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When I was young, I fell down some stone steps and it left me disfigured. One bad step and my life was greatly altered. I have a nasty scar on my forehead and a smaller one on my lips, a gash on my chin, a squashed nose, mismatched cheeks, and I have a squinty eye. People showed pity to me at first, but as I grew the pity was replaced by disgust. I tried to counter it by working out so I had a good body. And I was blessed with a very fine penis. But it didn't help. Women were too repulsed by me for me to show it to them. As time passed I became a woman hater as every female I met insulted me, patronized me, rejected me, used & cheated me, and even hurt me. When I got into bondage and BDSM, I really got into it, thinking of having several sex slaves to do whatever I wanted to and they'd have to take it whether they liked it or not. I spent years building up a collection of toys and equipment for the day I'd get to strike. There were some girls at the school I went to and worked at that I wanted to have and vowed to enslave them. And opportunity gave me a chance sooner than I thought...

Target 1, Part 1

There were four young women I had targeted, each a different body type and hair color and each had done something to earn my well as my desire. One them was a teacher, the youngest in the school. She had an average body, but a face I found cute despite her glasses and dark brown hair that I thought looked nice. She was a mousy thing who kept to herself a lot (I shall refer to her as "Mouse"). The joke among the students was that when she wasn't grading papers she spent romantic evenings with "Mr. Vibey". She was also the kind of condescending, obnoxious, fairly overbearing geek who acted like she was smarter than everyone else and treated the rest of us like morons and small children; the kind of teacher every student dreads having. She was particularly bad to me. It seemed she thought the fall I'd suffered as a child had damaged my brain and liked to lecture me and talk down to me more than the rest of the class. There are times I think she gave me bad grades just to spite me.

"Mr. *****," she told me one time, "do you like me?"

"I think so," I replied cautiously.

"Good, because you're going to be in this class a very long time. The fact you'll never get out of the janitor job the school gave you is bad enough, but I doubt you'll ever get out of my class. And some of the other classes you're in."

"I'll try my best," I told jokingly while seething in anger.

One day I swallowed my pride and told her I was having more trouble with an assignment "than usual".

"Could I come to you house Friday after school?" I asked timidly.

There was a pause and I was worried she might say no when she smile and said, "Okay! After all, whatever it is you'll never be able to get without my help."

"Thank you Ma'am," I told her. Little did she know how grateful I really was and what for.

That Thursday night I loaded my backpack with some special supplies and the next afternoon I made my way to her house after school. It was a nice house in a suburban neighborhood. Not bad really...
She opened the door with an arrogant smirk.

"So?" she asked as I came in. "Just what kind of problem do you have anyway? Because I'm sure it won't be any trouble at all for me."

"Well," I told her as I reached into my backpack to get the handcuffs, "The problem is actually you,
Ms. Mouse."


"That what the students call you when you're not around. They call you that of your hair color, your body, your mousy personality and your conspicuous lack of a boyfriend. And that's the nicest thing they call you."

She gave an exasperated sigh. "Listen. I know you have trouble thinking straight, but there's no need to be insulting! And I know you ungrateful louts think I look down on you, but it's for your own—HEY!"

When she was close enough I grabbed her and snapped the cuffs on her wrists. She started to scream but the ball gag put a stop to that. I put her on a counter and got out some rope to tie her ankles. I took the cuffs off long enough to pull her shirt off and bound her wrists with more rope. I put on a collar as a finishing touch. I stood back to watch her struggle, admiring my handiwork and making sure she couldn't get free. She couldn't. I felt very proud of myself. Watching all those bondage videos was finally starting to pay off. And while her boobs were medium sized, they jiggled well enough.



Even though the sound of her muffled yells was music to my ears, the slap was the show her her place.

"Shut up," I told her threateningly.

She looked at me with wide fear filled eyes and whimpered through her gag.

"I said shut up!" I said louder.

She flinched and became totally silent. I took her glasses off to look her in the eye.

"Here's how it works: from now on you are my sex slave to please my every desire. Do exactly as you're told and you won't be hurt. Displease me in any way and you shall be punished. And you really won't like that. So just submit like a good slave and this'll go a lot easier for both of us."


"For starters, you're wearing too much clothing for a sex slave."

With that I ripped off her bra to fully expose her breasts. They were actually nicer than I thought they'd be. I reached out and started playing with them. She yelped and squirmed around as I squeezed one roughly while I rolled a nipple with my other hand. I took her other nipple in my mouth and sucked on it to make her squawk.

"Come now!" I laughed. "This is probably the most action you've gotten in years! You should enjoy it!"


"Stop?" I told her with an evil smile. "But I'm just getting started!"

When I'd had enough of playing with her boobs I slid her skirt and panties down to join the ankle rope. She started to struggle and yell more. I flipped her over to give her a good swat to the ass and that stopped her. I groped and smacked her ass to make her shout and even start to cry. I flipped her back over to put two fingers in her pussy and found a great surprise.

"Well, well," I commented. "No wonder you're so distant to your students. You're jealous they're getting laid regularly while you're a virgin at your age."

She started to bawl in earnest at this. I actually felt a little sorry for her. "Little" being the key word.

"Tell you what? Why don't we have some fun before the main event? I was gonna fuck you as soon as possible but since this'll be your first time I can loosen you up so it'll better for both of us."

This didn't lift her spirits much, but she stopped crying a little. I even wiped her tears away.

"There, that's more like it. No need to make this any worse on yourself than it has to be."

I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

"Now where to you keep your vibrator or dildo?"

She looked at a drawer with a "Mph". I rummaged through it to find a big dildo, a great rabbit vibrator and some lubricate

"Sweet!" I declared. "Very nice, Mouse. These look fun. Just wait until you feel the real thing!"

I untied her legs, but tied each one to a bedpost so she wouldn't get away or close them. But she tried.

"No point in being modest now."

Closing her eyes and pointing her face away, she spread her legs to expose her vaj fully. I began by fingering her, first with two fingers, then three. Her moans went from those of sorrow to ones of pleasure and she started to get wet.

"There we go," I told her as I fondled a tit. "This isn't so bad, now is it?"


I leaned down to started licking her down there. Her clit became big and shiny and I sucked on it, making her yelp and writhe. I took the vibrator, turned it on high, and ran it over her body before going where it was most needed. She gave a sigh of pleasure and relaxed as her toy sent waves of pleasure through her sweet spot, most likely letting the feeling take her away from her situation. I rubbed the vibbrator up and down the length of her pussy. She closed her eyes and started move her hips in a rhythm to match how I was moving it, her moans becoming louder. I put the vibrator in her and worked it in and out. She seemed to enjoy it, her moans becoming louder and shorter as she breathed heavily through her nose and moved her head around. She soon started to buck, then thrash, in her bonds, the noises she made telling me she about to come. I turned the vibrator off and pulled it out. She gave a muffled yell in both pain and denial. She looked up at me with wide pleading eyes.


"No," I told her. "A slave comes when and how her master lets her. And I want us to come toegther."

I stripped and Mouse gave a squeak through her gag when she saw my big hard rod.

"I won't put it in you yet," I told her. "But I'm getting worked up and need to blow my load. But when I do, you can get off too. So get ready."

I put the vibrator back in her and turned it on low. I worked it with one hand while jacking off with the other. I'd lean over to take a nipple in my mouth to suck and lick it, to further tittilate her. I turned the vibe on medium to get her more into it again. Feeling the pressure build up in me, I turned it on high for her to once again thrash and writhe while making muffled yells.

"Get ready!" I told her. "Here is co-UUUH-UUGGHH!"

My sperm shot out to cover my teacher turned slave while she gave a muffled scream as she came. She flopped down, still and breathing heavily while I tried to keep from toppling myself.

"Not-bad-huh?" I asked her. "I think-we could both use a break-after that."

I gave her a slap to the thigh, but she was so tired all she could do was mewl in response. Feeling pretty good that I had the first of what would be a great harem, I cleaned off, quickly closed the shades and curtains, and had a snack while watching TV, thinking of the ways I'd train my new pet Mouse....

Target 1, Part 2 (added: 05/21/2010)

When I was done watching TV, I looked at a clock and was surprised at how much time had passed. That old saying about having fun is true.

I got up and fixed some supper. I came back to find Mouse trying to struggle feebly, but of course hadn't gotten anywhere. I untied the rope holding her to the bed only retie her ankles. Announcing it was time for supper, I made her hop to the dining room, getting a little show out of watching her ass and boobs jiggle just a little as she did. When we got there I made her kneel on the floor. I put my hands on the ballgag's strap.

"You know to be quiet, right?"

She nodded.

"Good girl."

I took the gag out of her mouth and fed her food as if she was a small child, holding it out in a spoon or on a fork for her to get and holding a cup with a straw out for her to drink. The entire time she remained perfectly quiet and didn't make a single sound. I felt like complimenting her, but it was too soon to be nice. When we were done eating I turned to her, my dick once again hard and ready to be serviced.

"I'm sure you've watched enough porn to know what to," I told her.

She didn't even nod. She just opened her mouth and took it in. She was naturally slow and hesitant at first, but got better as she went along.

"Ah, yeah..." I said with a sigh. "That's it. Use your lips and tongue...aah, that's even better. Someone's a quick learner. No wonder you were a good teacher, even if you are a bitch. And do my balls too."

She took her mouth off my cock to use it on my sack. Not so good at first, but she got a little better after a hard pat to the back of her head. For about twenty minutes or so she licked and sucked me, doing a very good job after she got the hang of it. Finally, I felt that hot feeling swell up in me and I grabbed her head to mouth fuck her. I came and shot some of my load in her mouth. She pulled back and the rest splattered on her face and chest.

By now she was a total mess. Not only was she covered in sperm from two ejaculations, there was a lot of drool on her lower face and chest as well, she'd been sweating a lot since the ordeal began and there were tear tracks.

"What sight you are," I said with a laugh. "You need a good cleaning."

I went to my back pack and got out some more things. I regagged her, put the leash on her collar and untied her legs and led her to the bathroom. Locking the door, I took off all restraints so she could use the toilet. I let her take a shower, but reapplied the hand cuffs and gag when she came out, despite her protest.

"Please don't. I'll be good, I prom—MPH!"

When I finished drying her off I added a blindfold and put her collar back on. I tied the end of the leash to the towel rack, retied her ankles, and took a shower myself. I could hear the chain of the leash chinging and muffled grunts as Mouse struggled, but they soon stopped as she realized she wasn't going anywhere. I got out, dried off and carried Mouse back to the bedroom.

