Tammy's Bondage Application
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  • Post Date - 3/16/2009

Author's Note: This story is the sequel to Tammy's Valentine Bind. To get an insight into the characters you may wish to read it prior to this one.

Chapter One

Tammy Lynette Dufrane stared at her laptop screen. The vivid images sent a chill down her back and a unsettling warmth between her legs.

She recognized the people on the screen.

James VanNorkin, the bald, mustachioed man beneath the black beret, and his two evil henchwomen, Nora and Gina, were being very deliberate and methodical as they skillfully laced a black leather body sheath over the body of the voluptuous redhead. Tammy not only recognized her, but, also had an intimate knowledge of her.

The older of the two henchwomen, Nora Ruth, with her short dark hair slicked back to convey her dominate side, had already teased and tormented the redhead with the dildo and butt plug that were now filling the emerald green eyed woman's responding pink pussy and anal canal. While, Gina, the younger of the two with her long blonde tresses pulled up into a bun atop her head, left a lipstick print of her full luscious lips on the redhead's ass cheeks as she zipped the woman's legs into a pair of thigh high boots with 6-inch stiletto heels. The inseams of the boots were connected together and their front shafts were part of the lower panel of the sheath.

Tammy drew her knee high booted legs tightly together beneath her desk in response.

The female duo had also forced, well not so much forced as encouraged, a huge orgasm from the redhead as the man began lacing the sheath around the boots.

Tammy not only knew of the sensuous black leather body sheath, she could still smell the strong aroma of its fine leather, as well as feel its hug, as she watched them lace the sheath's inner corset around the woman's waist.

"I should be wearing that right now. Folded into my Gucci bag and on the way to our cabin retreat in the mountains." Tammy thought. "Damn, I can't believe that company let their negotiations breakdown so bad Mike had to be called in over Christmas. And, he'll be there for at least a week, our entire vacation!"

They had planned to spend their Christmas vacation at the mountain cabin she inherited from her parents 5 years ago. It was a yuletide ritual they had enjoyed since. The privacy of the mountains gave them a wider range to enjoy their bondage play. And, its cozy intimate setting was different enough to bring, however unbelievably, a more intense romantic side out in both of them.

She was so looking forward to the 5 hour drive, tightly secured and held in the confines of that small black leather piece of heaven, having orgasm after orgasm. Then, once they arrived, she would return the favor by using each of her exceptional orifices to pleasure Mike.

But no, instead she would be driving 9 hours with Chandra to the beach resort, that she always spends Christmas's at. Not that Tammy had anything against the beach or that resort. It was magnificent, 5 star with opulent accommodations. She and Mike had vacationed there several times with Chandra. But, their mountain retreat was just much more special to them.

Yet, she enjoyed being with Chandra. They had been best friends since grade school, roomies until she married Mike, and co workers for nearly 14 years.

Chandra was like the sister Tammy never had, as the saying goes. Actually, they looked and acted so much like sisters, from the minute they met, people had mistakenly been taking them for twins forever.

Yes, she would have a nice vacation with Chandra, but, would miss the intimacy of her husband.

"STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF!" Her mind screamed at her. "Concentrate! You've got to figure out what you need to do!"

Tammy tried to do what her mind commanded, but, the blonde assailant was already wiggling the leather crotch strap between the redhead's legs to connect to the bottom of the corset. When she pulled the strap to its tightest notch, driving the dildo and butt plug even deeper into the woman, a loud moan filled Tammy's office.


The moans of pleasure were loud, but, sounded as off in the distance.


They grew louder and closer.

Tammy's eyes widened.

She realized they weren't just coming from her laptop's speakers. They were also coming from her.

Tammy's right hand had, unconsciously, slid from the desk and worked its way between her legs, sensually massaging the denim covering her most intimate of places, stoking the embers of the bonfire growing inside her.

Again, she tried to tell it to stop, to make herself quit. It wasn't right and she knew that in her mind. But, her body, her body was now taking control.

Reluctantly, she reached into her desk and pulled the soft pliable 3-inch-diameter black leather covered stress ball from it.

Mr. Edmunsen was the only other person presently in the bank. She was positive he couldn't hear her, but, had to make sure. And, there was only one way, she knew of, to do that.

The fact that being gagged always helped increase her state of arousal had nothing to do with it, she told herself.

She rolled the ball around in her fingers for a brief moment fighting the urge, before quickly stuffing it into her mouth. Then, after brushing strands of her red hair away from her cheeks, she sealed the ball in her mouth with three 5-inch long pieces of red duck tape from a roll kept in the desk next to the ball.

It was done. Her door was locked just as before. She was certain there was no way anyone would now hear her muffled screams, no matter how loud they became.

Her face blushed as red as the tape. Whether from the ball and tape gag or her feelings of embarrassment for giving in to her urges, it did not matter. She returned her emerald green eyes to the screen and focused her attention onto the trio balling the woman's hands into fists and forcing them and her arms into closed end sleeves inside the sheath.

Then, they began lacing the upper torso of the sheath. As they pulled the sheath around her abdomen, her arms were forced together behind her back and another long deep sensuous moan came from the speakers.

"mmmmmmmaaaammmm!" Tammy joined her, remembering the feel of her arms being forced into that position and the tightness of the leather as her own breasts had been thrust forward to be worked through the circular cut outs of the sheath by Nora the first time and Mike each time since.

The older woman sucked the woman's left nipple into her mouth as she rolled the right between her fingers.

"mmmmmaaaaaaammmmm!" The speakers moaned.

With her right hand now fervently assaulting her crotch, Tammy could feel the wetness of her juices seeping through her jeans.

"Damn!" She momentarily thinking to herself. "If I'm this wet already, after I cum these jeans will be soaked!"

Ignoring her thoughts, she worked her left hand under her sweater and bra, and, began fondling her right breast. Pinching and pulling, teasing it erect. The firmer it became the more sensitive it was to her touch. Soon, it added its tingle of delicious torment to her growing sexual euphoria.

"Oh, God, not again..." Her mind screamed at her in a final attempt for control. "Get a grip!"

She watched the sheath grow tighter and tighter around the red headed woman's body, forcing her D-cup breasts even further through the sexy material.

The man laced a thick collar around the redhead's neck. And, the older woman once more attacked the protruding nipples, devouring them like a ravenous beast.

"MMMMMAAAAAAHHHHMMMM!" Tammy screamed into her gag pinching her left nipple and sending the blessed feeling of painful delight through her own body.

Her orgasm matched the one of the redhead on the screen.

"Excellent... That was fantastic... Mrs. Dufrane, I could watch and listen to you masturbate all day." The familiar voice of James VanNorkin returned with a devious snicker. "I can see you're enjoying our presentation. However, I'm also sure you understand its significance."

He hadn't spoken since he ordered her to connect her blackberry to her laptop. But, his voice sent tremors of fear down her spine the moment she heard it.

"Don't hang up Mrs. Dufrane!" He had begun.

She had been expecting to hear Chandra's voice.

Chandra Edelstein had always gotten to the bank before Tammy. And, today should have been no exception. She was going to take a cab so the two of them could leave for the beach in Tammy's car as soon as they finished tying up any small odds or ends at the bank. When she didn't see Chandra or her suitcases in the office, Tammy got worried and called her cell. Instead of her friend's cheery voice giving an explanation, she got a panicked 'for Tammy's ears only' recorded message.

"Tammy! I've been kidnapped! They tied your leather body thingy on me and have taken me someplace, I don't know where. They said you were the only one who could help. YOU'VE GOT TO HELP ME! These two women... know what I like, and... and have made me cum over and over, then, forced me to please them just as much too. You've got to, no, no please, no... NO! OH GOD NO! NOT AGAIN! PLEASE, I CAN'T TAKE ANOTHMMMMMPPPPHHH!"

Then, his voice returned and he ordered her to connect her blackberry.

Tammy saw her emerald green eyes flash wide open above the red tape as her face appeared in a small 3 inch square corner of the screen. The camera angle changed. It lowered and she saw her left hand under her sweater and her right between her legs. They both continued their duties as if on their own.

"MO!" Tammy screamed at the screen.

"It's a shame we haven't time for you to enjoy another one, Mrs. Dufrane..." He continued. "But, time is of the essence. There is something in your husband, Mike's safety deposit box you need to retrieve for me."

She saw the puzzled look filling her eyes, when the camera angle raised back up to her face.

Then, it returned to normal and Tammy saw the image of the redheaded woman with her body encased in leather, a thick sponge being forced into her mouth, and the leather discipline hood, attached to the sheath, being laced tightly over her head.

"It would be a shame for your dear sweet friend to meet the fate that was intended for you," he hissed, triumphantly. "After all, I still have the bids of those who were very interested in you..."

Tammy sighed into the tape gag and slowly moved her hands to reach up to remove it.

"Not so fast! Leave your hands were they are!" His voice blurted, through the speakers. "You are to do as I say, completely, without hesitation. As of now, I AM your master... Do you understand, Mrs. Dufrane?"

Tammy slowly nodded her head in agreement.

"You will need to remove the tape and ball, before, you get Mr. Edmunsen's key and code for the safe deposit room." He continued. "Yes, I know he is there. I doubt if he'll give them to you. Most likely you will have to persuade him to go with you. Either way, once there go to box 23559 and remove the contents. It will be a folded black leather backpack. You needn't look through it. There is $130,000,000 in South African diamonds in the pack. You will bring them to me or your girl Friday, here, ends up a sex slave for the rest of her life to some disgusting man she never met before. And, I think we both know how much she'll LOVE that!"

Tammy's eyes showed her deep fear and worry.

"You agree to obey me unequivocally and your friend wakes at home with all this having been a dream. Or you call Mike or the police and never see her again." His voice turned icy cold. "You can be assured there is no trace of me or the others, so finding her will be impossible. It is up to you, Mrs. Dufrane. What is your decision?"

Chandra had confided in Tammy years ago, when they were juniors in high school, that her sexual proclivities were toward the female side. Which was not much of a surprise to Tammy. She had seen many clues of her friend's true passions over the years.

The posters on her walls of only females. The sensual way she leered at or described other girls they saw. Her rejecting nearly every boy who made a pass at her.

Then, there were the many sleepovers. Chandra always insisted they sleep nude, which Tammy didn't mind. She had, since puberty, had an overwhelming desire for sexual release, so their always ending up in a cuddle sometime during the night with Chandra fingering Tammy to orgasm never bothered her.

Tammy didn't care if it was a guy or girl or herself who fulfilled her sexual need. But, the joy on Chandra's face while licking her fingers clean afterward had given Tammy pause to wonder about her friend.

Not to mention the times, after Tammy had finally confessed her own secret pleasure to her friend of being bound and gagged, Chandra would tightly tie Tammy, but, not gag her. For that to happen, Tammy would have to pleasure her friend first after she straddled Tammy's face. Then, the gag, followed by Chandra diving her head between Tammy's outstretched bound legs. The sounds of contentment coming from Chandra as she did so matched the muffled squeals of pleasure coming from Tammy.

"Vague clues is just all they were," Tammy laughed to herself.

Of course they had had many serious debates about the uselessness of men and their penises. All of them always ended with Tammy being tied and gagged in a kneeling position and Chandra explaining how her strap on and dildo was much more pleasurable and made more sense.

Tammy also knew, after the many deep heartfelt talks they had had over the years, that Chandra being forced to submit and sexually pleasure any man would be pure torture to her friend. Possibly, even ending up driving her insane.

So, Tammy had no choice and replaced her hands and fingers under her sweater and between her legs. Her actions and her eyes gave him her answer.

"Very wise choice, Mrs. Dufrane... You will make a wonderful slave, even if it is only for a short while... Now, you may remove your gag." His voice sounded triumphant. "I'm sure your husband gave you a simple explanation of the I.B.O., after our first encounter this past Valentines Day..."

Tammy nodded her head yes. Then, she began following his orders, by slowly peeling the tape from her face and her mind quickly leapt back 10 months.

She sat across the room's small table, gazing into Mike's deep blue eyes, while having an intimate breakfast the morning after she had so mysteriously arrived at the overseas hotel for their 10th anniversary. She had enjoyed their romantic anniversary meal followed by hours of unbridled passionate lovemaking, before exhaustion from the day and night's pleasures had taken their toll on her.

She had awaken 3 hours earlier and they resumed their anniversary celebration with Mike sending her into orgasmic orbit several more times. And, she being a most ardent and appreciative wife, reciprocated by fulfilling his every desire.

Mike had ordered breakfast from room service while she bathed.

She could still smell the aroma of the fresh strawberry, she held hesitantly to her lips, and hear the love in his sexy baritone voice, all the while, trying desperately to fathom the depths of his words.

"I belonged to an organization that provides a means for its members to come together in real life and play out their wildest bondage fantasies." He had begun. "It's called The International Bondage Organization or the I.B.O., for short. It has arranged safe, semi controlled encounters for its members for over a centuries. Anything from anonymous playful kidnappings to consensual extreme torments have been possible, as long as they fall within The Organization's rules, guidelines, and limits."

He sat up higher and leaned across the table drawing closer to her.

"H.. how long, have you been a member?" She remembered asking stunned by this piece of news.

"Since before we met, during my freshman year at college, actually. James VanNorkin was an engineering professor there. He happened to see a few of my designs for bondage devices. We talked a few times before he recruited and sponsored me." Mike smiled. "He saw I had a flair, as he called it and I believe you know, for binding women in ways that guarantee they receive ultimate pleasure. So, he set up my application process, then, after my acceptance, made me a member of his encounter team. James was the bald mustachioed man in charge of your adventure."

"Umm, pleasure, yes... I remember him... He sponsored you? You worked for this organization?" Tammy mumbled, dumbfounded.

"Well, yes, in a way... Actually, as a working member of an encounter team all my dues were paid for by services rendered. You see all members have to pay dues to belong. That is how the organization covers some of the costs of the encounters. Arranging a safe place for it to occur, supplies, or even providing extra participants as needed. A woman to be kidnapped for instance or, for a some female members, a person or team to kidnap them." Mike's smile, as it always has done, eased the unsettled feeling inside her. "And, some of the working members do receive a stipend for being a participant in other members encounters. Most do, as I did, have their dues removed from those stipends and then bank any extra to pay for their own encounters at a later time."

He stood, stepped around the table and kissed her on the cheek.

"That was how I paid for your kidnapping. And, I provided the body sheath, which covered that part of the cost. By the way I knew you'd love it." He said, glancing over at that delicious leather garment she had worn. "Other members, who can't provide the unique items they want to use have to pay extra. As do those whose encounter requires them to pay a ransom."

"Do they just put it on a credit card or something..." Tammy asked, still a bit stunned at this revelation of his past, and, feeling a bit guilty for questioning him.

After their first month together, they decided that each others personal life, prior to their first meeting, was immaterial to their future together. However, the information Mike had just freely given her, did give her pause to reevaluate that decision. But, in her heart, she knew how much he loved and cared for her.

She just wished she could stop asking him question after question about it.

"No, no credit cards or anything else that could leave a paper trail." Mike said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Most pay in cash. However, some use gems, or untraceable bearer bonds. All of which is converted to what is needed."

"So, who planned my kidnapping and who were the people who did it..." Tammy turned her head, looking at him suspiciously. "And, how did they pull it off so easily..."

"I planned the whole thing when I learned I would be out of country for our anniversary. I installed the cameras gave them the DVD. As well as, your normal schedule..." He sheepishly grinned. "Three of them were my old teammates. James VanNorkin, the team leader, Nora Ruth, his sort of second in command, and Karl Liegeman, a specialist in biological chemistry. The others, I hadn't worked with before. James added them after I left his team."

"And, when, was that?" Tammy asked, her voice suddenly changed in tone, becoming somewhat accusatory, but, as soon as the words came out of her mouth she wanted to pull them back.

"I quit the team as soon as I met a beautiful woman, dressed as Penelope Pitstop. From that moment until now, I have never had a desire to put any other in my ropes." He said reaching under her chin and lifting her eyes to his.

Tammy could still feel his fingers on her chin and the look of love in his eyes.

"I gave her the key to my heart that weekend and will always wear her wedding band on my finger." He quietly whispered. "She will always own my heart for as long as I live... Or she wants it..."

A deep voice filled her ears and brought her back from her thoughts.

"I could try to trick you into thinking this is just another encounter set up by your loving husband," the voice said. "But, I know you're intelligent and sharp enough to quickly figure out that it isn't. So, I mostly want you to truly understand what is at stake for you and your friend."

Tammy blinked remembering her present situation, then, suddenly she felt even more guilty about being responsible for Chandra's involvement in this affair.

Chandra had never blamed her for any of the situations they found themselves in over the years. Sometimes it seemed to be fate, others just unfortunate timing. And, a few were due to Tammy's attempts to help, such as, during their senior year of high school.

Tammy was the one who advised Chandra to tell her parents of her decision to live a lesbian lifestyle. Their response was to immediately throw their daughter out of the house and cut her off financially.

Of course, Tammy felt responsible for her friend's situation and after explaining her part, Tammy's parents took Chandra in. They had always considered her like a daughter and treated as such. Even offering to pay for her college education after she and Tammy graduated from high school.

Chandra refused that help, but did, at Tammy's insistence, accept their offer to let her live in the apartment they paid for, while Tammy attended college, rent free.

So, instead of college, she got a job at Edmunsen Trust Company. And, she paid for many of the day to day bills she and Tammy accrued.

Each evening Tammy would review her classes with Chandra, teaching her the information she had learned. Some was boring, but, over the 4 years it paid off for both of them. Chandra had moved up to be, the owner and CEO, Mr. Edmunsen's private secretary. And, due to Tammy's teachings, she was one of the factors responsible for a great deal of the increase in his personal financial portfolio.

He was so impressed with both girls after learning how Chandra had received her knowledge that he hired Tammy before she graduated and teamed the two of them together. The increased revenues they added to the company astounded even him. Not to mention, the increase in the moral of the other employees and clientele by having two extremely attractive young redheads working there.

Tammy knew how Mr. Edmunsen felt about Chandra, so, she to use that to get his key and safety deposit code.

He was embarrassed that he had to keep Chandra listed as only a secretary/personal assistant due to her not having a degree. His grandfather, when he started the bank, foolishly held tight to a rule that all key management would have to be college graduates. The Board of Directors would not change that rule, no matter how hard he tried to get them to. So, even though Chandra's pay was the same as Tammy's, he couldn't promote her to a similar position.

"That was a wonderful story you told him," James VanNorkin giggled in her ear, 30 minutes later. "I knew you were clever, but, telling him Mike's Christmas gift to Chandra was an heirloom from her ancestors he discovered and that he was keeping it in his safety deposit box, but, forgot to get it before he left. So, he needed you to get it, was quick thinking. I'm impressed."

Tammy had slipped an earpiece receiver in her ear and clipped a small Christmas broach, that, contained a small camera and microphone onto her sweater. James was able to see and hear everything she did, as well as keep in total communication with her the entire time.

And, there were a few times she nearly gave it away when she almost responded to one or two of his more crude comments and commands.

"Enter your boss' office like you want his 2-foot long cock stuck in your pussy, Mrs. Dufrane..." He laughed, as she knocked and opened Mr. Edmunsen's office door. "Come on, make him ogle you..."

It didn't take much of a sensual walk for her boss' eyes to widen and stare. The dark wet stain, a result of her inability to resist reacting when aroused, still shone like a beacon on the denim between her legs. And, her mountainous peaks, covered by the tight ribbed sweater, poked out pleadingly at him to grab a handful. The half stunned cough from his lips told both she and James that she had his attention.

"You know I think that old geezer needs a boner. What do you think, Mrs. Dufrane? Go ahead and shake those gorgeous 38D tits for him..." He ordered, laughing hysterically at the older man's stunned expression, when Tammy stretched for the ceiling and shivered her upper body. "I think you've given him ideas!"

"Now, drop his keys and show him your ass!" James demanded, after, she took the keys from Mr. Edmunsen's trembling fingers.

"That's too much," Tammy whispered.

"Nora will be glad to hear you think that, she'd been begging me to let her keep your friend for the night..." He threatened.

The sound of keys dropping to the floor and Tammy turning to pick them up was followed by an older man's gasping voice.

"Very good, sounds like he enjoyed that..." James' voice sounded more amused. "Now, show him how well that firm round ass of yours wiggles when you leave..."

"What? Shut up!, Ah, No, sorry Master, I'll do it..." She muttered again, just loud enough for the microphone to pick up, as she turned and sensually let her hips put the sash in sashayed as she slowly strutted from Mr. Edmunsen's office.

He ordered her to even put more swing in her walk after she retrieved the backpack and returned the keys to her boss.

A wheezing older man's voice gasping a "Oh my!" followed by several coughs and gulps trailed behind her out the door.

"You did well, Mrs. Dufrane... Now, set your office in order as you had planned and go to your car. Bring my diamonds as well as your blackberry and laptop." He ordered her. "Once there, get in and follow the directions on the small computer in the front seat."

Tammy tried to casually walk from her office to the car. She could sense Mr. Edmunsen's eyes on her through his window the entire time. She had never felt so humiliated, but, as much as she hated to have to admit it, she was getting more turned on. If she had worn the gag while teasing that poor older man, she would have climaxed on the spot at least once, possibly twice, if not more.

As soon as the car door closed the small GPS/computer in her front seat came on followed by his voice in her ear.

"You've done well so far, Mrs. Dufrane... Now for the delivery..." James VanNorkin said. "I've left something special for you in the glove box... Put it on then start the car and follow the directions the GPS gives you... Remember, you have someone depending on you..."

The small computer screen filled with Chandra's bound image.

Her arms were bound together, at her wrists and elbows, behind her back and lifted deviously upward toward the ceiling in an incredible strappado, which, forced her to bend at her waist. Her legs were splayed and tightly tied to a spreader bar. Her mouth, ring gagged with her tongue protruding as she feverishly worked at satisfying Gina's pussy. And, behind her, with an enormous black rubber strap-on, cruelly thrusting her hips against Chandra's round ass, Nora Ruth laughed maniacally as she alternated firmly slapping an open palm against Tammy's best friend's reddening ass cheeks.

Tammy stare at the scene in a zombie like trance as she opened the glove box and pulled out an odd shaped heavy piece of flesh colored rubber. The weight and feel of the thing snapped her eyes from the screen.

She studied the 3-inch wide by 5-inch long rectangular panel piece of sturdy rubber.

It had five half inch wide bands of a more lightweight stretchable rubber connected to it. Three of the bands connected to both sides of the panel at the top, bottom and middle. All were different lengths and connected together opposite of the panel by a bisecting similar piece of rubber that was longer and split into an upside-down Y with the two tips of the Y connecting to the top of the rectangular panel.

The entire thing was very light and flexible. The only part of the thing Tammy thought to be actually heavy was the hard rubber black penis protruding from the inside of the panel. Its thickness nearly covered most of the panel's width. It was easily 2˝-inches thick, and, 4-inches long, but, felt extremely heavy for its size. On the front side of the panel, hiding how the base of the rubber phallus was attached to the panel, a silly pair of bright red three-dimensional foam lips grinned up at her.

"Put you hair in pigtails and suck the penis into your mouth." His voice seemed to be enjoying this more than before. "And, I want to hear you suck that in... Then, stretch the bands over and around your head. They won't break and will keep that gag secured in your mouth for your entire trip."

Tammy quickly complied and with a loud slurp sucked the thick rubber phallus deep into her mouth. The elastic had less give than she had first thought, so, it took some doing, but, she managed to stretch the elastic bands over and around her head. The two bands attached on the top of the panel ran along side her nose coming together at her forehead and ran over her head. The other three pulled the panel tightly across her mouth and cheeks forcing the penis gag in even deeper.

She thought about trying to push the intruder back out, but, could tell it would be useless.

Tammy glanced into the rearview mirror and saw the flesh colored panel and bands matched her skin tone and the foam lips fit right over were hers would be if she were pursing them. From a distance no one would be able to see she was completely and securely gagged.

Another unsettling warmth washed over her neither regions.

She put the car in gear and slowly left the bank's parking lot. A last glimpse to the side saw Mr. Edmunsen glaring longingly at her from his window.

"I do hope you are enjoying the feel of that penis in your mouth." VanNorkin's voice returned after she had driven nearly 30 minutes up and around residential areas and back roads leading out of the city, following the GPS instructions. "I made it especially for you. It is hollow and when its core temperature reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit it will ejaculate a warm nutritious meal for you. I can tell by the look in your eyes, you are enjoying its size and shape. I shouldn't be surprised, after all, I made from a mold of my own penis."

Tammy wanted to vomit at this comment, but, turned and looked into what she assumed was a small camera pointed at her on the GPS and gave a half hearted smile behind the gag panel. And, even made a muffled yummy sound as she acted like she was sucking on it.

The last thing she wanted to do was give him some satisfaction or amusement at seeing her totally sickened by the thought of having his penis in her mouth. Also, the thought that was more worrisome to her, was her pissing him off by acting as if he sickened her and him taking his anger out on Chandra.

However, 30 minutes later, as she continued her drive, Tammy became a bit bothered with herself, because the thing was actually beginning to feel comfortable and nice in her mouth. She loved to lay bound on the couch with her head on Mike's lap and his hard dick resting in her mouth. This rubber replica almost gave her that same feeling of being safe at home with her husband.

Another 15 minutes later, she, suddenly, realized she was unconsciously sucking and running her tongue around it.

And, then, an hour later, that relaxed feeling erupted into shock. Without warning, the rubber phallus, she had been enjoying, enlarged by a quarter, then, began pulsating and spewed a thick warm salty fluid onto the back of her throat. She instinctively began swallowing, until, the thing emptied all of its contents and had shrunk flat.

Then, for some unknown reason, she lifted the soft thing with her tongue and began sucking on it, unable to stop until she swallowed every drip, dribble, and drop of the goo from inside it. And, then, she licked the outside clean.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" She screamed at herself, unable to stop.

She felt the warmth between her legs increase and her nipples grow hard and erect as she argued within herself.

"Magnificent!" VanNorkin's voice echoed in her ear. "Worked like a charm... How was it for you Mrs. Dufrane? I personally delighted in filling that little marvel for you. Of course that was with the help of your friend Chandra. For a committed lesbian, she knows how to use her fingers on a man, I tell you, she won't need much training... Oh good, just one more turn and you're here."

Tammy flashed a quick angry glare into the camera on the GPS, but, continued to suck on the flat phallus as she turned into a Recreational Vehicle park.

The forest was so thick so she could hardly see the turn or tell if there were any other vehicles there. She slowly weaved her car through the narrow gravel roadway. The entrances to most of the RV lots were hidden and hard to see until you came right up to them. Tammy could see why he had picked this particular RV park, neighbors would have trouble spying anything out of the ordinary.

She was led toward the lot furthest away from the main roadway, where, a light canary yellow and white RV was parked. It was very large and looked to be an older model with no modern trimmings like she would have expected from VanNorkin. She was a bit surprised when she saw there were no other vehicles pulled next to it.

Tammy put the car in park, then, decided to chance a quick glance around before turning the engine off.

"Strip, but, leave the gag on!" His voice ordered, sternly. "You shouldn't have looked around for help, Mrs. Dufrane. That was useless as well as foolish. So, now, you'll get to give any neighbors a chance to see you in all your glory..."

Tammy took a deep breath and slowly removed all her clothing, knowing he was watching her. And, enjoying it.

Her aroma wafted through the air as she removed her moist jeans and cum soaked panties.

"Oh my, your do have a tendency to flood when you cum, don't you Mrs. Dufrane... And, your nipples... Is it me or do they seem to be getting thicker... And, your tits... Oh, pardon my slang... Your breasts look like they are ballooning as well. Tell me, are you getting excited to see me, Mrs. Dufrane?" He teased, then, added, in a more serious tone. "Leave everything, but, the diamonds. The driver's side cockpit door on is unlocked, enter there!"

Tammy didn't need to look, she knew her body and could feel a difference. Her 38D's felt a bit weightier and her nipples seemed to be much more sensitive than normal.

The cold December air sent goose bumps over her nude body as she stepped away from her car. The still very wet area between her legs felt as if ice crystals were wanting to form. And, the cold wind as it hit her engorged nipples added to their erectness as she hurried carefully around the front of the RV. She took a deep breath and reached up for the door handle.

Swinging the door wide open, Tammy clambered in.

Chapter Two

Thick reflective RV shades covering the front and door windows had been pulled tight allowing the only light to come from the open driver door and once closed the RV was pitch black.

Tammy stood still, shivering in the darkness.

"You can remove the receiver from your ear," His voice now sounded like it came from the very walls. "And, feel around with your hands! On the console between the seats you'll find a soft latex body suit. Put it on!"

Tammy found the light-weight object fairly quickly in the dark.

As her eyes slowly adjusted to the dark it became easier to slip into the material. She was surprised by how easily the ultra thin skin tight latex slid over her naked skin.

Every piece of latex she or Mike bought for her had been a bitch to put on.

Her toes felt odd as they slipped into individual openings without any resistance. The latex slid up her legs almost as if on its own, sending a sensuous shiver over her as she pulled it over her hips to her waist.

She felt two hard 6-inch long and 4-inch thick bullet shaped objects push against her labia and sphincter. She was sure she knew their purpose and was not looking forward to inserting them. However, seeing how the latex had been stretched over both, her curiosity got the better of her. But, to her amazement, it was easier than she could have ever imagined, once she got past the dread she felt, to work them into her rectum and vagina without the aid of any lotion.

Of course she knew her extremely wet pussy wouldn't need much, if any, aid, but, was surprised by her rectal opening. It seemed to not just welcome the invasion with open arms, but, greedily sucked the thing in.

And, once in, other than giving her that stuffed turkey at thanksgiving feeling, they felt unbelievably comfortable as she pulled the rest of the latex suit over her body.

Her arms slipped into the latex and her fingers easily found their individual homes. The tightness on her limbs send a quiver of pleasure through her as she reached around her back to pull the zipper up from her waist to her neck. Which practically zipped itself close.

A soft moan slipped from her gagged mouth as the latex tightened even more on her body. However, it remained extremely comfortable, not at all confining, as she assumed it would be.

She couldn't resist the urge to adjust her breasts and tweak her nipples as the latex sensually tightened around them. She was astonished that neither were mashed nor crushed by the tight material. In fact the latex seemed to mold to each breast and nipple, allowing them to maintain their natural shape, even giving them extra support no matter how she twisted or turned.

"MMMMMMOOOOO, MMMMMAAA..." She once again silently moaned, her gag stifling the sound of her pleasure at the touch of her latex covered fingers to her latex covered breasts.

She tried to fight the urge to caress each over and over, but, lost. Her silent moans tickling her throat as she enjoyed the sexual feelings washing over her chest.

