The Initiation
  • Author - Tyjord
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  • Post Date - 10/30/2010

Andrea shifted slightly on the sofa as her brother stormed through the door. Her eyes darted back and forth from the pages of the book she was reading to the out of breath boy. "Rough Friday, freshman?"

"What?" Aaron asked, startled by the question. He had not seen his sister sitting there when he walked in. Quickly, the boy stripped off his lightweight jacket, throwing it over a nearby chair, and began to ascend the staircase leading to the top floor of the house.

"Well," Andrea said, "you seem distracted and more than just a bit frantic. Did you have a problem at school?" She couldn't help but notice the white knuckled grip he had on his backpack.

"No," Aaron replied, stopping on the small landing separating the two flights of stairs. "I just have some homework I want to get done."

"That's awfully studious of you, especially on a Friday afternoon." Andrea put her book down beside her, stood up, and walked to the base of the stairs. "Listen little brother, I know how difficult being a freshman in college can be. I was in your shoes two years ago. I can relate to the stress you're under, especially now that you've decided to pledge Beta Alpha Delta."

"Nothing happened," the boy replied unconvincingly as he turned to continue up the stairs.

Andrea let him get halfway to the top before she continued. "Wait a minute, pledge," she said, her voice stern and demanding. Her brother froze in his tracks. He had been dreading this day since he announced his intentions to join the BAD fraternity. "I have not finished speaking, nor did I dismiss you. Your attitude leaves much to be desired pledge boy."

Aaron released his hold on his backpack, tossing it the rest of the way to the top of the stairs, then turned and walked back down to the landing. "I'm sorry," he said, slightly annoyed that his sister had decided to finally use her authority.

"Now that doesn't sound very respectful, does it? Why don't you try it again."

Aaron shuffled on the landing. "I'm sorry, Ma'am."

Andrea smiled sweetly at her brother. "That's better. You know, Aaron, just because I'm your sister does not mean that I'm going to allow you to shirk your responsibilities as a pledge. You will treat me with the respect due to every Delta Omicron Mu sister. I've been easy on you so far, but you knew the risks joining up with a fraternity house that was linked to the sorority that both your sister and girlfriend belong to. Now, what's your big hurry?"

"I have to get ready. I'm going out tonight."

"You're not working tonight?"

"No, Ma'am," the boy replied, hoping a continued show of respect would end this interrogation quicker.

"So the checkout lane at the supermarket can survive without you on a Friday night," she said with a smirk.

"I guess so."

"Where are you going tonight?"

"Just out." He knew he had said the wrong thing as soon as the words came out of his mouth. He could see the anger building on his sister's face.

"I can not believe you would have the balls to answer me that way Aaron. It's bad enough mom and dad are gone for the weekend, leaving me responsible for you..."

"I'm not a child, and you're not my babysitter," Aaron shouted at her, momentarily forgetting everything except his blood relation to the girl in front of him.

"Do not dare interrupt me or raise your voice again pledge, or I'll have you dropped from the frat," she said matter of factly as her brother bit his lip in an attempt to contain the argument and salvage his hopes. "I am responsible for you, and here you stand lying to me. Do you not realize I'm going to be at the mixer? Did you think there was a possibility that Kristen had called looking for you right before you got home? Your girlfriend told me that you managed to talk your way into tonight's party."

Aaron just looked down at the floor, wanting this to end. "I'm sorry, Ma'am."

"You know, you weren't invited to the party out of respect for Kristen and me. A fraternity sorority mixer during hell week is not a pleasant place to be for a pledge."

"I just thought it would be impossible to get accepted if I didn't go." He could feel himself opening up after her revelation, guilt rising in him over lying to her now that he knew the facts surrounding his omission from the party. "They didn't tell me."

"Of course they didn't tell you. Number one, you're a pledge and don't have a right to any information, number two there were others not invited, and number three, did you want it to look like favoritism?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't know."

"Kristen told me you spoke with your pledge master and he agreed to let you come if you 'dressed appropriately'. I take it that's the homework you planned on doing?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Well, you better get to it. Kristen will be here in about a half hour to pick you up." Andrea waved him off, a sign he took as dismissal and he started up the stairs again.

"Oh, and Aaron," Andrea said as he turned to face her once again, "I hope you haven't bitten off more than you can chew. Neither Kristen or I will be able to protect you at the party."

