Happy Birthday, Slutboy
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  • Post Date - 6/1/2011

To make a long story short, I am a switch someone who likes to be dominant and also likes to be submissive. You know, tying up a woman and doing whatever I wish to her, and her tying me up and doing whatever she wishes to do to me or force me to do, and in both cases virtually no taboos. Unfortunately Cindy, my live in girlfriend of 3 years, is pretty much a submissive and has little interest in dominating me. I have managed to talk her into trying it once or twice, but after about 5 minutes she was done.

Just an aside here, I have done some very creative and outrageous things to her. Last year for her birthday, I took her to a little bar and gave her a birthday spanking right there in the bar after I had "forced" her to strip down naked in front of everyone. She loves to be spanked, paddled, cropped, whipped, 'forced' to cum, 'forced' to please me with whatever hole, 'forced' to lick me and probe me with her tongue everywhere between my legs, and so much more. She also has confessed to me 2 fantasies: to be fucked in public, with people watching. In a park, a bar, that kind of thing. And to be made to cum over and over again while tied up and punished, preferably on a stage or something like that, with an audience. Oh and public humiliation is a HUGE turn on for her. You get the picture. I would like all of that done to me too, but as I said she is just not into it.

Last week was my birthday, and for several days before she kept telling me she had a very special surprise for me, but obviously didn't tell me what. When my birthday arrived last Saturday, Cindy waited until early evening, about 6:30 or so, before she even gave me a birthday card. She handed it to me and I read the card, then the hand written note she had put inside of it. "Go give yourself a super enema, take a very good shower, dry off, but do not get dressed. It's time for your birthday surprise!" After I had showered, I stood there in the bedroom stark naked, and wondering what my sexy little minx had in mind. But I was about to find out.

She came into the room with a bag, and the first thing she did was handcuff my hands behind my back before she put a leather blindfold over my eyes. Then she put the ball gag in my mouth and buckled it tight too - but then I got the real surprise. She put a very tight leather strap around my cock and balls and locked it on with a little padlock, then attached a dog leash to the strap and, none too gently tugging on it, pulled me over to the bed, bent me over, and inserted a butt plug in me.

After she had snapped a few digital pictures, she again took the leash and pulled on it dragging me right out into the garage, where she put me in the laid back passenger seat, opened the garage door, got in, and drove off with me helpless and naked beside her. Needless to say I had a huge hard on! "I hope you are going to like my little birthday surprise for you" she said. "And if you don't, tough shit!" she giggled. She reached over and tapped on the ball gag, saying, "But I don't hear any complaints, so I guess I can take you wherever I want to!" She giggled again. She drove for what seemed like about 20 minutes or so, and when she finally parked I had no idea where we were. It could have been a park, a mall parking lot, or back in our own driveway. I didn't know and she wasn't saying.

She came around and got me out of the car, again leading me with the leash and collar around my cock and balls, and pulled me along what seemed to be a driveway and then a sidewalk. She stopped me and told me, "There are 4 stairs here. Be careful." I climbed the stairs, and when I got to the top she rang a doorbell. A doorbell? Where the hell am I?

I heard a door open, and a strange woman's voice say, "So this is the one. Bring it inside." Once again she tugged on the leash and pulled me through the door, which was then closed and locked behind me.

I heard the strange woman walking around me, obviously inspecting me. "I see what you mean, Cindy." She said. "We'll fix this." I had no idea what She was talking about, but would soon learn. She stepped around behind me and removed the ball gag, but warned me that I was not to speak unless spoken to. I stayed silent.

"Cindy, what is its name?" I heard Her say.

"Karl" she replied. "Its name is Karl."

"Hmmm That just won't do I'm afraid. I think I will call him..... um..... slutboy. Do you like your new name, slutboy?"

I nodded. "Well, it doesn't matter at all tonight what you like or what you don't like. I couldn't fucking care less. You are nothing but an object to Me. Fuck meat. My own personal sex toy. Your sole purpose is to do whatever I tell you to do, and take whatever I decide to give you. And I am one insanely kinky, perverted Mistress with LOTS of experience in humiliating and dominating worthless pieces of slutboy meat like you."

"Now, before we get too far here, My name is Mistress Karla. You will always address Me as such, you will thank Mistress Karla for everything I do to you or with you, no matter what it is. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Karla" I stammered out.

She took the collar and leash off of me, and none too gently grabbed my cock and squeezed it. "What is this, slutboy?" She growled.

"It is my cock, Mistress Karla."

"Wrong answer, slutboy!" She screamed at me as She smacked my ass with Her riding crop. "This is not YOUR cock, it is MY prick! I own it! Now what is this again?" She said as She clamped down even tighter and gave it a little twist.

