The New Mistress
  • Author - Katherine Travis
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  • Post Date - 9/14/2010

Author's Note: As always I enjoy any and all comments.

"So, you think you'd like the position I'm offering?"

I was standing in a trendy bar next to a high table late on a Sunday evening. There were plenty of seats, but I didn't dare hop on the stool. On the phone she'd told me to dress as erotically as I could, and that the offer depended on her being impressed. So there I stood, in a body stocking covered by a leather over-bust corset that laced in back, long black gloves and a latex miniskirt that just was not willing to cover my rear, let alone allow me to sit down.

When she repeated her question I realized that I had been staring at her. When I'd left my apartment I had thought I'd be the most erotically dressed woman there, but I was wrong.

"Yes" I managed to stammer, "I think I would". She smiled then, but I felt more like I was being examined than made comfortable.

"Well then, let me ask you a few questions, even though you do come recommended". I was watching her lips again, she had those full pouty lips that cost money and she knew the perfect shade of red for them. "No allergies to latex?" I shook my head. "Any aversions to bondage, sexual torment, forced chastity, that sort of thing?" I stared for a moment longer, unwilling to look around and see who was watching us. "Uhhm, no, I have experience in them".

"I'm very short of time dear, so I'm going to have to cut this interview short". I was watching the way her Betty Page bangs framed her face as she moved and it took me a second to react. When I did I must have shown disappointment because she flashed that smile again and laughed softly. "No dear, I'm not telling you no, I'm telling you that you have the job, I'm going to trust our mutual friends and give it to you on their word."

"That's great!" I shouted before blushing furiously and covering my mouth with a gloved hand. "I'm sorry, I mean, uhhm, that's wonderful, when do I start?"

She raised herself off the stool and kept smiling at me as she straightened the floor length PVC coat around herself. It covered her from behind, but the front exposed all of her matching slick black catsuit and knee high boots. When she was standing right in front of me she slipped a card out of a pocket and gave it to me. "Email me tonight, I'll give you all the details and you can start tomorrow, in fact, I insist you do. I need to rush your training I'm afraid, for reasons of my own."

As she began to walk away I found my voice again. "Wait, shouldn't we know each other's names at least?"

"Sable, you can call me Sable dear, and I'll think of a name for you before we meet again"

Our mutual friends were a lesbian couple that I got to play around with from time to time. They were both great, though one was a bit rougher than I liked. They had called me out of the blue and asked if I would like a job for the next month or so. My so called career as a writer wasn't taking off yet (I hoped it was yet) and they knew I could use an extra income. They also knew my kinks and passions, which, they told me, made me the right person for this offer.

My first ride in a limo lasted about an hour and ended with a driveway through a grove of tall trees that completely hid the stately Victorian house. Obviously old, but in perfect condition, it stood on a small hill and commanded the landscape around it. I had caught a glimpse of a pool and a few smaller buildings on the way up the drive.

As the chauffeur opened the door I heard the click of heels. As I stood up Sable offered me her hand and kept a hold of it as she politely greeted me and walked me quickly into the house. I was impressed by the way she kept me nearly jogging to keep up with her, even though I was wearing flip flops and she had on at least three inch pumps and a leather skirt so tight I wondered how she could breathe. As the door closed behind us the car was driving away. Goosebumps rose on my arms as I realized I had nothing but my ID and the jeans and t-shirt I'd been told to "report" in. Even underwear wasn't allowed. Wear clothes that you won't miss, was how her email had stated it. I had wondered why, but since I had some idea of what kind of person Sable must be, I had just shrugged, looked at the price she was willing to pay, and accepted her terms.

She led me through a formal parlor, up a flight of stairs and to a brightly lit bedroom furnished in the same style as the rest of the house. I began to suspect that there must be old money behind the scenes here. Nothing seemed to have been recently purchased and yet everything sparkled as if brand new.

