” There was another few seconds of silence.

“I am sorry ma’am but I have to ask you to exit the car.” Nicole did not like that idea.

“What! Why, I haven’t done anything wrong. I just have that picture of Miss Roberts so I know what she looks like in the event that I see someone like her.” The officer replied with more force in his voice.

“Miss, I will not ask you again, exit the car now.” The car door opened and then closed and Ashley could hear steps in the gravel shoulder of the road.

“Put your hands on the trunk of your car. I am not going to ask you again!” Ashley jumped when a thud echoed through the trunk of the car.

“Officer, what are you doing, I haven’t done anything!” The desperation in Nicole’s voice could be heard.

”I am sorry but something seems weird to me. First I find a picture of the woman in question then you resist my reasonable requests.” The officer seemed desperate to find Ashley.

“I haven’t done anything. Let me go.” Nicole talked with a more quiet tone this time, knowing that arguing will get here no where.

“Now, are you going to sit on the shoulder of the road and not move or am I going to have to handcuff you and put you in the back of my car and let you think for an hour?” Asked the officer.

“I will sit, I hate handcuffs.” Nicole said this in an almost joking tone and made Ashley cry once again.

“Miss Williams, do you have any weapons or drugs in the car?” There was a silence, Ashley assumed Nicole was nodding at this point.

“Anything else you want to tell me that might surprise me during my search?” After a few minutes of intense searching, Ashley heard a few words that she longed to hear.

“Miss Williams, will you please open the trunk for me?”

Part 2

“Miss Williams, will you please open the trunk for me?” There was a long awkward silence.

“Now Miss Williams!” Ashley’s blood was pumping and her heart was beating faster then ever.

“Miss Williams, get off the ground and open the trunk.” Once again, there was an awkward silence then footsteps and dragging feet could be heard.

“Get up!” The officer screamed.

“That’s it! Hands behind your back, please. Now!” The all too familiar ratcheting sound of handcuffs could be heard. Ashley was laughing on the inside, this was her way of getting back at Nicole.

“Now you’re a beautiful girl, I am going to hold you in my car for an hour without charge then let you go. You’re lucky that I am this nice, I should charge you for disobeying a lawful order but I am not going too. Think about what you did.” Then the slam from a car door could be heard a short distance away. Then the officer forgot about the Audi, Ashley’s car and continued the search by pulling over the next car. She was so close, the woman that they were looking for, but she was so far.

An hour later, just as the officer had said, Nicole re-entered the car. She turned the ignition and drove away from the police checkpoint. She let out a string of curses then started directly talking to Ashley. “Wow! That was close eh babe? I guess that pill I gave you really kept you quiet, that’s good. It has been a while since I’ve been cuffed, it felt good. You must be in heaven right now, eh Ash?”

20 minutes later and the car slowed to a stop. Nicole turned off the engine and exited the car. She opened the trunk exposing Ashley to fresh, cold air. “Don’t worry, you should be able to talk now but you won’t need too. This is my house and I am having a dinner party, you are our maid and server. Since your face is all of the news more then I thought, you are going to have to wear this hood.” Nicole removed the gag and put the hood over her head then re-attached the gag on the outside of the hood. The hood had 4 holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. “Walk! The guests will be here soon.”

Ashley entered the large, majestic home. It had a huge entrance way with a large crystal chandelier hanging over the double front doors. Nicole wiped away the drool around Ashley’s mouth and straightened out her uniform. “I love how your blue eyes contrast the hood, it’s just amazing.” Nicole couldn’t see it but Ashley began to blush.

“Now, stand right here and wait for the guests, I trust you.” She bent down and took off the leg irons, she continued by un-cuffing her wrists from behind her back and re-attaching them in front. Ashley now stood in the beautiful home dressed as a maid, wearing no cuffs on her legs. She heard tires rolling up the driveway. A few minutes later she heard a knock at the door and opened it. There were 3 men and a woman standing before her.

“Oh my, this is a surprise.” Declared a man. They all entered and handed their maid their coats, smiling at her as they walked by. Nicole entered into the entranceway.

“Welcome fellow masters!” Ashley’s heart dropped when she heard this, they were all bondage lovers.

“I am honored to have all of you together for this dinner, idea meeting and fun night. Meet my newest slave, she used to have a name but not anymore, I have broken her.” Nicole’s guests turned to the girl struggling to put all the coats away in the closet, their eyes scanning all over her body. One person spoke up.

“You really trust her eh, no leg cuffs. Why doesn’t she run?” The man asked.

“Because she fears me, she has already tried to escape several times but I keep catching her and she has been severely punished.” Nicole explained.

“Now, shall we go to the dining table to discuss ideas for our websites and then we shall eat.” Ashley learned another chilling piece of information, they were not only bondage lovers but they all owned bondage websites. Ashley followed the bondage website owners into the dining room and stood in the corner, listening to the horror of their ideas. One idea was so horrible, it made Ashley cry. The website owners asked if they could try this idea on the girl that was standing in the corner.

