Football Widow
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  • Post Date - 9/22/2010

Author's Note: This is a story about how I used to spend too much time watching football and rushed into a bet that I really should have thought through better.

Chapter 1

My girlfriend, Amber, a five-foot, cute-as-a-button, short-haired brunette and I have been going out for about six months and have had a healthy sexual relationship. I love American football and spend every Sunday glued to the TV. So when she came to me last week and said that she would like to be with me more by spending our Sundays watching the NFL together, I was surprised, but also really happy; I thought it would be a great way to spend more time together.

When football season started last Sunday with week 1, she was up early, preparing snacks and cleaning the house, readying for the game. "This is a nice surprise," I said. She replied that it was important to her to have more time together and that she had been thinking more about the football thing. "How about if we bet on a game and the loser will be the other's slave for the week? We can decide who picks the game and who picks first with a coin toss and then we will have a rooted interest in the game. Whoever wins gets to keep picking the games and the winner until they lose. It will be fun!"

We had enjoyed some minor fantasy role play in the past, but little beyond silk scarves and blindfolds, but if she, who knew nothing about football was willing to give it a shot, I was all for having a slave of my own for the week. "Sounds good to me, Amber, but I don't think you stand much of a chance," I joked.

"We'll see," she said.

Just before the first game started, Amber came into the room wearing a shorter-than-short miniskirt, boots and a t-shirt that must have been 3 sizes to small and said, "Let's do a coin toss to see which game we will bet on and who will pick the winner." With that, she picked up a quarter from the change dish near the door and handed it to me for the toss. I wasn't terribly worried; if I won, there were a number of lopsided games scheduled to choose from and if she won, she would be picking blindly. As I tossed the coin into the air Amber said, "heads."

"Heads it is, " I said, tossing the coin back in the dish, "what game and what team would you like?"

"I liked the movie Remember the Titans, so I am picking the Titans over the Raiders."

She'd made a great pick; the Titans were heavily favored in the season opener and unless I caught a break, I would be Amber's slave for a week. I was still not too worried; Amber was pretty timid and docile so I wasn't too worried about being her slave. Actually, I was pretty turned on by the whole idea and her skimpy outfit was making me horny as hell. Also, I figured that I would win next week anyway.

We settled in to watch the game and the Raiders got on the board first, giving a first and last glimmer of hope; the Titans stomped all over them in the first half, scoring three touchdowns and a field goal to go up 24-6 in the first half. The massacre continued with the Titans putting up another 14 points before the Raiders managed a touchdown in the fourth quarter to lose the game 38-13.

As soon as the game was over, Amber told me strip and put my hands behind my back; I lost and a deal is a deal, so I did as I was told. As soon as I was naked with my hands behind my back, she pulled a pair of handcuffs from under the couch and secured my hands tightly behind me. "Come with me to the bathroom, slave."

I did as I was told and followed her to the bathroom where I was told to stand in the shower while she rummaged under the sink. She turned around holding a bottle of hair remover which she applied liberally to my chest, back legs and crotch. "I want a smooth slave and this should keep the hair off for a while," she said.

Although the remover stung somewhat, I was completely hard and incredibly turned on, especially with the attention she was paying to my cock and balls, rubbing the remover gently and caressing my balls in her hand. She rinsed me off with cold water, "to take the edge off," she laughed, dried me and returned me to the living room and sat me on the couch. "Have a seat and wait while I get ready," she commanded as she walked out of the room.

I could hear her in the bedroom, rustling around and then she returned after a quick stop in the kitchen. When she came into the living room again, I was shocked; she was wearing a black corset with matching stockings and panties and very high heels and carrying a shopping bag. My cock immediately began to come back to life after the cold-water dousing.

"Oh no you don't," she said and slapped an icepack on my cock and balls, "no more stiffies for you!" She laughed and began taking things out of the bag she was holding.

I saw that she had a collar, leash, some panties, a riding crop and a small box. "This is all for you, my little slave," she purred as she put the collar around my neck and locked it into place with a small lock, attaching the leash.

Then she removed the icepack from my cock which was shrunken to as small as it could be from the cold, despite my horniness. She opened the little box and removed what looked like a steel clamp with a post sticking out of it and tightened it around the base of my cock and balls. "This is a male chastity device. The ring I just put on keeps it from coming off and this tube," she held it up for me to see, "is for your cock!" Slipped my flaccid member into the tube and the post from the ring around my base slid into a hole for it on the tube. "Instead of a simple padlock like you have on your collar the post between the ring and the tube is actually a tubular lock like you see on vending machines. It cannot be cut with bolt cutters and is made of high grade steel, cutting it off would take days and you might do some serious damage to yourself while you try," she laughed.

She then told me to stand up and removed my cuffs, "no need for these anymore," she said, "besides you need your hands to put your panties on," handing me a hot-pink satin thong.

I hesitated for just a second and my vision went white with pain as the riding crop blasted across my ass. "I said to put your panties on, slave!"

I quickly slipped into the panties and could feel my cock getting hard, but the tube was such a tight fit that it could barely grow. As soon as the panties were on, she pulled the leash down so that I was on my knees. She sat in a chair and told me what she had in mind for the week. "Starting now, you will only address me as Mistress Amber and you will only speak when spoken to. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Amber," I stammered, still in shock from the pain on my ass and the throbbing of my cock.

"This week, you will do all of the housework and chores and you will do it wearing only panties and your collar," she stated.

"What about my work?" I asked. I was answered with with a crack of the crop on the side of my ass that took my breath away.

"I told you to speak only when spoken to and to address me as Mistress Amber! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" she shouted.

"Yes, Mistress Amber."

"I will remove the leash when you leave and your shirt collar will hide the collar you are wearing. You WILL wear the panties under your suit and you will strip the moment you walk in the door."

"Yes, Mistress Amber."

"Now, I know that you jumped at this bet because you thought you would win easily, but I thought this out and I studied the expert's picks for this week and even subscribed to a website that gives me odds on the games. Do you really think I picked the Titans because I liked the movie?!? You were so busy letting your little head think for you that you didn't even think the bet through. I said that whoever wins week one, gets to pick the game and the team next week; I just have to keep picking the most lopsided match ups in the league and you are my slave for the season!"

I realized that she was right, I hadn't even really heard that part, so sure that I was going to win.

"Also, I want you to write about your slavery and post it online for me. Reliving it and knowing that other people are reading about you should make it that much harder for you." Amber stood and said, "on your hands and elbows, slave."

I did as I was told, raising my ass into the air while amber walked around behind me.

She pulled a rectangular, studded paddle out of her bag and began caressing my ass with it. "As punishment for losing today, I am going to paddle your ass 38 times for every point the Titans scored. I want you to count them out nice and loud for me." Almost as soon as the words left her mouth I felt the crack of the paddle on my ass.

"Oh my god!" I thought, the pain was incredible. I never imagined someone as small as her could swing that hard.

"I said count, slave!" she yelled, connecting again with the paddle. "And remember, this is week one, so you only get 38 smacks, but, every week I win, I am going to multiply the score of my team by the week number. It would be 380 if this was week ten, so be thankful for that, I guess."

"ONE," I shouted as she hit me again for number 2.

