The Frustration Factor
  • Author - Anne Gray
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  • Post Date - 3/12/2009

Meter Level One - Establishing A Base Line!

As far as I was concerned she was a pseudo submissive. She played at being a sub’, and probably was to an extent, but only when she was calling the shots. I figured her out within the first couple of play sessions we did and knew she was constantly guiding the scene to her own advantage and topping me from the bottom.

I was too much of a professional not to be a little disgusted with myself that I continued to allow her to get away with her games but, let’s be honest, Amanda was very well off so I bided my time. Once I understood what she was doing I played along with her, until a few very healthy fees plus substantial bonuses were deposited in my bank, before deciding it was time to bring Amanda into the realm of my reality.

Mentally gritting my teeth I allowed things to continue for those few weeks with her getting off multiple times, never less than two or three, every session and me not even getting close to approaching my Domme space let alone getting any sexual satisfaction from the process. Then when a suitable opportunity presented itself that I could not ignore I made my move.

Amanda was now hooked on the fact that I knew her likes and dislikes so well I could bring her off those several times in a session. Sure, I knew she almost made it a hobby to screw any stud she ran across and liked the look of and, in fact, after our first couple of sessions, when I realized just how promiscuous she was, I told her to stay away until she could bring me a doctor’s report showing a clean bill of health and no STD’s.

She stayed away in an injured huff for two weeks but then phoned for an appointment and brought a copy of her checkup report. She couldn’t stay away because I was the one who knew all the delicate nuances that turned her on and could play her body like a violin. As a professional Domme, and a practicing lesbian, they were almost second nature to me. The ‘slam bam thank you ma'am’ quickies Amanda constantly tried with the male studs and any female with dollar signs in their eyes just couldn’t compete. So she turned to me, cash in hand, when she needed my expertise to get to that magical zone called satisfaction.

Gradually I dropped hints suggesting we needed an extended time period to really find out what we could do together and, just as gradually, she started to come around to the idea.

Finally, as I kept her hanging on the edge for about the third time, towards the end of a play period, she told me the plan she had worked out. Amanda would let all her friends and acquaintances (there was no family) know she was going away for two months to the Greek islands. The idea was that she would not even be answering her cell phone because she needed to get away and just relax and plan where she was going with her life.

Call it a sort of an introspection and meditation time out from life. Of course, anyone who knew her would automatically assume she had a new stud she wanted to keep to herself while she wore him out. I let her get off with another massive orgasm and tried to hide the grin on my face.

A few days later her private jet left the local airport and flew to the small Greek island supposedly with her on board; then it left on route to a French airport’s maintenance hanger for a complete overhaul.

UPS delivered several large boxes to my house the same day. Her Ladyship needed her wardrobe and the finer things in life. Later that morning Amanda arrived in a taxi after taking a roundabout route to my country estate. After pressing the button to open the security gate I watched as she paid off the cabbie.

Yet again she was trying to pull my strings by wearing a jogging suit, an expensive designer one to be sure, and tennis shoes with her blonde hair hidden under a soft cap. She knew how much I hated such casual clothes when we were supposedly Domme and submissive. They seriously lacked showing me the respect I deserved.

This time though I had anticipated the ploy and was one up on her by wearing my own comfortable sweat suit. My hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and I wore very little makeup; hardly Domme mode clothing.

I led her through the house to the room she was so familiar with but then kept going towards the far wall and the ubiquitous bookcase (isn’t it always behind a bookcase?) and opened the hidden door to my real dungeon.

“Since we are going to have so much time together Amanda I thought we should introduce you to my private workplace.”

“Why haven’t I been in here before? I pay you enough and yet you’ve been holding out on me. Look at all the equipment you have; is that a real set of stocks?”

“You haven’t been here before because you weren’t ready to enjoy my special toys Amanda, but we have months now to explore your limits.”

Still trying to top from the bottom she walked over to the table holding my stocks and grinned back at me as she said: “Are these real? Would you let me try them and maybe you could tickle my feet? Then when I’ve had enough I could just ask you nicely to stop.” Her whole manner suggested an innocent that did not understand what was going on, beyond a simple game. A game she thought she understood and even controlled.

What was it the spider said to the fly? Oh yes come into my parlor!

The stocks looked simple but in fact had several special features that I would use to start teaching her some very well deserved lessons. In the first place, unlike the usual stand up stocks configuration with the wrists held on either side of the head by a hinged top piece, mine held the ‘victim’ seated with their ankles to the outside of their wrists.

It was also made from a single piece of one and a half inch wood that was three feet long and fifteen inches deep. Four V shaped wedges had been cut down from the top and, at the bottom of the V’s, openings had been carved out and padded to fit ankles and wrists. The points of the wedges were shaped and padded to fit down on top of the limbs and could be locked in place individually.

The stocks were held in position at one end of the platform or table by adjustable brackets and the legs of the table itself were locked in place with special floor clamps. Around the entire perimeter of the padded surface were metal anchor rings set in every three inches.

“Well, you still have to unpack your luggage and get things arranged in the guest room I’ve prepared for you but maybe we could take just a few minutes to let you try them.”

I could hardly contain my smile and hold on to a semblance of the Domme face she was so used to seeing.

“Climb up on the table and we will see how things go.”

The rubber padded table the stocks were mounted on was about three feet high and almost seven feet long. Amanda quickly climbed on to it and settled her ankles into the two half moon shaped spaces that were roughly twenty four inches apart. Then she rested back on her hands and watched as I fitted the wooden wedges in place over each ankle and the used side locks to hold them in place.

“Let’s have some fun Amanda, how long is it since your latest roll in the hay?”

She looked down for a moment then back to me and said “Three days ago but he wasn’t very good and left me so horny I haven’t slept much. Even my vibrator didn’t help.”

“Well then just lay back and I’ll see what I can do to ease your situation.”

As soon as she was flat on the table I used a couple of straps to clamp each wrist to the sides and another across her throat so that she instantly became completely helpless.

Standing beside the table on her right side I pulled the cap off her head releasing her shoulder length hair then I leaned down to bring my lips to her mouth. As we kissed my right hand found the tab of the zipper closing her designer top, pulled down on it and then peeled the soft fabric towards the sides of her chest. At twenty eight she had a magnificent body, almost perfectly proportioned for her height of five foot seven.

