Arrive - The New Rules
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  • Post Date - 8/7/2011

Day 1

With a huge kiss and a very nice worm hug between me and my wife MY and our very nice kids have finally met after a long separation, It was a moment we wished to have four the last 4 months, originally it was planed to be one month, but for the some circumstances it became four months.

I always loved her more than any other thing in the world, I really like her, and always wished she will one day be my perfect wife by developing her Kink side and making her loving it as a Top (Mistress), I have been switching between Top and Bottom but because She never liked to be bound, I was always the one getting in Bondage, in the first few years in our marriage she just did what I wanted because she loves me, not because she want it, but in the last few year she started to like putting me in bondage, so I was losing my Top part and being more Bottom.

Four months away I didn't know what happen to my beloved wife MY, she became what ever I dreamed to have, I knew that the hard way, MY became very aggressive Mistress Y, I didn't know that some dreams is better just to be a dream , living it will be a nightmare.

As soon as we get to the van that we both love, I always did my best to get the best for my best wife ever ,

she asked me: did you get the pills?

Acting like I don't know : what pills?

MY: you know , don't act like a fool

and she gave me a bottle of water, and without saying a word I opened the laptop bag and grabed the pills and put 2 in my mouth and drinked them, she looked at me and she took the pills from the bag and put another 4 in my mouth, I told her 2 is good enough , she give me an angry look then believing I will get my wish I drinked them, those were a Laxative pills, then she said it better to start going home before those start working.

Twenty mins later they were home, not what I expected a very nice meal is not there, she told me juice is all what you will have, come and sit in the sitting room with the kids , talking and having nice time with the kids and the wife, it was only another 30 mins before I felt a cramp in my stomach, I ignored it , but it was 5 more mins I couldn't ignore it any more, MY felt something wrong with me, and looked at me with a mean smile, then I couldn't wait any more I had to go to the rest room , when I came back , with a red face I sat and start talking with my family, I looked at my wife , I never so a big smile at her face as that time but it was a very mean smile,

The cramps started again , the I went again to the bathroom, again to the sitting room, again to the bathroom, it was already 8:00 PM, MY told the kids to go to sleep to be able to awake to school in the morning, then she told me: go to the bathroom and stay there until I come to you don't leave I want to sent our nice six months infant to sleep in this time you can have a very nice worm bath that will relax your muscles you will need that,

As I were told I obeyed, it was a very good advantage for MY that I cannot say no to her specially when I am horny and I was for the last 4 months.

After 30 mins in the bathroom I just finished emptying my stomach, just started my shower when MY came in with a very nice tight leather clothes red and black, I could not wait, went on the ground and start kissing the legs and toes of my lovely wife MY,

Mean she was, she told me wait until you get the permission to do any thing, I told her: sorry as you wish.

A very strong Slap I felt on my face, Mistress you have to say every time you speak to me from now.

Yes Mistress I complied, still believing I am dealing with the old wife, not knowing what is the new wife I have, the mean one, MY: stand up follow me, I did, to the small room she took me, the black belt she put on my wrists, on the ground lie on your back, all that she did, I couldn't resist because it is something I love even didn't feel I want to be in bondage after 24 hours trip without sleeping, not knowing that surrendering My hands that night will be my biggest regret I will have so far in my life, on the ground I lied,

Not knowing what's coming next , just guessing, the worst I guessed came after she bent my legs one by one to go inside the loop of my hands making my ass exposed up in the air , a second belt come on my ankles, then for the last 5 mins the first word came out in the room : please don't do it.

A painfull slap with a belt came with all her strength hit my ass, I told you to say Mistress said MY, I replied: please don't do it mistress.

