Training Triplets
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Author's Note: Triplets expecting to be sex slaves find out what slavery really is.

Chapter 1: Introduction

It was a mild Monday morning in November when Racheal and her slave/assistant Jasmine went to visit Mr. & Mrs. Schwartz at their hotel in downtown Miami to discuss the training of the triplets they had found to become proper slaves. Racheal was dressed in a white leather pants suit and 5' heels, while Jasmine was in a light blue dress with matching heels and her slave collar locked securely around her neck as always. Her dress was low cut showing off her new 42DD breasts. As she sat down in the living room, with Jasmine on the floor beside her, Mrs. Schwartz said "I am Allyson and this is my husband David". "Nice to meet you, Racheal responded and this is Jasmine my slave and assistant." Allyson commented that jasmine was very lovely and well trained. They discussed the triplets, two sisters and a brother, that the Schwartz's had found living in a trailer park alone in Alabama, that were interested in becoming slaves for money of course. She confirmed that they were over 21 and would supply proof and the three had signed personal service contracts for three years and would be compensated generously. She said the three were novices, but needed the money and were willing to become slaves. Racheal laughed at that statement, and responded, they have no clue do they? Not really, but they will be ready in four weeks once they recover from their breast augmentation surgery and pass a physical and the money is placed in escrow accounts. The male is very effeminate, except for his 11" penis, and is also having implants and will be trained as a she-male. I don't expect any problems from him, but his sisters are head strong and only care about getting the money but will need serious training. The girls, Bonnie and Barbara will be serving me as my slaves while the male, Brandon will serve David. You have Carte Blanc to use what ever means to train them. All three will need to have hair removal and you will be given a list of what is to be pierced. Also a custom designed chastity belt will be supplied for Brandon. Racheal then suggested to Allyson that the girls be placed in control chastity belts that can be bought from her friend Shelia. "What is a control belt" she asked. Racheal told Jasmine to stand and lift her dress to show Allyson the belt.

"This belt can be used to pleasure a slave, or tease it and prevent it from cumming or punish the slave" Racheal told her as she explained its functions. Perfect get them the belts. "If there are no other questions, I will let you know when they will be delivered", as she handed Racheal a check. "Instructions will be waiting for them to follow when they arrive at Ft Lauderdale airport. Ok, we are going back to Philadelphia area, but will be waiting for them. As they left Racheal informed Jasmine that this would be fun breaking the bitches.

Chapter 2: The triplets

The triplets, Brandon, Barbara and Bonnie grew up in a trailer park outside Huntington Alabama, and were raised by a single alcoholic mother. They were always poor and never had anything new, as they wore clothes from the Goodwill center. Brandon was 5'6" and only 130 lb, very effeminate with long brown hair. While growing up he was forced to wear female undies as they could not afford male underwear and he got to like the feel of the soft fabric. He was teased by the other male students in school, but many of the females want to be with him as he had an 11" cock. Barbara was 5'8" about 124 lb, with black hair and was tom boyish in build with an attitude she was better than the trailer trash she was. She did not date males and secretly was a lesbian. Bonnie was also 5'8" but 132lb and 36B-24-35 and was sought by all the males in the area. She enjoyed the company of both sexes and was very active. These were perfect for what the Schwartz's wanted. They had been approached by a local lawyer about becoming slaves to a wealthy couple, for payment of one million dollars each after a three year service. Initially Brandon and Barbara were hesitant, as it appeared to be too good to be true but Bonnie convinced them to agree so they could get away from their rotten lives in trailer trash land and it was the only way for them to become rich. It was also applied they would be sexual slaves and that was not a problem as they all enjoyed sex.

Chapter 3: The pickup

The triplets got off the plane in Ft Lauderdale, and saw a person holding a sign with their name on it. When they showed him that they were who he was seeking he handed them an envelope and left. Bonnie opened the envelope and found instructions and money. They were to take a taxi to the listed motel and go to room 4B. The money was to pay the taxi driver. After 2 hours the taxi dropped them off at a run down motel in the middle of no where. They went to room 4B and knocked on the door. An African-American female with huge breasts opened the door and told them to enter. As the entered they saw a gorgeous female standing in the middle of the small room wearing a black leather cat suit, black boots and a whip hanging from her belt. She told them to knee in front of the bag on the floor that had their name on it. "I am Mistress Racheal and this (pointing to the woman that opened the door) is my slave and assistant Jasmine, who you will address as Ms Jasmine", Racheal told them. If you forget to address us properly you will be punished. She then asked for their driver's licenses, which she handed to Jasmine. Jasmines went to a laptop and verified that they were who they said they were and were over 21 years old. They were told to strip completely and put their clothes in the plastic bag in behind them with everything else they had and Jasmine collected the bags. Racheal asked them if they understood what was going to happen to them and they told her they were going to become slaves. Racheal smiled and asked if they had a clue as to what that meant. Bonnie answered; it didn't matter as the money they would get at the end of the three years was worth anything so long as they didn't have to go back to the hell hole of a town they grew up in.

They were told to take the metal collar from the bag and lock it around their neck. All three followed the instructions and three clicks were heard as the locks shut. They were told to go use the bathroom as in a few minutes they would be leaving for a long ride. When done the triplets took cuffs from the bags and locked them on their wrists and ankles. Bonnie asked why the restraints and was told for their safety. The last item in the bag was a short blue dress that each put on. They were taken out of the room to an old white van and when the door opened they saw three seats bolted in the back with leather restraints. They were instructed to sit down and then Racheal and Jasmine proceeded to strap them into the seat so they could not move a muscle. Leather hoods with ball gag inside and with only holes for their noses were then placed over their heads and pulled tight and locked on. Enjoy the ride slaves laughed Racheal and welcome to your new life as a total no limit slave. Brandon struggled against the bondage; while Barbara and Bonnie just sat there very nervous wondering what they were getting into as they thought it was going to be sexual slavery, not this bondage stuff. After several hours the van stopped and they were released from the seats and their hands were cuffed behind their backs and they were lead down a flight of stairs into a room.

Chapter 4: Realization

As the hoods were removed the three saw a huge room with strange pieces of what looked like furniture but nothing they recognized and what looked like jail cells on one side of the room and all kinds of leather and metal things and whips hanging from another wall and cabinets. The blue dresses were cut off them and they stood naked with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Racheal inspected them, feeling their implants (40D) and bodies, inserting fingers in Barbara and Bonnie's cunt and stroked Brandon's large cock. "Who ever did the implants did a great job", Racheal said "and this dungeon will be your home until I feel you are properly trained slaves, each has its own cell with a potty and bed" Racheal told them. Brandon, shouted "release me, I didn't agree to bondage just sex". Racheal told Jasmine to put Barbara and Bonnie into their cells and then walked over to Brandon and said, "I am so glad you volunteered to learn what happens to disobedient slaves. Oh and by the way the collars you are all wearing are electric shock collars". Brandon was dragged under hanging chains and quickly his hands were cuffed to them and his feet to floor rings 3' apart and the chains were pulled so he was stretched taunt. Racheal stroked Brandon's cock and balls gently and watched as it became hard and was very impressive. Jasmine stood behind Brandon and at Racheal's signal she whacked his ass as hard as she could with a leather paddle. Brandon screamed in pain as the paddle hit his ass and then felt Racheal's gloved hand squeeze his cock and balls hard and again he screamed. "Girls learn what happens if you disobey or piss ME off," Racheal told Bonnie and Barbara, as she continued to squeeze the cock and balls till the cock went soft. Both girls looked away as their brother was being tortured. "Don't you bitches look away, or you can replace this sissy brother of yours and then to Brandon she asked "are you going to behave slut boy or do you need more pain." "I will behave" shouted Brandon. Racheal nodded her head and Jasmine hit his ass twice with the leather paddle. "Slut slave, you were instructed on how to address Me and my slave Jasmine, failure means PAIN, do you understand", Racheal asked as the hand squeezed even harder. "Yes Mistress Racheal, I understand, please let my cock go" begged Brandon. Racheal laughed and said "it is not your cock; I own it while I am training you" and turning to the girls in their cells, "and I own your bodies also". Now tomorrow we start the training for real. If you hesitate to obey, fail to do as ordered or piss me off, then you earn minutes of "hell" which is an extreme pain solution and trust ME it is very painful and you will think you are in hell. And there is an additional five minutes added as a bonus for every five you earn." After a nod, Jasmine released Brandon from the chains and took him over to the shower area and attached his cuffs to the chains there. "Use hair remover cream #5 for 20 minutes" Racheal told Jasmine. Facing the girls, she informed them that this would permanently remove their hair as it destroyed the hair follicles. Jasmine put on a pair of rubber gloves and started spreading the cream over Brandon's body including his face. After a few minutes he started screaming again as the cream started to burn. Everyone could see the tears running down his face. After 20 minutes the shower was turned on and Jasmine washed the cream from Brandon's body. Once dried, his hands were again cuffed behind his back and he was shoved into his cell for the night. Bonnie was next for the hair removal and she fought as she was dragged into the shower, but was no match for Racheal and Jasmine and was chained taunt. "I am so glad you fought; now you can feel one minute of "hell" so everyone will know how bad it is." Racheal informed Bonnie. Jasmine still wearing gloves placed one drop on a finger and rubbed it on Bonnie's clit. As soon as the drop touched her clit, Bonnie screamed as if she was dieing and shook the chains trying to get free to remove wipe of the solution. After the minute Jasmine applied the neutralizing cream and the pain stopped. Jasmine proceeded to use the hair removal cream on Bonnie and when she was done, Bonnie was put back in her cell. After seeing how Brandon and Bonnie suffered, Barbara did not resist as she was taken to the shower and her hair was removed. She was taken back to her cell and locked in like her brother and sister. "Good night slaves, and I would advise you all get a good nights sleep as tomorrow is another day and it only gets worse" said Racheal as she and Jasmine left the dungeon and turned out the light.

