Starting a Life on His Own
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Author's Note: Summary: A young man leaves home in search of an exciting new life in full bdsm style. Of course he gets more then he expected, all along the lines of 'be careful what you wish for'. The story is in solid fantasy realm; do not try this at home! Things in here go well beyond what would be humanly possible. See my personal information for more on this Fantasy' thing v.s. reality...

Like my first story (Madame Justine), this too has an open ending. Feel free to dream...

Starting a life on his own.

"Submissive male student, 18, looking for room, boarding and sexual slavery in Amsterdam...

As of September this year, I hope to start at the university, and I am looking for a place to stay. I dream about bdsm, and I would love to rent a room from a dominant couple. I have no experience but I will do anything. Preferably 24/7...

Can anyone help me make my dreams come true?"


Karel sat behind his computer, his heart pounding, his balls tingling with a mixture of fear and excitement. Should he? His trembling hands moved the mouse towards the 'send' button. He shivered. He was naked, but the room was warm and he was sweating. It was not cold that made him shiver. His feet and knees were tied to the legs of his chair, keeping his legs wide and him down. A small vibrator was buzzing in his ass and his cock was twitching and dripping pre-cum. He had been playing and teasing himself all afternoon and evening, making himself almost cum numerous times. By now he was so horny he might even gather enough courage to send the personal to the kinky dating site.


Was it just a twitch of his finger, or a decision? Karel wasn't sure, but this was it, the bait was out...

'Wait for the program to redirect...'

His personal appeared on the screen. He did it! Most of his wanking fantasies had been centred on life as a slave. Slave to a couple, serving them, getting used by them, ordering him about. This might be an historic moment in his life, the first step into realising his fantasies. If it worked...

He had aced his primary exams, and he was confident he would do well enough at his finals as well. His parents had agreed to his impending departure with the scarcely hidden relief he had expected. They were financial high flyers, always on the road or rather in the air, flying to New York or Bangkok or wherever there was a deal to be closed. For the last few years he had more or less raised himself with a little help from Monique, the housekeeper. Once he would move out, he would probably be lucky to seen his parents once a year, and that was fine as far as he was concerned.

Their absence had made his life easy and allowed him to experiment to his heart's content. The housekeeper would only be in during morning hours, and most of the time they would just exchange little notes about daily routines. Had Karel not been a shy nerd, he might have had the time of his life with all this freedom. Parties, friends over, girls... But Karel had only a few friends, and they were not even close friends. He preferred to spend most of his time alone, watching porn on the web, with endless wanking sessions, trying out self bondage and self torture. The one thing missing was real sex. He had tried to invite a call girl once, but that had been a dud. She arrived, took one look at him and told him she was not into kids. Call me in 10 years, she had said, and left. Although now turning 18, he had never made out, had sex with or even kissed a girl. Looking at his ad, he wondered if he should have mentioned his 'virgin' state. Ah well, too late now, and he'd better wait to see what this would do.

The first reaction came within 20 minutes, and Karel could not believe his luck. A couple, very interested! Yes!!!

'Go to chat, turn on your webcam!'

The other side did not show a webcam, and a first drop of doubt fell. Despite his eagerness, Karel was not all that naïve, and when the first order was to move back his chair to show himself completely, he refused. The other side immediately turned rude, and after more of his refusals logged out. It was a could shower, and only the first in a long line to follow.

A week and well over 20 mails later, Karel was ready to believe the bdsm scene was entirely made up by fat old geezers trying to get him nude in front of a webcam. Some would be as direct as the first, others would take 2 or 3 mails to build up to that point. Most would not open their own webcams, and those who did made Karel wish they hadn't. Sometimes mails would appear to be from women, but no proof would ever be given. He was starting to think this entire escapade would lead to nothing. The first few days, Karel took the trouble of getting into 'the right mind' before checking the responses, undressing and tying himself to his chair, but that soon wore off. After those first few days he would just spend time behind the computer in his usual way, searching for porn while slowly masturbating, trying not to cum too soon. Every now and again he would check his mail and just glance at the new messages.


Ready for another disappointment, Karel opened the mail that just arrived.

'We are interested. Please call xxxxxx and ask for Mrs. De Witt. For your own safety, please use a prepaid cell phone to insure your own anonymity and safety. We are doing the same.'

Karel frowned. He had received several 'call me' mails, but none like this. And none telling him to ask for a Mrs... He wondered if he would be able to determine if a voice was genuinely female, but at least this one bothered to mention his safety. It was worth a try. He grabbed his phone, looked at it and hesitated. Wait and buy a pre paid tomorrow, just for this? He shrugged and dialled the number.

'Hello?' A man's voice. Karel's heart sank.

'Is Mrs. De Witt there?' His own voice was a little shrill and Karel realised he was more nervous then he thought.

'Just a moment Sir...'

'Hello?' A Woman! A real woman! No doubt whatsoever! It left Karel speechless for a second.

'Hello...? Hello...?'

'I... urhm... Hello Miss, I am Karel...'

'Ah, Karel, hi! Nice to hear from you so fast!' The voice seemed amused. 'Sounds like you were really waiting for us, weren't you?'

'Err. No Miss, uhm I mean... I was just... Yes Miss...' Karel felt a blush growing, he was totally overwhelmed and wished he could stop stammering like an idiot.

'Take it easy Karel, I understand this is a bit weird. There is quite a difference between fantasising and things getting real... Are you for real Karel?'

'Yes Miss, yes I am! It's just, uhm, err, I just don't know...'

'That's ok Karel, don't worry,' the voice on the other side still sounded amused. 'I know first contacts are a bit awkward, and I know it will get even worse when we are to meet. I would suggest meeting as fast as possible Karel. Better to get it over with. We would like to see you in person as soon as possible, just to talk things over. Would you be able to meet us tomorrow?'

'In Amsterdam Miss?' Suddenly Karel felt slightly sick with tension. 'I errm.. I am not sure...'

'I would like to meet in some public place Karel, just to talk a little. Safe for you and for us. You know the restaurant at Central Station in Amsterdam?'

'Yes Miss.' A wave of relief swept through Karel. 'I can be there from 11 am onward Miss.'

'Wonderful! 11 it is! And don't worry too much Karel, we will just have a little chat to get to know each other, nothing more. Allright?'

'Yes Miss. Uhm, how do we, err...'

You will recognise us Karel. I will be dressed in green, completely in green. Bright green hat, dark green overcoat, green dress. My husband will be in a black 3 piece suit. We will be at a table somewhere in the back. We won't know you, so you can even back out once you see us. Sounds ok?'

'Yes Miss, thank you Miss, sounds perfect.' Karel's relief resounded in his voice. They were making it easy for him, they actually seemed to care! 'Miss?'

'Yes Karel?'

'I... I am rather shy, and not that much of a talker in real life Miss. Would it be ok if I send you a mail tonight? I think I would be able to write things down more freely in a mail Miss. I would like to explain a few things Miss.'

A short silence fell.

'Yes, why not? Yes, if that is easier for you, why not?' Another short silence followed. 'You know what? Write down your fantasies, no matter how wild. I know the difference between real life and fantasy, and I know how crazy some men can get in their fantasy. Don't worry about shocking me, there is little you can come up with that I have not thought of myself.' Karel could hear the smile in her voice again. 'I will look at my mail tomorrow morning, so take all the time you need writing it Karel.

'Yes Miss, thank you Miss...'

'Alright then, Karel, see you tomorrow... Save this phone number, so you can let us know if you are late or if there's any hick up. Goodnight Karel...'

'Goodnight Miss...'

Karel sat, staring at his trembling hand holding the phone. Dear god, it was going to happen...

Four months later.

It was a hot august Saturday. As the taxi drove off, Karel turned, put his suitcase on the ground and looked at the numbers. It was the first time he laid eyes upon the grand canal house of the De Wit's, and it was impressive. Just one number, no added A, B or II and III. One huge, four story building, all for one couple. Three old and worn stone steps led up to a dark green door with brass fittings and a stained glass window. From his one meeting with his future Doms, he already knew they were pretty well off, but this was more then he expected. He looked at his watch. 15 minutes early. Should he... Being late would be very wrong, but being exactly on time would probably be better then being early. Karel decided to wait. Slowly and rather cautious he sat down on his suitcase. The windows were too dark to see anything inside the house...

During the months leading up to this moment, they had kept him quite busy. The first meeting, at the train station's restaurant had gone better then he had expected. Mrs and Mr De Witt had been very friendly and they had talked about his wildest sexual fantasies with a casualness that most people would use for school, work or holidays. After the first few moments it had felt surprisingly easy and natural, and quite a relief to talk to them. By the time he went home again, he had been floating on a cloud of joy and relief. It was going to happen!

After that first meeting, he had not seen them again, but there had been a continuous stream of mail since then. At first they had been asking endless questions. Would he like this, would he like that? Would he be prepared to do this or that, even if he did not like it? What were his most extreme fantasies? What if anything would be possible? Could he dream up even more extreme things? And more even extreme?

In between all the sexual questions there had been questions about his study and his life in general. What about his study? Had he ever thought about marriage and kids? How did he see his future? Within weeks, Karel felt they probably knew him better than anyone else in the world. They told him he could make a 'light' move. They would furnish the room, he just had to send his personal belongings and clothes ahead, so when the day of his move came, he could travel light.

And then the training had started. They had agreed on that during their first meeting, much to Karel's delight. They would give him a primary training by mail. It would give him a chance to adopt and get used to following orders. Building up slowly, they had given him instructions on things he had to do to himself. He had been instructed to sleep flat on his back, his hands and feet hooked into ropes that were tied to the head and foot board of the bed, every night. He had gotten used to that, and to raising at 6 and going to bed at midnight, sleeping less than he was used to. They made him drink his own pee and lick vibrators clean that had been up his ass. He had beaten his ass black and blue with ping pong bats, wooden spoons and a leather belt. He had worn more and more weights dangling from his balls and nipples. He had even gone out and walked through his home town, wearing a long coat with 2 pounds dangling from his balls and half a pound from each nipple clamp underneath. He had been giving himself enema's, growing bigger in quantity and time held in.

And they had taken control over the most important thing. They had told him when to cum and when not to cum. Basically he was only allowed to cum when ordered. They had even given specific instructions on how to cum from now on.

'Kneel down, spread your legs wide. Use left hand, thumb and middle finger only. Wank slowly, one pull per second. Keep this up in a steady pace, do not quicken or slow down, and let go of your cock as soon as you start to shoot your cum... Lick up cum.'

It had begun with allowing him relief 3 times a day; when he woke up, at noon (even when at school), and before going to bed. That sounded like enough, but for a hormone packes Karel it had meant serious blue balls on a regular base. Later they upped it to 5 times, and the last 6 weeks they had even raised it to 10 times a day, every even hour, on the hour exactly. It had solved the problem of his blue balls, and replaced that by a temporary problem of getting up to the task at hand. The last increase had pretty much turned wanking and sex into a full time task. At first he had trouble getting there at the afternoon and evening, but his body had adjusted. By now his cock would harden automatically, dripping pre-cum as the designated wanking moment approached, even when it was the 8th or 10th time of the day. Even now, nervous as he was, he could feel his cock twitch and grow hard. Almost 4 o'clock...

Karel raised to his feet. Time... He walked to the door, his heart pounding. As a carillon started to chime in the distance, he rang the doorbell. The door opened up like someone had been waiting behind it. It was Mr De Wit, bearing a wide grin.

'We saw you sitting and wondered if your courage would fail you in the last few yards... Its good to see you again Karel, come right in. Lets go to your room first, get rid of your stuff.' Mr De Witt led the way to the stair case and up. 'And here we are...' With a broad gesture, the man opened the door to Karel's new room.

Karel was impressed. It was a large, bright room, beautifully furnished. All his belongings were already in place, in fact the room looked like he was already living there. An old book case held his books and several knickknacks, there was a stereo with a cd-rack, an tv and dvd player, everything. On a grand old writing desk, a lap top showed a slow twirling screensaver. The bed... Karel froze, a shiver running down his spine. Fear and excitement rushed through his body. On the bed lay several leather items. He recognised wrist and ankle cuffs. There was also something complicated, made up from wide and narrow leather bands. A body harness? Despite his apprehension, he could feel his cock growing again. He stood motionless, uncertain what to do next.

'You can skip your 4 o'clock task for now, Karel.' As the man mentioned his standing order, Karel felt a blush starting to heat his face. 'Leave your suitcase, you can unpack later. Undress, take a short cold shower and then put those leathers on. You can come down once you are done.'

Karel stood frozen, his mind a turmoil, and when the man touched his shoulder lightly, he nearly jumped. The touch make him look at the man, and his gaze was met by a broad smile and a wink. 'Don't worry, just lets get it over with, Karel. Once you have started, it will be great. Change and come down. The door to the living will be open.'

When Karel arrived at the bottom of the stairs, he stopped for a moment, trying to catch his breath. He was panting and his heart was pounding like he had run a mile. By now he almost felt like passing out. The shower had done little to cool him down, and getting geared up had taken him way too long, he expected. Although the cuffs had been easy enough, trying to figure out how to get the complicated body harness on with trembling fingers had taken forever. He still wasn't sure he had it right, the thing had numerous clasps, buckles, rings and holes, and he had only found use for a few of them. There was a crotch belt with separate holes for his cock and his balls, and both holes had been rather small. Especially getting his balls through the small hole had been quite a painful chorus. But he was not even sure he got it right; the holes seemed to be in the wrong place, too low, to far back. The only plus had been the smooth, rounded rings that lined the holes, so the leather did not cut too painfully into his flesh. His half erect cock, which also had to be squeezed through the hole with a lot of force, was now pointing more downward then normal, and his balls were pulled back between his legs uncomfortably. He could not even hold his legs together and had to walk with O-legs. He felt stupid. An nervous. And very excited. He stepped through the open door.

'There you are... Welcome Karel, come right in!' Mrs. De Witt was sitting on a large couch, and put some papers she had been reading to rest, smiling at him. 'Come, stand here before me... Hmmm, wonderful...'

Karel felt like he was floating in space. Mrs. De Witt looked breathtaking. She was dressed in a light summer dress that flowed down her body like a waterfall. She was slim, almost petite, with wonderful breasts that looked like a young girl. She was clearly not wearing anything underneath, and he could see her nipples pressing bumps into the fabric. Suddenly he realised how he was staring at her, and he turned beet red as he diverted his eyes to the floor. He could hear Mrs. De Witt the smile in her voice as she spoke again.

'Hmmm, it looks like you are glad to be here, I think.' She extended her arm. 'Move a little closer... yes...'

As her outstretched hand touched his penis, Karel shuddered as his cock jumped up, suddenly rock hard. He looked down, his eyes wide open in shock. She just touched it with the tip of her finger, ever so lightly tapping it. With each touch Karel felt like exploding, and when she started to slide her finger in little circles over his pee hole, he could feel the first drops of precum escaping. He gasped for air.

'You haven't had your 4 o'clock yet, have you?' He could hear her amusement again, and somehow it took the edge off his embarrassment.

'... uk...' He tried to answer, but his voice pretty much refused to comply.

'That's ok karel, I like you to be horny. But don't cum now, just keep it in... It will be so much better later on...'

Her slowly moving finger, spreading his now copiously flowing pre-cum all over his dick head drove him nuts. Clutching his buttocks and fighting his urge to thrust forward, Karel fought his pending orgasm.

'Oooooaaaaah.' His voice, failing him before, now just forced the moan out. Mrs. De Witt giggled and withdrew her hand, leaving his bloated cock twitching and dripping long strings of pre-cum.

'Step back Karel. Let's finish your gear first.' She nodded towards her husband.

Mr. De Witt stepped forward and started to check Karel's leather outfit. First thing he did was add a large collar that rested on top of the narrow collar of the body harness. The massive collar was pulled tight, forcing his head up. It was 2 inch wide at the narrowest point, and made from several layers of leather, making it almost half an inch thick and stiff as steel. The man now started to adjust the harness and redid one buckle after the other. Slowly it dawned on Karel that this harness was not just for looks. With each adjustment it became more uncomfortable. Soon the hole in his crotch belt were not a little too far down, but a lot too far down and back. His cock was now forced to point straight down despite its full erection. It hurt, and Karel could feel every heart beat pounding in his cock. His balls had been pulled even further back, feeling like they were pulled up between his ass cheeks, stretching his scrotum painfully and putting tremendous pressure on his balls. The wide belt around his waist revealed the secret of several mysterious clasps; as they were pulled, the belt decreased a full 3 inches in size, acting like a very tight corset. Karel gasped as the air was forced out of him. Tight leather belts around his chest pressed it out, almost making him look as if he had A-cup sized tits. Next, Mr. De Witt took his wrist cuffs, hooked short chains onto them, and locked the other end of the chains to one of the rings on his collar. It forced his hands up to chest level.

The final surprise came as Mr. De Witt started to fumble at the crotch belt in the region of his ass hole. It turned out the belt that pressed his ass cheeks wide had another hole to be opened. Karel felt something thin and blunt getting pressed against his sphincter, and then something wet, cold and slippery squirted up his ass. Lube! While Karel was still realising this, he could already feel something slightly bigger getting pressed against his hole. A small egg shape slid in with remarkable ease, leaving only a small cord emerging from his ass. Karel felt it slither up his ass like a suppository. A little black box on the other end of the cord was simply hooked onto his waist band. Mr. De Witt stepped back. His wife had been watching the whole procedure with keen intrest.

'Now then, Karel, Lets see how this all works.' Mrs. De Witt took a small remote control and pushed a button. Karel gasped and then froze, his eyes wide in shock. In his ass the small egg had started to vibrate. It was just a light tremble, not even a normal vibrator's buzz, but the effect was unbelievable. It felt like the vibrations went straight to his cock and balls, bringing him to the edge of an orgasm in one second. The vibration stopped.

'Ughhherrr...' The stiff collar made it impossible for him to look down, but he could feel his cock throb and twitch on the verge of an orgasm. His hands grappled thin air and hips jerked uncontrollably as he stared at Mrs. De Witt in awe. She laughed.

