The First Live Show
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Author's Note: This is a follow up to The New Way of Things by me (although I got a typo in my name first time round so you'll find it under skavemalcom not slavemalcom!). Once again this is all a work of fiction, my Wife and I do a little chastity and bondage play, but nothing to this level. I hope people enjoy reading this, i enjoyed writing it.

Chapter 1 The 6 months that followed

Since the start of his training 6 months ago Mistress D had to admit that her husband had come along way. At the start of his training he had found it hard to adapt to his new place in life as her sissy slave who did everything that she wanted. She had not done a single bit of housework since he returned back that fateful night from a business trip and fell into her trap. The weeks that followed were tough on him as she literally beat the new way of things into him.

Her blogging efforts on the status of his training soon tuned into a full blown website thanks to the help from a couple of her closet friend that she had made online in those first few weeks online. In fact, the following of her slaves training was so high that she was soon able to turn a steady profit from the website thanks to advertising and a new member's only area that she charged a small monthly fee for. In fact the combination of this and her high income as a web developer meant that 3 weeks ago she made him quit his middle management job at the local insurance firm, and told him that his place would now and forever be at her feet, or where ever else she decided to have him.

She was not about to get complacent however and knew that to keep up the following and income, things would need to be kept fresh and fun. Another problem was also bearing its head space. They had been living in his small one bedroom flat in the town but it was soon apparent that this was not nearly big enough. So finally she decided it was time for them to move, and soon she had come to find the perfect house for them. It was a reasonable size 3 bedroom house on the outskirts of the town they lived in. What made it perfect was the fact that it was detached, and the long front drive surrounded by trees made seeing into the house impossible from the street. Also, the garden was huge and wasn't overlooked by anyone and the whole property was surrounded by a brand new 6 foot wooden fence no one could see into her property unless they happened to be walking about with a ladder! She soon had an offer accepted and before long they were surrounded by full boxes in their new house on the day of the move.

To make the transition easier, she had organised a 2 month overlap of the properties and during this time she had electricians, builders, painters and decorators come it to make the place exactly how she wanted it. The only say her husband got in the whole process was in the selection of appliances such as the laundry machine, cooker and such after all he was going to be the one using them! The rest she organised none of the current furniture they had she really wanted, apart from a few bits so the move would be easy. She ordered everything she wanted for the house and oversaw the delivery herself. By the time the move came around the house was completely ready for them.

Upon selling his flat she had her husband move all his money into their joint bank account, and then she took all his forms of ID and bank cards off him. She had hired a safety deposit box and had locked all his identity things in there to ensure he could never get to them without her authorisation.

As soon as the removals men had left she made her husband kneel on the freshly carpeted floor whilst she retrieved his outfits. Soon he was clothed in his normal maids uniform that he wore whilst performing chores - a French maids dress, a pair of fishnet stockings, and black suspender belt, a black thong, a set of locking wrist, thigh, and ankle cuffs and a pair of high heal ankle boots. She had also for awhile now insisted that, along with his Curve chastity device that he was kept in 24/7, he wore a locking butt plug harness at all times unless she said so. Today was no different, and given his extensive training he now had firmly locked up his arse a 2" wide and 8 inch long silicone dildo that kept his rear end nicely plugged so she was in control of his potty breaks as well as ensuring that he would be ready to accommodate her array of strap on dildos with ease.

She set about by giving him a list of chores to do and the order they should be done in starting with the Master sorry Mistress Bedroom. He started on the list whilst she explored the rest of the house thoroughly. The downstairs of the house was huge it had a massive lounge with high ceilings and a lovely open fireplace in the centre. The kitchen was a good size and had a large dining area within it perfect for dinner parties and entertaining. She made sure her slave wasn't about when she opened the hidden doorway to the cellar a point about the house she had happened to fail to mention to him! The previous owners and used it for storing all their unwanted belongings and she did not realise the size of it when she first viewed the house.

Needless to say that this would no longer be used for storage she had got a specialist company to come in and fit out the dungeon to her specifications. She had also been busy ordering equipment to fill the new place and had been coming round to the house for a while to sort the room out. One wall was filled with sex toys and all the bondage equipment that she would ever need. Glass shelves with every type of dildo and butt plug she could think of were beautifully lit up with up lighters, countless whips, floggers, canes and other punishment devices hung from the wall along with all their collected bondage restraints and rope whilst a large cupboard next to it contained an array of costumes. To aid her blogging as well she had fitted the basement, in fact most of the house out with a number of hidden cameras and microphones and an intercom system this would help her shoot her videos of the slaves training sessions.

