The Penalty Box
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Part 1

Alexandra applauded, almost giddy over the last minute goal, as the conquering hero skated in her direction. She stood up and waved from behind the plexiglass barricade that separated her front row seat from the action on the ice. Suddenly, Alexandra winced as number 23 leaned back sharply, sending a wave of ice crystals pelting against the clear shield in front of her. Looking around in embarrassment, Alexandra saw that most, if not all of the people in the sparsely populated stadium, had not noticed the blatant display of bravado. She turned back to the ice just in time to see the devilish grin that had melted her heart on so many occasions. But this time, Alexandra made a mental note of this incident, filling it away even as she went back to cheering for her boyfriend.

"That was amazing, Josh," Alexandra said as her boyfriend emerged from the locker room. He put down the duffel bag containing his hockey gear and stood before her. At twenty-one years old, Josh looked way too pretty to be involved in this rough sport. Longish dirty blonde hair, a bit damp and unkempt after the game, framed his boyish good looks. Alexandra noticed how his light colored hair and fair skin contrasted with the dark blue, skin-tight shirt he was wearing. The long sleeved, high-necked garment, currently favored by athletes involved in winter sports, showed off his exceptional physique.

"Thanks, babe," he said, smiling down at the gorgeous twenty-six year old brunette. Alexandra was one of the privileged few allowed to wait for a player behind the scenes once a game was over. Josh's continual MVP status had earned her that right, and she made use of it every chance she got. "What, no congratulations?"

She stood up on her toes as he bent down. The kiss was long and deep, their passion evident to everyone else in sight. Up close, Alexandra could smell that special musk Josh gave off after a game. He never smelled like sweat, it was more like raw testosterone, and it never failed to excite her. He rarely showered before leaving the arena, preferring to wait until they got home and the inevitable showering together and wild lovemaking that followed after every game. Their lips still locked, tongues dashing around the insides of each other's mouths, Alexandra finally put her hands against his chest and pushed him back. "Let's go home," she said breathlessly.

Alexandria loved hockey, and the men that played it. As a successful insurance account executive, she had plenty of free time to indulge her passion. She had taken to hanging out at the arena during practices and exhibitions. Nobody had ever questioned her. After all, she could have been a scout. The teams were maintained by a privately funded hockey organization that provided opportunities for young talented players who didn't have the money to attend specialized leagues. All of the players were at least high school graduates, and some of them were future superstars. In fact, the NHL often sent scouts on the sly to determine if there was anyone ready for a jump to the minors. Several days into her visits to the arena, Alexandra had noticed number 23. The boy was skilled, he knew it and so did everyone else. She hadn't needed to expend much energy or resources learning more about him. Joshua Ganton, a twenty-year-old college dropout at the time, preferred playing hockey to his studies. Leaving University, he had found a full time job that allowed him enough flexibility to play during most of his free time. Alexandria had watched the boy for a few weeks before taking the plunge and meeting him after a game.

From there, things came easy and natural. She was a beautiful, successful, slightly older woman who loved a sport that he excelled in. They fell in love after their third date.

The steam from the shower filled the large bathroom with a hazy cloud of moisture. In the shower stall, Josh stood under the stream of water, head thrown back and hands clasped tightly behind his back. He moaned loudly as Alexandra, on her knees at his feet, continued licking his hairless balls. "Don't move your hands," she cautioned him as she continued. Taking his erect penis into her mouth, she gently began licking and sucking him. The distracted boy, eyes closed and head thrust back under the flowing water, did not notice as Alexandra picked up the nearly spent bar of soap from the floor of the stall. She carefully maneuvered the soap between Josh's butt cheeks, rubbing it directly against his anus. The boy was whimpering now as his girlfriend continued to soap up his most private area. "Hush baby," she said, momentarily stopping her oral activities. Once she resumed, she discarded the used up bar, and gently began pushing one of her soapy fingers inside him. Josh squeezed his hands together tightly behind his back, struggling to stay still as her finger slid into his rectum. The soap burned slightly, but that sensation was nowhere near as powerful as the erotic stimulation he was experiencing. He felt Alexandra's finger begin to slide in and out, matching her oral ministrations in rhythm. He lurched forward, his cock throbbing uncontrollably as she hit his prostate. Josh threw his head back further as his imminent orgasm approached, virtually howling above the noise of the shower. Then suddenly, it stopped. Or rather she stopped. Alexandra quickly stood up, pulling her finger from his insides with one burning yank, and left his cock to twitch in frustration.

"Keep your hands in place," she said as she firmly pushed down on his shoulders, guiding him into a kneeling position. Once Josh was down, the water hitting him on his shoulders, Alexandra grasped a handful of the boy's hair at the back of his head, and yanked back forcefully. He yelped just as she straddled his face, bringing his mouth and nose up to her clean shaven genitals. Josh knew what was expected of him, and despite the ache in his unsatisfied balls, performed his task perfectly and with gusto. Alexandra achieved orgasm almost instantly.

Josh was standing again, hands still clasped tightly behind his back as he blocked the still spraying water from hitting his girlfriend. Aglow after her third orgasm, Alexandra had allowed him up and now stood looking at the boy's perfect physique. Water dripped off of his smooth body. She ran her hand down his hairless chest, tracing a path down to his equally hairless groin and testicles. Her hand moved past his still erect penis as it moved further down. His pubes had once been shaved as part of the team initiation, he claimed the idea came from some movie, and she had been so intrigued by it that she had him do it again for her. She liked the results so much that she now insisted he remain smooth from the neck down. He never argued, and as a gift for his obedience, Alexandra had shaved her genital area for him shortly thereafter. Neither had gone back since. She cupped his testicles gently, watching as his face contorted with the ache he felt from lack of release. "I love you," she said as she gave them a firm squeeze, "but you aren't going to come." Josh could only groan as she reached behind him and turned off the water.

He knew she was in one of her "moods". The episode in the shower had made that uncomfortably obvious to him. Now, standing, still naked and alone, in the bathroom, Josh wondered what was next. It hadn't been long after they became an item before Alexandra's dominant side had started asserting itself. She became very controlling in their private life and always maintained that control during their sexual escapades. Josh had gone through a variety of feelings about this. At first he chalked it up to his relative inexperience at dealing with women. After all, he had devoted almost all of his free time to hockey. Then, he convinced himself that she was just plain kinky. Mostly he was ok with it, but, as their relationship progressed, he had become a bit leery of some of the things she wanted to do. Of course, he loved her with all his heart, and she was so into it, there was no way he could refuse her anything. Within the first three months of their being together, Josh had moved into her spacious apartment and had experienced things he never dreamt of. Once they were living together, Alexandra had introduced him to bondage, erotic discipline, and plain old subservience. She totally got off on having her pretty boy athlete tied up and at her mercy or just waiting on her hand and foot. Although it was not a 24-hour lifestyle for her, Alexandra did have times when one of her "moods" overcame her, and Josh knew this was going to be one of them.

Alexandra returned, fully dressed, to the bathroom. She found Josh, still standing with his hands behind his back, naked and still a bit wet from the shower. She smiled warmly, touched by his obedience. "Here, I brought you something to wear," she said as she held out one of his skimpy white nylon/lycra jock straps. One of the things she had taken full control over once he moved in with her was his wardrobe. Gone were his boxer shorts and boxer briefs, replaced by bikinis, thongs, and jock straps, all special ordered from internet sites. And while Alexandra never asserted her control over him in public, one of her favorite ways to play was to send him to practice or a game wearing a skimpy pair of underwear. The challenge for Josh was to find a way to change into his uniform at the arena, without his macho, posturing teammates seeing what he was wearing under his clothes. Despite a few close calls, he had managed to, so far, not get caught. She had also replaced all of his frumpy looking cotton thermal underwear with high tech, state of the art, skin-tight sportswear. It took him some time to get used to that as well, especially the leggings, but those things were gaining popularity among young people in all sports, so he was eventually able to wear them openly. She especially liked it when he wore them around the house, and would not hesitate to embarrass him with comments about his physique and how much he looked like a danseur. "Here, I'll help you get into it. Just lift your leg," Alexandria said as she held the jock out for him. Knowing better than to remove his hands from behind his back, Josh struggled to balance as he lifted first one leg, then the other, allowing her to slide the tight fitting pouch up his legs. She kissed his semi-erect cock just before she covered it with the stretchy material, and then adjusted the straps and low waistband until achieving the fit she was looking for. Josh blushed as she took in his sparsely dressed form.

Alexandra loved to keep him as naked as possible around the house, especially when she was fully dressed. She was a firm believer in using humiliation as a tool to maintain control, and so far, Josh had proven how effective her methods were. In contrast to his near nakedness, she was dressed in tight black jeans and a form fitting, blood red t-shirt. Her feet were bare, but overall she was comfortably dressed for an evening lounging at home. "You've shown amazing control tonight, I'm very proud of you."

Josh raised his eyes from the tile floor, where his gaze had gone as she was surveying his body, and gave her that devilish grin again. "It wasn't easy," he said.

"I'm sure. Your arms must ache from holding them in that position for so long."

Josh smirked once again. "Not as much as my balls."

Alexandra chuckled. "Well, I can help you with one of those problems right now."

Josh new from the fact that his genitals were now covered that sexual relief was not what she was referring to. So he exhibited little surprise when she pulled a pair of leather wrist restraints out from behind her back. She moved quickly behind the boy and buckled each manacle in place. He felt the leather tighten to an almost uncomfortable point, then heard the subtle clicks that meant she had padlocked them in place. He knew he was in for a long, hard night. He tested what little play he had in the restraints. His hands were now connected behind his back with just two inches of chain between them. It was obvious to him that the ache in his shoulders would receive no relief for a while. "There," she said magnanimously, "now you don't have to worry about holding your hands in place."

"Thanks," he said sarcastically, knowing immediately the mistake he had made. Josh watched fearfully as Alexandra's expression hardened. He chastised himself over his own stupidity. He knew once she got into one of her dominant moods, there were lines he should not cross.

"Get your sarcastic ass into the living room and get down on your knees by the couch," she growled at him. Knowing better than to disobey once she took on that tone, the boy hurried out of the bathroom. As he took his assigned place on the floor, he noticed a large box placed in the corner of the room. He had not seen it when he left for his game, and had been too preoccupied to notice it when they had gotten home. It looked to be about three feet square, and made of some sort of black plastic. It had an ominous air, and the boy got a chill just looking at it. He heard his girlfriend approach behind him, knowing better than to turn around and look. It was best to just ride out her anger and hope that his obedience would soothe her temper, if not her mood. She passed him, and moved in the direction of the box. Josh heard sounds that convinced him she had opened it, but controlled his urge to turn his head and look. In moments, after the unmistakable sounds of rustling chains and leather, she sat down on the couch facing him.

"Tonight we're going to begin a new phase for you," she said as she played with some sort of shiny black object in her hands. It had straps, but what they were attached to was cupped protectively in her hands. "Actions have consequences, and it's time you learned that." The boy trembled a bit in fear and anticipation, making her smile. She loved when he was afraid of her. "I've decided that you make too much noise. Whether it's your groaning and moaning, or your ill-advised comments, it stops tonight." She held up the object in her hands for him to see, and he knew immediately what he was looking at. Sticking out from behind the large pad the straps were connected to was a large gag shaped like the mouth guard he wore when playing hockey. It was quite a bit larger though and the black, PVC material was much more intimidating than the clear plastic he was used to. "Now open wide like a good boy, or I'll get your favorite one and gag you with that instead."