"TWO," I yelled, and continued until she was done her 38, my ass on fire.

"I've told you twice now to address me as Mistress Amber and you can't seem to get it right, so we will have to do it again!" she laughed.

"No, please no more Mistress Amber, I'll remember Mistress Amber, please!"

"I'm sure you will after this," she hissed smacking my ass again with the paddle.

"ONE, Mistress Amber!"

"That's better, slave. Now count 'em again," she said as the paddle again pounded the flesh on my ass.

"TWO, Mistress Amber," again counting off all 38 slaps, leaving me nearly in tears from the flogging.

"Now, for me to be rewarded for picking the winner," she said sitting in the chair in front of me and removing her panties. "Lick my pussy, slave and make sure you do a good job or more paddling for you," she said jerking my leash forward so my face was buried in her pussy.

"Yes, Mistress Amber," I said as I greedily drove my tongue into her cunt, working up to her clit and back to her pussy.

She leaned further back in the chair and commanded, "stick your tongue in my asshole, slave. Clean it up good."

"Yes, Mistress Amber," I said and started working my tongue on her asshole. After a few minutes, she told me to get back to her pussy as she wanted to cum now. I did as I was told and she soon came to two hard orgasms, leaving me and my tongue exhausted and my face covered in her juices. My cock was throbbing in the tube, but I was unable to get anywhere near an erection.

"Now, slave, I am going to have a shower and do some online shopping for next week's game before dinner while you clean up the mess from the game and get that dinner ready. I also think that you should take the time to examine your cock and come to grips that as long as that tube is on you, I own you and you WILL do what I say."

After she left the room, I got to my feet and examined the chastity device; there was no way for me to get hard and I could see that I had no chance of pulling out of the ring. "I really fucked up this time," I thought as I started to clear up the dishes and think about what to make for dinner.

The week went by quickly; I was able to sleep in bed with Amber and she was pretty nice to me; I only got the crop a few times, but as long as I was cleaning and cooking, she seemed satisfied. I was very horny, but she gave no indication that I was going to be getting relief anytime soon. She was getting plenty of action, though; I was orally servicing her at least twice a day and sometimes more. She had a new pair of panties everyday for me and had taken to wearing incredibly sexy lingerie around the house to further torment me. She made me wash all of it by hand and that just made me hornier.

On Monday, boxes began arriving from different stores all addressed to her. They kept coming all week long but on Thursday, a box came and Amber called me into the bedroom. "As long as you are doing maid's work, you should look like a maid," she said telling me to put on the French Maid outfit that was lying on the bed, complete with stockings and high-heeled shoes.

"Yes, Mistress Amber," I said, suddenly dreading all the other boxes that had been arriving.

I finished out every day by coming home, stripping at the door and putting on my maid's outfit, but managed to make it through the week. By Saturday night, I was exhausted and had a pretty steady stream of pre-cum oozing from the end of my tube which Mistress Amber constantly chided me about. "Such a filthy little maid," she'd say.

Sunday morning came and I got up to get snacks ready for the game while Mistress Amber slept late.

About an hour before game time, she told me to go into the bathroom and strip.

"Yes, Mistress Amber," I replied.

A few minutes later, she came into the bathroom and secured my wrists to my collar with wrist cuffs and short lengths of chain about six inches long.

She went into the kitchen and soon returned carrying a hot-water bottle and some hose. "This is an enema for you; I want you nice and clean for the game today," she said.

"Wait just a minute!" I said "there is no way I'm getting an enema!"

She looked at me with scorn and then grabbed my aching balls. "What choice do you have?" she said. "You can't move your hands, your cock belongs to me and I could rip your balls off right now! So shut up, slave turn around and bend over."

I glumly did as I was told and she quickly lubed and inserted the hose in my ass and hung the bottle on the shower rod. I had never had an enema before and at first the warm soapy water felt good, but soon became painful as it filled me up and the soap was burning. By the time the bag was empty, I felt like I was going to explode and wanted relief as soon as she pulled out the hose, but it was not to be.

"For you little disobedience a few minutes ago, I am going to have to punish you with a spanking and while I am doing it, you hold that water in your ass, slave!"

"Please Mistress Amber, I have to go, now!" I begged.

"You should have thought of that before you disobeyed me," she said as she sat on the toilet lid. "Come here and lay across my lap, slave," she said hefting a hair brush in her hand.

"Yes, Mistress Amber," I replied, doing as I was told. She started hitting my ass with the brush, with me dutifully counting each stroke until she reached 30 shaking uncontrollably as I tried to hold in the water. I was getting cramps and was afraid I would burst, when she said that I could relieve myself.

"Call me when you are finished, slave," she said walking out the door.

When the water first blasted out of me, the relief was incredible, but because of the soap in the enema, it also hurt and it seemed never ending. Just when I thought I was done, another burst came out of me; I was miserable, but finally after about 15 minutes I was finished and because my hands were chained to my neck I could not clean myself up, so I called for her.

She returned and told me to get in the shower, where she quickly hosed me down and dried me. "Now, come into the bedroom and I will get you dressed for the game," she said.

I entered the bedroom and found an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader's outfit, complete with pom-poms. I groaned; Amber had picked one of the worst match ups of the week; the Falcons were picked by everyone! She undid my hands so that I could put on the skimpy top before re-securing them and helping me into the short skirt and matching thong. Clearly today, I was going to be cheering for another long shot. While I thought about the chances of the Cardinals winning, Amber was changing into a Falcons cheerleader's outfit, "What do you think of my pick this week?" she said sweetly.

"I think I'm in trouble, Mistress Amber," I mumbled.

"You have no idea, slave," she said ominously.

She led me by me leash me into the living room and had me kneel in front of the TV on my knees and elbows (since my hands were chained to my neck I couldn't be on my hands.) She brought in a duffel bag settled onto the couch behind me and propped her feet up on my upturned ass and turned on the TV for the kickoff.

"Shake those pompoms, slave," she giggled, giving me a swat on the ass with her crop.

The game started with a great kickoff by the Cardinals, sending the ball into the Atlanta end zone and giving me a glimmer of hope which was immediately shot as the Falcons returned it to the 30 yard line. They promptly marched down the field for a touchdown. Amber stood up from behind me and said "time to celebrate my team's touchdown, slave, don't move."

I could hear her doing something behind me and peeked over my shoulder to see her finish buckling a strapon cock on herself.

"Oh, no you don't, you aren't putting that thing in me!" I yelped.

The crop came around so fast and so hard that tears came to my eyes when it landed on my right ass cheek. "You will do exactly as I say, slave; you made a deal and I expect you to keep it. I can't have you back-talking me like that though, so I'm going to have to shut you up," she said. With that, she pulled something out of her bag that looked like a double dildo. It had a long penis on one side and a shorter, fatter one on the other which were separated by a rectangle of what looked like leather with some straps and buckles on it in the middle.

She came around and knelt in front of me saying "Open wide, slave."

I kept my mouth firmly shut and she moved to the side and once again grabbed my aching balls and began to squeeze, HARD! It only took a few seconds of increasing pressure for me to try to scream and when I did, she immediately shoved the fat end of the thing in my mouth, releasing my balls to quickly buckle the straps tightly around my head. The thing was huge, the cock filled my mouth and made it very hard to breathe.

