Not So Perfect Life
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  • Post Date - 2/14/2009

Author’s Note: This is my second story. First off I want to say thank you for reading. I appreciate all comments, if you didn’t like the story, please, tell me how I can improve for next time. The reason why the conclusion is so long (at least in my opinion it is) is because I wanted to wrap it up nicely and not abruptly. I had to create a long conclusion in order to properly lead into the next chapter which I am currently in the process of writing. This is a story of a perfect girl with a completely perfect, carefree life. She is thrown into the world of bondage which she did not even know existed. I tried putting in ‘movie style’ elements such as standoffs and cliffhanger suspense moments. Yes, the characters may seem unrealistic but believe me when I say this, I base all of my characters in my stories off of myself and some of my good friends. Once again, thank you for reading and enjoy!

Part 1

She packed her bag with care, she knew it was going to be a long flight down to California and knew she would be down there for a while. She grouped her long blonde hair and wrapped it into a ponytail. She began biting her nails as she spoke to herself making sure that she had everything.

“Pants, tops, bikinis, sunglasses, skirts, purse, hmmmm. That’s about it. Oops, one more thing.” She grabbed a picture of her mom and dad and placed it gently into the suitcase and wrapped it in some clothes. Her parents were both killed in a plane crash and she feels that its good luck to carry a picture of them while she travels. She stood back and choked back tears as she thought about her parents. She zippered her bag and pulled it down the marble steps of her house, her heels clicking on the steps and echoing through the vast atrium. She rolled her bag in front of the oak doors. She opened a closet door and retrieved her winter coat with wolf fur trim. She put it on and buttoned it up making sure that she wouldn’t be cold for the short walk to her black Escalade SUV. It was the middle of another Canadian winter and it was -15 degrees Celsius outside, without the wind-chill.

She opened the solid oak doors and pulled her bag outside; she could already feel her face begin to freeze as she made the short walk to the SUV. She left her bag behind it and she quickly made her way to the rear passenger door and got in. She bent across and inserted the key into the ignition; turning it on in order to warm it up.

Minutes later a black BMW rolled up her driveway and stopped right beside her Escalade. A large well built man stepped out of the passenger seat and approached the rear of the Escalade. He opened the back and lifted her bag into the trunk. He walked around and opened the driver’s seat and jumped in.

“Good morning Miss Williams, how are you today?” He asked casually as he put on his seatbelt.

“Hey John, I’m great, how are you?” She replied with a smile, looking into the rearview mirror as he made eye contact with her.

“I am good, thanks for asking Miss Williams.” He replied as he put the SUV into drive and began driving down the driveway.

“John, for the last time, please call me Ashley or Ash. Miss Williams just sounds too… weird. I don’t know why you always say Miss Williams, just call my by my first name for now on,” She mentioned happily.

“Sure thing Ash. Sorry for being so formal.” He said softly.

“Did you go to the gym this morning?” She began making small talk.

“No, I didn’t, I slept in today.” He replied. She kept talking with John as they pulled out of the driveway and began driving towards the airport. Someone tried to rape Ashley years ago when she was in the city, then someone else tried again 3 days later. After that she always had a bodyguard with her to watch over her. John has been her bodyguard for about a year and a half now, he is on call for whenever she leaves the safe haven of her 6 million dollar gated and fenced off home. Her father left her the house and all of his money that he made from owning a large chain of electronics stores that were spread across Canada and the U.S. She was a lawyer for a law firm for a few years until she recently retired at the age of 25.

After a long drive, they pulled up to the private section of the airport for private jet takeoffs and arrivals. John parked the SUV in the private section of the parking garage. He opened the door for her and held her hand as she stepped out. He quickly opened the trunk and retrieved her bag.

“John, it’s okay, I’ll pull it.” She volunteered cheerfully.

“Are you sure Ash? I can do it, it really is no problem.” He replied. She approached the bag and placed her hand over his, he released his grip on the handle and let her pull it. They began walking the short distance towards the doorway to the private section of the terminal. The terminal was fairly large and contained many business type travelers all dressed formally. She checked her baggage as she placed it on the conveyor belt. They then continued down a hallway towards the waiting area.

Finally their plane was ready and they went towards the door to walk out onto the tarmac. The air was cool as they exited the warm hallway and walked towards the leer jet that waited about 30 feet from the door, it had a large ‘W’ on the wing, short for ‘Williams’, her last name. John helped her climb the steep steps and then he followed her into the luxurious cabin. It was furnished with large leather chairs and a large leather couch. There were many oak and mahogany cabinets, the jet just screamed luxury. The door closed and it was only a few minutes before the jet began to move towards the runway. It took off and they were now on their way to sunny California.

She made conversation with the pilot and co-pilot the whole trip as well as John. She helped herself to the various drinks and food available on her plane. The pilot began to lower the plane towards Long Beach airport after a several hour flight. Ashley and John took their seats and buckled in.

30 minutes later they landed and pulled in beside a bunch of other private jets. Ground crews were waiting and they began taking the luggage out from under the plane. After the cabin de-pressurized, the door popped open.

“Thanks guys.” She said to the pilots as she exited the plane. She stepped onto the tarmac, her heels clicked on the steaming hot pavement. She pulled her sunglasses out of her purse and put them on, blocking her eyes from the setting sun. They walked into the terminal and picked up their bags. After a quick check with the American airport security, they made their way to the garage which contained their black Mercedes rental car. It was only about a 20 minutes drive to the hotel and the view of the setting sun was spectacular.

They arrived at their exclusive luxury hotel, they checked in and went to their room. The room had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a large family room. The room was covered with paintings, the couches and chairs were leather. It was a extremely luxurious hotel room. It was now 9pm, which was actually 12am back in Toronto, both Ashley and John were tired from the flight.

“Okay John, I am going to go to bed. I’ll probably sleep in tomorrow, as usual.” She informed him. Whenever herself and John went to a hotel she always slept in after a long flight.

“Okay Ashley, good night.” She entered the master bedroom and closed the door. She changed out of her day clothes and wore only boy shorts and a small tank top; her pink bra could easily be seen through the white fabric of the shirt.

John normally slept on a couch that he would pull close to her door. He was a very light sleeper and would awake to the sound of a creaking floor board or an opening door. Despite an available bedroom, he always slept on a couch in front of her door, to keep her safe. No one was getting past him without waking him.

It was 3am in the silent hotel room; John was sleeping on the couch that he dragged closer to Ashley’s room door. He was not aware of it but there were actually 2 ways to get into the master bedroom, one way was through the living room, the other was through the bathroom, which was right by the front door.

The front door slowly opened, and a man wearing black clothing and a mask entered the room. He held a damp towel in his hand. He moved with the utmost precision, thinking about his foot placement with each step, thus preventing any noise. He entered the bathroom then via the bathroom he entered the master bedroom. He saw Ashley lying on the middle of the bed with her arms and legs splayed across the king sized bed. Her breasts rising and falling with each short breath she took. He reached the side of the bed, he brought the towel and wrapped it around her head, she quickly opened her eyes then they slowly closed, she did not make a sound. The man had soaked the towel with a chemical to instantly knock her out and render her speechless. He carried Ashley through the bathroom then into the main hallway and towards the front door. He looked back at the sleeping bodyguard and saw the shine of his handgun on the table beside him. He knew that at any moment John could wake up, he knew that he would not hesitate on taking a skilled shot and firing at him, saving Ashley from being kidnapped. But this did not happen, the man managed to exit the room without making any noise. He removed the towel wrapped around he mouth and nose and began carrying her like she was drunk.

He carried her down the hall towards the stairs, avoiding taking the elevator. He was lucky that the stair well went straight down to the parking garage where his van was waiting.

He opened the door of his van and pulled a black drawstring bag over her head then tied it closed. He climbed into the back of the van and looked down at her motionless body, he pulled a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket and cuffed her right wrist to a ring on the side of the van, he then climbed out and closed the door. He climbed into the dirty driver’s seat and put it into drive, pulling out of the garage and merging onto the barren street.

The bright light from the California morning woke John up. His hand automatically hovered over his gun, as he always did when he woke up. He picked it up and re holstered it as he glanced over at the clock, ‘10:09’. He sat on the edge of the couch as he rubbed his eyes; he looked behind him finding that the bedroom door was still closed. He walked around the hotel room making sure that the front door was locked and the windows were closed, just like he would normally do whenever they were in a hotel. Everything he did was basically his routine.

He sat around and quietly watched TV as he waited for Ashley to wake up. He glanced over at the clock, ’12:59’. He got up from the couch and turned off the TV, he walked over to the bedroom and knocked on the closed door.

“Hello… Ashley.” He said quietly as he waited for a response. He knocked again, this time louder. She had never slept in this much so he was suspicious.

“Ashley, are you there? Ash?” He tried to door knob, it was unlocked. He slowly opened the door, trying to peer inside to see if she was still asleep. He stepped in and approached the bed. The blinds were closed so it was pitch black.

“Hey, Ash.” He whispered as he stood beside the bed. He noticed a pile of covers and went to pull them back to see if she was under them. He gently pressed his hand against them, they sunk to the mattress. He threw the covers off; Ashley was gone.

