Shelia Pays Off Bet
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Author's Note: See the story I wrote about Jasmine becomes a slave for insight in this story

Chapter 1

Shelia's Bar and Fetish shop was the hub of the BDSM community in South Florida. Also many folks came from other parts of Florida, as she had a reputation for the finest B&D fetish wear and equipment in the state. Shelia Bobbs was 35 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, 5'10" and about 140lb. She was very popular and her close friends also knew she had a dungeon up in her loft for their enjoyment. It was a Monday night in April, when Racheal entered the bar with her slave Jasmine. Shelia greeted them and asked how the triplet training was going (see training triplets). It is done now; I just shipped them to the Schwartz's home three days ago Racheal responded. Racheal was her friend and also helped her develop new items for the BDSM scene and tested them out for her. "So what do I owe the honor of the great "trainer" visiting my humble bar?" she asked Racheal jesting. "Well we are celebrating the six month anniversary of Jasmine becoming my slave and assistant. (see Jasmine becomes a slave), said Racheal, and we also need to schedule your week of slavery for losing the bet we made on whether I could make Jasmine my permanent slave". "I was hoping you had forgotten about that" Shelia responded. "No way, and I still owe you for the week I had to serve you" laughed Racheal. Shelia pulled out her calendar and told Racheal, anytime after next week, as Wendy (Shelia's assistant) was on vacation until then visiting her parents. After a short discussion the second week of May was decided on from Sunday 12 noon to Sunday 12 noon. "Remember, the rules we have in the bet contract. No modifications, like you did with Jasmine, and no permanent damage or marks" said Shelia. "Of course I do know the rules and as long as you obey all commands without hesitation that is fine, but remember the clause in the contract that says if you refuse to do something that is not banned, the contract becomes two weeks and no limits" replied Racheal. "I know and no way will I allow that" Shelia said. Shelia was also informed that she was to be hairless from neck down, and only be wearing a dress and sandals when she arrived. That was accepted and for the rest of the night Racheal and Jasmine enjoyed the food and drink, and chatting with friends that dropped by.

Chapter 2 - Shelia arrives

Shelia was a little nervous as she rang the doorbell at Racheal's home which was a huge house on over 4 acres of ground which had a barn and horse track on it. She now regretted making the bet with Racheal, aka "The Trainer", that she could not make Jasmine her permanent slave during the month of her slave contract. Worse she was also scared of being left in Jasmine's hands since Jasmine at one point was also a feared Domme and Shelia also was in on the contract they signed tricking Jasmine. Wearing just a sundress and sandals, Shelia felt the breeze flow up caressing her naked body. It had been several years since she had served as a slave, and with Racheal's reputation she knew it was going to be a very trying week. Jasmine opened the door wearing a white rubber maid's outfit that molded her body, with cut outs for her breasts that contrasted her brown skin. She also was wearing white 6" heeled shoes that were locked on her feet. Shelia was told to kneel on the floor until Mistress Racheal arrived. Shelia dropped to her knees, with her head bowed in the proper slave position waiting for Racheal's arrival. Racheal appeared wearing her usual outfit, a black leather cat suit with the zipper pulled down between her breasts showing them off. Her black boots had 6" heels and she saw a spur in each heel and in her gloved hands Shelia saw a nasty looking riding crop. Racheal gave her the command to stand and strip. Sheila stood up and removed the sundress and then kneeled down. Suddenly the riding crop flashed and struck Shelia's right nipple, causing Shelia to scream in pain. Racheal told her when I say strip it means everything including the sandals. Shelia quickly pulled off the sandals and replied "sorry Mistress Racheal". Racheal then nodded to Jasmine who locked a 3"wide steel collar around Shelia's neck. Shelia recognized it as a shock collar, and hoped it wasn't set on high. Then Jasmine cuffed her hands behind her back with a pair of hinged handcuffs and clipped a leash onto ring on the front of the collar and handed Racheal the leash. With a tug on the leash, Shelia stood and followed Racheal down the stairs to where she knew the dungeon was located. Shelia was soon standing in the middle of Racheal's dungeon naked and feeling very scared, as the toys here were extreme and she had helped develop most of them. Racheal had Shelia spread her legs wide apart. Racheal then commented on the fact Shelia was hairless. Shelia told her she had used a cream that would prevent hair growth for at least two weeks just to make sure it did not grow back while she served. The crop quickly hit Shelia's exposed cunt leaving a dark red mark just above the clit and causing Shelia to scream. "Slaves don't speak unless told to, understand", stated Racheal, as the crop hit Shelia's left nipple. "Yes Mistress I understand" Shelia said with tears in her eyes from the pain. "Jasmine, I think this slave need to think about what is expected of her, so gag her and place her on the kneeling meditation station" said Racheal. Jasmine smiled as she pulled Shelia to a corner of the dungeon where Shelia saw a chain hanging from the wall and on the ground a 3' long 4" high triangular board with a sharp point on top bolted to the floor and what looked like a set small stocks behind it. Shelia was forced down with her knees directly on the sharp point of the triangular board and her ankles were then locked into the stocks, which were set higher than the board so all her weight was on her knees. The chain was attached to the handcuffs and she felt her arms being pulled back and up which put more of her weight on her knees as she bent forward. Jasmine then took a pair of clover leaf nipple clamps and threaded the chain though a ring in the center of the board and then attached the clamps to her nipples making sure the chain was taunt so that any movement would tighten the clamps. A large ball gag was secured in Shelia's mouth and the strap pulled tight. "Shelia, dear, I want you to think about how you need to be a very obedient slave this week. This position was shown to me by a dear friend Mei Ling, who used it for breaking prisoners in China, but with extra added things I am not using at this time" said Racheal, as she and Jasmine left the dungeon. Shelia quickly assessed her position as her knees were starting to hurt from the sharp point of the board that dug deep into her knees, and that any movement she did to possibly relieve the pressure on her knees caused the nipple clamps to tighten and start to crush her nipples. At this point Shelia knew Racheal was not going to be gentle with her and she was indeed in for a week of hell. The sweat slowly dripped from her body as the pain in her knees became unbearable, and she hoped they would not be damaged and she tried real hard not to move and crush her already swollen sore nipples. After three hours, Racheal returned and saw Shelia crying from the pain that racked throughout her whole body. Racheal released her from the meditation position and as her body straighten out Shelia screamed into the gag, as the blood started to flow back to her knees and her nipples. Barely able to stand Shelia was put into a cell and given a bowl of food and a bowl of water. She was told to she had better get into slave mode real quickly or she would be earning the second week and that tomorrow would really test her. Shelia collapsed on the cot and fell asleep crying.

Chapter 3 - Day 2

As the lights came on in the dungeon Shelia woke up and as she stretched, her body reminded her quickly of the pain it suffered the day before and she still had a hard time standing. She crawled to the toilet and sat down and peed and pooped. Once done she saw the bowls of food and water and ate and drank everything there. The door of her cell opened and Jasmine pulled her out and pushed her onto her knees in front of Racheal. As her knees hit the floor Shelia cried out in pain as her weight pressed on them. Looking up at Racheal, Shelia asked, "How can you be so cruel, I thought we were friends". The riding crop slashed through the air hitting Shelia across her left knee right on the grove imbedded from the previous day. Shelia collapsed onto the floor writhing in pain holding her knee.