“No, I am sorry but I will not let you harm my slave, she doesn’t deserve to be punished.” Ashley was touched at this sign of mercy from the women she thought was the devil’s spawn. Nicole got up and walked over to Ashley, she whispered into her ear.

“I just saved your ass, get the food” With that, Ashley walked into the kitchen; she had no idea what she was going to do to serve food for her guests. She was surprised to see that all the food was already prepared and was all on silver platters. It was difficult to carry the food with her hands cuffed in front of her but she managed to deliver all platters to the table.

“Where are the plates slave?” Questioned a man. Ashley ran into the kitchen and grabbed some plates from the kitchen. She quickly ran back into the dining room but tripped, dropping and smashing the plates. The man got up and pulled a whip from the back of his pocket he began to whip Ashley until she started to cry.

“Get more you little slut and clean this up!” The tone of his voice and made Ashley want to spit in his face. She was sick and tired of being treated like trash but she wouldn’t be like this for long, she was planning on escaping. She delivered the plates and cleaned up the glass, making sure not to cut her hands on the sharp porcelain and glass. It was an uneventful and boring dinner for Ashley until Nicole stood up.

“All right, its time for some fun.” She said this as she looked right at Ashley. She strode over and grabbed Ashley’s arm pulling her into another room, all the other guests followed.

The room was rather large; it had several nice couches a large fish tank and a big flat screen TV. Nicole pushed Ashley onto the ground, surrounded by couches. The 4 guests entered behind Ashley and sat on the couches around her.

“You each get to decide the slave’s fate for 15 minutes, you may do anything to her. But I have the ultimate yes or no say.” Nicole sat down and a man stood up.

“This is a wonderfully fun idea mistress. I wish to go first.” Said the tall thin man.

“Alright, what are you going to do?” Asked Nicole.

“Well, your slave looks beautiful, I beat she hasn’t had release in a while, I wish to torture her with a taser and whips then I will give her the biggest orgasm she has ever had.” Ashley’s eyes widened and she instantly protest through her gag, the drool running down her chin increased in intensity as she screamed for mercy.

Nicole thought, then agreed. “Okay then, go ahead, you may go upstairs.” Ashley was shocked that Nicole would agree to this.

“Noopphmm! NNOOPH!” Ashley attempted to stop her fate as she was picked up and carried by the man upstairs. He made it up the stairs with ease, Ashley was impressed with his strength. He entered the room and placed Ashley on a bed. He unbuckled the gag and gently removed it.

“Please sir. Pleasee! Don’t do it! I am the missing girl on the news, Ashley Roberts; the police are looking for me.” Said Ashley in desperation.

“I don’t care who you were, you are a slave now.” The man said coldly.

“I am not going to torture you.” Ashley was relieved to hear this and her breathing calmed but was then increased when he continued speaking

“I am going to have sex with you.” He pulled 3 pairs of handcuffs from his coat pocket and cuffed her left ankle, he went to cuff her ankle to the bed frame when she stopped him.

“Wait! Do you mind if I go to the bathroom and clean up? Please.” He agreed, leaving a cuff dangling from her left ankle. She got off the bed and walked over into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She tried pulling the hood off but it was securely locked in place around her neck. She began looking for some way to escape, a window caught her eye. She softly walked towards it, preventing her awaiting guest from hearing her walking around. She turned the knob on the sink, giving the appearance that she was washing her hands. She stopped against the wall that contained the window, it was big enough for her to fit through, this was it, she was going to escape. She carefully opened the window, making sure it didn’t make too much noise. She looked out the window into the darkness of the night and realized that it was a lot higher off the ground then she had thought. The lit roadway of the highway could be seen in the distance and the odd car could be seen driving by. She took one last look towards the ground; she took a deep breath then finally stepped out the window hitting the ground at high velocity, landing with a deep thud and crack. She was instantly winded and she attempted to rise to her feet. Pain immediately shot through her legs, she tried to hold back her screams but she could not hold any longer.

“AHHH! FUCK! God... oh god, fuck! Fucking hurtsss! FUCKKK!” Her screams brought Nicole and the other guests outside to see the maid trying to crawl away, screaming into the night. Nicole approached her slave with a smile; she kneeled beside her resting her hand on the helpless girl’s back, pushing her into the dirt.

“Wow. What in the hell are you doing babe?” She asked with a snicker.

“Ouchhhh! Fuck. Stay away from me, awwoouuuu! This was the worst pain that Ashley had felt in her entire life; it felt like her legs were on fire just below the knees. At this point the other man that was going to have sex with her walked outside and was stunned with the sight before him.

“Shhh, there there. It’s okay slut.” This little derogatory term set Ashley into a rage.

“Fuck you! I don’t want to see you in my life anymore! You’ll pay, I swear on my life you’ll pay!” She was still dragging herself towards the distant highway, unable to stand and run.

“Shhh, you’ll wake the neighbours.” Nicole was still surprisingly calm at this point, despite being insulted by her slave in front of other internet doms. She walked into the house and came back out in a snap, with a gag and cuffs in hand. She walked over to Ashley once again.