Josh closed his eyes and opened his mouth. Her knew her opinion of his favorite gag was the one shaped like a penis, and he had no desire to ride out her mood with a cock nudging the back of his throat. He felt the shiny material touch his lips. "Kiss it first," he heard her say. He did so tenderly, pretending he was kissing her. Then he felt her working it into his mouth. It was slightly flexible, but not enough to make it easy to insert. He had to open his mouth to its widest point as she pushed it in. His top and bottom teeth fit right into the grooves, while the center piece filled his oral cavity, depressing his tongue. He whimpered softly as it slid in completely and he felt the pad press against his lips. He submissively bent his head forward allowing his mistress to buckle and lock the straps behind his head. When it was done, he looked at her again. She had leaned back on the couch and was just staring at him. He felt uncomfortable and helpless under her gaze, especially now that he was deprived of the ability to speak. He shuddered involuntarily and watched her grin in response. Josh hated to be gagged. He had learned to accept the ever increasing variety of bodily restraints Alexandra used on him, but when she filled his mouth, his world felt like it was crashing down on him. There was no hope of objecting, even if he wanted to. No safeword or even pleading for mercy. There was only pathetic sounds of helplessness and, at times, suffering. All of which he endured because she wanted him to.

"Not so bad is it? Maybe a bit bigger than you're used to, but you'll adapt." She sat forward on the couch, almost face to face with her boy toy, "aren't you going to thank me, slave?" humiliated, the boy made an unintelligible gurgle from behind the locked device. "Excellent," she said, "much better than some of the stuff that has been coming out of that hole lately." He gulped involuntarily, a sizeable amount of his trapped saliva passing down his throat. That, combined with the rubbery taste of the gag almost made him wretch.

"Now," she said, rising from the couch, "let's talk about your other behavioral problem that needs correcting. Or rather I'll talk, since your mouth is full." She went and sat down on top of the black box. "Come over here...and don't bother to get up." She watched as Josh shuffled across the room on his knees. "You know I love you too much to cause you any sort of public embarrassment, even though I know you love me enough that you would accept it if I did. Well, I think I've found a way to deal with your problematic public behavior. This is your at home "penalty box" and just like during a game, if you break a rule, you go to the box. This one however, is nowhere near as comfortable as what you're used to, and the only rule you have to worry about is displeasing me." She rose from her seat and opened two latches on each side of the ominous box, allowing the front to open downward. "Now, your home penalty box has some special features that you will I'm sure become familiar with over time, but for right now, we'll just start with the basics. Turn around with your back to the box."

Josh grunted behind his gag as he shifted his position. He had tried to peer into the small, dark space prior to turning, but was met with a frustrating lack of success. He heard a rattle of chain and then felt Alexandra attaching something to the middle of his wrist cuffs. Then he heard what sounded like a ratchet being cranked, and felt a tug on his arms. "Just go with the flow 23," he heard her say as he shuffled backwards towards the box. He knew he was in trouble. She had a scary habit of calling him by his player number when she was mad. He felt his legs touch the underside of the box just as she told him to stop moving and sit on his rear instead of his knees. He complied quickly, flopping back and pushing his legs out in front of him. In seconds, she appeared in front of him with ankle cuffs similar to the ones on his wrists. These already had a chain attached to the middle that trailed off somewhere behind him. She wasted no time buckling and locking them around his ankles, and then disappeared behind him again. The sound of the ratchet started again and, looking down, the boy saw the excess chain attached to his feet start receding. When he felt the tug, he began pushing himself backwards again. He knew he was being pulled by both his arms and legs into the tiny box. He broke out in a nervous sweat when the back of his head butted up against the top of the box. Alexandra appeared in front of him again and, reaching into the box on his side, withdrew a leather collar with more chain attached. She locked the collar around his neck, kissed him on top of his gagged lips and smiled sweetly. It was like she was saying goodbye.

"I need you to lower your head as far as you can, scoot into the box all the way, then pull your legs up as far as you can." She watched him as he attempted to comply. It took some time, and more muffled grunts, but he managed to get himself mostly inside. His head was bent with his chin touching his chest, the tips of his toes were just sticking over the bottom edge, and his arms were pressed against the back wall. "Great, now hold that pose a minute," she said as she again disappeared from his sight. The noise began again and the helpless boy felt himself being constricted even further into his new prison. His wrists were now moving upward along the box and his back. They didn't stop until his elbows hit the sides of the box. His legs were pulled forcefully toward his stomach, and his head moved lower until his chin was touching his knees. By the time the hated ratcheting sound stopped, the tension on his muscles was strenuous and painful. Josh knew that only his limber, athletic body was saving him from this being more than unbearable.

"Okay, 23, this is where your going to be for the duration of your penalty time. While you're in there, I suggest you think about how necessary it was to stop short on the ice today and send that cloud of shavings in my direction. Arrogance, even in the face of success, will not be tolerated. Have a good time," she said as Josh tried to communicate his discomfort through the gag that filled his mouth. Pathetic, unintelligible sounds emanated from the helpless boy as Alexandra did her best to imitate his infuriating smirk.

She almost wished he could have seen her do it, but with his head and neck pulled down by the collar, he could see nothing but his own crotch. With that, Alexandra raised the front of the box and closed him in. She snapped the latches into place and locked them with four heavy padlocks. Satisfied, she sat down on the couch, facing the box, and spent the next few hours alternating between a good book and pleasuring herself while thinking of her captive love.

Part 2

Josh lay awake in bed, his naked body barely covered by the thin sheet. Alexandra, also naked, slept fitfully, her head resting on her lover's chest. It was almost sunrise, and Josh had not managed to sleep at all. He had been staring for hours at the ceiling, his conflicted emotions at war with the physical discomfort that lagged behind as a reminder of his earlier activities. The boy shifted in the bed, a small groan escaping his lips as his sore muscles struggled to obey his desire to change position and hopefully fall asleep. Alexandra did not wake, despite the sound and motion accompanying Josh's shift. He knew she always slept like the dead after one of her dominant episodes. He watched as she moved from her position on his chest, staring at her beautiful, peaceful face as she settled in on the soft mattress. He loved her more than anything. He knew that with his heart, mind, and soul. But he was finding it increasingly difficult to withstand her almost nightmarish appetites. Even the tender, passionate lovemaking of tonight could not make up for what she had done. Worst of all, Alexandra's birthday was rapidly approaching, and Josh had a sickening feeling that he knew what she wanted him to give her.

Alexandra had left him in the box for two full hours. The thought of Josh's tightly bound, cramped body driving her to climax four times during his imprisonment. It only made her hungry for more. The evening was still young, and she decided to make it a night neither of them would forget. Leaving her spot on the sofa, Alexandra moved about the apartment, preparing what she would need for the rest of the night. She had planned this night out for weeks, knowing that Josh was ready to advance to some new levels in their relationship. The penalty box was just the first of the new experiences she had planned for him, and she shuddered in anticipation as she set up the rest of what her plans required.

Torn by some minor feelings of disappointment, Alexandra unlocked the four padlocks holding the box closed. She enjoyed the thought of her love being so completely helpless and uncomfortable, and hated to let him out. But, she satisfied herself with the knowledge that he was young, and more transgressions would follow, leading to more time in the box. She opened the door slowly, allowing the light to slowly enter the small, dark space. She could see Josh, still in exactly the same position, sweat glistening off his body. She kissed him on top of his head, her action met with a soft groan. Standing up again, Alexandra moved to the rear of the box and released the ratchet holding the chains taut.

"Okay 23," she said as she moved back to the front and grabbed his ankles, " come on out. Penalty time's up."

With quite a bit of effort and no small amount of pain, the boy started shuffling forward. The chains that held him extended as he scooted forward slowly, guided by his girlfriend's gentle tug on his legs. Relief surged through his body once he cleared the edge of the box. His arms moved back down, and he could finally lift his head. Every muscle in his body felt as though it were on fire and when he looked up at Alexandra, there were tears in his eyes.

Alexandra hesitated, wondering for a moment if she had gone to far. But the site of her big strong hockey player shedding tears pushed all of her dominant buttons. "I know that was uncomfortable for you baby, but you brought it on yourself. If you learn to behave, your time in the penalty box can be kept to a minimum...just like on the ice." She stared into his moist eyes, meeting his pained gaze with one of strength, resolve, and undeniable lust. To her glee, Josh lowered his head again and sniffed back another wave of tears. It took only a few moments for Alexandra to detach the chains attached to the boy's restraints. While freeing him from his connection to the box, she left the restraints on his wrists and ankles, as well as the collar, in place. She then spent the next fifteen minutes helping him stretch his body, relieving some of the ache that resulted from his cramped imprisonment. Words did not pass between the two. Alexandra was tender and caring in her ministrations, her touch met by low grunts and moans coming from behind his gag.

Once she got him to his feet, Alexandra guided him over to the high sofa table she had moved into the center of the living room. Their progress was slow due to Josh's sore muscles as well as the ankle cuffs, whose short connecting chain allowed for only tiny, unbalanced steps. She was patient though, and took the time to whisper in his ear, "I'm not done with you yet." Josh's heart sank as she said those words, but then froze in his tracks as he saw what waited at their destination. Alexandra smiled, knowing he was taking in a sight that would cause him to panic. Her guiding hands felt his hesitation and slight resistance even as the muffled noises from the boy reached a new level. She pulled him forward, using all her strength to keep him from falling, until his waist hit the edge of the table and his upper body fell flat on its surface. She was met with more resistance as she attached his collar to a ring screwed into the top of the table. "You're only going to make this worse if you struggle," she hissed as she bent down, unlocked his ankles, then relocked them, now spread widely apart to the table legs. Prior to the securing of his feet, Alexandra had pulled off Josh's jockstrap, leaving him completely naked in his restraints. She then attached two ropes to his wrist cuffs, pulled them up through a ring on the back of his collar, once again forcing the boy's arms up his back. She then passed the ropes over his shoulders and tied them together under the table creating one single strand. She then brought that down underneath the length of the table, and tied the end off in a tight loop around Josh's testicles. "I mean it," she said, rising up from her work, "don't struggle."

Josh was breathing deeply, sucking air in through his nose. He pulled at his bonds despite Alexandra's warning and felt pain shoot through his balls as he attempted to move his arms. A small, muffled scream escaped his rubber filled mouth, more a realization of his true helplessness than anything else. "Just relax 23, don't make this worse on yourself. This is going to happen one way or another, simply because I want it to. Just calm down and take it like a man...take it for me." She gently caressed his exposed lower back and buttocks, patiently waiting for him to calm down. She watched as he turned his head from one side of the table to the other, alternating between looking at what she had set up, and avoiding the sight altogether.

Tears started flowing from the boy's eyes again as he turned once more to face his fate. He could not believe that Alexandra was taking this so far, so fast. The box had been bad enough, but he had survived his time inside thinking about how much she was getting off on his misery. Somehow, that had made all the discomfort seem okay. But this, he thought as he stared at the full red rubber enema bag and strap on dildo hanging from the coat rack positioned next to the table, was too much. She had threatened him in the past with enemas, but had never followed through. Apparently his time was now up. The bag was huge, and he was sure it contained at least a half-gallon of fluid. He trembled at the thought of her forcing all of that liquid inside of him. It would hurt like hell, he was sure of that, but he knew Alexandra loved him as much as he loved her. He just didn't understand why her love involved so much pain for him. He slowly came to accept what was about to happen and his tensed muscles started to relax.

Alexandra saw the change sweep over him and decided he was as ready as he was going to be. She calmly picked up the strap-on, a huge, black, hard rubber monster that was perfectly molded to the appearance of a cock. She stroked the shaft of the ten-inch long dildo, lovingly caressing it as Josh watched in fearful anticipation. Alexandra buckled the straps around her hips, positioning the perverse device so that the back would provide her with just a bit of stimulation. She was worn out from her marathon masturbation session anyway, and she wanted this to be more about what her boyfriend would feel than herself. She then rubbed the dildo down with a small amount of baby oil, coating it just until it shined. "I'm sorry I can't use a better lubricant, but we are going to need a nice, tight fit for later. But you'll see." She chuckled as she watched his eyes react to her words. She had never seen him this afraid and was disappointed that she had not done this sooner. Oh, she had put plugs in his ass before, even small dildos, but nothing like this. Tonight, she would shove her wrist thick cock up his ass and fuck him like she had wanted to the first day she saw him. She squirted a bit of the oil onto his anus and roughly worked it in. He was still tight despite her earlier attention to his ass while they showered. Her final act of preparation was to take the dangling enema tube, run it between her legs, and attach it to an input point on the bottom of the dildo, just under the fake balls. "Get ready 23. You know you deserve this," she said as she pried apart his ass cheeks.