Both Brandon and Barbara screamed at Bonnie "What the fuck have you gotten us into".

Bonnie crying said "I didn't think this is what would happen; I thought it was just sex". Barbara reached through the cell bars trying to grab Bonnie who quickly move to the other side of her cell. I'll kill you if I get a chance bitch, she told Bonnie, that shit really burned and my clit is totally numb now. Over a loudspeaker they heard Racheal's voice, "shut up and go to sleep or all three of you will suffer". The three crawled into bed and cried themselves to sleep wondering what horror awaited them.

Chapter 5: Slavery starts for real

The lights came on waking the three sleeping slaves as Racheal and Jasmine entered the dungeon. Get up and potty, Racheal told them. Through slots in the cells, 2 bowls were placed in each cell, one with what looked like pudding and the other filled with yellow water. They were told the food was a high protein meal like astronauts eat, so they would be well nourished with little solid waste. They ate but as Bonnie started to drink the liquid, she spit it out screaming "This is piss". Correct slave Racheal told them and you earned 4 minutes with hell for spitting it out. Now drink slaves or it gets worse.

Barbara quickly drank the pee water and told the other do it as that solution is extreme. Brandon followed drinking the pee, but Bonnie wouldn't. Suddenly she felt a shock from the collar she was wearing and as the pain increased she screamed, ok I will drink it and reached down and drank the pee. Learn from your sister and obey commands or suffer Racheal told them. Jasmine pulled a steel chair like apparatus to the center of the room. Who wants to go first? That person gets a reward. Barbara volunteered hoping to get on Racheal's good side. Jasmine strapped Barbara onto the chair straps above and below her breasts, across her waist and across her head holding her very tight and unable to move. Her arms were cuffed the sides of the chair and her legs were cuffed to steel rods that were spread apart exposing her bald cunt. An oriental male entered the room, and approached the helpless Barbara. "So who get pierced?" he asked. Racheal told Jin. "all three of them, but this one gets numbed before the piercing the other don't, she laughed, that is your reward Barbara, no pain." Barbara struggled but it was useless as the bondage was very secure. "Jin, you will pierce their septum, nipples, clit hood and labia, for the girls and septum, nipples, and his balls and cock for the sissy." The rings are here supplied by their future owners and they are to be soldered shut. Jin, centered the piercing gun in Barbara's nose and all heard the "TWANG" as it pierced her nose. Barbara screamed and Bonnie and Brandon looked away. Quickly Jin finished the rest of the piercings and inserted the steel rings, which he soldered shut. Barbara was released from the chair and dragged in front of a mirror to see her new piercings and then back to her cell. Bonnie was dragged next to the chair and strapped in. "Please Mistress, numb me before the piercings" she cried. Racheal; shook her head no, and told Jasmine to gag the slut so she didn't have to hear the screams. Jasmine went to Bonnie's cell and peed while wearing her panties. She the rolled them in a ball and holding Bonnie's nose closed she shoved them into Bonnie's mouth as it opened for her to breathe and secured it with a strap. Jin proceeded with the piercings and all heard the muffled screams as each hole was done. When done, Bonnie was shown her piercings and then taken to her cell. She crawled into the cot in extreme pain. Brandon realizing there was nothing going to stop this horror went meekly to the chair and once strapped in he also was pierced but the screams as his cock and balls were pierced could be heard loud and clear despite the gag. Racheal informed them the piercings had inserted a grommet in the hole that was medicated and that would speed up the healing process. They were fed again and everyone ate and drank the piss without a problem and then were locking into their cells. As he sat on his cot Brandon wished he had never listened to his sister Bonnie about becoming a slave and now realized his life back home wasn't that bad as long as he avoided the males as they hated him since he was so popular with all the women because of his big cock. But since she had convinced Barbara to join her and if he didn't then they would get the money and he did enjoy sex. Looking at his newly pierced body and how his cock was now pulled down and locked to the rings through his balls, and the pain it caused him wondered how he would survive. Barbara, was also thinking how she hated Bonnie for this stupid idea, and was wondering what new tortures were next. The rings in her nipples and labia were hurting and she had to lie on her back with her legs spread wide to relieve the pain. Bonnie was so pissed that the lawyer and the bitch Schwartz had lied about the slavery, and that she and her sister and brother were now going through hell at the hands of a mad woman. Soon all three fell asleep.

Chapter 6 - The Next Day (added: 01/14/2011)

The lights came on in the dungeon waking the slaves. Jasmine entered carrying their food and drink (piss) bowls. Each slave was given a set of bowls and was told to drink and eat as they would need the energy, as both the food and piss had been fortified with vitamins and protein. Brandon and Barbara got on their knees and ate the food and drank the piss. Bonnie did not move off her cot. Jasmine left and both Brandon and Barbara asked Bonnie if she was crazy by defying the leather bitch. Racheal entered the dungeon with Jasmine and opened Bonnie's cell as Bonnie felt her collar shock her. While dazed she was taken to a steel chair and strapped in tight with legs spread wide apart but secured. As she awoke Bonnie struggled against the bondage, but realized it was useless. She saw Racheal and cursed her for holding her against her will. Racheal laughed and explained that since she had signed a contract and she agreed to become a slave for the money it was not against her will. Also besides the 4 minutes she had earned from yesterday another 4 were being added for not eating breakfast like her brother and sister, which made a total of 13 minutes. Racheal handed Jasmine a pair of panties, and Bonnie was told these were worn all day yesterday by Racheal and were nice and ripe. Jasmine pinched Bonnie's nose and when she opened her mouth the breath the panties were pushed in it and a strap secured them. Bonnie tasted the sweat and pussy juices from the panties (also a stimulant was added to them to make sure she would not pass out).

Jasmine put on rubber gloves and rubbed one drop of "hell" solution onto each of Bonnie's nipples and onto her clit. Bonnie immediately struggled and screamed as the pain racked her body, and prayed she would pass out. After what seemed to be an eternity in extreme pain, Jasmine applied the neutralizing cream and the pain stopped.

The gag was removed and Bonnie was asked if she was going to eat her special breakfast or did she want the "hell" solution in her ass. Bonnie screamed "I will eat it, please no more pain". Jasmine released Bonnie, who went to her cell and eat the food and drank the piss. The slaves were told to potty and then were taken to the shower area where they bathed. In the shower, Barbara attacked Bonnie screaming "I hate you for getting us in this mess bitch". As they were pulled apart, Barbara was informed she earned 5 minutes for the outburst. Barbara said it is worth the suffering to get back at the bitch. Laughing Racheal told the girls, you had better get along as teamwork is very important in your training, which will start in a few days once your new outfits arrive. Meanwhile as Jasmine starts your brothers she male training, I am going to have fun with you.

Chapter 7 - Brandon's Training Starts (added: 01/14/2011)

Jasmine secured Brandon's wrists to the chains and his ankles to the floor rings. From a box she removed what appeared to be a metal belt. A cream was spread onto his cock and from the pain it became soft and was easily slide into a metal tube and through a slit at the sealed end the ring piercing his cock was slid. Jasmine then locked a 4" wide belt around his waist and attached a metal band to the rear of the belt. Brandon felt a wet finger slide in his ass and he was shown a 9" long 4" wide at bung butt plug. Your ass needs to be stretched for your master David. He screamed as the plug was shoved deep in his ass. Then Jasmine fit the cock tube on a metal shield, and was secured to the front of the belt, with his cock pushed down toward his balls. At that point everything was locked and a short chain was attached the cock ring and pulled to the rings on his balls and was secured there. Jasmine asked Racheal if they wanted superglue in the locks, and she said not at this time. Jasmine told Brandon, that the belt would be on for a long time and his cock was useless, but he could pee as long as he sat down like a female he was to become. He was then given a shot of what he was told were female hormones that would slowly make his features feminine but not affect his cock size. Then she strapped a corset around his waist and pulled until his waist was reduced to 19" and he could hardly breathe. She told Brandon to take small shallow breaths and he started breathing normal. A leather bra with nipple holes was used to support his 40D breasts, and then he was released from the chains. He put on a maids dress and then had 6" heels locked on his feet. She then applied makeup to his face and when he saw himself in a mirror all he saw was a sexy female. His sisters were shown their brother as Jasmine leads him out of the dungeon to clean the house.