The kisses got even more intense with our tongues probing each other’s mouth. Using both hands I had no trouble releasing the front closure of her dainty bra then pulling the cups out of the way. Without stopping the lip lock I used thumbs and forefingers to pinch and tease her nipples getting an immediate reaction.

There was a low moan coming from her throat as I straightened up and moved away from the table. Quickly I rolled a small table to a spot behind her head where I could see the three small screens on the equipment it held. Taking three small items off the table I re-engaged the lip lock before she started to complain. Gently I pressed one of the items against her chest between her breasts; it was less than one inch square and very thin. Another one went just beside it and then, by feel, I reached over and stuck the last one to the inside of her left wrist just above the strap holding it against the table.

From a small shelf under the platform I took a tight latex glove, pulled it onto my right hand then slid it under the waistband of her suit and inside her panties to let my fingers find her love nub and the opening below it. Even through the latex it was easy to tell she was already wet and, as I manipulated my fingers, her body arched as much as it could to push against them.

Amanda’s eyes were closed and I glanced past her head to see the needles moving on the screens and three narrow ribbons of paper quietly rolling out of slots under each screen. That showed me the micro chip transmitters I had stuck on her were working just fine and I concentrated on bringing the girl up to the point were she was ready to explode.

Covering her mouth with mine I got my tongue working again in her mouth, my left hand caressing then squeezing her breasts and pinching at her nipples and the gloved right hand finding every sensitive spot in her vagina. It took less than five minutes before I judged she was ready and I pushed three latex covered fingers deep inside her and worked my thumb against her clitoris. At the same instant I moved my mouth down to her left breast and took the turgid nipple between my teeth while my left hand clamped on the right one.

Over she went; the scream seemed to come from her knees it was so full of emotion, every muscle went rigid and then Amanda’s entire body went limp. As her breathing began to settle I released the straps holding her wrists.

Sliding my arm under her shoulders I told the silly bitch to sit up and, taking her right hand, pulled it forwards so I could fit her right wrist in a smaller slot at the middle of the stocks then slide another wedge down to lock it in place. The left wrist received similar treatment and she was helpless again with her hands held separately in their rubber padded clamps but almost touching palm to palm.

Instead of the usual unwieldy single top bar my stocks locked in each limb separately, which made them much easier to handle.

Amanda was still breathing heavily but looked a bit surprised when I took some thin cord and knotted it around the bases of her forefingers and then took a couple more turns around her thumbs before wrapping the rest tightly around her wrists and tying it off. There was no way she could have pulled her ankles out of the stocks but with the wrists there was always a possibility of them sliding out no matter how tight the clamp was; the cord was just insurance.

“Now you think about what just happened while I go and change into something much more suitable for the occasion.”

She looked at me blankly then pulled uselessly at her limbs locked in the stocks and started to say something but I was already out the door.

Amanda was not gagged so I was not worried about leaving her alone while I took my time to shower, do my hair and get dressed in one of my favorite outfits.

Her eyes widened as I opened the door and stood there for a moment so she could get the full effect. The supple black leather cat suit moulded snugly to my body from neck to wrists and down to my ankles underneath the knee high laced boots with four inch stiletto heels.

The make up was almost exotic and my hair pulled to one side so it flowed over my left shoulder almost to the three inch belt buckled tightly around my waist. Hanging from the belt were, on one side, my favorite flogger and the other a riding crop. Tucked in the belt was a pair of long black leather gloves.

Meter Level Two.

“Ooooh look, the full Mistress outfit, am I supposed to be scared of you now?”

She giggled! She actually giggled the stupid girl.

I didn’t answer her as I walked over to the stock platform and she seemed to relax as I unlaced and pulled off the expensive tennis shoe from her right foot followed by the white sock with pink trim. Running a fingernail up the sole of her foot made the toes curl and got another giggle so I kept her happy and did the same to her left foot.

I had Amanda exactly as planned but still kept up the façade as I stroked the hair back from her face and leaned over to give her another tongue probing kiss. Her mouth opened for me and, as it did, I jerked back on the handful of hair in my left hand and jammed the large, hard rubber, gag between her teeth with my right.

No more Ms Nice, games were over and it was time to play by my rules. Welcome to my reality you silly bitch.

A nice wide piece of tape over her lips completed the initial process and the shocked look in her eyes told me I had her wondering what was going on. This extended visit with me definitely hadn’t started out the way she had expected.

A drawer in a large dresser against the wall produced a pair of surgical scissors. I slid the flat tongue under the wrist band of her designer track suit and proceeded to cut the top of it off. That done I moved down to her right ankle to repeat the process with the lower half.

Two more snips and the already open bra came off leaving her with just her panties. Since she was sitting in them they took at least ten seconds longer to peel off and little Miss Rich Tease was naked.

“Let me explain a few things my dear Amanda.” I poked her in the chest with a finger on one of the patches stuck between her breasts. “That is a micro chip transmitter the same as the one on your wrist. While you were enjoying that lovely orgasm they were charting your heartbeat, respiration and pulse. It is very similar to the way they take polygraph readings. Lie detectors also record the blood pressure and skin conductivity but I didn’t need to bother with those; an added bonus is these new age electrodes don’t need wires to transmit the signals.”

“I now have a recorded base line to show me exactly what the readings were as you were building towards it and then when you actually had the climax. I hope you remember what that little game we just played felt like because it is the last time you’re going to reach that level until I decide differently.”

“In other words, over the next little while, you are going to become just about the most frustrated young lady in the country as I constantly bring you to just below those readings and then let you hang.”

“You tried to top me from the bottom which was your first mistake, your second was walking through that door and placing yourself in my control for two months. I have some beautiful bondage equipment to try out on you, so don’t even hope that you will be able to bring relief to yourself.”

I reached out and gripped her nipples between my thumbs and fingers then twisted in opposite directions until I got a throaty squeal from behind the gag.

“Let’s get started then shall we Amanda?

Meter Level Three!

I wasn’t sure whether Amanda began to have a minor temper tantrum or a mild case of hysterics. Squeals came from her throat as she violently started shaking her head from side to side and jerking her arms and legs in a futile effort to find some slack in the hard rubber clamps of the stocks.

When that didn’t have any affect she tried rubbing the side of her face against the inside of her right arm to get the tape off her mouth. I decided to put a stop to that very easily by grabbing a handful of her hair then gathering it at the top of her head and snapping on a scrunchy to hold it up in a ponytail. That done I again visited the dresser for a number of items including a leather gag strap that I settled over the tape covering her mouth then buckled tightly at the back of her head.

