The Houseguest
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Author's Note: Based on an original drawing by Augustine.

Part 1

"Hey, sis."

"Cody!" The dark-haired girl shouted upon opening the front door. She grabbed the young man standing outside and pulled him to her. The embrace lasted a full minute before the two separated, the woman's hands remaining on the boy's shoulders. "God, let me look at you. It's been so long." She looked him up and down, taking in every inch of the brother she hadn't seen in almost a year.

"Too long," he answered, brushing his longish, jet-black hair out of his eyes. "Sorry about that."

"Hey, I understand. It's not like I didn't go off to college and conveniently forget that I had a family too." She ruffled his hair, causing his black locks to again fall in front of his eyes. "Don't just stand there, come on in."

"Thanks. I didn't think you were home."

"Yeah, sorry it took so long to answer the doorbell. I was on-line doing some research for an upcoming event. I had to save some sites so that I can go back to them later. Enough about me, what are you doing here? I mean I know it's mid-semester break, but you usually just stay at the dorm."

"The college is renovating the floor I'm on," he said as he put down his knapsack in the entryway, "so we all pretty much had to leave for a week."

She looked at him, confusion apparent in her eyes.

"Didn't mom call you?"

"My cell is set to go right to voicemail, I've been busy working."

"She probably left you a whole bunch of frantic messages then," he said matter-of-factly.

"You can't go home."

"Ah, my genius college grad sister has started to work it out," he declared with a chuckle.

"Mom and dad rented out the house while they went to Vermont."


"You want to stay here? With me?"

"I don't have much of a choice."

"Look, Cody, I don't know if that's such a good idea..."

"C'mon, Steph, you know I don't have a problem with your lifestyle. I'm not dad."

Stephanie gestured for her younger brother to sit down on the sofa just inside the living room. She watched him as he complied; his black, skin-tight "skinny" jeans plastered to his every movement. "Long hair, tight jeans, I thought you left the emo look behind when you got out of high school."

"Don't change the subject. Besides, I packed light. These jeans take up less room in a backpack."

"Fine," she said, sitting down next to him. "It's not my lifestyle, it's the fact that I have two roommates. Did you think I could afford a place this big on my own?"

"Honestly, yes," he replied. "My big sister is a human resources administrator for the largest hospital in the state. So yeah, I guess I did. Sorry." Always the more emotional of the siblings, Cody looked away from his sister, embarrassed over his assumption.

"Hey, little brother, it's okay. I'm not offended. And I'm certainly not going to let you sleep in the street. I'll explain the situation to Jackie and Sarah. I'm sure they'll understand."

The boy looked back up at her, "Jackie and Sarah, huh? Are you guys...y'know...?"

"Perv!" She screamed, feigning anger as she slapped him in the back of his head.

"What? It's a valid question. You decided to come out to the family about your bisexuality, don't blame me for making assumptions based on that."

"Cody, you're pretty smart for a 19 year old college sophomore, but don't go around making assumptions. To answer your question, the two of them have been an on again, off again couple for a while. I am blissfully single."

"Thanks. I just need to know so I don't make any improper comments while I'm here. I want to be as politically correct as possible."

She couldn't help but smile at the smirk he gave her while saying that. "You are such a smart ass."

"Not gonna change any time soon, sis."

"Okay, here's what I need you to do. You have money?" Once he nodded, she continued. "Go to the movies, or the mall, or wherever you want until about six. My roomies get home at five and that should give me enough time to explain the situation."

"Sounds good," he said, standing up and heading back towards the door.

"And for God's sake, pull your pants up. I can just about see your crack."

"Sorry, no can do. That's where these jeans sit." He made a display of bending over in front of her as he reached the door, giving her a full view of his tightly encased rear end.

"I'll be back later." Opening the door, he turned around and faced her. "Seriously, Steph, thank you. I don't know what I would have done if you had said "no". All the motels in the area are booked with vacationers and kids home from school."

Stephanie grabbed her younger brother and hugged him again. "Don't worry about it Cody, I'll always be there to take care of you." She released her grip and, with a small wave, watched him bound down the stairs and walk off, up the street.

"Time to get started," she thought to herself as she closed the door, leaned back against it and stared down at her brother's backpack.

"So, you're the brother." The red head had answered the door and now stood, blocking Cody's entrance to the house. "What are you, some Goth freak?"

The boy looked her up and down, She was tall, and strikingly gorgeous, with a fantastic body that was oddly revealed yet hidden by her perfectly tailored business suit. Her feet were encased in obviously expensive designer shoes, whose four inch spiked heels seemed just slightly out of place with her suit. Her deep red hair was pulled back in a severe bun, and she had removed her eyeglasses as though that would improve her view of him.

"Ah..." he stammered.

"Oh, and you're retarded as well. Perfect! Answer my question or you can't come in."

"What question?" Cody had finally gathered his wits; he was only nineteen after all, and this woman, obviously the schoolteacher from every adolescent boy's fantasies, stirred up all kinds of feelings in him.

"Are you some kind of Goth freak? I don't like repeating myself."

"No, I'm not. And I'm not retarded either."

"Much better," she said stepping aside. "Now that we've determined that you are neither a freak nor retarded, you can come in. "My word, I don't think any of us own jeans that tight."

Cody became instantly self-conscious as he walked in front of the red head. For some reason her comment cut deeper than when his sister made fun of his jeans. Choosing to ignore her, Cody entered the living room where he saw his sister and another woman, this one blonde with long, straight hair, seated on the couch. Cody heard the click of the red head's heels behind him as his sister stood up and walked over to him, giving him a quick peck on his cheek.

"Cody," Stephanie said, these are my roommates, and yours for the next two weeks." She pointed to the blonde. "This is Sarah. She's a nurse at the hospital where I work. I'm sure you picked that up from her clothes though."

The boy nodded. He had noticed her blue scrubs the minute he entered the room. Smiling, he reached out and shook her offered hand. "Nice to meat you."

"Nice to meet you too darlin'," the blonde replied, her southern drawl as heavy and sweet as honey.

"Obviously not a gentleman," the red head interjected from behind. "Down south, a gentleman would have kissed the ladies hand when she offered it. But perhaps those jeans have squeezed out all your manhood. I guess she can forgive you if that is the case."

"And this would be Jackie..." Stephanie said, cut off.


"I'm sorry, Jacqueline," Stephanie continued, emphasizing the woman's preferred name.

"We've met," Cody said, noticing no hand was offered.

"Jacqueline is a psychologist. She practices at the hospital as well."

Cody smirked. "What, you still need practice? How long have you been doing it?"

Stephanie immediately stepped in-between the two as though to prevent a war.

"Insolent boy," Jacqueline said with disdain.

"Hey, I'm sorry, but you've done nothing but take pot shots at me since you opened the door. I thought you would appreciate the humor."

"You have not earned the right to humor, boy. While I have agreed to let you stay in my home. I have rights that you do not."

"It's our home Jacqueline," Stephanie emphasized as she saw her brother's eyes tear up. The change was not noticeable to anyone who had not grown up with him, but she knew the signs and knew she had to get him out of the situation quickly. "I expect all of us to act like adults." She turned him away from the stern woman and took him over to a chair adjacent to the sofa. She pushed him down into the chair even as he was rubbing his eyes.

Jacqueline was watching him intently as he tried to make it look like there was something in his eyes.

Sarah went over and knelt down next to the boy. "It's alright sugah, I think you look cute in your tight pants." She laughed, but he didn't feel as though she were laughing at him. He liked her immediately.

"Thanks," he said, smiling at her.

The three women then moved to sit on the sofa, facing the now recovered boy. "So, Cody, tell us about yourself. If you're going to be living with us for two full weeks, we should at least know something about you. Other than you're not a Goth freak or retarded," Sarah said, punctuating the comment with her laugh and ensuring the boy knew she was being funny.

Jacqueline, however, just watched.

The evening proceeded smoothly, with Cody doing most of the talking. The women, Jacqueline included, asked him all kinds of questions about school and his life away from home. While not truly making Cody uncomfortable, Jacqueline's questions tended to be a bit more personal than the other's. She seemed mostly interested in his private life and his feelings about things. He merely chalked it up to her being a psychologist and thought nothing of it. In fact, all of the earlier bad feelings had dissolved by the time they had eaten a quick, take-out meal and finished their getting to know each other conversation.

He learned a bit about each of his sister's roommates, and decided that he really liked them. Of course, he liked the gorgeous blonde nurse more than the overbearing Jacqueline, but he had a hard time denying the odd attraction he felt for her. Something about her was, at the very least, distracting to the young man, and he did his best to conceal it through the evening. He did muster the courage to ask her about a meticulously detailed model of an old time sailing ship that sat on the mantle above the fireplace sealed inside a glass display box.

"That is the 'Lady Peregrine,' it has been in my family for over one hundred and fifty years," she said proudly. "It seems my family has rather a sordid history of involvement with pirates."

Cody was fascinated by this new and exciting detail, but further inquiries were cut off abruptly.

"So, we're off to bed," Jacqueline said as she and Sarah stood up. "I take it that you can show your brother to his sleeping accommodations on your own Stephanie?"

"I think I can manage. Goodnight ladies."

"Yeah, goodnight," the boy waved after them as he watched them climb the staircase, a huge grin on his face. He was still waving when Sarah looked back down at him and winked.

He suddenly doubled over as his sister's elbow connected with his stomach. "You are a pervert," she said mockingly. "You better not let Jackie see that kind of behavior."

"You mean Jacqueline," he said, emphasizing the formalness of her proper name.

"No, I mean Jackie. Jacqueline is only what you need to call her. The shortened name, like humor, is something you'll have to earn."

"That's just weird."

"Not once you get to know her. I'm sure she already knows you pretty well."

"How do you mean," Cody asked as she led him to a door at the back of the kitchen.

"She's very good at what she does, and what she does is understand people. She's also very good at manipulating them. She's used to getting her way and what she wants at all times."

"Is that what's happening upstairs right now?" This time the smirk was accompanied by him protecting his stomach from yet another anticipated blow, but it never came.

"Maybe," Stephanie said as she slid back the latch and opened the heavy door. She flipped a light switch situated on the outside of the door, illuminating the staircase that led downstairs. "Sorry, but the only free room we have is down here. We thought about the couch, but Jackie insisted that a guy your age needs privacy, especially for such a long stay. So, after they got home, we cleared out this room. It was designed as a maid's quarters, but was renovated to be a sort of pantry by the second owner. We brought down a cot for you. Sorry if it's not very comfortable."

She started down the stairs, beckoning for her brother to follow her. The staircase was narrow and much steeper than he had anticipated. "Watch your step. The light switch upstairs is the only one, and it lights up both the staircase and the room." The stairs creaked under their feet as they made their way down. At the bottom of the stairs was a second door, even heavier than the first. Stephanie slid back another latch, this one spring loaded so that it had to be held open as the door moved out of its jam, and pulled the door open, forcing her brother to take two steps back up the stairs so there was room to open the door. Once open, she waved him down and in, holding the door by the latch as he walked by. Once he was in, she released the latch, which snapped back into its closed position and used a hooked bungee cord attached to the wall to prop open the door.

"Wow, cozy, in a cave like kind of way," the boy said once he entered the room. He looked around, noticing that it was only dimly lit and fairly dusty. It was about half the size of his tiny dorm room back at college, and the cot took up most of the free space. In one corner was an exposed toilet and sink, their fixtures dirty and rusted from disuse. On the floor surrounding them was a row of damaged concrete cinderblocks that were obviously the remains of the wall that had separated the bathroom from the main room.

"Sorry about this. Apparently the second owner had plans to remove the bathroom and make this all one room. I guess they never got around to finishing. Everything works though, we checked."

"Hey, sis, no need to be sorry. I'm a college guy. I've slept in worse rooms than this."

"So you'll be okay?"

"Sure. It's a little hot, and there's no TV, but it's just for sleeping, so I'll be fine."

