Road Trip
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He had with him only the essentials. There would be more time for fun once they reached Mexico. Duct tape, rope, four gags, a few odd toys, including four rabbit vibes that were 10 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter complete with 36 hour batteries. With that, he had all he needed for the drive down. The four girls, he knew, were on a road trip from California to Mexico. Little did they know they'd be getting across the border sooner than they'd thought. The foursome should all be knocked out by now, assuming they drank the spiked champagne he'd had delivered to the hotel under the name of Carmen's boyfriend.

He pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and loaded 4 large suitcases onto a luggage cart, and a small duffel bag. He made his way to the elevator and opened his cell phone. Calling the number to the front desk, he asked in a rather construed voice,

"Hello, this is Mark Telouse, can you please tell me which room my daughter, Lexi is staying in?"

After he had the information, he proceeded up the elevator and down the hall to the room. He'd long ago mastered the art of breaking into these hotel locks; the only real worry was the security camera to his back.

He found all four girls passed out about the room, and an empty champagne bottle in the kitchen. He smiled and set to work. The drug would keep them unconscious for at least 12 hours, which was well over the amount of time he needed to secure each one, and even more still than the time he needed to make his exit. He figured he had about 10 hours to get everything collected and get out.

He started first with the closest girl, he knew as Caris. She was a beautiful blonde, around 5 foot 4, with luscious 36 D breasts and long tan legs. He caressed her thighs, working his way closer and closer to the girl's pussy. He pulled her skimpy skirt off her legs, and simply ripped the thong from her waist. He relished the sight of her shaved pussy, resisting to fuck her then and there. He took one of the vibes from his duffel bag and put the batteries in, leaving it off. 'Lucky sonofabitch' he thought, screwing the battery cap back on. He grabbed a length of rope and a couple of other necessities and set to work. He started with a ball gag. He wedged a large colorless ball between her perfect white teeth and pulled the pink straps tight across her cheeks, buckling it tight on the back of her head. He put a small padlock on the buckle to assure it stayed on, and buckled the straps that extended under her chin, padlocking it as well. He unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra, allowing her tits to stand perkily on her chest. He flicked each nipple until they stood erect and applied a nipple enlarger to each one using a suction cup. This would keep her nipples erect at all times and increase stimulation. He went down to her crotch and put some lube on the vibrator, then shoved the phallus like shaft up, up, and away. He turned it on for just a moment, to be sure it worked, and to watch as the unaware girl's breathing increased.

Taking a long chord, he made a bight in the center of the rope. He laid this in the middle of the girl's back, taking the two ends and bringing them around her hips to the front, then back around, pulling them through the bight. He pulled this tight and made a knot so the ends couldn't slip back through the bight and cause the belt to come loose. He had created a sort of extra tight rope belt that had two long ends hanging down in the back. This wasn't the case for long. He took the ends and threaded them through her ass cheeks, across her pussy and the vibrator, and up to the front of the belt. He threaded them under the rope in the front of the "belt," and then brought them back down over everything again, back to her back. He pulled this as tight as he could, pushing the vibrator deeper inside her and the "bunny" harder against her clit. He knotted this off, leaving the extra length for later, for what he hadn't decided yet, and then moved on to her breasts.

He took a roll of pink electrical tape, starting out slowly to get all of her breast, winding around and around the base of her tit. Slowly her boob started ballooning out turning a deep purple shade. He smacked it once for good measure, and started on the other. When he finished both breasts, stopping for a moment to harass her tits, he rolled her over so he could work on her arms. He took her elbows and looped a rope around them, pulling until they were touching. He made a knot, and then wrapped several more coils around her elbows, making another knot. He used the remaining length to fuse her elbows to her body by wrapping the extra rope around her body just under her tits to her elbows again, making yet another knot. Using a roll of duct tape, he made her hand into a useless fist. He crossed her wrists and tightly bound them together, then tied them to the back of her crotch rope to be sure they stayed in their place. Time for her legs at last!

He bent her knee so her ankle was touching her ass. He tied her ankle to her crotch rope to be sure it stayed that way. He wrapped a couple loops around her calf, made a knot on the inside of her leg, then using the same rope, made several loops around her thigh, so her calf stayed glued to her thigh. He smacked her ass then did the same to her other leg. He took a bit more rope so he could fuse her knees together, side to side.

He was almost done with his work, just a few last minute finishing touches. He took out a shiny silver collar that had a large ring hanging down in the front and the word "SLAVE" in bold black letters just above it. It locked on its own, so he didn't need to use another padlock. He decided to blindfold her, to add to her distress.

