From Co-ed to Slave... A Summer in Chains
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Author's Note: This story is based on fantasies of my co-author, an Asian college girl depicted in the story as the victim. My character is the evil Dentist and her abductor. The other main character is based on a friend of mine and her parts are written by both authors. The beginning of each chapter is from my character's perspective and the end of each from hers.

Update (11/13/11): I would also like to thank our readers for their comments, encouragements and patience. Here is the end of that day, and our story, but undeniably a new beginning for Jennifer.

Chapter 1

Some people say that a person becomes a dentist because they enjoy giving pain. It is the perfect career choice for the sadist. That may be true in many cases. To me it's more than that. It's about control. For the length of time a person is in my chair, they are at my mercy. It doesn't matter if they are a 300 pound wrestler or a frail woman. They are equally helpless to the Master... Me. Sometimes I have a little fun bringing some macho asshole to a sobbing mess. Equally satisfying is the total bitch that makes people's lives miserable. I make sure they are in too much pain to yell at anyone for a few days.

But those are just ways to pass time. I consider it community service. What I really enjoy is working on a young woman with a beautiful face and body. Even more important is to find one that displays submissive tendencies. Many women are submissive at heart. They just don't always know it. But I am also the Master at reading the signs and know how to exploit them. Many women have no idea of their need and capacity for use of a Master.

My dental office is attached to my house. Next to it is a sound proof dungeon of my own design. My dental assistant (required by law) is also my slave. She assists me in many ways and her silence allows me to keep select patients after hours. Different types of women require different types of persuasion. Women that I could sense were born to be controlled were easy marks and I could do most anything with them and they would be begging to come back. Those that were not sub or I had no time to train but I wanted to use anyway, I might drug.

But this was all fun and games. My true passion (and lucrative sideline) was finding, training and selling very select women. No, not to the typical human trafficking market that would take nearly any beautiful woman and make her a prostitute somewhere on the planet. These women had to be very special. Some would, if they were lucky, become a true slave to a demanding Master. That would be the best case. Much worse that they would be sold to some sadistic bastard that did not know or care what a prize he had bought.

My most recent "trainee" practically fell into my lap. One evening I was thinking it was time to find another woman and prepare her for sale. I keep my eyes open for the right type but abduction and a few weeks of training is risky so I make sure the woman I select is worth the time and the risk.

A knock at my door interrupted my thoughts. I was surprised to see my daughter Victoria. I was glad to see her. Though Victoria is very much a Daddy's girl, I didn't see her often since she had been away to college at UCLA. My daughter is a beautiful Latin mix. She also has a wicked streak that she no doubt inherited from me. Makes me proud. She knows about my dungeon, though not about my hobby of selling women into slavery.

We shared a bottle of wine and she confessed she had a favor to ask. It seems a local girl she had grown up with had continued to be her friend but rival at college. She was a spoiled little rich girl that loved to tease men and steal boyfriends though she never seemed to keep one for very long. Her name was Jennifer and she was from Taiwan. It was then I realized just who this girl was. Years ago when she was about 13 or 14, I had put braces on her teeth. Each time she came to my office, as soon as she was in my chair her brashness faded. When working on her braces I could see the sexual flush across her chest above her halter top. I could see the body language in the slightest parting of her legs and the sweet perfume of her arousal in the air. After the work it seemed all of her responses were "Yes, Sir" in a meek little voice. These were all signs that her attitude with others was a ruse to hide the fact that she was a true slave and submissive at heart and a prime candidate for my special teaching talents. She was too young at that time but no longer.

Victoria wanted me to teach her a lesson. Change her attitude. Show her that she couldn't control people with her beauty, but my mind was already way beyond teaching her a lesson to picturing her in collar and chains. My daughter had much of the plan worked out practically handing Jennifer to me on a silver platter. Victoria had arranged for them to take an environmental study trip as soon as classes were out for the summer. The place was remote and no phone access. Instead I would have her for about five weeks. After that Jennifer was supposed to board a plane for Taiwan. Victoria didn't know that I planned a much different journey for her friend.

Victoria and I discussed the plan a while longer and fine tuned it over the remaining weeks before summer break. I told her I would get her a prepaid cell phone to use to call Jennifer shortly before they were ready to leave for the retreat. Later if questioned, she could say when they met up to leave Jennifer had told her she had received an emergency call and said she could not go with her but asked to be dropped off downtown. But what Victoria would tell Jennifer is that was that she had to stop by my place to pick up some money from good old Dad. Later I would get rid of the cell phone and Jennifer's backpack. No one would ever know where the mysterious call came from. Victoria would tell the people at the retreat about the call and no one would be looking for the pretty little Asian for five long weeks. I could do a lot in that amount of time and even better... I also had time to plan and anticipate.

The day finally came and everything was going well. The girls finally arrived. Dressed for the warm weather and a long car trip, they were dressed comfortably and sexy. Victoria was in short shorts and Jennifer was in a mini skirt. Both girls wore halter tops. Victoria with her C cups would draw any mans attention, but my eyes were glued to the young Asian. The satiny material stretched tight over her smaller breasts and her nipples seemed to grow as I stared. The sun glittered off her silver hoop earrings. Maybe she remembered me too. Though Jennifer had the pure beauty of her Asian heritage, she had come from Taiwan to the states before kindergarten. Now, truly Americanized, she was a haughty little bitch from what my daughter had told me. I knew though that this was just a façade that I would break her of forever. Perhaps she had even convinced herself that she was superior to men. Sometimes, with proper training, this type of woman made the very best of slaves.

I told the girls to wait in the office while I got the money for Victoria and that I would be right back. I walked into the next room where I could watch from a one way mirror. There were only two chairs in the exam room. Victoria had immediately sat down in the assistant's chair and soon after as I had hoped Jennifer sat in the exam chair. I waited only a few moments and walked in I handed Victoria a folded wad of bills and turned to my victim.

I said "Ahhh, good, Jennifer, I want to see how your teeth turned out since it's been ten years since your braces. Her tremble was nearly imperceptible. Her nipples instantly grew harder. In almost a whisper I heard her say, "Yes, Sir". I leaned the chair back a little and told her to open wide. When she did, I slipped a spider gag into her mouth that not only kept her mouth wide open it didn't interfere with my exam of her teeth and she could no longer talk and she definitely could not yell loud enough to be heard outside the office.. Since she hadn't really seen the gag I told her it was just my new tool for keeping the patient's mouth open for exams and dental work. She shivered again and nodded.

I looked inside her inviting mouth at her perfect teeth, praising her and my work. When I saw her eyes close I rested my hands on her wrists while still talking. Slight pressure caused the leather cuffs from the armrests to surround her wrists. I quickly snapped them into place. That was it...the point of no return. Her hands were bound and she could not scream. She was now my captive. Her eyes were wide in shock and confusion that would soon turn to fear. She began to struggle as I took each of her slender ankles and secured them in another pair of leather cuffs at the foot of the chair. I then hit a button and the chair lay back and the foot came up converting completely to a doctor's exam table. She lay helpless before me. I hit one more button and the bottom of the table began to split. Spreading her legs wider and wider till, though laying on her back, she appeared to be doing a cheerleader's split. Painful probably, but a first step behavior modification. Her red thong panties were now clearly visible under her short little skirt. Very inviting to be sure but more important this is the position I wanted her in for some of the "procedures" that I had planned for her. I turned to Victoria and said 'Thank you for this rare gift. Is there anything you want to say to her before you leave?"

This probably gave the girl her first clue that this wasn't just a joke. Victoria took her cue. She walked up between our captive's splayed legs and leaned over her. She looked deep into her wild eyes and said.. "Daddy is going to change that attitude of yours, you little bitch. He's going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget. I almost wish I could stay and watch." Then she leaned in even closer and whispered something that I couldn't hear. As she moved away, Victoria reached down and ripped Jennifer's thong away revealing a very smoothly shaved treasure. As a last thought but only the first of many humiliations she would endure in the next few weeks, Victoria pulled out her camera and snapped a few pictures. I laughed.

I walked my daughter back to her car leaving the helpless girl alone. I took the prepaid cell phone and Jennifer's things, then gave Victoria a huge hug and a kiss on the forehead. We gave each other a grin, knowing this was going to be a most interesting summer.

I was scared. I would have said terrified, but looking back, I think I was in such shock, that I could not process the situation completely. The stress of the school year was behind me, and I had joyfully anticipated several weeks away with one of my best friends, Victoria. We had known each other for years, had shared many happy experiences and even shared boyfriends. And now all I saw was Victoria with a hateful expression on her face, nearly spitting vindictives in my face. But the last thing she whispered to me so her Dad couldn't hear is what scared me the most. She had said... "When next I see you, your precious virginity will be nothing but a shattered memory."

I was alone in the office, strapped to the same dentist chair that I remembered as a young adolescent, my mouth propped open with some sort of metal hinge. Victoria had ripped my thong away, completely exposing my shaved pussy. I struggled to find some slack in the bindings, to no avail. I was aware of the moaning, the only sound to escape my dental gag.

"Well, it's just the two of us now." Dr. Fernandez's voice surprised me and my eyes shot open. I had been lost in my nightmare and my thoughts. I tried to beg for release, but all that came out was some muffled groan. "I imagine you have many questions, but we can talk about those later. Right now, we have work to do. "Oh, what's this?" and I felt him run a finger or two along my shaved slit. He held his now wet finger in front of my face, making my humiliation complete.

"I knew it. I knew it when you were only 13, when I first put on your braces. I could see it in the flush of your chest, the smell of sexual arousal that lifted above your slightly parted legs. You love it. You love the feeling of helplessness, of something being done to your body without your permission, of being in bondage." As he spoke, he held his finger under my nose, and I could smell my own sexual juices. "..ooooooooooo..." I tried to deny his accusations, but my body, for some unknown reason, betrayed my denial.

"My daughter, Victoria, tells me you are a slut, and this confirms it. You dress like a slut, you tease boys and girls alike with your sexy body, and you steal her boyfriends and toss them aside, just like a slut." Again, I tried to deny his words, "...oooooooooooooo..."

"Well, now you are my slut, to enjoy and to train, for the next 5 weeks. Your family will not expect any communication from you for this period of time, and Victoria can easily explain your absence at the camp. My fucktoy for the next 5 weeks. Christmas comes early, Jennifer." I just stared at him in disbelief, realizing he was right, there would be no rescue. I had to look for an opening to escape, that was my only hope.

"Let's see if we can turn back the clock of time. I know you loved your braces and there are so many creative things that we can do when your teeth are in bondage. I still have the dental records of several years ago, so this should be quite easy, at least for me. You may not enjoy it quite as much as when you were in middle school, but you will quickly remember the erotic feel of metal on your teeth. Let's get started."

I couldn't believe it! He was going to put braces back on my teeth, my perfect, white, beautiful teeth. Over the next hour or more, he carefully fitted one band after another onto each tooth, gluing them on tightly. After a few feeble attempts at protest, I just lay there quietly, helpless. My pussy had stopped juicing, thank goodness. I can't explain why it starts and stops secreting my love juices, but it does and I cannot control it. The pain in my jaw was becoming intense. I tried to groan my discomfort, but Dr. Fernandez ignored me.

After the last metal band was glued to a back molar, he spoke for the first time since the procedure began. "There, done. All glued solidly to your teeth. Lovely. I imagine your jaw is beginning to ache. If you promise to make no sounds, not one word, not one protest, I will remove the spider gag. Do you understand?" I quickly nodded my head in agreement.

As he released the gag, my jaw muscles nearly cramped and in agony I cried. Of course, I wanted to plead with him, but I was already thinking of escape. I had to make him think I was docile and obedient. I twisted my head left and right to relieve the pain, when suddenly I felt his finger entering my pussy once again! I gritted my banded teeth, to keep from calling out, and just grunted in displeasure. "Hmmm, dry. I'm surprised. Maybe there are only certain kinds of pain that turn you on. We will have to examine that in the weeks ahead, slut."

"Weeks ahead..." Those words echoed in my head and added to my shock. I had to get away, somehow, someway!

"Let's finish your treatment, so I can release you from the chair. Will that please you?"

Even in my despair, I realized the double meaning of his question. Yes, of course, I wanted to be released from the chair, but if I nodded yes, I was also giving my approval to this so-called treatment. Still, I saw no sense in saying a word, so I just nodded my agreement.

"Good, good, now you're getting into the spirit of things. I want you to open wide, just as you did when you were a young girl, so I can finish wiring your braces and adding a few enhancements." I just stared at this mad man; why would I willingly open my mouth for this nonconsensual invasion of my mouth and body. "Or," he quickly added, probably seeing my look of rebellion, "I can insert the spider gag again, increasing the opening, of course."

Again, no choice, so I opened my mouth, quietly groaning in frustration. Over the next hour, Dr. Fernandez inserted the upper and lower wires, using unbreakable metal thread to tightly tie each to a bracket, one tooth after another. At first, there was no additional discomfort, but as the number of wired teeth increased, the pressure on my teeth equally increased, and I began to whimper in pain. And worse; I knew my pussy was beginning to secrete its nectar and that the mad orthodontist would soon smell my musk. I shook in anger at my inability to hide my arousal. Pain and pleasure, I was unable to tell them apart at that moment.

He had not said a word for almost an hour, but suddenly rolled back in his chair, indicating that he was done. Then he whiffed the air and I knew that he knew and I let out a small cry. He looked directly into my eyes and smiled, "Ah, just like when you were younger. Your pussy is giving away your secret. You may not like agonizing pain, but pain from discomfort or bondage makes you hot, doesn't it, slut?"

My eyes teared, but I didn't say a word. I wasn't sure I was allowed to talk and I didn't want to admit my weakness. "Oh, you are being my obedient slut, by not speaking. When I ask you a question, I do expect a reply, so answer my question. Does putting your teeth in bondage make you hot?"

I just couldn't answer that question, so I just whimpered and tears ran down my face. His twisted smile faded and he suddenly looked very mean. He lowered his gaze and I saw him reach beneath my skirt. The next thing I felt was a terrible pinching. He had reached within my pussy lips and was pinching the skin near my charged clitty. I couldn't help but scream in anguish. "Answer me, now!" he shouted.

"Yes, Sir," I wailed.

"Yes, what, slut, what are you agreeing to?"

"Yes, Sir, Iiii'm hot, Sir!"

"Why are you hot, little slut?"

"I don't know, Sir! I don't know!"

"I'll tell you; it's simple. You are a slut. Your pussy controls you, not the other way around. I will help you release your inhibitions, to revel in your sexuality, to juice and cum on command. Would you like that, slut?"

Again, a double-edged question? How could I answer this, but his harsh look meant I had no choice, and so I lied, "Yes, Sir, I would like that." I could not control the sobs that followed this blatant lie to my captor.

He laughed deeply and sadistically. "We need to finish up here, slut. Open your mouth," and he rolled back to the side of the chair, as I obeyed. "A few additions to what you experienced when you were a child. Then it was to straighten your teeth, which meant constant pressure. Now your teeth are lovely, so these braces will serve another purpose."

He reached onto his side tray and I saw him pick up little springs and hooks and the needle-nosed tool that he used to tighten the ties. I could feel the additions being attached to the brackets, all near the back of my mouth. After some time, he ordered me to bite down and when I did, I felt him maneuver the appliances on my teeth. When he asked me to open my mouth, I could not budge it at all! My eyes opened widely and when I saw him smile, I tried to utter some complaint, but with my jaws locked tight, it was futile.

"Here, take a look, slut," and he held a mirror up to my face. I pulled back my lips like a snarl and all I could see was metal! My beautiful smile was gone! He reached into my mouth and pulled back my cheek. "It's perfect, isn't it, slut. If I need to gag you, all I have to do is lock this hook to your lower teeth, and you are silenced. We could be walking through the mall together, and no one would have any idea." My eyes teared once again; I was powerless to protest.

Chapter 2 (added: 05/25/2011)

I could tell what she was thinking about... How to escape. Since she was beginning to realize this was for real and her situation very serious, getting free would be the only thought in her mind. Actually she really had no clue how serious this really was and what was about to happen to her. Since her mouth was wired shut and she was still bound, it was a good time to talk to her. She couldn't interrupt. She was a captive audience in every sense.

"Jennifer", I began. "When Victoria told me about you and asked my help with her revenge, everything about you became clear to me. Feeling you tremble under my hands years ago and now hearing about your attitude. Then finally seeing how aroused you got when I put your braces back on, especially when you knew how easily I could control your mouth and speech. You know that is just the beginning though."

"Your attitude does seem to have everyone fooled. Whether you come off as sweet or a bitch, I know it is all an act consciously or subconsciously to hide your true feelings." I could see the question mark on her face even though she could not speak as I continued. "You, my lovely little slut, need and even crave to be dominated by men... to have your body used by men for their perverse sexual pleasures. Sure you will deny it but that is also a part of you. You need to be taken, controlled, forced to do depraved things."

She was shaking her head side by side. "That is not only what you need but who you are. If you could scream right now you would say. 'NO NO NO' but your body betrays you once again." I had seen the glistening wetness between her legs as she squirmed and whimpered. I ran two fingers over her drenched slit collecting an ample amount of her juices. She moaned between her bound teeth. I tasted her deliciousness on my fingers then rubbed them over her lips forcing her to taste herself.

"Actually, I am going to do you a favor. Over our next five weeks together I am going to remove this false front you have created so you can revel in your submissiveness. That you are just a little bitch in heat that knows her place is chained to her Master's bed and begs to be fucked if in fact I permit you to speak at all. I will unleash those slave fires within you by reminding you that you only exist to please me. A true and total sex slave. That is what a slut like you is for. You will learn how to please me in every way. You will even beg for forgiveness and discipline if you do not.

"Ahhhh, discipline. It will be a part of your training. How often and how harsh will be entirely up to you. There are many forms of discipline depending on the infraction. Insolence and disobedience will be dealt with severely. Right now your thoughts are of escape. I advise against any attempt. Also you yourself may be thinking of retaliation after your summer is over. That can be dealt with in several ways but we will have to talk about that at a later time.

"I hope you have been paying attention. The faster you learn and lay aside your old way of thinking and learn your lessons, the easier this will be. Remember, I am truly your Master now. Whether you eat, drink or cum is all dependent on my whim." I strummed my fingers over her clit and saw her shiver. "Do you understand?" She hesitated and I was about to ram two fingers into her but she realized quickly and shook her head yes. "Very good" was my only response and then I saw her tears begin to flow.

I picked up a sharp scalpel-like knife from the set of tools on the table and toyed with it as I continued to speak. Her eyes went wide with fear. "It's time for me to unwrap this gift that my wonderfully wicked daughter has given me. I want to see what I have to work with before beginning our fun together." I slid the knife under one of her halter straps. I wanted her to feel the back side of the blade against her skin. The cold hard steel against her soft, warm flesh. I hesitated a moment so she could feel the sensation then pulled the blade upward slicing the thin strap instantly. The barely audible moan that escaped her lips held combined tones of helplessness and arousal. I sliced the other strap the same way.

"Now it is time so see those breasts and those nipples that you use so well to tease men... and also visibly tell the world what a slut you really are." I again slid the blade slowly under the halter itself between her breasts. The few seconds it took centered her attention on the dangerous instrument against her skin. Slight upward pressure parted the taught material with a snap. Her breasts were perfection. I took one in my hand and the nipple, instantly harden. I laughed and she knew why. She was humiliated that her body was no longer under her control. I didn't have to say a thing. I squeezed the nipple hard enough to see her wince from the pain. The other nipple hardened immediately also as though begging for the same attention. I smiled but did not touch it. All part of her training. There was a time to tease and leave her wanting... as well as a time to please and satisfy. No doubt she had teased many boys and men with no intention of pleasing them. I then slid the blade ever so slowly below her navel and under her skirt. Her breath caught. Again there was fear in her eyes. I stopped when I thought the cold steel was about an inch from her clit. I looked deep into her eyes and I pulled against the skirt. It sliced cleanly and fell to each side of her hips. Though her shaven little pussy had been clearly visible for some time, there is something about being naked that makes a woman feel very vulnerable. Completely naked that is, as I removed each sandal from her tiny feet and tossed them in the corner.

I surveyed every inch of her body with both my eyes and fingers without saying a word. I could hear her whimper. I could feel her tremble. I caressed and squeezed both of her breasts, none too gently and felt their firmness, then I raked my fingernails down over her sensitive stomach. I pulled her pussy lips open for my inspection. She appeared tight and little used though I decided not to penetrate her at this time. Her clit was peeking out of its hood and grew larger and I brushed it with a finger. Her juices now were dripping profusely. I parted there cheeks of her lovely bottom and saw her tightest opening wet from the flow of liquid. I pushed a in a finger about an inch then forced it another inch just to feel her reaction. Her body jerked and she moaned. I said to her... " What a tight little ass you have. Don't tell me that with all your teasing you haven't been fucked in all your holes many times. No matter though. They all belong to your Master now to do with as I please.

"I can see you have no tattoos but have three piercings, two ear ring hoops and a belly ring. Three circles. Very symbolic actually. This pleases me. Your body is perfect and should not be covered with ink that cannot be removed if your master doesn't like it or tires of it. However, piercings in various places allow adornments that are both fashionable and functional. They can also be removed or changed at my will. Before we finish up for the day and I show you your accommodations, I am going to give you three new ones, and no doubt more later." Again the wild-eyed look. I could only imagine the things she wanted to say to me but I wasn't ready for that yet.

"Since you have been pierced before, I won't have to remind you of the necessity of being very still." I picked up a small gold ring from the table and held it for her to see. "The nose ring is both symbolic and functional. Picture yourself being naked on all fours, a gold chain connected to this ring and your Master leading you around in public showing you off like a prize pet."

I had the tool to quickly pierce the septum of her nose and it was over in a second. I slipped the gold ring through the hole and fastened it shut. I held a mirror up to her face so she could see it. She was crying again perhaps partly from the pain and partly from the humiliation.

"Notice that the ring is tight against your septum. In fact, if you tilt your head downward slightly, others may not even notice it. I could have inserted a 1 or 2-inch ring that would hang far down your upper lip, but I am showing compassion. This ring is actually quite fashionable, slave."

I continued to talk as I picked up a long sterile needle and held it where she could see. Your breasts are perfect and your nipples very responsive." Along with my words I took one breast roughly in my hand and squeezed the nipple as I had before. It hardened immediately. Without hesitating I pushed the needle through it. I picked up another gold ring somewhat bigger than the one that I had put in her nose. I rolled the needle as I pulled it out and inserted the ring in its place. Her eyes were filled not only with tears but also I am sure with a hundred emotions. Since I was standing between her outstretched legs she would sometimes feel my erection brushing against her. I could feel her wetness of course but ignored it as I worked. I knew her mind was in turmoil. Denial about what her body was feeling and wanting. I said nothing more as I repeated the process with the other breast.

As I stepped back to admire my work, I said one more thing to assert my control. "Very beautiful. In the next day or so I will add more piercings. Won't your Mom be so proud of her slut daughter?" Her eyes widened again in shock and she began to sob uncontrollably, but I knew her attitude would return. She was far from being fully trained to be a willing slave.

This was enough for the day though there was still one more shock in store for her. I brought her legs back together and the chair back to the upright position. I removed the springs from her braces. She opened and closed her mouth twice as if to make sure her jaws still worked but before she could speak I put a plastic ball in her mouth that was just large enough so she couldn't scream and also that she couldn't remove without the use of her hands. I unfastened the cuffs that were around her ankles from the chair and locked them together. I did the same with the cuffs on her wrists but made her lean forward so I could connect them together behind her back.

"Now I am going to show you your room." With that I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder like a sack of laundry. I carried her into my dungeon, turned on the light and dropped her on a chair that was fastened to the floor. There were several chains dangling from the chair. Right now I only needed to connect one of them to the cuffs on her ankles. I went back to the door, locked it ceremoniously making a loud click. I also turned up the lights so she could clearly see her surroundings.

I have read somewhere that over the gates of hell there is a sign that reads..."Abandon hope all ye who enter". My terrified little asian probably thought that's where she was. On the walls were displayed various whips, paddles and gags, etc etc, along with artful erotic paintings of naked women chained in submissive positions. Around the room were devices for every perverse sexual use. There seemed to be chains and manacles everywhere. Some were hanging from the ceiling, from the walls, and from each corner post of an ornately carved four poster bed at one end of the large room. Along one wall there were also cages of varying sizes. Some of these tools and devices were extremely useful. Some were for effect. Intimidation is also a tool.

I gave her a moment to look around, then I spoke in a tone she had not heard before... The voice of her Master. "Now... you are my complete slave. I am your Master in every way and you will address me as such. I am going to remove the gag and I give you permission to speak." Before her mind could process what I had said, I grabbed a fist full of her hair and jerked her head back. As I removed the ball and before she could react I covered her mouth with mine. I kissed her hard, brutally, probably bruising her lips, certainly crushing her tender lips against the sharp braces. I knew I was creating even more conflict in the battle already raging between her mind and body. I stepped back and said in the same cold voice of authority. "Speak now slave, while I still permit it."

I tasted my own blood, caused when he crushed my lips against the new braces. I also tasted fear and shock and a multitude of emotions I could not yet define. I just stared at my former orthodontist, now my declared Master.

"I don't know what to say," I whimpered, unable to unscramble the random thoughts flooding my brain. My lip hurt, my nose, from which a ring now hung, stung, and my poor ringed titties throbbed like beating drums.

"Let's start with some basics," he suggested. "Repeat after me, 'This slave belongs to you, Master.'"

I continued to whimper, no words forming at my lips, still tasting the blood and running my tongue along my bleeding lips and banded teeth. He grabbed the ring in my right nipple and twisting it sharply, causing me to jerk in my bondage, he said, "I told you to repeat after me, slave!"

"Please, ok, this slave belongs to you, Master, please," I quickly replied, hoping he would release my poor nipple. Instead, he further twisted it, and angrily responded, "Again!" and then "Again", and 4 more times, "Again!" each time I responded more quickly, "This slave belongs to you, Master!"

"Better. When I tell you to do something, if you do not respond immediately, there will be consequences, and invariably these consequences will bring you more and more pain. Now answer me, slave, why did your pussy swell and your juices run when I put your braces back on?"

I felt as lost with these questions as I might in some advanced science class. How could I respond when I did not know the answer? "Please, I really don't know why my pussy juiced!" I cried out. I expected him to jerk on my sore nipple once again, but instead his expression seemed to soften and he pulled up a chair to sit next to his bound and defeated slave.

