Punishment For Their Crimes
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Author's Note:Second part of a saga. It has kept going, and I wanted to post this part far to get some more feed back. Let me what you think of it so far.

This is a continuation of "Busted by Max" and if you might want to read it if you want to fully understand the situation. I will warn you this is long. Please forgive my spelling and grammar errors. I only survived English in school. Please leave you comments as well to let me know how you think the rest of the story should progress.


It was a little after two pm when Steve pulled out of the airport. His mind was racing with the things that still needed to be done and how to deal with the "package" in the back of his SUV. He was still trying to get his mind around what he was attempting to do. As a K-9 officer, his partner and he had caught two young flight attendants for a foreign airline bringing drugs into his country inside a butt plug and vibrating eggs. After a rather unorthodox strip search by Sharon, a female customs agent, the two women had agreed to Steve's alternative form of punishment instead of being taken to jail. So far, Steve had devised several painful punishments and devilish bondage positions. His goal was to punish them tonight. Then begin to train them as slaves to "rehabilitate" them. He had a rough outline of the weekend, but there was still far too many details to be determined to suit Steve. He didn't like flying by the seat of his pants. Too many times it had come back to bite him in it.

He had come up with a list of items he needed pick up before finally heading home. First stop was the hardware store and then onto Wal-Fart. At each stop he checked on the captives who had both fallen asleep shortly after leaving and slept through most of the journey. He changed his shirt before heading into the adult store. He was still in his uniform and really didn't want to attract attention. He picked up just about everything he had on his list. There were a few minor things that he wanted, but could live without. Steve then checked on the captives one more time before the long ride home. He saw pain, fatigue and fear in their eyes. He headed out highway towards his home. Steve thought it would be best to take the long way to his house to give the women some more time to fret and lose their bearings on where he was taking them. He wanted to make sure this didn't come back to haunt him later. He also used the time to fill in some of the details in his plans.

Steve bought this place out in the country about a year ago. He got a sweet deal on 10 acres of land containing a nice house with a large barn. He had spent a lot of time and money preparing it to keep and train police and rescue dogs. Currently, Max was his only project. Steve still had some more work to do before he was ready to really begin training dogs regularly. He wanted to do it full time, but that would take some major capital. Now he had a couple of "bitches" that needed some punishment and training.

The house was set back from the road and was mostly hidden by the large oak trees out front. There was a row of tall thick bushes over eight feet high on either side of the house that separated the back part of the property from the drive. The gate to access the back section was off to the right of the house through a heavy wooden gate. Steve pushed the button to gain access and drove back to the barn roughly 50 yards past the gate on the right side of the property. Steve opened the doors to the barn then backed the SUV in just enough so he could once again close the barn doors.

Heather was definitely uncomfortable. But that blasted dildo and chain through her legs was just teasing and toying with her. She could pull on the chain a little to create a little movement but not enough to get anywhere. All it that it did was to make her want more. It was hot under the blanket and the plastic underneath her was holding her sweat and juices against her. Her legs were stiff and the slats of the pallet dug into her body. She did get a little sleep during the journey but all the stopping and starting of the traffic and various stops kept her from getting anything substantial.

Surprisingly, Heather's mind was quiet. Heather had given up control of her body for the next few days and a calm excitement had taken over. She didn't have to decide anything or think. Just follow her Master's commands which she would complete to the best of her ability. The thrill of the whole day had her tingling. She knew her pussy had been dripping for most of the day. This buzz she had was better than any drug she had ever taken. She knew pain was coming, but also saw her Master's large cock pressing against his pants and hoped that she would be allowed to enjoy it frequently over the next few days.

Lying next to Heather, Wendy's mind was numb with fear. She wasn't sure she had made the right decision and if she could handle what this man had in mind. Her Daddy had only ever spanked her once in her life that she remembered. She was used to getting her way and being in control. Now she had agreed to be this man's slave. However, the alternative was a whole lot worse. She had tried to focus on the ride and the turns and stops and the time it took to go places but she had trouble concentrating. Fatigue overwhelmed her and the fear kept demanding processing time.

The only thing Wendy had to hang onto was this man's promises. He promised that no one would know about this experience and it was only for a couple of days. She kept telling herself she could handle anything for a couple of days. But the fear of the pain and humiliation haunted her. She knew would not be easy and this man didn't seem to have any patience or tolerance for mistakes. Maybe she could distract him with her sensuality. She too had noticed Steve's cock earlier. In her past exploits, she had only used sex as a last resort, but this situation called for all her tricks if she was going to get off easy with this guy.

Steve unloaded his purchases and put Max in his kennel with some fresh water and food. He retrieved his video camera and the new one he bought and set them up on tripods at strategic positions in the barn. He also rigged up several of wireless security cameras he picked up as well and tied the video feed into his laptop. By the time he was done, he could record just about everything that would happen in the barn. He also got his digital SLR camera gear. He wanted to document this event fully. Once all of his preparations to the barn were complete, he opened the back doors.

