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Author's Note: My first story your feed back is encouraged!! If positive feed back, I will continue the story.

Update (06/17/11): Second installment in the story, I will continue with positive feedback

Part 1

The sub woke up one morning tied to an exam table. The sub wondered how it had come to be in this predicament, but knew it ultimately was not his to question. After all, it had been in the service of the madam for some time and the sub did not possess any free will to question her judgment as to what the sub was due.

Examining the room, the sub saw shelves full of medical instruments, and various gadgets as well as several cabinets. Lying totally restrained the sub carefully examined the instruments wondering what which would be used upon the subs body. The instruments immediately recognizable include a large enema bag that was bulging attached to an iv rack at the foot of the table. The bag was elevated quite high and must have contained at least a gallon of substance. Attached to the bag was a colon tube that had to be at least 5' long and over a " in diameter. The Madam had used colon tubes on the sub before, but never one of this size. The sub also quick noticed the eros-tech machine and a tray full of various electrodes. As the sub continued the survey of the room, the door suddenly opened.

The unknown entrant was a statuesque madam dressed in a corset with garters and stockings. She quickly blindfolded the sub. All of a sudden the sub felt what had to be the colon tube as it began to slide inside the subs neither regions. The madam expertly worked the tube deeper and deeper until she reported it was fully inserted in his back side. She then turned released the clamp and the sub heard the door close. Due to the high nature of the bag, the flow was rapidly creating pressure and the sub begged for mercy, but none came to him. The bag eventually emptied but this left the sub in great need to evacuate with no means to do so. After what seemed like eternity, the madam finally reentered the room and slowly began removing the colon tube so the sub could get its much need relief.

After a couple of more enemas to confirm the sub was clean, the madam inserted a very large anal probe and inserted a sound in the subs urethra. Next thing the sub new, the madam applied electricity that raced back and forth between the anal probe and the sound all the way to the tip of the subs worthless little dick. As the sub attempted to adjust to the muscle spasms in his lower region, the madam stood over it on the table and let flow a beautiful golden stream, soaking the sub in her lavish nectar. She then instructed the sub to properly clean the madam and promptly sit on his face to receive her tongue bath.

The madam then removed the anal probe and replaced the second connection point with a ring around the base of the sub's dick. The Madam also took the time to place the sub's scrotum in very tight rope bondage to make sure there was plenty of pressure on its testicles. A couple of quick smacks to make sure they were securely bond and the madam moved away. The sub was laying there, still totally restrained, wondering what was coming next......of course it was not long until that query was answered.

All of a sudden, the sub felt the something enter his backside. It quickly realized it was the madam's hand as he felt two then three and then four of the madam's finger and then the thumb working deeper and deeper into his backside The sub was sure the madam was going to tear it wide open, but it knew the madam knows best and would not do irreparable damage to her sub. All of a sudden, when the sub thought it could take no more, relief arrived as the pressure was dramatically reduced when the madam's hand cleared the sphincter and slid fully inside. The sub was amazed at how full it felt with the madam's hand continuing to work deeper and deeper into its bowels. Between the full feeling and the electro assault on its dick, the sub uncontrollable experienced an orgasm.

The madam was quite unhappy with the sub for orgasming without permission and quickly removed her arm untied the sub and moved him to the middle of the room. There the sub was put in full rope bondage and suspend with an electric hoist in such a way to leave all tender surfaces accessible and his hole fully exposed. The sub was then flogged for his disobedience, and all of a sudden realized there was a second person in the room as it felt what has a very large object slide inside and began milking the prostate gland to "rob the sub of any more orgasms." The flogging continued for what seemed like eternity and when they duo was done they left the sub hanging in the bondage with the electricity still shooting through its tiny dick and its anal cavity invaded by the large heavy milking object. As the sub hung he wondered what could come next... then... the duo returned and removed the blind fold.....what the sub saw scared it beyond belief. The madam had a strap-on that was the size of the subs upper arm and her assistant was holding a tray of very large sounds. As the sub begged for mercy, the madam leaned in and said...

