The Abs Workout
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It was Saturday evening and my Wife, Lisa, said it was time for my weekly evaluation. She told me to go to the basement and prepare myself. Half of the basement is finished off and we use as our play space. There is a small storage room under the stairs. The room is too small to stand up or stretch out in. Lisa loves that and often makes me spend time in there for transgressions. It is also where I keep what Lisa calls my slave outfit. I opened the door and crawled inside. I removed my clothes and got out my wrist and ankle cuffs and collar. I put on the wrist and ankle cuffs and secured them with small padlocks.

In the corner of the basement is a chair with a tall back that Lisa likes to call her throne. In front there is a wooden platform that is three foot square and about four inches tall. I kneeled on the platform facing the throne and laid the collar in front of me and patiently waited for Lisa. I used this time to reflect on the past week and think about how I have performed and I think about how lucky I am to have such a beautiful, loving Wife.

After a few minutes I heard the familiar click-clacking of her high heeled boots on the basement stairs. She was wearing a tight fitting black leather dress that laces up in the front and accentuates her cleavage. She placed a glass of wine on a small table next to her throne. She stood in front of me and picked up the collar.

"Ready" she said.

I got on all fours and she placed the collar around my neck. She made it tight but not uncomfortably so. She put on a small padlock then gave it a couple of tugs to check its security. She inspected each of the ankle and wrist cuffs then patted me on my butt.

"Good job" she said. "You may kneel."

I keeled and faced the throne as she sat down. She rested her feet on the platform.

"How do you think you have performed this week John?" she asked me.

"Ma'am, I have tried very hard to serve you and make your life easier but I know that I can do better." I said while keeping my head lowered.

"Oh, and in what ways do you think you can improve?" she asked inquisitively.

I stumbled to find the right response but failed to answer in time.

"Well, I know of one way you can improve John. I have reviewed your workout log and I am concerned that you are not doing your best to take care my most valuable possession you!" She said with a angry tone.

"Stand up, let me examine you." She ordered.

I stood up and Lisa looked me up and down. She motioned for me to turn around. I faced away from her and after a moment she stood up. She walked around me as she felt my body with her hand. She stopped in front of me and pinched the flesh of my abdomen in several places.

"I don't see very many abs workouts in your log. Your core is very important John. I believe you lack the proper motivation to do a good abs workout. Tonight, I have something special planned, something to motivate you to work your abs. What do you have to say?" she said in a strict tone.

"Mistress, I have failed to take proper care of your property and I must be corrected so that I may become a better husband." I said nervously.

"Kneel" she ordered. I quickly complied. She walked over to the trunk where she keeps her toys and she got out something I have never seen before.

"This just came yesterday doesn't it look wonderful?" she asked in an enthusiastic tone.

It was a gag. It is black leather with what looked like a bit inside. She placed the bit in my mouth and I bit down. It had a wide front panel that covers my mouth completely and had a D-ring in the front. She firmly buckled the gag behind my head. She put her finger in the D-ring and gave several firm tugs to make sure the gag is on securely.

"How does that feel?" she asked.

I was very tight but it was comfortable. I nodded to let her know it was a good fit. She led me over to the bondage table. The table is six feet long, two feet wide and sits on six sturdy legs. The top is upholstered black leather. It has many eye bolts and tie down points.

"Up" she said as she patted the table.

I obediently got onto the table lying on my back. She had me position myself so that my head was at the edge of the table.

She got a wedge shaped cushion and used it to prop up my head and shoulders. She then used snap hooks to secure my ankles at the side of the table. Next, she had me cross my wrists across my chest then used short lengths of chain with snap hooks on each end to attach my wrists to the D-ring on my collar.

"Are you comfortable John?" she asked me.

I nod to let her know that I am as comfortable as can be expected.

"I have another new toy that I can't wait to show you!" she said with excitement.

She went over to the trunk and brought over a parachute ball stretcher. She held it up to show me.

"Do you know what this is?" she asked.

I nodded yes because I have seen one before.

"Well, this one is special because it has these tiny little spikes inside." She said deviously.

She held it close for me to see. My eyes widened a bit as she showed me. It had several tiny metal spikes that looked barely long enough to break the skin but I didn't like the idea of them being near my balls.

"I think this will be all the motivation you'll need to work your abs!" she said.

She then attached the parachute to my balls. She gently pulled on the ring that was connected to the parachute by three chains which made me jump a little. That made her smile.

