It Seemed Like the Easy Way
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We have been married for almost twenty years and she still never fails to amaze me. Out of the blue one day last year, my love made me an offer I couldn't refuse. She wanted bariatric surgery and a boob job offering anything I asked in return. A little questioning revealed that she had given this a lot of thought and was offering to give herself to me completely if I would help her obtain her dream body. Letting the subject drop that night, my mind running a thousand miles a minute as her journey began to take form. She tried to bring the subject up several times over the next month, but I always told her not to worry about a thing. She practically melted in my arms every time I said "Daddy is going to take care of you!" Within six weeks, I had made all of the arrangements to fulfill her dream with a trip to the clinic. I had also worked up a devious plan to ensure that we both get the most out of this new life. We had been into S&M for years to different degrees and during this unbearable waiting period I slowly began transforming our relationship.

The games got rougher and lasted longer, but the harder I pushed her, the better she responded. I began teasing her for hours, whispering in her ears dirty filthy dreams and promises of the future until she begged to cum. The big day arrived and I treated her to a luxurious day of pampering and gentle attention followed by an exquisite meal. After cleaning the kitchen, I ordered her to the dungeon and she scampered down the basement stairs. In short order, she is bound helplessly to the wooden throne, gasping and grinding her hips against the vibrating intruders mounted to the chair. I pull an ostrich feather out and begin to tickle her until she is screaming into her gag and her pussy juices are pooling on the chair. Leaving her to squirm I head to my office to retrieve her first surprise. When I return she has a puzzled look on her face at the stack of papers and the lap desk. I setup two camcorders on tripods, facing her from both sides before pulling a chair over. I explain that she is going to sign all of the papers and confirm to the camcorder that she is aware of what she is signing and how much she wants this. I drop the desk into her lap and begin to untie her right arm while teasing her nipples and clit causing her to moan deliciously. When her arm is free, I tie her elbow to the arm of the chair so she can sign her name, but not touch herself.

Baby is so worked up and ready to cum, she makes quite a spectacle of herself as she describes what a dirty slut whore she is and how this is what she wants and needs. A transfer of all property to my name is followed by a stringent slave contract detailing many aspects of our new relationship. There seems to be some confusion in her eyes when I have her sign the surgery consent forms, but she is lost in the moment. Finally she is shown the affidavit to the affect that if she does not follow our agreements completely, I am allowed to divorce her and leave her. She hesitates a little on this one, but I simply stop and rewind the tapes and torment her needy body for an hour before she has another chance. She is very convincing the second time around and I allow her to cum while the cameras roll after she signs. She screams what a filthy piece of cunt meat she is, thanking me as she thrashes to a mighty orgasm. The warm afterglow has her babbling about what a good little bitch she will be and how happy I am making her. I take the paperwork and video tapes upstairs and lock them in our new safe. Returning, I have my way with her for hours and after many orgasms it is bed-time. Sleep well I whisper in her ear, for tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives.

When she awakens the next morning, I already have the bags and car packed, with coffee and breakfast waiting. We have a wonderful shower together, basking in the glow of the previous evening as we soap and lather each others passion into frenzy. I quickly move us out of the shower and we are ready to go in short order. The clinic is just a few hours away on the outskirts of the city, I considered this a sign, and smiled wickedly as I consider her upcoming ordeal. Arriving at the secluded facility, we are greeted at the main entrance and escorted to meet with the doctor as her bags are taken care of. Arriving at a beautifully appointed office, we sit on sensuous leather chairs and she snuggles into the crook of my arm sighing contentedly. In a few minutes, the Doctor arrives and makes introductions before getting right to business. A nurse brings in a tray of drinks which we sip thirstily as the Doctor asks if we have the consent forms. I smile and produce the forms from an inside jacket pocket, handing them over with a shiver of anticipation from my little minx. Soon she can't hold her eyes open and within a minute she is passed out, sprawled over the arm of the chair. The Doctor reviews the paperwork and we discuss the details before a pair of nurses wheel a gurney in and lift my sleeping beauty onto the cold waiting steel. The Dr and I shake hands with a big grin and he says, "We will call you when she is ready, no more than three months, and two on the inside." I drove home whistling a cheery tune as they began transforming her into a living fantasy.

Chapter 1

For the thousandth time she wondered what she had been thinking agreeing to, no suggesting this deal. Her question was answered as the strangers cock buried itself in her ass and squirted load after load of cum into stretched backside. She struggles helplessly, arms trapped in a rubber arm binder as he settles down on her doubled over form going soft inside her. She tries to turn her head for a breath of air, her face and tightly bound tits crushed into the dirty mattress. A moment later and she feels a warm flow as he uses her as a toilet before pulling out quickly, re-inserting the plug in her ass and buckling the crotch strap back to her helpless wrists. The worst part of all was the burning need in her pussy, a burning need only relieved when Master decides she has been good. She can feel the air moving over her ass before the strap lands a band of fire across her round burning perfect ass. She tries to squirm away, but with her ankles banded to her thighs and her nipples attached to her knees, she only manages to arouse herself more with her helplessness. This silent stranger lays into her nine more times leaving her ass on fire before throwing the strap down. Pulled by the hair and collar, she gasps as she is set upright on the fresh stripes. Feeling his cock at her mouth, her tongue snakes out on cue to clean the remnants of her recent ass raping as he rams his now rock hard shaft against the back of her throat. The ring locked behind her teeth prevents her from doing anything but take as much of his cock as he wants to give. Soon he is forcing his thick cock down her throat and pausing, cutting off her air. Stars and moats are soon floating across her limited field of vision as he pumps a second huge load down her throat. When he is finished, he pushes her roughly and she falls helplessly onto the dingy mattress with a groan.