"You don't remember three years ago when I lost a bet to you, I was a pony girl for the week and while you were at home I was being screwed silly by the grooms at that stable you left me at and the bitches there ran me all day on the track, before having me suck their cunts, so payback is a real bitch. And the next time you don't address me properly, you can expect to be flogged between you legs by Jasmine, who is looking forward to being able to do that to you" replied Racheal. "Sorry Mistress, please forgive me," cried Shelia. "Just obey and do everything you are told and you might survive" Said Racheal. Jasmine then appeared with a letter, which she handed to Racheal. A nasty smile appeared on Racheal's face as she read it and then laughed. "Shelia did you know this Friday Jessica is throwing a B&D ball at her estate and guess what I am invited and I am to bring my slaves" Racheal said. "Please Mistress; don't embarrass me by taking me there. I promise to obey" begged Shelia. Racheal just laughed and a shiver ran down Shelia's back as she thought of being in front of everyone as a slave. Racheal then pulled Shelia to the hanging chains in the middle of the dungeon and cuffed her wrists to them and her ankles to floor rings that were set three feet apart and then pull the chains so Shelia was stretched taunt. "Don't worry Shelia, I will make sure you are wearing a hood mask, so no one will recognize you, ok my pet" Racheal laughed. She then handed Jasmine a box full of different colored clothespins and told her to decorate the slave using every clothespin on the front of Shelia's body, as she needed to order something special for her new pet to wear. And gag Shelia if she makes a sound using a big fat penis gag that you have flavored, but DO NOT CUM or you will suffer pain worse then her. When you are done decorating her front, do session #5, with a rattan punishment cane, with ten minutes intervals for two hours. After Racheal left Jasmine showed Shelia the box containing at least 250 new plastic clothespins, Shelia recognized the type of clothespin and knew they would cause pain as the jaws were serrated and would pinch the flesh where they were placed. Jasmine told Shelia she was happy to be causing her pain since it was she that supplied the contract with no limits at the time of the bet, without mentioning it at that time. Shelia's face showed real panic knowing how extreme Jasmine could be. But I will just follow Mistress's instruction, as by losing the bet was the best thing ever to happen to me, as I became her slave and fell in love with her. After sucking on her right nipple, Jasmine opened a red clothespin and slowly let it close on Shelia's swollen right nipple. As it crushed her nipple Shelia screamed so loud it hurt Jasmine's ears and she pleaded she would do anything if Jasmine would not continue. Laughing, Jasmine found a fat 8" penis gag and inserted it in her wet cunt covering it with her juices. Pinching Shelia's nose until her mouth opened Jasmine shoved the gag in her mouth and pulled the strap tight. Shelia could do nothing as she gagged while tasting Jasmine's juices. Looking down at her breasts she saw Jasmine apply another clothespin to left nipple after sucking on it to make it hard and she felt the pain rip through her body. She watched as Jasmine slowly apply the clothespins to her breasts covering them completely and then moved down her belly with three lines of clothespins leading to her exposed cunt. More clothespins were placed in her armpits and down her arms, down her legs, across her belly, and everywhere else it would be painful. Shelia really screamed when Jasmine snapped one on her labia making a nice colorful line, but when the last clothespin was snapped on her clit, Shelia pissed herself and slumped in the chains as she almost passed out from the pain. Shelia watched as Jasmine moved a robo spanker behind her and attached a rattan cane to it. Jasmine informed her that she would receive a stroke every ten minutes. As the first stoke hit her ass in the bottom crease Shelia screamed into the gag. Two hours later when Racheal returned, she saw that Shelia was covered in clothespins, her ass had twelve parallel lines across it and she was in constant pain and crying. Racheal complimented Jasmine on the lovely art work. Then to Shelia's horror, Racheal told Jasmine to get a flogger so she could whip the clothespins from Shelia's body. Then showing Jasmine an envelope, Racheal told her inside was the maximum number of strokes she would have to whip off all of the clothespins, and if she failed, then she would exchange places with Shelia. If she were successful then Shelia would be her sex slave for the night. Jasmine got a very nasty looking flogger from the wall and smiled as she showed it to Shelia, whose eyes pleaded with Racheal for a reprieve, but knew none was coming. Slowly over the next hour and using 50 strokes with the whip Jasmine slowly flicked off the clothespins from Shelia's body. Opening the envelope, Racheal showed Jasmine the written number was 100. "Shit, said Jasmine, if I knew it was that many I would have taken more time removing them". "You girls have fun and remember NO Damage to the slave, Jasmine" Racheal told her as she left. Jasmine released Shelia from the chains and attached a leash to her collar and took her back to her bedroom. Jasmine stripped and took Shelia into the bathroom, and they both relaxed in the hot tub. Shelia enjoyed the hot water soothing her body, and relaxing for the first time since arriving at Racheal's. She thanked Jasmine for being so kind considering the trick she pulled on her. Laughing Jasmine told her not to worry, as before the end of the night she would suffer for that. After they got out of the hot tub, Jasmine handcuffed Shelia's hands behind her back. Jasmine pulled her into the bedroom and went to her dresser and returned with the control chastity belt. "Since we have about the same waist size, I only think you should wear the belt" Jasmine told Shelia, as she locked it on Shelia forcing it to lock as Shelia was slightly fatter. Jasmine then locked the monitoring unit on Shelia's left wrist and turned on both vibrators inside Shelia pushing her to experience a very strong orgasm which the wrist monitor noted. Pulling Shelia to the bed Jasmine hit the shock button on the belt's controller and Shelia, screamed in pain. "Now slave you will spend the night pleasing me with your mouth or feel even stronger shocks. Also, the belt will be set for maximum tease mode and maximum shock mode, so while you will only get close you will not cum, but I will" said Jasmine as she pulled Shelia's head to her dripping cunt and shouted "Eat me". Shelia felt the belt shock her and she quickly placed her mouth on Jasmine's cunt and using her tongue teased Jasmine's clit, watching it swell as her juices flowed. Shelia mouth kept sucking and licking jasmine's cunt until she had her first orgasm squirting her juices into Shelia's mouth. It was several hours and many orgasms for Jasmine before she fell asleep with Shelia's head between her legs, but as Jasmine slept, the belt kept Shelia awake as it simulated her to almost a climax but shocking her every time her body was about to cum. Shelia cried for relief but her body had a mind of its own and responded to the vibrators buried deep in her body, only to be denied to climax by the belt shocking her. It was a very frustrating night for her as she only got a few minutes rest and wondered what was next and how she would survive the week and mentally promising never to bet Racheal again and prayed she did not end up like Jasmine and become Racheal's permanent slave.

Chapter 4: Day 3 (added: 09/11/2011)

Jasmine woke up and told Shelia to use her tongue to bring her to another orgasm. A frustrated tired Shelia obeyed and inserted her tongue back into Jasmine's cunt and started to lick and nibble at her clit. She used all her experience to bring Jasmine to a climax and so she hopefully could get some relief. After about ten minutes Jasmine had a wonderful orgasm and pushed Shelia off her bed. Clipping a leash to Shelia's collar, Jasmine took her back down to the dungeon and to the shower area. Jasmine unlocked the chastity control belt and shoved Shelia into the shower and told her clean her hair and body. Shelia washed her hair and body enjoying the hot water of the shower and also was happy to have the belt off of her. While showering, she again prayed she could make it through the week. Her hand found her sore cunt and she played with her clit to get the relief the belt wouldn't let her have and she quickly had an orgasm. Once done showering she was taken to her cell where she was instructed to use the potty. Shelia was embarrassed to pee and poop while Jasmine watched, but knowing it was the only time she would be allowed she did it. Food and water bowls were placed on the floor and Shelia had to kneel and eat and drink while on her knees with her face in the bowl like an animal.