Chapter 8 - Sisterly Love (added: 01/14/2011)

Barbara and Bonnie stood naked, except for their collar and cuffs, in front of Racheal. She told them they were going to play a game with the loser receiving 4 cane stokes across her ass, breasts and directly on her cunt. Holding up two envelopes, Racheal explained that one had a + sign and one had a sign inside. Barbara and Bonnie were going to perform oral sex on each other until one had an orgasm. Then the envelopes would be opened a + meant the winner was the one that had her sister cum first, and a was the one that came first. There will be a time limit and if no one has an orgasm in 7 minutes then both will receive 10 cane strokes on each area. Racheal had a coin in her hand and said heads Bonnie on top, tails Barbara on top. The coin was flipped and it was heads. Bonnie smiled at her sister and told her be ready to cum slut. Barbara replied only after you and wiggled her tongue. Barbara lied down on the mat and Bonnie went on top of her and Racheal cuffed their wrists to the others ankles so they could only use their tongues. As Racheal said start all you saw were two head bobbing up and down with tongues flicking at clits. They heard Racheal yell out two minute left and the speed of their heads bobbing and tongues flicking increased and just before the time was up Bonnie screamed as she came squirting her cum all over her sisters face. Once Barbara felt her sister cum, she had a major orgasm herself. They were uncuffed and Barbara was told to pick an envelope, and when that envelope was opened she saw a on the paper. "Fuck, she screamed, I held back for nothing". Bonnie just laughed and said I got the best of it; I had an orgasm and get to see you caned. Barbara was spread eagled in the chains that recently secured her brother with her body stretched taunt and legs wide apart. Racheal retrieved a rattan cane from the wall and handed it to Bonnie. As the winner you get to cane your sister and if I feel you are not giving it your all, then I will cane her and then give you the same amount as her.

"Please, Bonnie said, I don't want to hurt her". "So you volunteer to take her place and let her cane you" asked Racheal. Bonnie grabbed the cane and told Barbara sorry, but better you than me. Bonnie walked behind her sister. She swished the cane back and forth to get the feel of it a then brought it back and WHACK it stuck across Barbara's ass with all her might as it leaving a deep welt. Barbara had steadied herself as her sister walked behind her and but when the cane hit her the pain was extreme and she screamed out loud. Before Barbara could recover from the first stoke, Bonnie delivered a second stroke which struck in the crease between her ass and legs. Again Barbara howled in pain clenching her ass cheeks as tears appeared in her eyes. The third stoke hit across the middle of her ass followed quickly with the fourth stroke and Barbara slumped in the chains crying from the pain, Racheal examined Barbara's ass and told Bonnie very good job. From a drawer, Racheal took out a board with straps attached.

It was strapped below Barbara's breasts and a strap was tightened around her back and over her shoulders so her breasts rested on the board. Racheal removed her panties and wiped Bonnie's cunt soaking them in her juices. To this she added a stimulant so Barbara wouldn't pass out. Pinching her nose Racheal shoved the drugged panties into Barbara's mouth and used a strap to secure it. Racheal handed the cane to Bonnie and told her "four hard ones across the tits and one must hit the nipples". Bonnie looked at Barbara's pleading eyes and dropped the cane saying I can't do it" Laughing Racheal pressed the button on a remote and Bonnie's collar shocked her and she collapsed.

Bonnie woke up and found herself helpless in chains facing her sister. She noticed the welts across Barbara's breasts and blood dripping from Barbara's cunt. Bonnie realized the board was now strapped below her breasts and she was gagged with panties that tasted of piss. Racheal looked at her and told her "slaves obey no matter what and do as told. Now you are you are going to learn that lesson, and by the way your dear sister receive 6 stokes on her breasts and cunt because you wouldn't do it. Now you are getting 10 strokes on your ass, tits and cunt and Jasmine will be here to apply them.

Barbara, who was in agony, heard what was told to her sister, and felt bad as she had tried to spare her and Bonnie was shocked as to what was going to happen to her. Jasmine arrived in the dungeon pulling Brandon on a leash and they could see his skirt tucked in the waist band and his ass with many welts where Jasmine had punished him. Racheal told Jasmine what occurred and she went to the drawer and took out a wicked looking cane. Moving behind Bonnie, Jasmine applied the 10 strokes slowly and the lines were parallel moving down her ass and the welts were bleeding. As she walking around her Bonnie could see the look in Jasmine's eyes and was petrified. Jasmine slowly caned Bonnie's breasts and the last 2 strokes were directly on the nipples which started to bleed. As Bonnie was going crazy with pain and praying to pass out Jasmine moved to cane her cunt, and as hard as she tried she could no close her legs. The pain as the cane hit her cunt and clit was unbelievable and she screamed into the gag, but to no avail Jasmine applied the 10 strokes leaving her cunt a bloody mess, as she pissed herself from the pain. "Let this be a lesson to all three of you, OBEY or suffer as there is no mercy for slaves" Said Racheal. They all watched as Jasmine pulled Brandon's face into her cunt and forced him to lick her until she had an orgasm. After this all three were locked in their cells. Once the cell doors locked they heard Jasmine scream as Racheal grabbed her and cuffed her to the chains that had held Bonnie only minutes earlier. She forced Jasmines hands up her back in a reverse prayer position and locked them to one of the hanging chains. I am in control here bitch, Racheal told Jasmine, and no slave has an orgasm unless I say so. Jasmine pleaded, it was in the spur of the moment and I was so horny from caning Bonnie. And now you will pay for that slut slave. The triplets watched through the cell bars and Bonnie and Barbara smiled as their tormentor was being punished. Racheal went to a rack and retrieved a very nasty looking bull whip. Seeing this Jasmine pleaded for mercy, to which Racheal told her NO, I trusted you as an assistant and you failed. Ten strokes on your ass and back with the whip and ten on your breasts and cunt with a cane Racheal said. Jasmine was gagged and Racheal slowly whipped Jasmine and each stroke of the whip sounded like a gun being shot as it hit her body. Jasmine's back and ass were bloody and then she was caned and bloody welts were left on her breasts and blood flowed from her cunt. When done Jasmine was hanging in the chains barely conscious. Racheal left the room and returned with a belt contraption and a wrist band. The wrist band was strapped on Jasmine's left wrist and they saw a large dildo and butt plug forced into Jasmine and the belt locked. "Girls, you both will be wearing a belt like this tomorrow, once they are delivered. It is a control chastity belt, which can vibrate or shock your insides, said Racheal. The wrist band monitors your pulse and is set to shock the wearer if she is about to have an orgasm and it will send an extreme shock if the wrist band is removed without the device deactivated. Jasmine was recovering from the extreme whipping and realized she was wearing the belt. "No please Mistress not the belt", Jasmine screamed as it came alive exciting her, but she knew the shock would soon follow. "It's burning me Mistress," Jasmine screamed. I coated the plug and dildo in a very mild version of hell and you will be spending four days in the belt, Jasmine for disobeying and you will spend the night as you are now in chains" Racheal told her. "Watch, girls and see the torture you will be receiving from the belt, and Barbara in the morning you will you will have your 10 minutes of hell. The lights went out and through the night they heard Jasmine scream as the belt shocked her cunt and ass to stop her orgasm while the vibrators kept her on the edge and her cunt and ass were on fire... During the night Barbara whispered to Bonnie, thanks for not caning me on my tits, but I am sorry you suffered. No problem sis, I am sure you would have done the same thing. Barbara did not reply as she doubted she would have suffered for her sister. Bonnie wondered why her sister did not reply.