'O oh... I think you are pretty close, aren't you Karel?'

'Uh err... Don't... Yes Miss...' Karel did not recognize his own voice. It was just a hoarse whisper.

'Hmmm, you are messing up my floor boy...'

The collar prohibited him from looking down, so Karel tried to bend forward to see.


Bending forward was not a good idea. The crotch belt got pulled back as he moved his upper body forward, and his balls were yanked back even further. With bulging eyes Karel straightened up again. Mrs. De Witt laughed out loud.

'Careful Karel, you will need some time to get used to it. But don't worry, it will grow on you soon enough. I think it is time for your first assignment. Here, take these...'

Mrs. De Witt took up the papers she had been reading when he entered. She held them out, but way to low for Karel's pulled up hands to reach. He hesitated for a second, then realised what she wanted him to do. Slowly, biting his lips, he bend at his hips, lowering his upper body so he could take the papers. The movement put an horrible strain on his balls, and he whimpered. As he reached the papers and took them, he saw Mrs. De Witt's face, smiling and glowing in satisfaction and excitement. She was loving it, and he was doing well! With a sight of relief he straightened out again.

'Good boy! These are excerpts from your mails. I have collected parts that excited me most from all your wishes and dreams and fantasies. I think you will be a wonderful slave, and I love your imagination... Now I want you to go to your room, and start working on a little speech. In a few hours, we will come up to your room, and you are going to tell us what you want and dream about. I want you to include all the things that I have selected. Make it into some kind of introduction on yourself. Use the laptop the write it all down, and print it so you can read it from paper.' Mrs. De Witt smiled. 'If you need some inspiration, you can check the movie file that is on the lap top. We have made a little movie for you, as a surprise. It will give you a little glimpse of the future... You have until 8 tonight, that should give you all the time you need to make something good. Oh, and one more thing: don't have an orgasm...'

'Yes Miss' Karel's voice was still a hoarse whisper. As he turned to leave the room, he could feel his balls getting crushed again between his thighs. For a second he stopped and whimpered, then, moving very carefully, he started to make his way up to his room. Mr. De Witt had been right. His anxiety had already evaporated completely in the excitement of becoming a true slave.

In his room, Karel learned the body harness prevented him from any way of sitting down on the chair behind the desk. No matter how he moved, his cock and balls would always be the lowest point, and sitting down would crush them. Besides, bending at the hips to sit down nearly ripped off his balls. After some trying, he just kneeled behind the desk and raised his hands to reach the computer key board. At the first touch, de screensaver disappeared, revealing an almost blank screen. There were only a few icons. His curiosity won, and the first thing he did was clicking the movie icon. It turned out to be a surprise indeed. The movie clip had been recorded in the living room he just left. A girl was sitting on the couch. She was his age, and she was slowly unbuttoning a black wool dress. She had long black hair, bright red lips, and... God, she had breasts bigger then her head! Massive, soft pillows, swaying and flowing as she moved, they hung down almost to her navel and yet they seemed so full! Karel had spend pints of cum wanking while watching Yulia Nova clips online, and this was a dead ringer for that sexy web starlet. Smiling at the camera, she stood up and started to remove her dress. She was extremely slim, her petite body emphasizing the size of her breasts even more. She sat down again, now only wearing dark knickers. She leaned towards the camera and embraced her huge bust, her hands dwarfed by comparison. Groaning as his cock tried to get even harder, he stared at the screen. For the first few minutes he was just to mesmerised by these huge jugs to notice anything else. Only when she leaned back into a reclining position, spread her legs lightly and started to rub over her crotch, he noticed the wrist cuffs. A slave! The girl was a slave like him! Only now he realised she was wearing a similar collar too. Dear god, a slave girl! A slave girl his age, in this very house! His mind burst into a wild torrent of thoughts. Surely they would use them both together! He would be side by side, kneeling together with this living wet dream, serving Mr. and Mrs. De Witt! Oh god! His cock was throbbing on the verge of an orgasm, his balls pounding in a painful need to shoot a massive load of cum.

'Don't have an orgasm!'

The final words of Mrs. De Witt suddenly resounded in his head. She knew... Groaning, fighting his urges, Karel reached up and closed the movie player. He had a task to perform. Besides, he could not bare looking at that movie any longer, it was just too exciting. He looked at the papers given to him. With growing shame he recognised his own words. Mrs. De Witt had selected his wildest wishes and most perverse fantasies. Seeing them all summed up like this made him shiver in humiliation. This he would have to work into a speech? He opened up the text editor, hesitated for a moment and then started to type.

'My name is Karel Janssen. I am a perverse wanker slave boy and I need to be dominated in the strictest and hardest way possible. Please help me. Please use me. Please do with me whatever you would like. I need to be kept in...

'Are you decent?'

Karel shook from his day dream. The 4 hours between his arrival and now seemed to have flashed by. He was still kneeling behind the computer, his knees sore, his entire body stiff. He had finished his speech an hour ago and had spend the last hour staring at the girl, running the 10 minute movie again and again. He could not remember being this horny ever before. His cock was a burning, throbbing flame, forced to point down between his legs. His balls felt like someone had been kicking them over and over again, he had the worst case of blue balls ever. The sight of this slave girl, together with by now missing out three masturbation rounds his body was used to had driven his sexual need to new, unknown hights. He had no idea how he had managed to keep from shooting his load, but somehow he did. It felt like gallons of cum were locked in his balls. He was dripping with sweat, and his entire body was twitching and trembling. Groaning, he started to shuffle around on his knees, trying to face Mrs. and Mr. De Wit. They stood in the doorway, smiling down on him. Mr. De Witt nodded towards the screen.

'Like her?'

'Yes Sir'. His mouth was dry and his voice croaked as he spoke.

'Good, that is good.' Mrs. De Witt seemed genuinely pleased. 'You will be spending quite some time with her. She is a slut in training. You will help us to train her and others like . I am sure they will be able to help you overcome your virgin state at some point... Now back to your task. Are you done?

'Yes Miss.'

'Good boy. Uhm... kneel on your bed. No, turn towards the book case, yes, like that. We are going to sit here.'

Mrs. De Witt nodded towards a large recliner, and Mr. De Witt sat down. His wife remained standing for a moment, then walked to the desk and picked up the lap top. She placed it on the office chair and wheeled it over, placing it in front of Karel. Pushing a few buttons, she started the movie again. Then she nestled herself into her husbands lap, grabbed his hands and placed one on her chest and the other between her legs.

'Slowly darling, take it slowly...' Mr. De Witt started to massage his wife, and when she went on speaking, Mrs. De Witt sounded like a purring kitten.

'Hmmmm... Yessss. Now listen careful Karel. You are going to read your speech out loud. Just pretend you are reading it to her. Don't look at us, just look at your paper and at her. Remember this one?'

She produced the remote control she had used be fore, and gave the button a quick push. Karel gasped as the little egg preformed its trick again. Even this short burst made him shudder on the brink of orgasm.

'I know you are a couple of orgasms behind your schedule, and I expect all this here has added a little to your excitement as well. I hope you are ready to explode into the biggest orgasm of your life. Whenever you say stuff that I find exciting, I will play with this remote. But here's the kicker. I am going to test your self restrained. While I play with my little buzzer, I want you to try and hold back. Try not to cum. If you do, its ok, you won't be punished. Just try to read on again as soon as you can after you cum. But I want you to fight it. Fight it with all your might.' For a moment she hesitated. 'Know what? I will throw in a little reward for you. If you manage to read your entire speech without cumming once, I will go get her, and you two will be allowed to sleep together this very night. Would you like that Karel?'

'...' He wanted to answer, but for a moment his voice locked up. Then he found it again: 'Yes Miss I would like that very much Miss...'

'Good. Uhm, perhaps even better. If you come just once, I will still get her. If you shoot your load once but manage to keep from cumming twice, I will allow her to give you a blow job. And if you cum twice but manage to keep from three orgasms, she might still give you a hand job. Do you understand it all Karel?'

'Yes Miss!' Karel's mind was a blur of thoughts. He knew he would not be able to keep from cumming once, but he was pretty sure he would be able to keep from two or at least three orgasms. He was going to meet that wet dream this very first night! Oh Boy! Just thinking about it he already could feel the orgasm build...

'Ok Karel, in your own time, start reading...'

For a second, he hesitated, Then he raised the arm with his print out. He took a deep breath.

'My name is Karel Janssen. I am an 18 year old perverse wanker and I want to be a slave. I need to be dominated in the strictest and hardest way possible. Please help me. Please use me. Please do with me whatever you like. I need to be kept in full slavery, day and night. I need to be whipped and tortured, I need to be humiliated...'

The vibrator kicked in, and the first orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks.

Slowly the fog lifted. Karel shook his head, still woozy. He felt exhausted, drained. His balls hurt like someone had pounded them with a hammer. His entire gut was hurting. Had he finished his speech? He looked at the couple in the recliner. Both were smiling broadly at him. He probably had finished it, but he had no memory of it. What he did remember was his first orgasm. And his second. And his third... Oh god, how many times had he shoot a load? He had no idea. As he tried to move, he could feel wet stuff that had collected where his knees pressed down in the bed. It felt like kneeling in a puddle of cum down there. Slowly bits came back. The first orgasm had been after those first few lines. The little vibrator up his ass, lodged against his prostate, had just been irresistible. And the worst part was how his Mistress had turned it off again, just as he was starting his orgasm! He had felt the massive load of cum being forced from his glands, but he had not been able to shoot like normal. His cock, severely restricted by the small hole in the crotch belt, had reduced his orgasm to a slow motion orgasm, his massive load of cum just dripping down. The orgasm had put a mind blowing strain on his balls, like someone squeezing them in a vice. And it had brought no relief, no relaxation of his sexual need. It simply left him in pain and still horny as hell. He had not had a chance from the start...

'Can you get up?'

Speechless, he started to move. He was dizzy, his body felt like it had taken a severe beating from head to toe, and he had to be very careful not to keel over. Finally he stood next to be bed, his legs weak and shaky. Looking at the bed he now saw a massive pool of cum. Despite the amount he clearly shot, he could still feel cum slowly pumping down his cock, dripping along his legs.

'Hmmm, he will mess up the floor again, clamp him. Oh, and gag him too, will you?' The voice of Mrs. De Witt had taken on a new strictness, mixed with some deep satisfaction.

She had gotten up, and now Mr. De Witt rose from the recliner as well. He stepped up to Karel and produced a large double penis gag.

'Open wide, wanker'

One of the cocks was shoved down his gullet, leaving the other one pointing up from his stretched lips. Karel gagged and tried to swallow. Guided by his mail training, he had practiced for hours, fucking his mouth with ever larger latex cocks. He knew he could swallow a rubber dildo alright and breathe through his nose, but in his present state it took all he could muster not to suffocate on the large lump lodged deep in his throat. The man knelt down and Karel felt him touch his cock. It send a shock through his entire body. His cock was sore, hyper sensitive, and every touch felt like a cigarette burn on his shaft. Suddenly a blinding pain flashed through his entire lower body.

'HMMMIIIIPPPPFF!' His shriek was effectively smothered by the dildo down his throat. Gagging, tears running down his face, he fought to regain some self-control again. Breathe slowly... Breathe through nose... Slowly he realised the man had put some kind of heavy clamp on his dick head, squeezing it shut. Already he could feel cum starting to build up in his cock. The pressure on his sore balls also seemed to increase. He whimpered. The man stood up again, reached to the back of Karel and firmly grabbed the back of his body harness. Pushing and pulling, he was half dragged out of the room and steered down the stairs. They went back into the living room. Mrs. De Witt sat down at the couch again, and he was pushed to his knees in front of her. Then the man released him and left the room. Mrs. De Witt stared down at Karel for a moment, her eyes glowing intensely, then she smiled, bend towards him and slowly started to caress his tear streaked face. Karel looked up to her, confused by her sudden kindness as well as by the view of the outer cock rising from his gag up between them.

'I think I am going to enjoy you. This is what you wanted, isn't it?'

Karel felt completely overwhelmed by what had happened to him thus far, but to his own surprise he suddenly realised he was nodding as much as his collar would allow. Yes! Yes, this was it. Despite the pain, despite his throbbing cock and burning balls, Yes, this had to be it...

'You are a dear, you are doing well so far. From here on, things will get easier.' Somehow her smile made his insides tingle. 'I think it is time we tell you some more about what we have in store for you... But first I need you to pleasure me. Can you do that?'

Karel had no idea what she meant, but he nodded again anyway. Smiling, she leaned back and spread her legs a little. One of her hands inched the hem of her skirt up a little,

'Get down there boy. Use that cock to just gently caress my slit. Be gentle...'

His heart pounding, Karel moved forward on his knees, then started to bend forward. The move made the body harness pull his balls again, spreading a nauseating pain through his lower body. Somehow he moved forward nonetheless. His vision was blurred by her dress, but he used the dildo jutting from his gag to feel his way down her legs. Suddenly an overpowering smell hit him. Although new to him, he instantly knew what it was. This was the scent of a woman alright... A searing pain shot through his cock as it tried to get even harder once more. He felt a slight pressure at the back of his head. Mrs. De Witt had put a hand on his head and was now gently moving his head to and fro. Karel whimpered as his cock twitched again, but only a muffled sound made its way past the dildo down his throat. He realised she was just using him as a sex toy, and it drove him almost crazy with lust, despite the pain his cock and balls were emitting.

'Did it work?'


For a second Karel was confused, then he realised she was taking to her returned husband. He had no idea what they were talking about, but he could not care less. He was in pain/sex hell/heaven. He was not sure about his exact feelings. Breathing though his nose, the scent of Mrs. De Witt was getting more and more powerful, simply intoxicating him. Suddenly he felt how he was shoved back again. He could see again as he emerged from under the shirt, and the first thing he saw was Mrs. De Witt, smiling down on him again. She nodded to something behind him.

'Turn and watch, little wanker, we have another surprise for you.'

Karel painfully turned on his knees to face the other way. The man was standing behind him, holding another remote control. As he pushed it, the large tv on the wall behind the man sprang to life. Karel looked at a picture of himself, kneeling on the bed. His image filled the screen completely. For a second there was silence. Then the picture started to move.

'My name is Karel Janssen. I am an 18 year old...' With a sinking feeling, Karel realised they had taped his entire speech. For a second even the pain took a backseat. Utter humiliation went through his entire body like a wave, numbing everything else. With his face burning, he watched his own body twitch and contort in sexual ecstasy as the first orgasm overpowered him, his voice failing. The view of a massive stream of cum, slowly dripping from his downward pointing cock was a demonstration of total debauchery. Suddenly he felt the close proximity of Mrs. De Witt behind him as she started to whisper in his ear.

'Look at yourself... Try to see yourself as someone who sees all this for the first time... There is a boy, dressed in a bondage outfit. He is reading his wishes, his dreams, his need for slavery... See that big stiff cock between his legs... See it twitch and leak cum while he does not even touches himself. Just his own words make him leak cum by the gallon...'

Karel looked, then closed his eyes, his face glowing. It looked so... So... Perverse... So sick... His head was nudged from behind.

'Look! Look at it!'

Karel looked at the TV again, his mouth dry, his face burning. Slowly he started to see how cleverly his Mistress had used the little vibrating egg in his ass. Every time he started to sum up things he wanted to have done to himself, his body started twitching and shaking in lust. Since the vibrator up his ass was invisible and inaudible, it simply looked like he was just drooling cum from the mere thoughts he was expressing.

'I will do anything, anything to please my Master and Mistress... I will obey every... oooaaaah, command. I will... Uh uh.... Eat dog food, drink... Ooooh, piss... eat oooh oooahhh shit... HUUUAAAAH!'

The boy on the screen fell silent, twitching and shaking as another load of cum started to flow from his engorged dick. The raised hands, holding his speech, wavered. Slowly the convulsions died away, and with a low voice, hoarse and cracked, he went on.

'I am a wanker, a sex addicted freak. I need to be controlled... Completely... My sex life needs to be controlled... I need people to tell me when to play with my cock and when not to play with my cock. I do not deserve to cum. Please order me to wank if I am a good slave. Please keep me from cumming if I am not a good slave... Tell me how to cum, make me eat my cum...

I ooohh... I am a virging... I have never fucked Oaaah!... Oooh oooh.. A girl or... OOAAAAHHHH...

The humiliation seemed to go on forever and ever. Karel wanted to close his eyes, disappear into the ground, anything. But Mrs. De Witt prodded him and made him watch every second of this, giggling as he watched himself twitch form one painful cum to the next, stammering desperate words of need.

'Please please please I beg you, please make me your slave. I will be yours for now and forever. Please take me and teach me to be a slave...HOOOAAAAH! UHHH UUUH'

Finally it was over, and the picture on the screen fell silent again, body still twitching, a seemingly endless stream of cum slowly dripping from his cock. Then the picture froze.

'Face me'

Karel turned and looked at Mrs. De Wittt. She looked different now, with red cheeks and her eyes burning brightly. Without another word she pulled up her dress, grabbed his head, and with one quick move she shoved the dildo in her dripping wet cunt. Suddenly Karel found himself with his nose pressed against her clit, her scent filling his nostrils stronger then ever before.

'Ooooh that feels good...' For a few seconds, Mrs. De Witt remained silent, then she spoke again, her voice slightly higher. 'Now you are our slave, boy. You called yourself wanker, so Wanker will be your name. Do you understand, Wanker?'

Karel strained to look up. Across the fumbled dress he could see her face, her eyes shining with delight. He tried to nod, but with his dildo gag and the other end deep embedded in his new Mistress, he had hardly any room to move. She giggled, reached down and started to slowly fuck herself, pushing and pulling his head as she liked. Suddenly she stopped, her body trembling.


For several seconds nothing happened, then she seemed to relax, breathing deeply. After a while she gently shoved him away, pulling the wet, glistening dildo from her pussy as she did. Karel realised she had an orgasm, a small, quiet orgasm. It was nothing like he had seen in porn movies, but this one was real, and had taken place under his very nose. His own cock twitched, sore as it was, in response. It send waves of pain through his entire lower body.