Ignoring me I felt a cold gel on my ass , I knew what is coming , massaging me and around the sphincter it took me few seconds before being so horny I begged my loved wife to put it in my anus , I felt a finger pushing the lubricant in me , more horny I became more begging I did, and another slap with the same belt took all the nice sensations I had, mistress you fucking whore, she told me, right away the nice sensation became pain in my ass and in my legs and in my hand, sorry mistress I said, then I felt the big black butt blug pushing against my sphincter in and out gently she was , my legs start shaking , my breath stopped worrying from the pain that is coming, but she was so gentle in and out until my sphincter opened and the butblug became in place, with all the pleasure I was in she untied my wrists, asked me to role over she tied my hand behind me.

MY lied beside me, kissing she stared , massaging my face, body, nipples and stomach she continued , I was surprised that after all the fatigue I had I was in, my cock became hard as a rock, few mins she continued , then she was so generous, and said I know I didn't make a lunch for you when you came from your trip, but just to feed you the best thing you like to eat, she was right the most beloved thing I like to eat come, she took off her clothes and she sit on my face with her naked pussy and I started right away liking her pussy and ass, with the nice taste of her pussy and the moaning of her voice harder I became, she stayed on top of my face until I felt her so wet , she moved and sat on top of my hard cock, being away for four months it was a matter of seconds before I cum in her, so sorry I felt I got my pleasure she didn't . sorry, I know you didn't enjoy my dear I told her,

MY : sorry!!!!!!!!

She said that in a very ironic way ,

Soon you will feel sorry for your self not for me,

I don't know why but that was the 1'st time I fear my wife.

Leaving me there she left , came back in few moments put her regular pajamas, which was not a good indication, I told her : please untie me.

A painful slap on my face came without even have the time to think, mistress I followed the word, she smiled

She untied my legs, she took me to the bed, I lied on my stomach, she tied my legs apart to the bed poles , then she gaged my mouth with here underwear she pushed them tight in, she brought a rope attached to the belt on my hands and to the top of the bed she secured it, I was thinking what the hell she is planning to do.

Then I felt her pulling the butt blug, then I felt a her fingers around my ass, a rubbery feeling , then without worning she start pushing her fingers inside me her fingers went inside easily, my sphincter was already open, but after that when the big part of her hand start to push , it was so painful, I couldn't do any thing tied in that way, cannot say any thing , the only thing I was able to do is trying to escape , but no where to go , she put her other hand on my back and side, relax I am not stopping until it is inside you , why are you afraid I am just doing you wish , and I miss you so mush and I love you so mush, the only thing to do to show you my love is to do your wish, and she continued pushing, I tried to relax, but I couldn't , she was so pushy, I can feel she is consistent , she is going to do it, she tried to do this before but I knew always she was not sure if it is right, she was always hesitant , but this time she is not , she didn't care about my pain, she pushed , she is trying to be gentle , but even though, how she will put it in side me if she were gentle, after some time of crying in my gag, shouting in my gag, may after 15 mins , I felt my ass went so big, I could not hold the pain , I felt her hand in me.

Great pain I have in my ass, but that didn't stop me from hearing the hilarious laugh of my wife, in my mind I was thinking what the fuck is laughing about, then she said, you know I love you, I did this because you asked me to do that I want you to enjoy it, I wanted you to cum while my hand is your ass but I cannot, but you cock is no longer there it disappear.

Yes from the pain my cock disappear I was sweating like if I was running for 10 hours the sweat was dripping from my head my whole body was wet, then she pulled her hand out the same pain came again when the big part of her hand came out, what a relief I had at that time, she untied my legs from the bed poles, then again she tied them together from the ankles and above the knees, then she moved the gag from my mouth , I asked MY with a very week voice to untie me , she ignored me and told me to try to sleep, for ever I was never able to sleep in bondage , and for my surprise I slept that night in bondage without even feeling I was bound.

Day 2

Few hours latter i wake up not knowing what was the time i felt the pain my hands, I begged MY to release me, her answer came: shutup or I will gag your mouth and drag you the dressing room and leave you there. The time was going slowly and after what i felt like days , the 7:00 Am alarm went off waking up MY, she left the room , she waked up the kids, i heard them asking her about me, she answerd them that i was tired from the tirp and still in bed sleeping, 8:30 I heard the main door opening and closing I knew the kids went to school, then she came to me, state sucking my cock I got hard then she sat on me and we had sex, a very nice one.