In the morning all three slave were allowed to use the potty and then stripped, except for Brandon who still wore the chastity belt and were shoved in the shower to cleanup. A tear faced Jasmine was released from the chains, but not the control chastity belt. The slave were then feed breakfast and allowed to drink Racheal's fresh pee. Barbara was strapped to the steel chair totally helpless as Jasmine applied the hell solution to her nipples and clit. The ten minutes of hell were the worst thing Barbara had ever felt even worse than the caning from the day before since her nipples and clit were raw and swollen before the solution was put on them. After ten minutes the cream was neutralized and Barbara, relaxed vowing not to do anything to have hell applied to her. Brandon was taken away by Jasmine to learn how to cook and clean, while Racheal dragged the girls back to the dungeon. I think you girls' need a horse ride until Shelia arrives with your control belts. Bonnie was the first to be dragged to a saw horse apparatus with the main cross piece having a sharp edge. Bonne was forced to straddle the pointed board and left in the middle as Barbara, was pulled and forced to straddle the board facing Bonnie. The sharp pointed board was slowly raised until it was riding deep in each girl's cunt. The cunt lips were fastened over the board as their labia rings were attached to the side on the board. An armbinder was used to secure their arms behind their back and a strap was pulled to the end of the board, keeping them very still. Racheal picked up a set of alligator clamps that were attached to a chain about 2 ft long. One clamp was snapped on Bonnie's right nipple and the other on Barbara's left nipple. A second set of clamps soon were attached to the remaining nipples. Both girls were screaming as the teeth in the clamps sunk into their nipples. Racheal locked a ring gag in each of their mouths and then took a long double dildo and fitted each end into a ring gag. As they thought things could not get worse, Racheal toggled a switch and the beam running through their cunts started to vibrate. She laughed as each movement on one sister caused the other extreme pain. After about 10 minutes Racheal noticed Bonnie starting to moan and shake and she had an orgasm. A few minutes later Barbara had her orgasm and juices were flowing from both girls. The door bell rang and Jasmine showed Shelia down to the dungeon and left to continue to train Brandon. "I see Jasmine must have fucked up as she is in her belt" said Shelia. "Yes, she did, and now these two are to be fitted. Opening the case, Shelia pulled out two belts with the girl's names engraved onto their belts. Barbara was removed from the horse, and walking funny was told to spread her legs or her dildos would be coated with the "hell" solution. Barbara spread her legs wide apart to avoid the pain. The belt was locked around her waist and then the 9" dildo slid easily into her dripping cunt. Shelia lubricated the 8" butt plug and slowly forced it into her ass. Once in the crotch strap was pulled tight and locked securing the invaders in her holes. A leather wrist band was strapped on her left wrist. This process was repeated on Bonnie. Shelia told Racheal about the new improvement on the belt, it was a nub that aligned directly on the wearer's clit and would also vibrate or shock. Using the remote all three vibrators started and within a few minutes both girls were experiencing orgasms and the box on the wrist band was recording the pulse and heart beat. The operation of the belt was explained to the girls and they remembered how Jasmine reacted the night before once she was locked in it.

Chapter 9 - Milking Brandon (added: 01/14/2011)

After the evening meal Brandon was strapped over a padded horse with his ass in the air. Girls, I need a volunteer to perform prostate milking of your brother. Barbara said she was not going to put her hand anywhere near his ass. Bonnie, thinking about making brownie points said "I will do it if you show me how". Racheal told Jasmine to chain Barbara to the now familiar hanging chains and gag her with a ring gag. Barbara fought as Jasmine pulled her to the chains but after receiving shocks from the collar and cunt plug she stopped. Racheal placed a bowl below Brandon's crotch and handed Bonnie a latex glove to put on and lubricant. After telling Bonnie to lube Brandon's ass, Bonnie was then instructed on the proper way to milk a male's prostate. They heard Brandon grunt and saw the slimy fluid drip into the bowl. When Brandon was finished, Jasmine took the bowl and holding Barbara's head poured the slimy fluid into her mouth, forcing her to swallow it. "Learn the lesson slaves, when I ask something NEVER say no to ME" Racheal told them. Jasmine then released Brandon and Barbara and all three were locked in their cells for the night and as the lights went out everyone heard Barbara vomit into her toilet.

Chapter 10 - Brandon becomes Brandy and learns his fate

The next morning the slaves woke up as the light came on in the dungeon and they were not looking forward to the days activities, as they knew it meant pain. Jasmine placed the food and piss bowls in each cell and once they were done they pottied and they were allowed to shower. Racheal appeared wearing a black leather bikini and 6" heeled boots. To Brandon, she explained he was now going to be called Brandy since with the hormone injections; soon his body would look like a real female except for his cock. As Jasmine took him away to clean and learn to cook, Rachael reminded her that Max was coming over to see Brandy before agreeing to help train the she male on how to give a blow job and to open his ass by having it fucked, as this would be her place in the Schwartz home for the contract. A horrified Brandy was spread-eagled in the familiar chains in front of the cells. When Max (who was owner of the only local BDSM gay club) arrived he looked over Brandy. He told Racheal he wanted to see the she male's cock to see just how large it was. Racheal had Jasmine remove the chastity belt, which Max was impressed with its design and he then saw Brandy's 11" soft cock. He then asked how large it was when hard. Racheal turned to Barbara and Bonnie and said "which one of you sluts want to volunteer to suck your brother's cock and earn a reward." Bonnie said no way, but Barbara volunteered. She was released from her cell and she kneeled down in front of her brother. Racheal told her to suck his cock until it was hard but not let him cum and if he did she would feel "hell" all over her body. Max gave Racheal an odd stare until she explained what "hell" was and then he laughed. Barbara sucked on Brandy's cock until it became hard and long and stopped just before he could cum. Brandy pleaded to be able to cum and both Racheal and Max just laughed. Max noted that the cock was now 15" long and about 2" in diameter, and told Racheal they had a deal. Max said he would supply a slave each day, starting with one with a small cock and each day a slave with a larger cock, and in four weeks, he could have Brandy at his club for their monthly initiation party, where the newbie's would be fucked by Brandy and then Brandy would service the rest of the club with her ass or mouth. The Jasmine iced Brandy's cock and when it became limp it was locked back in the chastity belt. Brandy followed Jasmine as she pulled on the leash attached to his collar.

Chapter 11 - Girls Training starts

Racheal told Barbara her reward was she would spend the night in her bedroom, while Bonnie would spend it in bondage. Bonnie was locked in her cell as Barbara was taken to a different room neither had seen. When entering the room, Barbara saw a large screen TV in front of a treadmill with wires between them. Racheal explained Barbara's task was to follow the track on the screen while running on the treadmill and maintain the speed the screen told her to. If she failed to follow the speed her chastity belt would shock her. Also a score was being recorded as to how well she performed and after two weeks it would be used to determine what each sister position was to become at the Schwartz home. The session would last three hours. Barbara mounted the treadmill as Racheal cuffed her wrists to the handle bars, then her belt was wired to the computer. Racheal explained that there would be 10 minute walking/running riding sessions with a 10 minute break. Racheal started the program and Barbara started to walk as Racheal left. Barbara concentrated on the course and speed needed as the screen showed her on the path. On the second lap she had to run to maintain the speed and when she failed she felt the dildo in the belt shock her and she screamed and slowed down which caused another shock to hit her. Barbara got back up to speed as quickly as she could while suffering two more shocks. Being very careful she got use to the running/walking and following the screen. After about 8 minutes into her second session she was starting to get tired as she had not jogged in years, and as her tired legs slowed down the shock to her cunt got them moving and she wondered how much longer she had to run and what was happing to her sister. Finally after the program stopped and she collapsed on the treadmill's handle bars exhausted.

Meanwhile back in the dungeon Bonnie was released from her cell and spread-eagled in the all so familiar chains. Racheal removed the chastity belt from her and Bonnie could now feel the cool air across her bald cunt. Bonnie saw Racheal approach with a leather fogger and then she felt a needle prick her ass. "Now Bonnie", Racheal told her, "just relax and just listen to my voice and let your feelings flow." After waiting a few minutes for the stimulant she had injected to take affect, Racheal used her right hand to massaged Bonnie's left nipple. As the nipple grew hard, Racheal could hear Bonnie's breathing increase as she was getting excited. "Are you enjoying this slut" asked Racheal. Bonnie nodded her head as she moaned in pleasure. Racheal then using her left hand grabbed Bonnie's right nipple and twisted it hard. Bonnie screamed in pain from the sudden twist. Racheal eased up on the right nipple and started to suck on the left nipple. Bonnie's mind was going crazy between the pleasure and pain. Racheal told her to just relax and let her feelings flow and let the pain in her right nipple match the pleasure from her left nipple. Racheal played with the nipples twisting one while sucking the other and then switching. Bonnie was moaning and screaming at the same time, but she felt her body start to enjoy the pain with the pleasure and was getting very horny and could feel her juices flowing in her cunt. Racheal left her hanging begging for more and got a large leather flogger from the wall. She let the flogger's strands softly move over Bonnie's body as a caress, while telling her to imagine the strands as a lover touching her. Moving the flogger's strands over Bonnie's body and through her crotch she could hear the slave moan. Suddenly Racheal swung the flogger hitting Bonnie's ass hard. Bonnie screamed from the pain and then as Racheal massaged her ass she felt pleasure. Racheal kept telling Bonnie to let the pleasure and pain merge and flow through her body as pure pleasure. This moving from caressing to flogging continued as Bonnie's body was slowly whipped, and Bonnie soon was enjoying both the massage and the flogging. Racheal kept up mixing the gentle flogging and hard flogging of Bonnie's body watching her reactions become more of pleasure as she was following Racheal's voice telling her to let the pain become pleasure. Racheal then flogged Bonnie's cunt very hard and watched as she screamed, and saw the juices flow.

