Paula's Continuing Training
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Author's Note: This is the continuation of the earlier story Paula's Modelling Experience. I had intended to finish this story line with the end of the first story but a few people asked me to continue so there is the next story.

Update (2012/07/12): Sorry for the delay in the update, but I've been quite busy with other thing for a while

Chapter 1: Awakening to a NEW LIFE

Paula awoke and tried to turn over before realising she was still bound, her hands were encased in a pair of leather bondage mittens. Her wrists were bound with thick leather straps which were in turn attached to the broad leather waist belt of a chastity belt. Her ankles were secured with a pair of steel leg irons separated by an 18 inch chain, she had mercifully been left ungagged for the night, although she was stuffed for and aft under the chastity belt. She rolled over and swung her feet over the side of the narrow cot bed and stood up, as she looked around the room, previous evenings events came flooding back.......

........After her arrival at the country house of her captors she had been introduced to the her third mistress, Mistress Helen, whom she had met briefly earlier, as a slave. After she had show her new mistress her devotion, by eating Helen's pussy until she climaxed, Paula had been forced down into the house's cellar and placed in the cage she now occupied.

Her three captors had then spent some time telling Paula what was in store for her as their sex slave submissive. Some of the things they had outlined to her caused a cold shiver to run through her, but Paula tried to hold her head up and not show her fear.

Mistress Number 1

When they had finished telling her what her future held the three women left her, after a short time Nikki returned and held out a tray of food and a flask of coffee. Paula took the tray and began to eat the food and poured a cup of coffee. While she was enjoying her meal Nikki had been busy collecting items from some of the cupboards around the room. She returned to the cage and tossed the selected clothes and restraints she had gathered on the floor. She then opened the door of the cage and told Paula to climb out and to stand in front of her mistress.

When Paula had complied Nikki told her to strip and when she was naked Nikki had gathered up the clothes Paula had worn for her transfer to her new home, and told the slave to dress in the clothing selected for her. This consisted of a very short French maids outfit in black PVC with white lace trim, the front was cut so low her breasts were almost hanging out of the dress. There was no underwear with the outfit so Paula surmised she would be wearing some additional items under the maids dress, and she soon found she was right.

Nikki held out a metal and leather chastity belt complete with two large probes at strategic positions on the crotch belt. Paula was told to put the waistbelt on, but not to insert the probes or fasten the crotch belt. when she had donned the belt as instructed Nikki moved in front of Paula and reached between her legs and pulled the crotch belt through and adjusted the two probes so they were positioned correctly and then suddenly pulled the crotch belt tight and forced the two probes deep into Paula and forcing her up onto her toes. The girl could not help but cry out at the sudden invasion but this only earned her a slap across the face and an order to keep quiet.

Nikki then fastened the crotch belt to the waist belt and used a padlock to secure it in place. Leather cuffs were then locked around Paula's wrists and the metal leg irons fastened around her ankles. The wrist cuffs were then fastened together in front with another padlock. Paula was then led over to a rope which hung from the ceiling, the rope was tied to the cuffs and her arms were then drawn up over her head until she was standing on her toes.

Nikki then stood in front of the bound girl and said,

"OK bitch you now have a decision to make, you can be whipped with a flogger, which will include whipping your tits and arse as well as the rest of your body, or you can have your arse cropped with a nice leather riding crop. You will keep the clothing you are wearing on for the beating, but I want to hear your screams so you will not be gagged. I am sure you have noticed that forcing you up on to your toes has lifted the hem of your skirt, so you are showing your arse to make it easy to whip, or crop, and with your arms raised over your head your tits are also very nearly on show, and make an easy target as well.

Now you need to make up your mind which punishment you want, so what is it to be?"

Paula gave a terrified look at her mistress and the two cruel instruments of punishment she held, and after a moments thought she said,

"If it pleases you Mistress Nikki I would like to be cropped on the behind with the riding crop."

As she finished speaking she lowered her eyes and shuffled around to present her rear to her mistress. Nikki laughed at this and then patted Paula on the arse and told her she had made the wrong choice, as the crop was far more painful than the flogger, even when it was used on someone's tits. As she finished speaking Nikki swung her arm and delivered the first blow with the crop, right across Paula's arse cheeks. The crack of the crop landing was drowned out by the shriek from Paula, but before the poor girl could catch her breath the second blow landed, to be quickly followed by several more. Paula was dancing around the floor as far as the suspension rope would allow but she could not escape the crop as her Mistress slashed repeatedly at her arse.

Paula had no idea how many time the crop landed but eventually the beating stopped and Nikki lowered the weeping girl to the floor and removed her restraints. Nikki started putting the equipment she had used away and by the time she had finished Paula had managed to regain some composure and had stopped crying. Nikki pulled her to her feet and returned her to the cage.

When Paula was again locked in the cage Nikki told her she had finished her punishment session with her first Mistress but her other two Mistress's, Jean and Helen, would be down to visit her soon, to add their own punishment to Paula's discomfort. As she finished speaking Nikki walked to the dungeon door and left Paula alone with her pain.

Mistress Number 2

About 10 minutes later Paula heard the door open again and when she looked up she saw Mistress Helen walking toward the cage. Helen made a terrifying sight as she was dressed in full Mistress mode, consisting of a full cat suit in black leather, with a tight waist cincher, a pair of black and red patent leather thigh boots with 5" heels. As she unlocked the cage door she said,

"Well now slut, you did a good job of eating my pussy when you arrived, now let's see what your pain threshold is like. I am going to really make you suffer, but I don't want to hear you complaining, or the punishment will get worse. Do you understand?"

Paula swallowed hard and afraid her voice would betray her fear she simple nodded her understanding.

Helen smiled evilly at Paula's obvious fear and said,

"Right slave crawl out here and do as you are told, or else".

Paula crawled out of the cage and remained on all fours waiting her Mistress's orders, and these came quickly enough,

"I see Nikki gave your arse a good seeing to well I think I will see what can be done with your tits", Helen said, "Now on your feet and follow me".

As she finished speaking Helen walked over to a darkened corner of the room and Paula followed, as she passed a pillar Helen reached out and flicked a switch and the area was immediately lit by a set of flood lights. In the middle of the area was a wooden post, about 2" in diameter and attached to the floor and ceiling.

Paula was told to stand facing the post and when she was in position Helen took a coil of rough rope from a wall hook and approached her captive. She pushed Paula hard up against the pole, so that her tits were divided by the pole, and then looped the rope around her waist and the pole and pulled on the rope until Paula felt the pole was a part of her. Helen then passed the rope around Paula's waist a couple of times before she passed it between Paula's body and the post and cinched the waist rope even tighter.

Paula then felt her legs pulled around the front of the pole and more rope was used to bind and cinch her legs together at the ankles and above and below her knees. Satisfied with her rope work Helen then moved to binding Paula's hands and arms, her wrists were tied behind her back and cinched down then another rope was used to bind her elbows these were drawn together until they touched. Another rope was attached to her wrists and this rope was passed up to a hook above Paula's head and the rope was pulled up forcing Paula to raise her arms and pushing her even harder against the pole.

Helen then walked around the bound girl and stood in front of her,

"Now slave I am going to give those nice firm tits of yours a bit of punishment. You will probably find the pain extremely hard to stand so I expect to hear you screaming and begging for mercy, not that I will be showing you any."

As she finished speaking Helen produced a pair of nipple clamps joined by a short chain, and held them up for Paula to see,

"These are going on your tits bitch, and then I'm going to tighten them until you are screaming, and then I will continue to tighten them even more, I want to see just how much pain you can take. So let's get started shall we."

Helen grabbed hold of Paula's left breast and started pulling the nipple, when the nipple started to harden Helen attached the first clamp, and Paula gasped at the bite of the clip. Helen smiled and grabbed the right breast and repeated the clipping process. Paula tried to pull away from the clips but the bondage gave her no freedom of movement, Helen pulled on the clamps connecting chain causing Paula to hiss in pain and stop her escape attempts.

When Paula stopped struggling Helen took hold of the clamps and began to tighten them increasing the pain in Paula's breasts. As the pain increased Paula began to gasp and whimper, but Helen just continued to tighten the clamps. All to soon Paula's screams began, and they continued, getting louder, and then between the screams Paula started to beg to have the clamps removed, all to no avail. Eventually the pain caused Paula to pass out.

Helen stopped tightening the clamps and then poured cold water over the bound girl to bring her round. When Paula came to she started sobbing in pain and the begging for release continued, Helen let this go on for a few minutes before she moved in front of the girl and slapped her across the face and told her to keep quiet, Paula stopped begging but still continued to sob quietly.

Helen then picked up a half pound weight, with a short chain and a hook attached and dangled it in front of Paula's face, when she saw the weight Paual began to shake her head and pleading with her eyes. Helen just laughed and hooked the weight to the chain between the clamps and slowly let the weight go and allowed it to pull on Paula's already painful breasts. As the weight exerted its full pull on her breasts Paula began to scream again, and the screaming went on and on as Helen pushed the weight causing it to swing and thus vary the pull on her breasts.

Helen then selected a short leather flogger and struck Paula's breasts repeatedly producing ever louder and more piercing screams from Paula, eventually she again passed out and Helen again stopped the punishment until she had revived her victim. When Paual was again conscious Helen said,

"You did very well slave, for a first time with your tits clamped and weighted, so I am going to release you now and then you can have a nice rest until Mistress Jean finds time to visit you."

Helen then started to release Paula, first, off came the weight then Helen loosened the clamps and then removed them, this produced more screams from Paula as the blood returned to her tortured nipples. Helen allowed Paula to recover before she continued to release her. When she was finally free of all the bondage Paula collapsed on to the floor and Helen said,

"Move slut, you can either get up and walk over to your cage and get in or you can crawl over on all fours, like the bitch you are, I don't care which, but you might. You see if you crawl over to the cage I will whip your arse all the way to the cage, it's up to you."

Paula looked up at her Mistress and then forced herself to her feet and managed to totter over to the cage and then crawl inside. Helen walked over to the cage and slammed the door shut and locked it, and then walked out of the door without another word.

Paula pulled herself up on to the bed in the cage and lay on her back and wept, whilst she tried to gently massage the pain from her breasts.

Mistress Number 3

All too soon Paula heard the door of the dungeon opening again and as she looked over to the door she saw her third Mistress, Jean, enter and relock the door behind her.

Jean walked around the cage, containing her new toy, and the look of glee in her eyes gave Paula cause to fear.

"Well slave I see from the marks on your body that Helen and Nikki have been enjoying themselves, but it doesn't seem you had the same feelings. So I think we will give you some pleasure this time, as well as some pain of course. So lets get you out of that cage I and into position".

As she finished speaking Jean unlocked the cage door and told Paula to climb out. When she was standing in front of her Jean produced a pair of handcuffs and snapped them on Paula's wrists behind her back. She then raised the front of Paula's skirt and unlocked the crotch belt of the chastity belt, and then released the waist belt and removed the chastity belt. She then produced a large metal ring gag and held it up to Paula's mouth, knowing what would happen if she resisted Paula opened her mouth and accepted the gag.

Paula was then led over to the suspension rope Nikki had used earlier and Jean attached the rope to the handcuffs and began to pull Paula's wrists up into the air behind her back. As her arm rose up so the bound girl had no option other than to bend forward at the waist. When her arms were virtually vertical and she was bent at over as far as she could go Jean tied off the suspension rope.

Jean then walked around her victim and stopped in front of the terrified girl, she grabbed a handful of Paula's hair and pulled her head up to see Paula's face,

"Now slut we are going to have some fun, or at least I am. You might not have quite as much enjoyment, but I do promise you some pleasure."

As she finished she walked over to one of the cabinets and opened the door to reveal a selection on plugs, dildos and strap-ons. Jean took her time selecting the right strap-on and when she was happy she fastened the straps around her waist and then moved behind her prisoner. Paula felt the back of the skirt being raised and then felt Jeans fingers playing over her sex, although she tried to resist her body soon responded to Jeans attack and Paula started to moan softly and push her but back into Jean.

As soon as Paula responded to her attack Jean thrust the strap on into Paula's cunt and began to slowly pump the artificial penis into her bound victim. All too soon Paula began to moan as her passion increased. Her backward thrust became more intense and as her reactions to her mistress's fucking continued to increase so her Mistress's thrusts became deeper and faster. The activity continued until Paula could hold back no longer and she came with a loud moan that turned into a scream of passion as her body shook with the intensity of the orgasm.

When Paula came, Jean stopped thrusting the strap on into her slave and waited for Paula to return from the mysterious land occupied by those in the throws of orgasm. When Paula could again focus on Jean, the Mistress said,

"Now that was nice of me wasn't it. To give you a nice orgasm like that, so aren't you going to thank me for it? Well?".

Quickly Paula gathered her thoughts and said, in a shaky voice distorted by the ring gag,

"Thank you very much for my orgasm Mistress Jean, it was very nice. Now how would you like me to serve you?".

Jean smiled at the response from Paula before she said,

"That was very good, and clever, slave. Just the right amount of humility, so now let's think how you can please me. I know I will face fuck you with this strap on covered inn your juices and you can clean it with your tongue. Then let's replace that ring gag with a double penis gag, and then you can fuck me with your mouth and I can come all over your face. Would you like to do that for me slave?".

Paula's reply was almost instantaneous, if a little garbled from her gag

"Mistress if that would please you then it would please me also to serve you. My only function is to serve my Mistress's in any way they see fit for me."

As she finished speaking Paula tried to raise her head to allow easy access to her mouth.

"What a good little slut you have become in such a short time too. Well since you are so keen to suck my rubber cock I will let you and I will fuck your face until you have licked it clean."

Saying this Jean moved around in front of Paula and took hold of a handful of her hair and pulled Paula's head up so as to gain easy access to her mouth. She then placed the tip of the strap on Paula's lips and told the bound girl to lick the tip clean.

While she was licking the phallus tip Jean suddenly thrust her hips forward and drove the strap on deep into Paula's throat, causing the girl to gag on the intruder. Jean then began to pump the strap on in and out of Paula's mouth to the sound of Paula slurping on the intruder along with the occasional gagging retching sound as the rubber invader was driven deep into the back of her throat. Finally when Jean was happy that the strap on was clean she withdrew it from her slaves mouth and then removed the ring gag and gave Paula a few minutes to recover, before she released the suspension rope and allowed Paula to lower her arms, and stand upright again.

When Paula had gotten he breath back Jean produced a double ended penis gag, with a three inch long thick rubber penis which was inserted into Paula's mouth and the strap buckled around her head. This left an eight inch long penis sticking out of Paula's mouth she was then told to kneel and sit back on her heels. When she had obeyed Jean took a rope and bound her ankles together then a second rope was passed under her shins and over her thighs and after several passes this rope was cinched down and tied off. Jean then applied a liberal coating of grease to the penis sticking out of Paula's mouth and then stood in front of the girl and said,

"Well slut you have done very well so far, but now you have the difficult task of making me come using that cock sticking out of your mouth. I will help you by removing my clothes so you have easy access to my cunt, but with your ankles and thighs tied together you will find it a little difficult to reach the target with your mouth, but if you fail to bring me to orgasm then all your previous good work will be wasted and you will be punished most severely. Do you understand?"

