Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!
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  • Story Codes - F-f, non-consensual, bondage, chastity, electricity, extreme, kidnapping, self-bondage, slavery, torture, toys, violent
  • Post Date - 7/3/2009

Author's note: This is the 4th story I've written. This is a fictional story; there is no way this could actually happen. Sorry if there are any spelling/grammar errors, it takes a long time to edit and you still can't catch every mistake. Thanks for reading and enjoy.

Chapter 1 - Real Life Nightmare

"Emily, Emilyyy." Whispered the quiet, soft voice of an unseen woman. Emily quickly looked around the dark, destroyed room to find no one else with her. She attempted to move towards a door but her foot became instantly caught. She looked down at a cruel metal cuff locked onto her ankle; the chain was buried into the cement of the floor.

"EMILY!" Yelled the strange, somewhat soothing female voice. Emily could feel her arms being dragged behind her by some unseen force, followed by the familiar embrace of unforgiving handcuffs.

"Stop it!" Emily screamed out in anger. Her heart raced as she watched a woman walk out of the darkness towards her; she held a mean looking whip in her hand.

"No, not again, please!" Emily begged, trying to gain sympathy.

"You just don't learn do you?" Said the woman as she raised the whip high in the air...

Emily's eyes burst open to find that it was just another of those flashback nightmares. She tried to bring her arms and legs closer to her body, but she was quickly reminded of her spread eagled position on the bed. Her sweat covered forehead caused her dark blonde hair stick to her face; covering almost all of her vision. Screaming was not going to help her; where she was, there was no hope of rescue. She tested her restraints and attempted to remove the tight leather cuffs. Even if they weren't locked, it would have been almost impossible to take them off. Her arms and legs quickly grew tired as she continued to tug and pull in a vain attempt to escape. She did not want to go to sleep, because tomorrow was her big day, the big event. Her body quickly began to tire. Before she could stop herself, she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 2 Introduction

Her heels echoed through the hallway as she walked towards the door to the parking lot. It was a long day at her video production company and all she wanted to do was go home, rest and maybe indulge in her newfound love of self bondage.

She found herself driving down the highway quicker then she normally did and trembled at the thought of being completely helpless in less then half an hour. She slowed the car down as she reached the 120km/h mark. Not wanting a ticket, she brought it back down to her normal, more legal, speed of 100km/h.

Her tires let out little shrieks as she pulled into her long driveway quicker then she normally would. She quickly pulled into the garage and made her way into her house.

She made sure that all the doors in the house were locked; she didn't want anyone walking in on her. She threw down her coat and kicked off her heels before running up to her bedroom. Emily was excited to lock herself into her brand new hand and ankle cuffs. She grabbed the cold handcuffs tucked away in her dresser and slapped them on her wrists. Her body shuddered with excitement and her nipples stood at attention through the thin fabric of her blouse. She loved the feel that the cold cuffs brought and could feel herself getting wet with excitement.

"Em! Emilyyy!" The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end from the shock of hearing another woman's voice in her house. Emily lived alone and in the middle of nowhere so she was understandably surprised to hear a female voice. Emily quickly fiddled and stumbled with the small key and attempted to slip it into the keyhole. She could hear footsteps getting closer to her bedroom door. Finally, the key slipped into the slender keyhole. She threw the cuffs into the closet and made herself look busy.

"Oh, hey Nikki." Emily said to the tall light brown haired woman who stood in the doorway. She was just shy of 6ft tall with perfect lips and toned muscular legs. If Emily was a guy, she would fuck her in a second.

"Hey, Em. Whatcha doin'?" The woman asked casually.

"Nothing much, just got home from work." Emily said, trying not to blush from almost being caught.

"I let myself in with my key; I hope I'm not interrupting anything. I just came over to remind you about dinner tonight. Mind if we car pool there, my truck is like, the worst on gas."

"Sure. I'll be down in a second." Emily said with a smile. Nicole slowly exited and descended down the stairs.

Emily moved to her closet and picked out her most revealing dress that she had. She pulled out a tiny red dress and quickly looked it over. She carefully pulled down her skirt followed by her blouse. She stepped into the dress and pulled it up over her body. She stepped over to the mirror to take a quick glance. The light red fabric stuck to each curve of her slender body, following her skin down to stop above her knee; almost showing off her pink thong.

"Perfect." She said with a smile. "Maybe tonight will be my lucky night." She gave herself a wink in the mirror before heading for the front door.

Chapter 3 You Could Use a Drink

Nicole and Emily shared gossip on the way to the restaurant. They shared everything with each other, it was as if they were sisters. Emily felt guilty about hiding her newfound bondage obsession from her friend but she didn't want it to ruin their friendship.

Once they arrived, Emily and Nicole met up with the rest of their friends and kicked the night off with a few drinks.

A few hours and 6 bottles of wine later, they were all completely smashed. Emily was the only one that was sober enough to drive. The other girls were forced to take cabs and leave their cars in the parking lot for the night. Emily and Nicole hugged their friends good night before heading for the parking lot.

Emily gently helped her intoxicated friend get into her Mercedes. Emily slowly shut the passenger door, making sure that none of Nicole's fingers or limbs were about to get crushed. Emily quickly made her way to the driver's side and took her seat on the cool leather.

"Em, I'm goanna sleep with you tonight." Nicole slurred.

"Fine by me, I do have a 4 bedroom house after all."

"No, I want to sleep with you. Like, in your- in your bed." She said as she got comfortable in the reclining leather seat. Emily simply smiled and paid no attention to her drunken friend's ramblings.

"Look at that place Em!" Nicole blurted out, almost jumping out of her seat. Nicole pointed to a classy looking bar that Emily had never noticed before. "You could use a drink babe. Your too professional all the time, lighten lighten up!" Nicole stuttered.

"I think you have had a bit too much, Nikki." Emily tried to reason with her.

"Come on. Come onnnn!" Nicole acted like a child.

"Alright, but not for too long and only one drink and you don't get anything else. I still have to drive you know." Emily submitted to her friends order.

"Okay, fi fine."

They both entered the bar and were surprised to find that there were very few people inside; maybe the fact that it was a Tuesday night had something to do with it. Emily sat down first as Nicole slowly made her way to sit beside her. A cute, dark haired bartender stopped cleaning glasses and came over to them.

"What can I get for you beautiful ladies tonight?"

"Just give me something that is good, but not too strong, I have to drive. My friend here won't have anything; I don't need her puking all over my car." Emily replied to the bartender who smiled in response.

"I have a really nice, non-alcoholic drink that I know your friend here will just love. On the house." He said happily.

"Oh, okay, thanks." Emily was surprised.

"I'll be back in a second with your drinks." He set down his dish towel and went to get their drinks.

He returned moments later with 2 colourful drinks in hand and set them down on the bar.

"Thanks." Emily said as she went to take a sip; Nicole did the same. Whatever it was, it was sweet and delicious but not too strong. They continued to drink and talk amongst each other, occasionally shooting glances over to the cute bartender who was always smiling at them.

Emily's head suddenly began to screech and throb, followed by nausea. She quickly got up and headed for the bathroom, thinking she was about to puke.

She approached the sink and began throwing cold water onto her face, to cool down this sudden pain. She began seeing stars and could no longer stand. She lowered herself to a seated position to try to recover from this unexpected sickness. She could feel herself getting better, she tried to stand but she blacked out and fell back to the ground with a solid smack.

Chapter 4 This Is No Joke

When she came to, she found herself lying down on a bed in a dimly lit room. As she continued to regain her consciousness, she could feel pressure on her wrists and ankles. She attempted to raise herself off the bed but she could not move her arms and legs from their spread eagled position. She peered up past her shoulders to find leather cuffs wrapped tightly around her wrists and securely locked to rings in the concrete wall. Her ankles were also adorned with leather cuffs that were locked to the bottom of the bed. It appeared that she was in her bedroom at her house.

'It could be Nicole, wait, no, she was too drunk.' Emily stopped thinking about it and attempted to call out for Nicole. All she managed to let out was a pathetic, muffled noise. Her tongue pressed up against a large rubber object inside of her mouth. She tried to push it out but it wasn't budging a bit. She quickly concluded that it must be a ball gag and boy was it in tight.

The passing of several minutes brought Emily back down to earth. She figured out that she was not tied in her own room, this place was much dirtier. If she listened closely, she could hear strange noises which must have been coming from other rooms.

As scared as she was, she was actually enjoying this, believing it was a joke or trick from one of her girlfriends. She just laid there and enjoyed the secure, tight bondage that held her.

'If only I had a vibrator.' She thought to herself.

Eventually, she got tired of lying like this. Her jaw was sore, her face was soaking wet from sweat and drool and every single limb of her nervous body ached.

The door to the room suddenly swung open, making Emily jump. A woman of average height strode in and began to slowly walk towards Emily. Emily began to panic as this stranger continued walking towards her.

'This isn't Nicole, Nicole is taller. Who is it?' Emily couldn't see who it was; the room was very poorly lit. When the woman was within mere feet of the sweating, helpless girl, she began to speak softly.