"It is Mistress Karla's prick" I said.

She then let go and snatched up my balls. "And what are these, slutboy?" She said as She rudely rolled them around in Her fingers and pulled them away from my body.

"They are Mistress Karla's balls" I said.

"Very good, slutboy! And just for future reference, your asshole is My cunt. My pussy is my pussy, but that asshole is My cunt. I am going to abuse and play with My prick, My balls, and My cunt, plus any other part of your body that I think might amuse Me, any way I want to. I am one wicked Mistress if you do not obey Me instantly. But then, sometimes I am fiendish just because I prefer to be. Get used to it. Now, get down on your knees and beg Me to use you any way I want to tonight. And I fucking mean BEG. And I had better believe from your begging that you really want Me to."

I dropped to my knees and began begging Her to use Me for Her pleasure and amusement, telling Her that I had no choice and promising not to use any safe word, and that I had no right to refuse Her anything or say no. Finally after about 5 minutes or so of constant begging, She grabbed Her balls and 'helped' me stand up. "Come with Me" She said.

She dragged me by the balls down what seemed to be a hallway and into another room, where I was very quickly shackled, standing up, with my legs spread very wide open and my hands secured high above my head. "Everything I do tonight is strictly for MY amusement, and Cindy is just going to sit back and enjoy the show. She promised she would not stop me or prevent me from using you or abusing you however I want to. That's the deal for her to be able to watch. You are nothing but entertainment. This is all being recorded on video, and Cindy has brought a camera to take pictures."

With that I felt Her take a pair of barber's clippers and clip off every single hair from my waist down, then smoothing something all over me from the waist down, and I began to feel a razor shave it all off. I was amazed at how quickly She shaved me particularly around my cock and balls. In a few short minutes there wasn't a single hair left not even stubble. As She finished She painted my toenails hot pink. She then unfastened my ankles and, much to my surprise, put short stockings on me that came just above the knee, and some 5 inch high heeled shoes on me that locked on with little padlocks. Then She lowered my arms and, after putting long fake press-on fingernails on my fingers, painted them too. Finally She put a wig and lipstick on me lots of it. She stood back to look at Her handiwork, and both She and Cindy started to giggle. And giggle. And giggle some more! "My little slutboy looks simply enchanting, doesn't he Cindy:"

"He has great legs! Cindy giggled. "He should have been a girl!"

"But he IS a girl tonight, dear Cindy! Doesn't slutboy look just too cute and sexy in those pink fishnet slut stockings with lacy pink tops, seams up the back, and cute little girlie bows? What do you think, slutboy? Do you like being a slutty little sissy girl?"

"Yes, Mistress Karla" I said.

A paddle suddenly found each of my ass cheeks son of a bitch Mistress Karla had a good aim!

"You forgot to thank Me!" She said as She struck me again.

"Thank you, Mistress Karla, for making me into a sissy slut for you!"

"That's better" She said as She gently fondled Her balls.

Next was something I had never imagined She took something and painted the word SLUT in large letters right above my cock. "This is henna, slutboy. Like the temporary tattoos that women in India use for skin decoration. Oh, and since it stains the skin, it lasts for weeks!"

She unfastened me and, grabbing me again by Her balls, pulled me across the room where She laid me down on the floor and attached sturdy leather cuffs and chains to my wrists and ankles. I heard the whirring of a winch as my legs were pulled up and apart very wide apart. She stopped when I was stretched out tight legs spread wide open, wrists fastened to the floor, and I was pretty much unable to move at all. Whatever Mistress Karla had in store for me, there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it. Nothing at all. But that is exactly what She had in mind.

She squatted down in front of me and, mindlessly tracing a finger up and down my body, told me, "This is one of My favorite positions, slutboy. There is no part of you I cannot touch, feel, squeeze, play with, molest, whip, spank, clamp, crop, fondle, use, or abuse. "This body" She said as She ran Her hands up and down me, "is nothing more than a trivial toy for Me. You are in My dungeon. A place of pleasure for Me, and a place of pain, humiliation, and absolute obedience for you."

Mistress Karla stepped back away from me, but only long enough to apparently get something hanging on the dungeon wall. "I like your fingernails and toenails painted in hot slut pink! She said with a giggle. "But there are more places that need to be hot pink!" With that She began attacking me with a very solid leather paddle my ass, the insides of my thighs, the area right above Her prick, and just about everywhere in between. After around 200 strokes or so, She took Her hand and caressed the freshly spanked skin. "Your skin is SO hot! And SO red! But we are only getting started, slutboy!" She and Cindy both snickered and giggled.