Part 2 (added: 06/17/2011)

What I have in store for you will make you think twice before you do anything like that again without permission. The sub looked at the madam with fear in its eyes, but knew better than to object. Madam lowered the sub to the ground, and with the help of her trusty assistant, moved him to the gyno table now setting in the middle of the room. Once there, the sub was strapped to the table and spread wide. The sub was fully exposed for the Madam's enjoyment.

Madam first inserted a sound in the sub's little dick that was nearly a half an inch in diameter. The sensation was like fire shooting through the subs body as Madam slowly worked the sound deeper and deeper into the sub's body. Finally, stepping back to admire her work, Madam professed the sound was fully inserted. Madam grabbed a piece of rope and fully encased the subs dick from top to bottom, having used a small hood to make sure the sound could not escape from its fully inserted location.

Then, as the sub was finally beginning to adapt to the pain resonating from its dick, it felt the strap-on pressing against his anus. Finally, the sub thought he could take no more and began to beg Madam for leniency. However, none was to come to the sub. Madam, becoming rather annoyed with the sub, shoved a pair of her soiled panties into his mouth to dampen its cries for mercy. Then, watched in total disbelief as Madam, with the enormous strap-on looming, move between the its widely spread legs. Next thing it knew, the sub felt Madam's largeness push against his backside. Madam began to work the monster inside of the sub. The sub was sure he could not open this wide as he had never taken anything of this magnitude before.

Then suddenly, Madam thrust forward and the sub felt like it had been split in half as the giant dong entered his back side. The pain made the sub completely forget about the pain in its dick from the stretching caused by the sound. Tears welled in the subs eyes as he realized that the Madam was not going to stop the punishment anytime soon.

Madam began working the monster deeper and deeper into the sub. As she steadily stroked away, she told the sub that this is the punishment due to disrespectfully subs who allow themselves orgasms without seeking permission from their owners. The sub was now deeply into subspace as the line between pain and pleasure had completely vanished. The sub knew it was not supposed to derive any pleasure from the punishment it was receiving, but it could not help itself.

Madam, realizing the sub was enjoying her punishment, was not happy. Madam informed the sub that since it was obviously deriving pleasure from the Madam's menstruations, she would take his punishment to the next level. At this point, the sub knew it had really messed up and was afraid of what was about to come......

Madam released the sub from the bindings of the gyno table and directed it to stand with its hands behind its head in the middle of the room. Unbeknown to the sub, it was standing on a turntable. Madam brought out a large freestanding roll of shrink wrap. Next thing the sub knew, Madam was rapidly spinning it around and around as the wrap tightly bound the sub to the point it could not move. Then, Madam wrapped the subs face just as tightly. Madam had never taken the sub's ability to breathe before, and the sub was mortified as it gasped for air in a vain attempt to breathe through the plastic wrap. The sub was getting light headed and realized this may be the ultimate punishment...

The sub awoke, totally disorientated wondering what had happened, but very thankful to be alive. However, it quickly realized that the shrink wrap was still firmly in place as the sub could not move or see anything through its bindings. The sub could breathe through its nose, but its mouth was completely sealed off. The sub also realized it was hanging upside down in some sort of a rope sling. No sounds were present in the room and the sub had nothing to do but wait and see what was to come next.

After what seemed like hours, Madam reentered the room and welcomed the sub back to consciousness. She leaned down and told the sub "I hope you know realize that you are here for my amusement and pleasure, NOT YOURS, and that if you misbehave again, you may not wake up." The sub attempted to nod its head but quickly realized that its head was fixed to something running up its back and was totally immobile. The sub could still feel the pain in both of its orifices from the extreme stretching done to it in the earlier session and hope and prayed its punishment was complete.

