Mark's Story
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Author's Note: Long begining story has several parts under revisions. English not native language Greek is attempting to write better only 2 years English experience. My preference is set story up in first part then increase intensity afterward. Like to give details first then juicy stuff.

Update (2012/02/11): Again dear readers remember English is not native language and I'm trying to improve. May right more or maybe just give up don't know yet.

Part 1

To get started I feel obligated to give you a little introduction and some background information. My name is Mark Brown and I no longer have a real 9 to 5 job rather I work when I have an order and once complete take it easy. I produce custom bondage equipment and some unique torture devices. I specialize in women's items. I spent years at college learning to become an electrical engineer designer and that was after I found out that the nursing profession was not for me. Spent years on the nursing career I actually got to be a fully fledged registered nurse before I found out I could not stand it. Doesn't matter what you want it made out of I'll fashion it from whatever you want wood, plastic, metal, rubber or any other medium. I seem to have a talent for working with whatever. I've even made manacles out of gold and diamonds I produce quality stuff and sometimes it takes weeks to produce a piece so my price is really high. Some of my creations are body suits like the constrictor suit where the sub wears the multi layered rubber suit the dom takes and has a control that tightens up the suit around the waist and chest pushing the breasts out through the holes which has the same effect of binding the breasts tightly. The suit can be tightened to the point where the sub cannot breathe and will pass out after ninety seconds the suit releases the constriction so the sub can breathe again there is a heart monitor and emergency defibrillation unit built in that will start the sub's heart in case it needs it. That is only one of many that I have constructed it cost the dom just under three hundred thousand dollars it did more than that but the main use was breath control.

Well now you have some idea of what I do for a living it actually started as a furniture builder. My job laid me off and having no other income or family I had to come up with some way of paying the bills I took my hobby of wood working and sold some of the normal furniture I built at a flea market. I sold tables, chairs, cabinets, desks and small items picture frames etc. Tom Bedenba looked at my stuff one day and asked me if I could build custom items. I told him I had a complete woodshop and could build anything he wanted. He gave me his phone number and told me to call him when I got home did not matter what time. So after I packed up and got home I called him when he answered I told asked him what he had in mind. Tom asked if I had eaten yet I told him no I hadn't I was just going to grab a burger and some fries. Tom invited me to dinner at his place and gave me directions to it telling me that afterwards we would discuss what he wanted built. Tom must have been reading my mind I was thinking of the gas money I would have to spend, he told me that if I accepted for making the house call he would give me two hundred dollars for just showing up. I arrived thirty minutes later he had a huge place a gated driveway with a security guard at the gate. The guard asked me who I was and I told him he told me I was expected and that I should just go to the house.

I drove a minute or so very long driveway Tom was waiting on the bottom of the steps. Tom looked at me and my old beat up truck and handed me two hundred dollars cash. Tom said that is straight up front now I have something to tell you no matter who or what you see tonight it stays here behind the gates if you go telling people it you may find yourself in the hospital. I handed him the two hundred dollars back and told him I'd go home. Tom asked me to wait while he explained look I'm a lawyer for a very special group of gentlemen that like them enjoy certain things nothing illegal but it would be damaging if the general public found out I only want your assurance that what you see or who you may meet stays here. Ok I'll stay however I reserve the right to leave if I feel uncomfortable and I'll keep my mouth shut. Tom told me that was fair and handed me back the two hundred dollars I laughed and said this is well traveled.

The house we got to the front door and he opened it up the house was elaborately decorated and the furniture looked expensive just as the house itself was. Tom lead me down the hall to a small room that had a table and chairs setup. Tom told me to have a seat and it was then that I noticed the paintings in the room were all of women in various states of undress and bondage there were statues and looking closer the table we sat at had wooden bound women for table legs. I wanted so badly to just ask what the hell was going on but I figured that he and I suppose his friends had a real taste for bound women. Well a minute or so later a maid came into the room French maid with ankle cuffs and a chain between them she had a gag in her mouth and a leather collar that held her head up the tray was attached to her gloves which were laced up to her shoulders and strapped to her body at the elbows. There was three bowls of soup on the tray and one of the bowls was much larger so I figured it must be a serving bowl Tom put one in front of me and then took one himself. Tom took the third bowl and set it on the floor just then a naked woman with a bald head came into the room on her elbows and knees her arms and legs were bound so that was her only option. The woman ignored me and went to the bowl on the table she had a leather collar on with diamond studs on it. Tom was watching me I suppose waiting for me to ask what the devil was going on. I sat there and did not give him the satisfaction of asking anything at all. Well let's eat was Tom's remark and then patted the woman on the head and told her she could eat. I started eating and couldn't help noticing the woman could not use anything but her mouth to eat with she slurped up the soup and licked the bowl clean. When we got finished with dinner, the maid moved forward to the table Tom placed his bowl on the tray and with a hand motion bid me do the same afterwards the maid knelt down and the woman picked up the bowl with her mouth and went to place it on the tray. Disaster struck just then I got a good look at the woman at the same time I did she realized that we knew each other when that happened she dropped the bowl which broke on the floor. Tom reaction was swift and apparently without warning he pushed a button on a small box the woman shrieked and fell sideways to the floor she was whimpering and her eyes were tearing she looked like she was in some kind of pain. Tom told her to get in her box that she did not deserve any dinner and she has earned a severe punishment for breaking the bowl. I watched and followed with my eyes the woman crawled to the corner of the room where there was a little box that she crawled into. I asked Tom if I could have a word with him outside alone.

Tom got up and we walked further into the house and we went through a set of doors we were outside on a balcony overlooking the back yard which was huge. Tom asked me what did I want to say I looked at him and asked him how long has he known Marci. It was Tom's turn to look stupid he asked me where I knew her from I told him we had went to school together and had several classes in college together. Tom said he'd known Marci about two years and they were married six months ago. Tom asked me if I had taken Marci to the prom in high school. Yes I took her to the prom and we went to the beach afterwards and yes she was a virgin when we had the typical teenage fuck on the beach. Tom laughed and told me that he couldn't figure out what the odds would have been Marci and I would meet especially since we were two thousand miles from New Jersey we were in New Mexico. I looked at him and told him it must have been quite a shock for her to meet me again especially like she was. Tom looked at me and said yes it must have been quite a shock and that he could understand why she would have dropped the bowl. I asked him if this is what she really desired to live her life like this. Tom again looked at me and after some thought said well for tonight I suppose I should let her do some talking and explain. I would appreciate that Tom and this is the stuff you wanted me to keep quiet about your let's say lifestyle. Tom said ok for tonight I will change the rules and let Marci be Marci if she wants.

