Livin' the Mummy Dream Extreme
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  • Post Date - 7/23/2010

Author's Note: I am a big fan and practitioner of long-term, strict mummification bondage, loving to fantasize about and experience its intense physio-psycho-sexual impacts. I hope you find the story arousing, stimulating and entertaining!

Part 1

She had met him through a fetish-bondage online social networking/meeting site. She had thought very long and hard about what she wanted to do with her life, leaving her old life far behind her, and the terms of a new relationship. She had to find the right man to make her most obsessive, consuming, passionate dreams come true. After a very thorough and careful culling process, here she was, happily in his wonderful loving, tight mummified embrace, her vagina and rectum stuffed with two large humming electric vibrators.

Sometimes she wondered how she had become like this, so extremely bondage and sexually obsessed. Looking back, which she seldom liked to do, her childhood had been full of stress and strife and drama, with her parents splitting when she was 5. Times were tough and money was tight. Soon a step-father came along, who she liked, and a new sibling. Things were more stable for awhile, but then they moved a few times and tensions and arguments increased, often fueled by increased booze consumption.

She became a rebellious "bad" girl, smoking cigarettes among other things, drinking and hanging out with other "bad", confused teenagers. She supposed that, in retrospect, her childhood was not really that atypical from many others, though she thought it was at the time. Everyone had their shit, and their parents' shit, to deal with, their crosses to bear, etc.! She had sought elusive comfort and solace in her head and in her bed. She'd imagine being wrapped up and cocooned, like being in the womb. She'd tightly wrap her head in Ace bandages, then wrap herself up in her sheet and blanket, rolling herself tightly in them, imagining being helplessly wrapped and stuck. The fantasy never went away, and sexual fantasies went along with it.

Now here she was, living her dream, her fantasy, to the hilt! She just loved it, that was all, and that was enough! She didn't need to rationalize or justify it. This was her choice, it turned her on and she never got enough of it. Well, almost never. She was such a hard-core mummification-bondage extremist, sometimes the fantasy came up hard against the reality in long-term binds. Right now, she couldn't really move a muscle, nor see or speak. Mark had been, as usual, very thorough! Her only sensory outlet was a low-pulse, large, nubby electric vibrator stuffing and tickling her wet vagina and a large buzzing butt-plug stuffed up her anus. The catheter gave her the feeling of continually having to pee.

This was a typical day for her. Being in strict bondage was her "job", as she fortunately didn't have to work. This was part of the demanding criteria she had set forth in her online search for the right mate. She was very particular about what she needed and expected of a love-bondage relationship! She had rejected a number of guys in her discriminating search. She had to be exacting to get precisely what she wanted and needed. She had made the right choice in Mark. He loved to do to her what she wanted done, and he was a wonderful, considerate man and lover. Good-looking and financially independent too!

She had worked at getting in great shape before making her bold move on the Internet. She was 5' 7'', buff and slim with a tight ass and medium-large firm breasts with pierced nipples. These piercing rings made breast-bondage play more interesting and exciting. She was 24 and sexy-gorgeous, with thick shoulder-length sandy-golden hair, beautiful greenish eyes and nice, full lips. They both thought they had met the dream partner. She envisioned him in her blind, immobilized state. Tall, dark, handsome, sexy, kinky, athletic, smart, wealthy—all the right criteria indeed!

The vibrators filling her orifices were set on low-vibe, stimulating enough to keep her aroused and boredom at bay, but not strong enough for her to get off. She liked to simmer in this state for hours, being deprived of an orgasm but feeling close. She strained to move against the super-tight wrappings, loving the feeling of the compressing, complete immobilization. She was a vision in solid blue. He had used blue vet-wrap this morning, stretchy, tight and self-adhering. The large vibrator and butt-plug were fully inserted, along with a catheter, under a tight panty-girdle with a little hole poked through for the catheter tube before she laid down on the special narrow cushioned board he had made for her. The vibrator cords snaked out from her panties. He had placed the small cushions between her ankles and knees and lifting her legs, wrapped them tightly together up to her crotch. He sheathed her latex-gloved hands and arms with stockings and tube-socks and proceeded to vet-wrap her solidly and securely to the mummy-board, from feet to head, even over her voluptuous breasts, crushing them down and making her breathe more shallowly and excitedly. The catheter tube was connected to a large urine collection bag.

Under her wrapped head was a medium cervical collar and a large ball-gag. She had worked herself up to larger ball-gags over the years, until only a large one would do. A cushioned blindfold had been put on before the final wrapping was carefully applied around her head and the cushioned board without too much pressure. Her ears were plugged. She was in mummy-nirvana. When they had first got together about 2 years ago, he was understandably very averse to leaving her alone like this, and watched her carefully. She had to prove to him, and also to herself, that she could safely endure hours mummified alone in this and other positions. He knew it wasn't recommended, quite the contrary, but she had adamantly insisted on working up her bound limits, as he had agreed to upon the commencement of the relationship, going for longer and longer time periods. She got very well-hydrated in preparation and sometimes, as now, had a narrow, on-demand drinking tube connected through the gag. Sometimes she wore a diaper. She had become quite the determined and experienced mummy-wrapped endurance specialist, going many hours before long, getting into catheterization. Enemas were now regularly on her agenda also.

Now this was routine! He had given her a peck on her gagged mouth and left for the office this morning, thinking hardly anything of it! Just a normal day for them! The condo complex was safe and secure, even patrolled by security during the day. A security and fire alarm system was installed. They took precautions, but this was a crazy routine! It used to drive him nuts, but now, it was OK. She had proven she could remain stuck like this for incredibly long periods, up to 12 hours or more. "Oh, what you can get used to!" she thought. On some of these sessions he played with her pierced nipples and her clit and pussy, forcing bound, shuddering, screaming orgasms out of her.

Often part of the game was to have no idea of the time, but today the chiming clock was on. It chimed twice. 2:00. He could be home within the hour, or in 4. His schedule varied according to business, or his whims. She had laid there mummified since 8:15. Ho-hum, going on 6 hours, she thought. The big vibrator and buzzing butt-plug keep her simmering nicely, keeping her moist. She thought happy thoughts and relaxed. She carefully applied sucking pressure on the huge rubber ball sealing her mouth and lips to get some liquid nourishment through the attached tube, carefully swallowing it in small increments. Of necessity, she was very adept at this. Choking was to be avoided!

He had set up the telephone answering machine near her. It rang, startling her. "Hey, Hummy!", his pet name for her, combining honey and mummy. "Having a good day? I'll be coming home soon to play with your lovely titties! How's your twat? I'll be along in a few, but can't stay for long! Bye!" She breathes excitedly, wondering what wonderful titty torment he'll come up with today. She loves these afternoon visits of his, coming home briefly to stimulate or torment her. His office is only about 10 minutes away.

Soon he is there, unlocking the door and running upstairs. She 'mmpphhs' in excitement. "Hey, Dear! Enjoying yourself?" She 'mmms' yes. He gets the bandage-cutting shears and carefully cuts a small opening through the vet-wrap at both her nipples. He pulls on the ring piercings for fun as she moans. He gets 2 lengths of twine to pull through her nipple rings. He swings over the "nipple bar" above her nipples and pulling the lengths of twine up hard, ties each tightly around the bar as she moans. Her ringed nipples are now pulled semi-painfully and stimulatingly up, stretching them out nicely. With the layers of tight vet-wrap still smushing her boobies down, the nipple distension is very localized and intense. She moans and breathes hard.

"OK, Gina, how's that?" She moans in high-pitch. He grabs the A.C. cord to the vibrator with the speed control switch on it and slowly turns it up as she mews and moans as her pussy tingles. He gets it up to full speed. He does the same with the butt-vibe control. "How's that, Love?"

"Mmm-HMMM!" she says. She tries to squirm, getting aroused quickly.

"That should do it for ya, dear!" He feels his hard cock. "I guess I have time to get off before getting back to the office!" He undoes his pants as she moans and squeals. He stands beside her, jerking his cock furiously with a washcloth in hand. She tries to move and is held rigidly tight, making sexy sounds that drive him nuts. As her first climax nears, he spurts out his semen into the cloth, moaning excitedly. She squeals and hollers, shaking and shuddering in a hot, immobilized, electrified climax. He watches as another orgasm rapidly builds in her. Her breathing and moaning rates increase as she squeals and screams through her nose and she comes again, the only noticeable movement being a slight shaking and rippling under the super-tight vet-wrap. He laughs and smiles, amazed at her.

He cleans himself off and pulls his pants back up. He flicks at the taut strings to her nipple rings. She is breathing very hard and making wonderful sounds. "Well, Hummy, gotta go for at least a couple hours! Do you want the vibrators set back to your 'maintenance' setting?"

She hesitates. "Mm-mmm. Mm mmm hhmm-hmm!"

He's getting pretty good at gag-talk. "OK, at about half-speed?"

"Mm-mmh! Mm mhh hmm!"

"Oh, a little higher?"


He sets the dials on about ¾ speed. "How's that?"

"MMMmmm!" she purrs.

"OK, Lovey, you've got it! I hope you don't regret it in a couple hours!"

She vocalizes as if to say, "Oh well!" She knows, though, he may well be right!

She simmers down a little bit. She has plenty of her electrolyte-energy drink left and the large urine collection bag is only about 1/3 full. "OK, Love," he says as he lovingly surveys her bound form, "back to the office for awhile! Accounts to work on! Enjoy yourself, Dear! See you later!" He kisses her wrapped head and heads for the stairs. "Love you!"

She hollers back to him and he is gone. The tireless electric-powered units vibrate deeply throughout her crammed orifices, and her clit feels it too. The wide catheter tube even gives her stimulation. She is still a-tingle from the last orgasm and the current level setting is quite sufficient to get her off again. It slowly builds as she strains to move, breathing hard. Her masochistic bondage-lust libido is fired up, and she squeals loudly as the orgasm shakes her rigidly-bound form. She knows more will come, and there's not a damn thing she can do about it! She loves the super-tight vet-wrap and the total immobility, unable to even move her wrapped, pointed toes. She loves her semi-painful strung-up, stretched-out nipples. She is in a super-excited state. Soon, another strong orgasmic spasm ripples through her mummified stiff blue form as she screams. It's going to be a long, hot, draining afternoon!

The clock chimes 3, then 4, then 5...Her bell has been rung many times, the strong steady vibrations impossible to ignore, along with the pulling nipple pain. Now she dreads another orgasm coming on, yet also looks masochistically forward to it! Here we go again! she thinks. She strains to move again and hollers in frustration behind her ball-stretched lips as another orgasm approaches. She can't will it away, as it wracks her rigidly wrapped body, causing barely noticeable convulsions and loud squealing and moaning. She wishes now that she had had him set the vibrators back down to the low "maintenance" levels for her. But she's done this before. Her greedy, masochistic libido gets the best of her oftentimes! She is really wrung-out now, getting very anxious for his return. She's been severely mummified for over 9 hours now, and orgasming at semi-regular intervals for nearly 3 hours! "Get your ass home now, Mark!" her mind screams.