“Ash!” He screamed, nothing but silence answered his call. His search became more frantic as he checked each room. He saw that her purse and the car keys were still there, he noticed that her heels were still there. He knew her well enough to know that she would not leave without telling him and she would not leave without taking her purse. He tried calling her cell phone, which was also something that she would not leave without, only her cheerful voice on her voicemail answered.

“Fuck! ... Ashley!” He screamed one last time, hoping that she would answer. She did not, so he picked up the phone and called the police.

She opened her eyes to blackness, she was panicked, her eyes were open but she could not see anything. She tried to get up but she couldn’t bring herself from her sitting position, she tried to bring her hands in front of her but they were kept behind her by what felt like metal rings around her wrists. As she became more awake from her sleep, she began to believe that she was tied to a chair and she had a bag over her head.

“Hello? John? Hahaha, real funny…. John?” There was no other sound other then the rumbling air conditioner which was rooms away.

“No, not John.” Said a man with a deep voice.

“Wha- what! Who… who is this?” The fear in her voice escaped with her words.

“When I heard that ‘Ashley Williams’ was coming to town in Daddy’s private jet, I couldn’t believe it.” He explained casually.

“Who are you, what have you done to me?” She asked with a quiver.

“It’s not about what I have done, it is about what I will do.” He touched her bare legs, the boyshorts that she was wearing provided little coverage. She attempted to jerk her legs away but they were tied securely to the legs of the chair.

“Fuck you! Stop touching me you prick!” She objected angrily, the metal dug into her wrists causing her discomfort.

“Wow, dirty mouth you have Ash. Years ago you sent me to prison for a crime I did not commit.” He continued to stroke her leg as he spoke.

“What! Who – who are you?” She was confused and scared, she had sent a lot of people to prison in her career as a lawyer. He untied the bag that was on her head and removed it. Her eyes attempted to focus as the bright light temporarily blinded her. She was surrounded by several lights and a small video camera. A man stood in front of her wearing all black and a ski mask. She looked down at her legs to find that they were each tied to the legs of the wooden chair. She peered over her shoulder to see what was keeping her hands behind her back. Two metal rings were wrapped around here wrists and they were connected together by a short chain, she had seen these before, these were handcuffs that the police used.

“Are you… are you a cop?” She asked, still trying to adjust to the bright lights.

“Hahaa, what makes you say that?” He chuckled.

“The handcuffs, only cops have handcuffs.” She replied with a quiver in her voice.

“Hahhaa, ohhh that’s funny Ash.” He laughed as he began stroking her legs again.

“Fuck you, you piece of shit!” She yelled and spit right at his face, scoring a direct hit, getting her spit right into his left eye. He stopped stroking her leg to rub his eye, clearing it of the spit.

“You will beg, you will cry, you will scream, no one will save you!” He said sternly.

“Fuck you! To hell I will!” She seemed confident, even in the face of defeat. She struggled against the devices and rope that held her to the chair; a few strands of hair escaped her ponytail and fell in front of her face. The man walked out of view and returned with something in his hand. It had a few straps tangled up and had what appeared to be a ball strung through a strap. He gently took hold of the blonde strands of hair that were in front of her eyes and he pulled it behind her ear. He held the device in her face.

“You dick! I don’t know who you are but you will not go un-punished for this!” She screamed at him.

“Dirty mouth from a dirty girl. This is my revenge, you don’t get a chance for revenge, you already put me away for years for something I didn’t do.” He seemed confident in his innocence. “I read in the papers about daddy and mommy’s death, but more importantly I read about all the money that they left you.”

“You son of a bitch! You sick fuck!” She interrupted. He slapped her across the face and she immediately began her verbal attack once again.

“Fuck you! You can’t slap me, you have no idea who you are screwing with, I can have you killed if I wanted to.” She seemed confident whenever she spoke, that came from years of being a prosecutor.

“You need some discipline babe.” He still held the ball device in front of her face.

“What – what is th-that?” She asked, scared and confused.

“This is called a ball gag and it will keep you nice and quiet. Now, open wide.”

“Screw you!” She said defiantly and shut her lips. The man slowly moved his free hand towards her boyshorts, he pulled the tight fabric away from her waist and moved his hands towards her shaved pussy.

“Fuck yommphh!” Her objection was interrupted by the ball that was thrust into her mouth. She tried to push it in front of her teeth while the straps were being tightened behind her head. She choked and coughed as this rubbery ball was pushed behind her teeth. Two of the straps blocked half of her vision and a chin strap kept her chin tightly gripped on the ball.

“Like it?” The disgusted look on her face said it all, her jaw still attempting to get a grip on the ball and pull it to a more comfortable position. She continued to whimper and occasionally scream as he continued to tell her his plan.

“Now that you are quiet, I can finish talking. Like I was saying, I am aware of that large bank account you have and I want it. That money is my compensation for being locked up because of you, but until then, I am going to have some fun, which won’t be much fun for you.” He went behind her and unlocked her handcuffs, she immediately tried to jump up in an attempt to hurt her captor and then escape. But the ropes on her ankles and above her knees kept her securely in place on the chair. She forced her body against the rope, hoping that they would break free.

“Wow, calm down babe.” He grabbed one of her flailing arms and cuffed it behind her back.. He managed to grab the other arm and placed it in the awaiting open cuff and tightened it shut.

“Oh yeah, I am going to have a lot of fun with you.” He commented coldly.

Part 2

John was sitting on a couch with one leg crossed over the other. Police officers filled the hotel room and were searching for any clue on where she is or who took her. A uniformed officer came and sat on the chair adjacent to John’s.

“Sir, we are doing the best we can to try and find her, we just need to ask you a few questions.” He asked.

“Sure, go ahead.” John said calmly, his voice was monotone.

“We need to know her financial situation. Was she a wealthy woman?” He asked awkwardly.

“She is very well off.” He answered.

“Okay.” He wrote into his notebook as he asked another question. “Do you have a picture of her that we would be able to use to aid the search and do you give us permission to give the photograph to the media. There are several news agencies already here; her picture would be seen by thousands of people.

“Yes of course. I know she keeps a few pictures in her purse for some reason.” He got up and picked her purse up from the floor, he placed it on the table and began rummaging through it.

“Here you go and would you please give it to the media as well.” He handed the picture to the officer. “If you don’t mind, I would like to go and search for her myself.” He asked.

“Yes, of course, by all means. We will be in touch. One of my officers will help escort you through the media and to your car.”

“Thank you officer. I just want her back safely.” John exited the hotel room, followed by a police officer. They pushed their way through the media that waited at the front lobby of the hotel and they made their way to the garage. John entered the Mercedes and drove out of the garage; the officer returned to the hotel room.

Ashley remained in a seated position on the chair, alone in the brightly lit room. Her vision had now cleared and she could see strange devices and straps hanging on the walls. She continued to struggle and peer over her shoulder as her fingers clawed at the solid steel of the tight handcuffs. The strange man entered the room holding what appeared to be another pair of handcuffs except this time they had a much longer chain in-between the two cuffs. He bent down in front of her and attached them to both of her ankles. Ashley watched him calmly as she breathed heavily through her nose. She tried to prevent the drool from falling out of her mouth but she was helpless, her white shirt was saturated with drool and her pink bra could be seen better then ever.

“My, my baby, you sure are beautiful.” He whispered quietly, she took it as a compliment and began to blush but then she remembered that this man kidnapped her and rage filled her body. He untied the ropes that secured her long legs to the chair, at the moment he un-tied the final knot, she jumped up, jamming her shoulder into his chest, knocking him on his ass. She attempted to take a long running stride, but the chain on her cuffs became taught, causing her to stumble and then fall flat on her chest. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, so they were not available to break her fall. Her breasts ached from the fall. She thought the chain would be long enough to allow her to run but she was obviously wrong.

“I didn’t think you would be that stupid, running with your legs cuffed, hahahaa!” This all seemed like a cruel game to him. He bent down and locked a pair of normal handcuffs onto her slender legs, bringing them close together once more; he left the leg irons on.

“I feel like we don’t know each other, will you go out for dinner with me Ash?” The question seemed genuine and sincere. He removed the gag in her mouth, she began spitting, trying to remove the disgusting taste of the gag.

“Ha! I would never go out with… you. Go fuck yourself you scumbag.” He was frozen, did not move a muscle, he did not know how to react to this onslaught of insults.

“Fine!” Before she could close her mouth, he shoved the ball gag back behind her teeth. He walked over to a box in the corner of the room and retrieved another item. Ashley had no idea what it was as she did not even know bondage existed. He brought the whip up and whacked it across her chest, she still had her bra on so the whip only felt like a slightly painful tickle. He was surprised that she did not react and decided to bring it down on her bare lags. He took a big swing and the whip came down with a ‘swish’, landing directly on her sensitive legs. She jerked and screamed in pain, she had never felt something like this before. He took another swing and another and another. Each hit landed on a different area of her body, causing a new level of pain. He stopped and rubbed the sweat that had formed on his forehead.

“Ready for me to ask you again?” He asked, with heavy breathing. He bent down and wiped a tear that was rolling down her face then he removed the gag.

“Are you ready to go fuck yourself!?” She was once again defiant and this got on his nerves.