When Paula nodded her head Jean continued,

"Very well. I will allow you 10 minutes to give me an orgasm, fail and I will use the cattle prod on you and your cunt and tits look very inviting to me."

As she finished speaking Jean started to undress and when she was naked she moved close to Paula. Paula immediately started to stretch her neck as far as she could trying to reach Jean's cunt with her mouth, but no matter how hard she tried she always fell just short of pushing the penis gag into her Mistress. After 5 minutes she finally managed to push the tip of the penis gag into her Mistress, and then she started to push the cock as far as she could then withdraw it until it was almost out before pushing it in once more. This attempt at fucking her Mistress went on for the remaining 5 minutes of the time allowed but as she could not get full penetration due to her bondage she failed to bring Jean to a climax.

Finally Paula heard the words she was dreading from Jean,

"Right slut your 10 minutes are up and I am still waiting for my orgasm. As I told you failure would result in punishment, and I told you it would be electro torture so while you consider your fate I will get the cattle prod and then we can start."

As she finished speaking Jean moved away to a cupboard near by and despite Paula's unintelligible pleas for mercy she returned with an evil looking metal rod with a plastic grip.

"I know you have seen one of these before, after all Nikki and I used them on you back at the factory so you know what to expect."

Jean put the tip of the rod against Paula's arse and pressed a stud on the handle the burst of electricity ripped through Paula and produced a scream that surprised even Jean. Paula fell onto her side and tried her best to protect her tits and cunt form the metal rod in Jean's hand, but her attempts were futile. Jean pressed the tip against Paula's tits and nipples again and again, each time producing chocking screams from Paula, causing the bound girl to roll and gyrate around the floor in an attempt to escape the rod tip, and when she tired of abusing Paula's tits her cunt became the target.

By the time the torture was finished Paula was a shivering mass of fear and pain, unable to move except for the involuntary twitching induced by the electric shocks she had received. When Jean grew tired of torturing her slave she put the prod back in the cupboard and the returned to Paula and started gently kicking her to rouse her from the pain induced stupor she had fallen into. After a short time Paula was again conscious of her surroundings and able to understand instructions.

Jean began untying the ropes, when she removed the final rope she told the quivering slave to stand. Eventually Paula managed to get to her feet and stood unsteadily before her Mistress. Jean then went back to the cupboard containing the strap ons and selected a couple of dildos from the shelves, she then picked up a chastity belt and returned to Paula. Quickly the Mistress fastened the waist belt around her slave and then inserted the two probes into Paula and pulled the crotch belt tight forcing the intruders deep into Paula.

Paula was then instructed to tidy the dungeon and clean and put away all the equipment that was lying around. When she had tottered around the dungeon, on shacking legs, and collected the items of bondage and punishment, cleaned them and put them away she was led over to the cage. Her hands were placed in leather bondage mittens and these were locked to the chastity belt, her ankles were the secured with a pair of leg irons, and she was pushed inside the cage. Jean then said,

"Well slut you have had your introduction to your new life with your three Mistress's, I don't expect you've enjoyed it much but this was only a taste of your future. I think you have probable had enough pain, and we three have had enough pleasure, for to night, so you can try and make yourself comfortable in you cage for the rest of the night."

As she finished speaking she slammed the cage door and locked it, before turning away and walking out of the dungeon. Seconds later the lights went out plunging the dungeon into total darkness and the last sound Paula heard was the key turning in the door locking her in the cellar. Paula tried to find a position on the narrow cot bed that caused her the least pain and discomfort and eventually she fell asleep.

Chapter 2 - The First Day of a NEW LIFE (added: 02/01/2011)

It was around mid morning before Nikki came into the cellar and found a worried and anxious young woman pacing her cage. As she walked over to her captive she said,

"Well slut I see you got some sleep last night, now I suppose you need the bathroom and probable you want some food as well, am I right?"

"Yes Mistress, I am quite desperate to visit the bathroom, please let me out."

Paula replied.

Nikki laughed and opened the cage door and allowed Paula out, she led her over to a small bathroom in one corner of the cellar and pushed her prisoner inside. Nikki followed her and then unlocked her hands from the waist belt and removed the mittens, and then the rest of the girls bondage to allow her to use the toilet and shower. When she had finished Paula was led over to a metal grating in the floor of the room and told to stand in the middle of the grid, when she was in position Nikki flicked a switch and a blast of warm air came out of the grill and soon dried Paula.

When Paula felt warm and dry she looked around and saw that her Mistress had laid a small table with a plate and a couple of cups. She also noticed the delicious smell of food and coffee, Nikki called the girl over to the table and sat her down in front of the place setting and the plate contained bacon and eggs and a couple of slices of toast, as she looked at the food her stomach gave a growl and laughing Nikki said,

"Right slut you have earned your food and some coffee so get busy, because in a short while we will begin the next stage of your training."

Paula needed no second invitation and began to ravenously eat the food and wash it down with the coffee. Nikki also sat at the table and helped herself to a cup of the steaming brew. When the food had vanished and both women had finished their coffee Nikki stood up and said,

"Slave you are to follow me and not ask questions or talk, do you understand?"

Paula quickly stood up and lowered her eyes before she replied,

"Yes Mistress Nikki, I am to follow you and keep silent."

Nikki nodded and beckoned Paula to follow her. She led the prisoner out of the cellar and up into the main house, Paula followed Nikki into the rear of the house and into a brightly lit white tiled room. In the centre of the room Paula saw a steel frame in an inverted Y shape and around the walls a series of glass cabinets, Nikki led her over to the frame and told the frightened girl to stand up against it.

Paula quickly did as she was told and then Nikki began to fasten leather straps around her wrists, arms, legs and body pinning the young girl to the frame. When she had finished Paula found herself comfortably, but tightly and inescapably bound, Nikki then walked over to a panel on the wall and pressed a couple of buttons. Paula heard a motor start up and felt the frame begin to tilt backwards. The movement continued until the frame became horizontal with Paula now lying on her back strapped to the frame, Nikki then came back to the bound girl and started to speak,

"Well now slut I am going to tell you what is about to happen to you and I don't want any whining from you. You are strapped to what is in reality an operating table, of our design, shortly I will inject a local anaesthetic around your cunt and then I will insert some fine ring grommets into your lips, down there, and then thread a strong chain through those rings and lock the chain. this will mean that your cunt belongs to us and it will only be used, or abused, at our command. So lets get started."

As she finished she produced a spray can and sprayed the contents over Paula's cunt, the spray was icy cold and the shock took her breath away and prevented her from screaming. While the flesh was still numb from the spray, Nikki began to inject local anaesthetic into both of Paula's cunt lips. When she had finished she put the spray and the hypodermic in a dish and placed the dish on a small table, after a short wait Nikki prodded the bound girls cunt with a needle and asked if Paula could feel anything, when Paual indicated that the area was numb, Nikki went over to one of the cabinets and returned with a pair of what looked like strong pliers. She showed them to Paula and explained that they were in fact a punch, similar to those used to punch holes in leather she then proceeded to use the punch on the prisoners cunt lips and punched a series of holes into each lip. When she had finished she produced a box of gold grommets, and threaded one through each hole she had punched before using the punch again to crimp the grommets so they formed permanent holes. Finally Nikki threaded a fine steel chain through the grommets pulled the chain tight and locked the ends of the chain together with a small padlock. When she was satisfied with her effort Nikki said,

"Now slut your cunt belongs to your three Mistress's, the chain I've threaded through it is titanium steel, it is used by surgeons and is very strong, the lock is also titanium steel and the only keys are held by Helen, Jean and me so the only time your cunt will be used will be when we say so. Do you understand what I am saying?"

Although she had felt no pain during the operation Nikki had performed, Paula had tears in her eyes, unable to speak, she nodded her head. Nikki smiled and continued,

"I am glad to see you know your place, but I haven't finished just yet."

She again picked up the punch tool and then sprayed Paula's tits with the numbing spray she had used earlier. Nikki quickly grabbed Paula's left nipple and positioned the punch across the nipple and closed the jaws punching a neat hole in the nipple. She then repeated the process on Paula's right breast, Nikki then produced two gold rings and opened them and threaded another chain onto the rings before threading them through the two holes and closed the rings. She then pushed the rings around until the openings were away from Paula's body and then picked up a small welding torch and welded the rings shut. She then turned the rings through the holes to ensure they moved freely and did not catch, when she was satisfied with her work Nikki said,

"Right slave now your cunt is sealed and chained and your tits are pierced and also chained. When I release you from the table I expect you to show me your appreciation for the care I have show you, and when you've satisfied me we will go and see how your other Mistress's are doing."

Nikki then returned the table to its vertical position and began to release the straps holding Paula prisoner. When she released the final strap Nikki said,

"OK slut you can step away from the table and then I want you to examine yourself, so you know what I have done to you. You will note that although your cunt is chained there is enough slack in the chain to allow you to pee unhindered, but not enough for you to be able to play with yourself. From now on you will only get pleasure from you cunt when we allow it. Is that understood?"

Paula nodded her head and stepped away from the table and then allowed her hands to wonder over her cunt and breasts feeling the chain she now wore. When she again let her hands fall to her sides Nikki moved behind her and drew her hands behind her back and tied her wrists tightly with rope. Paula was then pushed down onto her knees and Nikki stood in front of her and raised her skirt and then pushed her prisoners head into her crotch and Paula began to lick and suck on her Mistress's cunt. She continued to service her Mistress until Nikki reached a shuddering climax and pushed Paula away. When she had recovered Nikki led Paula out of the operating room and through the house to the rear garden were they found Jean and Helen sitting, enjoying the sun.

When the two Mistress's saw Nikki approaching they got up and walked over to meet her, they then spent a few minutes examining Paula and pulling the chains to see the effect on the bound girl. when they had finished Nikki said,

"Ladies our slave has already showed me her gratitude for her new jewellery but she now wants to show you both her appreciation for her adornments and for the care we are lavishing on her, so on your knees slut and show your Mistress's how much you love them."

As she finished speaking she pushed Paula in the back causing the bound girl to stumble and fall to her knees, when she raised her head she found Helen's crotch right in front of her and quickly she began to service her Mistress. When Helen reached her climax she was replaced by Jean who pushed Paula's face deep into her crotch and held her head there while Paula sucked and lapped for all she was worth. As she reached her climax Jean pushed Paula away sending the bound girl sprawling on the grass. Nikki moved over to Paula and helped her back to her feet while Jean recovered, when the three Mistress's were again in control Jean began walking around Paula and said,

"Well ladies what should we do with our new toy? We could whip her, or suspender from one of the trees, there really are so many things we could do. Any suggestions?"

Helen and Nikki moved over to Jean and the three began a whispered conversation, shortly Helen said something and Jean laughed and looked at Nikki who smiled and nodded. Jean and Helen walked away towards a large barn situated a short distance from the main house. Nikki walked around Paula slapping her breasts and arse as she passed, after about 5 minutes of this Nikki produced a length of rope and tied it around Paula's neck and used it as a leash to pull the bound girl over to the barn. As they walked through the door Nikki jerked the leash rope sending Paula once again sprawling in the dirt when she had managed to get to her knees she looked around and realised from the equipment around the barn that it was really a bondage playroom.

She looked over to were Helen and Jean stood and saw next to them along beam suspended from the roof of the building. Before she could take in much more detail she was hauled to her feet by Nikki and pulled over to the beam, when she arrived Helen and Jean grabbed her arms and legs and lifted her on to the beam so she was straddling it. Paula felt the edge of the beam dig into her crotch and she guessed what her fate was to be. Nikki joined her fellow Mistress's with a handful of rope which all three women wasted no time in applying to Paula. Firstly her elbows were bound tightly together, then a rope was tied to each ankle and these ropes were pulled to the side forcing Paula's feet off the ground and making the girl take all her weight on the cunt resting on the beam. As she started to loose her balance Nikki grabbed her shoulders and held her upright until Jean tied a rope to her wrists and tossed the other end over a beam and pulled raising Paula's arms in a strapado and crushing her cunt even harder into the beam.

The three tormentors then stepped back and admired their handy work. After a few moments of consideration Helen picked up another rope and said,

"ladies I do not think we have quite finished."

As she finished speaking she began to braid the rope into Paula's hair and when she had finished she tossed the rope over the same beam Jean had used and pulled the rope tight, this forced Paula to raise her head and prevented he from looking around. Finally Nikki wheeled a machine over to one end of the beam and Paula recognised it as one of the motors that as used to power the fuck machines she had already experienced. She watched as Nikki attached the arm of the motor to the end of the beam and she suddenly realised what was going to happen. As she started to protest Nikki switched on the motor and the beam began to move back and forth rubbing against the bound girl's most ender regions.

Paula could already feel the pain from her cunt being crushed but the rocking of the beam added to her troubles and she knew the discomfort would only get worse. She tried to remain silent, as she suspected her torturers would only cause her more pain if she begged for mercy, but all too soon the pain became unbearable and she began to sob and beg for release. Paula was proved right, about further punishment, as Helen quickly silenced her begging with a couple of vicious slaps across her arse, and a terse command to keep quiet. Paula tried to move in time with the beam to limit the pain but within a few minutes she was moaning and soon the moans of pain turned to screams. When her screams reached a volume that even her three Mistress's found too loud Helen produced a ball of fabric and pushed it into Paula's open mouth, through her haze of pain Paula recognised the taste of love juices and realised the cloth was a ball of knickers that her three torturers had been wearing. Before she could react and spit the gag out, Helen began to wind duct tape over her mouth and around her head trapping the soaked knickers in her mouth and forcing Paual to swallow her Mistress's love juices as she bit down on the mouth packing.

Finally satisfied with their work the three women stood back and admired their slave and laughed at the pleading noises their new toy made. As her strength began to fail and she neared unconsciousness the three women left the barn and the suffering girl they had bound there.

It was some two hours later that Jean returned and found Paula out cold and hanging in her bondage. Jean emptied a bucket of cold water over Paula, and when she had regained consciousness Jean quickly turned off the motor and disconnected it from the beam. She then untied Paula's legs and allowed the girl to take some weight on her feet, and relieve her tortured cunt. For the unfortunate girl this merely produced more pain, as the feeling returned to her cunt the nerves again sent out their signals and brought a fresh round of muffled screams and sobs.

While Paula suffered Jean continued to remove the ropes binding her, when she was free of all the bondage, except the gag, her arms hung limply at her side and her legs could barely support her and her cunt throbbed continually. Jean told her to raise her leg and climb off the beam, and with some help from Jean, Paula managed to dismount the beam and stand alongside it. When she felt Paula could move unaided Jean said,

"Well slave you have had your first experience of your life as our plaything. I am sure your didn't enjoy it, but this was only a taster of what is to come. Shortly I will take you back down to your cell and when we get there I will remove your gag and you can have some food and something to drink before I lock you back in your cage for the rest of the day.