"Okay," Stephanie said sounding a bit relieved. "We'll work on entertainment for you tomorrow. As for the heat, this is just one small part of the basement. On the other side of that wall is the heating system for the house. The concrete over there tends to heat up and radiate through here. On the other side of that is the main basement, which we use for parties, entertaining and the like."

"Really? Is it all tricked out?"

"Oh yes," she said, displaying her own smirk now, "it's fully equipped."

"Why not move the cot in there? Not that I'm complaining."

"There are no restroom facilities you'd be able to use. You would have to keep coming upstairs."

"Oh. Makes sense."

She just smiled at him and gave him yet another hug. "It's great having you here little brother. I missed you so much."

"Why don't you get comfortable. Give me the clothes you want washed and I'll take them upstairs. You do still sleep in just your underwear right? That should help with the heat."

Cody blushed and looked down at the floor.

"Oh come on," Stephanie said, "like I haven't seen you sound asleep sprawled out in your underwear before. Man up so I can go to sleep too."

"Fine," the boy shouted in a playfully defiant way as he kicked of his shoes and pulled off his socks. " I see how it is..." He suddenly broke into a hummed rendition of the cheesiest stripper music he could think of as he pulled off his shirt.

Stephanie laughed, "You are just proving my point that you are a disgusting pervert."

He looked up at her, standing there in just his skin-tight jeans. "That's what brothers are for," he said with a triumphant smirk. He then quickly unbuttoned his pants and literally peeled them down his legs.

"Need some help? You appear to be struggling."

"Nope," he said as he flopped onto the cot and pulled his jeans all the way off, leaving himself completely exposed except for a skimpy pair of white briefs.

'Now that's different," his sister said with interest. "What happened to the baggy boxers?"

"Have you seen my pants," he asked sarcastically. "Like I could fit boxers in there with me."

"Hmmm, I guess not," she said as she bent down, stuffed his socks into his shoes and picked up the rest of his discarded clothing. "I'm going to take it all upstairs. Your shoes will be outside the door, and I'll throw your other stuff in the wash." She turned and looked at him sternly, "and you better be nice to me or I may accidentally shrink your jeans a bit in the dryer."

"Funny," he said as he bounced up and down on the thin mattress, feeling the springs underneath. "Ooh, comfy."

"More than you deserve, jackass. I'll be right back."

After a quick trip upstairs, Stephanie returned and sat down on the cot next to her brother. "Listen, Cody, there's something else, and I don't want you to freak."

"Let me guess, now that I'm tucked away, you three are going to have an orgy, right?"

"Stop being such a jerk and listen."

"Sorry, okay." He immediately changed his demeanor, realizing that his sister was being serious.

"The second owner of the house was planning on turning this into a fully stocked pantry, but the renovation was never finished." Her brother looked at her, his bright blue eyes showing nothing but confusion. "The door to this room has no handle on the inside and locks automatically when it shuts."

"So we can just leave it propped open like it is now, right?"

"That wasn't part of the deal," his sister said with a deep sigh.

"What deal?"

"Sorry Cody, but Jackie thinks all guys your age are nothing but horny perverts and, to be honest, you haven't done anything to prove otherwise. Seriously, did you think it's was a good idea to antagonize a lesbian with juvenile male behavior?"

That tone always did him in. his eyes immediately began getting misty as his sister scolded him. "I didn't mean anything," he said, holding back a sniffle.

"I know you didn't, but I'm your sister and Jackie's not. Plus, look at you, falling apart just because you're being criticized. Pull yourself together."

"I can't help it."

"I know, Cody, but you need to try to be less sensitive about things."

"Okay, fine," he said straightening up and wiping his eyes. "So explain the deal."

"The door gets closed behind me every night when you're ready for bed."

"And I can't get out?"

"Not on your own."

"So what you are saying is that this is a cell and I'm a prisoner?"

"Only at night when we are sleeping."

"What if something happens, a fire or whatever?"

She looked at him reassuringly. "You would be safer than us. The concrete down here won't burn. This room would survive the destruction of the rest of the house."

They stared at each other for a few moments, no words said. Finally, Cody stood up and walked over to the door, his bare feet disturbing the fine layer of dust on the hard floor.

"You'd better get some sleep, sis" he said facing her and pointing towards the staircase.

She walked over and stepped outside the tiny room. Untying the door from the wall, she held it open as she looked at her younger brother. "It'll be okay, I promise."

"I know. I trust you Steph." He gave her a halfhearted smile as she closed the door. He heard the click and felt his stomach drop as he realized he was trapped in nothing more than a concrete cell. His heart sank further as he heard the spring loaded latch slide into place on the other side. He looked over the door, but as promised there was no sign of a handle or even an indentation to grab hold of. "Steph wait," he shouted as he banged on the door, "I need my backpack."

He didn't know if she heard him before there was the faintest sound of the upstairs door closing. Then there was silence as the boy stared at the door. He jumped, when the light went out, plunging him into the most total darkness he had ever experienced. He realized that his sister must have shut the light prior to heading off to bed. He turned and tried to feel his way through the tiny room and back to the cot. Stubbing his toe on the metal leg of the bed, he fell onto the cot, cursing his way through the pain. It only took a few moments for the pain in his foot to calm down, but once it did, he was left with the maddening realization that he had to use the bathroom. He continued to lie there, contemplating how he would get past the cinderblocks and to the toilet without further injuring his feet.

Part 2

"How'd it go," Sarah asked as she reclined under the covers of the king sized bed situated in the largest bedroom of the house.

"Amazingly well," Stephanie responded as she took a seat on the corner of the bed.

Just then, Jackie appeared from the doorway leading to the attached bathroom. The red haired woman was a striking sight. She had released her long curly hair from its restrictive bun and now it flowed luxuriously around her face and settled atop her bare shoulders. She wore a one-piece black teddy that did little to hide her perfect curves. Her legs, no longer covered by her conservative suit, seemed to go on forever, ending in almost dainty feet accented by perfectly pedicured toes, the red polish matching both her long fingernails and hair exactly.

"That's because he's a natural submissive," she declared as she approached the bed. "Like brother, like sister."

"Ha, ha. I switch you know," Stephanie objected good-naturedly.

"If you say so, dear." Jackie moved over to the side of the bed where Sarah was laying and abruptly flung off the covers, revealing the blonde's naked body. Seemingly without thought, she began caressing the nurse's round, firm breasts. "Indulge me some guesses will you?"

"Shoot," Stephanie replied, trying hard not to stare at Sarah's prone form, her eyes closed and mouth open in silent moans as Jackie's hands continued to sensuously stroke the girl's breasts.

"He made some kind of comment about...well, this," she said, nodding down to the girl gently writhing beneath her.

Stephanie just smirked.

"He cried, at least once. When you asked for his clothes, he first got embarrassed, and then became cocky, almost like an exhibitionist. When you told him about the door, he was so confused that he neither objected too hard nor gave in too easily."

"Okay, enough," Stephanie said as she stood up. "I get it. You have a doctorate in psychology. You know people."

"That's right, and I know your brother very well. Indulge me one more thing before you retire for the night."


Jackie looked down at Sarah's face as she gently moved her hand down, away from her breasts. She barely touched her stomach as her hand continued lower. "Did dear, sweet Cody notice there were no towels in his chamber?"

"I don't think so, why?"

Jackie just smiled as Sarah started moaning loudly.

The boy had no idea what time it was, or even what day. The darkness in his room was absolute, and his lack of true sleep only intensified his feelings of disorientation. After his sister left, following the toe-stubbing incident, he had remained lying on the bed, despite his need to relieve himself. The heat radiating from the wall left him covered in a light sheen of perspiration, and he found himself not wanting to get up and risk another injury. His thoughts drifted to his sister's roommates. The nurse was definitely hot, but something about, wait, Jacqueline, made him feel very strange.

Laying there, in the dark, he had absent-mindedly begun stroking his penis through his briefs. The image of the business-suited redhead filled his mind's eye as he reached under the waistband and grabbed his rapidly engorging cock. The flimsy cot squeaked and groaned under him as he moved his hand rapidly. Her high, spiked heels flashed into his mind as he let loose with a terrific orgasm that spurted semen all over his chest and stomach. He continued to lay there, lost in post orgasmic exhaustion as his seed dribbled down into his underwear. "Shit," he instantly jumped up and tried to make his way to the toilet area. He tripped over a cinderblock and, barely able to keep himself from falling over, stumbled into the toilet. He felt around the walls, frantically searching for toilet tissue, but found none. Grasping into the blackness, he searched in vain for anything resembling a towel. He searched again and again, all the while feeling the cold dampness spread through his briefs, and the slimy-stickiness start to dry on his abs and chest.

Panic and despair set in as he moved carefully back to the cot. He pulled the sheet off the mattress and used an end to wipe off his chest. He wished now that he had been given a blanket, but the temperature of the room had suggested that he not even ask for one. The pillowcase also had not been an option, as it seemed to be sewn into place. He carefully rolled up the thin sheet, making sure to contain his cum in the center of the ball, and shoved it under the cot. He felt the stickiness on his chest and hoped he had gotten all the evidence wiped off. His hands went down to his crotch and his heart started to pound as he realized there was no way to hide the stain that would appear there. Completely drained and sick with worry, it was not long before the boy had dozed off into a restless sleep.

Later, sitting on the cot, darkness still engulfing him, his panic began anew as he worried about what his sister would say when she came for him. It had been over seven years since she had last caught him masturbating, and the horror of that moment had imprinted itself on his twelve-year-old brain. Although his sister, then seventeen, had been extremely understanding and reassuring to the red-faced boy, the memory was still enough to make him ill. Cody toyed with the idea of wrapping himself in the discarded sheet, but realized that the heat would make that tactic ridiculously obvious. Plus, in the dark, he would have no way of knowing where the stains on the sheet would end up. He sighed heavily, still frantically trying to come up with an idea to preserve his humility.

He couldn't even imagine what the psychologist would say about a nineteen-year-old jacking off in her basement.

He momentarily stopped worrying as the need to relieve himself became almost too much to bear. He had nodded off prior to attempting a return trip to the toilet area, but could wait no longer. He stood up and thought for a moment. His toe still throbbed, and his left foot was sore and scraped from tripping earlier. Deciding against risking any more damage, Cody slid to his knees and crawled on all fours in the direction of the toilet.

Carefully feeling out his path, he managed to get himself over the cinderblocks much easier this time and got to his feet in front of the bowl. It wasn't until he had finished his business that his befuddled mind remembered there was no toilet tissue. He slammed the wall with his fist, eliciting a self-inflicted yelp of pain. Still sitting, he buried his head in his hands and began to cry in frustration, the darkness somehow easing the heavy sobs from him. Once again emotionally drained, he didn't care when the toilet wouldn't flush. He merely pulled up his briefs, crawled back to the cot, curled up in a fetal position and fell back asleep.

His eyes popped open, only to have him immediately squeeze them shut. The light, dim as it was, was blinding. He faintly heard the upstairs door open and quickly attempted to re-open his eyes. He moved over to the door, and by the sound of the heels clicking on the stairs, Cody knew it wasn't his sister coming to let him out. He quickly scrambled back onto the cot. Facing the door with his back pressed up against the wall, he drew his knees up under his chin and wrapped his arms around them. He stared intently at the door as he heard the latch pull back. It opened about half way and bobbed slightly as it was tied off to the wall.

Jacqueline entered the small room, a folding chair in her hands. The boy watched as she set the chair down in front of the cot and opened it. "Good evening," she said as she sat down on the chair facing him.

Cody stared at her, still squinting from the light. She was dressed similarly to his first meeting with her, but this time the pants of her suit had been replaced with a brief skirt that rode up her thighs as she sat and crossed her legs. The boy could just make out the bottom of the garter holding up her nylons. He chewed on his bottom lip and looked up at her. Her hair was still in the severe bun, and she was wearing her expensive looking eyeglasses. Cody momentarily mused about her only missing a ruler to make her outfit complete. "Evening?" His voice squeaked out the question.