“Wrong choice of words.” He pushed the gag past her perfect lips and tightened it on once more. He pulled down and removed his pants then he pulled away his underwear. His large erect penis burst into view. He walked over and flipped her over onto her back. He got a few straps and pulled them over her body and attached them onto the rings on the floor, securing her to the floor face up.

“Go fuck myself, eh? No I won’t… how about I fuck you instead?” Her eyes widened at this question and she began to shake her head intensely. He pulled down her boyshorts and brought the whip into striking position. He brought it down several times on her shaved pussy and she screamed through her gag in agony.

“Ready to answer now, I really don’t want to have to rape you, although I am sure it would be well worth the lengthy prison sentence.” His cock hovered right above her slightly wet pussy, ready to enter in a flash. He brought his hand behind her head and once again unbuckled the gag and pulled it out.

“Okay – okay, just – please, don’t do this.” Tears were streaming down her cheeks, smearing what little make-up she had on. He stood up and put his underwear and pants back on.

“Good answer. Although, it is slightly unfortunate for me.” He left the room and closed the door. She looked down at her exposed pussy and could not help but feel vulnerable, even though the danger had passed. She pushed and tugged at the straps that held her to the floor. She used her legs to try to squeeze herself out from the straps. Seeing that she was thin and limber, she managed to squeeze out of the straps that held her to the floor. She brought her hands down to her boyshorts that were at her ankles and she pulled them back up. Standing up would not be as easy as she had thought. The way her hands were cuffed, standing was very difficult but after a few attempts and falls she managed to stand. In her attempt to stand she forgot that her ankles were held together by a pair of normal handcuffs, not the ones with the long chain.

“Fuck.” She said quietly with anger as she lowered herself back down to her ass. She began to crawl across the floor like an infant, the chain on the leg irons were clicking and dragging on the floor. She crawled past the bright, harsh lights. She used her perfect straight, white teeth to pull open a drawer in the far corner of the room. She was looking for keys for her handcuffs but she found nothing. She gave up her search after she checked a wooden box which only contained more restraints and strange devices. She crawled towards the closed door. She sat on her ass looking up at it, wondering if it was locked, only one way to find out. She attempted to pull herself up but was startled when the door opened. He was shocked that she managed to escape the straps.

“Wow Ash, I am impressed.” She had managed to stand but was wobbly. He took his pinky finger and pushed her shoulder. She stepped back but the small chain became taught and she fell straight on her ass with a thud.

“Ouchhh! What the fuck is your problem? You can’t treat me like this.” She continued to speak with defiance, treating him as if he did not have absolute power over her. He threw down a dress to the ground and moved in to whisper into her ear.

“As hot as you are in these clothes, you need to wear something more appropriate.” He stood up and helped her onto her feet. He went behind her and unlocked her cuffs. She slowly brought her hands in front of her, rubbing her red wrists. He walked around in front of her and stood with his arms crossed. She went to put the dress on over her T-shirt but he stopped her.

“Sorry babe, your gonna have to take that t-shirt off.” His eyes lit up with anticipation.

“You pig!” She hissed. She grabbed her tight t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head, exposing her large breasts held in the small pink bra. She threw the t-shirt at him, causing it to land right on his face. He took a deep sniff.

“Hmm, I love your scent.” He said, his eyes gleaming. Even though she was wearing a bra, she couldn’t help but feel exposed and violated. She bent down to pick up the dress on the floor, as she bent she felt his body rub up against hers and she felt his hands on her hips. She tried not to think about it but she could feel his hard cock against her ass. She stood straight and raised her arms to pull the dress down. It was her size but was small and offered little coverage for her legs. He gently began to pull her hands behind her back but she resisted. He pushed her to her knees as he replaced the chained cuffs that he was going to put on her wrists for a pair of hinged ones. He placed his foot on her back and forced her forward as he held her hands.

“Please, stop. This fucking hurts!” He didn’t care and just ignored her cries of pain. He faced her palms outwards and closed the cuff jaws on her wrists. She already began to hate the ratcheting sound of the handcuffs as it signified that she was no longer free. He set his foot down back on the ground and pulled up on the cuff hinge, forcing her to stand.

“Here, be my guest.” He waived a small key in her face then placed it in her hand. He walked over to the camera and adjusted it onto her. She was confused, why would he cuff her only to give her the key seconds later. She looked over her shoulder at the cuffs and tried to twist her hand around to fit into the keyhole. The keyhole was facing away from her hands, it was imposable for her to twist her hand to unlock the cuffs so she dropped the key to the ground. He approached her and began rubbing her back.

“Aww, it’s okay you little slut, I didn’t expect you to get free.” He stepped back and admired the restrained woman before him.

“I can’t believe it, you still look amazing considering your current predicament.” She just stood there looking at the ground; she appeared to have been finally defeated.

“What do you say Ash? That was a compliment.” He said as he raised an eye brow and placed his hand under her chin, to look into her eyes.

“Thank you.” She said quietly, almost forcing it out of her body. She knew she had to be nice in order to get out of this place. He bent down and removed the normal cuffs off her ankles, leaving only the leg irons. He began forcing her out of the room by the tight cuffs that enslaved her wrists.

They did not have to walk far before they entered a room with dim lighting and a table in the middle. The table had a nice table cloth and settings with 2 candles in the middle. She couldn’t help but admire the trouble that he went through. He sat her on a chair and returned to the door to lock it.

“Come here beautiful.” She slowly got up and waked over, he un-cuffed her wrists and ankles and placed the cuffs in his pocket. He grabbed some high heeled shoes and lay them in front of her feet, she reluctantly stepped into them. He sat down at a chair at the table and looked in her direction.

“Here’s the idea behind this little test Ash. This is a real date as far as I am concerned. You are going to act as though you are actually on a date. Use your sex appeal and your charm on me, I am going to judge how well you do. If you do well enough, you will be rewarded and I will quicken the process of stealing all of your money. If you do good enough and really ‘wow’ me, I may even take less money from you.” He explained to her as she looked at him with a blank look.

“Begin Ashley, with a walk to the table. Once you start, you can’t stop till the date is over.” As much as she hated doing it, she had to. This is what her body was made for, seducing men and making them drool. But surprisingly, she was very shy and hadn’t been on a date for 7 or 8 months. She began slowly walking and tried to put on a smile, each foot lining up in front of the other as her hips swayed in the sexiest way she could. She was now standing beside her ‘date’.

“Hey. I’m Ashley; it’s nice to meet you.” She said with a huge beautiful smile. She couldn’t help but feel entirely fake. She could see his mouth hanging open through the open mouth hole in the ski mask.

“Hi I’m... Luke.” He seemed completely mesmerized. She began scanning her memory for a guy named Luke that she went to court against. ‘Wait a second, Luke! Yup, this is the guy! I know who he is now!’ She now knew who her captor was; when or if she got out of this place, she could put him away for years.

“Hey Luke. That is a very nice jacket you have.” She said with a perky smile. She pulled her chair from the other side of the table to sit directly beside him. He did not expect that she would be this powerful with her words, he was completely oblivious that he had just given her his name. She continued to cross her legs, move close to him and touch his arm and leg at the appropriate times as she spoke.

After about 30 minutes of flirting, she had her hand on his lap. She slowly moved it up towards his chest, feeling around as she went along. He was brainless to this assault, her plan was working perfectly. She held the fabric of his mask in her hand, she continued to flirt as she slowly pulled it up. She moved in close, her other hand on his lap. She could see his lips, she was now so close to him, she could smell his terrible breath. Her hand on his leg wandered. Finally she made her move, she lifted the mask exposing his face. As much as she didn’t want to, she leaned in and began to kiss him, he began to return the kiss, she tried to hide her disgust but the final move was yet to be made. She had him at his most vulnerable point. She was now standing up, she stopped kissing to get a look at his face fully. It was indeed Luke. In one quick move she pushed hard on his shoulder, causing him to flip backwards over his chair. She flipped him over onto his stomach and quickly retrieved the cuffs from his pocket, before he knew what was happening, his hands were already cuffed. The key to the door fell out of his pocket as she pulled the cuffs out of his pocket.

“Wha- what! You bitch!” She gave him one hard kick in the balls as she bolted towards the door. She did not have time to find the handcuff keys in his pocket. She fumbled with the single key in the door in her panic. She pushed it in and turned open the lock, pushing against the door with her body as it swung open. She bolted as fast as she could down the long narrow hallway, kicking the heels off as she ran. She had no idea where she was and where she was going to run to. She looked back at the man slowly getting up to his knees, groaning in pain. She reached a door, her heart dropped at the thought that it may be locked, thankfully for her, it wasn’t. She shoved it open and ran up the dark set of stairs that lay behind it. There was another door at the top, she shoved that one open as well, putting her into a dirty, dark kitchen. She ran towards the door which appeared to go outside but it was locked with a heavy chain and padlock. She desperately searched for another door, her heart raced as she knew that he must have been getting close to the top of the stairs by now.

She discovered another door except this one was not locked. She pushed it open and it let out a loud creek and crack. She stepped outside to the cool evening air of Southern California. It appeared to be an old house, situated on an open, grassy plain. Light forest surrounded the plain. She ran down the driveway, towards the closest section of forest. If she got to the forest she knew her chances of escape would greatly improve. She did not see a car but knew he must have had one somewhere around the side of the house. She had to get as far away as possible before he got to his car.