"That oughta shut you up, slave," she said walking around behind me again to get something else out of her bag. "This is known as a spreader bar, slave and with the leather cuffs on the ends, it will keep your legs nice and wide for easy access," she laughed.

She buckled my ankles into leather cuffs and locked the bar in place between them, forcing my legs apart. With my hands chained to my collar, my ankles attached to the bar and of course my cock encased in it's own prison, I was truly helpless and once again realizing the magnitude of my mistake.

She used her hand to spread some lube on the strapon which was only about 5 or 6 inches long, but looked huge to me, who had never had anything up my ass before. "While I was shutting you up, the Falcons scored the extra point, giving them 7 points, so I am going to give you 7 strokes with this. However, seeing as how this is week 2, I will double it and give you 14 and an extra 20 for the outburst earlier." she said sweetly.

She got on her knees behind me pulled my Cardinals thong out of the way and pressed the tip of the strapon against my virgin asshole. I tried to crawl away, but she was on the spreader bar and I could hardly move on my elbows. She kept the pressure on and I was sure that she was not going to be able to get it into me when suddenly and sickeningly, it slid in. Amber kept pushing it right up to the hilt as I screamed as best I could, but it just came out as muffled groaning.

She pulled it back, almost all the way out and rammed it in a second time. "One, slave," she said as she pulled back again.

The pain was intense as she slid in and back, fondling my balls as she counted slowly. Despite my pain, discomfort and fear, my cock was throbbing, trying to get hard in the tube, a stream of pre-cum dangling from the end. I looked between my legs and could see the tip of my cock straining against the urine opening in the end and groaned. I was soooo horny, I was going crazy.

After about 10 strokes, Amber sped up and was really ramming it home; the fake balls on the thing were slamming into mine painfully and I thought my cock was going to burst. My face was only a few feet in front of the TV and while all of this was happening, the Cardinals ran the ball back after the Atlanta kick back for a touchdown giving me new hope, but they were penalized and the ball was brought back right about when Amber finished up with her 34th stroke, popping out of me so suddenly, I gasped.

"I hope you enjoyed that and judging by how your cock is trying to get hard, I assume you did, because there's going to be a lot more of that in your future, slave." she said giving my ass a quick hard slap and laughing as she settled back onto the couch and propped her feet up on me again.

The Falcons opened up the second quarter with a quick field goal, earning me another 20 strokes as the score was now 10 and double for week 2. It did not seem to go in any easier the second time around and Amber was really pounding me while telling me what a nice tight slut I was.

The Cardinals finally scored and Amber was not happy. "I enjoy having you as my slave and I plan on keeping you for a long time, so this week I will make you dread any time your team scores," she said, standing up behind me and pulling a new, nasty-looking whip with about 50 strands on it from her bag. "That's 7 for the Cards so 14 hits for you, slave."

This was a new kind of pain, as the little rubber strands bit into my ass and thighs, with a few even hitting my balls. My ass was on fire from just 14 hits, so I was in a real bind. My team scoring would earn me the whip, while hers scoring would earn me the strapon; it was a no-win for me and I wasn't sure which evil was the lesser of the two. The choice wasn't really up to me as the Falcons quickly made it 17-7, earning me 34 violations in my ass and 24-7 on their next possession with Amber giddily pounding my ass for 48 strokes with "her cock."

The Falcons opened the second half with another touchdown for another 62 strokes and a field goal later in the 3rd for 68 more. My ass felt like a train had gone through it and there was still one more quarter to go. Fortunately, they only scored once in the 4th, earning me 82 more strokes with the strapon. I was miserable; my arms and knees ached from being on them for the entire game, but that was nothing compared to how much my ass hurt. It still stung from the whipping in the 2nd and my asshole felt about 4 inches wide.

"Now for my reward for winning today, slave," Amber said as she undid the strapon and slipped out of her thong which was dripping with her juices. "Use your face to fuck me," she said as she bent over in front of me and pulled me to my knees with the leash. "Make sure I feel your nose in my asshole on every stroke or you will pay, slave."

She pulled my leash between her legs and I started using the gag to fuck her, pushing in as far as I could each time. I kept it up for about 20 minutes and she came 3 or 4 times, covering my face in cum.

When she was finished she undid the buckles on one side of my gag and stuffed her soaked panties in my mouth, making it even harder for me to breathe and causing my cock to redouble its efforts to get erect when I tasted her on them. She quickly re-buckled the gag into place, saying, "clean up the room and get dinner going, slave."

I tried to protest, jerking my hands that were still attached to my collar and shaking my ankles to remind her of the spreader bar on them, but she just laughed and said, "I'm leaving those on until bed today; you were pretty uncooperative today and I want you to learn something from this."

I groaned, knowing that everything would take a lot longer, hobbled as I was.

"I'm going to take a bath and start thinking about what I will do next week and what new toys I can order while you get that done, slave," she said gathering up her bag and walking towards the bathroom while I slowly started picking up dishes and shuffling to the kitchen. "Oh, don't forget to add today's game to what you wrote last week and get it online. I'm sure there are other 'football widows' that would love to hear about how to get more attention from their men on Sundays."

This is what I have written so far and ends Week 2 of the 2010 NFL season. I don't know what she has in store for me, but I am sure it won't be good.

Chapter 2 (added: 10/11/2010)

Author's Note:This is part 2 of the results of a bad bet that I have gotten myself into. This is week 3 of the 2010 NFL season. There is no week 4 as we were both away (hence the delay on this), but the week 5 update will be much quicker. Week 4 also includes Amber's picks in advance and a promise of a "special surprise."

I've been in forced chastity since September the 12th with no end in sight. After hurriedly agreeing to and losing a bet with my girlfriend, I have been forced to wear a male chastity device that prevents me from getting hard at all. It's surprising how much of my time is spent thinking about sex; I am horny all the time. Along with the chastity, I have been ordered to wear women's panties under my suit at work and a French maid's costume while I am at home doing the housework and cooking. The laundry is tough as Amber has taken to wearing sexy lingerie at all times to tease me and I have to wash all of it (and my panties) by hand, mine stained with the never-ending ooze of pre-cum coming out of the tube on the damn chastity thing. Generally, our relationship has been okay, I orally service her a couple of times a day, now sometimes with the penis gag that I first experienced last Sunday and occasional cracks with the crop to "keep me in line." She has been ordering stuff online for the past several weeks and although I don't know what she has been ordering, the sheer volume is ominous. After my whipping and ass-fucking of last week, Amber hinted all week long that week 3 of the NFL season would be different and was it ever!

I woke up on Sunday and began my usual chores; breakfast for Amber and getting food ready for the game. About an hour before kickoff, Amber ordered me into the bathroom to strip and wait for her. She came in shortly after I finished and was again carrying the enema bag. "Got to get you all clean before the game, slave," she said. Remembering the beating from the hairbrush last week, quickly assumed "the position." Amber lubed and inserted the hose and the soapy warm water began to fill me, getting quite uncomfortable at the end. When the bag was empty, Amber said, "before you can relieve yourself, take all of the stuff for the game down to the basement. Now get moving!" With that she gave me a viscous smack with her crop and it hurt like hell with my cheeks clenched together.