"I know," he replied as he continued up the steps, sounding a lot more worried than he had when the conversation started. Andrea just smiled to herself and went back to her book.

Aaron stood in front of the full-length mirror hanging from his closet door, staring at his reflection in disbelief. "Jock strap my ass," he mumbled to himself as he attempted to adjust the only garment he was wearing to a more comfortable position. He pulled up the waistband of the skimpy black thong, idly amused by his hushed comment as the T-back strap wedged tighter between his butt cheeks. Mark, his pledge master had given him his "uniform' to be worn at the party. The nearly microscopic thong had been described as a jockstrap by mark, and Aaron had not seen it prior to opening his backpack and pulling out the wad of clothing Mark had stuffed within. Realistically, the boy had little to complain about. His high school years had been full of sports activities, leaving him with a well-toned body. His subconscious knew he looked good in the thong, but his conscious mind, used to wearing baggy boxer shorts, tighter boxer briefs on rare occasions, rebelled against the thought of wearing the garment for any length of time. Plus, the fact that it resembled underwear his girlfriend wore, as well as things he had spied in his sister's laundry pile, gave him a chill.

Sighing deeply, Aaron picked up the next item of clothing given to him. It was a mass of folded white cloth. Not being completely ignorant to the ways of fraternities, Aaron knew a toga when he saw one. He began unfolding the garment and attempted to squirm into it. Mark had said it would take some time to get used to putting his uniform on, but the complexity of the process frustrated him more than he would have imagined. As he struggled, he wished he could put on more clothes under the toga. The loose folds felt odd against his naked skin and he felt even more exposed imagining his black thong visible under the white cloth. After several frustrating minutes, he managed to get the unusual garment on. One glance in the mirror told him the folds were wrong, but he had no clue how to adjust it. The more he stared at his reflection, the more uncomfortable with the thought of leaving his house dressed like this he became. Knowing that he would have no access to any other clothes, an emotion filled, spur of the moment, decision not to go to the party was reached, and the boy began pulling off the toga, once again getting tangled up in its myriad folds. He had just managed to get the garment over his head, his arms above, pulling at the material covering his face, when he heard his door open. Aaron froze in place, offering a completely unobstructed view of his nearly naked body to his sister. Aaron's entire body blushed red in embarrassment even as he cursed himself for not locking his bedroom door.

"Wow, nice underwear, hotshot," Andrea said as her brother attempted to get his arms down and cover himself. She smiled as he succeeded in only twisting the toga further around his face and head. "What's going on in here? It's taking an awfully long time for you to get ready. Did you need some help?"

"No thanks," he said, voice muffled through the layers of cloth, "I've got it."

Andrea walked over anyway and helped him pull the garment over his head and completely off his body. The humiliation of being seen exposed like this by his sister made the boy frantic. He looked around for the closest article of clothing he could grab, but realized that Andrea was standing between him and all of his clothes. He momentarily toyed with the idea of grabbing up the toga once again, but realized he would just look even more ridiculous trying to put it back on.

Andrea smiled sweetly, basking in her brother's total embarrassment. "Had I known about your fondness for skimpy skivvies, it would have made my holiday shopping for you much easier."

"Very funny," Aaron said, attempting to keep his gaze directed at the floor between his feet and his sister's. "They're not mine."

"Really? Are they Kristen's? Because that would be even more interesting."

Aaron's gaze shot up in anger. "God Andrea, that's sick. I don't wear women's clothes!"

Andrea held his gaze for several seconds. "You did not just yell at me again."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am."

Andrea put her hands on her hips and sighed. "C'mon Aaron, this is ridiculous. You can't even take a little ribbing from your sister. How are you going to go to a party filled with people who are just waiting to embarrass you? Do you really think that stupid toga is meant to stay on all night? Sometimes you are such a child."

"It doesn't matter," the boy replied sheepishly.

"What doesn't matter?"

Aaron looked up at her again. "Any of it. I've decided not to go."

"So you're going to give up on getting into the frat totally?"

"I'll talk to Mark, try to make an excuse. Maybe he'll let me slide. I just can't go dressed like this."

"I'll tell you what, "Andrea said after a moments thought, "I'll talk to Mark and see what I can do to smooth over the situation."