Her eyes had adjusted to the dark so she tried to get a more intense look at herself, when, soft rays of light slowly brightened along the ceiling and floor.

"Remove your gag, redo your pigtails into a ponytail that is on top of your head. You'll need to use the rubber snap tube on the console to hold it, then, pull the hood over your face first, then, around your head." His voice commanded. "After that, you may pose sensually for me."

I've got to get control of myself!" Tammy said to herself and blushed.

The thought of him watching her as she fondled herself once again embarrassed her and made her angry with herself.

She found a brush and the 5-inch long snap tube sitting on the console. After bending over to brush her long hair, which sent another shock wave of pleasure through her body due to the latex and the two intruders filling her, she wrapped the tube around her ponytail so it stood straight up atop her head. Then, she began working the latex hood over her neck and face.

She had to hold her breath momentarily as she worked the latex covered nostril tubes and a mouth simulation, that fitted the latex separately over her tongue, teeth, and lips, into place. She was pleasantly surprised to find a hole that opened in the end of each once the latex sealed itself to the insides of her mouth and nose. It took a little effort to maneuver the latex over her lips and teeth. However, once in place and after several breaths, she quickly grew accustomed to the feeling inside her nose and mouth.

She stretched the latex around her face and pulled the hair tube through an opening made for it at the top of the hood. Then pulled the zipper up, from the back of her neck to the tube, sealing the hood in place. Now, her eyes were the only things not covered with the nearly transparent and sexually stimulating latex.

She opened and closed her mouth and wiggled her tongue. It was as if there were nothing covering any of them, but, when she tried to speak it sounded as if her mouth were full of cotton.

She didn't want to give him the pleasure, but, twisted and turned anyway posing in this position and that as he ordered. Each one, she knew, gave him ample views of her latex confined body.

"Now, above your head in the ceiling, there is a metal penis shaped tube. Pull it down and give it the same type of good blow job you would give me!" He ordered.

Tammy could hear the laughter in his voice and silently vowed to get even on day.

Obediently, she looked up and saw the thing dangling above her head. She felt sure that her hair had brushed against it several times as she posed. The thing was barely an inch thick, but, the more she pulled the longer it became, easily extending down to her latex covered lips.

She pulled it to her mouth and let her tongue sensuous begin licking the sides and around the tip until she put the tip to her lips and sucked it deep into her mouth.


The thing came alive and forced to the latex covering her lips and tongue to seal to it. She tried to pull it free, but, it didn't budge. She could feel any air trapped between her skin and the latex being sucked out as well as the air from the inside of her nostrils, her lips, tongue, and teeth.

Then, she felt an electric tingle in her pussy and rectum and on both of her erect and growing nipples, as the air was sucked out and the latex bonded even tighter to her most sensitive points.

"OH GOD!!!" She wanted to scream when it felt like the latex sucked her clitoris into a vacuum tube, making it swell to its max, then, sealing the latex to it, keeping it engorged and at the ready for stimulation.

But, the thin penis shape wouldn't allow a scream or a whimper. Her lips could not part from it.

Tammy stood with her arms trembling on the edge of a massive sexual deluge, when, as quick as it started, the whirring stopped and the thin penis shape released itself from her mouth with a loud 'POP' and returned to the ceiling.

And, the two bullet shaped inserts fell out of her and clattered loudly onto the floor.

But, the latex remain, inside and out, and was now truly a second skin on and in her.

A drawer popped open behind her, startling her, but, Tammy dared not to move. She felt one wrong step and she would be sent into convulsions of ecstasy. And, right now losing control like that would make her a spectacle she was not willing to give this maniacal voice.

She very slowly and carefully turned to look into the drawer.

In it she saw a pair of shimmering crimson thigh high leather boots with 7-inch heels, a matching set of shoulder length gloves, and a 14-inch wide red leather corset.

"Put those on," the voice ordered, echoing off the walls.

Tammy took as much time as she could, maintaining control of herself, as she slipped her feet into the boots first. The full side zipper closed easily over her new latex skin, sending more tremors of excitement over her body. The corset was next. She had to huff and puff to get it closed and laced tightly around her. As her waist whittled 5 inches her body reacted even more to her new skin. The red leather gloves were last. Her hands slid into the glove and as she pulled the zippers, that ran from her wrists to the open ends near her shoulders, the leather tighten on her arms taxing her control to the edge. But, the leather now covering the latex was giving her fingers even more of a sexual touch.

Once again she tried to fight the urge, but, could not stop running her leather covered hands and fingers over the latex and leather hugging her highly aroused body. She pushed herself closer and closer to that glorious edge, where delight meets euphoria.


A small doorway between the cockpit and back of the RV opened, forcing her attention away from her body. She was seconds away from adding to her embarrassment.

"Tut, tut, tut, Mrs. Dufrane... I didn't give you permission to please yourself, now did I...You're duty now is to bring the diamonds into my playroom." He chided her.

Tammy could once again hear the chuckle in his voice He knew, as did she, he had stopped her from reaching another marvelous orgasm.

Tammy let her arms drop to her sides in defeat and slowly stepped through the small opening into a brightly lit room which seemed to be half the size of the RV.

Light emanated from everywhere and from within the light oddly dressed women seemed to be coming toward her from every direction.

Tammy squinted and instinctively raised her arms to fend off an attack, but, none came. Each woman seemed to be mimicking Tammy's own movements.

It was then she realized that the oddly dressed women were just her reflections from the mirrors that completely covered each wall. And, the walls were angled to reflect the reflections over and over, as well as lighting, which, came from a single spotlight hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room.

The spotlight suddenly turned downward and every reflected eye copied Tammy's lead by following the light as hers had. And, the sight of an odd shaped exercise bicycle, being illuminated beneath the light, made her gasp.

Tammy slowly and carefully took three steps in the 7-inch heels over to the contraption and studied it closely.

A single large wheel sat in front of a long thin U-shaped banana styled seat. A thick padded pole at the back of the seat ran from the base support on the floor to the ceiling, which acted as a brace, stabilizing the thing. The pedals on the wheel looked more like stirrups and were connected by leg supports to cams inside the frame beneath the seat.

And, rising from the frame on metal shafts connected to the cams were two large metallic torpedo shaped objects.

The two objects were strategically positioned, aimed to poke through two holes in the seat. She cranked one of the pedals and watched the most forward of the two objects, which was much thicker, rise higher and higher through the seat, then, as she passed the apex of the circular motion of the pedal it reversed and the thinner of the two rose to reveal itself.

"OH MY!!!" Tammy thought to herself as a wave of lustful warmth passed through her nether regions, resurrecting a memory in her.

Mike had used a similar design in a couple of their bondage toys in their playroom, her stair stepper and rowing machine, to be exact. She enjoy them tremendously, especially when Mike was at home watching her intently being pushed over the edge time and again. The love they made afterwards was always blissfully romantic and inspired. But, she had, on occasion, found the time to pleasure herself with them when he wasn't there as well.

But, Mike wasn't here right now. So, it was the thoughts of those times that were increasing the sense of arousal her body was feeling right now.

Besides, she had a feeling any love she made today would be far from romantic, as she softly touched the smaller of the two torpedoes that slowly sank into the seat.

"I'm pretty sure where those are supposed to go and what they'll do!" Tammy smiled to herself, then, frowned. "But, what else is this supposed to do to me... That is the question I need to concern myself with..."

"You look like you'd enjoy going for a ride, Mrs. Dufrane..." The inflection of his voice as he said her name was beginning to irritate Tammy. "But, I need to give you a better incentive to do this, other than just for you to enjoy an orgasm time and time again...".

A 30-inch plasma screen monitor flipped open and lowered from the ceiling to rest on the fender covering the wheel. The image took only seconds to become crystal clear. And, for Tammy's eyes to widen with worry.

Chandra was now seated in a similar seat with her red leather thigh booted legs strapped to leg supports and the long stiletto heels of her boots clamped into stirrup shaped pedals. Tammy watched her friend pull uselessly at the bindings holding her.

She also wore a pair of shoulder length gloves and corset to match the outfit Tammy was wearing over her luxurious latex skin.

There were two straps connected to the corset that attached her to the back of the seat, one around her waist and the other just under her heaving breasts. Her arms were outstretched, strapped, at her wrists, forearms, elbows, and upper arms, to a perpendicular bar. This was connected at Chandra's shoulders to a similar upright padded pole at the back of the seat.

Her head was held motionless to the upright pole by a leather strap across her forehead. A wide black leather posture collar forced her chin up and also was connected to the pole. Also a leather panel gag strap, connected to the posture collar, held her jaw and chin closed tightly to her mouth. It was tightened enough for Tammy to easily see Chandra's cheeks curl over the top edge of the black leather. A black rubber looking tube ran from the front of the panel up out of the picture frame.

With her head strapped thusly, Chandra was unable to move it and was forced to look straight ahead at a monitor similar to the one Tammy was staring into.

"Doesn't your dear friend look divine. Bound all comfy cozy and ready to enjoy a bit of exercise." His voice sounded all sweet and gooey, but, Tammy sensed differently. "All she's waiting on is an exercise partner. And, you've been elected to be her. Now, take a seat, Mrs. Dufrane..."

Part of Tammy wanted desperately to hop onto the large torpedoes. She knew her body would explode in a huge orgasm as soon as or within moments after she slipped over them. Putting on the latex and leather had aroused her body to an extreme level of sexual sensitivity and anticipation.

And, Tammy knew her mind was losing the battle with her body for control.

She also knew that he knew it as well. And, providing him with the pleasure of watching her succumbing to his little device was a joy she refused to give him.

So, she hesitated for a minute, then, two, then a third.

"You want some extra incentive, I see, Mrs. Dufrane... SO BE IT!" His voice sounded pleased, which caught Tammy of guard, actually.

It was then, Tammy noticed the mushroom shaped objects attached to Chandra's breasts, over her nipples. They were the same type of vacuum suctioned nipple clamps they used in her body sheath. She remembered them well and had put them on herself many times.

But, the control wires for these clamps ran down to the front of the seat then under it.

Through the speakers, Tammy heard a snap and crackle, then, a loud sharp pop; followed by a muffled scream from a voice she was very familiar with.

Tammy was horror struck as she watched Chandra recoil against her bonds as two soft luminous blue sparks of electricity arced from the back of the mushroom shaped clamps to Chandra's exposed nipples.

Chandra's loud pain-filled gasps for air, flowed through the speakers as Tammy watched her friend attempt to recover from the static electrical sparks. Without removing her eyes from the screen she moved toward the wheel in front of her and adjusted the pedals, before his voice replaced Chandra's pants.

"You have ten seconds or she will pay once again for your hesitation, Mrs. Dufrane..." His voice challenged her as if wanting her to hesitate longer.

Tammy glanced down away from the screen and saw, now both metal torpedoes were poking through the seat. And, they seemed to be calling out to her. To which she could feel her body's desire answering their call.

"MMMMMMMMM, AAAAAAHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHH, OOOOOOOOHHHH..." Tammy loudly moaned through her mouth and the latex skin, as she slowly worked both inserts into her.

The front intruder slipped easily into place, but, she had to shimmy and shift in the U-shaped seat to get the rear plug home.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, GOD! THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOOOD!" Her mind and body screamed at her as she repositioned herself in the seat, lifting her legs onto the supports and wiggling the heels of the thigh boots into the stirrup shaped pedals.

The sound of 6 loud clicks and the feel of 6 clamps snapping across her thighs and shins, along with her inability to lift her legs from the supports, signaled that her lower region was in the right position.

Tammy pulled the two straps from around the back of the pole and buckled them to her corset at their tightest notch. Not only matching Chandra's bonds, but, unconsciously out of habit, Tammy always wanted her bonds as tight as possible.

"Very good, Mrs. Dufrane, I knew you were a quick study..." James VanNorkin's voice laughed at her. "Your nipples next, then, I'll release the posture collar and gag from the ceiling. If you're looking for a cross bar, there isn't one. You will need to slip your arms into the leather cuffs on either side of the padded bar. And, don't worry about tightening them, that will be my pleasure..."

Tammy took a deep breath and squeezed the mushroom shape's stem and watched its mouth open and suck her left nipple into it.

Another moan passed over Tammy's lips, followed by yet another as she fastened the second clamp over her right nipple.

She wasn't sure how much longer she could hold off the building orgasm, when, a wad of black leather dropped in front of her face.

Tammy tightened the collar around her throat, then, lifted the connected chin covering and over the mouth panel to her lower face. She slipped the small plug past her teeth, wondering to herself why it was so small, before pulling the strap and buckle behind her head. The posture collar made her uncomfortably lift her head, but, the leather chin cover and panel sent an erotic tingle through her.

She had always loved the feel of a gag. The tighter and more secure the better to her. Mike had realized this from the start and kept her well gagged the majority of the time. They had an entire cupboard in their playroom devoted to nothing but all various gags he had designed for her.

She pulled the strap and buckle to the very last notch, sending another quiver of delight through her as she felt the pressure of the leather on her lips and cheeks through her new latex skin.

She pulled the forehead strap up. Its connecting strips, running along either side of her nose, did not interfere with her vision of the monitor, even after she buckled it tightly around her forehead.

Lifting her ponytail up, she let her head sink into the pole's padding before pulling the outer straps of the forehead strap around the pole and buckled it, securely.

She followed suit with the gag strap and collar strap, then, instinctively tried to move her head. It didn't budge a bit. Her gaze would be focused completely on the monitor's image. Which, now was of her finishing her own bondage by slipping each of her arms into the three loops along both sides of the pole.

A whirring sound filled the air and she felt the six small leather cuffs tighten on her arms. First the one around her biceps, then, just below her elbows, and, finally around her wrists.

Tammy tried her bonds and couldn't move. An even deeper warmth flowed through her, sending her closer to the brink.

"I know you can't wait to start your workout, but, after all you did hesitate to follow my instructions and caused your friend to suffer..." He sounded almost giddy. "Soooo..."

He dragged the "so" out long enough for Tammy to relax a smidge.

The beginning of a loud POP was all Tammy heard as a bright light flashed through her and pain racked her entire body.

The burning pain in her nipples slowly subsided as her muscles relaxed from recoiling against their bonds. Her head was pounding, but, the sudden horrific pain only added to her body's lust for orgasm.

Preventing it now was a mute point, Tammy thought to herself, once the pain of the static shock eased. She knew the coming orgasm would be more of a matter of how many thrusts it would take her metallic invaders. Which, she surmised by the way she was now seated, would never be out of contact with her extremely engorged and sensitive clitoris.

"Now, you know how it feels and what you will be in store for you and Chandra should you let your pedaling speed drop below 5 miles per hour." He was sounding more victorious than normal now. "You will be pedaling for the both of you. So it is entirely up to you to maintain your speed. However, let me remind you, no matter the reason, should it drop you both will pay the price..."

Tammy saw a small speedometer appear above the split screen images of Chandra and herself on the monitor.

Chandra's emerald tear-filled eyes seemed to be pleading to her.

"You have one minute to get past the 5 mile per hour setting, Mrs. Dufrane..." He chided. "Or you will both receive an even more severe electric prod. Am I clear?"

Tammy hoped Chandra could see her as clearly and with her eyes tried to apologize as well as send an encouraging message to her as she began pedaling.

"OH MY GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!" Her mind screamed as both torpedoes began sliding in and out of her. "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD, YESSSSSSS!!!"

She couldn't control her body. It immediately welcomed and responded to the torpedoes thrusts by pedaling more rapidly.

Of course, the device responded in kind. The faster she pedaled, the pace of the tormenting duo increased as well.

Tammy never saw the speedometer surpass 5 miles per hour. Or, unfortunately, she didn't see it fall back below it mark either.

Her eyes had been closed. Her total concentration drawn to the two hard objects pushing her body into convulsions with an overpowering climax.

But, behind her closed eyelids, she saw a flash of light and, over her muffled screams of orgasmic delight, heard a loud static electrical POP.

"AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEE!!!" Her mind and body screamed.

And, through the speakers she heard Chandra's muffled pain filled wail, as well.

She had become lost in the enjoyment of the forced orgasm to the extent of stopping her pedaling long enough for the speedometer to drop below the designated mark.

With her nose flaring with deep intentional breaths, Tammy gritted her teeth on the plug in her mouth, and through the pain began to pedal. She resolved in her mind to not stop pedaling, no matter how many orgasms she had nor how satisfying they may be. She would not allow that to happen again.

"I was positive that would happen with your first orgasm, Mrs. Dufrane. "His voice sounded off in the distance to her now. "But, I am compassionate. Every time you orgasm, I will give you some sustenance as a reward for entertaining me. A vitamin rich mixture that will be of help to get you through this.

Tammy felt a thick milkshake like fluid slowly seep through the small gag plug in her mouth. Its taste was so compelling she couldn't stop form sucking on the plug until there was no more.

She, then, turned her concentration back to her pedaling and became completely focused, his voice was a distraction she would ignore.

"I'm sure you are wondering why I'm having you do this, no doubt. Why did I not just let you bring me the diamonds and be done with it." He continued as she barely heard him. "It is very simple. I wanted you to pay for the grief you caused me..."

He got more of her attention back with that statement, for she had never done anything to him ever. Hell, she had never even met the bastard before last Valentine's Day.

"Yes, you caused me!" He repeated. "I was one of two in line to become the new Director of the I.B.O.... I actually had the upper hand, on the woman running against me, with most of the voting committee's support. My encounter team had been the most requested and used for several years. I ran the security unit as well. And, I brought Karl Liegeman and Michael Andrew Dufrane into the Organization."

Just as he knew it would, the mention of her husband garnered more of her attention as he noticed her speed slightly waiver.

"Yes, your husband, Mike, who along with Karl, added tremendously to the Organization..." He sounded proud, now. "Karl is an outstanding biological chemist with unique knowledge of how different combinations of hormones and drugs affect the female body, as well as, having a gifted technique in binding women. And, Mike, well, Mike's unique ability to read people, to know exactly what they desired, added to his quick wit and charm during encounters... Well, they were just the pluses I needed to guarantee my getting the Directorship."

He hesitated and watched Tammy's second orgasm, with his eyes flipping back and forth from her to the speedometer. It dropped, but, not close to 5 miles per hour. A smile crossed his lips as she continued her pedaling and a second round of nourishment flowed down through the tube and into the gag plug.

"But, even more," he resumed. "You know of Mike's skills at designing and building wonderful toys, such as the one you're on. I used that, as well as, his gift for turning security situations that could have gone horribly wrong into seemingly perfect encounters, to bolster my hold on the frontrunner position... And, it was within my grasp... All I needed do was close my hands on it and take it..."

He loud sighed.

"Then, we had a simple kidnapping encounter. A member wanted his wife kidnapped from his bank's Halloween party. Mike's outside career had already gotten him an invitation. He was doing some negotiations for the bank and a few of its clients. He even had a costume, 'THE HOODED CLAW', something he had designed from his youth. It had all the needed restraints, ropes to tie her and the scarves to gag her, neatly tucked away in hidden pockets of that goofy green cloak of the costume..." His voice became more intense as anger slowly filled it. "Then, you, you dressed in that 'PENELOPE PITSTOP' costume smiled at him from across the room. And, he was gone."

Even in this dire circumstance, Tammy couldn't help but smile and feel an emotional warmth flow over her as her mind flashed back to that night.

"OOOOOOHHHH, YEEEEESSSS, YYYYEEEESSS..." She suddenly screamed into the gag as a third amazing climax surprised her.

Again he waited, until her climax ended and she had once more sucked the contents of the gag plug, before continuing.

"Just thinking of that night and weekend does that to you, doesn't it!" He growled. "Well, I've thought about that night too, many, many times. Mike left the team and the Organization, without even saying a word to me for over a week. That encounter went bad, and, I was blamed by the then Director of the Organization. That led to my refusing to listen to my supposedly best and truest friend's explanation of that night. I couldn't believe he would leave me hanging like that for a piece of ass. Some cunt, who'd jump in the sack with any man who tied her up..."

Tammy laughed to herself upon hearing those words. If this foolish man describe her like that to Mike after that weekend, there's no telling how he reacted. Besides, if he had any idea of the love and passion she and Mike shared that night and over the entire weekend. Or, if he had ever in his lifetime truly experienced what they felt, or, had even an inkling of the love they expressed for each other during the last 10 years, he couldn't say those things. Deep down it almost made her feel sorry for him.

"He couldn't handle the truth of that statement and that led to a very heated argument, which ended in fisticuffs, and an extremely horrendous falling out." He spoke now more to himself than her. "So much so, I wasn't even invited to the wedding, not that I would have come had I been. However, I still find it hard to believe that he had never ever mentioned my name to you for the next ten years."

Tammy listened to him, but, kept pedaling, keeping her eyes glued on the speedometer.

"But, that wasn't the end of it, no. I let a fellow named Ambrose Patterson on our team to fill Mike's shoes. He wasn't capable, but, thought he was." His anger was returning. "The next encounter turned out badly as well. So did the next and the next. Eventually, I lost all my support in the committee and had to actually beg them to let me keep my position in security. I, nor my team, were allowed to be in control of anymore encounters. I was, however, still the best they had concerning security issues. Which did little to increase my reputation in the entire Organization. And, the Directorship, of course, went to my competition, Ms. Pamela Perlette... It was all your fault. Had you not charmed Mike from me, things would have been different... I would have been in charge, looked up too... Instead of being treated like the ugly freckle faced stepchild, useless, with no future or plan."

Tammy could feel his anger at her in his voice.

"That was until just before last Valentines Day. After 10 years, Mike returned to the Organization and requested an encounter. He wanted his wife kidnapped and delivered to him in a body sheath he designed." James now sounded upbeat again. "Well, I had kept track of my former protégé and his bride. Even going so far as purchasing a pub in the same small city they lived in and putting it in Nora's name. Do you think it was a coincidence I knew of your outside the home bondage playtimes. I saw an opportunity and pounced. I approached the Director, telling her and Mike that I wanted to apologize and bury the hatchet. To show how committed I was to removing the ill feelings of the past by volunteering myself and my team for the encounter. I resolved to make it the greatest encounter Mike had ever witnessed. And, as you know, it was a very successful."

Tammy remembered how successful. Thinking back to that awesome, erotic, and satisfying experience was not wise on her part right now. For it quickly began adding to her aroused senses.

"Well, I had also learned that Mike had not completely left the Organization entirely. No doubt, you are wondering why those diamonds were in his safety deposit box..." He paused.

"Yes," Tammy thought to herself.

That question had jumped to her mind several times, but, she quickly pushed it back into the shadows, waiting until she had the opportunity to hear Mike's explanation.

"He was still couriering the Organization's reserve funds. The I.B.O. has to have funds available at all times, but, still needs to keep Governments and others unaware of their existence. So, it has to keep its funds moving around. Hard assets, such as gems or bearer bonds, are split and kept in security boxes by two or three members over varying periods of time." His voice was getting giddy again. "This time it was in diamonds and Mike put the ones he was entrusted with in your bank, just prior to his request for your encounter. Which, I found out about just before his request. I came up with this plan then, but, needed to time it right, so, I'd get the diamonds and get revenge on the woman who caused all my ills at the same time... Oh, my looks like your about to have a fou.."

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH, MMMMMMM, OOOOHHHH, AAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Tammy screamed as the fourth orgasm attacked her.

She quickly checked her speed as the climax eased. It had dipped to near the 5 mile per hour mark, so, she began pedaling like a madwoman to increase the speed as she, without thinking, began sucking down the delicious mixture coming through the gag plug.

She didn't know why, but, with each swallow of the mixture she felt revitalized, capable to withstand, and, almost desirous for another massive orgasm.

This, along with James VanNorkin's rants about her being the cause of his problems, continued for what seemed to Tammy like days, but, in actuality only 4 hours.

Having lost her count of orgasms at eighteen and being revitalized by drinking more of the delectable mixture after each, Tammy continued pedaling. On the monitor, she watched Chandra also having climax after climax. Her green eyes seemed to be longing for the next one and Tammy could see the same desire in her own eyes. And, as another approached she readied herself.

"OOOOOHHHH, GODDDDDD, YESSSS!!!" Tammy screamed, as the most powerful climax she had experienced this day, racked her body.

As soon as the climatic convulsions passed, she instantly began sucking on the gag plug gulping down the delicious mixture, her legs not slowing in their duties.

But, suddenly, her legs felt like they had lead weights on them and began to ache with each movement. She tried to will them to continue, but, they slowed even more. She assumed all of the orgasms, even with the aid of the vitamin mixture afterward, had finally taken a toll on her body. It was tired and shutting down. Her mind joined her body and began screaming out at her for sleep.

The speedometer was slowing and the dreaded mark was quickly approaching.

"I see you are growing weary of your exercise, Mrs. Dufrane!" James VanNorkin's voice laughed into her ears. "You've barely pedaled 50 miles! Are you that out of shape? Mike would be so disappointed in you... Oh well, I can see that a continual shock is all that will happen now and there will be no pleasure for me in watching just that. So.... I shall let you rest. You will, I'm afraid, have to tuck yourself in. Chandra on the other hand will have Nora and Gina to see to her."

Tammy stopped pedaling and braced herself for the painful electric spark that was sure to come.

But, it didn't. Instead the clamps holding her legs and feet, and, the straps holding her arms released.

Carefully, she lifted her legs and slid her arms from the restrains holding her.

"AAAAAARRRRGGGEEE!!!" She screamed into the gag as the blood flowed back into her nipples when she removed the mushroom shaped clamps.

Breathing hard, she unbuckled the straps at her corset and the ones holding her head. Then, after removing the leather posture collar and gag, she watched the leather combination rise back up into the ceiling. Moaning deeply, she ever so slowly and carefully rose from the U-shaped seat and slipped off her torpedo shaped tormentors.

Behind her, part of the mirror wall slid open to another smaller room at the very back of the RV.

"There is a resting table in there for you." The voice said. "You will understand what to do once you're in there."

Tammy had ridden horses and many other things over her life, but, she had never ended up this sore before. She still had the 7-inch heeled boots on, so, she had to slowly and painfully make her way through the door and into the next room.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Her mind blurted out, at the sight of an upright thickly padded table with a human shape cutout in the center of the padding. "How am I supposed to get any rest on that..."

A hinged plastic cover swung out from the top of the table. Footstools were positioned to allow her to stand high enough to slide back first into the cutout. The arms and legs were spread out. Even the fingers on each hand had a separate cutaway.

But, what grabbed Tammy's attention were the two rather large phalluses protruding up from the cutout that reminded her of the two torpedoes in the seat moments ago.

"Yes, use them to position yourself properly on the table, Mrs. Dufrane..." He said, laughing at her with his tone. "You didn't think I would leave you unaccompanied in bed, did you!"

Tammy was to physically tired to fight. She sensed her body shutting down and felt it wiser to be in this contraption than collapsed on the floor. So, with her last ounce of strength she climbed onto the footstools and wiggled herself into position on the phalluses.

The back of the cutout was also padded and surprisingly actually felt very comfortable.

She was ready to close her eyes when the plastic cover slowly swung down and sealed over her body before she could react to it. She tried to push against it, but, it didn't budge. It seal her entire body except her nose and mouth beneath the plastic.

The table slowly lay back and Tammy stared up at her reflection in the stainless steel ceiling. The latex skin was unnoticeable, but, the leather boots and gloves stood out like a beacon to her. And, the corset made her figure look even more sensual as well as adding shape to her breasts.

"Breasts...." Tammy's mind exclaimed. "Even with the help of the corset, they should not be that large. They look huge!"

She could not figure out why they looked so much larger. Perhaps it was the tight plastic covering that gave them a contorted look of being larger. However, she had to admit the sight of them looking that large made her feel very sexy. And, with the large phalluses inside her, as she stared at her own body, she could not prevent her beginning to become aroused once more.

Then, thankfully, something being lowered, from the ceiling by a black rubber tubing, toward her face caught her attention. It was a clear plastic mouth shield with a black penis shape extension. And, it was aimed directly for her mouth.

Tammy thought about keeping her mouth tightly closed, but, the padding in the cutout moved, pressing against her cheeks to force her mouth open.

"MOOOO, Mooooo..." She pleaded with the lifeless prong to stop.

Without remorse the black rubber phallus eased its way past her lips and teeth. Then, sending a startled tremor through Tammy, it began inflating and locked itself in her mouth once the plastic shield had connected and sealed to the rest of the plastic covering.

The sound of air being sucked out of the cover filled the room and Tammy felt the compression of the plastic on her entire body.

Carefully, she took short small easy breaths through her nose, when, a second plastic piece slowly lowered from the ceiling held by a transparent hose. Its shape was that of an anesthesia mask and settled over her nose.

As soon as it sealed itself to the rest of the plastic mask a soft white mist flowed slowly down the hose filling the mask.

"Oh, God, now what?" Tammy thought to herself as the smell of a sweet aroma triggered her trouble meter and set off an alarm in her mind with each inhale.

Tammy assumed it was some type of sleep inducing gas and knew it would be useless to fight it. So, with trepidation, she accepted her immediate fate, and breathed as normally as she could until she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Three

"Wakey, wakey, Mrs. Dufrane... Time to bring me my diamonds!" James VanNorkin's voice seemed distant, but came closer and closer as he continued speaking. "Get up Mrs. Dufrane, you're on a tight schedule now! Get up and get dressed."

Tammy roused. Her mind was still a bit groggy, yet her body felt more alive than ever before. All the small aches and pains from her exercise ordeal were gone as she eased out of the cutout and stepped away from the table.

That was when she noticed the small dressing vanity, mirror, and stool across the room from her. She had no memory of them being there before.

She looked in the mirror and realized she was not wearing the boots, corset, or gloves. Even the latex skin had been removed. Someone must have come, brought the vanity and stripped her while she slept.

"OH MY GOD!" She said aloud.

She raised her hands to her chest and touched her breasts.

They were no longer the D-cups she had been so proud of. Now, her wide open emerald green eyes stared at inflated balloons. They were triple in size and perfectly shaped. Even the nipples had somehow grown in proportion.

"Don't look for any surgical enhancements, Mrs. Dufrane..." His voice laughed at her feeling her own new teats. "The mixture I had you swallow over and over contained more than just a few vitamins. In fact it had several different mixtures in it other than the vitamins. My associate Karl, you remember him I'm sure, developed them. It contained a very effective aphrodisiac to keep you motivated, a combination of relaxants to ease muscle cramps so you could keep exercising as long as I wanted you to, and a very potent mixture of hormones to convince your body you are in near full term pregnancy with quadruplets. Thus the immediate need to increase the size of your milk receptacles for lactation."

Tammy stared at her reflection.