"Emily, or do you prefer 'Em'? That's what your friends call you so I will use that cute little nick name." Emily's limbs tensed and she began to spew muffled cries out from her gag. "Calm down Em. Shhh, shhhh. I am here to help you out; to make this a little easier for you. But if you make this more difficult then it has to be, you will not enjoy your stay here. I have dealt with hundreds of girls like you in your exact situation and I have made each and every single one of them crack." Emily's eyes began to tear up as she listened to this crazy woman. "To gain your trust, I will allow you this one last pleasure; it may be the last you will ever get." The strange woman revealed a small vibrator. She pushed her small dress up and pushed the thong aside. The woman began working the vibe inside of Emily's most sacred area. Emily let out a moan of pleasure from the mere feeling of the vibe being pushed inside her already moist pussy. Once it turned on, Emily was in a Utopia of bondage. The strange woman left the room and shut the door; leaving Emily to have her fun.

After the 3rd orgasm, she became extremely tired and annoyed from this constant pleasure. Every time the vibe sprung back to life, she growled into her gag and shifted in her bonds in an attempt to relieve pressure from her extremely aroused clit.

She had no idea what time it was or where she was; this only added to the stress of the situation and caused her to sweat profusely. The vibe stopped again, causing Emily to dread its vibrating return. She was relieved and concerned when the woman entered the room.

"So, what did you think? It looks like your all worn out. Did you enjoy yourself?" The woman approached Emily and brought her hand up to the vulnerable girl's face. She ran her fingers through the blonde's hair before placing her hands behind her head to remove the gag. She set the gag down beside Emily's head and stood back. Emily opened and closed her jaw a few times before attempting to talk.

"Who... who are you? Is this some kind of joke, did Nicole put you up to this?" she asked timidly.

"I am here to help you get ready, if you're lucky, you will have an easy life." She gently rubbed Emily's smooth skin before continuing. "Hahaha, no, this is no joke. Believe me when I say this, Nicole did not set this up." She gripped Emily's thigh and squeezed it.

"Let go of me!" Emily ordered, while doing her best to shake off the stranger's grip. "Business, what the hell are you talking about!? Where's Nico -" She was cut off when the large pink ball gag was thrust back into her mouth. She growled and cringed as it was tightened back up.

"Now, you better be as quiet as possible as the day progresses. We need to get you settled in." The woman unlocked Emily's wrist cuffs from the wall. Emily put up a bit of resistance but nothing the woman couldn't handle. Emily's ankle cuffs were next; the woman unlocked them from the bedposts only to lock them together with a small chain. Emily's vibrator was removed next and dropped to the ground. Emily couldn't stand so the woman helped her. She gripped her shoulder and wrist like a merciless vice, easily gaining control over her to lead her out the door, into the hallway.

The hallway outside of Emily's room was long and well lit. It was much like the hallways you would find in a hotel. As Emily was pushed and shoved down the luxurious hallway, she could hear the occasional muffled scream and cry come from behind closed doors.

The several security cameras and heavy bolts and locks on each door showed how serious these people really were. There was clearly no escaping this place.

Once at the end of the hall, Emily was turned to face a large steel door. Without the strange woman even muttering a word, the door swung open with an ominous silence.

This new hallway was not nearly as calm and relaxing as the other one; it was dimly lit by dirty, small fluorescent lights. The nice red carpet was absent in this hallway; cracked concrete was its replacement.

Chapter 5 Just a Few Questions

They came to a stop in front of a door, which the woman promptly unlocked and opened. When Emily was pushed into the room, her ankle chain became taut, causing her to tumble to the ground. Emily took this opportunity to attempt to slip the cuffs off her wrists. After the woman was confident that the door was securely locked, she slowly walked towards the struggling girl on the floor. She grabbed her by her long, dark blonde hair and began pulling her up; she continued to pull until Emily got off the ground. She gripped her tightly by the back of the neck and forced her to sit on a small steel chair as she secured her cuffs to the back rest. The woman went and sat on the other side of the table on a big, black leather chair. This was the first time that Emily got a good look at her captor's face. She was not very tall, about 5'5", with platinum blonde hair that flowed just past her shoulders. To Emily's complete surprise, she was actually very beautiful. The woman picked up a pen and began to write on some papers that sat in front of her.

After 10 or 20 minutes of sitting there, watching the woman write, she stood up and unbuckled Emily's gag. Emily once again opened and closed her jaw to get the feeling back.

"Who are you? Where am I?" Emily was interrupted before she could ask another question.

"Shut up. This will be a lot easier if you can just answer my questions, then I will answer some of yours." She ordered forcefully. "First question, what is your eye colour?"

It was a stupid question but she answered it anyway. "Blu blue."

"Your height?"

"5'7" I think." The woman paused for a moment before continuing.

"What's your natural hair colour?" The woman casually asked.

"What does it fucking matter? Why the hell am I here?" Emily snapped; she had never felt this angry before.

"You are going to answer these questions one way or another. If I have to take you back to your room, tie you down and leave you there for an hour, then return here and try this all again, I will! Now answer the question." Emily's legs and arms trembled as she sat bound in front of this clearly insane woman. She decided it was best to just answer her stupid, pointless questions so then she could ask some of her own.


"What's your bra size?" A masked man entered the room before Emily could respond.

"Amy, you have to continue along with the schedule, you're falling behind the others." The woman, Amy, nodded in reply. The masked man exited the room.

"I guess question time is over. You can ask me some questions as I get you ready." Amy said with a smile while she stood from her comfortable chair. Emily did not waste any time and began asking questions.

"What is this place?" Emily asked quietly.

"This is the admissions room; where we register new arrivals and fill out their description papers. Then we can start to get you ready for the auction." Amy responded as she rummaged through a box in the corner of the room.

"Auction! What auction?!" Emily yelled out in fear.

"You'll find out soon enough, babe."

"Where's my friend? Where's Nicole!?" Emily demanded.

"She's here; you'll see her in a minute. Enough questions." Amy pushed the gag back behind her teeth, silencing Emily's annoying questions. "If you haven't figured it out yet, my name is Amy." Amy held a small length of silver chain with a little heart charm on it. It looked exactly like the Tiffany heart necklace that Emily had back home. Amy placed it around her neck and locked it on.

"This pretty necklace has your name and code number etched into it. It also has a GPS tracking chip in it and a tiny battery which is capable of knocking you out cold if we activate it. You aren't going anywhere." Amy retrieved a small key out of the pocket of her jeans and unlocked the padlock which held Emily's secure, leather wrist cuffs to the back of the chair. Emily began to resist immediately but her captor quickly gained control of the situation by pulling on the necklace like a choke collar used on dogs. Emily gasped for air and immediately stopped her flailing arms.

"Let's go meet your friend." Emily was crudely pushed and shoved out the door and through the hallway like she was a piece of trash. They headed back the way they came and stopped at the door at the end of the hallway. Once again, the door opened automatically.

"This is the holding area. There are about 40 other women locked up here, just like you." Amy informed her newest captive.

Chapter 6 - Reunited

Emily was led down the hall towards the room where she had spent the night. She stopped when Amy tugged on her new necklace. The door beside her room was wide open and Emily could see her tall, light brown haired friend struggling with another woman. Nicole had ankle cuffs on, just like Emily, but no cuffs on her wrists. The other woman held the cuffs in her hands and was currently trying to put them on. After a few more seconds of struggling, the woman managed to drag both of Nicole's wrists behind her back. Once they were locked together, she stopped her futile struggles. Before the woman left, she removed Nicole's ball gag. Nicole instantly began cursing and screaming at her captor; a chill ran down Emily's spine as she had never seen her friend angry like this before.

"Your pretty little friend is a handful." Amy commented before shoving Emily into the room. Nicole turned to look at who was entering her room. She stopped screaming and cursing to allow her mouth to drop open in amazement at being reunited with her friend.

"Emily!" Amy removed Emily's gag before giving her another hard push, this time knocking her to the cold concrete. Emily crawled over to her friend as quickly as her cuffs would allow and did the closest thing to a hug that she could manage.

"Nikki, I'm so glad you're safe. What happened, I can't remember anything." A tear escaped her eye and trickled down her cheek.

"That fucking bitch, she kept whipping me like a fucking animal." Nicole's wrists strained and tugged at the chain holding the cuffs together as she became increasingly enraged.

"Nikki, I... I can't believe this. Who would do this?" Emily buried her head into her friend's shoulder as she burst into tears. Nicole tried to comfort her friend as they sat in the room with each other, completely helpless.

After what felt like several awkward hours, Amy returned. She unlocked the door to the room and headed for Emily. Amy grabbed Emily's neck chain and pulled her up; making her gasp and choke for air. Nicole jumped up from her seated position as quickly as she possibly could and dove at Amy, taking her out at the knees. Amy flew back onto her ass with a loud smack; Nicole landing right on top of her. Amy was completely blindsided and she didn't know what to do. Nicole straddled Amy and did what she could to continue her attack on the shocked woman. It would be a lot easier if she hadn't been cuffed; she could have just started punching her senseless. Nicole took kick boxing and boxing when she was around 18; she only took it for about a year, but in that short period of time she became a very skilled boxer and kick boxer. When Amy got her senses back and finally figured out what was going on, she pushed Nicole off her stomach with ease and turned the tables on Nicole, pinning her to the ground.

