Jasmine Becomes A Slave
  • Author - Mistress Lisa
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  • Story Codes - F-f, non-consensual, reluctant, armbinder, bodymod, bondage, chastity, electricity, extreme, slavery, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 7/19/2010

Author's Note:Jasmine loses a bet and becomes a slave to another Domme and learns how to become a slave for life

Chapter 1 - The Bet

Racheal was going to the B&D party at Shelia's that Monday night and was picking out her outfit. She selected the black leather cat suit that hugged her body and while it covered her, it allowed everyone to know she had a hot body. Shelia was a fellow Domme and was the area's leading supplier of fetish gear, from clothes to dungeon items and all of her parties were events not to be missed as she loved to demonstrate new items on her slaves. As Racheal entered the large warehouse, which was Shelia's factory and in the rear her home, she saw a group of Domme's at the bar chatting away. As she approached she heard one say "I love to bet on football with the loser becoming the slave of the winner since I never lose". Racheal took note that the mouthy Domme was African American and very lovely, but also arrogant. She was dressed in a white vinyl dress that showed off her larges breasts, and 6" heels. Racheal noticed her close friend Lana standing at the bar and joined her and ordered a white wine. The black Domme walked over and said "Hi, I am Jasmine" Racheal responded "I am Racheal". "Nice to meet you" Jasmine said, "you are very lovely, have you ever been submissive as I would love to own you". The Dommes at the bar turned around to see what was going on. Racheal, with a forceful voice said "Jasmine, I don't serve anyone I own slaves". Jasmine laughed and said "I'll bet you on the football game tonight, winner gets the loser for a week, and I just can't wait to have you as my slave. I will even give you the choice between the Lions and Packer and use the point spread from today's paper if you have the guts to play". Racheal said, "Let's make it a month of slavery the loser serves, and I will take the Packers". Racheal was grinning inside as she had heard on her radio, just before arriving the four offensive starters for the Lions had been suspended, and knew the morning line in the paper would not reflect it. Jasmine opening the paper said "WOW, the line is Lions getting 10. I will take that bet, sucker and look forward having you in chains" Shelia appeared behind the bar and said, "Girls lets do this right and get a signed contract between the two of you" as she winked at Racheal. Jasmine hesitated until Racheal said "afraid of losing the bet you wanted slave girl". This pissed off Jasmine who grabbed the contract signed it without looking and said "you are mine now slut" Racheal signed the contract and Shelia took it and signed as the witness.

Chapter 2 - The Winner

Everyone was shocked at what had happened and suddenly all they wanted was to see the game and who would go home as the slave. As the announcer on TV said that besides the four offensive starters, the Lions had suspended five defensive starters for also betting on games. Hearing this Jasmine shouted "All bets off"! and turned to Racheal and yelled " you cheated bitch". Shelia told her "You signed the contract and you will honor it, whether you like it or not" Then Shelia turned to Nate the bouncer and said "neither of these two, pointing to Jasmine and Racheal can leave before the game is over". Jasmine screamed "You bitches fixed the bet". Shelia told here you were bragging how by betting football games you enslaved other domme's and then you made the challenged Racheal to the bet and you even let her pick what team she wanted, so the bet is official and you WILL honor the contract. Jasmine realized that she might end uo as a slave as she looked at the big screen TV and saw the score was Packers 41 Lions 3. She screamed this is unfair I never lose, and the bet was rigged hoping by a miracle somehow the bet would be cancelled. Everyone present told her to shut up and honor the bet or suffer even worse. When the game ended and the score was Packers 55 Lions 3, Shelia claimed Racheal the winner and Jasmine was awarded to her as her slave for the next month. Racheal said let take her in the back and get her in a more appropriate slave outfit. Jasmine resisted as they dragged her to the back room. Jasmine now realized her worst nightmare, payback for all the slaves she had beaten in bets and now was the slave. She wondered how she would survive a month.

Once in the back, Racheal took jasmine purse and handed Shelia her credit card and said charge her for the items I am getting. Jasmine protested, but as Racheal told her, "if you read the contract, you would have seen it stated all you have on you at the time of the bet belongs to the winner, so that includes your credit card".". Upon hearing that jasmine tried to escape but was grabbed by the bouncer. Shelia measured jasmines neck and Racheal found a 2" wide steel control collar of that size and quickly locked it on the shocked jasmine. Racheal then told jasmine to strip. But jasmine protested and said "no way bitch". Racheal laughed and pressed the button on the controller for the collar and jasmine screamed as the collar shocked her. "Strip slave or I will let Nate rip off your outfit and the fuck you for his effort. Jasmine, to avoid any more pain, slowly removed her white vinyl dress and heels and stood in the thin black thong hands covering her breasts. Racheal quickly cuffed her wrists behind her back and with Shelia's help jasmine was dragged out to the main room into the play area. jasmine protested as she was cuffed to hanging chains and her ankles to floor rings 3' apart and she was stretched taunt. Jasmine was terrified as she was for the first time in her life totally helpless and not in control. "Well slave you will learn in the next month how to become a no limit slave". jasmine protested that she never agreed to that, but Shelia showed her the signed contract she hadn't read. jasmine realized she was in deep trouble and cried. The crowd cheered as they saw jasmine chained spread-eagled in the stage. As Racheal ripped off her thong, jasmine tried but of course the restraints prevented her from keeping her legs together. Racheal and asked for a volunteer to shave the slave. As jasmine tried to protest a large ball gag was stuffed in her mouth and the strap pulled tight so all they could hear was the muffled protest. Several of the Dommes from the crowd, started to pluck out her pubic hair before she was shaved which took over 20 minutes during which constant screams were heard from the gagged slave and then they used a depilatory cream that would prevent the hair from growing back for at least several months. Jasmine realized now how all the slaves she won had felt and could not believe she was now a slave. As she was spread-eagled it allowed Shelia to take full body measurements as she said for all the nice toys Racheal ordered on jasmine's credit card. Shelia inserted a finger into jasmine's cunt and found to her surprise as well as jasmines it was wet. Shelia told Racheal the ultimate control belt will be ready in about 3 days. A straight jacket was brought out and after jasmine was released from the chains they forced her into it and tightened all the straps as tight as possible. But before the crotch strap was closed Racheal inserted, with no resistance, a 7" rubber vibrating penis. Racheal attached a leash to the collar and thanks everyone for their help. "Let go home now slave" as she pulled jasmine out of the club into her van, secured her to the rear seat and then drove off leaving jasmine to wonder what hell she had gotten herself in and would she survive.

Chapter 3 (added: 08/08/2010)

The van passed through an electronic gate and the drove up the long driveway and stopped in from of a huge mansion. "We are home now slave" Racheal told jasmine. As jasmine looked at the house she could not believe how rich Racheal was and what horror was in store for her in there. Dragging jasmine by the leash Racheal entered the house and went directly to the elevator and down to the basement. When the doors opened, jasmine realized just how bad her position was when she saw the most equipped dungeon she had ever seen. jasmine was dragged to a wood straight back chair and forced into it and the leather restraints at her ankles, knees, waist, above and below her breasts and arms were used to secure her.

"Look around slave, at some point you will experience everything here". Racheal removed the ball gag from jasmine's mouth and offered her some water to drink.

After drinking jasmine asked her what she was going to do to her. Racheal laughed and said "train you to become a slave". "Before we start I am going to tell you about me so you have an understanding as to what I know and will expect". I am 30 years old and until 2 weeks ago, I had a 24/7 slave living with me, but she had to leave to care for her sick mother. I grew up with two older brothers that always played cowboys and Indians and I was always the Indian maiden they captured and tied up. I really got to enjoy bondage and later explored the internet to learn all I could about B&D. I went to Florida State, and majored in business management and got a Masters Degree. During my stay there I learned of several B&D clubs and visited one near the college. While there I meet an older man, who was with his wife, who was in heavy bondage. I could not stop staring so he asked what I was interested in. I told him bondage and some discipline.

After talking for a few hours he offered me to stay in their home and then learn how to become a slave while attending classes. He said at all times in his home I would be in some form of bondage, but still would be able to study as I learned about the lifestyle. For the next 2 years while with them I was used as a slave to clean, cook, and of course as a toy in their dungeon. Master was very fair and realized that besides being submissive, I had qualities that would make me a good Domme. So he also trained me on how to treat a slave and how to use the things in the dungeon on his wife who became my lover and slave also. Upon graduating I left their home to work for a large firm. The biggest break in my life was when I won a 365 million dollar powerball lottery. This allowed me to quit my job and explore the world of B&D fully. I formed a corporation with my brothers, who now run it and while they are vanilla they know I am a Dominatrix. With their help I have increased my wealth. My dear friend and mentor, told me of this home that was owned by a friend of his that died and his family was shocked at what they found here as he had been into B&D deeply.