The phone rings next to her, startling the piss out of her. "Hi, Hummy-Dear! How many orgasms have you had so far?" She screams out, as if he could hear her. "Let's see, you're over 9 hours now, a pretty typical day! I need to finish up on this account. Think about what you'd like to do tonight after I feed you dinner, Mummy Lady! I'll get fried chicken and fixin's on the way home, and feed you there as you are! I know you like that!" She hollers out in more frustration. "So, it'll be a while, hon! I love you!"

She screams and goes into a helpless rage of frustration. She strains at her unyielding tight wrappings and feels hot. The relentless vibrations feel stronger now in her agitated state. In her state of total helplessness and over-stimulation, a wicked orgasm is coming on. Now orgasming has become a form of torture, and she can blame no-one but herself! She screams as the climax tears through her, reverberating throughout her stiffly-contained form and sending her into bound orgasmic delirium! She hollers and cries out and breathes hard through her nose. She convulses helplessly, out of control, as another assaults her body, mind and senses. She feels she is losing her mind and grip on reality as the vibratory-fueled masochistic orgasmic chain reaction continues, sending her into that scary, yet ironically satisfying, insane territory of ultra-bondage orgasmic over-load. She strains beyond all reason to move her trapped, gloved, sheathed arms and hands under the layers of the tight, unyielding vet-wrap, sweating.

She is in heaven and hell simultaneously. She is in bondage-climax over-load and needs it to stop! She tries to calm down, but the wicked cycle continues, the vibrators, the bondage and her potent masochism feeding off of and fueling each other. Her painfully-stretched pierced nipples feel like they're on fire, like her pussy and clit. The butt-plug vibrator is driving her crazy too! Even the large-gauge catheter anchored in her bladder too! All the feelings and sensations keep combining to force more orgasms out of her ex-hausted, trembling, beleaguered body. She is practically hyperventilating and feels like she could pass out. Her hard pulse pounds in her plugged ears. Her position remains completely unchanged.

Finally, the constant stimulations in her crotch reach a painful, numbing-enough point to ebb the orgasmic assault. She breathes raspily through her nose, relieved and exhausted. "Well, I've done it to myself again!" she thinks. "I guess I wanted and needed this, though! I'm fucking crazy! So be it! Take it to the limits, Gina!!" The clock chimes 6 times. "My god, it's only 6?? How the hell long will it take for him to finish up on that account and go get dinner??" She greedily sucks on the huge ball stuffing her mouth and carefully swallows the liquid. Her tied-up, ringed nipples are really sore. Piss trickles through the catheter tube into the bag. The electric invaders buzz away, keeping her now in a steady aroused state, eventually inducing a small climax. She mews.

She gets more relaxed and in a stable state of mind and body. She goes to that sub-space corner of her mind that she frequently accesses in long, strict sessions. She has learned how strong and resilient the mind can be by subjecting herself to these types of long, severe sessions over the past two years. She has proven to him and herself how tough and determined she is and what an amazing mummification endurance specialist she is. It is a training she intends to continue for a lifetime!

She resigns herself to lie there in his super-tight, wrapped, motionless embrace, calmly and patiently until his arrival. No sense in getting all worked up again! she thinks. A few more lesser orgasms creep up on her. She is in control now and is back to thinking happy, positive thoughts. She thinks about him coming home and unwrapping her head and lovingly feeding her. She thinks about her eventual release and getting to move around for awhile before being wrapped up again for bed. She'll have him wrap/restrain her arms, torso and head, wearing her tight leather thigh-high ballet boots. He can make love to her, put a padded diaper on her and she'll sleep like that. As for tomorrow...

Part 2

She woke up later that night from a strange, wonderful dream involving being out in public in extreme bondage. "Wow, what a crazy fantasy dream!" she thought, as she tried to move her bound arms to no avail. At the end, she was pissing her diaper, which she was in fact now about to do. She had no idea what time it was, as her neck-braced and ball-gagged head was completely covered in tight white vet-wrap, as was her entire torso except her squeezed, jutting breasts, with her arms and hands wrapped tightly together with elbows nearly touching behind her back.

She pissed in the thickly padded diaper and sighed in relief. She rolled onto her other side on the memory-foam king-sized mattress, using her tightly toe-booted feet and legs for leverage, not disturbing him a bit. He had thoroughly wrapped her stockinged and tube-sock-covered arms and hands together with the wonderful clingy vet-wrap, then tightly wrapped around them and her torso, down to her hips, sealing her arms immovably against her back. He wrapped between and around her large breasts in a figure-8 pattern, squeezing them beautifully and making them bulge out.

Her shoulders, her neck-chin brace and entire head were snugly wrapped all up, the large rubber ball stuck in her mouth, spreading her jaw and lips wide. She was wrapped stiff, her torso and neck unable to bend. She couldn't bend her stockinged, tightly thigh-booted legs very much. Her feet and toes were pointed severely straight-down in her beloved tightly-laced and zipped leather ballet/toe boots. She had slept, or semi-slept this way many times. They had had wonderful bondage-sex earlier before he wiped her off and diapered her, kissing her ball-stuffed mouth and her hard, jutting pierced nipples good-night and fixing her pillow for her.

She sighed, reveling in her tight, mummifying bondage. She could not move her severely bound, semi-numbed arms or hands at all. She wouldn't have her bondage any other way; it had to be tight! Her shoulders were feeling better now, as used to this strict, strenuous bondage as she was. She was quite flexible, had great circulation and loved tough, demanding binds. He was an excellent bondage master, very thorough and fastidious. She had joked to him last year that seeing how much vet-wrap and tape they went through, he should buy stock in the company! He looked the stock up and added many shares to his portfolio, profiting nicely! She was very impressed with his business savvy and astuteness. She was very impressed with everything about him, including his cock! What a kinky internet match made in heaven!

He had taken her away from her old, struggling, broken-relationship, recently unemployed life 2 years ago to a wonderful life of ultra-bondage, sexual joy and luxury. He had been the 6th online suitor from the bondage-fetish networking-meeting site she had registered with. It was time for her to get exactly what she wanted. After a few great correspondences, she knew she had finally found The One. Mark was her absolute dream come-true and he definitely made her extreme bondage and sexual fantasies come true! And she was his dream-woman. The mummy-bondage life was hers and he was amazing! He swept her away from the Northeast to the Southwest in southern California, as she left nearly everything and everyone far behind her. She and her alcoholic mother were not close, but she kept in touch with her younger sister and re-married step-father, who she considered her real Dad.

Mark was a few years older than her, nearly 30. She'd soon be 25. He had been married once and had no children. This in fact was the issue over which he and his wife had divorced, as she had begun pushing to have a child, which he had been adamantly against. He still didn't have any desire to have a child, which factored hugely in her being with him now, as she didn't want to have a child, either. It wasn't conducive to their extreme bondage life-styles, selfish as that may seem, but they cared not one whit about what anyone thought. Their priorities were clear and straight, and they were doing their small part for population control. Not everyone needed to be a parent!

She swallowed and drooled a little from the stretched corner of her stuffed mouth. Her wrapped, sheathed hands were less tingly now. She tried to move her arms, feeling the wonderful crushing, immobilizing tightness. She tried to move her tightly braced head and neck, loving her inability to do so. She tried to bend her feet, held stiffly en-pointe by the wonderful tight boots. Her big bound, bulging boobs were quite firm and hard. She thought about the past day spent in wonderful, super-tight, rigid mummification and her super-intense orgasmic ordeal. She shuddered. She thought about him finally getting home and his handsome face as he lovingly fed her while still wrapped hard to the mummy-board. Then being freed to shower and do stuff before being wrapped up in his tight, loving embrace and making bondage love.

She swooned in her tight bondage, thinking about tomorrow's long day to be spent mummified on her special padded board cut and shaped to the exact dimensions of her prone, out-stretched form. She thinks about the wonderful electric vibrators being stuck in her and the wide-gauge catheter tube being anchored in her bladder. She thinks about her big, warm morning enema. She thinks about the powerful vibrating nipple-clamps he'll attach to her thick nipple-rings. She gets excited and would love to rub her clit and twist and pull her nipple-ring. She strains her trapped arms and hands for the hell of it. She sighs and breathes heavily. Her pussy is hot and wet in her pissy diaper. She feels hot in her bound constriction. After a considerably long time, she finally settles down and falls into an exhausted bondage sleep.

In the morning they get up around 7:00 to get ready for their respective day's work, but not before having pierced nipple foreplay and sex with her lying on her back on her bound arms. They get off quickly and noisily. He cuts her out of her tight vet-wrap prison and she gets her stiff arms, shoulders, neck, jaw and back working, doing her familiar stretching routine. She unzips her long, tight leather boots and gets her stiff foot and calf muscles moving. They do their bathroom business and shower together, admiring each other's trim, sexy bodies. He shaves while she gives herself a big warm, cleansing enema, enjoying the whole procedure. He gets dressed and they have a light breakfast. He pulls out her sturdy custom padded apparatus to wrap her steadfastly to while she fills her dispensing container with the cold re-hydrating energy drink to connect her drinking tube into the big ball-gag.

She gets everything in place and deeply inserted into place as per her regular routine. As usual, she is in excited anticipation, though feeling tired still. He finishes checking out the news and sports below and comes upstairs. "Ready, Hummy?"

"Mm-hmm!" she says, sitting tightly ball-gagged and neck-collared and latex-gloved on her wonderful padded table. The clamped catheter tube sticks out through her tight panty-girdle's crotch-hole and the electric cords run out from the big vibrators stuffing her tight crotch.

"OK, sexy, lie down. This is gonna be real tight! You won't be able to move a muscle!"

"Mm-HMM!" she says.

Hours later, she lies there flat in her stretched prone position, indeed unable to move a muscle! Today she is a vision in solid, shiny black, done up as securely and tightly as she ever had been in her life. This was intense! He had been incredibly thorough. Instead of the vet-wrap, he had wrapped her down with heavy, stretchy plastic packaging wrap and wide black electrical tape, overlapping it and covering her solidly and very tightly, even carefully covering her blindfolded entire head, except her nose-tip, of course. He had wrapped and taped completely over her ball-gag and then punctured a hole where the on-demand drinking tube was inserted. "Boy, Mark was inspired today!" she thinks. She is one with the padded table. Her sheathed arms and hands are trapped above her head with elbows bent at a 105 degree angle with her upper-arms angled 45 degrees up from her shoulders. Her legs are spread wide at a 60 degree angle.

She remembered the exciting day when she had her body traced onto the special thick plywood board in this position, carefully getting into the optimal arms and legs angled position she could endure for extremely long periods, and for his convenience in fucking her on it. He had the thick, sturdy sheet cut exactly to her outline and a strong metal frame bolted to it. The frame pivoted on a strong spindle in the middle, like an inversion/gravity table. It could be spun around or locked in at any angle. Thick memory-foam padded the surface, like her mummy-board. Very comfortable for long periods, and much fun to be flipped and tilted on!

