Roped In For The Weekend
  • Author - Gabriella Delbello
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  • Post Date - 3/16/2010

Author's Note:This is my first attempt at posting a story so any constructive suggestions are welcomed. It's about a fantasy of mine. Names have been changed to protect the guilty!

Update (2013/05/19): Sorry for the long delay between updates. Please let me know what you think of the story by either leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail. Gabriella

Chapter 1

My field of view was dominated by a cock. It was a quite magnificent one, of a size that would fill me to my limit. I'd been in a bit of dry spell in terms of lovers and hadn't seen a real penis in ages. The skin on the head was stretched tightly at the end of an erection. Veins stood out along the pink skin of the shaft. The whole penis wavered slightly in front of my face as if probing for my mouth. I wanted to reach up, wrap my hand around the thick rod and stroke it gently while guiding it into my parted lips. But thick coils of tightly tied ropes pinioning my arms securely behind my back prevented this. The bindings had been put there by Ingrid, my room mate from university days.

Ingrid is a tall lithe Scandinavian beauty. Bleach blonde hair cut in a page boy frames a face with high broad cheekbones and pale blue eyes. Ingrid's generous mouth was always set in what I thought was a perpetual mischievous grin. It was that grin that greeted me as I stepped out of the bathroom in her townhouse during a weekend visit.

"Good morning, sleepy head" she said.

Ingrid was already dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a sky blue t-shirt. She carried a bunch of rope in one hand. I might have wondered about the rope if I wasn't suffering from jet lag. I made a feeble attempt to smooth out my tousled hair. Not for the first time I marveled at the contrasts between the two of us. My combined Italian and Spanish heritage provided me with brown hair and eyes with an olive complexion. I am as tall as Ingrid but with more curves. These curves made me suddenly self conscious as Ingrid was opening staring at my full breasts.

"What's that on your arm?" she asked.

When I raised my arm to look at it, she grabbed the wrist, twisted it around behind my back somehow and pushed me face first against the wall. I was so stunned I didn't resist as she pulled my other arm around behind my back. It didn't even register that she was wrapping rope around my wrists until too late. She jerked the knot tightly and stepped away for a second. It must have been to pick up more rope as coils started around my arms, just above the elbows. Ingrid paused after several wraps and slowly pulled on the tail of the rope, forcing my upper arms closer together. She stopped when my elbows were almost touching. My shoulders were drawn back to an unnatural point. As a consequence, my chest was thrust out and harder into the wall.

"Uh, Ingrid, what are you doing to me?" I finally managed to blurt out.

"Shhh, sweetie" was her reply. "I'll explain in a sec. Just let me finish up back here."

Let her? Like there was anything I could do about it. Half a dozen neat loops of rope welded my wrists together, palm to palm. Ingrid had used the last bit of the rope to cinch the loops and tighten the whole tie. The final knot was secured between my forearms, well out of reach of my useless fingers. The rope around my upper arms had been applied in the same way, half a dozen loops and the cinch. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised about how tightly I was tied as Ingrid is an avid sailor and no stranger to ropes or knots as result.

"Okay Gabriella, here's the deal." Ingrid said. She leaned on me, pressing us tightly against the wall and spoke softly in my ear.

"Do you remember admitting your secret fantasy to me in third year? A bottle or two of wine put you in a confessing mood and oh my, what a dark desire for such a conservative girl. Well I want to make that come true for you today. It just works out that Andre's birthday is next week and I think he is deserving of an early present. You, sweetie, are going to be it."

Butterflies took flight in the pit of my belly as it dawned on me what she was talking about. I remembered admitting to her, in quite some detail that I often thought of being tied up and used against my will. This fantasy allowed me to do things in my mind that I would never do in realty. Given the ropes on my arms, this was clearly what Ingrid remembered as well.

I struggled against the bindings, rolling my shoulders, straining to pull my wrists out of immoveable coils. Ingrid backed off and stood there watching as I fought the ropes in a futile effort. I needed to know that I was completely helpless if I was going to agree to Ingrid's proposal. My helplessness would let me fool myself in to believing that anything I agreed to was really against my will. I finally gave up the fight. Struggling just made the ropes hurt more and it there was no difference in how tightly I was tied.

I knew I would be safe playing out this fantasy with Ingrid although I had never imagined it with female involvement before. However, agreeing to be Andre's present had certain obvious implications, made somewhat obvious by my current semi-nude and helplessly bound state. I was shocked to find out how horny that made me. This might be the only chance to bring my fantasy to life. God, this was too early in the morning after a late night to rationalize this. I was horny and I hadn't had sex (well at least with a partner) in quite some time.

"Okay." I said trying to sound calm. The tingly sensation in my loins was making it difficult to not just scream out yes, yes, yes.

"But" I added, "I'm going to resist you. You'll have to make me do whatever it is you have in mind." After all, it was supposed to be against my will.

"That will be my pleasure." Ingrid said with a twinkle in her eye. She pulled my chestnut brown hair into a pony tail and wrapped it tightly around her hand. "Now let's go see Andre."

Andre was Ingrid's current boyfriend. She tended to drift happily from one short term relationship to another, which was pretty much how she approached all aspects of her life and Andre is the latest. He fits the bill of tall, dark and handsome. Thick wavy dark hair is neatly styled. He is ruggedly good looking with brown eyes, a strong chin and prominent jaw line. I thought he looked like he should be in some cinema noir film, playing a private eye with a dark past.

Andre stood up from the bed as Ingrid guided me into her bedroom. His muscular torso was naked. All he wore was a pair of baggy cotton pants and looked like he had just woken up. Ingrid jerked me to a stop with a painful tug of my hair. She then yanked down. I was forced onto my knees in front of Andre.

"Look what I have for you babe!" she said brightly, releasing my hair from her torturous grip. "Happy Birthday, she's all yours. And just to show you how thrilled she is with that news, she's going to give you a blow job right now."

Andre appeared a little stunned for second as he looked down at me. I met his eyes and nodded gently a couple of times. I dropped my gaze down in shame of what I had just done. Andre wasted no time. His pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. His erection grew quickly and suddenly it was waving in front of my face. I remembered my threat about being difficult and turned my head away from Andre's cock, clamping my mouth shut. Ingrid reacted quickly. She dropped down behind me.

"Are we going to have a problem here?" Ingrid hissed. "Come on you little slut, you know you want his dick in your mouth."

I held firm in my resolve until my nipples suddenly exploded in pain. I yelped. Ingrid had seized each one and was pinching hard while twisting them sharply. I thought she was going to rip them off. I turned my face back and leaned forward to Andre's penis. The pain in my breasts lingered like a burn even after she let go.

I twisted my head slightly and begin to flick my tongue up and down the thick shaft. I alternated licking and gently kissing the sensitive skin all the way down into his crotch. I drew my tongue slowly across his scrotum and gently pushed at his testicles. I licked my way back up Andre's hard cock until I reached its head. I sighed inwardly as I had only been able to fantasize about doing this for so long. Now it was finally happening. I wanted to make the best of it. My tongue found the slit at the tip of the head and poked into it. Andre let out a deep growling moan. He grabbed my hair and thrust the full length of his dick into my waiting mouth.

Its thickness forced my jaws wide apart as he drove deep into my mouth, quickly hitting the back of my throat. I thought I was going to choke. I spluttered and gagged as the cock cut off the air supply through my mouth. Andre tightened his grip on my head and stayed deep in my throat. I tried to relax and focused on breathing though my nose. Andre pulled slowly back out of my mouth until only the head of his penis was still in me. I looked up over his flat belly and he was staring down at me. I can imagine the sight I made. My hair all tousled from a combination of bed head and by being recently yanked this way and that. My lips were wrapped around his shaft. A small stream of drool had run out of my mouth and was trickling down my neck and onto my chest. The slip I wore had fallen off my shoulders to the point where the ropes on my arms prevented the straps from going any further. Not that it mattered much as they had fallen enough to pull the fabric down below my breasts leaving me kneeling naked and bound at the feet of a man I had only met hours before.

Andre slowly moved my head back and forth in a firm grip. He let go after a few strokes and I kept up the rhythm while sucking at the same time. My balance was precarious as a result of my arms being tied tightly behind my back and the rocking motion of my head was making it worse. I thought if I sucked hard enough on Andre's cock it might help steady me. I increased my efforts and he moaned in response.

I was aware of Ingrid standing beside Andre, looking down on me while surrendered my mouth to her boyfriend's cock. I was humiliated by the ropes that bound me into submission, by my nakedness which exposed me to their unrelenting stare and most of all my eagerness to bring Andre to an orgasm. I wanted to feel the spurt of warm bitter cum filling up my mouth, held in there by the cock and eventually being forced to swallow. Most of all, I was shocked by how aroused I was feeling.

My jaws were beginning to ache and I was struggling to breathe. A thick stream of drool escaped my lips every time I pulled my head back, his shaft drawing some saliva out of my mouth. There was a slow moving trickle running between my breasts. My arms and shoulders hurt from their unnatural position. The tightness of the bonds was one thing, but what was starting to really bother me now was ache of not being able to move my arms and shoulders for what seemed like hours. It had only been about 20 minutes since Ingrid had finished my bondage but I wasn't sure how much longer I could take this. Surely they'd untie me when Andre came.

With that motivation, I began to move back and forth faster, burying his head at the back of my throat and then out to rest on my lips before plunging forward again. I'd suck hard on the cock as it slid into my mouth. I paused when it was deep as I could take it and sucked harder, holding it there until I needed to breathe. I'd gulp air when the head rested on my lip and tease its tip with my tongue before plunging back down the shaft.

Suddenly Andre pulled his cock right out my mouth and stepped back from me. I almost lost my balance but managed to recover. I was panting from my exertions. Both Ingrid and Andre were standing a few feet further away from me. I finally looked up at them with a quizzical expression.

"Come on you slut". Ingrid said with a menacing tone. "Crawl over there and get back to work. I give you the privilege of sucking on his cock, you little repressed bitch and you hesitate?"

I crawled across to Andre and bent to take his cock in my mouth. He stepped back again. I reacted more quickly this time and shuffled along on my knees. He kept moving away and I struggled along after him trying the resume the blow job. My balance was tenuous without the use of my arms. I was worried about falling over but kept trying to catch up to Andre.

"Look at the little slut Andre, she's crawling on her knees because she is desperate to get your cock in that pretty mouth of hers." I felt totally debased.

What Ingrid said was true. I was an eager slut. There's pretty well no other way to describe a woman who agrees, at 8 in the morning no less, to be tied up, presented naked to a strange man and then crawls around after him to give him a blow job. The ropes had done their job. Their tight unyielding embrace constantly reminded me of my helplessness. My surrender to unbridled lust was complete. Slut I was!

Finally Andre stopped and I wrapped my mouth around his shaft. As degrading as crawling on my knees after Andre's dick was, it had given my jaws a bit of a rest. It didn't last long though as the vigorous sucking coupled with the girth of his cock brought the dull ache back. Finally I felt Andre's body stiffen as his penis was driving back into me. He groaned as the first spurt of cum hit the back of my mouth. It felt like a bucket of sperm had been dropped into my throat. I gagged. The second load filled my mouth before I could stop choking on the first one. Andre pulled out and rubbed his penis across my face, leaving a trail of sperm across both cheeks and my nose. The final load landed on my breasts. I spluttered once on the mouthful of sperm. Some ran out and down my face and neck. The rest slid down my throat, leaving a bitter salty after taste in my mouth.

Andre turned to Ingrid and hugged her. He thanked her for providing such an enjoyable wake up call. They held their embrace, completely ignoring me. I was the one who had provided the enjoyable wake up call but here I was, kneeling at their feet with my arms tightly bound and blotches of sperm running down my face and breasts. Another stream of cum and saliva had run a course down my neck, between my breasts and across my belly. It left a shiny wet slick where ever it had run. My breathing was slowing down now that I could get air in through my mouth again. The downside was the pain in my shoulders and arms seemed to get worse when I didn't have the distraction of trying to not choke to death on the massive dick.

Ingrid finally broke off the embrace and turned to me. She kicked the insides of my parted thighs. The message was clear and I spread them until she was satisfied. The blond beauty moved behind me. I felt her shoe push high on my bound arms, forcing my head down to the ground. She didn't stop until my forehead rested on the floor between my knees. Ingrid stood there for a moment, her foot pressing down on my back. It dawned on me that Ingrid was not new to this. She clearly knew what she was doing. I wondered with a twinge of dread, just how far she would make me sink. I had no doubt that however far that turned out to be was up to Ingrid, not me. As I crouched there on the floor I knew I'd made the right choice. I could trust Ingrid to make me do something truly against my will at some point, just like my fantasy. But what was left of my free will was don't going to be given up easily. She was going to have to fight me for every bit of it she tore away from me. Only then would the fantasy be complete.

Ingrid squatted down behind me and reached out to rub the exposed lips of my vagina. It felt like an electric shock. I had never been touched intimately by another woman before. Two of her fingers probed the seam between my lips and then slipped inside me. I gasped in shock. I felt more violated than when Andre's cock plunged into my mouth. The invading digits slowly withdrew and Ingrid tugged my head up off the floor by my hair. Her moistened fingers were held up to my face. Clearly, there was no denying my arousal. Ingrid smelled them as they were flowers. Then she slid one into her mouth.

"Mmmmm, taste this babe." Ingrid said as she put her finger up to Andre's mouth. Andre licked it and turned towards me like he wanted to inspect my state of arousal for himself. Ingrid stopped him with a hand on his chest.

"It's my turn now."

I looked up at Ingrid and froze. Her shorts and panties were already on the floor. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her crotch. This was starting to look like a long, tough weekend. At least I hoped so...

Chapter 2 (added: 09/05/2010)

I strained backward against Ingrid's grasp. We were locked in equilibrium for a second. She shrugged and suddenly let go. Thrown off balance, I jerked backwards and my bound arms prevented me from recovering. I rocked unsteadily for a second before crashing down on my side. I twisted onto my back in an attempt to get up but Ingrid planted her foot on my chest, pinning me to the ground.

"Need a little persuasion, Gabriella?" Ingrid said in a cheery tone. "I'm glad to see my little slut still has some fight in her. Andre, help me flip her over."

Before I could react both of them were on me. I was rolled onto my stomach and my legs were stretched out. Andre knelt down straddling my head. His crotch pushed my face down into the pile of the carpet making breathing difficult. Most of his weight rested on his knees which were driving down onto my bound arms and shoulders. My torso was crushed into the floor. I quickly lost use of my legs as Ingrid sat down on my calves. She began to pick at the knot on the rope binding my upper arms together. A small wave of relief rolled over me as the pressure came off my shoulders. It was short lived.

Ingrid spun around and sat on my thighs and grabbed my ankles. She pulled them up so my knees were bent at right angles. I began to kick and jerk around as best as I could. I bucked my hips and thighs upwards to knock her off. I rolled from side to side. No matter how hard I threw myself into the struggle she remained firmly astride me. I tried to twist and turn under Andre's weight but that was doomed from the start given the lack of success I'd had with the much lighter Ingrid. Still I kept fighting. Ingrid finally just slid forward and sat on my knees, effectively pinning my ankles to the ground.

I had broken out in a light sweat and was panting by the time Ingrid had my legs tightly bound. A stack of neat coils of rope were wrapped around my lower legs from the ankles to mid calf. Ingrid had cinched the ankle tie by passing the tails of the rope over the wrapping in opposite directions several times. Ingrid tugged hard on the tails. My helpless legs were jerked as she tied the ends off. The knots had been tied on the front side of my legs at the base of the shins. I came to realize later that this ensured they were impossible to reach with my bound arms. Ingrid had been talking the whole time.

"I'm putting you in a hog tie, Gabi. As you will soon see, this position starts out as merely uncomfortable. But over time it will become painful. Your muscles will cramp from being locked in strenuous position and your joints will hurt from the tension."

She paused in the lecture. I felt her get off my legs and heard a drawer open. I couldn't see what she pulled out but it became obvious when I felt more rope being wrapped over top of the cinch between my wrists. At the same time Andre backed off me and slid his hands under my shoulders to grasp my breasts. Using my tits as hand grips he lifted up, raising my torso off the floor and forcing my back to arch. Ingrid pulled down on my bound wrists, drawing them over my ass and forcing them into the crevice between my cheeks. My hands were nestled in the hollow formed by my thighs. Ingrid lifted my feet up off the floor. Using all her weight she folded them back, pressing my calves onto my thighs. She looped the tail of the rope she had just tied around my wrists over the cinches of my leg bindings. When Ingrid had finished, my wrists were tied to the underside of my ankle tie. My heels pressed down on the edge of my bound hands. I was left in what felt like some extreme yoga position. My body was locked in an arch. My shoulders and lower thighs were pulled up off the carpet. I looked like a human pretzel.

"Trust me Gabriella; in a while you will be begging to go down on me. An added bonus of this little lesson in pain is that I don't need to be here. Since we haven't put you in a particularly severe hog tie, and rest assured we can put you in ones far more severe, it will take time to soften a feisty one like you up. Andre and I can go downstairs for breakfast. See you later sweetie. Enjoy your time alone!"

Ingrid got up and headed to the kitchen. Andre went off to the bathroom leaving me alone in my bonds. I tried to get more comfortable. No amount of wiggling helped. I had little leverage with both my shoulders and legs pulled off the floor. I flailed around with my fingers, looking for the knots that held my ankles and wrists together. Ingrid had carefully tied them well out of reach. There would be no relief from the relentless strain on my body. I couldn't even find a comfortable position for my head. The ache in my shoulders increased sharply any time I rested it on the carpet. Holding it up stressed my neck muscles. I kept trying to kick out my legs to release some of the stiffness caused by their folded position. The connecting rope jerked painfully on my wrist bonds with each kick. All the ropes held fast.

The tension of the hog tie locked my arms in a rigid v behind my back. This also pulled my shoulders back and down, painfully stretching the muscles and tendons in my upper chest. My breasts were tender from Andre's rough handling and the nipples still tingled from their earlier punishment. Ingrid was right; this was going to hurt. Exhausted, I lay still. I soon found that there was little relief in that. My legs were cramping from being folded up so tightly and my shoulders were throbbing dully. I struggled simply to move my helpless limbs for whatever minimal relief that would bring. This caused the tight ropes to dig deeper into my skin. The skin burning on my wrists was the only result of my efforts to get free.

Andre emerged from the bathroom and stood over me. I felt him squat down. He grabbed my right arm and leg. With a quick tug, I was flipped over onto my side. This brought some instant relief as the tension of the hog tie eased a bit. I felt Andre's hand massaging my left breast. The tight arch of my bound body thrust my large breasts out, offering them to his rough handling. His other hand was forcing its way between my thighs, a finger probing for my slit. I felt my body responding to his touch. The skin of my face burned with shame.

"I love your tits." said Andre. "What are these puppies, D cups? Ingrid and I are going to have fun with them later. Oh, thanks for the blowjob. That was very nice."

"At least one of us enjoyed it" I blurted out; mustering whatever defiance I could given my utter humiliation.

My left nipple exploded in pain as he pinched down hard and twisted, holding it in an agonizing position. Suddenly my pussy felt as if it were on fire as he yanked on a clump of my pubic hair. I yelped in pain. He continued for another few seconds before releasing me. Waves of pain radiated out from my nipple and my mound. I gasped in an attempt to absorb the pain.

"Is everything okay up there?" Ingrid called from the kitchen.

"I'm good" replied Andre. "I was just giving my birthday present an attitude adjustment."

"Well use something to gag her if you're going to make her scream. We don't want the neighbors wondering who we're torturing in here."

For some reason I had expected Ingrid to tell Andre to leave me alone but instead she condoned his assault on me. I slumped in misery at Ingrid's abandonment. This felt worse than when I was crawling around on my knees trying to give Andre head. Once I got past the emotional impact of her words, I was chilled by what they implied. Ingrid had suggested gagging me and used the word torture like it was something she intended to do to me.

Being gagged was something I hadn't contemplated. Ingrid was right. I could scream and attract attention if I really wanted to. We were in a suburban townhouse on a quiet Saturday morning. Neighbours would hear me. A gag would remove that last little bit of freedom from me; rendering me truly helpless.

Andre wandered off downstairs without future assault or gagging me but not before flipping me over onto my back. I groaned in agony as the tops of my feet were pressed into the floor. My arms and wrists were crushed underneath me. My head was forced back leaving me staring at the ceiling. I could see the rising and falling of my breasts out of the bottom of my eyes. The muscles on the front of my thighs were pulled taut and the strain quickly turned into a burning pain deep inside. On the upside, the discomfort caused by the tight strictures binding my limbs seemed lessened in light of the agony caused my weight crushing down on my arms and legs. I needed to find relief fast or I'd be screaming to be allowed to eat Ingrid's pussy in seconds.

I rocked from side to side which caused even more pain. It was surprisingly difficult but eventually I gained enough momentum in one direction to tip over onto my side. It was instantly more comfortable but I suffered from pins and needles in my arms and legs for a few minutes. I didn't know how much more of this I could take even with the less intense position. On the other hand, I still wasn't resigned to the alternative.

Sex with another woman was part of my "forced" bondage fantasy. I'd dreamt about this very situation many times but my captor was always a fantasy image rather than a specific real person; certainly not Ingrid. On the other hand I loved her and she is truly beautiful in both personality and physical appearance. Suddenly the idea of sex with someone I care for as much as I do Ingrid was not as disturbing as it would have been a few short hours ago. Plus I knew I was beaten, I was going to be going down on Ingrid regardless of my feelings.

After what seemed like eternity, I heard some noises coming from my bedroom. My two captors were talking in hushed tones. A few minutes later Andre left the house and Ingrid came down the hall to me. She paused in the doorway and gasped.

"Oh my god, Gabriella, you look stunning. You should see yourself. A babe with curves like yours is perfect for bondage. A hog tie really accentuates those magnificent tits of yours. I could do you right now."

"Please Ingrid" I moaned. "I'll do what you want. Please untie me."

"You have to do better than that. What is it you want to do for me? Come on, let me hear you beg to eat my pussy, you stupid slut."

Oh god, she wasn't going to make this easy on me. I fumbled for the words. The throbbing ache that racked my body was great motivation to overcome my reluctance. I really wanted to be untied and I didn't care what I had to do. Besides, it was a little too late to begin worrying about my dignity. I looked up at Ingrid standing over me. She was fully clothed and free. I was almost naked and bound lying at her feet.

"Please Ingrid; I beg you, let me eat your pussy."

"That doesn't sound like you put much effort into that. Try again you worthless whore."

"I beg you, Mistress, please let me bring you pleasure with my tongue."

"Still pretty lame but because you're a novice I'll overlook it; just this once."

She stripped off her shorts and top leaving her naked except for a robin's egg blue thong. She looked more beautiful than ever. Her lithe body was gracefully sculpted, definitely a feminine form but strong at the same time. I was sure Ingrid could physically control me even in the absence of ropes. I felt the power her form exuded and was thrilled by it. The more submissive I felt, the hornier I was getting. Ingrid sat down on the floor and spread her legs wide. She pulled the thong to one side, exposing her pussy lips and gently tapped them with a finger.

"I want your tongue right her, now." Ingrid growled at me.

She was only a couple of feet away but it was impossible to reach her, bound as I was. I struggled to move with no success other then I managed to flip onto my belly which increased the tension in the hog tie.

"Well, well, still doesn't look like your ready for this."

"No please I am, I swear. Please can you move closer to me?"

"You need to learn key rule you dumb cow." Ingrid snarled, "Slave girls don't tell their owners what to do. A little longer in that hog tie will help you remember that."

I couldn't take it. I begged, pleaded, moaned and whimpered to no avail. Eventually Ingrid tired of the noise and pulled something out of her dresser drawer and something else out of her laundry basket. She was back in front of me holding bundles of fabric. I quickly realized each hand held a several pairs of panties. She sat down crossed legged behind me. Ingrid gently but firmly rolled me onto to my back. My head was cradled on her thigh. She looked down at me.

"These are clean." She said holding up her right hand. "And these are not so clean".

She shoved her left hand into my face, pressing the fabric over my nose. The scent of her on the dirty panties was powerful. There was a floral fragrance to them with a strong undercurrent of the bitter smell of a woman's juices. I twisted my head to one side to get away from the offending undergarments.

"One of these sets is going in your mouth. If you open up nicely and let me gag you I'll use the clean pair. If you want to be difficult I'll force the dirty pair in that sweet mouth of yours. It's your choice." Her eyes sparkled, just daring me to defy her but I was broken.

I thought about my situation for a second and accepted the inevitable. My surrender caused a wave of passion roll through my bound body. I closed my eyes and parted my lips. I wanted Ingrid to see my body language and kiss me. Instead I felt silky fabric pushing into my waiting mouth rather than her tongue.

"That's a good girl but just a bit wider." She cooed as if coxing a reluctant child to eat.

I complied. Ingrid leaned in and quickly stuffed one pair of balled up panties deep into my mouth. She was packing the second pair in when I realized she had tricked me and was filling my mouth with her dirty underwear. I retched at the thought and began to choke a bit. I got it under control, no thanks to Ingrid who had continued to pack a third pair into my mouth even while I gagged on the first two. I tried to indicate my displeasure but only a muffled mew escaped.

"You really didn't think I was going to mess up four clean pairs of panties with your saliva, did you?" Ingrid smirked at me.

When she was done, the first pair was lodged deep into my mouth, filling the area at the top of my throat. The second pair was stuffed into my right cheek and the third into the left one. The final set was packed into the middle between the ones crammed into my cheeks. My entire oral cavity was filled with fabric. At least one pair had lace trim on it which tickled the back of my throat causing me to cough a bit and begin to choke again. My eyes were filled with tears before I could get back under control.

Ingrid held up a long silk scarf and tied two overhead knots, one on top of the other, at the mid point. She jammed the ball formed by the knots into my mouth until it was lodged behind my teeth. The wad of her panties was packed more tightly into my mouth as a result. The tails of the scarf went behind my head and were knotted tightly. There was enough leftover for another few wraps around my face. Ingrid wound the tails in opposite directions covering my lower face in broad bands of silk from my chin to my nose. I could still make a sound but it came out as an unintelligible gurgle, mainly escaping from my throat rather than my mouth.

Ingrid stroked my cheek with the tips of her fingers. Gently tracing the contours of my face, she stared down at me wistfully. I was surprised at the intimacy I felt in acquiescing to being gagged. The physical act, particularly when Ingrid's fingers probed into my mouth to stuff in the panties, was strangely erotic even while stripping away my vestige of freedom. My surrender was complete. Butterflies churned in my belly and the heat between my thighs rose as I savored Ingrid's dominance.

"Another thing you need to learn is that even if you do beg to my satisfaction it doesn't mean you get to work right away. Your failure to comply earlier means extra punishment. I'll let you go down on me after I've ridden the bike for a bit. "

Ingrid stood up and walked over to the exercise bike standing in one corner of her bedroom. She climbed on naked save for her thong and inserted the ear buds from her mp3 player. She began to peddle at a steady pace. The long muscles of her lean tanned legs flexed and relaxed as they spun the pedals around. A beam of soft sunlight spilt across her torso. Her small breasts barely broke the flat contours of her svelte body. Long pale nipples stood erect in the cool air of the townhouse. She lay back in the seat of the recumbent trainer and closed her eyes. I wondered if her power over me ignited the same erotic tempest in her than my submission did in me.

I thought back to how I had wished she would kiss me. I wondered what it must be like to have those full soft lips brushing against mine. The tip her tongue gently tracing over my lips while her hand gently but firmly cradles my chin. Slowly her tongue probes into my mouth. I respond, seeking out her tongue with mine but she quickly pulls back and tightens her grip on my chin. A sternly arched eyebrow over those sparkling blue eyes tells me that Ingrid will be kissing me and not the other way around. I close my eyes again and part my lips expectantly. Her tongue drives into my mouth like a torpedo and...I'm brought back to reality by a muted thumping noise on the floor. My eyes jerk open to see her bare feet in front of my face.

I had lost myself in my reverie and not noticed that she had stopped riding the bike and was standing in front me. Her right foot was tapping impatiently on the carpet and her arms were braced on her hips. Ingrid glared down at me.

"Are you ready now, you dumb slut?" She growled.

I nodded vigorously and made what I hoped sounded like groveling. My return to realty had also brought back the pain of my bonds. I realized I'd do pretty much anything at this point if it meant getting untied. I groaned as Ingrid walked away from me. Surely she wasn't going to punish me any longer. She stepped into a pair of black leather pumps with 5 inch heels that were lying near her closet. She picked up a small digital camera from the dresser.

Ingrid raised the camera and snapped off a couple of photos of me, lying semi nude and hogtied on her floor. She knelt down beside me and began to remove the gag. My mouth was dry and pasty by the time all the packing was gone and most of my saliva along with it. I rasped out a plea over and over again as she stood back up and fired off a couple of more shots.

"If you're really that keen then show me how good you are with your tongue on my shoes."

She shoved a very elegant shoe under my face. There was no hesitation. The stringent bondage had gone beyond uncomfortable and was painful. I was going to do whatever it took to get untied. My tongue caressed the leather. A slightly dusty taste invaded my mouth as I cleaned the unseen grim from city streets off the shoe. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I was bound lying helplessly at the feet of an incredibly dominant woman, debasing myself, and hoping to please her enough so that she would allow me to go down on her. It thrilled me.

I struggled to reach further up her shoe. I wanted to kiss the exposed top of her foot. Wiggling in my bonds my lips finally delicately touched her bare skin. My mouth was still, gently resting on Ingrid's foot, hoping for approval. A wave of pleasurable submission rolled over me. I was keenly aware of the extraordinarily intimate connection between me, the submissive and Ingrid the dominatrix.

"Keep you tongue out and on my shoe but twist your face so you're looking up at me."

So much for the romanticism of the moment. I couldn't make eye contact with her. My primal signs of submission prevented me. I did turn my head as she asked though. She took another couple of photos. I had no doubt they clearly showed who the naked whore was licking Ingrid's shoes. I groaned inwardly at my debasement even as I turned my face so I could go back to work.

My lips caressed the leather of her shoe. She tilted her shoe up off the carpet, exposing the sole. I knew what she wanted. My tongue snaked across the gritty leather sole. Eventually Ingrid kicked the shoe off. I felt her bare toes press against my mouth. I yielded my mouth to her foot. I began to gently suck on the toes, my lips forming a gentle seal around Ingrid's foot. She let out a passionate moan but still continued to click away with the camera.

"I'm just going to upload these to my website. It'll be an insurance policy to make certain you're completely under my control even when I don't have you bound. If you don't behave to my liking then I send out the photos to all our friends. Some of them will be shocked to see what a dirty slut little miss conservative Gabriella is."

She wouldn't really do it. At least I didn't think so. Suddenly it struck me she had said "some of them" and not "all if them" referring to our friends. Why wouldn't they all be shocked to see my like this? Did some of them know this was a fantasy of mine?

Ingrid pulled her foot out of my mouth. She quickly stepped out of her thong and lowered herself to the floor. Long lean legs were spread out on either side of my bound body. Ingrid grabbed a clump of my hair and yanked my head up off the carpet. She wiggled closer to me until my face was buried into her pussy. I was stunned for a second at having my face jammed in a woman's crotch. I knew I couldn't hesitate any longer but I didn't know what to do. Finally my brain kicked back in and planted the thought I should do what I liked to have done to me.

I twisted my head to one side and began to gently kiss the silky skin of her thigh. She gasped at the first one and wrapped her legs over my shoulders squeezing my face into her leg.

"You have my permission to keep that up for a while you slut." Ingrid murmured.

I moved my head as much as her clenched thighs would allow. I brushed her skin gently with my tongue between kisses. Ingrid's body began to respond. Her hips began to roll slightly and a sigh escaped her lips. I was having trouble breathing as her thigh was pressed over my mouth and partially obstructed my nose. I twisted my head in an attempt to get my nose free and wound up with my face pressed into her pussy. A sharp tug in my hair encouraged me to get to work. Without giving it another thought my tongue pushed through her public hair. It had been inevitable since Ingrid had first tied my wrists in the hallway; I was going down on her.

I tasted the faint hint of saltiness from another woman's pussy for the first time. I moved my tongue up and down just inside the moistened lips. I was in no rush. I hated it whenever a partner of mine raced to my clit like he had something better to be doing, particularly after I had just gone down on him. I gently pushed the tip of my tongue up and down, loving the slick texture of the delicate skin. I risked a glance up and saw Ingrid's gracefully sculpted body lying out before me. The spikes of her heels jabbed into my back as her legs moved in response to the rising passion. I slid my tongue down seeking the rim around the entrance to her passage. I slowly swirled my tongue on outside for a few seconds before a sharp jab of heels encouraged me to get on with it.

I slid my tongue deep inside her. I slowly withdrew it and then pushed back in. I curled the tip of my tongue so I could caress the inside walls of her tunnel. I kept up a steady slow rhythm but soon my tongue and jaws began to ache at the workout. I tried to pause for a rest but the heels dug painfully into my back. The message was clear; no stopping!

I was encouraged from the growling moans that were escaping Ingrid's lips. They were familiar as Ingrid had been rather nonchalant about closing the door to her bedroom when we lived together. The sounds Ingrid was making told me she was close to climax. I worked my tongue harder now trying to move her along faster and hopefully get me untied sooner. I heard what I recalled was the pre-orgasmic moan and turned my attention to the rough nub of her clit. Ingrid growled and grabbed my hair, slamming my face into her pussy. She rocked her hips up and down, riding my tongue with her clit; literally humping my face to a body paralyzing orgasm. She tensed for a second as the wave of heat spread throughout her pelvis. Ingrid let out a loud sustained moan as her body jerked then relaxed as she lost herself in the orgasm.

Finally I dared to stop licking and give my tongue a rest. It had never been so extended and active for so long before. It felt like I'd strained tissue in it and my jaws were cramping. I had to snort air in through my nose as my mouth was completely obstructed by Ingrid's very moist pussy. I could feel a film of her juices on my face. Their taste filled my mouth. The mélange of sweat, pussy and a hint of floral body wash filled my nose. And I really hurt now. Between the bondage, Ingrid's heels in my back and my aching mouth, I was spent. Ingrid sensed this and struggled up into a sitting position. She took this opportunity to snap off a few more pictures of my face buried in her crotch.

She swung her legs off my back and pulled away from my face; at last! I gulped air and lay my head on the floor, finally finding some relief for my aching neck that had been bent back the entire time I was performing on Ingrid. I felt her hand brush some of the tousled hair from my face. She leaned in a gently kissed me on the cheek.

"That was incredible. Are you sure this was your first time? Has my little Gabi been keeping naughty secrets from me?" She gently teased me knowing full well I wasn't.

She began to untie me. A wave of relief swept over me as the rope holding me in the hog tie was gone. I found it difficult to straighten my legs out due the numbness from being locked in such a rigid position for so long. I was surprised at how fast Ingrid was able to get the rest of the ropes off. I was actually a little disappointed when I felt my wrists untied. Minutes ago I was desperate to be released but I felt a sense of loss as I gained my freedom. Actually it wasn't much freedom immediately as I was a little stiff and sore from the bondage. My limbs were numb from being locked in a rigid position for so long. My hands and fingers tingled as the circulation returned to normal. God, Ingrid could tie tight ropes.