I made them a very reasonable offer for the house as it was with everything here including all the B&D equipment and items. Down here besides the main room are several padded cells for slaves. I know what a slave thinks and also what makes you tick as I have experienced it totally and once a year I submit to my master for a week to remember what I was. And just for your information, I am very aggressive and very completive. I belong to a fantasy football league with my brothers and other friends and the cost is high and I hate to lose, which is why I know about football and listen to fantasy radio stations to get an edge, I also have Aaron Rodgers as my team quarterback, so I know how good he is and on the radio I heard about the suspensions. Now understand it was you that insulted me and pushed the bet, so I just used my knowledge to win you and knowing one week would not have been enough time to teach you a lesson, I pushed for the month. And from how wet you got in the club, I think you are a closet slave. "you bitch" jasmine shouted "you set me up, so just let me go and we can be even". Racheal laughed and grabbed jasmines chin and told her "slave you WILL address me as MISTRESS at all times or suffer beyond you wildest ideas. Understand you will earn a minute in hell for all future failures". Now I am placing you in a cell for the night as your training starts in the morning. jasmine spit at her and said "do your best bitch, I will never submit". "We shall see slave and you earned your two minutes of hell", as she pushed jasmine into a padded cell and locked the door leaving her in the dark.

Chapter 4 - Slavery starts (added: 08/08/2010)

As jasmine fell on her back in the padded cell a light in the ceiling came on. She saw a 6'x9' cell with padded walls and a cot bolted to one wall. In the corner she saw a toilet and sink and water fountain. From what she learned about Racheal, jas knew Racheal was not only an experienced Domme, but also well educated in B&D and this scared her beyond belief. Suddenly a voice came through a speaker, "slave you can pee and use the bidet even with the dildo in you and you can drink from the fountain using the foot peddles since you can't use your hands. Sleep tight tomorrow starts your new life". Jasmine realized she made a fatal mistake challenging Racheal without finding information on her. She had under estimated Racheal and now was going to pay for it. She peed and then drank some water to remove the taste of the gag. Lying down on her belly on the cot she felt the dildo move in her and then started to hump the mattress until she had an intense orgasm. After recovering she took stock of the last few hours and wondered why she came so quickly with such intensity. Was her body responding to the bondage? Was she going to obey or was she going to fight the slavery? She hadn't made up her mind as she fell asleep. Racheal watching jasmine on closed circuit TV and just smiled when she saw jasmine orgasm, and was looking forward to tomorrow.

The door of her cell opened and jasmine saw Racheal, who was wearing a black leather bikini and 6" heeled boots, and a whip coiled in her belt. "Get up slave time to feed you before the training. "Please can you undo the strap on the straight jacket so I can poop?" said jasmine. "Another minute added stupid slave. Learn that you MUST address me as your Mistress first". "Please Mistress can you undo the strap on the straight jacket so I can poop" Racheal smiled at the response and pulled jasmine to her feet and undid the crotch strap. The wet dildo dropped out of jasmine's wet cunt as she ran to the toilet to poop. When done she used the bidet to clean her ass. Racheal picked up the dildo, "Clean it slave with your mouth". Jasmine looked at the dildo and then Racheal and said "no fucking way". Racheal removed the whip from her belt and struck jasmine between her legs with the tip hitting her clit. Jasmine fell to the floor writhing in pain from the whip. Now slave clean the dildo with your mouth. As she lie on the floor in pain jasmine decided that to avoid more punishment she had to be very careful so she crawled over to her and started sucking the dildo clean. "Good slave you are learning, but that outburst earned you another minute". From a cart Racheal took out a dog bowl of food and put it on the floor. "Breakfast slave eat up". Jasmine was hungry and also realized if she didn't eat her ass would be whipped and not wanting that she crawled to the bowl and ate the food, which was actually tasty. She was informed it was a version of food used to feed astronauts so you will get plenty of nourishment. Racheal attached a leash to jasmine's collar and walked her out into the dungeon's shower section. "Understand one false move and the collar will shock you and you will earn more minutes". Jasmine had not figured out the minutes thing, but assumed it was part of a major punishment. Racheal removed the straightjacket from jasmine and told her to clean up. Jasmine enjoyed the hot shower stretching to get the kinks out of her body and washing her hair, but as she washed her cunt she realized just have sensitive it was now that it was hairless. When she was done Racheal tossed her a towel and she quickly dried her body. Attaching the leash to the collar Racheal pulled her out to a large bondage table and pushed her on it. "On you back slave" as Racheal smacked jasmine's ass with a riding crop. Jasmine yelped and quickly turned over and lied down on her back to avoid further pain. Racheal spread her legs apart and cuffed them to the table's corner. The grabbed her wrists and cuffed then to the other end of the table stretching her to her limits. "Now slave every morning the minutes you earn for disobeying the rules will be paid back. If you earn any minutes the base of 5 minutes is added, with an extra 5 for every 5 you earn. Since you earned 4 yesterday you will suffer hell for 9 minutes." Racheal picked up a bottle from the table and told jasmine this is hell and that the contents were extreme hot pepper juice mixed with extra strength itching powder, hot sauce and icyhot. Jasmine's eyes went wide with fear of where this was to be placed and the pain it would cause. For now one drop on each nipple and one drop on your clit, so slave it would behoove you to learn fast. Racheal gagged jasmine so she wouldn't have to hear the screams and then place the 3 drops on jasmine's most sensitive areas as describe. As jasmine looked up while totally helpless on the table, as the first drop hit her left nipple. The pain from the drop on her nipple was unlike anything she had ever felt or could imagine. As the second drop quickly followed the first drop she screamed into the gag from the extreme pain and then struggled to avoid the next drop on her clit. As the drop hit her clit, it felt like it was burning through her cunt and prayed she would pass out to stop the pain flowing from her most sensitive places. After the 9 minutes Racheal used an ointment on the areas which stopped the pain. Jasmine body continued to shake from the pain and in her mind she realized she needed to do whatever was needed or this hell would never stop. Racheal released her from the table and dragged her to a steel framed chair and strapped her in it so jasmine could not move any part of her body. Racheal pulled a lever and jasmine's legs were spread as wide apart as possible. Now slave, you are going to be here for the next month so to make sure your life is not screwed up, sign this card so your mail comes here. I will not open anything unless you see it. Also later you will call your employer and explain you need a family leave. Jasmine told her she was self employed so that is not a problem. Does you house have a security system and if so give me the code, as I am going there to get some of your clothing and toys as I decide. "No fucking way bitch am I letting you in my home". Racheal smiled and just said "That is 2 minutes earned, one for cursing at me and one for failure to call me Mistress". "It will be a cold day in hell before I do that" replied jasmine. "That is another 2 minutes added". Jasmine now understood what was happening and realized what action was best to save her body from that serious pain. "I am sorry Mistress, the code is 38-23-36 my measurements". Racheal laughed and said "was that so hard slave".

Getting a round ball with what appeared to be two tails from the bench Racheal walked over to jasmine and said " While I am out I think you need something to remind you I control you and your body". Carefully inserting the ball with longer tail first into jasmine's cunt (which to her surprise was dripping wet), jas realized the long tail hit her "G" spot and the short one pressed against her clit. Several belts held the device inside her. Using a remote Racheal turned on the very strong vibrator. Jasmine felt her body respond to the vibrator and moaned loudly. "Don't worry slave, those batteries should wear out in about 2-3 hours", as Racheal left the dungeon and the door locked behind her. In the dark jasmine tried to take control of her body, but it was responding to the vibrator that was affecting the pleasure zones in her cunt and she quickly had an enormous orgasm, only to find her body continuing to respond. jasmine wondered why her body was reacting to the pain and pleasure like a slave would. But after several hours and quite a few strong orgasms, her cunt started to hurt from cumming so many times, but even so she fought to stop her body from enjoying the pain and pleasure without any success.