I got my back pack and returned to use more rope on her knees and elbows, making her moan loudly and start to cry again.

"Don't be like that," I told her. "We're going to spending a lot of time together. I've decided to spend the weekend. May even move in. Sure beats that crappy little apartment of mine."

"MMOH!" she said, shaking her head.

"Oh yes. But you're doing very good. I haven't even had to torture you any. And don't feel too bad. You'll have company soon. You're the first in my harem. Just relax and be good and you'll be reward with pleasure," I told her as I gently rubbed her crotch, making her shudder and groan.

"Yeah. I think you're starting to like it. Poor little mouse, denied a good fuck your whole life while women younger than you are screwing around as we speak. But I'll make sure your first time is the best. But not tonight. It's getting late, I'm sure you're tired, and we both have a very busy weekend ahead of us."


I got into bed and held her close to me. She tensed up at the feel of my body against hers, but evenually relaxed, either going to sleep or accepting her fate.

I awoke early feeling refreshed and happy. I carefully took Mouse off me and remove the blindfold to see that she was still asleep. I put the blindfold back on and plugged her ears before putting her in a closet. I got dressed and went back to my apartment to get as much bondage supplies as I could take.

It surprised me at what a treasure trove of bondage and BDSM gear I'd amassed over the years. Some might think it was pathetic to have so much and have no one to use it on, but it had all be in preparation for the day I'd capture a bitch and train her. And that day had finally come after years of unfair denial, insults and even injury. I ended up making several trips from Mouse's car to my apartment as took every gag, restraint, implement and cords of rope I had.

I returned to the house and got inside to hear a thumping sound and muffled yelling. I went to the closet and opened it to stand her back up and slap her. I removed the ear plug and blind fold to glower into her eyes.

"You were trying to get help and escape, weren't you?!"

She shook her head with muffled "no"s.

"Then what is it?"


It took me a second to realize she need to relief herself. I got her on a toilet just in time.

"I'm sorry about that," I told her as I wiped her off. "But Master had to get more toys and it took longer than I thought. Would you have kept quiet if you hadn't had to go?"

She nodded. "YEPH MAPHUGH!"

The look in her eyes implied she could've meant it.

After breakfast, I decided it was time to "get down to business". I put a spreader bar on Mouse's ankles, put a whiffle gag in her mouth and stripped.

"pleggh," she begged, "bgh guugh."


"buh geugh."

"Be gentle?"

She nodded.

"...we'll see..."

I took my sweet time loosening her up. Just because she'd been an overbearing nag to me didn't mean her first time couldn't be enjoyable for both us. I groped and foundled her boobs and butt, licked, sucked and nipped her all over, fingered her a lot, sometimes with two fingers, other times three, and even four a few times to stretch her out a little. I teased her with vibrators and dildoes of differrent sizes, shapes, materials and even textures. I assaulted her skin with message oils and a big tickle feather and pinched or lightly smacked her when she started to get into a glassy eyed stupor. I didn't just get her wet...I got her dripping. There were some times she'd almost come, but then I'd stop and give her a minute to cool a little.

After about an hour she was swiveling her pelvis around, gasping through the gag and whimpering and mewling with some muffled words I think I understood pretty well. But I ungagged her to hear her clearly.

"What was that?" I asked with a smile.

"F-F-F-F-Fuck me," she begged. "Please fuck me, M-M-Master. I-I-I'm so hot inside. I-I feel like I'm going to melt."

"Elaborate," I told her, enjoying my nagging teacher's pleas.

Looking at my big, hard rod longingly, she said "I-I want that great, big, magnificent thing inside me. I've always fantasized about one that big, but never thought I'd get it." She looked back up at me. "I'm sorry I was so bossy to you. I promise I'll be a good slave. Just please, please fuck me..."

I stared at her, a little surprised. I'd had a feeling she'd break easily with the right moves, but I didn't figure it would be this quick. Still, it was pretty convenient. I regagged her and positioned myself to enter her as she tensed up, shacking. It felt good as I half forced my penis into her. She was well lubricated, but still fairly tight. She made a whining sound as her vagina was stretched open and then gasped when I reached her hymen. I paused at the wall of pressure, then continued to break it apart and make her give a sharp muffled gasp.

I paused again to let her body adjust and let the blood trickle out of her. I started to go in and out of her, starting out slow and gentle. I built up speed and force as we sent along and she was soon moving her hips in a rhythm to match mine. I screwed her in a few different positions as our moans, groans, grunts and gasps filled the air. I felt the pressure building up inside me as well her.

"Come with me!" I yelled at her "Come with your Master!"



My semen shot into her, excess splattering on her inner thigh while her fluids sprayed my lower reigons. She fainted, going limp in my arms. I unbound her and put her in bed, cuffing one hand to the headboard. I even ungagged her, knowing she'd wake up to weak to scream.

When she did wake up, she was sore but in a surprisingly good mood. I had expected her to very distraught over losing her virginity the way she did, but instead she was...happy.

"I-It wasn't how I'd imagined," she said, "and you may be not be handsome...but it felt so good. I was too plain, too boring and a little annoying for a man to want me. I'd given up on having sex and just threw myself into my work. But that felt better than I'd ever imagined," she said with a little smile. "From this day forward I vow to be the best slave I can be."

I couldn't believe it. Many bondage stories make it sound like you can break a slave with some pain, a few good orgasms, and some good, hard fucking but I never fully believed it. It always sounded too easy. I rationalized that it was because she was so undesired and inexperienced she just didn't know better, as well that she was smart enough to realize it would be better for her to submit and and aviod any unneccesary suffering. I let it go, not wanting to question such a great opportunity.

So we spent the rest of the weekend completing her training. I fucked her in her pussy, ass and mouth in every sexual postion I could think of and used dildoes and vibrators to keep her on edge. I tied and restrained her in every position that came to me. She did everything I told her to the letter and without hesitation. I didn't have to punish or torture her once, which I really hadn't expected. If she were better looking she would've been a perfect slave.

We got everything we could from my apartment and I moved in with her. Though we'd have to go to the school and leave it seperately so people wouldn't catch on, at least not this soon.

But the people at school noticed the change in her. She was less arrogant and less nagging in class and friendlier and humbler. People quickly realized she'd finally gotten a man in her life to mellow her. Little did they know it was her deformed student she picked on so and the school's part time janitor/cafretaker and that she was my dick hungry sex slave.

As the weeks passed we planned and prepared for Mouse's sister slaves. I'd be getting all three of them over time, when the time was right...I just couldn't decide which one to acquire first.

Target 2, Part 1 (added: 06/02/2010)

After almost a month and a lot of thought, I decided on my next victim: a great looking red head with a bad attitude and a short temper. I'll just refer to her as the Bitch, because that's exactly what she was.

She was the kind of student who barely eked by, not paying attention in class, leading a little gang, spending her afternoons in detention (and usually skipping it) and getting suspended a lot. She couldn't say anything to someone without throwing in swear words and insults and she'd beat someone up at least once a week, sometimes more. And there were stories of what she'd do when she wasn't in school, lurking around downtown and the bad parts of town mugging people, beating them up, and even killing and raping people, though I wasn't sure what to believe. However, she'd beaten me on several occasions and said hurtful things every time she opened her mouth at me. I was going to make sure she suffered for her transactions against me.

We had to wait until the time was right. A week long vacation was coming up, which would give me ample time to train her before she was missed. Mouse was to lure her to her classroom after school, and even then was a chance she wouldn't show up. I even went to her just as school was letting out. She was with laughing it up with some of her goons. She saw me and grimaced.

"What do you want, you ugly motherfucker?"

"Ms. **** said to get you so you could talk. She said it's really important and she didn't want you running out on her like you like to do."

One of her thugs stepped forward. But she stopped him. "Fine. I have a week without that bitch coming up, so I can deal with her a few minutes. Besides, she hasn't been such a pain in the ass lately, so I'll hear her out."

She told the thugs to go ahead and have fun, but not to wait up, which was great to hear. We went to Mouse's classroom and they started to talk. As they did I put chloroform on a cloth and snuck up behind Bitch.

"You listen," she growled at Mouse after the teacher had finished talking. "I don't give a fuck about the shit you and the other ass holes talk about like it means any fucking thing. I'm just going to this school to throw the cops off and—MMPHH!!"

I grabbed her and pressed the cloth to her mouth and face. She flailed around before hitting me in the abdomen with her elbow. It hurt, but I didn't let go. But a stamp to my foot and another blow, this time to my stomach, mad me lose my grip and almost knocked me down. But the chloroform had done its job and she swayed around trying to keep from falling over, too drowsy to yell. One tried to come out, but Mouse grabbed her and put a hand over her mouth as I got up to put the cloth back over her mouth as Mouse held her until she passed out.

"D-Did I do good, Master?" Mouse asked as she tried to catch her breath.

"Wonderful," I told her as I rubbed her cheek. "No Master could ask for a better slave. Now let's get this Bitch ready."

We put some more chloroform on the cloth and tied it over her lower face, put her arms in an armbinder, and straps on her ankles and knees. We waited until enough people were gone to quickly carry her out to Mouse's car and put her in the trunk. Mouse started home without me while I took the bus as close as I could and walked there. Bitch was still in the trunk, as I'd told Mouse to wait for me. We took her to the basement, which we'd converted into a decent little dungeon. We took the armbinder off, placed her wrists into manacles hanging from the ceiling, removed the straps on her legs and applied a short spreader bar, and took the cloth off her face. She was pretty when she was asleep. But it was time to get to work.

I had Mouse bring me a glass of cold water and I threw it at Bitch's face. She coughed and sputtered as she came to, pulling on her chains and swearing some. She stopped when she saw her situation.

"What the fuck?!?" she snapped.

She looked around and saw me, my shirt already off.

"You sick fuck!" she yelled. "So this is how an ugly shit like you gets any action!"

I slapped her.

"Quiet, slave," I told her sternly.

"Slave?!" she shouted. "Oh hell no! You just wait until I get out of this you—MMPH!!"

I crammed a big blue ball gag into her mouth and fastened the strap extra tight. Muffled shouts and what I guessed were obscenities. I slapped her again, but she responded with more muffled shouts. I grabbed her by the throat. That shut her up, but she continued to glare daggers at me.

"Listen and listen good," I told her. "From this day forward you are a sex slave. The sooner you accept that, the better. The more you fight it, the more painful it will be. Though I think that would be just fine by me, you redheaded bitch."