Then Racheal asked Bonnie if she wanted to cum while her cunt was flogged and Bonnie screamed "YES". Racheal continued to flogger her cunt until Bonnie screamed she was cumming and she saw the cum squirt from Bonnie's cunt. Bonnie collapsed in the chains and told Racheal that was the most intense orgasm she ever experienced.

While all this was happening, upstairs Jasmine was teaching Brandy how to become a good cook as this would be part of his function. Around noon, a man knocked at the door and explained he was Frank and Max had sent him over for a blow job and to fuck a slave's ass. Jasmine took him back to the kitchen and showed him Brandy. Frank stated he was not going to have sex with a female. Jasmine assured him Brandy was a she male and he could call max to confirm this if he dared. Frank thought about it for a few minutes and then removed his pants and boxer shorts. Jasmine told Brandy to follow Frank's directions as to how to give a blow job. Brandy balked and said no, to which Jasmine lifted his skirt and with a rattan cane proceeded to give him six strokes.

Brandy screamed he would obey and dropped to his knees in front of Frank. Over the next 20 minutes Frank told Brandy how to give a proper blow job and then came in Brandy's mouth and forced Brandy to swallow all of it. Brandy while choking on the cum managed to swallow all of it. The Jasmine cuffed Brandy's wrists to her ankles so her ass was in the air and pulled down Brandy's panties. Frank lubricated his finger and inserted it into Brandy's ass, and then lubricated his 5" cock and slowly pushed it into Brandy's ass. Brandy felt the finger move in her ass and started to cry from shame, but the threat of the cane, forced her not to fight it. But once Frank started to insert his cock, Brandy screamed in pain and pleaded for him to stop. Frank continued to fuck the virgin ass until he shot his wad into Brandy's ass. After he pulled out Frank told Brandy to clean his cock in her mouth. It took another 10 strokes with the cane before Brandy opened her mouth and sucked Frank's cock clean while crying. After Frank left Jasmine placed a set of nipple clamps on Brandy's nipples and told her they would stay on the rest of the day.

Meanwhile back in the dungeon, Bonnie woke up smiling and thanks Rachael for the wonderful orgasm. From a table Rachael returned with two long dildos. She showed Bonnie that when turned on they moved in a circular movement while vibrating. Rachael inserted the dildos into Bonnie's ass and cunt. Rachael then proceeded to lock a leather belt around Bonnie's waist and the brought a second belt that was attached to the back of the waist belt through her legs and pulled it taunt to secure the dildos in Bonnie. Rachael slid a vibrating egg in the pocket of the crotch strap so it was directly on Bonnie's clit. Bonnie was lead to a room with a leather covered platform, to which Racheal secured Bonnie spread-eagled. From a cabinet, Racheal took out what looked like a motorcycle helmet, but it there was only an opening for her head. Racheal locked her head inside the helmet and explained that the inside front was a small TV screen.

Belts across her belly and below her breasts further secured her to the platform. Racheal explained for the rest of the day and all night Bonnie would be secured here and the TV screen would be showing her B&D, and other porn movies while the dildo's and vibrating egg would be turned in a high speed and also that the stimulant would not wear off for another 10 hrs. This lesson was to show her that pleasure at some point would cause pain and that she would be cumming all night. Laughing Racheal turned on the TV and started the vibrators in her and left locking the door behind her. Bonnie felt the vibrators and slowly her body responded and as the screen on the TV showed two females making love she had another orgasm. That is when Bonnie realized that her body wasn't going to be allowed to relax and would continue to have orgasm after orgasm and then understood what Racheal meant.

Racheal entered the room where Barbara was and released her from the treadmill. Looking at the computer Racheal informed her that she needed to improve her performance or she would suffer. Racheal then took Barbara upstairs and she was feed in the kitchen from a dog bowl. When done Racheal lead her to her bedroom where she told Barbara she would be rewarded for her sucking Brandy that morning. Both relaxed in the hot tub bath and let the water sooth their bodies. Barbara was led to the bed and was told to worship her Mistress and if she did not please her, she would experience pain beyond anything she had already felt. This scared Barbara and she used every trick she had every learned or even read about to make sure Racheal was well serviced.

Several hours later and many orgasms for Racheal, Barbara was chained to the foot of Racheal's bed for the night. As Barbara lied there she was exhausted and frustrated as she was not allowed to cum.

After Brandy finished cleaning the kitchen and the dishes, she was feed from her dog bowl and then taken back down to the dungeon to her cell. Jasmine retrieved a 7" butt plug from a drawer, lubricated it and inserted it into Brandy's ass locking the belt strap to hold it in as to stretch her ass while she slept.

In the morning the triplets were back in the dungeon after they bathed and ate breakfast.

Racheal explained that the training for Barbara and Bonnie would determine which was to be a pony girl and which would be the pain slut for Mrs. Schwartz to abuse. She explained the pony girl would be treated rather well since winning races was very important and good health was needed, while the other would be abused daily as a slave. Brandy was of course having his ass stretched and also was learning how to give a blow job as that was his position to please Mr. Schwartz. So girls in two weeks the decision will be made as to who races and who is a pain slave.

Today Bonnie will be on the treadmill and Barbara in the dungeon reversing where they were yesterday. Barbara turned to Bonnie and said to her, I am going to be the pony and enjoy knowing you are suffering for talking us into this slavery. Over your dead body Bonnie cursed back. Racheal and Jasmine just laughed at the two of them.

The leather chastity belt was removed from Bonnie and her metal belt was locked on. She was then taken to the "running room" where she saw a large screen TV in front of a treadmill with wires between them. Racheal explained her task was to follow the track on the screen while running on the treadmill and maintain the speed the screen told her to. If she failed to follow the speed her chastity belt would shock her. Also a score was being recorded as to how well she performed and after two weeks it would be used to determine what each sister position was to become at the Schwartz home. The session will last three hours. Bonnie mounted the treadmill as Racheal cuffed her wrists to the handle bars, then her belt was wired to the computer. Racheal explained that there would be 10 minute walking/running riding sessions with a 10 minute break. Racheal started the program and Bonnie started to walk as Racheal left. Bonnie concentrated on the course and speed needed as the screen showed her on the path. On the second lap she had to run to maintain the speed and was able to keep up. On the third lap, Bonnie tripped and she felt the belt shock her until she got up and started to run again while suffering two more shocks. Being very careful she got use to the running/walking and following the screen. After about 5 minutes into her fourth session she was starting to get tired, and as her tired legs slowed down the shocks to her cunt got them moving and she managed keep running so she would be the best pony. Finally after the program stopped and she collapsed on the treadmill's handle bars exhausted.

Barbara was spread-eagled in the all so familiar chains upside-down. As Racheal removed the chastity belt from her and Barbara wondered what was going to happen to her. Racheal approach Barbara holding a leather fogger and a set of alligator clamps. Barbara felt a needle injecting a stimulant into her ass. "Now Barbara", Racheal told her, "just relax and just listen to my voice and let your feelings flow." After waiting a few minutes for the stimulant she had injected to take affect, Racheal used her right hand to massaged Barbara's clit. As the clit grew hard, Racheal could hear Barbara's breathing increase as she was getting excited. "Are you enjoying this slave" asked Racheal. Bonnie moaned "yes" in pleasure. Racheal then using her left hand attached the clamps to Barbara's hard nipples, causing her to scream in pain. Barbara slowly felt her body's feelings shift between the pleasure and pain. Racheal told her to just relax and let her feelings flow and let the pain in her nipples match the pleasure from clit. Racheal played with the nipples twisting one clamp while sucking the other and then switching all the while playing with her clit. Barbara was moaning and screaming at the same time, she felt her body start to enjoy the pain with the pleasure and was fighting the feelings despite the fact her body was responding to the pain and pleasure and Racheal could see and feel the juices flowing from Barbara's cunt. Racheal left her hanging pleading for her to stop and got a large leather flogger from the wall. She let the flogger's strands softly fall on Barbara's body like a caress, while telling her to imagine the strands as a pair of hands stroking her body. Moving the flogger's strands over her body and through her crotch she could hear the Barbara plead to be able to cum. Suddenly Racheal swung the flogger hitting Barbara's back hard leaving welts and red marks. Barbara screamed from the pain and then as Racheal massaged her clit again she felt pleasure. Racheal kept telling Barbara to let the pleasure and pain merge and flow through her body. This moving from caressing to flogging continued as Barbara's body was slowly whipped from neck to foot, and Barbara despite fighting the feelings soon was enjoying both the massage and the flogging. Racheal kept up mixing the gentle flogging and hard flogging of Barbara's body with the massage of Barbara's clit watching her reactions become more of pleasure as she was following Racheal's voice telling her to let the pain mix with the pleasure to become pure pleasure. Racheal then flogged Barbara's breasts very hard and then hard on her cunt with the flogger tips hitting her swollen clit and watched as Barbara screamed, while her cunt juices flowed. Then Racheal asked Barbara if she was ready to cum while her cunt was flogged and Barbara cried "YES Mistress hit me harder please!" Racheal continued to flogger her cunt and breasts until Barbara screamed she was cumming and she saw cum squirt from Barbara's cunt as Barbara passed out.