Today was an "open-ended" bondage day. He had won the roll of the dice earlier, so he decided how long and how intense, and to deprive her of knowing the time. They had a rule though: no maximum vibrator settings while she was left alone, unless, like yesterday, she asked for it. Her vaginal and anal vibrators were on a very low sub-orgasmic setting. Her nipple-clamp vibrators, though, which were attached to her thick nipple rings, sticking out of the wrap and tape along with her nipples, were turned up all the way, tied up to the nipple bar. Not exactly conducive to a bondage nap. The strong vibrations and pulling kept her awake and aroused.

She tried to wiggle her trapped, severely pointed-down feet. Her feet, muscles and tendons had become used to this position and she could now walk on her toes with relative ease in the severe ballet/toe boots, which she was very proud of. She tried to move any part of her very tightly wrapped and taped body and was entirely thwarted. Once again she was in mummification bondage nirvana. She now had not a care in the world. This was the life! She drifted along on an ultra-bondage high. She carefully sucked down some of her liquid sustenance. She sighed.

The chiming clock was off today, so as the hours passed, she was losing track of time. She'd like to hear his voice on the telephone speaker. No call. She thought she heard a noise nearby through her plugged ears. Her heart raced and she vocalized. Nothing. Then she notices the intensity of her big electric pussy vibrator increasing, along with the big butt-plug vibrator! She hollers, wondering what the hell is going on! The intensity of the vibrations increases dramatically and she hollers out, surmising that Mark has snuck in and is getting her juiced up. She cannot see a thing, or any light at all. It had better be Mark! She hollers out to him and gets no response. Now the settings are way up, well into orgasmic territory! She hollers and squeals and breathes heavily. This is scary and damn exciting! She screams out through her nose, not one ripple of movement evident except for her heaving ribcage. Her slender abdomen is squeezed down very tightly, feeling like she has a tight corset on.

"You devil, Mark!" her mind shouts as she continues hollering out, moaning and squealing. "There's no way this is an electrical malfunction! Both of them??"

There is no response as the inevitable orgasm approaches. "They're both up to full speed!" she thinks. Her wet pussy pulsates and contracts around the strong nubby vibrator, helped along by the powerful butt-vibes. She cums in a raging wet torrent, screaming and squealing, straining against the all-enveloping super-tight bonds. She shudders and shakes uncontrollably, her buzzing, hot pussy at the epicenter of the quake, the shocks and after-shocks reverberating throughout her stiffly immobilized form. She hollers out his name behind her ball-gag, getting no response or comfort. Another climax is about to besiege her, sucking her spinning out of control into its vortex as she screams uncontrollably. Another claims her, and another, sending her into ultra-bondage, ultra-orgasmic delirium. She shakes, feeling the cascading, violent climaxes rip through her pussy, clit and rigidly-contained body, screaming and hyper-ventilating.

Almost imperceptibly, the wicked orgasmic vibrations start to slowly abate in her pulsing pussy and ass. A strong after-shock wracks her as she hollers and trembles. Another lesser trembler hits her quivering clit, partly conducted by the large catheter tube. The power further diminishes as she hears her hard pulse pound in her plugged ears. She hollers at him, yet still no response! Slowly the vibrators go back to her low-level maintenance setting as her heart and breathing rates slow down. She hollers his name and there is only silence. What a mind-fuck! And body-fuck!

She listens intently as her breathing slows down and hears nothing but the buzzing nipple vibrators. Her stretched nipples are sore. Has he slithered out and left her? Is he sitting there watching her?? "He is really something else!" she thinks. She knows the security alarm system is first-rate. How could anyone break in and not trigger it? Did he set it?? She makes an inquiring noise. She seems alone. She can do nothing anyway in her state of totally bound helplessness. She hollers out again in exasperation. He's never done this before. "He's gotta be playing a new game!" she thinks. "This is an all-time mind-fuck!"

"Hi, Gina" he says, receiving a startled scream in response. "I thought it'd be fun to fuck with you today! That was really something!"

She says something that sounds like "you asshole!"

"Yeah, I'm a jerk, but that was really intense! I got off too!"

She mutters ball-gagged obscenities. He unties the nipple clamps from the nipple bar, turns them off and removes them from her nipple rings. She moans in relief. He removes the drinking tube from her ball-gag and clamps off the catheter tube, disconnecting it from the low-hanging piss-bag. He unplugs the vibrators and tapes the cords against her. He tilts the bondage board up to a vertical upright position as she makes approving sounds. She does not slide down one iota. He kisses her big ball-gag. "I love you. I guess that was a bit of a nasty thing to do to you, Hummy." She 'mmms' in agreement. "Just trying to keep things exciting and new, Dear! Now, let's take you for a little spin, shall we?" She squeals in delight and excitement.

He gets to the side and gives her a good push, sending her spinning forward end-over-end. She squeals and breathes excitedly, loving the feeling and disorientation. After a few revolutions it begins to slow and he lets it go until it stops, leaving her tilted face-down. She makes noises of sheer delight. He grabs the body-table and spins her in the opposite direction, going head-over-heels backwards. She cannot imagine a better thrill-ride in the world! She stops face-up, feeling slightly dizzy and disorientated. With no visual reference, this is really a trip! He repeats the cycle, spinning her forward, then backward over and over, making sure she feels OK. She loves the rush of the blood pressure changes in her head and the feeling of disorientation. Her tightly wrapped and compressed body does not move at all from its stuck position. Throughout, she moans, squeals and breathes in excitement, straining, loving it.

"OK, Love, I hope that makes up for scaring you earlier!" She answers affirmatively. "Let's play a little game before I go. Heads, I win. Tails, you lose."


"Ha-hah! OK, heads I win, tails you win."

She makes an inquiring sound. "Heads, I decide what to do with you for the rest of the night, tails, you decide what to do with you for the rest of the evening!" She agrees.

"Let's flip for it!" With that, he gives her a hard spin forward as she screams and squeals. "'Round and 'round she goes, and where she stops..." She gets very dizzy from the high-speed revolutions, screaming the whole time. She slows and stops after about 6 dizzying spins, face-up.

"Heads up, I win!" She moans, wondering what he has in store for her tonight. She can hardly tell which end is up, feeling as though still moving. "It's been fun, Dear! Now I have to hook you back up!" He locks her into the horizontal position and hooks everything up as before, except he leaves her pierced nipples alone, except for giving them a good tug and twist as she mews. "I'll put you up at a little angle, Hummy-dearest." He tilts her up about 15 degrees and locks the table. "Hmmm, how high should I set these vibrators??" She makes pleading sounds.

He turns them on and with an evil smile turns them up and up, and up. She screams and squeals pleadingly for him to back it off. "Too high, Dear?"

"MM-HMM!" She would be a total wreck if he left them at or near top speed!

"Hey, heads, I won!" She screams out in distress and anger, getting very aroused. He leaves them buzzing at high-speed as she hollers and squeals. He wants to see her cum again. Cum she does, in a screaming, quivering, quavering tizzy. Then he slowly turns the power down to a more reasonable level to keep her on edge for the next few hours. He leaves them at half-speed. She begins to calm down.

"There, Hummy! Just simmer for the next few hours! Duty calls! Money to make!" He kisses her wrapped and taped-down forehead. "Later! Love you!" She vocalizes back and off he goes. She feels hot and sweaty. She is wary of the vibrator levels, feeling on the edge of cumming. No sleep this afternoon, either! Oh, what a life!, she thinks. She languishes in her awesomely tight wrapped and taped prison. More piss fills the bag and she drinks more fluid, sucking on the huge ball stretching her mouth. She wonders about the time. She strains against the awesome bondage, unable to move even a finger. She seeks out her happy place in her mind, finding relaxation elusive. It would help if she didn't keep feeling on the verge of orgasm!

To cum, or not to cum, that was the question. Her pussy tingled and her big butt-buzzer amplified the vibrations. She felt it in her catheter tube too, up into her urethra. She decided to try to push herself over the edge, straining at her super-tight wrappings, feeling the totality of her crushing bondage. She strained, moaned and breathed hard, getting herself more excited. Finally she was rewarded with a wonderful orgasm, her pussy spasming and contracting hard on the large vibrator as she tried to move to release the orgasmic energy. It was all contained within her rigid form, making her shake and shudder. She squealed, moaned and mewed as the energy reverberated through her like a ringing, vibrating bell. She laid there panting, feeling hot and tired. She drank more of her vital rehydrating energy and vitamin drink.

She nearly dozed off, her body wanting sleep that the vibrators denied. She kept feeling on the verge. She really didn't want to orgasm any more. Her tired brain was barely functioning. She slipped into ultra-bondage la-la land, into exhausted submission. Much time slipped by. She missed the chiming clock giving her its hourly updates. Would he call her? She liked hearing his voice. She moans in her absolute, total immobility, tiredly resigned to this tough marathon session. More time passes...

The phone rings, jolting her. It is her half-sister Sheila across the country on the answering machine. "Hey, Gina! What's up? I'm pretty bored hanging out here! No job yet!" She'd just graduated high school and was about to turn 18. "Dad said he could give me a super graduation-birthday present! I can come see you in California! We can have some fun out there! I know what kind of fun you like to have!" Her heart-rate jumps. Her sister is the only person she'd intimated to about her bondage predilections and lifestyle. "I fantasize about it too! Are you tied up right now?"

"Hmmm!!" That smart little minx, she thinks.

"I wanna come out there and get tied-up real good for my 18th birthday! That'd be real special! No sexual stuff. Except for vibrators. Mark could tie us up together! I wanna try some of your equipment! I'm not a bondage virgin, you know! I told you about that boy. I made him tie me up real good and screw me. Of course, I'm on birth control, but I still had him use a condom. Gotta be safe! This would be the absolute best birthday present ever!! Call me later if you're 'tied up'. Wink, wink! Love you! 'Bye!"

She is in a state of semi-shock, her pulse racing. Her sister was a burgeoning bondage freak too?? How could she refuse her coming out here for her birthday? How could she refuse to give her what she wanted? What would Mark think? Getting tied up together?? The thought intrigued her, she must admit! She'll have to sacrifice for her sister for a week or 2, she thinks. She's never been to California and she'll show her the fun places around the Los Angeles area, but she wants to come for a lot more than to just see the sights! Suddenly her simple life is about to get complicated!

Mark calls to tell her he'll be home soon with pasta and shrimp to feed her. Wait 'til he hears this news! She breathes heavily waiting for him. She hopes he can be accepting and accommodating of her sister. Maybe he'll get a kick out of having 2 gorgeous women to tie up and look forward to it! She thinks of last month when they went out to a big bondage-kink event with him proudly leading her around on a leash in her shiny Spandex full-coverage zentai mummy suit, wearing a super-tight leather corset, very high-heeled leather boots, a tight leather armbinder squeezing her arms and hands together behind her back, a tall leather posture-collar and a tight rubber and steel bit-gag on her hooded head. Her big Spandexed, pierced boobs bulged out proudly. She was beside herself with excitement at being out in public for the first time in full bondage regalia.