'Kneel in the middle of the room. Hubby, get an ice pack.'

Karel slowly moved back on his knees, not even trying to stand up. He did not trust his legs anymore. The man left the room, returning while Karel reached the middle of the living room. He heard the man behind him, then a flash of pain tore through his lower body as the clamp on his dick head was removed. He howled into the gag. Suddenly his crotch belt became loose. The man reached to his front and unbuckled it there as well. When the man started to pull the crotch belt away, Karel whimpered. His sore cock was painfully withdrawn from the narrow hole, and when his balls popped free through he yelped. Next, the man started tugging at the cord that emerged from his ass, and Karel could feel the little vibrator slip out. Then the man produced a strange plastic bag that simply hooked on to the front of his harness. As the man pulled it up between his legs and hooked it to the back, Karel shivered; the bag was ice cold. Within seconds, the pain in his cock and balls was replaced by a numbing cold. The man went on, releasing his wrist cuffs from his collar, pulling his arms behind his back into a painful, almost reversed prayer, and locking them high to his body harness. Finally he produced a short spreader bar, forced Wanker's knees apart and locked them into the cuffs at the end of the bar.

'Look at me, listen...' Mrs. De Witt had pulled down her dress again and made herself comfortable on the couch. As she spoke, Karel tried to move, to turn more towards her, and came to realise he was practically helpless. Only with great effort he could turn in her direction.

'It's time we had a little chat, after all we have not spoken to each other since that first meeting. Our mail exchange has been very nice, but you might have realised we mostly asked questions and gave order. So far we know a lot about you, but you know little about us.'

Karel nodded. He had tried to ask a few questions by mail, but they were usually answered along the lines of 'you'll see when you get here'.

'It's also time we tell you how things are going to be from now on. Did you like your room, Wanker?'

Wanker, formerly known as Karel, nodded.

'Good, we took a lot of trouble getting things right. Now the sad part is, you won't be living in it. Its just for show, as long as we need it...'

Wanker felt confused. Just for show? As long as we need it?

'Your new living quarters are in the attic, together with our other domestic slaves.'

Wanker's heart jumped, he had forgotten all about the big titted girl... Only the cold pack trapped between his legs prevented him from getting hard again. O boy, he would be living with her! It sounded like a good deal to him.

'You will get to meet them soon. As for your academic career, I think I have some bad news. You will drop out before Christmas. Or rather, they will kick you out by then because you will not have shown up there.'

Wanker suddenly felt a little uneasy. Not going to show up?!?

'In due time you will let your parents know you need some time away from it all, You will tell them you have a job and will need to spend some time on finding out what you really want.'

Wanker now started to get scared. What the hell were they up to? He tried to move, but the bondage was quite effective. All the man behind him needed to do was press down on his shoulder a little bit, and he could not move an inch. He tried to speak, but only some muffle grunts made it past his gag.

'You wanted to be a slave, and you are going to be a slave. You asked for 24/7, and that is what you are going to get. As you are to learn, being a slave is not some kind of hobby for a few spare hours, it is a total vocation.'

'You asked to be controlled, and now we are going to take control.' The woman nodded towards the tv screen, still showing his frozen body. 'That is were your first assignment came in. That little movie you produced is perfect black mail material. How do you feel about that movie going to your parents? Or on the internet, with your real name added? Hell, even if you ever want to press charges against us, who is going to believe you did not want it yourself, begging for it like that?' She laughed, delighted by the look of horror now growing on his face. 'You, little Wanker, are peeled, cooked and ready to serve.'

Wanker felt his heart sink and knew she was right. He stopped struggling and for a moment there was just silence. Then she spoke again.

'Basically your duties will be domestic. There is much to be done here, and we can use a pair of extra hands. We already have a maid and a cook, but I also train other slaves here, and you will be handy to take care of the more tedious jobs during that training. You will only leave the house accompanied. Most of our trips will be to the Wallen, our famous red light district, where we run quite a few sluts for business. During weekends you will sometimes accompany us as we go to some clubs. Here are some basic rules. From now on you will address me as Mistress when we are alone or with friends, and you'll address me as Mrs. De Witt whenever there are strangers around. Is that clear?'

Wanker hesitated, baffled, then nodded.

'Tomorrow you will meet my daughter. She is 16, and you will address her as Miss Angela. You are her slave as well. Do you understand?'

Wanker nodded again. The thought of serving a 16 year girl old made him shiver, and he was not sure whether it was excitement or fear.

'As for my husband,' she nodded towards her husband, 'His name is Doofus. Doofus is a slave too. You can strip now Doofus, let wanker see the real you...'

With awe Wanker watched as Doofus shed his clothes. Only now he realised the man was quite a bit older then his wife. A thin, almost anorectic body emerged. A body that had been through war and lost the battle, by the looks of it. He was black and blue all over, with elongated whip marks crisscrossing his skin. His nipples had been pierced, and two heavy weights pulled them down. By looks of it, they had been stretching his nipples and tit meat for years, the man appeared to have empty woman-tits dangling down from his chest. His cock... Wanker swallowed and felt slightly sick. If the mans body had been through war, his cock and balls had been to hell and back, and probably several times. He had a large cock, half hard, slowly pulsating up and down on his heart beat. It had burn marks, black and blue patches and half healed cuts. It also had 5 metal rings tightly encircling it. One ring was just behind a purple, swollen dick head, another one at the base of his cock. The other three were at regular distances in between. The rings were extremely tight, compressing the man's cock to less then half its normal circumference. In fact his cock looked like a row of very short, bloated sausages on a string. A small screw seemed to be lodged in his pee hole. Behind the man's cock dangled his balls. Several big, heavy metal rings around his sack separated his balls from his body, forcing them at least 4 inch down. His balls were big, shining and purple. And black and blue, of course...

'Doofus, move aside.'

The man had been standing in front of Wanker, allowing him to take a good look at his battered body. Now he moved off to the left and knelt down, his hands at his back, his legs wide.

'Doofus has been my hubby for the last 18 years... His wife was not too interested in sex and she allowed him to 'seek help' for his perverse wishes. Ha, like I would simply accept a slave that was married to another woman. I made him divorce his wife, and married him with her as a witness. You would not belief what a little blackmail can do... And it has been bliss ever since, hasn't it, Doofus?'

"Yes Mistress.'

Mrs. De Witt nodded satisfied.

'Take a good look at his cock Wanker, yours might end up looking like that too. If you are lucky...'

18 years... 18 years!!! And what did she mean, 'if he was lucky'?!?

'You have shot a massive load of cum since you came here, Wanker, and you don't know how lucky you have been, being allowed to drool your cum like that. Better not get used to it, by the way, your next relief might be some time off. Good old Doofus here has not shot a full load of cum since he knelt before me, 18 years ago...Those rings make it impossible for him to shoot his cum at all. We can unscrew his pee hole, and then pee and remains of cum leak out, but that is as close to an orgasm as he will ever cum.' Mrs. De Witt giggled like a school girl as she went on: 'All that pent up cum tends to make poor Doofus horny, very horny at all times. I allow him to have sex, occasionally. Of course not with me, I have a host of lovers to take care of my needs. But there are others... His ex was never too fond of sex, so its no use to let him have sex with her, but there are sluts enough... From what I see he must be a great fuck. Because he never can shoot his load, he always remains hard, and with those rings, his cock seems to feel like some fancy ribbed dildo too. The sluts love to be fucked by dear Doofus, doesn't they, Doofus?'

'Yes Miss...' Despite his words, the man looked miserable.

'Uhm, how're the cock and balls now, Wanker? Check him. Is he soft? Good, show him his tube, and then lock it on...'

The man produced an different crotch belt. It had a small, tube shaped cage, made from thick steel wire attached to the front. The cage was about two inches long, closed at one end and attached to the belt at the other end. It was almost one inch wide. Just below the cage was another hole in the belt, but this hole had a short, half inch tube attached to it, made from inflexible rubber and pointing out like a shorther and slightly different cock tube. Further back, the belt was interrupted by a large oval ring. The man held the entire contraption up for Wanker to inspect and then knelt down and started to fumble at Wanker's crotch and almost frozen cock. Getting his balls through the short hard rubber tube was a painful affair. Wanker mewled and twitched as the man tugged and pulled his balls and scrotum. One by one, Wanker could feel his balls snap through the hole. It pulled his balls away from his body, causing a dull pain in his balls and abdomen. He felled sweat running down his back. The hole for his balls was so narrow his balls now simply held the belt in its place. His shrivelled up cock went into the cage with ease and the man now buckled the front to his harness, pulling his balls and cock slightly upward. Wanker realised the hole for his cock in the belt was a bit smaller then the cage itself, just slightly digging into the base of his cock. The man moved to his back, pulled the rest of the belt between his legs and started tugging upward. Wanker groaned as the belt seemed to cut him in half. The large oval at the back spread his ass cheeks, and he could feel his ass hole twitch. At the front the crotch belt cut into his flesh, sealing his cock off completely. Finally the man was satisfied, and buckled it to the back of his harness.

'That is a simple chastity device, Wanker. Its a rather big cage, and you will be able to get a little hard. Just don't go too hard, it is not wide and certainly not long enough for a full erection... As chastity devices come, this is about as friendly as they get around here. Because of its open cage, your cock gets plenty of fresh air, and it can even be touched.'

Mrs. De Witt's smile was now definitely evil. 'Your touchable cock makes is easier to tease you a little, might the mood grab me... You can get a little bit hard, but don't try to get a full erection, for then things do become quite painful. And more important, don't even think about spewing your cum while you are in it; that is really going to hurt... Right now your cock is not even filling it completely, bur when it does, you will find some quite painful spikes around your dickhead. And being short as it is, an erection will not just be digging into those spikes but also get compressed. In fact, then things get so compressed you won't be able to shoot your cum at all. It will just get forced back and drip out later, when you go soft again.'

Wanker felt a shiver run down his spine. Sharing an attic with a big titted slave girl suddenly lost a bit of its appeal. The woman looked at a huge standing clock. At was almost 10.

'I think this is enough for now, you probably have a lot to think about. Besides, we have other obligations. You show him to his new quarters, Doofus. Teach him how to go to bed. I will change and join you there.'

By the time, Wanker arrived at the attic, his heart was pounding wildly. 4 stairs to get here... At least he would be getting his daily workout, if he had to live up here. But it was also pounding for another reason... This is where he would be kept, with other slaves... Would she be here? Would he get to see the big titted slave girl? Now?

When the man opened the door to the attic, it was a disappointment. The attic was dark, hot and very empty. No big titted girls here... Or much furniture for that matter... A hot, humid atmosphere fell over them like a blanket. While the rest of the house had been cool and nice, here the build up heat of a summer day lingered. An unpainted old wooden floor stretched before them. The attic looked barren. It was dusty, dimly lit and all he could see was bare wood and large beams. The man give Wanker a push.

'Here you sleep, together with the other slaves. If you deserve light punishment, it will be done here, during the night. If you deserve harder punishment, you will spend the night in the cellars. They have been sound proofed.'

Wanker was not to sure he liked what that implied. As he walked in, he saw chains hanging from the overhead beams and some pillars. There were a few metal cages, some bigger, some smaller. On one side of the attic, a large wooden contraption rose. It looked like the wooden floor, but angled up at about 30 degrees. The man guided him towards the slanted surface and unhooked his hands from his back.

'Get down, on your back.'

Wanker stretched out on the surface. It felt weird. The man pointed to something over his head.

'Look up there, see those spikes sticking up? You can hook your wrist cuffs to them. Do that.'

Wanker had to move himself up a little to reach them, and groaning with strain, he managed to hook his cuffs into the spikes, one to the left, the other to the right. As he relaxed, his body slid down a little, then came to a halt. His arms were now fully stretched, pulled taught by his own body weight.

'See those hoops left and right of your knees? Pull up your legs and push them down through those hoops.'

He had to raise his feet quite high and spread his legs wide to get them through. As he stretched his legs again, the hoops forced him to keep his knees painfully wide and flat. Wanker could imagine himself as he lay there, spread out like a frog on a dissecting table. Already his hip joints started to protest. Despite doing it all himself, he felt totally vulnerable and helpless.

'Ok, this is how you will sleep normally. When you are given permission to go to bed, you come up here and lie down exactly like this. There are infra red camera's and microphones up here. You will be under surveillance all the time. Make sure you behave according to the rules. They are simple. No one speaks unless told to. You do not touch other slaves, they do not touch you. You just come in, find an empty space and lie down like this. Do you understand?'

All Wanker could do was nod.

'The other slaves are still busy right now, they will arrive later.' The man pointed towards the bottom, where the slanted floor started. 'There is a gutter down here. Unless told otherwise, you can piss and shit wile you lie here. Make sure you are empty in the morning, you will get little chance during the day. Not only because you are too busy, but also because, knowing our Mistress, you will be to horny to pee most of the time. Once you get horny, your cock gets hard and squeezed, and it gets very hard to pee.'

The dry, matter of fact like tone of the man send shivers down Wanker's spine.

'In the morning, a buzzer will sound. You remain here and don't move until all other slaves have gotten up and left. Once the last one has gone, you get up. In that corner over there is a sink. Wash and shave. You will get epilated soon, but for now just try to shave the best you can. When done, go down and kneel in the hall until someone comes and fetches you. Everything clear?'

Wanker nodded again.

'Good. Now we wait for Mistress.'

The man knelt down where he stood, put his hands on his back and froze. To Wanker, it almost looked like the man switched himself off. Only his cock kept slowly pulsating and twitching, like a heart beat. Silence fell.


He had not seen her enter and the sudden voice startled him. Mrs. De Witt stepped into view. She now wore a very sexy leather outfit, a tight bodice and skirt, and long boots. Her face was severely made up, with dark eye shadow and bright red lips. Her long dark hair was tied in a tail. Despite his anxiety he could feel his cock twitch. He could see the effect on Doofus as well. Although the man kept staring at the floor, his cock seemed to harden a little. The rings around his tortured meat dug in deeper.

'Take out his gag. You, Wanker, don't speak. Never speak unless you have to answer a question.'

The man raised to his feet, stepped up the slanted floor and reached for Wanker's gag. As the long dildo slid from his throat, Wanker gagged and then swallowed with relief. His throat felt like he had been eating glass.

'Has Doofus explained the rules clear enough, Wanker?'

'Yes Mistress...' He did not recognise his own voice. It was a mere whisper, hoarse and barely audible. He realised it was the first thing he said since reading his own doom.

'Good. Now here is an exception just for tomorrow morning. You do not get up, you stay here until someone comes to fetch you. Understood?'

'Yes Mistress'

She turned towards Doofus.

'Put an open gag in his mouth and a bag over his head, I do not want him to see the others, yet... '

The new gag in his mouth was a large plastic ball with a lot of holes in it. He could breathe freely, but his jaw started to hurt right away from being stretched this far. Then the man pulled a bag made from heavy and coarse fabric over his head, and all went dark. It made Wanker feel like a parrot being put away for the night.

'Ok Wanker, that was it for today. Make sure you get a good night sleep, you need to gather strength, tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of your life...'

The last thing he heard was the door closing.

'Aaah, this looks perfect.'

Wanker opened his eyes and blinked, his vision still blurred by tears. Mrs. De Witt was standing in front of him, wearing a bright, rather flimsy dress. She was smiling satisfied. Wanker had no idea about the time, but he felt like he had been in hell for eternity. The night had been long, and he had not slept well. He had heard others slaves arrive, and one of them, wanker guessed a woman, had been moaning, gasping and making desperate noises all through the night. He had no idea what had been done to her, but his imagination managed to come up with some gruesome scenarios. There had indeed been a buzzer indicating morning, and he had heard the slave leave one by one, as quietly as they could. Not a word had been said. Later he had been taken of his sleeping board while the bag over his head was left in place. He had been hung from his wrists, his legs had been pulled sideways and stretched to rings in the floor, and then the pain had started. Something hot and gooey had rubbed onto one of his legs, almost scalding his skin. Then there was some fumbling and patting, and then... At first he had no idea what had been done to him. It felt like he was getting skinned alive, little bit by little bit. He had screamed his head off. The same procedure had been done again and again, first his legs, then his outstretched arms, and finally it had started at his torso. By then his throat had been sore, his voice had gone hoarse and he had realised someone was waxing him, ripping out all his body hair patch by patch. At some point his head bag had been removed, together with most of his body harness. His tormenter was a woman, a young woman with heavy make up and tattoos, and had he not been in so much pain, she would have looked great. Now he was just dazed by the pain. By the time she was done, his entire skin was deep red and smooth like a baby bottom. As he looked down at his tortured body, he could not believe his skin was still there. She had even waxed his face and head, leaving him completely bald. Once the torment was over, she had strapped him into his body harness again, including the crotch belt with chastity device. Somehow that last bit felt redundant to Wanker. The pain had driven even the slightest thought of sex from his mind, leaving him in just a pool of self-pity and despair. And, much to his own surprise, humiliation. He had never thought much about his hair, and if someone had asked him yesterday to shave his head, he would have done so willingly. But now it felt like the removal of his hair had also removed his last bit of normality, his last bit of decency. He had never felt this nude before. And right this moment, with Mrs. De Witt staring at his strung up body, he felt like shrivelling up and dying under here gaze.

From a bag she took a little black box and hung it from one of the rings of his harness. She took a little cable that came from the box, reached up and started to twiddle at his collar. It send Wanker into an immediate panic. He tried to move and twist, but his outstretched body merely twitched. Unintelligible sounds came from his open ball gag.

'Now now, ssshhhhh... I am not going to hurt you... Sssshhhhh...'

Her soothing words gave him back some self control, but he was still panting in fear and followed her every move with wide open eyes. She reached into the bag again and brought up a vibrator. Wanker tried to swallow.

'Now I am going to tease you a little bit dear. I will make that nice young slave dick of yours hard, at first a little bit, and then real hard...'

Despite his fear Wanker felt a twitch in his cock. Before that woman had started waxing him, he had already experienced some very painful erections, and he was not really looking forward to this. His cock however seemed to think other wise. He could already feel it getting heavier. Fear tingled in his balls.