Chapter 5 - Training gets serious (added: 08/08/2010)

After what felt like many hours and after having more orgasms, the door opened and Racheal walked in. First thing she noticed was the huge puddle of cunt juice under jasmine. "So slave I see you had fun, but now let's get you cleaned up before I get serious in your training. Released from the steel chair, jasmine was shoved to the shower to get cleaned up. Again as she washed her hair and body allowing the warm water to pour over her body, she wondered why she was getting excited when she should be fighting the feelings. Once dried, she saw a bowl of food and water on the floor and was told to eat. Jasmine hesitated for a minute, but knowing the results of disobeying she got down on her hands and knees and ate all the food and drank some water. Racheal attached a leash to her collar and pulled her back to the steel chair and strapped her onto it again making sure that she could not move a muscle. We will have two visitors in a few minutes to have fun with you. The first will place a tattoo on you and the second will pierce you.

Jasmine's eyes went wide with fear and she screamed "no way, that was not agreed to bitch". Laughing Racheal told her she should have read the contract she signed and it allows anything but dismemberment and death and also you earned another 2 minutes for calling me a bitch and not Mistress. Racheal left and returned with small man wearing glasses and carrying a large bag. "Lovely slave you have, Racheal, what and where do you want the tattoos". "Tony, on her belly above her hairless cunt, I want a picture of a coiled whip and inside the coil it should say Racheal's slave, the whip in black ink the rest in pink. And when you are done you can fuck the slut'.

That's fine, I won't pass that offer up, you might want to gag her unless you like to hear her scream as that area is very sensitive and this will be very painful. Jasmine listening screamed "Please don't, I did not agree to what that bitch wants". Tony told her, forget it, I am paid good money to do it and then I get to fuck you. Racheal got a 6" dildo gag from a drawer, walked over and shoved it into jasmine's cunt to get it covered in her juices and then pinching jasmine's nose shoved it in her mouth when she opened it and strapped it tight around her head and whispered in her ear, that was another minute. It took Tony over two hours to finish the tattoo. Jasmine cried from the pain that flowed through her belly and cunt throughout the whole process. It had felt like a hundred bees were stinging her as Tony slowly placed the tattoo on her belly and she cried the hold time, while sucking her own juices from the dildo. Racheal was very pleased with how it looked, and told Tony to take his pleasure. Jasmine watched as Tony took off his pants and his cock sprang up. As he inserted it into jasmine he also was surprised how wet the cunt was and told Racheal. A natural pain slut if I ever saw one was her response. Jasmine could not believe how her body was betraying her by its reaction to the tattoo and the fucking as she came several times before Tony shot his load in her. When done Tony said, "nice fuck slut. Understand I used a deep injection method so the tattoo is very hard to remove even with a laser, so enjoy it for the rest of your life". After he left Racheal then told her, that her septum, nipples, clit hood, and labia were to be pierced. And a new technique would be used by inserting a plastic grommet in the hole which was coated with medication for quick healing and would allow the rings to move easily through the holes. Also the rings were a new high density plastic that was stronger than hardened steel and once glue together they were basically permanent, but you should be happy that the plastic won't set off metal detectors. "Mnnfgtght" Screamed jasmine into the gag while shaking her head no as much as possible. Racheal played with jasmines nipples making the hard, and saying that pink rings would look nice here, and as she fingered her clit, a green one here and blue in your labia. I think a brown ring in your septum, will blend in so nice with your skin color. Jasmine could not believe how Racheal was going to modify her lovely body and that the rings could not be removed and how she could ever have any slave respect her.

A young Asian male entered the dungeon and looked at jasmine saying "is this the slave you want pierced?" She informed him that she was and how the slave was to be pierced. Jin started by numbing her nose and inserted the piercing tool. Jasmine heard the crunch as her septum was pierced and watched as the ring was inserted and the two halves seal together. Once done she felt the ring droop on her upper lip. Her nipples were pierced next and last her clit and labia. When offered the use of jasmine, he declined, saying he was happily married. Racheal paid him and he left. Before releasing jasmine from the chair, Racheal locked cuffs around each of her wrists and ankles. As she release jasmine's hands Racheal locked the cuffs together behind her back. Pulling jasmine to a mirror, Racheal forced her to look at her now modified body. Staring at her tattoo and piercings jasmine was horrified by how body now looked.

Racheal took the leash and lead jasmine up the stairs to her bedroom. I am sure slave that you have experience in pleasing a female, so do not disappoint me tonight or you will pay dearly for it tomorrow. As Racheal removed all her clothing, jasmine stared at her beautiful body. Racheal lied down on her bed and told jasmine to give her a full body tongue bath and make sure every inch was cleaned or more minutes would be added. Starting with her feet jasmine sucked and cleaned Racheal's body lingering around her pussy which she spent enjoying the taste. As Racheal told her she was doing a wonderful job, jasmine felt proud that she was pleasing her Mistress and then wondered why she thought of Racheal as her mistress. Turning over Racheal told jasmine to clean her asshole. Jasmine hesitated for a minute and Racheal said "that is another minute slave and you have disappointed me" and press the button on the remote that sent a shock through the collar around jasmine's neck. After recovering from the shock Jasmine put her head down between the Racheal's ass cheeks and started licking her asshole. "Get that tongue in ME "shouted Racheal and jasmine inserted her tongue into her ass and for the first time tasted shit, and started to gag. "Get use to it slave as I will want a daily bath from your tongue". Jasmine forced herself to clean Racheal's ass and not vomit as she knew this would cause a major punishment. When done tongue bathing Racheal, jasmine was told her reward for the lovely bath was she was allowed to pleasure her Mistress's cunt until she came. Jasmine put her tongue into Racheal's pussy and slowly brought her to orgasm drinking all her tasty juices. Finally Racheal told her to kneel on the floor, and then her hands were cuffed behind her back and Racheal took jasmine back to the dungeon and to her cell and locked her in for the night. As jasmine sat on the cot she tried to sort out her feelings and what was happening to her. In two days she had gone from being what she thought was a nasty Domme to a pierced tattooed slave. She had experienced extreme pain and also some of the most powerful orgasms she ever had. She had tasted the juices of one of the most beautiful, terrifying woman that she had ever seen. She could not in her mind understand how her body was betraying her, but she promised herself to fight these feelings. Upstairs in her bedroom Racheal was planning the next days training knowing that jasmine was responding to the pain and pleasure forced on her just as she had planed.

Chapter 6 (added: 08/08/2010)

As the light came on in the windowless cell, jasmine opened her eyes and saw Racheal standing there and tried to crawl to a corner. "Potty time slave". Jasmine went to the toilet and peed and pooped, still embarrassed to be performing these functions in from of someone. Once done, jasmine was dragged back to the steel chair and was secured as before totally helpless. "Time for hell slave, I have you at 9 minutes with a new base of 10 so that is 19 minutes and since you went to a new base I am adding your asshole as a fourth place. Upon hearing this jasmine fought to get free with no avail and tried to move her body to avoid the drops but the straps held her totally helpless and unable to move. Jasmine then felt a sharp prick in her left arm. Just a little drug so you won't pass out she was told. Getting the dildo gag from the previous day Racheal again inserted it into jasmine's cunt and used it to almost bring her to a climax. Jasmine used her eyes to plead for a climax, but was denied as the dildo was removed from her pulsing cunt. Racheal then strapped the gag in jasmine's mouth. Jasmine's eyes went wide with fear as she saw and felt the drops land on each of her nipples, each causing the extreme pain again and then on her clit the pain was even worse because of the piercing. And as a gloved finger covered with the solution entered her ass she screamed into the gag as the pain was more than anything she had ever felt and never thought was possible. Jasmine could not believe the degree of pain from the solution in her ass and prayed she would pass out only to remember the drug that would not let her.

The pain flowed through her body, and she tried to block the pain out in her head even though she felt her body responding to the pain. She fought hard to stop her body, but the pain was so intense it blocked out all thoughts. After the 19 minutes Racheal applied the neutralizing cream and jasmine relaxed, vowing to do what it took to avoid "hell" while trying to resist Racheal.

Chapter 7 (added: 10/24/2010)

Racheal allowed jasmine about 10 minutes to regain from the pain of hell. Now slave I am going to ask you questions and you will respond quickly and truthfully, for if you don't more minutes in hell will be added. Now slave how long were you a Domme? Jasmine responded 4 yrs Mistress. Have you had sex with a male before today? Yes Mistress. Have you had anal sex?

No Mistress. Are you a lesbian? Yes Mistress. Are you enjoying being a slave? No. Very good slave, I believe the answers. Once released from the chair, jasmine was uncuffed and told to potty and then shower.