"You see, Mrs. Dufrane, you are quite beautiful and shapely, but, after this is over, I wanted to give you and my good friend Mike a souvenir to remind you both of me. And, what could be a better reminder, I ask you... Now, I've left you a special dress on the vanity... So, get dressed and bring me my diamonds!"

Tammy looked down from her reflection to the top of the vanity. On it, a Christmas green rubber dress lay neatly folded, waiting for her.

White fur trimmed the 2-inch hem and sleeves of the dress as well as the top 4-inches of each shaft of the pair of very long boots standing next to the stool. They were the same color as the dress and looked to be made of the same high quality shiny rubber.

"Get dressed!" The voice repeated in her ears. "I do suggest the boots first. Once you're in that dress the boots will be hell to put on..."

Tammy obediently slipped her left, then right legs into the long slinky shafts, occasionally taking a quick peak into the mirror at her new breasts.

She was surprised at how her body adapted to their new size. They didn't seem to put much strain on her back or balance as she stood and pulled the boots up her legs to her hips.

She was also taken by surprise at how light the boots felt and at how easily her legs slid into them, without the aid of talcum powder.

Tammy assumed the boots had been made just for her, because each shaft ended precisely at her upper thigh so she could feel the tickle of the white fur trim on her labia with each movement. Of course this sent a sensual shiver through her body, as well as making her quiver slightly, standing so precariously on the boot's 6-inch spike heels.

She tried not to but couldn't stop her gaze from continually returning to her image in the mirror. She couldn't get over the look of her new figure. But, at the same time she was feeling a good amount of pleasure from the look and feel of the boots on her legs.

Without thinking she twisted and turned to see how her legs looked in the boots from this angle and that.

Finally Tammy lifted the dress from the vanity and felt the thickness of the rubber.

She knew it would be very confining, but strangely it felt extremely light for the amount of material from which it was made. She could tell the rubber had very little stretch and a seed of worry began to grow in the pit of her stomach about how difficult it was going to be to pull on.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she found a reinforced zipper running from a quarter of the way up the back to the top of a neck collar and mouth gag corset.

"Oh, my..." Tammy sighed, realizing, other than the micro-mini skirt and arm sleeves, the rest of the dress was nothing more than a one piece full posture corset.

The bodice, shaped in the style of a Victorian corset, ran from the top of the skirt, which Tammy wondered if she would even be able to shimmy into or if it would come close to covering her genitalia let alone her rear, to above her breasts. Then a combination neck and shoulder posture collar, that would keep her head basically motionless, led to a chin and full mouth corset gag.

"Naturally, I should have known..." Tammy almost laughed when she saw the built in inflatable butterfly plug attached to the mouth corset.

Tammy felt a spark of anticipation as she held the dress, as it were, to her body. She loved wearing the leather body sheath and had no doubt in her mind that she would enjoy wearing this just as much, if not more.

She sat back down on the stool and slipped her legs through the unzipped back of the dress and into the skirt. After adjusting her larger chest, she put her right then her left arm into the sleeves and stood, lifting the dress up to her shoulders.

For some unknown reason the material slid with ease over the boots, but, that made no impression on Tammy. She was looking wide eyed at her reflection in the mirror. Her focus drawn to the two round cutouts in the front of the dress, as she lifted it over her shoulders.

Both holes were positioned, as were the ones in the leather body sheath, for her breasts to poke through. The difference on this dress was a pair of thin strips of elastic sewn into the cutouts in a crossing "X" pattern. And another strip intersecting the "X" halfway along its length, forming a circular support which she assumed would help hold and display her new breasts in a prominently rounded shape.

It was a bit of a struggle for her to twist, tug and poke one then the other breast through each hole and into its elastic holding. Then she had to use the mirror to adjust the thin elastic bands around each mound, due to the neck collar and mouth corset getting in her line of sight.

Once finished with her enlarged breasts Tammy lifted the collar and mouth corset around her neck and lower face. After taking the rubber butterfly plug into her mouth, she attempted to zip the dress.

It may have been some of the aphrodisiac left in her system or just the feel of the rubber as it tightened on her body that caused her to nearly topple over in massive multi-orgasmic bliss while zipping up the dress. The feeling was so erotic she could not control herself. Quivering in sensual delight and panting through her nose feverishly, she adjusted the bands around her breasts. Her engorged nipples were hard and extremely sensitive to her touch as she poked them each through a small hole at the intersection of the "X" into their very own tiny elastic bands.

These bands did more than just shape her nipples as their larger brothers were doing for her breasts. The more Tammy's nipples engorged, the more they refused to allow them to relax from total arousal.

"MMMMMMM!" Tammy moaned into the mouth corset, staring at her image in the mirror.

The green rubber glistened on her arms, legs, torso, neck, back, and lower face. Her breasts screamed out for attention. She pulled down on the fur trimmed hem of her rubber skirt so it would fall inline with the trim on her boots.

"If I try to squat, bend, or lift a leg much, I'll be exposed for all to see." Tammy thought to herself. "Even standing with my legs slightly spread apart I can feel a breeze tickle me."

"There is a pretty elf hat, a pair of pointed elf ears, a small neck brooch, and a white belt in the vanity drawer for you to put on now, Mrs. Dufrane." The voice ordered.

Tammy pulled the ears first from the drawer and wiggled them over her own. Inside of each she found a small receiver that after being slipped completely into her own ears held the elf ears securely in place.

The pointed velveteen hat was the same shade of green as the dress. Also trimmed in white fur trim and topped with a white fluffy ball. She lifted the hat over the rubber sheath holding her ponytail straight up and pulled it onto her head, carefully wedging the fur trim between her new pointed ears and her head.

As she shook her upper body, as much as her tight new ensemble allowed, to test whether the hat would stay put or not, she had to giggle at her reflection. Even with the corset gag covering her mouth, she thought the hat and ears gave her a cute impish look.

The small circular Christmas green brooch was less than an inch in diameter and connected to the rubber neck and shoulder corset at the base of her neck with a hidden hasp. Tammy had no idea of why he wanted her to wear it, for it blended into the rubber and was practically unnoticeable. Had she not seen where she put it on, she wouldn't have been able to see it in her reflection at all.

Lastly Tammy pulled the 4-inch wide white rubber belt from the drawer.

It was made of a much more ridged rubber compound with a matching white 4-inch square buckle made from an even harder rubber compound. The buckled was nearly three quarters of an inch thick with a slit on the open side. She had to take a deep breath and strain to stretched the belt around her waist to allow her to slip the metal clasp into the side slit. However, as soon as the metal clasp slid completely into the side slit, with a loud locking sound, the rubber butterfly gag in her mouth began to inflate.

Before Tammy could raise her hands to her face, the gag had immediately filled her mouth to capacity, pressing her tongue down and crushing the sides of her mouth against the rubber gag corset.

"MMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!" Tammy tried to scream and wiggle her fingers between her skin and the rubber.

Not a peep escaped from her. Nor could she wedge a finger beneath the rubber.

"Excellent, you are quite silent, Mrs. Dufrane..." The voice spoke directly into her elfin ears. "I can't take any chance of you telling someone of your plight, now can I? All right, let's have a good look at my little elf, shall we..."

Tammy pulled on the hem of the skirt to lower it as much as she could, which wasn't any actually. Then, her body began twisting and turning on its own, posing in every sensual way possible that the stiff rubber material allowed.

And with each movement the fur from the trim of her boots tickled her labia while the fur covered hem of her tight skirt shifted enough to do the same to her clitoris.

Tammy silently cursed at herself for teasing herself toward another orgasm.

"Very good, Mrs. Dufrane. You posed for me without my having to order you to... Very good indeed.... And I must say, your body's proclivity for sexual climax cannot be abated. I do believe it would take very little effort on your part for you to have a massive orgasm in the middle of the worst natural disaster known to man." His voice laughed at her tauntingly as he spoke. "Now, before you orgasm yourself into a horrible fall, get the backpack with my diamonds and go get into your car."

Tammy carefully made her way through the doorway into the room with the exercise cycle. The monitor was still lowered and Tammy stopped to stare at her image.

"OH MY GOD!'' She mumbled into her gag as the image changed to show Chandra lying on a table with her legs wrapped together in bandages. There were two women taking great care to pull the bandages around Chandra's upper body. "What are they doi..."

"In case you're wondering, your friend Chandra is being readied to become a sex slave." His voice filled her ears. "You should know if you suddenly decide to try to escape or get help, the bandages Nora and Gina are wrapping her in have been soaked with a powerful aphrodisiac, which her body will slowly absorb, if left on her. So, the quicker I get my diamonds the least amount of potion she'll absorb. Should the bandages be left on her until they dry... Well, let's just say she'll be ready and more than willing to suck and fuck, for the rest of her life, the first man that makes her climax... Remember that, Mrs. Dufrane... And, bring me my diamonds!"

Tammy didn't want to, but forced herself to turn from the screen. Just seeing Chandra's image though still in the clutches of that madman gave her a chance for hope. Reluctantly she moved past the exercise cycle and through the small doorway into the RV cockpit, where she had left the backpack with the diamonds.

"Why didn't they just take the diamonds and leave Chandra when they came and undressed her?'' Tammy wondered as she tightly held the pack with her right. "This doesn't feel right!"

Opening the driver's door, she climbed down from the RV. Her skirt rose over her ass and she felt the cold wind blow over her moist lower lips as she did so.

Pulling the skirt back down over her rear she slammed the RV door closed.


The sound of rubber slapping rubber broke the evening air.

Tammy's arms were quickly forced extremely hard together behind her back from her wrists to elbows. Her legs also were forced together from her ankles to thighs.

Gasping through her nose and trying not to panic, she struggled with all her might to get her limbs apart. Fortunately for her, she kept her balance as well as held onto the backpack.

"Don't try to pull your limbs apart, Mrs. Dufrane... Your dress sleeves and boots have electro magnets in them to keep your limbs under my control. I can keep them together or to your sides or spread out wide if I prefer." His voice chided her. "Even with Chandra in peril, as she is, I cannot take the risk of you attempting to alert someone. So, whenever you leave your car your legs, from knees to thighs, shall be stuck together so you will have to take nice slow steps. And your arms will be forced together behind your back. That will keep you in control and provide everyone you meet a lovely view. Once you return to your car they will be released so you can drive."

Tammy felt her lower legs ease apart. She gathered her wits and took small careful steps around the front of the RV and over to her car. As soon as she touched it her arms and legs were freed for her to open the door and climb in.

The car keys were in the ignition and all of her belongings were still on the front seat where she had left them. She could still smell the aroma of her sex from the jeans and panties crumpled on the passenger floorboard.

"Something is not right!" Her mind screamed at her as she turned the key and the car roared to life.

The image of Chandra being wrapped in the bandages filled the small GPS screen, which came to life with her car.

Silently Tammy sent a telepathic message of hope through the machine toward Chandra.

"We'll get out of this soon, just keep hold..." Tammy thought and prayed Chandra could hear her as she put the car in gear and slowly turned onto the highway.

Chapter Four

If Tammy had thought that the cold and fur trim erotically tickled her moist lower region as she walked to the car, it was nothing compared to what it was like as she drove. The skirt had slid up leaving her no protection from the fur trim that now swayed against her clit with each turn of the car or puff of breeze from the heater vent, which had been adjusted to aim directly between her legs.

Only the computerized male voice of the GPS drowned out her soft muffled moans.

"You will be delivering a few presents for me to some of your clients, Mrs. Dufrane, before you deliver mine to me." His voice suddenly laughed into her ears. "And I believe some of them will definitely enjoy seeing you dressed as 'Santa's little helper'."

The thought of any of her clients seeing her dressed this way sent a nervous chill down her back. Yet, at the same time the idea heightened her sense of arousal.

Tammy was torn over the dilemma of her enjoyment of the titillations and the worry eating away inside her for Chandra. It took all her will power to try to put both out of her mind as she followed the directions. Driving as carefully and quickly as possible without drawing any attention became more difficult with each mile as the torment of the fur brushing her sensitive neither region grew into a major distraction. By the time she pulled into the parking lot of her destination, 'The Sweet Shop Bakery', she was once more on the verge of orgasm.

"Oh, no...." She sighed to herself, when she realized her first destination.

Jonas and Sylvia Sweet were a wonderful older couple, who had in 40 years taken Sylvia's penchant for baking and turned it into a thriving business. They were the first clients to trust Tammy with their retirement portfolio after she started at the bank. It was also through their word of mouth that her client list first grew. The couple had raised 3 daughters and had 6 grandchildren. And, through Tammy's wise financial advice, they will have the means to retire and still send each one to college.

They also, unfortunately for Tammy right now, were very moral. So she knew there was no explanation they would accept or understand as to why she was dressed as she presently was. And being so well gagged, there was little need for her to attempt to do so.

Tammy had surmised her arms and legs would be forced together once she left the car. And James VanNorkin had told her, while she drove; the presents he wanted her to deliver were in the trunk of her car. So, she had to make sure she retrieved them before she lost the use of her arms.

Tammy hoped the idea she came up with would work. So, taking a deep nervous sigh she turned the engine off and looked around. Seeing no one, she popped the trunk open, tugged the hem of the skirt down, and keeping hold of it she slipped from the front seat. Slowly, keeping in contact with the car the entire way, she stepped around to the trunk and lifted the gift labeled 'THE SWEETS' with her left hand by the tightly tied red and green ribbon surrounding the gift.

As soon as she turned and took one step away from the car the sound of rubber slapping rubber could be heard.

Tammy held tight to the present with her left hand as her arms were forced together behind her back. She walked toward the front door with small careful steps. Her legs were once more glued together from the knees up.

She had to turn her back to the door and rise even higher onto her toes to turn the doorknob. Then slowly she stepped inch by inch away from the building to open the door. Rolling her body along the door to keep it open as she entered, the cold of the glass sent an erotic sensation through her as her barely covered large breasts were crushed against the window panes.

She had only taken 2 small steps into the shop when the delicious fragrance of freshly baked delights filled her nostrils. But the wondrous aroma did little to hide her mortification as she stood face to face with the older couple and stare into their questioning eyes.

"Uh, er, good evening, Chandra???" Jonas Sweet finally stammered, breaking the very long minutes of loud silence that accompanied Tammy's entrance into the shop.

His wife continued to simply gawk at the oddly dressed woman with elf ears and hat who had just entered her domain.

"No, daddy, that's not Chandra. It's Tammy Dufrane..." A female voice said from a doorway behind the sales counter. "Chandra was supposed to come with her, but got herself all tied up and couldn't. So she sent Tammy alone."

Tammy's puzzled expression got an "I know something secret" wink from the leggy and tall, but slightly overweight brunette.

Natasha Sweet, the couples' eldest daughter stepped from the back kitchen area and leaned against the counter. She had moved back home a year ago to open a catering business in her parents shop. Chandra had spoke of her to Tammy many times in the last 9 months, but Tammy had never actually met the woman.

Her shoulder-length brunette ponytail swung from side to side as she walked. It was pulled through the back of a blue Sweet's Bakery and Catering baseball cap.

Tammy had a clear view of the woman's dark brown eyes and couldn't help but noticed they had a lustful stare at the rubber clad helpless female who had just entered the shop.

"TAMMY DUFRANE, NO... She would never dress like that!" Mrs. Sweet finally spoke, breaking her silence and turning her head toward her daughter.

"Take a closer look mother," Natasha suggested, as she came around the counter and headed toward Tammy, never removing her leering eyes from Tammy's chest.

Tammy wanted to turn and run, or in her case hop away. For suddenly, her lower legs, from toes to knees, joined the upper portion and locked together, immobilizing her. She could not move nor prevent the older woman and man from making a much closer inspection of her.

"Oh my stars and garters," Sylvia Sweet gasped.

She gazed past the humongous set of breasts, which now seem to be stretching their elastic prison to its breaking point, over the green rubber mouth corset and into Tammy's emerald green eyes.

"IT IS HER!!!" She blurted out and stepped back as if afraid of catching something horrid. "Why in the world are you dressed like that? And why come here of all places while you are?"

"She's here to help me, mother!" Natasha quickly answered, rather curtly, stepping next to Tammy and wrapping her left arm around the totally humiliated woman. "She volunteered to model for the special cake mold. And I asked her to wear something tight and revealing."

"That's definitely tight and revealing..." Jonas Sweet mumbled, he forced his gaze from its fixed position on Tammy's chest to glance at his daughter. "I thought Chandra had already done that, Nat!"

"I told you both, this mold has to be sensational and something everyone would want to sink their teeth into." Natasha answered, grinning at Tammy. "Chandra's chest is quite lovely, but, I needed someone with, shall we say, larger assets than Chandra's to get the word of mouth advertising to bloom. And, as you can certainly see, Tammy's assets are most assuredly larger and definitely fit the bill..."

"And, looks to me like they're getting larger as we speak..." Natasha softly whispered to Tammy, with a decidedly delicious wicked wink.

"She volunteered! Ridiculous! Tammy Dufrane, who works for the most image conscious conservative bank in this city, volunteered to have a cake mold made of her naked chest so every lowlife scum sucking man in this city can ogle it, before, eating it." Sylvia ranted, in disbelief. "She volunteered for that!"

"Yes, mother, she did..." Natasha replied, turning her head so her cheek pressed against Tammy's rubber covered cheek. "She's doing it for her friend Chandra. She wants my business to succeed. That's what friends do mother, help each other..."

"Is that so?" Sylvia asked, looking deep into Tammy's eyes.

Tammy quickly wondered how she would be able to answer the woman, when she heard her voice speaking.

"Yes, it is..." Tammy's voice answered. "As a matter of fact, if it will help get her business off the ground, I'll even do special deliveries with autographs and pictures."

Tammy's eyes widened at not only hearing her voice volunteer herself for even more humiliation, but she also felt Natasha's hand slip, unseen by her parents, down Tammy's back and under her skirt.

"You're not wearing any panties. Did you forget to put them on... Or, were you so anxious for me to take you that you left them off on purpose..." Natasha whispered loud enough for only Tammy to hear. "And, you're so wet... Hmmm... Perhaps, Chandra told you more about me than she said..."

Tammy wanted to look back toward Natasha, but her collar and gag wouldn't allow it. Neither would Sylvia Sweet's ranting.

"If that is the case, then so be it. I wash my hands of it all..." Sylvia said, waving her hands in the air, before moving her face closer to Tammy's. "If you ever come into my shop dressed like a street tramp again, not only will we stop doing business with you and your bank and tell all our friends to stop as well... But, I'll take a wooden spoon to your bottom and you'll not be able to sit for a week..."

Sylvia turned and grabbed Jonas by his apron strings.

"Come Papa, we have to inventory the supply storage room..." She grunted, pulling him toward the storage room door and not giving him any more time to stare at Tammy's assets.

Tammy watched the older couple disappear through the doorway across the room from the kitchen door in total humiliation. However, she was slightly relieved this stop was over. Yet she felt strangely aroused at what had just transpired.

"Oh no!" Tammy thought to herself. She had forgotten about Natasha who stood behind her, enjoying herself.

Tammy could feel the brunette's right hand fondling her breast and her left hand wiggling its fingers between her legs.

And as much as Tammy didn't want to acknowledge it and wanted it to stop, her body was beginning to visibly enjoy Natasha's attentions.

Natasha's right hand softly kneaded Tammy's right breast, toying with the elastic bands holding it tight. Then she rolled the hard nipple between two of her fingers making it grow even more firm and hard. At the same time Tammy felt the fingers of the brunette's left hand sensually fondle her aroused sex.

"I've been waiting for you," Natasha whispered into her ear. "Nora called to let me know you were on your way. But she didn't tell me you would be gift wrapped... And you brought me a present, how sweet of you..."

Natasha took the present and opened it. A grin formed on her face as she looked into the unwrapped box.

"You are so thoughtful. Or, was this Nora's idea..." Natasha smiled and set the box down on the counter then returned to her place behind Tammy and resumed her play. "Now, Nora did say I should enjoy you as much as I wanted. And I do want to enjoy you ever so much...."

Natasha continued to tease and torment Tammy.

Tammy didn't know and was beginning to not care how the woman knew which buttons to push to keep her in such a state of complete arousal. Nor did she care that the woman seemed to be savoring how easily it was to push her toward a huge orgasm right here on that spot. She only knew that she was getting to the point of wanting her to not stop.

"No! This can't be happening... You can't let this happen, here... now..." Tammy told herself and tried to stop the building sensation, while silently praying that the Sweet's wouldn't return nor any customers enter the shop.

The thought of the humiliation of being forced to climax in front of them was not something she wanted to deal with later on. However, picturing herself in an orgasmic quivering state, helplessly bound and gagged in front of this older couple she liked and respected along with a group of other people she didn't even know was not helping to slow her increasing arousal. It was actually throwing fuel onto the flames.

"Oh my, your clit is growing even more than your tits... Ooo, that rhymes..." Natasha cooed, rubbing and gently pinching Tammy's aroused clitoris with her fingers. "Nora did say, she thought you were a better fuck than Chandra.... At the time, I seriously doubted it. Chandra has made my body melt in such ways so many times; I can't see anyone taking me further. But having you here right now, I must say you have my curiosity and other things aroused..."

She rubbed her chest against Tammy's back as she continued to run her fingers around Tammy's labia and much engorged and overly sensitive clitoris before slipping one gently into Tammy's warm wet love box.

"mmmmmmmm.... OH GOD, NO..." Tammy silently moaned, unable to control the building sensations inside of her.

"You are primed for me, already. Let's see how close I can get you out here." Natasha giggled, slipping a second, then, third finger in as she pinched the hard nipple at the same time.

"STOP PLEASE, STOPPPPP! AAAAAHHHH!!!" Tammy moaned, clenching her vaginal muscles tightly around the woman's fingers.

The response from Tammy was even more than Natasha had expected and she eased her fingers back out.

"You like that don't you... You can't wait to have a cock or something similar shoved up this hole and pleasures you..." Natasha pulled her hands from Tammy and stepped around in front of her. "For all your high class reputation, you're nothing but a low rent nympho fuck slut. Ready, willing, and so able to cum on call. At least Chandra has some taste... You would fuck anyone or anything... Well slut I'm going to give that mouth of yours a chance to prove if it's as good as your cunt..."

Natasha walked over to the counter and pulled two items from the gift box and returned.

"I've always wanted a pet to take on walks..." She giggled, snapping a green leather leash to the same hasp as the small brooch, which Tammy's voice emanated from. "There, now you'll follow me where ever I go..."

She knelt and pressed the side of Tammy's belt buckle. The front cover flipped open with a soft pop.

"There is a keypad under the buckle, just as Nora said..." Natasha smiled. "Now what was that code?"

Tammy heard her press a series of keys and then felt the gag filling her mouth began to deflate.

Natasha stood in front of her waiting for a minute, then reached behind Tammy's neck and unzipped the mouth corset enough to pull the deflated gag plug from Tammy puzzled mouth.

"Hommmmppphhh..." Tammy tried to ask a question, but, Natasha forced a large ring gag, that also came from the gift box, into her mouth past her lips and teeth, buckling it tightly behind her head.

"That was a very thoughtful gift... I was wondering how I could put your mouth to work without having to hear your blabbering..." Natasha smiled. "Now, let me see, the code to free your legs is 1-1. But, do I want to free them so you can walk to the kitchen.... Or, do I want to make you hop, hmmmm.... What do you think? It will take time to make the molds, but I'm dying to watch those huge melons sticking out from your chest bounce up and down... What to do, what to do... Yes, the hell with the time, I want to see those puppies bounce... So, HOP!"

"MMMMMOOO! MMMEEME MOP!" Tammy tried to plead, but was unsuccessful.

It had been her one chance to try to explain what was happening. Not only to her, but what was happening to Chandra as well. And she felt that Natasha had a vested interest in Chandra's well being. She had to try to convince her to help her to save her friend. But, Tammy lost that chance and could only pleaded with her eyes to the woman.

Extreme sadness filled Tammy's heart as she watched Natasha turn toward the kitchen door. The firm yank on the leash told Tammy her ordeal was taking a turn. And not a turn she deemed helpful.

Tammy had to begin hopping like a kangaroo to avoid tumbling over. She tried to take long graceful hops. But Natasha slowed her pace to make Tammy leap more often making her breasts bounce that many more times up and down against the elastic bands.

Tammy was gasping for breath through her nose when they reached the back of the kitchen. She hadn't realized her breasts had grown to such an ungodly size. With each hop she was slapped on both sides of her face by flesh covered with thin rubber strips. She had passed a triple-D size cup by a long shot and was quickly reaching mammoth proportions.

Her mind was reeling.

"Did Natasha know about Chandra? And, if so, why isn't she helping her by at least getting me out of here quickly..." Tammy thought to herself. "No, surely Nora Ruth was too professional to mention what they were planning to anyone not in their circle. Is Natasha part of their team? If not, and Nora isn't that professional, James VanNorkin certainly is. He wouldn't allow such a breech in security. And why hasn't he spoken or at least laughed at her through the receivers in her ears. Or, was he just sitting back and enjoying the show?"

Unanswered question after unanswered question ran through Tammy's mind, until she felt a final hard tug on the leash.

"Come over here with those delicious huge tits, nympho-elf." Natasha ordered, pulling the leash so Tammy was forced to stand next to a small 3-foot by 2-foot rectangular stainless steel table. "Turn around and face the table!"

She had Tammy face the narrower side of the table.

Tammy's reflection shimmered in the stainless steel's reflection and for the second time she got a clear look at her enlarged assets.

"OH MY GOD, THEY'RE HUGE!!!" She mumbled through the ring gag.

The shimmer came from the flat 2-foot by 1˝-foot rectangular cover on the top of the table. The seam of the cover plate was barely noticeable in her reflection, but the curved handle in the middle of the cover did distort it slightly.

Natasha pulled the leash across the table and connected it to something out of Tammy's line of sight.

With an evil grin, she stepped back behind Tammy, bent down and worked a pair of ankle cuffs through Tammy's legs and buckled them around her ankles. Then she opened the buckle on Tammy's belt once again and punched in the code to release Tammy's legs.

Before Tammy could even think about attempting to move, once she felt her legs were free, Natasha touched a switch on the table. Tammy's legs began to slowly spread apart. As soon as they reached the outer part of the table legs they stopped and were held securely.

Tammy's skirt, on the other hand, wasn't held securely and had no choice but to slide up over her hips.

"MMMMMMM.... Now that is what I call open for business..." Natasha laughed, running her hand sensually over Tammy's exposed area.

Tammy had to fight responding to the woman's teasing for several minutes.

Tammy's eyes widened and she began wildly shaking her head back and forth when the woman stood and waved a pair of scissors in front of her eyes.

"MMMMOOO, MMMEEME...." Tammy pleaded, straining uselessly against her bonds.

Natasha reached forward and pulled on one of the overstretched bands barely holding Tammy's right breast.

"These are useless now, I hate to destroy this beautiful outfit but it is the only way to get an exact replica of your tits." She sighed and cut each band freeing Tammy's large breasts and nipples from their elastic crates. "There much better... Let me massage those nasty marks away. I'm sure the mold gel will sooth the marks from them, but once they're in the mold gel I won't have the pleasure of playing with them for at least an hour..."

Tammy deeply sighed in relief, but soon began moaning sensually once again as Natasha kneaded and toyed erotically with Tammy's breasts for several minutes.

Grinning, she stared into Tammy's eyes and lifted the cover from the table.

Tammy had to force herself to break the visual connection with the brown eyes beaming at her to look down to see what was beneath the cover. A snow white goop filled the uncovered container to the brim.

"Chandra has done this three times for me. She wasn't so pleased with being strapped down, but she did enjoy the feel of the gel on her tits." Natasha grinned. "It has to be kept warm and maintain a slow vibration to keep any air pockets from forming. It took everything Chandra could muster not to orgasm constantly from it. From what I've seen and heard about you... You won't be as successful as she was..."

"That's what you think!" Tammy's mind replied with a hint of defiance in her eyes.

Natasha grinned as if she heard Tammy's thoughts then began covering the goop with a large piece of plastic wrap.

"This plastic wrap over the mixture will stop it from sticking to your skin," she said. "Don't worry; it's large enough to cover even your giant jugs."

Tammy's mind tried to grasp what was about to happen as she felt a firm tug on her neck as the leash was slowly pulling her neck toward the end of the table and bending her over at her waist.

She tried to resist, to not let the leash win, but within a minute her enormous mounds were forced into the hole and quickly covered by the goop leaving the rest of Tammy's chest laying flat across the table top.

Her head, however, was hanging off the table, where she saw the winch her leash and ankle cuffs were connect to. Also, from the corner of her eye, she saw four leather straps hanging from the far side of the table. These disappeared one by one, as she felt pressure across her arms and back pushing her even deeper into the goop.

"These straps will help keep your body still, so whatever movements you make will not effect how the mold turns out. I wouldn't want to take a chance of ruining TAMMY'S TITS, the soon to be most sought after cake at every bachelor party..." Natasha laughed, as she buckled the final strap tightly across Tammy. "There, now to get you ready for the other mold... You'll really like this one... I know most of the frat boys at the local college will like the result...."

Tammy felt the top of her boots being rolled down to her lower thighs and her skirt rolled up even further. But her overly stimulated body leapt to a new level as she felt her lower lips being pulled apart.

"Just a bit of this epoxy to hold your labia majora to your thighs and your labia minora to those so we can get a good imprint of your clitoris. It's so pretty and full" Natasha giggled, taking a moment to fit her head between Tammy's legs to sensually suck on the over stimulated sex organ. "As large and engorged as this is, as soon as I put the mold on you and fill it with the modeling gel you'll be in sexual torment. I tried it out myself. OH GOD! I thought I was never going to stop climaxing..."

Tammy wanted to beg her to dive her tongue deep into her as soon as she felt Natasha's breathe softly brush over her very aroused clit. But all she did was softly tease Tammy's clit forcing a pleasure tremor through the bound redhead.

"NO!" Tammy's body screamed when Natasha stopped her sensual torments and waved a strange looking mold in front of her.

Tammy felt the confining object tighten as Natasha locked it in place around Tammy's thighs and upper hips.

"MMMMMAAAAAHHHHH, MMMMEEEEMMMM!!!" Tammy screamed over her ring gag, as a huge orgasm ripped through her body, when Natasha poured the molding gel into the mold.

"That was awesome! Chandra's was more of a whimper. And, mine was just pleasant." Natasha laughed. "If that is how yours is beginning, without the vibrations, you are in for some serious torment..."

Tammy heard the sound of a motor and felt its soft vibrations on her chest, then, what felt like earthquake tremors attacked her nether region.

Another spasm wracked her, followed by another, and another wracking her body again and again.

Then her peripheral vision saw Natasha's jeans and panties drop to the floor next to the table.

