Jill's Adventure Into Slavery
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  • Post Date - 4/15/2010

Author's Note:jill finds what she desires.

Update (04/17/11): I have been busy and worked hard to improve my writing, but I am still very inexperienced so bare with me.

Update (05/14/11): There are some slow sections, so bare with me as I am still a beginner at writing. More of Jill's adventures will be in future stories.

Update (10/09/11): Building slowly to a major event in next part

Part 1

It was Thursday morning and Jill Evans was at her desk at the accounting firm she worked for thinking of the upcoming weekend and what was going to happen to her. Jill was 24 years old and after graduating from University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business (head of her class) with an MS in accounting and Business Administration, and one of a few persons with an IQ over 200. She took a job at a leading accounting firm in New York as a junior partner . She was attractive with long red hair and 36C-24-34 figure which made men and women stare at her. Jill was into bondage, fetish wear and dreamed of becoming a slave to a Master or Mistress. It was by accident she discovered Frieda's House of Fetish wear and accessories, as she was assigned to do their bookkeeping. Jill had always enjoyed bondage but never found anyone that was into the scene, or someone she could trust, so she practiced self-bondage. While at home she dressed as a slave wearing rubber, leather or latex slave outfits, a collar and cuffs on her wrists and ankles pretending to be owned. She would masturbate while in bondage. When she first met Frieda at her store she almost came in her panties. Frieda notice her reaction and asked her if she knew what these things were for. Jill blushed but admitted she did know and was into self-bondage, but also fantasized about being an owned slave. Since Jill was a perfect model size, Frieda asked her if she would consider modeling some of the fetish wear at shows she did for clients. She could wear a hood so no one would know whom she was and could keep the outfit for either free or at a large discount. Jill agreed, as this was what she loved and a wet dream cum true.

Jill as so horny thinking of the weekend that she just had to do some self-bondage and pain session in herself. Jill had built in her basement a dungeon of self-bondage controlled by her computer. Once she entered her dungeon she stripped completely so she could start the session. She got her neosteel chastity belt from its box and attached the steel dildo and anal plug and tens unit.

Jill lubed the anal plug and slowly inserted it deep into her ass. The dildo needed no lib as she was very wet. Quickly she locked the belt in place knowing all the keys for what she would be using were in a locked box that would not open until the computer program allowed it. She setup the whipping machine ( motors with leather belts that the computer would turn on but only one cycle at a time. Once she was secured to the table the belts would hit her breasts , belly and thighs.

Jill attached the cables from the tens unit to the computer and then got on the metals table. She closed the leg stocks which locked in place holding her legs spread wide apart. Making sure the key box was next to the table and connected to the computer so it would open upon her release. She started the computer program, which gave her 2 minutes to finish the bondage. She attached cloveleaf nipple clamps to her large nipples and knew once the program started they would be slowly pulled and tighten on them. She placed a large dildo gag in her mouth and locked in tightly so it could not be pushed out. The gag had a tube attached to it and at random the computer would squirt a milky liquid from the bottle on the floor. Finally she placed her wrists into the leather cuffs attached to chains running to the top of the table that the computer would pull tight stretching her body until the timer released them. Before she could change her mind the program started and her arms were pulled taunt locking her in place. She felt the metals inserts start to vibrate on low speed which would frustrate her as the orgasm would build but not be reached. She was enjoying the feeling when the first motor kicked in and the belt strapped both breasts leaving a welt. She screamed in to the gag and bite down which caused a shot of the cum like fluid to squirt into her mouth. She wondered if she had gone to far as the timer would not stop for another 2 hrs. For the next half hour the belts slowly whipped her body leaving it welted and as the pain grew she was getting very wet. Just as she was on the verge of a climax the tens unit started sending an electrical shock from the anal plug across to the dildo. The pain was immense and she had her first orgasm. She was in a steady orgasmic state from the whipping, tens unit ( which switched from vib to shock at random) to the clamps pulling her nipples. Finally the time was up and the computer shut off everything and released her hands and unlocked the key box. Jill released herself from the table and barely could make it up the steps to her bed as she was totally wiped out from the 2 hours of pure pleasure and hell. In the morning she was sore and her body had large welts. She got up had breakfast and started to get ready for the weekend.

Frieda had also used her as a slave for on weekends over the last year and had promised Jill that after the show tonight she would serve as a slave for the entire weekend in tight bondage.

Jill left work early and arrived at Frieda's store around 1pm as instructed. She was taken to the back area to be prepared for the night and to be dressed in a new outfit by designed by Frieda.

Jill removed all her clothes and then took a shower to get ready. She was hairless from the neck down as she had a laser hair removal treatment. Frieda informed her this outfit was custom made for her since as it needed to fit perfect, and after the show it would be hers for free if it sold as expected.

Jill's long hair was braided tightly around a leather strap into a ponytail. Her hands were then cuffed the hanging chains, as Frieda knew she enjoyed being helpless while being dressed. The kelly green rubber body suit was brought out to be put onto her.

She saw it was made of thin rubber with a zipper up the back of the body suit.
Frieda and her helper powdered Jill's legs and started to pull on the suit. It stretched tight and formed as a second skin on her. As it reached her groin she felt a lubed finger slide in her asshole indicating she could expect a plug going in there. A large thick 10" dildo slide easily into her wet cunt and the matching 10" thinner dildo slide in her lubed ass. Frieda showed Jill a small square with one side flat and one side like a wedge. This was slide into a pocket in the front of the suit and Jill discovered the wedge pressed up against her clit. Once the suit was passed her waist her right arm was released, powdered and slide into the body suit. Jill discovered the sleeve ended in a tight mitten. Her left arm soon followed the right into the suit making her hands useless, which caused her to become really excited. As the body suit was stretched up her body her breasts slide into cups made for them. She could see her erect nipples through the thin rubber, which turned her on even further.

The zipper was pulled up the back with great difficulty, but the effect made her body look fantastic. Next a matching hood when over her head with her ponytail feed through a hole in the back, and was laced tight.

As she looked in the mirror she saw she was in total rubber and loved the look.
A 3" posture collar went around her neck covering the body suit and hood and was locked so she could not remove what she was wearing. Next a matching rubber corset was wrapped around her waist and was cinched tightly then locked making her waist 18". Finally her feet were placed in leather boots with 6" heels and were also locked in place. Frieda informed her that the dildos in her were vibrators as was the mysterious wedge and were controlled by a remote. A ball gag was placed in Jill's mouth with a secondary strap under her chin and was locked in place. Jill started to get worried about what was going to happen to her, but was to excited in her bondage to care. Jill was lead out by a leash attached to her collar to one of the rooms used to demonstrate new toys. She was cuffed to chains hanging from the ceiling, ankles cuffed to floor rings 3' apart and the ponytail was attached to a third chain making her totally immobile. From the corner a robospanker was pulled out and setup with a leather paddle. The vibrators were turned on to a low setting. Frieda said" I am going to change for the show so have a good time and don't go anywhere and the spanker is set to deliver a whack every 5 minutes so enjoy.
The lights were turned off and Jill could feel the vibrators getting her excited, when the first stoke of the paddle hit her ass sending pain through her and flooding her cunt with pleasure. She knew she was in for a long exciting weekend.

Part 2 (added: 04/17/2011)

Jill's lost all track of time and could only think of the orgasm that was building in her body that the vibrators and paddle were moving her toward. Then the door opened and Frieda entered and turned off the robo spanker and vibs leaving her on the edge. She told Jill that the show was starting and people would be coming in to the room to check out the outfit, and spanking machine. Also she left the remote to the vibs and tens unit for them to play with. It seemed like hours while strangers enter the room and played with her and always denying her an orgasm she desperately wanted. At what seemed to be the end of the show a couple entered the room. She could see a man in his mid thirties, 6'1" about 195lb black hair and piercing blue eyes in a designer suit, and a blonde woman 5'9" in a white leather cat suit that was incredibly gorgeous showing off her 40C-22-36 body. She looked at them and wondered what was next. As if reading her mind the man told her they were friends of Frieda and were here to talk to her. The woman walked over and stopped the robospanker and the vibrators and removed the gag from Jill's mouth. I am Jason and this is my wife Carmen. We are a dominant couple who own slaves 24/7 and Frieda indicated you were seeking that and she recommended you for the position. I will explain what we want and if you are interested you can tell us if this is what you are seeking. We live on a private island in the Caribbean call Matua, it is a private country, with treaties with all the major countries in the world and where slavery is legal, as well as having penthouse apartments in New York, Miami and LA and we currently are seeking a slave. Our previous slave Amy just finished her contract of one year and decided not to renew, but to go explore the world. This position is 24/7 and total slavery. While we prefer NO Limits some maybe negotiable and will be in the contract. The salary for the year is one million dollars that will be placed in a trust account at the start of the contract, with our lawyer and a person you name as joint trustees. We will require and pay for breast implants and at the end of the contract removal of the implants if you so desire. Also you will be pierced with rings in the septum, labia, clitoris and your nipples. These are not negotiable requirements. If you are in agreement with this, then this weekend you will be our slave to determine if you will be offered the contract and so you can decide if you want to become our slave. Do you have any questions?