Next She grabbed a long, multi-stranded whip a cat-o-9-tails if you will, and worked me over from my knees to my nipples, covering virtually everything in between with hard, stinging blows, each of which made me jump and cry out. She couldn't have even cared that She was hurting me and in fact was delighting in my pain, encouraging me to cry out for Her with each blow.

When She had finished, She stepped in front of me and, facing away from me, grabbed my head and jammed it between Her legs. "You have earned a privilege, slutboy. You have earned the privilege of kissing my asshole. Keep kissing it until I give you permission to stop."

She leaned forward and, pulling Her ass cheeks apart, backed up to my waiting lips. I kissed Her puckered asshole over and over and over and then I made a BIG mistake. I stuck out my tongue and licked Her asshole.

Mistress Karla shrieked, turned around, and rudely grabbed Her balls and pulled them. "What in the fuck makes you think are good enough to LICK my asshole! You have not earned that privilege!" She screamed at me. "This calls for extra discipline!"

I heard Her stomp away, then return very quickly. I assumed She had a new instrument of punishment in hand. I was right.

I felt Her hand begin softly stroking Her prick, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. DAMN I needed to cum! I could have shot a major load clean across the room.

"Would you like to cum, slutboy?" She sweetly asked me.

"Yes, Mistress Karla. Thank you, Mistress Karla."

"NO FUCKING WAY!" She screamed at me. ""You are not allowed to cum. Maybe I will allow you to cum much later, if you are a good little slutboy and please Me in every way. But after you have suffered enough."

With that She grabbed Her prick and began to whip it with a small prick whip. It fucking stung like crazy! She brutally pinched the tip of it and pulled it up so Her prick whip could get to all sides of it, laughing with each stinging stroke.

When She began to get bored with whipping Her prick, which I am sure by now was red, She stopped and put at least a dozen clothespins on Her balls. Then She walked around behind me and began to play with the butt plug that was still buried inside me.

"This butt plug is waaaaay too small, slutboy" She said as She yanked it out with a 'pop'. "I think this one would be so much more amusing" She said as I felt Her cram a large butt plug into my ass Her 'cunt'. Son of a bitch, it just barely fit! But Mistress Karla couldn't have cared less. She was utterly enjoying Herself, and said so. But the next surprise was even more sinister. The butt plug She had so rudely crammed up my ass had a pump on it to make it expand and expand it She did! I felt like I had a tree up my ass!

She again took the small whip and began whipping Her prick some more. Slowly, deliberately, and with Her incredibly good aim, causing me the maximum of pain. Between the monster butt plug up my ass and Mistress Karla stinging Her prick, I was almost ready to scream! But I had no safe word. No way to put an end to this. All I could do was suffer for Her amusement and endure Her tortures and torments for Her entertainment.

After awhile She lowered me down and unfastened the chains, only to lead me over to a pillory, where She locked my hands and head into place, and once again locked my ankles to the floor with my legs spread very wide apart.

She gave the butt plug which already felt huge inside of me, a few more pumps, then put a parachute ball stretcher on me. She hung some weights off of it I'm guessing about 2 pounds or so and tapped them with Her foot to start the weights swinging back and forth.

I cried out, but Mistress Karla would have none of it as She came around and spoke in my ear. "Shut the fuck up, slutboy. I'm tired of your constant bitching. You will remain silent. No moans, no groans, no screams, no grunts not even a tiny little fucking gasp. Do you understand, slutboy?" I nodded my head yes. "Oh, I don't think you really do. For every sound I hear from you, I will sting you 10 times with my riding crop and add a weight to My balls. Now shut the fuck up! The ONLY time you may make a sound is if you are in danger of cumming. You are NOT allowed to cum!"

She then inserted a large ring gag into my mouth, holding it wide open, and buckled it behind my head. "There now, slutboy. That should make it a lot more difficult for you to remain silent for Me!" She laughed out loud. "But then of course, I get to abuse you some more!" She and Cindy both giggled.

She removed the giant butt plug from me and quickly inserted a couple of fingers in Her cunt and began to dance them around on my prostate. Damn that felt good. "I bet that feels good, doesn't it slutboy?" She said as She twisted and rolled Her fingers around inside of me. "You may answer Me does that feel good?"

"Yes, Mistress Karla" I garbled out around the ring gag. "It feels very good. Thank you, Mistress Karla!"

She jerked Her fingers out of me and gave me 5 very hard smacks directly on my asshole Her cunt with the riding crop that echoed off the walls. "You son of a bitch!" She yelled at me. "You are not supposed to be enjoying this! This is about MY pleasure, not yours!"