Nicole was now pinned on her back with her hands still cuffed behind her. Amy reached to her back pocket and pulled out a small touch screen device. All the while Nicole continued to wither, squirm and curse at her captor.

"Shut up you slut! Stop moving!" Amy demanded

"Fuck you, you fucked up whore!" Nicole screamed before spitting right into her face. Amy smiled before putting her finger down onto the touch screen. Nicole's head shot back, her limbs tensed up and her eyes appeared to roll back into her head. Emily sat there in complete shock; she did not dare to stand up for her heroic friend in fear that she would receive the same fate. After a few seconds, Nicole's body instantly stopped tensing and her head fell to the ground on its side. Emily's heart skipped a beat when she saw her friend's eyes were closed and her body appeared to be lifeless.

"Wh what the hell. What did you... what did you do to my friend?" She was at a loss for words; tears began to form in her eyes as she sat on the cold concrete floor, staring at the lifeless body of her friend.

"Relax you stupid whore. It's just the necklace, I activated it and that's what happens. It's just like a taser with an added 'zing'. At the end of the shock you get knocked out for an hour or two. Want to see how it feels?" Her finger hovered over the screen.

"No, please, don't. I'll do anything you want, just don't hurt me or Nicole anymore." Amy let out a sly smile.

"Hmm, anything?" Amy put the device away into her back pocket and approached Emily. She grabbed her dark blonde hair and pulled her to her feet. Emily was once again shoved out back into the hall.

Chapter 7 Enjoy the Ride

They went a few rooms down the hall until Emily was back at the room she spent the night in. Emily had a basic knowledge of bondage toys and so she managed to identify a few things that were lying around her room. Amy unlocked the ankle cuffs and tossed them aside. Emily's dress and thong was next to go.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Emily screamed in protest. Amy simply ignored her and pushed her onto the large wooden chair with straps attached to the legs and arms. Amy strapped Emily's legs to the chair then she went on to the riskier job of strapping down her arms. She slowly brought the key out and slipped it behind Emily's back to unlock the chain that held her wrist cuffs together. To Amy's surprise, Emily did not struggle or attempt an escape. Her wrists were easily strapped to the chair. Amy picked up a gag that Emily was familiar with but never tried it. She held the large ring up to Emily's sealed mouth.

"Open up." Amy asked impatiently. Emily had to make some sort of stand; by doing little things like this, it made her captor's job more difficult. Amy let out a frown.

"Okay then, I was hoping you would give me trouble." With one hand on the gag, Amy pinched Emily's nose. Emily struggled to hold her breath; she began to shake her head in an attempt to throw off Amy's grip. Finally, Emily's body succumbed to her need for air causing her mouth to involuntarily burst open. She reacted quickly when she could tell the large metal ring was moving into her mouth. She shut her mouth again, stopping the ring before it went behind her teeth. It was now a tug of war between her teeth and the gag. Her teeth attempted to get a grip but as the metal became damp, her teeth lost the battle and the ring slipped behind them. She groaned as Amy tightened it, pulling it even deeper into her mouth. This was definitely a different feeling then a ball gag and she loved it.

"Like it, Em?" She asked "Then you are going to love this." Amy wheeled over what appeared to be a motorized dildo. The large, black dildo sat on top of a small motor which would make it move up and down. Amy pushed the device under the chair that Emily currently sat on which had a hole in the seat large enough for the dildo to go through. Amy added a few straps around Emily's stomach and thighs to hold her perfectly over the hole in the chair.

"Perfect." She declared as she slowly circled the completely helpless blonde. "There are 2 types of slaves that we auction here, 'Tamed' and 'Un-tamed'. But before I get into that, let me tell you, in detail, what we do here." Amy walked over to the nightstand and picked up a whip, she then slowly returned to Emily's side and began to slowly circle the chair. "We capture girls like you and keep them here. Then, once a year, we have an auction where we sell them to very wealthy individuals who have certain 'needs' and 'urges'." Without warning, Amy brought the whip down onto Emily's exposed legs. A loud scream escaped from Emily's gagged mouth.

"Painful when you don't see it coming, isn't it? As I was saying; the Un-tamed girls are straight off the street, no punishment, no bondage training. We simply hold them here until the auction and then we let the buyer have all the fun and pleasure in disciplining her. The tamed girls though, they have a much tougher time here; as the name suggests." She once again brought the whip down onto Emily's legs. "Guess what category you've been placed in?" Amy asked. She gave Emily another unexpected smack with the whip. She set the whip down to cut off Emily's bra, exposing her tits and hard nipples. She kneaded Emily's nipples in her fingers for a few moments before picking the whip up. Amy returned to whipping her newest play thing. Tears flowed out of Emily's eyes as she felt the most pain in her entire life. Finally, as quickly as it had begun, it stopped. Amy set the whip down onto the ground and stood beside her shaking, sweaty, crying captive. She began gently rubbing her leg to try and calm her down.

"Its okay, the worst is over... for now. You have been marked as a 'Blonde Tamed Slave'; you can probably guess what that means." Amy bent down and flipped the switch on the mechanical dildo that sat right under the hole in the chair. It began to move up and down and penetrated her ass. Amy adjusted it so it always stayed in her ass and never exited. Amy smiled at her slave one more time before she left the room. The dildo was on an automatic, random setting so it would turn on and off without warning. Emily groaned and screamed every time it sprung back to life. The large rubber dildo that filled her ass was rough and violent when it began to fuck her.

After being fucked for what felt like an eternity, Amy strode back into the room.

"Pleashe, shoppp." Which, when translated, Emily was trying to say, 'please stop'.

"Haha, oh you are a cutie, whoever buys you is going to be a lucky guy... or girl for that matter. We have a lot of woman that come here and want to own a pathetic bitch, like you." She bent down and flipped the switch to turn off the dildo. She then removed the dildo from under the chair and pushed it over to the corner of the room. She returned from the corner with a large leather belt with several D-rings attached to it; another notable feature was that it had handcuffs permanently attached at the back of the belt. She wrapped the belt around her waist and locked it on in place. Emily's left wrist was un-strapped from the chair and then locked into the awaiting handcuff behind her back. Emily stared at her captor with wide, glassy eyes. When her right wrist was un-strapped from the chair, she immediately attempted to loose Amy's grip. Even though Amy was prepared for her to resist, she did not expect that level of strength out of such a shaken and distraught girl. She used all her weight and strength and managed to pull Emily's wrist to her back and snap it into the remaining, open cuff. Tears began to flow out of her eyes as the seriousness of the situation finally hit home.

"It's okay babe. This won't hurt that much." Amy's attempt at soothing words only caused more tears to flow out of Emily's eyes. Her ankle cuffs were once again connected together.. Her entire upper body was wet from sweat, drool and tears. Her once beautiful blonde hair was plastered to her face and knotted into a repulsive mess. She was dragged to her uneasy feet and forced to stand when Amy placed a chain on the belt and attached it to a ring on the roof.

"Every time you scream or yell, I will paddle you longer." Amy had changed out of her casual jeans and t-shirt and into something much more intimidating. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she now wore what appeared to be black leather pants and a corset. She wore long black opera gloves and 5" stiletto high heels. Emily whimpered and whined in anticipation as Amy circled her with a flogger in hand. Every so often she would get a quick, painful smack which would always cause Emily to scream or whine.

Every time she would make a noise Amy would say, "you're making this harder on yourself." Each smack on her arms, legs, boobs, anywhere that was exposed, would cause her to scream less and less as she got used to the pain.

The smacks became softer and softer, probably because Emily's captor was getting tired or maybe because Emily's skin was becoming numb. Amy dropped the paddle and wiped away the sweat that had formed on her forehead.

"Don't go anywhere babe, I'll be right back."

Within a few minutes Amy came back into the room with a brown paper bag and set it on the ground beside the bed. While she was over by the bed, she walked to the small foot locker at the base of the bed and pulled a long length of chain out from it. She locked the chain onto the belt and then onto the hook in the roof. She could now remove the much shorter chain that was holding Emily in the standing position.

"Theres food in the bag. Its 10pm right now, I will be here to wake you up at 8. Have a good sleep." She unlocked her handcuffs and then she removed the gag. Amy quickly exited the room and locked it behind herself. The first thing Emily did was check to see if the ankle cuffs and the belt were indeed locked on. She let out a loud string of curse when she unsurprisingly found that they had been locked. Next, she tried to go and test the door but she failed when the chain became taught, just a few feet short of the door. Even if the door was wide open, there would be no hope of escape.