She then went upstairs to look around- 3 bedrooms all of good sizes, a large bathroom with separate shower and bath and then the Mistress bedroom, complete with a massive walk in wardrobe and en suite bathroom. For the rest of the weekend she made her slave unpack everything into its new place the best part of which was making him put all his 'normal clothes' in a trunk in the walk in wardrobe before she padlocked it shut.

Chapter 2 - New House, New Life

It was strange being in the large house at first but they soon both settled into life her as the only earner in the house hold - him as the sissy wimp that catered to her every need. They soon got into a routine that revolved around her every need, helped by the fact he no longer had to worry about getting up for work his only purpose was to serve her. He would wake her up most mornings with his arms bound behind his back at the wrists and elbows. His hands were almost always locked into fist mitts at night and his old leather collar had made way for a more permanent steel slave collar. This was tethered to the foot of the bed by a high tensile steel security cable D had long since stopped using a chain as when he moved in the night it would make far to much noise.

He would start his day by serving her orally she loved the slow wake up this would give her that would soon build into a blissful orgasm. Then he would be unbound and made to scrub her in the shower, possible being made to eat her pussy out once more as they went if she felt particularly horny that day. He would be responsible for making her breakfast and helping her dress for work a task made considerably easier by the huge walk in wardrobe. She would then be seen off to work by her husband who was always waiting at the door with her packed lunch when she left. His days were spent sorting out the house dusting, laundry, ironing and cooking. She would secretly use the hidden cameras to check up on him checking that he was correctly dressed and getting on with whatever extra chores she had given him that day. She had used this idea in their previous flat and one of the first days she had caught him not in uniform to which he was caned so hard that he could not sit down for a week!

At night she would have him massage her feet whilst she discussed her day, before he served up dinner. She had him fuck her with a strap on in almost every room and position she could think of, until she was spent over the first week. He on the other hand had not had an orgasm since that fateful night 6 months ago she had been milking his prostate on a regular basis since she first discovered the technique when investigating Femdom draining his balls of their cum whilst denying him any pleasure. This pretty much left him in a constant state of arousal, and she found he was much more obedient to her commands in this state of mind.

Chapter 3 - The show preparation

At the end of the first week it was time for his first session in the dungeon, after all the weeks chores had proved of some interest on the blog, but nothing terribly new. This weekend however she had a grand opening planned for the dungeon an interactive show that would be streamed live over the entire Friday evening.

She had taken Friday off from work in order to prepare everything. In the morning she gave her slave a small enema just to get the worst out before later. She spent the morning pretending to work in the study but little to her slave's knowledge she was actually setting up the web cast and such for later. Once they had eaten a simple lunch she commanded him to the bedroom where she commenced to change him out of his maid's uniform and then started with the preparations. She put headphones into each of his ears, securing them with surgical tape before putting a latex hood over him that had both eye holes and a mouth hole. She added a locking posture collar before blindfolding him and leaving him kneeling on the floor whilst she went into the third bedroom that had been converted into her study. She fired up the PC and started the video cameras up in the basement she did not want to miss his reaction to seeing the basement for the first time! She then grabbed the mask that she would wear to hide her identity after all her day to day job would probably not approve of her extra curricular activities where they to find out.

She slowly led him downstairs and silently pressed the button to open the hidden door to the basement. He knew by now not to speak without permission but she could seethe confusion on his face he was struggling to figure out where they were going. She led him into the basement, ordered him to kneel and took off his blindfold.

He gasped in shock at the sight, indeed the basement was a wonder to be seen for the first time and sometimes she forgot just how impressive it is given the time she had spent down there.

"This is our play area slave" she stated in her dominant tone, aware that the cameras were rolling and recording every sound, as well as the fact that the headphones in his ears would hamper his hearing. "As you can see this place is fitted out with everything and anything I desire to aid in your ongoing training". She watched him look around and saw that he had fixed his eyes on the centre of the room, which had a large piece of furniture covered by a silk blanket, hiding the item under it.

"Ah yes" she said noticing his gaze "that item is not for your eyes yet, I don't want to spoil the fun your going to have this weekend to early!" She saw his gaze flicker a little in fear, for whenever she said this he rarely had fun!