He lifted the corner of the blanket by Heather's head. When she tilted her head to look at him, he could see her gag was soaked through. He untied it and placed a spandex hood over her head. He climbed in the back seat and exposed Wendy's head. She tried to say something through her ball gag that he could make out. He told her to shut up and put a spandex hood on her too. He pulled off the blanket then loosened and removed the straps holding the women to the pallet. He unhooked Heather's chain holding her legs against her ass and threw her over his shoulder and carried her a short distance to the middle of the barn floor. He stood her up and told her to stand with her legs spreading the chain between her ankles tight. He removed all of her restraints and dildo from her pussy leaving only the spandex hood. Steve then locked on a short length of 5/16" chain tightly around her neck with a few links falling down the front. He then had her lie face down on the smooth concrete floor with her hands laced behind her head and her nose touching the floor. He smacked her ass and told her not to move. Heather barely breathed.

Steve had to work a little harder to get Wendy out of the back of the SUV. He grabbed an ankle and pulled her across the pallet so she was close enough to unhook her chain and carry her over next to Heather. He also removed her restraints even decided to take out the ball gag. With a stern warning to remain silent, he lifted the hood up just enough to do so. Steve also locked on a chain collar to Wendy and then had her lie on the floor next to Heather a few feet away.

He decided the first step would be a bathroom break and hose down. They were beginning to smell. He started with Wendy and led her to small bathroom in the corner of the barn.

"You had better do all of her business now because you won't have another opportunity till morning." Steve informed Wendy as he sat her on the pot with the seat up. It took her a minute but finally her bowels released.

Next he led her to a large shower like stall. It was designed for washing dogs, but the walls were 8 feet tall. He removed her hood and made her stand with her butt and back against the back wall and her legs and arms spread. He grabbed the hose and turned on the cold water. The nozzle was shaped like a fire hose and produced significant pressure. Wendy screamed, jumped and squirmed around. Steve just laughed and turned the nozzle from spray to stream and blasted Wendy mercilessly from head to toe. She tried to hide her face and crotch at the same time but it didn't work. Wendy was thoroughly soaked when Steve turned off the water. She just stood there freezing trying to catch her breath. Steve forced her kneel with her nose and tits pressed against the back wall.

With a comb Steve uncaringly yanked out her tangles in her long blonde hair. He had to slap her ass several times to remind her that slaves are to be silent. Steve then pulled her hair up into a ponytail at the back of her head and tied it off with a short piece of leather. He then tied to the short piece a slightly thicker piece so that was hanging down the same length as the hair ending in a small metal ring. Steve divided the hair into three stands and added the piece of leather to the 2nd strand and proceeded to braid Wendy's hair. When he was done, he tied it off with another short piece of leather. Wendy's hair was now tightly braided and now had a small half inch metal ring at the end. Steve pulled down on the ring which forced Wendy's head back until she winced. He was satisfied that it was secure and replaced the hood with the braid falling out the back. He knew the hood added more confusion and fear to the experience. He wondered what Heather was thinking after hearing Wendy holler and scream like she did.

Steve led Wendy out to the main part of the barn and tied her wrists together in front of her. He then hooked a chain around the rope between her wrists to the overhead hoist. He raised Wendy's arms up over her head and making her stand on her toes to relieve the pressure on her arms and wrists.

"Time to drip dry, Bitch" Steve smirked.

Steve repeated the bathroom experience with Heather except without the hassle. She gasped and shuddered at the cold water but didn't move or try to hide like Wendy did. Steve left the nozzle on spray and had Heather turn around and put her hands on the wall as he hosed off her backside. He stepped up and leaned his hip against her forcing her against the wall. He reached his hand through her legs and toyed with her pussy.

"You seem to be very aroused by this experience. Just remember this body belongs to me and I say when you are allowed to cum. You will truly regret it you cum before I give you permission, Slut." Steve teased while he played with her. Then he smacked her hard on the ass and said "Now down on your knees."

Steve braided Heather's hair like Wendy's with the ring hanging down. He replaced her hood and led her out and hung her up on a second hoist beside Wendy. He took a huge permanent marker from his pile of purchases and wrote in large black letters "BITCH" across the top of Wendy's tits and then "SLUT" across Heather's tits. He snapped several pictures of their plight.


Steve then left them hanging while he went into the house with a couple of bags from the pile of purchases. He proceeded to build an awful dinner for them. He thought about making them eat dog food but decided to save that as a potential future punishment. He dug out a couple of old dog bowls and cut up some hot dogs into small pieces and then divided a can of cheap mixed vegetables between the two bowls. He decided to add a can of fruit cocktail and an old can of pumpkin he found in the back of the pantry. He poured in some V8 juice to bring the concoction to a nice slightly soupy mixture. Bread and water was too good for these convicts. He wondered if As he took the two bowls full of nasty slop out to the barn, he wondered if they would even try it let alone eat it without being "encouraged".

Steve set the bowls down separately about 5 feet apart. He released reach woman and made them get down on their knees and elbows with the bowl between their forearms. He then pulled off their hoods revealing their fare. Both looked wary at the stuff in the bowl.

"Eat the slop like the pigs you are!" Steve commanded.

Heather lowered her head and tentatively licked at the food. Wendy started to reach her hand in the bowl to pick up some of the stuff but Steve popped her ass with the riding crop he had picked up. Wendy jumped and yelped at the smack and glared at Steve.

"Pigs don't use their hands, Bitch. Now stick your face in the bowl and start slurping." Steve responded.