She untied my legs I was helpless , asked me to stand up, and put a chastity device on my cock the one that I am use to it before traveling, then I was asked to bend over I felt her fingers with cold gel on my ass , she pushed in a butt blug, then she put a chastity belt around me and four lock i was secure, untieing my hands , I was asked to take a bath and follow her downstairs, I told her I have to go to see my work, looking at me strange look, ok put on your clothes and come down, what about the Chastity stuff you put i asked her , the answer came: you can go where ever you want but this stuff is not going anywhere, while she was holding the belt.

No option I have, I did what I was asked to do, i went downstairs , before leaving the house I heard her saying , you have 1 hour and every min after the hour will be count as 1 hour more in the chastity belt and device, so i advice you not to eat any thing just drink what ever you want, walking without showing the people that there is something wrong in my ass was a challenge , I sat in the car and the pain was horrible, I started the car, from pain i started sweating , I turned on the AC in October in Canada , I was thinking if some body see me the only thing will be in his mind how mush stupid man is this, i moved the car thank to god my company was not too far i was thinking i cannot keep sitting so long, and for my bad luck it was the streets was blocked and the traffic were slow,

It took me 2 hours to go back home, laughing at me she told me that 60 hours in that chastity you will stay. Go to our bed room she asked me , when we reached the room she unrevealed the big surprise she moved a sheet covering a small cage in the corner of the room , how the fuck i didn't see it from yesterday, I guess I was so busy in what was happing to me, i was told to go inside it, i had to stay some kind of bending inside it , i heard a lock clicking close after me, leaving me there she disappeared, it was around 11 am, in what felt like days i heard the kids coming asking their mother about me she told them she is going to walk me up, finally she came to the room opened the cage , she told me to go and sit with the kids they miss me,

So strange how nice time go fast I was playing with the kids, when the time was already 8pm the kids have to go to sleep.

Still having my chastity on me we sat watching TV for 1 hour when I sow the mean look in MY eyes , she told me to undress

We went up to the bedroom, she took her clothes off, with her nice naked body she want to torture me, I felt my cock going hard in my chastity belt, she told me to lie down, I know you are so hungry and I want to feed you she said, on my face she sat eating her pussy I started making me in pain , I felt the chastity device going to explode, but I couldn't resist the nice taste of her sweat and juice, she put her legs behind under my head, hard she pushed I couldn't breath any more, then she release her push , repeating over and over, I continued liking the pussy and ass, she was covering my eyes I cannot see, but I can hear her voice, she was so horny so wet , moaning like crazy, it was my chance to get my revenge.

I pushed her off my face, took the belt I sit on her she surrendered her hands to me, I brought the mono glove I put it on her, she laughed saying: what can you do without the keys?, I tried to push her to tell me where the key of my chastity she did not say.

No where to go I told her, I gave her a weak slap on the face , I cann't hurt her, I really love her, no way that she will tell where is the keys I realize,

I moved her to the bed, put her on here stomach, I can feel the fear in her voice ordering me to untie her, I do know how I did that but a very strong slap I gave her on her ass, I could see my hand print on her cheeks,

In pain she shouted, I went to the box with all the tools, got the ropes I did exactly what she did to me the previous night, bound the ankles to the bed poles her mono glove to the top of the bed and a big gag on her mouth, I grabbed a strap on with a 9 inch tall and more than 2 inch wide, I put it on, got the lubricant put it on her sphincter, shouting in her gag, I could see the fear in her eyes.

In my mind asking my self should I do it, she did it to me last night, but I wanted that, I know she doesn't want that, I can see her face red and she stared shacking, sweating , I really want to do that , but putting something that big in her virgin ass is not a good idea, she don't like my finger in her ass, what about this dildo, she will defiantly be in a great pain, she will hate me, I don't care she hating my for couple day, but do I really want her to be in pain, no way that I want my love to be hurt, hurting her is the worst thing will happen to me, no one would hurt someone he love.