Josh closed his eyes and grimaced as he felt the head of the phallus poke at his anal ring. The pressure became worse as his girlfriend began to bear down with her weight. A sudden tearing, burning sensation overcame him as the head popped in. The girl stopped as a cry of pain came through the gag. She allowed him to adapt to the knob holding his anus open, then slowly began easing the shaft into him. Three inches slid in quickly and easily. A slight shove and she was at the halfway point. Josh was panting through his nose, his eyes squeezed tightly shut. Alexandra pushed again, but the dildo did not budge. She withdrew a few inches and shoved again, harder than before. This time she got seven inches into him. Using the new method, she pulled out again, leaving only the head inside him. With a mighty thrust she buried the entire ten inches in Josh's rear and was met by an anguished grunt from the restrained boy. The hard part over, Alexandra settled in to finding a rhythm. With each thrust forward, she would pull back until just the head was inside, and then push forward with slow and steady pressure until the entire cock filled him.

She fucked him for the better part of an hour as he grunted with each impaling thrust. Nearly exhausted from the effort, Alexandra pushed in mightily one last time and buried the shaft inside him up to the plastic balls. With that final thrust, she did her best to cry out in an imitation of orgasmic release, and then reached over and opened the clamp on the tube allowing the enema to begin its flow into his body. "Can you feel it baby? Can you feel me shooting my load up your ass?" She said throatily. She felt her boyfriend squirm under her as the warm soapy fluid filled his bowels. She could hear gurgling coming from his stomach and knew that he was only moments away from the start of the cramping. Her suspicions proved correct as Josh again broke out in a sweat and began struggling against his restraints. She could see his balls being yanked viciously as he attempted to get free. Alexandra held her position until the entire bag had emptied into the boy. She then unbuckled the harness and reversed its straps, pulling it around Josh's waist and through his legs. She tightened the buckle and gave him a playful slap on the ass.

"There now, that wasn't so bad was it?" She walked around in front of him. "I'm so proud of you, you took the whole bag. It's quite a bit for a first timer." Josh could only whimper pathetically as the cramps in his painfully distended stomach laid siege to his insides. "Now, I'm going to go freshen up a bit. You stay right there." She kissed him on the forehead and sauntered away.

"You know, I was thinking..." Josh jumped in his bonds. He hadn't even heard Alexandra return. He was so preoccupied with retaining the enema that he must have zoned out. He had no idea how long she had left him like this, but it felt like hours had passed. "What do you think would happen if I unhooked the tube from the enema bag and attached it to your gag?" Josh froze in fear, all thoughts of the pain suddenly gone. "How long do you think you could hold it? Would you release it if I wanted you to? If I asked you to?" She walked over and crouched down in front of his face. "You'd do that for me, wouldn't you?" The boy shook his head as much as he could. She couldn't possibly want to do that to him. "Do you want to try it now? I could do it you know. You've been holding that enema for almost an hour and a half. I'm sure you have to go real bad." She stared at him, feeding off his almost palpable fear. She smiled warmly, "I'll tell you what, since I know you would do anything I asked you to, I'll give you a rain check on that scenario...if you promise you'll do it another time. You have to swear it to me. The sooner you do, the sooner you'll get to go to the bathroom."

Josh held out another ten minutes, shaking his head back and forth in disbelief. But the cramps returned, worse than before and he knew he couldn't take much more. Finally, tears returning, Josh nodded his head in defeat. Alexandra clapped her hands like a giddy schoolgirl and quickly unlocked the boy's gag, removing the foul PVC mouthpiece with a yank. "I need to hear you say it Josh. Tell me you mean it." He knew this was serious. She had used his name instead of his jersey number. Her mood had finally passed and this was real. He had no time to work the stiffness out of his jaw as another wave of pain shot through his gut. He shuddered in his bonds, as his need to evacuate his bowels became the only thing he cared about.

"Okay," he gasped, "I'll do what you want...please..."

"No, Josh, you have to do it because you want to do it."

"Please Alex, I want to do it for you, to make you happy. I swear."

"I believe you. And I love you so much." She did not hesitate after the words were said. She untied his balls and removed all of his restraints. After helping him walk to the bathroom, she allowed him his privacy while he pulled out the dildo and relieved himself. After a long, hot shower, she helped him to get into bed. The lovemaking that followed was passionate and erotically charged by the night's events. Alexandra fell asleep late into the night, her head resting on Josh's chest.

Exhaustion finally took hold as Josh began to drift off. He put his arm over Alexandra's soundly sleeping form. "I love you," he whispered, deciding that he would not hesitate to give her what she truly wanted for her birthday.

Part 3 (added: 09/08/2011)

"Are you sure he's ready for this?"

"I believe so. After what happened on my birthday, I doubt there's much he couldn't handle if I really wanted him to."

"Okay then. You would know better than me. After all, I have yet to see him in any kind of action."

"Well, that's all about to change. After those sessions with Jackie, I think he's developed a better understanding of all this. Bringing in someone else will hopefully be the final step in getting him to admit to himself what his true position in life is."

"I can't wait. How much do you plan on telling him?"

"Certainly not everything, but I have made it a point to be as honest and straightforward with him as possible. That tends to alleviate a bit of his stress in dealing with the unknown. Of course, the less said about your new toy the better. I'm fairly certain he would freak out completely if he knew that he was going to be the test subject for that little obsession."

"So, recycling his own enema at your request didn't make him freak, but my little experiment will?"

"No, no, don't get me wrong, he certainly didn't handle the days leading up to my birthday well, but with my constant support and encouragement, he powered through like a trooper. It probably also helped that he was so tightly restrained, he didn't possibly have a choice. Once he agreed, there was no going back and he knew it."

"Any side effects?"

"He's a bit more submissive now. I think he's afraid I'm going to add that little scene to his regular list of punishments."

"And are you?"

"No. I'll hold on to that for special occasions. I don't want him to associate it with punishment so much as pleasing me."

"You're a demon."

"Me? I'm not the one who created that monstrosity in your basement."

"No, but you did provide your boy's measurements pretty quickly when I suggested him as a possible test subject."

"That I did, Clarissa, that I did."

"So, we're on for tomorrow evening then?"

"Yes. I'll have him prepped and ready by then. We'll be at your house by four o'clock."

"You might want to give him something to help him relax. He'll need to be calm and fairly loose to make this go as smoothly as possible."

"Don't worry, I'll handle Josh. He'll be ready when we arrive."

"Okay Alex, I'll see you then."

With that, Alexandra hung up the phone, ideas racing through her head. She had known about her friend Clarissa's experiment for quite some time, dating back to even before her relationship with Josh began. Clarissa had been a good friend of hers for quite a few years, having met at one of the fetish balls they both attended regularly. The two dominant women had hit it off immediately, despite their opposite styles. Clarissa preferred a stable of male slaves at her beck and call, while Alexandra preferred the dynamic of a one-on-one relationship. During their time as friends, Clarissa had occasionally allowed Alexandra the use of various members of her stable in the hopes of helping her friend find that one special sub. And, while it had been fun, Alexandra had never found that true spark, at least, not until she found Josh.

Now, Clarissa's stable had been on the backburner for months as she focused all her attention on her project. Her regular group of three had all but given up on their Mistress and had started showing signs of moving on. Clarissa though, didn't seem to mind, as long as she was engrossed with her task. This was one of the less selfish reasons why Alexandra had volunteered Josh as a test subject. She had hoped upon completion of the project, her friend would finally get back to the life she wanted and needed.

Alexandra left her bedroom, where she had taken the call, and walked back through the large, expensive condo she shared with her boy. She glanced into the various rooms as she headed back towards the kitchen, where Josh was waiting. It was Saturday, and Alexandra beamed with pride at the immaculate decor and polished floors of the home. She enjoyed sleeping in and then lazily going about her outside chores on Saturdays, while Josh stayed home and completed his usual task of homemaking.

Today had been a fairly typical Saturday for the couple. With hockey season over, Josh had more time on his hands during the week to keep the house up, so he was finished with his chores early. Knowing this, and not wanting a repeat of Alexandra's birthday scenario, Josh had been proactive and enquired as to his duties if he finished his tasks prior to her return. She had generously granted him free time as long as her dinner was ready by the time she got home. It had been; and she had relished the plate of food he had prepared with him standing next to her, wearing only his Saturday uniform of a skimpy jockstrap, waiting on her every need.

After her meal, she had instructed him to sit on one of the high-backed dining room chairs so that she could return the favor and make him dinner. Alexandra's use of his jersey number, 23, instead of his name was warning enough for the boy that she was now entering her most dominant phase. Within minutes, she had bound him hand and foot to the heavy chair, making sure that he was completely incapable of movement. She then pushed a large, rubber covered ring gag into his mouth, sliding it behind his teeth and forcing his mouth to remain uncomfortably open. She had then turned his chair so he was facing the kitchen while she prepared his food.

The helpless boy watched with concern as Alexandra had pulled out a large paper bag, brought home with her that day, and started unloading the contents next to the blender. Josh looked on as she spooned two jars of baby food, strained beets, into the appliance, then shuddered as she poured in a small can of baby formula. This was followed by an entire bottle of mineral oil. Alexandra then turned the blender on, creating a slick, pinkish liquid. Not satisfied, she pulled out a box of cornstarch and blended in small amounts until the concoction reached a paste like consistency. She had then walked back over to the boy, drool draining uncontrollably from his stretched open mouth, and set the pitcher down in front of him.

"Look at that, 23, you are so hungry that you're salivating all over yourself at the thought of your dinner," she said with a chuckle. It was then, as she was preparing to sit down and feed him, that the phone rang. Alexandra had left the boy there, his food sitting on the table in front of him, and had sauntered off to the bedroom to answer the call.

Returning to the kitchen, Alexandra resumed the process of feeding Josh his dinner.

"Sorry about the interruption 23, I hope you didn't suffer too much having this delicious meal just out of reach."

Josh just groaned into his gag, resigning himself to his fate.

Alex was quick and messy as she spooned the paste like mush into his mouth, slowing only when she thought he was getting too close to vomiting. She scraped every bit of the foul mixture out of the blender, ensuring that her helpless boy swallowed every bit.

Once finished, Alex inserted a rubber plug into Josh's gag and stood up. She looked down at him, smiled sweetly, and then walked away.

Josh sat, bound and gagged, waiting for something...anything to happen. It wasn't like Alex to leave him without explaining what was going on. Over an hour of immobility passed before he started to feel the effects of the mineral oil added to his meal. He started to pull meekly at his bonds, his need to move his bowels suddenly becoming urgent. Fear of losing control and making a mess was beginning to occupy the boy's thoughts when he felt her hands upon his shoulders.

"Having fun 23? I thought you might like some quiet time after your meal. You know, to help you digest."

He squirmed in discomfort as she chuckled at his plight, watching his twitching form struggle. Finally, he tried to speak through the gag, making loud, desperate noises in the hopes of communicating his need.

Not quickly enough did he realize his mistake. Alexandra's face hardened, and a look of anger flashed in her eyes. "I'm sorry 23, are you trying to talk with a gag in your mouth? Perhaps I am mistaken though, as I'm sure you realize that if I wanted to hear anything from you, you wouldn't be gagged."

Josh quieted down immediately, his fear of angering her overwhelming his explosive need for release. Instead, he just looked at her, his eyes desperately trying to convey his situation.

"Hmm, perhaps I should have blindfolded you as well. Well, too late for that now."