My mistress didn't wait for me to fully recover. She stood up and gave me a gentle kick in the thigh.

"Get up you little cunt licker. You're a slimy cum covered slut. Go have a shower."

I groaned as I picked myself off the floor. I tried to straighten out the slip that had fallen below my breasts and ridden up my legs. A sudden jerk of my hair yanked me to a stop.

"Take that slutty lingerie off now. My slaves are only allowed to wear clothes when I decide. You're going to be naked a lot this weekend; trust me. Now go clean up and be done in ten minutes."

I noticed she had started to download the photos from her camera. I gave up any thoughts of resistance. I stepped out of my slip and padded off towards the bathroom down the hall. She had a valid point. I was a cum covered slut. I smiled to myself at the thought. It was true, tight bondage had provided me the freedom to do things I wouldn't normally do. I wondered what Ingrid was going to make me do next.

I closed the door to the bathroom and caught my reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door. I looked rough yet sexy at the same time. Almost subconsciously I crossed my wrists behind my back. My curly chestnut colored hair fell in a tousled mass of curls to the tops of my breast on one side and the shoulder blade on the other. The curve of my full breasts was accentuated by having my hands behind my back. I was happy with the results of my return to an exercise routine (yet again). I'd managed to get my curvy body under control and back to a 36-26-36 figure. I longed to be 16 again when my figure required no maintenance. Actually no, it isn't worth the drama of being 16 again.

My face is both a blessing and a curse: big round brown eyes under dark arching eyebrows, full cheeks and what my mother called a "sunny smile" that caused dimples. As a result I was called cute by most people. The term felt a little patronizing. It always seemed to suggest I wasn't to be taken seriously. It stuck with me through university with the exception of Ingrid. She called me "sultry" but I didn't see the mysterious sensual beauty that description implied. Cute was the down side. It was also the upside. Early on I had learned how to exploit my innocent looks, and made use of them regularly in the working world. They weren't so innocent now though. There were little patches of dried semen on the skin of my face and red marks from the gag.

I stepped into the warm spray of the shower and just stood there, letting the soothing water run over my tortured body. The skin of my elbows, wrists and ankles had red grooves marking where the ropes had cut in. I rubbed soap gently on my battered breasts. The skin was discolored in spots from rough handling. The nipples burned slightly when I brushed them with the cloth. They were still tender from Ingrid's and Andre's attentions. The soap ran down my belly and between my legs. I gently lathered my pussy. I gave into my unfulfilled arousal and started to finger myself. Suddenly the door burst open. I was caught!

"You'll pay for that later you slut." Ingrid said in a quiet stern tone. "Get out of the shower now."

She held open a bath sheet.

"I dry your body from now on; after all it belongs to me not you. Turn around and cross your wrists behind your back."

I did as I was told; not surprised at the longing to have her tie me up again. Ingrid wrapped the towel around me. She hugged me tightly from behind. Her hands rested on my breasts, holding the towel in place. My crossed wrists were trapped between our pressing bodies. The heat in my loins flared up as I relaxed into Ingrid's grasp. I felt helpless and secure at the same time.

"Having fun?" Ingrid asked in a teasing voice.

"Ah, well, um". How could I articulate what I was feeling; horny, scared, thrilled, dominated, objectified, debased and most definitely wanting more of it.

"When you had me tied up all I could think of was getting untied but now I wish you had some rope with you. I can't believe what you've awakened in me. I crawled around on my knees so I could suck some guy's cock that I hardly know and not to mention having my first lesbian experience with you. You're exposing some sort of inner whore for the first time. It feels liberating to have it out. Also, this has been the most intense sexual experience I've ever had and I haven't even cum yet. God you're good at this domination thing. Do you tie up girls often?"

"Lot's of men but nope, you're the first women. I've dreamt about it a lot though."

I was taken aback at Ingrid's confession. I'd always imagined her to be liberal in her sexual preferences. I had certainly suspected she was bi but didn't have any confirmation of that, until now. Then it hit me. We were both virgin female bondage playmates. This was really special for both of us then. The very fiber of my body glowed at the thought of this unique shared experience. I wanted; no I needed more.

"What would you do in these dreams?" I asked in a hushed voice.

"Oh things far too intense for a total bondage virgin like you."

"Such as?"

"You little hussy, you're coy aren't you? Well things like much more stringent bondage than you just experienced, maybe some predicament ties, breath play, spankings, whippings, invasion of every one of your orifices, public humiliation...basically total domination. I couldn't do that to you."

The list thrilled and scared me at the same time. Part of my bondage fantasy did involve physical abuse. I wondered if I wanted to experience the true pain of being whipped by Ingrid or should it remain an unfulfilled fantasy. But then, could I pass up this opportunity? It was with Ingrid, my best friend. I could trust her and she could trust me.

"Please Ingrid; let me do this for you. At least let me try. Think of it as mutually beneficial. Don't forget this has been a dream of mine as well. Although, I never saw you as my captor in that dream. But I love it that it is you. When I think about it, it really only could be you."

"Kneel!" was her only response.

I obeyed and knelt at her feet, keeping my wrists crossed behind my back. I looked down at the floor and felt very small next to Ingrid. She tenderly toweled dry my hair for a minute or two in silence. She switched to a brush and gently ran it through my tousled locks.

"I've always envied your hair. I wish I had thick curly hair like this; actually your hair and your tits. Those mounds are just stunning." I blushed.

Ingrid worked my hair into two pony tails on either side. It Ingrid seems to have two dominant modes. One is an almost maternal, tender taskmaster like when she gagged me and now. The other is the scary icy bitch that made me lick her shoes or practically tore my nipples off. It didn't really matter which one she was using; my will meant nothing in either case.

When she finished my hair was in two loose thick pony tails on either side of my head. They were held in place with tight bands of hair elastics. Ingrid moved around me and got something from the cabinet. I frowned when I saw what was in her hand.

Ingrid held a dental floss dispenser. She sat down on the edge of the bathtub and began to gently roll my left nipple in her fingers. I gasped in pain as it was so tender but the pain ebbed and the nipple hardened in response. When it was firmly erect, Ingrid looped a few turns of dental floss around the nipple's base, pulled them tight and tied the ends of the floss together.

"That will keep your nips nicely displayed for all to admire." Ingrid said as she repeated the tie on the right one.

It hurt at first but the pain faded and was replaced by a feeling of heightened sensitivity. I couldn't believe she had just tied up my nipples. I hadn't even thought you could do such a thing. Needless to say the increased sensitivity in my breasts rekindled my horniness. I thought I'd explode if I didn't cum soon. Ingrid didn't care as she had other plans for us.

"I'll think about your offer to be my sex slave. I have to decide if you are worthy. I'll admit it is enjoyable to see you act like little bitch in heat though. It's time to get dressed. We're going out."

She grabbed my crossed wrists with one hand and wound the other around one of my ponytails. I was twisted around and marched into my bedroom.

I was surprised to see all my belongings gone. It dawned on me that when I heard them moving around in my bedroom earlier they had been getting rid of my luggage. As I looked around I realized my situation. Everything was missing; my clothes, money, credit cards, id, plane tickets. I was stranded. I saw Ingrid smirking at me when I caught her reflection in a mirror.

"It's just another layer of insurance for your on-going obedience. Andre has taken everything over to his place. Good luck finding that. I'm really not sure I need much insurance though. You seem pretty willing to dive into the deep end all on your own. Get dressed."

I noticed the clothes laid out on the bed for the first time. They were a matching halter top and mini skirt. Neither piece had a lot of material. There was no underwear.

"I saw this last week and thought you'd look amazing in it so I bought it for you. It'll make a nice change from that frumpy business women look you have all the time."

Frumpy I thought to myself. That was a little harsh. Ingrid was right though. These were the complete opposite of my more conservation fashion sense.

"Come on bitch get going. You're the one that is all eager for that total dominance thing. Here's a little sample of what it can be like. We're going for lunch and then to do a bit of shopping. You're physical assets are going to be on display so all can see what a slut you really are."

I picked up the clothes and confirmed what I already new. I was going to be showing a lot of flesh. The design was 1950's vintage. It was raspberry colored with white polka dots. I usually take either a size 6 or an 8 depending on the cut but this outfit was definitely a size 6 and a small 6 at that. The square cut bust line only reached part way up by breasts, showing a lot of chest and cleavage. It ended well above my navel leaving my entire mid riff bare. My breasts pushed out against the tight fabric; hardened nipples stood out like little beacons. The matching skirt was light cotton that stopped well above my knees. I was certain most of my thighs would be exposed as what little skirt there was would ride up when I sat down. What was really striking about the outfit was its bright color and polka dots. I looked like some men's calendar girl from 1955. Ingrid wasn't done with me yet.

"On your knees" she ordered.

Once again I was kneeling at her feet. Ingrid circled me, inspecting me. She reached inside the halter and re-arranged my breasts, making them even more obvious. Ingrid took the opportunity to caress each of my bound nipples gently. Aroused, I moaned softly. A tube of lipstick appeared and Ingrid applied the raspberry colored gloss to my lips. Now my lips matched my outfit. She finished by tying white ribbons around the base of each pony tail. Ingrid knew how I bristled at being called "cute" and she had dressed me to look "cute"; cute but slutty.

"I'm going to get dressed now. You are going to wait here like an obedient slave. Face the wall and spread your arms and legs."

With a little prodding Ingrid left me standing in the classic police inspection spread eagle. She actually began to frisk me as if she were checking for weapons.

"Isn't that a little unnecessary, Ingrid?" I asked. "You know I'm not hiding anything."

"A mistress does not need a reason to inspect her slave." She hissed in response.

Her hands continued to run gently over my body. I twitched in response. Her finger tips danced over the bare skin of my rib cage and I jerked slightly.

"Ah yes, little Gabriella is ticklish isn't she? That's something I'll file away for later. Now you better be in this position when I get back or there will be consequences."

I felt butterflies take flight in my belly in anticipation of what was to come.

Once again my body began to ache from being held in position. My legs were pulled far enough from the wall that I was forced to lean heavily on my arms. Not only were my legs pulled out behind me. Ingrid had kicked them wide apart; well past shoulder width which increased the strain. Thankfully it wasn't long before she came back into the room, dressed and holding a pair of white high heeled sandals.

She wore a tight black t-shirt. The word "bitch" was written in rhinestones across the front. The khaki tan pleated shorts that she had on were cut high enough to show off most of her gorgeous long legs. Her round tight ass looked great in them. A pair of black canvas high top runners completed the ensemble.

"Put these on." Ingrid ordered as she handed me the sandals.

Damn these things are high I thought to myself. They were white open toed leather sandals with 5 inch heels which were about 4 inches higher than I normally wear. There was actually very little to the shoes other than the heels. Two narrow straps across the top of the foot held them on. There was also a narrow strap that rose from the heel and ran around my ankle. I straightened up and was surprised to tower over Ingrid. I thought it was a little odd that Ingrid would have me in shoes that made me taller than her. But then I saw what she was doing. Ingrid ensured the focus would be on me when we were out as more attention would heighten my humiliation. She sat down in a chair and patted her lap.

"Put your hands behind your head and come here." She instructed.

I hesitated when I got beside her, unsure of what she wanted me to do. Was I supposed to sit in her lap, I wondered.

"Come on sweetie" she prodded gently "Over my knees, I have to spank you."

Uh-oh I thought. I knew Ingrid was testing me as I obeyed and awkwardly bent over her knees. She held my hips in a firm grasp and steadied me as I tried to lower myself without my arms for balance. I felt her pull the short skirt up to expose my naked cheeks. I'd never been spanked before by anyone. I was amazed at how humiliating the position was, even without the hitting.

"My preferred method of errant behavior correction for attempting to cum without permission is a whipping. It's usually 30 to 50 lashes depending on my mood and the degree of the transgression. But I can't whip someone as sweet and innocent looking as you. However, I have no qualms about a good old fashioned bare handed paddling. I think we'll go with 20 for trying to cum without permission and another 10 for offering an unwanted opinion when I frisked you. You will count the swats and if you lose count we will start back at zero. Keep that in mind for future behavior correction sessions. Oh and remember that old saying, this is going to hurt me more than you, forget it. I love the rush of power I get from inflicting pain. It's almost as good as an orgasm. You, on the other hand, are going to hurt. Now count."

The first blow surprised more than hurt. The next one stung at first and then began to burn. I yelped. The blows were distributed in a regular cadence all over the globes of my ass. After the tenth swat, Ingrid began to revisit areas that had already been hit. The sting was more intense on the each subsequent blow. The room was filled with the sound of her hand smacking my vulnerable ass cheeks. I kept count and tried to stifle the whimpers between blows. Tears rolled from my eyes. I began to rock my hips in her lap, trying to find some relief. I broke position and covered my buttocks with my hands after a particularly sharp blow.

"Do you want to stop?" Ingrid asked. "If you really want to help me fulfill my fantasy you'll have to be able to take more than this. It's up to you."

Covering my ass had been an entirely instinctive reaction. I quickly moved my hands back to their position, my fingers interlaced together at the crown of my head.

"Thank you." Ingrid said in an officious tone. "That will be an additional 10 spanks."

My ass felt like it was on fire by the time she was done the full forty open handed slaps. The entire area hurt and I wasn't looking forward to sitting down on it soon. I was happy that I didn't have any mascara on as tears streamed out of my eyes ran across my face. If that was a spanking what was a whipping going to feel like, I thought.

"Come on; get on your knees, right here. That's a girl." Ingrid was clearly in the maternal mistress mode.

I knelt facing her and slightly to one side. She ordered me to cross my wrists behind my back as she gently pushed my head down into her lap. Long delicate fingers caressed my face. Ingrid wiped my tears away. She gently whispered praise to me for being such a brave little slave girl for enduring the spanking. I was inwardly embarrassed to find her approval important to me. I wanted to please and my obsequiousness only fueled the desire to be Ingrid's fantasy sex slave. She lifted my head from her lap.

"Back in a sec." She said and left the room.

I heard drawers opening and closing in her bedroom. She returned in a few minutes carrying a coil of thin white cord and a small blue velvet box. Ingrid casually tossed the rope onto the bed. My heart fluttered when I saw it. The box contained two large gold hoop earrings which Ingrid inserted into my ears after removing the simple gold ball studs I always wore. She then picked up the cord.

"Stand up and pull your skirt up to your belly." She ordered, shaking out the coils.

I did as she ordered. Ingrid folded the length of cord in half and wrapped it around my belly, just below the hemline of the skirt. She maneuvered the line so the loop was at my front and pulled the loose ends through it. The tails were then pulled down between my legs. Ingrid pinched the cord at the point it reached my labia and pulled it out. She tied three or four overhead knots beside each other before pushing the cord between my legs. I felt her reach around behind me as she pulled the tails upwards causing them to dig into my pussy and deep into the cleft of my ass. I staggered a bit as Ingrid jerked hard on the cord. The knots had been strategically tied so they now pressed hard into the tender flesh of my vagina. The nub of one knot sat squarely on my clit. That one worried me the most in light of Ingrid's order not to cum. She tied the tails of the cord to the loop circling my hips. It was as if I wore a rope thong.

"That should cause some fun. Now remember there is a severe penalty for cumming without my permission. And this time I'll use a whip. You've had your one warning already. Now put your skirt down and fold your arms behind your back. I want your right elbow resting in your left palm and vice versa. Unless I tell you otherwise, you will keep your arms there the entire time we are out. Let's go."

I followed Ingrid meekly out of the room. The first few steps confirmed my suspicions about the rope cleaving my pussy. It was going to stimulate me with each step I took. The knots rolled back and forth over my sensitive and moist flesh. It seemed to cut in more deeply with each step. My breasts jiggled as I walked causing my nipples to tingle as the fabric of the halter rubbed them as. All my attention was focused on three hot spots; my breasts, my pussy and my burning ass. Ingrid was a cruel bitch. She was going to use my mounting urge to cum against me. I hoped we weren't going to be doing a lot of walking.

Ingrid's jeep was parked in the attached garage. The hard shell roof was off and the doors had been removed. Ingrid followed me around to the passenger side and helped me up and into the vehicle. My arms were pressed into the seat back. Ingrid wrapped the safety belt around me, the chest strap buried deep into my cleavage. It snapped shut and she tugged backwards on it, removing all the slack before it locked in place. I was welded to the seat. The light cotton skirt rose up my legs, exposing my thighs. I shuddered when I realized that the jeep had little protection against the wind and I couldn't prevent my skirt from catching the breeze and exposing my naked pussy. My ass was sore from the spanking and the hard seat of the jeep was uncomfortable.

Ingrid hopped in the driver's seat. She dug a black baseball cap out from a pocket in the door and a pair of gold rimmed aviator's sunglasses from the glove box. The engine kicked to life and we backed out into the bright Saturday morning of a summer weekend in the suburbs. I wondered what Ingrid had in store for me. And more importantly, would she let me be her slave?

Chapter 3 (added: 2013/05/19)

It felt surreal to drive through a suburban subdivision on a bright Saturday morning. And I had just had my first bi-sexual encounter; bound and "forced" to eat my best friend's pussy not long after I'd crawled around her bedroom on my knees begging to be allowed to finish giving her boyfriend a blow job.Now here we were cruising along in the late morning sunshine with me dressed like a slut. And please let's not forget the thin rope tightly buried between my pussy lips and the dental floss wound around my nipples.

Meanwhile Ingrid's neighbours were out working in their gardens, their children playing on grassy lawns or riding their bikes on the sidewalks. My face flushed as I wondered if any the people casually waving to us as we drove by had any inkling as to what had just happened at Ingrid's house. I found my mind wandering; wondering what kinky acts went on behind the facades of the typical suburban homes we passed. We swung out of the winding streets and onto a main thoroughfare and headed downtown.

I squirmed a little in my seat trying to find a more comfortable position. I kept my arms folded as Ingrid had ordered but tried shifting my body to provide a little more relief for my back. The tightly locked shoulder strap of the seatbelt and the awkward position of my arms didn't allow much movement though. My chest was forced out and the shoulder strap cleaved the mounds of my breasts into two round domes. The short light skirt that Ingrid had dressed me in flapped in the breeze and offered very little coverage for my thighs. She was playing with the discomfort I have had about my body image since I reached puberty. I've been self conscious of my breasts since they developed into a set perfectly suited for a porn star. Ingrid knew how I felt and was using my own feelings against me, as yet another way to show her dominance over me.It turned out our little shopping trip was designed to be a lesson in public humiliation for me.

"I'm just going to make a quick stop for a sec. And then I know a perfect place for some lunch. After that I want to take you to a store you absolutely need to see. It's got all kinds of great products for a woman in your situation. How are you feeling?"

"It's a little uncomfortable but I'm okay. It's not as bad as that hog tie; that freaking hurt!"

"No, that's not what I meant. How are you feeling about what we are doing?"

"Wow, it's a little hard to express. I feel kinda weird but also I don't know, maybe excited, definitely nervous. Horny, I'm horny."

Ingrid didn't respond as she pulled over to the curb and parked. She climbed out and came around to my side.

"I'll be back in a second. Do not move."

She strode off into the shop we were parked in front of. I noticed the sign for the first time. A pet store; why did Ingrid go in there? I could see her disappear down an aisle. She came back and looking straight at me held up a leather dog collar and a leash. Ingrid approached the clerk and seemed to be asking something about the collar. The clerk kept bobbing his head up and down and then turned and looked out the window at me.It seemed to take him a second or two to focus on me. When he did, he looked sort of stunned and turn back to say something to Ingrid. It was her turn to bob her head up and down in the affirmative.The clerk turned back to look me over again and then walked away to the back of the store. Ingrid ignored me. I wondered what she was doing and more importantly, what it meant for me.The sound of male snickering jerked my attention back to the sidewalk.

Three guys who looked to be in their early twenties sauntered past the jeep. All of them leered at me as they passed by. I instinctively tried to pull my arms from behind my back to cross them protectively across my front. As I twisted awkwardly against the seat belt I caught Ingrid scowling at me through the store window. I stopped struggling and forced my arms back into their folded position, pinned between my torso and the seat back. It's cliché to say it but I felt cheap. Fortunately the three drooling males kept walking. As they moved on one said something and all of them began to laugh loudly. My self-esteem dropped another notch.

Ingrid finally came out of the store with the clerk following along. It was the first time I got a good look at him. He was chubby and round faced with an unruly curly mop of red hair; in his mid twenties and didn't look like he'd had a lot of experience with women. Suddenly Ingrid was standing beside me; the dog collar dangled from one finger. It was about an inch wide and made of white leather with a single row of rhinestones. Two tags dangled from a metal loop on the collar. Ingrid held them up to my face. One had "SLUT" engraved on it, the other "SLAVE".

"I thought it was nice of Aaron here to engrave these tags for your new collar so quickly that he might like to come out and watch me put it on you. Hey Aaron feel free to snap off some pix."

Fuck I thought to myself, Ingrid is intent on testing me.

"Lean forward bitch, now!" Ingrid hissed at me.

The seat belt was stretched tightly across my chest, severely limiting my range of motion. Because the strap ran diagonally across me I was able to push out more on the left side where it was lower. This caused my hips to twist around which had the interesting side effect of pulling the crotch rope deeper into my pussy. I thrust my neck out to where Ingrid held the collar each hand grasping an end of the leather. I got a glimpse of Aaron and he looked like he was ready to explode. He furiously snapped pictures with his phone the whole time. I wondered where on the internet they were destined for. I thought I felt dirty when the three guys had made the lewd comments but this was a new low in my journey from a woman to a cheap slab of flesh.

I felt the leather of the collar on my throat and strained no further. Ingrid wrapped the collar around my neck. It was buckled tight enough to constantly remind me that it was there but not enough to affect my breathing. My growing arousal was having a much greater impact on my breathing than the collar was. It seemed the deeper I sank into depraved submission, the higher my arousal. I felt her lift the dog tags from my skin and she read them to herself.

"Here, Aaron give me your phone and I'll get a couple of shots of you and the slut. Go stand beside her."

Aaron did and he posed awkwardly beside me, uncertain as to where he should look; at me or at the camera. Finally he settled on staring at me with pretty much the same leering expression as the others.

I couldn't meet his gaze so I stared down at my feet. Ingrid ordered me to lift my head and face the camera.

"So tell Aaron, what do you think of her tits? I mean really, you have to agree with me that those are an impressive set. Are you a tit man Aaron? Go ahead and touch them, check those puppies out."

"Really" Aaron gasped in disbelief.

"Yea, go for it, she's not saying no is she?"

Ingrid was right that I could say no and I seriously doubt she would allow physical contact I really didn't want but she also knew I wasn't going to stop it, not yet anyway.

Aaron reached out with both hands and gently pressed them into each breast. He squeezed and kneaded each one while Ingrid continued to take pictures.His hands were soft on the exposed skin of my breasts. The skin on skin contact was surprisingly pleasant but I wished for modesty's sake that the halter top didn't leave so much of my breasts exposed.

"Man her nipples are rock hard."

"That's because I tied them up with dental floss. Tying up a girl's nipples just makes her breasts look extra perky regardless of their size."

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I gotta get back into the store. My boss is coming around and won't be cool if I'm out here when he does! Thanks though, that was awesome."

Ingrid hopped into the driver's seat after returning his phone to Aaron and giving him a quick peck on the cheek. She dropped the leash down into the compartment between the seats. It was a chrome chain link with a white leather handle that matched my collar. Ingrid was a stylish even when it came to her bondage restraints. She giggled to herself.

"I bet Aaron's boss isn't coming. He just had to jerk off. He is in the washroom jerking off right now."

Thanks for that image Ingrid, I thought to myself.

"I am not going to use the leash on you just yet unless you misbehave. I will keep it handy so don't test me unless you want to be on the wrong end of it. Now let's eat. I'm starved."

I wondered what Ingrid's concept of the perfect place for lunch was given our peculiar situation. I'm thinking lesbian biker bar or something. It turns out it was quite the opposite; a sports bar. It made perfect sense. I am uncomfortable around prowling males and they are guaranteed to be plentiful in a sports bar on the weekend.

Although there were some parking spots near the bar, Ingrid drove a couple of blocks past it and parked. We were going to have to walk and me in 5 inch heels. Oh yeah, and the crotch rope that was digging deeply into the slit of my pussy. I could imagine what walking any distance was going to be like with that thin rope trying to saw me in half. The overhead knots that Ingrid had tied were perfectly located, massaging my clit with each step. At first I was worried the cord was going to rub my tender flesh raw but it was smooth enough that it didn't seem to a cause any abrasion.

It took a few seconds for my eyesight to adjust when we stepped out of the sunshine and into the darkened bar. It was huge. It was also the stereotypical sports bar with a million big screens showing various games, massive long bar and a dozen pool tables in the back. Sports memorabilia was plastered all over the walls and as if the sports motif couldn't be taken too far, all the waitresses were dressed in tight black and white stripped scoop neck t-shirts and tight black shorts that made them look like referees; slutty referees. Maybe it was my newly released inner lesbian but I was drawn to the fact that all the waitresses were anywhere from cute to hot and all seemed impossibly perky for so early in the day.

A pretty waitress bounced up to us with a big smile.

"A table for two, ladies?" she asked. The name embroidered on her shirt said Sara.

She led us over to a table and actually pulled the chair out for Ingrid. I settled into mine, my arms still folded behind my back. But I was glad to stop moving as that crotch rope with proving to be quite effective when I walked.

"I love your outfit " Sara said to me. "Can I start you off with something to drink?"

Before I could answer Ingrid ordered me a glass of chardonnay and a cranberry and soda for herself. She knew I hated chardonnay. I noticed that Ingrid had both menus that Sara had left. I guess I shouldn't have expected to order for myself. I just hoped that there was nothing really abhorrent on the menu.

The bar was about a third full, mainly men. There were a couple of large tables that looked to be occupied by softball teams. Other knots of guys were clustered around the bar or were focused on the games on the giant screens covering the walls. Regardless, they all turned to check out the only two women in the bar who were there alone. Ingrid basked in their attention while I cringed. Most turned their attention back to whatever it was they were doing. I glanced around the bar and noticed that there were more than a few sets of eyes that kept checking us out. Thankfully Sara arrived with the drinks.

I looked at her closely for the first time. My initial assessment was right on; she was perky. She had a beautiful fair complexion with bright green eyes. A pony tail of curly auburn hair poked out through the hole at the back of her baseball cap. She looked like a Celtic princess. She set the chardonnay down in front of me with a pretty smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

"Do you need a few more minutes with the menus?" I noticed Sara asked Ingrid and not me.

"Nope, we're ready. I'll have the roasted vegetable wrap and she'll have a pound of chicken wings"

A pound, I thought to myself. That's a lot for me but I was thankful it wasn't something worse. Then the other shoe dropped.

"How do you want the wings?"

"She'll take the inferno sauce, thanks."

Sara paused for a second as if she was about to make a comment about the inferno wings being really hot but stopped when she saw Ingrid staring at her with a steady gaze.

"Inferno it is." Sara turned and looked at me. The slightly mischievous twinkle danced in her eyes. I got the sense she knew exactly what was going on between Ingrid and me.

"Oh sorry honey," Ingrid said to me. "You can release your arms. You won't be able to enjoy that nice glass of wine I ordered for you without your hands."

I was grateful to be able to move my arms again. My shoulders started to relax and I managed to shift my posture around so my breasts weren't thrust out so prominently. I took a sip of wine. Ugh, it was oaked chardonnay. I hate oaked wines.Ingrid looked at me with a smug expression. Then the wings arrived.

Sara sat a steaming mass of gooey orange chicken wings in front of me. I could smell the hot sauce.

"Good luck with those." Sara said sincerely.

I looked at Ingrid.

"Really?" I said looking down at the pile of meat in front of me.

"Well, if you can't handle this how are you going to handle being my bitch for the weekend?"

She won. I got through two wings before my mouth felt like it was on fire. I was forced to gulp the wine down to douse the flames.It took a while but I got through them. I was helped along by another glass of wine. My mouth was still on fire and I was certain that was all I was going to taste for the next couple of hours. And I needed to pee.

"Ingrid, I have to go to the bathroom." I knew better than to just get up and go without permission.

"Okay, I'll come with you".

The washrooms were at the back near a large open area filled with billiard tables. I started into the women's. Ingrid grabbed my arms and pulled me over to the men's room.

"You're going in there" she hissed at me. I was pushed into the men's room and panicked.I spun around and thought about running out but figured Ingrid would be waiting there and that would be the end of it. She'd be proven right and I'd be wrong; I couldn't handle being her slave.

Luckily there didn't appear to be anyone in the restroom. I hurried to a stall, my high heels tapping out a staccato beat on the tiled floor.The two stalls were disgusting but the last one was clean. I slipped in and made sure the door was latched. I had barely sat down when I heard the bathroom door swing open and two men entered. I quickly lifted my feet off the ground and propped them against the stall door. I didn't want anyone seeing a pair of women's shoes from under the stall. I froze in fear of discovery.

"Did you see that blond chick hanging out near the pool tables?" one asked the other.

"Yeah, she's with the dark haired one with the big tits. I'd do her." This was met with a snicker.

"I'd do both of them, at the same time."

"I dunno, the blonde chick looks like she'd hurt you."

"Yeah, maybe but it'd still be fun." They both laughed at this. I heard the taps running and the paper towel roll being pulled and then they left.

I was alone again trying to relax so I could pee. The crotch rope posed a problem but the knot was tied tightly in the small of my back and I wasn't confident I could get it undone without being able to see it. Plus Ingrid would probably use it as an excuse to terminate our little try out if the rope were removed. I sighed and hoped that it wouldn't interfere.Fortunately it didn't. I finished as fast as I could but was just about to leave when the door opened. Two older men from one of the ball teams entered and stopped dead when they saw me. They both turned to check the sign on the door and then looked at me.

"Ah, the women's was closed for a pipe leak and I really needed to go." I said quickly and slid past them and out the door.

Ingrid was laughing at me from an alcove by some dart boards as I tried to regain my dignity.As I made my way across the room I noticed she was talking to two guys. She motioned to me to cross my arms behind my back again and hesitantly I obeyed. There was a nagging fear in the pit of my stomach that these were the two who had come into the washroom while I was hiding in the stall.Sure enough my fears were confirmed when I got closer and heard their voices.

"Gabbie, this is Cody and Kevin. Boys, this is Gabriella."

Both of the men turned to look at me. My face was crimson and felt like it was on fire but then I realized that they didn't know I'd been in the men's room and had overheard their conversation.

"Hi Gabriella, that's a pretty name. I'm Cody". The tall well built blond held out his hand to me. From his voice I could tell this was the one who wanted to do both of us.

"Hey Gabbie, I'm Kevin, obviously." This was the one who was interested in the dark haired chick with big tits; in other words me. Ingrid of course, knew nothing of their conversation about us. I felt really uncomfortable standing as I was, with my arms folded behind my back and my breasts thrust out. The skanky outfit didn't help either.

Ingrid was staring intently at my face, a small smile playing across her lips, wanting to see my reaction. The two sets of male eyes were also focused on me but somewhat lower down than Ingrid's. My mouth opened and closed silently a couple of times. I must have looked like a goldfish in an aquarium.

"Hi" was all I could manage trying to flash a smile.

"So guys, Gabriella here is a very good friend of mine but she is totally shy. I am trying to break her out of her shell this weekend. I just think she needs a bit of confidence. Perhaps you two fine gentlemen could help me out here. What do you think? She's pretty hot right?"

Kevin and Cody nodded in mute agreement, turning to study me more intently. I couldn't meet their eyes and just gazed down at the ground. At that instant the crotch rope shifted and a knot rolled over my clit. I gasped and all three looked at me with a puzzled expression. Then the light went on for Ingrid.

"Having fun Gabriella?" she asked in a sing song voice.

"More than you can imagine" I replied evenly.

"Anyway back to building up her confidence. This chick dresses like a freaking nun most of the time. You should have seen what I had to do to get her to wear this darling little number. "

I snorted to myself when I heard this, recalling what she in fact did do to me. Oh Cody and Kevin, if you only knew.

"Now boys, be honest here; a babe dressed like this is always going to get your attention right?"

Both of them nodded again. They weren't exactly the talkative types but then again they had to be more than a tad surprised at Ingrid's questions.

"I bet one of the first things you guys think of when you see a hottie dressed like this is I'd do anything to get dirty with that bitch. Am I right?" Ingrid didn't wait for an answer and turned her attention to me.

"See Gabriella, you don't need to feel embarrassed when you're done up like this. You should feel confident. You've got all the power. Guys will do pretty much anything for you on the chance, just on the chance, that they'll be getting sweaty with you."

"Yeah, we're not complicated." Kevin said with a wry smile.

"Okay guys another question for you here; what do you think, tits like that, hide 'em under some loose fitting sack or show those puppies off? Seriously if I had a rack that I'd flaunt it, right. You guys don't work out to get nice arms and chests like you have and then bury them under some relaxed fit sweat shirt. "

Now all three sets of eyes were focused in on my "rack". Fuck you Ingrid I thought; I've had guys staring at my tits since I was fourteen. I am used to it, I just don't like it. Then I thought about Ingrid saying she wished she had breasts like mine. Her tone of voice had been sincere, not mocking. I thought that was ironic. I'd always been envious of Ingrid's long graceful curves and she wanted my D cups.

"We have to get back to our table. Thanks for helping out with Gabriella here. Go ahead why don't you guys check out her tits as a token of our appreciation."

"Yeah, we have been" said Cody.

"Dudes, those aren't virtual tits in front of you. You can reach out and grab them."

Both turned to Ingrid with gaping jaws.

"Come on guys check out the tags on her collar. One says slut and one says slave. She doesn't need to text you does she?"

One hand from each of Kevin and Cody reached out and cupped a breast. I gasped and flinched but stood my ground. Kevin targeted my left nipple, pulling and twisting it. Cody dug his fingers into my right breast like he was kneading dough. Both were different from Aaron's; they were rougher like they worked in construction or something.

I took a little relief from the fact that we were standing out of sight of all the other patrons. It started to feel like my breasts had been declared public property by city hall. They'd had more male groping in the past couple of hours than they'd had in a year. Kevin's attack on my bound nipple was setting my left tit on fire. It hurt but at the same time it was intensely stimulating. I bit my lower lip to stifle a moan.Ingrid was studying my face with a detached almost scientific interest.

"I'll be with you in a sec, I just want to see if these guys need anything". We all froze as the still out of sight waitress headed our way.

Both sets of hands darted away and Ingrid broke out laughing as the waitress stuck her head around the corner of the alcove.

"Are you guys okay for drinks or can I get you something." She asked.

Yes, I'll take eight inches of hard cock right now, I thought to myself. My lust was on the verge of taking control. I suddenly realized what I just thought and was shocked. My face turned a deeper shade of crimson.

