The Switch 2
  • Author - Jennifer Harrison
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  • Post Date - 5/30/2011

Author's Note: Follow-up to 'The Switch'

Part 1

Hi, my name is Alan. I've been into bondage since I was a kid, but I'm not one of those super-confident types who suggests bondage to a girl and she immediately rolls over and begs to be tied up, nor am I one of those creeps who grab a girl and tie her up against her will – I'm just your average Joe who fantasises about finding a girl who wants to be tied up, and that's about it. I actually struck lucky when a girl, Jenny, agreed to let me tie her up if she could tie me up and, after some early adventures (see "The Switch" for details), we ended up living together.

What was already clear was that Jenny, a tall, leggy blonde with a tight, slim body, was a committed Domme, whereas I was a dilettante at best. As time went by, she exerted her very strong will on me and gradually took over my life. The first thing she made me do was go running with her in the morning, something I had never been into. Then she devised an exercise plan for me 'to firm up' my rather flabby body – press-ups, sit-ups, step-ups, and so on. Then she persuaded me it would be 'fun' to exercise in the nude, then 'fun' to wear handcuffs, 'fun' to be gagged, 'fun' to have nipple clamps on to allow her to 'encourage' me by pulling on the chain joining them. She also changed my diet, cutting out carbs and beer, and I have to admit, I started to feel much healthier, enjoying the changes to my body that her 'suggestions' brought about.

Another thing was she insisted I call her 'Mistress' when we played our sex games, even when she was the one being tied up. Then it was 'Mistress' whenever we were alone, then even when we were with her friends or out in public. She allowed me to drop the 'Mistress' when we were with my friends, but she would punish me for it later, when we were alone, usually spanking or caning me.

She enrolled me in a yoga class, which seemed bizarre at the time, but she said I'd enjoy being amongst all those fit young women in lycra, which was true. I only realised what she was doing when she started testing my newly-developed flexibility to see if she could tie my elbows together behind my back, or twist my arms up my back into a full reverse prayer (both eventually successful), or how far she could get my feet up behind my back in a hogtie (answer – pretty far).

She also started training me in rather more obvious ways – taking a long object into my mouth without throwing up (still difficult), or taking increasingly longer or thicker objects into my anus (not pleasant).

All these things happened slowly, so it was difficult to object to any one thing without appearing to be a killjoy. When I did object or even refuse, she would promise to let me tie her up and do whatever I wanted to her, which always worked and I would let her do whatever she wanted, looking forward to punishing her later. The only trouble was, though promised, I found that these sessions rarely actually happened – more and more, the only one getting tied up was me.

Then there were the toys. She already had an extensive collection of bondage gear, but she would add new stuff whenever she saw it and then try it out on me. I was a dirt poor student, and when we met had assumed she was the same, but she had access to her daddy's money with no questions asked. The truth was that daddy was, unknowingly, paying for my training as a submissive.

In some ways I hated our relationship, I hated myself for being such a wimp, for not standing up to Jenny, insisting that at least some of the time I was the one in charge, although I knew that if I did, either I would lose the argument or we would not be together. But I have to admit I also loved it – I loved that I could have wonderful, dirty sex with this very attractive girl and all I had to do was let her take control. I didn't know where we were going with our relationship, but I was happy to go along for the (very wild) ride.

Six months after she moved in with me, Jenny announced that to celebrate our 'semi-anniversary', we were going up to London for a weekend break – shopping, dinner, take in a show, stay over for a night of passion – and daddy was paying. She made all the arrangements – naturally – and I turned up when told to, looking forward to it.

Shopping turned out to be a trawl around the sex shops and fetishwear specialists in Soho, with me having to hang around outside – which seemed even more embarrassing than going inside – while she went in and browsed, emerging maybe twenty minutes later with a sealed bag. When I asked to see her purchases, she smiled and said "Later".

We went to dinner, but as it got to 9pm, I started to worry.

"Will we still make it to the show ?" I asked, not knowing what the show was.

"Don't worry your pretty head, Alan, the show won't start until we turn up" she smiled. I was confused – were we the only members of the audience ? – but I said nothing. Little did I know that we were – or rather I was – to BE the show !

When we got back to our hotel room, Jenny started to look through her earlier purchases.

"I've bought you lots of presents" she smiled, "So strip off and you can try them on for me". As I took off my clothes, I wanted to look surly and uncooperative, but the problem was I was excited at the prospect of dressing up in all this new bondage gear – I found that I was starting to love the feel of the materials, the restriction, and because I knew where it was all leading – sex !

First out of the carrier bag was a leather body harness – a large metal ring in the middle of my chest with leather straps over my shoulders, under my arms, around my stomach and between my legs. It felt excitingly tight and I could hardly wait for more. Jenny took out a new leather arm binder, which bound my forearms together behind my back in a folded arms position – it was comfortable, so could be worn all night if required, but it did the job. Next was a leather panel gag, which covered the lower half of my face and was held in place by three straps, which Jenny pulled particularly tight. It had a fat rubber penis on the inside, so my mouth was satisfyingly filled, and I could certainly not utter any kind of recognisable words with this in place. My outfit was completed by a leather collar around the neck with a dog lead clipped to the front and hanging down my chest, and a metal ring tightened around the base of my cock and balls, attached to the body harness, so that every move I made tugged on it, providing constant pleasant but frustrating stimulation.

"Well, don't you look a picture !" Jenny purred, running her nails down my body and cupping my balls. My cock was already becoming hard in anticipation of her next move – would she suck me off, whip me, or bugger me with her strap-on ? I didn't really care at that stage, I was so horny any of those would have made me cum.

