Behind Closed Doors
  • Author - Anne Gray
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  • Post Date - 1/22/2009

Chapter 1
Natasha was out of control and her poor mother was at the end of her tether. Even though the girl was just eighteen she was now an adult and could call her own “shots”. Marsha had lost control and could not make her beautiful daughter listen to the dangers she was toying with. She was so worried she could not sleep.

Marsha was a divorced mother whose husband had run off with another women when their daughter was twelve. Since then the girl had gradually become more and more defiant. With her mother working full time to make ends meet the girl had far too much time on her own and there seemed little Marsha could do to stem the tide of disobedience.

Earlier this Saturday morning Natasha had again come home drunk, or high on something, swore at her worried mother and was now sleeping it off.

Marsha related her problems to two good friends when they visited from across the street for morning coffee. They had seen her eyes red from crying and convinced her to open up. Jane and Karen were both widows in their early forties. They and their husbands had been friends for years and when the two men were involved in an accident, both having drowned while out fishing two years ago, the widows had leaned on each other for support.

The leaning became something more and they both soon realized that, with the men gone, they only had each other. That led to a drunken evening when latent lesbian feelings surfaced and the two melded becoming loving partners. They had sold Jane’s home and moved into Karen’s across the street from Marsha.

To the world they were two widows just consolidating their assets and consoling each other. In fact they were so well off from the insurance settlements that neither had to work and they gave absolutely no public indication of what activities went on behind their closed doors.

Both were attractive having looked after themselves, one blonde, the other a redhead. Neither was butch and they had hiding that they were lesbians down to a fine art. Exploring their innermost feelings over the last couple of years they had also found a common interest in B/D and that both loved the feel of leather and other fetish materials.

The leather presented no problems because it was fashionable and could be worn in public practically year round without drawing undue attention. Satisfying their bondage and domination desires was a harder problem since, ideally, one of them would have been a Domme and the other a sub but that was not the case. Both were Domme and neither was willing to switch.

Back home after consoling Marsha they were having lunch when simultaneously they both looked up and said “What if...?” By late that afternoon their plan to help Marsha was taking shape. The fact that it would also solve their lack of a sub was a bonus neither missed.

Karen’s husband had been in the recording business and in the basement had built a 20’ x 15’ studio. Since his death the equipment had all been sold or given to his colleagues but the soundproofing remained. Over the next few weeks the two plotters bought readily available everyday items to transform the studio into a home for the soon to arrive new houseguest.

Jane flew to Chicago and spent a substantial amount of cash in several “specialty” stores without even getting a raised eyebrow from the sales people about some of her requests. One of them however, an attractive young lady with a name badge that just read “Kat”, seemed to almost anticipate Jane’s requirements and made some very useful suggestions even offering to demonstrate the correct use of her purchases.

During the same period Karen, using knowledge gained when she had worked in a bank before her husband’s death, opened an account in the next town and deposited a substantial amount in an assumed name. They used this account to go online and pay for several harder to get exotic items having them delivered to a P.O. Box under the same name.

Once they were ready, and being directly across the street from Marsha’s house, they set up a schedule to watch and record Natasha’s comings and goings. At the same time they frequently visited Marsha reinforcing their friendship and support while keeping their eyes open.

When the girl had been out on the town she usually arrived home in the early hours either dropped off by someone she had spent the evening with or by taxi. Nine times out of ten she was drunk or high on something.

Karen and Jane were ready and just waiting for the ideal situation to occur so they could act. Then it all came together at 2:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning when Marsha was away on a two-day conference for her work. Karen was dozing on the couch with Jane on watch when a car pulled up outside their house and Natasha climbed out and staggered to a street sign. As the car sped away she leaned over and threw up. Jane woke Karen and two women moved very quickly until in no time Jane was holding the sick girl’s forehead with one hand and had her other arm around Natasha’s waist comforting her while at the same time leading her towards their side door.

Not realizing what was going on Natasha allowed herself to be led through the door and put up no resistance as Karen gently pulled her arms behind her back and locked handcuffs on her wrists. That seemed to wake her somewhat and she turned to mumble something only to have a large ball gag shoved in her mouth and strapped behind her head.

Since her stomach was now empty the two kidnappers were not worried about her choking and they dragged her down the stairs into the basement studio, pushed her down on a plastic covered bed and tied her ankles to the metal foot rail. While Karen watched to make sure the drunken girl came to no harm and looked through her shoulder bag for house keys, Jane went outside and used the garden hose to wash away the signs of her homecoming.

Making sure the girl was both secure and not going to be ill again they both went across the street and unlocked the side door of Marsha’s house. Then they proceeded to clear out all of Natasha’s clothes and personal possessions quietly transferring them across to their basement.

They were woken up at 8 a.m. by a phone call from Marsha telling them that her daughter was not answering the phone and had probably not come home and would they keep an eye open for her and call Marsha if they saw her. They were only too pleased to assure their friend that they would help.

While Jane checked on the now sleeping captive Karen went online and used her expertise to bounce a message from an untraceable carrier to Marsha’s home computer purporting to be from Natasha. In it she told her Mother she was sick of the fighting and had decided to move away for a few weeks and live with a friend she had been seeing. The E-mail was signed “Nati” which was Marsha’s pet name for her daughter; yet another means of reinforcing the fact that the message did indeed come from her.

Karen and Jane spent the morning getting intimately acquainted with their new guest. They first removed the gag and fed her a couple of aspirin with a glass of water then packed the gag back in her mouth before they spread-eagled the now naked girl on the bed with very effective hospital restraints before measuring every inch of her body.

Jane was a registered nurse and put her skills to work with a full medical examination discovering that Natasha was in basically good health but, while far from a virgin, she was not pregnant and had not picked up any communicable diseases from her nights out.

Jane also clipped and shaped the bush around the girl’s vagina. They talked back and forth, over the increasingly frantic struggles of their captive, making sure she heard them discussing how upset and hurt her mother was and how Natasha had forfeited her freedom by being so unmanageable.

They were now going to take over her “management” permanently and to give her an idea of what life with them would be like they would be back down after lunch to give her a very uncomfortable initiation to their care.

True to their word, and containing their enthusiasm that was finally to get an outlet, after spending couple of hours helping each other dress they re-appeared wearing outfits that made Natasha’s eyes bulge.

As the two stood side by side in the wide doorway of the studio the plumes of hair standing straight up from the top of their heads nearly brushed the doorframe. On the left Jane was vision of gleaming black leather.

Her blonde tresses were held by a 3” laced black leather sleeve that extending upward from the leather helmet. The helmet itself was quite stunning. It fit like a glove having first been laced down the back and then a covered zipper pulled down to make the join smooth and seamless. A wide slash over the mouth created a spooky, menacing look, but allowed her scarlet lips to show through and her mouth enough movement for talking. There were two gold encircled holes under the nostrils for additional breathing.

The eyeholes were cut just large enough to show Jane's eyes, her extra long eyelashes and the deep blue eyelid makeup accented with glittering gold sparkles. Jane's entire head looked like it was dipped in some sort of liquid leather because the helmet fit so perfectly.

She had on a crotchless leather cat suit and tightly laced leather opera length gloves. Natasha stared wide-eyed at the long leather thigh high boots, with 5” inch heels; they laced up almost to Jane’s crotch! There was also a very tight leather corset with two thin straps running down each side of her vagina and back between her legs; it held the corset hem firmly in place, among the other things it did for her! The strap disappeared between her legs and came up behind splitting her ass cheeks then ending in a "Y" buckled tightly to the corset above each hip.

The corset caused Jane's hips and behind to flare out in an exaggerated way and her breasts to seem to explode over the top. Her cat suit laced down the front, but a 3” opening showed the cleavage of her ample breasts. The laces cut into the flesh, causing the soft flesh to ooze out through the tight laces in dozens of tiny triangles.

Her neck was encased in a wide leather collar that covered the seam from the helmet zipper and also the top of the laces for the cat suit. Only her deep blue eyes, her blonde hair and a peek of the compressed breasts let Natasha know who was inside in the gleaming black leather outfit.

Next to her in the doorway stood Karen wearing an identical outfit with just one major difference – she was head to toe in glistening white wet look patent leather. The lovers moved purposefully towards Natasha, their scarlet lips smiling against the leather of their helmets and their hands full of ominous looking equipment.

They wasted no time with pleasantries and in very short order the gagged girl was hauled off the bed, easily being handled by the two women, and pulled over to a waist high metal bar. A plastic tie locked her wrists behind her back and Karen used two more ties to attach her ankles to the uprights holding the bar.

Jane put a collar around the girl’s neck and pulled the attached leash down to a ring in the floor so that Natasha was held bent over the bar with her legs spread wide and her upper torso horizontal to the floor.

“Well now Natasha,” said Jane “there is a story about an old man and his mule. Every morning the man hits the mule on the head with a 2 x 4 and when asked why he says that’s just to get his attention. The first thing we intend to do is get your attention but using these instead.” She and Karen waved 3” wide and 2’ long leather strops under the girl’s nose and then, taking positions on either side of her, proceeded to administer twelve strokes each to the presented ass cheeks.

Karen pulled the gag from the sobbing victim’s mouth and told her that while in this room she would sometimes be gagged only because, while it was soundproof, they felt like it. Any time she was outside the room a gag would be mandatory. Since this was her first day they would leave the gag out for a little while.

Jane wheeled over a stand and without ceremony shoved the greased nozzle of the enema tube deeply inside the girl’s puckered rosebud. Releasing the valve to allow the fluid to flow they waited as the bag emptied passing the time by spreading a thick layer of hair remover on the girls limbs.

Fifteen minutes later they disconnected the hose from the plug and moved her to the adjoining bathroom and toilet to empty her bowels then it was in to the shower. There was a cryptic comment from Karen when some soap found its way in Natasha’s mouth that, after the things she had said to her mother, it was obviously deserved.

The women worked as a team and stayed out of the spray as they washed the sobbing neighbour. Jane peeled back the girl’s lips and gave her teeth a scrub. Her wrists still held behind her with plastic ties, Natasha was dried off and then dragged back inside the studio again for an introduction to some of the bondage equipment they had accumulated just for her.

The pleading turned to swearing and the ball gag was re-installed for peace and quiet while they worked.

Tight leather gloves laced to above the biceps and then her fingers were folded into tight fists and another layer of leather in the form of lace on mittens took any movement from Natasha’s hands. Working as a team they bent her arms at the elbow and strapped the wrists to the upper arm before adding yet another layer of leather with pouches laced from elbow to armpit.