“Open wide you little bitch.” Ashley saw what her mistress had in her hand and did not want that nasty ball gag in her mouth again. She shut her mouth and stopped moving but she was still whining loudly from the intense pain in her legs. Nicole approached and brought the gag in front of Ashley’s mouth, waiting for her to accept her fate and open her mouth. Ashley brought her cuffed hands up and smacked the gag out of Nicole’s hand. Nicole got up and retrieved it, she walked over and sat on Ashley’s legs causing her instant and severe pain.

“Fuck! Ouchhh-oucmmpphmm.” Her cries of pain were interrupted by the gag that was thrust into her mouth. Nicole got up off her legs. Ashley continued to scream and cry. Nicole noticed the cuff hanging off her left ankle; she bent down and snapped the open cuff onto her right ankle. She un-cuffed her hands and immediately brought them behind her backed and secured them in place.

“Get up!” Yelled Nicole, trying to get her slave under control. Ashley tried to obey, knowing that she was not going to escape. She attempted to bring herself to her feet but could hardly kneel, she slumped to the ground, crying and screaming in pain and frustration. Nicole walked over and began pulling on her slave’s hair causing her even more pain then she was already in.

She dragged her into her home as she screamed in pain through her gag. Drool had already begun to pour out of her mouth past the gag. She was dragged down stairs, each step was almost as if it had razor blades on it and it felt as if they dug deep into her legs. The basement was not nearly as nice as the house was, it was dark cold and dirty. She was dragged into a pitch black room. It appeared to be an empty room with a single ring on the floor in the middle of the room. Nicole let go of her shaking slave and left then returned with a padlock in her hand. She locked the cuffs on her wrists to the ring on the floor. She strode out with a blank, evil look on her face and shut the door, plunging Ashley into complete darkness with nothing to distract her but the searing pain in her legs and her own thoughts. She continued to scream and cry, the reality of the situation finally hit her, she was never going to be free again.

She drifted in and out of consciousness, each time she awoke from her slumber she instantly felt her fiery legs. This process continued for hours, each time she woke she cried with increasing intensity. She awoke from sleep when she noticed the room was lighter. With blurry eyes she looked at the door, Nicole was standing in the doorway with a box in her hand. The pain in her legs could still easily be felt each time she attempted to move. She was exhausted; her maid uniform was wet from drool and sweat. Nicole walked over and tightly locked a collar onto her sobbing slave and then onto the floor. She removed the hood, cool air rushed at Ashley’s face and a sigh of relief fell over her face.

“You stupid bitch. You jumped out of a window and look what happened. It’s your own damn fault!” Nicole’s words were harsh but true, Ashley was beginning to think that she should have never jumped she was once again hit with the reality that she was not going to escape and she may even be killed. Nicole un-cuffed Ashley’s legs and threw down a neat pile of clothes.

“Get rid of the costume and put those clothes on.” Ashley nodded and attempted to pull the costume down her body but the pain shot through her legs and she stopped with a sharp scream. Nicole quickly walked over, he heels clicking against the concrete floor and she pulled the costume down her legs and off her body. Ashley could only scream and pull against the cuffs that restrained her arms as pain shot through her legs like fire. Nicole unfolded a pair of jeans and began pulling them up her slave’s legs. She had purposely made sure that they were tight to cause her slave more pain when putting them on and taking them off. She un-cuffed Ashley’s and threw them aside, allowing her to put on the tight, small t-shirt that she had provided. She brought out a pair of high heels and gently put them on for her slave, once finished, she removed the gag. Ashley worked her jaw before trying to speak.

“Ple...please. I think- I think I really hurt my legs. I want to see a docdoctor. Please.” She tried her best to look as pathetic as possible and it appeared to have worked. Nicole bent down to eye level with her tear-filled slave and pulled a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

“I am going to have to give you a pill to prevent you from talking, co-operate with me and I will call a doctor for you when we get back to the studio. Clear?” Ashley only nodded and opened her mouth to accept the small white pill that Nicole had dropped in her mouth before. She helped Ashley to her feet and supported all of her weight, almost carrying her as she walked, quietly whimpering with each jerk.

She placed her I the trunk once again, tucking her legs in to fit, Ashley could only whimper quietly as the pill had already started to work its magic.

“Lets get back to the studio; I know you love it there.” She said with a smirk and slammed the trunk shut. She backed out of the driveway and screeched the tires as she sped down the road.

It had been a long ride so far but Ashley could tell they must have been getting close. She was tired and her eyes began to close. Nicole began to slow the car and pulled onto a gravel road, minutes later, she stopped. She opened the trunk, Ashley tried to open her eyes but she couldn’t, it was as if she had lost control of her body, she could hear what was going on around her but try as she might, she could not open her eyes. She was set down on a wheeled chair once they were inside and she was wheeled into what was her room. Nicole brought her hands behind her back and cuffed them tightly in place with some hinged cuffs.

“I’ll turn this TV on for you babe.” She said wickedly as she turned on the TV but failed to change the channel, all there was, was the sound of the high pitched screech of the test screen. Her heels clicked as she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her followed by the latch of the door. Tears snuck past her closed eyes as she was once again back in this horrible place.