By then his erection was getting the better of him, and he had an idea. It would be humiliating, or at least fun for him, to make his slut ride all the way down to Mexico with her master's cum in her ass. So, he produced a large butt plug from his duffel bag. It was 7 inches in length and 1 inches or so in diameter at its widest part. He bent her legs up under her, smiling because he knew this was putting stress on her crotch, and pushed her limp torso over to lie on her legs. He regretted not having this idea sooner as he strained to move the ropes out of his way. His determination paid off, because soon he was spurting hot cum inside her tiny ass. It felt good to him, her tense sphincter against his rampant cock. He would say she WAS an anal virgin. Well, he nipped that in the bud, ramming the plug in behind him, and wiping his dick on her back. After he put the ropes back where they belonged, he had another idea.

Seeing as he still had all the extra rope attached to the crotch rope, he decided why not make her position a bit less comfortable? Taking the long end, he brought it up, under her bound wrists and elbows, bringing the end to her shoulder blades. He could see pulling it caused a bit of extra strain, yet relaxing didn't ease much due to the knot he'd created in it earlier. He brought the end over her shoulder, pulling hard to find enough slack to bring it back down to her knees, which with her folded over as she was, was less than 5 inches away. He managed to tie it off, though, and stepped back to admire his work. Now, if she were to try to sit up, the rope would a) keep her held down and b) provide more discomfort around her pussy. Just when he thought he was fresh out of ideas, he saw the shining nipple clamps in his bag. He couldn't resist.

He brought out the duck billed nipple clamps, attached by a chain, and applied them to each enlarged nipple. He tightened them a tad using the screws, and gave the chain a few experimental tugs to assure they were there to stay. He tightened them a bit more for good measure, and again stepped back to be sure he hadn't forgotten anything. Satisfied with his work, he brought out the first suitcase. He lifted the blind, bound and gagged girl, and sat her inside, tucking her head in a bit awkwardly so he would be able to close it.

He did the same sort of thing to each girl, first Caris, then Carmen, next came Bella, and last, Lexi. He had each of his buxom beauties laid out in front of him in their open suitcases. He could see each of their ball gags protruding from their pouty lips, every sinisterly bound breast pinched cruelly by the clamps, each vibrator control sticking out of soon to be wet pussies, and an anal plug holding in his cum right behind. He looked at the clock on the night stand, figuring he had at least 6 hours until the girls would wake up. He'd been in the room for about 4 hours now, and decided to stay a couple more to unwind before his big trip. He showered, redressed and decided to do some snooping.

He went through their clothes, not seeing anything particularly worth taking with him, and at last he found what he was looking for! Car keys. He grabbed the door key to the hotel door, not wanting to risk security seeing him break in again, and went out to the parking lot. He located the car with little trouble, a cute Mercedes, probably expensive. He had to work quickly, the sooner he got back, the safer he'd feel. His plan was perfect though, where he was going was within a good walk's distance from the hotel. As he drove, he thought, 'where's the best place to hide a needle?' Pulling into a nearby used car dealership he thought 'Not a haystack, that's for sure.'

He got a good distance from the dealership and figured he was about halfway back to the hotel when he came across a small, manmade lake. Taking the license plate from the Mercedes, he violently tossed it as far away from the shore as he could. That should do it for the car. It would take quite a while for it to be discovered, and by the time it was he and the girls would be looong gone.

He finally made it back to the hotel, and checking the time, he knew he had around 2 hours until the girls woke up. He needed to get on the road now. Getting up to his room, he added one more thing to the girl's environment.

He stuck and headphone earbud in each ear on all four girls, using a bit of duct tape to keep them in. He had four cheap mp3 players he would use to keep them entertained during the long ride down. He plugged each of the headphones into an mp3 player, pressed play, and left the mp3 player duct taped to the side of the suitcase, with the buttons facing in. The very last thing he did before closing the cases was to turn the vibrators on to burst. 10 minutes on high with 3 minute breaks. With that, he zipped up each of the cases, put a large padlock on each one, and loaded everything up on a luggage cart.

For the ride, he had a small 4-door car, making it hard to fit everyone in. He was tempted to put them in the trunk, but wanted to her their startled cries when they woke up.

He managed to accommodate everyone in the backseat by putting Lexi and Bella in the floor, with the suitcases sitting upright against the backseat, and Carmen on the backseat lying on their sides. He whistled to himself as he started the car and pulled out onto the highway.


