My Mistreses Final Punishment
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My name is Misty and I'm a 27 year old bi-sexual female slave. I'm Owned by Mistress Gwen Gwen who is strict and ensures that I keep my body perfectly fit and healthy to the extreme. I had recently disobeyed in a very severe way, Mistress Gwen has forbid all of her female slaves from having sex with any of the male slaves and she caught me doing just that one afternoon. She kept me chained in the basement cells for weeks and I knew she was mad, but did not realize just how mad she was. She came in one morning and finally released me, promising that she was about to give me a very unusual session. I thought maybe her anger had passed in the weeks I had been locked down here, but I was mistaken.

It started with a thorough depilation of ALL of my body hair. This and most of the work that is to come is done by one of Mistresses other slaves, cathy. Including anal/rectal hair and the hair on my head, I found this unusual as Mistress prefers her slaves with long hair that she expects us to keep perfectly groomed at all times. Once satisfied that my body was as hair-free as possible. A catheter is implanted and then I am filled with a hollow cunt plug and an hollow anal dildo which is secured so I cannot expel it. Once this is done and I have been showered and then soaked in a hot bath with a small amount of bleach and antibacterials rubbing alcohol is used to insure all body oil is gone from my skin. Standing with my legs spread fully apart completely exposing myself to the administrations of cathy and another slave, I wait as they carefully apply latex liquid skin to every square inch of my crotch, pubic, and rectal areas so that I am completely covered and the tubes from the plug and catheters are sealed to my body. I am instructed to step into a latex thong which is skin-tight against me and sealed by the tacky liquid latex, in the crotch of which are special holes with compression gaskets that are fitted and the tubes from my plug and catheters and nozzle are fed through the hoses until the tightness of the panty totally compresses my genitals highlighting my feminine mons. More Liquid Latex SKIN is applied to these panties and over my torso up to and around to the neck and over a pair of breast cups that had been cemented-on with medical, proesthestic adhesive..

A latex leotard is slipped over my legs and up to my body where after the hoses are led through the holes in the crotch, it is smoothed up to my breast. Liquid latex is again smoothed over the breast cups and torso and the leotard is smoothed over. Now a latex collar and a latex top goes on after latex is applied from over the breast forms to the top of my neck and under my jaw. The top goes on first, then the collar. Finally they come to my arms. I lave my hands coated in the liquid latex, and latex opera gloves are molded on to my hands and arms.

Now I stand, one foot in the air, and the liquid latex is brushed on my leg and a latex stocking is fitted and rolled smoot over the coated leg. When the latex is set, the same is done with the other leg. Now latex is brushed over the stocking covered leg and the inside of the leg of a full body latex catsuit. Once the feet are dealt with, the liquid latex is applied to my legs and the legs of the catsuit are pulled-up and unrolled smoothly into place like a second skin. This goes on over my entire body from neck to feet. The catheter and nozzle hoses pass through holes in the crotch of the jumpsuit as they pass through compression gaskets which, with the aid of a dollop of applied liquid latex insure a seal, this treatment includes hands and arms. Latex gloves are sealed onto arms first and then latex over the gloves and catsuit sleeves sealed onto the shoulder length latex gloves. The final step in this preliminary process is the application of a very thick, strong latex corset to my torso after first coating the inside with the liquid latex and pressing it into place, it is laced as tight as they can get it. Still thinking this is only an intense play session i cheerfully chirp to Mistress Gwen; "This is a breathtaking experience", while giving her a saucy wink. She just smiles and in an ominous tone says, "Later".

I know "fun-time" is over when Mistress Gwen holds up the "Airway Electroshock Breather's Gag" before my face. Without need of an order I open my mouth to accept the perforated wedge of plastic/rubber, as usual, until my teeth sink into the grooved arc cut into the top and bottom it feels like my jaw will be dislocated. Once my teeth rest in the provided grooves, it takes both hands to expel the gag - I cannot push it out with my tongue as it depresses my tongue, nor can I extend my jaw sufficiently to make it drop out, a leather strap attached to one side is drawn around the back of my neck and head, stretched and secured into the fitting on the other side, pressing the gag in and making it totally impossible to remove it without use of my hands. I realize that there is a gooey substance in the indentions made for my teeth and soon realize it taste like the dental cement used to secure a dental apliances such as a permanent bridge.