She reached around in front of me and began stroking Her prick. In about a minute I was ready to explode in orgasm, and I managed to tell Her I was about to cum. She stopped the stroking. "No cum for you, slutboy. I will get you that close many times tonight, just to frustrate the living shit out of you. Won't that be fun?" She giggled.

Mistress Karla walked away for a moment, then returned to her position behind me. "You only think the butt plug and My fingers have been interesting in My cunt. Let's see how you like Me fucking My cunt with a few toys, shall we?"

I have no idea what She crammed into my asshole Her cunt it was not huge or anything, but it had lots of bumps and knobs all over it that really were attention getters as She slowly worked it in and out of me. Gradually She picked up the pace, and increased the depth. Oh, not to say that it wasn't enjoyable it felt terrific, but I couldn't let Her know that. Fucking Her cunt with that tool was for Her amusement, and not for my pleasure. And all the while the weights She had hung on Her balls were wildly swinging back and forth, and the clothespins She had put on Her balls were beginning to bite.

Never missing a stroke, Mistress Karla called out to Cindy. "Cindy, come over and slowly lick and suck on My prick while I fuck My cunt with this. And slutboy, you had better tell her to stop before you cum."

Cindy came over and leaned around, sucking Her prick into her mouth. Did I mention that Cindy gives fabulous blow jobs? She does. After about 2 minutes I was begging her to stop, and Mistress Karla told her to stop sucking on Her prick. 2 more strokes and I would have painted Cindy's tonsils. This is getting frustrating I need to cum so bad, but Mistress Karla forbids it. But She did say that She might allow me to cum later on. I hope so!

Mistress Karla yanked the tool out of Her cunt and released my legs, removed the weights and clothespins from Her balls, and released me from the pillory. "On your hands and knees and crawl for me, slutboy!" She commanded as She gave me directions to where She was standing. She reached down and removed the ring gag, and surprisingly removed the blindfold as well.

"I want you to see what I am going to inflict on you from now on." She said. "Get up on this" She said as She pointed to a little padded platform sticking out of the wall. I sat up on it and She immediately padlocked my hands to a large ring high above my head on the wall, then grabbed my ass and slid it forward so that my entire ass was hanging out over the edge of it. She brought a chain down to each ankle, and when She had finished my legs were spread wide open and my feet were nearly touching the wall, and of course my ass hanging out in the open.

"This is another one of My favorite positions" She said as She snatched up Her balls and began roughly rolling them around with her fingers. Your ass, My cunt, My prick, My balls, and your thighs are dreadfully unprotected. For you, that is. They are delightfully unprotected and exposed for Me! This kind of full exposure makes you so vulnerable, so defenseless, and so helplessly at My mercy. But guess what? I will show you no mercy!" She giggled again. "This is going to be soooooo much fun!" She giggled some more.

"And since your blindfold is off, there is one final touch for Me to apply to you. Hold still" she said as she applied heavy, hot pink eye shadow to my eyelids and heavy eyeliner on the upper and lower lids. "There, now you look like a fucking $2 street whore!" She and Cindy both giggled.

Since my eyes had adjusted to the light, I could now see Mistress Karla. She was fairly short, about 5'1", and was wearing nothing but high heels and a leather corset that only covered Her from just below Her natural C-cup breasts to just above Her bellybutton. She had gorgeous legs, a cute little ass, and Her pussy was shaved smooth. She was a knockout! And previously unknown to me, Cindy was sitting on a simple wooden stool with a double dildo up inside of her, and her hands handcuffed behind her back. It was very obvious that she was enjoying the double penetration and even more obvious she was enjoying the show that Mistress Karla was putting on with me. Apparently Cindy had the remote to the digital camera in one of her hands. The camera was on a tripod and she could fire it off any time she wanted to. She was taking a lot of pictures! There were also video cameras all around the room, catching all the things being done to me from every angle. There was something else about the video cameras I did not know about but more on that later.

Mistress Karla walked over to a wall with everything imaginable hanging off of it paddles, floggers, riding crops, racks full of dildos, and a bunch of things I had no idea what She used them for. From the looks of Her collection, I don't think I wanted to know what She used some of them for!

She quickly put a strap-on dildo harness on Herself, then carefully selected several items off of the wall. She held up a long cat o nine tails and showed it to me. Her delicate hands began stroking the insides of my thighs and my ass as She explained. "This whip is just for Me to warm you up a little. But first things first. She produced a little cassette recorder and placed an earphone into my ear, then She pushed play.

It was Mistress Karla's voice, and She was giving me instructions via tape, so that neither Cindy could hear them nor could the video cameras record Her instructions. As I began listening She slowly began stroking Her prick just to frustrate me and get me close to cumming again.