She made it to the forest, exhausted from her adrenaline fueled dash. She tripped and fell just as she heard the angry words of her former captor.

“Ashley! You bitch! You’re dead when I find you. But first I will steal your money! You slut!” She heard a car door slam and an engine purr to life. Just as she thought, he had a car. She stood up and ran deeper into the forest, going further away from the driveway. She threw herself to the ground as she heard the rusty, old van pass by along the driveway behind her. It continued on, a wave a relief fell over her. The immediate danger was over, now all she needed to do was find a road or better yet, a highway.

The sun had begun to set and it began to get cold. But she stayed strong, ‘if I can survive a Canadian winter, I can survive this.’ She kept herself confident and calm as she continued to jog aimlessly through the light forest, not knowing if she was getting closer, or further away from civilization. She decided to stop heading straight and turned left. She was now moving parallel with the driveway which was about a kilometer or two away.

She continued going straight, stopping occasionally to rub her bare feet. She was disgusted that her feet were touching the bare ground. She would never leave a house without putting on an expensive pair of shoes, boots or high heels so this experience, of running without shoes, was new for her. She saw a clearing in the trees and walked quicker towards it. It was a paved, windy road. No cars were driving by so she stood beside the road and waited. She was wearing a very small, exposing dress, who wouldn’t want to stop for her? She could see headlights past the trees. It was now dark so she could not see what kind of car it was, it didn’t matter to her, she waived it down anywase. The car slowed and drove past her slowly, pulling over onto the dirt shoulder. She began walking towards it, expressing her gratitude.

“Oh thank god you came by, this maniac is chasing me and he -” She was interrupted by the person that was now walking towards her.

“I’m not a maniac.” She let out a loud scream and tripped as she stumbled backwards. Within seconds, he took advantage of her on the ground, he flipped her over onto her stomach, she struggled and managed to slip free of his loose grip. She bolted to her feet and ran back towards the woods with him chasing close behind.

“Fuck off!” She screamed in desperation as she ran for her life.

“Come here you little slut, I only want you money and your pussy!” He screamed angrily, with harsh volume. The sun had now disappeared beyond the horizon, Ashley could not see very far and her feet burned and stung as she steeped on branches and rocks. She made one bad step, and slipped on the mossy rock falling to the ground; onto her back. He was close behind so he jumped right onto her. He pressed her against the ground with all his weight and strength.

“I’m not fucking around! I could kill you right her and now. They would never find you in this forest.” She froze and did not dare to attempt an escape. He flipped her over onto her stomach. She heard jingling behind her followed by the ratchet and cold embrace of the handcuffs on her wrists. He pulled out a pair of leg irons with his free hand, keeping his hand on the back of her neck. He pulled her up and began walking back towards the road, which was a fair distance away.

“I am going to fuck you until you scream. Then I’ll fuck you again, then I’ll take all your money, leaving you with nothing.” He whispered as they walked toward the waiting van.

“How about you just fuck yourself, I am sure you would like that!” She responded with attitude.

“How about I just break your pretty neck?” He stopped her and spun her around to face him. He tightened his grip on the back of her neck.

“Please, no. I’m sorry.” She begged him to stop but he ignored her.

“Or I could just snap your arms like toothpicks.”

“No, Luke, I will give you money, just don’t.” she said quietly with a quiver in her voice. He loosened his grip and shoved her to the ground. A tear reached her eye as she lay there, at the mercy of this maniac. He lifted her up by the chain on her handcuffs and continued to lead her towards the van. They reached the edge of the forest and Luke stopped in his tracks as he saw a car turn the corner and come towards them. He pushed her to the ground and dropped himself. The car drove by and slowed as it passed the idle van then it sped up and continued to drive.

“Hmm, California State Police. That was close.” He said quietly into her ear.

“What? HELP! WAIT, HELP!” She jumped to her feet and attempted to catch the attention of the disappearing police car. He yanked here to the ground and once again squeezed the back of her neck causing her back to tense up. He brought out a small knife from his pocket and moved it towards her chest. He griped the dress with his free hand and dug the knife into it, he then proceeded to rip it off. She was once again fully exposed, wearing nothing but her bra and boyshorts. He moved the knife up towards the strap that connected the two sections of the bra. He cut it and her large breasts forced the cups to her side.

“No, don’t. Pleasee! I am begging you!” He simply ignored her, continuing his assault by cutting the two shoulder straps, allowing the bra to drop to the ground. He moved his knife towards her boyshorts. He gently cut the fabric, making sure not to cut his perfect princess. He pulled the shorts out from under her and threw them aside.

“I should just fuck you now.” He went to remove the belt on his pants but he stopped. He picked her nude body off the ground and moved towards the van. He opened the rusty sliding door and threw her inside with a thud as she hit the rusty metal floor. He jumped in with her and slid the door closed. He grabbed her cuffed hands and padlocked them to a ring on the side wall. She was forced to either sit or lay down with her pussy exposed; it was impossible to rollover.

“Please, just leave me alone. I will pay you; you don’t need to – to do this.” A tear trickled down her face and a sign of sympathy seemed to run over his face. Before she knew it, a gag was shoved in her mouth. She hated the taste and especially the feeling of not being able to talk. He slapped her before opening the door and climbing back out, shutting it behind himself.

John’s eyes were drowsy as he continued to drive in a desperate attempt to find Ashley. He had been following a California Highway Patrol cruiser for about an hour until recently when he pulled over to get gas. This was his 3rd fill-up of the day, he did not want to give up until he found her. He continued down the winding paved road which cut through a light forest before returning to the beachfront. He turned the corner and had to slam on his brakes when an old van pulled out in front of him from the dirt shoulder. He swerved around the van and stopped, to let John pass. John pulled over to the shoulder, turned on his 4-way flashers and got out of the car. The driver of the van was still in a stopped position. The driver of the van exited his vehicle.

“What the fuck is your problem man?” John asked calmly. Ashley’s head perked up as she heard John speak just outside of the van. She screamed into the gag to try and get his attention. She began knocking her handcuffs against the metal wall of the van in another attempt to get his attention.

“Sorry man, I couldn’t see you turn the corner.” He explained to John. The man held the small knife tightly in his grip, safely out of view in his pocket. John took notice to this and slipped his hand inside his coat jacket, hovering over his holstered gun.

“Sir, can I ask you to please take your hand out of your pocket, your making me nervous.” John asked calmly and Luke complied. Ashley continued to knock and bang against the van but it was not making enough noise to be heard. “Thanks man.” John also removed his hand, as he no longer felt at risk.

“Listen, I am looking for Ashley Williams. Long blonde hair, tall. Believe me, you’d remember if you saw her.” He began to ask Luke if he had seen her.

“No, I can’t recall. ” He said with little emotion in his voice. John pulled out a picture and showed him.

“Wow, she’s hot.” He acted as if he had never seen her before.

“Hey, you listen and you listen good you little fucker.” John grabbed the back of his neck and shoved his head towards the ground, making him bend over. “I am her bodyguard but I love her. Some fucking prick took her in her sleep.” He moved closer to his ear. “When I find him, he won’t survive. Don’t joke around.” He pushed his head down even further and he fell over. John adjusted his suit and returned to the idling Mercedes. Ashley’s chest was already soaked with drool and tears as she heard her opportunity of escape drive away. Luke got up and walked back into the van. He opened and slammed the door shut when he got in.

“Fuck! I can’t believe they are already looking for you! Fuck! Oh god, he said he’d kill me. Would he actually… kill me Ash?” He seemed afraid and he looked in the rearview mirror at his nude captive, looking for a yes or no. She nodded, which also shook out more tears and drool. He seemed concerned as Ashley answered him silently. He put the van into drive and pulled a u-turn which put him in the direction of the house.

It was only a short ride back to the house. Ashley was feeling a little more confident that she was being looked for and she also felt confident that Luke was scared. He would now be more willing to release her in the knowledge that he could be killed if he is found.

She was returned to the basement, where this hell had begun. He locked her to a steel pole that was sticking up from the concrete floor. He turned on the bright lights and adjusted the camera before moving out of site and returning with a strange, short rod which appeared to be made of rubber. He placed it on the ground in front of her and attached a collar with a chain and ran the chain up to the thin beam above her head. He picked the object back up and held it in front of her.

“Wha – what is it?” She asked with a stutter.

“You honestly don’t know what it is Ash?” He seemed shocked with her answer. She shook her head, confirming that she didn’t know what it was.

“This is a dildo babe. Ring any bells?” He lifted an eyebrow as he questioned her.

“Kind of, I don’t really know though.” His mouth dropped open in amazement.

“Well, your about to find out.” He moved towards her and shoved it up her pussy quickly.

“Ahhhh! Oh god!” Her legs almost collapsed until she felt the tension on the collar and she kept herself standing. He left and then returned with another object, a chastity. He returned and placed it around her waist to cover her pussy and ass.

“The thing that is inside you is supposed to be like a penis.” He explained.