After pacing the room for an hour or so, trying to find a way out, she gave up and sat on the bed. She rubbed her eyes to clear away the tears that began to form. She glanced down at the brown paper bag and wondered what type of food it was. Her stomach growled at her, almost as if saying 'open the damn bag!' She timidly opened it and glanced inside. She could see what appeared to be a large sandwich, a bottle of water and a few oranges. She picked the bag up and placed it on the bed. She began to eat whatever was on the top first. She slowly ate, unsure of what it was or whether it was safe to eat. After a few bites she began to pick up the pace as her mouth and stomach became rejuvenated. She finished with a small burp and wiped away the crumbs that lay on her lap and bed sheets. She didn't know what time it was but her eyes began to close as she sat there, wondering what to do next. She lay down onto the bed, worried that the chain would prevent her from sleeping. She was relieved to find that this wasn't the case so she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 8 No Sleep Here!

She woke from her nightmares when a braided whip came down onto her back.

"I did not say you could sleep!" Amy screamed at her groggy, annoyed captive.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Emily screamed back, out of sheer anger.

"You're a little grumpy, huh?" Amy smacked the whip against her slave a few more times to wake her up. Emily jumped up off the bed and shoved her captor towards the door. She went to continue her assault on this insane woman but the chain prevented her from doing so.

"Get the fuck over her so I can kick your ass, you crazy bitch!" Emily's body trembled as she stood up for herself.

"Get on the ground, Emily and put your hands into the cuffs attached to your belt." Amy stood there, just out of reach from Emily. Emily stood there as well; refusing to get on the ground and cuff herself. As much as this idea turned her on, she didn't want to make her mistress's job, easy.

"Emily, do yourself a favour. I really don't want to have to shock you." Still, Emily refused to submit.

"You're asking me to do this, you know that?" Amy brought out the touch screen device that she used to shock Nicole. Emily did not want that same fate so she laid down and cuffed her hands behind her back. Amy walked over and shoved a large red ball gag into Emily's mouth. Amy was wearing casual clothes once again. Her golden blonde hair flowed past her shoulders with a perfect, shining glow. She wore a light pink mini skirt and a small, tight tank top which showed off her ample breasts.

Emily was led out the door to Nicole's room, a few doors down. Nicole's room contained no bondage devices and looked like a hotel room. Nicole was sitting on her bed with her left hand cuffed to the wall.

"You better not have hurt her!" Nicole threatened

"I didn't, but you will." Amy responded with a sly grin.

"Haha, are you serious, she's my best friend, why would I want to hurt her?" Nicole asked with a confused tone.

"Because if you don't, I will and believe me, it will be much worse then anything you can dish out." Nicole did not know what to say; all she could do was stare at her best friend. Emily looked pretty pathetic standing there, handcuffed, gagged, with tears running down her cheeks to meet with the drool coming out of her mouth. Nicole really had no interest in making her friend's day even worse.

"You know what Amy, you can go fuck yourself... because I know you can't find a guy to do it. You're such a bitc-." Amy quickly moved towards Nicole and slapped her right across her face. "You whore!" Nicole yelled out when she recovered from the painful slap.

"Shut up slave, or I'll make you pretty friend's day even worse." Nicole did not say another word and looked down at the ground. Amy smiled and then pushed Emily over to a ring in the middle of the floor. Amy pulled out a padlock and locked the chain connecting Emily's ankle cuffs, to the ring in the floor.

"I'm going out with my friends for a while. The other mistresses here have been told not to disturb you two." Amy revealed a few whips and a dildo that was hidden inside of a drawer in Nicole's room. She set the items on the ground in front of Emily and then turned to Nicole. "I expect you know what to do with those. I will review the tapes afterwards. I hope you don't go soft on your friend." Amy pointed to a camera above the doorway which was pointing right at Emily. Before exiting the room, Amy tossed a key to Nicole to unlock her handcuff from the wall.

"Have fun you two." Amy yelled out happily.

Chapter 9 So Much for Best Friends

Nicole sat there in silence for a few moments before unlocking her handcuff from the wall. Emily began to whimper as Nicole approached her.

"Em, it's me, Nikki." She walked slowly towards her friend. Emily continued to panic and struggle against her bonds. Nicole reached her friend and ran her fingers through her hair. After a few soothing strokes through her long, sticky hair, Nicole removed her friends gag.

"Nicole, ple-please, I can't take this anymore." Nicole brought the key from her handcuff over to Emily and attempted it to use it on her cuffs and padlocks. The handcuff key was no use; all the locks were keyed differently.

"Its okay Em, I am not going to do anything to you." Nicole sat down on the bed.

"You have to do it. She's going to know you didn't do anything and who knows what she'll do. You have to do it Nikki." Nicole slowly got up and approached the items sitting in front of her nervous friend. She first picked up the riding crop and examined it before setting the end onto her friends exposed legs.

"Are you sure, Em? I won't do it if you don't want me too." Nicole asked, making sure that this is what Emily wanted.

"Yeah... I'm sure. I don't want you to get in trouble. Just do it." Nicole thought about it for a while, circling Emily; not wanting to do this to her best friend.

"I am going to be honest Em. I am... I'm into this kind of stuff. Like Oh god." Her cheeks turned red as she came out with her love for bondage. "Like, I like tying myself up. Fuck, your going to think I'm a freak now aren't you?" She held the whip gingerly in her hands as she looked up to her friend to see what she was going to say.

"Its okay, Nikki. I I tie myself up too." Even though Nicole just admitted to enjoying bondage, Emily still felt embarrassed. "Remember when you came to my house for dinner that night? You almost walked in on me handcuffing myself." Her cheeks were as red as Nicole's.

"Wow, I never would have guessed you were into this." They stood there in silence for a few seconds, not knowing what more to say or do. "Ready?" Nicole finally asked. Emily simply nodded. Within seconds, Nicole brought the riding crop down onto Emily's exposed, smooth legs. Emily let out a whimper but Nicole continued to whip her friend, spreading the lashes out evenly. The whips got increasingly painful as Nicole was not letting up. Nicole suddenly stopped whipping and disappeared behind her friend. Emily was caught off guard when a large ball gag was shoved into her mouth. She struggled; she didn't want it in her mouth. Nicole ignored her screams and selected a different whip to use.

She continued on with her assault and occasionally stopped to caress Emily's trembling body. Tears began to form in her eyes before trickling down her cheeks. Nicole stopped and had a look of terror and confusion on her face.

"Em? What's wrong, I thought this is what you wanted." The gag was removed from Emily's sore mouth. Emily began crying loudly which instantly made Nicole feel sorry for her.

"I'm so sorry, Em. I I'm done, I'm not doing this to you anymore." Nicole began stroking her friends beautiful blonde hair. Even though she hadn't had the chance to wash it, it still shimmered in the light.

"I have always been jealous of your hair." She continued to stroke it and clear out the mats. Emily let out a little smile before looking back at the ground. Nicole wiped away the tears that slowly trickled down her soft cheeks. Nicole's fingers lingered on her delicate skin. Emily's eyes met with Nicole's; with Nicole still gently rubbing her friend's cheek, she went in and kissed her. It was just a small kiss on the cheek but it quickly turned into a passionate kiss on the lips. Emily had never experienced this level of passion, even from her many boyfriends. Just as Emily started to enjoy this strange turn of events, she felt a tingle in her neck before she blacked out.

Chapter 10 Shower Time (added: 07/09/11)

She woke up feeling as if she had just drank all the wine and beer in her house. She moaned into her gag as she slowly began to wake from her sleep. Her legs and arms were brutally pulled up behind her to form a painfully tight hogtie. The ring on the top of her gag had a rope attached to it which ran to her ankles causing her body to form an arch. Amy was sitting on Emily's bed, staring at her.

"The strangest thing happened; I come back expecting to see your slutty friend whipping your pathetic ass silly. Instead, I find you two making out! I was watching for a bit at the door and then I had to end it with my amazing little device. You know how much of a slut your friend is?" Amy asked. "She's been into girls a few times and has had sex with pretty much her whole neighborhood." Tears once again formed and trickled down Emily's cheeks. "I was happy with what she was doing before she got soft on you so she gets a reward. Unfortunately for you, the pain isn't over." Amy spread Emily's swollen lips and forced a large dildo inside her. Emily moaned with pleasure when the vibrator hummed to life. Amy ran a riding crop over Emily's vulnerable, moaning body. Without warning, she brought the crop down onto her exposed foot. Emily reeled from the unexpected hit, temporarily ignoring the pleasure wave that was building inside of her.

Emily endured the abuse while enjoying the intruder inside her; she continued to thrust her hips to help the dildo along. The crop continued to come down onto her exposed, vulnerable body as the dildo continued to hum. Emily approached her climax and could feel a tsunami of pleasure building inside her. Amy bent down in front of her and smiled. Emily continued to hump the floor, trying to force the dildo deeper. Emily's limbs tensed as she felt herself getting even closer to relief. Amy rolled Emily over and quickly removed the dildo before Emily could have the satisfaction of release. She was rolled back over and begun humping the floor again, attempting to push herself over the edge. Emily stopped her floor humping when Amy tugged on Emily's silver chain necklace.

"You aren't allowed this pleasure anymore, I'll let whoever buys you have that fun." She began to loosen some straps and removed Emily from her hogtied position. The tight, metal cuffs encircling her tender wrists had already begun to chafe. Amy removed the intruder causing Emily to almost feel empty without it. Amy crudely grabbed the captive blonde by her hair and forced her to her feet.