"No, we're heading back to our table." Said Ingrid.

When we were back seated I noticed another glass of wine had shown up. I sipped it slowly hoping to get some relief from the smoldering heat from the chicken wings.

"We should probably talk about boundaries and control now. You can just tell me if I go too far and I'll totally respect that.Just say the word lasagna and that will mean stop. I'm going to ignore all the other phrases, like "please no" or "Stop", "Don't", "Mercy".Whatever is going on will continue if that is what I hear.If you're gagged hum the national anthem. Of course all of this will indicate a lack of trust in me. That means it's over. No more master/sub relationship, were back to Ingrid and Gabriella, best buds. Are we clear?"

"Yes, we're clear."

"Were clear what? You stupid cow!"

"Yes we're clear dear Ingrid." I try, pushing her buttons.

"That will cost you when we get home. We'll see if you think it's a good idea to be so smart mouthed then."

Just then Sara appeared; still perky and friendly. As she went off to get the check at Ingrid's request, I began to wonder what Cody and Kevin thought of Sara. Would they want to "do her" (really such a romantic term!). I drifted into wondering what she would be like in bed and for some reason giggling and fun came to mind.

Sara returned and Ingrid paid for the lunch.

"Thanks very much ladies, have a great afternoon." Sara said. "Have fun." She said with a wink to me.

"Time to go shopping" Ingrid announced in an operatic sing-song voice.

Of course we walked. This section of downtown was a mix of expensive hotels, small bars and bistros along with every clothing store imaginable. We walked through it for a couple of blocks in the warm afternoon sun. I was starting to feel a little more comfortable in the "come fuck me" heels I was in but the crotch rope was a problem.It was like a firm finger massaging my clit with each step I took. Ingrid walked quickly knowing what the rope would in turn do to me.

We rounded a corner and a large set of ruby red lips hung from a store sign. I should have seen this coming I thought to myself; a sex shop. The sign on the door said "Carnal Knowledge".

I was surprised when we stepped inside. The interior looked like a clothing store at a suburban mall rather than the dingy image I had of sex shops. The floors were maple hardwood and rows of small halogen spot lights made the place very bright.The display stands at the front displayed titillating greeting cards, sexually provocative novelties that were the usual joke gift at bridal showers, and sex manuals. The middle part of the store was devoted to sex aids and the rear had racks of lingerie and kinky outfits. My eyes were drawn back the to the sex aid area. I couldn't believe that there could be that many different types of vibrators.

The all female staff wore white t-shirts with the ruby red lips logo and black skirts.They were busy helping other shoppers.It looked like there were a couple of parties of bridesmaids shopping for a shower and two couples looking at lingerie. I was taking it all in when a woman popped up from behind a display case startling both of us.

"Oh! Hello, welcome to Carnal Knowledge. My name is Ashley. I can help you find what you are looking for if you like or you can browse around and let me know if you have any questions about our products."

"I'd like to get a vibrator or two for my friend here. She really needs to feel more comfortable pleasuring herself in my opinion." Ingrid chimed in helpfully.

"Certainly, we have a wide selection over here." Ashley led us to a wall of vibrators.

As I followed Ashley I was able to check her out. She was stunning. Stunning and as I looked at her a little more closely, she looked like she was in her late forties.There were faint lines in the corners of her eyes. Wow, I hoped I would look that good in another twenty years and then laughed to myself. I don't look that good now. She wore her honey blonde hair in an up-do. She had soft features, beautiful brown eyes and a natural smile.

She was either the most physically blessed woman I'd ever seen or a testament to the skills of a plastic surgeon.Large perfectly curved breasts strained against the fabric of her t-shirt. Her narrow waist flared out to gently curving hips. Her short skirt showed a lot of her long graceful legs. As we passed the pay point, I noticed a poster sized copy of the cover from a men's magazine. The largely naked but demurely posed model on the cover was Ashley at age 20.

We got to the vibrators and in the next few minutes I got a quick introduction into the different types and their use.The beautiful blond explained the various features and uses of vibrators, dongs and clit stimulators. It was done so causally and openly that it was like we were discussing kitchen appliances.In the end I had agreed to an eight inch long vibrator with a curved tip and a butterfly clit stimulator. Ingrid's choices worried me. She picked a massive black rubber dong. It was very anatomically detailed if somewhat ridiculous in size. It was 10 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. It was mounted on a handle like a fencing foil has so it could be easily thrust in and out of whoever was impaled on it. It was joined by a strap on with an 8 inch dildo. The worst one was something called the Trident. It had an 8 inch phallus in the middle of two other protruding arms. One curved away from the base of the phallus and was clearly designed for anal insertion. The other prong of the trident angled away from the dong and was covered in small rubber nubs. Ashley had cheerfully explained that this one would rub over the clit directly regardless of how deep the rest of the device was inserted.Ingrid also chose a bulbous headed vibrating wand.

As she handed the Trident to Ingrid, Ashley reached up to the tags on my collar. She read each one and then looked at me with a warm smile and said "You two ladies should go upstairs and see our special line of BDSM equipment."

It came out like she was recommending we go look at drapes after purchasing carpets.

"I'll call Janine for you. She's great and knows all the toys."

Ashley tapped her cell and asked Janine to come down to assist some customers. A moment later a dark haired ethereal beauty appeared on the stairs. She moved with such grace that it seemed she floated down the stairs. Her jet black hair fell in a thick braid down her back. Thick black bangs brushed the upper edges of dark arching eyebrows, one of which was pierced with a small gold ring. Janine had an alabaster complexion that any goth chick would die for. Her full lips curved into a gentle smile. Unlike the rest of the staff, she wore a black tight tank top with the red lip logo over her small pert breasts and black leather pants with leather combat boots. Each arm was covered in a sleeve of tattoos. The same design was repeated on both; a vine of red roses wound from wrist to shoulder. I noticed that there was ring of flowers around each wrist suggesting manacles.

"Hi, I'm Janine. Please come upstairs with me and I'll show you all the fun stuff we've got."

She looked at both of us for a second with a slight squint crinkling her doll like features and then held out her hand to me.I raised mine to hers and was slightly stunned when she gently grabbed my offered wrist rather than my hand and gently led me upstairs.

"You look perfect." She said to me. "I'll give you a 25% discount on anything you buy if I could just use you to demo a body harness for me. I've got a couple up here who are really interested but want to see it on someone and as an employee of the store I cannot model it for them."

"Of course, right Gabs?" Ingrid said before I could process what was being asked. "She'd love to do it. "

The upstairs was bright and open like the main floor but here the air was filled with the earthy warm scent of leather. Poster sized black and white photos hung in various places around the show room. Janine was featured in every one of them, modeling some form of restraint. She had a serene blissful smile in each case. That's what I want to feel I thought to myself as I gazed at all the various harnesses, restraints and a variety of furniture clearly designed to restrain someone. A couple who appeared to be in their late forties was looking at a pile of leather straps laid out on the counter.

"We're in luck." Janine announced to the couple. "This gracious lady has agreed to model it for us."

"Great, that's awesome." Said the man.

"Down boy, we just get the harness, not the girl." The woman turned to me. "Thanks for helping us out, we really want to see how to put it on properly."

"Okay, here we go." Janine said as she picked up the bundle of straps.

"Could I get you to remove her collar for a minute please?" Ingrid unbuckled the collar while I stood awkwardly, my face turned down to look at the floor.

"So you start off with the leather collar. It is fairly rigid and when applied properly, it will restrict movement of the neck just like a medical neck brace."

Janine tightened the collar so that it applied a firm even pressure around my entire neck.At this point I panicked a bit but was slightly reassured by Ingrid's casual demeanor. She had her phone out and was snapping photos of me. The collar was surprising rigid and covered from my collar bone to my lower jaw in the front making it difficult to tilt my head down. I was now forced to look directly at the couple who were watching Janine intently. Well at least the woman was, the guy was pretty fixated on my tits. The design of the collar was brilliant. It didn't allow the wearer any sense of dignity by hiding their face. No, the poor victim could only stare straight ahead making it difficult to avoid the gaze of her captors.

"The next key step is to adjust this long wide strap that hangs down from the back of the collar using this buckle here at the small of the back, so that the ankle belt is in the right place."

She gently turned me around so the couple could see the arrangement. Now that it was hanging from my neck to my ankles, I could see that it was made up of a series of wide leather belts that ran horizontally from the long vertical strap at evenly spaced intervals from my shoulders to my ankles. Janine knelt down and wrapped the two inch wide leather strap at the base of the harness around my ankles and buckled it firmly.

"It's best to start with that one down at the bottom as it helps to keep the main belt centered nicely while you do up the other straps. All of them have heavy duty roller buckles and enough holes to be pulled as tightly as you like. I'm just going to put these on firmly enough to hold them in place at first."

Janine gently but firmly pulled my fidgeting hands behind my back and strapped them together, palm to palm. Her hand brushed the back of my skirt and pausing for a second as she felt the crotch rope Ingrid had tied onto me.

"Oh, that's nasty" she whispered to me as she continued with the straps.

After getting my hands firmly secured behind my back, she moved up to a one of three straps in my upper back. I felt her fiddle with the middle one.

"This belt in the middle is for her upper arms. It can be pulled tight enough to force the elbows to touch, provided your partner is capable of assuming that position."

"Gabriella's elbows can touch, can't they honey?" Ingrid offered.

"Really, that's special. If you are lucky enough to have a capable partner, tighten these straps slowly so you can gauge just how much strain the arms can take."

Janine fed the strap around my biceps and gently drew it tight to the point where my elbows were touching. I was sure my breasts were going to tear through my halter top. They were forced out as my shoulders were rolled back by the elbow strap. My face glowed crimson. I didn't complain though as I was definitely getting off on being tied up by the beautiful sales clerk. The remaining two straps wrapped around my arms and torso, one wide strap passing just over my beasts and the other under them. My arms that were already locked together from elbow to palm behind my back, were now tightly strapped to my body as well.

The next belt ran over my forearms and around my belly. This one, like all the others, was pulled firmly but not overly tightly. But because I couldn't tilt my head down due to the rigid collar, I felt rather than saw a narrow strap hanging down across my lower belly and upper thighs. Janine leaned closely to my ear.

"I assume that since you're sporting a crotch rope today, you won't mind if I demo the crotch strap feature, would you?" She whispered.

I nodded. Janine pushed the strap between my thighs and pulled it up tightly behind by back. When she was done it was cinched firmly against my pussy lips and cut into the cleft of my ass. I stifled a moan at the thought of how this would feel if buckled very tightly.

"The great feature about this strap is it will hold any vibrators and or butt plugs in place so your victim can't expel them."

What the fuck, I whispered to myself. Of course it made perfect sense when I thought about but I was more than a little naive when it came to bondage and sexual slavery. What would it be like to have a vibrator and a butt plug strapped into you so you couldn't get them out? Whoa, what would it be like to have anything stuffed up my butt? Spoiler alert; I was an anal virgin. I'd never had anything shoved up my ass and wasn't sure how I felt about it. Of course the great thing about bondage was I didn't have to think. I was helpless and whoever controlled me could do whatever they wanted. I started to worry about where Ingrid planned to insert that big strap on cock she had picked out.Janine continued with the demonstration.

"Finally I finish with the leg straps. Be careful here as your victim will be unstable with her legs tightly bound. The first one goes here, around the upper thighs. I like to tighten it to the point that it dimples the flesh a bit. The next thinner pair goes around the legs just above and below the knees.Finally I go back and check all the straps now that they are completed and adjust if necessary."

Janine paused for a second. The women carefully inspected all the straps and buckles on the harness. Ronnie was pretty much just staring at my breasts which were thrust out by the tight bindings on my arm and framed by the straps above and below them. Ingrid took more pictures. I felt like a slab of meat again; horny though.

"There are sturdy stainless steel D rings on every horizontal strap. You can use these to tie your sub to something like a bed or pole. You can also use the one the ankle and any of these on the upper body to place your prisoner in a hog tie. All the rings are strong enough to hold her suspended as well. Of course the gag you picked and the blindfold are perfect finishing touches."

Thankfully Janine didn't demo the gag or blindfold. I probably would have flown solo if she had. It was one thing to be restrained in front of strangers, it was quite another to cum. Janine and the couple moved off to the cash register and Ingrid wandered away, checking out the merchandise. I looked around as best as the collar would allow.

There were racks of leather clothes and body harnesses. One wall held a display of whips, paddles, canes and crops. The opposite wall featured gags, blindfolds and hoods. A large section of the floor space was devoted to bondage equipment. There was a replica of a medieval rack, leather covered Saint Andrew's cross, something that looked like a barrel cut in half along a vertical axis, a small cage with metal bars, another that looked like a bird cage hanging from a beam in the ceiling and a variety of wooden stocks.So who makes all this stuff I thought to myself. Before today, bondage to me was a silk scarf bound around my wrists. This was so way beyond that. Any further observation of the merchandise was prevented by the collar and tight belts cinched around my body from shoulders to ankles. Janine was right; having my legs so tightly bound made me a little unstable. I needed to stand very still to avoid toppling over.

Finally she was done with the couple and they left with their bondage harness and accessories. Janine didn't come to release me but instead walked over to Ingrid who was looking at the display of gags. From what I could see the gags looked intimidating but at least they had to be more sanitary that a handful of Ingrid's dirty underwear. Janine appeared to be explaining all the features of each gag to Ingrid with the same earnest delivery as Ashley had when showing us the vibrators. Eventually Ingrid selected a couple of different ones and the two women returned to me.

"She has such nice round cheeks so any ball gag will look great on her. I find that it doesn't suit people with long thin faces as it exaggerates the length. The two inch ball shouldn't be used for extended play as it is quite painful. I can only take it for short periods before my jaws really ache. The inch and three quarter ball is better for the longer term.I'll just sterilize these and you can try them out."

In a couple of minutes, Ingrid was standing in front of me with a candy apple red ball gag. I opened my mouth before she had to ask just to show her I could rise to her challenge. The ball settled in behind my teeth, forcing my jaws wide apart. Immediately my mouth was filled with the bitter taste of rubber. Ingrid buckled a set of straps that attached to the ball tightly at the back of my neck. Another set trailed up over each cheek, joined together at my forehead and then ran across the top of my skull to be tightly buckled to the first set of straps at the back of my head. A final strap went under my chin and was tugged tightly, forcing my jaws to bite down onto the ball.

"That looks really good on her." Janine commented. "That is the smaller ball but it looks like it isn't extending her jaws too badly so she'll be able to take the bigger ball as well. And both will definitely produce a demeaning inability to control drooling. This panel gag with the inflatable bladder is another great option."

The gags were switched.Ingrid helpfully wiped the string of drool hanging from the ball on my halter top. The new gag had a pine cone shaped rubber bladder that was attached by a short plastic tube to the thickly padded leather panel. Janine stuffed the bladder into my mouth. I almost stumbled as a wave of erotic warmth washed though my belly at being gagged by the beautiful woman.

"Pumping this ball causes the bladder in her mouth to fill with air and expand. It can be filled to painful volumes so you can use this both to silence her and for punishment. It is the definitive "shut the fuck up" gag as very little sound will emerge. The ball gags render her unintelligible but she can still make a fair bit of noise. This one with the mouth filling bladder and thickly padded panel is much more effective at silencing her. I like these for scenes like whippings where you don't want to risk the curiosity of the neighbours by her screams. I also sell a lot of these to couples who live in apartments."

Janine handed the pump to Ingrid who gave it a couple of quick squeezes, causing the bladder to expand further. The joints of my jaws cracked slightly as they were forced painfully apart. I choked when the tip of the bladder pushed against the back of my throat. A slight sheen of sweat broke out on my face as I fought the gag reflex. Ingrid just looked at me with a smug smile on her face. It made me more determined not to falter.

"Is there anything else you are interested in." asked Janine.

"Nipple clamps, I definitely want to get some nipple clamps to use on her but I want her to pick them out."

Janine nodded and began to release me.Just as I had when Ingrid untied me from the hog tie, I felt a surge of disappointment as the restraints fell away from me. Despite the number of belts wrapped tightly around my body, it didn't take Janine long to free me. It had been humiliating to be bound like that in public and in front of strangers but it had also got me very hot. I needed to get fucked, not sweet making love but rather seriously fucked hard and soon. Ingrid stepped behind me and put the dog collar back on my throat. Janine led us over to the glass display case holding the nipple clamps.

She explained the benefits of each type and how they could be used. I only half listened, lost in the thought that I was being told to pick my own instruments of torture. They ranged in terms of intensity from mild to vicious enough to possibly draw blood. I figured Ingrid would pre-empt any choice that was too mild so I picked a set of stainless steel clothes pins linked together with a chain and a pair of Japanese clover clamps that tightened when pressure was applied to them. They could be chained together or small weights could be hooked to them causing them to bite down even harder on the captured nipple. The clover clamps sounded painful but they looked more like jewelry with their graceful lines and delicate filigree.

We carried the three gags Ingrid had selected and the two sets of the nipple clamps downstairs to where Ashley was waiting with our other sex toys.Janine kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for "modeling". We paid and Ingrid headed out of the store, leaving me to pick up the two glossy black plastic bags with the red lips logo on them. Great, I thought to myself, I was dressed like a slut and carrying bags from a sex store.And to top everything off, the crotch rope was working its painful but stimulating magic on my clit.

We pulled back into Ingrid's driveway to the same scene as when we had left. Many of the neighbors were out in the sunshine and there was a steady stream of cyclists and runners. Ingrid pulled the jeep into the garage and hit the remote to close the door behind us. She hopped out and swung around to my side. The seatbelt was unlocked and I stepped out as gracefully as I could, keeping my arms folded behind my back.

"So little sweet innocent Gabriella, you passed the test. It's up to you now. If you want to be my and Andre's total slave for the rest of your visit get down on your knees now and beg. It's cool if you don't want to continue, just tell me and we go back to regular BFF's. "

It was an easy choice to make. I sunk to my knees on the dusty floor of the garage. I kept my arms folded tightly behind my back. Once again, begging came surprisingly easy to me. It must have been the past couple of hours of humiliation. I'd also learned from my earlier attempts this morning.

"Please Mistress Ingrid, this slut begs to be your and Andre's slave. Please Mistress Ingrid, do whatever you want to me. I trust you and I am totally yours. And Andre's of course."

In a flash of inspiration, I leaned my face down to her feet and gently kissed her shoes. I pulled back slightly and knelt on the dirty concrete floor with my head down submissively.And I had just kissed the feet of my best friend.

"You're lucky that I'm in a good mood you big titted cow.I'll relax my usual high standards and accept you as my slave. You need a lot of training though. But be warned slut, failure to comply with anything you are told to do will be severely punished. Now strip!"

I knelt there frozen for a second. Shit, what I had gotten into? Who was I kidding? This was what I wanted. I undid the halter top and my large round breasts jiggled free. My nipples were still bound and now very tender. I stepped out of the mini skirt and folded both parts of the outfit, laying them on the passenger seat of the jeep. I kicked the shoes off, glad to be out of the high heels.Not sure of what to do, I knelt back down on the floor.

Ingrid turned to me and a sly smile played across her lips when she saw me kneeling.She had pulled several coils of rope out of a sports bag in the back of the jeep.

"Good thinking on the kneeling slut. I might just go a bit easier on you if you behave like that. But then again, I probably won't. Now stand up and hold your arms out to your sides at shoulder height and spread your legs."

I did as ordered, feeling very exposed and vulnerable. Ingrid shook out a coil of rope and wrapped one end several times around my left wrist and then tied it off so the knot was at the topside of my wrist, impossible for my fingers to reach. Several feet of rope were left dangling from my outstretched arm. Ingrid repeated the tie with my right arm. Another two coils were tied around each leg, just above the knees. Again, Ingrid left long loose tails on each tie. The remaining two coils of rope went around each ankle.

"Get up on the hood of the jeep and lie down on your back with your feet resting on the front bumper." She ordered.

I climbed up on the hood as instructed. It was still hot from the drive and was slightly painful on my back, like the feeling from a bad sunburn. My right arm was tugged out and Ingrid tied the free tail around the support bracket for the wing mirror. Ingrid moved around to the other side and stretched my left arm out and roped it to the other mirror's bracket.

My left ankle was pulled out wide so my calf rested on the headlight. My mistress tied it tightly to a cargo ring mounted on the bumper. She tied the right leg the same way. Lastly Ingrid pulled the rope around my right knee over the fender of the jeep and tied if off. My left leg got the same treatment. When she was done, Ingrid had tied me like a hunter's trophy onto the hood of her jeep. I was spread-eagled with bent knees, leaving my entire body open to my mistress's whims. I pulled and strained against the ropes, mainly to get some relief for my back which was feeling very toasty from the heat of the engine. I was thrilled to see I could barely move in any direction regardless of how hard I tried. Ingrid stood and watched my futile efforts with a satisfied grin.

She retrieved the bags from Carnal Knowledge from the back of the jeep and set them down on a table. She poked around in one and her hand came up with the big rubber phallus we had bought. She wobbled it back and forth menacingly and stood between my spread legs. She inserted it in me but not where I thought she was going to.

"Open your mouth, bitch." She demanded.

I did and she shoved the thick rubber cock into my open mouth. She didn't stop until it poked the back of my throat, causing me to gag slightly. It stretched my jaws more than the ball gag had and completely filled my mouth. My tongue was over powered by the bitter taste of rubber.

"Andre is going to be here shortly. You will wait here for him. That cock had better still be in your mouth when he gets here or you will pay. "

She took a lipstick tube out of her purse and pulled the cap off and held it in front of my face. It was frosty pink. She moved it down to my belly and began to write. There was nothing I could do to stop her.

"There we go. Do you want to know what I wrote? It says, "Andre's Slut". I also put a nice arrow pointing at your pussy. Actually since you belong to me, it's my pussy."

Ingrid picked up the bags and headed into the house. As she did, she hit the switched for the garage door and it rattled open behind me. I squealed around the massive cock filling my mouth but it was too late; Ingrid had already gone inside. I panicked that someone was going to see me and started to freak a bit. It took me moment to realize that a neighbor seeing me naked and tied up in Ingrid's garage was going to as awkward for her as it would be for me. I must be relatively hidden from view. The jeep blocked most of me and anyone looking in would be looking from bright sunshine into dark shadows. Still my pulsed raced every time I heard someone outside.

The engine and hood had cooled enough that it wasn't so painful anymore. I relaxed in my bonds and let my mind drift.What would it like to be tied like this and driven naked through the streets? I'd been horny all day but it was starting to build to a new level. I began to create a fantasy since I could do nothing but lie helpless in Ingrid's ropes....

A line of army trucks approach the refugee camp I volunteer at. It is hot and humid, my sweat soaked t-shirt clings to my skin as I wait for the trucks. It is the local warlord here to shake us down for material. I sigh in resignation as they steal our valuable supplies. As they are about to leave, the warlord signals to some of his men. I am seized by two soldiers and dragged over to his jeep. Another command is given and I am roughly stripped naked by the soldiers. A third soldier approaches with some rope and the three of them wrestle me kicking and screaming onto the hood of the jeep. I am bound naked, spread eagled on my back. The jeep engine starts up and we roar out of the camp and down the road to the army's compound.

I am terrified as the wind roars over my naked frame. I scream and cry but if anyone can hear me they don't do anything about it. Finally we get to the compound and soldiers pour out of the barracks to look at me. I am driven slowly in a circle while everyone cheers and fires automatic weapons into the air. The jeep stops and the warlord stands and announces that I am a hostage. Until my ransom is paid, I'm to be used as a sex slave for the men. There are more cheers and gun fire. Then they crowd around my naked vulnerable body and begin to grab at me.

"Jason, don't do that to your sister! Smarten up!" A mother yelling at her son snapped me back to the present.

The fire in my back has gone out as the hood has cooled. It's uncomfortable being tied like this. My head was propped up on the windshield. Actually it was folded at a bit of a sharp angle so I looked straight down over my naked body. The view was dominated by the end of the rubber cock stuffed into my mouth and the mounds of my breasts with their bound nipples. I had to clamp down on the phallus to hold it in my mouth. Breathing was difficult with my neck bent and a cock shoved down my throat. Two lines of drool ran out of the corners of my mouth.I pulled on my arms but they stayed rigidly stretched straight out from my shoulders. The ropes were tight around each wrist and chaffed the skin if I struggled too much. I felt like I am spread open for a gynecological examine. Ropes held my legs splayed wide apart giving complete access to my pussy. I tried to pull them together but the bonds held. I relaxed in resignation that I couldn't get free.I drifted off into a fantasy again.

I am a pagan princess who has been captured by a rival tribe. I am bound, gagged, blindfolded and dragged off to their village. All the tribe people come out on our arrival and I hear them moving around me, talking about me.My blindfold is removed and I cringe in fear at all the hostile faces staring at me. My clothes are torn from me and I am carried over to a large wooden alter.They drop me on it on my back. Rough strong hands grab at my arms, legs and ankles. They position my naked body so that my ass hangs over one edge of the altar.My arms are over my head and spread wide, tied to the sides.My legs are pulled wide apart and bent slightly back to be tied to each side of the altar's base.The men of the war party that captured me line up and the first one steps in between my spread legs, pulling his erect cock free as he does. I am helpless to stop him from plunging into me. I look over at the line of waiting men and count 10 of them.

I'm jerked out of the fantasy by a car pulling up the driveway and into the garage. Please, please be Andre I thought. I couldn't face being found by a stranger like this. Fortunately it was. He opened his car door and stepped out.

"Well, this is a nice treat to come home to!" Andre said in a leering tone.

He went to the front of the jeep and stood between my splayed legs. Andre laughed as he read what Ingrid scrawled on my belly. He tickled my labia with a finger, sending a spasm through my vulnerable naked body. I jerked in the ropes. His finger pushed aside my lips and stroked the slick wetness of my pussy. There was no mistaking how horny I was now.

"You are one wet bitch. Let's get you inside so we can play."

Andre bent down and untied the ropes around my left knee and ankle. He dragged that leg over to the center of the jeep. I felt the tail end of the lower rope cross lashing my ankle to the bumper. Andre freed and hauled the right leg over. Instead of tying this ankle to the bumper he lashed it to the left one.My right arm was untied from the mirror strut. Andre forced it under my torso and pulled it towards the left side of the hood. He tied it off somewhere, leaving me partially twisted onto my right side with both arms pulled behind my back. I felt my left wrist come free from the mirror strut. It was pulled down and tied to my right wrist. My arms were now tied together behind my back. In the whole process only one limb of mine was free at one time. Andre freed my ankles from the bumper and lifted me into a standing position.

I stood naked, my wrists bound palm to palm behind my back. My ankles were tied tightly together causing me to wobble a bit. And shit, the garage door was still open. I spat out the rubber cock.

"Andre, the door is still open!" I pleaded.

"Shut up slut. Get that cock back in your mouth!" I hesitated.

"Now bitch." He snapped ignoring the pleading in my eyes.

I asked for this I thought as I sank to my knees. I bent my mouth down to the cock and after a couple of attempts, managed to get it into my mouth. It was gritty from the dust it picked up off the concrete floor. Andre closed the garage door as I struggled back to a standing position. He untied the ropes from my knees. The long tails of rope from my wrist bondage were wrapped around my belly and back over my bound wrists. My arms were now locked in place behind my back. I looked down at the floor, unable to meet his gaze.

"Inside now." Andre ordered.

I was about to protest when I thought better of it. Groaning inwardly I took a small hop towards the door. Andre waited at the door, a grin on his face as he watched my pathetic progress. My breasts jiggled up and down with every hop. The crotch rope dug deeper into my pussy when I bent to hop. I was certain I'm going to fall. Finally I was at the bottom step leading up to the door. This time I did whimper a protest.

"So you need so help do you? Well okay."

Andre came down the steps to me and standing on the second step from the bottom, he gripped my nipples tightly between his thumb and forefinger. I squealed in pain but got the message. I hopped up the first step. Andre's painful grip on my breasts steadied me. It hurt like hell though. We continued this way until I was on the top step. Andre held the door open for me and I hopped into the house. Ingrid waited at the end of the hall. A knot of fear built in my belly as I realized this was Ingrid the Ice Queen. Things did not look good for me.

She was dressed like a porn star dominatrix. Ingrid's blond hair was slicked back with gel. Her pale blue eyes were ringed with heavy black liner.Her lips shone with ruby red gloss. She wore a black leather bustier that hugged her slender figure. A black leather thong covered her pussy and a garter belt held up fishnet stockings. The look was completed by a pair of thigh high black patent leather high heeled boots and black kid leather opera gloves.She looked powerful, threatening and slutty all at the same time. We made quite a contrast.

I stood naked and bound. My body was streaked with grime from the jeep and the garage floor. My nipples throbbed from their bondage. Actually my entire chest was on fire from Andre's "help". Drool leaked out around the rubber dildo in my mouth and ran off my chin in swinging streams. I knew I had no power. I cast my head down submissively and hopped the rest of the way into the house.

"Isn't it great the way her tits bounce when she hops? There's got to be some theory in physics that describes what that motion those hooters go through is." Andre said as he followed me down the hall.

I stopped in front of Ingrid. I hesitated for a second and then dropped to my knees. She reached down and pulled the cock out of my mouth. A long stream of saliva came out with it and dropped onto my breasts and chin. She inspected the rubber dong with a frown.

"Why is this dirty? Did you drop it?" Ingrid snapped at me. "Answer me bitch!"

"Yes, yes." I stammered."I'm sorry Mistress for dropping it."

"Sorry isn't going to be good enough but we'll take care of that later."

She walked slowly around me. Ingrid yanked on my hair turning my face up to her. I was forced to meet her gaze. I shocked to see an Ingrid I don't recognize staring down at me. I tried to look away but she tugged my head around by the hair again.

"So is this everything you thought it would be in your little lame bondage fantasy? Are we having fun yet? I'm going to have fun with you. Things are going to take an abrupt turn here as this isn't about your fantasy any more, it's about mine. Ever since I first met you I wanted to control you. I saw that you were a natural submissive just waiting for someone strong enough to own you. I don't plan to just tie you; I plan to completely possess you, to own your soul.I am going to break your free will and make you my slave.Andre honey, let's take our little pet here down into the playroom where we can get down to business."

I was dragged to my feet by my hair and Andre threw me over his shoulder. My head hung down his back and my hair waved back and forth over his tight ass as he carried me down into the basement. I couldn't see much other than his back until Andre set me down. The basement made a pretty good dungeon.

It was basically one big open expanse with one end walled off for what I presumed was the utilities room. The basement was unfinished. The walls were the grey cinder block of the foundation. The floor was bare poured concrete. Two reddish brown steel poles space about 10 feet apart, supported an iron beam that ran the length of the basement. As I looked more closely I saw steel rings bolted to the cinder block walls. They were arranged to hold someone in a variety of positions. Rings and pulleys hung from the stout wooden joists. There were even rings bolted to the floor.Neat coils of rope in various thickness and material, hung from hooks on the wall to the utility room.

There were a few pieces of furniture. A queen size bed with a bare mattress sat in the middle of the floor. Its wrought iron frame had lots of handy vertical posts in both the head board and the foot board. Near the bed sat a stout wooden chair. Like the bed it had many slats and rails making it ideal for bondage. There was also a long low leather covered steel framed bench. It looked like it was part of a home gym. The final piece of furniture was a plain wooden kitchen table. Our purchases from Carnal Knowledge were carefully arranged on its top. They were joined by a riding crop, a cat o'nine tails, an ice bucket full of cubes and two bundles of white candles. Each bundle was held together by elastic bands and held ten eight inch candles.

As I looked around the room I wondered what I had gotten into. My fantasy was to be captured and abused against my will but now I was confronted by the reality of it, I began to have doubts.Apprehension boarding on fear began to boil in my belly as Andre dragged me over to the bench.Ingrid the Ice Queen approached me.

She reached up to my left nipple and gave it a painful squeeze.The pain got worse when my Mistress untied the dental floss wound around its base. I gasped in pain as the blood rushed freely into my nipple. It felt like it was on fire. Ingrid and Andre watched with detached interest as I squirmed around trying to deal with the pain. The fire was still raging in my left nipple when Ingrid untied the right one. This time I shrieked and doubled over. Andre grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me erect. I shimmied from side to side trying to get away from the pain in my nipples. My scalp was burning from Andre's grip on my hair. Ingrid untied my crotch rope. It was weird but it felt like it was still tied there.

"So Andre, sweetie, what do you want to do to your slut?" Ingrid asked casually, stroking his erect cock through the fabric of his jeans.

"I want to see her dominated. I want to watch you train her."

Ingrid squatted down in front of Andre and unzipped his jeans. She pulled out his cock and ran the tip of her tongue lightly up and down the hard shaft. Andre moaned in response and closed his eyes. Ingrid was now planting a trail of gentle kisses on his erection. I stood, naked and bound watching. Andre was clearly enjoying Ingrid's attention. She teased him with her mouth for a few more minutes and then tucked his cock back into his jeans. Andre bent down and whispered something to Ingrid. She grinned, stood up and walked over to me.

"For the next couple of minutes we're back to reality. We want to do something but we want your honest answer first. We're not masters and a slave anymore. So don't think you have to say yes. We want to video this. Is that okay with you?"

That caught me by surprise. Ingrid hadn't asked permission when she was taking photos of me earlier. I could tell by the expression on her face she was sincere about us stepping out of the master/slave thing. My first reaction was no but then I thought why not, there was already ample photographic evidence of what they were doing to me. I flipped back and forth. My indecision was broken by Ingrid's giggling voice.

"You still bite your lower lip when you're thinking hard about something. That is so cute!"

The reference to be being cute did it. It bugged me that Ingrid always thought I was so cute and shy. I'd show her I wasn't shy.

"Sure why not, you've already got enough photos of me. Just please, please, please swear to me that you aren't going to upload or share them."

"Oh totally, we just want them for ourselves. I'll have the only copy and I'll never copy it or show it to anyone else. Seriously, you can trust me on this."

Reassured, I slipped back into slave mode.

"I am just your slave so what I want doesn't matter. If it pleases my masters to video me they can. "

Ingrid and Andre both smiled at this. He went to set up the video camera. She turned to me.

"Since I know you are a dumb slut I'll start with some simple lessons, things even you should be able to grasp." She said as she untied me.

"There are some basic positions you must be able to assume quickly and correctly. The first is called standing submission. Spread your legs, lock your fingers together behind your head and stick your tits out."

I did as she ordered. I felt very vulnerable and slightly weird standing like this even though no restraints held me in place. Ingrid walked around me, a riding crop dangling from one hand. Suddenly she lashed out and stuck me across the ass. There was a loud crack followed by a searing line of fire burning into my skin. I yelped and put my hands over my buttocks to protect them. Ingrid switched targets and landed a blow on my breasts.

"Put your hands behind your head and spread your legs. I'll punish you later for covering up your ass like that. When you are ordered into a position you are not to move until told. Is that clear?"

