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Part 1

Darlene and Pauline had been best friends since they were kids. They were playing one day, Darlene made a joke about how their names rhymed, and they immediately hit it off. They were very different. Darlene was a beautiful girl with big blue eyes, blonde hair, and smooth, satin skin while Pauline was "plain" with moose brown hair and needed to wear nerdy glasses. The differences grew as they did. Darlene grew into a hotty with the kind perfect body that men drooled over and masturbated to. Poor Darlene reached a certain size and stopped growing. "Preteen Pauline" was her nickname in high school, while her best friend was called "Drop Dead Sexy Darlene", or "Darl" or "Darly" as she sometimes like to be called.

One day Darlene moved away to become a model or actress. After six months, she knocked on Pauline's door.

"Darly?" Pauline asked in amazement. "W-What are you doing here?"

Darlene shifted some and hung her head. "...I-I got nowhere else to go, Pauly," she said miserably. "My so called career never happened. There were women and girls with great bodies like mine all over the city. Every gig I tried for I didn't get, including a few that were really close. Only people who wanted me were porn makers and that's a line I wasn't ready to cross. So could I please—"

"Sure," Pauline told her with a smile. "You can stay with me just as long as you want. BFFs, remember?"

"Thank you," Darlene said with grateful sigh as she came in. "But don't tell anyone I'm back just yet please. I don't want everyone to know what I failure I am yet."

"You're no failure," Pauline told her. "I think you're perfect!"


She didn't see her best friend lick her lips or the excited expression on her face.

They sat down and Pauline fixed them something to drink.

"I've missed you, Darling," She told her better looking friend. "Really, really missed you."

"Thanks," Darlene told her, feeling slightly creeped out at being called 'Darling', a nicknamed she'd long outgrew. "I missed you too."

"It's been so lonely without you. You were the only real friend I ever had. After you left, my circle of friends just...left me..."

"I'm so sorry to hear that, Pauly." Darlene said sympathetically, putting a hand on hers. "It's not fair about how no one seemed to like you besides me. I promise—to—make it—up—"

A sudden drowsiness overcame her and her vision darkened. She lost feeling in her body and fell, but Pauline caught her. The last thing she saw was a triumphant smile on her best friend's plain face.

Darlene moaned as she came to. But it didn't sound right. She tried to say something and all she heard was a muffled grunt. She then felt the panties stuffed into her mouth and the silk scarf covering it. She tried to remove it, but then felt the scarf binding her wrists. A short length of silk cord was tied to her ankles, preventing her from using them fully. She felt a chill go through her body and it was then she realized she was completely naked...except for the collar on her neck. She started to struggle and shout through her gag. She stopped when a hand started to rub her cheek.

"Shhh..." a familiar voice told her. "It's okay. You'll be just fine."

Darlene looked at yelped through her gag at the sight of a naked Pauline kneeling next to her. She had often told her friend that she had an adorable little body, but she never believed her. Now the less attractive knelt beside her without a stitch on, looking strangely...proud.

"I'm sorry about this," Pauline apologized. "But a kidnappening fantasy always sounded like such a rush. You see, I've been into bondage for a long time. And I've been in love with you longer. But I could never come out and tell you how I felt. And I always fantasized about tying you up and playing with your magnificent body. When you left, it broke my heart...but now you've come back to me. And this time I'll never let you go."

"NNUGH!" Darlene shouted through her gag and shook her head.

"Yes," Pauline told her. "Don't worry. I'll take wonderful care of you. You won't have any more cares or responsiblities to worry about. You'll be as safe as anyone could be and will experience pleasure a lot of people don't. No Master or Mistress will have ever been kinder or more loving to their slave than I will be with you."

Darlene shook her head and mewled through her gag as tears started running down her face. This had to be a joke, or some kind of game, or a nightmare. Surely the girl who had been her best friend her whole life would turn her into a prisoner and plaything. Pauline reached down and wiped the tears away.

"Shhh...there, there. You'll learn to like it. I'll do my best to make you feel good. I've been thinking about us together long enough to know what to do and I've been watching a LOT of lesbian porn."

Darlene looking into her eyes and saw that her best friend was serious about all of this. She started to struggle again, but Paulin held her down. The bound blonde could see the lust and desire in her eyes.