They had seen 2 ball-gagged women bound intricately and inextricably together, awkwardly pecking their way around in high-heeled boots back-to-back with gloved wrists bound behind them around each other's corseted abdomens, a wonderful tight crotch-rope arrangement keeping them very intimately close, ass-to-ass. He absolutely loved it and had remarked to her about how he'd like to bind her to another woman like that. She damn-near creamed, imagining herself being bound to another like that. Now into her fantasy her sister was creeping! She was getting excited. She did in fact cream herself a few times that night in her padded panties with her double dildo arrangement held in by her tight leather strap-harness. Cumming in public! What an incredible night!

She almost came before Mark arrived with dinner. "Hi baby!" She vocalizes happily as he kisses her on her ball-gag. "Let's get your head unwrapped for this wonderful Shrimp Scampi! I bet you're hungry!"


He tilts her up and cuts the tight tape and wrap from all around her sweaty head and the padded headboard. He removes her blindfold and unstraps the huge rubber ball-gag, working it out of her stretched mouth as she breathes in relief and gets her jaw and mouth moving. He leaves her padded cervical collar on and shuts off the vibrators. Her urine bag is getting full. He opens the Styrofoam container to feed her, smiling at her.

"Mark, I've got some big news for you! Play the answering machine!"


She watches his face intently as her sister's message plays. His eyes grow wide and he looks suddenly to her, then back to the machine. His mouth drops open and he looks at her again. He looks back to the machine and gets an incredulous look on his face, then he starts to smile in surprise and amazement and looks back at her, shaking his head.

"Wow. I guess we'll have to show her a good time! Ha-ha!"

She smiles and nods her head.

"OK, let's eat! Then I'll call her for you and hold the phone up to your head. When's her birthday, next week?"


"Alright, find out about the date and everything. Then I'll jack up those vibrators and tilt you forward so you can suck my cock, Lovey!"

She smiles. She's glad he's taking the news so well!

Part 3: Enter Sheila (added: 08/20/2010)

She ravenously ate the bites of Shrimp Scampi as quickly as he could put them into her mouth, between his bites and sips of the Chablis wine. She was angled upright on the memory-foam body-board, her raised arms and hands and spread legs and feet wrapped and taped immovably down to the appendage sections. Her entire body is covered and tightly compressed to the table with her pierced nipples sticking out. She is anxious to call her half-sister about coming out to L.A. from upstate New York after her surprising and shocking phone-call. Her 18th birthday is 10 days away, her biggest wish to "get tied-up real good!" Disneyland and all other attractions are secondary to her, the little bondage freak!

They are both in an excited semi-state of shock, thinking of how they'll have to accommodate her. As they start to get over the shock, both are seeing what fun this will be! Her regular routine will be disrupted but she'll have a new bondage play-mate. He'll have a new and very willing bondage subject to bind up! As he feeds her, he thinks of the wonderful, sexy possibilities of wrapping and tying them up together. New fantasies pop up in both their minds as they finish their meal. She's quite used to him coming home and feeding her while still helplessly tightly wrapped up. He gives her more white wine, holding the glass to her mouth as she dribbles a bit. She still wears the tight white cervical collar. He wipes her mouth and chin.

"Well, Gina, things are about to get a little complicated and disrupted around here for awhile, but I think we can accommodate her very well!"

"Yes, Mark, it will be weird, but the more I think about it, the more excited I get! Let's call her now on my cell phone! Put it on speaker!"

"OK." He hits the auto-dial for her sister and holds it up near her head.

Sheila answers quickly. "I've been waiting for your call, sis! I'm so excited!!"

"Yeah, me too, sis! That's real nice of Dad!"

"Yeah, he's super! But I wonder if he's trying to get rid of me! He says to see how long you two can put up with me, then he'll buy the ticket back! Then he jokes, 'maybe you'll become a Cali-girl!' Who knows, Gina!"

They look at each other and don't know what to say.

"I wouldn't take advantage of you guys, unless you let me! L.O.L.! But me and Dad have been having some issues lately. It's like he thinks I'm still a little girl sometimes! He found a pack of cigarettes in my jacket and freaked out! He doesn't like that I'm out with friends late sometimes. Of course he doesn't like that I'm having sex, even though I'm on birth-control, and doesn't like that I drink a little sometimes! Then there's the tattoos and piercings! Sound familiar, Gina??"

"Ha. Yeah, it sure does! I guess I was your role-model. Dad worries too much and tries to control things, but he means well. He either forgets when he was a teenager or doesn't want us to make the same mistakes he did."

"Well, he needs to realize to each her own and stop trying to control me! But now he's giving me this great trip and I'm so psyched!! My birthday's in 10 days, next Friday. I can fly out to L.A.X. next Wednesday, around 3:00! How's that?"

"Alright. One or both of us will pick you up!"

"Yes!! Is Mark listening?"

"Hi, Sheila."

"Hi, Mark! Thank-you for having me visit and for everything you've done for my sister! She's living her dream out there with you! Did you hear my message?"

"Yes. You want a very special birthday present!"

"I sure do! You and Gina think of a special way to fix me up! I want a real ultimate, incredible experience! I wanna be so tightly bound up, I can't move, and I want to have vibrator orgasms! Yeah, I'm a crazy bondage chick like my sister! I wanna be tied up with her too! Use your great imaginations, you two!"

"We will." they say almost in unison. They laugh.

"Oh, thank-you sooo much!! You guys are the bomb! I'm so excited!! See you next Wednesday! I'll give you the flight number! Love you! 'Bye!"

They say good-bye and look at each other. They sigh. "She's really a trip, Mark! She's a stubborn, fiery red-head who always wants to get her way!"

"Well, she'll get her way, but let's see how she can handle it! Don't worry that anything personal or sexual would ever happen between her and me, Gina. You know you're my one and only!"

"I know, Mark. Thank-you so much for being accommodating to her. I know it will be weird and disruptive of our routines for awhile, but I believe it'll really be fun!"

"Me too. We'll accommodate her alright!"

She chuckles. "So I believe you mentioned jacking up my vibrators and sucking your cock??"

He grins and begins taking off his clothes. "Yes, dessert time, dear!"

He turns up her vibrators to the max and unlocks the table, pivoting her forward. He gets on the reclining bench and grabbing her locked and splinted raised arms, lowers her head to his swelling head as she gets revved up. She eagerly takes his hardening cock into her mouth as he lowers her, forcing his member deeply toward the back of her throat as she sucks and tongues him fervently. She expertly controls her gag-reflex. She moans as the vibrators do their work. He moans as she does hers with alacrity. He begins bouncing her up and down rapidly as she squeals and takes his big fully-erect cock deeply, sucking hard on it and sliding her pierced tongue along his shaft. He loves the feeling of the stainless steel ball-post rubbing him. She is cock-gagged to the max and loving it.

Her explosion builds up in her wet, vibrating pussy as his builds up inside her luscious, stimulating mouth. She sucks harder and moans in high-pitch as she orgasms hard, screaming through her nose. Then he cums in huge spurting spasms at the back of her throat, hollering out in ecstasy. She continues sucking hard and swallowing all the tasty sperm fluid she can as he slows her up and down motions, impaling her oral cavity deeply with his large cock. She continues sucking to get every last cum drop out of him, swallowing it and climaxing again, hollering between swallows. A little of the white fluid escapes her clamped, sexy lips around his wide shaft.

"That's right, baby, finish up all your dessert! Aahhh!"

She chuckles and sucks him dry. He finally raises her up off his softening cock, pushing her up to admire her beautiful face and thick, messy hair. She licks her lips to get the residue cum and swallows, smacking her lips. "Mmmm! Good! Salty!" They beam at each other. She has been very thorough and there is very little semen on him.

"Good job, hon!" he commends her.

"Well, dessert was delicious! Wanted to finish it all! Oooh-oooohh!" She climaxes again as the vibrators do their orgasmic job. She strains to move her head in the tight tall cervical collar, as it is the only thing she can move. "Aaahh, yeah!!" Her rigid form shakes and quivers as he watches her, still holding her up by her trapped, outstretched arms. He smiles at her, madly in love-lust.

"What a woman!" he thinks. More orgasms wrack her tightly-racked body as she makes wonderful sexy noises. She moans and drools as he finally pushes her upright, having thoroughly enjoyed her bound orgasmic performance. He turns down the vibrators as she pants and sighs in relief. They smile at each other as he cleans up. "More Chablis, Dear?"

"Yeah, please." He fills her glass and tips it to her mouth as she takes a few big gulps.

"Thanks!" Her constricted stomach gurgles.

"You're welcome, Dear. And thank-you!"

"You're 'well-cum', hon!" she puns. He chuckles.

"Your piss-bag is pretty full! I'll change it after I tether you up by your titties!"

She sighs. She's been stuck in this position for about 10 hours now, but it's his game tonight. He tilts her back and gets thin cords which he loops through her nipple rings. He moves over the nipple-bar and locks her angle in at about 45 degrees. He ties the cords to the bar and unlocks the table. Her weight takes it back, pulling the cords taut, stretching her nipples out nicely. She moans in her nipple-ringed, immobilized suspension as he clamps off her catheter and flushes the collection bag's contents. He hooks up a new one.

"How's your vibe settings, dear?"

"Turn them up a little, please. I'd like more wine, please." He obliges.

He fills her glass back up and sticks a straw in it. She drinks a lot and is feeling a bit inebriated. Her stomach gurgles more. "OK, Love, just one more thing!" He gets a length of twine. "Stick that wonderful tongue out!" She does and he ties it to the piercing post on top of her tongue. He pulls it and ties it to her nipple bar, removing all slack as she moans.

"Thanth" she lisps sarcastically.

"You're welcome! I'll see you in a while! Think about what we'll do with your sister!" Downstairs he goes. She struggles to move for the hell of it. The vibrators are getting her aroused and the pulling on her strung-up nipples and tongue stimulates her. She starts to think about Sheila. She imagines being intimately, inextricably tied and wrapped-up with her. A big, long double-dildo enters the picture, embedded deeply in their pussies. She sighs. She imagines being tightly bound to her sister in a 69 position, heads at each other's hot, wet crotch with probing tongues. Her fantasy is 8-10 days away, as is her sister's. Her imagination runs wild. The vibrators buzz. She cums.

Her days pass pretty much in the customary, bound, immobilized fashion. She wonders what kind of stamina and tolerance her sister would have for tough, long-term mummified immobilization. She becomes obsessed with her kindred kinky sibling. It's nice they're about the same size, her sister being about an inch shorter than her at 5' 6". She's also slim and shapely, though with smaller breasts. She marvels at how much they're alike. How much of it is her influence on her? She calls her up on the weekend after a particularly long, hot, grueling mummy-session that she had specially requested.

"Hey sis! Been thinkin' about your visit a lot!"

"Oh, yeah, Gina! I'm just psyched out of my mind!"

"We're both really happy you're coming out! Especially considering our uh, shared proclivities, shall we say?"

"Yeah, it's so freakin' cool, sis! It'll be awesome!"

"So, Wednesday we'll pick you up at the airport. We can go out to dinner at a nice place, then-"

"Then take me home and tie me up!" she interrupts. "I just can't wait!! I wanna be all wrapped up, taped-down and gagged so I can't move! I want you to vibrate me with the high-speed wand vibrator stuck in my crotch! OK??"

She chuckles. "Wow, Sheila, you're really hot to trot, girl!"