I smiled at this. "Pain it is. First we need to get these clothes out of the way."

I got some scissors and proceeded to cut her clothes off. She struggled as much as her restraints would let her and muffled yelling filled the air, but it didn't stop me from cutting her pants, shirt and underwear into little strips. She had a really good body. Not super model material for sure, but with a good body shape with nice round boobs, a nice ass and a bush of pubic hair that revealed she was indeed a natural red head.

I looked over at the array of torture implements hanging on the wall and choose a nice flogger. She saw it and her eyes widened and she shouts became louder and the chains chinged as she hopped around some.

"That's it!" I laughed as I pulled my arm back. "Dance for me!"



I hit her with the flogger all over her body, decorating it with red stripes that went pretty good with her hair. Her muffled screams were music to my ears, even better than Mouse's muffled moans. The fact I hated her much more than I ever did poor Mouse made it all the sweeter. I kept it up until I got tired of it. She hung limp in her bonds, breathing heavily, drooling and shining with sweat. I took her by the hair to look into her eyes.

"The sooner you submit the less that will happ—AGH!"

She pulled her head back to deliver a headbutt to my forehead, which sent a shock of pain through it since it already had a bad scar. I reeled back clutching my forehead while Bitch grunted muffled swear words and threats, pulling on the cuffs over her head and the ones on the spreader bar.

"You'll pay dearly for that," I told her.

I got some nipple clamps applied them to her, a muffled squeal with each nip clamped. I put some little weights on the chain for good measure. Even as some tears of pain ran down her face she glowered at me.


I slapped her. "Go ahead!" I snapped. "Fight back as much as you want. You'll only be giving me an excuse to pay you back for the times you beat me up, ten times over! And it'll be more satisfying when you're broken!"

She continued to shout and scream as we left the basement.

"This is exactly why I choose her and waited for this holiday," I said with a sigh as Mouse saw to my forehead. "Her training will be the most difficult. It's going to take some work and it won't be very pleasant. I may even have to cross a line or two I was hoping not to cross. You stay away from her. She shouldn't be able to get out of her bonds, but in case she does I don't want her to hurt you."

"Thank you, Master," she said with shining eyes and a grateful smile.

"Besides, the Master should deal with a future slave personally."

I waited until almost two hours before going back to the basment. She heard me coming and looked at me with a hate filled look and grunted something at me as she tensed up. I removed the nipple clamps and she gave muffled scream as the blood rushed back into her buds. I took them between my thumb and forefinger and rolled them to help with the flow. She tried to pull away, but I put my arm around her to push her back. I leaned down to take her other nipple in my mouth and suck hard on it. It had a salty taste thanks to all the sweating she'd been doing, but I kinda liked it. She wriggled in my grasp and shook her head around, groaning loudly. The groans turn into a yelp as I bit her nipple, then the other one.

Aroused and getting hard, I stripped naked and got behind her. I got down on my knees and started to fondle her firm ass, as well as smack, kiss and nip it. She kept tunrning her head to see what I was doing, yipping and gasping through her gag at my work. I stuck a finger in her ass and she really yelled.

"Oh ho!" I declared. "You've never had anything in here! That reminds me..."

I stuck two fingers in her pussy.

"Aha. Someone else has been in here. Feels like several someones."


I fingered her ass hole while fist fucking her a cunt. She didn't get wet, but I hadn't figured she would. When I was hard enough I positioned myself to fuck her in the ass. She gave a yell at the feel of the tip of my dick at her anus and for the first time I saw fear in her eyes. I took her boobs in my hands and squeezed hard as I rammed my rod into her rectum.


I ass fucked her for a while until I came. The entire time she made a lot of noise and struggled with what strength she had left.

"That was a good ass fuck," I told the Bitch. "I think you deserve something for that."

I got a wand vibrator, plugged it in and pressed it against her lower lips. She tried to pull away and grunted in protest, but I held the spreader bar so she couldn't get far and the grunts started to become moans.

"Don't fight it," I told her. "You've suffered enough. The more you resist, the more I'll have to hurt you. So relax and let yourself experience pleasure after so much pain."

She eventually gave in and a glassy eyed look came over her face. She moved her pelvis in rhythm with the vibrator and groaned in pleasure. I switched between its settings to makes things interesting and when I was ready I let her come. I got some water and let her drink. When she was done some of the defiance came back into her eyes.

"W-When I--get out of this—It'll be you who--gets ass raped..."

I smiled at the threat and put the gag back in her mouth. As I left she growled through her gag and I could hear the chain of her cuffs rattling some. I turned off the lights and locked the basement door, smiling. I was going to enjoy breaking that red headed Bitch.

Target 2, Part 2 (added: 6/20/2010)

The next morning Mouse and I came down to the basement with some supplies to give the Bitch a bath. She hung limply in the cuffs form the ceiling, swaying around some. I took the little bucket we'd bought along, scoop it in the tub and dumped it on her head.

She woke up with a muffled yell and hopped around sputtering. She pulled on the chain and shouted until she stopped to look around and gain her bearings. She saw me, her eyes narrowed into slits and she shouted a barrage of muffled curses.

"Looks like someone's refreshed," I commented before slapping her.

That made her stop, but she continued to glower at me.

"We've come to give you a morning bath," I stated. "I'll even let Mouse give it to you if it'll make you feel better."

It didn't. She stayed tensed up and snarled the entire time, yelling when water was poured on her. But she didn't make as much noise and move around as much as she had been doing. Mouse was very gentle and kept cooing comforting things to her. Mouse washed her hair and washed her with cloth, sponge and loompha to get her nice and clean. Sure, she'd be a mess soon enough but I wasn't going to have my slaves get too dirty.

When she was done washing her Mouse dried her off. Freshly clean, the Bitch looked pretty good...if it hadn't been for the look in her eyes. But I'd fix that in due time. With her hair dried I tied her hair into a ponytail that would be good for grabbing and pulling and looked pretty good on her. I also applied her collar and leash.

We ungagged her and let her drink some juice. She'd just finished drinking when there was a loud knocking at the door. The Bitch opened her mouth the scream but I crammed the ball gag back into her mouth. As she tried to turn her head in an attempt to get it out I tried to buckle the strap while Mouse ran out of the basement to deal with the intrusion. The gag almot came out a couple of times, but I lept it in place and finally managed to get the strap buckled tightly. But she was still made as much noice as she could and wriggled like a worm on a hook in her bonds. I balled my hand into a fist and punched her in the gut. She went slack in her cuffs, making a loud groan of pain.

Mouse rejoined us, smiling and holding a package.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"A delivery man," she said. "And while his timing was bad, he bought us something we've been waiting for that will be very helpful."

I realized what she was talking about and smiled. I grabbed the package from her, ripped th paper off and opened it. Inside the box was a pair of thick, fingerless mittens with straps on the wrists. I held them up for the Bitch to see.

"I got these just for you. And it looks like they'll be even more useful than I thought. This certainly make repositioning you and moving you easier."

I put the mittens on her hands and fastened the straps. I had Mouse get a taser and aim it at Bitch while I undid the cuffs holding her upright. With the cuffs undone she moved forward and fell to the floor. We watched intently as she tried to take off her gag and the cuffs on the spreader bar, with absolutley no success as she couldn't even get a grip. It was rather amusing watching her go at the cuffs and strap only to slap and pat them uselessly. She also tried to stand up, but would fall since the spreader bar prevented her from moving her legs to gain balance. And the look on her face was priceless. She stopped and covered her breats with her arms, pulled her legs together as much as she could, glaring up at us, tensed up and ready to fight if we made a move.

I got a shorter spread bar and went to her. She tried to pull away but I grabbed her by her ponytail. She tried to hit me, but the mittens softened her blows nicely. I put the bar's cuffs on with her arms in front of her and let go of her. She was forced to stand on all fours. I got a butt plug with a stiff tail attachment. She tried to get away, but couldn't even crawl without falling. I held her down, forced the plug into her anus as she shouted in protest, and sat her back up, again on all fours.

"Nice," I commented. I turned to Mouse. "Isn't she a lovely bitch?"

Mouse nodded. "We should enter her in a dog show...maybe even have her fucked by the neighbor's german shepherd."

"There's a thought," I said with a chuckle.


"But I really don't want to share my slaves." I glared at the Bitch. "Though if you push me hard enough I just might."

She growled at me.

"Not a friendly doggy," I mock sighed. "It looks like we've got some long, hard training ahead of us...Oh well. Mouse, strip from the waist down and find a place to sit."

She did and I dragged the Bitch to her. I took out the ball gag and quickly replaced it with a ring one. I hoped we didn't get anymore unexpected visitors because the Bitch's shouts became louder and her words just a little more clear. Mouse, realizing what was happening, grabbed her by her pony tails and pressed her face into her crotch.

"Very good," I told her. "Such a good girl."

"Thank you, Master."

"Alright, Bitch," I told the red head, "I want you to please your fellow slave. She's earned a treat and it'll make me nice and hard."

She gave a muffled grunt and tried to shake her head. I got a riding crop, gave her a red stripe on each ass cheek and she started. Mouse shouted and groaned with pleasure fairly loudly.

"I-EEE!-it's so go-UHD!" she declared. "S-She's done this befo-OORR!! OH YES!!"

I let her enjoy it for a few minutes as I got rock hard and rubbed my dick. When I was ready I had her get up and took her place. Even with my hand clutching her ponytail, the Bitch still tried to pull her head away as I forced my cock into her mouth. And even with it inserted I could feel her pressing her tongue against the bottom of her mouth in an attempt to keep away from my member as much as she could and opened her mouth even wider to keep it from her inner cheeks and lips.

"You know this is pointless," I told her sternly. "Now suck it."

She didn't. She kept her tongue still and mouth open even as drool ran down her chin to hit the floor. She even tried just breathing through her nose as if she didn't want to breath anything in. I had Mouse use the crop on her, but after several lashes to her ass, back and even pussy and the bottom of her feet, she still refused to go along.

"Break out the zapper," I told Mouse.

She got a pointed red wand and ran the tip over the Bitch's back.

"This," she said going into teacher mode, "can give a nast shock of electricity. Master hasn't had to use it on me, but the videoes I've seen of it look like it really stings. Like this."

She pressed a button for a little jagged bolt to hit the Bitch on the back and make her scream.

"Now imagine that on your nipples or pussy," I told her. "So unless you want it used there I suggest you get to work."