"Darling..." the smaller woman said breathlessly. She kissed and licked Darlene's angelic face all over as she fondled those big, perfect breasts. Darlene moaned and shivered. Under normal circumstances she might enjoy this. Hell, the thought of lesbo-sex with Pauline had crossed her mind a few times over the years. But like this, an unwilling captive, was wrong.

She gasped at the feel of Pauline's tongue on a nipple. She licked it until it was very wet, poking it and flicking it with her tongue. The other nipple was rolled, pressed and lightly pinched between her thumb and forefinger.

Darlene groaned loudly. As much as she hated the situation she was in, she couldn't stop her body from being turned on by her best friend's attentions. It seemed that watching all that lesbo-porn had paid off. She gasped as she felt two fingers enter her.

"See," Pauline told her with a smile. "You ARE liking this. You're so warm and wet."

She went back to sucking one nipple while using a hand on the other with her other hand lovingly fingering her captive's pussy, switching to three fingers. Darlene closed her eyes and moaned, her struggles getting weaker. She was even starting to move her body in rhythm to Pauline's hand. After a while Pauline stopped to hold her fingers to her nose.

"Mmm...such a wonderful scent you have, my Darling..." She licked the juices off. "And such a wonderful taste..."

Darlene mewled pleadingly through her gag. She need to get off in the worst way, if just to take her mind off what was happening.

"Don't worry," Pauline told her. "I was already planning on it."

She left and returned with a vibrator in each hand. She stuck one into Darlene's vagina and turned it on and used the other on herself. Her moans joined her best friend turned slave's muffled ones. She watched her beautiful friend squirm in her bonds, her body getting hot just watching her. She turned the vibrators on high and Darlene went from moaning to shouting through her gag.

"Don't come yet!" Pauline told her "Do and I'll have to punish you. I want us to come together!"

The blonde slave moaned at this threat as she tried desperately to stave off the wave of pleasure trying to course through her. She fought it as long as she could and was just about to give in when

Pauline told her "Now! Nu—UUAAUUGH!"


When it was over Pauline fell on top of her best friend and lightly kissed her on the forehead.

"That was wonderful," she told her. "See how great this new life will be?"

Darlene could only whimper in response.

"We'll take a little break before supper and then we can have some more fun."

She got up and put on a robe, feeling the best she had in a very, very long time. Darlene started to cry silently after she left. She was a prisoner to be used for sex and who knows what else. And it would be at the hands of her best friend...

Part 2 (added: 02/12/2011)

It was over two hours before Pauline returned. In that time, Darlene AKA "Darling" would struggle to free herself from the scarf binding her wrists. But her fingers were positioned to where they couldn't reach the knot, which held fast no matter how much she pulled and flexed. She had to admit, her best friend knew really knew her stuff. How could she have never known about this in all the years she's known Pauline. Did her friend keep this side of her well hidden or had she really been so self-involved?

The feel of Pauline's hand on her cheek broke her from her thoughts. She mewled through her gag pleadingly. If she could just talk to her she could convince her to let her go. Surely they work out a deal.

"There, there," Pauline cooed. "It'll be all right, I promise." She helped Darling stand up. One arm held onto her while the other hand fondled a breast. "Come on. It's time for supper. I'm sure you're hungry."

Actually, Darling was. She let Pauline guide her through the house to the dining table. She was sat down and a length of rope was wrapped around her waist to secure her to the chair.

"That's not too tight is it?" Pauline asked in concern.

Darling shook her head.

"Good. You be good while I fix supper."

It smelled very good and Darling's stomach rumbled. She'd forgotten how long it breakfast had been. The fact she skipped lunch on the way here didn't help. Soon the table was set and Pauline looked her in the eye with a serious expression

"I'm going to take your gag out now," she told her. "But I don't want you to talk. One word and my panties go back into your mouth, you won't be fed tonight, and I'll have to punish you. And I really, really don't want to do that. You think you can be quiet like a good girl?"

Darling thought about it. She was too hungry and in no position to argue. She could always talk her into freeing her when they were done eating. She nodded.

Pauline smile and sighed in relief. "Very good."

She took the cloth from around Darling's beautiful face and the captive blonde spat the panties out. She worked her jaw some and then held her mouth open to signal she was ready. Pauline spoon and fork fed her and held the cup for her to drink out of, cooing and rubbing her. The food was good and Darling didn't find her Mistress's touch unpleasant.