She is conflicted, mad at the horrible treatment, yet burning with a need so great for my cock in her sopping pussy she can't stand it. She lays there helplessly pouting about the chastity, which she had not even considered. There were a few extra surprises at the clinic when she was finally allowed to wake up. Her massive tits and enlarged nipples were just what she had wanted, but the titanium domed chastity bolted to her womanhood has become the bane of her existence. Her labia are lined with grommets down each side with a clit, clit hood. The inner plate of her chastity fits into her lips, stretching and spreading her flower wide before the outer plate is bolted to the bottom plate capturing her lips and using her pussy for tension. The device is a convex dome preventing any friction to her needy hole or clitty. The clit rings fit through the plate and can swivel up and down, but not be pulled. She was very mad when she discovered what had been done and was punished quite severely at the clinic before she calmed down and began to accept her lot. She shivers at the memory of those months at the clinic that seemed like years. As her recovery progressed, the training intensified shaping her dream body regardless of what she thought. She walked miles on the dreaded treadmill, tottering along in outrageous shoes rubbing many blisters on her feet before they toughened up. Every breath was a struggle from the crushing corset whittling her waist down to an envious 16 inches. Her crotch burns with need as she remembers how they tormented her, teased her and introduced her to her new life, never letting her cum. This is what pisses her off the most, that I turned her into a cum covered dream girl and everyone else gets satisfied at her expense.

Her masochistic streak quickly subverts her anger into need, her heart fluttering as I open the door to the warehouse and approach with a snide smile. She makes her best doe eyes and wiggles seductively hoping that will be allowed to cum. I sit down on the mattress next to her and begin to lightly roll the tips of her clamped nipples. I smile as her eyes roll back and she bucks her hips my way as best she can. "That 100 gives you an even 1000 for the night and might have earned you a reward." I can see the hope storm across her face as her heart soars with the prospect of desperately needed release. I release the straps holding her legs and the chains from her nipples to knees. She moans as she stretches out on her bound arms unfolding for the first time in hours. All of the other pains begin clamoring for attention as she lies there crushing her almost numb arms. Her ass is full of cum, piss and rubber causing her gut to cramp up. The thin hemp ropes cinching her tits into purple stretched globes burn like fire and her shoulders scream. The thought of cumming quickly overwhelms the pain and she struggle to worm her mouth over to my crotch. I offer her a straw and she sucks down the offered drink greedily. I roll her back onto her arms and climb over her to remove the clamps causing her to scream as the blood rushes back into her embarrassing massive love buds.

Her booted arched feet kick and twitch as I massage her nipples with my rough hands before leaning in and bathing them with my tongue. Kissing and biting her nipples and crushed tits causes her to cry out with a mix of pain and need. Her leg twitches reflexively and kicks me lightly in the crotch surprising us both. A look of pure terror washes across her face as she tries to shake her head no and mumble an apology. I smile sinisterly rising and moving to the closet. I quickly return, hiding what I am carrying behind my body as kneel down and sit her up. Removing the ring gag from her aching jaw she thanks her master profusely apologizing for her mistake. I hug her close and tell her not to worry; it was an accident after all, these things happen. I hold her and feel her heart pounding in her chest, her breath panting and her face flushed. "You are more beautiful now than you have ever been!" I exclaim and she practically purrs blushing bright red as I gently massage her abused tits. "Is this what you have always wanted?" I ask. She begins profusely expressing her happiness and gratitude for our journey and my guidance in helping her be the best whore she can be. I praise her for the hard work to earn her keep and ask her how bad she wants to cum. Her face shines with need as she begs to cum, to feel my throbbing cock deep inside her aching pussy. I ask her again "surely you don't like being treated like this" I ask mockingly. She hangs her head in shame as she gushes about what a dirty piece of cunt meat she is and how badly she has been craving this her entire life. I ask unnecessarily if she wants to cum bad enough to reaffirm our agreement and she answers my question with wide open eyes and a dreamy look on her face.

Her eyes snap open and for a moment she panics as her surroundings are black as pitch. She tries to touch her face finding that her arms are being held stretched wide with a cuff of some kind. She is more interested in the slight sense of motion as her movements are transmitted through the fluid that she is floating in. Turning her head slightly she feels the mask or hood that encloses her head tightly and as her mind comes into focus she realizes that her whole body is compressed in some kind of suit. Struggling with more energy, she begins to bob in the liquid as small waves roll from her body. Less than a minute later, an unusual smell begins to build in strength as her mind begins to float free.