"Get out of those awful clothes dear, clean yourself up and I'll be back to help you dress in an hour". Obviously Sable was used to people doing what she wanted, because she turned and left the room without even a glance back at me. Much to my surprise I heard the key turn in the latch from her side of the door. I didn't bother to test it though, I'd been locked in bedrooms before.

Sable came back, no doubt in exactly one hour and found me dozing on the little sofa by the window. Her hand was gentle on my shoulder and she smiled tenderly as she took the towel away that I had covered myself with. "Stand up pretty girl, let's get you ready for dinner."

I had worn latex before, but this was different. Sable took great pains in smoothing every wrinkle from the heavy black catsuit she slid over my body. Her hands were incredibly gentle but cool as she covered me with the special lubricant, making the tight garment slip on easily before being zipped up to my neck. She added elbow length gloves and thigh high stockings, both bright red latex, before lacing on a matching red corset. Knee high patent boots had been zipped up as well. I stood staring at the erotic image my own body made in the tall stand mirror. Sable stood right behind me, arms crossed and smiling a knowing smile that made me blush. A sudden shock hit me then. Sable and I were the same height, about 5'9", the same shape, even the same eye color. The only thing radically different was my hair color. My blond hair made a distinct contrast to her black, nearly blue silky tresses.

As she led me down the stairs to a formal dining room she explained some of my duties. I was expected to cook some, but most meals were brought in each day. I would be inspecting the house and making sure everything was clean and in order, but the grounds were taken care of by gardeners that I would have no contact with. She explained that the staff were all instructed to be as invisible as possible and in fact, none of them would remain in the house for more than it took to clean up once daily. If I wanted something special brought in I would have an email address to send requests to.

As we sat down to dinner together I asked the question that was really bothering me the most. "Sable, should I be calling you Miss, or Mistress, or something?" Her wide smile and soft laugh made me blush. "No dear, just Sable is fine, and I've decided to name you Tania, I think it suits you."

I ate in silence then, more than a little confused as to why my own name wasn't good enough, but after a bit I decided that Tania sounded fine, and the money convinced me that I'd answer to most anything for this woman.

She was happy to answer a few of my questions. I learned that I'd be supervising the house girl, who I would meet in a few days. It was she that cleaned the majority of the home, giving everything it's shine. "The experience she seeks has cost her a great deal Tania, and it's up to us to make sure she continues to get what she's here for." I nodded my head at that, but wasn't sure I understood what she meant. "So, are you a professional Domme then Sable?" I asked boldly. Again she smiled at me "no, but I am able to make fantasies happen for people sometimes."

We talked into the evening then. A light conversation about nothing important at all. It was strange, yet comfortable to be enjoying a seemingly ordinary activity while covered neck to toe in tight and shiny latex.

I woke that night feeling very aroused and rather confused. The room was dark even though some moonlight came through the sheers covering the large windows. I was still wearing the catsuit gloves and stockings. When I had asked Sable if I could keep it on she had turned me around and fastened a small padlock at the base of my neck. "There you are dear, now you don't have to ask again." I stared in shock as she left the room, once again turning the key form the other side. Of course I could have removed the gloves and the stockings, had I wanted to. I don't know if it had been planned, or just luck, but the catsuit's zipper was two way and allowed me to use the bathroom, but not to take it off.

After a few minutes I realized I could hear someone talking softly nearby. I quietly rose from the bed and walked to the door and very carefully turned the knob. It was still locked of course. A few minutes later I had a pair of wire hangers from the closet, one of which I had twisted the hooked end straight. I slipped the other under the door and, using the straight section of wire, pushed the key out of the other side of the lock. In a matter of minutes I had the old fashioned key pulled under the door and in my gloved hand. I smiled to myself, remembering when I'd seen the same trick done in and old movie, and immediately tried it out on the lock to my room in my parent's home.