"Now then," Pauline said with a smile. "It's time for dessert!"

But instead of getting it out, she disrobed, regagged Darling and laid her out on the table, securing her legs to the table ones and her arms to another to make a 'Y' shape. Darling yelped through her gag as she got out the chocolate sauce, followed by a muffled squeal as it was poured on her. Pauline lapped the sauce up, making her captive moan and shout. She took extra attention to her breasts, nipples, and bellybutton. When she'd lick on place clean she'd pour more on. When she was satisfied she stopped to stick a finger into her best friend turned slave.

"That's it," she said with a satisfied smile. "Add your own wonderful cream to this wonderful dessert..."

She positioned her mouth at Darling's gorgeous pussy, shining with juice and a trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair. She started to lick it and Darling groaned, squirming in her bonds. Why did she have to be so turned on?

Pauline used her tongue and fingers to pleasure Darling for a few minutes. Then she added some more chocolate sauce.


She licked the wondrous combo of chocolate and pussy juice, driving her friend insane. She reached up to grope those perfect breasts and play with her nipples.

"Come," she said when she was ready. But she really didn't need to give the order because Darling was more than ready. She hollered through her gag as she had a powerful climax unlike anything she'd experienced in weeks. When it was over she slump in her bonds, breathing heavily through her nose. Pauline ungagged her, but before she could say anything she sat on her face.

"Now it's your turn for dessert and to give me pleasure."

Darling stuck her tongue out and started to use it, using all her experience in licking carpet and having hers licked. Pauline moaned and groaned so loud it sounded like hardcore fucking.

"OH YES!" she cried out. "You're even better than I dreamed you'd be! OH GOD YES! THIS IS BLISS!"

Darling actually took some pride in that she was doing such a good job. She kept it up until Pauline came in her mouth.


But her friend cut her off, by giving her a deep, passionate kiss. And when they parted she regagged her again.

"Okay," Pauline said as she tried to regain her composure. "I think it's time for a bath."

She guided Darling to the bathroom and filled the tub halfway. She left and returned with some handcuffs.

"I'm really sorry about using these," she told her. "But I needed something waterproof to restrain you with."

She removed the silk scarf and snapped the handcuffs in place. She also removed the short length of silk cord on her captives ankles to bind them together. She picked Darling up, put her in the tub, and made her sit down. She proceeded to watch her hair, then give her a sponge bath. Darling moaned at the feel of the sponge and washcloth gently rubbed on her skin.

"Isn't this nice?" Pauline said. "Just like when Mommy used to give you a bath when you were little."

Only mom didn't have me bound and gagged, Darling thought. When Pauline was done cleaning her, she got her out the tub, dried her off, and tied her to the towel rack while she took a shower. After the smaller woman was done drying off, she announced it was time for bed.

"We have a busy day tomorrow," she told her sexy friend. "We have a lot to do and I have work the day after that. We're going to have to work out some kind of system."


Pauline shook her head. "I can't do that, Darling. I let you go once and I've regretted every day since. When you left, it broke my heart. So now I'm keeping you with me. We'll be together forever."


"But like I said, I'll take great care of you, better than any slave has ever been cared for. I won't do a thing to hurt you unless it's absolutely necessary and I will give you every bit of pleasure I can possibly give."

Darling looked into her friend's eyes and saw that she meant it.


"It'll be all right," Pauline told her. "Come on. It's bed time."

She took her to the bedroom and tied her spread eagle to the bed, blindfolding her.

"And I have a nice, big orgasm to help you go to sleep," she announced.

The next thing Darling knew, she felt a dildo enter her. Pauline worked it in and out of her gently and lovingly, slowly picking up speed and force as Darling got into it. This is actually felt better than a few times she'd had sex. She moaned as the dildo fucked her, grateful it was her best friend instead of some pervert or psycho. The moans turned out on a yell at the feel of a magic wand vibrator on her clit. She shouted through her gag as the vibrations through her most sensitive area joined the dildo for a grand feeling that filled her entire body. And then she felt Pauline's mouth suckling her nipple and she thrashed in her bonds. At her Mistress's orders, she held for as long as she can, then gave in to an explosion of white hot passion that rocked her whole body. She went limp, barely conscious. She felt Pauline kiss her on the forehead.