Chapter 2

Reaching behind me, I show her the punishment hood causing her to cringe. I unfasten all of the straps and open the evil device up holding it about a foot from her face. She looks at me with searching eyes before sighing and leaning her head in and opening wide to swallow the rubber penis gag mounted to the inside. I gently feed the soft rubber tubes up her nose and deep into her sinuses then force earplugs deep into her ear canals. Stretching the rubber inner lining tight around her head it is soon laced tightly stretched tautly like a second skin. I pump up the gag in her mouth until I can see her cheeks bulge before working the thick leather outer hood into place. Thick padding over her eyes and ears ensures a crushing highly effective sensory deprivation experience. Lacing the outer hood shut I pull the gag strap and blindfold strap exquisitely tight before locking them down. Next the attached posture collar is fitted up around her neck, forcing her head back and immobile when securely laced and locked. I pick her helpless form up casually and lay her on a padded bench with one leg on each side and her crotch hanging off the end. Working straps under her arm binder, I cinch her torso down tightly to the bench before folding and strapping down her legs like she is riding to freedom. I release and remove the arm binder and inner straps from her arms, which fall limply to hang at her sides. Massaging her arms and shoulders gently, blood flow is restored as they begin to warm and turn from blue to the right shade of red. When feeling has returned to her arms, I slowly fold them up behind her back until they are parallel to her spine despite her squirming. Two straps at wrist and elbow ensure that her arms are held in the aching back prayer position, while a lead from her wrists to a ring at the back of the hood locks her head back. She grunts as I pull her head back a little further before tying it off and stepping back.

A pair of wicked spiked nipple clamps sporting springs and 6 ounces of weight finish off her bondage as I set about removing her shield. I quickly remove the crotch strap and hold a bucket under her ass as the plug is removed to a torrent of cum and piss jetting from her distressed insides. Cleaning up the mess, I quickly remove her chastity freeing her pussy for the first time in more than a month. She is dripping wet and quivering with need as she endures her bondage, held completely helpless and immobile. I can only judge how good the next few hours were from her copious flows from orgasm after painful orgasm. I lick her lips like a flower, slowly teasing and caressing her tender folds and she blows the instant I touch her clit. I proceed to bring her to climax with my cock, dildos and even a painful pussy whipping. I am sure that she must be exhausted; I know that I am and it is almost two in the morning. I quickly release her wrists from her head and her body from the horse. I clean her up and remove the nipple clamps, leaving her teetering against the wall in her slutty 7 inch heels. Cleaning up the dungeon, I turn out the lights and lead my helpless Baby to the car. A short ride brings us home, where I take her to the master bedroom where the chastity is soon re-installed. Removing her from all of her bonds, we take a quick shower together and tumble into the bed to sleep the sleep of the innocent.

Her eyes open more slowly this time, and her mind seems to be less foggy than last time. A few moments is enough to confirm that she is floating, wrapped in a full body suit and stretched spread eagle in complete darkness. She explores her body with her mind, cataloging the various sensations from her arched feet to the massive plugs in her lower body. Her breath is loud in her ears and she realizes that she is wearing some sort of rubber gas mask. A tingle starts in the skin of her feet and quickly washes across her entire body causing her to shiver with goose bumps. She notices the odor again and feels herself begin to float mentally before she is again oblivious to the world.

Chapter 3

Time passed and we both settled into our new role surprisingly easy. My darling wife went from a normal woman to the biggest whore I had ever known and it made me so horny. I loved forcing her to do things that she secretly wanted to do, she got so hot it was un-fucking believable. As filthy as she had become, she was still embarrassed by some of the smallest things. Being forced to dress like a slut for a trip to the mall never fails to rev her up until she is begging to cum and this is no exception. Her face turns red and stays that way while the young boys ogle, the mothers frown disapprovingly and the fathers almost pant as she is followed around. I make her try on conservative clothes then tell me that they are not nearly slutty enough for her. If I like the salesperson, sometimes she will blow or give head for goods and services. The more time that passes, the more she embraces her true nature and the harder I push her.

Friday night again and what ever shall we do? "I know why don't you head to the bedroom and pick out a couple of your smuttiest outfits and I will be right there." Stopping by the dungeon, I pick out a few choice items and head to the bedroom. When I arrive, there is a neon orange micro skirt / halter top and a black leather one piece dress that laces up the sides. They both look delicious, but I have an inspiration and retrieve her plaid micro miniskirt, see through white blouse, 6 inch t-straps and white ankle socks. Starting by root cinching her tits extra tight with thin hemp rope, the wide steel collar is next. The collar snaps shut and she shivers with anticipation as a white waist cincher is laced tightly crushing her stomach. I help her slip on the see through blouse leaving her tied tits on display. Buttoning the bottom few buttons, the skirt slides up her legs and she moans as I lightly finger her inner thighs. After fastening the skirt, I lift it up and fasten one end of a crotch strap to the back of the waist cinch. Pushing her down by the neck over the bed, I scoop up and begin to spread a big dollop of lube into her asshole. When she is stretched out, I slide a deceptively small plug into her ass, feeding the two tubes sprouting from the end through crotch strap. I pull the crotch strap tight causing her to grunt and moan ineffectively as it locks into place. Using a hand pump, I pump the plug up until is massive inside her abused ass and leaving her incapable of expelling the intruder. I remove the pump and hose from the plug leaving her unable to find relieve without the necessary tool. Pulling the blouse back, I fit stretcher cones over her pierced nipples capturing her barbells and pulling them out from her chest inside the cone. This ensures that she is legally covered and adds more fuel to her masochistic fire that has been guiding her ever deeper into her fantasies.