On Mistresses command, I extend my arms, and watch as my latex gloves and the insides of the arms of a single sleeve armbinder are coated from the wrists to the elbows in the liquid latex. Once applied I am instructed to press my palms together behind my back. As soon as I press my palms together behind my back I feel the armbinder slid up over my hands and arms. They insert a long piece of foam down into the armbinder between my arms and then begin lacing and cinching the armbinder so tightly that my elbows are slowly drawn together until they touch, compressing the thin strip of foam tightly between them, which is of little comfort. Wide leather straps on the outside of the armbinder are then also wrapped around it and tightend, but this armbinder also includes a 3-inch wide strap that wraps around my waist and cinches, pulling the armbinder and my arms tightly against my back and holding them there.

Now Mistress Gwen has me go over to a bondage table fitted with many straps. I sit on the end of the table and watch as cathy uses the liquid latex to seal a pair of en'point bondage ballet boots in place. She does this by using the brush to cover my and lower legs as far as the shoes and the laces that bind the shoes on will go. Brushing it on top of the legs of the latex catsuit, which is already covering the latex stockings. The severe boots are pulled over my feet while the latex is tacky and the heavy leather laces are laced tightly. Now Mistress Gwen and slave cathy bind my legs. I watch as they hold another long strip of foam padding between my legs, hold them together and then the toes of my boots are bound with a 3-inch band of latex tape, cinched and pulled tightly as they crisscross the arch/instep and all the way up to my ankle. Then they get another 4 inch wide roll of latex tape winding it up my legs until it is only inches below my crotch. Starting with a second wide roll of the latex tape they continue over my hips, first slipping it under the end of my armbinder and then finally they begin wrapping it around my bound arms as well making sure to allow the tubes coming from my crotch to pass through. They continue this all the way up to my shoulders. I realize that this is a lot of work and that whatever Mistress Gwen has planned for me is to be longer term than just a day or weekend, I wonder if she intends to keep me a week or maybe even a month.

Now a pair of earbuds are fitted into my ears and pressed in deeply. These are followed by paraffin-saturated cotton wool and makeup pads are secured over that with dermal tape. Mistress Gwen hooks them to a portable two-way radio for a test to make sure they work. This done, she unhooks them and the rest of my preparations are done without me being kept almost totally deaf. Now Mistress Gwen and slave cathy slide me back on the table and lay me on my back. I am completely on the table, and it takes them only a few moments to restrain me so completely including padded straps across my forehead, neck, upper chest, lower chest above and below my breasts, waist, hips, thighs, above and below my knees, mid calves, ankles, arch and toes. I can't move a muscle except for wrinkling my nose or batting my eyelashes.

I worry as Mistress Gwen fits a special stem on the outside of my gag and into the breather hole running through the gag. My fears are justified as I watch in a mirror attached to the ceiling and see what is now prepared for me as slave cathy wheels over to the head of the examination table a covered cart. Taking the cover off, I see in a pan of what has to be sterile solution a set of breather tubes and gavages. I can only watch as one-at-a-time, the breather tubes are inserted the full 3 inches into my nostrils. I can see the distorted look of my nostrils. Now slave cathy and Mistress Gwen step aside as another person enters - I recognize her as a fellow Mistress friend of my Mistress who who has Medical experience. Soon slave cathy hooks the cord from the earphones to the radio and speaks into it... "slave hilary, you are to follow whatever instructions you are given - do you understand? blink three times, if you do." After I comply, the new Mistress tells me to relax, I try do as I watch as one after the other, gavages are inserted so that the gavages pass through the nasal tubes and back until they enter my trachea. I was told to start swallowing and to continue doing so in spite of whatever I may feel. I comply, and as the gavages are, one at a time inserted, I feel them continuing on to enter my esophagus. Any chocking/gagging sensations are deadened by a slow stream of what I soon recognize as a Benzocane based topical antiseptic being inserted via the stem in my mouth, I can only breath through one nostril at a time as the gavages are worked in one at this time. Finally, the Mistress stopps seemingly satisfied with the installation of the gavages.