"Goodnight, my Darling," she said quietly before plugging the blonde's ears.

Darling felt her friend lay on her and embrace her, using a breast as a pillow. Weak, immobile, blind and deaf, Darling let her mind go blank.

Part 3 (added: 03/21/2011)

When Darling woke up the next morning, the blindfold and ear plugs were already gone and she'd been untied from the bed. A ballgag filled her mouth, short cuffs with a furred lining were on her wrists, which were in front of her, and a strap secured on her ankles.

"Ah good," Pauline said. "I was just about to wake you up."

She was holding a tray of food to serve breakfast in bed.

"You know to be quiet, right?"

Darling nodded. Breakfast smelled to good to say no to.

After she was fed, Pauline asked if she need to use the bathroom. She certainly did. She was just glad that if she had to relieve herself in front of someone, it was her best friend. When she was done pissing

Pauline wiped her pussy with a wet cloth and gave it a little kiss.

"And we'll give you a little time to go poopy," she said. "Because Mistress has some special shopping to do. I have some bondage stuff I've used on myself, but now we need more toys so we can have more fun!"


"Don't worry. I'll just leave you here in the bedroom room. I even cuffed your hands in front of you so you can work the remote to watch some TV and read some books. Other Mistresses would lock you in a cramped trunk, the closet or in the dark, cold basement with a blindfold and your ears plugged, but you get to move some and be comfortable, my Darling. You can even look out the window. It's at an angle that'll give you some privacy while still getting a decent view."

I guess that won't be so bad, Darling thought.

In about an hour she had to shit. When she was done, Pauline flushed the toilet and wiped her ass.

While humiliating, she didn't find her friend-turned-Mistress' touch unpleasant.

"There! Nice and clean!"

Darling felt Pauline's tongue in her rectum and she shouted through her gag.

"Just making sure," the less attractive woman told her with a smile. "Besides, I'd only to that to your sweet anus. It tastes good! Now, I don't know how long I'll be gone, so try to be a good girl while I'm gone. Otherwise I'll have to punish you and restrain you a lot worse."

Darling moaned and nodded. Pauline kissed her on the forehead and left. Darling heard three kinds of locks on the bedroom door and saw that it could only be opened from the outside.

So for the next several hours she tried to pass the time best as she could. She realized she was lucky to get watch television, read and look out the window. She imagined other women in her position weren't nearly as fortunate. But that didn't mean she wanted to stay like this. She'd have to plead for her freedom as soon as she was able. She tried to get out of her bonds, but the buckles for her ballgag and ankle strap were positioned to where she could barely reach them, and when she could she could move her fingers correctly to unbuckle them. She tried a few times, but all she did was tired herself out and work up a thirst. She laid down on the bed and drifted off the sleep.

Pauline returned shortly after she woke up.

"Sorry if I was gone too long," she told her captive. "But there were so many things at the store to look at and I had to do some regular shopping. I bet you're really thirsty."

Darling bobbed her head. Pauline had even gotten her a coke to go from a burger place. It tasted better than any Coke she'd ever drank in her life. When she'd drank her fill she tried to talk her friend into letting her go.


She shouted and struggled as she was regagged. If she could only have a good talk with Pauline she could get out of this. But how could she do that when she wouldn't let her? She swatted at her, but missed. Even as she struggled and shouted, Pauline took the cuffs off, grabbed her arms, put them behind her and forced them into a leather sheath that was secured by straps.

"There!" she said when she was done. "That armbinder should hold you...though I probably should've gotten a different color..."

"AGH GOGH!" Darling shouted through her gag. "PLEEF! LEGH MUGH GURG! PLEEF LUGH MUH GAUH!"

"I've already told you, I can't do that. I just can't. So please don't ask me again. I really don't want to hurt you, but if you keep being so resistant I'll have to."

She got something out of one the shopping bags and pulled out a riding crop. Darling gasped and tensed up at the sight of it. Pauline rubbed her body all over with it, making her shake in fear. She tapped her lightly on the ass and a big breast, actually making her groan.

"You got a good feel for the crop. Now imagine me hitting you with it as hard as I can. It'll hurt. And neither of us wants that. All you can do is be a good slave who does what her Mistress tells her. As you experienced this afternoon, you will get luxeries many slaves don't ever get to experience. All I ask is that me."