She in that hopeless situation looked so sexy, the only thing I can do is enjoying the view , started licking her exposed ass, I released her legs and her hands leaving the mono glove on her, I moved the her gag, rolled her over on her back the hand were under her, she thanked me for not doing what she know I wished for ever (opening her ass), before realizing what is my intend, I pushed the 8 inch dildo in her pussy , I kept going in and out completely , I can see she was enjoying it, 5 mins later she start moaning like crazy , I can see the pain in her face but the pleasure on her face was bigger which encouraged me to continue, 5 more mins she was bagging me to stop, but pushing as hard as I can fast as I can I ignored her, 5 mins later something I never sow or expected happened, she exploded her pee in my face covering the bed sheets my hole body and her own body.

The situation was so bizarre her pee were every where, I stopped right away but she closed her eyes and she didn't move any more, I was scared I moved the strap on , I rolled her over I release her hands from the mono glove I rolled her back on her back , I called her : MY are you ok?

A second or 2 passed by she opened her eye with a very pleased look she raised up her hand hold the chastity device polled me to the bed beside her , with her other hand she polled the dirty bed sheet , sleep my love was the only word came out from her mouth.

Hungry and scared to eat, dirty with my wife pee, under a disgusting bed sheets with my chastity belt and device, I looked at her she was already sleeping, nothing I can do I slept beside her.

Day 3

Wake up the in the morning, I found my wife still sleeping, I wake her up begged her for making sex, she looked at me, closed her eye again , I told her it is 6:30 , if we want do any thing we have only 30 mins, she looked at the clock , sat on the side of the bed, a moment later she told me: I will give you sex if you let me bind your hands behind you, I told her that's ok,

With the same fucking black leather belt she tied my hand behind me, then she pulled me to the bath room, she pushed me to the tub, then she closed the curtain, I know she used the toilet, so I did pee under my chastity I couldn't hold it any more, she opened the curtain, she sow my pee in the tub, opened the water not waiting until the water to worm up she gave me a very cold shower playing with the tap the water became very nice and worm she came in the tub, she enjoyed her self with very nice worm bath the worm water dripping from her body at me, seeing her ass turned me on, she was like an angle flying before me, I was hopping she will take me chastity and have sex in the tub under the worm water.

Turned off the water, ok I thought sex without water is not bad, then she left the tub, ok she went to bring the keys, that's good.

Back she came with her pajama, what the fu............ I tried to speak

A gag came on my mouth not allowing me to speak, a second belt went on me ankles , stuck wet in the bath tub I was, I will be back after the kids go to school and feeding the baby and changing for him, that's what she told me, she left the bathroom , turned off the light, shaking in the cold tub and the dark I was left there, time went by too slowly, but my condolences was that I will have sex soon, after what I felt like days, the light came on she came back, untied my legs and helped me to stand up, it is finally the time for sex, she dried what left from the water on my body with the towel ,

She pulled to the bedroom, she opened the cage, I tried to refuse but she squeezed my nipples pulled me from my hair and pushed me in side the cage , my hands behind me my head came on the floor of the cage then to be able to close the cage she pushed my legs in side the small cage, in a doggie style I were, my bluged ass were exposed in the air, I heard the click of the big lock on the door of the cage closing, 2 ropes I felt around my ankles to the sides of the cage making me unable to close my separated legs.

What the fuck she want to do was running in my mind, the answer came so quickly, I will give you sex but with my hand she said, to the other side of the cage she came showing me an empty glass of water and continued: I will milk you until filling the cup.

Moments I felt her hand moving the lock of the chastity device, a little massage and playing I became so hard, 1 min later I cum with a large amount of sperm.