Staggering to the shower jasmine allowed the water to revive her. Once done she left the shower and faced Racheal. On your knees slave with head down Racheal told her. Jasmine dropped to her knees and lowered her head. A bowl of food and a bowl of water were placed in front of her. Jasmine was hungry and ate all the food and drank most of the water. Very good slave, you are starting to learn. In a few minutes we will have a guest that is to be punished and you can watch. Jasmine's hands were cuffed behind her back, gagged her with a large ball gag and then she was lead back to the dungeon, over to a beam of wood placed on legs at each end. She noticed that the beam of would was triangle shaped with the point facing up, and realized this was a version of the "horse" a torture device, which she had used on slaves so she knew how painful it could be. From the middle of the beam was a large fat dildo vibrator. She also saw hanging chains about 5' in front of the "horse". Racheal told her this was her seat to watch as she disciplined a slave that was arriving shortly and she would be riding the horse for the next 5 hrs. Upon hearing 5 hours jasmine could not believe anyone could take that. Using a stool, jasmine mounted the beam carefully sliding the dildo into her cunt. As she lowered her weight on to the beam and as the sharp point cut into her swollen cunt she screamed into the gag. Rachel pulled jasmine's legs back to the rear and cuff them placing even more weight directly on jasmine's cunt. The she spread jasmine cunt lips apart and pulled the labia rings over small hooks in the sides of the beam, so that all of jasmine weight was directly on her wide open cunt. "Enjoy the show slave, it will show you what is in store for you. Racheal left and shortly returned with a male being pulling by a leash. He was cuffed to the hanging chains and then his ankles were cuffed to floor rings 3' apart spread-eagling him. The chains were pulled until he was stretched taunt and jasmine knew this was painful. Racheal cut off the male slave's clothes leaving him naked in front of her, and as he looked at the naked jasmine his cock became hard. Racheal slapped the hard cock, and said "Your Mistress said you couldn't control your cock, and sent a box earlier with instructions. From the box she removed a kali bracelet and a ball crusher. The ball crusher was two pieces the top part opened and went around the top of his balls and closed. The bottom of what looked like a box was attached to the top with screws. There were four holes in the box that was locked around the balls. Racheal retrieved four bolts. The bolts were screwed into the box slowly crushing his balls as they went into the box. Racheal then took the kali bracelet, and showed the slave the sharp spikes that lined the inside of it as she locked it around his cock. As the bracelet closed the slave screamed in pain. He was informed that his owner had requested he be whipped with 10 strokes on he back, ass, chest and legs. He pleaded for mercy, but was denied. Your reward is you can watch my new slave on the horse as she cums from the vib in her. Isn't she lovely and so hot looking with the nipple and cunt rings? Racheal said as she played with the nipple rings and as a reward for jasmine being so honest your ass will receive the 10 strokes with a rattan cane by jasmine. Racheal turned to her and told her if the strokes were not as severe as she could deliver, then jasmine would suffer even worse than the male slave.

Racheal took a bull whip and proceeded to apply slowly the 10 strokes to his back. He cried in pain screaming with each stroke and when she was done the slaves back was a bloody mess. She then used a flogger on the slave's legs and chest. Jasmine was released from the horse, her hands released and she was handed the cane. Jasmine noticed Racheal's hand on the shock collar's remote, so that any thought of rebellion and attack on Racheal was useless. Jasmine told the slave to get ready for the worse caning he ever had. Racheal watched as jasmine place all her weight behind each stroke and when done there were ten perfect parallel stripes across he ass and most were bleeding. Racheal told jasmine she did very well, and while a slave; her experience would still be used.

She then was taken back to the horse for the remainder of the 5 hours. The male slave was released from the chains and lead out of the dungeon. At the end of the five hours Jasmine was helped off the horse with a very swollen cunt and she could not walk normally as she was taken back to her cell and locked in for the night, but not before Racheal praised her for not earning any minutes of hell.

As the door locked jasmine sat on the cot and realized this was the first time she was in the cell with her hands free. Going over in her mind the events of the last three days and trying to make sense of what was happening to her. Why her body was responding to the pain and how she was obeying commands without protest. She remembered something a Domme told her shortly after becoming a Domme, that the hardest thing for a Domme was to always be in control as to prevent really hurting a sub/slave, but the sub/slave enjoyed the freedom of just obeying without any responsibility. She then realized it was the freedom of being in control of her actions and reactions that she was enjoying. She also enjoyed caning the male slave, but knew Racheal was in control not her. She looked at her new body with its piercings, hairless cunt and tattoo and could not think how any slave would now obey her. Also she wondered why did not mind wearing the collar. With that she stretched out on the cot and masturbated several times before she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

In the morning when the cell door opened, Jasmine said "Mistress Racheal, can we please talk for a few minutes". Racheal nodded ok and then jasmine said "I don't understand what is happening to me." Racheal said "Let me tell you something a Domme told me that the hardest thing for a Domme was to always be in control as to prevent really hurting a sub/slave, but the sub/slave get to enjoy the freedom of just obeying without any responsibility. It is the freedom from being in control that slaves love and enjoy. Just as I have seen with you getting wet from the treatment you have been receiving, you body is enjoying not being in control. Jasmine said "bullshit bitch, I am a Domme not one of your fucking slave toys that you abuse". Racheal smiled and said "I am so glad you still have some spunk despite what your body feels and the conflict in you mind. Also that is 2 minutes your earned in hell, and I have a new stronger hell for you" jasmine's eyes went wide hearing about a new stronger liquid and could not imagine anything stronger. "There are still 28 days left on your contract slave, so we will find out if your mind is stronger than the feelings your body has. Time will tell slave slut". Jasmine was taken to the shower room and allowed to clean herself and wash her hair. She carefully washed her swollen sore cunt and the rest of her body and felt better as the warm water flowed over her body. Once done and dried off a bowl of the food and a bowl of yellow liquid were placed in front of her and she was instructed to eat and drink. After eating she started drinking the liquid and spit it out upon tasting it and threw the bowl across the room yelling "I don't drink piss bitch" and went toward the sink and to drink from that. As Racheal pressed the button on the collar remote control, jasmine's body went into spasms as she collapsed and passed out.

Chapter 8 (added: 10/24/2010)

As jasmine woke up she found herself in the dungeon stretched taunt in the chains as the male slave was the day before. A gag completely filled her mouth and she felt a tube down her throat and saw a tube going out of the gag. Racheal was sitting in a chair in front of her wearing a black leather bikini with 6" heeled matching boots and a whip coiled in her belt. "So you don't like my golden nectar slave, you had better get use to it as it is now the only thing you will have to drink from now on". As Racheal pulled the chains even tighter said" See you in about an hour". As jasmine hung in the chains she could only imagine what was going to happen to her. Racheal returned accompanied by Shelia (the Domme from the party) and Shelia looked at jasmine. Nice rings on the slave I like the colors, and I see you are using the feeding gag harness I designed. Jasmine realized the tube down her throat was a feeding tube and could only wonder what was to be forced through it. Shelia place a box down saying inside was the new control chastity belt design that would drive this bitch crazy. "So Racheal what do you have planned for jasmine today". Well since she didn't enjoy my gold wine, I think she might enjoy her brown soup" Racheal said laughing. "Now that is something I would love to see. By the way several Dommes that have lost bets to her have asked you show her no mercy as she never did" Shelia said. From a table Racheal took a butt plug that was 9" long and 4" wide at the bung with a long tube passing through the plug. Jasmine shook her head no as she saw what was in Racheal's hand. "Just the right size for your virgin ass slave, next time you won't piss me off and will obey and that stunt of throwing the bowl earned you 20 minutes of hell". Jasmine could not comprehend that a plug of that size could fit in her ass and how she could survive that much time with the "hell' solution. Racheal lubed the tube in the front of the plug and slowly worked it into jasmine's tight ass until the tip of the plug touched the hole. Clenching her ass checks and trying to prevent the plug from entering her was all she could think of doing to stop it. With one very hard shove Racheal rammed the plug deep into jasmine's virgin asshole filling it totally. Jasmine screamed into the gag as the plug invaded her ass and felt as it she had been ripped open and she cried from the pain. Racheal inflated the butt plug sealing her ass shut. Racheal left the room and returned shortly carrying a 4qt enema bag full of very hot water. Jasmine now realized what the brown soup was going to be and also knew there was nothing she could do to prevent it. The bag was hung next to her stretched taunt body and the butt plug tube was connected to the enema bag. "You will retain it until I am done whipping your body for that outburst". Racheal opened the valve and jasmine felt the hot water flow into her burning her insides as it filled her. As she looked down jasmine could see her belly slowing begin to swell as the water filled her. Once the bag emptied Racheal closed the valve and removed the bag. After a few minutes jasmine started feeling cramps in her belly and the pain from them was increasing. Her eyes pleaded with Racheal to release the water. All Racheal did was pick up from the table a cane and she walked behind jasmine. "Ten strokes on the ass slave" Racheal told her. As each stroke tore into her ass cheeks jasmine screamed into the gag and she now knew how every slave she had ever caned felt and the extreme pain of being caned by someone who was experienced in causing the most pain. Her ass after the ten strokes bore ten bloody welts that spread from the top of the cheeks to the crease at the bottom. Shelia walked up and fingered the welts on jasmine's ass saying "nice close even grouping". As Racheal put down the cane she suddenly slapped jasmine's belly with a leather paddle. Jasmine shook in the chains as the slap increased the cramps and pain in her very swollen belly. Racheal stood in front of her and ask "slave do you want the water released? If so nod your head". Jasmine shook her head no not wanting to swallow her own shit. Racheal asked Shelia "what about another 4 quarts for the slut". Jasmine nodded quickly not wanting any more in her belly and wanting the pressure and pain relieved as soon as possible even if it meant she had to swallow it. She watched Racheal take the tube from the plug and attaché it to the tube going trough the gag. "I am sure you will learn that MY golden nectar is far better tasting than your brown soup and next time you will drink it". With that she opened the valve and jasmine watched as the brown fluid flowed from her ass toward her mouth and there was nothing she could do to stop it from going down her throat. Once she started tasting the shit as it flowed down her throat, jasmine decided at that point she would drink all the pee Racheal gave her rather than drink the shit again. After the brown fluid stopped flowing the tube from her ass was removed from the gag. While the cramps stopped her belly now was full of her shit which made her sick just from the thought and the taste. Shelia smiled as she asked for a copy of the tape for everyone to see jasmine drinking her own shit. Jasmine could not believe how sadistic Racheal was, and deeply regretted ever making that bet. "Now to continue your caning with your breasts next". A board was strapped under her 38D breasts supporting them for the cane. Quickly six strokes of the cane went across both breasts leaving bloody stripes. At this point jasmine passed out from the pain.