Moving down to her legs the pair soon were lacing thigh high black leather ballet boots on the stricken girl. These took quite some time and they sadistically made it known that once they were on they would stay in place for a few days.

The heavily boned corset covered most of her upper torso and took both of them, using all their strength, to install. By the time they were finished Natasha’s waist was down from its original 25” to a waspwaisted 21”. Her breasts jutted out through the upper portion of the corset and built in straps were tightened around the base of each one.

A wide leather belt was cinched around her waist and, for contrast against the black leather; they used white cord to connect the rings at the point of each elbow to the belt in the small of her back.

Bending her legs at the knee they used more of the white cord to lock her ankles to her thighs. They made sure that the lower part of the legs and the stringently pointed feet were on the outside of the thighs as much as possible.

Picking up the helpless girl they carried her over to a waist high table. On the table was a thick rectangular board about 2’ wide by 3’ long. One of the sides had a deep V cut in to it and the board was padded with quilted leather. There were several large eyehooks fitted around the edges and, strangely, underneath at each corner was a much larger ring jutting downwards.

At the point of the V stood a very large and very sinister looking butt plug that had been carefully greased with KY. Holding her bound legs wide apart the two leather-clad tormenters slowly lowered Natasha on to the plug.

To the petrified girl the plug looked enormous but Jane’s nursing skills had taken in to account the measurements they made earlier and while uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, the plug would just fit snugly without problems. They pushed down on Natasha’s upper legs until she settled on the rubber flange of the plug that had been coated with rubber cement forming an effective seal around her asshole.

Using white cord again they fed it through the eyehooks, across her legs, and even from the toes of the heel-less ballet boots and the rings at the knees, to secure her, legs spread wide apart, immovable on the padded surface.

Pulling out the ball gag they packed Natasha’s mouth with a hard rubber jaw-stretching substitute and taped her lips closed over it. Karen gathered the long black hair and worked it into a single braid. While she did that Jane pushed in a pair of hollow nostril inserts tightening small setscrews to hold them in place.

Now they both took great delight in fitting the black leather discipline helmet and lacing it as tightly as possible down the back of Natasha’s head until it fitted to each feature of her face like an undersized kid glove with holes just for the eyes and under the nose. A strap across her mouth was pulled equally tight and the braid connected with cord to the back of the belt.

More white cord through a ring in the middle of the gag strap where it crossed her chin was pulled tightly down to another between her bulging breasts and her head was held immobile, facing forwards, by the bonds front and back. Just to add insult to injury they added a wide, stiff neck corset and, in turn, laced that just to the point where it almost interfered with her already laboured breathing.

All this had taken time and they left the object of their attention for a while to enjoy a cocktail and some food; they felt that Natasha could survive until the morning before they fed her.

Returning to the studio they each took a handful of bulging breast in their leather covered fingers and coaxed the nipples to stand erect and available to receive a heavy gold clamp. Jane moved her hand down to manipulate the nub at the top of Natasha’s vagina and, as it presented itself, Karen was ready with another clamp.

That being installed brought forth a barely heard groan from its recipient. Thin gold chain connected the three clamps and a couple of weights on the nipple rings made any slight movement of Natasha’s body, such as breathing, irritating to say the least.

There was one last opening just begging for attention and the two Dommes had deliberately left it for last. The massive dildo fit just perfectly but took quite some time to get properly installed before one last length of the white cord ran from the corset, across the base of the dildo and was pushed through until it could be yanked tight to the elbow ring.

By now it was late evening and the two ladies pushed 4’ long poles through the rings on the underside of the board then, with Jane at the front and Karen at the back, lifted their packaged new toy like an Egyptian princess on her palanquin and carried her upstairs to their bedroom.

Setting the board down on a pedestal at the foot of their bed they removed the poles and gently helped each other remove their helmets and crotch straps. They pulled softly padded covers over their boots to protect the glove leather sheets and settled themselves on the bed.

Karen turned out all the lights with a bedside switch except for a ceiling spotlight that shone down on Natasha’s immobile leather bound form then she turned to her partner, opened her arms, and smiled!

Chapter 2

It was several weeks later when Marsha had called to say she had received yet another E-mail from “Nati” and would bring it over for them to read.

Since Karen had written the piece, and all the others sent before it, they had a good laugh while preparing for her visit. Now the three of them were relaxing in the living room. Jane and Karen were dressed in tailored leather slacks, cable knit sweaters and ankle boots while Marsha looked radiant in a stone washed denim dress with flared skirt and a wide white belt.

As Karen served the coffee Jane nudged the large ottoman closer to Marsha and urged her to get comfortable and put her feet up on the padded leather surface.

Since her daughter had disappeared Marsha had come to terms with the situation and, helped by the regular correspondence supposedly from her, had in fact began to relax and enjoy life again without the constant worry and bickering. She recently received a promotion at work that would entail a lot more traveling and so she put the house across the street on the market and was dickering for a small condominium apartment downtown.

It was an almost bubbly mother who handed Jane a copy of the latest E-mail and pointed out that Natasha said it was nearly a month since she had drunk any alcohol (true) and that she had not taken any drugs stronger than an aspirin since leaving home (also true).

Karen and Jane nearly choked on their coffee as Marsha wondered out loud if Natasha had finally found a way to restrain herself from indulging in the dangerous habits she had at home that caused so much trouble.

If Marsha had but known her daughter was indeed restrained, very tightly in fact, as a leather covered blind and deaf form laced, strapped, severely gagged and jammed in a ball on her side in the ottoman under her mother’s legs.

Her arms were locked high up between her shoulder blades and her chest crushed against her thighs. When they had the girl positioned over the open top of the ottoman it had taken both of them to gradually force the leather-covered body in the small space. Natasha’s head was laced in a leather discipline helmet with openings only under the nostril inserts.

Over this they had installed a heavy rubber gas mask and once she was in the piece of furniture they connected the short tube from the respirator to an opening in the bottom panel that was about 4” off the floor.

Closing the top took both of them sitting on it until the lock could be engaged. The entire inside was padded with a 1” air filled rubber liner that protected not just the parts of Natasha forced against the interior surfaces but also the leather she was covered with.

When they were done, Karen knelt down beside the footstool and listened carefully. The very slight hissing noise of the confined girl’s breathing was hardly noticeable even at that distance and they were confident that their secret was safe to ‘go on stage’.

As Karen poured her a second cup of coffee Marsha commented that she really hoped her daughter had finished sowing her wild oats and was safe and enjoying life.

Unnoticed, Jane pushed the button on a remote control and smiled as she thought to herself that Natasha had certainly finished sowing anything, she was relatively safe and, since the batteries on the dildo and butt plug embedded in her were good for two hours, she might even be enjoying herself!

Chapter 3

Cackle, cackle, cackle! Have an apple my sweetie! The voice seemed to come from the face of the hag like Disney witch riding her broomstick across Jane and Karen’s enclosed front porch.

It was Halloween and they had decorated their front garden and entrance to welcome the neighbourhood youngsters as they came yelling “Trick or Treat” and helped themselves to an apple from the barrel near the witch.

They would ring the bell at the door to the porch, yell, and then come in and get their treat before politely saying thank you to the two women, dressed as Snow White and Prince Charming, sitting just outside the front door to the home.

But the bell had been wired to activate the recording and it only lasted for ten seconds but was driving Natasha nuts! For Natasha was the witch and the bell was also wired to the nipple clamps, butt plug and dildo embedded inside her as she rode the broom.

She couldn’t move but she sure as hell could feel and the vibrations were not lasting long enough to bring her off. She was completely frustrated and just wished one of the kids would lean on the doorbell and give her some release.

Dusk came early at the end of October and her two tormentors had started on the centrepiece of their display soon after lunch. Knowing that she would be on display for most of the evening Jane had made sure that Natasha was well hydrated.

This was easily accomplished by the simple method of strapping her head to pull it over the back of a chair so that she was face up, sticking a funnel down her throat and pouring in the measured protein drink. That done they started on her costume.

Just a little sick and tired of her whining they started with the head and worked down. The gag was almost a jawbreaker but they were too experienced now to push the packing past the limit. In any event Natasha was not going to be making any sound except a grunt until they decided to pull it out again. Over the lips went tape, and more tape, and then a rubber swim cap and nostril inserts, and then more tape.

Jane was having fun trying to use up a whole roll of the stuff like a picture she had seen of a Stanton victim while still leaving Natasha’s eyes uncovered. She managed that and then had to use another half roll when Karen held the two halves of a hard plastic throat protector in place and she wrapped them as well.

Natasha’s head was held immobile by the throat protector that also cupped her chin. There were two flanges, one that extended down between her breasts and the other between her shoulder blades. They forced her to face forwards with her chin up, but no matter how tight they made anything around her throat she would still be able to breathe.

Tape was tape and it did its job but the finishing touch had to be leather. Tight, very tight, the black kid leather helmet laced just so down the back of her head and was accented with a gag strap. Even though the visitors would see none of this, they wanted everything perfect and took their time making it so.

The corset was very heavily boned and, while it left her breasts exposed, when they had finished fitting and lacing it the boning completed the job of the throat flanges and held her upper torso rigid. Shoulder length kid leather gloves were laced on and then they fitted narrow flat metal bars down the inside of each arm and strapped them in place.

Covering Natasha’s gloved hands with an old pair of black cotton gardening gloves they used thin, flexible wire covered with black rubber to lock her wrists and elbows together in front so that her breasts squeezed out over the top.

Working as a team they forced Natasha’s feet into the heelless ballet boots and laced them to the top of her thighs before flipping the helpless girl over on her stomach, pulling her legs wide apart, lubricating the wired butt plug and easing it none too gently inside its human sheath.

They pulled a strap from the back of the corset up between her legs where it split on either side of her vagina and buckled at the top of each hip. Now two more V shaped metal bars were laced to the inside of Natasha’s legs bending them up. They were joined at the knee with another foot long bar that held her legs apart.

Crossing her ankles they used more of the black wire to lock them together before taking a pair of oversized black paper mache granny boots and fitting them over their victim’s agonizingly pointed feet. Resting her up on her knees they slid the long handle of the straw broom between them and wired her ankles to it.

The dildo, fitted to a bracket on the broom shaft, lined up with its destination and was pushed home as they pulled up on the end of the handle and wired her hands around it.

Jane twisted short pieces of wire tightly around the two exposed nipples before covering each one with a heavy clamp and running the wires from them down to meet the ones from the butt plug and dildo. A small connector plate on the broom handle was used to complete the circuit and an extension cord from it was coiled and ready.