"It stinks in here," she said matter of factly as Cody blushed red and lowered his head behind his knees. "Yes, evening. Don't hide your face. It is almost five in the evening. We all had to go to work and believed you were so tired from your trip that you wouldn't mind sleeping in."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Keeping me here."

"You needed a place to stay did you not? That is why you showed up on our doorstep, correct?"

"Yeah, but I didn't expect to be kept as a prisoner."

Jacqueline lowered her head and looked at him over her glasses. "A prisoner? My, don't you still have the active adolescent imagination. Cody, you are far from being a prisoner. In fact, you can leave anytime you want." She waved towards the half open door. If you have someplace else to go, I'm sure your sister will not mind."

"No," he answered softly.

"Good. Now let us dispense with all this prisoner nonsense. I believe your sister explained all of that yesterday."

His eyes flared up in anger. "Then how do you explain the lack of a blanket, towels, toilet paper, and no water in the sink and toilet, huh?"

Jacqueline met his gaze for almost a full minute until the boy dropped his eyes and conceded the stare down. "The heat down here, all the spare towels were dirty, we forgot, and faulty plumbing. The facilities worked when last I checked them. Accidents happen, I apologize."

Cody had no idea what to say to that. It was impossible to argue the point any further. She dismissed every one of his torments as though they were trivialities. He had spent almost 24 hours in what amounted to a dungeon, and she just apologized. "I guess it's okay."

"Good. Now, are you ready to head upstairs? Stephanie will be home soon and Sarah and I were just about to start cooking."

"Can I have my backpack please?"

"It's upstairs somewhere. Your sister took care of it."

The boy suddenly looked very dejected. "Oh. Can't you find it for me?"


"But I need..."

"Look Cody, what I need is for you to stop playing games. Do you think I'm stupid?"

He suddenly became nervous and very fidgety under her stern gaze. "No," he replied sheepishly.

"Well, that is an excellent start. Let me tell you something. I will never lie to you, no matter what. I don't need to, Cody. I can see through you and into your head. I know exactly how your mind works."

He stared at her now, not quite liking where the mostly one-sided conversation was headed.

"You don't believe me? Allow me to extrapolate then. You are sitting there, curled up in a ball because you don't want me to see the stains on your underwear. You obviously masturbated in here; the reek of boy fluid mixed with waste is sickening by the way, and now you have no way of getting out without being discovered. You even went so far as to use one of our sheets to wipe the mess off of yourself. That would be the reason why you wadded it up and shoved it under the cot."

She paused and looked at him, her face an expressionless mask of stoicism.

Cody was horrified. Had there been a deeper darker hole available he would have crawled in.

"Judging from the disturbances in the dust on the floor, I think it is also safe to assume that at some point, probably after your little bout of self pleasure, you crawled on all fours like a dog to get to the toilet. Tell me, am I correct?"

Her answer was little more than sobs as the boy's stress level and lack of sleep finally took hold.

"Don't bother, I already know the answer. The only thing I don't know, Cody," she said, leaning forward on the chair to get a better look at his red, teary eyes, "is if I was holding a ruler in your little fantasy."

And with that comment, the already spinning room went black and Cody fell forward into her arms.

"You passed out," Cody heard his sister's voice from a distance as his eyes flickered open. Momentarily confused and assaulted by the pounding in his head, the boy tried to sit up, but found that he couldn't move.

"Sorry," Stephanie said, sitting at the side of the cot, "you were thrashing about quite a bit while you were asleep. We didn't want you to hurt yourself."

Coming fully awake, the boy realized that he was still in his basement room, and had been strapped down to the cot. His arms had been pulled up, over his head and tied off to the top of the frame, while his ankles had been similarly secured to the bottom. He started squirming wildly against his restraints as panic took hold.

"Don't squirm so much, you'll knock me off the cot. See why you had to be restrained? Imagine flailing around like that and falling onto this hard floor while you were out."

"Let me loose," he said angrily, his head throbbing with each word.

"Calm down."

"Untie me!"

"Calm down."

The cot creaked in protest as he began pulling wildly at the straps holding him down.

"Fine, don't." Stephanie got up and walked to the door. "You're wasting your time and strength. Those are medical restraints, designed for difficult mental patients. They won't break or come loose. Feel free to wear yourself out. I'll come back in a while and see if you're more social. With that, she left the room, closed the door and proceeded upstairs.

The boy was still struggling frantically when the light went out, plunging him back into darkness.

"A little calmer now?" Stephanie asked an hour later as she returned to Cody's room.

He gave no answer, lying quietly on his back, head turned towards the wall. "I'm sorry Cod, I really am. But you're acting really weird and the whole passing out episode scared the crap out of us." She looked over his prone, nearly naked form and settled her gaze on his crotch. "I won't even get into that big yellow stain on your underwear."

She heard a small sniff and knew the silent treatment was about to end.

"I'm sorry," he said, obviously in some emotional distress. "I didn't mean to overreact. It's just that I don't understand what is going on. Why are you treating me like this?"

Stephanie reached down and put her hand reassuringly on his arm. "Cody, we don't understand what is happening with you either, and frankly, we're all concerned. You're behavior has been erratic and, you have to admit, a bit odd."

"I'm sorry."

"That's not going to cut it. We need to know if something is wrong. If you don't mind, Sarah will come down in a little while and give you a basic physical. That should tell us if there is anything obvious going on."

"I don't know," he stammered.

"C'mon Cod, it's for the best. Just let her check you out and we'll go from there. Okay?"

He turned to face his sister, his eyes red and glassy. "Okay," he said, "if you think it's best."

"I do, Cody. Now relax. I brought you something to eat and drink."

The boy watched as his sister pulled the folding chair close to the top of the cot and lifted a bowl and cup off the seat, placing them on the floor. Staring blankly at the wall when she came in, the boy had no idea she had brought anything with her.

"Tilt your head up a bit," she said as she sat down on the chair and lifted the cup.

He did so and she poured some room temperature water into his mouth. He drank greedily until halfway done, then she moved it away from his mouth and lowered it back to the floor.

"Can't you let me loose now?"

"You're not going to start that again are you? Do you want me to leave now, because if I do, you will be down here for quite a while with no food before I come back."

"Never mind," he said, defeated.

"Good boy. Now, tilt up again so I can give you some oatmeal."

At first humiliated by having his sister feed him, Cody nonetheless complied realizing that it was no worse than having his cum stains in full view of her the whole time. He ate greedily as she gave him spoonful after spoonful of the gritty, tasteless mush. He never much liked oatmeal, but he was so hungry that anything was welcome.

"Sorry it's just oatmeal, but the two medical professionals in the house agreed bland is better until we figure out what's bothering you."

"It's okay," he said, gulping down the last spoonful. "I was starving."

"Being hungry is a good sign. I'll let Sarah know when I get upstairs." Stephanie gave him the rest of the water, stood up, took the bowl and cup and went to the door. "Now just relax. Sarah will be down in a little bit. Don't go away, " she chuckled as she left, leaving the door propped open.

Cody realized with frustration that for the first time during his stay down here, the door was open but, thanks to the restraints, he was still trapped. After meekly testing the strength of his bonds once more, Cody settled down and tried not to think about what was next.

Part 3

It was only a few minutes before Sarah appeared. Carrying a black medical bag, she was dressed in what Cody guessed was a nurse's uniform, but it looked nothing like the scrubs she had worn last time he saw her. "Do ya' like it," she asked giving him a twirl to show off her clothes. Her outfit consisted of a white, button down short-sleeved shirt, the buttons open down to the third one, exposing her ample cleavage and parts of her red, lacy bra. A tight matching mini-skirt barely covered the tops of her thighs, and the boy could just make out the red thong she was wearing beneath. The red of her bra matched up exactly with a large red cross in the middle of the white nurse's cap she wore on her head. Her long, silky blonde hair hung straight down from beneath the hat, accenting and partly hiding her face. "I figured the scrubs might remind ya' too much of a hospital. I wouldn't want my little patient to get all nervous, would I?"

Cody didn't answer; too busy praying that he wouldn't get a hard-on while lying here exposed in front of his sister's roommate.

"Speechless, huh? Well don't you worry about it, I'll have you loosened up in no time sugah." She put the bag down on the folding chair and sat down next to him. "Jackie sure was right, it does smell like boy sex down here. That and poop, of course."

Cody just groaned in response and turned towards the wall, his face turning beet red.

"Now don't you worry about that," she said as she gently turned his face back towards her. "I'm used to all that. A nurse gets to see, and smell, all kinds of nasty stuff. Why, you're not even the first young man I've seen strapped down in his spooge stained bikinis, so just relax."

"They're low rise briefs," he said, his voice almost a whisper.

"Uh-huh, whatever you say darlin'. Next time, though, you might want to try a thong under those jeans of yours, it'd be much more comfy." To accentuate her point, Sarah leaned back over towards the bag; raising her rear end off the bed just enough to give him a glimpse of what lie under her skirt.

He tried to laugh at what he thought was her joke, but he was too distracted by the view and his twitching penis to make a sound. He concentrated, thinking of anything but the blonde's ass in an attempt to not get a raging boner that he wouldn't be able to hide. Thankfully, she stopped rummaging through the bag and turned to face him once more.

She held up a blood pressure cuff and inflator bulb so he could see them. "Ready to start, Cody?"

While mildly embarrassing, the examination was fairly routine. Sarah checked his blood pressure, listened to his heart, looked in his eyes and ears, and checked his temperature. She acted very professional and even tried to make jokes to lighten his mood. It had gone well until the temperature taking, when she told him to "open up" and he didn't comply fast enough. She had laughingly told him that she could easily take his temperature somewhere other than his mouth. He immediately opened his mouth, but it hadn't kept her from noticing the erection that he could no longer contain.

"Well, lookie there," she said with a giggle. "Did my little threat push the right button?"

He tried to grumble something, but his words were lost behind the thermometer in his mouth.

Sarah said nothing further about his erection as she continued his exam. She tested his reflexes, unstrapping each leg individually to see the results, and then fixing them back in place. Then she cleaned off the scrapes on his legs and rubbed some ointment into them. The boy remained quite during the rest of the examination, deciding that it would end quicker if he did not resist or contribute.

"That was pretty easy so far. You've been a very well behaved boy Cody. Keep it up and this will all be over soon. Now, I have to ask you some health questions that may be embarrassing. I need you to answer honestly, though. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes," he said, dreading what was about to happen.

"Good boy. First, did you have any problems while you were playing with yourself? Any pain or difficulty?"

"No," he answered, his eyes screwed tightly shut.

"How about when you urinated, you know, went pee-pee, any burning or stinging?"


"And when you moved your bowels? Any discomfort or straining?"


"Good, let me just go have a look real quick..."

His eyes shot open as he saw he walk over to the toilet and look in.

"No blood in your stool," she said. "It's a good thing you couldn't flush or we wouldn't have had the answer to that question. After all," she said coming back to the cot, "it's not like you could have looked in the dark, right?"

Cody tried to sink as far down into the mattress as he could. He had never been this humiliated before, and the excitement he was feeling was not helping his state of mind.

"Now comes the difficult part, Cody. I'm going to need to do a more private exam, if you get my drift." Sarah reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of rubber gloves. The boy gulped hard as she snapped them into place. "Just try to hang in there, I'll try to make it as quick as possible." Retrieving a pair of scissors from the bag, she turned to him and quickly snipped at the two narrow sides of his underwear. "I hope you don't have any attachment to these dirty things," she said as she pulled the cut garment from his body. She held them up so he could see them.

Mortified, Cody saw not only his yellow cum stains, but deep brown skid marks on the backside of the briefs. "It's not my fault," he said in horror, "there was no toilet paper. I had to go, I couldn't hold it anymore."

"I know sweetheart, it's all right," she said as she put the scissors away and laid his mutilated briefs down on the cot next to his head. She then stood up straight, towering over his prone form and took in the sight of his now naked body. 'You're not very hairy for a nineteen year old. I noticed that about your legs as well. Do you shave for swimming or something?"