Jill asked what would happen to her belongings and home and what guarantee was there that they would honor any limits agreed to.

Jason told her "If we fail to honor the agreement you can break the contract and keep the money". We will hire a company to maintain your home.

Jill thought about it and realized they were offering her the life she always dreamed of and accepted to serve for the weekend. Carmen told her that after the show she would be leaving with them and they would inform Frieda. Then the gag was placed back into Jill's mouth and she was released from the chains and her hands were cuffed to the corset.

After the show Frieda thanked her and told her not to worry about Jason and Carmen, as they were friends and they knew what they were doing and would not harm her. Jason and Carmen cuffed Jill wrists and ankles and lead her to their van and placed her in the rear seat locking her ankles to the floor and securing a double seat belt so Jill was totally immobile. Carmen said," enjoy the ride slave" as she turned the vibrators back on. Jill had several organisms during the hour ride. Finally they entered an underground garage, and parked next to the private elevator, which took the three of them up to the penthouse. Jill was taken to a bathroom where the cuffs and body suit were removed. Carmen told her to shower, dry herself and then kneel on the rug head down legs spread open and wait until she returned to start her training. Jill showered and wondered what they were going to do to her, but thought, "This is what I have dreamed about and I want to experience".

Jason walked into the bathroom now dressed in leather shorts and vest. He had several metal restraints with him. "You are very lovely," he told Jill and she blushed since she was naked and totally exposed. A steel collar 3" wide with D rings was locked around Jill's neck. Metal cuffs were locked on her wrists and ankles. Jill was told to stand and put her hands behind her back, where Jason locked them together. Metal bands were also locked on her arms just above the elbows and these were clipped together so the elbows touched which forced her breasts forward. A leash was attached to the collar and Jason lead Jill out of the room, down the hall to a door that opened to a hidden elevator. They went up one flight and when the door opened Jill saw the most complete dungeon she had ever seen, and was suddenly scared and excited at the same time. Jason pushed her into the room and led her over to where Carmen was standing and said "Slave, lets see how good you can suck your Masters cock". Jason opened his shorts and pulled out his penis. Jill stared at a 9" cock that was 4" in diameter; she dropped to her knees and moved forward as she opened her mouth and started to deep throat his cock. She was trying to impress by giving Jason the best blowjob he ever experienced. She used her throat muscles to stimulate his cock and after ten minutes Jason grabbed her hair and held her mouth around his cock as he came, flooding Jill's mouth with cum which she quickly swallowed.

While Jill was sucking Jason's cock, Carmen stripped off her cat suit and relaxed on a couch fingering her dripping cunt.

When done sucking off Jason, Jill was taken over to Carmen and was told to eat Carmen's pussy. "Eat slave NOW" Jill's tongue played with Carmen's clit and she teased Carman by licking around the labia and teasing her clit until Carmen grabbed her hair and forced her face into the wet dripping pussy as far as she could shove it. Jill's tongue drove as deep as it could into Carmen while sucking hard to bring her to an orgasm. Carmen soon was ready to explode and came with a shout wrapping her legs around Jill's head holding it tight on her pussy. After a few minutes Jill was released from the leg lock and lead over to a couch that Jason was on. Jill saw his 9" erection and so wanted it in her cunt. As reading her mind Jason lifted her up and lowered her down on his cock. As the large cock entered her wet cunt filling her to its fullest, Jill used her cunt muscles to milk Jason's cock and then she had a mind blowing climax when he came deep her cunt. She was then taken to a cell with a cot in it. Jill was cuffed spread-eagled naked to the cot. "Goodnight slave, sleep well for tomorrow will be a long day" The lights were turned off as Jason and Carmen left the room. Jill was in heaven, as she this was everything she dreamed of and she found she loved serving this couple and could not wait for the next day.

As Jason and Carmen left the dungeon, Carmen commented that Jill was great as a sex slave, and now they needed to see her pain and bondage levels. Jason agreed saying it was the one of the best blow jobs he had experienced and her cunt muscles were unbelievable.

The next morning Jill awoke as the lights were turned on and for a moment tried to sit up before realizing where she was and the fact she was cuffed to the cot. She was released from the cot by Carmen and taken to the bathroom to relieve herself and shower again.

When done Jill was lead back out into the dungeon over to a metal frame to which she was spread-eagled. Jason took a penis gag and inserted it into Jill's mouth and tightened the strap. Carmen approached carrying a flogger and two flicker whips. She handed Jason the flogger and he walked behind Jill. "Slave we are now going to whip every part of you from your neck down. Jason started to flog Jill's back and ass leaving stripes up and down it, while Carmen using the flicker whips whipped Jill's breasts, belly, legs and cunt both making sure no area was not red. The pain was extreme and Jill screamed into the gag but of course they continued slowly covering her body with welts and stripes. Jill felt her body respond to the pain and she could feel the incredible heat build in her cunt as an orgasm approached. She suddenly erupted in spasms as she climax several times, which brought smiles to Jason and Carmen's faces. The whipping stopped. And Carmen went to a table and strapped on a harness with a dildo larger than Jason's cock extending from it and a second one inside, which slide easily into her cunt. She approached Jill and while hugging her and slid the dildo deep into her. Jill felt Jason behind her lubing her asshole, and braced for the invasion that she knew was coming. Carmen licked and sucked on Jill's nipples as she and Jason fucked her holes. Jill could not believe how much pleasure she was experiencing from the fucking and soon found herself floated into a sub space world and finally passed out after she came so many times she lost count. Jill was released and place on a mat on the floor where she collapsed. When she finally recovered, they cuffed her hands together behind her back and also cuffed her feet. A rope was tied to the cuffs on her feet and pulled back to her cuffed wrists forcing her into a tight hogtie. Jill felt a large vibrator being inserted in her cunt and a crotch rope applied to keep it in her. Jill tried to beg "no more" but the gag prevented it. Jason turned on the vibrator and said, "Enjoy slave". The couple left the dungeon, leaving Jill bound helpless to escape or stop the vibrator from its task of driving her crazy with pleasure. Jason and Carmen retired to their bedroom and watched Jill's struggles and orgasms over a closed circuit camera while they made passionate love.

In the morning Jason released her from the bondage and turned off the vibrator, but left it in her dripping cunt. As they ate breakfast they talked and Jill told them about her life and her love for bondage and the games she played and how she found Frieda. Jason, and Carmen told her about them and that they used their island country to promote real life slavery between consenting adults. They then went to the master bathroom and all three showered together. While in the shower Jason and Carmen played with Jill's body and soon she was bent over so she could tongue Carmen's cunt while Jason fucked her from behind. After all three came, the finished the shower dried off and returned to the dungeon.

Next Jill was strapped to a rack and they slowly stretched her body until she screamed for mercy. Both noted her pain threshold and flexibility. While she was stretched taunt, Carmen and Jason played with her body teasing it, but never letting her have the orgasm she craved. After about an hour of that delightful torture she was taken to a spinning ST Andrews cross and strapped to it. Cloverleaf clamps were place on her nipples and clit with weights attached. As the cross spun slowly the weights pulled on the clamps causing even more pain and they watched carefully to see if the pain would bring Jill to have an orgasm. Jill was in heaven with serving two very experienced and extremely beautiful people who were testing her limits and giving her exactly what she had desired for so long.

The rest of the weekend was a series of events of bondage, whippings, sex and games, which Jill loved every minute of. The most painful part was when she was placed on what was called a horse (actually two boards that met at a point) which she rode for a few hours spread apart so her cunt took her body weight on the point. At the end Jill was released and given the clothes she wore to Frieda's to dress in. Jason told her that they wanted her as their slave and she had two days to accept or reject the offer. Jill told them she did not need any time and accepted the position of slave as they were exactly the owners she desired and had dreamed of. Jill was told that she would receive instructions for the complete physical that was required to assure she was in good health, and after she was cleared medically they would send her the contract and other papers to read and then discuss prior to signing.