After all we don't want to extract too much pleasure, for us at least, so you will be given the rest of the day to reflect on what has happened to you so far, and then we can continue with your training tomorrow."

When she had finished Jean took Paula by the arm and led her back into the house and down into the cellar and when she had locked the door she removed the gag from Paula and told her to sit at the small table that she had used for breakfast. Once seated Jean opened a small hamper and set a plate of sandwiches and a flask of coffee on the table and told Paula to start her meal. Paula quickly set to and all too soon the food had vanished and she was pouring the last of the coffee into her cup, when she had finished Jean told her to go and use the bathroom and then to come over to her.

Paula was away for a few minutes whilst she emptied her bladder and washed her face to remove the tear stains. When she returned to the main cellar she found Jean waiting holding a length of rope, Paula immediately began to beg not to be tied, but this just earned her a slap across the face and an order to keep silent. When she had obeyed Jean told her to fold her arms behind her back and then Jean moved behind her prisoner and used then rope to bind her arms in a box tie with Paula's right wrist tied to her left elbow and her left wrist to her right elbow, with a third rope binding both her forearms together. When she had finished the tie she allowed Paula to walk around to get used to the restriction.

After a few minutes she ordered Paula to come back and stand in front of her, when Paula obeyed Jean produced a dildo and a but plug. She then unlocked the chain through Paula's cunt and pushed the dildo home and refastened the chain, she then pushed the but plug home, and told Paula to hold the plug in and Jean went to one of the cupboards. She returned with a leather chastity belt and proceeded to fasten it around Paula's waist and through her legs, forcing both probes deeper into Paula's holes. When she was satisfied with the belts adjustment she pushed Paula towards the cage she had occupied the previous night and unlocked the door and ordered the girl inside. With no option but to obey Paula walked into the cage and heard the door slam and lock, when she turned she found Jean looking at her and her jailer said,

"Well now you will be staying as you are till tomorrow morning. Although maybe not quite as you are. You see the two friends you have stuffed in your holes are both remote control vibrators which we will be switching on and off, at various speeds, as and when we feel like it. I am sure you can imagine what the effect on you will be, but we need to enjoy watching you so if you look over my shoulder at the corner of the room you will see a cctv camera, there are other cameras fitted all around the room, so we will be able to watch you struggle with your own body's responses to the stimulation we will be supplying. So I will leave you now and we won't start to play with you for oh say a couple of hours, that will give you a chance to get used to your two invaders, and also give us some time to have something to eat before we have some more fun, at your expense of course."

With that Jean turned and walked out of the cellar. Paula spent the next couple of hours trying to find a way to either force the two probes out of her body or to find a way to free herself and then remove the invaders, the only result of all her efforts was to build up a sheen of sweat over her naked body. She had just say down on the bed when the dildo sprang into life and Paula rocketed up off the bed with a yelp of surprise, just as suddenly the stimulation stopped, only to be replaced a few seconds later by the but plug being activated.

Both vibrators continued to switch on and off apparently at random, although Paula knew her three Mistress's were in fact controlling the probes. Sometimes the dildo was used alone and sometimes the but plug, and sometimes both would be buzzing away together inside their bound host. All of this stimulation had the effect of driving Paula crazy, she tried to ignore the actions but all too soon her body was a writhing sweating mass of sexual frustration, as the probes were never on long enough to allow her to climax.

Very quickly Paula lost all control of he actions and entered an 'autopilot' state so that when either of the vibrators was on she would try and push her body against the cage walls or the bed to try and reach an orgasm, even when the probes switched off her body would continue to hump. Eventually her frustration boiled over and she began to beg and plead with her tormentors to be allowed at least one climax, suddenly a voice cut through Paula's pleading, it was Nikki, using an intercom system, she said,

"Well slut you seem to want to be allowed to cum, so we have decided to allow this. We will therefore switch on both the vibrators and they will stay on until their batteries run down. This means you will get your climax, in fact you will get quite a lot of climaxes before the vibrators eventually stop, our guess is it will be about 3 or 4 o'clock before they stop. So get ready to enjoy yourself."

As she finished speaking the twin invaders, which had been still, suddenly erupted into frantic life, they were now on at full power and produced a scream from the bound girl. Almost immediately Paula reached her first orgasm, but as promised the vibrators did not stop and she rapidly built towards another. This punishment continued through the night, Paula never did know how many times she came, and she in fact passed out several times before the batteries of the twin probes ran down and she drifted off into oblivion.

Chapter 3: Paula Gets Cleaned, Inside and Out (added: 05/24/2011)

Paula's training continued, and over the next few days her submissive character was reinforced by the three Mistress's in various ways. Her life seemed to be drifting into a sort of routine, were she spent much of her time in strict bondage with periodic periods were she was forced to service her captors.

By the end of the first week Paula was starting to relax a little and she appeared to be accepting her fate. However on the Friday morning she was roused from her nights sleep by Mistress Helen, Paula's wakening was rapid and shocking, literally. Helen pushed the tip of one of the cattle prods that were kept in the dungeon, through the bars of Paula's cage and jammed it up the arse of the sleeping girl and pressed the firing button.

The effect was instantaneous, Paula emitted a scream of agony and fell off the bed, fortunately the prod was dislodged and she only received one shock. She quickly got up and knelt in front of Helen and awaited her orders for the day. Although all the Mistress's struck a note of fear in Paula, Helen actually terrified her, She was far more strict with her bondage and her punishments, and Paula felt Helen was a true Sadist, and really enjoyed inflicting pain.

After few minutes of silence Helen unlocked the cage door and hauled the terrified girl to her feet and dragged her out of the cage. Helen produced a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Paula's wrists behind her back a pair of leg irons quickly followed, forcing Paula to shuffle around due to the short 12" chain between the ankle cuffs.

Helen then fastened a high, stiff leather posture collar around Paula's neck, forcing her head up and attached a leash to the front of the collar and led the bound girl out of the cellar. It was a difficult journey for Paula she was restricted to very short steps due to the ankle cuffs, eventually both Helen and Paula arrived at the barn Paula had visited at the start of the week. Inside Paula was confronted by a square steel frame with a steel X shaped cross held in the middle of the frame, Helen led her over to the frame and then removed the ankle cuffs and fastened one ankle to one of the lower ends of the cross, quickly her other ankle was fastened to the other arm of the cross.

Helen then removed the handcuffs and fastened Paula's arms out to the top of the arms of the cross, finally Helen removed the collar. When she had finished Paula was held in a loose spread eagle on the metal cross. Helen then moved in front of the bound girl and gave her an evil grin, she held up a remote control and pressed on of the buttons and Paula heard a motor start somewhere over head and then felt her arms and legs being pulled out to the corners of the main frame. As this was happening Helen explained what was going to happen, saying,

"Now slave as you can see you are held in a spread eagle and the motor you can hear is tensioning the cross and pulling you into a very tight spread eagle. When I am happy that I can't make it any tighter then I will raise the main frame off the floor and you will be hanging on the cross unable to move. Then I will then unlock the chain through your cunt and wheel over two of the fucking machines you are familiar with and position them so you have two cocks, one in each hole and then I will start the machines and watch for a while as you are fucked front and rear.

You will of course find that the machines are set to be rather brutal, your cunt will be stuffed with an 8" vibrating cock and you arse will have one 6" long. The machines will be set to maximum stroke length, so the full length of each cock will be driven into you each time. Also the machines will be set to a random programme so the speed of the fucking will vary at random. As I said I will stay for awhile to watch and see how you enjoy the sensations and when I get tired I will leave you alone, with your new friends for oh a couple of hours say."

All the while she had been talking the motor had been stretching Paula until she felt as if her arms and legs were about to be pulled out of their sockets, and the tension was so tight she was held absolutely rigid. Helen turned the motor off and then as promised she unlocked the chain through her cunt and thrust two fingers into the girls love hole. When she had worked Paula up to a mild degree of excitement she stopped and then wheeled over to the stretched girl two of the fuck machines Paula had experienced before. These were mounted vertically and Helen attached the promised vibrators to the machine arms and adjusted the length so that at the height of the stroke each vibrator was buried deep inside Paula.

When she was finally satisfied with the arrangements Helen turned on the two machines and Paula's ordeal began, as the machines began to fuck the bound girl, and Paula's body began to respond, Helen picked up a flogger from the floor and waved it in Paula's face and said,

"Just watching you enjoy yourself would be a bit of a bore for me so I think I will liven things up a bit by giving you a good whipping while the machines fuck your brains out after all why should you have all the pleasure?"

Paula was so tightly stretched, on the frame, that she was having some difficulty just breathing and when the machines began to fuck her she was struggled even more. So when Helen showed her the flogger she didn't have the breath to answer, so she simply shook her head and pleaded with her eyes to ask for mercy. These acts from her slave had no effect on Helen at all, she stepped back from the frame and swung the flogger as hard as she could, this resulted in a scream so loud that even Paula was surprised, especially considering her position, but it didn't stop Helen. The flogger fell repeatedly across Paula's stomach and chest, Helen paid particular attention to Paula's breasts, by the twentieth blow Paula had exhausted her ability to scream and the blows produced grunts of pain from the bound girl.

When she had marked Paula's front with a series of red welts Helen switched to whipping her back, and about half way through the punishment Paula hit her first orgasm. This was evident from the guttural moans coming from Paula and the way the frame shook. Eventually Helen grew tired of hitting Paula, and threw the flogger aside and sat on the floor and watched the spectacle of Paula receiving repeated forced orgasms. When Paula climaxed for the forth time Helen stood up and walked over to the girl and grabbed her face and looked into slightly glazed eyes, when she let go Paula's head just fell forward. Helen turned and walked out of the barn laughing.

Paula lost track of time, and to some extent reality as well, as she hung in the frame, some time later, a little over two hours she later found out, she became aware of a voice talking. When she managed to focus on what was being said she found Helen again standing in front of her and then noted that the fuck machines had stopped. Helen picked up the remote and pressed a button and Paula felt her body relax as the tension in the cross eased. Helen then released her from the frame and Paula collapsed on the floor in an exhausted heap, however she wasn't allowed to rest for long. Helen grabbed a handful of hair and pulled the girl to her feet, and half led, half dragged Paula over to a beam bolted between two uprights and about waist height from the ground.

Paula was laid over the beam and allowed to hang head down over it, Helen then produced some rope and tied Paula's wrists together and then tied them to a ring in the floor and used a second rope to tie her ankles to the same ring. Helen then used the remote to raise the beam so that Paula was hung over the beam and unable to move. Helen left the bound girl to recover from the earlier punishment, and busied herself fetching various pieces of equipment for Paula's next trial.

When she had assembled the equipment she want Helen grabbed a handful of Paula's hair and lifted the bound girls head as high as she could and said,

"Well little slut, you put on quite a show on the frame just now, it was such a pity that I didn't video it as I'm sure we could have sold copies to many of our customers, but never mind, there's always next time. Now I am going to leave you hanging over this beam for a little while, say least until Nikki and Jean arrive home, they just rang me to say they were on their way so that will be about another hour, so you have that time to rest and recover.

When they get here I will start your next treat, I think I will tell you all about it so you can hang there and anticipate the action to come. You see in your position I can administer an enema very easily, with lots of hot soapy water, to get you nice and clean."

Paula had a feeling that Helen was keeping something back and not telling her the whole story, but even so what she had been told filled her with dread.

Paula had been left hanging over the beam for some time when she heard a car stopping outside the bard and then voices which she recognised as her three Mistress's. the barn door opened and Paula turned her head and saw the three women walking toward her. Helen picked up an object from the tray she had prepared before and held it in front of Paula's face and said,

"Now slave this is a special but plug, it is inflatable and I am going to stick it up your arse and then pump it up."

Helen moved behind Paula and smeared lubricant between her ass cheeks and then thrust a finger inside and spread the grease around, the finger was removed and the tip of the plug pushed up against her arse. As she started to plead not to have the plug forced into her Helen laughed and rammed the plug home and held it in place as Paula cried out in shock and pain. Paula tried to relax and adjust to the invasion, and then she felt the plug begin to grow as Helen started to inflate the intruder, when Paula was groaning in discomfort Helen stopped and closed off the valve and removed the pump.

"Now slut, your arse is nicely plugged and the plug has a narrow tube through its centre which I am going to attach to an enema bag and then I will fill you up with as much soapy water as I can force into you. So if you think that plug filled you up wait till I have finished with the water jug."

As she finished talking, Paula could feel her Mistress pushing and pulling on the plug, and realised she was attaching the enema tube to the plug. Suddenly she felt a warm flood pushing into her rectum, as Helen opened the valve on the enema bag, the flow seemed to go on for some time. When it stopped Paula was sweating slightly due to the awkward position she was tied in and the pressure of the enema inside her, Helen came over and asked,

"Well now slave how does that feel, nice and full are we?"

Paual managed to reply through gritted teeth,

"Yes Mistress I feel very full and thank you for giving me this enema."

Helen laughed and said,

"Very good, but I haven't finished yet, you have only had two pints of solution, we should be able to give you at least another two or three pints. So get ready for the next couple of pints."

As she finished speaking Paula heard the sound of water being poured into something and then the flow of liquid into her rectum restarted. When about half of the liquid had flowed into her bowls Paula began to beg Helen,

"Please Mistress, please stop, I can't take any more I feel like my stomach is going to burst, plea.........aghhhhhhhhhhhhh."

A stinging slap across her rear produced a strangled scream from the bound girl, and then silence interspersed with soft sobs and moans,

"Now listen to me slave I, and only I decide when you are full. For your whining I think you deserve to get another 2 pints when the current bag is emptied, so that would be 6 pints, that should be enough to clean you out, don't you think."

Paula just nodded slightly to indicate her acceptance. True to her word when the second load of water had emptied into her bowls, Helen refilled the bag with a third measure and allowed it to flow into her prisoner. When the enema bag had emptied for the third time, Paula was writhing on the beam and a mixture of moans and pleas for release came from the bound girl. Helens response was to pick up a flogger and to whip Paula's arse until the girl was screaming. Helen then dropped the flogger and Paula again felt her doing something to the plug when she had finished Helen said,

"There now, this plug has a valve in the enema tube that allows me to close off the tube and I have done that now, and detached the enema bag from the plug. But that means you will have to hold the enema until I, or one of your other Mistress's, decide to allow you to empty your bowls. Now I am going to untie you from the floor ring and when I have done so you will stand up and do nothing else, understand."

Paula could only nod her answer. Helen untied her ankles and then untied her wrists from the floor ring, although her wrists remained bound, and helped Paula to stand before saying,

"Now slut Nikki, Jean and I are going to put you through your paces, so to speak. You will do exactly as you are told, if you fail to obey or try any sort of disobedience then your punishment will be increased. Do you understand."