"No," he answered, his eyes tightly closed once again. "I'm just like that."

"In that case, you should just get rid of all of it. You would definitely look better with none than this random dark fuzz you've got goin' on."

He didn't respond, but his bright red cheeks spoke volumes to the woman. "Okay, I'm going to check your little balls now. I need to feel around and make sure there are no lumps. Don't worry if your wee-wee gets harder. It'll be okay."

He moaned as Sarah began manipulating his testicles, rolling them around individually. Gasping suddenly, he opened his eyes in reaction to the quick sharp pain that she caused when she yanked both of his balls down, away from his body.

"Excellent," she said, letting go of his stretched out sack. "A perfectly normal reaction. Sorry it hurt a bit, but I had to get a tighter grip because of your hair. Normally, patients are shaved before this type of exam. See, another reason why you shouldn't have any body hair. Now for the worst part I'm afraid..."

She reached back into the bag and pulled out a tube of lubricant. Opening the cap, she squeezed a small amount onto the fingers of her left hand. She replaced the tube and then began spreading the greasy ointment up and down her fingers.

"Please don't," Cody pleaded. "I'm fine down there, really."

"Now sugah, let me just confirm that okay? It's better to be safe than sorry." She reached down and gently spread his butt cheeks. The position was difficult with his legs strapped down as they were, but she managed to push her index finger up against his anal ring. Sarah gently began stroking it in a circular motion, each revolution a bit more forceful than the last.

Cody was sucking in air in huge gasps. "Please...don't..."

"Shh, it's okay sweetie, just close your eyes and relax. Try not to tense up too much or this will hurt more and take longer. There you go, can you feel me?"

"Ahh," he exhaled as her finger slid in up to the first knuckle. Slowly and gently, the rest of her finger moved into him. He felt her wiggling it around, poking at the walls of his rectum.

"You're very tight, baby. I'm going to have to put another finger in. Try to stay relaxed."

"Oh God," he yelped as he opened his eyes and caught sight of his fully engorged cock standing straight up and pulsing in response to Sarah's ministrations.

"It's okay, Cody. It's natural. Don't worry about it." She pushed her middle finger into him, using both fingers to probe his prostate gland.

"Shit, oh God, I'm gonna cum, please don't..." The boy was pulling violently at his bonds now.

"Hush, it's okay just relax and let go." She took hold of his erect member with her free hand and began to gently squeeze in time with the thrusts into his ass. "Just let it go, baby."

Cody cried out as he exploded in an orgasmic frenzy. His fluid jetted out of his cock and, directed by Sarah's hand, landed all over his neck and chest. She continued to squeeze his member and thrust her fingers into his ass as she milked him of the last of his semen.

Once the flow stopped, she released his cock and pulled her fingers from his rectum. "Feel better," she asked.

"Oh God...oh God, I'm sorry, I didn't..."

"Nothing to be ashamed of honey. You're just a healthy nineteen year old guy with pretty typical reactions."

He was still breathing deeply and trying to recover as Sarah ran her right hand over his neck and chest, rubbing the ejaculate into his flesh. "That was quite a load you shot." He watched through dazed eyes as she innocently raised her cum covered finger to her mouth and licked it clean. The boy assumed he was delirious when his nurse again ran her fingers over his chest and then put her finger up to his mouth. She rubbed it across his tightly closed lips, gently prodding them to open. "For me," she said huskily. "Please sugah..."

Overwhelmed by the sensations he was experiencing, the boy gave up. His lips parted slightly and Sarah gently slid her finger into his mouth. As she expected, but much to Cody's chagrin, he started sucking at her finger greedily. With a broad smile, she pulled out of his mouth. He was looking up at her like a lost puppy and she gave him a wink, exactly like the one she had given him as she climbed the steps when they had met.

"Just think," she said to him as she held up her left hand, "it could have been one of these fingers."

He involuntarily wretched at the thought, and Sarah chuckled in response. "C'mon darlin'," she said, "you would have done it for me. It would have been tough though, you're very dirty inside."

Cody didn't answer as he watched her peel off her left glove and toss it onto the floor by the toilet.

She then picked up his underwear in her still gloved hand and proceeded to wipe the cum from his body with it. "Sorry," she said, you're already a mess. There's not much more I can do about that right now." She cleaned him up as best she could, being careful to not use the brown stained side of his briefs.

He watched her as she finished wiping him down, and then saw her roll his underwear up into a tight, oblong ball. She then leaned in close to his face, her hair draping onto his chest and shoulder.

"You did very well. Your sister is going to be very proud, and so is Jacqueline."

He didn't know why, but he felt very happy at that thought. He was glad they would all be pleased, but was lost as to an explanation for his feelings.

Her lips briefly touched his as she bent even closer to the helpless boy, and he stretched up in an attempt to make even more meaningful contact. Sarah backed up, just out of his reach and smiled at his small sigh of frustration.

"I need you to do me a favor," she said as she leaned back in.

"Anything," he whispered.

"Are you sure?"


"Good boy, now open your mouth."

Cody complied, expecting a deep kiss, complete with tongue.

"Wider, and close your eyes. That's a very good boy."

He started to feel foolish and was about to open his eyes when suddenly he felt Sarah pushing something into his mouth. He gagged as she pushed his wadded up briefs deep into his mouth. She continued to pack them in until his cheeks were bulging and the cloth was scraping the back of his throat.

"Just relax, breathe through your nose and listen," she said as she clamped her hand tightly over his stuffed mouth. "I want you to keep that in your mouth for me. I packed it in pretty tightly, but I'm sure you'd be able to spit it out eventually. I don't want you to do that. Do you understand?"

He was struggling under her grip, fighting back the urge to vomit brought on by the realization that his mouth was filled with his cum and shit stained underwear.

"You can do this, just relax and breathe deeply." She continued to keep her hand clamped over his mouth as she watched him slowly stop struggling. When he had calmed down sufficiently, she removed her hand and smiled down at him. "See how easy that was? Now, like I said, I want you to keep that in your mouth until I either tell you otherwise or remove it. Understand?"

He nodded.

"Good. Will you do this for me? I really want you to."

He nodded again.

"Thank you. You are a very, very good boy. Now, We're all done with your exam, but I have one more thing to do before its nighty-night time for you." After peeling off the remaining glove and tossing it next to the other, she once again reached into the bag, this time careful to keep her back towards him so that he could not see. She then, still keeping her back towards him, climbed up onto his chest, facing his feet. Her ass was only inches from his nose and when she leaned over, fidgeting with something by his groin, her firm, rounded butt got shoved right against his face.

"My, my, look at you. Even after that massive orgasm, you're trying to get hard again. You sure are a healthy one sugah."

He was torn between the sight in front of him and what was going on between his legs. He raised his buttocks slightly when she told him to "lift up", then felt her slide something crinkly under his ass. When he lowered himself again, he felt several hard tugs and then watched as she sat straight up in front of him, robbing him of his view.

"There," she said as she climbed off him, "all done."

Cody looked down in horror at his diaper-covered crotch. He started struggling again, and even tried pushing the briefs from his mouth. 'Now, now darlin', don't go spoilin'

everything by misbehaving. The diapers are for your own good. How else would you go to the bathroom all strapped down like that? Now you can do whatever you have to without worrying. You'll be able to get a nice full night's sleep."

Cody stopped struggling and just looked at her.

"See, not so bad. Now you've been fed, given water and heck, even had some tension relieved, now that your bathroom issues are taken care of, it's time to say goodnight." She picked up the bag and headed toward the door. "Remember, Cody, keep those bikinis in your mouth. If you spit them out, I'm gonna be very disappointed in you." Sarah then blew him a kiss, turned, and walked out of the tiny room, closing the door behind her. Moments later, the light went out, once again plunging the helpless boy into darkness.

"Very intense," Sarah said as she joined the others in the living room after washing up. "He responded to everything exactly as you said he would."

Jackie smiled, and took a sip from her glass of wine. "Of course. Like I said, he's a natural sub. He'll do whatever we want simply because we want him to. Stephanie, did you dose his meal exactly as I said?"

"Oh yes," Cody's sister replied quickly, "he should have no choice but to fill that diaper before too long."

"Excellent," Jackie replied, "and if he manages to hold out through the night, we'll just repeat the dosage in his next meal. That should sap the last of his willpower."

"Well then," Stephanie stood up and raised her glass of wine, "to my brother, our new slave boy."

"And of course, the entertainment at our housewarming party this weekend," Jackie added as she too lifted her glass.

Sarah filled a glass of her own and joined the others in their toast. "I'm gonna need a lot more supplies," She added thoughtfully.

"Here, here," Jackie added with a laugh, while Stephanie just smirked.

Part 4

Time had no meaning for Cody. He had no idea how much of it had passed since his examination, being strapped down, or even his first night. All he knew was that his body ached from being restrained and he really, really needed to go to the bathroom. With a nauseating gulp, he swallowed down another mouthful of saliva that had been collecting in his soiled underwear. He wanted to spit out the awful tasting thing, but he knew that by doing so he would upset Sarah. For some reason, the thought of her disapproval was much worse than keeping his mouth packed tight with dirty cloth.

Another cramp wrenched through his stomach as he struggled against the need to move his bowels. He needed to piss as well, and the urgency of his needs, coupled with the heat in the room, and his filthy body, turned the boy into a sweat-covered mess. He gave up fighting his bonds what seemed like hours ago. His defeat was total, and he knew that what he really needed to do was give in. The women's motives were still unknown to him, although he had some pretty kinky suspicions. However, their "for his own good" behavior led him to believe that whatever they had planned, he wasn't in any real danger. With his sister involved, he took comfort in the knowledge that he would be safe, albeit uncomfortable. These thoughts helped calm him down dramatically, and he was able to focus, in between bouts of cramping, on the sexual side of his torment.

Sarah had brought him to the most amazing orgasm he had ever experienced, and the thought of her being close to him was enough to bring his penis to erection even trapped in his diaper. Of course, there was also Jacqueline, who seemed to know everything he did and thought about. The image of her still stirred up inexplicable feelings in him, and he knew that when all was said and done, he would do anything to keep her happy.

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by the most intense wave of cramps yet. He thrashed wildly as the pain swept through him, he clenched his cheeks and anus as tightly as he could to avoid messing himself. Unfortunately, the focus on certain muscles led to a relaxing of others, and he quickly found himself urinating into his diaper. He groaned through the material in his mouth as he realized that if he attempted to stop the flow, he would lose control of everything else. In moments, his diaper was full of his warm piss, and he found the sensation to be odd and uncomfortable. Full realization of what had happened didn't sink in until the cramping episode passed, and then he could do nothing but sob gently in the dark.

"Do you think he still has his underwear in his mouth," Sarah asked as the three women sat around the breakfast table.

"Oh yes," Jackie answered immediately, dumping a teaspoon of sugar into her coffee. "I have no doubt about that. After what you did to...for him yesterday, he will have no intention of displeasing you, or any of us for that matter."

"I can't really believe he's become so compliant, so quickly," Stephanie said as she picked at her bowl of cereal disinterestedly. "I mean, he's a nice, polite, normal kid. Sure he can be an arrogant shit at times, but to accept such humiliation is amazing."

"My dear," Jackie said in full professional tones, "he really didn't have any choice. He sees everything that has happened as being a direct result of things he did earlier. He believes that because we told him so. His behavior when he met me resulted in him being locked up. His inability to control, or conceal, his more carnal urges, led to his session with me. His fainting when confronted with his desires led to his being restrained and given a medical exam. His compliance with all of that then led to the most satisfying and intense sexual release he has ever experienced. See, natural progression."

"Brainwashing is more like it," Sarah interjected.

"I prefer to think of it as conditioning, but basically, yes."

" So you don't think my brother will give us any problems as we get closer to the party?"