She did. She even closed her mouth as much as the ring gag would let her to further please me using her lips some. I let go of her hear and held onto her leash so she could move her head and she gave a very good blow job. She'd must've has some experience, because she was actually better than I thought he'd be. I put my hand on her head to rub her.

"See," I told her, "this isn't so bad, now is it? And you're doing such a good job. If you'd just do as your told like a good girl and stop being so stubborn you could save yourself a lot pain and me work."

She moaned in response, but continued for a while. When I felt the pressure building up, I put my hands on her head and moved my cock in rhythm with her mouth movements for a pretty good mouth fuck until I shot my load in her mouth. A bunch of it ended up overflowing out her mouth, she didn't want to clean me off (luckily Mouse did), and she spat the rest out. She looked up giving me that same hate filled look of defiance. But she stayed still as I cleaned off her face. But when I took the gag out—

"I'll kill you," she snarled. "When I get out of this I am going to fucking kill you, you ugly sh--MPH!"

"You know," I told her. "You really shouldn't be talking like that. I should punish you, but there will be plenty of time for that later and I think we could use a short break. But first we need to put you up."

She struggled and shouted as I picked up and put her in a large dog cage. It actually a tight fit. She barely had any room to move.

"I don't think she's going anywhere," I commented.

"Let's hope not," Mouse said in agreement.

I smiled at her. "Now, I believe I owe you an orgasm since I stopped the Bitch so she could blow me..."

As we left the woman in question screamed through her gag and the cage rattled loudly as she struggled with what movement she had. But I'd made sure to by the best cage she could and the spreader bars and mittens already kept her in place. I just had to wonder how long it would take to break her and what it would take...

I spent the rest of the week training the Bitch. At first it didn't go very well. She'd struggle with whatever energy she had and make a lot of noise as she shouted muffled protests, threats, insults, curse words and trying in vain to call for help. But we kept her very well restrainted. The bondage mitts stayed on her hands the entire time, with the spread bar on her ankles on her a lot of time unless I wanted to tie her legs in a different way. And she was kept gagged unless I gave her water or food. We tied her to every thing we could and in what had to be every position known to the bondage world. I had to punish her...a lot. Every session we had with her ended up with her being tortured somehow. I used every whip and flogging device to give her target areas a lovely red glow, we dripped candle wax on her, we used various clips, clamps, clothepins and even pliers on her more sensitive areas. Using an electrical device would often get her to "cooperate" above all else. I fucked both holes and her mouth and I'd have Mouse use a strap on dildo on her as well some "carpet eating". And we'd use vibrators and dildoes to keep her on edge, though they weren't always effective as I'd hoped.

But little by little she started to submit. Whether it was to avoid more pain, a desire for pleasure and rewards, or she was accepting her fate I'm not sure. But she slowly (and I mean slowly) became more obedient and willing, the fire in her eyes dimming a little every two or three days. On that weekend she started to get wet as we played with her.

I'd like to say she was broken by the time school started back, but no. But she was very close. As me and Mouse returned to school Monday I kept my eyes and ears opened to see if anyone would see that the Bitch was missing. But as the day went on I was surprised that no one even noticed. I had at least suspected her gang would have noticed she was missing after ten days, but they had already picked a new leader, either already gotten over her or not caring she was gone in the first place. When the day ended I met up with Mouse. She reported that no on the faculty had even noticed, writing her disapearance off as her plaing hooky yet again. She doubted they'd be very concerned if the Bitch never came back. I had to agree with her. It also planted an idea into my head for something ro finally break my new slave.

As soon as I got home I went to the basment. The Bitch was in her cage, her wrists each tied to a corner and a small peice of rope connecting her spreader bar to the back of the cage. She was blindfolded and had plugs in her ears. She was still and silent with drool on her face and a small puddle on the cage floor. But when she felt my hand as I removed the blindfold and ear plugs she moaned and tried to move her head. I slapped her as hard as I could and grabbed her by the throat to glare into her eyes.

"Guess what?" I told her. "No one seemed to notice or care that you weren't at school today. Even your goons have found a new leader. And I recall hearing that you and your parents ahte each other. You know what that means? No one cares. You're every kidnapper's favorite kind of victim: one no one will miss. No on will look for you or even report you missing. I could kill you and bury you in the backyard or even in this basement and no one would even notice."

Her eyes widened and started to water as the color drained from her face.

"In fact..."

I reached out and pinched her nose between my thumb and forefinger. She tried to pull away, but couldn't. She she went stiff and jerked at her bonds making some strange squeaking sound from her behind her gag. Her body started to relax and it looked like she was about to lose consciousness when I let go of her nose and she sucked in air through her nostrils. I let her catch her breath before putting my hands on her throat and tightening my grip. The cage rattled as she tried in vain to get free of my grasp and she screamed and started to cry. When she started to weaken I let go. She went limp, sobbing through her gag, tears and fresh drool added the puddle under her head. I'm not so much a monster that I took pleaure in it, but I did feel a sense of satisfaction at seeing somone who bullied me so much in tears., She looked at me with a pleading look and begged through her gag. After listening to mumbling pleas, I ungagged her.

"P-P-Please!" she begged. "Please don't kill me! I-I don't want to die like this! Not here!"

"How many people have asked you that?"

"...I-I never killed anyone, okay?! I said I did, but I haven't. I beat the shit out of some fools and even sent some people to the hospital but I've never actually killed someone. T-That was tough talk!"

"You still robbed and hurt people and said mean, hurtful things."

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry I for the times I beat you up and all the times I insulted you! And all the other bad things I did. I-If you let me go I promise to be good! No more gang, no more mugging people and no mo—"

"You'll be good all right," I told her. "In fact, let's put that to the test, shall we?"

I untied the ropes holding her to the cage and took her out. I unzipped my fly and freed my now hard dick.

"Suck me off," I told her. "Let's how good you do without a ring gag. And if you bite it, it'll be the last thing you ever do."

She put her mouth on my member and did a great job sucking and licking until I came in her mouth.

"Not bad," I told her. " You're actually better when you're more cooperative. Now to test you further..."

I dropped my pants and turned around. "Lick my ass hole, slave. Don't worry, I keep it pretty clean."

There was only a moment's hesitation before I felt her tongue on my anus. She pleased me until I was satisfied and I let her stop.

"Very good."

I got behind her and sqauted. "Would you like me to play with you?"


I lightly smacked her ass as a warning.

"Yes, what?"

"Y-Yes, Master."

"Good. Where do you want my hand?"

"I-In my pussy, Master."

"How many fingers?"

"A-As many as you want. Y-You can even f-f-fist fuck me if you want-Master."

"Very good."

I played with her nether lips with different numbers of fingers until she got nice and wet, moaning wth what sounded a lot like pleasure.

"See how much better this is?" I told her. "If you'd been this good before you wouldn't have been hurt so much. Would you like me to make you come?"

"Yes, Master. I'd like that very much."

I played with her until I bought her to climax.

"Yes. I like you much better already." I told her.

"S-So you'll let me go? I can be like Mouse and like everything's normal, but I'll come when you send for me and I'll do whatever you want. I won't tell anyone about what you did to me. I'll be a good slave, I promise!"

"I wish I could believe you," I told her. "But I can't trust you to not go running to the authorities. And like I said, no one misses you so I may as well keep you in captivity. Though things will get more comfortable as you submit."

"No, ple—MPH!!"

I reggaged her and stuffed her in the cage. Even after I'd left the basement and closed the door I could hear muffled sobbing. After a few hours I returned with Mouse to find the defeated Bitch with a tear tracked face and her eyes now had a dull glimmer where there had been a fire. We took her out of the cage, hooked the leash to her collar and led her out of the basement to her new home. It was a spare room Mouse had never found a use for. In it was a mattress (though we'd get a bed for it later), a water bowl, and a bedpan.

"This is your new room," I told her. "Isn't it so much better than that dungeon?"

She nodded.

"I'm glad you like it. Would you like to celebrate?"

She bobbed her head. I took the mittens off her hands and the spreader bar off her legs. Without even being told she flipped over, spread her legs as wide as they'd go and spread her pussy lips as much as she could with her hands. I spent the rest of the night fucking her, even ungagging her so she could use her mouth to please me and Mouse. When we were ready for bed we retied and gagged her and put her on the mattress. I rubbed her cheek and she moaned, rubbing back.

"Don't worry," I told her. "I'll play with you again soon, my Pet. And you'll have company soon enough. I'm gonna get you some friends."

With that we left the room, turning the lights off and locking the door.

Over the next few days, the Bi—no, the good Pet, fell into her new role as a sex slave nicely. Browkn, she was ended up being a pretty good fuck. No reports or investigations were started. It was a great victory to have someone I had hated as my slave, completely at my mercy and letting me do whatever I wanted to with her. After that, I felt like the remainging two women I wanted to enslave wouldn't be any problem. I knew exactly who I wanted next. All I needed was the opportunity to get her...

Target 3, Part 1 (added: 07/12/2010)

The next addition to my collection was a blue eyed, blonde, buxom, bronzed beauty whom I shall refer to as "Treasure". She had a great body that belonged to a super model or porn star and she liked to show it off. You know, the kind of young woman that everyone looks at just because she's there. The kind of woman who wore short skirts or little shorts, who wore shirts that were small or tight or showed off her great cleavage or belly button (which was pierced). The kind of woman both men and women fantasize about. She was a flirt, a tease and the general opinion was that she as a total slut. I would've gladly tied and fucked her even if she hadn't spurned me. She'd show off for everyone, including nerds and fatties, but she'd ignore me or treat me coldly.

A regular man would've gotten frustrated at her all teasing, and I've even met men who were. But to be told you're not good enough to be led along...that hurts. I'd been waiting a long time to enslave her and was going to as soon as possible. The problem was that unlike Pet, people would be concerned at her disappearance and I highly doubted she'd give in as easily as Mouse.

So I waited for the right time, content to have fun with Mouse or Pet until the moment came. Then after a little over month and a half it happened.

Treasure was going away to seek work as a model or actress. If she didn't come back people would think she'd found the job for her or was forced to toil in obscurity for a living. And by an astounding coincidence (or maybe not) my birthday was coming up. Talk about a great present!

But on the day we were supposed to strike, something came up. The school regular janitor was sick and I was "promoted" from part time to full time. Meaning that that beautiful Treasure was going to get away and I there was nothing I could do to stop it!