"But first, I must get you ready. I want you on all fours in the wash area to your far right - Now slave" she shouted and her slave scuttled off to the build it wash area of the dungeon. She fetched one of her new purchases, a sort of steel yoke that locked the wrists and ankles of the wearer onto a metal beam so the restrained person was locked into a bent over kneeling position, arse exposed. She locked slave into it before she told him of his fate.

"This weekend slave we are going to play with my new dungeon, are you excited by that?" se asked him as she paced around him

"Yes Mistress he responded" in an unconvincing tone

Thwack! The sound of the cane landing across his bottom was loud in the otherwise silent room. "Don't lie to me slave! No matter, I don't care if you are or are not looking forward to this I am and that's all that matters isn't it slave"

"Yes Mistress" he responded in a much more upbeat tone, hoping to avoid another lash.


"Glad to hear it" she laughed. She walked off and grabbed something of the shelf a huge penis gag that had a feeding tube down the centre of it. She grabbed her slaves head from behind pulling it up and when his mouth opened to protest she shoved the dildo deep into his mouth. He tried to struggle at the invader in his mouth, but she had all ready got the buckle done up one notch at the back. She tightened and tightened the straps forcing the fake dildo deep and deep into his mouth and down the back of his throat. Once tightly on, she grabbed a padlock and locked the gag in place.

"There, I hope you find that comfortable because it's staying on for the rest of the evening, and unless I'm impressed with you it might stay in for the weekend". She said looking into his eyes. A muffled plea came from the gag but she just laughed. "Don't worry slave, I'll make sure you stay safe. Now I need to go get some bits ready." With that she grabbed the sensory deprivation leather hood she had selected and started to buckle it up over his head, making sure to pull the end of the feeding tube through the small hole in the front. She tightened and locked the straps across his ears and chin making escape impossible, his only access to the outside world through the two small nose holes and the gags breathing tube. She grabbed the o ring hanging from his collar and attached it to a metal ring on the wash floor. Lastly she grabbed the free end of the headphones and attached them to a small wireless receiver she had installed onto the collar of the hood one of her more devious adaptations. Using this, she would be able to control exactly what the slave could hear. The padding on the hood cut out most noise but when she pressed play her slave jumped shocked no doubt by the loud white noise now playing in his ears. The hood in combination with the headphones made him for all purposed blind and deaf helplessly at his Mistresses mercy.

"There, that will keep you from wriggling off whilst I prepare the rest of the stuff" she said to no one in particular and with that she wandered off upstairs leaving him whimpering on the floor through his gag. She went upstairs and checked the time, it was 3 pm. She had 4 hours until the live web cast was due to begin so she set about editing the video taken into short introduction that included a summary of his training to date. At 18:00 she was finished and went to get changed into her outfit for the night a black one piece PVC cat suit that hugged her body like a second skin. She also put on a thick PCV belt and a black PVC mask that had a hole for her long blond ponytail to come out and clear front the mask would hide her identity but it screamed dominant. She was about to head downstairs when she felt there was something missing ah yes the ben wah balls. She unzipped the handy crotch area and inserted the two balls into her moist pussy these would help build her arousal levels even higher. She was now ready to get this show on the road.

Chapter 4 - The show starts

She went down to the basement and started to prep for the first part of the show. She booted up the laptop and put it on the small tablet in the corner of the dungeon this was the only area not overlooked by the cameras. She transferred control of the cameras and such to her PDA that slotted neatly into a pouch on her belt, and put on the wireless headset that would allow her to talk live to the public. She then set about preparing a 1 gallon hot soapy enema solution that she hung from a hook in the wash room area. A second smaller bag similar to an IV drip bag was also filled with tonight's special recipe and placed on a different hook this would be his drink for the start of the show.

Everything was ready, and she looked over at her slave who still had no idea anyone else was in the room by now he would probably give anything to have the white noise turned off and be allowed to sit up. At 19:00 exactly the 5 minute introduction video started. By the end of the video, over 300 people were logged into the site to watch the start of the show quite impressive she thought to herself.

When the video stopped she pressed a button on the PDA and the camera changed to one showing a close up of her slave bent over in the position he had been in for hours sweat trickling down his sides.

"Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to my new realm. As you can see my slave is eagerly waiting for his weekend of fun and games that I have planned." A press of the PDA caused the camera to pan out; showing the whole wash area and D stepped into view. "As you can see, we need to start off by getting slave ready, but as I promised an interactive weekend here is your first chance to have your say. A vote is opening up in a moment and the question I have for all the viewers is this:

"Should I explain the magnitude of the slave's predicament to him revealing all about the website and thereby increasing his humiliation and embarrassment tenfold knowing he is doing all this live over the internet? Or should the website remain a secret from him?" She pressed another button on the PDA to open the vote.

"The vote will be open for 5 minutes whilst I start the evening's entertainment." With that she turned to slave and picked up the huge double balloon enema nozzle from the self in the wash room the shelf contained all the enema equipment for the Dungeon, as this are was the easiest to clean! She lubed up the nozzle and started to insert it into her slave. He jumped at first, the shock of someone else being near him breaking his imprisonment in the visual and audio deprivation. Once the nozzle was inserted she pumped up the inner nozzle, explain to the viewers that the inside balloon inflates to a massive 750 ml volume therefore it had no chance of coming out. She inflated the outer balloon that stopped the nozzle being drawn further in. The end of the nozzle was attached to the one gallon bag the she had prepared earlier. The other bag was attached to the front of his penis gag.

"She flicked the microphone on so slave could hear her "Slave, this is Mistress would you like a drink before we start?" She asked in a fake concerned voice.

Her slave nodded she new he would as he had not been allowed a drink since lunch time. She opened the nozzle on the bag to the gag and watched the liquid trickle down the tube. She turned his microphones back to white noise.

"In this bag" she started to address the camera "is a half litre of squash with a couple of added parts. Firstly, I have put a hunger suppressant in there I don't want to have to feed slave tonight and this should help him a little. The second component is a double dose of the most powerful over the counter laxative I could find. In about 5 minutes slave will feel the most intense desire to evacuate him bowels but of course he will not be able to!" With that she reached up to the one gallon enema bag and released the clamp holding in the liquid. Slave started to squirm as soon as he felt the first trickles of fluid into his bowls.

"In this bag is a one gallon solution of enema soapy water this should help, along with the laxative to get his insides perfectly clean".

An alarm went off in her ear the vote was over.

"Well ladies and gentlemen, the results are quite clear" She said checking her PDA. "With a massive 87.3% you have vote for me to tell the slave exactly how much trouble he is in including the fact this is being streamed live to" she paused to check the numbers "354 people and rising!"

She quickly checked the bags and noticed bother were now empty. She clamped off the enema nozzle to ensure nothing came back out of there and removed the feed to the gag.

"Slave, this is your Mistress talking" she said after activating his headphones. "I am going to tell you everything about what is to follow, and shed light on exactly how much trouble you have gotten yourself into. You see, since before I made you my sissy slave I have been keeping a blog off our time as Mistress and Slave and to tell you the truth it's been rather a hit!"

Her slave squirmed and moaned as a cramp must have hit him.

"Oh are you in pain slave" she said mockingly "I'll explain all that in a moment. Anyway, about this blog although you will never get to read it let me tell you, its a thing of wonder it has pictures, videos and all sorts of you over the course of the last few month, and in fact I've managed to turn you from a pretty useless husband into a profitable sissy slave with his own website without you knowing! Indeed as we speak now you are currently being wed cast to over 350 people all of whom are intent on seeing you suffer for the entire evening and suffer you will! I aim to use every piece of equipment in this dungeon over the next few months in series of live web casts!"

He struggled as much as he could in his bonds, not believing her words. She placed a foot on his back and pushed him down to the floor further. "I wouldn't struggle too much if I was you, not only was that a one gallon enema I put into your bowels, but your juice drink contained a rather large dose of a powerful laxative. Unless you start behaving, these cramps will feel like heaven compared to the ones in, lets say, 30 minutes?"

He didn't stop moving, his thrashing got more and more violent. Eventually she reached down, grabbed his balls and squeezed hard. He stopped moving immediately and let out a massive groan of pain though his gag. She turned his headphones back to white noise.

"So ladies and gentlemen, he knows he's famous! And look..." she changed the view to a handheld camera that she focused on his caged cock "he's turned on by it." It was true; her slaves cock was dripping pre cum at a massive rate.

"Next question to the forum I'm going to leave the solutions for around 30 minutes to soak so in the mean time which of the following should I use to punish him for failing to stop wriggling when told? Choices are on screen for 5 minutes now and by how ever many votes an item wins by will be the number of strikes he receives.

She went and sat down at the laptop out of sight, leaving the camera fixed on her slave who was moaning in pain into his gag. The votes were coming in fast and after 5 minutes she announced the winner.