Wendy had learned to hold her tongue and keep her mouth shut so she lowered her head down and started to eat. It was revolting but her hunger kept her mouth moving. Heather was really struggling to keep from gagging. The smell was bad and the flavor was gross. She had eaten about half of her bowl and then couldn't stomach anymore. She too got smacked.

"How dare you not finish what I have given you to eat? You dare to insult my hospitality? You finish that bowl right now before I decide to add something really disgusting to it." Steve demanded.

"Sir, Thank you for correcting me, Master" Heather said quickly in between bites.

Wendy also renewed her efforts which had been waning. Steve delivered several smacks to educate the women that he expected them to lick their bowls completely clean. When Steve was satisfied they had completed their meals, he stood the women up and had them stand at attention.

"I have given each of you a new name and wrote it on you. You (pointing to Heather) from now on will be called Slut and you (pointing to Wendy) are Bitch. You are my slaves. A slave does nothing without permission or command."

Steve untied their wrists and placed thick leather cuffs around their wrists and ankles locking them with small brass locks. He pulled their arms behind them and connected the cuffs together. He placed the hoods back onto their heads leaving them in the dark.


"The time has come for you to be punished for your crimes. Feel free to scream and cry as loud as you want. No one will hear you." Steve said and slapped the riding crop on each woman's tit to punctuate his point. "Now who wants to go first?"

Neither woman said anything. After a brief moment, Heather took a small step forward. Steve led her by the collar over to a place in the barn where a piece of bent rebar was exposed in the concrete floor. He took a wide leather strap and secured it tightly around both of Heather's thighs above her knees ensuring the large D ring was centered in front. He took another leather strap and bound her upper arms tight. Next he took a longer leather strap with a sliding a D ring on it and wrapped around her torso and arms just below her tits and then buckled it tight. He made sure the D ring was nestled just under the center her large breasts. Steve then pushed Heather down onto her knees and to sit with her ass resting on her ankles. He took a small locking carbineer and attached it to the D rings on the torso strap and thigh strap forcing her to bow. He then pulled the neck chain down to the floor causing that tight ass to rise into the air and padlocked the chain to the rebar. Steve stepped back admiring his work. Heather was forced into a kneeling position with her hands and arms secured behind her. She unable to lift her head and her ass was fully exposed. Steve positioned one of the video cameras on Heather.

"A slave must learn humility and to display herself naturally." Steve said as he slapped her exposed pussy and moved back over to Wendy.

Steve led Wendy over to a weightlifting bench and had her kneel at the foot of it and lay along the seat. He spread her knees wide securing her legs to the legs of the bench with leather straps just above the knees. He disconnected her wrist cuffs and crossed her arms beneath the bench. He took a piece of rope and tied one end to the ring in her left cuff and then pulling her wrist farther around to the right side and then ran the rope over her back then through the ring on her right cuff and pulled it snug before tying it off. Wendy was now forced to hug the bench. Steve then moved the pin holding the head end of the bench horizontal and lowered it to the last notch just off the floor causing Wendy's torso to be stretched tight and her beautifully rounded ass to become the perfect target. Steve moved the second video camera to capture this scene perfectly and then he knelt down beside the bench at Wendy's head.

"Wendy, I am now going to torment your ass with my leather strap. This round of punishment is 40 lashes. After each strike I expect you to say: Sir, this slave will always obey her master unconditionally. Thank you for strike #, Sir. If you fail to say it quickly and clearly we will have to repeat it until you get it right. You must learn self-control in the midst of pain and discomfort. Now, repeat your statement."

"Sir, this slave will always obey her master unconditionally. Thank you for strike 1, Sir." Wendy responded fearfully.

"Good. Let's begin." Steve said as he rose to take up his position beside the end of the bench. Wendy jumped as he reached out with his hand and rub it over her firm cheeks. He slipped his hand down and pinched her exposed clit sending a surge of arousal through her body. Steve stepped back and swung the strap down striking squarely across the cheeks.

Wendy cried out but quickly responded "Sir, this slave will always obey her master unconditionally. Thank you for strike 1, Sir."

SMACK! "Sir, this slave will always obey her master unconditionally. Thank you for strike 2, Sir." Wendy responded.

Wendy was able to make it to strike 8 saying her statement accurately and clearly. Even through the tears and screams of pain. Her ass was turning very pink now. She messed up on strike 9 causing Steve to correct her and deliver a more pronounced strike to drive home the point. By the time she got to 30 she had suffered 41 strikes and was nearly hoarse from screaming and constantly crying. Steve paused a moment and grabbed a dildo off the nearby table.

SMACK! "Sir, this slave will always obey her master unconditionally. Thank you for strike 31, Sir." Wendy responded weakly. Steve slowly pushed the dildo into her pussy and Wendy's brain struggled to process in the change of signals from below. Steve stoked her a couple times causing her to gasp at the pleasure. Then pulled it out and laid it on the towel he had laid on the ground between her knees.

SMACK! "Sir, this slave will always obey her master unconditionally. Thank you for strike 33, Sir." Wendy responded.

"Wrong! Try again." Steve said just before he hit her harder than ever before. Wendy wailed in pain but was able to eek out the correct response. She got a few seconds of teasing before the next one.