'Don't fight it, just let it happen... Good... Yesss.'

Wanker tried to look down, but his collar did not allow him to see his own cock and balls, but the gently buzzing vibrator against his cock cage felt incredible, and he could feel his cock slowly starting to fill the cage. She pushed some buttons on the little black box, then reached down with her other hand and gently cupped his pushed out balls.

Yessss, that's it, get hard for me... Let me know when the cage starts to get too tight dear, I need to know exactly...'

Wankers panting now took on another rhythm. Closing his eyes, he arched his head back. He could feel the vibrator and her hands. His hips jerked and trembled, trying to thrust towards her hands. Suddenly he groaned. He raised his head again, opened his eyes and looked at Mrs. De Witt's face. She was staring at him, her eyes twinkling.


He nodded. His cock had filled the entire cage, and the blunt spikes around his dick head started to feel uncomfortable. He nodded some more and mumbled a bit through his gag.

'Good boy! Very good!'

For a moment she stopped, pushed a few buttons again and then continued her slow tease. Wanker closed his eyes and absorbed the maddening vibrations and sensations her hands were causing him.

'Now you have to warn me when it gets really painful, ok...Tell me when it hurts so much you want me to stop...'

He could hear the smile in her voice. Her free hand was now ever so gently sliding up and down the inside of his leg, sometimes stopping to brush against his balls, then back to his legs again. Wanker wheezed and clenched his ass, thrusting his cock towards her. God this felt sooo good! Hs cock felt more and more squashed, and the dull spikes dug deeper into his engorged flesh. His eyes still closed, Wanker grunted.

'Now? Shall I stop?'

Wanker shook his head and clenched his bottom again, trying to hump her hands. In his mind he begged her not to stop, and he tried to remain silent and hoped she would understand his thrusting hips. This was just to good to ever stop... She did understand, and the tease continued.

'Hmmm, hmmmm...'

Panting, his body shaking and trembling, trying desperately to hump her hands, Wanker rode the waves of pleasure. His cock did start to hurt now, but he just did not wanted it to stop. Only 24 hours ago, no woman had ever touched his body in a sexual way, and now here he was, getting teased in real life! His cock was being compressed from base to tip, warping it in its cage. Suddenly he cock got it's first hard spasm, and that really hurt.


Wankers eyes flew open, and he stared at Mrs. De Witt again, nodding.

'Now? It hurts to much, you want me to stop now? Are you sure?

'MWEWE!!! MWEEEOOOO!!' Wanker nodded desperately. It felt like someone had started to slam his cock into a pulp with a hammer.

Mrs. De Witt giggled and stopped. She looked at the black box for a moment, pushed a few buttons again and fiddled some more at his collar. Then she removed the black box and stepped back. The vibrator and box disappeared into the bag again, and she looked satisfied.

'Well done, sweetie. Hmmm, still hard?' She tapped his chastity cage with her finger. Wankers cock was still rock hard and causing him tremendous pain with each throb. 'Doesn't the pain make you go soft right away?' For a moment she studied the trembling boy hanging in front of her, her smile widening. 'Oooh goodie, I think we might have a little pain slut in the making here! That is just perfect... Now lets go down, Wanker. Time you get to meet a few others of our household.'

She clipped a leash to his collar, started to unhook his legs.

As the went downstairs, they passed a room with a half open door. Wanker caught a short glimpse of the inside, and shuddered. Someone was shrieking, and he could see three young, scarcely clad girls, giggling, babbling excited, their attention fully focussed on something or –more likely- someone he could not see.

Mrs. De Witt looked at him, smiling again: 'That is Angela's room, she has some friends over. You will get to meet them later on.'

Another series of shrieks burst from the room. Mrs. De Witt tugged Wanker's leach.

'On we go, first the domestics.'

They passed through the long hallway on the ground floor, to the back of the house. Mrs. De Witt pushed open a door that had been ajar. It was the kitchen. Mrs. De Witt put a finger on her lips, indicating Wanker to remain quiet. Standing with her back to the door was a woman in front of an old fashioned sink. She was dressed in rubber. Not the sexy, shiny, smooth latex kind of rubber, it looked more like she had been wrapped in old inner tyres. It was heavy, dark grey, and stained with powder and wet spots. She was doing the dishes. The rubber clad her from top till toe. Like an overall. Only a big round hole showed off her naked ass. It was slightly wrinkly and rather skinny, but then again, the entire woman looked extremely thin. Her but cheeks had fresh red whip marks covering older black and blue patches. A large steel hook was lodged deep in her rectum, and a chain went up from the hook to her collar. The chain was short and forced the woman to arch her back, pushing out her ass. With every move she made, Wanker could see the hook getting yanked up her ass. After a few seconds he realised she was clenching and unclenching her ass at a steady pace, almost like she was doing some kind of weird exercise. She was breathing rather fast and loudly, as if almost whistling. Suddenly a shudder went through her body. The dish she had been cleaning splashed back into the sink, as the woman grabbed the edge of the sink to steady herself.


Several more shudders shook her body. Suddenly a jet of liquid squirted down between her legs. Her body shuddered again, and another squirt splashed down. Wanker realised the woman was standing in a large puddle, as if this had happened several times already. At first he thought is was pee, but the liquid was clear and slimy. He gaped. Could she be squirting cunt juice like that?

Mrs. De Witt moved towards the woman that had now raised her hands again. She appeared to be holding her breasts, and was still panting. Mrs. De Witt took a riding crop that had been dangling from her belt and raised it. As the dry crack landed on the woman's ass it shook both Wanker and the woman from a light daze. The woman yelped, shuddered and her hips jerked, driving the hook deeper into her ass again. In rapid succession Mrs. De Witt landed more blows on the woman's quivering ass. Each blow made the woman hump her hips, forcing the hook in deep, after each blow the woman pushed out her ass again, as if begging for the next one. She had grabbed the edge of the sink again to steady herself.

'Turn, stupid cow!'

As the woman turned, Wankers gasped in horror. He stared at her tits, dangling from holes in her rubber suit. The woman had large, floppy tits that looked terrible. Massive stretch marks ran down from the top of her tits to her nipples. Set deep in her flesh, just behind her nipples were large rings. Each ring had been twisted around several times, and had then been hooked to her wrist cuffs. It made her tits look like screws. With every move of her hands, the woman would be pulling her tits, and Wanker felt his balls churn as it dawned on him how far she had to stretch her tits to reach and hold the edge of the sink like she just did. Once the first shock passed, he started to realise she was old. Her head was covered in the same grey rubber, only an tight oval opening showed her face. She probably was mid sixties, if not older. Her tear streaked face was wrinkled, and she looked exhausted. Her mouth... Wanker swallowed. Her mouth had been crudely sewn shut, lips pressed together with big stitches. Only a finger sized hole in the middle remained open. Air hissed through as the woman tried to catch her breath.

'Up, stretch them up, you cow!'

The woman brought up her hands, slowly stretching her tits upward. Wanker felt another churn in his balls as the woman displayed the bottom of her tits. They were a mangled mass of scars, bruises and whip marks. Clearly these two cones of stretched and twisted flesh were Mrs. De Witt's favourite target. Whimpering, the woman stretched her tits until her face was completely hidden behind them. The crop whistled through the air again, landing on the stretched tits. The woman shuddered.

'Did you break that dish?'

'No Mifftreff!' The words came out muffled and garbled.

'Lucky cunt! I would have whipped those bags raw! Stand!'

Taking a deep breath with relief, the woman now lowered her hands and came to a position holding her hands in front of her tits, putting as little strain on them as she could.

'Well then: Wanker, meet Dry Cunt. Dry Cunt, meet Wanker, our newest guest. Old Dry Cunt here is the ex wife of Doodus. She allowed him to see me because she could not handle his so called perverse wishes. She just did not care about sex that much, did you?'

'No Mifftreff'.

'Now old faithfull was deeply and truly in love with Doofus. Luckily for me, she also was a pathological shop lifter. You'd be surprised what people will do to avoid public shaming. This is why she, reluctantly, agreed to divorce him so I could marry him instead. After our marriage she agreed to come and stay with us. She even sometimes get to sleep with her beloved Doofus, don't you?'

'Yeff Mifftreff...'

'As for her lack of sexual appetite... Watch this!'

Mrs. De Witt had a little remote in her hand and pushed it. Not a sound was heard. A shock went through the old woman, and her breath sped up.

'Keep an eye on her collar, Wanker.'

Wanker now noticed a little green light, blinking in her collar. Soon it stopped blinking and stayed on. After a few seconds a second small green light, next to it, started to blink.

'Those lights show her level of sexual excitement. There are 3 green lights, one orange and one red light. There is also a little blue light, but that is not active on her. The three green lights show a growing level of excitement. Blinking means it is in between level one and two right now... And here we go for full level two...'

The woman had closed her eyes and was slowly thrusting her hips again, just like they had witnessed as they entered.

'The orange light indicates she is getting very close to an orgasm. When the red light starts blinking, she passes the point of no return, and when the red light stays on, she is having a full blown orgasm...'

On the woman the third green light had come on, and soon the orange light started to blink.

'You see, Wanker, we have implanted a device in her, much like a pace maker. Only a pace maker is there to stimulate a heart, while hers is there to stimulate her erogenous zones. Little electrodes have been placed all over the inside of her cunt and close to her clit. There are also some electrodes close to her sphincter. If used right, with a low, oscillating current, they more or less automatically drive a woman over the edge. Whether she wants to or not. The electrodes make her contract her ass and cunt like she is getting fucked. In her ass, the hook feels good enough alright, almost like a good asfuck. But her cunt is empty, and it is squeezing down on sheer nothingness, which can only be described as rather frustrating. Nonetheless...'

The orange light was now full on, and the woman reached down with one hand to steady herself by gripping the sink again. With awe Wanker watched as she stretched her breast more then a foot, deep folds forming in her twisted tit meat. She did not even seem to notice, her eyes pressed shut, bucking her hips and panting through the little hole.

'Once the red light starts blinking, the stimulation stops, she will get her orgasm any way. It will just be a little less fulfilling, without any further stimulation and her empty fuck hole.' An evil smile spread across Mrs. De Winters face. 'In her case that is perfect, it leaves her pretty much ready for the next round...'


The red light on the woman's collar now gleamed non stop. Despite her recent ejaculation, another quirt of liquid splashed down. And another. The woman seemed to have trouble remaining standing, her face now flustered, swaying on her legs.

'Good one, Dry Cunt!' Mrs. De Witt seemed genuinely pleased. 'Your collar is the same, Wanker, and so is Doofus'. I have been calibrating yours during your maiden speech yesterday, and during out little game earlier this morning. I see two green lights on yours now, so the tube must be feeling a little tight, Right?'

His mouth dry, Wanker nodded. He could feel the studs digging into his dick head alright, the view of the woman forced to orgasm had overcome his earlier state of shock.

'There is no hiding your lust in this house... As for good old Dry Cunt here, her collar is set to make her cum at least once an hour. Every waking hour... She has been having these forced orgasms for well over 10 years now. Honestly, I expected her to die from a heart attack years ago, but somehow she manages to live through them, again and again... The continuous orgasms that always leave her wanting for more have driven her cunt glands into overdrive, hence the squirting.' Mrs. De Witt grinned. 'I guess Dry Cunt is not really appropriate anymore, but what the hell... As I said, she's our cook. She spends most of her time here in the kitchen, cooking for me and my daughter, and friends. She is an excellent cook. Too bad she can just smell it while she prepares it. She never gets to eat normal food. She also makes the slave meals, although they are quite a bit less refined. By the way, you will usually be fed once a day Wanker, just after we have had lunch. You serve, together with the maid, and once we are down to coffee, you and the maid can come here and get fed by Dry Cunt. She herself only gets fed once every 3 days, she's old and does not need much anymore... Ok, Cunt, back to your work. '

An evil smirk crossed Mrs. De Witt's face, and Wanker realised the hungry cook was suffering another permanent torture. As the woman turned towards the sink again, Mrs. De Witt took up Wanker's leach and pulled.

'Time to meet the maid, Wanker. Come.'

They walked through the hallway again, and Mrs. De Witt looked into several rooms for a second. Finally she stepped into the living room.

'Ah, here you are. Follow, Wanker!'

As the walked into the room, Wanker saw a rather tall girl in a maids uniform now standing to attention in a corner, hands at her back. With a small pang of regret, Wanker saw it was not the girl from the computer, last night. Somehow the memory of that unbelievable big titted girl kept popping up in is head every time, making his cock twitch in its cage. He took a closer look at the girl as Mrs. De Witt pulled him towards her.

She was dressed in an old fashioned maids uniform with short puffy sleeves and lace ruffles girding the hem of the short skirt. It showed no cleavage, and apart from the short skirt, it could be seen as almost modest, with a high collar and buttons running down the front. A little white apron covered her crotch area. Her head was completely bald, wearing only a small white cap that appeared to be glued in place. She was trying to stand still, but her entire body was twitching and she was slowly grinding her hips. Wanker had only hours of experience with real women, but he was learning fast and recognised the signs from his encounter with the cook; here was another horny girl on the verge of an orgasm. He looked at her collar. Three green light and an orange one alright... Her eyes were slightly dazed, and her face was blotchy. Impressed, Wanker noticed at another way to keep a slave's mouth shut. She had several piercings in her upper and lower lip, and a single steel bar ran through all the rings. It forced her to keep her lips pressed together, except for a small hole in the middle where a short tube peeped out. Two small dangling locks at both ends of the bar prevented it from removal. Mrs. De Witt grinned and took up position behind the girl. She put her arms around the girl and started to caress the girls breasts. Wanker realised the girl was probably wearing some kind of push up bra, or perhaps even falsies. Her tits were unnatural round and high on her body. Gently Mrs. De Witt let her hands slide up and down the girls bulging breasts, lingering on the poking bumps of her nipples. The girl shuddered and a muffled moan emerged from behind the locked lips. Wanker recognised the sound immediately. This had been the girl moaning all night! And it had not been because of some kind of torture, it had been sheer lust! He groaned as his cock tube suddenly seemed to constrict around he swelling dick. Mrs. De Witt looked at him and grinned.

'Your up to two lights again, Wanker, better be careful, that tube isn't getting any bigger...' As she spoke, she started to press her hands harder into the tits of the now squirming girl. 'Wanker, meet Little Twat, Little Twat, here's Wanker.'

As she spoke, Mrs. De Witt slid down one hand across the short dress towards the girls crotch and started to rub it slowly. The girls mewled and started to twist her body. Her mewling and contortions grew more frantic by the second.

'Is she still orange, Wanker?'

'Yes Mistress...' His voice was now a dry croak, and his tube started to hurt.

'Remarkable, don't you think? After all, in the kitchen, Dry Cunt went from orange to red in just seconds. And here we have another girl that just stays on the edge... Wonder why, Wanker?'

Wanker could only nod, a lump in his throat.

'That is because she is trying not to cum, aren't you, Twat?'

Squealing and wringing her body, tears running down her face, the girl nodded.

'Good little twat... Just fight it, just say no to that nasty orgasm... Fight it, little one...'Mrs. De Witt was now squeezing one of the girls one of the girls nipples, pinching it and pulling it. Her other hand was rubbing the girl's crotch a lot faster. Suddenly she let go and stepped back. The girl could barely remain on her feet, her body was convulsing and twitching like a fish on dry land. She was mewling and sobbing, her face a wrinkled mask of horror mixed with animal lust.

'You see Wanker, Little Twat here is not allowed to have orgasms... At all.'

Mrs. De Witt laughed out loud. Wanker was now groaning and grinding his hips, his cock had swelled into another very painful constricted erection, getting squashed in its cage.

'Take a good look at Little Twat, Wanker, see anything familiar? No? Well, Little twat here is the love baby of Doofus and Dry Cunt...'

As she said it, the penny dropped with Wanker, and he gaped at the still twitching girl.

'You see, back when Doofus became my slave, they had this little girl. If Dry Cunt had gone to prison, I could have send that girl off for adoption. Both begged me to not do that. So in return for Dry Cunt as Best Girl at our wedding. I just shipped Little Twat here off to relatives of Dry Cunt, some where in the country. And when she turned sweet 16, I had her send back again... Mommy and daddy were so happy to see you again, weren't they?'

The girl was in a daze and did not react. Mrs. De Witt reached out and squeezed one of her poking nipples hard. The girl eyes flew open and she nodded, probably nodding even without knowing to what she was agreeing. Mrs. De Witt giggled.

'Now I wanted to turn their little girl into a real fuck doll, but mommy and daddy pleaded with me not to do that. In a soft moment, I agreed. So now Little Twat here is kept safe from all that nasty sex, aren't you, little one?'

The girl was now sobbing and slowly nodded.

'As you can see, I have shut her mouth to keep any cocks from flying in... And watch this...' With one hand, Mrs. De Witt lifted Twat's dress high up. 'Her cunt is safe from any intruder as well. She can't even use her fingers to bring herself off...'

Wanker stared at the girls cunt. Around her waist was a metal band, very tight, cutting deep into the girls flesh. At the front, the belt plunged down towards her pubic mount. At the top of her cunt was a small metal cap, covering her clit. At the bottom of that cap was a steel bar running down right along the girls cunt, and ran through at least 10 or 12 small rings set in the girls cunt lips. Her cunt was locked the same way as her mouth. Her cuntlips were bloated and deep red, and shimmering in the light. Even her upper thighs were gleaming, and Wanker realised the girl was dripping wet. Mrs. De Wir slowly ran her fingers up and down the grils locked cuntlips, sending the girl into another mewling fit. Giggling, she let go of the girl and stepped back again.

'Turn, Twat... See? Even her ass is closed for business.'

The bar that ran along the girls cunt emerged from between her legs, and ran up her crack, back to her waist belt. Covering her poop hole was an oval, much like Wanker had in his crotch belt, forcing her ass cheeks apart. Only this oval was closed by a steel plate. It had a small key hole right in the middle.