"Oh, Gina, I'm rubbin' myself right now thinkin' about it!"

"Well, aren't we like two peas in a pod?? Speaking of which, I've thought a lot about being tied-up with you, sis, since you brought it up! I must admit, the thought turns me on! Not that I'm a lesbian, Sheila-"

"Oh, me too, Gina! I've never been tied-up with or been with a girl before, but to be tied-up and wrapped-up with you, 'cause it seems we're so much alike...oh, it just gets me hot!"

"Well, Sheila, it is scary how much we're alike! I feel the same! I know Mark will really enjoy it! We've discussed it and we're both gonna be in for some amazing experiences!"

"Oh, God, Gina! It'll be so great!!"

"Yes, it will, you little bondage slut! Ha! Imagine if Dad heard this??"

"Uh-uh! No way!"

"He'll just think you're out here sight-seeing and stuff, which we will do some of for sure! Well, just a few more days, and we'll really be havin' some fun, sis!"

Wednesday arrives and they go to the airport to pick her up. She flies into her sister's waiting arms and gives her a big hug and kiss, then Mark, towering above her. She is positively beaming and all a-twitter, her gorgeous blue eyes sparkling. Her beautiful long, thick red hair shimmers. She has a nose and an eyebrow piercing. She wears tight blue-jeans, wedge sandals and a tight red top, her finger and toe-nails painted red. They compliment each other on how great they look. Gina is a stunning flaxen-haired vision in skin-tight blue-jeans tucked into her tight 5" spiky-heeled black leather boots and tight black leotard top. They grab her multitude of luggage and head toward the S.U.V., Sheila's youthful exuberance overflowing. Off they go to one of their favorite restaurants for a sumptuous meal and drink. The waiter, whom they're familiar with, discretely refrains from asking for I.D. from her sister as they all order wine, for which he shall receive a larger tip.

They have a happy, wonderful meal and he rewards the grateful waiter very generously. "So, Sheila," Mark says, "where should we to go now to sight-see and maybe shop, to Hollywood, The Walk of the Stars, Rodeo Drive...?" They both look at her in the back seat and she looks back and forth at them.

"Uh, not now...Gina, did you tell him?" They both burst out laughing. "Oh, OK! Ha-ha-ha! Home, Mark!" she orders haughtily. "To the bondage suite, tout-suite!"

They laugh. "Yes, Ma'am!"

They arrive and lug all her bags in. "What's all this, your whole wardrobe?" Gina asks.

"Practically. Don't know how long I'll be staying!" How long, indeed, Gina wonders.

They get her set up in the guest bedroom. She's happy she has her own bath adjacent to it. She admires the spacious condo as they show her around. Upstairs, her eyes light up. Set up there is the narrow, padded mummification table with plastic wrap, vet-wrap, duct-tape, and long rubber gloves lying on it, along with the large rounded Hitachi vibrator. A large ball-gag and a smaller one are there, a tall and a medium cervical collar and a padded blindfold. She runs over like an excited child going to open her Christmas presents. They smile.

"Alright! This will be great!! Let's get going!" She unabashedly undresses quickly. Her figure is sexy-slim. They notice her new tattoos on her lower-back and upper-arm. They especially notice her newest piercings. "Surprise! Just had my nipples pierced with my graduation money! You two helped a lot with your nice contribution! Thanks again!"

They nod and look at each other bemusedly. "You're welcome!"

She picks up the large ball-gag and nods approvingly. "OK! I'd like you to wrap my legs together with the vet-wrap, with the vibrator stuck hard in my crotch with the control sticking out so you can adjust it! Then plastic-wrap me down real tight to the table and duct-tape me down real good! Wrap my head up with the vet-wrap! Make sure I can't fucking move, OK?"

"OK, Sheila" they say almost in unison.

"I want to go all the way! I'm sure I'll get noisy, but I want the full juice! Just turn it up every 30 seconds or so!" She jams the big ball-gag in between her teeth and works it all the way in, with some effort. She moans in excitement and buckles the wide strap tightly behind her head. She fastens the tall cervical collar tightly about her slim neck with the Velcro fastener. She puts the over-bicep-length rubber gloves on, and with her sister's help, rolls the powdered tight black gloves all the way up her arms. Gina gives her ear-plugs to put in to add to the sensory deprivation and puts the blindfold on her. She is already swooning as she lies down on the narrow memory-foam mummy-table. She jams the big Hitachi vibrator hard against her crotch and clit, holding it tightly as he wraps her legs tightly together, and the vibrator in place, the end sticking out. He has cushioned between her knees and ankles.

She lies there still with her arms down, breathing rapidly and noisily. She moans excitedly as he begins wrapping her tightly down, beginning with her pointed feet, progressing up her legs and around the vibrator with the strong, clear plastic wrap, overlapping it up over her hips, stomach, heaving breasts and shoulders and going back down to her feet, compressing her into the thick memory-foam. She squeals in delight at her first full mummification immobilization. Gina begins lovingly, carefully wrapping her entire head and neck-collar down to the cushioned board with the vet-wrap as he begins the tight, solid duct-tape application from feet to shoulders, and back down. She is already practically climaxing as she feels the tight, utter and complete immobilization, breathing very hard, constricted breaths. It feels incredible! This is like a dream!

"OK, Sheila," she says, "I know you're super-excited, and this is all new to you! You need to try to calm down a little, as you're practically hyper-ventilating, OK?"


"We're going to let you get acclimated for awhile, to make sure you're OK! If at any time you need release, hum a little tune and we'll cut you out quickly. After you're breathing better, I'll start the vibrator. This will get very intense! You've been real anxious for this, but we'll have to be careful! I'll start real low, and gradually turn it up about every 30 seconds. I'll keep asking you if you're doing OK as we go along. You doing OK now?"

"Mmm-HMMM!" She is on a super-bondage high, reveling in this amazing experience. She tries to move any part of her crushingly-bound body and is delighted at the impossibility of doing so. This is exactly what she wanted! She feels the vibrator head pressed hard against her clit and tries to move her hips. No movement at all. She is totally blind and the huge ball-gag stretches her mouth and jaw to the max. She could almost cum! They watch her as she continues breathing hard for a good while before finally moderating her breaths. She moans in mummified ecstasy, sweating.

Gina remembers her first time like this under his super-tight wraps. It was absolute nirvana, exactly how her sister feels now, but she didn't have a vibrator stuck in there. That was for the 2nd time. She didn't want to be released and swooned in his incredible tight embrace for almost 5 hours. How long could her sister endure? She's quite a determined, stubborn one, she thinks.

She gets well-acclimated to the crushing bondage, pressed down well into the thick memory-foam padding, adding to the feeling of complete cocooning. She makes a noise, attempting to signal to her sister to start the vibrator. "Ready, Sheila?" She makes a loud affirmative sound. "OK, girl, here we go!"

She switches it on to low-vibe, pressing down on it as her sister emits a small excited squeal. After about 30 seconds she turns it up a little, asking her how that feels. She makes a loud affirmative noise and encourages her further. Another 30 seconds, another power boost. She is quite noisily aroused as her pussy juices start to flow and her clit is all a-quiver. She makes high-pitched sexy noises that remind Mark of her sister. They look at each other and smirk. His crotch arousal becomes obvious. He puts his hands up to her and gestures like "Hey, can't help it!"

She turns it up a notch, and Sheila screams as she cums in an amazing, shaking, rippling orgasm. She screams through her nose as it continues ravaging her. "You OK??" She answers in the affirmative as her senses reel and she tenses her muscles to dissipate the orgasmic energy. "You sure??" She gives the OK. She hasn't "cum" this far to stop short of getting the full blast! She turns it up to full-power as her clit vibrates into over-drive and she hollers as a torrential wet, pulsating climax overwhelms her, her juices gushing out. Her stiff form shudders and shakes tremulously as it wracks her to the soul. She squeals and mews loudly, breathing very hard. Her mind and senses are reeling but she is loving it! This is so incredible!! she thinks.

"Had enough, Sheila??"

"MM-MMM!" she hollers as the powerful vibrations assault her over-stimulated crotch. Her sister keeps it pressed hard against her wet twat, shocking her clit and pussy into hyper-stimulation, shaking her to the core. She screams in mindless bound orgasmic delirium.

"Done now?!?"


She and Mark look concernedly at each other, but she's getting what she wants! Multiple orgasms assail her, blowing her mind. Her stiff form trembles and convulses as she feels electrified. She hollers and screams, practically hyper-ventilating, prompting Gina to slowly turn it down as she barely notices, still cumming. She is in orgasmic outer-space, feeling like she is floating away in her tight super-stimulating bondage capsule. She shuts it off as the final spasms tremor through her. She tenses and attempts to move against the unyielding super-tight wraps, moaning loudly, feeling hot and super-high, her position completely unaltered.

"Well, sis, that was pretty amazing, huh?!"


"Quite a first test, girl! Are you OK?"

"Mm-HMM!" Her hot breaths slow down as she feels absolutely euphoric and wrung-out. Oh what a feeling! She moans, giggles and vocalizes happily as they watch her and smile.

"This is your game, your pre-birthday present, Sheila! Just rest for awhile now. We'll keep a watch on you."

She utters a ball-gagged "Thank-you!" She is in mummified nirvana, relishing every moment of this wonderful experience, not nearly ready for it to end.

Gina motions to Mark to go across the big master-suite. "Mark, making her cum like that made me so hot! I nearly came myself!" He nods and smiles. "How about a 2-fer, like we discussed?"

"Sounds like fun!"

"OK, but don't over-do it with her, though she shows a high tolerance."

"Don't worry."

"I am just amazed at how much we're alike! She's a total bondage freak! OK, let's get my tilting bondage table out. Do me up real tight as usual and stick the other Hitachi vibrator down hard on my clit. Then give us both the juice, slowly turning it up, OK?"

"OK, hon. We're sure enjoying your sister's visit already!" he says with a big grin.

"Yeah. Look at her. She's just loving it!" Sheila moans rapturously.

He chuckles. "Right. Let's get you set up, Hummy!"

They go over and she whispers loudly into her sister's plugged and wrapped ear. "OK, sis, I'm gonna join you on this special occasion! Getting you off made me horny! I'm getting wrapped and taped-up next to you. We're gonna get vibrated together! First, I'll carefully cut around your lovely nipple rings just enough to attach a couple nipple vibrators to them for some added stimulation."

"MMM-HMMM!" she squeals.

"I knew you'd like that! It was great fun to vibrate you, now it's Mark's turn to do us both!" She squeals enthusiastically.

Very soon Gina is completely wrapped and duct-taped down super-tightly on her shaped, out-spread limbs padded body board, ball-gagged, neck-braced, ear-plugged and blindfolded, her head wrapped down like her sister's in snug vet-wrap. She cannot move a muscle. The big vibrator is wrapped and taped tightly against her crotch, and nipple vibrators are attached to her protruding nipple-rings. She feels as excited as ever, and Mark is very excited about getting them both off at the same time.