"Yes Mistress."

Was Paula's whispered reply. Paula suddenly felt a pair of hands rubbing her arse and between her legs she realised that Jean had moved behind her and was feeling her up, Jean then took hold of the but plug and began to move it around inside the bound, and bloated girl. This produced a series of low moans from Paula as her body cramped up due to the enema she still held. The hands were removed as suddenly as they had started, and Nikki then took her hands and attached her bound wrists to the hoist and pulled the bound girls arms above her head and continued to raise he until Paula's feet were just on the floor. Paula just had time to brace herself, as she heard the whistle of a whip, her arse exploded in pain as the lash landed across her nether cheeks. The first blow was followed by a series of lashes as Jean laid into her slave, as Paula tried to cover her more sensitive parts whilst still obeying the order to stand still, Nikki joined in the whipping, from the other side, and soon Helen also took up a whip and began lashing the girl. As she tried to cover her self, her three tormentors began to circle around her and continued the whipping.

All to soon the discomfort of the enema and the pain of the whipping produced loud screams from the bound slave, as they tired the Mistress's put down their whips and Nikki approached the weeping girl from behind and again Paula felt the plug being moved around inside her. This produced a fresh series of moans, whimpers and pleading from the bloated girl. Eventually Jean grew tired of the sounds and tossed a penis gag to Nikki and said,

"For gods sake shut the slut up, but before you do stick the prick in her cunt and get it coated in her juices then stick it in her mouth to silence her."

Nikki smiled as she walked in front of Paula and held up the gag, Paula shook her head in mute appeal but Nikki lowered the gag and then thrust it into Paula's cunt and moved it around, producing more moans from the girl. After a few minutes of this the gag was removed and then pushed into Paula's unresisting mouth and the straps buckled tightly, reducing the noises from Paula to muffled grunts and moans.

The stomach and bowel cramps due to the enema were rapidly reaching an unbearable level and her stretched position did not help the bound girl. Eventually Helen released the hoist and allowed Paula to collapse onto the floor, her wrists were released and she was hauled to her feet by Helen grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her up. She was then led to a corner of the barn and saw a box with a hole top, as she looked at it Helen removed the gag and said,

"This is called a Thunder Box. It's a very primitive toilet I am going to allow you to release the plug in your arse and you can get rid of the enema, however you will need to be very careful as when you release the plug the enema is going to pour out of your arse very quickly. When that happens you need to make sure you are right over the hole inn the top of the Thunder Box. If you aren't then you will have to clean up any mess you make and then be punished for making the mess in the first place. Also you must not allow the plug to go into the Box as you will have to recover it if you do and again be punished for your mistake.

Now did you understand all that?"

Paula was by now almost bent double with the pain in her stomach and bowels, but she managed to nod and hiss through clenched teeth,

"Yes Mistress I understand, please hurry and let me use the toilet."

"Very well, I will just step away, in case you do make a mess. You may now use the toilet."

As Helen finished speaking Paula staggered over to the toilet and squatted over the hole and reached behind her an felt for the valve to release the air from the inflated plug. When she found the valve she quickly turned it to release the plug and she heard the hiss of the air escaping and felt the plug deflate. Unfortunately the pressure in her bowels was so great that before she could grab the plug it was forced out of her rear and slipped into the Thunder Box, it was immediately followed by 6 pints and soapy water and the contents of her bowels.

Paula's were shaking, in part from the previous punishment she had endured, but also from the fear of what was to come for letting the plug go into the Thunder Box. As she stood up she heard Helen call out to her,

"Well slut how are you getting on, finished yet? I hope you haven't messed up in there, or let that plug escape. If you have you know what to expect."

Rather than risk the punishment she expected fro dropping the but plug, Paula pushed her hand and arm into the opening of the toilet and felt around in the filth until her fingers felt the plug. Quickly she grabbed it and pulled her arm out, she then tried to scrape the muck off her arm back into the toilet. When she had done the best she could she walked slowly back out to her waiting Mistress's.

Helen took one look at her slave and grabbed Paula by the hair and dragged her across the barn, when she reached a grating in the floor she kicked Paula's legs from under her and let the girl fall to the floor. Before she could recover and try to stand, Helen screamed at her,

"You filthy little slut. How dare you cover yourself in shit, well we will just have to give you a nice shower."

As she finished speaking Paula saw Helen pick up a hose pipe, fitted with a nozzle, from a wall clip and aim it at her. Helen turned the nozzle and a jet of cold water shot from the hose and stuck the terrified girl. The water was so cold Paula was unable to cry out and even had difficulty getting her breath, as she tried to turn away from the water jet she felt two more jets hit her as Jean and Nikki joined Helen in washing their slave.

When Paula was clean, but shivering from the cold water, the three Mistress's turned off the jets and allowed the soaked girl to lie on the cold floor. When they had returned the hoses to the wall clips Nikki came over to the shivering girl and dragged her to her feet, she then picked up the plug from the floor and holding it in front of Paula's face said,

"Well slut you are clean again and maybe next time you're told to keep hold of a but plug, or anything else, you will do as you are told. Now we need to decide on a suitable punishment for you for your failure to obey a simple order. I think we will put you back in your cage and then Jean Helen and I can enjoy a nice meal while we decide your punishment, so start walking back to the house."

Paula began to walk back to the house and into the basement dungeon, by the time she arrived she was literally blue with cold. Before she could climb into the cage Nikki who had followed her to the dungeon took pity on the poor girl and threw a towel at her and told the shivering girl to dry herself. When Paula was as dry as she could get with the towel Nikki told her to get in the cage, and when the door was locked Paula was warned that the three Mistress's would be down to see her, and administer the punishment decided on, later.

As the cellar door closed Paula began to cry softly and then crawled onto the bed and lay waiting for the arrival of her tormentors with the next instalment of pain.

Chapter 4 - Preparations for the Party (added: 10/07/2011)

Paula eventually fell asleep and dreamt of various punishment being inflicted on her by her three Mistress's. She awoke in the morning and was ready kneeling at the cage door when Nikki arrived with the prisoners breakfast.

Nikki seemed impressed by this and said,

"My my we are getting to be a good little slave aren't we, but I'm afraid it is all too little too late as an apology for yesterday.

You will be pleased to know that your Mistress's spent a good deal of last evening deciding on your punishment for loosing the but plug, Mistress Helen was kind enough to give you to play with. We eventually came to the decision that we should throw a party for some of our fellow Masters and Mistresses and allow you to serve them. Also we decided to allow them to punish you in any way they deem fit, with the exception of actually causing permanent harm to you. So that is to be your punishment, are you going to say thank you to your kind Mistress?"

Paula knew she was in no position to argue so quickly said,

"Thank you Mistress Nikki, for the punishment you have chosen, please give my thanks to Mistress Helen and Mistress Jean as well. I hope I will be able to show you how sorry I am for failing to please you all yesterday.

May a humble slave ask a question of her Mistress?"

Nikki smiled and said,

"Very well said slut, and yes I will allow you to ask your question. So what is it you want to know?"

"Mistress can you tell me how many people will be at the party and when it will start. I ask this so I can prepare myself."

Paula said.

Nikki replied quickly,

"Well we have invited twenty people, 12 Masters and 8 Mistresses, we don't yet know how many will be able to accept, but it will be at least half. The party is tonight and will start at 6.30. We will leave you to your own devises today, so you can start preparing yourself. one of us will come down about 4.30 and start getting you ready for the party, your clothes etc, until then your time is your own, so you can think of all the things that might happen to you, and I can assure you if there is anything you object to or try to prevent happening you will be punished like never before. We have a certain reputation amongst or friends and if you bring shame on us, well..........."

Nikki left the threat hanging in the air, but Paula was sure she was in for a lot of suffering before the day was over. As Nikki turned and started to walk away she heard a sob from the cage, and smiled at the girls fear. When Nikki had locked the door to the dungeon Paula looked at the tray with her food on and with a sigh she began to eat.

A second meal was brought down to her around midday but as it was brought by Helen Paula simple thanked her Mistress for the food. Paula did not know what the time was but when she heard the door being unlocked again she assumed it was 4.30 and her three jailers were coming to fetch her for the party. Only two of her tormentors entered the dungeon, Nikki and Jean, Jean unlocked the cage door and ordered the frightened girl out while Nikki busied herself collecting items from around the walls.

When Paula had climbed out of the cage Jean had led her over to a chair and told her to sit and wait for Nikki to join them. Nikki arrived at the chair in a few minutes with her arms full of equipment, which she dumped on the floor. Firstly the two Mistresses told Paula that there would be 15 guests at the party, and that Paula would be expected to obey every order she was given by any of them. She was then told to go and shower and to make sure she was clean everywhere, inside and out, when Paula had finished her shower she dried herself and returned to the chair. Nikki then brushed her hair and then pinned it up in a tight bun style, Jean then opened a make up case and both women started to apply Paula's make up for the evening.

When they had finished Paula was told to stand and they started to select items of clothing for the slave to wear, no underwear was offered and the first item was a waist cinching corset, with fitted suspenders, which reduced Paula's waist and made breathing a little difficult. Then came a latex French maids dress, this was dropped over Paula's head and then the rear lace fastening was pulled until there was no free play in the lacing and it was tied off. Paula looked down her front and saw to her horror that the front of the dress was cut so low that her breasts were left hanging over the frilled top and it was so short it hardly covered her crotch, her two Mistresses then adjusted the dress until her breasts were half covered. They then tied a frilly white latex apron around her waist and finished the outfit off with a frilly cap on her head.

They then produced a pair of latex stockings and a pair of ankle boots with 5" heels. The two women powdered Paula's legs and then slid the stockings up her legs and snapped the tops around her thighs, and attached the stocking tops to the suspenders on the corset. Then the boots were fitted and laced tightly, a strap was then fastened around the top of the boots and the strap locked on with a small padlock. The final item was a pair of latex opera gloves that reached to the top of Paula's arms, Jean again powdered Paula's arms before she slid the gloves over her hands and up her arms. When they had finished the two Mistresses told Paula to stand they walked around their slave and when they agreed she was acceptable they walked her over to a full length mirror and allowed Paula to see how she looked.

Paula was shocked at he sight before her, the make up they had applied was heavy and garish, and with the latex maids uniform, she looked like cheap hooker. Before she could react Nikki said,

"Well now, slut you really look the part, I'm sure our guests will be very pleased with the look, but if you fail to please them in any other way, then you will be punished in ways you can not even begin to imagine."

Jean took up the conversation,

"Nikki is right, if you fail to please ALL of our guests tonight then we will leave you with Helen and her 'toys'. she can cause so much pain you will be begging her to let you die. Then when she has finished with you, you will be packed up and shipped off to some brothel in Africa, or South America, or somewhere, and the people who will be using, or should that be abusing, you will not care what you want, or think, they will just look on you as a piece of meat to fuck. If you are very lucky your owner might just give you drugs to keep you happy, but on the other hand they might not bother. What do you think of your 'new look' Paula?"

Paula looked from one Mistress to the other and then back to the mirror, and then said in a quiet voice,

"Mistress please don't let me be seen looking like this, I'll do what ever you want me to do but please not looking like a cheap slut."

Jean looked at Nikki and then walked in front of Paula, and slapped her across the face. The blow was so hard it knocked Paula to the floor, Jean stood over the terrified girl and said,

"Do you think you have a choice in the mater, or that we give a fuck what you want to wear. You will do as we tell you, or you will be punished and then disposed of to some whorehouse somewhere, we win either way. If you obey then we get a sex slave, if you don't then we get a pile of money for your hide. Now get up so we can finish your outfit, you need some items of bondage to give our guests the right idea of your status."

Paula slowly got to her feet and stood in front of Jean, with her head bowed and waited for the next stage in her humiliation. Nikki walked behind her and then stooped down and fastened heavy leather cuffs around Paula's ankles and then stood up and fastened another set of cuffs around her wrists. Finally a single strap ring gag was fastened loosely around her neck like some sort of necklace. When the two Mistresses were happy with the results of their activities they stood back and Jean said,

"There now doesn't she look wonderful, I'm sure our guests will appreciate her and we can add the finishing touches just before they arrive. So slut, you can follow us up to the house and let's see what Helen thinks of you, you never know she might think we've been to easy on you and she might want to stripe you arse with a good cropping before the party."

Paula, fearing the worst, followed the two Mistresses out of the dungeon and up the stairs to the main house. She was led into the kitchen were she heard Helen, talking on the phone,

"I know it's short notice, but we are one of your best customers, so I'm sure you will manage to meet the order and deliver the food by 6.30, you will oh good. Tell the driver to deliver it to the barn we will set up the tables there ready for him to lay the food out. Thanks, you can send the bill in as usual, bye."

Helen put the phone down and turned to see Paula standing with her head bowed,

"Well I see you two have been busy enjoying yourselves while I have been sorting out the food and drink for tonight. Now let me take a look at this little cunt and see what else needs to be done to make it acceptable for our guests."

Helen walked around the girl and lifted the skirt of the maids dress and slapped her hard across the pussy causing Paula to cry out in shock and pain.

"Stand till slut if you move again you will be greeting our guests in the nude hanging from the barn roof".

Paula again stood in front of Helen as the inspection continued. When she had finished Helen turned to Jean and said,

"I presume you plan on finishing the outfit just before the guests arrive?"

"Of course, we can fit the ankle hobble and her tray around 6.30 and let her get used to them before the guests arrive, any problems?"

Jean replied.

Helen smiled and said,

"No that sounds fine, but I was thinking, why not let the slut help to unload the food and drink when the delivery arrives. It would be a nice treat for the driver and a bit more discomfort for the slut. What do you two think."

Jean and Nikki looked at each other and smiling nodded their agreement. Paula just looked down at her feet too afraid to speak, while tears of shame gathered at the corner of her eyes.

A little before 6.30 a van drove up to the front of the house and the driver got out, he was half way to the door when it opened and Helen greeted him,

"Hi you've got the food and drink we ordered, fine I'll just get our maid to help you unload, won't be a minute."

As she finished speaking she ducked back into the house and the next thing the driver saw was Helen leading a young woman, wearing a very short and shinny French maids outfit, which left nothing to the imagination, he also realised her ankles were linked by a short chain that restricted her movement and there were also heavy leather cuffs on her wrists, and a leather ring was strapped in her mouth. When they got to him Helen said,

"This is our slave maid, her name is Paula, but you can call her Slut. She will help you unload the van and show you were the thing are to go. When you have finished please feel free to spend some time with her and let her show you her appreciation for your prompt delivery of our order. I'm afraid you will have to make do with her mouth, on this occasion, as we need to keep her ready for our guests tonight."

Helen then walked away back to the house, as she got to the door she turned and shouted to Paula,

"Remember slut if you fail to give pleasure to any who ask, you will be punished."

The driver swallowed and then walked around the van to the rear and opened the doors, he climbed in and began to stack boxes at the edge of the door, when he had a pile ready he climbed out and picked up half the stack and said,

"Do you think you can manage the rest, or do you want to make two trips? Now you'd better show me were this stuff is to go."