"Shower time." Amy began to trace her fingers over her slave, causing moans of pleasure to escape her gagged lips. She slowly caressed her breasts, one at a time and then concentrated on her nipples. Emily, still aroused from the vibrating dildo, was about to explode. Her captor traced her long finger nails down over her stomach before proceeding to her pussy. She plunged her fingers easily inside, they didn't stay in there for long, Emily was already ready to explode. Amy continued to pleasure her slave but stopped before Emily could get any relief. Emily thrust her hips towards her captor to try and entice her to finish the job. Amy took grip of Emily's tightly locked cuffs and gave her a slight push towards the bathroom but Emily refused to move. Amy knew how to solve this standoff; she gave the blonde a solid smack on her exposed ass. Emily let out a little squeal before reluctantly moving forward in fear that she could receive much worse.

Emily's room, being much like a hotel room, contained its own bathroom and shower. Amy gave a few gentle pushes and Emily was glad to move into the shower. The water was turned on then Amy shut the glass door. Emily huddled in the corner to shield herself from the freezing cold water. Within a few seconds, it turned from freezing cold to enjoyably hot. She stepped under the stream of water but quickly realized there was no way she could properly clean herself with her hands cuffed behind her back. She gave Amy a look of helplessness.

"Alright, I'll help you out." Amy pushed aside a few strands of her blonde hair before moving for the shower door. She had some difficultly pulling down her latex pants but she had even more difficulty taking off her corset. Amy's body was a picture of perfection. Her boobs were perfectly sized, not too big and not too small. Her trimmed pubic area showed that this girl knew how to take care of herself. Emily couldn't help but stare and admire her captor. Amy stepped into the shower and promptly removed Emily's gag.

"I don't want to hear your pathetic pleas. If you say one word, you will have the worst night of your life." Emily wanted to say so much but she felt it wouldn't be worth it for the amount of pain that Amy could inflict. Amy took her time washing the helpless blonde's hair. When she was satisfied that Emily's hair was thoroughly washed, she moved onto her body. Amy teased her pussy and still hard nipples as the soap caressed Emily's tanned skin.

Amy turned off the water when she was finished and gently pushed Emily out of the shower first. Amy was close to follow and dried herself off first.

'I could take her, she isn't much bigger then me.' Emily thought to herself while her captor was struggling with the corset.

"A little help!" Amy said impatiently. Emily slowly headed towards her, thinking how she was going to do this with her hands still cuffed. She brought her hands around her waist and worked the strings in until they were as tight as she was going to get them.

"Please, just - just let me go." Emily quivered, gripping onto the ends of the strings.

"Not another word!" Amy took a few steps forward and turned to face Emily.

"Amy, you're a nice person, why do this? You're going down the wrong path, stop now."

"I don't want to hear it, Emily!" Emily ignored Amy's warnings and continued to try and convince her to do the right thing.

"I know some really good lawyers; they can help you get out of this without so much as a slap on the wrist." Emily continued to walk towards Amy; her words seemed to have an effect on her emotionless dominate.

"No more Emily, you can't talk your way out of this. Turn around." Amy ordered loudly. Emily obeyed, knowing that she had no control over this situation. Amy approached from behind and wrapped some leather cuffs around Emily's wrists. When Amy removed the crude hinged handcuffs from her wrists, Em instinctively tested her new bonds. She looked over her shoulder when she felt they weren't as secure as the other ones she had worn. She noticed the padlock locking the chain to a cuff was left wide open and Amy seemed completely oblivious to her mistake. She continued, with her back turned to Emily, to rummage through some drawers below the sink.

Amy was winded and let out a loud grunt when Emily pushed her up against the sink. Emily, due to her experience with handcuffs, was quick to restrain Amy. She couldn't help but smile when the handcuffs ratcheted tightly onto Amy's wrists.

"You're mine now." Emily whispered into Amy's ear.

Chapter 11 Turning the Tables (added: 07/09/11)

"What now?" Amy said, out of breath. Emily's stomach trembled with butterflies, this victory brought her a feeling she hadn't felt in a while. Emily searched the pockets of her newest captive and removed a few keys and a touch screen device. Emily recognized this as the device that she used to shock Nicole. She turned it on and began searching the various menus looking for something that could help get her out of this place. The option 'Deactivate Collar(s)' in the menu caught her eye. She put her finger down on that option and the device brought up all the names of the girls currently being held here. She found her name and deactivated her collar. She also deactivated Nicole's collar, thinking she may be able to get her out too. She dropped the device onto the floor before turning her attention to Amy who seemed remarkably calm.

"Ha! What now? So what if you de activated your necklace. You still got a few steel doors and armed guards to get past. Good luck, babe." Amy's words didn't faze Emily; she had gone too far to just stop now.

They exited her room and Emily began inching her way towards the door she assumed was the exit. She was immediately spotted by a man further down the hall who was now walking towards them. A low pitched alarm began to quietly beep as the man continued to walk towards them. Emily continued along, using her hostage as a human shield, towards the door.

"Drop her, slave!" The man yelled from down the hall.

"Its okay, let me try to talk to her. Stand back." Amy said to the large man. Emily continued to inch towards the door, refusing to give up. She reached around behind herself and began feeling for the door. She turned the knob and tried pushing it with her one free hand but it wasn't budging.

"You didn't think that we wouldn't lock it?" Amy said in a perky, smart assed tone. At this time another large man showed up and stood beside the other one.

"If you give up now, I will only give you a light punishment. If you fight, I will bring out all of my fun toys for you. So, what will it be?" A tear streamed down Emily's cheek, she thought she was so close to escape. She didn't even know if that was the door to outside, what if there were more?

"So? Em, what will it be?" She looked up into the dark eyes of the large men that stood feet from her. Even under these impossible odds, Emily stubbornly refused to give up hope.

The men quickly rushed the two women before Emily could react. They released Emily's grip of Amy's cuffed hands and dragged Emily to the ground before slipping her wrists into some zip tie cuffs. Emily wailed in pain as the thin plastic dug into her skin. She was pushed over to her room and forced to sit on a chair just inside. The men attached another zip tie onto the back of the chair to secure her wrists to the chair.

"Let me go!" Emily screamed and bucked in her new bonds which only caused her more pain. She stopped screaming and began to sob. Tears flowed from her eyes and her vision became increasingly cloudy. She didn't even notice that the two men had left and Amy had taken their place.

"Nice try. Really, that was the most excitement I've had in a few months. Everything is just so routine here." A searing pain jolted her lower thigh which caused her to nearly jump out of her chair. Her eyes rolled back into her head as another sear of pain thrust into her stomach. "I just love this toy my boyfriend bought me. It's so fun to use on others." Yet another flaming pinch hit her lower leg. Each strike from this mysterious device caused her to scream uncontrollably. She blinked several times to try and clear up her vision to see what Amy was using.

"Please ple please Amy. I didn't mean to grab you like that, I I wasn't thinking." New tears seared her eyes and rolled down her cheek.

Emily's eyes cleared up just enough for her to see Amy jab the small, handheld object into her lower thigh, causing her leg to tense up again. It was a police taser. She couldn't have imagined that it would hurt this bad. Amy continued her assault on her completely helpless slave until she eventually began to feel bad for her.

"I can't keep doing this." Amy announced, putting down the taser only to pick up a whip. "There, that's much better." Amy gave a few gentle swats before giving Emily some full strength hits. Emily's tits became red instantly when the leather tails came down on them.

"Please, Stop!" Emily yelled out in between the hits. Amy set down the whip in order to gag the annoying blonde. Once again, Emily resisted when the ring gag approached her mouth. Amy twisted one of her nipples until Emily yelped in pain which gave her the opportunity to insert the gag.

She resumed swatting, whipping, pinching and teasing the immobile girl. When her abuse was over, Emily was in tears, her body was reddened and trembled uncontrollably.

"I think you have learned your lesson. But I don't care, I want to really drive the message home." Amy left Emily's sight and then returned with 2 pairs of matching purple leather cuffs in hand. She easily attached a pair to Emily's ankles and then another to her wrists. She locked everything on with a few mini padlocks. Now it was safe for Amy to cut off the zip ties that painfully restrained Emily's wrists. Once freed from the chair, Emily was pushed over to her bed and was forced to lie down on her back.

Amy decided to do the easy part first by locking Emily's ankle cuffs to the bottom corners of the bed. She then had to perform the far riskier job of locking Emily's wrist cuffs to the top corners of the bed, completing the spreadeagle. With Emily's recent rebellion, this could be risky. She got a short leash and wrapped it around her left wrist and then to the top left corner, causing Emily to whine in pain through her gag as her arms were forced towards the bed post from behind her back. With Emily's left hand secure to the bed, it was safe for Amy to release the chain that was connecting the two cuffs together.

"If your arm so much as twitches, let alone try and fight me off or try and get away, you will feel more pain then you even knew possible. Don't piss me off; you're in some deep shit already!" Amy informed her forcefully. With extreme ease, Emily's right hand was secured and locked onto the bed post. And last but not least, her left hand. This arm was also very easy to restrain, to Amy's surprise.