Instead, Jenny continued to tease me, stripping off herself and dressing in her own purchases. A leather corset pinched in her waist, flared out at her hips and presented her breasts on a platter before me. Stockings, suspenders, platform stilettos and a leather choker completed a very sexy and domineering look. With some deep red, glossy lipstick, black eyeliner and a tight ponytail for her blonde mane, she was ready to take me to heaven, possibly with a lengthy detour through hell. She sashayed up to me with a knowing smile and kissed the front of the gag.

"Are you ready for a whole world of new experiences, Alan ?" she asked breathily. I nodded enthusiastically, wondering what she had in mind.

"Good ! Let's go !" She turned around, picked up a rubber raincoat and pulled it on, covering her outfit and making her look thoroughly respectable in a very sexy way. But, what did she mean by 'Let's go' ? I couldn't go anywhere like this, surely ?! I hadn't allowed for Jenny's inventiveness and determination to make it happen. She went to her final carrier bag and pulled out a wad of black material, standing in front of me and putting it over my head. It fell over me like a sheet, leaving me in the dark until she adjusted its position a little and I was able to see her through a small netted grille in front of my eyes. I suddenly realised she had dressed me in a burka, the all-concealing Muslim garment which was the subject of so much fear and confusion to westerners. Oh my God, I thought, she intended to parade me through the streets of London in full bondage, disguised as a Muslim woman ! Surely this couldn't work ? Wasn't it blasphemous ? I whined through the gag and shook my head, but Jenny pushed me out of the room and into the hotel lift, which was already occupied by half a dozen people. They looked like American tourists, and also looked highly nervous when I got in, giving me plenty of space. They were totally confused when Jenny got in with me – a western girl dressed up for a night on the town (they could see her stockings and stilettos, as well as the choker) with a Muslim 'woman' in full dress ? They couldn't wait to get away from us.

Out on the street, I felt totally exposed, with the cold night air cutting through the surprisingly thin material and the wet paving stones under my bare feet quickly chilling me. The pavements were still crowded, this being London, but nobody bumped into me, they gave me a wide berth. There was one surreal moment when a middle-eastern man with a burka-clad woman (I'm sure she was genuine !) walked past us and nodded to us in acknowledgement, before realising we were not their kind of people at all, and rushing on with a look of confusion and anger.

Jenny tried to hail a taxi, but with me alongside her they ignored her and just drove by. She told me to move away and, instantly, a cab pulled up and she hopped in. I dashed forward, worried she was just going to leave me there, and I struggled awkwardly to sit down. I looked up to see the horrified expression on the driver's face. When Jenny gave him the address he shot off – he didn't want me in his cab a moment longer than necessary.

We pulled up outside a disco, with a queue of people outside – surely we can't be going in there, I thought. Jenny led me to a set of steps right by the disco, leading down to a basement doorway, where two burly bouncers blocked our path, looking at me suspiciously.

"This is a private club, miss" one of them said gruffly, "Are you a member ?" Jenny bent down and grabbed the hem of the burka and whipped it up over my head, leaving me exposed.

"Here's my membership card", Jenny said to the now-smiling doormen, who waved us through. Just inside the door was a hatch, and a bored looking girl chewing gum took Jenny's coat and the burka as she looked me up and down, before turning away dismissively.

Jenny picked up the dog lead and led me to another set of doors.

"If anyone speaks to you in there, you call them Master or Mistress, understand ?" she said as she opened the door. I nodded my head and then was hit by the wall of sound, hot, sweaty air and cigarette smoke as she pulled me inside. We were in what looked like a nightclub with flashing strobe lights adding to my disorientation, and it was packed with people who all seemed to be staring at me at that moment. The beat of the music was so loud I could feel it reverberating in my body as Jenny dragged me through the crowd, until she found a vacant table and sat down. There was nowhere for me to sit and Jenny pulled down on the lead, forcing me to kneel on the floor in front of her.

Jenny called over a waitress, who was dressed in a skimpy latex bikini and stilettos, and ordered herself a drink, ignoring me. I looked around and took in my extraordinary surroundings. There was a stage in front of us, with a number of dancers, male and female, some pole dancing and others grinding together to the thumping beat. Dotted around the room were raised circular platforms, each with a spotlight illuminating it and each with a man or woman in bondage, being mistreated in a variety of ways by others. As I watched, the people delivering the punishment occasionally stepped off the dais and were immediately replaced by others, seemingly from the general crowd.

But the crowd was the most interesting part of the scene. I worked out that they broke down into three groups. The first group were the dominants, who were easily identified by their lurid clothing, consisting mainly of leather, rubber and PVC, and their easy, confident manner as they strutted around the room or lounged in their seats, like Jenny. They were also leading the second group, the submissives, again easily distinguished, this time by their lack of clothing and the bondage gear they wore – chains, ropes, gags, straps, cuffs, manacles and so on. They traipsed along behind their master or mistress, or sat at their feet, like me. There were many masters and mistresses, and many slaves, both male and female.

The third group could be called 'wannabe Doms'. They generally wore street clothes, albeit of the more racy variety, and they didn't have their own slaves. They hung around the platforms, either watching the action or jumping up on the dais for their turn at torturing the bondaged victim. Again, there were both men and women in this group, and as with the others, they were certainly not all beautiful young things – every shape, size and age seemed to be present as master, mistress, submissive or wannabe.

Two questions occurred to me – one was, who were the victims on the platforms, customers or club employees ? The other was, I had seen there were Doms without subs, were there also subs without Doms ?

My people-watching was interrupted when the music stopped and a 'Mistress of Ceremonies' (as she called herself) came to the stage. She was wearing a sparkling, clinging silver dress that was a feat of engineering, as it managed to support and display her considerable bust while being so backless she was showing 'bum cleavage'. It was also slashed up the side to the hip, displaying her incredibly long and shapely legs.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen, Doms and subs" she said into the microphone she held, "I do hope you are enjoying yourselves and your fellow revellers". There was a cheer, mainly from the wannabes.