Ordering her to fix her hair and apply a nice whore makeup job, she applies the color nice and thick before teasing her hair. Giant gold hoop earrings, wrist bangles and locking gold ankle chains that slip under the heels of her shoes complete her ensemble. Leading her to the bathroom, I cuff her hands behind her back and bend her over the tub. Making sure the water is warm; I fill and connect an enema bag to the remaining hose in her plug. I add a mix meth and cocaine to the enema bag letting the water flow. She groans loudly and long as her ass slowly fills with a quart of liquid horny that is there to stay as the second hose is sealed and removed. Un-cuffing and pulling her up, she stands a bit bowlegged from the plug and pressure trying to adjust. As she walks around a little it gets a tiny bit better, but the cramping increases hitting her like a punch in the belly. I push and drag her to the garage as she tries to resist and protest that it is too much and not fair. I slap her face hard enough to drive her to her knees and she immediately closes her mouth and assumes the kneeling slave posture. Motioning for her to rise, she is soon squirming futilely in her seat trying to find a comfortable position as I start the engine and pull out into the night. An hour drive has us in one of the seediest parts of town, the unofficial red light district. Stopping the car at a corner, I lean over and open the door telling her to get out. She tries to protest and I rock her head back with another brutal slap. Tears well in her eyes as I pull a remote from my pocket and pressing two buttons activate the vibrating plug and nipple shockers. She grabs her chest protectively and reluctantly steps out of the car. I roll the window down and she shuts the door leaning back into the temporary safety of the car. "The going rate is 20 a throw down here, I will be back in a couple of hours and you had better have 200 dollars or it will be a long weekend!"

The transition to awareness occurred without a jolt this time, and she is aware that she is floating again in stygian blackness. The feeling of dread and arousal that having to earn 200 dollars as a street hooker is almost overwhelming as her cunt spasms around the vibrating dildo buried deeply in her body. The dream is so vivid in her mind, she wonders if it is a dream or a memory blushing in the dark at the implications of the question. Something tickles her mind and she realizes the smell is back, but so faint that it might be a smell memory. She inhales deeply trying to determine the nature of the eerily familiar smell. Her mind begins to blur as she continues trying to determine if the smell is real or not and she jerks in surprise as a dirty hand suddenly paws her aching tit. Looking down, she is on the street dressed like the slut school girl from hell and she looks around confused. The dirty man yells, "Answer me, what am I not good enough for a worthless street whore like you?" "20 dollars is the rate, if you have the cash you are good enough for me." she replies surprising herself. He flashes the bill and she guides him into a nearby dark alley, dropping to her knees as she snatches the $20.

Chapter 4

Her pleading eyes say no, but the flush in her face and almost imperceptible movement in her hips say yes. I drive off into the night, leaving my baby walking the streets in quite a fix. I turn down a side road and double back to a run down parking garage with a perfect view of her corner. Moving to the top level I setup shop with a telephoto camera, night vision and a dart gun loaded with tranquilizer for any johns that might get out of hand. Turning on the night vision I find her on her knees in a black alley, just tucking away her first $20. I can't help but play with myself as I watch my own whore, sucking off strangers for her pimp and start the cameras rolling. She finishes him off quickly and is back on the corner nodding to the passing cars filled with horny men and their filthy money. Anytime a car cruises by and she does not step out to the curb, I hit her plug and clamps as a reminder that I am always watching. An hour and a half later, she easily has the 200 bucks, but that is not really why she is out here. At my queue, a car appears and cruises slowly down the street stopping at her corner. She saunters over to the car leaning into the open window for negotiations. After a minute, flashing lights come on and the two men pile out of the unmarked police car and begin to frisk and badger my baby. I can tell from her posture that she is terrified as they cuff her and force her into the back of the car. I pack up and head to the local police station where my buddies are taking her. They take her through the whole process of booking, photos and fingerprints all without ever letting on that this has been a setup. Unable to remove her clothes, they decide to leave her cuffed for her visit to the mostly empty drunk tank. Letting her sweat for a few hours, they tell her they are transferring her to city lockup. Adding ankle cuffs, a waist band and a bag on her head, they lead her out to a waiting van where she is cuffed to a steel ring in the floor.

I follow the van as it takes a meandering route to our where house on the edge of town. Hustling her inside, they sit her on a steel bench and attach her cuffs to a ring in the floor. I creep up slowly and before she even knows what is happening, I have slipped an ether soaked rag over her face. Injecting another longer lasting sedative, the boys in blue help me to strip her of everything but the plug and prepare her next ordeal. Deflating and removing the plug in the bathroom released a long stream of dirty water, her body visibly relaxing. We rinse her out a second time before removing her chastity and washing her front as well. Sponging her body down, we dry her and apply a coat of powder evenly over her body. Working as a team, we work her limp body into a thick latex full body suit with fist gloves for hands, an open crotch, tits squeezed out through small holes in the front of the suit, and a full hood with nose tubes and an open mouth. With her limp body squeezed into the rubber sheath, we hang her by her wrists from the ceiling and slide a full steel boned leather torso corset. Loosely attaching the corset, her ankles are drawn to the ceiling and I attach a new version of her chastity with a huge knobbed dildo, a surface covered with spikes and a fitting to draw her clit ring into a tall mound of rubber spikes. Attaching the new faceplate, I carefully drawing her poor clit through the surface, releasing the hood and clit barbells to snap back into waiting fittings leaving her cruelly stretched. The cover extends to her brown eye, sporting another ominous looking ribbed plug which slides in with much force.