We got back to the room we were dining in and Tom called for pet. Marci came crawling out of the box and over to Tom she put her forehead on the floor in front of Tom. Tom told her that I told him about where and when we knew each other from and that she should just be Marci since he was going to ask me to make furniture for them. That since she knew me I would probably listen to her requests from her than him so it would be in their best interest if she just was Marci for tonight. Marci then sat up she put her ass on the floor and her arms at her sides her knees spread apart looked at me. She spoke saying good evening Mark I would have never thought in a million years you were into this type of lifestyle and that we would meet like this after what ten years. Marci I am not into this lifestyle and am having difficulty understanding why anyone would submit to being treated like you are. Marci looked at me and said Mark as I remember you both in high school and college you were always the righteous, perfectly correct gentleman, kind, considerate, and everything that a woman likes in a man. However there are some women like me that while we really appreciate your kind of man you are sexually not attractive to us. We prefer a man that just takes what he wants treats us in ways that you probably could not imagine and we actually enjoy it but sexually are so turned on by it we become slaves to the treatment having what people would consider normal sex is repulsive to us. I can take and do any sexual act and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it I can lick the shit out of Mark's ass and accept it because I don't have any choice I acknowledge that I gave it up and am comfortable in that fact. I know that Tom will never seriously hurt me or do me permanent harm.

So you will do whatever Tom tells you to do. Marci confirmed this and said it was not limited to Tom that if Tom wanted her to do something to say me she would eagerly provides whatever service was required. That if she did not come up to a certain standard' she expected to be punished severely that was part of the thrill for her. Marci also stated that she has been given to another master for a weekend or for whatever length of time Tom declares and during that time I will treat whoever just like I would Tom.

Well thanks for explaining it to me I really am at a loss as you said I don't think I would enjoy doing what Tom does and definitely not what you enjoy. Marci laughed and told me that the years had been good to me I still looked like I could wrestle a bull and win. I laughed and told her I still workout and lift weight still not as much as I used to and I limit myself to a four hundred pound inclined bench press. Tom looked and said so that's why you look like you were carved out of a piece of marble. Well probably that has something to do with it Tom I know that Marci is not being trapped into doing this against her will.

Tom said well Mark apparently, you have heard enough so Marci can go back to being pet again. With that Marci dropped to four points and started back to the box. Pet I have not told you to go back to the box you may finish eating and then we will show Mark what we want him to build. The maid returned with another tray it had a salad on it again one bowl went to the floor and pet ate it with only her mouth. The salad was followed by a steak and potatoes main course again eaten with just pet's mouth when dinner was finished Tom said let's have a cigar before we show you want I'd like you to build sure I don't smoke but I'll attend. After Tom's cigar we went to a home office with a computer Tom connected the Internet and pulled a bell pull. The maid showed up and Tom asked me if I wanted a drink I told him sure if he had any type of fruit juice it would be fine he got a scotch on the rocks. Tom laughed and said pet is right I asked if you want a drink and you, order fruit juice you don't smoke either. I told him well look at the shape I was in compared to his Tom did not laugh but admitted I looked a lot healthier than he did.

After the drinks arrived Tom had gotten on a website that dealt with bondage equipment. He went to a page and there was a four poster bed that had rings set into the posts and stocks in the foot board rings were also in various places on the sides and headboard of the bed. Tom said could I make that out of cherry wood. I laughed and told him piece of cake did he want a hope chest also to match. Tom told me that he wanted the stocks modified to Marci measurements so that they would hold her wrists, neck, ankles to the point where she would be unable to escape. Sure I'd also recommend that the actual holes be leather lined to prevent chaffing and marking. I also could put springs in the posts so that you could put leather cuffs on her and the springs would spread eagle her she would be unable to move any slack would be taken up by the springs. Tom asked me if I could put spring loaded rope in the front two posts to stretch her spread eagle in front of the bed. I told him it depended on what size posts he wanted and how strong the springs had to be but yes I probably could work it out. Tom showed me a box that held a woman in it so that she could not move and asked me could I do that. Sure I'd need exact measurement to fit Marci to the box and if Marci gained weight or lost weight the box would probably not fit well. But maybe I could come up with some kind of adjustable packing so that if she gained or lost weight I would only have to fabricate new packing. Tom was looking and asked me was I sure I did not want to treat women like this? I said what gives you the idea I would like to do that to a woman. Tom said you are coming up with some great ideas fast on how to improve that basic bed and box. I just laughed and told him it was in my nature to rapidly come up with new ideas fast then develop them. Tom told me that he would like me to build both the bed and the box he said the bed on the Internet cost around four thousand dollars and the box was fifteen hundred dollars. I told him that they were made out of pine and that cherry wood would cost around six thousand dollars just by itself. I told him that it would probably cost around twenty five thousand dollars but I would assure top of the line quality and a very good fit. I told him king size bed I suppose. Tom said of course and the best mattress and box spring. I told him that the price did not include that it would be the bed and box without the mattress. Ok you want what half down and the rest on completion. That sounds fair I'll also need to make several fittings so I get everything right for Marci.

Ok its done was Tom's remark well I will get the money and let us have coffee and cake. I went down to the room where we had dinner. Tom came in and paid me in cash the maid came in and brought coffee and cake on her tray. Tom called for pet and she came crawling over pet Mark will build the bed and a box for you so you will have to be fitted for the items. Now show him your appreciation and suck his balls dry. I told Tom that would not be necessary Tom told me it would be pet had to show her appreciation for me accepting the job. Pet was on all fours and had already unzipped my pants and she had already gotten my cock through the fly opening in the boxers. Tom was the one staring now I suppose he did not have a tool like mine. I'm six foot six and I've got a cock that a few women have run away from it's fourteen inches soft and nineteen hard it's about two and a half inches around and three inches hard. Tom told pet she's better do a good job and take it all or she'd be very sorry. Pet had about one third of my cock in her mouth I could tell she was probably not going to take it all. Pet shoved some more in her mouth now she had about half and she started to gag and her eyes started to water. All of a sudden she pulled herself off my cock and before she could turn her head or do anything she power puked all over my lap. Tom just sat there and looked shocked in a moment words got back into his head he told pet that she better clean it all up right now. Pet started licking her puke off my lap and she was gagging and mildly shaking.