SMACK! "Sir, this slave will always obey her master unconditionally. Thank you for strike 33, Sir." Wendy responded hesitantly through her sobs. She moaned this time as Steve plunged the dildo back into her for several strokes.

Steve continued the punishment and increased the dildoing by 10 seconds each time as Wendy got the remaining 7 lashes in with only one more mistake. Wendy's ass was glowing red and quite hot. He then knelt down beside Wendy's head again and reached his hand under the bench to her pussy and began to tease her clit. She was trying to thrust her hips to increase the pressure and pleasure of his ministrations. He could tell she was pretty close.

"Well done, Bitch. I am pleased with your ability to focus. You ready to cum, Bitch?" Steve asked.

"Sir, OHhhh Yes, SIR!" Wendy blurted out between pants and moans.

"You are a slave and are not allowed to cum without permission, Bitch. Disobedience will be punished severely, Bitch. Your pussy belongs to me and I say when it can cum. Now, if you can ask correctly, I might just say yes." Steve said.

"Master, I am so ready to cum, please may I. (moan) Oh please Sir?" Wendy begged.

"Not a bad try." Steve said as he dropped his hand away from her pussy. "But still have a lot to learn about being a slave. No more pleasure for you, Bitch." Steve stood up and left her with her pussy aching for fulfillment.

Steve took a break and drank a bottle of water he pulled from the fridge he had out in the barn. He looked over at Wendy as she recovered from her beating and torment. Her cries had become whimpers now. Heather was quiet in her corner. He decided to change out the spandex hoods for leather blindfolds. He couldn't see their faces and expressions. He couldn't relish in their suffering or notice if something was amiss. He replaced Heather's hood first and then unlocked her from the rebar loop in the floor and removing the carabineer holding her folded in half. Steve pulled her by the chain around her neck about 10 feet towards the center of the room. Heather shuffled as quickly as she could on her knees covering barely an inch at a time to keep him from dragging her. He told her to stay and then untied Wendy from the bench. Steve proceeded to strap Wendy into the same position as he had Heather in and locked Wendy's chain collar to rebar.

Steve knelt beside her head and asked, "Do you remember your statement, Bitch?"

"Sir, Yes Sir. This slave will always obey her master unconditionally. Thank you for punishing me, Sir." Wendy responded tiredly.

"Good girl. Present that bright red ass of yours. I want you to repeat it aloud quietly while you are in the corner. This lesson is about humility. You are a slave and a slave must be display humility at all times" Steve said. "Begin."

Wendy lifted her backside as best she could and took up her chant. Steve stood up and released Heather from her bindings and then led her over to the bench and strapped her down as Wendy had been before. He repeated the punishment with Heather. Heather did not falter as easily. At number 10, Steve slowly increased the force of each strike seeking to cause her to stumble. She finally did at number 23. Steve corrected her and then smacked her much harder than he had either of them before. She jerked and let out a long wail but recovered in time to repeat the phrase successfully. At thirty lashes he paused and reached down and explored Heather's pussy.

She moaned at his touch but Steve was pleased she was barely wet. Steve wanted to make sure this was a punishment not an experience of sexual ecstasy. He knew the power of the punishment and reward methodology of training very well because of his years of working with dogs. He had found out a long time ago that it worked well with humans too. Steve wanted to create enough negative associations to the destructive behavior and positive associations to the desired behavior.

Steve completed the remaining ten lashes with Heather only missing one more. Heather was crying and whimpering as she tried to maintain her composure. Her ass was screaming red and you could see several raised welts where the corrective lashes had landed. Her hair and body was damp from sweat and her breathing heavy as she slowly recovered from her beating. Steve knelt down beside her head.

"You did well, Slut" Steve praised as began to tease her pussy.

"Sir, Thank you Master for the punishment and the compliment, Sir." Heather responded shakily.

"Do you want cum my horny little Slut?" Steve teased.

"Sir, I have been ready to cum since your assistant search me Master. But I promise you I have not cum today and will inform you if I fail you by cumming without your permission Master."

"I fear, Slut, your suffering will be a greater than your friend's." Steve warned. "Your frustration will continue." He said as he stood up and walked over to the bound Wendy.

Steve released Wendy from her bondage and led her back to hoist. He locked her wrist cuffs together and attached them to the hoist and pulled her hands up just over her head. He then grabbed a ring gag he had picked up at the adult store and locked it around Wendy's head. It stretched her jaw wide and she began to drool. Steve then released Heather from the bench and locked her wrists together in front of her. Heather also got a ring gag like Wendy. He had positioned them so they were face to face and connected Heather's wrist cuffs to the same carabineer. Wendy was a little taller than Heather but Steve had accounted for that in the amount of slack each one had at the wrists. He then took a flexible double headed dildo out of the purchases pile and fed up into each of their pussies. Both moaned and gasped as he toyed with them for a few seconds. Then he raised the hoist until both women were up on their balls of their feet. Steve then wrapped a large leather strap around the tops of both their thighs and secured it tightly. He secured another leather strap just below their armpits and a third around their midriffs.

He stepped back and grabbed the camera and snapped numerous pictures. He was pleased with this position. The two women strapped together facing each other sharing a dildo. He then took a tepid bottle of water and after pulling Heather's head back, slowly poured it down her throat. Heather panicked and tried to pull her head back as she was not able to swallow fast enough but Steve held firm pulling head back even more and stopped pouring.

