Elite Mistress
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Author's Note:true story with out the names

Part 1: First Visit

This was a new Mistress for me just moving into the area, we talked on the phone after a few E: mails and it was set. Thursday at two sharp I'd better not be late or early but on time. I choose this Mistress of all the others because of what she showed for her equipment and her toys. Mistress was no beginner and didn't want to bother with the novice as she told me there will be no safe words but she assured me she played safe. Her sessions are three hours long and she does no more than four a week. Mistress would know when to back off but not before pushing me out there. There will be marks lasting a few days or so Mistress said that was her way knowing I was thinking about her while hiding her marks from my wife. Like marking my territory so be ready for surprises here and there. Can you live with that my slut? Yes Mistress I replied. She gave me a list and that's when the time was set.

At two sharp I was knocking at her door, seconds later I could hear her heels coming towards the door as it opened a voice from behind the door said enter and on your knees. The door shut as she stood before me with thigh high black leather boots with what looked like five inch heels, stockings showing under her short black leather skirt. A black soft leather corset showing off her figure pushing her breast up and out. Very sharp and sexy she looked as she grabbed my hair asking me what's in the bag. It's what you asked for Mistress as she smacked my face. I'll only ask one more time what's in the bag? Tampons and lip stick Mistress. Was that so hard? No Mistress. Hand them to me we will put them to good use later.

Are you wearing what I ordered? Yes Mistress. Exactly as I ordered? Yes Mistress. Tell me what you have on my slut. Mistress I have on as you commanded, a gold slip and camisole, black thigh high stockings, panties and bra. Good slut now stand up as I did she grabbed my crotch and asked was ready that once we start there is no turning back. Yes Mistress as she had a hard grip on my balls and cock. I know she said I can feel your ready now follow me down to your heaven or hell play space. Mistress was in front of me and she looked very hot I guess about forty or so and in perfect shape. She spoke your not looking at my ass are you slut? No Mistress. You're such a liar slut.

Mistress had toys and equipment every where just like her web showed and in the sub light it was a little scary as she spoke; hands out as she fastened very nice set of cuffs on me and locked them. The same to my ankles but I was still dressed. Mistress hooked each wrist and locked them together as she then put the two cables to each cuff and were pulled up as she cranked the cable fairly tight above my head and then one more crank I was a little on my toes. Mistress said kick off your shoes as I did the pull on my arms got tighter as the little lift from my shoes went away. Standing there with the cuffs over my stockings under my pants Mistress asked if I would like some relief. What ever you like Mistress. You'll be sorry you ever said that my new little whore now lift your one foot as I did she slipped on a five inch heel and now the other. That gave me some relieve as she put straps under and around them saying that should keep them on all nice and tight.

Comfy she asked. Yes Mistress. Good she said as she snapped one of my ankle cuffs and pulled it out about a foot or so and then the other. As she did that I was barely standing on my shoes and about all my weight went to my wrist. I was stretched out tight barley able to move at all. Still comfy? Mistress went out of sight as she came up from behind me telling me to open up as she put on a two inch ball gag harness that went over my head and under my chin. If you never had one of these on there is no spitting this out.

Mistress came around front and sat in a chair she had there looking all sexy she just sat and teased me some and then she giggled. You're not going to like what happens next at all but I forgot to have you strip so I can see your panties and things. You want me to see them don't you? With those clothes on I'm not going to be able to get to that ass. I have something very nice and large for that ass. Mistress came to the front of me rubbing my cock asking; you do want me to get out my play toys right? I shook my head yes. Good, be right back. Mistress went to her drawer and came back with pair of scissors saying this looks like the only way since you're all tied. I started shaking my head no as she started cutting my shirt off saying I told you your not going to like this. Mistress cut my shirt off telling that's better rubbing my bra and reaching in pinching my nipples.

This looks way better than that old shirt. She then started cutting at my pants she went up one leg, then the other. Mistress then cut up the sides and off they came. There was no way I could put them back on. Mistress then rubbed my cock and balls though my slip, now doesn't that feel better? I was still thinking of how I was to leave when she slapped me saying I'm talking to you slut. Yes I shook. That's good slut now as she rolled a table around in front of me I seen a couple butt plugs pretty large ones, two strap on the smallest about eight inches and maybe ten on the other. There was a cat-o-nine, two piece leather flapper and a riding corp. Clips on a string "zippers" both small ones and a couple larger ones. Mistress said there's no since in starting with a smaller butt plug it just waste time when your going to have the big one in any ways it's just going to have and hurt a little besides you have had it awful easy so far but that will soon change.

