The Torture Ends At Dawn
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Chapter One

The female on display in the moonlit shadows of the back yard was stunning, if only in her complete vulnerability. Half out of necessity and half due to her captors' kinky desires, she had been strictly encased in leather from head to toe, and then bound into an extremely painful position that also afforded full access to every inch of her tightly toned flesh.

Candi had been her name since college. She knew it was corny, but it seemed to draw every drooling male within hearing distance immediately to her side, which is exactly what she wanted. Then again, her magnetism could also have been caused by her 36-23-35 inch figure, which was topped off by the golden blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders and halfway down her back. Or it could have been the pouting lips, or the blue eyes, or the perfect nose. Right now, however, those last three assets were buried behind the half hood that was strapped tightly around her head.

Getting it in place had been the quite the struggle, even after the combined efforts of the two men and one woman who had taken such perverse pleasure in securing their victim in her painful predicament. Candi had been expecting the woman, for whom she herself had prepared such sensuous plans, but the two men had been a surprise. What a fool she had been for not being better prepared for the possibility of an attack, especially since the rest of the city's inhabitants were on such high alert, due to the recent disappearance of so many young women.

Each of those victims, like Candi, had been beautiful, each of them had ventured out alone with a stranger, and each of them had paid for their mistake with a night of brutal rape and torture. And now it was apparently Candi's turn to suffer.

When she had earlier led Aubrey Meadows out of the bar and back to her lovely house in the country, she had no idea that the redhead would have two accomplices that would be waiting for them at the end of their journey. She didn't even make it to the front steps before she was jumped from behind and pinned to the ground. With her arms bent behind her, and the larger of the two men sitting on her legs, all Candi could do was spit and scream and snarl and bite, trying to prevent herself from being further immobilized.

The other man thwarted her efforts, however, by taking the dangerous but successful move of pulling her teeth wide apart, so that Aubrey, the originally intended victim, could jam two small wooden blocks into either side of Candi's now pried open jaws. The blonde tried to force the blocks out with her tongue; she shook her head desperately in another futile attempt to dislodge them; she even went so far as to cough and gag, hoping to somehow jar the wooden intruders in the process. But nothing worked. Her mouth remained stretched wide open, and involuntarily ready for whatever would come next.

"I pulled these out of your hamper," one of the men said, holding up a handful of soiled panties. "Tried to find the dirtiest ones I could, too." Candi's eyes grew and she tried to protest in whatever way she could as, one by one he began pushing them into her waiting mouth. As the total number of colored cotton wads steadily continued to increase, the first ones began to force their way into the back of her throat. Soon, with nowhere else to go, they also bulged into her cheeks and threatened to explode right back out of her fully packed mouth.

That was when the black leather half hood was pulled down over her face. After a bit of effort, its molded chin slid perfectly into place over Candi's. Then the three attackers worked together to seal the rest of the bondage devise. While the straps around her face should normally have been much easier to buckle together, the sheer mass of material inside of the girl's stretched mouth made it amazingly difficult to do so. Finally, however, the collar of the devise was securely tightened around Candi's neck, her lower face was encased in the leather, and the web of straps that extended up around her nose, between her eyes, and encircled her head was pulled completely tight - before being buckled by Aubrey always one notch tighter at each connection, just for good measure.

When her head was finished, the dual pressure from the packing pushing out and from the straps pulling in left Candi completely unable to breathe, let alone utter a sound. And no one seemed to care. Whatever moans and groans she did make as well as any screaming and pleading she would later attempt were hardly audible, never making it past the heavy leather hood and the huge wadded gag it held firmly in place.
Candi immediately knew that the hood had to come off, and right now. The pain was unbearable. Her head was ready to explode. They had to know that as well. And they did, of course. In fact, that was the reason for the smiles that each of the three others now displayed. They knew that the bitch could never possibly endure the horrendous head harness they had just placed her in. But they also knew that it wasn't coming off for the rest of the night at least eight hours. And they knew that this was just the beginning. As Aubrey reminded the others, the torture wouldn't end until dawn.

Chapter Two

When Candi was stripped of her expensive jeans and sweater, the men were pleased to discover that underneath she wore a form fitting corset, the garters of which held high a pair of black shiny nylons. Not satisfied with her choice of footwear, however, Aubrey was sent on a mission inside the house to find a more satisfactory set of shoes to compliment the rest of the outfit, and she returned with just the right choice, five inch heels with open toed fronts and a series of straps that anchored the sexy stilettos to their female counterpart both below and above her ankles. These shoes certainly weren't made for walking, but Candi would be doing little of that on this night.

Instead, she was picked up and carried directly to the clothesline pole in the back of the house. The T-shaped contraption was tall and thin only about an inch in width at any given point, but it was also as strong and sturdy as iron, which in fact was the material it was made of. There she was secured, with her hands crossed both behind her back and behind the pole, before being tied and cinched together at the wrists with black rubber coated wire. The pain of the unforgiving metal cutting into her flesh was bad enough already at that point, but Candi didn't get the full impact until more wire was also wrapped around her upper arms just above her elbows, where it was cinched tight. The joints were thus pulled unnaturally together as a result, meaning that her forearms were actually left sticking out parallel to each other behind her back, her elbows and wrists molded together, but with the clothesline pole thrusting up between them. To make matters worse, another wire was wound between her wrists and was yanked cruelly up to the crossbar at the top of the pole. Candi's muffled scream told her new playmates how painful it was to have your arms pulled up perpendicular to your body from behind. This strappado position forced her to bend forward as much as she could in order to relieve the immense tension building in her arm and shoulder muscles.