Darling looked into her childhood friend's eyes and saw that she had no intention of letting her go. She doubled over, sobbing. Pauline caught her to keep her from falling and held her.

"That's it," she told her. "Let it all out."

When Darling was done crying Pauline gently wiped her face off.

"Doesn't that feel better?"

Darling nodded.

"Good. Because now we're going to have some fun!"

She got out a strap-on dildo. Darling shuddered and gave her Mistress a pleading look.

"Don't worry," Pauline told her reassuringly. "I won't use this on you unless you want it. I want you to use it on me." Her face reddened as she added. "It's my first time."

Darling could've guessed as much. She let Pauline remove the ankle strap and put the strap-on on her. Pauline undressed and started off by kissing and licking her blonde slave all over. She out her hands on the buckle of the ball gag.

"Will you promise not to scream?"

Darling nodded and the gag was removed. She and Pauline exchanged a passionate kiss.

"This is so perfect," Pauline said with a blissful smile. "My first time with you, the person I care about most."

"I-I'll do my best to make it good for you, Mistress," Darling told her, forcing herself to smile.

She had to admit the feel of Pauline hands and mouth felt pretty loving and gentle. And this time she was made to kiss and lick Pauline all over and suck her nipples, making her moan loudly in pleasure.

"Now we need to lubricate each other."

Pauline laid Darling down and they "sixty-nined" each other, the blonde using her tongue on her Mistress' pussy while the brunette sucked the strap-on to get nice and wet.

"OH YES!" Pauline cried out. "You're even better than I imagined!"

"Thank you," Darling said quietly before going back to work.

When they were both lubricated enough Pauline positioned herself on the strap-on. She lowered herself onto it while Darling eased herself into her. Pauline gave a little shout as her hymen was broken. Darling paused to let her body adjust before fucking her. She was slow and gentle at first, and picked up speed as her Mistress told her too.

"Oooohhooohho! That's it! You're so good! Harder! HARDER"

They went at for a while as Pualin had her best friend turned slave fuck her in several positions. The pressure of strap-on's end got to Darling, who soon felt the familiar sensation in her pelvis.

"Can I come, Mistress?" she'd ask.

"Not yet! I want us to come together!"

So the poor blonde had to fight the feelings inside her, feeling like she could lose her mind. Finally,

Pauling gave her permission and they both climaxed to the most powerful orgasm either of them had ever felt. Pauline held her slave tightly and kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you," she said quietly before putting her head on those wonderful breasts and going to sleep.

Darling just cried with what strength she had left until sleep overcame her.

Part 4 (added: 04/17/2011)

The next day was spent with Pauline playing with Darling. She used various toys on her, bound her in many different positions and they gave each orgasm after orgasm.

"We're going to have to get up tomorrow early tomorrow," she told her blond captive when they went to bed. "I have to go to work and we need to make sure you have a good breakfast before I go and restrain you like I did yesterday. But I'll be sure to stop by on my lunch break."

Darling wanted to suggest a different plan, but didn't want to be gagged. So for the next few days they fell into a routine: they'd get up early enough to eat and then Pauline would add handcuffs, a short spreader bar, a butt plug, and chastity belt. She would take a quick shower, kiss Darling goodbye, lock the bedroom door, and leave for work. She'd come back during her lunch hour to eat and feed Darling again and then hurry back to work. When she came home she'd take out the butt plug and give her beautiful slave an enema to give her bowels a good cleaning. They'd play, eat supper, Pauline would bathe Darling and after pleasing each other some more it was time for bed for them to repeat the process the next day.

Darling promised to be quiet to avoid being gagged and did so. Even when she heard a knock at the front door or the phone rang she'd stay quiet, fighting the urge to call for help and silently crying. She'd pass the time by reading, watching TV, or watching what the neighbors were doing while trying not to be seen. While she didn't know as much about BDSM as her friend-turned-Mistress, she did know enough to realize she was getting off easy, living in comfort and mobility she guessed many captives didn't get to enjoy. She was even able to pee at her leisure thanks to a grill in her chastity belt. But she still wanted to be free again. She was like a bird in a big cage with every comfort, but she still wanted to fly. She knew that she couldn't reason with Pauline. She now knew that years of unrequited love, loneliness, and maybe jealousy had given way to obsession. She'd have to try to escape when the opportunity presented itself.