I headed to the living room and made the 3 trips up and down the stairs to our partially finished basement to move the stuff. Our basement walls and ceiling are exposed joists and beams, but will be a rec room when completely finished and now has a TV and a couple of lounge chairs in it as sometimes my buddies and I watch the game there. I rushed as fast as I could in my clenching state back to the bathroom to find Amber waiting for me, tapping her foot with her arms crossed beneath her skimpy semi-transparent bra.

"You are in for it, today, slave," Amber said, giving me another smack on the ass with her crop. "You can relieve yourself and clean up after. I'll be back in a while."

For the second time in a week, I felt my insides pour out of me, while the sense of relief was great the cramping I was experiencing was just awful. The water seemed to pour out of me forever, but I was pretty much finished when Amber returned after about 15 minutes. She wordlessly put the leather cuffs from last week on and attached them with a short chain and 2 small padlocks. Tugging my leash, she said, "game time, slave," and headed for the basement.

When we got downstairs, there was a new generic super-mini cheerleader skirt (more the size of a belt, really, as my ass and caged cock were clearly exposed) and matching halter laid on one of the chairs and I was told to get dressed as she undid the chain between my hands. Once I had it on, she led me to a spot between the chairs where a loop of rope was hanging down from one of the ceiling beams. She put the short chain through the loop and relocked my hands a short distance above my head. She then produced the spreader bar from last week and quickly secured my ankles to it. "This next part is a surprise, slave, so I am going to blindfold you for a minute while I get ready," she said tying a dishtowel around my head, covering my eyes.

I could hear her heels recede towards the storage room and heard what sounded like a chair or wooden box being slid across the floor to a point right behind me. "Now, pull yourself up about six inches," she commanded. I made the mistake of hesitating again, and was rewarded with a hard bare-handed slap across my ass. "Now, slave!" she demanded. I did as I was told and heard the chair/box move again. "Now I want you to lower yourself down and you might want to take it slow," she giggled. I started to lower myself as slowly as my beginning-to-ache arms would allow and felt something cold against my asshole. I stopped lowering myself and Amber slapped me again. "Keep going, slave!" she yelled. I did and felt the tip of something pressing against my asshole. I tried to not lower myself any further, but Amber put a foot on the spreader bar, stressing my arms so that soon I would just drop onto whatever this was, so I went as slow as I could as I felt something enter my ass. I guessed it only went in about two inches or so, when my spread feet hit the floor. "Don't move, slave," she commanded as I heard her move a chair over in front of me. I could tell by her movements that she was standing on the chair and in a few seconds the rope from above went limp. She climbed off the chair, connected my wrists to my collar and attached my ankles to something on the floor. She stood up slowly, brushing her hair and hands past my imprisoned cock and moved behind me to remove the towel. "What do you think, slaveboy?" she asked as she removed it with a flourish.

It took me a few seconds to realize what she had done, but basically she had built a small, wooden platform about 4 inches off the floor. There were a couple of eye-bolts near the edges which my ankles were now attached to and coming through the middle was a length of broom handle or dowel with something on the end that was now up my ass. "I know you can't see the entire picture as it is too hard to bend that way, so I will help you out," she said. With that, she produced a digital camera and took a few full-body shots of me as well as some closeups of my ass. "I know that you must have realized by now that you are mine for the rest of the season and I don't want you to try to change your mind. These pictures will not only let you see what I have made, but, more importantly, will serve as insurance in case you try to get out of our bet...or that tube. I know that it can be taken off and I know that in truth a determined guy could cut it off or maybe even slip out of it," she said. "So let's call these pictures my insurance that you will continue to be good," she laughed, turning the camera so that I could see the shots.

As she scrolled through them, I could clearly see my face, wearing a miniskirt and halter and a pole up my ass. She had perfect insurance now; I would not think of doing anything to allow those pictures out. I also could see what she had done with her box; there was a dildo about 6 or 7 inches long attached to the end of the pole - I couldn't know for sure as some of it was up my ass, but that seemed like a good guess. I realized that even without attaching my feet to the box, I would have a pretty hard time getting myself off of this thing without being able to pull myself up.

"I figured that seeing as how you screwed yourself by getting into this, you might as well literally screw yourself this week!" Amber said wickedly. "So when my team scores, you will fuck yourself the appropriate number of times; it was tiring for me last week. This way, I can just relax and whip your ass from my chair." With that she sat down and flipped on the TV to the New England - Buffalo game. "I'm taking New England this week, slave, the Bills are your team today."

Buffalo got on the board first with a field goal and Amber was not impressed. She used the whip from last week and administered 9 quick shots from the comfort of her recliner. "I can't wait for high-scoring games later in the season," she said with a slight laugh. "You will be getting hundreds of strokes by then, slave!"

My ass was still stinging when the Pats got on the board with a touchdown and Amber ordered me to lower myself all the way down onto the dildo that was an inch or two in my ass already. I gingerly bent my knees and started to lower myself when she smacked me hard on the ass. "Fuck yourself with some enthusiasm, slave! Do it like you want to do me," she taunted, hitting me again on the ass.

With that encouragement, I sped up my movements, with Amber making sure the fake balls on the dildo were hitting my balls every time to make sure I was getting it all the way in for all 21 strokes.

Buffalo opened the 2nd quarter with another field goal earning me an 18-stroke lashing, followed by a touchdown, putting Buffalo in the lead and giving me hope that I would be released today. Amber switched to the riding crop and administered her 39-stroke beating. I could tell that she was worried that she had walked into a potential upset and she was taking it out on me and my ass. New England scored another TD and Amber had me say "go, Pats, go" as I was impaling myself on the dildo 42 times.

The second quarter ended with another Buffalo field goal and one by New England, earning me 48 strokes with her crop and 51 strokes on the dildo and I was glad for halftime as it gave me some time to recover. Amber was pissed that the game was so close and she angrily stomped upstairs while I (obviously) stood in place.

She returned with about 5 minutes remaining in halftime with a nasty surprise for me. "I'm not going to lose this game, but if I do, I am going to make sure you suffer the entire 2nd half, slave," she said, as she starting pulling items out of her bag and laying them on the table between the chairs. "First a little present for your balls," she said and began attaching plastic clothespins to my exposed ball sack. She put about 10 of them on and the pain was pretty bad; they had sharp edges and my balls were already sore from the blue balls I was suffering.

She then produced something she called alligator clips with a string between them and placed one on each nipple and THAT pain was intense. I was sure I would start bleeding as they bit in so brutally, but it seemed that they stopped just short of breaking the skin. "The more Buffalo scores, the worse it will get for you, slave, so you had better hope they are done scoring for today and my team wins this," she hissed.

The Pats scored another TD in the 3rd to get me 72 trips up and down the dildo, cheering "go, Pats, go" the entire time. Buffalo returned the kickoff for a TD and not only did I get 69 lashes with the whip this time, she made sure to hit the pins on my balls, making my knees weak from the pain. She also came around and hung a good-sized fishing weight from the string between the clamps on my nipples, bringing me to new levels of agony. "Go ahead, slave, cheer for Buffalo if you want more weights," she said, slapping her whip across her palm.