She slowly settled down and watched with wide eyes as I attached two double clamps to the top of the stocks, one over each of the wedges holding her ankles. That done I untied the cord holding her hands and wrists together but left it wrapped around her left wrist and tied it off again to a ring bolt screwed in the wood near the back of that hand.

Removing the wedge to release her right wrist I kept it in a firm grip and pulled it over to the top right side clamps. Siding her arm under the rubber covered metal bands I continued to pull at it until her body twisted enough for me to tighten the padded clamps just above and below her elbow. There was enough play in the ankle stocks to allow her legs to bend at the knees as her body was pulled forwards.

Now Amanda’s right hand and forearm stuck straight out from the top of the stocks and I could work on it leisurely. Moving a small table and a high backed stool in position I made myself comfortable and looked up to see tears glistening at the side of Amanda’s eyes. She knew her money was no use to her now and the games were over.

The first things to go were those long French tipped fingernails. Her arm was locked in the palm up position and I took my time, starting with the little finger, clipping the nails down to fingertip level and then filing off the sharp edges. What I had in mind for her hands would not fit with those talons still sticking out.

I dusted her hand with baby powder.

“Now Amanda I’m going to hold this glove open and you have two choices. First, hold your fingers straight so I can fit it on your hand or, second, don’t co-operate in which case I will just hold your nose until you pass out and put it on while you’re unconscious. Now what’s it to be?

She lifted her head and turned it slightly to look at me over the top of her right arm. I held her eyes with mine and slowly the fingers of her hand uncurled.

The clear latex glove slid on up to her wrist and I spent a moment to work it tightly over each finger and get rid of a few air bubbles. I could have done without the glove but, if I did what I was going to do on her bare skin, then the residue from the tape would take work to get off. Long term the tape might also cause a skin irritation or rash that I didn’t want to have to deal with. So, being basically lazy, I elected to use the throw away glove.

I pulled a few inches out of the roll of duct tape and then pushed her thumb across her palm and ran a couple of turns of the tape over it and around her hand. Then I forced her fingers over the thumb and into a fist locking them in that position with several more turns of tape.

The kid leather mitt fitted tightly over the taped fist and I laced the sleeve of it to just below the clamp holding her elbow down. Embedded in a reinforced strip of leather across the knuckles of the mitt was a stainless steel ring for later use. Releasing the clamps I resettled her right wrist in the stocks; with the hand now in a fist there was no way she could pull it loose. A few minutes of pulling and pushing soon had her left arm clamped in position and I settled down to repeat the process.

As I was tightening the mitt laces up her left arm, and over the micro chip patch on the inside of her wrist, I happened to glance at the dials on the monitoring equipment. It was somewhat surprising to see the needles quivering and made me wonder if there was a real submissive part of Amanda, small as it might be, that was being touched by the bondage process.

That was certainly something I was going to keep my eyes on. If I could develop
and nurture that spark to the point where Amanda became completely submissive it definitely would open several very interesting possibilities.

For the time being though I was going to concentrate on my original plan!

Since it was only an hour or so since she had experienced some relief I intended to continue immobilizing her and then start building up the level of frustration until it became the only thing that mattered to her.

The rings at the end of the mitts came in to use as I released first one arm and then the other from the stocks and tied them to the sides of the padded table. The ponytail made a useful handhold against her useless struggling as I moved to the end and pulled her along until her arms and legs were straight against their restraints. Once the throat strap was buckled Amanda was again flat on her back with her legs still locked in place.

I leaned over her and looked in her eyes as I gently brushed a few stray locks of hair away from her face. Keeping one eye on the meters I took her breasts in my hands and slowly squeezed then rolled the nipples between my fingers. She moaned and closed her eyes, unable to fight her body’s reaction, as the needles flickered on all three gauges. Compared to when she had her earlier orgasm they hardly moved but it was proof to me that the system was working just fine.

Gathering more supplies from the storage drawer I placed them handy on the side table and got to work. The first thing was another wide leather strap across her body just under her breasts locking her arms and torso firmly against the table.

I settled a flexible rubber covered metal band around the base of her right breast and slipped the tongue on one end in a slot on the other. With a small screwdriver I tightened the band until satisfied that another couple of turns would be too much. I waited as the captured, swollen gland started to change colour then turned my attention to the nipple.

One look and I made a trip to the kitchen for a tray of ice cubes. After initially becoming as hard as the top end of a pencil from the cold the right nipple eventually contracted enough and I covered it with one of the adhesive pads. Making sure the fine wire at the pad’s tip was clear (these were not micro transmitters) I used surgical tape to lock it in place. The hard rubber cup engulfed the swollen breast but left a good inch of space around it as it curled in and I could attach it to the clamp around the base of her tit.

No matter how Amanda managed to move the sensitive breast and nipple would not find any friction against the cover.

The other breast received the same treatment and then I moved to the end of the table to release the brackets holding the stocks against the table. Snapping two light chains from a ceiling pulley through ring bolts at either end of the stocks I pulled up until her legs were almost vertical. After anchoring the ends of the chains I studied the neatly shaved crotch and two lovely shaped globes of her buttocks that presented themselves to me.

Picking up the next item I leaned over Amanda’s face and held it where she could see.

“Now I don’t want you to get all excited over this next step because it’s for hygiene not your enjoyment OK?”

The bullet shaped smooth rubber butt plug was only five inches long but it had some special features that were not immediately noticeable.

I moved back between her legs where the now wide eyed and moaning girl could no longer see me but she certainly could feel what I was doing. That was to pull another of the latex gloves on my right hand, squeeze a nice big dollop of lubricant on my fingers, and work it inside Amanda’s puckered rosebud.

First one finger slipped in and then out to be replaced with two then without any further warning I settled the head of the plug at her opening with my left hand and pushed. There was some minimal resistance as it passed her sphincter but nothing that stopped the toy until it was three quarters buried.

Peeling off the glove I used a piece of toweling to wipe the end of the plug and the excess lubricant off her skin then, holding the protruding part with my left hand, unscrewed the base of the plug with my right. Attached to the base was the inside of the plug including the smooth bullet shaped head and left inside Amanda’s back passage was the outer sleeve which now had an opening at both ends.

The hollow hard rubber T shaped piece I screwed back on the end of the plug had a small tube jutting up from the top that was the leg of the tee; the tube that was the top branch of the tee was wider and had a shut off valve at the end opposite the one attached to the plug.