The headlights rolled around the bend, lighting up the forest then they came to rest on the steel chain link fence. The black SUV thrust forward, smashing down the gate with ease, 3 more SUVs followed close behind. The black vehicles quickly came to a stop in front of the of the solid steel main entry door. All doors swung open in unison and men piled out from their unmarked chariots. There was a total of 26 men, all converging on one location, the door. A bright flash lit the area, followed by the distant roll of thunder. They were all wearing full tactical gear and helmets, some had solid steel shields and one had a tubular, hand held battering ram. They all had one thing in common, they had the same white letters printed on their backs, police. One officer made a hand gesture and the officer with the battering ram moved forward, took one big swing and knocked down the door. He stepped aside and allowed his fellow officers to run into the pitch black room. They did not scream orders into the darkness, they were silent. All other officers followed into the darkness, the only light coming from their flashlights and the odd flash of lightning. They continued through into the separate rooms, either breaking down or opening the doors as they went. They approached the film room, a bright flash escaped from under the door, then instantly followed by a crack of thunder which felt to have shaken the floor. Another set of hand gestures was made and a man carrying a shield stepped forward, the pushed open the door and the man with the shield charged forward, followed closely by other officers. Their flashlights bouncing off the metallic tripods, there was one lone light in the corner of the room, a flash of light lit up the room exposing that it was a camera. They continued on clearing each room in the small concrete building the only sounds coming from the increasing storm and rain.

They came upon the last door, the door leading to the cell hallway. All 26 men had their guns trained on the door. The officer in command tried the door, it was unlocked. He pushed it open and within seconds, the hallway was flooded with police officers. The rain was much heavier now so they could stop walking so softly.

They began clearing 3 out of the 4 cells with no sign of anyone even being there until they came upon the last door at the end of the hall. Light sputtered out from under the door. A bright flash lit up the door followed by the familiar roar, there was a name on the door ‘Roberts’, this was Ashley’s cell. They tried to peer through the little window and hole in the door but they were both covered. An officer attempted to open the door but it was locked. He gestured for the battering ram to come forward; the man took position beside the door and swung his 60 lb. ram. It cracked against the door and a ‘clang’ sound reverberated throughout the hallway, the door remained standing. He swung again and again, with each swing and hit, the door shook a little bit more until finally it flung open. They charged in not knowing what to expect. The room was lit up by a flash and instantly followed by a sharp crack of thunder.

“Police! Get on the ground!” They all screamed at once, the room was empty except for a note In the middle of the floor.

“Clear.” Said one of the officers. “The building is now clear.” He said into his radio. One officer walked over to a barred window and threw his helmet against it.

“Fuck!” He screamed angrily. “We were so close, so fucking close! She must have been here.” The distant wail of police sirens could be heard cutting through the rain and the tense atmosphere of the concrete building. A man dressed in jeans and a black jacket entered the room. He wore his badge on the outside of his jacket and he was followed by several similarly dressed men. He picked up the note and read it for a moment then he began to repeat things that it said

“Hahaha. Close, but not quite. I moved her to a new location, you will not find her, take a look at the back of this, what I am doing is legal.” He read as he flipped the paper over and his eyes widened as he read what was on the back. It was a film consent form, signed by ‘Ashley Roberts’.

“Alright guys, we’ll meet back at the station, investigators and uniformed officers have arrived and they are going to search the building for more clues. A search and rescue helicopter is in the air now to search the woods, maybe she’s there.” He left as quickly as he entered, the other officers followed as investigators began their work of searching the building.

The rain had subsided and the thunder was now a distant rumble. The officers piled back into their SUVs, upset that they did not find her but confident that they were getting close.

Ashley opened her eyes to a pleasant sight; she was in a pretty nice room, although it had reminders that she was a prisoner such as barred windows and rings on the walls. It was a light pink and blue room with a big nice bed, chairs and tables. She tried to get up but she was still cuffed to the chair, her ass was sore from sitting on it all night. Although she could not feel any pain in her legs, she knew they must have been in pretty bad shape. The door unlocked and Nicole entered, with a gag and hood in hand.

“Please, mistress, just let me go. Haven’t you done enough to me, I thought the whole idea was you are filming for your website. Aren’t you?” Nicole stopped when she heard this question and put her hand under Ashley’s chin, their eyes met.

“Everything you have done, and I mean everything has been recorded. Your arrest, your attempted escapes, everything. It has all been filmed.” Her mouth dropped when she heard this, never had she felt so violated. Nicole pushed the gag into her open mouth then placed the hood over top of it, locking it onto her head. She continued to talk as she locked a collar to her neck and a ring on the wall.

“A good friend of mine is coming over her to look at your legs. He knows that I am into bondage and he has no problem with checking up on a girl who is tied and gagged.” She tugged on the chain connecting her collar to the wall and was satisfied that Ashley was not going anywhere. Nicole exited the room leaving Ashley alone once again.

She returned in minutes with a man dressed in a suit. He stopped in the doorway and his jaw dropped as he saw the girl restrained to the chair and wall.