I was getting an enormous erection and I did not know why that was happening. Here was a woman being humiliated beyond what I could have believed possible and it was turning me on. The effect was not missed by either Tom or Pet. My cock had the biggest erection than I ever remember and it was simply because I actually enjoyed Pet's situation. Just then Pet puked again and again she did it right in my lap. Tom tossed me a box and told me to press the button he said hold it down for about one minute. Pet looked into my eyes and I knew that the collar she wore would produce a lot of pain. As I looked back at Pet I faced my own personal moral dilemma could I cause her more suffering. I thought for a minute and looked again at that face tears were running down her face making some of the puke on her chin run off. In Pet's face I saw sorrow, sadness, remorse but behind that I saw a wicked look of her pending punishment. I pressed and held the button with the expected results Pet shrieked and fell sideways her body tightening up into a fetal position but somehow I enjoyed it. I watched as a thin coating of sweat made her body glow formed all over. I told Pet well thirty seconds more and it's over a groan escaped her mouth. When the minute passed I let go of the button and Tom asked me to follow him I stood up and wiped off my pants with the napkin and zipped up my fly. Pet was still crumpled up on the floor in a fetal position. Tom and I went back to the porch Tom lit up a cigar and said you enjoyed that don't deny it. Yes I did I had no idea that I would enjoy it but the look on Pet's face it was like she knew she was going to hate it yet she wanted and expected it. Tom told me I probably was hooked and I'd probably never enjoy vanilla sex ever again that I would see that same look on my partners face. Tom suggested I get a shower and he would have the maid wash my cloths. I looked at myself and I was a real mess covered in puke. Sure Tom that would be great he led me to a huge bathroom pulled a huge bathrobe out of a closet and said you can wear this till your cloths are ready. I removed my cloths and just put them on the floor and proceeded to remove the puke from me.

After I got out I noticed my clothes were gone and the contents of my pockets on the sink counter. I dried and put the stuff in the pockets of the robe. I went downstairs and went looking for Tom he was talking to Pet who was on her elbows and knees her forehead was on the floor. Tom noticed me and asked me to follow him I followed him Pet remained where she was just like she was. Tom asked me to stay the night in a spare room and before going to bed would I like to watch or help punish Pet for her lack of performance tonight let along the puking on me. I told him I was under the impression that incident was over with. Tom told me not by a long shot Pet would be made to suffer more and he thought I really needed to help or at least watch. Surprisingly it only took a minute to decide and I told Tom that I probably would enjoy it and would take him up on his offer. Tom said that Pet predicted that I would accept the offer and that she hoped that I would take part in her punishment before giving her a chance to give him the best head he ever had. I looked at Tom and told him that I doubted very seriously that Pet could take my whole cock it's just too big and believe me there have been a few women that tried. The night that Marci went to the prom with me and to the beach later where we had sex after seeing what I had insisted that she take the top to avoid tearing her up. That I've never had a woman to take it all even some that after seeing it left.

Well perhaps the other women did not have the proper motivation and as far as taking the whole cock he was sure that Pet could take it all in her ass or cunt. I looked at him and he said Pet has been stretched and it would take a few minutes but she'd be able to take it all. Enough talk let's start Pet's punishment.

We went back to where we left Pet and sure enough she was still there unmoved. Tom handed me a leash and told me attach it to the collar. I noticed that there were several places to attach items and asked him any particular one? Tom told me that there was one that had a little metal cable or cord on it use that one. Tom said that if Pet lagged behind or I felt the need just tug the leash and it would motivate her to move along. I don't know what made me want to try it out but I gave the leash a quick tug and Pet jerked and looked up at me as we walked along. Tom stood in front of a bookcase and swung a section open inside was a huge dungeon with all manner of things hung from the walls and there were draws I don't know what in them.

I was looking around and Tom said lets stretch Pet and give her a good whipping for starters. Tom when to get some restraints and I told Pet to sit it was like she ignored me so I tugged on the leash when she got her composure back she sat down like a good dog. I was looking around and I wanted to get a closer look at something I told Pet to stay and went to look at some of the items. Tom came over and asked if I had any ideas well possibly I told him. Tom asked if I'd like to give Pet a full body strapping I looked at Tom and said I've never done that and probably would damage her. Tom laughed and said that it is true that some would cause lasting damage there are also training straps, whips, floggers, cat tails, and a lot more. Training equipment can inflict a lot of pain however look close at the handle of this strap. When I looked I noticed a meter on the handle it had two area's one green and one red. Tom explained that the handle contained a force gauge and when too much force would occur the handle and the strap part company saving the sub from damage. The Dom has to reattach the strap or whip and then can continue the strapping or whipping. Your sure that no damage can be done I asked Tom. No, you will not be able to break the skin but you can leave welts the idea is not to keep hitting the same area if you kept hitting the same area you would break the skin but two or three strikes in the same spot no way.

I called Pet over to the center of the room when she crawled over there Tom and I removed the tape that folded her arms and legs. I asked Tom what kind of tape it was not sticky but it held together really strong stuff also. Bondage tape no adhesive it sticks only to itself two layers and forget about tearing it off. Tom and I got leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles attached them to spreader bars and fastened the bottom spreader bar to the rings in the floor the top one to an electric winch which Tom pulled up till Pet was off the ground and pulled tight. I walked around Pet and I noticed a large sprayer on the side of the wall. I asked Tom what it was for and he just looked at me and told me that the butler must have put it in here instead of giving it to the grounds keeper. So it's never been used I take it cause if it hasn't been I might have a use for it. We inspected it and found that after we unscrewed the cover it had the instructions in it. I told Tom that I had an idea to punish Pet if he wanted to listen to it. Sure I figure you are the one she puked on so I'll give you a hand if you need it but I'll just watch if that's ok with you.

Let's take the sprayer to the kitchen we need some stuff in there. Tom and I carried the sprayer to the kitchen he asked what I wanted I told him ice, water, salt in the sprayer. I figure I'll spray her down with that and it will give her a chill do you remember when it was cold outside and someone thumped your ear it stung like hell.

Well I figure I'll spray her down and chill her then release her from the spreader bars. Lock her wrist cuffs to the back of her collar and put oh let's say a ten inch spreader on her thighs just above the knees. Do you have those wicked clamps that tighten up the more you pull on them? If you do I'll clamp her nipples and use the winch to pull them up till she gets on her toes and then use a strap on her back and ass and legs. Tom again asked me if I'd ever done this before since I seem to know what would make a creative punishment like that. No, I've never done it however I have done some reading although Marci correctly figured me for a perfect gentleman and a nice guy she did not take into consideration that I've never really had the opportunity.

Tom said that the way I wanted to position Pet for the strapping she probably would try moving a lot but if her nipples were in the clover clamps that would cause considerable pain. I asked would the clamps cause permanent damage to her nipples? No, they certainly can be very painful but even though they tighten up when pulled they can be pulled off a nipple Pet has done it. Pet also told me that she would never do that again since her nipples hurt for a week afterward. Well let us fill the sprayer with ice, water, and salt give it a few minutes to cool down, and then we can start. Tom said that my plan was absolutely evil and he also said he would lower the temperature in the room to sixty degrees which is the coldest the air conditioner would make that room. The sprayer holds about ten gallons of water in the sprayer that will wind up on the rug. How about we tape up some trash bags and put a blanket on the bags to soak up the water that way we catch most of the water before it is on the carpet. If we blindfold her first before we do anything, she worries about what we are doing and that would be great. The room will be cooling down and she will hear us but have no idea what we are up to. That alone will drive her crazy don't you think?