Racheal arrived and asked if they had a good evening together. Jasmine said she did, but was sure Shelia didn't and explained about the belt. Racheal laughed and said today would be worse, and told Shelia, she would pay dearly for masturbating in the shower and cumming without permission. Racheal asked Shelia what her bra size was, and Shelia asked why? As Racheal hit Shelia's cunt twice quickly with the riding crop, she said, "Shelia, my slave pet, remember the rules, you obey all commands or questions without hesitation or the contract gets changed to two weeks of no limit service. I will be generous and not use this mistake to change it but understand I will enforce it next time". Shelia told Racheal it was 36B. "Jasmine I think another meditation period is needed for this slave. I suggest this time she sit on the horse for two hours. Jasmine brought out a single sleeve leather armbinder and forcing Shelia's arms behind her back slid the binder up her arms. Jasmine slowly tightened the straps on the arm binder forcing Shelia's elbows to touch causing immediate pain in Shelia's arms. Ankle cuffs were locked on her ankles and she was lead to the horse. The horse was basically a wood sawhorse with the sides coming to a very sharp point. Shelia was told to step up the ladder and straddle the horse. Shelia slowly lowered her body onto the horse as Jasmine spread her labia open so the point of the horse was in the middle of her wide-open cunt so all of her weight was on it once the ladder was removed. The ring at the end of the armbinder was attached to a hanging chain and her arms were pulled up placing more weight on her already tender cunt. Jasmine then added 2lb weights to each ankle cuff. The leash from her collar was tied to a ring mounted on the horse in front of her limiting how Shelia could move. Alligator clamps were placed on her nipples and a weight was added for extra pain. Shelia soon felt the point sink deeper into her cunt as her body weight and the weights on her ankles, just pulled her down. While mounted on the horse Shelia's cunt soon became numb from the weight that was on it and she knew once the weight was off and the blood rushed back into her cunt the pain would be horrible. Her nipples also were in extreme pain and she feared that they were damaged. After two hours Jasmine appeared and released Shelia, who stood with her legs wide apart to relieve the pain from the blood flowing back into that area and when the nipple clamps were removed she screamed. She did not know which meditation position was worse, but decided to do her best to avoid both positions.

Racheal arrived opening a package; she explained that Wendy had dropped it off, which contained as Racheal had asked for, an extra large dildo and extra large butt plug attachment for Jasmine's control belt. She said she had planned for Shelia to wear the belt for the rest of the day so it was good that she was use to it. Shelia cried, "Please not that again I am so sore horny, and frustrated". "Get use to it" said Racheal as she attached a 12 long 4" wide dildo and 9" long and 4" wide butt plug to the belt. "And just for complaining I think a drop of diluted "hell" on each insert will prove interesting and the next time the week will be added. Shelia's face went white upon hearing what was going to happen and tried to hide in the corner of her cell. Jasmine pressed the control for the shock collar and Shelia passed out.

Shelia woke up and found herself back in the hanging chains spread-eagled taunt and gagged with a very large ball. Jasmine handed Racheal a rubber bra into which a gloved Racheal spread a liquid all over the bra cups. Then Jasmine strapped the bra on Shelia. Shelia felt her breasts tingle and gave a strange look. Racheal explained the liquid was a very intense itching solution that would only get worse as she sweated. Next both of the control belts inserts were coated with dilute "hell" solution and were then inserted filling her holes to the max and the pain from the solution started to burn. Shelia was in pain as the dildos in her stretched both her ass and cunt to their limits and as the solution caused constant pain. And Shelia dear, for running from me you earned a second week here, but don't worry I am not going to pierce you unless you disobey one more time but a nice set of permanent rings in your large nipples would make a nice sight. "Thanks you Mistress Racheal for being so kind" Shelia said. Shelia also felt a bump pushing against her clit and once the belt was turned on she discovered it was another vibrator.

"Jasmine the hot tub needs to be cleaned and it is such a nice warm day outside, so make sure Shelia cleans it thoroughly," said Racheal as she set the belts control to maximum tease and shock. Jasmine took Shelia outside and pulled her to the hot tub, which was in the sunshine. Shelia climbed into the empty hot tub and started scrubbing off the algae from the walls of the hot tub. As she worked she started to sweat in the heat and the sweat rolled inside the rubber bra. As the sweat mixed with the liquid in the bra cups, her breasts start to itch and the more she worked it only got worse. Each time she stopped to rub her breasts, Jasmine hit her back with a whip causing even more pain and discomfort. Also the control belt was driving her crazy with pain and frustration of not being able to cum, to the point where Shelia doesn't know which is worse the pain or the itch or the need to cum. It took Shelia three hours to clean the hot tub and when she was done there were tears running constantly. Finally Shelia was taken back to the shower area and the bra and belt were removed and she was allowed to shower. Shelia examined her breasts which were red, swollen and had bumps all over them from the itching solution. She washed her cunt and ass and used the neutralizing cream to stop the effect of the "hell" solution. When done she was allowed to potty, and eat. After she finished eating the belt was locked back on her and Shelia was taken by Jasmine to Racheal's bedroom.

Waiting for her was a naked Racheal, who after dismissing Jasmine cuffed Shelia's hands. Racheal told her that if she was real good at pleasing her then she just might let Shelia cum. Using her tongue Shelia slowly moved up and down Racheal's body finding all the sensitive spots and teasing them. She could smell Racheal getting excited and then inserted her tongue into Racheal's cunt licking her clit and drinking her juices hoping that this would make up for her mistakes and maybe Racheal would be nicer. After what seemed like hours and many orgasms for Racheal, Shelia was told that she would be rewarded. Racheal removed the handcuffs and took Shelia over to a set of stocks near her bed and locked Shelia's head and hands in the stock, and her feet were locked spread in the base. Getting a penis gag, Racheal inserted it In Shelia's mouth and using a strap secured it. Racheal injected a stimulant into Shelia's arm telling her it was just to make sure she enjoyed the rest of the night. Turning the belt's vibrators onto high speed Racheal watched as Shelia reached her first orgasm in minutes. Laughing Racheal told Shelia to have a good night cumming, as the belt would be on all night. Shelia's could not believe what she heard and could only imagine how long she could go before passing out. As Racheal went to sleep Shelia's stimulant driven body was having one long major orgasm and after several hours her cunt was in pain but she could not stop cumming, and the stimulant also prevented her from passed out.

Chapter 5: Day 4 (added: 09/11/2011)

In the morning Racheal walked over to a crying Shelia and with a leather paddle she whacked her ass until it was bright red. As Shelia was being paddled, she had another orgasm, as the belt started again to take her body beyond what she thought was possible. After about ten minutes and several more intense orgasms, Racheal turn vibrators in the belt off. As Shelia was released from the stocks she collapsed on the floor, which she realized was a rubber area, the stocks stood in and she was now lying in a puddle of her juices. When Jasmine arrived she was told remove the belt and let Shelia shower and then feed her before locking Shelia in her cell so she could sleep for a few hours. Once in the cell Shelia dropped onto the cot and passed out.

Jasmine found Racheal taking a bubble bath and informed her that Alyson Schwartz and her husband David were in town and wanted to stop by and personally thank her for the way she trained the triplets. Jasmine was told to call her back and invite them for dinner and was told to serve Chateaubriand and also call Edward and invite him to dinner and have him send over Victoria to help as a maid since Shelia would be used that night for a demonstration.