A slow turn of the key and the door was unlocked, and a moment later I was peering into the shadowy hall beyond it. Light slipped under the door at the far end, and that's where I could hear Sables voice speaking quietly from. It seemed at first be a one side of the conversation, as if she might be talking on the phone. I risked a few steps down the hall, staying close to the walls to avoid any creaky sections of floor. Sable's voice became clearer, and a few more steps allowed her words to reach my ears.

"You look so worried my pet." I could hear concern in her voice. "You'll have to trust that I have chosen well I'm afraid, there's no time to look for another."

I realized then that there was at least one other in the old house, and Sable was trying to comfort that person. Something in her words made a shiver run up my spine. I wasn't ready to run off yet, but I'd be careful to ask the right questions. Sable's beauty and charm had been clouding my head, and the addition of fetish and wealth was eroding my common sense.

A sharp snap made me jump, but the soft whimper that followed it told me that Sable's guest had just received the taste of a crop or cane. Sable's voice murmured something soft and comforting, followed by her reassuring tone "I know how this is done pet", the click of a lock interrupted her, "there is no need for you to worry at all".

I stayed by the door for a few minutes more, but the one sided conversation seemed to be over. Nervous that she may be ready to leave her room I slipped back to my own and was soon asleep and dreaming. I was a little girl again, and my mother was tucking me into bed with a gentle kiss to the forehead before stepping through the door and locking me in, as she had done every night that I could remember.

"I understand that you are a writer Tania?" Sable was sitting at the small table in the kitchen while I toasted English muffins for us both. She had come to my room shortly after I had awoken and helped me to remove the latex. I was embarrassed at first, but she stood quietly by and watched as I took a shower and otherwise get ready for the day. She had brought a leather dress with her for me to wear, with shiny black pumps for my feet. Her own outfit consisted of a leather halter top and black leather pants. Her own shoes were also simple black pumps with three inch heels.

"Yes, or rather I want to be, there's never enough time to just write I guess."

"Here you will have time dear, your days are mostly your own, except for supervising things and entertaining me for a while." This last part she said with an amused gleam in her eyes that made me smile back at her.

For the next few days Sable had me follow her around like a trainee at some sort of strange resort. She showed me how the alarm worked, where all the various keys were kept, how to contact the driver and the maids, basically every part of the running of the household. On the third day she showed me how all knives and sharp objects were to be kept locked, and every drawer in the kitchen had a lock. Even all the dishes and glassware were kept in locked cupboards. This seemed a bit scary to me at the time, but the reasoning became apparent the next day.

I met her Pet on the fourth day, a petite young woman with blue eyes and blond hair. Pet was the only name Sable gave her, and the poor girl couldn't tell me anything different. Sable gave me carefully detailed instructions for the care of her Pet. The girl was to be kept in a special outfit at all times unless she was sleeping or being used for some other purpose. This outfit consisted of a latex maid's uniform in shiny black with a contrasting white apron. Her mouth was kept covered with a leather panel gag that had locking straps keeping it in place. She was not allowed to speak a single word and was kept gagged at all times, even while sleeping. When she was eating or taking care of oral hygiene I was instructed to wear earplugs covered by those heavy headphones that machine operators use. Under no circumstances was Pet allowed to talk to anyone.

I had heard stories of women selling themselves into slavery and I asked Sable about Pet at lunch. Pet sat on her knees off to one side of the room, a heavy chain leash securing her to the table leg. Sable glanced at the woman several times as she told me Pet's story. Pet came from a wealthy family with no siblings, after her parents had died she decided to use the money to live out a fantasy. She would stay at the estate until her lawyer came for her and she wasn't to be released until then. The actual date of her release was known only to Pet and her lawyer. Sable added that she'd paid a dear price for her treatment, but wouldn't say how much.

For several more days I watched the interaction between Pet and Sable closely. I had assumed that my job would be fulfilling this woman's bizarre fantasy, and I wanted to do it well. Sable was a powerful woman and I had no doubts that I could loose my job as easily as I had gotten it.