Well the first thing Tom did was walk into the playroom and blindfolded Pet then turned down the temperature. We worked on the bags and the blanket she heard the noise of the plastic and kept turning her head around trying to figure out what was happening. I noticed a ring gag and not saying a word to pet put my finger on her chin pushing down she opened her mouth I put the ring gag in and tightened up the strap hearing a moan. I stepped back turned the sprayer on made a small humming noise, that must have really bothered her she started to tremble a little, and I wondered whether it was from the temperature dropping or from fear. I started watering Pet with the ice-chilled water as soon as it touched her skin she jerked and jumped as much as her restraints would allow. After I completely soaked her body, I started on her hair and used what was left over maybe a gallon to spray on her face and in her mouth. I thought she was making noise before she really was making noise when I was spraying the cold salty water in her face and mouth. When I ran out of water, I got the clover clamps and put them on her nipples that got no reaction. I released her body from the tension it was under and clipped both wrists to her collar. Removed her feet from the spreader bar and put a twelve-inch thigh spreader on her. I removed her ring gag and Tom looked at me as if to wonder why I removed it. I tensioned up the clover clamps and noticed Pet started to rise up on her toes to relieve the pull on her nipples.

I walked over to the wall of implements and found a two inch wide strap without any warning swings I simply let one go across Pet's ass. The effect was what I expected she moved and in doing so tortured her own nipples. I did not rest but continued the attack on her legs, thighs, back, calves, and even managed to strike above the spreader and land a shot on her pussy. She was quiet for the first few shots but that did not remain she was screaming and crying and howling with pain. She could not remain still for the strap and that caused the nipples to be tortured. I did not know which was more painful the strap or the clamps. Pet appeared to lose the ability to stand on her toes and I figured it was enough at least for now.

I looked at Tom and he was standing there with a look of disbelief on his face. I said, I believe she has had enough of this at least for the moment. Tom agreed I noticed that Pet was trying to stand up again on her toes but her muscles in her legs must have been either tired or too sore to achieve that. I said well Tom lets get some more ice water and spray her down again. Just then Pet started to beg no please no more water use the strap on me or anything else but no more water please sir. Tom appeared to get mad and told Pet since when do you take it upon yourself to beg for an alternate punishment? Mark let us get some more water maybe we can find a way to really make it cold this time. Pet sounded like a wounded animal she was sobbing and crying and sounded so pitiful. Tom said pick up the sprayer and let us go to the kitchen. I picked it up and we left with Pet wailing in the dungeon. I said Tom your not serious about spraying her with more water are you? Tom laughed and said no I just want her to think about it, by the way I think you did an excellent job I've not heard her beg or sob like that before. Tom what next I don't think she can stand much more I have in a short time driven her to the breaking point or so it would seem. Tom agreed and said well let us fill the sprayer and we will give her the option of either giving you the blow job of your life or spraying her with water again.

When we returned to the dungeon Pet had managed to get back on her toes but was unsteady and rocked back and forth between up and down. Tom removed her blindfold and told her she had a choice water or blow job if she puked again or gagged Tom would repeat the water and strapping all over again. Pet pleaded for another chance to give me a blow job. He released her tits and removed the thigh spreader. Pet crawled over and started licking my cock which started to stand to attention almost immediately. I was sitting down and Pet took her time but, as I figured was unable to swallow the whole cock. With tears in her eyes she told Tom that I was simply too large for her to do a proper job and she would gladly offer her ass or pussy instead. Tom told her that he was disappointed that she could not do what she was ordered to do. Tom thought a moment and told her to prepare for another strapping and she got up and stood over where she had previously. Tom picked up the clamps and Pet just stood there while he put the clamps back on and then attach the chain to the hoist. I looked at Tom and shook my head no. Tom took and removed the chain from the hoist. Tom told Pet she would be allowed to service me with her ass however this was the last concession and she had better take all of it.

Tom said he needed another smoke and would I join him. I went to join him on the terrace. He asked if I felt comfortable to fuck her in the ass. I told him I would never require anyone to take it all since it was so large. He said, she should be able to take at least half and let it go at that. I told him ok we would see. Tom said Pet would apply the lube to my cock and all I had to do was just aim and she would ride it.

Well we returned once again to the dungeon and Pet was on her knees head down waiting for us. Tom took and grabbed a tube of lube and squirted in to Pet's mouth she then came over to me and I sat down. Pet took and lubed my cock with the lube in her mouth going back twice for more from Tom. Tom said get some of those small pillows on the shelf and use them to kneel on. I removed two of them knelt on them Pet moved in front of me and started backing up. I went to reach my cock and guide it Pet said there is no need I will find its target. Pet then deftly lined up the head of my cock with her anus she did not fool around she just impaled herself on it about half way in her arms buckled a little but she kept pushing back. Pet felt my balls on her ass and started pumping she was gripping my cock with her ass and I could hear sniffles coming from her. I asked her what she thought of my cock and she told me it was wonderful it was opening her ass up and it felt like it was ripping her in two pieces it was so large. I felt the stirrings of me wanting to come I grabbed her hips and started driving it in wildly and she started to whine some. When I finally released my load into her ass, it was wonderful I paused a minute and started to soften so I pulled out. Pet turned around and cleaned my cock with her mouth and tongue. I told Tom that I would consider the prior wrongdoing paid for in full.

I told Pet thanks and asked Tom where the spare room was as I was tired. Tom said Pet would show me where it was and she started crawling out of the room. I followed her and she led me to the spare room where the bed was already turned down. Pet said that she was sore but really enjoyed being impaled by the huge piece of meat I carry. I told her I am glad she enjoyed it well I need to get some sleep.

Part 2 (added: 12/08/2011)

I slept well that night and had some really strange dreams about finding a woman like pet to have as my own. When I woke up I went into the bathroom for the morning piss and found my cloths all clean and folded on the vanity. I took a shower and got dressed the maid met me and told me Tom was having breakfast on the balcony that I should join him. I joined Tom and he rang for the maid who took my breakfast order. Tom asked if I slept well and I told him like a rock that I had not slept that well for quite a while. Tom asked if I was ready to get started on the projects he asked about the bed and the chest for Marci. Sure it will take about two weeks to get in the cherry wood since it is custom ordered and not stocked by the local lumber yards. Tom asked if there was a supplier that was stocked it. I thought about it and told him it would be fastest to search the Internet and see as I did not know of any off hand.

We went to Tom's office and fired up the computer after some searching around found a lumber dealer that advertised specialty woods. It was about two hundred miles away but it was the closest one. Tom informed me that he would pay extra to get the box done first and give a bonus if I could finish it in a month. Ok I'll see what I can do but I don't make any promises since If I don't like the work I will not deliver it. It has to meet my own personal standards. Tom agreed and asked if I needed anything other than money to get started. I informed Tom that I needed to know what position Marci would be in and of course to take a first set of measurements. Tom agreed and asked what I needed to get the information. I cloth non stretching tape like a tailor uses and of course Marci.