That afternoon after Edward and Victoria arrived Jasmine took control of Victoria while Racheal and Edward went to the dungeon and found Shelia had woken up. Upon seeing Edward, Shelia cursed Racheal for allowing one of her clients to see her as a slave. Laughing Racheal asked Edward what he felt would be an appropriate punishment for that outburst. Edward whispered something in Racheal's ear that Shelia could not hear. Shelia was taken over to a padded table and placed on it face up. A wide leather belt went across her waist holding her tight to the edge of the table while her hands were secured to rings on the sides of the table. Then they spread Shelia's legs apart and secured them to the same rings as her hands. Shelia realized just how exposed she was and was so embarrassed. "So Edward, what do you want to do to the slut slave?" Racheal asked. "I've always wanted to fuck Shelia, but she has always said no to me" he replied. "For lending me Victoria for the night as a maid, have fun, Racheal told him and feel free to fuck either hole". Shelia screamed no way, please don't fuck me. Racheal got a penis gag and proceeded to gag Shelia with it and then attached another dildo to the gag and laughed as it stood up like an erect cock. Well as long as you are going to fuck her I might as well get fucked by her, said Racheal, as she climbed onto the table and squatted down until the gag dildo slide into her wet cunt. Watching as Edward removed his pants and underwear and then slid his 9" cock deep into Shelia's wet cunt. As he fucked her, Edward twisted Shelia's nipples causing her pain, which only excited him further. Shelia was helpless as Racheal fucked the dildo rising from her mouth and she felt Racheal's juices drip on her face, while Edward fucked her. Shelia fought the desires of her body with no success and soon her cunt was clamping down on Edward's cock, and finally all three came at the same time. As Edward pulled out he stated it was as good as he thought it would be. Shelia was so embarrassed to actually cum from his fucking.

At that point the intercom told Racheal that her guests were arriving. Racheal and Edward put their clothes back on and released Shelia. Racheal asked Edward, if he ever seen the Chinese mediation slave position. Edward said no but sounds interesting. Shelia struggled with no avail as they put her arms in a single sleeve arm binder with the straps crossing over her shoulders and between her breasts. They dragged her over the triangle board fastened to the floor in the corner her ankles were placed in the stocks and she was lowered until he knees rested on the sharp point of the triangle. Using the hanging chain, Racheal secured the armbinder to a ring up on the wall forcing her arms high behind her back placing even more weight on her knees. Shelia remembered this position and prayed it would be a short time here. Again cloverleaf nipple clamps squashed her nipples as the chain ran through a ring in the floor and this time a set of cloverleaf clamps were placed on her cunt lips and also pulled taunt through the ring in the board. "Wow. I am sure this position is very painful and yet so simple in design," Edward said. "I will make sure I get it installed in my dungeon so Victoria can have fun.

As Racheal told him let's go visit my guests, she whispered into Shelia's ear that this last refusal earned her nipples to be pierced and next time she refused it would be her clit and labia. As they left leaving Shelia to think about how she screwed up and to endure the pain that grew in her knees, nipples and labia.

Racheal introduced Edward to the Schwartz's and to the triplets, who were in leather bondage suits with their arms behind their backs in arm binders, and breast exposed trough holes in the suits, as were there butts cheeks and they also were wearing 7" ballet shoes. Edward commented on what a lovely group of girls they owned. Racheal and Alyson laughed and explained that Brandy was a she male. Edward was amazed as to how feminine he looked, but he was informed that Brandy had an 11" cock secured in the chastity device. As they had drinks, Alyson told Racheal that while in France the girls had finished second at the pony races mainly due to the excellent training Racheal gave them. Barbara was told to show everyone her ass and when she turned around they all saw a welted red striped ass with many bruises. Edward asked what she did to get such a harsh punishment. Laughing Alyson told them it was a reward for being so good in guiding Bonnie to second place in the big race. Edward inquired that if this was a reward, then how did she punish this slave. Alyson told him, by tying her to her bed spread-eagled and a big screen TV showed bondage videos. Barbara is a pain slut and enjoys all pain, but seeing someone punished and unable to cum is her punishment.

Jasmine appeared and informed them that dinner was ready. The group move to the dinning room where Victoria served the meal Jasmine had prepared. Alyson told Racheal if she ever decided to get rid of Jasmine, she would be interested in her just as a cook and a slave as the food was better than any restaurant they had eaten in. Edward reminded Racheal about Shelia, and Racheal looking at her watch said another 15 minutes. Alyson inquired as to what they were talking about, and was told of Shelia's position. "I would love to see that and how well it works," said Alyson.

They went down to the dungeon and over to where Shelia was kneeling on the sharp pointed triangle, with tears running down her face, and everyone could see the pain she was in. Shelia seeing everyone only thought about how soon she would be released, then she felt Alyson pull on the nipple clamps and labia clamps forcing them even tighter. Everyone heard Shelia's screams even through the gag. Finally Shelia was released and moved to the hanging chains for a demonstration as to how effective the "hell solution" is. Alyson whispered to Racheal something and Racheal told her sure. Alyson commanded Barbara to strip and she removed her boots and bondage suit. Racheal and Alyson put the armbinder on Barbara and pulled her to the meditation device. Forcing Barbara down so her knees were directly on the sharp pint, Alyson attached the wall chain to the ring at the end of the binder and pulled Barbara's arms high up behind her back. Barbara screamed in pain and they all watched as her juices started to flow. The clamps were attached to her nipples and she asked Edward if Victoria was allowed some pleasure. Edward said yes and soon Victoria stood in front of Barbara naked and Barbara was told to use her tongue to bring Victoria to an orgasm. As Barbara moved forward to get her tongue in Victoria the clamps pulled even tighter and more weight went on her knees, but she started licking and moaning as the pain was intense. Alyson went to the wall and got a riding crop, and started whipping Barbara's ass until both Victoria and Barbara both had an orgasm. Alyson told everyone let her stay pointing to Barbara, while we continue with the other slave.

Shelia's eyes went wide with fear and if she could have talked she would have begged for mercy as she watched what was happening to Barbara. Explaining to Alyson what "hell" was as she handed her rubber gloves and the solution. Alyson watched Shelia's reaction as she placed a drop on Shelia's clit. The chains rattled as Shelia's struggled in pain. Laughing Alyson then put a drop on each of Shelia's nipples and a drop in her asshole. Shelia screamed as her body was racked in pain and finally she passed out. Jasmine released her from the chains and using the neutralizing cream on the areas affected before locking her in the cell for the night and Jasmine whispered to Sheila that she was going to use the largest strapon they had to fucking her ass before she was released. Alyson was amazed at how much pain the solution caused, and Racheal gave her a bottle and told her the triplets know what it can do as all three have felt it.

Barbara was released and was told to get dressed so they could leave,

Alyson was very impressed at Racheal's dungeon and of her training techniques and promised to recommend her to all her BDSM friends as they left to fly back to Philadelphia. Edward thanked Racheal for allowing him to finally experience fucking Shelia and the evening. Jasmine was dismissed to go to her room, as Racheal went to her bedroom to get a good night's sleep and think of more nasty things to do to Shelia and as Shelia lied on the cot in her cell shivered in fear as to what was the next torture they would do to her.

Chapter 6: Day 5 (added: 11/13/2011)

Shelia woke up in her cell wondering what tortures awaited her and when Jasmine was going to be allowed to fuck her ass. Racheal and Jasmine entered the dungeon and went to her cell and unlocked it. Jasmine out down two bowls, one with the mush she was being feed and the other was empty. After putting down the empty bowl, Racheal squatted over it and pulling her thong to the side and peed into the bowl, then told Shelia her breakfast was now ready. Shelia thought about not drinking for a minute but realized that would only add to her time and other things so she knelt down and eat the bad tasting mush and drank the pee, barely keeping from vomiting.