"What... pant...now...pant...." Tammy tried to say.

"Now, while we let them set, how about we put that mouth and tongue of yours to some good use... We'll keep your mind off your continual torment..." Natasha giggled, pulling a stool up and positioning herself on it so she could wrap her legs around Tammy's head to give her tongue easy access to curb Natasha's lust.

The aroma of the woman's sex filled Tammy's nostrils which sent her body into overdrive. She had many times smelled and tasted Chandra's love juices and never fought her urges to enjoy them.

Tammy quickly decided to not give in to this demented woman. But after a less than a minute of Natasha's sweet scent filling Tammy's olfactory senses and her love box touching Tammy's ring gagged lips. The battle over control ended.

Tammy's tongue betrayed her, diving through the ring and deep into Natasha's waiting sex.

"OH YESSSSS, OH MY GOD, YESSSSSSS!!!" Natasha screamed to the top of her lungs, as her body quivered in orgasmic bliss for the third time.

Tammy tried not to, but could not stop from swallowing the vaginal juices that flowed into her mouth. Of all the women over the years that she had tongued to climax none had such a flow of vaginal fluid.

Time become irrelevant to Tammy. She had no idea how long she had been in the molds or had been forced to please Natasha. Neither did she know how many orgasms had ravaged her own body nor did she care.

Tammy became lost to the moment. Even when she heard the Sweets' make an unannounced awkward sojourn through the kitchen on their way out to go home, she ignored the ranting of the elder woman.

Yes, she felt completely humiliated and no matter how hard she fought it, she could not stop or slow the sexual lust exploding within her. Her lower half felt on fire from the constant arousal. And her breasts and nipples felt as if an electric wand had been used to torment them.

Tammy felt her body needed relief from the steady torment of orgasms. Her tongue ached from overwork. And her stomach felt bloated. Her mind had no control over the sensations attacking it and her body was totally exhausted. So, without further warning, they both shut down and she blacked out.

Chapter Five

Tammy awoke behind the wheel of her car. She couldn't recall how she got there, but was very much relieved not to still be in Sweet's Bakery. She knew she would have to deal with Natasha and the humiliation of the cake molds in the near future as well as the 'Sweets' revised impression of her.

However right now, her main concern was getting this ordeal over and making sure Chandra was okay.

"That was very entertaining, Mrs. Dufrane..." James VanNorkin's voice suddenly filled her ears. "I'm going to be the first to order a special cake from Natasha. Perhaps, I'll send it to Mike as a Christmas gift... That way he can have his cake and eat you too..."

His laugh grated on her and there were several things she would love to say to him, but none of them would be of help to her. And trying to speak would be useless, she could feel that the gag plug had been replaced and re-inflated. She also thought she felt more and raised her hand to her cheek. The smooth rubber of the mouth corset gave hint of the underlying presence of the strap for the ring gag beneath it. Now she was triple gagged.

"I see you modified your dress. I must say it's not quite as subtly erotic as before, but I like it. By the way I see my hormone mixture is working very well... I must inform Karl, he'll be very amused to hear so..." he continued. "They've grown even more. And it appears they are continuing to do so. I could enjoy staring at them all day, but time is passing, Mrs. Dufrane... You need to be moving on. Your next stop is all the way across the city..."

Tammy blinked several times in disbelief as she used the rear view mirror to look at her exposed breasts. She had already taken enough grief from all her male co-workers and clients, with their eyes continually turning down from hers to stare at her D-cups. There was no way now she'd be able to get any of them to look away from her chest.

"OH NO!" Tammy gasped into her gags.

The GPS coming to life with Chandra's image well bound by bandages lying halfway submerged in liquid on her back in a tank grabbed her complete attention.

"As you can see I decided to keep the bandages thoroughly soaked with Karl's aphrodisiac." James VanNorkin laughed. "You were very much occupied, so I felt Chandra should be as well. Of course your desires for constant sexual release come naturally. Chandra's on the other hand will be given a push. A rather large push once she has absorbed all of the liquid in the tank into her system. I seriously doubt if Nora and Gina combined will be able to satisfy her..."

The tone of his words more than the actual threat they imposed sent a wave of anger through Tammy.

"MU MAMAMD!" She screamed into the gag looking directly into the GPS with flames of fire spurting from her green eyes.

"Bastard? Did you just call me a bastard, Mrs. Dufrane?" His voice was now sounding irritated. "Well, if I'm such a bastard then I suppose I need to adjust such comfortable surroundings..."

Tammy grimaced as soon as she spoke. Her desire was to help Chandra not make matters worse for her. However the sound of the car heater shutting off told her Chandra wasn't the one he was directing his ire at this time.

Not only did the heater quit, but the air conditioning system jumped to life and directed a blast of near artic air at her chest and very wet nether region.
"AAAAAAARRRGGGGGG!" Tammy shivered uncontrollably as a painful cold swept over her.

"Now follow the directions from the GPS to your next stop before you turn into a big titted slut sickle." He growled.

Tammy forced her attention away from the shivering cold to the directions now showing on the GPS screen. And after a few horrid minutes the temperature began to rise.

Tammy glanced toward the screen and saw Nora adding more liquid to the tank.

"Your suffering was momentary. Chandra's will be a lifetime if you fail, Mrs. Dufrane..." His voice echoed in her elf ears. "And I can make you fail if I so choose..."

The sick feeling in the pit of her stomach returned with a vengeance. Tammy silently watched the road hoping, praying she hadn't pushed back to far this time.

She drove across the city, trying to avoid eye contact with any vehicle that stopped next to her at each red-light or pedestrian walking across the street. The startled looks and comments about her naked breasts by all were easy to ignore, except for the two times she was sure she had been recognized.

Her next door neighbors, Bill and June Henderson were first. She tried to not look at them, but her car horn began honking on its own getting their attention. And her driver's door window lowered by itself, making sure they got an unobstructed view of her.

She wanted to sink down in her seat, but her voice suddenly began a conversation, leaving no doubt as to whom she was.

"Hey neighbors!" Her voice shouted from the broach and her seat suddenly lifted on its own giving them an even better view of her chest. "Mike's out of town for a few days, would you be free to come over to the house and play some bondage games with me? You can do me or me you... Either or both of you, I enjoy it all..."

The look on June's face told her she would be the center of the neighborhood gossip for the next month, if not the year. And she was sure, by the look in Bill's eyes, she'd have a visitor sometime during that period.

Fortunately for Tammy, they turned at the next light. But their departure did nothing for the sinking feeling filling her.

Then unfortunately for her, also at the third light, her boss Mr. Edmunsen and his wife pulled along the passenger side of her car. The look on his face told her he recognized her car. And the 'OH MY GOD, ONE OF MY FAVORITE EMPLOYEES IS DRIVING AROUND HALF-NAKED, BOUND, GAGGED AND PROUDLY DISPLAYING HER HUGE KNOCKERS' look, that quickly washed over his face, told her he recognized her as well.

However the fact that he never changed his line of sight and continued to stare transfixed at her chest, through the windows, until the light changed and she drove off, also told her he liked what he saw. Meaning, this would be something else she would have to deal with in the very near future.

Tammy's heart sank, but she decided to put as much distance between them as she could by the next light; where she finally caught a piece of good luck. They had to stop at the light and she didn't.

But turning in behind her from a side street and pulling right up to her back bumper at the next red light was an unfamiliar full size pickup truck, with a very familiar driver and passenger.

Chad and Thad Willows were cousins who had accompanied their grandfather, Benjamin, to the bank for the entire time Tammy had been employed there. While in her office, when they were eight, their constant attempts to sneak a peak up Tammy dress had been mildly annoying and forgivable. When in their early teens, their attempts to look down her dress had become very unwelcome to the point of her mentioning it to Benjamin.

However, from their late teens until now, they had just turned twenty-one over the summer, their unwelcome ass gropes and comments had forced her to have them removed from the bank on several occasions.

Both were large enough to be Police Officers and both had gone to the Police Academy. But Tammy had heard they quit and went back to work at their grandfather's processing plant once they learned they couldn't use their badges for their own pleasure.

Being large men they had gotten used to getting their own way.

Tammy had spoken to several of the female tellers, who had dated the two. Several learned the hard way that neither cared to take no for an answer and most had foggy memories of those dates. None could remember being drugged; however all of the girls did say they thought both were capable and willing to use anything at their disposal to get their way. Also none of them had anything positive to say of either of them, other than they all described them as being "hung like a horse".

That was the last thing Tammy needed, especially in her present semi bound condition, to find out if those rumors were true. Even though in the back of her mind she couldn't stop speculating what they would do if they caught up to her.

So she did her best to remain inconspicuous until the light changed. Then she stomped on the gas pedal and with the sound of squealing tires bolted off down the street in a hurry. But the truck did the same and remained close behind, following her all of the way to her next stop.

Which did little to thrill her at all.

"Great," Tammy thought sarcastically to herself as she pulled into the parking lot for VOYEUR VIDEOS. "The Thompson twins, it can only get better from here, girl!!!"

Like the Willows cousins they too were good size boys. Shane was nearly as large as Chad Willows. And Riley was a couple of inches taller, but was much lankier than his brother or either of the Willows.

She had seen Shane and Riley Thompson grow from eight year old cuties to typical twenty-one year old lecherous young men, who thought they were still boys. She had seen them hanging around town with Chad and Thad many times. She had even been warned by two tellers to keep a wary eye out if she ever saw the four of them together. From the tone in each teller's voice neither had heeded their own advice sometime in the past.

The twin's parents had had Tammy set up college funds for the two. However upon graduation from high school both decided to use that money to open a video store.

It did fairly well, profit wise. They used the bank and Tammy to invest a portion of it for them. And it was doing nicely.

In thinking about the twins she forgot about the pickup truck, until in her rearview mirror she saw its doors opening.

"Oh shit!" She gasped seeing Thad and Chad Willows step from the truck and look straight at her car.

"You need to get a move on, Mrs. Dufrane." James VanNorkin's voice startled her. "Chandra has been in those bandages and soaking a very long time..."

With his mentioning of Chandra, Tammy's focus changed back from the two young men to her more pressing problem. And with great angst she decided to leave the safety of her locked car to make a semi sort of run toward the video store. She knew the moment she stopped touching it her arms would be useless and her stride cut by more than half.

She hoped there would be some patrons in the store and deciding the embarrassment she would feel at them seeing her would be worth the protection. Tammy pulled the door handle. But as she did, the door flew open nearly causing her to tumble from the car.

Catching herself and regaining her balance, Tammy moaned in desperation. Looking up as she lifted herself back into the seat, she saw both of the Willows staring down at her.

"I told yuh... I told yuh, I knew it looked like dah classy bitch from dah bank that takes care ah gramps' money." Thad, the younger of the two by a month and barely smaller than his cousin, growled in glee standing back having just pulled the door open. "And, lookie at her.... Out struttin' yer stuff on dah streets, like one ah Santa's whore elves are yuh... Well yuh can make my Christmas wish come true rite heer and now..."

For the first time since she heard Chandra's answering machine a real sense of fear swept over Tammy.

By the look in their eyes, she knew either or both wouldn't hesitate to use her as a fuck doll if given the opportunity. And it appeared to be presenting itself to them now.

"If you're planning' on goin' inside good lookin', we'll be glad to escort yuh in and keep yuh safe from all duh riffraff here about..." Chad Willows grinned, getting an eyeful of Tammy's new more shapely breasts. "Our buds, Shane and Riley Thompson, you may know em, they own this place and wanted us ta come over ta party. They always sayin' we never bring any goodies... But, I think we gonna suhprise em this time an bring a play-purdy in thar with us."

Without warning and in one quick motion, he reached into the car, grabbed Tammy by the arm and pulled her from it.

His action sent her stumbling uncontrollably out into the parking lot toward his cousin and away from the car.


Instantly, her legs snapped together. Her arms did the same, behind her back forcing her to thrust out her chest. She tried to run, but her lower legs had sealed together this time as well as her thighs.

Panic splashed over Tammy, for now not only was she gagged to well to scream for help, she was unable to flee at all.

Not to mention that, during her all be it short struggle to maintain her balance her tight rubber skirt had slipped up over her ass. So she found herself standing bound, gagged and defenseless with all her very private parts uncovered in an empty dark parking lot with two characters, who in the past made it a point to ogle her.

Both of whom now were staring lustfully at her with very evil grins on their faces.

She could do nothing to stop them. However both looked to be completely stunned. Whether it was due to her sexy appearance or their opportune fortune neither seemed desirous to move. They just stood there staring at her, when the sound of the trunk popping open disrupted the quiet.

"GRAB HER!" Chad Willows screamed to his cousin suddenly released from his catatonic spell.

Thad quickly lunged around the door and locked his arms around Tammy, cupping a mammoth breast in each hand. Tammy instinctively squirmed in an effort to free herself from his grasp. This only forced his large paws deeper into her mountainous mounds. But, it also pushed the growing bulge in his pants against her hands.

"OH MY GOD, CHAD... YUH AIN'T GONNA BELIEVE IT... THESE THINGS ARE FUCKIN' REAL!!!" Tammy heard him say as he pulled her tighter against himself. "And she's already grabbin' for my cock... Oh yeah take is easy babee, I'm gonna give it ta yuh..."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Tammy uselessly screamed at herself feeling her hands take on a will of their own. "DON'T, DON'T DO IT! STOPPP!!!"

In an incredible feat of dexterity and against her will, Tammy's hands though stuck tightly together at her wrists had unzipped Thad's jeans, pulled his hardening cock from its cloth prison, and began stroking it diligently between her palms.

"OH MAN! YEAH!!!" Thad loudly laughed feeling the tip of his cock press against her tight sphincter. "Wiggle dat ass bitch, send daddy home... Oh yeah that's it..."

Tammy moaned loudly to herself as she felt the tip of his cock slowly pierce her anus.

Several men over the years, from her older teens until she met Mike, had enjoyed her sex. But none had taken her anally. It had remained virgin territory until that first Halloween weekend with Mike. And losing that part of her virginity then and there wasn't his idea as she suddenly recalled.

Mike had bound her three or four different ways that first night, not touching her sexually in any of them. He just enjoyed watching her struggles, as he still does; never wanting to confuse their lovemaking with bondage sex. After several hours, and many, many climaxes on her part, finally he released her and carried her up to the bedroom where they made passionate love until well into the morning.

After some sleep, breakfast, and a few more hours of passionate lovemaking he once more began binding and gagging her in very stimulating ways and positions.

That was when fate stepped in and planted within her a seed of lust and desire for anal sex when she was bound.

Mike had tied her on all fours to a 6-foot long 4-inch by 4-inch wooden beam that lay on the floor, by her wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. He also tied her knees to her elbows as well. Then he used a set of nipple clamps connected together by a short chain, which he had run beneath the beam, forced her to keep her chest and head down and her ass up.

He was teasing her sex with his finger when he brushed over her anus.

Shivers of titillation rushed through her, forcing her to moan loudly over the 3˝-inch diameter red ball gag stuffed behind her teeth and lips. After brushing over her anus several more times he saw the pleasure she was receiving, so he lubed and inserted a finger, soliciting even louder and more heated moans from her. A second, then third finger followed, which caused her to beg through the gag for a fourth.

A warm feeling of pleasure rushed over her as Tammy remembered the sensations. First a tickle, then the pressure, followed quickly by the enormous pain. This quickly subsided and led to a massive orgasmic pleasure.

Mike's amazed laugh at this still rang in her ears.

She turned her head as much as she could, staring into his blue eyes, then glancing down at his enormous hard cock and back. When she wiggled her ass at him, the astonished look she saw in his eyes would always remain imbedded firmly in her memory. And as if reading her mind, he moved behind her. She can still feel the cold bite of the cool lubricating gel as he poured more of it in and around her anus.

"Are you sure?" He said in a love filled whisper.

She nodded her head yes and several minutes later, after the pain eased and the pleasure returned, she felt his rhythmically thrusting cock suddenly enlarge and pulsate spewing his warm semen into her, causing an awe inducing orgasm to wash over her.

That evening, as they lay naked on a blanket in front of the crackling fire in the fireplace, she softly stroked his stiffening cock with her hand and looked over into his smiling face. She rose to her knees and straddled his hips, letting her wet moist pussy barely touch the tip of his cock. Looking deep into his eyes, she quietly whispered.

"Promise me, after we marry, when I'm tied like that or similarly, you will not hold back and always enjoy yourself completely with my ass."

He smiled and nodded. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him long and deep as she lowered herself onto his cock and rode him to another mutual climax.


The familiar pain along with Thad's shouts and wild manic thrusts brought Tammy back from her thoughts. It was only then she realized, her body had been thrusting backward in rhythm to him and was itself on the verge of a huge orgasm.

Her body tensed and sphincter muscles contracted, tightening around his pulsating rod as he filled her anal canal with his warm cum. Tammy was amazed that his ejaculation seemed to go on forever.

Chad had been searching the trunk, but turned in time to stare into Tammy's eyes as Thad's climax sent her over the edge as well.

"MMMMMOOOOOO,MMMMMAAAAAHHHH!!!" Tammy silently screamed into the gags keeping her quiet as the orgasm drained the strength from her body.

Her legs felt weak and she was only able to stand because she was still impaled on Thad's hard shaft.

Tammy sensed Chad had waited for her to finish before she heard him tell Thad to bring her over to him.

"She may'uh been a fighter, but I think now, she's a lovah..." Thad laughed lifting her limp body more firmly against his chest and letting her slide down driving his still hard cock deeper into her as he carried her toward his cousin. "Now, what da we do?"

"We take her inside... Afta seein' her do dat, I'm sure Shane and Riley will wanna party with her... I know ah do..." Chad grinned and answered looking up from the open presents he held. "An if they don't, we'll take her home fer gramps..."

Tammy glanced up at Chad hearing his comment. Having their grandfather see her like this would not be good, but being helplessly left to the wiles of four young horny uncontrollable men would be worse.

However, Tammy felt a strange anticipation growing inside her at the thought of that and she couldn't dismiss it.

"Yeah, I think they'll wanna party with her, too. Speshly, afta I tell em what Mrs. Big Tits, here, did..." Thad laughed lifting her body up his shaft and letting it slide back down again several times. "She'll be a whole lot more fun, than them college bitches... Just look at thees tits... And she really likes ta take it up da ass..."

Chad nodded his head in agreement and reached into one of the opened gift boxes and pulled an inflatable dildo and butt plug from it.

"Thees'll keep her ready for action..." He said holding the butt plug out for Thad. "But, you'll hafta get your dick outta her first though. While ya do that, I'll put this in her cunt. Thar's also a ton'o rope in this box. And that'un is full of leather straps. Afta ya put in da butt plug, strap her legs tugetha... I'll fill her cunt wit dis and use da rope on her arms and tits..."

"Why yuh wanna do dat? She hain't getting' away! Her arms and legs is stuck together!" Thad replied. "And she's limp as one ah dem ragdolls..."

"I'd feel better knowin' fer sure she can't get free..." Chad said looking up into Tammy's eyes. "Thees is all filled with leather straps and rope... What was yuh plannun' on doin' with them, Mrs. Big Tits..."

Tammy knew it was useless to, but she tried to answer. Perhaps they would, in a moment of abnormal compassion, help her. But no sound passed the rubber corset covering her mouth. Her green eyes widened as she watched him uselessly try to wiggle a finger between her cheek and the rubber material.

Tammy saw the devilish look fill his eyes and the fear inside her increased. But so did the warmth growing between her legs.

Chad reached out and grabbed her left nipple and twisted it hard.

"AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!" Tammy loudly screamed, but no sound could be heard.

"She's not gonna' be able ta yell fer help... So you'll be a good lil' cunt while we're puttin' thees in yuh won't yuh..." Chad laughed, triumphantly, wiggling the dildo deep into Tammy's vulva and inflating it fully as Thad did the same with the butt plug. "After we tie her, you run ahead and tell Shane and Riley we got em a Christmas elf fer a gift. And give em these, too. I didn't mess wit them cause they got their names on em. I'll just toss Mrs. Big Tits ovah mah shoulder like a sack o taters and bring her on in behind ya..."

Thad reluctantly at first, then getting more turned on after he inserted and filled the butt plug, strapped Tammy's legs tightly at her ankles, above and below her knees, and her thighs, while Chad used the rope on her arms and chest.

Tammy moaned softly as they inserted and inflated the dildo and butt plug. But quietly she gave thanks for as long as those were in her, their cocks would not be.

After they finished tying her, Tammy was amazed. She didn't think her legs and arms could feel more restricted. But with each tightly notched strap and cinched rope she felt more and more helpless and at their mercy.

She could feel the different straps as they were tightened on her legs. However it was her reflection in her car window of Chad's roping expertise that grabbed her attention.

She had had her upper body bound very securely many times by Mike, so she had no choice but to appreciate this binding. Not only had Chad wrapped the rope separately around her arms, he also wrapped more of it around her chest and arms as well. Only her, now enormous, breasts were uncovered by the tightly tied cord. And he had cinched the cord along the sides which tightened the rope around the base of her breasts so tightly they had swelled to an even larger size.

Tammy thought they looked as disproportionately large as some of the super heroines breasts in the comic books in Mike's collection. Not to mention, they were already beginning to turn a nice noticeable shade of purple.

With little effort Chad turned Tammy to face him and hoisted her over his shoulder. The pressure from the butt plug and dildo as he bent her over his shoulder sent a wave of arousal through her.

Tammy tried to resist the urges, but her body overruled her mind. As soon as her tightly bound breasts began slamming up and down against Chad's back as he walked toward the video store door, she could not hold back anymore and a massive orgasm hit her once again.

She felt her cheeks burn red with embarrassment when Chad laughed and said something about if she enjoyed riding on his shoulder this much she'll really love riding his cock.

"They're in da office," Tammy heard Thad yell as she saw the upside down parking lot disappear through the store's closing doors.

She also saw full video shelves pass by as Chad weaved his way through the aisles heading toward a door near the back of the store. She could hear Thad's voice getting louder as he bragged about fucking her in the ass out in the parking lot which sent another wave of embarrassment and humiliation through her.

Their voices grew louder and it sounded to Tammy like neither of the twins believed Thad, which she hoped. Two more young hulking hunks trying to pop her in the ass was not what she needed right now. Yet she could still feel how thick Thad's cock felt as it slammed in and out of her.

Suddenly, the old saying about being young, hung, and full of cum, sprang into her head, and brought a much needed chuckle to her gagged lips.

"Well, he's definitely young and hung." She actually laughed to herself, then feeling something like a large amount of cum seep out from her ass and flow onto her right buttock, thought. "EEEEWWW!! And full of cum!"

Chad twisted through the doorway and Tammy felt herself nearly slip from his shoulder, which quickly turned her thoughts back to her dire circumstance. She lifted her head as much as she could to get a look around.

She saw they had just entered the twins' small office. Both of them were seated behind a large desk with Thad somewhere off to their left, by the sound of his voice.

The sound of paper being ripped and torn interrupted Thad's pleas for them to believe him. Which were suddenly replaced with all three of their voices speaking incoherently, followed by deep guttural laughs echoing off the office walls.

All of which came to a dead silence when Chad entered the room carrying their bound and gagged play-purdy.

"HOT DAMN! You were telling the truth, it is her... Are you sure these are from her?" Shane asked as he stepped around the desk. "I mean with these she'll be in for a long night... How'd she get them anyway, I didn't think they were on the market yet."

"They're not!" Riley replied. "And, the stuff she gave me isn't for private use either. But hey, if she's wanting to party by giving this stuff to us to use... Well I don't want to let her down... And from what I've heard about those pills once you take one, you better be ready to party. Cause it starts to work right away and only lasts for an hour."

He stood and joined his brother in admiring the bound redhead over Chad's shoulder.

"But, I hear you can take another after that and then another a hour after that." Riley grinned running a hand between Tammy's mashed right breast and Chad's back. "That is if you want to remain rock hard and keep on cumming..."

Tammy moaned softly as he playfully pinched and fondled her overly sensitive nipple.

"Four bottles of EVERHARD PILLS... Four of us..." Shane grinned as he lifted Tammy up by her rubber covered chin to look into her face. "I guess you really want to party... Well you're in luck, the four of us were planning to party and we have an opening for a member of the opposite sex... So you are cordially invited to our party..."

"I think she's accepting... And look, she has also kindly thought to provide the entertainment for us as well the means to keep that entertainment entertained..." Riley added with a spark of devilishness in his tone.

The others' loud sinister laughter sent a chill down Tammy's spine. But, she also sensed a spark of aroused anticipation inside of her as well.

Tammy's mind jumped to an article she had read about those pills in one of Mike's men's magazines. Riley was right, one pill could keep a man's penis fully erect, not just fully erect actually enlarge it, for over an hour. The article also stated that after an hour it quickly dissipated from the system so another pill could be taken and after another hour, another pill and so on, with no lingering side effects.

That little fact added to the fear chill tickling her spine, but added as well to the uncontrollable arousal filling her.

Also, if she remembered correctly, which she did, the article mentioned that each pill increased the amount of sperm produced and semen expelled during ejaculation. This accounted for the higher rate of pregnancy among the female partners of those testing the pill.

But, as she recalled the massive amount of cum Thad unloaded into her a few moments ago without the aid of a semen producing pill, this could also create an enormous problem for her considering she is completely under the control of these four young semen producing guns.

Chad let Tammy slowly slide down his chest as he removed her from his shoulder. She could feel the enormous bulge in his pants and her nipples enjoyed the feeling of rubbing against his muscular chest. Those unexpected feelings caused her to take deep heavy breaths through her nose. This drew a long lustful stare at her heaving breasts, from the large young man.

As she looked up at him, it was then she noticed he was nearly as large as Mike. She also had seen those lust filled stares before and could read the thoughts behind them.

He circled her rope covered corseted waist with his hands and easily lifted her up into the air.

Her eyes, then gagged mouth passed his face and didn't stop. Her neck and shoulders were the next to pass, and she still didn't stop her ascent. It wasn't until her well bound balloon shaped breasts were parallel to his grinning eyes that she stop rising.

"AAAAHHHH, ARRRGGG, AAAAHHHHH..." She loudly moaned into the gags silencing her as he mauled her left, then right breast with his ravenous mouth.

He sucked and bit each nipple and buried his face in each of the purple colored mounds. Back and forth, from one to the other he bounced, sending sizzling scorches of pain and pleasure through her.

Her bound body writhed in his hands, twisting and turning with each delightful reaction to his attack.

Her body's enjoyment of this spirited attack on her sensitive mounds overrode Tammy's mind and helped her to ignore the gasps and catcalls from the three jealous observers eager to join in.

Was it minutes or hours that he held her aloft and devoured her breasts, Tammy wasn't sure or didn't care. Her body had once again taken control. And over her mind's continual protest, it craved more and more of his and the others attentions.

Her eyes and moans were begging the others to join in.

"I take it the party has started," Shane said loud enough to grab Chad's attention. "I thought she was a gift for us all...."

"Yur'right..." Chad slowly responded lowering Tammy to her bound booted feet and turning her around to face Shane. "Kinda got carried away... Couldn't hep meself. Yer turn."

With that, Shane Thompson pounced, groping both her breasts in his hands and burying his face between them.

Tammy let out a soft unheard moan when he reached down and cupped a handful of her unshaven pussy as his fingers split her labia.

"OH MAN! SHE SUCKED TWO OF MY FINGERS INTO HER CUNT!" Shane yelled with an expression of disbelief on his face after pulling his head from the mounds of pleasure where it had been buried. "SHE REALLY WANTS IT..."

"I told yuh, she was hotterin' a firecracker and hornier than a rabbit..." Thad said stepping behind and reaching around Tammy to cup a breast in each hand. "These things er REAL! And I think they're evin bigger now than afor..."

"We're going to need more room than this to enjoy our entertainment," Shane laughed and winked at Riley. "Bro, you think she knows about our side business? She'd be perfect to be our next starlet..."

"You're right, that's good thinking... What is the matter with me..." Riley said, slapping his forehead in mock shock. "I should have been filming all along... I'll get a camera..."

"Wait" Shane called. He turned pulling his fingers from Tammy's very wet and hungry pussy. "I think we need to move this party to the 'studio'...After all, we've each got a bottle of EVERHARD pills to use. And with Andy running the store tomorrow, we've got all night and all day to film..."

"Yeah, that's right..." Riley grinned and opened the closet door at the back of the office. "And, we just got that extra shipment of film. Perfect..."

"How we gonna' get ur there without ur bein' seen?" Thad asked, easily wiggling three of his thick fingers into Tammy's slit as Shane turned away.

"mmmmmmm...." Tammy moaned into her gags at the return of Thad's fingers.

"STOP GIRL, YOU HAVE TO STOP... NO, IT FEELS SO GOOD... I WANT MORE, MORE, MORE!" Tammy's mind and body argued as Thad fingered her.

Their conversations were slowly slipping away from Tammy. Her body eagerly awaiting whatever the next young man enjoyed.

"With this..." Riley grinned, pulling a large old wooden pirate chest from the closet in the back of the office. "We used this for a display for that last Pirate movie. We just fold her up, then put her inside and carry her out. Anyone sees us, we're just removing some damaged videos from the store... But, I do want to get a close up of her before we put her in."

Tammy tried to resist them forcing her into a sitting position and bending her knees until the heels of her boots touched her ass.

It wasn't that she wanted to be free of the ropes. No, she now wanted and desired to feel each of them in her.

The sound of tape being pulled from a roll came from behind her, which dragged her mind back and she forced it to take control.

She couldn't turn her head to see Shane's gleeful grin, but she felt him stick the tape to her shoulder and pull it around her left side. Between her calves and the back of her thighs she felt him pull the roll. Coming back around he pulled it tighter, forcing her lower thighs and knees to mash her ballooned breasts.

Tammy's body quivered from the needle like sparks of pain racing from her breasts into her body sending a thousand tingles of erotic pleasure through her.

By the time he had turned her into a tape bundled package by wrapping five loops of the red duct tape around her back and thighs and eight loops around her ankles, shins, and back, those tingles had transformed. They were now continual torrents of pleasure pushing her body toward the climax she desired, but knew would only egg her four captors on.

Shane and Chad started to lift her, when Riley stopped them.

"Just a sec... Need to do this first..." He said, reaching for the elf hat and ears.

He pulled them from Tammy's head and tossed them into the chest. Then he held a large black leather blindfold in front of her.

Tammy tried to shake her head no, but the rubber mouth corset prevented her from fighting as he tightly buckled it over her face. She tried to shake it free, but it ran from her hairline to below her nose, which poked through an opening to keep the thing from sliding up or down.

"Just to make sure she can't see where we're going. And it'll hide her identity until we decide to show who our starlet is. That can be the final scene." He winked at Shane. "We'll need to wear masks, too... Don't wants to be identified..."