"How does it feel being naked all the time?" Amy asked with a sly smile. Emily hated it; she wanted her jeans, her clothes, her shirts, shorts, skirts. "You have a good body for it, but you don't seem to enjoy showing it off. I'm sure that everyone would love to have you, so I wouldn't be worried about not being bought at the auction. You don't want to know what happens to the girls that don't get bought."

'Why would I want to be bought?' She wanted to scream out but the gag made that impossible.

"For the rest of your punishment, you will be sleeping like this every night. You don't get to eat tonight and I will no longer be waking you up gently. You will be whipped, pinched and teased until you are awake and fully alert. Have a good sleep, sweetie."

She struggled in an attempt to get some slack out of her bonds. This was not the most comfortable position to fall asleep in; it was far too tight. She tried to think about something else, to get her mind off her current predicament.

'How much longer till this auction? Maybe I'll get lucky and some nice, rich guy will buy me.'

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end at even the thought of being 'bought'; like she was some kind of animal.

'Maybe after someone buys me, I can convince them to let me go.'

She grew increasingly tired as she thought of the different scenarios. Finally, she fell asleep.

Chapter 12 An Animal in the Zoo (added: 07/09/11)

*SMACK* "Wake up!" Screamed her captor, which was followed quickly by another powerful smack of the braided whip. All Emily could do was struggle and whine through her tight gag. More whacks impacted the soft skin of her stomach, legs and tits.

Amy set the whip down and pulled out a large, pink dildo. She pressed it against her slave's moist sex before turning it on. Emily was thrusting her hips in an attempt to increase the pressure but to no avail. Amy stuck the head of the dildo inside, causing the little nub to sit right against Emily's clit. She pushed it in further and held it in position; every second brought Emily closer and closer to the edge.

Emily grew closer and closer to the wave of pleasure that she craved but, just before she could get some much needed relief, Amy removed the dildo and switched it off. Emily screamed and whined into her gag in protest but her cries clearly had no effect on her harsh mistress.

"We don't want you to have too much fun." Amy went straight to work by connecting a hobble chain to Emily's ankles cuffs. Emily's wrists were brought down from the bed posts and secured behind her back. Amy helped her captive to stand on her shaky legs and then led her into the large hallway that was just outside Emily's room.

Emily was led into a room that was only a few doors down from hers. This room was nothing like hers. It was like a 5 star hotel room.

"Today is our special 'viewing day' where our clients get a chance to see all the lovely young ladies we have to offer. It is in your best interest to look as beautiful as you possibly can. The better you look, the more money you are worth. Someone who spends a lot of money on a slave means they will likely treat them well. You will have a very comfortable life as a slave if someone spends a lot on you." Amy explained.

"We are giving you full use of everything here, make-up, clothes, perfume and of course the shower and bath products. Of course you can't do any of these things in your current state so the keys to your cuffs are on a ring over there." Amy pushed Emily a bit further into the room before heading for the door. "Needless to say, we will be watching. There is no point in trying anything; you have experienced that first hand." The cruel platinum haired blonde gave Emily a wink before leaving the room, shutting the door and locking it behind her.

Emily shuffled her way over to the keys that sat on a hook in the far corner of the room. She fumbled with the tiny key behind her back before finally slipping it into the keyhole. She got both the cuffs off and let them fall to the ground with a quiet cling. She relished the moment of having freedom of movement before moving onto removing the cuffs on her ankles. With everything removed, save for her necklace, she sat on the chair in front of the large mirror, staring back at herself.

"What have I become?" She whispered to herself as she gazed into the mirror at her own reflection. "What happened to me? I'm not an item that can just be bought and sold like a puppy in a store window." She started to regain her fight as she looked at the defeated girl in the mirror. "I'm not going to do this, fuck them. They can do whatever they want to me, I'm going to make things as difficult as possible." She yelled, standing up and tossing the chair across the room.

Next she turned her anger to the make-up and perfumes that sat on the table in front of the mirror; they looked expensive. She picked up a few and tossed them onto the ground before taking some more and throwing them against the wall, some shattered, throwing tiny shards of glass everywhere, whereas some merely bounced off.

"What in the hell are you doing, slave!" Boomed a voice over the loudspeaker in her room.

"Fuck this place! You guys will have to kill me before I let you sell me." She screamed back in defiance which prompted no response from the person on the other side. Next she turned her anger to the clothes racks. She picked out several dresses and began ripping them with her hands. Before Emily could continue on her anger fueled rampage, Amy stepped into the room, backed-up by a muscular man about 6 feet tall wearing a black ski mask to hide his face.

The man was quick to grab onto and gain control of the rebelling blonde.

"Let go of me, you bastard!" She screamed out when the man mercilessly grabbed onto her arms, painfully twisting them behind her back. She squirmed and fought against his grip but obviously had no success.

"You naughty girl." Amy spoke while sifting through the menus on her touch screen device. "You deactivated your collar."

"Fuck you, whore!" Emily hissed "I'll never do what you say; I am going to make selling me tough as hell."

"It's okay, don't worry sweetie, I know how to fix that." Amy leaned in towards Emily. "Good night."

Emily woke once again with a headache and a lost sense of awareness. She quickly scanned around the room to orientate herself. She was in a small to medium sized room with padded, light pink and blue walls. What stood out the most was the large mirror that was built into one of the walls. She went to stick out her arms to help herself up from her current sitting position but quickly realized they were pulled tightly, yet strangely comfortably, into a light blue strait jacket. Her ankles were adorned with cruel black metal leg cuffs and a large ball gag was pulled into her mouth and locked tightly into place.

She managed to get herself to her feet and began pacing the room, looking for some way out. Her search for freedom was unsuccessful; she didn't know if she was going crazy but it seemed like she could hear voices coming from the other side of the mirror. She tried pressing up against it to see if it was a 2-way mirror but saw nothing other than sickening darkness.

She continued to pace, sitting down and then standing back up once she got tired. The mirror continued to taunt her as she could swear that she heard voices or the occasional giggle from the other side.

Eventually, her cruel captor came into the room, towering over top of Emily in her 6" heels. She grabbed onto the collar of the straight jacket and led her out of the room; Emily was more than happy to leave.

She was yanked and pulled by the collar back to her room and then was forced to sit on the edge of her bed.

"Well I think that went well, very well in fact." Amy cooed as she slowly paced around the room. "We've already had several offers for you, very promising offers." She took a seat on the bed beside the blonde. "I don't think we will have any problems selling you, I'll let you have a minute alone." She was very quick to get up and leave the room, once again leaving Emily to nothing but her thoughts.

She didn't know what else to do; her fate seemed to be sealed away and out of her control. She clung onto new hope that maybe her new 'owner' might be a little less strict and she could find a way to escape. She knew it was a long shot but hope was her best weapon at this moment.

What felt like a day passed with no human contact, Emily remained in the strait jacket with the gag still locked into place. Her jaw was beyond sore at this point, she didn't care if the strait jacket came off or not, she just wanted the gag out. The jacket was completely damp from drool and her legs stank of urine.

Upon Amy's return, Emily started her inaudible pleas. "Shut up you stupid girl, I only left you for a day." She hushed as she set down a brown paper bag filled with something. "Wow, you smell. How do you expect someone to buy you in this state?" She asked as she removed the gag from Emily's mouth. She stretched her jaw a few times, opening and closing it.

"What the fuck else was I supposed to do? You kept me here, I couldn't do anything." Amy inched the gag back towards her captive.

"Do you need me to put this back in?"

"No miss." She quickly responded, fearful of the gag's return.

"Excellent, just because your one expensive bitch doesn't mean you can forget your place, understood?"

"Yes miss, I understand" She slumped her head down.

"As I just mentioned, your one expensive whore. I don't know what our clients see in you but from the offers we've been getting, you're going to be the main bid for the night."


"Well it means you're going to make us a lot of money" Amy explained bluntly.

"When?" She kept pushing for answers.

"The final auction will be in a few days." She had almost given up hope; in a few days she would be the 'prize' of a proud new owner and there seemed to be no changing that fate.

"Enjoy your last few days of freedom; if you can call it that, it will all change soon." Amy said, giving Emily a kiss on the head before getting up and heading for the door. "You know, if I knew you before all of this you probably would have been a good friend to me, you really are a sweet little slut." Those were her final words as she slammed the door shut and ensured that it was locked. Emily futilely tugged and pulled at her strait jacket but it was of no use, the most she could do was sit and wait for the auction.

By this point Emily had lost all sense of time, the minutes and hours seemed to all blur together into one miserable and hopeless moment. Amy finally returned to the room, with several straps and cuffs in hand.

"What more can you do to me, I don't want to live this life." Emily said, defeated. She had nothing left to live for in her mind; she accepted her new fate and did not wish to be alive any longer.

"But sweetie, what good are you to our clients, and us, if you're dead? That just won't do." She brushed off Emily's comment and continued with her business.