Mistress came over taking the bigger plug and walked over to me pulling up my slip and taking the plug down though the top of my panties and started working it into my ass. Mistress said you should be glad I don't just stuff the whole plug in at once as she demonstrated as she put about half in and then out. See how nice I am. Nice didn't stand long when she worked a little over half in me she just shoved the rest in. I couldn't move much but I jerked like crazy screaming into that gag. Mistress just giggled saying she loves that look of pain. I had to been shaking for a few minutes until it settled in. Just want to get that ass stretched before I use that big black daddy on you, you'll be glad I broke you in all gentle.

Mistress the took the string of small clip and pulled down my panties under my balls as she clipped about twelve or so on my balls and five or six down the base of my cock. Mistress then pulled my panties up and my slip back down rubbing them some so she could watch the pain in my face. Just two things left before I let you take a brake as she pulled my bra out and tightened on a clamp on each nipple. Mistress then went and took all my cut off clothes and bagged them saying these are no good anymore so I'm throwing them away. You didn't think I really forgot to strip you did you? Mistress went to her drawer and came back with a pvc hood she then took off my gag and put on the hood it had the mouth open and nose holes as she lased it tight it became part of me. She then put another gag on me that kept my mouth open. Relax now I'm going upstairs for a few don't go anywhere and when I get back I'll remove those pesky clamps now that will be fun.

I heard her walk away and go up the stairs but she never shut the door as far as I could hear. It didn't take long before my slobber started running down the front of me. I was feeling all the pain plus I knew what I was in for taking the zippers off not my first rodeo. I heard her door bell, I then heard her heels walking to answer it. I was hoping it was not going to take to long. I was not comfortable at all. Then I heard two sets of heels walking on the floor, shit what's going on she has guest. Ten minutes or so later I hear both sets of heels walking down the stairs when I hear Mistress say see I told you I captured a slut in my house she was in my panty drawer when I caught her now look at her. The other voice says what on earth are you going to do? Well I have a few ideas first if you would like to watch or even help we'll put her though a lot of pain and then we might just have to kill her. Panty thief and all. No we won't kill her although she might wish she was dead. Mistress said do you have ten minutes or so? Sure. Look at her all drooling down the front of her nice lingerie. Mistress told her to reach in and pull the nipples some as she reached in she said what about these clamps? Pull them off she said, when she did I thought my nipple went with them. As she rubbed them it hurt even more. I just heard Mistress laughing. Pull her panties down and look at that poor excuse for a cock. My slip was pulled up and my panties were pulled under my balls. Want to see some real pain. One of them took and pulled the zipper off my balls. I had to be going into convolutions from the pain and just when it felt a little better the ones on my cock was pulled off. Either I went into the zone or I passed out when I heard them talking next to me. Ok baby as my head was held one of them filled my mouth hole with spit. Who ever the other person was said she had to run but she would love to do this again. Mistress asked if before she left if she would like to whip me some. Sure just a few though she said it was getting her wet. Pick your poison. After a few hits and the loud noise I knew it was the flapper. She was excited she went faster and faster grabbing my cock at the same time. Finally she said I got to go have fun and let me know the next time. Fuck that was fun bye and I heard her leave.

Well that was fun for her she knows what I do but has never seen or did anything like that but that might have changed her ways. Of course you'll never know if you run into her or not since you couldn't see her. Now back to business. Before I take that ass of yours I need to finish what she started your not getting off that easy of a beating. Mistress grabbed my mouth hole and spit in it and started beating my ass with what felt like the crop. About twenty or so into it she quit and said I'm letting your hands down and I want them behind you. I'll do this before your legs so you don't get the idea were done. Far from it. Once my hands was behind me and cuffed my legs was released where I was taken to a bench. My legs were tied to the corner legs; I was then leaned onto the bench and strapped down. A strap was taken through my arms and tightened to the bench, the same with my neck.