He handed the others three ski masks as well, then lifted a video camera.

"Smile darlin', you're on Thompson T.V." He laughed slowly panning back and forth, up and down Tammy's bound body. "Lets get our starlet all packed away..."

Tammy's body began screaming no. It wanted to be used, be forced to perform for her captors, not be put away in a box.

And her mind agreed, but not for the same reasons. It, too, did not want to be hidden away in a box. Being carted off to 'who knows where' was not going help her escape or get to Chandra. Yet as she felt herself being lifted, she knew it was going to happen. She tried to twist and turn, but the tape held her tight.

"Oh, man! She's a natural. Look at her play for the camera." She heard Riley laugh. "Yeah that's it slut, show me the goods. I can't wait to nail you..."

Darkness was all she could see. And their voices were quickly muffled to silence by the top of the wooden chest being closed.

"Now what are you going to do, girl?" Tammy asked herself as she felt the chest being lifted and carried.

Chapter Six (added: 05/06/2009)

Time for Tammy seemed at a stand still. Only the tingling tickles of the needle-like sparks of pleasurable pain from her crushed mounds filled her thoughts. Until, she heard the loud thunk and felt the chest hit the floor.

The squeak of hinges and the return of deep male voices told her they were opening the chest.

She felt a cool breeze on her sweaty skin as she felt herself being lifted from the chest and placed on a hard cold slab.

She felt fingers begin prying at the tape and the pull of it being removed from her rubber outfit. She tried to stretch after they freed her from the folded form she had been taped in. But, they didn't release her form the true bonds that held her tight.

She was lifted to her booted feet and left to waver uneasily on unsteady legs.

"I figure we'll need to film while we're removing these blockades," Riley said, as she felt a tug on the dildo. "Then, we'll play it by ear and put it all together in editing. I'm sure Mrs. Dufrane will be much more receptive than the majority of our other starlets. What do you say, Mrs. Dufrane. Are you going to be a willing actress or do we need to keep you bound for your acting debut?"

"She can't answer ya. She's gagged real good," Thad spoke up. "Gonna hafta cut that rubber suit loose around her mouth, if ya want her at answer ya... Gonna hafta cut it fer sure if we're gonna use her mouth ..."

Tammy felt someone try to pry a finger between her cheek and the rubber.

"Well, I'll be... Man, that's gagged... I've gotta wonder who did this to her and why they let her go?" She recognized Shane Thompson's voice. "Get me a pair of scissors, I'll cut it. I want to feel her mouth wrapped around my dick..."

"You ASSHOLES aren't going to cut anything," Tammy heard her voice speaking. "Listen dumbass, all you need to do is remove my belt. It powers everything, stupid redneck hicks... I don't know how you two fools are still in business, especially hanging around with those two idiots..."

"YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH!" She heard Shane, Thad, and Chad yell as one.

Tammy sensed them moving closer and prepared herself to be struck.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on there... We don't want any marks on her..." Riley's voice calmly halted whatever they were about to do. "Let's see what this does before we go off half cocked..."

She felt the belt loosen and the gag plug slowly begin to deflate.

But, due to the extra bonds she could not tell if her limbs were truly free of VanNorkin's dress or not.

However, the sound of air escaping from her gag silenced the grumbles of the three and she felt someone tinkering with the zipper behind her head.

The sound of a zipper followed by the pressure from the mouth and neck corset easing, then disappearing as it was rolled away from her skin sent a sliver of hope into her mind. And when the deflated plug was pulled from her mouth with a loud 'POP', her hope grew.

Then, she felt someone pull on the strap holding the ring gag tightly in her mouth.

"Interesting... With this padlocked on it appears our starlet isn't going to be needing a script with lines..." She heard Riley muse. "Other than a few mmmphs and garbled begging's for more that is."

Tammy's growing balloon of hope burst!

"Well she isn't gonna need dat rubber skirt," Chad's voice loudly grumbled. "Call me a idiot, bitch... We'll see what ya call me after I slam my 14-inches o meat in your ass..."

She heard the sound of a knife blade opening and felt the rubber skirt being cut away at her waist from the rest of the dress.

"I still want first dibs on her mouth," She heard Shane say. "Call me a dumbass... You're going to suck on this for a while, bitch..."

"Wait!" Riley once more spoke, but his voice sounded distant. "I want to catch her expression on film when she sees what you're going to give her."

Tammy squinted when the light hit her eyes as the blindfold was removed.

She slowly opened them to see Riley's smiling face and a Catwoman mask he held in front of her.

"Can't let you be recognized this soon in the movie, can I..." he laughed, pulling it around her face and over her head, sealing her red hair and the padlock inside the mask after lacing it tight. "We couldn't remove that lock anyway. Now it looks like she can't wait to suck our dicks..."

"Right! Like I said, I'm first!" Shane said unzipping his pants and pulling his large menacing cock out.

Tammy looked down and blinked. It was easily over a foot long and nearly three inches thick. An unsurprising wave of disgust rose in her. But, to her astonishment it was overridden by an urgent compelling desire to suck the monstrous thing into her mouth.

The lustful look in her eyes startled the huge young man.

"Wait bro, let's get the studio ready first." Riley said touching his brother's arm. "We want to get everything on film, man. I don't know about you three, but I plan on having everything I do to with her on film to watch anytime I like..."

The other three hesitated and then agreed.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? YOU DON'T WANT TO SUCK HIS..." Tammy's mind screamed at her body.

But, her body scoffed and her eyes gave Shane a 'come on up and see me sometime' leer.

Chad and Thad carried her a few steps away. And as they forced her to kneel against a metal post in the floor protruding straight up 3 feet into the air, Tammy ran her tongue sensually around the ring and her lips.

"STOP THAT!" Her mind screamed, but she continued even while they forced the post between her mountainous breasts.

Thad held her tightly against the post while Chad looped rope around and around her breasts forcing them to lovingly hug the cold metal 4-inch thick upright. The cold post sent a shiver through her body which only encouraged her nipples to harden even more.

"Holy shit! Dat rope is makin her nips fuckin bigga..." Chad blurted out as he finished tying the thin cord around Tammy's breasts and the pole.

Thad stared at the enlarging knobs as he wrapped rope around Tammy and the post above her breasts.

"I wanna suck an bite dem things," he drooled as he looped more rope around Tammy and the post at her thighs and waist.

Tammy felt the last loops of rope mash her nether region firmly against the post, including the bottom part of the dildo.

"Use this to keep her interested," Riley laughed tossing Thad a large massaging wand. "Just tie it to the post and plug it in. Should send some nice vibrations through the metal...."

"Oh no!" Tammy's mind gasped. "Once that get going I'll be out of control."

"MMMMMMAAAAA, MMMMMMMOOOOO!!" Tammy loudly protested as soon as Thad plugged in the massager and the sound of a steady buzz began echoing in the warehouse. "MMMMMMMAAAAAAOOOOOO!!!."

Knowing her body wouldn't resist the wondrous assault of the massager for long, Tammy tried to quickly take stock of the studio. But the vibrations raced through the post to the dildo and directly onto her clit. Moments later, her body thanked them with a huge orgasmic show.

Less than 3 minutes after her climatic panting eased, another orgasmic show entertained the four young men and after that another followed by another.

All four had stopped what they were doing and stood motionless staring at her in disbelief.

"Tell... me... you... filmed... that!" Shane Thompson said zombie like after breaking out of his mesmerized trance.

"Oh yeah!" Riley answered grinning from ear to ear. "From three different camera angles..."

Due to the continual torment of forced blissful arousal, Tammy was only able to take brief glances around the studio.

It looked to be an old warehouse. The ceiling was easily 16-feet high with several cables running back and forth between the many block and tackle systems connected by rope to dozens of pulleys throughout. These, she assumed, were used to move the set walls that were standing scattered around here and there. With them they could make this place into whatever type of room needed, especially with all the various pieces of furniture scattered about.

There were many normal items like beds, tables, sofas, and chairs. But, it was the odd items like a cage, a thick single pedestal table with a top in the shape of an X, a small rocking horse, and a gynecologist's examination table that drew her attention and also added to her mounting arousal.

The light from some lighting fixtures Chad and Riley were moving reflected off different places on the walls and floor. That was when Tammy noticed various sized eyebolts placed around each wall, as well as in the ceiling and the floor.

But, the things that increased Tammy's fear the most increased her arousal factor as well were the dozen or so video cameras on tripods that Thad and Shane were moving all around. They were going to film whatever they did to her from many more angles than one.

Between two eye closing climaxes, she watched Riley take the camera he had used for filming so far and mount it to an aerial system just below the ceiling.

"My God!" Tammy thought. "That will let them move a camera freely around above the room and film me."

"The climactic movie ending will be her ultimate humiliation and unmasking," Riley said, as the four men approached her. "But, scene one needs to be her oral gratitude to us for making her a star... Bro you're up first..."

Tammy could do nothing but stare up at Shane, who after stripping and donning a leather burglar mask stepped up to the post with his rock hard cock aimed at the ring gag.

Her mind screamed out "NO!". But her mouth greedily accepted the huge hunk of meat and the quick coming flow of warm cum that spewed from its length after just a few thrusts. It seemed to Tammy he had just slipped it through the ring when she felt it start pulsing and filling her mouth with his seed.

As soon as Shane's cock emptied into her mouth, Chad's began, followed soon after by Thad and Riley's.

Hours passed and to Tammy, she had been fucked and bound in every conceivable manner. From kneeling to give blow jobs, to hanging by her wrists from the ceiling with her legs bound outstretched to eyebolts in the walls so she could be double penetrated by each duo. First the twins, then the cousins took their turns at her. Followed by mix matching each family and of course they all had to be reversed. The one who fucked her pussy had to have a go at her ass on the next go round and vice versa.

She couldn't keep up with the number of times the four came in her mouth, pussy and ass nor the number of her own amazing orgasms that ravaged her body.

Tammy was however grateful, during the times her mouth wasn't being used by any of the four, for frozen penis shaped popsicles that were pushed through the ring gag for her to suck on. The cherry flavored ones turned out to be her favorite even though the grape ones were quite tastee as well.

She also lost count of number of these she had consumed.

She eventually found herself bound, by 3-inch wide leather straps, face down and spread out on the X-shaped table top. Her arms were strapped to it at her wrists, forearms, elbows and biceps, while her legs were held securely at her ankles, calves, knees and thighs.

Her legs were splayed leaving her ass and pussy very available. She could feel the warm breeze from the heating vents blowing warm air into the warehouse. Her head was another matter. Tammy was tired and had nothing to help her hold it up so she let it droop and watched the drool puddle beneath her.

From the corner of her eye she saw the long stiff cock of one of her four assailants enter her line of sight.

Then, after a loud grunt that sounded like Chad's voice, "WHOOOOSH" everything turned into a giant swirling blur as she and the table top spun on top of the pedestal.

Around and around, faster and faster Tammy whirled. She felt as if she was about to vomit, when thankfully she began slowing.

A few revolutions later she had slowed enough that she thought she could make out four long thick hard cocks pass her at separate sides of the table. Each one level with her head and poised to entertain her.

Tammy had a renewed feeling of depression in her mind when she heard two sad grumbles mixed with two hearty cheers when she stopped spinning. However, she could feel her body perk up in anticipation.

"What dah ya chose cousin?" Chad's gleeful voice rang out above her head. "Pussy or ass? Yuh get ta pick... I get her mouth... Ya got yer camera rollin', Riley?"

Tammy saw the length of Chad's huge hard penis wave in front of her eyes just before he lifted her head and slid it through the ring gag. Right then, Thad made his choice and slipped his massive meat into her very wet and welcoming pussy.

"MMMMMAAAOOOHHHHMMMMM!!!" Tammy moaned over the penis filling her mouth and ring gag as both cousins began rhythmically pumping their hips in time with each other.

It wasn't long before Tammy felt each thicken and pulsate, empting more of their seed into her, while she climaxed as well on cue to Riley's directorial delight.

It was only moments later that she was sent spinning for a second time. This spin ended with Thad at her head and Chad getting his choice.

The third spin started just as she took her second breath after swallowing all of the thick salty fluid Thad had emptied into her mouth. It ended with the same result. Except, this time Chad chose to use her ass instead of her pussy.

Perhaps it was their lucky day or just a coincidence that for a dozen spins in a row Thad and Chad were in the right places, to the twins growing ire, and kept Tammy's mouth and lower openings busy.

Tammy didn't know if it may have been the whirling or seemingly un-ending orgasms or both that began to wear away at her grit and determination. She only knew her resolve was being slowly zapped away. And no matter how hard she fought to keep it, she was losing.

Fortunately for her, after the thirteenth spin and loss Riley decided it was time for a scene change. And while the Willows cousins were keeping Tammy's mouth and ass sexually active she heard him tell Shane they needed to set up the next shot.

Before she had barely recovered from another explosive orgasm, the twins had retied her limbs to the legs of the rocking horse. Her head and ass were lifted high enough to service each of them as the horse rock back and forth.

"Oh man, she's really into this," Shane whispered to Riley while he rear ended her and Riley kept her mouth filled with his long cock. "We are going to make a ton of money on these vids. We can't lose more appearances of "THE BOUND MASKED NYMPHO" by letting everyone know who she is."

Riley nodded his head and looked down into Tammy's eyes.

Tammy suddenly had a sinking feeling hit her. She realized he knew she had heard them.

"So Mrs. Dufrane do we reveal to the world how much of a slut you truly are... Or do you agree to be our guest starlet, ready to perform on camera with us at a moment's notice..." Riley smiled. "I know a copy of this performance sent to the board of directors at your bank... Or one to the local television stations for their "Know Your Neighbors" segment on the news would be well received. Of course we could just play it on the Internet or on a continual basis on one of the store's DVD players. Everyone coming in could enjoy your performance..."

Tammy's mind told her she needed to immediately agree. But her body refused and waited until he shot his load into her mouth to nod her head in agreement. It wasn't in the hope of getting any sympathy from him for waiting. No, her body waited because it knew she wanted to feel him cum in her mouth at the same time his brother exploded in her rear for a second time.

"So, you are saying you agree to wholeheartedly be our sex starlet. To do everything we tell you to do without question..." Shane grunted, as he stepped around the rocking horse to stand in front of her.

She started to look up, but stopped at the sight of his still hard cock pointing at her with cum slowly dripping from its tip.

To her body's delight he ordered Tammy to clean it as Chad silently took Shane's place at her rear.

Tammy giddily moaned in surprise at Chad's entrance and stuck her tongue through the ring to greedily lick and lap at Shane's thick piece of meat without hesitation.

Tammy knew deep down she did this not in an agreement to willingly become their new porn starlet. No, she knew she did this because her body had become their sex slave. And her mind, though not wanting to accept it, knew it was true as well.

The burning problem eating away at Tammy was that her mind too was slowly giving way to join her body.

Over and over, hour after hour, those damn pills help supply the unending parade of young hard cock that continued to push her body from one orgasm to another. Whether spewing into her mouth or ejaculating into her lower openings, the unyielding parade of hard penises continued to use her.

She should have been totally exhausted, but after each mouthful of cum or each popsicle her body felt refreshed, renewed and to Tammy's horror very much desirous for more.

But the thing that bothered Tammy the most and rang loudly in the back of her mind was how much she was beginning to enjoy herself. Being bound and gagged while having four fairly good sized men use you profusely should have sickened her. But the more they sexually assaulted and retied her, the more her anticipation for the next scene grew.

These abnormal feelings hit her literally in the face while they filmed a scene Riley entitled "The Target".

With her spread legs bound at the knees to eyebolts in the floor and her ankles bound to her thighs, she straddled a large ribbed dildo on a pneumatic shaft. As the shaft rose up and down, forcing the dildo in and out of her very overworked pussy she used her hands, which were bound palm to palm in front of her to masturbate each of the four. The main object of the scene, according to Riley, was to see how many times with them standing at arms length could she catch their loads through the ring gag in her mouth without getting any elsewhere.

What hit her as peculiar wasn't how humiliating and demeaning this was to her, but how upset she became with herself when instead of catching Thad's cum in her mouth she misjudged his ejaculation and it hit her face instead. It angered her so much that she broke a solid string of 16 successful catches in a row that she had immediately began begging over the ring gag for their forgiveness and pleading with them to allow her to have a do over instead of moving on to another scene.

That was when she suddenly realized what she had gotten so upset over wasn't the fact of what she was doing, but that she had disappointed her four captors.

Tammy felt guilty, as if she had purposely cheated on Mike.

She desperately wanted, no needed this to be over.

Well, she actually desperately wanted to act like she wanted this over. But, deep inside her body was still in full anticipation for the next scene.

A few more hours passed and Tammy had been rebound and taken seven ways from Sunday. Each time she remained bound, but her willing participation level increased. Deep down she wondered if they now even needed to tie her at all.

From the corner of her eye, as best as she was able, she watched Riley reset some of the cameras. She hung waist high from the ceiling parallel to the floor. The rest of her green rubber dress had been removed. Thankfully, they had left her boots on giving her skin some protection from her bindings.

The Willows cousins were humping away at her, Chad at her mouth and Thad at her ass. Beneath her, lying on a roll away cot, Shane Thompson mauled her breasts and nipples with his mouth and teeth as he thrust his hips up off the cot, plunging his increasing length of hard manhood into her pussy. He and Thad had excellent timing, thrusting in and out as one.

Tammy wasn't sure how many times they had cum. She only knew they were popping EVERLAST pills now very frequently and she swallowed gulp after gulp of Chad's cum as the other two filled her lower openings to over flowing. It was only Riley's voice, informing them the cameras were ready that gave her a short reprieve.

She mindlessly let them untie her from the ceiling and position her for the next scene.

Chad lay on the rolling cot with Tammy lying on her back on his chest. Her thigh booted legs dangled unbound off the sides of the cot as he thrust his now more than 15-inches of rock hard meat into her ass. Shane was standing at the foot of the cot steadily pumping his long cock into her pussy.

Tammy's head was turned to the right and she was enjoying Thad's long thick morsel with her mouth. He robotically stood next to the cot and pumped away at her mouth. Riley had knelt straddling her with his knees on the edge of the cot. His long shaft tightly entrenched between her mountainous breasts tit fucking her. He had already spewed what seemed to her a gallon of cum over the side of her head and neck. It tickled as it oozed down her skin on the side of her neck.

The other three had climaxed as many times as well. She too, had climaxed at least four times in this position already and was very close to a fifth when fate stepped in again.

Thad grunted loudly and screamed as he sent more than several mouthfuls of cum into her before he stepped back and collapsed to the floor against an armchair. Tammy opened her eyes in time to see his eyes slowly close and his head fall back against the seat. Snoring sounds quickly rose from him. Riley slipped from his kneeling position to take Thad's place just as she felt his brother Shane's cock spew its contents into her pussy. From the corner of her eye she saw him fall back into another chair and close his eyes as well.

"Wow! You wore them out!" Riley half heartedly quipped. "But don't worry I'm still cocked and loaded..."

He pushed his cock past the ring and Tammy willingly took it as deep into her throat as she could.

He came twice more and she once before he sprawled next to Thad against the armchair in restful slumber.

Tammy slowly raised her head. She could hear a soft rhythmic snoring sound from beneath her. Chad had joined the others at some point. His cock was still rock hard and deeply embedded in her ass.

"A chance to escape!" Her mind roared at her, but her body didn't want to cooperate.

Tammy had to waste precious minutes arguing with her body before it succumbed to her mind's will and slowly eased off Chad rising and falling chest.

It wasn't easy even with her wrist bound together in front of her, he moved several times. But wiggling her way off his hard pole was much more difficult, because she had to fight her body's urgings to slide up and down it while she fingered herself to another orgasm.

Prevailing, she found a knife to free her wrists. She gathered what was left of her dress and retrieved the elf hat, ears and belt from the pirate chest and found an unlocked door.

The moon and stars lit up the night sky. Tammy was right about it being an old warehouse building. She followed the sides attempting to remain inconspicuous.

Then she saw it.

It was her chance for freedom. Her car was parked near another doorway.

Her vision nervously bounced in every direction; from her car to the doorway to her left and to her right, until she made her way to her car.

The driver door was unlocked and she breathed a sigh of relief at seeing the key in the ignition. Tossing the remnants of the latex dress, belt, hat and elf ears into the seat she chanced one more glance around.

"MMMOOOO!!!" She screamed into the ring gag, as a strong arm circled her waist and pulled her away from the vehicle. "MMMMOOO, MMMEMMMPPP!"

"They ain't no'un round ta hear yuh, but, us..." Chad Willows laughed pulling her backward against his chest. "Yuh left da party witout sayin' g'bye...."

"Besides we weren't finished filming yet," Shane Thompson added stooping down to gather her kicking boot covered legs in his arms.

"And you never got to see what my gift was..." Riley Thompson smiled reaching into the gift wrapped box in his hand. "Yes, these will be quite helpful now, I do believe."

He pulled a small brown bottle and a 6-inch wide strip of cloth nearly 2-feet long with a 5-inch square thick cotton pad in the middle from the box.

Feeling her freedom dashing away, Tammy uselessly fought like a wild cat trying to break the grip of the two large men holding her tight. But her eyes were glued on Riley as he pour some of the liquid from the bottle onto the cotton pad.

Thad Willows stepped over next to his cousin. In his hand three long pieces of white cord dangled menacingly.

"MMMMMOOO, MMMMOOOO, MMMMMMOOOO..." Tammy protested, as he bound her wrist together behind her with one piece, cinching it tightly. "MMMMAAAAA!"

With the first of the other two he circled her elbows also bringing them completely together before cinching them. He wrapped the second around her arms and body, locking them together as well.

"Now, tie this around her lower face while I get the camera..." Riley said to Thad handing him the cotton pad and cloth. "When I say action, let her down. I want to see how far she can run with a chloroform gag."

Thad tied the ends of the cloth behind Tammy's head.

The sweet and sour aroma of the anesthetic wafted into her nostrils and she held her breath as she felt him tighten the cloth around her lower face.

With the pad easily covering her nose and mouth, Tammy's mind told her it was useless to run or fight the drugs effects. But, as the cloth tighten forcing the pad into her nasal openings and the ring gag, her body instinctively acted.

"ACTION!" Riley yelled.

Tammy felt her feet hit the parking lot and with a firm shove from Chad she felt herself stumble away from the four men.

"Don't breath, don't breath, don't breath..." She ordered herself. "Find something to rip this thing off your face..."

Her eyes searched for anything sharp to cut the cloth from her face. She ran wildly around searching, ignoring the snide remarks of her captors fading behind her.

Then, she saw it.

A ragged piece of metal sticking out from one of the old signs near the edge of the parking lot.

"Get to that and get this thing off your face, girl!" Her mind was now in tune with her body as she sprinted for the object.

Tammy could feel her lungs burning, her need for oxygen quickly increasing.

"Only a few more steps," her mind cried out.

But her need for air won out and she took a short breath.

Her head began spinning and without thinking Tammy took another breath. This one deeper and longer.

Tammy urged her legs onward, but her head spun even more and her vision grew blurry.

Yet, she continued her attempt to flee.

Each step she made toward her goal became harder to take than the previous one. Her feet felt heavier with each breath and step.

Her steps became smaller and slowed.

With a soft whimper Tammy felt herself drop to her knees. She felt her chest heaving with each drugged breath.

The men's voices were becoming louder, yet sounded distant.

She knew her ability to remain upright was waning.

In a final desperate attempt for freedom Tammy forced her body up and got to her feet.

Then she fell backward into the waiting arms of Shane Thompson.

"We're not through with you yet... Mrs. Dufrane..." He whispered into her ear as she quietly drifted off into the darkness.

Chapter Seven (added: 05/12/2009)

Tammy awoke once more behind the steering wheel of her car.

The corset of the green latex dress tightly hugged her. She could also feel the pressure on her lower face from the mouth and neck corset. And she could tell that the gag plug had been returned and fully inflated.

As had the inflatable dildo and butt plug which were deeply entrenched in her
lower orifices. And to her body's delight they were producing the desired effects of their designers.

She sighed and let her head fall backward against the headrest. Looking up into the rear view mirror, she saw that the elf hat and ears had also been replaced.

Then, fragmented visions suddenly flashed in her mind.

Shane Thompson pulling the Catwoman mask from her head while she was strapped to the gynecology examination table she had seen in their studio.

Chad Willows' smirking as he tightly wrapped her legs with bondage tape securing them to the stirrups, making sure they were spread as wide as the table allowed.

His cousin, Thad tightening the cuffs that secured her arms at her wrists, elbows and biceps along the sides of the table.

And Riley holding a video camera, taking extreme close-ups of her face and body as the four men loudly laughed at her.

Then darkness, as the blindfold was returned plunging her once again into the world of unseen mysteries.

She felt the sting of needles, pricking each of her breasts. Then more of the painful pricks tantalized the shaven area just above her still very moist and wanton love box.

Another flash and she time-leapt forward to them securing her to the table with more straps and tape. The blindfold had been removed and above her a large mirror hung from the ceiling; in its reflection she watched them completely restrain her entire body. She could barely wiggle a finger or bend a toe. Nor could she see any exposed flesh, except for her still growing nipples and her very open and available pussy.

They had forced 2 soft foam balls the size of grapefruits through the ring gag and wrapped an entire roll of rainbow colored bondage tape around her lower face, silencing her pleas even more than before.

Then, a foot long thin sharp needle was waved menacingly in front of her and she heard them laugh as they pierced her.

"OH MY GOD, NO!!!!" Tammy silently screamed reaching up and turning the rearview mirror down to see bold red letters on her huge breasts and a 3-inch diameter golden ring dangling through each nipple. "NO! NO! NO! NO!"

She followed the golden chain connecting the rings in her nipples together to the similar ring running through her clit.

Tears filled her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

On each of her breasts permanently tattooed in bright red were the words:


And, below them just above her pussy it read:


Tammy knew there was no way she'd be able to get rid of these or hide them from Mike.

She couldn't stop staring at their reflections in the mirror.

She was now a walking advertisement for the twin's video store.

"They kept you longer than I had planned, Mrs. Dufrane... But, I must complement you on your new jewelry and artwork... They look very exquisite on you..." VanNorkin's voice returned to her ears. "However, poor Chandra hasn't much hope left. And you've a few more concerns to deal with as well. You let those 'crazy boys' go and ruin all the presents you had left to deliver. It saddens me that there are going to be several well deserving people to miss out on seeing you in costume... But such is life, I have no choice now... We'll make this next stop your last...."

The GPS sprang to life. Tammy reluctantly glanced over at it. Through her tears she saw Chandra still bandaged, but lying in less than an inch of fluid.

"I'm so sorry, Chandra..." Tammy whispered as her face drooped even more.

Then the GPS screen changed and started her directions to her next stop.

With tears still rolling down her cheeks, Tammy zombie-like followed them.

She could feel her spirit had been beaten down and her future hopes looked destroyed. She even stopped paying any attention to where she was driving.

"TURN LEFT INTO THE PARKING LOT!" The male voice of the GPS ordered.

And the despondent feeling inside her increased a hundred fold.

The sign next to the parking lot entrance screamed at her in large bold black letters:


"The annual Christmas party for the board and special customers," Tammy breathed into the gag.

She had forgotten about it, seeing as how she and Chandra weren't going to be there this year.

All of the members of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, as well as many of the city's top officials and most of the bank's primary customers and their spouses would be in there. Anyone who is anyone with the bank or the city always attended.

Tammy hesitated at the parking lot entrance debating about going in.

James VanNorkin read her mind.

"I am an invited guest here as well, Mrs. Dufrane..." His voice triumphantly said. "Bring me my diamonds, save your beloved Chandra and show everyone the real you!"

Tammy pulled into the empty space at near the front of the lot, right next to the short walkway to the Country Club's front door. She was at a complete loss. Why would he be invited to their banquet? And by whom?

She looked at the stately building and remembered the many times she and Mike had come to this party since their marriage. She enjoyed going shopping with him to get that special gown for the occasion. The one that screamed tie and gag me to him, while looking refined and dignified to the crowd. Posing and primping for him, sensually teasing him with her body as she dressed for the banquet all the while knowing he would have her tightly trussed and gagged in the trunk of the car afterward on their drive home.

But this time, Tammy knew she wasn't quite as appropriately dressed for the occasion as before.

Of course, as she had known they would the moment she left the car her arms snapped together behind her back. Once more forcing her to thrust her huge breasts forward and sending them scouting on ahead of her. The gold rings immediately absorbed the cold and transferred it to her nipples and clit.

This in turn sent an unwanted signal of sexual arousal through her entire system alerting the dildo and butt plug to dutifully follow their mission.

The golden connecting chain swung against her with each half step she took. Her boots had locked together from her knees to her thighs forcing her to once again take many short steps rather than fewer longer ones.

Tammy could feel her face flash pass an embarrassed blush to a deep bright humiliated hue as all eyes turned toward her entrance into the large banquet hall at the announcement of her name by the Country Club Maitre d'.

"Follow me. You have been expected." He simply said, after announcing her.

Tammy had to quicken her pace to keep up with him. This gave the gawking eyes even more of a show, for she had to swing her hips more causing her breasts to flip-flop back and forth and the golden chain to gyrate in rhythm to her saunter.

As she made her way through the crowd, their laughing voices burned in her ears as they read and commented on her tattoos and glared at her new jewelry.

An enormous television was to her right as she entered a room at the far end of the banquet hall. Seated behind a long table on a raised platform were Mr. and Mrs. Edmunsen, Mayor Hamond and his wife, several board members and their spouses that Tammy recognized and James VanNorkin.

Tammy would have given an evil glare at the mustachioed man, but standing next to him was Chandra, dressed in the gown Tammy had worn to last year's event. And next to her wearing a very debonair tuxedo, her beloved husband Michael Andrew Dufrane stood with his arm around her.

Tammy stopped dead still, staring into Mike's blue eyes.

Her mind raced for answers to the thousands of unanswerable questions that flooded in.

"You did bring the diamonds in with you, didn't you, Mrs. Dufrane?" The man beneath the black beret asked.

Tammy barely heard him, nor could she move in response to him, for her eyes were locked onto Mike's.

"Did you not hear him, precious?" Mike said after a seemingly hour long minute passed by. "You did bring the diamonds in with you, didn't you dearest..."

Tammy blinked her eyes. And on the fourth blink the fact that he spoke of the diamonds sunk in.

"He knew about the diamonds..." Tammy's mind quietly whispered to her. "Did he also know what had happened to me? Was he a party to all of this as before? Is this really happening? Is any of this real?"