Chapter 9 (added: 10/24/2010)

Jasmine woke up lying in the shower with brown vomit all over the floor and her body. As she looked down at her breasts which were extremely painful and saw bloody stripes across both of them and wondered if this would cause scars on what was her perfect 38D set. She could not believe what Racheal had done to her and as she thought she was a nasty Domme, but she wasn't even in the same class as Racheal. A chain from her collar was attached to a floor ring so she could move if needed. As she tried to move pain shot out from her breasts and ass and she collapsed back on the floor. She had never experienced anything as horrible as what she had experienced in the dungeon and her spirit was just about broken and she realized she need to submit completely to save her life. A hose shot cold water all over her body washing off the vomit. She crawled into the corner to avoid the water. Racheal and Shelia just laughed at how she looked. "Slave are you going to obey or do you want even more pain" jasmine said "no Mistress I will obey". A towel was tossed at her and she dried off. She was taken back to the dungeon and again was stretched taunt in the chains. Shelia opened the box she brought and pulled out a chastity belt made of plastic and metal. She attached a very large dildo and butt plug to the crotch strap and wires went to a control box on the waist band. The waist band was locked around jasmine's waist and the plug and dildo were lubed and inserted in her and the crotch strap locked shut. Another band was strapped on her right wrist. The dildo in the belt started to vibrate and slowly jasmine's body started to react to the it and she began to get excited. The dildo was turned to high speed and quickly it lead to jasmine having an orgasm. The belt was shut off, and Shelia explained that jasmine's pulse and heart rate at the time of orgasm were now stored in the small microprocessor in the belt. It can be set so the belt will shock her just before she cums and will then go back to vibration. As jasmine heard this she realized what her next torture this would be. "Cool" said Racheal, "set it for a one hour period and let's watch jasmine suffer". Jasmine felt the belt turn on and again her body reacted to the vibrators in her as she move to an orgasm, but every time she was just about to cum, the belt sent a powerful electric shock from the anal plug through the dildo and stopped the climax. After about 30 minutes jasmine was pleading to be allowed to cum but was told only good slaves get to cum and rebellious slaves suffer. Jasmine had never felt so excited and frustrated as she could not cum. The belt device was a torture just as she was told and the more she was denied the more her body wanted to cum. After about another 20 minutes, jasmine crying shouted "please Mistress I will do anything you want, but please let me cum". "So slave you will serve as MY full complete toilet slave swallowing everything I produce" Racheal asked. As another shock went through her stopping her body from cumming jasmine screamed "yes Mistress I will be your toilet, please let me cum". Racheal just watched as jasmine went through 3 more cycles of shocks before allowing jasmine to cum. Jasmine's body erupted in the hardest longest orgasm she every had in her life and then she collapsed in the chains. Racheal and Shelia smiled knowing this was the first step in making jasmine a pure total slave for life.

Chapter 10 (added: 10/24/2010)

Racheal and Shelia dragged jasmine up to Racheal's bedroom and chained her to ceiling rings facing the bed. Racheal and Shelia stripped and went to the bed and started making passionate love with each other. Racheal reached over and set the control belt on jasmine to tease mode and laughed and told jasmine enjoy the sight and pray I let you cum at some point. Jasmine watched them having sex while the control belt shocked her every time she was close to cumming. Racheal asked jasmine if she wanted to cum again. Jasmine said "yes Mistress if you would allow". Racheal tossed Shelia both the collar and belt remotes and said" jasmine, you have to earn that by using your mouth and tongue to give me an orgasm. If you do it real good I will allow you to cum again, but do a poor job and the belt will send shocks for a minute" "yes Mistress I understand and would love to pleasure you". Jasmine was released from the chains and crawled to Racheal's bed and climbed on it moving between the spread legs in front of her. Jasmine slowly moved up each leg using her tongue to tease and as she found Racheal's wet cunt she slide her tongue in it and started licking and driving it deep, She could tell Racheal's body was responding and moved her tongue faster to please her Mistress and drink her tasty juices. After about 20 minutes Racheal wrapped her legs around jasmine's head and pulled her face right into her cunt as she came squirting her juices into jasmine's mouth and on her face. Jasmine quickly swallowed her juices enjoying the taste. "Very good slave you have potential. Shelia turn the vibrators on extreme and let her cum for a few minutes" said Racheal. As the vibrators went to extreme jasmine body shook as she had another immense orgasm. Shelia asked Racheal if jasmine knew what she did for a living now. Racheal said "she knows I am rich and own a few businesses. "So she doesn't know that in the B&D community you are known as the trainer" said Shelia. Upon hearing this jasmine's eyes went wild with fear as she had always thought the "trainer" was a fictional person that took new potential slaves and trained them to the owner's extreme requirements, and now she was the property of Racheal for another 27 days. "No, she didn't but it should be an interesting 27 days" said Racheal. jasmine said "I want to be a Domme again when the contract ends". "We shall see slave we shall see" said Racheal as she took the belt remote and change the settings to full shock and vibration. Jasmine's body shook from the pain of the shocks and from the pleasure of the vibrator on high and had still another very intense orgasm. They released jasmine from the chains, handcuffed her hands behind her back and took her back to her cell for the night.

Chapter 11 (added: 03/04/2011)

They pushed jasmine into her cell and locked the door. As she sat on the cot she had a chance to take note of her condition. She was handcuffed and wearing the control chastity belt so there was no way to pleasure herself. She now knew she was a slave to Racheal who was known as one of the cruelest Dominatrix in the area. Her resolve to fight Racheal was at an all time low from the pain and torture and of being held on the edge of orgasm for so long. Although the orgasm she had at the end of the day was the best she ever had, and while she was watching Racheal and Shelia, she wanted so deeply to please her Mistress.