At the sink against the wall of my dungeon I filled an enema bag with a warm and fairly gently solution then hung it from one of the ring bolts on the stocks holding her legs up in the air. The supply hose from the bag attached to the small tube and, after making sure the shut off on the T was closed I opened the tap allowing the contents of the bag to flow inside Amanda.

From under the table I pulled a corrugated rubber hose and screwed it to the rubber tee, the other end was connected directly to a floor drain. It would be some time before it was needed.

I checked that Amanda was breathing without difficulty then connected an alarm to the equipment monitoring her respiration. With a small radio receiver for the alarm clipped in my left ear I turned on the video camera that I could access anywhere in the house and went to make myself some well deserved lunch.

Meter Level Four:

Just over an hour later I returned to remove the empty enema bag and cap the end of the tube into the butt plug. Opening the shut off valve I activated a very gentle suction to help Amanda get rid of the contents of her lower bowels. That done I disconnected the hose and slid a longer insert through the sleeve of the butt plug and screwed it in place. There was a wire coming from the base of the new plug and, when connected, it would allow me to control the various features of the new insert.

I watched the gauges as I ran a fingertip through the slit of her vagina and noticed two things. The needles jumped and Amanda was wet! I was going to have to be very careful with this girl because it didn’t seem to matter what (ever) I did to her it got her aroused.

Moving quickly I lubricated and inserted a catheter allowing her bladder to drain in to a bowl. I dumped the contents down the drain and then set the bowl in the sink to wash later. Pinching off the end of the catheter tube I let it hang for a minute while I wiped the skin dry around her clitoris and covered it with another of the adhesive pads.

The large rubber dildo was covered in hard nubs but slid easily up inside Amanda and I used three small rubber clamps to close the outer lips of her vagina over its base.

I loosened the strap across her body and gave several quick pulls on the chains from the ceiling pulley. As the stocks holding her ankles rose higher they pulled Amanda’s buttocks off the table.

I fed the catheter tube and the wires from the butt plug, dildo and clit pad through a small opening in the shaped plastic cover of a chastity belt. Setting it in place covering her crotch completely I locked the belt around her waist and then pulled hard on the straps through her ass cheeks and up to the front of the belt.

Making sure the end of catheter tube was pinched closed I taped it to the top of her thigh then gathered the three wires and taped them, along with the ones from her nipples, to her chest above the waist belt. The wires were colour coded so I knew which one went where.

I lowered the stocks allowing Amanda to again lie flat on the table then ran a strap across her legs just above the knees and removed the stocks completely. They had more than done their job.

Turning my attention to her legs I had a look at the crimson toe nails and determined that I didn’t need to cut them back. I forced an ankle length ballet boot on her right foot laced it tightly then locked the ankle strap with a tiny padlock.

After I installed the left boot in a similar manner I took more straps and bound her ankles together then her legs just below and above the knees and finally a very tight one around her upper legs. That practically embedded the cover of the chastity belt between her thighs and made it even more immoveable.

I repositioned Amanda’s arms so that they were above her head with the mitt rings tied to one of the ring bolts at the center of the end of the table; she was in no position to struggle.

From the closet against the dungeon wall I selected a heavy leather body sheath and worked it under her by rolling her body first on one side and then the other. When she was flat on her back again with the sheath underneath her from armpits to ankles I settled down to the long job of lacing it closed.

At the start of the process there seemed to be yards and yards of laces but, gradually, as I worked my way up her legs they became easier to handle. When I reached her upper thighs I fed the catheter drain through a small metal rimmed opening after making sure there were no kinks in the tubing.

Continuing with the lacing I paused again just above her waist to pull the various wires through a space between the laces; and to rest. The constant strain to get the laces tight enough to close the sheath until the edges met was tiring and I worked my fingers to stop them cramping.

I tied off the laces just above her encased breasts and tucked the remaining short ends under the edge of the leather. I replaced the strap across her waist to hold her to down securely.

Now I used one of the other features of my table and held down a button on the side. The legs at the end with Amanda’s arms and head released from their bases and a single larger leg under the center of the table started to extend. At the same time the ones at her feet retracted until the toes of the ballet boots nearly touched the floor. Lifting my finger locked it in that position.

Reaching behind her head I unbuckled the gag strap and then got a fingernail under the tape and quickly peeled it off her mouth.

“Now Amanda, I’m going to take that plug out of your mouth and give you a drink so don’t start acting up with me or I’ll just let you remain thirsty. Understand?”

Her head was about the only thing left she could move and it slowly nodded. I got a finger under the plug and held a piece of towel under her chin as I pulled it out. The towel caught the drool that came out as well and she worked her jaws to relieve the stiffness.

I held the end of a straw in a bottle of sports drink to her lips and she drew in a little of the fluid and then a larger mouthful. When that was swallowed she started swearing at me and I let the tirade go on while I picked out a new gag.

A sharp slap across her face stopped the flow of words for one stunned moment and I took advantage of it to force the large shaped rubber form behind her teeth.
This one held her teeth apart and had a hole through the center. I screwed a short piece of tubing in the hole then pulled her lips together around it with a few pieces of narrow surgical tape.

“I’m so sorry you’re not enjoying the first few hours of the next couple of months Amanda and I’m afraid it is going to get much worse before it gets any better for you.”

I grinned at the helpless girl and then gave her a soft kiss on the tip of her nose.

Meter Level Five:

With the table back in a horizontal position I started to work on her arms. They were already stretched above her head and I strapped the kid covered wrists together then untied the mitt rings from the end of the table. Using a soft, wide leather strap I pulled her upper arms together until the forearms were touching.

A single arm binder is usually used with the hands down behind the back but this one I had designed to completely encase the arms in the overhead position and fit down behind the head. Its lower hem could then be laced to the top of the body sheath completely encasing the girl in tight black leather.

Fitting the sheath over Amanda’s kid covered fists I pulled it in position and then started lacing it tightly around her arms and down to the back of her neck. There it split to each side of her neck and I continued to tighten the laces that now joined it to the sheath, rolling her from side to side as needed. Now the only skin showing below her head was a V shaped opening under her chin.