"I guess you are not as thirsty as I thought." Steve replied. All he got in return was a groan.

He pulled Wendy's head back and she only did slightly better able to get a couple gulps down before coughing. Steve poured the remainder of the water over their faces with the water dribbling down between their breasts.

"Enjoy your little break you two. I am going to enjoy a nice steak while you hang out together. Play nice." Steve said sarcastically as he picked up his laptop and headed back to the house.

Steve threw his frozen dinner in the microwave and flipped open the laptop and tuned in the cameras. The women were squirming what little they could at first. They soon realized they couldn't do anything to create any type of thrust on the dildo. Their pussies were full but that was it. No friction or vibration. Steve smiled at the thought of their frustration. They soon ended up laying their heads on each other's shoulders and trying to rest. Steve ate while his mind thought through the next phase of their punishment. He was also glad to see he was able to focus on the women as criminals and not as a pair of hot sexy women he wanted to plunge his hard cock into. It took a few minutes to push aside that thought and focused on their remaining punishment. When he was done with his dinner, he headed back out to the barn.


Steve repositioned the video cameras to better capture the next round of punishment. He removed the leather straps and lowered the women down. He reached down and very slowly pulled the dildo out.

"Did you have fun?" He teased.

Steve removed the ring gags and then unhooked Heather from the hoist. He led her over to one of the stall walls. This fence wall was about five feet tall and had 4 wide slats with spaces in between. Steve positioned Heather with her back to the wall and her arms hung down on the other side of the top slat. He took a leather strap and wrapped it around her midriff and forearms effectively securing her to the stall wall. He ran some rope through the rings in her ankle cuffs and tied her legs securely to the bottom slat. Finally, he took a rope and folded it in half and wrapped it around her waist and pulled the long tails through the loop centering it in front. He then took the two tails and fed them between her legs and pulled it up through her ass crack in the back. He pulled the ends through the slats and up through ring in her hair. Steve tied it off with her head back but not real tight. She would only feel any tightness or pressure if she tried to bring her head forward.

Steve then moved back over to Wendy who was still hanging from the hoist. He unhooked her and repositioned her hands behind her and locked the wrist cuffs together. Next he connected a spreader bar between her legs. He then brought the hoist rope down and attached it the cuff chain. He raised it back up until Wendy was bending over at the waist with her head roughly at her knees. He lubed up a bondage hook with a ball on the end and forced it up Wendy's asshole. She cried out as he shoved it in. She started to complain that it was too big but Steve smacked her ass and told her a slave doesn't talk unless specifically asked a question or given permission to speak. Steve hooked a short bungee cord between the eye in the hook and the ring in her ponytail. He then added a large penis gag which fully filled Wendy's mouth and just barely touched the back of her throat.

"Suck on that, Bitch. You need to learn respect for your Master. Obedience. Respect. Humility. Meditate on these concepts while I tend to your partner in crime." Steve jeered.

For a few moments Wendy thought she was going to gag but calmed down and was able to control it. Steve moved the cameras again to get the best possible shots. He then walked back to Heather grabbing the new flogger off the table as he crossed the barn. He took as few warm up strikes across Heather's very displayed tits. She quickly learned about the effects of the rope through her legs. She yelped at each strike.

"After each strike I want you to repeat: I am a slave and my purpose is to serve my Master. Understand?" Steve said and swung the flogger down hard across her right tit.

"AAGHGHHHHH. Sir, I am a slave and my purpose is to serve my Master, Sir." Heather replied.

Steve flogged her tits six ways to Sunday. Up , down, sideways, and diagonally. Heather's entire chest was glowing dark red before he stopped. Tears flowed down her face and her screams had echoed through the barn with each strike. He didn't really count the strikes, he was looking for the right color across her breasts. She hung limply being held up by the top slat. He left her to recover while he released Wendy from her rather painful position. Steve positioned Wendy next to Heather and as he removed the bonds from Heather; he secured them on Wendy. Leaving Wendy tightly secured to the stall wall as Heather had been, He led Heather over to hoist and bound her like he had bound Wendy. Instead of the butt plug, Steve took one of the vibrators and turned it on intermittent with low intensity and pushed it deep into Heather's wet pussy.

"Don't let this fall out. You will not enjoy the consequences." Steve warned and walked back to Wendy to deliver her punishment.

Wendy screamed louder and took longer to reach the right color because she took longer to repeat the required phrase. Her breasts were a little smaller, C cups compared to Heather's D cups. When he was satisfied with the color and had snapped several pictures, Steve noticed the crotch rope was pulled deep into Wendy's pussy.

"You did well, Bitch." Steve praised as he reached down between her legs and toyed with her clit. Wendy moaned heavily in response to his teasing. "I hope you weren't trying to get off without permission. That would be a very bad idea." He chided.

"Sir, No Sir." Wendy mumbled between moans.

"Remember this is MY pussy and I say when it gets to cum." Steve replied as he dropped his hand before she could get too worked up.

Steve went back over to Heather and slowly removed the vibrator from her now dripping pussy. He then released her bonds and allowed her to stretch. He led her over to a long wooden table and bent her over the narrow end of it. He tied her ankles to the legs and tied a rope to the wrist cuffs and stretched her out tying the rope off at the other end of the table. He repositioned the cameras again and then returned to Wendy.