The tape of Her voice said, "I am going to whip you, spank you, and fuck My cunt with the strap on dildo. I am certain you will need to cry out. I will make you cry out, and maybe even scream. I intend to punish you. You may make as much noise as you wish and in fact I want to hear your agony. You will suffer for My pleasure. You may not ask Me to stop. Ever. In fact, each time I do stop, you will thank Me and beg Me for more. And I mean beg, motherfucker! When I return all of the whips and things to the wall, you will then begin begging Me to fuck my cunt with the strap on dildo. You will beg Me to rape you. And when I am done, you will beg Me for more. Beg me to fuck my cunt more. Fuck it harder. Fuck it deeper. Fuck it faster. You will also beg Me to whip My prick while I fuck My cunt. If you beg well enough, I may allow you to beg Me to let you cum. Now get started, slutboy."

I began begging Her to whip me, begging Her not to stop. But before she even started she tied a small, hard leather pouch over Her balls that barely covered them (but covered only about 1/3 of my scrotum), and another over Her prick. She traced a finger all around Her prick and Her balls, telling me that these would protect them while allowing Her to whip everywhere else down there, "especially on all this dreadfully tender and sensitive skin" she said as she stroked the soft and sensitive skin of my scrotum and right next to Her balls.

Mistress Karla stepped back with the whip to the perfect distance where the ends of the whips would be just about all that hit me. "Shall we start with one hundred?" she said with a giggle.

Mistress Karla began whipping me fast and furiously, with the next blow coming as the sting from the previous blow was just beginning to register. She was very skilled with that whip, and while She laid a few strokes to the insides of my thighs and onto my ass, She concentrated most of them right around Her prick and Her balls. My entire crotch was on fire! She had whipped me 100 times in about 2 minutes, and when She stopped I immediately thanked Her for whipping me, and began begging Her to whip me more. She gave me about another 50 or so, then dropped the whip as I thanked Her again and begged Her for more punishment.

"I will punish you more, slutboy. That I promise. I have just barely started!" She giggled again.

Next She removed the leather covers from Her Prick and Her balls, once again stroking Her prick, forcing me to beg Her to stop so I did not cum. Damn I needed to cum, but there was no way in hell She was going to let me. It was obvious She delighted in getting me so close and then denying me release. I was so frustrated but that was all part of Her game!

Next She held up a leather paddle, and She began smacking the insides and backs of my thighs, turning them cherry red with a flurry of hard strokes so fast and furious that it sounded like one big smack, as there was almost no time between Her blows. She only smacked my ass a few times with it though, and I figured She may have something else in mind for my ass. In a few minutes I would learn that I had guessed right.

As soon as She stopped, I again thanked Her, and immediately begged Her for more. She wasted no time and gave me probably 50 more, all on the insides of my thighs. When She was finished, She ran her hands up and down my thighs. "Oooh, your skin is so hot!" She giggled as She once again started giving me a hand job, giving me 3 more strokes after I begged Her to please stop as She said, "Hold it back, slutboy! Don't you fucking dare cum! Hold it back for Me!"

Finally She held up a riding crop and, with an evil giggle said, "Well, let's make your ass match your thighs, shall we? After all, we don't want your ass to feel left out now, do we!" She giggled again, stepped to the side, and began smacking my ass. After what seemed like an eternity, she stopped. The riding crop hurt most of all, but that did not prevent me from doing what She had ordered me to do. I thanked Her for whipping my ass, and asked Her for more. "Please, Mistress Karla, may I please have 50 more on my ass please?"

"Only 50 more, slutboy? Is that all? 50? A lousy fucking 50?" She snarled. "And would You please give me 10 directly on Your cunt, too?" I added "Please Mistress? Pretty please?"

Mistress Karla looked down at me and smiled. "You ARE a pain pig, slutboy! Very well" She said as She once again began stroking Her prick. I was begging Her to stop in no time, but this time She gave Her prick about 5 more strokes while She warned me not to cum. "Don't you dare cum! Hold it back, slutboy! You better fucking hold it back for Me!"

She gave me the 50 more strokes, harder than the first ones She had inflicted on me, before squatting down and removing the butt plug and placing 10 stinging blows directly on Her cunt. I thanked Her when She was done, and asked Her for 5 more. She quickly gave them to me.

Mistress Karla picked up Her things off of the floor and returned them to the wall. As She turned to walk back toward me, I began begging Her as She had ordered me to do. "Please, Mistress Karla, use Your strap on dildo to fuck Your cunt. Rape me. Rape Your cunt. Please. Shove Your dildo up Your cunt and fuck it good. Please, Mistress Karla. I want You to rape me. I want You to fuck Your cunt. Please?"