"Slave 101, the basics. Some females were born to be slaves. You are one of those. Your body reacts as it does naturally, because you are a slave. Of course, you contribute to that feeling of being a submissive by your actions, consciously or not. For example, your shaved pussy and hoop earrings. Only slaves, whores, or sluts shave their pussy completely, as you do. Only slaves, whores, or sluts wear hoop earrings as large as these," he said, fondling my hoops. "Which are you, Jennifer?"

"None of these," I barely managed to get out, sobbing as I was.

"For certain, you are a slave, my slave. Isn't that correct?" I nodded as I sniffled and tried to stop crying.

"And even if you have not sold your body to others as a whore, you have sold it to your inner desires. Even the act of piercing your skin voluntarily was an act of submissiveness, symbolically representing your desire to be pierced, that is, fucked, by your Master. You wear hoops in your ears to go on an outdoor trip? Any girl without the desires of slavery would wear a stud, or something less slutlike. The hoop itself is symbolic of your three holes, all open and available to your Master."

I listened, shocked that it was actually making some sense. Were his words really true? I know that I dressed to tease guys, wanting them to desire my body, and then drawing the line. I had read stories of girls that were raped and then blamed, because they had dressed or acted provocatively. That was me, in many ways. Yes, many things that Victoria had spat in my face were true.

"Are you displeased with your new piercings, slave?"

"Yessss," I sniffled.


"Because you did it to me without my permission," and after pulling up the snot into my nose, "and because I don't want anyone to see me like this," I just could not stop crying.

"And yet your body tells a different story, slave. When I put your mouth in bondage, when I pierce your septum and your precious nipples, your body responds by pouring nectar, love nectar, from your gaping and shaved pussy. Your body loved every moment, even though your mind is not willing to admit it. Listen to your body, Jennifer. It knows you more intimately than your mind. Your mind has been conditioned by years of others controlling your thoughts. Your parents, your teachers, probably even your friends. But their thoughts are not yours. Your body knows the real Jennifer and that Jennifer is a slave, through and through. Do you agree?"

I was getting used to these forked questions, for which any answer had unpleasant consequences. Instead, gaining some control, but still sniffling, I just looked blankly ahead.

"Haha," he laughed lightly, "good, you are thinking it through. Now, what did my lovely daughter whisper to you before she left?"

Again I hesitated, not wanting to reveal her words. And again, Dr. Fernandez responded angrily. He reached out and grabbed and squeezed my pussy, crushing it in his hand, digging his fingers into my precious pussy, causing me to twist and yelp in pain and despair. "I told you to respond immediately. There is no reason to think, just respond," he hissed.

"Please," I screamed, "please, she told me to kiss my virginity goodbye!"

"Haha," he laughed, releasing my poor pussy, "really, you are a virgin?"

"Yes, Master," I answered quickly, having learned my lesson.

"You have three holes, slave. In which hole or holes are you a virgin?"

I wanted to answer, but I was naïve enough not to be sure what the three holes were. "I want to answer you," I pled, "but I'm not sure what that means, three holes."

"You really have led a sheltered life, slave. Your pussy, your ass, and your mouth."

My ass! I never thought of my ass as a hole that could be used. "Yes, I mean, no, Master, I have never been used in any of those places!"

"Well, well, have I hit the lottery or what?" he grinned. "You mean you have never sucked off a boy? How is that even possible! You drive guys insane with your sexiness, and then turn them away with a hard on? Well, that is going to change. And I think it will start now."

Chapter 3 (added: 06/02/2011)

It was hard to believe that this luscious college girl was still a complete virgin at the age of twenty three. This did though explain why she didn't keep boyfriends very long. To me this meant she was a different kind of slut. She was something far worse. Well actually I didn't think of a slut as a bad thing but she was a cock tease. A slut was a girl that had to have her holes filled whenever, however and by whatever she could, be it man, woman, animal or vegetable or a few of each. I knew Victoria was a slut. I don't consider that a bad thing. I was actually very proud of my little girl. I doubt she had kept her virginity past fifteen and though she may have done her share of teasing, I am sure she gave most of those boys exactly what they wanted. Speaking of Victoria, Daddy's little girl deserved and would get a spanking for not telling me about Jennifer's virginity. She was still a brat sometimes but I loved her and handing me such a prize would certainly lessen her punishment.

However, this new information added another dimension to Jennifer's training. Different scenarios for deflowering her flooded my mind. I even considered letting her keep her hymen in place as that would double her price at auction. Money though was not the most important thing in my world. I once sold a woman for a dime just to complete her humiliation even though she had begged me to keep her. However, this jewel of the orient would bring a fair price as a virgin or not.

Her ass would definitely be my prize but I planned to build her anticipation and trepidation of that event. That of course left her beautiful lips, mouth and throat to be penetrated and filled. The first of her virgin holes to taste a man. My cock hardened at the thought.

However, patience and control over my own desires are part of what makes a true Master, what he is and what sets him apart from all the wannabe's and the rest of the male population. There was still other business to attend to.

I had learned long ago that when training a new sub that there was an order to the lessons taught. Two of the first things were helplessness through bondage and then discipline. A whip was an excellent tool for this. Whips come in many styles for many specific uses. By a Master, they can be wielded with just enough strength and in exactly the right places to bring pleasure or pain. They can tickle or torture. They are also extremely intimidating by both sight and sound. Of course I would never permanently mark such a flawless body but the girl does not know this. There are several reasons for such a lesson early. Respect for the whip and Master is gained at the outset of training which then goes smoother. Also marks left by the whip have time to heal before her body is exposed in front of potential buyers. There had to be, of course, a reason for the discipline. In this case she had already provided that with her history of teasing and tormenting the boys. Then adding insult to injury soon after her punishment her mouth would be virgin no more.

The lovely Asian was already scared and confused. She was beginning to question who she was. She was very vulnerable at this point. I tilted her chin up with a finger, my face within inches of hers. "But first you little bitch, you mean to tell me you've teased the boys with that body and those clothes that show almost everything and you've never even given a blowjob? Shame on you. But my beauty, over the next five weeks I am going to train you to be the biggest slut in the city. Your body obviously knows it already. It's time for your mind to know what you really are. You are going to be punished severely for the way you have treated men in the past. If I am right, your body will prove it by making you wetter than you have ever been in your life".

She started to plead with me as I took the chains from her ankles, pulled her up by the hair and half dragged her to a bench about waist high. I pushed her face down on the bench. Her legs were dangling off one end while her head was about even with the other. I then took one slender ankle and pulled it to one side and chained it securely to an iron ring on the floor. I did the same with the other ankle in the other direction stretching her legs wide apart. Though she continued to squirm and beg, her legs were now secure with her ass just over the end of the bench and her pretty lips also spread open. I unfastened her hands from behind her and chained each wrist to rings just as I had her ankles. She was now completely bound and helpless. Her pleas had turned to sobs.

I selected a whip from the wall with great care and where she could see. I chose a cat-o-nine-tails. It is a short handled whip with nine heavy cords of leather. Perfect for this punishment. I hit the leather chair hard that she had been sitting on. The sound was loud and had the proper affect. I saw the terror in her eyes. Her next plea was cut short as this time the whip connected with her round little ass. She screamed. I wondered if she had ever even been spanked before. I began to rain down blows on the backs of her legs, her back, but more concentration on her ass, near but not touching her cunt yet. Somewhere during the whipping her screams turned to moans. They were a combination of pain and arousal I was sure. I stopped when she was a perfect shade of red from her shoulders to her calves. There were deeper lines everywhere and small welts on her ass. No cuts, nothing that wouldn't completely heal in a couple weeks. I took my fingers then and slid them up and down between her pussy lips. Her juices covered my fingers and dripped onto the floor as I had known they would. I wiped them over her lips and under her nose. "Taste and smell the slut you really are on the inside. Before long everyone will know because you will be begging for cock." I ran the handle of the whip up and down her cunt spreading her lips even wider. "I could ram this up inside you. Would that be a way to remember losing your virginity?' I then slid the whip handle between her ass cheeks against her most taboo hole. "Or here? But no, I want you to think a while what it will feel like to be fucked there." She kept repeating, "No, no, no". "No? No... to which? No, you're not the slut your Master says you are? No, you don't want all your holes opened up? Yes you are and yes you do and I will prove it right now. Then you will know that I am right and you will never say no to your Master again."

I raised the whip again with a different target and from a different angle. By snapping my wrist, just the tips of the leather connected with her sensitive and still very wet pussy. The sting would send jolts all through her body. I began at the bottom of her hot cunt and slowly toward her clit. She was spread so wide she would feel the sting deep between those lips. When the leather found her clit her body shuddered and spasmed. She screamed again but this time in the most intense orgasm she had probably ever had. I stayed the whip as I watched her quiver and cum for a full minute or more.

I waited silently till her breath returned to normal. As I waited I studied every detail of her body that was afforded to me in the position she lay. I could see how wet she still was which gave me another wicked thought, though I shelved that idea for another time.

I spoke more quietly this time. "Now do you believe me? You got wet when I put your teeth in bondage. Even more so when I pierced your body without your permission. And now you cum from the pain of discipline. Have I not proven that you are not only a slave to me, but to your own body as well. More important a slave to that fire burning between your legs. It has just begun to kindle. In the next few weeks I will turn you from a teasing bitch to a real bitch in heat. Nothing will matter except to please your Master so he will ease that throbbing in your clit and sooth the burning fire. Your will be at my mercy. Do you understand?" I heard a very quiet but definite... "Yes Master."

I had one more thing to do. I walked to the wall where she could see and replaced the whip on its hook. I picked up a ring gag and placed it in her mouth fastening it securely in place. This had a couple purposes. One of course was to keep her mouth open. The other was a safety precaution. Though she was docile and submissive at the moment, I didn't forget that she had a mouthful of metal. There was also a psychological reason. I held a hand mirror in front of her face so she could clearly see.

"Look," I said. "You can clearly see that your mouth is just a hole for use. One of three as I said before." I put down the mirror and stood at the head of the bench. With one hand I reached down and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back so her eyes were now level with my belt line. With my other hand I pulled the knot on my sweat pants and let them fall to the floor. I couldn't see her eyes from that angle and she couldn't speak. Neither mattered. Holding her head back put her throat in line with her mouth so I could slide right in. Of course she gagged but I pushed it into her throat anyway before pulling out again. I could have given her a few verbal instructions but I wanted to see how she handled it. I only had to force it down her throat and pull out about 3 times till she had the rhythm of relaxing her throat and breathing. As I thought, she was a natural. Then I began to ravage her mouth and throat. Along with the face fucking I verbally reinforced what a slut she was and how she was not only going to enjoy drinking my cum but anyone else's as well.

I also watched her ass clench in time with my strokes. She was trying to push her clit against the padding of the bench. This was even better than I hoped. It probably seemed like forever to her but it didn't take long till I was erupting down her throat but I made sure that some stayed in her mouth and wiped the rest on her lips. The best part was just as she felt my cum hit the back of her throat, her body stiffened then convulsed in another massive orgasm.

I removed the gag then held her mouth shut so she had to swallow. I released her head and I watched her lay her cheek down on the bench. Her breathing slowed and exhausted she drifted off to sleep. I watched her a few minutes and decided to leave her here she was. She might wake up in the morning, thinking it was all a dream. That is until she realized she was still in chains.

I retired to my bedroom which was adjacent to the dungeon, turning down the lights as I left. I decided to watch and evaluate my work of this day captured on video from various cameras in the examination room and the dungeon. I would carefully edit these videos and even show one to Jennifer at the right time or if I had trouble with her. The threat of black mail could be as useful as a whip sometimes.

When I awoke, the peace of sleep quickly became the fear of reality. I tried to move my arms and legs, but they were chained. I tasted the cum in my mouth, from when he fucked my throat, the taste now sour and stale. I ran my tongue over my braces, trying to salivate, to wash away the dreadful taste. I had to get away; I had to find a way to escape.

Locked as I was to the bench, I struggled to lift my head and look around. When I arched my back slightly, I felt the whip marks from the night before. I imagined my unblemished, soft skin, now marked by this madman who used to be my orthodontist.

I could feel the slight throbbing from all the piercings he had forced upon me. The ring tight against my septum was the worst, truly marking me as nothing more than an animal. Pressed down on the bench, my nipples ached as the rings pressed against my breast. I had to escape!

I could see nothing that I might use as a club, even if I managed to free my chained hands and feet. There were paddles, chains, whips, some cages, but nothing that I could imagine using as a weapon. I laid my head back down on the bench, as tears formed in my eyes. They were tears of frustration and discomfort. I was not exactly in pain at this moment, but the frustration of being chained to a bench and the humiliation of what he had done to me was too much.

I heard the lock being opened and knew another day of horror was about to begin. My tormenter walked into my field of view.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked

I was so tempted to spit out some sarcastic comment, but held my tongue. "No, Master," was my reply, trying not to upset him from the start. I had to make him think I was compliant, that he had tamed me, so that an opportunity to escape would appear.

My eyes shot open in surprise. He was standing in front of me, but suddenly there was a something cold running along my pussy lips. I stared up at my orthodontist with a look of shock.

"Surprise!" he smiled with glee.

"Good morning, slut." Victoria! My friend, my back stabber.

"Victoria!" I yelped. "Please help me!"

"Oh, that is exactly why I decided to come home and forget the outdoor adventure. There is more than enough indoor adventure here, little slave girl! Oh, Daddy, I always wanted a pet," she giggled.

"Yes, darling, I know and now we have this new little bitch that we can train together."

"Pleaseeeee," I whimpered, then yelped, "Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!" as Victoria worked her way through the folds of my pussy and grabbed my little clitty, pinching it with her nails.

"Daddy, she is so wet down here, she must love her new home. But don't you think she makes too much noise? Remember what the neighbors did with that bad little dog that wouldn't shut up?"

"Oh, yes, dear, I forgot. Let's get one of those later this morning when the pet shop opens. In the meantime, no need to hear her whining, I agree." He reached inside my mouth and in moments he had connected the attachments on my teeth that locked my jaws. There was no fighting him, since he only needed to push my jaw shut by applying pressure to the top of my head and chin. I was effectively gagged and could only make small hissing sounds.

Victoria knelt down in front of me, but I could not hold her gaze. She mocked me with her smile. "Oh, I love the nose ring. Totally perfect," and she reached up to slide her finger along the ring. I could smell my pussy juices on her finger. "Curl your lips back, slave. Let me see what Daddy did with your teeth."

Of course, I refused, but when she slid her nails under the nose ring and gave it a tug, I had no choice. I tried to whisper, "Eeease, 'ictoria," as I obeyed and pulled back my lips. She ran her fingers along the metal braces, completely encircling my mouth, wiping the remainder of the juice from my pussy along my wet cheeks.

"Mmmmmm, little metal mouthed fucktoy, that is what you are, aren't you?"

I ignored her rhetorical question, but when she flicked at my nose ring, I tried to agree, "Esss, owwwwwwwww."

"Yes will not do, slut. It is 'Yes, Mistress.' Say it again."

"Esss, istress." I felt so foolish, so weak.

"Does fucktoy need to pee?" she asked. I nodded my head up and down.

"Say it correctly, slave."

"Esss, istress, eeeeseeeeee."

Her father began to release my arms, but with my legs still immobilized, there was nothing I could do, even had I wanted to fight back. He released my wrists from the bench, but immediately locked them behind my back. Then he released my ankles, but quickly linked the chain between them, leaving only a foot or so of slack. Together they helped me from the bench and led me to the back of "my room", the far corner of this horrible dungeon. He opened a door and Victoria guided me into a tiled shower room, with a toilet. The floor was cold and I shivered.

"I'll go prepare some breakfast, while you prepare our pet," he said.

"Ok, Daddy."

She led me to the toilet and I sat down, head bowed in shame. Victoria stood before me and it was obvious I would have to pee with her watching. When I finished, without being allowed to dry my slit, she stepped forward and forcing my legs apart, she ran her finger along my slit, so that it now dripped with my piss. She held it up to my lips and I was shocked. She then wiped the piss along my lips which were sealed tight.

I tried to shift my face to the side to avoid her awful actions, but then she widened her fingers and dug her thumb and "fuck me" finger into opposite cheeks. When I looked into her face in shock, I saw a face that was totally unrecognizable. How could she have been my friend for so long and now clearly hated me so much.

With her other hand, she reached down to tug on my new nipple rings. "Oh, this is very nice, very nice, indeed. Such little breasts you have, but then most slant-eyed sluts do, I notice. But your titties seem to love the attention and are standing up very nicely." I could only moan in frustration.

"Do you like it when I play with your nipple rings, slave?" she asked. I shook my head from side to side and said, "ooooo, eeeseeee, ooooo."

"I'm going to release your braces. If you say one word, I will slap you silly, do you understand, slave?" I nodded my head up and down. She put her fingers inside my cheeks, examining the locking device and managed to free my jaws. I licked my lips, and immediately regretted it, the taste of urine making me scrunch my face in disgust.

Victoria helped me off the toilet, my arms still locked behind me, and ordered me to kneel before her. When I was in position, she inched down her shorts and let them fall to the floor. I was staring at her shaved and glistening pussy, only inches from my face. "I have waited for this moment a long time, slave. Stick out your tongue and worship your mistress' pussy."

I couldn't imagine doing this, and before I knew it her open palm slashed out to my cheek, knocking my head sideways, crushing my cheek against the braces. I tasted blood. "Obey, instantly, all my commands, and you will avoid a lot of pain, slave."

I didn't even cry, I was so shocked. I immediately stuck out my tongue as she moved into my face, her tanned legs surrounding my head. I tentatively stuck my tongue to get a small taste of her labia lips. She swatted me on the side of my head and hissed, "Unless you want to be punished beyond your wildest dreams, I suggest you improve your technique, NOW!"

She pushed my head into her crotch, my nose now buried against her skin, making it hard to breathe. "Move your tongue, deeper slut, move it, faster, deeper, yesssss, deeper, move it, that's right, slut, yes, oh, yes!" Victoria screamed. I had no choice. I was forced to tongue fuck my once best friend as she moaned in pleasure. When I let up, she used her thighs and hands to push me deeper into her slit. I tried to use my tongue to push my face away, but the effect was to bury it deeper in her pussy, driving her near the point of orgasm.

"More, faster, in faster, more, yes, oh yes, yesssssssssssssss," and she came with a shout, her juices nearly drowning me, with my nose compressed as it was. I fought for air, and the frantic motion of my tongue and face actually prolonged her orgasm.

When she finally stepped back, panting and breathing deeply, I knew my face was covered in her juices. I tasted another woman for the first time in my life and while it was not unpleasant, the circumstances were humiliating.

"Oh, that was good, very good, slave. When Daddy's adds a stud or two to your tongue, it will be even better. Let's clean up. You already had your breakfast, but I'm starving.

"Nooo," I thought, not more piercings. And surely she did not think that small amount of pussy cum was my breakfast! My stomach felt empty and actually slightly nauseous, from the unpleasant and new tastes that I had been forced to experience in the last day.

"Stand over there, near the far wall, and face away from me, slave."

I took short choppy steps, obeying her command. When I reached the wall, a jet of cold water hit my back and I yelped in anguish, "Please, noooooooo, it's freezing!"

Over the spray of the shower Victoria scolded me. "Don't be such a baby. Your life as a pampered coed is over, slave. Turn around and stop being such a sissy!"

I twisted around and tried to avoid the direct spray, but it was useless. As the seconds passed, the water did get a little warmer, but by then I was covered in goose bumps and my teeth were chattering. With my hands chained behind my back, there was nothing I could do to protect my breasts and genitals, as she ordered me to turn back and forth. Finally she turned off the water. I must have looked totally miserable, drenched like an alley cat. But she had no mercy.

"Get over here so I can dry you off. Can't believe I am doing all this for you, when you are the slave, but Daddy has the key to the locks, so there really is not much choice, I guess." She took a large towel, and working from the top down, dried my hair, showed no compassion around my newly pierced nipples, and was especially rough between my legs. I just stood there in defeat.

"I'm thinking you need less hair," as she completed drying my head. "Too much hassle to get it dry. Hmmmm." I quaked at the thought that she might do something to my hair, my beautiful, long, black hair.

"Well, that's good enough, I guess. Just stand here, slave." I obeyed, as she walked over to the wall, where several leather items were hung. She returned with a wide, black, leather, studded dog collar and silver chain leash. I just stared in a continuous state of shock. She reached around my damp hair and wrapped the collar around my neck snuggly. It was wider than a usual dog collar, with two buckles. I heard a "click" and then another "click", as she locked it to my neck. She then attached the leash to the front of the collar. "Just be thankful I didn't attach the leash to one of your rings, slut. Let's go. Daddy waits," and she led her miserable, chained, collared, naked slave out of the room.

Chapter 4 (added: 07/08/11)

"Ah, Victoria, perfect timing. Breakfast is ready. Hmmm, your new pet shouldn't be standing on her hind legs. I think unless she is commanded to do that, she should be on all fours like any other puppy. I am sure that you can teach her to do many tricks for our entertainment." I unlocked her hands from behind her back and re-chained them in front of her.

"Oh, you're right Daddy. I have never had a pet before. I can teach her lots of things. In fact I already started while we were in the bathroom." My little girl had a wicked grin on her face when she said this and I had to laugh. I was really glad she had decided to stay around for this project. She would make Jennifer's summer a true 'humiliation hell' far more than I could ever do alone. Plus... talk about your father/daughter quality time. Though Victoria would always be my baby, and Daddy's girl, at 23 she was now an adult and we were about to share a unique experience, one that few Dads and daughters ever would. We had already captured and enslaved a beautiful young woman entirely against her will. Now, together, we would humiliate, degrade, use and abuse her for our own pleasure and entertainment. What fun this would be.

All these thoughts flashed through my mind as Victoria jerked the leash downward. Jennifer immediately went to her hands and knees where I took the leash and locked it to the table leg.

There were only two chairs at the table and two plates full of breakfast goodies for my daughter and I. On the floor between us for our new pet were two metal dog bowls. One was filled with water, the other with food. To the eye, it looked a little like dog food. I was sure she was hungry. Her ordeal had and would take a lot out of her so she had to eat well. This was her first meal. Of course it was covered in cum. Since she had a taste of it last night she would know immediately what it was but she would have to eat it or starve.

To add to her humiliation I said to Victoria, "Your Daddy added some of his special sauce to your new pet's food. Lots of protein is good for new puppies." Victoria laughed out loud and told me how naughty I was. Then she said to her pet. "You must eat with no hands like any other animal. She grabbed a handful of Jennifer's hair and put it in a ponytail on the top of her head, using her own scrunchy, then said to me, "Daddy, I am not washing her hair again. Can we give her a haircut?" Jennifer raised her head and her look was one of unpleasant surprise. It figured. Like any sexy girl, her hair was her treasure. That was good to know.

I said, "Maybe. I will think about that. In the meantime, I have some other things in mind for today." Jennifer turned her eyes to me, with a pleading look that turned to hopelessness at what I said next. "Victoria, I heard you call your new pet a metal mouth fuck toy a while ago. How about, at least till we can think of something better, we just call her 'fucktoy'. She will learn that is what she is and when you or I bring our friends over, they will know too." Her eyes grew wide and tears of humiliation streamed down her cheeks. She dropped her head and continued to eat, not wanting us to have the satisfaction of seeing her cry or complain about the food.

Victoria, on the other hand was elated. "Yes, 'fucktoy' is perfect, and I can't wait to show her off to my friends. Daddy, can I have the girls over for a party? Please, Daddy, Please."

"Oh, definitely. Let's see how quick she learns her place and all the things expected of her." Victoria was like an eight year old at Christmas. I hadn't seen her get this excited about anything in years.

I told her to put the dishes in the dishwasher while I took fucktoy to the exam table. I unfastened the leash but when she started to stand I commanded her to stay on all fours and follow me.

She started pleading. "Why are you doing this to me? Please let me go. I will do anything you want, just please let me go. Please, before Victoria comes back."

Calmly I said, "Of course you will do anything I want. You have no choice. Why, you ask, is because my little girl asked me to. But I must admit I have other motives as well. You see, little fucktoy, I have trained many women to be slaves for many reasons. But never a true Asian beauty like you. I have seen many videos showing the sexuality and submissiveness of Asian women. I believe they are born to be the best slaves. The way they moan and whimper at the slightest touch. The way they need to be dominated. The way they get so wet and squirt their juices, and the way it just takes the right Master and technique to make them beg for sex. You are my own little experiment and with the help of my wicked little offspring, you will make the perfect pet."

She lost it then. She stood and came at me with fire in her eyes and claws unsheathed. I merely sidestepped her and she fell since her ankles were still chained together. She lay there cursing me, saying she would never be anyone's slave or pet. I dragged her by the chain between her wrists to the exam room and again secured her to the chair. I was tired of listening to her threats and insults and locked her braces together. The fight was out of her now though as I put the chair back into its "exam table" position and spread her legs nice and wide. I finished just as Victoria walked in.

"Hi, baby," I said. "I think your pet needs a few more adornments. She needs to look a lot more slutty for when we want to show her off to people. Hmmm, now there's an idea, a pet show for the human pets owned by Masters and Mistresses. I will have to check with some friends about that. In the meantime we will get her ready, both her body and her attitude. As you said you can teach her tricks, also." I heard a moan coming from behind the braces. Maybe she was picturing being told to roll over and fetch in front of a bunch of people laughing at her expense. That would be fun of course, but my thoughts were much more perverse. There were so many humiliating things this little bitch in heat could learn.

"Pull up a chair and watch while I add some new rings to her ears. After that I will need some help with the rest." My little girl didn't hesitate to put her chair right between Jennifer's wide spread legs. So close that when she leaned forward her face was only inches from that wide open pussy, so exposed in that position. Immediately she began inspecting her new pet's most hidden secrets using her fingernails to explore. Jennifer was already crying tears of shame but if I knew my daughter. Whatever shame Jennifer was feeling now would be like a grain of sand on a beach compared to what lay ahead.

Our aptly named, new little fucktoy opened her eyes just in time to see me reach for the sterile clamp that I had used to pierce her nose. I knew she was trying to scream but the sound was nearly muted. Since the clamp worked efficiently, I was able to hold her head still with one hand and pierce her with the other. I decided to add four more holes to each ear and hoops or rings in descending sizes up from her hoop earrings she already wore. The clamp made a very audible "thunk" as it went through her ear. I can imagine how loud it must sound to the girl. Accompanied by the pain, it would be a sound she would never forget.