After a week, she got an idea. It was risky, but better than nothing.

"Mistress?" she asked Pauline. "Could I please take a shower unbound? And by myself?"

Pauline studied her intently. "Maybe. What's wrong with me watching you?"

"I...I'd like some privacy, if only for a short time. You've seen me naked all week and have had your mouth and hands on every inch of my body. I'd like some time to myself like I used to have."

The mournful look she wore got to her plain Mistress.

"Okay. You've been such a good girl I guess you deserve something. I suppose it won't hurt anything."

Darling smiled gratefully. "Thank you so much Mistress!"

Darling locked the bathroom door as she went in. She turned the shower on, but didn't get in. She looked at the bathroom's window. It was small and high enough to let in some sunshine and fresh air but keep people from looking in. Darling wasn't even sure if she'd be able to fit, but she had to try. At the very least she could scream for help. She got out the hair dryer and started to smash the window as hard as she could.

"Darling, what's happening in there?"

The blonde didn't answer as she continued to hit the window until it shattered. Behind her, she could hear Pauline hitting the doorknob with something. She brushed the broken glass out of the way and tried to climb out. She didn't care if she didn't have a stitch on or who saw her, she was getting out of here! She was able to get her head and arms through, but got stuck! She pushed against the wall to try and force her body through the window, but all she accomplished was pulling her breasts through just enough to get crushed in the windowsill. She couldn't even get the breath to yell like she had wanted to! She was able to shout and say "Help!", but not as loud as she wanted or needed to. Hell, most of the neighbors probably couldn't hear her over whatever they were watching, playing or listening to.

She heard the door burst open behind her and put all her strength into trying to pull herself free. She kicked her legs as she felt hands grab them, but Pauline was able to get a grip on her ankles and Darling was pulled through the window with a strong tug. She tried to scream as loud as she could, but Pauline crammed the ballgag into her mouth and secured it extra tight. She applied the handcuffs to her captive's wrists and ankles and grabbed her by the hair to drag her to the basement as she struggled and screamed. She dropped her on the floor and then slapped her. Darling looked at her through tears and was surprised to see that she was crying too. But she wore an expression of anger and...betrayal.

"How could you do this to me?!" she snapped. "I took such good care of you and gave you pleasure. I let you do what you wanted while I was away. Used minimal restraints. Do you know what I could've done to you by now? If I wanted to, I could've been raping you like a cheap whore and doing all kind of horrible things to you to make you submit. But I didn't because I love you. But what do you do? You break my window and my hairdryer. And if you'd gotten away, they'd take me to jail...then we'd never be together."

She put a hand on Darling's cheek. The blonde looked at her ex-best friend in confusion and fear. She mewled through her gag and gave her a wide, watery-eyed look that begged for forgiveness. Pauline looked at her intently, trying to decide her fate. She gave a heavy sigh.

"I'm very sorry, Darling," she said sadly. "But I'm going to have to punish you for this. Severely."


"I'm sorry, but you've left me no choice." She sighed again. "The people on the bondage forums told me I'd have to do this, but I so didn't want to. 'I won't have to punish her' I told them. 'She'd never try to leave me. She'll appreciate the treatment I give her.'" She ran her hand down her face. "But now I'll have to make sure you NEVER try something like this again." Her frown grew. "You want to make me the bad guy. Fine. I'll be the bad guy."

Darling moaned and whimpered loudly through her gag, trying to say something to make Pauline forgive her. For moment it looked like she might get to her. But then Pauline got something. The next thing Darling knew, her head was being covered by a latex hood with no eyes and a hole for the mouth. Pauline undid the ballgag to continue pulling the hood down to captive's neck.

"Oh god, Pauly I'm so sor—MMPH!"

A different gag was put in her perfect lips and penis made of rubber filled her mouth. It further silenced her, forced what tongue movement she could make to be like performing fellatio, and even made breathing through her mouth impossible. She felt the handcuffs removed only to have her arms stuffed into the armbinder. The cuffs removed from her legs were replaced by strange leather boots that like a cross between ballet shows and high-heels that forced her feet to curve painfully with a strap applied to her calves. She was perfectly now blind, mute, immobile and perfectly helpless. Pauline stood her up.

"Beautiful..." she said breathlessly, though her voice was muffled by the hood. "Just beautiful."