“Wow. I want your job Nikki. What’s her name, she has an amazing body.” Ashley could not help but to blush under the hood. He circled her a few times before kneeling in front of her.

“So, what’s wrong with her cause I sure as hell can’t see anything wrong with her, she’s perfect.” He said casually.

“She jumped out of a 2nd story window, cause she’s a stupid bitch.” Nicole said coldly.

“Uck you!” Ashley attempted to slap her mistress, forgetting completely about the handcuffs that kept her wrists restrained behind the chair. The doctor leaned back as she struggled to break free; but this attempt at revenge was short lived, she stopped struggling in no time at all from exhaustion.

“Well... lets have a look at your legs then.” He began rolling her jeans up her legs causing her minor pain, she whimpered into the gag.

“It’s okay babe, I am not trying to hurt you. You just have to stay perfectly still.” He said softly. He finished rolling her jeans up and could see her knee and exposed legs. He examined them for a moment, gently lifting them up to check behind the leg.

“Hmmm, no bruising. No signs of protruding bones. How long ago did she fall?” He asked calmly as if he had done this several times before.

“2 days ago.” Nicole responded quickly.

“Okay that’s good. Now hun, I am going to put a little pressure on your leg, just say stop if it hurts....” He remembered that she couldn’t speak. “Or I mean, just moan.” He corrected himself with a light laugh. He began pressing on her leg then the pain hit and she quickly screamed to get him to stop. He stood up.

“Well, your legs are not broken.” Relief filled her body. “But they are severely damaged, you won’t be able to walk for a week or 2.” This was a small price to pay for her near escape, but she worried what was going to happen before then, would she be let free or would she remain a slave.

“Alright, thanks Neil.” Nicole said as she spun Ashley around to face her, eye to eye. “What do you say babe?” She asked as she removed the hood and took out the gag. Ashley’s back was facing the doctor and he could see her long blonde hair flow out from under the hood.

“Thank you doctor.” She said quietly. “HELP, HELPHMMM!” She screamed for the doctor’s help, trying to let him know that she didn’t want to be there, but Nicole shoved the gag back in before she could say her name. She slapped her across the face, instantly her face began to swell.

“Is... is she okay?” He asked with his mouth open once again open.

“She’s fine, she just wanted you to have some play time with her, that’s all.” Nicole explained, causing Ashley to struggle against her bonds.

“Let’s go upstairs Neil.” She walked out of the room with him, he looked back at the girl bound to the chair before exiting the room.

She didn’t know what to do, she was worried that she would never be let go. The metal of the cuffs dug into her skin as she continued to attempt to free them from the chair. She cried as she thought that she would never see her house or her life again, because lets face it, this was no longer her life. She stopped struggling, she knew she would not break the cuffs, she was just a girl. She would have to wait for another opportunity to escape but until then she would just have to be as nice as possible.

Back at Ashley’s office, Mike sat at his desk, he was clearly stressed. His shirt was wrinkled and not buttoned properly, and his hair was puffed up from its normal, clean, combed look. He rolled over to the other end of his large oak desk and pulled out a glass container with a brown coloured liquid inside. He used the remote to turn on the large TV that hung on the wall in the corner of his room and changed the channel until the afternoon news appeared. He poured himself a glass of liquid into a small shot glass as he watched the news, waiting for any word Ashley. He set down his drink and leaned forward on his chair as he saw an old picture of Ashley appear behind the reporter sitting at the desk.

“In other news, the search for the missing 25 year old woman, Ashley Roberts, has begun to die down after an exhausting search by helicopters and police dogs have turned up nothing. Cheryl Hill has more on this story.” The setting was changed to a woman walking down the side of the highway towards the camera, talking as she walked along.

“8 days ago, Ashley Roberts was pulled over by a police car at this location, she got out of her vehicle and she was quickly arrested by what appeared to have been a police officer. He then placed her in the back of the cruiser and drove away. Minutes later, an unmarked tow truck came and collected her car and also drove away. Police say that this is most likely a highly organized kidnapping gag although they have not yet received ransom demands. This was all caught on tape by a highway monitoring security camera. Police are asking anyone with information to step forward by calling police or crime stoppers.” Mike turned off the TV and tossed the remote across his desk.

Ashley sat in the basement, lonely and hungry. Nicole came in and removed her hood followed by the gag. She un-cuffed her wrists from the chair, she did not want to stand up as she knew the pain would be too much to bear. Nicole helped Ashley stand to her feet, it did not hurt to stand but walking was awkwardly painful, thankfully she used Nicole for support as she was led towards the soft bed.

“Please. Just... just... let me go.” She said quietly and softly.

“Shut up! I was going to let you go if you behaved at our dinner party but you tried to escape, now you tried to get Neil to help you, you are pathetic aren’t you?” These words were extremely harsh but true, Nicole was right.

“Your, your... right.” She looked at the ground, her eyes began to tear once more at the realization that she was not going anywhere.