"So, you want Me to rape you? Is that it? Just rape you? You have nothing more to say?"

I replied, "Yes, Mistress Karla, there is more. I want You to brutally rape Your cunt. Attack Your cunt with your dildo. Abuse Your cunt. Molest Your cunt in any way You please. It is Your cunt and You can do whatever You wish to it. Please Mistress Karla? Pretty, pretty please? And I want You to whip Your Prick while You rape Your cunt. Please Mistress Karla? Pretty, pretty please? This slutboy is begging You!"

Mistress Karla stepped back over to the wall and selected a dildo and put it onto Her harness. It was not the largest one She owns, but formidable in that it was about 9 inches long and about 1-1/4 inches in diameter, with a rather larger head on it. She also grabbed a bottle of lube and the small whip She had used on Her prick earlier. After She had finished roughly putting plenty of lube in Her cunt, She lubed the dildo, wiped off Her hands, picked up the small whip, and placed the tip of the dildo against Her cunt opening.

She ever so slowly pushed it in, taking great delight in my moaning and groaning as She steadily shoved it in. When it was about halfway in She began whipping Her prick. The bottom side of it, the sides, and She even wrapped Her hand around the base of it and pulled it up so She could whip just the tip and head of it. Once the dildo was all the way in, She slowly withdrew it and, much to my surprise, lunged forward and shoved it in with one quick motion. She quickly developed a rhythm in and out of Her cunt, while whipping Her prick once with every stroke She made. As She stroked it stimulated Her pussy as well, and I knew that shortly She would be cumming. I didn't have to wait long She went into a screaming orgasm as She rammed the dildo farther and deeper into Her cunt. When She finished She kept it inside of me, but through Her panting She really attacked Her prick with the little whip before withdrawing.

In just a few moments, I spoke to Mistress Karla. "Mistress Karla, are you multi-orgasmic?"

"Yes, slutboy, I am. Why would you ask Me such a question?"

"I ask because, Mistress Karla, I want You to fuck Your cunt again, and want You to keep going until You have at least 3 orgasms. Fuck Your cunt with everything You have. Use it. Abuse it. Please, Mistress Karla?"

Mistress Karla did not hesitate for a moment and plunged right back in, now fucking Her cunt fast and furious. At times She whipped Her prick, other times She just stroked it while warning me not to cum. A number of times She reached out and brutally pinched and twisted my nipples, giggling at my groans and yelps. Finally, after 3 crashing orgasms for Her, She pulled out and slowly removed Her strap on dildo harness, still panting and glowing from Her orgasms.

She came up near my head and kissed me, long, deep, and hard, then pulled away. "I think I just may allow you to cum, slutboy. Would you like to cum for Me?" she said as She traced a line up Her prick with a finger.

"Yes, Mistress Karla. Yes, please. May I please cum for You?" I begged.

"I will allow you to cum for Me in a little while. I promise, unless you somehow fuck it up and piss me off. But you need to know that there are more kinds of punishment than just whipping you or fucking you. Your cumming is also going to be a punishment of sorts. The punishment of complete and total humiliation."

With that She replaced the tight little strap around Her prick and balls, clipped the leash to it, unchained me, and stood me up. She handcuffed my hands behind my back and put the ball gag back in my mouth. "Do not get dressed, Cindy" she said, "and follow us. I'll bring your camera along for you."

"I'll bet you are wondering what I have in mind, aren't you?" She said as She walked around me. "Well, here is the scoop. There are video cameras everywhere in here, but tonight they are doing more than just recording." She grabbed the leash and tugged on it rudely. "Cindy, slutboy, come with Me." She said as She headed toward the front door.

Once outside, She pulled me toward the house next door, stopping for a moment in the middle of the lawn to explain further. "My neighbors are 5 very punk and very Goth hard core lesbians you know, black lipstick, piercings galore, spiked hair and all that - who have no use for men other than to see them get used. Total humiliation of a man really gets them excited! Physically, verbally, and especially sexually humiliated. Oh, and My video cameras? They have been recording, of course, but they have also been piping everything I have done to you over to their television, complete with sound! They have been having a wonderful little party watching Me use and abuse you! I am willing to bet they have been having a lot of fun!" Mistress Karla laughed out loud, then jerked on the leash to pull me to the neighbor's house, where She just opened the door and dragged me inside.

She jerked on the leash again and dragged me into a large living room, and immediately the women, who were all pretty much naked and had obviously been drinking, all started to scream, giggle, point, and laugh at me. Mistress Karla pulled me over to each one of them, one at a time, and told them they were free to do anything they wished to do to me, and warned me to stand there and take it.