Paula tried to pick up the rest of the stack but it was too heavy so she settled on half of it and then led the way to the barn. Inside the barn were a number of tables set out and Paula put the boxes on the nearest and indicated to the driver to put his load there as well.

As she turned and started back to the van for the rest of the food, the driver grabbed her arm and spun her round to face him before she could do anything to stop him the drivers hands were all over her squeezing and kneading her breasts, and groping her pussy. Paula tried to fight him off but he was too strong and soon she was pushed up against the barn door and then forced to her knees and the driver unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor exposing his rampant cock, which he then forced through the ring gag into Paula's mouth. He then grabbed a handful of hair and started to pump her head up and down his cock, Paula started to chock and gag as the cock seemed to hit the back of her throat. To avoid passing out due to lack of oxygen she had to time her breathing with his thrusts, whilst at the same time sucking on his cock. The drivers other hand then returned to her breasts and he pulled one breast out of the top of the dress and saw the ring in the nipple, he began to pull the ring stretching the nipple and causing the poor girl agony.

Eventually he came and she was forced to swallow his seed and then suck his cock clean, when she had finished then driver pulled up his pants and walked back to the van, he put the rest of the boxes on the ground slammed the door and climbed in the van and drove off. Helen had been watching the van and when it drove off she came out and walked over to the barn were she found Paula slumped on the floor crying with shame. Helen nudged the girl with her foot and told her to get up and fetch the rest of the food and drink from the drive.

Paula stumbled to her feet and stumbled to the boxes the driver had left and managed to carry them into the barn. When she had put them down Helen grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her round to face her, she looked at Paula and said,

"Well slut it looks like you had some fun with the delivery guy and he seemed satisfied with your performance. Let's hope. For your sake, that you do as well with the guests tonight, now you had better go and find Jean and get her to fix your face, that make up needs some work, and for Gods sake stop the snivelling."

Paula stumbled up to the house and went inside were she found Jean and Nikki having a drink in the kitchen, Jean looked up as she entered the room and when she saw Paula's face she almost exploded,

"What the fuck have you done to your face, we spent nearly an hour on that make up and look at it now, come here, to the sink, and let's see what we can salvage from that disaster."

Paula walked to the sink and Jean removed the gag and handed Paula a kitchen towel and told her to wipe her nose and dry her eyes. When she had done so Jean said,

"I take it the driver liked his tip and made good use of you? Well what have you got to say."

After a couple more sniffs Paula managed to say,

"Mistress I had to give him a blow job and he made me swallow his cum. Mistress Helen told me to come to you to get the make up fixed for the party. I'm sorry if I have failed to do my work properly, please don't punish me I'm trying my best to obey."

Jean looked at Paula and then shrugged,

"I will be amazingly merciful, this time, and not give you any punishment, despite your failure. Nikki can you fetch the make up case and then we can try and repair some of this damage."

Nikki fetched the make up case and Paula was sat on a chair and the two Mistresses reapplied the make up and soon Paula again looked like a cheap slut. When they were satisfied with their work Jean said,

"I think it's time we fitted the finishing touches to our slaves outfit for tonight, would you bring the tray and the other bits Nikki."

Nikki smiled and walked over to a cabinet and removed a heavy wooden tray and a collection of chains and straps, when she returned with them Paula was told to stand. Nikki placed ever thing on the chair and said,

"Now slut you will be serving the drinks to our guests as they arrive so you will need a tray to hold the glasses, so this is what we are going to do. You will hold this tray so it is just below your tits and then we will fasten straps from your collar to the front of the tray and a chain will be threaded through your nipple rings and this will be attached to the back of the tray, so this will mean that if you should let go of the tray, it will put all the weight of the tray on your nipples, so you had better keep hold of it with your hands as the tray is very heavy, you see it has a sheet of lead in the base."

As she finished speaking she picked up the tray and held it out to Paula to take, as she took hold of it she realised just how heavy it really was. The straps were quickly fastened to her collar and a steel chain was threaded through the nipple rings she wore and then to the back of the tray. Paula was holding the tray as tightly as she could to try and protect her nipples. When all was as Nikki had described Jean walked behind Paula and suddenly pushed the girl as she lost her balance she dropped the tray and as the weight was taken by her nipples she screamed. This earned her a hard slap across her rear and an order to keep quiet and pick up the tray again, when she had regained her position Jean said,

"That was so you know what it will be like if you let go of the tray, of course if you do we will mark you down for some additional punishment for after the party. Now it's about time to fill your tray and have you ready to greet our guests, who will be arriving very soon."

Paula was led back through the house to the barn and there she found Helen had already started opening the bottles of wine and had filled several glasses. Paula was led over to the drinks table and her three Mistresses began to load the tray with filled glasses, they had just finished and Paula wondering how long she could hold the full tray when they heard the sound of a car arriving outside, Jean looked out and said,

"Looks like our guests are starting to arrive, that looked like Mistress Pat's car. Slut your had better get ready to greet our guests, and if you let us down or cause us any embarrassment then you will beg to die, I assure you."

Paula was led to the main doors of the barn, by Nikki, and made to stand just inside. Jean had gone outside to greet the first guest, she soon reappeared with a tall beautiful woman, dressed in a black leather body and thigh boots, the two women were talking as they entered the barn. Jean stopped by Paula and said,

"Pat this is our new slave, her name is Paula, but we prefer to call her slut. Sadly she is not yet fully trained so you might have to encourage her to obey your orders, if she gives you any trouble please let one of us know, so we can arrange a suitable punishment."

The visitor reached out and took hold of the terrified girl by the chin and pulled her head around as if inspecting her from all angles before saying,

"My dear Jean as usual you have quite exquisite taste. This one looks like she will be fun to play with, but for now I will make do with a drink."

As she finished speaking she took a glass from the tray Paula held, and moved off to talk to Nikki and Helen. Before Paula had a chance to recover she heard the sound of further cars arriving and Jean again left her to greet the new arrivals. From then on Paula was 'introduced' to a steady stream of new faces, some were women and a few were men, several had brought their own slaves with them and these were quickly set to work helping to serve the food and drink.

After about a hour of the guests mingling and chatting Helen came over to Paula, who was by now quite hot sweaty and tired, her arms ached from holding the heavy tray and she had a number of bruises, and other marks from the handling some of the guests had given her, and said quietly to her,

"Right slut we are about to start the evenings entertainment. This will mean you, and some of the other slaves being used and abused by the guests. Remember if you cause us any embarrassment things will become very uncomfortable for you. Now go with Nikki and she will finish your preparations for our guests pleasure."

Paula nodded her head and walked over to Nikki and followed her Mistress into the back of the barn. When they reached the back wall Paula found herself looking at a wooden construction, it was mounted on wheels and consisted of a shallow box with four holes cut in the top, this was mounted directly on to the wheels. From this box rose two uprights, about 3 feet long, with a cross piece joining them at the top.

Nikki knelt down and unfastened a padlock on the front of the box and slid out two panels of the top, leaving a piece of wood with two half circles cut out. Nikki then released the hobble on Paula's ankles, and ordered her to step into the box and when she did so Nikki pushed her ankles back in to the cut outs, she then slid one of the pieces of wood back into the top, which had the other half circle cut out and trapped Paula's feet in the box. She then bent Paula over the top bar and pushed her hands into the other two half circles in the top and then slid the final piece of the top back into place and trapped Paula's wrists.

Paula now found herself bent double over a wooden rail with her hands and feet held in the box, she realised the contraption was a modified set of stocks. Nikki then fitted a handle into a hole in the side of the box and turned it. Paula immediately felt the cross bar begin to rise and push against her stomach, slowly the bar rose and Paula's legs and arms were tensioned until she was held rigid in the stocks with her cunt and arse available for all comers. Nikki then came around to the front and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Paula's head up and back, she then pushed the ring gag, Paula had worn earlier, back into the girls mouth and fastened it tightly. Paula realised that all three of her orifices were now open and available, as she groaned in anticipation of the ordeal to come she allowed her head to drop and was rewarded by a stinging slap across her rear.

Her hair was again yanked back and this time held there by Nikki whilst the Mistress tied an rope around the base of her hair and then pulled it back and tied it off to a hook on the upright post of the stocks. This meant that Paula could no longer lower her head and had to look straight ahead. Nikki did a final check of all the restraints and when she was satisfied she patted Paula on the head and said,

"Now slut I am sure you can imagine what is in store for you in your present position, but just to be sure, in a few moments I will wheel you back into the party and our guests will have a good look at you. Helen is at the moment telling them what to expect and also advising them of your 'availability' so to speak, once she has finished the guests will be free to examine your assets and then decide what they wish to do to or with you.

Then the fun can start, you of course probably will not find events too enjoyable, but if you embarrass us by failing to please our guests then what ever pain they subject you to will be nothing to the pain Helen, Jean and I will put you through. So remember you are here for the enjoyment of our guests, and you had better do a good job."

As she finished speaking she delivered another stinging slap to the bound girls face, which caused Paula to cry out and move her head which caused another cry as the movement caused the hair rope to pull her hair. Nikki then pushed the stocks to the front of the barn, her arrival was greeted with a round of applause and murmurs of appreciation form the guests.

For the next twenty minutes Paula was subjected to an uncounted number of intermit inspections and much mauling and slapping, through out which she managed to remain silent, knowing if she cried out she would be punished. This period of inspection was followed by a series of discussions between various guest and her three Mistresses, finally Helen moved up beside her slave and clapped her hands for attention, when the guests had quietened she said,

"Thank you all for you interesting suggestions as to what we should do with our slave here, to continue the entertainment. Nikki, Jean and I have considered all your ideas and have decided to allow three of you to demonstrate your inventiveness and the audience will judge each one of you on you performance. The overall winner will be given a prize, which will be the opportunity to call on us tomorrow and spend some time with our slut here.

Now the three lucky guests are, Mistress Patricia, Mistress Veronique and Master Maximillion, so if the three of you would like to roll the dice to see the running order we can begin."

As she finished speaking the woman who Paula had met at the door and knew as Pat walked forward and patted her on the rear and said,

"Don't worry little one I'll be gentle, I promise."

She laughed and walked around the bound girl, Paula realised Pat was in fact Mistress Patricia. Two more guests had joined her standing by the stocks, another woman and a man. The three of them then took it in turns to roll a pair of dice and Patricia rolled a nine, Veronique a seven and Maximillion a ten.

Helen then announced that the order would be Maximillion first, Patricia second and Veronique would be the last to play with Paula. Paula closed her eyes and tried to brace herself for the pain and suffering she felt certain was about to inflicted by the three guests.

Chapter 5: Playtime at the Party (added: 2012/07/12)

Master Maximillion

As Paula waited Maximillion walked around her and ran his hands over her arse, sides and back as he drew level with Paula's head he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head even further back than the head rope had achieved. Paula looked up into a pair of dark, almost black eyes and saw no sign of mercy, suddenly the man slapped Paula across the face, first with the palm of his free hand and then a backhand blow, as the blows landed she cried out in pain and surprise.

Maximillion laughed at this and said,

"Really ladies I would have thought you would have trained your slave to keep quiet when she was being punished, but it seems not.

I think we will start by making the slut a little less comfortable."

As he finished he released Paula's head and walked over to a side table that had been set up near by. Paula couldn't see what was on the table but she could hear Maximillion muttering, and the sound of metal objects being moved, the man returned to her with several items in his hands. He held up a small screw clamp and smiling reached out and grasped one of her nipples and slipped the clamp around it and began to tighten it down. It felt as if he nipple was being crushed and again Paula whimpered with the pain, this caused the man to turn the screw another turn. When he was satisfied he repeated the torture on the other nipple.

Paula tried to remain quiet and not move, but the man then produced two metal weights and hung them from the clamps, he slowly released one of the weights so her nipple was carrying the full weight. As the load increased on her nipple Paula mewed softly and tears started to run down her face, still smiling the man then released the second weight in a single step and this produced a long scream from the restrained girl. Maximillion then moved around behind her and Paula heard the sound of a zipper being undone, she then felt a finger around her arse and realised the man was smearing grease around and in her hole. She then felt the tip of something hard pressing against her arse and tried to brace herself for the invasion to come.

With a sudden thrust he drove his cock deep into Paula's arse and kept it there for a few moments, despite her best efforts Paula again screamed, at the anal penetration and also because the force of the thrust had set the weights on her nipples swinging. Maximillion then proceeded to give Paula the most vicious anal fucking she had ever experienced. It was far worse than any of the times her three Mistresses had used her arse with a strap on. His cock felt huge, although Paula had been arse fucked by the three Mistresses who now owned her, she had never before been fucked this way by a man she felt as if she was being split in half, every time he drove into her. By the time he shot his load into her arse Paula was screaming almost continuously when he had climaxed the man withdrew his cock and walked around till he stood in front of Paula, he then forced his softening cock into her mouth and Paula was forced to clean his cock and remove and swallow the mix of come and shit on his cock.

By the time she had cleaned his cock Maximillion was hard again and immediately started to drive his cock deep into her throat, causing the bound girl to gag continuously. Thankfully he soon spent himself a second time, this time sending his cum down her throat and as she could not avoid it she had to swallow it. Paula again had the job of cleaning hid cock before Maximillion finally withdrew. Paula felt as if her arse was on fire and tears streamed down her face and she gasped for breath, as a parting gift Maximillion gave the two weights on her nipples a vicious slap. Setting them swinging wildly and producing another set of screams from Paula.

As she tried to recover Helen knelt by her head and said,

"Not bad slut, but a little too much noise, so you have earned some further punishment from me for later. Now you have 5 minutes to get your breath back before Mistress Pat starts on you, and I don't think you are going to like this session, but who cares?"

Mistress Patricia

When her time was up Mistress Pat stepped up to the stocks and turned to the audience and said,

"Masters and Mistresses, I am sure we all appreciate the kindness shown to this little bitch by Master Maximillion, sadly I am not so gentle, so let the fun start."

She then knelt by Paula's head and continued,

"Slut I am going to tell you every thing I am going to do to you before I do it, for instance, I will leave the nipple clamps and the weights as they are for now, but I will add some extra weight later. The next addition are these."

Pat then produced two probes, a glass butt plug with a metal tip, and an inflatable balloon at the base and a wire leading from its base, and a evil looking vibrator with a pair of clips at the base and again a wire trailing from the base. She held the two invaders in front of Paula's tear streaked face and said,

"Now slut these two little friends are going to go into your arse and cunt, the one in your arse will then have the balloon inflated so you can't push it out and the one in your cunt will have the clips fastened to your pussy lips to keep it in place. You may have noticed the wires in the bases both probes they will be attached to a power supply controller and then I can give your twin holes a few volts of electricity, won't that be nice for you?"