Aaron's eyes lit up. "Really? You'd do that for me?"

"Yeah, little brother, I'll try for you. No promises though. Frat rules are pretty strict. Now, go out into the hall and wait while I call Mark."

"Uh, can I put some clothes on?"

"No," Andrea said as she guided him out into the hall, closing the door to his room behind him.

Aaron fidgeted uncomfortably outside his door. It was bad enough being in his own room dressed like this, but standing in the open was ten times worse. He hoped his parents didn't have a change of heart and cancel their weekend plans. His nervousness was eased somewhat by the relief of having his sister help him out. She was an important member of DOM and he knew her words would carry some weight with his pledge master. He could hear talking from inside his room, but could not make out any words. He was sure he heard two separate conversations though, and wondered whom else Andrea was speaking to. Aaron had also noticed that during his time trying to master the art of putting on a toga, Andrea had apparently changed for the party. Normally conservative in her manner of dress, Andrea had chosen a bold look. Although occupied with his embarrassment, Aaron had not failed to notice his sister's knee-length black leather boots. The four-inch high pointed heels had been hard to miss as the boy had gazed at the floor. Her tiny shorts, black as well, barely covered her buttocks. Aaron could not recall ever seeing his sister dress so provocatively.

Lost in thought, the boy jumped when the front doorbell rang. Fearing that his parents had decided to come home, he looked around desperately for something to cover himself with. His realization that they would not be ringing the doorbell only slightly alleviated his panic. The doorbell rang again; followed by Andrea's voice coming from inside his room.

"Answer the door Aaron."

The boy started to sweat as he ran quickly down the stairs. He glanced out the peephole and saw his girlfriend standing on the porch, her foot tapping in mild annoyance.

"Open up Aaron, I know you're in there."

Knowing he was trapped, Aaron closed his eyes, trying to prepare himself for a new level of humiliation, and opened the door. He had briefly thought about grabbing the jacket he had left downstairs, but thought better of it as it was nowhere near long enough to reach the waistband of his thong, let alone provide any coverage.

"Hiya stud," Kristen said as Aaron stood exposed in front of her, "you look hot tonight."

The boy backed quickly away from the open door, fearing a passerby would catch a glimpse of him. He watched gratefully as Kristen closed the door behind her. She was dressed as provocatively as his sister, wearing high, pointy heeled shoes, a tight one piece gray dress that hung down to behind her knees in back, and just barely came to the tops of her thighs in front, revealing her matching mesh stockings. He was glad when she spoke, allowing his attention to deviate from the exciting site before him. "So," she said, a sly grin on her face, "when did you start shopping at Victoria's Secret?"

"Ha, ha," Aaron replied, trying to maneuver behind the couch.

"Stop being so sensitive and come out from there. You have to toughen up if you're going to continue pledging BAD." Kristen motioned for her boyfriend to step out into the open.

Aaron sighed and went to stand before his girlfriend. He knew he was blushing, but gave up trying to hide himself from view. Despite the fact that this was his girlfriend of almost a year, and the fact that they had seen each other unclothed before, the reality of standing, nearly naked, before a fully clothed woman caused him to feel things he could not quite put into words. He shivered involuntarily before her gaze.

"Cold baby? That's probably a good thing. Doesn't look like there would be much room in your panties if you got all worked up."

"They're not panties, it's a special jock strap," he said, barely managing to contain his emotions, remembering just in time to not argue or fight with a DOM sister.

"Uh-huh," Kristen replied with a smirk, "I bet that's what Mark told you when he invited you to the party." She tussled his hair good naturedly, as one would a pet, and motioned for him to precede her up the stairs. "Sometimes Aaron, you can be so gullible. But then again, it's one of your most endearing qualities. One of many I see."

Aaron took the stairs self consciously, knowing that his girlfriends last comment was directed at the exposed state of his rear end. He stopped halfway up as Andrea appeared at the top of the stairs, sandwiching his nearly naked body between the two fully clothed women.

"Great news," Andrea said, a huge smile on her face, "it's all been sorted out."

The boy looked up at his sister then down at his girlfriend, an equally large grin plastered across her face, and wondered if that was good news or bad.