Much to his relief, Alex began untying him from the chair. She left his wrists tied behind his back, and his ankles bound together as she helped him stand. She laughed as she helped him hop from the kitchen, gently supporting him as each jump caused his stomach to cramp. They made their way slowly from the kitchen to the bathroom that was farthest away from it. Once inside, she guided him into a sitting position on the toilet seat, smiled sweetly and waited.

Josh blushed mightily, his face turning beet red at the thought of her standing over him as he emptied his bowels. However, his need overcame his embarrassment and he let loose, almost falling over in the process.

Alex watched her straining slave for several minutes as he grunted and groaned his way through ridding himself of his waste. Then she turned and quietly left the bathroom, the door still open behind her. She returned a few moments later, playfully twirling one of Josh's long, thick, white athletic socks. She leaned him forward, and without hesitation, used the sock to thoroughly wipe his ass. Josh groaned as Alex leaned him back up on the seat, and dangled the filthy sock in front of his face. He watched warily as she laid it, soiled side up, across his thighs. He whimpered as she then, with a forceful yank, removed the plug filling his mouth.

"Lean your head back 23, and look up at the ceiling," she said as she lifted the sock once again by its elasticized end. "I think this will be a suitable punishment for your earlier

lapse in judgment, don't you?"

Josh began trembling as the toe end of the shit encrusted sock moved closer. Drool was seeping out of his mouth from around the ring gag. He wanted to beg her to stop, but knew that repeating his earlier offense would only make things worse. He felt the tip of the sock pass the ring, and knew he was only seconds away from having the entire sock in his mouth.

Suddenly, to Josh's relief, Alexandra pulled the sock up and tossed it to the floor. The boy thought he would pass out as he slumped down on the seat. He watched through watery eyes as Alex bent down and untied his ankles. She discarded the length of rope, stood up, and, with her breasts thrust into his face, reached behind his head and unbuckled his gag.

Alex favored low cut tops as much as Josh favored large breasts, and with his head firmly planted between her barely covered and more than ample mounds, Josh found himself getting an erection, despite his recent trauma. He struggled to remain still, not wanting any contact to result in an accident he knew he would pay dearly for. The pain from the removal of the gag helped his situation only slightly as he began working his jaw to alleviate the ache.

Alex stood back and looked him over, her eyes falling immediately toward his hard member poking through the thin material of his jock. "Gee Josh, I guess the thought of that sock in your mouth was more of a turn-on than I had thought it would be."

No gag, plus the fact that she had used his name rather than his hockey number usually meant he was free to speak. "No..." he stammered, not wanting her to believe anything along those lines. There was a lot of stuff he did for her, for their love, but he did not want her to believe he enjoyed all of those things. He cleared his parched throat. "I was really scared Alex."

"I know you were baby, that's why I stopped. But you need to be careful. Punishments, no matter how terrible, will not be avoided because of your fear. If you don't want to be punished, don't make stupid decisions."

"I'm sorry, Alex. I won't try to talk while gagged again."

"Good boy. Now, if you want to avoid a make-up punishment, I suggest you get yourself, and this bathroom, cleaned up." With that, Alex turned toward the door. "Oh, and don't forget to get rid of that sock. It's stinking up the place," she said as she closed the bathroom door.

"Alex wait," Josh yelled, "my hands are still tied behind me."

"Your problem," barely audible from the other side of the door, was the only reply he got.

She had returned an hour later to check on him. He was sitting on the floor, leaning with his back against the bathtub, his hands still bound behind him. She looked around, noticing that he had at least managed to flush the toilet and get the sock into the garbage. She wondered if he had used his mouth for that. "Still stinks," she said, wrinkling her nose.


"I thought I told you to clean up."

"You left me tied-up," he responded, frustration mixed with desperation in his voice.


He met her gaze for a second before dropping his eyes to the floor. "I'm sorry, please forgive me Alex."

Not answering immediately, she walked over to him and motioned for him to stand up and turn away from her. She carefully unknotted the bindings at his wrists, and then gently began rubbing his hands to restore his circulation. "You're not very capable, are you?"

"No, Alex."

"I guess this just proves my judgment correct in deciding you can't be left on your own when I leave town tomorrow night."

"What? You're leaving town? For how long?" He turned to face her, a hint of panic in his voice.

"Now Josh, this is something we've discussed."

"I know, but I wasn't expecting it now."

"I'm sorry if I didn't clue you in on my travel plans, but, I really didn't think it was necessary. I already decided you wouldn't be coming with me."

"Alex...please don't..."

"Shh..." Alexandra took him by the hand and walked out of the bathroom, gently pulling the skimpily attired boy behind her. They walked through the hallways until they reached the large master bedroom. Alex sat down on the edge of the king sized bed and motioned for Josh to join her.

Afraid to upset her, Josh ignored the offer and instead dropped to his knees at her feet. He looked up at her and saw the same broad smile she always had when he went submissive on his own. "Alex, I'm not ready for that."

She put her hand on his head, running it over his close-cropped hair. "Of course you are, baby. You've done much worse things."

"In private. I will do anything you ask of me. I think I've proven that, but you can't ask me to be like this in front of others."

"What if I don't ask you?"

"Please don't make do this."

"Okay Josh," she said standing up. "Despite the fact that we've talked about this possibility for months, despite the fact that this is the person I consider my best friend, despite the fact that she already knows all about you, despite all of that, you still want to disappoint me?"

"No, Alex, I don't want to disappoint you. I love you. I love doing...this ...for you. But only for you, I don't want to be like this in front of others."

She looked down at him harshly. "You don't want this Josh, I get it. But I do. Now you need to make a decision, your wants versus mine. Think carefully, Josh. There may be repercussions. A relationship like ours is all-in or nothing."

"Please Alex," he said looking up at her, tears in his eyes. He expected to see anger, to hear his number, to feel the lash of a whip, but all he saw was disappointment and sadness.

"Decide Josh," she said, sounding defeated.

"Okay, I'll do it," he said in a hoarse whisper.


"I'll do it for you, because you want me to. But like we discussed. Nobody but your friend, right?"

"No baby," she said falling to her knees next to him and throwing her arms around him. "Just you and Clarissa, I promise."

He embraced her back, knowing that he had made the right decision.

"Now," Alexandra said as she broke away and got back to her feet. "Bedtime for you is a bit earlier tonight. Just because you didn't get your punishment in the bathroom, doesn't mean you're not going to be punished." She smiled mischievously as she gestured to the large chair piled with leather sitting in the corner of the room. A shiver of satisfaction ran through her as she heard him groan.

Josh was lying facedown on a narrow padded bench situated between the window and the bed. Alex stood over his completely immobilized form, drained from the effort of placing him in this situation.

He had groaned when he saw what was in store for him, but had not complained. This was one of her "special" punishments, and Josh knew better than to object. Although, it being so early in the evening caused him some concern at the length of time she planned on keeping him this way.

The first thing she had him do was remove his jock strap. He had stood before her, his naked, hairless body trembling slightly under her gaze. She then had him lie face down on the bed. Moving quickly, she bound him in tight, leather straps. His wrists were strapped together behind his back, palms together; his elbows were then secured until they were touching. Next came straps at his thighs, above and below his knees, calves, ankles, arches of his feet and finally, his big toes. At that point she had looked down on him, thinking that something more needed to be added to make this session special. The idea came to her quickly, but she hesitated long enough to insert a huge ball gag into his mouth, buckling it securely behind his head. She then grabbed ten small, thin leather straps, things she never thought she would have a use for, and used them to bind each of his opposing fingers together below the knuckles.

This new form of restriction obviously scared him as he began squirming wildly, but a firm swat to his ass stopped him in his tracks. She followed that with a large butt plug, securing the eight-inch long invader with more straps encircling his waist. She then turned him onto his back to access his groin. Attached to the front of the belt holding the plug in place was a severe male chastity harness. Straps encircled his testicles, splitting them into two distinct globes. More leather encircled his penis, which, despite his protestations to being tied, betrayed his true feelings by being fully erect. Unable to secure the penis straps properly, Alexandra gave him a hard, stinging slap to his bound balls. The result was instantaneous as Josh's penis deflated enough for her to encircle it with four leather straps followed by her pulling it down between his split tied testicles, and locking the head off to the strap under his balls. She then covered his privates with a small, leather covered plastic cup, similar to what he wore for hockey games, but much, much smaller.

The specially shaped leather body bag came next as she rolled Josh onto his side to make room for it. Alexandra spread it out lengthwise next to the boy, making sure that it was aligned just right. She then lifted his heavily restricted arms and inserted them into the back of the black leather bag. There was a separate, skintight pouch at the back designed to hold the arms in place. Once his arms were installed in their pocket, she rolled him onto his back, and maneuvered the rest of the suit into place. His bound feet fit into another pouch at the bottom, where thicker leather forced them into a tight, en-pointe position. Alex stopped momentarily when he moaned, allowing him a moment to adjust to the severity of his new position. After his feet were in place, Alex began lacing the suit. The leather thongs began at the ankles, and went all the way up to the high collared neck of the suit. It took a while, but, with a bit of sweat and strain, Alex managed to get the body hugging suit laced all the way up, stopping only briefly at his chest to attach some nipple clamps before continuing.

Then, sitting astride his chest, she reached down and unbuckled his gag. With some effort, she managed to pop the ball out of his mouth, replacing it quickly with her tongue as she suddenly, passionately kissed him. He began returning her kiss just as she jumped off his cocooned body and grabbed a half full glass of water from the side table. She also picked up two large blue pills, which she concealed in her fist as she returned to her perch on Josh's chest.

"Wouldn't want you dehydrating overnight, sweetheart. Open up..."

Josh knew there was nothing he could do in his position, so he opened his mouth and accepted the water she poured in. She gave him three small gulps before showing him the pills.

"Sorry baby, but punishment is not meant to be pleasant, and I know you were enjoying this a few minutes ago. Now swallow these and I'll give you the rest of the water."

He kept his mouth closed for a moment; the fear of what those powerful pills would do to him while his penis was so tightly restrained was almost overwhelming.

"C'mon Josh, don't make things worse," she said matter-of-factly.

Knowing he had no choice, Josh opened his mouth, allowing the pills to be placed on his tongue. Alex poured some water in and watched as her captive swallowed.

"Good boy," she said as she replaced the gag, once again buckling it as tight as possible.

She then pulled the hood attached at the back of the collar up and over his head, carefully lining up the holes under his nostrils. She then laced it up, pulling the thin leather so tight, that his facial features began to show through. Once it had been fully laced into position from the top of his head down the back, and secured to the collar, more leather straps were buckled around the outside, one covering his mouth, pushing the ball gag even deeper, one at his eyes, and another going over the side of his head connecting the other two.

Josh, now completely immobile, blind, and silent, felt his body being pushed face down onto the narrow padded bench. His head was turned to the side to prevent blockage of his nose holes, and finally, more straps, attached to the bench, were added at his head, neck, upper arms, wrists, waist, thighs, calves and ankles, securing him to the bench. With a gentle caress to his encapsulated head, Alex whispered "goodnight", shut the light, and left the room. After all, it wasn't her bedtime yet.

Alexandra had checked him over thoroughly prior to going to bed. He had already been encased in his leather body sack for just over four hours, and she wanted to ensure he was still totally immobile before settling in for the night. She ran her hands lightly across his leather-encased flesh, knowing that he could just make out the feeling beneath the taught material. She stroked his buttocks, feeling the tense muscles beneath, as they remained clamped down on the plug penetrating his insides. Absentmindedly, Alex toyed with the small zipper that allowed access to his rear. She resisted the urge to open it now, knowing that, thanks to the pills she had given him, he was already both stimulated and frustrated, and needed no further contact to prolong his suffering. She was very happy with the leather suit, a gift from Clarissa following Alex's delivery of Josh's measurements. It had taken steady, weekly usage before Josh had become acclimated enough to the ultra-tight bondage bag to endure an entire night of complete immobilization. Today however, after starting so early, Alex knew that she was extremely testing the boy's limits. However, considering his ordeal to come, she knew it was best to push him as far as she could.