When Jill arrived in her home she stripped and admired her welted body in the mirror and masturbated remembering all the happened to her during the weekend and had one the best orgasms of her life. She was truly in lust with Mistress Carmen, and Master Jason and everything they did to her. Jill could not wait to tell her friend Frieda about the weekend and her hopefully new life.

Jill called out sick on Monday and locked a collar around her neck and locked on restraints and cleaned her house pretending to be Jason and Carmen's slave.

On the Tuesday after her medical exam, Jill received a package from Master Jason containing a contract and citizenship papers for Matua (their island). Jill read the contract and was so excited about what was to become her new life. She emailed Master Jason (that was how she now thought of him) with changes to the contract she wanted and hoped they would agree as she was going to jump in feet first and not look back.

First was to section 2, changing the wording that both parties after the year could terminate the contract, to only the owners could terminate the contract.

Section 2 she changed to read slave was allowed "no limits". Section 3 beside the piercings she added as a permanent body modification a tattoo saying " This slave is the property of" with 2 hearts below it and in the hearts was "Mistress Carmen and Master Jason" to be place on her back. She received an email of a new contract with the changes and was told to have it signed by Friday when Carmen would meet her at her home to go through what was to be packed for the next year. Also she was to be ready to leave to start her new life that day.

Jill quit her job at the accounting firm stating personal reasons for the short notice. She received a note to be ready at 12 noon Friday and she was to be naked when Mistress Carmen arrived and was also instructed not to masturbate without permission.

When Jill woke up on Friday morning she was alive with excitement and found it extremely hard not to masturbate, but obeyed the command. Mistress Carmen arrived and collected the signed contract and citizenship papers, as the contract was real and proper for Matua. Mistress Carmen pulled out 3" wide metal collar from her bag and Jill saw it was engraved "Property of Master Jason and Mistress Carmine. Jill was handed the collar and told to lock it around her neck (it fit perfectly as she had been measured before leaving their home). The collar had an internal lock that could only be opened with an electric remote. Jill smiled with a wide grin as she locked the collar on knowing this was the start of a new life she had always wanted. Carmen strapped a device to Jill's left wrist and told her to masturbate. As horny as Jill was it only took a few minutes before she had another fantastic climax. Carmen took the device from her wrist and downloaded the data to a microchip, and locked the device back on her wrist.

Mistress Carmen went through Jill's fetish collection and bondage toys, selecting what was to be shipped to the Island. Jill was asked about the chastity belt that was found in a box. Jill explained that she was a chronic masturbator and Freida suggested she get a chastity belt to prevent her from masturbating. Jill said she searched the Internet and bought an nsepmain total female belt, since it was the best she could find and had added accessories of a "tens unit" and anal plug and dildo. Mistress Carmen dragged Jill to her bedroom and quickly spread-eagled her on the bed. Taking the belt Mistress Carmen took from her bag a very large butt plug and even larger dildo, which she attached to the belts crotch piece. Jill told her that the keys were with Freida. Mistress Carmen smiled and pulled from her bag the keys that Freida had given her. The anal plug was lubed and inserted deep in Jill's ass, filling it totally, while the dildo needed no lubing as Jill was sopping wet. Quickly the belt was locked securely on Jill and the "tens unit" was wired to the plugs. Jill was told these plugs were both a vibrator and could also shock her. She then place the microchip into the tens unit. She told Jill, the chip senses your pulse and heart rate from the device locked on your wrist so it know when you are going to cum and will set off the tens unit to stop it. Mistress Carmen put a leather corset around Jill's waist and tightened so she had a 17" waist instead of her normal 24" waist. Jill was released from the bondage and told to put on 6" locking heels and a loose dress as the plane they were going on was leaving once they got to the private airport.

During the flight to Miami, Jill experienced the vibrators in her turning on and just as she was ready to cum, the tens unit shocked her from the climax. This continued throughout the flight with the shocks getting stronger to prevent organism. Carmen smiled as she tormented Jill, knowing it was driving her to the edge. Just before the flight landed as the seat belt sign came on, Carmen set the vibrators to max strength and turned them on. She watched Jill shake from the pleasure and then suddenly scream as she came (her first orgasm in a plane).

They went to the penthouse owned by Carmen and Jason, where Jill was locked in a cell for the night. The next day Jill was taken to a Doctor's office where she was examined for her breast implants, and was informed she was getting 46 DD implants. Before the surgery a mold of Jill's cunt was made "for future use" she was told. After the surgery Jill was taken back to recuperate and heal. She was informed that after the healing they would be going to Matua, where her life as a slave would start. Two weeks later Jill was taken to a tattoo parlor where on her back was engraved above two hearts "This slave is the Property of" and in the hearts was "Mistress Carmen" and "Master Jason" as she had request be done.

After her breasts were given medical clearance, Jill was taken to get her body pierced. She was told to strip and was strapped into a chair a strap across her head, one above her breasts, one below them, one at the waist and then her legs were spread apart and strapped to splints above and below the knees and her feet were strapped to the splints. Jill was told they were using a new procedure, which installed a plastic grommet in the hole as it was pierced, which would allow the rings to be inserted easily, and speed up the healing. Carmen told her she was getting eleven piercings, six to her labia, one in her clit hood, one below her cunt, one in each breast and one in her septum. Carmen also told her she would be fitted with a chastity plate that attached to the cunt rings sealing her cunt shut when it was locked on. Over the next two hours the piercing took place and as each hole was done a ring made from space-age plastic ( that was stronger than steel) was inserted in each hole and then glued shut. Jill was in extreme pain when they were done. When she saw her body in a mirror she was proud of her body jewelry. A plastic three-prong device was slid through the rings in her cunt and the cover plate (made from the mold of her cunt) and locked through the bottom ring. They went back to the penthouse to prepare to leave for the island that was to become her home as their total slave.

Part 3 (added: 05/14/2011)