Steve took Wendy back over the hoist and attached her ponytail ring to the rope and pulled up the slack. He then pulled her locked wrists in front of her up and over her head and locked them to the back of her chain collar around her neck. He placed a metal pole stand in front of her and behind her. Using the clamps that slid up and down the poles, he positioned a 1x6 between her legs tight against her pussy. Steve then pulled the hoist rope up until Wendy was on her toes barely able to balance. He then repositioned the 1x6 snug against pussy and backed the hoist down a couple inches. This left Wendy with a dilemma. Either she could stand on her tippy toes and wobble or lower herself onto the board smashing her tender pussy. Steve could tell she didn't like either choice. She held her tongue this time.

"I want you to repeat 'My goal is to please my Master; my aim is to fulfill his desires.' continually as you stand here." Steve commanded.

Steve picked up the two large paint sticks he got at the hardware store and once again repositioned the cameras. He walked over to Heather stretched on the table.

"This time there will be no pauses, only constant pain. Remember this is a punishment for your unacceptable behavior. Your goal is to please your Master; your aim is to fulfill his desires. I want you to focus on these during this round of punishment." Steve said.

Steve pulled a stool over behind her and sat down. He began to smack her ass quickly snapping his wrists. Although it wasn't very hard, the smack created quite a stinging. Steve had played the drums when he was younger and got into a groove as Heather's ass slowing turned red again. Heather cried out frequently and sobbed uncontrollably. He didn't stop until he felt the heat radiating off over her and the flesh was deeply inflamed. He had covered all sides and top to bottom of her ass cheeks. He stood and delivered a real hard Bah, Dump, Bump in the middle of her ass and then took a couple photos. Heather's cries turned to whimpers as he allowed her to rest.

Steve untied Heather and led her over to the second hoist and attached the ponytail ring like he had on Wendy. He locked Heather's arms up behind her head to her collar. He moved the 1x6 from Wendy to Heather and positioned Heather just as Wendy had been. He told Heather to pick up on Wendy's chant and he released Wendy. He led her over to the table and tied her down. Wendy surprised Steve because even throughout the whole repositioning she never stopped the chant. Maybe she was learning.

Steve played his drum solo once again driving Wendy into a frenzy of wails, screams and crying. Her ass quickly turned red and Steve paused to inspect his work. Wendy had screamed herself hoarse. A few more specifically placed smacks to even out the color and he snapped one real hard more just for good measure.

Steve looked at his watched and was surprised to see it was past 11pm. He must have lost track of time in all the excitement. He had one more round he wanted to inflict before the night was over but he needed a break and thought the women did too. He released Wendy and led her over the middle of the barn and had her kneel there. He smacked her thighs until they were open enough to satisfy him. He also had her fold her arms behind her. He pulled her head up and made her sit up straight. It must have been awkward to find the right position with the blindfold on. He was reminded they had both been in the dark the whole time they had been in the barn. When she was close enough, Steve went and released Heather from her torment. Steve made Heather mirror Wendy in the middle of barn. He left them there for about 10 minutes while he set up the situation.

Steve replaced the 1x6 with a 2" steel pipe. He had each woman straddle the pipe facing each other which came up to their mid thighs. He retrieved the doubled headed dildo and plunged it into their pussies. He raised the bar up so if fit snug against them driving the dildo upwards against their clits. Steve then had each of the lean back and grab the bar behind them and he tied their hands to the bar.

"Ok. Here is the deal. Purpose of this game is to see if you can get the other to blow her top. First one to orgasm loses. I will give you 15 minutes." Steve challenged.

Steve picked up his laptop and headed back to the house for a beer and pit stop. This punishment business was hard work. He grabbed a beer and relaxed in the easy chair with his laptop open tuned to the camera he aimed at the bar before he tied the women up. He checked his watch timer which showed just over 4 minutes and he took a swig of his beer. The women on the screen were squirming as best they could.. Steve could hear them grunting, groaning, and moaning as they attempted to drive the other over the edge. The problem was they lacked the ability to control the dildo and just ended up raising their own level of arousal and frustration. He hoped they would only end up even more frustrated than ever. He glanced again at his watch; twelve minutes and counting. He finished off the beer and headed back out the barn.


"Well, time is up. Which one of you lost?" Steve asked as he came into the barn.

"ARRGHH Sir, I did not cum. Sir." Wendy said frustrated.

"Sir, I didn't either, Sir." added Heather.

"Well it looks like you both lose then. Time to move on to the next round." Steve replied.