With Natasha resting on her knees and the end of the broom handle on the back of a chair they had her at just the right angle to drape the tattered old black cloak around her shoulders. The garment covered her completely from the neck down exposing just her hands and wrists and the granny boots to her ankles before it hung below her knees.

The rubber mask had come straight from a cheap costume store and snapped over her leather covered head turning it into the Disney witch even more so when they added a tatty long black wig and held it in place with a tall pointed black hat covered in stars and half moons.

Tying that under her chin their handiwork was ready for display and they each grabbed an end of the broom. Steadying the body on it with their other hands they carried it out to the porch.

A 3’ high pedestal was ready and they set the bar between Natasha’s knees on it then bolted the very top end of the handle to a bracket between two porch windows. They plugged in the extension cord; made sure the cloak covered everything it was supposed to and adjusted one red and one black back lights on the figure.

Opening all the blinds they went outside and were pleased to see their very own witch seemed to be flying at them through the porch window. The witch had her hands holding tightly to the flying broomstick and her ankles crossed over it as she rode through the sky.

The back lighting flicked on and off increasing the effect. Before coming back in Jane pushed the button of the doorbell while Karen approached the figure and looked very closely through the smoked glass “eyes” of the mask to see Natasha’s eyes widen as the electrical circuits were completed and the hidden toys came to life.

Locking the door and turning off the lights they went to get on their own costumes for the evening and the ‘straight’ fancy dress ball they were going to later.

Now the kids had been arriving and leaving for two hours and the apples were all gone so once again they locked the porch door, turned out the lights and left Natasha riding to nowhere on the porch while they went to the party.

Natasha was tired, she was frustrated and she was hurting from being bound so helplessly and held in the position on the broomstick. While she couldn’t move her head she could just see through the mask’s eyes and saw movement outside the porch.

One of the older kids had decided that an apple was not enough of a treat to stop him from providing a trick and so, not knowing that Jane and Karen had left, he now snuck up to the door and pushed a toothpick between the edge of the doorbell and its frame then snapped it off.

The idea was that the occupants would not be able to stop the bell ringing until they could dig out the wedge. But they were not home and would not return for at least two hours, Natasha was home however and the doorbell was still connected to the invaders on and in her body.

Cackle, cackle, cackle! Have and apple my sweetie!

Cackle, cackle, cackle! Have an apple my sweetie!


Cackle, cackle, cackle! Have an apple my sweetie!

Chapter 4

Natasha really wished she could turn back the clock a few years and had not been such a brat with her mother because then this would never have happened.

‘This’ was being forced to be the third participant in an evening where Jane and Karen were having all the fun and she was doing most of the work - with her mouth!

Jane was dressed only in a tightly laced red rubber corset and matching high heeled knee boots while Karen had gone to white leather for her outfit. Both of them wore kid leather shoulder length gloves and had been letting their fingers do the walking, it seemed to Natasha, for hours.

The ring gag wedged behind her teeth and locked in place around her leather helmeted head was hard red rubber and could be adapted, using flanges on either side of her mouth, to hold the double ended dildo and penis gag that would plug her mouth and was waiting on the side table.

The fact that she was strapped and laced in so much restrictive leather didn’t help. With her doubled up legs, encased in the dreaded heelless ballet boots, strapped to her thighs and then splayed wide apart, to a low swivel platform with the wired butt plug impaling her ass, she was downright uncomfortable.

In the last few weeks Jane had put her nursing skills to good use and Natasha was now equipped with a semi permanent catheter that gave them control of her bladder and, to enhance her usefulness in the current situation, sported a gold barbell stud close to the tip of her tongue and another near the middle.

To deprive the girl of any chance relief unless they allowed it, the two women had filled her love hole with a large ribbed dildo that was strapped tightly in place but they had also used the small gold rings installed down each side of her vagina to pull the lips wide apart and lace them to straps on either side that were attached to her heavily boned corset. All the girl felt was full and frustrated as the sensitive lips were immobilized and with the position they had her bound she could not get even the slightest movement up and down on the intruder.

Jane obviously felt their unwilling partner was shirking and zapped her a couple of times with the hand control. Natasha was unable to react with even a wiggle as the butt plug awoke because they had bound her so tightly. The only way to get relief from the pulsating tormenter in her ass was to put her tongue back to work and, since Jane’s legs were draped over her shoulders clamping her head and face even harder into the women’s crotch, she didn’t have that far to go to make it reach.

Earlier that evening Jane and Karen had finished getting Natasha suitably bound and carried her up to the living room. Then they opened a chilled bottle of wine, turned on some low music and dimmed the lights before settling themselves on the chesterfield and pulling the unwilling girl closer. Karen flipped a coin and lost so they positioned Natasha in front of Jane, attached straps to the sides of the ring gag and while Jane slid slightly forwards on the seat pulling the girls’ head into her crotch, Karen fed the straps through buckles on straps from Jane’s corset that framed her vagina.

Tightening the straps pulled Natasha’s leather encased head firmly between Jane’s legs and held it there. She then draped her booted legs over the bound girl’s shoulders and commanded her to get to work.

The two lovers now cuddled and caressed, kissing deeply as they fondled each other’s breasts. Natasha’s tongue had found Jane’s nub and her hot breath panting through her nostrils along with the tongue ornaments emphasized the sensations. Gradually the dominatrix’s body started to stiffen.

Her legs clamped even tighter around the leather-covered form in front of her and sensing how close she was, Karen lowered her head to tongue her partners’ nipples as she built toward her climax.

This was the first of many for both of them and would make it a very long evening for Natasha.

Karen sipped her wine and waited impatiently for her companion to recover with the leather-covered head still clamped in place. Now it was her turn and she adjusted the straps from the front of her corset so that they framed her mound already moist just from the attention of Jane’s leather covered fingers and the anticipation of what was to come.

With a sigh and a huge smile Jane opened her eyes and reached down to release Natasha’s head then the two of them tightened all the straps holding the girl in her bondage, re-positioned her in front of Karen and repeated the process of bringing her tongue to its captive position within reach of the throbbing clit.

The night was young and there would be plenty of time later to adjust Natasha’s position, install the dildo gag, and continue the fun!

Chapter 5

“So how is our pet doing Jane?” Karen spoke as she steered the luxury SUV up the ramp to the highway increasing speed to merge with the other traffic.

The two of them looked like a couple of fashion plates dressed for the chill November weather and would have been quite at home lunching in any upscale restaurant or chatting at a cocktail party. Karen wore a red leather pantsuit with a black wool turtleneck sweater, black ankle boots and her hair tucked in a red leather poor boy cap. Resting on the steering wheel her hands were in a pair of short black kid leather driving gloves.

Jane had opted for black leather; a tight skirt that ended just above the knee and belted hip length jacket over a white silk blouse. Her high-heeled boots rose to her knees and her hair flowed around her shoulders from under a perky black leather French beret.

Sitting in the passenger side captain’s chair that she had adjusted to a position a couple of feet back of Karen, Jane dropped her kid gloved hand to gently rest on the black head that was to her left and slightly lower than the armrest.

She felt a slight tremor run through the leather-covered ball that was Natasha. It was the about the only movement available to the girl and feeling it Jane said, “She’s just fine and we can start anytime but we have a problem because I forgot the stopwatch.”

“No problem,” said Karen “we’ll use the Explorer’s odometer. Just let me get it up to 60 mph that’s a mile a minute and I can set the tracker to read off each fraction of a mile.”

“Ready? Now.”

Jane slid her leather-covered finger over the end of the small hose secured to the top of Natasha’s head. Another tremor and the very minimal movement transmitted through Jane’s hand as Natasha found that her air supply had been cut off just confirmed the efficiency of the pair’s bondage efforts.

“Coming up on one half mile Jane – now” said Karen and Jane moved her finger from the tube. “That first 30 seconds should give her an inkling of what’s to come so we’ll let her recover for a few minutes before we do it again.” Jane stroked the leather covered head like she would a kitten; but Natasha was panting – not purring!

After the success of their Halloween display the two had discussed the possibilities of a visit to the winterized chalet that Karen inherited. It had most of the comforts of home but was fairly remote with the nearest neighbours over five miles away. But it held some very interesting possibilities, because of its wood beam construction, for their continuing fun with Natasha.

There was another plus in that it was in Wisconsin and to drive there they could very easily take a short detour through Chicago. Jane had phoned to see if the helpful Kat had any new toys and equipment that sounded interesting.

The decision made they then planned how to transport “the pet”.

To start they gave her a complete clean up – inside and out. Jane expertly administered the enema and released the catheter to allow Natasha to drain her bladder then re-inflated the balloon to shut off any possibility of a leak over the next few hours. Except for her head, eyebrows and eyelashes there was not a hair on Natasha’s body. They had considered shaving her head but that was still in the future.

Working like a well-oiled team, giving the girl not the slightest chance to resist, they started on her costume after first installing a nice big ball gag to muffle the pleas as the severity of her position increased.

The bra was more that just that. A heavy leather ‘Long Line’, had the undersized cups lined with hard rubber nubs, it was strapped in place across her back and over each shoulder after they got her breasts inside the cups. This was accomplished by tying a thin cord around each nipple, threading it through a hole in the point of the cup, then literally pulling each tit harshly into place.

Extending up from the bra was a fairly stiff throat protector that curved around the front of Natasha’s neck and then up to force her to raise her chin; it strapped at the base of her neck.

Each hand was taped so that the fingers made a cone and then they temporarily tied her wrists to opposite ends of the bed’s headboard while they prepared her lower extremities.

The butt plug and dildo were joined with a flexible connection and held deeply inside the girl by crotch straps from a wide waist belt. Karen made sure the wire from the toys stayed free. They fed an extra crotch belt between her legs, leaving the ends free, then used soft cord at the thigh, above and below the knees and at the ankles to rope Natasha’s legs together before getting to work on the double leg boot.

There was no heel on this waist length monstrosity, instead the shoe portion forced their victim’s feet straight out in the ultimate ballet en point position. Lacing took nearly half an hour with one of them working on each side and passing the laces back and forth as they pulled until the edges of the leather touched evenly down its length. There was a slight flexibility left at the knee but otherwise it gradually welded the legs together to just below her crotch where they temporarily tied off the laces.

Karen reached for the straightjacket and held it up for a moment so that they could both admire the workmanship of the black leather garment.

Working it over her arms and upper torso they then, lovingly, spent the best part of half an hour lacing it on. Each sleeve needed to be done from wrist to armpit and then there was an extra sheath that laced back down from the elbow to the fingertips and ended with a 2” wide strap. Down her back it closed not just with laces but was supported with straps every 3” and they used the extra crotch strap to pull the lower hem tightly in place.