“Why would you know that? I know! Cause you use it on yourself all the time!” She commented. He did not like this verbal assault; he was in no mood for her insults.

“You know what, you’re a slut, so your going to wear this all night! Not only that, but your going to sleep standing tonight.” Before leaving, he forced a ring gag behind her perfect teeth. He left the room, turning off the lights and closing the door. She remained standing, unable to lie down or the collar would choke her to death. The chain was tight, so to relieve the pressure on her neck she stood on her toes. After 10 minutes she couldn’t stand like this anymore so she stood with her feet flat on the floor. The dildo in her pussy felt awkward and it was painfully large. She had never experienced this before, as unbelievable as it was, she was a virgin. She had never had sex and had never seen sex, even on TV. Every time he threatened to have sex with her, her heart skipped a beat, she did not want her virginity taken by this creep! She was about to sleep when she could feel the chain tighten around her neck as her legs weakened. She pulled her eyes open, she would have to keep standing the whole night.

Luke opened the door and walked in, circling his slave.

“Well, it’s good you’re still alive.” He said with a grin. He unlocked the ring gag then the chain from her collar and she slid down the pole to the floor from exhaustion. Her nude body was soaked with drool from the long night. He unlocked her hands from the pole and then pushed her onto her stomach; pushing his knee right in-between her shoulder blades. He re-cuffed her hands behind her back and then pulled her legs up so her feet touched her ass.

“Hold it there babe.” He said as he felt her ass before getting up and walking into the darkness of the room. The blindingly bright lights came to life and he returned with a few straps in hand. He wrapped the straps around her ankles and thighs, holding her thighs and ankles together in a successful frog-tie. He tied a rope form the chain of her handcuffs to the straps that he put on her thighs. It was not very tight but it would hold her hands away, keeping her vulnerable. He pushed her bound body up vertically against the pole and wrapped a few straps around her body and the pole to keep her vertical and on her knees.

“Enjoy the dildo last night? I know you liked it, you have probably had a lot of dick before.” She closed her eyes in an attempt to block out what he was saying. He removed the chastity and pulled out the soaking dildo, wet from her warm juices.

“Well, well. You did have fun, but I bet this didn’t satisfy a girl like you.” He disappeared out of view again then returned with objects that looked like clothes pegs.

“Do you know what these are?” He waived them in front of her face.

“Clothes pegs?...” She said quietly.

“Wrong!” He bent forward and pinched her nipple, it instantly became hard, he placed the cold steel of the clamp onto the nipple, then did the same for the other.

“Awhwhwww! What the fuck! My body is not a play toy!” She screamed in disgust.

“These are called clover clamps. They tighten when I pull this chain. Right now they are not tight, but when I start pulling, it will get more and more painful.” He gave the chain a small, playful tug.

“FUCK! Please, don’t do this!” She could feel the sharp, painful sting and it brought tears to her eyes.

“Now, are you ready to listen without making a sound?” He questioned, all she did was grit her teeth and nod her head.

“Awesome! Now, as much as I love having you here I want my money. He kneeled down in front of her and began squeezing her breasts and holding them in his hands. I want to get the money from you today and release you tomorrow, well, that is the plan. If you don’t co-operate, I will keep you here for an extra day, and it would be a very painful day for you.” He explained to her as his hands wandered her exposed body, exploring every part of it.

“Can you – come closer.” She asked ever so quietly. He leaned in to hear what she wanted to say, his hands moved down to her pussy.

“If you don’t stop, John will find you and he will kill you. And you know what else? I won’t stop him from doing it.” She said softly and confidently, he was afraid and he tried to hide his fear but it showed over his face. “How about his, I will call my kidnap insurance provider and they will get you as much money as you could have taken from me. I can do it right now and you will get your money RIGHT NOW. With the bank you’ll have to wait for 7 days for it to be authorized and there are a lot of ways for it to get cancelled.” He turned his back away from her as he listened to her proposal. “If you wait for too long, they will find you and you will go to jail for years, even life if I have anything to say about it. You need me Luke, just let me go today after you get your money.” He spun around and she could see the pure anger on his face. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look him in the eyes.

“No fucking way!” He said coldly. “You are not in the position to be making deals, Ash. I say it is time for a punishment.” He moved out of sight once more and returned with the dildo again.

“Please… Luke, no, don’t do it. I can transfer you money right NOW.” Tears trickled down her face as she tried to move away from the incoming intruder. He slipped it in and attached the chastity, it was difficult to get it on as she was tied to the pole, but he managed.

”Aghhhgh!” She screamed as it was forced in more because of the chastity.

“Hahaha, don’t act like you have never had a dick in you before, you’re a slut, remember?” This comment brought more tears to her eyes which only made her look more helpless and pathetic. Before leaving he showed her what looked like a garage door remote, he pressed a button and set it on the ground, out of reach. She looked down at it and wondered what it was for. He attached the all too familiar ring gag, she tried to resist but she was completely powerless. Her stomach growled at her, telling her that she needed to eat. He hasn’t fed her yet and she worried she would starve to death. Another thing that she hadn’t done was gone to the bathroom. She did not want to piss herself, although it is not as humiliating as some of the other things he has already done to her. She jumped as she felt her pussy come to life, it felt like it was vibrating. She whimpered and screamed, not knowing what is was. She calmed herself and remembered that it must have been the dildo that he put in. She tried not to think about it but it felt really good, she was quickly approaching her climax and she moaned in pleasure, then, it shut off. She slumped over against the straps, already tired from the vibrator.

John continued on driving into the night. He looked down at the clock, ‘3:27’. He was fully awake and aware despite being awake since 10:00 this morning. He continued to drive aimlessly, stopping the car and getting out occasionally to ask people if they have seen her. All the answers were pretty much the same, they were either ‘no’ or ‘she’s hot’. Each time he heard the response ‘she’s hot’ it enraged him more and more, he was now a balloon, waiting to be popped.

Luke returned to the room to find Ashley moaning and screaming through the gag in pleasure. Finally, she had the greatest orgasm of her life. She shook and bucked against the straps and her liquids began to pour out from behind the chastity. He got behind the camera and poised it on her shaking body.

“My, my. You are a pleasure to watch, I wonder what it would be like to fuck you.” It was hard to enjoy this amazing orgasm with that disgusting thought in her mind. He walked over from his camera and bent down in front of her. He slid his hand along the floor which was covered with her cum and then wiped it all over her face. She whined and tried to shake it off. She tried not to breathe to prevent herself from smelling her own juices but she had to breathe sometime. When she did, she coughed and gagged. He stood up and pulled down his pants and boxers. His hard dick stuck out, inches away from her face. He stuck it into her mouth, right through the ring gag. She choked and coughed, trying to figure out what was happening.

“Suck it princess. I know you have done it before, your such a slut.” He whispered coldly. He slid his dick in and out, in and out, she was forced to suck his cock. Like sex, she had never had a dick in her mouth before. She was disgusted at the feeling and the texture of his dick. Finally, his warm cum flowed into her mouth. She coughed and screamed as she felt the milky liquid in her mouth. He removed his dick from her mouth and pulled up his boxers and pants.

“Wow babe! You are good!” He knelt down in front of her. The drool and cum combination was flowing out of her mouth, landing on the ground in front of her.

“Now Ash, do you want to answer some questions?” She nodded her head; she desperately wanted the gag out of her mouth to spit this nasty liquid out. He placed his hand around her head and un-buckled the strap, removing the gag. She instantly began spitting and choking as she tried to get the cum out. He released the straps holding her to the pole and lowered her onto her stomach. He un-cuffed her hands, she immediately brought them up to her tongue to wipe it, in order to try and get rid of the bitter taste. He dragged a chair from the corner of the room and sat down in front of her.

“You must be tired, and hungry I can imagine. If you do this task for me correctly and without any problems, I will feed you and let you sleep tonight. If you don’t, there will be severe, painful consequences.” He sat closer and pulled a cell phone out of his back pocket.

“You are going to call whoever you need to call to get me my money. I have a bank account which can’t be tracked, same with this cell phone. Now call someone and get me my money to save your pretty ass before I fuck that hole too.” He threw the phone 5 feet from her body, forcing her to slide on her knees in order to retrieve it. She finally picked it up and began dialing.

“If I hear one thing about where you are I am cutting you off and you will be fucked all night and painfully punished. On top of that, you may never see the light of day again.” She began dialing the number for her kidnapping insurance company.

“Hello and thank you for calling the Canadian Ransom and Kidnap insurance office. Can I have the client name please?” Asked the woman cheerfully on the other end.

“Ashley Wi-Williams.” She stuttered, answering the question.

“Alright Miss Williams, can I have your 5 digit account password please?” The woman asked calmly.

“Uhh, 39586.” She could hardly remember but managed to respond with the code.

“Certainly Miss Williams, just a moment as I connect you.” She said calmly, with no emotion in her voice. Ashley wiped her eyes as they began to tear up. She looked over at Luke who now had his legs crossed as he waited patiently. She saw his hand slip behind his waistband and pull out a small, shiny pocket knife. He did not say anything, he just smiled at her. She froze and almost didn’t notice the man on the other line.

“Ashley?!” Said the man on the other line, slightly annoyed.