As she finished speaking Pat began to push the two invaders into their respective holes and attach them as she had described. The previous arse fucking she had received had left her with bruised and swollen arse and the pressure of the new invader being forced into her again produced a series of screams form Paula. When Pat was satisfied with he positioning of the probes she again returned to Paula's head and said,

"Now I said I would give your holes some volts but I've decided to put some additional clips on your nipples and then wire them into the same controller as your two friends, and then alternate which set of contacts I send the shocks to so you get a bit of variety, but first a little addition to your bondage"

Patricia then produced a length of rope and tied a crotch rope on Paula which held the probes in place and also forced them deeper into her. Pat then returned to Paula's head and showed the bound girl another set of weights of about the same size as those used by Maximillion and when she saw the expression Paula's face Pat laughed and said,

"Well it seems you know what I am going to do with these, now I don't want to disappoint so here you go."

As she finished speaking she slid the weights on to the nipple clamps and despite Paula's head shaking and mewing Pat dropped both weights to suddenly double the pull on Paula's tortured nipples. The resulting muffled scream from Paula at the sudden additional pain was followed by a series of garbled pleas, which earned her a vicious slap across he face. Paula had thought that the punishment from Master Maximillion had been as much as she could stand but Mistress Pat had exceeded Paula's earlier suffering in the first minute of her time with the slave.

When Paula had again fallen silent Pat picked up two wires from the table and showed Paula the crocodile clips at the ends of the wires, she quickly attached the clips to the clamps already on Paula's nipples. Pat gave each clip a sharp tug to make sure they were well attached and wouldn't come off, she then gathered all four wires and plugged the free ends into a black box which Nikki had produced and which was attached to the electric mains. She then set the various dials on the box and then smiled at Paula and said,

"Now I'm ready are you, this box is controlled by this remote and I can vary the strength of the shock, its duration and which pair of contacts deliver it, but that all takes a lot of my time an easier setting is the random switch. This means the unit selects all those variables its self and leaves me to enjoy the entertainment of watching you suffer."

Paula was again franticly shaking her head and mewing through her gag in an attempt to get some mercy from the Mistress. Pat waited a few moments before holding the remote in front of Paula's face and pressing the start button. Again for a minute nothing happened and just as Paula began to hope she was to be spared this latest torture a shot of electricity flashed through both her breasts. The pain sent Paula into a frantic struggle to try and break free but this only sent the nipple weights swinging and bouncing adding more pain to her suffering. Just as she started to quieten the next shock struck this time a longer shock was delivered across her arse and pussy, she again was sent into a frantic struggle to try and gain some freedom but she could only cause a slight shaking to the stocks frame, and again the nipple weights were set swinging.

Again and again Paula suffered shocks to her most sensitive parts and each time she knew she had to endure more. Eventually Paula blacked out and when she came round the shocks had stopped. Slowly she realised that the probes were no longer in place and she assumed that the additional wires to her breasts were also gone, as she started to focus on her surroundings again she became aware of Helen once again kneeling by her head, then she heard Helen say,

"That was number two slut and I'm afraid you failed that test completely so you will be getting a lot more punishment from me, now you have had long enough to recover so I will hand you over to Mistress Veronique."

Mistress Veronique

Helen stepped away and Paula found herself looking into the face of an angel, but with the black eyes of a devil. Veronique wore a scarlet latex catsuit and a pair of black latex knee high boots. Veronique walked around the bound girl and stopped at her head, she produced a wad of tissues and holding them to Paula's face ordered her to blow her nose. The Mistress then wiped her nose and then her face, removing the snot, tears and drool that had covered her face, as well as most of the tear streaked makeup.

Veronique then went to the table and returned holding a short pole with an anal hook at the end, she applied some grease to the end of the hook and then laid it across Paula's back. She then crouched down in front of Paula and said,

"Slut I am going to allow you a great honour, you are to be allowed to bring me to a climax with you mouth, your Mistresses tell me you lack a degree of style, finesse and experience in this, but that you make up for that with your enthusiasm. So to help you along I will also use this little anal hook. I will insert it and then use it to control you, this will be easy as you see the handle of the hook is another electric shock generator, so if you please me I will let you go unpunished but if you fail to please I will pull on the hook and send a shock though you arse. This will continue until you make me cum three times, so let us start".

As she finished she stood up and opened the crotch zip on her latex suit to reveal her pussy. The Mistress then picked up the hook again and slid it along Paula's back until the ball of the hook was resting against her anus, as she pulled back on the hook it slid into Paula's arse relatively easily, in part due to the earlier treatment he arse had received. Veronique then tensioned the hook so it was positioned deep inside the bound girl she then took hold of a handful of Paula's hair and took up position right in front of her face.

When she was ready she said to Paula,

"Now slut you will eat me until I have three orgasms if at any time I think you are failing to try and bring me off I will use the hook to shock your arse, now I think you have probable had quite enough pain in that area already so you had better do a good job".

She finished speaking and tightened her grip on Paula's hair and pushed her hip forward so her pussy was pushed into the girls face and over her mouth. Knowing what l y in store if she failed in her task Paula began to lick and suck Veronique's pussy and paid particular attention to her clit. The Mistress soon began to move her hips in time with Paula's thrusting tongue and within 5 minutes Veronique was moaning softly and soon after reached her first orgasm.

Sadly for Paula this is were her problems started. Veronique had given her no warning that when she climaxed she tended to squirt her love juices out of her pussy, and as she climaxed this is what happened, her juices shot out of her pussy and into Paula's mouth. The bound girl was unprepared for this flood and started to chock and tried to pull away from Veronique at the same time she allowed most of the juices to escape her mouth and they spilled down her face and fell onto Veronique's boots. The Mistress let out a scream of rage and immediately fired the hook in Paula's arse, the resulting shock produced another series of screams from Paula. Veronique continued to send shocks into Paula's arse for almost 5 minutes, by which time Paula was shacking and bouncing in the stocks frame, when she stopped shocking Paula it took the bound girl several minutes to regain control of her self. When she again was still Veronique again took up position in front of her and again pushed her pussy into Paula's face, again Paula began to suck and lick the Mistress and soon again had her on the brink of orgasm. When her climax came this time Paula was prepared and continued to suck and lick as she managed to swallow the juices squirting into her face and mouth.

As her second climax subsided Veronique stepped back and then lent forward to stair into Paula's face and said,

"Well slut you did a better job that time, one more climax to go. So let us get started".

As she finished she again stood up and stepped up to Paula's mouth and thrust her wet pussy into the bound girl's face. Once again Paula licked and sucked at Veronique's pussy and soon the Mistress was again writhing in front of Paula and thrusting her crotch hard into Paula's face. With in a few minutes she climaxed again and another flood of love juice was sent spurting into Paula's mouth and she again managed to swallow the flood.

When she was again able to concentrate Veronique stooped to the level of Paula's face and said,

"Your Mistresses are quite right. You do lack a certain skill but you do show a great deal of enthusiasm for you tasks so I will make your punishment for spilling the juices of my first orgasm, and fouling my lovely boots with them a simple task. You will clean the anal hook with your mouth and then we will see about your release, from these stocks".

When she finished she stood up and Paula felt the hook being removed from her rear and then Veronique moved around to stand behind Paula. The hook was then pushed over her shoulder and turned so the tip was at her mouth. Veronique then pulled it gently through the ring gag and into Paula's mouth, as it slid in Paula began the task of cleaning the hook she again began to lick and suck at the intruder. As she continued her task Veronique suddenly fired the electric shock with the hook in the slaves mouth, the level of the shock was so painful Paula couldn't even scream she just managed to again buck and rock in the stocks and shake the frame with her efforts. The shock treatment continued for sever minutes before Veronique turned it off, she left the hook in Paula's mouth and again came round to face the prisoner. As she knelt by her face she delivered a vicious slap across the bound girls face and said,

"Slut if you ever foul any of my clothes again I will punish you till you beg my to kill you. Now I expect your three Mistresses will want to punish you further for your failures today, so I will leave you to their not so tender mercies".

She then turned and walked away from Paula and her place was taken by Jean who said,

"Veronique is quite right Helen Nikki and I will now remove you from the party and then say goodbye to our guests and then return to deal with you. By the way we have been keeping score, so to speak, with the three guests treatment of you and it has been decided that the winner, and the person we will invite to join us tomorrow to play with you will be Mistress Patricia, she has quite a few ideas to try out on you and we want to see how things work out too. So that is something else for you to look forward to".

The tears and drool continued to flow from Paula as she was rolled away form the party, still held in the stocks. Jean and Nikki pushed the stocks to the rear of the barn and then left Paula and spent another half an hour saying their goodbyes to the guests, when everyone had left the three women returned to their prisoner. Helen began to release Paula and when her hands were freed Nikki pulled her upright, as she straightened up the cramps in her legs and back from the prolonged position she had been held in caused her to again scream with pain, this earned her a rapid series of slaps to her breasts and face, as she fell silent Helen finished releasing her. With her legs free she was frog marched out of the barn and into the house and down into the cellar, here she was sat in a low chair and the three women busied themselves collecting items from around the room.

When they returned to their prisoner they carried a variety of items and these were dropped on the floor next to Paula, then the three Mistresses removed the maids outfit and the rest of the clothing Paula had been wearing and soon Paula sat naked awaiting her fate, and she didn't have long to wait. Helen picked something up from the pile on the floor and approached the terrified girl, she held the item out so Paula could see it. It looked like a section cut from an old rubber inner tube, with a diameter of about 3 inches, only the rubber was considerably thicker. Helen then picked up a conical shaped metal frame and slid the rubber tube over it . She then slipped the frame over one of Paula's breasts she nodded to Nikki who then pulled the rubber tube from the frame and allowed it to contract around Paula's breast.

The rubber tube tightened and the base of her breast was constricted and the top of her breast mushroomed out over the edge of the tube. As the rubber contracted its grip increased until it became a little uncomfortable, Helen picked up another rubber tube and the process was repeated on Paula's other breast. With her breast bondage complete the Mistresses moved on to Paula's arms , these were pulled behind her and Nikki picked up a roll of rubber tape about 2 inches wide. Paula's wrists were held together by Helen and Nikki stretched the tape and took a couple of turns around the wrists, as the rubber again contracted its grip increased and her wrists were held tightly together. Nikki then continued to stretch and wrap the tape around her arms, allowing the turns to over lap as they move up her arms from her wrists to above her elbows, and then continued wrapping all the way to her shoulders. When she stopped the tape was cut and a strip of black duct tape used to secure the end of the rubber tape.

Paula now found that the tightness of the breast bondage was increased because of her arms being crushed together behind her back. The feeling was no longer a little uncomfortable but now became painful, and she had no doubt that it would get more painful as time passed. Paula was then ordered to stand and when she did Jean produced a very rough length of thick sisal rope which she looped around Paula's waist and tied off at the back. She then pulled the rope through Paula's legs and measure the rope at various points before tying a series of thick knots in the rope and then pulling it tight against Paula's crotch. The rope was taken up to the waist rope and then back down and through her legs a second time and then tied off at the back.

Paula moved slightly and found that the knots in the rope were well positioned, one against her, already abused, arse, the other two pushed hard against her pussy, one buried itself deep in her pussy and the third pushed against her clit. Paula knew that the tightness and coarseness of the rope would cause her a great deal of discomfort if it was in place for any length of time. Finally Helen picked up a rubber helmet from the floor and began to force it over Paula's head, when she had smoothed the helmet down she began to tighten the lacing at the rear and finally fastened the neck strap. Two flaps hung down from the front of the hood one was a blindfold and the second held a penis pump gag, Helen pulled the gag up first and pushed the flaccid rubber plug into the bound girls mouth and then fastened the strap forcing it deeper into her mouth, she then began to inflate the plug. When Paula's cheeks started to bulge against the hood Helen stopped and removed the inflator bulb.

Paula was then stood up and forced over to the side of the room and positioned under the winch, Nikki pushed her to the ground and turned her so she lay on her back, which crushed her arms and produced a quiet moan from the prisoner. Jean knelt and Paula felt wide cuffs being fastened around her ankles, these were linked together and then a chain was fastened to the cuffs. The winch was started and Paula was pulled slowly into the air, when her head was about 3 feet off the floor the winch was stopped and Helen knelt by Paula's head and said,

"Well slut your performance today was little short of a disaster. You were far too noisy during the whole performance and then you failed to please Veronique, and then spit all over her boots and clothes. So now we have to punish you, your bondage is complete, for the moment, you are bound in rubber, this allow the maximum discomfort, and also means it can be left on you for a very long time with little chance of any nerve damage. So I think you will have realised you are going to be punished over a very long time, in fact it will be over night and then we will continue the punishment tomorrow when Mistress Pat arrives to help us.

In a moment I will inflate your gag some more, until you think your jaw will dislocate and then we will fasten the blindfold and then we will start. Your world will consist of darkness containing only pain in so many forms, when we all tire of hurting you we will leave you hanging and go to bed and come back to you tomorrow to inflict more pain. Maybe this will teach you how to behave in front of your betters in future".

As she finished she reattached the pump to the gag and proceeded to inflate the gag further. Paula felt her mouth opening wider to try to accommodate the intruder but her jaws were already aching and as she tried to make a sound to show her discomfort she found even the mewings she had made with other gags in her mouth were now impossible. When she was finally happy with the gag Helen again removed the pump and then she fastened the blindfold in place and as Paula's world turned black her last vision was the evil smile of Mistress Helen.

The next thing Paula felt was someone grabbing hold of one of her nipples, as the fingers began to twist the nipple Paula knew what was coming and sure enough as her nipple hardened she felt the jaws of a clamp being applied. The rubber bands around her breast had caused them to become highly sensitised and her nipples felt as hard as iron, as the clamps closed Paula felt tiny teeth bite into her nipple, she tried to scream but the gag prevented any sound escaping. As she twisted to try and prevent the second clamp being applied she started herself swinging slowly, but it had no effect, her other nipple was pinched and another set of teeth bit into tender flesh. Paula then felt more fumbling with both clams and then as the fumbling stopped the clamps were pulled downwards by the weight that had been added. As the weights pulled her nipples she felt them stretching and also she felt the teeth of the clamps digging deeper into her flesh.

Paula was then grabbed around the hips and the hands rocked her around before setting her spinning, this also set the weights moving and increased her pain. Although the hood muffled the sounds reaching her ears she then heard the most frightening sound she could imagine, the crack of a whip. All to soon she felt the whip as it was applied to her swinging body, in fact she soon realised that there were three whips hitting her, all her Mistresses were striking her, although she only felt the pain she managed to analyse the results and concluded that the three women were each using a different types of whip, as the blows inflicted different levels of pain.

To Paula's surprise the whipping stopped after only a short time, bit she didn't find this a happy event as she was sure the next part of her punishment would be even worse, although she couldn't imagine what it would be.