Now they finished lacing the upper portion of the boot to waist level, finally connecting it to matching eyelets around the waist of the jacket.

Standing on either side of the girl, who was now encased from the neck down in tight black leather, Karen and Jane passed the straps at the end of the arms under Natasha’s thighs and then, each pushing down on one of her shoulders, started pulling. More downward pressure and the arms crossed until the hand straps could be connected across her back to a special, padded buckle.

Jane carefully inserted a long lever in the buckle and started pushing it back and forth. Each stroke gathered in another ¼” of strap and Karen assisted by pushing in on Natasha’s elbows. In no time Natasha’s upper thighs were crushed against her chest as she was forced to hug them.

One or two final pumps and Jane removed the lever as Karen locked the buckle. This was no namby-pamby regular straight jacket. Natasha’s elbows were on the opposite sides of her from normal and her breasts felt every one of those hard rubber nubs inside the bra cups.

They ran another wide strap around the girl to reinforce the jacket’s arm strap and then Jane pulled the next item from its storage box and set it on the floor near the bed.

Natasha was lifted and carried over by the two then lowered until the points of her feet touched first and with some pressure here and there they soon had her folded back on her haunches. Doubled over as she was their package now started to take shape.

They had set her down inside an oblong metal pan with 3” sides. The bottom was padded with thin foam, not for Natasha’s comfort but to protect the boot leather from the metal floor. The size was perfect and the tip of the boot toe just touched one end while her knees came within a fraction of an inch of the other end.

The sides of the pan had openings for straps every few inches and the two heartless women started threading straps through them in every direction – diagonally across the shoulder over the buttock at the other corner, then the other way, then several across her back and each one tightened with the buckle lever. They were merciless and soon had a web of black leather strapping woven across the girl.

Now they raised the front of the pan off the floor and unsnapped two legs that locked in place then lifted the whole thing on to a waist high table. This left their victim at a 45-degree angle so they could work on her head.

“What have we here?” Jane laughed as she looked at the helpless result of their work. “Roast turkey?” “No, with her chin up like that and the ball gag, I think a suckling pig.” said Karen as she went for the rest of their supplies.

Karen pulled out the ball gag and was greeted with a flood of breathless sobs, pleas and promises that were ignored. Jane stood patiently holding a glass of water until Natasha ran out of breath and then gave her a choice – go thirsty on top of everything else for the next few hours or drink. Not a drop was spilled.

Using blunt probes they packed Natasha’s ears with sound deafening foam then snapped a heavy rubber cap over her head and tucked in her hair.

Now Karen did a very strange thing, standing directly in front of the girl she gripped the sides of her face then leaned forward and kissed her. This was no peck on the lips; she forced her tongue in the surprised captive’s mouth and locked her mouth over Natasha’s. Then, as the girl’s own tongue tentatively moved forwards, she nipped down on it with her teeth just behind the first barbell stud and slowly drew back from the lip lock pulling Natasha’s tongue out of her mouth so that Jane, standing ready, could snap a clamp across it behind the second stud.

“There, that was much more fun than poking around with our fingers to catch your tongue – wasn’t it?”

The gag they had chosen was like a hard rubber clamshell and they locked the two halves in place with extensions of the barbells piercing Natasha’s tongue, removed the clamp and pushed the whole thing back in her mouth until it settled behind her teeth and held her jaws wide apart.

In the centre of the gag Jane now screwed another piece of hard rubber shaped like a boxers’ mouthpiece. It fitted under Natasha’s lips and around inside her cheeks; there was yet another hole in the centre of this piece that would come in to play later.

The black leather helmet was a work of art and as they laced it down the back, carefully pulling out any slight creases, it became skin-tight with openings only at the eyes, nostrils and a very small one at the centre of her gagged mouth. They finished lacing the helmet down over the throat protector and then to the neckline of the straightjacket.

The gag strap was unusual. Certainly it went over her mouth and around her head very tightly but it also had a metal piece that curved down on each side of her chin where the two arms angled out for an inch or so. A screw went through the hole at the middle of the gag to hold the assembly even more securely in place.

Jane flipped up a hinged piece of metal with two catches on the top from the middle of the trays front edge and then they lined up Natasha’s head until the two metal arms from the gag snapped in the catches. The leather-covered head was held without a fraction of an inch of movement possible.
After a few moments admiring their handiwork, that just had a couple more steps to completion, the two dominatrix left to freshen up and change for the drive north.

When they returned, dressed like a couple of fashion page models, they quickly finished their work on her head. A few weeks earlier Jane had used her nursing skills to permanently remove any hairs from the inside of Natasha’s nose and, using surgical glue, installed a pair of inserts inside that slightly flared the girl’s nostrils and were threaded to a depth of nearly 1”.

She screwed a short black rubber tube in each nostril and then joined them with a connecting tube that curved upwards and snapped in a holder at the crown of Natasha’s head.

They had deliberately left the blindfold until last because it greatly increased their enjoyment of what they did to her when they could see the look in her eyes of fear and helplessness. But now they installed the padded leather cover over her eyes and strapped it tightly in place.

Using the handles on either side of the pan they easily carried the immobile package upstairs to the garage. Sliding open the side door of the SUV behind the driver’s seat they slid the pan in the place where a passenger seat normally was installed.

Still at a 45 degree angle on its front legs they locked it in place with a couple of luggage straps, closed the door with its tinted windows and returned to lock up the house and get their purses. As soon as they were ready to leave Jane plugged the wire from the butt plug and dildo in the cigarette lighter on the arm of her chair.

Now, just a half hour later, they had begun their breath control game with Natasha as they headed for Chicago.

Unable to know when the leather covered finger would cover the end of her breathing tube Natasha was in a constant state of fear treating each hard won breath as possibly the last before she was cut off again. Jane sadistically varied the times she used her finger giving the girl no chance to anticipate her actions.

Just as they were nearing the Chicago turnoff and Karen had timed another 45 second period she heard Jane laughing and asked her lover what was so funny.
“I decided to turn on the toys in the middle of that last session and believe it or not she managed to move. Not much obviously but enough for me to feel it. I was laughing at the thought that she was being screwed in so many ways all at the same time.”

Following Jane’s directions Karen soon had the Explorer parked almost in the shadow of the Hancock building and, after checking that their passenger was breathing evenly despite her restraints, they set the security and strolled down the street, drawing many admiring glances, to a small storefront with the name Tengew Territory across its fascia. What looked like a Samurai warrior or stylized Japanese figure was outlined on the front window. The window display was nothing except a coil of white cord on a black velvet background and a small sign saying, “We can do better, try us!”

As they entered Jane was greeted warmly by a blonde young lady who she introduced to Karen as Kat. For the next half hour Kat showed them a line of bondage products that were hand made, inventive and mind-boggling. Gags, binders, corsets and even nose hooks but there was one ball gag and head harness that Karen suggested would be just impossible to get in any mouth without serious damage to the wearer.

Kat just smiled and went to a wall intercom. “Hey lazy bones, time to earn your salary, the red one please!”

Moments later a door at the back opened and Karen and Jane were introduced to Sadie. Sadie, however, was unable to join the conversation because a copy of the ball gag was very firmly embedded in her mouth by a clear head harness. The fact that her arms were locked behind her in a matching red arm sheath that was anchored in place with a crotch strap that held God knows what inside her was the icing on the cake

An hour, and several presents for Natasha later, Karen and Jane returned to their SUV. With Jane again stroking the leather-covered head they traveled in satisfied anticipation to the chalet.

Chapter 6

Natasha was hanging by her toes – literally because the only other thing taking any weight besides her neck was the huge butt plug buried deeply inside her.

It had only been a small sneeze; hardly noticeable except to the trained ear of someone like a registered nurse named Jane.

They had arrived at the chalet and carried the tray containing the stringently bound Natasha inside before unloading the rest of the luggage and turning on the systems to make the fishing lodge comfortable. Jane had taken off Natasha’s blindfold and removed the gag plugging her mouth only to be rewarded with a sneeze.

When most people sneeze they tend to hunch their shoulders and dip their head but in Natasha’s case, being held immobile by the multitude of leather straps, all that resulted was a slight screwing up of her mouth and the sound. It was enough for Jane to decide that medical attention was required.

Jane was a firm believer in the methods used by Scandinavians and several American Indian tribes that involved sweating things like a flu bug from the body. As soon as they had eaten Karen and Jane went to work on the portable single seat sauna they bought out of storage. Karen’s husband had used it to relax after a long day fishing or his twice-weekly five-mile run.

The cone-shaped unit was just over 4’ high with the top about 20” across. The back panel was fairly straight but the sides then turned out to meet the one-piece curved clear Plexiglas door that locked against them to form a tight seal.

The flat base was nearly 4’ long and 3’ at its widest point. Designed with a small seat built into the back wall the sauna easily hooked up to household plumbing and electrical feeds.

The user sat inside, settled their neck against the half moon cut in the back edge of the top and pulled the door closed; with a towel wrapped around their neck and usually another around their head to soak up the perspiration, the half moon in the door sealed them inside. Controls set on the inside of the door allowed the user to adjust wet or dry heat to their comfort level.

Needless to say, Natasha’s comfort was not one of their considerations as they modified the unit by removing the seat and installing a couple of heavy hooks two thirds of the way up the back wall and a solid bracket between them just a little lower.

They checked that the rubber seals around the door were in good condition and fitted the two halves of a new heavy-duty rubber collar at the top opening. The controls were re-mounted on the outside of the door and wired to a remote hand unit and, of course, the inside door handle was removed; not that Natasha would be able to reach it.

They had released the girl from her traveling tray allowing her to un-kink her muscles a little by changing the straightjacket straps from under her thighs and instead buckling her arms across her back. With her body still encased in all the restraining leather she was stretched out on the carpet nearby as they worked.

Now they hooked up the plumbing and electrical connections of the sauna using feeds from, and a drain hose to, the nearby bathroom then checked to see that everything responded to the controls.

Satisfied, the two lovers turned to the task of unwrapping their pet from the rest of her traveling outfit and preparing to cure her cold.

Jane had previously unwrapped a dozen or more rolls of heavy bandage dropping them in a bucket of water laced with a large measure of vinegar; now she checked to see that they were completely soaked.

Just slightly concerned about Natasha’s breathing Jane installed a ring gag that stretched her mouth wide open and then they spread-eagled the naked girl between two of the lodge’s support posts.