The two tiny speakers were shaped just like hearing aids and completely filled each of Amanda’s ears then I had to work quite hard to get a tight rubber scuba diver’s helmet over her head. That left just the oval of her face uncovered but the helmet was a bit too small around her neck and I quickly worked one half of a hard plastic throat protector under the front. The other half took some doing but I got it under the rubber at the back of her head and the two pieces snapped together with enough clearance to stop any interference with her breathing. The black rubber of the helmet covered the clear plastic and, since the leather of the arm binder behind it tilted her head slightly forwards, her face presented its self for the final touches.

The second helmet was shaped more like a full face gas mask and had several features that made it very useful. Before fitting it over Amanda’s face I settled a leather gag strap over the taped lips and made sure that the small open ring in the middle of it settled around the plug in the center of the gag. After tightening it securely behind her head I made sure the mask was in exactly the right position and then pulled at the four head straps to lock it over her face.

There were two thick shutters that could be closed over her eyes, air could flow easily through the grill under her nose and there was an opening that lined up with the center of the gag.

Looking into her eyes I triggered the mic in my hand and spoke to the rigidly encased girl. “It’s time for you to relax for a while Amanda. Maybe an hour or maybe four or five; when I close the shutters over your eyes you will not be able to tell just how much time has passed because your last connection to outside stimuli will be gone. The speakers will be silent and you cannot speak. Any movement is impossible and every type of sexual sensation will be non-existent. Have fun alone with you’re thoughts Amanda.”

I closed the eye covers and shut down the microphone and then settled back on the stool and watched the monitors.

Naturally enough there were a few sharp movements of the needles but that, I knew, was fear. Then, as her breathing slowed becoming more shallow and regular, the readings settled and remained steady in the lower quadrant.

Without disturbing or touching the leather covered form I connected the thin wires to the computer but didn’t turn anything on; that was for the next step in a few hours.

Meter Level Six:

When I came back after four hours I had relaxed, eaten and then picked one of my favorite outfits for entering and then enjoying my Domme mind space. The dress was a creamy milk chocolate colored light brown leather and clung to my figure from its high neck to just below my knees. The long sleeves ended in attached kid gloves that left just my fingertips back to the first knuckle uncovered to allow the tactile touch I would savor handling the leather covered form of Amanda. The front closing of the dress was designed with buttons every four inches covered in darker brown leather. The wide belt cinching my waist and the stiletto heeled boots with five inch heels matched the buttons, as did the wide buckle that closed the mandarin collar under my chin.

I had done my hair in a French braid and my makeup was just slightly on the exotic side. No one would see me but that was not the point. I felt perfectly dressed for the occasion and comfortably ready to move Amanda along with her training.

The wheeled table with the consoles showing the meter readings also held a twenty four inch colour television and DVD player and I moved it to a position halfway down the left side of the table. Adjusting a comfortable Captain’s chair to just the right height on the opposite side of the table I settled myself in it and picked up the multi buttoned controller for the systems I was going to use.

The first thing I did was study the current readings and found them still hardly moving in the lower quadrants of the dials. That suggested to me that Amanda was either dozing or actually asleep.

Selecting the appropriate button I held it down for just two seconds and got an immediate reaction from both the meter needles and the very slight stiffening of the leather encased form. That little burst had gone to the pad over her clitoris and I guessed that another reaction to it would be for her to open her eyes inside the darkness of the helmet covering them; so I gave them something to look at!

Another button activated the DVD player and the feed to the screens inside the virtual reality lenses. I watched what Amanda was seeing on the screen of the television. I was very familiar with the video because I had produced and directed it with two very good friends playing the leads.

It was basically a teasing lesbian strip show but, in this case, they started fully dressed as if for a walk in a snow storm. Both girls were very attractive, although at the start it was hard to tell, and in their mid twenties. As they slowly walked towards each other they were wearing belted and hooded leather coats, high heeled boots, kid gloves and scarves around their necks and lower faces.

Stopping in front of each other both girls reached out and slowly unwound the scarf from the others face and neck, letting them drop to the ground, and moving even closer to touch tongues before embracing and gently kissing. Holding the kiss they peeled back the hoods of the coats and then start to undress each other.

A quick look at the meters showed me that I had Amanda’s attention so I activated a very slight sensation to her nipples, clit and the two inserts.
Back on the screen the leather coats had been discarded and each girl now had her kid gloved hands under the thick sweater the other was wearing; the kisses had become just a little more aggressive.

Amanda’s readings were now swinging around the four to five level and, as the girls on the screen stopped kissing just long enough to peel the sweaters off over the other’s head revealing two sets of very impressive naked breasts, I nudged the feed to her toys up another notch.

It was very obvious from the spike in the meter readings that I had Amanda’s complete attention. She didn’t know it but her little romp in the hay a few days ago was the last time she would be interested in making love, no it wasn’t love with her just sex, to anyone other than another female. This was the start of a one hundred and eighty degree turn in the life of the self centered bitch who was now completely under my control.

The needles had swung up into the ten or eleven range before they settled back again at around eight so I let things continue.

On the screen the still lip locked girls were now chest to chest as they fumbled behind the other’s back with the zippers of the knee length black leather pencil skirts each was wearing.

As the fastenings were opened both skirts slid down to reveal a pair of glistening shaven crotches and two things happened.

The needles on the meters all swung to touch the twelve mark and, instantly, all the systems stopped and the television screen went blank.

This was a pre-programmed reaction to the readings. When I had recorded Amanda’s orgasm, and established the baseline for it, I programmed the baseline as fifteen on all the equipment. But, for the time being, everything was automatically shut down whenever the system hit twelve.

That was to be Amanda’s frustration level until I decided differently.

Meter Level Seven:

I let her rest for nearly an hour before I tilted the table almost upright again and opened the feeding tube through the gag. They say that the banana is the world’s most perfect food and that with them and fresh water a human could live for years. I didn’t intend to do that to her but for the next little while she was going to survive on just that diet. If you throw a couple of bananas in a high speed blender they almost liquefy; add a touch of sugar and some milk and you have just what is needed, along with some water, to keep someone in Amanda’s position healthy for at least a couple of days. Once she was fed I lowered the table again and, after stroking just about every inch of the taut leather encasing her with my fingertips, reset the alarms and went to bed.

Some hours later I stood beside her again, this time dressed in a big white terry towel robe and a pair of warm, furry slippers, sipping on a large mug of coffee. Hey even Dommes have their down time and who was to see me out of my working clothes?

All the needles were still and Amanda’s respiration and pulse rate told me she was asleep so I took my coffee and went to make her some breakfast which, unfortunately for her, would be exactly the same as her dinner the previous evening.