Tom rang for the maid and told her bring a tape measure to the exercise room and then told me to follow him. We went down the hall and a down a set of stairs to the basement a complete gym was there and Marci was on an exercise bike. Tom walked over and looked at the electronic counter/timer the reset button had a small combination lock on it to prevent it from being reset. Tom saw the look and informed me that Marci had to meet certain goals and only he could reset the counter. Tom told her to stop and take off her rubber exercise outfit so she could be measured. Marci was covered in sweat and I told Tom we needed to figure out what position she needed to be in for the box.

Tom told me the fetal position with her arms behind her back like she would have an arm binder on. I told Tom that she should be wearing an arm binder for measurement and the box would not require the arm binder. Tom left and came back with a rubber arm binder that had a ton of straps and laces. Marci got her arms together and Tom put some straps on to hold it in place while he got the laces ready. Tom looked at me and informed me that he has never gotten this binder closed completely since he just did not possess the strength to close it. He explained that while Marci claimed to be able to take more he did not have the strength to overcome the rubbers resistance. He asked me to see if I could either get it closed or Marci to cry uncle and admit that she could not take it. I started tightening the laces and the first ten inches were not hard at all to close.

The next two or three I found the laces cutting into my hands. I thought about it and told Tom that while I have the strength to close it the laces were cutting into my hands when I pulled on them enough to close them. I asked Tom if he had a couple of screw drivers. He got some and I used the handles to wrap the lace around when I needed to pull on the laces. I was able using this method to close the laces up to about two inches below Marci's elbows at which time I told Tom we needed to put some kind of pad between the elbows since the amount of pressure would damage the tendons in the elbow without some padding. Tom got a thick sponge from a cleaning closet and we put that between the elbows. I continued to close the gap and now another problem was evident I was starting to pick Marci off the ground with the force necessary to close the binder. Tom said it's time to tie her down to the platform we secured Marci to a padded platform so she could not move she still had not complained any at all. I asked Marci how she was holding up and she told me that it was still not tight enough to make her cry uncle. In just a short time I finished closing the arm binder. Marci was sweating a little and that caused me a little concern. Marci commented on the tightness of the sleeve and also that no matter how she tried to move her arms or hands the rubber simply forced it back when her muscles tired. Tom and I unstrapped her from the platform and now used the rubber straps of the arm binder to make Marci a folded little ball. Marci asked me to tighten the straps up more Tom nodded his approval saying that he simply could not pull tighter. I pulled the straps tighter until I noticed she was apparently having a slight problem drawing breath. I told her that was tight enough Marci asked me to tighten them up after a few minutes. I told her we will see about that and I started taking measurements.

I spent about forty five minutes taking measurements and Tom wrote down what I told him. Marci told me she wanted the straps tighter and I told her no she was still not able to speak a whole sentence without having to gasp for a breath. Which told me the straps were more than tight enough to give in to her request may make them too tight.

I told Tom I was finished and when he paid me the advance I'd start to work on the box. Tom started to leave and I was following we passed a lot of bondage equipment and I asked Tom how big a gag could Marci have fitted into her mouth? Tom walked over to a shelf and picked up one it looked like it would be impossible to put in her mouth but he assured me it would fit. It had a hole in it so she would be able to breathe if her nose got stopped up. I measured it and told Tom ok let's go. Tom and I went upstairs and Tom gave me several thousand dollars. I told him thanks and I'd call him when I needed Marci for a fitting and Tom asked if I could bring it here for a fitting. I told Tom I would have to drag all kinds of tools it would be much easier to bring her to the shop. Tom then agreed and I left to start the project.

Three weeks later I call Tom and tell him that he needs to bring Marci over to my shop. Marci and Tom come over the next day and Marci is scratching like crazy. I ask what is the matter and she tells me she hasn't worn cloths in quite a while and is finding them irritating to her skin. I take and show them the shop and in the center is the box. It is polished cherry wood and I did not bother to actually ruin it by sealing it with a varnish or other chemical finish. I instead polished it with linseed oil and a lot of work. Both of them were really impressed and I told them that every once in a while it would have to be oiled again. Tom assured me that would be no problem and really enjoyed the way the wood looked.

Ok Marci it's time to see what I need to change if anything for a proper fit for you. I opened the box and told Marci she would need to get naked. She came out of her cloths in about one minute. She stood there with her hands behind her back waiting and I put a small box in her right had it had holes for her fingers that ratcheted down so it was impossible for her to get it out of her hand. This is a panic button the box will be extreme and you will once inside be completely isolated and unable to signal if you are in trouble. This box will signal Tom so he can let you out of the box all you have to do is reach the side with your thumb and press the recessed button. It will also monitor your pluses and oxygen content in your blood if either goes into a dangerous state it will automatically signal Tom. I also had a set of ear plugs that fit into Marci's ears they are actually ear bud's so that I could give her instructions.

I told Marci to kneel in the box and she did and I told her to grasp her elbows and get as low as she could. The packing I shaped was just like a glove Marci remarked how comfortable it was. I told her we had not applied the first strap yet and don't believe it would stay that comfy. I picked up the top well if top you could call it more like one fourth of the box that fitted on the other it had padding in its top that would fit on top of Marci and make it impossible for her to move when locked down. I picked up the mike and told Marci to press the panic button. The alarm box went off and I reset it. I told Marci that the lid was only setting on top and I was going to start closing it as I do if you run into problems press the button and we will open it and fix the problem if you understand press the button. Marci pressed the button and again the alarm box went off I reset it. I told Tom he had to be quiet and I had to listen to the box. I started to apply pressure to the lid and a clicking noise became apparent. At twelve clicks I stopped and asked Marci if she felt any build up of pressure. Marci pressed the button and I reset the box. I asked Marci if she could take more she pressed the button and again I reset the alarm box. I applied pressure again and after another twelve clicks I told Tom the box was fully closed. Marci we are going to wait a few minutes and if you need out you can press the button. I told Tom that the box had ratchets if Marci was unable to stand the box completely closed I'd fix the box to close to a point she could. I told him we should wait about thirty minutes and see how she stands it. I asked if he wanted a cup of coffee and when he agreed we got some brewing in the kitchen. Thirty minutes later I opened the box and Marci sat up she was sweating and I asked her how she liked the box. Marci said, "it very hot in there and I could stand it longer if the air was not quite so stuffy." I reached down and removed a section of the padding where her face was. I took a rubber phallus and attached it to the bottom. I replaced the original packing with one that had a hole in it to accommodate the phallus. Marci looked at it and I told her I took the measurement for it from the largest one she handles. I also got a plastic eye shield and put it on Marci. I told her and Tom that the eye shield was necessary for the next part of the fitting it would keep pressure off Marci's eyes while I applied pressure to the rest so that Marci would be unable to move. I told Marci time to get back into the box and be sure to get the entire phallus in her mouth. Marci lowered herself back to the box and there was a slight moan when she got the phallus in her mouth.