Steve quickly untied Heather and he took her back over to the large table and had her sit on it. He then locked her wrist cuffs to the back of her collar and had her lie down with her legs dangling off the edge. He then took a leather strap and wrapped it around her thigh and ankle securing her lower leg to her upper leg. Before he pulled it tight, he took a piece of rope and folded it in half and looped it around her leg just above her knee. He tied an overhand knot with both tails that held the rope snug around her leg but would not tighten against it. He threw the tails over the back of the table and then pulled the leather strap tight positioning the D ring on the outside of her leg. He repeated this process with her left leg. He then walked around to the back of the table and threaded the rope under the upper arm but over her wrists and dropped each set of ropes down under the table. He then walked back around and pulled the ropes forward and through the D rings in the thigh straps. He made sure Heather was in the proper position before he tightened down the ropes and tied them off. He stepped back and grabbed the camera and once again snapped a number of shots from different angles. Heather was laid out on the table with her hands behind her head but unable to raise them up due to the rope. The rope pulled each leg up towards her head as well as down towards the table leaving her pubic area fully exposed. Her patch was large but trimmed relatively short. He took his hand and ran it down the inside of one thigh crossing through her bush and back up the other side. Heather gasped and moaned at his touch. Her pussy lips were full and engorged with her clit just begging to be sucked on. Steve with an evil grin flicked the clit causing her to cry out.

Steve went over and collected Wendy from the bar and led her over to the table beside Heather. The table was long enough to accommodate them both on it. Steve then proceeded to bind Wendy to match Heather. Wendy's bush was narrow and trimmed neat. She obviously wore short shorts and small bikinis to tease the men she wanted something from. She was not as aroused he wanted and he teased her until she was very plump and ripe. He stopped as she was just on the verge of losing control. He picked up the camera and shot many photos from all angles. He teased them with the idea that he could sell them to a porn site or maybe just post them out their on an amateur bondage site. He repositioned the video cameras, one focusing on each woman, and he grabbed the stool and sat down. He picked up two riding crops and smacked their exposed pussies once.

"Your attention, slaves. Your punishment portion of your experience will come to an end shortly. Next will be your slave training. I have decided to combine the next phase of punishment with your first phase of training. You must first learn the Slave's Mantra. When you have it thoroughly memorized I will let you rest." Steve explained. "Now repeat after me."

"I am a slave." Steve began.

"I am a slave." They echoed. SMACK; down came the crops on their crotches. Both jumped and yelped.

"My purpose is to serve my Master" Steve continued.

"My purpose is to serve my Master" They repeated and received another smack lower on their engorged lips.

On it went as Steve had them repeat each line of the Slave's Mantra:

I am a slave.
My purpose is to serve my Master.
My goal is to please my Master.
My aim is to fulfill my Master's desires.
I will always do my best to obey and honor my Master.
My Master demands my respect and loyalty.
My focus is to please and satisfy my Master.
His pleasure is my only desire.
With my entire heart, with my entire mind, with my entire body I serve my Master.

After each line he smacked their pussies with the riding crops. Not hard enough to leave substantial marks but enough to sting and torment the tender flesh. Their pussies had to endure over an hour of tortuous training as Steve made them learn and memorize the mantra. He started with adding a line each time. He alternated between the women and sometimes together. As he went, he smacked at the slightest mistake and corrected the woman and had her start over. By the time he was satisfied they had it sufficiently infused in their brains, their crotches were deep red and the tender flesh emitted significant heat. Their pussies however continued to be engorged and juicy.

Steve untied the ropes holding them to the table and lifted them down off of it. He made them kneel and bound their arms folded behind their backs then he forced their faces to ground. They were a few feet away from the table facing it.

Steve disconnected the video camera and put it on the table. He then pulled Heather up by her ponytail into a kneeling position and made her inch forward a little on her knees. He removed Heather's blindfold and picked up the camera and focused in tight on her face. She blinked at the lighting in the barn and slowly regained her bearings. She kept her head down. Steve sat back down on the stool in front of her with the camera in his left hand and then reached out with his right hand and lifted Heather's chin forcing her to look him squarely in the eyes.

With a stern look he began, "Now, I want you to convince me of who you are. Make me believe it."

"Sir, as you wish Master." Heather began. She looked directly into the camera and with all the sincerity and respect she could muster, she recited the Mantra. She paused slightly after each statement. Steve was really pleased with her performance as he watched her through the monitor on the camera. She stumbled on the last line flip flopping 'mind' and 'heart' and then stopping when she realized her mistake. Steve slapped her hard across her face.

"Is that the best you can do? That was pathetic! I demand more of my slaves, you worthless slut." Steve berated and then raised his foot and shoved her over with it. Heather just laid their on her side, sobbing loudly and mumbling the mantra.

As he reached out for Wendy's chain to pull her forward a little Steve said; "Let's see if you can get it right, Bitch."

Steve took off Wendy's blindfold and grabbed her face when she started to look around.

"Your focus should always be on your Master, Bitch. Now convince me of who you are." Steve demanded.

Wendy looked longingly and contrite into the camera and began reciting the mantra like it had been drummed into her. Steve thought she was flat and unconvincing. She stumbled a couple of times too.

"Unbelievable!" Steve exclaimed. "I have just wasted the past 5 hours on you two pathetic slugs."

Steve got up and grabbed a bag and walked over to one of the empty stalls. He dumped out the contents of the bag of kitty litter on the floor and spread it around. Steve pulled Heather up into a kneeling position and by pulling on her slave chain collar, made her walk on her knees to the middle of the stall. She winced with pain and the hard pieces of litter bit into her flesh as he made her turn around and face back out the stall. Holding the chain collar, he lowered her face down on the littler strewn floor using the chain collar. Heather's eyes went wide and fear was all over her face as she choked and gasped as the chain threatened to suffocate her. She realized for the first time that Steve was mad at her.