The last three words were punctuated with blows from the crop. The skin on my ass and breasts was on fire. My eyes watered as I gasped in pain and tried to stay in position.Ingrid tapped my elbows with the riding crop indicating to me she wanted them pulled further back. I complied and this lifted my breasts up and out. A couple more encouraging taps from the crop on my inner thighs and Ingrid was satisfied my legs were spread wide enough. They were extended so far apart that it was a strain to keep my feet flat on the rough concrete floor. I drew in a deep breath as she rubbed the tip of the crop over my pussy lips, fearing that she would strike there but she didn't.

"You will stay in that position until I release you. Concentrate carefully on how this feels and what the correct position is. You will be punished if you cannot execute it perfectly."

I stayed rigid and did concentrate as Ingrid instructed. The slightly diminished fire on my skin was an excellent motivator to avoid future whippings. I was sure that regardless of how well I did behave, Andre and Ingrid would find a reason to beat me. As the fire continued to cool, I found myself surprisingly turned on at the thought of another whipping. It was weird. It hurt and I didn't like it when it was going on but once the pain subsided a bit my skin tingled and was extra sensitive.

Ingrid and Andre were locked together at the mouth as I stood submissively waiting for whatever was to come. Andre's muscular arms were wrapped around Ingrid's body pressing her tightly to him. His large hands cupped the taut cheeks of her ass. For her part, Ingrid's arms were wrapped around his neck and she was grinding her pussy against his thigh. Eventually they broke position and Ingrid focused her attention on me.

"Not bad, slut." My Mistress commented.

I winced a bit as she moved towards me. She smiled at seeing my reaction. I stood as still as I could while Ingrid slowly circled me. She towered over me in her high spike heels. My shortened stature due to my widely spread legs exaggerated the difference in our heights. I felt small and vulnerable. The leather of her boots creaked and the heels tapped loudly with each step. I sucked my breath in sharply as the flat leather tip of the crop traced a fine line up the side of my ribs. Goose bumps rose on my naked skin and my flesh tingled as Ingrid ran the tip of the crop over my exposed body. She continued to move around me; a predatory female with a submissive victim. I was certain pussy juices were about to drip on the floor between my widely parted legs. Andre was using Ingrid's camera to grab photos of us. The front of his jeans bulged out from the pressure of his erect cock.

My Mistress stopped behind me and gently rested a leather covered hand on each of my hips. She slowly moved them up my sides. When she reached chest height, her hands slid over my breasts and cupped each one. Andre stood in front of me and took some more photos of Ingrid and me.Without warning Ingrid pinched each nipple. They exploded in a burning pain as they were still sore and tender from being tied for several hours on our shopping trip. I screamed and twisted to avoid her grip but that just wrenched my tortured nubs even more. I might be new to slavery but I knew enough not to move my hands from behind my head. Andre came in closer and took a tight shot of my right nipple trapped between Ingrid's thumb and forefinger.

After what seemed like an eternity, my tormentor released my breasts and stepped around in front of me. She gently stroked my face, the soft leather feeling sensuous on my skin.

"That's my good little girl. You are going to make such a good slave."

I was inwardly embarrassed to feel proud that Ingrid was pleased with me. As long as we'd known each other, I had sought her approval.This was taking it to a whole new level though.A profound desire to want to please both Ingrid and Andre washed over me, sweeping away the last remaining bit of my free will.

"Okay, number two is called present for inspection. Keep your hands and legs where they are and bend forward at your waist." Ingrid ordered.

I folded as far over as I felt I could without falling but it didn't satisfy Ingrid. The whip lashed my upper back until I bent as far as my Mistress wanted. My body was bent to 90 degrees at the waist. I wobbled a bit and struggled to keep my balance. I found the most stable position was to arch my back to support my upper body and push my ass back to keep my center of gravity over my feet. Ingrid pushed my chin up with the riding crop until my face was looking straight ahead instead of down at the floor. She made me hold my mouth open like I was at the dentist. The genius of this position struck me once I wasn't worried about falling flat on my face anymore.

My spread legs exposed my pussy and ass to my Master and Mistress. Since I was forced to push my ass back, the cheeks and my rear passage were vulnerable to assault. With my torso parallel to the ground, my large round breasts hung down like melons. Because I had to arch my back my upper chest was tilted up and away from the floor allowing better access to my tits. My mouth was open, ready to accept whatever they pushed into it. I was completely exposed in this humiliating position. Like I said, it was pure genius. Damn, Ingrid was good at this domination thing.

"Come on over Andre and check this naked bitch out."

Both of them started to poke, fondle, pinch and grab my body from my feet to my face. I fought so hard not to move the entire time that I broke out into a thin sheen of sweat from the strain. One stood on either side of me and worked all over my body. Andre focused on my tits, pulling down on the nipple of one breast like he was milking a cow. This stoked the fire still burning in the nipple and I gasped in pain. At the same time, his other hand clawed at my ass cheek. Ingrid's was the first finger to enter my moist vagina. She lightly teased the labia for a few seconds with her finger nail before sliding a digit into my slick passage.

"Wow, this whore is wet, Andre. We've got ourselves a natural slave slut here."

My cheeks warmed as I flushed in horrified embarrassment.It was already clear to me from the first moments of my submission this morning that there was no dignity in my slavery. Instead of trying to maintain the presentable public façade that ruled my day to day life, I could submit not only to Ingrid and Andre but to myself.I wanted to know what that felt like. I wanted more of what Ingrid and Andre were offering me.

Andre moved behind me and grabbed my hips with his strong hands. He held me steady as he slammed his groin into my ass like he was fucking me from behind. My body shuddered each time my Master pounded into me. Ingrid had moved around to my front. She grasped my chin with one hand and forced the two fingers she had used to probe my pussy into my open mouth. I sucked on them instinctively and the tangy taste of my love juices over whelmed my taste buds. I imagined Andre's cock ramming into my pussy while I suckled on my Mistress's fingers. I moaned at the thought loud enough for Ingrid to hear.

"This is definitely one horny bitch." She declared accurately. "Okay, time for position number three; kneeling submission."

They both broke away from me. Ingrid grabbed a clump of my hair and twisted it while pulling down. She forced me down onto my knees and then dragged my head back by the hair until my ass cheeks rested on my heels. My hands remained locked behind my head and my legs were spread wide apart. A few stern taps from the riding crop adjusted my arms, back and legs to Ingrid's satisfaction. My chest was thrust out and up and my pussy was exposed. I kept my face forward but kept my gaze down at the floor.

"Open your mouth slut!" Ingrid snapped. I did and she placed the riding crop in it. "Bite down gently and hold that there."

The earthy taste of leather spread through my mouth as I held the crop like a bit between my jaws. Ingrid walked away from me and wrapped an arm around Andre's waist while her other hand stroked the crotch of his jeans.

"So baby, do you like what I am doing to your slave? It is making you hot?"

Andre answered by sweeping her up into his arms and kissing her passionately, his tongue probing deep into Ingrid's mouth. She gently stroked his cheek with one hand and ground her lithe hips against his muscular thighs. I knew Ingrid was sexually aggressive but I'd never actually seen her in action, only heard her through the walls. It was another study in contrast between the two of us. I am more passive and let my lover take the lead whereas Ingrid tended to initiate rather than wait for her lover.Ingrid gently pushed back from Andre.

"Hey babe, watch this. You'll love it." Ingrid said.

She walked over the stout wooden chair, picked it up and set in down in front of me. She sat down and lifted her long leather encased legs. I groaned as she jabbed a spike heel into each of my breasts. The forefoot of her boots rested on my upper chest. She rocked her heel up and down, stabbing the stilettos into the tender flesh of my tits. Equal parts of pain and humiliation dominated my body.She pushed down hard with her heels and twisted her foot, grinding the spikes into my tits. I shrieked in pain but held my position.Andre diligently continued to document my debasement with Ingrid's phone.

"Good little slut." Ingrid cooed. "Now polish my boots with your tongue."

She waved her right foot in front of my face. I hesitated for a second. Ingrid ground her left heel into my breast and I quickly bent down to the offered foot. I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out. I gently drew my tongue against the soft smooth leather of her boot. My tongue quickly ran dry and I had to keep pulling it back into my mouth to moisten it. It made perfect sense to me that I was not disgusted but rather keen to please my Mistress. My day to day public façade crumbled to dust as my true submissive nature took over.

"Okay, now buff it with your hair." Ingrid demanded.

I wasn't sure how to obey at first and not break position. I twisted my neck and pressed the side of my head against her boot. I rubbed my head back and forth, my thick dark brown hair buffing her boot.

"Polish the other foot now bitch."

I repeated the process with her left foot.When she was satisfied with that boot, she ordered me to open my mouth. She slid the toe of her right boot into my mouth, deep enough to force a gag reflex. She told me to suck it. I did and the dry dusty tasted of the sole of her boot filled my mouth. After a minute or so she pulled it out, dragging out a long strand of saliva with it which landed on my breasts. She positioned the boot under my exposed pussy and began to rub it firmly back and forth. I moaned in response.I began to rock my hips, riding her boot.

"Here are two important rules you must never break. The first is that you must ask for permission to come. The second is that you cannot come if we didn't give you permission."

Ingrid pulled her foot away from my crotch and pushed the chair back. She stood up, moved the chair out of the way. She picked up the leash she bought at the pet store. She clipped it onto my collar.

"This is position number four. This is how you will always move around the house if you are not tied. Get on your hands and knees."

I moved my hands from behind my head and did as ordered. My pendulous breasts hung down and my hair tumbled around my shoulders. A few of the obligatory taps of the crop made sure my back was arched properly and my legs spread enough.

"You will crawl in this position just behind either me or Andre on our right side. Whenever we stop you are to immediately assume the kneeling submission position."

With a sharp tug on the leash we were off for a test crawl around the basement. The hard concrete was uncomfortable on my knees until I learned how to set them down gently. My tits swayed from side to side with each step and my hair hung down on either side of my head acting as blinkers. Ingrid stopped without warning at random intervals to test how quickly I could assume the kneeling submission position. She also twisted and turned as we walked, forcing me to struggle to stay on her right side and behind her. It felt like my knees and palms had been rubbed raw by the time Ingrid stopped leading me around the basement. We wound up back in front of Andre. I quickly knelt in the prescribed position.

"You may thank me for the lessons now." Ingrid said sternly.

"Thank you Mistress for teaching your slave what to do." I said meekly, my head bowed to the floor.

"Just show me you understood the lessons or you will be punished. It's time to make you comfortably uncomfortable. Get into present for inspection now, bitch!" Ingrid ordered.

Butterflies of excitement took flight in my belly as my Mistress picked up two long coils of white cotton rope. The domination without any bondage was powerfully erotic but I really wanted to be tied up. I spread my legs as far apart as I could and bent at the waist as instructed. Ingrid shook out one coil of ¼ inch white cotton rope and found its mid-point. She formed a loop there by folding the rope in half and held it at the base of my right breast which was hanging down towards the floor. Ingrid wound the tails of the rope around the base of my tit and fed them through the loop. She then tugged the rope tight and wound it in the opposite direction around my breast. The rope was tied off after three turns leaving two long tails hanging down to the floor. The process was repeated with my left breast.

"Standing submission." My Mistress snapped.

I straightened up, carefully assuming the correct stance. My tied tits were throbbing slightly. The coils of rope squeezed the base of each large mound making them mushroom shaped. They were both discolored from the restricted blood flow. Ingrid stood close to me and began to massage each of my bound breasts. The bondage made them very sensitive and I moaned as my Mistress raked them with her fingers. She slapped each one with an open hand causing me to groan in pain.

"See what happens when a slave girl has nice big luscious tits like yours? They get used against her. Andre and I are going to have a lot of fun abusing these hooters. "

She slapped them a few more times and then pinched and twisted the nipples. I shrieked but stood still having learnt my lesson the last time Ingrid assaulted my nipples.My Mistress let go of me and grabbed the tails of rope hanging down from my tits. Using them like a leash she pulled me over the leather covered bench and had me straddle it. A firm push on my shoulder got me to sit down. The leather was cool against my naked skin. Ingrid wound her fingers through my hair and tugged my head backwards, pulling me down so I lay along the length of the bench with my head at one end.

"Andre, grab some rope and let's tie this bitch down."

Andre put down the camera and scooped up some more rope. He tossed a coil to Ingrid who was squatting down beside my head.Andre went to work on my legs. He grasped my right ankle in a firm grip and folded my leg so the calf was pressed into the back of the thigh. White cotton rope was wound quickly around my thigh and ankle, locking my leg into the folded position. After about half a dozen loops around the leg, my Master fed the rope between my thigh and calf and wrapped the rope laterally around the coils, cinching them tightly. Two more bands of rope were added, one at mid thigh and another just above the knee. He got up and moved around to my left leg.

Meanwhile Ingrid had pulled my right arm from behind my head and folded it over the edge of the bench just above my head. I was in heaven. I loved the feeling of having two people tying me up at the same time. My pulsed raced as the ropes were applied to my naked body. My Mistress was cross lashing my right arm tightly to the steel leg of the bench. The wrist bondage got even tighter when she wound the rope between my arm and the leg, cinching it firmly. Ingrid slipped around to my left and pulled that arm from behind my head and lashed it down to the other leg. Andre finished with my left leg and both of my captors stepped back to admire their work.

I was naked and bound before them. My head was wedged between my arms which were folded back under the end of the bench. Each leg was tightly bound, the rope digging into the flesh of my thighs. I was splayed open before them, my bound breasts and pussy completely exposed. I twisted and writhed in my bonds, not to get free but rather to feel more helpless, to know that I couldn't escape.

"It looks like our little slut likes bondage." Andre smirked.

"Let's see if she still likes it when we're finished." Ingrid answered.

My captors got back to work. Andre pulled my left leg out and up towards my shoulder so my knee was even with my chest. Ingrid picked up the loose tails from my left breast bondage and fed them under the coils wrapped around my folded leg at the knee. When she tied it off, my leg was bound to my breast. Any movement in the leg felt like it was going to tear my tit off.Once the right leg was similarly bound to my right breast, my hips were splayed wide open and my pussy was exposed and vulnerable. A final set of ropes were tied around each ankle and drawn tightly down to the legs at the foot of the bench.I was now bound rigidly in a helpless, vulnerable position.

Ingrid and Andre moved over to the table and out of sight. I couldn't twist my head to see them. All I could do was lie still in the tight ropes and stare at the rafters above me. My captors spoke softly in hushed tones, planning what to do to me next. It was impossible to hear what they were saying. I waited naked and helpless, for my Mistress and Master. I was theirs to do with as they pleased.

Chapter 4 (added: 2014/03/24)

They turned back to me. Ingrid held the bucket full of ice cubes and Andre had the bundles of candles. I had thought that they were going have sex with me given the vulnerable position in which I was so tightly tied. But it looked like they had other ideas. Ideas that looked painful to me.

"We have big plans for you. We can get started with some physical torment to see how you handle minor pain before we move onto the more intense stuff."

They were standing over my naked bound body. My mistress used a small pair of tongs to pluck an ice cube out of the bucket. My master set down one bundle of candles and dug a lighter out of his pocket. He lit a few of the wicks and the flame quickly spread to all the candles.

"This is called the fire and ice treatment. You won't like it at all but then this is not about what you like but rather what we want."

They bent over me and set to work. I was yelping in seconds.

Their initial assault was brutal and fast. Ingrid pressed the cold ice against my exposed skin, holding it down hard and long enough that my skin started to burn. Andre tilted the flaming bundled of candles down and streams of hot wax poured onto my naked flesh. I twisted and squirmed trying to avoid the ice and wax.

It was more irritating than painful. The hot wax burnt and stung on initial contact but cooled quickly so the pain was not sustained. The ice wasn't physically painful but rather provoked an uncontrollable jerking reaction. The torment gave them control of the movement of my body, such as it was given how tightly I was tied.If they wanted my leg to jerk, Andre would drip hot wax onto my thigh or Ingrid would press an ice cube into the sole of my foot. If they wanted me to twist my upper body they would attack my bound breasts.

There was just enough slack in the rope binding my knees to my breasts so that my legs could jerk violently in response to the kiss of the ice or bite of the wax. This tugged and tightened the bands of rope tied around each tit to the point that I was sure they were going to be ripped from my body. The only solution was to lie as still as possible so I wouldn't tug on the ropes. The torment of the ice and wax was heightened by the strenuous effort to avoid reacting.

Sometimes they would attack different areas at the same time. Ingrid would press a cube onto my nipple while Andre poured hot wax on my feet.The worst was when Ingrid would part my pussy lips and press the ice into me while Andre poured hot wax onto my breasts. That went beyond irritating and I screamed.

Other times they would work in unison on one body part, quickly alternating between wax and ice. It wasn't long before blobs of white wax splattered my skin from head to toe. Similarly, my skin bore red blotches from the ice. Eventually they concentrated their efforts on separate targets. My master poured wax all over my pussy, sending jolts of pain through my abdomen when the stream hit the tender flesh of my lips. He kept pulling up my pubic hair before pouring so it would get trapped deeper into the wax.Meanwhile my mistress focused on my breasts. The cube swirled in random patterns over each swollen mound. Ingrid also gently teased my erect nipples with the edge of the cube or held it above me, allowing the chilled drips to fall on my tortured breasts. I wondered how long I had to endure this. I shivered at the realization I had no control over how long it would be.

Eventually Andre had my entire pussy coated in a thick layer of wax. He set the candles down and walked over to the table. He returned holding a roll of duct tape and a steel ring that was about six inches in diameter. I heard the tape rip and watched as he taped the ring down to the wax covering my pubic mound. When he was done, the ring was standing on an edge in the center of the coating. He then picked up the candles and started to cover the tape with more layers of the hot material. Eventually the tape disappeared beneath the wax. It dawned on me that my public hair was encased in wax with a ring buried in it. A chill ran through my body as I imagined how they could use that.

At this point my tormentors decided to switch tactics and take a more subtle approach. Ingrid wrapped a long black silk scarf tightly over my eyes. The material was long enough that when she was done, my face was tightly wrapped in black silk from the tip of my nose to my hairline. I was totally blind.

They exploited the fact that I could not see. They began roaming over my body with ice and wax again but much more slowly, more randomly. Being blindfolded I didn't know where the next contact be. What was worse was not knowing when it would be. This wasn't just physical torment anymore, now it was psychological as well. Long periods went with no contact, and then I would be jolted by the searing sting of wax on my tit. More time would pass and the cold of the ice would kiss my inner thigh. After a while I began to twitch in anticipation of the jolt that doesn't come.They weren't using any set pattern between the wax and the ice so I might go long periods with only suffering from one before they unexpectedly switched to the other.

The combination of sensations was overwhelming. My helplessness, the pain and the humiliation all blended together in a euphoric feeling. I felt my masters moving around me, tormenting my body from the exposed soles of my feet to my forehead.

I stopped focusing on the torture and lost myself in the feeling, trying to understand it, to categorize somehow. It wasn't just being horny. It was more like the afterglow of a really good orgasm. But it didn't just light up my body like post orgasm bliss but blew through my brain as well. My mental functions were swept away, freeing me from the pressures of thought. Ironically given what was being inflicted on my tortured flesh, I was in a totally relaxed state. Yes I physically reacted to the punishment, there was no way I couldn't but mentally and emotionally I felt serene. Ironically surrender of control was liberating. This had gone way beyond the expectations of my fantasy. It always included massive orgasms ripped from me but I never anticipated this zoned out state of total release.

I felt the knots holding my blindfold on being loosened. I blinked in the light as it was drawn away from my eyes. My torment was about to enter a more cruel phase.

Ingrid and Andre began to untie my legs. I got that same feeling of disappointment at being untied that I had experienced that morning. However I was relieved to get my legs into a less strenuous position. In a few minutes my legs were untied from my breasts and my calves were no longer welded to my thighs. I lowered my feet to the floor. My skin tingled as the circulation returned to my legs. Andre coiled the ropes up while Ingrid released my tormented tits from their bondage. Slowly the throbbing in my breasts faded but they both felt really fragile and very sensitive. Neither of my captors made a move to free my arms.

My respite from the intense bondage was brief. Andre bound one ankle to one of the tubular steel legs at the foot of the bench while Ingrid secured the other. I got a sinking feeling in my belly when Andre tied a thin cord to the top of the ring embedded in the wax covering my pussy. He stretched up over me and pushed the other end of the rope over a beam in the ceiling directly above me and then pulled it back down and looped it through the ring. My pussy seemed to catch fire as the rope was tightened causing the wax coating to pull at my pubic hair. I raised my hips off the bench to reduce the tension caused by the rope but Andre simply continued to keep pulling. My hips were arched upwards to the point that my body was almost completely raised off the bench. Only my upper shoulders, neck and head rested on the padded covering. Master was satisfied and tied the suspension line off. This was my first taste of predicament bondage.

The cruel beauty of my tie became apparent very quickly. I had used my legs to push myself up off the bench and the quad muscles in my thighs were taking most of the strain of holding my hips up in the air. It wasn't long before they were burning and then shaking, trying to support my weight in this awkward position. If I relaxed my legs slightly in the vain hope of getting them some rest, my crotch would explode in flames as the suspension line pulled on the ring which in turn pulled at the wax coating my pussy. To top it all off, I was having trouble breathing since my upper body weight was driving down onto my shoulders and folding my neck.

"Let's see how long the slut can stand this before she gives herself the bikini waxing of a lifetime."Andre smirked.

"Nice job honey but I think we can rock it out a bit more." Ingrid responded.

I heard something rattle on the nearby table but I couldn't turn my head to see what it was. I needn't have bothered as my Mistress appeared over my head, dangling a set of nipple clamps from her finger. My constant whimpering grew a little louder as Ingrid trailed the clamps lazily over my still sore breasts. The whimpers turned to squeals as she rolled one nipple then the other between her thumb and forefinger. They were still tender from being tied when we went downtown.

I gasped in pain when the first clamp snagged my right nipple. Ingrid waited for that initial shock to pass before clamping the other nub. The sharp pain soon faded to a numbing ache. That didn't last though as Ingrid tied a cord around the middle of the chain between the two clamps and then drew the loose end up the suspension rope. The pain in my nipples erupted as they were pulled up away from my breasts. Now if I tried to lower my belly a bit to take the strain off my abs and shoulders, the tension increased on the nipple clamps. I didn't think I could last long in this position before my body completely collapsed, ripping my pussy hair out and tearing my nipples. My heart sunk at Ingrid's next words.

"Andre honey, all this slave abuse has made me really horny." She said in a breathy, dramatic voice. "Let's leave her like this while you fuck me."

"I want to move the video camera closer so we don't miss her suffering."

Andre moved the camera to a better angle to document my misery. When he was satisfied, he picked up Ingrid's phone and took some more pictures of me from every angle. My master moved out of my limited range of vision. He reappeared a few minutes later, naked, and flopped down on the bed. It dawned on me that the bench had been placed so that I could see the bed despite not being able to see most of the rest of the basement.

Andre centered his toned muscular body on the mattress and lay back. He skin was tanned a beautiful bronze color. His muscles weren't bulky like a body builder but long and graceful like those of an Olympic diver. The definition was a testament to how much time he spent working out. His magnificent cock stood straight up, rising over the ripples of his abs. It swayed around slightly and once I again I was struck by how much it resembled some conscious living organism. It almost seemed to be straining around to find a vagina to attack. I was intimately familiar with his cock given the time it had spent in my mouth earlier this morning so I could imagine what it would feel like thrusting into me. I wondered if it ever would as I had been his helpless slave for about 8 hours now and he still hadn't made any attempt to enter me.Mistress climbed on the bed and blocked the view.

She straddled Andre's thighs, unsnapped her thong and threw it onto the floor. She kept on her black leather bustier, garter and fishnets and those killer boots. I couldn't see what Ingrid was doing but I guessed by her arm motion and Andre's low moans that she was stroking his cock. I could hear her talking in a low voice but it was too quiet to make anything out. Andre's hips started to rock as Ingrid massaged his penis. She was speaking a little louder now and I could hear her telling her lover how hot he was and how she just wanted to worship his cock.

Ingrid bent over and took him into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down vigorously and loud sucking sounds filled the room. Every so often she paused to breathe but she didn't stop working his cock, licking it with her tongue and kissing up and down the shaft. Eventually Ingrid sat upright, straddled Andre's hips and with a guiding hand slipped his cock into her pussy. At that very instance of penetration, my own pussy exploded into flames and I was drawn back to the grueling punishment being inflicted on me.

I had relaxed my thighs a little too much and the wax started to tear at my pussy hair. I pushed back up and the fire cooled to a warm smolder. It hurt but I could take it. I was worried about my legs though. They both quivered in brief spasms, threatening to collapse entirely. I tried to find some relief by alternating between using my thighs and my lower legs to hold me up. Both sets of leg muscles were exhausted. I felt like I was running up a steep hill. My body was covered in sweat from exertion. Because of the way my neck was folded, I had to breathe in short sharp gasps.My nipples were stretched painfully, the areolas pulled up and away from the rest of my breasts. I wondered how painful it would be to just drop down to the bench versus staying like this much longer. My thighs made sure I found out.

My legs collapsed in the midst of another spasm and before I could recover, I fell back down to the bench. The wax ripped out chunks of my pussy hair. The skin seared in pain where the hair had been.It merely burnt where the hair remained. The wax hadn't completely entangled my pussy so I was left with a patch work of hair. The mound of wax must have cracked and broken when I collapsed as clumps of hardened wax still clung to me. The pain in my love mound was surpassed by the eruption in my nipples. Initially the clamps tightened as my torso dropped down. Then suddenly they pulled free and I was certain they had torn off my nipples. I yelped and chanted "fuck, fuck, fuck" over and over again as I tried to absorb the pain.

Ingrid was moaning and grunting as she slid up and down on Andre's cock.

"Oh baby, listened to our slut suffer. Doesn't that make you hot?" Ingrid panted.

Andre didn't respond but pulled Ingrid's body down so she was lying on his chest. He hugged her tightly and quickly rolled over so he now lay on top of her. Andre began to pound into Ingrid's pussy. His thrusts were so hard that my Mistress's body jerked violently towards the head of the bed. She wrapped her leather clad legs around his hips and thighs and used them to pull him even harder into her.

I was no longer distracted by the strain of trying to keep my body elevated and their animalistic grunts and moans reminded me of my own unsatisfied sexual desires. My frustration grew as the burning pain in my crotch and breasts subsided. I wanted to feel my Master's cock pounding into me the way Ingrid's moans told me it was slamming into her. I imagined the thickness of the shaft filling me, its length driving deep inside me powered by Andre's ramrod thrusts. But I lay bound tightly in my ropes, ignored by my masters.

The neglect of their battered slave girl was under scored by the obvious heights of their passionate sex. I pulled, twisted, turned and struggled against my bonds but found no relief for my need for attention. All I got for my efforts was more rope burn on my wrists and ankles. Once again the true meaning of being a slave was stamped on my psyche. A slave girl's needs and wants were of no concern to her master or mistress. This wasn't the playful S and M scene where the bottom is in as much control if not more than the top. I couldn't count on ever being pleasured given the self-absorbed desires of my owners. I began to cry in frustration.

Through my tear stained eyes, I could see Andre's body tense. His back arched up as he exploded inside Ingrid. He stayed rigid for a few seconds before falling back down on top of his lover. Then Ingrid threw her head back, arched her body up off the bed and let out a loud guttural moan as she came. She pulled Andre deeper into her with her legs and hugged him tightly as the waves of orgasm washed over her. The two of them lay intertwined and panting as they recovered from their passionate love making. I lay alone, ignored and frustrated in my bonds waiting for their attention to turn back to me, craving and dreading it at the same time.

Eventually Andre's cock softened and he slipped out of Ingrid. She gently pushed him off her and then quickly rolled off the bed and scurried over to me. In one swift motion she swung her left leg over me so she straddled my face and lowered down onto me. Her sloppy wet pussy pressed down onto my mouth and her milky thighs squeezed my head.

"Clean me out, bitch!"

I was repulsed but there was nothing I could do. A mixture of her pussy juices and Andre's sperm was smeared across my lower face. Her pubic hair tickled my nose. She pressed down harder on my face and her crotch began to smother me. I surrendered to the need to get her off me so I could breathe again and pushed my tongue up inside her. A large glob of sperm ran out down my tongue and out of Ingrid. My deep seeded desire to be debased and humiliated took over and I swirled my tongue around inside Ingrid's vagina.She purred in response and rocked her hips.

"Oh, my little innocent Gabriella is turning into quite the pussy eating slut. I think I'm going to keep you tied up forever just so I can have your tongue inside me whenever I want."

I probed deeper with my tongue in response to my Mistress's praise. I flicked it in and out, whirled it around the walls of her passage and licked the labia. A salty tangy mixture of Andre's and Ingrid's fluids filled my mouth and overwhelmed my taste buds. I should have been disgusted but I wasn't. I was just getting hornier in reaction to my degradation. My mouth was being turned into a human douche. Ingrid was becoming aroused again in response to my work and she ground into my face. Suddenly she lifted up off me and towering over me, wagged a finger at me.

"No, no, no!" she scolded. "You haven't earned the privilege to make me cum yet. Besides, you need to clean up Andre."

They switched places and Andre stood over me, his flaccid cock hanging down towards my mouth. I parted my lips and he squatted lower, his penis entering my mouth. Even without being hard it was still a mouthful. I sucked and licked, cleaning off the same mixture of his cum and Ingrid's pussy juices. I felt him begin to harden in my mouth and strained to raise my head off the bench so I could take him deeper into my throat. He started to give into my blowjob, pumping his cock into my willing mouth but like Ingrid suddenly pulled out and straightened up. A long tendril of salvia wobbled from the head of his penis and finally dropped onto my chin and throat.

My entire body was a mess. My lower face from my nose to my chin was coated in a slimy mixture of pussy juice, sperm and salvia. I was covered in splotches of hardened wax and strands of my hair were plastered to my face by sweat. The dust and dirt I had picked up from crawling around on the floor of the garage and basement left grey streaks from mixing with the melted ice on my legs and arms. I was totally a dirty slut.

Ingrid squatted down beside me. She gently brushed my tangled hair off my face and stroked my cheek with her gloved hand. I twisted to look at her and saw she was smiling at me. She leaned closer so I could feel her warm breathe on my neck and softly whispered in my ear.

"I want to hurt you more."Fear pushed exhaustion away as the reality of her words emerged from the gentle tone in which they were delivered.

"Let's get this dirty whore repositioned for a good old fashioned whipping." Ingrid said to Andre as she began to pick at the knots binding my wrists to the bench.

They untied me and then each one grabbed an arm and pulled me up into a standing position. I didn't feel the loss at being untied as I had earlier since I knew my freedom from the rope was a very fleeting situation. Ingrid slipped a finger under the dog collar that was still fastened around my neck and pulled. At the same time Andre grasped me on either hip and pushed me to a point where I stood centered in between the two steel poles that provided support for the main floor of the house. Andre tied a length of ¼ inch cotton rope around the ring in the dog collar and fed the other end through a ring in the beam above my head. He tied it off leaving a bit of slack. I was held in position.

"Standing submission!" He snapped.

I didn't hesitate as I obeyed. I spread my legs wide and interlaced my fingers behind my head. I pushed my elbows back and thrust out my chest as Ingrid had instructed me earlier. I widened by stance to the point where balance was an issue.I hoped my position was satisfactory to them but I knew it didn't matter. I was going to be whipped anyway. Once again my spread legs shortened my normal height by several inches so both Andre and Ingrid towered over me. This also caused the rope leash attaching my collar to the overhead beam to tighten and pull the dog collar around my throat. I stood very still hoping to relieve the tension. Apparently they were satisfied with my posture as neither one corrected me. Instead they began to tie me up again.

They started with my ankles. Ingrid attacked the right one and Andre the left. Each used a long strand of rough 3/8 inch hemp doubled over. The lark's head of the loop was positioned on the inside of my ankle and then the loose tails of the rope were fed through the loop and wound several times around the ankle forming a four inch stack of coils. The long tails were then pulled over to the base of the steel poles that were about 6 feet away on each side of me. The rope was then tied off at the base of the pole. I realized that the knots I would need to untie if I wanted to escape my bonds were well out of my reach. Even without my hands tied it was impossible for me to free myself. However my hands didn't remain free for much longer.

"Hold your arms straight out at shoulder height!" Ingrid ordered.

Once again strands of rough hemp were looped around my lower forearms and knotted off. The long tails were wound down to my hands and then tied off again.My captors then fed the loose ends of the rope through steel rings bolted into the joists over my head. I was held in a standing spread eagle position. Before the ends of the rope were tied off, Andre cupped my crotch in one hand and lifted up, forcing me up onto the balls of my feet. Only then did Ingrid and Andre tie off the ropes around the rings. As with my ankles, the knots I would need to untie to get free were impossible for me to reach.

It quickly became apparent how strenuous this position was. My body felt like it was stretched to its maximum limit along two diagonal axes; from my right wrist to the left ankle and my left wrist to the right ankle.I was pulled so tightly by the opposing tension of the bondage that my body was held in a rigid X position. All I could do was flutter my fingers and move my head. Apparently I wasn't spread enough.

Once my arms were bound I was more stable than with just my ankles tied. This allowed my Master and Mistress to return to my ankle bonds and pull the ropes tighter around the two steel poles, spreading my legs so far apart that only my toes made contact with the ground. I felt like I was going to be ripped in half from my crotch up through my torso. The tension on my forearms and wrists increased as rope around them supported most of my weight. My shoulders felt like they would be pulled from their sockets. I tried to twist my hands around so I could grasp the ropes that I essentially was hanging from in the hopes of relieving some of the strain but the rope was positioned on the top of my forearms out of reach of my flaying hands. The strain of the spread eagle made the hog tie that I had found nearly unbearable this morning mild in comparison. Once I was resigned to my helplessness and gave up struggling, I realized how vulnerable I was in this spread position. Every square inch of my body was available for torment. Andre was satisfied that I was secured and removed the rope from my collar. The drop in pressure on my throat was a relief!

My captors stood in front of me and inspected me like I was a slab of meat. There was no defiance or pride left in me and I hung my head down, unable to meet their gaze. I could imagine what I looked like in their eyes. My naked frame streaked with dust and dirt, crusty bits of dried wax stuck to my breasts, belly and pussy hair; a thin sheen of sweat starting to break out in response to the stressful bondage, my face caked with dried cum, pussy juice and salvia and my thick wavy hair a tangled mess. The lipstick Ingrid had written "Andre's Slut" on my belly was smeared but the words remained legible.

I always fantasized that if I were ever bound by a lover I would be a sexy object of his desire, something to possess and cherish like a valuable gem stone. Instead I was a helpless dirty whore unworthy of anyone's desire. A pile of naked female flesh that was only suitable for further degradation and humiliation. And despite all this, all the pain I was in, all the debasement I felt, I was incredibly horny!I was one twisted bitch to feel that way.

"Look at her pussy hair. It's a mess." Said Andre. "Let's get rid of what's left."

"You're right. It's half torn out so we might as well." Agree Ingrid.