"I'm sure he'll have his moments of rebelliousness, but they can be easily countered by each of us. As his sister, you simply tell him what to do because you are the older sibling and he should obey you. Sarah can use his lustful intent and threat of his disappointing her and possibly never getting attention from her again. And he will obey me because he already knows that I am undeniably in charge of what is happening to him. He recognizes me as the authority figure and will obey everything I say, or he knows he will be punished. Case in point, the locked door and restraints, all of which happened because of behavior around me."

"Amazing," Stephanie said in awe.

"Not really, just psychology 101."

"So," Sarah said excitedly, who gets to go down and check his diaper?"

When Jacqueline arrived at the boy's bedside, he was in the middle of another wave of cramps. His face was contorted in a pained grimace, and his eyes were tightly shut. Not surprisingly, he still had his underwear firmly wedged in his mouth. She waited a few moments in silence, letting Cody know that she was in no hurry to help him. Finally, when she saw his face relax ever so slightly, she spoke. "You are only fighting the inevitable, boy. You need to just relax and let go. Things will get much easier for you to bear once you do that." She reached down and, grabbing a corner of the wadded up cloth, pulled it from his mouth.

"No," he coughed, "please put it back. Sarah will be angry."

"Sarah is not here at the moment, and I need to be able to speak with you. You may ask to be gagged later."

Cody winced again as another stabbing pain shot through his insides. "Please," he begged, "I have to go to the bathroom."

"Looks to me like you already did," she pointed out, glancing at the sagging crotch of his diaper.

Impossibly, his face got even redder as he realized she knew about his wetness. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I've been trying to hold out on...the other. It's getting harder to..."

"I'm not sure I understand why you are trying so hard," she cut him off. "You are in a diaper for a reason. Sarah didn't put it on you because she thought you looked sexy in it."

The boy groaned in shame.

"Listen to me, Cody, we have many other ways to help this process along. All of them would be even more unpleasant. So, it is in your best interest to do what I say and just let go."

Jacqueline was not surprised as the boy started to sob once again. "Hush now," she said, her tone more comforting than before, "I'll even allow you to close your eyes this time. Go ahead, close them and think about nothing but relief."

Cody squeezed his eyes tightly closed and listened to the sound of her voice. He was breathing deeply now, his breaths coming in gasps coupled with sobs.

"I want you to do this," she continued. "Show me how obedient you can be."

Slowly, his breathing got steadier and his sobbing stopped. Jacqueline reached out and began rubbing his bare stomach in soft, circular movements.

"Let go Cody."

Suddenly, the boy let out a huge grunt followed by a choking gurgle from deep in his throat. Jacqueline smiled and continued rubbing his stomach as Cody filled his diaper.

Jacqueline had left him once she was sure he had finished. She had gently pushed his sweat soaked hair out of his eyes, told him that he was a good boy and that she was proud of him, then left him again in the dark, this time with his diaper full of both his piss and shit. He sloshed around as much as his restraints would allow for an indeterminate amount of time before the light came back on and his sister and Sarah entered the room.

Stephanie pulled the chair close to her brother's head and sat down, while Sarah, again dressed in her nurse's outfit, stood at the foot of the cot. Both women were wearing elbow length rubber gloves.

"Whew," Sarah said, waving her hand in front of her face, "what died in here?"

Cody made no response as he lie there, staring up at the ceiling. The boy no longer looked upset or angry, just defeated.

"Oh c'mon sugah, don't be upset. After all, I have more to be angry about than you."

Cody glanced sideways to where his waded up briefs still sat next to his head. "I'm sorry, Sarah. Jacqueline took them..."

"Ah, ah, ah," Sarah said wagging her finger at the boy, "Whose bikinis are they?"


"Whose mouth were they in?"


"Whom did I tell to keep them there?"


"Cod, we don't pass blame in this house," Stephanie interjected.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let her take them out."

"But then Jackie would have been very cross with you."

"Then I don't know what I should've done," he said, getting agitated.

"Which is why, darlin', you should just let us take care of everything. You are too confused to actively participate."

"Sarah is right, Cody. You should just go with the flow here. Now, don't you have something to say to her?"

"I'm sorry, Sarah."

"What," Stephanie asked. "You are going to have to speak up."

"I'm sorry, Sarah, please forgive me for not keeping my underwear in my mouth."

Sarah looked at him curiously for a moment." Sorry darlin', but I asked you to do one simple thing and you screwed it up. After all I've done for you, and you couldn't do just one little thing for me? Nope, I'm afraid I can't forgive you yet. Not until I think of a suitable way to punish you for letting me down."

"Please, I'm really sorry. Please, please forgive me. I didn't want to let you down, I really didn't. Please don't be mad at me." He was weakly pulling at the restraints again, his angst at Sarah's displeasure obvious.

"Sarah," Stephanie said, "he seems very distressed, maybe we should drop this for now and just get on with cleaning him up. Cody, now calm down and ask nurse Sarah to clean you up."

Her brother squirmed in shame, the wet, full diaper making noises alien to him as he moved around on the cot.

"Please nurse Sarah," he complied loudly, "please clean me up. I don't want to lay here like this anymore."

"Fine sugah," Sarah said, "but if you give me any trouble, I'm going to pin your full diaper back on, and this time I might put it somewhere more unpleasant. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sarah, I'll be good."

With that, the nurse went back into the medical bag, which had been brought down again when the two women came in. She retrieved a long rubber pad, and after telling the compliant boy to lift his hips, slid it under him. She then began unhooking his diaper. The smell was powerful when she opened it, and both women, and even Cody, recoiled at the foul stench.

"Now Cody," Stephanie said, "listen to me. I have some important things to tell you and you need to pay attention. Okay?"

"Y...yes," he stammered, his attention turning from his sister to what was going on at his crotch.

"Stay focused on me."

"Okay," he replied, turning his head fully towards his sister.

"Good boy," she said as she noted with satisfaction the way he twitched and squirmed in response to Sarah's attention. "Cody, you are my brother and I love you. You know that, right?"


"And you know I would never let anything really harm you, right?"


"But none of that means I'm going to allow you to miss out on your true calling."

Cody, confused by his sister's words, just stared at her blankly.

"Cody, I got every one of mom's messages about you staying here. I...we, were expecting you."

"I don't understand. You knew I was coming?" He shuddered a bit as Sarah began wiping him down with a baby wipe, but didn't lose focus on his sister.

"We all knew, and we planned for it."

"You lied to me?"

Stephanie smirked at her helpless brother. "That's what sister's are for."

"Then we gave him some water, changed up his position a bit, re-gagged him and left him naked on the cot," Stephanie re-capped for Jackie as the three once again sat around the dining room table.

"So, there was no hostility or tears?"

"Nope," Stephanie responded to the redhead's question, "I think he's all cried out."

"Good. What other information did you give him?"

"Pretty much that we knew he needed to be under the control of strong women, and that we were going to help him achieve his full potential. If he obeys in every way, he'll get more of Sarah's special treatment, and if not, well, hopefully he understands that punishment will be swift and severe."

"Excellent," Jackie responded. "Did you hog-tie him this time?"

"Yeah," Sarah said, "I figured it was best for his circulation to change his position a little. Plus, this'll help him get used to other methods of restraint."

"No resistance when you undid him?"

"Not a lick," Sarah continued, "and you should have heard him beg me to shove his undies back in his mouth. It was so cute. All I had to do was tell him that it would help ease my disappointment in him. He opened his mouth real wide and let me push them all the way back to his throat. Then I used some surgical tape to keep them in. That seemed to surprise him a bit, but I told him it was necessary since he obviously couldn't follow directions well yet."

"All right then," Jackie said as she stood up. "Our new pet is resting up for tomorrow, and I think we had best do the same. We'll forego any further conditioning and just get him in place for the party. Stephanie, I don't want you to get too involved with being a good hostess tomorrow afternoon. You are going to need to be present at the harder parts of his experience to support and encourage him."


"And Sarah, You need to visit him in the morning and give him a little refresher on what could be waiting for him if he's good. Just don't let him orgasm this time."

"You got it, one pair of morning blue balls coming up."

Sarah stood watching as Cody slept. Lying flat on his stomach, his bound ankles pulled up behind him and tied off to his equally bound wrists. His face was turned to the side, facing away from the wall. Sarah saw the slight flare of his nostrils, indicating a clear passage of air despite his mouth being filled and sealed with tape. He must be completely exhausted and drained to sleep in that condition, she thought to herself. The boy hadn't even awakened when the light came on and the door opened. She gently reached out and began stroking the back of his head. "Wake up Cody," she said in muted tones, "it's time to get up, sugah."

The boy groaned slightly and shifted his position a bit. Suddenly, with a start that made Sarah pull her hand away, Cody jerked violently awake. She knew he was panicking from waking up unable to move and struggling for breath, as his nose could not accommodate the excess air he needed to feed his struggles. Quickly, Sarah knelt down next to the boy and began speaking to him soothingly. She resumed stroking his head, hoping it would calm him further as he came fully awake. Finally, his struggles stopped and he began breathing regularly. "Good boy," she said proudly, "It's not easy waking up after a long night in bondage, but you did great baby. Now listen up, I'm going to take out your bikinis and untie you. You need to be a good boy and do what I say, okay?" The boy nodded meekly in response. "Good boy," Sarah said as she began working at the knots holding his body in position.

In just a few minutes, Cody was completely free of his bonds, and his caring nurse helped him to stretch out his cramped and aching limbs. Once she had helped him restore normal circulation, Sarah helped him sit upright on the cot. Pulling the chair over, She sat down in front of him and picked at the end of the tape sealing his mouth. She smiled at him as the sticky tape began to peel away, pulling roughly at the skin trapped underneath. Unexpectedly, she yanked hard, ripping it away with a loud tearing noise. Instinctively, the boy's hands flew up to his face, but Sarah managed to grab them with her other arm. "I know that hurt, but just like with a band-aid, sometimes it's easier to just give it a good yank. It is not however, a reason for you to move around without permission."

His face still smarting, but not wanting to upset Sarah, Cody put his hands back down at his sides and stared downward. "Now, Sugah," Sarah said, "I want you to look up at me and open your mouth." The boy complied, looking into the older woman's eyes and allowing his lips to part. Sarah reached between them and grabbed hold of the tightly packed cloth. Then, staring right into the boy's eyes, she pulled the dirty, saliva soaked garment out of his mouth. Cody wretched once, then began coughing as the foul wad was removed from his mouth. "This would have been a lot easier on you if you had just obeyed me when I told you to keep those panties in your mouth," she said matter-of-factly. "Then I wouldn't have had to tape them in place. But, I guess you can't really be trusted..."

"No, please," the boy said as he tried to fight off a coughing fit, "you can trust me. I promise. I'll do whatever you want."

"Okay sugah, I want you to stand up, walk over to the toilet, and do your morning business. Understand?"

"Yes," the boy said dejectedly, realizing he was going to have to once again perform his most private bodily functions in front of another person.

Sarah watched him closely as he stood up unsteadily and walked towards the toilet. "Wait," Sarah said, "take this and put it into the toilet before you pee." She held out his balled up underwear and waited for him to take it. Cody fought his uncertainty and took the proffered cloth, then proceeded to walk over to the toilet, and dropped it in. He then, in full view of Sarah, relieved his bladder. He just stood there, red faced for a moment before he heard her speak. "Don't you have to poop, honey?"

"," he stammered in response.

"Okay," she replied sweetly, "we'll leave that choice up to you, for now at least. Now, get back on the cot, face-up, hands and feet spread to the corners."

Cody shuffled back to the cot and assumed his position. He wasn't surprised when Sarah quickly and efficiently tied him back down. He began to wonder what was next, when the nurse brought over a small tray containing several disposable razors and a can of shaving cream.

"Now sugah, this shouldn't come as too much of a shock to you. We already discussed your body hair, and I believed the sentiment was that you would look much better without any." Cody gulped as he watched her pull on a pair of latex gloves. "Now, here's what I want you to do; you stay absolutely still while I get rid of all the nasty hair on your front side. Then, I'm going to turn you over and do your back side. During all this, you are not to say a word. I mean it, not a word, or else I go get your bikinis out of the toilet, tape them back into your mouth, and let you suck down your morning piss. Do you understand, baby?"