After checking that his breathing was steady and normal, Alex climbed into bed and, taking a final look at the helpless, severely restrained boy lying next to her bed, turned off her bedside lamp and drifted off to sleep.

Morning came quickly for Alexandra, although she doubted Josh would be inclined to agree. It was now eight o'clock, and he had been encapsulated over twelve hours. She knew his muscles would be aching terribly, and now that the viagra had worn off, he would be desperate for release. However, she had other plans for him before she would let him loose, and proceeded into the attached bathroom to begin carrying them out.

She hummed to herself as she removed the heavy, red rubber enema bag from the cabinet. She felt a slight thrill as she squeezed half a bottle of liquid soap into the bag, following it quickly with hot tap water. She filled the bag full, screwed the cap on, and shook it vigorously to mix the solution and generate suds. Satisfied, she opened the bag and topped off the full two-quart capacity with more, even hotter water. Lifting the heavy bag, its tubing, and an inflation bulb, Alexandra walked out of the bathroom and laid everything on the bed. With a bit of effort, she managed to pull the bench, equipped with sliders under the feet, straight out from the side of the bed. Moving behind the bench, into the space it used to occupy, Alex hung the enema bag from the thick curtain rod at the top of the window frame. Satisfied that the four foot distance between the bag and Josh would produce the necessary flow, Alex attached the tube to the bag and, holding the free end in her hand, unzipped the panel at Josh's backside. The rear strap holding in his butt plug, now exposed, had two small tubes protruding out. She quickly attached the tube from the enema bag to one of them, and then attached the inflation bulb she had brought with her to the second. With slow and deliberate squeezes, Alexandra inflated the plug in Josh's rectum. It was not the first time she had used the device on him, so she knew that at nine squeezes of the bulb, the plug would be almost painfully large. Looking up at the bulging bag of hot fluid, Alex decided it was best to err on the side of caution, and gave the bulb two further agonizing pumps.

Satisfied by the slight twitching coming from beneath her, Alex removed the inflation bulb knowing that her boy was awake and ready for the next step. She quickly snapped open the clamp holding the fluid in place and watched as the bag began to empty. At first she saw no movement, but as the bag reached the halfway point, she saw Josh begin to struggle as the hot, sudsy liquid filled him to the point of discomfort. It took less than five minutes for the rest of the bag to empty into him. A bit disheartened that he had filled so fast, Alex realized that yesterday's meal had probably done a more effective job of cleaning him out than she had anticipated. But, not one to be discouraged, Alexandra unhooked the bag, returned to the bathroom, and refilled it with more soapy, hot water. The second bagful drained into Josh's bowels much slower than the first and, at the mark, Alex decided to get her day started. She left the now cramping boy to receive his full gallon of fluid, and headed out of the room.

When she had finished her breakfast, some thirty minutes later, and returned to the bedroom, the enema bag was once again empty, swaying slightly in response to Josh's severely hampered struggling. Satisfied that the plug would ensure continued retention, Alex clamped off the tube, and set about her morning routine. Over the next half hour, she showered and dressed, ensuring that she put on some of Josh's favorite things. When she was done, She returned to his side, and, removing it from the curtain rod, lowered the enema bag until it was below the bench. . She opened the clamp again, and smiled with satisfaction as the still hot water flowed back into the bag. Once it was again full, she re-hung it on the curtain rod and allowed the two quarts of used liquid to flow back into Josh's bowels. After again clamping the tube, Alex started packing for her trip.

Josh was in agony. His muscles were on fire from the impossibly strict bondage, he was fighting back bouts of claustrophobia, and now, his bowels felt ready to burst. He had woken from his restless dozing when he felt the plug in his rear begin to inflate. Although he had spent several nights in this accursed body bag, he had known that this session was going to be much harder. The addition of the finger bindings had proven that to be true. Alex had never taken his restraint to that level before. Robbing him of almost all movement created a feeling of helplessness and dependence in him that he had not encountered before. With his elbows tied together for so long, his shoulders ached beyond what he thought he could tolerate. Coupled with the strain in his pointed feet and the tightness of the leather suit, he felt as if the world were crushing in around him.

The start of the enema managed to divert his attention from his outside to his inside. This was the first time in weeks, since Alex's birthday in fact, that she had given him an enema. The last time had been so traumatic for him, that she obviously wanted to give him a rest from that particular torment. But, apparently, judging by the excruciatingly hot water flooding his bowels, that rest was now over. He involuntarily began squirming as the pressure and heat built up inside him. Unable to do more than twitch in his restraints, Josh fought to endure this next stage of his suffering. Then, as suddenly as it started, the mounting pressure stopped; leaving him with just the beginnings of what was undoubtedly soap induced cramping. He lay motionless, breathing deeply through the holes in his hood. Just when he thought he could tolerate the pain, he felt the flow begin again as more water was introduced into his body. It seemed to continue forever, but finally, it stopped, leaving him with a gut filled to what he believed was beyond bursting.

He remained that way for what felt like hours as the cramps in his gut grew in severity. He desperately needed to release the pressure inside of him, but knew that the inflated plug in his ass would prevent any relief. He was now sweating heavily inside his leather cocoon, the hot water raising his internal temperature to almost unbearable levels. Suddenly, he felt a wave of relief as the pressure inside him began to diminish. Frustratingly, his relief stopped well before he was empty, and he screamed almost soundlessly into his gag as he felt the inward flow begin again. Once he was back at the previous level of fullness, he felt nothing but the cramps once again. His brain and body were screaming for release, but he had no idea when, or in what form, it would come.

It had taken Alexandra almost an hour and a half to pack for her trip. She knew that put Josh at almost two and a half hours of retention. Although she needed him as clean as possible, she decided that he had held the punishing fluid long enough. Moving quickly, she again lowered the bag and allowed half his enema fluid to drain. She then clamped the tube, detached the bag, and brought it into the bathroom to dump in the toilet. A repeat of the procedure only got half a bag out of him, so she knew he would need to void the rest of the semi-solid mass on his own. She snickered as she dumped the rest in the toilet and flushed, knowing that Josh would worry, especially after her birthday scenario, about where the fluid he had been retaining went. She delighted in the thought of hinting that she had saved it for some future time when he was really, really hungry. That would, no doubt, go a long way in keeping him obedient.

Once all of the enema paraphernalia had been cleaned and put away, Alex set about freeing her boy from his bondage. She undid all of the bench straps quickly, and then rolled him off the bench and back onto the bed. She then moved to the laces of the suit. Once it was completely open, she lifted his legs out, allowing his cramped feet to wiggle freely once more. Unstrapping his headgear and removing the hood, she exposed his sweat drenched head and hair. She saw him recoil from the bright daylight streaming in from the window as he opened his eyes for the first time in over half a day. She then pulled the suit down around him, allowing his arms to slip out of their single-sleeve pocket. They were slightly discolored from the lack of proper circulation, but she knew it wasn't bad enough to cause him any lasting harm. Carefully, she undid all of the straps restraining his body. His movements were becoming frantic as the need to be free, coupled with his need to relieve himself became overpowering. She had to stop and wait for him to calm down several times before she got him all undone except for wrists, gag, plug and penis restraint.

"There, there, baby. It's all over. Are you okay? Just nod your head if you are." Her query was met with a slight nod as he lay on his side; breathing deeply through his nose, drool dripping from the taughtly stretched corners of his mouth. "Good. Now, before I remove everything else, I need to give you some instructions. Once you are free, I want you to take care of your bathroom needs. After that, I want you to shave your body clean of every hair below your head. Then, you may shower and get dressed. And by dressed I mean just another jockstrap. Nod your head again if you understand me Josh." She smiled warmly at the small movement of his head. "Good boy," she said. "I am so proud of you. You handled that very well."

Alexandra then removed the rest of his restraints, except for the plug, which she would allow him to deflate and remove by himself in the bathroom. His cock was semi-erect when she was done unstrapping it, and she lovingly massaged his balls, which bore bright red marks from their long hours of separation. He groaned deeply from his now ungagged mouth, as his penis quickly swelled to full erection. She stopped her ministrations, enjoying his frustration, and handed him the inflation bulb. "Now get to it. And don't play with yourself. If you do, I'll know, and what you just endured will seem like a vacation."

After a brief inspection to ensure that he had followed her directions, she allowed him to dress for their trip. Of course, her idea of his being dressed didn't exactly coincide with his. Over his jockstrap, she had him pull on a pair of full-length shiny black workout tights. She loved the way he looked in modern compression athletic wear, and she never hesitated having him wear it when she could. The ankle length bottoms were followed by a black and gray, long sleeved mock turtleneck top, made of the same, super tight material. The top was short on him, and only came down to just his waist, leaving his rear end, and the straps of his jock, in full view of anyone nearby. Lastly, she allowed him to put on a pair of lightweight, slip on athletic shoes. She smiled at him as she once again looked him over.

Josh blushed deeply. He had never gotten used to being naked around Alex while she was fully dressed, but wearing this outfit, which hugged every inch of his body, made him feel even more exposed. It didn't help that she was wearing a very expensive business suit, which made his attire seem almost ridiculous as she stood next to him.

"Okay, let's get moving. Clarissa is not the kind of person you want to keep waiting," Alex said as she pointed to her brightly colored travel bag standing in the corner. The bag was adorned with images of vibrant pink and yellow flowers overlaying a bright red background. "Be a dear Josh, and roll that to the car for me."

Josh grumbled under his breath, knowing that any hope of making it through the garage to her car unseen by fellow tenants was now dashed by the ostentatious bag he would be pulling behind him.

"I'm sorry," Alexandra said questioningly, "did you say something? I couldn't quite hear you."

"No Alex, I'm just anxious to get this over with."

"I understand baby, and you're doing a great job. You are being very brave. This is a big step for you, and I am so very proud of you. I honestly can't wait to introduce you to Clarissa. She's going to be very jealous."

Josh perked up a bit, as he always did when she praised him, and followed Alex out the door and into the hall.

The trip to the car was unnerving for the boy. He quickly discovered that Alex hadn't parked in her assigned parking spot near the elevator on the top floor of the parking structure, but rather had left the car at the very back of the first level of the garage. They had taken the elevator all the way down from her penthouse, and Josh was beginning to think they would make it without encountering anyone. However, Josh's heart sank as the elevator began slowing with only five floors to go. A young family entered the elevator, and Josh immediately felt all three pairs of eyes settle on him as the door shut and the elevator began moving again. Josh did not recognize the people, and he squirmed uncomfortably when the woman began speaking.

"Hello Alexandra, on your way out of town?" she said as she pried her eyes off of Josh to glance at Alex.

"That's right Barbara. I have a business meeting I need to attend. And how are you Mike and little Ashley today?" Alex reached over and pinched the cheek of the four year old in the man's arms.

"Oh, we're doing great," Mike said as he shifted his daughter to find a more comfortable position. "And you must be Josh," he said looking towards the embarrassed young man who had shifted as far into the corner as possible.

"Um...yeah, hi." Josh said, trying not to make prolonged eye contact.

"Sorry I can't shake your hand," the man said apologetically, "but Ash here is getting big, and I would never be able to hold her if I tried."

"That's okay," Josh stammered.

"Daddy," the little girl whispered a little too loudly, "why's he dressed like Mrs. Randall?"

"Now honey," the man answered with a serious tone. "It's not nice to talk about other people. From what I hear, Josh here is a hockey player. That makes him very into sports. Clothes like his aren't just for ballet dancers anymore sweetheart."

"Oh," the girl said, not really understanding.

Josh wanted to just curl up and die as the trip continued. He fidgeted under Barbara's almost hungry gaze, while Alex nonchalantly ignored everything and hummed along to the piped in music.

"So, you going to the gym after you drop Alexandra off at the airport today, Josh?" Barbara asked suddenly.

"Oh no," Alex chimed in suddenly, "he'll be much too tied up helping a friend of mine with a project she's been working on."