“No more sympathy from me babe, your time has run out.” Nicole’s words seemed angered. She cuffed Ashley’s legs with a pair of handcuffs. She now held a pair of hinged, high security handcuffs. She placed them on Ashley’s wrists with her palms facing outwards, this position was extremely uncomfortable and the way the lock holes were positioned, it was also inescapable. She pulled her legs up to her ass and padlocked the short chain to the hinged handcuffs.

“Owww, fuck! Please, don’t, my legs! Ahhh, they hurt! Nicole, please!” She hoped that by using her name, she would get sympathy from her captor. She was wrong, if anything, this only made her situation much worse.

“What did you say you bitch!?” She bent down and pulled some clover clamps and a whip out from the box. She walked over and pulled the shirt down Ashley’s chest, she flipped her on her right side; Ashley’s round breasts became exposed

“Please... they hurt. Please, mistress.” Nicole ignored her pleas for mercy, she placed one on her erect nipple then placed the final clamp on the remaining nipple.

“Aghhh! Stop... no!” Ashley was a nipple toy virgin, she had no idea it would hurt this much.

“Not another word or I will pull on this chain as hard as I can.” She began gently tugging, Ashley would let out a little whimper with each tiny tug. She pulled even tighter causing the clamps to grip her hard nipples even more.

“No more, please! No more.” Nicole gave one final tug and left her slave to feel the sting of the clamps. She lay there, completely helpless and vulnerable, her only choice was to submit until she is released.
She must have been in this position for hours, her back ached and her legs were sore. She could no longer feel anything in her hands, she could not look over her shoulder to see if her wrists were bleeding because of the strictness of this position. Nicole strode in with several toys in her hand.

“You thought this was bad, you just wait and see.” She dropped everything and left only a black whip in her hand.

“No, please, let me go. If its money you want... please – please let me GOahhh!! Fuck!” The whip came down on her arms causing instant reddening. Another big swat came down on her arms, then another and another. Nicole pushed her off her belly and onto her side, she took a chain and locked it onto the bed frame then onto the padlock that was hogtieing her, preventing her from flipping back over onto her stomach. Nicole began whipping her breasts. Whip after whip came down hard on the same spot, Ashley screaming for mercy the whole time. Finally, as quickly as it began, it ended. Nicole un-locked the chain keeping her on her side and unlocked the padlock that was keeping her in a hogtie. Ashley lowered her legs and rested them on her bed. As she lowered them, blood rushed back, bringing the sensation back to her legs. Nicole picked a collar off the floor and placed it around Ashley’s neck, she took the chain that was now hanging from the bed frame and padlocked it to the collar.

“What do you say you rich slut?” Nicole hissed.

“th-thanks mi-mistress.” She stuttered, the fear in her voice showed. Nicole left the room and closed the door behind her; locking it. Ashley was tired but her mind kept running, ‘would I ever be free, will I be killed?’ These thought surged through her mind. A loud, high pitched beep cut through the air and made her jump, it stretched on for a few seconds, Ashley wanted to cover her ears with her hands it was so loud, but the tight cuffs prevented her from doing so. Then, it stopped. Ashley’s drowsy eyes began to close just after that terrible noise cut out. About a minute after the end of the last beep, another screeched in the dark room, causing her eyes to burst open. This process continued throughout the entire night, Ashley could not get more then 30 seconds of sleep without being woken up by that evil beep.

The door opened and Nicole stepped in the room, her heels clicking on the ground, the sound of her latex pants rubbing together sent a shiver through Ashley.

“Sleep deprivation has been used as a method of torture. You sure look tired babe, I bet you didn’t get any sleep.” Nicole noticed.

“Please, mistress. I will give you money, just, no more. Please!” Each time she begged, she became more and more desperate. Nicole began to work, preparing Ashley for the next form of torture. She tied a rope to the chain on her ankle cuffs and tied it to the footboard. She un-cuffed her hands and re-cuffed them in front, bringing them up and over her head and tying it to the headboard. Finally she replaced the collar Ashley was wearing, with a stiff posture collar. She added a few straps across her legs and body, keeping her flat on the bed, unable to move.

“Do you really need all of this? Please mi-mistress.” She still felt awkward calling someone her ‘mistress’ but she had to if she had any hope of eventually being set free. Nicole attached what appeared to be an enema bag to a hook that was hanging just above her head. She turned a little valve below the bag and stood back. A small drop of water landed right on Ashley’s forehead causing her to jerk a little bit.

“This is called a Chinese Water Torture, the slowly dripping water will eventually cause a breakdown of the prisoner, in this case, that’s you. Just give it time Ash, you will be crying in an hour. Have fun.” She said with a wink as she left the room. Just as Nicole had said, water was dripping on her forehead every 2-3 seconds. Ashley laughed, it was the first time she smiled, she couldn’t believe that Nicole would do something so stupid, she wondered how in the hell could this dripping water cause her to breakdown.

She lay on the comfortable bed, not being able to move a muscle and slowly being tortured with water. She was so hungry and thirsty and she desperately needed the bathroom, this only added to her situation. She began to see how this could be used as torture, the slow, steady drip of freezing cold water was beginning to get on her nerves.