"Your dear husband and I planned this over 10 years ago..." James VanNorkin laughed stepping from the stage, moving next to her and reaching behind her took the backpack filled with diamonds from her hands. "We needed a patsy to take the blame for the disappearance of the Organization's gems."

"The diamonds weren't the only gems I was charged with keeping..." Mike Dufrane added, joining James next to Tammy. "There was another hundred million in emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Those never made it to my safety deposit box. However, Mr. Edmunsen is willing to testify he witnessed their presence and removal from the box by you along with the diamonds."

Tammy stared blankly into Mike's face. She tried to speak, but was prevented by the mouth filling gag.

Mike pointed to the enormous television.

Tammy twisted her body in habitual obedience and stared at the screen.

There she was in all her glory lying on Chad Willow's chest greedily enjoying all four of the young men's equipment.

"You were marvelous with the Thompson's and Willows, a true natural. The camera loves you. And, you love it as well..." James cooed at her. "I didn't think any woman could make it through everything those blokes did with her mind in-tact, let along have the presence of mind to out play them and escape. We watched the entire thing and I must applaud you. However...."

"However," Mike picked up where James ended. "Arrangements have been made with Mr. Edmunsen and the others here for your services. You belong to them now. James, Chandra, I and the others on our team will be retiring to a tropical island to enjoy ourselves."

"You may as well accept your fate, Tammy..." Mr. Edmunsen spoke from behind the table. "You will willingly serve us as we see fit or we'll hand you over to Police Chief Warren and he'll see to it you spend the rest of your life as an unwilling sexual treat to the scum of the city..."

Tears formed in Tammy's eyes as Mike, Chandra, and James turned their backs on her and slowly began walking toward the door.

"This isn't right, this isn't right, this isn't right..." Tammy's mind repeated over and over to her. "This isn't happening. This can't be happening... NO! MIKE WOULD NEVER, COULD NEVER BETRAY HER, BETRAY THEIR LOVE... NO!!! THIS WAS NOT REAL!!!"

Tammy looked around the room at the empty faces surrounding her.

She shouted at the back of the man she loved as he slowly moved further away.

"IT'S NOT REAL, YOU'RE NOT REAL, YOU'RE NOT REAL..." Tammy heard her muffled voice grow louder and louder. "THAT'S NOT MIKE, THAT'S NOT MIKE!!!"

The people in the room grew fuzzy and slowly dissolved into a blank foggy dull light.

"Wakey, wakey, Mrs. Dufrane... Time to bring me my diamonds." James VanNorkin's voice filled Tammy's ears.

Chapter Eight - (added 05/27/2009)

Tammy blinked once, then again.

The foggy dull light slowly changed into a slightly blurred female image as her mind awoke.

"What the hell?" Tammy's mind reached for an explanation. "Mike, was that you? No, it couldn't have been, but how? What is going on? How? Why?"

Question after question leapt to the forefront of her mind, only to go unanswered while leading to more answerless questions.

It took all that Tammy's fuzzy mind could do to put all the questions momentarily on hold to adjust her thoughts and focus on the image staring back at her from across the small room.

It had the same puzzled expression on its face that she had.

"Mutt ma mell mis moing mon!" She asked aloud without thinking. "Mhu mar mu?"

At first she thought it was her mind speaking to her, but quickly realized she heard her own muffled voice.

She wasn't gagged anymore. At least she didn't have the type of sound silencing gag she had grown accustomed to wearing. Her mouth was more dry and felt as if a small wad of cotton filled it preventing her from enunciating words.

Then as her vision cleared, she recognized the image standing across from her.

It was her. Well, her reflection in the vanity mirror across the room. She couldn't remember if it had been there when she first entered this room or not. But at the moment it didn't matter to her as she took note of her situation.

She was still inside the cut-out padding on the table. But the pressure from the padding was nearly none existent. And the table was once more in the upright position with the plastic cover raised and the plastic face mask removed.

She still wore the leather boots, corset and gloves as well as the sensual latex skin.

She could see her long red hair still poking through the rubber snap tube.

And her very sensitive lower openings reminded her they were still filled so she needed to remain as motionless as possible due to her still very deep and real yearnings for more sexual fulfillment.

"Mutt ma mell!... Mus mit ma meam? " She asked aloud, staring at the reflection in the mirror. "Mo, mit mas mo meal..."

"Ah, your head seems to be clearing... Very good... You've come around much more quickly than most of the others who've found themselves visitors of the B.V.R.D.M..." The return of James VanNorkin's voice heightened her senses even further. "It's been just over 15 minutes since you realized it wasn't real. It took the majority of the other women well over an hour to completely return to reality. And none of them had to endure such a pleasurably torturous dream world as you. Very impressive, Mrs. Dufrane."

Tammy saw anger growing in the eyes of her reflection.

"However there were a few women who were unable to return at all and gave in to their dreams. They have, well let's just say they've settled into a wonderful bound and gagged life on a tropical island paradise content in their bonds and roles as bondage toys." His nonchalant tone regarding these women added fuel to Tammy's deep desire to see him hanging from a tree by his gonads. "Of course most of the others are there as well, enjoying their gags and bindings also."

Tammy could sense his gaze on her, looking for a reaction from her.

"You see on that island all the women there are nothing more than bondage sex toys. They are kept well gagged at all times, unless using their mouths to pleasure the island's owner or one of his visitors. I think you would enjoy being there as well..." His tone turned taunting. "Are you surprised that there have been others, Mrs. Dufrane? Well how else do you think I've financed my activities outside of the Organization, not to mention arranging my impending tropical paradise retirement. The other women were members of the Organization. All were unattached and very available to be taken with no one to notice their disappearance. Personally, I feel they are much better off and happy. But you, you are different."

Tammy quickly scanned the room with her eyes to see if he was there. She didn't think he would be there. But should he happen to be, she would enjoy a chance to physically 'thank him' for the hell he had put her through.

"You recovered much more quickly than I anticipated. Especially considering the amount of Karl's aphrodisiac you've consumed. Every drop of liquid you swallowed in your dream state was a drop of his aphrodisiac from the feeding tube in your gag. I would think your body is right now screaming at you with an unquenchable desire for more sexual gratifications." He continued. "I had hoped you'd join the ranks of those unable to ever realize it was not real. I had believed that you were one of the weaker ones and would give in to the programmed dreams I designed for you. It would have made the rest of my plans for you much easier."

Tammy could still remember and feel how close she was to losing the struggle within herself. To give in to her body's whims and give herself over to the twins or Mr. Edmunsen as a bound sex slave. And yes, she could feel its urging her to do something to satisfy the sexual lust burning in her body.

"But, deep down I actually wanted you to outlast Earl's Bondage Virtual Reality Dream Maker." He continued. "I'm sure that's why I subconsciously had Earl add a program of Mike into the virtual mix. After all, you have to admit you were about to give in until you saw him... And I must say the pleasure I felt seeing him as the betraying piece of shit he is was worth it... Though truthfully, I'd rather break you in the real world instead of the virtual environment I had to create in your dreams... That would give me great pleasure."

"Mondage mirtual mealmity meam maker??? Meams!" Tammy murmured, as flashes of what she thought were real memories filled her mind's eye. "Meams?"

She was confused and unsure of what to think, but knew enough about the feelings she had experienced to have to agree with him on that point. Had she not seen Mike and remembered their deep feelings of love for each other and felt such guilt about her actions, she would have surely given into the role of a bondage sex slave.

"That latex suit is amazing. It has thousands upon thousands of sensors and micro chips in it that read your body's reactions while you were enjoying your time on the exercise cycle." He explained. "Those responses were downloaded into a specially designed computer system and interpreted by a series of programs my friend Earl Leighty invented. Once he combined those programs with a second series of programs he designed which return the proper responses to the sensors in the suit and added them to the program manipulating the padding on that table, he was able to control what your body felt and sensed."

Tammy saw the eyes in her image grow wide with comprehension.

"From the slightest aroma or smallest pinprick pain in your little toe to the hug of a thousand feet of rope tightly wrapped around your body, he can make your body feel exactly what I want you to feel." At this statement, a shiver ran down Tammy's back. "But, the third series of programs is the key to the B.V.R.D.M. It uses the majority of the sensors in the hood to download the virtual reality dreams into your brain as you sleep. So, all I had to do was keep you in R.E.M. sleep and let the full combination of Earl designs and your own desires lead you through the special virtual dreams I had him program for you."

"They were all a dream...." Tammy's mind quietly sighed in relief to her.

"By the look in your eyes, you are relieved they were just dreams," he laughed. "No, there will be no cake mold of your tits, or video of you, or tattoos... But at the same time wouldn't you agree with me when I think you are a bit saddened as well. You really were enjoying yourself I dare say... Your body wanted to be pushed to those levels of sexual euphoria. Or it wouldn't have worked so well and felt so real. You see the machine arranges the dream environment and setting. But your reaction to that setting is your uninhibited subconscious revealing its true nature. You responded to the situations presented as you truly wanted to."

Tammy tried not to give him any indication that she had to totally agree.

"It is an amazing device on the whole. Yet, can you believe that silvered haired bitch of a director at the I.B.O. wasn't a bit interested in using Earl's invention." His voice sounded irritated again. "I was hoping my discovering his inventions would reinstate my proper place at least in the council. But, no.... She said it wouldn't go along with what the IBO was founded and stood for; real life experiences. Then to drive the nail deeper into my hopes of a return she added that she felt in the wrong hands it could be used to brainwash our members or just manipulate them instead of letting them get the real pleasure they seek from a real life experiences and memories. How completely asinine.... What do you think, Mrs. Dufrane? Do you think the IBO could use Earl's BVRDM?"

Tammy was to befuddled to care about his ranting, let alone his questions. She had heard and experienced enough of his bullshit. What she really needed to know was what the hell was going on now.

"Mut mu mu manm me mu mu mow?" She asked not understanding herself much of what came out of her mouth.

Her eyes were trained on her image across the room. She assumed he had a camera trained on her from there. If he did, she wanted him to see the same expression on her face as she did. And it screamed volumes about her thoughts and what she wanted to do to him.

"What do I want you to do? Oh my there are so many things. Starting with you kneeling before me and begging me to become my bondage sex toy... How's that for one..." His voice turned taunting and jovial. "Or perhaps I want you to go out and kidnap a number of beautiful super models and bring them to me bound, gagged and willing to pleasure me... Does that sound like fun to you Mrs. Dufrane?"

Tammy's face turned red with anger. She was tired of this game and she wanted it over.

"But those are thoughts to be pondered at a later time, Mrs. Dufrane... Time is wasting... You need to get a move on, get off the table and return to your duty of bringing me my diamonds." He suddenly sounded all business-like once again. "And if you are still concerned for Chandra, she consequently has been kept quite busy by Nora and Gina while you slept. They've grown quite close to her."

"MU MAS...." Tammy caught herself as she angrily shouted.

A very real memory of a not so real dream flash in her mind. And she stopped short of insulting the provider of her plight. His retribution for a foolish burst of anger wouldn't help her.

So gritting her teeth, she began to wiggle her way out of the padded cut-out.

"I see you did learn something from your visit in bondage dreamland," he chided. "Name calling is so beneath a woman of your stature. Of course begging to have a man tie you, gag you and fuck you hasn't quite dropped down to that level yet, has it?"

His words were irritating her, so she put his voice out of her mind.

Unfortunately that didn't help her either when she discovered to her mind's dismay the delights her body received from her attempts to remove herself from the two phallus'. As she lifted herself up the potent drugs in her body forced her to slip back down over both repeatedly before her mind managed to regain control freedom from the pleasure giving tormentors could be accomplished.

"MMMMMAAAAAAMMMMOOOOMMMAAAAHHH!!!" Tammy loudly screamed, for just as she finally slipped free a huge orgasm washed over her, sending her trembling body to the floor.

"Now, THAT was unexpected..." His voice laughed. "But, very entertaining. "The fact that you had another climax in you after all you have been through during your dreams is very revealing, Mrs. Dufrane."

Taking slow deep breaths, Tammy once more gathered her wits and rose to her knees.

"Mutt mow?" She asked aloud in defiance.

"Still fighting me... Good, I love the challenge... First, remove everything, even the latex skin." His voice commanded. "The only thing you'll need to put on is provided by me and lying on the vanity. Put it on and return to the exercise room!"

Glaring with anger, Tammy carefully stepped over to the vanity. Though her most recent memories had only been a series of dreams, her body having lived through the experiences as if in real life was tired and ached all over. So just taking the four steps to the vanity, in the 7-inch high-heeled thigh boots, was a daunting task.

"Great!" Tammy semi-laughed to herself, lifting the item from the vanity.

It was the same flesh colored rubber penis gag she had worn on her drive from the bank to the RV.

She should have been repulsed and disgusted by what it implicated. Instead she felt a familiar warm sensation inside her, like that of seeing an old friend who had been away for a long time.

"He or one of the others must have really been here and refilled the thing!" She thought to herself.

Forcing herself to drop the gag back onto the vanity, she began complying with his orders and arguing with herself the entire time.

Thirty minutes and two more orgasms later, provided by the removal of the latex suit, Tammy was naked and standing next to the vanity with the rubber penis gag in her hand.

"No," she whispered then roared. "No! Do you hear me I said NO! I'm through playing this damn game. You want the diamonds. YOU COME AND GET THEM!"

She slammed the gag onto the vanity and turned toward the sealed wall where the sliding door had opened when she entered the room earlier.

It didn't open. The wall remained solid. Tammy tried to pry her fingers into what she thought was a leaver to open it, but nothing happened.

Then she tried to overturn the vanity to break one of its legs off to use as a wedge. It didn't budge. It was bolted to the floor and wall.

Deep male laughter floated around the room, taunting her.

It only deepened her determination to find a way of escape.

She stood still lost in thought.

Then Tammy moved backward forcing her back tightly against the wall next to the sleep table and ran the five strides across the room. Leaping into the air she hurled her body into the opposite wall a few feet from the vanity.

A loud thud resounded in the room and Tammy bounced backward crumbling to the floor.

"That was very foolish, Mrs. Dufrane..." he laughed. "You may have injured yourself. That is not what I want."

Tammy stood up rubbing her shoulder. The pain she felt was definite and centered exactly where she hit the wall.

"Ah, so you've figured it out." His voice sounded surprised. "Very astute, you understand you can't feel actual pain in a dream, only sensations triggered to act like pain inducers. Yes Mrs. Dufrane, this is real not another dream sequence. You've taxed my patience long enough, Mrs. Dufrane. Now you have another decision to make."

The loud hiss of air and a familiar white mist being forced through the heating vent grabbed Tammy's attention.

"NO! NO!" She screamed feeling her breathing becoming labored.

"I want you to bring me the diamonds, Mrs. Dufrane..." He somberly spoke. "You have less than 3 minutes to decide if you want to be awake when I receive them or not. Remember bad things can happen to an unconscious naked woman. I'll stop the sleep gas and clear the room of it as soon as you put the gag on... And I'll even let you see Chandra, if you chose to do so... She is very much well and eager for this to be over."

Tammy knew enough about him that if she chose to let the gas have its way, she may very well wake up in the depraved hands of those in her dreams. He was after all set on some type of revenge against her and that would in her mind do the trick. And she was worried about Chandra. She doubted if seeing Chandra and what he was putting her through would ease her mind any, but deep down Tammy knew she had to see what he was doing to her friend.

Reluctantly at first, she lifted the rubber gag. But her body and mind craved the feel of it in her mouth and around her face, so she quickly pulled it on.

The sound of the air flow changed and Tammy could see the white mist being sucked up toward the vent and disappear.

"Wise choice, Mrs. Dufrane!" He said in a tone that irritated Tammy even more. "Now get moving!"

The wall slid open and Tammy stepped through the door to once again be in the exercise room of the RV staring at the plasma screen. But this time she was totally naked other than the flesh colored rubber gag filling her mouth.

On the screen, a grinning Nora Ruth held out her hands to the camera for Tammy to see as she tipped the contents of a brown bottle onto a white cotton cloth.

Behind Nora, Chandra sat bound to a wheelchair. Her arms held to the chair arms with 2-inch wide leather straps. The same type of leather straps held her legs together secured to the metal rods that held the chair foot rests.
Around her chest, above and below her heaving breasts two 4-inch wide leather straps kept Chandra firmly in place against the back of the chair.

Tammy leaned closer to the screen and saw Chandra's lower face had been completely covered with medical tape. From the odd way her face seemed stretched under the smooth outline of the tape, Tammy could tell her friend's mouth had been severely packed full before being sealed shut.

Chandra's nose flared with each panting breath. Tammy, knowing first hand how VanNorkin like to sexually stimulate his female victims, was sure Chandra had at least one if not two tormentors attached in someway to the chair's seat. And having over the years been responsible for or at least privy to many of Chandra's orgasms, Tammy also knew Chandra was on the verge of an enormous explosion.

Nora put the cap back on the bottle and slipped behind the struggling redhead.

"MMMMMOOOO!" Tammy screamed, the sound silenced by the rubber filling her mouth.

Tammy watched Chandra tense and pull desperately against her bonds. She watched her friend thrust her head back and scream silently as well, as the climax she had been fighting ravaged her.

Tammy also watched a gleeful Nora Ruth clamp the chloroform soaked cloth over Chandra's nose.

Tammy wanted to close her eyes and not watch her friend uselessly fight to remain alert and enjoy the onrushing orgasm, that forced her to deeply breath in the drug.

But, she couldn't.

Her own body betrayed her once more longing to be there, to replace Chandra in the chair. No, not to save her friend, but to feel that blessed elation of forced sleep thrust upon her just as she reached the height of sexual euphoria.

That was the true reason she couldn't turn her head or close her eyes from the spectacle.

Chandra's struggles eased until there was the one last futile attempt to remain conscious. Tammy watched the emerald green eyes of her friend flitter a few times more, then close.

"I must admit Mike was right about a woman being chloroformed. Whether you're getting to do it or just watching it happen. It is a sensual treat." James VanNorkin's voice grabbed her attention. "You do enjoy having it used on you at times, don't you Mrs. Dufrane?"

Tammy quickly remembered back to the first time Mike used the drug on her.

She was looking forward to meeting him for a drink at a new local pub. They had been married less than 6 months so any chance to get together and enjoy each other was important to her. Mike had told her he had something very special for her, but gave her no details. She waited for over an hour and he hadn't shown. So she tried calling him, but only got his voicemail with a message to her about being stuck at work and unable to get free in time to meet her.

A feeling of disappointment crept over her and she decided to go home. So she left the pub and walked around the block to her car.

The sun had set and the street lights were giving off an eerie glow barely offering enough light for her to see a few feet ahead. Thinking she heard footsteps following her she turned, but saw no one.

Tammy's heart began racing and she unconsciously quickened her pace.

Reaching the car she fumbled in her jacket pocket for her keys and dropped them twice before gaining enough control of her fear to unlock her car door.

"Good evening Miss, all by yourself, are you?" A deep male voice quietly said from behind her.

Startled, Tammy felt her heart leap to her throat and she immediately turned around.

"Are you alright Miss?" A tall, mustachioed Police Officer asked seeing the frantic and fearful look in her eyes.

"I, I'm fine..." Tammy stuttered quickly regaining her composure. "I was just lost in my thoughts... Thank you for asking..."

"Your welcome, Miss. I walk this beat nearly everyday, so if you're ever in need just give a shout." He smiled, tipped his hat and nodded his bald head before returning to his patrol.

Tammy watched him walk away before she turned to get into the car to drive home, but then she realized she had left her purse at the pub.

She hurried back to the pub and on her return saw the car trunk had been opened.

Fear put a knot in the pit of her stomach, but also set off a growing unexpected warmth in her lower regions.

"Call the police!" Her mind and wisdom screamed at her.

But her curiosity forced her to look into the trunk.

Everything was gone, she had been robbed.

She lifted her purse to retrieve her cell phone from it, but her arm stopped short of level. And her other hand never reached in for the cell phone.

A very strong arm wrapped around her body pinning both her arms to her sides.

"HELMMMMPPPPHHHH!" Tammy started to scream as the black cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth.

She knew he had timed his attack perfectly just as she exhaled and her normal instinct to scream would take the rest of the air he hadn't squeezed from her with his hug. Clamping the rag over her nose and mouth would cover what little scream would emerge and after that she would need to take a deep lung filling breath.

That was the first time she had ever experienced the strong sweetly sour odor of chloroform. He had soaked the rag in the drug and with that deep intake of needed oxygen, she was his.

Tammy's head spun with that deep breath. Her vision grew blurry and her limbs began feeling numb.

Her mind told her to fight and she did such as she could.

She swung her arms from her elbows to hands uselessly about, even attempting to hit her attacker with her purse. And her kicks aimed at him were unsuccessful, mostly due to her legs refusing to do as she desired. But the more she struggled to get free the more air she needed. So with each deep gasp she breathed in more of the drug.

Tammy could still remember the fear rushing in and elevating her terror. As well as the feeling of arousal it sent throughout her.

"What's going on?" She remembered thinking wondering why her body seemed to be enjoying these sensations.

She remembered as her vision dimmed and her limbs grew numb her desire for sexual release not only heightened but became more of a need. She was growing closer to that point her body longed for, but sadly would not reach.

She could still feel the sensation caused by her instinctive final burst for freedom. In that movement she rubbed her thighs together sending a spark of sexual electricity racing through her.

So instead of using that last bit of control over her body in a final attempt at kicking her attacker, she reached down with her free hand and began massaging herself toward a never to come orgasm.

"Why am I not surprised..." She still remembers her stunned husband's voice chuckling in her ears as she drifted off into chloroformed unconsciousness.

She awoke lying on the back seat of Mike car with her arms bound behind her in a comfortable wrist to elbow tie and her legs strapped together at her ankles knees and thighs. The seatbelt buckled around her to keep her safe. And her leather panel gag with the breathable plug tightly secured around her lower face.

Mike had rented a lake house and talked Mr. Edmunsen into giving her a long four day weekend for a short mini-vacation. And this was how he told her about it.

She enjoyed that experience and weekend so much. And Mike told her of the pleasure he received with the feeling of putting her under that they made a point to use it in their play at least twice a year if not more.

"I know you do, why else would Mike have had me mention it to you at our last meeting, hmmm? Oh, don't worry about Chandra, Mrs. Dufrane... She is in very capable hands after all..." His voice was once again laughing at her. "Besides, your chariot awaits... Now bring me my diamonds!"

"Why the hell didn't he just get the damn diamonds when he refilled this gag and be over with it.." Tammy's mind screamed, then fell silent as she saw movement from the corner of her eye.

Off to the side a 4-feet square section of the floor slid opened and through the opening up rose a wheel chair similar to the one Chandra had been bound to.

"Put my diamonds in the large pouch attached to the back and take a seat, Mrs. Dufrane!" His voice commanded.

Tammy walked over to it as if mesmerized.

Three leather straps were along each arm of the chair. Four more were attached to rods that held the foot rests. Two wide straps poked out from the back of the chair. And, beneath the chair connected to the four wheels, a battery operated motor hummed softly.

Then Tammy saw the reason Chandra was heaving and panting in her bonds. Sticking up out of the seat was the scariest torpedo shaped dildo she had ever seen.

It was nearly 4-inches thick at its base and rose 8 inches into the air with long rubber prongs jetting out along its length. And the entire thing seemed to be pulsating.

The base thickened and eased, then the rest followed suit all the way to the tip that expanded to nearly the thickness of the base before returning to normal for it to once more start again. And as it did so each prong looked to be vibrating on their own at different speeds.

"For your pleasure, Mrs. Dufrane.... You'll need to slip your legs through the leg restraints first, then take a seat." His voice was still commanding, but she could hear the glee he was feeling in it as well. "After that, pull the chest straps around and slip them through the slits on the opposite side of the chair back to lock them in place. Then, you'll need to slide your arms through the restraints on the arm rests.... No need to worry about attempting to tighten any of them, I'll take care of that for you."

With a loud sigh, Tammy dropped the black leather backpack into the pouch and buckled its flap closed securing the diamonds. She slipped her right leg, then her left through the very loose fitting leather restraining straps and stood on the foot rests.

Taking a deep breath and giving thanks for her pussy still being extremely moist, she spread her legs as wide as the straps around them allowed and eased her self down onto the huge phallus. Deep loud moans of frustration and arousal could be heard wafting from her throat out into the room as she did so.

"OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!" Her mind screamed and pleaded as she wiggled and shifted over the enormous thing "Don't rip me apart...."

The semi hard prongs were erotically tickling and torturing her at the same time as she slowly slipped down the long shaft.

The feel of the soft padded seat cushion against her bottom let her know when she had finally taken the entire behemoth into her.

After several long deep relaxing breaths, she quickly pulled and locked the chest restraints across herself to prevent at her body's urgings sliding back up and down on the thing a few times before she was secured into the seat.

Her nose flared with each deep breath she was forced to take from having to wiggle around from side to side on the large phallus as she worked her arms through the arm restraints and got them into a comfortable position on the padded armrests beneath the leather straps.

The sound of the motor revving was nearly indistinguishable to Tammy due to her deep guttural moans caused by the dildo. She may not have even noticed, had it not been for the leather straps growing tighter around her.

And the slightest vibrations of the motor were very much enhanced by the monstrous dildo and its prongs.

Tammy could already tell her time in the wheelchair would not be restful.

"Time for you to finally travel out into the real and unforgiving world, Mrs. Dufrane..." He said bluntly.

"I wish he'd stop saying my name like that. I'm getting damn tired of it," Tammy thought as the chair spun around and faced an outside wall of the RV.

The chair suddenly began slowly dropping through the floor.

Tammy's eyes widen as the wall in front of her slowly fell forming a ramp.

On its own the chair rolled down the wall made ramp and away from the RV.

"Oh no..." Tammy sighed looking to the side where she had parked her car.

It was no longer there.

"My purse, laptop, clothes..." She thought to herself. "All of my luggage for vacation was in the trunk..."

The chair turned down the RV driveway past several vacant spots.

Tammy suddenly felt the cold December air on her naked skin and shivered.

"OH MY GOD!" Her mind gasped as the dildo jumped to life with her body's quivering.

Over her body's desire, Tammy made a drastic decision to not let the cold or anything else force her to shift in the seat again.

Two more vacant driveways passed before the chair turned right into one that had a white panel van parked in it.

Tammy hoped the owners weren't at home she knew she wouldn't be able to explain a thing.

As Tammy and the wheelchair approached the van the rear hatch opened and a lift lowered from inside it.

With a soft thump the motorized wheelchair rolled onto the lift, which began rising until it was level with the van floor. Wooden boxes were stacked along the right hand side of the van from the cargo bay all the way to the front where normally a passenger seat would be.

As soon as the wheelchair rolled off from it, the lift folded itself into the van and the rear hatch closed.

"OH SHIT!" Tammy thought as the chair rolled forward and positioned itself where the driver's seat would normally be with the arms of the wheelchair directly beneath the steering wheel. "This in not good, girl!"

The van's engine suddenly came to life.

"OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!" Tammy screamed to herself.

The van slowly backed out of the drive and turned toward the main highway.

"It will look as though I'm driving to anyone passing by," a panic stricken Tammy thought looking out the front windshield. "You're gonna die, girl!!!"

The van weaved in and out of traffic never exceeding the speed limit and only once or twice coming close to having an accident. With each passing mile, Tammy's fear level rose, as did her arousal level.

Mile after mile passed under the van's wheels, while inside Tammy had problems keeping her eyes on the road.

Her fear should have made her more worried about the drive than what the dildo was doing. But over her mind's better judgment Tammy's body decided to enjoy the mammoth dildo's presence. With each curve taken or acceleration or application of the brakes a muffled moan of pleasure filled the van.

Twice Tammy quivered in unnoticed orgasm by the vehicle rolling along next to her.

Sweat drops dribble down her forehead and cheeks onto her naked chest.

And fear increased its hold over her with each mile adding to her body's yearnings for sexual release.

"Why am I so horny?" Tammy thought. "I should be at least be worried for myself and Mike... And Chandra... Why am I wanting more and never being satisfied?"

Her thoughts and the ever present dildo kept her occupied, until the van turned into the parking lot of a familiar warehouse.

"This is the warehouse I tried to escape from in that bondage dream he created..." She said to herself as her eyes darted around. "It is real! The Sweets' and Natasha are real! As are the Willows and Thompson twins! Somehow he downloaded video of them to computer generate his own versions. Well he certainly got the Thompson twins and Willows down pat. What else in it was close to real?"

The van headed for a roll up door that was slowly opening. A black cover hung from the inside of the door. It wouldn't allow anyone to see inside or let much if any light to pass once the roll up door closed.

Tammy could see nothing through the windshield but darkness as the van passed under the cover and came to a stop.

She heard the rear hatch open and the wheelchair rolled backward onto the lift.

Tammy tried to see something, anything in the darkness as the lift lowered her and the wheelchair to the warehouse floor.

The chair turned and slowly rolled around the front of the van.

Tammy's eyes adapted to the very dim lighting. She thought she could make out several familiar items of furniture and rooms from her forced dream as the chair weaved back and forth making its way through the maze of items.

"They must have videoed these things and downloaded them as well to use in the dream program," she thought to herself.

But, before she could continue her thoughts the wheelchair came to a stop at a closed door, which suddenly opened by itself.

Tammy was blinded by the bright light coming from the other side as the chair rolled forward through the door.

Squinting her eyes she could make out a few human shapes. The closer she came the clearer they became, eventually she could make out 4 figures.

Three looked to be female and one male.

The chair didn't stop until it rolled right up next to them.

"OH MY GOD! NO!!!" Tammy's mind screamed.

Chapter Nine (added 06/14/2009)

The sight before her filled Tammy with anger and horror.

Nora Ruth and her as hideously evil sidekick Gina were deliriously jovial as they methodically wrapped Chandra's crossed arms to her body just below her breasts with the very familiar looking medical bandages Tammy had seen in her dream.

Chandra's folded arms boxed her breasts, helping the skin tight bandages to shape and mold them into perfect twin mounds rising into the sky. The super absorbent self-adhering elastic bandages stuck to her like a second skin, even making her erect nipples look even thicker and fuller as they pointed upward.

And with each breath, Chandra's shapely mounds rose toward the heavens in worship eliciting many snide comments form the giggling duo.

Tammy couldn't help but admire her friend's figure as well. The way the wrap defined Chandra's body from her shapely legs to her shoulders sent a sensuously warm but chilling tingle through Tammy.

"They've wrapped her at least twice already with those wide bandages from her shoulders to toes." Tammy's mind assumed as she studied her friend's figure more closely trying to keep her thoughts occupied and avoid thinking of Chandra's future.

She couldn't help but imagined the wonderful feelings Chandra was having of the wrappings hugging her body.