"Thank you all for voting I will let slave hear his fate as well." She turned the headphones onto her voice.

"I asked for you to vote for your favourite implement, and the winner is clear with 35.6% of the votes you have chosen this out of the 6 options" She held the cane up to the camera, not wanting slave to know what was to come. "The item got 124 votes, meaning 124 strikes for slave, 62 to each cheek I think."

The slave tried to struggle against his restraints, to get out of the way but he could not move. The first strike of the cane landed across his arse and a muffled howl of pain could be heard even through the gag and hood. She continued to rain down strikes across his exposed arse, causing long red lines to appear after each strike. Eventually she was finished and put the cane down. She picked up a digital camera and proceeded to take still photos. By now her salve was sobbing into the gag and hood, the pain from the cramps as well as the cane overcoming him.

"I think its time to let slave relieve himself now" She said to the camera. She unlocked his restraints and the hook on which the hood collar had been attached, and told him though the headphones to kneel. She grabbed his wrists and handcuffed them together in front of him, before attaching them to a winch cable that hung on the ceiling. She wound the winch up until he was slightly drawn up from his kneeling position before stopping and locking the winch in place. She placed a bucket under him

"I hope you enjoy relieving yourself in front of 350 people into a bucket slave it's pathetic that you can't even hold your bowels when in public. No wonder I have to keep you plugged at most times" And as her salve let out a large moan she deflated the enema nozzle and pulled it out...

Chapter 5 - The chair of torment

She left slave hanging in his bonds for 15 minutes to allow him to fully evacuate his bowels. By the end of the time the bucket was nearly full and wearing gloves she picked it up and disposed of it down the toilet. She hosed him down around his arse using a cold water hose that made him thrash about in his bonds. Once finished, she addressed the public viewers.

"Now that salve is all clean, we can get on with this evenings main attraction. As promised, I have something very special for you this evening, a device that I have been working on for some time now." She pulled off the silk blanket of the item in the middle of the room.

"This ladies and gentlemen is my chair of torment. It is designed to keep my slave on the edge of arousal indefinitely as well as fully abusing his body." The camera panned out to show the chair it was like a gynaecology chair mixed with a cross. The chair was awash with all sorts of gizmos.

"As you can see, its quite complex but it will all soon become clear once I get slave strapped in."

With that she walked over and grabbed slave's collar, dragging him to the chair. She pushed him back into it as started to strap him in. His legs were first put into place, held by a number of thick leather straps completely restricting movements. Next she uncuffed his arms and proceeded to bind them to the cross part of the chair, once again using numerous thick leather straps. More restraints were applied across his waist and chest before he was completely bound. She turned on the headphone sin his hood.

"Slave, as you no doubt can tell your in a chair but this isn't any ordinary chair" She pressed a button on her PDA and the legs of the chair started to part, exposing his caged cock to the world. The chair then tilted backwards slightly increasing the view of his genitals and his arse region.

"Tonight slave you will be released from your chastity the chair will ensure that you do not cum without permission." With that she unlocked the cock cage and pulled it off his penis sprang to attention at once, grateful for being free of its prison that it had been held in for so long.

She adjusted the base of the chair and slave flinched when he felt the head of a huge dildo on his arse. He tried to move out the way by his bindings meant he was powerless as the head of the monster cock entered his arse. Then she adjusted a thick cylindrical object at the front of the chair and this was placed over his erect penis.

"All ready" she stated to him and the viewing public." just to let everyone know what we have here, firstly the suction cup on his penis is a rather cleaver invention that automatically masturbates and monitors when an orgasm is approaching it is claimed by the manufactures that this device can hold someone on the edge of cumming for hours something we are going to thoroughly test this evening. The device is synced up to the pc and is set to not allow release at any time, but to maintain stimulation as much as possible.

"The second device is called a shock spot pleasure system. It is a rather clever fucking machine that is also programmed by PC. I have set up a number of programs and tonight the viewers will get to decide what is do to the salve when. For the next 4 hours a person will be selected at random to pick a 25 minute program, with 5 minutes break in-between to allow the slave some rest bite.

By now the slave was shacking his head as much as he could in the chair, but it was to no avail. "The first lucky winner is...... spankyou 162. Spankyou should get a number of choices up on their screen soon and, ah yes they have all ready selected a program." The dildo started up slowly thrusting its way in to full insertion a full 8 inches of massive cock stuffed up the slaves arse.