Meanwhile, Victoria continued to talk and explore as I worked. "Wow, Daddy, I can see her cherry." Hearing that, it was obvious that Victoria had used her nails to open her fucktoy even further. I glanced her way to see her eyes wide with amazement. Now I grinned in amusement as I went back to my work... 'thunk".

"Daddy, I know she is in pain now and the prim and proper little bitch is mortified that I am staring into her cunt. What I don't understand is why she is so fucking wet. She is dripping. See, Daddy." I glanced up again as she was holding up three wet fingers. I laughed and licked her fingers and said, "Delicious, don't you think?" Then she licked her own fingers dry and giggled.

The clamp went 'thunk' again and as I put in the next ring I answered my daughter's question. "She is dripping because her body already knows she is a slut. It's only her mind that thinks she isn't. But at every turn there is more proof that I am right. Some women finally learn and admit to the reality. But many never admit it to themselves but still even in their denial, put themselves into situations to be degraded. They must obey their bodies. They have no choice. Which type your fucktoy is, remains to be discovered."

The final 'thunk' and ring went in the girl's ear as I watched the tears flow down her cheeks. At this point it's hard to say whether the words or the pain was worse for her.

As I worked on the other ear, Victoria and I continued our conversation. 'I think you are right Daddy. Her clit is getting bigger and harder and sticking out from under its hood. And look at her nipples. Wow."

I said, "I have no doubt. I bet running your nail above it and down over it will make her juice even more. I am about done with her ears. Then we can work on that area together. I will need your help." That comment made the girl's eyes shoot open accompanied by more unintelligible sounds.

I told Victoria to move the chair out of the way and I picked up a sterilized needle and another gold ring. "Victoria, I want you to take one of her pussy lips and stretch it up enough that I can pierce it and put in this ring." The girl tried to struggle but there was nothing she could do but try to beg around her mouth bondage. "I suggest you be as still as possible, fucktoy. You wouldn't want a needle in your clit would you?" She tried to be still then but she was shaking with fear. "Her lips are tight because she is a virgin and not used, but I want two rings on each side. They have several uses. They are pretty adornments but they are functional too. The smallest of chains can be threaded through them and locked to almost anything and will keep her bound there just as well as a far heavier chain to her ankles, wrists or collar. Also, I could easily deny her wet cunt the penetration it will soon crave and beg for, merely by using the rings and a chain to close and lock her opening."

My daughter and I working with surgical precision pierced her tender lips and placed the four rings. Fucktoy's juices continued to flow. The last piercing was through the clitoral hood. Some women have their clits pierced but this can deaden sensation. I put a dumbbell shaped stud perpendicular through the hood only. This would cause the stud to rub the clit through or around the outside of the hood when it emerged as well as the sensitive spot above it. The slightest movement would stimulate arousal and even orgasm, even while sleeping. A good slave should always be wet and ready.

All this touching of her genitals, though painful, had fucktoy in heat which gave me one more idea. I told Victoria I would be right back. It only took a minute to return with a basin of hot water, a washcloth and a razor, and one more thing.

I said to Victoria, "She must be shaved smooth every day. Her black hair shows up quickly as you can see. I am going to shave her but I have a job for you" I handed her the video camera making sure the girl was watching. More moans and we both laughed. "I want you to video everything I am doing but close up. Show her pussy, my hands and occasionally pan up to her face. If you accidentally show too much of me or her bonds we will edit that out later. When I tell you to, I want you to zoom in on her pussy to show it all, full screen. Wait till I say when."

Fucktoy was still dripping when I applied the hot wet washcloth to the area to be shaved. I took long slow strokes toward her clit from every angle. I could hear her whimper now and see her squirm. I carefully finished the job with the sharp razor a hair's breadth from her lips and clit. She was a time bomb now. As I lifted the razor I reached down with the other hand and rolled her clit between my thumb and forefinger. As I felt her tense to explode I pulled my hand away and said... "NOW". The camera caught not only the spasms of her volcanic orgasm, but her juices squirting from her pussy. Baby squirts perhaps but several as her climax peaked.

"Perfect," I told my daughter who was grinning from ear to ear. I could almost read her thoughts. She only said, "Thanks Daddy. Can I have the video?" I replied, "Of course, baby, and we can all watch it together later."

"I have to clean up and go out for a few things. I will stop by the pet shop for the item you mentioned earlier. You know where the keys are but you might want to leave her where she is till I come home. She's your pet. Have fun with her sweetheart."

The humiliation was almost more than I could bear. The pain was secondary, but what they were doing to my body was horrifying. I was raised in a very conservative home; my parents did not even allow me to get my ears pierced in high school. Dating was out. Life was all about studying and more studying. So when I arrived at college, the first thing I did was get my ears pierced. The next day I got my bellybutton ring. That was enough to send my mom into near hysterics, but she got over it. Now, these horrible people were piercing me in every possible location. While the rings in my pussy lips, nipples, and clit hood would not show, and maybe the septum piercing could be removed and heal, but the extra piercings in my ears would always show.

If I was going to have a chance to escape, I thought my chances were better with Victoria than her father. I had to think of something while he was gone. I clenched my teeth, trying to refocus. In fact, I had missed something Victoria had said or asked. She was messing with my phone and looked up at me, as though expecting a response.

"Well, do you?"

With teeth locked tight by the braces attachments, I could only try to respond generically. "I ono."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean, fucktoy? Here, let's loosen your jaws," and she fingered inside my cheeks until my jaws were freed. I opened and closed my jaws, so tight from clenching and gritting my teeth during this awful morning.

Being docile and obedient, I said, "I'm sorry, Mistress, please ask me again."

"Stupid fucktoy. I said, let's get a few more pictures on this cell phone of yours. The video will be nice to post on facebook or myspace for our friends to see you at your best, but nothing like a photo."

"Please, Mistress, please," I begged. "Whatever I did to you, it couldn't have been as bad as what you and your father are doing to me. No permanent damage has been done, yet, nothing we can't just forget. If you want, we can still even catch up with the class, please..."

I had spoken so fast, knowing she would not put up with much conversation. She didn't seem angry, just stared at me as I spoke, giving me some hope.

"You just don't get it, do you, fucktoy? Ok, let's see what we can do here...tilt your head forward and look between your legs." Victoria knelt before my strapped body, the phone camera pointed between my legs, the pussy rings on display, and now she expected me to get my face in the picture. No way. I just lay my head back in defiance. It was one thing to obey her father, another to obey her.

The reaction was swift and painful. She put her finger or fingers inside the newly pierced rings on my labia and twisted them strenuously. I yelped, fearful she would rip them out, forever damaging my body. "I said, 'Look between your legs and smile!'" she hissed. I saw no choice, and over the next several minutes she took picture after picture of my new adornments, face, and naked body. I saw her delete several, then announce, "These are just not right. Let's get you out of this chair and do it right. Don't do anything stupid, or I will whip your skin off!"

Would this be my chance? I let my muscles relax, ready to leap the moment I was released. I may not be a vicious tiger, but I was fighting for my very existence. She released one ankle, but immediately slid it over to the other ankles, reconnecting the locking chain before she released my other ankle. If I was going to make my move, my ankles were chained with only a foot of slack. My hopes faded.

Then she released my right arm from the chair. I lay my head back as though totally defeated, hoping to convince her that I was no threat. It seemed to work! She moved away from my freed right wrist. I could have reacted then, but instead I waited, wanting both hands free. I heard the Velcro strap being released. My heart was pounding so hard. I had to wait until I was sure my left wrist was free. I moved it slightly, feeling the pressure on my wrist decrease. NOW! I put all my power behind my right, fisted hand, and smashed it into the side of Victoria's head, just behind her left ear.

I heard Victoria let out a grunt of pain, hitting her chin on the arm of the chair as she fell to the floor. I had no idea what to do next. Was she knocked out? How long would she stay unconscious? Should I hit her again?

I quickly lifted my legs, to unlatch the chain that connected my ankle cuffs. It was just a catch, easy to release. I was free! But I was also naked. I had to think fast, trying to consider my options.

And Victoria was moaning, so she would not be out long. In fact, I was surprised that my one punch accomplished as much as it did. Maybe hitting her head on the arm of the chair as she fell was the primary reason she was temporarily knocked out. Instantly I thought of many options. I could have put the cuffs on her, and chained her. I could have inserted the dental gag to silence her.

In the end, I decided to take off her top and shorts. She was a little bigger than me but she wore her clothes tight so I was sure they would fit well enough. I rolled Victoria onto her back and for good measure, grabbed her head and from about one inch above the ground, pushed her head until it smacked against the floor. Quickly I pulled off her shorts and top, in passing noticing her shaved pussy. My heart was racing, as I dressed in her clothes. I slipped on her flip flops and quickly moved to the door.

As I reached the door, I took a glance at the full length mirror on the wall. I barely recognized the image that stared back at me. The clothes were alien and my hair was a mess. I still had cuffs on both ankles and wrists. The additional earrings and the horrible nose ring were glaring reminders that I had to get out of here quickly.

So many things could go wrong, I realized. Did her father lock the door in some way as he left? Could he return at any moment, having forgotten something? The door to the exam room opened smoothly, and I took a quick look down the hall in both directions. Everything was quiet. I ran to the kitchen, deciding it was better to leave by the back door, rather than risk being seen leaving from the front.

When I reached the door leading outside from the kitchen, it was locked. My heart leaped into my throat, fearing the worst. I released the lock on the knob, and flipped what appeared to be a double latch. The knob now turned, but still the door would not open. I looked along the frame and found a third latch, one that I had not seen before. I slid the latch up and to the right and tried the door one more time. It opened!

I left the kitchen and found myself in their outdoor patio area. I knew there had to be a way out along the side of the house, so I ran to my left, turning the corner and finding a wooden gate with a lock on it. I reversed direction, and on the right side of the house found the exact same arrangement. The rest of the patio was walled in and there was no way I could jump it. I began to panic. Now I had to return into the house and escape from the front door.

I reentered the kitchen and quietly, but quickly I crept through the doorway leading to the front of the house. I had wasted so much time in the backyard, and now I was in a dangerous part of the house. He could arrive home any moment. The pet shop was not far away. Victoria might have revived. He might just return promptly for any number of reasons.

I made it to the living room and took a peek through the curtained window, checking if the driveway and front yard were safe. I could see my freedom a short distance away. I just had to make it to the street, maybe flag down a car or just walk and run back to my apartment. I turned to try the front door, and as expected, it was also locked. As with the kitchen, I released the latches, but this time the door knob would not turn! I frantically twisted and searched for an additional way to open the door, but nothing seemed to work. Maybe there was an outside lock, but now I felt trapped. I could see no other way to open the door.

I was thinking of breaking a window, and turned around to search for something to use. "You stupid cunt," Victoria moaned. She was leaning unsteadily against the doorway, one hand rubbing the back of her head, one hand with her cell phone. She was naked except for her bra, the only thing I left on her when I stripped her clothes moments ago.

"Noooooooooo," I screamed, and grabbed the closest thing I could find, a table lamp near the door. Without thinking, I foolishly through the lamp in her direction, as she moved swiftly towards me. The lamp flew harmlessly to the side, crashing to the ground and shattering the bulb. I had to get past her, had to find another way out. I screamed in anger and fear, as we crashed together, entangled, arms flailing. I had seen cat fights before, and the thoughts of slashing fingernails flashed before me. We were both snarling and growling like animals, and I was aware of the danger of being bitten.

As I was pounding her back with my free hand, she was using both her hands to control my right wrist. She was twisting it dramatically, and I cried out in pain, afraid she would break it. I was being forced backwards like a pretzel and had no leverage. I realized too late what she was doing. Before I could rethink and react, I heard the clip on my wrist cuff snap closed, locking my right wrist to my left ankle. I was completely helpless now, and screamed in frustration and despair.

Victoria easily controlled my left wrist with one hand, and slapped my unprotected face time and again, taking out her anger and hatred. "Pleaseeeeee," I begged, trying to twist away from her assault.

Finally, she scrambled off my pretzeled body, and crouched panting and heaving for breath. I also was completely exhausted and broke into tears. "You stupid, stupid fucktoy," she said. "You are going to pay for this dearly."

At that moment we both heard the lock to the front door opening, and Dr. Fernandez stepped inside. The expression on his face changed quickly from surprise to anger. I wailed "Help!" as loud as possible, knowing it was hopeless.

Chapter 5 (added: 07/08/11)

Call it a feeling, premonition or whatever. I decided to hurry back from the pet shop instead of doing any other errands. Though I knew Victoria was bigger and stronger than our captive, any cornered or desperate animal could be dangerous and I didn't want my little girl getting hurt. My worry was confirmed as I walked through the door. The place definitely looked like there had been a battle. However, after seeing Jennifer's current status, it appeared Victoria had been victorious (bad pun). I immediately went to my daughter's side as she was trying to tell me what happened and shout obscenities at the object of her wrath.

An escape attempt had to come. I was just unhappy about Victoria getting hurt. I wasn't used to doing this sort of thing with a partner, but that was no excuse for my mistake. All three of us had learned a lesson. Victoria's lesson cost her a couple bumps but she would be fine. Fucktoy's lesson however was going to cause her a lot of pain.

My mind was flashing through dozens of options as I held Victoria and calmed her down. The other girl was also receding from hysterics to pleading amidst her sobs. I pondered my options: let her continue to wail and plead; hook her jaws together using the attachment on her braces; try out my new purchase. I opted for the latter.

I opened the package and removed the shock collar. I knew these were used for yapping dogs like unruly Dobermans. I read the directions which specifically stated they were not to be used on humans. Ignoring those warnings, I inserted the four batteries, and knelt next to our fucktoy. I strapped the collar around her neck, flicked the on switch, and stepped back.

The sight was incredible. Fucktoy had no idea that it was a special collar, and since my back was turned to her when I inserted the batteries, no idea what it might do. As she had been repeating for the past five minutes, she moaned "Pleaseeeee." The expression on her face as the collar sent a surge of electricity into her banded neck was actually quite shocking (one bad pun deserves another)!

She screamed in agony, and all that did was send another shock. I didn't know if there were levels of electrical energy, depending on how loud the dog yelped, but this time her wail was cut short by the electrical surge. Her body stiffened and her head jerked to the side. Her almond-shaped eyes were wide with surprise, pain, and disbelief. She gave a deep, animal-like moan, which did not seem to trigger an additional shock, and her head fell lifelessly to the floor.

I quickly removed the collar and checked for a pulse. It was strong, so I assumed she had merely passed out from the pain. I hooked her jaws together using the attachments on her braces, and then gently began to slap her face. Her eyes flickered, and she looked up at me, trying to focus. Strange sounds came from her vocal cords, and I wondered if they had somehow been temporarily damaged, or if she was just half unconscious.

Slowly she regained her senses and stared into my face. Through locked jaws, she seemed to utter, "What happened?"

I held up the black collar. "Oh, just a new gift for our bitch. It's called a shock collar, for unruly dogs that make too much noise. You got a taste of what it can do, so I suggest you keep quiet and stop your whining. Understand?"

She just lay her head back on the ground and moaned, not exactly answering my question, but certainly not disputing it, either.

The way fucktoy was hobbled hand to foot was giving me an idea. After her experience with the collar, I doubted she was much of a threat, so after unhooking her ankle-wrist chain, I hauled her to her feet and pulled her with no resistance into the dungeon. Actually, though it really was a dungeon, I preferred to call it my Playroom or Rec Room. I guess which it is, is all a matter of perspective or which end of the whip you are on.

In one corner of the playroom I put her on her stomach and held her down with Victoria's help, where I again stripped her and gave my daughter back her clothes. Victoria was not embarrassed to be half naked in front of me. We had been to various nude beaches and resorts before.

I let the girl whimper for mercy while I was binding her. First her wrists strapped together behind her, then her knees bent and her ankles strapped together. And then the wrists tied to the ankles. Victoria was watching me work intently while still promising pain and humiliations to our reluctant guest.

"Baby," I said sweetly to my daughter. "This evening you and I will show this worthless cunt that she made a huge mistake by trying to escape, but a far bigger one in hurting you."

A device across fucktoy's back and a couple more straps, and she was about ready. I pushed a button on the wall and a hook and a cable lowered from the ceiling. I attached it to the center of the straps and pressed the other button and raised her about four feet off the floor. She screamed through her locked jaws. The straps were designed to only distribute her weight. Her joints would be in a lot of pain without tearing ligaments. They could be adjusted either way. The next thing was to keep her from squirming too much and damaging herself.

I picked up a medium size chrome hook from the table. It had a leather strap attached. It had only one purpose though she was naïve enough probably not to know. I rubbed three fingers over her pussy which I was sure would be juicy and it was. She continued to make sounds of protest, undoubtedly begging to be let go.

As I wiped my fingers over the hook, I said to Victoria, "Spread her ass cheeks nice and wide". I could see her little rose bud clench and I laughed. When the cold tip of the hook touched it, she gasped. She relaxed involuntarily for an instant and I pushed it in. She squealed but it wasn't a convincing protest. I grabbed fucktoy by the hair and pulled her head up and back. I told Victoria to braid the leather strap into fucktoy's hair. Fucktoy groaned and whimpered constantly, the pressure on her neck and throat undoubtedly quite unpleasant.

While Victoria finished the braid, I pondered a few more items. I decided to release her jaws, and instead insert a short, fat dildo for a mouth piece. It was realistic looking. She could breathe around it but it was thick enough to make her jaws ache.

"Hmmm," I said, "this is good not only for discipline but to get you used to cock sucking. Before I put it in your mouth do you want to apologize to Victoria for hurting her?" I knew she wasn't sorry at all but figured she would say it anyway and she did. As I put the gag in her mouth and secured the straps I said to her, "I am sure that was a lie but I promise you that you WILL be sorry".

I pushed the button again and raised her just above our heads. Now looking up we could see all her new adornments dangling and just begging to be played with. Her pussy was wide open. Her ass was penetrated. She could not have been more helpless or vulnerable at this point. I looked at Victoria and smiled. "The fun is about to begin, sweetheart".

I inspected all her piercings carefully. As I expected her free for all with Victoria had left them and the girl covered with dirt. Victoria looked just as bad but she could easily clean up. It was the risk of infection if dirt and germs got in the piercings that concerned me. She had to be cleaned up and her pierced holes disinfected. Since I now had several things in mind to make her pay for her transgressions I needed to tend to this matter first.

I told my daughter we still had more fun in store for the evening and told her to go shower and change while I cleaned up her pet. There was a twinkle in her eye and a wicked grin on her face as she gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. "Yes, Daddy," she said as she turned and left the room after flashing that same grin to our captive.

The corner of the room where the girl was suspended was set up like a shower. The floor had a drain and the tiles sloped toward it. There was a ridge around the area to contain water. One of its uses was for water torture. In this case a hose, long handled brush and soap would get the job done. I was not gentle with the force of the water or the brush to scrub her clean. I was a bit more careful around all her new gold rings only because I didn't want to accidentally rip any of them out. I took my time not missing a single square inch of her body with the brush plus giving each piercing special attention with the hose. I knew they all needed disinfected just in case. I lowered her enough to give her back side the same treatment. I rinsed her thoroughly with the hose, even spreading her ass cheeks and pulling up her clit hood by its new stud to make sure all her sensitive areas got direct hits from the spray. As I put aside the brush and hose and toweled her dry I noticed her skin was glowing a cherry red from the rough use of the brush. Throughout the entire cleaning, she moaned and grunted around her penis gag.

I was just reaching for the spray bottle of alcohol when Victoria walked back in. She was definitely dressed for the part and I did a double take myself. She was in a skin tight back dominatrix outfit with her size C breasts overflowing and thigh high stiletto boots and gloves to her elbows. In her hand was a whip that she cracked ceremoniously over her head. I smiled at her as she walked by me. I said only one thing loud enough for fucktoy to hear. "Remember, no damage to her that won't heal without a scar. I will put the disinfectant on her after you are done with her."

For at least ten minutes I watched as Victoria circled her prey, explaining in detail things she would do to her now and later in front of their friends. She punctuated the key points with a sting of the whip where a red welt would appear. Victoria was very good at this and showed restraint with the whip though not with her words. Fucktoy screamed in anguish, her face flushed with pain and fear.

At the end of Victoria's performance I motioned her over to sit and told her to watch as I got fucktoy ready for the grand finale. But first the antiseptic. It was mostly pure alcohol and I started spraying it on her ears. Had she not been gagged her screams would have brought the house down. It had to hurt. After all the new holes in her ears then her nipples, pussy lips and hood, and of course the fresh bites of the whip. Her body must have felt it was on fire but the burning would stop quickly enough.

As I began disconnecting fucktoy from the hoist Victoria asked, "What are you doing now, Daddy?"

I said "Baby, I have decided this virginity thing just gets in the way and it's way past time for her to lose it."

Victoria's eyes lit up. "Daddy, are you going to rape her now? Are you going to fuck her? Can I watch?"

I had to laugh, at her excitement, at her questions, and even at the rather bizarre situation and the dynamics growing between Master, Mistress daughter, and our pet that would eventually be submissive to both of us. "As fun as that would be, it seems far too mundane. I have a better idea."

While Victoria watched with anticipation, I bound the frightened and shaking little Asian in a different part of the room. Her hands were tied over her head to a wooden beam. Her ankles tied to rings in the floor with her feet about a foot apart. I removed the gag then, not knowing whether to expect, pleading or profanity. Perhaps her jaws were too sore to talk; she just groaned, her head almost too heavy to hold up.

Once she was secure, I told Victoria to go change into more comfortable clothes and make some popcorn for the show. I told her I was going to shower and change also, as we both left the room. I wanted the girl to have this time alone to reflect on many things. Her escape attempt, her punishment, her situation and what was going to happen to her, next and in the future.

I took my time showering and changing. When I came back Victoria was there playing with the girl's new rings and speaking to her in a low voice but I couldn't make out her words. She then wiped her fingers over fucktoy's slit and said "She's wet again Daddy or maybe still is". This time she wiped her fingers over the helpless girl's lips and face.

She then stepped back and told fucktoy to smile or be whipped. Fucktoy stared at the camera and smiled, albeit a sad smile. "Oohhhh," Victoria cooed. "Love your new lip gloss." She took several pictures with fucktoy's phone camera.

I told Victoria to set up the video camera on the tripod to frame all of her pet from her hands bound above her to her bare feet on the floor. While she did that I got fucktoy ready for her final act of the night.

First I took a gold chain and attached it to the lower ring on the left side of the girl's pussy. Then I threaded the chain through the ring above it, under the bottom of the dumbbell stud in her clit hood then over the top of it, up through the ring in her left nipple, over to the right and back down to the rings in the right side of her pussy. I made sure the chain was nice and snug, so that any movement would tug one or more of her sensitive piercings.

Next I took a metal butt plug, wiped it in her pussy juices and inserted it where the hook had been earlier. It was cold and she tightened up. I just pushed it till it was all the way in. Then I took what appeared to be a metal rod down from its place on the wall. On the end of it was a shiny metal dildo about eight inches long. The rod was adjustable in length. I made it approximately the right size and pushed the head of the dildo against fucktoy's pussy lips. Trying to avoid the penetration, she rose to her tip toes as high as possible. I spread her cunt and pushed less than an inch of the fake cock inside her. Not even all the head of it. I made the final adjustments and locked the other end to the floor between her feet. Last I connected two wires from the butt plug to the rod.

Through all this preparation fucktoy cried, begged and pleaded. I had purposely left her ungagged for this. I picked up the controller for the apparatus. I pressed one button though nothing appeared to happen. I sat down next to my daughter where she cuddled next to me and offered me popcorn. Just like any other night watching movies when she was younger.

I began to narrate. "Even though she is standing on her tiptoes now, no one can do it for long. That dildo is about an inch of so from her precious little cherry. As she weakens she will slowly rip it away all by herself". I knew it would normally be much less painful if she just let her weight fall and break her hymen quickly. That would make for a short show. Of course there was a backup plan. I counted on the fact though she would try to delay the inevitable as long as possible. That's what I wanted and exactly what happened. She put herself through a lot of extra pain that way. Her voice was hoarse from her useless pleading and begging.

Since she was listening to my explanation she knew what to expect. Well, part of it. She struggled when she began to lose her strength to keep on her toes. Of course it was useless. When the dildo touched her cherry she began to panic. She stopped begging and focused. The pressure and pain inside her would only build, slowly, excruciatingly. Finally, whether the pain was too much or her leg muscles gave out, she dropped her heels to the floor, impaling herself four inches or more and ripping away her cherry forever. With a final animal-like, deep scream, she was a virgin no more.

Her sigh of relief, if any, lasted less than a millisecond. When her heels hit the floor the metal plate under them completed the circuit and sent an electric current up the rod and into her pussy and ass through the dildo and plug. Since her pussy rings were touching the dildo a smaller charge went through the gold chain to all her highly sensitive sex organs. I had just enough time to cover Victoria's ears when the girl screamed. The electricity also contracted her leg muscles and immediately brought her back to her toes shutting off the electricity. But it was only a little time till her calves relaxed and she could not support herself again and the process repeated. We watched the electrically aided self fuck for several minutes and I turned off the current. I wasn't quite finished with her but I wanted her to recuperate a bit first.

Victoria and I talked for about fifteen minutes about her pet and how much she wanted to show her off to her friends. I could see the girl was again breathing normally and regained some strength. She was crying, of course.

I said to Victoria, "Second act. Watch". I pushed another button and the pole began to lengthen. Since it was already inside fucktoy's cunt with her heels on the floor, as it started to go deeper it forced her back to her toes.

She screamed again. "No, please no more, please". The pole lengthened only four inches which meant this time when her heels again touched the floor she would have a full eight inches stretching her to the max. I reactivated the electricity as well. It only took a few minutes of feeling her cunt full of cock and the jolts of current when a change came over her. I could see it in her eyes. I flipped another switch and the current flowed only every third time her heels hit the floor. As I suspected she didn't miss a beat of her up and down motion even though not being forced. She was fucking herself. I pulled Victoria with me and knew she would follow my lead. Even though the video camera was rolling, I picked up the digital and started taking close ups of the girl's face and body parts all glistening with sweat and/or pussy juice. Victoria did the same with the camera in her cell phone, punctuating each picture with promises and threats of sending them to all her classmates.