"Now, we have a special request tonight, from Mistress Jennifer for her sub, Alan". I was shocked as I realised the spotlight and everyone's attention was on me.

"It's their anniversary today, and Alan's Mistress has arranged a special surprise for him. So please welcome to the stage, Alan !" There was a cheer and a round of applause as a bikini-clad waitress pulled me by the dog lead up onto the stage, while I looked desperately back at Jenny, only to see her smiling and clapping. The woman removed my gag and pushed me down onto my knees, facing the crowd. The MC came over to me and put her long fingers under my chin, turning my face up to her.

"Hello, Alan, how are you enjoying yourself ? I understand this is your first time at the club ?"

"Yes, Mistress" I said nervously.

"Now, your Mistress tells me that you are heterosexual and you've never had any kind of gay experience, is that right ?"

"Yes, Mistress" I said, not liking where this was going.

"That's great ! Now I understand Mistress Jennifer has arranged with Master Carlos to borrow his slave Dwayne, so please welcome to the stage, Dwayne !" There was more cheering and clapping as Dwayne stepped up.

Dwayne was black, about six foot six, and built like a brick shithouse, as we say (think running back, Americans). He was hairless, from the top of his bald head to his shaved legs, and muscled all over. He was wearing what I would call slave chains – heavy iron rings around neck, wrists and ankles, all joined by thick chain. But what everyone in the place, including me, was staring at was the monstrous thing hanging down between his thighs and reaching, it seemed, almost to his knees. It was at least twelve inches long, probably twice as long as my cock when it was erect (at the moment mine was shrunken, totally intimidated). I felt the MC's fingers grab my hair and pull back my head.

"You've never sucked a man's cock before, have you, Alan ?"

"No, Mistress" I said, my voice quavering in abject fear.

"But you're going to give Dwayne here the best fucking blowjob he's ever had, aren't you, Alan ?" I swallowed hard, my heart pounding in my chest. I cast a desperate, beseeching glance at Jenny. She was smiling, and I detected the merest hint of a nod of her head.

"Y-Yes, M-Mistress" I stammered.

"Good boy. Take your time". I couldn't believe this – all I had wanted to do was play a tie-up game with a pretty girl; now I was going to suck this man's cock in front of a baying crowd of over a hundred people.

Dwayne stood in front of me and his cock looked even more frightening close up, all thick veins and with an enormous, bare bell end (he was circumcised). The crowd were only a couple of feet away from me and I could hear them urging me on. As I turned to look at them, I saw the amusement, excitement and disbelief at my predicament, the women laughing at me, most of the men looking on in disgust through their hands. I looked up at Dwayne, hoping for something, I don't know what, sympathy maybe, but he was stony faced as he put his hand around the base of his shaft and held it out in front of my face.

I couldn't put it off any longer. To an enormous cheer, I leaned forward and put my lips around the end of it, taking the head into my mouth. As I did so, Dwayne jerked forward and I immediately gagged and had to pull back before I was sick. I saw my saliva all over the head now, with a string of it hanging from my lips. Before I could make another move, Dwayne's big hand grabbed my hair and forced me onto his shaft until it hit the back of my throat and I retched again. So much for my training !

To try and avoid gagging again, I ran my wet tongue all the way down the side of his huge dick until I had my lips pressing against his balls. Remembering what Jenny had done to me in the past, I took each testicle in turn into my mouth and flicked my tongue all around it, before wrapping my lips around his shaft and running my mouth back up to the head. Dwayne took control now and forced me to take him into my mouth again and I fought to stop myself throwing up as he fucked my face with ever louder groans and cries. The crowd were going wild now, banging on the stage, and screaming for him to cum.

When he finally did cum, it was like a fire hose being turned on. My mouth was immediately filled and cum spilled down my chin. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and literally covered my face. It was still pumping and some of it topped up my still-open mouth while the rest sprayed across my chest. As the flow slackened, he leaned over me, pulling my head back and dribbling the last of his juice into my face.

"Oh my God !" the MC lady breathed, "I've never seen so much cum ! Make sure you drink it all down, Alan". She held my head back to stop me spitting it out, and I was forced to swallow the mouthful I had. At that moment, I respected any woman who swallows, because it nearly made me sick. As she released me, I looked around at a sea of happy and astonished faces as the audience applauded the show they had just witnessed.

I was dragged to my feet and off the stage, where Jenny was waiting to meet me.

"Well done, Alan" she said, scraping a handful of congealing cum off my chest and forcing me to lick it off her sticky fingers.

"But since you seem to enjoy the spotlight so much, why don't you have some more ?"

She nodded to the bikini-clad girl, who pulled me away and led me towards one of the platforms, which was currently occupied by a naked woman bent double, with her arms up in the air behind her. As we approached, the spotlight above her went off and the chain holding her arms was lowered. As it did so, she collapsed onto the platform and had to be dragged away by a waiter in latex briefs. The waitress helped me up and strapped around my ankles leather cuffs which were chained to the dais, forcing me to spread my legs. She removed the arm binder and put my wrists in cuffs attached to the chain from the ceiling, which was raised again, forcing me to assume the bent-over position I had seen the woman held in. The waitress went to a rack of bondage equipment close by and returned with a head harness ring gag, which she strapped onto me, and a large steel hook, which she forced into my anus, ignoring my cries of pain. She also had a bungee cord, which she attached to the hook and the top of the head harness, snapping my head back and pulling the hook deeper into me. As she stepped off the dais, the spotlight came back on, showering me in its harsh light – I was ready.