10 or 15 minutes later she lay still on the bed, her arms trying to protect against the slow dripping water. She became irritated with the water as she thought about what has been done to her, the pain she has been in. Her eyes began to tear and then a few minutes later, tears escaped her closed eyes. She could feel the panic taking hold of her, she wanted out.

“Mistress! Please, help – meeee...” She screamed in hopes that Nicole would answer. She lay in misery on the bed, she had been crying for about 20 minutes straight when Nicole walked in and stood beside the bed.

“Hmm, I didn’t think you would have lasted that long.” She leaned over the weeping girl’s body and untied her from the headboard. She immediately jumped up and began rubbing her forehead in an attempt to remove the sensation. She untied her leg iron chain from the footboard and sat her up over the edge of the bed.

“You see, I told you’d be crying like a baby.” She said as she stared deep into Ashley’s blue eyes. Without warning, Nicole shoved Ashley off the bed and she flopped to the floor with a thud.

“Ow! What the fuck is your problem?” She screamed in pain and frustration. She flipped her over and slapped her right across the face. Ashley’s cuffed hands immediately went up to rub her now red cheek.

“Please, just no more of this. Let me go!” She pleaded with her captor. Nicole attached a collar tightly to Ashley’s neck then unlocked the cuffs from both her wrists and ankles. Nicole set some clothes down on the floor and left the room, closing and locking the door behind her. Ashley immediately changed into the clothes and then sat on the bed and awaited Nicole’s return. She came back in with some food on a plate and a glass of water. She set it down on the bed beside Ashley.

“Eat up, you got a hell of a day ahead of you.” She said as she stood back and watched Ashley eat. She didn’t say another word until she finished eating. Ashley’s head began to hurt and the world around her began to spin. She felt increasingly light headed until... she got knocked out cold and flopped over onto the bed.

The warm sun warmed her face, she opened her eyes to see where she was. Her face was resting against cool, damp leather, she looked down at her legs, they were cuffed, she tried to bring her hands in front of herself, but they were tightly cuffed behind her back. She was in a tight hogtie and could not move an inch. She knew from the dampness of the leather that she was wearing a gag. Her hair was no longer plastered to her face, in was perfectly straight, running behind her back. She ignored her restraints and began to look around to see if she could tell where she was. She was in the back seat of a car, she could see the driver’s seat and there was no one in it. She was restrained on the left side of the back seat, the car was parked on the right side of the road. The interior was red, from her view point she tilted her head and tried to look out of the front, she noticed the 4 silver rings on the steering wheel, this was her car. Butterflies began to flap in her stomach, she could see tell that the car was parked on the side of a road as she could occasionally hear a vehicle pass. The shine of her car keys caught her eyes; they were hanging on the rear view mirror along with what appeared to be handcuff keys and one other small key. She couldn’t even get up to the front let alone reach them so she decided to wait. Minutes passed but they felt like hours, each car that drove by, Ashley made a desperate attempt to cry out for help but the gag was doing its job.

The sun had begun to disappear and she was getting worried. In the silence of the car she could hear grinding gravel behind her parked car. Her eyes widened, all her senses were on high alert. She cocked her head towards the left side of the back seat to see if anyone was walking beside the car. A flashlight beam shot into her car and hovered around inside. She began to scream as loud as she could, the drool pouring out was making her look even more helpless. She heard a car door slam shut, then she heard footsteps in the gravel, approaching the left side of the car, the flashlight was still jolting around inside of the car. A man wearing a police ball cap stopped at the left side of the back door, he peered into the front, his flashlight scanning the interior. Ashley was screaming with deafening volume, or what appeared to be loud in her mind. Finally he shifted and turned his attention to the back seat, his flashlight lit up the bound girl in the back seat, her eyes grew larger like a deer in headlights. He stood there for what seemed like seconds, with his jaw wide open in a shocked state. He dropped his flashlight and ran around the car to the back right door, trying the door but it was locked. He ran back around to the driver’s seat and tried it, it was unlocked, he unlocked the rest of the doors via the control on the drivers’ side door. He jolted back around the car with lightning speed. He opened the door and began trying to free her.

“Miss! Miss, are you okay?” He questioned during his panicked state. She was crying with tears of joy, never did she think that she would be free again. Ironically enough, a fake cop had originally brought her in and now she was being freed by a real. Her heart was pumping and she was screaming into her gag, the tears combining with her drool.

“What the fuck is this thing in your mouth? You’re going to be okay, just hold on.” He fumbled with the straps on her gag, they were locked. He opened the door on the front passenger seat and retrieved the ring of keys. He quickly unlocked her handcuffs, she was shocked that she was finally free. He immediately went up and used the smallest key to open the padlocks that held the strange thing in her mouth. When she realized that she was actually free, her arms shot out from behind her and wrapped around his waist, hugging him. He unlocked the gag and removed it, throwing it onto the ground. She instantly showed her gratitude.

“Oh god! Thank you, oh my god, I – can’t – I can’t believe it. Thank you so much, I knew someone would find me!” She buried her head onto his shoulder and cried with joy. He finished un-cuffing her ankles and then returned the hug. She was crying hysterically, she could not believe that she was free.

“Ashley Roberts?” He questioned.