Wow, but too far from filling it she laughed, I was so uncomfortable , she left and came back, moved my gag and with a straw she feed me a huge cup of orange juice, then I asked for water, and I got it, then she moved her clothes, sat in front of me started playing with her pussy, I became hard again, she went behind me she started to inflate the blug in my ass, she kept pushing the bulb of the blug I felt my anus is going to explode, I start shouting, she started playing with my cock, few mins latter another big load came out of my cock, then she released the air from the butt blug leaving it inside me, what a relief,

I don't thing you will be able to give any more sperm before couple hours, I want to go buy some thing from the store I will take the baby with me, don't go any where she laughed, don't do any stupid things, she told me while she was laughing, as if I can do any thing, left me in the cage she released my hands and my legs , then she covered the cage with a heavy sheet, and say: try to sleep in the dark I want you to get your strength back, I begged her to let me out of the cage, she refused, at least take out the butt blug I asked her, but she left the house.

In the pain of my ass , the cold bars of the cage I couldn't sleep, some how I lost the count of time when she came back, moved the sheet the light was so bright hurting my eyes,

How are you she asked, I looked at her with pain and hate, she smiled at me, she asked me if I want the butt blug to be moved, yes I replied, in one condition she said, I want to bind your hands to make sure I will stay in control of you when I open the cage,

In my mind leaving the cage without a butt blug looks like a dream, I agreed, behind me my hands were bound again, but the cage didn't open, it was just 2 mins before my ankles were bound again to the cage in the same doggie style, I felt the chastity belt being removed, taking out the butt blug hurted me, she played with my cock, massaging my ass I became hard again, it was few mins before cumming again in that cap which I felt will never get full, again and again leaving me in my bounds and playing with me pushing me to cum, for the rest of the hole day, I realized I did cum that day a total of 7 times .

After the 7th time she opened the cage, and removed my bounds , finally for the 1st time since I came from my trip I was without any kind of bondage or belts, I sow her taking the cup away far from being full of sperm, unhappy she told me: you will pay for this you fucking worthless whore.

So tired I went to the bath and took a quick worm bath, then to the bed I went, I found a new clean sheets on the bed, and a tray with a very nice meal and juice, she was sitting there, she was so kind, feeding me with here hands, then told me to lie on the bed and sleep, so tired I were, and did sleep without worrying about the words that came from her mouth: I need you to be rested for what is camming for you tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!

Day 4

New day came on, in the bed I was sleeping like a baby couldn't feel anything that happen, I walk up by myself, looked at the time it was already 9:14 am , oh my god I told myself I never slept that mush, I went downstairs I found the table ready with a nice breakfast and a candle on, the candle were almost finished, moved to the sitting room my very beautiful wife sitting watching TV, dressing a very nice sexy black leather tight catsuite, holding a black flogger in her hand, locked at me, then looked at the clock, I am waiting for you 2 hours, said that in an angry way, go and eat you breakfast and you better finish it quickly, she ordered.

Went to the table ate quickly as I can, I finished, and went back to her, go up to the room take all your clothes go to the bathroom empty yourself, you have 5 mins before I come to you she ordered, couldn't say no for such a nice mistress, I did her order, she opened the door of the room and said, you will get a leash for every min I waited there for you, bend over she ordered, it was only 5 leashes before escaping from her. The hard way you want it , she said.

She pushed me to our small cloths room opened the tools box , took the hand cuffs put them on my wrists with a rope she tied my hand up to the wood hanger I built before, a ball gag went in my mouth, a black belt went on my ankles, fixed there I was,

The leashes of the flogger start coming so fast, no where to go or move I had to take all the pain, unmerciful she was I even couldn't count, she kept hitting my ass, back legs, stomach, crazy she was so fast until my legs couldn't hold me, tears were coming from my eyes shouting in my gag, I fall hanging by my hands, she stopped, left me there, I was in a situation I cannot resist, she came back and untied my legs and the rope attached to the cuffs, she pulled me to the cage, pushed me on the top of the cage, behind my head she secured the cuffs with the rope to the bars of the cage, another rope tied it around my neck to bars, 3 rd rope around my stomach to the bars , I felt me and the cage as one part I couldn't move except my legs.