After spending all day in classes and cleaning up various messes, I returned home in a foul mood. I was ready to take my frustrations out on Pet when Mouse greeted me at the door with a smile, wearing a robe that was ready to fall off at the first move.

"Happy Birthday, Master," she told me.

"Not now," I told her. "I appreciate it, but right now I'm more in the mood to hurt someone than fuck. Get me a riding crop and flogger while I get Pet."

"But I got you a present," she chirped.

She led me to the dining room and I saw a shape under the sheet covering it. I removed it to see Treasure, bound to the table, gagged, unconscious and in her underwear. It was white and complimented her great tan wonderfully, as did the silver tape covering her mouth. I looked to Mouse.


"I offered to help finish her packing," she said. "The bimbo didn't even think before accepting my offer. It was so satisfying when I used the chloroform on her. I took all her jewelry and more valuable items. What we don't use to decorate her, we can sell."

"Thank you," I told her. "No Master could even buy such wonderful slave as you."

"Well, ever since you captured me my life has been filled with passion and excitement. Besides, I want to make up for being so plain."

"Oh, you make up for it all right," I told her. "Go fetch Pet and a camera. We're going to have some birthday fun."

"Yes, Master!"


Treasure moaned as she started to come to. When she was fully awake she gave a muffled gasp of surprise and started to struggle, yelling through her gag. She saw me, now shirtless, and went stiff with a yelp. She started to shake. I leaned over and put to put my hand on her face. She turned her face away and tried to pull away, but it was no use. I merely put my hand on her cheek and she yelled like I'd hit her. I took her head in my hands and pointed her perfect face at my disfigured one.

"You're probably wondering what's going on," I told her. "It's simple: you've been kidnapped and are now my sex slave."


"Oh yes. This of it as payback for all those years of treating me like shit while you'd show off for all the other males and even females in this town."

She shook her head wildly and shouted as she struggled as much as the ropes would let her. Mouse came back into the room, a camcorder in one hand and Pet's leash in the other, the red headed woman on all fours and sporting a tailed butt plug. Treasure saw her and her lovely blue eyes almost popped out of her skull.

"You remember ****, don't you?" I asked her. "She used to be a mean bitch, but now she's a wonderful pet. Oh, she was quite resistant at first, but when she broke, she broke completely. She hasn't even said a word in weeks." I leered at my latest slave. "How your training goes is entirely up to you."

She shook her head and moaned as tears started to run down her face.

"Now I think we should start the birthday fun," I said, rubbing my hand together. "First, I need to unwrap my present..."

I got some scissors and cut off Treasure's bra and panties as she writhed and shouted while Mouse filmed the event.

"Wonderful," I said as I looked over her wondrous body. I was pleasantly surprised to see a well trimmed patch of pubic hair that matched what was one her head. "Excellent!" I commented. "First a natural red head, now a real blonde! I'm starting to think someone up there likes me!"

I took the camera from Mouse and ungagged Pet.

"Dear Pet, since it's been so long since you had a treat I'm letting you play with my present first. Would you like that?"

Pet looked at Treasure and then smiled and nodded. She crawled over to the table and then stood up. She leaned over to sniff Treasure's crotch and smiled. The blonde gave her pleading look and whimpered through her gag, but Pet just gave her blank smile. She stuck her tongue out started to lick Treasure's pussy and the victim gave muffled yelp as she started to thrash around in her bonds.

"Very good," I told Pet after a few minutes. I turned to my other slave. "Mouse, play with her boobs."


Mouse shed her clothing and went to the table to start playing with Treasure's lovely, large breasts.

The blonde mewled through her gag at her, but was given a light slap.

"Quiet you," Mouse told her. She took a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and lightly squeezed. "I'll be honest: I hated you. You were a terrible student. But what I really hate fat tittited sluts like you who have men throwing themselves at you and doing whatever you want them simply because you're so hot. But now that sexy body of yours has landed you in quite a predicament."

She twisted Treasure's nipple and my new slave sqeauled. She leaned down to suck a nipple and as much breast as she could take in while squeezing the other. Watching my slaves in action got me nice and hard and I ordered Mouse and Pet to stop. I had Mouse work the camera while Pet was allowed to play with herself as she watched. I stripped and stood in front of Treasure. She saw my big, hard cock and gasped in shock.

"Never knew this ugly face came attached to such a great dick, did you?" I told her. "Well, you're about to fully experience it!"

With that I rammed myself into her and she gave muffled scream. I pounded her hard, years of frustration and anger fueling me at this hot woman who represented everything I wanted but was unfairly denied. She'd whine and moan as I played with her big tits and sucked and licked her nipples.

"Oh yeah!" I told. "You're as good as I always thought you'd be! Hell, better!"


"You make a lot of noise, but you're getting so wet down here! Your mind is scared, but your filthy body knows a good fuck when gets it!"


"Better get used to this," I told her. "Because I'm going fuck you a LOT! From now on, mine is the only dick you'll service and this disfigured face will be the what you see when you fuck. I am the only man you'll fuck for the rest of your life."

She shook her head wildly, screaming "NAAUUGHH!! NAAUGH!"

"Yes, yes!" I told as I slapped her. "You put yourself on a pedestal and act like there are no consequences?! If I hadn't gotten you a stalker or some white slavers would've snatched you for sure sooner or later. Think of it this way: I got you because you're got a perfect body!"

That didn't comfort her. She struggled and make noises through her gag, her boobs bouncing as I fucked her. When I felt the pressure building up I pulled out for my cum to splatter on her stomach, chest and face. She came herself and went limp on the table, gasping for breathing heavily and crying. The sight of my sperm "decorating" her tanned skin was a surpringly nice sight.

After a break I decided to have some more fun. A "birthday game". I untied Treasure from the table and made her kneel on the floor, tying her wrists and elbows and blindfolding her. I also tied Mouse and Pet's wrists and blindfolded them too and put them on either side of her. I put a hand on Treasure's cheek and she stiffened.

"I'm going to ungag you now," I told her. "But one word and something worse than that tape goes into that pretty mouth and you'll be punished. Got it?"

She nodded with a moan and I peeled the tape off.

"Alright ladies," I told them. "We're going to have a little contest to see who's best at fellatio. The
winner gets to suck me off and one who satisfies me the least will be punished. Second place will be allowed to masturbate until she comes...without permission."

I stuck my dick out a little for them to find it with their probing tongues. Treasure found it first and the feel of her mouth taking in my cock was bliss. I'd had a lot of blow jobs from Mouse and Pet, but Treasure made such wonderful use of her lips and tongue it was like being blown for the very first time all over again. She even managed to take it all in for her chin to touch my balls, which hadn't happened before. Mouse licked my shaft from the side and I took it out of Treasure's mouth for her suck it while Pet sucked my balls. It was a wonderful time. One of my slaves would take it in her mouth while another would kiss, lick or suck it from the side and the third worked on my nutsack. After over half an hour I made them stop.

"Very good," I told them. I put my hand on Treasure's head to rub it. "Congratulations. You win a treat. But I for a pro like you that shouldn't be a surprise."

She shuddered, but kept quiet. Smart.

I untied Mouse. "You get to a free pass. You masturbate using any dildo or vibrator and come just as many times as you want, when you want."

"Thank you, Master!" she said as she ran upstairs.

Pet knew what was coming and started to shake and whimper. "I'm sorry," I told her. "It was a good effort, but you just came in third place and that's all there it to it. Though I'd really thought you'd improved some. I'll deal with you after I'm done."

I returned to Treasure and made her pick up where we'd left off. The pause hadn't dampened her performance any. It felt just as good as it during the contest. Even a little better since I could just focus on her technique. Soon I had my hands on her head, mouth fucking her while a loud buzzing and orsasmic shouts came from the bedroom. I came in that perfect mouth and she swallowed every drop. Not on bit ended up on her face this time and she did a good job licking me cleaned.

"Wonderful," I told her. "Just wonderful. You really ARE a treasure! Not only do have a killer body, but your sexual skills are great. I can't wait to do you in that perfect ass."

She shuddered again. "P-P-Please...L-Let me go. I-I promise I won't tell anyone what happened."

"Of course you won't," I replied. "You'll be bound and gagged in this house for the rest of your life!"


I gagged her and removed the blindfold before turning my attention to Pet. She hadn't been punished since she broke and had only been tortured when I was in the mood for some extra excitement and eve then Mouse got it as much as her. I left the blindfold on and gagged her. I tied her to the coffee table in the living room and got Treasure for her to watch. I lit some candles and let them melt some. I gave my newest slave a look.

"Watch closely," I told her. "This is what happens when a slave displeases her master."

I titled the candle for a drop of wax to hit a nipple and she yowled and jerked in her bonds.

"Now, now," I told her. "Don't be like that. It could've been either of your fellow slaves."

I used several different colored candles on her to decorate her body, each drop making her squirm and shout through her gag. I stopped when I was satisfied. The colors of the wax contrasted with her red hair nicely. I left the room and came back with a big latex dildo. I removed the gag and put the dildo in her mouth.

"Now use that to practice with until you go to sleep. I won't even punish you if it falls out of your mouth. That game was so fun we'll have to play it again. Who know? Maybe next time it will be Mouse or even Treasure punished instead of you."

I picked Treasure up and carried her over my shoulder as we left Pet to suck and lick the dildo as the wax cooled on her skin. We arrived in the bedroom to find Mouse with a blank smile on her face, drool flowing from both facial and nether lips. I made her get out of bed and onto the floor. I didn't even bother restraining her because I knew she was too tired, too unfocused and too loyal.

"And now," I told Treasure, "I believe I owe you an orgasm or two."

I tied her spread eagle to the bed and used my fingers and tongue on her lovely pussy. It had a lovely shade of light red and her clit, above average size no less, looked like an expensive pearl. She resisted at first, but soon gave in with moan becoming those of pleasure. She bucked and swiveled her hips to match the movements of my tongue and soon exploded with a squirt of lady come.

"Nice," I said as I licked it off my face and hands. "Very nice."

I made her come with a vibrator a few times before untying her from the bed only to retie her arms and legs. I held her tightly as she twitched and wriggled in my arms.

"You better just accept it," I told her. "The sooner you do that, the better life will be for you."


I went to sleep with her big, soft breasts smooched against my chest and her muffled whines and whimper filling my ears like music.

Target 3, Part 2 (added: 07/29/2010 )

I woke up the next morning to feel Treasure trying to snake her way out of my arms. I let her, enjoying the feeling of those fleshy mounds rubbing against my torso. She was almost off my body when I put my arms around her, tightened my grip, and pulled her back in place. I smiled at her as she looked up at me with wide, terror filled eyes. I pretended to act like I'd just woken up and missed the pathetic "escape" attempt.