I am not sure what it was that drove her over the edge. The pain, the humiliation, the threats and of course feeling for the first time eight inches of fake cock stretching that tiny and newly deflowered pussy. The combination at last made her erupt. She fucked herself faster and harder till she screamed her orgasm. I turned off the current as her cum gushed out of her, down the rod and onto the floor.

I removed the rod and plug, left the chain, but she had no strength to stand. She hung there by her wrists as Victoria and I went back and sat down. I said, "Baby, I think we have quite a little pain slut here."

"True, true." she agreed.

"I am sure we can supply her with plenty. But if she tries to escape or hurts you again I am not going to be so nice."

"Thanks, Daddy" was all she said to me.

"I know you want to have that party sweetheart and we can start planning that but I am thinking tomorrow we give her a break from the physical discipline and give her piercings a chance to heal. I am thinking we take your new pet for a little outing."

Victoria looked at me quizzically but knew I must have something in mind to put fucktoy through. She said, "Sure Daddy, anything you say". We had so many pictures and video now that it would be stupid for the girl to try anything. Making her wear the shock collar was also a possibility but probably not necessary. We decided that might be a lot of fun. Fucktoy had been through a lot today and I wanted to talk to Victoria a while longer.

I decided to put our toy away for the night. First things first though. I put the shock collar on her again, locked it in place and handed the control to Victoria. Her eyes were alive with fear, but she knew better than to say a word. It could be operated manually as well as by her voice, either or both. There was a third way which I would hook up tomorrow. It was called the "invisible fence" option which was another good way to keep her in the house or back yard.

As I removed all her bonds I grabbed her tightly by the hair and pulled her head back. I put my other hand on her throat and applied enough pressure to make my point as I calmly said, "It's time for you to behave like a good little puppy or the consequences will be far worse."

"Victoria, take her to the bathroom while I get her something to eat. Then I will put her to bed for the night. If she gives you any trouble at all, shock her." I expected no further problems tonight.

She needed to keep her strength up so I prepared her usual food and set the dog bowls down. I was lost in thought about tomorrow's outing when Victoria led in her pet by the leash, again on all fours. The girl did not hesitate to eat and drink. Victoria and I would eat later as we talked.

When fucktoy was finished with her meal, I led her to her accommodations for the night. I made her crawl into a very small cage. There would be a bigger one for her permanent use but this one was designed to restrict movement and enforce discipline. I told her to her to lie down and pull her knees up. Putting her in the fetal position was the only way she would fit. Her head was against the one end of the cage and her ass tight against the other end. When I shut the door she was confined in a very small space but I wasn't done yet. The cage was steel bars with room for her to put her hands through. I went to the end of the cage first and pulled her hair through the bars. I used a clamp similar to a curling iron to hold and pull her hair tight outside the cage. Then I told her to put her hands through the bars above her head and below her hair. She hesitated a second too long and I yanked her hair. She yelped and quickly complied and I cuffed her hands around the cage bars. I wanted her to be able to sleep but I also wanted her to remember the second she woke up that her precious virginity was gone forever. Now her cunt was wide open for use as the slut she was. I selected a very large lifelike dildo and shoved it roughly into her pussy through the bars. All the way in, then fastened the base to the cage itself. I said, "That's to remind you of what that hole is for."

I was finished but Victoria was there with the camera. I let her snap a few pictures then pulled her away. As I turned out the light we said almost simultaneously, "Sweet dreams, fucktoy."

There were no more tears to cry. They were stripping my humanity inch by inch, my dignity long since destroyed. Locked in a cage, my neck encircled with a shock collar, my mind just wanted to shut down and sleep. The discomfort was so great, however, that sleep would not come.

I tried to move and gain a more comfortable position, but with my hair pulled tightly through the bars and my pussy filled with a dildo, all I could do was moan in anguish. Even that small noise caused a tingling around my neck where the shock collar was locked tightly. If my hands had been free, maybe I could have pushed myself away from the bars slightly, but as things were, I was completely immobilized.

I ran my tongue over my braces, feeling their rough edge. My new piercings throbbed. The only sensations I felt were the result of things they had done to my body without my permission. I had briefly tasted freedom in my escape attempt, but now I doubted I would get another chance, though he did mention going out into the public tomorrow, so who knows. I finally drifted into a shallow sleep, my mind and body exhausted from the punishment and ordeal.

I awoke several times during the short night. Once I thought I heard the door opening, another time the collar buzzed, perhaps when I moaned or breathed deeply in my sleep. My muscles burned and I hoped I would not get a cramp, afraid that I would cry out in anguish, setting off the damned collar.

"Mmmmm, you seem to enjoy this, fucktoy," Victoria's words awoke me. I felt her tug on the dildo impaling my pussy. I thought of my virginity which they had taken from me. For a moment I wanted to cry out in frustration and torment, but I quickly remembered the collar. I was being trained like a bitch.

"Well, no comment? This dildo is all wet with your juices, so I just figured...oh, right, you can't say much with that collar, can you?" and she laughed, completely pulling the dildo from my pussy. I suddenly felt, I don't know, lonely. I could feel the gaping hole, the air of the dungeon remarkably cool where is passed over the juices which coated my love canal.

Next she released my wrists and my arms fell to the bottom of the cage. I had lost all strength. My hair was then set free, and my head flopped down. I heard the cage door unlatch and she ordered me out, but I could barely move. "I said, 'Out!'" and she swatted my ass, as I tried to maneuver out of my prison. I groaned and my neck felt the electrical pulse. I wanted to beg her to remove the collar, but I was unwilling to accept the pain that would have resulted.

Finally I managed to get out of the cage and on all fours, her obedient pet. She hooked a short chain between my wrists and then a somewhat longer than between my ankles. "This is tedious to chain and unchain you each time. Maybe Daddy has an idea about something more permanent."

She clipped the leash to the collar and led me to the toilet. "I could make you pee outside like all the other bitch dogs, so you owe me one," she laughed slightly at the absurdity of her joke. Just as I sat on the toilet and began to pee, the door to the dungeon opened.

"I thought I heard noise in here. Good morning, Victoria dear. You got up earlier than I expected," Dr. Fernandez said.

I looked up quickly, and my stream of pee stopped. I was embarrassed to be seen like this, even after all he had done to me.

"I know, Daddy, I am so excited about my new pet and our plans for the day." She reached out to play with my new nipple rings. "We're almost done here. I don't think she needs much to eat, maybe some toast soaked in o.j. or something. She could lose a little weight around her waist, don't you think?" She pinched my already slim waistline and I slightly recoiled.

"Haha, yes, I suppose so. OK, I will get her breakfast ready, and you bring her when she finishes."

"Oh, Daddy, can we come up with something more permanent for her chains? This is so time-consuming, putting them on and off every time we do something different."

"Of course, dear. When we get back from our shopping trip today, I will show you something called a sirik. Perfect for our fucktoy." He left the room without further comment.

Victoria asked if I was finished and I shook my head 'No'. "Come on, hurry up, we don't have all day." I was able to restart my stream of pee and finished. She handed me some toilet paper to wipe myself and with a tug of the leash, pulled me from the toilet and directed me down on all fours once again.

My breakfast was exactly as she had suggested, a piece of toast floating in a bowl of orange juice. Disgusting. I lapped it up as they sat at the table with a plate of eggs and toast and jelly, orange juice and coffee. I was famished.

They talked about things unrelated to me, about family members, world news, and a grade Victoria had gotten in one of her classes that did not please her father. It was a perfectly normal father-daughter conversation, made ridiculous by the fact they had a human pet, pierced, collared, chained, naked, head bowed, kneeling not 5 feet away.

"OK, let's get moving. It will be 10 by the time we get going. Victoria, if you will put the plates in the dishwasher, I will get our pet ready for the day ahead." He reached down for my leash and I followed him from the kitchen, back to "my room."

When we were out of range, he said, "I assume you have learned your lesson about disobedience and that we will have no more rebellious actions by you. Is that correct, slut?"

I dramatically nodded my head up and down. Escape would always be on my mind, but I doubted I would have another chance for a long time. I would be their obedient pet, and besides, with the shock collar around my throat, I certainly could not talk back.

"Good. Well, we are going to test your obedience today. We need to do some shopping, visit a few places, and we want you along. We would not want you to lose that lovely tan, that's for sure." We continued our walk.

When we arrived at my prison (how could I call it my room?), he unchained my ankles and ordered me to spread my legs. "Remember, you are a fucktoy with three holes," he said, walking over to the side counter. As he returned, I saw the dildo from last night and another ugly black object. On second check, it was not the same dildo. Both had little wires that hung from the flat ends. "Get this nice and wet, slut," and he held the dildo up to my face. I stuck out my tongue and he raised his voice to say, "Open your fucking mouth, slut!"

I obeyed and he stuck the dildo into my mouth, to the point where I nearly gagged. "We will have to work on that in the coming days. This little cock should have easily slid into your mouth." He proceeded to slowly push the dildo into my pussy, and I groaned. "Don't let it fall out, if you know what's good for you, slut." I tried to grip the dildo tightly with my pussy muscles.

"Again," he said, and this time when he put the black, oddly shaped dildo up to my mouth, I opened it even wider and sucked and licked all around.

"Ok, bend forward. I doubt you will enjoy this the first time, but that is not really my concern, is it?" I had no idea what to expect, though I knew he was going to shove it up my ass. I had never had anything that huge in my anus before, and the thought of this object being pushed into it was horrible. He began to push, and my natural reaction was to tighten the muscles around my ass.

He swatted my ass with the palm of his hand, saying, "Relax, this is going in one way or another, relax, it will be easier on both of us." I tried, but it was so painful, and so humiliating. "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," I wanted to cry out in agony, but the collar controlled my cries for mercy. Finally, with one last push, I felt the widest part of the plug enter my rectum and the pain lessened. I immediately thought about how he would get it out.

"Stand up straight, fucktoy!" he ordered. I tried, but the pressure within my pussy and ass made it impossible to stand correctly. He walked over to a drawer and returned with black, latex panties. "Put them on and pull them up tight." With my chained wrists, I managed to step into one leg and then the other, but they were so tight. I realized the plug and dildo would not be slipping out, so tightly did the panties fit. "Very nice," he said, looking at me from across the room. "Now, what goes best with this? Hmmm?"

He returned with a matching black leather vest. I just stared, not believing he could consider me going out in public like this. He unchained my wrists and told me to slip on the vest. It was too tight to zip up the front, but he declared it "perfect", much to my chagrin. My breasts would be totally exposed. There was no way to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure.

He ordered me to lock my hands behind my neck and stand straight. I was getting used to the feeling of the plugs in my ass and pussy and so I could stand straight, by breasts thrust out, the vest pushed to the side.

"Not bad," he announced. "Hmm, this collar, nice but it doesn't really go with the outfit. He unlocked the collar from my neck and I felt great relief. My voice, at least, was free. So were my wrists and ankles. He immediately warned me to be silent, unless I was asked a question.

He returned with a wider, spiked collar, not unlike something a Goth would wear. I said nothing, as he locked this around my neck. I was then handed a pair of black boots with 5-inch heels. I was ordered to lace them up the sides. I had to admit, I looked hot enough to raise the blood pressure on any guy that wasn't already a corpse, but this was not me and it was all against my will.

He told me to lock my hands behind my neck and to turn, modeling the outfit. A few hmmms of approval and he announced me ready. Ready for what, I wondered, my stomach fluttering with fear.

Chapter 6 (added: 07/20/11)

I watched the girl look in the full length mirror. She was both appraising herself and trying to see how she could keep her breasts covered enough not to be noticed as much. If she stood or sat straight and didn't breathe too deeply, the open vest would just catch on her nipples and not flare open. That would probably work about 10 percent of the time and make it safe enough to take her out in public. I wanted people to look but not get us arrested.

I must say our little Asian fucktoy looked good in the outfit, even deliciously slutty. The almost non-existent vest on her tiny body, the piercings in her ears the way her pierced nipples showed from nearly any angle, her short tight shorts and the "Fuck me" boots, all would make it impossible for people not to stare. Exactly what I wanted and exactly what she didn't want. I wanted all eyes on her today and told Victoria to dress casual and comfortable but not in something that would steal the limelight today. She understood. One of the stops I planned to make today would also be a surprise for my darling daughter but she would like this surprise.

Victoria then joined us. She was wearing a tight pink halter top straining to hold her size C's, her nipples easily visible. She wore a matching mini. This would normally command a lot of attention, but the way fucktoy was dressed would get the majority of the stares this time.

I noticed how fucktoy looked at Victoria, and then back at her latex shorts. I expected her to say something, to make some sort of protest, but she did not. I wondered if possibly she liked the way she was hardly dressed, clearly a 10 on the scale of hotness.

I looked at Victoria with approval and told her to sit down in one of the chairs at the table. I also told fucktoy to sit and pointed to the other chair. She seemed surprised at first. It was the first time she had sat unrestrained on anything other than the toilet. I had a reason though, which she immediately realized. I wanted her to get the feel of sitting with the vibrator and butt plug inside her, held in by the tight shorts. She did some squirming to get comfortable, though managed it even with her weight forcing them in even further. She made a slight moan as she settled onto the chair.

I stood over her at first and said, "Listen to me and listen well. Your have been exposed to three things since you have been our guest...pain, pleasure and humiliation. The pain you can control yourself, somewhat. If you learn to behave, to accept what you are and your situation, then it makes sense that less discipline will be required. The faster you learn and obey will also lessen the pain inflicted. Not eliminated but lessened.

"The pleasure you have felt and the hard orgasms can increase, though I think you are still in denial about the fact that your body has betrayed you and that you cum because of the pain and humiliation. And speaking of humiliation, the last but not least of what you have and will have to endure, though some of it may be disciplinary which we have already said you have some control over. Alas, much of it you cannot escape, because it's just something we enjoy doing to you. Do you understand, fucktoy?"

Jennifer nodded unhappily.

"Answer correctly, fucktoy!" I raised my voice in irritation.

"Yes, Master, I understand."

"Good. Now one last thing before we leave. I want this day to be a family fun day, just father, daughter and pet." Victoria gave a little snicker. "No trouble, no escape attempts and you will do your best to please like any puppy would. I know you are thinking about escape because you are not wearing your shock collar. Do not do something you will regret. You have only two choices today," I said, as I pulled a key fob-sized object with buttons out of my pocket.

"You can choose pleasure," as I said this I pushed one button and the vibrator in her pussy began to rotate and throb. Immediately her eyes shot open and a gasp escaped her lips. I left it run a few seconds and switched it off. I could read the dismay in her eyes when it stopped.

"Or..., " I hesitated dramatically, "You can choose pain." I held another button down for a split second and saw her body jerk as the electrical charge sent a jolt through the butt plug and her pussy, contracting her muscles hard around the invaders of her tight holes. She let out a scream of surprise and pain. One moment she was feeling pleasure and instantly it became pain. Her body was quivering slightly, so I let her recover for a few seconds, and then immediately pressed the pleasure button. It gave me an idea for later. Pain and pleasure. It might be possible to train her so that she could not distinguish between the two.

Her eyes looked up, and she stared without blinking, the pleasure of the vibrator making her eyes turn glassy. "Open your vest for us, fucktoy." She did not respond. I shouted my command louder and she quickly obeyed. "Look at your nipples, standing at attention like toy soldiers. Why is that, fucktoy?" I paused. "Answer me!"

"I don't know, Master," she wept, her emotions scrambled.

"Why, slave?!" I raised my voice slightly.

"I don't know, Master. I don't know!" she pled.

"I, I, I, well, I am sick of hearing 'I' from you. You are not an 'I'. You are a slave, a fucktoy, and a worthless, collared and pierced slut. No more 'I' from your mouth, no more first person, from now on third person only, or words that describe who and what you are. 'slave', 'slut', 'your slut', I expect you to be creative, not repeating the same thing again and again. Now answer me, slave, why are you aroused?"

She just looked at me like I was speaking another language. Maybe I was going too fast for her. "Your Master will help you. Repeat after me, 'your slave is aroused because....' Now, say that and complete the sentence."

Choking back tears, she stuttered out the "your slave is aroused because," and then broke into sobs, her whole body heaving in despair. I suppose I could have let her get the tears out of her system, showing some compassion, but that was not going to happen. This was a teachable moment that could not be ignored. I hit the pain button, one notch higher than before, and the crying stopped instantly, her whole body tensing from the shock. Her mouth flew open, the tendons on her neck bulged. Hmmm, I thought, maybe a little too much power, but I could not back off.

"Tell us! Why are you aroused?!"

Still trying to get control, still trying to breathe normally, "...because I can't control what you do to my body," she managed to get out.

"No 'I"," I yelled in her face. "It is not your body. Your body belongs to your Master and Mistress! Say it again, say it right!" Her face was not beautiful at that moment. Snot hung from her nose ring. Her eyes were red from tears and her face was flushed. I had to keep pushing. This was the moment that she had to yield.

" because your slave..."

"Start over! Full sentence. Respond correctly, slave!"

"Your slave is aroused because she cannot control...," she paused, trying to say it right. "...what Master does to his slave's body," and once again broke down in tears. But she responded well, and I turned the switch to pleasure, waiting a moment for her to relax and enjoy the action in her pussy and ass.

"You are aroused," I stated a simple fact. "You love the pleasure that I can give you. Admit it to your Master and Mistress. Now!"

Still sobbing slightly, she responded, "Thank you for the pleasure, Master. Please, no more pain. Your slave will obey you."

No mention of freedom. No begging for understanding nor mercy. Interesting.

"You better obey, totally. Try anything to embarrass us or attempt to escape, and we will hit the maximum level on the pain control. You would pass out almost instantly and I would just tell everyone you were prone to epileptic spells. We would carry you back to the car, return home and your punishment would be doubled. Actually, to assist in your self-control, let's connect your braces. Open your mouth."

Hesitantly she obeyed and I locked her jaws tightly. If I needed to hit the extreme level of the pain control, it would just look like she was gritting her teeth prior to having the epileptic fit.

I handed my daughter a duplicate controller so the girl could see. "Now, fucktoy, It's a beautiful day. How about a convertible ride?" As harmless as that question sounded, it was just the beginning of another nightmare day for the young Asian girl.

The convertible was a red Viper. It turned heads anyway. Since it was a two seater, I had a special seatbelt installed so I could legally have someone sit in the middle. As I guided fucktoy into the car by her elbow, I told her to straddle the padded console. She probably thought she would have her hands free till I strapped her right wrist to the back of the passenger's headrest with a Velcro strap. Then I held the door for Victoria to get in and put her bag behind the seat. I knew the bag contained the leash and some other things that may or may not be needed today.

I went to the other side of the car and strapped the girl's other wrist behind my headrest, then got in. I started the car and hit the button to put the top down. Once we were on the road, her top blew open and stayed that way exposing her breasts to everyone. The truckers especially loved it and threw obscene comments at her the whole trip. I wonder if we caused any accidents. Fucktoy was totally humiliated and at one point had her head down and eyes closed. I ordered her to look up, open her eyes, and smile with her shiny teeth whenever we got some attention from another driver.

Between shifting gears, my bare arm was lying on her thigh. Victoria also had one arm lying on her thigh while using the remote in her other hand to play with the on/off switch of the vibrator. On occasion she would just touch the "pain" switch sending a little jolt of current. The whole trip was humiliation, pleasure and a touch of pain. Her mind would soon blend them all together and she would need all three. They would be her drug and her addiction.

My will to resist was being crushed by the assaults on my once "private areas." One moment pain, the next joy, then more pain, then instant pleasure, eventually they all felt about the same. I would just have to go along with them, hoping for another opportunity to flee, but as long as my pussy was held captive by the shock dildo, I was helpless.

I only hoped they would take me where no one in my family or among my friends would see me. As far as they all knew, I was on a camping adventure trip. If only that were true. Instead, I was sitting in a convertible, ringed and collared, dressed like a total slut, legs spread, and jaws locked tight by the damned braces.

About 45 minutes later, we pulled into the parking lot in a rundown section of the city. I had never been there, that is for sure. We pulled up in front of a large adult store, gaudy lights flashing XXX, Toys, and Videos. My heart began to beat faster.

Dr. Fernandez explained to Victoria that he was one of their best customers. He said they had a large selection of BDSM supplies, everything imaginable for every fetish.

We got out, Victoria locking her arm with mine, like we were two chicks out for a shopping spree with a sugar daddy. I was surprised when we walked in. It was bright and quite large. I tried to take it all in, fascinated by the displays of clothing and bondage equipment, walls of magazines and videos. And then I realized many of the customers and shop employees were staring at us! Or maybe just me!

I tried to adjust the vest, to show less of my breasts, but with one arm locked in Victoria's, and no buttons or hooks or straps on the vest, it was hopeless. There were couples in the shop, which made it look less seedy, and one pair was looking at "us" and whispering.

As we browsed the aisle of bdsm stuff, one middle-aged guy made it look like he was just trying to get past us, but he made a special effort to rub my ass with his crotch as he inched past. I looked out of the corner of my eye and he had this big tent in the front of his pants! I gasped a little and inched forward.

"What's wrong, fucktoy?" Victoria half giggled, probably guessing what might have happened. Why didn't he brush past her, why just me?

"...hat man, he ...ouched ee..." I tried to communicate my displeasure through my clenched jaws. Victoria just laughed, as did her father. I realized it sounded silly, after all they had done to me.

Chains, clips, hooks, collars, leashes, it was like an adult Walmart! At one point, Master, Dr. Fernandez, pick up a little spinning wheel. He showed it to Victoria. "This is a pinwheel. Notice the short sharp needles. Here, let me show you." He pulled one side of my vest away. He squeezed my exposed breast, and I moaned with discomfort. Of course, I wanted to slap his hand away, but what could I do under the circumstances? Then he slowly rolled the pinwheel around my pierced nipple, with just enough pressure that I could feel the sharpness of the needles. I gasped, my tormentors giggled, and to my horror, a crowd of 5 had gathered around--the couple, the guy who had brushed my ass, another shopper, and the man from behind the counter.

"Look at her nipple, Daddy, ooohhhhhhh, it is so hard," and she scratched it with her fingernail. With more pressure, he rolled the needles from above my nipple, over its length, across the tip, and down the other side. Why oh why was my body reacting like I enjoyed this! I looked up at the ceiling, trying to block the sensations from my mind. I gritted my teeth, straining my jaw.

"I think she is getting aroused, Daddy! Look, she has parted her legs a little more!"

"Are you enjoying this, fucktoy?" he asked me in front of the onlookers.

Noo, I thought, I was just spreading my legs to get better balance, not because I wanted someone to fuck me! I sucked in more air between my locked jaws, humiliated that my body was betraying me in front of all these people.

"Fucktoy, answer the question!" he repeated.

"oooo, Master, oooo," I did my best to tell him No.

"Yes, our little fucktoy is one hot slut," he told the crowd, and they all laughed.

The man with his wife or girlfriend seemed most fascinated. Maybe he was getting ideas for her. The girl asked, "It looks like her jaws are wired shut."

"Yes," answered Master, "it is a temporary plan by her orthodontist to align her upper and lower bite."

"Ohhhh, I love the school girl look contrasting with the nose ring, so hot," she said.

"Hey, is it ok if I take a picture of your fucktoy?" her friend/Master/husband asked. I wanted to scream NO WAY, but just shook my head left and right.

"I don't see why not," Master said. I was shocked and tried to get free of their grips, twisting, begging with the sounds that came from my locked teeth. Victoria reacted first, hitting the pain button, and I stopped immediately, threw my head back, and screamed.

"What happened?" I heard the man ask, as though at the end of a long tunnel.

"Oh, she is subject to these temporary fits, something like epilepsy, if she gets overly excited. She'll be ok. Honey?" he spoke to Victoria, and she immediately sent a jolt of pleasure through my pussy.

"Now, fucktoy, let the nice man take your picture, but please," as he then addressed the guy with his phone camera, "don't include her face. She is not at her best after such fits."

"Sure, no problem," and he took my picture, as Master and Victoria locked their arms in mine, holding me up and looking directly at the camera.

"Here, see, just her body," and he showed Master and Victoria. Master nodded his approval, but they did not show the picture to me.

"Well, anyway, that's how the pinwheel works," and he dropped it in his shopping bag. We walked up and down the aisles, adding items to the shopping bag, but he did not demonstrate any other on me, thankfully. He showed Victoria a hood with a removable eye mask. He handed one item to Victoria, who glowed with delight, like it was Christmas. It was a leather strap-on harness with a large double-headed dildo. Just what every Mistress needs to fuck her little pet bitch in heat. I just groaned inside, imagining her fucking both my ass and pussy at the same time.

They took four leather cuffs with hooks and rings, and attached them to my wrists and ankles.

We had been in the store for a while and many men were still leering at me, though the couple had left. As we headed to the check out we passed by racks of porn DVDs. Master stopped at the fetish videos, grabbed one, and smiled at Victoria and then me. He said quite loudly, "Glory Hole Slut," and many of the customers smiled in response. I figured it was a nasty inside joke.

When we got to the counter, he asked the clerk to preview the DVD. He pointed us to the viewing booths and said "Booth #3". We went through a door to a darkened room with several booths. They were small and sleazy with two chairs and a screen. He forced me down on his lap just as the title filled the screen. "Glory Hole Slut". He then released the attachments on my braces. I hated the thought of his dirty hands in my mouth, and moaned slightly to relieve some of my distress.

Victoria sat next to us in the booth. She had been unusually quiet since inflicting the pain/pleasure on me.

"Watch and learn, fucktoy," he ordered. I watched in amazement and disgust as a woman on the screen was deep throating a huge cock sticking through a hole in the wall of a bathroom stall. I could not take my eyes off this filthy scene, when suddenly Master entwined his finger in my hair and forced my head to the side. A huge hard cock was sticking through a hole in the wall of the booth!

"This is where you learn to be a good little cocksucker," he hissed in my ear, "and if not, Victoria will remind you of the penalty for not obeying." As he spoke, he was forcing me to my knees in front of the cock.

"No, please, no," I whispered, and immediately felt a small jolt of cramping pain in my pussy. I had no choice but to obey. He forced me to take the cock in my mouth, and pushed and pulled my head until I realized what I was expected to do. He said, "You will suck as many cocks as I say until you show me you have learned".

Victoria moved to the side and I saw a camera in her hand. At the same time, she hit the pleasure vibe in my pussy. The first guy lasted maybe five minutes. Master told me to swallow every drop. Then there was another and another. After I had swallowed the semen from five guys, Master pulled my head back. "I don't want her to throw up and it looks to me like she is enjoying it too much and getting close to orgasm," I heard him tell Victoria, who had taken many pictures throughout this horrible ordeal.