She started to take off her catsuite, moved the gag from my mouth, on my face she sat, she know that will make me hard, in a 69 position we were, shacking her ass in front my face I couldn't reach her ass or pussy with my tied neck, I pulled my tongue as mush as I can but no reach, sucking my hard cock but not letting me to cum, her fingers playing in my asshole, then a condom she put on my hard cock, do you want to kiss my ass? She asked, more than any other thing in the world, I replied, she came closer to my face I licked, but not even a second she moved, and on my hard cock she sat, the condom and the pain in my back from the bars of the cage helped to slow me from coming quickly, I could feel she enjoyed for couple moments before I cum, she moved the condom and squeezed the sperm in the same cup that she was hiding from the day before, a second cup came out with a yellow liquid inside, you know what is that, she said.

I knew right away that were her pee, a ropes came out, around each ankle she put one to behind my head she pulled my legs so tied, making my ass up in the air, then she left and came back in 5 mins wearing the same starp on with the 2 inch wide dildo to and 9 inch tall I used on her that day, I begged her not to do that, but deep inside me I knew nothing will stop her , as if she never heard me, no response came from her, she took a syringe from the drawer, filled it up with urine.

Do you want to drink it or I have push you to do so, I didn't say any thing, i guessed so, she said, squeezing my nipples I drinked the 1st one the 2nd one came and the 3rd to the end of the cup, I felt I was going to through up from the salty urine. don't worry, she said, and filled the syringe with sperm and pushed it in my mouth, another one came also in my mouth, so degusting I felt, she gave me a few syringes of water after that; to make sure all the stuff went inside, she said

The sperm cup still not empty she filled one syringe and put half of it on my face, opened my eyes and one drop of sperm came in each eye, burning eye I felt, i sow her filling the syringe again with sperm she went and pushed it in my ass empting the sperm in side me, the rest she put it on the out side of the sphincter of my ass, and another condom she put on my cock.

Your own sperm will be the lubricant I am using to put this dildo in your ass, it is your fault i don't have enough sperm, was the words came from her mouth.

Shaking in my hopeless situation I felt the big dildo pushing against my ass, it was a couple mins trying her best to be gentle, but no way to be with no lubricant, it hurted so mush when that fucking big dildo went inside me, fucking my ass she continued in and out, in and out, in and out, moments later I started shouting like a whore begging her to slow down but faster she became, in and out so fast I felt my stomach will explode, ignoring my shouting she continued so fast, until my cock explode with a very huge amount of sperm.

Moving the condom filled with my cum, she gave me the keys of the cuffs; you can go to your work now slave, leaving the room taking the condom with her. I will need that later, she said...............

So tired and shaking in pain, while trying to put the key in the cuffs, the key fall down, start calling my wife no response came back, what I felt like an hour she came, laughed at me in the same situation she left me I was, what happen?, she asked, the key fall down, I said, she started laughing more in a hilarious way, do you want to me to unlock you ? asking me, I said yes , so she brought a wipe cleaned my cock, then she put the chastity device on me, she untied me.

I took a bath , put on my clothes and left the home before she change her mind, spend my day at work , I came home around 7 PM, she looked at me, right away I knew she was angry. Your food are on the table, she said, I went and ate, in my mind I was thinking it is better not to do any that could ignite her craziness, I could see she is taking advantage of my masochism side revenging my 4 months trip.

I went and sat beside her decided not to mention how mush the chastity is bothering me, 1 hour later she told me goodnight and left, oh my god that is not a good indication, she is still angry, a very nice movie I was watching I turned the TV off and went to the bed beside her, hugged her telling her how mush I love her, looked at me in the side of her eyes, loving me and leaving me all this time, she replied; closed her eyes and moved her face to the other side.

That time I realized that after all what she did to me in the last 4 days she still not satisfied in here revenge.