Steve took a rope and ran it through the D rings on the leather straps around her legs and tightly secured her thighs together. He also used a leather strap to pull her elbows together. Next he put her palms together and secured her wrists with leather strap. He then took a piece of rope and doubled it and ran it around her waist pulling the ends through the loop with the tails coming up between her legs. He pulled it tight until Heather squeaked in pain sinking the rope into her crack and lips. He then took a rope and ran it through the rings in both her wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs forcing her into a very strict hogtie. He pulled the ends of the crotch rope through the ring dangling from Heather's braid and pulled her head back severely and tied it off. Heather was crying and whimpering and occasionally yelping as she tried not to struggle. If she tried to lower her head the crotch rope that was already biting deeply into her tortured pussy and ass would tighten even more. The hogtie was extremely tight and unforgiving. The kitty litter just added to the torment as it rubbed against her flesh.

Steve brought Wendy over and laid her next to Heather bound Wendy up the same way. He positioned the camcorder on the tripod only a few feet off the ground to capture their helplessness and unforgiving torture. He also grabbed a set of work lights from under the work bench and positioned it next to the camera but didn't turn them on.

"I think I will give you some time to consider your situation and predicament." Steve said

Steve picked up his laptop and flipped the barn lights off and then flipped the switch to the work lights that filled the stall with a strong blinding light. After that all the women heard was his fading boots ringing on the concrete and the barn door open and then closed with an ominous slam.

Steve paused once out the door and leaned against the barn wall. He fought to keep his emotions in check. The anger, fear, excitement, guilt, and especially the strong sexual thrill and desire as he replayed the last events in his mind. He pushed on towards the house and downed a beer as he sat down at the kitchen table. He flipped open the laptop and watched the women suffer for a few minutes.

Steve then pulled up the video of the pussy punishment/mantra training and watched the replay. He sat back and opened his pants. He stroked his cock through his boxers and pulled his cock and balls through the opening. He slowly stroked himself as he watched the video. As the video progressed his need rose and he forced himself to keep the slow and steady pace. He finally exploded when the women finally repeated the mantra completely in unison. He watched the semen shoot out and onto floor. He thought it was too bad his slaves were too busy to come clean it up. He watched the rest of the video as he came down off his orgasmic high. He grabbed a towel and cleaned off his cock and tucked it back into his boxers then closed up his pants.

Steve took several clips from the video when the women had successfully recited the mantra. He had a clip of each one reciting the mantra and then one of them together. He copied the audio into an mp3 file and copied it down to an old player he had. He went over to the pile of evidence he had taken from the two women. He picked up one of the pills and studied. After some research on the web, he felt it my assist his training. Steve grabbed a bottle of water, dropped in the pill, and the player and headed back out to the barn.

Heather's mind was in sensory overload. Her whole body ached and pain emanated from every joint and muscle. Her crotch was screaming from the beating and the rope torturing it. Her skin complained and crawled from the kitty litter biting fiercely at it. Her eyes were cried out and lips were dry and starting to crack. She felt like she was a mop that had been repeatedly ran through the ringer trying to squeeze every last drop of energy out of her. All she did now was whimper weakly.

Wendy was done. Steve had pushed her beyond her limits of physical and emotional capacity. Her mind drifted back and forth of consciousness. It was only the intermittent pain that kept her from fully passing out.

Steve returned with his MP3 player and turned the lights back on. He untied the rope from their ponytail rings. Next to come off were the arm and leg bindings. Neither woman really moved; they just continued to lay there on the floor as Steve methodically released them at the same time. Soon, all that was left of their bonds was the chain collars around their necks. Steve gently pulled them to their feet. He gave each woman half the bottle of water.

He clipped a short leather lead to each of their collars and led them back to the washing stall. He secured their collars to a chain hanging from one of the tie rings in the wall. He pulled the hose out and set the nozzle to 'spray' and hosed them down gently. The cool water felt good against the women's tormented skin. It rinsed the clay and litter chunks along with the sweat and grime from their bodies. Steve made them turn and then bend over as much as the chain would allow. He led them dripping wet back out to the barn floor to a different side than before.

Here Steve had torn out the horse stalls and put in different size dog cages. The ones they were in front of were the smallest of the bunch. He forced each woman into the small confining spaces. About all they could do was crawl in and then pull in their feet leaving them bent over in a kneeling position. Steve locked their cages with padlocks and then pulled a pair of speakers off the work bench and placed a speaker on the top of each cage. He plugged in the MP3 player and put it on continuous repeat.

"It is time to practice your mantra. I expect a much better performance when I return." Steve said.

Steve turned on the player and cranked up the volume. Almost immediately the women began repeating the mantra in time with the recording. Steve walked out and turning off the lights leaving the women in the pitch dark. After some effort they managed to lay down in the fetal position on their sides and struggled to find a half way uncomfortable position. The sides, floor and roof of the cages were made of thick metal wire spaced one inch apart. The floor bit into their skin and was sure to leave a nice waffle looking impression. Soon fatigue overwhelmed them and the faded into a fitful slumber. Steve went to bed after watching the video feed from the barn. He was glad the he had invested the extra funds for the night vision feature on the security cameras. Steve set his alarm for 5:30AM. Tomorrow would bring a new day of training.

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