She got a camera and took some pictures. Then she pushed a little table to Darling and made her lay face down on it with her ass out. She started by spanking her better looking friend with the sound of muffled yells mingled with loud smacks. Then she got the riding crop and the yells turned into screams. She kept it up until Darling's great looking ass was red and swollen and took more pictures. The victim gasped though the nose holes on the hood, crying and drool managing to get past the penis gag.

Pauline stood her perfect slave back up and rolled her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. When they were hard and pointy enough she added the clothespins.


More muffled shouts were heard as Pauline added more clothespins to Darling's large breasts, the loose skin of her stomach and even a few on her pussy lips. She pressed, pulled, poked and flicked them until Darling's entire front glowed and more pictures were taken. After a few minutes of watching Darling writhe and moan she used the riding crop to remove them. Darling hissed and groaned loudly as the clothespins bit into her skin hardest just before they let go and at the feeling of the blood rushing back into circulation. When it was over her breasts, stomach and vag lips were cover with little red bite marks. She was given time to catch her breath before Pauline put a lubricated dildo up her anus, a small vibrator in her pussy set on low, and crotch rope to keep them in place. Darling was put into a trunk, which was locked with multiple locks. It was too small for her to properly struggle and she was too weak to anyway. The little vibe buzzed away, snug in her vagina. Its size and setting weren't enough to get her off, but enough to keep her agitated. And the dildo in her ass didn't help things either. Between these two, the strange boots hurting her feet, and her sore ass and tits, Darling just let her mind go blank. She went in and out of consciousness, especially as the feeling of hunger and thirst joined the other sensations she was experiencing. She cried silently with what strength she had until she ran out of tears.

Part 5 (added: 05/11/2011)

Darling had no idea how much time had passed when she heard the trunk being unlocked. She moaned loudly, begging for her Mistress's forgiveness. The discipline helmet was removed and she saw Pauline's face looking...apologetic as she rubbed her best friend-turned-slave's head and face.

"You know I didn't want to do that, right?" she asked, surprisingly meek.

Darling nodded and tried to mumble an apology.

"Shh, don't try to say anything with that penis gag chocking you. I forgive you. Because that's what friends do. And I'm sorry for taking things so far. I just got...carried away."

She took off the ballet boots and armbinder, removed the crotch rope, dildo and vibrator, and took the penis gag out, and Though she was completely unrestrained, Darling hung her head and stood still, waiting for a command. Pauline put a finger to her chin to hold her head up.

"It's okay," she cooed to her. "I'm going to let you rest and give you some treats. I want to make up hurting you."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Thus she spent most of the day in bed, with Pauling bringing her meals to her, which were recipes she liked. It was times like this when she wondered how much of the girl she'd grown up with was still there. At bath time she was even allowed to bathe herself and soak in the tub. But when it was time for bed...

"On all fours," Pauline told her.

The hot blonde did as she was told. Her hands were put in fingerless mittens and cuffs with D-rings were put on the wrists to make sure they stayed on. A spreader bar was applied to her ankles. She grunted as a butt plug was put into her ankles. It felt like something on it...a tail. A new kind of gag was used. This one covered the lower half of her face and down her neck. Her hair was made into two short pigtails. Pauline latched a leash onto her collar and led her into a small room. The room was empty except for a large dog bed.

"I'm sorry about this, my Darling," the less attractive woman to her captive. "But you still need to be taught a bigger lesson. For the next few days you'll be demoted from pleasure slave to puppy."

Darling didn't even protest at this. She'd bought this on herself. She just cried. Pauline wiped what tears she could away.

"You need to learn to appreciate how good you've had it. Why, I practically pampered you! If I were crueler, you would've spent your time with me being raped and tortured nonstop. But I wanted to give you a good life...because I love you...I realize being a slave isn't a good life, but it doesn't have to be unbearable. I'll give you comfort and protection if you'll give me love. Is that so bad?"

Darling thought about before shaking her head...which was the opposite of what she was thinking. But she didn't want to be tortured again.

"I'm going to leave now. I have some things to take care of and I want you to think about what you did somre."

She closed door as she left, locking it from the outside. On the door was small mirror and a paper with note that read: "I've been a very bad girl". Darling looked at her reflection for a while, thinking over her situation. When she was done she curled up in the dog bed (which was strangely comfortable) and drifted into a fitful sleep.