Sadly, for Candi at least, this arm binding also strategically affected her breasts, leaving them jutting out of and hanging over the cups of her black corset top. Her D sized mammaries nearly yelled out, "torture us, too," especially with the cool night air causing her nipples to stand up at full attention, which also drew the full attention of the two men now looking for the next way to sexually abuse her.

The next way they chose again involved the damnable rubber coated wire, of which there seemed to be an endless supply, and that was soon wound snuggly around and around the two bases of Candi's breasts. The result was unforgettable; for her, yes, but especially for her drooling audience. It actually appeared as if her tied tits were somehow completely separated from her chest, hanging out in midair at least two inches away. That was because the nasty wire so completely strangled her female flesh. The dozens of repeated encirclements eventually reduced the final diameter of each breast's base to only a few inches. Meanwhile, the resulting balloon-like shapes that emerged from the wide wire wrapping bulged beautifully, but also painfully in front of their disbelieving owner.
"Those are obviously her own," one of the men commented in admiration, nearly licking his lips in anticipation of what was to come.

"Yeah, you couldn't do that to any fake boobs," the other responded. "Good for you, Candi. Makes our job all the more fun."

"Stop talking, you two,and lets get the job done, shall we." It was Aubrey who spoke last, and who seemed the most ready to stay on track by not taking the time to examine the complexity of their work until it was fully completed. As an example, before Candi even had a chance to digest the terrible fate of her breasts, Aubrey was already preparing the ungodly clamps that would next be attached to the girl's twin nipples.

The two sets of steel teeth that made up each mini guillotine were connected at either end by tiny butterfly screws that, when tightened, forced the teeth together into a perfect union. When Aubrey pulled the clamps out of her pocket and showed them to Candi, the screws were loosened, allowing about half an inch of distance between the pointed teeth.

"Know where these are going, sweetie?" she asked, and Candi's eyes almost popping out of their sockets indicated that she did. The bound and gagged victim shook her head in desperation, but it didn't stop Aubrey from carefully sliding the first clamp over the girl's left nipple, which was now as solid as a steel nail pointing out from its dark bulging breast. "You know, I don't think we could fit a clamp on any of the rest of her boob," she said as she proceeded. "It's as hard as a rock. Nothing to get a grip on. But isn't it nice that God gave us nipples. They're just perfect for a little clip like this."

Slipping it down the entire half inch of tender flesh, Aubrey could already see the marks that the teeth left behind as they scraped their way toward Candi's areola. The girl would surely have pulled away, if only it had been possible for her upper body to move. But attached to the pole as she was, there was simply nowhere to go for escape.

Once Aubrey felt that the clamp was far enough along its journey, and that a sufficient amount of Candi's nipple was extended through it, she began the extremely enjoyable process of alternately twisting the two butterfly screws in a slow but steady motion, thus closing the steel teeth together in an ever increasing bite of agony on the point of the poor girl's breast.

Aubrey could actually detect a quick rocking motion coming from Candi's body, as well as a steady humming that came from behind her extensive gag. The girl was obviously trying everything at her disposal in order to mentally handle the mind-blowing feelings she was experiencing, but she wasn't succeeding. In fact, as the steel teeth began to literally pierce her flesh in order to draw as close together as possible in response to the unrelenting screws, the blonde beauty screamed so loudly into her bundle of sodden panties that all three of the attackers actually heard her. Not that the noise had any effect on the proceedings. The men simply continued to prepare the next stages of torture, while Aubrey went to work on Candi's remaining nipple, adding a second continuous bite of steel to match the first.

"And just think, sweets," she whispered into the girl's ear, when her screaming subsided. "These are never coming off again. You'll be wearing them the rest of your sorry existence. So get used to the pain."

Chapter Three

Around eight o'clock, Candi had been abducted. By nine o'clock, her half-naked body had been affixed to the yard pole, with her arms pulled up and behind her, while her bound breasts hung down in front of her. At that particular time her feet had still been left unfettered, other than the torturous shoes strapped to them. Her only problem was balancing herself on the five inch heels, while feeling the sharp stilettos constantly digging into the soft ground beneath her. It was a minor inconvenience, of course, compared to what the upper part of her body was dealing with. But that situation would also be rectified by the time ten o'clock rolled by.

"Time to treat your pussy to a little pleasure, too," Aubrey remarked, dropping to her knees in front of Candi. "And by 'a little pleasure,' I mean a lot of pain."

With her head and shoulders still bent forward from the stress of her arm bondage, Candi was able to look straight down at what the other girl was obviously talking about. The redhead was in the process of dumping from a small duffle bag a series of gadgets and gismos clearly designed to stretch and/or stimulate her helpless victim's lower extremities. There were short steel bars and little plastic bullets, there were shiny metal clamps and black leather straps of various lengths and widths. And, of course, there was another full reel of rubber coated wire, the bondage material that Aubrey grabbed hold of first.

"Isn't this stuff the greatest," she said to a disagreeing Candi, as she began to wrap the thin black wire tighter and tighter around the girl's corseted waist. "It's pliable, yet it won't even give an inch. So much better than rope, wouldn't you agree? And what makes it so special is it hurts like hell, too." With that last assessment Candi had no choice but to agree.

Even though in her day she had played enough B&D and S&M games to know more than a little about all four pastimes, she had never had the kind of knowledge about this kinky stuff that Aubrey apparently had. The short sexy girl could have been a professor of pain. By the time she was done encircling Candi's midsection, there was almost a three inch wide wire belt digging into her belly, causing the already hourglass shaped corset to constrict inches more than it was ever intended to. Therefore, as impossible as it seemed, Candi's breasts now thrust out even farther than before, and that was saying something, considering their previous extreme bondage.