Just to get in, at least partially, the right mood I changed into a tight fitting sweater and knee length black leather skirt. Comfortable black pumps had only a three inch heel and my coffee mug was full again.

The meters showed Amanda waking up as soon as I started the table moving in to the almost upright position. The first thing I did was to attach a disposable bag to the catheter tube and open the valve. The quantity and colour of the discharge told me that she was well hydrated. A really bright yellow would have meant she had not been getting enough liquid.

After closing the valve and getting rid of the bag I washed my hands and then opened the feed tube in the gag. I gave Amanda, well her stomach anyway, about half an hour to let breakfast settle then lowered the table back to fully horizontal and we began the exercise in frustration all over again.

A quick burst on her clit to get her attention and then the DVD started again at the beginning. Between monitoring the meter readings and watching the two lovely girls undress each other I sipped my coffee and relaxed in the comfortable captain’s chair.

With just two little tweaks on the controls to her nipples and crotch Amanda made it to the point where the two girls were naked, except for the kid gloves and their boots, before the meters peaked again to the twelve level and the system shut down immediately. About twenty minutes had elapsed from start to finish of the session.

It took quite a while for Amanda to settle down again and I waited patiently enjoying imagining what was going on in her mind. By lunch time I had taken her through two more sessions and, on the first one, she got to the point where the video showed the girls reaching the stage of a lovely sixty-nine dressed still in just boots and kid leather gloves.

Then, on the next one, she hardly made it to the point where they took off the sweaters before the system peaked and shut down. Her reactions had been much more rapid than I had expected and I considered a change of plans. I now realized that I had her lovely body to a point of sensitivity, which would require very careful handling. Despite the monitoring, with the slightest wrong touch by me on any one of her erogenous zones, she might just reach the pinnacle, and get over it, for the satisfaction I was determined she should not get – yet!

I couldn’t take the chance so I shut down everything except the video. Watching her leather encased chest carefully I waited until the two lesbians got to a scene that made her start to breathe more quickly and deeply than she would in a relaxed state.

With two sharp movements I hit a button to freeze frame the video and snapped a capsule of instantaneous anesthetic under her nose.

Amanda would be out for close to eight hours and never know it. Confirming that all the meters were presenting readings consistent with deep sleep I spent the next hour unlacing several places in her leather bondage to make sure there were no circulation problems. There weren’t; I knew I was good but it never hurt to double check.

The ensuing hours allowed her body to settle down and the sensitivity level to drop back to the readings she had at the beginning of the whole exercise. Once again sitting next to her as the time for Amanda to wake up approached I watched for the first flicker of the meter needles and hit restart on the video.

As far as the helplessly bound girl knew no time had passed but I was back in control of her body.

Meter Level Eight:

During this session Amanda almost made it to the end of the video before the system shut down and, while I waited for the needles to settle back, I changed it for another DVD.

The opening scene of this one showed an obviously feminine form standing in seven inch black leather ankle boots and a matching hobble skirt. She was positioned facing a waist high bench with tight straps at the ankle, knee and just below the buttocks holding her against a central leg of the apparatus.

Her upper torso was also encased in tight black leather with her arms across her back in a laced elbow pouch. She was bent at the waist and more straps crushed her breasts against the surface of the bench. A skin tight leather helmet covered her head and neck, which protruded past the other end of the bench, but, as the camera panned around the form, the viewer could see that it covered her eyes and nose but not her mouth.

The camera pulled back and then another figure, this one in full black leather Domme dress, entered the picture – me! Gently I stroked my kid leather gloved left hand over her taut leather covered buttocks and then, with a smooth but quick motion, my right arm with the hand holding a ten inch long heavy leather barber’s strop arced up, then down.

A strop like that in the wrong hands can cause severe bruising but I am an expert and the edge just glanced down and across the stretched leather covering her ass to sting but not bruise the tender flesh underneath. The scream was real because it surprised her and hurt, but it did not injure. Teasing the trapped figure with more gentle stroking I suddenly struck again! This time the tip of the strop made brief contact with the right buttock.

As the second scream burst from the girl’s throat I struck again on the left cheek and then rapidly followed with half a dozen more. As the sound of the strop hitting the tight leather stopped the screaming changed to sexually charged moans and then a plea came from the bound form.

“Please Mistress, please don’t stop I’m so close …please don’t stop.”

As the video reached the point where she begged me to take her over the top the system closed down. Amanda had reacted to the new scene strongly enough to put the sensors in the danger zone and yet I had not activated any of the toys; not even a quick buzz on her clit. The moans coming from her were clearly those of frustration for being, yet again, denied any gratification but there was something else.

Sitting back and closing my eyes I thought about what had just happened and there was only one conclusion.

If viewing that combined bondage and spanking scene, without any teasing by me, had been enough to arouse her to the point of triggering the system shutdown then which figure in the video was she relating with - the victim or the Domme?

I was almost sure it wasn’t me so left just one answer. Amanda was not only a true submissive but she was also very probably a masochist.

Over the next few hours I tried to prove this conclusion and, with no interference from my tantalizing pads and inserts just the viewing of the DVD, Amanda’s reactions shut down the system every time. She never did let it get to the point where I had granted April’s (for that was the name of my leather encased client and friend stretched over the bench) wish and, with another half dozen strategically placed strokes sent her to her heaven and back; several times.

Now I had to re-think my plans because Amanda had presented me with a beautiful new weapon I could use to break her obnoxious habit of thinking herself superior to everyone because of her bank account. I mentally raised the monetary price I had put on giving her sexual satisfaction – very substantially in fact!

In the meantime however, the moans coming from Amanda had changed to almost choking sobs and it was time to let up for a while.

That in its self presented another problem. I was almost afraid to touch the girl. She had been with me less than 48 hours and was currently so wound up and sensitive that I didn’t know how little it would take to have her explode sexually and spoil my plans.

I didn’t want to use the instant anesthetic again in such a short time frame so the alternatives were to handle her while she was awake, which was not a good idea because of the state she was in, or use another method of putting her to sleep. That seemed the safest idea so I went to make her a drink. A drink that would really calm her down and solve my problem.

Over the next couple of hours I stripped Amanda completely except for the tape and leather mitts holding her fingers into fists then gave her limp form a sponge bath. I had formulated a plan which I hoped would work and, for it to succeed, I was going to restrain her again in a situation that would last at least two days.