While Pet was cleaning I followed her, pointing out what she was doing wrong and praising her for what I thought she was doing well. Sable would watch us and smile, then walk away. Pet would usually just stare at me as if she wanted to tell me to go away, but of course she couldn't say a word.

Then came the evening that Sable sent Pet to bring me. I was wearing a very nice latex dress in shiny blue that Pet had helped me slither into, and tall white pumps. Pet lead me to a part of the house that had remained locked to me. She opened the door and there was Sable in her leather skirt and halter again, this time wearing thigh high boots that gleamed with polish. I quickly scanned the room and was mildly surprised to find that it was completely furnished as a modern day dungeon. I had been in such places both as a sub and a Domme before, but this room had a style and taste that left the others far behind. Everything shone with a high polish. All the wood of the devious furnishings was a light oak in color, and Pet's tender care of it was obvious. Paddles and whips hung from brass hooks. Even the chains waiting to bind someone were shining.

Sable was in her element here, and she was the obvious Mistress of this room. We spent several hours tormenting poor Pet, restraining her, bringing her close to orgasm and leaving her hanging helplessly. Her gagged cries and shouts did an amazing job of exciting me. Before long Sable had me in restraints and begging for more. Pet was made to watch at first, until Sable got tired and sat back to instruct Pet on devious ways to bring me to helpless orgasm, one after another. After a brief respite Sable made sure she was satisfied as well. Pet obviously knew how to please her Mistress and wasted no time doing it. Sable made sure that I took my turn in satisfying her as well. The three of us spent hours in tormenting and satisfying each other, except for Pet, for she was denied up until Sable and I were at our limits. Then we both took the girl in ways that make me shudder even now. She came violently, repeatedly, and in the end couldn't raise a single finger. The entire time her gag was never removed.

Adjoining the dungeon was a small bedroom, simply decorated. Sable and I half carried Pet to the bed and the three of us spent the rest of that night and most of the next morning wrapped in each other's arms. After we woke and refreshed ourselves Sable excused herself and I didn't see her until late that evening.

Pet's bedroom was next to Sable's. I took her there and allowed her to clean up and shower. I deafened my ears to her and removed the gag from her lips. I watched her lips move for a minute before turning away, unwilling even to read her lips. Her room was equipped with a small refrigerator and microwave, much like a hotel room, and I allowed her to eat some of the leftovers that were kept for her from our meals. Afterwards she was reluctant to accept the gag again, but gave in eventually. Her slim body once again in her customary attire we went down the stairs to find me something to eat and a glass of wine.

I was just starting a second glass when Sable entered the room. She was in business clothing. A striking example of the modern day executrix in a black suit with a white silk blouse. White opaque stockings covered her legs where the calf length skirt did not. Stiletto heeled Prada's demanded attention as she clicked her way across the hardwood floors. She smiles at the two of us in an oddly gentle way, lifted a leather atache case and said "we have business in the morning Tania, I suggest you get some sleep" before turning to Pet "come along little one, time for bed".

It must have been just barely after the dawn when Pet came to help me dress. She had been selecting my outfits so I let her dress me in a heavy leather skirt, red blouse and simple pumps. I could see her smile in her eyes as she watched me apply my makeup. I turned from the mirror to look at her but she quickly blushed and looked away, so I said nothing.

When I was ready for the day she produced a note form Sable instructing me to send Pet to her and go about my business until she sent for me, but to stay away from the dungeon. I was a bit concerned as I sent Pet away, but the feeling didn't last long. I was certain that Sable knew what she was doing.

I was finishing a light brunch when Sable came in the kitchen. She seemed to be freshly showered and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It took me a moment to recognize them as the ones I had worn when I had first arrived. My curiosity must have been apparent because she smiled softly and said "I'll explain everything dear, just come with me".

In the library of the huge old house stood spindly looking antique desk and matching chair. Sable instructed me to sit at the desk while she sat in the leather wingback across the room. She introduced me to a young man who rose from another chair to openly stare at my cleavage before stammering out his name and that he was the lawyer for the estate. On the desk lay a folder full of paperwork.