Racheal informed Shelia the she was going on a field trip and Jasmine would go with her to make sure she obeyed, but Shelia would be wearing a latex hood so no one would know it was her. Shelia thanked Racheal for the generous thought, trying to get on her good side. Jasmine pulled the hood over Shelia's head and laced it very tight and pulled a 2" wide leather collar over the laces and locked it on and then she was gagged with a large ball gag. Then Jasmine attached a leash to the collar and pulled the naked Shelia forcing her to follow her. They went upstairs and out to a van where Shelia was put in the back and they drove off.

After about an hour drive the van pulled into a driveway and Shelia saw the sign "BDSM Stables" and realized she was at the stables she left Racheal at a few years earlier. She looked at Jasmine and tried to plead mercy, but with the gag in her mouth nothing came out. Jasmine told her it was just for the day, but yes she was in for a very long day. As the van stopped, a man walked up to and told Jasmine he was John the stable manager and she told him this was the slave that Racheal had sent for a day of pony training pointing to the naked Shelia. Shelia upon hearing this started to scream and try to get away. John grabbed her hands and cuffed them behind her back and told her to behave or it would get worse for her. He grabbed the leash and pulled her into the stables to a stall already setup for her. Shelia saw the pony garb and knew what was coming, as she looked over at Jasmine who was laughing and told her to go with it or she would tell Racheal that she wasn't obeying. John picked up a leather corset lined with horse hair and wrapped it around her just below her breasts and tightened it until her normal 26 inch waist was reduced to 20 inches and the itching started almost immediately. He uncuffed her hands and pulled her arms behind her back and had her place her hands on the opposite elbow and then slid a leather pouch over her arms and the pulled straps over her shoulders, back to the pouch securing her arms helpless. John removed the ball gag and when Shelia opened her mouth to protest he shoved a mouthpiece into her mouth and then he forced her mouth shut and tighten the screws along the top and bottom sealing her mouth shut. A 10" dildo was pushed into Shelia's cunt and a leather crotch strap was pulled tight securing it in her. Shelia was shown a large tail butt plug that was lubricated before it was pushed through a hole in the strap deep into her ass and then it was inflated sealing her asshole shut with the horse hair tail coming out of her ass. Ring clips were placed on her nipples and to the clips small bells were attached. Jasmine laughed as the bells rang when her tits moved. Leather straps were attached to the nipple clips and pulled back to act as reigns. Her feet were placed in a pair of hoof boots which had inside a 6" instep arch forcing her feet in a high arch making it hard for her to walk.

She was then lead to a small buggy and attached to the bars. John climbed into the buggy and pulled on the reigns and with a whip he hit Shelia's bare ass telling her to move forward. Jasmine seeing this shouted "she looks like a poor excuse for a nag, John ride her hard." Shelia pull the buggy as told and moved to the track, where John had her trot around for two hours pulling the buggy while being whipped every time she slowed down.

As she ran Shelia felt the dildo in her cunt stimulating her and as hard as she tried she could not stop the orgasm that was building while she ran. She stopped running while the orgasm was flowing through her until she felt the whip go around her body and hit her nipples. Shelia started running again but the dildo and plug were still exciting her and she realized what a pony girl felt while racing. Shelia was then lead back to the stables exhausted and John told Jasmine that this nag could never win a race, but might be good as a brood mare. Jasmine asked if there was any stud horse available for her to service. John said that Jeffery was available and that he had a 14 inch cock. Hearing this Shelia shook her head no, which caused the bells to ring.

They pulled Shelia to the mating frame, released her arms from the bondage pouch and attached her head and hands in the stock portion so she was bent over with her legs pulled wide apart exposing her ass and cunt for all to see. A bar was place under her body at her waist forcing her ass to stick out and her ankles were locked wide spread to the base of the frame. They brought Jeffery in from the barn and when he saw Shelia in the frame his cock immediately got hard to the full 14 inches. He was placed behind Shelia and Jasmine guided his cock into Shelia's cunt. Slapping Jeffery's ass he moved forward slowly so as her cunt slowly opened for his cock. Shelia was helpless to stop anything and she felt the huge cock enter her slowly and once it finally was fully in, it filled her as she had never been filled. Jeffery the pulled back until only and inch was in Shelia's cunt before ramming it back in. Shelia screamed through the gag as she was fucked hard. As the cock pumped into Shelia her body stated to react to it and her cunt started juicing. This only got Jeffery more excited and he fucked her even harder until with one last push he came deep in her cunt. As she felt Jeffery cum in her Shelia also had a huge orgasm and if not strapped to the frame she would have collapsed. Jasmine asked if there was anyone else she could service before releasing her for the day. John said there were several stable men and females that the mare could please. Fine said Jasmine, the pony is theirs for the next two hours.

John called the stable hands together and explained what was going on. Mary went and got a platform that fit on the front of the mating frame that would allowed a female to sit with her cunt in front of the ponies head. The gag was removed from Shelia's mouth and Jasmine warned Shelia that if she screamed or refused, Racheal would be told and she had better remember the contract conditions. Shelia refused to use her tongue to please Mary, so Jasmine borrowed a whip and after ten strokes across her back Shelia started tonguing Mary as best she could while the males fucked her in either her cunt or ass. In the next two hours Shelia was fucked by all the males and several of the male ponies and tongued every female to an orgasm, while having several orgasms herself. Finally they released her and Shelia was taking inside, stripped down and allowed to shower, before being cuffed and placed in the back of the van for the ride home. Jasmine told Shelia this was payback for when she left Racheal at the stables and now Shelia would understood what Racheal had experienced for a whole week. Shelia whole body was sore from pulling the buggy, itching like made from the horsehair corset and her cunt and ass were sore from being fucked so often in each hole and her back was swollen from the whippings she incurred during the day. Once back at Racheal's house the latex hood was removed and Shelia was taken to her cell, where she fell asleep on her belly exhausted from the day's events.

Chapter 9: Day 6 (getting ready for the party) (added: 11/13/2011)

In the morning Shelia was woken up by Racheal smacking her ass with a riding crop until the ass was bright red. Racheal told her that she would be allowed to rest for the morning before she was prepared for Jessica's party. Shelia had forgotten about the party and was now really scared as to what was going to be done to her that night and hoping Racheal's promise of her wearing a mask was going to happen. Jasmine brought in a food bowl and squatted over the second bowl and peed in it for Shelia to eat and drink. Not wanting to earn more punishments or time, Shelia got down on her knees and ate the food and drank Jasmine's piss. Shelia reflected on everything that was happening to her this week and understood what a slave went through and found it hard to believe anyone could enjoy this treatment, but then she had seen how much Jasmine loved it and had to admit the orgasms she had were really good.

Jasmine took Shelia to the bath area and had her get down on her knees for an enema. A 3qt bag full of hot soap water was hung from a chain next to her and the bardex nozzle was inserted in her ass and inflated. Jasmine started the water and told Shelia not to move until she came back. As the bag emptied and the water flowed into her bowels, Shelia saw her belly start to swell and felt the cramps start and then they became very painful. After 20 minutes the bag was empty, but Jasmine had not returned and the cramps were getting really bad, but she knew to disobey was worse than the cramps. Finally Jasmine returned and reached over and slapped Shelia's belly as hard as she could which caused Shelia to fall over and she tried to recover position as fast as possible, but Jasmine told her that would cost her later. Finally Jasmine told Shelia she was allowed to go to the toilet and release the water. She quickly rushed to the toilet and deflated the nozzle and pulled it out and released a huge stream of brown watery shit. The enema treatment was repeated three more times until the water was clear when she released it. Shelia was then allowed to shower and wash her body and hair. Shelia let the hot water run over her body as it felt good, but restrained from playing with her cunt remembering the punishment from last time.