They both breathe heavily in eager anticipation. Gina is also in the horizontal prone position as he stands between them. He flicks on their nipple vibrators to full-speed as they get excited. He also flicks on the video camera he has set up. "OK, ladies, get ready! I'm going to turn these vibrators up a notch at a time, real slowly! I think we should have a little contest!" Gina moans, knowing his predilection for game-playing. "Who can take it for the longest?" Sheila moans excitedly. "If one of you really hyper-ventilates, that's it. There has to be some limit! The first one to start humming 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' loses. The winner gets...whatever bondage scenario suits her fancy! Whatever fantasy you can conjure up in your crazy bondage imaginations, I'll do my best to make reality! OK, here we go, ladies!" He is thoroughly enjoying this as he turns the powerful vibrators on simultaneously with each hand at low speed, pressing each harder into their moist crotches. Their resultant moaning is sweet music to his ears.

He intends to savor and prolong this for as long as possible. He's in no hurry! They both moan in sexual arousal. Ten minutes go by before he turns them up a notch, as they turn up their gagged moaning and mewing correspondingly, tensing their muscles. He gets very aroused and lets go of the tightly trapped vibrators to let his pants and shorts down. He gets a condom and rolls it onto his throbbing penis, lightly stroking it. After ten minutes he turns the vibrators up another notch, pressing down on them. They both yelp and tense and shudder. Sheila hollers out as a moderately strong orgasm comes upon her. Gina soon follows suit. He keeps the pressure on as they squeal and yelp and cum some more. Now it's his turn! He lets go and strokes his latex-sheathed cock vigorously, cumming soon in big spurts, trying to be as quiet as possible.

His immobilized sexy subjects calm down a little, anticipating the higher settings. He recovers, leaving the filled condom on, and after ten minutes have elapsed, turns the vibrators up a notch, applying pressure. Now they're getting into the red zone! They both moan and squeal and scream as they climax hard in wonderful synchronization. He grins as they shudder and shake in loud stereophonic rigidity. What sweet, sexy music! He is the Maestro! The strong nipple vibrators contribute nicely to their orgasmic experience.

The ten minutes slowly tick down toward the highest setting as their extra-sensitized clits and wet pussies spasm against the intense, incessant vibrations. Neither is ready to start humming the tune yet. Fantasy bound visions flit across their endorphin-flooded minds between climaxes. Their heavy breathing and high-pitched vocalizations drive him crazy and he feels a renewed stirring in his cock.

He turns the vibrators all the way up—the moment of truth! He presses down as they shriek nasally and the cascading climaxing crescendo crests as their super-stimulated, compressed, vibrating clits go crazy, as do they. They spasm uncontrollably, caterwauling in orgasmic overload. He's glad he's had sound-proofing installed. He watches their breathing as he gets hard again. Neither wants to give in and they control their heavy breathing as best they can. He lets go of the vibrators to get a grip on his cock. They remain stuck hard in their crotches at full orgasmic power. Mark does his thing while the strong vibrators do theirs. They screech and strain in bound sex-tasy in their super-tight unyielding wraps as relentless multiple orgasms wrack their bodies, breathing very hard. He excitedly finishes up his business, adding to the full condom's contents.

He wonders how long this can go on, as they wonder how much more they can take! He presses down on the powerful vibrators again, smushing their raw, hot, over-stimulated clits down hard. They yelp, squeal, strain, tremble, moan and cum, going bonkers as their sex-juices pour out of their hot spasming vaginas and they sweat profusely. He is absolutely loving it, looking back and forth at the stubborn over-stimulated climaxing pair. Who will break? It goes on and on until Sheila, feeling faint and finally at wit's and clit's end, surrenders and reluctantly hums the first notes of the song, to Gina's huge relief! They had gone for 15 minutes on the highest setting while having uncontrollable continuous orgasms! They are totally exhausted and wrung-out. For all their straining and exertions, they are stuck exactly as they started.

He turns the vibrators off as they sigh and breathe in relief. "Wow, ladies, what a show! Bravo!" He claps appreciatively. "The winner of Bondage Challenge #1, on my right, the veteran, Gina!" He pats her vibrator and she squeals in delight while Sheila moans and pants, feeling beleaguered but happy nonetheless. "Nice job, both of you! Captured on video, for your viewing and listening pleasure later! You'll excuse your bondage-vibrator-master for his indulgences! But you'll only see him from the back!" They snicker. "Why don't you relax, ladies, and wind down in your wraps for awhile? Is that OK for you two?" They both tiredly agree. "So, Gina, love, your bondage fantasy wish is my command! We'll see about that later!" She moans in excitement and anticipation.

He goes to the bathroom, "forgetting" about the vibrating nipple-ring clamps. Gina smiles to herself in triumph, envisioning the two of them wrapped up tightly together, kneeling, facing each other, angled heads attached by Mark's clever new large double-strapped ball-gag, lips just touching together, heaving breasts and sweaty bodies crushed together, arms bound stringently behind, with her huge new flexible vibrating double-dildo stuffing their juicy, pulsating pussies to the hilt... Oh, yes, they're ready for this visit!

Part 4: Sister's Delight (added: 10/16/2010)

After Mark finally cut the stiff, ball-gagged, sweaty, tired and sated sisters off of their mummy-boards nearly 5 hours later with their vibrators set on low, following another endurance contest, won by Gina, Sheila was exhausted after her long, eventful, exciting day, and was soon off to bed after a chat with her sister about tomorrow's plans, gushing with happiness and appreciation. Mark and Gina got ready for bed.

"Well, Mark, that really got her visit off to an exciting start! Nice going!"

"Yeah, that was fun. Two great competitions! You two are amazingly stubborn and alike! Maybe it's in the genetics, even though you're half-sisters?"

"Ha! Well, she's sure a real bondage freak, alright! It is remarkable. But no bondage tomorrow, except for our tight corsets, high-heeled boots and crotch arrangements! We'll be off to Disneyland and other excursions, including some bondage shopping. Then Friday's her birthday. I'll go over some of the celebration plans with her, especially our special evening plans! You'll be working half a day?"

"Yes, it's all set. I've nailed down a huge national advertising account, so I'm giving myself a big bonus! So let her shop to her heart's content for her bondage birthday gifts!"

"Great! Thanks! We'll celebrate in style! It'll be quite a day!"

"Indeed, it will! Had enough bondage for tonight, or should I get you bound up as usual in the vet-wrap for bed, and fuck your brains out?"

"Well, since you put it like that, big boy, get to wrappin'!"

The sisters set out the next morning on their stimulating excursion dressed in similar sexy fashion, tight-lacing each other into long black and red leather, steel-boned over-bust shoulder-strap corsets over long panty-girdles. They wore skinny stretch jeans and tight, sexy patent leather 6" stiletto-heeled, platform knee-high boots. Both were locked into tight rigid steel and rubber chastity belts with big lubricated, tapered dildos in the slots, stuffing their pussies and assholes. Gina had administered a big cleansing enema to her sister, a new, interesting experience for her. What a relief it had been to finally expel the large, uncomfortable quantity of the solution from her bowels through the valve out of the big rubber butt-plug! Then on with the rigid, tight steel chastity belt with the deep plugs, another wonderful, stimulating new experience for Sheila! She damn nearly came just walking out to the vehicle as the big dildos rubbed inside of her with each awkward, mincing high-heeled step.

Gina laughed at her. "Hey, Sheila, you don't have to walk like you've got something stuck up your ass and pussy!"

"Oh, HA-HAH!" she replied sneeringly, giving her sister the finger with a thrusting motion, getting into the vehicle. They sat stiffly, erectly corseted in the S.U.V., each out of breath from the constricting corsets and from their crotch stimulations as Gina put it into gear.

"God, Gina, I don't know about this! Being locked in this tight thing all day! I just almost creamed my panties! And that nob thingy is squishing my clit! And this corset is so damn tight!" she panted.

"Well, dear sister, we're off! Of course we're gonna cream our panties! That's why we have the pads there! You want to get a taste of the kink lifestyle, so here we go! You need to experience and enjoy your early birthday gift! And you got my corset incredibly tight! We're even, except I'm more used to it!"

"OK, sis, but I'm nervous about leaving the keys to the locks home! I could make a spectacle of myself when I cum!"

Gina smiled. "Well, try not to think about it too much, if possible! Take solace that we'll both be cumming, dear sister! Who can take it the most 'in stride'? Ha-ha! This'll be a hell of a fun day, in many ways, you little freak!"

"Ha! You're the real, veteran freak!" They laughed as they approached the freeway.

They arrived at Disneyland for a very stimulating, abbreviated visit. They both had strong, shuddering orgasms just walking in from the parking lot, laughing at each other. The walk to the Magic Castle was quite a harrowing ordeal as the big plugs moved within them and the pressing clit-nobs stimulated them relentlessly. Sheila dubbed it "the Orgasmic Castle". They tried to ignore people's curious stares, occasionally giggling. They had to change their wet crotch-pads. The walk back was slow and eventful.

"Gina, this is crazy, but it's a blast!" Sheila panted, back at the car.

"Glad to see you're enjoying yourself! And we've got a lot more walking ahead in Hollywood and Beverly Hills! Hee-hee!"

Each came numerous times walking around and had to stop periodically. They did their best to act cool and maintain a decent semblance of control, but their absorbent pads were soaked with pussy juices. The sexy golden and red-haired duo got looks from guys everywhere, along with some women, and had to rebuff a few advances. Sheila tried to focus on her super-tight corset that somewhat painfully but satisfyingly squeezed and constricted her and crushed her boobs, but inevitably the big rubbing dildos and clit-nob got her attention again and again and again. She stopped to smoke on the sidewalk a couple times, to Gina's dismay. She had quit cigarettes over a year ago, but felt tempted to have one with her sister.

Pissing was a weird adventure for Sheila, through the tightly-clamped shield's perforations. It felt so strange not to be able to directly wipe or touch herself, dabbing tissue at the impenetrable steel device. Shopping at the bondage-kink super-store was an incredible experience for her, wide-eyed at the vast assortment of bondage items and kinky paraphernalia. She orgasmed a couple times there. She spent a lot on her birthday presents as her sister kept assuring her it was OK. She picked a wonderful leather armbinder that she just had to try on, so Gina strapped and laced it onto her very tightly after assuring the clerk they were going to buy it, squeezing her arms and hands together behind her back. She swooned walking around in it, insisting on keeping it on, and soon came so hard she nearly went to the floor as Gina grabbed and steadied her.

They went to the cashier with the full cart, which included rolls of latex rubber wrapping, ball and other gags, a leather and a rubber hood, a body harness, straps and belts, a rubber straitjacket, ballet boots, vibrators and other stuff. The tally was quite large. Sheila gave Gina a nervous look. She re-assured her that Mark had given her virtually carte-blanche. "Happy birthday!"

"You guys are unbelievable! This is stuff I've dreamed of having! Thank-you!! I'll give you a hug later, but I'm keeping this armbinder on!" The clerk smiled understandingly.

"You're welcome! OK, let's get home!" She had found a parking spot just down the block and the clerk helped put the merchandise in the vehicle. Sheila was dizzy and near-orgasmic at being out in public in bondage and Gina helped steady her. She helped her into the big S.U.V. and snugly seat-belted her in. She got in and started the car.