“Yea. Sorry. I’m here.” She said; she was still shocked by the knife.

“Ashley, I have on my file here that your in California right now, how’s it going?” He asked casually as if she was his best friend.

“I’m not good Will; I need your help, I… I need it. I’m so scared.” She said as she began to break down in tears.

“Ashley, what’s going on? You need help?” The tone of his voice and his attitude changed.

“Will, I’m scared. I need help!” She said, more desperately this time.

“Okay Ashley, Your in California right now right?” He asked.

“Yeah.” She replied quietly. She heard him put the phone away from his mouth and yell across the room to his secretary “Get the LAPD on the phone, Ashley Williams is in trouble.” He placed the mouth piece in front of his face and began talking to her again.

“Okay, Ashley. We are going to get help okay? It’s going to be okay. I hate to have to ask this Ashley but can you put your kidnapper or whoever is holding you on the phone?” He asked calmly.

“Yeah, just a sec.” She sniffed back tears before sliding the phone across the floor.

“They want to talk to you.” She said quietly as she looked at the floor. Luke picked up the phone and began to talk to the insurance provider.

“Yeah, what do you want?” Luke said confidently.

“Good evening sir, I am Will Pellegro and I am with the Canadian Ransom and Kidnap insurance office. I need to ask you a few questions before we get you your ransom request. The first question being that we need to know that Miss Williams is alive and well throughout the process of getting your ransom.” He asked calmly and quietly, trying not to anger the kidnapper.

“Oh she is fine now, but not for long if you guys take too long.” He held his small knife up to the light. “If I go down, she goes down with me; you understand?”

“Okay sir, I understand, we will try to complete the process as quickly as possible. The second question is that we need to know your ransom demand.” He asked with the same tone as before.

“I am asking for $30,000,000. I know she has it in her bank account.” He replied more calmly this time.

“Very well sir, I have to relay that to the proper authorities. We need you to call 694-986-8929, that’s the LAPD, they want to talk.” Will requested to Luke.

“Well, they can go fuck themselves because I am about to fuck this pretty blond bitch that is tied to my floor right now, good bye.” Luke hung up the phone and smashed it on the floor.

“Please, just – just… let me go.” She stammered, trying to find something to say. He grabbed a hold of her hair and began pulling her along the concrete basement floor. Her legs flopped; trying to get a grip on the floor, her hands were not cuffed at this point so she tried to take his hands off her beloved hair but to no avail. He dragged her into another dimly lit room which was just down the hall. He let go of her in the middle of the floor, right beside a ring attached to the ground. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and snapped them onto her wrist then snapped the other cuff onto the floor ring.

“You said you want 30 million from me, are you nuts?! I don’t have that kind of money!” She tried to explain to Luke but he seemed to believe otherwise.

“Bullshit Ash! Bullshit! I’ve seen your financial files, you have more then enough to pay me!” He stepped towards and took a hold of her free wrist in one hand and her chin in his other; he squeezed hard.

“Please… just let go. I don’t have 30 million; that is my net worth.” She desperately tried to explain the situation to him but he thought she was lying.

“You are a lying little slut. I can kill you at any minute and you’re trying to fuck with me. I am going to take the money straight from your accounts; I’m not dealing with that insurance place!” He became angrier as he spoke.

“No, you don’t understand it’s impossible for me to transfer that kind of money even if I had it; the only way is through the insurance office.” She tried to explain.

“How about I make you think otherwise.” He walked over to a coat hanger and pulled off what appeared to be a white jacket. He slipped her free arm into the long sleeve then un-cuffed her wrist from the floor and then pulled it up into the other sleeve. She thought she knew what it was and she wanted to get out while she could. She attempted to pull her arms out of the sleeve but before she knew it, her arms were crossed in front of her and the sleeves were attached to the back. It was a straitjacket and she knew that there was going to be no escape. She tugged and pulled but the thick straps and canvas wasn’t budging.

“Fuck you, your never getting that kind of money!” She was back to her old self again as she was filled with rage.

“I thought I cleaned out your dirty mouth, I guess I am going to have to try again.” He undid the straps around her ankles and thighs and pulled her to her wobbly and weak legs. He picked up yet another device which she was clueless to its purpose. He placed the two cuffs around her ankles; the short bar made her spread her legs just a bit. Then he began to make the bar longer, forcing her to spread her legs more and more until she couldn’t possibly split any further. This was of course a spreader bar. He stepped behind and gave her a little shove, she attempted to take a step to rebalance herself but she couldn’t and she fell to the hard concrete floor with a thud.

“Why are you doing this to me?! WHY?” Her eyes began to tear as she lay helpless on the ground, her legs spread in a completely vulnerable position. He yanked her up and pulled a chain down that was attached to a beam across the roof. He locked it to a D-ring that was on the collar of her straitjacket, forcing her to stand, completely exposed. He circled her and liked what he was seeing. He bent down in front of her and removed the chastity and dildo before he began to explore her pussy. He began sticking his finger in and out and moving it around inside, feeling her clit. She groaned in pleasure. She just wanted to take a moment to feel good for a change as she tried not to think about who was actually doing it to her so she closed her eyes. He stopped as suddenly as he began. She continued to keep her eyes closed in an attempt to block out this nightmare. She popped open her eyes when she felt a object rub against her asshole then she threw her head back as a rubbery intruder entered.

“What the – the… what the fuck!?” She trembled, still reeling from the penetration of her ass. She looked back to attempt to see what it was but it was buried within her. He walked in front of her and held the all too familiar dildo in front of her face.

“No please, why? What’s the point?! I swear on my life, I will not rest until you are in jail for life if you stick that inside me!!” He ignored her as he began screwing it in, purposely pushing it in and out before finally shoving it straight in. He reached behind himself and pulled out a chastity belt. Before she came here, she had no idea that these things even existed, now she knew almost everything and what harm it would do to her. He slipped it on and locked it into place. Her lower body felt so full, but worse then that, there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

“Now I must convince you to give me my money.” He said coldly and ominously.

“I am telling you, I – I can’t possibly transfer that kind of money, even if I had it.” She held back her tears as she tried one last time to explain the situation to him, but he didn’t want to listen. He picked up a wooden cane that was leaning against the wall. He slid the tip of the cane in front and behind her legs. Then, without notice, he swung the cane and it came down right on the back of her leg. Her leg recoiled, reeling from the stinging strike. She caught her balance before she fell forward. She screamed and moaned in pain. He began to quickly cane her on every part of her legs, leaving no area untouched. Her legs already showed painful red lines, some brighter red then others. The canvas straightjacket was already damp from her tears.

“Please! No more! I can’t do more! PLEASE!” He took one more big swing then set the cane down. She looked down at her burning legs and continued to cry her eyes out. He unbuckled the spreader bar and attached a set of leg irons instead. Before leading her out he unlocked the chain from her collar. He kept a tight grip on her shoulder as he lead, or should I say shoved, her back into the room down the hall. He gave her a big shove and she tumbled to the ground. He took a set of normal handcuffs and snapped it to her left ankle then to a ring on the floor.

“Why do all of this? Your sick!” She hissed at him. He brought out a plate of goopy yellow stuff and a bowl of water and stuck it right in front of her.

“Good night baby, you have a long day tomorrow.” Before leaving he took off the straitjacket and replaced it with a pair of tight handcuffs behind her back. He pulled out and pressed the button on that black remote. She began thinking about what the remote was for, she knew she had seen it before but she couldn’t remember, her memory was jolted when she felt her ass and pussy come to life with vibrations varying in intensity. She moaned and groaned as she sat on the cold floor, she could already tell that she was getting really wet. When the vibrations stopped for a moment she dipped her face into the yellow goop. She was so hungry; she didn’t even care about the taste or what it was. Her meal was interrupted when her ass surged to life, followed by her pussy. She lay on her back as she took in the pleasure that was pulsing through her bound body. She pressed her arms against her body as she shook and bucked from the pure pleasure. Then it stopped once again. She snapped out of her trance and went for a drink of water, she hated to have to eat out of a bowl like an animal but she had to eat. The meal provided little nourishment but she didn’t care anymore when the vibes returned to life. She entered her climax then she had an intense orgasm. She screamed, shook and bucked as it ran through her restrained body. She caught her breath after the orgasm passed and the vibes shut down. She sat up, panting heavily and began to sob as she thought more about her situation. She feared she would never get out, or that she would be killed. She lost her train of thought when the vibe in her ass returned to life, she moaned in annoyance.

This process continued for hours, she was now into her 3rd orgasm and was exhausted. After the vibes shut down she looked around the room, she noticed the cell phone that Luke threw to the ground was sitting on the floor a few feet from her. She pushed the bowls aside and attempted to reach the cell phone, but it was very difficult to do with her hands cuffed behind her back. She turned her back to the cell phone and reached her cuffed hands outwards and felt around for it. Even though Luke threw it against the ground, there could still be a chance that it still works. Her hands came in contact with it a few times but they just couldn’t get a grip onto it. After a few attempts she managed to grip the phone with both her hands. She smiled as she brought it around her waist, looking down at it. Hope flowed through her and a smile popped to her face as it lit up when she flipped it open. She attempted to dial out but coloured lines jolted across the screen and then it shut down. She shook it in her hands and attempted to turn the power on again. She began knocking it against the floor in frustration. Pieces snapped off and sputtered across the floor. She wept as her one chance of escape was shattered into pieces.