The next thing she became aware of was the hoist being restarted and she felt herself being raised further, then she was lowered and found a table of some sort had been placed under her. As she was lowered onto the table one of her Mistresses turned her so she was face down and resting on her bound, clipped and weighted breasts, Paula found the pressure of her own body on her breasts was extremely painful and the discomfort increased as she was lowered further someone pulled her along the table, rubbing her tortured breasts across the table top. When about half of her body was resting on the table the hoist again stopped and she felt a strap being fastened around her already bound wrists, after some further fumbling she felt he wrists being pulled up into the air and then they bounced up and down slightly before all movement stopped. Paula realised that her wrists were now roped up to the hoist and she then felt the hoist start up again and she was again raised up off the table this time she was suspended by her ankles and her wrists and soon her body formed into a bow shape.

She was again set spinning and as the wrist and ankle ropes entwined themselves the spinning slowed and then reversed as the ropes untwined and she spun the other way. The effect of the weights on the nipples was increased by this position and the spinning, the position also increased the pressure of the crotch rope and the knots in it. As she tried to adjust to this new position and reduce the pain it caused she felt a series of pricks on her skin, some on her breasts, some on her arse cheeks and also around her pussy, suddenly she heard the muffled voice of Jean saying,

"Well slut you are really going to suffer now, those little pin pricks you just felt are little barbed pins rather like acupuncture pins, only these pins are attached to a modified tens unit and will be used to deliver a series of electric shocks to you. The unit can choose any two pins as electrodes and send a shock of anything from 1 second to 30 seconds and at any level from 1 to 10

Generally we don't use the top setting for more than 10 seconds as it tends to cause unconsciousness, but for you we will make an exception. The unit is set to operate randomly for 2 hours, we will start the unit and stay for a while to watch you but when we get bored we will just leave you to suffer alone".

As she finished Paula began to shake her head and try to beg for mercy, but as soon as she started to try and protest she received a stinging blow from a riding crop across her arse. She let her head fall knowing it was useless to do anything but hang in her bondage. Almost as soon as she did a light shock hit her arse rapidly followed by a stronger shock across her breasts. This second shock caused her to buck as best she could against her bondage, even though she knew it was futile to struggle, and all she achieved was to cause the nipple weights to swing even more.

The shocks continued to strike her randomly, and she soon lost all track of the number and strength of the shocks, her only response was a wild bucking when one of the stronger shocks hit her. Eventually she must have passed out because she the next thing she became aware of was being lowered to the ground and her arms and legs being released from the hoist. She was pulled to her feet and was then dragged away, she felt herself being pushed through a door and then felt metal bars, she realised she was back in her cell in the dungeon. Someone pushed her up to the bars and she felt a rope being tied around her neck holding her in place. Further ropes were used around her body, above and below her breasts and around her waist, thighs and lower legs and finally around her ankles.

Paula now found herself almost welded to the bars of the cage, she then heard the cell door closing and then the muffled voice of Nikki saying,

"We have grown tired of you slut so we are going to leave you as you are for the night, with just a couple of additions, the first is another set of nipple weights to double the present load, and the second item is a very powerful vibrator that we will wedge under your crotch rope and then switch on. It should give you a very interesting, if uncomfortable, experience.

In the morning we will release you and then you will get ready to meet Mistress Pat again and then all four of us will play with you. It will be the last time Helen Jean and I will have the pleasure, as we have decided that you are just too much trouble to keep so we are selling you. A number of the guests from yesterday have already expressed an interest in bidding for you so we will have to see who makes the highest bid. So we will see you in the morning, enjoy yourself".

As she finished speaking Paula felt the additional weights being put on the nipple clamps, and then felt the promised vibrator being forced under the crotch rope and then it sprang into live the level of stimulation, even outside her body was intense. Paula knew she was in for a night of extreme discomfort and frustration, and even more worrying was the news that she had displeased her three Mistresses so much they were going to sell her. Inside the hood tears formed in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks and ran down the inside of the rubber hood.

Chapter 6: Pony Girl Punishment (added: 2012/07/12)

The next morning Mistress Nikki entered the dungeon and found Paula slumped in her bondage, she selected a riding crop form the wall rack and opened the door of the cell and walked behind her prisoner and delivered a full force cut with the crop across Paula's arse. The blow awakened the collapsed girl and produced a series of attempted twists, before Nikki grabbed her by the shoulders and held her against the bars until she became still.

Nikki then began to loosen the ropes holding Paula against the bars, as she did so Paula again began to sag to the floor due to her weakened state. Nikki then turned her attention to the hood and quickly deflated the gag and unlaced the hood and removed it. Paula cried out as the gag was deflated but her jaws had locked due to the extreme position and she was unable to close her mouth when the hood was removed. Nikki then removed the rubber tape that had bound Paula's arms and again due to the time she had spent in the one position when her arms were freed she could not move them and they hung limply at her sides. Finally Nikki removed the rubber bands from her breasts, using the same metal frame, that had been used to put them on.

Nikki finished releasing Paula, but left the ropes holding her upright in place, although they were now loose. The Mistress then fetched a squeeze bottle of water and sprayed a jet of water into Paula's mouth, most of the water spilled down Paula's front but she managed to swallow some. After about half an hour Paula felt some feeling returning to her limbs and found she could again stand with out relying on the ropes around her body, when Nikki saw this she untied the ropes and allowed Paula to stage over to the bed and collapse onto it.

She wasn't allowed much time to recover from her night time ordeal before Nikki pulled her to her feet and marched her to the bathroom, were she was left with orders to take a shower and then return to the dungeon to be prepared for the days events. Paula quickly washed and dried herself and did the best she could with her hair, and dashed back in to the dungeon, she found all three on her Mistresses waiting for her.

The three women were all naked except for the thigh boots each wore, Nikki and Jean were standing together talking quietly but Helen was standing with her arms folded and tapping her foot. Paula ran over to the women and dropped to her knees in front of Helen and bowed her head, Helen looked down at he and said,

"What do you mean by keeping us waiting while you enjoy yourself in the shower? Do you think we have nothing better to do than stand around waiting for you to honour us with your presence?"

Paula decided that she was already in trouble so she quickly answered her Mistress,

"I'm very sorry to have caused you to be kept waiting, I was trying to make my appearance more acceptable to my Mistresses."

Helen walked behind the girl and pushed her head down onto the floor and then tapped her arse with her boot and told Paula to raise her arse into the air. When she obeyed Helen slid the heel of her boot into Paula's arse and rested the sole of the boot on her arse cheeks, Paula tried to remain still although the violation of her bruised arse was almost beyond endurance. Finally Helen withdrew the heel and returned to stand in front of Paula, she then ordered the girl to clean the heel with her tongue and mouth, and Paula quickly started to lick and clean the boot.

When Helen was satisfied she hauled the girl to her feet and marched her over to the other two women and said,

"You know, I think slut here should become a dobbin for the day. What do you think ladies?"

Nikki and Jean both smiled a little evilly and nodded. While Helen stood guard on Paula the others went around the dungeon and collected a variety of items from cupboards and draws. When they returned to Paula they dumped what appeared to be a collection of leather on the floor, Helen selected a deep leather corset form the pile and moved in front of Paula and passed the garment around her body and began to fasten the front hooks. The corset seemed to be a good fit but was still very comfortable, but Paula suspected that would change. It did, when she had finished fastening the front hooks Helen adjusted the corset so it finished just below Paula's breasts and just above her crotch. She then moved behind the girl and Paula felt Helen pulling on the laces and tightening the corset. Very quickly the corset became so restricting that even breathing was an effort, Helen then wrapped the laces around Paula's waist and tied them off.

Paula noted that there were a number of straps and D rings fitted to the corset and she soon found out what these were for. Firstly her arms were pulled to her sides and a strap around each wrist secured her arms, further straps were then fastened around her forearms and her biceps fixing her arms to her sides. Next a strap at the back was draw through her legs, were it passed over her pussy the strap split into three narrow straps, these were drawn up to the front of the corset and fastened to buckles spread across the front of the garment. This meant that two of the straps pulled her pussy lips apart and the central strap buried itself in her pussy, rubbing against her clit.

Next Jean stood in front of Paula and pushed a tangle of straps over her head, Jean spent the next few minutes pulling and fastening the straps around Paula's head. When she had finished Paula found she had straps running around her forehead and over the top of he head from front to back and side to side. Further straps ran down the side of he face over her cheeks and under her chin, two squares of leather jutted out from these side straps at her eye level and limited he vision to straight ahead. Suddenly she realised the three women were fitting her with some form of bridal the same as a horse would wear, Paula wanted to ask what was going to happen, but knew if she spoke then she would be punished, before she could pluck up the courage to speak jean forced a thick rubber block into her mouth and clipped it to the side straps, Paula now had a bit gag in her mouth.

The three women continued with their preparations and soon Paula was completely dressed in a set of riding tack, the final item was a pair of boots. Paula was made to sit and Nikki and Jean forced her feet into a pair of knee high leather pony boots, when she was told to stand she tried to get up off the chair but nearly fell as she did so. Nikki grabbed her and steadied her until she managed to balance in the boots, the boots forced her up onto the balls of her feet and prevented her from putting her heels on the ground, also the sole of the boot had a metal horse shoe fastened to it, and every time Paula moved her feet they clattered on the floor.

When they had finished they marched Paula over to a treadmill at the far end of the dungeon and then fastened straps from the side of the corset to the hand rails of the treadmill. When the three women were happy with their preparations Nikki spoke to Paula,

"Right slut, as you can see you're on a treadmill, like the ones used in a gym, in a moment we will turn the mill on and you will have to jog to stay on your feet. For you of course this might prove a little difficult as you are dressed as a pony girl, but this will get you used to moving in the outfit. We will set the mill to a nice slow walk to start then as you get used to things we can increase the speed, until you are trotting along like a good little horse.

When we are happy with your trotting we will take you outside and continue your pony training in one of our fields. Then latter when Mistress pat gets here we will hitch you up to our pony cart and you can take us on a tour of the farm, but first things first, lets get you used to those boots".

As she finished she through a switch and the treadmill started up at a slow walk, as Nikki had promised. After an initial stumble Paula managed to maintain her balance as she walked in the pony boots, as she became used to the unusual posture the boots caused she found the walking to be straight forward, and after about 5 minutes Nikki switched the mill up a notch to a quick walk. This routine of allowing her to get used to the outfit at various speeds of the mill continued until the mill was going quite fast and Paula was doing a fast jog to keep up. At this point the three Mistresses walked out of the dungeon and left Paula to jog along alone, she was left for over 30 minutes and when the women retuned they found a pony girl sweating and puffing due to the exercise. Nikki started reducing the pace of the mill until it was stopped, as the mill came to rest Paula lent over the handrails and tried to get her breath back.

She was given a few minutes to rest before she was released from the mill and then walked out of the dungeon and out of the house. She was led behind the house and found herself in a corral Nikki then attached another strap to the corset Paula wore and the pony girl found herself on the end of a long lunge rein. Nikki stood in the middle of the corral and used a buggy whip to force Paula to move in a wide circle around her, she was again made to move at various speeds until Nikki was satisfied with her performance.

Nikki then told her sweating pony that she was to move like a trotting horse, lifting he knees as high as she could as she stepped forward. Paula received several flicks with the whip until she had mastered the strange and unnatural gate. Finally Paula was released from the rein and taken into the barn and allowed to rest.

She was sat on a bale of straw and the rubber bit was removed from her mouth, a bucket of water and a bowl of dry biscuits were placed alongside her. She was told to rest and eat and drink if she wished, she was then warned that she would be expected to perform as a pony girl later and she would pull a cart with one or more of her Mistresses in it. As she sat and rested Jean and Helen appeared pulling a pony cart and left it outside the barn. Paula knew she was going to need all her energy to pull the cart, the training had already nearly exhausted her, so she quickly shuffled around and began to eat the biscuits and take some water. She had been resting fro about half an hour when she heard the sound of a car arriving, quickly followed by voices greeting each other, she recognised the voice of Mistress Pat from the day before, and knew her pony ordeal was about to start.

The four women walked into the barn and Pat walked over to Paula and grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look into her face and said,

"I hope these three ladies have trained you well and that you are stronger than you look, because I am going to really put you through your paces. As they are going to sell you to the highest bidder, and I aim to be that person, I want to know I am getting my money's worth".

As she finished she raised the bit gag to Paula's mouth and forced it in and fastened it tightly in place. Paula was then hauled to her feet and pushed over to the cart and backed into the shafts and her harness was fastened to the shafts and reigns attached to the head harness and run back to the seat of the cart. The blinkers, on the harness prevented Paula looking to the side as she turned her head, to look behind her, a whip cracked across her rear and Nikki barked an order for her to stand still. Paula froze in position looking straight ahead, and felt the final pieces of the pony harness being attached.

When all was completed Nikki walked in front of her pony and took hold of the harness and pulled so Paula had to walk forward, as the straps tightened she felt the weight of the cart pulling her back and she was forced to pull against the weight to move the cart. She was led around in a circle a few times to allow her to get used to the weight and feel of the cart, when Nikki was happy with her performance she stopped walking and allowed Paula to stop. Paula then felt the cart moving behind her and then someone pulled on the reigns and snapped then across her shoulders and she heard Helens voice tell her to walk on.

As she again moved forward she found the weight of the cart had increased, and she assumed this was due to Helen sitting in the cart driving it. As the cart moved around the reigns were pulled this way and that to steer her around in a circle, after a few minutes the reigns were used to pull Paula up and stop the cart. Paula again felt the cart moving and when the reigns were again snapped across her shoulders the weight she had to pull was much greater. As she again was turned around in a circle she found that all 4 of the women were missing and realised that they were all on the cart and she was pulling the cart and four passengers. After a few turns around the area outside the barn she was turned towards a gate and the fields beyond.

Paula pulled the cart across the field, so found that despite the weight of the cart and the passengers she had little difficulty if keeping the cart moving at the pace required by her Helen. She also realised that this was due to the cart being well maintained. Helen steered the cart all over the field and used the reigns and a buggy whip to get the cart moving faster or slower as she desired. Finally, after about an hour, Helen guided the cart back to the gate and then into the yard, were she pulled up. Paula by now was covered in a sheen of sweat and her breathing has a little ragged for the effort of pulling the cart, she felt the passengers alighting from the cart and Helen came around to the front and began to remove the harness from her pony girl. When Paula was free of the cart Nikki came over to her and led her away into the barn and removed the rest of the harness and when she was naked led Paula over to a shower and said,

"Congratulations, you did very well for a first time. Now you have 5 minutes to take a quick shower and get dried off as we have something else for you to do to entertain us and our guest. So get moving".

As she finished speaking she delivered a stinging slap to Paula's arse. Paula dashed under the shower and quickly sluiced the dust and sweat off her body and then grabbed a towel and quickly dried herself. When she had finished Jean arrived and took her by the arm and led her to another area of the barn, when she was stopped she was faced by her other two Mistresses and also Pat, all three were chuckling to themselves, as she waited for he next ordeal, Jean moved behind her and gathered her arms together and quickly bound her wrists behind her back.