First, a posture collar was secured around Emily's neck, and was of course locked on with 2 differently keyed padlocks. Amy then attached a very short chain from the collar to the bed frame; safe to say Emily wasn't going anywhere. A pair of ankle and thigh cuffs were locked on, allowing only restricted movement. Amy then carefully removed Em's straitjacket. Emily could only offer little resistance as her arms were pulled out from the strait jacket and immediately secured behind her back with thick white leather cuffs and heavy chain. As if this wasn't enough, identical leather cuffs were then locked on above her elbows and connected together with another heavy chain. The chain connecting her collar to the bed frame was then removed.

"Are you done yet? I'm just a girl you know, not Houdini." She commented as Amy added the final padlock to her cuffs. She got off the bed and stood in front of the girl, staring deeply into her ocean blue eyes.

"You may be just some spoiled whore, but your worth a lot of money to us, I'm sure you know what money is." Emily hated feeling this vulnerable, so she spat at her captor's face. Amy was obviously struck back by this, followed by an immediate violent response. She lunged onto the bed, grabbing a hold of Emily's perfect blonde hair and yanking her onto the floor.

"If you weren't worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, I would buy you myself, and make sure you never see the light of day again." She hissed into Emily's ear. She reached over and grabbed some kind of inflatable gag. "Open wide, whore." Emily was not compliant, but her resistance was quickly changed when Amy twisted one of her restrained wrists, causing Emily to shriek. Amy inserted the deflated gag into her mouth, making sure that the ring rested behind Emily's teeth before she locked the gag on tight. The butterfly gag/ring gag combination was already incredibly uncomfortable and extremely restrictive but it was about to get much worse for the blonde. Just a few pumps and the gag already started to puff out her cheeks and press her tongue down, making any intelligible form of communication impossible. A few more pumps and Amy was confident that the gag would keep her expensive prize as cooperative and as quiet as possible.

A few painful twists of the arms later, and Emily brought herself up to her feet as she was pushed towards the door. She was led to a room a little further down the hall and forced inside.

This room was a lot more depressing than hers; it was very dark, cold and stank of urine. All around the room Emily could make out anchor points on the floor, walls and even the roof. She was in for a rough couple of days as the auction neared. She was forced to stand in the middle of the room as Amy locked Emily's ankle cuffs to an anchor point on the floor before exiting the room and shutting the door behind her.

The original overwhelming smell of the room soon became un noticeable as she spent an unknown amount of time in the room.

She alternated from a sitting and standing position, anything to keep her mind from running wild. She contemplated her escape attempt, which was quickly shot down by her own mind; these people have simply gone through too much trouble to keep her controlled.

The constant picking at the locks with her finger nails eventually wore them down until she physically couldn't do it anymore. She was exhausted and was out of options, she simply didn't want to live anymore.

Her thoughts of suicide were derailed when the door to her room opened; allowing fresh air and light into the room.

Amy entered the room wearing her usual attire, carrying what appeared to be a dildo and a chastity belt.

"What else can you do to me?" The defeated blonde asked. "What more!"

"Quiet down whore, I'd hate to have to put that nasty gag back into your mouth." Emily didn't say another word, she hated the taste of the gags.

"What I have in my hands is something, amazing, to say the least. Do you know why?"

"No idea, it just looks like a dildo to me." Amy quickly walked over and gave the defenseless blonde a slap across the face.

"Of course not you stupid girl! Stand up." She didn't have to tell her twice, Emily rose to her feet.

"What we have here is the most advanced sex toy I have ever had my hands on. It is a special delivery from a very wealthy individual whom is interested in buying you." Amy bent down in front of Emily and went to insert the dildo inside of her.

"Wait!" Emily yelled out in protest, causing Amy to stop and slowly pan her eyes up to look at her blonde slave. "Can you at least tell me what it is?"

"No, because you're about to find out." She inserted the light pink dildo into the girl, it was already lubricated so it went into her easily. She flipped a switch on the end of the dildo and then attached the 3 little tiny adhesive sensors that dangled from the end of the dildo. She seemed to be very careful with the placement of the sensors around Emily's pussy. Once she was done and satisfied she sealed it all up with the solid steel chastity belt. Not that Emily had the means to do so but the chastity belt had a built in lock, making cutting it off a near impossible task.

Amy stood up and pulled out what looked like a garage door remote.

"This remote will control the amazing dildo I just put inside you, it "

"Wait, let me guess, it vibrates? How original."

"Keep your mouth shut you slut!" Amy ordered. "As I was saying, its designed to keep you on the edge of an orgasm. It has an incredibly smart computer inside which can tell, through the sensors that I attached to you, how close you are to an orgasm."

She pressed one of the buttons on the remote, causing the dildo to burst to life.

"It has 3 settings: Random, Edge, and Orgasm. The random setting will keep you on the edge for a random period of time before the vibrations stop, allowing you to have a random break period." Emily's moans started to become very audible as the powerful vibrations worked their magic.

"The edge setting will get you to the edge and then keep you there until the person whose holding the controller decides you've had enough or until the batteries die." She got close to the moaning girl, reaching down to tap on the chastity belt. "And the third button just turns it into a normal vibrator, allowing you to cum. I won't be needing that setting."

"Please, don't leave me like this." Emily pleaded, she could already feel herself quickly approaching the edge and already wanted relief.

"Well what fun would that be if I let you cum now?" Amy asked with a perky smile. She unlocked Emily's ankles from the floor before leading her out of the room and back into her usual room just down the hall.

Once there, Emily was fully in need of an orgasm. When she felt like she was about to be pushed over the edge, the sadistic vibrator slowed or ceased its torments, allowing her to come away from the edge ever so slightly before it started vibrating again. All the while Amy was removing all of Emily's restraints, allowing her complete freedom to move around the room.

"Theres some food on the table over there and feel free to use the washroom. Try to keep yourself occupied." She said with a wink.

"You fucking bitch!" Emily screamed out as the door to her room was closed and locked. She hadn't been in need of an orgasm this much in her entire life, her entire body screamed for it. The dildo was very smart indeed; it knew whenever she was about to cum and prevented her from doing so. She reached her hands down to the steel shield, attempting to get anymore pleasure from her tormentor. She quickly failed at this attempt.

Emily's next plan of attack was to try and move the belt around enough so that it would pull off one of the sensors around her pussy, preventing the dildo from fully understanding when she had reached her edge. After several minutes of attempting to wiggle the belt around she had failed, the belt was fitted too well and offered no movement.

It was an amazing feeling to be kept on edge, if this was under any other circumstances, Em would have loved to own one of these. But she was reaching the point where enough was enough and she needed to cum. She shrieked out in frustration, pleading with whoever could hear her screams to give her the relief she so desperately craved.

About 10 minutes later her body was shaking uncontrollably.

'It can't be natural to keep someone on edge of an orgasm for this long' she thought to herself. It was an edge that she couldn't quite push herself over, it was a frustrating pleasure.

Eventually she tried to eat, struggling the entire time that she did. She couldn't even tell what kind of sandwich it was, her body was so distracted by the constant vibrations in her pussy that her mouth seemed to have lost all sense of taste.

She tried using the bathroom next but her body was so confused that she was unable to go.

She didn't know what else to do; she paced around the room, moaning in displeasure for what seemed like hours. She would sit on the bed occasionally, grinding her legs together to try and give herself that little extra push that she needed. Nothing that she tried worked; the dildo was always one step ahead of her and knew exactly what was going on.

Chapter 13 Auction Day (added: 07/09/11)

Eventually the vibrations from her tormentor began to die down, leaving Emily somewhat disappointed that her chance of an orgasm was slipping away. She tried one last ditch effort; she jumped up onto the bed and began humping it furiously. She could feel herself reaching closer to the edge but the dildo wanted no part of this, once she had reached her limit, seconds away from an amazing orgasm, the dildo completely shut off.

"You bastard! Just a second more, come on!" She screamed, as she continued to grind herself against the bed. Realizing that the moment was gone, she stopped. Strangely, it felt like she was still on the edge. Her mind was tricking herself into believing that the tormentor was still vibrating even though she knew it wasn't. It had a strange effect on her, she felt incredibly horny and the feeling of the constant vibrations still remained; keeping her in that highly aroused state.

Emily was finally able to finish eating and went to the washroom. She was still incredibly horny and would do almost anything for an orgasm. Eventually the bed in her room started to look pretty comfortable; she was exhausted from the day's events. She lay down and went to sleep.

Morning came with her mistress standing beside the bed, restraints in hand.

"Roll over onto your stomach." The woman ordered. Emily did as she was told and her wrists were secured behind her back with a pair of handcuffs.

"Please mistress, I will do whatever you want, just let me have an orgasm. I want it so bad." Emily pleaded, still in a highly aroused state. She couldn't believe it but it still felt as though the vibrations in her pussy were still there, it only helped to make her more horny.

"I was told that this could happen, the device worked as it was supposed to." Amy said with a smile while she locked a pair of ankle cuffs onto the blonde. "Get up." Emily didn't even have to think about it, disobeying hadn't even crossed her mind.

"Where are we going mistress?" The blonde asked, somewhat hesitant.