Afraid to say anything, Cody just nodded.

"Good, then let's get started."

Sarah was extremely thorough, and the shaving had taken a long time. But, when she was finished, the red-faced, breathless boy was completely hairless from neck to toe. She had done her best to arouse him during the shaving of his groin, manipulating his testicles and stroking his shaft until he sat right at the edge of orgasm. She would then back off and concentrate again solely on denuding him, relishing the muted sounds of frustration coming from him. She played with him like that until even the slightest touch to his balls caused him to groan in discomfort. She had then allowed him to turn over, with a stern warning that any accidental release would earn him far worse than sucking down his own urine. So warned, Cody remained absolutely motionless as Sarah shaved the rest of him. He had squeezed his eyes tightly shut and gritted his teeth as she shaved between his ass cheeks. A small yelp even escaped his lips when she suddenly shoved a shaving cream covered finger into his ass. Silently he hoped that she wouldn't count that as his saying something. Remaining absolutely still as Sarah continued to play with his anus was a nightmare for the boy, whose aching testicles were begging for release. Finally though, the shaving was finished, and he felt himself being wiped down with a damp cloth and all of his bonds being undone.

"Okay, sweetie, it's time for the new, improved Cody to move out of his cell, and face the world." She then helped the reluctant boy stand. He remained doubled over for a minute, the ache in his balls keeping him from standing straight. "Oh c'mon sugah, don't be a baby, they can't possibly hurt that bad," Sarah said as she reached down and gave his nuts a sudden squeeze. She chuckled as he doubled over even more, then began to guide him towards the stairs. She helped him to climb slowly, noticing that he was so preoccupied that he didn't even realize he was heading up completely naked.

At the top of the stairs, Stephanie was waiting for her brother. No words passed between the three as Cody was guided a ways down the hall and towards another door leading to a second staircase. His sister helped him slowly traverse the thick-carpeted stairs leading down into the other side of the basement. Despite his pain, Cody was able to take in the new area rather quickly; it's fully furnished opulence a stark contrast to the barren room he had spent so much time in. This room was easily ten times the size of his cell, and was decorated for some sort of party. He began to get nervous as he saw the trays of food, cups, plates and other party paraphernalia laid out. His fear became noticeable as he started to pull away from his sisters leading grasp.

"Now Cody, don't panic," Stephanie said to her little brother. "You must've known we had some kind of plan for you. You're going to be guest of honor at Jackie's housewarming party. She just invited over a few friends with...similar interests, and they are all very anxious to meet you."

"No way," the boy said, trying to stand straight and pull away from his sister. "You are not going to make me the centerpiece of some freak party."

The slap to the back of his head surprised him much more than it hurt, the force of its impact enough to send the unsteady youth crashing to his knees on the carpeted floor.

"What did I say about speaking, Cody?" Sarah had now moved around in front of him, chastising him about his promises of obedience while Stephanie hurriedly retrieved some leather items from a nearby table.

"Now, we've come to far to be undone by some fearful rebelliousness, sugah. So you're just going to have to calm down and do exactly what you promised." While Cody looked at the nurse standing before him, his sister had moved behind him and, grabbing his wrists, pulled them behind him and locked them together in a pair of heavy leather restraints. A similar strap was then placed around his arms and chest, and buckled tightly. Stephanie then attached his wrists to the arm strap and cinched them together. Cody winced as his arms were yanked up behind him. "I just knew I should have left you tied and gagged. A little freedom went right to your head. And to think I believed that you could be trusted to be good."

"I'm sorry, Sarah. Please don't make me do this. Steph...?"

The two women chose to remain silent as they lifted him up and proceeded to push him around a corner and further into the basement. Sticking out from the brick wall was a wooden box like bench of some type, about four feet long by two feet wide. The top of the box was made up of rough wooden slats, and the three exposed sides were featureless except for metal rings attached in odd places. The side of the box which pushed up against the wall had a higher, flat pedestal that connected to the main portion by way of a hinged stock like device that was currently open. The foot of the box also had a stock-like device attached, but this one had two holes and stood a little higher than the pedestal end. About two feet above the pedestal, protruding from the wall itself, was a spigot, and next to the foot of the box was a large, upholstered chair with a large pile of assorted restraints on the seat. Hanging from three chains embedded in the low ceiling at the foot end of the box was a large bucket, a thick hose dangling ominously from its bottom proceeded through a well placed hole in the leg stocks, and ended in an inflatable penis shaped plug approximately eight inches long and currently as thick as a quarter.

Stephanie and Sarah quickly sat the frightened boy on the box and pushed him down so that the back of his head was lying on the pedestal, his neck fitting into the opened bottom of the stock. Stephanie quickly closed the tight fitting stock around her brother's neck and locked it in place with a padlock. She then lifted a strap that was dangling off the side of the pedestal and pulled it tightly across his forehead, locking that in place as well. As that was happening, Sarah had lifted the boy's legs and set them down in the two openings at the other end of the box. She closed those stocks and locked them in place, imprisoning Cody's legs from just above his knees.

Cody shifted uncomfortably on the rough boards, his bound arms crushed under him as Sarah then put leather cuffs on each of his ankles and locked them to well placed rings. With the boy's legs now flat against the backside of the stocks, Sarah took some rope and tied it around each of Cody's big toes. She then pulled his feet downward until they were as flat against the box as his legs, and tied his toes off to two more rings. Cody squirmed from the spasms in his feet caused by the strict en pointe he had just been introduced to, but managed to keep silent, fearing how much worse things could get for him.

The remainder of the boy's bondage consisted of straps around his thighs, pulling them apart and then locked off to the box, and a tight strap around his waist, which served to hold his body even tighter against the rough wood.

Next, Stephanie picked up a rubber plug gag, which she forced into her brother's mouth. A hole the size of her pinky allowed him to breathe freely even as she pulled the strap tightly over his cheeks and nose, and secured it to the board his head was resting on. Cody choked momentarily on the rubber filling his mouth, but his fear overcame everything as his sister took a large funnel and stuck it into the hole in his gag. He felt the narrow end of the funnel hit the back of his throat as it came out the other end of his gag. But, he was unable to dwell too long on that new, terrible sensation as Sarah resumed her own ministrations on the helpless boy.

Cody felt the pounding ache in his balls as the nurse wrapped rope around the top of his ballsack, forcing his testicles down from his body. She took the end of that rope and pulled it down to the front of the leg stocks, where she tied it to another ring. She then split tied each of his balls and pulled the ends of those ropes to opposite corners of the stock. She then began tightening each cord until she had savagely stretched his privates to their limit. A tight rubber cock ring came next from Stephanie, and it immediately brought the boy's penis to life, trapping the blood flow and giving him an erection that stood straight up.

At this point, Cody didn't know which was worse, what these two women, including his own sister, were doing to him, or the fact that they had stopped talking to him throughout this process. He didn't have much time to consider that thought though, as Sarah used her nursing skills to introduce the boy to his first catheter. She had slowly ripped open the package in front of him, smiling as she pulled out the long sterile rubber tube. She used only his leaking precum as lube as she slid the horrible device through his urethra and into his bladder. She then clamped off the tube and inflated a small balloon in his bladder to keep it in place. Sarah then handed the other end of the catheter tube to Stephanie, who ran it under the boy's waist strap, and clamped it to the side of the funnel. The meaning was all too clear to Cody who realized that the minute the clamp was opened, he would pee into the funnel and down his own throat.

The boy struggled mightily against his restraints, but it was futile gesture. The women had been very thorough in his bondage, and his helplessness was becoming more and more evident. Stephanie noticed the fear in her brother's eyes and gently began stroking his head. She knelt down next to him and spoke softly, reassuring him that even though he would be put through some uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, no true harm would come to him.

She stood up just as Jacqueline approached. The redhead was dressed in a flowing silk robe, unbelted at the waist, revealing a tight leather corset and matching thong panties. The bound boy could not believe his eyes as he stared at her perfectly formed exposed breasts standing out proudly above the constriction of the corset.

"You two need to get dressed for the party. Guests will start arriving within the hour. I'll finish up with our little party favor here," Jackie said as she motioned the two other women away.

Stephanie bent down and kissed her brother on the forehead before rounding the corner with Sarah and heading upstairs. Cody shifted uncomfortably as he was left alone with the strict woman he had started to think of as a goddess. He watched her warily as she looked his bound form over, gently brushing her hand against various parts of his body. He quivered each time, and let out a muffled groan when her hand settled on his tied testicles.

"Not very comfy, is it?" She gently squeezed each of his separated balls, causing him to lurch against the straps holding him, increasing his pain as the ropes holding his balls yanked in response to his movements. "You should try to stay still. Especially while I finish up your preparations. This is going to be a very difficult time for you, Cody, but I think we both know it is what you need," she said, her hand moving to his erect penis, "and perhaps even want." At the same time she squeezed his catheterized member, she reached above his head and turned the spigot, releasing a slow drip of cold water into the funnel. He started to choke momentarily as the water hit the back of his throat, but Jacqueline's rhythmic squeezing of his penis provided enough of a distraction to help him regain his composure and start swallowing. Soon, the boy was gulping down the water in perfect synch to the gripping of his cock. Once Jackie saw this, she abruptly stopped. She smiled as he gurgled into his gag, and quickly picked up the dildo nozzle lying next to him. She held it up for him to see, and even licked it before she pushed it seductively into her mouth. She coated it thoroughly with her saliva before pulling it out with a long slurping noise. "Later," she said to the light-headed boy, "we may teach you how to do that. Of course, it won't taste quite the same by then."

Apparently tiring of teasing him, Jackie quickly bent to the task of inserting the nozzle into him. She was not gentle, and Cody cried out as the relatively unlubed device was pushed into his rectum. With a clinical, steady progression, the older woman forced it all the way into him. Then, picking up the same inflation device Sarah had used on the boy's catheter, she pumped the nozzle up until it was completely wedged in his back passage. "There, now you're all set for the day's...and night's, festivities," she said, noticing the tears that had formed in his eyes. "As you have no doubt figured out by now, we are having a housewarming party for some like minded friends. Don't worry, they already know all about you. In fact, they are looking forward to meeting you. It's not very often that people get to see the inauguration of such a natural sub. At least, one that's not their own."

She watched his eyes carefully as he took in what she was saying. Jacqueline could tell that he was horrified about being on display for others to see and...what?

She let that sink in a moment before continuing. "Now, your set up down here is going to provide entertainment for both our guests and you, our houseguest. You might say we are killing two birds with one stone. You may have already figured out some of the things that will be happening. You may not be a genius, but I'm sure even you have realized that the water you are drinking is going to make you have to urinate. Of course, the catheter is keeping that from happening, and once we do decide to let you pee...well, I'm sure you can guess from there. By the way, the catheterization was Sarah's idea. In fact, she designed your whole situation, with nods to all of our little preferences. Your sister for example, is into very heavy bondage, hence the stocks, straps, and overall position you are in. And what is my part, you may be asking yourself?" Jacqueline stepped over to a nearby sink and filled a large pitcher with very hot tap water. "I like enemas. Well, giving them at least. I enjoy the helplessness and vulnerability of a person being forced to endure retention of a large volume of fluid in their bowels. In fact," she said as she upended the pitcher and poured the water into the bucket hanging above the boy, "you can ask Sarah about it sometime when you're not gagged. She's spent many hours on the receiving end of my bag and hose." Jackie then reached up and unclipped the tube running from the bucket to the boy's ass. Smiling sweetly at him as the hot water began entering his bowels, Jackie seated herself in the chair and waited for her roommates and guests.

Part 5

Stephanie returned first, about twenty minutes later. "How's our houseguest doing," she asked, tugging slightly at the hem of her way too short dress.