After some time to allow me to get used to this situation I watch as the new Mistress slides a threaded fitting down each of the gavages tubes. These fittings screw into the threaded interiors of the breathing tubes, and I am told that they are sealed there with superglue, which I watched being applied just before they wre screwed in. Now each gavages is trimmed. Now my position is changed. The restraints on my head, neck, and upper torso are released as as prop is slipped behind my back to keeps me erect. A collar is fitted around my neck, this collar looks like a piece of armor reaching clear up over my lower face, it locks around my neck. Together, they make an effective posture collar, however, there is a more definite purpose for this item. The Mistress holds a complex shaped metal tube along my head. It has a contour that she adjusts so it follows that of my jawline. One end is threaded and fits into the insert in my gavages and breathing tube, expanding the insert as she deftly uses a small wrench to lock it in place, expanding the shaft so there is no chance of any leakage. The tube goes down towards my mouth to the top of my lips where a special hole for the stem inserted into my gag to fits through, then latches into a rounded channel across the top of the plate, across and around my head until under my ears where it makes a downturn and comes to a stop just above my shoulders where it makes another 90-degree turn and runs for a couple of inches. The tube is held in place by more of the latex tape. Another tube is also inserted, and I have no choice but to use my mouth for breathing since nothing comes through my nasal tubes as she closes off the other end with a plug. I am told that these will be connected to containers of my nutrient and an electrolyte solution. My heart sinks on hearing this - I am in for a long, long session, especially when I notice that the ends have what looks like an injection gun fitting on them.

Now the restraints holding me to the table are released, and the two move me to the side of the table where I am held in a standing position. I am ordered to look at the table on the other side of a stool in front of me. Mistress Gwen orders me taken to a post at the head of the examination table, and straps soon insure that I am bound to the post standing bolt upright. I dumbly watch as a latex bundle is placed on the examination table and opened. I see a double thickness of latex sheeting seamed together at one long end and with some sort of press-together locking seal on the other sides. Peeling open the three sides and folding-over the side of the table the sealed end, I see that down the center of the bottom part are a row of straps - each one about the proper location to match the restraint straps that had been on the table earlier. I watch as the edges of the sheet are secured to the sides of the table. The straps are opened and spread-out. Then, to my surprise, the top is folded-back over the table, and I see that one side of the sheet, near the head of the table is a long latex sleeve made into the material. I watch as inside the sleeve a 2-foot long by 1-inch piece of reinforced hose is inserted. Another piece of hose, about 4-6 feet long is fitted over the end and a compression clamp is used to make a secure seal. A flanged piece of PVC hardware is slid into the other sleeve, and a similar hose is fitted over the end and sealed there. Now the sheeting is again draped over the side of the table and what I have now came to recognize as a thick latex body sack, now spread out on the table. Soon Mistress Gwen holds before me a very thick bondage isolation helmet with built-in breathing tubes that once she turns it inside out I see that the tube ends will press up into the tubes installed into my nostrils earlier. I see a short length of thick rubber form a tube about half an inch long that will also fit onto the mouth piece extending from my gag. However, before this is placed on me there is one more preparation.