Next Aubrey turned her attention to Candi's long and shapely legs. Positioning two wide leather ankle straps over the thinner straps that held her high heels perfectly in place, the kneeling girl then stretched wide the legs of the standing girl and locked them apart by means of a spreader bar attached between the two ankle cuffs. Candi's muffled protests could again be heard, as her body was readjusted a few more inches lower to the ground and away from the crossbar, which caused her arms to be pulled up even more painfully behind her. Adding insult to injury, Aubrey made the predicament all the worse by having the spreader bar sit behind the pole instead of in front of it. With the resulting extra stretch of her legs to the back of the iron rod, Candi had to fight hard just to keep her toes or more specifically the front part of her high heels firmly on the ground below her. For if she lost her balance, even for an instant, her whole body would have hung from her wrists, and her aching shoulders would have been dislocated for sure.

"Okay, so far, so good," Aubrey exhaled as she stood up from the ground. "Bill, you want to take care of the next tie?"

"So the dark haired guy's name is Bill," Candi thought, but then told herself, "that and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee." Much more significant, however, was what Bill proceeded to do to her, and that there was nothing she could do to stop him.

The handsome mustached man replaced Aubrey on the ground between Candi's now spread legs. The girl was never known for shyness, but even she had to feel a bit embarrassed as the male stranger's face stared straight ahead at her shaved and now gaping cunt. The embarrassment increased, and was soon joined by agony, when he then began to roughly pull apart her pussy lips in order to prepare them for a series of clamps that would hold her sensitive flesh apart and away from her body. The bite of three matching steel clamps positioned side by side by side on each individual labium was horrific enough that Candi's vocal chords were again brought fully into play behind the gag and hood, but what Bill did next served to ratchet up the volume even more.

Poking his thumb through the black nylons covering Candi's feet, he pulled her big toes out through the stockings. Then he looped a little noose of rubber coated wire around each digit. Cutting the length of wire to fit the distance between Candi's crotch and her feet, he finally connected the other end of the toe wires to the middle clamps which painfully stretched her labia. The bound female's reaction, an uncontrollable shuddering of her entire bound body, gave Bill a full erection, as well as some interesting thoughts about what he'd like to do to her next.

But it wasn't time for that not yet. Instead, Aubrey wanted to completely finish Candi's first tie of the night, which she did by adding two last lengths of wire between the poor girl's nipple clamps and the end of the T pole that extended out over them. Candi tried to pull back as best she good to ease the tension, but the wire still lifted each of her breasts up toward the iron bar, leaving her nipples pointing unnaturally at the black night sky.

"Let me help you, my love," Aubrey offered, although Candi had a feeling she was going to do anything but. Taking the portion of the blonde's hair that poured out of the top of her hood and wrapping it into a ponytail, Aubrey tied another piece of wire into the long length of hair and pulled Candi's head back toward the place where the pole's upright and crossbar connected. There was both some good news and some bad news in Candi's repositioning. The good news was that the wire pulling on her nipples was released of some of its pressure. The bad news was that her shoulders were now close to being ripped from their sockets. Even her captors couldn't believe that the angle between her arms and her back had by now passed well beyond 90 degrees. And as for the aforementioned minor relief in her nipples, Aubrey immediately took care of that, too, retying the wires from her chest to the pole in order to remove any unnecessary slack.

Candi could now move absolutely no part of her body. She was so immobilized, she could have been a statue. Except that statues feel no pain, and she was enduring plenty of that from her head down to her toes.

"I guess there's no need to keep the last part of your hood off any more," Aubrey suddenly commented, surprising Candi with the fact that there was indeed more to it. "You can't see anything interesting anymore anyway." So, in what Candi figured as a bit of redundancy, a triangular shaped blindfold was snapped over her eyes, leaving only her nose popping out of the leather as the remaining visible feature of her face.

The sudden and complete darkness that she was left in surprisingly made her other senses even more intense, causing her to further concentrate on the various agonies her body was experiencing. She mentally pictured her stretched arms pinioned together and pulled up behind her. She imagined her legs in black hose and heels yanked apart by the spreader bar and fighting for the ground beneath her. She saw her breasts bulging away from her chest and her nipples cut off even further away from them, wired to the crossbar. And especially she remembered the sight of the six clamps biting into her crotch and pulling her pussy lips down to her toes.

And then a new feeling suddenly came into play.

Someone was doing something behind her back.

Something was being attached to the wire belt at her waist.

And something was now OH MY GOD!

Candi suddenly was jolted with the realization that her captors were now sliding something up into her anus. That something was a three inch plastic bullet vibrator, whose accompanying wired control switch dangled out from below her, and that vibrator wasn't the only one in store for her. There were actually three more that, one by one, were slid past her stretched labia and into her vaginal opening as well. There they were held in place, jockeying for position, by a leather strap that had already been tied to the wire belt in back of her and that was now being similarly attached to the same belt in front. The inch wide strap was eventually pulled so tight that it disappeared from behind just below the top of Candi's butt crack, only to reappear in front of her above the labia.

One last bullet was also slid under the strap to sit directly against her clitoris, and then, nearly in unison, all five control switches were turned on, at first to a low buzz just to let Candi know what she was dealing with, and then to full blast, filling her with such a sudden flow of sexual intensity that she nearly passed out from the mind bending jolt.

But she didn't pass out. She didn't faint. She just stood there in her agony. She waited for the next torture, but nothing came. There was no sound, save for the vibrators. There was no added bondage, no more contact. Instead, Candi slowly began to realize what was happening that they were going to actually leave her just like this. The vibrators continued to buzz away relentlessly inside of her. Was it for minutes? Was it for hours? She could no longer tell. Candi had lost all track of time, as orgasms began to hit her in waves, first one gigantic monster, followed by another aftershock, and another, and still another. When would they stop? Would they ever stop? Or were they going to leave her in this hell forever?