Jacqueline was leaning to the side of the chair, her elbow propped up on the stocks securing Cody's legs. Her hand gently brushing through her long red hair, "a bit desperate I'm afraid!" She smiled as she looked up at the boy's sister, "of course, he'll be absolutely frantic by the time our housewarming party starts. It should be delightful!"

Stephanie chuckled and, standing on her tiptoes, peered into the bucket. "How much did you give him?"

"Only a quart. He sucked it up pretty fast, though. We'll have to add more once people start arriving. Then his fun will really begin." They both laughed as they watched him squirm on the box.

Cody could only assume all the guests had arrived. The room was almost full, mostly of beautiful women, all of whom had come over to see him immediately upon their arrival. He had tried to keep his eyes closed when he was being talked about, especially when the guests were told that he was retaining water in his bowels, but something inside him made him want to look, to see the joy on these women's faces as they witnessed and heard about his suffering. The cramps in his gut were annoying, but not unbearable enough to prevent him from catching snippets of conversation. He overheard one woman, Clarissa he believed her name was, talking to Jacqueline about a project of some sort that she had apparently been working on for some time.

"It's such a shame," Clarissa said, "had you told me about darling Cody here, we could have made arrangements to use him."

"As much as I would have loved that idea," Jackie replied, "he is Stephanie's brother and I know for a fact she would never have gone for it. Especially not at this early stage of his development."

"Early? You've got that boy tied to a bench, with an enema inside him and ready to drink his own piss. All of that after only three days? He seems pretty far along in his development to me."

Jackie just laughed nonchalantly. "He's a natural, but I don't think I could've convinced her he was ready for your idea just yet. How is that going by the way?"

"Very well. The item was just finished a few days ago."

"And Alexandra is still going to let you use Josh?"

"Oh yes. The situation fits both our needs perfectly, so I guess I can't complain about not getting a shot at Cody here. Besides, Josh is a bit more...seasoned."

"I'm sure. How is Alex by the way?"

"Regretting that she couldn't make it to your party. She sends her best though and thanks you for your recent assistance."

"It was my pleasure. Her boy just needed a bit of stern counseling to get him through the tough times."

"Well," Clarissa said, "he may need more of that after Alex gets back from her business trip."

Cody missed the rest of the conversation as the two women moved off. He saw his sister, seated in the chair, look down at him as he shuddered in response to a cramp tearing through his stomach. Suddenly, she stood up as two women, one in her mid thirties and one about twenty, walked over. Behind them were the only two other males at the party. Or at least Cody thought both of them were male. The first was around his age, nineteen or so, and was wearing nothing but a studded rubber thong, leather and rubber chest harness, and a ring gag. There was a steady stream of drool coming from his open mouth. In his hand, he held a leash that ran back behind him to the front of a posture collar locked around the neck of what Cody assumed was a second male. Cody was just able to get a good view as the two moved to the side, allowing him to see them standing next to him, despite the presence of the neck stock.

The second male was completely encased in rubber. A form fitting, full-body, black latex cat suit covered every inch of him except his pierced and clipped nipples. His arms were pulled together behind his back, laced and locked into a punishing single sleeve arm-binder. An impossibly tight corset was firmly strapped around his waist, starting just below the chest and ending at the top of his hips and groin. A solid codpiece covered his genital area, with only the clamped off end of a clear plastic tube sticking out of a hole at the bottom. A thick rubber hood covered his head, with added wide straps pulled into place at the eye and mouth areas. Two tubes came out from the nostril area of the hood and merged into one dangling tube that hung about two inches down from his nose, and another, thicker hose, also clamped off, hung out from the front area of the mouth strap. A glance down by Cody as he tried to shift more in his restraint, revealed the eight inch heeled ballet boots worn by the rubberized form. Forcing the slaves feet into the most severe en-pointe position possible, the over the calf boots were laced and locked on, forcing the subject to stand on the tips of his toes. As if that didn't make walking next to impossible, his ankles had also been locked together in leather manacles, with less than two feet of chain connecting them, allowing the slave only tiny, mincing steps.

"Victoria, Kristi, how are you?" Stephanie asked as she greeted the two women.

"Excellent," the older woman responded, a deep smile appearing on her face as she turned towards Cody.

"Fantastic, thank you for coming. We know you have a long drive..."

"Four hours," the younger girl added as Cody thought he heard a very muffled groan from the hooded slave.

"Wow," Stephanie continued, "quite a long drive. So this must be Michael and Jason?"

"Yes," the older woman, Victoria responded. "They are both fairly new to their status, although not as new as your brother," she winked playfully at Cody, "but they are coming around. Michael especially has proven a very obedient slave, haven't you boy?"

The nearly naked young man in the harness blushed red and lowered his head, a mumbled "yes mistress" just audible past the ring in his mouth.

"Jason, however," Victoria continued, glancing at the rubberized form, "has only been with us about three weeks and continues to struggle with his new status. Unfortunately, that results in lots of punishment for him. Luckily for him, Michael is around to help, shall we say, guide him in the proper directions."

"It must be difficult for poor Jason having two mistresses and another male slave putting him through his paces?"

"Indeed," Victoria replied to Stephanie's question, "especially since Michael, at eighteen, is younger than him. Both he and my niece are twenty."

Stephanie suddenly turned to her brother. "Hear that Cod? Michael here is even younger than you. Maybe you can learn to be obedient like him." Cody just grunted as another cramp hit.

"I see he is being given water, have you released his catheter yet today?"

"Nope, we're waiting until everyone gathers around."

"I see, "Victoria said, "and has he been given any fluid through this lovely bucket?"

"Yes, Jackie gave him a quart of hot tap water about a half hour ago."

"Only a quart," Kristi said disappointedly. "Jason has four quarts in him right now, and has held it in since we filled him right before we left. That's why his posture's not so good despite the collar and corset."

Cody had wondered why the other slave, Jason, had been leaning forward a bit. He had assumed it was the boots, but now he knew the horrible truth, over four hours with a gallon of liquid sealed inside his bowels. Cody was now beginning to think his own situation wasn't as bad as it could be.

"Yes," Victoria added, "Michael has been having quite the time leading poor Jason around today. However, Michael needs to get that under control, or he just might face some even worse situations later."

Michael looked down again. "Yes mistress," he mumbled, giving a hard yank to Jason's leash.

"Ah, Victoria, you and your troupe made it. Thank you so much for joining us," Jacqueline said as she walked over to the group. "I see you took my advice on the ballet boots. Marvelous tools for keeping a young male in line."

"Yes, thank you for the idea. It took us days to teach him to walk properly in them, but with the right encouragement, he managed to pick it up in time for today's festivities."

"Yep," Kristi continued for her aunt, "between putting Michael in charge of getting results under threat of harsh punishments, and hours and hours of punishment enemas, Jason has finally started to come around. Did you know we haven't taken him out of his rubber suit since we started his training? Nor have we removed the inflatable plug stuck in his ass or the catheter up his cock. And today is the first time he's left Victoria's basement. Of course, he's probably not enjoying himself too much in his current state."

"Can he hear us?"

"Oh yes," Victoria said, "I figured that with all of his other senses either blocked or under assault, some muffled words were good. The knowledge that other people are seeing him this way is good for his training."

"I couldn't agree more," Jacqueline said.

"By the way, Jackie," Victoria continued, "I hear Cody is only retaining a one quart enema. I have an idea if you would care to hear it?"

"Of course."

Cody watched as the group walked away to discuss his plight. He noticed that Michael stood well back from the women with his hobbled charge. Every now and then he would whisper something undoubtedly barely intelligible directly into the rubber-covered ears of the older boy. Cody could not hear any of what was said, nor could he make out any movements from Jason that would hint at what was said.

Stephanie had prepared to sit down again, when Sarah walked up with two more women.

"Steph, this is Kathy and Rebecca. Remember I told you about Rebecca and her brother?"

"Yes," Stephanie said, shaking hands with the two women, "I remember the story you told me about..."

"Christopher," the woman introduced as Rebecca said quickly. "I see we have a lot in common."

"Sister's with brother's destined for servitude. Whatever shall we do?"

All of the women laughed at the remark, while Cody just squirmed.

"You two are in town for the lectures right? Sarah told me you were coming. And where is Christopher while you two are away?"

Kathy smiled sweetly, "Rebecca's little brother is spending some quality time with his new girlfriend, Crystal."

"That's right," Rebecca chimed in, "the two of them have seemed to hit it off, so we decided to let Crystal take care of him while I'm out of town."

"You don't think she'll be too easy on him," Sarah asked.

"Oh no," Kathy responded quickly, "You don't know Crystal. Her liking the boy is only going to make things harder for him."

They all laughed for a minute before Stephanie was once again left alone with her brother. "Bet you have to pee," she said as she stroked his bare crotch area. "Would you like me to open the clip on your catheter?"

Cody just groaned, swallowing even more water that had accumulated in the funnel.

"Sorry Cod, no can do," she said as she sat down. Stephanie could see by the crowd that almost all of the guests had arrived. There was another man, this one not a slave, who was walking around with a beautiful young woman named Melissa that the trio had recently met. She thought she remembered the man's name as "Rick" or something like that. She even thought she recognized him as the assistant who worked with that crazy street performing escape artist kid who worked the park during good weather. She made a mental note to find out more about that couple later. The two sorority girls, Andrea and Kristen walked by, waving to Stephanie and giggling as they passed Cody's helpless form on their way to refill their drinks. Stephanie stood again when she saw the last of the guests, Alexis and Cynthia, arrive. The two were loaded down with plain wrapped packages that they set down on the side of the room. Stephanie didn't really like these two women. They were the most extreme of Jackie's friends, and she had only agreed to their presence after Jackie had promised they would not be left alone with Cody at any time. Stephanie placed her hand reassuringly on her brother's shoulder.

"Party's in full swing now Cod, it's showtime. Remember what I said. I won't let anyone really hurt you. Calm down and be brave, and the party'll be over before you know it."

The entire guest list had gathered in a semi-circle around Cody's bound and helpless body. His sister was positioned with her back to the wall on his left, and Sarah was in the same place on his right. Jacqueline stood at his feet, in front of the crowd like a ringmaster.

"Okay folks, time to begin," She said to the crowd. "Stephanie, Sarah and myself are all pleased you could join us for this housewarming event. And, to show our appreciation for your time and effort spent in joining us here, we have also decided to share with you Stephanie's brother Cody's coming out as a slave. Cody here is a natural sub, whose desires and inclination were so close to the surface that it only took three days of work to get him where he is now. His potential is unlimited in my opinion, and we are honored to share with you some of what his new life will be like. In fact, right now, I want to turn the spotlight to Mistress Victoria, who will show us an example of what a most obedient young slave is like."

Victoria stepped forward and had Michael bring Jason to the side of Cody's perch. "Ladies, and gentleman," Victoria looked at the lone free man in the room menacingly, "my slave Michael has done a poor job of controlling his charge, Jason, today. All that I asked was that he keep the blind, bound and filled slave in his care calm and unobtrusive. However, what I got was 'Mistress this' and 'Mistress that', complaints and concerns that poor Jason was suffering too much from the long drive up here in the trunk with a one-gallon enema inside him. Well, now it is time for Michael to show just how much he cares about his fellow slave." With that, Victoria looked at Michael. "Lie down on the floor behind Jason, unclip the anal tube from his waist, and put the end into your mouth."

With a small shudder, Michael did as he was told. "Now," she continued, " put your hand on the clamp." The crowd was silent as the boy did exactly what he was told without a moment's hesitation. "What you don't know," Victoria addressed the crowd, leaving Michael waiting, "that Michael does, is that prior to being filled, Jason had several suppositories pushed into his rectum, and was given a large dose of oral laxatives. So, as you can see, my slave's predicament is much worse than you knew. And yet there he lies, waiting for my next command, one that he is sure will result in his willing ingestion of his fellow slave's bowel contents. However," Victoria said to the anticipating audience, "that command will not be coming." Murmurs of shock and disappointment spread throughout the guests as Victoria held up her arms for quiet. With a gesture she had Michael, a relieved look on his face, stand back up. "Now, now, my friends, don't be upset. That was a demonstration, for young Cody's sake, on how an obedient male must behave, and I think the lesson was received and understood." She pointed to Cody who was gasping for breath and sweating profusely. Having seen the entire thing, he couldn't believe that Michael was about to feed himself the contents of another guy's ass.