"This is so not funny," Aaron said from his place in the back seat of Kristen's car. He was once again wearing the toga over his thong, but nothing else. His sister and girlfriend had ushered him back to his room and helped him into the complicated garment. He had barely survived the embarrassment of having the women dress him while ignoring his pleas to explain the plan. They had merely said that they were going to a different location before the party and that he did not have to worry because he would not be wearing the toga at the party. He did not understand as they left the house without bringing any other clothes for him, but he allowed himself to be herded into the back seat when they claimed they had to maintain some secrecy.

They drove for a while, until they stopped in front of a large, Victorian house. Aaron recognized the Delta Omicron Mu sorority house. Stopping the car in front of the long gravel walkway that led up the hill to the house, the two women got out, and each holding the boy under one arm, walked him up the path. Barefoot as he was, Aaron stumbled several times on the painful rocks under his feet. Knowing he would have fallen at least once, he was grateful that the girls were holding him up. Andrea pulled out a key and opened the large wooden front door of the house, allowing the trio into a dark entryway. Closing the door behind them threw the group into total blackness, and, without turning on any lights, they walked forward, eventually coming to another hallway. Aaron was totally confused, but amazed that his sister and girlfriend knew their way around so completely in the dark. At the end of the hallway, they came to another door, this one cold and metallic. Kristen used a key this time, confident even in the absence of light, and unlocked the heavy door.

A carpeted staircase leading down began right on the other side of the doorway, and Aaron would have fallen had the two women not held him. They led him slowly down into the darkness, continuing to hold him so he did not trip on the steps. At the bottom, Andrea flicked on a light switch, momentarily blinding Aaron. Once his eyes cleared Aaron saw a large room furnished as a sort of study hall-library. The carpet was deep, the furniture leather, and the air smelled of books. They walked to the end of the room, passing several tables, sofas and armchairs, until they came to yet another wooden door, its shabbiness a direct contrast to the clean sophistication of the rest of the room. Another key was produced and, with the click of a heavy lock opening, the door swung inward to reveal more darkness. This time, however, Aaron was hit by musty damp smells that suggested an actual basement. As the three climbed down yet another flight of stairs, creaky, wooden and covered in slippery dust, Aaron was even more dependent on the girls holding him up.

At the bottom, Aaron could only see back the way they had come, light shining through the doorway left half open upon their descent. Aaron flinched as Kristen reached up and pulled down on a thin chain attached to a dim light bulb on the ceiling. The room was cast in a gloomy light from the not totally effective bulb, but Aaron could make out the small room they were in. It was definitely a little used basement, dust and cobwebs abundant. The staircase they had just come down was against one wall and lead almost directly into the adjacent wall which was barren, the cracked and chipped concrete a testament to the age of the structure they were in. Aaron shivered, his modest garments providing little protection against the cold, damp environment they had entered. The wall opposite the staircase had only one feature, a large old-fashioned double-sided washbasin complete with closed cabinets underneath. On the wall above the washbasin, Aaron saw a large shelf with dust covered bottles of various cleaning fluids. Oddly, one of the bottles looked clean and new, but the label was turned toward the wall, preventing any identification. The final wall contained various hooks holding brooms, mops, a shovel, and several lengths of coarse looking rope. Higher up on the wall, in the center, was a recessed window made of thick glass and covered with metal bars. The placement depth of the window in the wall gave Aaron some pause as he realized extremely thick walls surrounded him on all sides. The heavy glass allowed almost no light to come through, and suggested that the window was even partially buried underground. Aaron's gaze came to rest on the strangest object in the room. Positioned under the window, with about two feet between it and the wall, was an odd wooden chair bolted to the floor. The chair appeared to have no seat, just a U-shaped frame sticking out where the seat should have been. There was also a wooden pole sticking up out of one side of the chair back. About three feet long, the pole ended in two opposite hooks, looking almost like a coat rack. Confused by what he saw, Aaron looked down at the floor, noticing for the first time the drain hole square in the center. A small bucket and brush were the only other items present. Aaron was beginning to worry over why he had been brought to this place when Andrea started to speak.

"We know you're confused little brother, so we're going to explain things. But first you need to remember who you are pledge, and who we are. We do not expect any backtalk from you. We went to a lot of trouble to get you this out, and we will not have our efforts spoiled by any whining from you. Understood?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Good, now take off your toga."