I told Tom I know that I can put the lid on and get it as tight as it was made to go. Now I will use the second thing I built into the box it is two air bags one in the top and one in the bottom. The end result Tom is I can tighten up the inside of the box to an incredible tightness. I picked up the mike and told Marci that when the box got too tight press the panic button. I got out the air compressor I use and put a fitting on the hose and connected it to the box. I allowed the regular to start low and increased it after about fifteen minutes the alarm box started to go off. I stopped the air flow and then asked Marci with the mike if she was ok press the button. The alarm box went off and again I reset it. I asked Marci if she wanted to wait thirty minutes and try to see if she could take any more. The box went off and I told her fine the box is reset if you run into problems set it off and we will let you out.

While we wait Tom when we find the maximum pressure it will stay sealed like that so when you put Marci in the ratchet mechanism will be the way to adjust the pressure. You will always have to have her wear the eye shield or the pressure may be too much on her eyeballs. The phallus gag is also a requirement as it allows her to draw air from outside the box. You will know that you can press the lid all the way down or not but all the way will be maximum tightness. I don't want Marci to get hurt so the air bags will be fixed so that they will not accept any more pressure than what I set them for. Tom said I thought of everything for Marci's safety yet the box looks like a hope chest. I told him that was the point to have it set at the foot of the bed or it could be used to transport Marci with the aid of a hand truck.

Well its been thirty minutes and lets see what Marci can take now if anything. I pulled out another box and looked at the readout it showed that Marci's pulse was about eighty three and her oxygen content was still at ninety eight percent. Well let's add some more pressure and I started adding pressure still no alarm from the panic box. The pressure almost doubled and then the panic alarm went off. I looked at the monitor and the pulse rate was up to ninety five and the oxygen level was down to ninety five percent. I gave Tom the mike and told him to ask her if she could stand that if so the fitting was done. Tom told her if she could stand it that she should not press the button just accept it. We heard no complaint from Marci and I told Tom if you want I'll carry the box home for you in my truck with Marci in it. Tom looked and said that sounds like a great idea.

Ok well I'll take the alarm box and the mike you need to tell Marci that you decided to keep her boxed for the night unless she needs to get out in that case press the panic alarm. After Tom informed Marci of her fate I picked up the box and stood it up on its end. I put it on a hand truck and into the garage to the waiting truck. I put the box in the truck and with a couple of straps secured it in place. The thirty minute drive was uneventful and there was no panic alarm.

Arriving at the house I unloaded the box and carried it inside. Tom had gone around the back to the garage to open the door for me. Before Tom closed the door a van pulled up and a couple got out. Tom greeted them and they came inside the house. A brief introduction was done and the couple remarked about the box saying it was a piece of true craftsmanship. John asked Tom if he and pet were ready for the weekly game of bridge. Tom told him it would take a few minutes to set the game up and rang for the maid who informed us that the room was already setup. Tom told John that Pet was in the box and that I created the box for them. The woman Jane went to the box and felt it then called for pet. I laughed and told her she couldn't hear and even if she did she would never be able to make enough noise to be heard.

John looked at Jane and told her to get the bag out of the car. She left and came back with a bag she handed him. Jane next removed all of her cloths and turned her back to John. John went inside the bag and removed some ropes and started to tie Jane in quite efficient way within twenty minutes she had lost the use of her arms, hands and could only walk in very small steps. Tom asked me to open up the box. I showed Tom a key and then inserted it into a slot on the side of the box. Tom this is how it works it's not like a regular key you turn it to the right a quarter turn then back to the center turn it to the left a quarter turn and the box clicked one time. This insures that the pressure is not released too fast that pet has a chance to get used to it if you need to release it right now in one shot you use the second slot below this one and turn to the right. But this time we will use the first slot and be gradual with the release. In just a couple of minutes the lid was off and pet was slowly getting up. She was working her jaw and finally greeted John and Jane who she addressed as slave. Well I'll be getting on home Tom and I'll get started on the other project. John asked Tom if Jane could try out the box. I turned around and said no the box is crafted for Marci and to have Jane try it would be dangerous for Jane.

I explained to everyone that the box had been custom fitted for Marci and as Marci could tell everyone when she was in it the box squeezed her everywhere equally except on the neck where it was snug but not crushing. Tom and John said that Marci and Jane had always swapped restraints and equipment without any problem.

I told Tom I'd buy the box back because I did not want anyone to get hurt in it. Tom asked if I put Jane in the box and if Jane could not take it he would pay me double and not ever try to put someone else in the box or anything I custom make. Fine John had slave undone in just a few minutes. Jane knelt in the box and I put the eye protection on her and the trigger device for the panic alarm. Slave bent over and took the gag in her mouth I put the lid on and then clicked the lid down two clicks. The panic box went off and I used the second slot to release it. Slave sat up as soon as I had the box open and she was coughing and gasping. Slave looked at pet and asked how she could stand the box it choked her and pinched her neck so bad she couldn't breathe at all. I told everyone that the box was fitted for Marci and that I made it so that the position Marci would be forced to accept would not be painful but the compression would be very intense. I told them I believe Marci was after the feeling of being hugged all over at the same time not just a painful experience. I reminded Tom of the original fitting with Marci bound on the platform. I took over two hundred measurements and one of those was the way Marci held her neck and head when she wasn't doing anything but just staying quiet. Slave has hair and a slightly longer neck so that the box would not be a fit for her.

Part 3: End of contract (added: 2012/02/11)

With my explanations done I told everyone that I would be leaving and returning to work on the other project that I had several plans for. I told Tom that I would need Marci again for that project and that I had some special requirements for him to prepare before Marci came and was fitted for that project. Tom just nodded to me and told me he would show me out. Tom mentioned to me that the bridge game was forgotten about he told me that they normally play tomorrow and due to a problem they changed it to today. I looked at Tom and told him what goes on in his home is his business. I told him that there wasn't a reason in the world he had to explain anything to me since it was his home.

It took six weeks more for me to finish the bed I had made several great improvements on it. Not only could Marci be spread on the bed or at the foot of the bed, but there were the stocks, and a special drawer that slid under the bed. The bed also was like a hospital bed it's head and feet section would raise up. I had just finished the final touches and called Tom. I called Tom and asked if it was a good time to come over. Tom informed me to come on over and asked if the bed was ready. I told him that the bed was almost ready that what I needed was to have Marci ready and fit make the necessary adjustments.