Madam lowered the sub to the floor and quickly began removing the wrapping. The sub felt great relief, and fear of what may come next, as its body was allowed to breath for the first time in what had to be hours, maybe days.

Madam then lowered herself over the sub, sat directly on his face and demanded it open its mouth and began servicing her. As the sub opened his mouth, the Madam released a golden stream directly on cue. Madam told the sub, your punishment can end here, if you do not spill a single drop of my nectar.

The sub tried mightily to drink the gift provided by Madam, but to no avail. Her lavish stream overflowed from its mouth and began running down the side of its face. The sub was terrified of what was in store for this latest disappointment.

Madam, stood up and looked at the sub in total disbelief. You cannot even mange to receive a gift when I provide it to you you worthless existence of a sub. I thought I was done with you, but it is now clear that my ministrations are not getting working on you. Obviously I will have to take your training to the next level.

All of the equipment was removed from the subs body and the Madam again left the room leaving the sub laying on the floor terrified of what was coming next...

Being unbound for the first time in what had to be two days, the sub longed to get up and stretch its sore muscles, but was terrified that Madam would come back in and disapprove of his getting up from the floor. However, after much time had passed, the sub could no longer resist his desire and he got up and began walking around the room. He stopped to inspect some of the medical equipment located near the gyno table......just as Madam walked in.

Who gave you permission to get up from the floor screamed Madam. The sub quickly dropped to his knees and begged for leniency. Will, since you are so interested in the medical equipment I have, I will show you just exactly how it all works. I rarely use most of this equipment because it can result in permenant damage if something goes wrong. But my pitiful little sub, you obviously deserve anything that may happen for your repeated failures to properly serve your master.

The sub was mortified, Madam had never done anything beyond an enema to it before and it had never seen many of the instruments Madam was pulling out...

Get on the table screamed Madam. As the sub jumped to the table, Madam quickly bound its arms to the extended arms and its feet in the stirrups. With this, the sub was again fully exposed, and totally immobile. Madam first pulled out several needles and removed them from their sealed wrapping. Madam grabbed the subs right nipple, and pulled it away from its body and pushed a long needle just under the nipple until it came out the other side. A second needle was inserted ninety degrees from the first. Then two more were placed on 45 degree angels. The same was done to subs left nipple.

The sub screamed when the first needle was shoved through its tender aurora, and was reduced to sobbing by the time all eight needles were in place.

Well my humble little sub, this seems to have gotten your attention. It is really too bad that I had to go this far to break you and I only wish I could be sure I have gone far enough. However, I am not going to take any chances with you, therefore your punishment is going to continue to escalate for the remainder of the evening. If you do not disappointment again tonight, you will be rewarded and relieved of continued punishment.

The sub breathed a sigh of relief, thinking it was near the end. However, it was thinking the worse was over, it observed madam pull out another set of needles, these ones being over four inches long... tears welled in the subs eyes terrified of where these were going to be put.

Madam, seeing the subs fear leaned in close and whispered these needles are for your little dick. .Terrified, the sub attempted to thrash about hoping to get free... to no avail.

Madam approached the sub with the first needle saying you can continue to move about, but it will cause you excruciating pain if you continue to move while I am inserting the needles. Terrified, the sub stopped moving as the first needle touched its skin.

You are going to feel a small pinch right about now, as the first needle passed through the subs dick just below the head. The sub screamed in pain, as he felt the second needle just below the first... and began getting light headed... and passed out from the pain. It awoke to Madam standing over him waiving a _________ under its nose. You really think you are going to escape your punishment that easily, retorted Madam. Well my dear sub, you are sadly mistaken. I have over here another twenty needles that I intend to insert in your worthless little dick and scrotum. I will not insert any of them while you are unconscious. If you pass out again, I will merely wait for you to wake up so you can experience the full extent of your punishment. Do you understand.

The sub nodded its head in disbelief to terrified to do anything else. Then, the third needle was inserted near the base of its dick. Ths sub screamed again and began begging the madam for her mercy. Mercy was not in the cards.