Gathering the wires, her legs are lowered to hang and we attack the corset tightening and seating it, the three of us managing to close the laces leaving her at 15". Her massive melons are now extruded through two layers of material and are quite dark already. The corset is tightened behind her back, forcing more of her tits out and the laced up the corset collar holding her head rigidly. Hanging her by the feet, we get another notch out of all the corset straps and bury the thick wide crotch strap between her legs directly rubbing on her exposed clit while feeding the wires through the corset to her lower back. Turning her right side up, we lace pink knee high ballet boots on her feet forcing them into a point and locking the straps. Her head is soon adorned with a harness of thick straps holding a jaw jacking leather wrapped ring gag firmly wedged behind her teeth and crushing her eyes with a padded strap. Flipping her one more time, dangling by her ankles, we methodically strap her fisted glove arms folded along her spine at forearm and elbow. When done, her arm does not move at all and her wrist is strapped to the collar. We grin at each other knowing how bad she is going to feel when she wakes up. We flip her so she is hanging from shoulder rings on the harness and mount a control box in her lower back, connecting the crotch wires. The final piece is a medieval looking metal bra with large domes lined with sharp spines and thick leather straps. Slipping her left tit into the dome, the spikes are pressing into the flesh and the unit is an inch or more off her chest. Her nipple is worked through a small hole in the end and a captured ring is installed behind her areola piercing. Small towers capture and stretch the tips of her nipples into a tiny version of the breast cups. Tightening her nipples to be fully stretched the wires are fed through the corset to the control box. The thick straps wrap over her shoulder and tighten to her wrists and the side straps attach to each elbow. Any movement of her arms will be transferred directly to her imprisoned breasts.

We carry her over and lay her on a table next to a 3 foot reinforced steel box with a picture of a woman bent at the waist and her ass being a hatch on the front. Opening the box, I retrieve one of the cross bars and feed it through a loop on the crotch strap before setting her into the box. The bar fits back into the side and leaves her balancing on a front to back pivot. Her imprisoned feet are dropped over the lower bar and chained in place. She slowly slumps forward her open mouth held to the inside of the access hole. Straps run from each knee, through an eyelet on the side, at the back and then attaching to her elbows. Fine chains are run from rings on her head harness, through eyelets straddling the hatch and back down to a ring on the front of her crotch strap, right over her clit. We connect the catheter to a five gallon jug, and her enema plug is connected to a pair of 2 gallon bags and a five gallon bucket behind her for drainage. Pumping her rear intruder to monstrous proportions causes her to stir in pain. Connecting the control box wires to the control panel wires, a set of large headphones is placed over her bound head. Closing and locking the high security box, we move it on a dolly to the wall and plug it in. A flat panel tilts up from the top and an image of her in the box is larger than life with several cameras and angles to choose from. A control panel, instruction insert, microphone and bill acceptor round out the top of the unit.

Chapter 5

She begins to struggle feebly as seen on the real time display of the inside of the box. Her movements become slow and measured as she explores her situation realizing that any movement causes never before experienced pain and pleasure. She tries to pull her head back jerking the chains and rubbing the rough leather strap on her crushed clit. She shudders and jerks harder on her neck practically making the box move exploding with her first orgasm in record time. Activating the microphone, I explain the highlights of her situation and letting her know that for each orgasm, her stay will be extended by 8 hours and she will remain chaste for one week when she gets out. She shudders hearing that the box is provisioned for weeks of continuous occupation with only minimal maintenance required. The display shows that her vitals are starting to climb and she is getting close to orgasming again. "If you cum, you will already be committed for 24 hours and two weeks." My words work magic along with her inability to stop jerking on her neck and clit. The gages pin as she explodes with another massive orgasm. Slipping a 10 spot into the bill reader, the machine indicates 5 minutes of time and the hole in the front slides open. I ram my rock hard cock into the waiting hole and she jerks backwards choking on my unexpected intruder. Two more times brings her to another massive orgasm as I begin to force my cock inexorably down her throat.

Really marveling at the show, I begin to play with the controls and she vibrates with energy as her plugs surge to life and her nipples get a mild shock. I can only imaging what she feels in her head as her mind is overloaded with stimulus from the new kit. I feel for her predicament and come hard down her throat imaging myself locked in the box with a delicious shiver. My favorite is that each session in which she cums earns a free session. I manage 15 minutes from the first 10 bucks. The boys come next and earn a free session between them. For another 10, I drain my urine into her waiting mouth and she really thrashes having to swallow my hot salty piss. Two more helpings and she is starting to settle into her new situation having cum five times already it is a little easier for her to absorb the sensations. Keying the microphone again, I can't help but tell her that she is world wide, with websites devoted to her including real time video of her in the box, video of her walking the street and many others of her adventures. This brings her to the edge, but subsides back down the hill as we let her rest for a few moments. Shutting down the box, we pack it up and load it into our handy van. We drive her to the hardest S&M club in town and unload her from the van. Moving her in through the loading dock, the manager meets us eagerly with a prime club spot for her placement. We are going to making money on this deal hand over fist with the web sales and the club bonus for placement. After hooking up the box and ensuring that all systems are operational, I key the mike and tell her how much I love here and I will be back in 48 hours to see how much longer she wants to stay in there.