"Really? That sounds intriguing. What kind of project, Josh?"

"I...I don't know."

"Wow, sounds mysterious," Mike chimed in as the door opened to the groups final destination. "Good luck with that."

"Yeah, thanks." Josh said as he watched the family exit and walk to their vehicle.

Alex waved to them as she and Josh passed by, heading towards the rear of the lot.

Josh could feel their eyes on him as he walked past, and he sheepishly glanced back and watched as the little girl, now standing on the ground, raised her arms above her head, did a pirouette, and waved goodbye to him. Completely red-faced, Josh looked away and quickened his pace as Alexandra chuckled next to him.

"That seemed embarrassing," Alexandra said as she opened the back door of her expensive, brand new SUV.

"Yeah," Josh grumbled as he hefted her suitcase into the back. He then followed her around to the front passenger side door and watched as she opened it for him, waving him in. He climbed into the vehicle, his rear end sliding around on the leather seat as he tried to get comfortable.

"Put your hands behind the seat, Josh," Alex said as she fished out a pair of handcuffs from her purse.

Josh groaned as he attempted to comply, grateful that she was blocking any view of him from the side, and even more grateful that Alex had sprung for the tinted windows option on the vehicle. "They won't reach," he said in frustration. "The seat's too wide."

"Nonsense. You'll just have to stretch. You're very flexible, I know you can do it."

As he pushed himself as far back into the seat as possible, Josh felt her attach one of the cuffs to his left wrist. Knowing she wasn't going to be satisfied with anything less than his best effort, Josh forced his arms back as far as he could. It proved to be enough however, as he heard the telltale click and felt his wrists locked immovably behind him. The pressure of his arms against the seatback caused the cuffs to be pulled tightly, leaving the boy completely helpless.

"There, I knew you could do it," Alexandra said as she bent over and removed Josh's footwear, tossing the shoes to the back of the SUV. Reaching under his seat, she pulled out another set of cuffs; these wrapped around the metal under frame of the seat, and locked his ankles in place. She then reached behind his seat, grabbed a chain sticking out from under it, and pulling it up, dragged his feet back until they were pinned against the front of the seat. Satisfied with the level of his restraint, Alexandra brought the chain up and clipped it off to the middle ring of his handcuffs. "Now Josh, I wouldn't move around too much if I were you. Those chains are awfully tight, and too much squirming might be unpleasant." Then, after buckling his seatbelt into place, Alex looked him right in the eyes. "If you promise to behave, we can have a nice trip with some good conversation. If not, I'll just gag and blindfold you now and turn up the music."

"Please don't," he replied, squirming slightly in his seat. "I promise I'll be good."

"I'll hold you to that, though you'll have to be blindfolded once we're about halfway there anyway. Clarissa likes her privacy, and I kind of like the idea you won't know where you are."

"Whatever makes you happy, Alex," the boy responded quietly.

The first two hours of the trip allowed the pair to talk. Alexandra liked getting things out in the open with Josh, and she knew that her up front, honest approach helped him deal with the more stressful side of their relationship. They spoke at length about his previous night's bondage and how he felt it had been too extreme. Alex listened carefully to his complaints and fears, noticing that even though he spoke about one form of harsh bondage, he didn't even mention what he was currently enduring. He then carefully breached the subject of this morning's enema session and how it had been too much for him to bear. Being so completely restrained while his insides were full to bursting, had been genuinely frightening for him.

Alex smiled warmly as she drove, listening to Josh as he described his suffering. Absentmindedly, she reached over and began rubbing his groin, gently stroking him through his thin garments. He had stopped talking as she continued to caress and fondle him, his erection becoming evident through his jock and leggings.

"I think you doth protest too much," she said slyly. "It seems to me that even talking about what happened is enough to get you all excited.

Josh just moaned softly, his eyes closed as she continued.

"I understand your fears and concerns. I really do. However, you need to get over them. You know I wouldn't do anything that would really harm you, but the truth is, I enjoy it when you suffer."

Josh whimpered in response.

"And you know what, so do you. You get off on my being turned on. That's why you put up with it. You know that everything I do to you excites me, and that in turn excites you. I love you and you love me, but the dynamic of this relationship involves you suffering for that love. The sooner you come to grips with that, the happier you will be."

He groaned again as she quickened her pace, not even noticing as she pulled into a busy service station, filled with people gassing up their vehicles.

"We need gas," she said as she stopped touching him, "and I need to pee. You probably do as well. Now be a dear and go get the restroom key while I fill the tank." She nonchalantly unlocked his wrist and ankle cuffs, allowing him to move freely for the first time since their trip began.

Josh, frustrated by the loss of her ministrations, began rubbing his wrists, the marks from the cuffs biting deeply into his flesh. Realizing he wasn't going to be able to get rid of the marks anytime soon, Josh unbuckled his seatbelt, and leaned back to grab his shoes.

"Nope," Alex said, "go as you are. You don't need your shoes. Be grateful I stopped when I did also, or you would be going in with a big wet spot on the front of your tights."

He knew it was pointless to argue. Obviously she was trying to get him more accustomed to public humiliation before leaving him with her friend. Mustering his resolve, Josh opened the door and jumped out of the car. Of course, Alexandra had parked at the pump furthest away from the store and restrooms. Josh sighed, took a deep breath and began walking towards the crowds.

Amazingly, when they were done at the rest stop, Alex did not re-cuff the red-faced boy. She allowed him to sit comfortably as their conversation turned towards her upcoming trip.

"How long will you be gone?" Josh asked sheepishly, afraid to breach the topic.

"I don't want you to know," she replied casually.

"Oh," he said.

"Do you want me to go in the back and pull my things out of your bag so you don't have to do it later?"

"Don't be silly, baby, there's nothing of yours in that bag."

"I don't understand," he said, his hands trembling slightly."

"Relax Josh," she said as she laid her right hand on top of his left one. "It'll all be fine. I promise."

He fidgeted uneasily in the momentary silence.

"Okay," she said, "let me give you the rundown. You won't be needing clothes for your little sleepover. Clarissa doesn't allow men to be clothed in her home or even her presence. She's a real Dom, Josh, not like me."

"Oh," he said, his hands still trembling.

"But she is not going to be using you as a slave. She agreed to watch over you in return for my allowing you to participate in a little experiment she's concocted." She glanced over at him and could see the fear in his eyes. "Baby, she knows how much you mean to me. She won't harm you."

"What kind of experiment?"

"It's best you don't know all the details just yet. Let's just say that between your penalty box, and the overnight bondage bag, you should be able to handle it just fine. In fact, I know you can."

"Alex, I don't..."

"Josh, you don't really have a choice. Please, just do this for me. Don't question it, don't think about it. I promise it will all be over before you know it."

He looked down at his bare feet, dirty from walking around the rest area. "Okay, for you. I will do this. No matter how bad it is. Just tell me, she's not going to make me ... eat ...anything will she?"

"Josh," she said, trying to restrain her excitement at his relenting so easily, "that was your birthday gift to me. It was something I hold very dear. I promise you won't have to endure anything like that with Clarissa."

"Good," he said, a little bit of relief showing on his face.

"However, like I said, she is a very real Dominatrix. You'd best do exactly what she says, when she says it. I don't want her to think you are disobedient and uncontrollable."


"Good. Now, I'm going to pull over. It's time to get you secured for the last half of the trip."

Josh sighed as the SUV pulled onto the side of the road, and put his hands back behind his seat, waiting for Alex to get out and do what needed to be done.

The remainder of the trip was spent mostly in silence. Alex only occasionally acknowledged her bound, gagged and blindfolded passenger with some comforting remarks about how everything would be fine. More hours had passed, although Josh, in his current, helpless state, had no idea how long they had been back on the road. He did sense, thanks to the bouncing of the SUV, when they had left more established roadways for rougher, rural roads. Finally, the vehicle slowed, and Josh jumped in his bonds, shocked by the loud horn going off in repeated bursts. There was movement next to him, and he knew Alex had gotten out of the car when the driver's door slammed shut. He sat in silence, waiting for something to happen. Josh could hear birds and smell the strong aroma of trees, moss and grass wafting through the open driver's side window. He knew that they were far out in the countryside. The extended time they had spent on the road meant that they were in the middle of nowhere. Josh got antsy, realizing that he was going to be left with a complete stranger, far from what he considered civilization.

His mind wandered as he daydreamed about inbred cannibals and numerous scenes from horror movies. Suddenly, he was jolted back to reality as his door opened and he felt his restraints being unlocked and removed. Still blindfolded and gagged, he could feel Alex's hands guiding him out of the SUV. He stepped down unsteadily, his bare feet sinking into soft earth. He kept his hands at his sides as he was led away from the vehicle. The dirt turned to cool stone as he stepped onto a flat paved surface. He felt fumbling at the back of his head, and with a plop, his ball gag was pulled from his mouth. The blindfold was removed next, and Josh instinctively kept his eyes closed against the harsh intrusion of bright sunlight, even as he worked his jaw muscles to ease their long hours of stress.

"Open your eyes, boy."

Josh didn't recognize the voice, but he couldn't mistake the tone. He hesitated momentarily and was rewarded by a stinging slap across his face.

"You heard the command 23, don't make it be repeated," Alexandra said, standing behind him while gripping his upper arm tightly in her hand.

Josh knew he was in trouble. The new woman was already giving him commands, and Alex had easily followed suit by slipping into the most dominant aspect of her personality. Josh opened his eyes, unwilling to either get slapped again, or raise the ire of these two women. What he saw was breathtaking. He stood on a smooth stone patio, at the end of a cobblestone path that led back to the SUV. From their positioning, Josh could tell that Alex had walked the path, while he had walked in the soil next to it. The patio continued in front of them towards a huge Victorian house, its white and yellow paint glistening in the sun. He quickly dismissed the idea of this being a house, as obviously it was more of a mansion. A huge, steep staircase, also of polished stone, led the way from the patio to the entry of the magnificent building. But, as impressive as the house was, Josh was taken completely aback by the woman standing before him.

"Joshua, this is my friend Clarissa," Alexandra said, a huge smile on her face.

He stared at her open mouthed. She was in her early thirties; jet-black hair, long and straight flowed from her head. Her olive toned complexion gave her an exotic, European look that only enhanced her beauty. She was dressed in an equestrian riding outfit, red velvet waistcoat and skin-tight tan pants accentuated her physical perfection. Under one arm she held her riding helmet, and in her other hand, she nonchalantly twirled a menacing looking riding crop.

"Well, speechless? Should I be jealous 23?"

"No Al...Mistress, I'm sorry. I don't..." Josh stammered almost comically, lowering his eyes to the ground at Clarissa's feet. Her riding boots, covered in splotches of mud, were calf high and extremely form fitting, with heels that contradicted the usefulness of the boots.

"Enough." Alexandra said imperiously. "Greet my friend appropriately."

Josh did not hesitate, dropping to his knees in front of the woman before him. "Hello Mistress Clarissa."

"Hello Joshua. I'm very much looking forward to spending some time with you. Alex tells me you can be a very obedient and...resilient slave."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you for agreeing to watch over me, Mistress."

"Baby-sit you," Alex corrected him.

"Yes Mistress, forgive me. Thank you for baby-sitting me Mistress."

"Well now," Clarissa said happily, "he certainly seems compliant and eager to please. What say we test that theory, shall we? Joshua, I would like you to clean off the top of my boots please. There are some muddy spots that just won't do."

Josh hesitated, his eyes firmly glued to the sight of her mud-encrusted boots.

"Clarissa," Alexandra cautioned.

"Oh very well," Clarissa said nonchalantly. "It was worth a try. It's not like he hasn't done worse. Perhaps another time. On your feet, Joshua."

With a heavy sigh of relief, Josh stood once more before the beautiful woman. He shifted uncomfortably under her gaze; well aware of the body hugging garments he wore.

"Do you keep him dressed like this often?" Clarissa said as she circled around behind him. "His outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination."