Aaron paused for just a second as the two women stared harshly at him. Realizing he wasn't in any position to argue with no clothes or way home, he complied. Shivering in the cold air, the boy pulled the garment over his head and handed it to his sister. He watched as she tossed it onto the bottom step of the staircase. Once again Aaron stood before them in only his thong, and he felt their gaze on every inch of his exposed skin.

"Good boy," Andrea said, "now, here's what's going to happen." She paused as she walked over to the rear wall and pulled off a length of rope. "You are going to sit down on this chair, and Kristen and I are going to tie you up."

"What!" Aaron yelled, completely forgetting about his agreement not to complain.

"See," Andrea said to Kristen, "I told you we were wasting our time."

Kristen looked sympathetically at her panic stricken boyfriend. "C'mon baby, what's the big deal? This kind of stuff happens everyday in frat initiations. You're going to have to be more flexible if you want in."

"That's right, Aaron," Andrea added. "Did you think Mark was going to completely let you off the hook? He agreed to let you out of the party, and believe me, you're better off not going to that, but he insisted that you take part in some initiation rite. Kristen and I talked it over and we thought you could handle the embarrassment inherent in this sort of thing if it was just us with you right now. I mean all you have to do is sit tied to a chair while all the other pledges get abused at the party. And believe me, they will be abused."

Kristen put her hand on his shoulder. "Isn't that better than getting your butt beat by a paddle? Imagine that happening in front of all the brothers and sisters, you wearing your little g-string and getting a couple of hundred whacks. Heck, you'd probably be tied up there too. C'mon honey, won't this be better?"

Aaron stood silently for a moment, weighing his options. "Okay," he said finally, "how do I sit on that thing?" Andrea and Kristen smiled warmly and led him over to the chair. They helped him down onto it, positioning his thighs over the frame projections and pulling his legs over the sides. This left his feet positioned between each pair of front and back chair legs with just his toes touching the floor and the majority of his weight resting on his thighs. He learned quickly that he could shift some of his weight to his toes, but the effect was quickly tiring on his calf muscles. "What is this chair for, anyway?" He asked the girls as they began laying the coarse, scratchy rope around his body.

"Hmmm?" Andrea said looking up from her task, "oh, just this. Now relax while we get you secured." She went behind her brother and pulled his arms up the back of the chair until they were parallel to each other and then tied them together, wrist to elbow. After that, she pushed them up against the back panel of the chair, which reached to just under his shoulder blades, and tied them in place wrapping more rope around his arms and the chair back. At the same time, Kristen had been busy binding his legs to the chair. She tied him in place at the ankles, calves, and thighs. Lastly, the two women wrapped more rope around his chest and waist, pinning him completely to the chair. Aaron tried to struggle, but the ropes didn't move and the chair, bolted in place, wouldn't budge.

Andrea watched his struggles with a prideful grin. "Well, he looks secure, time for the next part, get the box Kris." While Kristen opened one of the cabinets, pulled out a cardboard box, and began rummaging for something, Andrea bent down next to her brother's face. "Okay Aaron, now we have to gag you," she put her hand over his mouth just before he could yell. "Why, you were going to say? This is why. If we allow you to yell and scream, eventually someone coming home early from the party would hear you. And what do you think would happen if some drunk sorority sisters found a naked tied up pledge in the basement? Trust me, you really don't want to know. Do you understand?"

Aaron nodded his head and his sister removed her hand from his mouth. Just then Kristen came over with a thick, black leather strap. On the inside was some sort of hard rubber plug about four inches long and very thick. She smiled as she gently asked him to open his mouth. Unable to resist, he simply complied and allowed his girlfriend to stick the foul tasting rubber in his mouth. He choked a bit as the gag hit the back of his throat, but slowly adjusted to its presence as the strap was pulled over his mouth, behind his head and buckled into place. He heard the click of a small lock and realized the gag would now require a key before it could be removed. A wave of panic washed over him as he tried desperately to escape his bonds, but he was held fast and soon stopped struggling out of exhaustion.

"That's going to happen every now and then Aaron," Andrea said as she watched his futile struggles. "You're going to have to learn to control your panic or else these next few hours are going to be even more difficult than they are about to become. Kris, why don't you take care of the naked part that he obviously didn't catch on to a minute ago?"