"Gina, I want you to gag and blindfold me for the ride home! This is a kinky town, and I don't care what anyone thinks!"

Gina sighed. "I don't know, Sheila..."

"Oh, come on! It'll be fun! My thrill-ride of the day, since we didn't go on one at Disneyland!"

"OK, what the hell!" she sighed. "Which gag do you want, you little freak?"

"The big red one, to match my hair and corset! It's in the same bag with the blindfold! Oh, this will be great!!"

Gina reached back to grab the bag. As she slowly worked the huge rubber ball into her sister's mouth, she said "I don't believe we're doing this!" She got it fully wedged-in and tightly buckled the wide leather strap behind her head as Sheila moaned blissfully, her jaw fully jacked open. A couple intrigued passers-by on the sidewalk noticed as she tried to ignore them and Sheila gave them a wink. She buckled on the large padded leather blindfold tightly as Sheila began thrusting her hips. Gina smiled at the interested pedestrians and quickly took off. Sheila made a screeching, giggling sound as they went down the street, grinding her hips, nearing a climax, in absolute bondage heaven. She strained to move her trapped, crushed arms and moaned excitedly. As Gina accelerated to make it through a yellow light, Sheila screamed and had a big shuddering orgasm!

Gina smiled and slowed down, afraid of attracting a cop's attention. A red light loomed ahead and she came to a stop as Sheila sighed and panted. A few people on the sidewalk and crossing the street gawked and pointed at the bound and gagged passenger, but Sheila was right, this was a kinky town and people were more bemused and fascinated than anything. Finally the light was green and she headed for the freeway. A fun experience it was for them both as people gawked and Sheila went orgasmic again. This was the thrill-ride of her life! She headed for the suburbs and called Mark on the cell-phone.

"Hi Mark! Are you home? Parked in the garage? OK, move your vehicle and have the garage ready for me to drive into, because I don't want the neighbors noticing my crazy bound and gagged sister sitting in front with me!...Yeah, I'm crazy too....We had a great day, and she wanted a bondage thrill-ride home after her bondage shopping!...Yeah, I told her to shop to her heart's content, and she's absolutely ecstatic!...OK, we'll be there in about 10 minutes! Thanks! 'Bye!"

The trip took about 45 minutes, by which time Sheila's hands were numb, but she didn't care. She was loving it and getting off again! Gina went through the security gate, giving a quick little embarrassed wave to the wide-eyed guard. She flew into the driveway and into the garage, activating the remote door closer as Sheila vocalized in delight.

"OK, you nut, off with that blindfold and gag and into the house!" She unbuckled the seatbelt and tight blindfold but then Sheila shook her head and vocalized against the removal of the big ball-gag. "OK, suit yourself, you bondage freak! What about the armbinder?"

"Mm-MMM!" was the response. Gina sighed and went around to help her sister out and into the house. She helped her up the steps, holding her by her elbows-together, leather-sheathed arms. As they got to the top landing, Sheila squealed and shuddered, having an orgasm, as Mark watched in amusement. Gina smiled and shook her head, propelling her weak-kneed sister toward her room while Mark went down to the S.U.V. She helped her plop down onto the bed and onto her side, and went to help Mark bring up the bondage birthday booty. The stairs got to her also as she came noisily and Mark laughed.

"Well, Mark, we spent a good amount, but we'll be sharing these things a lot too, like these nice ballet boots! We wear the same size! Thanks so much for letting her get all this! She's totally ecstatic!"

"Glad to make her happy! I see she's pretty darn happy right now!"

They chuckled. Gina went into her room. "How you doin'? Your arms OK?" A murmur signifying OK. "Alright, maybe you can take a little bondage-nap while I warm-up a casserole for dinner." A happy sound of consent came as she wiggled on the bed, trying to convey something urgently. "I'll have to take that gag out to understand you!" She unstrapped the tight gag and worked the large red ball out of her drooling mouth.

"That ride was incredible!" she said as she got her mouth working. "Thank-you! I'd like a real bondage 'nap'! Can you please get the new muzzle-ball-gag and strap it on me over the blindfold, and bring in those straps? Please??"

Gina sighed. "I guess so. I see you can't wait to use your new equipment!" Sheila grinned radiantly. She went to get the items, explaining to Mark how she couldn't wait to put them to use.

Sheila hollered out "Thank-you so much, Mark!!"

"You're very welcome, Sheila!"

Gina grabbed the items and went back into the room. "OK, what is your wish, Bondage Princess?"

"Put the blindfold on me, then strap that muzzle-gag over it nice and tight! Then hog-tie me with a strap through the armbinder ring real tight to my ankles! Strap my legs together all the way up! Then get a long strap and put it through the ring on top of my gag so you can pull my head back to fasten it to my ankles! Pull a strap through my heels to pull them down real tight so I can't move my feet! Strap my feet together! Put a strap through my crotch! I saw a girl hog-tied like that on the Internet and it made me so hot! I printed the picture. Now I can be the girl in the picture! Take some pictures of me!" she panted excitedly.

"OK, girl, as you wish! This'll be pretty tight and tough! Hum a little tune when you've had enough!"

"This'll be great! Thank-you! Oh, and tighten a couple straps around my arms and corset, too! Make everything real tight! Make it ultimate!"

"Yes, dear sister, it'll be tight alright! I'll get good pictures! Open wide!" She popped the large ball-gag attached to the leather mouth-panel muzzle into her mouth and began tightly fastening the harness straps all around her head as Sheila moaned happily.

Gina enjoyed putting her sister into tight, super-stringent bondage. She tightened the last strap and admired her work. Sheila was a hog-tied masterpiece, alright! Her head was pulled back at a strenuous almost 90-degree angle, fastened to her strapped-down ankles. Six leather straps squeezed her legs together and three more pinioned her sheathed arms tightly against her corseted body. Her booted feet were strapped together and her long heels were pulled down harshly to the tight, short hogtie strap. She had put another strap around her tightly-bent legs at her thighs and lower shins. Another went very snugly from her waist-strap through her crotch to the steel ring at the end of the armbinder. Every strap was notched to maximum tightness. Sheila could not even move or roll onto her side!

She lay there moaning, grunting and straining against the awesome bondage, unable to accomplish more than tiny wiggles. She urgently ground her pelvis in tiny little restricted, rhythmic movements, managing just enough stimulation that would eventually enable her to get off. The large dildos stuffing her pussy and anus, along with the hard rubber clit-nob pressing tightly against her sensitive bud, worked together to get her juices flowing. In her hyper-sex-cited, super-bound state, an incredible climax neared.

"Wow, Gina, that's a fantastic hogtie you've got her in!" said Mark, watching as she snapped pictures.

"Thanks! She wanted an ultimate hogtie! Maybe she can still manage to have an orgasm! Whadaya think, Sheila?"

"Mmpphh!! Hmmm!! Unghh!!" she screamed.

"I'll take that as a yes!"

They watched her fascinatedly as she got louder and more worked up by the minute. The stiff, constricting corset, combined with the crushing armbinder, the tight panel ball-gag, the strap pulling her blind head painfully back and all the other tight straps, along with, of course, the stimulating rigid chastity belt clamping and filling her crotch, sent her over the edge as an incredible screaming, squealing, quaking, shaking, shuddering orgasm ripped through her! It went on and on, as a cataclysmic, rippling orgasmic chain-reaction ensued. Gina and Mark stared in awe and concern as she shook and hollered and came multiple times, breathing hard, fast, shallow breaths.

"Sheila, are you OK?!" shouted Gina. Sheila managed a weak, muffled 'uh-huh' between hollers and spasms. She was in absolute ultra-bondage orgasmic nirvana! "Should I loosen your head-strap??" A resounding 'no!' was issued. They watched as her ultra-bound super-orgasmic episode slowly abated. She was moaning continuously and panting and drooling. Gina realized how turned-on she was as her sex juices were saturating her crotch-pad.

"You OK?" she asked.


"You're a toughie! But you're in a wicked bind! Don't try to go too long like that! Hum that tune when it's time!" She grunted in agreement. "I'm going to get a glass of wine. Be right back!" They went to the kitchen to pour their wine. "Mark, can you warm up that casserole while I keep an eye on her?"

"Sure. I see that turned you on too! And you said there'd be no bondage today! Ha!"

"Well, she's hard to resist, being so new to it and so damn enthusiastic!"

"Yeah, she's a real trip! OK, go keep an eye on her." They kissed and she went back to the room, shutting the door.

She patted her sister on her pulled-back, tightly-strapped head, admiring her handiwork. She whispered into her ear. "Guess what, sister? I'm gonna have you return the favor and do me up exactly like this later! Sister's play-time! How do you like that?" Enthusiastic affirmative answer. "Alright! Now I'm gonna get me off lookin' at you!" She pressed against her tight chastity belt and ground her hips back-and-forth as she sipped on her wine. The big plugs moved deliciously inside of her and the clit stimulator rubbed her the right way. Soon she came in a wonderful orgasm, sighing and moaning in ecstasy, imagining being bound in the exact same fashion later. Her harshly-bound sister heard her and began moving her pelvis again with her tiny little motions. She began moaning and Gina kept her stimulations up, watching her.

"Yeah, sis, grind it!" she said, moving closer to her. "Let's get off again! Imagine tomorrow, when we'll be bound up together for your birthday, barely able to move, sharing the same huge ball-gag, our arms bound together behind our backs, rubbing our naked boobs together, all sweaty, with that big, huge double-vibrator cramming our pussies, set on high, with tight clit-vibrators strapped-on, and vibrating anal beads up our asses!"

Sheila moaned lustfully, increasing her efforts as her clit and pussy heated up again. Gina got closer to her ear, whispering loudly. "Yes, my freaky little sis, we'll be stuck and wrapped together until we can't cum anymore, until we're drained, until one of us hums a little tune!" They both moaned sexily and neared climax. "The winner gets something REAL special. I'm not gonna tell you though!" As Gina stroked her long, thick hair, Sheila moaned and squealed, getting closer...

Mark listened outside the door, getting excited also, looking forward to tomorrow, as he heard them cum in a noisy, sexy crescendo. "I don't think this will be a short visit!" he thought.

The next day Mark came home at noon to take them to their favorite restaurant for a wonderful 18th birthday dinner. The waiter and waitresses serenaded Sheila and she loved it. They had pieces of cake with candles. Sheila made a wish and blew them out. "My wish has already come true, thanks to you guys!" she told them. "And later will be just incredible!" They had a Champagne toast.

They got back to the big condo and relaxed for awhile, all anxiously looking forward to the afternoon and evening's very special kinky, sexy celebration activities. Sheila talked to her father, along with Gina. He was very happy to hear she was having a great time there and thanked Gina and Mark profusely for having her for awhile. Nobody mentioned how long it might be. An air of anxious expectation hung in the living room when Gina announced it was enema time for her and her sister. "Here we go!" thought Sheila. In with the big plugs and warm cleansing solution, out with the messy stuff. All clear for the vibrating anal beads. First, they strapped on "butterfly" clit-bullet vibrators, tightly hugging their c-spots. They would be activated soon.