Immediately, two women who had been watching this preparation intently, clambered up beside me. They were at least forty, maybe more, and inappropriately dressed in PVC which would have looked cheap and tacky even on a twenty-year old glamour model. They had each selected a cane from the equipment rack and wasted no time in setting about beating my buttocks and thighs with sadistic enthusiasm. I cried out in pain, but the music had returned and my howls just mingled into the overall noise. Soon my arse was glowing hot as their blows rained down. Eventually, they had had enough and got down to make way for the next customer.

A strikingly beautiful young woman in a green spandex mini-dress stepped up onto the dais and bent down in front of me, putting her face next to mine. She kissed my stretched lips quite tenderly, then licked all the stale cum from my face. She smiled at me, then stood up, so her hips were in front of me. She pulled up the hem of her dress and pulled down her panties to reveal ... a very real and very stiff penis ! He / she was either a transvestite or a pre-op transsexual, I don't know which, and I was totally in shock. He walked round behind me and I felt the hook pulled out of my anus, which was a relief, but I feared what was coming next. As I felt his body against the back of my thighs and the tip of his erection press against my sphincter, I tried to tell myself it was no different to Jenny with her strap-on. But when he forced it into me and started to bang away, I knew I wasn't fooling myself. He fucked me fast and hard, rocking me back and forth in the chains holding me, and when he came inside me, it was a weird and entirely unpleasant feeling. When he left me, I could feel his cum dribbling out of me, between my buttocks and down my thigh. It felt like this was the ultimate violation.

There was no respite. Next were a couple of young girls, who looked and acted like they were drunk. Giggling all the time, they got up beside me and I felt them grab my cock and tug at it quite violently until it was hard. I felt something slipped around the end of it and pull tight like a noose, and then it was stretching my cock – I guessed it was some kind of cuff or strap with a weight on the end. I felt one tightened around each of my balls, and then extra weights must have been added, as the pulling got worse and the straps tightened further. When more weights were added, I was in constant and excruciating pain. Apparently highly amused with themselves, the giggling girls moved on to my nipples, putting clamps on each of them and weighting them until they too were in agony. As if this was not enough, they took down floggers from the rack and set about targeting my tortured cock and balls, as well as my inner thighs and buttocks.

The nightmare went on. These two were followed by two very gay men in biker leathers, who took me at both ends at once. Then a fat woman bent over and pushed her pussy into my face, forcing me to lick her until she came. More beatings were followed by a woman buggering me with a strap-on, and so it went on, as I lost all sense of time or what was happening.

When at last the spotlight went off, I collapsed onto the platform in exhaustion, just like the woman before me. As I was dragged away, I saw another unfortunate victim taking my place.

When I was returned to Jenny, the arm binder and panel gag restored, she was not alone. She had another sub at her feet, an Asian boy, his hands cuffed behind his back, but otherwise unfettered and unmarked – he had clearly not been through anything like I had just suffered. I guessed he must have been an 'unattached' sub, and Jenny had taken ownership. She sipped her drink, smiled at me, and indicated I should squat down beside the newcomer, as she ran her fingers through his hair. As I knelt, I felt betrayed, humiliated, and worst of all, unwanted. What did she see in this guy ? He was scrawny and his cock looked tiny, how could she want him over me ? The green-eyed monster had got me !

Jenny chatted to other Doms and watched the floor show, ignoring or unaware of my burning resentment and jealousy. One particular Dom, a very good looking man, sat down beside her and they talked animatedly. His two subs, who looked like identical twin sisters, knelt beside him and glanced around nervously with what looked a lot like fear, but may have just been submissiveness. They were gorgeous blondes with nice curves, and were naked, but were without any bondage, other than silver bands around their necks, wrists and ankles, and chastity belts locked over their pussies.

After about half an hour of chat, some kind of decision seemed to have been reached and the two Doms got up. The man took his two girls away, while Jenny led me and her new sub out of the club. She got her coat and the burka and asked the new boy if he had anything to pick up. She put on her coat but the two of us were left naked, and she took us out and up on to the street. It was still dark (I guessed it was 3 or 4am) and the street was thankfully deserted. A Range Rover pulled around the corner and stopped next to us. Jenny got in the back seat, while the driver, a large bruiser of a man, got out and opened the tailgate for us to climb aboard. The twins were already kneeling in the back and the two of us clambered in next to them. The tailgate was slammed shut and we were crushed in together behind a grille normally used to keep pets in their place – how appropriate. As the car sped off through the empty streets, I looked through the grille and saw Jenny sitting next to the Dom, who turned to her and initiated a passionate kiss, which she returned with alacrity. Their hands were all over each other and I now felt doubly betrayed – she had a new sub and it was clear that pretty soon she would have a new lover as well !

The car pulled up outside a large house in a London suburban street and we were taken out. Jenny and the Arab went up the steps and into the main body of the house, holding hands. The four subs were taken down into a basement, which was cold, dark and bare. The driver turned on a light, which was a spotlight illuminating a cage in one corner of the room. We were hustled inside it, having to crawl in, and the door was locked. The driver switched off the light and closed the door, leaving us in the pitch black. Nobody spoke – me because of the gag, but the others maybe out of fear or nervousness. I was shivering, and I was surprised and rather touched when the girls put their arms around me and pressed their bodies against mine for shared warmth – I guessed that's what they'd done when it was just the two of them, and they had just extended it to us.

It was probably an hour later when the door opened and several spotlights went on. Jenny and the other Dom walked in, and somehow I instantly knew they had had sex.

"Where shall we start, Luigi ?" Jenny said as she walked over to our cage.

"Be my guest", Luigi said. The driver came in and stood in the corner.