After an estimated 110 minutes, Carmen finally began to regain her senses. She could hear...something...and there was a distinct, familiar odor... She felt like she was coming off of a really bad hangover. It was just her luck she woke up while the vibe was off. She was shocked and appalled when it came on, causing her to jump in surprise. It was because of this she realized she couldn't move. She wasn't sure yet if it was due to whatever it was that was wearing off, or if her worst fear was a reality. She got her answer almost the same instant. The faint murmur seemingly increased in volume as she regained her hearing, saying '...You are a sex slave... You will strive to please your master in whatever way he chooses... You will obey without question. Failure to do so will result in punishment... What is given can be taken away... There is no I, Me, or My in a slave's vocabulary...' As her head cleared she could make out the was her own juices! She could feel them flowing like waterworks between her legs. Her breathing was at a maximum almost panting! She become conscious of something lodged in her mouth keeping her jaw wide open, and found she couldn't spit it out. She let out a long moan, well more of a "UUUUUHHNNNNNFFFF" sound, a mix of pleasure, fear, and nausea. She struggled, recognizing she was definitely bound. She tried to use her hand to take whatever was in her vagina out to stop this agony, but couldn't reach far enough down. It didn't matter anyhow; her hands were no more than useless stumps. As orgasm approached - rather quickly she noted - she couldn't keep still. Her body shook, her eyes rolled back, her legs jerked forward spasmodically, and causing the crotch rope to push the vibe in deeper... she was coming everywhere!! Yet the torture didn't stop or even slow down! She protested audibly with loud groans

"Umph! Mmmmph! Nnn-nnn-NNUUUG!! MMMRRRMMMMMMMMM!" A mini orgasm piggybacked the first. She could feel sweat pouring off of her face. She found the wall of the suitcase and managed the wipe the blindfold partially off of one eye. She wasn't surprised to find it was pitch black. She looked down, and saw to her disgust 2 large, drool covered, deep purple orbs with metallic clamps on the ends of them.

'Oh my God!' she thought, 'Where am I? Where's Lexi, Caris and Bella?! What the fuck happened?!'

"MMMMPH!" She yelled again, listening for some response. All she could hear was the damnable voice 'You are your masters' slave...' "

But her master heard her all too well. He smiled a wide smile, enjoying her sounds of distress. He knew he'd need to empty his already half-hard member when they all woke up and started orgasming like THAT in a while. They had all been moaning and groaning for the past couple hours, but nothing compared to that. He almost couldn't wait to hear them struggling, screaming their lungs out. He could see them squirming around, helpless, under his power. He gripped his erection through his jeans; it was only a matter of time. He'd have 12 different holes to fuck anytime, anywhere.

Carmen's body trembled when the vibrator finally turned off. She already found she couldn't push the vibrator out with her muscles, and had discovered how leaning affected the pressure. Tears fell unchecked to mix with the drool, sweat, and cum that coated her body. Taking stock of her situation, she found her hands useless; in fact, her arms in general were fused together, and then to her back. Although she couldn't see her ankles, it didn't take her long to figure out they were somehow tied up to her ass. Her shins and thighs were stuck together as well as her knees. On top of that, she was in some hot dark place, she presumed some sort of padded box, and couldn't see very well; hear anything other than this damned recorded message, or make any noise other than a muffled 'mmmph.' She felt helpless, but she couldn't give up! 'This has got to be some kind of joke... I get it! It's not funny anymore... okay Bella, Lexi, Caris... anyone?' It was then that the vibrator cut back on, full blast.

Little did Carmen know, Caris was to the left of her, Bella in the floor in front of her, and Lexi to the left and below. Caris was just waking up, instantly alarmed by the buzzing in her pussy. Her reaction was much the same as Carmen's: shock, horror, disgust, fear. Not only that, but she had the constant reminder of a need to piss, which was only agitated by the vibrations around her urethra.

Their Master knew at least two of them had woken, when he heard two distinct whimpers from the back. It was only a matter of time before all four would be awake, writhing and twisting, cumming and groaning. That was okay for now. After this, they would only be getting sexual release from him when he thought it ok, so they'd better enjoy it. He stroked his dick as he drove, the moans, groans, whimper, and cries his radio. It always played his favorite song, 'bitches in heat' or something like that. He smiled to himself, this was well worth it.

Lexi and Bella began stirring around the same time, sharing the same emotions as the other two. None of them knew where they were going or who had done this to them, but they all knew one thing: why. That was made clear to them by "The duties sex slaves are expected to perform, without question, for their master includes anything from sexual pleasantries to household chores. An obedient slave will be respectful and happy to comply with any of their master's wishes. A slave must endure oral training, anal training, and if necessary, orgasm control sessions in order to be a well-trained slave."

Lexi groaned as the fourth orgasm since the vibrator turned on erupted from inside her. These were orgasms more of pain than pleasure; she knew her cunt was going to be very sore and very tender. This was probably the intent. To make matters worse, every time she felt unconsciousness creeping over her, the vibrator turned back off and she was forced to stay glaringly awake. For a short while anyway until it began all over again.