In the morning Racheal entered the cell and took her back to the dungeon. The handcuffs and control belt wear removed and once again she was restrained in the chair totally helpless. Before we get started today, I want to have another talk with you and require you be honest with your answers. Ok Mistress, jasmine replied. Before this did you ever serve as a sub or slave to anyone? No Mistress I never served anyone. When you arrived here and I took off the straightjacket I noticed the crotch was wet with your juices, did you also notice this? Yes Mistress I did. Do you know what a switch is, slave asked Racheal? Yes it is someone that enjoys being a top and also a bottom. Do you understand why your body is responding as it is to you being a slave? No Mistress I do not know and it bothers me. I think you are a switch, so what you need to figure out is which side of the fence you want to be on most of the time. I don't know Mistress, I loved being a Domme, but right now my body is telling me different. Well we have 27 days for you to decide. What is your favorite song? Thriller by Michael Jackson is my favorite. "Yesterday you earned 26 minutes which also adds the bonus of 25 minutes for a total of 51 minutes in HELL, or if you choose you can suffer only 10 minutes with the stronger HELL solution. You have 5 minutes to decide" Racheal told her. Jasmine said "Ten minutes Mistress Racheal". Racheal left the room and returned with an ipod. Racheal blindfolded jasmine and inserted an inflation gag, which was pumped to fill her mouth completely and before she put in the earphones she told jasmine" while you are experiencing hell listen to the music and go with the flow of pain. Racheal injected her with the drug that would make sure she didn't pass out. Then Racheal put on a pair of gloves and then covered both breasts with the hell solution. She inserted a finger covered with the solution into jasmine's cunt and ass. Jasmine felt the solution on her first on her breasts as it burned every inch, but when the finger entered her cunt she bucked in the chair and screamed into the gag. I was even worse when the finger entered her asshole. As she listened to the music her body responded to the pain and music in a new way. While the pain was extreme she actually started enjoying it. And this scared her very much. Finally the solution was neutralized and the pain stopped. Jasmine was then taken to the shower area and she bathed her body and washed her hair. A very subdued jasmine crawls to the bowls and eats the food and drinks Racheal's piss. "Thank you Mistress for the meal and drink" jasmine said and then added without thinking "I love you".

Chapter 12 (added: 03/04/2011)

Jasmine was again taken to the dungeon and placed in a set of stocks that had holes for feet and head and arms. Her breasts were hanging down and her ass was pushed out. Racheal played with jasmines nipples teasing them until they were hard nubs. A light flashed above the door of the dungeon and Racheal said" I see the maid is here" and left. Racheal returned with a blonde in a maids out being lead on a leash. The blonde looked about 22yrs old had large breasts and shapely body. "This is Victoria, who is learning maid service and spends one day a week here" said Racheal. "Victoria, I see from your master's note you have been very bad and you were caught masturbating without permission and He has requested you be punished for this in the harshest way. So bitch STRIP".

Knowing not to mess with Racheal Victoria quickly removed all her clothes and stood before Racheal totally naked. Racheal pulled her to the chair that jasmine had spent painful times in. Quickly Victoria was secured so she could not move a muscle. As Racheal took from a shelf a bottle and rubber gloves, jasmine know that Victoria was in for hell. After gagging Victoria Racheal told her what was in the bottle and where the solution was going to be placed for her masturbating without permission. "I think 20 minutes will remind you to obey".

Racheal injected her with the drug that prevented her from passing out. She then applied the solution to the both breasts and nipples, inserted her finger deep into the slaves cunt and then her asshole. Jasmine watched as Victoria writhed in pain on the chair knowing how painful the solution was. Victoria's screams could be heard through the gag as the hell solution did its thing. As Victoria suffered Racheal was behind jasmine and slowly spanked her ass cheeks, massaging them in between smacks. Jasmine responded to the spanking by moaning each time a hand hit one of her cheeks, and Racheal noticed her juices start to flow down her legs. Racheal said" I love your nice red ass and I see you are also enjoying it". "Yes Mistress, I love the feel of you hand spanking my slave ass" jasmine replied. Racheal noticed how jasmine was more submissive and her plan to make jasmine her slave was progressing nicely. After the twenty minutes, Racheal neutralized the hell solution on Victoria and released her. "You are about the same size as jasmine from the waist down, so you can wear her control belt while you clean the house". Racheal attached the belt to Victoria, inserting both large vibrators and the wrist band. She then started the vibrators on a high speed, which Victoria responded to and quickly reached an orgasm.

Laughing Racheal shut off the belt and Victoria groaned as it stopped. The functions of the belt were explained to Victoria and upon hearing them she pleaded for Racheal not to do it. "To late slave, next time you will obey your Master, and if I find you have not cleaned my home as I expect you will suffer more". Racheal turned the control belt on in the tease mode and told Victoria to get busy. As Victoria was leaving the dungeon jasmine saw her react to a shock from the belt and felt bad for her as she knew what it felt like to not be able to cum.

Racheal went back to jasmine and took a leather paddle from a table. "slave count the strokes and don't miss any". WHACK, "one Mistress may I have another". Whack, "two Mistress may I have another". This continued until jasmine received 50 hard whacks and her ass was blazing red and tears could be seen in her eyes, but never did she miss the count. Also Racheal could see her swollen cunt and the juices pouring out of it. During the paddling jasmine felt the paddle and as the pain grew, she felt her body respond by getting excited and she was actually enjoying the severe paddling. "Now slut jasmine I will give you a reward for being a good slave during the paddling" said Racheal. Racheal removed her cat suit and from a drawer remove a double dildo strapon which had 8" dildo's attached to the harness. She slide one into her wet cunt and tightened the harness so she it looked as if she had a big 8" cock attached. Racheal went behind the bent over jasmine (still in the stocks) and inserted the dildo and proceeded to fuck her with long hard strokes. Both Racheal and jasmine both reached orgasm at the same time. "Thank you Mistress that was wonderful" said jasmine.

"I think it is time for some art work slave and your body will be the canvas" Racheal told jasmine as she released her from the stocks and put her back chained spread-eagled and stretched taunt. Rachel found a box and shows it to jasmine. Jasmine looked in the box and saw over one hundred clothespins and realizes that her body is the canvas. Slowly over the next hour Racheal places the clothespins all over jasmine's body paying attention to her breasts, nipples cunt, labia, belly and thighs. As Racheal pulls a mirror in front of jasmine she sees her body full of multicolored clothespins in circles and loops over her body. Her body becomes numb from the pain. Racheal leaves the room and tells her she will be back in an hour so don't go anywhere. Jasmine tries to stay still as movements cause the clothespins to hurt again.

Chapter 13 (added: 03/04/2011)

Racheal returned dragging Victoria behind her on a leash. Racheal shoved Victoria to the stocks and locked her in them. "You stupid maid, I found 5 areas not cleaned properly and one broken dish" said Racheal. "Sorry Mistress, but with the belt on I could not concentrate properly" Victoria answered. "No excuses slave, 2 strokes with a cane on your ass for each area missed and 5 across the top of your breasts for the broken dish" Racheal told her. "Mercy, Mistress please have mercy' pleaded Victoria. Racheal had a brilliant idea which while punishing the maid would bring jasmine closer to becoming her slave. "I will give you an option slut maid, you can take the caning from me or from the slave over there stretched in the chains" Racheal told Victoria. "Oh, Mistress please from your worthless slave" said Victoria thinking the slave could not be as vicious as Racheal. "Jasmine would you like to cane the maid for me" Racheal asked. "I will do whatever you desire Mistress" jasmine responded. "While I remove the clothespins so you can move freely, I think the extreme mode of the belt should keep the slut maid from falling asleep" laughed Racheal as she presses a button on the remote. Victoria felt the shocks shooting from one plug to another alternating from front to rear and screamed in pain "Please Mistress, I will be a good maid turn the belt off". Racheal laughed and just turned the shocks even stronger. Racheal the spent the next 10 minutes slowly removing all the clothespins and finally releasing jasmine from the chains. Jasmine looked at the marks on her body and smiled wearing them proudly. Together the moved Victoria from the stocks to the hanging chains and quickly she was stretched taunt. The board was strapped under Victoria's breast forcing them up and exposed for the caning. Jasmine stretched her body getting the kinks out of it so she could use all her power to cane the maid. Racheal told Victoria to ask jasmine to cane her for being a bad maid. Victoria said" slave jasmine will you please cane me as directed by Mistress Racheal". Racheal could see jasmine was pissed at how the maid was talking to her. "I will gladly cane your worthless body Victoria" jasmine told her. Racheal told jasmine which drawer in the cabinet she could find the selection of canes. Jasmine picked out a very harsh rattan cane and swished it back and forth to get a feel of it. Victoria saw the cane jasmine picked and knew it was going to be painful, but at least the slave was caning her. Racheal asked jasmine "when was the last time you caned someone". "The day before I lost the bet and became your slave" jasmine replied. "Make sure the maid learns a lesson or you will replace her" Racheal said. No problem Mistress I will make her suffer" responded jasmine.