Upstairs wearing a rubber bikini top and chastity belt, Brandy was busy cleaning the bathrooms with a tooth brush. As she missed spots Jasmine was there to apply a heavy leather strap across her ass cheeks. At one point Jasmine forced brandy's face in her crotch and piss telling Brandy to swallow it or suffer. Again at lunch time and male slave sent by Max showed up and Brandy had to suck his cock and then jasmine removed the plug so he could fuck brandy in her ass. Once he ejaculated and he pulled out of Brandy's ass, Jasmine rammed the plug back in Brandy's ass. Before he left Brandy had to clean the cock in her mouth. Once all her chores were done, Jasmine brought Brandy back to the dungeon and strapped her to her cot face down and gagged with a pair of panties worn by Mistress Rachel the day before. Per instructions from Mistress Racheal a robo spanker was setup to deliver every 10 minutes a hard stroke from the leather belt attached to it across brandy's ass.

While Barbara was hanging passed out in the chains, Racheal released Bonnie from the treadmill. Racheal told her she need to improve or she would lose to Barbara (even though her time was better than her sisters). Bonnie cursed at Racheal screaming she would kill her if she had the chance. Racheal laughed and dragged Bonnie back to the dungeon over to the corner where she saw a chain hanging from the wall and on the ground a 2' long 4" high triangular board with a sharp point bolted to the floor and what looked like a set small stocks behind it. Bonnie was forced down with her knees directly on the sharp point of the board and her feet locked into the stocks which were higher than the board so her weight was on her knees. Bonnie's hands were cuffed and the cuff attached to the hanging chain which was pulled up so Bonnie's body moved forward putting even more weight on the knees. Alligator clamps were snapped on each of her nipples and the weights were attached to each clamp stretching them down. Racheal then turned the chastity belt on high speed. Enjoy the night slut since you are really trying to be the pain slut. After Racheal left, Bonnie's knees were really starting to hurt, but the stimulation from the chastity belt was also turning her on and she realized the pain and pleasure was again going to make her cum. About fifteen minutes later Bonnie screamed as she came in a wonderful orgasm, and as her body jerked from coming this increased the pressure on her nipples by the clover leaf clamps. As the afterglow of the orgasm faded, the pain in her knees and nipples returned, but as the dildo's in her continued to vibrate her body again rebelled against her wishes and another orgasm to hold and she prayed she would passed out.

Racheal lowered Barbara from the hanging chains and locked her chastity belt back on.

Racheal then locked Barbara in her cell strapped to the cot and turned the belt on to tease mode for the night. As the probes inside her continued to vibrate and shock though the night, Barbara could see her sister in the corner of the dungeon also in pain and her brother also being strapped in his cell. None of them got any sleep that night.

Chapter 12: Breaking the Slaves (added: 07/07/11)

As the light came on in the dungeon signaling a new day, all three of the triplets woke up in pain they had suffered from the previous night. Bonnie was released from her mediation position and immediately screamed as the blood flowed back into her knees and nipples. Barbara's belt was turned off and she was released from her cot. Brandy, tried to get up once released, was sporting a butt that was striped from top to bottom and some blood showed in the welts. Jasmine dragged them to the showers where they cleaned up before returning for breakfast served in their dog bowls. Racheal arrived and told the slaves that their training was not at the level expected so today would be a punishment day. Brandy screamed that she had been punished enough last night and her ass proved it. Barbara and Bonnie just moaned realizing if they complained it only get worse. Racheal explained that their contract could be sold if they could not be trained as requested. All three cried we never agreed to that. Laughing Racheal explained in the papers they signed was an application for citizenship to the country Matuo. That country has secret treaties with every major country in the world and there slavery is legal and all those counties honor all contracts submitted and slaves your contracts are on file there. You can be sold to any other citizen for the remaining time of your contract and most will not be as nice as the Schwartz's, so either get with the program or get sold. Racheal then whispered instructions to Jasmine, who then dragged Brandy to the bathroom and administered a 3 qt enema containing hot water and hot sauce as everyone watched. The bardex nozzle was inflated and sealed the asshole holding the solution in Brandy's ass. Brandy's arms were placed in an armbinder, which was laced so that her elbows touched. The chastity belt was removed and Brandy was then shoved over to the mediation station and forced down so her knees were place directly on the board's point and her feet were locked into the waiting stocks. The ring at the end of the armbinder was attached to the hanging chain and Brandy felt her arms pulled up forcing more weight on her knees. Alligator clamps with half pound weights attached were snapped on her nipples bringing bone chilling scream from her. In addition industrial strength itching cream was spread over her cock and balls. Racheal took a penis gag and handed it to Jasmine telling her to lube it with her cunt juices and then insert it in her ass and move it around to get it coated. Pinching the nose of a screaming Brandy, they waited until she had to breathe and shove the penis gag in her mouth and locked it on. Enjoy slave as you will be here all day, but the good side is you won't be giving anyone a blowjob and your ass won't be fucked, but I assure you the cramps in your stomach will be worse, and you will learn to suck cock, and love the taste of crap on it as you will be cleaning every cock that fucks your ass.

Jasmine then setup a second set of chains directly in front of the already hanging chains and Bonnie was stripped and cuffed to one set. Barbara was then stripped and cuffed facing her sister. Their ankles were cuffed to the same floor rings so they were spread wide apart. Then Racheal told them today they were filming a video call "slut slaves in pain", and all three of you are the stars. A snap ring was clipped to Barbara's right nipple ring and then to Bonnie's left nipple ring. Another snap ring connected their other nipples, so they could not pull apart. Jasmine then wrapped a wide leather belt around them forcing their bodies to touch. Next a 7" vibrating butt plug was inserted in each of their asses after being coated in a mild "hell" sauce and from a drawer they saw Racheal return with an 18" long double dildo which was equally inserted into their cunts. Another strap ran from the waist strap a Barbara's back through their crotches up to the belt at Bonnie's back and pulled tight so their cunts touched. Snap ring then were used to connect the rings in Bonnie's labia to the rings in Barbara's labia. Next a robospanker was setup behind each of the sisters and they saw the heavy leather belt attached that would be whipping them. They were told that the dildo's in them not only vibrated but were filled with a solution that was a stimulant and also when mixed with vaginal fluid would act as itching powder and if they trust forward it would shoot a small amount into their sister's cunt. Barbara and Bonnie realized that if they moved forward when flogged by the spankers they would slowly fill their sister's cunt with the solution. Both pleaded to Racheal they would behave and become the best ponies ever. Racheal just laughed as she set the timers on the spankers and told them it was set for random strength and random time and it would hit them from the their knees up to the top of their back, so have fun since it is set to make a eight hour video and maybe this will motivate you to work hard at what you are being trained for. Bonnie told Barbara to stay as still as possible and hopefully the dildo won't shoot the solution. OK, said Barbara, just as the spanker hit Bonnie across her ass and she jerked forward shooting some solution in to Barbara. "Fucking bitch, you didn't stay still" screamed Barbara as her cunt started to itch. I tried cried Bonnie, I am so sorry. A few minutes later both spankers hit the sisters at maximum force and both moved forward shooting solution into each other and as the dildo's also moved forward they now realized they were being fucked just as the vibrators started which excited them. Barbara could not believe her body was responding to what was happening to her and each time the dildo was thrust into her she felt her juices flow even more. Also every time the belt hit her body that also increased her desire to cum. Bonnie cried in pain, and she saw that her sister was fucking her and noticed that Barbara was enjoying what was happening. As the solution squirted into Bonnie's cunt the itch became unbearable and she was screaming at her sister to stop, but realized Barbara was beyond hearing her cries. Meanwhile, Brandy could not believe how cruel Racheal was as the pain in her knees increased with each minute and every time she tried to move to relieve the pain; the nipple clamp weights swayed increasing the pinch on her nipples. Also the solution in her stomach was creating cramps and gas which was extremely painful and of course her large cock was on fire from the itching cream. As the day move on Brandy realized fighting was not an option and resigned to become the best slave possible to avoid future torture.