"Well", Jenny mused, "I'd like to try your girls, but I only just picked up this slave, so I think I'll give him a go first". The new boy was taken from the cage and strapped down to a table in the middle of the room. I was devastated – she had not even considered me.

Jenny took a flogger from a rack on the wall and beat her new sub until he was screaming for mercy, with tears running down his face. Then she got up on the table, straddling him.

"Suck me, slave, and you'd better be good or you're in real trouble !" She sat on his face and ground her pussy into him, forcing him to lick and suck her or suffocate. She kept going until, with a rising crescendo of moans and exhortations for more effort, she reached her climax. I couldn't watch and I looked away at the key moment, at Luigi, and I saw him give a faint nod. The driver stepped forward and I tried to shout a warning to Jenny, but it was too late. The driver grabbed her as she relaxed in her post-orgasmic bliss and threw her to the floor, driving the air from her body. He quickly handcuffed her wrists behind her back and, as she struggled, screamed and cursed, he stuffed a large ball gag in her mouth.

"Always a vulnerable moment, when you've just cum" Luigi said smugly, "But honestly, my dear, you were lost the moment you agreed to leave the club with another Dom, one so much more experienced than you. I hope you enjoyed your orgasm, as it was your last – I don't allow my slaves sexual gratification, do I, girls ? I will train you to appreciate the pleasures of the whip and the cane instead. Carlton, get rid of those two men, I don't want them contaminating my girls". The driver put a drawstring bag over the new slave's head and tied it tight, before gagging him over the top of the bag. He then dragged me out of the cage and put a bag over my head too. As I was dragged outside, I could hear Jenny's muffled cries as Luigi whipped her hard.

We were bundled into the car and driven away, not knowing what was going to happen, but certainly I thought we were going to be killed. After about twenty minutes, the car stopped and I was dragged out and thrown down on damp, dewy grass. I felt the arm binder unfastened, then a voice growled close to my ear.

"If I ever see you again, motherfucker, I'll kill you, understand ?" I nodded and heard him get back in the car and drive off. When I got the bag off my head, he was long gone, and I found myself lying in Hyde Park with the sun coming up. The driver had thoughtfully left me a T-shirt and shorts with £50 in the pocket – presumably he didn't want me to be arrested and start telling stories to the police.

As I dressed and staggered towards the train station, I was in shock from all the events of the night, but I kept one thing clear in my head – Jenny was in trouble and, somehow, I had to find her and rescue her.

Final Part (added: 06/22/2011)

By the time I got home, I had a plan. The only lead I had was the club Jenny had taken me to, but I didn't know its name or where it was, so I searched the Internet, chatrooms and blogs for anything relating to bondage or BDSM clubs in London. After two days, I had found nothing. Then I remembered the disco next door, so I got a list of night clubs and used Google Streetview to track down the right one. Eventually I located it and saw the steps leading down to the anonymous club. I still had no name or phone number, so I had to go there.

I went back up to London on Friday and booked into a disgusting but relatively cheap hotel. I used the burka disguise again but also had to carry a rucksack with my additional stuff, and that is not a happy combination on any form of London transport. I ended up walking, and got there shortly after 10pm, judging it would be open by then. I saw the bouncers and whipped off my burka in the street to avoid any issue. A group of lads heading into the disco gave me a cheer, called me "queer" and "fucking pervert", but I was used to an audience by then so I wasn't embarrassed.

Inside the club, I put on a gimp mask as a disguise and wrist and ankle manacles so I could pass as a sub. When I went in, I quickly realised I had made a big mistake. The club had only just opened and the only people there were 'wannabes', and they fell on me like wolves on a wounded deer. Despite my protests, I was quickly hustled to one of the vacant platforms and chained up, before being tortured, beaten and buggered like never before. It was two hours before there were enough other subs being pushed towards the platforms so that I could be replaced and was allowed to stagger away to the men's room to recover. When I came back, I searched the room for the next three hours but there was no sign of Luigi or Jenny.

I found out the club was only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I returned the next two nights, fashionably late, but drew a blank. The next weekend I travelled up but couldn't afford a hotel, so I took a sleeping bag and dossed down in a shop doorway, among the homeless. Friday was another failure and Saturday was going the same way. It was about 3am and I was about to call it a night, when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Hello, sweetie" said a very gruff voice. I turned and saw the two bikers who had fucked me on my first night there, although I was sure they didn't recognise me behind the gimp mask.

"Lost your Mistress, have you ?" one of them said.

"Poor darling, we'll help you look" said the other.

"Thank you, Master" I said timidly, "But she ordered me to wait here for her"

"Why don't you wait with us ?" said the taller one, and they grabbed me by the arms and started to drag me towards the men's room.

"Please, Masters, no !" I begged as I struggled, "I'll get into trouble !"

"Oh you're already in trouble, you little cocksucker !" growled the fat one. "Never say 'no' to a Master, didn't your Mistress tell you that ?" As they passed one of the equipment racks, they grabbed a length of rope and tied my elbows together behind my back, stretching the chain between my wrists tight across my stomach. They also forced a ring gag into my mouth, then dragged me into the men's room. After slamming me against the wall, they pushed me down on my knees and took out their cocks. I had to take first one, then the other, as the both worked themselves up into a frenzy. One of them would grab my hair and yank me away from the other and onto his shaft, before the other lost patience and dragged my head back to suck on his length. At last one of them came, shooting his load into my throat and ordering me to swallow it all. Then I was turned back the other way and got another mouthful which I was forced to drink down.