And then she remembered. She remembered, and screamed behind her gag in abject terror and panic. Aubrey had said, "The torture ends at dawn."

Chapter Four

When the orgasmic pleasure of the vibrators had completely disappeared, leaving only the unrelenting spasms of pain the little battery charged bullets also provided, Candi's mind began to fade in and out of consciousness. She awoke in a cemetery, naked and clinging to her knees in a fetal position. Lined up in front of her was a circle of matching tombstones, each bearing a single female name, as well as a pair of dates. The last of the numbers was always the same, even if the first ones tended to differ. Candi soon realized that these stones represented the unfortunate souls that were the victims of the recent area assaults. The marble markers were also laid out in the perfect chronological order of the assaults. And there before her was the last stone, or the first one, depending on how you looked at it, with an empty hole dug directly in front of it. The grey marker simply read "Candace Carpenter. The First Shall Be Last."

Candi felt like Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, staring in shock and terror at her own mortality. But instead of seeing the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come approaching, she suddenly heard the voice of Aubrey Meadows' in the distance, similarly haunting her. "Stretch her out for a little flogging. And strip her."

Candi looked down at herself and wondered what Aubrey meant. She was already naked. Looking around in confusion at the cute little redhead, she tried to ask how she got here in this graveyard anyway. But her words were muffled. In fact, she couldn't form the simplest sentence; or even the simplest syllable. Her mouth just wasn't working.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning hit the ground right next to her, illuminating the black sky and sending a surge of energy into body. Her nipples screamed out, as did her crotch. She opened her eyes wide in pain, but they were met with nothing but darkness. She woke up with a start and immediately remembered where she was wired tightly to the clothesline pole in her own back yard. Only she was now in the process of being repositioned against the pole, and her body was violently protesting to her brain the feeling of the sudden movement.

With the full moon hanging over her body, the two men currently at work with her could easily see what they were doing, but Candi could only picture it in her mind. She knew her arms were finally being released from their strenuous attachment to each other, as well to the crossbar of the iron T-shaped pole. She knew this only because her shoulders were no longer bent impossibly behind her. As for her arms themselves, she had actually experienced no feeling in them whatsoever for she couldn't be sure hours now? In fact, when her extremities were unwired, they hung heavily and limply at her side, submissively awaiting their next confinement.

Meanwhile, Bill and the other man, of whose name Candi still was uncertain, followed Aubrey's orders to a T, removing both the blonde's clothing and her bindings at one and the same time. When they were done, Candi stood stark naked in the cold night air. Her breasts and nipples were still confined with the wire and steel clamps, and her heavy half hood maintained its hold on her face and head, but otherwise Candi stood next to the pole in complete nude glory, her accentuated curves in stark contrast to the straight lines of the iron rod that would soon hold her female frame firmly in its grasp once again.

This time Candi was made to face the pole directly. Her forehead accidentally bumped painfully against it when she was pushed forward to stand next to her body's constant anchor. Her hands were tied once again, but this time individually at the wrists, and they were then stretched up and wide apart, connected to the ends of the iron crossbar. While the men then turned their attention to her feet, pulling them away from each other as well, to be retied to the previously used spreader bar, Aubrey took pleasure in adding some extra torture to Candi's always tempting tits. Due to girl's new body position, those two dark melons now stood out firmly on either side of the pole, and Aubrey made sure that they would stay exactly that way, pushing Candi's body forward even tighter against the upright so that another wire could be wound around the bases of both breasts at once, pulling the mammoth bulbs close together on the opposite side of the bar from where the rest of her body hung. A tiny length of wire was then run between the nasty nipple clamps, so that the two steel monsters were drawn closer together, too. When Aubrey was done, it almost looked as though Candi were impaled on the pole, and when a wide leather belt was buckled both around her and the iron at her waist, the spreadeagled female wasn't going to be going anywhere, not even when her three abductors began taking turns with their next entertainment of the evening, whipping the living daylights out of her tender flesh.

One torturer would concentrate on Candi's bare back, another on her shapely bottom, the third on her long legs and feet. Then they would move around and offer similar attention to her breasts, her arms, and the front of her legs. Through it all Candi screamed like a banshee. Of course, her well worn gag absorbed almost every sound coming from the back of her throat, except for a few weak high pitched screeches that managed to break the quiet of the still night air. Candi's stretched frame danced in utter agony, as her body was painted with an ever increasing number of thin red lines these caused by the slashing leather whip which were almost a perfect match for the other lines already covering her body as a result of the rubber coated wire that had previously bound her so tightly.

The whipping went on well past midnight. When it was done, the female form against the pole hung helplessly by its wrists, totally exhausted. Her head also drooped down in front of her next to the pole, her chin threatening to make contact with the top of her severely tied right breast, which, along with its partner, still stood firm and tall inches below. Only the tight collar of the eternal hood kept her stretched neck from allowing that contact to take place. For, despite her captor's vivid instructions to the contrary, Candi Carpenter had once again fainted

The only question was how long would they leave her that way? After all, dawn was fast approaching and the poor girl's three nighttime playmates wanted to make sure that their torture toy was fully used up, before it was eventually taken away from them forever.

Chapter Five

Candi's one o'clock alarm was a full bucket of ice cold water dumped over her from above. The shock of the freezing liquid would have been bad enough on its own, but when added to the burning it caused up and down her body on her sensitive red stripes from her earlier whipping, the pain was astronomical. To Candi, it seemed as though no matter what they did to her, there was always something worse in store, a new level of pain to experience. And, of course, she always knew in the back of her mind that the worst would come in the morning at dawn.