"He has it, so I see no reason why he shouldn't flaunt it." Alexandra responded with pride. "But no, this is not his usual attire. I thought it would be a special treat for today."

Josh blushed as he remembered his walk through the garage and gas station.

"Well," Clarissa said, finishing her inspection, "let's go inside, get him situated, then have a drink before we set him up and you head off on your trip."

"Sounds good," Alex responded as she turned towards Josh. "Strip 23, now!"

Josh shifted uncomfortably, his weight unevenly distributed between his wrists, cuffed together and attached to a chain hanging from the basement's ceiling, and the balls of his feet, which were pulled widely apart and chained to the floor. A spreader bar was locked between his ankles, and a ring in the center was connected via another chain to a testicle splitting harness attached to his ball sack. The chain had been adjusted so that his balls were pulled down painfully, any movement of his body increasing the stress they were under. Josh's shoulders ached from the burden of his weight, the balls of his feet and toes not capable of providing enough support to ease the strain. He groaned into his now replaced ball gag, trying desperately to remain still despite his discomfort.

His momentary hesitation in disrobing had earned him a quick, painful lash from Clarissa's riding crop. After that, he had pulled off all of his clothes and handed them to Alex. He watched in despair, standing naked out in the open in front of these two goddesses, as Alex took his garments, including his jock, and threw them in back of the SUV. After that, he had followed dutifully as the two women walked up the stairs and into the house. He tried to ignore their conversation, which centered mostly on his smooth shaven body, as they walked through the museum like estate. Passing through several doors and down two flights of stairs, they stopped at the entry to what he could only describe as an honest to goodness dungeon. The bottom of the stairs had led to a stone antechamber, which ended at a heavy wooden door reinforced with a small barred window and steel banded supports. It was right next to the door that the women had left him, hanging in the chill, underground air, as they went off to chat.

Josh wasn't sure how long he had been left hanging like a side of beef, but the ache in his shoulders and balls, coupled with the chills from the less than comfortable temperature, left him wishing they would return soon, no matter what they had planned for his future.

"We should definitely do this more often," Alexandra said as she sipped her tea from the dainty white china cup.

"Absolutely," Clarissa responded, her own cup sitting empty on the tray in front of them. "It's a shame you live so far away. It's not like we wouldn't have plenty to keep Josh occupied while we amused ourselves."

"Very true," Alexandra replied after finishing her tea. "You have a very impressive set up downstairs. Too bad we don't have time to acquaint Josh with some of your other toys."

"Yes, but he'll have his hands full as it is. Speaking of that, I have to ask again, are you sure he's ready?"

"He'll never be totally ready," Alex answered. "I doubt anyone, no matter how experienced, would be."

"Well then, let's get started."

Josh could barely contain his fear. The chill from the underground chamber was obvious as goose bumps spread across his naked body. The women had not said a word to him after returning and releasing him from his bondage. All of his restraints had been removed except for his gag, which continued to fill his mouth, silencing him effectively. He was led to another, small room which contained only two wooden chairs. He followed Alex into the room, and was surprised as she reached behind him and unbuckled his gag. With a wet sounding plop, the ball was pulled from his mouth, and he worked his aching jaws as he watched his girlfriend hand the gag to Clarissa then close the heavy door behind them. Alone now with Alexandra, he moved over to one of the chairs as she motioned him to sit. The wood was cold on his bare backside, but he tried to get comfortable as Alex sat down opposite him. He watched her carefully, seeing her sigh heavily, and then listened as she began to talk.

Clarissa stepped aside as Josh walked out, twenty minutes later, followed by Alexandra, her hands on the boy's shoulders, guiding him. Clarissa was worried. Josh was completely pale, his face a mask of white, eerily accented by his red, bloodshot eyes. It was obvious from his appearance that Josh hadn't taken the information well, and the woman worried that her project, so long in the planning and preparation stages, would amount to nothing.

"Josh," Alex said calmly as she turned him to face Clarissa. "Don't you have something to say to our host?"

Josh's tearful gaze fell to the floor, and Clarissa swore he was turning paler by the second.

"I hope I will prove to be a worthwhile subject for your experiment," the panicked boy said, stammering over most of the words. Suddenly, Josh began to crumble to the ground as his legs gave out from under him. Both women reached out quickly, managing to grab hold of the unsteady boy and keep him on his feet.

"I don't know, Alex..." Clarissa said as she and Alex supported Josh's weight.

"Don't worry about it. He'll be fine. His reaction is understandable considering the circumstances. He's strong, healthy, and he wants to do this for me. Isn't that right baby?"

"Y...yes Alex."

Both Alexandra and Clarissa decided not to point out Josh's failure to adhere to proper etiquette, allowing some leeway to the still swooning boy. They helped him regain his footing, although he was still unsteady enough to require their support on either side. The women moved him slowly down the corridor, stopping in front of another heavy and securely locked door.

"Well, this is it," Clarissa said as she used a large key to unlock the very dungeon-esque portal. As she opened the creaking door, she heard Josh whimper slightly, knowing that he was being brought face to face with his fate.

The chamber was not overly large, perhaps the size of a large bedroom. It was all concrete and stone, with only a single light bulb hanging from the ten-foot high ceiling. In stark contrast to the medieval appearance of the surroundings, a table with very modern medical monitoring equipment, tanks, and hoses sat against one wall. Various wires and connectors sat neatly bundled at the sides of the machinery, waiting patiently to be put into use. Josh stared at the bright and obviously out of place technology, until Alex's hand turned his face gently towards the center of the room. He had missed it entirely. Its color caused it to blend in with the grayish black of the stone walls and floor. Of course, the gaudy machinery and his strained, watery eyes had not helped him focus on it either. He shivered uncontrollably as he looked at the monstrous thing in front of him, horrified and fascinated at the same time.

"So," Clarissa said as she moved next to it and displayed it with showy hand movements reminiscent of a game show hostess displaying a prize, "what do you think?"

Alex stood next to Josh as he leaned against her both for support and for a feeling of safety. It was even more frightening than he had imagined it would be in the short time since he had been made aware of its existence. It was made of a hard gray material, not metal but more akin to fiberglass, and was shaped like the distorted body of a man in very severe restraint. He knew immediately that the man it had been shaped after was himself; Alex had told him so during their talk. His memory flashed momentarily, back to the time when Alex had playfully taken measurements of his entire body. She had refused to explain why she had done it, saying only that he would find out eventually. He had thought it was for new clothes, but as none materialized, and time passed, he had forgotten about the incident completely. He studied it carefully, knowing that its proportions would match up almost exactly to his own. The head was smooth and featureless, except for a nose shaped protrusion just below its center and a small hole under that. The neck was stiff and long, longer he thought, than his own. The shoulders led to a single piece behind it, shaped like two arms fused together. The chest, torso and groin had vague musculature, with two small twist screws at chest level. The legs, like the arms, were fused together into one, with pointed, non-descript feet. Josh could see the seam that ran around the length of it, and knew that it opened into two pieces. He stared at the latches, thirty-two of them, situated along the edge of the seam. They were currently closed, sealing the two pieces of the man shaped casket together. Six of the latches were bigger than the rest, one at the top of the head, one at the bottom, just above the ends of the feet, and two on each side, evenly spaced along the seam. These larger latches were also shut, and were locked in place by hefty padlocks. The whole thing was suspended in the air by two chains, each attached to the end of a bar that was welded to and stuck out horizontally from the back shoulders of the casket, below the neck, but above the joined arms.

Josh wobbled again as Alexandra grabbed tighter hold of him. Clarissa moved quickly, sliding a chair into the room, then helped Alex lower the swooning boy onto it. Alex knelt down to be at eye level with the distraught young man.

"Do you want something to help you calm down?" She asked him, stroking his face gently.

"N-no, no drugs," he stammered.

"Okay then, let's get started," Alex said as she stood up, signaling Clarissa to wheel over a second table which had been partially concealed by the hanging form. On top of the table were neatly folded stacks of assorted rubber items. The two women carefully began sorting through them.

Josh watched, trying not to hyperventilate as they picked out two thick rubber stockings. The black, glistening garments were handed to him, and he obediently and dejectedly began to pull them over his smooth, hairless legs. The stockings were very tight, and the elasticized top edges dug into the middle of his thighs. He found it extremely difficult to bend his knees or feet in them once they had been pulled up fully into place. Matching over-the-elbow gloves came next. The women had to help him pull on the second one as once he got his left arm fully encased, the boy realized that, although the gloves had separate fingers, they were all attached together inside, rendering his hands useless.

Once his arms had been encased, the women had him stand up. He wobbled again, lightheaded from his situation, but managed to keep his balance as a steel boned, long rubber corset was placed around his waist. He was told to exhale sharply so that the women could buckle the restrictive garment tightly behind his back. Josh fought for breath, now only able to inhale in short, ragged gasps as the corset sealed him in its restrictive embrace.

His arms were then roughly pulled together behind him by Clarissa, who tightened straps over his palms, wrists, forearms, elbows and biceps. She cruelly tugged on the bindings, ensuring that his arms were agonizingly close together and his elbows were just touching before buckling them into position. Josh grunted in pain as his arms and shoulders were placed under considerable stress.

"You were certainly right when you mentioned how flexible he is," Clarissa said to Alex as the other woman, having removed something else from the wheeled table, approached.

"Oh yes. I can keep him in all kinds of wonderful positions." Alex turned her gaze to Josh and held up his next item of restraint. "Now baby, this is just the first part of your gag, so don't worry too much about it yet. She smiled reassuringly, and then quickly buckled an extremely large ring gag around her boyfriend's mouth, seating the rubber covered metal device back behind his front teeth. Once that was secured, the two women begin preparing their helpless subject in earnest.

A very wide posture collar was buckled around Josh's neck, elongating and constricting it so that his head was held securely with him looking straight ahead and slightly upward. He groaned past the saliva leaking from his mouth as he realized that his neck was now elongated similarly to the body form hanging in front of him. He struggled to breathe normally under the compression of the corset as the women moved him off to the side of the room. A chain from the ceiling was attached to his collar, and his rubber-covered feet were stretched out to the sides and cuffed to the floor, effectively immobilizing him.

Clarissa then attached a complicated looking chastity belt to the front of the boy's corset. A leather strap was pulled down from there, and his penis and balls were fed through an attached ring. The strap was then pulled roughly between his legs and he felt something large nudge against his anus as the strap was yanked between his butt cheeks. He knew the increasing pressure meant that an extremely large anal plug was being slid into him. He struggled to relax his opening so that the intruder could penetrate without causing too much pain. However, the women had used only the slightest amount of baby oil on the ten-inch inflatable monster they were sliding into him, so despite his attempts at relaxing the muscles in his sphincter, Josh felt as if he were being torn in half. He screamed past the ring in his mouth as the plug ripped all the way into him. The strap was then yanked tightly up, and attached to the rear of his corset.

Josh was sucking air in rapidly, trying to adjust to the huge plug in his rear. He tried to look down as Alex knelt in front of him, but the collar prevented any movement of his head. He grimaced as he felt her attach the ball separator to his testicles. His hips jumped and legs pulled at their cuffs as the familiar, crushing sensation radiated through his swelling nut sack. The rubber penis restraint followed, crushing his semi-erect member in its tight embrace. Alexandra then moved away to allow Clarissa access to Josh's privates. The Dominatrix looked at the helpless boy, holding up his next item of torment.

"Don't worry," she said with mock sympathy, "I've been trained thoroughly on the use of all the devices in this room. Including this...rather large...catheter."

Alex snickered as Josh ineffectively pulled at his bonds, and watched as Clarissa slowly and carefully inserted the large diameter tube into Josh's retrained member. He grunted with each corresponding inch that was forced into him. Suddenly, a gush of yellow started flowing down the tube. It traveled almost a foot out of his penis' head before it stopped at a valve built into the tubing.