Donning rubber gloves the two massaged a strong unguent that Jane had prepared into every inch of Natasha’s skin from the neck down. As Karen held one of Natasha’s arms Jane expertly wrapped the hand with wet bandage. She started with the individual fingers that were then clamped together with another layer and finally folded into a fist and wrapped yet again.

Karen changed her grip to the wrapped ball of Natasha’s hand and Jane used another roll of the soaking wet binding carefully wrapping the arm from wrist to shoulder. In this manner they soon had their victim covered from the neck down in a minimum two layers of the tightly wound vinegar soaked bandage.

Before covering the breasts they found several heavy elastic bands and snapped them around the bases then Karen fed a rubber thong through the nipple rings and pulled them together. Natasha’s comfort was not their first consideration; in fact, the exact opposite was their goal.

They left her crotch open for the moment but as they did her legs Karen held a curved hard plastic splint against each limb on top of the first layer so it fitted from the knee to just past the bandaged toes. As Jane continued to wind the wet strips around Natasha’s leg Karen gripped the foot with both hands forcing it against the splint to be held in the en point position.

With Natasha back spread-eagled between the posts the next step was to install a huge double walled butt plug. The plug was made of hard rubber and was hollow with the lower portion threaded.

This diabolical toy was greased then pushed and twisted deeply inside the girl for its full length; a flange still extended out an inch or so from the stretched rosebud. They held it in place with straps that tightly encircled each leg just at the point where they joined the torso.

Now the holes Jane had pierced some weeks ago down each side of Natasha’s vagina came into play. Using thin strands of rubber they laced the lips wide apart to grommets on the straps around the top of each leg. Jane held a container under Natasha and deflated the small balloon inside her catheter allowing her bladder to drain; then she inflated it again and Karen held their newest purchase in place.

It resembled a clear plastic version of a man’s athletic cup and fitted over Natasha’s wide-open vagina where they taped it in place by the side flanges then added more of the wet bandage. When finished there was still a view of the gaping love hole and the end of the butt plug but every other inch of skin below her neck was firmly swaddled with two or three layers of the vinegar and water soaked bandage.

They moved the girl to lay face down on the floor and folded her arms behind her back so that the ball of each fist settled inside the crook of the opposite elbow. Several more rolls of the wet bandage locked the arms in that position and then even more tightly against her back as they wound more layers around her upper torso.

The three part outer garment was made of heavy but flexible green rubber like that used for a fisherman’s chest waders. They worked Natasha into the lower portion feet first with the material forming snugly over the bandages, positioned the two openings correctly at the crotch then fastened it just under her breasts with several rubber straps. There was a heavy rubber ring built in the toe of each leg and they wrapped a strong strap around each ankle and then down and through the rings to strengthen them.

The next piece they dragged over her head and down to her waist where it moulded to her form and was further held in place by straps down each side of her crotch and up to the waist band at the back.

The high collar was quite thick and had a small channel encircling her neck when it was fastened in place.

The two tormenters lifted Natasha, with one on either side of the rubber-encased form, each gripping an ankle and the chest straps. Bending her legs up behind her as they carried her to the sauna they slowly lowered her on the butt shaft held in place by the bracket on the back wall. The shaft had an opening down the core and fitted inside the hollow butt plug.

As they lowered her they lined up the hooks on either side and allowed the toe rings to settle over them. While Karen held Natasha from falling forwards Jane tightened the threaded collar connecting the butt plug and shaft and fitted a small rubber unit in a hole at the front of the vaginal cup. A hose led from that unit to an outlet in the sidewall of the sauna.

Double checking everything was in place she then began to close the door and as she did Karen moved her hands up to hold Natasha‘s head until the door closed and the rubber seals around the two half moons fitted in the neck channel to complete the seal.

Satisfied with their efforts so far they took a break but not before Jane fitted a funnel in through the ring gag and fed Natasha some high- energy mush to keep her strength up – she was going to need it. They also turned on the unit and set the dial to its lowest level to allow heat to start building inside.

Now it was time to complete Natasha’s encasement in rubber and have her experience their idea of a cure for the common cold!

With her head held immobile by the gasket clamped around her neck Natasha didn’t have a hope of avoiding the ministrations of the dominatrix. Karen dampened the girls’ hair with the vinegar mixture then pulled a heavy rubber swim cap over it. Tucking in the loose ends of hair she then buckled the chinstrap and they went to work on the gag.

Packing her mouth with a huge rubber ball attached to a mouthpiece that fitted over her teeth and inside her cheeks was the first step; it stretched her jaws to the absolute maximum before dislocation would occur. There was a hole drilled through the middle of the gag and from it hung a short piece of flexible tubing with a connection at the end.

The rubber gag strap had an opening for the tube to feed through and was buckled at the back of Natasha’s head. The lenses on the green goggles were only about one inch round, just enough for the ‘patient’ to see through. They were set in rubber frames that clamped tightly around her eyes and down over the bridge of her nose; they too were firmly buckled in place.

The third part of the green rubber outfit was a tight hood that covered her head and the lower half of her face to just under her nose. The gag tube fitted through yet another hole over the middle of her mouth. Jane screwed the short arms of a V shaped hard rubber tube in the nostril inserts permanently embedded in Natasha’s nose and quickly connected the other end to an air feed similar to a diver’s regulator that was attached to the outside of the sauna casing.

She explained to Karen that she had set the forced air feed to contain a very small amount of nasal decongestant that would assure the air passages stayed open. With Natasha breathing regularly they turned up the heat control and hung a large bag full of electrolyte-enriched liquid to a hook above her head. This was connected to the tube coming from Natasha’s gag; the feed was closed for the time being.

“We’ll give her half an hour to get up to temperature and then we can start the fun.” Jane grinned at Karen and they headed for the bar to pour a couple of cocktails while they waited.

As they sipped their drinks Jane, with a twinkle in her eyes, explained the theory behind what they were doing.

“As she starts sweating the unguent will get in the open pores and then with the vinegar acting as an astringent it will clean the poison from her system. After the first hour we can let the pump system force in an enema through the butt plug and leave it inside until the drain opens, that should give her some interesting feelings.”

“When we fire up that vagina cup it should drive her around the bend with frustration but there is at least an hour before that happens.”

Karen was making them another drink as she looked over at Jane.

“You don’t really expect me to believe that crap do you?”

“No but it sounds better than just saying we are sweating the hell out of her doesn’t it?”

Karen sat down beside Jane where they both could look at the helpless girl inside the sauna as if they were watching TV. Jane had the remote control and, as the heat increased, Natasha would now be sweating profusely inside the bandages and the tight rubber suit; she opened the flow to the mouth tube so their captive didn’t get dehydrated from all the fluid loss.

After a while Jane activated the enema system and set the timer so that every two hours the cycle would repeat itself. “She’ll be fine for the rest of the night but let’s see if she enjoys that toy Kat sold us.” Jane worked the controls of the remote allowing water to fill the pipe leading to the front of the vagina cup. A tiny nozzle at the end of the tube and just inside the cup instantly started spraying a very fine jet against Natasha’s most sensitive region and then started oscillating at random.

It would hit her clit then a moment later the outside lips and, in a wink, would be shooting the needle thin jet directly at the centre opening before going around again.

Natasha even managed to make her discomfort known with some faint mewling noises that were ignored.

“Well that’s stage one,” said Jane “let’s try stage two.” She slowly pushed yet another button on the remote that closed the tiny opening of the jet. With the only escape gone the water pressure built and gradually a tube of corrugated rubber that had been compressed behind the nozzle filled and becoming firm it grew – and grew until it slowly impaled Natasha on its now hard stiff shaft.

After ten minutes a small drain opened in the base of the tube allowing the water to drain out on to the floor of the sauna where it soon evaporated in the heat. The shaft gradually withdrew from Natasha’s love hole and compressed back to its original state. The nozzle opened and the system was ready again.

Jane set that timer to repeat on a thirty minute cycle and, laughing, the two turned out the lights and went to bed leaving the bound, rubber encased sweating girl to her night of torment!

Chapter 7

Jane and Karen were in seventh heaven - again. First one and then the other would explode with an orgasm so overpowering that, after getting their breath back, they told themselves that nothing could surpass it and then the next one would take them even higher.

As lovers over the past few years they had found the secrets of bringing each other to a satisfying peak in their love sessions but now, with the introduction of Natasha to the equation, everything had taken on new dimensions that they found hard to believe.

Whether it was having an outlet for their fetishes and a target for their domination and S/M instincts or just the freedom to release their long suppressed love of bondage on an unwilling beautiful victim they didn’t know. Their love just seemed to grow stronger in direct proportion to the trials they inflicted on the beautiful, and now nineteen year old, girl. She had spent her recent birthday strapped in a heavy green rubber suit sweating inside the sauna

Now, naked on the huge king size bed, they used the hapless Natasha to generate wave after wave of sheer ecstasy that engulfed them time and time again.

Natasha was not having so much fun; in fact she was not having any fun at all because her attention was concentrated on getting enough air in her lungs to stay conscious.

Her predicament was the result of nearly two hours preparation by the pair and she didn’t know what was causing her the most discomfort besides the fact that, at the current moment, Jane was impaled on the dildo protruding from her plugged mouth. Every time the woman pumped her hips in the throes of yet another building explosion Natasha’s only source of air, the two small tubes protruding from her nose, got blocked with a mass of warm, wet, quivering flesh.

Somewhere, outside the mind-boggling feelings she was experiencing, Jane knew enough to lift herself away from the leather helmeted head between her thighs long enough to let the girl get a breath before she rammed herself down again to embed the deliciously long, thick rubber toy inside her.

Further down the bed Karen rested on one elbow, recovering from her last trip to nirvana and looked, with a smile on her face, at her partner’s actions. With her head thrown back, eyes closed, teeth clenched and lips glistening, it was not hard to see how close Jane was to exploding again. Karen judged the moment precisely and, just as the dildo was halfway buried inside Jane again, she tweaked the gold ring in Natasha’s clit – hard. What little movement Natasha’s head was allowed by her restraints came in play and she jerked upwards just as Jane was coming down and this made the tip of the rubber shaft touch her very essence. The scream was one of overpowering pleasure as Jane managed to lift herself off the shaft before collapsing on the soft leather sheets struggling for breath.

Karen grinned and continued to relax for a while and recover before going back for more. She had turned the setting on the strap-on double dildo down to minimum and enjoyed the soft vibrations inside her as the exposed end, moisture from Natasha slowly drying on it, throbbed gently against her belly. She studied the panting form encased in black leather and recalled how they had prepared for this session.