I wisely kept my mouth shut until I was chanting "go, Pats, go" after another New England TD for 93 strokes of the dildo, the balls of which were pressing against the clothespins on every stroke. Another pulled out the video camera for the next 114 after the Pats scored, saying that she wanted more insurance against me in the 4th and I figured I was free. If the Bills were going to lose, at least I would not have any more pain this Sunday. It was not to be however as the Bills scored a touchdown and putting a scare into Amber who gave me 90 strokes with the whip and added another weight to my nipples. I really hoped that the Bills would not score any more, so desperate I was to not have any more whippings or weights added to my nipples.

When the game was finally over, Amber undid my feet and unlocked my hands from my collar and told me to pull myself off of the dildo. I was so sore and weak that it took me some time to do it, especially with the pain in my balls and nipples. After I was off, she told me to clean up the mess and write this before I could take the spreader bar, clothespins or nipple clamps off; they are really starting to ache on my nipples as I finish this week's game report.

P.S. Amber has just read this and given me permission to remove the clothespins and they hurt more coming off than they did going on; as the blood rushed into the spots where they were, the pain was incredible! When I removed the nipple clamps it was worse; I have never felt pain like that and I am really hoping she falls into an upset soon. I am constantly horny and don't think I can take much more of this.

NOTE: Amber has also told me that there would be no game for us in week 4 as we are both traveling (separately), but she did tell me that we would be watching week 5, where she said that she had a "really special surprise" planned for me. She will also tell me her picks for week 5 when we return from our trips and she will give me her picks in advance after which I can post this story.

Amber is taking New Orleans over Arizona in week 5. So I remain locked in chastity, wearing panties every day and a maid's outfit in my home, horny as hell, while dreading kickoff on the 10th.

Author's Note:Chapter 3, week 5 of the football season. More bad decisions on my part have led me to a frustrating couple of weeks.

Chapter 3 (added: 10/21/2010)

The New Orleans/Arizona game marked almost 1 month that I have been in chastity and the past few weeks have been hell for me. We were traveling separately for work and while I was on the road, Amber only let me take women's panties to wear as I usually do at work. It humiliates me to know that I am wearing a hot pink thong under my suit, but at the same time, it makes me horny as well.

On Sunday, after preparing for the game, Amber ordered me to the bathroom for what I now expected every Sunday and this past Sunday was no different. When I got to the bathroom, Amber told me to strip out of my maid's outfit and bend over. I did as I was told and soon felt the warm water of the enema entering me. After I was filled up, Amber chained my wrists to my collar and added a short chain with locks between my wrists as well. She told me to relieve myself and wait in the shower to get cleaned up.

She returned about 15 minutes later wearing a New Orleans t-shirt several sizes too small with a matching thong, carrying a tote bag with her riding crop poking out the top. "Today is a special day for you, slave. It's week 5 and I have a surprise for you," she said. "First, I want you to be quiet today, so open wide."

I did as I was told and in went a new kind of gag; it was an "O"-shaped leather covered ring thing that forced my mouth open, fitting in behind my teeth. She then put a red ball gag that fit in it in my mouth and buckled that behind my head as well. It was easier to breath with it than with the penis gag, but I couldn't talk or swallow my spit. She then she did something I was not expecting; from her bag she pulled out the key to my chastity device! "I told you today was special, slave," she said smiling while she unlocked the prison my cock had been in for the last month. As she slid the tube off my cock was quickly as hard as it had ever been. It was actually a little painful as the skin stretched out, but felt soooo good. She removed the locking tube and the ring around the base of my cock and balls and let her fingers trail along the shaft of my throbbing cock. As she pulled her hand away, I was bucking my hips and trying to get my cock to her hand again; I must've looked like I was fucking the air. "Now to get you all cleaned up," she said, turning on the shower and once again applying hair remover liberally everywhere except my head. She massaged the remover teasingly on my nuts, driving me absolutely wild. I was grunting and groaning and begging her to keep rubbing, but the ring gag made my words unintelligible.

After I was rinsed and dried, Amber tied a piece of thin rope around my balls and used it like a leash to bring me downstairs a few minutes before kickoff. As she carried her bag and led me downstairs, Amber said, "Today is a good day for you slave; I'm going to let you fuck me! As a matter of fact, during today's game, you can have all the sex you want!"

I was shocked and surprised to say the least, but I was so horny that I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

When we reached the basement, Amber told me to stand on the platform from last week which did not have the pole in it any longer; it was just a box with eye bolts on the sides and one in the middle where the pole had been. "Step onto the platform, slave," she ordered and I did as I was told. She quickly locked my ankles to the eye bolts on the side of the box and stood up slowly, running her hands up my legs and kissing my chest and just ever-so-lightly caressing my cock and balls. I was going crazy, moaning and twitching as drool ran down my chin and chest. She pulled a chest over to stand on and ran a rope through the chain between my cuffed wrists, making a point to keep her tits pressed right against my face. After that she undid my wrists from the collar and pulled the rope so tight that I had to stand on my tiptoes. "Almost done, slave," she said as she stepped off the chest and squatted in front of me, smiling up at me with her mouth just inches from my cock. "I just need to secure one more thing and it's game time!" she said. With that, she pulled the rope attached to my balls through the eye bolt in the middle of the box and tied it off with only a small bit of slack in it. "Now, slave, I want you to lean forward a little," she said.

I leaned forward and because my hands and feet were secure, my midsection was the only area that really moved. As the rope on my balls had the slack taken out of it, my cock was pulled down and was parallel to the floor when I got as far forward as I could. "That's fine, slave, you can relax now," she said as she carefully moved the chest a few inches away.

She turned on the TV and while the final minute or so of pre-game finished, she stepped onto the chest and slowly stripped off her shirt, revealing her wonderful breasts. She ran her fingers around her erect nipples and was sticking her fingers in her mouth and and pinching and fondling her tits. I groaned and grunted and was struggling to get free; pre-cum was dripping of the end of my cock, mixing with the drool that had run down my chest. I was so horny, I was ready to explode; my balls ached from both being in chastity and the rope around them. Amber then turned her back to me, bent over and slowly stripped off her panties with her pussy only a foot or two from my face. "Are you ready to fuck me?" she asked. I groaned and tried to say 'yes', but the gag made speaking tough, so I just nodded my head furiously. As the ball was being kicked off, Amber got on her hands and knees on the chest in front of me, watching the game and said "come on slave, fuck me hard!"

I was wild with anticipation; I had never in my life been so horny and I could barely see straight. I leaned forward to put my cock in her pussy, knowing that release was just seconds away and then, nothing. I went as far forward as I could and my cock stopped less than an inch from her pussy! I screamed behind the gag and tried to tell her to move closer, but it came out muffled. "I can't understand you, slave and I'm trying to watch the game. If you want to fuck me, go ahead." With that, she dropped to her elbows and rested her chin in her hands and wiggled her bottom in front of me.

I was so close and now realized that she knew exactly what she was doing, but I was determined. I strained further forward, thinking that I was going to rip my balls off but the head of my throbbing cock touched her wet pussy. As soon as it did, she inched a little further away. Reaching between her legs, she brushed her fingers on my shaft, "don't you want to fuck?" she purred, giggling.