"Tania, it's time for me to go" Sable said, continuing in a rush before I could say a word. "In fact I've stayed too long, but I had to be certain you were the right person for this." I knew I was staring at her now, but she went on.

"All this now belongs to you dear, every bit of the property and the estate." My jaw fell open with a pop but Sable had more to say.

"Pet is under your care as well, and you know what to do with her. She's here until someone comes for her. In the folder is all of the paperwork, sign where he tells you to. I wish you happiness Tania, I'm sorry I had to cut your training short. Pet can show you where anything you might need is."

And with that she picked up her purse and walked right out the front door to the waiting limo. I sat there in shock for a minute or two before the lawyer cleared his throat. He was standing over me with a pen in hand. At first I read through the documents, but soon I was overwhelmed by it all and just signed my name where he told me to. When he was done her picked up the folder and began to walk out of the room. "I nearly forgot, she gave me this note to give you as I left".

I didn't even see him to the door because I was too eager to see what the note had to say. It was in Sable's graceful handwriting:

Dearest Tania,

Again I am sorry to have rushed you through everything, but I have complete confidence in you and know you will take care of things properly.

Pet is your's to look after now. I've grown to love the girl. Please treat her with a firm hand but a gentle heart. All of your questions will be answered in time. Until then relax and enjoy the estate and all that it has to offer.

Best of luck in your career as an author, I look forward to reading your work someday soon.

With love, Sable.

P.S. Pet needs your attention right away, you will find her in the dungeon. Please go to her right away.

Quickly I rushed to the dungeon. There I found Pet strapped tightly to the table. She was tightly sealed in a latex mummy bag, a hood covered her face and the ever present panel gag was strapped over that. Small padlocks secured every strap and buckle. It seemed to be ridiculous overkill as the poor girl could barely wiggle her toes, let alone release the buckles that were keeping her prisoner. She was startled when I touched her, her eyes popping open. I could tell that she'd been crying too. My hands went to the buckles and I looked around the room for the keys. After a quick search I found them on top of a chest full of kinky toys. Under them was a handwritten note, but I could tell that someone other than Sable had written it. It was just one line, "do not remove the gag". I stared at it for a few moments before Pet's squirming reminded me of her situation.

The locks came off and all the straps as well, and I soon had her out of the mummy bag. But she wasn't free yet. Sable had crossed Pet's arms behind her in a leather binder, and her legs had been strapped together as well. Her body was covered by a back-zip latex catsuit of which the hood was a part of and even that had a lock at the collar, More keys and more locks led me to believe that Sable was making some sort of point. But whether it was a message to me or to Pet I wasn't sure yet.

After a few more minutes I gently sat her up on the table, her arms and legs now free but still latex covered. Her pretty eyes were pleading with me. I knew she desperately needed to be free of the latex. I had no idea how long she;d been in it. It could have been six or seven hours. I thought of the note and of Sable's firm instructions never to let her speak. Sable had even banned the girl form the use of any sort of writing materials. But I couldn't get her our of the catsuit without removing the gag, it was locked in place over the hood. With a little effort I got Pet to her feet and helped her walk to her own room. The keys to the gag were kept there in a small wall safe. After locking her hands behind her and putting in the ear plugs I released her from the gag harness and pulled the hood from her head. She was a mess underneath it. Her eyes were puffy from crying and her hair was stuck to her head with sweat.

She started to cry again when I lifted the gag to her lips, and I could see her lips pleading with me not to use it on her, but I wasn't about to let my duties slip already. I left her there, with the door locked and went to select myself a stiff leather crop from the dungeon. When I opened her door she jumped to her feet, her eyes fixed on the punishment device. The soundproofing over my ears wasn't quite enough to conceal her protestations. "No!" she yelped, and some words more after that, but I couldn't make them out. Quickly I had her shackled wrists in my hands and lifted them as high as I could. Several sharp strokes of the crop put her to her knees, her head bent nearly to the floor in supplication. The gag buckled and locked back in place I sat on the edge of the small bed to watch her remove the rest of the latex.