My stomach churned at the thought of how they were going to do this. I imagined them ripping out clumps until I was nude down there but fortunately they were a little less sadistic. Andre ran upstairs while Ingrid slowly prowled around me. I really felt like a fly hopelessly caught in the web of a deadly spider. She reached out and her nails lightly traced a pattern on the side of my ribs. Tingles ran through my body in response. She was just toying with me, playing me like some crude instrument. Andre returned with a pair of scissors, a razor and some shaving cream.

He knelt down in front of me and I felt the cold steel of the sharp scissors against my pubic mound. I winced, both in reaction to the cold and in fear of being cut but the scissors. I watched as he cut away what was left of my pussy hair, letting the tufts fall to a little pile between my spread legs. When my Master had cut away all the hair with the scissors, he sprayed the shaving cream onto my mound and rubbed it in. He began to shave me. The blade must have been dull as it tugged against the short stubble of hair left after he was done with the scissors. My face flushed crimson in humiliation as he shaved my most intimate parts. I was helpless to stop him and knew that pleading would be useless and probably only worsen whatever punishment these two had in mind for me.

Eventually I was completely nude down there. Andre wiped away a few flecks of the shaving cream that were left and stood up to admire his work. He rubbed his hand over my pubic mound and messaged the fleshy skin. Once again the smoldering lust in my loins began to flare at his attention.

"It's silky smooth now." Andre announced. "And it looks a lot better."

I wondered what the girls at the gym were going to think when they saw my denuded pussy. Sure I trimmed for the swim suit season but I think some of them were going to be surprised to see how bare I was.It wasn't unusual for some of the other women but I doubt any of them would have expected someone as conservative as me to do it. I imagined their surprise turning to shock if I ever told them the truth as to how it happened!

"We need to punish you for your earlier mistakes. Tell me what they were." Ingrid ordered.

"Yes Mistress. My first mistake was dropping the rubber cock out in the garage. The second one was when I tried to protect my ass from your whip." As an afterthought I added. "I will try to do better in the future."

"Try, you stupid bitch?You will do better." Ingrid snarled at me. "Honestly, I can't believe someone as smart as you is having such difficultly with the simple concepts of being a total slave. All you have to do is what we say without hesitation or question. You don't need to waste time thinking; just obey immediately. How difficult is that?" I knew better than to answer.

Ingrid was back in front of me again. In one hand she held a black leather riding crop and the other what I recognized as a cat o' nine tails. Without thinking I started to shake my head.

"No please Mistress, don't whip me. I promise I'll do whatever you want but please don't hit me with those". I pleaded. A look of triumph flashed across Ingrid's face.

"If you don't want to be whipped all you have to do is use your safe word." She said.

I remembered our conversation about ground rules over lunch. If I used the safe word, everything would stop, I would be immediately released and the adventure in S and M would be done. I struggled to remember what the safe word was but eventually it came back to me; lasagna. The silence hung heavy in the air as both Ingrid and Andre waited to see if I would use it. I could avoid the imminent whipping but then any further fulfillment of my slavery fantasy would be history. I thought about it for a few more seconds and then spoke.

"Please mistress, a slave begs you not to whip her. I'll do anything you want but please I beg you don't whip me." A smile lit up Ingrid's face and Andre sighed in relief that I hadn't used the safe word. I wondered what I was in for.

"This is a riding crop." She said waving it back and forth in front of me. "I'm sure you've seen one of these before but I know your dumb slave hide hasn't felt one or else you would not be such a useless slut in need of the lessons it teaches. This is a cat o' nine tails. Like the riding crop it is very useful in correcting deficiencies in big titted cows like you. It is important you become familiar and fearful of both so that we don't need to waste time and effort showing you the errors of your ways. Both of these cause pain but it different ways. The crop feels like this."

Before I knew what was happening Ingrid pulled back her arm and swung the crop hard at my left thigh. There was a loud crack in the air and for a brief instance I didn't feel anything. Then a narrow line of fire burst out across the skin of my thigh. I yelped in response to the pain and involuntarily twisted my hips to try to get away from the fire but the ropes held me rigid the severely stretched position. The fire dulled to a stinging pain that pulsed on my wounded flesh. Ingrid moved behind me and out of sight. I tensed for what I knew was coming next.

"This is what the cat o' nine tails feels like."

I heard a whoosh through the air followed by a heavy thud and a snapping sound. This time the pain spread out across a wider path on my back and curled around my hip as the tails of the whip wrapped around my naked frame. It felt like the breath was knocked out of me and I couldn't make any sound except for a wheezing gasp. Finally a painful grunt exploded from my throat. I had no idea being whipped would hurt like this. It felt like someone had thrown boiling water on my back where the cat o' nine tails had lashed me and my thigh was throbbing from where it had been struck by the crop.

"Now Andre and I are going to do all the heavy lifting in this lesson in obedience. All you need to do is thank us properly after each blow. That's simple enough that even a useless untrained cunt like you should be able to manage. Andre will have the cat o' nine tails and I will have the crop. When you are hit with the cat, you say "Thank you Master" and when you feel the crop you say "Thank you Mistress". Every time you get it wrong will add strokes to your attitude correction session. Since you are an ignorant and weak little slut we are going to be lenient and start out with twenty blows from each. Each wrong response will get you two additional blows. Now tell me what you are supposed to do just so we don't have any misunderstandings here."

"Yes Mistress." I answer. "When Andre hits me with the cat o' nine tails I thank him and when you hit me with the crop I thank you."

"Good." Said Ingrid. "It seems simple enough but you are not going to be able to see who is whipping you so you will need to go based on only the feel."

With that Andre stepped up to me and wound a long black cotton band several times around my face, once again blindfolding me from the tip of my nose to the middle of my forehead. My head jerked as he pulled the blindfold tight and knotted it off over the bridge of my nose.

Nothing happened for several minutes. I couldn't hear them moving if they were. I hung still in my painful bondage. The tension of the severe spread eagle seemed certain to pull my limbs from their sockets. The ropes around my wrists and ankles dug deeply into my tender flesh. I had lost any feeling in my fingers and my hands felt like they were swollen from the restricted circulation. My feet ached from the arched position they were forced into and my toes were numb from trying to support my weight. As painful as this was and despite my fear of the whips, I was not going to lose to Ingrid's dominance and use my safe word. I resolved myself to take whatever she could dish out. That resolve wavered as the first blow landed across my breasts.

I yelled in both pain and surprise as a line of fire ignited across the middle of my tits. I recognized this game from the earlier torture with the ice cubes and candle wax. Unable to see, any strike against my helpless naked flesh would be a shock. I had no way of anticipating and therefore preparing myself for the blow.

"Thank you Mistress." I gasped.

The words had barely left my lips when another loud crack was followed by a line of fire erupting on my taut left calf. I jerked in my bonds but even with the violence of my involuntary reaction I was barely able to move. I doubted I could have been tied any tighter without causing severe injury.

"Thank you Mistress." I said in a strangled whimper.

Now the mind fuck began in earnest. Neither one struck me for what seemed like an eternity. They waited so long that the pain of the bondage began to dominate my body rather than the blows from the crop. I flinched at the faintest noise assuming it was the start of a blow that was about to land on my naked frame. But nothing struck me.

Finally I heard the whistle of an approaching blow and braced for the timing but not the location of the impact. It felt like boiling water had been poured over my pussy as the cat o' nine tails lashed upwards between my spread legs from behind me. The pain stretched from my just below my breasts to my vagina. A ragged scream was torn from my mouth.

"Thank you Master." I said correctly.

Again there was a long pause as no blows fell. My breathing settled down and I could once again here the sounds of normal weekend suburban life seeping into my torture chamber from outside. I wondered if they could hear my screams. I figured even if my cries were making it out of the basement, they would be so muted that no one would notice them over the noise of the neighborhood.

Suddenly two blows landed almost simultaneously. The cat thudded into my back across my shoulder blades and the tips of the tails wrapped around my torso and kissed my left nipple with their painful bite. The crop struck the top of my right foot. There is little flesh there to absorb the blow and it felt like it cut into the bone. I screamed in a mixture of surprise and pain.

"Thank you Master, thank you Mistress." I gasped, not really caring if I got the order right or if that even mattered as I tried to deal with the pain.

"This is too easy for you." Said Ingrid. "Now tell us how many more blows you deserve if you don't make any mistakes."

I struggled to remember how many blows had fallen through the mists of my suffering. I counted three from Ingrid and two from Andre so that was five. I "deserved" 40 so that meant 35 remaining.

"Thirty-five, Mistress" I answered.

"Wrong you stupid cow." She hissed. "You forgot the two blows you received for instruction. Either you are dumber than I thought or you like being whipped and want more."

Neither option was true. I didn't think the two blows she used to demonstrate counted towards the punishment I deserved and I certainly didn't want this to go on any longer than the prescribed 40 strokes. In fact I didn't want any more at all but that wasn't going to happen. Plus I realized that no matter what my answer had been it would have been wrong. Had I included the two demonstration blows Ingrid would have told me they didn't count. Because I hadn't included them she deemed them to be part of my punishment.

"Honestly, I thought you computer nerds were better at simple math. But because you clearly aren't, we need to add another two."

The beating began again and since I continued to identify the blows correctly and how many remained, my punishment dropped down to twenty more to endure. They still continued to vary the timing and location of the blows. Anticipating where and when they would fall was almost more torture than the actual strikes themselves. They messed with me even more by sometimes striking the floor with the whips. I could hear the whistle through the air of either the crop or the cat and anticipated the blow which didn't strike me but rather hit the floor with a loud crack. I still jumped as if the blow landed on me. The dialogue between slave and mistress/master became very redundant it went something like this.

A blow would fall somewhere on my naked helpless body.

"Aaaarrrrgggh!Thank you Mistress. Please no more, I'll do whatever you want!"

Another caress of the whip would land.

"Oooowwwwwwch!Thank you Master. Oh God please stop. I'll suck you off."

Another crack exploded on my breasts.

"Aaaahhhh!Thank you Mistress. Please I'll go down on you just please stop hitting me."

"Aaaarrrrgggh!Thank you Master. I'll swallow all your cum, please."

"Shut up you stupid bitch. We don't give a fuck about your offers. You are our slave meat and we can make you do whatever we want." Andre finally said, tired of my pleading.

After a long pause, the twenty-first blow came from the cat o' nine tails and landed laterally across both breasts.

"Thank you Master". I gasped when I was finally able.

"Wrong you stupid bitch. We switched and I am using the cat o' nine tails and Andre has the crop." Snarled Ingrid.

I knew better than to protest that how was I supposed to know they had switched. The beating continued in the same random pattern with an additional two blows to endure for mistakenly thanking Andre instead of Ingrid.

By the time a dozen blows remained, my entire body was on fire. I imagined my naked flesh was a lattice of welts from the crop and patches of bruises from the cat. I was certain the skin of my wrists and ankles were abraded from rope burns caused by my futile struggles to avoid both the imagined and real blows. I was now begging and pleading, promising to do all sorts of depraved acts to make the beating stop. Yet despite the pain I was suffering and the humiliation I was enduring, I refused to use my safe word. Surely Ingrid would give in before me. Another lash from the cat between my spread legs told me her resolve was as tough as mine. Strangely this battle of wills was interrupted by the mundane sound of an incoming call on Ingrid's phone. I was stunned when I heard her answer it!

"Hey, how are you?" Ingrid said when she answered the phone. There was a long pause while whoever was on the other end spoke.

"Well that sounds like fun but I think she just wants to hang here." Ingrid said. I groaned inwardly at the double meaning of me hanging at Ingrid's house given the fact that I was literally hanging in her basement.

"Well I'm sure she wants to talk to you too but she's a little tied up right now." Ingrid responded to whoever was on the phone.

"No, actually I have her tied up in my basement and Andre and I are whipping her ass right now."

I gasped in shock and started to protest but remembered my vulnerable position. Not wanting to endure any additions to my whipping I choked off my protest.

"Yeah, seriously, she begged me to do it. I bet you never imagined she had suppressed bondage fantasies did you?"

Clearly this was someone we both knew. A bunch of our university friends still lived out here. In fact I was one of the only ones who had left the warm weather and sunshine of the west coast to head back home.

"Hang on a sec, I'll send you a photo."

My mouth opened in stunned protest.

"Get her face up, honey." Ingrid said to Andre.

He twisted his hand into my hair and roughly adjusted my head so I was facing forward. Even with the blindfold it would be obvious who I was. My level of humiliation dropped even lower. Being publically molested and dominated this morning was bad enough but that was in front of strangers who I would likely never see again. This was different. This was someone who knew me. My secret was exposed to them and there was no way to cover it up.

"Yeah I know, right?Who would have thought it that little miss computer geek really wants to be a bondage sex slave." Ingrid said in reaction to what must have been disbelief from whoever was on the other end of the phone. "Turns out she is a natural slave. She just needed to be pushed a bit to let it out."

Ingrid paused and then said "Yeah sure. No problem, here she is."

Then she said to me. "Say out loud that you begged for this and you are cool with it and that you can stop it any time you like."

I felt her phone pressed up to my cheek. I hesitated for a few seconds but figured any delay would not turn out well for me so I gave in.

"Hi, yes I did beg for this and I do have the power to stop this any time but I haven't wanted to so far. Who is this?"

The phone was yanked away before the caller could identify herself. Ingrid showed her displeasure by violently twisting my nipple while she carried on in a conversational tone.

"Really?Yeah, for's not like she can do anything about it. So what, it about an hour?Okay, we'll see you then. No don't worry about picking up anything, we've got lots of wine and plenty for dinner. Bye."

Ingrid had clearly invited the mystery caller over for dinner and I assumed, to participate in my abuse.

"Mistress, please tell me who that was." I pleaded.

My head jerked violently to one side as Ingrid slapped my cheek.

"Don't you dare tell me to answer your questions. All you need to know is it is someone who is interested in taking advantage of your submission. You will obey her regardless of who she is. All I will tell you is you know her very well and she will decide if she wants her identity made known to you. She wants it to be a secret for now."

I hung my head in shame. My dark secret desire to be slave was going to be exposed. Who was this new tormentor?Was she going to tell our other friends about me?How could I ever face them again if her identity was not revealed to me?I would wonder every time I saw one of them if it was she who had participated in my abuse and who would know that I had a deep rooted desire to be a slave. How would she view someone who was weak and pitiful?I almost used my safe word but then realized Ingrid had overplayed her hand. In sending the photo my secret was already exposed. There was little to hide from whoever was coming over so I might as well not give in now.

I screamed as my ass was lashed by the cat...only eleven more strokes to go. The crop lit a strip of fire on top of the burning swath left on my butt cheeks by the cat o nine tails. This pattern continued; the layering of strokes from both the cat and the crop on the same body part. Sometimes the crop was first and other times the cat. They targeted my torso covering my back, ass, belly and breasts with pairs of lashes. I screamed and struggled in my bonds to avoid the blows. I knew movement was impossible since the ropes held me so tightly but my reactions were involuntary. Nothing helped.

When only four blows remained there was a long quiet pause in the whipping. I hung limply in my bonds. The respite from the beating shifted my attention to the distress being inflicted on my tortured naked body by the intense bondage. My hands were numb from the restricted circulation. I doubted I would have any dexterity with my fingers when, if I was freed. The arches of my feet were cramped from the strain of the en-point position I was forced into. My hip and shoulder joints throbbed from the tension of the spread eagle. The cloth of the blindfold was damp from my tears and my entire body was covered in sweat from my futile struggles. I had lost track of long had I hung here helplessly exposed?How much longer before my tormentors let me down?Only four more blows remained in my punishment but neither Ingrid nor Andre seemed in a hurry to deliver them.

Suddenly my focus was shifted back the beating as the Ingrid landed a blow with the cat o' nine tails between my spread legs. I knew Andre's target would be the same but it was still a shock when the crop delivered a searing line of fire directly onto my vagina. Two more blows remained and both landed on the vulnerable area between my stretched legs. I sobbed in humiliation as much as from pain at having these last four blows land on my pussy. They really emphasized how helpless I was since there was nothing I could do to prevent my Master and Mistress from beating this delicate and sensitive area.

"Well done my little pet." Ingrid said. "I was certain you wouldn't take that. Next time we'll have to increase the count. I think sixty might get your safe word out of you."

In my mind my safe word had become some secret that enemy captors were trying to get out of me by torture. Despite every fiber of my body being in pain I was determined not to give in...not yet.

I felt Ingrid press up to my back. She wrapped her arms around me and cupped my tortured tits. They had been a popular target for both Ingrid and Andre. Her touch re-ignited the fire from the whipping. She gently tweaked and rolled my nipples but because of the sensitivity of my skin from the beating it felt like they were being torn off. She swept my hair around behind my neck, exposing my left ear. Her hot breath caressed the skin of my neck as her tongue darted into my ear. My entire body tingled in response.

"Since you were such a tough little slave, we'll grant you one wish right now. Tell your Mistress and Master what you desire."

I really wanted to be freed but even more powerful was my need for sexual release.

"Please Mistress, I want to cum." I whispered in a hoarse voice.

Ingrid's finger slide between my legs and wiggled in between the lips of my pussy.

"You are one wet little bitch down here aren't you?" She taunted me.

I felt her finger pull out and a second later it was pressed against my mouth. I opened up and sucked my pussy juices off her finger.

"Well I think it is about time you had a little pleasure. But first we should ease your bondage a bit. You've been tied like that for a long time."

I sighed in relief as Ingrid and Andre loosened the ropes pulling my spread arms up to the ceiling. I was able to stand with my feet flat on the floor when they tied off the ropes. I guess I shouldn't have expected to be freed totally. Thankfully they also loosened the tension on my ankles so I could pull my legs in a bit. I was still held firmly in a spread eagle but at least I didn't feel like I was being ripped apart anymore. I heard my captors speaking in hushed tones and wondered what they were planning.

They moved around the basement for a couple of minutes before I sensed them near me again. One of them passed doubled up length of thin cord around my belly. I felt the tails of the cord being threaded through the lark's head and pulled tight. The rope belt dug deeply into the soft flesh of my belly. Ingrid spread my pussy lips with her fingers and I felt something cold and hard pushed up against the tender skin of my inner labia. The long tails of the thin cord were then pulled down across my lower belly, between my legs, upwards through the crack of my ass and looped under the rope belt in the small of my back. The direction was then reversed and they were fed back between my spread legs and up tummy to be looped under the rope between once again. I felt them jerked tightly and knotted off. The rope around my stomach dug even deeper into my flesh with the added tension of the crotch rope. The ropes running between my legs held whatever Ingrid had pressed up against my pussy firmly in place. There was silence for a minute and then suddenly I felt an electric shock in my vagina.

It turned out it wasn't a shock at all but rather the vibrations of the bulbous headed wand Ingrid had selected at the sex shop earlier today. It was painful at the point of contact. The vibrations pounded my delicate and bruised skin of my pussy and clit. But deeper inside me, my nerve endings were responding to the vibe with pleasure and my hips began to rock gently in response. A low moan escaped my lips.

"It looks like she is enjoying this." Observed Andre.

I felt something hard pushed against my lips.

"Open up bitch!" Ordered Ingrid. "We've heard enough from you for a while."

I opened my mouth and felt the rubber ball of one of the gags being forced into it. My jaws strained to open wide enough and I realized this was the larger of the two gags; the one Janine from the sex shop said would be painful to wear. It took some pushing and twisting but finally Ingrid was satisfied it was set deeply into my mouth. It was so big that I thought my jaws were going to be dislocated. I gagged and choked a bit and then managed to relax. The bitter taste of rubber overwhelmed my taste buds. Ingrid didn't take any notice of my gurgled protests as she pulled the gag's strap tightly around my head. It dug into the corners of my mouth adding to the discomfort. My Mistress buckled it tightly behind me and then pulled the inverted Y shaped strap up over my cheeks across the top of my head and fastened it to the main strap at the base of my skull. Finally the short strap that ran under my chin was drawn tightly and buckled, crushing my jaws down onto the massive ball of the gag. I shook my head and pushed on the ball with my tongue but the gag didn't budge.

Despite buckling the gag harness incredibly tight, Ingrid wasn't done yet. I felt her playing with something on the harness at the top of my head. Then I remembered there was a D ring set there. Ingrid must have been threading some rope through it. I felt some tugging and the straps of the harness dug even deeper as the whole thing was pulled upward. Ingrid had tied it off the ring in the beam above my head as Andre had done earlier with the rope attached to my collar. Now I couldn't even move my head.

Meanwhile the wand between my legs continued to drive towards the sexual release I was craving.My body was reacting to the extreme sensations of pain and pleasure. The head of the vibe was pounding painfully at a high frequency into my tender pussy. My entire body was aching, burning or throbbing from the beating and from being tied up so tightly for so long. Now the muscles where my jaws hinged were starting to cramp from being distended by the gag filling my mouth.And yet the waves of warmth from a building orgasm were spreading through by belly.The pain made the sensation of pleasure that much stronger. I twisted and writhed as lustful passion took control of me. Had I been more lucid I would have realized that there was little difference in my body movements and moaning now and when I was been tortured by Ingrid and Andre.I guess the only difference was I wasn't screaming.

Even if I had wanted to scream, the gag would have prevented much sound from escaping. The opening of my mouth was plugged by the massive rubber ball. It was too big to fit in behind my teeth so both my lower and upper teeth dug into the rubber sphere at its widest point, stretching my jaws to their limit. I was still trying to fight it but nothing I did dislodged it or even provided any improvement in comfort.It was a struggle to breathe or swallow. Saliva pooled at the front of my mouth and began to leak out around the bottom of the gag. I felt a steadily growing stream of it dribble down my chin and drop onto my breasts. The closer I got to cumming, the harder I was breathing which helped push more drool out of my mouth. Janine was right about this side effect of the gag. Being unable to control the drool just deepened my humiliation. It was bad enough being naked, bound, blindfolded and gagged while my two captors watched me passionately surrender to the orgasm that was about to sweep over me but the dribble of saliva was what really drove home my helplessness.

I rocked my hips back and forth in uncontrolled passion. The wand swung in rhythm to my gyrations causing it to roll slightly over my clit and inner labia. The stimulation was incredible!I completely forgot about Ingrid and Andre. The waves of erotic stimulation combined with my lack of vision, inability to make audible noises and my restraints denying me much movement pushed me into the realm of sensory depravation. My entire existence was isolated to the intense orgasm that literally exploded in my pelvis and rolled out in all directions. My fists clenched, back arched, thighs locked and I screamed into the gag as the most powerful orgasm I had ever felt rocked me to my core. My body jerked and twitched like I was having some sort of seizure. I'm sure it only lasted a few seconds but it felt like minutes. I was exhausted before but now I was completely drained.

I collapsed in my ropes. I hung limply in the spread eagle as the heat of the orgasm slowly settled into a relaxing after glow. That climax had been so incredible that I began to doubt I have ever really had an orgasm before. I certainly hadn't ever risen to such erotic heights as I had just experienced. As I recovered, it felt like I was in some altered state of consciousness. Ever the pessimist, a nagging concern began to build in the dim recesses of my mind that any future orgasms were going to be pretty lame compared to this one. It was as if I hadn't known what I was missing before and now was only going to be facing disappointment. While these bitter thoughts were rolling through my mind, I became aware of the vibrations still steadily working over my clit and pussy. Neither Ingrid nor Andre had turned off the wand when I came. I was dimly aware of someone standing very near to me.

"Andre and I are going up stairs to get ready for our mystery dinner guest. We need a shower and I'm going to get changed as this leather dominatrix outfit is a little over the top for hosting a dinner. We'll leave you to yourself and your little buzzing friend there. Have fun!"

I begged through the gag to be untied, if only to be tied up in a different position. This spread eagle was really a strain, even with its more relaxed tension. Locked in any position becomes painful after enough time. Despite my frantic pleading all that emerged from behind the gag was a gurgling mmmpphh. I'm sure they got the drift but ignored me. All I got was a wider river of drool running down my chin and dripping onto my breasts. And still the vibe worked away at me...

The ascent to orgasm began again. Unlike a human lover, the vibrating wand did not tire nor find satisfaction. It was a mindless, soulless machine that continued its work with relentless persistence. My body began to respond despite my overwhelming desire to rest. A sexual tension replaced the limp exhaustion and I began to sway and gyrate against my will. This orgasm approached like a rushing freight train as I was already sensitive and still stimulated from the cumming just a few minutes ago. The waves of the climax slammed into me with the same affect. It was as if an electric current was running through my body. My arms and legs went rigid and my torso and hips jolted and jerked. Again I screamed in ecstasy and another surge of saliva was forced past the giant rubber ball in my mouth. I twisted my head from side to side and arched my back as if I was pressing into my lover's groin. I actually felt a little light headed and heard a faint buzzing in my ears as if I was about to black out. The first orgasm may have been a tidal wave washing over me but this one was a volcano erupting deep inside and threatening to burst me wide open.

Finally I collapsed and once again hung limply in my bonds. If I was a mess before these two massive orgasms I was filthy now. The dirt, dust, wax and welts that had graced my naked frame before were now joined by a film of sweat that had broken out all over my body despite the cool air of the basement. Added to that were several rivers of drool that ran over and between my breasts. Some dripped off the tips of my tits while others merged together in my cleavage and formed a broader stream that ran down my belly and over my shorn pussy mound. Surely I wouldn't be presented to whoever it was that was coming over in this disgusting state!But I heard no movement from upstairs so I was being left alone for now.

Alone but my electronic tormentor still relentlessly attacked my pussy. I screamed in frustration as another orgasm began to build in me. I had never experienced anything like that first orgasm and now in a few short minutes a third one was being forced on my helpless body. The repetition did little to diminish the power and once again I was helpless to control my body. As with the ice and candle wax torture and the whipping, I could do nothing to find relief from the torment Ingrid and Andre were inflicting on me with the wand. And they weren't even here to administer the torment!

I didn't recover from the third orgasm before the fourth charged through me. A fifth no less powerful followed quickly and I began to wonder if it was possible to die from cumming. Soon I slipped into some mental state part way between awareness and oblivion. The energy was entirely gone from me and although the sensations were no less powerful than before, my body couldn't react with the same powerful spasms. I hung defeated and depleted in my ropes; a victim of my own sexual desires.

I slowly became aware that the vibrations in my pussy were less intense, a lot less intense. Through the fog of exhaustion I realized that the wand had stopped. I was still feeling some buzzing down there but it was just the after effects of being vibed for so long. I guessed the vibrator had been hooked up to a timer as I didn't sense anyone around me who would have shut it off. I feebly tried to straighten up a bit. My wrists hurt from supporting all my weight and the tendons on the inside of my fore arms and the ligaments around my elbows ached from the being stretched out for so long. And wow, it felt like my jaws were dislocated!The pain was the worst at the back of my jaws, particularly the lower one which seemed to be pushed down unnaturally far by the ball. I tried to move them around a bit to get some relief but the sheer size of the ball prevented any movement. The pain brought back clarity to my exhausted brain and I froze. The wait was over as I heard two sets of high heels tap across the ceiling. Whoever was joining us was here!

The basement door opened and the two women came down the stairs. Oh God I could have died of humiliation. Although I was blindfolded I could imagine what I looked like. It sure wasn't a sexy slave girl dressed in some clingy diaphanous gown and restrained with dainty chains. No, I was a dirty slimy whore roped out wide and naked in a bare concrete cellar. Ridden hard and put away wet was the phrase that came to mind.

"Our guest is here." Ingrid announced in a sing-song voice. I squealed as my nipples were suddenly twisted hard. "Be polite and say hello!"

I gurgled what passed for hello from behind my gag. Of course nothing intelligible came out but more salvia did bubble out around the ball.

Ingrid proceeded to give our guest a synopsis of our day beginning with me bound and naked crawling around trying to give Andre a blowjob, me hogtied and eating out Ingrid, our humiliating shopping excursion, my abandonment naked and bound to the hood of Ingrid's jeep and finally the various torments they had inflicted on me in the basement.

"And despite all this our sweet, innocent and boring Gabriella hasn't stopped any of it although she could if she wanted. Not even having you come over to assist made her use her safe word."

All this time our mystery guest had remained silent. At least she was a mystery to me. Ingrid and Andre clearly knew who she was. I tried to figure out who it could be out of the dozen or so possibilities. I eliminated anyone who was married as I was pretty sure whoever this was had to be single to be over here and participating in this alone on a Saturday night. I might have been a little out of the loop on everyone's status but it did shorten the list. I also dropped a couple of girls who lived in the area but too far away to have made it here in what was probably just over an hour. That left me with three possibilities.

The first was Kirsten. A plus sized gorgeous red head with these incredible green eyes and a spectacular mane of hair that cascaded down her back. She is boisterous and brash and probably wouldn't have flinched at our/my current circumstances even if she wasn't totally into bondage and S and M. But I eliminated Kirsten as whoever it was had been too quiet and there was no way she would have reacted so silently to my condition.

Another possibility was Emma. She is a pretty wholesome blonde who looked like she should have been a cheerleader. She is a caring, generous friend to all of us who despite her girl next door looks and intelligence never seemed to find any committed boyfriends. I always wondered if she were secretly gay but didn't want to admit to herself or us. However I didn't think she would find any of this appealing so crossed her off the list.

That left Melissa. She is from a super rich Hong Kong family and came over here in her early teens to attend a private school and then stayed for university on a full load scholarship. She is the classic Chinese over achiever. She was brilliant at school, plays several musical instruments like a virtuoso and excels at soccer despite her diminutive size. Or maybe it is because of her size that she is so determined in sports. The rest of her success was driven by her domineering parents, particularly her mother, who tended to see anything less than perfection as failure. A weaker personality wouldn't have been able to stand up to the pressure but it just made Melissa stronger.

She is a classic oriental beauty. She barely stands five feet tall and has thick jet black hair that was cut short the last time I saw her. Melissa's brown oriental eyes give her an air of exotic mystery and her body is so perfectly formed that it looks like the work of really good plastic surgeons. Her frame is petite but she has large round breasts that defy gravity, a tiny waist that I would die for and gracefully rounded hips and ass. She is intensely loyal to her friends and despite her tiny size can be very intimidating to the male half of the species. The more I thought about it the more I was convinced it was Melissa.

"Well I'll leave you two alone to play while I go make dinner. Andre has gone to get the barbeque tank filled so you've got some time. Have fun." I heard Ingrid's shoes tapping across the concrete floor and up the stairs leaving us alone.

I heard whoever it was move around me, inspecting me. Every so often she would touch me gently, caressing my skin with the soft tips of her fingers. I winced as she traced lightly over some of the welts crisscrossing my naked and abused flesh. I felt my face heat up and flush in embarrassment at being so exposed, helpless and obviously abused. My body twitched and I giggled as her finger nails danced over my rib cage. Dread began to boil up inside me as I imagined what she could do to me if she tickled me. It might be worse than the whipping.

I felt her tugging at the rope attached to the top of my head harness and then the straps and buckles at the back of my head. The gag harness loosened. It was a relief not to have the pressure of the tight straps on my skull even if the massive ball continued to torture my jaws. She undid the strap under my jaw which allowed some movement and lessened the pain. Then she pulled on the pair of straps that ran up over my face and after a second of resistance the ball popped out of my mouth.

Oh what sweet relief it was!For a few seconds my jaws were locked in place and a major stream of drool poured over my lower lip and down my chin. I felt the ball slap onto my upper chest and stay there, salvia running off it and across my chest. She must have just loosened the straps that ran laterally around my head so the gag hung around my neck. I took this as a warning that its removal was likely just temporary. I worked my jaws up and down and back and forth trying to get some movement back into them.

"Is that you Melissa?" I was finally able to croak.

"Ssshhh." Was all I heard whispered softly and a gentle finger pressed on lips. I took the hint. Although I was not gagged, talking was forbidden. I obeyed as I had no doubt that if I didn't the gag would be re-installed. She made no move to take off my blindfold so I still couldn't see anything. But I could smell and I did detect a faint scent of an expensive perfume. It wasn't what I remembered Melissa wearing but she was probably the only one I knew who would spend that kind of money.

She was behind me now and gently hugged me, wrapping her arms around my torso and lightly cupping my breasts. My nipples, already erect from the cool basement air, hardened even more in response to her touch. I felt firm breasts pressing into my back adding to my conviction that this was indeed Melissa. Her hands glided over my body, one running over my breasts and the other down across my belly. She was smearing my salvia over my chest and stomach like it was some sort of lotion. Despite all the orgasms I had just recovered from, I started to get hot and bothered again. I began to writhe slowly in response to her touch and ground my ass back against her body. We stayed like that for a few seconds, locked in a passionate embrace, then she stepped away from me.

"Oh please don't stop" I pouted. But all I heard were her footsteps crossing the concrete floor and then heading upstairs. I hung alone and waited.

I heard movement upstairs and some voices but couldn't make out anything that was being said. A few minutes later my mystery mistress came back down stairs and approached me. Something heavy was set on the ground beside me. I jerked in surprise when I felt something warm and textured against my skin. It took a second to realize that she was wiping me clean with a warm wash cloth.

She started with my face, at least the part of it that wasn't covered by the blindfold. The cloth moved softly over my throat cleaning away the drool, sperm and Ingrid's pussy juices. Next it gently patted and wiped my chest and belly. As delicate as the touch was, I couldn't help but wince when the cloth went over some of the more severe welts. It felt like sandpaper then. For the next few minutes, I was stroked and patted until I had been wiped down from my mouth to my feet. I heard the cloth splash into the bucket and then something tugged at my hair. She gently brushed the knots and tangles from my hair that hung out beneath the wraps of the blindfold. It really felt great. I have always found it very sensuous to have my thick long hair brushed out but sadly most of the guys I date aren't interested. Whoever was doing it now was gentle and thorough. They continued on even after all the knots and tangles had been removed. Obviously they enjoyed it as well. Eventually the brushing stopped and I felt her body press against my front.

Her arms wrapped around my neck and her lips brushed gently over mine. I moaned and parted my lips, offering my mouth to her. She held back though and gently bit my lower lip before turning her head to trail a line of kisses from my right shoulder up my neck and across my face to where the blindfold dug into my cheek. She traced her tongue over my upper lip and then kissed her way across my left cheek and down my neck to my shoulder. My skin tingled where her lips touched and a shiver ran through my body. She purred in my ear at my response. She was playing me like one of her instruments!

The kisses continued on my neck and occasionally alternated with a gentle bite. I never got the whole vampire thing but I have to admit it was really sensual surrendering my neck to my mistress. I moaned gently and began to twist in her embrace. Slowly she worked around my neck and face but avoided my parted lips. She pulled back from me slightly and kissed a line straight down the front of my throat, over my sternum and down to my breasts. Her tongue swirled and licked across my battered and bruised left breast. Finally she found my erect nipple and used the tip of her tongue to flick it gently. My breathing was getting heavy and another moan escaped from my mouth. She traced a line with her tongue over the globe of my tit and down into the cleft between my breasts and then up over the right one. Once again she flicked my nipple and gently pulled it with her lips.