"Good morning, my beautiful Treasure," I told her. "Did you sleep well. I know I did. I hope so, because we've got a busy day ahead of us."

I got up and nudged Mouse, who was sleeping on the floor, with my foot. She got up and I told her to go fix us some breakfast. I stood Treasure up, put on a collar and leash and lead her downstairs. I was surprised to see Pet still sucking the dildo from last night and moving it around in her mouth, her face covered with drool and a puddle on the floor. I took the dildo out and removed the blindfold to see she hadn't slept at all.

"What a good Pet you are!" I complimented as I untied her from the table. "I told you you could go to sleep if you wanted to, but you sucked that thing all night just to please me. You've earned a reward. You can start by going to sleep on the couch."

She lied down on the couch and curled up, out almost immediately. I covered her with a blanket and turned to breakfast. I tied Treasure to a chair and when the food was ready I ungagged her. I fed her while Mouse and I ate. She was smart enough to keep quiet, only opening her mouth to eat. When we were done I had Mouse put away Pet's share for later. I started to untie Treasure from her chair. As soon as the ropes were loose enough she kicked me and sent me to the floor.

She ran to the door, screaming for help as loud as she could. It was at that moment I realized it had been unlocked since my return from work the previous evening. I had been to upset to remember it and then far too busy. Treasure managed to knock it open and had just stepped outside when the blanket on the couch leapt up and Pet tackled her. She covered her mouth and wrestled with her. Me and Mouse joined her and crammed the ball gag back into that pretty mouth and we dragged her inside.

I punched Treasure in the gut and she went down. I looked out the window. There was no activity and then a couple of people came out of their houses. They talked casually until one drove away and another went back inside. They hadn't seen or heard anything. That hadn't even glanced our way.

I turned to Treasure, grabbed her by her hair and pinned her against the wall. She looked at me in terror, the color draining from her face as tears ran down it.

"I'm VERY disapointed," I told her in a low voice. "You were actually doing so well. I thought you smart enough to do what was in your best interest, but instead you were just waiting for the right time to escape, weren't you? Well, this calls for quite a punishement to teach you a lesson. Mouse, take her to the basement."

Treasure cried and sqaulled as she was taken away. I turned to Pet.

"And you," I told her "deserve a greater reward. For this you can get the day off. You will not be bound or restrained in any way. Do whatever you want and get several treats. In fact..."

I got an ice cream "drumstick" from the freezer and gave to her. Her eyes lit up at the sight of at the sight of it. She took it from me and ate it greedily.

"You can have as many as you like," I told her. "You may also watch some TV, stay in bed as much as you want, and masterbate to your hearts content. I may even let you go outside..."

She smiled and went to the freezer to get some more ice cream treats. I was very pleased. To think someone who was so resistant would become such a good slave she'd prevent another's escape.

"Master!" Mouse's voice called from the basement.

I joined her to see her grappling with the struggling, yelling Treasure. I got a spreader bar and applied it to the bronzed beauty's ankles and Mosue let go for her hit the floor. I also blindfolded her.

"What are we going to do with her?" she asked eagerly.

I thought about it. Then I snapped my fingers as it came to me. I put a finger to my lips for Mouse to keep quiet. We got Treasure to and undid the bounds on her arms to put her wrists in the cuffs hanging from the ceiling. She pulled on them and hopped around some, turning her head to listen for whatever ever happened.

I put the first clothespin on a pussy lip and she gave out a howl of pain. It was followed by more hollering as I put to more on it and three more on her other nether lip. I put more clothespins on her inner thighs, her nipples, her breasts (there was plenty of room!), her forearms, and loose folds on her tummy (the ones around her navel went complimented the ring there nicely). The pins were different colors and ended up being quite a sight, contrasting with her tanned body, which was glistening from sweat, and the areas that turned red from having circulation cut off. The entire time she yelled through her gag with each new pin until she became so tired she moaned loudly. Drool made its way between her lips and gag and dribbled down her chin while tears soaked through her blindfold to run down her cheeks. It was a beautiful sight. And I'd have it forever because Mouse was filming it all.
I waited a few minutes and then proceeded to flick, press, and pinch the clothespins at various targets, making the victim squeal, groan and twitch.

"NUH MOOH," she begged between sobs. "pleef nugh mooh."

I pulled on the navel ring to make her yelp in pain, then stepped away. I waited a few more minutes before deciding it was time for those clothespins to come off. I got the riding crop and flogger and whipped the pins off one at a time. Treasure screamed with renewed energy and thrashed in her cuffs as the pins went flying off her body, tightest just before they snapped off. The more stubborn ones had to really hurt. I put the implements down and took ones on her breasts, nipples and pussy lips off manually so she could feel the blood rush through her system, making her sob and tense up. When I was done her body was covered with red bite marks from where the pins had been and her body dripped sweat, tears and drool. She hung limp in her bonds and must've lost control because she pissed herself.

I had Mouse stop filming and we left, a pitiful muffled mewling coming from the basement as we closed and locked the door.

I waited a few hours before going back to the basement, getting some pleasure from Mouse in the meantime while Pet enjoyed her day off, lounging on the couch watching TV and eating snacks and sweets.

I went back down to the basement with some soap and water and cleaned off Treasure (and the spreader bar) where she'd pissed. I removed the blindfold and she made a muffled noise.

"Stop," I told her. And she did. I ungagged her.

"Are you sorry?"

"Y-yes Master! I'm sorry! I won't do anything like that again! I promise!"


I put two fingers in her pussy. "How will you make it up to me?"

"A-A-Anyway you want."

"Can I fuck you?"

"...Y-Y-Yes, Master."


"...W-W-W-Where ever you want."

"Very good. Now I can do something I've always wanted to do..."

I took her out of the cuffs, gagged her, put the blindfold back on and took the spreader bar off her legs...and put it on her arms. I made her lay down and sat on her. I put my cock in her cleavage and grabbed her boobs to squeeze them on it and titty fuck her. The feel of her soft, round boobs pressed against my hard, long dick felt better than I imagined.

"Ah yes!" I declared. "This always looked great in porn, but it beats my highest expectations!"

I keep it up until I come, my semen splattering on her face and even in her hair.

"Wonderful," I told her. "That was just wonderful."

I started to leave. Treasure whimpered, giving me a pleading look.

"Not yet," I told her. "I want you think of what a bad girl you were. I'll be back later."

When I returned I came back with a pen, some paper and a pair of pliers. I put them on a nipple and closed them.


She screamed as loud as her gag would let her and she kicked and flailed some. I had the pliers bit her nip a few seconds before letting go.

"That's really hurt, didn't is?"

She nodded.

"I am going to remove the gag and you're going to give me your passwords, pin number and any other information about your finances. Because now all your money goes to your master. If I think you're lying or you talk too much, these pliers are going to feast on your poor nipples. Understand?"

She nodded again. I removed the gag and she told me everything I needed. I emptied out her bank account, trust fund and savings, sold her car, and even got the deposit on her apartment. It's wasn't enough to make us rich, but it would certainly help with the bill and get some more equipment.

After that Treasure fully submitted. She did as she was told, exactly as she was told, and did it very well. But she her mood was either sad or scared. She had accepted her fate, but she didn't like it at all. Not that it really mattered to me. I got a slave with big fat tits, a perfect face, and a great ass and pussy to screw at my leisure who was a great lay.

There was only one more to add to my collection now. The opportunity to strike was all I needed...though this one would be the hardest to get and with the biggest risk.

Target 4 (added: 08/14/2010)

My final victim was a rich, pampered bitch whom I shall refer to as "Princess". She had the lovely combination of pale skin and black hair and came from a family with a lot of money. Her parents died a few years ago and she lived with her aunt and uncle. Then her uncle was killed and her aunt disappeared, which made her suspect number one. Now it was just her and her family's money in big house. It made her a good target, but you don't kidnap someone rich without people noticing. No cared about Pet and everyone though Treasure had moved away, but Princess's employees and family's business partners would look for her if she vanished without a trace, meaning I'd have to be very careful about when I captured her.

Since I had first tied Mouse a few months had passed and it was almost time for summer vacation. And my summer project would be turning a pretty pale pampered princess into a slutty sex slave. After a few weeks it was the last day of the school year and I had told her Mouse wanted to see her later. That afternoon I entered the classroom to see Princess bound, gagged and blindfolded.

"Well done, Mouse!" I complimented my plain slave.

"She barely even struggled," she said proudly. "It's like she diecided to give up almost as soon as her wrist her bound."

"That's actually a smart move," I told Princess as I put my hand on her chin. She didn't flinch or cringe, but just stood still.

Since almost everyone had left I decided to play with my newest slave a little. I pulled up her shirt, removed her bra and pulled her panties down. The entire time she stayed still and silent.

"Very good," I told her. "Bet you never expected your first time to be as a bondage sla—"

I stopped as my fingers went into her and I was shocked to feel that her hymen was long gone and that she'd been fairly used, though not recently. She didn't have a boyfriend, at least not that anyone knew of, and there was no talk of her being a lesbian.

I was trying to figure it out when she started thrusting herself onto my hand and was soon moaning in pleasure. Her pussy got wet so fast it like I'd turned on a faucet. I remained still, somewhat stunned, for a few minutes until her moans and movements signaled she was going to come soon. I pulled my hand away and she whined in annoyance.

I took the gag out of her mouth.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm sorry, sir," she told me. "I got carried away at feeling you in me. I should service you first."

She got down on her knees and stuck her tongue out and probed with it until she found my belt. To my astonishment, she used her mouth to unbuckle it. She took my zipper in her teeth and pulled it down, and then took the waist band of my underwear to pull them and my pants down to free my cock, which had gotten hard at what was happening, fell out to almost smack her face. She took it in her mouth and proceeded to take it in...all of it, greedily. She did a wonderful job of sucking it and made wonderful use of her lips and tongue, rivaling Treasure's perfect technique. Maybe even just a little better! She blew me for about fifteen minutes before I grabbed her head to mouth fuck her and came in her mouth. She swallowed every bit and licked me cleaned. She pulled back and gave my member a little kiss that send a jolt through me. I removed the blindfold. Instead of being repulsed or disgusted by my face, she smiled at me.

"Is Sir pleased?"

Still a little stunned by her behavior, I just nodded.