Putting that terrifying thought aside for an instant, as her body's shivering and screaming began to subside a bit, she suddenly took note of a new full feeling in her loins. Adjusting her hips accordingly, she discovered that something, or some things, had apparently been added to her bondage predicament while she slept. Aubrey was soon nice enough to explain in detail.

"Candi, Candi, Candi. So sweet of you to join us again for some more torture. We were afraid you were going to miss the last few hours of it sleeping. We wouldn't want that now, would we? Hope you didn't mind the cold shower. We knew it would wake you up. And by the way, we threw a few new wrinkles into your list of endurance tests while you were taking your beauty nap."

As she spoke, she slid her hands softly and slowly down Candi's belly toward her unprotected crotch.

"We certainly didn't want you to miss out on any last opportunities to get fucked, so to speak. So we slid a couple of nice battering rams up your ass and cunt."

Candi could already feel what Aubrey was talking about. Two plugs - an obviously huge one filling her vagina, and a smaller, but still potent one stretching her anus were already in place as she awoke.

"Since you can't see for yourself, let me tell you what we've got down there," Aubrey continued. Greg does wood carving for a hobby and he did you the favor of making two special dildos for your personal use. I'm sure you're feeling them tickling your insides right now, even as we sorry, as I speak. What you can't feel are the two ramrods holding them inside of you. I suppose the best way to describe them are walking sticks; you know, canes. They were almost perfect in length to fit between your sweet, sexy little lower openings and the ground. Oh, and just in case you were thinking that the bottom ends of the canes will slowly force their way into the soft ground, instead of into your soft body, we put a rubber mat between your feet to keep that from happening. So, my dear, you get to ride the two huge dongs for as long as we want. Maybe we'll just let you hump them till the sun comes up."

Candi then suddenly felt her chin being grabbed. Aubrey pulled it to the side and moved her mouth right next to the impaled girl's right ear. She whispered. "We do expect a show, you know. Don't you dare fall asleep again or you'll pay. You'll pay dearly. Believe it or not, there's still so much more we can do to you. If you want to find out what, just hang around for a while. Otherwise, start bumping and grinding."

Candi tried to decypher what she had just been told. Apparently they wanted her to now fuck herself with the two pole mounted dildos forced up between her legs. And dammit, who was she to argue. She figured they certainly could have asked her to do much worse, and probably would before the night was through. So she willingly did what she was told and began to wriggle her hips like a stripper, thrusting as best she could against the hard wooden intruders deep inside of her.

"Very nice," one of the men said lustfully soon after she began her dance, but that was the last comment made. In fact, it was the last sound that Candi heard for a long, long while. She continued to swing and sway as sexily as possible with her wrists and ankles pulled so wide apart, but eventually she started to wonder about the dead silence that strangely accompanied her provocative pole dance. If her companions were still watching, they sure weren't reacting to her efforts.

Or maybe.... Candi suddenly came to the other possible conclusion that she was now alone in the yard, left by herself, while the others ransacked her house. She thought, why should she waste her efforts on humping the poles inside of her when she could redirect her efforts toward getting off of the wooden monsters entirely.

Carefully considering her plight, she came up with a foolproof escape plan. While her hands and arms were still little more than limp rag doll-like attachments to her body, she could still concentrate enough to use them to pull herself up the clothesline pole and thus off the shorter wooden poles currently inside of her. Furthermore, there might be some way, when up the pole, to release her wrists from their bondage. And, of course, when her wrists were freed, she could untie the rest of her body as well. She could then find her attackers and make them pay for all the indecencies she had been asked to endure over the past several hours. Candi instinctively began to drool heavily into her gag at the thought of what she would do to Aubrey in particular, once the tables had been turned. At the same time she began to will her limp wrists to pull her body up, up, ever so slowly up the cold iron rod in front of her.

The thought that hit her next was, "The best laid plans...."

Unbeknownst to Candi, the two poles impaling her had been connected with wire to her waist just below their penis shaped heads. The thin material itself wasn't painful Candi hadn't even noticed it encircling her midsection but it kept the long wooden rods from sliding out of her when she pulled away from the ground. No midair twisting or turning that she did made one a bit of difference; at least in that regard.

However, there was another equal and opposite reaction to the simple and forceful action of Candi's gyrating body. It turned out that the poles inside of her had not been perpendicular to the ground at all. They had been left at a slight angle when they were forced inside of her by the men, who didn't want to rupture the inside of their captive before having a chance to ream her out themselves with their own rods later that night. So up until the time that Candi pulled herself slowly up the pole, the two impaling devises below her extended out of her body like a thin upside down V traveling down to the ground. Now, however, that angle drastically changed. Once Candi's body lifted higher, and the wired tops of the rods went up with her, the wooden ends below lost all contact with the rubber mat holding them firmly in place before. That allowed the poles to stretch out in a straight line below the girl. The two matching wooden shafts suddenly formed a perfect reverse T with the ground, as well as with the spreader bar between Candi's now dangling feet.

After a few moments in the air, the girl realized that the dildos were not coming out, no matter how hard she tried to forcibly remove them, so she began to slide herself back down the pole to the ground. That was when she traumatically discovered the repositioning of the impaling rods inside of her, and just how much deeper they were now ready to drive themselves. Candi tried to hold herself up, but her wrists were now nearly useless, and the sweat from her body was making the iron pole more slippery every second, and thus making it impossible to keep her body from slowly but surely sliding downward once again.