A harness is to me and I am raised about a foot off the floor and watch as they take what looks like a donut, fit my feet into it and slowly begin to unroll it up my bound body, smoothing it as they go. It soon becomes obvious that this is yet another one-piece body sack. A very tight one, I watch in the mirrors on the walls as they turn me to make sure that the sack is smooth and perfectly fits me. When they come to the hips, I watch in the reflection as they fit the catheter and nozzle hoses through compression gaskets. After that I am lowered to the floor again before they continue until it is up to my neck. They pause to streach out the part that will fit over my head out and make sure the tubes now exiting at the back of my collar are carefully instered through fitted holes in the body sack. They stop there and turn the earphones on. Mistress Gwen tells that it is dinner time, and that I will be blindfolded blindfold and left held up by the harness for the night. She has the slave cathy hold up containers with hoses that will fit to the connections on my feeding gavages. On one container is the message "Food" and the other "Drink", she then sits a catch container on the floor and connects the hoses from my crotch to the top of it. Another container is suspended above my head, with a dropper tube in the hose, and connected to what I can only assume is the input port of the lavage I know I am to get. Mistress Gwen tells me that I am to be fed via the hoses from the containers but they won't be hung and that in the future, neither will the lavage container. For now, I will only be fed and given drink via the pumps on the cart. I see that the slave cathy has connected the feeding and drinking containers to the pumps, and hoses that lead to my gavages and gag. I watch in the mirror as the hose to my nozzle is opened, but my expelling hoses remained clamped. Finally, I am blindfolded and the last thing I hear before my earphones are disconnected is that we would continue in the morning. I can feel nothing except the incredible pressure all over my body, fresh air on the very small amount of my face that remains uncovered, and the constant, increasing pain from the tightness of my bonds and the lavage enema draining into me.

The next morning, to say I am in discomfort is an understatement. While I haven't lost circulation, I know my bonds are tighter than anything I have experienced before, tight even pressure all over my body. I also feel bloated and stuffed like never before, the combined feeding and lavage-enema which I have had to retain all night, as well as not being able to urinate, make me feel stuffed in a very uncomfortable way. Soon, I feel the pressures on my colon and stomach stop increasing and suddenly there is a decrease of pressure in my bladder and colon.

When the blindfold is removed blinding light greets me. I can only watch as slave cathy shuts off the pump and disconnect all of the hoses. I am released from the straps holding me and they drag me once again to the bondage table. My hear an electronic click as the earbuds are turned on, Mistress Gwen speaks informing me that I have been cleaned out, proper tubes for breathing, feeding, water, and waste removal have been added plus the hollow anal dildo has a valve that can be closed and a smaller tube connects to it that feeds in ahead of the valve which can be used to administer enemas. I have been sealed into several thick layers of latex, virtually mummified, and then placed in a tight form fitting thick latex body bag that has been closed up to my neck and only needs the head part pulled up and closed. But first I am about to be sealed into a severe disapline helmet, once that is in place the body sacks head will be pulled over and closed up. I will be as straight as a board sealed within all of this, the slick exterior of the body bag virually seamless except for the heavy zipper in back which they will run a bead of super glue along and of course for the tubes entering and exiting it. At that point I will be completly blind, deaf, and mute. In fact I should know that I will remain this way for the remainder of my life. I will be kept alive inside of this gear that now imprisons me. As I begin to panic a little she continues saying that she warned us all and I disobeyed, I broke her #1 rule and now I will serve as an example to the other slaves and any furture slaves. She continues to inform me that after the body bag is sealed I am to further be taken down into the lowest level of the basement into a corner where I will be placed into a metal box that she had welded together to hold me, once I am inside and my life support tubes are feed back out through premade holes straps will hold me suspended in the box so that liquid latex can be poured in completly filling the box all around me. That will set solid over the course of a few hours but long before that has happend the lid will be placed on the box and one of her male slaves who serves as a handyman and the one who fabricated the box in the first place, will bring in his portable welder and the lid will be welded solid all the way around. The box will then be set into the very corner of the room where they have already built one brick wall, the box which will serve as my prison will be pushed into the recess and the front bricked up sealing the box inside with only my life support tubes leading to the outside where on a table will set the pumps and supply resivours for food which will keep me alive. She will assign a slave to refill the food container weekly and since there is already a drain pipes and water pipes from an upstairs bathroom leading past that corner all they have to do is connect the waste pumps outlet direct into the drain pipe and the water and enema pumps direct to the water pipe. The only effort ever espended upon me will be the one slave who will refill my food resiviour. My food will consist of the soft leftovers from everyones plates mixed with electrolite enriched vitamin water and dumped into a blender and liquified.