He pulled off to a rest stop. The sun had set nearly a half hour ago, and the parking lot was empty. He got out of the car, relieved for a bit of fresh air from the smell of pussy juice. He grabbed a suitcase and sat it outside of the car, thinking to give the interior a moment to air out. The muffled 'mmmphs' as he lifted it only reminded him of his need. He grabbed his duffel bag, shut and locked the car door, and took the suitcase off into the woods. He didn't know which one he'd grabbed, but when he got deep enough in the woods, setting the suitcase on the forest floor, he was thrilled to see it was Bella. As he opened the suitcase, the scent brought tears to his eyes.

"Damn, slut!" he said. It didn't matter. She couldn't hear him anyway. She did sense the fresh air however, and attempted to sit herself up. He watched with satisfaction as she wriggled and writhed in her suitcase, all in vain. He took out his knife and traced it around her breast. She froze. 'This is it,' she thought, 'I'm going to die...' She was surprised when he cut the rope keeping her held down. She sat up, gasping in fresh air through her nose. He took out one ear bud, leaning in to nibble her ear. He felt her shake which only turned him on more.

"Listen now, bitch. I'm going to remove your gag. Scream, I dare you." He told her as he took the padlocks off. As he popped the ball out of her mouth, she did in fact open her mouth to scream. As she did, he fit a large ring gag into her mouth, buckling it behind her head.

"Tsk tsk. I told you. Now, I'm going to make you a deal." He told her, "You're going to suck my dick, whether or not you get rewarded is up to you." She shook her head away from him in repulsion. He grabbed her hair at the scalp and held her head straight.

"I suggest you listen close. If you can get me off in 10 minutes, I'll let you ride the rest of the way in the trunk. Do it in 5 and I'll turn the vibrator off." As if to intensify what he was saying, the vibrator turned on again, making her realize how much better things would be if it were off. "It's up to you. Regardless, you will suck my dick. Time starts now so get started."

He presented his rigid cock at the entrance of her mouth, pleased that after a moment of thought, she began bobbing her head forward and back.

After a few moments he said "That's no way to do it bitch. Can't you suck a dick? Use your damn tongue! If you don't take it all in you won't make either time limit!" He grabbed the back of her head and rammed it forward, gagging her and smacking his balls on her chin. She tried to pull back, but he held her head firmly. She was choking and began struggling violently.

"The sooner I cum, the sooner you breathe." He said, looking at his wristwatch. She began flicking her tongue over his dick. 'Hurry up you bastard,' she thought 'I'm going to suffocate!' After what felt like an eternity, he finally came, coating her throat, the inside of her mouth, and her face in sticky white cream, at the same time the vibrator cut off. She gasped in a breath of air as he pulled out, relieved and equally humiliated. She'd given up her resolve and sucked his dick for a treat, like a bitch, and ended up nearly choking to death because of it.

"Good job slut, you made the 10 minute limit and you get to keep the vibrator on, you lucky bitch. I know how much you like it. Anyway, you better enjoy that freedom now because soon enough you won't even have that."

She was outraged. After all that, the only thing she gained was a different dark enclosed space? She didn't understand what he had meant, and grunted her protest as he pushed her back down in the suitcase. 'What the fuck, I thought you were going to put me in the trunk!!' her mind screamed, as she had already been plotting how to escape.

"I said you'd ride in the trunk. If I hadn't had to help you, maybe you wouldn't have to do it in the suitcase. As he zipped it back up and padlocked it, he was pleased her howls were muted through the padding and was satisfied she'd go unheard in the trunk. Her anger had simmered down slightly by the time they'd made it back to the car. Now she was more concerned with keeping her nausea at bay as cum dribbled out of her mouth. She could feel it sliding down her throat and across her face. She gagged at the memory of what had happened and felt herself lifted and placed in the trunk. She heard it slam thankful he had at least left one of the ear pieces out. Her mood swung again when the vibrator turned back on, reminding her of its presence.

He swung into the lane marked 'ENTERING MEXICO' There was one guard on duty, female. He smiled and presented his passport. Too easy! He drove into the country, stopping just 15 minutes from the border next to a black van.

"Mikey!" He heard someone yell. Looking over he saw his dear friends, John and Danny heading toward his car.

"Were here," John stated, looking in the back seat "Whats the emergecy?"

"Four hot bitches, thats what." he told him.

"Daaaaaaaamn! Smell that! Those bitches in heat or what?!" Danny said, leaning his head in the passenger window.

"Probably. Or it could be the vibes they've had in their cunts the entire ride down."

All three laughed.

John opened the trunk, taking the key from Mikey who had gotten out and come around.

"Holy shit!" was all he could say as he stared down at the moaning girl.

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