Now she was far from a lock picking expert but she had seen it done on TV, how hard could it be? She pulled apart the plastic cell phone case and began searching through the little pieces in an attempt to find a thin and sturdy piece of plastic or metal in order to pick the cuff. She found a thin piece of metal off the tiny circuit board and bent it to fit into the little hole on the cuff that attached her to the ring on the floor. She twisted and shook it as she tried to release the cuff jaw off the floor ring. She had hope when the cuff opened a ratchet, she knew she was getting close. She tried again, and again, each attempt opened the cuff jaw a tiny bit until… she was free. Butterflies flapped in her stomach as she slowly got up from the floor, trying to make as little noise as possible. She had no time to try to pick the other cuffs and more importantly, she had no idea whether her captor was asleep or not. She tried the door and too her surprise it was open.

She tip-toed as she walked down the hall, towards the room beside the one she was just in. She opened the door and stepped into the cool room. Her nude body shivered as she entered, she knew that it must have had a window. She discovered a fairly small window that was slightly ajar. She walked over to it as quickly as her cuffs would allow. She wrapped her hands around her body in an attempt to slid it open some more, she succeeded. It slid open more, letting the cool Californian breeze hit her face. Then, unexpectedly, the vibes sprung to life. She closed her legs together and attempted to wrap her cuffed hands around her to her pussy in a vain attempt to reduce the intensity of the vibes. She slowly slumped to her knees as this unwanted pleasure began to control her body. She tried to shut her mouth but she couldn’t help but moan. This was the only time that she actually wanted one of those terrible ball gags in her mouth. She bit down on her lip in an attempt to cause herself pain in order to distract her from the pleasurable vibrations.

“Please, stop, no, stop.” She whispered quietly, in some strange sense of hope that the vibes buried inside of her would listen and shut off. She came back to earth when they shut down. She slowly stood up and tried to snap out of it before trying to climb out the window. She used her hands to help herself up as best she could.

She wanted to yell out in happiness as she sat up on the grass. A large smile ran across her face as she looked around for a way to go. She noticed the lights were on, on the main floor of the house. She crawled on the grass along the edge of the house. She turned the corner and noticed the familiar front of the house with the long driveway leading towards the light forest. With each jingle of the chains, the hairs on her arms stood on end to the point where she was almost too terrified to move. She looked at the front door of the house and noticed that the lights turned off. Then she looked behind her and noticed that the lights coming from the windows on the main floor were also turning off. She moved quicker along her knees as the thought that he was going to sleep crossed her mind. She noticed that there was no van in sight. She began to worry that he would return any second to the sight of his slave slowly escaping. She didn’t care, she was going to start crawling towards the forest, this could be her only chance of escape.

After about an hour of tiring crawling, to prevent herself from being seen easier, had finally paid off as she was now at the edge of the forest. Then once again the vibes sprung to life and she fell to her side from this unwanted pleasure. She once again clawed at the chastity belt to try and remove it but it was hopeless. She entered her climax and hit an orgasm. This was a weak one but still made her buck and moan loudly. After it passed she looked back at the house, the lights remained off. She stood up and began to take short steps into the forest. She kept thinking that he could have had the lights on a timer and that he could actually be out and he could come back at any minute. She was hit with another short wave of vibrations which quickly ended before she fell to her knees.

She continued to walk alongside the driveway, keeping enough distance in the event that Luke came home, if he was even out. She continued to walk on throughout the vibrations and climaxes. Her feet were sore from walking on the uneven ground of the forest and her legs still burned from the sting of the cane. She hated being nude in general so this was hell for her. She saw a clearing in the forest and her hopes soared high as she remembered the road which she got to last time. She dropped to her knees when she saw the black pavement of the highway. She made it! The vibes turned to life, almost sensing that she didn’t want them on at this very moment. They began on high and did a rapid roller coaster ride which made her cry out and curse at the horrible intruders. They stopped their assault as she looked down the dark, moon lit highway to see someone jogging too her. She knew she must have been seen by whomever it was, she was practically sitting on the road. Never the less, she slowly slid back into the little ditch. Her main fear that this was her captor, going out for a jog. She lowered her head as the person approached.

“Hello?” Said a man with a very deep voice. She peeked her head up just a little bit, all she could see was the dark figure that stood mere feet in front of her.

“You bitch! How the fuck did you get out?!” Yelled the man as he approached her quickly.

“No. NO!” Ashley knew that it was her kidnapper. She got up and ran as fast as the chain would allow down the side of the road. She heard her kidnapper approaching, his heavy feet landing on the pavement of the highway. He grabbed her arm and easily threw her to the ground. Luke grabbed her and held her neck tightly in his hands; his grip tightening and slowly cutting off her air. The tension was cut when their faces lit up from the headlights of an oncoming car. The car screeched to a halt just in front of them, Luke held Ashley in front of him, putting her in-between the car and himself.

“Put her down!” Ashley perked her head up, it was John. Tears of joy and fear rolled out of her eyes as she knew that he would have had his gun drawn, she would be caught in his line of fire.

“John! Help me!” She desperately screamed. She wanted this nightmare to be over. During all this torment, the dildo in her pussy sprang to life and she began moaning and screaming as she had no control over this pleasure. She was mixed with emotions and felt like she was going to faint. There they stood, locked in this stalemate. Ashley was shoved to the ground and Luke made a break for the forest. John ran to Ashley who was lying on the ground crying into the pavement. He had a choice, he could either leave Ashley on the ground and pursue the kidnapper or he could stay with her and let him go… for now. She looked up at him with teary eyes, he didn’t want to leave her alone, she had been through enough. He sat there on the ground, holding her body in his arms.

“John, thank you – I – I love you John, oh god, thank you John.” He picked her up as if she was nothing. He opened the back door of the car and placed her in. Luke was now long gone into the forest but she was safe, that’s all that mattered to John. John kept peering over his shoulder, to make sure that he wasn’t being approached from behind.

“I am so glad your safe, Ashley, I’m – I’m sorry for letting this happen.” A tear trickled down his face as he explained himself.

“John, it’s… it’s not your fault.” She held back tears to assure him that he was not to blame. He turned his attention to her handcuffs and the chastity covering her crotch.

“Sorry Ash, I don’t have the keys. Fuck!” He took off his jacket and placed it around her, trying to cover up her nude body. He gently shut the door and quickly ran to the drivers’ seat and pulled off the shoulder and onto the highway at high speed.

“I’ll find him Ash, I’ll find him.” John assured her. She just sat there as tears of joy rolled down her cheek. John called the police department and informed them that he found her and they were going back to the hotel room. He also mentioned that the kidnapper escaped on foot into the forest. As they drove by a driveway, John relayed the address number on the mail box to the officer on the other end so they can come and search the forest. Suddenly but as expected, the vibes sprung to life inside of Ash.

“No! No! No more, stop!” John began to slow as he heard Ashley screaming in discomfort.

“What’s wrong hun?” He asked with fear in his voice. The vibes stopped as quickly as they began.

“Oh, uhh, nothing. I just, want to lie down and get clothes on and – and I hope they catch that bastard.” She was filled with anger and began tugging at her cuffs.

“Ash, do you mind saying what happened?” He asked. She began to cry when the memories flooded her mind.

“Shhh, shh, it’s okay Ash. We’ll be back at the hotel in a few minutes.” John stepped on the gas and almost doubled his speed.

They pulled into the parking garage. John stepped out and moved to the rear passenger seat. He opened it and picked her up; making sure that her body was covered from view.

“John, just, can you – uhh, hold me closer?” She began to blush as she asked. He held her even closer, pressing her small body against his solid abs. The vibes turned on high and she moaned and shook in his arms. The vibrations were so intense he could feel it too.

“Ash, what is it?” He seemed concerned.

“He – he put it inside of my, you know – he put it up me.” It was hard to speak when both her intruders were buzzing. He walked past a maintenance employee of the hotel who was staring at them.

“What the fuck are you looking at kid? Do me a favour, get me some bolt cutters; Room 368.” As John walked past, the kid tried not to stare but he couldn’t help himself.

John opened the door awkwardly while holding her. He closed the door behind him and slowly walked inside; setting her down on the biggest, softest couch in their hotel room. There was a knock at the door, and John answered it. The maintenance employee stood at the door holding a set of bolt cutters in his hand. The employee tried to look past John to the beautiful blonde girl sitting on the couch.

“Hey! Mind your own business.” John said sternly as he closed the door on his face. He approached Ashley sitting on the couch and crouched in front of her. She sat up, hanging her cuffed feet over the edge of the couch. She stood up and almost fell forward but John shot his hand out and helped support her. He looked down at her cuffed ankles as well as her wrists.

“I can’t believe someone would do this.” A tear rolled down her cheek.

“John, can you cut these off?” She dropped the jacket and he got a closer look at the chastity belt that covered her pussy. He brought the large bolt cutters up to the tiny padlock and cut it off with ease. He went behind her and cut her handcuff chain then the leg iron chain. She slowly brought her hands around and slid the chastity belt down, exposing the base of the pink dildo and butt plug.