What I saw then shocked me. Her entire ass was covered in welts, some bruising, other obviously the fresh ones I had given her. When she stood two heavy ben wa balls dropped out of her, and she sunk to her knees again, her hands covering her sex protectively as her eyes once again said volumes to me. Her nipples were red and sore looking, she had welts down her back as well, but not as serious as those on her rear. I rose and walked slowly around her. I bent to carefully caress her trembling body. It was then that I noticed that her rear was still plugged. I had her bend over the chair and, as gently as I could, removed the largest anal plug I could imagine. She groaned into the gag, and she shook like a leaf, but eventually it slid out of her and I could tell that she was obviously relieved.

I left Pet lay on the floor while I ran a hot bath for her. She was in no shape to bathe herself so I slipped free of my clothes and joined her in the deep tub, gently washing her body as she half dozed, safe in my arms.

Days passed and I tried to be a gentle Mistress with Pet. It soon became obvious that she would push me as far as she could though. Her daily housecleaning had to be constantly monitored or she would sneak off to another room and sit in front of the television. If I didn't watch her prepare my meals she'd cover everything in salt, or hot sauce. At first I scolded her, but it had to lasting effect.

I quickly discovered that the gagged girl payed more attention to me if I carried the crop with me. The bite of the leather instrument soon took the place of harsh words. It became strike first, scold later. I never had to raise a welt, sometimes just the brush of the crop across her breasts was enough to make her quiver and scurry to do as she was told.

I quickly became addicted to her attention in the bedroom and the dungeon. She had ways of making me orgasm that I never knew existed. Her hands played me like a musical instrument and her aptitude with the sex toys left me a mess on my sheets.

But no matter how well she behaved, or how well she performed for me, she still remained gagged and mute. We developed a routine of waking late, taking my breakfast in the nook and working at my laptop for a few hours with her at my side, securely bound and blindfolded. Then it was off to the dungeon or one of the bedrooms to play for an hour or two. Sometimes I would follow her around the house in the afternoons, making sure everything was properly cleaned. Feeding her became a ritual of locking her hands behind her and feeding her by hand while I was deafened by the headphones and earplugs.

Before I knew it the spring and summer had passed and fall was beginning. I began taking long walks around the grounds on the days when none of the staff were around. Often I would leash Pet and lead her about, sometimes with her eyes covered by a heavy leather blindfold, but always in her uniform. On days where I was feeling especially wicked I would lace her arms into a binder and attach her leash to a tree or post in the yard, leaving her there for an hour or more. She was always very happy to see me again when I came to bring her in. There was an unused shed on one corner of the lot and Pet spent more than one day locked inside, completely helpless and unable to see a thing. When I would bring her back to the house after such a day she was at her most submissive, sometimes barely able to stand in my presence.

One evening after I had left Pet in the shed for several hours I got the notion to test her submissiveness. After I led her back inside and into the dungeon I handed her the leather armbinder and told her to lace my arms in to it. She stared at the glove soft leather in her hands before looking up at me with tears in her eyes. I lifted the crop from the table and showed it to her without a word and she nodded and moved behind me to begin binding me. The soft leather felt good to me, I have always enjoyed bondage and leather suits my personality. Pet soon had my elbows nearly touching and my breasts nearly popping out of the black satin bra I was wearing.

She turned my to face her then, and I could see the devil in her eyes. I must admit that I was very excited already, I could feel the moistness between my thighs already and I knew that I was in for an interesting evening.