Darling was stuck in the room for two days. She was given food and water in dog bowls, pissed in a bed pan, and Pauline gave her enemas to deal with her bowels. When Pauline was away Darling had little to do but look in the mirror and read the note. No television. No books. No window. She was now worse off than whens she'd first been captured. Sometimes she would have panic attacks and scream and struggle in her restraints and other times she was cry in sorrow and loneliness. But the worst part was the teasing. Pauline would play with her captive's body with her hands, mouth, vibrators, dildoes, and other implements. She'd take Darling to very edge of ecstacy...but she didn't let her come. Darling was made to give her Mistress orgasm after orgasm, but wasn't alloowed to climax herself. At the end of a session she was left to stew in her pussy juice, sweat and tears.

On the third night Pauline sqautted down and took off her glasses to look her best friend turned slave in the eye.

"Have you thought about what you did?"

Darling nodded.

"Are you sorry?"

Darling nodded, mewling through her gag.

"Do you promise NEVER to try ANYTHING like that again?"

Darling boobed her head, shouting her answer through her gag.

Pauline looked her over before smiling. "That's my girl. And I have good news: I'll never hurt you again like I did. But I will make you into a puppy again and deny you pleasure for punishment."

Darling shook her head. "NNUGH!"

"Well then, don't ever cross me badly do you want come?"


Darling bucked her hips and spread her legs as much as she could.

"Would let me finally use the strap-on on you?"

Darling bobbed her head. She didn't care how or how much it hurt, she needed an orgasm more than she ever had in her whole life. She was led out of the Room and into the bedroom. The bondage mitts were taken off her hands, but her hands were cuffed behind her in with short handcuffs. Pauline sliped into the strap-on dildo. She ungagged Darling.

"Suck it," she said. "We need to get it nice and wet for your pussy!"

Darling took the dildo in her mouth and sucked it greedily. She went up and down its lentgh, licking and slurping it. Drool dribbled down her chin to her chest and down the dildo. Pauline rubbed her head.

"Ohh...watching you do this is so hot. I wish this was a real penis so I could feel those beautiful lips and that tongue..."

For half an hour Darling performed fellatio on the dildo. Her jaw started to get sore when Pauline to her to stop and let her have some water before applying a cleave gag. She put her head at Darling's crotch to lick and kiss her womanhood. And Darling, feeling pent up, got wet in record time.

"It's so perfect down here," Pauline told her. "The smell, the taste, your clit. You have the best pussy in the world...and it's all mine."

When Darling was lubricated enough, Pauline entered her. At first she was slow, gentle and loving. But she increased speed and force as she got into it. Especially with some encouragment.


"Harder? You sure?"



Darling's muffled shouts and screams filled air as Pauline fucked her rough and hard in several positions, bringing her to climax several times. They finally collapsed in a heat, their bodies glistening with sweat, their heads swimming, and gasping for air. Pauline removed that gag to kiss her perfect slave.

"I love you," she told her yet again.

"I love you too, Pauly."

Tears of joy joined the ones of exhaustion and some pain as Pauline held her tightly and drifted to sleep using one those large breasts as a pillow.

The next morning Darling has long cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

"Please, Pauline," she begged. "Please don't gag me. I promise to be quiet."

"...Okay. But with the phone rings or anyone knocks on the door?"

"I'll hide and be quiet."

"Very good. You may watch, oh, two and a half hours of television. You can watch more when you've earned it. And just one book at a time until then too. If you're really good, I might get you an ipod or even let you go on the internet."

"I'll do my best to earn those pivileges, Pauly," Darling said with a little smile.

"I certainly hope so!"

They exchanged a passionate kiss, and Pauline left, locking the bedroom door. She hoped to let Darling go into more rooms and hopefully the rest of the house if she worked for it.

Darling picked up the remote. Then put it down. She better save her TV time for later. She picked up one of Pauline's many books of bondage erotica and started to read. Reading it, she could see what happened to Pauline's mind. Her hand snaked toward her pussy...she quickly pulled it back. Pauline didn't like for her to masterbate. She had even threatened to get a chastity belt. Darling controlled herself best as she could as she read the exciting, fascinating, at times bizarre events in the world of BDSM. Her vagina belonged to Pauline. Her less attractive friend would be the only person to please her from now on and vice versa. After all they were best friends...forever...

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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