Like a chicken on a spit the leather covered girl was suspended between the head and foot of the bed with her body clearing the sheets by just an inch or so more than half the width of her shoulders. This allowed the unresisting form to be turned, (or should that be rotated?), to make any of her treasures readily available to the two tormentors.

They had started, as always before an extended bondage session, with Jane using her nursing skills to get the girl completely cleaned out. This time though she had gone one step further. Earlier in the afternoon when they had decided what they would attempt in the evening, Jane had plugged the bound girl and used a hand pump to fill her twice and then on the third occasion she had forced in so much fluid that they could see Natasha’s stomach start to distend and cause her obvious discomfort.

Then Jane forced a feeding tube in the girl’s throat and filled her top end with a high protein energy drink until she could hold no more. Over an hour later they had returned to the form that was twisting in its bonds over the toilet bowl and released the pressure. Giving her a few moments to settle they collected what they needed and started to prepare Natasha for the evening’s fun.

The black leather corset was heavily boned and fitted from her neck to just above the hipbones. When they finished lacing it, and tightening the several straps that added stiffness to the boning, they each took an arm and worked tight kid leather, shoulder length gloves on them. If Natasha had any thoughts of resisting they were crushed by the very simple expedient Karen had employed. By installing a harsh gag and plugging one of the nostril inserts the wicked woman had insured that Natasha’s full concentration was on getting air.

With the gloves on and laced to the armpit, where they attached to the sleeves of the corset, Karen and Jane joined each other to work on one hand at a time. A throw away plastic glove over the tight kid was followed by a small rubber ball placed in the palm then, while one of them wrapped the fingers around it, the other taped them into a fist that was then covered with yet another layer of leather in the form of a tight mitt laced down to the wrist. That done they used all their strength to tighten a wide heavy leather belt around Natasha’s waist and used D rings on it to clamp her wrists to her sides while they worked on her legs.

Working easily through long practice they fitted the heelless ballet boots that were the curse of Natasha’s feet, on her legs. After just a few months anytime they removed these boots or any of the others with nothing less than a 6” heel, the girl had trouble getting her bare sole to touch the floor. Jane estimated that by the end of the year the ankle muscles would have atrophied to the point where their captive would never walk again in anything less than a high stiletto heel.

When the boots were laced tightly up to the top of her thighs they took two metal cages and locked one over each knee. These extended about a foot above and below the joint and prevented the legs from having even the slightest bend. A metal rod attached to the cage went up the outside of each thigh and was strapped in place. Similar cages fitted from Natasha’s lower calves to the tip of her excruciatingly arched feet except these had a socket for an adjustable spreader bar on the inside of the ankles.

They fitted the bar and set it at around 2’ for the time being then moved up to start on her head. The two part metal clam was ratcheted open forcing the girl’s jaws wide and allowing them access to her mouth and tongue. The flat topped tongue clamp locked in place with the barbell studs and dental wire around her lower teeth but still left enough room for them to force in the penis gag mouthpiece and settle her upper and lower teeth in the grooves provided for them.

The wide rubber penis wasn’t quite long enough to reach down her throat to her choke reflex and her teeth, embedded in the rims, stopped it from going in any further. They removed the nostril plug and wound tape around her head over the rubber cap that covered her hair leaving just the threaded socket in the middle of the gag uncovered and waiting for its toy to be installed.

The black kid leather helmet had just eye and nostril holes and when they had finished lacing it down the back of her head it was like a glistening second skin. Karen pulled on the roller buckled gag strap while Jane made sure the opening in it lined up with the socket.

Now they had each taken a hold of one of Natasha’s wrists, released them from the waist belt and twisted her arms up behind her head so that her forearms were parallel to her shoulders.

When they were held in place with several straps they forced the leather covered ball of each fist into the bend of the opposite elbow and used more leather straps to lock them in place. The metal bar they clamped from elbow to elbow across her locked forearms had an open socket pointed backwards just over the top of her leather encased head that was forced slightly forward by the position of her arms.

Now for the final piece of the set up Karen took a 18” rod and fitted it in the socket at the middle of the ankle spreader bar while Jane threaded one that was nearly 3’ long through the receptacle on the forearm brace and down Natasha’s back until the end locked in place at the middle of the waist belt.

Lifting an end each they raised the girl over the bed and settled the ends of the rods in receptacles set in the head and foot boards. Held rigid down the middle of the huge bed like a chicken on a spit, her body unable to bend and suspended above the leather sheets, Natasha was again at their mercy.

Shortening the ankle spreader bar Jane used it to turn the girl 180 degrees so she was face down and then, while Karen lubed up the massive butt plug, adjusted the spreader bar to push her legs 3’ apart making the puckered rosebud readily available. There was no way Natasha could resist the intrusion of the hard rubber and when it reached the point where the flange was tight against her skin they locked it in place with a split strap from the small of her back by flipping her over again and buckling it up either side of her vagina to the front of the corset.

While she was face up they each took a 1” wide roller buckled strap and settled them over the poor girl’s bulging mammary glands. In moments her tortured breasts were engorged and tipped by hard nipples that just begged for a pair of toothed clamps joined with a fine gold chain.

Karen gently worked the seven inches of hard rubber inside her own very receptive orifice and strapped it in place around her waist and hips, before settling herself between Natasha’s legs. Pushing the spring-loaded extension down until the knob lined up with the other not so willing receptacle she turned it up to maximum.

Jane lubed another dildo, screwed it in the socket embedded inside Natasha’s gag, then settled herself to kneel over the girl’s head facing Karen and lowered herself until just the first inch or so entered her passage.

From a tray set on the bed beside them they each picked up a glass of chilled white wine and, as they leaned forwards over the corseted waist of their victim, they clicked their glasses and sipped until they were empty.

The glasses dropped to the kid leather sheets covering the bed and they locked their lips together and reached for each others breasts as Jane lowered herself further on the waiting imposter while Karen, with one swift forward motion, buried the strap-on inside the leather covered Natasha.

The evening passed in a haze of passion; there were so many combinations available to them. After the first session they changed places. With Natasha rotated so she was face down Karen slid underneath and spread her legs so that Jane could get the mouth-mounted dildo in position and strap it there. Then she crossed her legs over the back of the rod and Natasha’s locked arms. When Jane was in position and now wearing the double strap-on, Karen guided it in the glistening tunnel just inches from her own face and then started working her hips.

Now she was relaxing and waiting for her partner to recover enough for the evening finale. They had been saving their newest toy for just such an occasion. It was a triple shafted dildo with multi direction hinges. Once the main shaft was buried in the ravaged girl who would be locked in the face up position they would settle themselves on the other two shafts until their bodies were glued together and then turn on the diabolical device.

Karen reached for the wine glasses, filled them from the waiting bottle and handed one across the leather encased form to the panting Jane. She studied the nearly empty bottle for a moment and then, with a laugh, rammed the long neck inside Natasha. There was only a cupful left in the bottle and she wondered what sort of sensations it would cause as it flowed into the violated sensitive passage of the helpless girl.

Chapter 8

The cape was a vision of flowing black leather. The high, cowl like collar was folded over and held snugly just touching her slightly raised chin by two large leather buttons, one under the other, at the left side of her neck. Just a glimpse of the crimson lining of the collar showed around the curved edge.

More leather buttons every six inches held the front closed and a half belt at the waist pulled the leather taut over her chest before it flowed across her lap and down to a foot or so above the floor. As she sat motionless on the straight-backed chair her hands rested in her lap clutching a small black purse. Her hands and wrists as they emerged through the arm slits of the cape were covered in tight crimson leather gloves that matched the colour of the collar lining.

Showing from under the hem of the cape her legs were close together and encased in a pair of black leather boots. The boots were laced up the front with an ornamental gold buckle on the outside of each ankle. On her head was a fashionable black leather hat with a deep, tight crown and a wide brim that drooped slightly at the front to shade her eyes. The underside of the brim was crimson.

Blonde hair cut in a classic pageboy flowed from under the hat to gently brush the top of the collar. The crimson accents of the outfit were matched yet again by the glistening colour of her lips. She looked so beautiful, a designers’ dream or a fashion model, seemingly just waiting quietly for something or someone to come along.

A closer look however, told a much different story.

The toes of the boots came to extremely narrow points with almost no soles to support the feet. A side view revealed heels of an amazing height that forced the feet into incredible, and painful, arches. The ornamental buckles were, in fact, anchors for narrow black straps that could hardly be seen against the leather of the boots but were keeping the ankles securely locked together.

Her wrists, clad in the tight gloves, were crossed as they rested on the purse but they were also very securely bound with thin crimson leather thongs that were almost invisible against the glove leather. Unseen, other restraints disappeared under the cloak between two buttons to hold the wrists and purse in place.

A closer examination of her face showed that it was covered with a very realistic latex mask. The lips, glistening with their crimson paint, looked quite natural at first glance but then a slight bulge underneath them became noticeable. The skintight mask disappeared under her hair and collar with holes just at the nostrils and around the eyes. Makeup had been expertly applied to merge the mask’s edges with the skin around the girl’s sorrowful eyes.

A glistening tear welled at the corner of her right eye and started down a path over her latex covered cheek.

A hand appeared with a tissue and dabbed at the tear before it reached the leather of the cape’s collar.

“Oh look Karen, she’s crying again,” said Jane “I do believe she is going to be very uncomfortable for the drive home but she looks just darling doesn’t she?”

Karen took a break from packing their things to come over and stroke the tight leather crown of the hat and adjust the front brim as she leaned down and grinned at Natasha. “You know Jane, I think we have outdone ourselves this time. We brought her to the chalet as a blind leather covered ball but she will go home able to enjoy the scenery during the three-hour drive. That is if she can get her mind off what’s going on under this beautiful cape!”

Under the leather of the cape Natasha was cruelly restrained and every bump during the drive would bring home the things her two tormentors had done to her body as they got her dressed for the ride.

The start, after the usual indignity of cleaning her out, had been to hang her from her wrists so that her toes barely cleared the floor and lace on the boned leather torso corset. The garment started with a stiffened neck brace that they left undone then allowed her breasts to bulge through two openings before it swooped in at the waist and ended just at Natasha’s hipbones. A ball gag kept her moans down to muffled whimpers.

With both of them tugging at the laces they eventually managed to get the back edges of the corset to meet and that crushed the girl’s waist down to an excruciating 21”. There were sleeves that laced down each arm to just below her elbows and were in turn, laced to the sides of the corset immobilizing her upper arms. They fitted the crimson gloves over each hand and up to the sleeves where they were laced in place and then temporarily forced her wrists behind her back and tied them together.