After the shower Shelia was taken to the dungeon to be prepared for the party. Jasmine brought over a latex mask which resembled a cats head. This is for you so no one will recognize you. Jasmine produced a ring gag and inserted it in Shelia's mouth behind her teeth and pulled the strap tight before pulling the mask over Shelia's head and lacing it tight. Shelia was then pushed to the examination chair, and forced down on it. A strap passed above and below her breasts, one over her belly, her hands were cuffed to the chairs arms and her legs were strapped to the legs which were spread wide apart so she was totally exposed. A plug was inserted in the ring gag so she could not make a sound. Jasmine left and when she returned Shelia recognized the man as Jin and struggled to get free as she realized she was going to be pierced as promised.

Racheal arrived saying she wouldn't miss this for the world and confirmed that with Jin that the rings were the strongest titanium steel rings he had and could not be removed once installed without surgery. Jin suggested instead of piercing her nipples, he could use a new procedure to entrap the nipple inside a serrated ring, it was called ringing, using a ring that was slightly smaller than her nipples were when they was swollen, explaining that when the nipple was pulled through the ring it would stay swollen since the blood was trapped in it and this would keep them in constant arousal. Shelia's eyes pleaded for mercy, but she watched as Jasmine sucked on her right nipple making the nipple hard and erect and then the ring was placed over the hard nipple and using a vacuum system the nipple was sucked through the ring and Shelia realized if she tried to removed it the serrated tips would rip the nipple to shreds so it was permanently on the nipple. She cried as her left nipple was also ringed. Racheal commented how the nipples looked like headlights coming through the rings. Jasmine then informed Racheal that the day before Shelia had refused to lick Mary's cunt until Jasmine had whipped her back. Racheal laughed and looked at Shelia and told her that earned you the clit ring and next time you will get a nose ring. Shelia was in shock hearing this and watching as her cunt lips were spread apart and Jasmine started sucking on her clit until it was enlarged and swollen. Then using a small vacuum pump the clit was sucked through the ring. Jasmine played with Shelia's ringed nipples and clit until she orgasmed so hard she passed out.

When she woke up Shelia looked down and saw her clit was pulled through the ring, and so swollen so it could not be pulled out and when Jasmine touched it, this caused her to become excited. Racheal told Shelia that the rings look so nice making her nipples and clit look like small balloons and the rings were permanent, but not telling her they were really hollow rings and could be cut off easily. Shelia was devastated by the rings on her nipples and clit and could not believe her good friend was treating her this way. Shelia was released from the chair and she saw the rest of her costume for the party. It was a latex cat suit that made her actually look like a cat that matched the hood. Her feet went into the legs and the suit was pulled up and she then realized the crotch area was wide open exposing her cunt and ass. As the suit was pulled up her breasts were forced through holes in the front and her arms were inserted in the sleeves which ended in mittens shaped like cat's paws. Strings at the base of the breast cutouts were pulled tight so that her breasts became swollen and then tied off. The back was laced up and a wide collar was locked at her neck over the laces and bottom of the mask. Then boots were brought out and the soles of the boots also resembled cat's paws, but had inside a 6" arch and they were laced tight and locked on. Using body paint Jasmine painted Shelia's exposed breasts and ass gray to match the color of the body suit. A very large cat tail butt plug was pulled from a box and Racheal and handed it to Jasmine to lubricate. Jasmine inserted the plug in her wet cunt and went behind Shelia and pressed the plug against her asshole. Shelia steadied herself as she felt Jasmine ram the plug home stretching her hole to the max before it closed down on the plug as she screamed into the gag which blocked the noise. Manacles were locked on her ankles and wrists making her even more helpless. Racheal examined Shelia and told her she was a perfect pet to be displayed for the night and she was put in her cell while Racheal and Jasmine went to change for the party. Shelia looked in the mirror at her body and was amazed how she had been transformed into a cat creature, and saw her swollen breasts with their ringed nipples and her clit trapped in a ring and cried, but was glad no one would recognize her at the party.

Chapter 10: Day 6 (the party) (added: 11/13/2011)

They arrived at the party with Jasmine driving the van that had Shelia in a cage in the back. Racheal was wearing a red latex dress that was low cut showing off her breasts and ended just above her knees, 5" heeled red shoes and red latex gloves. Around her throat was a platinum and ruby chocker. Jasmine was wearing her steel chastity belt, chastity bra and black 6" heeled boots. Around her throat was her gold slave collar and on her wrists and around her ankles were steel cuffs. As they left the van, Racheal told Shelia that since she was her friend and if she obeyed all commands from now until Sunday 12 noon, the second week would be forgotten but if she screwed up again Racheal promised her a week worse than she had already experienced. Shelia nodded that she would obey. Racheal walked ahead of them with Jasmine following and Shelia bringing up the rear being pulled by a leash held by Jasmine. Jessica saw them as they entered and welcomed them to what she was hoping to be the party of the year. Jessica asked who her new slave was and Racheal told her she was a pet spending the week. They walked in and noticed that everyone who was anyone in the BDSM scene was here and everyone was dressed to the hilt except slaves that were in various stages of bondage and dress. Edward walked up with Victoria following naked except for her collar and cuffs on a leash. Lovely night isn't it he asked her. Racheal replied it certainly was and she hoped it would be an interesting night. Edward looked at the Shelia and asked who the cat was and Racheal replied just a slave she has owned for years and no one he knew. Shelia hearing this relaxed and was so thankful Racheal was keeping her identity secret. They went downstairs to where the real action was and mingled. Everyone was impressed with Racheal's pet cat and played with the cat's rings on her nipples and clit exciting her to orgasms.

Frank, Jessica's husband, was talking to Wendy and called Racheal over to join them. Frank said Wendy was explaining that Shelia was called out of town to honor a previous commitment and that she had brought one of their newest prototype toys. Wendy looked at them and knew that Shelia was in the cat suit and could not believe that she was ringed. Frank was saying the new device required a female slave with rings on her nipples and clit but none of his slaves had clit rings. He saw the cat slave and asked if Racheal was willing to allow the cat to demonstrate the device. Wendy was saying that she noticed the cat was not pierced but ringed and was not sure if it would work and asked what about Jasmine, knowing she had the piercings. Racheal said the keys to Jasmine's belt and bra were at home so that was not possible, but the cat was available and she was sure they would work fine. Shelia could not believe what was happening as she knew the device and did not really want to be attached to it, but then she realized it was probably better than another week at Racheal's and actually nodded, which shocked Wendy. They went to the area where the equipment was setup and saw a slave named Susan, naked on a stationary bike, with wires attached to her nipple rings and clit ring and the seat had two large metal inserts that went into her asshole and cunt and her hands were cuffed to the handlebars and feet locked to the pedals. Shelia was cuffed to a frame spread-eagled and wires were attached to her nipple and clit rings.