Barbara driven by the stimulant and pain was fucking her sister as hard as possible trying to reach an intense orgasm and as the pain flowed in her she had incredible organisms, and she only wanted more pain so she would keep cumming as she was enjoying the pleasure the pain was bringing her. But Bonnie prayed that the pain would be so great she would pass out, but little did she know the stimulant would not allow them to pass out. Bonnie was screaming at Barbara to stop fucking her with the dildo which was squirting the solution into her as the pain was becoming unbearable and realizing that nothing she did was going to stop Racheal from making her a slave and she need to submit or suffer even more and submission was the lesser of the two evils. Brandy and Bonnie were crying in pain and begging for the release they knew was not coming while Barbara was in a pain induced orgasm oblivious to everything. After eight hours Racheal and Jasmine returned to the dungeon and upon seeing them the Bonne screamed "mercy Mistress I will obey and do anything you want". Racheal looked at Barbara's welted back and ass and laughed as she saw the juices running down her legs realizing she was submitting to the pain. I can't wait to see the video of the two of you fucking each other brains out, while your bodies are whipped. This should be a best seller on the BDSM market. All three were released and Bonnie ran for the shower to hopefully wash out the itching solution, while poor Brandy could barely stand as her knees were in so much pain and she crawled to the bathroom and pleaded for release of the enema. Jasmine deflated the bardex nozzle and Brandy sat and emptied her bowels, and once done she then crawled to the shower to clean up. Barbara crawled over to Racheal and kissed her boots and thanked her for the pain and pleasure and showing her how wonderful pain could be. Both Bonnie and Brandy could not believe what they heard but understood this is what the training was about and Barbara was embracing it. Once all three were clean, Jasmine locked their chastity belts back on.

Jasmine put food and water in each of the cells and once they were locked in Racheal told them that if they did not improve in their training next time the punishment would be worse, and that the next day they would be allowed to rest before the training continues, and the one of you that I feel is the worse slave will then be trained to serve as a toilet.

The light went out as all three decided to go with the flow instead of fighting it.

In the morning as they awoke, Bonnie and Brandy discussed what they needed to do to survive; while Barbara just kept saying how great it was here and how she love the pain and only wanted to make Mistress Racheal happy. They both realized Barbara had lost control and had totally submitted to the pain and in a way they both were shocked at as she was the most straight laced of the three and at the same time envious that they could not feel that way. Bonnie and Brandy decided to do their best to avoid punishments and go with the flow as neither wanted to be a toilet, what ever that meant and were afraid to ask.

In the afternoon Racheal returned to the dungeon and asked if they now understood what was required of them. Both Bonnie and Brandy told her yes and would do there best to obey and be the best slave they could. All Barbara could say was "yes Mistress Racheal anything you want, I love to serve". Laughing, Racheal told them she had decided that Bonnie would continue pony training and be fitted with her outfit while Barbara would continue being trained as a pain slut, body slave and driver of the pony. Brandy's training would not change unless she failed to please the men sent over and could not learn to cook. She then asked if they had questions. Bonnie asked "Does this mean I won't be a toilet?" Racheal told her that was correct unless things changed, but Bonnie would receive 6 stokes with a cane on her ass for disrespect by not address her properly. Bonnie begged, "I am Sorry Mistress Racheal please forgive me". Bonnie was told to bend over and touch her toes, and count each stroke of the cane and also to hold position, or find out what being a toilet was all about. Racheal walked behind Bonnie and swung the cane hard hitting Bonnie's ass in the crease between the cheeks and her legs. Bonnie screamed "one" and fought to hold position as she felt a welt start to form on her ass. Racheal swung again and hit in the center of the ass. "Two" cried Bonnie. Bonnie took all six strokes holding position and counting. When done Racheal told them get good nights sleep after you are feed as training continues tomorrow.

In the morning after showering and eating ( unknown to Brandy, her food was spiked with a sexual stimulant) Jasmine handed Brandy a rubber maids outfit and told her to get dressed and once in her outfit, which was cut out in the front and her large breasts were exposed, was lead off by Jasmine for training. Later Racheal arrived and let Barbara out of her cell and placed manacled on her hands and ankles and locked a chastity bra over her tits. Then he gagged Barbara with what was a scrub brush on the outside and a 5" penis went into her mouth and it was locked on. Barbara was taken to the shower/ toilet area and was told to scrub the entire room using the brush on her mouth and if she did a good job she would get a reward. Barbara nodded yes and dropped to her knees and started to scrub the room. Racheal attached a leash to Bonnie's collar and lead her outside the house to an area the resembled a horse barn, with stalls and riding gear. Bonnie was stripped and told to open her mouth and Racheal place a metal band gag in it and tightened some screws in the back so it could not be removed. She then slapped Bonnie's right tit and when Bonnie screamed the sound coming from her mouth was like the whine a horse would make. Bonnie then realized what being a pony was going to be. A stiff leather corset was wrapped around Bonnie and she noticed while it supported her large breasts it did not cover them. Racheal tightened the corset until Bonnie's waist was 17", down from her normal 23". Bonnie was told to take short shallow breaths and she would get use to the corset and how to breathe. Leather mittens with the shape of a horse hoof were locked on her wrists and then to rings on each side of the corset Leather boots also ending in hoofs were placed on her feet. As her feet were pushed into the boots Bonnie realized that the instep was that of a boot with a 6" heel and her feet were forced to strain. Bonnie then watched as Racheal returned with 2 dildos's, one of which had a tail attached to it and she realized that was going into her ass. Racheal slapped her ass and told her to relax or it would hurt worse as the tail was inserted deep into her ass and was inflated so it would not come out until deflated. The other dildo slide easily into her surprisingly wet cunt and a strap secured it. As she looked down Bonnie could see a cutout on the strap and her clit ring was exposed just as Racheal attached a bell to it and also to her nipple rings. Laughing Racheal said how she enjoyed hearing them ring as the pony trotted. Next a harness bridle was strapped to her head and she looked like a pony. Bonnie was taken to a buggy and secured between the bars of the buggy and Racheal climbed up and sat down. As the whip hit her ass Bonnie started moving forward out of the barn and she saw a circular track and knew this is where she would be running and learning to race. Racheal told her to get use to it was this was her life from now on. For the next 2 hours Racheal drove her around the track and watched, as Bonnie's footing got better as she actually got accustom to pulling the buggy and the hoof boots. When done Racheal lead her back to the barn and after stripping her down to just the corset and chastity belt Bonnie was taken back to the dungeon and locked in her cell where a feeding bag and water was available. Racheal then told her she did very good for her first day and had potential to be a winning race pony for Allyson Schwartz and the life of a racing pony could be an easy on compared to that of a slave as she locked the cell door with Bonnie in it. Bonnie realized that to avoid as much pain as possible and to make her life as easy as possible she would try hard to become the best pony possible.

While Bonnie was learning to become a pony girl, Brandy was being taught by Jasmine on how to be a cook. Every time she made a mistake Jasmine would set off and electrode at the base of the penis tube inside the chastity belt shocking her cock. Brandy tried very hard to learn to stop the shocks. Also she was shown how to clean and keep proper care of the house and the leather and rubber outfits of Mistress Racheal. At lunch time she had prepared sandwiches for Jasmine and Racheal and also for the man who would be teaching her how to suck cock and would fuck her ass.

When the man arrived Jasmine took him to Brandy and explained that Brandy was his for the next hour to fuck and then have her suck his cock clean. He told Brandy to bend over and cuffed her wrists to her ankles. He then slowly spanked her ass until it was a nice shade of red. After removing his pants and showing Brandy his 8" cock, he put some lubricant on it and slowly inserted it in her ass as she screamed from the intrusion.

Once he was fully in her ass he stopped moving so she could get use to the feel of it. After several minutes he started to fuck her ass ramming in deep. Brandy felt it in her ass and relaxed her muscles so it moved easily. She actually started to enjoy it and if she wasn't in the chastity belt she felt her cock would have cum as the man shoved forward and gushed his sperm deep into her as he came. Brandy felt confused with the feelings of having her ass fucked and the pleasure it gave her not realizing it was partly because of the stimulant. After the man pulled out, Brandy was then forced to clean his cock and then suck it until he came again swallowing the sperm which while tasting salty was enjoyable. After the man left, Jasmine continued to show Brandy how to maintain a home.

Barbara crawled into the shower and saw the mess on the floor from Brandy's shit and the dirt from all three of them. She quickly on her knees started scrubbing the room and toilets making sure she did not miss a spot and while doing it she actually started to get excited as the dildo in her chastity belt kept rubbing against her clit but every time she was close to cumming the belt would shock her stopping her excitement. I took her four hours to complete the task and when done knelt in the doorway waiting for Mistress Racheal.