The ball-gag was a thing of beauty, with wide leather straps bisecting the 2 ½" red rubber ball at 30-degree angles off center diameter, so that when they each strapped it on tightly, their heads were angled off vertical 30 degrees, each having the ball jammed into her mouth as far as possible with the corners of their mouths pulled back by the straps and stretched lips just barely, tantalizingly touching each other's, nose-tips touching each other's cheeks, spewing hot breath, their pretty greenish and blue eyes angled off from each other, a mere inch or so apart as they knelt together on their memory-foam cushions, their crossed ankles vet-wrapped together. Gina gave her sister a wink.

They moaned in arousal already, as they inserted the big, fat double-headed flexible battery-powered dildo up into their pussies to the hilt, breathing hard now. They held it in place for now, their vaginas fully-crammed. It would be turned on later. Mark lubed the activated vibrating anal beads and slowly inserted the 5 flexible, connected 1 ½" diameter spheres into their assholes, deriving great pleasure out of it. Sheila gasped at each vibrating insertion, getting increasingly aroused as she breathed hard on her sister's cheek.

Now it was time to hold it all in place as he wrapped a long latex rubber strip tightly around their waists, drawing their bodies firmly together. At Gina's back he tied a long rubber strip around the waist-band and brought it through their crotches, pulling it tightly through to Sheila's band, under and over it, back through their moistening crotches, through Gina's waist band and back under, tying it off at Sheila's back, the wires and vibrator speed controls hanging out. The big dong was now embedded firmly, fully cramming their pussies, stretching them out. Each felt it was touching their cervixes. When Mark turned this monster on full-power, their epicenters would be rocked!

"Now the vet-wrap for your arms!" He wrapped Gina's wrists together tightly, progressing solidly up her arms as he had done so many times before at bed-time, nearly pulling her elbows together, going about 2/3 up her biceps, and over-wrapping back down, wrapping her hands tightly together also. He did the same for Sheila as the moaning and excitement increased, their hot breath on each other's cheek. With their arms bound tightly together, their breasts and pierced nipples were thrust out in hard contact against each other. They rubbed against each other excitedly, clicking their ringed nipples together. The big shared ball-gag held their jaws wide open and locked their heads together stiffly. If one moved her head, the other had to follow.

Next he wrapped their touching thighs tightly together with the vet-wrap. Then he got the roll of strong clear packaging stretch-wrap and wound it around them from their lower-thighs to their shoulders, compressing the steamy sisters into a tight bondage embrace, crushing their arms against their backs. To finish off, he wound it around their heads, leaving air circulation at the top and bottom of their heads. Now they were in full intimate, hot, sweaty contact, per Gina's specifications, breathing hard on each other and fogging the wrap around their heads. Their sweaty, squashed breasts heaved against each other, as they managed to rub their hard nipples together stimulatingly. They eagerly anticipated the huge, powerful double-dildo coming to life in their wet pussies along with their tight clit-vibrators, as they ground their hot, furry mons together and felt the anal beads rev up to full-power.

They moaned and blinked at each other as sweat ran down their foreheads. Suddenly, their vaginas were filled from top-to-bottom with vibrations of increasing intensity as he slowly turned the controls all the way up. Then the clit-bullets! They gasped, squealed and moaned sensually as the sensations intensified through their stuffed twats, reverberating through their sensitized, hot bodies. They noisily, lustfully gyrated and rubbed urgently together as Mark watched intently, stroking his hard cock. They strained against their strict bondage and each other, fueling each's desires. Here was Gina's fantasy she had dreamed of, which was now her sister's also!

Gina screamed and exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm, convulsing and feeling the ripple-effects tearing through her electrified bound body. She spasmed as her pulsing pussy contracted on the huge vibrator, juices spewing out, her vibrating clit going into over-drive as the continuing orgasm shook her to the core! She kept screaming into the big ball-gag, her hot breaths searing her sister's cheek, her stretched lips moving against hers. She jerked her head, forcing Sheila's to jerk. Sheila was amazed at the overwhelming intensity and duration of Gina's orgasms, feeling her own inevitable detonation fast-approaching. She felt her sister's contagious shuddering climaxes reverberate and transmit into her.

The climax that had been building unleashed itself upon her with amazing force and fury! Now they were both screaming and cumming and going ballistic! Mark was about ready to explode too! The sensations kept overwhelming them, as they fueled each other, their pussies, clits and asses feeling electrified! Bound thusly as they were, no matter how they shook and strained, they could not topple over. Multiple orgasms shook them both as they wondered how long it could go on, hollering, moaning and squealing behind their shared gag, sweating profusely, the stretched plastic wrapping their heads and bodies fogging and condensating. They tried to move their trapped, crushed arms and gyrate against each other, locked in their tight orgasmic bound embrace.

The pulsating seismic shock waves rippled through them from their quaking epicenters, transmitting back and forth into each other, prolonging the super-orgasmic event. Their hot, heavy breaths excited each other and they thrust their crotches rapidly, urgently and rhythmically together in fast, tiny motions, essentially screwing each other with the huge connecting dong in their tightly-wrapped sensual, sexual embrace. They sweated and came profusely. It went on and on, the strong vibrations relentlessly wracking their stuffed, super-sensitized orifices and clits, their lustful desires feeding off of each other, their steamy body heat radiating through their sweaty, tightly compressed bodies.

Mark had got off and wondered if one of them would soon give up and hum a release tune. No, they were enjoying and savoring this too much! They kept moaning and grinding and squealing and cumming and spasming, nearly hyperventilating in the plastic head-wrap that impeded their breathing. Finally the intensity and duration slowed and they breathed a bit easier, blinking their stinging, sweat-dripping eyes at each other. They eased their rubbing and thrusting out of sheer exhaustion and orgasmic overload, yet the strong vibrations deep into their vaginas and asses and against their clits continued to orgasmically assault them. Mark was under strict orders from his lady to leave the power settings all the way up. Their heaving hot bound, sweaty bodies and hot breath on each other's faces, along with their sexy, lustful moaning kept them in continuous arousal. Their sweaty perfume scents intoxicated each other. This was an ultimate fantasy for them and they were in this stringent, stimulating bind for the long haul!

Mark poured more wine and drank, thoroughly enjoying the continuing orgasmic show. He watched and admired them in silence as they periodically came and convulsed and made wonderful sexy noises. He looked at the clock. An hour had passed now. "Hey, ladies, it's been great! I'm going to turn the sound monitor on now and go downstairs! I'll come up if I hear someone humming a song, but until then, enjoy yourselves!" They mmphed back to him as he went below to use the laptop and turn on their monitor. Sheila started giggling and thrusting her pelvis against her sister rapidly as Gina began to crack up. They were high on the intimate tight bondage and multiple orgasms. Sheila tried to ask her what the winner gets, but it was all incoherent gagged gibberish. They drooled more on each other. They chuckled and slowly rubbed their hot, sweaty, smushed bodies against each other, cumming again, shuddering and moaning. The strong stimulating vibrations continued to relentlessly ravage them. They both imagined their pussies had never been so fully stuffed and stimulated. They came again and again as another hour passed. Mark was enjoying listening in immensely.

Now they were quite exhausted and wrung-out and let the wrappings hold them up, relaxing their muscles as much as possible. The batteries were getting drained and the vibrations slowly began to diminish, but they still trembled and orgasmed at pretty regular intervals. Now this was real sisterly love and togetherness! They stubbornly, happily endured their wonderful bondage embrace for another hour. Mark came up to watch them again. "Three hours now, ladies! Anyone ready to hum a tune??"

Together they mmphed a big 'No!' and made little rubbing, gyrating motions, getting each other off again. The batteries were nearly dead, but the huge shared, nubby dildo was stimulation enough for them. They moaned and panted as Mark shook his head and got aroused again. "Suit yourselves!" He went below for a snack. The tired, sweaty pair looked at each other in super-close blurry proximity, wondering how much longer they could remain bound thusly. They sighed and made tiny movements. Who would break? They were both stubbornly determined to outlast the other, discomforts, sweat and numbed hands be damned! Time slowly passed as they moaned and came a few more times. This was like a dream to them that they did not want to wake up from as they cherished this sexy bondage intimacy. A new phase had begun in their relationship.

They endured together for yet another exhausting, stimulating hour. Gina finally decided to give in, but not before she began her humping motions one more time, screwing her willing sister and herself into one more orgasm. She giggled in bound, satisfied, exhausted orgasmic delirium as they breathed hot on each other's cheeks, blinking at each other. Sheila giggled and moaned and sighed. Gina hummed "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and her sister chuckled in relief and triumph at the other end of the big shared gag. Their jaws and necks were sore, among other things. Their pussies felt raw.

Mark heard her on the monitor downstairs and came up. "Finally! Let's get you two stubborn bondage freaks cut out! Sheila wins this time! A special treat awaits you!" He cut the sweaty plastic wrap from around their heads and unstrapped them from the ball-gag. They wiggled their heads, pulling them apart as Mark held the straps out to the sides of their heads, pulling on them for tension. The large rubber ball popped out of Gina's mouth first, then Sheila's, as they drooled on each other's sweaty cleavage. They smiled and moved their sore jaws and necks around as Mark began cutting the rest of them free.

What a relief it was for their sore shoulders and semi-numbed arms! Lastly, he removed the tight, wet latex rubber strips from between their crotches and they slowly, sensually slid their wonderful, big shared implement of sexual ecstasy out of their sore pussies with tingling hands, dripping juices, sighing and moaning. They fell over on the cushions and rug in exhausted relief, giggling and looking lovingly at each other. It was good to be finally free and to relax and see clearly again. All they had seen for over 4 hours was their blurry eyes and cheeks. "I'll leave you two bondage love-birds to clean up and get those beads out of your asses!" he said. They lay there for a long time relaxing and smiling at each other.

"So, dear sister," said Sheila, "that was really incredible!"

"Yes, it was! Everything I'd hoped it would be!"

"Yeah! Now tell me what my reward will be!"

"A full day of bondage and mummification! Anything you want, as much as you can take!"

"Oh, boy" Sheila said as it sunk in and her imagination began to run amok. "Anything?? For a whole day?? 24 hours??"

"Sure! Anything within reason, that's safe and sane enough!"

Sheila's mind swirled. "Can I include you in on some of it?"

"I was hoping you would, dear sister!"

They laughed and smiled at each other. "Well, that can start tomorrow! I still have a bondage birthday wish to use up today! Tonight, after dinner!"

That night Gina slept in rare unencumbered, unbound fashion in Mark's arms while across the master suite a blissful mummy lay, completely wrapped and immobilized on the comfortable mummy-board, gag-pad filling her clamped mouth, catheter tube snaking out from her crotch, piss dripping into the bag. She sighed happily, straining against the super-tight layers of vet-wrap, unable to move at all. She wake-dreamed of the awesome, sexciting, super-strict bondage she would be put into tomorrow, especially the wonderful scenario involving her sexy sister. She hummed "Happy Birthday to me!" to herself and eventually drifted off to a light, exhausted mummy-sleep, her head filled with happy bondage dreams.

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