'Nothing in her ass but shit.' Mrs. De Witt giggled some more. 'As you can see, she is completely safe from anything entering her. But just having a closed girl around is no fun, I mean, she would not even know what she was missing out on. So I had her fitted with the same implants her mother has. Small electrodes around her sphincter, behind her clit and down her fuck tunnel. She can be stimulated and forced to cum, just like mommy dear... And stimulated she gets. All the time. Her collar is set to start teasing her whenever her sex drive is down to one green light... It teases her right up until she is in orange, and then it stops again. After all, I promised to keep her from sex, so she is not allowed to have an orgasm. Of course she might bring herself off, although with her capped clit and locked cunt, it would not be easy. Remember the blue light that I told you was not working on her mother? Well, it works on this little tramp. It signals the punishment setting of the implants. If she ever passes the point of no return and the red light starts blinking, she gets punished... If she starts to get an orgasm, the electrodes close to her clit fire a much higher electrical current. Strong enough to pretty much fry her clit from the inside out. I have seen it twice, and it is tremendous. She shakes and hollers, peeing and shitting herself in pain, and if the clit cap is off, you can actually see and smell her clit getting fried! It remains excruciatingly painful for several weeks before it is fully healed again. She made the mistake of having an orgasm twice, during her first few months, but never after that, so I am pretty sure she has learned her lesson well. So our Little Twat here somewhere between pretty horny and the verge of orgasm for the last 8 years...'

Wanker squealed as his cock got crushed by his cage. The thought of this girl, being on the edge for 8 years drove him almost nuts. He could feel his own balls, heavy and painful, trying to churn in their pushed out state. It felt like someone was squeezing them hard... Mrs. De Witt looked at him and burst into laughing.

'Look Twat, poor little Wanker is suffering in sympathy... I bet he is wondering how long he would survive living on the edge... Rest assured, Wanker, you're a lot better off then this little Twat. Just try to imagine, your cock free, but you had to keep from cumming or your cock would be burned off... Can you imagine the frustration, the desperation? Wanting to come so bad, but knowing you are not allowed, having to fight it yourself? Just be glad your cock is in that little cage...'

As she spoke, her face aglow, Mrs. De Witt had started to run her hand up and down the desperate girl's slit again, sending her into another mewling fit. Wanker shivered and groaned as his own cock was getting crushed. He closed his eyes, but could not block out the sounds of the helpless girl mewling in despair.

'Please Mistress, please stop, please I beg you...' He could not believe his own ears, was that him, begging for mercy? He realised it was a mistake, but it was too late.

'YOU are begging?!? For her sake?' Mrs. De Witt's eyes narrowed for a moment. Then she started to smile again. 'Hear that, Twat? We have a knight in shining armour here... All ready to defend you...'She looked at Wanker again. 'Speaking without permission? You realize I have to punish you? But since teasing her seems to be a torment for you, why not combine the two... Strip!'

The last command was aimed at the quivering girl. With trembling hands the girl started to unbutton her little dress. As it floated to the floor, Wanker saw why her breasts had looked so weird. Wrapped around the base of each tit was a rather tight leather band. It forced the girls tits to balloon out straight forward, like two hard balls. Clearly the girl had inherited her mothers ample tits. Mrs. De Witt took out her remote, fumbled with a few buttons and then pushed one. The girl yelped as her hips jerked forward.

'I have turned on and up her ass electrodes a bit. Not too painful, just enough to force her to hump a little... Watch.'

As Mrs. De Witt spoke, the girl started to pump her hips back and forth at a steady pace. It looked like the cook as she had been clenching her buttocks, only here her entire lower body was drawn into the action. She made pitiful squeaking noises, her face a contorted mix of ecstasy and fear. Mrs. De Witt gave her a push forward, towards Wanker.

'Go hump him dear, embrace the poor sod and let hem feel your need...'

The girl could hardly walk, she had to take little steps, twitching and shaking at the rhythm of her jerking pelvis. Wanker could see perspiration starting to form on her wrinkled face. As she reached him, she put his arms around him and pulled him close, embracing him in a tight hug. He felt her big, bulging tits digging into his chest. She pressed her twitching crotch against his hips and he was surprised at how powerful her desperate humping was. He felt her slick cunt and thights brushing his hip and leg. The hot breath whistling from the tube locked between her lips hit his face. Never before had he felt a sexy, smooth, shivering female body pressed against his. Wanker's eyes bulged out and for a moment he stood, stunned. Suddenly his cock and balls felt like someone kicked them. Hard!


With one loud scream, he blacked out. His body dropped like a sack of potatoes, nearly ripping the girl down with him.

When he emerged from the black hole that swallowed him, he was looking up from the floor. For a second he was completely lost. Then he saw the girl again. he was looking up along her legs, at her locked snatch. Cunt juices leaked from between the pressed together cunt lips, and she was still jerking her hips in a steady speed. Standing next to her was his Mistress, smiling down on him. Slowly, a dull, throbbing, nauseating pain started to rise through his abdomen. He could not look down, but his hands flew to his crotch. Surely, someone had kicked his balls into a bloody pulp... He could hear someone moan in pain, and it took him a while to realise it was his own voice. He had no idea what had happened, and his lost, clueless eyes stared up at Mrs. De Witt. She was still smiling as she bent a bit forward.

'I told you yesterday, don't try to cum when you are in your chastity device... I told you it would hurt!' Her smile took on a victorious gleam. 'Does it still hurt? I bet it does. You see, the bottom of you cage, at the base of your cock is rather tight, and it keeps the blood locked in your cock for quite a while after you got hard. It will take you an hour or so to go soft again. Now pay attention: when you go soft, the cum you just tried to shoot will start to dribble out. Make sure you keep our floors clean. If you drip on the floor, go down on hands and knees and lick it all up, leave no traces, or you'll be punished... Now get up.'

As Wanker rose to rubbery legs, she turned towards the still whimpering and mewling girl. Wanker stood, slightly swaying. His cock still felt like someone had parked a car on it. As for his balls, he had touched them just before, smooth and tight as ever. But they felt like a coconut sized fire burning between his legs.

'What on earth are you doing, Twat, stop that!'

Wanker had focussed on his Mistress as she spoke before, and on his own pain as he rose. Only now he looked at the girl again. The girl was almost dancing, pressing her legs together like she was bursting to pee. She had raised her hands, grabbed her own nipples and was pinching and twisting them hard. Wanker could tell how hard by her white knuckles... As Mrs. De Witt told her to stop, she reluctantly did so. For a second she hesitated, then she put her hands in her neck and thrust out her tits, as if offering them to her Mistress. Her eyes looked pleading.

'What's that, Twat? You want me to hurt your tits? Really?'

The quivering girl pressed her eyes shut and nodded.

'Watch and learn, Wanker, You see her begging me to hurt her tits? She needs a little plain right now just to keep from cumming, and as the well trained little slave she is, she offers her tits to me for just that... Now how could I resist such a plea?'

Mrs. De Witt raised her riding crop and brought it down on the presented boobs in front o her. Twat's whimper burst into a muffled shriek as a red line appeared, straight across her bulging nipples. Mrs. De Witt now started to beat the girls tits in all seriousness. Her whip was a blur, dancing up and down the girls shaking and quivering meat balls. Slowly a dark red sheen started to blossom under a fast growing number or red lines. The girls shrieks grew into a crescendo as she stood, hopping from one leg on the other, her elbows flapping with each blow. Despite her pain, despite her tear streaked face, she kept pushing out her tits, offering them to the cruel stings of the whip. Finally Mrs. De Witt came to a halt, slightly out of breath. For a second she stared at the girl as the shrieks slowly died into whimpering and mewling again. The girl's hips were still doing their forced dance.

'Get dressed again, Twat. I have set the timer on your ass stimulator for 10 hours, so you will probably be needing some more torture in due time. If you need more, go see Angela, she has some friends over. I am sure they will be delighted to help you to some more pain...'

Little Twat nodded, her face a mess of tears and misery.

'As for Angela,' Mrs. De Witt turned to Wanker: 'I think it's time to go and meet your other Mistress, boy. Twat? Set dinner for 5, we'll be down in half an hour or so.'

Mrs. De Witt took up his leach and walked out of the room, Wanker in tow. As they approached the staircase, they were greeted by desperate wails coming down from the first floor. Mrs. De Witt giggled.

'Angela's friends love to tease hubby. They don't get to play with older men much, and they like to take every opportunity they get. Ah well, I don't mind hubby wetting his appetite elsewhere, I just know he will always bring his needs home to me.' She giggled some more: 'Not to mention all his build up cum of course.'

As they entered the room, the wailing and garbled pleading became a lot louder. 4 girls, dressed only in underwear and one of them even completely naked, were gathered around Doofus who was chained to the wall in a spread eagle position. Wanker felt a chill run down his spine. His recent experience with an impossible orgasm suddenly put the torment of Doofus in a whole new, very realistic light.

The naked girl was standing on a little stool, her front towards Doofus. Her arms were slung around his neck, and she was pressing her body tightly against him, twitching and gyrating. Her crotch was a little bit higher then his cock, and she held his cock between her pressed together thighs. The man's cock, peeking out just under her quivering ass, had swollen to almost double size, a long and bloated pole of dark purple flesh, squeezed by the rings that dug in deep to keep him from shooting his sperm. His dickhead looked like a red, almost bloody fist. The girl was giggling and panting and grinding her crotch up and down the man's tortured meat, trying to rub herself off against him. Her trembling ass, shaking with sexual need, was bright red. Two of the other girls were standing left and right of her, slapping her ass with small wooden paddles. The third girl was sitting in a chair, her legs spread wide, her hand slowly playing over a wet, stained pair of knickers. She was watching the entire scene with keen interest.

'Mercy, please have mercy please stop...' The mans croaked voice was blubbering pleas in between wails of sheer torment.

'Hi Dear, having fun?'

'Oh, Hi Mom!' The girl in the chair jumped to her feet and ran over, hugging Mrs. De Witt. 'We are just trying out something new... Or rather, Lizz wanted to try something...'

'So I see...'

Mrs. De Witt and the young girl exchanged a few slightly odd looks, and Wanker realized something was not being said. Then the girl looked at him.

'Oooh, fresh meat, who's that?'

'Remember the would be student who wanted to come and live with us? This is it. I think we are going to call him Wanker. Wanker, this is Angela, Miss Angela to you.'

The girl looked at Wanker, taxing. Her eyes turned cold.

'What are you gaping at, Wanker?'

It dawned on Wanker that his stare might not be appropriate behaviour for a slave, and he looked at the floor, his face slowly starting to burn. He could hear a smirk as Angela spoke again.

'He is not really much of a slave, is he? He looks virgin to me.'

Wanker felt his blush intensify.

'Oh, give him time dear, this is just the first day for him. 24 hours ago, he had not even seen a naked girl in real life, so he has a lot to get used to.'

Angela giggled: 'I meant his creamy skin without any marks, mom, but it's nice to know he is a real virgin too. Guess it will be a while before he gets to fuck for real, right?'

'If ever Dear, if ever. Sex is just too good to waste on slaves... Anyway, he is starting to find out at what price slave orgasms come in this house. Little Twat just floored him.'

Angela laughed. A pair of bare feet appeared in Wankers down cast view.

'Kneel, Wanker. Hmmm, nice name, mom. It fits him. Look at me Wanker!'

Shy and fearful, Wanker looked up. She was 16 and quite the little looker. His still painfully swollen cock twitched, sending another shiver through him. It made her smile.

'Look mom, he is shivering. I bet he can imagine his future with me... Here boy...'

She reached down and pushed her stained knickers deep into her pussy. Then, with quick moves, she took it off and pulled it over his head. With a little tugging, the wet patch in its crotch rested over his nose and mouth. She stepped back and giggled some more.

'Here you are wanker, a sniff of real prime pussy for a slave. Enjoy...'

'So what's this all about? Mrs. De Witt turned towards her husband.

Wanker, his vision partly blocked by the soiled knickers, tried to look up without moving his head. Angela and Mrs. De Witt were now facing Doofus and the other girls. The girls that had been spanking the nude girl had stopped and were now looking slightly uneasy at Mrs. De Witt. The nude girl seemed to be lost in her own world and was still riding the engorged meat between her thighs, unaware of the arrival of Mrs. De Witt and Wanker.

'It seems Lizz has been harbouring certain secret dreams, mom.' Angela nodded towards one of the other girls. 'Pull her off, let's show mom about Lizz' dirty little secret...'

The girl was pulled back and swung around, stumbling off her stool. As she saw Mrs. De Witt, her eyes flew open in alarm, and she tried to cover herself with her arms, her face turning a deep shade of red.

'Oh errh... he... hello Mrs. De Witt...' She looked shocked and nervous.

'Hello Lizz...' Mrs. De Witt's voice was suddenly cold, forbidding. 'What is all this then?' Mrs. De Witt stepped up to the anxious girl, grabbed one of her hands and dragged it away from her body, exposing the naked girls chest. The girls tits were covered in red plastic clothespins, making them look like little porcupines. Several more clothespins peeked out from behind the hand she kept in front of her crotch.

'Well well well, out little Lizz seems to have a little masochistic streak. Who would have thought?!?. Have you told your parents about this, Lizz? I bet that it must have been quite a shock for them...'

'Please oh please Mrs. De Witt, don't tell them, please don't tell them! They know nothing... its just...Errr. ' The girl almost seemed in tears.

Mrs. De Witt smiled down on the trembling girl.

'Yes, I can see how it might be hard to tell them... They are both such powerful sadists, and I am sure they have high hopes for you too. Have they been training you as a Mistress?'

'Yes Miss, they have, and I am afraid they would never understand...'

'So what on earth are you trying to accomplish girl? What were you thinking?'

'I... errr. I just wanted... Errr...' The girls words ended in stammering.

'She wanted to know if she could have an orgasm while in pain, mom. ' Angela's voice sounded like she was fighting laughter.

'I see... Any luck so far, Lizz?'

'No Miss, I uhm, I think I am maybe not... HUAAAHH!' The girl yelped in surprise as Mrs. De Witt reached and plunged her fingers into the little girls cunt.

'Not? Oh, but I think you are...' Mrs De Witt withdrew her fingers and raised her hands, glistening with the young girls juices. 'I would say you were pretty close dear... Perhaps you should try again...'

'Please Miss... I...'

'Relax, Sweetie, I won't tell you mom and dad what you have been doing here. Just get up on that stool again, and lets explore you possibilities. GO!'

Her eyes wide, hesitantly, the girl turned and stepped up the stool again, facing Doofus. The man groaned as he felt the young body press against him again. The girl reached down, spread her legs and forced the man's cock between her legs again, carefully spreading the clothespins on her labia to the left and right of the man's cock.

'Oooaaaaah...' Her deep sight spoke of lust. She raised her arms again and embraced the Doofus. Her ass already quivered in anticipation.

'Good girl... just wait a second.' Mrs. De Witt had taken a long leather belt and wrapped it around the hugging bodies, pressing them tighter as she pulled and buckled it.

'Ommmppfff!' Clearly the added pressure drove the girls clothespins covered tits further into the man's chest then she cared for.

'Now go ahead dear, see if you can make yourself cum like this...'

Slowly, the girl started to grind her hips, moaning in delight. He soft moans drowned in Doofus' groan of pain as his already sore and smashed cock tried to grow again.

'Good girl, good girl... Tell you what. We will give you some time alone. No need to feel embarrassed by all of us watching, is there? We'll go down and have lunch, and you just see how you fare. We will give you half... no a full hour to explore your possibilities, is that ok?'

'Yes Miss...' The girl's voice was high, soft and it sounded like she was already lost in a sexual daze again.

Mrs. De Witt nodded satisfied. While Lizz was strapped to Doofus, both other girls had quickly dressed. Angela simply put on a gown.

'Ok, all of you, we'll go down and leave Lizz to explore her dream...'

As they entered the dining room, the first thing Wanker noticed was Little Twat standing beside a set table. She was still humping her hips and had taken up the position he had seen before, hands folded in her neck, her tied up breasts under her black dress thrust out.

'Oooh look, Twat is welcoming us...'

Angela went straight to the desperate girl and reached out with one hand. She grabbed one of the nipple bulges poking in the dress, pinshed and cruelly twisted the nipple a full turn. The tortured maid shrieked from behind her closed lips, her body shaking.

'Why is she begging us to torture her tits mom? And what's with the humping? She knows she should not do that...' While she spoke, she pulled up the squashed nipple, forcing the girl onto her toes.

'Twat is teaching Wanker here a little lesson, the boy thought it prudent to speak up for her. Sadly, his punishment seems to excite her beyond her capacity of self control...'

'Cool, ' Angela laughed as she gave a final yank at the girls nipple and sat down. 'Twat, go get the heavy load clamps and some weights....' For a second she looked at Wanker who cast down his eyes again under her stare. Then she went on: 'and a ball ring. Make it pound weights, uhm, 10 for now.'

Wanker felt his balls twitch in fear.

Serving during lunch turned out to be a rather minimal task. All food was already on the table, and all the maid and Wanker had to do was serve coffee and tea. After the first round was served, the maid stepped out for a moment and returned, carrying a number of items in a bucket.

'Over here Wanker, it's time to see all that mail training put into action.' Angele said.

'Easy on him, sweetie, he is still new!'

'Don't worry mom, I have made him walk with over 20 pounds for an hour during his mail training, if he has not lied to me, this should be easy peasy for him...'

With a shock, Wanker realised at least some of the mails he received and send were the product of this girl, 2 years younger then him. The mails indeed had ordered him to practicing with weights dangling from his balls and nipples, and he had always followed them to the letter. But this did not diminish his mortal fear at this very moment. Miss Angela showed him an oval ring, about half an inch wide and perhaps an inch and a half long. It looked a bit like an oversized and massive safety pin, hinged at one side, locking by a small clasp at the other side. The she reached down, and he could feel her hands at his balls. He felt like peeing in fear, but his cock was still rock hard and received another jolt as she fiddled his balls. Suddenly he felt a pressure on his sore balls. The oval had been clasped shut just above his balls, grasping a firm hold of the scrotal skin between his body and his balls. Angela dove into the bucket and brought up a small black ball. She reached out, and Wanker felt his balls getting pulled down as the weight was hung from the ring. A dull ache started to throb in his already sore balls. As she added more weight, Wanker started to moan and bend his legs a little to relieve some of the strain on his ever more stretched scrotum. Sweat started to run down his back. By the time she was done, 6 weights were dangling from his balls, and he was in serious agony now. He whimpered as she slapped his ass.