After leaving Bonnie locked in her cell, Racheal returned to the dungeon and walked around the kneeling Barbara and inspected the room. "You did very good job slut" Racheal told her "and as a reward what would you like". After Racheal had removed the brush gag, Barbara beamed a smile of joy as she heard the praise and then told her "I m yours to use in anyway as long as I can please you". Racheal smiled seeing that Barbara had been broken and now a very trainable slut. Barbara was told to get a whip from the wall that she wanted to have used on her and then walk and cuff her wrist to the hanging chains. Barbara picked out a very nasty flogger and placed in her mouth as she walked to the chains and cuffed her wrists in the cuffs. Barbara was told to spread her legs as far apart as possible and not to move them and if she did that then, she would be allowed the privilege of pleasing her Mistress. After unlocking the chastity belt Racheal then proceeded to whip Barbara's body from neck to toe and back to front turning it bright red with welts. Barbara moaned as the flogger hit her and with each stroke she got closer the reward she really wanted which was an orgasm and she strained to keep her legs spread. Racheal told her she was not allowed to cum until told. Racheal watched Barbara's reaction to the flogger and as she flogged Barbara's breasts she saw the juices flowing down the slave's legs. Racheal told Barbara that she was going to whip her cunt and after the tenth stroke she could cum, but not before. Racheal then proceeded to whip her as hard as she could. Barbara counted as she was whipped and as the pain was driving her to the edge but she managed to hold off until the tenth stroke and as it hit her slit she screamed as the most intense orgasm she had ever had overwhelmed her body and she collapsed in the chains. Bonnie watched as Racheal brutally abused her sister Barbara and saw her sister embrace the pain and scream in pleasure as she came. Racheal released Barbara from the chains and attached a leash to her collar and led her up the stairs. When they entered the dining room Barbara was told to knee at her Mistress's feet while Racheal ate her meal. Racheal removed her boots before sitting down at the table and told Barbara to lick them clean. Barbara worshipped her Mistress's feet licking the sweat from each toe and felt honored to do so. She licked between each toe and sucked the clean of the sweat from the boots enjoying the taste. As she did this Barbara felt her cunt getting wet and the feeling of pleasure washed over her, but she stopped just before cumming as she was not told she could. Brandy served the meal she had cooked and Racheal complimented her on the meal. Every few minutes Racheal spit out some chewed food for Barbara to eat and as soon as it hit the floor she swallowed it. As the meal ended, Racheal told Jasmine she could have Brandy as a reward and she was taking Barbara to serve her for the night.

Chapter 13 (added: 12/08/2011)

Racheal lead Barbara into her bedroom and told her start the bath and use the Dior bath beads and if the water was not the perfect temperature she would be in deep trouble. Barbara looked at the huge tube and started the water making it what she felt was to right temperature and add the beads following the instructions on the bottle. As the tub filled, the room smelled of the perfume and Barbara loved the fragrance. Racheal entered the bathroom naked and walked to the tub and tested the water and told Barbara it was perfect. Barbara smiled as she was proud she pleased her Mistress who was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Racheal climbed into the tub and told Barbara to get in also and use the soft cloth to bath her. As Barbara bathed Racheal, she felt Racheal play with her nipples and she felt them get hard and large. Racheal tugged on the nipple rings forcing Barbara down between her legs and told Barbara to make sure every part down there was clean. Barbara spent the next half hour bathing Racheal, before she rinsed her body using the hand held nozzle and then dried her with the soft fluffy towel.

As they entered the bedroom, Racheal asked her if she had willingly ever made love to another woman and Barbara told her yes many times and she hated men ever since her mother's boy friend raped her one night. Racheal lied down on the bed and told Barbara that as her reward she was allowed to worship and make love to her. Barbara said, "Yes Mistress it would be an honor to please you." Barbara started by worshipping her Mistress's feet licking and sucking her toes for minutes before slowly moving up her legs. Barbara was in heaven as she could not believe her incredibly beautiful Mistress was rewarding her with this honor and she felt her body becoming very excited. Barbara's mouth moved slowly up the right leg to the knee and then she moved to the left leg. As she started to move further up Racheal rolled over on her belly and told Barbara to worship her ass. Barbara massaged the beautiful perfect ass with both hands and she also used her tongue and spread apart the cheeks so she could make love to her Mistress's asshole. Racheal told her to get her tongue deep in her ass and Barbara shoved her tongue into the asshole and tasted the shit that lined the inside and swallowed it enjoying the taste. Racheal relaxed as Barbara made love to her body and knew that she had this slave eating out of her hand and she was ready to do what ever she wanted. After 20 minutes of ass worship, Racheal rolled onto her back and told Barbara to make love to her breasts. Barbara was so excited to be able to fondle those perfect breasts and then sucked on the enlarged nipples. Racheal was getting very excited from the tongue bath and grabbed Barbara by the hair and pulled her head down until it was between her spread legs and to Barbara, "let's see how good a cunt sucker you are slave whore". Barbara smiled as she buried her face in Mistress Racheal's wonderful cunt sucking and licking her clit and shoving her tongue as far into her cunt as possible doing her best to give her the best orgasm she could. Racheal at this point was very excited and quickly flooded Barbara's face with her juices as she had a wonderful orgasm which lasted for several minutes. Barbara continues to suck and lick the gushing cunt in front of her drinking the tasty juices that flowed from the cunt getting excited as she was happy to please Racheal.

When Racheal recovered from the several orgasms Barbara had given her she told the slave to go to the stocks that were bolted to the floor across the room where she would get her reward. Barbara ran to the stocks as she was on the edge, but knew that cumming without permission was not allowed. She watched as Racheal took her chastity belt and removed the inserts and from a drawer she pulled out two larger inserts and told Barbara these do not shock and are stronger vibrators. This brought a smile to Barbara's face knowing that it would be all pleasure. Racheal went over to Barbara and handed her the chastity belt and told her to put it on. Barbara looked at the anal insert and using her hand coated it with juices from her cunt and then put the belt on feeling both holes fill up as never before. Also she felt a bump on the dildo in her cunt press against her clit. Racheal locked the belt on Barbara and then locked her feet spread apart in the base of the stocks and the placed Barbara's head and hands in the appropriate holes and closed the upper portion of the stock locking her in the device. Racheal went to another drawer and returned with an inflatable gag, telling Barbara, she didn't need to hear her screams from cumming. The gag was inflated and Racheal slapped her ass cheek with a riding crop, and the scream could not be heard. Smiling Racheal turned on the belt using the remote on a low setting and told Barbara she was allowed to cum as often and as many times as she could. With the belt on low it took Barbara to the edge but did not allow her to cum. Racheal watched as Barbara tried to wiggle to get the right contact. Racheal asked Barbara if she wanted the vibrators turned to a higher speed and watched as Barbara shook her head yes. Barbara was so excited but on the low speed, could not get over the edge. Nodding to Racheal she wanted the vibrators on a higher speed, she watched as Racheal using the remote turn the switch all the way up. As the switch hit the maximum setting, Barbara felt the vibrators take off and immediately had her first orgasm. Racheal laughed as she walked to her bed turning down the lights and told Barbara "have a nice night slut slave".

Barbara was in heaven as the belt brought her to orgasm after orgasm and her clit became swollen and her legs were now soaked in her juices. After about 30 minutes of incredible pleasure Barbara realized the vibrators were going to stay on and drive her body to exhaustion. Later as her cunt and clit now were causing her pain from being stimulated to the max, and she had her first pain orgasm of the night. She passed out from it only to wake up and the cycle started all over again driving her crazy with pain and pleasure. This went on through the whole night until in the morning Racheal woke up and asked her if she had enough and wanted the belt shut off. Barbara shook her head yes to shutting the belt off and watched as Racheal walked to the bathroom telling her, she would turn it off after she peed. Finally Racheal turned off the belt and Barbra collapsed in the stock.

While this was going on, in Jasmine's room, Brandy was lead in on her leash and told to strip. Brandy removed everything she could and stood in front of Jasmine wearing just her chastity belt, collar and cuffs. Jasmine stripped and pulled Brandy into the bathroom and filled the tub so Brandy could bath her. Relaxing in the tub, Jasmine enjoyed her bath as Brandy washed her hair and body and also massaged her during the bath. After the bath as they went to Jasmine's bed, she asked Brandy if she was enjoying her training. Brandy told her was enjoying learning to cook and also liked being used by the men that came everyday for her sex training. Jasmine asked her if she missed having sex with a female and was told, no she actually liked being fucked in her ass and sucking cock. Jasmine went to a drawer and pulled out a dildo harness with a 14" huge dildo on coming out of it. Jasmine told her that she was going to get fucked tonight until the dildo inside the harness gave her an orgasm. Brandy was scared as nothing that large had been in her ass and at the same time was excited by it. Jasmine removed Brandy's chastity belt and told her she could masturbate while being fucked but was not to cum until she was told she could. Brandy was bent over the edge of the bed and she felt the tip of the lubricate dildo slide into her ass spreading it apart filling her as never before and it excited her. Jasmine proceeded to fuck her ass until Jasmine had her orgasm and then told Brandy she could cum. Brandy once told jerked off her cock until the sperm shot out all over the floor as this was the first one she had since arriving in Florida. Jasmine forced Brandy to clean the floor using her tongue and the put the chastity belt back on her and locked her to a ring in the floor at the end of her bed for the night.

Bonnie felt so alone in the dungeon as both her brother and sister were in Racheal's and Jasmine's room having sex while she was not allowed and she cried for this was not want this life she thought it would be when she begged them to join her in serving and they were the ones that it appeared were having fun while she played pony. Bonnie realized what both her siblings had already realized is that she needed to accept her role as a pony slave and do it to her best possible ability and then she might earn the reward of sex.

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