Some spanked me a little, ordered me to spread my legs and play very roughly with Mistress's aching balls, and one took out her own little whip and whipped Mistress's prick while they all giggled and laughed. Mistress Karla spoke to me as She took off the handcuffs. "Now, you get to cum, but not immediately. You must still beg for permission to cum, and we will all vote on whether we will allow you to cum, and the vote must be unanimous. One 'no' vote and you don't get to cum. Since you are gagged, just snap your fingers to ask permission to cum. Lie on your back on the coffee table and s-l-o-w-l-y amuse us and entertain us by playing with yourself and masturbating for us. Now get over there and entertain us!"

So this is what Mistress Karla meant when She said "that there are more kinds of punishment than just whipping you or fucking you. Your cumming is also going to be a punishment of sorts. The punishment of complete and total humiliation." This would be more than total humiliation for me, masturbating for an audience, and a very rude and vulgar audience at that! I hadn't even touched my cock yet and I was already mortified! I was being forced to publicly disgrace myself, all for the amusement of 7 women!

Let me say here that no one, except Cindy, has ever watched me masturbate, and the only time she has ever seen me do that is when I decide to cum on her face. That's it.

"C'mon ladies, gather 'round so you can all get a nice close up view of slutboy playing with himself for your entertainment!" Mistress Karla said. "OK, slutboy. Start the show! Play with My prick and My balls for your audience!" She removed the strap and leash from around Her prick and balls.

I slowly began to play with Her balls in one hand and Her prick in the other, while the girls all giggled and laughed at me. "Can we make requests?" one of them asked. "Hell no! No requests. If you want something, order him to do it or just do it. Anything at all, my dear! Requesting implies asking permission, and you already have the go ahead for everything your mind can dream up!" Mistress Karla chuckled. "Slutboy will honor all your orders, no matter what! He has no shame, and certainly has no pride! His mission is to degrade himself for our amusement. Isn't that right, slutboy?" I nodded.

"Yes" said Mistress Karla. "He is only a live sex toy a party slut - and must do whatever we demand."

One of the women piped up with an order. "Stop playing with Mistress Karla's balls and give me your hand." She took my hand and placed a flexible dildo with a handle on it into my hand. "Fuck yourself with this. And I mean fuck yourself hard!"

So there I was, on my back on a coffee table, gagged, playing with my cock, slowly masturbating, and fucking myself with a dildo while my audience watched and laughed from 3 feet away. Shaming and disgracing myself as perverted entertainment, toying with my own sex for them, not for my pleasure, but for theirs. For women that had no interest at all in a real, live cock other than to see it in this show.

I had to stop and snap my fingers I was very close to cumming. "OK ladies, slutboy wants to cum. All those in favor, raise your hand!" No one raised their hand. "Gee, I guess you don't get to cum yet. Too bad, so sad!" The ladies all laughed. "Hold his hands so he can't touch himself 'til he cools down and can masturbate some more for us."

Two ladies grabbed my hands, and two more grabbed my legs and spread them wide. "Keep your legs spread" one of them said, "so we can see it all!" The ladies laughed again, and began making some rude comments as I was 'cooling down'.

"Look at that prick, all hard and leaking! The one eyed trouser worm is crying!" "Bet you would love one of us to straddle you and shove their pussy down onto your prick! Nope these pussies are for women only, and you can't have any!" "I bet you would love us to give you a blow job, but we don't do that!" "Funny thing, there is only one bitch here, and that bitch is jerking off for us on the table!"

One of the ladies then took the handle of the dildo and began working it in and out of my ass, and the ladies that were holding my arms began pinching and playing with my nipples. Oh yeah, all that was helping me 'cool down'. Uh huh. Sure.

After a few minutes they released my hands and ordered me to masturbate some more for them, and in a few minutes I was ready to cum again so I snapped my fingers, and they grabbed my hands again. Mistress Karla stepped in and began stroking Her prick, "Hold it back, slutboy!" she said. "Should we let him finish himself off for us?" 3 of the ladies raised their hands, including Cindy and Mistress Karla. "Motion denied!" one of the ladies giggled. Then they all giggled and laughed at my predicament.

One of the girls wisecracked, "It's so nice to have a MAN around the house!" They all laughed hysterically!

"But he's part man, part girlie princess" Mistress Karla said mockingly. Wig, lipstick,

whore eye makeup, slutty stockings, and sleazy slut high heeled shoes only cheap hookers and B grade strippers wear. The only 'man' part is the prick and balls!" The girls all laughed again.

And so it went another dozen or so times, masturbating but not being allowed to cum. The ladies got bolder and more inventive, too. One squatted down over my face and put her pussy just an inch away. "Would you like to suck some pussy, slutboy?" she said in a mocking tone.