The padded steel free form in the shape of a chair was only just over twelve inches wide and was bolted to the floor by a wide flange where the front legs would normally rest. From there it rose vertically to knee height, curved to form the seat and then curved again upwards to form the back. The seat had a strategically placed opening towards the back center and there was a fairly deep indentation in the seat back. The padding was one inch thick rubber and each edge of the free form shape had holes drilled every two inches as well as several wider slots.

The chair had no back legs and the steel was more than strong enough to take the weight of an average person. The reason it was so narrow was to allow a human form to be restrained much more tightly than on a chair of regular width.

With Amanda stretched out on the original platform I re-installed the straps around the base of her breasts, the nipple stimulators and the cup covers then the catheter, dildo and combination anal drain and butt plug. After sticking on the clit pad I settled the groin cover in position and tightened the chastity belt to hold everything in place.

There were no heels on the double legged ballet boot and, after placing a couple of pieces of rubber padding between her knees and the ankle bones I forced Amanda’s feet into the boot and laced it to just above her knees, practically welding her legs together.

Flipping the limp form on her stomach I forced her arms and the leather mitted fists up between her shoulder blades locking them in place with a short leather elbow pouch.

The leather body cover laced skin tight up the front from her ankles to neck and had a fringe down each side with reinforced metal grommets that would just happen to match up with the holes down the edges of the free form steel chair.

I had little trouble moving her over to the chair and lined up the anal drain and catheter tube with the hole in the seat before settling her in place. Her arms, locked in an almost reverse prayer position, fitted in to the indentation in the back and I began the job of lacing her to the frame.

Initially I made the cords just snug up each side to make sure she was lined up properly then, with excellent leverage since I was standing and she was sitting, went up and down until her body was embedded in the chair.

That done I took a small metal cup, slipped it over the double toe of the boot, pushed it hard against the front panel and bolted it to the floor flange. That took away even the slightest leeway for her feet to move.

The wider slots in the edges of the chair allowed me to feed straps through them and across her shins, thighs, waist and chest just above her breasts. Two final straps fitted from the top corners of the back across her shoulders and crossed between her breasts to opposite the sides. It was really bondage overkill but now, other than the slow rise and fall of her chest to breathe, movement was a thing of the past for Amanda until I decided otherwise.

I connected the tube from the floor drain to the bottom of the chair and then piled her hair up on top of her head while I laced on a stiff neck corset to immobilize her head. She was starting to wake up as I used a brush and comb to get her hair in some semblance of order and, once she got her senses together, realized that she was not gagged – the screaming began!

Moving the monitors in position so the read outs were visible to me I connected the wires from the toys again then moved my own chair in front of her and settled down to wait.

The screaming went on for quite a while and she called me a few names that were really original. Stopping every so often to recover her breath she continued until, as I expected, the curses and threats changed to pleading and then begging until she finally got my interest with bribery.

“Well now Amanda what are you going to bribe me to do? Let you go? That’s not going to happen since we agreed on two months and it has only been a couple of days.”

“Let you have an orgasm (I gave her a quick blip on the clit pad.)? How much is that worth to you?”

She got a sneaky look on her face and mentioned a dollar figure. I left my chair and jammed a ball gag in her mouth, tightening the strap at the back of her head.

“Not even close Amanda; not even close!”

Closing the door to the dungeon I went and had a shower then dressed comfortably. For me that was a light blue silk blouse, dark navy leather skirt and high heeled knee boots. Returning to Amanda I held for her a bottle of cold water and for me a small pitcher of my favorite cocktail. Vodka and clamato juice if you must know, liberally spiced with Worchester sauce, and otherwise known as a Bloody Caesar.

Removing the ball gag she was sensible enough to accept a drink as I held the water bottle to her lips. Settling back in my chair I thumbed a few buttons on the control and Amanda gasped as, one by one, the toys fired up. With a careful eye on the monitors I was able to find settings that held her just below the system cut off level. The sounds that began coming from deep in her throat were a mix of moans and sheer frustration.

Slipping on my own drink I watched the needles and managed to keep her at that level for nearly thirty minutes – tears started down her face after twenty! With a quick pointing of the control I turned on the television with the DVD cued up at exactly the spot where the leather strop was striking the leather covered ass. Amanda, with her head held rigidly by the neck corset, had no choice but to look directly at the screen. The system immediately shut down and I had my answer.

I gave her time to settle down then spent the next three hours repeating the process. At the end of that period she was even more of an emotional mess and I left her to stew and, perhaps, even get some sleep while I went to bed.

Meter Level Nine:

When I returned the next morning I carried a tray with a glass of juice and a plate of scrambled eggs. After loosening the laces and then removing the neck corset I took the time to wipe Amanda’s tear stained face with a cool, wet cloth then I fed her breakfast. Not a word was spoken by either of us until the plate was empty. Then she quietly tripled her offer.

“You’re getting closer to interesting me but what are you buying? An orgasm?”


“Just one Amanda?”

“Please anything to stop this torture.”

“Torture, no, not yet anyway; an extreme level of frustration yes. Now my lying little bondage sub’ if, and I mean if, I decide to accept your not very generous offer and allow you to receive some sexual gratification I have another question that you must answer correctly. There is only one correct answer Amanda so get it right the first time or we’ll just keep doing what we’ve been doing for a few more days. So think carefully! How do you want me to give you the relief you’re craving and paying for? With the toys you’ve been enjoying for the last few days and the DVD or with my lips and magic fingers or with this?”

I held up the strop!

Taking the tray I left the dungeon and, as I closed the door, looked back to see the leather encased girl with a very strained and perplexed look on her face.

When I came back I was wearing light sweats because, if she came up with what I knew was the only right answer, then there would be work to be done.

“Well?” Standing in front of the chair with its leather bound form I raised an eyebrow.

“All of them.” It was little more than a whisper; she hesitated and then continued “Please Mistress.”

Allowing a smile to cross my face I nodded.

“So Amanda, the only way you could come to that correct answer is the same way I did. By wondering about the reactions you’ve shown since you’ve been here and interpreting them into your real feelings that you’ve been hiding from yourself all these years.”

It took me nearly three hours to get her ready. I had to be very careful while I removed all the bondage holding her in the chair form and then the leather sheathing her body. In the first place the slightest wrong touch would probably make her explode because of the sensitivity built up since she entered my dungeon.