Pet wasted no time, and I didn't fight her. She soon had my skirt and underwear off and was sliding a pair of latex panties up my legs. High waisted and tight they had inside them a plug for each of my holes. Pet lubed them and soon had them pulled up and in place. My breath was coming in ragged gasps now, and my eyes were closed tightly when she strapped a ball between my teeth. The gag was well used and my tongue found the toothmarks of it's previous wearers. Suddenly I realized that I could no longer give Pet instructions. My initial intent had been to allow her to bind my arms and then service me, but she had moved quickly to take control of the situation. It wasn't long before she had a heavy leather collar around my neck and leather cuffs keeping my ankles about ten inches apart. The devilish girl knew her art well as she quickly tied a rope between the tip of the armbinder and the ring on the front of my collar. She pulled it up so tightly that I was forced to bend over or risk the rope cutting into my sex. Instead it pushed the two plugs so deeply inside me that my knees were ready to buckle.

What followed was an evening of sexual torment. Pet used the same crop on me and kept me walking for hours. She seemed to be in tune with my libido and as soon as I became close to an orgasm she would stop me, sometimes making me sit on the floor or later, when she took me outside, on the cold ground. It must have been a bizarre seen even for the estate, one gagged woman being sexually tortured by another.

When I could barely walk Pet led me to the shed. I cried into the ballgag and tried to fight her, but she had warn me down too well. It was a dark and frightening night that I spent in that shed. My only salvation was that I could work myself up to orgasm without Pet stopping me.

She came to me in the morning, dawn just breaking through the clouds, and took me inside. I was a mess and she gently released my cramped arms from the binder. Once I was free of the gag and panties, the collar and cuffs removed, Pet knelt in front of me, the crop in her hands, eyes on mine. I knew she was ready to accept whatever punishment I would give her.

When I was once again clean and had napped for an hour I returned to Pet's room to find her still kneeling. When I came in the room she again mutely offered me the crop. With tears in my eyes I took the keys from the safe and released the gag from Pet's mouth. She was a shocked as I was then, and didn't say a single word.

"I want you to talk Pet" I whispered to her. "I know that you aren't supposed to, but I am allowing it"

Her big soft eyes watched me carefully as she cleared her throat. "I didn't mean to make you lose control Mistress" she said in a soft voice. "My only desire is to serve you."

I took her in my arms and we lay on the sheets for a while before I could speak again.

"Pet dear, I am still in control here, this is my house, my estate, and you belong to me until your lawyer comes for you".

She smiled at me and buried her face in my hair, minutes passed quietly as I listened to the beloved girl breathing next to my ear. When I was nearly asleep with her in my arms she spoke again.

"Mistress. No one will come for me."

"How do you know Pet, I was told otherwise."

"Yes Mistress" she replied "I know what you were told, it's the same story that Sable was told, and both of the others before her."

I sat up in shock then, my eyes locked on hers. "What do you mean story Pet? Explain yourself."

She kept her eyes on mine and quietly explained that this estate had been hers, that her parents had left it to her at a young age. She had been raised by a strict governess, and when she was of age and the nanny had left she soon realized that she didn't want what everyone else considered a normal life. After much research and quite a lot of money spent she came up with this plan. She would be taken care of, and would lead the life she wanted, without worry of ever having to explain herself.

"But this always happens, things are great for a while but eventually you take the gag off" she pouted.

"Then you find a replacement and I have to start all over again". She was crying now, and tried to push me away as I took her in my arms.

"So the day that Sable left us, you weren't crying because she had beaten you, were you?"

She just shook her head in reply, but I knew then that Sable had been forced to nearly torture the poor girl to once again sign away the estate to another Mistress, this time it was me. My mind raced and I considered as many situations as I could, how would I find my replacement, who could possibly take my place and love this tender young woman in the way she needed? I don't think it took me very long to come to the conclusion.

I rose from the bed and pet stared up at me "your leaving me again, aren't you Mistress?" she nearly wailed, choking on her own sobs. I looked down at her and firmly strapped the panel gag back in place, attaching the locks and putting the key in the safe.

Sitting by her side, her eyes full of tears I took her in my arms and whispered gently in her ear. My words made her tremble and shake, and indeed my own heart filled with joy at the same instant as hers.

"I'm not going anywhere my Pet, not ever"

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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