I felt her pull back and she cupped my face with both her hands. Soft lips brushed against mine resting there for a few seconds then her tongue snaked into my mouth. It darted in and out before swirling around inside me. I moved mine to meet hers and we gently rubbed them back and forth. She pulled my face closer to hers so our mouths were mashed together and she drove deeper into my mouth. Her hands slid around my face and settled on the back of my head, holding me firmly in place. It occurred to me that despite all the groping, prodding and the orgasms I had experienced today, this was the first time someone had been truly intimate with me. It made me think back to the fantasy I had this morning while hog tied about Ingrid kissing me. The reality of being kissed by another woman was far superior to the fantasy. I rocked my hips and ground against my lover and she responded. God, this was hot!

She broke away and a wave of frustration and disappointment rolled over me.

"Please, please keep going, Mistress." I moaned. All I got in response was a hand tightly clamped over my mouth. Grateful that it wasn't the ball gag being used to silence me, I heightened my resolve to keep quiet.

I felt tugging at the crotch rope and the cords that were cutting deeply into my belly began to loosen. The ropes splitting my crotch were pulled free of the circle of cord wrapped around my stomach and I sighed in relief as the head of the wand dropped away from my pussy. Despite being desperate to have it removed when it was ripping orgasms from my helpless body, I felt a bit of disappoint at the loss of its pressure on my pussy. I didn't miss it for long though.

After the belly rope was removed and tossed aside, my Mistress turned her attention to my pussy. Her fingernails trailed gently down my lower tummy and over my pubic mound. They moved in a circular pattern around the recently shaved area. My hips began to rock in response. The fingernails slid lower, by-passing my vagina to dance across my inner thighs. Tingles ran up and down my legs in response to her touch and I moaned deeply. This was crazy!I had just had more orgasms in the past hour than I had in the entire previous year and here I was panting like a bitch in heat. She squatted down in front of me and her fingers played their way down the back of my legs. I felt her lips on the inside of my thighs. Once again she alternated between soft kisses and gentle bites. It drove me crazy. I twisted, pulled and thrust in my bonds but they still held me firmly and my Mistress remained in control.

Her fingernails rested on the back of each of my knees and I froze. I was insanely ticklish there. She just rested her fingers without doing anything, making me wait in dreaded anticipation of what was to come. It started slowly. At first she just moved her fingers in light circles around the back of my knees. That was enough to get me squirming. I bit my lower lip to stifle my giggles. I hoped that if I didn't react too strongly she would decide I wasn't ticklish and give up. But I should have known better. If this really was Melissa she wouldn't give up until she found what pushed my buttons. If she was determined to tickle me then she would be persistent until she succeeded; just like with everything else in her life.

After a minute or so of the circles, her fingers then began to dance lightly back and forth across my knees. I couldn't stifle the giggles any longer. At first a loud snort escaped my mouth as I tried to prevent the laughter and then the dam burst open. My giggles turned into full blown laughter. I twisted and turned trying to break contact with her fingers but all I got for my struggles were more rope burns around my wrists and ankles. This was a different kind of torture than the whipping but make no mistake about it, it was still torture.

As I continued my futile struggles, my assailant's fingers lightly skated up the backs of my thighs sending electric shock waves up my spine. She stopped for a second as she moved around me and then began an assault on the cheeks of my ass. This caused goose bumps to breakout on my skin. My laughter was uncontrollable by this point. I had broken out in a sweat again from my struggles and getting air into my lungs was difficult. And I knew the worst was yet to come. The instruments of my torture, my Mistress's fingers, danced around to the side of my hips and played there for a few minutes. Fortunately this area was less sensitive so the intensity didn't build much but it didn't diminish either. Suddenly it stopped.

I hung in my ropes. My laughter began to subside to the point where I could breathe again. I panted as I tried to get enough air back into my lungs. I didn't know how long this respite would last nor where the tickling would move to. I didn't waste any effort on pleading for mercy as I just risked being gagged again and knew that begging wouldn't prevent the torment from continuing. I couldn't imagine what trying to cope with uncontrollable laughter and the massive ball gag would be like. I hoped I didn't find out.

I heard the bucket scrape across the floor. My tormentor must have been pushing it out of the way with her foot or repositioning it for some other purpose. My breathing had returned to normal now and the shivers up and down my spine had stopped. Being blindfolded had the same disadvantage as during the whipping; I would have no warning when or where the tickling would start.

I jerked in surprise when the fingers landed on either side of my ribs. They started just below my arm pits and slowly moved down my sides. I lost control immediately. It was like the multiple orgasms all over again. The first bout of tickling had increased my sensitivity and as a result it took much less time for the follow up assault to drive me over the edge. I danced in my bonds as I had no conscious control over my body's reaction to the tickle torture. I was sent back in time to when my older brothers used to pin me down and tickle me. One time they were so relentless I wound up peeing...uh oh!I hadn't thought of that. Surely she wouldn't go that far!

It certainly seemed like we could be headed that way. Despite my struggles, the hysterical laughter and my obvious distress at trying to breathe, my torture continued. Up and down my ribs the fingers played. Sometimes the nails traced lightly over the skin and other times the finger tips wiggled back and forth. The pattern varied in placement as well. Both hands would move in unison up and down my side then it would switch and one hand moved upwards while the other inched down. During the whipping there were at least momentary lapses between blows but not so with the tickling. The torture was continuous. My resolve to not beg snapped and I wheezed "Please, no" while laughing and shrieking at the same time but to no avail. My Mistress was relentless. Suddenly the pattern changed.

The assault didn't stop but the focus shifted. Her nails traced big circles around each arm pit. I knew their destination. The circles spiraled in, getting tighter and more compact until her nails just played back and forth in the pockets of my arm pits. I was desperate now. I laughed, shrieked and pleaded while gasping for air. I barely heard Ingrid come down stairs. Evidently the noise of my torment attracted her.

"Well you've certainly got her at your fingertips." Ingrid said, giggling slightly at the play on words.

"Please, please Mistress make her stop." I whined.

"No way, I want to watch this." Ingrid replied.

"But I can't hold it any longer...I'm going to pee." I pleaded.

"So use your safe word. She knows to stop if she hears it. Otherwise all this begging and whining is just part of the roll playing."

So it was the safe word or pee in front of my friends turned Mistresses. It wound up being an easy choice as I was too close to losing control of my bladder for them to get me untied and to the bathroom in time. I held on as long as I could. I tightened my abs in an effort to keep it in but it was difficult to hold as the tickling in my arm pits basically reduced me to jelly. I squeezed and clenched but couldn't resist any longer. My bladder let go.

As soon as it did the tickling stopped. I hung there still gasping and wheezing from the torment as pee shot out from between my spread legs. I was surprised to hear splashing and realized that my mystery Mistress had placed the bucket with the water she had used to wipe me down between my legs. I sank to a new level of humiliation. However the relief from the relentless tickling was some minor compensation.

"High five!" I heard Ingrid exclaim followed by the sound of two palms slapping together. "I've never tickled anyone that much. Maybe I'll give it a shot once we fill her back up."

I slumped in the ropes. Whatever tiny scrape of dignity I had been clinging to before was now torn away. My head hung down in defeat. Although I hadn't given in to using my safe word, there was no defiance, no pride left in me. I was an intelligent successful career woman but here I was, naked, bound, beaten and humiliated beyond anything I could imagine. I was a totally dominated sex slave. My dark secret fantasy was being finally fulfilled but at a price I couldn't appreciate before today.

"Dinner won't be ready for a bit so you can keep playing if you want." Offered Ingrid. I heard some hushed whispering. "Sure, that's a brilliant idea. It will make our evening much easier."

I wondered what had just transpired. The bucket scraped across the floor and then I heard both sets of footsteps head upstairs. I was left alone in my misery.

I didn't have long to wait though. Someone came back down stairs after a few minutes and came over to me. I felt some tugging at the bridge of my nose and realized my blindfold was being untied. It was quickly unwrapped from my face. I struggled to adjust to the light after being the dark for the past couple of hours. At first it hurt my eyes but even after they adjusted it still took a bit of time for the blurriness to go away. When things finally came into focus I saw Ingrid standing alone in front of me.

She had changed out of her leather queen outfit and was wearing a pale green tight t-shirt and a light blue cotton short skirt. She wore a pair of wedge heeled sandals. She looked perfect for a summer evening dinner party. I was still completely naked of course.

Ingrid didn't say anything as she untied my left ankle and then the right one. I sighed in relief as I was finally able to pull my legs together. That helped me to stand taller which eased the strain on my arms. I felt tingling in my feet and toes as the circulation returned to normal. Ingrid untied the ropes from the ceiling and slowly played out the line so I could lower my arms. I was stiff from being tied up for so long so movement wasn't easy. When my arms had been lowered to my sides I started to lift them up to place my hands behind my head as Ingrid had shown me earlier. She stopped me my gently resting a hand on my forearm.

"It's okay sweetie, I appreciate the effort but you've been tied up for a long time now so you should just relax. We really pushed the limit with you. That was almost two hours in the spread eagle and at least half of that time it was incredibly stringent."

Ingrid slipped the ropes off my wrists. They came off quite easily as they weren't actually knotted there but simply looped around them. I winced as the blood started to flow back into my hands and fingers. I flexed my fingers and clenched my fists to get some of the feeling back. Ingrid stood behind me and removed the gag that was still hanging around my neck. Then she gently rubbed my shoulders and the muscles in my upper back. It felt great and soon the aches and pains began to fade. They wouldn't disappear entirely for some time but it was at least tolerable now.I took the opportunity to check out the damage inflicted on my body.

There was a series of rings of deep indentations around each wrist and ankle. The braided pattern of the rope was clearly visible in my skin but there were no actual cuts. I was sure my struggles would have caused the ropes to saw through my skin but apparently they were tied tightly enough that there was little or no slippage and therefore not enough friction to saw through my flesh. There were still red circular bands around my breasts from where they had been tied hours ago.My body from mid-thigh to the top of my breasts was covered in a lattice work of red welts. The pattern was so regular that Andre and Ingrid must have planned their blows with this in mind. The welts were narrow and angry looking but hadn't actually broken the skin. They must have been from the crop because the cat o nine tails had covered a larger area with each blow. There were signs of the heavier whip as broad bands of what looked like sunburn provided a pinkish backdrop to the crop's welts.

There were no remnants of the hot wax they had dripped all over me. I guess it had been dislodged during the beating. The most startling thing though was my shaved pussy. It made me feel even more naked than simply being nude did. Once I got over the initial shock, I thought that it would bust my conservative image when the girls in the gym locker room saw it. Shaved pussy aside, it looked like I would have signs of my slavery on my body for a little while. I would carry the mental affects much longer!

I was desperate to ask Ingrid the obvious question, particularly when she was in such a tender mood. I was concerned about the possible consequences so despite what appeared to be a break in our Mistress/slave role play I chose my words carefully.

"Is a slave girl permitted to ask who is upstairs?" I ventured.

Ingrid stopped massaging me and I winced in anticipate of her reaction. Instead she just kissed the top of my head and said no.

"In fact, I am down here to make sure you can't hear her so we can don't have to whisper around you at dinner. I brought this down."

I looked at what she held out in her hand and was relieved to see it was a relatively benign MP3 player with some ear buds.

"Here pop this in please." She said handing me the buds which I inserted into each ear.

Ingrid switched the player on and pulsing electronic music pounded into my ears. She stood in front of me and I saw her mouth move as she said something. She looked at me expectantly and then repeated whatever it was she had said. I was able to figure out she was asking me if I could hear her. I shook my head no. She smiled, nodded and picked up the blindfold.

I guess I knew its removal was just temporary but I wished it had lasted a little longer. Ingrid quickly wrapped it tightly around my head several times and once again knotted it off over the bridge of my nose. Obviously I couldn't see when she was done but I also realized that the tight wraps wouldn't just blind me but keep the ear buds lodged in place as well. I felt her pulling at the blindfold on the right side of my head. She was clipping the MP3 player in place. It dawned on me that there were a lot worse places she could have chosen to clip it onto my body!There was a slight tug on my leather collar and then something cold slapped onto my skin between my breasts and down over my belly. Ingrid had clipped the leash back onto my collar.

I stood there blind and now deaf. Well maybe not deaf but all I could hear was the loud electronic music. I felt Ingrid's arms slip around mine. She was standing behind me and pulled my arms back. I was still too weak to resist, not that I would have even if I had the strength. She caught my left arm with her right hand and my right with her left, pinning my arms behind my back. She pushed me forward and we headed upstairs, me naked and helpless, she clothed in control. I wondered what the next phase of my slavery would involve!

Chapter 5 (added: 2020/06/03)

It was really disconcerting to be pushed across the basement blindfolded. My brain kept telling my legs to stop moving as it wasn't getting any visual input. There must be some innate survival instinct to prevent us from walking into things when we cannot see. Ingrid helped override that instinct by forcing me forward. My eyes widened behind the blindfold in an involuntary reflex trying to see where I was going. Of course, it did no good. Ingrid was relentless in driving me forward. Suddenly the music stopped.

"It's okay sweetie, I won't let you bump into anything." She whispered into my ear when she felt me tense up.

After what seem an eternity and every second of which I was certain I was about to walk into something I couldn't see, we reached the bottom of the stairs. She released my arms which I let fall to my sides. I felt the cool metal of the leash lift away from my torso followed by a sharp jerk on the collar around my neck.

"You are at the bottom of the first step and there is a handrail on your right." Ingrid said. And with that, the tension on the collar increased as she dragged me up the stairs to the main floor.

"Down on your hands and knees." Ingrid ordered as she tugged violently downwards on the leash.

I remembered the training lesson from the basement and dropped to my hands and knees, keeping my legs wide apart and my head down. Another tug on the leash and I began to crawl across the hardwood floor of the hallway, over the slate tiles of the kitchen and finally onto the softer area rug that covered most of the living room floor. Ingrid jerked the leash right and left as needed to get me around corners and obstacles. My large breasts swayed, and my naked ass rocked from side to side as I was led crawling across the floor. It was incredibly humiliating but once I again I was shocked at how erotic it felt. What kind of person was I to get so stimulated by being debased?

"Stop!" Ingrid ordered. I felt her hands on my hips and she pushed me around slightly. "We need a table for our appetizers, and you are going to be it. There will be severe punishment if you cause any spills. Of course, there is going to be severe punishment for you even if you don't just because you are a slave slut and all slaves need punishment to remind them of their status. Stay still!"

Those were the last words I was to hear for a long while as Ingrid turned the MP3 player back on and electronic dance music began to blast into my ears again.

I jerked as I felt something cold and heavy set down on the small of my back. I guessed from the feeling that it must have been a plate or platter of some kind. Next came something soft and light, probably paper napkins from the feel. Finally, several small cold objects were set down on my shoulder blades, which I assumed were cutlery.

Everything was still around me for a few minutes then I felt activity on my naked back. Andre, Ingrid, and our mystery guest picked up cutlery and then I felt the plate press down onto my back as they cut onto whatever was laid out on it. I tried to stay as still as possible, not so much because of Ingrid's threat of severe punishment but rather because I didn't want to be the cause of a stain on her cream coloured carpet. The longer I stayed in position, the harder it was to hold still. My knees were getting sore and my hands and wrists were starting to cramp from supporting the weight of my upper body. Even shifting them a little bit or lifting my knees slightly for a few seconds would have helped but I was too paranoid that something resting on my back would spill. Eventually my tormentors decided to make it more challenging for me.

One of the women began to play with my left tit as it hung down from my chest. She started by tracing a fingernail lightly over my breast in a random swirling pattern. Tingles ran through my body at her touch and I really had to force myself to stay rigid. Eventually the finger worked its way down to my erect nipple and caught the nub with a finger and thumb. The nipple was gently but firmly pulled down and then released only to be pulled back down again as if I was being milked. I pressed my hands and my knees down hard onto the floor to resist the temptation to move in response to the milking action.

At the same time, I felt the rougher skin of Andre's hand stroking the globes of my ass cheeks. At first, he just ran his hand over them, again causing more tingles to run through my body. It felt really good considering the beating my butt had taken during the earlier whipping. Then he switched to kneading my right cheek as if it were a mound of dough. Involuntarily I wiggled my hips in response and then suddenly froze as I remembered the delicate balancing act I was locked into. The kneading was replaced by a hard smack across my cheek, which caused me to jerk. Luckily, nothing spilt. This pattern was repeated as Andre alternating between stroking, kneading, and spanking my ass.

Whoever wasn't playing with my tit cupped my chin in her hand and forced my head up, so I was facing straight ahead instead of down at the ground. The hand left my chin, but I knew better than to lower my head without an indication that it was okay to do so. I guess I was getting better at being a slave, as I didn't need to be reminded not to move without permission once I was put into a position. Apparently, someone else thought so as there was a gentle patting on my head to indicate "good girl".

Something firm pressed against my lips and I opened my mouth in response. One of the women slid her naked toes into my mouth. Instinctively I began to suck on them. Yesterday I would have felt revulsion to think of someone's foot in my mouth but all I felt now was horny. I sucked on the toes, trying to draw them deeper into my mouth. I rubbed my tongue over them and pushed the tip down in between each toe. Then she began to push her foot slowly in and out of my mouth like I was giving her a blow job. I responded and sucked harder as if it was a cock. Between Andre playing with my ass and the two women working over my mouth and tits I was finding it exceedingly difficult to keep still.

Every so often one of my tormentors would stop whatever they were doing, and I would feel the plate press down into my back as they got themselves another appetizer. However, they would resume their treatment of me each time. The stimulation was getting more pronounced and it was becoming very difficult to hold still. I was desperate to move my arms and legs to get some relief but resisted the temptation. Suddenly as if on cue, all three stopped what they were doing to me. I stayed as still as I could, waiting for whatever was to come next.

I didn't have to wait long. I jerked and squealed as something rough and cold rubbed against my pussy lips. It was wiggled back and forth parting my lips and stroked up and down on the moist skin of my inner labia. Small waves of pleasure began to spread through my belly, and I pressed back against whatever it was in response. The stimulation didn't last long as the object was pulled out. A second later I felt something pressing against my mouth and opened up. A piece of raw broccoli was shoved into my mouth. As I chewed on it, something else cool and rubbery began to molest my pussy. This time instead of just rubbing back and forth on my inner labia, it was fully inserted inside me. Once I swallowed the broccoli, the new item was removed from my vagina and placed in my mouth. This time it was a piece of shrimp. For the next little while food was rubbed on my pussy or inserted fully inside me before being retrieved and pushed into my mouth. The "ick" factor was overridden by my hunger and I chewed and swallowed whatever they gave me.

Eventually a large strawberry was placed at the front my mouth and a hand pushed my lower jaw up, trapping the strawberry in my teeth with the wide end sticking out between my lips. I correctly assumed that I was to hold it there. My other end was not ignored as the stem of either a piece of broccoli or cauliflower was pushed into my vagina just deep enough to hold it in there but with most of the floweret sticking out.

I was left alone for some time now. It was as if my tormentors had gone away. However, I dared not move even though my body was stiff and sore. My wrists were numb from being bent and locked in one position for so long. My knees were aching despite the softness of the carpet. However, the worst was my neck and shoulders. They were both cramping from holding my head up so that I continued to face forward. On top of all this, saliva began to leak from around the strawberry. What was really starting to get to me though was the relentless electronic dance music pounding in my ears.

Ingrid must have set the MP3 player on repeat as the same track kept blaring away over again and again. I was dying for some sort of change in both my position and the music, even if it wasn't accompanied by any relief. The combination of not being able to see and the endless repetition of the same song was like some intense sensory deprivation. It was grinding me down mentally. It could see how prisoners being tortured by these same methods would eventually crack and admit to anything to end it. I wasn't quite at that stage yet, but it was pushing my limits.

After what seemed like an eternity, I felt physical contact again. It wasn't pleasant. Someone was playing with my breasts, rolling the nipples between their fingers. At the same time, my naked exposed flesh was being poked painfully by what I assumed were forks. Two people must have been using the forks on me as they hit many spots simultaneously. They would push the tines of the fork deeply into my flesh to the point where I was certain they were going to break the skin. It hurt wherever they did it, but it was the worst where there was little padding between my skin and bone like on the sides of my ribs or the back of my hands. Soon they began to alternate between poking the forks into me and dragging them across my skin causing a painful scratching sensation. All this time I still held the strawberry delicately in my teeth and whatever had been inserted into my pussy remained there.

The action on my nipples stopped after a few minutes but the poking and scratching with the forks continued. I felt my left nipple pulled down and then winced in pain as a clamp bit down on it. I knew what was coming but that didn't make the discomfort any less as a clamp trapped my right nipple. Something more than just the clamps was pulling down on my tortured nubs and I realized these must be the clover clamps that Ingrid had purchased earlier today with the long chain attached to them. Once the clamps were in place, someone began to pull down on the connecting chain causing the teeth of the clamp to dig deeper into my tits. While all this was going on, I tried to remain rigid as a statue in fear of dislodging the plate from my back.

The pain covered a wide palette. The nipple clamps produced a sharp pain with their initial bite but morphed into more of a numb throbbing sensation, which remained constant. The poking with the forks was like the fire and ice treatment or the whipping I had suffered through earlier today in that it varied in timing and intensity. Where the pain of the nipple clamps always radiated out from my breasts, the fork torture moved in random patterns over my body. Sometimes it would dig deeply into the meat of my ass cheeks while at the same time someone would stab my forearm. At times the poking came in rapid shots from one person while the other slowly dragged the tines of the fork all over my body. Both poking and scratching varied in intensity from a light touch to intense pressure that I was certain was puncturing or tearing my skin. Eventually someone began to tug on the chain between the nipple clamps, which caused the same pain as the initial bite with each pull. This added a new layer of torment to my breasts as the dull ache was ramped up to a sharp pain at random intervals. And that fucking song playing repeatedly was driving me crazy!

Eventually they stopped the torture, at least part of it. The forks ceased roving over my abused body. The strawberry was pushed into my mouth indicating I was allowed to eat it. The vegetable lodged in my pussy was pulled out but not before being thrust in and out several times. Needless to say, it was shoved in my mouth so I could enjoy a piece of broccoli that was covered my juices. I felt the plate and napkins lifted off my back.And thankfully the music was switched off.

"Kneeling submission!" Ingrid snapped at me.

I struggled briefly to move into a kneeling position, as I was stiff from being held on my hands and knees for so long. I did manage it but without the grace I would have liked. I knelt with my ass resting on my heels, my knees spread widely, my hands resting on the back of my head and my breasts thrust out. The clamps continued to bite down on my severely abused nipples and the cold metal of the leash ran down the centerline of my torso. Of course, the blindfold remained tightly tied leaving me in the dark, both literally and figuratively. The respite from the music was brief as it was turned back on as soon as I was satisfactorily in kneeling submission.

I didn't find out until much later what was actually done to me while I was kneeling naked and blindfolded in Ingrid's living room. All I knew at the time was someone had picked up my leash and grabbed the tail of my hair hanging out from beneath the blindfold. My tormentor and I stayed like that for a minute or so then my hair was pulled sharply to one side causing my head to twist in the opposite direction. Flesh was pressed up against my face and held there for a minute. It was soft and smooth, so I guessed it was either Ingrid's or our mystery guest's thigh. Regardless of who it was, I took a chance and kissed the skin lightly several times. Whoever it was must have liked it as they dropped the bunch of my hair they were holding and gently stroked the top of my head in approval. Eventually the leash was dropped, and the person moved away leaving me kneeling naked, blindfolded and alone.

The passage of time was a mystery to me. I couldn't see so I had nothing to gauge it by. Kneeling this way had become uncomfortable, but I didn't know if that took five minutes or thirty. I wasn't familiar with the song Ingrid had put on endless repeat so I couldn't judge by that either.

However long it was I was totally ignored. I could smell meat grilling on the barbeque, so I figured everyone was out on the back patio. I was struck by my desire to endure this. If someone had told me yesterday that I would willingly kneel naked, blindfolded but otherwise unrestrained in front of my best friend, her boyfriend who I barely knew and another university friend of mine I would have called them insane but here I was. Clearly my desire to be a sex slave was far more powerful than any self-preservation of my dignity. I think what made it easier to accept was the reaction of my mistresses and master. They treated it as if this were an expected occurrence, which somehow made it less weird than if they reacted like this was really twisted.

Someone pulling my right hand from behind my head cut my psychoanalysis short. The arm was folded so the back of my hand was facing my right shoulder. Several coils of rope were wrapped laterally around my wrist and the upper part of my arm just under the arm pit, holding it folded in place. Before the final knot was tied, the rope was wrapped vertically around the stacked coil cinching it tightly. My forearm was now welded to my upper arm crushing my bicep. The process was repeated with my left arm. It felt good to be tied up again.

Being bound also relieved me of the responsibility to resist. When I was untied and abused, I had struggled with my willing compliance. After all, there was nothing preventing me from taking off the blindfold, standing up and demanding my clothes back when they used me as a table. Nothing that is except my over-riding desire to be used and abused as a sex slave.

There was sudden searing pain in my nipples. I yelped loudly. At least I think it was loudly as it was hard to tell with the music blasting in my ears. Someone had picked up the chain attached to the clover clamp and was pulling it away from my chest causing the teeth of the clamp to bite down harder on my poor nipples. The tension grew and as a result the pain until it dawned on me to move forward to reduce the pressure. I shuffled forward on my knees and thankfully the tension lessened slightly. The chain between the clamps was being used as a leash to lead me somewhere. Fortunately, I didn't have far to crawl. We got to wherever they wanted me, and I felt the chain slap against my belly as it was dropped. The tension might have stopped but it felt like my nipples had been crushed into a bloody pulp. I resume my kneeling position, ass on my heels, my knees spread wide and my chest thrust out.

A hand grabbed my lower jaw firmly and pulled down causing my mouth to open. Fingers reached into my mouth and pulled my tongue out past my lips. The hand held my jaw for a moment once my mouth was open to its widest limit indicating to me to keep it that way. Nothing happened for a short time as I knelt bound and blindfolded, waiting on the indulgence of my mistresses and master. Something moderately hot was placed on my tongue. I didn't dare move until I felt someone push my lower jaw closed. It dawned on me that I was supposed to chew so I did. The morsel turned out to be a tender piece of grilled steak. Once I swallowed my mouth was pulled open again. I held it wide open and stuck out my tongue until something was placed on it again. This time it was a piece of baked potato. I waited with it sitting on my tongue until I felt a tap on my lower jaw and began to chew. This process was repeated over again and again. Eventually it struck me that I must look like a dog begging at the table. I rested on my knees and my arms were folded and tied in what looked like a dog's legs when they are sitting up. What a brilliant way to feed a slave, turning her into a begging puppy dog.

The food continued to be placed on my tongue in random intervals. However, after the first few mouthfuls my tormentors began to mess with me again. A piece of steak dipped in fiery hot sauce would be placed on my tongue and I would have to hold it there while my taste buds were seared. Next a quarter of a large baked potato was stuffed into my mouth. I got no indication that I should chew so a potato essentially gagged me. Drool began to run out of my mouth around the sides of the potato, down over my chin, over my neck and down onto my breasts. It felt like a Niagara Falls of saliva was pouring out of my mouth when I finally felt the tap on my chin indicating I could chew. I nearly choked trying to deal with the mass of potato in my mouth. Partially chewed chunks fell out and onto my breasts. Something cold and creamy was smeared over my lower face. I realized it was sour cream as some began to run into my mouth.

Sometimes just pepper would be ground onto my tongue, burning and causing a dry hacking gag reflex. Then it would be back to a morsel of juicy steak that was rubbed over my breasts before being placed on my tongue. This might be followed by a dry saltine cracker that sucked all the moisture out of my mouth. Once again, I was being tormented by randomness.

Dinner ended with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I was forced to hold it on my tongue until it had softened and was dripping down my chin and onto my breasts. Someone tapped my jaw indicating I could swallow. A pair of tongues began the lick the melted ice cream off my breasts. The sensation caused a sensual shudder roll through my body. I pushed my chest out, giving the tongues more room to roam across my sensitive skin.

By the time they stopped feeding me I was feeling full and my lower face was a mess with smeared food. I tried to contain my relief as the music was turned off.

"We're going to have interactive bondage seminar now." Ingrid said. "Each of us is going to tie you up in a different hog tie. We want to see how severely we can bend your body by trying different positions. The important thing for you to know is that you don't get untied from each position until you make one of us cum."

Well I could just lie there and not make anyone cum I thought to myself. But then I remembered the pain from the hog tie this morning which Ingrid had described as "not that intense". I could barely stand that one, what would these be like?

"First up is a position you are just going to hate. This first one is called the cock pump." Ingrid explained to me before she turned the MP3 player back on. Of course, it was the same fucking song!

I felt both sets of arm bindings being untied at the same time. I placed my hands behind my head as soon as they were freed. A searing pain exploded in my nipples as someone pulled me up to my feet by tugging upwards on the chain connecting the nipple clamps. I was surprised that I didn't feel blood running down from my breasts by the time I had struggled to a standing position. My legs were cramped and unresponsive from kneeling for so long. I couldn't get into a standing position as fast as my tortured tits would have liked.

I was guided into the living room. My wrists were gripped firmly by a woman's hands and pulled together, palm to palm, in front of me. Coils of rope were wound quickly in lateral loops around my wrists. After half a dozen turns, the tails of the rope were slipped between my forearms pulled down vertically over the horizontal stack of coils, fed in opposite directions between my wrists and back up to be knotted off tightly at the top of the bonds. There was no way I could reach the knot to get untied. My arms were then pushed up and folded back so my bound wrists rested on the top of my head.

Hands began to roam all over my body. At times all three of them were touching me. Sometimes it was gentle stroking or just light tracing with the fingertips. Other times fingernails would dig into my skin or the chain on the nipple clamps was pulled causing my nipples to explode in pain. I twisted, squirmed, whimpered and shrieked in response to their touch. However, I didn't break position. I was surprised at how proud I was of my ability to endure this. I should have been dying of humiliation, but I wasn't.

The touching stopped and I felt more rope caressing my naked body. This time it was my breasts. The same woman who had bound my wrists wrapped a doubled strand of rope just above my tits. Standing behind me, she fed the ends through a loop positioned between my shoulder blades and then drew the tails back around my front just under the first strands. She pretty much embraced me from behind when she was passing the rope around my chest and I felt firm large breasts pressing into my back. It clearly wasn't Ingrid binding me.

After several passes of the rope above my breasts, the strands dipped down between my mounds and under the right breast. When an equal number of wrappings were wound above and below my breasts, the tails were feed through the initial loop between my shoulder blades and knotted off. The rope harness was snug but not overly tight. That changed as more bindings were added.

The loop of a doubled strand of rope was forced under the coils of rope on my back. When the loop finally re-appeared below the bands the long tails were fed through it and pulled up over my right shoulder. They were drawn to the center of my chest and fed underneath the bands of rope above my breasts, the cross of rope in the center of my cleavage and under the bottom coils. The ends were tugged back up sharply causing me to stagger a bit. This also pulled the mid- point of the lower bands of rope up between my tits. Another loop around the breast bondage drew the top coils downwards. Now the rope harness was squishing my abused tits. The ends of the rope were fed over my left shoulder and down my back to be tied off at the rope junction in between my shoulder blades. All the rope in the chest harness had tightened and now my torso felt like the bonds were compressing it. The hands returning to torment me signalled a pause in the binding.

The clamps on each nipple were flipped back and forth causing the smouldering embers of pain to burst into full flame, yet again. It hurt like hell when it was happening, but the upside was that any time something rubbed against my nipples for several days afterwards, I got a little shock and horny at the memory of why they were so tender. However, the pain at the time...holy fuck! I screamed after one of them had twisted the clamp so that my nipple was rotated almost in an entire circle. I got the ball gag shoved in my mouth as I guess I had been too loud in my reaction. It was a good thing I was gagged because it muffled another scream that was torn from me about two seconds after the nipple clamps were removed. That was what I was starting to fear the most about matter how much they hurt going on or while you were wearing them, you knew it was going to hurt worse when they finally came off.

I winced as two tongues touched each battered nipple. At first, they added to the pain of the clamp's removal but soon my breasts began to get stimulated as pleasure slowly pushed the pain away. I swayed my hips and stuck my tits out further in response to the tongues. The woman standing behind me wrapped her arms around me and squeezed each of my bound breasts around their base. She then proceeded to wave my tits up and down as well as back and forth across Andre's and Ingrid's tongues. The combination of the tight breast bondage and the gentle attention of the tongues weakened my knees. I slumped backwards into my captor. She pushed back against me, holding me up and dragging my battered breasts back to the tongues. A wave of wonton lust washed through every fibre in my body. I wanted a cock inside me so badly. I knew that wasn't going to happen anytime soon since they were more interested in playing tie up games than my dripping pussy. Maybe this "cock pump" position might be alright after all!

The binding resumed. It was back to my arms. She grabbed my bound wrists from the top of my head and pulled them down to the back of my neck. I felt more coils of rope wound around my right forearm and across my exposed triceps, back between my neck and folded arms to encircle the left arm. The windings stopped after half a dozen turns. They were pulled so tightly that my arms were welded tightly together by rope. As always, the tails were used to cinch the coils by passing vertically between my bound arms. When it was finished, my arms were bound together behind my head, forcing me to bow my face towards the floor. The pressure on my neck and head didn't last long.

More rope was wrapped vertically over the coils wound around my wrists and forearms. The tails of this rope were pulled down and fed unearth the junction of rope in the middle of my back. Downward pressure pulled my arms further behind and away from the back of my head. When this last rope was finally tied off, my arms were pulled so far back and down that my hands rested on the tops of my shoulder blades. It felt like my shoulders were going to pop out of their sockets. On the plus side the jaw breaking ball gag was removed at this point.

Firm hands on my naked hips pushed down, signalling to me to get down on the floor. When I was on my knees, my bound arms were gripped, and a knee was placed on my back. I was pushed forward and down, the hold on my arms preventing me from crashing face first onto the floor. I lay on the floor on my front. The ropes held my shoulders pulled back and off the floor. My legs were folded so my right ankle lay over my left knee and my left ankle on the right knee. My shins were pressed into the opposite calf in a parallel arrangement. Rope was wrapped in firm but not overly tight coils from my left ankle and right knee to my right ankle and left knee. My lower legs were encased in a rope sheath. As usual, the tails were wrapped perpendicularly to the coils and pulled tight to cinch the tie. Now the ropes were much tighter.

I felt a long double strand of rope wound around my arm bondage. The slack of the rope landed on my back. It began to lift off my skin as it was pulled down under my bound lower legs and pulled back towards my upper body. I felt the rope dancing around on the small of my back and then it lifted away completely. A couple of seconds passed and then I felt a high-heeled shoe planted firmly on my ass. Suddenly there was tension on the rope that had just been tied between my arms and lower legs. My knees and thighs were pulled up off the floor. Similarly, the drag on my arms pulled my upper body up and back. The foot pressing down on my butt was causing my body to arch severely as the hog tie rope was drawn tight. When it was finally tied off, my body was so bent that my breasts hung free and my thighs were completely off the floor. Only my pelvis and lower belly were resting on the carpet. I thought my body was going to snap.