The panicking girl stretched out her feet as far as she could, hoping to make contact with the soft earth beneath before she was cruelly ripped apart between her legs. Yet inch by inch the poles continued to extend into her, and there was nothing she could do to prevent the painful rape. Then suddenly her toes touched paydirt. The ground gave slightly, but Candi was able to keep her balance enough on tiptoe to stop the unbelievable intrusion of her body, which was now stretched out even more than ever before. Again she had learned that, no matter what pain and torment she was asked to endure, there could always be something worse added to it.

And just about the same time that she reached that humiliating conclusion once again, Audrey quietly chuckled just a few feet in front of her.

"Okay, Candi, that was worth the price of admission right there."

The bitch had apparently been watching her all along, hoping for the very type of performance that Candi had proceeded to give her, and probably the two other Bozo's as well. What a fool proof plan, she thought. If only she hadn't been the fool that planned it.

"Guys," Aubrey said, letting Candi know that they were in fact in the audience, too, "I think our lovely victim has earned herself some R 'n R. I say we give her an hour or two on her own to recover."

Candi's eyes immediately flew open wide behind her blindfold. Aubrey couldn't be serious! She knew that she could only maintain this untenable position for a few more seconds; maybe for a minute or two at most. Yet the crazy person was talking hours! Candi tried to use her fingers to signal their attention in protest. She hummed and moaned behind the gag and hood. She even shook her head violently, all the while struggling to stay on the tips of her toes in order to prevent the poles below her from further impaling her.

But it didn't matter. By then no one was there to witness her efforts anyway. This time Candi did stand all alone in her own little world of agony. Aubrey, Bill, and Greg had already gone inside to warm up and to relax. After all, there were still a few last tortures to prepare for their sexy captive before dawn.

Chapter Six

"Three o'clock and all is well," Aubrey cheerily sang when she finally strode back out to a now thoroughly exhausted Candi after what seemed like a week. The blonde had begun to maniacally marvel at her own unexpected ability to maintain an arched tiptoe against seemingly impossible odds, which included the terrible cramping in her feet, the temptation to pass out coming from her brain, and the constant intrusion inside of her caused by the two wooden penises poised to drive deeper and deeper inside of her anal and vaginal openings as soon as they were allowed. Actually it was that last double possibility that literally kept her on her toes, despite her exhaustion. Her intense concentration also became clearly audible as she fought hard the urge to let her heels drop to the ground. And even though the temperature had dropped below 60 degrees, Candi's body was now covered with a thick layer of perspiration, revealing the sheer difficulty of simply trying not to move a single muscle in her entire lower body.

As a result of all this, when Aubrey and her partners announced their long awaited 3 a.m. return, Candi immediately started screaming violently behind her gag, trying to let the three of them know that she just couldn't endure this position for another second. She would have begged to do anything for them right then and there in order to be released from this personal hell, but obviously, due to her gag, she couldn't put that generous offer into words. Interestingly enough, however, Aubrey did have a similar scenario in mind.

Candi would, in fact, do something for each of her three tormenters before dawn arrived. But first, she had to be bound in another more extreme bondage position, this one making her more much more available for the further sexual advances of her insane nighttime companions.

On this occasion, after being untied from her agonizing spreadeagle tiptoe stance facing the pole, Candi instead had her back forced up against the hollow iron bar. She soon felt a series of leather straps being buckled around her torso, straps that had been found in the closet of her very own bedroom, along with much more serious bondage equipment than Aubrey and her friends were sadly going to have time to use. They therefore chose carefully what they would use, and Candi definitely wouldn't like any of it, starting with the straps now molding her back to the cold metal behind her at both her chest and waist.

Each black leather strap was over an inch wide, and there was enough of a variety in their lengths that Aubrey could connect them to each other to make a perfectly fitting attachment for any part of her victim's body she chose. For instance, the straps now above and below Candi's still wired breasts were the longest of the set, while the redhead intentionally chose a shorter black belt to encircle the girl's 23 inch waist. When it was buckled at the last notch, those 23 inches were more likely reduced to about 20.

Aubrey next turned her attention to Candi's arms, which were finally starting to get some feeling back into them for the first time in hours. Much to her chagrin, the only feeling they would be allowed to experience was another set of black straps pulling them tightly together once again behind the pole. Her wrists, forearms, and elbows all met in complete unison, and then another two straps were slid between Candi's body and the pole, and were buckled around both the iron and her bound wrists and elbows. One last strap also encircled the pole and its naked partner at her forehead, pinning her entire hooded head back against the iron as well.

At this point Candi once again found herself completely immobilized from head to waist. She began to think that she would do just about anything simply to bend over for a second or two, but she never realized how terrible it would be to get her wish answered. That was because, when it happened, the bending her captors had in store for her was going to be much more strenuous than she could have ever imagined, and it would last for much more than a second or two.

Aubrey had her male friends buckle ankle straps to Candi's feet and then ran a length of rope through the ring attached to each one. The men proceeded to lift the girl's lovely feet off the ground, pulling them up parallel to her waist and then past it. Her tightly strapped upper body now hung from the pole on its own, not giving an inch, even as the ropes attached to Candi's ankle straps were tossed over the top of the T's crossbar from behind. The men reached up to grab the dangling cords and then began to pull down on them. As the rope was yanked toward the ground, Candi's ankles were extended up to the crossbar. Though fighting the ever increasing tension of the ropes with all her might, the poor girl stood no chance at all against the weight of the two men, who literally opted to hang from the ropes themselves in order to get Candi's ankles exactly where Aubrey wanted them, mere inches from the iron crossbar.

The redhead herself wrapped and cinched another length of rope around each ankle to hold them in place, and then stepped back to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Amazingly Candi's body was bent completely in half at the waist. Her feet were pulled strictly back to either side of her leather covered head, while her arms pointed straight down in the other direction behind her back.