My thighs were then strapped and pulled out against the legs and tightened. There she said as I heard her pulling up something to stand on. Perfect she said the perfect angle to get to that pussy of yours and I'm so going to fuck that but first things first. She started rubbing my cock and balls telling me how hard I was getting like I didn't know. I felt her stick the scissors through my panties as she started ripping them off. Once they were off she came around and stuck them in the hole in my gag. I heard her walking and then I heard her turn on some water. Soon I felt her at my ass telling me that my pussy needed shaved before she would fuck it. I was shaking my head no but all that got me was sharp smack on the ass. I told you I was going to mark my territory so hold still or I'll shave your legs as well. I felt water and cream being rubbed on my ass and down around my balls. She shaved my ass and all around my balls leaving my front UN harmed for now at least.

There all nice and smooth just about ready for big daddy, I felt her climb onto the stool as her leather skirt rubbed against my ass as she started loosening my hood. The leather felt great when she stood down I heard her doing something when I felt her taking off my gag. She reached over me and pulled the plug out of my ass, boy did that hurt. Open she said and stuffed the plug in my mouth deep telling me to hold it. My hood was then removed as I was staring at Mistress wearing big daddy held in by a heavy black leather harness. Like it she said? It's a full nine inches and five around along with these balls that's going to bang yours. Mistress fucked my mouth with the plug that was in my ass telling me to make it all nice and clean.

She replaced the gag back on me and then walked behind me. My favorite time is coming maybe not yours but it is mine. She rubbed that cock up and down my ass when the tip was put to my ass and with just one long stroke she took it in. I was screaming through the gag as she was getting turned on she loved seeing the pain I know she came when she did that and she must of fucked my ass for fifteen minutes when she finally stopped but she left it deep in me while she took a rest.

Mistress pulled out and lowered my slip saying don't go away I'll be right back were not done yet. Mistress came back and started to release my legs telling me I was to turn around and sit on the bench spreading my legs to each side. My legs was pulled to each side and tied, my hands was then taken from behind me, I was pushed back and my arms was pulled up and tied. She then put a leather strap around me holding into place; again she was a master of bondage.

Then she slipped a three corner box over my head keeping me face up by adjustable sides; then a strap around my throat. Locked I was as she reached down rubbing my cock though my slip getting me all excited as she filled my mouth with her spit. I think we should finish what I started earlier you know your ass and balls are all clean of hair now I think the front should be as well. I tried to protest but with out success. Mistress just said this way your mine unless you just want to explain to your wife why you're bald as an eagle both front and back. Mistress came back with her things and shaved me clean I about came a few times but a smack in the sack stopped that thought. Mistress took her scissors cutting off my top and then my slip leaving me only with my stockings and bra. Then she started on my bra cutting holes for my nipples to stick out as she put back on nipple clamps. Mistress then told me she was real sorry for cutting and tearing everything off but she just wanted me to have to buy everything new again.

You know different colors and knowing that you had to check out with the new items again.

Mistress then inserted a tube into my gag as she leaned over telling what she was about to do. First I going spray your face and hair; then I'm going to fill a funnel into that tube and you will swallow it all and there better not be a drop left in the tube. Mistress climbed up and stood over me just inches away from my face as she let a short flow go. Then she stood up turning to face me, staring me right in the eyes she started filling the tube. Better drink slut if this tube over flows there will be a problem. I swallowed it all as she climbed down taking out the tube. Good job slut as she took off my leg cuffs and untied my wrist. She then took off my stockings telling me to stand up as she hooked my wrist back behind me. I was told to bend over the bench as she then filled my ass with her piss from earlier. She then put in five of the tampons I brought, my ass now full I was told to turn around she then took the stockings wrapping my cock and balls with her expertise. My cock was stiff as a board as she pulled out a small pair of pink nylon panties pulling them on and over my cock. They were tight along with the stockings and my bulge they barley went on. Mistress had laid a cheap pair of nylon sweats on the bench telling this is for you to wear home either that or just go the way you are. See how nice I am as she told me to step into the bottoms as I did she rubbed then over my cock that feeling oh so good. Mistress then some how was able stuff a small powerful vibrator in the front of my panties turning it on. Wrapping her boots around me holding me close and asking me how I liked the session. I tried to speak I started to cum and cum it filled my panties. Mistress took off my gag and then the cuffs. Put your top on and grab your shoes. Tomorrow you will email me telling me what a good time you had. You will then set a time for your next session. UNDERSTOOD. Yes Mistress I will and thank you. She looked at me and said now you know why I only do a few session a week. Who knows my friend might join us next time. Now leave slut and be carefull.

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