Chapter 6

Her eyes suddenly snap open and dart around wildly in the dark. She is confused and disoriented and tries to rub her eyes only to find that her arms seem to be trapped at her side. She can feel herself rocking lightly and feels like she is floating in a thick liquid of some kind. She lays there for a few moments trying to understand what is happening and her eyes are so heavy that they begin to flutter closed. She fights against the sleep, but is unable to keep them open in the dark and they slide closed carrying her back into a deep state of sleep almost immediately here eyes moving back and forth under her closed eyelids.

She is suddenly awakened by the agony of every muscle and joint in her body. She struggles helplessly and gasps as her clit is rubbed on the now hideously painful leather strap buried in her crotch. She realizes that she is still in the box and all sense of time and space is gone. With no way to know how long she has been in, or how many dozens of time she has cum, she despairs wondering if she will ever get out. She struggles futilely, thrashing a fraction of an inch and setting all of the dull aches in her body ablaze with agony. Her attention is focused by the feeling of the hatch sliding open in front of her face and a long tube is feed down her waiting throat. Feeling vibration in the tube, her mouth is soon filling with a cold stream of liquid which she swallows quickly both from thirst and a fear of suffocating.

Tears of confusion, joy and apprehension squeeze from her useless eyes as she yearns for the touch and arms of him. Just thinking of his beautiful brown eyes and rich caring face make her abused pussy begin to quiver and twitch with need. This small movement reminds here of the forest of sharp spikes buried in her most sensitive of places and she jerks. This drags the rough leather strap against her raw clit and she can feel yet another orgasm beginning to build in her tormented body. The hose is removed and quickly replaced with a cock so thick; it is crammed into the hole and her ring blocking all airflow. The shaft pushes slowly into her mouth and she begins to grind her hips, helpless to stop her self torture, which is rapidly shutting down her ability to stay calm. The cock hits the back of her throat as she begins to cum, vibrating with captive energy which works the cock head past her throat. Her orgasm seems to last forever as she is slowly suffocated by this massive cock and she can't help but think of him gratefully as her mind slips away.

Awake again, her head throbbing; she realizes what brought her back to the world. She can feel a tiny bit of breeze on one of the only tiny slivers of bare skin she has. The box must be open she realizes with both great joy and sadness that her time in the box has come to an end. She is startled at her own feelings wondering how she could possibly be disappointed at being freed. Lost in an exploration of how she has been feeling, astonished at her own response, she barely notices as she is removed slowly from her stringent mounted position. She tries to stand, but after however long, her legs are shaking like a foal and her balance is non existent. She is helped to a platform of some kind and laid on her back where she stretches her body as much as she can, moaning with pleasure. Sometime later, she is free of all her bondage, except her chastity and plug and can't even focus her eyes to see where she is. She feels warm water and realizes she is being bathed, drifting in and out of consciousness.

Her next memory is of being covered by a silky satin sheet in the softest bed she has ever felt, with a cloud soft pillow and she curled up drifting into a deep exhausted sleep.

Chapter 7

She is lost, trying to find something, just out of reach. If she can only remember what it is she thinks as she chases after something that just always seems to be one corner ahead of her. Suddenly, her surroundings have changed and she is lying on a surgical table in a bright beam of light in an inky black room. There is a low conversation going on, but she can't quite understand what they are saying. She struggles slightly causing the talking to stop and a figure emerge from the shadows. She looks like a nurse, wearing scrubs and has a syringe in her hand. The needle is inserted into an IV tube and emptied into the flow. The world begins to swim and then the light dims until all is black as ink. She jerks upright, eyes wide open with fear, only to find herself in familiar surroundings on the silk sheets of the soft bed. Her hand flies to her crotch and she sighs finding the now familiar metal shield blocking her access. Looking around, the room is quite familiar but she can't remember from where. Falling back into the soft pillows, she closes her eyes and is soon lightly asleep again.

He shakes her shoulder gently, sitting on the edge of the bed. She stirs and opens here eyes seeing her love with a sunlight halo streaming in from the window behind. He looks like an Adonis, a god smiling benevolently down upon her and her heart soars while her pussy clenches with need. She sits up and throws her arms around him giving him a passionate hug and lingering kiss before pulling back and saying good morning with a big smile. He replies that it is afternoon with a big smile and offers his hand to help her out of bed. Walking her to the bathroom, a fresh bath has been drawn and after stopping at the toilet, she slides into the hot soapy water with a moan of contentment. Her body begins to relax as the heat soaks into her body and seems to erase all of the aches and pains from the box. How long she asks and is shocked to hear that she was in the box for 9 days and made almost 20,000 dollars in the process, he tells her very pleased.