They all were on the private jet on going to the Cayman Islands to finalize the contract and setup the trust account. Upon arriving Jill and Carmen were met by their body guard Manny. Jill was introduced and was told Manny was a former seal and the husband of Matilda who was their chef. They went to the law offices of Barbara Dare where the contracts and the legal work was to be completed. Upon entering the law office Jill noticed the receptionist, who was about 28, about 5'9" slightly heavy with a full bust and she was wearing a slave collar. Jason said that Ms Dare and her aid were also lifestyle and Ms Dare was also one of the approved lawyers to practice in Matua. In the conference room the documents were spread out. Barbara took over and asked Jill if she was consenting to become the slave of Jason and Carmen Taylor and if she agreed to all the terms of the contract. Jill stated she did understand and yes she agreed to the slave contract. The contracts were signed and the money was transferred to the trust account. Once done Jason asked Barbara how she wanted her payment for the transaction. Barbara looking directly at Jill told Jason, I will take her for the rest of the day. Jason laughed and said just bring her to the dock at 4pm tomorrow, as he tossed Barbara the remote to the chastity belts tens unit and the keys. Carmen told Jill to obey Barbara totally, or suffer for disobeying. Jill replied "Yes Mistress, I will obey as you command. Once Jason and Carmen left, Barbara handed the remote and keys to Kelly her assistant and told Kelly to prepare Jill for her in position 12. Kelly led Jill up the stairs to the home of Barbara, and into the "playroom". Kelly commanded Jill to strip and Jill obeyed standing in only the chastity belt as she did not have the keys. Jill was lead to a low standing pommel horse with a 3" wide padded board and forced to bend over it. A wide belt across her back secured her to the padded area. Kerry secured each of Jill's ankles to opposite legs of the horse and her wrists to the other legs, so her legs and arms were spread wide apart and her breasts were hanging down and Kelly then raised the legs until Jill was spread-eagled taunt. Using the keys Jill felt the chastity belt being unlocked and the plugs removed from her cunt and asshole. Jill felt very vulnerable and at the same time excited, as she was spread wide open and the way her head was down she could see her dripping cunt. Jill saw Kelly remove her dress under which she was naked and go to the wall a retrieve 1/4lb weights and watched as they were attached to her nipple rings and clit ring and she felt the pull of them stretching her nipples and clit. Kelly then retrieved a nasty looking cane and she then kneeled on the floor next to where Jill was bound. Jill felt the weights continue to stretch her clit and pull on her nipples causing her even more pain. About ten minutes later Jill saw Barbara entered the room wearing a very skimpy black leather bikini and smiling as she stared at Jill's body. Barbara took the cane from Kelly and informed Jill she was to receive two strokes from the Singapore punishment cane, so she would know what to expect if she disobeyed. Jill heard the cane swish through the air and it hit her across the middle of both ass cheeks with a very loud crack sound. As it hit her ass Jill felt the extreme pain spread across her ass worse then any cane stroke she ever experienced and a welt grow. The second stroke caught her in the crease between her legs and ass and Jill screamed from the pain, promising to obey Mistress Barbara's desires. Kelly was then told to lick the welts on Jill's ass and then lick Jill's stretched clit until she was ready to cum but to stop just before by biting Jill's clit. Jill felt the tongue move up and down her stretched clit and her juices started flowing as her juices started to flow and she was quickly reaching the point of a wonderful climax. Kelly slowly licked and sucked on Jill's stretched clit for at least ten minutes and just as she was about to cum, Kelly bit her clit and the pain sent Jill over the edge and she gusted cum into Kelly's mouth. Barbara laughed saying I knew you were a pain slut, as Carmen and Jason would have nothing less. Kelly was told to release Jill from the horse. After she was released, Barbara removed the bikini bottoms and relaxed in a recliner as she pulled Jill between her legs and told Jill she had better be good or else. Jill slowly licked around Barbara's cunt, flicking at her clit, and nibbling on her labia and drinking her juices. Barbara was enjoying how Jill sucked her cunt and was getting very excited as Jill was drinking her juices as fast as they flowed. Jill then sucked Barbara's clit into her mouth and using her tongue teased it as it grew and then stuck her long tongue into Barbara's wet cunt and fucked her with it to wonderful orgasm. Jill continued to suck and lick Barbara's cunt as she was afraid to stop and receive the cane. After several wonderful orgasms, Barbara told Jill to stop and pleasure Kelly. Jill crawled over to Kelly and dove right between her legs finding a wet cunt and proceeded to suck it until Kelly had an orgasm. Jill was then told to help Kelly get dinner ready and both went to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen Kelly grabbed Jill and kissed her deep throat and thanked her for the wonderful cum. Over a speaker they heard Barbara say they would pay dearly for that kiss, and to get dinner ready ASAP. Once dinner was cooked it was brought to the dining room where Barbara was seated in a soft cushioned chair. Jill noticed the bench placed on the side of the table with two huge dildos sticking up. Upon command both Jill and Kelly lowered themselves onto the dildos. Jill felt her cunt stretch to what she thought was its limits and watched Kelly sit down also. Bowls were placed in front of them by Barbara and they ate by using their hands to pick up the food. After dinner and when they finished cleaning up, Jill and Kelly went back to the dungeon where Mistress Barbara was waiting. Each slave was handed a gag with a small dildo that went in their mouth and a 9" thick dildo attached to the front of the gag. Once the gags were locked in place Jill and Kelly were told to lie on the rug with their heads at the cunt of the other. When told they were to fuck each other until one of them came. Then the one that came first would pick an envelope from the two she was holding and if it had a "+" in it that slave would spend the night in her bed while the other would spend in extreme bondage and if it was a "-", then she would be in bondage while the other slave was in Barbara's bed. Also if neither slave was brought to a climax in 10 minutes then both would suffer. As she lied down Jill felt the dildo enter her wet cunt as she slide her dildo into Kelly's wet cunt. At the signal all you could see was two bobbing heads thrusting the dildo's into the others cunt. Kelly rolled over onto Jill pinning her underneath her so she could fuck Jill easier and restrict Jill's head movement. Jill realized what Kelly had done, but only to late to stop her and then when Kelly slid a finger into her ass Jill knew she was going to lose as Kelly fucked her cunt and asshole and just as she knew Jill was ready to cum, Kelly move her other hand over to Jill's breast and squeezed her nipple hard and the pain drove Jill over the edge and she had another hard orgasm. Both were ungagged and Jill complained that Kelly cheated, but Barbara laughed saying I never set any rules. Kelly picked an envelope and when it was opened she saw the (-) inside and shouted "Fuck I won and still lost" Jill was relieved that even though she lost she that she was the one to be in Barbara's bed. Kelly's hands and ankles were locked in tight leather cuffs and then a strap was used to pull her hands and ankles together into a very tight hogtie. A chain from the ceiling was lowered and secured to where Kelly's hand and ankles were cuffed together and the chain was pulled so her body bowed. Kelly then felt nipple clamps attached to her nipples and weights added as she was raised above the floor, and she hanging face down with the weights swaying and she was in pain which would only get worse though the night. Barbara removed her Bra and before getting in to her bed she locked the chastity belt on Jill. Barbara lay down on the bed and commanded Jill to give her a full body tongue bath, while she played with the remote keeping Jill on the edge, but denying her a climax. After several hours Barbara fell asleep with Jill's head between her legs. In the morning Kelly was released from her bondage and after several minutes of stretching stood up and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. After breakfast Barbara told Kelly while she was reviewing some legal papers she was to put Jill on the cross and use the colored clothespins to make a nice design on Jill's body using as all of them. The chastity belt was again removed as to give Kelly more of Jill's body to torture, and the Jill was strapped to the cross. Jill felt the wells on her ass press against the wood cross and watched as Kelly brought over a box containing what looked like over 200 clothespins, that she knew would soon be clipped to her body. Working slowly Kelly use red pins to circle Jill's left breast and blue for her right breast. Jill felt the clothespins close on her flesh and realized the ridges were very sharp. Soon Both of Jill's breasts were covered completely with the pins in circles of varying colors. The pain was intense and Jill tried to stay as still as possible. Next Kelly covered Jill's left arm with the ones in the armpit hurting the most. It to Kelly over 2 hours to cover Jill from neck to waist and the pain from the clothespins was unbelievable. Jill thought at least the first areas were becoming numb from the pain, but as Kelly pulled on her clit and quickly snapped 4 clothes pins, Jill screamed from the pain and pissed herself. After washing down Jill's legs Kelly finished the job covering her mound and legs until looking at Jill you could see no skin. Barbara entered the room and smiled at the sight of Jill's body and complimented Kelly on her artistic design. Barbara slowly ran her hands over the clothespins which caused Jill even more pain as each pin moved.

Barbara grabbed Kelly's hands and cuffed them behind her back, and then told Kelly she had 30 minutes to remove the clothespins using only her mouth and if she did, then until it was time for Jill to go, Kelly could use her anyway she wanted. Jill could not believe the pain she felt as the pins were pulled from her body by Kelly's mouth, the ones on her clit and nipples hurt the most, but she watched the head move back and forth pulling several pins at the same time, and her body started to react to the pain, and her juices started to flow down her legs. Kelly yanked the pins as fast as possible and loved the taste of the pins that were on Jill's legs as they were covered in her juices. Kelly finished the task just before the time was up and was sweaty and tired, but thrilled to have Jill for the next hour. Jill's body was racked from the pain of Kelly ripping the clothespins from her body and how excited to pain made her feel. Kelly locked the chastity belt back on Jill and set the controls to extreme shock climax prevention, knowing Jill would not be experiencing an orgasm in the near future. Kelly stripped and ordered Jill to give her a full body tongue bath, and leave her cunt for the end. Jill slowly cleaned the sweat from Kelly's body hating the salty taste, but knew better that to disobey and disappoint her Mistress. Finally, Kelly grabbed Jill's head and pulled it between her legs and screamed "tongue me bitch" Jill dove tongue first into Kelly's cunt and spent 20 minutes bringing her to several orgasms covering her face with her juices. When done, Jill was allowed to shower and put her dress back and Kelly drove her to the dock where she met Manny and boarded the boat to her new home and the life of a slave she always dreamed about.

Part 4 - The Island Home (added: 10/09/2011)

Kelly delivered Jill to Manny at the boat docks and handed him the remote and keys to Jill's belt. They boarded the yacht and Jill watched as Manny started the motors and they left Cayman. After about 2 hours Jill saw a small island in the distance and knew it was her new home. They finally docked and before getting into the Jeep, Manny locked a set of manacles on both Jill's hands and feet. As they rode, Jill noticed the House at the top of a hill that was in the middle of the island and in the fields the drove passed she saw people that appeared to be naked working. Jill asked Manny who they were and he told her they were convicts who had broken laws and were now serving their sentences here. So there are laws and court her she asked. Yes, this is a country, it has laws and there are lawyers from Cancun that serve as defense or prosecutor and Carmen is the countries magistrate, but all judges come from the "World Court" so trials are fair. All convicts wear control collars and the fields and their barracks are in the control zone and if they leave it they are shocked and an alarm goes off.