He was right, I was close to cumming again, not because of what I had been forced to do, but because of the pleasure vibrations in my pussy. Once again, my body was betraying me, but I could not help it.

We went through the checkout and paid for our new toys. The guy behind the counter was all smiles, and I could only imagine what a mess I looked like. I could smell semen all over my face, where it had dribbled from the side of my mouth. My braces were coated in goo; I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

"Come back again, real soon," the checker cheerfully said to us.

We got back in the car and Master said, "Next stop is lunch". As he started the car he said to me, "You have done well so far today. You will find that rewards for good behavior are far better than discipline for bad. As I said before, you have some control over which is more prevalent in your life."

I just wanted to laugh out loud. I had no control over anything in my life. I was their collared pet. And the last thing I wanted was lunch.

Chapter 7 (added: 07/21/2011)

As I started the car, I said to the girl, "This is a day just for a few fun adventures and it has only begun." I put the car in gear and put my hand on her inner thigh. I noticed Victoria's hand on the other. We had left the cuffs on her wrists and ankles (over the boots) because they made a wonderful visual effect making her look the part of a slave which would draw more looks and whispers. Later I would be very glad that she was wearing them as they would become useful.

What I had in mind for fucktoy would get us thrown out of most restaurants but I had a place in mind where I had done something similar before. The key was that I knew the owner well. She was a very attractive lesbian. Her name was Alexis but her friends called her Alex. I had met her by accident through my orthodontist practice. We had become friends and occasionally I would invite her over to sample one of my trainees. Consequently I could get away with a lot at her restaurant and she herself would enjoy the show. I had called the night before to let her know my plan and to reserve my favorite table.

When we arrived we were seated immediately. Since this was my favorite place to eat, I knew all the waitresses as well and they knew I was a friend of the owner. They probably had been clued in already. This place was actually a sports bar with a little more class and great food but we didn't go inside. Our table was at the sidewalk café area outside, at the end of the row and a little apart from the others. It was the only one parallel to the building. One side was semi-shielded by ornamental vegetation, and there were chairs on the remaining three sides. There was enough space between it and the other tables to allow access to the door to the hotel above the restaurant.

I sat the girl with her back to the building. I sat across from her and Victoria on the remaining side. The girl was facing the sidewalk. Here she could be seen without exactly being "on stage". I knew people walking by from one direction would see her half naked breasts and collar then keep walking. It is human nature to gawk but never get involved. Since I didn't have to worry about the patrons complaining to the management we were all set. As we sat down I reminded the girl, "remember, pain or pleasure".

Dressed, or rather undressed, as she was wasn't really as bad as she probably thought. People from the beach were eating there and bikini tops didn't hide much either. But she still had to be careful because the slightest movement would uncover her nipples. However she did get some stares that were obvious, from the passers bye, the customers and the waitresses. Our pretty waitress, a tall, slender, Russian girl by the name of Ina, had a great view of Asian tits which gave her trouble concentrating on our order. Fucktoy was trying to appear very small. I said to her, "First, sit up straight. Since you had so much protein at the toy store I am sure you can't be too hungry but as a small reward I will get you something to eat and drink and even let you use your hands." Of course I didn't get her a burger, but a big bowl of vegetable soup which she would have to tilt and eat out of the bowl which would attract more looks. Part of her would be so ashamed at being on display this way while another part would be so appreciative of a little real food and drink. I would lock her jaws again before our next stop. Some would call what I was doing brainwashing. True perhaps, but I knew her type and knew she would be happier living her life as the slut she truly was.

When she was done with her soup and savoring her coke I told her I had another small reward for her. Her face perked up but there was still trepidation and confusion. I said, "Well, as you know I am quick to give you pain when needed. Since you have been a good pet today, I will give you a little pleasure. Put your hands in your lap and keep them there. As she complied, I flipped the button and the vibe began to rotate and vibrate inside her.

Victoria realized what I was about to do and spoke up. "Daddy, are you going to make her cum right here?"

I said nothing but she knew that's what I had in mind.

"I have an idea Daddy. We have been giving her pain then pleasure. Watch this." While we had been talking the vibe had been working its magic. From her low moans and whimpers it was obvious the girl was nearly ready to cum. Victoria turned off the vibrator. The look of pain in the girl's eyes this time was from need. Victoria said to her, "You must have pain to get pleasure." Then she touched the pain button and the girl winced. She knew it was coming so she did not jump in surprise, plus it had been a low dose.

Victoria then said, "Now, pleasure." She let the girl nearly orgasm twice more and each time the pain was increased. We could easily see that the withheld orgasms were taking a bigger toll on the girl though than the pain itself.

Victoria whispered to the girl but I could hear. "I know you want to cum. You want to cum so badly nothing else matters. Not that you are in public, not even the fact that to get it you will have to endure more pain first. Isn't that right? Aren't you just a little bitch slut that can't control her own body? Your pussy controls you now. Well, fucktoy, do you still want to cum after what I just told you? Yes or No."

Tears streamed down her cheeks but I knew what her answer would be. It was obvious. "Yeessssssssss, Pleasssssssssssssssss." Victoria pushed the pain button as promised then hit the pleasure button then and let it run. When the girl started cumming and there was no way to stop, Victoria tapped the pain button intermittently. It all blended together in a monstrous orgasm. She shuddered and squealed.

She tried her best to control herself so the performance wasn't as blatant as Meg Ryan in "When Harry met Sally". However, with her hands in her lap it appeared like she was trying to masturbate in public and get away with it. If it weren't for the fact that she could not control her sounds and body movement completely and the fact that at least some people were intently watching her already, her moans and whimpers might have escaped notice. As it was, she was putting on quite a show. One person actually did clap for her and I laughed out loud at our pet's face, flushed and bright red with embarrassment. I had never seen an Asian blush before. I know she wanted to melt into the sidewalk, but Victoria and I were having a great day.

As we waited for out check Alex appeared and spoke so just the three of us could hear. "That was a great show. I watched the whole thing on the security monitor. You made my day so lunch is the house, but..." she paused, then said as she looked greedily at the little Asian, "How about an invite to come over and play with your new girl some evening?" I looked at fucktoy's eyes that were definitely pleading, "NO". Then I said, "Alex, that's a great idea. I am sure you could teach her a few things, and maybe my dear daughter too." One look at Victoria's face told me she loved the idea as I knew she would.

I said to the girls, "We have more shopping to do today and there is a little place right up the block we can check out before driving anywhere else."

The shop was actually a tattoo parlor. Victoria was instantly intrigued and started browsing the stencils. Fucktoy was anxious, too smart to say anything, but clearly worried.

Victoria decided to get a small tattoo of a whip and handcuffs on her ankle and said to me, "Daddy, how about this one?"

I laughed and said, "It suits you perfectly." We watched the process and since Victoria was pretty much oblivious to minor pain, it went quickly. I'm sure Jennifer thought this stop was for Victoria's benefit only.

I said, "Jennifer is next" to the artist who was a stocky biker type covered in tattoos. Fucktoy started to protest but a quick reminder of the remote stopped her in mid-sentence.

The man asked, "What kind of tat?"

I told him, "A lower back tattoo and I will show you exactly where."

Vicky whispered in my ear what she wanted the tattoo to say. She had read my mind again. Before fucktoy knew what was happening I had rolled down her tight shorts all the way to her boots. I then put my hand between her legs and unsnapped the wires and pulled the vibrator out of her right in front of the man. Setting it down I picked her up and put her face down on the table. I left the butt plug in her ass as that would still be necessary to control her, both now while getting her tat and outside to prevent her escape. I also wiped my fingers over her leaking pussy before reaching in her mouth and locking her braces again. It so embarrassed her to know she was almost constantly juicing to everything now.

The man was about to draw the curtain used to shield the room from the eyes of other patrons during the tattooing of intimate areas, but I told him to leave it half open. I put my hand on the girl's back to hold her in place. Then I pointed to a spot low on her back that would show when she was wearing any bikini, short shorts or anything stylish that rode low on her hips. I said, "Right here in very beautiful script and colors so it will attract attention. I want the words 'Little Fucktoy'".

I didn't think the tattoo would go over well to say the very least and I was right. She had already been squirming but as soon as I said the words that I wanted her body to display forever, she lost it. Even around her braces she was making too much noise and kicking and bucking like a bronco. Victoria pounced on her then, her body full length on top of the girl, while I held her legs. Apparently Victoria had noticed before I did several hooks on the sides of the table. Thinking back now it makes me wonder what else that table was used for. Victoria was able to wrestle one of the girl's arms down to lock it to the table, her cuff to the hook. It was a fight but she then fastened the other arm as well. I found similar hooks at the bottom of the table and got each ankle immobilized. Now though, her legs were somewhat spread and the butt plug was in plain view. She was still making too much noise but now I had my hands free to get to the remote. The pain switch settled her quickly. I bent down and spoke into her hear. "Don't you get it, yet? Your body is mine to do whatever I want with it. Anything. Your little outburst not only did no good at all, it will though result in severe punishment later. I warned you. As bad as you think your situation is, less than instant and complete compliance will make it far, far worse." She started to protest so I zapped her again. She began sobbing then, almost hysterically still trying to beg for mercy and knowing there would be none. I was about to re-attach her wrist cuffs to hooks further down on the table to further restrict her movement but then saw one right under her neck I could attach to her collar. Perfect. With Victoria and I both holding her hips, the degrading tattoo would soon be a work of art. It was a rather long and painful process of course as she had never had a tat before and this one was intricate. But even with all the pain and humiliation, I could see how wet she was. And she knew that we all knew by the wonderful musky scent of her juices.

The tattoo came out beautifully and something I would be proud dressing her in things to show it off.

The tattoo parlor also did piercings as many do. Though I didn't need anyone else to give the girl piercings, since I preferred to do that on my own, the shop had an excellent selection of adornments which gave me an idea. I thanked the tattoo artist and gave him a tip. As he left I asked him to send in the person that does the piercings. I imagined the girl was panicking again when she heard me say that.

A woman walked into the room who also had several tattoos and so many piercings that to me were way too many to be attractive. I whispered to fucktoy, "the worst is over, behave unless you want another pain trip." I unfastened her cuffs and flipped her over on her back and told Victoria to remove her latex panties all the way. I did, however, lock the back of her collar to the table. Now lying naked on the table, she could see her whole body in the mirrored ceiling. I told the woman we wanted to try on some new pretties for our pet's piercings and we wanted to see what she would look like in various things. She left for a moment and returned with a large tray of items ensuring us they were all properly sterilized after each such demonstration. I said to Victoria, "Sweetheart, I want you to pick out things you would like to see your pet wearing and try them on her and we can decide what looks best. Try anything you want. I am sure this nice lady her will help you."

The tray was filled with rings and hoops of all sizes in silver and gold. There were studs of all shapes. As they got started I said, "Hold on, you need better access". This is why I had Victoria remove the panties all the way. I had an idea for the ride home. The latex shorts served a purpose to hold in the vibe but the design of the anal plug would keep in inside her. Now the tight shorts/panties were just in the way. I pushed the girl's legs wide apart so they draped over each side of the table. "Ok, she is ready now."

The first thing that Victoria chose was a much larger ring for the girl's nose. It looked grotesque and humiliating but I let the show continue. Victoria and the woman replaced nearly every ring and stud in fucktoy's body. Victoria asked me several times, "What do you think Daddy?" I commented on which I liked and which I didn't then said, "Wait a second, let me take a picture. Then you can try others and we can decide. As I snapped a few pictures I saw the tears of humiliation in fucktoy's eyes. But that was not the only place she was wet. Two pairs of feminine hands touching her most sensitive areas were having a dramatic effect. Her nipples, pussy lips, clit hood all being manipulated; add to that the occasional customer that peeked through the half open curtain. There was a wet spot slowly increasing in size on the white paper table covering beneath her. Of course, I couldn't resist calling attention to it, bastard that I am.

"My my, look at this. The little slut is so turned on she is dripping." I slid two fingers in and out of her a few times. They actually made a sloshing sound. I wiped them off on her lips. I could have taken pity on the aroused girl by putting the vibrator back inside her and giving her an instant orgasm, but I did not.

I let Victoria and the woman, continue to try combinations of adornments and took pictures several times. Each time one of the women changed the stud in her clit hood, she shuddered. A small orgasm perhaps but not nearly the release she needed. She was moaning now and breathing hard. As Victoria was working on the girl's pussy with the last rings and stud, I could see the girl's swollen clit protruding from its hood. I reached out and raked my fingernails hard over her sensitive stomach all the way down and over her clit. When I hit her clit, I also twisted one of her nipples cruelly and said to her, "Cum now, slut, NOW". She screamed as she exploded, her juices squirting, making the wet spot grow and grow. We watched her gushing, her nectar filling the air with her musk.

Victoria said, "She is such a cunt, if only our friends could see her right now."

That was my cue to take one more picture. We let the girl put her panties back on while I paid for the tattoos and items we bought. The lady refused a tip saying she had never had so much fun at work.

"Honey, let's find something a little less restrictive than those panties for our little fucktoy," and indicated that Victoria should follow me out of the room. After all, Jennifer was not going anywhere, cuffed to the table as she was.

The shop had a small boutique of leather and latex items, and I found what I had hoped in a few minutes. It was a latex micro skirt that was probably 4 inches or less from top to bottom. Not much more than a belt. Perfect. Victoria heartily agreed. As I released her from the table I also released her braces and reminded her once more that I was still in electrical control. More fun was yet to come.

I keep thinking it can't get any worse, but it does. The humiliation of being forced into an orgasm in a public location, then another change to my body, a tattoo which I would never have considered, and finally, like a trained animal, I orgasmed on command in front of a stranger. Maybe that is what they were changing me into, nothing more than an animal. I hated the new rings and studs that now adorned my body, and now this latex micromini skirt offered no covering protection.

But there had not been one chance to escape during the entire day, and not one person I could have asked for help. To be out in public, yet imprisoned, was devastating, and so lonely. At least they had not stuck that horrible dildo back inside me, though I admit, I did have a feeling of emptiness in my pussy. I guess I was getting used to the anal plug. Even when sitting it wasn't that bad.

My wrists were once again velcroed to the headrests of Victoria and her father, meaning the tiny vest was free to flap in the wind and fly open any moment. My legs straddled the center console. I looked like a total whore out for a joy ride. With my legs split, the micromini hid nothing.

"I think we all need a little snack before returning home. Whatya all say?" Victoria heartily agreed, but I remained quiet. Every activity that seemed innocent had an ulterior motive. I was not dressed for anything too public, and surely they would not risk getting the police involved in some risqué display of their slave.

"What about you, fucktoy?" she asked.

"Whatever you wish, Mistress."

"Good, then let's stop at the McDonalds up ahead.

McDonalds! But there would be children about, I wanted to scream.

Dr. Fernandez entered the drive-thru line, which was somewhat of a relief. "What would you like, Victoria?"

"Just a Diet Coke, Daddy."


"Your slave is not hungry, Master."

"Nonsense, you have to keep up your strength!"

At that moment, we reached the speaker, and Dr. Fernandez placed the order. "A regular Coke, one Diet Coke, and," as he glanced at me, "an order of fries. That's it."

"Oh, slave, let's straighten you up a bit," exclaimed Victoria. "Never know if a hot guy, or girl, might be at the window. I know how you always like to tease."

I cringed, knowing that in the convertible, I would be completely open to inspection by the guy or girl who handed over our order. She actually tugged the skirt down slightly, so my shaved and pierced pussy was hidden. She announced her satisfaction with my appearance. I burned with embarrassment.

Looking at me, she said, "Now, open your mouth a little to show your shiny braces, and lick your lips and run your tongue along your braces when we arrive at the window. I want you to look at whoever hands us the food and put on your sexiest show."

My heart was beating so fast, in fear and frustration.

We arrived at the window. I doubt it would have mattered if it was a guy or girl, because what happened was beyond humiliation. I tilted my head slightly to the left, just far enough to see it was a guy, maybe a little younger. "Look at the young man, Jennifer. Show him how hungry you are!"

I could not afford to add another item to my list of punishments, and so I did. He was handing the bag to Dr. Fernandez, and when I looked at him, he just stopped and stared.

"Tell the man thank you for the fries, Jennifer," Victoria prompted.

"Thank you, Sir, for the fries."

"Yes," Dr. Fernandez chimed in, "our little pet loves to dip her fries when she is feeling horny, don't you, pet?"

How could this be happening? I just stared, my mouth agape with shock.

"Yes, hon, tell the nice man where you dip your fries," urged Victoria.

I really did not know what she was talking about, so I just looked at her. "Don't be shy, girl. I bet he sees things like this all the time," and with that, flipped up the skirt to reveal my shaved and pierced pussy!

"Please, nooooooooo, pleaseeeeee," I begged, wanting to die.

"Nonsense, Jennifer, here, let me help you, since you are so shy. She took a fry from the bag that her father held, a long and stiff fry, and pushed it into my wet and gaping cunt. I threw my head bag and moaned, "noooooooooooo."

"Open up, now, here comes your tasty treat." I tilted my head to the side, straining to avoid the fry, and looked directly into the eyes of the guy at the window. His mouth was wide open, his eyes just staring. "Open, now, fucktoy or your Mistress will be very displeased," Victoria hissed. I had no choice. Averting his eyes and looking straight ahead, I opened my mouth and she put the pussy-dipped fry in my mouth. "Eat it," she ordered, and I obeyed.

"Good day, young man, hope you enjoyed our visit," laughed Dr. Fernandez, as we pulled out of the drive-thru.

On the drive home, I was forced to eat the entire bag of fries, all dipped. Each time the salt stung my tender and newly pierced labia lips. My eyes teared, yet I knew there was no point in begging. I was their slave, and until I could manage to escape, there would be no end to my humiliation.

Chapter 8 (added: 07/28/11)

I had been thinking all the way home of a proper punishment for today's transgressions. Not that she did badly. Her only misbehavior had been fighting us when getting the tattoo. Even though that was expected and natural, it couldn't be tolerated in a slave and a punishment had been assured. Also I knew with each punishment or humiliation she would be thinking more and more about how to escape. I wanted her to know possible ramifications of another unsuccessful attempt. If or when she got the chance she might forget about all the pictures and videos we already had of her so I needed to reinforce the consequences.

We pulled into the garage and walked into the house. I could see the girl eye herself again in the full length mirror. The mini-skirt wasn't much wider than a belt but she looked damn hot, and as much as her prim and proper side hated wearing it in public, I could tell the other side was starting to take more control of her mind. Step by painful step the training would bring out her inner slut and she would enjoy the attention and get wet at the thought of men and women leering at her nakedness and knowing they wanted to fuck her and use her body in perverse ways. Then she would beg to wear the sluttiest clothes I could find for her and I was looking forward to that day. We still had plenty of time and I could tell she was already responding in albeit small ways as yet.

She still had the electric ass plug and still under control. I reminded her that now that she was home she had to go back to all fours like a pet. She did so reluctantly. I walked around her to see how she looked from behind in that next-to-nothing skirt. She looked very inviting and fuckable to say the least in that position which gave me another idea or two for the evening.

Then I said to Victoria, "She needs to be disciplined for her actions at the tattoo parlor. She must learn to be completely obedient to all things. Discipline can take many forms, from more humiliation to more pain. Since at this moment it is not time yet to post pictures of her or send them to her parents, I think pain is still an appropriate punishment. I had thought about using a flogger on her nipples and pussy but I have a feeling she might like that too much. Maybe later." Fucktoy's eyes widened and Victoria laughed. "Let's go to her room. I have an idea. Fucktoy, you follow your Mistress." I followed up just so I could watch that perfect ass in front of me still openly displayed while she was on her hands and knees.

After we got into the room I said to her. "Go over and pee while you have the chance. I don't want any accidental messes but leave in the butt plug. I will take that out later." Victoria escorted her while I waited at the winch I had suspended her with previously. When they returned I was waiting with two pieces of rope. I pushed fucktoy down on her stomach and tied her hands behind her back. She started to squirm and complain but I smacked her ass hard with my hand and reminded her that she was about to be punished and it would not be wise to make it worse. She tried to relax then as I tied her ankles together and brought down the hook to her ankle ropes.

I then started raising her feet off the floor. As I did I spoke to her. "It occurred to me that for the next couple days you won't need to walk at all except on your hands and knees. So to help you remember that and also that running away is not really an option I came up with the perfect punishment for now." I stopped the upward movement of her legs the bottoms of her feet were straight up and the rest of her weight was on her tits on the floor. Her face was also on the floor but she could raise it a bit to see what I was doing.

"Victoria... hand me that cane on the wall." Amid so many other instruments of pain was an old fashion wooden cane that teachers used to use. That would be perfect.

"Remember, fucktoy, anytime you do not obey and submit immediately you WILL be punished. Punishment will lessen only when you learn what you are. When you do, there will be less need and when you make a mistake you will realize it immediately and beg to be punished so your Master and Mistress won't sell you or give you to someone worse to complete your training." I could tell what she was thinking... how could anyone be worse. She was wrong, of course. There were far worse things that could be done to her.

While she was still thinking about that I brought the cane down hard on the soles of her feet. She screamed, naturally, but right now that was ok. Victoria and I would enjoy the music of her discipline. I brought down the cane again and again till the bottoms of her feet were not only red but already beginning to swell. She was a sobbing mess, begging me to stop and that she would do anything if I stopped. This type of discipline though simple was very painful. When I finally did stop I told her softly that promising to do anything for me didn't much help since I could and would do anything to her I wished anyway. She lay still, save for her sobs.

I lowered her feet and removed the ropes from her wrists and ankles. She wasn't going anywhere. I said to my daughter. "I have to do a few things in the back yard and in my room. Play with your pet till I get back." With the fact that she could no longer walk on her bruised feet and still controlled by the electric butt plug, I knew she would give no more problems tonight. I actually wanted to give Victoria some alone time with her. I was sure that after this day Victoria was in need of some sexual relief herself. Actually so was I, but I would wait until later. Another idea was forming.

I made myself busy for about an hour before I went back. I expected to see the girls in a hot 69 but probably missed that part. Instead I found fucktoy on all fours (of course) with Victoria standing over her with the cane. She was talking to her but I couldn't hear. The interesting part though was that fucktoy was wearing a wire muzzle shaped like a dogs head making her look much like dog. Inside the muzzle was a dildo fastened to the wire and about 3 inches of it in her mouth.

I had forgotten I had that muzzle but Victoria had found it. She did look much like a dog right at that moment.

Then Victoria spoke, "Dad, I was just about to tell her that she looks so much like a bitch in heat that I bet the neighbors stud dog, Titan, would love to breed her." We both laughed at the girl's expense. "Hmmm. Not a bad idea to hold that thought in case she does something unforgivable like another escape attempt or something like that. Letting that stud Shepherd, Titan, fuck her little pussy would be the ultimate discipline by humiliation." I saw the girl shaking her head, probably in disbelief, and squealing around the dildo muzzled in her mouth. Though it would never happen it was something else for her to think about.

I removed the muzzle, re-attached the leash and led our pet into the living room where I sat on the couch and motioned fucktoy to lay at my feet. Victoria sat on the other side of me on the couch. Our pet was silent as I switched on the TV and played back some of the film taken of her journey so far, the braces, the piercings, losing her virginity. I didn't have to instruct her to watch. Even through her tears she couldn't take her eyes from the screen. I was tempted to put a vibe in her pussy while she watched but decided against it. Let her wait for her next cum. Halfway through the videos I got some snacks from the kitchen. We fed her scraps with our fingers. Eating today was in each case a level of breaking her to be an obedient slave. Even being fed scraps this way. By the time the videos were over I could tell both girls were getting sleepy. I sent Victoria to bed but I had another surprise for fucktoy.

She was dressed at the moment in only the heavy collar and the butt plug. Victoria had removed the rest during their "quality time" together. I picked her up and put her over my lap. I heard her groan as she probably expected a spanking even after all she had endured today. But that's not what I had in mind. As I talked to her I started twisting and putting outward pressure on the plug. I pulled it slowly and when it did pop out I put two fingers inside her as it contracted back to normal. I slowly fucked her ass with the fingers as I spoke. "Aside from the incident at the tattoo parlor, you actually did pretty well today. Of course I know it was mostly out of fear of pain. But there were lessons to be learned. Though you might have found certain things humiliating today, that didn't stop you from cumming like the little slut that you are and have really always been. Yesterday there was pain and yet you had orgasms, today humiliation and more pain and still more orgasms. Even now I can feel your pussy dripping on my lap from the intrusion of my fingers in your ass. All these things should tell you how right I am about you. You have had your punishment for today. Tonight I want you to think about all that has happened to you, about who and what you are, have been and are becoming. Your training is far from over. Remember that."

I removed my fingers from her without making her cum and picked up the shock collar that was laying nearby but before putting it on her I said, "Before I put this on and chain you up for the night, is there anything you want to say or ask?" I knew a thousand things flashed through her mind right then. All too bizarre and confusing to sort out.

Tears filled her eyes and all she could say was, "Why do you hate me so much. What did I do to deserve this?"

I said, "Hate you? I don't hate you at all. I am just trying to free your mind so the conflict between the slut and the goodie goodie your parents tried to make you will finally be resolved. Then you will never be a tease again. You will thank me I promise you." Then to completely confuse her I gave her a warm kiss on the lips. I didn't give her an opportunity to protest as I locked the electric collar on her neck below the heavy one.

I had plans in a few minutes, and decided they would not include her being able to play with herself during the night. I like the chain arrangement of the Gorean sirik and felt it was the right time to introduce her to this.

"Down on all fours, slave." She quickly obeyed.

I gathered the light, yet unbreakable arrangement of chains and proceeded. Her wrists were connected by about 8 inches of chain, just enough so she could crawl; likewise her ankles. That was all I could do at the moment.

I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder and carried her to the back yard. I turned the yard lights on as I went through the door and put her down in front of a dog house that was just big enough for her to curl up in. There was a heavy chain attached to it. The night was fairly warm though it would chill by morning but there were rags inside the house for a makeshift bed, though they probably smelled like the previous K9 resident. I reminded her then that the shock collar would not only activate if she yelled for help but also if she left the yard.