The task for the slave on the bike was she had 30 minutes to pedal 10 miles and as long as she maintained a pace of 15-25 MPH, neither slave got shocked. If her pace fell below 15 MPH the slave on the bike was shocked in both holes and her nipples and clit until her speed went above 15 MPH. If she pedaled faster than 25 MPH to make up time then the other slave (Shelia) would be shocked until the speed dropped below 25 MPH and if the pedaling slave failed to complete the 10 miles in the 30 minute time, then both slaves would be shocked for 5 minutes at varying levels. The plug was removed from Shelia's ring gag so she could communicate to the running slave as to her speed and miles left, so she could tell her to go faster or slower so both would not be shocked as the pedaling slave was also blindfolded to make it more interesting and she had to depend on Shelia's guidance. At the signal Sue started pedaling knowing she had 30 seconds to get up to speed. Shelia watched the monitor carefully knowing Sue had to average 20 MPH to complete the task. Shelia also knew from the evaluation and development of the system it was better to get ahead of the game and once Sue got to 22 MPH Shelia told her to maintain the level she was pedaling. The clock started and Susan tried to maintain the pace but her biggest problem was that the inserts in her were getting her excited as they moved in and out whiles she pedaled. After 10 minutes Sue was getting very excited from the inserts fucking her, and she had an orgasm. When she slowed down, the clamps and inserts shocked Sue, bring her back to reality and Shelia yelled to go faster. Sue picked up her pace and before Shelia could tell her to slow down she was going at 27 MPH and Shelia was getting shocked and yelling for Sue to slow down. It took several minutes before Sue got back on pace and neither was being shocked. Shelia realized that the lost time meant Sue would have to pedal at almost 25 MPH to complete the task and told her to speed up. For the next 10 minutes Shelia absorbed shocks every time Sue went over the speed limit, but accepted them as the 5 minute punishment at the end would be far worse. Watching the speed and time and mileage Shelia had Sue on target with just about 3 minutes left, when Sue again slowed down from an orgasm. Shelia yelled for her to go faster and Sue realizing what happened and not wanting the pain form 5 minutes of shocks, speed up and went past the 25 MPH and as Shelia yelled for her to slow down, Sue just ran faster increasing the level of shocks, which Shelia suffered from for the last two minutes but luckily Sue completed the task with seconds to spare. Both slaves were released and Sue kissed and hugged Shelia for getting them through the task.

Racheal led them around the room chatting with others, but had warned Shelia to be quiet just in case someone would recognize her voice. A couple stopped them and said she loved Racheal's pet and asked where the costume came from. Racheal told her it came from Shelia's bar and BDSM shop in Lauderhill. He woman noticed the nipple and clit rings and asked why they were in the rings and not pierced. Racheal explained what she had been told and as the lady fingered the swollen clit so everyone could see the cat get excited and her juices flow. As she moaned Racheal asked Shelia if she wanted to cum and Shelia nodded yes. Rachel said ok, but she would have to have her ass caned with 6 strokes to earn it. Shelia needed to cum so badly she again nodded. Taking Shelia to a frame to secure her for a caning, Racheal met Mark, and older man, who was the one person Racheal submitted too willingly as he was her first and only Master. Racheal asked if he would love the honor of caning her pet cat and he accepted. Once Shelia was secured bent at the waist with her ass high in the air, Mark had Jasmine remove the tail plug from her ass so it would not interfere with the cane. Very quickly Mark's wrist flicked six times and across Shelia's ass and six perfectly spaced welts appeared. Shelia's screams were very loud and drew attention, and everyone admired how Mark caned Shelia's ass. Once done he had Jasmine relubricate the plug and he shoved it deep in Shelia's ass as she screamed again. Racheal thanked Mark for the demonstration and he reminded her that she was due for a visit in two months. She responded "yes Master" which shocked both Jasmine and Shelia.

Racheal asked for a volunteer to bring the cat slave to an orgasm by playing with her ringed nipples and clit. Shelia was shocked when Wendy was one of several to raise raised their hands and Racheal picked her. Wendy smiled at Shelia and slowly flicked each nipple teasing her as she pleaded to be allowed to cum. Moving from nipple to clit to nipple Wendy prolonged the torture until finally she started to suck on a nipple while fingering Shelia's clit until Shelia screamed form the release and the audience applauded from the show.

They spent the rest of the night talking to others and watching other demonstrations before deciding to leave. They said goodnight to their host and hostess Frank and Jessica, who thanked Racheal for the use of her cat and asked if the cat was available for others. Racheal told her no, that she was a special cat and would never lend her out. As they drove home, Racheal played with Shelia's ringed clit and brought her to several climaxes before they arrive at Racheal's mansion. Racheal whispered something to Jasmine, who smiled like a cat that ate a mouse. Jasmine took Shelia down to the dungeon and helped her remove the cat suit, mask and boots, but not the plug, which Shelia was informed, was spending the night in her. Jasmine pulled Shelia into her cell and proceeded to cuff Shelia to her cot spread eagled face up. Jasmine left the cell and returned with a butterfly vibrator which she placed on directly on Shelia's swollen clit and plugged it in and strapped it tight against the clit before turning it on. Shelia immediately had an orgasm, and was well into a second one when she heard the cell close and jasmine leave the dungeon. Shelia realized the vibrator would be on her clit the whole night and after many orgasms she passed out.

Chapter 11: Day 7 (added: 11/13/2011)

As Shelia woke up she felt her body having another orgasm as the butterfly vibrator was still going strong and her ringed clit was swollen way beyond normal and was keeping her on an almost constant orgasm. She was unable to move or wiggle to get the vibrator off her clit. After another hour of orgasms, Jasmine entered her cell, still wearing her chastity belt and chastity bra and she turned off the vibrator. She then released Shelia from the cot so she could go pee and poop before her morning meal and a new day of torture. Jasmine commented on how nice her nipple rings and the nice clit ring looked and she was glad Mistress never did that to her. Shelia told her it felt like a constant itch that needed to be scratched but kept her in constant arousal. Racheal arrived and Shelia drooped to her knees and into a slave position. Racheal commented to Jasmine, with enough time, I think we could make her a real slave, which caused Shelia to shake in disbelief and wondered what was in store for today and if Racheal was really going to let her go after the one week. Racheal tossed Jasmine the keys to her chastity devices and told her she could remove them and then get dressed as a Domme as Shelia was her slave for the day to do what ever she wanted within the guidelines they discussed. Shelia could not believe that Racheal was letting Jasmine have her for a day and how much would Jasmine punish her for tricking her. As Jasmine left, Racheal reminded Shelia of the rules for the day that were she could not refuse a command or she would spend the next week here. "Yes, Mistress I understand. Could you please have me gagged for the day so I can't say no" Racheal got an inflatable gag from a drawer that had a long tube passing through it and approached Shelia, telling her to open her mouth. Shelia was a little Leary, but obeyed and felt the tube being shoved down her throat before the gag was strapped into her mouth. A second strap was pulled under her chin and over her head and Shelia heard two padlocks click shut. Racheal inflated the gag until she saw Shelia's mouth could take no more. Then Racheal found a 4" wide posture collar and locked that on Shelia, telling her now you can't even shake your head no to anything. Shelia blinked her eyes as thanks, when Racheal told her I expect your day will be the worst in your life so just go with it and you can leave tomorrow.

Shelia was now really scared and helpless to do anything. Jasmine returned to the dungeon wearing a red leather cat suit, red leather boots and a nasty whip attached to her belt. Racheal warned Jasmine "No scars, no permanent damage and no dismemberment". "I understand Mistress and I won't". Looking at how Racheal had prepared Sheila, Jasmine commented, "prefect for brown soup". Racheal laughed as she left for her office where she would be watching what was happening over the closed circuit cameras. Jasmine smiled as she pulled Shelia into the main dungeon and cuffed her wrists to the hanging chains. Jasmine then pulled Shelia's legs apart and cuffed then to a set for floor rings 3' apart so Shelia's body was well exposed to what ever Jasmine wanted to do to her. As the chains pulled her taunt Shelia could only wonder what was in store for her and she watched as Jasmine approached her. Jasmine's finger found Shelia's exposed still swollen clit and played with it watching as Shelia's body responded. From a table nearby Jasmine picked up a set of alligator clamps and for Shelia's swollen and hard nipples. Shelia closed her eyes as she saw the clamps approach her nipples and screamed into the gag as they closed on both nipples at the same time, sending two bolts of pain through her body. Jasmine got a feather and started to tickle Shelia and as she started laughing her breasts shook causing the clamps to move and cause more pain. Jasmine continued until Shelia peed herself. Jasmine commented that she was a piss slut, and needed to be cleaned up from the inside out. Shelia wondered what she meant and looked in horror as she saw Jasmine get a huge butt plug from the table. The plug was 10" long and 5" wide at the bung and had a long tube passing through it. Jasmine remembered when she was in Shelia's position and Racheal did this to her and how it was one of the most degrading things she ever experienced. Lubing the tube Jasmine slowly inserted it into Shelia's tight asshole until the tip of the huge plug touched her anus. "Brace yourself slave" said Jasmine as she shoved the plug as hard as possible deep into Shelia's ass. Shelia screamed into the gag begging for her to stop, but the gag kept the sound from being heard as the plug was now deep in her ass and Shelia felt Jasmine inflate it sealing her ass shut.