I picked up my bag and left for their home. I was greeted by Tom on arriving there. I asked where Marci was he told me she was in her box. Ok I need her to put this rubber suit on so that she will be ready for tomorrow's fitting. I told him the suit was special it would monitor her temperature and feed her liquid and let her cool down if necessary; the suit would be tight and would isolationing from any outside stimulation. I asked him if Marci could endure it till I fitted her for the bed. The idea is that her muscles and tendons would be pliable and also so relaxed from exhaustion so that we could get the maximum tightness for the bed stretcher. I told Tom that once Marci was in the suit it would be more restrictive than the box. There was also no panic alarm that once she was in it if she panicked we would have no way of knowing. She would not even be able to trigger the box alarm even if we fitted her with it. Her hands would be completely useless to her. Tom said Marci would accept it or whatever he told her to accept. No, that is not how this part works she has to understand what this suit is capable of before submitting to it. Tom finally agreed to my rules.

We let Marci out and I told Tom I would explain it that he could leave the room and I'll talk to Marci alone. He left I explained to Marci about the suit telling her that once installed into it she would just have to accept it. The suit will monitor her vitals and allow her to survive but nothing more. It will not take into account her mental state so if she panicked no one would realize it to release her from the torment. If she accepted the suit then tomorrow I would set up the bed to insure the restraints would not harm her but be very tight. I told Marci that for a while after the suit was removed I doubted she would be able to have enough strength to raise one of her hands, that the suit was designed to tire out her muscles to the point where she would be temporary so weak that movement would be impossible. I told Marci to think about it and I went to get Tom.

Marci was prostrate on the floor and asked what master wanted her to do. I quickly spoke up and told her it was her choice not his in this matter. Marci asked if this was the only way to be fitted for the bed. I told her no it wasn't but it was the most effective and it allowed for reaching the maximum without really putting her joints and tendons in any real danger. Marci told me she would put the suit on. Ok well when was the last time you ate? Tom spoke and told me they had dinner early. Great then Tom we give Marci an enema till the enema comes out clear should be about two or three at most four. We went to the play room since it was specially setup for what we would need.

Tom put Marci in some rigid metal stocks that held her in the perfect enema position. Tom produced an enema nozzle like I'd never seen before. Tom explained that it was a large inflatable bartex nozzle that it used liquid to inflate it instead of air and was controlled by the pump he was going to hook up. Tom informed me that the pump kept the correct amount of pressure on the two bulbs and kept pressure on the enema liquid itself. The pump is both a pressure pump and vacuum when the time was up the pump would extract the enema and then refill Marci with clean enema solution. Tom brought over this cart it had two clear five gallon jugs on it and some half inch tubing. Tom explained that the rig he is using was made by a friend of his a doctor that specialized in stomach and intestine problems. The rig would keep the enema solution at the desired temperature and when it removed the solution with the fecal matter monitored the content level of it. So that when the subject has had ninety five percent removed it would signal an alarm. I told Tom that would be enough but could be get more? Tom thought a moment and said if we use a stronger soap solution we probably could, he also said it would make the cramps a lot more intense. Just then we heard Marci groan and I asked her why she groaned. There was silence and I asked again why she groaned? Tom told her to answer me or she'd be really sorry about it. Marci spoke up saying that the normal cramping from the rig was awful she could not imagine what it be like with a stronger solution. Tom said then we will make the solution much stronger and see how that does. Marci just groaned and Tom said for that I'll add another ten minutes between cycles and make it fifteen degrees hotter another groan and I'll add more pressure. Marci did not make any more sounds or say any more.

We went to get the bottle filled and on the way in the playroom I noticed a large two handed massager. Tom said that it was a thumper for someone's back that it was strong enough to actually shift the vertebras back into alignment. I told Tom it would be great to put the massager under Marci and vibrate her stomach and lower intestines to loosen her fecal matter up. Tom looked at me and asked me how I think of these things that they are diabolical. Tom said, he had to make a phone call to the doctor that designed the rig he wants to ask a couple of questions about it. Tom called the phone number and someone Frank answered Tom asked him what the highest soap ratio was and could he put the massager tight to Marci stomach and lower intestines. They spoke a few minutes and then Tom laughed as he hung up the phone. Of course I asked what was so funny that he was laughing. Tom said, Frank thought that the massager was a great idea and that it should prove to be too much for Marci he figures that Marci will be begging for him to shut it off. When she does start to Frank told him that he should make a deal that he tries a new solution and that if she keeps quiet during that fine if not he turns on the massager again. I asked what the new solution would consist of. Tom said, it consists of coffee grounds, red pepper, white pepper, soap and of course water Tom said that Frank told him that he knew of no one that could hold that for more than five minutes without begging and pleading for relief.

Well let's find out then we got the hot water ready and the soap. We returned to Marci with the five gallons of hot water and soap and the massager I looked around and found a couple of leather straps and strapped it into place. I plugged it in and turned it on you could see her muscles on her sides and back move I couldn't imagine what the stomach and intestine was doing. Well Tom said, let's get Marci hooked up. Tom took the half inch hose and screwed the hose to the two inflatable bulbs. Tom asked me to pass him the lube and I had brought some maximum strength Ben gay muscle rub I handed him that and he smiled yes that it. Tom applied it liberally to the bulb that gets inserted. Tom played with it some putting it in and sliding it out slowly and shoving it back slowly. A few minutes of this and Marci used her word to get permission to speak. Tom granted it and Marci said, that must be some kind of lube it was getting warm or was Tom shoving it in and out to make it warm. No, Tom told her that it was probably the maximum strength Beg gay muscle rub that he used to lube it. Marci in a rather loud voice asked why the fuck he did that it was getting really hot. Tom told her that it was my idea as I brought it with me. Marci again complained it was just too hot it felt like a red hot poker was being driven up her ass. Tom told her to be quiet if she knew what was good for her. Tom set the pump up and pressed the start button. I watched as a blue fluid was being pumped up two separate lines and Tom said that is to inflate the bladders one in and one out. Marci was quiet and evidently not in any kind of distress yet. I noticed that Marci was starting to wiggle her ass around some and Tom said any minute the enema would start that the wiggle was Marci trying to make is somewhat comfortable. Marci spoke out, "saying no shit Sherlock the bladders are way to large". Tom said one more outburst like that and I'll gag you so tight you'll be more worried about your jaw. I told Tom are you sure you want to do that it might be interesting to see how much she complains before she goes to screaming and crying. It was Marci's turn to laugh she told me that she'd never screams because it hurts and very seldom begs to have it stop. Tom confirmed this and I told Marci that I'd make a bet that she was screaming before we were finished cleaning her shitty ass out.