As I looked at her hot little body just begging to be fucked "doggie style", I knelt behind her. In a flash I had penetrated her pussy which got wet almost instantly. I pounded her hard for a few seconds then slowed and reminded her of her situation and that I could have her anytime I wanted or give her to anyone I wanted. I told her she had no choice or all her friends and family would see what she had become. Just a tatted, pierced, little whore that begged for sex. I could feel her pussy juicing more and more as she tried to be quiet and not set off the collar. When I could tell she was at the point of no return I reached down and squeezed her clit hard. She yelped which caused her some additional pain, but her pussy pulsed as she orgasmed. As the spasms continued I let go and filled her with cum. Spurt after spurt. I stopped moving so I knew she could feel it go deep and her own pussy spasms milking me dry.

I stayed inside her as her breath returned and softly whispered in her ear. "I am betting since you tease and never fuck that you are not even on birth control." I felt her suddenly tense and knew I was right. "If you get pregnant I will have to keep you here until it is too late to abort. Imagine how your mom will react."

My mom! 'Oh, mom,' I thought, my eyes tearing. 'It's not my fault. I can't stop what they're doing to me. I'm trying, oh god, I'm trying, but I am losing the battle. Mom, don't forget me, mom, please don't forget me."

I saw my mom's face, the disappointment in her look, and it made me sick to my stomach. He was right. I was not on any birth control plan; there was no need until they enslaved me!

He patted me on the head, but there was no compassion in his voice. "Sit like a bitch, on your heels, and put up your hands like you are begging. Beg, bitch!"

With my ankles chained, and my wrists equally confined, I struggled to the position he was demanding. He picked up another length of chain, and threading it through my collar, he connected it to my wrists.

I was not focusing. I felt his cum run down my thighs, and wanted to rub my legs together to stop the flow, but I dare not move. He tightened the chain, until there was just enough slack for me to reach my bellybutton with my fingers, but no more.

When he padlocked my collar to the dog house chain, the "click" echoed deep within my soul. That sound alone would haunt me for hours.

Master stood up and patted me on the head once more and said, "You have much to think about. Think, then sleep. He turned out the lights from the back porch, then left me in the blackness and very, very much alone.

I tested the chains, and knew he had planned it so I could not touch myself and comfort my needy pussy. Suddenly I felt a chill, the light breeze whispering across the cum that streaked my thighs. I crawled into the little dog house.

I admit that I often played with myself in the past, stroking my cunt lips, scratching my clitty, but now the need seemed more intense than ever. The constant state of stimulation which Victoria and her father forced upon me, drove me to try anything to relieve the itch, the intense need for touch. My hands could not reach my pussy, that was certain, but I realized I could pull the chain that locked my collar to the dog house between my lips, causing an erotic friction that within a few minutes brought me another orgasm.

I felt so dirty, masturbating in a dog house. I found a smelly, dirty, old blanket, but it was all I had, so I tried to snuggle under it, to give me some warmth. I imagined fleas or some other bugs of the night that would feed on me, and I began to cry. The sobs caused my throat to tingle, reminding me of the shock collar and of my complete enslavement. Eventually, I fell into a shallow sleep, huddled in a fetal position, a dog chain tight between the lips of my cunt, with tears on my cheeks.

I awoke several times in the night, the yelps far in the distance reminding me of the threat made by Victoria to breed me to some dog. I shivered in fear and in response to the cold night air. Again, I fell asleep.

When I awakened a second time, I had to pee. I did not want to leave the relative warmth of my blanket and house, but I would not be able to fall asleep without relieving my self. Crawling on my hands and knees, the chain rattling from my throat and cuffs, I got as far away from the dog house as possible. Crouching and spreading my knees as far as possible, I peed onto the ground, feeling the little splashes of urine on my ankle and feet. I felt so low.

As I crawled back to the house, I noticed the first light of morning in the east. It would not be long before my personal hell began again. I managed to fall asleep one more time.

It seemed like only minutes, but the light in the yard told a different story. I heard Victoria, whistling, making a kissing sound with her lips, calling, "Come out, bitch slave, time for a new day and fun times. Come on, you lazy slut!" The jerk on the chain brought me from a dream state to reality, and I crawled out of the dog house, head hung low, no pride left.

"Did our little fucktoy sleep well?" she rhetorically giggled, knowing full well I could not respond with the shock collar. She reached down to unlock the padlock, thus freeing my collar from the dog house chain. "Follow me, bitch. Time for breakfast. Mmmm, yummy, I know you will love it."

I followed behind, still chained ankles and wrists, knowing that whatever she prepared for my breakfast would not be appetizing. She stepped up onto the porch, and took two dog bowls from the picnic table, and then stepped back down on the grass, placing the two bowls in front of me.

"I miss your whining and complaining, so being the kind mistress that I am, I will remove your shock collar, but one word without permission, and you will be punished. Hmm, there, now eat up."

She had released the collar and chain that ran through the ring and connect to my wrist cuffs. My wrists were still chained, as were my ankles, yet I felt somehow free. Victoria left and entered the house. I did not look up, but assumed they were both at the kitchen table, looking out the glass door at their slave.

I looked into the bowls. One was milk, I think, and the other scrambled eggs and maybe sausage. Unless they poured something dreadful on top, like their piss or cum, it looked reasonably good. It was. I ate it all, licking around the edges of the bowl, my tongue stretching for every last morsel. I licked my lips, my tongue running over the braces on my teeth, my mouth tasting and smelling like a garbage disposal, I was sure.

I had just finished when I heard the glass door slide open and saw the shoes of Dr. Fernandez before me. "Good morning, fucktoy."

"Good morning, Master," I responded as pleasantly as I could.

"Would you like a shower, fucktoy?"

"Yes, Master, your fucktoy would like that very much."

"Then crawl out to the center of the yard and get into the "Beg" position."

He left no opening for debate, and I dreaded what I knew would be an ice cold shower on the lawn. Nothing would be gained by disobeying, however, so I crawled miserably to the center, and knelt on my heels, my hands begging. I gave him no pleasure, taking the hose directed stream, gasping for breath, obeying when he ordered me to lay on my back on the wet grass, and lift and split my legs as far as possible. Then back to my knees, to hose off the grass that stuck to my skin.

"Well, my obedient pet, you seem to be learning. Good fucktoy, good girl." For some reason, his pleasant praise made me feel warm inside. I was learning to be a better slave for Master and Mistress.

Chapter 9 (added: 09/16/2011)

Most animals, like a dog respond much better to positive reinforcement than discipline during training. That's because, I have been told, they cannot associate the discipline with the infraction. Humans, on the other hand, are much different. Discipline for transgressions is very useful and required. However, there is a time, place, and need for praise and reward as well. Actually I have trained more humans (women) than other animals, so you might say this is my area of expertise.

I decided that today would be a good day to give our pet small tastes of the fun parts of being a pet slut. She would earn it of course and some pain would still be part of the equation. I still wanted her to associate pain and pleasure and enjoy both when I wished. It was also time to make her realize how much she loved those orgasms and needed them.

I briefed Victoria on parts of my plan during breakfast. Of course she knew to follow my lead as the day unfolded but was also free to ad-lib any of her own ideas that would also lead to the goals I had in mind. I would throw in a surprise for Victoria along the way.

Breakfast was over and I pushed open the door and whistled. The girl awkwardly climbed the steps and made it into the house in spite of still being in chains. While Victoria was doing the dishes, I wanted to have a few words with fucktoy to set the tone for the day. I told her to "sit". "I want you to listen very carefully. I have told you before that once you learn and accept what you are, you will have more fun, pleasure and feel more free than you have ever been in your life. Today I want to give you just a small sample of what your life will be like in the future. Though the process of freeing your mind will take time, I will allow you a bit more freedom today. Do not try to take advantage. Enjoy your day and the lessons it provides."

"Now, one question before we begin and remember... never lie to me or this day will go very differently than what I have planned. My question is this. Last night you were chained purposely so you could not reach your pussy with your hands." I could see her tense, fearing where I was leading. "Did you find a way to make yourself cum anyway?" I could practically see her thoughts through the fear in her eyes, knowing I had chained her so she could not touch herself but also knowing what I just said about lying. She suddenly burst into tears, grabbed my ankle with both hands and lowered her head to them.

"Forgive me Master. I couldn't help myself. I was so horny. I don't know why. I used the chain to rub myself. I needed to cum so bad, Master."

She was so upset but what she said was exactly what I wanted to hear. "Don't cry. You have actually pleased your Master. Most importantly by telling the truth. Secondly, you did not disobey me by finding a way to cum. I had not forbidden you. I only made it more difficult to see if you needed it badly enough to find a way, which you did. That pleases me also, since it proves to me that I am right about you and that your body and mind are already responding to just a few days of training. Good girl. That's a very good girl." I tossled her hair and praised her. Her eyes brightened considerably.

Victoria returned to the table as I was finishing our conversation. "Fucktoy, I want this day to be a peek into your future. A fun day with Victoria's help. Tomorrow will be back to "normal" training. There are a couple rules though. Besides the obvious, of course, like not turning violent and/or trying to escape which, trust me would be a VERY bad idea. And you must of course obey without question and also remain on all fours unless told or led otherwise. The last but more important rule for today is this. Anytime you feel the need or are about to cum you must ask permission first. If you are told No, then you must control it till you are told yes by your Master or Mistress. You can beg but not cum without permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master. Yes". I reached my hand between her legs. She was juicing nicely. "Good girl," I said again.

As she spoke I smelled her breath and grimaced, then said, "Your breath smells like a dog, too." She looked at the floor ashamed. Since her teeth were nearly covered with metal she couldn't really brush them. I went to the liquor cabinet and returned with a bottle of Rumplemintz, a very high powered peppermint liqueur. I poured a couple ounces into a glass and told her to rinse her mouth really well then swallow and to do it twice. I told her she needed to learn how to swallow and not spit anyway. Whether she caught the double entendre or not I didn't know but it made Victoria giggle. I also got the spray bottle of alcohol and used it liberally on her new tattoo and all her piercings. I had no time nor desire to deal with infections.

"Victoria, let her go to the toilet in her room before we begin our day. I will be there shortly."

I made a short phone call to set up something for later then joined the girls in the playroom. "Fucktoy, yesterday in those revealing outfits you got a lot of stares. Men and women wanted to touch you, and fuck you. I even caught you admiring the way you looked though that is still hard for you to admit." I saw her flush at my comment. "That's good. Even I wanted to fuck you and did." I knew that would remind her of getting filled with cum last night and the possible consequences.

"This morning we are going to have a little fashion show and photo shoot. I know your feet are still tender so for a lot of it you will be laying or sitting on the bed. When you are standing to pose or change the pain will be a reminder of your discipline yesterday."

I opened the door to a large closet next to the corner bed. In it was a plethora of skimpy outfits ranging from sexy provocative to total slut. I told Victoria to select outfits for both of them for the first photos while I prepared fucktoy. I removed the sirik and warned her one final time. "Remember, you cannot escape so enjoy this day." Then I reached into a drawer and withdrew a pair of silver Ben Wah balls and held them in front of her. "I am going to put these inside you. With every move you make they will move, roll, rub you and each other. It is said that rubbing together they set up a harmonic resonance, a subtle vibration to enhance arousal. Let's find out."

As I reached behind her she automatically shifted her legs apart. "Good girl, you are learning." I slid in one ball then the other. "Do not let them fall out. Use those muscles in that hot little cunt of yours till I remove them." She had a dreamy look on her face which could have been from once more having her body invaded and filled. The two shots of liquor may have helped also.

The first of the outfits that Victoria picked out were club dresses. Each was cut so low in the back that a bit of ass cleavage was showing. In the front it dipped so low pussy hair would show if the girls had any. Very little of their breasts were covered to be sure. The dresses were kept from falling by only a string around the neck. They were also so short they would only be covered if they stood straight and still. Obviously they were meant to show off everything. Nice choice. Victoria stood fucktoy up and posed with her in provocative ways for my camera. Her hands were also all over the little Asian per our pre-agreed goal to keep the girl hot and wanting more all day. It would actually be a form of torture if we didn't let her cum at all but the plans were to make her beg for it and reward her so she could compare this day with yesterday and tomorrow. Victoria squeezed the girl's breasts and touched her inner thighs and even her cunt and always commented how wet it was. They both looked hot as hell and I could imagine the attention they would get at a dance club.

Hmmm. Dance. Another idea. I said to them, "Damn you two look HOT. No man or woman could resist you. Victoria, maybe we will take her to a strip club one night and make her dance on stage. Maybe some lap dances too, for men and women. Let's keep that in mind." I could see her face redden at the thought, but all in all she liked the way she looked as her many glances in the mirrors proved.

The next outfits were the sexy school teacher for Victoria and the ultra little school girl look for the Asian. The skirt was even shorter than the dress had been. Victoria bent her over the desk and grabbed the cane. "Daddy", she said, "can I make her ass a little red for the pictures? It would be perfect with that costume." I agreed, but told her just a little. This was not a discipline day unless needed. Actually, I would have suggested it. Pain would always be a part of her sexuality from now on. Victoria gave her just a few whacks and I took pictures. I also grabbed fucktoy's pussy from behind and was rewarded to find it very, very wet. "Good girl" I said. "You are already wanting to be licked and fucked." Her face became as red as her backside but she couldn't deny the truth.

The outfits became increasingly smaller and fucktoy was allowed and even became eager to select clothes to model in. This was also a good sign. So much contrast to all the humiliation and discipline. But in the end, she would crave both one day. And of course the Ben Wah balls were still doing their magic. Next was two pieces of cloth. One barely covered her dripping cunt. The top actually went around her breasts and left them bare.

I said to her, "There are places I could take you this way. Private parties or when we have friends over. They would lust after you and want you badly. And you would do anything for them that your Master allowed."

"Yes Master," she said readily. Another good sign, though I knew the training was far from over. Progress was being made.

The last outfit was a monokini. This one was the type that wasn't much wider than a string over her nipples. Better yet the bottom didn't cover her cunt at all but the V went under it lifting and showing off her lips, clit and adornments. This type of bathing suit could only be worn in private pool party or at a nude beach. At a nude beach it would draw attention away from even naked women. Victoria's tini-kini was similar but instead was drawn tight between her lips so they would show on either side. More pictures,and more touching between the girls. I noticed that fucktoy was sneeking touches also now. Very good.

As the girls removed their swimwear and were both naked I beckoned fucktoy over. I said to her, "You are doing wonderfully. Tell me. Does your body want to be satisfied? Are you hot?" Of course I knew she was but she needed to admit it.

"Yes, Master. The clothes and Mistress Victoria's fingers have made me wet."

"Good girl. Excellant. Remember, this is a day just to show you what your new life could be like after you are fully trained. Do you understand?

"Yes, Master," she said. I reached down between her legs and pushed a finger into her and said, "Let go now and I will remove the balls from your pussy." She did so and I fingered them out. "Don't you feel empty now?" She nodded her head.

"Victoria, it's time for a new lesson." I saw fucktoy's look of concern. "Our pet must learn how to please both men and women. Today's lesson will be how to make a woman cum. Hard and multiple times. Victoria, as we discussed show your pet how well you eat pussy and please another woman. Fucktoy, pay attention to what she does so you can show her after, how much you learned. Also, do not cum unless you get permission first. Do you understand?" She flushed again and agreed.

Victoria didn't just jump straight for her pussy as a man might. She laid her down on the bed and crawled in next to her. Then she began kissing her. Softly at first. Her face, neck and all her sensitive spots. Her hands were also busy. Then she put her weight on top of the smaller girl and kissed her harder. Going down her body to her pierced nipples she used her tongue and teeth. Pleasure and pain. The girl began to moan. As Victoria moved down her body she dragged her sharp nails over the girl's sides and stomach. Fucktoy squirmed and moaned more loudly. When Victoria got lower, she kissed around the girl's pussy to the insides of her thighs, then back up to use her tongue to play with her pussy rings and finally her clit and the adornment in its hood. Fucktoy's breath was coming faster now. I watched Victoria slide one finger inside her. I knew she would curl her finger to find and rub the girl's g-spot slowly while she licked. So slowly it was torture I imagine.

Fucktoy was lifting her hips for more and faster contact. She wanted to cum. Then I heard her say in between gasps, "I need to cum... please let your slave cum."

I said then, "Very good for asking but wait just a few more seconds." Her eyes were pleading as Victoria continued to drive her wild. She was grabbing Victoria's hair and half wanting her to stop the torture and half wanting to cum anyway. I reached over fucktoy's body and said, "You need these, then you can cum."

I quickly attached two clamps with teeth on her hardened nipples and said, "Cum now slut, NOW." She screamed her orgasm, but before it could completely subside Victoria put a second finger inside her. This time though not gentle and she finger fucked her hard as she licked faster. I pinched the clamps on her nipples and she erupted in another huge orgasm. As it peaked, Victoria sucked her clit hard and a third orgasm hit her. She could barely breathe as she descended. Little flicks of Victoria's tongue made little spasms last longer till she lay limp.

Victoria looked at me and giggled. My little girl had done exactly what I asked of her.

Like a trained bitch, I had cum for them. Again, and again. I lay exhausted, feeling both elation and despair. I knew that even a nun sworn to sexual abstinence would not have been able to resist Victoria's ministrations. And yes it felt good, too good, and now in the afterglow, the clamps on my nipples throbbed painfully, but I knew there was no reason to plead for their removal. Dr. Fernandez and Victoria would do what they wanted and I was at their mercy.

And yet a deep chasm of despair also engulfed me. I was helpless in their clutches, and no way to escape. My feet were so sore from the beating that even if they left me alone, I could only crawl. I had to continue to obey, to convince them I was their docile fucktoy, and one day an opportunity to flee would occur. I had to hang onto this hope, my only hope.

And yet trying to hang onto my last strings of humanity, I had begged, truly begged them to let me cum. That had not been faked.

Dr. Fernandez reached down to remove the clamps. I had felt pain so many times the past few days, but nothing matched the anguish of blood rushing back into my crushed titties. I howled in pain, my body writhing, and in the background, I could hear my tormentors laugh at their pet.

"Daddy, she's been so good, and I think the larger nose ring we got her is not nearly as attractive as the smaller one against her septum. Can I change it back?"

"Sure, honey," and so thankfully, the larger hoop was removed by Victoria and the smaller one reinserted. It felt good not sensing the ring hanging against my upper lip.

"Thank you, Mistress," I whispered, appreciative of anything that made my appearance less humiliating.

"You're welcome, pet, you see how considerate we can be when you cooperate."

'Considerate', I wanted to scream! 'Nothing, not one thing you have done to me could ever be described as considerate! You have ruined my body, punched holes in places I would never have allowed. You have taken control of my orgasms, you have damaged the soles of my feet, ripped my virginity away, and you dare to use the word considerate!' I wanted to laugh sarcastically in her face. But I didn't, so I swallowed what pride I had left and smiled stupidly.

"I'm going to fix some lunch for us. Victoria, why don't you check her feet and see how badly they are bruised. I think she deserves to join us at the table, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy. Pet, sit on your ass and let me examine your feet," Victoria ordered. I winced when she took my right foot and pressed on the sole. "Hurts, huh?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Hmm, no bruises are evident. Is it possible you are using this as an excuse to encourage our sympathy?"

"No, Mistress! Your pet would not try to fool you. They really hurt!"

"Get up. Let's see if you can walk." She took my left hand and helped me stand. It was so sore, but I managed to limp a few feet as we walked into the kitchen.

"Lunch is ready. I have fucktoy's special chair set up," Dr. Fernandez reported.

As I limped towards the table, helped along by Victoria, he pulled out the chair for me. But it was not a normal chair at all. Sticking up from the chair were two dildos! The one near the front of the chair was about 6 inches tall, the other about 4 inches. I paused, staring at the chair, then looking up at his sadistically smiling face.

"Move along, fucktoy, you know your holes are feeling empty," and Victoria tugged me forward. There was no sense in fighting this, so I moved slowly, faced the table and when the chair was pushed behind me, Dr. Fernandez ordered me to hold open my pussy lips and once the front dildo was inserted about an inch, pulled open my ass cheeks to guide in the second plug. I slowly sat down, the dildos filling me completely and uncomfortably.

"Good, let's eat."

It was a remarkable lunch. Dr. Fernandez and his daughter talked about a variety of topics, including her plans for the fall classes. Registration was only a few days away. I wondered if they would let me register as usual. They had to let me register!

They talked about someone named Aunt Julia, and her July 4th plans. As I ate my grilled cheese sandwich, chips, and carrot sticks, I was tempted to laugh out loud. They had attempted to convince me this was a perfectly normal, perfectly pleasant lunch around the kitchen table. But they were dressed, they were free, and I was naked, impaled on two plugs filling my ass and pussy, a nose ring pinched my septum, my ears with multiple piercings itched, every time I looked down at my plate, I saw my pierced nipples, and the labia rings were visible and reflected the dampness that was forming around my cunt. The whole affair was a sham, yet I acted like it was a perfectly normal event.

I didn't want to think about how good all those orgasms felt. In fact every time the thought swirled in my mind I forced it away. I would not let myself believe I was what they said. They were brainwashing me. YES, that was it. Damn them. I would fight it, even though I knew they had changed me forever.

How could I now go back to my old life? Even covering the physical signs, the tattoo, the piercings, what they were doing to me emotionally may not show to the outside world but now that they had exposed me to cumming so much and even begging for it, how could I go back. Even when they pulled a dildo from my cunt it felt so empty.

'No, STOP IT, Jennifer! Don't talk that way', I thought to myself. No, they are messing with my mind and I will fight it. I will escape.

"Tell me what you are thinking about, pet," Victoria asked me.

"Your slave is thankful for this food and the chance to sit at the table, Mistress," I lied.

"I was talking to Kimberly, you remember from the cheer squad in high school? She thought it would be a great idea to have a reunion of sorts. I haven't seen some of our school friends for a long time. What do you think about that, fucktoy?"

'Nooooooooooo,' I wanted to scream. 'This is just another chance for you to humiliate me in front of friends we have known for years!' "Yes, Mistress, it would be good to see some of our squad," I replied pleasantly, because suddenly I had an idea. I doubted I would have another chance to escape their clutches. I had blown my one big chance, and with the proximity collar, sirik, and other ways they could bondage me, I knew an escape was very unlikely.

But if I could get a message to someone, tell them that I was being held against my will, they could call the police. Any party that Victoria planned would be for the primary purpose of embarrassing me, but it would be worth it, if as a result, I could gain my freedom.

"Kimberly asked especially about you. I told her you were hot as ever, still a slut, as always. We both laughed at that. Whatya say, slut?"

"Yes, Mistress, you are right as always." She looked at me with a quizzical look. I had to be careful not to be too solicitous. Victoria and her father were not dumb. She then looked at her father. I smiled pleasantly, but my heart was pumping at a rapid rate. Had I overplayed my hand? They knew I was not broken, and I needed to show some rebellion.

"Mistress, may your slave ask a question?"

"Yes, slave."

"Will your slave be naked and displayed as your fucktoy at this party?"

"Is that your wish, pet?"

"Your slave wishes to please you, but would prefer to be dressed when we see our old friends."

Actually, Victoria knew that Kimberly and I were not friends in the least. We had both tried out to be captains of the squad. I had won and that had always been a source of friction between us. If I suggested a certain cheer, she would invariably disagree. Just to keep her cooperative, I would often agree with her, but sometimes I would insist on my suggestion.

"We'll see, slave. You have been so cooperative, dad and I will take that into consideration, ok, dad?"

"Of course, honey, we'll see how it goes.

They looked at each other and though there was a smile on each of their faces, their eyes twinkled, and I knew they were subliminally planning my complete and total humiliation.

And yet in their plot, I saw a ray of hope. It would give me something to do with my mind. I needed a plan for this "party".

Chapter 10 (added: 09/25/2011)

I knew fucktoy was lying periodically, and though I hate when people do that, I also knew she was just trying to survive. Victoria was even better at catching people lying than I. However, we both caught her being just a little too agreeable. This was more than lying to escape punishment, this had more thought behind it. Also she may have realized we noticed and would be more careful. That was all to be expected of course and I was determined to carry on with my plan to make this day a "good" day for her or the antithesis to what had been her life so far since her abduction.

We had a very leisurely lunch and when Victoria mentioned next year's class registration I caught fucktoy's expression, which reminded me that I still hadn't really decided what I would do with her after the summer was over. I could let her register for her classes and give her hope. No matter, I had plenty of time to think about her future. While we were talking I noticed the almost imperceptible up and down motion that the Asian had begun on her "chair". They could have been even involuntary at this point. Our little slut was losing control of her body's desires and she would have to concentrate on it to prevent it from betraying her more and more.

As I cleared the dishes, I let the girls talk. I didn't bother to listen in as I was deciding on how to spend the afternoon, though it was late already. When I was ready I beckoned to the girls to follow me to the patio. Victoria helped fucktoy off her chair and into the room. She was still naked, of course, but Victoria had wrapped herself in a towel before lunch. I had earlier turned on the Jacuzzi, figuring it would help sooth Jennifer's feet before the upcoming party tomorrow. It would also seem like heaven to her having been abused in general the last few days, again, showing her the good things vs the bad. It was also a way to pass a few hours until the next surprise.

The Jacuzzi was one of my favorite things for a variety of purposes, including just relaxing alone or with a friend or two. I had it made to my own design, which included a special seat up on the corner edge of the tub as well as the various seating on the bottom. There was also a short hose that would quickly attach to anyone of the jets. We all got in and continued our conversation from lunch. The hot water was very relaxing but I wasn't there just to lounge. I said to Victoria, "It's time to find out if our pet learned anything before lunch from your expert lesson. Put yourself in the pleasure seat." That seat on the edge of the tub allowed the person to recline back and spread her legs, knees up, and put her feet on the two sides of the tub. Special ridges for the feet there made it easy to relax in that position.

As Victoria settled into place I looked at fucktoy and said, "I am sure you know what to do now."

There was some hesitation, but of course she knew there was nothing else she could do. As she tentatively began to lick Victoria's wide spread pussy, Victoria gave her some verbal inspiration. "C'mon slut. You can do better than that. Lick it faster. Remember how I used my fingers in you. Do me."

The girl followed the instructions but I could see she wasn't into it the way she should be. Any other time, this might have been a punishable offense. Slaves were expected to show unbridled enthusiasm when servicing their Mistress or Master. Instead, I attached the hose to one jet and reached the other end between fucktoy's legs. When the high pressure bubbles hit her clit, she jumped nearly out of the water. I continued to run the bubbles all over her clit and lips knowing it would also push all the adornments for her piercings this way and that.