When her wrists were tied, Helen spoke,

"Well slave you did so well as a pony that we have decided to give you a reward. We are going to let you have a ride yourself, and here is you mount".

As she finished she stood back and revealed a horse's saddle mounted on a frame of some sort, Paula immediately noticed that the saddle had been modified, there were two large probes rising from the saddle and she could just imagine were they would be placed. She was led over to the saddle and Helen and Nikki lifted her on to the saddle and she was lowered on to the two probes, one entered her pussy and the other went into her arse, Paula squirmed a little to try and get comfortable with these two invaders in place and her own body weight forcing them deeply into her.

As she was doing this, Nikki and Helen began to tie her to the saddle, a rope was tied around her waist and then the excess was threaded through a series of eyes in the saddle to anchor her in place. Paula was somewhat surprised when she found that she still had quite a bit of free play allowing her to move on the saddle, the two Mistresses then placed her feet in the stirrup irons and tied them in place. Finally her hands were untied and then retied in front of her and bound to the saddle horn. When the four women had made a final inspection of their preparations and were happy, Helen walked in front of Paula and said,

"Now slut I am sure at the moment you are quite comfortable but shortly things will change. You see those two friends in your cunt and arse are electric vibrators, but they can also swell in size and they can also deliver an electric shock to your oh so sensitive regions. Now all of those things will start to happen soon, but at the same time this saddle will become a bucking bronco, so to speak, you see it is really one of those wild bull ride things you see in bars. We removed the top and fitted the saddle in place, you're tied on so you won't fall of, although you might think you are going to when the ride starts. So you see you will have to try and stay upright on the ride while it spins and bucks and all the time you will be being tormented by the activity of the two probes you're sitting on. We of course will be watching you're efforts and enjoying you're suffering.

We haven't used this device before on one of our slaves, we have tried it ourselves, although not tied on as you are, it really is quite uncomfortable, for that reason we are not going to gag you so we can hear you're screams and pleas for us to stop the entertainment, we won't stop it of course, but we still like to hear you begging.

So I will rejoin the others now and then we will start the computer programme that runs the machine".

Helen turned away laughing and walked over to the other three women who were seated a short distance away having some drinks. Helen picked up her glass and sat down next to Mistress Pat, she then picked up a remote controller and pressed a couple of buttons. Paula steeled herself for the activity about to start, but nothing happened, after a couple of minutes she began to relax, and just when she though Helen had been trying to scare her the saddle suddenly dipped forward and pitched her over the horn, but the ropes held her on the mount. Before she could regain her balance the saddle pitched to the left and then to the right. With some difficulty Paula managed to adjust to the saddle's pitching and rolling and as she moved with the saddle she found she was rocking around the two invaders and she was getting turned on.

As the saddle's gyrations increased, both in speed and intensity the bound rider began to moan loudly as she neared a climax, the audience of the four Mistresses watched closely and as her climax neared, Helen pressed another button on the remote and almost immediately Paula screamed and seemed to be trying to climb of the saddle, the twin probes had delivered their first electric shock, it only lasted a second but it stopped Paula's climax dead.

The next thing the bound rider felt was the swelling of the anal plug as it inflated in her arse, then the front probe started to vibrate, and these actions combined with the saddles gyrations soon had her gasping again, then another shock was delivered and another scream was the result. Then the machine started in earnest, the probes began to pulse and vibrate at random and also they inflated and deflated and finally they began to move up and down, fucking Paula in the arse and pussy at the same time. At the same time the actins of the saddle became even more rapid and the force of the rolling and bucking became stronger. Soon the rider was being thrown around like a rag doll and Paula found the actions on longer stimulated her but they began to cause her real distress, she tried to beg her mistresses to stop the machine or at least to slow it down, but the response was laughter from the four women.

When she started to scream to be let off the saddle Helen pressed another button and the probes delivered another shock to the riders arse and pussy, this time the shock lasted several seconds and was of a higher voltage than the earlier shocks and Paula started screaming in pain. The torture continued but now the actions of the probes and the saddle were stronger and more intense and very soon Paula was babbling incoherently begging for release between screams and promising the watching women anything if they would stop the torture.

Her pleas went unanswered and the torture continued for over an hour when Paula eventually passed out. Helen then stopped the machine and the she and Jean started to release their prisoner. Paula began to regain consciousness as she was being untied from the saddle, but even so as the last rope was released she could not stop herself from sliding off the saddle and on to the floor, were she lay sobbing. She was given a few minutes to recover before jean nudged her with her foot and told the girl to stand up as Paula tried to stand she felt her legs repeatedly give way under her, and it took her several more minutes to manage to stand up, even then her legs shook and trembled. Jean and Helen then took her arms and half led and half dragged the naked girl back to the house and down into the cellar and put her in her cell, were she was left to recover for the night.

Chapter 7: A Picnic in the Forrest (added: 2014/08/22)

The next morning Paula was allowed to sleep in and it was after 10.00 before Jean came into the cellar with a tray of food for Paula's breakfast. The tray was pushed into the cell and Paula started to eat the food as she did so she noticed Jean walking around the room selecting items from various cabinets, just as Paula finished Jean returned to the cage and dropped a pile of clothes and restraints on the floor. She opened the cage door and ordered Paula out and told her to stand still while she was dressed for the days activities, the first item was a pair of heavy latex knickers equipped with, the by now, familiar twin plugs for her arse and cunt. Jean pulled the pants up as high as she could forcing the two probes deep into Paula, next came a leather waist belt with a crotch strap. The belt was fastened tightly around Paula's waist and then the crotch strap was pulled through her legs and pulled to the last hole before being fastened off, this strap was pulled so tight it forced Paula up onto her toes, as it drove the two invaders even deeper into her.

Her last item of clothing was a very heavy latex bra, which was actually a size too small and squeezed Paula's breasts and forced them to bulge around the cups of the bra. Within a few minutes of this outfit being put on her Paula felt the discomfort of the tightness of it all. Finally two sets of leather cuffs were applied to her wrists and ankles and when they had been tightened as much as possible they were locked on. After a final inspection of the outfit and the bondage Paula was led out of the cellar and through the house and out into the fields. Here she found her other two mistresses waiting along with Mistress Pat again.

The three Mistresses inspected the bound girl and Mistress Pat spent quite some time inspecting and squeezing Paula's breasts. When all four women were happy with their prisoner they set off pulling Paula along with them in the direction of a small wooded area at the back of the farm. After walking for about a mile they stopped at a large tree, which already had a number of ropes tossed over its branches. Paula was positioned next to a low branch that was about 4 feet off the ground, her wrist cuffs were then locked together.

Helen then walked around the other side of the tree trunk and returned with a small stepladder which she set up next to Paula. The bound girl was then told to climb the ladder and sit on the top step, when she had complied Pat climbed up behind her and tied one of the ropes, hanging from the tree, to the wrist cuffs and then climbed down again. When she was on the ground again she ordered Paula to stand up and step over the branch with one leg and stand on the top of the ladder with the branch between her legs.

Paula had a feeling she knew what was coming and certainly wasn't looking forward to the experience, but she obeyed the order for fear of what these four women would do to her if she refused. When she was standing with the branch between her legs Helen pulled the other end of the rope between her wrist, raising them over her head the rope was tied off around the tree when there was still a little play in the rope and Paula could lower her arms a little. She was then told to grip the overhead rope and pull herself up off the ladder, as she complied Helen pulled the ladder out from under the branch and said,

"Well now slave you can I am sure appreciate your predicament. If you keep hold of the rope and keep your self pulled up you will remain off the branch, but should you loose your grip, or become tired then you will drop until you are straddling the branch. You will then be resting on you crotch and the branch will push the two little friends inside you even deeper. Also you will be subjected to a series of sexual stimulations because those two friends are also vibrators, and we will shortly be switching them on and then we can watch to see how long you can keep yourself hanging".

Whilst she had been speaking she had been walking around the bound girl and now she untied the suspension rope and lowered Paula so her crotch was a few inches off the branch, she then retied the suspension rope. She then tied one end of a rope around one of Paula's legs and the other end around the other leg in a short hobble, which prevented the bound girl from raising her legs over the branch. When she had finished she rejoined the other Mistresses who were sitting on a fallen log watching Paula strain to keep from dropping onto the branch. The four women sat chatting and eating and drinking from a picnic hamper they had brought with them. As the four Mistresses chattered and laughed Paula hung from the rope and spun slowly around until her ankle rope stopped her and then slowly turned the other way. As she spun around and faced her tormentors she saw Helen raise her hand and show off a remote control, as she pressed the button Paula gave a shriek of surprise as the two probes were activated and started to oscillate through their speed program. After about 10 minutes Paula felt like her arms were being pulled from their sockets and her crotch felt as if it were on fire, slowly she slipped lower as the rope slid through her fingers until her crotch touched the branch. As it did, she screamed and grabbed and hauled on the rope pulling herself off the branch, but her relief was short lived as she again slowly slid down on to the branch. The second time she touched the branch she hardly had the strength to pull herself up again and only remain suspended for a couple of minutes before, exhausted, she fell back down on to the branch. Immediately she felt the two probes being forced deeper in to her, and this further penetration combined with the continued stimulation brought her to a shuddering climax. She thrashed and screamed on the branch before she almost lost consciousness and hung gasping for breath whilst her whole body continued to twitch in her post orgasmic state.

When she had recover enough to again be able to control her body she quickly hauled on the suspension rope and lifted he tortured crotch off the branch. As she hung there by the arms she started to beg her Mistresses to release her. At first she promising them anything if they would take her down, when all this achieved was hoots of derision from the four women, Paula changed and her anger took over and she began to swear at them and threaten them, this produced a change in her audience. the laughter stopped and Helen came over to Paula and untied the hobble on her ankles. Nikki then joined her and the two of them used the ladder again to lift Paula off the branch and lower her to the ground.

Too late Paula realised she had gone too far, Nikki forced her to the ground and quickly pulled her cuffed wrists behind her and locked them together, she then took a short piece of rope and braided it into Paula's hair, and the braid turned back on its self forming a loop then the suspension rope was threaded through the loop and the two women began to haul on the suspension rope pulling Paula to her feet and then up onto her toes. Jean and Pat then joined the other two women and all four continued to haul on the rope, as her feet left the ground Paula stared to scream, as it felt as if her whole scalp was on fire and the pain was unbearable. The women continued to pull on the rope until Paula was about a foot off the ground and hanging by her hair when they tied the rope off.

Paula was left screaming, as she hung and spun from the branch, whilst the four women set about cutting some thin and whippy branches from the surrounding bushes. When they returned they each had a small bundle of sticks which they then stroked over the bound girls body, Paula again began to beg to be released, and received a stinging slap across her face from Mistress Pat for her trouble. The women then took up their positions around Paula and then all four started to whip the slave with the improvised whips. As the blows landed Paula tried to cover her more sensitive parts but this movement caused her extra pain form the hair braid and she soon realised that the latex pants and the heavy latex bra gave her some protection from the whipping and she stopped trying to move and simply allowed the whipping to continue.

The punishment continued for over half an hour, with Paula drifting in and out of consciousness over the latter part. When the women eventually stopped Paula was marked with welts on her front and back from her shoulders to her knees. When they finished the whipping the four Mistresses left Paula hanging and returned to their picnic. When she realised the whipping had stopped Paula once again became aware of the pain from her scalp and she started to scream to be released. Her ordeal continued for a further half an hour, during which time each of the women came to her and inflicted more punishment. At the end Paula was delirious with pain and between screams was begging for release and praying to God for help. Eventually Nikki came to her and released the suspension rope and allowed Paula to fall to the ground, were she lay sobbing.

After a short time Nikki came over to her and hauled Paula to her feet and then marched her over to the other women. The women then formed a square around Paula and suddenly her legs were kicked away and she hit the ground hard, then all four of her captors began to kick her legs, and body, hard enough to hurt and cause bruising but not hard enough to cause permanent damage. Each time she tried to regain her feet her arms and legs were knocked out from under her and she fell back again. Finally the punishment ended and she was told to get up, when she staggered to her feet her ankles were hobbled and she was force marched back to the house and the comparative safety of her cell.

Joan took her down to the cell and locked her in then went back up to the house and returned after a few minutes and pushed a tray of food and a pot of coffee into the cell. Paula devoured the food and drink as quickly as she could, and when she had finished she waited for the next instalment of her training and punishment, she didn't have long to wait.

Helen appeared and opened the cell and pulled the terrified girl out, she was marched through the house and out to the pool area at the back of the house. Here she saw that a long plank of wood with a seat at one end was next to the pool, the plank was pivoted near the end. Paula was forced over to the seat and pushed down on to it and then leather straps were fastened around her waist and thighs fixing her to the seat. Her wrists were pulled behind her and further straps were then fastened around her wrists, the plank was then swung on its pivot so the seat was out over the water of the pool. She then heard and felt something being attached to the other end of the plank, Joan then walked along the plank until she was just behind Paula, she knelt down and spoke softly in Paula's ear,

"Slut you made a very bad mistake when you started swearing at the four of us in the woods, so now we have a new punishment for you to try.

This is a modern version of the old fashioned ducking stool, we have attached a motor to the other end of the plank and when we start the motor it will raise and lower the end of the plank, this will of course also raise and lower this end of the plank, and as it is lowered you will be dunked into the pool. We can set the speed of the motor so that you will be under water for between 20 seconds and 2 minutes, we feel you can cope with being down for about 1 minute so that is the setting we have used.

So you will be pushed into the pool and under the water, you will be kept down for 1 minute then raised up out of the water, you will be above the water for about 30 seconds and then dropped back into the water, this cycle will be repeated over and over again until either you drown, or we switch the motor off."

With these final words Jean walked back along the plank to the pool side, before Paula could try to beg for mercy she heard the sound of a motor start and felt the plank rise slightly before it dropped into the water. The cold of the water caused her to catch her breath and she only managed to get a small breath of air before she was under water. She felt she was under water for an age, and she started to thrash in the chair trying to get out to get to the surface in order to breath. Finally she felt the plank start to rise again and as soon as her head broke the surface she coughed and spluttered before gasped a lungful of air. All too soon the plank began to descend again and as the water reached her face she took a last deep breath.

The duckings continued and with each drop into the water Paula had more and more difficulty in holding her breath while she was submerged, each period above the water found her puffing and gasping for air. After two hours Paula was almost hysterical with fear and was on the point of giving up the struggle when she heard the laughter of her Mistress's as they retuned to the pool to see how she was coping, after a few more dunkings she was raised above the water and the motor stopped. The plank was then swung back to the pool side and the half drowned girl was released from the chair although her wrists remained bound.

Paula sat in the chair for some time trying to regain some composure, but all too soon her Mistress's decided she had rested enough and she was dragged from the chair and marched back to the cellar, were she was forced into her cell still soaking wet and starting to shiver, the cell was locked and Jean, the last to leave left her with the parting words, that tomorrow they had some very painful experiences for Paula to try.

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