"That can't be comfortable," Aubrey smirked, "but it sure looks sexy." That wasn't just because of the strict bondage either. It was also because Candi's already well-stretched lower openings were now also fully available to anyone interested in using them, and there were three candidates equally ready to be the first in line to do so.

Chapter Seven

Candi Carpenter had not been fucked by a man in years. Her taste had more recently been reserved for female flesh. So when Greg Rhodes' erect penis suddenly rammed into her unsuspecting body with absolutely no warning, her initial reaction was a combination of both shock and surprise. She was shocked to be penetrated so immediately and completely by her assailant, minus any "ordinary" preparation or foreplay. And she was surprised at how good it felt. The rest of her body had endured so much torment over the last several hours that it was quite wonderful to just feel a certain amount of pleasure again, even if it was confined to less than a square foot of her being.

Greg had obviously used some kind of a lubricant on his stiff member, so when he silently approached the hanging girl and suddenly thrust himself inside of her, he was able to reach sexual depths that even amazed him. Of course, Candi's bent, spread, and hanging body was perfectly aligned for his attack and he took full advantage of that fact as well. Standing with his pants at his ankles, he pounded away at his target with the lust of a man whose urges had been denied for all too long. Seeing Candi's near perfect figure in so many different stages of undress and torture throughout the night had left him ready to burst through his jeans even before they were unzipped and dropped to the ground. In a matter of moments he was already depositing his first load of cum deep within her belly. And then, with hardly a pause, he started on round two.

Candi, meanwhile, began to eagerly thrust back at Greg, suddenly remembering for the first time in ages the huge difference between a fake rubber penis, no matter what its size, and the real thing. Her rapist wasn't all that well hung, but she could feel the hot blood surging through the hard cock inside of her, and it excited her to think of it. Then a second eruption of a different warm fluid tickled her depths once again and Candi felt herself reaching an orgasm, too. Yes, tied painfully above the ground on an iron pole, gagged and impaled, she still humped her attacker like a rutting pig. It might have been her worst humiliation of the night, except that Greg was soon replaced by Bill, and Candi submissively came for him, too. And little Aubrey was still waiting in the wings for her turn with the hanging whore.

Actually, Bill brought a little levity to the entire situation when he first asked if Candi could be rebound upside down for his rape. "I'd like to stick mine in her mouth," he bluntly told his partners.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Aubrey answered.

"You mean the gag and hood? We can take those off of her for a while, can't we?"

"Aren't you forgetting something else?" Aubrey said, slowly emphasizing each word, and then chomping her teeth together when she was finished.

The light dawned on Bill an instant later, and he slapped himself on the side of the head when he finally realized what she meant. Putting his precious member in Candi's mouth might have been the last thing he ever did with it. The thought alone softened his erection.

"Oops, I forgot. I guess I was thinking with the wrong head again, as usual."

He then slipped a condom over his lower one and followed Greg's route into Candi's still dripping pussy. Not really satisfied with the extra width of that opening, he decided to plow a different field, a tighter one, straight up the blonde's puckered rear entrance. Her quick squeal behind the hood let Bill know that she didn't appreciate the change in plans, and that made him all the more happy to continue. After all, he wasn't interested in doing what the bitch wanted. He was more interested in doing what she didn't want. That's what this whole night had been all about from the start. And with dawn fast approaching, it was fun to see the tied up tart still fighting her attackers so fiercely. Like her or not, Candi truly was a great lay or hang, as the current circumstances indicated.

Unlike Greg, who had fully concentrated on Candi's sex, Bill proved himself to be more of a breast man. While slowly and steadily fucking his victim to be sure, he spent considerable more time and effort fondling, squeezing, and slapping her dark bound tits, as well as fingering and playing with her nipples and their adjacent clamps. True to Aubrey's words, those biting steel teeth had never left Candi's aching areolas.

Then last, but certainly not least, it was Aubrey's own turn to personally pleasure their unwilling guest. To do so, she had poured herself into a sexy red catsuit that covered her body in curve-hugging latex from neck to toe, and then strapped around her groin the longest, thickest dildo that she personally had ever seen, and that she hoped Candi had ever felt. The foot long, three inch wide monster was jet black in color, although the victim that it was intended for had no way to see that behind her leather blindfold. The size, however, was a different story. She would totally feel every single inch!

Aubrey positioned a wooden platform against the pole and under Candi's dangling ass, stepped up on it, and then went to work. As the gigantic pliable rubber dick split her victim's lower lips wide apart and slid like a Mack truck into Candi's tender orifice, the suspended girl let loose with one of the longest and loudest screams of the whole night. It was obviously enough to wake the dead, and indeed managed to also draw the attention of one of the nearby neighbors, a woman who just happened to be out for an early walk before dawn. Even Bill and Greg came running when they heard the yelling, and were met with the sensual sight of a beautiful petite redhead fucking a gorgeous bound and gagged blonde with a dildo the size of Texas. Bill's comment to Greg was simply, "It just doesn't get any better than this."

When Aubrey was done with the third part of the Candi Carpenter rape, she looked up at the horizon, where the slightest indications of dawn were starting to appear. Not wanting to mess up her ultimate plans, or Candi's pains, with too much temporary pleasure, she unbuckled the dripping strap on penis and tossed it to the ground. She leaned near Candi's head and whispered, "That was for my sister. She was number seven." Then she turned back to the men and asked a question to which she already knew the answer: "What's the exact time for sunrise once again?"

"6:42. How many times do we have to tell you?" Greg answered.