'Now go stand over there, hands behind your head, and shake you hips. I want to see those weights swinging at all times. Move, Wanker! And you Twat, get over here. Still want me to torture your tits?'

The worn looking girl slowly nodded, fully aware what was in store for her. Angela reached into the bucket and came up with a couple of metal clamps. She started to undo some buttons between the girls breasts, leaving the dress closed above and below her tits. Reaching into the gap, she pulled out one of the girls tits by nipple, then reached in and pulled out the other one. Both tits, already constricted at their base, were now ballooning out through a small opening at the front of the maid's dress. It looked spectacular, and Wanker started to swing his ball weights with new found enthusiasm. The maid's trick of using pain to keep from getting too horny started to make sense. Painfully stretched balls were at least better then that explosion of pain he had experienced before. Anything to keep it down. Angela had started to apply the clamps to the maid's tits. The were screw clamps, and kept turning the little screws and tugging the clamps until she was satisfied. The girl's mewling had taken on a slightly different tone. Then she took one clamp and slowly turned it, twisting the girls nipple a full turn. A shriek of pain came from behind the pressed lips. Grinning, Angele grabbed the other clamp and twisted it in the opposite direction. More shrieks arose. Slowly, Angle pulled the clamps towards each other, pressing the girl's tits together, then starting to stretch the nipples. Finally the clamps touched each other, and with a click, they locked together. As Angela let go, the girls quivering tits remained pressed together, capped with nipples stretching almost an inch. Angela brought up a weight, clipped it onto the locked clamps, and slowly released it. The girl's tits sagged about 3 inches, and stretched into cones. An evil smile on her face, Angela added a second weight. Folds appeared in the stretched tit meat, radiating from the twisted nipples, and the whole tortured package sagged another inch or two.

'HMMMMMmmmmhmmm rrggg...' The maid shook her tear streaked face.

'Too much? Touch titty, Twat. At least it will keep you from cumming for a while, I guess... Feel free to look for me whenever you need more...'

Mrs. De Witt and the two girls had witnessed the entire going on grinning and giggling. They ate sandwiches and some cake while the maid and Wanker tried to keep their cups filled. Finally Mrs. De Witt lit a small cigar. Blowing out smoke, she looked at the two visiting girls.

'It is quite something, that Lizz thing. I'm afraid I will need to talk to her seriously. Quite frankly, I would prefer it if you two would go home now. Would you mind very much?'

'No Miss, no problem!'

'Of course Miss, we understand!'

The agreeing chorus gave Wanker the clear impression the girls were relieved to get away from this situation.

'Well then, off you go. Please lets keep this thing between us, ok?'

With reassuring sounds, both girls said their goodbyes and left, accompanied to the front door by the maid. With each of her still slightly jerky steps, the weights swung back and fro, tugging her tits and nipples. As the dinning room door closed behind them, Mrs. De Witt leaned back and looked at her daughter for a moment.

'Wanker? That remote, over there on the buffet.'

As wanker slowly moved, his ball weights still swinging, she looked at him, smiling.

'Hanging in there, wanker? Good boy. Aren't you glad Angela send you those training mails?

'Yes Mistress.'

'Shouldn't you thank her then?'

Blushing, Wanker turned towards the younger girl.

'Thank you Miss Angela, thank you for training me Miss...' He felt ridiculous and very humiliated. Angela laughed.

'My pleasure wanker. Know what, get over here. I still have 2 more pounds waiting for you.'

Feeling slightly sick, Wanker took the burden of the other two weights, thanking his young Mistress with a trembling voice. As he turned to take his place, a flat screen TV had risen from the buffet, and suddenly moans and shrieks started to fill the dining room. It showed Angela's room and the camera offered a crystal clear view Lizz humping Doofus. Mrs. De Witt lowered the volume, and watched the humping girl and tortured man for a few seconds. Then she nodded.

'Well done Angela. Did you know this?'

'Not really, in fact I had to pretty much talk her into it, but I thought she would be a perfect little bitch, given a chance. Perhaps she was just shy in front of Wilma en Catherina, I don't know.' Angela looked pleased with herself.

Mrs. De Witt smiled, nodded and pushed a button on the remote. The screen started to flicker as the recording was played backward fast. Every now and then she paused, played a little bit at normal speed, then went back further.

'At least 4 or 5 orgasms. Horny little bitch, isn't she?'

'She is an addict, mom. She told me she makes herself cum several times a day, each day. When we use voice chat online, half the time I can hear her ploughing herself with a vibrator. Her mom and dad gave her a private slave to practice on. All she ever does to that girl when they are alone, is put a strap on onto that slave to get her own brains fucked out.'

'Does she now... Well well well. Knowing Ron and Carla, they will not take this kindly. I bet when they find out, little Lizz will get all her masochistic dreams fulfilled, and then some.' Mrs. De Winter grinned. 'Well, I promised little Lizz I would not tell them... Better make sure they find out anyway. When you send home Lizz, put her in a chastity device. If she protests, show her this movie. Make her beg for a chastity belt and try to get her to talk about her sub fantasies, and try to get it recorded. Nothing like a good confession to reel in a slave. She will probably have a hell if a time keeping her chastity belt and growing sexual need hidden from her parents. Just right! And if by some miracle she manages to get through the week... Invite her for next Friday. By then I am sure she will be pretty ready for anything. We will spend some time teasing her and then she can have a try at hiding her sexual frustration from Ron and Carla for another week.'

Mrs. De Witt looked at the maid and Wanker.

'You two, clear the table and eat. Twat, bring Wanker to the living room at 1.30.'

The slave lunch was indeed less refined. In the kitchen, the cook had filled metal dog bowls with some grey, unrecognizable muck. It tasted like nothing with chunks in it. The only recognisable smell... Wanker hoped he was wrong about the stale smell. But he had not eaten since yesterday morning, and he wolfed down the offered meal. The two of them had to eat with hands on their backs, kneeling in front of the bowls, their asses pointing up to the kitchen door. Wanker could easily open his mouth, but the maid kneeling beside him, had to suck the gruel in through the small holes between her lips. They had to hurry, between clearing the table and 1.30 were only 10 minutes to get their fill. By the time the maid rose to her shaky feet, she had not even finished half her bowl. With a wet cloth she wiped her face and handed it to Wanker. And while he was still trying to get clean, she started tugging, pointing at the clock. Wanker realised being late here was frowned upon.


Wanker followed the maid into the living room. The TV was showing a still desperately humping Lizz, and Wanker realised the entire house was probably connected to some kind of video network. Miss Angela and Mrs. De Wit were sitting in large chairs, watching the show. As Wanker and the maid entered, they looked up.

'Ah, there they are. Wanker? Now that the big introductions are over, it is time we start you on your regular duties. Kneel down.'

'Oh dear, mom, Wanker is leaking...'

'Right you are sweetie. Get cleaning, Wanker, lick up your mess and listen.'

Wanker could not see down and had to kneel before he noticed the wet spots on the floor. He realised his cock had finally shrivelled up enough to take the pressure from the cage off, and now his previous 'almost' orgasm had started to leak out. He could not feel his dick anymore, everything down there was now dominated by the dull ache emitting from his severely stretched scrotum. When he had licked up the tepid drops of cum, his mistress pointed behind him.

'That too, Wanker'

As he turned it dawned on him this was a task he could finish by any means. Wherever he would be licking his cum off the floor, down south new drops would be leaking. With a sinking feeling he licked the mess up, turned and found a new mess waiting for his tongue. He could hear his Mistresses snigger. The now hoarse screams of frustration and despair of Doofus filled the room, blocking out any sounds the girl upstairs might be making.


He turned towards Mrs. De Witt and raised to his knees.

'Little Twat will take care of your spills, come here.'

In her hand, she was holding a very large and very life like rubber cock. Wanker could feel his ass clench in fearful anticipation. It was at least 6 inches long and an inch and a half wide. As he arrived in front of Mrs. De Witt, she showed him the dildo. To his surprise, the bottom end was open and it was hollow.

'I am going to fit this over your cock cage. It locks onto the base of the cage, right at your crotch belt, and it will look like you are the proud owner of an unrestricted and rather large dick. How's that for a change?'

Wanker did not know what to say, and just stared at the dildo, puzzled.

'This, dear Wanker, will be your working clothes. From now on, after lunch, Little Twat or one of the sluts will put this dong on you, and then you can start your real job. Curious, Wanker?'

That was un understatement. He had no idea where she was going with this, and just nodded. She reached down, and he could feel her touching his cock cage.


She brought up a hand dripping with cum and wiped it on his face. Then she brought down the dildo, and he could feel some more fumbling. With a dull thud, his ball weights crashed into the floor. His balls immediately started to tingle and itch. Then she raised her empty hands, glistening with his juices again.

'Lick and listen.'

While he licked her fingers clean, she started to explain.

'Apart from our domestic staff, we keep a few more slaves here. Some are kept in the dungeons below, they are usually slaves from friends, send here for punishment. Other slaves get parked here as their owners go on vacation or just want them out of the way for a while. They sleep in the attic, along with our own slaves. And we have sluts here. Sluts are slaves that are mainly used for sex. They are kept in rooms at the third floor and don't leave those rooms unless they need some hard punishment. The sluts we keep here are slaves in training to become whores. This is how we and most of our friends make our living. Once a slut offers herself to us, she gets a rather strict training for some time, and then we set her up to work and satisfy customers. Some remain here in training for 6 months, other stay here for more then a year. When they are send off to work, we keep a close eye on them, so they get punished if they slack or break any slut rules. You, dear wanker, are going to help me train the sluts. With that wonderful dong of yours. Follow.'

Mrs. De Witt rose to her feet and walked out. Wanker got up from his knees, a moment unsettled and feeling strangely light before he realised 8 pounds of weight were no longer suspended from his balls. He hurried to follow his Mistress.

They arrived at the third floor. From behind a closed door, muffled moans and giggles could be heard. Mrs. De Witt opened the door and walked in, Wanker following close behind. The first thing that hit him was an overwhelming cum stench. Male cum. Like the room contained a bath tub filled with the stuff. The room had no visible windows and was just lit by a bare bulb, hanging down from the ceiling. Then he saw the girls.

Strapped to a huge, rubber sheeted bed, side by side, two girls lay. Both were nude except for cuffs and collars. Both had big tits, and one of them clearly was the girl he had delivered his maiden speech to, on the lap top computer. Wanker squealed as his cock once more started to fill his chastity tube. Not again! Mrs. De Witt had turned at his sound, and now looked down on his crotch.

'Cute, you dong is twitching. How realistic... Look at it. '

He had to bend forward and force his head way down. The collar cut his breath as he tried to catch a glimpse. He could just see the massive latex dick head, gently bobbing up and down. He whimpered a little more. This was going to be hell all over again. Mrs. De Witt smirked and took a seat in a chair standing in the corner of the room.

'Take a good look at them, Wanker.'

The girls both were a mess. Suspended over their heads each had a large plastic container with several holes in the bottom, and what looked like fresh cum was slowly dripping down, soaking their faces, hair and heads completely. They were also very, very horny. As he watched, one of the girls, de dark haired one he had seen on the lap top, pulled up her legs, pushing her crotch high into the air. For several moments she kept her stance, her hips trembling with tension. Then her ass splashed down again, sending drops of a huge cum puddle flying.


Wanker could almost have sworn she just had an orgasm. Her sounds or movements seemed to have set the other girl off as well.

'He... He... Huuaaa!

The red headed girl just quivered a little. Both girls seemed dazed and still completely unaware of their audience. They now lay side by side, panting like dogs, slowly twitching and moving. Their heads were held in place by a large steel loops that rose through the rubber sheet and their hands were pulled up and chained to the head of the bed. Their lower bodies and legs were free. They could turn their heads freely, and as he watched, the dark haired one turned her head side ways and started to lap up cum from the puddle that had formed under her head. She was moaning as she did that.

Wanker stared at her tits. They were huge. They were massive. They looked even bigger in real life. They were wonderful. He could not help whimpering again as his cock tried to grow. As the girl moved the tits would slowly follow, sliding like soft, jelly filled bags, sloshing from one side to the other as the girl started tossing her body towards another orgasm. Her nipples... Wanker stared and swallowed. She had the biggest nipples he had ever seen. Her areolas were the side of her handpalms, and crowning those big dark circles, two thumb sized nipples poked out, rock hard. One glace at the red head confirmed she had similar huge nipples.


'Huuuh.. Huh... HuuuuAAAAAhhhh...'

They seemed to be cumming in unison. He had no idea what was sending the girls from one orgasm to the other. Perhaps they had similar implants as the cook and the maid. Their cunts appeared empty enough, not even a cord of a vibrating egg came out. Both had swollen, dark red fat cunt lips, sometimes twitching, glistening with their juices. Wanker swallowed again. Not only had both girls humongous nipples, at the meeting point of the bloated cunt lips massive clits twitched and throbbed. Both seemed to be on the way to another orgasm pretty fast. The dark haired girl pulled her legs up again...

Then there was a ping. Both girls froze at the spot. They were still panting, but they stopped their slow, aimless moving, and tried to lay as still as possible. Slowly the dark haired one extended her legs again. moving very carefully.

'That's it, sluts, playtime is over. No more orgasm!'

Mrs. De Witt's voice send a shock through both the girls and Wanker. For a moment he had forgotten all about her. The girls tried to open their eyes, caked with cum, and blinking they looked at Wanker and Mrs. De Witt. Mrs. De Witt stood up and moved passed Wanker towards a table next to the bed. It carried several machines.

'You unhook them Wanker.'

Mrs. De Witt started to push buttons and looked at displays as Wanker knelt on the bed. What had looked like a normal, al be it huge, bed, turned out to be rock hard, like a wooden floor, covered by a rubber sheet. He knelt beside the red head's face and studied the loop holding her head. He had no idea how to loosen it. Then he looked at her hands. That was simple enough, her wrist cuffs were clicked onto chains. He undid her hands. She reached down, grabbed the loop, pushed a little button he had not noticed, and the loop could be pulled up and out of the bed. To get to the black haired girl, he had to move across the red head, his knees slipping in the accumulated pools of cum. As he moved across her, he could feel warm cum drip in his neck and onto his back. He shivered. As he knelt beside the black haired girl, she looked up to him She had large, dark eyes. Little strands of cum covered her eyelids, and she blinked a few times. Then she smiled at him. Slowly she opened her lips, her tongue came out, and, still staring at him, she started to lick cum surrounding her mouth. She had a massive stud in the middle of her toungue. Wanker groaned. By now his cock was getting squeezed hard again. He could feel his hips tremble. Trying to focus, he reached out, pushed the button, and pulled up the loop. Then he reached for her hands and clicked them free. Still groaning, he moved back. As he stood next to the bed again, he saw Mrs. De Witt staring at him.

'I think you are in for a hard afternoon, Wanker. You like that one, don't you?'

Wanker had to swallow a couple of times before he could answer.

'Yes Mistress...'

She smiled and shrugged.

'Bully for you. As I explained, these are sluts, whores in training. Wanker, meet number 9,' she nodded towards the black haired girl; 'and number 11. Sluts, meet Wanker. He is going to be your new fucker.'

Mrs. De Witt sat down again and went on.

'A good whore always has the pleasure of her customer at heart, and she should refrain from having an orgasm herself. If the customer wants her to cum, she just fakes it. If she starts to have orgasms herself, she is not focussing on pleasing her lover. So my whores are not allowed to cum a lot, and during their training we teach them self control to keep from cumming. Whish of course means most of the time, my sluts are very horny and in desperate need for relief.' Mrs. De Witt permitted herself s short giggle. 'You might see a pattern here Wanker, this goes for most slaves at my hands. But all I want them to do is control themselves, not to be frigid. I want them horny, but able to keep from cumming until they get permission. To get them horny, I give them cum training. It is a lot like when Angela made you wank every 2 hours, remember her mails? Cumming a lot tends to kick the body into sexual overdrive. It is a bit like conditioning. Your six weeks of wanking and shooting will keep your body producing sperm and hormones for several years, even if we don't let you cum at all, even if we would not tease you. Ad some regular teasing and some careful milkings into the mix, and over the years the effects will build up even further. With that nice start in having lots of orgasms, a solid foundation has been laid. And with enough teasing and denial, we can drive your sexual needs through the roof. The same goes for these sluts, and all the whores that passed through here before them. What you just witnessed was their slut version of a wanking session. They had to cum as often as they could, without any stimulation. They were just driving themselves from one orgasm into the next by sheer need for relief and their horny little slut minds. Most sluts find it hard at first, but they all learn sooner or later. And once they mastered the trick, there is just no stopping them. By now, these two are under orders to have at least 15 orgasms in 3 hours, and the easily manage to pass that number. Number 9 here had 28 orgasms, while number 11 made it to 21. Not bad for a couple of empty cunts, what? The big trick is, now that they are all set to have one orgasm after the other, they have to stop and control themselves. They are not allowed any more orgasms until their next cum session tomorrow. And now you are going to fuck them. You are going to do anything you can to make these two sluts cum. If they do, you get a reward, and they get punished. Here, shove this up your ass.'

Wankers mouth was dry, and he felt dizzy. Mrs. De Witt handed him s small tube that had several metal rings around it. It had rounded ends. From one side, a thin cord ran to the machine next to the bed. He reached down, found the oval in his crotch belt, and the little cylinder slit into his ass with remarkable ease. He shivered.

'That is a little electrode. It will give light shocks to your ass. It works pretty much like the electrodes that made Twat hump. Don't worry, it will not hurt, it will just make you trust your ass forward a little. It is you fuck-director. You just shove your dong down one of the girls twats, and start humping her to the pace the machine sends you. If it makes you twitch slightly and slowly, you fuck her gently and slowly. As she gets more excited, the machine will start to pace you harder and faster, and you fuck her harder and faster. Do you understand?'