I was hauled up off the floor and pushed down over the sinks. My knees were shoved apart and fingers dug into my buttocks as they were spread. A little liquid soap was used as a makeshift lubricant and then I felt a ramrod hard cock thrust into me. I had the dubious pleasure of watching myself in the mirrors as I was repeatedly buggered. When they had finished with me, I slid to the tiled floor and sobbed silently to myself, somehow feeling soiled by the rape, as they cleaned themselves up.

"Hey", one of them said, apparently coming up with what he thought was a good idea. "Why don't we take our little fuck bunny home with us to play some more ?" They dragged me up and out through the club, a few customers looking around in amusement at my desperate struggling and cries for help. One of the waiter actually held the door open for them !

Out on the street, one of them held me with his enormous forearm around my neck, choking me, while the other went to get their transport. I couldn't believe it when he returned with a motorbike and sidecar – a nice little box for me to be imprisoned in ! The guy holding me leaned forward to open the door and released his grip on me just enough for me to wriggle free and push his off-balance frame into the gutter. I ran like my life depended on it in the opposite direction to which the bike was facing. This gave me a critical few yards head start and all that training Jenny had forced me to do finally paid off. I only stopped when my lungs were burning, hiding behind a row of bins amongst the bags of stinking rubbish until I was sure they'd gone.

I cautiously retraced my steps to the club, staying in the shadows. To my dismay, when I got there, the club saw locked and deserted ! I stood in the deserted street, with no clue what to do next. Naked, gagged, in chains, no money, nowhere to hide and the sun about to come up – no a happy prospect !

Just at that moment, a group of six girls piled out of the nightclub and onto the pavement in front of me. They were obviously on a hen night and pissed out of their heads, and they started laughing and pointing at me.

"At last !" one of them said, "The strippergram turns up ! Where've you been, mate ?" This seemed to be a signal for them to grab me, roughly fondling my cock and my buttocks, as I stood there utterly helpless. Someone flagged down a cab and they bundled me inside and onto the floor at their feet, where they could continue to grope me.

We arrived at another suburban house, rather smaller than the previous one, and I was dragged inside. Once we were in, the girls all got more drink and returned to see what they could do with me. One of them – Tracy – removed the gag and I persuaded her to untie the rope holding my arms tight to my body. I decided my only option was to really act up for them, so I went down on my knees and bent my head submissively.

"What is your command, Mistress ?" I said, addressing Tracy, who seemed to be the owner of the house.

"Oi !" called out an older woman called Chantelle, "Who are you calling a mistress, boy ?"

"It is a term of respect, Mistress" I said, "I am your slave, I will do whatever you demand"

"Slave ?" said Sonia, her interest perking up, "What kind of slave are you ? A sex slave ?" The other girls sniggered and I saw a couple of blushes.

"If you want a sex slave, I will be your sex slave, Mistress". This seemed to start a buzz of conversation, but the woman who took the initiative was Tina, a brassy blonde with big tits and a very tight dress who got up off the sofa and staggered drunkenly over to me.

"Okay, sonny, if you're a sex slave, let's see if you're any good", she slurred, as she reached under her dress and pulled down her knickers. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her until my nose was pressing against her groin. I lifted up the hem of her dress and put my lips against her bush of pubic hair, then slid my tongue between her swollen lips. The others watched in mute fascination as Tina started to moan under my tender administrations. Her hips started to sway as I gripped her buttocks and dug my tongue into her, then my lips sought out her clitoris and I sucked and licked her for all I was worth.

"Oh my God !" she squealed, "You're good at this ! So fucking good !" I redoubled my efforts, using my fingers to augment the good work of my tongue by sliding into her dripping pussy and poking up between her buttocks. She threw her head back and started to pant like some kind of animal, oblivious of the audience around her, letting out little squeaks of pleasure as she headed towards her climax. I drove her on using every trick and technique I knew, hooking one of her legs over my shoulder and holding her tight against my face, feeling totally in control, despite being the one I the chains and on my knees. At last she could resist no longer and she became extremely vocal as she came hard and long, her loud cries gradually dying down to gentle whimpers as she came down from her incredible high. She unwound herself from me and collapsed back on the sofa.

"Christ !" she panted, "I can definitely recommend him ! Get stuck in girls, if you want the experience of a lifetime !" I was certainly busy after that, servicing them one after another. The bride-to-be, a nice girl called Tiffany, decided it would be disloyal to her fiancι to take part, so she and her maid-of-honour Paula made their excuses and left. But Tracy, Chantelle and Sonia all took advantage of me, before Tina came back for a second session.

Eventually, when the four women had either gone to bed or crashed out in the living room, I tidied up the living room and washed up their glasses and plates, like a good slave. I then found the bathroom and went for a shower – I was filthy and stunk like I had been having sex for hours, which of course I had. Once I had dried myself, I went back to the living room and curled up on the carpet to sleep.

It was midday before anyone stirred in the house. The girls were all severely hung over and I offered to make them strong coffee and breakfast, which they accepted, slumping down around the kitchen table while I went to work. They seemed embarrassed by my nakedness and insisted I put on a pinafore, which looked odd, as it covered me in front but left my arse bare.

"So, what were you really doing in the street last night, with no clothes on and in those chains ?" Sonia asked. I told them about the club, my search for Jenny and the bikers.

"Can I ask you a personal question, Alan ?" Tracy said, clearly about to.

"Are you gay ?"

"No, Mistress" I said, "But if a Master wishes to use me that way, I cannot refuse". Jenny would be proud of me, I thought.

"What are you going to do now ?" Tina asked.

"If you will allow me, Mistresses, I would like to stay here today and go back to the club tonight, to continue my search for Jenny, my true Mistress". They seemed to find this all very romantic in a weird, kinky way, and Tracy said of course I could stay. After breakfast, the three other women went home, wishing me luck in my search. I was doing the washing up when Tracy came up to me and put her hand on my shoulder. As I turned to see what she wanted, she clamped her lips over mine and her tongue darted into my mouth. I felt the pinafore pulled away and she took my rapidly hardening cock in her hand.