Madam next selected a four inch long needle and slowly passed it through the subs scrotum, crossing in front of the left testical and behind the right. A second third and forth were also inserted in such a way as to pin and stretch the subs testes in a manner that caused further pain.

Madam, standing bag and admiring her work said, well my little dear, I now have the perfect hanger for a few weights just so you do not forgot that those needles are in place. With that, Madam took a piece of rope and began looping it over the exposed in the needles. Madam affixed a weight to the end of the rope and gave the rigging a quick tug to make sure it was securely in place. The sub screamed out as it felt like the needles ripped through its scrotum. Now now, remember my dear pet, you do not want to disappoint me tonight...

With that Madam finished placing the remaining needles through the subs dick, making a perfect ladder of needles. Once complete, Madam formed two small nooses from rope and placed them under the four needles in each nipple. The other ends of the ropes were attached to the overhead hoist. Madam used the hoist to pull the ropes to the point they were taunt and the sub was attempting to lift of the table.

Madam took out a very long piece of thin string and fixed a loop in one end of it. At the head of the gyno table there were two poles one on either side about six feet apart. The loop was placed over the right side of the needle at the base of the sub's dick and then placed around the left pole, continuing around the right pull and looped over the second needle up on the left side. This process was continued until each of the 16 needles was being pulled from one side.

See here my little sub, with this setup, I can literally tear your little dick to shreds. With that, she gently pulled on a pole in the middle that caused the ropes to pull the alternating needles in opposite directions. The sub felt the torsion immediately and cried out more in fear than pain. Madam released the pressure allowing the needles to return to the neutral position.

Now that I have your attention, I am going to try out my newest toy. The sub watch in fear as Madam pulled reached into the cabinet and pulled out a large wooden box. As it opened, the sub realized the new toy was a scope used for a colonoscopy. The sub had had the procedure before, but was always sedated.

See the fear in the subs eyes, Madam said do not worry my dear, I have read the instruction manual with a laugh. I sure hope it is as simple as the claim. With that, Madam began inserting the scope. At first, the sub was indifferent to the intrusion, after all, the earlier treatment was much worse than the scope.

However, as the scope continued to make its inward intrusion, the sub began to feel sever cramps and pain. Each involuntary movement caused the ropes tied to the needles to send pain shooting through the subs tender regions. Madam looked up at the sub and reported we are only half way to the end of the scope, you may want to try taking a few deep breaths. As the sub tried to breath through the pain, Madam continued to push further and further inside of its body. The sub could feel the probe continuing to move through its bowels and the excruciation pain that came with it.

THERE madam proclaimed, it is fully inserted!!!! With that Madam taped the scope so it could not slip out and left the room. Madam returned shortly thereafter with a camera and took several photos of the sub, including many close ups of the intricate work she had done with the needles and rope. These pictures well be placed in a book for you to review each time you come to visit me. I want you to remember the consequences of being a disobedient slave. Now, I want you to lay here and reflect on the punishment you have received tonight.

Madam left again, leaving the sub to think about the punishment and how long it was going to take to recover. The sub was terrified the needles may result in permanent damage and wonder what life would be like if it was to lose the ability to climax or achieve an erection. Would this be the end of any sexual gratification...

Some time, Madam returned and began to free the sub. First, she slowly removed the scope, stopping to working in and out every time the sub winced. Hopefully a little more pain will remind you of just how sadistic I can be she stated at each juncture. Next, the hoist holding the nipples out was lowered, the rope removed and each needle slowly withdrawn from the subs body. Madam than cut the ropes tied to the needles on the subs dick and slowly removed the remaining needles. The sub was still in pain, but relieved to have the offending implements removed from its body. Thinking the worse was over the sub took a sigh of relief just as Madam splash alcohol on the open wounds. The sub screamed out in pain and as the world began to fade away...

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