"Maybe one more time, okay?" she said, clearly annoyed at his response. "And what time is it now, if you don't mind me asking that?"

"6:20. And sorry, 'Bree. I didn't mean to bring you down."

"Don't worry about it. But we'd better get her down. And I want her facing due east so she can fully enjoy the view."

At that, Candi was released from the last body bending bondage that she had suffered during her long, drawn out rape. It was now time for her final repositioning, and a rather simple one at that. Her hands were once again pulled up above her head and yanked wide apart to be tied to either end of the T's crossbar. Her ankles were attached together at the bottom of the iron, and her waist was cinched to the middle of the pole. She was naked and shivering, half from the cold, and half from the fear of what they had in store for her next.

But Aubrey, Bill and Greg were now done with their captive. They had no more plans to attack or rape her, no more bondage gadgets to try out on her body. As they had promised, the torture would end at dawn. Thus, the wire encircling her breasts and the clamps adorning her nipples would remain her only attire, along with the half hood that was still secured around her face and head. Aubrey planned to soon remove the blindfold, so the terrified girl could see the beautiful day about to dawn. And that was how they planned to leave her.

And then the police spoiled everything.

Chapter Eight

The car seemed to come out of nowhere. There had been no siren or lights as a warning, so Aubrey, Bill, and Greg had been left completely unaware of its approach. The two officers were out of the vehicle with guns held high before the three guilty looking targets before them could barely move a muscle. And as for the last individual in the yard, the one tied naked to the clothesline pole, it didn't appear that she could move a muscle either, even if she wanted to.

"Don't move, any of you. Hands up please, just like hers," one of the officers ordered, nodding toward Candi.

Aubrey lifted her hands to the early morning sky all right, but she also began to vehemently protest. "This isn't at all what you think, officer. We..."

"Shut up, ma'am. And what I think is that you are all pretty sick." Turning toward his partner, he added, "Call it in, Ed. I think we've got the serial killers. And there's not one of them after all. There's three."

As he spoke, Candi began to shake her body desperately against its bonds, and she tried to also get the immediate attention of her rescuers by grunting and groaning behind her leather hood.

"Don't go near her, officer. You don't understand," Aubrey warned.

When he paid no attention and moved slightly toward the naked girl, all three subjects in front of him took a step themselves, each one moving away from the others. The officer had no choice but to stop his own movement and hold his gun on them once again.

"Sorry, ma'am," he said to Candi. You'll just have to wait a few more minutes."

"Don't worry. I'll untie her."

The voice came from the bushes, and was that of a female. It was the neighbor who had heard the commotion in Candi's yard and had called 9-1-1 in response.

"Jane, you shouldn't be here," the policeman said, although he did appreciate the fact that someone could help the poor girl, while he continued to keep an eye, and a gun, on her vicious attackers.

"I know, I know," the woman said, but still ran straight to Candi and started her official rescue by removing the snap-on blindfold from the half hood around her head.

"My God, what did they do to your face?" she said, stepping away from the unnatural looking sight underneath the leather. Candi's eyes were glowing red in panic as she witnessed the first sights that she had seen for hours, and she quickly nodded her head toward her stretched wrists.

"She wants me to untie her arms."

"Don't do it," Aubrey said seriously.

"I said be quiet," the officer interjected.

Jane reached up and undid the rope holding Candi' right wrist, and then the matching one binding her left one. She then bent down and loosened the girl's feet and waist, as Candi, with her now free fingers, went to work on the hood and the monstrous gag it held in her mouth.

When Jane had finished her efforts on the rope, she stood up once again, and found herself looking into the strangest face she had ever seen, and ever would. Candi grabbed her firmly by the shoulders and pulled her close.

"Thank you. Thank you so much," she said, sliding her lips toward the woman's neck.

At that moment the first ray of morning sunshine shot its way over the horizon. Candi stopped in her tracks, let loose a loud hiss and then started to run. She actually got in one step before the steel manacle connecting her right foot to the pole yanked her back. She fell to the ground in surprise.

"I'm sorry," Jane said naively. "I was going to tell you that I couldn't do anything about that thing."

Candi looked at the woman with a mixture of anger, hunger, and confusion. And then, as the bright sunlight burst forth and covered her unprotected skin, Candi exploded in a cloud of brown dust.

No one in the yard made a sound, allowing each one of them to hear the now empty nipple clamps as they jingled softly to the ground.

"What the hell happened?" Jane asked, breaking the silence, not yet aware that the thick layer of dust that covered her was all that was left of what used to be Candace Carpenter.

"Vampires," Aubrey Meadows said in disgust. "Messy creatures, aren't they?"

"Are you saying...?" the police officer started, but Aubrey finished.

"Yeah. She wasn't the victim. She was the killer. And there are six more of the twelve that she sired that we haven't tracked down yet. So, you know something? We'd better get going."

"You've got to be kidding me," the officer replied, lifting his gun up once again. "You don't expect us to just let you walk, do you? You just killed somebody."

"I'm sorry, sir, but think again. We didn't kill anybody. Nature took care of that. You saw it with your own eyes."


"But nothing. There's no body. There's no weapon. And there's no reason you should do anything but thank us for putting an end to your serial killer problem."

Aubrey then moved close to the officer, who slowly lowered his weapon as she did.

"And sir? I don't think I'd bring up the vampire thingie. No one would believe you. Only we Slayers really get it."

The two policemen looked at each other, and at Jane, who now was starting to dust herself off. When they finally glanced back, their three counterparts were gone.

Jane picked up the steel clamps at her feet and quietly asked, "What was she going to do to me anyway?"

The officer shook his head and answered, "I don't really know. But I guess we should all just be thankful that dawn came when it did."

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