"God, its months since I've had a man inside me !" she growled, "Take me, Alan".

"Yes, Mistress" I said, picking her up and putting her on the kitchen table. She pulled of the nightdress she was wearing and threw it aside, then took off her panties, before lying back with her legs wide. I moved between her thighs and let my now rampant cock rest against her pussy as I bent over her and sucked each of her small breasts in turn, bringing the nipple to erection. I ran my tongue down her soft skin, across her belly until I was amongst the tights curls of her pubic hair. She smelled strongly of sexual arousal and she was already moist, but I used my saliva to act as an additional lubricant as I brought her to fever pitch. As I straightened up, I saw the imploring, almost desperate look in her eyes and I slid my length all the way into her, bringing a sigh of contentment from her. I moved in and out of her slowly and smoothly as her breathing became ragged and shallow. I reached up and took her breasts in my hands, fondling hem and playing with her nipples until her face was twisted in pain / pleasure and she was biting her lip. She wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me deeper into me, and her hands flew up to her head, pulling at her curly red hair as she drew closer to her orgasm. I thrust into her deeper and harder, brining gasps and cries from her mouth, wide open in ecstasy as her eyes closed. I felt her suddenly cum, her juices rushing down inside her and her muscles reflexively contracting, and she triggered my own climax, making me pump her roughly as I emptied myself into her.

A few minutes later, when I had recovered a little, I picked up her seemingly lifeless form and carried her to the shower I had used earlier. I rinsed and soaped her body as she gradually recovered her composure, but as I washed her breasts and between her legs, I could see she was aroused once more. As she held on to the sides of the shower cubicle for support, the water running down her lithe body, I used my fingers, tongue and lips to bring her to another blissful orgasm.

"Jenny is a very lucky girl" she said as she dried herself.

"Thank you, Mistress" I said dutifully.

"Won't she be upset that you've been unfaithful ?" I thought ruefully about Luigi, and how she had gone with him.

"She would expect me to obey you, Mistress" I replied truthfully.

"Well, in that case ... make me cum some more, slave !"

"Yes, Mistress". It was a long but enjoyable afternoon.

When the time came for me to leave, Tracy accompanied me and even lent me a coat. At the club, she kissed me, wished me luck and left me to go in. I kept well away from any predators and had an uneventful night, which unfortunately meant I didn't find Jenny. I returned home the next day very down.

My third weekend of searching started badly – I not only didn't see Jenny on Friday, but when I emerged from the club, it was tipping down with rain and I had to curl up in a doorway, getting soaked.

Finally, on Saturday night, I was successful. It was shortly after midnight, I was wandering around the club, and I saw Luigi right in front of me, walking towards me. I panicked at first, until I remembered I was wearing the gimp mask so he wouldn't recognise me – to be honest, I think he'd given me so little attention before, I doubted he's remember me anyway.

I was surprised to find that the girls following him were not the blonde twins of a few weeks ago but two brunettes, both with much darker, olive skin than the twins and very impressive curves – I seemed Luigi's tastes had changed. Then I spotted Jenny walking behind them and my heart leapt, but I was shocked by her appearance.

Her long blonde hair had been cut and died brunette, either to disguise her identity or to make her fit in with the other two. She was wearing a large red ball gag, a chastity belt and a set of slave chains around her neck, wrists and ankles which were so heavy she was stooped under their weight. But what alarmed me was that she had a black eye, a badly swollen top lip, and a large, ugly bruise on her hip and thigh, as well as cuts and red welts on her breasts, back and buttocks from what must have been several severe beatings. As well as all that, she had been tattooed with the word 'SLAVE' on her upper right arm. And then I saw that there were large gold rings hanging from piercings in her nipples, with lead weights swinging from the rings. I stopped and stared, my heart going out to her as I imagined what she must have suffered. I had to stop myself from grabbing Luigi by the throat and punching him, I knew that would only get me severely punished. I had to stick to my plan.

I went to the desk and retrieved my rucksack, taking it to the men's room. I got out of my sub gear and put on leather trousers, black boots and a blouson shirt, turning me into, I hoped, a convincing Dom. I returned the rucksack, the girl on the desk not even glancing at me, and went back into the club.

My first task was to find and procure myself a suitable sub. The change of Luigi's subs was unexpected but I hoped it would work in my favour – it indicated that maybe he was willing to change his subs as the fancy took him. I strolled around the club, trying to look as confident as possible, checking all the unattached female subs there. I didn't see anyone who jumped out as ideal, and was just starting to go around again, when she walked in.

She was quite short, but had a wonderful figure – large but natural breasts, slim waist, wide hips – and her attractive face was framed by a cascade of dark auburn curls. She looked Mediterranean, with her dark skin and full lips. She looked around very nervously as she came in, her hands crudely tied together in front of her and covering her unshaven pubic area. I guessed it was her first time there, and I had a slight pang of conscience at what I was potentially getting her into, but only momentarily – she wanted to be here and had effectively asked for everything she got. I went up to her quickly, before anyone else grabbed her.

"Where's your master ?" I asked her in a haughty voice. She looked at me like a frightened kitten.

"I-I have no master, sir" she said hesitantly in a thick Spanish accent.

"You do now. What is your name ?"

"My name is Alicia, sir" I slapped her hard across the face.

"You call me Master, understand ?"