Mistress tells me that they are about to continue, and while I may now be feeling the desire to fight them I clearly can not and taking my punishment honorably without fighting would be the best thing a slave in my position could do, to realize that I am being imprisoned forever and there is nothing that I can do about it. She then points out that besides that they can make my imprisonment MUCH WORSE should I fight at this point. With that Mistress orders me to look around a moment, my last moment to ever see, and then to close my eyes and keep them closed. Once I have feel pads press against my eyes, and feel some medical tape streached across my eyes over the eye pads holding them in place. Then they work the inflatable discipline helmet on over me reminding me to co-operate or my imprisonment will be worse, I soon feel the pressure of the disapline/isolation helmet on top of my head and rolled down over my head, it is very thick and tight all around my head and secured.

Again I hear Mistresses voice, OK, slave. You are now to be carried down to the sub-basement where your prison awaits. With that I feel myself lifted and carried roughly, I feel the jolting as we decent the stairs into the sub-basement, and finally I am laid out flat on my back. They take the time to position me a little and then I feel staps begin to slowly lift me off the floor pulling at those intertwined straps built into the body suit. Pulling from all sides so tight that I am lifted and now suspended. Oh No, I must have already been laid in that steel box. I am then told by Mistress that they are connecting all of my tubes. Some time goes by before I hear Mistresses voice again telling me that gallons of the liquid latex is about to be poured into my prison filling it all around me and will stiffin and solidify. Even as she continues to slowly speak I seem to sense the latex being poured in around me. She continues to tell me that my body will be rigid, sealed inside of my prison, a prison that will be welded closed and sealed behind a wall. Mistress tells me that this is her sentance upon me for disobeying her, a sentance that I will suffer with for the remainder of my life. That I will be alive, but imprisoned unmoving, unable to move even a muscle, not even a fingertip, sealed completly away from the world, forever blind, forever deaf, and no one shall never hear so much as whimper from me ever again. She then tells me that the latex is now filled to the upper edge of my prison and they are about to place the lid on and weld it solid but before they can she must unplug the radio from my ear buds and drop the end of the cord down into the latex because no provisions were made for routing the wire to my earbuds outside of the box because being deaf forever is part of my sentance. She finally says that they have the lid positoned and ready to drop in place, pauses a moment and said "goodbye Misty". I don't think I was ever intended to hear it and that she must have just given the order to the others just as she was pulling out the earbud cord from the radio, but the last thing I heard was the command "seal her in", just as I heard the electronic crackle sound as the earbud cord was yanked from the radio.

I was blind, deaf, mute, painfully tightly restrained in all of the suits and latex, and now trapped in a steel box filled with latex and knew it would take only about fifteen minutes for the handyman slave to weld the lid solid. As hard as I tried I could not hear or sense that happening and time was impossible to track, yet eventually I felt my box tilt to an upright a standing postion. I thought, maybe, that I could sense them moving the box and then it stopping. I must not be in the recess they had made in the wall. Terror overcame me as I realized that they must be bricking it back in even now. I did not know how long that would take but once watched Mistresses handyman slave build a tool sheed of concrete blocks and he build the entire thing in a weekend. A small area no larger than a door wouldn't take more than an hour at the most I guessed. Time went by and I realized that an hour must surely have passed by now. I was crying, sobbing, realizing that this was real, that my Mistress had really had me sealed away like this, and I knew from experiance with her that this is not a decision she would go back on later and that even if she did later decide to show me sympathy and mercy, that she couldn't because it would be a sign of weakness to the other slaves... I knew then, this really was how I would be imprisoned for the rest of my life. I would never leave this box.

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