He helps her wash her hair and body, then helps her out and dry off. He leaves to finish a small meal as she dries and styles here hair and applies a nice thick coat of makeup. Looking in the mirror, there is something tickling the back of her mind that her makeup is not right, but it quickly passes. Slipping on a pair of 4" mules, she wraps a light robe around her shoulders and heads to the kitchen starving. He has a wonderful light meal prepared and they both eat eagerly, not saying much just enjoying each others company. When the meal is done, he orders her upstairs to get dressed and starts clearing the table. Looking in the closet she finds one deliciously slutty outfit after another. Again that feeling that something is not quite right clouds her mind, but it is quickly extinguished by the red leather micro skirt and matching top that covers the front and ties in the back with several strings. After donning the leather, a pair of 7" strapped red heels practically call out to be worn and she promptly dons them.

Touching her makeup up, she checks the image in the mirror and her insides knot up with excitement at how fantastic she looks. Slim and svelte, the surgery and pain was so worth it having whittled her waist down to 20 inches and increasing her bust to a 46DDD. Heading downstairs, he is working in the study and leers at her lustfully causing shivers as she spins around for his viewing pleasure. "We have a busy day today!" he smirks as he rises and begins putting away what he was working on. We have a signing to get to and then as you know, tonight we have plans at the club. A puzzled look on her face causes him to chuckle and he tells her to just let him take care of the details. In short order, we are in the car and heading to the largest adult store in town for a DVD signing session with her fans. Fans she is not aware of yet due to her overnight stardom in the S&M internet porn circles. People can't get of enough of my little slut flower and have been buying her movies and photo shoots at a record breaking pace.

We pull into the parking lot of the store and the place is packed with eager drooling men and women milling around waiting for our arrival. We hop out of the car and the people begin to cheer and close in on us. We make our way to the entrance leisurely, allowing many of the gathered to cop a feel of her wet snatch, or give a twist to her rock hard nipples. Her face is turning beet red as everyone seems to know her, and far too much about what gets her going. She looks at me quizzically and I just nod my head to the waiting door and guide her in. The house is full and there are hundreds of kinky sex fiends in all manner of dress and pairings, all just waiting to meet the hardest core slut on the web. She looks stunned as all of these people seem to know everything about here and keep making references to movies she has been in???

A few feet into the store, there is a box office display showing what movies are playing in the arcades and she double takes the display as she is on the cover of 4 of 20 movies doing all manner of unspeakable things. I guide her thru the crowd and to the entrance of the main theater in the back. The crowd quickly follows us into the room filling the seats staring with anticipation at the stage and all of the equipment waiting ominously. We reach the stage and are met by the store owner and his bitchboy who greet us warmly and guide us over to a pair of recliners on one side of the stage. Calling for attention, the room quiets quickly all eyes focused on the bruiser of a man and what he has to say. He starts off by welcoming my darling and thanking her for this rare personal appearance. He next describes what is planned for today including the chance to get personally signed DVDs and photos, A chance to preview and purchase a brand new line of toys and gear and last but not least the chance to meet the whore herself. A spotlight lights her up like an angel as the crowd cheers loudly leaving my poor baby, horny, nervous, confused and contented at the same time.

Chapter 8

When the crowd quiets down again, her two most popular movies are introduced on side stage screens for fun. Next I am introduced to the crowed who applauds me just as long and loud making me blush a little at the ardor. When the people calm, I start describing this afternoon's new product line preview event and how things will work. We are introducing a new line of diabolically strict gear, toys, clothes and permanent piercing chastises and jewelry. The opportunity to purchase these items is being offered here for the first time and include live demonstrations. Anyone who purchases an item is entitled to an exclusive copy of the movie being filmed of the event. Afterwards we will have an autograph line for signatures on anything the pen will write on. The cheers and clapping is much louder this time as the crowd realizes they are getting a live show. She is sitting in her chair virtually quivering as her pussy begins to ooze and her mind is running in overdrive. Once the movies are going, we retire to the back of the stage and the curtain is lowered to begin the show, with the owner playing master of ceremonies, bitchboy as the dungeon slave and me as the Master.

For the next four hours, we show every piece of equipment that we will be offering on her lovely body. Once she is outfitted, we send her into the crowd for a closer look and the people in attendance took advantage of a situation, twisting her nipples, whipping her ass and tormenting her helpless body at every opportunity. By the end of the show, my baby is exhausted and we have sold every piece of product we brought with orders for half again more. With her last outfit, we strapped her tightly into a bondage chair leaving her right hand sort of free with a few inches of slack. The line quickly forms and everyone there that afternoon filed by so she could sign her name on movies, gear and body parts. Closing up shop, we empty the room and release her moving back to the back of the stage. Stripping off her last set of equipment, we quickly get her dressed in her clothes and guide her out to the car and back home to clean up and get ready for tonight.