"May I please come?"

"N-Not just yet," I told her. "But soon."

"Yes Sir."

"Master," I told her.

"Yes, Master. Forgive me. I wasn't sure."

Me and Mouse exchanged a look.

"Wow," Mouse said. "I really thought she was a total virgin."

I nodded. Then my eyes widened as I realizes what happened. I turned to Princess.

"Tell me slave, who trained so well?"

"My master and mistress," she replied. "But Master died and Mistress is gone."

"Oh my god!" Mouse yelled as she realized it too: this seemingly innocent and pampered girl had been her aunt and uncle's sex slave. I could only hope they waited until she was old enough. It was fairly disturbing, but the bright side was that she'd need minimal training, if any at all.

"Here's what we're going to do," I told her. "You're going to drive your car to the address I give you where you will start your time as my slave."

"Yes Master," she replied. "Should I bring some things me?"

"I think we have enough items we won't need anything."

"If Master says so."

She arrived at the house about the same time as us. Once we're inside she asks if she should strip. Of course I say yes. She has a cute body that's like an alabaster statue with an adorable hairless pussy.

"Very nice," I told her. "Now to meet you sister slaves."

I led her and Mouse to the bedroom. Waiting on us is Treasure, chained to the wall and a big black gag in her mouth. She heard us coming and tensed up, shaking with a fearful look in her eyes whimpering. Her nipples now sported gold rings that enhanced her appearance, as did the jeweled collar. Princess smiled at the sight of her.

"Beautiful..." she gasped.

She approached Treasure and the buxom blonde mewled through her gag. Their eyes met and she stopped shaking and calmed down some. Princess turned to me with a pleading look.

"Can I please play with her, Master?"

"Of course! Just give me a minute to get the camera."

"Mouse fetched it and I started filming. Princess started by kissing, then licking, Treasure's lips below and above her gag. She gave the blonde a series of little kisses all over her face, making her moan in pleasure. She groped her large boobs as she kissed them too. She pushed a nipple ring to make Treasure shudder.

"You're so beautiful," she told her again. "Like the world's greatest statue."

She took a nipple in her mouth and sucked it, doing things with her tongue that made Treasure shout through her gag. She went from one nip to the other, all the while playing with those nice, plump tits. She kissed and licked her way down her torso, taking a minute to play with her naval and the pendant on it and make Treasure squeal. When she got down to Treasure's pussy she rubbed her trimmed patch of golden pubes. The blonde purred as her pussy was petted.

"Isn't that so much better?" Princess asked her. "And such a lovely clit you have! Like a big pearl."

She used her fingers and mouth on Treasure's twat, making her sister slave groan, then shout in a way
I hadn't heard before. Princess stopped to look at me.

"Can I please make her come?"

"Hell yes!" I told her as I played with my dick while filming.

She used on finger, then two, then three, then four to get Treasure even more worked up. Then she balled her hand into a fist and went into her and fist fuck her!

"Oh yes," she said. "I hoped this feels as good for you as it does for me."

It looked and sounded like she did. She screamed though her gag as she came, then went limp in her bonds. Princess got to give her another peck and whispered something in her ear. I thought it was another compliment and didn't give it much thought. She held out her cum covered hand.

"Would Master like some?"

"No thanks," I told her. "I get enough. Mouse?"

The brown haired woman licked her lips, then licked Princess's hand. The pale girl rubbed her head. "That's it. Enjoy the Treasure's sweet nectar."

When the hand was clean I took Princess to Pet. She was in a cage in the corner of the playroom, a vibrator deep inside both holes and moaning through her gag. She gave me a pleading look I had come to recognize very well and moaned loudly through her gag. I let her out of the cage and turned the vibes off.

"Oh!" Princess said. "I remember her! I thought she was dead in a gutter somewhere. You mean you managed to tame that red headed hellcat?"

I nodded with a proud smile. "It wasn't easy, but the victory was sweet."
Princess squatted down to rub Pet's head and ungagged her to kiss her. The red head smiled at her and licked her face.

"What a sweet little thing!" she declared. "I can't believe this is the same girl who made cracks about me being a vampire. Truly you are a great trainer. My aunt and uncle would've loved you."

I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not, but I thanked her.

"Can I play with her too?"

I nodded. I can't say no to some girl on girl action, especially with such an eager and skilled newcomer. She and pet exchanged another kiss, longer and more passionate, and when they broke apart there was a strong of drool connecting them for a moment. Princess rose up some for Pet to lick her pussy. Oddly, she seemed to do it with more enthusiasm than usual. Princess shuddered and moaned in pleasure as she rubbed Pet's head.

"Aahahhhahh...Yes, that's the way."

After some time had passed she gave me that pleading look.

"M-M-Master? I-I'm going c-c-cum? C-C-Can I please?"

"I see no reason you can't."

She thanks me loudly, then shouted as she climaxed, her juice splattering on Pet's face. She licked her face off and then asked if I had a strap-on, which I did. She asked if she could use it on Pet and I of course I said yes. At first she fucked her doggy-style and then in a sitting position before facing her.

The entire time her hands were all over Pet and they kissed at every opportunity. Pet came with a powerful orgasm and went limp with big smile on her face. Princes gave her one last kiss before turning to me and looking at my dick, which was so worked up it felt like it was about to explode.

"Shall I service Master now?"

"Fuck yes!"

I grabbed her by the arm, ran back to the bedroom and rammed myself into her. She screamed, but then started to grunt and gasp in pleasure.

"Oh yes!" she cried out. "You're so much bigger and harder than Uncle! And you're a better fuck than he ever was!"

I looked over at Mouse, who was shaking and moaning, her hand hovering at her crotch. I gave her a look and she stripped to join us. Princess at her out and touched her all over. She climaxed first and fell onto the bed. Me and Princess kept it up until I erupted inside her, which made her come too.

"Mmm..." she purred as she lightly kissed one of my swollen cheeks. "That was wonderful. I've never come so hard before."

"Get used to it," I told her. "And how would you feel if we moved into your place?"

"That would be perfect. It's been so lonely. There will be plenty of room for everyone and there won't be any nosy neighbors to worry about."

She gave me a little peck again and went to sleep in my arms. I stayed up thinking how perfect my life was. A few months ago I'd been a disfigured, poor part time janitor no woman would have anything to do with and now I had four women to do with as I pleased and soon I would be living in a mansion. Life was about to be very, very good...

Part 8 (added: 08/23/2010)

A few weeks later...

Live has greatly improved since then. I now live a life of comfort and ease I could've only dreamed about. Living in a big, posh house, having a lot of money to burn, and a harem to fulfill my every deseire. Live just doesn't get better than this

I come home in me new, expensive car. As I get out I hear a high pitched barking. I walk over to the dog pen. Pet is wearing dog ears, elbow length fingerless gloves, knee high boots, and even a rubber dog nose. A butt plug with a long, pointed tail completes the ensemble. She shakes her ass to wag it and breathes heavily like a dog does with her tongue hanging out. The sight of the bitch who once insulted and even beat me up like this bring a big smile to my face.

"Is the pretty bitch happy to see her Master?"


"Does she want a treat?"


I unzipp my fly and stick my dick though on the holes in the chainlink fence. She takes it in her mouth and sucks greedily on it. I let her blow me for a few minutes, then tell her to stop. I don't want to shot my load yet.

"But how would you like to come inside tonight?" I offer. "There's a god chance of rain."

"ARF!" she says, jumping and wagging her tail as much as she can. It's been a while since she's been in.

"But you'll have to be in Kitty mode, understand?"

She nods. I hook the leash to her collar and lead her inside as she crawls on all fors. The door opens and Mouse, dressed in a skimpy maid's costume, greets us.

"Welcome home, Master," she tells me with a bow. "You'll be happy to know that I worked on Treasure's tan while you were out. I also had to restrain her because she had another panic attack. She's in the playroom. I also have Princess prepared for you."

"Good," I tell her. "Now change Pet from dog to cat and bring her to the playroom."

"Yes, Master," she says before leading Pet away.

I go the playroom to find Treasure chained the wall, blindfolded, gagged and naked as always with a spreader bar keeping her legs apart. She moans loudly. Even though she's accepted her fate, that doesn't stop her from having panic attacks and struggling like she's trying to escape or being sad and scared all the time. I quietly walked up to her and squeeze one of those perfect, large boobs for her to yell through her gag and tense up. I let got and pull on a nipple ring to make her shout even louder.

I back away and get a flogger to use on her inner thigh until they're a lovely shade of red and whack her breasts a few times to make them hard and red.

"That," I tell her, "is for having one of your attacks again. And because your skin is beautiful when it's red and glowing."


"But I have am going to give you pleasure too."

As if on cue," Mouse arrives with Pet. She now wearing cat ears and velvet gloves meant to imitate a cat's soft touch. Whiskers have been drawn on her face and she has another butt plug, this one with a long cat's tail. She sees me and mewls like a kitten. It's a pretty good imitation.

"Ah, good," I tell them. "What wonderful timing."

I take Pet's leash and lead her to Treasure's crotch.

"Lick it," I instruct her. "Lick it until she comes. And make her come again and again until she faints. Please yourself as you do until you can't go anymore either."

She meows in response and starts to "eat out" Treasure, who moans and squirms. She makes a throaty gurggling sound meant to imitate a purr. I stick around to watch the first couple of orgasms, then leave when I'm hard from watching them. I go to the bedroom to find Princess mummfied with her breasts and pelvis uncovered, vibrators in both holes. She wiggles and makes long, loud moans. I unwrap enough of her mouth to kiss her as I play with a white orb.

"Please Master," she begs when the kiss is over. "Please fuck your poor, eager slave."

"With pleasure."

I unwrap her head and legs and get to work. She is the best of my slaves at fucking, though Treasure comes very close. Not only was she very well trained by her aunt and uncle, but she enjoys giving and receiving pleasure, as well as the feel of my big, hard cock inside her. We fuck for a while in several positiond and she comes on my twice before I shot my load inside her. Tired and a little thirsty, I see a bottle of wine and a glass on the nightstand. I pour it and drink it down. Good stuff. There's nothing like the taste of wine after a good sex session to hit the spot. It's particualarly strong this time. I start to feel woozy and weak. I lose my balance and fall back in bed, everything going dark. Princess's adorable pale face appears over mine, wearing a triumphant smile.

When I come too, I am still naked. But my arms have been put into an armbinder which has been secured really tight and a short spread bar is on my ankles. A length of chain encircles my torso and is by several padlocks make sure it isn't coming off. As I become more aware of my senses I hear Princess' voice.