Wanker could not speak, he just nodded, his throat dry and lumped.

'Ok, lets get into position. Kneel between number 9's legs... Yes. Open her cunt, and place your dong just inside...'

Wanker felt sick with anticipation as he reached down and touched the girls cunt. At the first touch, she shuddered, and as he grabbed onto the rubber dick and placed it between her cunt lips, she moaned, her hips shivering. Her eyes were fixed on his face, shining. He waited for further instructions. His cock was slowly getting squeezed into a pulp again, but somehow he could take it. He realised he was panting almost as fast as the girls.

'Now while you are fucking one slut, the other might cool down. As your aim is to make them cum, you would not want that. So you can order the other slut around. You can order her to sit on the face of the slut you are banging, so she can lick her. Tell her to frig herself. Or tell her to get a vibrator and fuck herself. Tell her to get 2 vibrators, and fuck her ass and cunt at the same time. You just say it, and she has to do it. You are the customer, and they have to please you... When you hear a buzzer, it is time to switch sluts. You let go of the one you have been banging, grab the other one and move on. All clear? Lets get this show on the road then.'

Mrs. De Witt walked to the machine again and pushed a button. Wanker felt a light pressure at his ass. Puzzled, he looked back. No one was behind him. Mrs. De Witt laughed.

'That is the electrode, Wanker, shove your dong down that twat...'

Slowly, he pushed forward, steadying himself on his hands and knees. As he pushed forward, he felt a little pressure on his caged dick, and it made him whimper. The girl underneath him whimpered too. By the time he had his dong half way down her, the light pressure on his ass disappeared.

'Now pull back...'

Slowly he withdraw from the girl. He could feel a light tugging at his dick. This was going to be bad... The pressure on his ass came on again, and he felt his buttock clench. As he gave into the move, his dildo once more disappeared into the girl. For several minutes, all that could be heard was the laboured breathing of the two, with soft whimpers and moans in between. Wanker started to get the hang of it. By the time the machine started to fire pulses to his ass faster, he picked up speed even without realising it.

'Why don't you put your hands on her tits? Just grab them, squeeze and hold on to them. 9 likes it a bit rough...'

As in a dream, he moved his hands. Her hot, soft flesh bulged between his fingers. Her hard nipples pressed into his palms.


The girls soft outcry seemed to register with the machine before it reached Wanker's mind. The pressure on his ass became stronger and faster. All wanker had eyes for was the girls face. She had been staring at him, smiling dreamingly. But now her eyes rolled up in their sockets. He felt her hands grabbing his hands and press them down on her tits even harder. She arched her back, and her hips started to thrust up.


'HAAA... HAAA... HHAAARGHH!' Eyes bulging, Wanker froze. A mind numbing pain tore through his abdomen. Flashes went off in front of his eyes. He could feel his balls swell up and explode. He collapsed on top of the girl.

As he came round again, he was still on top of the girl. She was looking up at him, her eyes wide with shock. Someone on the background was wailing. Through the wailing, he could hear laughter. Mrs. De Witt was standing at his side, her face flushed with laughter.

'Wanker! You little horny sod! You are supposed to make her cum, not yourself. Now get up and fuck that slut!'

Wanker wanted to speak and only then realised he was doing the wailing. His balls felt like before, like someone smashed them into a pulp with one mighty blow. As for his cock, it felt as if red hot nails had been driven trough. He tried to silence himself. It took forever. Finally he managed to blurt out his first words.

'Please Mistress, pleas. I can't! It just hurts too much I beg you mistress please no. I can not do this...'

'Shut up and fuck that bitch... NOW!'

She got up, turned to the machine and turned a dial. Wankers ass exploded. His hips jerked and with his buttocks clenched in a painful spasm, his pelvis thrusting forward. He howled. Suddenly a line of fire burned across his ass. Mrs. De Witt already raised her whip again.


Another line of fire slashed his trembling buttocks


And another...


Wanker howled again as his ass exploded from the inside again.


The whip crashed down a third time.


His eyes bulging, farting with fear, Wanker scrambled to get back on his hands and knees. The whip landed again.


He was just back on his hands and knees as another flash tore his ass, lunging him forward.


The whip now thrashed his tightly clenched ass.


The whip landed again as he tried to move his ass back.


Crying and screaming, his face twisted in pain and fear, Wanker humped the girl, driving the massive dildo right down her twat at every jolt the machine gave him. He was not even thinking about it. Mrs. De Witt stepped back, her face dark with anger. Slowly she relaxed as Wanker kept pumping his dildo in and out the girl. She turned to the machine, and turned the dial a little back. Inside Wankers ass, the feeling of one explosion after the other diminished a little. Now it just felt as if someone was ramming his ass with a huge dildo. At every jolt, he lower body simply reacted without him having any say in it. It more or less felt like the machine was fucking her, with him just as one little part in between. His cock and balls still hurt as before, and his ass was now a burning fire as well, but fear and adrenaline managed to keep him in control. He did not dare to speak again, and he just tried to concentrate at fucking the girl. He looked down. Her tits... He grabbed her tits and squeezed. The girl mewled and bucked her hips again.

An hour and a half later Wanker was sweating like a pig. His lower region was almost numb with pain, if such a thing was possible, but he was getting the hang of it. The buzzer just had gone off for a second time, and the electrode in his ass had given him a little respite while the girls changed place. He was taking aim at the black haired girl again. At the first change, just after he mounted number 11, the red head had looked up at him, then she had looked at number 9. She whispered.

'Tell her

to frig herself, keep her hot...'

For a second, he had been perplexed. Since he came into this room, neither of the girls had spoken, and it was a shock to hear her voice. Then he nodded, looked at slut 9 and nodded again.

'Do it!' His voice had been hoarse, a dry croak,

Without a word, number 9 had reached down and started to play with her swollen sex. Her other hand grabbed one of her tits and started to pluck her nipple. All the while, he had her eyes fixed at him, staring at him. Wanker thought she looked hungry.

Mrs. De Witt had been sitting in her corner, watching them without a word. Suddenly she had gotten up.

'That's it. Keep working them. You will learn, sooner or later. Keep fucking them. I will check the camera.'

She pointed at a camera, turned and left the room. And Wanker had kept fucking. It seemed to take forever until the buzzer went off again. The machine made him fuck slow, fast and in every speed between. The red head had not moved at all, keeping her eyes shut most of the time. It had been like fucking an unconscious body. The only sign of life was her panting, and her quivering tits, flopping at whatever speed Wanker was fucking her. He soon turned his attention back to the black haired girl, slut number 9, kneeling beside them. She was still staring at him, but she was also working herself. And was not sloughing it either. Between her legs, she was pumping 4 fingers in and out of her twat, rubbing her clit with the palm of her hand. With her other hand she was pinching and yanking her own nipples. As she saw him look at her again, she let go of her tits for a moment, reaching down. Her hand came back up gleaming with cum, the cum that was still dripping from the canisters over head. She started to rub her tits with it, her mouth half open, her cheeks a glow. She kept on scooping more cum onto her tits until they were shimmering, covered with big globs of cum. And then she had grabbed her tits and pushed it up, towards her mouth. Still staring at him, she brought down her face and started to lick the cum from her tits. All wanker could do was stare at her, his eyes wide open. His dildo was banging the girl underneath, but his mind was banging number 9.

And now she was laying in front of him again. The electrode in his ass kicked in and launched him forward.

'UUUAAAH! The big shove made the girl squeal. Suddenly Wanker felt a power rush he had never felt before. Here he was, fucking a real girl! Groaning he plunged his dildo into her again. he grabbed her tits, still slippery from the cum she had been rubbing and licking on and off. He squeezed. The girl moaned, her head slowly turning from left to right. The pace of the electrode soon sped up, and he started to hump faster.

'Ooooh... OOOOOH' Her head arched back and he could feel her hips raising to meet his thrusts.

'Oooh oh oh. Ffffuck me... Fuhhh... Fuck me hard...' She was merely whispering, but her words seemed to scream down his ears, through his backbone, going straight into his hips. His back started to hurt as he tried to fuck her even faster. Suddenly he felt a touch. He looked and saw the red head kneeling beside him, her tits pressing into his arms. He groaned and tried to fuck harder.

'Slow down... Slow down... You can drive her nuts if you just wait a second...'

Wanker looked at the red head. She was staring down at number 9, smiling.

'Just listen to me, we can drive her crazy... We can make her cum and you will get your reward... Just do as I say... Pull back, pull out of her now...'

Wanker was confused. The electrode up his ass was going wild, and he just had no control over his hips. He kept pumping the girl.

'Pull out, the electrode will stop once you pull out...'

Groaning, he tried to... With all his will power, gritting his teeth, he pulled the dildo out of the twitching body in front of him... She was right! Suddenly the electrode died. Number 9 moaned and bucked her hips. After a few seconds she raised her head, her eyes dazed, trying to figure out what was happening.

'FFff... Fffuck... FFFffuck... Me... Oooooh....' Number 9's eyes rolled back again and her body jerked in a massive spasm.

'Now wait... Wait until she tenses up again, see, every few seconds she gets completely rigid. Watch for it... As she gets rigid, ram that thing down her twat as hard as you can... Wait... Wait... NOW!'

Wanker lurched forward.


Number 9 simply seemed to explode. Her body shook uncontrollably, her hips no longer humping but quivering at an almost machine like speed.


A second wave wrecked her body. The machine next to be bed made a short bleeping noise. Wanker felt a slap on his ass.

'Keep fucking now, ram her until she bleeds, you can make her cum twice...'

Wanker watched the twitching body. Now there were no clear spasms anymore. He slowly started to shove his dildo down the quivering cunt again.

'Hmmmmm' Number 9 shivered and grabbed her tits

When the buzzer went off for the third time, Number 9 was close, but she had not suffered another orgasm. Wanker leaned back and sat down on his ass. Groaning, he tried to stretch his legs. His muscles were starting to ache and he was getting stiff all over. His cock and balls were now needles and pins, perhaps just a little less painful then the dull mind numbing throb from before. He looked at the two girls. Finally he managed to catch his breath.

'Thank you.' He looked at number 11: 'That was great, I need this help, this is all new to me. Thank you so much...'

11 smiled, and looked at number 9, still splayed out flat on her back, her body getting wrecked by infrequent tremors. Then she shrugged.

'If you're no good, sooner or later we'll all pay the price. We better make it work.'

Wanker nodded.

'Smart girl... Now its your turn again. Lie down. How do I make you cum?

For a second, she looked at him. Then she grinned.

'You don't. I am not a slut like her, I have self control. Fuck me, you will never make me cum! Besides, why would you, you've got that slut already, you'll get your reward alright...'

She let herself fall back, closed her eyes and waited. Wanker sighted and took up position again. Well, he could try... he could try and learn...

Wanker looked like he had ran a marathon. He had no luck fucking number 11, she was successfully doing her dead body thing again. He pretty much fucked her on automatic pilot, driven by the machine, and while the routine set in, it gave him time to come to grips with his present predicament. The pain in his balls and cock was by now balanced by his sore back and screaming muscles. Once he had handed his body over to the electrode running his lower body, he had managed to catch his breath again, and now his only problem was trying not to look to much at number 9. He had no idea what her game was. Of course, he was not thinking to clearly right now, but even in his dazed state, he could not imagine she was really trying to bring herself off again. She was already up for some kind of punishment. From what Wanker had seen here so far, punishment was not a joke in this house. Surely she would not want to further that?!? And yet, the way she was jamming fingers up her ass and kept slapping her tits and ass, moaning and squealing, it sure looked like it... She was most certainly bringing herself dangerously close to the edge. And whenever he looked at her, he was met by her wide open, dark eyes, staring at him. Each glimpse of her was pushing his own body towards a cliff he most certainly did not want to cross a third time. No more orgasm, while he was in this hellish chastity thing! He tried to look at number 11, but despite her dead duck act, her sloshing tits tended to get on his nerves as well. The last round he had spend mostly just pumping his dildo blindly, his eyes pressed shut. Now if only he could block out the sounds number 9 was making...

'Ok Wanker, you can stop now.' Mrs. De Witt sounded amused. 'I am sure that has been enough for your first day. Get off the bed.'

He had not noticed her enter, even barely registered her words. As the electrode in his ass switched off, Wanker slowly came to a full stop. As he realised they were no longer alone, he tried to speak, but only managed a few unintelligible croaks. Mrs. De Witt smiled.

'Off the bed Wanker, enough fun for today. Girls, get ready for bed!'

Slowly, his body feeling like lead, Wanker crawled off the bed. As he stood up, his legs simply refused, and he collapsed into a heap next to the bed. Unable to get up, he looked up to Mrs. De Witt who had burst into a laugh.

'What's the matter, Wanker? A bit too much for your first sexual experience? Sluts? Pick him up and clean him... And take his cock off too, he is not going to use that anywhere else, so you might as well keep it inhe...' Mrs. De Witt fell silent while she was inspecting a display at the machine. 'SLUT 9!' Mrs. De Witt's voice had turned icy cold. 'You worthless cunt! You have had an orgasm! Again! I should staple that worthless fuck hole of your's shut! A year! I have spend an entire year trying to teach you to be a proper slut and still you can't control that slimy twat of your's. Well enough is enough, I am not going to waste any more time...'

'Please Mistress please please please... I can't help it Mistress, I will do anything Mistress... Send me to the doctor, have him fix me Mistress, please, anything Mistress, please Mistress....'

At the first words of Mrs. De Witt, Slut 9 had thrown herself to the floor flat on her chest, and now she was grabbing Mrs. De Witt's feet, trying to kiss them, slobbering pleas for mercy in between. Mrs De Witt looked down at her, then at the still helpless crouching figure of Wanker. He was staring at the scene in growing horror. Slowly a menacing smile crept across her face. Number 9 was now sobbing, still at her feet.

'11, take care of Wanker. 9, pull your udders out to the sides...'

As 11 managed to pull Wanker onto his feet, 9 had reached under her body and was pulling her tits sideways until the were ballooning out from under her torso. She stretched out her arms above her head, pressing her body into he floor. Her ass jiggled as she kept sobbing. Smiling cruelly, Mrs De Witt stepped out of a slipper and raised a foot, moved it over one of the bulging tits and started to step down, steadying herself with one hand to the table. 9 groaned. Once Mrs. De Witt had brought down her full weight on the splayed out meatball, she raised her other foot and stepped down on the other tit.


Mrs. De Witt started to move her weight from one foot to the other, treading the bulging and swelling flesh. It looked as if she was determined to grind those tits into a bloody pulp. The swollen nipples seemed to be on the verge of bursting. 9 underwent the torture stifling her moans and cries as much as she could. As Mrs. De Witt moved her heels to one of her nipples and started grinding down on the red tip, she wailed. Wanker looked on in horror. It certainly looked like the most beautiful tits he had ever seen were being destroyed before his very eyes. For a second he wanted to yell out, beg for mercy for the poor girl, but he remembered Little Twat and how he managed to help her from bad to worse. He swallowed his words and bit his lips. Mrs De Witt bend her knees and squatted, her feet still digging into the now purple meat. She reached down, grabbed the girls hair and pulled her face off the floor, forcing it back hard.

'Listen, and listen good you worthless cunt. Are you listening?'

She roughly yanked the girls hair. 9 tried to stifle her sobs and shrieks and managed to peep out a 'Yes Mistress'.

'You wanted to become a whore, and you gave up everything to become a whore. Well, you can forget about that. You are a worthless, horny cunt that could not serve a man properly if her life depended on it. I will not set you up as a whore, you hear me, cunt! You can just forget about that endless supply of cocks fucking those useless holes...'

The sobbing grew again.

'Shut up, cow!' Mrs. De Witt shook the girls head again, yanking her hair. 'Now the good news is that wherever you'll be going, you won't be needing your sexy looks and perfect body to please men anymore. So it's of no use to keep that skin of yours in pristine condition, and from now on I can punish you any way I like. Ever wondered what it would feel like to be hanging from these two jugs wile getting that cum hole or yours whipped raw? Well, tomorrow you will know!'

9 whimpered in terror, and a large puddle started to appear on the floor. The girl was pissing herself in fear. Mrs. De Witt did not notice and went on.

'I am going to destroy you, cunt. Bit by bit, ever so slowly. First I am going to turn that sexy body into a freak, and then I will slowly destroy it... Every last bit of it. I will make you scream until your voice is gone, and then some. You will beg me to kill you... But I won't. When I am done, I will sell you... To a gay club, or a gay brothel. You will spend the rest of your life looking at cocks that are not interested in you, watching men have sex with everything but you. You will smell cum every waking hours, but not a drop for you. You will be scrubbing the floors with whatever will be left of these fun bags. Your twat will be wide open and forever empty. They will use your ass just to piss in...'

9 was crying out loud again, blubbering pleas for mercy through her sobs. Mrs. De Witt stood up again, and now started to stomp down her feet on the girls tits, one foot after the other. 9's screams raised to an ear shattering level. Finally Mrs. De Witt stopped and stepped of. She slid into her shoes again and turned around, looking at Wanker and 11.

'Enjoyed the show, kids?'

She glanced at the now pitiful weeping girl at her feet. Her rage seemed to have disappeared from one second to the next, and she smiled. Her sudden mood change scared Wanker even more.

'11, clean up the floor and Wanker, take his cock off, and then install yourself for the night. Wanker, you watch what she does, you need to learn how to take care of sluts. When she is done, you hook up her wrists again, lock her head down and then you just wait here until someone comes to fetch you.'

Mrs De Witt grabbed a fist full of 9's hair, turned and left the room, dragging the desperate sobbing girl behind her like a bag of potatoes. The last thing Wanker saw was another quirt of pee spraying from between the girls kicking legs. He shuddered.

Suddenly he felt a light touch to his ass. He looked back and surprised to see 11 standing right behind him. She was rocking back and forth gently, and her crotch just touched his ass every time. She was looking at him, a rather vague smile on her face. Clearly the brutal display had not shocked her nearly as much as it had Wanker. She stepped back, putting a finger to her lips. Wanker understood. No more talking.