They arrived at the mansion and got out of the jeep as Carmen greeted them and welcomed Jill to her new home. Manny brought in the supplies from Cancun and went to see his wife. Jill was lead down to the dungeon and shown her cell, where she would sleep if no one desired her to serve them at night. It was an 8x10 foot cell with a cot, sink and toilet and a closet and dresser for her clothes. Jill noticed the dungeon next to it was amazed at the size and the amount of equipment here. Carmen then lead her upstairs and showed her around the house showing her Jason's office as well as her office, the main room, the entertainment room, the kitchen, where she met Matilda and the upstairs, where the guest room and master bed room was. Jill was told her duties, were to keep the home spotless, besides being available for use as they desired. Jill was told Tuesday nights she was the night Manny and Matilda were allowed to use her for their pleasures.

Carmen took Jill back to the dungeon and secured her to the ST. Andrews cross. Carmen unlocked and removed the chastity belt from Jill and then slowly teased her body, getting Jill excited. Jill felt her Mistress's touch over her body and it responded as she felt her nipples become swollen and hard, and see felt her juices starting to flow from her cunt as her clit and labia started to grow. Sudden Carmen slapped Jill's right tit very hard and Jill cried out in pain. "Slaves are not allowed to cum without permission" Carmen told her as she again teased Jill's body and inserted one of her fingers into Jill's very wet cunt. As Carmen found Jill's clit and started to play with it, she whispered in Jill's ear "Cum slut NOW". That was all Jill needed to hear as she immediately came flooding Carmen's hand with her juices. Carmen removed her fingers from Jill and licked them clean, stating how tasty they were, and now that Jill had some pleasure the rest of the night would be very painful.

Carmen attached a set of cloverleaf clamps to Jill's nipples and to each clamp she attached an empty cup. Carmen then hung two water bags from chains above each clamp cup and started a slow drip into each cup. Jill realized what was happening and knew as the cup filled the clamps would get tighter and tighter crushing her nipples. Jill watched as Carmen left the dungeon smiling a very cruel smile. Jill hung on the cross alone in the dungeon feeling her juices still running down her legs and the clamps slowly getting tighter with each drop of water and totally helpless to do anything. Jill smiled as this was exactly what she had always dreamed of, being someone's helpless tortured slave. As the clamps continued to get tighter the pain started to get Jill excited and at some point she started floating in sub space and had an unbelievable orgasm and passed out.

Carmen was watching Jill by closed circuit video and when Jill passed out she went into the dungeon and released the clamps on Jill's nipples and released her from the cross and placed her in a sex swing cuffing her wrist to the chains above her head and her legs were spread and cuffed to the other set of chains holding the swing. Jill came out of the pain induced trance to find she was helpless in the swing and alone in the dungeon. Her nipples were still sore from the clamps but other wise she was fine. Jason and Carmen entered the dungeon and Jill looked up at them and smiled. They asked if she was okay and Jill said she was fine. From a drawer Carmen pulled out two sets of clothes pins with string connecting them. One set was placed on her right labia and the other on her left labia and the strings were attached to the chain on each side spreading her cunt wide open. From another drawer Carmen pulled out a weird looking device which was basically round with a long tail coming out of the bottom and a clamp at one end. The device fit over Jill's spread cunt with the tail inserted into her cunt and the clamp tightened around her clit. Once turned on the whole thing vibrated and the tail inside her cunt wiggled while vibrating. Jill's body immediately reacted to the vibrator and she started to reach a climax. Jason smiled and softly said "CUM". Jill burst into a climax which was amazing. But she suddenly realized the device was getting even stronger in intensity and driving her to another orgasm. Carmen whispered in her ear. The batteries will last about three hours and it will keep getting more intense so have fun. Jill could not believe they were leaving her here it this position as she knew from experience after a while it would start to hurt to keep cumming, and that would only increase her pleasure. After an hour Jill was screaming to please turn it off, but there was no one there to do it. Her mind was in overdrive as the pleasure and pain mixed turning her into a constant cumming pain slave and her cunt was aching but she didn't mind.

At the end of the three hours and what seemed like an endless orgasms they returned and shut off the device and removed it. Jill was released from the swing only to be pulled under hanging chains and her hands were quickly attached to them, while her ankles were cuffed to floor rings spreading her wide apart. Jason stripped and she looked at his rock hard huge cock. Jill saw Carmen strip and get a huge double dildo strapon, and slide one end into her cunt and tighten the straps. Jason said he wanted her ass this time and moved behind her and started to slide his lubricated cock into her ass. Once he was fully in her ass Carmen move in front of Jill and slide the 10" dildo deep in her cunt. Then the two of the started fucking Jill's ass and cunt and Jill could not believe her body could still respond, but as Carmen started to suck on her hard nipples while fucking her and Jill was in heaven as all three came at the same time. Jill was released and place in her cell for the night to sleep. An exhausted well pleasured Jill fell asleep smiling.

The next morning being Tuesday, Jill knew she was to serve Matilda and Manny. She found inside her cell a rubber maids dress and once she put it on she saw the cutouts for her breasts and the skirt was just below her waist exposing everything. The only other piece of clothing was the 6" heeled shoes that she put on and then found her way to the kitchen to find Matilda. Jill entered the kitchen and saw Matilda, who was about 5'6" 145 lb and average build and about 35yrs old, standing there. Pointing to the table she told Jill to sit down and have a cup of coffee as they chatted. Matilda told Jill she was bi sexual and did enjoy domination but not to the extreme of Carmen and Jason. Also her husband Manny was really not into BDSM, but did enjoy the Tuesday night threesome. Jill asked her how long she had lived her and Matilda told her for the last eight years. Jill asked her if she enjoyed being here and Jill was told that it was better than jail, since she had been setup for a murder charge and only because she was a gourmet cook from one of New York's best restaurants and became a citizen of the small island that she could not be extradited back to the US and was very grateful that Carmen brought her here. Jill asked her how many other slaves had been here and she was told they basically stay one year to get the money and leave, just as Amy the last slave did. Jill told her that she did not know how long they would keep her as their slave, to which Matilda questions what she meant as she knew they could leave after a year. No, Jill told her the contract I signed only allows Mistress and Master to terminate it as I requested that, as I have dreamed of being a slave my whole life. "WOW said, Matilda that really is different." I hope you know what you are in for? I do know said Jill and showed off the tattoo on her ass to prove her point. Matilda then asked what she did before slavery. Jill told her she was an accountant and was very good at that, but her heart had always been in BDSM.

Well Matilda said as she lifted her skirt and Jill could see she was not wearing underwear and had a very thick bush around her cunt, get down on your knees and suck me off NOW. Jill dropped to her knees and put her head between Matilda's legs and started licking her cunt. She watched as the lips slowly spread apart and the juices starting flowing, before attaching the clit and driving her tongue as deep as possible into her cunt. Jill felt the legs tighten around her head and a hand pushing her face tighter to the now dripping cunt as Matilda approached her orgasm. As Matilda came, Jill drank in all the juices she was squirting down her throat and then started over again until Matilda had a second and third orgasm. Matilda told Jill that was a great start to the day and she was as good as any slave that had lived there.

Jill's life became one of a slave, cleaning and serving every need of Carmen and Jason as well as her Tuesdays with Matilda and Manny, and her adventures in the kitchen. One day as she entered Jason's office she heard him curse and said "I am sorry for disturbing you Master". Jason smiled and told her it was ok, he was just frustrated as he could not figure out how one of the businesses he owned in the USA showed great sales, but very little profit. Jill asked if she could help find the problem. Jason looked at her funny, until he remembered her background as an accountant. Jill looked over the records and after a few hours, told Master Jason she thought she found the scam, but could not prove it as they did not have access to the company's main frame for more details. She explained that commissions were being paid, and then the orders canceled but commissions were not returned. But until she had more access it was hard to prove. "So Jason asked if you were to visit the company with me, you could find the problem?" I might, Jill responded, and I might have to hack into some of their secure files unless I have complete clearance, and asking for that could scare off the person or persons doing this and they could delete the proof. Jason thanked her and told her she could masturbate as a reward for her help. Jill lifted her skirt and shoved three fingers deep in her cunt and quickly brought herself to an orgasm. Jason told her to continue her duties while he thought of what to do next. Jason discussed the problems with Carmen who agreed that a trip to the company in question and take Jill with him.

Jason called his friend Tim (whose company was the problem) that he was coming to the US to visit several companies and would see him in a few weeks.

The next day Jill was called into Jason's office and when she arrived, he was talking to a tall geek looking man. She was introduced to Wayne who she was told was a one of the worlds leading hackers and was here to teach her how to hack into the computer system in question. Wayne looked at her and laughed, telling Jason, he doubted this sexy bimbo, could ever learn how to hack a computer. Jason smiled and said "Train her, if she fails I will double your fee, if she learns it, you fee is half of what we agreed to. Deal said Wayne.