"Thank you for your patience and for enduring this past month and a half of suffering, as well what you were forced to endure before he captured me. But now you can get out freedom-and lives-back, just like I did. And I promise the rewards will be great."

I look up to see her talking to Mouse, Treasure, and Pet, all standing around. Pet's cat costume is gone and so is Mouse's maid suit.

"W-W-What's going on?" I ask groggily but sternly.

Pet squeaks in fear and hide behind Treasure, shaking. But Princess smiles at me.

"Well, I've decided that for a change of pace you're going to be the slave now."


"After I got rid of my aunt and uncle, I vowed I'd never be anyone's slave again. But when you had poor Jane attack me I knew I had to play it cool and wait for the moment to strike. Oh, you were a great fuck buddy, but now it's time I got my freedom back again."

My eyes widen as mcuh as they can. "Y-You mean you killed them?"

"I killedl Uncle. When Aunt disappeared it made her look guilty. But I captured her, paid her back and sold her. I even had her owner send me a rape and torture video. Now I'm going to be a white slaver who targets idiots and ass holes like you and her."

I glower at my slaves. "Release me," I tell them, "and I will forgive this little rebellion."

"You're no position to give orders," Princess tells me gloatingly.

"Mouse..." I tell the plain woman.

"I'm sorry, Mas—" she stops herself. "But Mistress Ebony will be more gentle and loving. Whenever you had us make love it felt so much better than with you. And she's so much nicer. And my name is Jane now. Much better than what you call me."

I look at Pet, who flinches and shakes. "Pet, untie me and you'll get another off day."

"Nnnnnn-nnnn-NO!" she yells.

"And her name's Rose now," Treasure says. "And I'm Barbie. And if you think I'm going to free you you're stupider than you look, you deformed freak."

"That reminds me," Princess says. "We need to take care of that hideous face."

She picks up a hood and approaches me. I start to struggle as my strength comes back. "YOU BITCHES!" I scream as the hood is forced over my head. "WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS YOU'LL ALL WISH

"Shut the fuck up!"

Treasure doesn't just slap me. She punches me. She and Princess put the hood over my head.

"That's a thousand times better already!" she declares when everything but my eyes and mouth are covered.


A penis gag is crammed into my mouth and buckled tightly. The taste of latex fills my mouth as the penis presses down on my tongue and extends to my throat. My shouts are reduced to muffled grunt and growls.

"Don't be like that," Princess tells me. "After all the times you put your big cock in our mouths, this is only fair!" She smiles at the other three. "And now the fun can begin!"

She and Treasure put me face down on a table with my ass pointing out. The chain and padlocks weigh me down and Treasure and Mouse make sure I can't stand back up by holding me down. But I can turn my head enough to see Princess get Pet and come back, getting a paddle as she does.

She puts the paddle in Pet's hands, then hold gets behind her to hold them like a guy "showing" a girl how to swing a golf club. They pull move the paddle forward and back a few times before swing it hard to smack my ass. I shout though my gag and jump, but other two keep me from it. Pet looks at what happened with wide eyes.

"Now try it on your own," Princess tells her as she backs away.

Pet looks from my buttocks to the paddle in her hands and back. She whacks it again. Then she smiles. She proceeds to paddle my ass until I can feel it burning, swelling and I can imagine its red glow.

"That's enough Rose," Princess tells her.

She stops, though reluctantly.

"Barbie, if you'll step forward I have something for you."

Treasure and Pet switch places. I turn my head to see what's happening, but they're just out of my view. Then Treasure appears sporting a large strap on dildo. I scream though my gag and struggle, but between my restraints and the women pinning me, I'm not going anywhere. I scream in pain as the dildo impales my anus.

"Now you know how we felt!" Treasure says as she ass rapes me rough and hard. And since I was just paddled it really hurts! I bellow through my gag as tears of pain start to come from the corners of my eyes. She continues until she comes from the pressure of the strap on against her cunt. When it's over I relax my body, feeling lightheaded as I try to catch my breath using my just my nose.

"That felt even better than I thought it would," Treasure comments.

"Feels wonderful to violate your violator, doesn't it?" Princess asks. "I actually got more pleasure from hurting my aunt than fucking her. Now stand him up."

They do. Princess and Mouse kneel down to rub, fondle, lick, suck and kiss my well as poke, pinch and smack it. But the parts that hurt only stimulate me more and I once again have a great erection.

"Nice," Princess comments. She looks at Treasure. "Care to help? Some titty fucking would get him to one hundred percent."

"Hell no! I'm not letting that thing near me again!"

"If that's how you feel. Then could you please hand me that twine please?"

The twine is handed to her. She loops some around the top of my balls and tightens it to make me hiss in pain. Then she goes from there to loop some twine in between each testicul and pulls it tight to they each bulge into individual spheres that start to turn purple. She loops some around the base of my shaft and at the head and tied them tight.

"There!" she says when she's finished. "Now he'll be nice and hard until we're ready for him. He'll be begging for relief. Now for the finishing touch."

She puts a collar on my neck and buckles it so tight it's in danger of chocking me.

"There!" she says with a slap. She and my other slaves look me over. "Not bad, huh?"

"Very nice, Mistress," Mouse tells her.

"Yeah," Treasure compliments her. "He's not getting out of that any time soon."

Pet mumbles something with a smile and nods.

I glower at them with a snarl. Princess slaps me, then adds a blindfold that clips onto the hood.

"And that takes care of that," Treasure comments. "What do we do with him now?"

"For now we should put him somewhere to think about his future," Princess replies. "I'm in the mood for some lezzy sex to celebrate."

The other three greatly agree with that. A leash is clipped to my collar and tugged. But I stay still. I'm not rolling over so easily.

"Rose?" Princess says to Pet.

I can't hear anything. Then I hear a small ZZT! and feel like a wasp has stung me as I scream. They're using the zapper on me!

"Now come along or you'll get shocked again," Princess orders me. "Next time it will be a more sensitive target like your nipples or already aching man parts. Might even zap that chain to electrocute your whole upper body."

I growl through my gag, which earns me a jolt to a nipple. I trudge along as best as I can with my ankles in a short spreader bar and my cock hard and tied. When we reach the room they pick me up and cram me into the cage. Even though I can barely move at all now I rattle cage as I struggle and scream just as loud as I can.

"Looks like we'll have to teach him another lesson later," Princess comments.

"G-G-Good," Pet says darkly.

I don't even hear them leave as I throw myself around, moving my body anyway it can to free myself from the many things holding me or at least ease the pain they're causing. I even send the cage falling on its side. But that doesn't stop me. I'm going to get out of this. And then those slave bitches will pay dearly for this…

Under New Management (added: 09/22/2010)

It has been three months since we turned on our disfigured master and life has become very good for the four of us. You may know me as "Princess", but here I will be Ivory. Treasure will be Barbie, Pet will be Rose and Mouse will be Jane. Got that? (With names so uninspired I can't believe that bastard was so good at BDSM).

On this night, Me, Barbie, and Jane are out on the hunt for a new victim. We find him at a night club. He's a fine looking young man. Best yet, he tells us he's on vacation, which would mean no one would look for him until it was too late. Between me and Barbie, we don't have much trouble convincing him to come home with us. Rose lets us in and we head to the bedroom. We tie him spread eagle to the bed. The fool agrees wholeheartedly. As I film them, he fucks Jane while pleasing Rose orally until they both come and then Barbie titty-fucks him to get him off. By the time it's over he's tuckered out and doesn't even react when we unbind him only to tie his wrists, elbows and ankles.

"Hey," he asks groggily, "what are you—mmph!"

The ball gag silences him and we carry him to the basement. He struggles some, but is too weak and well bound to get away. We put him in the cage and he struggles in earnest and yells through his gag, but it's too late. I squat down to look into his eyes as he gives me a fear filled look.

"Aww..." I tell him "Poor baby. You just wanted to have a good time and look what happened! But don't worry. Just do exactly as you're told and you'll experience a world of pleasure a lot of people don't get to enjoy. But it can be a world of pain too if you don't. And we'll let you go after a while."

I don't mention that "letting him go" means he'll be sold.

Muffled shouting fills the air as our master turned slave voices his disapproval. Our new catch looks at him and his eyes widen.

"Don't mind him," I tell him. "He's an ass hole who suffered an unfortunate accident when he was a child that left him disfigured. No woman wanted to have anything to do with him and it made him pretty mean. He captured us one by on an enslaved us, but we turned the tables and taught him a lesson. Be a good boy and we won't have to be as rough on you."

I walk over to our ex-master. He's stands in place, a spreader back keeping his legs open and his cock vulnerable. The discipline helmet has covered that ugly face since we captured him, the eye covers still in place after all this time. A ring gag stays in his mouth, but right now it's filled with a long, thick dildo. I flick on of big nipple rings to make him hiss and squirm. I put run a hand over a shoulder stub. You see, since I had his arms surgically removed in fear of what would happen if he escaped. I found a surgeon who gladly ignored the Hippocratic Oath for a large sum of money and now we can do whatever we want to him without having to worry. I untie the twine keeping on his balls and penis that keep him hard and ready and straddle him to put his magnificent prick inside me.

"Fuck me," I order him.

He shakes his head with a growl. A couple of hard whacks from the riding crop change his mind and he does as he is told. I wrap my arms and legs around him and yell as he fucks me. I love the feel of that large, hard cock piston in and out of me in a wonderful rhythm. We go at it for a while, him making me climax three times before his sperm shots into me. Barbie helps me off him, as well as stand.

"Wonderful," I tell him. "That's what's kept you alive this whole time. But if you ever fail to please me..."

He moans, slumping and trying to catch his breath. The new slave looks from him to us with wide eyes.

"Like I said," I remind him. "Just please us and everything will be just fine."

"In fact," Barbie says, "you owe me a really good orgasm like the one I gave you. I'm the only one who hasn't gotten off yet!"

She takes him out of the cage and sits on his face for him to use his tongue on her pussy and anus. Meanwhile, Rose tortures our ex-master some more, which is fair since she suffered the most at his hands. Jane helps me leave the basement while as muffled yells and groans of ecstasy. When the boy's training is finished he will be sold to the highest bidder. And he will be the first in what I intend to be in a long line of people who will pleasure us and then help us make a very nice profit. I had been a part of a disfigured, cruel man's collection, but he ended up being the first in a collection of my own...

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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