I had been straining so hard that I had to take a break and pulled back for a moment. As soon as I did, she pushed closer to me, "don't you want me, slave?" she teased, moving away as I thrust forward. I barely touched her pussy, but kept trying as she stayed just out of my reach. We went back and forth like this, until New Orleans scored a field goal and she was on her feet, putting the strapon on again.

She lubed it and got behind me, forcing the thing into me. "15 strokes for 3 points for you, slave," she said as she started ramming my ass with it. The fake balls on it were pounding into my painfully stretched and cum-filled ones and she took great pleasure in ramming it home each time. When she reached 15, she came around and sat on the chest in front of me, with her face just inches from my cock.

"My team scoring makes me so horny," she said, "and since you don't want to fuck me, I will take care of myself." With that, she pulled a personal massager out of her bag, plugged it in and returned to her doggy-style position in front of me. She kept her pussy just out of reach while she went to work on her clit with the massager, cumming within a minute or two. "Come on, slave, I want your cock in me," she teased, dirty talking and begging me to fuck her until the Saints scored a touchdown, earning me another 50 strokes with the strapon.

I was going crazy by the time Arizona scored a field goal, earning me 15 vicious swats with her whip. I couldn't be sure, but she seemed to be hitting harder this week and I tried to pull away from the blows, putting more strain on my aching balls. She continued to tease me and just let me get the head of my cock to touch her soaking pussy before pulling away, the whole while begging to be fucked and asking why I didn't want to do her. I was covered in drool, sweat and precum when Arizona scored a touchdown tying the game, earning me 50 shots from the crop this time. New Orleans ended the first half with a field goal, earning me 65 strokes of the strapon.

As soon as halftime started, Amber muted the TV and stood right in front of me and said, "I'm not feeling so sure about the game today, slave, and I don't want to take any chances. So, I have a proposition for you; we call me the winner today and I will let you cum right now. You can wait for the end of the game and if the Cardinals win in an upset, I am your slave, but if you agree to let me win regardless of the score, you can cum... right. now. I thought about it for a second or two, but the Cardinals were huge underdogs and the thought of coming was too great to resist. I nodded my head vigorously and agreed to her deal; she would win today regardless of the score, but I would get to cum now.

"Okay, slave, let's get you cumming!" she said, jumping up on the chest. She loosened the rope on my hands enough to attach the cuffs back to my collar, before taking the rope from between the chain between my wrists. She quickly undid my balls and my ankles and had me lie on my back on the chest. She then pulled my legs up over my head and tied them to the handles on the sides of the chest, bending me in half with my cock above my face. "Now to remove this," she said, taking off the ball gag, but leaving the ring one in my mouth. She then moved out of my line of sight and I could hear her opening the small fridge we have and rummaging in her bag.

She returned and was holding a weird looking plastic thing and a bag of ice which she slapped on my aching nuts. "This is a Nexus Excel prostate stimulator, slave. I said that you could cum and you will, but with this, and the ice, you will not have the feeling of an orgasm. I've read up on this and I will drain you of all the semen you have stored up over the last month, but you will feel hornier than ever!" she laughed.

I started trying to get up and trying to protest, but the ring behind my teeth made it impossible to speak.

"Don't look so shocked," she said, "you didn't really think I was going to let you off easy, did you? Not a chance, I'm going to make you suffer slave!"

Amber applied some lubricant to the thing, stood beside me and taking my cock in one hand, she slowly worked it into my ass, the end (side?) of it pressing on what I assumed was my prostate. She very slowly and methodically moved it in and out, so that the ball on the end rubbed over my prostate. After a few minutes, I began to feel like I needed to pee, but the sensation was somehow different. Amber increased the tempo and a short time later cum started pouring out the end of my cock. When Amber saw that it was working, she aimed my cock so that the semen would go in my mouth or at least hit me in the face. I was surprised by how bad and salty it tasted and also by how much was coming out of me. I was also shocked that it was just running out with no real pressure; my balls still hurt and I was as horny as ever.

Amber kept stroking, commenting on how it was important to get all of the fluid out for "the full effect." About 4 or 5 minutes after I started "cumming," Amber stopped and ran her finger along the underside of my cock to empty out any remaining semen. Most of what came out of me ended up in my mouth, but I had a lot on my face, neck and chest which Amber scooped up with her finger and wiped on my tongue.

She pulled the stimulator out of my ass and set it aside and moved around so that she was standing near my head. "We still have a few minutes in halftime left and I think you need a reward for being such a good slave," she said. With that, she unbuckled the gag from behind my head and pulled the ring from my mouth. My jaws were aching, but I didn't have much time to relax as Amber straddled my face and commanded me to make her cum.

I started licking her pussy and clit and she reached out and started slowly stroking my cock. It felt wonderful and I felt ready to cum, but nothing happened; it was weird; she was stroking my cock and I wanted to cum, but nothing was happening. I was going out of my mind, I was so horny. Amber climaxed twice in quick succession and climbed off, leaving me on the chest with ice melting on my balls and a raging hard on.

She flopped down in the chair and turned the sound back up on the game. The third quarter started and Arizona opened with a field goal to tie the game. Amber picked up her whip and walked over with an evil smile on her face. "With you tied up like that, your balls and cock are pretty exposed....," she said. "Well, I kind of like you in that position, and I'm going to give you 65 reasons why I like it so much. Count, 'em, slave!" She stood at the end of the chest and started whipping my ass, the strands of the whip catching my over-exposed cock and balls while I dutifully counted. When she was finished my ass was on fire and my balls ached to the point that my stomach was hurting.

Mercifully, there was no scoring until the 4th quarter when Arizona kicked another field goal to earn me 80 vicious swats with the whip. She made sure that she got my ass good, but made sure to "miss" once in a while to nail my aching balls.

When Arizona ran a fumble in for a touchdown getting me a further 115 strokes, I was counting the last few dozen through tears while Amber laughed at me. "If you could have only waited to cum, you might have had me as YOUR slave for this week. It looks like Arizona might pull this off! What a dumb ass!" she laughed.

Just after the two-minute warning, the Saints scored a touchdown and Amber got up again and picked up her strapon. At least she would have to untie me from this uncomfortable position to use it, I thought. But, no, she simply lubed it and rammed it home with her hand, watching my face and smiling the whole time.

I thought that my punishment was over and was regretting my stupid choice to cum and give Amber the win when Arizona scored on an interception and Amber gave me 150 blistering lashes from her whip. I was still incredibly horny despite 'cumming' earlier; I had never felt anything like this before; I was incredibly horny, but could not cum.

The game ended with Arizona winning 30-20 and I had blown my chance of winning an upset! My ass was on fire and my balls ached and even though I came, I was hornier than before.

"I can't get the chastity tube back on you with that hard on, but someone on the website where you have been posting your story gave me a good idea," Amber said as she untied my legs from their awkward position. "Stand up and turn around," she said and waited while I did as I was told.