Jill sat down at the computer as Wayne stared at her naked breasts, and let's start. Wayne asked how familiar she was with a computer and how it worked.

Jill told him, she was very familiar with this model, even though it was not the best and not to treat her as an idiot as she was most likely smarter than him and if his IQ was higher than hers she would suck his cock, if Jason allowed it. Jason just laughed and said that was okay with him. Wayne said my IQ is 197, so slut get on your knees and start. Jason told Wayne he lost as Jill's IQ was over 200, so he should shut up and just train her. Wayne stared at her and asked politely where she went to school. Jill told him she graduated from U of Penn's Wharton School of Business with a Masters degree and graduated magna cum lade. Wayne apologized and started training her. By the end of the day, Wayne told Jason, she could hack just about any computer in ht world, and if she was ever let go, he would hire her.

Jason explained that they were going on the trip and she was to play the role of his bimbo secretary and secret lover and sex slave. Jill smiled and said no problem; I already am your bimbo slave and lover.

Carmen entered Jason's office and told him that Amy was on Grand Cayman Island and had contacted her about returning as a slave. Jason said this is perfect, I can have Jill as an accountant and you can have Amy as the maid and we can torture both of them. Have Manny pick her up and bring her here so we can talk to her about the new contract and her status here.

Manny picked up Amy at the docks and brought her to Matua by speed boat. Amy knocked on the door after Manny drove her to the house after they landed. Jill opened the door and Amy introduced herself and said she had an appointment with Mistress Carmen and Master Jason. Amy followed Jill to Jason's office where she entered and stood in front of her former owners. Carmen told Amy to strip, and Amy removed her dress, bra, thong and shoes and stood nude in the proper slave position. Jason asked her, "Why should we take you back". Amy told them she went to Europe and was scammed by a handsome man, who she trusted to invest her money. She realize she was lost in the real world after being a slave for a year obeying every order, that she didn't know how to act and desired to be a slave again. Carmen told her that they had a new slave Jill, who unlike the others, including Amy, signed the contract, with no exit clause and requested the contract could only be terminated by them. Also Carmen noted that Amy had her piercings removed and told her she would be repierced. Amy was told if she agreed the contract would be identical to Jill's except her payment would be $10000 a year, since she already had been paid the normal payment. Amy started to cry and said I will sign any contract you want as I did not realize how much I enjoyed being your slave and will do anything to be your slave again. Jill was called into the room and told to strip.

After removing her dress and shoes, Jill stood in position wearing only her collar, chastity belt and cuffs. Amy are you willing to be pierced as Jill and wear the same tattoo on your ass as she does? Amy looked at the tattoo and smiled saying YES Mistress. After a few minutes of talking to each other Amy was told she could stay as a slave here again, but her status was as the lowest slave, and she would be below Jill. Carmen handed Amy a slave collar and told her to lock it around her neck as a sign she was doing this of her own free will. Carmen told Jill to take Amy to the dungeon and strap her in the gyn chair and get the piercing equipment. Jill attached a leash to Amy's collar and took her to the dungeon. Amy told Jill she was beautiful and loved her tattoo. Once secured to the chair with legs spread apart, Carmen pierced Amy's nipples labia and clit with new permanent rings end then locked Jill and Amy in their cells for the night.

Amy asked Jill how she enjoyed being a slave, and Jill told her it was everything she wanted and had given up her high paying job for this. Amy could not believe this, but seeing how Jill was so happy, she realized this was a good life.

Part 5 (added: 2012/02/11)

Jill and Amy talked about their lives and how they got on the island. Amy explained she was a foster child and grew up abused by her foster father and ran away from home when she was 17. In LA, she found a job modeling fetish clothes and slowly learned about the scene and found herself going to clubs and playing with the people there. She enjoyed sex while in bondage and was very open to anything. One night she was introduced to Carmen and Jason and after a few days at their LA home she accepted their offer to be a slave for the money and also because she enjoyed it except for the extreme pain, but was willing to accept it as a way to start a new life after the contract was up. She said she really loved Carmen and Jason, but needed to explore the world. So when the contract was up, she left and went to Europe and had fun, but was conned by a handsome man and he ran off with the rest of her money. She realized the real world was not as safe as the BDSM world was on the island and she could trust Carmen and Jason.

Jill explained she always had an attraction to bondage, and spend hours in self bondage dreaming of being someone's slave. Through a business client she met Carmen and Jason and found that what they offered her was everything she dreamed of and wanted.

Amy said she could tell as to come back as their slave she had to sign the same contract, but with a lower salary than Jill and she was to get the tattoo in a few weeks. Jill looked in Amy's eyes and kisses her deeply with her tongue exploring Amy's mouth. Amy kisses back and starts to play with Jill's tits, when they hear Carmen shout, "slaves don't play without permission and I don't remember giving you permission. Both said "Sorry Mistress Carmen".

Carmen drags both slaves into the dungeon and chains them side by side to the wall spread-eagled. Carmen retrieves from a drawer six cloverleaf clamps that had a flat metal disk attached to a chain hanging from each clamp. Carmen attaches the clamps to their nipples and clit, and shows them and box full of pound magnets and tells them she was going to add one to each clamp disk until someone begs her to stop from the pain. Amy feels the clamps tighten when the first set of magnets are added and realizes the months away from here had made her nipples and especially her clit more sensitive to the pain and she does not know how much she can take, but she was going to hold out as long as possible. Jill watches as Carmen attaches the magnets and as the clamps tightens the pain started to get her juices flowing and she is becoming aroused.

A few minutes later Carmen adds another set of weights to all the clamps and watches as Amy struggles to stay still and as Jill wiggles her body and feels the clamps tighten even more. Carmen notices Jill is getting excited as she sees the juices flow down Jill's legs, while Amy is clearly in pain and not enjoying it. After another 20 minutes and three more sets of the pound magnets being added, Amy is in agony as her clit is on fire and as it has been stretched a few inches and as her nipples are burning also from the pain. She does the best she can not to move and cause the clamps to sway and tighten and she is amazed as she sees Jill wiggling her body which she knows must be causing even more pain. Jill is in her own world of pain and pleasure and did not even realize her body is moving to cause the clamps to wiggle, which tightens them even more and her cunt is ready to explode as the pain is driving her closer to an orgasm. Finally as the eighth set of magnets are added to the clamps, Amy screams no more and hearing that Jill screams as she explodes in a mighty orgasm squirting her juices all over her legs and floor. Carmen watches as Jill orgasms and as she slows down, Carmen starts to whip Jill's ass causing her more pain from the crop and the weights and this starts another orgasm. Carmen removes the clamps from both slaves and looking at Amy, Carmen tells her that she will be trained to become a pain slut like Jill. Amy can not believe what she was seeing and could not even think how someone could enjoy such pain, and how she would learn to like it.

Carmen releases Amy and tells her to clean up Jill with her tongue and then give Jill another orgasm, but Amy was not to cum herself as she was the loser. Amy understood and licks the tasty juices from Jill and when her tongue reaches Jill's dripping cunt, Amy shoves it deep into Jill and she fingers Jill's clit until Jill comes so hard she passes out.

Jill wakes up from her climax to see Carmen standing in front of her and Amy still kneeling on the floor. Carmen tells Amy to release Jill and then the two of them are to shower and get dressed for their chores. Amy is told she is to be the maid and is assigned to Matilda and will also be spending the night with her and Manny, while Jill is told she will be assisting Jason and will spend the night with him and her. Both slaves run to the shower and wash their hair and bodies as Amy asks Jill how she could cum from the pain. Jill tells her to focus on the pain being pleasure as she would feel when she plays with her clit and just enjoy it. They get dressed and go off to their duties.

Amy enters the kitchen and Matilda gives her a hug and tells her she was surprised when Carmen informed her that she was back as the maid. Amy said the world out there was not what she wanted and everyone tried to take advantage of her but here she trusted everyone. Matilda smiles and kisses her and then spanks her ass and tells her to do her chores.

Jill knocks on the door to Jason's office and he shouts "come in". Jill enters and Jason explains that she was to go over all the accounts of businesses he had either invested in or was part owner of, while he discusses a visit for them to Tom's company. He then tells Jill to note anything out of the ordinary with any account and he is very happy to have her experience and help.

Jill went over to her desk and notices the chair has a huge dildo in the middle of the seat and laughs inside knowing she was in for a very exciting day, and was glad she had several orgasms earlier so she might not cum from it and get punished. Jason watches as Jill slowly lowers herself onto the dildo and as she wiggles her butt to allow the dildo to slide into her wet cunt. Jill started to go through the first file of Tom's company when she jumps slightly as the dildo comes to life and starts to vibrate. She looks over at Jason who was smiling and just said live with it but don't cum. Jill is glad the vibrator was on a low setting, so while it excited her it would not push her over to a climax.