Day 5

I waked up before her, used the bathroom peeing like a woman I have to sit down in my chastity device, put on my clothes ran away from home before she gets me, so busy I was that day, I didn't even remember to call her at least to say hi or the most important thing to make up an excuse for leaving early, at 4 pm my phone was ringing, looked at it showing Mistress calling, what the fuck?, She changed her name in my cell phone to Mistress, (better not be late) was the only words I heared before hanging up the call.

I finished what I have in my hands , drove home right away, went inside, I can see she was glad I was home before 6 pm, with the family I spend the rest of the day at 9 pm she told me to go and have a bath and to empty my stomach , she followed me and the chastity belt with the inflatable butt blug went in my ass, she moved the chastity device, a black leather mask she put on my face, she pulled me to the bed, with the hand cuffs she secured me to the bed, and sat on my hard cock having sex while inflating the butt blug, I did really enjoyed that night, when she finished she released the air from the buttblug leaving it inside me, and lied beside me, I asked her to untie my, her answer was: HAHAHA

Day 6

In the morning I told her I have to go to my work, surprised I was when she agreed, then I felt the chastity device being locked on me, she moved the mask and the cuffs, take your time she said laughing at me, with the chastity belt and device and the buttblug in my ass I went to the work, I did what can't wait to the next day, I went back home,

She ignored me as if I didn't come, I was trying to get out of my chastity, walking in front of her, helping her cleaning, but as if I wasn't there, I was hoping she will feel sorry for me, I sow her smiling, after 2 hours I decide to ask for the release, I asked her to take the chastity off me, her answer were: you know you have to pay for everything you ask for. I will do anything I replied

I were ordered to go to the bedroom, she opened the door of the cage told me to lie inside on my back, I were told to put my hands out from the cage at the other side of the door, I am in the cage my hands out from between the bars she cuffed my hands, to the door side she went and moved my chastity buttblug and device, then she bend my knees and pushed my legs in the cage, I thought she will close the cage but instead she used ropes to secure my legs there, with her nice tight pants she sat on the top of the cage in the side of my head, her ass behind the bars locked so nice, and she said:

"Let me read for you the new rules of your slavery life,

1 - You have to spend 30 hours in this cage every week

2 - My hand will go in your ass twice a week

3 - You are never allowed to leave the house without the chastity device

And whenever you do that the punishment will be doubling the above rules, that mean if you left the house 1 time 60 hours in the cage and 4 times my hand in you, if you left 2 times, 120 hours in the cage and 8 time my hand will fuck your ass, 3 times will make you spend the following week in the cage and 16 times you will be fucked with my hand,

Now let me complete your assignment for this week"

I sow here putting a leather glove on her hand , and a lot of lubricant went on my ass and her hand, playing with my cock using her right hand , she started pushing her left hand fingers inside me, after a few days of continuous ass fucking the four fingers went inside so easily, but then the pain started again when the big part start pushing , in and out she pushed each time a little bit further inside me with pain I was shouting, ignoring me she kept pushing, until I found my voice so high screaming form the enormous amount of pain when her hand came in, begging her with tears to pull her hand , the hand stayed there inside me, it took 1 min before the pain started to ease, the voice started to go down until I was quite, almost passed out.

At that moment she pulled her hand out, I thought she was done before felling her hand pushing in again, slowly she pushed her complete hand in and pulled it out, a little bit faster she became, shouting in my pain, she kept doing that until a point I couldn't shout any more, I couldn't feel the pain in my ass any more, her hand were going in and out so easily, as if she was putting a pen in my ass then she pulled her hand.

Now you are ready for my plans, I don't think you will feel the pain next week, your ass now is bigger than a whore pussy.

She locked the door of the cage, moved the ropes from my ankles, moved the cuffs from my hands, then she told me: "you have to stay another 14 hours in the cage before completing the assignment of this week. You next assignment will start the day after tomorrow, good evening and night dear", being sorry for myself, leaving her for four months or developing the kink as a mistress in her mind I really regretted making her like that what was my biggest dream of my wife loving BDSM, became a very bad nightmare then she left me in the cage.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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