"Yes, sir, I mean, Master" I took her roughly by the arm and pulled her over to one of the equipment racks. I picked out the largest ball gag I could see and strapped it into her mouth, then untied her wrists and twisted her arms up behind her back into a passable reverse prayer before tying them there, despite her obvious distress. I took some more rope and tied an effective breast bondage, then picked out some nipple clamps to complete the look. She was whining into the gag and squirming in her bonds very nicely, and I was so turned on I was struggling to concentrate on the plan, but I controlled myself and went to find Jenny.

Luigi was sitting watching the floor show, Jenny and the two other girls kneeling beside him. I went over and sat at the adjacent table, ensuring Alicia knelt down near him, so he got a good view of her perfect profile. I noticed him glance across at me and then down at her, his eyes lingering as he took in the curve of her thighs, the shape of her breasts and the fullness of her mouth. I ordered a drink and then decided to put on a little floor show of my own. I signalled to my sub and she shuffled over until she was between my legs. I removed the gag and before she could whine or beg, I pushed her head down onto my rampant erection. Her lips were just as soft as they looked and I didn't have to play act anything as she drove me wild with her tongue and her hot mouth. I had to control myself to avoid making a lot of noise and a lot of mess, as I caressed her auburn tresses and struggled to stop myself cumming immediately. I couldn't hold off for long and when I shot my load, I was gratified to see she made no attempt to pull away, but drank down my cum quite willingly. As I picked up the gag again, she opened her mouth and accepted the ball without demur, clearly starting to enjoy her sub role. As she shuffled back to her position to my side, I could see Luigi watching her intently, as the last of my cum escaped from her lips and slid slowly down her chin.

"Well, whatever else she's good at, she's certainly good at that !" I said loudly enough for Luigi to hear, and gave him a wry grin.

"Have you not done that before ?" he asked, taking the bait.

"To be honest with you, I only picked her up here ten minutes ago" I confided conspiratorially.

"She's quite a catch, congratulations" he said. I pulled a face.

"Yes, she looks great, but I dunno ... I like them a bit more feisty"

"How do you mean ?"

"She'll make a great sub, don't get me wrong" I shrugged, "But I enjoy taming the wild ones, you know, where you REALLY have to teach them who's boss. Looks you had to do that with yours". I indicated Jenny, whose eyes had never left the floor. He looked at her too, and gave a look of smug satisfaction.

"Yes, that one is certainly a wild cat"

"Still ? You haven't beaten her into submission yet ?"

"Not for want of trying" he said with a cruel laugh. I felt my pulse rate rising as we came to the critical point.

"Would you mind if I tried ?" He looked at me a little suspiciously.

"What do you mean ?"

"I have a few ... unconventional ideas I'd like to try out some time. She looks like she might be the ideal subject"

"What kind of ideas ?" he asked, leaning forward, eagerly. I looked around to check we were not being overheard.

"I've been trained in interrogation techniques – water boarding, electro-convulsive, other stuff the Nazis specialised in ... I reckon I could break her in a day". Luigi looked around at Jenny and I could see he was relishing the idea of this former Domme being entirely broken and turned into his total slave.

"It sounds interesting. Why don't we go back to my place and you can show me these techniques ?"

"Sorry", I said with a snort of laughter, "I make it a rule to never go on another Dom's territory, too dangerous" I wondered if this was too much of an echo of what he'd said to Jenny, but he didn't pick up on it.

"But I'll do you a trade – I'll let you have this pretty young thing if you lend me your 'wild cat' for 24 hours". He seemed to be considering the deal and I had to resist the temptation to grab him and beat him into submission.

"Okay, but I keep this one for good", he said with his smug look as he ran his hand over Alicia's bound breasts. I shrugged.

"Easy cum, easy go. It's a deal. I'll bring her back tomorrow night and I guarantee you will see a different slave".

"I look forward to it" he smiled as we shook hands.

"I think I'll get started right away" I said and, taking Jenny roughly by the arm, led her towards the door. I had to resist the temptation to run, and I expected to hear a shout behind me, for my exit to be blocked, and for both of us to be hauled back and punished. But we made it out of the door and I immediately took Jenny in my arms and hugged her.

"It's alright now, darling" I said soothingly, "You're safe now. You're with me and you're safe". I think that as she looked up at me, it was the first time she had recognised me, and she buried her face in my shirt and I felt her whole body shaking with silent sobs.

As I went to remove the gag, I realised it was locked on and I didn't have the key to it, or the slave chains, or the chastity belt – what a mistake ! But I wasn't going to risk going back and asking for the keys, all I wanted to do was get out of there. I got my things back from the girl at the desk, and put the burka over Jenny, hiding her chains and gag as well as her naked body. We went out into the dark of the early morning and made our way to the train station.

The journey home in the morning was surreal, but Jenny slept most of the way. When we got home, I looked at her bondage and managed to cut away the leather gag strap and the side of the chastity belt. The chains required a fair amount of careful work with a hacksaw, but at last I managed to free her. We were finally able to kiss and cuddle without being reminded of that club.

"Alan, I'm so sorry for the pain and trouble I caused you" she said quietly, when we eventually broke our clinch.

"I'm a rubbish Domme. From now on, you are in charge, you make the decisions, I'll be your slave". At last, she was just where I had wanted her from the start ! I had the opportunity to do whatever I liked with this gorgeous woman.

"No, you can't be my slave" I said, hardly believing I was saying it.

"You wouldn't be happy as a slave, and I love you too much to want you to be unhappy. You'll have learned from this experience and you'll be more careful in future. But you're a natural Domme and I now know that I'm a natural sub. So, what do you say ? You be the Mistress, and I'll be your slave. Okay ?"

She smiled and held me tight for a long time, the tears flowing once more. At last, she pulled back and wiped her wet face.

"Okay", she said, "So why are you still wearing a Dom's clothes. Get 'em off, slave !"

"Yes, Mistress" I said, smiling broadly.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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