She moved behind me and released my right hand from my collar, pulling it behind my back and holding it there. She reached up and released my left and quickly pulled it behind my back and attached my cuffs to each other using the clips on them. It was really uncomfortable as there was only an inch or so of play between my hands. While I was secure for the moment, she pulled a small padlock from her bag and attached the rings on the cuffs with it. This was even worse as my wrists were almost touching now. She also took the time to put the ball gag back in my mouth, making it impossible to talk again.

She pulled a pair of 'my' panties out of her bag and had me step into them as she pulled them up my legs and worked them over my still-hard cock. They were side-tie hot pink and the silky fabric against my cock was almost too much to bear and I found myself moving my thighs back and forth to try to stimulate my cock, but it just frustrated me more. "I will put the tube back on when your little stiffie goes away," Amber giggled as she started cleaning up.

She was still naked and I was so horny that every time I could get close to her, I was rubbing my cock on her, trying to get off. "You're getting on my nerves, slave," she said, "I can't clean up with you bugging me." She led me over to the box and attached the rope that she had tied to my balls to my wrist cuffs, leaving me stranded, mute and horny in the middle of the room.

She took her time cleaning up, and said that she was going to take a bath and get ready for bed. My arms now hurt almost as much as my balls and I grunted and tried to gesture to her that I wanted to be released. "No slave, I don't thinks so; I can't release your hands with your cock free and besides someone on the website wanted an overnight session, so I am going to keep your hands behind your back until tomorrow," she said as she headed upstairs.

I took stock while she was gone; I had been in chastity for a month, I 'came' but never got to orgasm, my balls ached, my cock was throbbing and my arms, especially my shoulders were killing me. I thought about how stupid I was to take this deal in the first place and especially how I was so eager to cum that I blew my upset chance.

Amber returned wearing a sexy negligee, untied my wrists from the box and led me upstairs. She pulled my cock out so that I could go to the bathroom and then led me to bed where I kept rubbing against her in a vain attempt to get off until I eventually fell asleep, exhausted, frustrated and in pain.

I awoke in the morning while Amber was in the shower with my arms and jaw killing me; I had spent more than 10 hours with my wrists behind my back and I had never been so sore. My face was a new level of pain; my mouth ached and I must have drooled out gallons. Worse, while I was asleep, Amber had put the chastity tube back on me! Amber came out of the shower and said that we had to get moving to get to work undid my gag and unlocked my wrists. The pins and needles were awful but I put my hands to my cock as soon as I could to have some contact there.

Amber giggled and said "no point in that, you are secure again for the week. Now get ready," tossing a towel and fresh pair of panties in my direction. My mouth hurt so much that I just sighed and headed for the shower feeling sorry for myself all over again. I don't know how I will get through the next week or the season for that matter.

NOTE: Hi! Amber here. Sorry for the delay in getting this up, we have had some computer trouble, but we are all set now. There will be no story for week 6 as my parents are visiting and I am sure would not approve of how we watch the game. I took the behind the back suggestion from the comments on the site and am hoping that you readers out there can give me some other creative ideas that I can try in week 7 or later. I am really new to this and could use some help to take care of Jim - what an idiot! :-) I am taking Baltimore over Buffalo for week 7.

Author's Note: This is the 4 part (week 7) of the story and perhaps the conclusion (Amber).

Chapter 4 (added: 11/06/2010)

Week 7 of the season and I haven't had an orgasm in a month and a half. Two weeks ago, Amber 'milked' me and although semen was released, I am hornier than ever and have been back in my belt since week 5. I am beginning to get some skin irritation from the belt and pointed that out to Amber and she has said that she has found a solution. Also, Since Amber's parents left, she has been telling me that week 7 will be particularly bad for me as she wants to make up for lost time.

Sunday morning began earlier than usual and with my enema and shower out of the way, Amber directed me to the bedroom where there were several outfits laid out on the bed. "Get dressed, slave," Amber commanded, pointing towards my now-usual French maid outfit. Once I was back in my maid's outfit, Amber directed me to sit in front of her vanity. "I want you to look pretty for your photo session," she said. "I'm going to change your belt to a plastic one that should be better for your skin, but it is also easier to break, so I need more insurance that you will be good, slave."

With that, she started to apply a full round of makeup to my face, gaudily painting me to look like a whore. When she finished, she had me stand up and 'pose' for her while she took pictures with our digital camera. She had me curtsy, and pose holding a dildo in my mouth. When she had taken about two dozen pictures, she had me change; a ballerina outfit, a hot pink leotard and a pair of 'my' panties. She got a couple dozen pictures of me in each getup before she was satisfied. I knew that I was going to be good; I knew I couldn't risk displeasing her now.

Amber told me to head downstairs before the game and get ready for week 7 while she prepared her toys for me. I went downstairs in my panties and waited for her. About 15 minutes before game time Amber arrived wearing what can only be described as a domme outfit. She had on thigh-high black leather boots, a black corset with matching thong and elbow-length leather gloves. She was wearing severe makeup and was topped by a black military type hat.

"Stand up!" she barked and as I did, she pushed me towards the box that I have been standing on for the past couple of games. I was relieved to see that the pole in the middle with the dildo was not attached. "Hands up," she commanded. I did what she asked and she scrambled on top of the chest where she again secured my hands above my head. She then proceeded to ever so slowly remove my panties and even though I was in the tube, my cock was straining at it's bonds. Finished with that bit of teasing, she then secured my spreader bar, taking what little slack that was in the rope holding my arms away.

What happened next was a real surprise, she pulled the key for my belt from her bag and for the second time in six weeks, I was free! My cock was instantly hard, painfully so as the ooze of precum drooled off the end. "My appeal to the readers on the website paid off and I have a new twist for this week's game, slave," she said smiling wickedly. My stomach knotted when I remembered the 'foot - ball' suggestion from the site, where she would kick me in the balls every time there was a kick on the field.

"No, Mistress Amber, please don't do the foot - ball idea!" I begged. "PLEASE!"

She pulled the ball gag from her bag and told me to open wide. I was busy pleading with her to not do this when the crop struck across the end of my cock. "Open. Wide." she snarled, crop at the ready for another blow. I opened and she quickly buckled the thing around my head. When she finished, she gave me another smack with the crop on my cock which was still burning. "That's for not obeying quickly, slave," she said.

She was standing behind me when Buffalo kicked off and as the kicker's foot connected with the ball, her booted foot came up slowly between my legs and caught me in the nuts. I screamed around the ball gag as my stomach knotted in pain. "I am being gentle with you, slave. If you can't be quiet, I can kick a lot harder," she said as she settled into her chair beside me.

Her team, Baltimore punted on their first drive and Amber kicked me again as the ball was booted, so were mine. Buffalo also punted on their first possession and it dawned on me with dread how much kicking there could be in a game as Amber connected once again.

Baltimore lined up for a field goal attempt on their next possession and Amber again stood behind me. As the ball was snapped, I was praying for a fake, but it wasn't and her boot once again connected with my balls, making me scream around my gag once more. The score also meant that she was quickly pulling her strapon and lube out of her bag and getting it on. Before she got to it, she waited for Baltimore to kick off so that she could do the same. Although, she is shorter than I am, with my feet spread, she was able to reach and rammed the dido up my ass and informed me that 3 points in week seven equals 21 strokes for me. She quickly pounded out the strokes with 'her cock.' My asshole hurt like hell but that was nothing to the pain in my balls and stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up and I hoped for a game with few kicks.