"But don't worry folks, the show is not over," Victoria said as she walked over to Michael and whispered instructions into his ear. The boy nodded and walked off, returning with a small wooden step stool that he placed on the floor next to Cody. He then unclipped the hobble chain from Jason's ankles, and directed the boy, by various pokes and prods, to climb. He then had Jason standing on top of the same wooden box as Cody was lying. The rubberized slave was standing in the middle, precariously balanced on his toes, facing the prone Cody with a leg on each side of the boy. Michael then disconnected the hose coming from the bucket hanging next to them and plugged the end into Jason's anal plug tube. With a nod from Victoria, Michael unsnapped the clamp holding in the enema, and the crowd watched in delight as thick brown liquid began flowing down the tube, out of Jason, and into Cody's plugged ass.

Cody screamed into his gag. It all happened so quickly that he didn't realize what they were going to do until it began. Sarah reached over after glancing at Stephanie and turned up the flow of water into the boy's mouth. The increased need to swallow stopped Cody's screams immediately as he had to gulp faster to keep up with the flow. He tried to squirm, or jostle his bench, anything to make the rubber freak above him fall off and stop the flow of shit. But, it was no use; Michael's hands were on Jason's calves and were helping to hold him steady. Cody could feel the increased pressure in his gut as the other boy's liquefied waste continued to flow. The crowd was speaking in hushed, excited whispers as they watched the spectacle. Finally, the flow slowed to a trickle and then stopped, leaving semi-solid residue stuck in the tube. Michael slapped Jason on the thigh twice, and the boy squatted slightly and bore down, releasing another torrent of even more foul, thicker sludge from his intestines.

Finally, it was over. Cody's tube was clamped off and Jason was helped down by Michael, who immediately relocked the boy's ankles together. Jason was standing much straighter now, the cramps in his gut replaced by the pressure of the posture collar and corset. The crowd meanwhile had moved in closer, taking turns feeling Cody's distended stomach. The boy, now filled with over a gallon of liquid and waste inside of him, squirmed violently against his bonds. Stephanie saw this and quickly turned off the flow of water from the spigot.

"Well now," Jacqueline said, "I believe Cody here has just learned his new place in the world. Seeing as he's about to burst, I think we'll go ahead and let him release his bladder. Sarah?"

The nurse smiled and looked into Cody's eyes. "Here it comes sugah, ready?" Cody tried to shake his head, but heard the click of the clamp anyway just before he felt the first rush of his pent up urine flow into the funnel. He began sputtering and choking as the burning fluid flowed down his throat. Receiving no sympathy, he resigned himself to his fate and began calmly swallowing. His only distractions were the severe cramps churning through his intestines and stomach, and Sarah's smiling face. So lost in her was he that he didn't even notice when the flow of his piss stopped. He was barely aware as Sarah removed the tube from the funnel and slowly extracted the catheter from his urethra, the burning sensation just adding another layer to his discomfort. He noticed through teary eyes that the guests had pulled in closer to his position. Sarah hadn't stopped after removing the plastic tube from his pee hole. She was still down, between his legs, gently stroking his cock and balls. His erection strained against the cock ring, as one of her hands gently stroked the underside of his shaft while the other flicked and tickled each of his split tied testicles. He gave out a long groan as his sister moved closer and began rubbing his inflated belly. She too was multitasking as her other hand unbuckled the straps holding his head in place. Sarah had him right on the edge, and did not let up even as Stephanie gently put her hand under her brother's head and lifted him up so his face was higher than the neck stock. He could see his own throbbing penis as the nurse devoted all of her attention to it. Between the cramps, the tight bondage, and the stroking of his shaft, Cody felt trapped in a world completely devoid of any form of self-control. He gasped through the gag as a wave of cramps hit, followed by the spasms of his cock. Despite the rubber ring, his penis exploded as the boy experienced a pain-wracked orgasm. Sarah deftly pointed his spurting penis right at his face, so all of his ejaculate squirted directly into the funnel. She squeezed him until he stopped squirting, and smiled at him as Stephanie then lowered his head back down. He felt the first slimy taste of his sperm the second his sister tilted his head back down, and could do nothing but swallow as it drained down into his gag. He wretched violently, but it was not long before all of it was swallowed into his stomach.

The guests erupted into applause as the spectacle before them drew to a close. Sarah, Jacqueline and Stephanie all just looked on in pride as the group cheered for Cody.

As they quieted down, Stephanie re-buckled the strap across her brother's forehead, once again placing him in complete bondage. The spent boy, horrified, embarrassed and uncomfortable, simply closed his eyes as the talking and activity picked up in the room.

Cody did not know how much time had passed since his show ended, but he knew he wouldn't be able to tolerate the enema for much longer. He felt as though he was about to explode, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not dislodge his plug or relieve any of the pressure. He noticed that most of the guests had departed, with the exception of Victoria, Kristi and their two slaves. The now quiet room enabled him to pick up on most of what was being said.

"Well," Victoria said, "we should be going. It's a very long drive home and we still have to make sure our two playthings get properly prepared for the night. Too much freedom is not good for them you know."

"Aunt Victoria," Kristi said, "we're not going to make the trip without filling Jason back up are we?"

"No, and with our hosts permission, Michael will take care of it now."

The three other women nodded wordlessly then watched as the slave boy maneuvered Jason to the area in front of Cody's feet. He had the rubber encapsulated boy kneel down facing away from Cody, then pushed him down so that his latex covered face was resting on the carpeted floor and his plugged ass was in the air. Michael then re-attached the hose and opened the clamp, allowing the recycled waste to once again flow into Jason's bowels.

Cody sighed in relief as the pressure quickly eased up on his insides. Not caring about anything except being rid of every drop, the boy pushed with all his might to expel as much of the enema as quickly as possible. The five women continued to chat, unconcerned as to the suffering going on around them until Victoria spoke again to Michael. "Remember boy, that Cody already had a quart inside of him prior to receiving Jason's gallon. You had best be sure every drop is drained into Jason's ass. After all," she said sweetly, "we wouldn't want you to miss out on any of your dinner tonight."

Kristi clapped like a giddy schoolgirl when she heard her aunt say that, while the other women waited for elaboration.

"You see, ladies, the boy's eat from each other regularly. Jason mostly when he's being punished, Michael merely to display his complete submission. Since Jason has endured and will endure another marathon enema retention session, it's only fair that Michael participate a bit. Don't you think?"

"Absolutely," Jacqueline said, "you seem to have done an excellent job of making them interdependent."

"It was much more fun that way. Oh, one more thing," she added as she saw Michael finishing up and removing the hose, "Both boy's have been catheterized since last night. I want Jason to remain completely full for the trip back, so he can stay clamped, but I think Michael has earned the privilege of release. Do you mind if he avails himself of the facilities?"

All eyes turned to Stephanie. "No, go ahead. What's a little more piss in his belly?"

Permission given, Michael mounted the table as he had Jason do earlier. He stood facing Cody's funnel and waited as Kristi came over and pulled down the top of his thong. She then removed a cap from the tip of a penis plug that disappeared into the depths of Michael's cock. The boy immediately let loose with a dark and acrid smelling stream that quickly filled the funnel in Cody's mouth.

It was over quickly, the force of the stream pressuring Cody to swallow faster and faster.

His cap replaced, Michael jumped down and immediately began preparing the once more hunched over Jason for their departure. He dragged Jason with him as he approached the group of women. "Thank you mistresses," he mumbled through his ring gag, another line of drool falling from the corner of his mouth.

"Start Jason up the stairs. We will join you shortly," Victoria said to the slave then turned back to the women. "With the ballet boots and hobble, it takes him a long time to navigate stairs."

The women all got a good laugh from that then said their goodbyes. It wasn't long before Cody was once again alone with the three people who had changed his life completely.

They had left him strapped down in the same position the rest of the night. When morning came, he was released by Sarah and treated to an unrestrained blowjob. There was still some discomfort, a result of his testicles staying tied for so long, but all things considered, it was another mind-blowing event for the boy. He was then allowed to shower, and even put on a spare pair of his tiny underwear. He was not once more restrained during his remaining time at the house, although he was made to stay in the same tiny room, allowed out only when the women were home. But, now his toilet and sink had running water, and even a towel was provided. Conversation was kept to a minimum with no mention of the party being made by anyone. Cody found himself growing accustomed to being nearly naked around the women, and even took to doing chores for them when he was upstairs. It was overall a pleasant time for the last three days of his stay, and Cody suddenly became worried about his trip ending.

Later that night, Cody had asked to speak with Jacqueline alone, and she had agreed provided their conversation occur in his room. Cody quickly scurried downstairs and awaited the red heads arrival.

"You don't understand your feelings and you are not sure how you can go back to the way things were."


"You also don't understand why everything stopped after the party. Other than your accommodations and mode of dress, of course."


"I'm afraid those are things you have to figure out for yourself. You are a smart boy, and it is obvious that you realize we were right about you being a natural submissive."

"Yes," Cody whispered.

"Why did you want to talk to me rather than your sister or Sarah?"

Cody looked down, embarrassed.

"Your sister protected you, guided you. Sarah gave you pleasure. Why talk to me?"

"You own me," he said almost inaudibly.

"Speak up please."

"You own me," he said louder. "You planned all this, you told my sister and Sarah to act the way they did, you made me feel the way I did."

"Yes, I did."

"I belong to you, not them."

"No, you belong to the woman who will eventually make you hers. I just saw the potential and exploited it."

"But I dream about you. I f...fantasize about you."

"I know you do. You even think of me when Sarah is pleasuring you. Touching, but pointless. I am beyond your reach. You can only hope that if you please me in every way possible, that I will look at you, or speak to you, or even notice that you are alive."

Cody started to sob quietly.

"That is your existence now. Please every woman in every way, and someday you will find the one who replaces me in your thoughts. I can not tell this to you in any way that will make it easier."

With that, Jacqueline got up and left the crying boy alone.

The next morning, Cody found his bag and clothes laid out for him by the upstairs door. He quickly dressed and found the three women sitting at the table, a place reserved for him as well.

"Hey, good morning hot pants," Sarah said playfully. "Have a seat next to me sugah, if you can without splittin' them jeans of yours."

Cody sat down, a smile on his face. He was a different person now, and, despite some of the nasty things that happened to him, he was happier for it. He reached for a piece of toast, thought better of it and said, "may I please have some food mistresses?"

Stephanie, also seated next to him, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, a big smile on her face.

"Yes, you may, slave boy," Jackie said from across the table, not looking up from her morning newspaper.

"Will I be able to come back here and stay with you again," he asked as he buttered his toast, not looking into their eyes.

"Only if you promise to behave and do as your told," Sarah said nonchalantly.

"I do," he said, stuffing his mouth.

"I've heard that before darlin."

"No, I mean it. Please, I'm sorry I didn't have my bikinis in my mouth when you came back. Please, punish me if you think I was disobedient!"

"Well at least he's not blaming me," Jackie said as she absentmindedly stirred her coffee, eyes still glued to the newspaper.

"That won't be necessary sugah. I know it was a difficult time for you. We'll just let that one slide, right Steph?"

"Absolutely. Although I wouldn't expect any leniency next time."

"No," Jacqueline said, folding up the paper and looking directly at Cody. "If you stay with us again, you shouldn't expect to be treated with kid gloves."

"Unless they're kid leather, fingerless, and they're locked on you," Sarah added.

"It will not be easy for you next time," Jackie said.

Cody gulped down his food, a huge smile on his face. "I hope not, Mistress!"

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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