Aaron's girlfriend happily moved over to the boy after retrieving a pair of scissors from the box and, with one quick snip, cut away his thong. Aaron's eyes widened at the realization that he was now tied up and naked in front of his girlfriend and sister. Andrea had started rummaging through the box and produced a square wooden board, about half the size of the space where the seat of the chair had been. He could see that there were things attached to the board, but was having a hard time making out exactly what they were. Andrea took the board and knelt down in front of her brother, allowing him his first unobstructed view at what was attached to the top. He started screaming into his gag as his sister slid the board into two slats attached to the legs of the chair. She then motioned Kristen over to take her place as she moved back to the box. Kristen smiled sweetly at her boyfriend, telling him it would be easier if he relaxed. She then reached around and began turning a knob attached to the back of the board.

Aaron knew but refused to believe what was about to happen. He had seen the enormous black dildo sticking out of the board, and was sure that it was now making its way toward his unprotected rear. He felt the first telltale nudge as the head of the monstrous rubber invader poked his anal ring. Kristen stopped turning the knob and looked up at Aaron. "Just relax now baby, this thing is pre-lubed, but still really big. We don't want you to get hurt, so try to open yourself as wide as possible. She bent back down and began turning again, using slow, deliberate revolutions. The first turn pushed half the head of the dildo into him, creating a tearing sensation as it stretched him out to accommodate its girth. The second turn forced the entire head inside and was followed by six more quick turns, totally embedding the eight-inch plug inside of him. Aaron tried desperately to get away from the dildo, but the ropes held fast. He was sweating quite a bit now, despite the chill of the basement.

"Now then," Andrea said, moving from the box over to the sink, "that wasn't so bad was it?" Aaron groaned into his gag as he watched his sister pull a plastic bottle off the shelf and squirt some of its contents into the black rubber bag she had taken from the box. She then began filling it with hot water from the sink. Aaron could see the steam rising from the basin as the bag filled. Andrea stopped only when a torrent of yellow suds spilled over the top of the bag, the weight of the water causing it to bulge at its sides. She carried the full bag over to her brother's chair and hung it from the hook closest to his head. Aaron could feel the heat radiating out from the bulging rubber, and tried to lean his face as far away as possible. Kristen joined Andrea by the chair, bringing with her a length of clear plastic tubing. She pushed one end onto an adapter at the bottom of the enema bag, then attached the other end to an outlet on what looked like a small fish tank pump attached to the same board as the dildo. The pump was connected to the base of the anal plug by another short tube.

Kristen then ran a plug into an electrical outlet on the wall behind the chair. Once in place, she pushed a button on the pump, causing it to pump air into her boyfriend's dildo. Aaron felt the already huge object grow even bigger inside him and squirmed madly at the ropes. "There, there, baby, it needs to get a little bigger to make sure you're sealed up nice and tight." Kristen waited another few seconds, and then shut the air pump just as Aaron thought the device was going to explode inside of him. "All set down here, Andrea."

"Good, now you finish up with his private parts, while I get the little addition Mark requested ready." Andrea returned to the box and removed a second enema bag. Placing it in the sink, she reached up and removed the clean bottle from the shelf and, unscrewing the cap, took a sniff of the contents. "Whew, strong stuff," she said as she picked the enema bag back up and transferred the contents from the bottle to the bag. The bottle was empty by the time the bag reached half of its four-quart capacity, and Andrea quickly set the bottle down and fit another length of tubing onto the bottom of the rubber bag. Stepping around Kristen, Andrea hung the new bag on the second hook above her brother's head and pushed the loose end of the tube onto a small fitting sticking out from the front of his gag.

While Andrea had busied herself with Aaron's second bag, Kristen was busy tending to some of her boyfriend's other torments. She wrapped several turns of thin rope around his testicles, and then pulled another strand between his balls, splitting them apart. She then took more rope and bound each testicle individually, until they were each standing out on their own. Next, she tied rope around the base of his penis, which had hardened in response to her manipulation of his testicles, and just under the head. With his cock secured in its erect state, she pulled two small clamps out of her pockets and attached them to the boy's nipples. She stepped back as his squirming began anew, grinning from ear to ear as she surveyed her handiwork.

The distraction of having his genitals bound and his nipples clamped lasted only until Andrea stepped away from the sink, providing Aaron with his first clear view of the bottle she had emptied into the enema bag now attached to his mouth. He tried to yell once again, but the gag was too effective and he eventually went limp in his bonds, staring helplessly at the label on the bottle that read "Burn In Hell Hot Sauce The Devil Made Us Do It!"