Now she was giving Victoria some real enthusiasm. Victoria grabbed her hair and pulled it tight to her steamy pussy. Victoria continued to add verbal incentive while maneuvering fuctoy's face by pulling her by the hair. "Lick me faster bitch. Fuck me with those fingers. More, more. Three fingers. Harder damn it." Then I saw Victoria yank back fucktoy's head and reach between her own legs to grab the hand impaling her ravenous cunt. She wrapped her own hand around the Asian girl's and started pushing it into her. Fucktoy's thumb was wrapped in her other 4 fingers then as Victoria grabbed her wrist and pulled hard. The Asian's small hand went all the way in. "NOW bitch, fuck me hard." With all of fucktoys hand and part of her wrist ramming into Victoria it didn't take long till I could tell Victoria was just about to cum. I held the full pressure of the bubbles on the Asian girls clit and rammed 3 fingers into her pussy before she knew what was happening. She was too close to orgasm herself to care. The girls both erupted almost simultaneously.

Victoria eased back into the hot water and we relaxed for a while as the time passed quickly. Finally I turned to my daughter with a devilish grin and said, "Your Mistress will be here in about an hour. I am sure she will want you dressed appropriately and waiting."

Her eyes went wide and she nearly jumped from the Jacuzzi. As she disappeared I heard her say, "Yes daddy. Thank you, daddy."

Jennifer looked so totally confused I had to laugh. I answered her unspoken question.

"You will learn soon enough, in the meantime, take your place in the pleasure chair." There was still a question mark on her face as she got up and into the chair.

I had been very eager to taste this little Asian beauty myself. So tiny. So smooth. So exotic looking. I not only wanted a taste, I wanted to bury my face in her and drown in her juices, but more importantly I wanted her to feel an intense orgasm on the tongue and fingers of a man.

She assumed the position, but first I stood and leaned down and kissed her long and deep. I felt her start to respond, even though I knew it was against her will. Continuing the kiss, I reached down and twisted her nipple rings, hard enough for her to yelp as I discontinued the kiss. Pleasure and pain.

I then got to my knees and kissed my way down her stomach to her clit, but didn't touch it just then. I flicked my tongue down her nether lips and her gold rings. I could both hear and sense when I was hitting the right spots. I brought my fingers into play to run the length of her opening, feeling the wetness that was not coming from the water below. As I used my tongue to toy with the stud in her clit hood, I slid two fingers slowly into her. I found her swollen clit and licked lightly at first. Maddeningly light, to make her want more. My probing fingers found her g-spot and began a slow circular motion inside her. I pressed my tongue harder and faster onto her clit, as my fingers inside her mimicked that speed and pressure. I felt the muscles inside her tighten just before her orgasm hit. I gripped her hard with the hand partly buried inside her and reached the other hand to twist one of her nipples painfully. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head into her as she screamed out loud, her juices drenching my face.

I let her catch her breath only a few seconds, then stood up and kissed her again so she could taste her copious juices that now covered my face. Then I leaned into her and easily found and entered her wide open and inviting pussy with one hard thrust. I used both hands then to torture her nipples, as I savagely pounded her cunt. It didn't take long till I was ready, but pulled out of her and forced her head back, cumming on her face, lips and in her mouth. It looked like she nearly had another orgasm when my cum hit her face. Perhaps she did.

I let her recover then pulled her out of the Jacuzzi and to the shower in her room. I put on a robe and let her shower herself this time, as I watch and talked to her. "I want to remind you once more to remember all the things you are experiencing today and all other days. For that matter, remember what your life was like before. Though I am sure you thought it was perfect then, I think we have opened a few new doors for you to consider."

She dried herself as I escorted her back into the play room. There was Victoria dressed only in a gauzy material that sort of wrapped around her breasts then down her body and once around, but barely covering her hips. On the bed was a similar wrap for fucktoy. I motioned for her to put it on with Victoria's help. Both girls looked at each other in the mirror. I had to comment, "I would say you are the two most beautiful slave girls I have ever seen." As if on queue, the doorbell rang.

I went to the door and greeted Alexis (aka Alex to her friends). We hugged and I kissed her on each cheek in the Hispanic tradition. We were good friends and traded favors. She was good at the Dominatrix role and helped me from time to time with training. Right now she was definitely dressed the part. Tonight would be both a treat for Victoria (not her first time with Alex), and lessons for Jennifer to watch and participate.

As I escorted her into the playroom, Victoria fell to her knees and kissed Alex's hand, then said, "Your slave awaits your commands".

I looked at fucktoy and said, "I suggest you do exactly the same". She followed Victoria's lead then.

Then I spoke to Alexis. "You know your way around here. Use any of the equipment. I know Victoria is looking forward to serving you and fucktoy will watch, learn and also do anything you wish. I am going to leave you alone for a while and I want you all to have a lot of fun". All of them knew I would or could be watching the whole show from a monitor elsewhere in the house. "Live lesbian porn at its best", I chuckled to myself and I left the room.

I grabbed a drink and snack from the kitchen before heading to my bedroom to relax and watch the action. By the time I got there I saw Alexis already had Victoria tied to the whipping horse with Jennifer cuffed close by to watch. It must have been a shock to see the girl that had been treating her like a pet and slut for the last few days now on the other side of the whip, so to speak.

It was probably more amazing though to see how much Victoria loved it. She was a true switch. Alexis was a true Domme. If she had a sub side I didn't know. Right now she was selecting a means to turn Victoria's ass red. She had lots to choose from in my playroom, but instead she ceremoniously slowly pulled her wide leather belt from her waist. After only a few swats that made Victoria yelp (and no doubt made her wet), she looked at fucktoy and said to her,"You do this, though I doubt you will ever be anything but a slave, you will do as I say".

I could see the confusion then fear in her eyes. Part of her wanted nothing more than to use the belt and inflict major injury on her tormentor. But the other side knew she was still captive and there could be grave repercussions for such an act. Still she couldn't disobey Alex either. "Do it, now", Alex commanded. The first whack was weak and it only "angered" Alex. "Harder," she screamed, which scared the girl into action.

After a few good hard whacks with the belt she told her to stop. "Now", Alex said. "Do you see what you have done?" Fucktoy looked confused. Alex grabbed her hand and pushed it between Victoria's legs to see how wet she had become. "Taste it." The girl hesitated a bit too long and felt the belt on her own ass. "TASTE IT!" She did and there was no grimace at all. Victoria was moaning now and Alex said to her, "What do you want, whore?"

Victoria's moaned again meekly begging, "Fuck me, please fuck me".

Alex pulled a large strap-on cock from where I kept it for her and quickly donned the harness while fucktoy watched seemingly amazed either by the situation or by the size of the fake cock. Victoria's ass was at the edge of the device and her pussy dripping down her spread legs. She was still moaning and pleading. But instead of Alex ramming the cock into her, first she commanded fucktoy lay on top of Victoria, face down. She could do nothing but obey. Alex took the belt and gave her ass the same treatment till it was bright red and also dripping.

Now with the huge cock, she moved between the legs of the girls and first slid into Victoria. Not gently. She rammed it in. After a few hard strokes she pulled out and aimed for fucktoy's more than ready cunt. She fucked her hard as well. Alternating between the girls each one slowly building to climax, given that while fucking one the other was empty and wanting. Alex had done this before. When she could tell they were both almost ready she plunged hard full length into Victoria and rammed two fingers in and out of the Asian. Both girls went over the edge to orgasm nirvana, with fucktoy's spasming pussy milking Alex's fingers.

For the next few hours Alex forced the girls to pleasure her in all kinds of ways, while using a large number of toys and instruments of torture on them and having them use the same on her. They all seemed to be insatiable. Exactly what I wanted to happen. But as it got late I brought the women a very late dinner and saw they were pretty well spent. When goodnights were said, I walked Alexis to the door and I thanked her. She laughed. "I should be thanking you, but you are welcome and I hope you invite me again."

"Of course," I said as I hugged her again and bid her farewell.

Back in the room I kissed Victoria on the forehead and said good night. I think she was half asleep as she walked.

"Jennifer," I said. I think she was shocked to even hear her name again. "Have you enjoyed this day?"

"Yes, Master, thank you, Master."

"At some point in your training you will be permitted to be chained at the foot of your Master's bed. But not yet. You have yet to fully earn that privilege." I am sure she didn't realize what I had in mind.

"You have slept in a tiny cage, in a dog house, each for a purpose. And you will no doubt sleep in those again. Tonight you will sleep inside, in keeping with the positive experiences of the day. But you are a slave, a pet slave, and as such you will sleep there."

I pointed to a large cage and saw her heart sink. "There is plenty of room there for a pet your size. And tomorrow we will continue your training. After all the stimulation today, I cannot have you playing with yourself all night. You need a good night's rest."

As I spoke, I gathered two wrist cuffs from the cupboard and strapped them on my slave. I clipped each cuff to a nipple ring, which meant there was no way she could reach her enflamed pussy. I knew she wanted to say something, but kept her silence. I backed her up to the cage and she scooted her ass inside, and slowly lay on her side.

"Sleep well little fucktoy."

The day had been so relatively pleasant, and yet now I was more depressed than ever. I lay in a very uncomfortable position in the cage, naked and collared, my wrists clipped to my nipples. And in need. My pussy felt so empty tonight. I wished he had filled it with a dildo.

I rubbed my tongue over my bondaged teeth, feeling the sensation of the sharp braces. I felt my pussy tingle.

I pulled my wrists away from my nipples, feeling each nipple swell with pleasure. I felt my pussy juice.

I tried to rub my thighs together, like a scout rubbing two sticks, hoping to get a flame, or at least a spark. I was unable to generate any heat worthy of a satisfactory orgasm.

I thought of the Jacuzzi experience and the session with Mistress Alex from the restaurant. I juiced much as I recalled the day's events.

If they thought that the so-called "positive and normal" activities of the day would pacify their lowly pet, they were wrong. In fact, as I lay their frustrated by my inability to bring myself to orgasm, I thought more and more of escape. After my previous attempt, I had expected to be kept in chains and bondage 24/7, but that was not the case. Perhaps I had convinced them that I was now willing to accept my captivity, that I was their docile slave. And maybe day by day they would become more and more lax, eventually leading to another opportunity to flee.

I rubbed my pussy up against the bars of the cage, but I could not get an angle to cause the friction that I needed.

Then I remembered the party. At first the idea had frightened me, the thought of being seen by so many girls that I knew was beyond humiliation. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to happen. Once this many people knew of my state, there was no way to keep it secret for long. And surely one of my former cheermates would have compassion and would tell my parents.

I was sure my Mistress and Master would orchestrate the party to make it appear that I was a willing participant. I was certain they would not let me communicate in any way. But there had to be a way, and I would find it.

Eventually, I just fell asleep.

The opening of the cage door awoke me the following morning. What new version of hell would this day bring? Victoria gave her sly smile, as though welcoming her best friend to a new day.

"Sleep well, pet?"

"Yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress," like a Buddhist mantra.

"Exciting day ahead, slave, so let's get moving," and Victoria proceeded to unclip my wrists from my nipples, and stepped back waiting for me to slide out of the cage on my ass. Once out, a leash was clipped to the collar, I naturally went to all fours, and followed Mistress to the bathroom.

With the leash left to dangle between my breasts, Victoria cuffed my hands behind my back, or ordered me to use the toilet. I needed to pee badly, so I did as ordered, long since immune to the indignity of relieving myself while someone else watched. Actually, she only looked at me in passing, as she walked back and forth between my so-called bedroom and the bathroom area. I heard her rummaging through some drawers and cupboards.

When she finally returned, she asked if I was finished, and when I said, "Yes, Mistress," I was ordered to get up without dabbing my pee slit and to turn around and spread my legs. First she removed my leash and collar, then I felt her tugging on my pussy rings. A distinct 'click' told me she had locked my pussy tight.

The weight of the small padlock now hanging from my pussy lips was noticeable. Releasing my cuffed wrists, she ordered me to shower and clean myself well. "And be quick about it. I will go wake up Daddy and when I get back, I expect to find you clean and presentable, kneeling on the floor, right here."

"Yes, Mistress."

I heard Victoria bustling around my room, but then I heard her leave and was certain I caught the distinctive sound of the door being locked. The warm water and shower gel teased my skin; I almost felt human again. But a peek at my nipple rings, a slight tug on the nose ring as I ran the wash cloth across my face, and a brief, but fruitless test on the lock that sealed my cunt reminded me that I was their pet. The lock on my pussy clearly meant 'hands off' and gave me no chance for sexual relief that I so craved.

But suddenly my mind returned to thoughts of escape. I quickly shampooed my hair and swiftly got out of the shower and dried myself. Making sure my feet were dry and would leave no tell-tale marks on the floor, I quickly raced into my room. I had never had a chance to check all the drawers and shelves and my hope was to find something to write with and some paper to write on.

As quietly as possible, always listening for the return of Mistress or Master, I systematically checked each of the nine drawers in the dresser. They were filled with every imaginable instrument of bondage: gags, collars, cuffs, clamps, and dildos. One drawer was the piercing equipment and a soldering iron. I lifted the lid on a small box and it was filled with numerous rings. If they wanted to add more piercings to my body, they had more than enough rings to accomplish this. With my heart beating, I took the box out of the drawer, with the intent of hiding it somewhere else in the room.

Nothing to write with and no paper.

I quietly opened the cupboard doors, realizing that my time was running short. Noooooo, I thought, I should have kept the water running. The moment they heard it stop, if they could hear it stop, they would know I was almost finished.

The shelves were filled with larger objects, like whips and metal spreader bars and chains. I stood on my tip toes and put the box of rings under some blankets at the back of the uppermost shelf. If they found it, I would surely be blamed, but I had to hide those dreadful rings, symbols of how they had taken over my body.

As I dropped from my tip toes, I saw it. Short and stubby, like the pencil used at a mini-golf course for scoring, it sat to the side of some coiled chains. I grabbed it, knowing it was one of my best chances to escape, if I could write a note and somehow slip it to one of the cheers. But what could I do with it, now that I had it!

I thought frantically of ways to conceal the pencil until just the right moment. I considered slipping it into my pussy! So insane, I know, but I was frantic. Quickly, I scampered to my bed that I had not yet slept in, and lifting the mattress, I pushed it between the mattress and box spring, near the center of the bed. It would be there if and when I found some paper and some privacy to write the note.

My search had not been fruitless. I looked around the room, making sure all the drawers were pushed back and the doors shut, then tiptoed quickly back to the bathroom, and knelt on the towel in the center of the room, to wait the return of my Mistress.

Two minutes later, I heard the bedroom door being unlocked, and soon Victoria and her father entered the bathroom. Victoria was carrying numerous black leather straps connected to silver rings and chains. She stopped to stare at her slave. My head was bowed, but I knew she was appraising me. 'Oh, my god,' I realized, 'my hair!' When I rushed from the shower, I forgot to comb out my long, black, once wet, now semi-dry hair! It was a tangled mess.

"So, slave, you seem to think it is acceptable to appear before your Mistress in less than attractive way."

I had to fake it, so I looked up with a quizzical look as though I was totally oblivious to what she was thinking. "Mistress?" I responded, with total sincerity in my voice.

"Your hair, slut, it is a mess. I thought I ordered you to be ready and presentable upon our return."

"Yes, Mistress, your slave was rushed and is wrong. Please forgive your slave, Mistress. She will immediately remedy her error, if you will allow it."

"It would seem, honey," Dr. Fernandez spoke to his daughter, "that she no longer worships her hair like she did in the past. Look at that tangled nest!"

"I know, Daddy, I was thinking the same thing."

Silence. I was shaking within, not only from the race to hide the pencil, but from the veiled threat to my hair.

"Well, maybe she was just rushed. Get her harnessed, and let's get a few of those pictures we talked about before we lose the morning light. Then some breakfast, and then we can get back to her training," Dr. Fernandez responded, much to my relief. It seemed I was just getting paranoid about what they might do next.

Over the next ten minutes, I was collared and strapped into a harness that covered nothing.

When I got down on all fours, Mistress removed the lock from my pussy, but immediately replaced that tension with a very tight pull of a leather strap though my gaping lips. I moaned with discomfort. She pulled it more tightly, ignoring my obvious displeasure.

Finally she seemed satisfied and pulling the leash, she led me into the back patio area, where she took numerous poses of her slave in revealing and embarrassing positions. Except for her directions to position me, we did not speak. I just obeyed, hoping to avoid additional punishments, but I knew they were just adding to a portfolio of humiliating photographs that I would never be able to explain away.

During the session, she brought out two bowls and placed them on the grass. Breakfast. Like a trained pet, I drank all the milk and ate everything in the bowl of scrambled eggs, pieces of toast and bacon, and some white, cream sauce. I knew it was Dr. Fernandez' cum, but there was nothing I could say or do about it. The cum seemed cold, like he had collected it while masturbating and kept it in a container in the fridge.

While I ate, I could see inside the sliding glass door that Victoria and her father were also having breakfast. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see them laugh, gesture in my direction, and I knew they were plotting further humiliations. Victoria spent a long time on the phone, making numerous calls, her attention always focused outside where I knelt after finishing my meal.

Chapter 11 (added: 10/09/11)

I was a bit apprehensive about Victoria's plans as I listened to her on the phone with her friends. Normally I would never allow strangers too deeply into my world much less my private dungeon. Discretion to the nth degree is a must in the business of abduction and slavery. However, Victoria was convincing that this small clique of her friends was very special and trusted. Moreover, she went on to explain that they were just as wicked and kinky as she was. This was part of my daughter's life I never knew.

Victoria told me about their secret meetings without the other cheerleaders. It started out as just some girl on girl fun, but then came the ropes and cuffs and the initiations for new members. Four girls formed the leadership of the group, Victoria being one of the four, and the others were essentially their slaves, if not in name, then in action, for a period of one year.

Now that they were all in college, they did not meet very often, but when holidays came, I knew they often got together. What I had not realized was the bondage and slavery aspects of their gatherings. The newer girls served the four leaders, sexually and domestically. The newer girls were either tatted or pierced with the symbol of their "club", that symbol being three links of a chain. The club was now at 8, four Dommes and four subs. The four subs had reached the end of their year of training, and the club was thinking of expanding. They had talked about girls they had met in college, not part of the original cheerleaders.

I had thrown a few parties for Victoria over the years which, after she became an adult, became damn sexy. She had some hot friends. Out of respect for my dear daughter, though, I behaved myself and kept my actions to a little flirting and enjoying girls of this age flirting back. I got along well with all her friends and did find myself involved in some of their more embarrassing games at their behest, but all just in fun.

Now that Victoria had explained the details of the "club" and she declared that only the other three girls that with her formed the original four, all totally trustworthy, were invited to attend, I knew this party would be much more than one of her typical gatherings, and as safe and secure as possible... hmmm, je ne sais quoi, perhaps a BDSM orgy for lack of a better name. I would serve the drinks and observe. This would be a night to remember, and of course it would all be recorded for future viewing pleasure. In the end I waived my fears because I never was much able to deny Victoria's requests. She was a brat sometimes but still she was daddy's girl.

I had met the other three cheers at different times, but had been totally unaware of the mission of the group. Clearly, they all shared that evil streak that Victoria possessed, that was in essence responsible for her desire for revenge and how we had gotten to this point. I heard her tell them that she had a new girl to initiate into the group which was the focus of the party. The twist was that the girl would be masked so her identity would be hidden and only her ability to handle the initiation would be judged tonight. This part I liked. We would still have the leverage of blackmail if needed in the future, as these girls would not know who she was. Since the girls did know her, she would have to be masked for sure. All her new piercings would also distract from her true identity. But one more thing was needed and Victoria gave me the idea when we confronted the girl after her shower.

The outfit Victoria had made fucktoy wear for the pictures, was perfect. Her pierced and adorned nipples were exposed though the rings of the leather harness. The strap coming between the lips of her pussy showed her labia rings on both sides and put pressure on the stud in her clit hood without allowing friction. Since only a thin leather strap went between her ass cheeks but it could be easily moved aside for access to her tight little ass. Fucktoy moaned a few times as the straps were tightened, but no other overt protest was made.

I had plenty of masks that would go with this outfit for the party. We would pick one out a bit later. I could think of many ways the girls could use her tonight and still not let her cum, at least for a while. She was already nearly in orgasm withdrawal today after cumming so much yesterday. All part of the plan.

After finishing breakfast I told Victoria to retrieve her pet and take her to the dental chair. I had gone out after the little photo session and locked fucktoy to a chain and to the patio while she ate. When she asked for the keys to the chain I told her the ring was hanging beside the patio door. It was part of the sadistic side of me that kept them there where fucktoy could see them from her dog house. Freedom so close, but yet so far. There was no way she could ever reach them. Chained as she was they might as well have been on the other side of the world. I kept the other set in my pocket.

When Victoria led her into the office to the chair I could sense her fear as this chair, that excited her so much ten years ago, had now become the very embodiment of hell to her. She resisted as I expected but there was nothing she could do as I strapped her in place. She had no idea what I was planning to do, but I am sure all manner of evil was running through her mind. I decided to mess with her head for a bit, metaphorically first.

"Fucktoy," I began, "I am going to do you a favor. I know you are very concerned about your friends seeing you like this and people finding out what a slut you are, right?"

"Yes, Master," she whispered.

"So I have an idea. We are going to keep your identity hidden for this party. This isn't that easy, of course, since the girls that will be here know you. I could put you in a full leather hood to hide your face, but that would impede the use of your mouth and tongue for our guests. It would also hide your nose ring, which would be a shame."

Tears began to form in the corner of her eyes. Clearly, the nose ring was the one modification she despised the most, the one change to her body that made her feel less of a person and more of a pet.

"I will find an appropriate mask for you to wear. Would you like that?"

"Yes, thank you, Master," she sniffled.

"But first you need one more thing to make the disguise complete." Victoria had already guessed what was coming so I told her to bring me the necessary tools.

When Victoria came back with scissors and an electric shaver, fucktoy went ballistic. I let her scream a few obscenities mixed with numerous pleas for mercy. When she calmed down a bit, I reminded her that such behavior was the same as when she got the tattoo and would not be tolerated. Then she began to cry in hopeless acceptance, only quietly repeating over and over again in a whisper "Please."

I told her that what I had planned was only a trim to help to hide her identity, but since she didn't appreciate my generosity she would pay the price for her attitude. Victoria had anticipated the need for the shock collar and had brought it as well. As I locked it in place, she stopped struggling and talking immediately. She had learned one lesson at least. Victoria stood poised with the controller to use if needed, while I proceeded to turn Jennifer's beautiful black tresses into something between a short stylish "do" and a rather mannish cut.

I laid the long hair that had been cut on a table where she could see it. She continued to sob. She did not look like the same woman at all. Not that she was ugly. She could never be. But then I reminded her of her rebellion and that it could not go unpunished.

"You bring this on yourself, slave. Had you fully cooperated, only a few inches would have been removed. Instead, you will be punished for your lack of complete and immediate obedience."

Fear shown in her eyes again as I pushed her head to the right and took the electric shaver and shaved the left side of her head in true Goth style. Now I doubt even her mom would recognize her and with the mask her friends definitely would not.

Again the sadist in me couldn't resist and I held up a mirror in front of her to see herself. She screamed. The pain from the collar knocked her unconscious. While she was out, I told Victoria which drawer to find the masks and to retrieve several. In the meantime, I found a soft anal plug and hollowed out the end of it. As the girl was waking up, I let her eyes focus on what I was doing. I poured some superglue into the base of the plug and inserted her shorn long hair into one end. Then I showed the results to her and said, "I made this tail just for you. Now you can wear your hair again anytime you want, just not on your head." The look in her eyes now was no longer fear. It was hatred. I thought then that the Goth look might have been a counterproductive step, but disobedience could not be condoned.

Victoria already knew the rules, but I emphasized to her that she needed to convey them to her guests. It was an initiation, so they could make her do whatever they wanted. Anything permanent must get my approval.

"Don't worry, Daddy. She is my pet, too," she said, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pursed her lips, like a little girl." I laughed. How sweet she could be when she wanted to.

I went out to get party supplies, food and drink in this case. The playroom would supply all the games required. I left Victoria to decide on what she would wear and to plan the night. Alcohol lessens inhibitions for sure, so I expected the party would be wild. Being the bartender, though, I would be watching how each girl handled it. I didn't want anyone sick or violent, as can happen. They could all crash at our place if necessary. I would let no one drive drunk.

I had grabbed a late lunch while I was out. I had told Victoria to eat and feed Jennifer, but not to let her out of the chair till I got home, remembering what happened last time. By the time I got back and set up the bar and snacks it was almost time for the guests to arrive.

I told Victoria to get the girl ready for the party. This was basically applying the too red lipstick and giving her last instructions. After letting her use the toilet, I told her to leave the girl in the cage until the guests had all arrived. We would bring them all into the playroom at once. I had been thinking. I wanted the girls to have use of fucktoy's tongue and lips, but didn't want her to be able to whisper in anyone's ear for help. That meant not locking her braces and not gagging her. I did get an idea that I would put in place as soon as all the girls were here.

Victoria was wearing leather and nearly as revealing as fucktoy's harness, which exposed more than it hid. Along with telling the girls when she invited them about the initiation, she also told them that the party theme was "Sluts R Us", the attire leaning towards the Domme side. I confess, I couldn't wait to see the guests' outfits.

I wasn't disappointed. They all could have been naked and not attracted as much attention in a crowd. As the girls arrived, Victoria ushered them into the living room. Her idea was to ease them into the party mood with a few drinks before introducing them to tonight's entertainment. Two girls had arrived, and one more was expected. Victoria was laughing it up with the first arrivals, so I answered the doorbell for the last girl. I was surprised to find two girls waiting at the door. I recognized Jillian, but not the other girl, though there was a resemblance between them. There was also a hint of Asian mixed in.

Jillian was babbling both an introduction and an apology. It seems her cousin, Jessica, had shown up at the last minute and she brought her along. I only heard about half of what she said, as my mind was issuing a red flag. It was too late to change directions and I, of course, couldn't send them away, but as I brought them into the living room all the girls seem to know the new addition to the party. Still, I pulled Victoria to the side and asked how well she knew Jessica and if she could be trusted with the knowledge of the playroom and everything that could happen tonight.

As it turned out, Victoria did know her, but not as well. I said, "Take Jillian aside and reiterate what will happen tonight. Tell her that if she can 100% trust Jessica to be ok with it then she can stay. If not, it would be wise for them to make an excuse to leave".

Shortly after I saw Victoria having this conversation she turned to me with a thumbs up signal. Good, but I would still keep an eye on Jessica's reactions.