Several hours later, Jason said it was time for lunch and helps Jill off the dildo. They go to the dinning room where Jason sits next to Carmen at the table, while Amy and Jill eat from bowls on the floor. Jason tells Carmen about the planned trip to Montana to see Tom as a first stop in a planned tour of his companies.

Jason tells Carmen that Tom after 12 years being a widower and raising his daughter Heather, and had married Heather's college roommate Norma, whom he met when Heather returned home after graduating college as a business major, and Norma had a degree in marketing and sales. Tom had hired both for the small company as the person who had both jobs was retiring. He found Norma exciting, beautiful and sexy and the courtship was short and they married after several months. Carmen asked if Jason thought there was something odd that the profits dropped after Heather and Norma arrived. Jason said "I hope not for Tom's sake as he deserves a break in life".

The rest of the day was uneventful and after dinner, Jill went upstairs with Carmen and Jason, while Amy went with Matilda and Manny.

Jill was instructed to get the bath ready in the large Jacuzzi as Carmen and Jason strip. Jill baths the three of them as they relaxed in the tub. After bathing them, Jill found herself between Carmen and Jason as they fondle her body playing with her until she is ready to burst, but Carmen whispers in her ear, "Not yet slut slave". Finally they get out of the tub and Jill dries them off making sure Carmen's breasts and cunt are nice and clean with hard nipples and a swollen clit. After she is done with Jason his 11" cock is standing straight and hard as a rock.

They move into the bedroom and fall onto the bed in a tangle of body parts with Jill between Carmen and Jason. Carmen starts licking Jill's nipples while Jason fondles her ass and a finger enters Jill's asshole. Jill feels so wonderful with her owners making love to her body, and the feelings are unbelievable with one kissing her on her back and neck and a finger in her ass while the other is licking her nipples with a finger playing with her clit. Jill starts kissing Carmen's body making passionate love to her. Carmen reaches into her night table and retrieves the double dildo harness. Carmen slips the 6" dildo into her dripping cunt and tightens the harness around her waist. Jill looks at the 12" cock that is sticking out of the harness and wants it deep in her. Jill is maneuvered between Carmen and Jason and she feels Jason slide his cock into her hot wet cunt and impales her with its full length. After getting his cock covered with her juices, Jason pulled out and Jill feels the tip of it slide to her asshole and slowly spread it open and she feels every vein of his hard cock as it slides completely into her ass. Jason stays still with his cock in Jill's ass, feeling her bung hole clamping around it. Carmen maneuvers the strapon's dildo into Jill's wet cunt and slowly slides the 12" dildo into her cunt. Jill is impaled in both holes by huge cocks and then Jason pulls back until only the head of his cock is in Jill's ass and as he then slides forward Carmen pulls her dildo back until it is almost out. They slowly fuck Jill as one slides in a hole as the other pulls back. Jill can't believe how wonderful she feels as they are fucking her. She screams fuck me harder to them, but they slow down teasing her. Carmen slides her head around a moaning Jill and kisses Jason with open mouth and he kisses her back. Finally they wink at each other and then start to slide into Jill's holes at the same time. Jill feels her ass and cunt full with cock and wraps her legs around Carmen's waist holding her deep in her, as she madly kisses Carmen, while Jason fucks her ass kissing her neck. All three of them are moving in passion and finally Carmen and Jill scream as they orgasm and Jason shoots his wad deep in Jill's ass. The three collapse in the middle of the bed and fall asleep with Jill between them and their cocks still in her. As she drifts off, Jill never wants this feeling to go away as she love both of them so deeply.

The next morning after awaking, Jill is directed by Carmen to wash all three of them in the shower. Jill fondles Mistress Carmen's breasts as she lathers them and slowly moves down her body with a soft wash cloth and then uses her mouth to clean Carmen's tasty cunt and finishes cleaning her body and turns to Master Jason and the first thing she cleans is his now hard cock with her mouth swallowing it completely and sucking it until he shots another load of cum which she swallows loving the taste before washing his body completely. They allow Jill to stay in the shower and as she baths, with a warning not to masturbate. Jill washes her hair and lathers her body with scented soap. Once done she is instructed to return to her cell and get dressed for the day and then assist with breakfast. Jill leaves, but stops to kiss them both and thank them for an incredible night.

Matilda notices how Jill has a glow about her and questions her, to which Jill replies, I had the best night of my life last night. Laughing Matilda says I can see you are in love.

After breakfast which Jill and Amy eat from bowls on the floor while the others all eat breakfast seated at the table. Jill follows Jason to his office as they prepare for the trip to Tom's company. The plan was for Jill to act like a mindless bimbo slut slave and when everyone went into a meeting to discuss the company business, Jill would be left alone at a computer to play simple games, but she would hack in and learn what she could. Jill asked how Jason would arrange that and he told her not to worry, but act the part and he would make sure she was alone at a computer.

Jason told her she would be wearing her collar of course, her chastity belt, and 6" heels with locks and also to pack several of her semi-transparent short dresses that barely covered her ass. Jill laughed and said that would work for the bimbo look, but how would she get through airport security. Jason told her they were using the countries private jet and both had diplomatic immunity as they are government officials of Matua. Cool, so if even if I get caught setting of a metal detector they can't arrest me. Jason laughed at how the custom agents would just love to see her only in a chastity belt.

The next day, Jill dressed in a white dress with cream heeled sandals and carrying a large white leather handbag, leaves with Jason to the Caymans where they board his private jet and they fly to Montana, with a stop in Atlanta for refueling. After arriving in Billings they go to the hotel where everyone in the lobby stares at them as the walk to the front desk. The desk clerk, when seeing Jill, gasps, as Jill looks almost naked and her huge breasts are sticking out like mountains. Jason asks for his room and is given the key to the presidential suite. As they walk to the elevator with the bellboy carrying their luggage, Jason tells her I always go first class and that includes you. Jill smiles at the compliment and knows the bell boy is looking up her short dress seeing her metal belt and firm ass.

Once in the room and after the bellboy had been tipped and leaves, Jason commands Jill to strip and prepare the tub, while he orders them dinner. Jill strips and goes into the bathroom, which was larger than most people's living room, and starts the bath. Jason enters and Jill undresses him teasing each part as a piece of clothes is removed. Before Jason slid into the tub, hit pushes a button on a remote and they both hear Jill's chastity belt unlock. Jason pulls Jill into the tub and she spread her legs and her cunt swallows Jason's cock and they fuck in the warm bubbly water. When they are done fucking, Jill washes her Master's body and then dries it off making sure his cock is nice and clean and hard again. The food arrives and they enjoy dinner before going to bed and Jill bends over as Jason fucks her ass and after they both orgasm they fall asleep.

In the morning Jason has Jill lock her chastity belt back on and tells her to get a pink dress to wear to the factory. As they drive to Tom's factory in the rental car Jason explains how they are going to get Jill alone in a room with a computer. Jill smiles and said she could act as he wanted.

As they enter the building everyone turns and stares at the almost naked Jill, as they walk to the receptionist and asks for Tom Jennings, telling her Jason Taylor is here with his secretary. A few minutes later a young lady arrives and introduces herself as Heather, Tom's daughter, and she is the company's business manager and has heard many nice things about Jason. As Heather turns and she sees Jill, her jaw drops as seeing what looks like a whore almost undressed in the company's lobby. Jason introduces Jill to Heather as his secretary. Jill smiles and says "hi, I am Jill" in a very dumb air head sounding voice.