The hated thigh high ballet boots took the usual amount of time to lace smoothly, and very tightly, up each leg and then they laid her on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide to the bottom corners while they went to work on her breasts. Their aim was to make the ride home as uncomfortable as possible for their plaything and they stood on either side of her working with undisguised enjoyment. They first tightened 1” wide leather roller buckled straps around the base of each breast and pulled on them until they buried themselves in the flesh and the glands immediately started to change colour.

Two elastic rubber bands snapped time and time again over and behind each nipple ring but they were not yet satisfied. Jane fed a thin leather thong through the nipple rings and pulled on it until they met over the center of her chest before tying it off there with several more sadistic turns around the already tormented nubs.

It wasn’t really a bra it was more of a wide leather strap that they attached to the corset on either side of Natasha’s breasts and pulled on it until they were crushed even further. Two narrow straps now crossed her chest from shoulder to waist and, as the women pulled on them, they sank down the middle of the tortured leather bound mound of flesh giving the impression of a normal bust line.

Easily handling the crying girl they bent her over the side of the bed and forced in a huge rubber butt plug taping the thin wire leading from the base flange to the outside of her leg. Adjusting Natasha’s position Jane checked to make sure the catheter was closed and then filled her love tunnel with a muscle-stretching dildo; its wire joined the one from the plug. Jane snapped a small soft-toothed clamp on the girl’s clit just behind the permanent gold ring they had installed a few weeks back. Then they covered the entire crotch area with several layers of itchy tape.

After working a pair of skintight latex panties over the tape they buckled a crotch strap through her legs and laced on a boned leather thigh sheath that went over the boots from her crotch to just above the knees crushing the upper legs together in its embrace. For show more than anything else they pulled a tight, below the knee, leather skirt up her legs and belted it tightly around her waist. They buckled the ankle straps and lifted Natasha to sit on the chair before stepping back to admire their handiwork.

After a long minute of gloating over the helpless girl they gathered together the supplies needed to make Natasha’s head as uncomfortable as the rest of her. Rubber plugs were pushed deep in each ear and they pulled out the ball gag. Natasha managed to get out about half of a desperate plea for them to stop before Karen forced her jaws apart with a wedge and then held her head while Jane captured her tongue and installed the hard rubber clamp behind the barbell stud.

The clamp had inflatable pouches top and bottom and, as Jane pumped them up, Karen slowly removed the now unnecessary wedge. Any space behind Natasha’s teeth was rapidly filled but Karen kept one hand on the top of Natasha’s head and the other around her lower jaw to make sure that her teeth stayed clamped together against the increasing pressure. Before she disconnected the pump Jane gave it a couple of final squeezes and then smoothed a wide piece of tape over the lips from just under her nose to the point of her chin.

Karen released her grip and reached for the rubber cap to pull over Natasha’s hair, tucked in some loose wisps and fastened the chinstrap under her left ear. That done Jane used two more turns of the tape completely around her head to further secure the gag and seal in any drool that was sure to accumulate.

Jane stood in front of Natasha so she could see what was coming next and held their favorite kid leather discipline helmet while Karen undid the laces to open it. Within minutes it was being tightly laced down the back of the girl’s head and smoothed over her features until it was skintight.

The gag strap of thin but wide and strong leather buckled very tightly behind her head leaving just the slightest bulge over the mouth area. The latex flesh coloured facemask had been obtained from an e-bay supplier and was very realistic. They stretched it down over her leather-covered head and it snapped in place at the base of her neck. The neck brace was now fastened in place forcing her chin up slightly so her head was erect and facing forward with no ability to turn.

Jane pulled over a small table with her makeup kit and began to work on Natasha’s latex covered face. The first thing she did was to use a cotton swab to dab some non-toxic glue around the edges of the mask’s nostril holes and pushed the tiny flaps up inside her nose making sure the only airways available to her were open. More glue went around the edges of the eyeholes and they were pressed in place to surround the now pain filled eyes of the brutally restrained young lady.

Once that was done Jane carefully blended in a foundation to hide the join and expertly applied eye shadow, liner, mascara, a touch of blush and two coats of the chosen lipstick set with a clear gloss coat that made them glisten even more.

While Jane had been doing that, Karen brushed out the pageboy wig and was ready to settle it in place to frame the beautifully made up face that, except for the eyes, was completely false. It took some pressure to fit the hat evenly down over the wig so that the brim framed her rigidly held head at just the right angle. A few moments with a comb followed by a quick puff of hair spray and they were satisfied.

Karen pulled the girl to her feet steadying her as she tried to balance on the impossible heels and Jane went for the beautiful cape. She could not resist stroking the soft leather enjoying the feel of the sensuous material as it hung folded across her arm.

They untied the helpless girl’s wrists from behind her back and draped the garment over her shoulders before feeding her hands and wrists through the slits; the upper arms from elbow to armpit were already immovably laced tightly against the sides of the corset. They closed the cape, fastening the buttons and pulling the half belt tightly around her waist. The collar was lifted up and then folded down to surround her neck and be buttoned closed at the left side of her neck.

Allowing her to sit back on the chair they bound her wrists and settled the purse under her hands before feeding the ties between two of the cape buttons and knotting them through the buckle on the belt of the skirt.

Leaving her to sit looking beautiful in her misery they finished packing and closing up the chalet.

When they were done and the SUV loaded they removed the ankle straps and pulled Natasha to her feet supporting her on either side as they forced her towards the door. The rest of the leg restraints only allowed her to take tiny steps in the almost impossible boots. Once they were beside the vehicle the two women had to lift the girl in, there was no way her leg bonds allowed her to climb in without help.

They had unfolded the seat behind the driver and settled her in it after making sure the cape flowing down her back was smoothed under her buttocks. Jane replaced the straps around her ankles but instead of then tying them back to the seat she fed another strap through a floor ring and yanked on it so that there was a constant downward pressure on the heels and toes of the boots. It was just another piece in the plan to make the girl as uncomfortable as possible during the drive.

The shoulder harness seat belt was pulled tight and put yet more pressure on Natasha’s tortured breasts. Jane reached under the cape and plugged the two wires from the inserts into a small box that was connected with a discreet wire to a knob on the center console.

They closed the door and studied their victim through the tinted window. Even knowing what they did about her condition they could not see anything to draw unwanted attention except that the visible part of the figure certainly gave the impression of a fashionably dressed young lady.

The drive away from the chalet was over roads that even the suspension of the luxury SUV could not smooth out entirely and every bump transmitted itself through the chest belt, plugs and toes of the boots to Natasha. Once Jane turned on the southbound highway that would allow them to by-pass Chicago Karen turned the knob on the console activating the vibrators buried in their passenger. The intruders would now be controlled by the speed of the vehicle.

As the slightest sound of a whimper emerged from the figure beside her Karen grinned and said: “Ok Jane the system is working just fine and if you keep on the speed limit she’ll just get the vibrations but if you go over the limit they’ll transmit a mild shock from the contacts in their tips that she’ll really feel.”

As Jane drove home she could have easily stayed at the speed limit but every so often she got impatient (yeah sure) and passed the car in front causing Natasha no end of discomfort. She really didn’t enjoy any of the scenery!

Chapter 9

Jane and Karen were getting ready for their annual year-end party. This was for their straight friends who had no idea, as far as they knew, what went on behind the closed doors of their home. That included the intimate relationship they shared as well as the live toy for their fetish games – Natasha.

This being the case the girl had to be well hidden because with fifteen to twenty people invited you could never tell where some one might wander in the house, particularly because, since all the guests were using a taxi or limousine, the open bar would be a favorite spot.

The day before they had packed away the dungeon in the basement leaving nothing but an innocuous storage room with a couple of mattresses leaning against the wall.

It had taken two weeks for them to perfect the setup and now, with just a few minutes to go before the caterer arrived and an hour before the party started Jane was smoothing the bright spread on the bed in the spare room. Karen arranged a couple of colourful pillows against the headboard and settled a cute little doll to sit between them. She turned on the bedside radio to a soft music station.

At close examination everything in the room looked completely normal but looks can be deceiving and under the cover of the bed was a very uncomfortable Natasha.

The mattress leaning against the wall in the basement came, along with the box spring, from the double bed in the spare room at the end of the hall from the front door. What remained was the angle iron metal frame with its wooden head and foot boards.

A couple of weeks earlier the local DIYS outlet had delivered two 6’ x 4’ sheets of ¼” Plexiglas. Jane had purchased two large air mattresses, a couple of heavy coil springs and several metal spring-loaded plungers.

In the garage they set the two sheets on saw horses and, after a few minutes measuring and marking, drilled through both at the required points. Leaning one sheet against the wall they installed the plungers through the holes and locked them at their full extension before screwing them in place. The other sheet then sat on top of the plungers and was screwed down.

They now had an 8” sandwich of Plexiglas that would fit in the frame of the bed like the box spring. Using a pump they blew up the air mattresses and checked that the height worked out for what they wanted.

On the day of the party Natasha spent most of the afternoon secured in a chair with her head strapped back and a funnel in her mouth. Jane figured that the party would last at least seven hours from 8 pm to 3 am and planned to make sure the girl was well hydrated because with a houseful of guests they would not have any opportunity to look after her. Once she judged she had had enough they hauled the girl to the bathroom and went through the process of two enemas before working her in a skintight leather cat suit.

The ballet boots were thigh high but also had metal rods down the outside of each leg reinforced with leather straps. A simple piece of tape over the mouth muffled the moans and groans as they worked. Natasha’s kid gloved fingers were folded in fists and then laced in heavy leather mitts before they forced the girl’s arms to bend at the elbow and used a couple of straps on each one to lock the fist tightly in the armpit.

Now they worked a heavy leather sheath over each bent arm and laced them from shoulder to elbow. The top of each sheath had leather straps that crisscrossed her back allowing no play what so ever and the point of the elbows had a large metal D ring embedded in the reinforced leather.

The boned leather corset was quickly followed by clamps on her nipples as they poked through openings in the cat suit and Karen held the thin wires attached to each clamp off to the side as Jane installed the clear plastic suction cups. In rapid succession they forced in a large butt plug, equally large dildo and moved the attached wires out of the way as the crotch strap from the corset was reefed snugly between her legs.

That left Natasha’s head. Earplugs and a heavy rubber cap were followed by Jane peeling off the tape and pushing a pump gag between the helpless girl’s lips. Cotton pads went on each eye and were held in place with tape then Karen fitted the leather discipline helmet over Natasha’s face, settled the nostril tubes in place and smoothed the leather as Jane laced it closed down the back. She finished it off with a stiff leather neck brace.