“Yea.” That was all that managed to escape her mouth. He pulled away from the hug and stood up outside the car.

“Unit 90 to base, I have found Ashley Roberts just off of 60th concession.” He spoke into the radio.

“10-4 unit 90, back-up is on the way.” Replied the dispatcher. Ashley exited the car with wobbly legs and continued to hug him, it was good to hug another person that was here to help.

“Just hold on to me. Please.” She just wanted to be held, it made her feel more safe.

“Unit 90 to base, I am going to take Miss Roberts back to her home, please redirect the ambulance and back-up accordingly.” He said into his radio.

“10-4 unit 90.” Replied the lady on the other end. He helped her over to the passenger seat of his squad car and set her in. He closed the door and quickly walked over to the driver’s side and got in.

“I got a tow truck on the way to bring your car to your house.” He said as he typed a few things into his little computer. He flipped on his sirens and sped off down the road, to take Ashley back home.

He pulled up the driveway and stopped in front of one of the garage doors. The ambulance and several other police cars had already arrived. Ashley opened the door and slowly walked towards the front door. A police officer opened it for her and she walked in. She went into the living room and sat down; the police officer sat down as well. The paramedics entered and did a basic check up.

“How’s your head?” Asked the medic.

“Umm, its fine thanks.” She said quietly with a little smile.

“Hmm, no sign of physical trauma. No broken bones, eyes are a little red.” He spoke as he continued the check up. “You are in good health Miss Roberts.” He said as he stood up and left the room. As he left, another police officer entered.

“There is someone here to see you.” He said as he gestured towards the door. She looked up to see Mike standing with a huge smile on his face.

“Oh my god!” He yelled as he ran over to hug her. “I can’t believe you’re safe. I was so worried.” He said as he kissed her on the cheek and continued to hug her. “What happened?” He asked; a tear began to roll down her eye.

“Nothing... um... I’m just glad I’m safe.” She said, trying not to think about what had happened. He continued to hug and kiss her, she couldn’t help but feel extremely safe in his arms.

“We’re going to be keeping an eye on your house Miss Roberts. There will be a squad car in front of the garage and one on the road beside your driveway. If you need anything at all, let them know.” Said the officer standing in the doorway.

“Okay... thanks” she replied quietly in-between hugs and kisses. The officer walked out of the door, leaving Ashley and Mike alone.

“You know, I’ve always had a crush on you.” Ashley said as she looked at the ground; she began to blush.

“I have known for a while. Maybe it was your constant coming and going into my office that gave it away.” He said jokingly. “Now, I want file 298 tomorrow. You are a few days late.” He continued to joke around.

“I don’t give a shit about file 298. All I care about right now is you.... And me.” She replied quietly as she began to passionately kiss him. He returned the kiss and went to take his jacket off as they slumped down onto the couch.

“Wait... there’s a free bed upstairs.” She said, he looked up and smiled at her.

The bright sun poured into the room. The bed covers were everywhere, and for good reason. Ashley got up from bed, leaving Mike to continue to sleep, he must have been tired. She walked down and picked up the mail that was sitting on the floor just below the front door. There were several bills and junk mail and then one white envelope with ‘Ashley’ written on the front. She took it to the kitchen, along with the other mail, and opened it.

Dear Ashley,

I deeply apologize for all the trouble we have out you through, but you do realize that we have a business to run. Everything we did was legal as you signed the agreement, even though you were drugged, you still signed it. You may not have noticed but EVERYTHING you did was filmed, including your attempted ‘jump out the window’ escape attempt. Even your mistress getting arrested was caught on film. Your ‘performance’ has been edited to a one hour movie and has been out on our website. Already it has tens of thousands of views and counting. It is selling for $40 and we are thinking of putting the full, unedited version up on the website for $200. Seeing as you were the ‘model’ so to speak, you are entitled to some of the profits. This check is from and offshore bank account and is untraceable, so don’t even think about trying to track us through the bank account, it won’t work. Thank you for helping us create one of the most successful videos on the web!

Take care,
Ron & Nicole

She unfolded the rest of the note and too her surprise a small slip of paper fell out of the envelope. She picked it up and her eyes shot over to the ‘amount’ box. It was for the sum of $100,000. She couldn’t believe it; she actually got paid for her suffering. She was somewhat enraged and somewhat happy.

“What’s that?” Asked a voice from behind her. She got startled and turned around. It was Mike.

“Oh... umh, nothing.” She said as she placed the check behind her on the table. “What do you say we go out for breakfast, I’ll buy.” She said as she walked towards him.

“Sure, if your buying!” He said as he wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked to the bedroom to get changed. Mike stopped at the bottom of the stairs as she began to ascend.

“So, what are you going to do now?” He asked. She stopped climbing the stairs and turned to face him.

“Oh, ummm. Revenge.” She said with a huge perky smile. She turned and continued to climb the stairs. A extremely confused look fell over Mike’s face.

“Hahha, your funny. I’ll be in the car.” He opened the door and exited the house.

“Oh no, I am not being funny Mike.” She said to herself with a large smile over her face.

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