Jill notices that Heather is blonde, 5'6", 125lb and 36b-25-34 and about 23yrs old. Heather said lets go upstairs and meet the rest of the management team. They follow Heather to the elevator and go up stairs. As they get off the elevator, Tom meets them and hugs Jason since they were old friends. Tom introduces him to Norma (who is has brown hair is 38C-25-36 and 133lb and 23yr old) and tells Jason she is his wife and head of sales and marketing. Jason introduces them to Jill and tells them she is his secretary. Norma is appalled at how Jill looks, but says nothing as she doesn't want to offend Jason, who owns a good part of the company. Tom tells the girls he needs to talk to Jason alone in his office and to make Jill comfortable. Heather and Norma, take Jill to Norma's office to get her out of sight of everyone. Heather asks Jill what her duties as Jason's secretary. Jill responds to make him happy and take care of all his needs. Norma said, so you're a paid whore and does his wife know. Jill tells her in her most sluttish voice, I am his slave not a whore as I am not paid, and yes Mistress Carmen knows I am here with him and I am her slave also. What do you mean by "a slave" asked Heather? They own me and use me as they want, as she pulls up the back of her dress showing them the tattoo on her back and also they see the metal chastity belt and a glimpse of her huge naked breasts. Both Heather and Norma are appalled, but hide the fact as they don't want to upset Tom or Jason, but do ask what the metal belt is. Jill tells them it is a chastity belt, since she is a chronic masturbator and it prevents her from doing that. Heather asks her, "Just what are you here for?" To keep him company and do what he tells me. Jill then pulls out her cell phone and starts to play solitaire on it, ignoring Heather and Norma. Heather to make small talk says, "I like your piercings and tattoo". Jill says so do I including the ones under my chastity belt in my labia and clit. Both Heather and Norma can't believe what a slut is this whore is. Then Jill puts down her phone and asks what they think of her beautiful 46DD breasts. Coughing Heather says, a little too big for me. Jill shakes them and says, smiling; she could use a bigger set.

Tom and Jason find the girls and Tom asks Heather and Norma to join them for a business meeting. As they are about to leave, Jill says, "Master my phone died, and I can't play games while you are in the meeting". Tom asks Norma if her computer has games on it for Jill to play. Norma turns on her computer and logs onto the company's network and opens up the solitaire game. Jill says thanks and in a flirty way she says, I think you're cute. Norma blushing leaves the room fuming and closes the door, so no one can see Jill. When the door closes, Jill opens her bag and takes out a thumb drive and inserts it into Norma's computer and then starts to look for the sales records. Jill finds several files that are interesting and transfers them to the thumb drive. Digging further Jill discovers how the scan is being done and copies those files showing where the money is going and who is getting it. Jill removes the thumb drive, closes down the files she opened and starts to play games acting like nothing happened. About an hour later they enter the room and Jason tells Jill the meeting was very productive and turns to Tom, and tells him, I hope you get things turned around, and they leave and they should visit his island for a vacation when they have time.

Heather turns to her father and asks how he could be friends with a pig like Jason. Tom tells her to behave as without his money the company would have not survived and he would have never been able to send her to school.

Upon arriving back at Matua Jason tells Carmen what occurred during the visit and what great a job Jill did getting the information while acting as a bimbo. Carmen suggests that they reward Jill. Carmen asks Jill what reward she would like and Jill, blushing, says an extreme dungeon session with everyone using me and no limits. Carmen laughs and tells her fine; just give me a day to plan it and she sets Jill's chastity belt to the tease mode just to keep her edge. Seeing this Jill cries, Mistress this isn't fair and Carmen tells her behave or I will set it the shock every hour. Jill responds "Yes Mistress, I will behave".

The next day Carmen tells Jill to strip and then unlocks her chastity belt. She then tells Amy is told to take Jill to the main dungeon, braid a leather strap into Jill's hair and then cuff her hands to the hanging chains and feet to the floor rings and pull until she is stretched taunt and if she goes easy on Jill, she will be punished. Amy tells Carmen she will do as told and takes Jill to the dungeon. Amy says to Jill please don't blame me as I am just obey Mistress's orders. Jill says it is fine as this is my reward, and allows Amy to place her in the bondage Carmen has requested. Jill is left alone in the dungeon totally helpless and she feels her body starting to react to the bondage and her juices start to flow down her legs as she is getting excited waiting her reward.

Later that night everyone come into the dungeon and Jill sees they are naked. Carmen explains her reward will be in three parts, each part different, some with pain some with pleasure. Carmen tells Amy to attach the leather strap in Jill's hair to a rope that is being lowered. Amy attaches the strap to the rope, and Carmen pulls the rope so Jill's head is immobilized. Getting two nasty looking floggers from the wall Carmen hands one to Matilda. Carmen informs Jill that they will be whipping her front and back from neck to foot with Carmen doing her front and Matilda will be doing her back. They will do five rotations from top to bottom as the first part of the reward. Jill looks at the floggers and knows this will be very painful and that thought makes her body even more excited. Carmen's first stoke goes from right to left across her just below the neck, the tips of the flogger hits her in the arm pit. Jill screams as the tips hit her armpit and shakes in the chains. Matilda stroke follows going across her back the tips hit her other arm pit. Jill is in pain as this is one of the more sensitive places on her body. She is slowly whipped, each stroke biting deep into her body and they are showing her no mercy. While Jill is being whipped she see that Jason and Manny are fucking Amy, with Jason in her ass and Manny in her cunt. Between the pain and wishing she was being fucked like Amy, Jill's body is going into overdrive and her juices are flowing like a river down her legs, but she knows she can't cum without permission. It takes 30 minutes for them to finish flogging her body and when they are finally done, Carmen yells "CUM SLUT". Jill's orgasm is unbelievable and her whole body shakes from it for several minutes and they all watch her pain induced orgasm.

As Jill returns to the real world, she see Jason cuff Amy's arms to a rope and raise her up off the floor and pull the rope over to Jill and lower Amy so that her cunt is in front of Jill. Jason pulls Amy's legs around Jill's head and using a strap ties it so Amy's weight is on Jill's shoulders with her cunt in front of Jill's mouth. Manny walks behind Jill and she feels his hard lubricated cock against her asshole and it start to enter her. At the same time, Jason is entering her wet cunt easily as the sandwich her. Jill is told to please Amy with her mouth, while she is being fucked and she had better please Amy. Jill starts licking Amy's slit and tonguing her clit as she tastes the mixture of Amy's juices and Manny's cum. Jill feels the cocks move in her and her cunt tightens down on Jason's cock. As Jason pulls almost out, Manny ram's his cock deep in her ass and then he pulls almost out as Jason rams his cock deep into her cunt. She is riding the cocks as they are pounding into her and she can feel the tips of each cock across the membrane separating her cunt from ass. Carmen then starts to suck on Jill's right nipple and massages that breast, while Matilda does the same to Jill's left breast. Jill is flying high as her body is feeling the pleasure in every part of her as being stimulated by everyone and as Jason, Manny and Amy cum she has the ultimate orgasm that lasts for what she thinks is hours before passing out.

Jill wakes up feeling the glow of her orgasms and she is still in the chains. Jill sees Carmen in front of her, and Carmen asks if she is ready for part 3. Jill looking at her Mistress pleads "no more Mistress, I am exhausted". Carmen replies, "You asked for an extreme session and you will get it."

Jill watches as Matilda returns with two large boxes and hands one to Carmen. Carmen pulls from her box a double dildo harness, commenting her dildo is a replicate of Jason's cock, while Matilda pulls a harness from her box and that one has a replicate of Manny's cock. After they put on the harnesses, Jill sees two of the largest cocks sticking out from the harnesses. Carmen explains they are replicates of the late Johnny Holmes. Jill then sees at the base of the cock a set of rubber balls. She is told they hold fluid, which when squeezed will shoot the fluid into her cunt and ass. Matilda lubricated her cock and puts the tip against Jill's ass hole and slides it in slowly stopping after an inch is in the hole. Carmen slides her cock into Jill's dripping cunt and signals to Matilda to start fucking Jill. While huge cocks start pounding in her cunt and ass Carmen starts sucking on Jill's swollen nipples and Matilda kisses Jill's neck. Jill feels another huge orgasm build in her as they tease her and fuck her until she screams as her body subsumes to the pleasure and her orgasm takes over. Carmen and Matilda continue to fuck Jill as one orgasm replaces the next and finally as Carmen and Matilda cum, they squeeze the rubber balls on the cocks squirting the fluid into Jill. Jill feels the fluid shoot into her and the next orgasm is even stronger. Suddenly Jill feels heat and pain in her cunt and ass. Laughing Carmen tells her the fluid in her is hot sauce. Jill body is over loaded from pain and pleasure and she passes out.

Jill is released from the bondage and is taken to the bathroom, where Amy douches her cunt and also gives her an enema to flush the hot sauce out of her. They take Jill to her cell and put on the cot. Carmen tells everyone to leave and she will stay with Jill to make sure she is ok.

Carmen holds Jill in her arms cuddling her until she wakes up. Jill sees Carmen and smiles, telling her "Thanks you Mistress for the best time I have ever had, and I love you". Carmen kisses Jill and tells her she love her also. Jill then says, "I never want to stop being your slave." Carmen tells her, "I am never going to terminate your contract as you are the best slave we have ever had." Jill smiles, knowing her deepest desires and fantasies have come true, as she falls asleep in Carmen's arms.

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