She practically gushes about how wonderful all the fans were and how mad she is with me for making and selling all those movies without telling her. Her jaw dropped when I told her that her vigil in the box was broadcast on the web real-time and that thousands of people had been watching her and her escapades. She blushed from her tits all the way to her hair line as she realized how hot that made her. Something in the back of her mind keeps nagging her that this is not right, that something has gone awry. Arriving home I send her off to catch a quick shower and freshen up while I prepare her evening. I call our friends on schedule and they are headed my way to assist with the preparation and join us this evening. Heading to the Dungeon, Her outfit is waiting on a broad leather covered table. Tonight her mind (what used to be her consciousness) will be woken up for the first time during in mid session.

When at the clinic for the cosmetic surgery the good Dr. added some extra items in addition to the chastity that she has not known about. A prototype neural interface was added at the base of her brain allowing for both recording of thought, but the ability to make the thoughts. Since the surgery, we have been collecting and manipulating her at a very low mental level. The unit has a secure wireless connection to a secure control program, and is atomic powered with a minimum lifespan of 200 years. She will have passed away long before any hope of being free. Using a combination of hypnosis, subliminal suggestion, drugs, Pavlov and the neurotransmitter unit we have been recording her deepest fears, fantasies and dreams and using them to generate a feedback system that has been reinforcing the ones we want and making the others fade. Our greatest discovery was that by turning up the signal strength on the interface, we could override the signals of the conscious self and allow her id to develop a voice. We refer to this new voice as her second self with the original personality being her first self.

Her mind and the system slowly identified the kinks, flaws, fears and fantasies that she holds most dear and began to amplify the desired traits. By taking her own thoughts and feeding those back in we began to mold her second self into the perfectly submissive woman. As the program progressed, we found to our surprise that a reflective synergy was manifesting in mutation of some themes and much greater reinforcement of others. The neural net was a fuzzy logic system that learned and evolved as it experienced. At some point unbeknownst to us, the neural interface began mimicking the awareness of self that defines sentience. The system of her mind and the neural net developed into yet a third self. This third self, being seeded with programming designed to subjugate and control, is the catalyst for the remarkably fast transition from horny wife to nymphomaniac cum slut. This third self, keying on the original design focus also picked up on the irresistible nature of anyone who excels at what they do. This ultimately is what drives our little heroine to unbelievable feats of abuse, humiliation and orgasmic bliss.

Chapter 9

Snapping out of the revere he had drifted into, he resumes organizing the evening in his head. He can't wait to see her as she wakes up in mid session and despite what she might want will find her body and mind responding to terrible things. Tonight will either fuse her back into a new whole different self, or shatter her old personality leaving the new custom designed one in its place. Her outfit for the night has been selected to tap into her innermost fantasy and force her to embrace her own wants, needs and desires as she transitions to a new reality. She is going as a pony tonight, complete with hooves sporting severe internal arches equivalent to 7 inch heels. The rubber stockings and boots that cover them both reach to the crease of her inner thigh and strap to the rigid pony corset harness. Her head will be strapped in a leather webbing of control, tits cruelly cinched and her arms will be trapped helplessly along her spine. The whole ensemble is complimented by another specially designed chastity adapter sporting a cruel thick stubby dildo on the inside and a 30 inch steel pole extending down to shin level. Her ass and asshole will be left completely exposed and her pony bit is removable leaving a three inch wide tube locked behind her teeth holding her jaw jacked open. I head upstairs to check on my darling and she is still in the shower right on schedule as our threesome arrives to help.

I have thought several times of taming these wild beauties, a pair of stunning and cruel mistresses and their tranny slave sissy. Creeping upstairs we arrange our ambush and when she enters the bedroom drying her hair, we strike each grabbing an arm and her towel covered head before spiriting her down to the waiting dungeon. When we arrive, a black cloth sack is pulled over her head and cinched tight before her arms are strapped into padded cuffs mounted at the end of a suspended spreader bar. Activating the winch she is soon dangling a foot off the ground swinging as if in an imaginary breeze. Her torso is soon wrapped in a the thick leather pony training harness with inflexible steel boning and half-cups that form a shelf for her massive tits. With the corset positioned, the three of us work together to cinch the laces within an inch of being closed. She is yammering through the bag, and a hard slap to her sensitive nipple convinces her to quiet down. We roll latex stockings up her legs and attach them to the garters on the bottom of the corset then begin the process of properly fitting her hooves. It takes almost 20 minutes to get both boots on and tight, but it is worth it as her knees can barely bend at this point. Tight locking straps dig into her legs at ankle, knee and upper thigh ensuring they are on until we get home.

We are able to get the final inch out of her corset before wrapping her delicate neck in an equally thick and inflexible neck corset forcing her head back at a decidedly uncomfortable looking angle while stopping any side to side movement. Lowering her to her hooves, she paws at the ground trying to find her balance as the tube of her gag is forced into her stretched mouth. Once the inner gag is seated, the pony head gear is secured to agonizing tension with straps around her head and under her chin. Connecting chains from the spreader bar to rings on her shoulders, her arms are released and the winch is raised until she is standing flat on her hooves. Her bare arms are folded up behind her back along her spine until her wrists are almost level with the back of her collar. A tight leather strap fuses her wrists together and is locked directly to the back of her posture collar. Another strap locks her elbows together and tightly into the small of her back. Her eyes have glazed over from the intensity of the scene and the fact that I tripped the neurotransmitter essentially shutting down her first self leaving the horny and ready second self in charge.

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