"Well, too bad this pussy doesn't like men!" The girls all roared with laughter! The dildo in my ass was in constant motion, and they began slapping the insides of my thighs, even making me turn over once so they could spank me. And of course the prick whip. They all wanted to take turns with that while I 'cooled down'. One of them said, "I never knew whipping a prick could be so much fun. Prick abuse is fun!" The ladies all giggled, and agreed. Then more giggles. Lots more giggles!

Finally, after over an hour of being the show for them, they all voted to let me cum! "Well, slutboy, looks like the ladies are going to have a little pity on you and allow you the privilege of jerking yourself off for them! But do it VERY slowly, slutboy." Mistress Karla warned. "Don't be in a hurry. We want to watch you squirt your goo all over yourself.

After just a few minutes of playing with myself, s-l-o-w-l-y masturbating as they watched and giggled, I began to grunt and groan. "Slower, slutboy" one of the ladies said. "Much slower. We want to see you squirt in slow motion!" The girls giggled, and finally, mercifully, I shot what felt like a quart of cum onto myself, in about 8 or 9 squirts, as I screamed into the ball gag in orgasm.

I was screaming and groaning in my orgasm, while they were laughing, giggling, pointing, and spanking the insides of my thighs. I finally finished, and immediately Mistress Karla ordered me to stay still. She tied my hands and feet, leaving me spread wide on the coffee table, then blindfolded me but removed the gag. "Is there more, Mistress Karla?" I asked, still panting from cumming so hard.

"Of course there is more! You didn't think that we only wanted to watch you humiliate yourself by jerking off for us just once, did you? We'll let you rest awhile, then you can start all over again and entertain and amuse us some more!" The girls all giggled and clapped. "I love encores!" one of them quipped. "Cindy, come over here and clean the cum off of his belly with your tongue. But don't swallow it. When you get a nasty wad in your mouth, French kiss slutboy and share it with him! Feed him his own creamy goo!"

Cindy came over to me and gently licked some of my cum off of my chest, then moved toward my mouth. "Open wide, slutboy!" one of the girls giggled. Cindy has a special treat to share with you!" The girls all giggled.

Another one chimed in, "Oooh, I think he's enjoying slurping down his own creamy mess!" The girls all giggled and agreed. Cindy made a total of 5 more 'trips' from my belly and chest to my mouth, and finally another of the girls told her, "OK now suck everything that's left out of his prick and just spit that into his mouth. He's still hungry!" The girls all roared with laughter!

She sucked and sucked on my cock, pulling out any cum left, then raised her head and came toward my mouth. "Open wide, slutboy!" Mistress Karla said. "We don't want you to miss a drop!" The girls all laughed again. "But don't swallow it just yet. Swish it around in your mouth and taste it for awhile. I'll let you know when you can swallow." I spent the next 10 minutes or so with a mixture of my cum and Cindy's spit in my mouth before Mistress Karla gave me Her permission to swallow it. Mistress Karla came over to me and grabbed Her prick and balls, tugging on them sharply. "You forgot to thank me for the privilege of eating your own cum, slutboy! Thank me, and thank all the girls for allowing you to be the real pervert that you are and humiliating yourself and amusing them by jerking off for them!"

"Thank you, Mistress Karla, for allowing me to eat my jizz. And thank you, ladies, for allowing me to horribly defile myself for you!" I said. The girls all laughed, and one of them said, "Oh, sweetie pie, you're nowhere NEAR done yet. That was just a start!"

Mistress Karla let go of Her prick and balls and put the ball gag back in my mouth after she 'freshened up' my lipstick.

"Too bad a few of our other girlfriends can't be here to see the next show!" one of the girls said. "I can think of a few more of our Lesbian friends that would just love to be here!"

"Well, get on the phone, girl, and invite them over! The more the merrier!" Mistress Karla said as the girls' cell phones came out. "Tell them show time is in one hour. And tell them not to forget their cameras!"

The girls were all busy dialing away on their cell phones. "You don't mind if this turns into a party, do you, slutboy?" Mistress Karla said as she grabbed Her balls and gave them a firm squeeze. Then one of the other girls casually wandered over as she was telling someone on the other end of the phone what was going on and inviting her over. "Just so you'll know, at this very moment I am stuffing a large butt plug up his ass to keep it ready. Don't forget to bring your strap-on!" she giggled.

I knew that this night was far, far from over for me and I also knew Cindy is one hell of a wonderful woman! As I rested, I began thinking of how I could make Cindy's upcoming birthday as special as she was making mine... but that will be another story.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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