The women snickered when they saw his reaction. "Sorry little brother," Andrea said, "but Mark insisted. All of the pledges at tonight's party are going to be doing shots with this hot sauce, and mark was adamant about upholding tradition, even if you weren't going to attend. Speaking of tradition, we'll give you a quick explanation before we leave you to your fun, Kris?"

Kristen walked over to the sink and leaned back against the washbasin. "You see sweetie, every year the DOM sorority picks a BAD pledge and gets to do something special with them. This year, you were chosen because of your relation to the two of us. We had to prove that we were able to maintain our distance and treat you as a pledge and not a brother or boyfriend. So we came up with this idea. What do you think? It should show the other sisters that we mean business, no?"

Aaron felt like he was about to cry. The two girls who meant the most in his life had basically used him to prove a point to their sorority. A renewed energy came with this realization, and the boy once again struggled against his bonds. He felt Andrea walk behind him and put her hands on his shoulders in an attempt to calm him down.

"Just relax Aaron, you'll get through this just fine. A nice big hot, soapy enema never killed anybody. Of course, I don't know if one has ever been mixed with a super hot sauce chaser before though. I don't envy you when you finally get to relieve yourself, it should be quite a fiery experience."

Kristen laughed and added, "Maybe we should bring a fire extinguisher down when we get back." Aaron mumbled something into his gag that was definitely not laughter. "Oh don't worry baby," Kristen continued, "we'll be back to play with you in a few hours."

"Okay, lets open up the clamps and we can go on to the party," Andrea said, her hands still on her brother's bare shoulders. "We can each do one."

Kristen clapped her hands like a giddy schoolgirl and reached up and snapped open the clamp holding back the boy's enema. She then bent down and, as Andrea opened the second clamp, pushed another button on the electric pump under Aaron's chair. "Just to make sure every drop gets pumped into you. Gravity may not be enough in this position."

The women moved off towards the staircase as the fluid from the two bags journeyed towards the helpless boy's mouth and rectum. The hot sauce hit Aaron's mouth first as the enema fluid had to travel down from the bag, then back up, into the pump and then to his insides.

Aaron swallowed his first mouthful of the hot sauce, the viscous liquid burning his throat even as more flowed slowly through the tube. He realized that his sister hadn't opened the clamp all the way as the liquid was pooling in his mouth, seeping around the gag and saturating every part of the sensitive membranes, before it ran out of room and he was forced to swallow again. And swallow he did, knowing that a backup would only come spurting out his nose and create the risk of choking and suffocating. Concentrating on swallowing the hellish fluid had reduced Aaron's on again, off again struggling to almost non-existent, until the boy experienced another wave of panic as he felt the first of the hot, soapy water enter his bowels.

"Okay," Andrea said, picking up her brother's snipped thong and toga, "it looks like everything is under control down here. Shut the light and let's go."

Kristen reached up and pulled on the chain connected to the light bulb, plunging the room into darkness. The girls used the light from the doorway above to navigate the rickety staircase. From the top, Kristen called down to her boyfriend, "By the way, baby, when we come back, well be bringing some of the sisters and maybe even some of the brothers with us. They're not going to want to miss the explosive finale."

"But look at the bright side," his sister added, "by this the end of the weekend, you'll be a full member of BAD. Of course, there's two days between now and then, but I'd worry about one thing at a time if I were you."

Aaron heard their laughter fade away after the closing of the door and the loud click of the lock. In the dark, cold, room, the boy could hear only the hum of the pump and the flowing of the liquid down the tubes, as the torturous fluids continued their journey inside him. He was beginning to cramp now as his stomach distended in order to accommodate the gallon of fluid entering through his rear. Combined with the burning and queasiness brought on by the hot sauce, Aaron was unsure if he could tolerate minutes of this abuse, let alone hours. But, after more futile struggling, brought on by his ever increasing need to relieve himself, Aaron settled in to his torment and began to wonder what else the sorority sisters and fraternity brothers had in store for him after the party was over. He could only shudder in anticipation and fear as he swallowed another mouthful of liquid fire and felt another cramp rip through his insides.

The End
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