It squirmed and struggled in the ropes, trying to find some relief. Quickly it became apparent that I was tied so that any struggling would cause one part of the bondage to tighten. When I tried to pull my arms forward, the strained tendons in my shoulder sockets began to burn. It also tightened my breast harness, squeezing my bound tits even harder. Any movement of my legs tugged on the arm bondage without really providing any relief from the severe arch of the hog tie. My tormentors left me alone while I struggled, waiting for the futility of it to dawn on me. It didn't take long. It turned out the least painful option was to just lie still and hope whoever I had to make cum would do so quickly.

I felt someone's legs on either side of body. I was lying between Andre's legs now. Something bumped against my lips and I realized it was his erect cock. I opened my mouth and he slid into me. I now found out why this position was called the "cock pump". One of the women lifted my bound legs up which caused my upper body to tilt down towards the floor and Andre's dick to slide deeper into my mouth. She continued to force my legs up until the head of his erection was pushing against the back of my throat causing me to gag and splutter. She then pushed down on my legs causing me to rock back up and the cock to slide back out of my mouth. She stopped when the head was about the slip out entirely and then pushed back down causing the cock to piston back down my throat. A steady rhythm was maintained for a few minutes. I sucked as hard as I could the whole time hoping he would cum faster but this made breathing difficult. Actually, it was already difficult with Andre's huge cock filing my mouth.

Suddenly the rocking stopped when his erection was deep into my mouth and I was held there, unable to pull my head back. I gagged and choked on his dick. Salvia poured out of my mouth as I spluttered and tried to breathe. I felt my face blush as I choked and sweat beaded out on my forehead. I panicked and struggled but I was so tightly bound that movement was impossible. I was rocked back up after what seemed to be an eternity and a river of drool ran out as Andre's cock receded. The steady pumping resumed but I was terrified of being held down like that again.

My entire body was in agony now. My shoulder joints burnt from the strain of my arms being pulled backwards. The muscles in my thighs felt like they were about to tear, and my hip joints ached. My wrists throbbed from the tight ropes and my fingers were tingling from reduced blood flow. However, the worst was my lower back. The pain was so sharp it felt like a knife had been plunged into my spine.

Once again, the forced rocking halted with Andre's cock deep in my mouth. How long would I be forced to choke on it this time? I managed to suck for a few seconds but quickly depleted my air supply. I couldn't get enough in my nose to compensate for not being able to breathe though my mouth, so I stopped sucking and tried not to black out from lack of air. Someone lifted tilted my head back, which straightened out my throat. While still holding my head in position, my legs were lifted higher causing me to tilt down even more. Andre's cock slipped deeper into my mouth. Instead of bumping at the back of my throat, it now actually moved down my throat cutting off my air supply entirely. I could feel his pubic hair rubbing against the tip of my nose. The agony of the hog tie was superseded by the terror of choking to death on a cock. Finally, I was tilted back up and tried to gasp for air as best as I could. The pumping resumed and at one point when the cock was deep in my throat, I felt Andre stiffen and he erupted in my mouth. Some the sperm shot quickly down my throat, but he was spewing out cum faster than I could swallow. My fear changed from choking a dick to drowning in sperm. I was tilted back up and coughed out a mouthful of cum as Andre slid out of me.

My torso is almost vertical due to the strict arch of the hog tie, so the drool and sperm ran over my chin, down my neck and across my upper chest, stopping when it encountered the bands of rope above my breasts. I panted and sobbed, as I lay locked by ropes in the rigid hog tie. I was in such distress that I didn't know how I was going to survive two more positions. Slowly I recovered my breath and began to whimper, "please, please, please", begging to be released but my tormentors are not quite finished with this pose. I feel something press against my right side at the exact point where my belly leaves the floor. A second later I feel it on my left side at the same point. When the process is repeated with each thigh it dawns on me that someone is marking my body where it is pulled off the floor by the bondage.

Finally, I feel fingers pulling at the ropes and knots. Mercifully the first rope that is released is the line connecting my legs and arms. The tension was let out slowly so that my legs and torso were gently lowered to the floor. This provided some relief although I was still being sliced by the tight ropes encircling my naked body. Ingrid and my mystery mistress began to untie my limbs. My legs were freed at the same time as my bound arms were released from behind my head. I lay face down on the floor, my bound breasts crushed underneath me, and my tied arms stretched out above my head. It felt good to not be folded in half anymore although my entire body still ached. Plus, my mouth with filled with the bitter taste of sperm.

I was lifted into a standing position and my tied hands were firmly placed on top of my head again. Slowly, the ropes binding my tits were loosened and fell away from my body. I felt something soft being drawn across my belly from right to left and realized someone was connecting the two marks the indicated where my torso had been pulled off the ground with a felt marker. The same was done to the marks on my thighs so that I had two lines running across my body. I guessed they were going to use these lines to compare how effective each hog tie was at bending my body. Once the lines were drawn my hands were pulled down and untied. It felt like my palms and fingers were being pricked with hundreds of tiny needles as full circulation was restored. Nothing happened for a few seconds, so I put my hands behind my head and spread my legs as Ingrid had instructed me to do earlier. Someone gently patted my ass so I must have done the right thing.

I didn't stand like that for very long. Strong rough hands grasped my wrists and pulled them together behind my back. Obviously, it was going to be Andre's turn to bind me. He gripped both of my wrists in one hand and managed to wrap a doubled strand of rope around my upper arms, just above my elbows. He fed the tails through the loop and began to pull, drawing my arms together. He released my wrists and used both hands to work the ropes until my elbows touched. Andre wrapped several coils around my arms ensuring they were locked securely together. A few vertical wraps were added to cinch the bonds. I was pulled slightly off balance as he tugged on the ropes to tighten the cinch. The two tails were then pulled under my left armpit, diagonally up and across my left collarbone, behind my neck and back down and under my right armpit. They were the looped vertically around the coils binding my arms together, fed underneath the rope at the base of my neck and pulled back down and tied off between my elbows. Even though my hands were still free it was impossible for me to wiggle out of the tie. My hands didn't remain free for very long.

Andre bound my wrists together in the standard manner; palms facing each other, a half dozen lateral wraps cinched by a couple of vertical loops and knotted off at the top between my forearms, well out of reach of my fingers. This was followed by a long line of rope being looped around my torso at the middle of my belly. After four or five passes tightly encircled me, cutting deeply into my flesh, the ends of the rope were fed though the larks head which was positioned just above my navel and pulled down between my legs. Andre used two fingers to part my pussy lips, ensuring that the ropes dug into my moist cunt and pressed down on my clit. The tails were then drawn up through my ass crack and fed under the bands wrapped around my belly. Andre then pulled my bound wrists up my back and positioned them in the small of my back, overtop of the belly ropes. He jerked the line running through my crotch tightly upwards and then looped the ends around my wrist bondage, locking my hands in the small of my back. This forced my arms to bend out from my body at my elbows, forming a triangle with my back. It put added pressure on the shoulder harness causing the ropes to dig tighter into my skin. It also hurt like hell!

Andre paused in tying me. Tightly gripping my bound elbows, he dragged me a few feet from where I had been standing and forced me to kneel. He kicked my knees wide apart and grabbed my hair where it fell from under the blindfold and forced my head down, so I folded in half at the waist. Andre tugged and twisted on my hair, forcing my head to move around. Finally, my mouth contacted something smooth. It was shoe leather. I hesitated for a second, but a sharp twist of Andre's hand threatened to rip the hair out of my scalp, and I took the hint. I began to kiss the shoe. Both women were wearing high heels, so I didn't know whose foot it was. I was allowed to continue kissing for a moment before another sharp tug of my hair indicated something else was required. I parted my lips and began to lick the shoe. Andre used his painful grip in my hair to move my head around until I had licked the entire shoe. I felt the foot move away and replaced by another. I knelt naked, blindfolded, deaf and tightly bound licking the shoes of two of my university friends. I told myself I was being forced to do this, that I had no control being tied up and cruelly manhandled, but I really knew the truth. I wanted to be forced to do these things no matter how humiliating. Total debasement was at the core of my fantasies and my three captors were doing their best to deliver.

I was hauled to my feet by my hair once I had licked all four shoes. My mouth was dry and pasty from cleaning the shoes and a gritty taste from them mixed with the bitter flavor of Andre's cum. I really could have used a drink to rinse the taste out of my mouth, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Instead Andre focused on my tits.

A doubled strand of thinner rope was pulled up under my left breast, cradling it in a little loop. I felt Andre position the loop formed by the doubled strand at the top of my breast and fed the tails through it. The rope now encircled the base of my tit. Andre held it in place with one hand while pulling the tails back in the opposite direction, which drew the band of rope tight. He wound several loops very tightly around the captured breast and then fed the long tails back through the loop at the top of the strangled mound and knotted them off. My breast throbbed as the circulation was restricted. I felt the remaining tails of the rope dangling against my thigh. I was worried about Andre's intentions!

The process was repeated with my right breast. Both tits felt like they were going to pop from the pressure once Andre was done. As if that wasn't punishment enough, one of the women began to roughly knead each tit like she was making a loaf of bread. They were hypersensitive due to the bondage and the mauling got me writhing, trying to get away from my attacker. She would dig her nails deep into the fleshy mounds at random intervals so hard that I was sure blood was being drawn. She finished off by catching each nipple, both of which had been basically permanently erect all day and pinched down hard with her talons. I yelped in pain and instinctively tried to twist away which just worsened the agony. Finally, the assault on my tits stopped. The general throbbing caused by the tight ropes was now augmented by the burning in my tortured nipples.

Apparently, Andre was ready to get back to binding me. Once again grabbing my elbows he forced me down onto my knees. He then pushed forward, lowering my upper body down to the floor so I lay face down. I was sure my breasts were going to explode now from the combined pressure of the restraints and the weight of my body. I groaned in pain but got no sympathy.

Once I was laid out flat on the floor, Andre went to work on my legs. My ankles were crossed, and a long strand of rope was wound in an alternating cross pattern, left to right then top to bottom then back to left to right and so on. My ankles were practically welded together when he was done. Any movement caused rope burn and was futile anyway. I wasn't going to slip out of my bonds. Andre looped another rope around my ankles and folded my legs back towards my arms. He fed the line under the vertical ropes that ran between my elbow bonds and the rope at the back of my neck. Andre slid an arm under my thighs, lifted and pulled the resulting slack out of the rope joining my ankles to my arms. He then wrapped the cord back around my ankles and holding it there with one hand, hauled back on my bent elbows pulling my torso up off the floor. The hog tie was completed when he tied off the ends of the line to the rope just above my elbows. I was bent so severely that my bound ankles were well past my wrists and my heels almost touched my elbows. And Andre wasn't finished.

I found out why he had left long tails on my breast bondage. The remaining rope from my left tit was drawn back over my left shoulder and woven into the growing mass of bindings around my upper arms. He pulled all the slack out of the line, which tightened the ropes around the base of my breast and dragged the tortured mound further up my chest. The process was repeated on my right tit. It felt like my breasts were going to be torn off my chest. It forced me to arch my torso back even more severely to try to relieve some of the pressure. He used this opportunity to tighten the rope joining my ankles to my elbows, making the hog tie even more strenuous. The position was so rigid that all I could move were my toes and my head and even then, not by much.

Andre managed to take away what limited movement my head did have. I felt a cord being wrapped around my head over the blindfold. It crossed right in front of my eyeballs, in the slight hollow between my eyebrows and cheekbones. The end of this rope joined the others at my elbows, pulling my head cruelly backwards and locking it into an extremely uncomfortable position. Breathing now became a challenge.

Because my arms were pulled so far back behind me, the muscles in my chest were stretched to their limits laterally across my torso. This had the effect of making it difficult to expand my chest and diaphragm to allow my lungs to fill. It was as if a heavy person was sitting on my chest. I had to pant to breathe. Having my face buried in someone's pussy wasn't going to make it any easier.

One of the women settled in around me. I sensed she was slightly elevated, probably sitting on a small stool, as her crotch matched the raised position of my head. Soft thighs pressed gently on each side of my face. I knew this wasn't Ingrid. Ingrid's body wash had a fresh slightly fruity smell to it whereas my nose was now filled with a mild aroma of flowers and spice. Plus, I could feel a lot more pussy hair than Ingrid had. The strain and pain of my contorted body encouraged me to get to work. The sooner I made her cum, the sooner I'd get some relief from this torture.

For only the second time in my life and yet the second time today, my tongue reached out to taste another woman's pussy. I wagged my tongue around in a little arc, trying to part her labia and get at the clit. I was in a rush, but my mistress wasn't. She pushed my head back away from her crotch and held it there. The tip of my fully extended tongue barely grazed the soft folds of her pussy lips. My neck hurt from being pushed even further back but at least it was easier to breathe through my nose. A thin stream of saliva began to run over my lower lip and down my chin. I moved my tongue up and down gently caressing her pussy with just the tip. I tried to focus on pleasing my mistress but the throbbing pain pulsing throughout my body was competing for my attention.

This hog tie wrapped my entire body in pain just as the "cock pump" had done. My shoulders pulsed in agony as they were almost rotated out of their sockets by having my elbows welded together behind my back. My abs and thighs hurt from being stretched in opposite directions. But the worst was my breasts. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that Andre and tied them up. "D" cup sized tits must make an attractive target for a master's ropes. However, I couldn't have guessed how painful their bondage could be. The tight coils compressed around the bases felt like they were going to slice through my flesh and sever my bulging mounds from my chest. I was forced to constantly push my upper body back towards my bent legs to reduce the load on the ropes binding my tits. In fact, several parts of my tortured naked body were suffering from the physics of a hog tie.

I barely tolerated physics in university when I had to take one course in it for my degree. I figured it was a waste of my time as I'd never actually use it but now, I was living through the painful reality of all that boring stuff about loads and pressure, compression and expansion. Andre had designed the hog tie so that all the connecting ropes supported loads created by my contorted body which in turn increased the compression caused by the other cords wrapped around my limbs. The long tails from the breast ropes supported the load created by my arched back and kept the coils wrapped around the base of each tit under constant pressure to constrict even more. The line that connected my legs and arms bore the load created my arched body and in turn increased the pressure around my ankles, arms and shoulders. The constant pressure on these connecting ropes caused them to stretch slightly over time. This stretching allowed me slightly more movement than when Andre had first tied me.

This small increase in movement had two benefits. The first one was that I was able to wiggle a tiny bit, not enough to escape or wrest free from the grasp of my mistress but just enough to create some minor relief in aching body parts. The relief came at a price though. Any position that reduced the strain on one part of me increased the pain somewhere else. Pushing my shoulders back lessened the constriction of my breast bondage but intensified the pain in the small of my back and threatened to tear my abdominal muscles. Letting my legs drop slightly back towards the ground reduced the pulling in my thighs and the cramping caused by being folded but tightened the ropes around my elbows and shoulders cause them to be pulled even further backwards. It also meant my wrists were pulled further up my back. This movement in my wrists caused the second benefit.

Any motion of my tightly bound wrists caused the crotch rope that was slicing into my pussy to slide up and down. I suffered from the same pleasure and pain sensation that Ingrid's crotch rope from earlier today had produced. The rough cords caused painful friction that no amount of natural lubrication was going to relieve. And at this point I was very lubricated. However, the pressure and the rubbing did create small waves of pleasure to wash through my belly. It wasn't going to be enough to make me cum, but it was going to be keep me very aroused. Long periods of arousal without orgasm was another form of torture my captors seemed to enjoy inflicting. I would later learn that orgasm denial was a common technique in domination. It was driving me crazy right now though. I hoped my mistress was further down the path towards those blissful waves of orgasm than I was.

The tip of my tongue continued to play gently across her pussy lips. Sometimes I would lick it up and down, the end of my tongue slightly parting the folds but never getting deep enough to reach her clit. Other times I would dab at her lips, tapping them with the tip of my tongue. I was prevented from digging any deeper by my mistress's grasp on my head. She was definitely in control of me. I wondered what she thought of her naked and tightly bound slave. Did she see me as a person or was I merely some appliance to be used for her pleasure? Her power over me was absolute and did that just make me a thing to her? I pushed these thoughts out of my brain and tried to concentrate on just two things, my tongue and her pussy.

My world became very small. I was enveloped in pain which drove away awareness of anything beyond my body. This is what successful meditation must feel like. Okay probably not this painful but this same sense of total inward focus. Any thoughts of work, travel plans or what was going to happen to me next were washed away by my bondage and submission. Ironically, I found being so heavily bound to be very freeing. Nothing was in my control, so I was absolved of any responsibility. My life became quite simple; pleasure the pussy in front of me and make her cum.

My mistress slowly eased the backwards pressure on my head. My tongue was allowed to slip marginally deeper into her cleft. I was surprised to find the taste and texture was slightly different than Ingrid. I really hadn't given it much thought before, actually zero thought, but I guess I imagined all women would taste and feel the same. Both women had a tangy sour taste but this one was slightly musty evoking a sense of lush primal nature. Where Ingrid's inner pussy was satiny slick, this one had a barely perceptible texture to it. The differences were so subtle that I doubt I would have noticed them if my concentration hadn't so forcibly focussed on my mistress's pussy.

She let go of my head entirely and granted me access to her pussy. I began to work earnestly now. I needed to make her cum so I could get free of these cruel bonds, even if it was only temporary freedom.

My face was pressed firmly into her crotch. My nose was smothered in her pubic mound forcing me to breathe and simultaneously lick which was almost impossible. My lower face was smeared with saliva and pussy juices which should have disgusted me but instead made me feel even hornier. It underscored the fact that I was a dirty whore, something I always had wanted but my self restraint never would have allowed. These feelings only made me eager to eat pussy.

I ran the tip of my tongue around the outer edge of her cleft, barely contacting her slick moistened skin. After each lap I applied a little more pressure and gradually built up the speed. Eventually I added a little tickle of her clit at the end of every circuit by my tongue. Time became meaningless. My consciousness was reduced to the motion of my tongue. The ropes that cut into my body and held it rigid in an extremely contorted position faded into the fog of sub space. Even though I was aware of the actions of my tongue it seemed to have a mind of its own. At some point it switched from rotating around her inner labia to pulsing in and out of her pussy. My tongue extended as deeply as it could into my mistress and as it withdrew pressed up against the ridge of her pubic bone.

Regardless of my seemingly lack of control, whatever my tongue was doing worked. I felt the woman's hips buck and twist as she came. I drove my tongue into her faster and pushed up harder on her pubic bone trying to amplify the pleasure that was coursing through her. Finally, her erratic movements became too much, and I lost contact with her. It was impossible for me to move bound as I was, and I just slumped into my bonds. Everything was still for a few moments and then I felt her move away from me.

For a few minutes I was left alone in my extreme bondage and the pain began to rise back to my consciousness. Something brushed against the side of my torso. The feeling was repeated a few seconds later and I realized I was being marked once again to measure the arch of the hog tie. Then fingers began to pick at the knots that held me rigid. I couldn't be untied fast enough! It took several minutes with all three of them working to remove all the ropes from my tortured body. My limbs tingled, particularly my hands and feet as full circulation was restored to them. Even though the ropes had been removed, my breasts continued to throb from their bondage. In fact, I would feel the affects of my submission in my nipples and breasts for several days as they were sore and tender from the constant abuse.

I was lying face down on the floor when the last of the ropes fell away. I tried moving my arms and legs, but they were too stiff and sore, so I just lay still. My three tormentors moved around me, and I felt them grasping my limbs. I groaned as I had hoped for a longer respite from extreme bondage, but it appeared I wasn't going to a break. It turned out I wasn't getting tied up immediately, but I wasn't exactly going to get a break either.

Andre grabbed my wrists in an iron grip, stretched my arms over my head and pinned them to the floor by sitting on the forearms. Each woman grasped one of my legs at the ankle and swung them out and up towards my hips. When they stopped, I was spread so wide apart that I was doing the splits. Each leg was extended at almost ninety degrees from my hips and I felt like I was going to be torn in half. My mistresses then straddled my legs and trapped them between their knees. Essentially, I was held in a rigid "T" position with my torso and arms forming the vertical stem and my split legs forming the horizontal cross at the top. For the past hour (I wasn't aware of how much time I'd spent hog tied in the two positions, it felt like an eternity but was probably no more than 30 minutes in each tie) I'd been contorted into compact pretzels but now I was being stretched to the limits of my flexibility. Being pulled like I was on the rack produced a different but no less painful strain on my limbs and joints. Even though all three of my tormentors were pinning my limbs to the floor, they all had their hands free and went to work on me.

The women gently ran their nails over the skin on the backs of my legs. I am particularly ticklish behind my knees and I tried to not react when they traced gentle swirls over that part of my legs, hoping that they would stop if I lay still. The tickle torture from this afternoon was fresh in my mind. I didn't know if I could take it again. Despite my best efforts to resist the tickling, my body betrayed me. My giggles and squirming just acted as encouragement and the women's fingers began to dance all over my lower body and legs.

Andre wasn't idle during this time either. His fingers sought out the side of my ribs and attacked there. In seconds I was twisting and bucking, desperately trying to avoid the three sets of fingers but it was futile. The three of them had me pinned to the floor too effectively and I had little leverage as my limbs were stretched to their limits. Rolling my hips and bucking my torso slightly off the rug was all my efforts could achieve. One of the women even used this against me.

Whoever was on my left leg stopped tickling me with one hand. In my semi-delirious state, I didn't wonder why. Regardless I got my answer quickly. Something pressed against the entrance to my vagina. It dawned on me someone was holding the huge rubber penis so that as I bucked and squirmed, I rubbed up and down on the dong.Soon my pussy was glowing with warmth from humping the dong. It was sloppy and wet from stimulation. The early signs of an orgasm began to spread out through my belly. The pleasure the dong was bringing me contrasted with the torment from the tickling. The more persistent the tickling, the more I squirmed and twisted in the clutches of my tormentors and the more I humped the dong. I was giggling, shrieking and panting while pleading "No, no, no" over and over. I was building towards what was going to be a volcanic orgasm when the rubber cock was pulled away from my dripping pussy. At the same time the tickling stopped. It took time for me to realize the dong was gone and I continued to hump my hips up and down trying to find sexual release. A couple of sharp bare-handed smacks to my ass finally stopped my hips. But the spanking didn't end my wanton desires, it just changed them. Almost against my will, I found my ass lifting slightly up into the air to encourage more slaps. Instead I got a wickedly painful pinch on one cheek along with downward pressure indicating I better get my hips back flat on the floor and wait for whatever fate was in store.

My fate was more bondage. I had to bring my third and final tormentor to orgasm. My body tingled in anticipation of being bound by the mystery woman and bringing Ingrid to climax. I should have dreaded the torture the ropes would bring but instead I felt that same mixture of excitement and fear that the long slow climb up the massive hill on a roller coaster generates.

Both women got off my legs and gripped the ankles firmly. My legs were bent so the heels were pressed firmly into the tops of the thighs. Andre continued to hold my arms in a vice like grip although I was hardly in any condition to resist at this point. Ropes were wrapped around my folded legs at the ankles and thighs, locking them firmly in a position I would later learn is called a frog tie. The ends of the rope were pushed in between my calves and thighs and then looped around the main coils to cinch down the tie tightly.It seemed like each woman had a long tail of rope left over from this binding that they just piled in the small of my back. My experience with bondage wasn't all that extensive but I had come to realize that extra rope from a tie set aside of future use was never a good thing!

I winced as the skin behind my folded knee was pinched by one of the women trying to force a strand of rope between my bent leg. I briefly thought of pointing out they might have wanted to put the rope there before folding and tying my leg but realized I was in an extremely poor position to make sarcastic suggestions. With a little more pushing and some minor rope burn, both women had managed to pull a doubled strand of rope through each compressed leg pretty much at the knees. The end that was on the inside of each leg was tugged over the top of my upper shin and tied off on the outside of my folded limbs. Again, a long tail of rope was left over. I didn't have to wait long to find out what they were going to use the tails for.

Andre stopped pressing my arms onto the floor and rotated them, so they were now at my sides. His vice-like grip on my wrists was replaced by the softer hands of the women. Andre slid his hands under my shoulders and lifted-up, forcing my chest off the rug and my back to arch. As he lifted-up, the women pulled my wrists backwards down the side of my body so that my forearms were resting against my thighs and my wrists were beside the knees. They then used the long tails of rope they had left over from the tying my legs to tightly bind my arms to my bent lower limbs.

They worked quickly while Andre continued to support me in the arched position. Once he had lifted me up off the floor, he shifted his hands to grab my breasts and essentially used them as handles to hold me up. The women looped the ropes they had forced behind my folded knees around my wrists then under my leg and back up over the top the frog tie. After applying three or four wraps around my wrists and legs, they fed the ropes under one of the loops and created a cinch around the coils between my wrists and legs. It felt like steel bands were digging into my tender flesh when they were done.

The tension on the rope worsened when Andre stopped supporting me and body tried to collapse back from the arch imposed by the frog tie. This just caused the bindings to cut deeper into my tender flesh. I was sure that I would have permanent scars in a rope mark pattern by the time this weekend was over. I wiggled and squirmed, seeking some relief from the cords but found none. The contorted position that I was so rigidly locked into began to strain my tendons and ligaments. The sharp pain in the small of my back and the feeling that my shoulders were being torn from their sockets caused me to pray silently for a pussy to be shoved into my face, so I could complete my last task and get free. Well, I probably wasn't going to be entirely free of rope, but I hoped my mistresses would take pity on my tortured frame and bind me in a more comfortable position.

I didn't need to wait long for the pussy. Ingrid yanked my head up by a handful of my hair and pushed her crotch onto my face. This was no time for delicate teasing as I had done with the other woman. I was in too much pain, so I dove in with my tongue. Thankfully Ingrid wasn't looking for subtly and foreplay. I pushed my tongue inside her cleft and holding it as rigid as possible, began to swirl it around the moist cavity. Maybe Ingrid was taking pity on me or perhaps she was just that horny and wanted to cum fast because she grabbed either side of my head and began to hump my face. She rocked her hips up and down smearing her wet pussy over my chin, mouth and nose. I tried to keep my tongue in her, but she was too vigorous, so I focussed on keeping it in contact with her inner labia and clit. My tongue was pressed flat against my lower lip and upper chin, providing Ingrid a stable target to slide over. Time was working against me though. Not only was my entire body suffering from the contortions of the rigid position I was locked into, but my tongue was cramping horribly from being extended for so long. Once again, I drifted into sub space and while I didn't lose consciousness, I lost awareness.

I snapped back to reality when I realized I couldn't breathe. Ingrid was swept away by her orgasm and she stopped humping my face. Instead my mistress locked her pelvis and pulled my face harder into her sloppy pussy, smothering me to the point I had to gasp to get air. Stars swirled in my vision despite the blindfold and a buzzing sound cut through the electronic dance music that had been pounding in my ears for hours. I was on the dizzy brink of blacking out when Ingrid let go of me and twisted away. I gulped air and swam back up to reality.

Nothing happened for a few minutes. Despite clearly satisfying Ingrid, I still lay locked in the rigid hog tie. The ropes dug deeply into my skin and it felt like the bones in fore arms were being crushed. I fluttered my fingers trying to get at the ropes, but it was useless. Besides, my hands were numb, and the fingers felt like they had swollen to the size of sausages. Even if I could reach any of the knots, I wouldn't have the dexterity to undo them. Irrationally I started to struggle violently against my bonds in a rage fuelled by frustration and desperation. All my efforts led to nothing. I'm sure that my tormentors barely noticed any movement from me given how rigidly I was held by the rope. The position I was locked in was brilliant as the tension of my body created by the bondage was as effective at restricting my movements as the ropes were. Finally, I collapsed and waited.

My skin burned from the ropes and my struggles. I was covered in sweat both from the efforts to get free and the strain of the bondage. Sperm and cunt juices covered my face. They also combined to create a horrid, bitter taste in my mouth. Plus a few pubic hairs floated around in my mouth, tickling and irritating it. I wanted to be free, to be clean and fresh but I lay helpless. Not for the first time today, the realization dawned on me that this is what it was like to be truly helpless, a naked degraded woman at the mercy of others. An overpowering wave of desire to spend the rest of my life like this washed over me. I was terrified at how easily and ready I was to accept truly being a sex slave.

Finally, I felt the magic marker on my side just below my breasts and again just above my knees. The lines were being used to judge the arch of this hog tie compared to the previous two. It didn't feel like the arch was a severe with this last position, but it was the one that held me most rigid. Tugging on the bindings indicated that I was finally being untied.It took several minutes for all the ropes to fall away from my abused body. As each limb was freed, it was gently moved back into a natural relaxed position by one of my captors. Finally, I was lying face down on the floor with my arms at my side and my legs straight out and slightly apart. My joints throbbed, particularly the shoulders and my limbs tingled as the circulation was finally restored but it felt wonderful to be free. After a moment I felt something press into the small of my back. It was a high heeled shoe. The pointy heel dug into the tender flesh and the ball of the shoe pushed me down harder onto the floor. One of the women was clearly demonstrating her dominance over me. It felt like I was a piece of loot captured by a stronger woman in battle.I was surprised to feel disappointed when the foot lifted away, and I was left alone, lying naked and free but still blindfolded and deaf on the floor.

Eventually there was some tugging at the knots holding the blindfold in place. It loosened and then was slid away from my face. I blinked rapidly for a couple of seconds to clear away the effects of having been blindfolded for several hours. Although there wasn't much to see when it did clear as I was laying face first on the floor. All I got was a blurry up-close view of the carpet. The ear buds were pulled out and finally I was free from that obnoxious electro dance music. I wondered if I had been brainwashed by the music and that the next time I heard it I would automatically be reduced to a sex slave again. It would certainly bring back a flood of erotic memories even if I wasn't brainwashed. Suddenly a line across my ass burst on fire.

"What position are you supposed to be in if you aren't tied up you stupid fucking cow!" growled Ingrid. Each word was punctuated with a scalding lash of a crop across my back.

It didn't register at first what she wanted. The crop continued to whistle through the air followed by a loud thwack as it struck my naked back. Mercifully I finally remembered the positions Ingrid had trained me in earlier this afternoon. Since I was lying face down on the floor, I gambled on the one she had ordered me into during the training. I stayed face down and crossed my ankles and my wrists behind my back. I heard the whistle of the crop once more and braced for the blow, but it never came. Evidently Ingrid was satisfied. She dropped the crop onto my back and walked away.

I didn't dare move. Ingrid was walking around the living room picking up ropes and coiling them into bundles. Each bundle was dropped onto the coffee table with a muffled thud. I got an appreciation for how much rope they used by the number of thuds. Ingrid's feet appeared out of the corner of my eye.

"Kneel, bitch!" she ordered.

I pushed up off the floor, wincing a bit as my brutalized limbs and joints reluctantly responded. I wanted to avoid being beaten again so I struggled to remember the details of the position Ingrid had taught me earlier. I knelt with my ass resting on my heels, knees spread wide, hands behind my head with the fingers interlaced and elbows pulled back which forced my breasts to jut out more prominently. I kept my head facing forward but my eyes looking down. There was no searing lash from the crop, so Ingrid must have been satisfied.

She had changed out of the leather dominatrix gear and was wearing a pair of black yoga pants, a plain white t-shirt and black ballet slippers. My mistress squatted down in front of me and gently caressed my nipples. They responded to her touch and instantly grew hard. Ingrid stopped playing with them and reached over my shoulder to the table behind me. Something made a hollow clanging sound as she held a small brass coloured object up. I lifted my eyes briefly and felt a chill run through me when I saw what Ingrid held. It was a set of nipple clamps and each one had a shot glass sized miniature Swiss cow bell attached to it. She shook them back and forth a couple of times to make the bells clang. There was no doubt where these were going.

Ingrid pulled my left nipple out, stretching my whole breast away from my torso. I watched as the open teeth of the clamp were positioned around the base of my extruded bud. Ever so slowly, the jaws were allowed to close, the pain increasing rapidly as my tender flesh was brutally pinched. I sucked in a breath as the clamp was being applied and winced when it finally bit down. Ingrid repeated the process with the right nipple. The clamps were sending pulsing waves of pain through my breasts. The discomfort was sustained when my Mistress began to tap the cow bells which dangled freely from side to side, causing them to quietly clang. The symbolism was obvious, I was a big breasted cow.

Again, Ingrid reached past me to grab something from the table. I felt a tug on the collar and heard and little click. She had attached a leash and gave it a sharp jerk.

"On your hands and knees, bitch" she commanded.

I assumed the position, my breasts hanging down and the bells swinging freely beneath me. My tits swayed gently from side to side, the bells gently clanging as Ingrid led me back to the basement. We stopped at the top of the stairs, she grabbed a handful of my hair and painfully hauled me to my feet. I didn't need any reminder this time and quickly locked my hands behind my head.

Ingrid pulled down on my hair when we reached the bottom of the stairs. I got the hint and dropped back down to my hands and knees. The bare concrete of the floor was hard on my knees as I crawled across the floor. The cow bells clanged out a steady rhythm, pulling my tortured nipples with each swing. Ingrid signaled me to stop crawling with a sharp jerk of the leash. Although my view was restricted as I had my head down and my long hair hung around my face in tousled waves acting as blinders, I could see we'd stopped in front of the exercise bench I'd been tied to and tortured on earlier this afternoon. This didn't look good for me.

"On your feet, you worthless slut" Ingrid ordered, each word punctuated with a tug on the leash.

I stood up and quickly locked my hands behind my head. I made sure to pull my elbows back and stand up straight, causing my breasts to thrust out. The cow bells hung slightly out and away from my belly, so they were free to swing back and forth easily. Ingrid gripped the leash close to my collar.

It was silent in the basement and we stood motionless. I trembled, partly from the chill of the cool air but mostly in anticipation of what Ingrid was going to do to me. She stepped around to face me, dropped the leash and wrapped her arms around my body. I was pulled into her by the embrace. The feeling of her clothes on my skin heightened the awareness of my nakedness and status as a sex slave. I didn't move my arms from my head although I desperately wanted to return her embrace. Ingrid slid one hand up my back and cupped the back of my head. She pulled my face towards hers and brought her lips up to mine. I parted my mouth in anticipation. Ingrid's soft lips gently brushed across mine but instead of resting there, she kissed a gentle trail across my left cheek and down my neck. I closed my eyes and shivered at her touch.

I could feel each individual spot where she had kissed me even after her lips had moved on. Waves of desire boiled up inside me. I wanted to turn my mouth to her lips and offer it to her probing tongue. I wanted to fall to my knees and bury my face in her pussy. And most surprising to me, I longed to kneel before her and kiss her feet, giving my body and soul to her, my mistress. But her embrace prevented me from doing anything other than to stand there, naked and trembling, while she left a trail of soft kisses across my throat, up the right side of my neck and back across my cheek. Once again, I parted my lips, offering my mouth to her as she kissed my lips.

But instead of slipping her tongue into my waiting mouth, she stepped back and released me from her embrace.

"Bend over and put your hands on the bench." She ordered. "Spread your legs and keep your hips up high."