Well the enema solution started to be introduced into her ass and she never said anything. Then the pressure started and she was not still anymore but trying to get comfortable. The pressure was at ten pounds and I told Marci well let's get the shit loose and turned on the massager on the low setting. Marci called me a bastard and I noticed that she was biting her lip some. I told Tom well lets go for broke and went to the high setting skipping the medium setting. It took less than a minute Marci was begging to babble and ask to have it turned down. I told Marci I thought she very seldom begged and If she kept quiet I'd turn it down after the enema emptied in about thirty minutes. In ten minutes she was crying to Tom to ease up on her. I told Tom if he eased up then she was actually going to get away with not screaming, if we continued she'd be screaming in less than ten minutes. Tom said, your rights normally when she gets to this stage I'll give in lets see how long she can take it. Marci called me a bastard again and that she'd never scream now she'd pass out first. I asked Tom what the maximum pressure was that was acceptable for the enema. Tom said, Frank told him that twenty pounds would be safe even with the massager. I looked at the pump it was sitting at fifteen pounds under the gage was a knob that was marked increase or decrease I turned it up some and the pressure rose to twenty pounds. Marci was now sweating a log she was covered in it. I looked at the straps holding the massager and found that they were loose due to the sweating and what limited movement Marci had I took the slack out and within seconds Marci was screaming for us to ease up and that we won. I told Tom see it wasn't that hard to make her scream some. Marci was screaming and crying and pleading to the point that she was almost completely unintelligible. I turned off the massager and Marci reduced herself to just sobbing. I looked at Marci and told her that she forgot to thank me for being kind enough to shut the massager off so I was going to turn it back on. Marci stopped sobbing immediately and started apologizing for forgetting to thank either one of us for taking it easy on her. I asked Tom if he thought we could cut her some slack or should I go ahead and turn it back on? Tom appeared to give the matter some thought and told Marci that she should have thanked me as soon as I turned off the massager. For failing that she had a choice after this solution was emptied he would make a special one designed to be a punishment or she could beg me to turn on the massager again, however she had to remain quiet or she would suffer both. Tom told Marci that she had five minutes until the pump emptied her ass she would have to answer then or get both. Tom said, lets get the punishment enema ready in case we need it. We left Marci and she was just running tears from her eyes but not a sound came from her. Tom was smiling and we went to the kitchen to makeup the new enema solution that Frank had recommended Tom asked if I thought we were being too hard on Marci. I looked and asked him didn't he say that Marci actually really enjoyed this type of stuff? Tom told me yes, but I had sort of moved this to a whole new level that given a week he knew that I'd break Marci of anything that Marci still had a problem with. Well we finished making the solution and returned Tom looked at Marci and said, well what is your choice? Marci told Tom that she would take the enema and remain absolutely silent.

Well the pump has emptied your bowels and I'll setup the new one. Tom removed the hose from the five gallon jar and then the five gallon jar. Tom hooked up a stirring paddle and then the hose he set the paddle speed high enough to keep the coffee grounds suspended in the solution, he also made the pump warm up the solution to one hundred ten degrees it was the hottest that Frank could recommend. Tom said it is already setup for the maximum amount of pressure but how about we increase it from twenty minutes to thirty minutes to hold it. Sound fine to me how about you Marci do you think the extra ten minutes is going to matter? Marci replied sir, if you wish to add another ten minutes and feel it will not matter who am I a slave for you entertainment to argue. See Tom evidently she has remembered her place in life well like she said add another ten minutes and since she did it so well if she makes any noise in the last ten minutes I think we should cut her some slack at that point. Tom agreed and told Marci she was being very good for asking for an additional ten minutes. Tom started the pump and the effect was almost instant Marci gasped but said nothing.

Tom I think you should at least let Marci know what is in the enema solution from that gasp I think she was surprised. Tom said, sure sounds good to me and when I'm done maybe Marci could let us know how it feels. Sure as long as she can keep her voice level and polite. Tom told Marci exactly what was in the enema solution and when he was done he told Marci to describe how it felt? Marci was at this point sweating profusely and I suppose had made up her mind to just endure it. She started by saying that it was very hot and it was burning her entire insides she could tell exactly where the solution was by the burning. Just then the pump shut off and Tom said, well we are at the right pressure does it make any difference Marci? Marci gasped and said she could feel not only the fire inside but she could tell that it would not be very long before the cramps set in. Marci groaned and said that the cramps were starting and she lost it she called us both a pair of mother fuckers groaning and gasping her hands clenching even her toes were curling. We could hear Marci panting trying to keep from yelling or getting in trouble. Tom what do you think she called us mother fuckers do you have any kids? Tom said, no we don't Marci can't have children. So she lied to us I think we need to turn on the massager since she lied to us. Before Tom could answer Marci started yelling at both of us telling us exactly where we could do and a lot of other nasty things. I did not wait for Tom to say anything but just turned on the massager to high and Marci instantly started to shriek. Tom and I both got comfortable in some large seats Marci just kept on shrieking and making no sense anymore just a lot of shrieking.

Well after that enema we went back to the regular soap and water enema and it came out clear so we knew that she was empty. Marci also had no voice she had shrieked and yelled so much she was now hoarse and we could just barely make out anything she tried to say. I told Tom should we use some chloroform to put her in the suit? Marci was soaked in sweat and Tom asked her if she was going to cooperative or fight us. Marci looked at Tom and in a very tired hoarse voice said she would not fight.

It only took about thirty minutes to get her in the suit and I setup the controls when the suit auto inflated she looked like a large black tube with one hole in the top. There was a wire sticking out of the bottom going to the control box. Tom that's it she can't move will be kept sweating profusely and I'll hook up the liquid to the dispenser the tube we shoved down the hole in the gag goes into her stomach so she will not be able to taste it but the liquid to keep her hydrated will cramp her stomach severely. So between the heat and the cramping and the electro shocks the suit will provide her muscles will be so tired when we release her in twelve hours she will not be able to lift a hand.

Twelve hours later we undid the suit Marc was a mess soaked and she was just laying there we had left the gag in. Tom asked Marci to move and Marci just laid there. I walked over to the wall and got a cattle prod I gave Marci a good shock and there was nothing but some twitching going on. Well Tom it's time to fit her for the bed.

I hooked her up to the bed and started setting the tension on the springs and I watched and felt Marci's limbs. I set everything to what I believed would be safe when Marci was not so tired and stretched. I set the locking screws and told Tom that when Marci attached to the bed he could push this button on the remote and she would be stretched out as she relaxed it would take up the slack so she'd never be able to get out of it and it would draw her up to the set tension.

Tom paid me the rest of the money and said I did really great work. That there were several of his friends and their friends with the same taste that wanted to meet me and discuss the possibility of me working for them. I thought about it and said as you know I'm not cheap and want the right to refuse a project if I thought it was not practical. I did not want to build something that I could be held liable for. Lastly any interlock or safety that I set was permanent that if it was overridden I would never work for that person again. Tom said, that none of my conditions would deter any of his friends in fact they would probably like that fact that I took so much detail into account. Well you know how to get in touch with me and have my permission to pass it on to your people expecting the same digression they expect.

This ends the first of Marks's stories and also how I got into my business of creating creative custom bondage items.

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