"And they're going to use this third wrap to tightly secure her legs together and her arms to her chest like an ancient mummy." Tammy's mind deduced. "There's no way Chandra will be able to escape on her own. She can barely wiggle as it is."

Tammy had to fight off a wave of jealousy that suddenly rose within her at the sight. But the longer she stared at her friend's bound form the more her body's desire to swap places with her increased.

She could see how stiff and immobile Chandra's legs and body were becoming. Her legs looked nearly unbendable in the tight wrappings. And the wrap appeared to lock Chandra's ankles in place keeping her individually wrapped toes spread apart and pointed upward.

Tammy thought back to the several times Mike had wrapped her in several rolls of his athletic elastic ace bandages. It was a bit difficult to move with one wrap holding her legs together and her arms to her sides. And when he put a second wrapping around her 'forget about it' she was there until he wanted her free.

But to have her limbs and torso individually wrapped before adding a second and third wrapping, Tammy seriously doubted if Chandra would have even a millimeter of wiggle room by the time they have finished.

Tammy followed the sleek lines of the wraps up Chandra's body to her neck where she saw a black hard rubber neck and mouth corset holding Chandra's head rigid. It looked very similar to the one that was part of the dress she had worn in her dream world. But this one had a half inch diameter black rubber tube sticking out through the center part of the mouth corset.

Tammy saw Chandra's nostrils flare and her breaths increase as soon as she became aware of Tammy's presence.

"You've got a visitor, love. Think she'd like to play with your body for a while after we've finished with you?" Gina cooed in Chandra's ear loud enough for Tammy and the others to hear.

"DAMN THEM!" Tammy yelled into the gag as her anger increased with each gleeful cackle and taunt she heard the two vile women make.

They lifted and turned Chandra so she could face Tammy as they wrapped a fourth round of the special material tightly around Chandra's torso.

"Your sweet little playmate has learned to enjoy our world of bondage..." Nora snickered glancing quickly at Tammy. "She has learn there is much to enjoy, things you already knew seeing how you were born to be a pleasured citizen of our universe. You have no doubts as to the joys being bound and gagged bring. But she, she has had to learn them... And learn she has... I think she may be as good at climaxing while bound as you, if not better..."

Nora teased both of Chandra's bandage covered nipples until the wrapped woman's loud moans filtered all be it in a whisper through the rubber gag.

"See, she loves to have them teased while she's bound and gagged, don't you precious?" Nora laughed. "And I know very well that her mouth and tongue are quite talented... Fantastic even... I now know why Natasha Sweet stopped returning my calls after she met this little muff diver here..."

Chandra's green eyes locked onto Tammy's and with great difficulty she tried to speak.

Tammy heard nothing, but the fear she read in those beautiful green orbs instantly sent Tammy's own fear into orbit.

This proved a poor help in Tammy's continual struggle with her own body.

The huge dildo tormenting her continued its duty by pushing her body toward a very unwanted orgasm. And her body was joyfully willing to accept that pleasure.

The added sight of her friend being bound in such an inescapable but sensually delicious way, added to her worries. Tammy's hesitations were quickly overpowered, vaulting her arousal far beyond all of her other emotions.

Tammy had to force herself to break eye contact with her friend and turn her head in embarrassment as a violent wave of sexual pleasure visibly swept over her.

Tammy strained against her bonds as her body involuntarily quivered and her loud muffled moans of pleasure displayed her enjoyment of the massive orgasmic jolt that overcame her.

"I take that back..." Nora Ruth said glibly breaking the hushed silence of the room's occupants as she kept her eyes trained totally on Tammy. "You still are number one!"

"DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!" Tammy cursed herself afterward for allowing herself to loose control once again to her body and letting it betray her lifelong friend in such a way.

"Now that shouldn't have been, but was totally unexpected... However, it was greatly appreciated Mrs. Dufrane..." James VanNorkin laughed. "I believe even Chandra has to appreciate that demonstration. I'm sure the anesthetic has worn off enough for her to comprehend what you just did. As I've said before, you could have a wondrous orgasm at anytime in anyplace."

He had been watching his henchwomen and seemed to have been completely ignoring Tammy's arrival until that moment.

"You just can't help yourself can you?" He taunted. "I know Karl's aphrodisiac we've been feeding you has helped keep your libido in overdrive, but this... To have such a show of massive pleasure in front of your best friend while she's being readied to be shipped off to a fate, that will be to you and her, her worse nightmare is extraordinary."

Tammy turned and glared at the mustachioed beret covered man.

"Glare at me all you want, nothing and no one is going to prevent dear sweet Chandra from falling at the feet of her master, offering to do anything he asks and begging him to fuck her brains out..." He added. "You see ten months ago there were legitimate bids offered for you. I kept track of the largest ones. Or should I say the two largest ones, which happen to be from two very wealthy middle eastern businessmen. Cousins actually, who have a very definite competitive nature. Especially, when competing against each other."

He stepped behind Tammy as he spoke and retrieved the black backpack from its holding pouch.

"Once I saw they had entered in the bidding, it was nothing to pit them against each other. Letting it slip that they were competing against each other motivated them to unbelievable offers." He bent down and smirked as he opened the backpack and drew out a small handful of diamonds. "When they both bid $15 million at the same time, I thought 'why not double my profits... So I told each they had the winning bid and accepted their offers."

Tammy looked up at him puzzled.

"How could I sell you to two bidders at the same time, you want to know..." He became almost giddy with triumph. "Mike actually gave me the way when he made that stupid suggestion I use a look-a-like to convince you your kidnapping was real. Really, I can't believe he didn't give me some credit for seeing her as a spy being placed in my ranks. You really have weakened his natural instincts for reading people. Anyway, with his gift of the spy solved my problem so I planned to sell you and her. But then I saw how closely Chandra resembles you as well. And a thought hit me... Why risk being caught by selling Mike's spy. Why not just use her as misdirection instead..."

Tammy's eyes suddenly widened. From behind James VanNorkin she watched Nora and Gina pull a heavy rubber full body bag from beneath the table Chandra lay on.

"Ah, yes you see the suit. They're going to slide Chandra into that rubber suit up to her neck and seal it. Once sealed, they'll fill it with Karl's aphrodisiac... No, not the diluted mixture you and she have been swallowing..." He moved his face right next to Tammy's. "But the fully concentrated form... Oh yes, Mrs. Dufrane by the time she is delivered to her master she will do anything to be brought to an orgasm. And after that, who knows she may become as much an orgasm machine as you are now...."

"Mu mum mom ma mimch!" Tammy cursed at him.

"What was that? I didn't quite understand you. Oh that's right! I forgot that penis gag in your mouth hasn't cum yet..." His smirk sent a wave of pure anger and fury over Tammy. "That can be corrected!"

Tammy's eyes filled with worry. She had grown so accustomed to the gag being in her mouth that she had forgotten about it and began wildly shaking her head as he lifted a small black remote control and aimed it at her.


The penis gag began pulsating and spewing the familiar tasting milkshake mixture into her mouth. Tammy tried to stop from swallowing it, but her body instinctively sucked on the deflating penis and gulped down the mixture as quickly as it spewed. Slowly the penis emptied of its contents and Tammy had to once more look away from Chandra as she uncontrollably sucked on the deflated piece of rubber until she had swallowed the last drop.

Tammy angrily glared up at him once more as he beamed down at her. She knew he knew she couldn't resist the pleasure of feeling it ejaculate deep down into her throat.

"That dose was at full potency. I dare say by the time we put you into your bandages and rubber suit you will be craving sex like a pretty bunny rabbit in full blown heat." He laughed running his finger along Tammy's cheek. "And by the time you reach your destination it will take no time for you to submit to your ultimate master..."

Tammy's anger quickly changed to one of terror as she looked past him and caught a final glimpse of Chandra's tear-filled eyes through the goggles of the rubber gas mask style hood Gina had pulled over Chandra's head.

After checking it twice to make sure the rubber feeding tube had slipped through the mask properly and the re-breather was working, Gina began tightly lacing the hood.

"There, that'll make sure you're kept hydrated and nourished for the long trip," she giggled kissing the top of the hood. "That catheter attached to the dildo I put in before we wrapped you will help keep your bladder from becoming uncomfortably overloaded as well."

Nora laughed as she sealed the collar of the rubber body suit to the neck corset and Gina tightened the hood's straps before sealing it as well to the neck corset.

Tammy watched through tears as Nora wrapped a final wide thick rubber collar around Chandra's neck and sealed it with epoxy.

"There, none of Karl's liquid pleasure juice will leak through that," Nora laughed looking deep into the clear plexiglass covered goggles and connected a hose to a valve on the side of the suit. "I'm going to miss you, darling. But, I'll have millions of reasons to get over it...."

The sound of air being forced out of the suit through a valve as the liquid was pumped in was replaced by the sound of heels clicking on the floor coming from behind Tammy.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Tammy heard a female voice ask from behind her. "What are they doing to Chandra? And what is SHE doing her? I thought the plan was to get the diamonds and leave them both in the RV so anyone trying to find us would have to check out the beach and RV to give us plenty of time to leave scott free! Don't tell me I just wasted my time closing out their accounts and busting my ass driving 24 hours back and forth to the beach twice impersonating each of them for nothing?"

Tammy thought she recognized the voice. And once the red headed woman stomped past her right up to James VanNorkin Tammy knew she was right.

It was Judith Williams, the woman they supposedly used to impersonate her last Valentines Day. Mike had told her of his suggestion to the Director that it would be more believable if Tammy saw someone impersonating her by wearing one of her outfits. And of course he was right. She never did close out any of their accounts or actually flirt with any body, as Tammy was led to believe.

Back then through her fear and terror filled vision, Tammy had to admit Judith did look very much like her. But with the woman standing so close to her now wearing the ribbed sweater, jeans, and knee-high boots she had worn to the bank a day ago, she could see a few flaws. However, she had no doubt that Judith would be mistaken for either she or Chandra.

"Calm down, calm down," James said softly to the newcomer. There's been a slight change of plans. That's all. Ah good timing you're both here as well..."

Tammy heard more footsteps behind her.

"Everything's clear we're all set to go. I pulled the truck into the loading area and did a triple system check on the aircraft." The large man spoke as he passed Tammy giving her an admiring stare. "And, they can go through the RV with a fine tooth comb they'll find nothing to link it to us."

Tammy looked up and recognized Karl Liegeman.

She instinctively tried to cover herself due to the leer in his eyes suddenly reminding her of her present state of undress. And her arms inability to move told her the attempt was useless.

"The passenger side driving controls for the van worked great," the small nervous mousy man with Bozo the clown hair sticking out everywhere following Karl added. He also took a long leering glance at Tammy as he spoke. "The van drove like a dream and the remote control unit for the wheelchair worked just as well. I also made sure all the computer records and programs were deleted and destroyed."

"Wonderful, just as I planned," James said with exuberance. "I see Miss Chandra's suit is filled to capacity. So if you'll be so kind Earl and help Nora and Gina put her into the transportation crate and connect her air and feeding hoses..."

"Did you get the diamonds?" Karl asked ignoring Judith and the other three as they carefully carried the bloated rubber suit over to one of the three the coffin looking crates leaning lengthwise against the wall.

"Yes, I've got the diamonds right here," James smiled carefully spreading a few hundred of the various sized precious gems onto a black soft satin cloth on the table to Tammy's right. "That's what about $10 or $20 million? Now to move on to phase 2."

"Phase 2?" Judith asked with complete confusion in her voice. "What the hell is Phase 2?"

"Phase 2 is where we prepare the prize for the second winning bid," James VanNorkin grinned stepping closer to Tammy after soaking a rag with the contents from the brown bottle Tammy had seen Nora use on Chandra earlier in the RV's monitor. "We don't want our prize to fight us to fiercely and get damaged.."

Tammy pulled against the straps tightly holding her as he turned his hand with the drug soaked rag toward her face.

Tammy took a deep breath and held it waiting for the inevitable sickening odor of the chloroform.


The sound of compressed air being released filled Tammy's ears.

She opened her eyes and saw Judith's wide eyes staring at the tiny canister James held in his hand. A fine nearly invisible mist streamed from the canister into Judith's face.

Tammy watched Judith shiver as if a sudden icy cold chill raced through her body, then she collapsed into Karl's waiting arms.

Tammy's eyes met Judith's and in them she saw stunned surprise. And just as they closed they filled with awareness and fear.

"INSTA-OUT! It immediately renders the victim's muscles and nerves numb and useless before causing unconsciousness. Very effective if one is in a dreaded hurry up situation..." He grinned turning the canister so Tammy could see it. "Another of Karl's wonderful concoctions that the Organization was quick to secure the rights to and market among the members. But were also very slow at showing their gratitude. The new Director was quick however to urge the council to vote immediately to remove Karl from encounter status as well even after I told them that he carried none the blame for my team's failures."

Karl grunted his extreme displeasure with the Organization's choice of director as he lifted Judith's limp rag doll like form unto the table from which they had just removed Chandra.

"Strip that traitorous bitch and prepare her for Ramaan... He'll be better suited to train her. Ashuren will enjoy Chandra's company..." James snarled through gritted teeth, then looking at Tammy added. "Your husband and his bitch friend of a Director thought I wouldn't see through their spy's deception. You ruined my favorite student and one of the best agents the IBO ever had. Well, best other than yours truly that is. After all I did mentor and teach the boy everything he knows, which is why you'll be pleased to know I've decided to take my millions and keep you too..."

The puzzled thoughts flying through Tammy's mind must have shown on her face.

"Come, come, Mrs. Dufrane... Don't tell me I've given you to much intellectual credit..." James said a bit stunned. "Surely you've surmised that I planned all along to keep you for myself. What better revenge than to have the very sensuously beautiful woman who caused all my troubles worshipping me from her knees for the rest of her life while living on a remote and unknown tropical paradise. Obeying my every whim, begging to fuck me, pleading with me to let her mouth enjoy the taste of my seed, all the while her true love searches uselessly the world over never to find her."

Tammy's eyes told the thoughts of her mind as she stare in horror at him.

"Yes, Mrs. Dufrane after you have spent your time in your rubber suit with Karl's mixture, YOU WILL BE MINE!" He nodded seeing complete understanding settle over her. "You will pine away for Mike, possibly taking years to forget about him. But you'll come obediently running at the mere sound of my voice. You will remain gagged at all times as are all of the women on that island. That is a rule the owner of the island is a stickler about. Your gag will however be a symbol of my ownership and my generosity. For I do know how much pleasure you receive while wearing a gag, Mrs. Dufrane."

Tammy glared at him with daggers.

"Not only do I know you get great pleasure while wearing one, I also know it heightens your libido." James grinned walking behind Tammy, reaching around to cup each of her firm breasts in a hand. "It will greatly add to the constant arousal in you as an aid to help push your body until you beg through the gag for me to allow you to orgasm."

"MUMK MU!" Tammy growled, but felt her nipples growing erect with his touch.

"Fuck you! Fuck you, you say, Mrs. Dufrane... How unbecoming... But don't worry for soon you'll be begging fuck me instead..." His face was now next to her ear. "Look at how the bandages attach to Judith's body, defining her curves and making her even more desirous. She could have been my love. Had she remained loyal. I could have sold you and settled for her to be at my side. But, the truth is this is a much sweeter revenge, don't you think?"

He kept Tammy's head turned toward Judith.

"Can't you feel the tightness of the wraps as they hug her. The feel of the mouth plug with your lips wrapped around it and the feeding tube pressed on your tongue. Doesn't it make you warm with lust and desire for your turn in Nora and Gina's hands." He softly whispered into her ear. "The delicious feeling of immobility as more of the wrap is added and tightened around you, sending your body's longing to be bound into overdrive."

Tammy felt his hands softly caress her breasts and nipples. She watched the women methodically wrap Judith into the bandages and put the neck and mouth corset on her. Tammy could feel the rigid compression of it on her cheeks and jaw.

Her body began unconsciously wiggling around on the massive intruder that was attached to the wheelchair inside her. And she could feel her body responding to his hands and his touch.

She tried to close her eyes from the scene in front of her. Her mind tried to block out all of the stimulations guiding her body toward sexual bliss.

She could smell the rubber suit being stretched around Judith and hear her muffled outcries.

She could hear the air escaping as the liquid aphrodisiac was pumped in.

Tammy knew she would be next and so did her body, for it was already craving it.

It wanted the feel of the love hugs of the elastic and the kiss of the mouth corset.

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Tammy's mind screamed as she uncontrollably rocked back and forth as much as possible on the mammoth dildo and her body trembled in glorious orgasmic fulfillment.

Tammy closed her eyes hoping that this too was a dream.

But as soon as she reopened them she was met with the sight of Nora's grinning face and behind her Karl and Earl lifting Judith's rubber encased body from the table.

She felt James clasp the drugged soaked cloth over her nose and mouth.

Her mind told her it was to late for her to take a deep breath as well as being useless to fight the effects of the drug. But, Tammy did anyway.

She could see over Nora's shoulder, Earl closing the lid on Judith's transportation crate and Chandra's closed and sealed crate beyond it.

And, she could see the third crate opened and waiting for her.

Tammy pulled against her bonds trying desperately to pull an arm free, but a numbness was slowly creeping over her.

She waited for the darkness to come and take her away, but it didn't. Instead her mind remained semi-alert and she could feel her tight bonds being loosened and her seemingly constant companion, the rubber panel gag being pulled from her mouth and head.

Her body felt weightless for an instant, until she felt it softly drop onto the cool hard table.

Her legs were spread wide and she felt the pressure of the catheter, dildo and butt plug being wiggled into place.

"Come on! MOVE! Jump up and run! DO SOMETHING!" Tammy's mind screamed, but the drug's influence prevailed.

Tammy could feel the toes on each her feet simultaneously being separated and individually wrapped by Nora and Gina. Her feet, ankles, shins and knees were next. The hug of the stretchy elastic was very erotic and Tammy felt pinpricks of excitement as each woman closed in on her dildo filled sex.

The dildo and butt plug were forced deeper into her as she felt the elastic being stretch around her hips and waist. Her fingers were separated and wrapped, then her arms.

The feeling was erotic and sensuous. And it increased as they wrapped her torso for the first time. Her breasts gladly accepted the elastic covering and she could feel her nipples swelling in response to the bandages, as well as the duo's fingers and lips.

Her legs were wrapped once again separately, then together. Her body and arms were also. She could feel the hug of the bandages tighten with each wrap.

"How many orgasms will you entertain us with?" Nora smirked as she and Gina folded Tammy's tightly wrapped arms beneath her breasts. "Oh my! Looks like these are trying to escape their wrappings..."

Nora once again touched the tips of each of Tammy's nipples sending sparks of erotic tingles through her body.

Tammy could see her thickening nipples forcibly stretching the elastic and calling out to be used.

They wanted to be tormented. And so did Tammy. But only more of the bandages were layered over them.

They lifted her head high enough for her to see her bandage covered body and her folded wrapped arms under her breasts. The women began wrapping them in place to her torso and her body's response of arousal was immediate at the sight.

It wanted more.

Tammy felt the effects of the drug fade and attempted to wiggle her fingers. They could barely move. She was helpless and knew it.

"Time for your gag sweetie!" Gina giggled as she wiggled the thick rubber mouth piece and feeding tube between Tammy's lips and teeth into her mouth. "Fits like it was made for you... Which it was!"

Tammy felt the mouth filling rubber press her tongue down and push against the sides of her mouth. And before the sensation of the packing fully washed over her, Gina pulled the mouth and neck corset around her lower face and neck.

"MMMMMMMAAAAAAAA!!!" Tammy cooed uncontrollably as Gina laced the hard rubber neck and mouth corset tightly together behind her head. "MMMMMMMOOOOOOO!!!"

Tammy closed her eyes and her body tensed against the tight wrappings unable to move in the slightest. She felt the gag plug slip deeper into her mouth as the mouth corset pressed harder and harder against her cheeks.

In her dream world the bliss she felt while wearing that mouth corset gag was fantastic. But there was no comparison to what she was feeling now.

This erotic delight sent her pleasure-odometer off the scale and pushed Tammy's body over the edge. As the sparks of joyful orgasm began tantalizing her, she screamed with elation into the catalyst of this latest cataclysmic climax and gasped in through her nose as much air as her bound body would allow between the wondrous jolts of euphoria.

"WOW!" Gina said amazed, reaching for the gas mask. "What will she do once this is on and we fill the suit with that aphrodisiac?"

"She will most likely have what will seem like an unending orgasm..." James smiled looking into Tammy's questioning eyes. "Sexual fulfillment will be withheld from the other two until they reach their masters. They need to have that overwhelming fire for sexual bliss burned into them. But Mrs. Dufrane seemed to have been born with that in her. So she will need to have one orgasm after another, continual and unending so she will become even more deeply addicted to the bliss. Only then when we reach our island paradise will she lust for more of the same and beg me to be her Master."

"No! No! I will not let that happen..." Tammy's mind screamed as she stared at James VanNorkin's grinning face through the plastic goggles of the mask.

Tammy felt the rubber gas mask hood add to the pressure on her face and head as Gina started to tighten all the straps.

The sensual sensations going through her were extreme, yet in the back of her mind Tammy reached out for some hope of escape.

The mask's goggles limited her lines of vision. She tried to sense what was happening. She felt the increase pressure on her body as they pulled the rubber body suit over her.

Through the goggles, she saw Nora's grinning face flash back and forth as the evil woman gleefully sealed the body suit to the neck corset and added the rubber collar.

Tammy knew she was now completely sealed into her rubber cocoon.

She felt the chill of the aphrodisiac as it was pump into the suit. Her body immediately felt the tingles of the drug seeping through the bandages and into her pores.

The sensation of the dildo touching her engorging clitoris burst to an even higher degree of arousal. And the added pressure on her bonds from the liquid pushed her body further along toward another orgasm.

She could hear her captor's voices speaking to each other, but was to preoccupied by the sensations she was feeling to comprehend their words.

Tammy felt herself being lifted and that became the final straw needed to send her over the edge once more.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" She screamed into the gags.

"She's coming again already?" Tammy heard Karl's voice say.

It sounded as if his mouth was very close to her ear.

She could see James carrying her feet nodding approvingly.

She watched him lower her feet to the floor and could see Gina standing behind him holding more of the rubber tubing.

Tammy stood for a moment staring through the goggles into James' grinning eyes, then he gently tipped her backward into the last transportation crate leaning against the wall.

"Only 36 hours until you're naked on a island tropical paradise with your wrists bound behind you and gagged waiting my permission to allow you to willingly fuck me..." James VanNorkin grinned. "Enjoy the ride, Mrs. Dufrane!"

"Don't worry sweetie, I'll be there to enjoy my time with you as well..." Gina said, puckering her lips into a mock kiss as she stepped around James and attached the rubber feeding tubing to the tubing in the crate lid. "James has promised me the time to turn you into my little pony girl after he has had his pleasure with you."

Tammy tried to shake her head no and scream, but all she could do was silently feel the tingles of desire and lust for the idea cloud into her mind.

Tammy watched Gina move away and Karl slowly close the crate lid.

And in the ensuing darkness she heard the loud explosions of the crate clasps being locked.

Although by the sound of them, there seemed to be many more clasps than Tammy had recalled hearing when Chandra and Judith's crates were sealed.

"Fight it, don't give in!" Tammy's mind repeated over and over.

She was trying desperately to keep control of her mind when a voice from outside the crate startled her.


It was a familiar deep voice she recognized. And, it was angry.


"Mike? Mike? MIKE!" Tammy's mind awoke in hope, but wondered as well. "Was this another of VanNorkin's devilish torments being played on her?"

Tammy listened intently.

"No, the anger in that voice is real!" Tammy thought, then cried out through her gag. "MIKE, MIKE I'M IN HERE!"

Chapter Ten (added: 07/16/2009)

Tammy Lynette Dufrane gazed over the horizon ignoring the feel of the shifting sand beneath her feet with each incoming and outgoing wave. The gentle warm tropical breeze helped to cool the sun's bronzing of her soft skin. However, the lost expression on her face spoke more that her thoughts were much farther away than this perfect tropical paradise.

Something or someone was missing and no matter how hard she tried, she could not bring who or what to the forefront of her mind.

The noontime sun reflecting off the surf and sand forced her to squint her emerald green eyes as she searched for a clue.

By mandate of the island's owner, all subservient female residents and visitors were to be in some way bound and gagged at all times.

As normal, Tammy found herself in compliance by having her wrists and elbows presently bound behind her back by four 2-inch wide nearly transparent wrist cuffs made of sturdy nylon parachute material. Each cuff buckled tightly at a wrist or elbow and held together by the inch long D-rings securely sewn into the cuffs on the opposite sides of the buckle.

But this time, the D-rings were secured together by an item not normally used for this purpose.

Tammy had not been allowed to cut her long red tresses since her release from her elastic wrap prison, so its length had nearly reached the back of her knees. And this morning Gina and Nora had braided it into a very tight French braid before slipping the ribbon tied end of the braid first through each elbow cuff D-ring then wrist cuff rings before puling the braid taunt and securely double knotting it at her wrists. Thereby forcing Tammy to keep her chin slightly raised as well as persuading her to not make any attempts to free her arms.

It worked very well for any twist or pull of her elbows or wrists put an immediate strain on her hair sending a jolt of painful fire through her scalp. Also by forcing Tammy to elevate her chin the only item of clothing allowed to be worn was clearly visible, that is if you consider a slave collar an item of clothing. It was bright yellow and made of the same nylon material as the cuffs 3-inches wide with 6 pieces of stiff boning sewn evenly around. And printed in bold black lettering across the front of the collar beneath her chin were the words and letters: PROPERTY OF JVN.

With her arms bound behind her, Tammy had no means to provide any shade for her eyes or covering for her voluptuous naked body. Nor could she do anything to prevent her drool seeping through the ring gag tightly secured behind her lips and teeth from dripping slowly down her chin and trickling onto her firm triple D cup breasts. The continual flow of drool added to highlighting the bronze color of her breasts and seemed to make her large dark brown areolas and firm thick nipples which protruded over an inch and a half outward even more noticeable.

In the last six months her hair hadn't been the only thing growing. Tammy's breasts had very noticeably grown as well, as a result of the potent drugs and hormones she had been force to intake. And with her arms so well secured all thoughts of hiding them from potential ogles was useless.

As was any hope of removing either the collar or ring gag for both were securely padlocked beneath her braided red locks.

Also just below her bound wrists, Tammy's perfectly rounded posterior had taken on the same well tanned glow as the rest of her body with the exception of the tattoo on her right buttock. In bright red block letters trimmed in black were the same letters as on her collar.

Tammy was ignoring the seagulls and pelicans flying above her. The small minnows and fish brushing against her ankles in the surf seeking refuge from their aerial predators also went unnoticed by her.

She looked to be seeking her own refuge.

The deep soft rumble of a male voice clearing his throat immediately snatched her mind from its journey.

Being careful to keep her bound arms in place, Tammy turned and sprinted as fast as the soft white sand would allow toward the sound's origin.

A very ornate canvas cabana stood on the beach thirty meters behind her.

Tammy's large firm breasts bounced sexually up and down with each of her strides until she stopped at the opened entrance to the cabana. As she took in long deep breaths her massive drool and sweat covered mounds sensually rose and fell with each.

Her emerald eyes had locked onto a pair of deep blue orbs as she patiently waited his signal.

He lay unclothed on a richly padded beach lounge chair in the middle of the cabana drinking in her image.

Tammy fought the urge to glance down at his growing manhood even though her body screamed at her to impale herself upon it. But her control won this battle, one of the few times in recent history.

He had barely moved his head in an approving nod when Tammy sprang from the entranceway. With only one step and a leap she was by the side of the lounge chair, unwaveringly squatting on the balls of her feet; her chin lifted higher and knees spread wide giving him a full view of her body and access to all of her most intimate areas.

Once again she had to fight the urgings of her body to turn her gaze from his eyes to his massive fully erect manhood pointing upward, beckoning her.

"You want it, you know you want it. You know you want to feel it deep inside you." Her body began pleading with her. "Go ahead, do it... It will be worth the feel of his crop..."

"NO!" Her mind screamed back.

Her gaze became more intent and remained focused on his eyes.

Minutes passed and Tammy felt pure anguish as the torment of the moment washed over her.

Her body craved to feel his thick fleshy rod, just over a foot away, impale itself in her. The ever present need and desire for sexual fulfillment raged inside her and reminded her mind of each glorious euphoria she had experienced at his hands.

Sweat beads formed on her chest and combined with the drool from the gag between her heaving breasts. Then the mixture slowly flowed down her torso over her well tanned shaved mons and between her labia. More sweat beads formed on her back, gathering along her spine until they too formed a slow moving flow that began tickling and arousing her puckered anal rosebud.

Together the two steams met and slowly began dripping onto the floor forming a small puddle between her feet.

Tammy's breaths were becoming deeper and more pronounced. She could feel the battle inside herself turning.

"Just a quick glance at that magnificent object! It wouldn't hurt!" Her body begged.

As if reading her thoughts his lips formed a smile beneath the thick walrus like mustache and his eyes gave a twinkle from below the ever present black beret as he nodded his head toward his huge erection.

Tammy's movement was almost a blur.

She leapt from her squatting position and attacked the thick long rock hard penis with her tongue in animalistic fury. She sucked the tip through the ring taking in as much of its length as her throat would allow. Then after lifting her head from it she played with his ball sac teasingly with her tongue before sucking into her mouth through the ring.

His guttural moans of pleasure only added to her lustfully licking the entire shaft as she bounded and crawled over and around the lounge chair.

His moans grew deeper and his breathing more emphatic. Tammy could see as well as feel the shaft and tip growing, getting closer and closer to the point of his pleasure that she sought.

Her own moans were actually more like growls emanating from deep within her being. The stayed reserve intelligent business woman with a hidden penchant for bound sexual pleasure was gone. She had been replaced by an out of control seemingly sex starved and orgasm addicted wild woman.

"You may enjoy yourself Mrs. Dufrane..." James VanNorkin grunted, smiling to himself.

The words barely left his lips when Tammy sprang into the air and landed straddling his erection with a foot on each side of the lounge chair.

Her emerald eyes were wide and filled with glee as she wiggled her very wet and hungry love box onto his nearly pulsing flesh pole. Even with her arms bound uselessly behind her, she easily kept her balance as she slid up and down on his monstrous erection keeping her eyes locked onto his.

His moans grew louder and more intense as did hers. He was on the verge as was she. One more trip would do it.

"YOU MAY, MRS. DUFRANE!" He screamed as she rode down and up the shaft once again.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH, SHHHHIIIITTTTTT, OOOOOOOHHHHH YEEEESSSSS!" James VanNorkin bellowed as Tammy forcefully dropped herself ramming his massive rod deep and completely into herself.

"MMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAMMMMMMAAAAA!" The red headed woman screamed over the ring gag, contorting and bucking uncontrollably.

Her long red braided hair strained holding her arms securely behind her back as her head thrashed about and her body trembled with unbridled bliss. Her oversized breasts jiggled with delight and her thick long large nipples engorged thickening and growing even longer.

"Oh God, oh God, aaaaaahhhhh... oh yesssss...." A soft female voice moaned in the viewing chamber next to the prison holding cells in the dungeon depths of the I.B.O. Headquarter building. "mmmmmmmmmaaaahhhh!"

A red headed woman in a skin tight form fitting green rubber micro mini dress trembled and moaned matching her image on the monitoring screen.

"Is that really what I look and sound like when I'm cumming?" Tammy Lynette Dufrane whispered in a pant to the large man standing next to her as her composure returned.

Her eyes had never left the screen.

"OH MY GOD! How embarrassing..." She added realizing others had entered the viewing chamber.

Mike Dufrane turned and looked down at Tammy.

"Actually, no..." He grinned, his deep blue eyes beaming at his wife. "That is HIS imagined version. You have more twist and hip movement. And YOU'RE MUCH LOUDER! Why do you think I designed all those mouth stuffing gags for you to wear. Like this one!"

He unrolled the collar of the tight green rubber dress revealing the combination neck and mouth corset. Then he wiggled the large inflatable plug attached to the mouth corset past her lips and teeth.

"What, oh no you don't... Mike, I said dommmmmppphhhh...." Tammy unconvincingly complained, even turning to make it easier for Mike to pull the neck and mouth corset around her neck and lower face. "mmmmu, mmmmpppphhh..."

"Let's see if this works better than the one he used in his dream world..." Mike grinned pulling the sides of the corset around and quickly zipping them together. "I must admit I didn't think I could get the design to work this well on that outfit."

Tammy lovingly glared into his eyes and cooed into the gag as he turned the valve to inflate the rubber plug in her mouth.

Tammy felt the rubber force her tongue flat and press against her inner cheeks.

She would have like to have felt the sides of her face with her hands, but that was impossible. The green rubber mono-sleeve armbinder that matched the dress kept them tightly secured behind her back. It also forced her to roll her shoulders and thrust her chest out making her double D cup breasts protrude even further through the perfectly placed round cutouts in the front of the Victorian corset style dress. There were two crisscrossing "X" patterned elastic bands attached to each cutout which held and shaped her breasts into beautiful round mounds.

It was nearly a perfect match of the dress Tammy had worn in her dream world six months ago. She had told Mike how much she loved the way it had looked and felt on her so he fashioned a copy as best he could from Tammy's description. He had an exact duplicate of the dress made; from the mouth and neck corsets to the elastic bands crossing the breast cutouts to the white fur trim on the hem and even the wide white rubber belt. Also he made sure the white fur trim was added to the top of the thigh high boots.

Not having the magnetic capabilities of the dream world as of yet, the only adjustment to the dress he had to have made was the arm binder, but the boots needed much more.

For starters he had the heels lowered to 4-inches to aid in Tammy's balance while still keeping the aesthetics of a higher heel. Next to get varying length of strides, from a full stride to none, he had matching green rubber straps attached on the boots at the ankles, shins, knees and thighs which could be easily buckled together in various combinations.

Presently none of the straps were buckled so his final additions to the boots would be free to do their designated duty.

He had added to the top hem of each thigh boot an extension of stiff hard rubber. Each was three inched long and half an inch wide with a rounded quarter inch rubber prong on the outside of each tip. These extensions were long enough to slip pass her labia just enough to tease her, so with each step the extensions would pass against one another forcing the rubber prongs as they pass to bend each extension. Once they passed each other the extensions would bounce back to normal causing a slight tickling vibration to flow against Tammy's clitoris.

Unable to stop it due to her arms being bound behind her, after a few steps Tammy would be very much aroused. And after many steps she would be on the verge of orgasm even possibly pushing her over the edge.

This had already happened to Tammy twice on their walk from their assigned suite here at I.B.O. Headquarters down to the dungeon area.

Mike devilishly grinned as he slowly finished inflating the gag giving Tammy time to regroup from her most recent orgasm. Once finished he wrapped his muscular arms around her and sensually teased the elastic bands covering Tammy's nipples.

"MMMMMMMMMAAAAAHHHH!" Tammy loudly moaned, but the gag now muffled them to near silent.

Tammy loved to be gagged, especially by Mike. But to be gagged and bound in this dress while watching yourself being bound, gagged and brought to constant orgasm while having your husband caressing your nipples and breasts at the same time was way beyond what she needed to be once again aroused.

So when Mike slip a hand between her thighs and began softly twanging the extensions on the thigh boots it became to much.

"MMMMMMAAAAAAAHHHHHH, MMMMMMMAAAAAAHHHH..." Tammy screamed nearly drowning out her image on the screen even though being very effectively gagged as a second enormous orgasm exploded through her.

Even James VanNorkin's dream world version of Tammy could dissuade any others from watching the real person. Every tech and visitor in the viewing chamber had their attention completely focused on her.

"Oh my! That was impressive, Tammy my dear..." A sugary sweet voice said. "I had heard you were, I think the word was exceptional when it comes to sexual release. But seeing you in action first hand I must say you are more than that..."

An older woman with short silver hair approached them. She had entered the viewing chamber unnoticed shortly after Tammy and Mike. Tammy's attention was completely focused on the monitor at the time. She was slightly shorter than Tammy and wore a soft blue silk blouse and black knee length skirt. Tan stockings displayed her muscular legs and black pumps with 2-inch stack heels adorned her feet. She stepped lively and had a definite air of authority about her.

The older woman smiled and started to offer her hand, but slyly drew it back with a quick playful glance at the arm binder.

"That formality can wait," she grinned turning Tammy by the shoulders to completely face her before wrapping her tightly in a loving embrace. "I am Lady Pamela Perlette, Director of the I.B.O. And you, you are the savior of the I.B.O. And you are much more beautiful than Michael described. Of course it could be this magnificent outfit, you look just divine in it. You did a marvelous job Michael. Although, I'm afraid once others try to compare themselves to her while wearing a copy of it they'll be sorely disappointed..."

Tammy's puzzled eyes widened as the dark eyes of the woman playfully twinkled and glanced in Mike's direction.

"May I?" She asked.

Tammy couldn't turn her head to see Mike's answer, but knew it instantly as the woman slipped her right hand between Tammy's thighs and began fingering the boot extensions.


"I must say you are a treat," the woman giggled after Tammy once more demonstrated her orgasmic talent.

The woman turned her head and looked at the female form that had remained by the wall watching.

"You were absolutely right about how delectable she is..." The woman smiled and added. "She will be very popular with our membership..."

"Yes, I have had many wondrous dreams about her and her friend, Chandra over the last six months." Nora Ruth answered, stepping into Tammy's line of sight. "I do hope Chandra has continued enjoying the pleasure of being bound she discovered with me..."

Tammy's body instinctively tensed at the sight of one of her former tormentors stepping closer to her, even though Mike had explained it was Nora who had activated a homing trace that led him to finding where to rescue her.

True it was Mr. Edmunsen's phone call to Mike telling him to not worry about Chandra's present that actually alerted him to Tammy's problem and prompted his call to Director Perlette. But had Nora not sent the trace, he would still be looking for his beloved. And the dream word they had been watching would have become a definite reality.

His phone call to the Director put her on alert as well. Especially when he told her Tammy knew nothing about the safety deposit box and Mr. Edmunsen's mention of Tammy's acting out of her normal character by seductively prancing and bending in front of him. Both of them sensed someone else was involved and had an immediate feeling of dread come over them when they both, after comparing notes, saw a strong indication of James VanNorkin's involvement.

It was during this call the Director told Mike of her placement of Nora as a spy in James VanNorkin's encounter group just prior to Mike's joining it.

Pamela had gotten wind of her predecessor's possible intentions of retiring and the person he had planned to support as his successor, James VanNorkin. Her family and the VanNorkin clan had been charter members of the Organization as well as having had a long history of rivalries and feuds. One in the early Eighteen hundreds nearly tore the Organization apart.

So even though Pamela hadn't planned on competing for the Director's job at the time, she thought it wiser to keep an eye on one who did. She needed a very trustworthy and loyal person to go deep undercover as it were. And she knew only one person who she felt could succeed. Nora, her long time secret lover and confidant, would be just the one that no one would suspect.

Nora was able to go undetected for 16 years. Unnoticed by anyone she caused some of the troubles James' encounter team ran into, which removed him from contention for the directorship. These, along with Mike's sudden departure for true love, led to Pamela eventually securing the director's job.

Pamela knew James would one day attempt to injure her or the Organization, so Nora had to remain as an integral part of James' team.

However, to ease the building pressure on Nora, Pamela sought to add a decoy and Mike asking her to help place a look-a-like of Tammy on James' team would do the trick. A possible second pair of eyes and ears could even emerge. So she introduced Mike to Judith and suggested she be the one.

Both she and Mike knew James would suspect Judith and keep an eye on her. They hoped that thought would keep Tammy safe and him on the straight and narrow. Also deep down both hoped Judith would report any suspicious behavior of the team to either of them.

That she didn't do.

Succumbing instead to James' charisma and ultimately to the temptation of mega dollars, she decided to follow James' plan to the end. Even suggesting she use her resemblance to both Chandra and Tammy to do what they had taunted Tammy with earlier by wiping out both women's cash accounts and maxing out cash limits on their credit cards. A pittance in James' mind based on the vast amounts he had planned on getting. But it would keep Judith busy while his ultimate plan played out.

Fortunately she did keep any suspicious thoughts from Nora. However unfortunately for her, James had decided she was a spy and acted on that wrong information. So now she and Gina as punishment for their betrayal of the Organization were permanent "female guests/slaves" of the owner of the same tropical island James had planned on taking Tammy to.

A familiar devilish smile formed on Nora's lips. Tammy stared into Nora's eyes and read the lust and delight filling them as Nora admired the somewhat helpless and sensual position she found Tammy in.

If Mike weren't there, Tammy was positive without an ounce of doubt she'd find herself taken, rebound and enjoyed over and over by Nora.

"Don't worry about my love, Nora... She and I have many years of pleasuring each other to make up for..." Lady Pamela Perlette whispered into Tammy's ear. "Besides, she will do only as I tell her."

Pamela turned her loving hug from Tammy to Nora causing Tammy to suddenly feel ignored as she lustfully leered at the women deep in a sensuously heated embraced.

Mike grinned reading his wife's thoughts as he deflated the gag then unzipped the mouth and neck corset. He carefully eased the gag from Tammy's mouth before he kissed her long and deep.

"You mean more to me than the world," he whispered as their lips parted. "If not for you I'd have ended up just like him."

Then he rolled the mouth and neck corset back into the dress collar.

"Ahem, thank you... I know lately I've been rather out of control. Especially when Chandra and Natasha come over while you're out of town. But you know you're the only one for me... I love you, too..." Tammy cleared her voice and whispered to Mike before turning back to smile at the two women. "I do want to thank you both for your helping Mike rescuing Chandra and I. I don't know if I could have survived actually living his dream world."

"You are a very special woman, my dear..." Pamela Perlette answered. "And I'm not speaking just about your sexual proclivity. You are very magnanimous, as is Michael. Not many women let alone wives agree to allow themselves to be the object of a twisted man acting out his sexual fantasy. Nor would their husbands, even with it just being a virtual reality dream world. You both are unique..."

"Choosing between that and what those two cousins were planning to do to him was not difficult. We don't want anyone's life, even his, hanging over our future together..." Mike quietly spoke, his blue eyes glancing from Tammy to Pamela and back. "Besides had he not brought me into the I.B.O. I may never have met Tammy."

"And, it's not real to anyone but him. I hardly feel any embarrassment when I think about it. That was a small price to pay to get him to tell you about the 24 women he kidnapped and sold to finance his activities outside of your organization." Tammy added. "Mike said the bastard did tell you who they were and where to find them."

"Yes, all but 4 were on the island and we found those four with the cousins," Pamela nodded. "It only took one very real threat to get the island's owner to cooperate. But I had to call in several favors to get the cousins to release the others and leave his punishment to us."

"And this IS punishment," Earl Leighty said spinning in his tech chair to face the others. "Normally most minds do not know what is happening is a dream. And once they realize that it is a dream, their brains adjusts and most refuse to accept anymore of the stimuli. James has to make his brain accept them. Sometimes it works, other times he is in pure hell for the duration."

"It was his choice!" Mike snarled. "And yours. You could monitor him or be turned over to the cousins. Just as Karl. He could help with rehabilitating those 24 women or be left to the cousins' whims."

"That seemed fair seeing how James used Karl's mixtures on them. The fact that all 24 were members of the I.B.O. and Karl helped James snatch them added to his fate. They also abused our trust by using their security clearances to locate the exact type of women they needed. All were single and virtually unattached with no family or friends to noticed their disappearance." Pamela sighed. "Twenty four of our female membership disappeared over the last 10 years and we didn't notice. We definitely fucked up on that one..."

"But we got them back and they went through rehabilitation." Nora interrupted cuddling Pamela tightly. "You made sure of that, luv... And you caught and punished the ones responsible!"

"Even though the twenty we got off the island afterward wanted to return to their life on the island." Pamela said exasperated. "And the other four after learning about the island wanted to join them."

"The main thing is they are happy..." Tammy added. "And I can understand how they feel. At times the idea of being bound and gagged like that 24/7 is very appealing..."

"But the ultimate thing is..." Nora grinned, hugging Pamela tighter. "We get to go down there and play on the island anytime we want for free... You and I on that beautiful beach... We could even take the redheaded hottie in her green bondage dress along with us next time to fill in the slow moments."

"Slow moments!" Pamela winked at Tammy. "There were no slow moments. I thought I kept you very busy. Unless you want to call the hours I worked training Gina and Judith as pony girls as slow moments for you, you can. Although, having Tammy added to the three of you on a pony team does sound very arousing..."

"Or next time we could take Chandra, she'd be divine..." Nora laughed looking at Tammy. "You never did say if she missed me..."

"Oh, I think she'd really enjoy returning the favor. She's become quite adept at tying the female body for her pleasure. The only rest Natasha gets is when Chandra is at work and when Mike's out of town and they stay with me. Our playroom stays very busy during those times." Tammy grinned. "She can keep me on the edge nearly as long as you, honey..."

"I'll take that as a challenge," Nora laughed. "Next time Mike is out of town, we'll see who is bound, gagged and moaning; and who isn't."

"I think I'd enjoy that trip and challenge as well," Pamela giggled. "With Michael's permission of course..."

"Looks like I need to reinstall those video cameras in the playroom..." Mike grinned and winked at Tammy. "Only for YOUR protection that is dearest..."

"That will be fine with me as long as you will also include a webcam..." Tammy replied, grinning herself. "So you can monitor my protection as well..."

"I see no problem there. And you'll have the finest state of the art equipment to use. If you want..." Pamela smiled. "You see there were several reasons we asked the two of you to come here."

Pamela turned to face Tammy and looked deeply into her eyes.

"I.B.O. history has shown that the organization takes on the personality and convictions of its Director," Pamela began. "Therefore the Organization and I as its present Director owe you a great deal. If you had not been the catalyst of Michael's defection, James would have become the next director and the I.B.O. would have been destroyed in my and the council's opinion. So it is my pleasure to tell you the council has accepted the adventure James put you through as your bondage application for membership into the I.B.O."

Pamela looked from Tammy to Mike and back.

"Also I'm authorized to make the same offer to Chandra," Pamela smiled. "And after hearing what you have said about Chandra and Natasha, I feel it will not be long before Natasha's bondage application is approved as well. Your adventure as well as Chandra's have already spread throughout the members. So we know the two of you will be marvelous additions if you accept. And..."

Pamela looked back up at Mike before continuing.

"The council has also voted unanimously and I whole heartedly agree to offer you a new position as Assistant Director in charge of Security. You have experience in that with the Organization in the past and as this latest encounter proved you have the rational to handle the job. Of course you will oversee all of your wife's encounters. You see we also want you Tammy to be our encounter team trainee victim. Your present lives will remain the same with the only exception of more bondage adventures outside your home. It will be a great benefit to the Organization and I will take it as a personal favor if you'll both accept."

Tammy and Mike smiled at each other.


Six months later, Tammy Lynette Dufrane wiggled like an inchworm across the floor. White cotton cords cocooned her body from her ankles to upper thighs and her waist to shoulders. Her arms were folded together behind her back and incased as part of the rope cocoon. Her nose flared and she gasped with each deep breath through the ring gag wedged behind her teeth as drool oozed out onto the carpet.

She rolled onto her back exposing her heaving naked breasts. The surrounding cord crushed and framed them together like over inflated water balloons. She sensually wiggled and twisted backward until she managed to slip against a wall.

Digging the 4-inch stiletto heels on her knee high black leather boots into the thick plush carpeting, Tammy pulled her chest forward then pushed with her legs. Bending at her hips and waist, she managed to get herself into a sitting position against the wall.

Taking several more deep exhausted breaths, her eyes stared across to the middle of the room and into the emerald green eyes of her best friend.

Chandra smiled back at her, then turned her head and lifted the remote control in her hand. She waved it back and forth before the pleading eyes of Nora Ruth and grinned at her before reaching down to toy with the nipple clamps tormenting her one time captor's protruding engorged nipples.

"MMMMMMOOOOOO!" Nora begged and pulled uselessly against the straps holding her upright to Tammy's favorite play toy Mike had made, the bondage column in the middle of the Dufrane's playroom.

Nora glanced to her left at her lover, Pamela Perlette. The Director of the International Bondage Organization shifted on the long thin seat of the exercise cycle. The thick dildo and butt plug each protruded halfway from the seat and were poised ready to tease and torment her at an instance notice. They waited as did the Director for Chandra to use the remote and trigger them to action. She tried but could not turn her head to see what the redheaded woman was doing to her lover due to the neck and mouth corset gag preventing her head from any movement.

Facing Pamela, Natasha Sweet sat on her own bondage exercise cycle waiting for her lover to click the controller. She moaned expectantly into her gag. She had only shared the upcoming experience with Tammy in the other exercise cycle which put her nerves on edge adding to the full figured young woman's arousal.

Tammy tried to study the scene in front of her, but her own situation deterred her.

Still she should have known Chandra had something planned by her giddiness and giggles at work over the last week and a half. Not to mention all the long anonymous phone calls Chandra received that Natasha had told her about. The last one came here at her own house while the three prepared for the Director and Nora's celebrated visit. After that call Chandra refused either's help in making her secret punch for their festivities.

Tammy didn't and she assumed neither did Natasha remember seeing Chandra do it, but she must have added some type of knock-out drops to the punch because after having a few sips she began feeling light headed, but was able to remain alert long enough to watch Natasha, Nora and the Director drop their glasses and slip ever so gracefully to the floor.

Waking so well bound and gagged on the playroom floor and seeing Natasha and Pamela on the exercise cycles and Nora strapped to the column, Tammy could only wonder how Chandra was able to get all four of the unconscious women down the stairs and into the playroom as well as binding them before they awoke by herself.

Those thoughts left her as from across the room she watched with a bit of envious delight the other three bound women anticipate their tormenting.

She had no need to wait. She assumed Chandra had inserted the new dildo and butt plug, Mike had devised, in her before tying her legs together with all the cords. Mike had planned on using them after chloroform play sessions for both items were designed to activated the moment Tammy awoke from a drugged sleep.

And like 99.99% of Mike's designs, they worked like a charm. Tammy had already climaxed 3 times and while watching Chandra tease and torment Nora to a massive climax put her on the verge of a fourth.

That was when the door to the playroom opened and Chandra's obvious accomplice entered.

The ring gag prevented Tammy from gulping in awe, but not from her heart leaping into her throat.

Standing in the doorway with a devious smirk across her lips stood Jackie Edmunsen, Mr. Edmunsen's wife. With an evil grin she blew a kiss toward Chandra and entered the playroom.

Tammy's attention was immediately snatched and undivided.

It wasn't exactly who the woman was that garnered this attention. Nor was it her perfectly coifed salt-n-pepper long tapered bob hairdo, or her sparkling blue-grey eyes enjoying the images as she surveyed the situation before setting her gaze on Tammy, or the way she stalked Tammy as she slinked across the room.

What drew Tammy' unblinking gaze was the way the skin tight black kidskin leather catsuit and matching thigh boots displayed the woman's 64 year old body.

Tammy had seen Jackie Edmunsen hundreds of times over the years. She was always dress to fill her role of the prim and proper bank manager's wife. So, it would never have crossed Tammy's mind to imagine her in any other form.

Even though she had seen the ever elegant looking woman one time dressed very differently. The only problem, it was at the Halloween party 12 years ago where she came dressed as a very sexy looking Wonder Woman with a very full and tight flag colored corset with matching blue briefs, red and white thigh high boots and silver shoulder length gloves.

Of course Tammy had been to preoccupied with Mike for Jackie's sensual image to sink in and remain. Therefore she had no suspicion that her boss' ultra-conservative could morph in such a way.

The closer the 64 year old leather clad sexpot came, the more aroused Tammy unexpectedly became. And this arousal had very little to do with the dildo and butt plug.

But the thoughts of this sexy older vixen using her bound and gagged body to reach her own ultimate pleasure increased the amount of liquid flowing from Tammy's ring gagged lips as well as her love juices which were visually soaking the white cords holding her tight.

The aroma of the leather added to the tantalizing of Tammy's senses. She looked up into the gleaming blue-grey eyes and felt a strong desire for the woman to ravish her bound body.

Instead Jackie Edmunsen straddled her in a way to not let any part of her body touch any part of Tammy's body.

"MMMMEEEMSE!" Tammy pleaded as the older woman sensually wiggled her hips inches from Tammy's nose.

Tammy wasn't if it was her own sensual aroma mixing with the leather or she was also getting a whiff of the older woman as well. Either one didn't matter for her arousal was building by leaps and bounds now.

"You were somewhat responsible for my Halloween kidnapping and ransom bondage application for membership into the I.B.O. from taking place 12 years ago. We were practically guaranteed membership, but my primary kidnapper got distracted by a very sexy costumed cartoon character and it fell apart. We tried a second time, but it got muddled as well. So it seemed our membership was never to come about. You owe me!" Jackie Edmunsen pulled her hips from Tammy's face and replaced them with her grinning face. "Chandra has bragged about your marvelous tongue. Even Natasha went all giddy and blushed when I asked her about the many times she and Chandra enjoyed it."

A black leather gloved hand flashed in front of Tammy's eyes and the sound of a heavy zipper being unzipped added to the muffled moans coming from the other three bound women.

Chandra had activated the remote, but Tammy was to lost in Jackie Edmunsen's overpowering presence to have realized it.

The strong sweet aroma of sex filled Tammy's olfactory senses as the woman pulled the leather back to reveal her dark pubic hair and pretty pink sex.

"Payback time, let me see if they really know what their saying," she laughed and reach behind Tammy's head.

Before she could pull Tammy's head to her crotch, Tammy lunged forward, her tongue darting through the ring. Severing Jackie's labia in one quick motion, Tammy tongue deeply explored the woman's moist love. After several minutes probing she lifted her chin slightly and sucked the woman's hood and clitoris into her mouth between her tongue and ring gag.

"OH MY GOD!" Jackie Edmunsen screamed, her head leaning back and her body violently trembling in orgasmic bliss.

She forced herself backward with Tammy's tongue protruding through the ring greedily searching and seeking more of her.

"That was... magnificent! It took me back to my college years and my roommate who could...oh.. You know..." Jackie panted. "God, I would love another... But time is fleeting. And I do have to continue with my bondage application."

Tammy sighed disappointedly. She would have loved to have obliged the older woman several more times. She was sure she would have been pushed over the edge herself as well by then.

But curiosity set in when Jackie stepped back and lifted a long black rubber duo sided strap-on dildo with black straps.

"Hold this for me while I put it on," she giggled slipping the 2-inch thick tip through the ring gag.

Tammy could do nothing but hope she didn't try to force the thing in much further, it was already nearly touching the back of her throat and she could easily see over another foot of the dark rubber extending past her nose.

Tammy's eyes widen as she watched Jackie wiggled the smaller angled dildo into her tongue moistened slit before pulling the straps around her leather clad hips and buckling it tightly in place.

With and evil cackle she thrust her hips forward and back pushing the 18-inch long rod in and out of the ring.

Panic filled Tammy and the choking sounds of her reflux action coming through the ring alerted Jackie to her over zealous movements. She stopped her rocking and stepped back.

"I don't think I'll really need much addition lubrication," she grinned. "Once I remove that dildo this should slip and slide in and out of you quite well. Now let's get you ready for some fun."

Jackie pulled the ends of the excess length of cord used to cinch her thighs and lifted them toward Tammy's chest just above her breasts. Tammy hadn't seen or noticed the two small open loops sticking out from those bindings until Jackie slipped the ends of the thigh cord through them and pulled her chest even closer to her thighs. Every cord wrapped and cinched around her body from her ankles up seemed to tighten the closer her chest and thighs became.

"OH GOD!" Tammy's mind screamed from the pressure just before Jackie securely tied the ends.

Tammy filled the room with loud moans and groans as she worked her way to her feet. It was only with much effort and plenty of help from Jackie that she was successful. Looking to her right at the mirror on the wall, Tammy saw her reflection. Her white cord covered body was bent over in a not quite inverted V and the ends of the inflated dildo and butt plug were poking out form their sheaths.

Tammy thought it took all her effort to get to her feet. That was nothing compared to what it took to hop in her inverted V from the back of the playroom to the treadmill on the opposite side of the room. Each hop was an adventure. Fortunately Jackie provided more help in Tammy keeping her balance.

Although it did take nearly 15 minutes to cross the room, which was enough time for Jackie to desire another go with Tammy's tongue.

Once her orgasmic pleasure subsided Jackie filled the ring gag with a thick leather plug and panel gag.

With that additional gag buckled tightly to the head harness keeping Tammy's moans and pleadings virtually silence, Jackie maneuvered Tammy to the end of the tread mill and up onto it.

"Now you know the main reason I left your boots on," Jackie laughed. "Can't have you injuring your feet while on the tread mill can I. Besides, I have always enjoyed how your boots enhance the look of your legs."

Tammy was grateful for that and she had notice a few additional straps hanging from the support structure Mike had built to keep her safe whenever she tried walking on it in her 8-inch heeled ballet boots or pony heels. They were attached to the body harness she always wore when on the tread mill so with any falter she would not fall to the floor. She would only hang until she reestablished her footing to continue.

The problem was she was not wearing her body harness now and being bent over as she was any fall would drive her head first onto the machine.

"Maim, momm, mom..." She pleaded.

Jackie ignored her

Tammy ceased her pleading when she saw Jackie pull one of the supports straps down and connected it to a thick cord loop on her right side. She affixed six more after that on her right side and then the matching ones on her left. Unseen by Tammy more were attached to the loops along her back.

Jackie lifted Tammy's legs and let her swing back and forth to reassure her fears.

"You will not be needing these," Jackie laughed deflating and removing both the dildo and butt plug. "However, I do have plans for your sweet juicy love box. My little strap-on here is itching to be used."

"MMMMMMMAAAAAAHH!" Tammy loudly moaned as the inserts were gingerly removed and a sizeable squirt of cold lubricant added.

"Just to make sure you're good and slick." Jackie cooed.

Tammy could only stared down at the black tread of the machine when Jackie's boots and the long thick black dildo filled her vision. Only now a 2-inch wide ring circled the base of the dildo.

"This is incentive. And it also powers the vibrator filling me." Jackie's voice was even more giddy. "Once I get behind you and turn the tread mill on you will be pushed backward for your pleasure to be impaled on my lovely cock. To make sure you don't stay, once your delicious rear touches this ring you will receive a soft shock that will encourage you to hop forward. My pretty cock is long enough to make sure you can not hop off it. And the tread mill is timed to allow you only one hop before it pushes you back along the shaft."

Tammy's eyes widen. She knew it wouldn't take long before that mammoth thing sent her over the edge.

"I think you and I are going to have several massive orgasms before this is over!" Jackie laughed stepping back out of Tammy's vision. "Now to get in position and have some fun."

Tammy felt the tread mill push her backward after Jackie turned it on. And the pressure on her very well lubricated pussy gave in letting the large phallus have its way. A deep guttural moan rose from Tammy as the large intruder slipped easily into her and Jackie's giddy laugh filled her ears.


The soft spark of fire zapped her rear and Tammy instinctively reacted with a long forward hop.

She slid easily forward on the dildo's lubricated shaft only to be returned by the tread mill for a second go.

Forward Tammy hopped with each soft shock. And back down the shaft she rode with the aid of the tread mill.

"OH MY GOD! THIS IS OH YESS, YESS..." Tammy's mind screamed at her as she quickly reached her first climax.

Jackie's own climatic moans filtered into Tammy's ears through the hum of the tread mill and the gasps of the other women enjoying their own pleasures.

"I've got to hand it to your wife," Mike Dufrane said humbly staring at the screen in Mr. Edmunsen's office. "I honestly didn't think it would work that well. You and your wife will be excellent additions to the I.B.O. I only wish circumstances had been different and allowed your memberships sooner."

"Don't fret my boy," Charles Edmunsen grinned, slapping the large younger man on the shoulder. "It all worked out for the best. To get to see my wife enjoy your wife and Chandra, the daughters we never had. And become a part of a very impressive organization as the same time. Who could complain."

"Well I for one because it was my fault you didn't get the offer when you were supposed to. So I know I plan on and I know Tammy will also vote for your immediate memberships. As well as adding you two and Natasha onto our encounter team." Mike nodded. "Even Director Perette along with Nora have consented to join the team. It's the only way I can keep an eye on Tammy. She has been the most requested training target for most of the organization's encounter groups ever."

"No doubt,' The older man smiled. "I enjoyed helping Chandra and Jackie carry her and the others down to your playroom. As well as getting to assist my wife in tying her. Even unconscious her body reacts to being bound like none other. As many times as I've tied my sweet wife, she never looked to be enjoying her bonds as much yours did asleep."

"She is rare, but what I'm going to enjoy is later after this foreplay is over. We'll have 48 hours of alone time to enjoy each other and will every minute." Mike grinned. "That is what makes her special to me. She can separate her love for me from her love of bondage."

Mr. Edmunsen's smile displayed his understanding. And Mike silently turned his attention back to the screen and watched his wife and her friends enjoy the rest of the Edmunsen's bondage application, knowing this was only the beginning of the next chapter in his and Tammy's wonderful life together.

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