In the second place we might have an agreement but I was not taking any chances that the rich bitch character might surface and besides, I was still a damn good Domme working with a sub’.

The framework made of metal tubing held the almost naked body rigidly with her legs spread about twenty four inches apart, the feet in ankle length ballet boots and the knees locked in place by rods clamped above and below them.

Around her waist was a wide metal belt with a rod extending from each side attached to the frame. I had laced and strapped her arms into a leather single arm binder that nearly reached her armpits. It was further held in place with wide straps across each shoulder.

After braiding her hair I had wrapped the single tail a couple of times through a metal ring and used a thin black leather ribbon to secure it from pulling out under stress.

The stress came from a cord that I ran from the ring at the fingertips of the arm binder up through a small pulley and then over to the hair ring. By pulling on the cord I forced Amanda’s arms upwards and, consequently, her torso had to bend forwards at the same time as her head was forced back until she was facing straight ahead. There was a fine balance achieved with this set up. If she tried to lower her arms then it put extra strain on her neck and visa versa.

With the leg braces and waist belt her body was well supported but so completely open and vulnerable.

Now things got delicate and I moved the table with the monitors over in front of her then stuck two new micro transmitters between her rather impressive and naked breasts. The one on her wrist under the leather binder sheath was also working since all three needles were flickering with what I guessed was anticipation.

Very, very carefully, with an eye on the monitors all the time, I got a dildo and butt plug back inside her. There would be no wired pads on her nipples and clit this time; I had other plans for them. The last item was a pair of virtual reality goggles strapped over her eyes with the screens flipped up for the time being. No gag, I wanted to hear every thing she had to say when the fun began.

Meter Level Ten:

With all the systems hooked up and showing realistic readings I left Amanda to stew.

Not only was a lot of money involved in the next little while but, as a professional, there was no way I intended to perform my skills dressed in dirty sweats. She would have to wait until I was ready and in the correct frame of mind to handle any eventuality.

My black leather cat suit was skin tight and the boots with stiletto heels should only be worn by a powerful woman. I had taken the time to put my hair up in a chignon held in place with a black leather ribbon. The wide leather belt around my waist held several items that might come in useful and the tight kid gloves stopped at the first knuckles of my fingers.

I stood, no, I posed in front of Amanda for her to get the full effect of my outfit and then got to work.

With the sensitivity built up over the last few days I judged that Amanda would take very little urging to orgasm and complete our agreement; then we would negotiate again.

A slight adjustment to the controller and I removed the system shut down limit while starting the dildo and butt plug vibrating at a low speed. The meter needles immediately jumped and I quickly reached to give her nipple a tweak with my left hand then slipped that same hand down to find her clit and nip it between two crimson fingernails.

The shriek that came from Amanda’s throat coincided with the meter needles hitting the stops and, as it diminished to a groan I shut everything down and waited.

For less than a minute I stood in front of her and then her eyes opened and heard a mumbled “Please, please, don’t stop now.”

“But Amanda we have completed our contract. You agreed to pay me to let you have an orgasm and you just had one didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes but it was so quick there was no relief so please don’t stop Mistress please you can’t stop!”

“Oh but I can stop young lady unless you would care to pay me for my expertise at, let’s say, the same amount for each orgasm you have during this session.”

There was no hesitation and, after I told her I wanted some guarantee, she gave me the entrance code and password for one of her off shore accounts.

The second orgasm took me less than two minutes work on her nipples and clit with two quick swipes of the leather strop down her buttocks. It was ten minutes before she went over again and then I pulled out all the stops.

After working a large ball gag between her teeth and flipping down the lenses I started the second DVD, turned the dildo and butt plug controls up high then proceeded to bring a rosy blush to her rear end with the strop.

Two hours later I removed the gag and held a bottle of water to the lips of a hoarse, quivering, exhausted woman, dripping sweat and cum juices but very satisfied. And I was a very tired but professionally pleased Domme.

Amanda had lost count of the number of times she reached that magic level but I hadn’t and I looked forward to transferring a very substantial sum from her account to mine.

Meter Level Eleven:

Several weeks later I watched as Amanda walked rather gingerly towards me as I waited at the front door. She made a stunning figure who was dressed quite normally if you didn’t count the height of the boot heels. But looks can be deceiving.

It was time for her to leave and I had decided to make my newly trained sub’s trip home an interesting one. Under the calf length leather trench coat were several little features to keep her attention focused on her sexuality.

In the first place she was almost naked, I say almost because the tightly laced boots reached passed her knees where a wide metal band was locked in place over the end of the laces making it impossible to undo them. The metal bands were joined by a very short stainless steel chain.

Around Amanda’s waist was the band of a metal chastity belt that held in place a very large roughly ribbed dildo and a shorter but thicker butt plug. Inside the dildo was a special surprise.

The skin tight kid leather gloves were shoulder length and also locked in place with metal bands just above her biceps. From the slave necklace around her neck thin stainless steel chains connected to a narrower metal band around the base of each breast. They were tight enough for her not to be able to forget they were there but not tight enough to cause a problem when they were worn for an extended period.

All of the metal bands were locked in a very simple manner with short flat headed screws into threaded holes. The screws only had three or four threads but that was all that was needed and a regular screwdriver would not get them off. Sunk into the top of each locking screw was an octagonal shaped hole and it needed a matching key to open them. Machinists called them Allan Keys and they were ideal for this application because the metal bands were, of necessity, fairly thin.

A few days ago I had mailed a key to Amanda’s home.

Once the fashionable leather coat was buttoned, with a silk scarf tucked in at the neck to cover the slave necklace, I had buckled the belt very tightly. After pulling the end through a couple of loops I locked the end of it with another screw through metal grommets in the point and the main belt at the left side of her waist. Until she got hold of a key the coat was not coming off.

Amanda looked beautiful with her hair just so under a leather beret that matched the coat and impeccable makeup.

“Mistress, may I ask a question?”

“What is it little one?”

“Can I stay with you?”

“For how long, Amanda?”

“I was thinking about another two months!”

It didn’t take me long to make up my mind but I told her to go home and get things in order and I would let her know my decision. I gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek and then opened the door and watched as she slowly made her way to the limousine.

I waited until I was sure she would be in her private jet for the two hour flight home and then pulled out a cell phone and dialed the number that would activate the dildo.

“Here’s to another two months of fun and frustration Amanda.”

I sipped my Bloody Caesar and pressed send!

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