Buffalo scored on a touchdown and she administered another kick to my balls on the point after before pulling her whip from the bag and giving me 49 vicious whacks on the ass. She paused halfway through to kick me again when Buffalo kicked off. I knew that Buffalo was the underdog, so I was hoping for a blowout. The strapon was bad, but it didn't hurt as much as the whip.

With a couple of minutes left in the quarter, Buffalo (and Amber) lined up for a field goal on their recovered fumble and as the ball sailed off, her foot again connected with my nuts. I screamed again as Amber administered 70 swats with her whip. I was going crazy; my balls hurt like hell, but I was still half hard and horny as hell.

I received another kick on the ensuing kickoff but mercifully there was no more scoring in the first.

The second quarter opened with another Baltimore punt and a slightly harder kick from Amber. With Buffalo up 10-3, I think Amber was getting angry and taking it out on me.

Buffalo scored another TD and I got another 2 kick to the balls for the point after and the kickoff. I realized that she wasn't kicking that hard, but it still hurt like hell. With Buffalo up 17-3, I received 119 cracks of the whip and my ass was now rivaling my balls for pain.

"I don't like how this game is going, slave," she said. "How would you like to call me the winner right now and I will let you cum."

The thought of relief was overwhelming, but I blew my chance at an upset two weeks ago and the 'milking' really did nothing to relieve my horniness. I shook my head.

Baltimore scored a TD less than a minute later and after another 2 shots in the nuts, she pounded my ass 70 times with 'her cock'. In addition to my balls and backside aching, my asshole was beginning to feel sore as well; she was really ramming it home each time.

Buffalo scored a few minutes later, earning me another 2 kicks kick and an ass-searing 168 lashes. Amber actually had to change hands during the whipping as she was getting tired. I had a hard time feeling any sympathy for her, though.

With around a minute to go in the half, Baltimore and Amber lined up for a FG and a shot at my nuts. As Amber was fucking me 91 times, she teased me about how hard I was and laughing that I must be enjoying her treatment of me.

Baltimore scored next on a field goal and after my 2 kicks in the balls, Amber pounded me 91 times in the ass. "You should have taken the deal, slave, it looks like Baltimore is coming back." she said as she pounded me harder.

Baltimore scored again, earning me a kick for the point after and one more for the kickoff. and then Amber spent about 5 minutes slowly fucking me 140 times teasing me about being a nice tight slut and how I must really enjoy her treatment as she noted how hard I was.

During halftime, Amber added the alligator clamps from two weeks ago to my nipples, adding more pain and discomfort to my already aching upper body. My shoulders were killing me and along with the damage to balls and ass, I was really hurting.

The second half opened with a kickoff for both Baltimore and Amber. Baltimore intercepted a pass and I got a kick for the point after and the ensuing kickoff, before Amber was pounding my ass again for 189 strokes of 'her cock'. "You really should have taken the deal, slave, Baltimore is going to win this thing," she taunted.

Baltimore scored another touchdown to make it 34 - 24 and I figured it was all over for Buffalo. I got my 2 kicks and 238 strokes up my ass from Amber.

After a fumble, the next 2 possessions resulted in punts for both teams and Amber. Buffalo scored another touchdown to make it 34-31 Baltimore and I suddenly felt like I had a chance to win one! Amber administered her kicks and a brutal 217 stroke lashing. She was getting tired and I was not so sore after this one, but my ass was still on fire.

Baltimore punted on their next possession and with four seconds to go, Buffalo lined up for and made a field goal to tie! I didn't actually see the field goal as Amber decided to put some force into her kick and when the ball went up into the air, she really booted me hard. My eyes were watering and I was sure I was going to be sick when she connected for another kick to my nuts for the kickoff. Amber was pissed and got a second wind as she ravaged my ass with her whip 238 times; if she was going to lose, she was going to make me suffer.

Overtime opened with a Buffalo kickoff and another medium shot in the nuts for me; she was really worried about the game and was pacing around, smacking her palm with her whip. When Baltimore punted, she forgot to kick me. Buffalo fumbled the ball and committed a penalty, putting Baltimore in field goal range. After a couple of short rushes, they lined up for a field goal and as they did, Amber lined up in front of me for her kick. Instead of kicking me at the same time as the ball, she watched the ball sail through the uprights and then delivered a wicked kick to my nuts full-on. This was the hardest yet and I screamed and writhed, wanting to curl up and die.

Amber left me there for a minute or two while she undid my spreader bar. When my feet were free, she pulled on a pair of spandex/lycra panties (like a bathing suit bottom). She then worked her way onto the chest, quickly attaching my wrists to my collar. As soon as she let go of my hands, I fell to the floor and curled up in the fetal position, trying to undo the horrible feeling in my stomach and the ache in my balls.

Amber hopped off the chest and told me to get on my knees and elbows. I groaned and rolled over to do as she said; this position was still some relief from the pain I was in. While I waited Amber got something out of her bag and knelt behind me. "As your tube is causing your skin some problems, you won't have to wear it in the house anymore," she said as she guided my balls through a small hole in the bottom/back of the panties and started fiddling with something back there.

I began to feel something tightening around my ball sac as Amber said, "this is known as a humbler and it will keep you in line," she said as she tightened the thing further. When she finished, she told me to stand up. I tried, but could not stand straight up as the thing holding my balls was wedged across the back of my thighs. It was basically a piece of wood with a hole for my balls that curved behind my legs, forcing me to remain bent over.

"Normally, the guy is naked, but I don't want you rubbing that thing on me all night," she said, pointing to my hard on. "You will have your hands chained to your collar or behind your back while you are home. It will make your chores tougher, but so will these," she said, pulling a pair of high-heeled shoes from her bag. "I got them in your size and they come with handy little locks so you can't take them off." She had me step into them and buckled and locked them into place. "Now clean up, slave, I have to figure out a way to whip you without my arm getting so tired next time," she said as went upstairs.

I shuffled around doing my chores, ball gag in place, arms at my neck and almost falling over in my shoes. My balls hurt so much and I was nauseous from the pain in my stomach. It took me hours to clean up and do my regular housework before Amber helped me pee and crawl into bed, completely exhausted.

Yesterday before work, Amber tied my hands to the bed post and released my balls from the humbler and iced my crotch. When she was satisfied, she produced a box with CB-3000 on the cover and proceeded to lock my cock and balls away, this time in a plastic tube before letting me up to get ready for work. When I returned home, she had me change into my maid costume without panties and attached my cuffs to my collar before removing the cage and refitting the humbler. I am in immense pain and Amber has agreed that we will visit the doctor tomorrow (Wednesday) in case there has been any serious damage to my balls.

NOTE; Amber here. There will be no updates for the foreseeable future; as a result of Jim suffering from a ruptured testicle and having to undergo surgery to repair the tunica albuginea (?) on Friday, the 29th. I truly feel awful and am not sure that we will continue our game. To everyone who has been reading, please wish Jim luck with the surgery and hope he fully recovers - Amber - 10/28/10.

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