Jasmine left the room and returned with a 5 qt enema bag full of very hot soapy water and hung it from one of the chains. Shelia watched as Jasmine attached the enema bag to the plug tube. Shelia realized she was getting a very large enema as Jasmine opened the valve. As the water started to flow into her, the hot water was intense and burning her intestines as it filled her belly slowly. Jasmine just played with Shelia's swollen clit as she watched the belly swell. Shelia was in a crazy state, between the pleasure from her clit and the pain from the enema and her nipples she was a mess. Jasmine continued to play with her clit until Shelia had an orgasm. As Shelia came Jasmine suddenly slapped her swollen belly as hard as possible causing so much pain Shelia actually came again. Finally as the bag emptied Jasmine closed the valve and removes the bag. Shelia was a mess she was in pain and still cumming from the play on her clit as her body betrayed her. Jasmine looked at Shelia and said "blink if you want the water released". Shelia blinked and Jasmine laughed while saying ok. Shelia watched as Jasmine connected the gag tube to the plug tube and realized now what "brown soup" was. If she could have shaken her head no she would have regardless of what the next week would have brought. Helpless Shelia watched as Jasmine opened the valve and the brown water started flowing to her mouth and down her throat. Jasmine just laughed as she told Shelia to enjoy lunch. Once the water from her ass stopped flowing Jasmine closed the valve and plugged the gag tube and released Shelia and took her to the shower area and removed the gag so she could vomit. Shelia was a mess as she had vomit all over her body and her belly still hurt. Once done Jasmine told her to shower and brush her teeth and use mouth wash.

After Shelia had cleaning up, Jasmine took a large ball gag and gagged Shelia as Racheal had told her to keep her gagged. Shelia was taken back to the dungeon and strapped to the ST Andrews cross. Jasmine proceeded to spend the next hour slowly flogging Shelia from neck to foot leaving no part of her back untouched. As Jasmine whipped her Shelia felt pain she never knew existed and prayed she would pass out to stop it. When done flogging Shelia, Jasmine released her from the cross and pulled her over to stocks and bent her over locking her head and arms in the upper section. Jasmine cuffed Shelia's legs to the base of the stocks making sure they were spread wide apart.

Jasmine then whispered in Shelia's ear, "Now I am going to fuck your ass like it has never been fucked before". Shelia could not move or do anything to prevent the rape that was about to occur. Form a drawer on the wall Shelia watched Jasmine take out a dildo harness and 15" dildo and a butterfly vibrator. Jasmine secured the vibrator over Shelia's clit and then stepped into the harness and pulled the straps tight so the 15" cock stood straight out. Walking behind Shelia, she shoved a lubricated finger into her ass to make it easier for the huge cock. Jasmine turned on the butterfly vibrator, which caused Shelia to get excited and then placed the tip of the cock against Shelia's asshole and slowly pushed it into the ass. Shelia felt the cock enter her ass and thought it would rip her apart as it spread everything wide open. Finally the cock was totally inside Shelia and then Jasmine started to fuck her ass. Shelia body was responding to the vibrator on her swollen clit and now the cock in her ass was also getting her excited and she screamed as an orgasm overtook her body. Laughing at Shelia and calling her a slut, Jasmine pulled out of the dildo out of her ass. Jasmine released Sheila from the stocks dragged over to the leather covered platform. Jasmine frog tied Shelia' legs and tied her arms behind her back and hands and elbows. Then using a strap across her belly Jasmine secured Shelia to the platform. Jasmine retrieved two very large vibrators from a drawer and inserted them into Shelia's ass and cunt. Jasmine got a double dildo gag from another drawer and removed the ball gag and gagged Shelia with the dildo gag. Jasmine turned on all three vibrators and watched as Shelia reacted to the vibrators while Jasmine stripped and climbed on the platform and lowered her wet cunt onto the dildo gag and used it to fuck herself to several orgasms while Shelia was experiencing multiple orgasms of her own. After an hour Shelia passed out. Jasmine turned off all the vibrators and locked Shelia in her cell for the night smiling as she finally got her revenge.

In the morning Shelia woke up and as she stretched she found her body was sore all over and her back really hurt from the whipping. She went to the toilet and peed and then pooped but only brown water came out of her ass. As she sat there she looked back at the previous day and praised the lord she survived it and quietly thanked Racheal for the gag and posture collar as she doubt she could have made it through the ordeal without them. Jasmine, (back in her chastity clothes) brought down her breakfast of dog food and a bowl of fresh piss. Shelia ate the food and drank the piss, knowing it was for the last time. Jasmine clipped a leash to Shelia's collar and took her upstairs to Racheal's bedroom and pushed her inside telling her to crawl to the bed. Shelia got down on her knees and crawl to the bed where she saw Racheal naked on it. Racheal told her to lie down on the rubber sheet on her back. Racheal got up and walked to where Shelia was lying and straddled her face. "Open your mouth slave, NOW" said Racheal. Shelia looked up and opened her mouth realizing what was going to happen, as Racheal pissed in her mouth, telling her to swallow it all and not spill a drop. Shelia drank the pee as fast as is flowed and swallowed it all. Then Racheal lowered herself and told Shelia to lick her clean both cunt and asshole. Shelia using her tongue licked Racheal's cunt clean and then cleaned her asshole and when told to insert her tongue in the ass Shelia pushed her tongue deep in Racheal's ass, knowing she was to close to the end to rebel.

When done Racheal told Shelia to prepare her bath and Shelia stood up to go to the bathroom, when Racheal smacked her ass as hard as she could, telling her that pets don't walk, they crawl. Shelia dropped to her knees and crawled into the bathroom and started the water adjusting the temperature as to be perfect. Racheal relaxed in the tub as Shelia use d soft sponge and washed her body slowly and carefully until Racheal indicated she was done. Shelia dried Racheal's body and crawled after her back into the bedroom where Racheal lied back on the bed telling her pet to please her. Shelia crawled onto the bed and slowly licked Racheal's cunt teasing the clit and drinking her juices and with her fingers she brought Racheal to several orgasms. Finally Racheal told her to stop. A naked Racheal pulled on the leash and took Shelia back to the dungeon and cuffed her to the familiar hanging chains and floor rings and stretched her taunt. Racheal said, "I hope this week has been a lesson as to what a real world slave experiences and now you will have a better understanding". Racheal went to the work bench and returned with a pair of wire cutter. Pulling on the right nipple ring, Racheal cut the ring and removed it. She repeated the process on the left nipple and clit hood rings. Shelia looked at her as she realized the rings were not permanent. With that Racheal released her and handed her the sundress and sandals she was wearing when she arrived. Shelia thanked her for being so kind, and winking Racheal said "what are friends for". They hugged and sat down for lunch that was served by Jasmine, when Shelia asked Racheal to tell her about Mark, Racheal just said that is another story.

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