She then got a chain with a snap hook at each end and attached one end to the parachute. She looped the chain through an eyebolt at the end of the table then brought the chain up to the D-ring on the gag. She made sure the chain was pulled taught and attached it to the D-ring with another snap hook. She then got a leather strap out and wrapped it around my stomach and under the table and fastened it tightly. She stood back to admire her work.

"John, this will be so good for you." She said.

She came over and put her hands on the cushion that was supporting my head.

"Hold yourself up dear" she said.

I tensed my stomach to support myself as she took the cushion away. The strap around my stomach prevented me from sitting up all the way.

"Keep those abs tight!" she said.

I held the position for several seconds before I started to weaken and I started to lower my head. The chain running from my gag to the parachute pulled balls and caused the tiny spikes to dig in. I could just barely get all the way down but I could not handle the pain being inflicted on my balls. I crunched my abs to raise myself and relieve the tension on my scrotum.

Lisa chuckled at my predicament. "That's a good boy work those abs!" she shouted.

She went over to her throne sat down and got comfortable. She took a sip of wine, propped her feet up on the platform and enjoyed watching me suffer for her.

I was fighting the pain in my stomach against the pain in my balls. I was constantly trading one for the other. Once my stomach muscles would give out I would slowly lower myself but the pain in my balls got hard to endure. The pace at which I kept going up and down quickened. My breathing was getting faster and I was dripping with sweat. I was starting to groan from the pain when Lisa walked over.

"You're doing so well, John. Let's see you go for one more minute but let's make it a bit more challenging" she said.

She went to the trunk and got a short length of chain and attached it to the buckle of my gag behind my head. She then got a five pound weight and attached it to the chain. The extra weight felt like a ton. I struggled to support myself but my muscles kept giving out and the extra pull on my balls hurt even more.

"Don't quit" she said as if I had a choice. "You can do it!"

She then got the cushion and stood next to me holding it. "Just a few more!" she said with encouragement.

I was grunting and whimpering as my abs and balls were on fire. My legs were trembling and my body was glistening and dripping with sweat.

Finally, she put the pillow under my head and I could relax. As I started to catch my breath Lisa took off the parachute, took the weight off my head and unhooked my wrists from my collar. She unhooked my ankles and had me stand up. My body was trembling from my ordeal.

"You are covered in sweat, time to hit the showers. You my crawl." She said.

I got down on my hands and knees and she attached a leash to my collar. She then led me over to a corner of the basement where there is a drain in the floor. The floor and walls were made of grey concrete.

"Stand up for your shower" she said as she pulled on the leash.

She unhooked the leash had me face the wall while standing over the drain. There is an eye bolt in the wall at eye level. She attached a double snap hook to the D-ring in my gag.

"Up" she said as she pulled on the snap hook. I had to stand on my toes so the hook could reach the eye bolt. She then locked my wrists together with short chain and did the same with my ankles.

"Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back." She said with a sarcastic tone.

She went to the freezer and got a bag of crushed ice like you can buy at a convenience store. She got a bucket that had many holes drilled in the bottom and dumped the ice into it. She then hung the bucket on a hook directly over my head.

Before long the ice started to melt and ice water started to drip on my head and body. Each drip of the icy cold water caused me to jump. The drips stared to come more frequently as the ice started to melt faster.

"I'm going to go upstairs to watch TV so you can relax and enjoy your shower" she said.

Lisa then left me there secured to the wall with icy cold water dripping on me. The icy drips were relentless. The water would splash on my head and run down my face and my back. It was freezing and I was shivering. My calves were getting sore and I would try to lower myself but there was almost no slack between my gag and the wall.

After what seemed like hours Lisa returned. She had changed into her night clothes and she had a towel. Most of the ice had melted. I was shivering and my calves were aching. She removed the bucket from the hook. She then unhooked my ankles and wrists. Finally, she unhooked the gag from the wall.

"Did you have a nice shower?" she asked.

I nodded even though I was sore and shivering. She turned me around and removed the gag. I moved my jaw around to relieve the tightness. She patted my dry with the towel then draped it over her arm.

"Well?" she said to me waiting for a response.

"Thank you ma'am for giving me the proper motivation and the correction I needed. I will take better care of your property." I said as I looked down at the floor.

She approached me, lifted my chin and gave me a kiss.

"Good boy" she said.

She then removed my collar and handed it to me turned around and went back upstairs.

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