"Today is the day, your big day, the day we have all been waiting for." For the past little while, the thought of the auction seemed to have been lost from her. She couldn't believe that today was it, she would finally get away from this place and a chance of getting free with it.

"Wh-when? Right now?" She asked, butterflies in her stomach.

"In a few hours, yes. Now move out the door slave." Amy grabbed onto her restrained wrists and led her out the door.

She was led down the hallway and into a room with a lot of clothes, a large mirror and plenty of make-up. This was the same room, or similar to it, that she was put in before the viewing day.

"Now I don't think I need to tell you how important today is." Amy spoke as she unlocked Em's chastity belt, slowly removing the dildo and then putting the belt back on. "Your appearance today is not only important to us but incredibly important to you. You may not like being sold but it is going to happen; best be bought by someone for a lot of money and you know they will care about you rather than someone just looking for a fuck toy." Emily was over burdened with nervousness, she couldn't even speak. "The way you make yourself look has a huge impact on who buys you, don't fuck this up." Were Amy's last words before she left the blonde to do her thing.

Emily didn't need to be told anything, she didn't want to be a fuck toy. Hell, she didn't even want to be 'bought'. She would just have to suck it up for now though; she knew she would be able to escape once she left this awful place. The first thing she did was unlock her hand and ankle cuffs, letting them both fall to the floor.

She had a shower next and afterwards began to straighten her beautiful blonde hair, making sure that it was nothing but perfect. She didn't really need make-up because she had natural beauty, but she added a little anyway. She read the note on the counter which gave her specific instructions on what she was to wear.

She picked out the black mini skirt as well as the tight tank top as specified. The note didn't say as to whether she was to wear a bra or not so she picked out a nice light blue one. Next she chose a pair of black 6" pumps to go nicely with her mini skirt.

She couldn't really do much more so she took a seat and waited for her captors to return. She didn't have to wait long, Amy returned with two muscular masked men.

"Oh my, you are gorgeous." Amy sincerely complimented her. "Now stand up sweetie and put your arms behind your back." She did as she was told. Amy gently took a hold of Emily's wrists, easily slipping them into the baby blue leather cuffs. She added a matching 1" collar to Emily's neck and then identically coloured ankle cuffs. Everything was securely locked on.

For the first time in a while, Nicole came back into Emily's mind.

"Where's my friend? Where's Nicole!" Emily demanded, struggling in her bonds.

"Calm down sweetie, your friend is completely fine, she's safe." She tightened her grip on the struggling blonde. "Guys, can you grab 2 more pairs of cuffs for me?" She asked the masked men. One left while the other stood guard at the door.

"Your ruining lives, you know that? How can you do this?" Emily asked, tears in her eyes.

"It's okay, don't cry." Amy whispered, moving around in front of the teary eyed blonde. "This will all be over soon, we are giving people the chance to own someone that they can truly begin to care about. Marriages have come out of this, between the slaves we sell and their masters." Amy seemed to truly believe the words that she was saying, Emily almost believed her for a second.

"You can't honestly believe th-" Amy took a hold of the back of her head, drawing Em close into a passionate kiss. Gently caressing the back of her head she continued to kiss the blonde. Emily couldn't help but kiss back, it felt as though Amy started to have genuine feelings for her.

"You're beautiful, you'll be perfectly fine." Amy said as she pulled away. The masked man returned, holding 2 pairs of baby blue cuffs in his hands. Amy took them from him and then added a pair above Emily's elbows and one just above her knees.

She stood back, admiring the beautiful bound girl that stood in front of her one last time. "Perfect, you're so beautiful." Amy said with a smile "Its time".

Emily was led out of the room by the two masked men, each holding onto one of her restrained arms. She was led down to the end of the hall to the double doors. They swung open automatically as they approached.

"This is the final step, inside this room you can't say a word, understood?" Amy ordered.

"Yes mistress." The defeated blonde said.

"Good, take her inside." She ordered the men and they did as they were told, pushing Emily into the room and forcing her to sit on one the chairs. They locked her cuffs to an eyebolt on the chair and then stood by at the door, which had already closed at this point. Inside the room Emily couldn't believe what she was seeing.

There must have been upwards of 50 girls in here, some crying, some sitting quietly, as broken as Emily was. Some were completely naked, wearing nothing but the cuffs that restrained them. Some were clothed as she was, some wore strait jackets and some of them struggled futilely in their bonds, screaming incoherent things into their gags. As much as she looked, Emily couldn't find Nicole in the room.

Slowly, the girls were unlocked from the chairs and led away into another room, they never returned.

42 left.

36 left.

25 left.

The numbers continued to dwindle, making Emily even more nervous. She struggled a little in her bonds but found no wiggle room in the secure cuffs, or the chair that was bolted to the concrete floor.

19 left.

8 left.

2 left.

It must have been hours that she was sitting her for, completely nervous and anxious. She looked over to the 2 girls that sat near her, they were gorgeous, even more so than Emily. They wore light pink cuffs, similar to Emily. One was gagged and the other was completely nude. They sat there as quiet as Emily was, waiting for their turn. The silence was broken when the door on the other side of the room opened, with 2 masked men emerging from it. They were heading towards the 3 silent girls.

'Please not me, please not me, please,' Emily thought in her head, as the men approached. One stood directly in front of her as the other went behind, unlocking her cuffs from the chair.

"No, no no no, please don't do this! No!!" Emily screamed, struggling as she was forced to stand. Both of them easily held her as fought against them. They stopped moving and waited for her to finish her struggles, they didn't say a word. She gave up, she had finally given up on everything and began willingly walking towards the door. The echo of her 6" heels reverberated through the now empty room.

She was led through the doors, the same ones that everyone else had been led through. Inside was a very dimly lit room; however it was well furnished and contained a very large mirror covering almost an entire wall.

"When the light above the mirror is green, you may move freely around the room. When it turns red however, you must stand on the centre platform in the middle of the room." The man pointed to a circular disk that sat directly in front of the mirror. "I don't suspect we will have any problems with this, do you understand whore?" The man asked, looking into the teary eyes of the gorgeous blonde.

"No sir." She quietly said.

"Excellent. Look as sexy as you can, hopefully you can get a nice new owner out of this." He said to her as he and his partner left the room.

She sat down on one of the chairs, not knowing what to do next. It was pretty obvious to her that the mirror must be a 2 way mirror; she wouldn't even be able to see what kind of creeps were out there buying her. Without warning, the lights in the room brightened, and the green light above the mirror turned on. She sat there for a few moments, staring deeply into the mirror.

'God don't I look pathetic.' She thought to herself as she stood and approached the mirror. She turned around to look at her cuffs in the mirror, it was a very vulnerable feeling but she loved how securely they held her arms and legs. They were so comfortable it was almost scary.

She began slowly pacing around the room some more, still in her highly aroused state from the night before, the vibration feeling still lingered in her pussy.

'I hope my new owner will let me cum.' She badly craved for an orgasm. She looked up at the green light just to see it turn to red; she immediately walked over and stood on the circular platform as instructed.

It made her jump when the platform began to spin, almost like how they have the spinning platforms for new cars. She did her best to look as sexy as she could as the platform slowly spun, giving the audience on the other side of the mirror a very good look at her entire body.

A few minutes worth of slow spinning and the lights began to dim in the room to their original intensity. The platform then began to sink into the floor. By the time she realized what was going on, she couldn't have climbed out, she just had to ride it all the way down. It continued to descend into another very small room and then finally stopped. She paced the room, the only way out was a single door and it was currently locked.

"Stand directly against the wall across from the door." A male voice ordered over a loudspeaker system. She did as she was told. "Good, now turn and face the wall." Again, she did as the unknown male voice demanded. Seconds later she heard the door open behind her, followed by someone grabbing onto her restrained wrists. Next, a hood was pulled over her head and secured in place.

She couldn't hear much, but she was being moved around a lot. Stopping, being forced to sit, waiting, standing up again, more stopping and more waiting.

At all times someone had a very tight grip on one of her arms. The thought of running went by her mind several times but it quickly didn't make sense. She didn't even know where she was and she couldn't even run given her cuffs above the knees and ankles. Her escape attempt would just have to wait.

"Hello Emily." Said a voice speaking very loudly. "You're going to be safe and secure now, I promise you." Next, a very different hand took control of her, one that was very feminine and gentle. She was led a little ways before she could feel the cool air kiss her legs and exposed arms.

She was gently eased into what she thought was a car or a van and was seated in a very comfortable leather seat, almost like the Lazy Boy at her house. Next came the seatbelt and then the door was shut. She listened as close as she could for any clues as to where she was going or who was in the car with her.

She could hear nothing but silence and before she knew it, the car started moving.

The ride continued on in silence, not knowing where she was going and no idea who had 'bought' her.

She struggled a little when someone began adjusting the straps on her hood and then it was removed. She adjusted her vision a little; first thing she noticed was a blonde that sat in the seat facing hers. She wore tight leather, high heeled boots, cuffed ankles and a pair of hinged handcuffs. As Emily continued to focus there was something familiar about her. She squinted to get a better look in the dark car and gasped when she could finally make out a face.

"Nicole, is that you?"

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