I tended bar while the girls got increasingly boisterous under the influence. As the girls often do, they talked about, among other things, other girls. When Jennifer's name came up, I heard someone say, "That bitch." She began ranting about her and the rest of the girls except Jessica chimed in. It seemed they all carried a grudge against her, which surprised me. I guessed it was Jennifer was always a "goodie goodie," while each of these girls had a touch of "bad ass." Maybe this was the right time to get the festivities started. I gave Victoria a prearranged signal to make the announcement.

I watched and listened as she caught their attention. She began," OK, all you horny sluts. We're going to have some girl fun tonight and as I mentioned before, with a twist, and I know just how twisted all of you can be." I had to laugh out loud at that one, as did all of the group of hot co-eds.

She continued, "As I told you on the phone, we are having an initiation tonight. I have a little cunt waiting that thinks she is ready to join our little group. I must admit, I was half kidding when I told her that she would never pass our initiation. When she told me she could take anything we could dish out, though, I took her challenge. Now to remind you, and for our newcomer, the 'twist' is this. Her identity will be concealed. Maybe you know her. Maybe you don't. Maybe you like her. Maybe you don't, but that shouldn't matter. This is her initiation. You will be able to tell by her tattoo and many piercings that she is just a pain slut. Oh, and speaking of piercings, Daddy has agreed to give her another to start the fun."

She then turned to me. "Daddy, please take everyone for a tour of your playroom and introduce them to the initiate for tonight, while I fix another round of drinks." Everyone hooted enthusiastically and laughed out loud.

One thing I realized, and Jennifer may have also, along with the mask and haircut, none of her friends would associate this nearly naked, tatted and pierced girl with the haughty, fair skinned Asian beauty. She wouldn't talk openly to give herself away, but I didn't want her whispering to anyone either. I knew how to take care of that. She wouldn't need the electric collar at the party. It was too obviously a control device, and she was supposed to be a willing participant.

I snapped on the light as I brought the girls into the room and watched their eyes go wide as they began looking around at the walls filled with the tools of my trade. There were also paintings of women in bondage. Along with the wall displays, there were the various pieces of dungeon furniture and devices. I told them to explore the room and they were free to use anything tonight and ask any questions, of course. They were at first speechless, pointing and whispering to each other. I opened a few drawers to show them various dildos, strap-ons and many things they had probably never seen before. As they began to giggle and laugh and meander around on their own, I turned my attention back to the drawer I had just opened. The box of gold and silver rings was not in its place. Perhaps Victoria had moved it. I would ask her later. The smaller box with the studs was still there, which is all I would need tonight.

I noticed a couple of the girls glancing my way and whispering. Obviously, they were seeing a whole new side of their friend's father. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps one of them might make an appointment with me in the near future. I smiled inwardly.

When Victoria entered, one of the girls chided her saying, "Hey. Why didn't you tell us your Dad was so kinky?"

She only laughed and said, "You should have guessed that already, knowing me. My wild side is genetic." That got a roaring response.

I had only a couple more things to do before I left the party to the girls. I led them to the back of the room where the cage had been shrouded for the unveiling. I turned up the lights a bit and with great fanfare pulled away the gauzy material that was hiding the cage's contents. "Here is your entertainment for tonight."

As the girls looked on, I unlocked the cage and reached in to grab fucktoy's leash, which I had left attached. Then I led her out of the cage and once around the room on all fours. We received a round of applause. I was sure Jennifer was very thankful for her anonymity right then. The girls got a look for the first time at her tattoo. One of the girls said, "Damn, why didn't I think of getting that tat."

I led her over to the bench where she had gotten whipped and fucked by Alex just the night before. I pulled her up and made her lie on the bench. She was being very docile. I wondered what was going on in her mind right then. Maybe she was hoping to finally get fucked. Maybe she just wanted this night over with, and/or maybe she finally realized she had no control over anything that was done to her anymore.

First I removed the leash and snapped her collar to the head of the bench, then strapped down her waist. Next I fastened her wrist cuffs to the center of a spreader bar. Finally I fastened her ankle cuffs to each end of the bar. Thus bound, her legs would be held high and apart, nicely showing off the part of the harness between her pussy lips and running over the stud in her clit hood. Also on display were all four gold labia rings. It was a stunning visual. As the girls were examining her both with by sight and touch, I went to her head and tilted it back. She must have thought I was about to lock her braces, but when I told her to open wide she looked at me quizzically, but obeyed.

Before she knew what was happening, I grabbed her tongue with forceps and pulled it out far enough for me to do the piercing. She squirmed and made gurgling noises, but there was nothing she could do.

As my audience watched, I spoke, "I am going to begin this initiation as I promised Victoria, with a little pain."

I produced a long needle and not one, but two studs. It was difficult to do this with an unwilling slut, but that's what the forceps were for. I managed to pierce a hole in the traditional place and another much closer to the tip of her tongue. I could hear the sound of the needle crunching through the cartilage of her tongue. That sound must have reverberated through her head. She screamed as best she could, breaking the silence in the room. Only then did I notice how still it had become.

After placing and fastening both studs in place, I released her tongue, which would swell, causing any whispering she might try tonight to be unintelligible.

"One more thing," I said as I reached for the magnum of iced champagne that Victoria had brought in. I opened the bottle with a 'pop' and as I filled the glasses, I announced, "I want to propose a toast and I think our guest of honor should join us, so I will share my drink with her first. To pain and pleasure and this party to celebrate both."

I held her head back to open her mouth and poured just enough champagne in to cover her tongue, but not choke her. When the alcohol hit the fresh piercings, the pain must have been intense or exquisite, as she moaned and tears came from her eyes.

Then I clinked my glass with the co-eds and drank, then said, "Oh, I almost forgot. I took the rest of my drink and poured a bit more into her mouth then over her nipples and the rest of her body. "Remember," I said, "Pain AND pleasure."

As I turned to leave the room, I saw that the group had already descended on the girl, busily licking the champagne from her body parts. The party was theirs now, to do what they wanted with her. I did notice though that Jessica had been a little quiet and more reserved than the others.

I poured myself another drink and relaxed while contemplating Jennifer's future, both for the remainder of the summer and after. She had been living through hell on earth in the few days she had been here, and the summer was far from over. Selling her was still a viable option. The thought had occurred to me, though to send her back to her old life. This was also appealing, just to see what would happen; to see if she could re-adapt or how would her life change. Surely she would never be the same, but how she handled it and what her future might be would be fascinating to follow. I was confident she would not go to the authorities, because of the many pictures and videos that would dishonor her with her family forever. And it would be quite easy to order her to return for retraining or additional body mods.

Lost in my reverie, I realized a couple hours had passed. I went to check on the partiers. As I opened the door, the first thing that hit me was that the room reeked of sex, that heady combination of female bodies, covered in sweat and feminine juices. Talk about an aphrodisiac.

As my eyes adjusted to the lesser light, I was rewarded by the beautiful sight of an all girl orgy. I saw Jennifer naked on all fours wearing the wire dog's mask with the dildo gag in her mouth, which must have been painful with her new studs. Victoria was behind her wearing another dog's mask without the gag. She was also wearing a strap on and fucking Jennifer doggie style, and calling her, her bitch. Then there was Jillian behind Victoria, ramming fingers into her and herself. The other three girls were on the bed in a daisy chain. I was glad to see Jessica was now part of the action.

I left the room again, and this time another hour or so passed by before I came back. This time was even better. I decided to watch a bit. Jennifer was suspended by her wrists to the hook we had used before when we took her virginity. Her legs were spread and her ankle cuffs were fastened to the floor. Victoria and Kimberly were circling her menacingly.

Victoria had found my Violet Wand, which used static electricity to emit small sparks when brought near the skin or metal, like the shock a person gives when sliding their feet over a rug and touching someone. Sharp pain, but not heavy. Victoria was using it to send little jolts into Jennifer's nipples and rings, then down her sensitive sides and stomach to the rings and studs adorning her pussy. They were having the desired effect.

Both tormentors were wearing strap-ons now. Victoria was obviously the leader of this little group. As she walked behind the suspended and helpless girl, she asked Kimberly what she thought of this useless whore. Kim walked up to Jennifer and told her that she was just a hole to be used. Kimberly's strap-on had started to invade the dripping pussy in front of her and she shoved it in hard enough it would have lifted up the girl if she had not been bound to the floor.

Victoria said then, "No, not just a hole but three holes." She laughed as she guided her strap-on into fucktoy's ass. When it was all the way in, Victoria and Kimberly put their hands on each other's ass for leverage and fucked hard. Reciprocating thrusts, in and out, seemingly trying to fuck each other through the tiny Asian sandwiched between them. Then Victoria took her hands from Kim's ass and reached around Jennifer to find her hard nipples and twisted them cruelly. It didn't take long for Jennifer to cum hard and seemingly non-stop, but the girls kept fucking. "What a party," I thought to myself. Then I remembered another girl at a previous party had coined that line.

I gave the girls another hour or so before checking back. This time though, I found them all asleep. They must have worn each other out, because I noticed they really hadn't drunk that much after the sex started. I don't know how long they had been asleep, including Jennifer, who had been left unchained. I did see that she was still naked and her ass had welts and her nipples were bruised. I would watch the whole party on video another day.

All the girls were in a sex coma, so this would be the perfect time to remove fucktoy and let the girls sleep a while. I would put her in the dog house and tell the girls I had taken her home. I picked her up and the shock collar and keys on the way. She was groggy, so I didn't speak to her as I locked the chain to her shock collar. I left her lying in front of the doghouse. I replaced the keys on the hook as I re-entered the house. She was still masked.

There I found Victoria sitting at the kitchen table, waking up. I asked her how she thought the party went.

She grinned and said, "Amazing, Daddy. Thank you so much. I can't wait for us all to watch the video." Since that was exactly what I had been thinking I laughed. My little girl knew me well. I pulled the drapes on the glass door to hide the dog house and fucktoy, still laying in a heap in the back yard.

One by one the girls all came out and we had coffee and talked. I told the girls they could crash if they wanted, but all were sober and wanted to go home. After lots of hugs and promises for future parties, Victoria and I were alone again.

I said to her, "Get some sleep. We have errands to do later. We have been so busy with our new pet, we haven't done anything else. Besides, I want fucktoy to be alone a while today. I don't care if she masturbates fifty times in that dirty dog house today. She will feel guilty each time. So it will be just another lesson." Victoria yawned as I kissed her on the forehead and said goodnight. The sun was just rising as I got to my room. I would have interesting dreams I hoped.

My eyes shot open. I must have moaned in my sleep, and immediately the shock collar sent an unpleasant vibration into my neck. To be honest, I am not sure if I moaned from the aches and pains that enveloped my body, or that my fingers had found the sweet spot in my pussy as I slept. Unbound, I reached up to remove the mask.

As I looked around, my face cracked, the dried cum from eating so many cunts last night. The drapes had been drawn to block the glass door to the kitchen. 'Maybe I should put the mask back on,' I pondered, afraid that if someone looked out, they might recognize me.

I was chilled, so I crawled into the dog house to get some warmth, wrapping the filthy blanket around me. It was fairly light outside, but there was no sign of life and no sounds coming from the house. I fell asleep again, too tired to even think about last night and the way I was treated and abused.

When I awoke again, it seemed to be past noon as the sun was high overhead. Now I could to take inventory of my beaten, broken, and injured body. My nipples were red and sore, from the way they used the rings to twist and turn me to their will. Yet, I noticed once again, they were also hard, as though aroused.

My pussy, my poor red and swollen pussy, felt so tight, as though the rings had expanded and pulled the skin taut. I wanted a better look so I tried to sit on my sore and bruised ass, which they had whipped and spanked without mercy. I managed to sit off-center, since my right ass cheek seemed less tender than the left. Using the rings, I pulled my pussy lips apart, checking for sores. It was red and tender, as one would expect from all the fuckings, and yet my clitty immediately reacted to my attention. It began to engorge, as though on command.

And then I remembered my tongue, and my hair, and my eyes began to tear. The other marks and piercings could be hidden, but the tongue studs imbedded in my swollen tongue were impossible to hide. I felt the studs click on my braces. It hurt so badly.

And my hair, my lovely hair! For some reason, the way he cut my hair was the worst of all the punishments and abuses. It was mine, my hair, I loved it and took care of it, and he took it away!

Where was he? Master? Where was Mistress? It was surely late morning by now. My stomach growled with hunger, my mouth tasted like filth, my body reeked with the scents of many women. I crawled out as far as I could, stretching the chain to the limit, but not a sound emanated from the house. Maybe they were taking all the other girls home and would return to check on their pet, their beaten and humiliated pet.

I saw the keys hanging outside the door. I could do nothing to reach them. Or could I? I had tried and failed to escape once, and I had been severely punished, but escape remained on my mind. How could I reach the keys? And then it occurred to me, I would try to pull the dog house up on the porch, where I could actually reach the keys. Then what? Did the keys also unlock the side gate? Did the keys work on the shock collar? I had only seen Master use them on the chain and ring on the collar. I knew the shock collar was also locked around my throat.

If I failed, if I could only manage to move the dog house a short distance, or I was unable to get up on the porch, then they would know. They would see I had tried to pull it towards the house. My hand reached instinctively to my hair, feeling the stubble on the left side, where he had shorn me like a sheep. What else could they do? Shave my entire head? At this point, the risk was worth it, and I had no idea how long they might be gone, or if they were gone. I had to act quickly.

I stood and with all my strength tried to lift the house from where it had sunk over time. It weighed so much, and I was weakened from my days of captivity. I reached inside the door, trying to get a grip. When I grunted with effort, my neck felt the vibrations from the collar. Finally, it budged! I gritted my teeth, feeling the sharpness of the braces on my lips, feeling the studs in my pierced tongue push against the roof of my mouth.

I pulled harder and it moved, but ever so little. Maybe an inch, and the distance to the house was at least 25 feet. 'It's not going to work,' I wanted to wail aloud, and I flopped down on the ground, burying my head in my arms, and wept silently.

Several minutes later, the tears had stopped and I wiped my eyes on my forearm. I looked all around. The walls of my prison separated me from the neighbors. They were only a short distance away, but it might as well have been a mile.

I heard a car door slam outside. They must be home. I quickly rose and pushed the dog house into its original spot, and got back inside, as though nothing had happened.

"Victoria?" someone called. I recognized the voice of Jillian! She was calling from the front of the house. For a second, I pondered putting the mask back on, just in case, but no! If she knew it was me and she saw me chained like this, surely she would take action.

"Victoria!" the voice was louder. She had come around the side of the house. Suddenly the wooden gate was pushed back and forth. Jillian was trying to get it. "I guess they aren't here. We'll have to try again later."

I had to make a quick decision. I saw no choice. I immediately began to pound on the roof of the dog house, hitting it sharply with both my hands, beating out a message to get their attention.

"There's someone back there," one said. I pounded louder!

"Victoria? Dr. Fernandez?" one called.

Louder, louder, the palms of my hands were hurting.

"It must be a neighbor in the back. Come on, we'll come back later. I can't believe you left your phone here, Jill."

They were going to leave! I couldn't let them go. They had to help me. I couldn't let them. I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Epilogue - Part 1 ~~ Jennifer (added: 10/20/2011)

Thank you for your interest in the story of my capture and eventual escape, as well as my current state of mind, health, and body. I will briefly update you what has happened since.

As you surely realized, when I desperately screamed for help, the shock immediately knocked me unconscious. If you have a barking dog, those collars really do work! Check this out on you tube, if you don't believe me:

Jillian and her cousin, Jessica, heard my yelp, and by stepping on the cross pieces of the wooden fence, Jillian was able to look over and see me laying on the ground a short distance away. With Jessica's help, she climbed over the fence and raced to my side.

Jessica was able to climb and peek over and ask what was happening. She almost called 911 on her cell, but hesitated out of fear. After all, she and her cousin were partly at fault for my condition.

Jillian was able to revive me and when I realized I was alive and that Jillian was sick with fear, I knew this would be my best chance to escape. I pointed to my collar, and then to the keys hanging on the patio post. Back and forth I pointed until she got the idea. She ran across the lawn and returned, in minutes freeing me from the shock collar.

"Quick," I gruffly said, my voice box slightly hoarse from the shock I had experienced, "we have to get out of here!"

"What's going on Jennifer?" her eyes wide with apprehension.

"It was no initiation! They kidnapped me a week ago and just used that as an excuse to torture me even more." I was scrambling to my feet, not caring in the least that I was naked and filthy. I was totally free from all bonds. "We have to get out of here before they get back!"

"Should we call the police?" asked Jessica, who had heard and seen it all.

"No," I croaked, fumbling with the key ring. "No, don't call, please! They have so many videos and pictures of me and I don't want anyone else to see them."

"But we have to tell someone. This is awful!" Jillian responded.

"No, please, let's just get out of here before they come back." Another key worked, and we opened the wooden gate.

"You can't run out to the car like this, Jenn," said Jillian. "Jessica, check the trunk, I think there's a blanket or drop cloth from a picnic.

Once Jessi returned, I wrapped myself in the blanket and we raced to the car. "Now what?" ask Jillian as we pulled away from the curb.

"Can I go to your house and shower and we can think? You and I wear just about the same size."

"Yeah, sure," agreed Jillian.

An hour later, I had showered and remarkably felt revived. I was wearing a lightweight dress that fit just fine. I had started to remove the five hoops in each ear, but the holes were just too obvious. I did take out the large fuck-me hoops and tossed them in the trash. The smaller hoops I left in each ear, and the other piercings had to go, but that could wait.

I walked out to the kitchen where the two cousins sat drinking some iced tea. I flopped down on the empty chair. "Where's your parents?" I asked, picking up the glass of tea that had been waiting for me.

"Dad's golfing, Mom is shopping with her friends. Jenn, what are we going to do? By now, they have gotten home and know you are gone!"

"I know," I agreed, sipping the tea. "And they are panicking, I'm sure! If I had been thinking, I would have relocked the collar and gate and left the keys where they were hanging. Then they really would have a mystery," I smiled.

After a pause and uncomfortable light laughter, I continued, "I wonder if they are trying to destroy all the evidence?" Absentmindedly, I brushed my hand along the side of my hair, thinking that the tables had been turned. They would be wondering if the police were coming to arrest them any moment. I sighed. No collar. No large hoops dangling from my ears.

"So, you're just gonna let them get away with it?" asked Jessica.

"I don't know, I'm still trying to sort it all out." I unintentionally clicked my tongue against the glass. "Can I borrow some money? And can you go with me? I want to get these piercings removed and I need to do something about my hair."

"Sure," Jillian responded. "What about a doctor?"

"I don't think so. I feel ok, except I am a little sore where certain friends took advantage of me last night," I answered, looking directly into Jilli's eyes. I considered a doctor, but I thought most of the physical abuse would heal rapidly. The psychological factors were something else, but at the moment, I had put those to the back of my mind.

"I'm so sorry. I feel awful, you gotta believe me. We all thought you were a willing participant. What can I say, can you ever forgive me?"

"Yes, please forgive us," agreed her cousin.

"I understand. I'm ready whenever you are."

Our first stop was a piercing/tattoo salon, and in short order the tongue studs, then the nose ring, and finally the nipple rings were removed. It hurt, but compared to what I had been through, it was easy.

"We don't get many cases where the customer wants things removed. Change your mind? These piercings seem very new," asked the girl who was undoing the damage Dr. Fernandez had done.

"Yeah," I said. "When I'm drunk, I sometimes do stupid things." Actually, I was thinking in many ways I liked the piercings. They made me feel sexy, in some strange way.

Then I told her about the rings in my pussy lips. "Tell you what, leave one on my pussy, and the one in my clit hood, ok? I kinda like the feel, you know?"

"Sure, whatever you say, hon."

Ok, ok, I admit it. Except for the tongue studs, which I really hated, and the nose ring, which made me look like an animal, the other rings felt good. My nipples were already feeling lonely, lol. My parents would never know about the rings that still stimulated my privates.

I thanked her and paid for the removals. She asked if I wanted to keep the rings and studs. For a moment I was about to dismiss the idea, and then something told me otherwise. "Yeah, sure, thanks," and she put them in a little plastic bag and I tucked them in the small purse Jillian had let me borrow.

"How about the tattoo on my lower back? Can you remove it with a laser or something?" I asked.

"No, sorry, no can do here, but I can give you the name of someone that can handle it."

"Sure, ok," and I took the note she handed me and added it to the purse. The tat was easy enough to hide for the time being.

When I exited the backroom, the girls were waiting for me. "Next stop, hair, ok?"

"Sure," Jillian agreed and we drove a few blocks away to the mall where I knew a hairstylist that might have some ideas. This time the cousins stayed with me and offered their advice. I would never be able to hide the damage Dr. Fernandez had done to my beautiful hair, but something had to be done.

We all thought that if the sides of my head were evened out, I could easily explain it as a whim that went bad while on the adventure trip that my parents believed I had taken. Sure, my hair would be short for a long time, and I didn't like the idea others might think I was butch or lezzie, but there was not much else we could do.

Jessica piped up with an idea. "If you color the top orange, I think it would look great, a little like Rihanna, actually." I almost agreed, but in the end I decided that if I could get my long mane back, I could tell my parents I was donating it to children with cancer.

By early evening, I had done as much as possible to repair the damage inflicted upon me by the Fernandez's, except for the braces on my teeth. But at this hour I doubted we could find an orthodontist or dentist to remove them on the spot.

"Now what?" asked Jillian. I knew what she meant. It had gone unspoken all afternoon.

"Well, we can't just call. They have my cell and you left yours there, thank goodness for me, so we don't know their number. I guess there's only one thing left to do. Go and get back what is ours." I just stared at Jillian, our eyes locked.

In the back seat Jessica whispered, "Fuck!"

Without another word, Jillian turned on the car, and we left the parking structure. We drove in silence, and twenty minutes later we pulled up in front of the house.

Epilogue Part 2 ~~ Dr. Fernandez (added: 11/13/2011)

When Victoria and I returned home I told her to check on her pet. In seconds she was back and in a panic. I tried to calm her as we went back outside to survey the situation.

The collar and chain were on the ground, keys were gone and gate open. I was puzzled at first, but quickly realized she had to have had help. The next step was to check the video recordings from the outside cameras.

Victoria was still very upset so I talked to her first before checking the video. She said, "Daddy, what will she do? Will she go to the police? Will she make us pay for what we did?"

Revenge for revenge? I thought to myself and then said, "Listen sweetheart and stop worrying. You are forgetting her ties to her family and the things we have her doing on video, and the dozens of photos. I can easily edit it all together to make it look like she begged for everything." That thought did make her feel a little better.

Watching the video of the escape really showed no huge surprises, though I didn't yet know why Jill and Jessi had come back. The real shocker though was when the doorbell rang later. I checked the front door camera quickly and saw all three of the girls there.

Victoria looked like she would panic again, but I told her to follow my lead and that I wanted her to "make nice" no matter how she really felt.

As I opened the door I saw that Jennifer looked very different. Not just her hair and fewer earrings but she looked confident and in control as she spoke. "I didn't go to the police... YET," she emphasized. "You know I don't want all those pictures shown to anyone and I know you don't want me to tell the police or anyone else what happened. I could press charges and even if you got away with it, they would confiscate all your precious toys and publicly ruin you, and of course Victoria would be in the middle of it all and take the worst of it."

Victoria blurted out then, "Jenn, what can I say? Maybe we did go too far, but you really did need to change. A lot of girls were beginning to hate you. Yes, I wanted revenge for some of the things you did. Then I just got carried away. I talked my dad into it."

At that point I really didn't know how much of what she said was true and how much was acting. No matter though, Jennifer was right. I didn't want Victoria to go though that sort of thing. I fully expected Jennifer to lash out, verbally or physically at Victoria, but after a noticeably long silence, she ignored her. Perhaps she realized there was truth in Victoria's words.

"Do we have a deal? No videos or pics, or copies let out anywhere?"

I spoke without hesitation. "Of course, I had already decided I was going to let you go after the summer and would have proposed the same deal." I hadn't really decided that yet of course, but it sounded good. "I think I have already accomplished much of my mission anyway and in much less time."

She ignored that comment as well but it would stay in her mind. She continued, "Jill left her cell phone here last night. I want mine back too and my hair." I agreed. Then I said, "Would you like me to remove your braces also? Call it a good will gesture to seal our pact."

She thought a moment while Jessica begged her not to go inside and to just call the police.

"How long will it take?" Jennifer asked.

I said, "Fifteen minutes."

She then turned to the other girls. "Jill, you come with me. Jessi, you stay here. If we're not back in twenty, get the cops."

I told her that wouldn't be necessary. I could see she was hesitant, but entered the exam room and sat down. Jill had found her phone on the way and I also handed her Jennifer's phone and newly made tail. The look on her face was priceless.

Both Jill and Victoria were quiet during the removal. I could have done it in two minutes but I purposely stretched it to fifteen. I knew her mind was again warring with her body, just as I knew her juices were beginning to flow and she was helpless to stop it. I could detect the ever so slight muskiness in the air since I was so close to her. Her body language also spoke volumes.

As I finished I said, "I know Jessica wants to call the police still. But also tell her not to forget that everything she did last night is also on video." That caught Jill's attention too, remembering all the things she had done at the party. Both girls wasted no more words and bolted for the door. I was rewarded to notice the damp spot Jennifer had left on the chair.

As soon as we were alone again, Victoria came to me for a big hug. She looked up and asked, "Will it be okay, Daddy?"

I assured her, as I thought how different she was right now from the whip wielding Dominatrix of the past few days. She was again just Daddy's little girl. "If Jenn comes back to school, give her space. Let her come to you. Maybe she never will, but keep an open door and mind. She may change completely for the better. You two may be friends again one day. For that matter, she may be back to join your club. Remember she has already passed the initiation." Victoria finally smiled at that and headed off to her room.

I decided also to retire to my room and perhaps watch the party video. As I saw Jennifer fill the screen, I wondered if I would ever see the beautiful Asian again. I wondered what she was thinking and doing right now. I wondered what the fates held in store for all of us. Then I realized, to my own surprise, that I was already missing our little fucktoy.

It was three weeks later, late Friday afternoon, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door, and it took all my self-control not to gape and show total surprise.

She stood with her head bowed, and hands clasped behind her back, as though handcuffed. The tight tube top clearly showed the nipple rings and her skin tight hot pants left little to the imagination. She was barefoot.

"Hello, Sir."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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