Jasmine walked behind the maid and measured the distance for maximum effect from the cane. SWISH want the cane as it struck the maid's ass just at the crease between the cheek s and her legs. Victoria screamed as the cane hit her ass and she felt the pain go right through her. "Mercy, Please Mercy" screamed Victoria. Racheal said no mercy for a sloppy slave, continue jasmine. Slowly jasmine applied the cane and when done Victoria's ass had ten parallel welts and some were bleeding. Victoria slumped in the chains crying and screaming as her ass was a mass of pain. "Now the breasts jasmine just as I did you're the other day" said Racheal. "Yes Mistress I won't disappoint you and this is fun" replied jasmine. Jasmine moved to the side of Victoria to get a proper position. The rattan cane flashed five times and Victoria's breasts bounced on the board each time the cane hit them and five bloody stripes graced her now painful swollen breasts. "Thank jasmine, slut maid" Racheal said. "Thank you slave jasmine for caning me" said Victoria. Racheal said "another 2 stokes on her breasts and hit the nipples this time, and slut maid you will address her as Ms Jasmine". The cane flew through the air and hit Victoria's nipples twice as blood squirted from them. "Thank you Ms Jasmine for the proper caning of this worthless maid" Victoria said hoping the punishment would stop. "Jasmine release her and remove the control belt give the maid back her clothes" said Racheal "and then slut you can leave but be advised your Master will learn of how bad you were".

Racheal went upstairs with jasmine in tow and made dinner which was dropped into a bowl for jasmine to eat and pissed in a second bowl for her to drink. After dinner jasmine cleaned the dishes and the kitchen under the supervision of Racheal. They then went upstairs and Racheal stripped and jasmine bathed her completely, before they went to bed where jasmine worshipped her body and made love to Racheal and the fell asleep at the foot of her bed. Racheal just smiled as her plans for jasmine were on schedule.

Chapter 14 (added: 04/17/2011)

The next morning jasmine was taken to the bathroom so she could potty and then was allowed to shower. After showering jasmine examined her body in the mirror and saw her shaved cunt with the rings in her labia and clit hood and felt the rings in her breasts and nose before staring at the tattoo on her belly. Then she was feed from bowls of food and Racheal's piss. Then they went to Racheal's bathroom where jasmine bathed Racheal. After the bath, Racheal told jasmine she was going to learn about being a maid today. The control belt was locked on jasmine and then she was handed a rubber bra the was lined on the inside with rubber nubs that would stimulate her breasts. Over this jasmine put on a black rubber maids dress and 5" heels were locked on her feet. "You have 30 minutes to clean the bathroom and the same rules apply as were used for Victoria" Racheal said, and the turned the control belt to tease mode. Jasmine started cleaning the bathroom, but between the control belt and bra she was constantly on the verge of cumming and only the shocks from the belt stopped her. Luckily she managed to finish the bathroom with one minute to spare. Racheal examined the bathroom and found dirt under the toilet tank. She showed it to jasmine and said "this will cost you 2 strokes". "That's not fair, that is old dirt and the last maid should have been punished for that" cried jasmine. "Dirt is dirt slave and that outburst will cost you 4 minutes in hell tomorrow" replied Racheal. Jasmine was then instructed to clean the bedroom and make the bed. Racheal found the bed sheets not properly tight and awarded jasmine another 2 strokes. From there they went to the guest bathroom where jasmine cleaned that and made sure no dirt was under the toilet tank. This continued for the rest of the day as jasmine cleaned the whole upstairs. "Slave, do you know how to cook" asked Racheal. "Only how to microwave food and order in" replied jasmine. They went to the kitchen where Racheal showed jasmine how to make a roast and vegetables. Racheal sat at the table as jasmine served her and then jasmine was told to kneel on the floor. Chucks of food were tossed to jasmine by Racheal and she ate them from the floor. A bowl of piss was placed on the floor for jasmine to drink from. When done Racheal told her to clean the dishes and the rest of the kitchen. As jasmine went to clean she felt the control belt move to a higher tease mode and almost dropped a dish. Jasmine moved very slowly and carefully not wanting her breasts caned. When the kitchen was cleaned, jasmine was told to bend and touch her toes and not move from that position. Racheal applied the four strokes jasmine earned across the bare ass cheeks leaving dark welts. Jasmine was then taken to her cell and stripped of the dress and bra, and an armbinder was pulled up over her arms and the straps went over her shoulders and crossed between her breasts before going back and attaching to the armbinder. Leather cuffs were locked around her ankles and then locked to each other. Her feet were pulled back toward the armbinder and attached to a metal ring at the end of the armbinder forcing her into a tight hogtie. "If you hadn't complained, you would be back in my bedroom, but that privilege is earned, so you spend the night here" Racheal told her. Racheal then showed jasmine three plastic clothespins with nasty looking serrated teeth and after playing with jasmine's left nipple making it nice and hard she snapped it on the nipple causing jasmine to scream. Racheal repeated the process with jasmine's right nipple and then spread jasmine's legs and snapped the last clothespin on her clit. Placing a rope through a ceiling ring and attaching it to the ankle cuffs and puling so jasmine's body bowed, but not so taunt as to allow her some movement but at the same time forcing her to stay on her belly. Racheal put on a pair of cotton panties and then masturbated until they were soaked in her juices and then rolled them in a ball and shoved them in jasmine's mouth and used a leather strap to secure them. Have fun tasting what you are missing and if you move around enough you might be able to dislodge the clothespins. The cell door closed and she was left lying on the hard floor. Jasmine was in tears from pain and tried hard not to move, since that would cause the clothespins to move and increase her pain. At the same time she was trying hard not to move she was still trying to understand why her body was getting excited from the bondage and the pain and what was causing this affect. In her mind thought about the situation and Jasmine realized this is what the slaves she had abused had felt and why they continued to see her. But she enjoyed being a Domme and her conflict was what role did she want to become Domme or slave as she was starting to really enjoy the pain, and then there were these feelings of love she had for Racheal which she had never felt for anyone before and the desire to please her and serve her every need, was it love or desire to be her slave? As Jasmine's body reacted to the hard hogtie and clothespins she felt her cunt getting wet. As she wiggled on her belly she managed to dislodge the clothespin on her right nipple and the pain from this pushed her over the edge and she had a fantastic orgasm. Racheal was watching jasmine over a closed circuit camera and just smiled as her training program was working perfectly. She continued to watch as jasmine managed to knock the clothespins off her other nipple and clit and each time cumming hard in a massive orgasm before passing out. Later as jasmine revived she felt better than anytime in her life and was more sexually satisfied as a slave than she ever was as a Domme.

The next morning Racheal released jasmine from the bondage and noticed the pool of cum and forced jasmine to clean the floor with her tongue. She was taken to the dungeon and the control belt removed and she was then strapped into the chair. "Do you want to be gagged as screaming will earn you more pain" asked Racheal. "Yes, Mistress please gag me. Racheal found a large dildo gag and inserted it into jasmine's ass, then pulled it out and jasmine saw it was covered with her shit. "Open slave" jasmine was told and she opened her mouth as the dildo was pushed in and secured. Jasmine gagged slightly on the shit taste but somehow managed to calm down knowing the punishment for vomiting would be extreme. "Nine minutes in hell today" Racheal said as she placed the solution on jasmine's nipples and clit. As the pain flowed through her body it burned, but jasmine found again that her body was getting excited by the pain, restraint and the humiliation of tasting shit and before the time was up she had another extreme orgasm. When the time was up and as the neutralizing cream was applied Racheal noticed again the juices flowing from jasmine's cunt but said nothing. Jasmine was then allowed to shower. When she was done, jasmine kneeled on the floor in front of Racheal. Racheal said "let's talk again. Did you enjoy caning Victoria the other day?" Yes Mistress, it was fun and I was surprised you allowed me" replied jasmine. And have you enjoyed being my slave and serving me? "Yes, Mistress I have learned so much about being a slave and I find the fact my body is reacting to the pain is scary but wonderful at the same time, and I am having feelings for you I never experienced before. Racheal just smiled and said "You have great potential as a slave and also as a Domme, and I also enjoy you're pleasuring me". Jasmine thought for a minute about her feelings and she then realized what she wanted more than anything was to be Racheal's slave. Jasmine blushed and said "I want to be your slave and serve your every need, as I am falling in love with you". Racheal then told her "I have an offer for you? You can finish your bet time as a slave and leave or, you can stay as my slave as I have seen that you are enjoying being a slave, but it would be also be a waste for you not to use your Domme skills so you would also become my assistant in training other slaves" "You mean I can be your slave and Domme other slaves" asked jasmine. Yes the best of both worlds she told jasmine. Jasmine spent several minutes thinking about the offer. Over these last days, she had discovered she had enjoyed great pleasure from being a slave to Racheal, whom she was also falling deeply in love with, and to stay with her and still be a Domme was like a dream come true.