"Spankyou has decided to go for the 'passionate lover' program at first this will start of nice and slow for a few minutes gentle sliding the full length of the dildo in and out, but it will soon build up a relentless pace reaching a massive 180 stokes per minute at the end of the program."

Her slave was groaning loudly into the gag, then dildo thrusting slowly into his arse was painful, but the masturbator was slowly stroking his cock up and down as well, pleasuring him like he had not been able to pleasure himself in months.

"Notice how the masturbator is also working now" She mentioned to the camera. For the next 25 minutes the fucking machine pounded his arse faster and faster whilst the masturbator kept him on the edge of cumming. The cameras shot to all different angles, showing every aspect of the arse fucking he was receiving and by the end of the program he was shaking his head crying into the gag and trying to get his arms free from the bonds.

"Wonderful" she stated to the camera. "Thanks to spankyou for a wonderful choice to start the show. Next up is 'Diamonds' ah a long term follower of the site. Once again you should get a screen up and make your choice."

There was a pause for a few moments; the only sound in the dudgeon was the slow whining of the masturbator that did not stop its relentless teasing of the slave. Without warning the dildo thrust it's was into the slaves arse and began pounding him hard and fast.

"Ah yes, I suspected as much its the 'gang bang program' this program will ram his arse at its highest settings for 4 and a half minutes, before pulling out for 30 seconds, then repeating this for the full time." The slave by now was grunting with the relentless pounding but his struggling had since stopped, his fate had been realised and he just hung in his bonds whilst he was fucked hard and fast by the fake cock. Eventually the program finished and the dildo once again pulled out until the head was just about touching the entrance to his arse.

Over the next 3 hours the viewers selected programs of different ferocity the 'big black cock' program picked by the final viewer was especially good as before it started Mistress replaced the skin coloured 8 inch intruder with a monster 12 inch, 2 inch thick long fake black cock. Slave had screamed loudly into his gag as this filled him up, before the relentless fucking started. During the time D had snuck off into the corner to finger herself to cumming a number of times the bah wen balls had been building up her pleasure all night and she came so strongly whilst watching her slave get the fucking of a lifetime from her chair of torment.

By the end of the show slave had been fucked in the arse for nearly 4 hours solid, whilst the masturbator had kept him on the edge of cumming the entire time.

"Well my friends, the time has come for us to finish the show, but before I go I have one more vote for you all to cast. Slave has performed well tonight, so I put his fate in your hands should he be granted the orgasm he so desperately thinks he needs or should he be made to wait until the next show for us to make that decision" upon hearing this slave started nodding vigorously, hoping to sway the votes in his favour. "You have 5 minutes to vote before it closes."

She left him in the chair and went off to get some things organised.

5 minutes later she returned "well, well that is a surprise. I never expected the voting to be so unanimous in its answer. I'm sorry slave, but 100% of the audience have voted to not let you cum tonight guess we will just have to put your cock back in its place until the next show." He started shaking is head, widely struggling against the restraints, but he soon stopped and his muffled cry filled the room as she slapped two icepacks onto his throbbing cock. A couple of minutes later his cock was flaccid from the ice, and slid back into its cage effortlessly which was locked. She switch his audio feed back to the white noise - the noise he would have to endure for the rest of the night.

"Well, good night everyone, hope you enjoyed the show. I'll be putting another show on in a month so until the enjoy reading the website. As normal, if you have any suggestions then please let me know I'd love to have your input! As for slave, I think he's had enough excitement of one night so I'm just going to leave him be with one slight alteration." She bent down and changes the penis on the fucking machine for a prostate stimulation dildo. "Since he's not cumming anytime soon its best we drain his balls a bit its been an exciting night after all good night everyone. The cameras will continue to broadcast for the remainder of the program if you want to check up on his milking."

With that she switched on the 'milk like a cow' program and the fucking machine started back up, slowly inserting the dildo in the slaves rectum for last that time that evening. It began its slow and consistent massaging of his prostate that would eventually lead to a completely pleasure free release of all the seamen they contained. She placed a cup under the head of his cock cage to collect the cum and left the machine to work its magic. The camera on the web cast took one last shot of the computer screen. There were only two messages on it:

Program type: Milk like a cow

Program time remaining: 7 hours 59 minutes and 26 seconds.

The camera then switched back to a close up of the slaves cages cock, and the first dribble of precum leaking from it.

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