I did as she instructed. Bent 90 degrees at the waist, I found myself looking down at the concrete floor and my bare feet. My large tits hung down, the nipples pulled even further down by the heavy clamps and bells. My loose hair hung in dark curtains beside my face, so I sensed rather than saw Ingrid standing beside my naked torso. I felt the soft cloth of her yoga pants brushing against my skin. Her hands gently roamed over my back, as if she were flattening out wrinkles on a tablecloth.One had slid up my back and into my hair where Ingrid began to run her fingers through the tousled masses. The other glided down over the globes of my ass causing a crop of goose bumps to raise.

I rocked my hips in response to her touch. Her right hand roamed over my ass, building the heat that had been raising in my belly. Ingrid switched to just using her fingernails to softly trace random patterns over my naked skin. Fear seeped out from the edges of my desire as I expected this was a prelude to a painful and humiliating spanking. It turns out that wasn't Ingrid's plan.

Her fingers slide along through the cleft of my ass, pushing my buttocks apart slightly. I wiggled a bit in response causing the bells hanging from my tits to clang. Once again, I was losing control of my body. Control belonged to my mistress and she played me, teasing out reactions that I couldn't supress. Her right hand paused in it's slide through my ass with her thumb resting against the entrance to my anus. Ingrid gently pushed down with her thumb, not enough to enter my back channel but enough to make me clinch my butt cheeks together. My reaction didn't go unnoticed.

"Have you ever had anything shoved up your ass?" She inquired with her thumb still pressing down on my anus. "Ever been fucked up there?"

"No" I responded breathlessly. I felt her hand leave my ass and a second later there was a loud smacking sound as she spanked me.

"No, what?" Ingrid growled.

"I'm sorry. No Mistress." I quickly responded torn between wanting to avoid another stinging smack and wanting the spanking to continue.

"Why not? Why are you denying your partners the use and pleasure of all your holes? Do you let them use your cunt?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Do you let them use your mouth?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Then what's so special about your ass? Why haven't you given it to any of your partners?"

"I think because I find it gross Mistress and also because I think it will be very painful."

"Well, it's not up to a slave to decide what is gross and it doesn't matter if you find it painful. What matters is the pleasure it brings to your partners."

"Yes Mistress."

Ingrid's fingers had continued their migration through the crack of my ass and come to rest on the lips of my pussy. She gently stroked the outer lips with just the slightest pressure, moving her fingers in a circular motion. An involuntary moan escaped my lips and I found my body moving backwards to get more pressure from Ingrid's fingers. She just let my motion push her hand back as well which prevented the increased stimulus I was craving. She continued to tease the outside of my pussy while I panted and rocked my hips. The cow bells were jangling steadily now. My eyes were closed and my head hung down as I lost myself in the teasing touch of her fingers.

For about the hundredth time today my body took over control of my brain. Pent up sexual frustration caused me to seek more pressure from Ingrid's fingers, more satisfaction for that sexual itch I couldn't scratch. I'd pushed my hips so far back that my arms were no longer straight under me but rather down and in front of my head.

Smack, smack, smack. The sound reverberated around the concrete basement and suddenly my ass was on fire. Ingrid's left hand wrapped around my hair and yanked my forward over the bench again. My scalp and ass were burning now but mostly I just felt her fingers return to my pussy and tease the swollen lips. We cycled through this pattern several time, Ingrid teasing me, I'd push my hips back to get more stimulation and she'd spank my naked ass and yank me back into position by my hair. At some point I stopped supporting my bent body on my hands and lowered my torso, so I rested my forearms on the bench. This put my ass high in the air, a prime target for a beating.

Ingrid read my intentions perfectly. She let go of my hair and pivoted her body so she could use her left hand to spank me while still using the right one to toy with my labia. The mixture of pain and pleasure washed over me. Ingrid's fingers slid into my drenched pussy, driving me to new heights of erotic pleasure. My body trembled as pre-orgasmic waves began to wash over me. The heat from the spanking that burnt my tortured flesh amplified the stimulation rolling out uncontrollably from my pussy. I moaned and writhed under Ingrid's touch, not caring about the humiliation of being naked, dominated and turned into a wonton whore by my friend. And then with one final loud crack on my ass, it ended. Not in the powerful orgasm I had been building to but rather sudden stop of Ingrid's attention.

"No, no, please don't stop" I panted, still bent over with my ass in the air and my hot and bothered body writhing. Suddenly my scalp exploded in searing pain as Ingrid brutally yanked on a handful of my hair.

"Don't ever tell me what to do you stupid dirty whore!" She hissed. "I own you and I'll do what I want to you when I want, and you have no option but to obey!"

She gave my hair one more sharp tug and then shoved me sideways. I stumbled off balance from the unexpected push and fell down on one knee. Ingrid slapped my face hard as I tried to get back up.

"Stay down on your knees, bitch. Fold your arms behind your back and stick your tits out. Now make those bells jingle and keep them ringing until I get back, you worthless slut."

Ingrid turned and walked back upstairs without looking back at me.I twisted my torso back and forth to keep the bells ringing. They heavy brass bells swung from side to side and tugged on my tortured nipples with each arc. As soon as Ingrid was upstairs, I stopped and let the bells dangle straight down and silent. I'd felt like an idiot shaking the bells when I was alone, so I thought I'd stop until I heard Ingrid at the top of the stairs. Even though I was facing away from the stairs, I was sure I'd hear her before she could get close enough to hear the bells.

From the muffled sound of her footstep coming through the floor above, Ingrid was moving around in her living room. It grew incredibly quiet after a couple of minutes as she headed up to the bedrooms on the second floor. I knelt on the hard concrete of the basement floor and waited for my mistress to return.

My legs were cramping from being folded underneath me, so I raised myself up from sitting on my lower legs to kneeling upright like I was in church. That helped my legs a bit, but the rest of my body was still a mess of aches, bruises and welts. The numbness had left my arms and legs, but my neck and shoulders were still aching from the abuse they had taken from the hogties. I looked down at my belly and saw the lines that had been drawn to mark the arch of the hogties. Each tie must have been given a different color as there were a pair of red, blue and black lines drawn horizontally across my stomach and thighs. The closest pairing were the red ones with the upper line right at my belly button and lower line just a few inches below my crotch. I assumed they were from the first position since that one felt like it was the most severe.

Finally, I heard Ingrid back on the main floor and approaching the stairs to the basement. I settled back down onto my lower legs and resumed twisting my body so the bells would ring. Once again, my nipples suffered from the pulling of the clamps as the bells swung back and forth.

"There's a good little bitch." Ingrid said, dropping bundles of rope on the floor beside me. "Stand up, slut".

She didn't wait for me to move. Instead she reached down, caught the swinging bells and pulled me to my feet by the nipple clamps. I yelped as it felt like my nipples were being torn off. I got up as fast as I could to relieve the torture. When I was standing, Ingrid yanked on the bells and tore the clamps off my nipples. I screamed in pain. Ingrid slapped me across the face.

"Shut up and stop acting like a baby or else I really give you something to scream about."

I simply whimpered quietly in response. There was no point in arguing. I risked a glance down at my tits, certain I would see a gaping wound where my nipples used to be. Despite the searing pain, everything appeared normal. Well normal except for the fact that I stood naked before my fully clothed best friend slash dominatrix waiting to be tied up yet again. Judging from the mound of coiled ropes on the floor, I was going to be heavily bound.

"Stand at attention with your arms at your sides and your legs shoulder width apart." Ingrid snapped as she selected a bundle of rope.

She folded a 10-foot length of rope in half and slipped the loop between my legs and pulled it up into my crotch. The loose ends were wrapped around my right upper thigh and right wrist and then fed through the loop which was on the front of my leg. Ingrid folded the ends back in the opposite direction and pulled them tight. She then proceeded the wrap the rope through my crotch, over my thigh, around my wrist and back through my crotch several times until only about a foot of rope was left. Ingrid separated the tails and slid one tail above the coils of rope and between my hip and forearm while the tail went under the stack and between my wrist and thigh. These tails were wound vertically in opposite directions between my leg and wrist forming a cinch around the coils binding my arm to my thigh. Ingrid finished the tie by knotting the tails together at the top of the stack of rope, far away from my fingers and out of any danger of being untied by me. She repeated the tie with my left arm and leg. My arms were firmly secured to my sides when Ingrid was finished. The ropes were tight enough that I couldn't wiggle free but at the same time there was no risk to my circulation.

Once again, I was helpless. Ingrid could do anything to me and there would be nothing I could do to stop her. However, I should have known simply tying my arms wasn't going to be enough for Ingrid. I felt butterflies of anticipation swirling in my belly as she bent down to grab more rope. In the short time I'd experienced bondage, I'd come to love the process of being tied. It was a gradual stripping away of my freedom and a licence to be a wanton slut or dirty whore as a result of that loss of freedom. Ironically, I found be tied up to be very freeing. And Ingrid was intent on making sure I was very tied up.

The next length of doubled up rope was wound around my upper chest and arms, 8 bands of quarter inch hemp lined up in neat rows from just below my collar bone to the top of my breasts. Ingrid used the same technique to cinch the tie, feeding the tails between my torso and arm on each side, wrapping them vertically around the horizontal ropes and pulling the ropes tight. She was careful to tie the final knot on top of the stack and at the back so even if I did wiggle my hands free it would be difficult to reach the knots. Ingrid repeated the tie with another long strand just under my breasts, lifting each one up to make sure the rope was buried in the little fold under my large tits. When she was done, my breasts were sandwiched between the two sets of rope and my arms were welded to my sides. Apparently, Ingrid wasn't satisfied yet.

She plucked another shorter strand of the quarter inch cord from the pile on the floor and shook it out. Standing in front of me she passed one end of the rope around my waist, as if she were a seamstress wrapping a tape measure around me. Ingrid held the two ends in front of me a gave it a flick upwards, so it sat just below the lower band of rope already tied under my breasts. She then fed each end between my arm and torso above the set of lower ropes, one tail on my left side the other on the right. The tails were then pulled back to the front under the bands wound around my body. They were then looped around the upper bands in the same manner. Ingrid tugged sharply upwards when she had the ropes back in front, almost pulling me off balance. This drew the two sets of bands wrapped above and below my breasts closer together, further squishing my tits. It wasn't as painful as some of the abuse my breasts had already endured today but it wasn't comfortable either. Ingrid finally passed each tail over my collar bones and knotted them together behind my neck. I now wore a weird rope bikini top, although it was one where my breasts were exposed instead of covered. Not only did that final rope tighten the other bands, it also meant that there was no way I could shimmy them lower down on my body and slip out of them. I wasn't going to be free of the chest harness until my mistress wanted me to be free!

Ingrid stepped back to admire her handiwork. She straightened out the odd rope, so the coils were neatly stacked with no gap or overlap. She checked each knot and retied one that she wasn't satisfied was tight enough. She slid her hand over my belly and cupped my bound breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze that sent tremors through my body. Ingrid moved around me, gently rubbing her hands over my bare skin, stoking the fires that were beginning to burn in my belly. She stood back in front of me, appraising my bound form. I could not meet her gaze and hung my head in submission.

"It's a good start." She announced. "How do you feel?"

"I feel very tied up, Mistress." I responded.

"Hardly" she said. "I have a lot more rope to use before you're very tied up."

With that she grabbed another coil and was back at work. This one went around my belly and forearms in the same way as the others. Half a dozen horizontal wraps, corseting my tummy and further locking my arms to my side with the cinches between the forearms and my ribs. By the time Ingrid was done, there was extraordinarily little skin showing on my torso, except for my breasts. The bindings were so effective that the only movement I could do with my arms or upper body was a slight shrug of my shoulders and even that was limited by the ropes. Ingrid had one last rope to apply to my upper body.

She slipped the loop formed in a doubled 10-foot strand under a couple of the coils around my belly and feed the tails through the little loop. They were then tugged down my pelvis and left hanging down my legs. Ingrid left me alone for a minute and crossed the basement to retrieve the bulbous headed vibrator that ripped so many powerful orgasms from me earlier this afternoon. She used her fingers to spread the wet lips of my pussy and exposed my clit. Ingrid positioned the vibrator, so it just barely touched my clit and then wrapped the ropes around the wand just under the round head. The ropes were then pulled back up though my ass crack and fed the under the coils around my waist. Ingrid finished the tie by securing each tail to the cinch between my wrists and thighs. Whatever movement I was able to make with my hands would then rub the head of the vibrator back and forth over my clit. I was so horny despite how many times I'd already cum today, that it wouldn't take much wiggling on my part to get me off again.

"I don't want your moaning keeping me awake tonight so open up."

Ingrid dangled a massive ball gag in front of my face. It had a two inch diameter glossy red rubber ball and a inch wide black leather strap.

"Please, no Mistress, that looks too painful. I promise I won't make a sound."

"You're right you're not going to make a sound because this is going in your mouth.Now open up!"

I knew the gag was going in whether I resisted or not, but I wasn't going to give in easily. I made an exaggerated effort to clamp my jaws shut and turned my head to the side, away from the gag. Ingrid just snickered.

"Good, I was hoping you'd resist. Not that it's going to do you any good."

She pinched my nostrils shut with her fingers on one hand and pressed the ball against my clenched lips with the other. I held out for as long as I could. I tried to twist out of her grip, but it just hurt my nose too much and did nothing to loosen her hold. Finally, I was on the edge of blacking out and opened my mouth to gasp in air. I barely got any in before Ingrid rammed the massive ball into my mouth. It took some effort to get it seated properly as it was so big it threatened to dislocate my jaw. After some pushing and prodding, it was in to her satisfaction. She buckled the single strap behind my neck, tugging it so tightly that the leather cut into the corners of my mouth. The ball sealed my mouth so effectively that I could only breathe through my nose. My jaws began to throb in pain immediately. How long was I going to have to endure this?

"Almost got you settled in for the night, sweetie." She whispered into my ear as she gave my ass a playful smack. "Just one more rope to make sure you stand still."

Stand still! Was she going to make me stand all night!

I figured she was going to tie my legs together, but I couldn't have been more wrong. She fashioned a noose out of a long piece of rope and dropped it over my head. I started making all kinds of frantic noises behind the gag but not much sound came out. Ingrid could clearly tell I was panicking though. It didn't stop her from tightening the noose around my neck. It wasn't so tight to cut off the air flow, but it was tight enough that it would only take a little bit more pressure to strangle me. She flipped the other end of the rope over a beam above my head and pulled it up so I had to stand very straight and erect to minimize the tension. Ingrid tied it off well above my head and went back over to a cupboard on the other side of the basement. I stood frozen in fear of hanging myself. I broke out into a sweat and began to pant through my nose as best as I could.

Ingrid returned and ignored my pleading. She'd gotten a long band of black fabric which she quickly wound several times around my head and over my eyes, plunging me into darkness once again. I was momently disoriented by being blind and swayed a bit as she tugged at the ends of the blindfold while tying it off. This caused the noose around my neck to tighten and choke me. Ingrid did nothing to help me. Eventually I settled down, regained my balance, and stood still. The noose loosened enough that I wasn't choking anymore. I kept begging her to untie the neck binding but the gag was so big and effective that all I got for my effort was muted unintelligible sounds and a stream of thick drool running down my chin and onto my chest.

"Good night you little slut. I'll see you in the morning. We're going to have a lot more fun tomorrow. Well, at least Andre and I are going to have, not so much." She gave me a light kiss on the cheek and I heard her head upstairs, leaving me alone, helpless and quite frankly terrified.

Without thinking, I tried to chase after her to stop from being left alone. I hadn't even taken a full step when the noose tightened around my neck and began to really strangle me. I moved back to where the rope hanging me loosened slightly and was relieved to not be choking to death anymore. I had no idea where Ingrid was or how I could get her attention. I assumed from the sound of her footsteps that she had gone upstairs. She wasn't around to hear my pleas and take pity on me. I doubted that she would be able to hear my safe word and it probably wouldn't come out as "lasagne" anyway. Humming the national anthem might work if she were standing right beside me but Ingrid wasn't going to hear it when she was two floors away. And as I calmed down a bit, I realized I really didn't want to use my safe word. I figured Ingrid was just trying to scare me and wouldn't really let me choke to death, helplessly bound in her basement. Also she'd challenged me all those hours ago when this had started that I wouldn't be able to handle being her total slave. My intensely competitive nature wouldn't let me prove her to be right. Still, despite my resolve, I was left in a very awkward situation.

I struggled against the bonds holding me so helpless. No matter how I squirmed and twisted I couldn't get at any of the knots. Once again, Ingrid had tied me so that I wasn't going to get free until she undid the ropes. My efforts might not have loosened any ropes, but they were having other unintended consequences. First, my struggles were causing rope burn. My skin was being chaffed by the rough hemp Ingrid used, particularly around my wrists where I had the most range of motion. Secondly, the vibrator head was gently massaging my clit. Twisting my hands and wrist pulled on the ends of the crotch rope which in turn shifted the vibrator back and forth. Even though it wasn't turned on, it was turning me on! Finally, some movements I made trying to get free tightened the neck rope. I was shocked to find that being partially strangled was erotic. I don't know whether it was the thrill of the risk of choking or the sense of helplessness brought on by the predicament but either way, the tighter the noose got, the more aroused I was. I was in a perverse loop of inflicting pain on myself and getting more pleasure as a result. It wasn't long before I shuddered as a mild orgasm rippled over me.

"That was interesting to watch."

I froze and felt my face redden in embarrassment. I didn't realize Ingrid was back, if she had left at all. Obviously, she'd seen my struggles and the impact it had on me. I hung my end in shame as the last glow of the orgasm lingered in my pelvis.

I felt Ingrid pulling at the knot holding the blindfold in place. In a second it fell away and I saw her standing in front of me with a sly grin on her face. She'd really set me up!

I didn't know whether to be pissed at her or relieved that she was here and wasn't going to let me strangle to death through the night. Actually, it was a little of both. She freed me from the noose but left the jaw breaking gag in place. She then began checking the knots to ensure nothing had come loose.

"You didn't really think I was going to leave you tied like that all alone did you? I just wanted to scare you plus give you some incentive to struggle as a test for my rigging.

Time to really finish securing you for the night. I can't risk having such an entertaining slave run away while I'm asleep."

Like there was any danger of me getting out of here naked and bound as I was. It was highly unlikely that I wanted to be found wandering nude and helpless through a strange neighborhood late a night.

"How do you like that gag? It's the biggest ball gag I own, and it pretty much extends your jaws to their anatomical limit. Is pretty baby's jaw hurting?"

I nodded and whimpered a little bit hoping Ingrid would pull the monster out of my mouth. No such luck. She simply stroked my face and whispered "poor baby" repeatedly while staring into my eyes. Eventually she pulled down on my lower lip which increased the drool from a trickle to a river. Ingrid preceded to smear the drool all over my face.

"Such a sloppy baby. She can't even control her slobbering."

With that she pinched both my nipples and dragged me closer to the bed. I was getting tired of being led around by my breasts! I was relieved despite the pain in my tits as I figured this meant I was going be spending the night on the bed rather than hanging from my neck. Ingrid left me standing with my back to the bed and went to pick up more rope.

My legs were now the target of her attention. She checked the vibrator to make sure it hadn't slipped out of position. It didn't feel like it had but Ingrid still wiggled it around a bit pretending to adjust it but really just to tease me. It worked as my clit was already sensitive and ready to go. Next, she began binding me by wrapping a long doubled up length of hemp around my upper thighs, trapping my hands and fingers firmly against my legs. After five or six loops around my thighs, she fed the tails through the larks head and pushed one tail between my legs over the horizontal wraps and the other end under the loops and knotted them together at the back of my legs, cinching the coils firmly. Ingrid then repeated the tie with bands of rope just above and below my knees.She added a final rope binding my ankles together. It covered my lower legs from the ankles to mid calf and had the same vertical cinch as the other bands of rope.

Ingrid stood up after finishing with my ankles and appraised her handiwork with a critical eye. She picked at the odd knot and straighten out a few strands of rope here and there but was generally satisfied. She put her arms around my neck, and I thought she was going to hug me, but I felt her fiddling with the buckle to the gag. Thankfully, I felt the straps fall onto my shoulders. The gag was coming out! Ingrid held both straps in one hand and grabbed my throat with the other and yanked the monstrosity out of my mouth. A flood of saliva was pulled out with the ball and splattered down onto my bound breasts. I couldn't actually close my jaws for a second or two as they'd frozen into their gaping position. Finally, the muscles relaxed and I closed my mouth, cutting off the river of drool running over my bottom lip. Ingrid placed one hand on my chest and pushed, knocking me backwards across the bed. Bound as I was, there was nothing I could do to control my fall. I wound up with my head hanging off one side and my lower legs off the other. Ingrid left me there as she wandered away out of my line of sight.

I heard more coils of rope dropped onto the bed. I was wrapped in bonds from neck to ankles, but Ingrid wasn't done. She came around to my head and grabbed a handful of my hair that was hanging down to the floor and pulled up, setting my scalp on fire. Ingrid dragged me up and around onto the bed by my hair. She then lifted up my legs and spun me around so I was lying properly on the bed, on my back.

"Just a few more ropes to make sure you don't fall out of bed."

Yeah, right. Like she was worried about me falling out of bed. I'd come to understand that Ingrid's approach to bondage was why use one rope when you've got twenty!

She adjusted my position on the bed a bit and then shook out a coil of rope. Ingrid reached under my legs and pushed a loop of rope up between my lower legs just above the coils binding my ankles. The tails of the rope were wedged in between my feet and then passed though the loop sticking out from between my shins and yanked tight. Ingrid took the loose ends and pulled them down to the bottom of the bed and tied them off to the metal bedframe. She then moved up to the head of the bed with another piece of rope. This one was looped under the binding that Ingrid had used to cinch my chest ties, just under the rope at the back of my neck. She pulled the cord up to the head of the bed and tied it off to the frame. I was now secured to the bed at my head and feet.

My mistress moved back down to the foot of the bed and grabbed my bound ankles. With a firm grip on them, Ingrid lifted and pulled, stretching me out down to the foot of the bed. This tightened the rope tying me to the head of the bed which in turn tightened the rope cinching the chest bindings. While still pulling on my legs, Ingrid drew the slack out of the line tying me to the foot of the bed and redid the knots. When she was finished, I was stretched out so much that I had little or no ability to wiggle or shift position. However, Ingrid still wasn't done with me.

My mistress fed the loop of a doubled strand of rope under the bindings just below my knees and sawed it back and forth, working it around the side of my right leg. The tails of rope were passed through the loop and pulled down across the mattress and tied off to the side of the bed. Ingrid repeated this process on my left side, firmly securing my legs to the bed. In another few minutes, ropes had been added to the bands around my upper thighs, belly and those above my breasts in a similar fashion. I was held down to the bed so rigidly by this lattice of bindings that my only freedom of movement was to lift my head up off the mattress or turn it from side to side. I couldn't squirm, wiggle or twist in any way. There was no give in the ropes and all the knots were impossible for me to reach. I was staying right where I was until someone untied me.

"That looks good. I don't think you're going anywhere. I'll be back in a minute." Ingrid said and with a playful slap on my breast, she headed upstairs.

Needless to say, I just lay there and waited. It was impossible to do much else, so I just stared up at the ceiling. Something attached to the beam right above my face caught my eye. There was a piece of black plastic pipe bolted to the beam and pointing down at my face. I thought that was odd as there wasn't any sink or toilet located on the main floor above the pipe. It didn't seem to be connected to any of the house's plumbing and if it were, liquid would have just drained out of it and onto the basement floor, or in this particular situation, my face. My contemplation of the mystery pipe was interrupted by Ingrid's return.

I twisted my head to watch her come down the stairs. She was carrying a face cloth, a towel, a small bottle and a very full glass of white wine. She came back over to the bed, set down the glass of wine, some of which I dearly hoped was for me, and climbed onto the bed, straddling me at my waist. Her weight caused us both to the sink down into the mattress a little bit which in turn pulled all the ropes tying me to the bed tighter.

"Time to clean that messy face of yours." Ingrid said as if she were talking to a small child with food smeared around their mouth.

She began to scrub my face with the face cloth. I hadn't seen my self in a mirror since we got back to the house in mid afternoon. Since then I'd had dirt and dust from the garage floor on my face along with smeared food, various shades of lipstick, sperm and pussy juices not to mention my own sweat and saliva. I was glad for her gentle touch as she carefully and meticulously wiped my face clean. It felt very intimate and started to arouse a new wave of passion in me. Once she was done with the face cloth, Ingrid dribbled some skin cleanser onto a cotton make-up pad and gave my face a final gentle cleaning with it. I felt a lot less crusty and gross when she was done.

Ingrid leaned over, picked up the glass of wine and took a big mouthful. She bent down to my face and gently kissed me on my lips. I opened my mouth, wanting a more passionate kiss and Ingrid parted her lips and a trickle of the wine she held in hers slipped into mine. I was startled at first and choked a bit. Ingrid kept her mouth pressed to mine and once I settled down, she flooded my mouth with the wine. I was ready for it this time and managed to swallow it without drowning. It was cool and crisp and more importantly, it helped wash out some of the horrid taste of sperm and pussy juices that had dominated my taste buds for the past several hours.

We shared the rest of the wine this way, interspersed with periods of straight kissing. I felt like a high school girl making out with her boyfriend, other than it was a sexy woman and not a teenage boy. Ingrid is a great kisser. She gently held my face in her hand while her tongue traced around my lips. Her tongue would gently push into my waiting mouth. It probed around slowly, seeking out my own tongue and delicately played over and under it. I was definitely getting more aroused now and desperately wanted to wrap my arms around her, stroke her silky skin and run my fingers through her thick blonde hair. But the ropes held me in the rigid prison. No matter how I flexed and strained the bonds were impossible to slip. Only Ingrid could free me from these ropes, and right now only she could relieve my need for sexual release. Unfortunately for me, she had no plans of untying me or letting me cum.

When the wine was done, she sat up straddling me once again and reached for her phone.

"I just want to see the video of you torturing your nipples with those clamps and bells while I was upstairs." She said, swiping at the surface of the phone.

Panic punched me in the stomach. Oh God, she was going to see I hadn't kept jiggling the bells like she instructed. There was no way she was going to let my transgression slide. I started to stammer out some sort of excuse or distraction but it was too late. I heard the tinkling of the bells on her phone and then heard them fall silent. A puzzled expression crossed Ingrid's face for a second or two, followed by a cold look of anger. Her eyes narrow and nostrils flared.

"You dumb bitch. You disobeyed me. You can't be so stupid that you thought you'd get away with this did you?"

Actually I did but I didn't dare say that. I hadn't noticed that she'd left her phone propped up against the bottom of the stairs and videoed me while she went up to get the ropes. There was no denying it. I started to stammer out an apology but just got a hard slap across the face.

"Shut up you lazy cunt." She hissed as she climbed off me and disappeared out of me field of view.

I heard her moving around the basement for a minute apparently looking for something. She reappeared over me holding a bamboo rod. It was about three feet long and a half inch thick. It looked menacing. Ingrid gently pressed the rod down across my breasts in line with the nipples. It felt hard and unforgiving.

"Now what did I instruct you to do while I was upstairs?" She asked in a patronizing tone.

"Keep the bells ringing." I answered.

Ingrid give her wrist a quick flick and the rod lifted off my breasts and then snapped down hard, igniting a narrow line of searing pain across my tits.

"Keep the bells ringing, what?" She sneered.

"Keep the bells ringing, mistress." I wheezed out through the pain.

"Did you understand what I meant?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Did you know how to do it?"

"Yes, mistress."

"Was there anything out of your control that prevented you from carrying this very simple command."

"No, mistress."

"So, I'm confused. I ordered you to keep them ringing, you understood that command, knew how to do it and there was nothing preventing you. Have I got that right?"

"Yes, mistress."

"I know I'm right, I don't need some dumb slut of a slave to tell me I'm right." With that she snapped the bamboo three times across my bare breasts, dropping me into a fog of pain.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." I gasped out.

"Oh, you're not sorry yet but trust me, you will be." And with that the real punishment began.

Ingrid gave me several more quick whacks with the rod. I wasn't sure exactly how many as the pain prevented me from keeping track. My pleading and begging did no good. Her target remained my tits, probably because most of the rest of my skin was hidden under hemp. She stopped abruptly with the cane resting on my breasts. She waited long enough for me to focus and then drew her arm up as if to strike. She snapped it back down but stopped just before hitting me. I screamed in anticipation. She repeated this three or four more times, stopping just before striking me each time. It was a different type of torture. Rather than the pain of the blow, she was exploiting my fear of the blow. Her arm came back up and snapped back down again. This time she didn't stop and my tortured breasts exploded in flame once again. She repeated this cat and mouse game for what seemed like hours, but I know was only minutes. Finally, she leaned down to my ear.

"Don't you ever fucking disobey me again. Ever! Are we clear?" She whispered in a tone that chilled me.

"Yes, mistress. I promise." I sobbed.

It scared me how fast she went from the tender kissing to the extreme beating. She clearly had no qualms about punishing me, regardless of her mood at the time. Through my tears, I saw her walk away gently tapping the rod against her leg. It turns out I was going to find out what that pipe attached to the beam over my face was for.

Ingrid returned to the bedside holding a long metal pole. It looked like one of those shower curtain rods that you could adjust the length by pulling out one segment and turning it to lock. This one was definitely not the standard issue though. A large rubber cock had been mounted on one end. And I do mean large. It was bigger than a real cock, at least any that I had seen. The glans at the end was about an inch and a half in diameter and the foot long shaft was tapered, growing from about an inch in diameter just behind the head to a couple of inches at the base. It was anatomically correct despite the exaggerated size with a head, veins, the little ridge along the underside and a slit at the tip of the head. It looked like it would be painful if fully inserted into me, then I remembered my pussy was inaccessible given the way I was tied up. Ingrid inverted the rod over my head with the dong pointed at my face.

"Open up!" she ordered.

Ingrid didn't wait for me to obey and pressed the rubber phallus against my lips before I had a chance to comply. I opened my mouth and the cock was pushed in hard. It hit the back of my throat and instantly caused a gag reflex. Ingrid just stared impassively into my wild eyes as I panicked, choking on the cock. Spit was blown out of my mouth as I coughed and spluttered. Bound as I was, I could do nothing to prevent being choked to death. Eventually, Ingrid relented and slowly pulled the dong out a bit. She didn't move it that far as it still just barely tickled the back of my throat, forcing me to constantly fight the gag reflex. Holding the rod steady, Ingrid climbed onto the bed and stood over me, straddling my head. She positioned the other end of the rod in the pipe attached to the overhead beam and tightened down a bolt to hold it in place. When she let go, the cock stayed locked in place in my mouth, effectively pinning my head down to the bed. I couldn't lift my head as that would drive the phallus deeper into my throat and choke me. I couldn't turn it from side to side as the dong was so wide, it stretched my jaws to their maximum thereby preventing me from twisting my head. The last freedom of motion that hadn't already been prohibited by the ropes was now gone. Ingrid hopped back down off the bed and stood over me.

"Just want to give you a little demonstration of the predicament I've got you in...just in case you haven't already figured it out." She said.

Ingrid reached out and gently caught my left nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She just held like that for a moment and then yanked and twisted it at the same time. My reaction was automatic. I jerked my head in response to the sharp pain and drove the rubber cock deeper into my throat, causing me to choke violently on it. It took me a minute to realize I needed to relax and put my head back down. My gag reflex overwhelmed me until I did relax. Once again I was coughing and spluttering. Droplets of salvia blew out of my mouth and landed on my chin and cheeks. There would have been more spit but the huge cock pretty much sealed up my mouth. I had to lie motionless, even with Ingrid still torturing my nipple or else I was going risk choking to death. Message received...I couldn't move regardless of what was being inflicted on me.

Ingrid gave my nipple one more sharp twist and let go. I jerked my head again in response to the pain despite trying not to. The choking was less severe this time but still enough to cause another eruption of salvia and on top of that, I'd broken out in a light sweat. Ingrid moved out of my sight and left me alone momentarily. I prayed to myself that she was finished with me for the night but given her excesses so far and the mood she was now in, I should have known better.

She returned and once again straddled my naked body and sat down on my thighs. She wasn't really looking at me but rather was focussed on a thin piece of twine she was fiddling with. I couldn't really see what Ingrid was doing as I was forced to stare up at the ceiling by the cock and rod impaled in my mouth. After a moment, the twine was dropped onto my belly and Ingrid began to delicately tease my right nipple. I gasped at her touch, fearing another painful twist but none came. My nipple hardened almost instantly at Ingrid's touch. She kept playing with it for a couple of minutes and then she let go. The rough and scratchy twine was pulled up my belly and, in a minute, I felt a small loop dropped around the erect nipple and pulled tight. I winced a bit as the string dug into the tender skin of my much abused bud. The other nipple got the same treatment and because of my limited range of vision, I couldn't tell if it was a separate piece of twine or the other end of the same one. I got my answer in a few minutes.

Ingrid climbed off me and moved down to my feet. I twitched my left foot involuntarily as she dropped a loop of the twine over my big toe. The loose end of the tail was tickling the sole of my left foot. My feet were about the only body part left that could move. Even my fingers had been trapped until coils of rope! However, Ingrid had a plan to limit the movement in my feet. She dropped another loop of twine over the toe on my right foot and then pulled the long loose ends up to the line tied around my nipples. The two pieces of twine attached to my big toes were drawn taut, pulling my toes slightly toward my upper body, and tied off to the twine linking my nipples. It was quite creative. Now any time I moved my feet or toes, the twine would tug on my tied nipples. It wasn't super painful on my tits but it was uncomfortable enough to be annoying. I assumed it would hurt more if I straightened out my feet into an "en pointe" position but I had not intention of inflicting that kind of pain on my already severely abused nips!

My mistress had one last devious torment to inflict before leaving me stringently bound and alone in the basement. She pulled up an extension cord and plugging in the vibrating wand that was firmly held in place between my spread labia lips.

"I've plugged this into a smart plug so I can turn it on and off from my phone." Ingrid said waving her phone over my face.

She poked at her phone and suddenly the vibrator sprang to life at moderate intensity. I jerked in response. The only result was more choking and gagging on the cock buried in my mouth and a tug on my tied nipples. Plus, my level of horniness shot up. She turned the vibrator off after a minute. It was a bit of a relief as I knew I wouldn't be able to lie still with too much more stimulation from the wand. It made me dread what was to come.

"I'm going to go upstairs now, have one more glass of wine and program in some start and stop times for this vibrator. By the way, there's a baby monitor on the floor beside the bed so if you find it's all too much and want to admit defeat, just use your safe word, I guess safe hum actually, and I'll come down right away. Love ya, sweet dreams!"

She snapped the bamboo rod one last time across my breasts, started the vibrator and left me choking on the cock and wincing at the pain in my tits. I'd forgotten that this was also a competition, a challenge for me to not admit I couldn't handle being her slave girl. I tried to convince myself I wasn't going to give in but it looked like it was going to be a long and uncomfortable night!

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