"I would love that Mistress, it gives me the best of both worlds and I will be honored to be your slave in your control at all times and still have the opportunity to be your assistant" replied jasmine. "How would this work Mistress, what would happen to my home and things" asked jasmine. "You Domme things will be brought here for you to wear when I allow you to assist me and your house will be rented with the funds place in an account for you. Also a new contract will be signed with a one year term and automatically renewed unless I decide to cancel it". "So basically I am yours for as long as you want me" asked jasmine. "That is correct, and I don't foresee letting you go" said Racheal, "as I also have deep feelings for you I have not had with any other slave" After thinking for another few minute, jasmine replied, "Can we make just the first year that either can cancel and if not then only by you, if so then YES Mistress, I would love to become your slave" "Deal slave" Racheal told her. From a box Racheal took out a gold collar engraved "Racheal's slave", unlocked the shock collar and locked the gold collar around jasmine's neck. "I have had this for several years waiting for the right slave to place it on" Racheal said. Jasmine blushed as she admired the collar. "I love it Mistress and I am so honored to be the one to wear it".

"You will be trained to cook and keep the house and dungeon in order" Racheal told her as she clipped a leash to the ring on her collar and pulled her to her bedroom, where she cuffed jasmine to a steel frame spread-eagled. After removing the control chastity belt, Racheal played with jasmine's body teasing her nipples and running her finger nail up and down jasmine's body in a sexual manner and teasing her clit until jasmine screamed for release. Racheal then retrieved a rattan cane from the wall and proceeded to apply 10 vicious strokes across jasmine's ass leaving deep raised welts. Then using a flogger she whipped jasmine's breasts until both were covered in welts and finally with her riding crop Racheal smacked jasmine's wide open cunt 10 times. Then from a drawer she removed a harness with a 12" dildo sticking out of it and a slightly smaller one on the inside. After sliding the smaller dildo in her own dripping pussy, Racheal approached jasmine and slowly fucked her hard for the next hour, before releasing her and pulled her to her bed. Once in bed, Racheal told jasmine to give her a tongue bath as she laid down on her belly and jasmine slowly licked Racheal's body starting at her feet, cleaning each toes and moved up each leg until she was at Racheal's ass which she used her tongue to enter and clean before moving to her neck and then cleaned her breasts and finished by using her tongue to give Racheal a wonderful orgasm.

The following morning Racheal smacked jasmine's ass and told her "slave get my bath ready and don't expect me to be soft on you just because of last night. Your real training is just starting and now I will expect even more from you" "Yes Mistress I understand" replied jasmine as she ran to get Racheal's bath ready.

Chapter 15 (added: 04/17/2011)

After her bath Racheal took jasmine down to her office where she printed out a new slave contract. Jasmine read the contract and asked about the lease section. "Since slave contracts are not really legal, this is a contract to lease you a cell in my dungeon in return for services to be rendered, namely you serving me as a no limit slave. Notice the penalty for breaking the lease is $100,000, but I don't foresee you breaking it, but just in case it is in there" said Racheal. "Ok "said jasmine as she signed the contract/lease. Racheal put the papers in her safe. Then she told jasmine to go potty. Upon her return jasmine was handed the control belt which she locked on herself. "Get use to the belt as the plug in your ass is going to be inflated, but it is also hollow with a fitting at the end to allow a tube to be attached so you will receive an enema every morning and discharge it in the toilet and it will only be removed when you are in the dungeon and I want to remove it to abuse your cunt, otherwise it is on 24/7 for the next two weeks" Racheal told her. "Mistress, you mean I won't cum for 2 weeks" asked jasmine. "Correct slave, I told you the training was going to get harder now that you are also being trained as my assistant" Racheal told her. Jasmine was told that besides being the maid, it was arranged for her to be taught how to be a chef and she was to obey all lessons and commands from Sophia, who was the head chef and owner of the town's best restaurant and also a Domme. Also the following weekend at Shelia's place jasmine was to model the control belt and also wear a control bra that would be delivered tomorrow. Since it is a brand new design everyone will get to try it out on her. "Please Mistress, not in front of all the other domme's" jasmine begged. Racheal laughed, "Everyone will know you are my slave and my new assistant so live with it, but for that out burst 20 minutes of "hell" tomorrow. Now get dressed in your maids outfit and start cleaning. I expect the dungeon to be in order before Sophia arrives or you will suffer". Jasmine ran back to the dungeon and dressed in the outfit she wore the previous day and started cleaning the dungeon. Jasmine worked quickly cleaning the equipment only stopping when she was shocked by the belt since it was on tease mode and the nubs in the bra were also getting her excited. Whips were placed in their proper drawers as were clamps and dildos. It took her nearly 3 hrs to get it where she hoped Mistress Racheal would be happy. Racheal nodded with approval of the cleaning job and then lead her on a leash to the kitchen where she met Ms Sophia, who was about 44yrs old, 5'8" tall and about 140lb with medium length black hair. Racheal introduced jasmine to Sophia and told jasmine to obey all of her commands and to learn how to be a good chef. Once Racheal left the kitchen, Sophia told jasmine to relax and just learn, as she was not here to Domme her but to teach her. She also explained she was doing this in exchange for Racheal to train the next slave she found, as with her restaurant she did not have the proper time. Sophia grabbed jasmines breasts and asked, "Are these real or supplemented?" Jasmine told her that they were natural 38D cups. As Sophia played with the breasts, she saw jasmine respond and jasmine explained what was in the bra, and then suddenly she was shocked and explained the control belt. Sophia demanded she show her the belt so jasmine lifted the skirt of the dress and showed Sophia the belt. "Sophia, said, I have to ask Racheal where she got it". Jasmine explained it was a designed by Shelia. Even better, I can exchange dinners for it. Now lets get down to work, today you will learn to make lasagna which Racheal loves and then we will go over other dishes each day for the next few weeks. For the next two hours jasmine learned the finer points on cooking lasagna and was amazed as to how much work cooking could be, but in the end, the results were perfect and Sophia praised her. As Sophia was leaving to go to her restaurant, Shelia arrived, with a box that jasmine assumed held the control bra or as she thought the punishment bra. When Shelia saw the collar around jasmine' throat, she said," Is that a new slave collar jasmine?" "Yes Ms Shelia, responded jasmine, Mistress Racheal asked me to be her slave and I signed a new slave contract this morning". "Oh shit said Shelia, I didn't think she could do it in a month yet alone a week?" As Racheal entered the room smiling, she said" I see you are admiring jasmine's new collar. You know what that means Shelia don't you." "Yes I do Racheal, Shelia responded, it means I get to spend a week here as a slave in the future, but with the restrictions we discussed" (but this is another story). Jasmine's jaw dropped as she realized they had bet on whether Racheal could make her a real slave? "Mistress, will I get to assist you when Ms Shelia is here", asked jasmine. "Perhaps slave, but she is all mine as I have waited for a long time to get revenge for when I served her a few years ago, replied Racheal, now let's see the bra". From the box a bra was removed. It had plastic cups with a thin layer of padding on the inside and holes in the cups for nipples to poke through. "Inside the padding is a mild vibration system. Once on these metal nipple cups are attached to the bra clamping the nipples inside as you tighten these screws. The metal bar attaches to each of the nipple cups" said Shelia. "Does it shock like the control belt" asked Racheal. "Yes it does, right across the nipples and signals are sent from the belt to the bra sets it off" Shelia explained. Jasmine was told to remove her dress and bra, so they could fit the bra on her. "I need to adjust the voltage for the bra, so jasmine when I send a shock, let me know how strong it is" said Shelia. As she pressed the control jasmine screamed, "It feels like my nipples were burning". Shelia adjusted the control and tried it again. "It is painful, but not to extreme" responded jasmine. It's a shame, your breasts are not as large as jasmine's or you would be wearing the bra Shelia, Racheal said but this bra won't be usable on jasmine next month as she will have 42DD breasts after the augmentation". Jasmine was shocked to hear her breasts would be even bigger, but she did sign the contract, and then again bigger is better and Mistress knows best. Shelia said "see you next weekend" as she left.

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