Deaf, dumb, blind, encased in extremely tight leather, they settled the bound form face down on an air mattress on the floor inside the bed frame. They ran straps from the rings at each elbow to opposite corners at the head end of the frame then pulled on her legs until they could get ankle straps over the ballet boots to the bottom corners and complete the spread eagle.

Karen lifted the girl’s torso while Jane fitted the two round springs under her breasts so that the nipples and suction cups were clear of the mattress. The cups were attached to a small air pump. The plexi ‘sandwich’ now rested on one side lip of the bed frame while the two tormentors connected the six wires from the clamps, suction cups, dildo and butt plug each to the bottom of one of the plungers. They lowered the other edge until it settled on the other lip just like a box spring.

Reaching in between the two clear sheets they pulled the locking pins from the plungers, attached the ends of the wires to a small connector and plugged that in the wall plate behind the bedside table.

The top plexi sheet was now weight sensitive, held up by the springs in each plunger. Any more weight would activate the electrical feed to the plungers and as they slipped down the contact would increase the activity of the toys attached to and embedded in the girl. The second air mattress went on top, was covered by the colorful spread and Karen put the pillows in place.

While Karen showed the caterers where everything was Jane got dressed. Pale pink leather tailored slacks, darker pink sweater and matching high heels accented her good looks and then she took over while Jane showered and changed. She had selected a dark brown ankle length suede skirt with a crisp white satin blouse.

Sharp at eight the door bell sounded and when Jane answered it she had to suppress a giggle because the first guest was Natasha’s mother Marsha with her new boyfriend.

“Do come in, how are you, do you ever hear from that daughter of yours?”

“Yes” said Marsha “she e-mails me occasionally from somewhere on the coast.”

It was cold out and as Marsha’s escort took her heavy winter coat Karen came up to them and said “Just throw your coats on the bed in the spare room”.

With the large group of guests arriving it was the start of long night for Natasha – and she didn’t enjoy the party!

Chapter 10



Jane selected another heavy rubber band from the pile and used two fingers on each hand to stretch it out. Sliding her thumbs between the two strands she pushed down to make the opening larger and then worked it over the already bulging flesh of Natasha’s right breast.


After the tenth one settled on top of the others around the base she stepped back and waited. Karen, who had been holding the girl’s right arm below shoulder height to stop the breast from being partially flattened while Jane snapped on the elastic bands, changed her grip. With one hand she held Natasha’s wrist while the other spread the girls fingers apart.

One at a time Jane fitted more rubber bands at the base of each finger and another just behind the first knuckles then Karen hauled on the rope pulling the arm back up to the spread-eagled position. Jane released the tension on Natasha’s left arm and held it as Karen moved in front and started the process over again on the left breast.



They were in the basement of their home that had been Natasha’s dungeon for over a year and were dressed in full Domme outfits including facemasks. The masks were necessary because each step of this newest project was being video taped.

The girl was naked, if you didn’t count the wide strap holding the ball gag in place, the Zorro mask and cords around each wrist and ankle that held her spread- eagled. Over the next little while she was going to get acquainted with rubber and latex in all the painful ways that her two tormentors could conceive. The bulging breasts that were rapidly changing colour were just the first step in the process.

When Karen had added her quota of elastic to the left breast and the fingers of the left hand, they stretched Natasha back between the floor to ceiling posts. The build up of tight rubber bands stopped any flattening of the two mounds of flesh bulging from her chest.

The two tormentors then each took a handful of bands and, twisting each one two or three times, rolled them down to the bases of the hanging girls toes.

That done Jane picked up a small tool that looked like a pair of needle-nosed pliers but in fact worked in the opposite manner. She slipped a very small rubber band over the closed points then squeezed the handle causing the tips to move apart stretching the tiny band open.


Karen had worked Natasha’s right nipple through the opening and, when it was in position, Jane rolled the band off the end of the pliers. It clamped around the base of the nipple. The next one landed just in front of the first and the two soon had each nipple encased with a half a dozen bands until they jutted out a good ½” from the engorged breasts.

With a wicked grin Jane held the pliers in front of Natasha’s tear filled eyes and slowly fitted another tiny band over the tip then slowly slid the points down the girl’s chest past her navel to stop just above the clean shaven mound. She continued to watch Natasha’s eyes as Karen used her fingers to manipulate the victim’s most intimate area until out from under its hood came her oh so sensitive clitoris.



Prior to the start of their latest exercise in torment ex-nurse Jane, after administering the regular morning enema, had checked the semi-permanent catheter in their unwilling houseguest. Now she held a small container under the tube and released the clamp for long enough to allow Natasha’s bladder to empty.

The thick butt plug was 6” of stiffened rubber and between them they worked it fully up inside their subject then Karen started squeezing the bulb of the pump. At 2” intervals the plug had softer rubber collars that now began to expand outwards locking it immovably in place.

The rubber dildo was longer and thicker but worked on the same principle except that, instead of collars, it was studded with small rubber nubs that the pumped air forced out from its surface and into the sensitive flesh of Natasha’s love tunnel.

Releasing her ankles, so she hung by her wrists, they worked a tight pair of latex panties up her legs until they snapped snugly in place from waist to halfway down the thighs. After dumping in some talc they pulled a tight latex sock over each foot and ankle covering the banded toes.

As they lowered Natasha and carried her over to the worktable the two Dommes easily overcame her struggles as she still showed a weak spark of defiance. Jane adjusted the camera and then they strapped her down at the waist, thigh and elbows leaving her hands available to receive a pair of very tight latex gloves. It took sometime to work each finger, the thumbs and the bands constricting them in place but when it was done they snapped several larger rubber bands around each wrist to lock on the gloves.

The full body latex cat suit Jane and Karen started installing on Natasha was deliberately a size or two too small for her and they knew they had their work cut out to get their victim in it. Starting with her feet they smoothed any air bubbles from the black rubber until, finally, they had her arms down the sleeves and already gloved hands in the attached gloves.

At this point they easily flipped Natasha over on her stomach and pulled the heavy duty zipper all the way up her back to the neck; the suit fit like a second skin, a very, very tight second skin.

The stiffly boned heavy rubber corset extended from Natasha’s shoulders to the top curve of her hips and, standing on either side of the table, Karen and Jane were able to get a great deal of pressure on the laces to pull the edges of the torturous garment together. The built in hard rubber cups of the corset were forced down over Natasha’s latex covered breasts so that her chest took an almost normal shape concealing their distortion from the constricting bands.

Continuing to work as a team the two women each bent one of Natasha’s arms up between her shoulder blades and used strong roller buckled straps from the sides of the corset to lock them in the strained reverse prayer position. A wide strap across each shoulder flattened the rubber covered hands against the top of her back, crossed between her breasts and buckled back to the corset.

Two more straps were attached to the back of the corset, fed through the helpless girl’s crotch up to the front buckles and pulled through to the last notch. This put even more pressure on the oversized inserts.

A beautiful pair of shiny white rubber ballet boots took them nearly half an hour to lace, over Natasha’s already latex encased legs, all the way up to the top of her thighs. Wide straps just above and below the knees welded the booted legs together and a white one, with a smart gold buckle in front, was tightened around the ankles.

Now they moved to Natasha’s head and started by pushing in soft rubber earplugs then stretching a tight rubber swim cap over her head pulling the chin strap tight before fastening it under her left ear. The goggles were custom made with fairly small oval lenses set in frames that were deeper and wider than usual. The lower rubber flange of the goggles extended down across Natasha’s cheeks and half way down her nose while the top one almost covered her forehead. Several straps held the unit in place.

The tops of the oval frames had been painted with gold rubber paint and had several holes drilled in them. Two hard rubber tubes extended a short way from the center of the frames down each side of Natasha’s nose.

After pulling out the ball gag they gave the poor girl a chance to swallow some water before installing a rubber clamp across her tongue and packing it back in her mouth. Karen used her thumbs under Natasha’s chin to try and force her mouth closed over the gag then Jane immediately ran two or three turns of tape over the lips and around the head.

The next item was a black latex helmet that snapped in place leaving just her goggles and nose visible. Before pulling it down over her neck they fitted a hard rubber throat shield that it held in place to ensure Natasha’s airway would not be constricted more than they intended.

Very carefully, Jane slid a hard rubber mold up over Natasha’s jaw until the tubes inside the nose cover locked with her nostril inserts and then one more push got the tubes from the goggle frames to snap in place. The top of the mold then fitted tightly against the bottom edges of the eye frames.

The white latex helmet laced down the back of the girl’s head leaving nothing showing except the gold frames and glass lenses of the goggles. The rest of the face was smooth white shiny latex.

They waited a few minutes to make sure that Natasha was getting enough air. Over the last number of months, being gagged more often than not, she had developed a strong set of lungs and was used to breathing through her nose.

That is what she was doing now except she had to pull the air a couple of inches further through the holes in the eye frames, down the side of her nose and then into her lungs. She seemed to be handling it so Karen and Jane continued with their plan.

Karen reached inside the full length white rubber tube dress so she could guide Natasha’s legs into the hobble skirt without the toes and heels catching and maybe damaging it. They worked it all the way up until they could close the back zipper. That done a wide white rubber belt with an oversized gold buckle went around the waist and another around the neck.

Despite the number of layers on Natasha, they were so excruciatingly tight that the vision of shiny white rubber was very obviously female with the curves in all the right places.

Standing the helpless rubber manikin on a small rotating platform they held it upright by locking the back of the waist belt to an upright post at the back edge.

Placing themselves on either side they allowed the camera to see the finished product – two Dommes and one white rubber covered female form with gold highlights at the eyes, throat, waist and ankles. A full length black rubber hooded cape then hid their handiwork.

The computer expert was Karen and she checked to make sure she had every thing needed from the video of the last few hours to enter the contest on one of the fetish world’s top rubber and latex sites.

They had joined the site several weeks ago and when a contest was announced for the most extreme use of rubber/latex bondage the two decided to accept the challenge; much to Natasha’s discomfort.

When Karen finished editing the video it showed the process they had followed in reverse, black cape, white dress etc.

A few weeks later they were contacted and told that the judges had considered several potential winners but the nose cover breathing set up through the frame of the goggles was a real plus and when they got down to the rubber bands on Natasha’s breasts, clit, fingers and toes it was no contest.

“So” said Karen, “we won”.

“What did we win?”

“I don’t know but we did have fun didn’t we Pet?” That was Karen’s reply as she stroked the tight white latex stretched over the head of the tightly bound form crouched beside her chair.

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