“My god.” John said in shock as his jaw dropped. She began to pull the dildo out; it came out easily due to the juices that covered it. He tried not to stare as her pussy which was now fully visible. She dropped the soaking wet dildo to the ground and painfully removed the butt plug next, just as they hit they ground they both began to vibrate. She walked into her room and picked up some sort of covering piece of clothing. She picked up some boyshorts and a tank top. She quickly put them on, not caring about weather she was wearing a bra or not. These were the only items that were lying around her room, she just wanted to cover herself up and did not want to spend time searching for the perfect outfit. She walked out to John sitting on the couch with his face in both his hands. She walked over and sat down beside him. She wrapped her tiny arm around his waist and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you John. Thank you so much. Who knows what he – what he would have done to me if you hadn’t have come along.” He wrapped his large muscular arm around her tiny body as she began to cry. He drew her closer and kissed the top of her head as he slowly rubbed her back.

“I am glad your okay. I missed you.” He said quietly into her ear. Their personal moment was interrupted by a loud knock at the door.

“Police open up.” He said as he continued to knock. John approached the door and peered through the peep hole before opening the door. A detective pushed open the door gently and shook John’s hand. There were several other officers waiting in the hall. He headed towards Ashley with John right behind him. He sat down on the chair in front of her and John sat beside her. Other officers entered and stood in the main hallway.

“Miss Williams, on behalf of the entire department, I would like to say that we are all glad that you are safe. I am Detective Rob Armson.” He said happily with a large smile on his face. He noticed the silver cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

“Give me your hands and ankles, I’ll take them off for you.” She held out her hands and ankles and he took the last remnants of her bondage nightmare off her wrists and ankles. He held them lightly and placed them each in their own plastic bag. He noticed the bright red marks on her legs.

“Your legs, what happened?” He asked as he stood up.

“He – He, hit me.” She said quietly, trying not to remember.”

“The detective walked over to the officers waiting in front of the door and said a few words then returned back to the couch.

“I am bringing a few paramedics to take a look at you. Now, I am sorry to have to say this but I need to ask you a few questions… about what happened.” Her eyes teared as everything began to flood her mind. She buried her head into John’s shoulder and wrapped her arms around him.

“Can you come back tomorrow? She is not in the mood for questions.” He asked, as she was clearly upset and exhausted from the past days events.

“Sure, just let the medics take a look at her, just to be safe.” The medics made their way past the officers and stood in front of her.

“Um, Ash. Why don’t you go into your bedroom for this?” John asked as he held her hand when she stood up. She didn’t let go of his hand.

“Can you come with me?” She asked. He stood up and followed her into the bedroom, followed by the two paramedics. She sat down on the bed as they pulled out instruments and did several tests. The female medic put her hand on Ashley’s legs and began running her fingers gently along the skins surface.

“Do you feel any pain or discomfort when I do this?” She asked professionally. Ashley shook her head in response.

Several minutes later they all emerged from the room. Ashley sat down as the paramedics began talking to John quietly.

“She has defiantly been through a lot. I don’t think she will have any lasting injuries but you should keep your eyes on her. She may have terrible nightmares when she falls asleep and god knows what she’ll do.” The paramedic said with a concerned tone in her voice.

“Alright thank you.” He said to them as they left the room. The detective now approached John.

“We will be back tomorrow afternoon to ask que –“He was interrupted in mid sentence when the dispatcher on his radio began talking.

“We have a white male, 5’9” in custody at 6986 Highway 80. Suspect in custody.” The detective looked up, a sign of relief crossed his face.

“He has been caught. John, they caught him, it’s over.” They shook hands one final time before he left with his other officers and shut the door. John strode over and sat beside the exhausted Ashley. He wrapped his arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder.

“Ashley, they caught him. It’s over, you don’t have to worry. He’s going to jail.” She perked her head up and looked at him.

“Are they going to send him back to Canada for trial?” She asked, quickly responding to the news.

“Yes, he is Canadian so they probably will.” He replied back. A big smile ran over her face and she gave John a big hug and then she began to kiss him. He returned the kiss, she felt so small in his big, strong arms.

“Ash, are you – hungry.” He asked between kisses. She nodded and he got up and headed for the kitchen. While he was in the kitchen, she went to the bathroom. She had a shower to try to get the smell of her capture off her skin.

She felt refreshed and brand new when she was finished. When she came out, refreshed and changed into proper clothes, she saw John sitting at the table with a few sandwiches ready. She sat down and was relieved to finally have some food in her stomach. They talked quietly amongst each other until the meal was done and Ashley got up and walked towards her bedroom. John got up and walked towards the couch.

“John, I’m going to go to sleep. I didn’t have any sleep when I – when I was… away.” A tear ran down her cheek. It was already 6 in the morning but both Ashley and John have not slept in a couple of days. She began walking into the bedroom and noticed that John began re arranging the couch to sit in front of the door, like he always did.

“John, can you… uhh, can you come and sleep next to me. You saved my life and so I want you to be in my life. I would feel much safer with you… pleaseee?” He stopped re-arranging and followed her into the bedroom. She felt so incredibly safe wrapped in his arms, this was the first time that she didn’t feel ‘empty’ when she went to sleep every night. But for her, her nightmare has yet to begin.

She awoke, feeling as fresh and alert as ever. John was already awake and was already sitting in the living room. The sun had begun to set over the Pacific Ocean. Ashley went to sit beside him and rested her chin on his shoulder when she sat down.

“Are you hungry?” He asked, she nodded slightly in response.

“We can get something before we have to come back, you should get some more sleep before the police arrive.” He seemed concerned for her and actually cared for her unlike the other men that she has been out with in the past. She got changed out of her sleepwear and put on some jeans and a sweater. They left the hotel room, passing the media that waited inside the main lobby and headed straight for the parking garage.

They enjoyed a quiet uneventful dinner. This terrible, unfortunate kidnapping had brought them closer then ever before. They only ate and talked for two or three hours before returning back to the hotel. They entered their hotel room and they each sat on the couch together, holding each other close. They looked at the clock ’10:39’. Ashley got changed into her nightwear and went to sleep. John followed shortly behind after he watched some TV.

The morning sun shined into the room and almost illuminated her golden blonde hair. John took his arms out from under her warm body to roll over and look at the clock, ‘11:06’. She groaned and rolled over as he sat over the edge of the bed. He got up off the bed and put his suit on then he entered the living room and closed the bedroom door behind him. He picked up the newspaper from the main lobby and returned to the room to read it. He looked at the headline, ‘Canadian Woman saved!’ it declared. He read the headline then the smaller articles. He once again glanced at the clock that sat on the wall above the TV, ’12:39’. He set the paper down and walked into the bedroom, the police would be here shortly to ask some questions and he wanted her to have enough time to get ready. Her beautiful blonde hair was covering her face and he pulled it away from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

“Ashley. Hun, the police will be here soon.” He said softly as he rubbed her exposed arm. She opened her tired eyes and smiled at him.

“Thanks John, I’ll be up in a minute.” She said quietly, he smiled back and exited the bedroom taking his seat on the couch once again. She emerged within minutes wearing a pink mini skirt and a tank top, casual yet suitable for the climate. There was a knock at the door and John answered it. Just as he had thought, it was two police detectives. They entered and John offered them coffee. They declined, preferring to get the questions over with.

“Good afternoon Miss Williams. How are you doing?” They asked casually, trying to make her feel comfortable as they sat on the chairs in front of her.

“I’ve been better.” She responded as she looked at the floor.

“I’m sorry to hear that but you are safe now. Now, can you tell me what he did after he kidnapped you? Were you locked in a room the whole time? Were you fed? Tortured?” Her eyes began to tear up as she began to respond to the question.

“He tied me up, handcuffed me, strapped me down. He stuck things in my – in my… my ass and pussy. He whipped me and sexually tortured me with vibrations. He made me, suck his – his cock.” She could not talk any longer, tears had begun to pour out from her eyes. She slumped over and placed her hand over her face as she cried.

“I’m sorry Ashley. Did he do anything in the forms of threatening your life?” He asked quietly. She looked up at him, her eyes already red from the tears.

“Ye – yes. With a small knife. He would slap me, drag me by my – my hair.” She replied before continuing to cry.

“Thank you Miss Williams. Take it easy okay?” They said before exiting the hotel room. John came back into the living room to sit beside the crying girl. He held her hand and wiped a new tear that began to roll down her cheek.

“I didn’t want to look after another rich snob when I was assigned to you Ash, but when I first saw you, I knew it was going to be different.” He held his hand under her chin and he pulled her hair away from her face.

“You are different Ashley, you aren’t full of yourself and you don’t think your better then everyone, your just a normal person. When I first saw you I was like, ‘wow, she’s hot’.” This comment got a little smile out of them both. “But you were the most beautiful person I have ever seen. When you were taken from me, I felt like I failed at my one job in life. I don’t want it to happen again and I want to make sure you are safe for the rest of your life.” He got off the couch and kneeled in front of her. He reached for his pocket and pulled out a small black box. He popped open the box exposing the ring inside as he asked the question. “Ashley Williams, will you marry me?”

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