"Okay, just a little further then I can inflate the retention bladder," Clarissa said mostly to herself as she finished inserting the rest of the tube. Satisfied at the length of tubing buried in the boy's bladder, she secured an inflation bulb to a thin hose attached to the tube and began pumping. Once satisfied with the pressure reading, she clamped off the inflation hose then removed the bulb and handed it to Alexandra. Clarissa then pulled down on the tubing, forcing Josh's cock to move downward between his split-tied testicles, and threaded it through a hard plastic cup that she positioned over his bound and tubed genitals. The cup was attached securely to the chastity belt, sealing away his manhood completely.

As Clarissa finished off Josh's front, Alexandra moved to his rear with the inflation bulb in hand. Without wasting time, she attached the bulb to Josh's anal plug, and inflated the rectum sealing monster to its fullest. She clamped off the connection, and removing the bulb, went over to the table and switched it for a long, thick, clear plastic hose. Returning to her bound boyfriend, Alex attached the hose to the end of the plug sticking out obscenely through the strap wedged in his crack. Once the tube clicked securely into position, she stood up and joined Clarissa in front of the boy.

"I think its time to introduce Josh to all the wonders of his new, improved penalty box," Alex said, gesturing to the ominous hanging form a few feet away.

"I would hardly call it a box, Alex," Clarissa responded, looking slightly wounded.

"Of course not dear, that is just a private joke between Josh and I. He knows what I mean." Alex turned towards Josh, "Ready baby?"

Almost as an afterthought, the two women completed Josh's bondage. A strap was run from the base of his posture collar down to the top of his corset and pulled extremely tight. His legs were then released from their cuffed, widely spread position and strapped together at the arches, ankles, above and bellow the knees, and at the thighs, just below the tops of the stockings.

Moving to the side of the room, Clarissa flicked a switch, and, with a rattle of heavy chains, and the sound of winching machinery, the Josh shaped body form lowered towards the ground. She stopped its downward progress once the feet touched the floor and began sliding along it, allowing the head and shoulders to move down as well. Now that the form was angled at about thirty degrees, Clarissa moved over to it and pulled a shining key out from her pocket. She used it to unlock each of the six padlocks, and then placed them on the floor off to the side. Next, she methodically went about unlatching the clamps holding the casket together. She did this in full view of Josh, who just stared on in discomfort and horror as he awaited his fate. Once she had all of the latches undone, Clarissa motioned for Alexandra to help her.

Leaving Josh perched precariously by his neck chain, Alex walked over to the body casket, and grabbing the lower half of the top piece, helped Clarissa open it up. It was heavier than it looked, and there was a slight seal breaking sound as the top, with its protruding inner edge, slid out of the matching groove in the bottom half. Alex marveled at the inside, lined in a type of thin, gray, neoprene like material. It was thick enough to provide protection to the occupant from the hard, unyielding material the form was constructed out of, but much too thin to provide any comfort.

"Oh my," Alexandra said breathlessly, "doesn't this look cozy?"

Clarissa snickered as she and Alex lowered the top carefully to the floor. "I should hope so, it cost as much as a small car to design and build."

"Hear that 23?" Alex looked over at Josh, overcome by a wave of arousal at the thought of encapsulating him within. "Mistress Clarissa spared no expense for you."

Josh tried to look away, spittle running out from the edge of his mouth, but found himself glued to the scene. He knew it wouldn't be long before he was trapped in the embrace of the evil looking thing.

"Let's hurry and get him installed," Clarissa said, trying to distract Alexandra from the hunger obvious in her eyes. "We still have a lot of connections to hook up."

With that, the two women unhooked Josh's collar from the chain holding him up. They dragged the bound boy, now squirming mightily against his restraints as the full realization of his predicament set in, over to the back half of the still hanging body form, and lifted him up. It was difficult for them to maintain their balance as Josh bucked like a man possessed, but, after several attempts, they were able to fit his arms into the opening at the back of the casket's shoulders. As they lowered him, his tightly strapped arms slid deep down into the lined, molded space designed specifically for them. He could feel the tightness of the compartment squeezing his already cramping arms. Finally, as his arms disappeared completely, the women were able to line his shoulders up with the casket, and began positioning the rest of his body. They laid him in carefully, running both his catheter and anal tubes out the one small, rubber lined hole in the rear of the form, making sure that none of his skin would be caught between the seam when it was sealed. His body fit snugly into place, the lined back of the mold fitting him like a second skin.

"In case you're wondering," Clarissa said as she looked down at Josh's panic stricken eyes, "the lining is made of a very high tech porous material. It will enable your skin to breathe even as the slight cushioning prevents pressure sores from forming around your body."

Josh, not reassured by her words, attempted to struggle some more, but the encapsulation of his arms, and a harsh glance from Alexandra, brought that to a quick end. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on his breathing, the corset's constricting grip around his waist still hindering any attempt to take in a full, deep breath of air. He felt his legs pressed firmly into the device's cruel embrace. His rubber covered feet were pointed and slid into place under the extended lip of the bottom of the frame. This position would ensure his feet remained in a strict en pointe once the top piece was secured.

Satisfied with the first half of Josh's encasement, Clarissa picked up the next item from the table and moved next to the boy's head, while Alex appeared on the other side and began stroking his sweat-streaked hair, gently reassuring him. "Now Josh, this next part is new for you, but I need you to remember our conversation. While this will be very uncomfortable, Clarissa is well trained in this, and she will not harm you."

Josh's eyes bulged out of his sockets as he saw the long thick tube in Clarissa's hand. About two and a half feet long, the tube had a deflated round balloon on the end approaching his mouth, a second, longer and narrower deflated balloon was positioned a few inches higher on the tube, then the smooth remaining portion of tubing ended in a huge rubber plug. The plug, large almost beyond comprehension, was attached to a rubber strap that would cover his mouth completely. Sticking out from the center of the strap was another, smaller tube that had three branching ports jutting out from the main hose, which continued on for another six inches. Alex placed one hand on top of his head, and one on his chin to hold him steady as her friend pushed the rubber hose past the boy's ring gag and into his mouth. He wretched violently as the tube and its collapsed balloons nudged the back of his throat and began to slide downward.

"Breathe slowly and as deeply as possible through your nose. You will not suffocate if you concentrate. Do not throw up." Clarissa spoke with authority as she continued to slide the tube down Josh's throat and towards his stomach. "This is not an ordinary stomach tube," She said almost academically as she continued to force the horrible thing further into him. "It's called an esophageal tube, and once we get it situated properly, it will not only allow you to be fed, but will seal off your stomach and throat so completely, that you will not be able to vomit. The largest balloon will be inflated in your stomach. That will lock the tube in place and also give you a nice full feeling, as though you constantly have a large meal sitting in your stomach. The next balloon inflates inside your esophagus, completely sealing it off so that nothing can move up or down through your throat unless it is inside the tube. Of course, the tube has a one-way valve on the end, so nothing can come back up without the special suction attachment attached at the entry point. Now," she said as she moved the last of the snake-like tube down his throat, the final inflatable is this gag which will fill your mouth completely even before we start pumping." She stopped talking momentarily as she started forcing the rubber plug past his ring gag and into his oral cavity. Once the plug popped into place and expanded behind the ring, she pulled the strap tight and, as Alex lifted his head from its niche, buckled it into place behind him.

Josh had turned a sickly shade of green, and he was visibly shaken as Clarissa attached the inflation bulb to the first port and began pumping. He could feel the unpleasant fullness in his stomach, but it was nothing compared to the scary pressure that he felt when she finished with the stomach balloon and began inflating the esophageal one. He whined as much as his gagged mouth and throat would allow, but soon that subsided as Clarissa finished with the other balloons and began pumping the gag. It filled his mouth completely, pressing his cheeks painfully against the tightening gag strap. Finally satisfied with his level of discomfort, Clarissa removed the bulb and sealed off the inflation ports.

Although he was gagging fiercely as his throat attempted to expel the intruding tube, nothing was able to travel up from his sealed off stomach. Josh watched in horror as Clarissa picked up the key she had used on the locking latches and stuffed it into Alexandra's pocket.

"Wouldn't want you to leave without that," Clarissa said as she then returned to the table to retrieve another item.

Josh tried to squirm again as he realized that he was going to be completely locked away until Alex returned with the key. No way out for a completely unknown amount of time. Alex just held his head tighter as Clarissa buckled a rubber blindfold in place over his eyes, totally blocking off his vision. Once that was done, Alex gently lowered his head back into place as Clarissa picked up the boy's next accessory. Two small tubes with foam pads were pushed up into Josh's nostrils. The padding expanded as it was pushed deeply inside, locking the twin tubes in place. The tubes connected into one three inches below his nose, and that tube, along with the one protruding from his gag, were laid aside as the women retrieved the top of the casket.

They laid the top in place at an angle, positioning the foot section first. Once the seam mated properly, they began lowering the rest of the body. When the chest and face were only a few inches away from sealing the boy in, Clarissa fed his gag tube through the hole in the mouth area and followed that by slipping his nasal tube through a matching opening under the nose of the casket.

Alex leaned in close and placed a gentle kiss on Josh's forehead. "Now just relax," she said softly, "and try to stay calm. Remember, you will be perfectly safe while I'm gone." She placed her hand lovingly on the side of his face. "My brave little hockey player, I am so proud of you."

With that, two deep-seated rubber earplugs were pushed into place, blocking out any sound but the beating of the boy's heart. As she finished, Alex felt along the underside of the chest, locating the first of the tiny, cruel nipple clamps. She pulled it out from its position, stretching the attached tension cord until it reached Josh's right nipple. She snapped it in place, the teeth gripping his sensitive nub painfully and then dragging it fiercely away from his chest. She watched her boyfriend's subtle movement in response to the pain, knowing that he could not move enough to get away. She repeated the process on his left nipple, and, looking over at Clarissa, gave her a big smile as they set the rest of the body form into place. They pushed down hard, ensuring that the seam was sealed before they began latching all of the clasps. Alex retrieved the six padlocks, and with a bit of fanfare, completed Josh's encapsulation.

The casket was then winched back up, until the pointed feet were about two feet off the floor. A heavy chain was attached to the toe area, and hooked to a ring buried in the concrete floor. The whole thing was raised again until it was pulled taught between ceiling and floor. Clarissa then quickly rolled the medical table next to the solidly mummified form, and attached the tubes, hoses and monitoring wires to their appropriate receptacles. Oxygen, tainted with other unique and exotic aromas would be fed to the boy through his nasal tube, while his stomach tube would be used to give him various liquefied or semi-solid materials. His catheter tube would be used to fill and drain his bladder, and his rectal tube would ensure enemas of varying size and duration stayed sealed in place. Lastly, electric sensors would be used to monitor his vital signs at all times.

As Clarissa finished up, she watched Alex as she stroked the outside of the casket and then, reaching up, twisted each of the screws at its chest level. Clarissa smiled, knowing that Alex had just doubled the pressure on the poor boy's clamped nipples.

It took only a few minutes for the women to say their goodbyes. After a brief hug and numerous reassurances that her charge would be perfectly safe, Alexandra left the mansion, a shinning key attached to a chain around her neck.

Clarissa waited an hour after Alex had left before heading back down to the dungeon. Before they had departed, she had started a three-quart enema flowing into Josh's bowels. Now, she checked the monitors and saw that, while his vitals were elevated and definitely stressed, they were well within safety parameters, so she set the timer for a four-hour retain, release and repeat setting and went upstairs to bed, eager to start her true tests in the morning.

Inside his unyielding cocoon, Josh was screaming silently. This was nothing like his penalty box back home, or even the strict bondage sack he sometimes slept in. This was complete and utter immobilization. He could not move a muscle. His entire body was exploding with the need for some kind of movement. Even the fluid filling his bowels and causing him to cramp painfully was no distraction to the overwhelming claustrophobia he was enduring. He did not know how long it would last, or what other horrors awaited him as time passed. All he knew was that whatever was going to be done to him, there was nothing he could do but accept it until Alex's return.

The End
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