She started with cleaning him. She removed the large dildo from his cock cage, and, grinning, showed it to him. A large amount of pre-cum and cum had gathered in its hollow inside. She hesitated for a moment, glancing at the camera. Then she raised the dildo and slowly started to pour the content into her mouth. Wanker watched in awe. She seemed to be savouring his fluids like wine, taking sip after sip. Her other hand slowly started to slide across her tits, tapping her nipples ever so lightly.

When she had downed his accumulated spending, she lowered her hands, smiled at him and moved to a sink in the corner of the room. She thoroughly rinsed the dildo, put it away and then took a wash cloth. She soaked it and stepped up to Wanker again. Methodically she began to rub him down, starting with his head and slowly working her way down. Much to his surprise, she could very simply take off the upper inch or so from his collar, allowing him to move his head a lot more freely. Groaning with relief, he started to move his head, stretching cramped muscles as he twisted and bend his neck. The cold water on the cloth was another wonderful feeling. Only now he realised how hot and grimy he actually was. He grunted with pleasure as she took her time cleaning him. Every now and again she would go to the sink, rinse and wet the cloth again and then return. By the time she knelt down in front of him and started to work on his family jewels, he was starting to feel reborn. As she rubbed the cold, soothing cloth across his cage, he could, possibly for the first time that day, feel his dick move almost freely inside, and when she gently put it to his still throbbing balls, he groaned with pleasure and relief again. He never would have believed a small piece of cloth and cold water could be so nice. As his cock had shrivelled up, more pre-cum and cum that had been locked inside his body started to drool out, and 11 quickly came up with a small plastic bag she hooked onto his cage. Wanker sighted with relief at seeing that solution. At least for now he would not be soiling floors. 11 went on cleaning him, working her way down to his feet. She even scrubbed the underside of his feet, making him stand on one foot and steadying himself with a hand to her shoulder. Finally she stepped back. Wanker felt reborn. 11 put the top half of his collar back on, pushed him back until he was standing next to the door and placed his hands in his neck. She raised two fingers, pointed at his eyes, then at herself and finally at the room behind her. Yeah, yeah, he knew, watch and learn...

The girl now started to take care of the room. Fist she got back on the bed-like platform and turned a lever attached to the large, cum dripping containers dangling from chains overhead. The gentle rain of cum started to diminish. She got down on her knees and, using her hands like a squeegee, started to wipe the cum on the rubber sheet together. As she turned to reach all of the sheet, Wanker noticed her face. It was starting to blush, and with her full lips half open her breathing picked up speed. Then, her eyes shining and fixed on the task before her, she bent further, lowering her head to the sheet. As wet slurping noises indicated she was sucking the cum off the sheet, something in the mind of Wanker went 'click'. He remembered her face when she had been emptying his dildo. The girl liked cum. A lot!. Tomorrow, when fucking her, he would make her eat cum from the rubber sheet. That might help. Or even better, he would make 9 do... Suddenly Wanker felt his heart sink. Tomorrow there would be no slut number 9. She would be hanging from her tits... Was such a thing even possible? He blinked and tried to focus on 11 again. Surely Mistress could not have been serious when she said she was going to destroy the girl. She was his age, 18, 20 at most, and she was so gorgeous... How could anyone even think about... He shivered and tried again to focus on 11. Thinking about 9 had made him sad and sorry, and for now, he could watch the nude girl cleaning the sheet without his cock even twitching once. She now had taken up the cloth and was wiping it carefully. First she wiped the sheet, then she used the rinsed cloth to clean it further. Finally it was done, shining wet but stainless again. Next she did the floor, cleaning away the puddle that had been left by 9. She then went over to the sink and started to clean herself with water and the cloth. She took her time, especially wiping her crotch over and over again, soaking the cloth with cold water again and again. It dawned on Wanker she was trying to extinguish a smouldering fire deep inside, despite her controlled looks and posture. He smiled to himself. 'I have self control...', she said before. Well, he would see about that. Somehow he resented the red head, feeling that, in a way, she contributed to 9's downfall.

11 had finished her own bath, and had even put on a fresh coat of make up. Bright red lips, and dark eyeliner and mascara gave her a remarkable refreshed appearance. She now returned to the bed. Wanker watched as she installed a large box at the bottom of the bed on her side. The box had her number on it, and, pointing towards the other end of the bed, a thin pole with a rather slender but long dildo at the end protruded. Wanker recognized some kind of fucking machine. She took her place on the bed, carefully manoeuvring her body until the prodding dildo pretty much rested between her cunt lips. She reached to the side of the bed, and pulled a couple of clear plastic hoses out. As she did, a very soft chugging noise started. The ends of the hoses had slightly larger clear cups attached to the ends. She licked the rim of one of the cups, and placed it over one of her nipples. With awe Wanker saw her nipple getting sucked into the cup, swelling and filling about half the space inside. It vibrated with the tugging of the pump. He realised the sluts' huge nipples and clits were the result of this pumping. He wondered how many hours of pumping it had taken to arrive at these more or less permanent results. 11 placed the other cups on her nipple and clit, and stretched out. Then she raised her head, looked at Wanker and with her finger, waved him to come closer. Time for him to lock her head and hands to the bed. This proved to be rather easy now, and soon he was back, standing next to the door, his hands folded behind his head. He now just had to wait for someone to come fetch him, or something. It started to dawn on him this was probably the easiest kind of tasks he could expect from now on, and he tried to relax a little. He thought about how fast his turn around had gone, from aspiring student to real slave. 24 hours ago, he had been in what he expected to be his new lodgings, typing his declaration of submission...

A high pitched hum started, shaking Wankers from his day dreams. On the bed, the box between 11's legs had jumped to life. The dildo suddenly looked blurry, and he blinked a few times before realizing it was vibrating furiously. Next he noticed it had gotten shorter a bit... No, it was slowly disappearing into 11's cunt. The girl was playing dead again, breathing slowly, not moving a muscle. With some respect he saw the entire dildo slowly make its way up her snatch. It was less than an inch wide, but well over 7 or 8 inches long, and its point had to be pressed right against the girls cervix when it stopped. The hum had gone muffled. For a second, not much happened. Then, as slowly as hit went in, it started to move out again. Wanker noticed 11's muscles tensing as it slowly withdrew. When It came to a rest again, it tip merely touching her cunt lips, it vibrated a few seconds more, then switched off. 11 let out a long quivering sigh. Several seconds later, her body relaxed again. Somehow, this slow, vibrating dildo got to her quite effectively, and Wanker added this little fact to her apatite for cum. He began to see how it might take some time to get to know a woman's key points. Silence fell over the room.

He had been standing for more then an hour when the door opened, and although he had relative freedom to move, he decided to remain standing. He was glad something was about to happen. In a procession, Mrs. De Witt, Miss Angela, a naked crawling girl and Doofus walked in. The naked girl was number 9, but it took Wanker several seconds to recognize her. Her long black hair was gone and her bald head, a bit lighter then the rest of her skin, gleamed in the harsh light of the room. The next thing Wanker noticed were several huge bruises that had already formed on her dangling breasts. Also visible were fresh whipmarks all over her back and ass. Clearly, Mrs. De Witt had taken advantage of her new freedom to damage the previously immaculate slave girl. Doofus clearly knew what to do and not a word was spoken.. He pushed Wanker onto the bed right away. Pushing and shoving, Wanker was directed towards the place were previously 9's head had been kept by the loop. He was spun around, facing the door and ladies again. Mrs. De Witt had taken the chair again, while Miss Angela sat down on the side of the bed. He could just see part of 9's back raising above the bed. Something above his head rattled. He looked up. Doofus had pushed the large cum container off to one side and was pulling down chains. One by one, the chains got hooked to the back and front of Wankers harness. Then his feet were grabbed and pulled up to his ass. With a few simple clicks, they were locked to his harness as well. Wanker was now balancing on his knees, held upright by the chains. As they rattled again, he felt his knees leaving the bed. The suspension was surprisingly comfortable, his weight distributed by the harness. Then a single chain rattled. He felt something tugging at the lower back of his harness, and his ass was slowly pulled back until he was suspended at an angle. The man took his arms, pulled them to his back, and locked them there. As he tried to move, he found his body was forced pretty much motionless into its position. He could spread his legs a little further, but not push them together, he had to keep his knees at least a foot apart. Doofus now removed the top of his collar too, so he was again able to move his head.

'Perfect. Cumcunt, get up.' Mrs. De Witt sounded relaxed, almost purring. 'Look Wanker, this is how easy it is to change a would be fuck doll into a nice torture toy...'

Wanker stared, awe struck. 9 was now wearing a similar collar as he was. She now also had cuffs just above her knees. Her face was streaked by run mascara from crying. Little hooks had been placed in her nostrils, and were pulled up and back by strings running across her fore head to the back of her collar. It pulled up the girls nose into a wrinkled stub, her nostrils obscenely stretched open. Her mouth was gaping wide open as well, forced by an O ring that was set behind her teeth and held in place with leather straps around the back of her head. Her tongue was sticking out in the middle of her mouth. They had removed the ball piercing from her tongue and replaced it with a metal rod. It rested on her wide splayed lips, forcing her to stretch her tongue out as far as it would go. Copious amounts of drool leaked down her lips and tongue. It splattered on her tits. Her tits! Wanker tried to swallow. Her wonderful, large breasts were now black and blue, with several fresh welts from a whip running left and right. Clearly Mrs. De Witt's earlier stampede on the girls mounts had done more that just a bit of skin damage. Her breasts were swollen, almost doubled in size. Where before they had flowed and rippled gently with every move, they now trembled and shook like rock hard rubber balls. They looked painfully hard. The big aureoles' were stretched purple circles with bloated teats crowning them. Below, her puffy cunt lips were pulled left and right to her thighs, stretched and simply pinned in place with safety pins. Her pink open cunt glistened and twitched. From the safety pins, electrical wires ran up to a black box dangling from her collar. Wanker realised she was getting some kind of shocks delivered to her crotch, although right now it did not seem to bother her very much. It just kept her cunt twitching in that weird way.

'On the bed, Cumcunt', get in place!'

Cumcunt seemed to be the new name for number 9. She moved as fast as she could, and with eyes wide, Wanker now really got an idea how much her boobs had swollen. Before, they had pointed separate ways, not touching each other. Now the were pressed together, and still they stood out left and right of her body. She kept bumping her arms into her tits as she moved. She crawled towards him and then turned over to lay down flat on her back. Her head was below his crotch. Doofus moved in again, quickly chaining her hands to the head board and catching her neck in the loop. Due to the high collar, now she could no longer move her head and just had to stare right up at Wanker's croth. He could feel her breath, and his balls started to tingle as his cock once again twitched in its cage.

'Take these first!' Angela handed Doofus some strange, rubber rings. Doofus pulled out two clear tubes from their side of the bed, and Wanker recognised more air pump tubes. Doofus attached the tubes to the rubber rings, and then grabbed one of the girls nipples. Stretching her already sore tits long, he started to work the right ring towards the base of her tit. 9, now Cumcunt, mewled in pain as her bloated tits were manhandled. Finally Doofus seemed to be satisfied and he started to work on the other tit. More mewling followed, and Wanker could see fresh tears running from her eyes. Her already taught tits now looked extremely bloated, and he could see veins throbbing under her skin.

'Ok, lets see. What this does.' Angela had taken up position by the big machine next to the bed and was pushing some buttons.


Cuncunt's eyes bulged as her tits suddenly seemed to swell even more. It took wanker a moment to realise what was happening. The rubber rings were getting inflated with air. As the rings grew bigger, they more and more restricted the base of Cumcunt's tits and forced the ballooning meat up and out further, adding even more pressure to the tortured meat balls. The girl started to shriek. Wanker expected her tits to rupture any moment now and shivering he closed his eyes. Mrs. De Witt's laughter cut through the pained howls.

'Look, Wanker is afraid her tits are going to explode! Don't worry Wanker, they won't! We are just stretching her tits a bit. She'll need them stretched for tomorrow. Don't you like her new tits, Wanker, so big and bloated now. No more sexy big boobs for Cumcunt, she is starting on her path towards real udders. KEEP LOOKING!'

Shivering Wanker opened his eyes again. Despite his fears, Cumcunt's tits had not burst. They were pointing straight up to him, two red, black and blue bloated balls of flesh. Stretch marks had started to form, radiating from her nipples. As he watched, the rings started to deflate, and her tits slowly sagged a little. Doofus had pulled out more tubes and was changing the suction cups for other, bigger ones. As he put the first cup over Cumcunt's nipples it became clear to Wanker the suction in these tubes was a lot higher. Her entire aureole immediately swelled and started to fill the lower, wider part of the cup. It was now about 3 inches wide and at least one inch high. Her nipple was sucked into the tube shape above, an inch wide and at least 3 inches long. Cumcunt gargled some more. The cup on her clit was a little less then an inch wide and an inch long, and it was filled with the poor victims clit completely. Unlike the pulsating suction in 11's suction cups, here the section seemed to be continuously. Doofus moved a bit down and grabbed the girls legs. Pulling a chain from the side of the bed up, he clicked it to the cuff above her knee. It forced her leg outward at a straight angle to her body. As Angela handed him a chain from the other side of the bed, he pulled her other leg out, forcing her into a side way split. She groaned in pain from the tension put at her hips. Doofus moved to the foot end of the bed and started to install another fucking machine. It was similar to the one 11 had.

'Just a sec, darling. Here, use this one. Better start stretching that cum hole of hers too, no need for a tight little fuck hole any more on this one.'

Mrs. De Wit handed another dildo to her slave husband. It looked like 3 pool balls on a stick. Doofus took off the long thin dildo and installed the pool ball-dildo. He then fiddled a bit at the base of the dildo, where it met the pole from the fucking machine. Slowly he started to push the first ball into the wide open cunt of the girl. She whimpered. He stopped as the first ball was exactly half way in, stretching her hole painfully. Doofus now went back to the head of the girl and waited.

'Ok Cumcunt, listen up! Are you listening?'


'Good. First let me explain to you what those light electroshocks mean. I bet you were thinking they are not that bad. Well, they are. But not in a painful way. They are not meant to be painful. What they are meant to do is keep you from having an orgasm. They are carefully modulated to keep your cunt in spasms. Those spasms interfere with any rhythmical contractions your cunt might have. And those contractions are necessary to get an orgasm. Without them, you can get as horny as you can, it won't result in a pleasurable relief of tension.... Got that, Cumcunt? No cumming, whether you want to or not. As a little side effect, the pulses will send your cunt juice production into overdrive. That new dildo will probably be a bit painful at first, but with all that lubrication and once your cumhole gets stretched enough, you might start to like it. Well, good luck with it, you will not cum.'

An unintelligible whimper rose from the girls wide open mouth.

'You will all stay like this until 9 tomorrow.' Mrs. De Witt checked her watch. 'That's a full 14 hours. Cumcunt, enjoy the night and rest while you can. Tomorrow I will start to do some real damage to those two fun bags and that little cum hole of yours. I...'

'Mom, Wanker...' Miss Angela nodded towards the horror filled Wanker.

'Oh dear, almost forgot. Here Doofus...'

Mrs. De Wit threw a small key onto the bed. Doofus picked it up, reached to Wanker's crotch and started to fumble at his cock cage.

'Your reward, Wanker... You will have a free cock tonight. My gratitude for turning that no good whore into a torture slut. Better make the best of it, I only counted 2 attempts at an orgasm in you today. That's quite a bit less then you were used to with your daily wankings. Better make up for it while you can... Uhm, lower him a bit, Doofus. Now forward... Forward... STOP! Perfect!'

'Wanker stared down his body, his eyes wide in a mixture of shock, surprise and a wild hope. His cock was dangling free. Doofus' latest corrections to his position had placed his cock directly over Cumcunt's mouth. Her hot, staggering breath felt like nothing he had ever experienced before. And even better, he could just feel the tip of her out stretched tongue touching his dangling cock. His still leaking cum drained straight into the girls wide open mouth. She gargled a little, then swallowed, her tongue twitching painfully as she did. Twitching against his cock... He moaned, his body shuddering in a never felt delight. His balls seemed to churn in his scrotum. His cock started to throb. Doofus made his way off the bed and for a moment, Mrs. De Witt, Miss Angela and Doofus looked at the three tied bodies. Mrs. De Witt, turned to the machine once more, pushed another button and looked back. With a buzz, the large ball-dildo between Cumcun't legs came to live. A shock went trough her body. Wanker looked down and saw her tits shudder. The first ball slowly disappeared into Cumcun't hole. The girl squealed, and he could not tell whether it was pain or excitement.

Miss Angela flipped the light switch. The harsh lightbulb went out, and for a second Wanker thought they would spend their time in the dark. But then a dim, orange glow came on, slowly changing from orange to red, and then slowly into yellow. It changed the atmosphere completely, and where as the room before had felt cold and clinical, it now breathed a warm and erotic mood. He moaned as his cock twitched and grew more. Grunting, he looked down. He could see Cumcunt's face, her eyes wide and mouth wide open. Little tremors kept her body moving. He could feel the pressure of her tongue on his cock increase as it grew. He could actually imagine this might become a good night....

'Oh... OOH NOOOO!'

Both Miss Angela and Mrs De Witt laughed at his desperate outburst. As his cock started to swell, it also changed its angle. No longer dangling down, it now flipped passed Cumcunt's tongue and was aimed at her chin. He groaned in frustration and tried to move his body in search of that heavenly tongue. He just jiggled a bit, and his dick kept prodding into thin air.

'You did not expect us to leave you here all night with Cumcunt licking your cock, did you? We just want you to drain some cum, not to have real sex... If you want to shoot a load, you'd better use your imagination. And don't worry, if you go limp, you can feel her tongue again...' Angela sniggered as she spoke.

Mrs De Witt nodded, satisfied with the outcome of their little experiment. 'As for you, Cumcunt, don't worry. I have switched your dildo to permanent. No need for self restrained and cooling down time anymore, the shocks will keep you from cumming. Happy fucking! Enjoy, you three!'

The door closed behind them as they left, Doofus trailing behind.

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